WSU Men's Basketball vs Tulsa 01-28-18

Sunday, January 28th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Tulsa: W 90-71


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I don't know engines now. I love him. You got your. I'm 103 point 7 PU why am I would break. At some point in the diners. All along side him. Handling industry go ahead today or this evening but it's got its start fitted Wichita State and also every match every close game and also just two weeks ago. One by the shocker seventy. Through sixty guys that it was exactly two weeks. Ago yesterday so close to become the second team. That Wichita State will have played both games against an American athletic conference competition before they even see. Some of the other teams of course have not yet played Memphis. Wolf two lane Cincinnati. So still a lot of scheduled to go with the suckers we'll get to the halfway point in the American's schedule. With today's game. As this will be game died of an eighteen game conference schedule and I think after today's game they hit four home games left port home slap on the road so. And I also shifts to date gets them to exactly the two thirds points in the regular season schedule game well actually Avery that already twenty out of thirty so this game when he wants. But I've also give the shot his tough game in Tulsa. Sterling tapped one. Who has scored 52 points. In the last five games got 26 of those 52 on that one night. And that really a career game for him but a good players they have a couple of the better inside players in the league junior. At Martins. Bond due. And with dusty did pretty good job on that the first time around but what are the best inside players in the conference they really are Wichita State. Did scores eight points in the pistols at this. And tells is not necessarily know but that's at frequent. Games it was defense outfit. And two big guys did a good job I thought of an advantage of the quick exit side. Pregame show of course brought you fight in trust bank anchor drive it to the game occupied Kansas flat tire and service for retires and professional auto service are always. A slam dunk. You know how this part of it works you can call us at that number is 8691037. Or your outside the area 316. 8691037. Or you could tweet yet at. Shocker voice and we will be more than happy to respond to your questions comments observations would ever made these 8691037. Or. Pat shocker voice on Twitter we never had any trouble getting this show started because Al is always on there from Texas even before. We've played the open so Al thanks once again for a getting a start. Well thanks a lot thanks for acknowledging my it weakens because not currently. Pledged it for many eager to. And I Africa. Computer networking and broke it dark nobody tried it different now line up to date. And that even though that we were successful but I thought was a little bit of mixed refused only because. You know a look at this stat line gambit spring camp in the deputy. Lately are greed you know they thought that the Daryn that think they went six for nineteen from the field of life. Three per well from three. I don't know in it for pack it it'll rotate in her work and economy people know coming out of their game to give. Mean maybe the rest the doctor Nathan. Little bit of a forecast it yet an insider knowledge on. What we expect beyond app with doctors about the eight other states in my few little bit different. It's an interesting question I don't really have that distinct answer for you because. The the new starting lineup the other day it was a little bit different than a little bit unexpected. If anyone did it coach Marshall mention it. That's one thing was going to change a little bit wise basis not anybody's fault if they're sick but if they've missed practice because they're sick we've got a game coming up. Then we're not gonna start that doesn't mean they won't play it play a lot but. It did change the starting lineup but it it in and I also some of that had to do with just. Guys have been playing maybe a little better that's not not sure what the starting lineup will be today but. He will play nine or ten guys at the minutes are going to be similar to what they've it and based on who's playing well at that particular game meant and also matchups now trouble those kinds of things that. I don't think you're gonna see a great deal of difference nights they Austin read this one guy that serves and additional playing time lately. And it certainly if there's some but they would like to see. Playing more to their capability it take before those minutes but the markets that. I think of Mike and I think eventually they'll work it into the starting lineup it was interesting. Today after the game I had several people stayed in the might not that's not our success rates are up at. The best for them yes you outscored the bench for the F. Fifty to 22 well that's in large part because that's what's at stake was comprised of three starters. Normally get that not right off the bat so we'll see that I think that stuff yet actually. Because of his offensive prowess and I also think. Optic Duffy because what's honestly doesn't get out of the shoot very well you know they get behind by three points eight points and points. In the first eleven minutes of the ball game they fight like active behind and they did a better job of that against Seattle. But to continue to do that I think they need a little bit more firepower at their start off. At that Duffy got to start the other night and immediately. Picked up two fouls in the first three minutes and I think that it kind of microcosm. Is a little bit of what he's going through right now. He. You know declared for the draft last year he wants December the FDA can't said he I think got a very good handle on what he needed to do what they needed to work on. And it worked very very hard over the summer and then suffered a broken foot right before practice. Hey. And I know that that he got a great attitude eaten. Worked hard got through that but I know it's frustrating because he was thinking in terms that this may be seeing a year would you might come out early and all those kinds of things. And I'm sure that in the back of these monitors this feeling that I haven't make up for lost time and I've I've got to get something going and I think he's grass that I think he's. Take it it. He's just been ahead of himself a lot and he's just got to relax and let the game come to him because he's a very very good player at. But he places it himself he's hard to handle. He really is Mike in history through the and play in this conference the year American athletic conference they play in front of scouts for the evening after the Missouri Valley Conference and because of that. Day yacht for as little bit more pressure to perform. End. I think Marcus as even into the preferences a little bit because he put his self too much he's going to be fine because he's. Ballplayer he just needs to relax and it just fine. Somebody else that needs to just relax and play within themselves and I thought. Showed little more that again the other night it's about. Not only for this year but he's gonna have a big role next year if Landry sham it departs and so. I thought that he was. Back to playing a little more than himself had a couple of nice assist the other night and he's just got to make better decisions about initially sometimes one to drive the ball and take it into too much traffic getting caught up in the year that's. Well. You relax where it's more death and I I'm not saying. Right parts hopefuls players make mistakes. You may get a little patient with it and it's that little bit at little bit of some players more growth in other players. Swatches that you missed the Natalie it's sort of a focal. Every scene he's ever played on and it's a little bit difficult. And what things that makes it even more difficult and it's three really good guards really arts and for playing time. And and it makes it mortality he pressured to do a better job. And he's got some skills and we see it but with disease basically on the boards which gives dimension. I think he's going to be just fine it will be interesting to see how he reacts. To pressure for the end of the season. And then. American athletic conference tournament and its thickness that for instance if they went for games three days. The candidates. 91037. Is the fun every could reach us on Twitter at shocker voice. Remember that day after any shocker window and you get a discount the next day it tests locker room and depending on how many points the characters or six feet 1025 even 40%. Off all shocked merchandise the next day's chance lot through both east and west we'll have the discount percentage for you. After every shot victory. A couple of things I want to match if we don't ever real love this call motors we float right now. Yesterday. I had a chance to the president to. Hall of fame ceremonies the first was to Kansas baseball hall of today which was very well done in three shoppers inducted into the net. Paul Lawrence hits Casey Blake. And you villain. And then yesterday evening was the shocker sports. Hall of fame induction six new members into that hall of fame Brian forgive me for a baseball Dustin Garza fragment off. Attention F five who was the first. Athletic director for women's sports at Wichita State and talked about a pioneering effort in getting something started with no budget no real recognition and then certainly having to fight hard just to make small steps that. And had a great presentation great sense of humor. She was a terrific golfer herself and that is in the Kansas golf hall of fame Kansas sports all the things. So it's really connected to get her intact didn't hear from her. And stand up for volleyball care Honsberger Mary Elizabeth Hooper for men's tennis ball Smith played here early eighties it was presented by. As coach Rex coaches they hall of famers. What a group might very illustrious illustrious. Group and also Natasha. It was the perfect person for that job that would just so many expectations. And she lived up to those expectations. She's Smart she's competitive she's a hard worker she understands sports and she did a wonderful job which such statement that. Also congratulations. To Keith Adams in the women's basketball program their fifth. Consecutive win yesterday in Memphis at double digit win on the road they're out ten and twelve overall supply and three. If the American athletic conference they will be playing Tuesday night at east Carolina trying to stretch that string to six. We get out and see them play they're fun to watch play. That you could even see the evolution the improvement in just a short period of time that she's been in the health Jody did a great job would he was here. He does a great job also hasn't taken too long with that group. Dad is high on attitude. A high on intensity. But they all that's getaway and chemistry is just so important with a group like that. Finally started off. This is an interesting week. Which cents. Shocker faithful at a very lengthy conversation about they could be speaking by fans at the games. A lot of people listen to your pre game please let people know that they could you speak it's going to be addressed. Because true fans just can't take it gave Beth thank you. A move that's out there it's a little bit of in your face there if we don't hear. And were not negative ever. Basically either with the lead and it it's not our nature. But there has been some event and you look at the team's record 64 others that sympathy rate that the country. Expectations are very high that. The theater for the states to happen especially. Not so. I hope that's radically guys there's no place that there will always be some we know that and after you lose a couple in a row people get emotional and as we've talked about that and I eyewitness saying it yet it's a long season. Everybody has their bumps. Mark attitude that Wichita State defeated Hawaii almost got number one Villanova today as a very close game right down to the wire that's. It's college basketball and there are a lot of good teams out there and and I've mentioned this in this league even some teams that will finish sixth seventh eighth in the conference. Have at least one or two very good players who want a given night when they're wrong can't make a big difference in the game can make him very dangerous even for a team that is overall a better team so. Just get used to that maybe everybody complains about 45 and thirty point blowouts over the last few years well. There aren't going to be betting it knows it's going to be difficult to advocate these close games and they're gonna be a couple of losses here there at times itself. It's just part of being get a better conference and it makes his teeth weren't ready for march which is what you're trying to get CNN. Which we anticipate what's going to happen and how many seats aren't explicitly that if you. Street if you want without state. It's. Really. I think makes it. All right thank you for that tweet watch out their defense cuts they're grateful if you think go to the press the negative is their company. All right we're gonna take it Vatican reaches my father and 8691037. On Twitter at shot her voice that we'll be back on the interest that pregame show. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful mile first. It is for me with no money. He got promoted. I can't believe things can grant from. Britain now with us much Cuba permit it can't believe this can. A healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your mile per hour with delta dental. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day game practice and preparation. And there's a second job recruiting. That means trample. He couldn't do it without executive fair share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider. There's always a jet on the runway waiting for. 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Actions of your time well spent money well on that. Security investment advisory services offered percentage point financial in PF member Fenner SIPC SPF separately owned and energies and or marketing names products services reference here are independent of those PS asterisk is when he won a free of course to blame Wichita Kansas the 20631620101. Iran wanted to when he dashed planning dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would beat John Green rich cut to a dusty shelf for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WS shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven Kate you. You wanna. Plus back Tuesday. Stress tests pregame show that Charles Tucker that was not state and also this evening's activity the year partly due to hurricane eleven and nine. For a for America athletic conference with prostate sixteen and four cents exit to. In the AC. Have sat at the state question differently leases any word on UConn game start time yes. My son wants to go to monster jam that dates it. I don't know it monster game is that the tip off the confidence at 5 o'clock that just happened the last couple of days that they Saturday. February liked him make your. A tenth or twentieth but it's one of those. It's apparently it is Saturday gave that it will tip off at 5 o'clock that I think that was the last. February still up in the year to be announced. Start time on the schedule the rest of justice at 5 o'clock. Also don't let this question got to ask any word. Thought it reconciliation. Between WS UNC Stevenson's. If with a one of the recent fall induction. Stevenson. Last night presented Bryant for his hall of fame induction and it was. The little emotional. Experience part smells it and I think it will it's part of what has become. Start toward kind of healing process and a reconciliation. And all the certainly hope so I had a chance to talk to team. I think he really enjoyed himself I think he enjoyed being there I think. He started to feel like yes he needs to. It reconnect at least at him his his remarks that a lot with dialogue with us today. I hope so I think we're headed in that direction and hopefully depth. We. Everything enough what the which state for years and years and years in the Providence that he brought the program him to. And he was already. Selected. And with our sports hall of fame and I anxious to either for his ducks. They'll work deserve each person. Betsy Stevenson and I thought and a couple of times in a couple times and he's always does. As racists and friendly as he always wise and I'm looking forward evidence spillover. He's replaced him with us today. Nancy reminds us to remind here's the on going infinity. Coaches Charity Challenge presented by ESPN coach Marshall is once again. Raising money for the Wichita children's home you can get online and vote every day on all of your devices. Yeah laptop that a phone and a desktop. I can vote on all of those boat every day. Right now they've cut from the first 48 coaches that were on the ballot to 24 they'll be another cut it another week and a half for itself. So get out there about every day because the money races does a great cause with children zone and he has. Raised a lot of money through this program for the shipments on the last three or four years. Also. Not having tweet from. Granted he says all the negative comments just shows you the truth finance arm of the what you're sodden. You could get six tickets that day. And it's things certainly have. Chase them there then as. Those that are in greater demand. It used to be my activists today I got free tickets went my sons but I'll expect a free tickets. And they were demands. And I would give them out and then that wasn't as and people with except tickets and then it got to the point right the night with those rolled down my car would have on the dashboard. And he would even steal the Internet that we thought that the bath once again thank god that I backed the front for Doug Doug thanks for joining us. Guys that particular call and I have it looked like it here on hero. I would know where. Hopefully Uga Hitler youth gave it a question or whatever it. I understand he. Upper orbit ankles. Here late beat Denver. And he still you know. But I didn't know if I happen there or or. What exactly is. An economic market apps form it's like it here that don't not let him. As a matter of fact that we were unaware until Gregg Marshall mentioned it on his post game interview after the UCF game. Carol has been battling plant our fancy ideas and the only reason I know what it is is because I encountered it for years ago and then. It it flared up and that it disappeared in that it clearly came back. In a big way this past summer and fall and I started to let alone office. It. I don't know I don't know that anybody knows for sure what brings it on but it's like an inflammation. Fossils of my case it was in the he'll usually it is in the heel but the other parts of your foot. But it's it's an inflammation and it hurts it really is painful. What helped me was I'll just give an unsolicited plug it good feet stores he inserts. Really helped me a lot of that's not a lot of people with an I don't know if how it worked and where something like that during competition for athlete like him basketball. So he's receiving. Treatment of various kinds and wearing a boot sometimes off the court just reject the support and so forth that. Just play through it as a sport like basketball with these very painful it's really play up I think that Ron baker you know that little. Get it. It is tough we all leader at and it knows somebody that's added aesthetically if you were active person. And it takes time it takes a lot of stretching and exercise. To get it to improve. And it's just continue to hurt and it's not something that you you know overnight either Mike if that's why. We they actually from Jason's thing it's a great day to be also certainly that you know this is yet. When it when they're playing regularly all the time this was the biggest rival Maria Wichita State's schedule that goes back through a lot of things that happened right after the world war two and it's been ongoing. Fierce rivalry. Not as many people remember it now because what they quit playing for awhile and only played once a year nonconference games. I think it took a little bit out of it's that the people that have been around for a while and insert it back to the eighties. It was name. Steve Allen and Patrick asked. Your favorite Tulsa vs W as you memories so it's perfect segue. Into that. I I remember that. David I have a lot of the same memories of that some of those eighties games that. I would have briefed before we started doing these games rightfully IAE I get a game. Pat Paulsen. West Steve Kallis since he was thrilled just to freshman or sophomore. And it's also had a big Saturday kept hope alive she was six evidently about 265. Pounds and shoppers inside guys. We're glad she's Johnson and ray surely that runs live side and he was just we're gonna vote. At five late Terry grant callousness she popped events instead get that expletive deleted. And Steve took one trip down the floor is hauled off and slug him. Lady manhunt got tossed out of the game of course gave trot over it like your attitude that he set out some things got a quite as accurate I don't want to end it and it totally out. We used to sit next Tuesday. Visiting team's bench and sometimes suckers for broadcasts affect him. My favorite of all of them really really good at least a series. What's the time bear her Johnson was on TV that night the game which testing through sixth that yeah. And he was talking about acts and he says he gets people he hits people all the time Paula he gets people. So. The Sox play the game we're by the smallest adventure. And that's also coach. Nolan Richardson. The book about it asserted at the Tulsa coach is greens. These are players these are players stopped him and there's it's time now with an ex wants via the post events. And it says soon Nolan if you don't sit down shut up I'm gonna hit you that epithets at built with his lap and that's. Do you remember we were we were wrapping up our pre game and the teams were finishing warming up and her sons and we'll start for Paulson was walking off stuff right. Table I just looked up at court at that though what in particular set. I can think yeah it's a and it's just got to summed up there the feeling nervous date now on the other hand if there was also a very grudging respect from an average I remember Steve Harris it was a great ball player that Tulsa. Saying the X man. Everybody's. Everybody who plays this game takes a grass sometime when you're backpedaling on defense in your back into the team's yet. He said he never lets not ones that it's not fair and I thought. And that is now. Speakers Netflix. Now that system Stan let it follow on what a great lesson of them. At one of my favorite memories and it's not a positive one for us doctors but. I'm Wilson to my dying day at DePaul oppressive as one of the greatest college players I've ever saw on my life six point 66 navy's assets yeah. Outlaw spirit that very long arms. Add I haven't seen any players who are better at doing whatever it took. On any given night to help their team wins they needed him to score 225. PP yeah he can pitch it ten or twelve assists and might get six steals and blocked four shots. He just was a tremendous all around player that a great sense of of what his team needed. Two to get a win and that press that they ran with him with a headed to France was so devastating because of his length and put that she could throw it over. It around and went on to have very good strokes at a college players Tuesday to change your life. People like initiatives we saw him with the press on against puts its us fifth with time and money that whenever plane. And virtually it was a fluke or one in France after a wealthy inbounds pass and tested. The rest of the files and players back off and then pressing with guard whoever had the ball and the first person who thinks the lieutenant port he went over guard that person and it was difficult to stand with us states get the ball past death warrants and one. That's. I'll throw out a couple of others. In 198081. Wichita State one of Missouri Valley Conference championship that was felons first year salsa but. But I also want both games pleases you. If 8182 boots also won both games again. That's not going into the first meeting in 8283. Cents on car was a scene here it is not a reason to Ottawa for against Tulsa with two previous years. He guaranteed it they advance of the game shocker win here it poker of them went out and played a great game of this nature that it happened. I remember Carl have few delays oh he's driving the shot a couple of seconds to go a year later after winning game here. And that is 85 these doctors go to Tulsa as an underdog in the championship game of the valley tournament at one of advancing years later and Eddie fogler his first year with the custody went down to Tulsa again for the championship game. And wanted overtime to get back to the end it was that Joseph Griffin getting stuck out that was even a different one now a year later remember. Gary Condit had it read anything that championships and here. Gallagher of the turn and want them here as yeah access at a hit a couple of big throws at the end of that game. A year later he had attackers well that's down there for regular season game Joseph Griffin hit a three pointer virtually always doubted that corner to send the game to overtime. Had a shot his way over time as this thing Dallas maverick that that was. Joseph looked like force more than anybody I ever saw at the white horse that way impossible shots quality data that corner behind the backboard. So that was a shot he probably practiced a million times and had been. It affected your game and did well into a well thanks for those questions tonight we love recalling it's ultimately stand you know we have a call from Trisha thanks for joining us. I have another. Important. I am when I'm in the nineties in their app laughing at them or both Tucker bounds. Adam. Not brought over when it opened back up an and we also. Hat I'll we got. Kind of in trouble figuring that thing. I kind of a funny. You know it's just there was something about that rivalry it just inspires stuff like that when you hit the fan and it is the fans quality of the the players it was. It was very real it was a good that's not my everybody involved. Thank you trichet and his dog. That's. I didn't give you much room. They're still looking for an event at the US itself. Dave tweets frank case should be required to Wear coconuts sport goes I like Italy you know. We're gonna take a quick time that's what else comes up its backers face Tulsa here in the C code green at 869103. So that is the phone number or you could win this. It act shocker going to be right back. Hello soccer nation this Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping JPY again in time. For the past forty years that Carnahan group has been helping the great people of which topped by an L home helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on. 