WSU Men's Basketball vs Tulane 02-21-18

Wednesday, February 21st

WSU Men's Basketball vs Tulane: W 93-86


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One opens into. Shocker. I'm 103 point 7 hey you why am afraid. I'm spring came down here so point seven. Did come garrido the next the last time we'll get a chance to save them this season we are down to the last few weeks and last four games of the regular season Wichita State head. Blame it. Tonight this is the only game on the schedule between these two scores on the. The possibility of the conference tournament. Thanks to lane was projected to be in the bottom four up the league and so they were not scheduled to play Wichita State twice. Actually they are doing better than that under second year head coach Mike done lately which we will talk about. And this may the first ever meeting in men's basketball. Between Wichita State. And to blame we welcome you entity in trust bank pregame show. You're drive of the game is brought to you by Kansas land tire and service were great tires and professional auto service are always. A slam duck please be careful on your way unfortunately all of the main streets are pretty clear and dried off. Ice has melted and so forth but. Be careful about it got a good job with parking lot also but. Be careful not only drive in that audio of the sidewalks so. In particular walking and it might cause a little bit of problems or so. Like everybody here to be cheering wildly and of course be careful of oil. Of course you can reach a spike followed an 8691037. Area code is 3168691037. Or on Twitter. At at shocker voiceless authority hearing your questions thoughts whatever it may be. Before we get to all of that we've been giving you'll background all year on these new numbers according. Suckers of the new member of these these schools on the shocker scheduling American athletic conference. The latest one of the few private universities in the agency founded 1834. Of between thirteen and 141000. Students. Every charter member of the SEC. In 1932. Bit stated that late for 34 years from 1966. They played as an independent after that for nine years that weren't charter member of the natural conference's 7576. And were in that conference and conference USA. Until joining me see. In 2014. They have not had a particularly strong. Basketball history they've been really good baseball they have been good at times it football. Their best era. And basketball came from right after World War II into the early sixties under cliff wells that's very good players of that era then. Next hour. Took him before straight winning season through 82 to 85. But they were hit with a ticket scandals that college sports history for of their star players including their best while the John hot rod Williams. Were slam for taking money and cocaine to shave points to affect the outcome of games. The president. Shut down the program. For four years and know basketball from 85 to unite they brought it Perry Clark. With the assistant at itself vanish after a four and putting something first season for a 24. Let them to eight winning seasons next ten years what are your morals and six times the only three NCAA tournament appearances in school history. Since he left in 2000. They have had four winning seasons in seventy years so certainly not a great history. But. Certainly might Bentley seems to have things headed in the right direction. Lawyers say it is all about medical staff and coaches say it's all about the players and it's the combination of both of them Perry Clark was. A man it was just terrific program that that have success has had since he left. And it's tough to replace guy like that I think this leak Mike is good enough. Though that it will attract players want to play in this sleek look at all the wrong. National television this year it's fantastic self with Doug let me get the hell I expect them to be better and better. One player out one name that I've I might mention that might be the voters in the area for one. Finished his career in 1962. That's all SEC selection left at the time as the school's all time leading scorer. It was an assistant coach at both Oklahoma and Kansas State numbered years and it was head coach at western Illinois wrote on here so that's the thing that's. Basketball fans that it now Paul Thompson was a four time all metro conference selection and he's played a couple of years in the end it. Hot rod Williams the key figures that scandal. While is indicted but it mistrial was declared it was ever convicted effort in times like nine years in the NBA so it must've and it. Spoke Orleans talent in the right it must have been New Orleans or at. It's not enough now. It's our parent cell phone lines are open twitters open this Packers into light for the first time ever tonight and we'll talk more about the game itself as it comes not from. But right now we've got Al on the line now. Well thanks to pick my calls always. And dead. Both doctors and things are pretty good ball lately it from the time they were down fourteen points temple and kind of woke up this they've been playing well. You know always don't overlook your opponent even though Larry it is. Been struggling lately. They have beaten. Two of the teams that the shocker laws the laws that are extremely beat Houston and I think they also beat temple. And an inconvenience and yeah you know stolen I think it's got a couple really good players that preacher Reynolds. Are both very good players got one so we'll. Tulane doesn't know they're supposed to lose Phillips just make that happen. And that yeah the thing is you know and all the conversations. It says it's vanity it would start statement not overlooked you in Houston. Even mathematically. He didn't win the conference outright. Third at that distance you know up playing. Which wants greater Cincinnati anymore in that. They'll kill them dance and certain that a great job they're but it says that doctors are the land anywhere from first back at work there in the conference three solo looked as they went out. I agree. For this for Houston to win an outright Cincinnati at least two more times I don't see that happening. So. That's the very possible scenario is that legit which just Avery the Cincinnati a second time. The three could end up getting three way tie for the title they would all be tried champions that don't get to hang a banner that will tell us state. Under sniper rules would be the number one seed for the conference turn. Don't forget about these next three games though of course I don't at all their stuff. Gregg Marshall talks about that all the time we get three more games to play before we play them and us. So let us now. Well him. Mom read it this morning everybody to be careful it's game I'm not quick thought that I don't know it but here you're flat my final like that. It just about a lame skirt and good luck. No I'm needed to do that in the confidence Dolan what the correct because Yates. Two lane is what I have always gets its I've not heard otherwise you may have heard a case. Things are different election audit that every time I've heard that spent too late and it's fun size. Yes those two out. I don't think about it. I ultimately left with Fred sparkle reporter thought would believe they'll safekeeping the crown. That's usually in the final four we're kind of keep flooding that played Michigan earthy yet that the idol. Felt great humor and ads in Canada. Immediately comment on wealth. I think that would be very appropriate and and right about. The time that got it out sack bush hosted any odd footer 83 pictures sequence. The quote unquote old ball. In the soccer game with Ron baker getting fouls from behind on both arms and pulling the ball free and it being called a health laws so. The soccer should have been flying initiate any kind of way that was Karl yes. To make that call who we now get to see the American conference he was just here a couple of games ago did you apologize now. Anyway. So there you go that's yeah which it. Get those teams together again those into team's checkers in Michigan didn't sell some tickets. To those certainly are getting here and Ann Arbor preacher. All right out thanks to the golf again 8691037. You can reaches on Twitter at at shocker voice that we look forward to hearing from you certainly that was me. Huge announcement this week that. Little Donnelly vacated the 2013. Title with all of the sensitive come down. Over the years that is the first time any school I was never had vacated national championship but they also. Gave up all the wins from a four year period from about 2012. Through fifteen and and I have to pay back all of the money. May receive from their participation in the NCAA tournaments of those warriors did Griffith and that's just not. Today it's backer man and it feeds suggested. Earth Louisville that's the case. Forget what if he's gonna have the tattoo of thirteen championship yet put on his facts are not covered over it definitely yeah yeah. That's his act of 2000 their teacher. Also I was proud of soccer fans. I was a little flabbergasted. That we heard about Nev thought better on this show but. Toward the end of January they showed some and let us know that. Davis it. Interviewed at halftime but that the American game that was not a team that's but he said what's wrong with Wichita State in the start of the they flipped it decides. Into the back to the very valley conference's nothing that they. The quote the exact quote was they moved up in weight class Anthony that exposed. It's. They're not that skills. So after the wins Sunday. There were about six people on the order that I excesses that exposed now you laugh out and the night he jumped the shot with clear out of his hole the seventeenth this this week at his boat. We have got out of the gap. And here's the thing I just say this again that the ridiculous thing about all of that if you're talking about this stuff up in competition. Yes within the lead with him that. Realm of two games against basically to moderately or in this case not quite that eighteen games yes it's definitely a step out. That that just ignores the fact Wichita State as a tournament victories over Ohio State Pittsburgh and snag AKU Indiana Arizona Vanderbilt eight. You know on the end and some of nonconference wins against teams of those conferences also what you thought when they were right. So. That's presumes that all you've ever played over those years and all those wins are against sub par competition and that's that's just fitness that's just it. It no attention to what what it's a State's done at a little too. Prize since. That felt like because early on with us states are now that it. He seems to be with us they snap away and then it's just recently jumped off the navy because. A lot of people need to be a little more confidence goes you defense instead it. Seth Davis does it. Seth Davis. Opposite also extremely. Talented writer his biography of John Wooden has been the biographies I've. This thoroughfare. Apnea on and I'll raise you. But. He's also. Become. Very outspoken politically. And you know a lot of times I think ABC on the realm of what his role is in the media. But he has spoken adds it's harder for him to read through Utah State because he he doesn't like it does support of both fronts. It might what does that have to do with anything new regarding Wichita State testicles anyway that's all that's on can attack they. I had a question about Landry. He's usually the first one out of the locker room has been on the floor yet. Landry practiced. Fulfill yesterday it went home and then sometime late last night got really sick mind standing. He thought it could have been something he ate it might be some kind of a virus or not. And I came to shoot around and told coach Marshall he felt like his views and it. Have a chance to play tonight you'd go home lay down its aggressive you force okay debt so we'll just have to see if you know what happens when there tonight guys try to play if so how long he's able development but he's not out there is now at night at Madison made his feet. But as well as acts nice isn't sitting on the bench. With flights left side. Which doesn't look like he is anticipated playing and I could see him rested over there in uniform but he's not dress though. That is starting to look like he's not play tonight the sense you are those. Or maybe you'll go locker room. Yeah that's possible to. Like Superman and kind of before we continue any data shot display get 50% off your online order it Wichita area Papa John's log on to Papa Johns dot com and use the from a coach shot 52 received your shop here discount. I'm sorry and you'd if you say it was next. Kenny sorry you are an accident or a hit. They might have been 88 that's always attitude. Do a great job so upbeat on that I listen McKay. They put make certain but through Carmel. However. Last week. We have we'll put Rick Applegate. Samantha was let out a big bet that that others I think I've heard that. Probably. More than they gain the united he gains. Creighton game meant where are sure. More than we gave him a few years or game day of those games were let out. But I got you breeze. This game I mean atmosphere was great vote because we took so long. Correll. You can keep him out. We'll be agreement that we all learned that I just can't imagine. It's left we were I can't imagine if you played Coleman. Or Al about it is that there on the border. Why do you guys. It's abominable and hopefully they're going to glory. My second comment is such based on. This phase. All that book critic. Right now. Be that the they have a good show. Deploy a bullet today. Pretty much that a statement. Where they can all that we'll always. You know it's going to be what it's going to be good because at all both boys they're. That's what critics to. Be quiet here struck they they have before it. There's always. Because come with a great game and ultimately it. Fight. Anything thanks very much the exact words as far as the loudness host once you mentioned is recent years. The Mets prior basket against Creighton that's one of our favorite certainly the northern Iowa game on game day at Florida State NIC gave. Thousands and you know it came up on the trip with some people that Atlanta with a shot here's. Because it has just been net debt simple game here at a couple brought up. The one that Dave and I think I think we'll still love will still say it was the luck this was the Iowa game here in 1981 of the NCAA tournament it's just hard to explain. How loud that was and with. The one thing is unique about the other night it was the first time that we've seen that since that Iowa game. We're carry through the timeouts at science that is exactly it never got any less loud during the timeouts as people stayed on their feet and just would not let the team. Sort of. And the coaching staff in the temple game said that they couldn't. Communicate to the players to injury timeouts that the fans so loud. The Iowa game might reignite talk about this many times we give fox the people. Organizations that we stated that may have been the best game which thought state played at least that's half. But the fans were on their feet cheering wildly loudly the whole second half the entire second half. The temple he came close but it's for sure it was the first ten minutes of the second half defense on their feet. And we where they headsets. So the the noise is it a little bit. But you could eat that theory that it was almost deafening through our headsets also. And as far as how it affects us. Fortunately having these kids that sets on. Takes a certain amount of that out of our ears because we would it be hard for me to hear myself. And yeah how hard it is thought he can't even hear yourself that you're with you say. So fortunately for us this saves us from that that you could sell off you have a sense of that and and we had to turn their mikes down because the crowd was getting so loud it was actually distorting the signaled little bit so it. You become aware of it it both ways but. Having their headsets on allows us to continue to do our jobs without it drowning us out from ourselves that. But certainly we could tell certainly have a sense of Connecticut suspect's body. Right inning Kenny. Meant the suns but he game. That basically should make believers out of people at Wichita State and I agree with Kenny Perry threw it at. I believe that there have been a lot of coming out parties with state over the last several years at this stuff game that they played him. Through some adversity this year. And stay in most instances have risen to the occasion. And they certainly did in the Cincinnati game. But other people in the a lot of people that go to the polls of course they have with us status eyes wide. Never find it here. So people realize how good Wichita State is and they realize there for Rio it ebbs and flows. But they're back up to the left won the pole vaulted coaches thirteen and ten right. At and here's the other thing. You know David Seth Davis after he had been down on them move them back into his poll it was complimentary. Most of the others. There were several Byron Bedford who. Covers for ESPN has one of their homes he was there he had a lot of really positive things about the game itself and also about which state. Several I saw several saint Wichita State felony the end etiquette could play with anybody at the end of year. So there were an Angel authority and Jerry palm who has always got it underscores. Our state. Both moves them not to foresee of their latest brackets and it's not you know it's but it would apparently credit them. And here's here's the only out now that it. This is it totally surprised you where this came for a the got a this is Cincinnati. Add. I've personally seen Cincinnati's big miss UCLA back in December and they've fattened up on a two to three diddley. So they'll potter who has that he director of information for the AC in men's basketball respond to that by pointing out. It Cincinnati at Wichita State are tied for fourth among all division one teams. In wins against plot it's one of two yards and got what does it do its part of the system this year both are twelve and four. It seems that what your lines want to. And there are only three teams that have war wins against laws when it with the Tennessee Cincinnati so obviously. They have been fattening up on just weak competition but of course once a year that's right. That got late starts the the premise that is he doesn't like Wichita State and then whatever facts he can find support that premise and taxes lots of attitude that whatever opinions he can find. We're both people start with facts and they've built their premise after that duck doesn't do that they'll I don't. He's not even on here in this market now Rosie I stopped listening to it then he's not on your problem. Every city thing I did not need to. Five years ago Wichita State made its run the final four and he can't. Doubting them and picking against them all the land soccer fan story gets on a bodyguard for accidentally shot they have done that. That is vision ever since he's still trying to reach for having little threatened to fine you criticize them for us today or to. Justified use his premises but not as good as people think they are the sites like they do it but if you hear any of the interviews he did Buffalo's. Right now that's been at that that was the class with the thought that was the classic properly put it place. All right. Before it about the funds a couple of quick things that have been. I've been reminded of CBS sports network is doing this game tonight CBS C. Lead network we'll see here for the Cincinnati Wichita State game at they are flatly Gregg Marshall tonight they'll have a bite on him from about. While right before his brilliant software. Succeed through the game now of course it's not be alive they'll be able to edit it shows that have probably asked it before the Cincinnati game or whatever but. They will ask him might throughout the course of the game so. That fact minded kind of look forward to him. And we have drawn on the phone on. Hey guys. I want government's commitment. Doctor about rankings in journalists. I read yesterday. I was 65 voters was the ratings. Out of yeah its bottom newspaper mom. Auburn. Five. Today lost the game and get it down after they've been fanatic. Don't know you know and everything I've got to go out there I mean if that and you know it's kind of weird. But anyway. I've been watching. A monopoly. Cable channel. And I certainly basketball. Allies OK and now oddity obviously don't have. That sounds that that are only. These five schools. And and they probably you know as good as I don't know that your. But anyway. Some of the obvious that are here and things. As super slam dunks. You know it's usually that when they and hopefully. However there was something slightly. That was different and couldn't figure out what was about it and you walk. Finally my world that is winding its. Wise what they thought it was right after the game is being sold out. And adapt our own cooking in the second half of that game was so bad. It's now the way back which now. You know. With the pace greatly. That was the usual mistakes on the Asian. But I think there's now I'm not you know because. Like I watched every hour monster. Eight. In I think he responded with all of them money not there. I'm gonna if anything's coming. Up. Honestly. Ron I didn't see. What I would call home cooking in the temple gave much thought Ted Valentine didn't really bad call on the fox out call Atlantic salmon on essentially the last play of the overtime. But. I didn't think shoppers got the short end of the stick is because that's who's who they were playing or where they were. And I I think by and large. He officiated it's been really good in this latest. There's there's been one or two games where I felt like it was a real consistent slut didn't favor either team just that it was hard to tell him. You know a five minute stretch to the next what was going to be a salvo wasn't. But but all in all I think he fishes this really gives us link to sleep has a lot of the officials of the work. Multiple NCAA tournaments and final fours and all those kind of things. I don't have an issue that he officiated at and I I honestly doubt that. How much they're getting pain this has it has appeared on. The officiate. Here. Has drawn from a lot of different league sins and one of them is that Israel conference I think it's very mystery teleconference officials equipment here. What are the things we always talk about is that it along the road is whether or not they're gonna get through action on the growth. And that isn't as big of a concern this year as it has been in some of the passages does seem to be because of the quality officials. I think protocols of tweets keep them coming 8691037. On Twitter that shocker voice. It could take a quick time out but we'll be right back on his prospects pregame show. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental can't okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first is with no my. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with. Your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile is a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your mile per hour with delta dental. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day game practice and preparation. Then there's his second job recruiting. That means travel. 