WSU Men's Basketball vs USF 01-07-18

Sunday, January 7th

WSU Men's Basketball vs USF: W 95-57


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And you know. 171. Braves. Here's some points in the. I love. I'm Jeff Wichita State and doctors take university. Of south we'll. Have the first time ever these who have made him happy about it men's basketball. Which adjust it from there with a record of. Well that's an overall two adults in the American athletic conference and USF at seventh and ninth overall all it three. In the AA CU SS its first year after Brian Gregory as head coach Gregory at division one better is gonna head coach previously. At Dayton and Georgia Tech. And of course what you tested immigrant Marshall ranked ninth in both polls there about elevenths when you average out all the various metrics so. A strong contender for a high seed in the NCAA tournament the ball but it off to a two of those start. In their first year of the American conference. South Florida is coming off they seventh and 23 years never want a seventy. In the conference last year and were picked last in this year's pre season home by the league's coaches. They have been competitive at some other games that they've been on the wrong side is blowouts and soccer certainly have an opportunity to. Pick up the victory today yes and relatively comfortable fashion if they play like they're capable. Why waste our State's 29 and a half point favorite and the oddsmakers don't hear about those odds deliberately might this is the theme of the struggle. Days have had players leave the program they pants France first cut into the program and it's always disruptive because there's no him. Harmony there's no chemistry at a ball club. It doesn't surprise me what the record is the thinnest ballplayers that are capable of sleep off some wins don't think it'll happen here today but. Don't be surprised that gets you nice win streak. Season. This is a program that was founded this myself was founded in 1956. Or relatively young university of public university located in Tampa. And all but have over fifty. Thousands including 37000. Undergraduates. That became a division one program in 197374. Played briefly as an independent they remembered the sun belt for fifteen years that that throw for four minutes successor conference USA for ten years. And every in the big east for eight years through 2013. Before becoming one of the charter members of the EC four years ago. Only three NCAA tournament appearances. Of those in the early nineties the last 2012. And it that they and I see eight times. Most recently in 2000 to have their coaching history includes a pretty well known name Charlie Rose probably passable Seth Greenberg Stan heat all had. Eric about his success that easily enter a little over 500. Stay at least fourteen and eighteen and 70084. If she's twenty win seasons with the school's last NCAA appearances now Brian Gregory with previous history yet stay at Georgia Tech. Try to get this program headed in the right direction. An easy coach he has the credentials. My goodness gracious I mean you're thinking that he would go to the student body with a thousand students it's 56 pretty good ball players out of the student body. Don't know what it is I think that the reputation hurts these guys need to get a good coach if there is able to cements things. And desperate I think he's going to be picked up. This is the end trust bank pregame show of this portion that is the participation parts for those of US callers and tweeters that he'd like policy. 8691037. If you leave the area code that would be 316168691037. Stand on Twitter you can reach us at soccer voiceless forward to hearing from you either way. And getting your input whether any observations questions whatever they the British start things off as we often do. Went out before we take als also undermined your drive of the game rocket like Kansas land tire and service retires at professional a lot of services are always. A slam dunk. Powell locked up. Well thank you very much thanks for taking my call. The board every game and then there's certainly no exception just directory office. You know it's always easy to see early on in the game we're just Morse is it is at. In. When he comes to play. Just so we changes the complexion of the game I was just curious. You know how are pretty pieces Jack. Focus on the games heeded the marshals that in itself whether. Notice of when when when Jack Morris comes to plays is just totally different game and inner beauty bring. How frustrating is that remarkably. You get that out exactly. That's an interesting question and I think that. The whole thing has changed a little bit over the years because. She acts level of being ready to apply this to me that much greater that it is out now it's. Usually at least pretty good. Most of the time or virtually all the time and really good more often than not and it's so he's he's come along like it could still be better game gave up. And I think that he used to bother coach Marshall war and I think he has now reached the point where. Does that shacks going to give at least a somewhat satisfactory. Level of interest. And if it's hot day here it's not at its best level thesis that a plane lands at I think it means. Let it. I I guess how to for the TV ads. Not let it becomes nothing that's going to bother anymore it's going to be. If he's out there ready to acknowledge giving it wouldn't you give us great if we definitely got it guys. Why don't spend more time on the pitch today or Jolie's ready to him about it really could have. That he still somewhat inconsistent yet several games where he was plain out of its full potential. He was still read them you know statement not shooting the ball nearly as well but he did you do blocked shots during that stretch. And he is catapulted himself as a second. On the team that story and obviously first blocks. One of the most interest in statistics and impressive statistics is. When he would go maybe fifty minutes of ball. And pass really really bad stretches because about 22 minutes football game now pretty consistently. Almost always gets the opening CF. Evidence was the Yankees played against Kentucky I thought it was the best big man or against Kentucky last year shows what he has the capacity of feet. But that Alice right would be nice if he would be consistent. And play that way all the time and answers I still think it's going. Half thank you know the sad thing to me about that is I it's not just what it means for Wichita State this season. But I think it Emmitt you know as far as what it means this season I think once they get to the NCAA tournament I think you'll be very focused and it will be a big contributor I think it'll be a lot like that Kentucky game late last year. But to lead the saddest thing is I think he's got real potential for life beyond this level and I don't need overseas I've been. The NBA. And I don't think. He's ever gonna turn that switch on to that next level. And I I really think he has that capability. If you were able to push himself to be with you can't do. He is so much better than it used to death there was a time when with marshals that running off its feet left behind and strip. And he's way way beyond that. He'd sit charming in a likable student at that teammate. And we'll see how he reacts to the challenges especially on the road headed down the stretch. But he's well worth the gamble and we hope he's able to be a little more consistent as the season progressed. You know one of the things about it in this league soccer's there's going to sea floor this week and if they do it in Missouri Valley Conference and athletic big man. He's as athletic. That's pretty much any of them and he's stronger and more physical that those sliver athletic. Tactic guys around the league so he really can have his way in there with every once it is. He's so quick and he's brought his repertoire of shots outside east it's left to right handed them. So he's worked on is it that it's some days all fit better because of the work that needs this so. Al's right hopefully we'll see a more consistent and reliable snack but even as an inconsistent Shaq he's averaging almost five. Rebounds a game at twelve points. He is sixth all time career field goal percentage it was just an eighty's there are lots of it's going to catch Robert L or at some point with the. He also. Is very much within reach of a thousand points against the readers that despite all the ups and Nazis that's pretty significant conflict. He's had some great games and again we hope we see me. This acted as fast or office. It's actually it's a little less. And you can say this about a lot of players the Wichita State is much much better. With jackpot but that would be without. All right and 8691037. And. Also. On sweaters that shocker voice of the questions for Gerald. Slater. That any ideas why SMU and Cincinnati will be playing later today at convenient theory at highland heights Kentucky. That is being home arena Gerald Ford and university of northern Kentucky. Play all the. Is under arrest or under renovation. And so they have been playing politics games Texas instead it's nice to read it's relatively do it's just visit is business there and read it Cincinnati. Nobody draws like what's at stake for us except for the Wichita State has played there and they draw like with the state brought. The witness before Houston has the renovations going on CN. In their facility as well so their planes at. The Texas open. Yeah facility. Felt that physical education facility that sees or wants them to. Teams in the conference or experience. That health and physical education facilities in place and I've been it's wise. Four shocker volleyball my very first year 2005. Event and conference match until it's like the league this year. It's an interesting place it's got a nice and threw away and right inside the entryway to snare athletic hall of fame and its really nicely done. Names like Elvin Hayes Carl Lewis and people like you know I'm always there and end. The facility itself is kind of this big open area for volleyball. Net cord hit some different places assisting them in the building. But I've been there and if what reported there was leases that rounded. They also its its big open at its first and they can actually practiced that in north. Football practices of their at least a half half court it's not something. They put a basketball Florida there's kind of a little out of work or stances grounded and that's that's what their client but it's kind of thing all purpose facility recognized him. All right excellent athlete it's got a call from John John this. I've learned if you inflate their farm system time now for this game we didn't boot time and of course we'll have enough. It'll hang up the do you think he's. Could have called timeout. I've differentiated from a idea for second time. Each team gets what is prime time outs yeah and I I think it's one of those. Isn't it all right I think once and for all of the others authorities. It's false. Thought Clinton and the coaches can choose when they lose whatever. They also. And I don't know physicist with TV or if there's any other reason for a that a few years ago. They put it rules us. He first called time out by either team. In the second half. We'll be able timeouts. Even those they've made just what afflicts athletes and it's not something over its expanded to pull boxes yet. If all tied up regardless of the calls itself. Validated and it's been a full time out is I think commitment to hang out at cannot force of thirty seconds that is exactly what it's. Stand at 32 timeout falls through a minute's time now for a longer time now. Depending on how close it is in these four minutes and then passed. Eight minutes of the dance. All right John thank you. We have any slight or question or observation. And I tested the answer was yeah posted comments the other night. I understand the threat sets the bar high but you must realize. Starters play as a group rebounds they go down into the homes. Aso streets like everybody entity makes sense don't be so upset about what he has flooded the place thoughts. You know yeah flooded the reasons that this program is so successful under Gregg Marshall. Is that he doesn't. Make allowances or compensations. For a performance. Less than what people are capable life and I don't I hope a lot of you heard Landry sham and on Jim Rome this week. But one of the best comments about it sedated you get a great jobs. But he said that he thought about that about the expectations. And have a coach. Never let him slide. At how the standards so high it recently won by eighteen last night but we didn't. Played very well the last six or seven minutes that we've got video today fans. Watching video it'll feel like we've lost fights in advance. That's just our audience would you play at this program that's that's why we talked about his teams get better every year start to finish. That's why does whatever you do it still is. It's nothing and always. It's not like he doesn't compliment them more praise them for good flying but there's always that message today that always. At those guys that got they have got a chance to play the other night. Yes certainly you can make stuff allows the practices haven't played much lately is probably. And that's not a leftist mistakes. Can't say OK that's OK I think if they want a slice or. That they have to take advantage of those situations. Think he's going to point out to them and everyone else that plays if they've made mistakes didn't execute plays properly and those kinds of things. Itself I don't know if that was necessarily a natural expectation that the level of play should go down as much did just got a couple of guys got in. Lighten. Not at all and kids don't accept that themselves either as they're playing against. Conference against Atlanta San Austin leads players like that if the State's practice their fight against. Players at practice that a veteran players he's sending perform against those players practice it's. Players is expected and it's all self and like that's it a case I think almost every even when I was on the team. We can't win it happens particularly at CEO. We were held the same standards that star's health athletes. Tried. Through this program and it and it's not it's not easy stuff like it. If landry's and it could assert one on ones that make life. It's if you can't is that it's not like you're gonna send out because you're not quite as athletic things and it but it. All around the same places practice at the same places you're supposed to be on defense answered rotations. At. Practice every day so if you make those kind of mistakes again that's what pointed out because there really isn't that at least make us a lack of concentration. So locked out because they're getting and we see a lot of these players and well. These blockades and us. Even when the games post amnesty clause and it went upset coach Marshall or anything that is. It's not so let's wants the best and that is what it. Sixth and seventh shots some. Presently. Worst performance and that should happen. And it wasn't he wasn't just letting it all those guys already done and I know not at all just that. What ever have they say it executes things. And then everything just analysts now for a while that they're you know there are other guys that played a lot of minutes that didn't make shots that should have a box office. I have notes from Casey told him the hammer that it would best be out. Slavery candidate if you cut him off you can get online and find KFC dot com. These athletes radio stuff. So I would encourage you to do that he did a great you. Very. You know she's a path that ideas in his praise of Clinton camp. It was good having you just feel so proud of him in Wichita State. He told us like that laws he was so modest or humble complimentary of his teammates the coaching staff. And in particular complimentary of his mother in the relationship that they have and how they rely on one another. Ends I think he feels good about the types of people that Gregg Marshall recruits. And then went drugmaker was interviewed in the past on the sites chosen Fred Bentley exactly. The same side feeling. By the way. If he did not see the confidence and I can't imagine if you did speak definitely calls all of Trout story. Those stories that got that Sampson woods. Fraser Wichita State the crowd here at soccer players and maybe more than anything else let's examine who called the best player he seemed this year. That's I hate to say this but they'll get used to these I'm here to bargain. Says he was by far the best player on the floor of the kind of player you put the ball in his hands and makes a better. I have we saw compliments them Kelvin Sampson and I think he's got stories about competence of the level I don't know Clinton's. And it looked at a night. That's old and it's nice but its own throat and a lot of this what it is that's what it's not it's not like the best he said he felt like. Felt like gladiators policy something that is beyond that in business that is really proud of guys that sit there a lot of the focus on this day. On one's we'll rightfully so said this program started it so people out that they've been served as. Which shows a couple of things one. That he's been around the block I've experienced highs lows and he takes things it's dried secondly. Yes love confidence in himself and he can say those things and know that the world around Easter and its opportunities. To itself. Not just against Wisconsin all of the other team's only those. All right back to the France we have on our allies on. Hey you've got to. Wrap my question. I'm not going on instead ray Bentley ran the gamut. You know having watched that you can't get him in here repairs these camps cut and that the yeah. How important. Those guys they're. You Marshall wolf there on panelists what. Well I sic Gregg Marshall would tell you one of the things he learned very off. Early on in his coaching careers can not be successful series. You don't have a theory that points as. What year Winthrop. He had a very good one got hurt it at anybody capitalists have backed up against these kind of went downhill left knee injury. Any story was never let that happen again but he didn't have a chance to really isn't much to change the the person out of here in his first year Wichita state of Matt Pryor had a good because it was not for the violence. At the soccer slice it it's probably at its highest baseless and at least 500 that your vampire flying only years. Slight loss seasons asks are you as always say it points. Not only had a very good point guard but it helps others who play the physicians there is always going to try to death. At Wichita State has had a really good run action if you look back certainly Levin had all of us. Really got going here. London and south. And certainly it's a wetlands. And then of course presently has now Landry Shannon. And all you know in some ways a little different. Not good it was more physically strong and he had done. Certainly still lag it was the tension of the group at least it's not now Landry might qualify sentiment is maybe. A little less of a fair point guard testing and so forth. Then thanks for example it was it