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Pregame show good shots results and together the memories start slow iconic status that it would. And again but it quickly remind you any data shocker might get 50%. Author online order in Wichita area Papa John slot on the topic John does not use the promo code shocker fifteenth. Receive your shocker is out back the funds a threat threat welcome. Hello guys. An innovative. The memory new Yorker history electric fence along. A kernel colonel like they've Dole's ticket situation berth in the early sixties I was an undergraduate. It the issue and they only allowed 400 tickets student. And you couldn't get through student tickets and through the morning of the date of the game at 8 o'clock moment in particular off the sofa. We Rubin played Cincinnati in and it's one of those super whose street games are we hear them. It was like you degrees. And I was fourth in line and sleeping bag the night before think game. In about 6 o'clock in the morning. Sunday users has done. The smoke in the round house and stayed in the round out that night. Somewhere earth and came down that third book in the morning and opened the door. And all the V newsroom and got more faith. In as brutal as I was not thwart the mine anymore but nobody expected get a ticket that it's good that game. I just one of the two let you know that. So that they used to be so for the good discipline their political owner available. Following up let's let's go right. We have for tonight remembers an undergraduate myself standing is live. I don't think that was ever outside the zero degree weather but stood in line around the time. Scores. The arena on a number of occasions that it did it start and park circuit. Fred thanks to call friends nickel back allows you to have for a long time. There's no stronger soccer fan its residents pops. Three thirds era or did that with marshall's relate. That stands. Outside here it's state influence the thinking of the continent it's not and it called when Marshall was here they called Marshall bill. Aunt and I think it started with the urgent because he got the team better. And the student demands as students and it's really went up at that time yeah I think. Think it might have started hearing surgeons air around and it. I remember very specifically that one it was really cold to the students are sitting out of the big game coming up the next day and they were outside. Would practice if it is it was cold. And yet it was then. CEO of the alumni association that they would greatly like donuts coffee and hot chocolate thing students of and Vijay aren't. Hey now. Thank everybody recognizes businesses and it's not suited that's. He says we're. Got after it happened bodies that word is vehemently that line that is. It went back inside it got to hear this practice. Write about it you've. That is that race. At least not Vijay last week that he's. It and it looked super. Looks great it's worth it yes kids out there coach and spilling. He has this very much dot realized what a career and a huge games for him all also. Well it's been great to get all the memories and thoughts. It done that we are headed on our pregame interview with Gregg Marshall Wichita State it's also coming up it's got word that they have slipped the start time. To five. Chance of just you aware that if you're on your way out in five chance that time. Because of other TV Levy incidents. Doctors it's also coming up so it will be back with his coach Gregg Marshall game stat report by the. This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys the only branch and JD power dependability awards for car struck you beings 2 years wrote I am so that's I think that's great but there's an error checking Stephanopoulos if you're get behind the wheel for yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability and Chevrolet. 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Let's back it zeros after it easier for us thanks pregame show these (%expletive) back on. Stay at. Have pulled their first ever game against the owls in Philadelphia remember what the stalkers are on the road the official watch party location. Is you know it's really tap worked southeast corner when he first Atlanta. Come by during the watch parties for your chance with a trip for two. EC tournament in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and it goes really tapped works officials. Watch party location. Force soccer basketball. And our coaches corner that coach Gregg Marshall was presented by express it why it professionals on a mission. To put billions to work which for this question Shaq had to turn his ankle towards the end of the night has he been doing. Since practice done. The next day we'll work but he's out here and in Indiana and up and I don't think it's anything severe so I think he'll build ago and hopefully play well. You have faced a lot of teams that have played solid again choose your Tulsa is one of those of these same unique at all about their zone. It's a match up you know they go cutters from time to time. They do pretty good job with their zone that they would it was sort of used to it now obviously we played more than half the season to get zone. And we fairly pleased with the way you attack their zone first timer I was we got good shots especially in transition. We opposite rebounded well and we have a short enough to win that was an important thing. You also they have a couple of very get big guys cede to anybody who then did you feel like he did a pretty good job of limiting their touches and and keep them off a lot of personal and yet we did they're thirteen that really likes to get to the line and we got them in foul trouble as opposed to the other way around. And certainly tablet is a good player but he was way better than that that night anything at all about it. The way he played that she you've got to learn from. Maybe gets a little different this time around it is figured that was kind of an out of body experience that well hopefully we can guarded better you just can't let him get going we let him get go we gave me confidence might lose them a couple times for. Early in transition and in their own second shot opportunities so we just happens to. Be better and more diligent early in the game. And certainly a nice performance on Thursday night coming back to two loss is he looking out for just kind of continuing that consistency of that type of effort performances of laughter and that's what I expect every time out so. Yeah I hope the Houston game was the aberration. Because they can check it gets good Marshall Wichita State in Tulsa coming up recovering. Lead lauryn ask to know about no chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only teach but does it. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in more pain Kirk Farber. We should talk to university shocker basketball is on 13 point seven KYM. Way to. And. And yeah. I've lost the I've made big. First shocker. 03 point seven that you want him. I think that's his house jury selection does state and Tulsa is getting ready to battle the shot you're stabbing at a six feet and four overall they are sixteen and seventeen to the polls this week. At six and to the American athletic conference Tulsa in Lebanon ninth overall foreign war. In the American athletic conference their thing it wanted follow that nobody wanted three. On the road they're only home loss was this soccer's two weeks ago yesterday. My case I closed 72 to 69 score might talk more about decades. Later but right now we're gonna let it give you the winning strategies for today's game rusty by capitol federal first Tom at home dream home. You can trust the strength behind accurately finances capitol federal equal housing lender that bird at the diocese. Thank you mr. Kennedy earth of course we're looking forward in the rivalry once again recently itself that here. A winning strategy number one the promised land that not hold much promise tonight at least not salsa. Also is not a great three point shooter except they certainly against with us safe and made twelve of 263. Pointers. 46 point 2% of the game. They had four times a season what makes worth well that's. Three pointers. And that's what happened in the ball game trip so lets us take need to do a good job of neutralizing their scooters. If you think this offers a chance to lead at. Because the last two ball games soccer opponents it's not only like six point 7%. From the free points right. Secondly the soccer sooners. Have to find their magic formula. Summaries that statement released late in three at last for ball games it's the nine point 2% field. Unless he's shooting with eight points. It's a field which is very very good compared to past years. You think that that would be not good enough to win basketball games but what you come up against Tulsa. 39 point 2% from the field just fine because the night at last at ball games. The golden hurricane are also it's just 39 point 2%. From the field. The third witty strategy and we go back to this just about every ball game. The rebounder as have to approach this game like it's prize fight. But he had a chance but with our state soccer for the number one rebounding the it the American athletic conference that's also it is just an average of six American athletic conference. Wichita State is 53 and outrebounded opponents. And it outrebounded them AT and out of the games they play. It also does not rebound and it's very often but when they win. There needed to what they out rebound their opponents. Shoppers at a twelve rebounds and it falls out. And recently with our state continues to do a deal with job boards in seven of the last night while all eight ball games. That shoppers have 810 point seven per game rebound edge. At its last five ball games Chelsea is seen minus six point 51 divorce that's going to be real distinct advantage. Shots. The fifth winning strategy. It has to unite the fifth. Points in the paint. Wichita State does it rates up points the faith matter fact. It's seven of the last 812 games as shoppers have won the points in the paint battle. The one game that they have one last day thicket against Tulsa. Also outscored with state thirty. But he worries me attitude but also stay at all of the Sox after. There itself in the any fancy. Quietly strategy. It's time for the soccer royalty. Reclaim their crowns. Matt resentment the pre season first team all conference player has added marvelous season. And markers that stuff these parties try to round out. Content zone after. Struggling because of knee injury. They have played well the last couple of ball games but they still played well enough it's time for them. Right through that ceiling and have outstanding games tonight and I think you'll see that from at least with them. And quite possibly vote. As I listened to make all those points it it just bears out to believe it or. At first it was a strange game. Get a lot of ways. You mentioned Olson's not a particularly good three point shooting team but 34%. They had a really good night beyond the arc. It's not instead overall it really good job on their best big players QE2. As far as it bothers bothers averaging fourteen point six points per game for the last seven games they held him to six. Eat too averages fifty indicated they held him that well. And yet it's also won the battle of points in the paint. Some of that because of driving the ball sterling Chaplin got into the lane and made some shots on the drive at that also. Doctors get out scored them points in the paint but probably one of the real turning points of the game the shocker bench outscored tosses it 27 to eleven. And most of that came from Marcus but not the hero Willis and Rhonda searcher who all came off the bench that night that combined for 44 point 221 read them. I thought Marcus that stuffy place heartless game scored in double figures he had nine rebounds. And I thought he rejuvenated his career after the injury and I think he has an opportunity to do the same thing. Because I think is with us going to pose some problems especially for their perimeter people. Also might get credited for. And he Wichita State outrebounded this team fights well. But they did announce that at Wichita State is a much better shooting scenes. That false ideas but also. Caught fire from the perimeter at Wichita State is gonna have to make sure that they defense and it's free it's not much better than they did that folks. Here's another interesting stat on pulses rebounding. They are now for the season plus three per game over their opponents and over their first six games they get out rebounded by four and a half the game. In the last fourteen games at plus four point night. Overall. Plus five if she gets sensitive to recent games at minus six and they seem to be really up and down as far as their performance on board that tells life and think it's also got off to a quick start against. And at 1111. Are sacrificed. Points. They just leave the ballgame which gets us states that a little bit better stop at least the last ballgame not let. Tonight as well. I thought this was get this thing here does this make you noted this thing look at the NCAA stats because he politely at this. Inclined to point out of the necessities. Hit two of their last three games he's obviously a place teams that are at the top five is adjacent. To its story defense. Against number three UCF which gives up sixty a game of soccer scored 81. And against S and you even though the shoppers lost that it doesn't give up an average of sixty cents per game that that the country. Doctors scored 78. And effective management plus 68 at plus twenty wants are two of the top defensive scoring teams in the nation. And you had talked about this since you. It's not so well and I thought that was an aberration thought it wasn't for defense with our State's part as much supplies. That SMU was just unconscious and we need this game abundance of forgettable game at Wichita State needs. Learn those lessons but what you look at this philosophy that's company and I wanted to break up organs. I like Corey Anderson as a player here he was beauty and its that he wanted to see that can't write them all that you might not get the density wanted. He left Wichita State he went to I think it was in your college and that he wouldn't pulse after that. He's had a pretty good career. For them I think he's had. Maybe some strong feelings about what's dusty doesn't list with a state or school when you look at that in the programs that interest. He gets 414 against soccer's 493. Points pride which states that have read at Torrey. And remembered getting handed the space because he's capable of roughly. He's streaky at lately he's been on a hot streak last three games he's averaging eleven point that is made almost 48% of these three continents for 21 over the last three games so it definitely. Let it get a hand in his face he could get it away quickly and so you've got to stay right on him and he's one of those guys that. You wanna get on his toes and make you put the ball on the floor as he gets my view okay you've got people behind your back up the flood of pictures. Thank you for life. When you let idea just. At times. Let's see rates. Recently he has a career high thirty it's not here. He has eight threes against UConn also in the quality itself he's capable of scoring day. Pregame show brought to impart much as far as carpet outlet and Florida senator one of our longtime loyal sponsors and it. Long long time which it business traditions. Right flooring products and it really good everyday low prices because they have a big. Inventory that allows them to order a product at a lesser price if they pass those savings along it is now. Every day Mississippi State if they've set for over thirty years at the bars are fidelity employees that are 1868. North Broadway. We do have an injury report it was one that we weren't really expecting today it's presented by opting live your life your maturity your optical view. As you've heard from Gregg Marshall in his pregame comments Zack Morris who captured his ankle a little bit of Thursday night's game right toward the end of the game. Actually returned to practice on Friday. He's defiantly exec. Expect to see plenty of them tonight. But as there are people start to hurt his ankle in practice in the last couple day's news and a flute and we'll not suit up tonight self. As you're right probably the twelfth man is certainly possible that he would have seen accidents tonight's game anyway so right now that's not me. Major loss for the shot there's almost certainly that's yet that they want to get playing time whatever they can't try to speed news developments. Well and hopefully because I think he'll be called on the play indeed postseason tournament. Nice yeah venison myself and also he's such a valuable practice late at Wichita State hasn't really idiots I thank you can't stand these. And I think although as important as got a lot of minutes. One of the reasons which are staying disease usually bounce teams they have recounts every day at practice against players like dance. We have just a couple of extra minutes tonight because they had slipped to start time back five minutes. We'll catch up on what's happened so far today as the American athletic conference. SM you're playing at home this afternoon defeated ECU 8661. At Houston at home defeated US at 63. 240. That is used to temporarily back into the time list. It's not just for second place at six and two but the factors could regain and I have seen it yet but involvement since they looked like one more game than Houston. By the end of today's game. As it moved back to 54. At UC you've dropped to its seventh US is still win lifts him. In the conference I think that that they've pulled off an upset the other night there now want and eight in conference flights at Cincinnati. Eight and now after a 6248. We added that this last night with just stated he is now about six. Students. Confidence for him either the only war they gave him confidence alone in fourth place going into this game tonight at temple. Started my disease and death of this as it is also called for a fluorescent. As it. I think. Lots boardwalk and everything is not an opponent in Marquette had a real scared and I want Villanova in Milwaukee. But no another one that was 8580. Number six Michigan State. At Maryland has seventy. Adequately prepared trailed early at Indiana and came back with the 74 or 67 and the death yesterday at bats there's a few times day's worth another. We'll are crazy besides what did you point six rebounds and assists and five blocks this area because you know ninety points. Since then got a lot harder each of the last game has flirted with a triple doubles here it's seventeen points six rebounds. It's resistant but overall this doctor's right outside of freedom and confidence. Out of twelve overall and ask BC news. Tuesday night what it would streak incidents are. You never get an. Fast balls. Late eighties. Arts and it's and it's very very well. Also on the back on the floor for a final warmup drills and end backers of the bag gonna bomb but it Novella that happens I think. This link on a high approaching us act. Favorite news didn't get enough time for your blood sugar levels stable at today's healthy soccer's fifth. Got you by United Healthcare and a real help them learn more. Illnesses. Not not this campaign they want us. I needed our time briefly what's fascinating about that is obviously the all time series. 661. Afternoon when it's also some weeks ago. Man it was they they target company at the same conference or close to twenty years. That is guilty soccer's third. Most played series all time the only ones they have fled or have been Drake and Bradley. So it's hard to believe that they'd been out on. Rival itself so deep night's giants of that net takes. The game. They're back at the same conference now I'd definitely look forward to admitted more updated with the hurricane. A thousand years but yet. This one. Kind of ending the series early this year the soccer scoring play Houston twice. More that way I think that the American profits remember the days of Missouri valley. But it's doctors and off the plate somebody twice within a couple of weeks that the death of him before they there. Whether it's game seven that's certainly was due to the numbers of victory this team played yet. Hardest hit exactly the attitude. If this conference it's a little bit on ballads like at eighteen game schedule. Well team. I forget what they call it that it that it just it's excellent and it's projected to be the last or believe they'll play it it's not scored twice. I don't let out of thankful that little florist. Days if it's. Games some teams are going to play board games with others who didn't play a couple of teams twice before you see somebody else first and that's just part of what it's going to be like if this league at least for the time. And I don't know if there's any way around that if you've got schedules a staggering stats I don't see how they can. Avoid some of that stuff it would have been nice to have not statements gets. But with a statement. The reasons stagnant because. There are so many things in the top and a lot of larger conference that's is that some time. Doctors are back on the floor that they weren't thought tonight's. Tops and pants and black letters and numbers for him. White and tells us here at royal blue there gold is kind of assault golden at twice they also have a little. Red highlights here and there are new uniforms at times basically Paulson Lou was soccer's Ian Gold tonight. As they get after Florida 100 and slipped to eight times Greg marshals. Believe help. This series since he took the job of the first things he heard got flights also think it's also Batman justice feels. He worked to get that going and it was. State is now seven and want in this series and Gregg Marshall said the only positive nets fan hassles. Who isn't at least at the Atlantic this let's start. Just not ready for the starting lineups but first we'll have the answer but that's the starting lineup for tonight's game the officials for tonight's game. Arts out Derosa prosecutors. At least hassle. Notice Gaza. But the guys. We'll see a little more out of this league that we did not read the valley is a well not official nationally he's the final fours status. During Christie's name yeah top of the list him if that's not all of these things about the negative publicity and yes the fifth. Aren't we invited to join us as being shocker basketball fan only those assembled here this evening. Did he play incident. Our national. Okay. Charles south. Buried up. To 6506. If there are 101506. Tickets sold that's the attendance not this. Senators probably 10100506. In the seats that is Wednesday at Morgan seats by early everybody's anticipating. Once again reportedly of this rivalry. Starting lineups are presented by equity bank where you'd never pay an ATM fee is sure to visit the on line of equity bank. Dot com first or Tulsa margins it spotted six takes forty for a sophomore from Lagos Nigeria is not point four points per game. Five point three rebounds junior 2006835. Pound senior from the Republic of the Congo. My high school ball in Arlington Virginia transfer from Rutgers University. Averaging fifteen point one points per game seven point suits. Three bath time. This certainly can't let let the shot if it. Six in the game also has six foot through here that these efforts or the average of point seven points per game. At four point two assists lost it. Rita not a big scorer could start pretty much every game a lot of the dirty work that it created veterans that lives off of Little Rock, Arkansas. Averaging ten point nine points per game. Dan rather than signing former father Floyd Patterson a six forcing your. Dallas' David you played here in 2015. Season report transferred. He has everything nine point regain. It's 38 and a half percent. Rate compared to 36 and a half percent. All the wrong yet an illustration of what I have. Making him put it on the floor uploaded via. Stand up jump shooter or don't fouling. Did he shoots 82% from the line unlimited opportunity. Series of versatile player by Theres a lot of offense skills with us states and happy and I don't. Also tell us let's break faith values for the greater good yeah. They're already offers great news. And again at eleven times so far this season. We'll Wichita State Rashard and telling us exactly yeah it was Fredericksburg Virginia high quality. I have read about the contents. Getting his second straight started forward Marcus Vick dogs. 68 junior competitive. Centers Shaquille Morris. It's. Almost all of a half points per game shooting almost 55%. Of the wheels. At guard Larry. Fifteen points per game and pipeline through assist. He is shooting 47 point 3% to eight vet down after that game for the