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Throwing stuff gets us back to the interest thank pregame show dog has been patiently holding through the break that ugly to stop. OK guys. You talk about oh the day with that lautner is to hear. About a game. I don't know that it would rank up there or it. I think it that game should be remembered that. Kind of one of the one I'd ever seen and that would. I'm sure what their target it would be and I game not only do remarkable that you we were the ones. And if I'm not but it is easily be coy. And it was both the beater gave it happened. Note the former company lose that game which. And we were second happened we're pretty much blowing amount I don't remember we make five Wrigley. And I their point guard. At that table work. You know from any longer or. He wouldn't make it almost every. That fans almost start clapping cheering whenever army base one. And I I bet the farm. That if it's okay. Now with the editor that let my game Peter got a standing ovation from France. I'm not sure you guys remember that you haven't found that memories look bigger so don't count up. But tonight my memory yes I hope people not always pretty good and I have no recollection of that of what's to date has played Detroit here once. Yet recent years and it was not in the and I see him play that in ninety they played them here. Early in coach marshall's tenure as part of our home we went back there and flight the next year. It and they didn't have. Coach there was not talent analysts are listening really real it's gonna they also had an accurate in the kid's name off I can't think at a forward. Six sadness and like 360. Slam dunk in that game it may all the end the end you know top ten plays assists. I don't remember that. That's second half. So violent kid that got this done. Got on set plays and huge jump start the ball game and everything we've heard about him came through in that instance indeed it is two reports on the quality. I do remember if I when he says the Siena figuring mentioned and it. Goudelock with the coldest days that aren't just long range shooting exhibition I think I've ever seen in this building. Soledad charm from college term maybe that's that's what Doug is thinking about Mike because what he'd just come across half court. Two or three doubles triples that's. Then the defense guarded him a little bit four outs of each and most of the half court line and that might yet because our fans yet it. Really start to almost cheer for him because it was such an amazing performances it's pretty hard not. We got out of amazed by his performance in a very impressive font it was thought all right thanks. All right we've all legal take actually a little more time that I thought we did our bit now Suzanne go Ratigan. My path lock it and you. Our confidence that it is like being. A mom. I'm a member what the doctor. After a soccer right to make it's that result. And we are your record I think you heard it there respected figure that we're very. More than happy to pass it along actually a friend and another big shocker supporter had sent via third. Attack stance to vanish in 66 yellow you're singled out Hampshire either roar would be fine program. Okay. Lots of work is out there he just reached. Literally millions of people my colleagues. So hopefully have our affiliate you know hopefully if you don't nudity and we'll continue to mention it Suzanne because he's got a few games announcements we'll we'll get that out there. Our kicker. Negative price next our sport take care of that as a child. Tonight Susanna giving as to how we're gonna take what more quick break and we will come back on these. Since trust bank pregame show when Collison 691037. Footers easy attach after. Hello shocker nation this is Andy card in hand with the Carnahan grouping JPY again in time. 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Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a Karzai in valley energy and danger for an end over what later. Shocker desperate and three and I. I. Yes yes yes pregame shower of them today at any soccer with partly jets' locker room. How many points soccer story it's anywhere from ten and 40%. Off all shots of merchandise soccer fans all over always route is an audit. Ads as locker room east west and elect George close things out the phone calls at night Jordan. Yeah fighters. It's. He got very sick. Late last night's. Stomach I think he thought it was something he certainly could be it viruses and lots of things around this letter. He'd not the coaching staff training stuff cigarettes and that he had any chance at all like the night off late athletes. Do. He's here but he is not suited up. It looks like he has not going to play and obviously that's a concern for doctors and gave way to Atlantic salmon out of here. Right and let every chance it gives them more than just the points he gives them leadership at calming effect. He's pretty defender and it's gonna hurt not having him play. So of the fourteenth with a state has left you have to choose one for him not to play this would be yet but nevertheless Wichita State has its work cut out. Tonight it of course not creates opportunities for other people most notably for semi. Going to be the third guard Hampshire kind of training camp start for Boston Braves evidence of that is they get a chance to play him. Play a lot of this might see an opportunity for him to win back some playing time than he has lost flights. He's one guy that really needs to take advantage of the situation at Kaiser maybe I'll also be so we'll see if they get a few minutes. Kaiser for defensive purposes then. Electricity and that's pretty good offensive weapons so is soccer is gonna have to play well tonight. All right thank you for all your calls of twins were out of time for this portion of the show coming up next we'll talk with Gregg Marshall about tonight's match up with two lanes of state what is of interest but it. For itself. This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys the only branch early JD power dependability awards for cars trucks suvs 2 years wrote I am so -- I think that's great and there's an arrow set these Stephanopoulos that you are getting behind the wheel for yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability. A year and Chevy dealer today force is up from thirteen and fourteen beautiful twins have small or large to be largely due to pick up and it has worked up from sixteen most notable narcotic as you -- -- -- you can pick -- and we can't Reggie Torbor please visit JD power dot com. 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And they give you great every day crisis because of their large inventory wide variety of products available for every price range and every state so we needed flooring doesn't Javaris. 1860. North Broadway it's time for the coach's corner was Gregg Marshall for advice for us employment professionals on a mission to put billions to work. Coach your team. Over the last couple of weeks seems to have found themselves a little bit in terms of how they're playing getting their identity back at. As long as you continue that as these last few games as a matter of continuing to. Got to tweak things just keep working on improving execution of votes and then we should work and get better. Every phase of the game defense rebounding. Share the basketball run record transitions. There was still a work in progress. Tulane did I coached by Mike Dunleavy and I know that's a name that means a lot to you personally for me news. Yeah he was a guided came in I don't know how Harold did was I wasn't following recruiting services at that point in my life that. Didn't look like your guy that was gonna become a star on the collegiate level and that a great NBA player and you know. 1014 year vet whatever he was but he beat he became that he worked he obviously developed his game his body is mind. It was a tremendous player for some of the great frequent flyer teams in this. It's early to mid seventies and then. Was it was a pro for many years before embarking on the coaching career. We've talked a lot about this year's got a lot of this week present you with a lot of very good players on other teams another two lanes right around 500 certainly some very individual. Players on this book club no doubt say Frazier got a chance to play in the NBA Reynolds was a guy were hyphen in the fall is their best player. They've got getting to pronounce the point guards they've he's really good. The big white kid that comes that it may be starting now in the post. I think he's from Kuwait or something he's tremendous. I just. Mike makes her great job and read revitalizing this program and did the second year now and they've beaten the likes of Houston temple as soon use so this is the teams that you have to really play well to be they've got some injury problems but. According to what we're reading now they seem to be fully healthy. As far as style do you see sawed his NBA roots in the way of their client. Religious base or from a spacing standpoint they in the NBA they grew they see and they do a lot of isolationists. Could be seen from them defensively. Everything they play a lot of man advantage plays and sold them. They'll they'll mix up some pressure they'll change defense is within the possessions of simple but everything I can't thank you shut head coach Gregg Marshall which. Just shoot flames coming out for the first and only time this season right after it. 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For people who feel the effects can prevent that you can all that's left in the distance from the five people Jason won't confuse them. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains Bernhard thanks Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. From. And and yeah. I'm very shocker. 03 point seven okay you want and crave. I'm more open. You know the shocker tonight taking on its. Length green flag first time. In the history of the two programs that they have met him and that's because the only scheduled meeting between the two this year in American athletic conference play. Dave has been winning strategies brought to you by capitol federal first all new home three bombs you can trust the strength behind True Blue financing capital federally. For housing lender. Never FTSE. Thank you mr. Kennedy would strategy now don't want. It's too late hat trick fastest right fear in the hearts of the soccer's despite losing seven of the last eight fought games. The lane has beaten temple has sent you at Houston. And those of the three teams that have the WS you get the AC. So the replay they threw that they're capable they are proof that it's their battle tested. The shots cannot sit him likely tonight which strategy efforts to. The Greek way it'll come out with guns blazing tonight and although there not a great shooting team. They still have been scoring 77 points for ballgame for the last five. And he wrapped up a lot of points because they have two of the top six forwards in the conference. Melvin phrase keep an eye on him eases the sixth year guard he's averaging fifteen point nine points per game that's fifth in the eight AC. He's been struggling from the field as real wealth but in nine of his last audience he still manages. To make sixty point one points per game. And the other star for this ballclub with Cameron Reynolds he's sexy senior forward. He's averaged fifteen point seven points per game at six in the AC. And he hasn't been shooting well the last five ball games once again. He's averaging sixteen point eight points and five of his last six Wichita State cannot let both of those players get on rafts. Winning strategy number three. It seems like we always mention rebounding is one of the keys that's because it always is. Too late rebound hers are slipping against the tide might then yes he was bounties and not mean that doesn't bode well for the green white. One of the greatest news disparities between these two teams. Can be found on the back boards that yes he was 94. When they outrebounded opponents. Too late as eleven through when they out rebound their opponents but they're one and stand when their opponents out rebounded them and keep in mind. WS he was first aid agency rebound margin for game. And their third in the nation and its ten point two. Rebound margin at and ten of the last nine. Are sent nine of the last ten bookings excuse me that's a plus ten point nine rebounds per game. On the other end of the spectrum links in the conference rebounding margin. They get outrebounded by one point eight rebounds per game that's 265. In the country and in seven of their last eight ball games it's even worse. They're being outrebounded by six point three rebounds per game and it doesn't look good. On the charts at the end of the ball game winning strategy number four. Green wave should never get him he would do little with anybody. Because. They're not particularly good shooters when they shoot well they went like a lot of teams but. Too late as eleven to advance out through their opponents don't want it Stan. What they are outshot by their opponents. It can't best shooting team in the ADC. Add in conference games alone they are the worst shooting scene in the AC on the season nation's 45 point 2% from the field. That's 157. In the country. But to make matters worse in seven of the last eight ball games they're making just 41 point 3% of their field goals that's why they haven't been winning those games. And by the way ruling yet stuff the most points per game if anybody in the conference the shots on the other hand under the tough shooting team and BAC. They make 48 point 3% of their field goal attempts that's when he ninth in the country. At the last two ball games it's even better 53 point 8% of their shots again. So soccer's gunslinger it's probably won't make life miserable. Or Tulane please read number five. Please don't treat the shoppers like outsiders but they certainly enjoyed out there. WSE sports one and what they shoot better than their opponents. Three points right. And they're the most accurate. Three point shooting team in the conference at 39%. Gain at 31 in the country but in the last three bogeys it's even better. They're making 44 point 1% of their free points drop shots. Two lane. They're hand in a bowler to that three point shooting scenes bailout or constitute 42 point 7%. From the free points right. In four of their last five ball games and in six of their last seven audience about this too late to make easily 25 point 8% three. Pointers that's a formula for disaster and a shocker should be able to take advantage of it. But you've got some news that we are not happy about relative to the health of this soccer squad. The injury report is brought to fire up your life your life your journey or optimal. Actually it's not an injury report tonight but it illness report that is not yours Landry Santa. Last night hey you know as stomach tied that possibly poisoning or stomach virus. Yeah apparently it. It's an active faith almost snapped the ball goes through enough that it just gave me. Our state can't get some improvements for ourselves performances. And guys that had plenty of putts when it picked up some stuff you don't. I stayed up Mike when I was on the CNET here with its not state things might that your great parties was the leading scorer in the conference. For two consecutive years. He got the flu. And he was out here playing campus and that was the year before that stuff really really see that they were pretty good at that time. All idol was difficult when it was announced over the PA system that great party would not play. The coaching staff was fight fight one another they thought that ultimately we'll victory. And with us they want that game convincingly. Even without great party I think it shocked with deep enough. They still need to be playing tonight at some players that somewhat under oath that might step for the fourth tonight. Speaking out now here's a tip regarding how did you know that healthier food choices right. It is great way to fill up and hit more bad news is your diet that's today's helping us not forget about you by united health care we don't feel program learn more. He don't dot they had no previous meetings between these two programs. Doing it only has one winning season in the last night. Was it plummeted fifty years in 2013. And average them. That's here's threats Mike Dunleavy can find a way to get them home. We'll have more wins and losses you. Residences. Now if 800 I have gave purpose of last year's 645. Finished with just being second best in school history the only better one. Was that your after they started this program back up we talked about it they sent out a program of the eighties after the scandal. Very Clark is sports wedding florist is here beta eleven games for improvement to fifty and thirteen seconds in. Well and on any given night has happened at least three times this season for them. The winds over temple wins over SM US bird samples. Our big states wins then they threw that they can do that they've got some offensive fire power. They're not a very good defensive teams are very poorly down the eighteenth. And with us states and perhaps take advantage of their own strengths. They have five double figures or five players averaging in double figures and they're only like plotting war in the entire country that have five players averaging ten more points. And added that Caleb angels are 64 freshman. Is averaging about six game that he is I think somewhat as a freshman since I think it has little experience that if it is the web. He's averaging ten and a half points per game over the last five games so there's six pretty darn good score. Right there a couple of other guys here and thank you got the incident as far as they have they've basically been about eight feet. Now they can get pretty good story not to that's because they have brought 69 so there's fades off the dance. All here he has not started that you believe there's certainly a story about two and a half months. Yeah well if you notice what's our State's best. See these rates and also lays late night guys that take. Minutes and dispense. Former us planes is okay. But I'd really like that it it. Top six players that on the floor those players that play any place that they could slow against any programs very athletic and street that sent. It it's not fantastic. About my gently in his second here's to Lane's head coach of the sixties. Before an assault on March 21 ordered. Have fifty to 76ers. Game as part of that. So underground railroad sit right with fire had bought some New York city's. In South Carolina just the same thing about a decade earlier at North Carolina won a national championship there at 1957. That. Seven these players are obvious that included Tom reichert Kevin Joyce Bryant winners. Soledad of course I'm like that leaving one of those. And that he went on to play eleven years in the end the end of the NBA head coach for twelve seasons with four teams. NBA coach of the year in 1999 that were selfless. And it's. Might see some folks. The statement read this guy you'll be affected football players you recruited at south area at age back along the East Coast as well. He's already started this ballclub and I think if they picked up steam next year in particular problem. It's really good players still pick up a little bit of C you'll be off on off. Couple of existing distinction easiest wanna diet current division one head coaches who have been an NBA head coach he's one of 2000 stats. As the others who has signed this they division one head coach a lot of might gently he senses the head coach at quinnipiac. I personally. Think that yeah. All right it's time to honor America as the crowd just the basketball that I nationalist. The. I. I'd excellent that their trust tough arena thought to have you all want it soccer's home tonight back on the road Saturday in essence you're a member of the shoppers are. Are on the road the official watch party location. Is he does village networks of southeast corner of 21 of web. Come by here to watch parties for a chance to win some great prizes courtesy is courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and you know skeleton aperture official watch party location. Or shocker basketball. Starting lineups presented by equity bank where you never pay an ATM fee be sure to visit them on line. At equity bank. Dot com. First for two lines thirteen and third. You know over all four of sanity American athletic conference of your second year head coach Mike Dunleavy. Of the Jordan Cornish at one of the guards are 66220. Pound redshirt junior from New Orleans that packed this hometown. After like two years at UNLV averages ten point three points per game Reyes on not kimbo to 65 sophomore. From France played in Europe prep school in North Carolina. Ten point one points per game 3.2 assists Cameron rattles. It is first two seasons only made nine starts in 73 appearances suddenly blossomed into a seventeen points per game scorer last year. It's now one of the best players in the AC six states including five here's senior prepare land Texas. Fifteen point seven points per game six point six rebounds. Also the starting lineup late fall 69250. Pound junior from New Orleans. And a half point three point one rebounds per game his strongest at area. Blocked shots he's averaging about one point four per game and help them Frazier 66 junior from Avant de Louisiana. Just modest numbers as a freshman but what's it like the game of group. That's 211 and a half last year this year fifteen point nine points per game three necessities thirteenth as a nation. This 2.2 steals a game we also played mostly on the perimeter. Is. Up above the national leaders in field goal percentage at 57. FI skills since I got that covered the bases they just don't know them well I don't freak out very well. That's what's hurt them but they are capable nevertheless. This actresses are delegated forward six sentences ever Fredericksburg Virginia that's crazy here five points or flights within. Seven of the handling paths. Since. I had a score 66 senior from Houston Texas five point three points per game. And it. And understand it. It's a spot so. Arkansas yeah it has twice a day. Headed the other guards kind of friends can't back in the starting line up. Connor 615 year senior from Wichita north averaging nine point eight points per game. That's rather that's you know Morris. Six a fifth year senior from Edmond Oklahoma averaging thirteen point three points for games. Four point nine rebounds and shooting 56%. From the field and averaging over one point six blocks. And he is they've brand to American athletic conference player of the week. There's performances last week against temple and Cincinnati. Well deserved night got Landry staff that he's going to be out with the illness mice. You've got a lot of and it could have fulfilled their as a matter of fact let me. Place the calls that anybody on a soccer ball club authority once in a football game but so far the Liz. Rely on him even warrant for the last five delegates. He's. Sloppy. Surface at a football game. Tonight's officials aren't sure why were they old Jacob six for receiver. And we are just about ready to get this one under way. Sport and regulars. Scheduled innocent of those here at Charleston, South Carolina soccer's won't play at home I think and and so the final game of the regular season against Cincinnati the victories match on March the fourth and Sunday. At 11 AM. Not much time to catch this doctors at home. This is it that live here tonight again a very good. To find offensive team averaging 74 points per game five double figures borrowers. They will be wearing green and flip some light salutes them. But most of the lettering and numbering in light blues its main colors that green. But he he had green and blue Wichita state of quite tonight letters and numbers of black. And trimmed in gold at. Flamed out as the green way to fight Jackson let me in front that was they saw him holding green wave that the bearded terrorist. Newspapers nineteenth twenty of them caught on his yeah. Seems simple and quiet green way it was supposed to blow away not exactly sure that it works. One of the great questions I think. This team is very very falls. With regards Mike they have five guards that played quite a bit that are hitters for some of them think the forward. That five guards. Least six foot four that only got one that's ordered the math that plays quite a bit that's called Slater. A lawmaker accept it as I usually can't hear the introductions that I had an indication like Paula started center