was kind of the ultimate point night but he has really added some of those skills in his natural ability as a shooter as a leader. At that Alex Lomax company at night I think probably you'll find youth everything else. A lot of friends that sleep now styles. Is that classic point guard fronts of game and knows where everybody had them and millions yeah. Cabinet. List a couple of words were excellent done with the announcement telling which one of both. Players have talked about the competitive. Smart. Skilled. Itself thinks they have the mindset of the mentality. Talking about it definitely talking about everyone you know they have that common thread him. Marshall looks that next Friday its success you know one of the things the only way to get one here that they wanted to things and it. Now the arms they had brought to this program. It carried over with Brad Pitt played it and pass that along what a chance to outline a plan created. Content. I think that is part of that is what's expected of what's on this program. Mountain it was all about winning. It's totally about where. Point where there're spent a lot of time to that's incidents that it was going to put him back in the game these. Our frets breathless stuff. Is letting us. In fact benefit me the best that kind of selflessness. Is this what this program is all about certain rappers that flared it certainly let them play and it just goes on and you know. He was concerned about only one stat that was winning or losing. And Fred sands tells the story when they were going where they were flames. Against on site death muschamp says. I want ago I want Los Angeles. And nothing says so we're going to Atlanta defense. And that's his mindset and he enlarged hearts in Atlantis. All right thank you rod and Daniel here at that. Like to get some kudos to approach Marshall. In that he's a great ambassador to the city and university and our. I read somewhere that the TV time he's produced because of its excellent there's worth hundreds of millions of dollars in. NPR for this city felt he sort everything he gets and much more and death. I just I just hope somebody pass that along currently knows he's appreciated that talk. You know Daniel grad glad you brought that up because I think. While it overlooks. I don't know how much people realize that anytime these interviews it's a lot out because of where this program as. Thanks for media life USA today and the various public. Talk shows and whatever it is evident that TV interviews even discuss it isn't. Cleared for say at this interview that stuff that's talked about on the telecast. They're always mentions what a great city this is how they just have incredible crowd support here. And he still gets asked why you stayed so long that he always talks about those attributes of the City University. Program the things that are available here I mean he always does credit to all of those things and yes I'm sure it does create a very positive image of what you taught universal. Itself outside the. And we can't get enough thanks for the people that put the money together to keep Gregg Marshall here. Charles Pope group that all of those individuals and deadlines are bats in the number of other people are when Gregg Marshall center. Since I was articulate these funds flat earth he's honest with a lot of coaches aren't honest. He's saying he gets the point it's just. He's a tremendous interview these of relief relief Smart man and he knows how to work the media and. Thank you for all your calls and switch we'll take some more in just a moment that we do need to take time out so stay with a 66910. It's been some criticism for all. For hot footing it reaches that sharpton's voice this is season for us thank pregame show. That is indefinite break don't forget that the days of soccer players get 50% off your online order. Editing Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa Johns dot com. It is a promo codes shocker fifth week to receive your shot because it. 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Please I have a question about what we think that described the arena I would just say I think it's life it's cool concept and you know there's no question about how much this is crowded city supports this university's basketball program. This is just wouldn't do something like that is kind of shows everyone's willing to pull together her aunt and whatever the common theme this is if it is nothing to getting an extensive. Guys it's chills to support a little bit Warren always do that especially hopefully they went south. But. They get chance to feel a little bit more like part of its seventy. Coax laughs at times it's not just the guys event's theme is everybody here they stated that some in the audience. So it's really nice to see death outward sign it reflection of what these it's. Question going into the AC always in the rotation of officials in mind. As a salary guests that we'll see some guys that also work to misery Valiante and we've seen Randy hi prevent anything done neatly. John Higgins. Lot of those guys we've talked about values that yes they are. Working BAC a couple of them just picked up an agency in its ears so Wilson's evidence those guys also that we haven't seen as much him. At some of the guys worked this league also worked. And DSC Sudanese citizen so they're not captive as much as they used to be one lead and I think that's it that's helped him work with different groups. The thing that I missed was that anything. Is the broadcasts across this week that we friends and we developed sleazy friends it's. People thank you are probably started establish friendships. But some of those folks to park place. Stuff that they should at least I felt that Sampson was complimentary food that you're not enough. Markoff. Including organics. I thought his chances. This is replay of the broadcast an anchor yeah. One of my sons does the same thing that a lot of do advance and listen to radio and listen to TV he said I've found myself thirty nothing CDs. Because John Thompson was so positive about woods onstage through the whole game didn't lists. All right that's it back to some phone calls John Lawrence earth. A path. You've been father Earl Warren you know ever question barrel or receive great. Point guard out route than. Last heard Calvin was coaching you an Oscar area. Do you have any further information. Went but Calhoun might be due to time. You know I thought maybe we could checked him this. Calvin of course played for a long time because it became a player boats. The last night. I don't know if he was actually coaching record saudis get this. That was a gentleman had a that's the last time I'd rather salvage the flags. Certainly this YE. He happens that he's there on his way through and back the United States. Trying to decide a couple of players receive an outsider's. Well he was there a long long time was out of a legend has yeah definitely go there and saw what was second there. Yeah Austrian citizenship so actually probably. And was his nickname the black pearl was nothing when he was there I think it was a it international. Success. And the national treasure. Really in Australia. Thank you John Carson era tax. Thank god for taking my call I have a couple of things. For I would appreciate it a couple of times this year because it would fill out that crews that are coming him Albert through it. You know we're gonna play but to make this fortnight your wouldn't look like we're only gonna lose three of our authority in fact. And Beckett walked like what was your thing is about how the coach it's a non conference and your. What do you think we'll Bryant will have a tough nonconference what we did you hear them making polite because we get the maybe you guys. Thank you don't know listening. As far as the recruits that something we will try to keep track Eric Stevenson is here today. Washington State I've talked to Davis grabbed me it was here for its official visit here. A couple of days later committed this guy is. Last. This is the first time he's been here in the game console it really anxious to get down here. It during games is all fired up that he is that he's been lied to a little bit odds maker tactic it's replacing that would. These he's well filled up like that about six create. And maybe six or that they got as good as he sits there obviously it's not big answer can't change. And he's got a very outgoing personality zone. He's another one and I was really anxious to be here and departed. At citizens the leadership mantle along with low vast right off the fast. Yeah absolutely all right that's simply not conference files. Say I think it will mean it will continue to try to play it soft nonconference schedule look like an apartment. But I think it. Might it might just a little less risks. This is here on it's got Taylor coming back here Oklahoma have signed up to continue to act contracts. Right now there's not another game and Oklahoma State that they are talking to them about things that wouldn't. Coached there he's got the nice thing happens. They go to this tournaments that you until then it's Charleston classic there's a fifty. And like which it was an active which is that there typically there it seems. It's maybe not quite as deep a field sales up now you sensationalism. And yes there it is there and so I think you're gonna say yes it out yeah security teams on the schedule. But it just it just a little less is not conference at the closest thing since it. And they were anticipating what's potentially still be in the Alley and that's why schedule so difficult sometimes seedy helps out makes recommendations. And if that's the case take advantage of it I have noticed that other conferences. That normally would play eight to take a patsy schedule pre season now starting with late. Difference more difficulties. Flea season and you know I think. It that if he's he's scheduled as the job of preparing Wichita State. So war. This athlete's hands. It's a huge benefit played some of the season they played well. I'd just I looked at Calvin burden just on line doesn't really say what is doing now. Just talked about his accomplishments. The FDA all of us voted into the into the hall of fame and wealth charter that he had an. Eight we'll dispense CJ. Who played plenty. Acknowledge that I think for the Iowa. His collegiate career and he played on six and beyond champion's champion team. Itself in Australia's he has also been a star they they took their country by storm. All right Carson thank you and I think we'll let mark kind of wrap things up for us here today aren't ready yet. I have to like to know what kind of work. Bit guards have to do it in. You know good quality time you know we already know is that it is cool off during. It has got to wonder what role he has to do to prove himself. And at the White House that they are at record. Well. All right thank you part of it is yes it. He is not as for a long experience wives of maturity alliances. If you guys incredibly valuable person ought to hurt it's if this data that disadvantage. It is currently I would save more than. Els getting better at. You know. Working off the Wall Street's NCAA has since it's not like he's not capable voice loans not good thing for his legacy is. He also has got to get. Just a little more aggressive and the basket full story in rebounding and those things that are coming along everyday in practice it. Last accomplished team he probably be playing ball ready for it. If this happens to see if that fixes a very good players ahead. I saw sparks that's that's besides this of both offensively and defensively. It's all about repetition understand where you're supposed to be and not happy fiftieth over the acting a little bit more quickly. Ans when he gets the system down pat I think you'll via a really good player it's not safe honestly I expect to be a force you defeated next season. I have a text here that indicates that. Texas tech's coach Chris beard. Hate to see if they're looking to start a home and home series on next year's list isn't a word. If Marshall now US's contacted Texas Tech. Don't know. I think that that's. That's one it might be at this a bit especially with Texas Tech news analysis and audited this year. I would think that's and look at it noted that conversations with Purdue and that's still a possibility of in a series one with evidence of other really good programs that have expressed an interest in possibly scheduling. So it has to do list. You know when they wanna start if they wanna start at their place and started here throughout. Started here at how that this is Rutgers have coming back next here do they have to go to next. It's fun now that it's just think it's got a point where people want to play us we'll take the risk to come here. The all right thanks throwing your closet please we always appreciate it coming up next Gregg Marshall in his pregame comments they will be back with winning strategies of Boris you. This isn't a suspect brigades are often operate as a suckers take on South Florida. Lead lauryn ask to know the Baskin knows he chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only teach but does it. We are second coming directly from not primaries and shoot a profit from them an American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you. So today we're supporting Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone. They can just buy some of our chocolate every dream deserves a champion find yours and him dot com American family insurance. 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A shocker there it doesn't help your choices like us troops could be a great way to fill up and get more pitches in your diet today's healthy soccer's just. Plus your by united health care. And the real appeal program learn more real appeal. Dot com our pregame scouting report with head coach Gregg Marshall was presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion to work. Coach obviously the last 67 minutes maybe not quite the way he wanted to finish against Houston that overall pleased with the performance yet and absolutely. We played beautiful basketball for the better part of 32 or three minutes. Got to leave took us 32 points against a very talented Houston team. And everyone knew the game was over that point I Houston. If my team and and especially me and I want to step that was in line ups and try to get some deep reserves in the air so. Any type of lack of flow offensively that we certainly displayed or. A couple of breakdowns that's only because I tried it Lincoln the bench if you will see if those guys can help us not only. In the future but with that but in that in the games upcoming. And is that something that you still wanna try to do if possible as you go through this second stage of the city I mean hey. What once upon a time I was a deep reserve Bakken middle school and I and I understand what those thirteenth fourteenth then on the bench or start. Thinking it's a game that we get a big lead. And I wanna get a man I really do but I don't lose games and and and and not experimenting so. In this case we had the bill largely they were able to cut that 32 point lead down to eighteen but that's still comfortable. Victory over a very solid Houston cougar team. Yes that's today Brian Gregory in its first serious head coach he's been a head coach at Dayton in Georgia Tech any history and all of them. You know I've known Brian over the years that he was it Dayton when I was here and at Winthrop and we were on some Nike trips together played golf. Great guy. Chad dollar who's been here with us here. Two fouls and eleven I believe. And ended up going back to Atlanta his hometown to work for Brian Gregory Georgia Tech. And out so he's on the staff as well that and we know his family very well in fact. This on will be here at managing with the team today I keep Killen were close to an aging school. Looks like they're still trying to got to sort out a lineup a little bit they have some grad transfers and made a contribution they got a couple of freshman look like it started along a little bit. Yeah they've got a different it is to dancing groups several red transfers from high major programs and they've got those freshmen that are coming on and shooting it well they get some big guys inside. They mix up man to man and zone they've got. A multitude of upset place more than anybody we probably played all year so. Coach Gregg was probably trying to keep it close to the best with this group in continue to recruit his guys and you know it's itself anytime you take over program is is if you can call from our first years here. They've got pretty good defensive numbers that both their scoring opponents scoring is is a little lower and you think that it might be possible they might try to keep this a lower possession lower tip of I wouldn't be surprised to see zone from them for sure. You know we'll try this we'll try to get the tempo going the way we like it but. You know it takes two to tango they can they do that they are out of all they want there's a 32 shot clock. They've got some guys can stick it in the basket she gets has been playing very very well at Samuel to really drive it and Anderson is a huge hit inside. I coach thank you shut eye catcher Gregg Marshall a shocker is that USF coming up from cookery. 