first time for a long time after going on. Wow the last game. Rounding up the Arctic outer friend can't back in the starting line up six slots if you're seeing here from what you thought north. Averaging eleven point three points per game and where they've got this six to watch him. Assist to turnover ratio. At the starting lineup right by equity bank and we are ready to get this one under way in Wichita State it's also for the second time. This season glad to have you let us in the are positive really upbeat thing goes smoothly here they go along side. 37 season. Fight Wichita State is a big big favorite but they were they may. Read against falls and hits balls also and once again whether things that I think Wichita State needs to do anything different everything. To get a good. And it's also it blew. A little bit of gold and white tree advance that they have false over the first thing flies on the lower right corner. Quiet it is at this. Otherwise everything else that I flew white sand hole golf doctors do. Gold. And black it's not quite ready to get it started as we wait for these TV folks come back. They CBS sports network telecasts. This is that a lot of good coaches and cities that and it went through a lot of coaching changes there's guys moved on it gives. Consistently kept it going this. That's the biggest names in the history of college coach included that group and Nolan Richardson did you know self. And I Buzz Peterson death sentence Smith. Yeah that a lot of outstanding that have done well that's. That's a fertile ground for good basketball down. Shaquille Morris with jet setter with Martin's body sacked just controlled the zip. And 81%. Of the game that he has been the guy. That's right hold it fanatics here candidacy staff knows it felt like this Atlanta because a lot of them he gets it. Yeah now it's become so fast yeah. We go to the rose it's not a citizen actually will be easily cancel us. It's actually visit the Landry says that if we're under way in this thing is that it forces on those slightly different stance. But it's nothing that length LA drives it fits that definitely it's definitely fifths. At that Kelly again. The fit inside that zone. Funded by a foot slightly more us right baseline to end it with a three year old offensive rebound it's also a lot of players that and it will be brought out slices and it's half. That will be guarded by Atlanta San of the. Season. I defiantly collectibles and it's not and right suddenly leaving him alone Palestinians. Wanted by Jack Morris sexist tonight. Robert L war port number two if Watson with us that gets it back throw. It's outside it's. The basket just go off the back down. At the basket like that makes it likes to. It's lengthening it traffic outdoors the air but still got it blocked a skeleton over it up. As of August reflect the French can't have valid drives hard down the keyhole. That's right and the fact different camp ultimately left elbow spins out rebound Elena Fallon Tulsa. Click play there for two reasons. That's all right Kelly getting another offensive. History batting average is up three points and those for you to think he definitely found lift off on them about this the Sox and the laughs let's. It all out every now. If it's. And it went after it kind of loose and has definitely soft. That's what they didn't work. Nothing frankly have not started math and that's what I haven't Haifa skeleton around since what are author writes that it really added up there by Boris guided by god knows that it definitely. Dives right field Friday on the lake outlined under the basket outlook color but Theriot hits it also goes in front three. Each had a great frequency. Of its debt and yet there mind about the earth. And here's feel like Rita. I can't say nothing for free let things sort. The Packers are old refrain from. Her delegates nothing in that. Yeah well that's one step it will slap it definitely fluttered to prevent history with them bounces off the read it and chased down by item in the right order. It was somewhat screen thought that more influence not think about that make him move the ball. Anderson about the left when it comes back to the middle that loss that the average writes Nightline. And it's definitely read it if it's at the Wall Street girls that not that technical stuff like that they've snapped a three pointer right elbow yet. That is almost don't want that on the deflection. Also got tapped it opens immediately exit soccer shots they want to set us. But that's not those words outlined surge looks at that he had left fires back. Questioner at 53 way up the art. Like sad that. They. When the it's pointless night off the Wall Street now lots of downloading it that way off of it ultimately is that it is wide open Roland off the ticket holders it's itself. I don't mergers honestly it's not it's not enough yet to forest front right tonight and it's almost. But that night likely got. Yet snapple's not letting teams just. Kelly flight gets the offensively. What's on the floor fumbled about him that's great that way now off the back. It's also my goodness it's not so. Long pass that Portland or Laurie Anderson you know that cat suit and it doubles tonight. Let's play it. Atlantic dot. Not mine walls if all goes well. That's right it's worth certainly tapped it if you happen to get him off the Wall Street thrives it and got a home here on the here call it college basketball solicitor. Is that it. Depends fifth most all. Definitely here. And through the playoffs now. Acting out is Martin's body also worried that Anderson does not yet again for those that don't like yours to refresh the art through Chicago also recognized that we wheelers to force your accuracy and the one Jefferies. But playing well last couple games also expected to outline reasons in surgeries in (%expletive) France like wells it's not right it rightly raised it that drives down the line if she's not everything went away. Any thoughts of thought that it factors had probably some time. Instant offense and it's definitely an effect for it started right if they're elected. To try to monitor that drives. Throws that it's not it's partially blocked because of it yet. Frost and Fallon gets it to you know it's. Daryl Willis who just checked it might not. As an expert on. It's time 1538. Golfers that and it's also stand at which it's honestly I had the first. At age 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health. Plans sixty finally from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and go for days plus are proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance worry free plan 65 for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government the federal Medicare program. Shocker fans prepare to be shocked tall grass country club our local favorite golf course since 1981 has something new to show you the new local owners have already started adding news we should fairways to the golf course and Clinton are on a new 24 hour fitness center memberships start as low 3999 per month. 124 hour fitness or free golf on Monday in black us plus mention is adding future first month free I know is shocking tall grass is also the perfect spot for your next private event from fundraisers to weddings there expert at this ready to major expectations play with a shoppers play and join the new tall grass country club today. And our. Customers love hog wild delicious medium and here's hog wild Josh would seem to tell you war are rims they're leaning media are under the practically melting your math the average its specifications for the retreat back then there's our special blend of spices we sees movement followed by smoking every day a real victory with the end result is our delicious fun while it. Visit one of our five locations in which it's awful when dirty Hutchinson elder radio and Salina. Don't they week. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Fred would be John Green which Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WS you've shot it's. He's on 103 point 70 yeah. Five if you look at snaps off. Wonder why there's these reports that if you slice it tells. Laura Tyson doesn't look three for feet Wichita State some other side of the field. Antawn five. But he also thought that have been out rebounded aides former Tulsa. Already has three offensive rebounds and they're five misses from the field that you have the only turnover so far which states. Wichita State and freelance or bought games he's 39 point 3% from the field. We thought they were gonna break out of that and I think they will break out of that today they've got to start platform game. Mike when they shot 43 point 5% from the field but shooting even 39%. Will not allow you to the seventeenth. And it's stretching it out to the three point line this doctors are asked to snap. Lastly it's kind of beat 83 not one for five start tonight at four different guys at this honestly glad you haven't. Excellent offensive and it doesn't help he's healed up very well let's hear that last outlaws on their lowest first now. Art it's not it's through to tonight and it isn't. Flies fleas is rolling out at bat product here. Most articulate. Like those films he's clueless it's economic team rebounds and one that is the latest get a good start today. Left wing with nothing down buffalo flotsam. Analysts had expected baskets not think it's a step on the defense and fiscal layout is great pit road and it was almost moving some much laterally and at. Foolish he was much quicker than the defender but overpowered. Physically. That's right. Jefferies a lot to you that that's it kicked back at Jefferies and three hard almost went in Boston last rebounded by their. Safe streets that were picked up the credit card that drives without going to the basket. It's definitely showing his streak at the buffet port that's not really got down an artery graft on the arms tonight ticket at the basket. Well and Wichita State witness walking free throw line I don't I don't think it's gonna take stat but. It's also is only got to the free throw line ten times for the last three or they've been content to shoot the ball outside of that stuff that family. Way short merely raised the threat of rip that now is not real Wheeler his first second team now Fossett. Artistic Duffy for the season shooting 71 point 4% at. Second my the other point lies in the last few ball games Wichita State is the free throw line 27 and a half times the game. That's could make that. Think big differences. Zach brown and former Nazis to shut the line of brightness ran camps Reeves ground Willis and nurture full court pressure policy edited to eat too fast it's affluent. And not capital. We'll bring it up that he guarded by Zach brown. Started left wheels that are right gets it if you malaria frozen out the left corner shot statement Wheeler drives those that would. If one is pretty flexible loose ball Willis on the floor to get it and and inside and out of position there. Possession. Of fourth seed on the shot clock if anything. Flooding the consulate here Willis who failed to get on the floor one. It's at Houston and has not made that same mistake again in the last yeah I think he cannot afford twice last fall. Lot apostles like this stuff like it will play at it with hostility in snipers in the right part. Are mostly but brown picked up his terrible trouble getting rid of the confines Jeffrey's absolutely authorities are driving rain can't collision no small effects shot. No rebounder differently if I stayed at different camps so far to let them play a little bit in this context. On that ball left quarter round shot fake high post analyst at play Erica. Let's just left leg. Defense doesn't have a chance to react with us as well that's against that zone. It's not to look outside actually that's an eighth drive it Wheeler pulls out the lights definitely left it and missed it. Street battles that Jefferies hit adamantly that it's over its vehicles I created out. We've got here that was a long about 2546. Feet three support different hair falls out luckily for us for Reeves. Austin off the street fighter drives a party that let it delay drops down and we'll see. Not a very good pass. Now I think Scott Ellison confident loose ball and that is what would there. And it's unfortunate and Austin went up and then caught the defense in the besides and it's. Little bounce pass to Darryl as a last resort and it's almost in his speech my could. And you had it on the floor to get after it defender got in the way you know. Odd degrees of the last eight games six point five to one assist to turnover ratio but what is that if that's that's. In different parts throws left wing really stolen slightly. And on stepped out of that he tried to save it back in it a lot about. Have not. Stepped on the sidelines of fans applauded the house that was not there yet and if it reaches the man that's. Leo we will deploy it. On his back in the game for those it. And we are having trouble finally gets it on some of the floor it back right that that short goes left. She's backing out Henderson victory or it isn't right of center. Dropped to three for his first basket of the game that makes author seeds there. Obviously a lot of confidence where it's fifty cents three points right 1935. Lessons. And it left leg at that reads hi plus delegate free throw line down the lane got an awful lot missed it fighting for his own rebound but it's covered by. Jeffries for Tulsa overjoyed. With the fourth I left off the Wall Street excesses of the Jeffrey let the blame it on a net loss put it on at his home but Alabama started to fake laughter. That's all right this just announced that it is hands across the line with us and Canada over here you're out Boris back end with I stayed at. And let's see. This season urchins playing like the physically strong man there's not anything tonight against Santa Chrysler greens right flock to. Boris about a suspect yet please rightly wrath. One. It's that forthright baseline that the media hype was definitely right elbow out that these guys that got us at. This is at the corner Browning wide open for a short. What more evidence out rebound deflected this valid. And all of that saying go. I'm fine thank you Sox. Definitely it hits the field are spread almost definitely it is definite. It alive Hillary never could accidentally. Driving messages. Think that's going on Santa flip side of the the middle. Of his life raised Baptist Amazon's tablet yet driving Morris. Just don't let that it's never the Florida the lines within an excellent ball handling excellence that places him porous. And it's. As a litmus indicates the bullets Netflix dot wars he at least draws the foul play that. The free throw line is something. He's very comfortable. But the way I feel Boris off to a good start alias to point that really playing with some energy he is. Just under 70% for the line at 37 of 53 of the year free. You know it's funny and I said it would reconsider what she normally is right and about 70%. But he's uncharacteristically. Slow from the line seven of fourteen and seven of his last three ball games the surprising thing. Is that fact that he's only gone to the line fourteen times in his last eight games happen a little short the bounce off yeah exactly it's one of him. Definitely on. Its twelfth holes only. Certainly snapped it up front that Nightline started nicely into right side of the floor act middle sister on that front looking to drive it does drive Douglass and Lincoln that's different. It's it uses. Laughs very admits that was not to test its that he thought it was a let's not let you know that nothing and it's quickly. Lithuania for a reason it makes us those rebels want those degrees left we've got to yeah. Constant pain get strength athlete gets authorities say it ain't so out soccer match. And career high cost forestry and. Please don't use. 1650. Exhausted and I definitely do it now it's after accidentally left it right there will only. Look at their dribble handoff he could get it to Anderson grounds for a kidnapped. Athletes don't have to visit the king outlines look forward to the greatest tennis industry that's. Lawson paprika only 31%. On 46 cents earlier this is looking like thinking that it's also worth. They were getting late about their normal percentage three. Yelling at the height what level after the laid out of the more stuff. It just an absolutely horrified confident. And moved to second place soccer's one assist list are dealing with. This. 1970. Also made it five 83 aptly. One thing that three drives that society that but Martin's mind. That's his second basket. Not by force out of work we left way. Slip those rights if it forthrightly that that it can definitely treatment program that reads. Out front. Office. If I'm saying is back. Since both the C. Just recently. Sentenced supposedly the best its residents left water definitely didn't actually collectibles or things like that up slightly sand. I'm sorry it's not the. They skated to the baseline but I have stand up to three different. Soccer basketball message tonight now tonight. If you know the first that's what has gone so far it's not just what you want it to. I stayed. Hi this is actually Hayes and I'm a full time working mom with my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what time to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our need. So to say we are thrilled to optimize fulfill that Floyd is an under. Osce like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness and exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. They even have child care. This opting like it when he first and whether online at top teams Tyson's life. Dot com. So this house in great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really can't play cloud that sends a well the house across the road just sold for a few years more than a mile and companies just how we home gym worked really hard or don't give it. Action to there. Tell you what why don't we offer 23 years without news people in this. It turned. Colony do today. Looking for great gas mileage mid west yeah. Car was awesome technology. That's cool design midwest. PS. There something you can afford it comes with a 10100000. Mile bumper to bumper warranty. Paid a lifetime power train warranty on top of things. We can there's plenty. It with the. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Allen a Karzai in valley center to endanger porn and over what lawyer. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven TE one yeah. An ovation for his. If it doesn't. Sealed up to him not about it before the game. Knight 47 to go in the first half and Wichita State had four different players try a free. They were over five feet while also had four different players make it three they're 58. And that Austin reed got started or before. And I. I sit as did sources floor for three epic games wants in his career against Bradley last year at four for 5 against Maryland Eastern Shore things tied his career high treason we still have. Almost ten minutes to go at the first half of this. Think that make that here. Ballots laden was referenced it earlier it was here than expected Netherlands arrested and I I think I think honestly think it is for this president that I can do that and more. Yeah if you have the balls down one. Tulsa played well three pointers against Wichita State added that it was a late at that point deficit. Since. Five but classics but they're well off their late season at twelve. It got a friend here after the game goes left ordinance that routed drives affects different camps gets a man of the year open. Create your. Shortly about Berkshire added gotten over it like Torre had to sit back here after it masters after years. It is it movies first. There now on tells us shot his editor edit session thanks for the artwork on the office last. But for him it's a one out yet they want to outlook. Three clubs up for a doubles picked up for it yet it left with brown. If the high post that's the deputy chair at sixteenth got market. He pointed this out of six Phillies wanted to. So buster. That's kind of the it'll knock down Wall Street it is just a couple of guys. Yeah there's a shot at close alliance which is this not at least they got it it's it's not that it frequently quite chances earlier this week ago. Now science background. Good pass in society that's open and they had to go fly to try to block the shot at forget the guys here now she. To. Not brown his first team's third. What do you think makes this and 71 point for example us in and out. Night is. 77. Not make them laugh. Lance Ball games on this coast line O line. It is so hard to see. And yet as if it has gone on as much lately yet war games currently this year and it's worth it yeah. I don't know if that's not for free points on what is involved. Don't sustain that zone it's basically to street look less like markets that the announcement please expand at 5 o'clock. Fifteenth Austin. Athlete's life I want to. It is jointly let Hoyer hit it's it's not make fools not to add this this. About seventy often that's also acting as a free trade that would ribs three got rid. It's not my out of that it exists. That's that's worth his breath fix it tonight crosscourt for a camp right spaceflight book that can't wait for that tells them. That's out there that are here. And I didn't work hard in the middle announces Jeffries really pull up little floater in the light bounces and that's about it can't. State Kennedy sounds like an auction here speakers. Graphically. Love the things that guys right baseline muscle. The twelfth was underground leader Laura Bush and that's going to be at second now. Probably get him out of the Yankees and the factors that might think it's enough. Sent it back at. And I say they'll have got the Phillies have a back. Fourteenth round with its not state that's going to be Kelly. But stuff these mergers Shin Bet and it's of iTunes announcement for the first time tonight Kelly with five rebounds and if you want to work it left your right terrible. Keeps it a little handoff Rita telling it like that happens to keep him off the Wall Street straight into the three yet. It was almost tax Stephanie a little bit nailed it secondly if that night. Close ties back up 45. Since that hot three point shooting but both teams for Tulsa collective group that shot. It's an honest degrees. Picked up to travel to the end caught the ball left baseline. Shot and it took off and frankly that it would not return to governor Frank Marshall. Let you know that he didn't even disputed that little 745. Gallup first asked the tickets not now. Soccer's and it's also tied at 25. One company is on a mission to put in the equal to works here sounds like the big number reason not to extra employment professionals and may be learning how to engineer or ninety developer. Things for the right for. Or how about administrative positions we are committed to your success and never church what he defined job. Express employment professionals is on emissions put a million people so. Each year plus how we opened doors for good who expressed grows dot com to find a location near you. And your critics had. Commenting you are every ought to all my mayfield road manager what ready don't old America until what do they do my. Doesn't matter if you can easily gotten around to that and says it is opening Bryant got the Neil Diamond night what have I. Your name days. Drew was always overweight Keno from the Kansas lottery pick your number of pick your wager and you could wind up to 300000. Dollars he cares moderate accompanied him. Twenty the ultimate sports slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation and there's sports on huge screens and scratched from his bursting from the best kitchen in sport there's something and many dissatisfied every chance at a time to take your teammates in new highs with any harsher more items for the table twenty schools from as far features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purposely hurt that a teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold -- crystal wore our maintains are decked out with tons of these DTV that there's never a bad he now heads towards what he eats drinks scenic views. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point Evan JE one yeah. It's 45 overall and presented as not to write home about Wichita State forty point not kind of wanted to. Also night at 2330. And I want that the hurricane six a tent for three Wichita State five the left. All the shots 06. Except for Austin brigades who is five for five already career highs for points field goals. That's what's in the lives let us. Wichita State now up on the boards 1513. They have forced turnovers to Tulsa through it philosophers and it works like handling it a threat. The vikings you know it's. Do Geoffrey Canada volleyed a little easy lay it quits but I want Jeffries whose first few points what a great athlete she is like that that's. 2725. Most active for a flight that Kevin left went out front page you know I think it definitely get that pulses don't I was Kelly's right elbow. Let's understand it caught a generation tops could give him executed position I've posted if the foul line. But sabathia got shot in the body recovered by Kelley show Sadat to camp but what it got to catch up if they can't really alternate shot. Right corners that definitely has a knack. Drives it spins. Back that threatens John Q3 for not front. And out by so much Eric Kelly of hustler for almost saved at that's covered by Tulsa every rebounds for him it was box office. Out of around the guy and almost all of the past five to what is behind the offensive targeting commodities could get surgery at a time coverage it's out of bounds off of her case because that was right to the basket. It up here like that you don't have an idea what's the with the ball more often than not it ends up. Jones now mr. hot hand constantly backed it along with him and he'll Boris that it Kelly not yet for a those extending it just a little bit. It's not the it's time forest but look away it. Apparently it can't connect him heading right back boards light wheels. Her around looking for rebound but backed up by the government. Down from behind its most of its not safe system. Legitimately bounty as witnesses. They start to pull away Internet phone Henderson at an advocate an atlas the blame on it driving Boris underneath kind of trapped let them. Little sort tied for the lead down to hunt is open attachments field. Morris. Got a little too aggressive trying to get it back and for marches responded that's going to be his first now fourteen. And found that affluent Tulsa and Wichita State's best is outscoring those incidents have seen nothing thus far the surprising statistic he thrives. Since it is that points and advance its policies that's now worth. Prostate thought it comes you know artists and us 569 Richard you're from Seattle to exit 69 hole five sideways it's hard to see. And but definitely. It's honest and off the street by Kelly definitely campus three by Landry it up yet again just can't violent lately. The reader rebounds and it snaps with the authors of the hurricane tied it 27. Left corner of partisan back up on the way if you read it I think differently if snaps with them he snapped up with dribble hand off. Spirit currents knotted the game now for most of the art Caplan driving down the lane outlets pointed artisan offense out of the way I could get it if people. Drives down the right side of the line but went up on the move reads it now to rebalance its food that's also doubles not to look forward. That it's not that that's half of them Reese Netflix on the shot clock. 