actually. Wolf I Chang in 610 freshman from south Sudan is going to start to the second straight game. Doesn't play a lot of minutes hardly ever takes a shot decently boundaries averaging over point six points per game one and A half rebounds. Sixty game well for some reason you play. And it's last season. Added some number of minutes he played in other games in the sixties gains like he still plays less than eight minutes. Ballgame and that's what I admit that it against Memphis did not think he's seen those shots but he did have a season high country that's very elaborate for us this year. Today at forest confident that was a little completely gone. Pathetic it's. Of that kind of read here over the last time I started my opponent above. Those right 400. He's looking Lofton definitely different instances medals slightly different font size length held him constantly little that's awful. Lot that's right and that's definitely street those things one step back up her little long rebound war if I didn't get it. There's an edited had a flawless if it's not a few things can't Goddard and the defender off the screen goes right. Those words from the penalized just about the best offensive rebounds background. Lots of three's opens they got front. Besides us please and one of the top 333. Points. It's not enough that his obesity 33 points as the next week for accidentally. Opening possession as its its treatment of forests left we have that front Reynolds started the Irish are feeling that formation on the flip flopped it could have been strong Frazier pull off off the benefit. Events who feel more. There can't get across the timeline office revival arrested two run double team down in the fetal Larry outside Philly. Takes it down the line jumps opt out of the rightwing degrees heat drives it's responsible definite threat ground. Flew. Over to tell if it's not thrive in this the life after Boris reverse layup blocked and recovered by two and it. Was it hard up the floor is Frazier bulls at that depth with liquid on it and not run. It was Reynolds into the line bulletin footer just off the left side of the events you'll want to illicitly frost. On the right sideline shots is enough. Three nothing flat slices it's not free throws left off this Internet stuff. Philly right next to. He starts right cut off and those immensely different if not it's definitely the feel of the fifty foot air ball. Rebounds next round under the basket guys to go up who is also traveling up you know heeded. His stuff they just collapsed on underneath. He spent a lot of time about going up with the basketball. Soccer is already history on offensive rebounds that they have only made one of five shots. And Atlanta offices. Let's stop thinking it might statements speak 53 point eight insists that the last looking for. And I definitely it was like for the clients that and it's not against Cincinnati policies. On kimbo that the senate floor swiftly performance this very different music definitely don't think that on the floor of the Johnson's left his client's advantage can't get a lot of money and vote was not himself cross the timeline gets the streets and Kelly goes right. He's on the right side pulls up and fires rims out looked pretty good just. He's not the experience Frazier forfeit that right and hard into the lane exit out Reynolds in the left corner rattles NS. Ready for camp Randall. Reynolds left and it's just under 36%. On here but only 1149. The last eight games 12 and a half percent you'd expect to three late 340 assisted them nature which state mostly is a very fine. Few teams that have been able to finance right baseline reasonable turnaround just a little hard but it footer in and out. Doctors still just one basket deep as the three pointer drive and hard on him. Runs our friends at him right or not vote if not the first round of the game on nudity violence that's something that he does the problem with the average about these files from Paula has filed out one contests in good position by frank can't get the man in front of him. Giving ground just a little bit and initiated contact not found 33 games. And it's it's actually gone. It can't end the threat for those rights. He is dribble and it's not that he drives left down the lines of that data added threat to reach them rather rightly feel Boris N dot LE drives an off screen he is drool right of the key. Ling up front for a long street drugs for a little short rebound Frazier Ford's life will that's that's pretty well my. Not a lot when does. Not raise your driving is going to be called for the very united in that period bombings or theory is that called. Orchestra nothing you know Willis getting ready to chickens in Wichita State. Brown goes out. Did. We'll go out so you think it's the offensive fire power in your movements for blog offensively. It's not the fault the ground is that the full knowledge that. Mark once he gets them that ignited here too late once retreat from the field with three turnovers which testing only want it. From the field that the topless let ways that nothing. Markets with the pilot for us was flooded out that it goes he's found nothing left sideline Willis. With that yet it can't on the left wing that was left on the ovals that's that's not threatening to one on one against its own it and if not for a seventh issue please look at them make the flying on Frasier. And I have to force it down the line little underhanded. I'm had it right handed flip from the left side of the as well flies out this way and it's got holes. And I have. At. 53 with us NATO and of the stuff off the Wall Street with some left wing to point third poorest you can Franken pulls up for three idiots at. Hornish shooting 32%. From three RD year. Of one of the Latin three adolescents. And it deflected out of bounds office Rangers try to steal movies but he city 47 point eight. The last five bogeys eleven of 23 species found tomorrow. Not out on the floor 1535. To go in the first half its two lane six Wichita state farm. Every day. Kansas workers put compassion into action. By empowering people to live meaningful and productive lives providing lifesaving medical services and assisting with disaster relief efforts Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers the widest healthcare access back with a proven support. While there are improving lives saving lives and restoring the mine's Blue Cross and Blue Shield of chances commitment. Compassion. Community. Shocker fans prepare to be shocked tall grass country club our local favorite golf course in 1981 has something new to show you the new local owners have already started adding new we should fairways to the golf course and plans to start on a new 24 hour fitness center memberships start as low 3999 per month. 124 hour fitness center free golf on Monday in black says plus mention adding to your first month free I know is shocking tall grass is all of the perfect spot for your next private event from fundraisers to wedding there expert staff is ready to drink dictation played with a shoppers play and join the new tall grass country club today. Hey welcome to big not looking for a new LG LED and a real wood TV and I am this hour that. There in the hands of over there by the end real wouldn't trip me here what does that mean well that I like leg and is planned. You've got to have. Had he not only held high quality TV brand like elegy but we lap one of the largest selection real good entertainment furniture in the city. After TV we've got our room in which top notch our brain. Shocker sport has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent friend woody John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca shown or Stephanie Thomas. He shot the basketball is on 103 point seven. Let's just want to turn over to three and spring offensive rebounds and not efforts you led the the attackers aren't making any of those extra chances there in the ninth of the field. Two lengths in for Ford putting some effort to freeze doctors don't want definitely. Front street. Guess the one good thing out of that game only three of nine shots from beyond the arc if not they're Russian offensive Fraser tried to throw the inside a little bit they just can't get anything. The fall now late they have been able to Mike and I think they'll want popular just much. To continue to see this case especially against a team its length it's not a particularly good defense team. It will be Wichita State's ball coming out of time now only been one final whistle on either team so far also. Day. Doctor lineup and it's nothing Willis forestry. And things yeah. Elaine. I think Hornish racer. Reynolds and on both they've gone all the way so far with their starting five he played four minutes forty fives that. I would think. Well I would sides down guys there stolen 65. Hasn't played a lot of minutes that's far this season certificates. It's. Right wing Austin is what I'm loath to link of that zone cannibal 1031 look if we flat plot fours had a tough task to handle that it's secure it's got to Willis effective way to make definite will reverse layup vested. It was kind of falling away as he came under the basket and left it a little off the opposite side. Thwarted out of left link to Reynolds went out front on Campbell rightly so. Frazier hit safely on the right feet that got that penalty on three I can't rattled shored up the left side regatta of grief. Obviously it out clearly 65. Please goes left wing that nothing. When the bullets with a walk back out front horses get a ticket very. This. Three baskets. Three days to act now one of three from one of the most dependable three points to slide out of his last two games he's played eight defeat. Active. Marty posted up on greens it's the line and throws and Angela for a Frazier three clubs off the back and didn't rebound well as coincidences greens aren't that thrust on line invites you. Leave them with lots of forest double team him there have found wrapped this thing down its massive fly factories. Now it's gonna go. Spurs teams that. It was not once not at him. An anchor on the other not a friend to him that. There's so much news Jones into the lineup the first time in three games of the plane needed from the baseline. Your first in on the right side Willis fifty footer off the bat rebounds the rebels face an ethnic problem in itself. The floor last night on and blow them up front off the street stumbles fumbles lost it. Left him. In front of them only to see. That's the fourteen minute mark the gophers and let's that you can download. The free throw line with the news that's not enough not as you know. Kind of surprised that he thinks that then yes they itself in different toward me you know it's it's not Willis hi low lob over the top of Boris back at Lowe's card and asking it but it's definitely at this recent development Frazier for a few lines doctors missed a lot of open shots early years very. The line forces like him alliance as a writer of this rebound which I stay. Mad about it stuff there's degrees in Boston along the left sideline across the time line of the sort. Now topped the fourth time load of Willis goes to the basket gets them your turnaround yeah. It's an offense that seems to their defense nobody moves always favors his left hand Mike obviously the US moves to open itself up side down the line goes on above residents on the move would go read. That a valid reason. Now on armed register that fell in Austin will be its first in the soccer's first and all packed news. That is their own basket trustees institutions of the evening for two minus freshman in the Daniels to excellence spore from Portland. At some years say it's six minutes and forty Richards off or rob. Cypress Texas he was actually born in Bosnia. Transfer from Vanderbilt. Outlast. The inflated over on the right side it and if it's the way it gets it's that's not the man. It's about a twelve footer right size for his first thirteen points in the last word. Candidate with a statement Duffy right away right block Willis surgery in the game now of course crosscourt pass that left water reef that formally announced that the streets mr. cool ballistic descent alignment mean nothing to write downs at length gets. The line. I'd like driving left hander Bobby definite chance for a three point I thought it Cincinnati the first half definitely that's that's that's the most played all season. He's gonna have to play well with a state with its all about Landry and it. And each noted the last few possessions that he's he's thing to think things didn't play well. Cameron Reynolds but now his first sheen's third one free throw for nothing walk it off of that rebound deflected Willis gets stepped through those not got it at four traveled throughout. And I think that was the wrong. McAfee missed a free throws actors get an offensive rebounds but Willis that convert because he traveled to claw those back into my. Accidentally hit it to one of the officials Chris Weaver about something after all that the feelings while it's real shocker slope. He looks like yeah we'll probably sidelined him. But stranger backwards full court pressure by the centers for your delicate time line you cross the line yeah that's right not with the line of sciences now. From behind but nothing Marcus was trying to get rotated over as the soccer sentiment that the ball but he was that's definitely. Think that whispers now. Now it is. He was on the Vanderbilt team that Wichita State played a couple of years ago it the first four date that did not get into that if they had a bunch of guys that. Ortiz who played him. Rashard finally checked him before he does that displaces you know Willis it's not that the merger Willis and nurtured telling. I'm pleased to announce that fraction. Of that history and it's not over Chrysler were actually trapped. Caught it took a little stutter steps and then decided to put it on the horses to mine with a turnover that is there fourth. To us. That fit well with the the benefit here. It's part that earth nice time line up that left those rights the right way in Texas today. Yeah. It's very first soccer Friday at least fifteen. Foot boat left wing mortgage. Backed up on him over surveillance while precedence for black artist not. These two for you from the left wing vote has been fairly long shots they're four baskets have been through they got it through 1511 flights now it's not like these things well for its last five quality. It's a lot of confidence. That those rights rights lawyer reads hostage at that surprised me that's off the screen by nurture that go arteries Strachan. He told Jones and step drives it down the line try to put up with that shot got blocked that if all the way to kind of block rights activists faced excellent doubles definitely it's definitely got high what you. Called my kids think it's nice stuff with anybody know. I McEnroe saying it was. Why don't hold the basket and led in his first shot usually 73. That fortunately it's tough violent partners and it re right side. But the McAfee static through not that often means jobs left wing Kelley. Yards out of my fortune to the basket recent flight to steal it and gets a lot of putts for assets are telling numbers. This is Fraser was client acted as an old sister network. In light headed out timeouts in the lion's. As of affinity. At 1052 to go in the first half of the factors that 1950. Undermine it's about 40%. Today after he shot his twin jets locker room east or west side. That these gophers have to SPF thirty it's granted to it full time now this is not yet he. Under twelve timeout that will keep that view some that the next dead ball. Wichita State now in a nineteen. To 42%. That it made six of their last ten shots. I think ours we have six you know make it through lastly. The life is at 40%. By the flow and it makes 5035. Baskets at this point for us. Wichita State is not the best three point defense is seen as a matter of fact they kind of nice that the conference at three point defense. I'm really happy for any stones thus far they needed tonight. He's been averaging less than one point gain in six of his last seven fought games tests that has been shooting the ball very well either. And at the thoughts of two things number one it's a function of minutes. And coast Marshall who sort dispensed just a little bit and understand what's getting an awful lot of minutes. Ends possibly is getting a lot of and it's also but the second thing is when you don't play a lot they'll get a lot of shots up and what you against the rip them. What you're getting a few more minutes he can relax you when you don't have shown on at least two occasions. That is capable of filling it up it's a nice and it's under his belt he's got fight. It's worth as far as this effort this evening. It certainly Wichita State's bench is shorter tonight just because of the absence of landry's ship it which routes not a friend can't do the starting lineup takes a double figure scorer. Or off the bench reflect events says outscored the place so far dying before. And it's three of the four flyers who have come off the bench outscored already been killed five McDuff the Willis. We have to have peace. And you know loose the Landry sentences because he's ill tonight. When you lose a player like that. He settles the seat down he gives the team confidence Leahy. They know he's going to make the right decision he's going to be composed only come down court. What they need a vast Atlantic Canada's oftentimes the guys. Take the shot get the fast itself somebody's gonna have to step up and I don't think it's just want somebody enough where players are gonna have this exceed their normal expectations. Wichita State to win this game is there are expected to do it. This trend continues tonight it's going to be tough for July at Wichita State so far has seven more field bullish. One more. When I was they have four more offensive rebounds and two fewer turnovers than us. Six possessions right there at the attackers have the advantage of that continues through the course of the night. It's tough for anybody to keep but you really have to shoot a lot higher percentage if you. Let's. In the last four and a half minutes with us status may sixth out of there then shots. In the first five minutes a night shots started to settle in really well. Elaine ball full court pressure but it shoppers Reynolds gets it the court he started as a strategist him back he gives its opponent in both countries have friends camp ground means Jones nurture and finally mortgage right side of the floor just about the language that's not topped off the street cut off their boyfriend were. Worked his way through the streets of the Phillip Daniels left side. Daniels has the street is the top pick and roll the shades of August Linehan announced candidates because he was fouled with vikings Jones reaching yet. They doubtless not state really well sage. Is picking him rolling and he knows that Soviet double team on the card out there at the point and state missed him the last time they had a white opening this him. They got it the first time they got to this third time now is going to the free throw line free dance and opera. To connect 42 from the line he's 71%. James Johnson experts out teams that are today. It is free throws very experienced three points. Severe failure fit in double figures thirteen times in 26 games all off the bench he's had won your war three times with a high of 43. Against South Florida so he is it consistent threat to him and doubled the that is free throws nothing out of the fourth and makes. So it fits with four off the bench with states leave nets and I think seven. Very briefly at the largest. Is going back and forth between four and 6221. Full court zone for us now by excellent round excellent backward thinking skills across the line brings back in the or at Tulane states in the zone killing at the top of the art flipped it right when the next round. Snacks listed on the floor for one dribble hand off of Boris left side views Jones. Fred can't guy's face life. Bounces on the block Kelly got a strip rebound bounces ounces of Reynolds who drives a part of the floor all the way to the basket froze up front runner and fouled. Kind of the one on one end and quiet like Cameron Reynolds and it was kind of a bad forced shot but he threw the finality to free throws. Well Reynolds does a lot of things well one of those things through free throws wealth. But he's been an item below here lately. The last six walking that line twenty times a little while the 54 and a half cent. It's under 71 on the year gets on about three times a game that would bounces and almost hit it. Off the back iron whatever they hear about the level of the top of the backboard and came back down through the cylinder. Reynolds first free throw attempt he has four points that earlier three point basket. Six feet 245. Pound fits your seat. Only played nine games in his original freshman a sophomore season 2050. Was it the rest of the injury. Makes the second one he's got five its latest cup soccer league it is 1970. Or so ago. That programs that work against that two to one transfusion of Jones thinks passing it through president himself right it's not for the arts monthly rent it but for the block for a fact that program for those let friends can't not confident. About it right wing Willis right baseline three rounds of the right. Lot of Boris Finnegan variable throughout the left hand Vista if the lot but Willis to and recovered by French can't look at this video Lanka. If nothing that was called because there was nobody behind him on defense flamed out of that. Came through and it got past that defender hit the streets. It's the vote as we points not uncontested looks like the conference in that vault them. On his first three point attempts to that he not his dad Daniels left of the art them left slots it's worth it against Boris and up around their kids about anyway business. Golf's just from behind the Reynolds frozen flu fallout this standard of rebound wolf I think this type of all the elicited so let's not tough defensively their faith plays its own. And now theft and advanced what's enhancements to get loose things just driving stepped out of it yet but this victory down the chain it. Three. Across the timeline Reynolds of the left wing. Nephews who have a lot for a change it's down hundreds who Daniels it was coincidence not didn't get it it just kind of bounce it on the end of the preeminent. The audience at four points exactly three point shot from the recently felt the middle. Jones left wing reference sample but very little long as rebound suits and suits my. Down on the floor Boris had saved just float down wrestler at each other at the other end mortgage backed him down Haynes Johnson turned around the lion air ball and employees kind of recoveries on this occidental. Morris and shape it both went to the floor that we want to lead on the baseline under the basket support of the other hand checks are. And kind of related to. Christie for the they're made it down at the other end of the floor to my wet floor on floor corners missed four shots it's not usual habit. We fled Poland with a point. 860 to go through stats but he did in 98 which does not afraid canceling it out. It's time lines start as a street leads the way thieves. Just came back yeah. But definitely is that he endlessly raised on the floor of the correspondent Delphi since it hit it Chris beaver whistled at. Sexes say it has hit a gap that's what I've been telling you fine him. Balance issues were seen war is now free throws on this as fast as opposed and I didn't devoted to go to a timeout eight and it's exactly. On the first half Wichita State flight suits claim ninety. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom with you my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what father worked out that because there's not one place that needs all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. Ozzie I think compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. They even have child care. This it up to life it's when he first and whether on line at top teeth Tyson's life dot com state farm agents get what's important. Even in a deafening crack. So much as they partly the result protect isn't ready it's not an exodus yeah. I know I'll let SEC's evening. It isn't enough although. Designed out of the common accident. You need to make if you. Find out like Phil right. How many did with kiss my because we match. You land you asked midwest Gil will match you're down payment opted 2000 dollars you a thousand dollars down we make it to. You put two down we made it to fall. There can really reduce your name. Like 116 a month on a few fortunate fourth 211 a month at a Kia Sportage after the match so why would Middle East he would make an offer that's generous. That's what you need for a and rescue. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carry law talent Acosta in valley energy and danger porn and overweight lawyer. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. Plus they've biggest lead. Then seven Elaine let briefly at 65. Right now it is funny the nineteenth 2008000. After making six of ten shots. Outlines dressed you know made just one of their last four they're back to kind of sloppy 339%. For a paid for three. It also sitting at love 33 of five and only six of sixty golf ball for thirty cent. Plus take plus three on the boards they have one less turnovers reasonable. Let's dusting planes I'm defensively tonight is what we expect honesty. But offensively it's not connect the active against the lot for Boris sketches of the last season there it got so. I got over well I product. And it spun around guys and it was not related answers snack that if we might basket earlier and it's his first point field goal chance for a three point play well. Actually Cameron right now. Second place with this team now. Is it fair to say that might. Occur when the real people it's gonna start bustling that are ethnic. Not it's not big lip but it Willis just when that energy getting ready back in Forrest Elliott is in war Willis in the street is good. Exactly six of the last British that was just the second thing it's not with stay there now one of your friend can't. Nothing greens and Kelly I would estimate. You Daniels just came back in fourth place finish this game back in Reynolds goes out to thousands it's now. Like 4000. To Jordan for these doubles he did that for a long hasn't courts in a phone that influence to actually. It did not finish on them floors fortieth. It's right. That's on the florist. In length in recent suckers that's what we find that night to forty shots Wall Street started to incidental. But left it Daniels and I dribbles right nothing going on right. Enough reasons for this one on one of the civil right those that left it lines off accidentally stepped up and why is it's way too much dribbling around that's not ever got anywhere. Raised in the middle Kelly if it's not slightly but nothing. On the blocks they're gone pops out the basement in it's not that that definitely. Is left wing belief in the office. Frank can't on the left wing that nurtures gifted freeway that was partially blocked definitely hit the left side of the net worth it and threw it. Am rod hasn't a beauty to behold the seventh. Fleet well the last bubble Frazier posted up right sent the line not very offensive line blocked my merits. Recovered by Frazier asked for. Celtic history. To open up the back to hardly event contested as Jiang has it's not just active and tied up. That's Gerry want everything they're gonna college up smaller foul on somebody we'll see. But it's not signal here it looks like it's going to be a falcons are gonna give it to land on the sidelines of the fat constantly. Crosses east of that will be his second. It's not his only good lesson for 5000. Athletic players to us that still lobbying efforts on Paula that the reason. The fouls. It's in the books he's gonna go out ads. Think it's Jones is the end. It partial. One of the officials to confirm. You can influence a fifth. Seriousness then it gets to be the ones you relay. Climbers all the great work that the advocates here and there were things that ones they welcome him on Obama. Starts left off the screen. In all fifty footer free throw circle mystery on the stuff players themselves not to wallop six incidents of threats from right enough killings within pilot doubles line right when we got a theory that's. I'm Marcus played so well with half against Cincinnati hopefully he gets breakfast while holding steady starts the rest of it yeah. Really the rest of the season his first race that's not yours definitely bite behind Nat going Daniel. Hi Sandra day. It is threat does not like what did I do. That he was backpedaling and if that call for his second thousands if not it's starting that I really with just three guards that have played much this year. With names Johnson doesn't put much lately getting more time because landry's Jimenez it'll. This is gone change Jonestown associated prizes went to get his first minutes tonight he kept him in the sixth when you go to the self. Kaiser's off. Look for Baltimore hasn't played much lately opens race deflated personally looking instantly announcement Daniels for running right wing and above that different to the left close enough mystery and it rattles in and out of settles back into that a foul. It counts the basket. All of now on pool accident over that if not a friend yet so. Out of three for Daniels who now has seven points off the bench. Sixteenth now on line and you'll understand that's his that's. Six. And later. Over the back. So it's one. Sector to be a bad thing camp was slightly better but there was nobody down the throats. Kaiser got instructed you run back down to the advancements. 23 zone look forward lines Kelly if that's not but I think that he brings the middle of the hand offering excellent left bounces left with the ties that link Morris finished. Those of us it got bush and we have talents and I thought we don't exactly. Snooze you lose your shop with both hands my golf but Frazier. Two lengths to leading scorers Frazier and Reynolds both net 2000 these you know that was the seventeenth well. This is the type of team that stat that really happens when science like he's just too big for them. So far he is to a five from the field one of his best get to 311. From the free throw and he shoots the first of two that makes. Fact I was seven. The first half good free throw shooter has been quite as good this year as he was a year ago 72 point 4% this year finished at 78. The last season at AT and half points a game. Six of his last seven games on us. Plus seven sacks with eight it's not here's why he. Thirty Detroit news 60 for the gophers. I have full court pressure but it's not that old work. Easily with their maintenance tool for bills. But there's the pressure in balance as it once they get it back a little bit dispensed at its wrath on the Lone Ranger doubles it finally gets it. Isn't it worth considering its active streak who worked on the list of the recovery but enough is enough references in the right side deals. And artistry Kaiser's amazement that goes back the other way. Is that accurate that sits for three off the back rebounds. And climate controlled by telling. This took a couple of times like mergers and finally got balls and some friends can't. Nothing's nicer back at that cutter thing yet my half minutes to go through that standard drives on the satellite little underhanded flip. Slight advance high just right thanks get to sixty itself acts of war. Five points of Clinton camp is that if they get soccer spikes in the first time right slots it and gets this out of that and sealed off. Back side. Ruled it was left fielder related incidents incidents. Referring dribbles left the faith that those monthly capacity drives all the what is that netbooks aren't. Think I would go about it sold by Stanford's Elaine. Or was it blows. Rank him with this month is dribbled. I've certainly done a lot of faith Kelly that's nice newsletter rounds. Posted its deal with it all looks off once it's. Kelly instances. Acceptance that it now. Four. Or five double figures orders were to Lincoln in three of them now have finals in the effort to. 450 to go in the half which just bought Gregg Marshall that's not the objective that might have been about that last Mike Tyson is that with with both hands right defensive. And if it could affect worked right tonight guys back to. Non. Offensive line zone and the deathly afraid it right to left and it's not like they'll look past them left lost. Kelly. Threatens that the basket. Is nothing to me. You won't snuff but seventy footer up the battle on these this guys. Is it that way. Their ability. Not at night definitely under Nancy yeah. Well president. Mike is Arafat studies the passage was the media markets was seven shots fired yeah. Some good finishes. It's. I have. Back following its offer good doesn't that's not quite ready on it and bullets through three. It points on seventeen footer. 3426. With dishonesty 340 to go through some fringe benefit delaying generics instances there could get the shot I have to McNulty reportedly out front French game. I don't know off the street for us is over got caught recovers. Those left wing hypocrite is definitely evolved almost stole it and then but nothing. Goes out of bounds harshest thought it was off Frazier. At Wichita State and wave headed to their pensions for the on your fourth time outs and sunny seventy golfers have Wichita State 342. Lanes. If it. One company on a mission to put a million people words each year. Sounds like the big never doesn't not to a employment professionals. Seeking a skilled labor position. Or administrators or. You're an executive looking for career than. We take pride in connecting the right people with the right company thanks for employment professionals is on a mission to put a million feet. Each year plus how can we open doors for you go to breast cruise dot com to find a location near you. Only you know like Kansas not a recent multi plane ticket I. 100 times the past few I mean are you talking to welcome the new super multiplayer taken in Kansas lottery X family of games you can play to score cash and multiply your winnings up to 200000. Dollars wow that's a big bundle of only sixty ticket. DT it's just so beautiful introducing the Kansas lottery super multiplier ticket is our newest restaurant and the biggest cheers louder dot com pretty tale. Yeah. Are here customers love hog wild delicious medium and here's hog wild Josh seemed to show you more are rims are lean meat under the practically melts in your math the average its specifications for the routes you back then there's our special blend of spices we season and went followed by smoking every day a real victory with the end result is our delicious fun while it. Visit one of our five locations in which it's awful when dirty Hudgens and helped her radio and Salina. Don't they week. WSU shocker. Basketball is on 103 points at and TE one yeah. Thirty scored 26 what did you just say it would be advised. As we get late in the first half of the twenty seconds ago. Shows on Monday nights they kept real out 98713. Thirty innocent us live from AJ sports Bill Elliott thirteenth. After which throughout this coming Monday since I was Gregg Marshall six to seven. At baseline cuts and I thought. Because it hurts it will be played their last regular season game that night at. Most so let's just shows what unites the ages of the Allen. And every game. Well chabot is out and of course that's for Wichita State and in the equalizers fouls the Hudson played. At some of their star players stadium event with 2000 its cause. Wichita State to be able to maintain what they feel that his commanding one to see who's three quarter court press double team on on kimbo but he thinks it dries up round the double team. Throws it down on the block. Out of step away jumper an air ball recovered my husband gets hit in the face. And sank that shot was ticketed. Night. That Jackson Johnson just didn't. Saw a. 23 tattoos that cares. What play ball when we all that's an easy start. Missed that jumper from the baseline and it's hang with the now on the rebound that's news at it. 11 on the ninth on the path on to blame it's not yours as a team we have four from the line. I was freaked. He's got a nice touches started the year six of six from the line and missed him the last time he shot in the against analysis of seven at nine now. On the season his average to point after thirteen previous games what looks like he has goggles would be except one. That. Doctors thought of six from the line they would 36 point six network on and off the mortgage. Cross court angles right. And off the top fives next round went out in the little Florida and influence rent campground pass almost all of my warrants a jagged at ground just deflect when a white recovered by Kaiser. A fourth different camps kind of left side of the floor he's miserable going with him for a street Louis and it rates little that's got topped the list. There'll. Grounds just right of the keys from the right side to Boris and not French finance daughters you know upfront ground for three little stores power and Boris to the floor and found it to be called on to client. Jack who just can't stitcher snow ticket that's vendors left Cincinnati gave excellent chin errant 2000 late. All that's going to be whispers he's on Tuesday that night. Also the 151000. Speak to free throws for Shaq. That is three of three from the line. Obviously to get 3626. And a couple of ten point leads have been they're bigots that they've extended here Terry one of making sure that she acts okay war. We continue with two free as Eliot nurtured getting ready to check yet still to 36 to go in the first. Right now brown Willis Boris Kaiser and had. I might not be okay enough to go inside. And out with the big boys that I just fun to go to the free throw line that. Couple Willis checks out. Kelly is in surgery would come in force field Boris. Read through good. Have not snack food handed. In the first half leads both teams that story is not usually by twelve for the first time tonight. Steal more now. 1067. Points he's 38 all time that would deter us today. And now need. It's. Nine board catch up with here it's that's month double figure points. What time sees. That. Lame resident. Different court Holland Slater's now it has to guard spots for the ways through periods for him tonight on it in votes aren't right them that lifted the people right wing Daniel floating jumper three. You have been. The freshman has been averaging over ten and a half points in the last night game just in the first half tonight what you look at the future that wolf read can't I download both suffered. Mostly it's not done he's got seven doctors if that makes while it's not that much knowledge and that. Slater left when the accident on the phone O 152 to go for stance on and vote drive left and it is liable to the basket traffic and it throws out the mortgage. That's definitely a fifty footer that stuff back rebounds. Outlets kinds CJ if that warrantless or Neitzel made all the way under Canada. This type of things that we. So that about that minutes ago. Drives to basket athletic gets up nice and high converts it with a right hand. Little bit of us who shot on its chance toothless one ally now on flight home his second four points now Forrest. The chance for a three point blank just made two free throws moment ago that unfortunately thirteen point lead their biggest night free throw. At Kaiser was. 5% of flights to three victory for alliance fortieth and 49 shots on it symbolic backward doubles that's it sports news later. It's fascinating ridiculously Baptist leader along the left sideline. And it is holding at least for the Wall Street gets it tonight and it's not. Yet his dribble left wing toward mortgage. Let basement throws it up walked into soccer's. Under the floor goes to Atlanta for apple I think. Point is what it got caught by his own team this time felt it was or have to come up with the loose ball all. Boris analysts that he had done becoming. Elliot brown also it's not resentment by fourteen but the candidates to go on the stand. It's depth has something mine. Players not just the players out. Players the ones that impressed by to my chapters. Approached cautiously in different you know. It's time line to the senate floor. Next little floor right side Kaiser. CJ that got my friend it turnovers becoming a factor to enhance its not its fourth 2009 excellent points for those guys you haven't all the way to the rapist who had a to quit or fight with a lot of revenue in the big guys. It was seven. You're the first half on MO left open for three of this sort as is that there's not consider a theory about it knocked it out of we'll listen Morris were both going. And a draft that often these yeah incidents than it was too late 42 seconds ago for his staff with its size things up by sixteen. CJ Kaiser and the confidence for 71 half points in time it is aids against South Florida. You. Hornish the latest court today. Let's night and one of those points out that the little plot fortunately it is that he invented and it's not it's not examine them and but trying to get by the stream merger with great golf with what it at night goes to and you left side of the floor. And I left. Double team on the left wing snows across brick walls later. Moments later 11 against anything that started in full back will you know him well alone street distant but it gets a lot of beautiful Zach brown so brown litigated three shots and it's not even been badly weight right. Well and he was like he was thirty feet from the basket that's too bad you don't see Zach make that bad choice too often. His first now the team's seventh SP three shots were really owner kimbo who is. But under 70% for the year 35 the 511. Lessens chance he'd be right at seventy instead 68. Points at 750. Lessons. That would student is that the point of the night. Doctors stretching their lead to a time for the half the sixteenth and get it back to. Fifteen with seventeen seconds to go in the half use them to succeed that often that's the next is that. And it's a man with a bounced up and down constantly he's coming back yeah. Jack Morrison you know Willis. Of course sixty point seven seconds left doctors once they're through suitable for Landry Shanda out. Tonight is there that's optics line rent him read. I was at the end forests of this is the third thing. Three. And well enough. My 144519. Seconds. And camp office read the top the light laughter. Morris over three. It was a little odd seconds yeah. Tips and died again. And what's it's nice save lives by 68 and a half and I think it is the big. And a lot reflect those locker room with twelve at which it's constantly sit at half time floor and 731. Opportunities. Stay fit for the at the American affluence. But you're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. Because the top of your game this season with Johnston and 21 NK 96. 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Security investment advisory services offered for each point financial in PF member Fenner SI TE SP separately owned and Kennedy's indoor marking names products or is reference here are independent of us via restaurants he's 2103 north collectively in Wichita Kansas and there's a golfer wants to expire 20101 on 1 morning dash planning dot com. Yeah. Marches Garden Show in Kansas featuring exhibits and seminars for all things outdoor living and landscaping. Patio room hot tubs and pools outdoor kitchens a lot of equipment greenhouse it's Liz keepers and beautiful display gardens and the shopping the outdoor living and landscape chill will open Friday march 2 and runs through Sunday march 4 at. Century two convention center. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato presuppose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett for an Hayes built for a pummel. USC shocker basketball he's. 03 point seven KE YE. Path and it and I shot it was doctors eventually yes they get off to a slow start making their first nine shots in the first net. Fifteen of their last 26 almost 60% strong that it in half they lead by 68 and this is credit union of America. Halftime show. Competitively priced services for checking accounts to home loans and everything in between credit union of America proud sponsors definitely. That Mark McNulty had a very very good first half. You know you've been impressed me as much as anybody though with Kaiser and Kaiser took the ball to the fast that he was quick guards out of perimeter he was athletic that they ban d.s. At a very very good first half that was important for him to have a good first half. Because you have. Yeah Boston leads the vets with the thousand that we can't get sick so and it sounds and they don't exist as files and something had happened. I think it was quite impressive I thought. Wichita State with a little disoriented than me to start walking to the field I think it was muschamp was out. But not in rudderless without land examined what they did was they settled in Ellison different roles. Failed to control field that what they do best and as a result what stuff State's been able to pull to the sixteen point lead. Which state. After a slow start in the death and almost 49%. They shot the three pretty well throughout the half they didn't take an awful lot currently it only eleven that they're 35 shots in the first half were from beyond the arc but they may but those. Eight of nine. From the free throw line I mentioned the turnovers kind of lately half full or 28 were to blame for the soccer's outscored Atlanta eleven to two on points off turnovers. Well the for a second chance points. But he just six points in the paint and had a five point edge bad points even though you take conference cap off the bench tonight with him the starting lineup. While it what you had also might its Wichita State finally caught fire he says seven to 35 from the field with 49%. From the field. And that should happen against this league ball club especially against terrorism events too late is the second worst field goal. Defensive teams in the entire conference at seats. Really well against an elastic ball games links opponents have hit 55 point 6% of their field goals and six of their last seven. Links opponents are shooting 50% from the field Wichita State is the fact he can take advantage of that and they happen in the first half. At velvet Frazier came into the game averaging around sixteen points per game yet six rebounds in sixty minutes of the first half but not a single point oh for four. From the field sat around with principal duty on him by the gods did as well markets but Duffy was on him for a while but. Whoever's backgrounds on usually tends to have a tough night is they really do now. Racers that played sixteen minutes that we did pick up that second foul it's a pretty deep in the ballgame in Wichita State. Only have one player that played as many as sixty minutes Annapolis conference camp once again because. That extent it is out of the ballgame but Wichita State took advantage of the foul problems. That too late was in and as a result they were able to penetrate probes the little bit if he open shot inside. It once they got the ball inside we're able to convert it. Anti. Those starters Reshard Kelly and Zach brown did not score. Factories had seven players score six scored five global. More than five players scored at least seven points of the firm stance that nice balance for the doctors and is that enough lead at halftime by sixty. Well and didn't work field goal attempts because they created the turnovers and had offensive rebounds and outrebounded. Two lane vice war but also might you've got four players that lead the team with three field goals each and it's. Where players have. Field goals each we always talk about with its us its balance. They don't have a lot of assists only seven assists and seven baskets but nevertheless they have great balance wants against the. Which does state leads it at half that 4730. Love then we'll take a look inside the numbers will be continuous credit union of America halftime show. Thanks Matt I'm standing in the neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside can make homebuyers to me this phenomenon is pretty union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application defense decisions in closing see ways home loans come with low monthly payments and no BMI. It's just incredible. 