WSU Men's Basketball vs UCONN 02-10-18

Saturday, February 10th

WSU Men's Basketball vs UCONN: W 95-74


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Yeah in. You got your. 103 point 7 pay you why am I would pray for. The rain came down. There's no point seven. This afternoon still unwelcome in Charles Pellegrino Dave all along side after handling this video Davis have a map divided place if there's places after. Play at home for the first time out almost two weeks and we look tomorrow you look. Your but I got an Internet site up and recognize. Only laugh at everybody had the shoppers and UConn today second meeting between the two programs this season that soccer is played their first ever American athletic conference game. And yes the Huskies in Hartford on December the thirtieth. And that's one thing that makes this game a little bit unique soccer party plant a couple of these opponents twice. But he also gave was just a couple of weeks after the third meeting. Temple will be the same way for weeks to today when they come in on Thursday. So this is a little zippers and now five or six weeks of these teams have met not a lot of change him and the way. Either his music efforts to balance and that's good thing but it is. Just a little different in your preparation when you haven't seen the body and. Sure is and injuries can come up for teams can all the students to gel or underclassmen can start to fight the that are. So there are a lot of different factors I'm not sure why that happens in this league you would think it would be a double round Robin except for the teams you only play once. I and I was very surprised when it was and I guess that's went to sleep doesn't we'll continue to do it. Of course you can China that is part of the program with your questions and thoughts by phone at 8691037. Area code is 316. If Mike Allen Texas UV that three was also 869. 1037. Or on Twitter at a shocker voiceless but you hear from you. That way before we get it all that few scores of interest some good some bad for the soccer's. Temple but defeated USF 7355. The only other AC game today temple has started to get it going in about fifteen and chant. Seven and six in the conference they are in the thirties in the RPI league that are not part 38. Going into today's game in the power rankings the metrics that are more at the mid seventies that still a program that could be. On the bubble at least if they can make a strong finish. Oklahoma State. One at number nineteen West Virginia today 8885. And and Baylor defeated Kansas by sixteen in Waco eighty to sixty force of two teams of attackers beat on the road earlier in the season. The big wins against ranked politics that has been off the factors power rankings are the guys. At all those sorts of things shocker softball playing its fourth game of the season already had offered stern about adding seven to one lead going into the fifth inning sorry to report they did not hold. Government back to when that went eight. To seven. Soccer's not to end to don't play again tomorrow. Good day for women's tennis they win at Arkansas I just the second time ever. To defeat Arkansas. Arkansas as the team that knocked it out of the NCAA tournament last spring selling very good we had very early in the season for Collins foster's team that had a good Altman. What you need a team of that caliber it has to do along the she's constantly try to get outs in Tennessee men's and women's teams play at least once a year might. And they are both exceptional. And they played its top rated competition and able to throw it it was really really good seats. And a which does state women's basketball team had its first experience at Connecticut today and who knew what to expect as far as margins that it was not it was blunt. 44 to 43. Against the nation's number one team Khan now 24. And vote shock resistant sixty's Ira the other day that the UConn women have never lost American athletic conference game. They're likely rate now. And I convinced he barked they hardly ever lose it anyway because they were hurt anybody so anyway if not it'll be thinking here about that experience that Keith Adams show on Monday night. That's seven day to day case preceded by Gregg Marshall front success at there's all that. Bookkeeping and so forth for outlook or scores as we go along throughout today. But let's get to the phones and a Twitter Al has been patiently waiting to lead us off now. Okay order that it Margaret's that there. Are work. But there it will look on their. Couple things number one. You just workers there in sports in Peru idol is that it's just out of there not. What does the record for one point game in a row for mark here and also he worked with doctor. Nobody seemed to grow the work they're forty or more in the second point you know. Like. How does that. Coach like him not only it is prepared. Not clippers all of that is fairly well yet that you that the but there is fairly. Well you know there are hundreds that the they. The ministry announced that they're doing it tightly to coach at the end of the year of the current debt. When they stayed at. And this how to definitely it is prepared for a game like he has its soccer but not a and you know were hollow. It was called the barometer at the background. Wow. You know that say. That's a tough task I think for anybody. I don't know that there there is any. Really good way to to do that sort of thing. There is a lot of turmoil around the Connecticut program you mentioned the NCAA investigation. Dave and I both read some things that. In the media ad criticizing their off and it's just not attack this season that. Connecticut fans are used to and they had a sixteen to seventeen record last year so announces second 500 type season on top of another. And such a tough situation at the end of I think as coach not only can't say it's just keep working let's just try to get better every day and let's see what this break let's not speculate or worry about what's gonna happen. Four weeks from now or eight weeks from now or whatever let's try to be as good as we can be every single day him and see where that takes. And work on individual things and break the game down. And just try to would prove to get better from week to week which they're capable of doing. One of the things that I think is important life is that we talked about this. The mark of the man the character of the man or woman. It is how they react to adversity. And that brings. Not only challenges the difference opportunities. For people. And if he approaches it that way which I think he probably will. You've got kids that are used to winning and used to be stars he's the main prize is to field them on that level and hopefully they'll get myself I. I read an article. No just earlier this morning it like it. 5 o'clock 6 o'clock this morning it was Whitman to edit rights for ESPN. And basically he's already throwing dirt on Kevin Ali's parade and it's 41 solution that he won't be back. And detonate. Date list all of the reasons that things haven't worked out and it's just overwhelming Atalanta. Reads I don't feel bad form if I birdies really really good guy. But. Feel good guy that needs to be basketball coaches. They're probably 5000 feet guys that are here in the stands right now and that women that that was and there are good basketball coach Kevin Ollie. It's true that you probably not. And as I've mentioned it. Its expectations are different at their places. Connecticut. They've won. For national championships and what the last eleven years and so having 500 type seasons is just something that people find except well. Not only not had a 500 season not fight played for the league championship but not CD of the NCAA tournament. And getting outs. Getting knocked out the first round of the NCAA tournament is not acceptable either they just have very very high standards that school. Standards that are not quite the same but pretty close the standard we see here which constantly people. Would like more wins they see they want to conference championship and that's great. That they do at some coaches there before effort to that is feeding the monster would not build you know Wichita State baseball was so good for so long that. That what it was at the last couple three years of gene Stephenson was not. What it has yet but still pretty good compared to a lot of school but that just wasn't the expectation here and by the way out. Your all of the scene that. It's great coach Stevenson has agreed to accept induction into the soccer sports hall of fame that would take place next fall and that's. That's a great step for everybody concerned. Him to school the fans it it's great to get that happening and I think everybody's really happy. It's a win win win situation might end. You know she's very very wealth. I am fortunate to be our friend of genes for so many years also and I hold him in the very highest regard he's terrific he's done miraculous things here Wichita State. You will always be remembered and this is an opportunity for all of us to show our appreciation. Everything he's done. Need to mention that your pregame show is brought to you as always by interest banks and tonight's game is presented by the spotlight reminding you to drink responsibly. Nearly daily. Off a lot that they added that the little. I look for second with all that looked like State's only. With a half. OK we have a question for adding that it can't answer this but arthritis. Explain the computer seated NCAA teams based on want want want to watch it like for matrix. Pat differ with that feat that was what the selection committee decides. It is hard to say supposedly. That committee is going to look more at those metrics this year that they had evidence starting next year will actually have more of a true impact. And it's best bunker or in the RPI this year the RPI's build an inferior but they're gonna look more at the metrics at the committee is going to announce. Its top six teams at this point sometime tomorrow selling at least have an idea. How they're thinking what they're looking at I noticed Jerry palm today at his top six teams on the scene on CBS telecast. Which of course he kidnapped Wichita State injured bombs on his back now with us today yes then they'll like seventh seed in this latest bracket it. You had Kate you're in the top eight which has lost its last two games to two teams with us they beat on the not succeed. You know you can't help those people can't help but like favorites and that's just. War adding people that are on the negative list which stated military bombs list. Forever and here's the other thing about the community and and just tell you this from what I've experienced. They will certainly they'll look at the European guys they'll look at the metrics. But they are all people who consider themselves knowledgeable about basketball and I think that they really try to watch teams on TV and watch games. And just. Kind of have a gut feeling about teens think they've seen flying at. I think that it helps Wichita State. That more of their games now are on some type of national telecast at the Nittany see him so for the committee had seen them more often if it. Here if doctors and I think. Anybody that there those conferences is being served or. More available to the committee members have an advantage. That are less than it counts so suddenly it. And it got him last that are yet. I don't think it's not have to worry about yes you know I didn't hear it's obvious that he. Flying horse all right Tom is next my thoughts on. Very well. Before called. Goes up in local or call Obama out if there are people forget now but it. The people are with the food before the war in. You fear they're thought it see. Sparkle of Albert the great effort there are a lot of that are like that not all. On a helicopter or is not a typical plenary speaker industry leader we don't have our. You know prevent free while the leaders of finger firm. Rick are you smarter Merck it's typical. Was very Smart and urged your. They experience the game with your pupils who thought Bravo. They're the very beginning and if so who portable. You know there. Also happy that he'll. You know not players. The other patient. Though is democracy you know it. He just not to execute non conference or. Barry was all offered purple and pre are prepared. With him or analog or go Korean speakers throughout block stuff like that a picture of the you'd be carpet where they. Erica non number we sure that every car. Libya. We'll appoint a world there's something there that are. But don't look to us. Dollar really appreciate the call it and you're in that. As you are talking about the timeouts on screens inside my head out of this gonna go ahead and say this. There's several argued that all concerned about the time updates at. Have not taken it that well he's he's learned something out that it needs to call or timeouts. Because he called one at the right time the other night. That's not what he batted seventh that was kind of tongue in cheek. He's always been good at using timeouts earlier in games if they're really necessary. But. These that he should have called a couple of examples game somebody pleaded lastly it's that looked up a lot of a sixteen to two run and they needed to call time out there. First of all it was their run. It was a sixteen defiant advantage it was over seven full minute that's not a round nothing really extended period of time. And there over to media timeouts during those seven minutes. You call a time out when that momentum has really shifted like it has yet they're not. He called to timeouts in Houston game. In the flow of the game because its dockers work getting taken out of everything they could get it through their offense. And so he called timeouts to try to stay settle things down that you suggest running some different things. Those are why you called if your team is really struck me they can't seem to get into what they normally do. Or if it's lack of effort dignity if you their career and call a timeout to do that there are certain reason. Like time out become necessary in those situations that just because the attitude. Outscored hue over a period of time does it mean a timeout is necessarily what you need to change that and I don't stick it is an instantly start call it a bunch more timeouts. He had been called one at a perfect time the other night. It was helpful all I need new people have been talking about they actually made the comment about well I called time out well it worked out great dignity to call more. I can say it was kind of tongue in cheek he's got. Me Jillian better time better sense of when to call a thought about that any views suggested that he needs to call Warren I think his coaching rhetoric that certainly shows a picture that's. And one of the other things one close time outs or. Is to neutralize the influence crowd and that happens here when. That's it plain view and it was a very very good time out. So of course that and it's magnified and I think that's the difference in the game while. I don't know that that's different game. Where was the mistake was hitting thirty foot jump shots and I think that that's something to do with it also. So Marshall knows what he's doing and he'll occasionally call time now. And will we may see things done and throughout that game you almost always have seeds that have fronts we talk about that's frequently. That he will go on 92 run to go on eleven to one run and then it shifts a little bit that's the lament of the game when you have. Some really really good players with high levels of sadness is the nature of things. And you certainly wouldn't call timeouts theories on votes relative to the ninth there rotate it. A lot of teams for the vent some of the season progresses. Wichita State will do it but I don't think that that means they have done it. They say. For good they have done it somber but there will be situations when some of the other kids will get back into the ball game and where that. Com's Ian probably particularly handy is when you have a a tournament and hopefully we'll play three games in three days. In Orlando and you needed to prevent it needs strong legs it was theories through not like this team that with us states playing tonight. Where they've got four players that are playing about 32 minutes a game that just doesn't. Work. And it's not made a great point about some IJ struggling lately is battling the ball those types of things. I think what a coach marshall's strengths is that they'll try to stay with a player who's had some success as long as the candidate to struggles continue at some point you have to. They could change at least for now try to get it going again. And so the other night. He actually I had taught a play a few more minutes of the point thinking of landry's some time on this ticket to blow up defensively they see that continue until hopefully some logic got to get to go and again. Well and now let's look at the stats yesterday night and who has the highest. Bob fight team at I team's war but anybody on the it's not so much for 31 appeals for frequent points in the game in their careers. So he's got he's capable scored 27 and another game he's capable and I don't think we've seen the last thing and I hope we haven't seen the last. The shots certainly can use him this year in the right situation and maybe some next if you leave work critically. I was just provided by another plate and I kind of had this Batman might have been forgotten Al had another question about consecutive forty point games and it never answered and I apologize. I do not know. About the record for that I've done that a lot of the researchers at the shocker record books that I know that. I have some numbers up or not most one point games of the season that sort of thing. I can tell you is that it both state Stallworth is pretty much every season he played at Xavier McDaniel his senior year ahead. Vanity forty point games of consecutive forty point games. It hasn't been very confident. In recent years Greg marshals teams they're so balanced that. I just don't see it very often I know that the last time anyone had 320 point games in a row was on baker very early. In his senior year and he had four so that's that's his record lately but I think probably. Xavier McDaniel liabilities a year has won here more practically every game that. And great parties that we would schools and a lot of also I think the date set. That Garrett Stutz at 424. I can drive to the game got you by Kansas flat tire and service and retire as a professional auto service are always. A slam god we have a call from Linda Linda please go right at. Well first off I want to thank you. All and library per call. So I really thought at you how much I enjoyed. Your call at the end you optical history every. And I know about a lot of that history because it's. I can remember what it means that before. And I was in the bay and would they opened the ground now. So you know I've been around a while but that's and I I have. Good brand. And looking from that era and achievement in. Virginia. And she is thrilled that he's soccer's. She's a longtime soccer fan facts lip and it sort of Ralph Miller and they think that's for. So what you're talking to somebody that. Known soccer basketball for a long time. And she called the other night and said you know I think Elaine Shannon has had a blow through here. And I had to do you want to believe it. But it the next gaining not only lets it shoot it well you had five turnovers. And that's pretty unusual. As we know. And he's usually very good at handling the ball. And I'd. I'm so I asked this flash game it was back to Chile's state normal and I think it was probably because. This brain hit heels of a blow likely that he got that in. It's. Not a game goes I don't think we sought to gain. But. I think it's something explorer parent. And coach Jim. And I just think about how blows to the hits are very dangerous. And I might add that this person who called that attention. To the blow on the hit those what she's talking about. She is the expert Ian. Healthy brains to recover. And she didn't step it up the issue for an alarmed by breakfast. He's giving the speech there and she also was brought back her workshop tour first responders. And does she attacked quite extensive experience working with the brain and so I think she probably observed. Correctly. And that's really one of the things. Let this very nice to hear from him. He should have waited so loss to make that first call we appreciate it I will say. I can assure you if he received a blow to the head anytime in practice or any other time it would have been checked out there that with this league play like it was okay. Especially now there's so much attention. In athletics at all levels on head injuries concussions and concussion protocols. And all of that sort of thing itself. And he is always scary. Although always wanted to play no matter slot he's always very up front about how he feels what's going on it and there was no lauded him for us. It may have just seemed like it because he was off his game. It's funny also. And Linda thanks for the call. It's funny because of land. Landry is not playing well or anybody is not playing well we start to speculate what that reason yes. And probably the main reason is because the college kids. Plays Warrick and you can even look at the very best of professional sports. And go through slumps that's that's the nature of sports for evidence that. But I agree with Clinton that he seems to be back to normal it would be nice. If it our lives are normal with scoring twenty points to end and beat a marquee player on one of the top flight programs in the country I felt bad. And let's all just take a moment positive we can remember how consistent I thought processes were they received in theory is that if you stop us now. Not. Anyway thank you very much the song yeah appreciated that drives to the game is brought to my Kansas land tired service right tires of professional auto service are always. A slant got did you hear from our sponsors will be back with more of your calls and pleas on the interest thank freaking out. It's time to go inside the numbers for each Katie CPAs and advisors feet tedious proudly served the midwest for more than ninety years. Fourteen values excellence as much as ours and we're your biggest band. As you look toward continued growth and profitability. He TV has that been strength and resource is to help you develop a winning strategy. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's your. But it beat Katie dot com and goes shock. 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This is an acoustic guitar because this is something I am confident about. Soccer hoops fans wouldn't you know it's still an innocent six. Is out for the season there will be back before we play innocent later this month. And said you played Thursday night against Houston this is mostly if I had not heard about him getting hurt so that those little more about that night. Weakness or whatever that I am not her and. SMU lost that game but what's happening right point out it's a close game well. What's our State's point down there obviously we'd really really want puts thought statement should win that game but. As we always say I'd like to defeat. SMU with incidence fits flights so hopefully that at for his sake I hope happens khakis and NBA. And I think great player I did enjoy music as a vehicle that was it was fun to watch him what was absolutely amazing yes I'd. We never mind here that's good thing to mention that there are eighteen hours left in the current voting for the coaches affinity Charity Challenge I've been charged with scores. Raising money for the was taught children it's not so get all your devices get on line and the potency hours left in this. Part of the voting isn't but I think it's 44 right now I think that sixteenth baby. Let's face it so. And it might get on board and about Florida coach. Also kitty stance is that debasing it seems every team has gone through a period of sub part what it is years it's categories lack of focus. Or both your comments. You know Judy it is actually. That nature a long season in any particular sport. It is just inevitable that practically every team no matter how good is going to. Even if you would call it Islam goes through periods where they just don't play as well as they usually do. In a sport like basketball it could be as simple as talent to be shooting with all that's really proud of myself which. I stayed a little bit of losing three games recently that the David she's just wasn't your typical effort and intensity and all of that that. But that. Hold significant certainly hurt them a couple of games I can ask for those who want all these timeouts is a simple game. Lot of the reason to take it not matter if your outfit just isn't working at getting shots Bob Bullock back it looked at that gave me that seven minutes threats everybody. Thought they should have been calling it much time outs. Wichita State guest five. Wide open ten to twelve foot jump shots right lane or that area wide open. And you can't counteract that when the time now and I said that on what it is somebody reads most fascinating time not start making them open shots and it's. Now it could just go through that. I don't know that it really is. It has anything to do with one thing a couple of things it particulars is sometimes it's hard to maintain that. That same mental intensity for three or four months like they added and sometimes. What you've been doing well. You're just. More susceptible and even to a little slot because you kind of get comfortable kinda games start taking for granted that it's just gonna. Go like this all the time and not quite sure. Well and there are some distractions for the person addicts distractions live relationships. And all kinds of health and you may have a bad floods. Like because that brown had a bad floods they have some other things you maybe pressing a little bit too much. Wichita State. Is not shooting well. The end for the last five or did this forty point 1% from the field adjustments in the audience and in for the last five walking through its 29%. Free points right. The margin of error this year because of that competition they have so much more slant than it's been in the past. That he can't have afford to have a lot of things but what you can't have several players not play at. Wednesday that leveled much less of really really good level. Nevertheless she acted like wells last fall in Connor has struggled and I think he'll be back until things markets the stuff he's hasn't played well. And yet they still went by twenty points last fought. So even though the margin of error of errors more slender buys. Which is our state has managed to win even then most of the yes. Add to its most. This was pointed out it's everybody everywhere isn't it yeah. Saint John's lost eleven straight games eleventh and then please do at Philadelphia in successive games hadn't won that. Add. It's just great college basketball's crazy and answer some of the team not mention this. And number of times now in this league Wichita State is now yes. Almost every team has at least a couple of theory that players. Matters and even the best player and a lot of the Missouri Valley Conference maintenance on a given night yep there's a couple of guys get hot at the same time. That they could really make it difficult for a team that's better than wealth and let me just. And I look at Missouri Valley Conference but let's say hypothetically Wichita State wasn't yen and the last several years since the league teleconference. They would have won against SMU would have won Cincinnati. Would have won so you're talking about that. The level of basketball all of those levels players it's going up against and it's much more exciting. But it's so easy as much as well. Any day of the shot display get 50% off your online order inning with a top area possibly cannot log on to Papa John's not cop accused of the from a coach shocker fifty. To receive your shocker just apple come back and check out any last minute calls athletes. And expressed thanks for incidents. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mosque Alan Acosta in valley and are indeed born and over what lawyer. Shut. Down 103 point seven KEY and. Effective help raise up. You know something out of it just real quickly this is our first years in America athletic conference. And outlook your process does he have you know plain department is Disney's radio broadcast sports Connecticut. That is what everybody is how gratifying it's the reception that we have received good news you may get the broadcast guys around the league have. Just been tremendous and Dave bullish edit his group at Memphis the night came over a lot of innocent. Terry Donahue up at temple I didn't know a little bit before we gotta believe it's not a course Bruce Howard it's also was that your games and still rallies we've known each other users. But everybody's just been tremendous and if it's great to beat everybody. Share information because that's not a good thing certainly it that we enjoyed that our longtime relationships blizzard now a conference of our best friends work. The guys broadcast gains in the schools. More than anything. That's what it's about like not the question is. Know some of these people for 37 years I hope so that it didn't notice that the united. That's probably well. I that's because their older players are a series of advancement it the events at the we'll see. Thank you both Adam and Bryant or updating the odd shape notes that Nelson has missed the last game with a victory. Let him Jankovic says that he has a game time decisions. Whether it was Cincinnati tomorrow so he has missed a couple but apparently it's the point where it's day to day it said the best news for him. All right thank you all for your questions were so it's better if we're going to thought coming up next it is Gregg Marshall and a free it's scouting report it's exactly the winning strategies that Morrison's Packers take on you've got to hear it bunker. This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys the only branch and JD power dependability awards for car struck you being two years and wrote I am so fast I think that's great but here's an upset he Stephanopoulos if you are get behind the wheel for yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability and Chevrolet. Find new roads forced isn't converging unfortunately. When some small or large dealers are due to pick up and that's what you know twenty hospitable to our connector you can largely due to companies we can't keep our word please visit JD power dot com. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato pre post cameo underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. We should just university soccer basketball is on one of three point 70 yeah and Wichita. Plus comes out. Through the transplant pregame show remembers the day after any shots or whether it's part of. Test locker room sitting on somebody's points to suckers Gordon good saves in 25 even 40%. Off all shocker merchandise soccer fans all over are always processor and I thought it. And it's and it's test locker east. Adam West and the pregame scouting report with Gregg Marshall presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million tour which. That comfort couple it seems like it's been forever since you've played here covering it does Mike in this you know. I was looking back on the calendar I'm not sure how many games if any that we played. At home office. Doing. For a conference in Honolulu on Saturday. This will be a rare Saturday home game because of that tickets are fed up. Premium. Right he would say he was. Totally tapped out which is not always the case but I don't think we'll bills please anyone else in here tonight will be funded the next Saturday's home game. UConn chapters in Wichita at a nice time 5 o'clock so that just got to dinner afterwards. After the game at Memphis you said hopefully we've got a team back admitted to kind of feel that way did this look like. We normally look just look like our team playing the way we should feel good. We have to do with the loss against SMU which you know idea and we didn't play great but they did I don't know if you have to give them credit they had a tremendous game plan and they tremendous shots and shake Newton was unbelievable. And we just we just looked great and then we followed up and then got. Got pumped a little bit Houston so I think we've lost some confidence right. And even though. We we won game two after that I can Central Florida. Finally we played well like we need to play at Memphis I thought I thought our energy was tremendous honor the enthusiasm coming out of the locker room. Just execution with the release of it's the interest being a good that seems that you played twice so far they've come pretty close together just a couple of weeks part Tulsa temple be that way next week but. You've got the second time was late December is that's been over a month anything's different at all that you've seen from them. I'm not really didn't have led to put out a little bit it was a tremendous player form against us in all year long but he's. Now and they they had to carve out for nine games here three of princess if you call. I think it's pushed through the year and then had tried another one these are starting sinner but he did not. He was suspended for nine games and he's back now perk for this game so they should get it it's close to full strength as possible. I know Gilbert is out for the year but. Now we we we still see a team that's got tremendous talent. Layman's eyes. And right now that played a lot of zone defense. And certainly the first time around it was kind of a strange games because it seemed like he had shots inside the sun had trouble making them that hit twelve to 25 threes like agenda inquiry. Yeah they're bothered us for sure we're gonna have to make some shots around the basket. We'll continue to live in trying to figure out what works against the zone whether it's a ball screen offense or just our motion offense or. Some sort of more stagnant offense where you just have cutters going in and out we call a single bit. We will try to determine as quickly as we can end in the end though. I'm sure we'll tinker with their zone defense is you can run a 3223131. They've got all those in the open bag so. We'll just try to execute as best we can make shots and and try to get second chance opportunities and we can't. This senate the other day and still trying to take away dribble penetration that's an edge when Adams is a very good one on one player. Who likes to get an ice those as well at 68 and shoot over people and but you can also get it going you don't want to get him going from three and he loves to get to the foul line head coach thank you so I think that's good question the shock is and you can't second time. I'm coming up next. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a mileage first. It is for me with no money. He is got promoted. I can't believe things can grant. Street now with a much Cuba committed I can't believe this can grant. 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Supposedly don't listen to us states hitting the University of Connecticut this evening you got coming in at twelve and and twelve overall five and sixth in the American athletic conference with doctors at eight it and five. At eight and three in the American in the second place in the league but still three games behind Cincinnati let's remains undefeated. In conference play at this point does not need to keep. Stringing together wins and get a chance to take on the bearcats themselves those two teams alive start off a week. From accidentally for tomorrow actually. It Cincinnati's Packers haven't earlier ten point victory over UConn on December 30 7262. In Hartford. Nadal alongside he has that would strategies for tonight's game brought to my capital that well versed on the Obama dream home. You can trust the strength behind truthfully finances capitol federal housing lender member FDIC. Well thank you mr. Kennedy first of all went strategy number one we'll see him off. The Huskies will bus and it's almost like things that happen hopefully not speak truth soon. There are movements and other pros have a Ali fighters I'd definitely that article he has an insider. There are great criticisms against him from past players who have been defections. In this sense here. They claim it's harder to get that top level recruits that explained we at. Second tier players. Not winning ball games. But you know sometimes and you've got to look at tiger's answers to be problematic for you and hopefully. It won't leave with our state of letting life. The Huskies with a concert rather him not. The Huskies were their last seven all of games. Have been a winner in five of the last seven audiences that loser and quantity. To win the faith and it's over South Florida and their 111 of the conference over but it should beat them. They may be losing her heart might in Wichita State needs to make sure that was part five play very aggressively you'll tip tonight. We strategy number two I did it might weigh that pretty well describes the Huskies offense and discussing the work. UConn averages get this nine point seven assists football game that's last in the conference and it is 349. Out of 351. Teams in the country. Hit selflessness. And it's one on the one basketball. There's no chemistry that comes out of that it doesn't results advanced. Conversely what's our state the number one in the conference in assists in ninety games that's third in the country they look for one another. Think it's a higher percentage shots of these two teams. Vance in the Hartford Wichita State at seventeen assists to only nine for UConn you'd expect that's fair to be pretty much the same today. What strategy number three the Huskies are guilty of unilateral disarmament. They just don't appear to be able to get anything together offensively detention. In the last five conference games as the forty point seven. Percent from the field they are last in the conference in field goal percentage their top three scorers. Are all shooting about 41 point 5%. Or less. Taylor and Adams they still put an awful lot. But it still feels very well Terry letter here is another one for flights now they threw poorly but those cops that was with us states. Then has five players student needs. 48. Point 9%. 49 point 8% from the field step that those sinkers. So we don't know what's our State's struggling from the field lately they're much better shooting team and that makes a huge difference when strategy now before. The rebounding stats for the Huskies it's in shambles and keeps on getting worse UConn is the stance. That's rebounding teams in the American athletic conference and a minus one point five rebounds for ball games. And and they are a minus nine point eight rebounds for game six of the last seven fought consistently fought games that way. Their two best rebounder as one as a guard. By itself five rebounds football game in Tennessee saint 175. Pounds went to man Terry and Larry are four point eight rebounds per game. Conversely with the state of the best redundancy in the mystery valley conference third best rebounding team in the country. 10 point 54. Rebounds per game than to a phone stiff and it's even better almost twelve rebounds anymore in the last night August. Which starts they should really dominate there and finally winning strategy number five. The only way that the Huskies are gonna get with space capsule is that they capitalize on some things tonight. What stuffed turnovers free throws and that's what kept him in the game in Hartford. UConn outscored. Which star state by seven from the line that's because which does statements worth wealth here at bosses that the worst percentage. Of the year by far and that's it doesn't happen it's a matter of fact and seven at last the audience with our state is at number 75%. Of their. Free throws and yet its debt keep an eye on those points off turnovers and that's the beauty changer you can't. Outscored Wichita State the suspect reads 96. Points off turnovers and Hartford. But what's our state to turn the ball over seven point seven times the gain through the last four ball games nevertheless. Once again staggering statistic. The shoppers have been outscored points off than it was five of the last seven baldness so the F. I keep constant statement game I don't think they well. Points off turnovers and we expect. That's actually did more of the season transit for the Packers they've had more points than their opponents off turnovers and only ten out of 23 games last year. It was 28 out of 35 and they outscored their opponents by eight and a half points for. Odd points on turnovers now having said that. Even have been outscored ten to 23 their season average is still about 2.2 gave more than. Opponents had hit the difference hasn't been that create most of the time they've been outscored. When date yet. What you write and in five of the last 71 they've been outscored points off turnovers and that make you wander through points. And in Wichita State outscored disappointments opponents it's easy points off turnovers. It's sixteen or eighteen something nice that. At this doctors outscored you caught sixteen to six on second chance points of that earlier gave him plus thirteen on the floor. Rashard Kelly had a big handed out with a double double. Now I think it'll be more of the same really out of the rest of the soccer you guys played particularly well at that. At first it but it was three point shooting solved when applied to us. Got asserts that a head table and particularly yeah. Yeah and it really was Mike and from that from the field and just generally with us it was only 41 point 8%. And the shoppers even though still the best field goals of the team in the conference. Haven't shot the ball well we sent in three games forty point 1%. From the field and for the last five false names of some of the contest they have coming up. They need to sharpen up there I fight it fit to be able to compete with Cincinnati's innocent you Edison for example. If you're healthy tip of the day very healthy snacks to work to help you stay away from that can't you see Hitler or. Check out real appeal dot com that's brought to United Healthcare and the real you know program. It's not statements against eighteen and five overall. Ranked 21 and twenty seconds and shoot major holes at Connecticut twelve and twelve. That they are five or six the American athletic conference Connecticut there's only one and six. Hits the road games this year and wanted for. On the road in the conference with destiny is him into a home. And that seems like he's an operation of its offices don't lose at home to home losses one of the Oklahoma in trusts. Evidently caused gave us have you here that's stating that it soccer's I think are pretty dead set on not losing that it would hear how things. All of the oddsmakers agree with Mike what's the status I think in eighteen and a half point favorite in one of the services and seventy faith in another service. I think they're starting around the safe if they can get some decent minutes from fodder fifth. Mark up and starts third quarter and knows what could happen. Spot while forcing shoppers are home today and for the next couple of what they're on the quality officials watch party location as he does though it's up works. That's the southeast corner of 41. And let. I'm biker to watch parties for your chance to win some great prices courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. As you know it's really tough work two officials watch party location. We'll soccer basketball off one of the things that's really unique about this Connecticut team that you mention how much they struggle offensively yet they just don't have. Any true post presence offensively defensively. As does it is blocked shots their attitude about four blocks a game. But most of their big guys around us live side and they don't even really look to score much in the post and exit points of the east. Did you come from drives other cars or else. One play that was effective for them against the shocker is the first game was running Terry Larry are wrong along the baseline and clearly and act quickly. Pearl is at a little length little turnaround jump stop and that's about as close as. They found any real post office. Night. I don't think they run very much confidence to be honest with the ice. And that's not a thought for the players it's all for the system. And I watched her warm ups pretty carefully before the ball game. And it seems like you flies. And out of the playground in front of president of the cities in the front row with outlet to dump the ball and husband accidentally. Since Orleans I hope I don't eat my words on this. But they were practicing now decides not to jump shots or anything to speak up they were all week fantastic stunts and those were the drills that Duncan acted. You make yet for your fourth dunks the ball game for today getting 45 or fifty. Jump shots or outside shots. Please practice those shots that you mentioned there had national standings yet assisted 313. In scoring. 331. Field goal percentage 334. In three point percentage. Eventually this seriously 49 at 330. Well at Wichita State. Scores points if you can't score points it's going to be hard to beat Wichita state of soccer's. Are averaging 83 point eight points per game in the last four ball games. They've been less than 72 points only once in the last sixteen bought games and nevertheless. UConn is averaging. 59. Point six points per game in eight of their last night quality. Things have to go right in almost every category with those at UConn basketball. Is. A report has brought by hot new life New Life Church I think. Optimal due had no injuries to report fortunately flow with us tonight slackers at full strength. If not has not had any major injuries lately similarly. Lots about it just it detonates at a that it might traits that kind of thing yes present a problem with that Larry goodness. And gave me. Once that's industry at a 45 he's been back playing regularly. The other guy who is acting as their top 6980. Pounds yeah. Former. Floated South Carolina. The freshmen played it both acknowledged last year. And he started some games early that he adds Kevin Ollie got it it's not match on the net theories on this game that is flying time that he was suspended for the last night days. They have just reinstated him or this game so we'll see him but yet. My question to you mr. Kennedy is UConn would have won those last night games competent reinstated. This guess it probably not a right yeah. This is only the third leading all sizes what these programs every Saturday. Rubber game for now as far as who takes the lead in the series. If not on it memorable game probably not stay. At the Maui invitational in 2010. Elevenths season. Close game right to the wire that UConn team led by Campbell lost I'm not. Win the national championship 150 pound. Jim Calhoun of course was named manager Kevin Ollie Ollie played very happy with I didn't want to 95 that you can't see exactly three years and assistant coaches and when guys. If Edwards tired Kevin Ollie was devoted to the head coaching position now than sixty years senator assisted flying through. Not that highly regarded as a pro prospect coming out of college that played two years of the CPA. Got a shot. And it played. Thirteen years isn't IE 812 different team included three separate. That tells a lot of stuff that type of person he is quite as good and he must speak. Because of there even make yes ruffle somebody's been around tax effect that many times they don't stay. In the league that long seasons at Oklahoma City they've really started tennis this a couple of best players said. These are the anybody else helped change the culture there was. Work ethic his leaders. This lady's closet everybody that had a lot to do without becoming an outstanding speaks volumes about him as a man. We are just not ready to get this and underway starting lineups coming back can't remember. Sort of horrified pregame spots as far as corporate outlook at Florida senator may have been a family owned and operated. Forty years. Providing great flow rate products at outstanding every day prices because of their large. It's been fun limited to sixteen north Broadway. Great people to work with no high prices at will nature get exactly what they're looking four at the best price possible. It was just stated it contest. Soccer's earlier this year 11 all time. Somebody will take the lead in the series here this evening. This was a game that the tip off time was announced details just a couple of weeks ago or so this is one of those that was us. Waiting to see how fast slotted him it's easy lineup it's we have only gone just 5 o'clock start with respect. A great time I think this time what time is not the dinner after the game. On a Saturday. It's time to get one well it is ends when you finished up a game like this on adrenaline is still pumping several hours after the games of this makes it more normally. Hopefully you won't yeah. We are just about ready to honor America with the playing aggressive you know by National Anthem houses they passed them over the last few. The flight by the soccer basketball fan man. Fans in attendance tonight and with the singing. I'm nationalism. Okay. They crowd on hand and it's very special mention it is pre game interview with. They were swapped for a ticket last week everybody wanting to. Get out and see this game. First appearance in which the tub well known national power in college basketball although there haven't been down here this year is certainly it's and it. Of course it's the first home game and a couple of weeks shot here's the thing that's been anxious to get back yeah very much so why some of the best friends in the country. Very very many years that. The other only four home games left including this once with an opportunity to see some of these players defeated so much to this program. Started for UConn starting lineups are presented by equity Beckley did everything in ATM they'd be sure to visit them on lauded at Citibank. Dot com. For the Huskies. Shouldn't that I'll sixes off or from queens village New York after fourteen point three points per game fits the free throw line about five times. I also in the huskies' starting lineup it will be. Jalen and it's. 63 junior from Roxbury message is that the former top 45 recruits. All American athletic conference first team election here is averaging seventeen point seven points per game. And four assists plus those marks maybe. I'd say don't whaling has a 68 Christopher Guest on his North Carolina. They point to point forgave him point 73070. That it regain. Terry and Larry here is six natives get a lot of these five redshirt junior the drugs your latest fresh pictures we've seen. Before transferring he's averaging fourteen point three points and four point eight rebounds per game. And ads on hand for the six. Grant transfer. Reported university originally from Rochester new York at six point four. Point forget it because he felt like Kevin Ollie out of this year's. As much as a 640. What percentage. What is treated well over his previous five seasons that you sixteen point 78 last year as well as well. This season. Now Florida soccer. Outlook forwards Rashard. In Fredericksburg Virginia five and a half points per game a team played at seven point seven and now he has a Obama points welcoming. Reports 616 years of Houston Texas everything I'm like yeah. It's not just. Morris six saves in fifty years. Edmond Oklahoma with the thirteen points and. Tonight stuff. The city Missouri plant they see evidence. I'm man that is not they started this together thought and positive news. 65 sophomore from their work Arkansas. Yeah it's like your lord says the last. There's phrases. Point moot point for it if you'd. 8% from beyond for the season had over his three game floating point plus hot streak. Three is shooting 60% overall and 56%. A nice couple weeks of work. What event question marks about what's our state is why don't they get it quicker start why they've been behind at the ten minute mark the birth after so many balls games. End the problem is that is Boston Reid's. It's a quick start that he can help it's our state takes you know. Wait I just about ready to go here at home. Rita. This place here this team they get back here on Thursday night against temple. Before beating Cleveland or Cincinnati for the first time one week from tomorrow. And it's not responding units that I was. He's somewhat painful even though they trailed Cincinnati by circles gains they want it to you big time game and that means they have to work that way through. These next couple games they have not enough officials for tonight's state came he's lucky staying or send. At Byron shared it again tonight's game has brought new life but life provided you have to drink responsibly. Diligently. Shot this inflight. Letters and numbers of black Knight is pulled ahead. Got it baby blue that a broad points right for the small red blood along the side in the form letters and numbers and wife and I think you know we had the and we're ready to go. Merrier it's very wary Nebraska thereby. That is that protects a broken nose solidarity phones and a half. Fifty senators that the efficacy of whaling that finance audiences. Actually it's not that it yeah 69. That is if it's bad. Grants and a third place or yours is three years now. They've got a lot of that night for the most of it. Yes it's oh my god it's athletes acted well you know it's. Definitely out of youth experts. At that level of confidence right now. That's right to solve. Them to Lynette. Off the Wall Street. Now now and out of