WSU Men's Basketball vs UMKC - 11/10/17

Friday, November 10th

WSU Men's Basketball vs UMKC: W 109-57

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Don't it's in the. Jon herb. 17 hey you want me. Brave. Why don't you. Head to. Tonight in all stars county. Or rebuilding season opener for the shocker as it goes back to 190405. The first time what to tell us they've ever played basketball. Add on legalities actors for the division one programs since the end of World War II. The big night for their sixteenth consecutive season opening victory tonight. As they host the University of Missouri Kansas City. And actually. A little bit of revenge motive tonight because he let Casey. Even last nonconference opponent coming in here and we have 8 November game. Incorporated in nine years ala of that video late 09 season exactly exactly the kangaroos a couple of times since there. Let just a lot of things going on to get this season under way at and certainly as highly anticipated disease it is you and I have experienced in our 38 years ago and it's. Really funny the year after they went the final four if you thought wow that they ever be that good again terrorism gone forever. And yet you have big error Bentley. And west's old new continent through what you think when baker Bentley Wessels. Use of their eligibility and it will never be the same again it's the same again or better right away Gregg Marshall just it's. Stoke the fires into the flight. And this is it in continuing. This is a critical year recruiting wise because of shoppers are losing six seniors and always. Recruiting classes look good on paper and let you look at. Dean reputations. Of the six players it's not state has signed or have commitments. And the other schools that were recruiting net and all of that excitement today and this staff has been a tremendous job at the very least. The players that there adding to those will be returning we'll give this program a chance to continue growing and building and being outstanding and answers next year will be a much younger team. But nevertheless. Maybe instead of recruiting classes shoppers put together along. There's a and excellent coaching staff that works really really hard. The success of Wichita State has had on the national stage really makes it you can't say easier but more possible. To get some of them really really fine players and attorney some of those players that NBA caliber players. Has made a difference also adds. Beat in this conference it's to say we're going to Philadelphia the plane. That's the life all of that adds up to as you said Mike probably the finest recruiting class Greg marks some bad. Lot of stuff going on a couple of things I wanna get to it mention that we do want to open the doors for you to participate in this part of the the program as we always do. If you do that iPhone. At 8691037. That is 869137. Area code 316. It be that. Or on Twitter by tweeting me yet at soccer won't be happy to take your questions cop bad spots that. Responding to questions whatever maybe 869137. On Twitter at. Shocker voice your drive to the game bracket by Kansas flat tire and service were great tires and professional auto service are always. A slam dunk. Scores from today this is already the third at bat Torre Wichita State team today. Wichita State women's basketball team opened its first season and thinking that Adams. With laws that they've very promising showing they were down fifteen points in the third quarter it great today. Great is a team that returns most of the players for an NCAA tournament team a year ago being projected to be at that level again. And a shocker came back that fifteen point deficit to actually tied the game in the fourth quarter battled right to the wire. Ended up losing by a score of 6661. Grant you this art had nineteen points and nine rebounds the types of seventeen points eight rebounds. And six assists. And debate go to the most encouraging things was this not to exceed its exhibition games. It was a lose them the ball that a lot of turnovers on the ten turnovers today in force nineteen. And so that's a good showing that a close loss they'll be back connected to Seattle office. Defense does win as many games as she doesn't want over the years by not knowing how to coach basketball he's got some basic talent. There's no doubt that the division one players some very good division one players. Untested with most of the others. He's made great progress I saw them. And at soccer madness and it got a hole and I go to both the ball that was games I thought our oldest of the kind of a long season. And what they did today was nothing short of remarkable really. Then that this afternoon and first thought was it odd start time the Wichita State volleyball team played at east Carolina at. 30 central time and again. Want to apologize on behalf that everyone that we were not able to regulate broadcast. Those shoppers dot com there was just no one out of five received. Well here we're able to make the trip bonds. Other than that it benefits and no we did fine down there. So there was no brought us today. What you. Playing in fourth place team in the American conference east Carolina. Absolutely. Crushed them at 513. Sixteen. And fourteen so outscored them 75. To 43. In the three sets out hit them 400 to one only had 53 kills. The 25 Abbe Lane and slow fills it 524. Particular routes at ten kills 421. Emily were seven kills hitting 667. And it forty assists and eight digs and three sets its dockers and out within three at three over all. Fifteen and hole in the American conference they'll play at Cincinnati on Sunday. 11 o'clock central time and Chris Lackey who has done some soccer volleyball in the past and had conflicts. Lives in Cincinnati and he will bring that to you on that shoppers dot com. On Sunday that what it sees. It's. Just amazing at it but it's not a surprise anymore but dull movie news conference that everybody in the conference voted them. It's the most likely it's this place so. Chris slams. It's good scores. And I want you to be aware that at the layman. It's one of ten finalists for the most senior class award we've had at least in the athletes. In the running for that award in the past it's a combination of your performance in your sport as well lecture at. Academic work your commitment to community service. She has like a three point 85 GPA she's already graduated. With a bachelor's degree and is working on a masters as a fifth year senior. So you can get off that is soccer volleyball page on those shoppers dot com or just find that story yet there's a link to. You can get on their vote every day the voting lasts until. The late December the tenth. So. Anyway chance to get off their vote for Abby she's very deserving it would be great to see her would. And a lot of people don't realize behind the scenes without a woman she is she's a fantastic volleyball player we see you're out here every other week. Twice during the weekend and appreciate what she's done it. He's done some fantastic things for school work as you said Mike. She's got a huge upside in her life to be very successful she deserves this kind of award I hope she gets it. And I might say it like another former shocker all Americans Sarah Lungren now Sarah might walk out in farm girl at heart of one of the things she was most excited about it all these travels. Was the dairy farm. Oddly at University of Connecticut campus they have their own scary at all of that stuff that she thought that was really cool so. Very much down home girl from Kansas couple of stores also. Tulsa. Opening at home today it lost to La Mars 7467. That number eleven Cincinnati in the rankings I'll be giving you the consensus pre season rankings chapters and number seven. Number eleven Cincinnati. Defeated Savannah State 107 to 77. And Savannah State is that team it's not a shocker schedule they will play here. Right after Wichita State gets back for now. And then also another upcoming shocker opponent now for 25 Taylor opened with a 107266. Win. Over central Arkansas. Eric topic games going on our minds that we tracked him down force off we'll. Give me those scores as we go out. All right we have our first caller don't forget Twitter net shocker. Listen let's go to our first home. Yeah. Good evening. Today I but I figured you and David. Again on the radio and that's what they sold on the recruiting class I think we did a great job in this. The coaches just brought their work and all the yet connections in. Pretty easy to do to get people left and I'm pretty connected BM. Got a question but that chance more PP actually it's not a very close to dictate. And it's really nice to have Alex we'll may join the class when he signed and it went they'll. If you don't get beaten pretty it has shoppers. Tightened this year so. That. It yeah hi I have a chance board today at six it's listed at six. 7180. But obviously on paper looks really skinny but I happen to have the chance to beat him was here for shocker madness backed out. We'll give Bob Paulson credit score how would convince him to sit com. Gets more signs you know that can't more cyber gonna give you some credit for jet you that's not prevent this kind of like. He had. He is at 67180. Very muscular for that frame he looks well developed and so he's not he's not skinny like mustard greens for a fifty. Pretty well put together the six went. Story is still growing up now that out and idiocy ball handling skills to play out ribbon there. Boris he did they on the other hand for five minutes 68 about 240. Definitely it. I think. And it had kidney. Kei is 611228. So most of the bigger and at a course Isiah forebears Chandler's hear them right Kennedys it's not about 55. Shooting that. Three point range so they definitely got some size only heighten its overall size. It kind of filled all the spots and that you could you know to guard don't Wear a point guard and they've really. This after the breakout reality budget or. The loans these guys that have come. Got several other questions via Twitter that that's not have been coming up that's not good that we'll try to just handle all of these. We've had a lot of concern. About the fact that there has been a delight. It broadcasts for people trying to listen and watch if you read them lately we've heard about that a lot we think we have. Accounted for that is that that won't be the case for now gone so thank you for your interest in wanting to listen to lessen injury that we thinking at that. Solves and if if they're still is that the slaves but he. You read them down Ellis. Stay at that back to back states except that it's here. Any word on a redshirt. Actually we. When you hear Gregg marshall's pregame interview that was recorded earlier shootaround today at that time as of about 2 o'clock. He did not have any formal announcement that there will probably do you want them. And we're just finalizing those discussions and we figured it would be rough ground and rod brown is not suited up for tonight's game and we doubt that he came in with some. Degree of understanding. That he might Richard it was either it was fine with that so why I think that we pretty much have confirmation out that brought brown is going to venture although. We did not have a formal announcement on that. You know end registered as of today and they'd be registered as. Next Monday's game the next yet next Wednesday's game but who else. Depending on whether or not players are healthier he think he's a lot in practice. But probably will be registered for the entire year but it wasn't long ago that Ronald. At the Richard fold off. Yeah that was down in math Orlando Atlanta ants migrating linked that spinal concussion or whatever they called it and they didn't have. Any big guys and so he he came off the lecture event that always happened and understand that that's always the possibility. You could declare you could decide to do that that you're not obligated. As long as you don't play any game you're still eligible to redshirt but. You can't play any time that. They've asked me and it is the question we are on the way out here. If someone is Richard you can't then travel with the team at the answer is yes for that reason that you never know what you might be needed a couple of guys went down in that game you could suit up and play. The guys that cannot travel aren't these transfers from other warriors schools and having mandatory sit out here those players are not allowed to travel with the team they can practice at home. Sit on the bench home games that he had traveled to Kuwait so the Red Shirts. Like rod brown could travel. Would work out with the team whether on the growth equities have had a uniform with them when they're on the road just in cases that I guessed. I only got patio on the phone they got padding on Twitter. So. Thanks for it I'll sit on the. The putter question first that you got another one we'll take it over the that it was asking since Wichita State is due to the American athletic conference. Well all of theirs if that athletes be eligible for a new comer. Wars regardless of how long did that it was nice day. I can't tell like at a 100% answer that but I am pretty sure the answer to that is yes. Newcomers. Are. For anybody that's due to that particular programs that would be any freshman guard junior college transfer yours in their first here competition. At that particular schools over Wichita State. As we are. And and so much it would be eligible for you come rewards member of the week average a year on the coverage team. But not anybody else like us. IPad does that answer your question you got another wood floors. I have another OK but. Okay Iowa I couldn't attracting a mob that this week. And I app I thought what and I had you been interviewed off that he that I would doubt. Lot of time. So I think Wednesday asking that threat here and then about his ball handling and turn over. I really think that he is that they humble. Kids that he did it what it take any praying for it eat you like new but he did what. Like that about it they might have been plotting a little bit but that is about it and think if I don't think that you could it be that that might precedent. I think ever say it did in high school. Basketball in with the after seeing him on tape and in person the other night. David titles like I was. I've never seen anything. Like it hit it running with his pet that happy. I mean I guess and made an app like very few guys that you find it painful. Or followed him. If the product comment as I can find. That they that they get that organized. A perilous thing. Any outlet Dave I know Dave Simon hi Scarlett they've responded that part that you mentioned David tiles. Yeah it it goes way back aspect more aggressively explosiveness. Gonna do it credible lead group. Besides. I've I would have to say. Couple of people come to mind as far as his speed and quickness Greg Kearney who has I have a lot of these teammate it was. And fast and a straight line as anybody evidently. Receipt after in my broadcasting. Time Robert fourth place here here. Nike. Allen Bradford. Tremendously quick bat very much like so much today. That Gregg Marshall said the other night that he's lying flat on the sidelines with the others. I thought perhaps he said as fast as I've seen anybody who. I thought if I can remember so he is absolutely except. There was a player that played out here Mike before you and I ever with State's expert he wore at her. But like that in talking with some of the big guys that played with him they said they've never seen anything like that we'll try to follow up with some of those guys to see. What their thoughts are about spots today. I go out and try to see everything play at least once. And usually it is just wants you have to get out a night games and you see some teams twice when spot it was plain I saw him play. Five or six times he could tell he was it really really special player. And he never failed and press and it's all about when he was all about. That itself shortly. He had just. A skill set that was far beyond. In high school kids well now let's see how would translate to do community college talent translate. Translates to division one I'm anxious to see what happens when he plays against him really really quick guard how we handle that and secondly. He plays against bigger more physical part is that try to thump him love him and things like that how we handle. Slash. Betty Davis actors play you get 50% off your online order that he Wichita area Papa John's blog on him Papa John's got comedy is the problem coach soccer fifty. Received a shocker is that we are going to take time out when you hear from some of our fine sponsors that we will continue for Charles Pellegrino. Prior to this season opener with you and Casey you can join us. Via phone at 8691037. Or on Twitter at at top of course. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important. And invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver. And kids home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving. And remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. 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How one of their comfort consultants come out and check your system after qualifies them give you up to 18100 dollars in trade for a new energy efficient models. That's a win win cult plus stock for details 943. Cruel. Shocker Schwartz has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent friend would be John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven JE one yeah. Activity introspective. It felt like they had when this course we look forward to big it is for us banks and read the few weeks ahead doctors. We'll take Oklahoma's shooters out there should be a lot of and trust are fine for game sponsor and again footer at shocker voice and they. On the phone at 8691037. We had an earlier question about chance war. And we haven't we drop. He's he says champs sports prep school coach says he's grown three inches in the last three months is now legitimate 69 and the very guns that. He's a true win type player very fluid could play out of the way and shoot it. That sort of thing magic Johnson and update at. I really love this week and a thank you so just. Wanted you to know that your review through charred landscape brought tears in my eyes and it and it's. We set at the time you walked away and just kind of left us in the same way and he is such a great example of the young men that are in this program and how they feel about each other. How they look at their responsibilities. And how they approach things and it's up. We can all be proud of this team wins these feel good about it because of the kind of young people of this kind of culture that's been created. He's really become very very good interview I don't lead out he articulates things that he was actually pretty good let's get him. But that thoughtful nice and it concepts that you expressed our apartment. And it was sad that some of the players socks that. It was a very moving and for us well. And I said that the tipoff luncheon on Wednesday. In reference to. If Wichita State goes as far as everyone hopes it will lose your certainly it starts with having enough talent to be able to compete with the best teams in the country. But ultimately it's going to be the kinds of things he talked about this together that's the commitment we chatted teamwork that the toughness and grit. That's what's gonna ultimately separate them from the other really really good scene for us and we never last you're sharks are. It's 67. Games this season. And then someone else in the starting position as Gregg Marshall was talking with the right combination of a lineup. Rashard never did he ever complained about it and it's a matter of fact that you elevate his game. And became. Not just a good player but it Google player on this ballclub as the season progressed. At. Question here that path I'll have to be. I'll try to be tactful way out first of me saying soccer fans remember the day after any shot to win and it's authority that's locker room depending on how many points does not restore. You could saves in 45 even 40%. Off all soccer merchandise. Soccer fans all over are proud