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Everyone needs to trusted advisor doors. Two in the first half held to just 35 point 7% shooting 228 ticket make five can't. Three things they were only five of eighteen less than 30%. Inside the arc. It also made six of seven free throws. Which just beat seventeen of 35 over almost 49%. Five of eleven from three for 45 and a half and eight of nine. From the free throw line factors plus four on the glass when he went seventeen to six offensively down. Four turnovers to eight. It's not present seven assists. August 17 field goals to win six assists on ten basket. Leading to link Calif Daniels freshman off the bench for four or four shots Bluetooth and 310 points one assist. No turnovers six points he scores surveyors say it's off the bench. And six also for starter for the quality shots early threes. Five points for Cameron Reynolds but he is one of four from the field four points parade on tembo. And nothing in the first half of all with Frazier you have six assists. And there's six prevent stories to assist the F 2000 Reynolds picked up to pull a Chang hats and towels. And so did boast of here's Fitch and flake falls Wichita State. Twelve points for Shaquille wars three of six from the field including one of 135. Of five from the free throw line of the edit or rebounds. Seven points apiece for Austin Reeves otter friend can't see Jerry Kaiser and Marcus Vick Duffy. Five points course of my three games Jones Rada perjury charge Phillies background. All's well it's the first evidence is more assists four rebounds. Willis also had 40 at some point someone appreciated. Two assists for Rashard Kelly that was seen as if you missed it. Joined us late lavish him but tonight due to illness. Soccer sports properties of which tested a thought it would like to thank the shocker ambassadors which are states from the level of corporate partners. Process launched delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications. If your interest in becoming a sponsor with our state athletics while soccer sports properties at 31678. 7552. This is the credit union of America halftime show we'll check the scoreboard it's sort of the second half we come back. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A GUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time. And losing your life a little life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay if you binge drinking. Find a sober right now. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. But you're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. 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Security investment of as a reserve has offered to stage we financial in PF member Fenner as I TE SPF separately owned and energies and or marketing names products services reference here are independent of us via faster as the east when he went over north collectively in Wichita Kansas and there's a golfer wants a 620101. Or online at money dot planning dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would need John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder ray don't Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point Kevin JE one yeah. Yeah. It was first half time show Mike Kennedy gave them all at our money really hear both Arenas and him in the studio are months that track to score scorers with three minutes ago. Yeah Greenville, North Carolina it is SMU's leading TCU 7554. Advantage as have you with outfit that. So it was 75 points tonight. Then you are playing well. Oklahoma State leading number six Texas Tech 6252. On May fifth. They are still waters so that answered the Vienna since. That gave would help Wichita State with their earlier vote went over. On the state number seventeen Michigan through on a budget through lately and state team that's at state college number ten North Carolina up six on. They're here about seven minutes to play at this number fifteen Clemson really Virginia Tech 5243. About six and a half ago. That's said there. Blacksburg. And number one Virginia it was only up want to have that happen over Georgia Tech they've expanded the actually ten point lead for those who. To go ahead and it. It is home court tonight coming up later to follow them. Three Villanova alum Matt welcome their team. I offered up after the 8 o'clock start in the embarrassment it's Central Florida and I hope that. CF eight and six doctors complain that this belief of course was up next week in Orlando and Tulsa alone in fourth what was at the moment it and I. Nine and five that gave ahead. Very very impressive on both. And I thought cloth and it. I thought that they thought the ball very well here as they would make me happy to see that something was placed confidence. Finance news conference that's headed right for you really tough teams and if you've got about three. Good sales ahead of that now. Remember at the shot there's going to witness gave did get a discount on all soccer merchandise to borrow. Access laughter. East or west listening after the game through here the amount the discount. And yet the hunger every day if doctors play it 50% month on line ordered and Wichita area Papa John's blog on the phone but John does. Is it from a coach doctor fifty. Receive yours doctor just yet. It's a statewide ethicists and doctors to start the second Nancy. Or supply chains. 2000 beautiful Christmas third I don't play out of print can't points. Safety at the back court and its ground Cali and Boris paparazzi at length about the golfer's. Some of the camp Reynolds right on that involve school I can't support for race and opened Frazier would it anyway. Well end. Licensees have found the Formula One out of that right against self defense. That's at atlases have been. Greg marshals as they see it then it's gone and it might start. Second half. Elaine ball to start to have Wichita State by 604731. On it and ball on the right when it counted if anything went off and not your pupils all the way to the baseline Acapulco authorities not right Reynolds left side health inflation inflation that's a fact or frozen up and it's not quite Morris brown tried to save it and could get a hold of that statement. Some blame a Lebanon it's not not to feel Boris second all time blocked shots that was to testing if it's his 43 watch this it's not end up with tax blocks. Athletica forties that's nice but yeah seventh to fifteenth but admits. Where'd it and it kept Willits 3418. Coming into its cable for the first half of that 5050. Apple's. Asked lots more jump hook that's a little bit. But it bounces it exactly. See everybody tonight on the right way. You know owning about outline it actually gets they have but it bounced up almost all of this stuff. I thought Kaiser got his hand on top but I thought it was called now but it is they'd jump ball position or is it with us about that but. Soccer is by its team with all these matches their biggest lead they had a couple of those late in the half including a sixty. Dominated. At this. Side. And it's doing a variety of defense as an independent movement conference definitely still a little bit we never got guys Elliott for a round just left center at night because it's the fourth definitely spinning those baseline. And spun right in the Reynolds over health and stripped it. Reynolds' drive to work with with slows. I was thrust toward left wing morning at the top it and makes Wright has left it's almost stole my brown. Hussein telling Rashard go to the Bank of Boston did. That and of course it's. Great play by the about it Kelly lost another drive at the other end and Frazier gets a layup in transition from today. His first point to that yeah. While applying I applied for an talent is not in the right to quality of this great loss and frankly I left. Close baseline jumper a little hard rebound at yanks were to line. Goddard dribble through traffic went to the baseline nobody publicly so it's definitely not about a fifty words you know him well I'm definitely all. Lot to the block and Reynolds and there it gets its notebook. He had seven balance Atlanta's definitely fits well it isn't. Seventeenth 48 Africa soccer basketball conferences with the front four it would. Start with those left the ground. Trees with just two points of Florence and could afford for him bounces left slot for a squeals and it goes to his left hand thanks in office. Believe that it developed Atlanta can't find it looks so good now for a coordinated the season. He has six shot lead 15130 cents on the right side of orphans that they left wing Frasier. Will start gets back. On an exchange on and trying to at the line and ground guys felt him reach it and almost Dolan that he put his arm his wealth now on. Second first team about half what it does me no free throws England bounced right there management rights Nightline. 1715. In the second half with our state a fourteen definitely my sixteen if they had an emblem for its commitment required yet. Really got his legs hit that shot it well that's the third three of the night for report instances only three baskets but it's not that he is less. It's one or more confident enough to get it. With little ones at hand off as it did tonight that's not in the World War I left when the ground the only thoughts that threat to get a little right it's worth right now we'll hand off its ranking up with that it's not his round by the how to defeat. But it's not loved it's not hard pass to handle the worst covers it. Three to suit snacks little bit surprise there were fleeing no beverages out and Kelly Phillips the rebound could be called over the event. Pretty good drive by Kaiser with no time on the shot clock long three from the front of the soccer fans on it and now. Tonight we'll get a faculty trailing by eleven at Kaiser comes out Austin reads in hand with us they look at a little bit out of sorts especially offensively. Since. Yeah. If you want to. Thwarted. Not by eleven Frasier. On and vote on the scene definite Frazier right away trying to get in the link those lines throws and nothing gets thicker rule but no different than he's got. For all of the second Baptist nine point game 5140. Snooze. Whistle away from the fallen afoul of the awful apparently is Morrison's for an elusive with those. Arm bar called. Sure who it was on its first teams don't have fun tonight. Is there. And seeing it. Check here. Viewership to places that ankle excellent. Centers deploy it and so far in the second half they have been outscored eleven. Floor. Used to play from the baseline but he inside the line then frozen in the backwards and can't pick seductive almost intercepted by Hornish underground now on the line although I'm not that it doubles while her. Look out Kelly on the follow us now. Start calico audited and Eric is. Kept it on its way to the basket it was found on the arms of shoot to. Now is on Cameron Reynolds three on him. Kelly and that's not that's rebounds in the conference Mike and the country yet four rebounds. Each in the last two ball games. Actually forward to the last night the rebounds he. Cities throughout that's our experts on it tonight. That is tonight at ten from the free throw line and it's like to see that last. Five. Lines it's. Art this time that's not that's rebound Reynolds for two lines in Wichita State leads by CNET. Forty to sixty minutes to go on both ends of the floor standing drivel and he traveled since. Call it let's get back on him back since it's not destitute and efficient low rent of the a lot of traffic was tied up they're gonna call that it. A actually traveled to Texas doctors went down. This net so let's just say we'll get it back. Under sixteen time out here filtering at 1550 remaining Wichita State fifty suits claim that 42. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament since 22 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game but united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UAE dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plants. When you need a window treatments let me shades and shutters or blind sketch covered Wichita is your one stop shot and that's veteran feels just the right products for your space and budget are offering quality products from top manufacturers. Industry cup candidates take advantage of gas at hundreds free top down bottom up rushing going on right now and the end of February some restrictions apply Indiana college 316. Excellent Q 7000 for a no obligation compensation or go to got you covered it would stop backhand mention shelters and receive an additional 10% off on any ordered. Eleven states thirteen institutions. Some of the nation's largest markets. There is power in our side. Over 360000. Student two point six million alumni. Their influences how. And 21 championship caliber sports we compete with. Make up Bob powers six. Known across the country. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a Karzai in valley center endangered or an Andover was a lawyer. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE one yeah. Tonight starting the second half red hot at this. Under 36%. In the first they have made five of their first six shots. In the second half including their own truth with the justice for five from the field hopefully one for. 31 of two from the line they've been out scored eleven defiant after. My sixteen years ahead. Now let us soccer's top flight standards with the ball coming out of the first media time out of the path at which dusty has been outrebounded in the second half also. Wichita State had a slight rebound this morning. Half time now they've had only one rebound in the second half an hour out rebounded. In late twenties the 21. Steve this is turnovers and a path as well they did followed the all there wasn't terrified Teri Weinberg pointed the other way forward with its not state vested jump off possessions into line fourteen on the shot clock. Velvet Frazier who played at the baseline. You're want to remind you can't run the baseline. And pray for the kids receive thanks still looking slightly edited Reynolds in the right quarter what's the phone. Call on our economies. I did and it's. I think this does little to detect slap on the wrist and that's reefs that are now. Start at seven point spending a lot of its time in this and because of golf balls. And CJ Kaiser right that's yes. Rangers played it again baseline 50s40. Looking incidents Reynolds right lengthened. It Nance mentioned it. Don't know. That's all of deference to vote. Goes right off the street fires that jumper and yet that this race read. Him well first witnesses that seven points. Soccer leagues the seven. Words. The ground thought about it at intervals of three throws it down a bit. Wasn't flock of what was stated. Those sorts out. Five. Floors with scenes what it's not the other and and Fraser that you if you want. Trusted adults need not apply. It off the it's hard right to left little balls back national fifteenth issue. Slowly dribbled toward the left him that right at some problems with it definitely. A blow right well actually a couple of Boris got the jump look just rob I'd say. It's one way to hear that. Points eyes and ears saying it. State's lead back to set the right side of the floor. At three point arc with the voters. It's not. Worth. It right it's. Let's night for a month laughs fourth rain can't under the basket spins there. It's back up front or that's right guys I've seen guys pull up jumper off the match ban not lose my round but Kelly couldn't get to that point. Four. They're on him if he would transition short prevent factors. For instance and if not think it was wide open look. That is different fluently myself ground. Right now. On the tonight out of them little finger bouncers alpha list. Rebound occasionally at a talented lines that are the only averaging 3.3. Points offensively. We did get. Now for hours on and on and vote in the second and on behalf don't shoot my. Both of thousands. It's excellent for the second in the conference. That must lose if the I've played him here to listen but nothing else is that month that it markets up at a very author's stance with let's nightly tonight it. Yeah and a friend and opinions night listening slider driven a twelve footer good there. The chances that app that is being defensive points that it factor that it's. We. Last five. That's not to place an. Lakers' 99 that they're. And you know left lots of those incidentally some of their encampment got a these wonderful great things. And both non. That sent it about guys. Willis you know different different. It's my first theater all the way. But if it's not rove has to fit it he's got. And at the other end rather hard on and vote we'll op bounces out rebound got him out of there there's a lot of ethically it's worth the slowdown in the world. Not nurtured. Kaiser left wing fringe. On it looked as I love that. Willis now he does off the Netherlands hero that man Dan double teamed up nothing will now line wait our eyes off. Atlanta it's I don't think he told. Nine point four markets picked up it's not effective look. Ridiculous and I got. Right and advertisers. Get a little old but beyond the first step balances. The fourth team now than path. While. Oh in the second half of the blames all the play and on the right sideline. On her friend can't consent some IG needs Jones is. At its planes. Like Paul is in in the states on. Changes in their races. Often did on him the right baseline view of Daniels fifth player flotilla. And those who would pay out on the right side of the floor comes off the screen just right there with Frazier who drives it. Pull up the bull named little finger old death. Look like it kind of flew out of his hand and thought he got fouled it when it gives the best and I got sick since. Players like to explain his Jones office bolstered its route a couple of defenders full update what are the lines are down nurture Friday for a got shoved out of bounds but it could be on shares units so that would be his third fit. Plots out binders at the option and read them. It's actually done late fall on his third fourth teams now on the screen plays that each team that's worth now. It is Thursday that it reflected in efforts to get the pundits on both sides it's frequently. Flying out front to Kaiser an inbounds pass that didn't Jones left when it's not it's sixty to fifty. On. The stones from the floor. Left wing of the death zone defense fly to my left Morgan Lewis. The high post Kaiser stepped through the alliance could get the shot out to make nothing gets spent years down the line over to Kaiser shot fakes a collection footer. Bounces off the factory to fall sports alliance. They get it quickly inspiration that is of course not it's not the arc couples it over to owning a boat down the block shapes. Good position at fouled it doesn't really good job that music is the oddity get position on the block sealing the defender. Now going to be on your list behind me. Throws after 312 time battle that third two to go second half. Wichita State 62 lane that he wants. The shelter in short window landlords to keep up with their renters even if they're related. And added we just dropped I picked up your rent. I'm running a little north not everything works smoothly as children truckers policy that helps cover of him to fire theft and more wouldn't. Just moved back and smelled them you mean dancing in men king. Shelter insurance brokerage nuclear shelter. Or renters insurance he Katie Hanley or Jesse minutia in Wichita or Lindsay geared up for derby and this is what it sounds like when real people find out -- and only branch early JD power dependability awards for cars trucks and you've beaten two years and wrote I am so fast and that's great but and here's an arrow set these Stephanopoulos if you are getting behind the wheel and treat yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability. A year content Chevy dealer today for example thirteen and fourteen beautiful when some kind of walk our large dealers and you can pick up and I went up from sixteen most notable narcotic that you people are treated better than we can't project a reward for his visit JD power back on. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental can't okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a mile per. For me with no money he is got command and I can't believe that contract. For it now with Cuba committed I can't believe this can grant. Healthy smile as a powerful thing to do or delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. US shocker basketball is. He's on 103 points in 81 yeah. Just days while that lets you share that tonight's. These skills building a sixteen point half time they've been getting apply it to late in the second half the replay is still upset him for about forty if their team down times over. Shot. If I stay. 49%. The first half 462. 48 game late was up 36%. Up. Kind of well 75%. Before the second and you just have to defend my Wichita State's bread and butter in the past been defensive. If they aren't quite as good defensive team it's not bad but not quite there aren't you need to buckle down such severe shades of the the free throw line for tickets for what it's good he is three for three from the line has nine points he makes this so that will be the fourteenth time this year is scored in double figures off the bench. Has not started a game that averages ten and a half game. When his stuff and now she's. He's didn't appreciate it Shaquille Boris. And out for a while backing him out of there it's definitely Boris Willis James Jones picked up the an Austin read that in the street sacks. Loss and it won't. Recapture. Its fastest. It stops. It's love them precedent for the soccer's growth means you know. Reckless if not Beckett doing 23 zone under the the threats right baseline Boris was not hide nothing shot fake buildings you know left. If we re left slot well that events if things turn around and slaughter weights or prevent open Frazier for life goes fallen away a little bit barely got that the right wing. I've been hit hardest Daniels pulls up dusted off of that forest might prevent Daniels able to clear at levels that. The wings center wrestle that away from Shaquille forestry who went out right now the center eleven minutes ago. Phrases. For the rights that's not saying it's not that that's the phrase into the wind holes left and went up against it. Don't Frazier was the eighth all of the second half its latest. The sky for. Yeah I thought it slightly. Not that it's not a mystery poker room that is now what rebounds and trying to say is enough of him. Nothing that would fluently law. Enhanced now has stands to salutes its. And I understand that together with the death just a rebound goes. It's that out of there drifted away from Daniel's players must agree to just eat it fast about us. These methods here of incidents that means you effectively through. Lewis and that's enough that's enough influence Apple's emphasis now on it hits town. Hall who has that kind of wanted him after the game that it blocked that went and got on your well it's easy to thwart. Fouls on what Paul who didn't start the game that's played somewhat limited minutes. 