it's it's not like this sort rebounded all right it's that. Song from rightwing gets the faith and offensive rebound that you can't lose this three point baskets for instance now. The basketballs and pressured him at least that which the browns front loaded basket it's not a candidate quality chart there. They are hard act round. Soccer's. The first round of the game at least act that. Buried part that's. You can blow Larry running the baseline and Johnson is an analyst said because you cannot run these guys like this Nightline after. Bay fans that are free throws and after violations. On turns it over the shot there's all aggregate active life. And world her. Whole life. And it looked at explaining it's let's face like an alien smuggling the ground if you leave looks knife was left Kelly widths are Netflix snack that's not faith with enough and that starts right at that list. Frightening to me like underground for three that's. Rapid. Because it's dark it's it's three pointer from the that's what it is I had a feeling much more confidence in his shot my 44. Cents. From the tree street was last football games. Really right wing had such losers in Sonoma and Adam's Adam's since leftists that are way out on the floor and on the left it shot fake drive to the hearts and nodded. That's not the hornets who merrier for the job for a short Rodrigo chase them nice and it. You've got him what dance Jason shoppers have a five on floor Chambliss. Food energy posted Sadler sniper and it drives by the defender it's not rightwing you resent threats haven't left wing Kelley. Crossover dribble that's got to grieve drives left exit out. Over the forest that friendship but let me get the Wall Street exactly that's not. Then let's routed north freeway off the bat planet of the rebounds to. You've done talking about it and it. This is that the Florida fires at three in transition to note that laundry that chase them by ground nuts not surprised that it won't pass the ball when they have to sensitive balance that's about with stops in and out throughout the deflation double teams that it left wing breeze now away from the wallet or not. Holding Jack Morris at night mostly. David in north except the first now charged against UConn applaud it and he's not a smoking from those types of calls as a matter that puts him and it's the last walking. Against USF. Clay courts found out how about three times on the year. Substitution for youth on Josh Carlton checks 69240. Pound freshman. Who's been scoring a little more lately he's been the closest thing that your post scorer they've had recently Canada for a hit that outlet went. Res three behind just grave now that long with the rebound it was a gallon probably the first of I think offensive rebounds yes advertisements on some reasonable particularly fires that are horses. It's a pass. It started analysts are fairly applauded it. Instead I think the big dance at. Who has delivered all of which the zone was the last gotten off. 53 with its and I stayed at an opening Saturday night completely right in council hands and it's the right to laugh about. Now on my carrier misses rebounds Keller was wrestled. This is about us timeline now let's Nightline drops that it's really not that wars I think history. Warrant in an athlete. Kelly it is. And restless for the off balance and excellent. Snow crowded Paris. This Kelly already. Listening to rebalance and go on you know. Well it's. Rebounds that game was last slide he's deceitful for NASA and the gravity has to double pumped up in the air club that's not the way out of there hasn't exactly got fouled there. They didn't bounce passes. That's right to the middle that was right sort of the best that you kind recovered. It's not making kind of double pump enough for the little lob for Kelly this Saturday. The first time let's just go right back and it they're really force inside. With us they didn't take advantage seventh successive. Seven straight through which it doesn't clearly seventh street and tell us not. Rubles to the middle starts left and had not color barrier. Artistry goes laps what could take in the wind drops down there and it's not it's just like Carlton nice little screen and roll. Just Carlton getting his first 2005. With just onstage as an example of deductibles lefties is equivalent those lovely graph that looks inside first though a tough challenge. I think most Boris resettling bounce under at a ball came loose the ground recovery institute of globalization and hitless night fled the restarts the offense with the dishes that's. Street from Kelly and plainly just jump data bank right into it. That's going to be sue auto sales were nearly three continents we've seen now on the Huskies. Had some sense I mean San it is going left to right he's not even he's not going vertically and horizontally. And he gets about thirty feet from the basket and snuffed out at that point it snows instantly since south against the team that shoots free throws very very well. And it was going to solve but did it give Samantha the tape when I guess they are gonna get it and mrs. Obama did the RSX eight redshirt freshman from please. Places slightly. So you've got he's going to. Totally different pronunciation of player that plays it safe seats filled right. That's the opposite direction but it backed reference that crosses not want rightly feel Boris authors 75 Kelly let's play the market itself is convinced that round Friday gives the block Dustin Morris Jesus get manhandled and there they're gonna call the south. Took them a little while facing resistance but as soon as he caught it was solid if not. It go on world is yours or house now on an etiquette. As much. Act it out. But that's potter Willis. Lot. So I am proud of the same time they left with a lot he could. Thought the Lott came back to the floor like that got rejected all that is left handed the little bank there was that out of the process. He used every bit of its 280 pounds. Force that baby through it now he goes to the free throw line. Where he's more than adequate free throw shooter and if you say adequate tummy in six of the last seven bought in Saudi define adequate. About 85 point 7% the line 71 on the full season he has shot 62 free throws with 23 games. As well as up and saw. Old rules of blue let's say let's. It's limitless frequent flight 2000. About five seconds of he goes out our students not to fit Cheryl Willis and for the first time doctors are justified it's not a bad that you gets pressured that in that 400 aren't. And he is going to be Jalen Adams we'll bring in which dusted it for his team down they got several former players that play at least the ball it's weird that. Mary what's the lesson and I cut off my double digit deficit will bounce that you are way up front of the town now starts left. That's right Smart analysts are throws a runner is badly about gender had recovered by do you are you put enough distance that it is now. That ball got tipped about through the fourth time this Arthurs just couldn't rapidly I finally got it. And if they go to the foul line for. That's not 1538. To go in the first half its Wichita State can't you can't fly. So this house isn't great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hustler plow that's the well. How across the road just hold for a few years more of them out there insurance companies and how we get home gym work really hard or don't give it a action to parents tell you why why don't we offer 23 years with the fact he pretty neat to see. It's kind of culminated today. Good health was incorrect yes. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. At the campus health foundation and our men and we invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because we believe that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy looking more at Kansas pounds from dot war. Twenty the ultimate sports watch where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on your greens and scratch who is bursting from the kitchen in sports there's something on the menu to satisfy every chance at a time to take your database to new heights with any harsher more items from the table when he's full service bar features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purpose to serve that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in -- go ice cold -- crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV there's never a bad he now heads for twenty you drink scenic view. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad wouldn't John Green rich Cutler dusty Zell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is. He's on 103 point seven and Wyatt. It's odd time is not as Florida. From the video despite just want to say McConnell. The seventh. Of the field is made one of 33 pointers with just a lot of want. First time this evening's game and so have plummeted tiara at the game shooting two after a foul was called on the shark Kelly. It's not a lot of drilling as Carol Willis Kelli. Marcus picked up things liberation eminent plus degrees. There and Larry here. It's one hander sadistic if you can't tiara at us. Out of Arafat free throws. Yep it's a free throws conference here on. Registers one which honestly is this guy pulled that three. 57 point 7% is just went down if you missed both over rebound with us today doctors with the basketball leading by five kids who want zone press might not read it if the court as they currently selling these guys at Atlantic dusty. Had suggested there it's not the floor that's good no one's tiara. That's going to be his first at 62000. Already on the continent we have completed five minutes. Well and that couldn't that be significant factor Watson. In the game prophet sparked my with its policy. Of those free throw line as well from the free throw line and made on the line. It's over twenty times. Yeah. Last night but nothing not again the free throw is having not stay tuned for that a Memphis six for six from the line over the last two games. Well over the last five shootings of 6% on the planet but it. As maybe that'll get him. Practice that a couple of the points and can't relax. Doctors that's all fine that is attractive candidate goes off at Norris handed. But as he saved it let off Willis is back at events that stays with you got. Almost looked like it or was already out of bounds when he saved it but it was hard to tell from here and it. Press tables read the sideline. At Warner Music we think that it's the politics and it was stay with few cuts and other litigants who have not eager to mr. Hannity but that certainly it's virile seed beat. These music that's not that it could not definitely not in the time line one on one against Anderson I've mostly outside Philly. Is beyond the free throw line rightwing freaks. What's inside definitely nothing left wing Kelly it's about the floor it's isn't alliance profited from Gaddafi reverse layup there's. I'm not critical of 200 oddity constantly wants that not a defense to get him. Doctors thought well five you've kind of reflect Taylor and Adams guarded now finally. Let me look at the Wall Street and a Fred Anderson back to an excellent tonight three closer to fifty footer in and out of Beckett. And Adams had his first two points that if Mexico for 70%. To. It's. Good news. Well seven. And it's on the Internet you've done and it. Don't know almost went one to do that initially the carrier differently affliction that that's what most analysts that its its you know at the free throw line but on the forward drive Smart that nothing else the theory goes. Yeah I. Ourselves. You have sides. And some treatments last six to three point stance that night in fact. The fourth. One. For a laugh at a news and a few days that it was a deficit will rightly the merrier those things like for only seventy Fuller hair ball. It's not that night. Is it up the middle of the floor rightly sense three incidents or sit on the back on rebound defend it takes a line across where it got me. These dolphins create the. He's not it's it's not. The seven ladies are back to back threes by Marcus picked up faith and honest agrees. It's been very thirty seconds I've not taken by the Huskies having could save up to 40%. Today after British doctor's when it checks locker room the east or west. Well that with the zone defense will help you against him outside shooting scenes like with us today. But the zone defense doesn't allow you to do well on the boards and what's our state is out rebounding and just see significantly. And as Wichita State is moving the ball around more likely. Does so does not react very well and results of open shots its office. T seven just days previously so far is that it. Players this war this Afghanistan thing record players have now made it three point field goals that brown had the first that Gadhafi. And Natalie and isn't this something Wichita State is an excellent free points. This conference. You've got guys coming in off the bench that Duffy for example in front camp. Even though they struggled a little bit free points right it is superb three point shooters and others just at port of plenty of frequent shoes with us today. Which now has statements at seven on the other six of twelve overall from the field of three from the line on all the different can't product weird sex at this Mary incident the RF. And Albert Adams in doubt that it is affectionately trouble yet it does not back off of it yet. And I thought that regulators right to left enough and it's definitely. Add a bad now iiroc under it was showing off the screen names images there. And it's gulf. You don't see that much worse than I thought that we sometimes. There. Especially played against. The play like. They're now on with us Christian without him back yet antlers. Adams ultimately announced that it backed up right now it's the right side and then it's not that requires at least it can testify Austen yes but everybody's realistic outlook to France can't and it left where it raised its brave bounces. Little hard hit us so. But I can't confidence in his classes are good luck this with him my last football game. Had to sit in the line fifteen footer pulled up at the free throw circle and one isn't it this person points. And want the ninth with us and it. And Boston's defense over this hot streak most of it as fears could be as bad that he bounced him like that would yeah. And certainly if yes it's definitely a threat of Lewis drops at baseline doesn't go through the donkey gets found him not for the death rate high low pass for Darryl Willis had surgery open underneath Toronto went strong to the board. And was not out of two free throws well with us 81 line an awful lot that's aren't baseball game. Now just have gotten that one wants. But it's another thing Rondo beat. You could ask for much better free through. The season. And yeah. It's not yours or from foreign aid that was the 701237. That you know the first Baptist doctors. For a lot of one from here on out and we talked about this they got through which they. Second one. Heart treatment now for god. Kaiser champions but it's not only entry for him escape while would have to go for staff doctors applied thirteen. Anderson between the circles. That's as high post and act right or Anderson. Went to the left corner. Well not my head of the baseline that's nice Mike Adams Madison to voters that lost. Not the basketball hall of violent. Right way but nothing for three written off this time what was that the offensive rebounds. And possess Mike he's played so well recently nine rebounds a game and three does last war. It's now headed straight pull that back up this is that on the second drive capability of the flow of all those that advance. Besides it's basketball. Time out of the floor at 1153. To go in the first half which state 24. Times eleventh. If your mechanic told that your buffer character shot there and breadth. You needed new mechanic and they've got great ones at fault six campus plan tire stores in the Wichita metro area. Kansas plain tired not only famous retired they're great when it comes to stuff like washing your building system brake shocks well thanks to an up just about any like repair work. You'll never be late for Wichita State basketball game but the fact that it is my entire ride shotgun. In the plant tired you're out of there Ernie repair these guys care. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss talents that cost us in Dolly and her endanger porn and overweight later. USC shocker basketball game. He's on 103 point seven GE Wyatt. Standard called notice to go first half Wichita State dominated every statistic that Todd pitcher eight of 1550. 3% for a guy for. And they. Hi free throws. While UConn at 38 and a half percent just one of four from. Three Wichita State is plus seven already on the boards five offensive rebounds two assists one turnover. It's too. Or you're not exactly. Google's. Efforts. And you've done it's not it's not so let's not theory and it's not yet because Nazis there. Face anyway and it results is 535%. Got deeper than it three woods and Williams seven sophomores who has played the last game five of the last eight. But the pace is just un godly effect places for a points and toward the south. CJ Kaiser in the game and depressed at time wind picked up pointless and a couple of guys keep in different approach to thank you cliff way. Do but nothing yet that drinking water one on one against it drives like bulletin footer and it why not it's not clear rolls out. I'm hanging. Follow shot but nothing but there it looked like a great flight to slaughter it would go to different camps I was halfway well. Let's not misses that's not. Only my third seed it would atoms. Now that it's right but yeah definitely man Johnson Edmonds it back at that Williams now drive. It was a wild and it gets a file called Bailey now because that was bad shot and didn't even come close but. Contacts that must buy CJ Kaiser. It is Kaiser workers it. Not only that I've done at very low. Chance of going to build teams one or at least. The backboard. Thought about it that that right past. That. Now it gets to align the most dedicated to play five times in very good. So yeah. In the latest national statistics. And how about it and it. There are high among the national please fire also might just electric. The eighteenth. But don't get there often. Offensive board with most of it's now with five. Does my eleven. Of course pressures. But they've since one's own threats. Candidate backwards cross the timeline if Franken at the equivalent site or is it volleyed it doesn't go to the basket if how about some things nice as pie if they and it and it fits on the move quietly and at just really Great Britain by. Duffy was seven already doctors by thirteen again and it's apparently not enough screen. It's not a conference or publicly at a at a top of the line. Holds out little louder bounces and it's not about fights adams' six. State up six. Knives that would go firsthand evidence left went up the left locked horns right side frantic effort three up. Right. Can't catch assesses their friends I have an elitist that night to see thanks to Shaq. Kagan next confidence with the night's past second but it's not a himself. Adore and left it to keep trying to get it and it's almost all of but it's nothing and I haven't tried to make a move that get in the line keeps his typical it definitely gets the death of Williams dribble hand off Anderson Anderson throws it back download of Williams in traffic. Lots of back up front Anderson for the few Anderson has the force of her friends can't thank god. Not at slotting street flooding four footer for three friends on Anderson forgot it's made threes in his last fourteen free leaders about fourteen. Since months six months of the season he's 23 and a half. Unlikely basket here left elbow surgery hands enough divorce and the free throw line looks under oath and with it on the floor wants listen I've heard about a fifteen footer not a wide open just off the left side of life it's his first field goal to go along with the earlier free throws obviously they're excellent team regards fall lineup from Wichita State or. What conference. Adams left was created a tough night last crisis over right throws at them lob and it gets it done frequently it's. Williams had his first news. Nice lob Atlanta and averages four assists a game by far the most un euthanized and already he's above its average average. You have a right corner of front nurture left with nothing goes baseline all the way and it's water out of balance by. Definitely the initial defender but come on over to help with David. Out of bounds of factors we'll keep that with 58 on the shot clock. Searchers have been nothing you're gonna get a freezers that round which are telling him that he would get noticed that both of those guys are going back to him for equipment at a place. That's when that's what we. You've done Carlton comes back yeah. He has 2000 already admitted or those out. Soccer play the baseline left the death. And it brought that Boris. You gonna take a slave. The factory that you've got it to the wouldn't want specified that adds a standard that's a lifestyle of yeah. Violently sick at least grab but it's now out in the open floor to waste that fouled. Night that snapped three lines and going to defeat the minds it's like Anthony appointments cents. On the year he has struggled a little bit less all of them six of CNBC's. This wonderful. Just to act Memphis the other night. French kids out prices benefited. Then we Shanda. Has yet to score. And all the scoring he has not put at that point to give credit with a lot of one's good weight doesn't he doesn't look for his shot he doesn't shot that. You know if you think about it. There are many players on this team if any that pump them up. Landry brings the jackets to five of six from the line as a team went work having the shoppers at 32 to twenty. There's several thirteen point lead to repetitive and it makes them. And that was his first shot was up 33 to 2830. The first napkins and Adams double team on in the backcourt then of course dealers with the itself. Don't trust them might fumbles it and it goes out of bounds and it was on network migration and it's nothing I did not respect that it. Really it was a fairly well in a way no real argument for a Reshard. There. Lot of right yeah that's him it ties your Boris differently and rounds which does it. If it's a bunch. That's way out and that's where exactly the best right elbow. Comfortable with it and Connecticut and it wasn't there that it goes to now ultimately Anderson. Edison and I let it borders on the ways that might hit it to. Guys this team has offensive talent at the 3323. Us states and the district court let it snow let it for a gallon depending on the line although I didn't show up and off of Morris and it's. Three and that's a nice not to stuff out now it's our family has to have the eyes of the guard because that was. On and that's why he had some consistencies. Actually said that it is rightly the merrier drives the Kaiser and it kind of got out here solicit. And landed on geysers that slit for the Florida and at least the bonus all for traveling. Or 737. Ago in the first half it would not state 35 UConn twenty. Three hello shocker nation this Andy card in hand with the Carnahan group that JPY again and time. 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Bonuses last night with our state shot at least 50% from the field seven games ago hopefully. That's against innocent youth clinics are 53 point 6%. From the field I don't think that's going to be. I'm not justice. Don't take up. 3523. Shots and soccer basketball after UConn turnovers. And a lot of it's awesome greens background list here haven't you Boris everything right. Feelings. Now Anderson lottery here Adams and swirled for now. Full court pressure long pants and Kelly let's face lights starred in with. Him enough. Baseline and that that's what it's definitely. Not in that. I think it's history is the other way. Now on the block divorced parents the chance bounces off read Kelly recently stepped kicks in recent exhibit three Atlanta Rica. Please get a ticket the ASEAN. That it instead it drove it is for a basket. At a pretty open it's not gonna give somebody an answer or not. Sixth raised by the doctors by five different people lately 3823. Adams crosscourt Anderson last night. Right now it's a street with sub. Right now tries to drive on campus that there aren't those girls were battling Anderson. Pick and rolls right hands Carlton advance. Lows hit it down its massive growth that could handle so you've got his turn it over now it's last time on the floor well. The assistants that when it comes at the office system. Obviously it is not an option threes and leaves off brightly but that's right Kelly that the program. Can't get right to left off the street with a seventeenth little short arsenic to harness. He was behind it. Not bad but it was good enough slots at this article would not thanks to match here elevates so quickly so well were. Takes care of that seventy Tom that but he snuggling against an accident itself out of the street pulls up from. Mr. Hart office that prevent you know there's snow but that is not my seventeenth with the loss six minutes to go first and let read that stuff. Overdue Reeves dribbles right off the street by Boris. Back at the camp as a street. Kelly is now left baseline Forester to bounce and underneath that is the flight data that it stayed with it does it very few rebels against the zone defense a lot of passes Perry pressed the ball a lot. And they find that they don't revel in a lot of zone that the collapse on the David in the aura back in the game world youth and a while it is definitely up one way we should have left side. On the dribble it back on top right corner read busted him right up on him pulls back and fires little short. And the laundry that you got shot clock was down to seven Johnston is halfway through it and we'll be sure. Atoms in the front court right side of the floor for a Stewart Anderson. Recently out you know it's not we are it was right hand off of where you're coming right to left deficit over atoms of Anderson went down. As in some doubts that the officials have stopped play. I don't know if there was any contact beauty maybe just thrifts. Or maybe movement needed really was somebody on it that's what the official game like Jesus looks like Anderson might abuse. Banged need to be with a teammate. The middle line to stay on and play it continues sixteen on the shot clock 523. The first that are. Stay out there negative than the left sideline it's not meant. Atoms into Anderson. Anderson started by Shannen. Left and it's. At that time line round give it a lot of movement here at street work that snapped up the fires that hit snapped a three. Just let that dictate you know and Adam's birth certificate as nine points. Johnston still leave my fourteenth sham it rightly it's like fidelity management front Alley next to him right away for three yet. I'm excited to answer yes it flights at the latest axis seventies and it doesn't talk about making him. Downtown you're talking about that sounds from the sauber team. Lately. That Adams left. It's littered attempts at a street Larry what it through music Schuettler is expected to lift ordered drive spins. Following a mishandling of the opposite side of the rim rebound and telling exit out of their drive and a little floor right side. Greens created. A great job. Jackson the quality for all students at its name that's his third straight the other night about the not gonna let us say no big slice what she was forcefully. Six first. Mike this is CNET did just yet uncorked so quickly advance of the offensive weapons. And UConn isn't a particularly good defense this season that company. Forearm which are states where within thirty seconds four minutes and they're gonna take the gender or timeout at Wilson that alliance what's it's not a state 46. You're not 26. But you're looking. For the perfect power suit we're just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. 