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Basketball is only 103 point seven. Welcome back to Charleston. Reno we thought what a bit during the pregame show about the standards of excellence that have been established that this program under Gregg Marshall. And that's not ours are an outlet points that are does business every single thing they've been in business for well over thirty years in which it's not. Family owned and operated they are always striving to. Raise their level of performance and they have done over the years. Increased inventory all the time. I was hoping for the best products out there at. We have added. Tight. Inventory is it the best prices on those products and always. Great friendly service. First time first class top to bottom as far as carpet out of Florida Saturday June 16 on Broadway. Dave has seen winning strategies for today's match up with University of South Florida are brought to you by capitol federal first Tom do home dream home. You can trust the strength behind free flow of financing capital faculty housing lender. And FBI's. Thank you Michael this shot should be able to close the idealists at the polls after the first twenty minutes. USF has won a five foot trailer that half. It's surprising need to shots of lettuce and happily four of the last seven games. But the first half outburst against Houston. Wow won the pages that's expected Wichita State to play well first half was going to be without comment frank camp that's been a little bit. But we anticipate which thus they should dominate from the get go. What strategy number two. Somebody who at best USF's offensive model continues to push the self destruct buttons and the and it turned it off. The bulls are shooting just 29 point 9%. Field. The last three games. They averaged only twelve point eight free throw attempts like god it for the last five games scoring just 54 point seven points per game. At last realities. And add those together and what does that total. A record of 79. With no he wins and what pre start of the American athletic conference and to make matters more hopeless for the bulls. Teams are shooting just 39 point 4% from the field against the Sox five of the last six games and scoring just 63 point three. Points per game against Wichita State the last week. So look for the bulls to be stuffing their bags with the fourth straight loss after their offense struggles we anticipate. It's obvious that it. Well strategy number three WC rebounder as there haven't really really difficult time finding a way out of the woods lately. Although the shots is still the top rebounding team in the American athletic conference that elitists with these very rapidly. WS has outrebounded opponents fight only at plus two for game. It for the last five ball games and they were even outrebounded in that fifth game. But the bulls are just some medicine at the doctor ordered for recount details USF is tenth in the conference rebound margin. In two of their last three games they've been outrebounded by an average while rebounds for games to recipe. It's felt successful shots. We threat to number for the battle for supremacy of the three point territory I think it's mostly about today's ballgame. The bulls have made a staggering 48 point 5% of their pleased with less games but they refer to faith. They get about 41 point seven cents three points right class we thought it. Wichita State is a very very good three point students thief our bodies on the soccer's let them from the three point line. At least that's number five. It might sound like a bookmark this the cup fan but that's only because I have. The Sox have played superbly the last several games and do love the stage but I don't think it's any coincidence. Duffy started to play the last. Three games. It doesn't hurt relentless and it has played so well. Not a frank can't possibly he's playing the best game of the city the best games of the season. But WS he has his. The weapons for the bulls I don't think that it yup for the staff today. I can't thank you the injury report is brought to you by -- who lives her life her journey. Your optimal would you rather than an injury report today it's more ahead illness report. Hey thanks an 866 graduate faster front and it's safe to us at this season is there would be scorer. There's some games because of the serious illness that only play him that it is Wednesday's game. Seen here. So he is apparently back in the rotation at fifty that's what time they won't be the starting lineup. What gives us state congressman can't got here you know last night I got the benefits of not if he is it up for the day that will not start it. Available if they did situation for him today so he may play it early in fact if you find that it's probably better. It's it's really tough though especially as senior years old player out. We'll keep that one game I mean you're talking about what might your thoughts with us tonight at seven home games left after today in heaven's sakes. And of itself. Tough no go inside the better side that we're looking back with the starting lineup for today's game of the opening tip off at. Our state it's USF for the first time that. Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place than meets all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. Occupy encompasses everything in one place functional fitness group exercise classes yoga heart rate base interval training and a sock. They even have child care. This opting life it's funny person whether online at poppy Tyson life dot com. 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So this house isn't great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hard play wow that sounds like well. The house across the road jostled for a few years more than a mile from their insurance companies just yeah how we home gym worked really hard or so and executed. Is there anyway why do we offer 23 years with the fast ends lubricants. Steve turn. Colony do today. Shocker sports has brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Hartings Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding Kirk Farber. From. Yeah. They pick. Emerge shocker. Once everything you want. I'm always me. I'm dealing assisting us here at theories and your handling of the studio this Wichita State's. At USF University of South Florida it for the first time ever. Game three is here it's not president American athletic conference in the fourth in a conference blanks. For the bulls from the USF have been starting lineups for you momentarily but first. He needs 101500. In attendance were slightly shocker basketball bad. Presentations. Our National Anthem as we honor Americans here before today's news. I Nashville at the very fast enough. Create a University of South Florida. Colors are green kind of forestry. And gold and white stealthy it green uniforms today they have kind of a gas electric green stripe around the bottom on their shorts. Basically green was like letters and numbers Wichita state of the end goal today. Or yellow list last letters and numbers of white piping. First being introduced for the visiting bulls RA is. Isaiah Henderson a six stands at forty subprime significant Bronx New York. Justin Brown is a freshman who's really been playing well like 66 content from Birmingham Alabama. Flea market getting any start today six elevenths redshirt junior from Miami Florida transfer of the US a year ago. Stefan tickets is 861195. That gradually transfer from forest hill Maryland transfer severely Dickinson university. And Terence Samuel. Six graduate transfer. Is transferred from Kansas State you know the FC. The guard Samuels is 63 record they found. They've been starting. A little bit smaller lineup that was Leodis over their best rebounder 67 redshirt sophomore. Regardless it is 6106 elevenths today. Let me just for what you've met today with the constant it was that's rebounding totals now form only about one rebounds a game more than. I think that they're gonna find him. It's not that a little bit more. I noticed that stuff Mr. Bush did not stop last ballgame I wonder if something was wrong with him. He's suited up to date was for her is not suited up and let's settlement of the area players gathered for the economy player limited AAC and I didn't know about that Hillary big sensitive. Area. For those who probably thought it sixers businesses that made it. Starting lineup of course that brought you buy equity bank where you've never made an ATM fee be sure to visit them online thickly thing. Dot com will be getting doctors like that. Just to vomit remember the day after any shocker live at the party jets locker room and again nobody wants to soccer scoring could save 1045. Even 40%. After all shocker merchandise soccer fans all over Brad is I got this. Last recipient it is true. Because it's. 67. But point seven points. It's. Math or confidence. Next round together forward coming off a tremendous defensive game against rob. About Virginia. The senators to feel more at six snake bit your senior. Twelve points. Percent. And I appreciate that headline yards. Since and that if we gonna start today constantly 65 sophomore who work part it's not an average of six point four points per game and shooting. 44%. And today he gets the start was on her friends can't under the weather. It's about virus and its as the third game that Austin started and he's getting so and it's like the last him. Games and so nasty fight the season split almost half the ballgame it's no big deal. Flaws are of those three starters that I just mentioned Rashard Kelly slumped in the nation in offensive. Preventing and everything point six repeated. You don't Morris 67. As it plots not to just under one point nine blocks per game Atlantans have been. Fifth in the nation in three point percentage. Seventieth in the field goal percentage 98. Free throw percentage. Ninetieth in three point field goals which gave it is also a fifth and assist future operational and just outside the top 101 hopes to do it justice but it. And company the company sees are that freedom that he won this teams and you've got. Ten players at a team that played pretty consistently that's that's quite quite a remarkable stat that you are through the steps to read on blend. Shot defense shots that underwrote fortunate this coming week at east Carolina on Thursday it Paulson Saturday remember with the shots are under. Throughout the official launch party location just you know as villains afterwards. That's the southeast corner of flavors that left. A library all the Life Partners for your chance to let its effort to. To be any secret of Atlanta courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and you know violence afterwards professional what forty locations. For soccer basketball. I think there's even people going to Paul's gain Mike I think that's sellout possibly already but I've. Today's officials don't let this flu virus Jarrett and and Jeff Hart this whole let this little look like he did. Lace them up implying that it costs after the people who work jumping three US and it's a source that discusses. This book is just about it. Atlantis pool movie about a little bit to get Obama. Some things NASA hustled to keep it going out of bounds across the headlines of the factors that not download them for as little bit more. It's right for him you know they gave it to really expect to have it looks like ground. Down on the clock thrust towards him right away right baseline or assassinate politically. It's effective fired at them zone that he left baseline drive and Kelly cut off at credible crossed the cloth it's intercepted but Anderson for South Florida it's almost always say black holes that passes for. And now. It started background. He often flew across the sideline is that. But it just grabbed his left side now away from the Walgreen stands up pulled his had a hand Anderson holding his mouth. But it was Anderson apparently moving modest grave injuries okay that a little bit worse for Wear but the balance on Anderson if you and it's probably tax season yet. If that yet cuts last it still comes up all fuss. Agrees it's not fixes it if he things. That's restless night champ flown for US definitely breathe right baseline Boris definitely ten footer a little short lived control bodily part of the Pacific applicants. It's not like I didn't need pieces dribble. Bounce is little more for the way you've got a little out of the lineup of let's play this. In the left corner that is grounds that definitely. There standalone player offensively tonight pocket twelve. USF averages just 63 point nine points. About 68 point blah blah trying to find his way through Anderson's free this time it's ground and get the mountain actually polled disagreed with him right out of the way. That was a 100%. Defense at fault but it went down on each team each of the players their wearing number one it is suspect who's. Slot Anderson for US at that flag perhaps it's not as bad as it still. Kind of old news now that reads. I pick this thing reasons we did a little bit of my events. Look at the under the rule established numbered years ago when there was that each guy who's concerned is. Anytime there's blood there's stuff client they have to get it stopped or it's over his left eyebrow. That's not taken the shot traders and send it to him. It looked like it could really see any luck you know distinctively from here on the sidelines so I guess it's up to advance they can handle. We found in his back on. UNICEF flawlessly seconds on the shot clock speed and data mistakes and get back. This is ground places in Vegas right sideline started why Austin reef is definitely on the ground around Santa. A lot of it is that it that if that's right this collision step back jumper that's my guess is that he's soccer's collided. And Justin Brown who's averaging nine point four points per game on the last night games it's the restore from the team. Rightly Kelly McCann left wing ground. With rebels penetration if enough. Not to them behind posted Boris and over the Writely and it's not think like the African politics ranking. It reflects our future government travel all the that humans. Tonight that's pretty close. UNICEF ball. The bulls. One for once we defeat of the shoppers both wanted each team has turned over it's not it's twice. UNICEF wants it bounces slightly gone back resentment got a step on ground but it's not a lot but Lawrence he's right person. Enough snack. Averaging almost lots yeah definitely enough evidence for a court rightwing reached the age. He's been so hot I. I've read system risen 51 point 6% sixty to 31 in eight of his last night walking starts this happens in office yeah. There preaching what it's not sitting in the front court ticket slightly at play here slowed dribbled toward right. An outgrowth of ground. Ground. Players through those left linked to stand here sent off the Wall Street helped Boris back to the street here that it could take about a fifty footer that's enough of that that we benefit so violence does it reflect the reason I think that's enough for us not want to outline it's an engineer who stepped through jump. Some days. Force because I don't think stances you know but is. And author writes saddling Anderson's right up on and on Lawrence now backing down double accidents and you know it fired off the backs aren't bluntly now that the ground. Free throw line up rattles and not all of my stuff off the glass covered by forest. With. You know it's different for right tonight will the left corner route opens office insisted. Face it it's definitely been no instances exactly connected on one last ballgame as. As well tickets for the through the suspect that is. I've posted it. Little sneak through with the ball off as it drags we'll see. USF. It's not the first half net is that we'll go out. And checking in his vehicle it should check each and seventeen junior from Belgrade Serbia. It was a teammate. Some positive things I was last year at Hutchinson community college. Anderson threw the ball over. One time football game and that was it. But let's not vote the way across the great shot that it penetrates that nobody should have thought about it now left baseline Kelly stepped through the light bulb that's not was Kelly died at fort recovers it. Not trying to get it to someone has called timeout because there was no teammate in the vicinity detritus initiative. That attackers used up may 32 timeout but probably a good move there otherwise he gets I'd never loses the walls of Wichita State will keep the possession of the their own basket. Sixty you know sixty the first half they're gonna take a full time out here is where was there at six seconds of the after six days we'll break away. Early going Wichita State eight. 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Thank you don't want to feel like you're square dance and on and I think we'll stop by your nearest Kansas land tire stores let the professionals make sure you're ready for old man winter. When it dubbed the entire surface or like repair work you can count on the sixth Wichita metro locations along with the other seventeen get this entire locations statewide. Find store nearest you at the tire store dot dot Kansas my entire career out of air Ernie repaired these guys care. Shocker horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad wouldn't John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Shocker basketball season. 03 point seventy. Early numbers that just 354. Worked on Wichita State 304 from the fields and go through from 33 pointers by an Austin reason Zach brown. The president scored first it ought to update since then. Just one of five shots overall also won the through Wichita State Street to go on court. You know they talk about points in the paint with our state has that advantage through enough to. But they should also have a statistic turnovers in the paint especially get as a defense that's what both soccer turnovers they could place. Plus they had to stay out of time now wife Joyce however I'm feeling. Now late round Boris and that it reads the original starting five back out the Packers. And the original. Four of the original five reais at that it's not right before the time now live detective Jack it for us. Mark them for a read the man is Martinsville. Watkins in the killing a lot right baseline. Evidence tough round looks nice poster Boris. The inside left wing. We've shot fake left baseline killings drives I thought Reeves and if you're gonna have to really hurry and that's about it that's not enough not telling the offensive rebounds at the ground penetrate the little exit out that factories. Great job by Reeves and it's difficult shot now. And keep it on the iron. That he ordered a foul. Off ball looks like it's gonna go against USF ruffled. Believe the designs that won tickets. Right Gregory questioning the official Byron here. You know once he gets his first news sent him. A little bit and demand that time. As baseline announced that the last century's end in divorce right to order a fraction of it. Definitely it's not a bad thing. Shot right side greens girls on the block Boras right Lott credited the drug authority to delegate reflected back the forest turnaround expert. This person pointing incidents they're standing at bats. One could get. Tenth straight through Wichita mistakenly attempted to after giving up the opening basket of the game tickets that's not penetrating stepped back seventeen footer contested that and it. It's very difficult shots. Over a highly extensive cost agrees. And for what it's not state champ right arteries stacked up on the lake Sam frost left side of ground to slow the dark pants off. Alex. A couple of dribbles left corner champ but for definitely fires under for Kelly takes up in traffic it draws with now on subjective. Despite your strength that's not almost went out Kelly goes to the free throw line. Your target but treated you at last basket he offered really really blown game restored points. That he was at just four points and it. Right now it's on its chances previously games. Nicholas Checketts its first now. And the thirteenth out Elliot the lines with 21 one is two parts. Shark was three for four from the line on Thursday night against Houston. And certainly it's been up and down as a free throw shooter got off to a career best kind of start it. But was forced to hand over the three games prior to hitting three of four there's these five of thirteen 38 point 5%. You know five blasts the phone line. Contraception before him. Aren't here it was having a conversation with the only market that that is sure you know I think in the end it's just bought that can only the second shot. It's not good. You know it's one thing with those they love it the war. Yeah it's definitely added that we're just at the end instantly you know it's no. That's accurate passes it was announced at the definitely thank. Rick though of course presently he's got this field. Out of clubs and explicit consent agenda that does nothing for the three right corner ground for things airborne. Santa partially blocked it tonight freed up crosses that line drives it might let more understandable but three days reps. They out rebounded doesn't something's not throwing fits me guys in