151000. Staff doctors at eight to get it back to ten years hero could convert a couple of times he has two points out of first half field goal. Darryl averages left for free points per game but at five the last twelve games thus far this evening. They're not much sports column that points one of four from the field free throws. For a big free throws down the stretch it went over Cincinnati on Sunday didn't have it. Game but it won't free throws and a big basket. Related network really exactly at Kaiser vaknin for what to test days that free throw looked like it tops the bats this. It just write the fact that there have been snow laden that the earth that was. It's not such an island is Darryl makes it Wichita State is shooting really well from. July 11 if there. He tied fifty cents. In the streets were really want to vote for advice of my team needs definitely stranger since. I was baseline and vehicle fell victim to. Marcus. Olympic let him finish out his lower body and on and vote but he's not a man that markets these are now six. Which today at nights infancy he stole the ball. Kind of backwards that's definitely. It's all law. Greater claim that it rightly did Daniel's aunt passed didn't it going to go play and I think that's reflected recovered but journalists doctors were gonna have to turn over names John. Down the line all you have to get up and now on sale at faith. Good penetration by Haynes Johnson it right at severe failure 2000 of them will be three months. Anyway. Line. That's last left. Behind me. That he's taken it. Two of them. For the season so budgets 73%. 44 of 33. He's had a chance to leave it free through a few that rattles. This the third yes. Fourteen tries to factor tonight so much JP Jones with five points in the first half. On a three point basket three point field. 926. Remaining characters in a fight him. That's free throws is too hard but just above well let's try to keep it alive co author of the the fact spreading his hands like what he did people over the back that's his. Seventeenth after forgive me I don't want of one of the other hand Wichita State will be in the one and one on two lanes next out. Well. Otter friend can't back here. Okay goes out Reeves is gonna come back here for Kaiser. It's not just if nothing Willis Boris freeze and friends here. Shooting the free throws towards the line of the Cameron Reynolds it was two for two from the line has seven point. Reynolds 682. 25. That. Credit to the wanted to run. It's tough and skirts and get the bonus to those streets alliance might consider you the fun the last six or. Twelve. Free throws and it will up it don't make it seventy. As eight tonight putting to double figures in the first 26 games into the season forward to blame. If a lesson and stuff and yet flipped through it. The depth. So riddled with nine Vegas police backed down eight with just a 6567. Nights beaches of the obviously enough hits and phone as a spoke to quiet on a vote of confidence now Mike Dunleavy can't believe it on and vote. Like running at the other end of the floor of disbelief that will be the seventh and now. And I wanted to want feeling for us to these. Or re opponent in both his third. Austin reed hasn't been maligned much lately either no attempt to smooth the last three games he missed three of four here against them last week that he lives short and he's almost 90% free throw issue. Got to have those definitely rebound debris in the first quarter down by eight it's not this again. Close followed five Frazier. Daniels kept it alive on the opposite lesson is expected of golf related news yes ahead Paulson. Offensive it's got back at him not stand the Smiths knows if not has pulled the way it by Reynolds. That was that was that was good enough friends penalty 48 to go through three left elbow yeah. Now has twelve points lead goes to accident. It's not Reynolds driver regardless. If you rather strange that the little. Floor for its new wells up through today in and out rebound Willis puts accident has. Let's it's. Let me take us. He finished 32 time now stands for the full. Will break away that's what it's not state 72 claim that these at least on May play in order. Would that help ones in this what are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community. Providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the camp is health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because we believe that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy looking more at Kansas hello dot pouring. I was shocked. State farm agent get what's important especially on game day. CP three back out. Glaxo hopes to bring bring the red water bottles right here AMR rabbits with key change Chris I'm your state farm agent thank help protect the things that really mattered you. Good luck charm if they broke don't fix it. Okay. I think you're sitting in the cohesiveness. Well it. Yeah an agent or do you statement. You know like go right. If you're stuck in your low release listen if you're over your mild -- released upside down your world or just one out of your car or new site can help you today but not least between its new Nissan all more or wrote produced two men from that threaten you own a twentieth in new some awful or rover zero down phenomenon must pass through there now general manager for new stuff fell 1800 new news on who was born and some Wichita about cup with the food critic and former three point people can ignore the facts. Converted back to business from home this point in the distance from the five people. We'll Jason won't confuse the. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett for his bill for a pummel. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point Evan JE one yeah. It's his second. Three point field goal of the game of editor's note note not the French camp 150. Because they. If passed it would fire I want this six plays golf side acres three point field goals. 44%. Beyond the arc 48%. Overall. 246%. Overall fastest 61%. In the second half they made seven. Twelve threes Wichita State as the lead at all. I think. He died late 24 to go. And it's spent 60% or thereabouts most of the second half it's not days or laureate baskets and they go in with the crowd a little bit my statement. Consistently hitting six cents on. Feeling balls and some new ones don't press on with the plastic ring on it involves stolen that forced to Reynolds that audit of the process sideline right below the floor. Slow dribble. The right side back over to Frazier just a little birds right from the top fifty left leaning on him book. Repetitive pulling the thrust to Frazier rightly regarded by both had nothing. Of the Frazier four minutes he makes about its history that gets enough of them are afraid. That was an awful looking to anybody drove it. On and bow well old. And that line that margin that eight of his last four games. Since. Stuff at 3 o'clock that evening gets it at the littlest ones endlessly discussing. But this looks time cardinals. And 63 that they left it all. Nothing was twelve that is seconds Friday Wichita State taxes and eleven points and I. 36283. Days of the factors in those days of the civil. Definitely the experience. That the united timeline no rumblings Frazier got through it rattles those last night at the end of the quarter of boats rise to the traffic doubles and at one Reynolds for the jumper that statement every little to lose three point basket. These ducks. Twelfth. It's not state that ability pointed at him and off the Wall Street. Now let me from a tough it's different stolen by Frazier best test Larry's Frazier driving green flew reverse layup that's not my belt but Frazier. He's got this well. No points in the first half wolf with the game that's six to fifth of the lazy ass got its stance let's. Reeves left when I wanted to go to the block that Morris who is being held Bible as tank that will be his fourth now. 813 thousand field one of ones that Shaq has the injury time out comes at 643. Remaining in the second half. Shot in the eyes leading. I'm leading to play 7360. Cents. Ever wish you could call a timeout of those expensive ATM fees. I wealthy and wise when you banquet equity bank you can us. With your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC. If your mechanic told that your buffer character shot him read you needed new mechanic. And they've got great ones at all six Kansas land tire stores in the Wichita metro area. Kansas plant tires not only famous retired they're great when it comes to stuff like pushing your building system brake shocks well they just enough out just about any like repair work. 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Come back right away at the second half they didn't make him want to factors that I've got to accept the left and yeah. 7367. Doctors. Feel Boris going for the lines but I don't want the Wichita State playing tonight for the first time this season but that last week's candidate who is ill and watching it. Five for five from the line team high eighteen points and actually his game high eighteen points. These are big free throws shot is trying to break through my. Movement and as we have added the go ahead. Well in Wichita State missed the last three free throw attempts one of those three with front end one wants. At that point they were eleven of thirteen and eleven of 64. Bit but Boris that. From nineteen to. It's no wars. Dave mentioned that once he passed him it was his 22 double figure effort of the season if he makes this bill. My camera with 640. Points or better games that you guys. It's actually 377. The line really distasteful for pressure off of it before they've had a trap the water gets an escort to Daniels and other days numbered Daniels down the line. Tried to shovel it to show its hand what's that gonna get a twelfth final round upon round Boris did a good job of taking that additional drive lions though he tried to shovel it to shades and at ground reaching for the people on the their talents spectrum. Needs. Force of near Shea if she was perfect at the line tonight for a four to keep student this month. If you think tonight. A 100% shooter on the year like seven more like 71. Round telling one out in the offensive waved at him with. This and nothing. Your faith. Standpoint and you mentioned earlier this is the fourteenth time. 47 games in its words and more confident he's been that's well. And I don't. What is good. Is this team. Add one more recruiting class and especially if three years doesn't that statement if something isn't right and it drifted. Just think it's going to be a factor in next year's NCC they. These institutes one zone press inept slowly sort of like when it gets thrust timeline. At the moment. Floor. Of the night goes right to force them to link in different from Louis nix left right but. To guard him yet at night with them. Lord give it a flip. Nothing pulls up to seventeen off the hard way high rebound was done. I would like Frazier fluid upward only down by six sporting club wears off the ball screen to stage rolling into the line shovels and reverse layup is good cop can't liberals. This is now ranked fourth fight game penalty. That's one of if nothing else that phrase there. Points. Notice there's not enough licenses. We needed. Crazy behind the inexorable pull away at the line. It's difficult thing I don't know where that nothing defended well. All the operations and assists right out of foul it off or 7873. With a tenacity for a few sniffles left right it's not let's not think that it on the floor in the office that. Nightly reefs. That's the difference here on the left lots more things around since we're little short rebound Willis is worth like every night. Great position on the offensive glass like your own Willis Kampman I don't think it is worth now it's let me see now. This that they want him yeah. Clive twelfth to go to actors don't have. Sat round in thing can't goes out. And Kelly executive from Willis after he shoots if you think it's that the ball remains dead at the moment. As you hang in for a two planes and Reynolds goes out with warf now still 512 to go in the game. Carol Willis is two for two from the line has six points tonight. Threatening the offense to warrant re fascinated Schwartz who writes. When he found five with the ball when it's time last night both sides if you know quarters in the. This one off on three Verizon's slams into it. I'll have gone a little worse blocking because the world. I don't think this series race was back at Lincoln had his arms sent suicide. These older friends and I don't think they're gonna cost him his fourth personal. That's a bad off. Ninth team that a lot of what you just say this we wanted one for Hornish. 457. To go. Jordan Cornish 71 point 4% from the audience not shot free throw to knock against three. Three point field goals for nine points. Back ground out markets but nothing that he would. Kerry won for making sure everybody knows it's a one month before Houston. Sluggish this Friday. My point was. With the Tennessee please. Proposes to bargain and out against his voice was about to survive today. And Johnson. Despite pleas with time lines of its own rules. Since it's definitely them against Oakland thanks in the company's business and I think. Under those left to right rules definitely Jones went way it's nothing it's nothing less water and different stance to shoot. You know. 14 slots on one alone Daniels left water belly gets bringing me no good at it rebounded to life you know let's if you don't take them. It's not fun for its fast enough elements. Yes deceptive I friends can't just fix it attitude. They're by the man who started in the same sentence innocent Iraqis NASA events. Got ahead of themselves jumped out of the air to throw with that nobody really beyond that well let it doesn't. This is as out of you get up here there's not many good things that enhance life needs Jones comes out. Kaiser is in the Duffy will be allowed brownies and for fourteen to go with us they'd only applies 7873. Play with outlandish and it turned into a dog fight down the stretch after the soccer club by sixes at half time. That's the sidelines. Ruth Mandel and Daniel. It's mostly. I don't wanna see every client obviously there was a lot of separation between snacks and yeah. He wants to see and I didn't say the united with the body underneath him it was his hits and outside. Stan goes to the lines with him and found. Yeah the second. And most of the lines. And point three fruits yeah. The sad because of the biggest free throws it appears there is a lot of evidence of streets. Public funding of disk instead authorities as Clinton. Two lanes just. Under 70%. In the second half. Ruthlessness that's that. Don't events and secondly it's he's got eleven it's definitely reform. 7874. Minutes ago Kaiser regular guarded by more Kaiser's friends and if nothing blows. An office mean those lists with sunscreen and blind pullout from Santa. This is my sixth. And it's really mattered snow on the didn't quite get it to go others pointed questions that since the rules that senator Clinton's anticipated. And it's nothing on its hands and leg irons right. We appreciate if you lose your focus now on. Hornish is. How long you last night about 333 yards the second half. Kind of grand champ of the free throw line when we come back with a shocker is leading into the lane and 8217 floor. State farm agents get what's important you even that you've broken down on the road. If you are calling nobody is he's my state farm agent who take care of. Why you cobras help please leave a message girl and this is classic cars broke. Down. This is breathing at all. You know like go right hello shocker nation this Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again and for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases. Patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven this and to work for you whether big or small our service is the name. I promised. Welcome to big box hi I'm ready to get an LG fort ATV delivered week all right let it started of course to every extra. Close to plug up the TV hooked up that not part of the deliver the fuel surcharge plus offer us any start the net watch mine might everything. There are charged and he gave him. College got to have heart. Yes indeed we believe he'd be fine not treating and that's why we offer free delivery and only and we are everything we now L Ian if you eat watch happy. Shocker force is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Brad would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder raid a Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. USC shot. Good basketball is on 103 point seven GUYU. Right. For free at seven of nine think drugs are physically okay 48%. For a great the very they have made only five of ten free throws at one point they were eleven to thirteen has now played only two of their last six. Got a friend can't avoid this line drives at Philly six point lead. And with us that it is. Not dominated the boards anymore only apply at 130 to thirty plus. And rebounding column. Doctors they only had eight turnovers too slow pace. The first half they have not been able and the points after. For helpers in the second half thanks to spend played almost flawless basketball. On the offensive front and second half defensively which they found their way force. Itself not a French camp six of eleven from the field to a four from three for fourteen points and free throws to. Trotted out at 51 street fruits and dance of the night. One more coming you could make it an eight point lead. That went nuts and good not a friend. It's a slightly. This may 29. Plus went on and Bo and those schools Afghans want to have more of recovered quite curious incident. Jack stepped out of line and blocked about a ten footer that's. Absolutely as well recently. Left on its. It is the fourth through sixth. Real go for it right when. He's struggling with right now. I'd leave that to them before and you know for most of the different agencies. Not a split the defenders down the wind blow up that ain't gonna. It's flag has. Offensive play. Sinatra's night it. Fact of and I think Frazier look for. Reynolds it's great to get it out exactly beneficiary you know. And finally this line. Haven't had anything to blame for the second hand friends you have to cross the timeline on and vote counted rattles nerves that got its audience and advance to Kaiser. Down the length syllables the mores and south on the last night saying it's nice day sliced into eight Kaiser. But Boris licences. Now on stage is his fourth. Evidence of shots now for both teams and Boris was. Was in the active shooting anyway. Sacked seven for seven from the line that's forty points. 216 to good quality jointly. First went up way short. His first this from the free throw line background that it was. Big baskets down the stretch hasn't seen a lot of searchers get a check in for Boris after he shoot his free through truly feel like connect probably get little gassed and then there for a long time ago. I say good night from the lines let's. One more thing. Force field Morrissey. That's nasty spat with only one visible signs kind of scared of the evidence together and Frazier pulls up that gets off the glass he just rushed it and of course that little plazas just sixties. Well the second half topped out. It's not safe it is offices close variance and you know knock yourself. 578. Boris a friend can't forget. It back here. Undermines that we did coach show broadcast Atlanta I didn't say that. Every Monday night. The athletic. He tallied. Everybody Gregg Marshall six to seven. Baseball does not find this. So. Play us tonight pat Paulson. What are the thoughts behind it's just take it. Five classes. Played well they're they're now at age five. Minutes sixteen seconds left in the ball game they have to. I think the they'll find. Is he lives. I can't seem to surprise their park big updates. We feel more and Darryl Willis. Dustin. Do it needed 66 point 7% in the second half 51 of the I stated. 49 overall and kind of nineteenth. At the CJ Kaiser backwards into one's own restaurant can't exit crossed the line they sliced a double CNET that gets left wing of the stuff that's three and fearful it's nice. It's not the only hope at the top of if we definitely. Can't wealth. Second that it's not likely to Canada's grabbed penetrate this isn't an abortion personally at least now you guys held seats they added that perhaps it's not like this and it's still thought it would have but he pulled away from the hole. And it's nice fish that more to. And it now son Cameron Reynolds wolf I was. Game it's. A very good player had fourteen points tonight which used to do little below its average dividend fifteen point seven a game that is the fourth night that he has found out this season he exits with a minute 46 ago. This. Feel Boris speed of nine from the free throw line 41 points for influence not yet. Kind of hit and it matches his performance. Series including the night of tennis the most he's made the film won yes. As the Everett may well but it. And rattles out events in line. It's not we. It is 86 entity that quickly enough excitement that there at the baseline but that the writer of this state get the rebound though put this yet. Stepped up and you can't hide what was is it better around. That it that it does today that's. Yeah definitely it's nice. That it's not a threat that it goes long pants let's wondered if nothing tickets are eight. Opening up with the rebound remorse and that's what I would look at them and not just. The best zone stuff like that. Mac hit sacrifice. Bonus and bonus for us it's time. Sacrifice. If and it goes right side enough though that have blown up three points in the water Frazier for its very definite. Dolphins great journalism got a second half that's his first three point basket. He's got nineteen point fluids that it's great that he's ticketed on my team to heaven the second hand out. Spain taking its time now. 32 timeout with. With 51 seconds because doctors up boxes militant. Business and yeah. It's not that exists here at a ball. Probably about this some kind of this is a city that is before. This is analysis of the lives yeah there's no reason for us lately go ahead foul at this point myself expressed. It's not a slap built doubles he's out of long. These guys half court line but can't at which it's us it's gonna have to penetrate that deep yeah. It mavs. I have bloggers. Had to dig in double figures for the everything else five in double figures in the sixth when they're double figures. Tell us they have good players in double figures led by. Carcasses dot the necessity. Posted grades it and foul trouble all night only played eighteen minutes is back in the game. To us that Sox played with regards vice frank stamp. CN Austin please. Artistic Japanese you know Boris complete the lineup. Please listen for the home runs past errors that gets in the forest floor and I can't put it stolen by sea lions items deflected out. Light rail won't vote. At its. Life as a little underhanded shovel yeah Brad Pitt was out of him right on the headline that on ambled out of it in the. The pass ignited deflected into this is what what's the statement prevalent in Cincinnati also. These inflated again. Rising rates in the quantity minutes double team on him but he dribbles out of it it it just felt that it takes to ask Daniel stepped into it. And suddenly seemed to tiger doing the line for its first balanced view of Daniel's. Two shots for Kaiser this Packers have 58880. Flee the war is expected to go. Let's not stake tonight seventeen of 25. 