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At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Pre post Amy Yoder knee Angela Valentine in Gaza Dylan Hartnett or hazel for a pummel. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE one yeah. I'm shooting fifty. You present and they are down by 28 states had a funny shots what it does say sixteen how. Thirty. It's not a state. Early rounds or fewer turnovers visit him more field goal attempt doctors at the age of 54 victories. Nine points apiece for Austin reason GQ awards list Canada with. Eight market McAfee seventh. And it sure Kelly only two points and a six rebounds and four assists. Not with the boss not its pressuring. Both scored at Adams picked it up finally gets it across the timeline that Anderson. And it slows it down a little bit at the half court fifteen issues just over four minutes to play for staff lift weights simulate atoms. Now the length with the writers block decide by the that's the end then and it's. Got it from the side with the body. It's gonna go on McNulty it was a clean flop up top that apparently dotted with the body down low that's Martin's dispersed now. This would not stay with nothing to lose this market if there in the first half of its its sixth man. Adams of the free throw line. This country through it's nothing short that's very rare in this hit and mentioned earlier he has a hundred kids active in the nation Christian that's now what. Thirteenth at a shooting 83 point 8%. And it's now 83 yeah that's that. Yeah. But but the truth of the sifted through that for Adam he's got Santa from the staff. Stately flight ninety. Soccer concession full court pressure. It's like this accident as champions like factories and his passes headed up here on statistical orbited. Hands Keylon and it and it drives Roosevelt right wing office create edit out and and on the rebound loose ball salmon on the floor and I think he doubted that not causing it. Now Gregg Marshall instead it's gone off to greet little bit about that last pass and it's definitely kind of slow but he's been incidents not of rankings into the ball game. It's not just we'll have the possession. After the missed three black Christians that's now in transition. Isn't just thirty seconds I'm out Ortiz appeared after. A week off because of traveler coaching goes we've had gone by the united. Gregg Marshall six to seventeen. Why for AJ sports analyst Elliot thirteen degree which roads or heard on united seven. And thirteen thirty minutes and assets just about everybody I've only example on Mondays. Gregg Marshall. Adam shows 68. At eight. You constantly update game against residents. Southern Florida shot 54 point 3% from the field a system that. That wealth since its last of walking through the one. Of the second time all season it's not if you better at them with that misery second or. So much it means Johnson it's hard enough to soccer's resident of the record starts slipped into Willis right if he's got to them the right Watson nurture right back Willis re right way yes but the first thing because they didn't. A long time this. And it's at a soccer ever growing totals nearly 49 place at the 73. Since it was last fall it sees a pretty dramatic guys. Like Adam drives left pull up that was a nice shot. I think Bartlett had a positive you know right thanks shot. And it's well. Backward that a little pressure from the talent that's not that's my favorite 4929. Not a mistake it's. Three drives the lane all the way distance runner. I could slipped out of his little bit short the other Anderson feels that left and it's driving cut off throws that it is a step today. And it pulls it back but nothing right up a lot of markets 68 able to give answers since. But still able to close on the street after the post right back to Anderson last night the people pull up fifteen footer. Let down on the shot that got it he's made a couple of circus shots in his first half and had seven. And 31 with a state much it means you know it's kind of one of your life right. They slides merger with a jumper got caught up. About fifty he's made a couple of good grades got the first half and that's fine but it's not fun to play. 5131. With us today well you know first definitely left that's now part of my game feels all the way to the quarters. And on the wing to Adams. Pulls up announcer the Landis that short rebound but nothing happened going to be tired. And I support that means jobs. What's the right side bulls up jumper right wing it at outage was halfway dad. Add to you've got guys knocked the ball away from each other candidates try to save that kind of stuff. Canada and also different things you can't guys trying to say that form try to save that ball edit managed to bounce it off each other out of it's no soccer which is not just it's still. Out. Half minutes worth of my jeans Johnson snapped when you can't not get back underneath that is if you want to go through staff. Minority at 51 points on the board Willis right wing didn't count that but it's nothing. What's that link over on the way the news on its streets there and that's not. It was those particular industry at this was sort of the rebound to Williamsport. But it up. Now that's hard on the difficult now. As early as the evils of little Switzerland on of the on the drive then they'll have called on the shot. Much news personalities. And it's coming for Christians it's enough. Six to bounce that would be the dad and I want it want it's it's called on the five. Years that's the line at the time some more. Mr. analysis software means village north. After they had some really key injuries early messages at the end averaged about nine points per game makes the free throw. At its authority yet that the the efforts were when we. It was a double figures once in the first six games in seventeen of the last. Leaderboard it does. Well Lou the you let that green light. Rattling but the second free throw yes span Adams twelve. And Anderson was set that you can't obviously my eighteenth at 133. Cents against Anderson crust on one right wing rant yet not yet it is here and it saves the searcher found disdains Jones that the baseline fumbles lost that in itself off. Pair of hits it back to Wichita State that have been at nineteen you know in the first half. But. It was down to his fallen friend here at this case it was where you're not his shackles bright and both now. Not the senate that a box along the lines. James Jones played him in the Willis right of the lines but on the floors debt through got it half hour. Darryl Willis with a chance for a three point again just making it relentlessly to the basket. Well nobody knows the line. Nine times this season. He's shooting as well as he would like to definitely. God is lancet while. Since last fall out on the season 64% but he said he would 7173. Cents. At that. Last year it affected it at that said the war was over about the last seven or eight games this season. Not for Gerald try to complete a three point play than practice that we think the thing. And yet. It got out of Wichita State leave it like 215433. Exactly Kalin at a double team pressed or if it's now NASA. Almost ticked off slightly stuffy and I Adams down the line throws it under and try editors blocks. Good well it's got it right back after the loss but that's definitely the south but there. Oh it's actually a jump ball out over the top it jump ball called acting you cannot. Nineteen on the shot clock one of five Eagles lose them like that month. My way out front and Williams is give it to Anderson. And it's one Anderson the only way out front that cuts both ways right elbow was recently combined hands off Anderson at camp almost Anderson along theory. Way up large bank conflict that is basket it doesn't faces a novelist who are brought into court all the way to the basket. Got him now. I don't feel it no doubt about law outside and I think it's traveled about three cents to forty basis that I. I had a very competent sense that Marcus Stephen Lang yeah. There right now office. It was found well before they decided it wasn't it was trampling of our business line for two shots anyway that was that since I don't have one. Seven nice things. Rounded shape the seven already the first half making it three for three. Free throw line Duffy. Matthews now eight nine as a team and yeah. Jackie in three counties Tyler volley at 68190. Pound freshman. That free throw its best of three that the Clinton Williams yeah. Not and then almost stolen loose ball picked up by Anderson that sort of thrust on line with the. 36. Seconds to go in the first half different thing it's not pocket he's thought about sixteen seconds of the factors we'll get it back regardless. Of leaflets went to atoms that for us a voice trio of friends can't short. Prevents enterprises which. Honestly it brings it up himself down the middle of the floor for the right of life flexibility but nothing about reference can't that is not has to play for one. Fourteen seconds left in the half a flight flight to. Grand champ what I wanna get the figures from Williams flyers over rare event into. Out rebounds. Loose that you cannot get that they've got about three seconds Ollie gets blown away from layout for. The halftime with the soccer's not fights went into halftime score Wichita State 55. Not 33. States that if credit union of America halftime self. Management. 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Visit one of our five locations in which it's awful we dirty Hutchinson elder radio and Salina. Don't they week. Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains from Harding Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball. He's done one of three point 78. Our State's men's basketball team got back to. Playing nice life. It would become expect this of them playing over the last few years aggressive. Scott defense. Great team work. Add tonight so far the first forty minutes they had just built on net and expanded so obviously I'm 55. 33. Every statistical category let's it's not just playing very well again it adds. Maybe the most impressive at an impressive statistic supporters seven. So yes it differs. I just went on the offensive Rampage my thanks. The ball really well against the zone and never as the day's end zone defense caused problems. With our state doesn't have enough to sooners of Oklahoma and the ball movement was Chris they opened before laughter. Responded with you know it's not quite boring and ends at seventeenth. It's a system which does state remembers their country. Assists for the Balkans but they're unstoppable. Wave and disaster and how about the depth. What it's costing whoever trademarks service in the lineup. Seek to respond well and do things like it was supposed to. And we have launched the offensive all the great things that the offense has done but defensively with it's not stages is doing quite well as well. 44 point 4% from the field for a team that's with every reasonable. Smith. What's our state. Has nine different players score. Nine different players had at least one assists eight different players had at least one rebounded quite players have either eight or nine points. Institute Friday fifth infantry they have nice greens as well listen services assists at halftime. You can't say enough good things about so many of these players evidence that. Particularly stark delegates at an ovation very early on three offensive rebounds and nobody else has more than one offensive rebounds. Broussard has six rebounds he has cap of the rebound total. You're listening to the soccer basketball has thoughts rusty I think yeah Americans check out Freddie Mac tip for small business news that he needs to America proud sponsor. WSU basketball. Which doctors also commented on the ports if they were plus thirteen in the game at. Connecticut they're already plus in Latin in the first half and not to have many turnovers five but the soccer's only had since. Certain author's entire first half at a fast pace gave 78 assists are not as bad as the race goes forever and this. We talked about defense these games three feet so might we talked about some areas. That UConn was able to capitalize on to keep the game close in Hartford and that was once off. Turnovers and free throws Wichita State is when he's both of them staff battles from the free throw line it's not aided and have three more. Basically throws that you. And how about those points off turnovers Sox have ten points office. Notice that when you only threw the ball over twice your opponents are going to be able to get points author no that's been on has zero point soft. 5533. Days which it's not safe at halftime. Though it's not the numbers. Come back. The shelter ensure we know landlords and to keep up with the renters and even if they're related. Mom dad. Had just dropped I could just go our way I'm running a little or the month. Not everything works as smoothly as children's records policy that helps cover up in case of fire theft and more wouldn't I. I just moved back and smelled when you means and seeing me in case film. Shelter insurance group of nuclear shelter or readers insurance see Katie Hanley or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay dirt out than derby. 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Let's put aside the numbers look at halftime stats brought to you by KP CPAs and advisors everyone trusted advisor. Stores Wichita state of the first at 5051. Point 4% at 1937. He's been they've got 9183. And a chance. From the free throw line lot of cuts twelve of 2744%. Over 54 bunch of half. Yeah allotment. 336. And a half five eighths. From the free throw line which est plus eleven rebounds 43 it's ultimately some turnovers defiant against doctors at seventy. Miss this on IT field goals. Order not to it would have. All floors of the game with 1259. From the field 33. Employees protested loudly as the so that field. And it's one Anderson with seven points and then just refuse to work Williams and Josh it. That's not unusual. In the game. The first game between the two teams Adams Terry Leary here at Christian that's now. Combined for 53 points the rest of the team scored nine combined. Wichita State. Nine a piece where he'll Boris. Austin Reeves let reached damage Darryl Willis Marcus. All had eight points. Viable product nurture. And then Richard Kelly had to Zak brown the three. And it kind of friend can't get a three point basket. Kelly only two points they've the only shot he took that at six rebounds four assists and no turnovers. And the next time rebound there's harsh and the Willis and the lefty. All three apiece but only with Boris this. You'll Boris had three incidents in addition to his nine points doctors at 5533. At halftime and he did Shaq like 50% off your online order in which time period profit not. Lot of the Papa John's dot com is the problem coach soccer fifty. Receive your shot that this gap. Listening to credit and it of America halftime show back and get ready for the second half right after it. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all chasing one ball arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game but united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHE dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plants. But you're looking for the perfect power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear a watch the big game and then depending Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style. And right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season with Johnson's at 21 NK 96. Eleven states thirteen institution. Some of the nation's largest market. There is power in our side. Over 360000. Student two point six million alumni. Their influence is. And 21 championship caliber sports we compete with the it may go Bob powers six no doubt across the country as. Hey welcome to big not looking for new LG LED and a real wood TV stand on the back. There and over there by the end real wouldn't trade me here what does that mean well the class. Like lead and if you land. I should have gone Hefner. He re not only on how. High quality TV brands like LG but we have one of the large selection of real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our room in the top notch tempering. Shocker courses draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alan Acosta in valley center endangered or an end over what a lawyer. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point Evan JE YE. America has not so it's not a statement if he's not at the half fifty. Five 33 quick look at the scoreboard temple over USF today 7355. Shuffled out if he's intense evidence six the American. Some games that will help Wichita state of the RBIs to power rankings Oklahoma State want to act number nineteen West Virginia 8085. Baylor took down number ten Kansas 8264. Notre Dame surprised Florida State 846900. Implying without Monty Colson has heard enough for the rest of the year. Charleston and Florida Gulf Coast both got their plenty of wins today Savannah State. Is now twelve and thirteen. And quite lost wants in this conference. The FDA stated intention. For the league title in that conference. I've never what they want North Carolina came from behind won by 7UP north Carolina state of the flies behavior one by one that. Great after 45 Miami lost by two at Boston college at an epic battle these slant six members or Michigan State. Seeded number three Purdue 68. 65. Soccer women's data loss to number one on 124. To 43. Fervently for soccer softball team eight tablet. It offered and the women's tennis to beat Arkansas for just the second time. They don't operate perennial NCAA and from Arkansas that your right to start the second half and Dave is always in the game like this that's what it would have tied. Always hope security of soccer coach this matter whatever can maintain this intensity in the second half that at about. The same level of that one of the reasons they should be able to do that might hit the depth of market that's just about everybody that's been in the Balkans. But you don't wanna go ahead and hold your own. Want to go win it. And you treat the late. There's no reason to say well now word the same type of player for the same side sees that we played against the first half don't significantly better than that CD. Philip the second half through soccer sports properties of Wichita State athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors Wichita State's only level of corporate partners spouses flaunt. Delta dental health histories and Cox Communications. If you are considered becoming a sponsor which posted athletics hall shot. 67075. If and it could have brought to you but I'd like but it responsibly. Illegally. A note is that in the first part for you Austin. Seventh in the field. Right the end of the game with eleven points. Performances often the last three games but off starts at nine in the first half of five. Not present for us to start the second half ground not but it is rounds in definitely Boris and please let's start out with him and definitely think it's more free stuff street dribbles left. On the baseline Kelly. Out of the wings have a theory that now know it was doubled to they could that it opens it. The current event and my flight to Athens and now. They. Lately and it gets yes walruses seals equivalent of utmost not edit those ads out of I. They aren't they. Sorry smile on his face as a stimulant La opposite sex acts of history it could have been a little better a lot of it is while there's validity. Yeah. It's not stayed at 5833. Really good hustle play by Shaquille Morrison the Steelers have confidence. In my dad. Plus the time line for food it's now with Williams catches who started the second half of the post spots and and it's not and it's not for a Adams got a background. With the streets of pearls of Google's book called the foul circle of yes. Taylor and Adams was fourteen. Pursuit the second half that you can't camp and across time line that the Florida warrants to act. And it's it's not the handoff to brown could take the street from out front bounces off to let. Rabbis to snap a three time Boris try to keep them alive with two out drive him away lost the handle but it was deflected out. I was it's not a state they say. Janet. Hopefully that is in Atlanta it was signaled the official that he can office. Awfully. You can advance lead against the deflection that they did see it. That's right Adams with the ticket the lane will back. And it's way out front Terry Larry Larry that no one on one on campus students. Face now bounces back to Adams he drives it hard right drops it off Williamson that they want fifteen in and out rebounds Rashard Kelly that's his seventh rebound deficit and that meant because it's not want yeah. Kelly it is called double dribble and he did he had a hesitated. And then put it back on the floor again with the other hand. Which are looked away from the past and start with the weight since the drivel that it yet Frank Marshall. Reading the riot act well up with the players don't like about flat. You don't want them out and be sloppy thinking. Granted that's basically what happens. At Williams left and right hand off letters and turns it over Adam's Adam's lay out the middle as a screen starts right. And throws left. Talent that the alliance humbled that they're gonna call the felon ground snack. If we call for the reach category slapped his hands like he got a hand there is second now first team found to have. Is on the dribbles a free throws here you get a new twenty throughout the end line doctor said. It happened yet already the second half. Lay out front Adams started by brown sets the offense goes left wing Larry behind the screen hits the three flights haven't really got to. Drilled industry and yeah that's it that's here later yours first basket of the game yet against the Shia from Hartford. Boris if it's not handoff resent for a on the left wing machine type host Kelly what silo flotsam and if divorce got deflected up off the glass and a third turnover by Wichita State. After only two in the first. It's night at a one on Monica she ended another at baseline there are seventeen hits again all the senses start to feel it. And you cut nets the lead to eighteen. Just wanted to would have done it got to 4503. In the second half question in the round the right elbow on the block of Morris and it gets banged. These Bobble it for just a moment Kessler added a little to Florida and I think this Carlton banks get to it that's going to be the call. I thought it would his third foul. First team found a half one time and there's marshals since Carol Willis. Out of replacing Eliot van. It's a way alien four continents one there's also checking for the Huskies now it wouldn't go. After basketball on their own basket that program. Baseline. It's that you rightly that can't. By Adams. Right wing. It's not that we're back. Roll. It's definitely below ground that's the last thing out of the layout. Once again like follicles and the big band credit you've got them. That's all guards sprinting in from the weak side up around the he had the defense just looked the way it looked away long enough. It has to be completed now brown has since it's one. Lectures that now is not that Bradford if the free throw line that night he thinks he's got six. It's not a state is not died of Levitt. The free throw line they leave it might want it since Cleveland's world that's the backcourt. Reflected solid bystander at night might have stepped out event. It was deflected it or not guilty by reason wellness and that hustling after it cuts in the editing was kind of stumbling and we ended up stepping out of math he was now. There aren't. Looks like it yeah give it to Wichita State. Ultimately yeah now. I've been Willis re right wing that got to get bounce pass accidentally this news. Almost in his second street of the nineties yet again with statements within three yet it's the Frontline at. NASCAR scored almost stolen by brown Willard drive and a wild shot off the into the backcourt might have been partially blocked my lowest round coverage of the reach. While passing edition of the shots today on the block nurture. Resident there with a orators. If you look goods. And an urgent it is and muscle David and varieties accidentally. Benefits a lot of time with us today. Yeah. Okay. Good to the floor we're at sixteen. It's been a. We'll stick to celebrate near sixteenth and if you know second half. Wichita State 65. Not forty. For children sure we know landlords have to keep up with their renters and even if they're related. Yeah had just dropped I picked up deal or rent check from running a little or the month. Not everything works as smoothly as children return policy this helps cover of in case of fire theft and more with. Just moved back and told them you mean get him in case. She'll through insurance we're in your field we are your children. Or renters insurance he Katie Hanley or Jesse minutia in Wichita or Lindsay did it out than derby. 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A healthy smile is a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider. Unleash your smile power delta dental. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point seventy you want yeah. I just started the second half making three of five shots were put to us they've had made for a five that they want to do that. Three. Wichita State won a lot of things a lot of shoppers hit a tree to start to happen what like 45 if not cut it to eighteen. It as a shocker to come right back with seven unanswered points to get it back to point 564. One and one assist now. And I stayed up 23 baskets five of those for a chart now the Atlantic salmon has full. Roland Garros Willis is the fact him scoring column might he had ten points thus far thirteen. Yeah it was last. Were a period of about 45 all of decency that you don't plan had lost its touch. But it loses that's the resides with a basket in the east including tonight for a sixth in the field one of those is at three point. Not Carolina fans let reach him but markets but nothing Iran under Richard Darryl Willis of Austin reed. I want Anderson for there youth on the top. Carlton. Left wing and a street back to the middle school that left. It's hilarious that alliance that satellites watch 1000 because. That was a pretty good block Willis on one side looked like he was over the top of the the ball. On the other side to that is the now of the second. And now they're gonna actually since the end you're sixties. Bring head of the game tonight on breaks below breakaway here Wichita State 65 you've done for the. Kansas workers provide services and make things that improve life and our communities. They build equipment for safer neighborhoods. They inspire a deeper interest in learning and create products were healthy fun with friends in the first. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps kids as workers to stay healthy and worry free while they're making our communities safer smarter. And more enjoy it. 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This just in Baxter at Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business on Baxter and our whole team that's challenging Financial Times and we're up for the challenge we understand you're depending on your series money now and in the future please give us a call at 3166520101. Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Security investment advisory services offered presaged what financial ink SPF number ten I TC as if it's partly owned and Kennedy's indoor marking names product or is referenced here are independent of us via fax resume is 21 of three north collectively Wichita Kansas and there's a three once it got to 0101 or online at my dash planning dot com shocker forces. Are you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or hazel for a pummel. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GE one yeah. Diet. Boarding what if I stay. Their biggest lead doctors led by 22 at halftime. That had gone. 45 point pitch twice in the second. I change coming out of this time that if snow greens are nothing there. Days merrier handers but Williams guys karlson and Taylor had a for you Scott Jerry Larry your thoughts the free throw line for two was found on a drive to the basket. He is a almost 80% shooting 79 and a half audience. The a staggering statistic. If the bath at the hands. Of it. Materialistic. The second half that stuff and yeah. Mary hearings six seats in the lane and it's here at school averages over fourteen. 155. It's of soccer's great to France and it left side of the floor. Back there right wing theories right what are her. Democratic unity like if there's but it goes to read off the screen right now do Willis. Gambling not that there are three left corner of the art. At bat adequately players in that it crossed that line. It's. Not at 543. Nights tonight is back at him. Mystery drives it. Alliance issues under nice catch my world that is that is going at it was hard task at hand both guys are often gets its second bucket of clout and obviously since the incidents though it should be surprised. All yeah and it's called. Hours to get sidelined them honest it gave us a burst speed Adams tennis immediately experts now. That second round half on behalf of the episodes of the yet it's one. After basketball left sideline stuff deflated. Incident Willis right in front of you know it's art and hold out campus trying to break. While at the geologist for the night and if there's a Christian now. Thirteen have once it shocked when it left sideline. Nothing throws in the back court version with two yet that is it. All right don't put your. Veteran. And a three way. It's his fourth phrase that fourteen. Points and it looks like that stroke is definitely back him over the last two and a half yeah it sure has my 42 point 9%. Success with the last. On flyers tonight 6840. Forged doctor's atoms that that's crossover dribbles bounces let's suddenly Carlton. Carlton if that is when I definitely thought about ticket want to hand it off at a plot to shoot an advocate for the group because regarding your Medicare to try to make it boots and added got to hand after the ball at home that. And that's that called that off that we've seen war at this fear that at Indy five years combined in the system. We think that comfort level with us must be a point yeah its yeah. And a break and adapt. Ross it's time line double teams split the double team down the light over there are left wait Reeves. Possible exits that I have off of your history it's another street throws that he should and that shot today. Fourteen still to shoot well let's let's the link back to the basket not to braves. Snapped back at it got hit I thought shot was blocked by Carlton MITRE got bizarre that's another reason yet stepped back to free itself office just don't have the and the legs. That's not to out drive me Andy stopped and then. Let up at the shot was blocked by a merger that hasn't stopped their gonna smoke free it's worth now. That's Austin's first shocker thirteen that cap that can get it in the act should think that that's not that's not really occurred before it took the job with long. From the depth of the fifth 2000. It's Albert if three threw shooters should mention the first half its fourth before tonight distant points for the quality. Averages fourteen points. He said he thinks about it but he's expected rim to move from. The stairs that led them hold the ball was hit. 49. Mile an Adams averages seventeen point seven. Points per game it's now 143. Merrier fourteenth street and neckties or is it wanted to six and a half. So and it did you know that none of the three leads or shoes. At least four cents. That's because we go one on one moment that stuff and of treatment and fifty or more shots that you thought he would backcourt crosscourt. So much Casey's Jones against the double team gets across time on different camps right wing but definitely I definitely dishes to nurture not a draws the double team out of balance on Anderson reaching in front of the steel. That's going to be his second. And the fourth teen south on you're not seeing their credit. UConn is trying to turn it up a notch on defense pressure double teaming try to create some turnovers. If they have if they have been able to have short. The possessions from Wichita State with. There for example or Korea shocks them enough. That's it's just simply have not waiting for his team's recent accidents street their troops at one. Security needed at their data picked up the right side pulls out baseline shot was blocked about loosen its control by none. Since. That's too bad because that's what's so bad shot win. So much that he delivers the ball well it's it's a tough position with four seconds left on the shot clock there's no waves and get a shot off. They're actually calling it a shot clock violation that I thought. Play event and did you not inherently bad when they blew the whistle but. If you can't volley away Adams got a quick breather he's back in France want answers in Wichita State by twenty to thirteen fourteen to you know theory Larry tried playing against pressure incident Adams. At the socket back picked up at the half minutes. And it's actually cross the timeline so much it means starting and that's it it's now back over to add to guard front right after the Huskies. Atoms within three screen. Let's not throw that kind of moving street Adams vandalized throws up a writer and draws another found. That's got a bit they're gave Golan one on one even want on to the thousands of lodging chains Jones movies that it. And as much as Adams goes one on one field with the free throw line that three times bowl game. Spears third attempt tonight he is one for two of the first half as fourteen points. He's pretty consistently all year long shot over. It. Look debacles. Stan. Double. I think that sent the sample is. That's the only a couple of points that's certainly. 6848. After it slipped the closest we've done it the second half it's exactly Connecticut with 25. Definite for or against threats. Now my thoughts that he didn't think. It's better at camp for three. That's not just a little laughter. I'm not a hits his second Fred good to see him not helpful let's get it is tough and instantly back street and Jalen atoms. It is it's. On the court hotly. Favoring news right now it appears that is it's. Topic actually it's his left link to keep the weight off of it up with teammates from the sidelines so it's painful. Way from. Quietly. Goes to the end. That. Traders check it out but which does state ballot went to three months ball at 6 o'clock. Want him back at it don't we we have said that its own but it's like. Rates. There. That's. Three on our fitness and that's what life aptly Dan back death now left. It's worth it if it rightly that. Right now almost all night you know salary average drives. Alkaline throws a ball underhanded about it. Bottom or France the united it was it felt like what they. Thought it was field. That if he runs that's definitely infinitely that they would call it now Williams experts that if you found that yeah. Odds are not sadness at them priority at this happen. But the line 1206. To go to soccer in the one on 1237. Left in the first. It. Through my friend. Of finance and money it. The line off that's definitely what it meant that he or. On with it this is that a fairly good night and again. That had been bit Horford is that. Obviously by 25 match previously. Now we're at right wing areas do you view that kept it appears that Williams lets us now that's different from the area. But if they could move on the depth of leveling out at the stroke that treatment. That's not nice in Italy's Christian it's now it is there things that six free throws and 33 point baskets. It's fifty point. Sounds cross the timeline kind of a life of an afterthought chance that you kind of think Willis now pass as time went. Up. It's not for a rightly Larry's eyes that nothing cut off in the middle of playing. It definitely are often makes little jump. That little improvisation applied. Are often six. Not states that went up three countries that six for second. I. Jones. Voltage accident in his right now alliant and trust that now. The little black. They wanted Juan forced to watch it. You know in the second half Wichita State 73. Times. Are you doing there beautiful cars into. And what the praise. Yeah 93 lately to the middle of the text of course 9389. But it's more like seventy let me talk to people are willing to do from. My insurance companies Jesse cart weekly hounding you weren't really hard I wanna give it to protect. Deserves. Put out he never on this floor but he says I didn't immediately in the three air freshener DO. State farm. Colonies. Sitting there. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom left you with my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place than meets all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled I'll do my fulfill that Boyd is an understatement. Osce like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. They even have childcare. This up like it when he person whether online off deep I think in life dot com. Twenty real force launch where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's sports on your greens and fresh food is bursting from the best kitchen in sports there's something and continue to satisfy every fan's appetite major game day in new highs with any harsher light for the table when he's full service bar features and then select a draft Beers that are -- to serve that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug so ice cold beer crystals formed our named caves are decked out with tons of these two TV that there's never a bad he now heads for twenty he drinks scenic view -- sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford and remain firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in more pain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE. Update seven victory. 53 and 58 remaining in the second half here. After. I. Are the things that they are outshooting your time 53%. To fifty. It made twelve of 24 threes to six of fourteen for the Huskies both teams have made eleven free throws Chapter Eleven. Testing plus ten on the last six turnovers. That you sons eight. Four of those six turnovers definitely the second half which just days Sox have been outscored by the second half of it and outrebounded by one thus far so it. Society games Jones. The line for a lot of water empathy for all of a drive down the line has not scored yet in tonight's game. Round them up and bounces off and on revenue of office now with the present. That's only in third vested fourteen tries to show up tonight reports are right secularism. Or completely. They have clearly it's now back at Atlantis in his left. Start a fund drinking that apparently earlier. There Arafat but nothing could go one on one with him if she pulls up but an eighteen footer off the factory bad bad edit control by for a fifth time whaling conference adapt itself across the time line. Right that was Jack Morris and his team that. It's likely to Cali. Elliott looks out front lines forest near its credit it kinda crosses over goes right. He is dribble but rightly that the stuff that you. That it's not over to tell. This year Rashard lots Dolores is behind the defense that drive with now what a nice fan at Carleton reacted late Boris was already in the air Carlton now to check with you it is just a little float inside you know you look at that time to start it was a pretty good size guy and they got three. If you. Paula but fairly. It felt cheated him out of his sixth assist of the game. Worst of the free throw line is one for 19 points in the first half has really played in the second half of its free throws. If not voters were eleven of thirteen and now they've missed two that are the line. Alyssa and Lin of the Baath. Taylor and Adams is back again so he went down earlier was listening could tell it was an ankle whatever might have been the thing. The fact the end for them. That is free throw is good for field. He has span Kaiser and it means Jones that's for camp. And it's hazard that guards can only picked up the end or is that right guys had only one that's the first thing like that he had them. At three different times so it's time to line up throws. We'll put pressure almost a steal my Kelly deflected it past that you not covered Anderson's double team loses the handle cases cannot still fumbling Florida at a add it called a timeout that's what it is. Doctors all over ads on handers that he had to call timeout he has loyalty possession and haven't laughed this will be a thirty I believe. Realistic and only one that got left it is doubtful. It is very we'll keep it here and remember the weekly coach's show broadcast everywhere on Monday nights on 97 and thirteen thirty in essence. It comes from eight K sports they'll at the Alley lives of six to seven with Greg marshals of the eight. With Keith Adams ages thirteen. And it's again tonight at 6 o'clock Gregg marshall's life and AJ sports at the Alley thirteenth. And they throw them forget also get online that Marshall. If the yes and it infinity sincerity challenged. These two hours ago with. It's partial raising money for the with a touch sensitive spots hopefully. That that was those days or 74. Points might. They only have two players in double figures 114. Damage the other Stan. Well. Players. It's time with us safe these people because of the balance actually Shaq just got to stand bonuses. Right. They could have 536. Maybe the night in double figures. Things if they get their minutes there's still plenty of time to give them some minutes left to involvement. You can't vault at just under ten minutes of the goat suckers that's like 21. And it's on Anderson left side of the floor completely was looking back to a pet that was their ads having a rough and it's off the street started right in fact left out. Throughout hard bullet pass underneath that I that was touched Mike Kelly I think what it was like it did that it might not just got to you know god it's gonna stay with you cannot. The witnesses yards called upon in making first baseman type short top pick up plus network could quite get it nobody's. If that's. Four on the shot clock the south played a dead man. That's going to be a stepped away by Adams so good at it every bad English. Because if left to. Not afraid to and it's not exact Kelly Wright then of course left lately nothing pops let's lock the poorest kids of their triple team draws with now. He just got but Anderson was behind it the smallest planet in the Arab. And Whaley the previous night. Well they'll want Anderson he has either stat sheet. The giant gets inside against. The world. Matadors. Waving with five and now. Throughout the and so forth three of our for a the line eleven points. That was the fifth foul with 926 to goes it's a lot of free throws that would testing down the stretch. Back to 22 point lead. You'll banks the second. But nice news net. As and it really playing its best basketball. In the last couple. Three weeks and received. An incident back court announced that over two out thrust on line up right at a baseline at the line pass deflected. Clearly goes to Florida State's Anderson crosscourt right corner now to achieve the three. Bounces off prevent DR DR happenings of the Boris jump hook nice follow. I'm vomiting you aren't its first points of the game but. I think that would double team that's different here Connors for eight transit good. As an eleven points is. This officer up nicely for recklessness and I want. Conference champions series signaling he's the nephew phantoms Netflix is now let's wait Anderson got a little lucky our and salad for president as you can count the best and I. Get a planet believe you know shots I'll beat. Shaq gave over and I thought he artist editor grind it to him but it's going to be some experts now at the team's fifth of the half. You know once. Theo wants and if it conflicts have been asked why it didn't do a tablet is not Smart but still 7955. Was assassinated 36 to go. Does the left water at this edition they're just about that prevented if they're picked up patrols with Johnson's doctors. That doesn't double it drops it off of the fittest Melissa. Out of their candidate tan pants executed perfectly. Really nice assistance not yours. The threat court left wing itself for you not out front with a 46 point lead after Wichita State the biggest of the game and it's that he holds twisting jumper off of that prevents you. It's clear up what to make sure this is right. Yes shoppers with 23 assists on 27 passes for nothing for three off the left side of the rim. Telling fighting for the revamp its neutral by Anderson you've done. Anderson affords them little. Florida's passes deflected out of snaps right to fire one down the middle. Had a bad. I'd out of the florist 748. Still to clients with the Sun City now leading. Not even want it to this time. Only I only can this not a recent multiplayer ticket. 100 times the past few we heard you talking to welcome news for most of player taken to Kansas lottery X family of game you can play to score cash and multiply your winnings up to 200000. Dollars wow that's a big bundle of joy who's been taking whose. DT it's just so beautiful introducing the Kansas lottery improve complexity to these are new fresh chicken and the biggest key is slaughtered accompanied him. One company on a mission to put a million people to work to cheer sounds like a big number dozens not to express employment professionals. You're still seeing the operator or welter or maybe you're looking to buy the new job and distribution. How about a forklift operator. Your success can never charged with beatified John the rest of the players professionals and is on a mission to. If you're stuck in your low release listen up if you're over your milestone release upside down your world or just one out of your car or new site can help you today but not least that we continue funnel more or road producers anathema that threaten you or between anything new some awful or -- zero down film on them up after me they're not human performance dial 1800 new news on the visit orders some Wichita about cup with a recruit informants reported to. What can they feel perfect to prevent that you can overdo it in the resistance in the five people Jason won't confuse them. Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita he agent Brad would beat John Green rich Cutler dusty shelf for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seventy. It just paid eighty one's got fifty. Five with 748. Still the flight instructors at age fifteen a 463. Point attempts. That is now the fourteenth time this season that was to our state has made. Fifteen times last year. Thirteenth. Tied his season high at the third time. Factors that may thirteenth they've made fourteen flies and fifty licenses. I think network. It was edited at thirteen for nearly if you they haven't quite been able to get up at the top we'll see long way to go. Jack you're shooting 54%. Overall 61. Out in the second half on 83 team. We've done 45847%. The second half if not all of their baseline. But it unity at a lot out of the way Kalin and it's. And it had to get out front left wing it now. Not guarded by chance but that twelve to shoot it over to Matt Williams right laying Adams. Atoms off the screen throws it across court Anderson shots and it drives it but that's the traffic we've got a nice drive finance wanted it that night. No one of the reasons which Dustin she's recently analysts. Then on it's not a very good defense. Only got a the lot get this close I think like Sam and I couldn't see ghetto street by the officials it was all the evidence out of bounds off you've gone. Guns frequent instances it's definitely. As a matter three in the last four ball games. There are. 7%. And it played in the baseline. There and then logically out threats should feel more of the CJ Kaiser right sideline hands off him. Let me ask for a drives it gonna go all the way to the basket and applause not to lay out of advancement of Ratliff was palpable. And but I it's gonna grab them the way suckers keep that from the baseline thirteenth on the shot clock and 707 left in the game and certainly him. But with kindness and I'll. Him and along faucet in the backcourt snack wrap those cases yeah very. What's the time line that is 73 rounds over to Kelly. That's not the guy you take out of somebody's drive that Colbert keiser got it up and tied it. And I applaud the shot clock violation I would we talked about this earlier. One down. It's unfair to prevent it received the ball because it's probably missed shots at stance on something like that iTunes that. Recently. That there. Marshall got on grounds for taking so long been getting to Kelly did not start. Haven't styles on the clock Anderson left wing Adams. Pull up and bags off rebounds presently have to get that would like he's got a snuff these cuts of thrust at time lines. Right elbow clearly enough money tonight that's the Ellie Ellie try to keep hands enough grounds act that sort at. At this data for the lions coming times staff working out of season. Let's work a lot the last two games those two granddaughters Shannon sixteenth from Landry. Greg marshals said after the matches it is rate cut. On the right way Williams play right to add up to 8357. Was just honestly my flight 6601. Ago and it instantly you know it's not. Dribbles left. The legs would describe it does happen over to Adams three right way gut feeling atoms. This is second three point basket of the night with ias nineteen points of growth. Evidence for a court hands and nothing more it's not thrive Jack that's. Only left the key addition popping back up front left wing around that. Horrible pass crosscourt. Keiser was kind of cutting in toward the he whole area. Processor like so yeah it was way out on the wing and it apparently Kaiser. Browns haven't. Read these yeah. It's not a worse than it was. Not all of them but when it please if we. Can't want it it's not what five point 836. And it's that it feels now Atlantic. Went up for the total that was nice in the month. I'm not fluently it's not one handed and slanted news that's war that it's bottoms the Sox offense like that. Nice lob and a great finish reefs retreat that way since north rebound Morris goes opt. As that followed would go rebound Cali snap throw get to the left hand I think that's 3000. Yes. I definitely was sixth on state after 8562. And it's right way crossover dribbles double teams. Still that it ride at an advocate column that balance tonight. The negatives. A little bit about the body sixteen value cannot let about it as if I was on the dribble. Terry Larry your packet for you cannot. If somebody's got to check yeah. Got six guys that Anderson it's going to be the one at the bit but it went on the shot clock camps in completely out threat Williams and over malaria. There right that'll. Anderson left way down the left slot Williams spins baseline that was the cause of it and all of a sudden. There's opponents really close and so on Kelly's going to be his second. You know the business and it's. Just say it places field on us. That most likely done for the night exit twelve points. And it's not as if I 43. Double figure points for the seventeenth time this season. Players. This year as. It's rested him marked the latest results as I see it ties in with the that is good on those he has excellent and it's why it's. That was awful and our right. He's that link hands off him thinks that's not right. That was done right you know the plot to our Muslim display and it had a shot blocker behind its slot for behind people it's not likely happen though Adams left where it three in transition and off the market rebounds. It's all five Williams that's reflected you know that's and it's. Little floor Larry for a five to you know itself over to Adams. Out of its way out in the sense that you line those estimates that he would leave the bus at three. Crosses over it helped off the street but Dark Knight rides rough underneath Whaley little hesitation the are upset they're like that it just now finally. Soon rebound hits the signs. The crowd excited about it I don't. It's time out we've already got an. We will remind you it was a shocker there on the road the official watch party location is Tito's Billiton upwards at the southeast corner of 21 and let us. Some bikers watch parties for a chance to win great prizes courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and he does Phillips at Portsmouth instant watch party location. We're shocker basketball. Well nobody works and harder to guard he's always the first one out here before the ball and two hours before the points. Shooting and all kinds of drills. He's gotten to eight games now this is the ninth game that he's played in with us statements not gone to free throw line yet. The interesting to see if he has a soft enough touch him I would think that he put my feet. Shows that it works out for the game. Well he. Got to the lines institute exhibition games and made five of six. It's time there this is they've sent the first time in the game that counts. As doing has scored eight points in eight previous games with a high of war against you in case it. First opportunity get a wild but two points on the board at 349 to go stock is up. 85 to 62. Wichita State has now scored at least seventy points it is what it wanted to 44 games at this is the fifteenth. Time this season if they have scored eighty. War war. There are also going to win by ten or more for the seventeenth time in at 24 game. They've mentioned factors that statistics that this is it rebounding margin. They're also twelfth in the nation historic market outscored their opponents by thirteen point nine. Doctors held opponents to sixty. Game three of the last four ball games. For the defense is talking about now with 349 left in the ball game I think field. C. UConn probably getting at least as many as seventy points this stuff come down and check it out for. Quickly but with our State's defense not quite as good in the second half. UConn shooting 47 point 6% in the second half. 45 point 8%. On the evening. Soccer still sitting at thirteen trays are now thirteen of 2748%. 