to say I got it attached as locker room. East and west. Okay I've got to be careful out quite good at this question and it definitely just next here. I. Okay. Do you ever do we have a call waiting. From. OK I have. I've got to get a message. You I have an understanding here that there are a couple of members. Of the volleyball team. Trying to get in on the street it's they may need to know the phone numbers on sixty minutes and it. All right before I answer Doug's question got to get his requests what do I think. Rick Pitino in my mind Wichita State's 2013. National champions. You know unfortunately. However we feel about that. At the fairness of it all it right respectively in the game was played. In Wichita State certainly was right here with the chance to win it I I think. There was an officials call that. Made a humongous difference is that he's but I think it was the wrong call and I think the replays showed bad. Rick Pitino has always. Felt a little sleazy to do and certainly it the sex scandal recently. See you know was. Was just a bad thing ends and now there's this latest. I think it. Should damage his legacy a little bit there's no question that he's a fine coach and I we'll save this. The coaches that she might question how they got their players and you know how good would they be without those players. I was saying Wichita State played them twice in recent years that final four imminent out of the Bahamas. That guys ahead of the game host and game planning coach end. It always comes up with a good game plan that particular phone I think really one of the finest coaches around letting them. He's giving. Tremendous athletes and you can snap a better but. I think it's sad that some things happen the way it has that bit that maybe felt like he had to take that approach is getting to the level of the disappointing and unfortunate. Actually liked him my life. As much anymore. But I like spicy. I'd like this tell us. I like the way he. But it game together. Like substitute patterns. I don't know if it's what happened. Supposedly actually did happen. But if he did I can't match. He didn't know about it. Based on every. Or any Hutchison. So they're absolutely right head coaches in any sport are by nature control freaks out why I've read some more than others that. Nobody takes one of those positions this is not campus that a left myself and my assistants do whatever I'm not gonna really paid attention to what you do it tomorrow. If people don't keep secrets I mean it gets out and have the same everybody finds out. All right back to. That phone we've got got next don't go. OK guys. Thanks Rick thank you might call. And guys that got 11 quick quicker and I give you my college clearly old quote question. But we have a new recruits coming in next year or there. And he is native Americans to my question is. That we ever had at navy Americans. At what you thought they'd be poor or will he be the work. Don't shock and Andre has a blip. It's me coming up like that but I don't editor. Well even before that Willard said Janet and about 1972. Or 73. It was eight junior college transfer from Arizona who was only here briefly and started this season and then left the team but he ended up going back to school somewhere here home that he was maybe Americans. Then. The big guys that played for my moment. Let's go out what's it mean I thought our colleagues sorry yeah yeah. I think I will listen kid he was the first it's rare it certainly is there and major college athletics. We were just. Somewhere. Where they were. My sports bars I think they were running any I know most of the guys in the media room here for a lot of the exodus. They had on the chaos. So highlight show Bob Davis was interviewed Billy we'll see of course was a native Americans. Rather cave you got a big successes. The story running braved the movie bin Laden. To the Olympics in Tokyo of one to 101000 meters just totally out of nowhere with a huge upsets of all time definitively. Or after college trained. That guy he's one of the most notable native American athletes in our area and around here. But but yeah Isiah or their Chandler has. Coach Marshall was not told this story a couple of places that I don't date has hurt. This past summer Isiah poor bear Chandler took summer classes at Wichita State and very that's a recession. He and as York beat dark room together at the door. At as well as your V Starr at the end Danish these odds here. Actually had God's bare hands forebears rooming together and it became known as the barricade to increase profits yeah. That is think coach Marshall that's it wasn't discovered right away. The door you have to get out of bed specifically what they had to address this season that is music work here since the. Time we have David next David thanks for joining us. It had a couple things that I wanted to. Count RA I'm a whole lot about blocker on the bird count but are quick topic is the first not a lot. I'll address to which got out of out of era. I can't. I don't advocate charter flight because I live a very good but I a plan out what adult benchmark. That the story. Look. Scholarship out of college. And a lot. To pick. Up. Chop them. Now actually. Thirteen scholarships it was an excuse me. There are currently thirteen players on scholarship six our seniors. That changed it would have been seven indentation on Smith transferred and then Wichita State was able to sign rod ground. Out of Memphis because he graduated from high school. Basically a year early graduated this summer and signed it this year. So he filled it back to thirteen scholarships. It was six available they now have signed all six of those you sense it appears he is Richard that they will have seven. New players next year with. Five incoming freshmen one junior college transfer and they want to redshirt freshman on an excuse me. They talked about David talked about Alex Perry also. I think there're so many aspects folks. But he does something that is almost matches. And at its feet all these one and done players. Happy. I don't think there ever been out stance I don't think people get self defense programs. I watch the place up and a lot of coaches it just happened one. Fortson went ducks struggled with that for tiger here cal Perry has found the work load whatever and then it. He also got. Massachusetts off probation and done this on probation had skipped town before he ever had any penalties towards. They added it is he has been complimentary with us that Rick Pitino and 2013. It would just it was the best team literally played only years so he was always very complimentary also. I guess prop Trinidad. An 8691037. Or on Twitter. At shocker voice that we have somebody special trying to get through it we'll try to take that call when we come back. We'll colon. What's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one mile war. More hydraulic horsepower. Faster digging cycles and lots more lifting force just what you'd expect from the best fields in the industry leaders of the bobcats dot com slash a better results and check amount a person of whites are machinery and what you talked a big guy Manhattan garden. 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With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com United Healthcare. Service is not available for all plants. We stayed pretty union has been serving the Wichita community for over sixty years so it's no surprise that they are proud sponsor of the Wichita State men's basketball broadcast on KE YNN we take credit union as a financial institutions that puts the relationship first instead of the transaction we state credit union is your hometown pretty keen federally insured by the NC away wheat state credit unions and big city service small town and it's yeah. You are now. Shocker Schwartz is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Alex Acosta in valley center it's indeed born and over west Sawyer. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE Wyatt. Season opener guide it says Friday night. It is the opening night for all of college basket. While trying to gains but not today and tonight involving almost all of the members of the American athletic conference at. And number of upcoming soccer opponents not conference this season we'll keep track of all of that Gloria. Soccer volleyball just crushed east Carolina today 30 the scores were very one sided. Soccer women's basketball team lost a close game very good great team on route 6661. After coming back from a fifteen point deficit. To tie it. And of our fine pre and post gave sponsors to cars carpet outlet in Florida senator wanted to find what you thought traditions. All types of flooring. All price ranges but you won't find the same quality of whatever he has. Any price as good or better. That's what you find the porous plastic top it's been a disservice and really take care. It's great experience from start to finish any type of glory goes into varsity teams sixteen. North Broadway what last check of the funds anybody there Andrew. Apparently I edit I have of checks and a couple of members of the volleyball team tonight because I'm tired of this I think that you have a couple of under what requested. It's here to answer. Get back to those. Other than Tulsa we see the AC as do rival. You know those things kind of have a way of developing. High end. More than anything else haven't mentioned this a long time ago they. It's not really a rivalry unless you're fairly comparable in ability you know you may. You know you may hate it particulars will look like that it can't ever think that it's really not much of a rivalry certainly they have. So I think it'll developers league I see the potential for Cincinnati field line just because they are such a fine program. That's basically about it even footing with the shoppers right now clusters of history and go with a lot of our fan bases you have to go back a long way but. But there are some that remembers the days with the Cincinnati games and I think that has the potential for development and. It doesn't vet Vista development event too because of that as many times which thought state played damage they've always played at a very high level. Just because of proximity if that's that you continues to be successful and wealthy little that if they do that good turning rapidly. Question about. Any any aspect about that dance movement made a difference to us I would say though there over. That one section thirteen seconds from where they were that they do a great job and cowboys are good that span. And they're a big part of all of this and at that now it hasn't particularly changed in the way that I've noticed myself you know they're they're not any louder to us that they were. War and certainly. Very much a part of this whole city. They are not know a couple of feet from the plane hit that fan. Our pep band rivals just about anybody step that we go to the NCA pertinent people turn out to hear them play because they're so good they win contests. So the fans here appreciate that and we certainly do. One last quarter question. Just as the transition little confidence going. You know we won't know as much until you actually get out there travel facilities places that I I've mentioned this a number of times. That the welcome from the rest of the league has been tremendous everybody's very welcoming. You know obviously. Glad to have Wichita State in the American athletic conference Natalie at the league level but at other schools I've heard from broadcasters. Couple of the others who have obviously. When you get out here on the court they're gonna wanna beat your brains out that I I think everyone appreciates. What Wichita State brings to the conference in terms of reputation and strength. And I can tell you that a couple of the volleyball programs and have him here. Wow this is that the city this is greater Rina. Great fan support it's like if they have volleyball on the third night. Is sitting around the league getting word out himself. I think it's been very very positive and I think it's going to be so much fun to be part of it was out real a great deal of respect because Wichita State is very good so many sports. So professional in the way they go about their business people all seem to be fine people at least we think they are. But the American athletic conference also has a lot of very good team. Great cities with the personnel in those. Offices themselves. Are good stock would big time heavy weight people. And we were used to that with the Missouri Valley Conference we think the world of those people I think the American athletic conference snapped. It's going to be comparable. Thank you for all your questions your tweets your calls were here every game but one hour before tip off when you always look forward to having you join us coming up next we'll have our pregame chat with Gregg Marshall was he can trust bank pregame show it to. Its own reflection of his. Or sounds like between seventeen should be closeout sale. Seven here. The 27 teams are going fast they'll get special clothes or pricing and most popular twin seventeen shedding models like Silverado Tahoe and traverse it. London trade and get a great deal during the 2017 should be close out Sears hometown Chevy dealer today. For Williams with mom is not available special clintons were there offers it for everybody 113017 she participating dealer for details. Is they're cold they're making you shiver even endorsed called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or installing new Linux system. Heat your home now. 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Click on the Wichita virtual career fair banner then click on the participating employers logo to apply its that easy. The online job fair is going on now through November 19. Where you'll find jobs from great companies like Farmers Insurance Kansas start casino tent aerospace Kansas medical center and more. Apply online today. Shocker Schwartz is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. University shocker basketball. He's on 13 point seven. Quarterly tech coach Marshall was presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put billions for war. Coaches you started this season always working ahead for seasons to come this was a big week with recruiting and six seniors to replace him and it certainly appears to be an outstanding class on paper you re able to get that kind of classic you're hoping to fill all the holes. Yeah we had a lot of big guys to replace. So we got several big guys young bodies that when you go in and civil. High school prep school bigs. We hope you come in and play and help us continue to build this program and we got our commitment from a couple wing players. To guard Eric Stephenson. From Tacoma Washington chance more from local who's got more size. Can play more of us forward position. Blemish Emmitt played twelve minutes in the exhibition game against Cleveland on Monday as he continues to get more in game shape what's what's your hope that it might be capable of tonight. We haven't talked about it we will discuss it with him in the trainers. After shootaround it. And I'm I'm anticipating him being able to go at least twenty minutes if we you know we need to what he needs to do that this should continue to conditioned his body. For the upcoming. Onslaught of games. That a lot of interest and questions about possible Red Shirts and decisions made on that front not officially yet we haven't talk to. Couple guys we have in mind that certainly would probably be one. But we've we've still got to be unanimous decision. You've had a couple of days since two exhibition games to work on some things and we've been pleased with pounded the guys have responded to coming off those two and getting ready for this one. Yeah we we we improved from one game two of the next hopefully these practices. Leading up to this opener will continue to. Allow us to improve the loop pretty good against. Newman. But now we have division one competition come an end team that won eighteen games and with the postseason play last year even though they lost quite a bit. Your PC so you can't overlook any opponent. Yeah encased seasoned opponent Ted Kennedy inherited on your schedule do you Christina over this job that I've played them very few years now what collected getting them back on schedule. They just. We were able to comfort check you know that's at this point we're trying to get that the best teams possible. Like. The College of Charleston and Florida Gulf Coast in South Dakota State viewing Casey that. Coming here for a check we want the best. Team that we can get for the money and so we can enable self season tickets to develop that home schedule. Their head coach create Richardson has a long history against Wichita State is both of them player assistant coach and as part of the staff at Louisville he played in the final score was also with a couple Missouri Valley Conference programs if you had much interaction with him over the years no careened over the years. Just I didn't realize he was on the removals that we've played. I just I knew him. Morse a young. Coach coming along assistant coach but I really don't even know where I met him. And it certainly didn't hear it first game you. I didn't know a lot about anybody but are they a little bit more of an unknown quantity they lost their top three scorers as freshmen play a lot of minutes and their exhibition game last week against sterling. Yeah they're going to be very very young talent that's next year. Lot of new faces. We don't have any videotape form this year so we we use. What we have from last year about how they play their system you know they they do a lot of pressing and do a lot of three point shooting so it could be an up and down affair. I could say he shot her head coach Gregg Marshall and we will be back to get you ready for tonight's opener between Wichita State NUM Casey right evidence. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sentence with no Smart. 