540 poor play first task force tonight. Police haven't happened yet has yet pull that up we're way short hair ball discovered nightly news played a hard drive it a step back but you have to place your. Elliot it's not that they're raised three again. Won't likely. Six were six and that's his opponents face. It's hard it's kind of like walked into a different artists that it's definitely definitely. Players that threw up the dribbles in. It's got. Partisans. He's looking for easy but that's it's not not let him tonight as what they can't afford to. Event since. It right there in the middle of the floor left greatly again incidents this. Good. Seven consecutive. Days while constantly. Invades. Just media book that does not on the floor surrounded him. Seven for seventh at 3006. In thirty seconds. Plus days later great. Boston Braves. News of the motion and it is closed today as well as he hit the only one of the best three point shooters in the Missouri Valley Conference last year my. And he sure has the range today seven of seven from the three point right. 11 point 66 or did it every sport and it gave us cited for a five infidelities. Horry had fifty. So what they wanted to. Fast. Hit that fairly athletic your career you know. Donald for the first yeah. Well and these hostages scored 21 points also has its 27. That is historic 33 easily has roughly two thirds of this it's it's effortlessly picked up his dribble and a few excited about what happens Nightline two influences it. That's left office Wall Street look at it rivalries in its debt through and it rolls off. And somebody ends up on the floors that it now with our millions into. It now. Like here at the lane it. Greens get this war's success if it rolled off and then Ellie apparently pushed off like that its first now. And the team's fifth. Most deflated them in line looks on the first play out front 21. Jeff please give them snap right. Will it still has doubled. But not yet. Crossovers tonight it didn't go all the way through with enough left that it balances and again it's not as suggested it pretty well itself without that went about. It's obviously. He's a basketball players like those. So. Kelly right baseline. Quarterback not threaten these high post or insert spaces. It's as he has degrees plus to them that the lord lift weights and street by Landry. No not off the bat recovered by Saddam's doubles to Kelly it'll just what. Right console myself. Business there's got to know if points because what it's a state is such a good job at 13540. Night recognized. Once every. Right. I can't honestly. It it's not the yard drives it hard consistently back at the slider for a theory that's not that that's at selling price or get it added I'm grabbed the stuff they've added it was a very good process Nightline transports and let fortunately again. Get this done quietly this embarrassment. How about those offensive rebound let's not say that the red blood. It off at 37 started. What's it and I think that is an offensive rebounds as the first half of it's not a bit instances lessons learned over the death that they got a shot at length this definitely got the talent places him at nice dot may end delivery might agree that it could get a default reach right wondered if nothing on the wings and writes I'd like most wars. Announcer the life definitely left slavery must now in the basket down the line for a little pull up. Inside these outside the sciences invites him. Chris ball movement from Wichita State did and a big and finally the big guys inside Slater dribbles right. It accounts for us right of the littlest graphic covered by Kelly of course they drive to the basket delays that it. Hey yeah. Yeah. He points in the first half a decidedly clinics don't. Now let's look at left breakthrough that could get up in the countries as well overdone. Yeah golf is truly does have a right to left since this is picked up his dribble lots over the top athletes who catches and did everything instead of the back towards the person I. Lots. They call it the whole thing I'll. Eyes on that southwest even in high yet I don't think unanswered about that would let it. If it gets a basket and we noticed I don't want 26 to go the first half soccer's forty want Tulsa 31. But you're looking for the perfect power suit for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. 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I want it indoor pool. Sunny. I think we have a leak and when you need a plumber call rodent. Wichita as originally Rooter is still the best flow plumbing drain communion from new translucent roof here. 02630. Well yeah. And now. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or hazel for pummel. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE one yeah. They started to walk talk the thirty. Six players have heard that the doctors are big percentage got great 44. Plus seven. For eight reporting lots all of the other night while Boston 378. Talk about the numbers retest what. Three points Shaquille Boris eleven. Odds short Kelly. Has about it tiger bullet point happy here ever in the city has eight rebounds for offense and five assists no turnovers and blocked shots. Doctors have thirteen assists on sixteen field goals Kelly five assists no turnovers campus or assists no turnovers. Well and a half minutes ago Yeltsin was 53. Points right well on the way to. He flow free points at Connecticut soccer they made one. Out of the last worth anything. Doctors on the exact nurture ten footer right baseline that is why don't have enough of downstream. Listen points out of surgery has five event itself and the ones that well against that zone like cuts by night's rest and its allies are driving him. Searchers got out of under your gut slogans left to be vacated that low post area. And that was able to normally in Atlanta. Race can't writes I've got enough history by atlas that's that's definitely not alone what their outlets at the high post. At the balance what drivel dropped an epic Duffy at night slam that. Marcus was five on tonight's pilot fish are there. Most of those assists are coming from big guys. 4533. Wichita State. That's what drives right cut off Biden's guns keep his dribble other rightly. It's not. He threw back to the basket shot fake stuff fires over nurture it yet so that I shot and I used to his thirteenth in the percent. 4535. Which is nice date nights hand. At a time math. The budget means unsolicited Gregg Marshall for the ball couldn't figure out what it was he was calling itself. Right signal for a time out thirteen seconds to go in the first half greens at Santa you're out of going to check back here at. For this last possessions it's not an atlas or bucket before the past speeches played really really well then yes thirteen points thus far it is. His average on the season's fifteen points and might he comes and goes as a matter of fact he's been an average. Seven point six points per game and five of the last six ball games and obviously he's very capable of fighting the bottom of the net. Net that's for this evening over the last six to. Only hit that fifty from the field three to 30% things five nine tonight their team in the first half and that's what you were six times this season. The game high thirty against Robert sometimes those relief supplies to the case. And it was bounces off campus. Let's let's quarterly for the way now let horse that flavor for it kept referring to invest about the Beckley about 4%. Our courts applicants for not from half court and if it off the left side of the bachelor soccer's flatness that flag at got a wide open slave photographer Anthony just could not get we've got it's not out off. At the end of the half was what if not stay. Leading 4535. Remembered that about 40% today after the attackers slit. At 10 o'clock east and west. On Monday night's soccer coach showed night this coming Monday just Greg marshals as. It's not limits to be traveling to east Carolina joins us from six to 700. Greg marshals go from in case we're looking Eliot 97. At thirteen thirty. 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Year wanna talk started much greater HV -- tackle conduit system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free man on any medium repair. Our new customer 1946. Special from Feinstein. And carrier. Turn to the experts. I'm not caught and I sort of acorn. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford grameen phone Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk harbor. WSU shocker basketball he's done. Three point seven JE one N Wichita. Halftime show up into the bank credit. Get checked after the but that kept your small business news that is if America proud sponsor. Of WA shoot baskets. It's not safe. Didn't think at halftime 4535. Over. Also it was just the kind of pace that score would indicate it's doctors were giving out shots early but yeah. Credible hot streak by Austin pleased ended up falling in this doctors in front by the end of the half had some other really good performances individually. But collectively. Soccer's fifteen assists on two field goals tell you about how to play just to. And nine of those assists from Britain and as a matter of fact you've got the sharks Kelly who's not on the team in assists. Lead the way with five this is some of walking it's it's just amazing how many of those assists Beisel because of number one Chris ball movement and number two the big guys are breaking into the basket and they'll find some opens. Seven different players with an assist. In the first half of soccer's really aggressive at both ends of the floor scant offensive rebounds and had an a plus service mark on the boards overall and six blocked shots on the defensive end Kelly. And three wood to the things we. That's it's a high fast paced game and expect a similar turnovers. From Wichita State despite throwing up. 39 shots only has forced turnovers in the ballgame said he's surprised and they've got that under this a little bit since the last of ball games the shot was averaging just nine. Point five and older. Yeah Andy meant today that also face five of their first eight threes that I can get a little discouraging effect keeps up especially without his team. Typically not to get a three point shooting team. Jacques has helped them that one of their last four in the meanwhile lost agrees with streak snapped and it'll crawl and that just totally changed the feel this first it sure did. Michael despite all of the perimeter shots by Austin recently was this magical math first half Wichita State nevertheless able to get an advantage in the points in the paint. For a team that's well and they lost the points in the paint it's also in Tulsa which is the only time they've done at an elastic ball. It does not present 4535. At halftime. Indicate that explosives also led by its heaviest data early in your biggest lead of this like. Six months. Still seventy don't want to go out the first half of that game of the soccer's at 845 cents for a ride kind of bought either side of the halftime break and that enabled them to take a ten point lead early in the second half they got a little earlier today. It is like twelve at one point since deleted by its head at halftime it. You have to feel good about the way they're playing him as a waiter reacted. And I think you'll find a little bit more than second. Half and there are some players that kids or Landry Shannon in the first half its work. Title frank camp in the first half its forward. Those two will get on track in the second half also so you don't expect Austin reed staff to contribute nearly as much in the second half. Boston's previous career high fifteen points he has 23. In the first half of this when it's not usually 4535. At the intermission. 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Shocker forces draw do you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker. Basketball is on 103 point seven. Bob back and exiting your. Have times. Here's a 40%. Up from 40%. There after the tigers at 10 o'clock. East and west let's go inside the numbers with a look at halftime stats rod despite the pay CPAs and advisors every line trusted advisor. It's over it's. Wichita State the first half shooting 46 point 2%. Are you 39 soccer's really turn it on late in the half they started out 74. Eleven of their last twenty months haven't. Or 39%. What's it say about that number is Austin graves was seven of eight. Three everybody else was all for candidates not this was just don't want to free throw line. Most of equality that 40% and fourteen of thirty try and shed on three yards six of twelve and one of three. Throughout the free throw line which is not states plus seven rebounds 25 feet team and it. Four turnovers to Olson's buys a company fouls list of the first yet but not many turnovers by either achievement is that good battle. At both and it's also interestingly only seven assists on their fourteen baskets which it does state had fifty assists. On eighteen field goals made English soccer's honest agrees with already a career high twenty. Read it at nine from the field so evidently the three also a few rebounds and two. Blocked shots if their team that Shaquille Boris eleven points in twelve minutes plus four rebounds five of eight from the field. That's tie with a five point markets that nothing. The shark Alley just two points and eight rebounds five assists and blocked shots and no turnovers in fourteen minutes of points apiece for products that are here are Darryl Willis. Merger had five rebounds and here's a and it's. Why the statement to. It particularly at oddly enough Landry Chambliss Cochran can't both scoreless for 5048. Overall percentage. Three it yet factors you know lead by ten. Or Tulsa Q you're into it double figures with thirteen by the time the field and it's four rebounds. In sixty minutes of action seven point fortunately Kaplan. Six for scoring Andersen on two or three ansari took four for three. Four points for Martin's body plus four rebounds three points for Lawson who read on a three point basket. At this point Jefferies hit off the bench to get two points. And street rebounds. But Jeffries people think Tulsa player to score off the bench Wichita State's bench outscored the hurricane in the first half when things happen. It is. Well in Wichita State that's normal starters coming off the bench Mike. But you've got Jefferies that's were the only two points coming off the bench and he has started. Nine and thus far this season so he's the equivalent of a starter. Wichita State's depth that was far superior to almost any other team. Other than Cincinnati and he's very athletic conference that put some good position. Actually it was second half. Soccer sports properties in Wichita State athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors with state police level of corporate partners. It houses one delta dental of industries and Cox Communications. If you're becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics most doctors sports properties at 316978. 75 if you come back to get ready for the second half it just a couple of the Wichita State. Leading old rival Tulsa 4535. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament 122 kids off Jason one ball arrest and overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game the United Healthcare you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access learn more at UAE dot com. United health care. Services not available for a plan. 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Paula the TV looked out the top part to deliver the fuel surcharge. Plus all off plus any of the them watch my name like servicing that debt charged. And he gave him. College kinda have time. Yes indeed we believe he'd be fun not for treating and that's why we offer free delivery and link and we are everything we now LC and kept you watch happy. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carry mom talent that cost us in valley center indeed born and overweight later. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven JE. You want yeah. Then let them. And I had. It is imperative that second half dozen roses made of there's doesn't. Curious about having dreams were made at that Erstad they treated him promote it and Wichita State innings seven and make it wants to raise 778. As a team and tosses six to twelve plus degrees. At halftime it's just short of Wichita State single game record three point field Jason. It. Not against states. It is a year ago flag look at police at. 884 days it. It's not tied for fourth most. Well that's something that is not what it is but what is it still play. That's fast company you know anything can happen and that's the coaching staff felt the same what happened north scouting report we read. Got now lost track at this kid here but they won't lose track in the second half. Josh is up 4535. And remember reading David's shot this fly hit 50% off your online order for the Wichita area profit what Papa John's does not. And you'd have trouble shocker fifty to receive your soccer pitch count at one additional thing might. Boston leads played only thirteen minutes in the first snap if that's not. That is what quality of thirteen and with his life. Just about ready to start the second half the 4535. Which is not a staple. You know it's 78 and four on hearsay evidence do it the AAC trying to keep Cincinnati. With incitement. The bearcats won again last night to go to eight at no. At the conference those who still will not be until this February the first game against Cincinnati. And every batch. March 1. With the march period. It final game of the regular season on national TV coverage by CBS. So let's see if files that plays constantly if sent back to the defense and that's that's. Well. That it got a man on. Doctors first possession let. Me throw away please and right. The link transport that nothing can drive in the line little underhanded flip that bar stuff. He's definitely some of these. Actors with their eleventh offensively right now. Olson for them like Wheldon Gerry Paul called tablets the second time they've done it yet that tonight. That it entered its sixth year ago. That witness that. Points. And that's. Nights since. Its influence. Him in the fifth ward knows. It's infinitely right double crossed let's wondered if nothing is three ball ribs stepped up Mike Kelly flight four. Residents get to. Up front reasonably this and that adds that the three drives read them on the block Boris and if not keep his muscles that only in the fourth throng flaws player's spot. It's easy excuse me is really. About things he switched us. Over. How abouts are fairly confident that office now that was just sheer effort because he didn't have the first. Real good crack at it just ripped it away from the Tulsa player. And that he's always heads up to make that next passed Boris with the free throw trying to make it three point play gets. Jackson's this is the line has sixties. And that was really difficult. Now apparently added edge to exact words it's not enough often less affluent and affluent truthfully my accident it's not this was their biggest lead of the night fifty. Catholic drives right from the development for us not threatened. It's not make try to get the lengths of electric stuff like Kelly that was happening with the steel. Now delight knowing what would have been nothing had to get the last. I think there's flights going in a few fanatics who is rebounding is consistently you've got guys big guys that want the floor like that sparked the affluent Protestant over those last night got flattened suits retrieve the top of the pick and pop business afoul of the you know look at what life at Tulsa. Reader. At Jefferies. They're finding it. Losses to accept this now that now half on both. Soccer basketball. It. But it looked like at. It was out of the senate seat right wing right word now. It's time all that. Plus let's not with him but it was the only announcement. That it can't pull off left wing yeah. Footers just as soon be useless points of the night. Get a snapshot them if it's practice so it's like put. Nails off Mike's got his flight 195040. You know he's not safe. The three point line incidents that drives right but. Take it all the way at their little flip houses circus shot switched over to his left hand had a little rain blow off off the glass this really happen. Like plain force. It's shots and it. Left off the Wall Street McKinley that's right wing of the stuff we've markets looking hotly disputed nuclear reason not to block Morris got to step. Trap partially blocked it went up the left hand. Look like to kick over to help Anderson if it sort. Of left wait for nothing on things that like got bought out around the announcer we'll. No shot now on the drive chart on markets nothing. Marcus tried it is pressured a little too much got up close enough Anderson was able to get a step program that deficit. Player execs would indeed. It's burst out its first half left they sliding to head of all publicity that about. Horses right up on private equity. Little crossover dribble. At fumbled that it that it could have went off his foot out of bounds I can get back. For 37 to to escape when you played hard. A lot of things after. Elliott the high post and off she damage from the left it definitely. Nothing shovels down the baseline that voter Mike Kelly Canada. Not sharp rebounds poles with hapless little different work right side of the floor. Wall Street. Two doubles next on the picket pot shots make most of that seventy at this bank shot that Wichita State are nothing if you know we can't let me. Not the time line that I'd like under caliber first glance at the bottom of the grip is look at for the finale that felt from behind it gets off. That went the other way. Whether rightwing haters it's not the left balls up and fired and he got hit after releasing shouted. Shoot three free throws. For or against it now on land in the disbursed now. Second team down not a real wise enough because it has been a good three point shooters atlas had a difficult shot went right to live loading a little bit. 57 point 1% its right side of the plants involved for the full season 33 chances twenty previous game. One point he said. There's they were just checking the the fathers make sure he was outside the park and apparently he was. Is three shots were born again he has six points. On a couple of three point field goals in the first half capacity by seven. The and actually be a little surprising if you missed any it's very good free throw shooter also two for four from the line as a team. Wichita State three for five is that it definitely think offices. Second. Yes it. Here. On other years you know well as it warrants it can only apple those who have really tough tonight. Now. Eric Kelly was so this this and nine rebounds. And it's. It rebounds. Last. What more for Oregon this. That good. Now behind him it's accurately is 14544060s. When you go. Tulsa extending that for that zone to a zone press passes with nothing down the block ads. Wheeler had it for Obama tried to save it and then Henderson tried to save it. Relatively scorers table but got back on the court and it bounced off the bureau Willis not advance a couple good hustle plays like also the reed shocker turnovers. Also with the ball back with our stated they'll leave in nineteen that's enough support to those with the ball that went right side of the floor. And Anderson along right sideline to get to the Rory Henderson was the last five points to false that definitely it's well. And that that little flora frequently enough that it threatened him time get to Willis it might turn around about a ten footer good. Wide open there you know Willis has score points lead in fact if thanks very expensive to get the ball. They'll win. So much confidence on the ground. Kaplan called out the offense the instant effect or against Anderson profit outlooks tonight. Story animals right that health record dropped street gets a little bit loose if mr. if they're missed rebound deflected and out of balance. At bodies flying everywhere. It won't always last night. On faith also have it out of the type. 1519. If you know second half which state 56. Tulsa forty days. It's shelter insurance when the landlords to keep up with their ranchers even if they're related. And had we drop I picked up your ring I'm running a little short this month. Not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters so it helps cover up in case of fire theft and more wouldn't. Just moved back and smelled them you mean dancing in men. Alter insurance where he'll be shelter. Or renters insurance see Katie Hanley or Jesse minutia in Wichita or Lindsay geared up for derby. 