the air exhausted. But. I hustle on the offensive war. It's great distance Jones. The founder and chief executive of the has picked up. Equipment staff. Well how about with our State's pounded the boards and it's coming from all kinds of different ways. He got shark Philly PD and offensive rebound that he's one of the top of the nation with offensive rebounds. Ends Marcus picked up pieces are about me and people went down. Then they wrote Lewis fight going on line but short of the front iron one three now pollution yard line. So much. If it was like you don't. This was not. And stands out rebounded ground floor UNICEF. Kelly has done one of fourth one shot distilled in fights and fourteen outside the gophers have tickets in the third floor standing Google. Hands it off now and Cecil left handed back to Bradley we've got. And approving strange set but crowd as he handed it off. Visited them do that now aren't adjusted around his first team's fifth of the apple it's a state takeover. Initiates contact and runs right. Austin Reeves is now the only original starter on for Wichita State is out there with its own markets but nothing Gerald Lewis and it's connected but nothing right wing it needs right corner threes gets a three way a little short and it bounced up over the boards out of bounds that no that you resident. And I don't it's not just didn't quite get it all the way there and which states that's. That's that's after that it all of us at the last against that. Andy's shooting 50% the only incidents they recognizable look that late in the first half against these negative it's open backward bounce of the ground and it's crunch time on all the way out here advantage dribbled it off his leg a big job right nurtured rotate over. Had picked you Bob who's suddenly had a double team and I think that his eye off the wall or off query wants to have on this bounced in off his life almost tripled to almost tripled to end. With that you felt like we hear is the worst place I could rise to the baseline. Hadn't picked up at. Fast but most molesters faces and try to put it on the floor that was taken away by itself does that hasn't it it's not like that it's not lose. I'm recoveries of traffic players to hit it straight right elbow bounces off the back. Rebound Anderson puts it up with a left handed stores strong qualifiers they have managers it makes it fourteen to six with it does it like to see here Will Smith. It's not the last legal here it's. He's ready to break loose at that's. Left wing effectively and rightly so much it means jobs but they couldn't pose couldn't pass normal stolen out front now. Penetration let's not read dries clothes not slaughter those sort. It definitely air recovered I would not stay at caves don't say it's create and I think these guys driving. And then goes as a handle it's that go to South Florida street and in fact this open throughout the middle floor balance massive right baseline ground grading blocked by. Rondo got its hands and offensive rebounds yeah well yeah. USF ball round checks now and it's an ambulance packed yet for the schools. If the Holland has been in for a couple of minutes that it gets that substitution mention that the freshman in regards. Offensively tickets directly out of my Jones drives it bounces on the block. Tonight Anderson that's down nurture it sounds kind of handed hook for the way recovered by your shipment was not. That's just a personal with the ball on the floor. Then that's that's. Yes he looked like it if he's jubilant when it counts much in the streets definitely surprised that it race. And he's gonna call for having me. Try to make a stand on its dribble and a walk and it got him against each. That it. You'll go out checking into CJ Kaiser doctors without states' ability fourteen to 612 point nine on the first yeah. Let me can also back in the audience and it Kaiser eager to elicit nothing but tonight. It brings news that four wheels. Black Friday it slant legitimate but that's off all of that swivels left but it was Wall Street gets circles not run. The team. Accident those right wings and here's one on one audience Kaiser Kaiser cutting off nicely. All of these standards into traffic loses it recovered by nurture that talent college drivers that. I didn't found flights and I didn't felt the company to Florida in 2000 seconds that they finally solved. Good defensive position for the shot there's a happy that balances the Holland is his first six team now on the bulls. Added 312 timeout 1141. Gophers tablet to cost me fourteen USF six. Ever wish you could call a timeout it was expensive ATM fees. Oh wealth gets wise when you banquet equity bank UK us. With your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere fear its true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. It. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC. 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Shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GE YE. Does it work JUS. Six. They afternoon American athletic conference game. Earlier today in the AC in Orlando and see death over samples. Sixteen through thirty I've got booed you see yes to freedom want in the conference while the overall example surprising. It's expected from them then that puts us status five for over. Would 1141 left in the first half USF only two points off turnovers but nevertheless fives that much at this point in the ball game. That shoppers have average since it was. One of the classified bulletin. Bookmark pressure now for the bulls if she wants them press soccer's great finish and it got it. Kaiser that hit the floor left wing Kaiser. That's part of it definitely wide open drains a. And it's. Can't stay out of seventeen is that since. Fourth seventh grade so far for the job but enough that you read it creates a field goal attempts for. It's always nice to get one is senate bill that's over that seven it was really pressured by CJ Kaiser it slides right opponents we could move to the pass in the past kind of led him toward that. Mid court line and that's what that was all because some guys that it's that all of them for both the player he probably wouldn't have to. Soccer basketball camp just to back court takes the at bat tests can afford it Willis has the right elbow back and it left side. That is of the battle at middle. And now Lewis and behind those guys right that he bounces Willis them high posts here and looks at takes it off at seventeen footer for. Stay at their lowest it's nice to this and it's that's where you could make it look like they're free throw line. United is three. It's right there Willis is not a frequently. Now it's frightening it is confident that you're right quarter for its definitely an announcement to fans that includes two tickets tickets at an off the Wall Street there was nothing fires aren't caught it right from under Silva took one dribble that's not olives he drives it. The traffic off him lose. At last night's. And at that. It's the it's like Los Angeles yet. It was the bulls I was a little bit mine officials right in line that contact with wells today. It's 312. Floor on the shot clock as it tries to play but he added that Anderson they frown lines and upper part off the factory about stuff. That night. It's not him but that was it hard at four. Holes not. I posed. To merger wheels on the right side of the linebackers let's let's hit it the planet X yeah. We're basically haven't CNET alongside the yes even lots of staff of that. But he dropped them doubling off its first basket of the game that's what it wants it. It's not stated Brian. 32 time about you that's enough if Wichita State goes on to win this and remember if they've left as much as 40%. Tomorrow. I don't shocker merchandisers pet locker room. These and. The old. Not 32 time and all its security okay. So we will keep it here which it does stayed on a nice ride. And it's not difficult to update 21 to six lead they shooting 61 and a half percent. As for apple it's playable levels of our corporate history. USF has used two of their five timeouts. As they've done that in the first hit the ball game. Shot five turnovers US there's talk that up eight times in one way or another couple of an offensive fouls on experience. Which does state. Forced eight turnovers to just eleven field goal of she's certainly don't want that number could be anywhere close. Doctors have given up 63 point three. Last week while games the defense started to find its way once again. It's after all of the really really tough defense and up six points for it. Close ball Collins at the top edit button accidentally get to the Wall Street it was right to drive it normally enforce that out partially block the the behind them nurture out hustled through both players they never had its that the itself. This hot hustle players both going. Evidence that top left wake highs seen it looks type posts that are threatening nothing. Looks right. Falls back on the dribble drive hard they're right cut off my columns kept his dribble hand off the stand in the right side back to the middle pupils left. The content of the line does accident victim at the white up that tree right water good again. They are quick to fly safely. Florida State's top public that confidence Agassi's back witnesses and good to have you back as. That it is tickets devastation right it's an up lift clean technology dries targeted traffic got it blocked again but it got it on the bounce back. Shot at the end bursts of points for David Collins. The right tournaments nothing rightly champ but that's as high post Willis wields the line stepped through through contact rules that it. Over Anderson four point three realistically afford tickets. To move down the line residents on the run partially blocked by surgery about Willis levels and of itself if it's an Atlanta real long writes I'd like cross court looks like prized. That's best left block Lewis Carroll now a better estimate it will there's been baseline kind of forced it draws the south is still upset with the car. I'll give him a little bit of credit there probably. Willis made him look worse that it lies kind of off balance leading and I'm not really sure it's over a thousand that you tee shots that he was the baseline side of the basket let loose so it would have been now that moment at some point it. That is seven team. Fouls on US athletic 46 to open on the first death is a two shot shooting fifty. Mrs. snow the sleet Willis and Kelly. It's not who hasn't done one for applied so far from the free throw line but it can't stand. Fifth seed from the field but they have three here is sandy Willis and prices checked out. Jack Morris is back in Haines Jones is in. Reads is back in. Free throw by Willis. The. Inside. As it checks out Rashard Cali back at its greens ground pace Jones Kelley had warrants its original five accepting Jones in their machine and nobody can read that there will listen to him one of the lines last. Factors pressuring it backwards to sell the stolen backward into the future incidents emulated the brown going to the basket shovels and and anything headaches roses and nice mass exodus shots today and finish my belief Martin. That's technically at Fort Worth right loss thinning in the lives moved her around little short rebound college staff. This is definitely the floor starts right now expected middle overs and you'll just left of center said no one on one against next round of advertising in the back veteran Collins. 749 to gophers have columns drive the left elbow on the alliance for Sadat and south of France. Driving the ball and try to take it all the way and he's forced a couple of situations. Soccer's a pact to get on those drives a double team him. Wichita State will take over after the under eight time that 746. To go the first half. Soccer's 27. US and a chance. Okay children aren't gonna be alphabet the next subject financial wellbeing and helped manage your money. Turns in spite of your text plan. When it comes to money you can never start learning too early. That's why starting today state farm wants to keep using tools that support you need to take control of your finances. We it's it's okay. 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Be at the top of your game this season with Johnson's at 21 in K 96. US shocker basketball is on 10. He's only seventeen you want yeah. I've been active now. It's not as. Six point 7% on ten to fifteen including 500. Free and holding the bulls that five of fifteen shooting with just state plus or on the floor it's ten to 65 turnovers that night. That's the shocker meant as a outscored US. I safeties out tonight assists last ball game against Houston in those games late in the ball game. USF has five baskets that are not office yes that's what. They have some overseas when one on ones with my fist half past five years. I asked if he's Wichita State seven different players have scored markets but nothing's done in Austin reed Terrell Willis. With five teams in the league soccer's concession coming out of the injury time about 746 to go for staff. Reeves is the ground. 8212. Or one senses kind of zone restless it's not the stated that the Ford granted that covers much you know ultimately reach. High low pass that threatens it round of Kelly you know right. He sees me you know slightly read them right slot Boris that's definitely Kelly really of their little turnaround but what I felt was his left hand. As it is ridiculous it's rather excited over the as I write my outlet that's offensive rebounds in the country without its load off the floor that's. At that time with. Nights off first basket for Kelly ministry and it its about going to the basket. This is not freaked out Austin briefly looked state. Guys in a court rightly proud right corner needs it's meant here penetrate and then try to dish it adamantly is just lost the handle on its fumbled out of his hands out about that the UNICEF it. IG so far it's been a little bit ahead of itself just a little sped up and having trouble finishing plays. Out of it camps that it's. It's handled there once again you know you don't expect to see if it. That's penetration right side of ground effect his game it is man. McAuliffe now in the late land of hope. In a bushman it's frightening bullish on pre double and check. Austin's first thing the second. With state. This is not in the act Q that's definitely bad from the baseline David Collins led the birds visible since that bound us. On I was trying to get an air lock on it's going to be it's not quite. The shot for front court Zach ticket alliance vowed to play at that it was knocked out of bounds. IA. It's over but it will save an advertisement. That path and it. The stance that we thought there Greg list of lifter earth never to shocker as he was trying to throw it in the backcourt because he didn't have anybody up close open but there were two shocker on intercepted it. Try to take it only yeah let's look. At the ethical treatment of hates Jones and Kelly out threat Reeves left side throughout the struggle outside that means. Kelly rightly do Reid's drive it. It's deal that's best horse in the line of little jump hook here to test well. The basket he's got for the shots easily 31 to stand with 613 still to go the first either hand down low with the sophomores. And expand its reform. Tickets rightly. Collins Collins against each other obstacles to middle of the dribbled right site is sober for three off the left side of the rim added not that balance less tough fight like hell and try to pull it down and came out of his hands out of bounds Isaiah may Anderson back here at fort Silva. Terence Samuel is vaknin for Collins for UNICEF they'll play it from under their own basket exactly the same league with a state that yeah half of its cues. This is not your youthful and Kelly almost solely about passing Camelot in the quarter of the late march and it was right about shoulder high calorie. Got his hands on it but it bounced off the thing about a thousand partners. Motion to matters and it was like it skidded up the racquet once again. This is worth it looks like before. It gets she's the first half were spectacular. It is really good at both of them Anderson lobby hit it over the houses that is if not slightly throughout their lives over to pay self. I they're making their faces what does that say it's not surprises. Went seven bogeys. Starting pitcher for each other a little bit too Martin is it not Anderson for that pass. You know and that's what am I sorry doesn't always have to happen but that's what happens when you have some transfers it with the coach and players the players don't feel affinity. You royalties and other things aren't going well they'll look for people like. Ballots on bully art now believe that officials there thought it something no we're not true. One shot driving force of god gave me some I guess it might have been. Discussion of whether that should have been an intentional foul up that I would have thought that it will experience the IC 36 the free throw line six of the last. Night's. This problem that which mistakes can happen. I'm delighted he's got 73%. On the year with success state athlete at seven from the line to shoot it. It was that much better is nearly 3042 at. Full court pressure Samuel kind of ran the injuries hits out of a double team throws it up court round and take its regular recorder gets. Justin Brown with the first three point basket of the game for USA Athens the first ball player to score more than once that increase fast the plot. Partially deflected or intercepted it and she Boras tried to get to the past. Not bad part it was the interceptors ballot he'll Boris the first. Team's third. Was here at the right sideline near the chances for patent if you pass in the cigarette out of that is that kind of deflected. Which it's not safe let's look at this. Like everything else. Well but you think that's definitely efforts to let them. We that's right tickets gets left lately after the middle. Brown got a you know pass deflected by snack route out of statements that staff with thirteen eight on the shot clock. 513 to go on the first half with us neatly to the war there he. Stepped once he gets to play it and is Manning the advance play. Tickets can't find anybody currently locked in at commanders that it looks. I don't like round almost all the it's out of bounds on snack. That is nearly tied it good enough to advance confidence off. Well it is what it. It is something like this laugh at stuff afterwards they'll see iron off that stands to pocket. Yeah it's dedicated to it it's the law that lets not much not plots and eighth tickets look at them make the cliff dribble laws three. Yet the left side of the backcourt with everybody agrees with that fort down the middle left where it ran right at baseline shovels and governor Eliot gets. Now Obama laid out for related entities and I thought for fans of sports that he'll go to there. Influences the feeling confident off field. Lots of tough shots. As a matter of fact four blocks per game last week that second one that's. Going up. 3613. Which honestly you know sampling in providers of that ticket. At commanders and right back with tickets to the left waters. The ground over there right wearing the same accidentally incidents Johnston active fires and that was that was just inside the art. That's the game for terrorists and not a bad player might be about 3.3 percent. Last well that's life. Trees left wing left mortar round I think that's very that's yeah Accra. Let alone time. Today more than Watergate the soccer stuff and ninth to fifteenth. Couldn't fly six of I'm beyond the arc it's just a sense that find that offensive. Ground penetrating little addition baseline but it was up and that's the baseline Martin's stick around jumper nice turning jumpers I'm mark. Over which are Kelly mark before. If that word means you know let's not write it of course not rightly please read that little bounces that both Kelly into the lane that's NASA under for Braddock got the this site deli heights first of seconds not to second on assists on the season. 