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Security advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies. Shoppers force is brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs strong Harding Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in molding Kirk Farber. Yeah yeah. I'm very shocker for. Point seven. It is tough grader saved all on its side as Wichita State opens up another season that you know. They see it season upwards of 2078. Team tigers have been this season. Number seven. In the nation and the consensus of all the pre season polls coming off in 31 and five season a year ago their opponent then Casey. Eighteenth at seventy. Last year candidacy. Please see the guy. And their best record is numbered years they're best in four years after his coach Corey Richardson. They did lose the top three starters scorers from last year's team so they're a little bit of a rebuilding mode chapters with everybody back. A year ago I looked at our state leads the all time series six. That's not good play this. Years and Gregg Marshall suffered a couple of losses even if Casey is a very good day. Won the last ten meetings are always looking to move ahead of this. It's gonna give us tonight is not how they could get there with the winning strategy brought the bike capital federal prison on the home. Bring home. Find it. The lender have a FDIC. About UN KC three founders are not cleared for take off like it is doubtful that couldn't get the green light tonight forget your roots rebounder. Bottom the passion of Western Athletic Conference last year and they lost virtually every one of their rebounds last year. Why they just play is currently. Very solid and I AT and just barely out rebounded them by ten rebounds. Conversely we thought they'd fantastic. Rebounding team outrebounded the last. Like 25 contests. Look for Wichita state of the plus six feet on the boards tonight secondly. It should be sandy land inside but the shoppers. Blue ribbon events that we'll that service rates went ACC Big Ten and a lowly. Plus. Worse in the conference that's hardly even worth it in the bus trip. What can't. So the shots big accident dominate they have a field day inside. Look at them double let me see of the points in the paint. Winning strategy number three. US Casey did. Plus there are only 48 point 7%. From the field against early last Friday. There are small and the IA team that finished last in the AC AC. Well we've got statement that at its opponents to thirty point 7%. From the field that you exhibition games. And because I was thought they'd had the best speed is defense they've added the last few years. Last year when they limited opponents. To 37 point three. If not they'll hold UN base even less. Thought it was. When I come inside to join the party what. Tonight. UF OK. 48. Point seven. So that the gods. From the free points right they consider themselves at three point CDC they won't come inside what are safe perimeter defense. Stuff I think it will wreak Havoc on what went Casey tries to do and finally we'll all the leaders. UN Casey's ball club please step forward and unfortunately. There aren't any yeah. Four of the top six floors of the exhibition game at Kansas City refreshment. They played either. Municipal auditorium. Home court that was so small in the crowd that you need reported on the box. Like eight out of 101500. Rabid fans and they're going to be. He went Casey. And I think it's going to be a tough going to war this young squad he went hazy look for the Scots are really causal. Lot of I don't know. Thank you gave the injury report has brought you my hockey life your life your journey. Laura optimal news bulletin not stated mortgage market in the country still out until at least. It's helping it appears the driver. Shirt here is not suited up for tonight's game. CJ hi there. I'd. Closer to being back in the uniform. In case say there is a mystery in my mind. 64 sophomore. It was fifteenth shortly before that the freshman last year. He did not play in the exhibition. All of the other night you'll hit the floor tonight he had there. Iron. Saved his dad didn't. Olympic exhibition game. Everyone who was eligible. For help me. Anticipated Kate you have a for the guys who were eligible to play as. I'm assuming they are the thoughts may not be healthy but it is a little bit of you know it was. I don't think that's offensive and wrapped them happy columnists speculate what the problem was. I think it must be something everything else. Is it kept bringing health is actually working up. Away from the Kansas City today's numbers not his fifth described by the United Healthcare field a field program learn more. Real upheaval. Casey at royal blue for him. Gold tonight with the state of the union home whites blacks right now this time letters and numbers in black we don't fight it. And we are getting both teams lining up on the throw line for the leader of the floor. For tonight's national. Nice to see a familiar face of on the officials tonight officials around the continent. Ready hybrid. We're adding Missouri Valley Conference. Games and soccer games over the years had a chance it's not limited time only event before the game that he is going to be working American athletic conference this year or the is part of tonight's results if there's lots of eyes grew to admire and Robert elder. Every laden is big and as you Soledad as the audience listening to our National Anthem with a soccer basketball they. Arena. Soccer fans remember what. There's none of this year the official launch party location is he does spill and cap works at the southeast corner when he first and went up. Come by during all watch parties for a chance to win a trip which into the AC tournament in Orlando courtesy. Up Eisenhower national airport and he knows relative upwards again your official watch part of location here. We're shocker basketball. The starting lineups are brought to you by equity bank where you never pay it makes him pretty sure to visit them online at equity thing. Dot com. For the University of Missouri Kansas City kangaroos Xavier bishop will be at point guard by the sophomore from Springfield Illinois. Branded the kiss it and away with a 63 freshmen Rob Ferguson Missouri. Jordan Giles 67245. Pound power forward a sophomore from Tuscaloosa Alabama. Roger Robinson isn't returning regular from a year ago six ones. Your card from Grand Junction, Colorado. 0869. Junior forward senator from. The US south Sudan. And not isn't starting lineup Isaiah Ross last year's fourth when explorers explorers are more. And we'll see that he appears at home tonight you know last year might they have their star player arrested. Or domestic I had no matter what he was the player at your conference your LaMarcus. It rests his whole. And a little like that don't think that this would have read about it heard about it but it's unfortunate that he is not plan. They just drop the banner they usually do that in papers regular season game of the 2000. The scores of others. NCAA. Mattered to drop as well below last season's. Joy in the NCAA tournament factors when they first round win over Steve. Before losing game two point game to. And I hope that better is being. Dropped as well in sixth straight year that Wichita State has had an NCA pattern to unfurled at the start. The next season. I to become a place to demonstrate that he gave no other place you. Indianapolis. Into the Atlantic season going. Providence the year before. Obama and Cleveland sweet sixteen the year before that. Saint Louis in here before that I think we all remember 2013. Salt Lake City Los Angeles Atlanta for a that's the goal to. Get back to something like that this season that's what's in everybody's mind here and we'll see if I do. If I could have. Starting lineup time they're going through stuff stuff. Up on the scoreboard. Can't imagine that they're casing of the last night. Honestly think that factors here a month of November way back in November of 2008. Did not state now leads the all time series six victory here today at two under brake parts of the great records. The head coach at UN HC. Played his last year's college basketball Evans you know it was an assistant coach in the Missouri Valley Conference. Years at three different programs work its walls but it didn't get a day. It is debut. Murphy held the mark felt had great. Plus seasons and assisted. Louisville at 2000. Tonight hoping for 289. Victory Richardson has faced with the data as a player or coach. This is his thirteenth trip to Wichita for a basketball game in. You know as an assistant college basketball coach ever put down through. Starters for the factors. That was forwards Zach brown 66 senior from Houston Texas every night. Three ground. A word Darryl Willis six nights if your him. I don't layup or a river community college. Averaged nine point eight points for. The ipad's appeal Morris. 6879. Pound fifth year senior who had been at Oklahoma. Again lending standards. Wore Red Shirts off for the kids in Missouri. Eleven point. I've got the right time out hotter brand can six run fifth year senior from Wichita doors. Eight point nine points per game a year ago he explained that. Let me sample. Shot 50%. From three. Over the last twenty games of the season so certainly that's something we've not advanced to. Look forward to those who get this season underway get it for pregame interview right right so it is certainly hope load expected. And I appreciate it if it could play at least one admitted that I've ever played twelve minutes in the exhibition game but it's good business person on board acted in see. At twenty minutes it seemed about right 810 minutes. Staffed eight to ten minutes in the second half and the odds makers deserve some time also. You know it's a big spike. I'm afraid to have one of the prettiest frequent shots you'll ever see. Shooting. Last twenty games of the season with the points right affiliates have been pretty 33 pointers. And hasn't made it yet. We got the opening tip and you know Morris because it's not official have occurred since that is the point guard will be picked up by the much smaller Xavier bishop went to the if he goes to ground. Casey met the man Matthew Ingram looks the high post unforced error of about ten feet. The left side of the life not to. Inside my could bring down very good for big mess. Thought I feel more personal foul on the fast break gas landry's ship that is knocked off his feet celebrated the fiftieth once you they're going for the steal. A kiss it was his first out team's first soccer we played it right around the end before mine and it seems to be okay that he was taken down cars. An Animal Planet can make it six times the garden behind pride is even. If you have a right sideline and make for a graphic right inside. Along the baseline Willis well. Plus three through. Feel bad. Wide open for the chance if we Florida good Casey not know. Thought state. I think Robinson get to step around campus drive and throws out the point obviously the Premier League with a long bomb this if everybody you know Willis at the conference here crosscourt to champ. On the right side of the floor to the way it's about off the right side of the line divorced him. What step away off the back it's not rebound to UMPC. Bishop the community support. Not to. It's not good enough police conducted three for the big night good does not live here. Mean with the three point basket to make it 43 shots instead Casey shot 37 place in the exhibition games to. Rick can't play opens straight right wing missed and up to that rebound war has stepped through. Root kicks it out for at camp shot clinic at the ship but retrieved the and so. They were to us today. Re afraid of the exhibition game that he played solo exhibition game it's itself. On the left block to lit flares up on horses not the lakeside was immediately able to edit data now on campus reaching it try to not get away Landry. Except his first hand the Teamsters. What you would think he'd look out he'd try to find somebody that he did did at least the past who have not in this this. But leaked last year. It in 26 games zero with it. Heroes that he has three and 56 career and instantly got a big years that Britain to goes I have three I have only one friend. I'm looking at it in the room. I'm merely 61925. A junior from the south Sudan has three older Brothers all played division one basketball. One of them can lead to face the shoppers at southern Illinois and a free throws. Little surprise. If that was considered in the active shooting is trying to pivot got that ball not the way that he now has all four points or UMPC leaked. Is this one point 7%. On 49. Whenever he receives the ball he's. He throws up the good that was that's tonight's. It's not there so I get relief with it's not a state league 75. Drinking at the. Deflated full court pressure get to the defendant started by the kiss. Was your one on one. Is it really trying to get up into the championships and I did a beautiful. Work goes left to right pulls back out a little bit. At the top two Willis turned to look into the on the floor goes slips out of the way. That's up from ten feet this tip rebound get Casey. Was that it had news. Even if recorded Robinson his jumper is good that's the thing from the right weren't factors could get back through all entrances to the did Casey is actually taken the lead now 8% to like the look that shot like that three point right Robinson. Last year shot 41%. From. On the right wing and frankly ineffective for a champ shot today. Liquid brown looks to block the Willis looked Franken headed for the length width and on the floor not elicit the left elbow this will be on that three bite here a good. Really got my place. Is that a young hit a three to complete range of versatility of the story. Willis was pulled from one from the free points right last year but he served notice he's fooled all of us he did something. An eight which it's not stated very early going as the only three minutes gone left wing Giles with a drive to the baseline. Stack up front to. The group this is from the sidelines sixty shoot off the Wall Street horses run for the way out of air ball up like you know we'll just kind of forensic. That's the time line with the at its not that Willis open street Guillen flyers and their. Hey it's not fit rephrase that they. He's doing. In the NBA scouts of the phone. The Connecticut and ended his name because it's a little handoff drive it through traffic stuff they've had kicked in and out of Robinson and it's not digital. Effectiveness if we did traveling on the safe enough news Wichita State. We'll get a check again for a Landry Shanda will be some odd. Excuse me Mike that wasn't it's it's all of the passes for two hard. He was talking to cut off the candidate received the pass he gets charged with a turnover but it was the passes all. We saw so much other than the exhibition that seems strange to say that so much it means jobs now making his official date you. For Wichita State that substitutions for you and Casey Marcos that's the sixth and freshman in his hand. Also kicked in Isaiah Ross I was wondering about New Year's play musical lineup and then also in his ball on the net. Seventeen junior from Tulsa. Let's wait for my team needs. What's that like the crane that that's like most forest head back to thank him toppled into the boot screen goes baseline figure. We're good for the shots up fifteen to eight net flip through its transition by rust ribs not rebound knocked out of bounds right here on its face wrong. And it's time now. We've got the 116 the fifty. According to go in the first half foot plus de fifteen million Casey. OK so as firmer than what the alphabet the next subject financial wellbeing and helped manage your money concerns in spite of your text plan. 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Hours from start to finish and I had chicken plants that we didn't. In retrospect. I would pay double receive your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. Picked Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Choppers horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent friend would be John dream which cutlass does he sells for an elder radio Rebecca shown or Stephanie Thomas. US shocker basketball season 103 point seven JE one yeah. And about six from the field to apply for. Three had to shoot free throw line Wichita State plus three on the boards high. Dave Bedford they did Casey. Didn't play great defense last year they give up seventy. The eight point seven points per game on 46%. Shooting shot it's certainly not. Invent well there are pacemakers were 68 points in the first half. So it can't hold up but my goodness gracious like that place else I. What's in the process timeline right quite frankly kind of sophomoric. Pass deflected the save but Morrison back towards it deflected away by Marvin says if you. Is that they're playing on Florence. Frank can't left to right off the Wall Street to the right to keep that divorces creator wide open area right there. And I made three trades that played them what if not stately. Eighteen doing. That Casey and little we've got. And it was solid travelling hall as those that try to take it along the baseline from the left corner so a couple of turnovers. Like you had Casey on travel calls them keep the the full court pressure on. It's not statement. It bounded anchoring Richardson really studied a lot early trying to keep a lot of fresh faces and there needs Jones at the it's not like the groundbreaking process not wanted double T get to the way to frame it it's not Haynes Johnson logic but Clinton right sides inspectors left juggle it all of the best that it got not the way out of bounds and we'll stay with which to us today Wichita State itself. Six assists and let those seven baskets. Conversely. Let Casey and I. It's just because they only half bath. Out of surgery shark smelling chicken for Boris at Willis Rick Marshall changing at this time for him. Right camping grounds sellout here the original starting group and different camp left elbow listening on the rebels in the end yeah let's step away quarter. Who has flu. Late night NBA basketball on TV 228. Chapters training camp should all of his versatility already a couple of baskets. Drive the lane must accidentally water opens. Create bounce it is ahead score. Martin Nesbitt junior. That's that was the street from the right corner of the bounce twice now it. Haynes Johnson. Because it's not blonde and a foul as the as the Clifford aggressive interception to start yelling at the jump from that passed got hit from the side that moment now what does that its first in the team's second. It was the defense and I say is wait he his teammates costly to dribble the ball down court but then he was rushed quite some defenders from Kansas City. That try to double him up CNN. You yeah Casey's credit they're trying to play hard defense of being very aggressive they're really get not want people which means shocker to answer that opportunities to break them down on the dribble at their quickness or back cut them so we'll see how them handle that additional pressure that's what you like is what she could handle the ball locate him like death itself over slightly. Games to none of that rebellion that Marcus Smith trying to get up on him at those left went to ground. Neck at the Toronto nurture slightly differently. Daughter at the top it needs guns on the floor left wing Kelley on this issue. Drives that got to now hold on as those who really been aggressive out there hand picked up his second mallet very short order. On the kangaroos. Those that we'll go out. Thousands. I Sanford not a friend can't that he gets his first reader that sophomore Austin reads Texas it's not in line that. Round lead in into semi today means job at time lines that really right up on him tonight right wing in the shark Alley. Kelly at the top of reads data reset the shot clock three pointer by. They fly it. Three of them black players 69. Four of them but what you're six night not fair down the lights that throws with a. It's everything they had that look he blocked one shot about every three. But he's very carefully picks his moments that you should pick a good one. There which devastated by about six from three factors lead at 23 to eleven. Man. Xavier it's just expected point guard thing you can see right wing and they rise couldn't dribble that gets ground. The highway exit package requires no good short rebounds background with. That's his pickup games you know my take on the right sideline to triple a different word that would not practice round. Let's not post national nightly news jumped off the Wall Street to the top three from the top that. Right six. Seventh grade. This will be a 32 time out. And we're very few. You've saved up that 40%. Today after the shoppers where I had flocked to. East and west now a lot of got up to ten on Tuesday about that 40% off after the Packers scored a 113. About companies that spent a lot of time in the gym shooting the three point shots and. It's. Raised from five different players Darryl Willis has connected twice tonight there's six of seven. The long range. Ten of thirteen overall for 77%. Then again I'm not for the year making parade all of the pre order your free for seven. Played it like to shoot a lot of three did. 3% that is just as there's 6% last year Wichita State made 3103. Point shots 310 that was number one ever. In Wichita State's history if he fights you know more than second place finish at that the threat to our hits and after Austin that's leg. Yeah collision and that's for the historical. Kelly sit back there perfect. Ford and draws the charge Ross's first fourth team found on you can see they keep his staff charges taken that uses. They do on the dance I guarantee it. Magic staff doesn't know it doesn't chew off once they actually well circulation since the best. Plus degrees deflated gets full court pressure in the ground. That would give it to Haynes Johnson now that clear out of man pressures we'll bring it up one on one against the kiss at. The time line to cross the timeline luckily this background. For a lot of future. Looks to the fact that probably wasn't quite hear so much game left wing this net three ought to back kept alive by calendar rebounded by you have Casey. Proceeded up court. From the left the key isn't pulling it back at Xavier bishop goes around the Wall Street left wing Giles who. Created no good off the bat good spots not rebound by Zach brown there's nothing feel. About it right sidelined with a record cuts back with little floor he is durable enough. Crossover vote drive blank stops. Doubles to nurture. Look at the bacon who we'll let stepped through left Davis for the lefty hook for the rebound by a a leap for him Casey. Noted that the first time we've seen and it is here. It just it drive at night shows that the writer of this rebound off to read through with the plastic out of foul at the end Casey coming out of their. It was that you'd rather have. Now. It's not granted kissing his second so he had Marvin does that both had two fouls Gloria Casey fifteen now leads to the under twelve timeout. 