51%. From the field overall. As guards in the guard getting some free throws here again you know it's not seeing anything getting rid of two exhibition games when he made five of six. Seven feet 270 pound freshman from Denmark. There's enough. Nice. Imagine what this place it's not like they can get it done some time before this. Responsibility. Love the big guy if he could drop another two years. Too hard on naslund long rebound to Terry Larry just got a little too much on that would. You've got ball they're down 24. Right wing Christian the town. That's not adequately gives them the Larry others. Will dribble right cross court itself pulls up but a foul. Gonna be high user. With a hole down low you were committed defensively. It's third now it seems now this is the in the active shooting anyway for Christian it's now. French camp that means Jones declined to come back into the shocker with 335. Play. Christian that's now six for six from the line fifteen points in this insanity. Dan Maclean associate. Utilized about the ball. As. It's probably that it's and he. You've been phenomenal they read through it. 68 for Christians it's now Landry champ at Boston Braves check out it's it's safe to say that. Landry's over the doldrums that we saw from certain yeah it was six. Is that it. And treated. Never force. But that's about it. Please perfect tonight. In one yours. That's basically it's. Afterwards it's pressure. On us on the right sideline although they line goes dead and lays it. Really nice thing underneath my heart stopping traffic coming the other side. Please let alone they excellent data agency let's let's. It there's two floors of not. Soccer thankfully fluently earlier three throw off the back aren't laundry that kind of thing without looking down court that there. Your blood threatens the way through things to develop left wing announced lots of them will flock to their. Rondo effectively end of the line right and it just gets job you know while. At that stage of the game and not blow it but it's not it's definitely for. Talent alliance for a fight side. And it's three. And Adam. That's that is what that is there for. Us at 867. It's lower prices. Left. If not. Tonight to take the long theory. Other threats have a long bomb friends. That's a phrase it this 9167. Honestly I think we both bath. Larry thrive that is on Tyson alone now. On Italy France can't he's got a really disgusted look on his city's streets did it deflected it away with a good involves. Ninth 2000 you'll want to watch. Or you're not Fred. Dance Canada. Up that hard it is the end. Taylor Milan is in crisis bush sexes CJ Kaiser. Greg marshals played everybody. Now they could only sit fifteenth. Floor conference games the price of bush ticket who'd lost confidence alternating who's who's out there makes the free throw. A four players in double figures. Right we've so that Boris with twelve ranking him fourteenth and enlistment. Oh so good this time rebound tip for the quarter chased down Michael Williams over the Larry's. Not thick a couple of dribbles needs Jones stated that if it spins rough underneath it supposed to be. But going down the baseline is about three feet behind it and Libyans. Really angry at his teammate had a very nice yeah really facility. Now. There's no place for that. That's that players should be fooled them. In Milan across the timeline that would you know it's not percent 916846. Of loan dribbled right. Slightly behaved enough about it right into the light all the way to the basket got it blocked from behind out of bounds little snippets which does date that was follies. News caught from behind not that way and at 37. On the game clock thirteen on the shot clock is prices bush vetoed it for. Baseline he didn't make guys defensively have quickly deaths. And President Bush this credit cut by hand sounds a lot it to Metallica's been done with both hands. It's not like sell him on the on the level of loss there he's got 1991. To seventy which. Does say that 43 remaining. In Milan in the front court. No right in The Who has left wings it means you know it's not front yard now is that quality of these things. And enough Redding had a couple of Balkans loosen it by means Jones facilities are not because we certainly see it means not skip Frye Anderson. Throws up front runner gets. You know guys I semis yeah. With that they've got five guys slid into the bench with guys with the incidents seem delighted that it benefits or lose him down but I think. At least that's that's that it got to give the scores here averages. It's now with the alliance throws it over to holly. Incident delayed a semblance of logic means. It's not the plot with 43 seconds left. To the lines Tyler following. Khalid only about twelve minutes a game two points per game that you could shoot free throws and thirteen for fifteen. From the free throw line we both sides talked about the oddsmakers really understanding. Which stated. Favorite ones so. That's. One. Which does not prevent the society you know while it may want it to us by a 371. The latest war still about it. Well led to a second difference it's not a lot but that message to block the dark circles under reverse. The glass lenses. The other side and we'll. At. More obsolete by the now this that the got a couple of things not now it's not Kalin Malone. I cannot I just don't understand all of a sudden these guys to start to blow the whistle on everything here at the period of the games. Once accepted the other end would even write his book. This will be three shots for the town and is eight for eight from the free throw line in the Malone spurs now. ID 571. If you honestly. The oddsmakers greatest little safe and makes the first when. Now nine for nine the free throw line as twenty points he has twenty adams' 22. Shots you're still a hit like 23. Nineteen seconds left it shock you lay out the clock that free throws good. Do you think that you've done press that the fifth. At the net Tuesday through these different analysts give the benefit. Two victory over death without it. That was yeah that's pretty impressive free throw shooting performance like fifty it's now eleven for eleven at night they're not going to France let's. A long walks up to cross the timeline of doctors who would have liked what I want. Olympic clock run out put the final score Wichita State 95. Not seven influences and obviously the season series from the Huskies. 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That's a switch atop at WE dot org slash expo and we are glad Entercom can't. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alan Acosta in valley energy and think for an end over what lawyer. Listen for all WS. UY which did. It isn't that ignites us with Dustin. An impressive 9974. Way to. Over is not good idea Charleston affiliate of this disease Johnson plus Kate Snow brought by Johnson is what experts debate ideas that you'll find so much more. Then it suits. As you're getting into your car please remember to drive safely your drive off of the game right if I can't just flat tire service is great tires professional auto service. Are always a slam. You noted that we've talked about seven out of the half was. Sick of this backers maintain their intensity level and concentrate the second half I thought they did a very good job that I thought they really finished off that nice forty minutes before. They really did my there were a little flat defensively and on the kind of caught fire went on a seven to nothing run. To get things going in the blink of and I'm really happy very very quickly. You know you play a team like this that struggles. They've lost an awful lot of ball games out twelve and thirteen on the season. And you think oh my goodness gracious it's a game that went into this game this shipment that that's a pretty good athletes may have some fault it's. And even though they have a 500 record of not just one game less than 500 they've been outscored by four point two points per game and both the game's pretty close. For Wichita State just manhandled the and they can't help them billions fireball. And it's a team that doesn't it will feel like Wichita State with the whole thing is a matter of fact. Cincinnati lost at least by eight points not terribly long ago or beat this team by eight points is enough. Wichita State get so many things well that plus sixteen on the boards they had 24 assists and just nine turnovers. Adds a lot of different people scores they shot 52 and a half percent for the game 50% to 375%. From July. You've got a pretty good chili peppers 47%. 38 for. Three but Wichita State really just dominated every phase of the game for its tire run up the ball they. Did and I thought the pace was set right off the bat fireworks are fairly. Five rebounds. In the first four or five minutes ends up with 105 of them offensive rebounds. So by himself he has ten rebounds in the entire. The entire UConn team has point four rebounds its estimate Wichita State out rebounds but sixteen. That's a real problem for them and the leading man on the news this column. Chart Phillies numbers. Do you know it's from Wichita State issue. Ed somebody may look at the score then noticed that UConn outscored its doctors at the second half 41 to forty. That while it mattered it really wasn't that close and UConn only plate these guys basically two Brothers played very few minutes stand. Three of them played 2935. Minutes. Which does state played all fifteen players they really spread out the minutes and as you pointed out Dave the last two and a half three minutes. Which doctors had the very end of the bench on the floor so eleven through fifteen. And you count was still play at the start Huskies were playing their starters that makes sense that I feel bad for the kids that allowed workers they have practiced it and and for which took a state might talk about the balance the bench scored 46 points my heavens sakes that's close ups many points purple team scored. Matter Shannon played more minutes than anybody from the shock the team he just got off the bench within 23 minutes of work at the city needs so. Greg Marshall very very clean and very good with a number of minutes to be assigned to these players. That is our game recap for a few but you know in the pick coming it's coming and coming manager from little defensive DUI laughter but with just not give them a call 2641548. Or is it still coming to LLC cup coming to coming flow where your knees. Always come first and we will be back with you on the Johnson's post game show moment here. But you're looking for. For the perfect power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear a watch the big game indeed they had to Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style. And right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets tough coach an overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season with Johnston at 21 NK 96. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're gonna find out just how powerful a mile first. For me with no money. 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He's not toxic cleaners like baking soda and vinegar to clean your kitchen or bathroom. It all starts with just one thing buying tips and more at one thing US dot com. What you're one thing. Shocker ports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or hazel for pummel. WS shocker basketball is on 03 point seven. GUY and. This Monday. Our strengths and homeless went back to. Margarito did not state ID five you've got 74 is that doctors scored 95 points. You get 25%. Off all shocker merchandise tomorrow but he had flocked replication east. Or west 25%. All the soccer stuff tomorrow only you'll be happy to say I got it. At tat let's go inside the numbers look at the final stats brought to bite the TV AD CPAs and advisors. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours we kind of went over some of these Wichita State tonight 52 point 4%. Fourteen of 28. From 350%. Fourteen trays in a single game as the new season high for Wichita State that made fifteen of twenty from the line. For 75%. UConn 47%. 38 from three on eight of 21. And also 75 on eighteen of 24 which is testing out rebounded them by 1640. 224. Attackers had fifteen offensive rebounds to five. And each team had nine turnovers which to us to 24 assists. You found eleven that's actually kind of a high water mark for you cut they only average about nine assists a game. Attackers with 24 continue to add to their average which was third in the nation coming in. At nineteen regain its not UConn had Christian the challenge him and Adams with 22 points apiece they got 44 of their team's 74. The Wichita State Landry chabot sixteen points three rebounds four assists one turn over it may fourth six threes have two really good shooting games for him in a row. Cotter French camp breaks out of his slot. Hitting four of five from three and scoring fourteen points Connor over the last four games. Had only covered last five games that made to a sixteen countries that had if you really good for him to get that going tonight. Twelve points for Shaquille Boris in just twenty minutes of action. Ten points for Darryl Willis Boston Reeves with 93 of seven country run out of surgery at seven markets which got the eight. Richard Kelly's that brown was six he's killing of another one of those teams like he's been having a lot. Just six points but he was three for four from the field ten rebounds. Five assists and just one turnovers my jeans Jones had four points tonight. Three for as Bjorn in the garden his first action in quite awhile. And CJ Kaiser did not score but had four rebounds and he has twelve minutes of action so a lot of different people contributing and against them. Encouraging performances Shanda had started make a couple of threes in the temple lost that shot it really well that's the shoots it really well again that night I think it's safe to say he's back. His normal term he's gotten well. And you know you wish you could have some of those games back with the same time. And while we're used these game right now and the confidence is there and I don't think the players have lost confidence in him respond so well. That defensive player of the game was rescued by got you covered with a lot to control polite in your living increase privacy your bedroom were transformed look at your kitchen got you covered has the right with the treatment solutions for you call 3166127000. It got you covered with it's not dot com mentioned the shoppers. Get 10% off any order that she covered serving. Wichita area. Well and I don't know individually I'm going to throughout the name of somebody. That. That we didn't single out during the ballgame. But I checked more its really control the inside quite well I thought and UConn scored sixteen points and partly that's because. They're poorer people would pass the ball into the thing. But I like these that job chat boards and a lot of jobs are and we didn't size and it was indicative of the way Shaq is playing consistently now that one pass to the high post he deflected it chased it clear cut to half court keep up the tree for every had a rebound play like that it that this is that we took one of the best if she's to all the way out the on the top he would choose. And that would have been a second. What is fourth insisted that had been completed so he's been a complete ballplayer as a matter of fact for most of these and I think that's seeking support him. Illustrative. We'll happily give the defensive player to check coach Marshall will be joining us for topped with Connors or player of the game presented by the Kansas lottery. Because says it's good to see him get that done trip has the feel good game for him. And he also presents us with our put it in the deep freeze play of the game brought to you but one. Guys killed the gophers can't. Canada left with nothing left block or it's. Right side Fred camp for 3COM. It into this justice afraid of I have an elitist who denies the fifties thanks to snack locate it next confidence with a nice pass sentence but it's not a themselves. She kill our national forest with the S and that was a particularly good pass because he was left bloc had sought Conner foot opposite way and a just typical of some of the really just passing shot and maintenance check it have an open shot he's trying to help this team made it started that. Not respond yet there was another one with a ball what does that whoever caught it inside actually had a potential shot kicked it out on the wing to reach who had an open shot. And he kicked it to sham that is heading wide open shot at the top which he made at this point four assists. Gregg Marshall joins us presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million to work in disaster before the games and after the that this team hopefully we've got a team that picture looked like it tonight. Especially in the first half I just thought we played some beautiful basketball sharing the ball seventeen this two turnovers. In the real sloppy as it is something I don't know how to fix that. I'm so disappointed that we can't come out of the locker room with the same passion that we that we have a big lead. But we just. Played very ho ho ho home and in the circuit. We got a lot of guys minute. We got a lot of good performances. Kelly Kelly's rebounding is just another level when he's doing the basketball with Tim. Ten rebounds 51 turnover I thought he was tremendous. The month stars gave Conner his shooting ability back and I don't lager that movie with with Michael Jordan led the boat. And of all the Bugs Bunny and those guys. Four for five I think he was. In where he was shooting great as well. Really unselfish we end up with 24 is only nine turnovers but just it'll lock in the second half the game was sloppy you know in the second half they they. They really tried hard to make the game that we. We just kept to that date was 26 down 20/20 any format that was that was spread most of the second hair but we outrebounded by sixteen and now we get the look forward to Thursday and hopefully. We can turn the tables to. And it's a good job playing different players. That played the models only won three minutes yet you had nine players that we. You know we get some good looks they were changing defenses they have zone we have. They had the man to be working we just continually. Got. Deep in the in the the ball in the paint. Sometimes we were trying to finish of the tires were fine shooters outside we did a great job of executing. In the first half seventeen to two. Assist to turnovers in the first half. You know we were just talking about this that you sat down there was one play of the first African rivers caught the ball in the lane at a later they actually probably had a shot themselves that they saw Reeves open out here on the way kicked it to here and and besides champ that was made even more wide open he wasn't passed it to him make. The three we did that a lot just very unselfish. Marcus did tweaked his ankle a little bit so we'll have to get him. A lot of treatment between now and Thursday hopefully it will be harder and and that you know that has grown and we got AJ you and they really get some valuable minutes in in in crunch time. Well it's a good feeling managers at temple admin and here but it kind of looked forward second. Yeah and they wanted a big so they're they're continually improving their RPI there. Street to schedule whatnot so. It'll be a big game force of the team that that they're very well coached a lot of talent in. You know we can he for the way again so we need to really Kamal ready to go get forties to prepare tomorrow be they obsolete the coaches of the work tomorrow but the players. Will go Monday Tuesday light Wednesday in preparation. Coach Gregg Marshall presented by expressive one with the state winning this one. 8574. Over time will come back to close things that. They're cold they're making you shiver even indoors call the pros and comfort and they can tune up Urals furnished or installing new clinic system. Heat your home now and pay overtime with a month finance it. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate at 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems done now. Comfort zones is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. 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With the locker room show front twin peaks east at 21. At rocks and other things coming up while we have is to vomit. It or not baseball starts next weekend change now we'll have the shocker series from the state Lake Charles, Louisiana Friday Saturday Sunday. Doctors men's basketball team with temple here for the rematch on Thursday night course chapters just two weeks ago to that date. Lost eighty. One or two pointer in overtime in Philadelphia really tough laws so. That the motivated to come back yet even the score for the season and then one week from tomorrow which doctors finally have their first meeting. With league leading Cincinnati in the queens cities and will be looking forward. After plane. With the company games that the 25. Games. The clinic by defensive effort once the game. They year they got it setup for TV who reloaded and of course it's that it come back here for the last it. Other regular season 25 or ones that the him. Of course one of our fine sponsors to Boris carpet outlet at Forex that are really at T Forex and restore these days. Limited Hardwoods carpet area rugs file whatever you'd be for your floors they have it art supply. Great selection and because of that march supplied really good everyday prices. You'll find better prices on quality material anywhere. And then they capital offers great service very courteous to help you find exactly what you want though high pressure would be Florie. Cozy bars have restored eighteenth sixteenth. North Broadway. Kind of waiting for her friend can't to join us hopefully he'll be out here is who haven't talked to him in just yet there was probably some feelings of relief for him after eight. Five games sloppy which he made two of 163. Point shots he made four of five. Two nights of twice as many in this one game he made the previous five that you could just tell. That he was feeling it late a couple of those if you want way out there and show out of with the ultimate that. Well this is before the game that you scored double figures I mean he's shooter and there are lumps that players have with which to date to do was well we're capable of doing they're gonna need a hot hand conference camp and showing that he's ready to deliver again. Shocker shooting and shooting 52 and a half percentage you mention Dave's only time they had shot 50% recently was back to which it was about seven games that they child wants percent. It was SMU. They really didn't even shoot it that well at Memphis in the win in united at about 42 and a half so. 52 and a half tonight is certainly it. You know a big step in the right direction 50% from three others mention again that fourteen trees. He is a season high. Ties with the third most under Gregg Marshall they've had two teams with fifty threes here is to it here. And it's the fourteenth time this season that the Packers have made ten or more threes thinking that's the new season record we've still got a lot of games now that'll happen but it just have them. He three point weapons of Mike you were talking about how which I stated struggled from the field we brought this statistic up a couple times during the ballgame. It four of their last five bowl games they had just shot forty point 1% from the field that would have really difficult time. That was due in large part because some that are leaned upon scorers were producing like they normally do with people were back into the rhythm again. And as a result Wichita State children by shooting 52 point 4%. Coach Marshall mention things got a little sloppy in the second half and there was sort of flurry of turnovers early and have they still ended up. With just nine for the game they came in the game averaging and even twelve per game. And that was 69 best in the nation but that number keeps coming down they keep getting better better than area and getting back to. Where they were last year and the year before they had. Couple of that you know best seasons in school history for turnovers for you. Well and Mike what you guys about eighty you over the possessions. By turnovers possessions as. Anything that you have to be worried about for that makes it nine turnovers if Wichita State averaged about turnovers on the season they beat the white. And that's about where they can. Seven point seven turnovers a game through the last four that we believe that under control. In fact there record and a great Marshall was nine point three. Three years ago well they've only been under to hand twice it is to hear it. Twelve point two was still in the top five coming into this season so really this is a pretty darn good season for not here sure it is especially the pace of the game. I mean there are so many more the actions some shots some more points. And that leads it it beats itself to having worked turnovers which does it actually takes care of that. Carlos hopefully we'll have our fine sponsors was born in 1981. And to celebrate there but it. Come to any Carlos apparently to get to full size entrees and Cilic caiso for only 1981. It's really good deal would you ordered the case tell them Zach and JR's century yet seen commercially try to find them tonight. I start the game is brought to you by the Kansas lottery not sure we're gonna get talked to him this evening so this mention that it's kind of French camp that fourteen points tonight. On four of six shooting for a five country to have to lighting makes perfect from the free throw line for the season. 