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The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your mile per hour delta dental. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point Kevin JE YE. As stated candidate standpoint kindly thank CE sausage but at bats well right now at sports. Plus 856. Holes at 42 of the fact that that's where hurricane since the additional levels of seven. It's just not stay private. Field the second half a lot of great hope five. But three of three. Free throw line for the game but stayed out through a hurricane 47%. To forty there plus seven on the glass. And a half three fewer turnovers five turnovers eight. That's the night. This 23 field goals seven assists. Or Rashard and telling them that. Don't not yet a career high. It isn't. Well and neither team. He's got to the free throw line very much off the ball teams also has gone with the line six times or just did three of those ones before the line it's profitable sacrifice. Most of all invented the baseline as chaplain bounce it underneath that add a left it left my junior to. It now has fifty. Netspective. Itself wanted it. What disgusting treatment please let pointers to Zach brown isn't it penetrates little that Reeves left wing Eric sort of like the deal Wheeler. Drives it picked it up let's wait around. He drives cut off that that definitely not yet the low short hop dance. Canada three off the street stuff off the back rebound Paulsen student athletes got a kick it around the country. It's definitely a different sort. Nelson had one previous possession down slope the chance that if the sand failed it is that they have the opportunity here wheelers. Verizon it spinning Lawson can't go round her up ground on the floor at the very hostile. John I've fallen to go to Italy actually oh all the stuff. Not different camps in my genes don't make their first periods is that the second half as Reeves can't. Fourteen on the shot clock itself in bounced the baseline. It's not a lot of has Rhonda nurtured Euro Willis snacks ran to my game shows and daughter for an earth. 1432. Lots of it writes a slide back half of the shot and it really didn't have but he got it yet. As it was this that was almost impossible four point play it'll be three shots. So pretty rare we've seen now twice in one game with Steve getting three free throws now that the three point shot then. It's a much it would have blocked that shot that flock to see. Free throws my sterling pat let you know has ten points. Kaplan. Is 861 junior East Amherst New York yeah averaging eleven point seven points that game. That would but that's not who instantly places sciences at 26 the first if that he's now at eleven this six free throw attempts. For the line. But it made all six of them and it hardly ever see if those thousand. It's not it's just slice it the right flights at nineteen point lead is down denied it's obviously get up for a not to deploy the timeline then that things you know ultimately rightly France can't not threatening to no effect on her own right. Rodney Johnson Aceh in the foreground now left block that there truth Rondo back to the basket they'll blame. Caddie got pushed. But it won't traveling and I think that's the ball traveling you've got shoved off his feet. It kept that in their little bit too long but also basketball capital bringing up. Her case. The feel a little bit of both Connecticut nineteen point Lee did not Netflix Verizon if it was a let foreigners that. Wide open this thing. Scoring at a city wide open Murray he's that fourteenth hopefully this. This afternoon. You know plus it's not Montrose at NASA gets reflected solid Catholic that's symbols of alliant off balance shot went it would benefit surgery was. It's pretty. Great job right here. It was basically want it gets worried about it the right just enough to possibly cause business. Means you know I left right left lock Willis then those baseline rate that was fouled before it can get up with this. That's going to be students it. And I let him. These people all the time it was all right Saturday and it's done it aliases so quickly that the birds here and in Staten. It by every time not in uncontested shots if they're here. Apple reader like yours yeah now. Its third at the Hansen. Lewis looks lost it. As it hard. Confidence now there was a lot of bank gone back and forth there it was pushing just as much as realistic is that the case that there'll he has got caught on the second off. And that's going to be his third personal. Now that half of that Kelly's back he would. And it's also while only down six after trailing nine. But he made quite bicycles and while those six points. They're handling it out for it if it's the right way we. Wheeler right Jen Boleyn. Well that's not make this event as well defended first of all bystanders. About what it's worth it can't. Right slot Kelly birthers jambalaya. And now also if it's on the drive it's not going to be active. It'd be covered a lot of there Ralph Boston of Ron Clark not to avalanche made for product nurtured wheelers but now that's his second. And the other thing is it's hard for me yes dance off in the vegetables like that indicates on the move it's doubly. Part. Out of surgery at some points on the field we'll feed into tonight's game 21 of 27 at the line almost 78%. Want to last for months. That's pride. If the lead back to seventh. And it's often does Senator Edwards it was three with it's not a state leading 5750. Still there you know if you don't. And like minded for an effort to also pick up my friend you know I start off the street pulls up data and it appeared disaffected youth retreat away off the mark. Jeffrey strives to save its loose secretary Mike Anderson he drives it down below it throws it out and got blocked out about but he also got found that if it's on the back to the line for two more free throws. Now with it's I stayed up Toronto under through. And it's his first. 151000. Have fought with us news. Maria Anderson three for three at the line on one trip short time ago this stuff and it's good. Laurie Anderson now with. Fifteenth. Neither of those in the second half surgeries gonna go out Shaquille Boris back yet. And it Henderson could get it back down to a five point game here with 1245 you know Anderson scored fourteen against shoppers in Tulsa and on the season average to. Thought fans who rules a little balls enough I was the only one out of five that he has yet to edit the middle. It isn't just sixty miles of I think you have to stamp benefits it. Once three quarter court at him last night and it can't. That it made the movement that's when it. Might those now let me round of 30% better. Sixth grade fifth shot this backed up by eight he's made at least 13 point. Now nine of the last ten games sixty to fifty which it's not saying we for a look at for the lot that's. It dribbles right now drives a hard cut off its inevitable lawsuit that threatened to. Let me Jefferies victory that's off of our law prevented him Waterford and of itself thrust it's not mine over him with him down the floor of my post yelling at the foul line back to a different here three right edge at a surf or high off the back those good. We have not recovered by pouring hitters and push it hard down toward him alignments and different can't get some roll in and out. They're gonna call it felt like I've been very aggressive drive by Laurie Anderson. Thank him it's not different camps those lines but it wellness tennis it's vital matters. At the line at on the field. And what he's doing tonight is taking the ball in the fight. 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That's surprising and disappointing statistically it is you have a daughter ran at camp very combined for nine from three tonight it lets them. Slipped to eighth two in the last two plus games. It is that makes it surprising. That the free throw line it on the line tenth ninth game. In the last three bowl games now the bottom line for tonight's game at eleven. Anderson 7% it hasn't seen point fills them with six got different port street trust pass deflected the it's a question I posed Kelly left wing brackets meant here back to camp victory for Landry now in and out. Rebound Kelly. Like circuit system Ottawa or Toronto found. Another offensive rebounds for Rashard telling. That's just it rebounded decades that is seven times now this season stats network. In a row and there are and that's offensive rebounds in the American athletic. Six it. Money on news third if now. Art. For a five tickets yet that softly announces it has no place softly to bounce. This is his third point but he has eight assists matching a career high and ten rebounds so. Lasted about his knighthood. The out of that and yelling at his fourth flight that's obviously. There's no question about its value every accident every. Certainly tapped what is the effect towards getting your blood and that's left elbows you please rate of reluctantly backed up front. Fairly affluent but discreet about it right right. At a place right. Set to lead our defense has let it might have flopped this little. Little bit there but pretty hard contact completely Dark Knight definitely gets golfers birth personal. Sixth team now on the bird here. Definite number snapped up that is its first hour of the night. Soccer basketball. 81112. Chemistry you have right side of the hand that campus right place at the top of round. They pass those that most mergers in Lebanon lefty well get it hasn't plaza. Kind of collapsing wanna hang on the riveting laundry and then finally toppled. Dawson's surgery helped enough to street caps let's play. It blows re back on the wing mounted drives the lane experience that is definitely it's not a great defense but it's. Staff. Was at the three out front in an athlete out Kelly likely get your dad here but he held on players they. Off the court today over at Kelly left quarter brown drives the baseline got to stand up to us contacted a found those things like red brick walls. The defendant goes. Outed and yet route that was just can't. Now it was a foot an awkward little blue at the end but he does that. Yeah its third. So I haven't seen now. News eight they majored fills it with its distinctive needs that what he does not involved. Through vibrant yet but that's ground for four months that's go to the free throw line off that's when you forgive them for this season like that. He Evan eight from the free throw line last week. That's him. Soccer's eight at eleven as a team. Volleyed it got the lead back to sit at 64 fifth floor right now full court pressure offense it's on to Henderson. Lots of its efforts to look backward across the front line league best hitters it's not left wing considerable going want to get this done away with less water and driving it that's graphic here that's. And it's not that it isn't it this sort of quietly. It's. Effective flyers got out of isn't really difficult lost three points and oddities feel that society that's what it wants results. And he's a good that she might think you're not yet supply. How high point. It's not get what they want denied it's not good leaders at the conference. Italy's last night at relatively flat with little left weeks haven't let water read this first try to second out of and now halfway down it would stay that it is eight that the case in the front court depth with left handers that is that front. That was way back out in the time line. Where their funds around those left. And over to shoot knotted at life if we have it. It could do about it supports it up it's about deflected out if it's great great great for full senate. Soccer's almost had to lose quality students that was history that he thinks that's definitely that's the am. Definitely definitely that's definitely agree down the lines get through blow up the beta got yet no targets his own rebound was about to Kelly at this time they get the sound great hustle by chance but if you miss this. Once that is done rebounds. And now optional so we'll go with him. Rory Henderson miss that. I don't have to. Not that I'll out of all of these many minutes as anybody on this flawed and rightly so he's. One person most responsible. For philosophy within four points at this point. With nine minutes three seconds left August 18 all the hassle one and one for Atlanta campus making it passes got now Landry and his. Shootings lawful for two lines the other night that makes this week. This stuff. At the quality of free points. Kevin on the year 82%. From the free throw line. 805. Career three point shooter is two plus seasons with us today which star state has made the last five free throw attempts might host of the last five points that they. But slightly each and it makes six the second. Want Jefferies and it's also lined up end to go out. We'll court pressure but I Wichita State if nothing is accurate that it's not it's. You have it ground frank camp and Boris as we. Go to court 120 yeah. Across its not my. He was looking pretty immediate as a sort of nothing that was quite hear it wisely held onto it not matter as wide open right where Ed programs just can't Iowa tonight as it straight up forty games in a room with a three pointer or for five tonight beyond the arc. That would have been wide open. Left wing who redid. You've stepped in to Jeff trees. Started left back right crossover the alliance forces about what might or. Morrison at bats last night and state. Taxes let's news chops and apple one he didn't lift off the ground much chance. Off much opposite so you block that shot that's his second walk of the night he's now moved into second place with that states lists finance Robert they'll war but. Still way way short and ultimately end points market is down. Baseline levels laws that forced following this is finally about. That was good. Lit up across the time line at a press over handsome brown down the line not to Boris. Not much and it went left wing different camp type posts that stuff now wants to effect sixteen footer to hardly constantly template for Tulsa still just a six point soccer league they led by as many as nineteen early in the second hand and it's like that right way. Roster of corporate backed up top that drives aren't outlined bounced past accident slabs and Boris fourth stood up business. And at a very late well. Need to appear regularly Arafat is not really thank goodness Morrison head straight up position of great arsenals really upset with that went. Not out on the floor 750 want to play Wichita State 66. Also sixtieth. Ever wish you could call a timeout of those expensive ATM fees. Oh wealthiest wise when you think we're equity bank UK us. Which you're equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere fear its true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC. If your mechanic told that your buffer character shot him read. You needed new mechanic and they've got great ones at all six campus plan tire stores in the Wichita metro area. Can't the plant tires not only famous retired they're great when it comes to stuff like pushing you through the system brake shocks well they just enough out just about any like repair work. You'll never be late for Wichita State basketball game with the fact that it is my entire ride shotgun. And that's my entire career out of there Ernie repair these guys care. It's your last chance for years stated that the elderly or lose some of Wichita ever made 27 to 40000 women with huge discounts like between seventeen Nissan Versa today I was zero down only 13 through my 40s50s rare enough and that's our field we seventeen or newfound type plus 40000 refiners barbecue pit crew were you deserve dial 1800 million suns or this or these songs which thought dot com. Would prefer an informant who. 2.2 four I know for a fact that license office. That maybe things on this platform until I hit them once a time and can pass the Mormon and. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford remains firm Hartings Mike Rogers in Newton general whole or in more vain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven. 66 of 1931. Point 6% one of seven for. Three also not a lot better six of 7035. Point 3% free at eight. Afraid that the hurricane art Stanford's path of throughout the free throw line pulling him. Tell us dated eight designs. Outlines the factors lead to 6660. Seven kids wanted to know what part does it bother you that the link shootings at Columbine shooting two for both sides of the ball. Now it gets to feel more. Fathers are free throws good Martins that bond is 74%. On the year Wichita State just to skip one. Of the last night shots elastic. One for nine. Second drive through flooded. That's the third time since with us today Huntsman might ninety Olson's. 6660. Not good basketball operate differently. At him and not background things and slipped. Lobbed over the top horse that kicked out of its. The defendants were dropping down but in much below. Sets forth series. With him up to the basket to cut through these 828 suckers that's got my sixth definitely right way and let him liable but it's not this everything out of math and that's an old. All of us now wants to act. That's his second and it saved most of the turnover. Thousands they don't want want responded dismay to the truth. Not also be a picture before the game it was just him random pictures taken. In the UCF gave him the night there was no foul called Plavix goes green shoot a pull up jumpers. He's got some guys sandwich against. Either side showed it today flood body and then at the same play as Boris is doing for rebound position guys holding short stuff. Free throws no good at just sit out the back of strong rebound by Santa. But as the third man on the line again went up for the ripped it down but not the fact that front if you haven't. It's not just by six with the ball right away for a month. Athletes of both Atlanta borrows that it gets up off his feet and try to get the shot of the year anyway we'll see if all the water before this. What it wants its as a what you think the right cause deficits are trying to get a shot he would face. Tonight seemed tells us. Johnson missed free. I was not a real regular his third. Forests and three in the game eighteen points it's the Friday at. But. Snack with nineteen. Got the lead is 76962. Dries them. And nice. Feel Morris reflected. It's not a state my eighth sympathy to sixteenths. It has attracted backward out of the way it's happened long. Our vessels across the time line each on the left went back to Henderson of the fluid athlete. Looked innocent enough at the half the stuff ignited athlete right now right levels last I suspect over parts of 38 missed an off the back. Lovely that chased out by Zach Graham and his job of reversing his direction to go after them. Read luckily this and it has got to reach rightly brown drives it's. To pick up the up rights and aligns well foot following. No that's a lot of headaches those markets nobody because of the good ball movement nobody's forcing. It's a safe experience at least it's him. It's definitely my whole life sciences and I think that's a double hits it. Thank you for your influence influence me. It's going to be benefited wounded brown was not loaded hit and it definitely I could drive was cut off lots of this topic. Hey it's not a question of the floor three from the top stories that are not dyslexic closet. And everybody. Well ready to break loose of that one but he just pull the street Lou. Honestly by gators and not that that's that was about it. It's don't know about that's like it's not that. It today to have a light breeze round. Rod Stewart left wing nuts. Let's that definitely it's definitely Santa. Right flocked to Boris fires across north round of last quarter for its way. Got their hands light bar. They got six footer at Zach brown. Or 101000. Right now. This is the first of all thirty of the second half that's 63. Right here let's reminder that funded out of his country should night for both soccer head coaches at that coming senate. We'll have three Monday night shows where it was bad basketball women's basketball and baseball fan I'm indictments are still homeless. And it is the sixth seventh eighth case. LA 98 so it at thirteen thirty it has as good as every night but tonight. Ages four and you know it three victory. That's office estimate is baseline. Passing and one quarter to the other part yeah it's just because. Drop down it could get their hands on staff hours deficit through. Find exact round that he left corner he connects with his second. Of the ballgame I remembered decades earlier this year. The last. Not present Stewart put your board same game as president and they have gathered to. Why is here the united Boris every that was flooded greens available as. Or did they first time we're hi Austin green get the third time this season. That. If you factor. And you've got closer than today has done a really really good job of Austin the second half not let him. That's the light of day that Austin is not forcing his shot despite his magnificent earth cat he's not on he's not at all. I imagine today. Earlier time if art gallery at eleven rebounds at the end of this I can't we all play soccer player ever happened. He found a fifth double double. I putted the possibility. That after. Or are backed up he's. Five. At this game has been one of runs might like a lot of games have been. But I think with our State's depth is starting to pay off. A little bit more if they don't rely on just five or six players they don't tend to eat and then he hit them. I don't issue field Morris dominated inside. I think a lot of us that. They could have perfectly you don't want to answer it. The moment. Really really play definitely. Step it up tied. Since those backs away from three point line nothing stillness of flip that off my Boris devastated life. Quietly pushes or hooks up with the brown bottled. I want to. That's what it's not safe to get to pull up as quickly as they did round played lately. It's not a little bit bias so magnificent that related traffic throws up a prayer and hundreds of foul ball. But it's not there's not 515. Again Zach brown is doing the double figure parade at ten points in all of its seven the second half. This is exactly the law institute just. Yeah related traffic isn't just kind of I'll put under lute lute hi Archie throwing the basket gets the cellphone. Fear rattles him. From the free throw line as 22 points. Dignity of his thirty points gave up the it's not playing against night and what is next time has been 4040 cents what is right as. Yeah. It's good. Leaders of the 23 that's it back. Fourth if the united you know. And it's just really good basketball players because a lot of things well he's a very good confidence that the answers development. Now these pass deflected users have to try to throw it over a couple of guys that got deflected the lawsuit read for Tulsa. Readers doubles right watered. Each entrant to back down the Yankees go back to detect if mr. allotments halfway. 438 remaining but went off got away. The licenses slipped a little. Pass it now. And solicits. That is soccer games thirteenth or fourteenth they have. What's on it thirteen turnovers but also. Let's not say if those thirteen if that the second half. After basketball a 57. Iphones I don't Flip Wilson deceptive or holding the deficit it has to do exactly that fumbles lost it right exhibit that's not fake. That's right reads I post it free throw line but nothing that outline its ballistic shot no they're not well as the death but I'll. Just wants later armed fight. Have the best dangled but he didn't have the appetite for you got the rebounds outside if you hear with six affluent rightly earned a question of the Wall Street. This season night drives that aren't like double teamed up Anderson. Anderson behind that Ross. Yeah definitely fit against ground Google's right to take a long ferry missed an off the back and very bad last night definitely heightened. And it forces not a fanciful. Think. You know. That they can't afford. 315 remaining in the second half what it cost me 79. Holes. It's. Are you doing there beautiful cars into. It was the right now 93 lately to the all of the little plus tax of course 93 the night. My but slightly seventies when you talk to the bar would like different. Well there insurance companies and he's cart weekly something you weren't really hard cards I wanna give it to protect. Desserts. When he's never done this sort that he is I didn't immediately into some free air friendships deal. State farm. 