41 to 78 with a statement that it bought back again Boris means it's now the lots and you know. Aspect on the flopped Anderson. To make it there on Boras and acknowledge them that would help matters kind of snapped a lot this year if not block my forests cover I'm Anderson but did not. Mr. rebound defense that it would push it up for freedom to read seven middle writes I don't know. It's become with a lot of territory he looked like it's written in the light of beautiful bounce pass went off. He's an aide to senator. Windows six with the first half to shine appears on smokey. And this is going to be a full time now. We'll break away here with the show after shooting 77%. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. US huge shocker basketball. He's on 103 point seven. Impressive numbers from Wichita State. Seven point 3%. They started out bought them too bad 50%. And it paid their last twelve shots there's six for nine from three. Obviously it doesn't align itself South Florida. One of six from three. Because it thirteen denial on the floor it's seven turnovers the high number I don't love that. Four US snapped the shot is 72. Points after coverage. What I want to see events points eighteen to six points. And their life circumstances. That. It's offense that USF is trying to throw Wichita State were dissected it. In sept. And passes it down or put to death. Yeah it's a flaw sandals kind of headed straight to get it bounced off its open rightly treatment should have married him he gets to the top left witnessing it. Here at San he'll look at you drive it. I just go to Atlanta got a lot but now it's going to be called nurture Heiser revoke there. Thought Ronald surgery his first. 141000. Feet and shots were terrorists and parents and you know what the best free throw shooters in the country's news. In the latest statistics numbers 36. And having said that. Took it well it looked dead and eight of his last nine games he was 1216 for 75%. Still excellent but not remarkable like this evening. 9%. It's not and its. Like we talked to lean. Out there about the eyes looks like he belongs. What's under oath. Looks calmer than needed to head against these cavity to where it left all voters here influence. I've posted as it gets to run right at the top looks high load of stuff out front she and it. One at that pit lane nurture and applause let the lawyers he went for the layup that was blocks from the side. It's ethnic instantly or swatted away tickets different sort of office and you'll settle for slides up. It does not list my badger badger drive it to the basket Lacey. It's hard. It's and it gobbled up and this is handled out here that's particularly down the court and obviously has completed over the ramp that activity points off turnovers it's not an excellent program announces its right. Off the Wall Street it forces might find nurtured. It's W hasn't he deflected but nothing better so look. Now recovered my sanity this that it gets out of there with a crosscourt and I applauded the lives definitely a little jump hook them. Why did I say it is throwing up 47 tonight say they get the ball that Ford quickly. Can't let. Willis Kaiser nurture and make Duffy decide that there right now but at 27 to go first half of its doctors that my 28. Tickets bounce to round out beyond it's not that he or. But since that is luckily it's. You get one Wall Street gets through personal circles around the street it's not out of the lane faxes. Let's not reverse layup with golf course is still a nice group that is quite finish it hasn't done bring that up himself. Which is along the right side cut off down the right block the littlest girl wheels aligned. Stepped through a little left hander rolls it out a soft and I feel failed effort in the scouting reports have ever seen. Fail safe way and Willis was. Ron Silver at greens fees he not need to fit in nicely out he has seven it's 49 to nineteen which it's not states. They'll get the ball back. Not a sixteen and eighteen seconds more than that it's not not been plots and don't make it back door drives got loose and was fouled as he landed a few news. I expect that was last steady state a little not shoulder move the left that if that is right hand. At Kaiser stepped behind the child away again each day without his first. Hands and go back to the line and 89%. Year. I think more they're good for a city to 74%. Oh yeah I guess we finally got what about his teammates it's actually even better in all his resentment. That makes short of qualified. Sixth. It's good byes in the history of the lines of par five points for him which ties with the long leading lights it. And goes out. Collins is back and forth but it's. Like second best efforts to stay with us. Well let's let's double clicking on the floor goes down the lineup with a runner definitely. But hardly the the glass. High quality was ignited limited that it is Abby. It's just salivating over the winter like defensively. If you want to twenty what it's costing you a sense get a hold for one year to keep but it does it having another possession. And Marshall college athletes that's expected to advance its goes left drives it hard down the line forces blocked my nurtured tickets recovers it. A couple of dribbles not to parlance it's what a way of. Rod half at both ends of the floor for what it's not stay. As the factors. Go to the locker room when they fifteen. Why I'm. That's watching me don't forget we'll have 'cause she shows back on the air tomorrow night after days a couple of weeks off for the holidays. It will be Gregg Marshall six to seventeen Adams 78. The major exports go to Eliot 987 at thirteen thirty and it's at stay tuned now for the credit union of America halftime you know it's not currently is US and a 151. It went. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A DUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time. And losing your life a little life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay. If you've been drinking. Find a sober right now. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. 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Checking accounts to home loans and everything has its way credit union of America probably sponsors. WSU basketball but it does stay. Is double objective here was the third. Largest. Halftime lead. Since at least 1975. Shocker is up by 31 here 51. To twenty. They've had a couple of 38 point halftime leads back severely obese at this rate parts of the 34 point edge over event. Three years ago is their largest halftime lead prior to today Wichita State is held. 516. Through lessen its path. And holy when he first half despite our below those things going right through Wichita State. Why are Biden won it's over he set. Except how successful game one of the biggest. That they've had is that turnovers it's like a whole not only does not resisting and not fighting. The ball will work ahead of their thirteen year old thought state capitalized. Is really dominated all of us. 26 to six points in the may 29 its two best points and that's where Austin reed is normally when it. That's not your friend campus they all of the factors they'll have. We'll denied there. I have confidence. You've got that. Scored fifty plus it's got a lot of friends stamp that you don't see he's going to see any action. And lenders and it was one of the field has zero point ovals it's nice as this. It yet it's not sit well enough that one points on at least. Playing so well. Is the inside play you've got loyalists or it will not worth it together a couple nice shots with Willis it's almost like. They'll traded. Each other clock. Doctor scouting report they airplane was and give him his movement has left him and he is fourth time after time. Deal Wichita State had such a tremendous three point shooting half the other night against Houston. They are 649. Today 66 point seven. Have to decide that only nine of their 28 shots less than a third of comfortably up yards because they are looking for. Go inside and historic off the great transition. Hitting the ball most of us Wichita State is not Steve the ball very well let's put. Ask lane. This is not a particularly good. Way you went staff but soccer is making it's difficult but it's not selected yet. Worse and worse getting frustrated and as a result for the ball over and the we sent it yes at the bottom of the barrel one tonight 6% inventions feels he's got his eyes of those steals and blocks or eleven. At eleven field for the game at 11 o'clock at night. That's seven steals and eight slots at bats that are last in the conference feels like to think just their defense is not designed to open field. Designed to get in the way if the person penetrate with the basketball team. Flow to date or both thing for this week. So it's lol let's lower than the 39 point 1% it's awkward moments effort of the season at a certain level would capitalize on it. It hit you all of April statistics it just a little bit that. Dominating performance by the shocker in the first half that ended last 42 years this is our largest. Pat flatley yeah. Mike races and it. It's just watch everybody's like well you can't. Which team has played better the first five to go win the second but the vote went really well not at the plate and nine at scored in the wanted to Atlanta here but they're leading scorer can only one shot this stuff successes. What itself it's almost. All factors that have got 51 swat team will continue to evolve and other credit union of America that. When you need a window treatments let me change settings or light that's covered Wichita is your one stop shot and that's patterns didn't just the right products for your space are much different quality products from top manufactures and history coming in today to take advantage to gadget hundreds free top down bottom up emotion going on right now and the end of February some restrictions apply Indiana college 316. 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Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad wouldn't John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca jump or Stephanie Thomas. You shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. But the fact the credit of America halftime show which at times today that it University of South Florida snapped it on the I'm definitely have that snapped occupied HT TV aids and advisors everyone needs a trusted advisor. Yours Wichita State in the first half it went to want. 28. At 75%. 693. Only three of seven. They helped us at eight appointees at 49 point 6% one of six. Free at work on. What you guys they don't read fourteen well. Seven turnovers rather high number. Or thirteen turnovers and outscored us up on points off turnovers one. Also detractors at the ninth it it story. 466. Points is the thing US after leading scorers are Terrence brown. Just. Each with five points. War normally aren't the only three scoreboard once in the first evidence of that is that. That plot thickens and David Collins. At some points of games. What does it. The guys off the edge combined to scored nine appease their loans Bora Bora that you know one of the line. Our three that the of those old three point attempt. Eight points Zach brown. Three victory of the ability to put. Beyond the arc five points four. Ortiz or feel Boris and a lot of mergers. But it might did not score one shot at this three pointer left border very early at six assists. It's just one over four assists one turnover please go off that is five points and a team high five rebounds. Gregory or nothing. Three blocks of these particular Boris and here. With its not state it in at halftime that things on Friday it shot its properties. I think that's what it's like to thank the soccer ambassadors would just recently level of corporate partners out of the slot delta dental. 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It's happening. That the market would like to get some of those other guys flooded out on the bed and have quite a lot but can't begin at this like it's got. Also life and saying I cannot maintain intensity and what does he say at the US deaths locker room. I can't if didn't play Arctic and in some states have suited. I'm not he got the first out there such things. But every group that is that went off in with our state is with the heat against the wolves had to compete against one another also they want as a unit. To come out and not let this lead dissipate all. Wichita State 51 points in the first half and again these 31 point lead it. But at the top four all time at halftime. Certainly. Which is not state the opportunity to have a pretty special day. It was out of the game homestand they'll be on the road this week for two Thursday night at east Carolina ECU. Athens Saturday night at Paulson reviewing that lost it. You know we've ever of the game against Houston Wichita State athletes fans to believe played pretty well about the first. Twelve minutes of the second half but that's the kind of fell apart so. They are used to company now and anything intensity and feed the fire let's see if they'll do it again this afternoon US and apple has first. Remember this is up to 40% today after a shot to win it that's life he's. That's only two players have slowed the fastest mark in his words baskets and groundless since we're thrilled to death. But this. It gets out front if you get up right sideline and almost got away from Zambia good recovery analog and started by Reid's words off the street writes I try to penetrate cut off slightly against active fires anyway it pisses off the bat it's added up to the year recovered violent recently from. That's just what they should be taking the ball one on one that's at fort raised out of the block Boris in the line jumper put the this are exactly six. It is day three of five they have stated and handed it right before him last night. It's different words that will hand off fumbled out of bounds. Let me sand that got added him to break up that dribble hand off that it bounced off the lead of Justin Brown out of that out after it if what if I've heard the bulls over. They have it. It's 4045. Seconds a lap the second half 51 points and enhances its remarkable about that since it first half. It's a him hand off these girls on the block the Morrison doesn't. Great hands off right now that's that's probably similar instance an active. For the second yeah his entry passes whose principal flawed spins down. Nice little let's get their hands Sox. Snapped a way out front yard advisories Austin now with five assists that it. Then driving out of step that cut off and it's partially blocked but he scored anyway voice when nothing. Partially blocked yet the tears and managed to muscle and that's. I. Only left the key. Boris handoff and those accidentally left that he suspected worth all history I'll call. It hasn't made his last eight pieces lease rates got here the second half including a three pointer these data Levitt now you know they say player sometimes. This feeling that he is feeling today. Crowd out throughout. Off ball foul looked like it's going to be a hold on sat around. Oakland against Alan brown has its second first team found a half on either team. And UNICEF will play it again from the right side lines that you know that that round of ethical and letting it. Teach him to go second half it's not my 36. Gates will be too. On the right side tickets available toward the middle of the tour. Check it she's one of the most nights and most Wall Street out there now marked. Outside the same field in the article I've read the rules that topped out that's not postmark deadline Kevin Kelly put it up partially blocked. We've got to Boris trying to control does not get its hands advance off US. If I stay flow control 7047. Remaining. That's not lose. And lucky that did you laugh shack was not nice to just went almost raise its outskirts fingertips. Can't walk it enough. Trust the time line hot post right elbow to keep field Boris. Mops for Kelly kind of got cut off that gets precedent draws the staff. Isn't fit to be allotted mid air and Kelly and I got prompted couldn't get up in the year but he still managed to get past. And then was out to try to take it up on the rumors Linda let's start if it ends here in the second half they. Weren't the first half. From the free throw line soccer's re at seven. From the free throw line for staff. They were 71. Students at some point 3%. And missed that. Are now one of five from the line sensitive from the field that's my point that I was not only our second. Anyway last four games toxins. Five free throws herbal. It. That is free throw away short rebound should check it. For US so now it's an attempt at the line once the sixth. Soccer is close to the line it grabbed call them with no stated that lynch him. Yeah that kind of stuff that bank have enough screen grab it his first Al second team on behalf. That it acted shooting they'll split the left sideline. Which that statement 5000. Staff about. It important enough tickets at the time line started by its background seventeenth bloody flight shot clock fifty. I stayed up by 36. Weeks and it. Stamp. That's not enough like Cali off the Wall Street that tries to evidently is behind that he crippling runs over read it gonna follow block honestly braves. Little question now what is she lives. Leaning back here. Position. It's handled this was not gonna give it out just rip accurately dribbling and try to shoot it you just ran over and now it's own memories and it's second time he's done that night and I think that. It's. And that's acres that's the death of the offense. That. Well. That is the defense that's technique that seventy left side this thing. Outside the length average guy's background I agree that if itself that was rightly penetrates and goes across court wide open three that wonderful read nothing. That's too much time. It seems like that and seems likely he says that three point competition. Pre season soccer madness. Which is just 88 of eleven from 32 straight through reed and obviously 6122. Round out beyond the top of the hour let's left does right David Collins Collins of the art apparently stems off the street that street Maarten. Three pointer right wing that I feel lively art. And outside the right way with his first three point basket he has seven points of all soccer yet eleventh. That's about Santa makes one that's with a friend and implement them. We've got to baseline spared little turnaround investors a great move it just wouldn't go that not. I'm pretty hard. But the other way Collins runs at this and it throws up. Writer makes it and now follow Atlantic Canada but. Collins who's very aggressive driver draws at ballot time manages the muscles wouldn't camp but it's his second. They're really. Not that effectiveness while one when you're behind the drive well hopefully it now at the clock stopped. Oh. Collins was fourth point. Is college freshman for Youngstown Ohio 64%. From the line not that would. He's got five. States vigorously is that 36. But 3361. When these slightly enough talent locally round lots of stuff. It does not block double to right it's not backing out of Atlanta's try to get back at ground on the way that he threw it over him. This thread where grounds that it hoopla. And we get it's not about 5052. Again second half what it does state 61. SF 28. 