1155. To go first half Wichita State leads the kangaroos 26. To eleven. What the shocker rolled into an American athletic conference tussle you can bet they rolled it on tires from Kansas land tire and ball was shock is looking up on some unsuspecting opponent on the hard wood and a nationally mascot what happened did the air fire what are his tires blew shocked nosy can count on Kansas land tired beat Johnny on the spot with service and repair with six Wichita metro locations in 23 all across the state you can count on campus Lan tired just like you can count on the shocker for the store nearest you go to Kansas land tired dot -- Kansas flat tire here. Bear Ernie repair these guys care. Ever wish you could call a timeout of those expensive ATM fees. Well guess what when you banquet equity bank Buchanan. With your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere it's true. Hello equity bank goodbye ATM fees it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC. Plans are now underway for the 2008 teen on the beach in my game show march 2 third and fourth century Q&A continues to row the show is now in expelling convention -- giving you more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers if your business is landscaping exterior lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest Garden Show the state of Kansas for sponsorship information is your Booth space off the safe side wants funny line or outdoor living in landscape should that not. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center to endanger porn and overweight Sawyer. US you shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KE YE. And pulled off a little of the fielded every. Six of eight victory. Did Casey three of eleven overall and eight of their shots at them from beyond the arc is free at eight reprieve. Wichita State plus three on the boards 85 notre. Age William F Kasey Wheeler just throw it back him from the warning track by eight of eleven shots are three point shots and what they don't have anything. And he points in the paint it's hard to survive the team that can defend as well as Wichita State by just enough free points off night. Wichita State basketball you have Casey pressing Landry Shannon Beck it gets to the court apparently felt Boston it's not wait to. Like that he traveled because he got bumped off the street that it will go the other way first turnover with us today. 1143. Still to go on the first half. Giles played it against Djokovic full court pressure on incident to Tony Jackson freshman from Alabama just checked into the lineup for the king. Carol Willis is back in joining nurture and Kelly must agree to let him out of the lineup so right now Kelly's three man way out front. It is bigger picture I posted Giles stepped back home. Sixteenth in and out rebound Willis Willis was the band started the shooters in that lineup he released for the board to pull them read them. Champ drives the lane pulls up late footer at the line had to adjust to shut this to get the rebound alive. Grab by merger not to read over at Kelly nice hostile fire Landry champ nurtured the top left wing reached Austin hot streak to the top. Now left with Lois why don't free bought it. Not all the way around it came out you made earlier that was fairly best at the other driver in the leg kick it back out of bishop. Not for Giles thought about it right wing Jackson puts it on the floor presented to the top. Hands it up to this year down the lane stepped back about seventy Vista adopted back three shots we didn't rebound Kelly's next definitely appreciate have a plan really along the right sideline to the front porch just about the way its history for merger brings the topic of the lions defeated Richard nice catch perverse way. And the fast home. Almost got away from that a great save had finished by Toronto there's some pretty good you have Casey stood. To watch the play Jackson from street right wing drills Tony Jackson. Eighth restart recruited and services freshman from Montgomery Alabama the other end Kevin recruited the wing. Crosscourt left where reasons got a wide open three that's nothing. But his first trip as seven of the first half but Wichita State. I think anybody and there's so hot anybody's going to be able to make it through tonight. 31 to fourteen shocker nation yeah over the travel thought about the three day. As we started to put it on the floor gives it back to Wichita State. French camp is in that. Boris is backing Edwards who goes out handling its goes out the waves of talent that Wichita State continues to throw at you when Casey. And Casey continues to pressure might with a good start to Wear down Wichita State's evidence hand beyond these are six different players that they won seven against the rescued today after the at the end of the workforce next door is. They're gonna call foul on Isiah rise. It kind of slipped they're truly is yep you do warrants are grabbed his belt loop one or the other. Now was not. David I think it was actually on Ross I think Iran us. This would be his wealth. Actually as it was on bishop it's so this is his first in six welcome to the left handed bats were. We're still at 940 developers at camp because it's not like Fries right but a big fan. I got my guys my feet. Shot if you don't respect his three point shot. I Wii U due respect to three point shot he could drive right by what right bio Lear Lee can't dunk with both hands and he now has five. And I think they called Landry. Well I don't know they stopped. Well let's I think it was a warning for alleged that he had enough. Must have at a mall that is what we'll all anyway. Now a major deal no Mallory that incidents to report here Casey's obviously 33 to fourteen and we've not for a they should has actually not good time line wanna I wanna get sprint can't a couple of Haifa street it uses naturally given after a loss coming after. Three by the looking good as their lives. With a three point basket Dan you have Kasey he has five threes of their own in the first. Wichita State leads that those 33 to seventy champ and against the LT clay court spring camp left went back to share of the for a tour. Let me put it on the floor right where it didn't feel Boris that he should have it. In the right quarters which are Kelly. Don't agree up front most post war turns back shotgun. Got pushed her down low sensitive anywhere from about five feet down on the right side of the basket shackles. For a possible three point play finally taking advantage of over. Plane on defense by UN Casey's lead so Santa was able to get the ball in the low block nobody on this what's going to be able to contend that. Now I'm Tony Jackson his first in the team's seventh. Shaquille Boris to the line for the first time shot 79%. From one year ago. And made seven of nine in the two exhibition game three good three point. Places. He's got eight. Already in the first half which constantly 37 to seventy. Rapid authorities dishes to the right to keep bounces. Tony Jackson trailing Texas right thing I've threat to us drives and it gets his shot at Willis looks. Now it appears to be a little bit shaken not he's not move it around he took a hard fall. Looked like there was just a wet so bloody spot they'd be on the floor it slipped and fell laws. We didn't maligned unit to loiter and that's fine I don't biggest hit this earth I think what you went down he went down on its side by. As you can look treatment. Had a flexing his left shoulder. That's that side of his body and out basically okay 36 and nineteen constantly bring camp inflated. It didn't Willis in the sidelines back French camp Goddard pushes of course being guarded by Tony Jackson. It's the street from Boris it was around it split two defenders down oh why did you not feel well. You sound quality another shot. He's got to go for the shot the guy grab before he could get to that point it looked over the line for 28. Team now argue that Casey was still 21 to go in the first half hours on a New Year's leave Pittsburgh this pressure defense by Casey is. Really. Which are state take advantage of it. But they have to position themselves properly they have the ball up court while they happen. Chris that's currently lewis' free throw a little short barrels of good free throw shooter in last year's 74%. And made six of seven. It the two exhibition games got one more coming here. In his last eight while gains last year 27. One just over 7%. Align. When it's not that was hit their Willis with nine. Wichita State although they've got a lot of fouls those last two. Trips that line but Boris and Willis for their first free throw attempts in game two of three as a team bishop middle of the floor dribbles right comes back left foot from the right here in the light poles not force that this is partially. Not quite frankly everything out of my lowest champ but everywhere couldn't afford through traffic crosses over the top almost had Willis some great bounce pass out lawless. Your argument to lawlessness. Selected by you and Casey's cell is Gregg Marshall trying to make that point. A bed. Gregg Marshall all the way out of the court to ask if it was deflected. And I don't like. I'm out on the floor 758. To go in the first half. That's what it's not a state 37 you have KC. Ninety. I'm shocked the nation. 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Well rebounds and six at the end case Davis committed a violation of headlines violation of bouncing the ball. They're gonna turn it right back to Wichita State the equipment to make up call football but it still fifth turnover for the gators. If it's with saint Gregg Marshall and about. I've got a particular point. Let me shed a lady at baseline to. Background at the height posted forest left lake chabot has clearly got. Her dad of the year victory and they'll be shooting three free throws out was on Marco Smith at the end Casey freshman that was. And those are borderline dirty out that not borderline dirty bow Marie. Ninth team now on you have Casey. If you haven't shooting three. Soccer's to a three from the free throw line candidate scored five points on a three pointer and a dunk free throw bounces. I would think that's going to be its closest he comes missed free throws that they be bounced around him have a lot of good luck out. So both Willis enchantment heavy three pointer an adult to. And golf both scored. They fell behind him it goes two for 21 more coming and he could stretch the lead to 21 here it's 39 to nineteen. Heathrow is good that's it. That they ship that was. Eight it's not as good outside of six from the free throw line full court pressure ball fumbled by Smith it's going to Giles he almost lost it puts it on the floor in the different sport now to Roger Robinson. Layout is the time line that Marcus Smith started pushing him. Don't miss my posted throughout the turns and faces up pointless that's that's nice now up by Ross now all my ground before the shot. So it was. And Ed good changes now because he made the reverse lay up that ground pushed to the point you get this out of it which does state shoot 66%. From the field thus far in the first half with 732 left to its half. They shot 57 point and that's that's it. Personnel on browns' second team felt bounced past him it is definitely quarter Google's not front pulls up the free throw line additions let's not beat Giles for a jumper that's off the back rebounds background from Wichita State outlets should have a Landry left side of the floor definitive report crosses over. We're surrounded attempt by at least kept getting the ball deflected away a pass to punch out the other way down the line and lost the handle on it they're gonna call foul. On the region on Wichita State I believe it's on sham as innocent that is his second. So whether he needed to rest or not he's going to get one here as he picks up his second ballot thirteen now of the half. On the shoppers. Jordan Giles beat going to the line and they'll waited. Deletion the first before themselves. Rollout this. If your life now is balance. Point third Giles a sophomore from Tuscaloosa Alabama. Played seven minutes a game as a freshman averaged just one point six points per game but he did make eleven of his twelve preacher to influence your quality gets this very closely tied a career high two free throws. It's. No one's looking shooter but tonight. Says his first student Casey and four for four from the line and us tonight. Jackson for a Landry Janice it'll be the two little regard teams Jones and French camp was backgrounds feel Boris and Daryl Willis who shot the line up at the moment. Still 7-Eleven to go first half which does it already at forty point 340 to 21. Saint John's started by Marcus Smith. And up to the timeline and across rise from the left side try to include Lewis Carroll. But it's night puts it on the floor into the ground left wings Haynes Johnson on the left block Boris. Shovels to. Round. Her mother exactly. Lefthanded layup for his first do other things quickly get Kasey brought that Giles thought about a long bonding gives it up let's not Smith brings that thought back to Giles. That's sadly that's doubles let the water that jumper by Robinson missed everything rebounds to feel more. Proud of 400 Franken from breaking out. In the record right side cuts to the Middle East is dribbled goes to Boris rightwing. Check holding them back cut for a different team. 620 to gophers tap water dries hard right back up front Boris with three. Is gonna. My heart. As you spray the fast. Eleven points last season he made it. One trait for trade policies. Will not be. Martha Smith this from the front rebounds Boris I was also right there shocker basketball only 4521. Rank him right senate floor double teamed up with Wall Street right wing Willis puts it on the floor fifteen footer that short this time rebound. To Robinson for you at TC. Roger Robinson. Record drives hard cut off my friends can't fix them loaded have a shot bounced back from Robinson. Robinson drives against effect contested jumper no good off the Mets rebound tip my checks worth to treat my needs Jones supplied you with the traffic. There which is where airport. Guys let's say the wind goes well the massive. Where but he got down deep against the big fans of big and had no chance to stop it fine effort needs Jones and his soccer debut. I say at least 47 to 21. Robinson. Announced nesting spots let's go to the floor one on one against Zach brown crust over comes back off the street. An off night for us and help Wall Street look quarter Giles victory that's. Way short rebound tip the corner retreat but Willis who is it that means you know my case is different sport for 51 to go first half double left a lot horse got away from this day. Slam. First half. Time. Casey. Day. Mortgage dollars and the first half one point shy of fifty. Leading by 28. This of the fifth and 32 time out because there's still 44 seconds away from getting into the orbit it market that was thirty or last that they would go ahead and take the under court here but we'll keep it here that is only a 32 time let's Kasey passed. Get tired high pressure defense which state now is starting we'll fight them. Not able to keep that he offensive players out Stacy now. Wichita State eighteen to 4669%. Eight of 1135. Of six from the line and plus ten. On the boards did they. Right 27%. That this case is six of 22 from the field when the shots and it's terribly. They're coming up short or off the left there. They're busy so badly once again I think he's bootlegs. There Drew Brees and Kelly back if not Carolina joining. Brain cancer and means Jones at the guards full court pressure by the shoppers offensive to fish if it back Ortiz double team gets delayed Giles. The activation of double team you can't try to get out of Google launched massive court. Otherwise they are sad about that occurred over by the vendor. For shooting the ball so quickly. Try to get the three point shot trying to catch up that's what they do anyway. Three point shot. It Wichita State gets the ball back right away they're shooting a high percentage sleet and now. That is the sixth turnover for the kangaroos for a half minutes to go first half these guns bringing it up against nation crosses the time line with what the left hand goes right off the street by nurtured an avalanche got degrees open three left side off the back this time. Long rebounds chased down by hand. John's pizza on the floor down the line all of it at Methodist blocked out of bounds by Carl commented that we stay with us today. At least something to look forward on the highlight films that Casey nice. No highlights whoever's. Granted that stream by and mergers. There's not gonna wanna see you replay and then he gets leveled some body on that kept them only by means you know you can tell he's more physical with you Mike Smith lot of weights and stuff. About eight counts I think. Kelly left side of the line play up front frank camp that Kelly takes it in the line steps through doesn't have a shot at different camp he'll take his career no good. Long rebound contested but to grab my bishops for you have Casey did it affect what went right wing. Tony Jackson. One dribble pick it up it's a definite threat to Giles he drives cut off by telling locally to finish at 348 to go through snapshots drives website go to the traffic partially blocked by surgery done grab by grief pushes up the middle of the floor on the right wing didn't Johnson budget fixes man drives him. He is dribbled down the right baseline and drop as of now. Just kept changing directions start now coming back kids may not drove the baseline got fouled. 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The online job fair is going on now through November 19 where you'll find jobs from great companies like police are staffing. Catch Durham school services quick shop and more. Apply online today shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy and Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. US shocker basketball is on 103 point 78. Great service. And five. First tablet because they pleaded University of Missouri Kansas City 49. What do wind factors shooting 62%. Overall 61 and a half point eight of thirteen. Percent six to 43 they have made 5143. Quarters without status plus. Well on the boards of the three turnovers to six. And so much it means Jones going to the free throw line right and do five but six started the line but what does state. So much it five points in the first half free throw but soccer is six of seven. From alliance the country's first opportunity at the line tonight in the two exhibition games made eight of nine. Despite all the success in the room like. And he makes that went well Wichita State that it fight for territory side they've taken that. Your child scream you know pressure backed off a little bit at times tout there record hands it off to bishop Wichita State needs 51 to 21. He should keep hold down the line throws enough it Traficant gets tough little runner by Xavier bishop his first points of the night Luther. Austin reed for Canada. And Casey also backing off its pressure a little bit. Of course sleepless night for anything it just of the Lincoln street drives it all the way to the basket blocked and recovered by Kelly he's reversing that gets. Your days left to right belated it's. Really tied for the without offensive rebounds for the soccer last year Jordan Giles plot that drive by kind of cranky and Kelly right here to recover. Counselor right leg of his trip got a disaster behind by Austin great drive of the Florida Tony Jackson goes to the basket got out no call well maybe there was a call soccer's going on the rebound the they called the now on the drive by regional go to the line that you. Like equipment transition isn't I mean. Shoppers often running off five players of all this is done not the way. Collins Tony Jackson his second. Reason for such a skinny guy gets banged around nobody gets right there puts his nose of them things makes the free throw he's got 43. Point. You know Reeves last year as a freshman. 