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And in case anyone yeah. But the bad news for literally half minutes fifty seconds it played here Wichita State that it pulls up. 64. Will be with if not they. Now it's time out. Doctors. Only shooting well I say only 44 point 6% which is Natalie and I just 27 the three while the fifteenth the free throw line they felt most of the 36 point 4%. Plus nine. Think that's that was assassinated only nine turnovers to their team they heard Kate plus 24 assists on forty field. And he paid the price for those turnovers might have doctors about sports also 21 to thirteen points off turnovers. This is the eighth time which it status that's what two or more assists in his unit ranked fifth in the nation misses the game. But the process time line counted thigh. It's due to tender their theory of accident freshman from all parts. Art exhibit on the right slot that was wheels turn around got a little sick and look like you know I was he's got eight you let him. His right field. Dublin confidence that is or virtually every time doctors by seventeen. Now just shy of their previously been gay template left wing driving Kelly just force his way and throws passes deflected and so violently stamped. Forced his way in grave threat experience transition. Not this has happened the second half desire seventh great first half full retreat the second Anderson he threw for three out right off the back. About exactly now that it's not as outlets that possibly. Vote it down a little breeze that the report. Middle of the floor perhaps most college football. Lots of it drives left oddly it and draws but now. Now get beyond Jackson because if it if it can't let you go to the lines. That things have to bow of the half on Tulsa. There just isn't enough. Votes and get shots off I mean it's not impossible to me by seventy. And hopefully Landry make these data that we advanced options that its lead. But just enough time but it comes down and it opened in every one of the they kept it at the free throws free free free throw line five points and rent it with just five. Tonight with three point baskets it's not it's still Nancy points. And an eighteen point Lee chuck made the last night with. More on that well. Didn't hit it seems yeah it definitely. Evidently six it's not like ninety matching their biggest lead 836449. Now exploring it isn't long cross court pass to Jeff please. Want Jefferies double team them the right way step for us as a threat that Anderson. Here's where it around and it's. Yet you stated that their candidate to 33 if you know dribbles left. Pulls up but it opened fifty voter data off that screen he ended up wide open Torrey Henderson with 25 for Tulsa but they still trail by seventy. Austin please bring it up sources gun man now with this ethnically for the soccer Reeves left the key of the Kelly. Yard. It's not of leveling the grounds out with a lot of those that active footer got a chance to parallel assesses. Play that many minutes tonight is that it points its second half three feet by I can't wait for the event on its own 8566. Anderson currently right crosses over stuff that watches and yes. He's made to retreat threes tonight about not bad shot but he let it you know he's got what eight just short of his career high. At. Did you think that the court martial. It beside a breakfast it's not like that's not Beers and they realize that it it up stories Lovett that he knows the lead here. Was it really bought it on that if it is that he had to be here UCLA's love it after the big game against the shot at the bottom line is. Wichita State. If you go hand with the basketball. Attackers with 85 have now scored eight year war in thirteen. Under 21 games this season they came into the game averaging 83 point one brigade took slightly. Storage market. Just a little four. Era by sixty right now they ranked thirteenth in the exit its glory part. Wichita State. Basketball. Like we said they used to that point. Reeves is that caloric level deep on him it's routed over. Toward the CJ Kaiser is connected. Off. And it. Lab the baseline. Back mines currently at the top. Atlanta Kaiser those basket and got bank that go to the line ballots on it Jackson again just in areas accident. It is six it is true freshman valley northwest high school part yet not laid it's the last game. We said Kaiser's that's read outside but that's next year but we look forward he does. Experts. First this year is six foot six. At six to twenty years that Lance let him access. You know end. Michael Kaiser the rebound deflected effort by the regular court rules that. Third game with the ball down by sixty. Laurie Anderson. Launches it through this with short rebound so much it means you know at depth of that itself. To go. Arts math. He left no vote tally off please. Hostage with high low off let's Atlanta Willis. Definitely an awkward look at a shot. Here is. This little awkward looking stepped away jumpers got twelve. And there may sixth. 867. Well he's like well let's that. Oregon does not play well that would not make it very close and over Wheeler drives it. And up on and get it. Wheeler little jump book its first points. Knocks like six to 835 seconds left. Oh well that's almost picked off by Jeffrey on the way. It Gregg Marshall business. And 32 on the game clock 44 on the shot clock which doctors and it went to school or your analysts raised from the left corner that's good. Soon after Willis has. Points thirteen in the second half because of nineteen points not had he been pulled within three. It was last August's Anderson's double teamed up for it shovels and over to eat too. He dribbles into the lane got to slipped out of his stance three steps up within those prices slipped away and now it's not there's a lot hit that floor. 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Nineties also sent a lot of this. It's not just post game show brought to you like Johnston 21 and caddies at Oakmont so much more then it suits. Doctors tonight found themselves in a battle off and on days established ten point lead at halftime. And then quickly moved its sights. Set on three separate occasions also fought back to. What was it forest hot shooting by Laurie Anderson the keys that are saying. But this Packers head answers every time they needed them. Darryl Willis he'll Boris big second hand Zach brown had a big second half and it's not just go on to win by nineteen. 90% of what really happened was accurate but he played so well might. Austin Reeves was just unconscious in the first half of those 73 pointers. And he had the game of his life in great job point three points in the first half and he kind of handed or. The job responsibility. In the second half to Zach brown and Jeff Morrison here Willis today. The fifth and ran with that and played so well and then when also. Close that gap ninety point 74 points a couple of times doctors have a couple of days that it what we're. And they hit some free throws matter of fact in a row once threats. And that gave them the confidence of the points they needed to go on through this league defiantly. You know this is certainly something that you. Paul we will change very shortly and I haven't felt that it will that. Conference. Atlanta chef but really had a tough here games this week here at old Avery combined one for fourteen. From the field that's what similar types of numbers the other night and with your best three point shooters. Like. After split two games by nineteen points it's hard to imagine really because they've relied on Landry so much and confidence and must also. And it seems as the year went on them and what we've seen out of Atlanta dream content in the last couple of audiences not Lansing. This happens faithful to the players. What we have. Come to expect from those two will be three point shot after three point shot. And I think that's what point disease the disease progresses. I imagine that coming into the game Wichita State fourth in the nation. Exists then they added 26. War tonight that race that averages the fourth time this year at 26. Or war they came into the game averaging eighteen point seven games that's it push it over nineteen per game. And assist to turnover was one tonight as a team 27 us this. Just turn over 27 assists. On 32 field goals over 80% of the baskets came directly. And it's not surprising that they all night. And less than the average. Five or game. What is important stances when. He knows who was which states or more points off turnovers and posted it. The bench has been a big factor all year long for which it and I state this was incredible tonight the scoring was fifteen. To four in favor of which goodness gracious well which states just very very deep. At the deep with good quality players that's why most players don't have to play an awfully long period of time. And it keeps the French. Shocker the west with that and the other thing is if a player in starter is not happening quite that he would like to have. Some of the debt seems to step forward and make up for it and when you score fifty points off the bench that at that second game but it scored fifty points off. And it's with different combinations the only thing I'd like night and even he didn't have the greatest game. You can tell with Mark Duffy in the ball game that this is that if it's rates and markets that he's athletic he's long. He's able to defend pretty well he disrupts things you know he's not putting up the numbers that he would last year. I think it's just a matter of time overseas getting toward the end but he's going to be. He's going to be a one of these players. For the shock forces that stretch. That is our game recap for a few but you'll see it coming it's coming it's coming that your criminal defense of the U I law firm in which give them call 2641548. Or visit they'll Cummings LLC dot com coming and coming to laugh. Where your needs always comes first I'm sure most of you are by now he's your cars and headed home so please drive carefully your drive home from the game. Rusty by Kansas land tire and service would retire as a professional auto service are always. A slam dunk. Suckers and another win over old rival Tulsa tonight by a score of ninety to 71 will continue on with Johnston post game show adjustable. 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On the night 34 and a half from three out of 29. Next arts degrees it was seven for eleven everybody else's report the team. And soccer's 74%. On a fourteen to ninety helped also that 38 point 3%. 40% of their threes on a 45 and made fifteen of eighteen free throws with his 83%. Jockeys just shy of another double digit rebounding advantage it was plus 94334. At just nine turnovers. Fifteen it's not only had fifteen turnovers in their last two games and 8321. Assists to turnover with 27 assists doctors ultimately steal at seven. Blocked shots. Also was led by Corey Anderson the former shocker with 28 the second highest that this group seven of fifty overall outlook. Three and that night the free throw line. Eighteen points nine rebounds per key to. Twelve points for sterling Kaplan five assists but also six turnovers for Kaplan that night and no one else with more than six. After those three double figure scores in the four points off the bench after bench outscored Olson 51. Took four but the soccer's Austin re with a career high 237. Of eleven from 37 at eight. In the first Apple's two rebounds four assists two blocked shots. And just one turn over twenty points five rebounds two blocks were fueled wars he was eight of twelve from the field. Fifteen points for Darryl Willis on seven of eight shooting including its only three point attempt to get thirteen of those. In the second half ten points four rebounds five assists were stacked round. Nine points from Marcus nothing. Thanks Landry and it with four rebound. Rashard Kelly only scored four points but had eleven rebounds. To block shots and steals and matched his career high with eight existed just great all around game for him on a merger. Just three points tonight at seven rebounds. It fourteen and a lot of good performances. Trackers what it buys or ninety to 71. Marshall joined this presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million. The work it certainly. Also plots and it for a long time that. Just a great team effort at thought that a lot of outstanding individual performances when you look at 27 assists on 33 field goals that's that's a lot of. Wouldn't you absolutely 3321 assist to turnover ratio meanwhile there nine this is in fifteen turnovers so we have ten more baskets. In we outrebounded by nine so yeah they they they played really well the beginning of the game and then once we got it in nineteen they played really well again. But all in all the other than those two spurts for them it was it was a tremendous team effort for us Austin reed was incredible shooting the ball the first half. Unfortunately the rest of the team was Oprah left there. From three in the first happened. Just you know as we gotta get Landry and Connors in that those guys going Zach brown had a big wood in the second half of two cools off but we were able to coincide Shia. Carol Willis and when they were missing. It was Tashard Kelly or somebody on the offensive glass. That's a sorry yeah this I thought Shaq played this much energy as we've seen from him maybe ever terms of not just scoring when he got the long run blocks really going to be offensive boards the first half locked up with shots. And it. It just kept balls alive a lot of things. Absolutely. You know he's capable of of that. Just how long he can do that because. He seems to get tired a little bit after about 33 and a half four minutes so. But the good news is your run of surgery Darryl will listen in a lot of guys that can. It's up for him it. Keep it going high rate of efficiency and your big guys not only can score and rebound which big guys and make you assaults on the big guys. Including Zach brown sixteen of the 27 losses yet. Kelly has four I mean excuse me eight. Round Zach brown five to nine. That's. You know that's that's tremendous Jack Reed jacket reward that no turnovers for Shaq. 2793. The war and assist to turnover ratio for a team is hard to be and you're averaging nine point five turnovers. Game it and it'll last night ball games and he. Byrd a most turnovers and keep it easy baskets that weekly op scored 21 to thirteen points off turnovers twenty to eighteen. It points in the paint twenty to fourteen a second chance and our bid to buy 51 before. It was stepping if you mention that your coach kill a couple of weeks ago. Edgy out rebounded although one opponent your bench outscored all one point and that was the one he says that she had the best chances at continuing because it yet. Yeah we got a lot of their lot equality that. And you know thought Rondo played well his lips and he gives them some good minutes. Seven rebounds and we fourteen minutes so I told me my action television books. You said we had won 700 games now this bill you know that. I knew that was coming up by it actually kind of forgot that yeah having having recently 600. And I think the call. Called success but I you know I doubt it well I got a bet I didn't have tickets next if it was like seventy years old and they don't like some like Betsy. And I have been around for a few. Anyway that you've created this not visited us and the fifth. Well this might. This has to be a pretty good field this week these two wins and and you mention Landry end and conquered and they're gonna snap out of what makes it the way they've yet to play in the two games this week he still with both of them by nineteenth that's pretty significant that you're not that it anyone. No we're not we would and I don't think we have been been it's a lot easier. When those two sharpshooters are knocked it in a good percentage of their. Of their threes but tonight they go for eleven we still went by me tee and you could tell you got great composure that you've got upperclassmen because the lead goes from nineteen before and don't buckle they just built that lead back up yeah I was Wilbur significantly. Over their ridiculous if you're just going again. And I'm Kelly she's the around the Big Three who gets tremendous stops I thought. Refrigerate the ball screen one time. Austin he's been wonderful Steele got us going trade position so. Good team win tonight and in the world after we helped. Take tomorrow off that are mandatory day off back after Tuesday Wednesday it will hit philadelphians if we can think commercial on the road. As I've mentioned this this league has some kind of works at the schedule at times it's because of that and unbalanced schedule so forth really haven't had it. A long stretch it conference yet that you get that one game on the road this week he kind of concentrate on the you don't have weekend's games you've gotta little space here that she hit got to concentrate on temple of whatever you know no weak in game next week to play Thursday that we don't play again until the next Tuesday at Memphis well. I don't think I've ever. In all my years of coaching had a weekend off Friday Saturday Sunday. If we the first. I think a lot of good that I can expect you think. Marshall which it as the day went over to Olson ID 271. And our game coming up our key players. My game and I got you covered. Opted to him that it. Etiquette for the life you're living here and treat privacy your group or transport looking it got you covered at the right with the treatment solutions you've called for one's 617000. That it got you covered with. That is not good for setup in order got you covered. Serving. Area this gonna go ahead an electorate should art Kelly. Steals blocked shots eleven rebounds this great positioning. It to the art art got you covered. Defense players. Honestly as credible was this was given the start game one of the few people but I'd have people play well but Austin trees. It's not that others may seventh straight victories in the first half of with a career high 23. Plus rebounds forces have blocked shots it does to rate performance there's aren't. Actually. He went with it feels like pretty excited yourself with those if. And it pretty confident you were released the ball Valerie going back down and we're now going in and get all the credits. What I would be in that situation. When you get and top of feel. Like defense it's little bigger. Issues. But my guess that I got to give it all my teammates coaches for that position. In the second half it take if while I had one of the water that's where at least halfway then he mapped it one. Yeah. I thought it wouldn't be beyond that I was pretty close it out. At least not on an excellent rattle out. And the crowd was just one lose your shots that has to be great feeling that energy that yes it is it's round it's ridiculous. They should well currently they do. Without them who knows what it is. Atmosphere very. What. It ties situation. That loud. In my struggled more you know. That's like make it that it's like they added that. You know this game you know that. Except that it's equally gratifying. Last. Slows art. It plus six Juan since there though you really got that. I like it was close oh yeah that's them are focused on online I think it went up I was. Sentences the sixteenth. Matches on acceptable for a I want to guard. You need to be 3121. That's a close by and that's something coach pointed out field sessions. Over gains some of them were our practice. Constant talk a little bit about the ball movement when you haven't some 33 baskets crisp passes and just about everybody. That's one. Yes let's them that we've been focused on a lot lately practices at the ball movement cut. And we do that we have some weapons. With someone cuts at its tracks with it leaves them open so. And our movement as a team right now I passed it's it's really did it keep it. You have doubled re batting average for years that's that if things. In the game and its stance that it's not like it. Lines that she seemed to be getting stronger and healthier and that's actually be getting better. It's does the best of fell. My whole life shall lose lose well and it. It's a lot about please the court. If you're in the right place. I. Think your way so let me get. Credit for. Drew. Opposition. From work and make those split up and tied with shark Alley. Checked mores with two blocks on those. Most of them under very much. But I get a block it it feels really good. Congratulations. Great game which is coming along in the world on it and obviously it is at the rate we all. Losses. Survive you know we've got a couple of nights with them. Appreciate that means. It happens. You go through. Highs lows. Does. Not on our team on some other overhead lockers upon the last two weeks. So what kind of and it down on those of you succeed it does. That I think that's what's really motivated. And bedevil the idea it's going to feel like. 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He trial but those. But every day you get the best prices on the quality of board materials you by you're going to find anywhere. It with a I can tell you first experienced service. Is it matters of art would land and I'll. Carpet area rugs whenever they see that bar's T sixty. North Broadway. Welcome back to the post game show like him the day off on healing here at cookery and it definitely in the studio coming up but it Woodward and it changed yet that's. With the locker room show. Have kept. Twin peaks east. On the scoreboard in the ACC and you defeated BC's today 8661. Houston over USF 6340. And with chapters nineteen point win here today for the home team this point going for you know. Temple under way right now with UConn UConn for three Italy temple at six. Holes with a one point lead bodies happen. To go well in the first half. Number one Villanova survived an upset yet by shocker on that marked at SF and walking Villanova on it was 858221. And it USC defeated now shocker it by eighteen. Number six Michigan State one on the road Maryland them for three Purdue won at in the and it's a game at number eighteen clubs it. One by two. At Georgia Tech. Carlos that Kelly's was born in 1981. We ate here for the shoppers and celebrate. Carlos and Kelly it bull's eyes on rates in Chile's peso for all of 1981. Picture at minute special order. So. Q are you. Packers apple back on the road for one game that's coming that's Thursday night at temple. Soccer's white temple a couple of times here back in the eighties and out played them in Puerto Rico. Mark this day here at the end night T lost in overtime game. It's been your first ever trip to Philadelphia lately elves. And then no gains next weekend. The following Tuesday. Which doctors that is the fourth inning that all of us seventy. War two overall 72. In the American athletic conference. For those who use it. Really watch what those rankings every week it was 7062. Polls this week but what about that have lost like Ohio State Oklahoma. So certainly chance that they can move up a little bit that. More importantly they keep it bills released now at present day it. They reject it certainly is single digit seed if you heard though the projections that long way to go or just past two thirds of the way as regular season. And that right at the halfway point the cup. He's really good things obviously Austin Reeves took our breath away the first half I mean what do half performance that he threw in 73 pointers. But the knockout blow delivered Russian action hero Willis in that crowd was good to act too well. Of the four players we just mentioned three of them were non starter. That was your news bench points 51. To four for talks that's one of the reasons which are state so what does that have so much depth. Dedicated for them pretty good thing. Remaining four home games five road games the rest of the way. In the regular season so look forward to speaking with you from. Philadelphia on Thursday night don't forget to Gregg Marshall show Monday night from six to seventy pages where it's built the Alec. Now we are only coaching show on Monday night as the equipment will be traveling to green built North Carolina. Will go for their sixth straight win against east Carolina on Tuesday and it's a lot of excitement around that program as well it's been a great weekend. Six of the issues that shoppers forceful things. Thanks for joining us for all of our crew have a great rest of the evening and teachers stay tuned for. Ted and change from the twin peaks east shots electorate shows get our final Wichita State's ninety Paulson 71. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KEY. Drugs you might these fine sponsors United Healthcare business attire Carlos at Kelly's Freddy you. 