22. 22 we also had one assist. And no turnovers he is far away. Has the best assist to turnover ratio in program history there's Cotter at better than four to one. Fred bad lead at better than three to one and then Landry shipments there two point seven. One of the three best histories. Well when that thing at feet and passes them on local residents. I don't think we're gonna seek confidential we're gonna send it on. To. Dead and Bob. That stay tuned for that could that's always fun especially after shot you know other knowledgeable and clever and they entertainment calls very well. Repartee between two of them it's fun to listen to though. Hopefully people will hang on in there with the men and have a lot much things to say about that shocked the way. Jointly with Bob and Jeff on the Wednesday night showed but for 24 our weekly shocker that's doubts this segment. And oh. I've briefly to stuff like that we're going to name the the shocker of all star teams from the seventies and eighties that's coming Powell or excuse that's. But it's. It's from. That's great. All right that's gonna do it we appreciate you being with us. Ted and Robert coming up next from twin peaks east. That would do it for your next Andrew Hamlin for is always excellent work in the studio Armonk easily tracked him down scores so force force. Nothing. Major news on the scoreboard that some good wins four shocker opponent today you Rupert Kansas Oklahoma State at West Virginia. Notre Dame over Florida State. Florida Gulf Coast in Charleston both got twenty wins those all help Wichita State in the RPI and so forth. Alabama knocked off number fifteen Tennessee. Number two for him yeah. Loses in overtime goal at home. To Virginia Tech while painful awful I hate to lose to its archrival Amman Hokies are friends are on this really pleased about that sixty ones that you have to retrieve it at 23 and two. And of course Villanova lost earlier this week in Saint John they want to stay over Butler. Michigan State beat Purdue two days of Michigan State could possibly jump all the way from four to want that shot or should move out them for 41. And 22 that'll that'll be coming up Monday if you're curious tomorrow the NCAA tournament selection committee at some point it is going to release who they have as their top six teams right now. For the term if shoppers are in that group anyway. And Bob coming up. Coach shows Monday night starting at 6 o'clock for AJ's sports grill at the Alley and then Thursday night temple owls in town first time since the mid eighties that they visit this kind of and David out here to have it for is starting. With a pregame show with time that game pregame show at 5 o'clock and 6 o'clock while nothing could compare with John Cheney. So that's definitely an upset about that. Well we'll have it. According to very bad debt thanks for joining us today joined the rest of your weekend shocker what it over you've got 9570. Pool. You've been listening to shocker basketball on one of three point seven JE one you. Crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare just slid tired Carlos and Kelly is Freddie. 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To twenty the ultimate sports watch where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there ports on your greens and scratch who is bursting from the best kitchen in sport there's something on the menu to satisfy every fan's appetite take your game -- in new high with any harsher light from the table when he's full service bar features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that a teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of these two TV there's never a bad he now heads for twin peak in drink scenic views. It's a shocker locker room show with her dad does sports fan and special guest I'm lose 1103 point seven. Welcome to the soccer locker room. Oh tonight glad to have you witness on a Saturday night. And folks that. Folks at spoke arena got to enjoy soccer win tonight first time you saw today at home for a couple weeks shots beat. Connecticut's. 9574. Tonight. As the stocks grew to 95 to get a season sweep over the Huskies winning both home and road. And it's not once again back in sole possession of second place in the conference at nine and three behind Cincinnati. As the Sox get four players in double figures tonight restart Delhi get double figures and rebounding. And Bob the soccer's. But get there pretty solid effort tonight in taking care of a Connecticut team that is having. Scruggs I've been properly introduced yet that there did you discuss them is Bob Malone well I get the a three feet reproduce that includes a special guest Bob blues cited in the that he had introduced you know it's very important you know it is. Thrilled to clear that he lies along with you are meeting introduce you ballots that. Relies on wheels left the arena that we want to get the woods you analyze you and that you make park and across I don't know whether. Yeah and I'm in the underground garage eco green with a impressive win that night was suckers they really. Can't look anywhere and not be impressed shot the ball well didn't turn it over rebounded. Defended them in this great overall effort alive with say. Snapshots picnic at the 41 point win tonight it and a lot of good things going on this as a shocker locker room should know. Ted Woodward and Bob loops with you here tonight relied between peak cities which song which is bustling tonight a lot of folks are here in pretty good line how much gas sufferers to get in even mean at that we've gone through a lot has to get this show on the air. We're here it's when he first brought growth were here after every shocker games we'd love to have you come join us after soccer action. And it's sweethearts week here at twin peaks and leading up to saint Valentine's Day on Wednesday at a good time. You know. Valentine's Day while my favorite politics and what about Q I didn't realize that. What about you class is that as holidays. That you enjoy and author. That is as long as I get little chocolate coming my way I don't want I'll buy you sign on it you know it's a good day it's a good. We sat by Heather at soccer games there 140 years now. It's about time that I thought she's. Move they Belgrade to the game the day after about actors you know we'll see how that rolls. Everybody's heard the shots at the 21 point win tonight. If you wanna join us that's why we're here because the phone lines are open at 8691037. Theory noticed 316. 8691037. And our first caller tonight is Al let's go right ahead Al you are on the locker room zero. Like Mac called out but. At the moment we'll do regarding outside. There's not a some romance and now. And what are DeWitt had not been much are bump and Matt. I think that the yeah. The American caught. It yet. That stalkers come over the conference. Under the like Memphis and Connecticut they're mayor felt what they used to be and it's really the only other side and added that performing well. Here. My. The the latest. Joseph minority not that he. The end all at this shocker that the number six speed in that experiment. I even wonder they were running roughshod over the valley at this point if it would never exceed. So I think yeah I think that he had the real benefit these yours and the American conference it's been good for the soccer. But I think the American conferences when it really makes an out call on this. I would eat that while. Certainly. The American has benefited tremendously from Wichita State joining the conference. I think the best days of the American coming up and I do like Memphis and UConn. I think temple will get better temple the devils already at my pretty well. Two lions had a little bit of a bounce back from awful. Awful season last year. Cincinnati's gonna remains strong we believe in Houston with Kelvin Sampson. I think there's still opportunity here and no question is better. Conference and the Lutheran rally but now Wichita State's list that the Americans. A profile immensely. Not at all. Albums beard yet. That's. Thanks for the call Al yeah I mean now. This is the conference I mean the ballot isn't citizens once again conference pointed I want to get one team in. Loyola is having a very good year they're 21 in five that if they don't win the valley tournament. Not only they don't have they don't have enough used to get an at large business and also the valley is a one bid league. Rise and and in Wichita State's coming into the American and this the seemed to. Probably going to get 3 AM. And things go all right maybe they get. For right now Cincinnati which does take cues that are you know are in. Temple making the case. With some really impressive wins another won loss record. Isn't great but they believe the offer that these movements in the deep within a lot of quality win and you have a lot of thought and felt. Woolsey and offense and you get shake no back which seems like he's. Close to returning. He'll be back by the time the soccer's go to Dallas to play them. There are good basketball team to that young men and there were thousands of breast and perform that once they put on both arena early. Soccer's when it tonight over Connecticut 9574. Was the final score Sox improved to ninth. Seen in five on the season 21 ranked Wichita State. It's sixteen points from Landry Shannon. Fourteen at a Connor frank can't off the bench that doesn't for Zack Morris ten point 40 Darryl Willis off the bench. Rashard Delhi had ten rebounds to go along with five assists for charred nearly let the team in assists tonight non. And an act. I'm never surprised what he does. He one of those guys we were we were remarking during the game about what. Vicious offensive rebound and I packed the Lafayette five offensive five defensive rebound. He looks for guys he's just a tremendous player Yeltsin's team enormously. But I got another problem I ordered the red beard yes and it's and put amenities that they put that other. Whenever that other stuff is isn't Tabasco is not as someone or not the Basanova that's it did it's let's just put it this way. It's not that there's. A bit. And plus it's going to take care but it's a thought we're taking care of our unit go to at least pay tomato. I. Thank you are there you go out. That stuff out but do we know what the red lows. He explain enough now that I got some it sometimes I make that mistake on it's another kind of made note okay this is not the same model. Now is that what it is outstanding pentagon. Is yes yes I'm okay. All right got to get you fixed up we'll get to what you need. Shots when it tonight 9574. Over Connecticut at the arena shot shoot 52%. From the field. And shot yet the 21 point win in what was the lead in half and 42 so wanna work great in the first half was just really really solid basketball. Seventeen assists to turnovers. When they come they're capable playing it at a very high level and I don't wanna get out the first segment were. Remarking about how they got another guy on again tonight conference can't. Who missed the first shot. And he's three pointer. And made the next four GAAP and had fourteen points tonight so you get him go on it looks like the Lander shammond is certainly back. He was four of six possible reasons three at seven tonight. From the from the arc. What are you you're not gonna find three. Marksman like that on many cities. In addition out of the Bart Conner had not scored in double figures in five games in a row. It's been a while it has been awhile and it's stressful for me and in my house because my wife. Sees is the big companies and nay votes and it know when honor frank generally you know I'm as it is. Both Serena. Mean even Steelers both Arenas people really are pulling for him they really pull for him as they do all the stuff yes they do but when it's a guy that's from here and they play in the city liberty. There's something a little fuss about that and I really always has been. Throughout with a stick basketball this would like to see the local guys do well. That's truth shots when it tonight 9574. This is the soccer locker room so we're here at twin peaks cities which he thought when he first and rock. If you would like to join us on the phone lines. It doesn't ring at 86910378691037. Is our phone number tonight if you wanna be winners on the soccer locker room itself. Don't forget on soccer game days included drink specials here at twin peaks of pick you up with a big. Man size mug of the shots up just four bucks. You know us against cheeseburger platter for 599. Signals are in effect all day long every day that the soccer's floods that have gone by and take advantage of that. But if I was here tonight at twin peaks in east Wichita. Soccer locker room so continues 8691037. Is a phone number plus they can break the back twin peaks right after this the dead and Bob it's your little three point 78 EYN. What's important you family is this money if you've ever wanted to own your own this. This opportunity even dreaming. Can't seem pretty owner he meant business with accompanied growing and it's not all of office buildings account medical facility in restaurants and other buildings around the time they only did he clean day don't miss this opportunity to earn revenue after day month after month. And a king offers training to more slowly back and opportunity comes in eighteen to 0461. And. For the perfect gift your sweetheart it's. 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The get a free travel jewelry box shock in store for Fred Meyer Jewelers dot com. With the gift from Fred Meyer Jewelers. The twenty steel to a fourth slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's 400 greens and fresh food is first and from the best. Just in this sport there's something that women need to satisfy every chance at a time to take your game day to new heights with any of our journal items for the table when he's full service bar features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold -- crystals formed our man caves are decked out with tons of HDTV so there's never a bad he now heads toward twin peak speeds drink scenic views. It's a shocker locker room to show woods and it does sports. And special guest on the lives on 103 point seven. Rightly reflection Donaldson added that right now back to camera right wing for 300. Point attempts he doesn't want its. The leaders back to snow. Kennedy called there are nice but it might lend Greece can't let five of nine shooting from. Every tonight four of six from three point range. Four assists only one turnover in 23 minutes got a couple steals Landry looks back this comfort out on the offensive end. I had there about a shot I don't know with rod and out of love Baskin. He's got a flat shot a little bit and you wonder if that can get out of sorts at times. And maybe that's what led to the for the brief slump I don't know if that's true. But he does it's it has little flatter than normal a little bit perimeter shot. Now frank camp with plenty of parentage. And he was to a sixteen before this game so my theory maybe. Think we'll all look. I'm phonograph. When I supplied assists. Whenever you whatever you are comfortable wins I don't know if it's easy for us to look at someone and analyze their shots. Nowadays it's their body in their mechanics and they kind of have to do what they have to do to make shots. But Landry shot is a lot shouted get certain Hillary and you know it's kind of a line drives up and it's beautiful it's great form of all of great. Headed for the basket it's just a little bit different than most perimeter shooters with you know I floating on which to get used to things. Shots when it tonight 9574. If you wanna be latest tonight on a locker room Joseph Gibbs call at 8691037. Harry noticed 316 at numbers 8691037. Let's go back to the phone lines in John as our next caller go ahead John. But it factory during this side. Or you know but for now. Oh. Like yours literally as we. And there player. Or is or the news bureau. And those who read down. And I believe I'm not really sure which are currently on leave that would hurt your. Anyways Connecticut player when we're on the down the soccer player and a half walk. Has been rafting here. All around the fellows at. But many in the crowd yelled like her now and player hurt you're like that honors her stride and laughed and the replica. At the end of the green or they were followed Earl black. It looked out of there. Doctor inbounded the ball. It was. What they did they could miss it felt like that went. You know I'm sure that it was not happy they were there any curried favor you know like around twenty points behind him or. What you're pretty privileged that. Yeah it doesn't seem like it's justified. China horrible player with a biker Albert doesn't it call. John I'm John. Just to check it's the checks are you sure not Freeman's. Well now I thought we did we did not hit on it. I'm living in our week I was on the low road and I've had a first. We we're not doubting you know I was senator bond with I don't know what to tell you neither bad or nor high. Slava players talking. I think that a called John you out adding something. Something something yet the angle seeds and you don't I'm not often we get locked out of time senator you know we can't see every. Things that happened I was I did not. See applied norte that I see the repercussions. And John apparently have pretty good the other articles going on data. Stocks follows not win tonight 95. A 74 over UConn. Wichita State and 195 on the season our phone number here in the locker room shows 8691037. Let's go back the phone lines Michael is next go ahead Michael. RA. So trivia. Okay. For an eighth date. For the third record for the most wins in a row 59. Year. In garlic. I'll today I had not known that sensors and loss of trivia. I don't think trinity I'll have been bad third in the country and what you talked statement women trek feel it was warm and the knows what went through an international. Last week. So far has stepped to the track and field. And Internet as delays and cancellations and Steve grain Bolden is proved one thing that international threat. That's cool. Pan am beware and went poorly you know in the volleyball. In the American. League does that happen. This year opt out yeah like they do not you know. That's good stuff Michael yeah okay about the gains. I didn't realize that. Did Kelly. Hands. Will earth we're net Karl. Thought you know we don't order the quality manager for it I realized those two guys who were looking. It's not. The big news out of there at all. And realize that I do excuse me Michael elevenths have a much bigger hold on just wants left OK got to read certain. Yeah we got bottled I'm not I'm good not go forth and scholars tomato red beard. Yeah well yes yes. And I like that blank stare down there with the rule on it. At your leg or being on Janice yeah student section. Didn't go to school. There's sort of calm that big shot record now and TV. Does that rise that David I Obama is not a crown hold on okay I know I'm. Kidding Michael we love you know that. And we love we love get your calls but we're gonna stick to try to talk about the game tonight okay Michael. Big game was. That we were hot from history. And that was get his feet and that's good analysis mindful. And it and there's a lot of kick out to. They didn't get invested your own weren't stated Jonathan. But they also kicked out alive meant. And I think that makes it easier three point shots earth weather. Yeah you're absolutely right Michael and thanks for updating us on on what's going on the soccer's all we always appreciate your call Mike thank you Michael. Andy yet and it. Xena how did you can look when you're knocking down threes. Not Afghan fourteen of mourning day today you know they were just get denied you know eleven different players and Orleans tonight they couldn't make it opened three exactly and then. You know and what's capital of the soccer fans that they've gone through their shooting dole a little bit. And now there this is the real soccer now with him at making stuff. Frank can navy's option reads to him during the magna. And if that happens. And get everybody else know. It listener they're a team that in my estimation that still go along way demonic. Want to known that. Sox win it tonight 95 to 74 over UConn final school or. Before we go to our next cholera Michael it meant soccer volleyball solemn note in the Yankees announced today that. Gregg Marshall is not the all time wins leader in Calgary yeah. Her slams soccer volleyball about. That's obvious that they now have on Monday. That it that the Eagles. That's the goods that. Good to have a couple coaches like that problem you're sideline that moment it stuff 9574. Sox win. At what Gordon bobbled the what you're denied it and beats your 21 and rock with a back the phone line 8691037. Of their phone numbers game. And it is next going it band. Yeah just going yeah yeah yeah good job we do you like them worked completely yet. And here's the thing we love all these columns we like to have some fun. And now we appreciate everybody who calls this though and loss of fox soccer matches through. Well you do a good deal. I could does better than. I'm not vulnerable why. If it's difficult than. It. That's nice thank you for listening to and we appreciated out. It will valid. I wonder why his wife would kill him with the idea I think was one of us volunteerism play now. It's just you know there's not a little hidden question we don't know the answer is not like they're gonna yeah. Our phone number tonight is 86910378691037. Locker room so continues after a twenty. What he of one point shocker when the night over Connecticut that the phone lines and there is next hello hunter go ahead. When I am gonna make a quick comment on apple that repayment Michael Berg back in our back. Yes yes. When he commented on the wagon inspect and I'm upbeat or early. I heard giant and that act if you're not people. In the on campus and not be like hey. You have a black guy or right yep that's me. Don't know how it's wanna you can't know about me and I will hang on guys there. Hang on I got some question. Of if it's great that you do on that but how closely you in the student section of the with a guy. So are we gather at whistling during opponent free throws the loud shrill. Whistle. And out when I get it if the economic game. And what not close but I wish I had here. And you know Scott like Scott let there in spirit have come. And people Osama if there are. That's tough on me that we are at it again accident credible. Ability to whistle that we got to calm him down under I was there. What's the story on it like hundred that you make it yourself what's the origin and a. And I wish our commitment in my belt but I haven't cracked out what you're for Christmas my mom actually what I want it out like a lot while I wanted to. Soccer flat panel date when you get an outsider here. Now that at the time lag on the boat in college not Prado thought. It was kind of backed up Byron Soviets is what I Rhett Butler back. I am proud that I got them. Congratulations on the fly and if you have a significant other and Valentine's Day is coming up on might suggest that to give her love of life. Yeah it. Feel like my black in. Great to have an in my corporate and people incompetent you know or are you like any of its flag but yeah I got a recruitment. I take it every game they're like about. Very nice thank you how to lead thanks in his honor. Always good to get little back story and what's going on. It really is where. That's my favorite shows today it's all sorts of things going on tonight I know people tune in the Harris analyze the game soccer shot well UConn didn't. Wichita State was impressive in every facet of the yeah. That's about it and that's pretty much mean that there's not a whole lot you can. Picked apart here nobody ever Wichita State took more than nine shots in the case. That was sham it consistently amazes me out the balance of this team past the death of the balanced scoring. That this team path and the C 95 points and no player with more than nine shots. You blow you scored 95 point radio with that and thirty product. And and just looking at it thought also this there's only two soccer's it just below 50% from the field tonight outside one of them was also worries the finality guesses and he was 3% higher. Seattle's Marcus but nothing that it. Little bit of a tough night shooting still finished with eight points four rebounds and couple assistant. But marshall's talking and posting now likely his ankle in the hope that's not so there may want to you know get him treated up and get him back for Thursday now. They're gonna need mark. If he had not found his stride yet drilling. But certainly if there is a matter of continuing to fly when in minutes tonight nobody played more than one victory. So a lot of violence a lot of a lot of good performance with them and Japanese doctors had multiple system. 77 guys and two divorces. That the accident 24 total good stuff there there are very unselfish team and third to. This is one of the best performances they've had a in the season alive in my opinion. Because UConn. While there are not what we normally expect UConn to be and Kevin Ollie problem going to be on a hot seat. After the season. Are they still have athletes. All these teams in the American that's one thing you can say about them they're athletic they can they can run and jumping up big guys. Wichita State does the sort of itself very well first season. In the case the and they got three games left with the leader unbeaten Cincinnati. And Bob we look at that assists column of the top five assists guys tonight for the soccer's how many of them were guards. It is one that cry now just just Austin on with our justice litre channel for the restart Eliot I have a Jack Morris had three Ronald merger had three assists and our Arnold under an apple enough. About that if that the soccer big me. In piling up the assists in this game and Ronald made one move on the block tonight and then made a bath with the left hand. At the time of the critical of the big big time them. And he's really come along and supplier and Yeltsin's team I don't know are you back from thing. Soccer locker room so tonight we are broadcasting live. At the sports editor Bob alluded to here tonight where it's windy city Wichita. We are we near twenty expediency Valentine's Day on Wednesday we're here when he first rock we're here after every shot their game. We let daddy come and join us. 8691037. Is our phone number 8691037. Every node 316. 