76%. On just 37 attempts in 33 games there was some speculation that reads might be registered this year to know for sure I don't think that was another discussion within the coaching staff must not have been. It was out of the community let's put that second free throw also hits the shots who screen and that's free throw line as well now. Tonight at ten for a strike in the fifty. Five to 23 to 35 to gophers staff at the back Robinson met jumpers short grabbed Mike Kelly on the read them bring that in itself is middle of the Florida means you're out slightly different him back out front page and so much in the site Lowell added to offer travelers. I added to nurture router tried to impose a little hesitation there my hands guns 'cause if you read the pivot foot. Spring camp that Kayla Maloney DN for the first time here and a walk on junior predicted in Texas sixty ones 68. Played thirteen minutes a game it's an exhibition games and it. Political scrimmage Oral Roberts has played very well we're very happy that drive it left his initiative through Traficant accidentally shot fake by Ross steps up to. Fifteen a little short rebound grab by Austin green tree sit down with a little floor himself looking for teammates on the wing spin shovels it back to. Kelly if it's not right where it needs jobs. It was not a Wall Street is not right we've nurtured wide open three off the bat this time Reeves tips to keep them alive but it's rabbi Lief where you have Casey Catholic bishop pushes it up quickly crosscourt liquid Ross I was at baseline pulls up little floater this rebound which are telling through Wichita State out of the break Haynes Johnson. Streets of from the middle of the floor off the Kelly screamed. Slightly under Reid's done the right side of the line differently step of the way to Adelaide and gets out they'll call on the drive. And still be two shots because you Casey. Has put Shaq v.s that double bonus a couple of minutes ago. That's twelve to 8000 affluent yet Casey Rashard Kelly lose first chance that the free throw line. A year ago just 58%. Shot three of five and it's an exhibition games. And I that was good 67 point 5% while it's less he got rid them more comfortable. But he told us he was practicing his free throws every day after practice that felon Jordan Giles his first. Now only with the bonus in the next it was and got out of both these guys for Wichita State. Leaves eleven of twelve now the the free throw line pass in backcourt Robert canard transfer from NORTHERN IRELAND getting it up across the timeline Lawson now back issue that was important factors are leading. 57. It's 23 putted fifteen to go in the first half of our right away obviously did not troubled that over the lead back and are. Listed on the floor works around the Wall Street applied surgery had given up left side bishop can't afford to shoot fish it's gonna have to force it does add just enough to back. If that's not controlled by needs gun got around to defend their right quarter brings up could free up a break. The first half they lead sixteen to 43 I defend against that it's just impossible to have some weapons and Ross retreat it's not the best rebounder. Rotary 36 seconds to go first half plus degrees of the district court. Avoided a steal attempt with a nice little ball handling group right wing Kelley on the block merger Lazard. It's not the layout. It was seven the first half was just not stay upright for thirty. I'm 622317. Seconds to go first yeah. He. Bishop handed out here it's time line guarded closely by hate shots down the seven seconds is trying to make the plank not in the leg in traffic I was so. And they're gonna call off now before you put it out now is gonna go on arts degrees or reach. That's his first look at the fourteenth now so this will not be shooting situation down the baseline. 3.3 seconds to go on the first day. Robert and our won't play at the end of the right of the basket. And get in the lane first. Still looking gets it right pointed rosneft the porcelain over Kalin Malone missed short. What it's nice days of an impressive first half performance. Leaving them Casey at halftime. 62. To 43 quick reminder that because. Leave Monday night gave a talented trusted both coaches shows on Monday night the you weekly stop for coaches shows love to get back to the AJ sports facility Elliott thirteenth. It really true every Monday night into sports crew of the Alley stay tuned for the credit union of America halftime show. Thanks pat I'm standing in the neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening lightning is striking constantly yet there's no damage to people are actually outside Shiite. Homebuyers told me this phenomenon is credit union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application defense decisions and closings see ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no PMI. It's just incredible steadily in Sydney with. Let me ask Helmut term credit union of America apply now at CU of America that come see you anything equal housing lender. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. 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Have god bless America god on his part of the veterans day observance at the end. Willis thank you don't want to do that crowd sing along with your word. Commercial. Back to Phoenix. We are unaware of what's. Wichita State leading you have Casey had to have 62. To 23. And that's puts the shot there's a position to get into some uncharted territory even in the Gregg Marshall era with 62 points and a half behind. Three point baskets and a half it was a state reeling. Dominating performance Russia. Oh they did everything well yeah they have something left life and they play together so well. Experience that other veterans and they don't bakery any mistakes or bad. We'll in the first half which broke turnovers. Come only one of those turnovers led to a basket but Wichita State was dominant and as the game. The rest. This shoppers continued to play Hussein cats play case. The if and it went Casey. We're down as a matter of fact the last eight shots were falling short. South where parents and they were only one up thirteen. The field the last eight minutes of those that. This is totally off topic but that's just got to mention that this is just incredible they're not believe our league getting floor but I've got to mention. Indiana State. Opening its season tonight. At Indiana. Was forced sixteen to go to the second half it is Indiana State. Ninety Indiana 63. And 187 point lead. The sycamores good on you Greg Lansing in the end was asked how are you know our first game that is. Notably one differed yet. All right we're at halftime doctors at 6223. Any aspect of the game you ought to talk about Dave impressive for the factors. Plus eighteen on the boards on the force turnovers to seven. Now it's on its 43%. Shooting shot sixty suit themselves they've kind of fifteen phrase. And eleven of twelve. From the free throw line and it was a lot of different people contribute to. It was in Wichita State states its reputation on its defense and they did a great job defensively. Held value in case he's 23 point 3% and you can see would come down. And watch those shots from three point slide very quickly my. And a shoppers run the floor as well as anybody not just talking about the cards I'm talking about the big men also and that's why they got easy shot after easy shot. Wichita State 21 baskets in the first half fifteen of them came off of the suggests yeah that was the other member of intervention fifteen assists and one half first of all it's. Tremendous number of the fifteen assists on. 21 basket she'd like to yet. You know at least half it's even more like 60% maybe your baskets off the offices but over 70%. That's great keep it to 50% that's that we hockey forehand. That Wichita State was probably going to be able to dominated side and Casey's big men are rated lasted there conference that you. Plots so we thought thought the shocker statement we're going to be able to dominate and as easy as it was for the shot the three point shot. They started to find their way inside and they outscored UN case at that point in the eighth 25 enough. You're predicting a big market that I got my life and I get to you that big. When you're listening to the soccer basketball halftime show brought to you by credit union of America check out credit union of America your small business needs credit union of America proud sponsor. Of WSU basketball and we will continue credit you. And halftime show right after this. Your voice thing to know we say. New show for insurance plus the same for you we'll Chinese and now compete with. So if your car you can stream. Just call and we'll take care if you watch him take care what's most important. Find an ancient national term insurance dot com windshield. We shelter on restriction. 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Plug it back to credit union of America halftime show just to reiterate some of the statistics from the first half which test date may 21 of its 34 shots for 62%. Nine of fifty for. For 3460. Eleven of twelve free throws toward 92%. This case the only seven of 3043%. Five of six team for Korean War war. From the line Wichita State plus eighteen rebounds 27 to nine in his statement. 25 to nothing on points in the paint shop if only it were turnovers. To seven. Yeah Casey at Wichita State with fifteen assists. On 21 field goals Shaquille Boris leads in scoring with thirteen but it's a group effort nine apiece for Darryl Willis for a night there was eight at peace. Landry Shannon and Austin Reeves seven apiece for so much it means Jones and a lot of mergers. We charged Haley and Connor French camp both before and so background was too. Nine different players scored all of that scored twice in one way or another except for ground if only the one shot. He had. Three assists three rebounds and blocked shot in his twelve minutes of action of the leading read batters are Willis. And Kelly with five each kind of French camp had five assists. And no turnovers in the first half. At freedom cases leading scorers or earlier movies with five he had the first five points of the game yet Casey. And I hair loss with five Wichita State 62. 23. At halftime good chance if it is safe by high percentage not merchandisers jets locker room the market be up to 40%. If the shocker score hundred board you always get a break on price every time is soccer's when it had locker room. East or west back with more of the credit union of America halftime show. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. I. Laryngitis. You can't control. Game but with United Healthcare you can have better control your care. 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That use the from a coach doctor fifty. Receive your shocker this gap you just heard the news from all that the American conference executive scores from around the league. Pre season number eleven Cincinnati defeated Savannah State it upcoming shot upon it 107277. What art beat Tulsa and Tulsa 7467. And had this. Moss two pre season number 26 Alabama. 82 to seven in that game was played at Annapolis as part of this veterans day goings on. Mercer 47 UCF 46 at the half in Orlando Houston's up fourteen on the beach state at the half in Houston. SMU playing at home down by seven at the half you have been seen Maryland Baltimore County 4538. He laid up fourteen on allies you reported to have it New Orleans those that can shoot the start of the better teams in America what we'll see if that picks up. VCU team this actress could face it Hawaii defeated Grambling 9465. Taylor whose doctors will face in Waco defeated central Arkansas. 176 pieces it and he probably best match up opening day. Ranked teams playing in Germany the armed forces classic the surprise number 44 Texas CNN recovered fourteen West Virginia price points. 388. 265. Are ready to start the second half here with the factors outside. Well and not only is. Lopsided this event came surprised with the number of points of West Virginia gave up his job. Soccer sports property back at Wichita State athletics would like to talk to I would like to thank these soccer faster Wichita State in the level of corporate partners spouses want delta dental health industry is at Cox Communications. Appeared fit if. And athletics College Soccer sports properties it for 1697875. Of it talkers and throw so many different lineups that you might that it's really difficult to prepare for them and keep it in the look comfort zone both defensively and offensively as waves of talent shots well. 62 point nine phrase in the first half but Wichita State the first possession of the second half before long do you have Casey. It that George Giles. Not there granted to his seat. On the year's week. As soon as Xavier bishop. And the truck Robinson. Right baseline toward Giles that they could lose one. Why can't they have traveled. You know that's the call Darryl Willis stood his ground Giles shuffled his. This let me see squad is pretty freshmen. Oriented squad. I would venture to say these kids all had that high school careers. That led Casey's young players have never been in this position in their lives and we're down by this month. That we ship it created after the shot this week to. To double team with time winding it up on the winning the kind of think it's French can't I can't let Boris littlest and backgrounds which if not statement playground drives baseline but got not the way out of bounds and stay with the doctors. On the baseline they'll play him in the right in the basket and she plays. 1931. Month ago. In the second half. We just got things under way. Tempted to check for a cent from Afghanistan to shoot. Rightwing frank you for the great hits and then here steps around their bad miss the ten footer for Willis the rebound and a put back. Well we talked about Comverse. With Willis has pulled them and offensively. Eleven points for Darryl this ballgame right away. This week with a recorder Giles thought about three tries to back his way it closer shovels and pass underneath credited. The hands of Shaquille Morrissey into the off the list of candidates to shoppers turned them over. Not not content take the free points not so much so yeah Janet. But at the DoubleTree Morris will pull off and got banged in the middle of the body if you want to felt that the odd thousand Shaquille Boris. We'll go to the line for two of the talent George and Giles is his second first team now. Secondhand Wichita State had smoke free throw attempts in the first half made eleven of them. Nobody shot more than three that was Landry Shannon who can handle three if he has. Forrest was one of one this. There's a game high fourteen points. And for you and Casey towns goes out freshman Tony Jackson checks in. Yeah check excuse me like Jackson to a real Fiennes who worked for the second part who is one for the second part of last season but he has a high point. And Roger throughout the cold doesn't rebound brings it down. Rightly puts it on the floor runs in this accident blocked the shot because he shot his way of their Boris held his ground blocked the shot outlets the minute we can't get a decent man on the right wing picked up by accident which drives baseline try to throw back the link got to. Deflected stolen. Turnovers have it. Bishop long has support. Lawrence block the layup attempt with the recovery. By advocates accumulated in watts that first shot of the kiss captain. But this would put it back for his first two points. Doctors at 6525. Or is different ordinance adopted frankly a right baseline not a lot that definitely warrants were out front shouldn't plan starts to limp. It is on the left side of the floor well beyond the arc. And that's not to Boris who did not bring you got a couple of them left of that middle sixties you. Could have maybe force. Went down below I blog I'm not the way recovers from the corner sham that is why. Beat the clock. Like you. I think maybe they're going to check the monitor. To see if he got it under way at times but I don't think there's any question that he did. Not from our perspective and had a well that was so why does say that I didn't think they had a chance to get it off with frank can't shoveled it into the corner bit. Generally quick release date that shot on him off balance angle hit in the left water that would be his second three if it counts. And there. Again checking to see if he got it got the shot away at time I don't think there's any question about whether or not it was a three maybe that's what we can't let. Might just because if he got adopted there was pretty close. 1744. Remaining in the second half Wichita State leading 6525. Of the 6845. If that went out. Yeah it does it's a three. Don't vanish ebitda for the second phrase had eleven points. Three shot you're now in double figures they needed 68. To 25. The hallmark of what's austen's plot always under martial leave and under Burton was balanced. And Wichita State illustrate that again tonight. That's ten trays in the game already for what it does take the 1742. Together you have Casey quickly up. I wore Robinson's entry rightwing nuts this writer Robin. Robinson in his second three and one of the first half of active ones in the second. Doctors write press report or its hands it off she have a list. Starts right back selected for the rest of the block Willis strong group Liza did nice it. Fast runs you feel more rested their own little. Those who has thirteen Willis helps bring the ball up court and gets down on the low block and sports at a foul away from the ball as a leader Lee moved into his background trying to come through history he stepped in to have him throwing shoulder opted to now on leave. It's his second. And the second team found that half. Casey they had 121000 the first half Mike cannon as a matter fact one of their players Brandon it's that those styles. We ended up landing should have a one on one against Xavier bishop those left throws left wing Zach brown brown with Robinson right up on him. We'll have one machine that's passed through us. Well it's a retractable pick and roll the ball got deflected just did not that it came up short of Willis. The other end the ship down the list title Angola and try to make it pass deflected out of bounds violent machine. Which does daily at four turnovers in the first they have two more here early in the second. 