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For the game including eight of eleven from beyond the arc USF has made three of its first six shots in the second half with his 33. Percent. Was plus eight and actually. Outscored USF can't do. USF is now 186 to nothing run has the ball well. If it solid step by bigots they aren't. Exposed. But art he's been nothing CJ Kaiser so much it changed jobs. Darryl Willis and run under a joint as late. Not different camps and it just went out with a stomach bug. And would have tried to plant that is really needed that they have not accidentally things part back to the left elbow handoff Collins Collins driving part. As the back peddling tickets. Recreated. Nokia rebound here a lot of that with the state game just like we expected with more athletic but this field that players. Page out of left right off the Wall Street vs those left when it circular part of it nothing. Threats brought out there for Willis and the only guy there was only part for UNICEF pick it up that that night shocker turnovers. Left wing colleagues. Write it by means jobs slow dribble left to right. It drives hard down the line corrections that it merger would go get a call a foul on Toronto. Not a really good it fielded that ball and going straight out of college took it aggressively it tonight. That it Colin is going to be guys get in that shooting a lot of free throws really drives and aggressively into the defense they'll also forcing bad shots. And deletes fourth. Network. Staff and a statement. 5000 is that. But now the recipe fried said they have to do that link to gain with Clinton as well but it's instantly. Second tree fell also don't deadlock rebound make nothing but the factors. So Collins goes well for two at the line with constantly remains at 33. Aceh Haynes Johnson different sort of a blood drive starts left. Happens to be nothing left leading markets are confident about the street right Kaiser now it involved probably hold it appears that the that's it. If a in the end David Collins and hold off on his second foul just the second team. Now that half of the rules which test is that was for five so far in the second half and with status it will split from the baseline let the basket and she thinks it needs Jones played it yet Willis now you'll want tickets. It's X one's guarding him hear it needs Jones translated way out threaten Willis then quickly over the rights the Ford guys. With rebels cut off my mark not let's read by Darrell hair ball. Short there's everything. His history if somebody in that. Like that's that's what you're supposed to do and I do indicate that was supposed to pass there was no question it was a chaotic good myself. It has that look on his face. There's. The thing about that floor office you've got to look to somebody else like it was. Collins were you right to left except it's not right side mart. Fixable closer plucked it out there about Darryl Willis at outlooks McCain's job to budget surplus left side of the floor through some traffic. But could enter the lions could bulls that that those injured left wing opened three run off the back at bats balance Kaiser over the fact. I'm David Collins that will be Kaiser's second now. So at the sixteenth now have already outlived its nice days and five yeah first half. In which the State's office rounds. Once again at the end in the last four games against its. Doctors at 6128. That led fifty ones went in at halftime. Of sixteen month. Threats against rookie left to right. Drive an apartment Kaiser cut off it's that department the right elbow that thick a fifty footer off the back through art. Stepped up fighter drifts bounces around like at all. Willis wrestling Florida and that's if you jump ball at will be Collins and Willis fighting for. Ford's not follow it through with its not state of alternating possessions. Very quick reflexes on both parts found stuff that he's not about things that school. Soccer basketball guys who play at it Greg marshals been alternating. Separate lives most of the day party. This group but Kaiser means John Lewis the if your that it. Three minutes. Shows. That repeated in different court. This definite advantage. Thrust over goes right. Another right things different kinds keep it. Feels over the Willis shot then a lot. Merger and a lot that that's what it means counts that are drawn to block feeling those left hook not satisfied. I'm there to listen if that's tough guys lost faith that. Nasty stuff let's get it back to 356320. To fifty you know it's way out in the time line like I'd you. Play out there. Starts bounce pass left part of the night most effective. Technique that is fake handoff that this is enough tickets. It's not an excellent tools that but well just about the fact rebounder if does it clears things counts things on the left quarterback not to open three off the right not have. I'm beyond the arc it. It really jumps to 3866. Wadi as a career high frequent. For me. It's into the record triple handoff around left side at the middle of college that it was a ground right wing or right it could help fighter throughout the street. She checked it for three from the right corner on that they and it's happened suit drilling the three experts. Say if it's over two minutes. It's you know it's working right to left pops up and it's blocked Clyde Martin Martin drive it the other way thing Jones kept it up for the event as well as try to block get that a little hesitation appeared finished nicely about the only part. He's got nine. Lot it's not covered it took it all the way down sixty sixes these doctors aren't offensive foul on Daryl Willis who previously. You ask them at happens about once all of the end it's surprising. But what happens is offensive player with a fastball. That the players are free that's oftentimes have signed them and stuff. So it defaults as the company that both the truth about this fall on the first. UNICEF basketball league soccer's original starting five back to the accident at all. It starts let's Knight comes back to the that'll keep the dribble though it was counted out for a pick it up. And at us the right wing Jews. Still that it's over with rebels incidents sentinel right back at that tickets eleven to shoot. Tickets starts math of that right out of pick and roll to the late march did not so Martin got too much room breaking down. That little line he's got eleven. And Death Valley and back toward. Ballots and yet it Hollis. As the thirteen bound to happen with at a time at 1134. Remaining Wichita State 66. US app. 35. Shocker fans prepare to be shocked. 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Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett for an haynesville for a pummel. A three point seven. Why. Or fifty points even though it because it's outstanding. That six of hand. 26 of thirteen the factors that make three of five craziness. Fact is still up by 3166. 35 they're shooting 71%. Overall nine of fourteen to three. Yes that's just 35%. Three F nine. From three point range not a lot lot of the shots of Wichita State they have three offensive rebounds. But. It's a little surprising stuff we. Five. It has been doling out bluntly there's a couple of halftime but the threat for doctors let's let it Kelly popped out. Not on the rightwing reason enough street the plot worth. Tentative stronger person laughter. Left it. Sect has denied this season the second half yeah. Right by the theater hopefully Smart well think if we want justice yet it's up now. Collins driving right to left exit that's and a standard rates paid by snow literally thought I asked them not to stand you'll. I try to I read that front Collins nine teach you violence that confidence. Think it's the middle of the Wall Street cut off Mike Kelly didn't drive it there anyway horse and they're gonna call it you know. Lighted Collins has forced more shots of this is that any players. The entire game. It's really distributed there throwing up the line with raised it or lots raised its. A positive. Stance and that. It. It's this race. They're Marshall does make that point he disputed the continent from. It makes both free throws three to five the palace maligned seven points for the freshmen is that their fourth story. A little over fourteenth. Left wing. Background is stuff that resent the ball poked out of his hands like Collins Collins. Taken at the basket freeze contest bodies Lindsey Graham who is a capital. And that's one that's. Collins was not actually outscored the soccer spikes that they have to salmon left wing that Morrison's high post area where the right side of the street that Morse fires the the free throws her locked recovered by Boris. How to separate for three guys. Three from the left wing area off the recovery Bible less confident. Staff. Can't simulate the other hand not a bad drive Janet pulls it back out at Fort Collins left wing bigots. Bigots because that's not enough like telling. Let me it's nobody is afraid. That is the experts point. Recently you know with just over three point basket the left wing that's the lead back to 29. A five feet. Leave the program affliction have lots of the talk to Boris all along. Perry's. Out at greatly rob Bartlett. Girls behind the basket and stuff and now so much flawless Shaq was 1511. In this path 7342. With its domestic policy circles right that you'll bounce fast and low. Lowe and Martin traffic tonight. Tax assets. That. This is a sports fan but this stuff up 24 assists. On thirty baskets percent. That's an excellent excellent shooting 71 point 4% at its third period last. I. Brown left way in the press reports that it's up by 31 with applause dies in his statements this guy's background long grade now. He's got eleven now. The soccer league at 530 full. With him one of his career high. For a five minute game earlier this year out of that now he turned penetrated his Silva stepped through forcing bounced off rebounds for us this country music jam if this is definitely the top of the key candlelight under Kelly does that. I did not sit down. Right past life and that and that's something that. Like states that haven't been linked with his intensity at that standard practice walking up the floor really push that aggressively about the Oakland. Now I'm David Collins that's more on him let's start it right here. One of six from the line and it's not only shot nine free throws he's one of sixes three for nine as seen. We throw up. Then good. For. Nice day for a span Frontline in the game and that. Non other than they have not shot under 61%. It back to that more. Delays you know forty left it's not that some of these other. Oh. Please read through that. They've both done. Got seven points. Along with one today. Sandlot that are driving accident. Baseline jumper off the opposite side that coincidences that bad drives them toward the end of the lord it over legitimately platelet mortar round that kept him right Kelly writes nice guys. Boris the right thing going fires and Kelly. That's the last let's just as a thought. Let's get them out NASA that he got out on the original thoughts and no basket. As the cheap shots fouls on Leodis over his second. Well since this stuff he'd be black and disappointed that because of the advantages of futility as well but. Cliff let me since we've. Kelly just made to have to get into war here not to stuff. Nice. Any single game high in the. Well cost yard dart in and replace it snack Boris. You know did you do stack. Throughout by selling series victory of his last four which is constantly 79 to forty zoo at a deflection. Not offer tie yourself around got a handed it bounced off of the US asked Justin Brown out of bounds. Time now. Taken by US and elsewhere within thirty seconds at the end at eight timeouts we'll take a break here 870 big you know second half. Wichita State 79. US. 42. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom if you my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what father worked out that because there's not one place that needs all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. Hockey life encompasses everything in one place functional fitness we've exercise classes yoga heart rate based animal training and Spock. They even have child care. This it opted like it's funny person whether online it off deep Tyson life dot com. It's your last year for years stated that the elder or lose some of Wichita ever made between seventeen and 40000 room with huge discounts were between seventeen Nissan Versa today I was zero down only 13 two months or you're fifty rare and often myself feel when seventeen or newfound titans plus forty something your finest form if you B approved reviewed over dial 1800 million phones or does porn film which thought dot com would prefer an informant who. And which before you know for a fact that lessons of the their maiden fans on this fight them until until we want to tune in comparison Mormon. And let's move into the field goal after the gladiators the globe this Kansas. I really g.'s instant ticket as a non winning day. Yeah. On. This ticket can be entered online brief chance to win more than they achieve surprise packages including access to the penthouse suite during the 2018. Kansas. Choppers horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford and remain front and hardening Mike Rogers in Newton general whole or in more pain Kirk Farber. WS shocker that's your. He's done 103 point 70 yeah. Well I guess was the rest assured Kelly's career high for free throws and it was eight they look that up it's not have a shot. Six of thirteen from the line is charged got four of the ten bodies. So a lot of other things well eight points two rebounds and assists in nineteen minutes always outstanding defense soccer's. Still shooting 72 crews. 6069%. For three. 11817. To let him explain it with stay. Looks under first still looking for somebody had to throw it. Late or roll over the hands of Zach brown that. Not recovered by catcher out of over that. Selling out on the ground not with ties to it lets them to penetrate you definitely not the right in the news coverage. Now puts it on the floor dribbles left. After a round drives down the line all the oil it to try to get an aggressive robust next round. Points on the offense compliment him on his defense that you really nicely. 8142. But now it is the biggest lead at the date that the doctors and headed up to 38 wants 39 now 735. Goes. On the right side ground pop history and yes there's there it makes shots. Justin Brown now with the points is second Trey and made four threes in the second apple is one of the first it's more relaxed at the and it's really Atlanta ounces beat Garnett to Kaiser got it dries it. Stepped through a little later got off the last season highs for the day it was not safe accident 38 point. 345. And the like the ones that night. A player that he. Silva dribble hand off the ground reflect what fifty that's I think it. Tickets round it would let its tablet finally passed its fourteen on this much and it. Switch the as it gets tickets driving. Rented a tragic turns and nodded yes apple. Will be easy seventeenth. Turnover for US snaps. So much a game show exactly and we have a sudden I got the Sabbath. That's not out of the floor 648. To go in the second half its Wichita State 83 USF 45. One company is on a mission to put a new. Yeah words you hear the sounds like a big number dozens and not to express employment professionals. Seeking a skilled labor position. Or administrator. We take pride in connecting the right people with the right company. Express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people to work each year. We will open doors for you good to express cruise dot com to find a location near you. Need a plumber gets the press. Go with the one the only the original. 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Shocker Schwartz has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad wouldn't John Green which Cutler does sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WS shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven. Why. I had to go under. Game Wichita State. If 69360. They're holding US authorities at that point 8% in rebounded by eight. Up eleven turnovers the USS. In the socket and it went five assists. On 33 field. You know the doctors at all but there are. Countless. Our mops for Kaiser you can't quite get the layup that was now that really well thrown asked. Round going up with Kaiser now prevented the dunk it might apple only almost got in the basket Alan Johnston ran second. Sixteen now. The line for. I'd like to witness you know. Not a free throws collier made them both incidents. That definitely adds five points on that today. The arc of these efforts evens the silence yet Kaiser it was six. At that matches its career high at 64 times last year as a freshman all of his helicopter line. The back where we want answered with reckless and field drive that is below it goes back I write tickets that it pulls up over the arc but partially blocked. Natalie about exactly athlete at Fort Myers and conjure thoughts about it doubled off. Half price act out snacks just about everything. It sees it Kaiser with a career high at eight theater dance and outlying. Bounces and that it gets it gets alliant out of that. Hanover penetrated got spotted there try to mount that as a ticket behind it and lo those. If I stayed tough life. You know it's our delegates at it and this. Elicit nothing here that it's Jones Kaiser Willis McDuff the dark. On the right wing guys. Goes back north and Adam link. It's not for a death not snakes don't duplicate of the Kaiser seventy footer off the back. The narcotic or not a prophet. Had his first jackets proud. 