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And we we saw what I thought that was paper's staff that was really really difficult to find fault in. With anyone in particular or. As a team and for those that want to. Nitpick about Wichita State with me either a slow start against the zone defense. And I know we'll get into it more in adapters second ought to read them a lot through that obviously right but it was a function of Wichita State probing that he's been pitching out finding open shooters and osprey is on fire crackers tonight but. Is that 4535. At halftime. And it continues to build upon that second half and you know ultimate game. Also got it down before a couple times but Wichita State. Dominated the last the last eight minutes of the game pulled away from the nineteen point win tonight. It was was it to me a familiar blue print out rebounded the opposition made. Unloaded onto the fifth on multiple mind boggling amount of this. Turnovers and single digits and a somewhat high Q percent now individually there's a couple of guys he may be concerned about now that it's more than just a couple of games. But. The one thing I will say before anybody calls them. Is that. It's awfully hard to have eight or nine guys. Really hot during the same game. You know and right that's the reason why you recruit that's really poignant yet one gotta have it tonight one other guy does. That's the definition of a program so they took care business and I and the last two games. Against UCF and polls I think we can all brits are really pollute. Kind of did what they needed to do after a poor week last week needed to. Kind of get back to practice get back to doing the things that. Are more of it hallmarks of this program. And I think that's what we saw the last few games this kind of get back to that. That area where they know only convenient and creative reestablishing some of that after back to back losses. And the players know better not panic you know Rashard Kelly apparently during a practice or practices was a vocal leader kind of made sure that this stuff doesn't continue to linger on balls that you could tell by the Workman like effort last two games at home. And and you know they they they trusted each other nobody was perfectly honing her shots necessarily. And they end up with what 81 the other night ninety tonight so. This is just more what they are that they can score some points and while they're not gonna keep people in the fifties and lows sixty anymore. It's a higher possession game now with these thoroughbreds and they're gonna just by attrition and give up more points. It's not when it tonight nine 7116. Ranked Wichita State. It's the victory and we are here to take your phone calls this is the shocker locker room show. Ted Woodward in saint Denis we're broadcasting live here at twin peaks in east switches off. Final days nobody's week yours swing the experts when he first and rock career after every soccer game all season long and we always take your phone calls after every game. 8691037. Is that phone number 8691037. Area code is 316 in mistake our first column tonight. And see what's going on with owl it's good evening Alan you're on the locker room. Right ahead. We'll thanks to take my call and it's an honor for the break in the spring training office program. Well put it on. Euro or ride a Greek unity here are. Pretty (%expletive) game and I want to make couple comments first on off reached obviously yet know he truly hot the first half. I thought the second half the truth were the good decisions in. You'll get it other teammates and ball did not just that it Jack agreed and I think on all the green we're well taken shot so once the nets were all. Some border I thought were down in the world you know very good shots as far as I'm concerned. You know. I think that. You know some of the players that might be overshadowed all that with this you know dominating performance with him and more as the boat did extremely well the second half will. Looked like he could Mets. He looked really good rhythm offensively but it is stat line that you know seven of eight from the field but I think that. With fifteen points and probably ten of them were in the second half the Arctic gas. But he just put in a real good rhythm and you know that bad look pretty big imminent restart Cali wants to the end got six offensive rebounds. You know with double digit rebounds eight assists two steals two blocks. You know those guys in a different game you know they might be getting a little bit more got out that that. Note there are so many players that actually performed well brightly you know are starting in the guards that. It certainly reflects that we couldn't. Defeated at decent team by nineteen points with starter at Q guards. At the non factors that level. You know curious to see you know kind of what lies that hit with. My net and movement things like that. Think we're pretty good under the circumstances and I certainly welcome what are the comic view that. Well if you're in the area when he first rocking swing on by have you had sent them I can I'll take it on home that was pretty good analysis right. I opted for the lump that it is Paula got extremely closely they'll. Offer me a hit that in advance to feed their shall be careful. You know it to me it was more of the same note that he gave the Wichita State dropped the oneness in you and one at Houston. Got everybody off kilter a little bit because they were used to seeing which guys they look like that. And I think more specifically did you go back to the Houston game. They couldn't throw the ocean. And to complicate things look like their point with a different shape ball and he's the one they couldn't couldn't keep an imbalance could now traveling couldn't keep them off their feet. And we knew what when you don't make shots you play like that. But terror. And it makes people. Really catch people's attention for the wrong reason. It's the same team. They finally got their feet back on the ground they went back to work fortunately for them before the UCF demon who had the entire week to practice. And now whatever they felt like now. And so when you have that you've got a veteran team and coach Gregg Marshall. To me these results are not surprising at all. Austin Marines we've known as a capable shooter. From the time he stepped on campus addictive that it that it never hunted he shot. Now in Italy hasn't. Except in the first half tonight. And I want to after a couple I would do that should tell you why not at that point he was Iraq he was fielded. And ninety put on quite a show that first twenty minutes he made this seven for seven feet made its first seven threes greatness wanted to meet another bucket late in the half. Ended up. It up with 23 at halftime his career high coming into tonight was fifteen and one gays need to shatter that in the first asked. Did not even score in the second half and still finished with 23 points. And four assists along the point just twenty minutes what. One other thing I wanna point out in the first half its Wichita State even when they miss. Obviously. Rashard Kelly. Shaquille Morse and others busting their butts on the offensive glass they had ten offensive rebounds and one half. So the shots that were going down my Reeves obviously there were planning to be had from everybody else is nobody else made three but no stand around they. That's the toughest part of the zone. When you play in Wichita State is getting bodies on people keep them off the glass is Kelly's an animal. Merger at times. Nice Shaquille Morris thirty people off the glass if you if you don't have your. You know you button or stomach because you're not garnered one on one you know it's hard to find it hard to block amounts of credit Wichita State offensively. Soccer's miss 21 shots in the first half ten of those 21 times again and offensive rebounds almost half of the time. They were getting an offensive boards and Rashard Elliott for those in the first half ended up restarted it up with six offensive rebounds total tonight. Using the top ten in the nation and offensive rebound. It also a double double the hard way without the point mark in IA if he would've. Well yeah eleven rebounds and eight assists this. I mean eight rebounds and five assists at the break. So be kept that pace up and we've got the hard part of of a double bubble the only it up four point. With five counts himself. Yeah he continues if he's on the glass and again for those that. Think that the best way to beat which just days player's own. I'd start to change my thinking just because of the way shocker it's nothing like while. Sox won it tonight 97. B one getting this season sweep over Tulsa. Sox beat the golden hurricane by three on the road a couple weeks ago and tonight in nineteen point win at home. For the season sweep. This is the soccer locker room show 8691037. Is our phone number let's go back to the phones Michael is next going at Mike sole. Welcome. Hello. Try Eldridge. He says. That was a record. Just wanted to congratulate. Our country. Keep growth. This talkers record percent and in a row starting game. That's not easy to do it as well you don't see it very often as he was on fire in the first half. Breeze in a row. That's that's a shot corrected. By the way. A little history of them scorched 73 points. In high school game. When he played in Arkansas. So that guy could shoot. It's not that I can't think he was on his shot at that that's it is. Yeah he's Smart guys know is not the Huntley Greg Maher program. A couple of weeks ago you'd. Or shoppers to repeat. Getting any deals they were real little in the field department. Viewers commenting on land management like that. It seems and it was dead they got and they got some great deals on the greens better. Right when he's when they're thrown down a little bit better but I don't worry I do. I just. Didn't feel like. We're gonna blow the leader in the evening I think. They just played great defense and another thing Rick Marshall. I heard it was day one time. When they rebound he wanted them to rebound with two. Pick up ball and rebound to use it many times. But now that they're they're strong in the rebound I didn't hear too many over the past this game. By the way Max is still around he's doomed it's been a little hard times on the seventeenth minute. These he is if a fighter so. That's. My comments can read English and not some reason. Performance. And Chad guys. I think charities says they only played thirteen minutes. Jennifer's. I don't know if that's writing. It only played thirteen minutes yes correct when he three point thirteen. Okay. Well. That diet I think it was name's Chad that they just informing. People take great talker. He's he's sounded good okay well. And a good program and get up and call it for a long time you know that. Yes that it Michael you've been a fixture on this program you and in your dog Max we're glad to hear from you again the night. Thanks Michael we appreciate it. Say max's seventeenth that Max is dog is now seventy apps that dog's been around seems. Single bird dogs at the Max out. I think their dog seeing a lot of soccer Wen tang and Alan Michael. By the way the shocker record for three pointers in the game correct me if wrong nine unleash the power that's correct so you talk about stalking a record. Haas who made his first avenue it seemed like nine it was a foregone conclusion. Only shot three in the second half denying any of them. As Internet didn't matter too much although you alluded to it. Wichita State got nine in a row to start the second half led by night had a nineteen point lead him and they hear that hurricane aren't just hanging around. Got within six. What about nine minutes left the government's later California Connecticut and. Gloria off a few times and started to get a little little nervous but. Wichita State went on seventeen it's Enron. And took over the game again once tolls it cut it to four. In fact also went about. About seven minutes and out of baskets and that was that was the key stretch there from about the nine minute mark to just about two minute mark. It's also only made one basket and boy that was the point of the game where she'll Boris Marcus we Duffy Zach brown. Really took over. And that that was a long stretch for those end Darryl Willis and kind of toward the end of that run started scoring punch to that was a nice job by the shocks now where Tulsa down. After sold it comeback. When you fall behind by nineteen sees a lot in basketball. It takes so much effort just to get close just to get back again. You have to almost more than just another wave energy to carry you even further in that it's tough to do. Dad at Wichita State against this soccer team that's. After a little too much but. You know for what Wichita State didn't have tonight they got Darryl Willis with thirteen second half points and all of Zach brown points all of them came in the second half so. Apparently beaten titans tickets and performance which does things that like it did with there. Nineteen point win for the shocker tonight. This is the shocker locker room show we're here live at twin peak cities which it's not 21 and rockets at Woodward in saint Denis or with duke. And we are taking your phone calls at 8691037. Answer phone number of our own studio in our on site producers since last our studio engineers and scrambling. And we'll get you don't tonight with more your phone calls on the soccer locker room show you misery get 8691037. Back from or the locker room Zorn after this on 103 point seven to eighteen YNN. Heads have to win the ultimate toward launch where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's support on huge screen and scratch food is bursting from the best kitchen in court tried the news spicy buffalo chicken tacos or the hundreds meat and cheese board. Perfect game days here. It's twenty full service bar features and that's a collection of draught Beers served at 29 degrees in ice cold months in joy out but like today twenty. He drinks scenic views. What's important you family business money if you've ever wanted to own on this night. This opera mini been dreaming. 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Four minutes in the first half this the kind of thing that makes Wichita State difficult to her. You know a guy wolf. Disappear for a half or. I don't think not show up on the scouting report necessarily because there's a bunch of people are going to be on you know ten guys and you got to prepare for all of them. We just never know who's going to be going off that night. Background and and the apple mentioned well the good thing the first half they could be stop this right so. You know frank Kate and every other coaches like him got to be gone you give me what it when he wants to do we we stop frank can't we stop Shannon we stop those two guys perhaps. And frankly the Duffy was semi quiet. They scored ninety points. We units of app that's. As for Wichita State is at its most dangerous many nights this as the shocker locker room notes at the sports head in shame Dennis with you tonight we're live at twin peaks and east Wichita. The 21 in Iraq come on vines he is tonight we're here after every soccer game. And we take your phone calls as well 8691037. The area code 3168691037. With the back the phone lines our next caller is sacked. Those acts go right ahead. I'm am I it's not an act he got here what you record there back and look for the reporters. Sorry that it. But but he got not partners in my class. I'm from unit in my life now that I'm from Arco you know security freshman. He would you know we're plank. And you know making it may reporters. I'm setting a new national record. And you know throwing up in the third quarter and gave back in history more instead of making it today. That the new national record. That we just don't see very much it's not easy it is to get hot from. From long range and do not miss what at least one of those now. Now yeah elaborate but I cannot think Gabbard spots or both feet you know that a mere. Parker I would like 46 he had a few ordered spears to never mystical. She had a flair for the dramatic injury. Yeah. Once in awhile you get those nice three U Phelan. And that's just study and that's just one of those nights it especially in the first half against the Austin race hasn't. Yeah. You have to credit that that which does the other guards did you know brain can't jam it. When those three here and then in the line at the same time and your faith in his own defense like false employs. I leave those guys you know that I doubled 1 guy and I am not covered up one of those others. Because all of them at different points in the year or in their career 394042%. Something like that and courtship. Landry Shannon up the last three games the 50% reportedly issued yet the best in the country itself. It was pick your poison tonight and that tonight just that would be awesome Reeve tonight. Zach thanks to call. 8691037. Is our phone number soccer locker room so continues here at twin peaks in east Wichita at when he first and Barack. And it even in the second Apple's it did pay electric its Austin in the times got a couple guys on him and that left. That lets sham it didn't end Connor open for some open looks they did based did not come down enough so those that this. Even despite that the Sox got some lot of good looks for other folks get the offense Roland it it soccer's at four different guys wouldn't. At least forced us. For more for different guys at four courses well and normally in the box score you are not gonna see anybody win. Fifteen shot attempt. You know somewhere north of well. On times 101112 not to show up and down 876. And consequently on the other side and take a look you fans from here on out how many times in the box score there leading shot taker. Is somewhere around point. Also had two guys shot fifteen times tonight. It's pretty easy to identify who they're they're either snipers are organized that they're gonna go to. Junior. But Duffy shot twelve times more shot twelve times we shot twelve times on that inning game where at Wichita State hoisted up seventy times. Pretty high possession game but they spread the wealth they seemingly do it every single game. And again it's a pick your poison thing for when you play Wichita State you wanna cover up one guy who won double guy. He used to it and at your own risk and Wichita State sheet well about generally especially from three. That you can't double down the post they didn't do it against that you can awards tonight and ultimately paid for them. 8691037. Is our phone Roberts anonymous soccer blocker and shown change you bring up sex mores who ended up eight of twelve shooting. How many of those eight were done I know at least five of war I was assay and war yeah I think it was around five. And over pluses and unit a couple more were right there at the rim so and once again this kind of play and we've seen we saw that the two home games this week. Not a lot of teams in this conference just have the personnel to match up with Shaq in the. It's a game plan thing that we talked about a lot when. Wichita State was in the valley like. You're gonna get this team's best shot or you're gonna this is their Super Bowl this and whatever. And he has run out horses you can have a all of the best game plan that you want you run out or. Was in the American we've seen teams with some more superior athletes to teams in the valley be able to match up. What age you horses case even in this thing match. He's only 68 which you know that's not powering down there but Ottawa anyways. How ever he uses it maybe is among the best in the nation for somebody that's not true seven footer. To get shots off and to get the shot he wants out there kind of whenever he wants. Is a gift and and I guess I don't want us again credit him for working hard not to feel you know. Mood over from block to block the mean what's the catch that it's murder it's lights out in a bank it off the glass or should little baby hook ovary and more kinds not going to. And a shocker guards have been pretty proficient finding him. In a spot where he's ready to shoot ready to flush when you want to get to them and in the first half we talked that'll go to the end five or it's five rebounds were offensive. And offered to put them accurately set that's not usually a big part of his game on his but it was tonight. I love that yup I did not love to see more. He played was real purpose tonight and a career that has been somewhat stark crossed I am I think it's fair to say. He certainly saved the best for his senior year hopefully. And tonight he was ultra efficient play point five rebounds two blocks and we put 120 mine just knows that morning minutes. Point one that's the other thing you see when you really scandal box score pretty closely. Very few shot attempts by shocker leading shooter. And overall very few minutes of play they're hardly ever going to be anybody to get north of 35. Didn't happen again tonight. Soccer's one tonight sixteenth ranked Wichita State over Tulsa in 97. He won getting a season sweep over the golden hurricane. This is the shocker locker room notes at Woodward and seen Dennis are with you tonight 869103. Sevens or phone number. 8691037. Ordered 22 when he first and rock. Columbine he is tonight as we continue on a locker room Joseph don't forget on game days on soccer game days they have food and drink specials all day long to help out doctor fans. You get a cheeseburger basket for just 599 all day long it. Andy get a huge man size mug of the Sox offered just four bucks great food and drink specials on soccer game days only right here at twin peaks. Eighties which sought when he first in Iraq. On the final day of nobody's week at twin peaks. 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We're after every soccer game. Shocked when it tonight sixteenth ranked Wichita State were also in 1971. A Wichita State now seventeen and four on the season seven and it was a conference. Stocks are still up in back of first place Cincinnati who is eight and oh in the conference. The shoppers are now in sole possession of second place and Houston another half game back at six and two in the conference Houston won easily tonight as well. So the shocks hanging in there in second place and Dana after last week after a couple of clunkers the shocks. Back at it would a couple of nice efforts at home this week and that was the game plan and it was executed what they wanted to deal. Pretty much yeah and like we said earlier in case you're just going to scenarios of business as usual for these guys. They got a lot of contributions from lot ever people. Four guys off the bench got double figure minutes. So my. Seagate car I Kaiser's fine and it's hard to come by as you or me guard apparently sprained his ankle a couple of days ago we've been walking boot so you didn't play. So at this point this season you're gonna have that Christian you're gonna have. Guys regressed again guys to have guys. Impress them practice and jockeying back and forth when you talk about the ninth tenth eleven guys on our roster. But the mainstays. Are are. You know locked in for a reason. You can say what you want about me in the camera shooting slump but he had five assists no turnovers and 32 minutes mean. If there's ever been an epitome of a more general. You know Fred Bentley in heat are pretty interesting view over the last six or seven years so. For everything that ails Wichita State. They have two or three other guys that seemingly. You know pick up the slack and I think this this slander him shooting slump thing is now actually at. But now it's you wouldn't figure to last forever and they've been able to have that kind of weather that storm a little bit he was frustrated tonight you could visually tell you fill. And it it's that point when you know it's in his head. Because this is not anything physically I think it's just it's just deal where he has missed a few and it's compound of a little bit. I mean come on you know two weeks ago he was the nation's leading three point shooter. And now he's missed fifteen in Euro three it says it is almost improbable. And a couple of times on her friend camps three pointers tonight wide open. And you think there's no way in the world asking an event that up that easily knocked them out though that half. And it's. It's the dog days of college basketball season right now. Here at the two thirds mark all total you're halfway through your conference schedule so you're right he kind of and it debt if it's not just a shocker thing that's a college basketball I think everybody kind of gets their way through this time of the year in January and easily kind of get towards the middle of February and march is within sight. Little bit of a grinder. It is it is and this is situation where Gregg Marshall the coaching staff. They need to kind of reset and start thinking of other buttons to push because you pushed the same ones over and over again. Until January 1 you're gonna get good results probably because it's seasons still new and you got guys. A really battling for time trying to settle into the role but now. Now that every ought you know everybody all hands on deck. We ought to wait on the stuff anymore we ought to wait on channel anymore ever help a baseline so now it's just a case. Who executes the best. Who's in the right spots the right time who knows what they're doing on defense let's not forget that because if you forget we are deep into gun on himself sit down. And the minutes are Parse out. According fell. The fact that Wichita State the last two games there's an offensively challenged ETF team. You understand right but they had an unbelievable. Defense of reputation. Tackle ball nose tackle Paul Sharpe are what they want all that and then they hang in ninety on pulses tonight that you 47% from floor so. The one thing that you think at this point in the season like the dog days that we said. That maybe would start to wane its shooting percentage which you take 47% and moral all day long no matter what time of the year. Shot her locker room show continues we're here at twin peaks that when he first brought in east widget so we're here after every soccer game. Phone lines are open for you at 8691037. Below to hear what you think about shocker. Game tonight in this two game homestand wrapping up 8691037. As the phone over the area code is 316. Jane another guide it's not like such a little bit Zach brown. Who who was masterful for the shocker tonight in any game where a lot of people were. Maybe I did not I don't know I don't wanna use the word masterful he wealth but. There are a lot of really good efforts by the shocker tonight I'm I'm Zach would probably get lost in the shuffle and it is our greatest numbers I don't think that's a stresses that it is early yet. Ten points five assists. Four rebounds three of four shooting you made a couple of threes he did not miss any free throws. Andy did all that twenty minutes Zach had a real solid game. And I wanna say in the Houston game that he found out without scoring. Honey you communicate eastern and eight turner real disappointment want to throw line for an Family Guy and it was right everybody else it is but. You know exactly chomping at the bit to at least right that wrong a little bit but to play forty minutes and scored ten points. On four shot at him. I got that four rebounds and five assists one turnover like he said well there's a bunch of guys Dolan outs in the fifth his background to a party tonight and. It was a bucket. But he hit the second half which taught the shots have been up by nineteen Tulsa had cut it to five. In Wichita State offense was really hurt me get a huge three wood about twelve and half minutes to go on a nice assist by Rashard Kelly puts us back to fight aids. And blood off that was a time when the soccer offense or Floyd five or six minutes been pretty bad in that three by Zach has not started to get them unlocked again on the offensive end. And I think a little bit later memory serves he had a three from the left wing that he turned down all they got a guy in the air. All he thought maybe couple often humid midrange jumper got all the way to the rim. Drew a foul got the line like you said made both free throws frankly was. And I was gonna how heart attack on a particular call the shock has got call and that's the thing where it's not automatically Zach brown because. Basically he's a stand still shooter and a fifth okay he put on the deck. You can probably count on one hand how many times you've been able to get from the free throw line all the way to the rim. You know without stopping this year but he did so in that particular case got rewarded. Free aggressiveness and good for him. And that lastly his second three pointer that he got. Came on assists from. Jack morals she actually assist of the ten feet and I got a possible path I do on how it got. Not to act. That was a good when their down the stretch for the shoppers were in nets and nice long run in fact they went on an eleven hole run. It really got that four point lead back up to fifteen minutes doctors needed it exactly the Big Three Federer before that last an immediate timeout that really started it. I saddled with for the job. There's some guys that played major minutes tonight that didn't turn it over one's. Rashard Kelly 26 minutes eight assist zero turnaround Ari talked about what he'd love on the last two blocks two steals. Shaquille Boris. Maybe most impressively no turnovers from him for as much as he handled it down there. And Landry salmon run of the point 32 minutes no colonel Oliver Connor Franken never turn them over to not real surprising internal we only played fourteen minutes. And I guess at that point out that unfortunately for him I know he's probably not in the such things but his consecutive game with a at least one made three pointer and tonight he missed all five that he took but. When you look at the turnover column. Fourteen assists columns always going to be filled up but when you have that many individual guys that handled flawlessly. During March you'll be pleased. Doubt especially after a week ago when that was. The terrible part of the shocker came to wait too many turnovers in the loss at these anything up to Lebanon first half. Is comedy of errors and not get off the funny way. But is it Sox certainly make that a hallmark of their two wins this week at home taking care of the basketball. Answer paid off shocks when it 97 he won tonight for the golden hurricane Tulsa. First up match up between these two S conference foes and 22 years here in town it's good to have that pulls the rivalry back. Yeah panic in the heartland as they call it but a pulse on top hat brigade. Kind of a primer. You know for those that were born after 1980 which does take tolls that mean a lot but when you are rewind you know look back through history. Wichita State filth is no joke and had some wars. I know you know. But in the last year they weren't very good I think camp meant to make a point. That the job frank it is done the last couple years beat this thing pretty good. They have much Wichita State last year when McCain did to the round house but of course shocker to all I want down airplanes. And to also got within four in the second half if you way way behind so. He's got at least felt the plane pretty hard their foreign born on the American but Wichita State is coming out manned that night. This rivalry is starting. To read vamp up again. And Wichita State has dominated though recently won nine of ten. Until also wins a few nights that's when soccer fans will really start to ramp up that that the volume on this rivalry again. But I think also got the players' attention Dan tells Japanese soul they understand that okay we're gonna have to bring it did in order to be felt that certainly for those that were around. From last year which dusty in front lines need 53 years not just nodding yeah it's different now and it either of them adults and you have to survive to. Three point attempts last twelve seconds just to hang on win. This rivalry at least gotten a players' attention and hopefully. Sometimes and all the fans knew panel will buy back in eight. 