6048. Stilled at you know shoppers that seventy to 28. And throwing at him right Robinson. Right side bishop long the basement through this the way guys particularly does take the lead throughout the better than ill advised shots it's bailed out it's difficult balancing act round. That's his second. First team now behalf on what to tell us that it will put Xavier bishop of the line for two shots. Bishop played twenty minutes against early in the exhibition and did not shoot a free throw last year played seventeen minutes a game shot 74%. On 77 to. What's with these little left handed the point guards. Bishop. Jitterbug lightning quick out there some logic needs him sane thing. Announced today and he's got three points tonight give Casey perfectly aligned but they've only had five attempt so far 6040 for me. What is up and bishop with war. And now all our bed checks in relief for you and Casey. Well Ahmed seventeen to 35 growth and to also went to actually born to dance group the United States needs to 72. Murders education throughout the that's the time also like to bishop Kelly high school left wings haven't locked down low for Willis catches in traffic goes its strongest jump from behind by now ahead of them alliances to really heads up pass by Landry shenanigans Casey was pressured on the perimeter. Cameras over my left sideline just inside the front court. And found Willis right underneath the basket. Well and what's happening is. I don't know if you have Casey thinks they have a chance of getting back into this game but at least making it respectable sort of third double teaming and pressuring the ball up on the perimeter. Which means you're gonna have been open underneath them that's what happened with what was they found it wasn't able to convert the. The first three oh. He is now one of three from the line tonight as thirteen points. And not the ones that had about fourteen for Willis. And it's not trees leaves 713. With 1627. Record Marcus netspective game that you witnessed on it right back to Smith it's not. Look into the left them durable goods back out of threat to Robinson my share of bobbled the shot clock Robinson driving spinning stepped away to African tested by chance that it anyway that's not pilot that's as eight. So instance that there frankly have to get to double to about Courtney Brown goes to the basket alone gets hammered by. The line for two or three for a already fourteen pounds in the half one Casey to us on this in the first half. The first 8001. Unit case he only twice that it resulted shocked refuting free throws with four fouls in this half. Man analysts and Boris have both been of the line and NASDAQ round shooting free throws with offers them free throw up and soccer's very rarely. The ball well from the back court with the best of presses. So what happens when they're old press department Macy's gives opportunities to Wichita State resulted in thousands free throws. Second street good background to execute the line now has four points in the game which stately 73 to 32. If Casey break the press that he couldn't keep all out of the way you Robinson takes. The link to let's three by Tony Jackson off the factory down champ but for the shot. Today himself along the left side of the floor he is frivolous let's come back toward the middle. My right wing from frank can't we drive into the wind off the Willis under the basket and that's why not get his own rebound gets mad at the air drop of about. The Levinson not sure I'd miss that person Sampras great pass by for encampment Willis looked like he is maybe between donkey in the leg at the end of the going. Mind. The under sixteen time 1538. To go the second half what it does state seventy. Very good and KC 32. Thank you love that car more than you love. 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It's another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sentence with no smile. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider and unleash your smile power with delta dental. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. Still 1538. Remaining at this look at Wichita State has 73. Points leading by 41 every year and they've seen these doctors out of the 61%. The first half. Right it's sixty the second 61 and a half of the game including ten of 163. They present a good case seriously at six from the field in the second half it's still only 28%. For the ballgame is an amazing my cookies and 60%. Now I haven't states at a shock resistant red hot pre season both exhibition games. When they shot 57 point 3% deceive me there's still a fit over. Fine. Orbit at 642 seconds the last in the second half suckers that thought they don't want them it's still Zack Brown's. We feel Boris Darryl Willis how different camp. And Landry Shanda and Willis at the line for two more free throws first went up in good. Daryl now. Both his average back up 60% three of five tonight fifteen points the S fifteen Shaquille Morris fourteen Lynn reach him at eleven. No one's up the good also. I think that that both of those Willis was sixteen chapters 7532. Bring it up Xavier bishop you have case it part of my friend you have got to plant off it's just it's not the time line works for the right. After the at the top Ross would agree that's no good up the rights under the grip rebound Darryl Willis for the soccer what's the campus prosecute three point shooter last year was pretty much wide open. Client that went off one side of the best friends here working. Not that he gets down the line. Tries to show the world it's not a very good Hanson was lower cardinal law passed of course bishop wanted why. Out of bounds of sale that Casey. It's 67. Blocks a game so Zack Bronson. First stop. It's got a better chance of blocking the shot that dropped you back over tried to get the recipient of the past and he chose wisely musical block it chant that out. So my case Haynes Johnson at first substitution with the doctors of the second half. Yeah but not by accident that the house it's you know I think Robinson looking at these places him right baseline us look it up in traffic and draws the balance right here. It down the baseline the leader leaving and it got out on the armed felon Powder Springs campus first second team felt that path. And I think you lost. Phoenix news paces a little bit different the second half what's happened is. UN Casey is not. Content is to take the three point shot for his client at least to get the ball inside and it slowed the pace down even more by going to the free throw line a few times. Yet Casey was six for six from the line loss missed the free throw a shot eighty. 3% last year is it 33 free throw percentage was the second best ever by a freshman. Casey got. Us has six. Didn't start tonight after missing the exhibition game there. Injury of some sort but here is deleted returns scored eight points per game given the benefit of the doubt well whatever let's. Robert canard Jackson now free and Casey Franken gets in the ground against the press over there's so much it means you look at the double team him hit the ground stolen backcourt cross the timeline rightly feel Boris. It's good to guard them. They are threatening you know it's. Kind of down to seventeen to shoot after all that brought him means Jones went back is the time line that rises slightly French camp opened freak out. Soccer's you love it. He's the seventh different player to make one tonight and they need 78 to 33 looked good look here and look for the UST concede that. Issue right baseline that's tempered by Nesbitt won't go rebounds killed more of that box not clear is that these towns along the left sideline all the way to the wing stuff slips his side throws back up front divorce from his office. Ranking at the right to left. I'm Vicky hall thanked his bat out of those ball. Lafrankie it has slowed down. The passage out of that accelerated vascular events back to the basket he's got done with you have somebody weapons you have to respect the potential paths Nesbitt forcing blocked by Willis recovered by French camp rebounded knocked out of his hands that he recovers drives an airport. That's that's under for. But perhaps not catch makes goes up on on Baghdad now they didn't call it the it's finally out of flout recovered by you have hazy and kind of stolen by game's announcer recovered butter us up toward the Robert Qatar. It's candlelight walk again these doctors have nine blocks French camp back the other way left side of the floor crosses over down the line although I laid. It's. Good throws it away instead. Simply don't want French camp want to forbid. Okay were very. They've got banged pretty good it was Haynes Johnson once I ground reaching into the other. It's got a sandwich little guy has found it found no. They're gone exactly around us. At the thirteenth. I'll back. Thirteen you don't want to acknowledge its actors. Yeah oh okay. Has no hard. Neat card makes his official debut as he checks and present round. It's Kelly will be plagued three. Thirteen don't want the failure and Casey ball fouls on the drive to the. The basket so they'll free throws in the right water does to Marcos. And Atlantic for the kiss it feels envelope way to us. Is it that. You received only. Freshman season there for the first time abacus securities. Reeves. Stopped his dribble reading your badly forced a shot that hit the backcourt had nothing else we've got a black shirt Kelly Giffords and up across this time line. Throws it back out in the little Florida means job while 33 to go to shoppers at 84 points needs guns penetrate. Leads through and gets it watch doesn't Neitzel blocked by. Kissing advocates to get court to canard tries to throw one up over under through partially blocked it rebounded like Kelly. The shot is to come back and William Casey really started to force a lot of shots well. I don't know if they think they could catch up we're not like the nation's defense that was the first half against Youngstown fans could be quite a bit like it's event of the airstrip there. I've got his first college shot Lazard and first person points as a shocker. If kissing. Let's wait to rise 1148 to go through my driver Kelly what are you up to par this everything's fine the back towards Austin reed who brings it up. It's his dribble off the screen by director of the free throws or for instance now left wing to Haynes Johnson makes drives the lane. I don't know. Not stay with. You think they conceded. We'll fly them he's got to love it when I got today leads by 558833. Into the line forcing the designated banks in off the glass of they're just. Forcing every time down whoever gets it hit a drive it shoot it because it's got ports 8835. Shots retains Jones puts that defender in the right corner opens straight retaliate way short this is. There are trying to keep alive goes over the back. Steve going first well on nurture it and happy fourth 2000 hat while. No way to go. In the second half what if I stayed 88. You have KC thirty time. 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Yet he's he almost turned it over getting it and found a steeped only trying to work its way up court on this drivel finally crossed the time line drive as hard. All the way to the basket gets blocked the sad events today. With the FCC. Wichita State just keeps ringing up blocked shots at eleven blocks. In the game and that's going to be wishing for some sort of record. Iraq slot to that threat to his seat after us and right sides on the line. Prices drop that it and that's deflected out of bounds they are literally whoever catches it is now driving it into the line item thrown at this if it's look at from their home. Little shots Mike it's a very selfish woman's basketball but maybe you're behind by this amount you don't have much else to do. It gets it way out front seven to shoot drive it all the way undercut the throw back a life deflected by Kelly didn't right back to Cali of the factors that. Turnover. Now in the front court down the length but tougher runner this is rebounding. That they're gonna call it over the back though. As there are a little too aggressive come from behind the man at the box at that time August 1 now. Fifteen out the half on which to us today. Doctor lineup has so much any gains Jones on the brief run out of surgery sure it can only as Bjorn. All about that worked in Marcus Smith host it in the front court rightly that Steve Donnelley. A couple of dribbles the fires and yes that's a three. Positive attitude that he just got outside the lines. Though he only was his first basket with three pointers. 8838. Which just states notes that it's ago. The record means Johnson between two defenders walls that he's dribbled up. But let's not up to killing spree goes by advancements that and a friend Kelly. Rashard rightwing you read Wall Street for nurture. Except for a you've been over to Kelly seventy shoes Kelly almost got stolen does hit it solid Russell's warrant. I'm very late jump ball called the Biden. Think the clock hit probably expired if you didn't what to states' position on the alternated possessions room. I think they're gonna have if you look at the monitor. Check the time. Not very good offense by the doctors that time. And so they're gonna talk about it remind you that throughout the season. That night at the plates were soccer coaches shows is AJ sports throughout the Eliot thirteenth victory which. On most nights during basketball season will be Gregg Marshall 67 and keep that Adams. Front seven to eight those shows the next couple of weeks because eight game here next Monday. It factors in College of Charleston. The following Monday effectively playing in Hawaii. In the valley but it it. I think it's. Eight days' worth of LA thirteen at green. Right yes 9713. Thirty. It's an exhibition games soccer departments had six point 5% of football game. Wichita State out with this very good job keeping those opponents insist now. We see. Thinking tonight again with the soccer defense is exceptional. And we've got. You let Casey for only three sets and I don't think it's gonna roll because they have power plant one on ones you set high. He hired for what should I stay in assists in the game theory breaks are. 45. Against Bradley last season. They've had 24 on several occasions twice against Evansville let's get Chicago State once it gets out that a state they have plenty. Right now at 946. Still ago. The surprising thing about what you just said is that these high is 45 out of the equipment quality. Yet Casey basketball. District court granted the history dribbles right back to recognize their cross process that requires over surgery yes that's it this time he's got eight points. The soccer league goes under fifty for the first pilots be reporting live nightly six left. Costin reached refresher into the record almost lost it covers gives it up so much it means jobs too much he loves throughout the middle Kelly. Telling them. And for some back cuts those students Jones left corner opens. Create a bit off the back. You're you're fighting for its deflected cross timeline picked up but Marcos that's shells and us de Rossi gets busted this is shot that go to the line for two. And with our games Jones will be here it is first now all of a sudden they don't seem to be working well for Wichita State the last. Trips down the board. The offense has been sputtering. End. And let Casey brings the ball down quickly. Or lose now make shots that there are us this is the free throw up. You have fair use the F after kind of a tough first half that Mercer has pulled ahead by eleven now UCF book. 6655802. To go Edison is still down want to you have BC it's almost eight minutes ago it. Dallas. That was that so Ross made a lot of Su he has two of four from the free throw line and has nine points. Houston has I hit a gardening rob gray he averaged twenty point six points per game last year there are some services. The content that he could be released for the country. This year. Reeves plays into. Means. Kelly distillate backcourt against wolf work pressures says she wants them less reason to defect or get over it means jobs announced a lot of the time line bounces to Cali. At the man in the half court now Kelly one dribble pick it up heats up it's that means you know contests like there are your ears were hacked down. By the defender behind it and if now I believe that Steve goalie who was guarding him. That will be goalies burst the team's sixth at the half. Refreshment for Kansas City, Missouri in Lincoln prep high school. Like fifteen minutes and scored thirteen points in exhibition game that gets through. Now the goes well on that is yet cannot complain if there is there for about a twelve footer side. Out of blitzer. Now with nine points. First points of the second half yes it really have a range jumpers. Good to see that you'll take the free points on the ticket side is that if they move it's that's all he drives it throws it up on the flip it balances out rebounded by. Guarded there's two things. So much trust not one wants it done alliance not the way. Doctors that plated the baseline with five suitcases original starting five backed off the court and they want. Filled to if Casey Giles is rolling out. I sense that I just left the court it's in the rain can't Boris. You know Willis and Zach brown which dusting. And all of this out markets. Hot and a threat to heal Boris rightly ranked yet and it's really not the left corner champ and open trade we'll be fine. Understand it was his third three pointers that fourteenth with the that's safely back up to 5293. To 41 seats effortless with him. You secretly left hand off on that we choose at that threat but if you look for it yet pass deflected stolen by Boris checkout lets you can't let it head if frank can't Cotter rightwing. Outweigh out for a few wars left wearing thin. Landry looks to cut through the line not Brett Morse right wing illustrates drives gets all at the basket and this is happening without going up to shoot two free throws. Seventh team found a half what you have PC. And the under eight time about coming so it 44 remaining. I've. Yeah Casey. 41. So this house isn't great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hard work cloud that sounds like well the house across the room just sold for a few years more than a mile an insurance companies just yeah how we Holmes you worked really hard power and wind activity. And it just there tell you what why do we offer 23 years with the fast claims he wouldn't. It's time. 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Farmers Insurance Kansas star casino tent aerospace Kansas medical center and more apply online today. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for an Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven Jeanne you want it. States know about 61%. 32 up 52. Men with 93 points on the court. 