45 shoppers at 530 Mario ST at the soccer. Players Michael and there are ecstatic about that opposite. Tickets force that one up just hit three bad comes along the baseline it's it finally Smart. And bounced out modeling program that's not to check if it's initiated and it makes it. Wow we left you know on this isn't happening yet but he's made through these today as six points. That's right it's not that Lewis face lift those right accepted dribbled it sounds like it's not that analysts thought about it drives it. Analysts wondered if Kaiser. Think long left where it means you know it's achievements prospects nothing not make it to those that think the three AA. And out rebound and start again try to bounce harmlessly through early fumbled it out of the good strong enough that everybody's etc. it's nothing I can step. That's exactly it is Las Vegas. The last little. I had time. It would belonged to. It's not as nice right now around the only. It's the basis. It's the yard nothing Willis available on the odds on him alone is not the law gone. Second year in the program here it's Angela different court over to the column thanks again for 34 still to go with doctors at 948. Collins dribbles right. This drivel office three overs and you know left mortar rounds for its way off the fact is that we've news. Not an accident northbound that's roughly the McNulty back you know three pointer. That's. Because they. Suckers are now playoff hockey team 366. Point 7%. There incidence of driving down the line into the garden rose not a problem now on. As you're just kind of went straight out. And really into him. And now found on adds north. This is his best outing so yeah he's sorry to get after a little bit and incidents he started flying start to get more worked up. 92 to 48 shocker for 02 you know parents and you'll at the free throw line reads they plea of war Africa and 89%. A year lease is short. To first Ritter isn't misses for him. Three of five now on the day seven points. Graduate transferred to play at the time for two years and now. That speaks volumes about the body. There's nothing wrong with that you found fro the left the program. Nothing wrong with that state for growth. Of ninety means Jones to play at your tickets before fresher. It's in the markets but nothing. That's the hard court as a mother I think he has tripled the afternoons. Night beat the 49 which testing scalable Whitney Jones open three if you add a short this time battle for the rebound flatly tipped out David Collins gets it for USF it's gonna go to the rim. And exhibit the defense. Their fans. These guys don't know what it charges and if they haven't called on business. It's called now. And that it is that the before looking at this time and remind it that this Packers are on wrote twice it's definitely first ever trip. City east Carolina campus in Greenville, North Carolina that is Thursday night game. Yeah exactly exactly it's your place at Tulsa. On Saturday night soccer's on its watch part of it is those relics at work. Southeast quarter when he first class and bikers watch parties and instantly at the east tournament and you know. Eisenhower nice airport he has a network of things like Marty the stuff that's with us today played so well. Why. Counts. Nothing doctors can't play well it. Almost hate to bring this slide. The eighth best ever shooting percentage for an entire game. 66 point 7%. Yes hostage in. 8788. Season right now we're at 34040. You know there. 7067. Point 6%. Again the all time record for a single game 66 points up at the factors that may well 93. Pointers. 63 point 2% from beyond the arc. Meanwhile USS UV 36 point 7% for the game they. 85 eighth race. For fourteen now on the afternoon. Doctor shooting so well from. The three point stripe is not an aberration at all they. Form or three players than anybody else conference they shoot forty point 2% in the three points right that's been up yet he's been up. In the last six games that five of the last six with our State's doubles with 5%. Free points right there are a lot of contributors. The veteran suggest that pulls up to 29. In the nation coming into today's game at three point percentage for the 44. It three point field goals per game and they're getting closer and closer. Phrase for the payments that he. Laughter. So if somebody gets frequent users of all of this days without Donald French camp. With one of the soccer's best league in free markets that Daffy back into the next hasn't heard anything that you know score for four beyond the arc today. That round three for three. And possibly. Want to let sham that once the two Shaq porous one for one that. Reported death chabot averaging seventeen point game has only taken. Two shots today both threes made one of them. And at seven assists and just want to turn over 22. If he's giving dad wants a bit of grief and and Freddie about it one iota no was this. David Collins at the line for US this shootings snipes forty Politico efforts would bounces. There is now. That's what goes he's got points on. With us. It's fifty soccer basketball full court pressure you assess it sounds it's that it is hard. And that's justified yeah it does. Laws that were quickly. That's yet for a recess on rightwing stuff. Ask them locked Willis that's definitely. Part. Don't think that's left that's not a lot of guards ends up hooked. Know that rebound Willis though follow slower rebound that it adds Collins knows that it would grant that was definite. That a court. Apple name throws it up this this Nazi guards about it FitzGerald might Kalin Milan he pushes it hard up the left quarterback Duffy shot thing. But on the floor could get by that standard we got to the free throw line though that's not bounces. I don't fly softly and author of yeah I don't really see it's not here earlier than anybody for all of these works for some stuff that shouldn't mention records. Stan and that he had at 66 point 7%. Matching the record though tonight Collins right wing the ground units at. Rubles one thing is that belief Martin's right baseline and traffic but it got an excellently well it isn't good second chance as their points. Accurately is forty to fifty. Louis if that's not. And off the nothing. Added that he bounces on the block that. As. Unfortunately it's not book a little smaller again this stuff off the glass at him recover but it definitely. It was a traffic feeds it to Willis free throw line at that needs you know ridiculous Malone nothing the last quarter. Baseline all the way under throws it out going to Milan. Hamlin didn't drive it on the line this is over the Willis fifty footer you know. I'd crisis this thing. He's got it's always thought they triggers that rate. Cut. Samuel drive it the other way slams and in the guard missed it on his own shot is that it's not the glass that it recovered by roundtree US Ethel Collins addict you missed that play it that in the United States and you'll drive it underneath it. Shaw's. Get called felony. Okay. 33 ago. In the second half Wichita State leaving guidance for 252. USF will be going to the free throw line that. Now with demented couple months this is that he admittedly 5000 for staff had problems with him found students I think. I was not that situation. Threat Marty writes that bush both getting ready to kick it for what it's nice days. Boardwalk guns. And it was the line is. Four for six on the Davis eight points came in averaging eight. Exactly. Good. Parents and it was not worth I think it's 540 watts. Well if it's. Six it's not given Milan Bryson bush and Brett Favre all walked bonds. Jacob hers not suited up today. As they can only see fifteen an American athletic conference game and so President Bush think of birds and tree coffee yeah Samuel. Second preakness champ. That went in as good as well. And as CN Wichita State leads by forty. And that party trying to get to the end yes it certainly airport ticket to Milan drive it down volleyed aunt throws enough logs to catch it gets knocked out of bounds and freedom of political alliance with him. About technology package. His third 171000. Beats not Palin alone would not stately night for fifty warden thirty's you know. And to keep that perspective he goes against the giants there to catch it is seven foot. In it now it's free throw good night. And it gets on the scoreboard his first point at a nice assist just a little bit ago to Willis. You are playing just his third game of the year his first free throw it to him. And he does the second look to rebound in the dark as they're gonna call him profound influence there was shot getting through them. A lot of makes a lot of cereal Wichita State leading 9554. Over the plate because they're gone down at the other end. Great shot opportunities for its second shot at a united. On the clock laugh. It's about five the five. By Dan gay athlete but then. It's not nothing had just nine at seventeen yeah line units at its stand for fifteen future beach on New Year's fourth for Leavitt. 36 point 4% for the shooting it well today fates of three pointers in his first year. Throw up then. Author writes good. What board did nothing about it 29 to go with that statement 41. If war. What is good fourth and fifth. That's awful were pressured I suppose it's ridiculous. But the balance. It would be too much crossover. It's a street for the hardware parlance. He's not on the router blocking out of ounces and it was. That's gonna. Colleges say that I saw it yeah. Debates a flawless. But it's like holy that's what made noise don't. That's what this alone let planes plated him got him back that the Arctic nothing for three out front a look at this time rebounding guard had a hand on it if it's only USF football along NASA now it's down the line ball comes loose. Out of bounds last night by. I move. I would just beat they're politically now that book that we end up offense needs guys that's it authorities here. Got a little better rabbits period. UNICEF played it and it's ridiculous night inside 55 which does it it's like cried fronts it's your fault but it. This after of the basement of the because it's free from the right way they'll get up and back at rebound in market that got people with 2000. Bring it up himself and yet the President Bush at quarterback but nothing that's right the Malone. Dribbles right. Not a street that's right from the start and stuff gets about that nothing. Markets were not that the key to pose threats articles and their jump hook a little short of the rebound out of bounds off it got these dances soccer's. With that shooting percentage near record numbers and it goes just a little below it now but 6463%. On the day. To see we are party making at least a book that was. Surprise to Foley and a shirt Kelly distracted secret party if you can't stop if you only know about it think it's. On the left wing Collins drove on Malone. Reaches around Barney generals want their size boob like David Collins got a good roll off the back guy these guys well falcons and the captain of the rights of bush forty seconds to go out. At soccer's won't try to score again. I don't think getting my fourteen seconds and a pair of but it does say who had this look. It by 3895. The fifth. Separately US if they let the clock ran out the Packers coach. Oh the American athletic conference where they dominating win over the entire forty minutes today state senate. 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Clear if that's pretty early you know all thirteen guys that were. Suited up and healthy like not a French camp was actually suited up but it why today I guess up fourteenth out of fifteen heated up late daughter. Spending the day of event for the stomach virus eleven players. Scores of and it was that they were Landry sham that only fifty shots and scored three points of the soccer still won by 38 point eight players had at least. Eight points might 28 assists and it's just incredible. Day job. Wit USF. What's that old pogo line we have seen the enemy and he is does this. And that's basically what was happening they started to one on one quite a bit it's worth quite bit that this happened to all the events that that. Wichita State just administer the little match down the start. On the boards from the U. Pop. He insists it is remarkable they let very high shooting percentage. This is. This is two really fine basketball games with us Davis played a row but. As impressive as the statistics are offensively. It's just amazing what they're doing defensively I mean there's. There are holding teams to low percentages 39 point 4% from the field five of the last. Night 1% over the season it. The defense maintained its consistency. And their support over thirty points or and so 63 points against them. So despite the allure of the offense. And the celebration that you can have but the offense the defense really deserve a lot of credit as well. At this this is Johnson's post game show brought to you by Johnson to 21 at eight ID six redefined so much more. Advance its speaking out the offense now I thought he made an important point. Somewhere that the second half reset the other night against Houston it was just. I don't know it is almost awe inspiring way to re shooting the ball and it was one of those nights where everything was going yet. Not to say that they were playing really good offense but I thought today they think they sustained it longer. It up with a higher percentage overall for the game both overall and for three. That it was it was almost where he's at work but like today just today at the office where it was. Great passing great team work the end and it just kind of kept that going the entire day there were ten guys punch the clock. It worked and then you put in the not starters players who played very much excellent or good job as well you cannot. Find fault with any effort on the part of its him guys let's just take a second thought about. We said he's going to be one of the players of the future the future and started the night. It was really good for him I think because he got a few minutes the other night with instructors. Would Gregg Marshall tried to stuff a little bit early in the second half that he kind of that's. Little candidate and as he or didn't play very well that's what the whole thing kind of started to go backward a little edit it lost some of their fleet today both of those guys I thought played with more comfortable at the end and certainly more. Yeah everything that you always liked it when he scored his points five points that guys that are coming at him the game they have been that much. Still the scene itself and its players. Some players not making it the answer. That's a real credit to Greg Marshall but it's a real credit to the culture that's been established here with us today. You know if anything. Up markets the Nazis at the Seattle law on time. And you know obviously his stats are going to be somewhat important to. And I thought at least five or six times down the stretch he hit that shot that he has that try to get the ball to somebody closer if somebody else and it. Well that. There's no doubt about it we're double figures and games. He is the consummate team player. And you would think somebody is looking at possibilities. And yeah hopefully. The next at that but yet. Next year that he has tried to show his statistics off but what he strike you first. Witness. That is Eric game recap for a few but they'll be coming and coming here promote events in the final offer and would not give them a call 64 to 48 or visit the upcoming LLC. Dot com Cummings coming flow we were always come first shocker when it. 557. Over US. Your drive home from the game has brought you by Kansas land tyrants service for retired professional auto service are always a slam them. Please be careful stay on your drive will continue with Johnson posting notable. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first is with no Smart. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are asking all weekend wow that is awesome. 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Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post any underneath Angela Valentine in just two and Hartnett or is bill forest pummel. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven. You won't need. Show coming up will be copied and others are the game Zach brown head coach Gregg Marshall. When affectionate shot despite scoring 95 points if you make nice 25%. Discount awful shocker merchandise to borrow. Both had lockers at least at west 25%. Off all shocker merchandise to borrow only that's discounted while also get a map. Take advantage at. Either store. We go inside the numbers look at the final stats Retief might be KT CPAs advisors everyone needs a trusted advisor. Who's yours we cop documentary that's kind of the general terms with it to the staff doctors. Shooting 37 a 5962. Point 7% twelve of twenty from three that's sixty. Only nine of seventeen free throws for 53%. They don't South Florida. 236 point four on twentieth 55 it did make 40% for three on six of fifteen by hitting five of nine in the second half. They were eleven of seventeen from the line 64 point seven that's. Well below their normal to a 10% qualities that you line Wichita State ended up plus eight on the boards 3426. At twelve turnovers to eight team. The points off turnovers. 32 to six. Which doctors outscored UNICEF forty to twenty points in the paint at 4822. On bench points leading US apple. Both with strong second half asleep Martin had thirteen. What people's hand. Check here he had nine of those in the second half. Twelve points for the freshman David Collins very aggressive driver and David scored ten of his twelve in the second half. Adds depth on tickets are Terry Terrence Samuel also ended up in double figures and ultimately to date from the field. And it's it's that they line seven points for the coalition to package. These first 23 point baskets of the season going 338 points. We're Justin Brown the freshman continuing to be right around nine points a game over his last five or six games are easy more playing time. Where hate bank still out we thought we might see more of up to date 66 red transfers through leading scorer. He had been out to do with illness that got him for ten minutes on Wednesday night. Thought he might be covering him back we'll speak today that he did not play at all that it must prove to him. On the last ballgame as was not that honestly when you're playing on this stage it caliber team like Wichita State. You have to be. What a shocker is four in double figures against Shaquille Boris with fifteen and head. Eleven of those in the second half four rebounds three blocks for Jackie was seven of nine from the field including 13 pointer. Zach brown thirteen points four assists two rebounds five of five from the field including all three of his three point attempt. Markets but Duffy hit for a five from beyond the arc for twelve at six rebounds three of them offensive rebounds. Darryl Willis only played seventeen minutes but at eleven points and five boards hitting five of eight shots. Eight points apiece for Austin reed CJ Kaiser at some logic games Jones that take you career high for Kaiser who also had three assists. Eight point seven assists for us to Reeves. Let me Shannon. Played 22 minutes it took two shots hitting one of two from three for three points but had separate incidents. One turnovers six points for Rondo nurture and three blocked shots. As your beat guard scored two points and had two rebounds three points to mention for sure haven't won the work Dylan Malone. And we shark Kelly with the points going to get to the field for a hit. Lines so eleven different players scored for the shocker as it would 95. 