Cases of coronavirus in Kansas jump by more than 900

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) released an update on the coronavirus in Kansas over the noon hour Friday.

The KDHE says 15,919 Kansans have tested positive for the coronavirus since the pandemic began. That is an increase of 929 since Wednesday.

The number of Kansans who have died with COVID-19 is 277, an increase of 5 since Wednesday.

The KDHE releases the updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It shows Sedgwick County with 1,564 positive cases since the pandemic began. The Sedgwick County Health Department update on Thursday showed 1,328 positive cases.

It does not show how many people have recovered. Some local county health departments do track that information.

The KDHE does track hospitalizations in Kansas from the start of the pandemic. As of Friday’s noon hour, the number is 1,219. That is an increase of 24 since Wednesday.

The KDHE also tracks how many Kansans have tested negative since the pandemic began. The most current number is 175,642, an increase of 7,459 since Wednesday.