740 force field ago think again KC 93. Ignoring the free throw line for tee shots doctors have made seventy depth what he's free throws. Or 85%. Lot of superlatives my. Battle in terms of statistics for the third way. Plus 22 thought the. There'll Willis from the line for a six. That would spins out he had gone one retreat made its last three in a row and now this is that would. Four of seven for the night sixteen points for Willis. It is not good there with seventy. State. Dropping back. Defense depression that now leaving tonight in Florida 41730. Years ago physically active time line the question that drives left enough but Boris doubles last night Giles. House a couple of dribbles that drives those baseline. An antiquated ethnic travel. Kind of right the ship the defender out of his way and then go up they shuffled his feet in the process of doctors played it gets full court pressure. Very careful about it. With the down court. It's now. And dissident who will listen now back to track you have to you're with should definitely crust it's not like globs that hit the ground exactly as under the basket. They chose not adding travel GeMS that I won't even before then about. He actually traveled twice once and it's not that did it again and that is doctors turn it back over. Not very turnovers tonight though that is weird night. There's 770. And certainly not many turnovers that lead to ask itself what itself. When Casey. And it on net called for an offensive finale was setting a high street and he just throughout. Forearm shiver up into the face of land here but fortunately it's not very physical wasn't real lethal but it was pretty obvious that that's his fourth personal well. Eighteenth now they have one in case the Spider-Man. It will be of that would be able. It's like that at all. That's splinter. Welcomes it Shaquille Boris Said that he shipments of bring it up one on one against granted this. Recruiting process. For a short left elbow conference here it's a street course wheels off that doubles baseline Willis and open. Can't. Harold Willis on this system not a friendship heroes got my team it's not as it. 96645. To go it's that sense but it's nice not seek distance. It just listening to their rebound lewis'. We have to get it out let's if you haven't let it cross the timeline right side of the floor that would have been prices over not threatened Willis. You know what's on the floor gives it a program that you know the left slot. Boris Vince goes baseline late today. Hitting that left. Six seed this field Flores got this 9841. All up by Smith ribs not tip line on bad rolls out rebound loose along the baseline covered by conference here. Six minutes and seven seconds to go jackets bring it up that warrants to think what. Basket jam it down the block Willis right side of the basket turnaround from about six CNN outs and very badly you have Casey. Grabbed wanting that next nasty. It is different court is accused let's settle it throws it askew shot missed it on let's follow distance. Rebounder Zach brown pushes it up because it's not one on the left side of the floor right then divorce right wing if you haven't. Landry got reference can't off the street goes left then back and that gives it up left wing program. Let's point it can't all alone three. I want I want. Us Michael. Rains real. Not. Fourth reason seventeen. Point truly appreciate it. I don't want to 41 down Marcus Smith at the top that is gonna take a bomb that missed it up the back rebound Lewis doubled that in itself would dribble a bit different here Solder through traffic down the leg kicks it back to show evidence that it creates this let me just off the left side there and out of bounds. Often with the me. You're surprised with the at a Hala. Now I guess on Boris. Balancing act his first 171000. Level 11 at the other end still five owed to it now. The sixth time in Greg marshals to you that Wichita State has scored a hundred. Points and a game I've got to think this about as early as they've ever scored. They're higher here Marshall 116. Early last season against Maryland. Welcome Maryland Eastern Shore of Maryland won't work again. It's that Casey's while it's supposed to finish right in the middle of the pack Zach seven visits never yeah well. Well. Three. Bounces off rebound run ordered his check back into the game. Soccer basketball hasn't had no legal under the basket it grows red little lightly because little jump. While soft touch. I thought he can't start with the little stuff up it was to be too hard off the bat myself not that rough. Floor for as your guard hostage reads called for a grant try to fight through a street nobody is set it now. Now that it wanted one more unit case with 444 to go it went 03 to 41. Shot here's. Right Rick Robinson doing street united scored eight points that night. Last year made two thirds of his free throws makes that listen he's got now. He would rise with nine at these are high for you and Casey in exhibition games Mike that's an exhibition games Sox outscored. We'll play an average of 47. Point five yeah this the second one of the rebound to the start for which it's not state. And Kalin Malone is now handling the ball went shopping for the approximate time line works left side of the floor. At least half if not. 36. And below the guards at Austin got hit from behind by Robinson Dravid and court stepped back seventy footer good. Record Robinson the steal and basket he becomes the first thing required to get it to double figures he's got eleven. Kelly hole. Having trouble trying to get at the end of accidentally stepped across the end applied it to bits of violations and the fact you have cases and that's unfortunate because it is not his fault. You know. 103 to 44 shocker GM TC to play at the end. Lot goes out of the right way Ross back right corner of Robinson. With that on the floor penetrates through as a writer this it gets his own rebound. Throws that web front. League for three that's good Lear lead was his second three of the game three Robinson. It's a time out there apparently is just working on some. Timing. Clock situations may be here eight points for leak. This is the first. Called time out so well expanded to a full time out looking good here mind you that what shoppers are on the road. The official watch party location is Dina is going to outwards at the southeast corner flavors that way out. Up by hearing all watch parties for your chance to what it supports the AC turner and Orlando. Courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and it goes through it afterwards your initial watch party location for shocker basketball Wichita State had one of the best most stalwart defense in the nation last year's opponents shot 37. Point 7% to field. But the average 62 point four points per game and as low as bad as Wichita State. Tonight that they're gonna be real team to be reckoned with on the defense. Today. For a three aggravating factors lead at 103. To 147. 56 point edge in this ballgame for the shot here's their biggest ever. Over a division one opponent was 59 over hard seven's very early in the. Biggest margin of victory ever was flight 68 points. Over Sterling College actually I think it was called Harvard College back in those games early. And that was in 1907. You've done your homework as though it. It may not get to bat fifth and sixth floor created. Start. After the events probably pretty. To read scale Avalon which are Kelly I don't either. And have your guards in the ballgame. Haven't mentioned this right now they got the birds. And it seems to me I answer. Basically suspend. Play. Those of you guys that would have the most time practice at the three spot. That. Start telling it like a lot of things. And one of the things that coaches that won't even going back last it was a he's probably do everybody that this is better than. Anybody else on the team everybody that they. Not surprising very versatile player so it looked three have to have a lot of skills and has skills he can rebound and take the three point shot but most importantly he could handle the. Aussie open court. That have. For a free to go with just days playing at the end. And of the Austin grieves the negative factors into Kelly double T in the quarter gets back. Starts at work double team got off so called gets around the defenders resident editor of Writely. Runs scored nearly alone. That's not the dark Alley. Yards it definitely. History by literature works and a couple of defenders left wing Milan. Hi to. They have to make it fly off the dribble over there here at the end of the air drives to the basket and gets the layup and a half. Pedals a lot of chances frequently fly almost under cut through the crime does not play music for them now is a chance. Watches the soft touch my that they. Dallas on Broderick Robinson actually his first that is the sixth. Soccer player to get it the double figures and we've got a time about 335. To go Wichita State 105. You have KC 47. Your little. It was a message from new trends. The easy to date is June age no no you've. 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Plus you don't want the TV hooked up that's not part of the deliver all the fuel surcharge plus off plus and it starts them what mine Indy Lights everything. Anxious to have charged some day. I just went on to have yeah. Cast your TV we believe your TV should be signed not frustrating that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we now LT and Catherine TV watch happy. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would be John Green which took place dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. You want me. Seven at 335. Feet. Impressive numbers with the Dodgers. 63%. From the field 59 with 313. Free. He's street rebounds. 25 assess. Had a better than the one assist turnover ratio and eleven. Blocked shots and it basically what they did in the first half they replicated in the second out. Provide literature this is not the factory bad controlled by Robinson via Casey's or rather did not get. Three point play. One of six players in double figures now in eleven points left baseline as the driving. Fields back two weeks definitely opportunities that I shooting that it does a clearly now with ten point three unit Casey's shocking that court quickly Richard Neitzel goes in and. But it won't charge. Not sure. Runners telling me yardage capacity to run of success is second. Nineteen. Now the bench is cleared rice and bush and Jacob hers who walked conference. They make their first ever appearances that are regular season game it'll be hers bush it would Milan. And rep Barney check in along with as yours. 08 still to play doctors at 105 to 49. It left the ship them that trust over again dried fruit basket at the basket a quarter of runaway does that say three. Floor Tony Jackson that's his second basket and secondly what after the game doctors quickly if workers picked up his dribble it's gotten them on a lot of rightly bush bush crossover dribble comes back to middle. Deductible on. He gardens all wanted the basket but he did see him. Out now for brick running through it too high lob it. The high and off the fingertips of Marty out of bounds shoppers twelve turnovers. Ball back yet Casey looked honestly we beat by 53 at this 230 to go. Right to force dwindling fish that left way Robinson with a jumper off of that long rebounds tipped control but we start off the deflection it's Kalin Milan. This is an escort drives only the basket shovels off to Barney for the layout. At parties pretty reliable as he takes shots more than 50% chance that they've he's going to happen. It seems to get what just about every game. Step back here at the half. As bishop take scalable on upper body just doesn't stipulate Kalin got it on the shots that'll be his first ballot two shots coming for Xavier bishop. Since team now what does it happens to go forward you know Larry Bird always used to say he wasn't good jumper but he blocked we hear of shots. You don't have to get up on top of the ball therefore don't need your feed of this releases and he makes the free. Plus the ball on the bottom you're going to. They faked the shot aaron's hands. Try to get up on top of the ball usually results in the fountain. Figured this connected on the free throw us 333 blindness five points. Only get one of those seventy. Honestly who would and bishop was six they'll go out and Marcus Smith expect the end. Doctors facing full court pressure. Leading 17 to 54 Jacobs hurt it's in the field loaded double team him near the corner took one dribble and is trapped it's the way to break party crosscourt to Bryson push up a lot of the time line. Drives the baseline into the library disrupted the start of bounced off its hands not a real good pass he couldn't quite reach it. Defender kind of in the path. Left wing roster moves up top drives the lane roads that gets this. Over two Jolie who fumbled that it's not my that recovers. Back to the dribble crosscourt. Us with it. A couple of dribbles forces laid on the line data about the week before this autumn rice and bush is the B two shots anyways that's 112000. Happened with us today. So things slowing down here at the end of it and have to go Wichita State leading 107. 250 forward this season opener. There roster for the fourth line free throw good. Again he was it 83% free throw shooter last year's that you expect better than these three replied that he is tonight he's got ten points. Right Robinson leads. Levity that's the secular outrebounded them guard forward with us today over is gonna knock it out of incidentally it's both of those. He looks on in the Milan bringing it up that it exceeded Democrats left down the line finger roll this debt fight for his own rebound and it's not about. I'm not out of bounds to go before it went up by you and these these. Crisis hotline Marcos Smith. The holes left to right it's definitely Basra started vipers stepped back jumpers contested. Bouncy short rebound Malone and one video. K let's forget active. When I was 755. With the state hers right corners on the block rep Barney. That's the basket against us Wheeling template with a right hand good bet. It's just stated I want. 255. A 47 seconds I always feel confident when. When Bernie gets fanciful. Lloyd Smith kicked it out of the way Ross try to get the lights definitely over hers and made it nice there lots. Now with twelve Wichita State. 109257. Still about 35 seconds ago still play to score one more time alone down the line. Throws it under the Barney got blocked from behind out of bounds but they'll play it at the baseline with 28 seconds left it 21 on the shot clock. Gregg Marshall calling an inbounds play from the bench that will be Keylon Malone to play this soccer set up enough. The fox along the lane. Inaudible a lot from the front street for. Performing at the Brett. And good to have guards have put food on the the floor with a history gets on that doubles team throws it out front which hasn't. Stumbled a little bit to the way to Milan still had to shoot him in Milan gets the ball screen. Most of its not almost got hit. We covers three to shoot a three by Keylon. Open up the back. Everybody at Casey was six seconds ago. Rested their court knowing that the people step back jumper from fifty. What does state want to nine. Bad case hey 57 impressive opening for the doctors at the seventh ranked team. In the nation states that are good for the Johnston post game show coming up. 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Consumers if your business is landscaping exterior lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest garden gel in the state of Kansas for sponsorship information is your food space caught 68 sites what you want funny line or outdoor living in landscape should act and. Shocker Schwartz is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center to endanger porn and overweight Sawyer. Listen for all WSU shocker basketball games on one. 03 point seven KE YN Wichita. And this is Johnston pregame show brought you back Johnson's 41 of the United States where you'll find so much for. That best suits glad to have you witness for this season opener Wichita State putting on the show tonight being yet KC 109. 257. This 52 point margin is three largest. Update Gregg Marshall air I scored the fifth largest ever by a shocker to even as the fourth largest margin. Against any division one opponent. 100 at nine points ties with the second most by Gregg Marshall coach Steve thirteen three point baskets. Tonight but doctors ties with the fifth most. By a Marshal team at the 62 points. In the first half. I would not state tied for the eighth most in a single half all time just a lot of superlative tonight which actors were totally in command throughout this. Like the 42 points off the bench Wichita State went for several years. Eight hit points off the bench and now last year and this year pretty consistently just very very good production. We said that sounds. We would hope let me examine. Would be able to ease himself back in the lineup and boy did you ever you know everything you read about in the all the services is absolutely true. He's a tremendous basketball player he's a great team basketball player he's an unselfish basketball player. But you could tell that Wichita State is a little bit better with him obviously that they are without him but that's not to denigrate any of the other players. That come the end but chabot s.'s special events do I. I thought also Wichita State's consistency. Is one of the reasons the for the seventh rated team in the nation. In the first half or shoot 61 point 8% in the second half that's more to say 60%. In the first half 60% from the three points right second half 50% but what is even more impressive is they found that they could go inside. Without much of a problem in the second half so there thirty field goal attempts in the second half only eight of them were three pointers even though they were shooting 50%. And the soccer's devastated you have Casey. In the paint 47. War. That is our game recap rusty but bill and he picked up its Cummings of Cummings injured from little defensive do you file offerman Wichita. In the McAuliffe and six for 1548. Or visit though Cummings LLC dot com comings in coming law. Where your needs always come first. Chad's gonna have to start. Really stuck it up some merchandise to games and road now Wichita State has scored more than a hundred points. That usually a 40%. Discount on all shocker merchandise tomorrow only. At either chance locker room location east or less 209 to 9340%. Off all the shocker stuff tomorrow. And it adds locker room you'll always be happy to say. I got it. And it's heads. For those of you now in your vehicles please drive safely your drive home from the game has brought to you by Kansas land tire and service retires it professional auto service. Are always. A slam dunk. We have touched on some of the statistics Wichita State 61%. Sixty point nine that is the seventh. Highest shooting percentage of the single game but I Gregg Marshall team that Wichita State plus 45 rebounds 5125. Thirteen of 23 Trace 56 and a half percent 78 point three on eighteen to 43 free throws it held an opponent. 27 point 7%. Shooting. Fourteen turnovers for each team attackers had eleven. Blocked shots that tonight for the third most Greg Marshall at Wichita State and yet there's a lot of superlatives united a lot of different facets of the tenth. Players shot at least 50% from the field my kid in the exhibition games Wichita State outrebounded their opponent by 25 rebounds per game. Exactly the same tonight which doctors 51 rebounds for 25 better than the 26 rebounds that were pulled him by the kangaroos. And mentioning all of these it's her abilities keep in mind his statement that kind of late in the game that. Markets the stuff he's not playing yet. And that that was completely cleared with three minutes ago 308. The last of the walk that on the court so. Gregg Marshall used his bench liberally but. That this is much of an advantage for opponents because the the second group of guys they run out Theres a pretty darn good team and its own right well what we said was that Wichita State played exceptionally well the first half. And they played spectacular. The second half about the first fourteen minutes the second half they have beautiful runs in the four minute stretch. From about the 5038. Mark down your weapons away mark thing else ward. UN Casey 53. He would if they had any faith left in them they just broke their back. Shocker as what my score up 10. 9257. Over you and Casey at the season operative got a lot more for you would we continue. On the post game show presented by Johnson's 21 to communities that we find so much more than just men's suits. But you're looking for the perfect power suit. We're just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game need to head to Johnson's. 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That's why starting today state farm wants to keep these tools and support you need to take control of your finances. Yeah exactly. In balance transfers and pop quiz tomorrow we'll find out more as let's start today dot com state farm here to help planes go right. This is Steve Gonzalez vice president of marketing apple one draw some combining into our veterans appreciation dance concert on Saturday November 18 at the Killian. 100% of the proceeds go to cloud nine therapeutic equine. They do more fun therapy for these kids see veterans and special needs children for more information call 640. 8672. And we're glad Entercom cares. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy out in the Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or hazel for us tumble. Yes that's good and 1037. YE and blog activity Johnson. It's post game show Wichita State 10 behind their seventh win the open the season against UN PC's. The defensive player of the game is brought to buy it got you covered whether you want it although I didn't living through bringing privacy your bedroom. We're transform look at your kitchen got you covered as the right window treatment solutions for you offering 166127000. But it got you covered it with its dot com got you covered serving. Wichita area and throw one out there tonight she killed Boris and it is 4 blocked shots this evening. And that is actually still shy of his career highs hit six game but four blocked shots and I thought he also. Really hustled and did a great job helping off of ball screens at the top of the key is that sort of things just have a presence there at that in the world he was intimidated. Underneath that's one of the reasons they scored only four points in the paint. It's because she acted a remarkable job inside not only is he blocked shots. He was trailing some of the plays and got up quickly to block some of those shots. But he controlled the inside and made every move toward the basket difficult for the kangaroos. And when you pulled it devoted to 27 point 7% block eleven shots obviously a lot of people play well on defense that Shaq is our. Pick tonight for Gannett. Single one out. Here's something else that I I want to single out for you I just noticed this on the stat sheet personal suckers that plays us exists and that say hi. Worry Gregg Marshall team at Wichita State 26 to fourteen turnovers fourteen turnovers a little high it's almost one. Cotter French camp had nine assists a career high 21 the turnover. Prevent leaks during his through Wichita State had a three point 0821. Assist to turnover ratio. Cotter French camp started the season. At four point 2821. And nine assists one turnover tonight for Connors and that's kind of overlooked part. His contribution. She's shocker basketball Gregg Marshall driving is presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million to work. Which doctors with the most one sided victory it is now eleven your tenure which it's constantly by 52 tonight. Over you and KC coach obviously a lot of good things happening. What. Maybe most. Well I thought the first half of we were. Really Chris shooting the ball well passed that well moving well. Not quite as much in the second half count remind me a little bit of the Henderson State game but not as bad we weren't quite as bad with the basketball. We went from fifteen and four to eleven intent in the second half so. We've got to figure out a way to. Should not be sloppy and just it's hard you know when you've got so many. Guys you gotta get in the game are you worried about minutes are you worried about getting everybody ending. Nor have plea for guys too many management you wanna make sure everybody gets your core guys are gonna get some minutes. We have some attrition lineups in there but in the end I think we accomplished that and more most importantly we gotta win and we were injury free so. You know college Charles is a very good basketball team aboard he started looking at them because. I think they're gonna be really good and they want to buy. I heard Greg Lansing in Indiana State won by 25. Tonight they were way up to last night's and Indiana yeah that's fantastic that's been tested so happy for the sycamores and thinking in Greg mortenson. So. You don't know obviously your mentioning the lineups the combinations that one thing we've we've pointed out toward the end of the game I think people could overlook. Is that with Marcus not played yet and right now as he tries to play. Those of the next two guys along with the background that had the most experience in practice and so forth play three's over short selling played a lot of three tonight and it just speaks to again here's. Maturity and the fact that he's learned all the positions and knows what everybody's supposed to do. There and Austin police fleets of three tonight as well. I lender could play the three we can have a good three guard lineup with Landry and some martian day however there so. We will probably do that real soon but the bottom line is we played wells could win. Yeah that's new that's a new bunch the Koreans got over there there they're young. They lost 45 starters often the team that played the CBI last year. You know what eighteen games so if they re re re re doing it. Yet I thought also to give them some credit I thought they really tried early to really get after you defensively they were very aggressive they were getting out the and you I thought your guys did a good job of handling that additional pressure. And so for. Yeah may have then what what they they played so hard they really did I think they ran against a little bit this week in the second half probably that one's The Who knows it's some. As a kid I remember watching the Celtics and I love the Celtics and you know Robert payers in this Johnson. Larry Bird Kevin McHale. I would I would watch look at the box score and there were times where there were eight guys in double figures. I love that you know it was so balanced that he was very hard we have stopped and I we had. She works six guys in double figures tonight. And often resent eighth so. Pretty belt well and nobody hunts have shot everybody looks for one another unselfish point 65 which is record for what is your genes is that right. 26 assists and and you know. It should have been more we will sloppy. We we we we miss them. Rollers at the screen roll. Early on this guy for poppy you're that would knock it down there jump shots so then we stopped looking formal role but. In the second half we have guys open that we just little. A tentative and sloppy workable but all in all how you complain of 61%. 57%. 78%. I'm sure on the radio show Monday we'll have well like this would normally. Nobody nobody complained about the free throws something you know well as you've shopped for free points right once again it's a half percent. Dominate inside 47 points in the fourth I don't think I've ever seen that now 47 before the thing. Honestly I don't think receives that like that so. That's that's good you know we got the ball inside we got we had a size advantage and I'm gonna maturity thing it's in the in the vote. He mentioned. But better challenge can make up on Monday night with Charleston and program of course has been yours is that one of the things that that really stood out about him last year was they had some nice defensive numbers points allowed. Field goal percentage defense that. Yeah and they go our system with that brier his dove low. And Earl grant view with me for six years for you went perfectly at Wichita State. There's not going to be many secrets. They can we don't know him nearly as well they know us so. They're coming up with a very talented team if it's a team will probably go to the NCAA tournament I think. He usually a top fifty team if not a top thirty team so. They'll get better as he's gonna coach of opting in its gonna be real real ballgame we're gonna have to play. Very well and their odds on favorite to win their absolutely the week we've got three or four teams that were played in the non conference that are. Overwhelming favorite college Charles to Florida Gulf Coast South Dakota State that there may be one more. Who instantly you know we didn't get a room at Missouri Valley Conference that. While the congratulations cuts us not take for granted an impressive witness yeah we will we will take a 52 point release. Thanks guys are martial joining us presented by expressed. Employment professionals will ever start to game coming up. Right now we would like to play for you are and I don't know what it shows that were a lot of choices tonight that here is our put it in the deep freeze play of the game presented. By lines. Instead it. I don't want training camp want to prevent. Alive tonight. It's time going through. For us tonight good news. Who just beautiful unselfish play from the state will be back with our star of the game while we continue on that Johnson's post gave him. Is they're cold they're making you shiver even endorse call the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or installing new Linux system. Heat your home now and pay over time with six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate at 2657831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. 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Rounding out your starting lineup that he has scored small SUV was true for everyone seemed today starting lineup midwest he had dot com. Shoppers force is brought to you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Listen to or download a podcast don't WSU shocker basketball. On JE YN dot com for iTunes nor Google black. Johnson's post game show we are joined by our star game presented by the Kansas lottery obviously a lot of stars tonight that one guy that we really wanted to talk to. Landry sham a coming off of that stress fracture in getting back to action played his first game action on Monday night against Newman. And obviously it looks like Switzerland predicted this. Yeah I've been as those related. Through manages to be back out you know play with these guys up front of these fans. You know it is really really excited and happy. You know be back soon. You know some perspective. I even expected you know early on here about yourself. That is who is how would you assess your game she. Close. Enough far off I'm not known. You know post season game form where I was at march. Oh my conditioning not a bad shape. Vietnam I'm right there them in good shape coming game shape about it he gave it right in a statement that Padilla. You're jumping off OK you like your cutting edges finds its currency to be hampered with your no no I don't united. It's it's easy to trust it to government. You know two inch titanium screw my foot felt that if things go anywhere so you know what we were kids. Basketball was fun. And you get him to high school and college entrance and that's up work that was like a lot of fun night there was Lafarge it's important to keep that. That in mind. Basketball was fun that's why it's our planet. There was a lot of smiling going on and I. Lot of guys happy for each other's. There was a lot of pilots that missed three. But his shot is so here are looking right now voice tries to. We don't know what the title run them like that that definitely definitely don't want to talk about the jump shots and if it was going in Regis keep going about our business. Those shooters Noah that's kind of you know we won the game and I'm through these evident in the yeah. It all seriousness I. One of the things that I've noticed about you because you you took on this role as the point guard tendencies of last year bored bored can get through it. All aspects of it but I've noticed even this fall what you were not able to play. Always talking to guys talk about what does some logic commented an article about him that he was really that helpful and what site it's soccer matches during time outs talkative guys stuff so obviously that's. Become something it's very natural. You know what. And you know especially being out. And Nolan might. You know my expectations this year. What I wanted to do individually to help us when I had limited. You know stay as involved as likely because I remember my first here and I got hurt as a freshly some kind of try to find their identity and and that's kind of more isolated myself a little bit which does happen naturally is being hurt not the unit and practicing you know that kind of thing so I made a conscious commitment to his you know. B is involved and in tune with everything going on and especially semis in on that you know I might have missed his first couple games and use you needed the extremely effective early on he really is an ice went really well he did. You know he's he's doing great forests and just stranded you know. Did being involved in my statements through you know what you were in the elite camps in the summer time. Obviously it reveals some things that a person needs to work on a little bit what did you decide up until that point you got hurt. That was a good area for you to develop this skills. And I think. Think the first thing is just defensively. You there's always room to get better. When your. Up to those camps where there's not a match up that. You're going to be on this polite ones you know there's not a slack off possession where you're guarding you know Kitna score whatever. Which is finding college sometimes. You know just continuing it'd be better defensively that's my first you know focus right now is a couple of times today were my feet just weren't catching up with me so. You know I'm focused on the defensive side of the ball first and foremost right now we can't effort. Yet as well as she played last year that it was your first full year on the court elected at some of these guys for your players that you feel like really all of you luck. It kind of reached the point where you've been through enough that you all have a common understanding of what it takes to worry what the at the end of the year off kind of pulling together and at that same direction. Yeah we're you know we're all on the same page and I think we do your job of you know keep the egos aside and you know focus in on the big goal and understanding. What can I do to help us win it and now with the united help me get recognition. I think so. You know guys by. We get to really of players aren't suited up right now so we'll see what happens if you know we have those guys expected. Do some damage hopefully 26 assists that's a record under Gregg Marshall or team. Chose the selfishness of part of the team that when he did 26 assists should be unrealistic. Games ahead either. You know especially when we got Carolina today where it was some on day O'Connor auspreys that are one to enter so. Yeah three point Arizona Florida and human kindness. Hope we have good ball security to take care of it and I didn't do that. Like freedom it. I I I kind of like three of most of our turnovers and I've but it. You know but we got really did. It decision makers and a lot of guys that can make you play his fourth what they've learned from you. So hot she's. Don't worry about it I think more than anything else just did you see it acted. You play it congratulations. And good to be back talking and you guys. And president should have letters start that. Amen which to escape with the one owed nine at 257. Whenever you have Casey will come back for a final words right after. We don't need delete nevermind we'll just keep it here. What are I didn't November is spirit month at Carlos and Kelly suite shocker cheerleaders for lunch dinner at all three which talk Carlos and Kelly is locations Kellogg in bridge 47 at south runway. And 29 and rock road. This is the spirit squad annual fund raisers on how to support the team. That supports the soccer's coming up next. Very interesting pairing. Ted Woodward and Bob links with the news that locker room show and so that should be fun stay tune for that and here are some of the scores from around the first of all American conference number eleven Cincinnati when I was 777. Over Savannah State. UConn. 7058. Over Colgate UCF was actually down appointed halftime came back to the Mercer 8879. USF. A one point lead over Florida Atlantic 6059. Houston defeated at least 88153. SMU's 78. UMBC 67 it was a nice comeback in the second half for the mustang that they trailed by seven at the half. And to blame the you Brooklyn and offensive minded game one note to. To 96. And two losses for the Americans also lost at home to Lamar 7467. And Memphis lost to number 26 Alabama 82 to seventy game played. On the Naval Academy campus in Annapolis though I can't game the league goes eight and two. On Sunday Louisiana Monroe edits and EU and ECU will open at home. Against cop that state temple does not play its opener until next Thursday and will play three games in four days. In an annual fall tournaments in Charleston, South Carolina. The upcoming shocker opponents number 25 Baylor beat central Arkansas by 41. Windows 7 66. Charleston got pushed over time little bit of a surprise by CNN in Charleston that one. 6860s. And welcome here one and now VCU possible volley opponent. Defeated Grambling 9465. LSU who we could see. Now in view. Now has great hire other staff defeated top court state 9959. Arkansas State and upcoming shocker opponent played a former shocker putted Evansville in Evansville one in 7763. Oklahoma State over Pepperdine 7847. And Kalish soccer's first Pollard now I opens at 11 central time and against UC Riverside tomorrow. Florida Gulf Coast posts they've now in number Illinois State. Oklahoma shocker potted interest this year most Omaha. On Sunday. And it's voted scores of interest to ranked teams meeting in Germany for the armed forces classic Texas they had them beat West Virginia 8865. At number five Kentucky got pushed hard by Utah valley they trailed at halftime finally won. 7363. Kentucky now will face K you Ian Chicago. On Monday he was up. 29 at the half over Tennessee State 5627. K state up 29 at the half on American University 4819. In Manhattan both of those games started hours later than this one. At 8 o'clock and again maybe the biggest prize Indiana not ranked pre season but not. Totally outside the top 25 in Indiana State's. Now the valley beating Indiana in Bloomington by over twenty points united Archie Miller's debuts head coach of the hoosiers who flee are two lasts through I hope it's not good news very unhappy people. Which does state women's basketball team down fifteen in the third quarter made a heck of a comeback almost pulled it out against a very good Creighton team that's expected to go to the NCAA tournament final score was 6660. Once promising debuts notes at a loss. They'll be back in action Tuesday united Oklahoma State interest period and hit coach diplomacy is Jim looked pale. That what I'm coached France he was Keith Adams college coach at southwestern. And she has coached against him twice that you have and they have split two games so this is Canada's the rubber game between the two of them on Tuesday and then still she has a lot of respect for him will a lot of people do. I'm no coach would tell also owns them. Just a tremendous job down there are so. Keep them. Going down there and she fully expects everything to handle. Shocker volleyball dominant today at east Carolina 30 they outscored them seven B five to 43 in three sets out hit them 402108. They've moved to 23 and three on the year fifteen and oh. In the American athletic conference shoppers are ranked twentieth this week at seventeen. In the RPI east Carolina was the fourth place team in the conference like that match. It's not his lead back in action on Sunday. At Cincinnati you can hear that on those shoppers dot com first there is that 11:8 am in crystal lucky former which sportscaster that would be Cincinnati. We'll broadcast that forest to get back to you on Sunday and then the shocker men's basketball team. That connection on Monday against program Earl brought her Matt Breyer and Charleston and it. 8 o'clock tip off my you know Charleston it's really really good high hopes for that team looking forward to seeing corolla maps that we think the world out. But it was nothing but the wow factor tonight mind coming statistically Wichita State was just overwhelming. And I think they'll be pretty good on Monday as well. One last parting shot you aren't one of our fine sponsors is remember anytime you beat Florida any kind for any room in the home or your business that tile laminate hardwood. Area rugs carpet whatever maybe go see more as you get the best every Dave price on any of that type of Florida especially at the quality level. And great service from everybody reached definitely pars carpet out for Saturday teens sixteen. North Broadway well coming up ready or not your comment. Bob and Edward Ted and Bob. Sounds like comedy team and that's probably what it's going to be the locker room show coming up next is that Woodward bobbled stuck about tonight's game. That'll do it for us for Dave dull Armani alien entry handling. Pleasure to be able to bring you this what Wichita State and impressive opening night performance. Taking yet UN KC 109257. Will be the aqueduct next pregame show Monday night at seven. As shocker stick Gonchar. You've been listening to shocker basketball fund went up three point 78. I was at Kelly's. Executive airship children's parents the Carnahan grew quite stunning scenery. He knows thriller that works living as a blank ask. Your hometown Chevy dealers Comfort Systems via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel. Cross blue shield of Kansas. Best fits your car is covered up my. Minimum transportation tennis locker room capital bedroom. The American family insurance. Coming in Cummings mom don't get this health Foundation's state crown express employment. These sports grill.