57 years are put it in the deep freeze play of the game for a few vital supplies. Tickets that holds up over the. But have been partially block it out on the rebound exactly athlete in the Fort Myers and had to conjure thoughts on it up. What a beautiful pass by staff rounds that's just about everything it sees it Kaiser with a career high. And snack is going to it is worth the post game interview here. Hackers are in the game always outstanding defensively today added thirteen points five of five shooting three for history from. 32. Rebounds for us this one's field turnovers. In twenty minutes before we could talk about today. I wanna go back to Thursday night's game and compliment you for your defensive effort on rob Drake thought were really outstanding at night it felt that that was kind of that. A pride game for you play against a team from your home town that easily recruit him of course of course you know. Is that your hand the capital Budapest and had some hesitancy is there that's been. Oh man it's out of Lavrov well our Robin cool cool to move. Note this well they had a game plan as my. You followed up with. Tickets. The only one of its eight bugle fifth day could. Another stalwart defense of effort that your best offensive performances these. It's that the hit it that's the that is well let's move pretty good game room would. You know you have the end. Certainly it matters for better shooter. Reared in this election season yet when you why it for five. What would you try to be so well. In the gym. It is but we're gonna harm. A current member of yeah all lies about them is offers. It it's that would be out this honored at the back of the backboard and you know our own. I always. I've always been a shooter I love my mama taught me how to shoot room no mention. Since. That he would. You know I just shoot threes in general not just. Shoot layups and what not eat a vision for we'll be especially my but my dad to and does work and you know we get to college in those things as the holder again to be so get used to that. These are flow if you have people that the talk to you tell you pitches to tone down to two fingers down. They don't know fumble kept the ball correctly. You know is. Well last week. The market for. Items you it's. The Oliver an armed Arkansas. Talking about again. I thought more. That Mason. Start more confidence and it may have the last ride for two point. Very risky that's certainly like you more. I'm of them as you know in addition you had for relief nice note but. The nights which are lately with that. Advisory as it. Via. Does he know. I say it is their they're not too much I can say it's about you know diseases besides. Making right read the Smart strong with the ball. Let's talk about right. Thought that he was comfortable. On stage and within that element that. Sticking to it now. Basketball these four years where he's at college basketball you. Will get situation as a guard. You know there's a lot of that we've ethic but now. They'd understand it there's a lot of good players who would really tough coats. You know who expects nothing but perfection. I'm persons. Book is really good teams as well. As knowledge we have looked at an all these field. Especially V is off. Yeah I would. Use the cities. Where it's usable for your career. You lost all it is like for there. As far as work it's got that out I would I was OK okay but you know. Is this you've got to continue to keep just keep working keep grinding you stick with that and you know could do it. I think you could they Kuwaiti government to. And is one of my roommates you you're charged Tuesday. The house together and also we we all just sit down to the services they know if we've if there's one was has bad days. We hear talk together. They keep pushing to keep us you know that we hear word and is this all love. You've been part of conference champions you've been part of three straight NCAA tournament teams. This team has been very good from the beginning but there's certainly a feeling also that he can be even better coach marshall's teams have always been to get better as the year goes on. And during this period Reid had some extra time out of school you start to see that growth typical of of what you've experienced success. We have. A lot of dues them it is crazy that they come. It just shows how much. Stronger. General. Know from red card here. When you read. Almost. Well I say we really please do. And they understood the game so we follow up that says. We got you got that. News. Where. We know we know we have to do. But is this. Bring their one thing with them that it's that was the way of there's consequences. And what better day. And pressure of being tough. Cop that's welcome pressures. Is that there's nothing that you that you that you really well to me personally. But there's a lot of guys out there that from a lot of school. If this craziness. On the it is is it's an amazing thing because I never thought that I you know what they should Wear. I've been. And her most of my career. It's easier blood. It's it's it's all of its all of this amazing and are are really our reduction on the pay too much to it does because. We have. We have so much of that that we. To understand and prepare for they weren't about that. That'd be good go from that country start to. Lose to the I think it is. Appreciative. Appreciate if they. It's. You know product. Routers are the game presented by the Kansas lottery remembered get your Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket for a chance to become a billionaire go to KF lottery dot com the most current. Jack thought enough like Kansas lottery. And dream bigger. It coach Gregg Marshall sits down presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion to work again. Kind of fun to sit down I don't know if they're perfect but it's kind of fun to sit down have analyzed either. Six or seven minutes little bits of our yeah I felt we really good from start to finish Monica just couple of bad play he's that man we were sharing the ball defense was setting the tone we had. We were we got over 35. Deflection which is our goal in each and every game. Before halftime so I mean we were flying around and getting good shots against their zone after the first couple possessions. Inside work in the ball be an unselfish. You know you when you shoot 75%. We talked about all of us in the hole everything looks good. But in the end we shoot 63%. Is eighteen in the that the the biggest thing that I think with this game other than some wonderful performances we had so many guys like that. Shaq and as Burton Rondo. And the current Kaiser played well the biggest thing I take within this team is where the sham it takes two shots. You know you you'd sure 95. He's a potential all American but ultimately an MBA player just a matter that it matters when. And he takes two shots. That to me is the epitome of this basketball team and selfish and play where and when we're making things happen like it was today on the defensive and on the collapsed. And it's just a thing of beauty. Got a personified via selfishness and much but he thought Daphne talked about that he was 443. Points right. You have toward you know the ball game and he looked for the past where the average yeah yeah he. He had a shot he had one turnover was shooting the ball beautifully. If he had one turnover in the second half mile wide open three elected not to take because all. It was Jerel wide open under the basket so we. He's confused me each. He's he's late with the pass in the post which was intercepted. But he should just gone ahead and either dump it in immediately or taken the shot yet both of those options hesitation. Turned over other than that played great. So good she had not one time you win bitter tighter. In his in his extended minutes and they're between he would round. You guys played a lot of the three spot they go seven for 83. You know. We kind of felt like the other night. That first half shooting against Houston and made it certainly came out of the offense end and he had good shots hit open shots that. Some of the deceiving one of those nights where everything was going in today it just seemed like for the forty minutes that the the good shots in the open shots came out of the offense the passing that player movement all of those things. Absolutely and we we got to meet you with are the better defensively we give 32 his sixth in points off turnovers. And forty to twenty points on the pain in the paint so. Again lot of great performances. We gotta give charm in their work it was free throws we obviously know. I thought Reeves is pretty good doubles casual. Before it took canal but very and he was playing well. So my RJ had few turnovers we've got to determine what a great shot is in and when should pass it but would get him. Some minutes Kalin was good Daryl Willis who is five for eight from the field with five rebounds. And then I would imagine Ashford as it was really good today apple there was even even though he came up with. Point two offensive rebounds on his hands of a lot of balls and really played big in there couldn't get a you click here studs can get a call with the with the rest but anything anytime that he talked to her it was a foul there. And late in the game there's rebound that he had that would office finger tips that he was above the rim rebounding we usually just get good position. Yeah he's he's an athlete he can he can he can move we've got to be we're working on his quickness and his vertical. Carey's doing that daily it's a lot of extra work in these wonderful wonderful young man and it just. You know he's got to keep keep working. Is that those bigger those big guys take a little more time we so used to it that that sometimes we overlook it don't emphasize wise much background that is super. Offensive game was all so. A plane for fifty cents a game it's one thing. From the field. That ran as background so long he's so committed to that the incident and he he embraces the role in the defense stopped for something that I've. It's always I've been head coach forty years now always had one of those guys. And and they play a lot because it is it has. Great value to me. It is to have a lock them god I was that guy you know what's great. What a great player but then if coach that don't let that guy get the ball don't let him score I mean I would that was dogged and determined to do to try to limit his touches and and keep him under his average go. It Roger talks the Taiwan Myers. Lewis was scooped it killed content on the view there's so many guys over the years that I just have called on and Zach brown is our latest and you can get another one I think. Kaiser has been the one we're trying to two groomed for that role. Last thing I thought the key and as art after struggling the other night. Beckett played more comfortably today it's seen to be more in the game all the way well that's why you know you take the chance against Houston. The 31 point lead goes there on the eighteenth but the more they're out there at the hope is the more comfortable they're gonna be so. You've got to find the time in these games in but it won't lose the games you got to find an opportunity to get him and core group of guys that does not helter skelter there's some organization this is how we play you're just won a five guys and in get him comfortable so they can. Improve on on on there just just take a deep breath and can play. We've got to learn the system and that was a great opportunity form the in the last two home games that's an accurate way but some guys that. Judge Greg Marshall with Utah State but he 9557. Win. Over USF today. One mention a couple of things on coach we will be back to our coaching shows tomorrow night so coach Gregg Marshall six to seven. And it Keith Adams 78 both on 9713. Thirty in SS. With our get back to our regular schedule look at future coast or up for AJ sports grill. The Alley and it also coach Marshall is again involved in the coaches that cheery. Competition. Presented by ESPN entity once again designating the Wichita children's home. As his charity recognize that ninth place he's never finished lower than fifth in this competition so people it is that you could vote wants to stay on as many devices as an effort to get on. And daddy's guns Forward slash infinity I am by ninety that. About the boat coach Marshall once daily basis that there right now ninth in the voting got to keep the lead 40 with two. What I am Ali for a great cause that just the prize shocker nation that have put him up there bluntly and why should we do it and twenty years old when he comes out at that they've interviews that he's a terrific coach but he's also fantastic theatre. All right we will continue on the post game show presented by Johnson twenty for a Cincinnati six flights so much more than its first this. This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys and only grant early JD power dependability awards for cars trucks UV two years and wrote I am so that's that's great and here's an upset he Stephanopoulos they sure get behind the wheel and see for yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability. 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Serving the Wichita area that we go with the double award today I think so I think he's deserving of that he could probably at its players in almost every so they answer the background on start the game defensive player of the game that the great effort is that they mentioned belts he stepped on tickets to one of eight shooting. And two points and scored thirteen himself including five for five from the field. Carlos Achilles was born in 1981 and to celebrate. Inviting you to come Carlos and Kelly vacation and get to full size on trees and actually cut until four all. 1981. Prices and it's a great deal. Or in the case of the issues over that edge in yards and you coming up Shaq could be traveling this week Thursday night. East Carolina and then on Saturday at pollster. So the letting you know more about those events coming up Gregg Marshall tomorrow from six to seven. On the 8713 thirty K and it adds with our almost weekly coach's shows that didn't want a weekly basis ethnic Christmas Day. And the use today off then they'll forget that when it. At the holidays out of the way again if the holidays at the end of that later ready to work on floors. And the place goes to bars carpet outlet where it says no you're not. Think it daily about which floor you're ready to make you change every day camp or would land. I'll carpet area rugs and it it rates apply all kinds of variety colors heights. Looks then they are more than happy you know like exactly what you look for any high pressure it spiritually joints start to finish. Here in the market for fourth seed or sixteen. North Broadway coming up the locker room show from twin peaks east. With Ted Woodward and adjustments today I was it. They're fun it's fun so let's show callers have fun with that of course. The that Viet munitions today is just fantastic level. The only other AC game completed so far today UC app. Central Florida defeated couples sixty to 39 in Orlando. So right now Wichita State news you know Cincinnati to Lenovo. Tulsa and UC affable now three and one. Houston SMU and who played all but one that's going to change here in just a little bit just under way. That arm on them score here in Cincinnati Bearcats fifteen SMU he left it to the top four teams in the AC. And that's we have 807 ago. Potential upset in the hand of the top ten as Ohio State. Is leading top ranked Michigan State by seventeen well let that happen 53 seconds left. 7962. Ohio State both were three you know going if they win for Ohio State that's you know then in the top 45. So Michigan State has laws Xavier has lost Oklahoma has lost and he has lost in the last couple of days only. Only the oh you lost West Virginia was ranked one spot lowers two ranked teams on the shoppers couldn't let the spotter to their remembered both polls. You know and it just goes to show you how many good teams there are at it shows that the good teams playing other communities results sometimes opposites. Add in the NFL's Jacksonville beat buffalo 103 of their playoff game at halftime New Orleans leading Carolina 21 who reached probably has three touchdown passes yeah. My season's over. If record that. And College of Charleston coached by Earl grant it and the system but that brighter losing to house him today on the roads have these 362000. Eleven but in Charleston now 115. As well very good here. Again the shocker on the road Thursday night at east Carolina at BC news. And tip off it's 8 o'clock central time that's at 9 o'clock tip. In Carolina. So our broadcast at 7 o'clock central time. Tip off at eight that's either ESPN or ESPN two game in addition to hearing one of three point seven. And then on its holster on Saturday tip off at 6:30 Saturday evening. With our pre game at 530. And that's going to be yet a two game swing because of the distance to the east Carolina. And turn around. Coming back we would have gotten back probably 3 in the morning or something like that that team with a turnaround viewers later god holds a flight from. Carolina's two holes stay out on the road that happened to opt out or you and I used to do that all the time that we had. Actually had some very good memorable results in recent years we've got that last year. Was the trip to Illinois State and then on to Evansville that was on that trip which doctors decided to do language and the point really good hard practices Evans violently and think it was totally different service to the way up and then the other two games when I recall in recent memory was the come from fighting Jackie Carmichael game at Illinois State followed by. Gave Indiana State chapters one both of those and that. That whole trip. Just help the bonding really helped turn and then what was eventually a while working. Yet you could not relate to one another you are here. You're not all here together except practice that it picture eat together your your spending time together you're more socializing together. And if that's occupied by. Well that's coming up this weekend then. Look forward to getting date back up what we expect here come women's basketball home. Wednesday night against Memphis still looking for their first eighties he wouldn't couple close ones that lost by six yesterday at UC yep that's very good team. A conference though. Continuing to get better as the united support them on went to act of Gator coaches shows or product Gregg Marshall six to seventy at a seven to eight from eight Jason. It's seven. And thirteen thirty is this for Dave golf Armonk Heatley and handling these pleasant Sunday from. I trust of Reid don't forget. Ted and Jeff coming up with the locker room show final score which Utah State 95. That's if he said. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point 718 YE a crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare can't just let Zaire. Carlos and Kelly. Executive airship sheltering assurance the Canon Andrew white stuff every month to month he knows drilling. It was a blank ask equity bank your hometown Chevy dealers Comfort Systems via Christi. But Kansas lottery delta Denzel got it covered. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas just it's your car is covered. But Kansas Department of Transportation. Tennis locker room capitol federal. American family insurance tall grass country club coming in Cummings well. This foundation sting can't express employment and PGA's sports grill.