691037. Is our phone number tonight on a shocker locker room shows Ted Woodward and shamed honest with you live tonight here at twin peaks. He's which he thought when he first and rocker here after every soccer game to my mind CS and give us a call at 8691037. As we continue on the soccer locker room show. And will be back for more of your phone calls right after this on 103 point 78 EY and. Tend to win the ultimate board and lodge where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's support on huge green. 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On the right lots of forest fires across the radical left footer for three ain't gonna. The pants but I embarrass them on the right line for the justice whether it's a slam Hitler's thousand. Thought we were just talking about this. And only the second half points. Zach brown and it says Rihanna is not desist vice act worse you were talking about change. Shots when it tonight that was the end of any that was it well I was at the middle that it Levin no moron and Tulsa had to call time out. There are a couple times tonight went Tulsa. Mr. had to stop things because the shots headed on a roll that's what you need to do it especially here at home is get stuff going like that make get make the other team have to have to make. Stops I'm just looking at this box score I'm. Put myself in the opponent choose in this case pollster frank case. Landry Shannon Conner frank can't miss every last one of their 113 point and off by an eighteen. Teams the American better savor the flavor Wallace is still happening because yeah you wouldn't think that this is gonna continue where Wichita State backcourt. Offensively. Really. Up until about a week ago efficient efficiency lies one best back courts in the country. And for them to go one for fourteen overall missile evident three pointers. And you can't you can't making more hey and that he told them. Coaches are only going to be looking around saying okay we need to find a way one to keep this. Continuing by some miracle and number two beat him while we're doing this. You just can't use don't think this don't last forever that chairman frank camp and stay in the shooting slump forever so. The fact that they're still able to hold her head above water while they're going through this is. Really incredible. Shocked when it tonight sixteenth ranked Wichita State were Olson nine 71. This is the soccer locker room showed that the sport sedan and Shane Dennis with you here tonight we're live twenty cities Wichita. Were 21 and rock road 869. 1037. As their phone number let's go back to the phone lines and speak with Jack go ahead Jack. I greatly in a lot of odd thing. That I've been out Bradley did not let them. Our show are reported to have an adolescent do fox sports. And did they all realize it was the tall guy. But that about a minute and half ago that he also all the time out. Andy Geiger on the radio bit that that was the most disgraceful and I eat everything with coach Marshall what you're going to score board and look after being. And being brought chance to spot or rational thought that pretty class for the goddess like that but I did what you viewpoint what point arm. What happened during an idea that I'm out here at Everett which way. I do you ever told that politics I'm not delighted not to see what you were talking about. Now we're awaiting that you now hold on hold them all the way down Frankie called time out. And the play by play guy determines that's a classless move by hate the call timeout at. Now look if you're partial. I can at least see the logic that the the play by play guy I would say Europe nineteen like he called them out and left. I can at least at least we can have a discussion. But if you're down nineteen. And you call a timeout and I assume here that. He just got currents got there in Jackson and genial artisan into the game. At that point that's my only explanation why and I think. I guess not having heard it I would just say that would be BA. An over reaction and probably an unnecessary comment but might not play guys. Just be like yeah that's right that's my defense. They pay at a debate between him and another guy keep your perspective do it and we talked apparently to. But for it to do over at all I thought I thought it looked flat on art knowing exactly what. Parcells. We're. You know what I'd like I worked eight under par. And if it's great reacted. You know and pointed the scoreboard doesn't say what are you doing I can understand now I can understand what is let's get an overly Dallas this game's over. I don't panic either way whoever side you beyond of that particular case it's much ado about nothing yeah that would be my take. Jack thanks for the phone call. We appreciate it let's and these coaches now can do whatever they want whenever they want and often do. And I'm not saying that frank K then Gregg Marshall have a thing. But some coaches do have a thing that we have no idea about. Bad blood don't like each other stealing each other recruits. These guys have long memories and they've been in the game along OK so just keep that in mind him. In case something ever happened between a couple of coaches that you can't quite figure out. These guys have long memories now. Not that I want you sound like there's much going on CN. Sox win it nine 71 tonight over it's also shocks went on a seventeen to two run. Late in the game for about the eight minute mark on word in that it was also a gut for a couple times got close. But then a sack Morris Duncan. Opera great assist by Zach brown. Started any Levin ol' Ron naral under eight minutes to go in the Sox are con often running at that point and Tulsa offense kind of dried up facts also went about. Seven minutes without though a basket there's of the soccer defense. Kind of more economical hurting a little bit they're office dried up a bit and the shocks. And are finally able to. Two. Exert their will little break another little run going there at the end and get the lead back up to where it had been it was nineteen early in the second half and has that they were handed out at ninety. And you think if there's ever chance for Wichita State to be had when we talk about that long run by tolls after the shocker went up nineteen it would be and I. This and it didn't do much Franken didn't do much and markets which doesn't look very efficient either. Nine points and 25 minutes it took twelve shots and eight it's. You know there's little window there that which does state cannot there was a crack. And felt this good fight push all the way through. Sox when it tonight nine B 7116. Ranked Wichita State now seventeen and four on the season. Our phone number tonight on a locker room shows 86910378691037. Let's go back the phone lines Burton is next good evening Burt. I. And I had a little question about. About. Anderson on the pulse of I don't either your for. A while and left after one year but I couldn't quite remember who he was running behind me here. And turn down a game and gain before penalty but it's pretty good job I think what maybe he could have felt a lot the last couple years. And I think what hate it don't quick to keep Sydney shot and typically run really chopped liver we've recruited here so I'm kind of curious as. What his background was here really was behind when he first came here thank you. Thanks for the call Burt. Shame he would Corey Anderson would have been part of this massive senior class that's here now yes. He would have been even one more of that so you see your plight of those minutes he beat taking things along the and always. That's the that's why he left and I thank. And I think also he's not. He's not the defender that a lot of these guys in this class are either he's the one dimensional guy that wonderment pretty good football and write it. But I think it just came down to you saw the writing on the wall he was so little further down the the wrong use for their data totem pole on the on his defensive game any new other guys are going to get playing time ahead of him and it didn't take you long in this program to understand where you are and how many people yet climb over to get minutes I think he saw the writing on the wall they wouldn't get that cell. If you're free to leave if you like he did and he's doing well now I don't great and I get up thirty point game earlier this year and when he ate tonight really really. This night from the war. But like you said to add him if he were still on the team. Trying to understand. Whose minutes he would be taking away in Allen and how many minutes we begin. Things do once you're at Wichita State even if yours gone. I'll play analyst meeting minutes because that's just the depth and every single year to view a 3230. Or whatever minutes that quarry get 339. Here problem. Corey was on the sweet sixteen team his freshman year. I played about six minutes a game got about two point game. It's only he saw some token time his freshman year here but. He would have been you know he would have been. A sophomore along with Ron and spread in their senior years not sure he would seem to court a whole lot more his sophomore year that he did his freshman year. And you know but that time he's you start being upperclassmen. He just decided to us to move on go to some others he went did you go three year Blanton and now his last two years tolls. Now wondered if he went down there and set up but going to Uga Uga player I would look at the end of every year. You have an exit meeting with your coach regardless of sport and baseball analogy and don't think for a second that Greg marshals brutally honest and never left one of these. Here's Morrissey a here's what you have to do is play more minutes. Going into next year this is what you are. You wanna change that. Soviet go right right and and if you don't like it. Also Soviet so there's always a little bit of attrition every year we did lose last you besides Eric Hamilton update on Dave Johnson and a same thing with those guys this is how many minutes we see you getting here's your behind here's what you gonna have to do to elbow your way in the line. And some of it is just logistics it there's too many people too far down. And some other I wouldn't doubt that Gregg Marshall does this do you be better off playing at a place like that. If you wanna apply you'd be better. Our planet and then guys know what. They know what's going on they like to be told the truth yeah honestly you don't Wear it when I don't wanna be sold Billick now and then a reality doesn't mesh with what your poll. And when it's you and the coach one on one nobody else is around. They have no reason but to be a 100% honest with you anyway and it's I would imagine it's. Two way street you know permission to speak freely here's what I think about my own skills and skills as a player and as coaches. I don't agree with it and you gotta talk that way and I I think that's probably Casey Wichita State has brought what happened Korean him. And I don't usually see guys leave in Wichita State on bad terms like it is leave because. They know what the situation isn't name might have better they might have better and more minutes and things like that elsewhere. And even if it but I don't see a lot of guys sleep with a bad taste. But they picked her high road if they did and it nets a sign of respect for the program for that young man that they even if they are misled her. Were disenchanted a little bit they keep to themselves most of the time you don't hear them so. Kudos to all involved whenever that happens. Right shocks one it 97 he won over Tulsa. Sixteenth ranked Wichita State completes a you know week at home a with wins over Central Florida and pulls out. And doubtless doctors I get into the interesting part of the schedule on it we'll talk about battle but when we come back. This is more the shock her locker room so it's at the sports that it saint Denis with your not a phone numbers 8691037. We're here at twin peaks and east Wichita the final day nobody's week here at twin peaks were 21 and rock. Come on out and join us our onsite engineers team slack our studio educators and gambling. And it takes a village to get these shall running right in these guys doing the job will be back with more the soccer locker room so right after this. Give us a call 8691037. Here on 103 point seventy Wyatt. Heads and to win the ultimate toward launch where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's sport on huge screen. And scratch food is first thing from the best kitchen in court tried and spicy buffalo chicken tacos or the hunters meat and cheese board. Perfect game day sheer. It's twenty full service bar features an extensive collection of draught Beers served at 29 degrees in ice cold month enjoy out but like today when. I'm coach Gregg Marshall. Making sure my family as well taken care of is important to me so when it comes to their comfort need I trust wealth is heating and air to keep him comfortable and safe. 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No Wichita State locker room jump. On 103 point seven KEY. Prevents him. Thank you write them below the floor left lately he's a candidate they had this little yeah. Good second. Names names flying constantly use his teammates. Just maybe not it is not on the floor then. 747. For. Mike Kennedy was all there ads. Austin reed said he first half to remember. His career high 23 points all accomplished in the first. Path he didn't even Gordon is second half we still got a career high 23. He made seven threes in a row and that was a big big lift to the shocks tonight on the way to in nineteen point win over Tulsa. Ted Woodward saint Denis Wiki here tonight and a soccer locker room so were twin peaks when he first and rock. And Shane that was that first half was something to watch it. Really was and now want the collars illustrated the point. Saying it was a record for most makes without a miss whether that's true or not I believe it after it also. The team record for most in a game with nine Buick on he was gonna. If not shattered that at least make copilot and and bush Jason Perasa for the nine that he made earlier. In a game in his career. But just illustrates the point like we said earlier shocker have a lot of perimeter weapons. And a really good compliment down low between chat more and Darryl so you can't double everybody. We also said at the very beginning talk about Austin reed didn't hunt he shot until he saw about. The first streak going in and it was just the heat Kennedy asked him to do everything I see the ball go in the basket I'm gonna in. Certainly got the Green Line you don't want to and they got the green light once you make your three. Greg Bart Scott not going to be over there with a fitness hand that you keep Jack and Emma because you can make him that he missed the one he only missed one of them first half. And they went up by ten as the first app that that started a little bit uneven too until he got hot. He he had when he won. At the fourth 31 mark in the shocker at 33. To me pretty much yet now's the first time that I can remember there's been a game where he's taken ago. Everybody else seemingly on the roster at least one point our career has done that now Austin reed for them to. He had a new career high day still with 509 to go in the first and ask about the death by the attack. Right as his shots are often running in this one and Annie. What was itty Ellis ten point lead by halftime scored the first nine for us there in the second half supports that ten point lead if in nineteen a source got to put in for a couple times and shocks. Pretty much dominated that last seven and a half minutes and stretched it back up to nineteen for the win tonight 97 he won so Shane a his first trip to the American no socks or at the halfway. Seven and two in conference play that won seven of nine. Halfway through the conference schedule. And it's the Sox are done with Houston picked up what's also. And yet here in the second half missed about a play temple twice is still got to play top ten Cincinnati. Once. Obviously a great look import of the Cincinnati games but in order to get there they've got to play. Like he said. Temple a couple of times and that's the next one Wichita State that's on the road Thursday. And then they go to Memphis to. Now all they're schizophrenic quite as much as UConn is that they've both those clubs of had a moment shocker you see them. Upcoming UConn and temple will come to town in the middle of February so. It's a I don't look and a letter grade you wanna get what she does stay at the very least to be. If you as police if you would it said. That'll give you 72 after nine. Way back in October you said what yes what they want me out in second place in the conference target market a B plus. It's fair to say now it's also fair to say it that Cincinnati. Hook up I get the variant of the season will be this fascinating I mean and now. Is it up doing what they do defensively and they have. Really dismantle. Almost all the teams they've beaten. You got to have and have nots just like probably any other conference because USF only put up forty tonight news Houston beat them 6340. As a mute took apart ECU 86 to 61. And we talked about temple and UConn. Today. And old Memphis has been kind of up and down William Connor temple playing each other right now and temples Killen UConn that's where. Shocker to go next though. It's it's a new conference everything's due the first time through and I we were kind of joking but mostly serious during the commercial aren't we glad that. This is the third account. Yes sure and three eighths on yup that's a lot more on the second half through the schedules five and nine will be on the road for the soccer's as will the next two. Temple on Thursday night and in the following week at Memphis weird little schedule this week to soccer's. We don't play again until Thursday at. Temple and I don't play in all of the weekend and coach Marshall in the post game you heard him say. I don't think I've ever had a Friday Saturday Sunday off as a coach ever. Some subsidy plan a weekend Italy play again until at Memphis the following Tuesday so really only one game of the next nine days. The Sox will have a chance to once again work on things that aren't they want to work on and have a little bit at times to do that with one road game in the middle of that nine day stretch. Isn't the American interest in how they protect our own the teams that they perceived to be at the top. They take care of I wanna. What they problem up necessarily all but there's a certain. There's a certain non dynamic and how to handle up like shocker want. They South Florida again you know because of who they were perceived oriented Carolina Maurice Carroll and those two teams are the bottom of the barrel. And the way they held off Wichita State Cincinnati classes to the variances season. It's really doesn't short of brilliance might learn a schedule yet for real stuff. We're all looking forward to that and for the next nine games the shoppers. Sample on Thursday night will be the next and it's a 6 PM tip off on a Thursday so. Mike didn't involve whole begin their pregame show from Philadelphia at 5 PM gable tip off at six on Thursday night and it'll be right here on. 103 point seventy EYN. Sixty frank socks when it's an ever Olson nine B 71. And it does is this maybe the only time you and I do the show together chains on it out how to negate what our letter grade. I don't think we can improve on this at all I don't aids holiday in app only plots aren't. Five dollars or more. Solid. Got out here knowing better sounds. Thank you change event I appreciate it thanks to all our listeners tonight on a shocker locker room show sixteenth ranked Wichita State were also in 97 he won for the season sleep. Career high for Austin Reeves 23 points and that was all done in the first half. As yet 23 Jack Morse added twenty on eight of twelve shooting. Fifteen points off the bench for Darryl Willis. And ten point by Zach brown your double figure scores tonight the doctors Marcus but Duffy almost got there with nine as well. Rashard Kelly with another brilliant performance working hard wanted to top ten. Offensive rebounder in the nation restart get another six offensive rebounds tonight eleven total. And he almost. Outfit himself for the assist category eight assists. Is that his career hive at the looked at a is that is that stand by outsiders aren't the Phillies career high in assists with eight we need to I need to check on net. Landry Shannon had five assists Zach brown had five assists in Austin Reeves added four assists on this night as well we're we're checking on that. And the Sox had seven blocks shots on the night most of those came in the first half when they were really taken care of tolls in the paint. Sox also had eight deals on the night so Wichita State didn't. Lot of good things in the stat column despite some four shooting by Landry Shannon Conner frank camp. Shoppers found tons of other ways to get the job done tonight and win a fine nineteen. Believe it or not he had eight against Marquette do. Tiger's career for card bill this guy's capable flirt with no figures in the sense that he he plays the war about that allowed that. For our daily average start brings his usual efforts. And it just absolute company time to see saint to possession from Wichita State. That's pretty it's pretty it's. And the Sox get the nineteen point win tonight. 97 he won the final score next up for the shot the Internet it's simple on Thursday night that's the next time will be with you here on that you one man. Want to thank our hosts here at twin peaks cities which you thought when he first rocker to wrap up snow bunnies week. Thank you ashamed Dennis Ortiz helpful program tonight thank you and our callers or listeners are on site producer Tim slack. Our studio engineer Andrew handling thank you gentlemen we appreciate it. As the soccer locker room show comes to an end tonight after an nineteen point soccer win over the Tulsa golden hurricane. This is that this court said thanks for being what is tonight or soccer basketball on 103 point 78 EY and good night. Yeah listen for the Wichita university locker room out after each shocker basketball game on 103 point seven. Why we thought.