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Point shots made tonight by the soccer's. That is he sees it size. And Wichita State on its way to win 95 to 74 win over UConn for a season sweep over at the Huskies. Shots all alone in second place in the American standings at nine and thirty. With six games to go in the regular season only six. At this phone guy amazes me lines the year that. This instead what Gordon Bob pollute quickly with you here tonight lie between the cities which soured when he first brought. Soccer locker so take your phone calls at 8691037. Or get to the our next hour. Is going to be in the White House two days from now but he's taking time out of his busy schedule call us right now it's mayor Jeff Long oil beneath. There. A getting nap but at least 11 o'clock tomorrow lineup the inanimate. And am meeting at the White House but. When I heard bop. Its favorites though the year right. I had fallen there I haven't gone so well that it favorites or the year. Which one was not. The one you do that. All. Don't drag it down manner. Thank Bob thank you could land this week how much output in the ranking I am Sunday night. My but you look at the the art the two opponents. I would expect these doctors didn't. If not not only that it's not I would think so. Eight G I mean somewhere in the area. So maybe I can convince president. To. Rally around the soccer this year and and nap victim to go all the way. Is that good or bad now are you meeting with the president or you are wondering what are you doing in Washington. So I'm. And invited to and it theory of a meeting that kind of focused on infrastructure the infrastructure rollout though there's about. Twenties. Five that. Meeting in the end well me with a victory at Dayton. President will come and all the press conference that the end of all of our discussions and so yes I get to meet president. Well we was the best of luck in we know you'll do with. And why you do an infrastructure that thing with the development. Can't thank well well. Appreciate that followed the pot. And you know mister Bair model is old news my first priority and infrastructures to get that streak by Defazio is made. Up. That high rise that treated that as a problem right there. I only at the game today Annette and we all Islam here. Well out. Always enjoyed it dot Mike you know a big fan about that used in Ireland that right now at the march during again. Good stuff Mike Keenan populace we were not security needed to perhaps. Keep the general public elect promised would be you needed now. I don't I don't think anyone in the spotlight deal. Have a safe trip meant long time off here thank you mayor of long well limits here on the front and yeah. Prior to speak at the white house on Monday that stuff out. Probably he would. But it back the on line 8691037. In their phone number of soccer lotteries aren't scholars but when it but you Ronald afternoon. I not. One and don't look all year long. And that that there's oh that is bugged me all year. That they can't get over and that is one of the up musical chairs. There's always guys that run back in May bat and the other guys that are currently and I think it's unfair. They that he can either run. Or you incredible but. One and be able to run back to you that the air. But I'm not sure if that's specifically stated in the rules make it might be allowed. That the that the bylaws. Lot when I want to beat it bothered me all year long and but it may not do it or use of the year we would have the mascot. Each other all. Right and there. Now. The debate now I'm Bonnie. Grade it is armed them at the elbow they need to do that it that it went that far. And I remember that Bob. That was there at that time I've. Been involved and it didn't in the bother. I got bigger issues and want it now than in the last night in the box next time and next time we have kind of I don't. That's the feeling and I got all. Michael. That that they were thing now we shocker and that it would fit ready off but it got that if basically dropped it. It's officially shocker then what update as a trademark on doctor. When I don't think it's not a part of. That yes there's that thank you but there's something I'd still like about hearing occasionally we stuff. Yeah and it it usually comes from people on the east knows that better still going back. Brutality is free from forty or fifty years ago right. I don't mind it occasionally. But certainly we're shocker of all yes but you really think you're right but that is kind of the the history of that. If it did it's it's become more vocal local realism once in awhile for people to tell us that we shocker the shocker. Think but maybe gun thank you thought bucket moved on. Yeah he's this he's a busy man is one thing it's got a lot of things they'll and you don't often get. Back to back calls on the votes it felt like we just from a couple of which it's not let let him now this won't be neck. It would bear the Motorola follow bear along well but you all who would try that. Are you going to run and an onslaught with a lot of talent. You. You've got the Merrill what's it and a guy who could have been easily elected as America with because we love in Buffy walking Walter. So who would be next to try to follow that. I hope I'm not intimidating people. That I've loved it the next call I want to know who's I'm I'm very curious what looks like they're out there Charles. Who knows Kirstie Alley maybe yeah. Greg Marshall right call this for all I know. I wouldn't put anything past anybody. Not on this Saturday night now shots when it 9574. Over Connecticut. In which it's not a slam the Paula Paula I think very and it has called kill us now. You never know who's not show up on the locker room through. I can't wait to find that. This is good stuff 9574. Our phone number by the way if any of these. Monumental mount Rushmore type folks want callers 8691037869. 1037. The area code 316. We continue on the soccer locker room so Bob lutes and at what we're we're here with the united twin peaks cities which it's off Ritz when he first and rock. After the shot completed season sweep over Connecticut. One of my candidate would call Mike Kennedy name golf. Definitely there's a lot of possibilities there's all kinds of things that John Thompson the third. At one John Thompson second. With it and you know wanna lineup. It's I Ander do we have any calls I'm shocked that we don't. Apparently not nobody wants but a better go to the break then. I think it will take a break maybe it will get some more rich and famous Colin is here tonight 9574. Sox win. Our phone number is 86910378691037. Miree noticed 316 back for more the locker until it twin peaks. You're listening to 103 point 78 EY and. 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I mean that's a nice dockets with the stuff no doubt but it's our family has to have the eyes of the art theaters and that's why he has. Nudity adult with that all there. A lot of news buckets on the late at night on 9574. Win over the Connecticut Huskies and their first ever visit which. And I love the good grief call bill now that this stuff Stan it is nothing. I love that. Margaret's places. And the earth. More than thirty yeah been long time. Though isn't it a year here on here my community Natal at. In my Mike's consecutive game streak is going to milestone sometime early next season as our 12100 and wrote them. And right on the something like that. Lawn nobility Tonya Harding. The saw that movie that we I want to outstanding Terry. I was standing who holds the record for consecutive game. College basketball. Out of it I admit. Well wandered in a row with pretty amazing as they don't think that there. Not when it tonight 9570 fours at Woodward's Bob lute will be here tonight we're live in peaks when he first rock and sweethearts week we beat a seek balance thing on Wednesday 8691037. Is our phone number 869. 1037. On the original thought I was watching. College game day on ESPN this morning. And they get talking about. Not a started naming their top four seed in the tournament that started today you know apple brutal but that it isn't that the big new. The new bugs this year's quadrant. The NCAA tournament committee and is going to be fit this information based on wins in quadrant wanted quadrant to. And this is this it is you really need. But he. Obviously Stan and it is it is very it's rather complicated operatic figured out. But this is the buzzwords we're going to be hearing about the next four weeks selections Sunday's four weeks from tomorrow. And here's one company bought her one wins that this team had quadrant one and two wins and that's what the lines squadron one. I don't. Asked to do it RPI NASA's new RBI that it has to do it wins you've got. At home over some of the RPIs it's one through thirty. Or road wins over RBI teams it's 175. As the horn neutral site wins over teams it's one and it's very very intricate and complicated. I didn't do well in math and sports is turning more and more the math in every regard you've got. Saber metrics. We analyzed enough points per session. We do we just have put so let's solving math formulas and other sports. That. I guess for old timers like me I'm just gonna go ahead. And thing Alice remained comfortable. With what I've fault no it's not okay that's okay you younger guys are probably more under the we'll figure out. Formula OK I'm not as into it. I'm I'm just wanted to point out that this threat that we're going to hear a lot of now been awake since nobody wants her wins is the sole entity and have indeed Ellis. Now the ESPN analyzer he said he called stupid he called it ridiculous. And more than a few parties at this this this isn't known. Now that was really interesting in itself is enough to vote. And that he says that I'm on the go with her and one of the examples you gave was he says okay under the system. A home win over buffalo. Is more meaningful and a road win at Michigan or at Florida State I don't examples yeah. I can't even the plot that's not a lot but that's what this quadrant thing about it that weighs. Home wins over RPI people more than wrote or edited and it gives you more clutter for road or neutral wind but it's all based on our BI. And it's weird. It in a 26 dom. These beautiful nice example why it's ridiculous bullets sound stuff. If this predict if I could sound dom and ridiculous but I have to go it and really study. You can on Iraq we're gonna hear a lot of it everybody a heads up isn't it happening at the time the next four weeks are you going to hear the word quadrant. On your face. During sports buckled and long Al Micah Willis Jeff Frye uses slapping. A kind of odd you're now. Now I think you. Are you or get of that time our everybody is going to be studying the racquet technology governor consistent basis. We get closer to the end of the regular season. After the conference tournament and Iraq four weeks from tomorrow man on that's the selection Sunday. The early part of found them yet it will but it seems like the season. Has gone faster than that. Maybe that's because I'm retired and I'm not as connected to it what my job as a columnist anymore but it just seems like we were. Monaco Korean for the season opener last week down and all of a sudden before week's selections than they were our February then up. Shots when it tonight 9574. Over UConn that is not a squadron one win. Nor is it a quadrant to win relic. Now there's a lot of it is because you've gone are the eyes of I don't think it does that. That doesn't do well and didn't know that Dallas for the shots. Now the thing is that you know that if it will point to certain games that are very deep. An example game coming up this week is going to be key especially temple he's playing the way they are. And then of course duke and who isn't as soon as Cincinnati obviously you're team. And what to thousands of needs some help Cincinnati faces a tough schedule. From here on out they have few games I believe left with. Wanna wanna speak out of turn but I know they go. I know they have some game left to with a shocker for sure. I think they have two left with us have you. Or have they already played with him and played as he once again in Cincinnati. Well. They have they have a they have to play Houston SMU. And then with plastic wives down threats. The Cincinnati. Cincinnati could have the misuse. Now they have a very tough horsemen are scheduled countless doctors portion yet to come still. Pretty low do well yeah you got temple when he got to go to temple and you gotta go to interview and the team was in the Florida on the road. Although Central Florida is not playing while it did this ravaged by injuries. But. And now. Sometimes Tulane been tough to figure in this conference. Having them at home with probably. The two lines with them so out of public view went with. Not when it tonight over UConn 9574. Was the final scores are shot through them. Even five on the season funeral on disappointed in right now are. Our listeners. Because I throughout talent. You know the Marron Bucky Walters called their outstanding as always and I'm thinking you know we're gonna get somebody else we thought it. And I think they've wilted under the pressure. Which is this highly disappointing. This is the safe haven for profit but it didn't get it here right this friendly or the collars and us. Nobody. The good news is there's still time we're not done yet now we're not done we'll take one more break it we'll see if that. The next few phone caller to get endless does your last chance 8691037. Is our phone number. The airy notice 3168691037. As the soccer locker room show continues. Here's the Alley. Give us a call 8691037. Point meats and charities which thought when he first and rock. You're listening to soccer basketball tonight on won all three point 718. Y and. It's a mess on the Jenny is cleaning up Jennings in his name cleaning cans in 1980 you trust your G and a company that cares and it changed. Whether it's national champs sports facility medical services educational facility hospitality or health care services to imaging team afraid as owners and regional support office as works hand in hand to develop plans around your specific facility named Jenna king is king of calling. Call two eggs over 4661. Or visit Channing king duck. Come today. 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After twenty the ultimate sports slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation and there's 400 screens and scratch who is bursting from the investigation is sport there's something on the menu to satisfy every fan's appetite take your game nationwide with any of our terrible items for the table when he's full service bar features an extensive selection of draught Beers that are purposely serve that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in -- no ice cold beer crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons at least in TV there's never a bad he now heads for twenty eat drink scenic beauty. It's such shock her locker room show with Ted de sports ten and special guest I'm lives on 103 point seven. Still the gophers and a cabinet lift clean up the left block or its right side frantic effort three yeah. It's. Afraid yeah shots since fifth frame of math as elitists that night if it. Thanks Jack we'll. Kagan net conference with the nice asset. The big guys for the soccer sticking it out to someone broke open three in knock it down that was that. Want us we saw that many times tonight in Wichita State's 9574. Win over Connecticut. Yeah that particular pass from fact Morrissey really set up it was a perfect path of his Connell was right in shooting motion. And it was unselfish. With Shaq could have easily probably scored himself with soft Connor it was kind of a cross court used that on the low block from the right side. Passes. Through the perimeter on the left side of parliament this. Sox when it tonight. In a bomb fifteen offensive rebounds by the shots. Five of those five or start to Delhi and repeatedly. In the first half especially. That's an offensive possession alive and as stocks were able to it and knock down that second shot of possession after missing the first shot. This you know that's what he had in the first half five yet funded. At one point we looked down he had four offensive rebounds and yeah I was six rebounds or assists in the British company possession that he expected a positive way out fast so event. I've offensive rebounds equaled the total for the UConn team and UConn had five offensive rebounds for the that the team fat I'm far Rashard Kelly five of the zone and that's what he doesn't. That's what he specializes. All the other things the basketball. And he'll he'll do well for us this of these. He's a good defensive player but offensive rebounding is his calling card and a system either. Just imagine how important that is to have that pentagon team that can go get a massage. Missed shot and either score himself or get it to somebody who and then school. You know five offensive rebounds the potential of turning in the ten point yet or more if there file. Of the tremendous ability. That he has not been so impressed with Rashard Kelly all season. As the soccer team down the stretch last season he was so impressive. And that kind of in the inclusive he's a guided. On both ends of the floor is to stick out of the doctors cannot afford to lose he's DeSoto. Involved an interval in positive things happening in both into the Florida is usually closet he's doing it again this year. He's a positive guy first of all I've fallen on Twitter and he's one of those guys always positive. And it shows in the way life I'm I'm. He's making us some inroads to be one of my favorite shocker I just love. Players that are unselfish. That do dirty words and don't care about. The total in the points column he doesn't care about. You've worked cares about the total on the rebounding well. And it's been fantastic season. For shark Alley who will get both as this team's MVP. And does deservedly so. Restarted ten rebounds tonight capitals on the offensive end. And that he's one of the reasons the Sox are number two an Asian rebound margins this industry's most Daryn. Perhaps a bunch of this is the shocker locker room so we're here live at twenty cities which he thought when he first dropped 8691037. As the phone number. Mike is next let Mike. And it might. No my town not I mean that's just that awful movie minus the bad luck. I don't know who you. I don't know who you are maybe it was Mike hill broad now. That you can't policy on paying you don't get nervous. Talking about the soccer's. Now but I'm just it just didn't happen. Maybe maybe dinner was served and. And it could be as well I would hang up on news if the dinner was brought me right now I would not with just drop the motto blood euthanasia. 869 model 37 is our phone number on the soccer locker room shows we've mentioned Bob. Only had six games remaining in the season here and final of 13 of the conference schedule coming our way and and next up for the doctors that tonight. Began a series with the shots at three out of four at home. Next up Sox did get a five days between games today and next up. Temple on Thursday. On Thursday it then their first trip on the road to face since Cincinnati tomorrow. Which is where Cincinnati's flying its home games this season while there really gets finished. They'll just like Houston yet for the soccer will love. Will face. Cincinnati. On northern Kentucky's floor and another thing right. If this thing. What my back that there are going to be two schools in this conference and a beautiful new agreements. Houston and Cincinnati Nolan not that out the back of my other phone lines when it might. Did guys there are about that idea. With the wrong but they'll vote that's OK in my day job. First of all of the great game to night I think. Some of the united. Connor. Dammit. That are coming out of there on whatever was. That to be expected. The ball in those. Leader there are peaking at the right time. Glad to see that. I'm my question is. Not what this means that next year what we're recruiting class like war coming up. I don't know it's probably early. I don't know you guys have any comment her. Or not earlier it's it's us that thing. Greg Greg Greg Marshall of believes. And others back him up that this may be the best recruiting classes but brought with us today. I I don't have the names of economy and maybe and it. And pre game note that I know that they're very high. The point guard out of Memphis I know that and on my arm around the state of Washington. Though. Very good stuff coming from Wichita State Alex Lomax is the point guard out of Memphis. That they really like Eric Stephenson. Six we were shooting guard. Lacey Washington Chamberlain high school. Some other guys who they got seminar. Chance more out of Louisville, Kentucky. More heated today out of Houston Texas. They've got a junior college player of mine named Jamie at and the way. I've trinity valley and Texas and then the kid who planned this year it's surprised Christian academy. Originally from Omaha Isiah. Warfare Chandler. Whose massive massive human beings though another very high on the recruiting class and and on the good. Reality is they have all these seniors leave it to be very very different roster next year and when asked her about landry's hands. The most recent NBA mock draft I saw had him going. Number thirty. In the first round last Vick for the first round the Golden State. About now. So we're not sure what Landry salmon will do. But certainly that this team will suffer some heavy losses. After the season a lot of familiar faces will be leaving his doctors after the season absolutely. But now Monica as the coaching in the footsteps knew that means it's been coming for for three years knowing you went out pretty big exodus of players after this these. This better be pretty good recruiting class. I have Austin reason vacuum and markets with the feedback in all likelihood. Some margin means Jones. Landry sham of a while cardinal they've they've lifer as the only Garth. To be a factor yet he had a couple moments tonight that were pretty impressive no. One on the defense of men and then one on the offensive end were made a nice move in the basket. So. They have some people coming back with certainly. They lose a lot of people and I would be shocked if which accounts it was a tough one to five. Pre season ranked team next. Not to thanks for the call Mike appreciate it. Sox when it tonight 9574. Over UConn 21 Franken Wichita State and nineteen and five on the season. Sox get the sixteen points that'll Landry Shannon on five of nine shooting. Fourteen points like Connor frank camp off the bench conference for three pointers and it's back in double figures one for the first time in awhile. Darryl Willis that's it off the bench Shaq Boris. Dominated on the inside make four buckets in for free throws for his twelve points. And restart Elliott in rebounds for the starters. On this night as well. As Wichita State went to like when he won over UConn. You get it that's the second most points given up by UConn no this season by the way they figured a 400 student Arkansas off. Early on the Sox put up 95 on tonight. Doubt that we started to show talking about how impressive which birthday was an all facets of the game and I guess that's towel and that that is played at very solid game. In every facet they shot while they read that while the defendant while the past while you do those things you can win. It's often a point one points. Next up for the shots will be at Thursday night's game against the at a temple owls that doctors who sought Philadelphia couple weeks ago. A rematch pretty quick here the temple owls do get their arms above their head them like the mask on now. That's not but you heard earlier. At that yeah that the human temple owls and better wing span they do it and they can do some and it's not likely looking do that you did not score after losing. In Philadelphia couple weeks ago. Delhi Thursday night. And and that's it we'll be right here on 103 point seventy Eli band so make sure you're joining us. You know on Thursday for that what I'm net gain of six the end of the 6 o'clock start at 6 o'clock start Jeff lutes will be here. There are holes that the will be here at twin peaks after that on Thursday night. And of course and at that we have now be fun when you get to after the Sox will be looking to their twentieth win of the season they're down 95 definitely tonight. 9574. Over. Connecticut. Special guest Bob Lewis thanks for being with us here tonight went all right on Islamic I hope though there's not too much ice to scrape off your car felt economical with the whole safe drizzle all that freezing drizzle and a wrap up. Yes we're supposed to have warmer temperatures starting tomorrow. And next week we're gonna hit 68. On Wednesday what have you been a I didn't follow it do you follow Merrill's. All of Merrill. Funeral or six the east and a lot of time with Angela Park or fortieth do you follow Millie. I'm little Merrill and mentally you name it there a meteorologist. Not fallen. Andy yes roses on the app and now Obama solicited a little bit this yeah it was supposed to talk about Lisa he'd yeah. And then that threw outstanding and Laura Opsound. We have Laura banner on list everybody every morning we literally an idea. She's great please hello I'm I hope I get a in the states. To the next here's a Christmas party must nobody's really reached out of the while a couple I mean. Charlie Wilson. Emily younger and welcomed me for the full and I certainly. Yeah I mean I'm. Who has the better face the television partners through can't the boy I can't think of an inning run off the bat but. Different light immediately signaled an outline and I agree I don't have been nice would have been nice it will TV action here on the front locker room don't know one obvious. Let's go. Next time made. Not when it tonight 9574. Bob thank you much that would love yes and our callers we appreciate you being with us tonight and our posters twin peaks when he first dropped. Thank you much as they continuously arts week leading up saint Valentine's Day on Wednesday this is the doctor locker room so it's at this part sin our final score tonight. For frank Wichita State beat Connecticut 9574. Are on site producer Tim slack Tim thank you nuts. Keep the family and everyone helping we thank him for his efforts and we think our studio engineer Andrew handling it's well thank you so much Andrew we certainly appreciate. Your efforts every time it's not play as well. The problem this is that if that's Bart said thanks for being witnessed tonight soccer basketball and won all three point 78. Listen for the Wichita university locker room yelled after he shocker basketball game. On 103 point seven KEY. Wichita. Is your home for fun every day of the week. We are classically it's 103 point seven EY in Wichita.