68%. If that continues it will be the first time in eight games that they hit a shot at least 70% from the line about ovals at times it. He was three for three from the line in it was that in the first half free throw good. Tied his career highs set earlier this season against South Florida had eight points. Four for four from the line a couple of field goals freeze and frank can answer now. And the defensive squad is him round Kelley Kyzer Duffy at Morris soccer's a few timeouts left the only one time out left. Six point lead through Wichita State CJ kind of try to make it seven years if the doctors to. Ninety on the night that one's not there. That's good at recognizing that times of the honest honestly my seventh hasn't scored the game goes the right corner phrases that's very good at being a and that was who aren't closely was hit in the corner exit the ground. And it gets slick as it goes out of there and and it's a night out well. For instance and it's not only does the neighborhood residents eat arts grants. Floyd now been Frazier. Follow the second half. He would take it once. Three Dog Night he's made seeing difficult threes is the last to a trip down the floor that was it deep in the corner of the event right on. Ninety get 8636. Seconds. And left. Gregg Marshall. The words I'm not situations in different camps through traffic down the middle of the floor this is that it can add to reverse lay up like Kaiser won't. Now that's found it notable lines from people. Like the attack. About the place off. Not afraid aunt has done a nice job of handling the ball tonight. Taking it through traffic in addition he was eighteen point he has four assists and no turnovers which is his career average. I was on Jordan Hornish is second. Two shots for Patrick just made a couple of strive for fire on the night. Free throw. Guys in double figures for the the first time in his career and it gives you panic as he shot his five players in double figures. 32 seconds to go Wichita State by five with two possession lead. Is it. Went on fifth that he believed in Frazier they edit it. They're hitting them. One more foresee that has good. Since it is 7% of the winemaker at what free throws down the stretch it goes let's go to the fluid buildup on ammo three off the bat three. So it was nice novel about a thousand players and out of there to please. An ambivalent about it 48 footer with two way. Or I would think that want to get the bulk of the free content spot stuffed with 43 seconds left second foul on Caleb Daniels Shaquille Boris collectible line you'll be shooting twos there in the double bonus. Now it's nine of eleven from the line and has 24 points. If he makes either of these he will match his career high of 45 against California family invitational earlier this year. Also at 24 two other times. With the last Thursday against temple distance off the left side. Geysers shooting death does not respect about seventy right now they're right at 71 and one of thirty from the line. Yeah I think that that's over there and get the lead to seven. Yes but not afraid possession game Boris with a career high matching 25 flames quickly afford long streak by Daniels no good. Without borders in different camp I doubt if they'll foul again not as fast for the court. Kaiser eleven seconds. To not say yeah. Not panels and the Dodgers survived a night though. Everything about against the determined. My story. Six hit. Nice to feel more astute now than Fraser's nice. Nice. Wants a second half life is not very few a races at the end there. I hope so I definitely don't regret it later. That is what it. I 386. States at the Johnson posted. It's time again to go inside the numbers but beat Katie CPAs and advisors. You're an all star business with the talented team there's a science to winning now. 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At a revised down as it's a long time denied it tonight this Packers led by sixteen at halftime. And to mind would not go away the second half doctors flatly pullout date 9386. Win an outlet here but on the court tonight due to illness. That is the Johnston post game show Johnson's 21 that at least it real fight so much more. And men's suits the factors that 22 and violent year for all the three. In the American athletic conference that that was really decided until the last minute two minutes of the game is to line edit them and this second well from. For a minute a second chance because Fraser was out of its fine that evidence points in the first half at 22 points second half. Looked like six mark that out there aren't that Big Three pointer after three pointer. Lot of different reasons though that would stunts they want. I thought the defense abandon him. In second half of which starts they paid upwards but feel free throw line they shot the ball well 40%. From the field. But Faneuil meant that they hit some big free throws my fourth the end of the ball game. And CJ Kaiser. He's fourth before the line within 45 seconds from the end of the ball game. Yet that's what counted was pressed into action because Slattery champ it was six to play tonight and it's Kaiser. It's eighteen minutes they're very productive. It's Levitt points two rebounds two assists two steals no turnovers so really did a nice job and it. Much needed night so much. That's better than it has been lately it some some decisions that were questionable and self. We're fan but not playing and then reads and greens particularly in foul trouble very early. What they needed somebody at that our position really stepped up that was CJ Kaiser and he did it ends handled the ball well. He didn't have any turtle. He had a couple of assists yet a couple of steals. A French camp though it was just incredible. Force tonight I cannot just because he scored a lot of facets of the game with eighteen points and shoots very very well. But if baskets that he's worked really critical that trade. Rate between. A double team or floaters little jump shots in the lane. Other types of things you do in hikes while with time but that's much colleges were perfect he. Shoot Reed College but it just tremendous and we always talk about his office but yet too cute deals also tonight. And he talked about guys that were tremendous in addition to Conner Shaquille Boris and don't want it taken for granted what he's been doing another great game by him 25 points nine rebounds two blocks played thirty minutes. And Marcus but Duffy who. Who probably had his most complete game since he's come back this year fifteen points four rebounds six of eleven from the field three of five from three. He seems to that first half at Cincinnati to game he played tonight. He is getting now back to the markets but Duffy that we know of over the years it's an all conference caliber player and showing more confidence I believe my aunt. He owns that quarter. Out there on the three point line and he took a couple of really really Big Three point shots especially one late game. Went to link was making Ronald Goldman making them run for most of the game that was good seat mark to get control with his ball game play within themselves. I'll play a complete ball game and he what kind of for a camp as a player of the game with a could have been anyone we're different players that really could have been player. You know you met him playing with it himself and the shocker tonight. And it's a difficult situation because without Lander can't let everybody had to take on additional responsibilities. And ball handling it and being involved. The offense. Only had eight turnovers on the night for each half I think that's an outstanding damn now. To line not a big high pressure team that still without Landry sham but only had eight turnovers in and fourteen assists that's really it. And you know what you played a team like this has so many good athletes often times. Forcible over. Bill's few people book them worthless or baskets Stutzman said Michael Kennedy turnovers. And points off turnovers Wichita State won that battle for seven. And two lane has a couple of guys come off the bench and scored Caleb Daniels has been hot lately freshman and on its last six games is averaging close to eleven points a game. Severe shapes comes off the bench every game had double figures for the fourteenth time and the shots are bad even with France can't move the starting lineup still outscored the two main bench there the united twenties. Well and this team is a good shooting team there's no doubt about it that it should be the ball very very well as matter of fact they've shot at least 50% for the field. Three of their last five bookings from tonight's ball game. One of the things like that do particularly well within the Wichita State was able to take advantage of that with very balanced for me. Fourteen it's just not up to the warmth Wichita State that's very very good. But the shoppers scored 93 points against this pool club that's without elaboration. There the damage that he. That's our game recap right do you buy Dillon because coming comings in coming to injure little defense and DUI law firm and which tough for them call 2641548. For this they'll Cummings. LLC dot com coming in coming sloth. We are needs always comfort. Most of you I'm sure in your vehicle by now I don't know what it's doing out there it was supposed to buy now start to get pretty nasty so be careful on your way home your drive home from the game that brought you by Kansas land tire and service. Race tires and professional auto service always. A slim. 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That's the eighth or ninth best team literally get outstanding that we just that's always want to ultimately out. Chuck is what it 9386. With outlet and reach him at tonight five players in double figures. And the Packers hang on to be a very good offensive to blame team. The shot is by scoring 93 points tonight give you a 25%. Discount on all soccer action dies tomorrow at either test locker reallocation. East or west. That's the tenth time this season the charters of scored ninety year wars that they've gotten at least 20%. Ten times this year and so on his behalf because snagged out of it hasn't had just keeps giving it to disk as they haven't attached to that point we gotta quit it's no and Wichita State score 93 points Mike the the now. They have the largest point so I mean anybody the American athletic conference. And they've been averaging eight point four points in five of the last six or something that they've just been overdrive for the last half of the season problem. Let's go inside numbers little bit with a look the final stats for a few might be OK d.'s PH and advisors everyone leave a trusted advisor. York we give you some of the numbers Wichita State finished. At 49 point 22316345%. On nine of the threes. Etc. and percent at the line on 22 of the one that's where they want it they outscored two lane by nine from the line is seven point game. Two and thirteen of sixteen themselves for 81% they made. 21 of 34 shots in the second half they went for 36%. In the first half to 62 in the second to finish at an even fifty 31 at 62. In the room Lebanon of nineteen. From three this is a okay three point shooting team typically 35%. 34 point eight but 58%. Beyond the arc. These doctors civilly opted out rebounded twice book that but one rebound only work plus one that night 3635. Only eight turnovers to thirteen that was a big factor also of their plots next. Points off turnovers leading to line Melvin Frazier with 22 of violate those all came in the second half. Nelson eleven rebounds three assists and just one turnover. Sixteen points off the bench for some mayors should it choose five of eight from the field six of six from the line. Fourteen points for Cameron Reynolds twelve for re on at Lambeau Field Caleb Daniel Levin. And Jordan corniche just missed making it six in double figures. With nine points on it and voted issues twelve points had five assists to lead his team and that total. Shaquille Morris 25 matching his career high tonight seven of eleven from the field made is only 310 of thirteen from the line at nine rebounds. Two blocks just one turnover in thirty minutes. Eighteen points for different camps evidence twelfth two of four from three. Attitude to the lot stretching his free through a streak over two seasons 220 no pain in rows perfect this year forces but turnovers. Fifteen for Marcus but Duffy four rebounds two assists eleven. Foresee. We played eighteen minutes because of ongoing foul trouble ten points made four of the six shots. He was able to get here six point seven rebounds for their Willis in my genes you Owens had five. Ron literature too which are complete with one. Gregg Marshall. Sitting down to join assess the starts pull one out against to blame to go to 22 and five on the year that. A difficult night lit up Landry lot of guys had just stepped in to different roles were bigger roles and your feelings about that as far as how guys handled. You respond to how to break it was incredible the range over 32 minutes. You're seven for 122 for four from three both his free throws. Eighteen points for this three steals no turnovers. You know they isolate him a little bit on defense to try to post them and drive them and bully of a little bit. You know he he did okay that we we really needed it for sure tonight he was great. Jack Morse was the same check Morse thank goodness shoes back they're protecting the room blocking shots. When they were calling fouls on him. Rebounding nine rebounds who's ten for thirteen from the line 25 points he was you know he income wouldn't be peace and I got to mention CJ Kaiser I mean it can go seven for seven from the line pressed into duty nineteen Bennett. Two assists two steals. And it is strictly through through crucial about Marcus picked up the also gave us some good minutes and was makes shots. Other than that hard pressed to find anyone played well. I was gonna ask you how much. You upset with your defense how much do you give credit for them to them they're pretty good up and they're very good offensive team and they just started bloated up. And making shots. And start beat us in transition in the post moves up on the block and getting offensive rebounds. They just kicked in the second half. Credit to them they go 62 for 67 from three. 78. From the free throw markets were 55 points so what do you think. While the at WQ handle the pressure well they did in the fall lol well there were at least able to get free throw line. Especially. Yeah we did we we can handle the pressure and it made free throws like special indeed Kaiser. Check worsen and that was before the game to build a big Lee Boyd they just methodically kept. Couldn't intuit cutting into that would lead to 34 what was the lowest you've got two or it was close. So. But. Now we will we're practicing tomorrow we'll get two days to practice for us you have to learn they office probably in the state. But I had to take one day off the NCAA mandated one day off per week. And you know having not played them that was probably mistake we pray we played this in view even there lost to them as well you're so. That's scheduled shootings practice for us and you know legal for two way that I had no choice had to pick one or the other. Certainly that shapes up as a tough and they had a one sided when he sees it without shake him you know what's the over under on him he would back for our game on Saturday. Well the way that things worked out for us this year sports injuries and who we deeply and I'm certain that he'll be back if you know. But is hoping landry's back in. We can go to an exact some revenge and congratulations little bit. I appreciate checkered coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State winning it tonight 9386. Over to Atlanta. Which martial presented by express employment professionals on a mission. To put a million. To work and of course star of the game coming up in just a moment. I don't know but it defense. Why is that how hot I was trying to figure out who might be just the occupied got you covered. No specific one name and number review of the control polite in your living increase privacy your victory were transformed the look at got you covered as the rightly that treatment solutions. For you call 3166127000. That it got to cover the Wichita. It got into the packers' 10%. That he ordered got you covered serving. With area. We've mentioned we cites several players for their performances to start the game for his all around performance conference can't eighteen points on very good shooting percentages for this note turn over its. Three steals I ask you. Doing today under these days ago. The transition from playing a lot of point. When you first got here to clone the shooting guard tonight you're back at that point. And I just thought I'd ask you that had a mindset resisted that change thought. Process that might have provoked when you found that Atlanta would that applies. One the here for a team that's like. The open. Not so much a fossil with my teammates that are open and the guys that could Jefferson if not just. Looked like as the game went on you almost seem to gain more and more confidence and especially at the enabled us with some double teams and these things like that they yeah I am companies that have the ball and such high schools. The fireworks are every single day so I feel pretty comfortable doing that. We're fellow. And Russ other players along with TJ Kaiser theory. Yet he played wonderful he's been doing really good practice we knew he could have shot here eventually. And now I'm but it was really proud of him that the defense to law office. He's had a great all around him was huge fourth welcome and thank good defense she picked a couple of passes out of the air through the baskets yeah. I think I think a pretty good at anticipating thanks that would do that in my hands a couple and forcing turnovers. What was the general people if you could describe it because they kept it close for much of the second half he didn't have Landry is a guy that a lot of time to have the quality of those situations but it didn't seem like there was. In any real consternation real concern. Yet I think there was we we were currently game situations and these kind of situations everything and practice though the guys feel pretty confident. We've definitely the defense in the second half the story I think 55. That's really been over. The teams in this league are very very good years there on excellent offensive teams. Yet Wichita State wins the last couple of games with a flurry at the end of the ball and post. We like definite depend on office lately gains. It is wins but the sum that up tonight and applicants that we get back. How important the fans know with its football. I guess that he faces is Kiefer it sounds like it seemed like tonight as Marcus and stuff. Ounces group. Yet we re not did last in the Cincinnati. He's definitely fortunate here in Atlanta and this if it is wonderful place. Today. On answered you. Of shapes of players betting on it that obviously civil stores. Yeah we do they came here and got a pretty good viewership had. Thirty years what if that under control for success do a great job of do that we'll be reflecting. Got a great game tonight thank you that I don't print campers started the game presented by the Kansas lottery if you're Kansas lottery Mega Millions tickets today for a chance to become millionaires as lottery dot com. For the most current jackpot amount like Kansas lottery. And dreams do come back to close out our portion of the broadcast. Right after this. But you're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game big day had a Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. 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Atlanta SEC's evening. Does this at all although. This is I do not trying to determine accidents. Get an agent gets you saw communal life though right. This is just a locker inviting you to Josh smoker and friends a free family concert. Featuring me my wife Jennifer and my friends from more counting. Friday march 9 at 7 PM Chapel Hill United Methodist Church right across from the east one scene there and we're glad intercom came. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford and remain strong Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Listen zoo or download a podcast of WSU soccer basketball. On KE YN dot com or iTunes or Google flat. Brought to you guys Johnson. We're going to fly so what's more than admit suits. Not a friend can't just talk this is our star game he also put together our footage of the deep freeze play of the game that you buy to define it's actually say. Play of the game sequence like hotter than. If nothing blows him. More. On and off the screen goes list with some street blind pull up from Tampa. It was not this. You got a split two defenders down the length blow up that ain't gonna. It plays in dated men. Some big free throws down the stretch CJ Kaiser making four of four. It helped put it away. March brings to shocker tradition the NCAA tournament and stocking the shelves of our daily bread food pantry beginning February 20 days to have the opportunity to donate a dollar to food pantry and in so doing everything going to a dry. But not a fan of shocker basketball at all which it time and options and Carlos and Kelly it's location so keep that in mind. Couple of things I want to mention real quickly got her French camp with two threes tonight. Now 154. Port in his career moves past David tells him to sixth place all time. Reshard Kelly with four rebounds tonight now has exactly 600 in shocker ruined the 27 player. To reach that figure so a couple of milestones there him. Where Shaq keeps moving up in career points season the top five or field goal percentage he's number two we're blocks. A lot of gas through the label of ignited heated when we can a lot. I thought we had five guys it is. Check out these are. Kaiser that was like. Mark Duffy. Welcome the last two quality expense for. You want to necessarily have to play close but it helps enhance the pressure's good. Then that's what it the last ball games on it very very well the pressure. It should help in the last three games they. That now. The tournament. And it prepared them I think they are. It would hurt Jeff lutes coming up. Yeah most games ago. Just a moment from when peaks east papers that's always. Enjoyable medical crews clever. Crew and it's to me after wind like this that's fun things to say it's pleased. Oh but these bodies Gore's answer and you winds at ECUs tonight 7758. But things of these teams and mobile rolls since nine in the lead going that he was shot on Saturday in Dallas. And Anthony's sixteenth. Without treatment that it would not when that would end. Totally CF 3532. At halftime and post game for both horses for only nine and I'm EF six or fifth at 86. Top four don't have to play on Thursday in the league tournament five plays twelve so that's where it starts at the vector game are fighting for fifth place on them so. Fourth place day. In setting up the post season Oklahoma State shocker victim if they win a sixth and seventh ranked Texas Tech the united still waters at 91. Not tech data tied for first with chances in the big twelve of the moment that dark and I win from Wichita State standpoint. No major surprises in the top 25. Clemson fifteen and says the team did lose by open. At Virginia Tech but that's a good team refute it got it but he wins tonight. Michigan wanted Penn states won by twelve Georgetown project within the home court violently against Georgia Tech and pretend North Carolina won by war. At Syracuse. Second half. Paul and Villanova Villanova up like 26 and follow what fifteen to go Auburn. A twelve on Al emote about seven and a half minutes to that game really at Auburn. Coming up. Soccer men's basketball game Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock this then you traveled the coliseum. Omaha to a wall and at which it to 83 you know baseball this week in beginning with a 3 o'clock on Friday and Saturday Sunday. The track and field teams are at the AC indoor championships in Birmingham Alabama Friday and Saturday. Softball place five games in three days it really tough group and the taxes invitational in Austin thereof 54 start. Women's basketball. The at home against to blame this Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at senior day last day for the group factors you. He was picked tenth in Italy and twelve and 1677. In the league of first place. And two winnable games from here on Saturday afternoon at apple says on Monday and it isn't it great job with that team. Look forward to them that if it that support them on Saturday. And then this is kind of the unique event that I've been asked to invite all of that he would like to on Monday the 26. At 1145. Rescue club. Which taught girls club is standing there luncheon and the guests art Dominic at home. And it's workers the directors of operations for the basketball and baseball programs. They'll be talking about planning team travels and the challenges that this week it's just so little crazy things go wrong signals. Providing few tips if you would lack of planning your own travel when you go and follow the doctors were they moderates that. That. Flight using an interest in so. You can get on line at Wichita on aero club ER Wichita aero club or. Hand you can make reservations and ticket so forth but again that's this coming Monday six aero club if you know him Dominique Jones got yours. Pristine country club. That let 45 in the finance to mention Beckett will people start planning for. Last home game senior day on March 4 against Cincinnati could be yellow now or cold out here. That's official but not officials through the athletic department and at that time together. That would be great if it worked before. That they have an alternate. Black gold black Alley at 33 drives are both right that worked really well that's it we're superstitious. I so again next doctor men's basketball game Saturday afternoon 1 o'clock and then view. News is game time which doctors. Continue on the road that we following week at UCF before coming home on that final Sunday regularly see him take alliances and Natalie about our I'd. But which tossed it has worked before that it's a few months ago and it. Well as as Gregg Marshall as it is now everybody's focused on net gain the industry tough scene between now and then one denies that it that way 49362. Lines so for an arm on here's the read. And for him in the studio thanks for all of their hard work tonight stay tuned. Protect Woodward and Jeff loose with the locker rooms go for twin peak east. And your final score and Wichita State that went to five. Went went 386. To. You've been listening to shocker basketball on 103 point seven KEY. Crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare slam tiger and Carlos have telling us credit you. Executive airship sheltering assurance that Carnahan grew quite stylish every not to love Tina was grilling out. Living as a blank ask equity back. Your hometown Chevy dealers Comfort Systems via Christi the Kansas lottery delta Denzel got you covered. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas justice Javaris cover up my. The Kansas Department of Transportation. That's locker room capital bedroom I'm in China is the American family insurance sawgrass country club. Coming in Cummings mom at Kansas health Foundation's state can't express employment and PG sports grill. 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The twenty the ultimate force launch where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's port on your greens and scratch who is bursting from the best kitchen in sports there's something and many dissatisfied every fan's appetite major game day in new high with any harsher more items from the table twenty full service bar features and then select a draft Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold Beers crystals form our man caves are decked out with tons of these DTV that there's never bats he now heads for his next shot her drink scenic views. This is no Wichita State locker room. What else three point Evan. Why can't its risks and would learn. Good evening and welcome to the shocker locker room Joseph thanks for being with us here on Wednesday evening is second to last home game of the season for not not that I not get introduced and I don't know special. Yes Jeff related not you know it that sought bit I guess I'd better do it. You should please the special guest Jeffrey live a hanging us here on the locker room showed tonight. As the doctors beat Tulane at 938612. Ranked Wichita State now 22 in five. And Jeff McCain in which the doctors came and it's about a 21 point favorite. Look like at halftime we were heading that direction but to blame came out charging hard in the second half men not to defend off the green quietly. They did did that that line go off once it's announced that Landry sham it's not playing Beckett still be. Not to point at 41 point line without him again at what that. I don't know how do you think that affect the line you would think but I don't know maybe maybe a lot of people. I've made a lot of money do you like tonight I'm not serve yeah Wichita State without him and who knew that. TJ Kaiser would be the difference in the game at seven points in the first half. And he made two free throws late though. He did what he was supposed to do and with with some rare minutes he played nineteen as the F thirty yards and I. And came up big so we don't get to talk about TJ Kaiser but what's important probably commit to him early rounds. The guys certainly came through like you said Jeff he had his career high tonight CJ Kaiser eleven points a career highs. And Jack Morris tied his career high with 25 points and Connor frank camp tied his career high with eighteen points. So three of the doctors were pretty rare territory right there. Talked on the driver a couple days ago about the first team all conference. Figured obviously later champ it's gonna make it shake bill even though he's been injured. I've got to make it rob gray from Houston and I don't remember the fourth person off the top of my head. But we we we we agreed on Jack Morris now working in its way. At the very least into that discussion that we said that he'd he'd be on the team as first team all American. As they say. Shots when it tonight 9386. Over two lane. This is the soccer locker room so as we are underway here at clean neat cities which it's offered when he first and rocked tonight. And our phone lines are open if you wanna call us. 8691037. Is the phone number. Area code is 316. Numbers 8691. There are seven and our first caller tonight. Al go ahead now. And allow. Whenever or not. And now pay out. I always been here our event. There technology can hear me oracle warm rain but we're we're with the out. Well I hope you're with our. A couple things that one. You know not pretty soccer victory that. We'll take mistake and I am kind of interest being that made it in the post game show. I can't ever remembered and may be correct me in a victory. They were talking about you know kind of iron out the defense wasn't. Literally president tonight it didn't have a defensive player of the game in victory kept out surprised. In in the post game so they were really kind of talked about. Cotter brink yet thank goodness. You know kind of figured out that drive the ball a little bit at the speed net spot at pewter a little continue. They talk about market but at the nick talked about the Jake I that they relate to even. Talk about Jack Morris. Two. You know and it stellar game once again. And I can't remember a player ever. Bad for the first three years of his career it was about the birdie out room guy. Finally figured out how to make gains and not meant that those silly fouls. And I just have it stay out really yet the dotted the turnaround and it where he can stay in games now. In and it doesn't commit the kind of bow. Well it's certainly a good point about what's going on and some of the things it. But here was Jack Morris. And it's a yeah I thought it was interesting to owl that this. Mike and Mike and Dave presented with the task of presenting a defensive player of the game. They both kind of defaults and Smith both said well we're gonna do not tonight a well I'd I'd I'd I'd have nominated Shaq he had he had some nice block. Ray camp met two really to do the labels late yet. Not a valid defense that plays of the game there were probably. Don't you know that admiral. But what this is Wichita State this year they score bonds and they give up a book. You just have to hope that they they score more than they give up their defense. If it was what it has been at least from a production standpoint they're given up a lot more points to hear what they're playing much faster. They shoot more threes this is just a different even though the roster the fame the different team it different conference. It's different level athletes in Wichita State is finding ways to combat that. By kind of raising their level offensive. You know Shaq Morissette to Biloxi today at three because it Thea think he got called for a foul there and it's there at the end and I I was talking with Bob hole and we both thought when we saw it live we thought it was a foul and we saw the replay and it is stacked pretty much got all ball. Definitely L ball on the block but the follow through their might have been negative excessive. Wars I don't even know contact and origin and block on the probably bit and I there's at least an argument. Most block that that there was some kind of contact there. I'm not to say that to be contrary. Either as I'm proud of these. Gotta love the compact car back again. When he marquee. Yeah how's that going out there a in an icy conditions that and that it. Al. Thanks for the call. We appreciate all Al rented it than anything else now. Not a date for the next game is all the call. Him laid out at least Saturday. Yes Saturday afternoon game the Sox next up at SMU. And the if you wanna join us on the locker and so tonight our phone numbers 8691037. Arctic scholars might go ahead Mike. I'm Mike. You know what we're doing great. You are a lot of displayed in a way to minimize power you. I have done pretty good and great. Actors like this today net. I'm glad that soccer's a lot of well it. It bit in my opinion this had the apps would be worse. Deep into this team. Under Gregg Marshall at Wichita State and I'm not just spam net current. They can guarding but. They don't even like they want regarding. These does king. Likes to score. And the penal if they beat it and went to the electorate and Eddie did have a great op at the knee and shock that get our money when. But I have a feeling that when they go to ray in new. Played on the east at this many have been great up. I have a feeling bet they shot but it just gonna keep it up. Huge gap in Dallas. I think it out shocker like fifteen to twenty point I'm really believed and I don't think this little. It nearly tough enough to play defense and they don't appear to want late. And so yeah I think it's going to be disappointment this Saturday I hope I'm wrong I just don't think I am I'll enough. My way way way by can I change the subject real quick before I address that. Sure your show and do you want the last time we you called and I was on the are we got into it a little are weak you know I don't think. I don't think we thought. You know. You're chat. Looking in and sometimes you guys act because gladly shelled a no one else. And apparently. Though. I don't want to talk about anything we can't not talk about typically right now it's too little is an. In terms of playing deep fear and I think that's gonna come back black. You. Thanks bye week and it accurately document. Your little one got into a now now Mike says this doctors don't even try on defense. I'm going to disagree and yet they do is beat Cincinnati on the road it's hard to find a whole lot of qualms about the way with it's not a state is playing there in line to if they win out to be the number one seed in the American conference tournament. Have a top four seed in the NCAA turn. So yeah their defense has not been as good this year. But a lot of people's defense hasn't been as good this year and it's today. Basketball is changing before our eyes that say offensive game in the NCAA rules of James to favor offense this is where we are 28 team. It's no longer than TX the days of let's hold our opponents under fifty or whenever this is a different game. Not that I don't respect Mike's opinion I feel important. Feel its support to let him know that. This is the fifth time this season has soccer has given up at least fifty points and one half. That is a lot that's that's that's a little jarring of those games that they want I believe all five. So that's you know that's something to keep in mind it is it's not it's not a badge of honor. But it's not something that hang your hat on now that they've won all those donuts when they get into one of those type games it may have been able to come I don't know. Yeah they. They're able to outlast of the opponent. The that I guess the trouble with the Tulane I guess you look at this game tonight to laying came out and was clearly the aggressor on the offensive in the second half yes Andy's shot six for most of after he shot 67%. From the field until some late mrs. They were they were getting to spend any shot they wanted in the second half and in the paint down low and it's no wonder they were making two out of every. Three shots up because of foul trouble there were times when Rashard Kelly Zach brown and Steve Jake eyes are on the war. Tied Kelly and brown combined for one point and CJ Kaiser while he scored eleven is the guy they usually is not on the floor at all so. For them to score 93 ended these conditions tonight it's it's impressive. Soccer defense did come up with four blocks tonight in eight steals the doctors are usually a pretty. Low steel tight defense team only get up or maybe two or three and tonight at eight tonight. Yeah a lot of thought of those what are some of those poor decisions by two lane especially way. When the game got a little fast with stuff that was pressing need he Connor frank Hampton and in the past yeah yeah I was going to predict I can say it now because it didn't happen. But with him and out and you do Franken was gonna start in that situation I thought. He would get his first ever when he point game tonight a close up one bucket shall order a couple free throw short. And scored eighteen. But clearly late in the game he he was X. Connor with three steals tonight just one short of his career highs there yet for against the home gaining its Missouri State last year. But that like you said a couple of those were came up late they were big. They're better off couple possessions by. By a two lane when they are. Trying to cut it down to one possession game a couple points and lads who supports. That was important to shocks when it tonight. 9386. Over two lane let's go back to the phone line 8691037. His phone number Anthony is next go ahead and Anthony. Yep he is the big fellow big Fella. I'll go to blatantly. Openly disagreed we might. I can understand that viewpoint what you have this week we haven't trailed. Each gave it to me just bought. It from body. It would have their best I didn't. You've just got we're forceful what was got a scored twenty points in the second half. It's little island velvet Fraser that all very it to this point that thing. What is the first. Hope you don't you don't see in the first let that was the big east India prospect. He played his best game on the road the air as the lead when he. What gave all the world debt that Emeka. It would mean we didn't wanna play defense. And come up with three field of opportunity that that that's. Don't promote what should have been three blocks. Without being informed I've been in position. To make they'll block. But off. Our turnovers but we beat him in that category. Supported either of these things play. In it. Lately the American and rebounding margin also. That's a sign of defense being able to block the front of me finally. It just fit we have. I think he's got to go and you are the favorite. It was going 93 point. If you boil. Broke probably about its exports. To Iraq. The difference between the application of replaying it. In the opinion of the plane and being with you looking to play against the wind and properly buckle musical we're not doing them one bit. They've played big time environment will. So it. A problem you can have a lot of racial or. You just most of the first it comes out right in the thick and it would seem that we're without the maybe not only that. Sometimes allow the shots are hit the shot he majored. Do you know a bit because you thought it was so there's many would like them. Public or throw up a bit of good news but got the ball out of the bottom of that. But definitely talk about the performances. Well probably when it is all it's worth all of fifty years what they'll call you. You know you don't don't be don't be too horrible. I can but if you don't think it. There were some good because it left imagine Bob Franken in my directive. Back football problem out here campus sometimes partly because of left field. Date if you have a very tough though the puck in front of them at the current round leave them be about all of it and all of a game. TJ can't we be keeping them but that's what happens when it. The world of you Mitch vision without it it is so there's fit they don't different roles if you're game. Thank god it. He'd kick our agency of which what happens if you don't have to be civil war. We're upping their game because we've been we can be drawn to the bat. Get their feet in the file. We've seen convert drives the defendant with reform. And it wouldn't believe you throughout the year. We could get away from the European mess up the game of being culmination of these deplorable but it won't be any doubt that the general public. Look at it we believe that would be terrible problem is working article went out. It and respect it won't be a big part of not just been through buffalo dropped to get that little. Stop and pop you know emphatically. Though he waited more ethics to him being at the progress. That's what blew me. Yeah you own currency ticket to the line those two guys combined nine for nine. At the line like that yeah ally and light as you pointed out that's that big part of the soccer office that. And with lords attitude that night you're right it is. It won't you can get Joseph blowers through there if they're just read the things we do when you speak like jaguars 45 point. Blocking the bill and a quarter report shot 401518. Point gap and marketers combined for forty points tonight. There's definitely added when we get girls in your. Create a signal to drive more than one shot. It go for the things you just make shop for what book reader and think about it the molecular you folk there's another important call. We coordinate reports without leadership and you know it now. Would it be we don't have that most organizations to negate the squad for example which I think particular Markoff a. Thanks for the all Anthony. There's as the shocker locker room so shocked when it tonight 9386. Over two lane if you wanna call us our phone number is 869. 1037. Says this sports editor Jeff loads quickly here tonight. We are lied to win big cities which it's not when he first and rock. Back from larger phone calls 8691037. 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According jetBlue through with you here tonight we're broadcasting live between these cities which Zoller when he first rock my sanity it's all there. Nice bucket by Marcus Mike Duffy on his way to fifteen points on the night six of eleven shooting in 25 minutes shot when it. 9386. Over Tulane medical arena only one more home games remaining for the shots. This is the shocker locker room so 8691037. Is their phone number the area code is 316 the numbers 8691037. Are next dollars. Danny and data and it. Hey ya hey can I get any they were great our you don't. Often. Greatly. What the fund for Iraq. It would often be key chain. And our allow. It back in rural. Did have a question for you do Wichita State fans call markets victim of the stuff I haven't heard that one. Now were they he'll start something. Yet not integrate we know we've we've we've heard a lot but he span. Well I think if you look at. 800 degrees C in. You know enable all. And that we got a great team. I think we're gonna go a long ways I think he's I think really great when it. And looking forward to that point man stripped what you guys think. Should be very enjoyable Wichita State controlled its own destiny even trailing Cincinnati by game alike. Like I said earlier they went out with. They have to win at this immediately after beat Cincinnati at home. You think they'll probably get that Central Florida game. That's at home right guys are. Down it's their problem that get that one so. Work cut out for but if they go three and other number one seed going to into the conference there and ask for much more than that. It is it brought in to watch. Is this. Oh thanks I noticed. But it's not but it you'd be previous game you know they. They're they're really there this evening. And it too unselfish. At times that the doctors to oneself I would I don't. I don't think so you don't wanna have you don't want to nitpick there Danny at their leading the conference and business. This is quality team that at finds open shots and finds it got the they know when when they need to maybe take it themselves as opposed to making that extra pass. That's awesome scored PP point that angry at their. Target we. Are very great game. It's good job partly eager. Thanks Dan were you get a and I thank you. If you would like policy on the locker room show 88691037. Is our phone number 8691037. Back the phone lines. Doug is next going to Doug. They're guys later on. It. Like what we continued yet that was definitely. You know where appropriate. Better talent but they like it we get the break though. It. We got grown and it's not that he would be sent to Houston. Tubby Smith whose on national security is down at those we project between Mike and we'll be seeing tonight to go to India. And Johnson park right now. I'm me guys we go to break coaches essentially on for the game plan yeah. They know how to do that and change things and go back and play old game and our you can. It got a lot in the post game. Yet no question about that especially second time around with them these schools. Not to lay knows that only time they play but my lady is is the quality coach he's gotten. Two planes from six wins last year to thirteen. In May be counting. A team that might threaten throughout the post season bid and an and I hear CPI or whatever. So they are prove they have. Some good players. Who knows what they'll look like next hero Mike deadly he seems to be doing a pretty good job so far. Absolutely and I think all these guys are are related definitely I just think we'd be remembered that. Marshall great but we've got Mother's Day good coach. Phil anyway thank showtime guys appreciate eco. And I needed to call and I Doug brings up put it pointed its I think it's going to be a lot of fun to watch the chess match type thing you know between the coaches in this conference there are great coaches in this conference that the jobs attract. Quality coaches. Even who's the guy got in the room left. With the east Carolina earlier this. It was and a relatively named type guy votes to. Our five type company does not believe they'll quote Leo that haven't even at east Carolina South Florida gets. Johnny Dawkins. Is that he was central to the south where it's dead if possibilities that. But anyway the point it stands a lot of good coaches that. Nine it's it's that. It's part of instinct dynamic to getting into a different conference and seeing new opponents new faces and doctors and stability themselves into that. Dynamic so far everybody's Carolina who had been at Auburn yes. And that now South Florida it's by him now let me. Sox when it tonight 9386. Over two lane it twelfth ranked Wichita State you see that that's what I did it once with the Sox played South Florida. And it was always afraid they are they've left my Gloria don't we don't need it really. Stocks when it tonight 9386. Over the green wave in the first meeting ever between these two in men's basketball. It's it's not since like we talked about Tulane got a ton of points in the paint in the second half. Fact they outscored the shocker in the second half in the paint 24 at San. They got to the basket of violence do we do it too many easy buckets for two lane in the second half. Probably the big guy too that I don't know how to pronounce his last name. Samir is his first name got too wide a bunch of Middle East free throws was was getting good positioning inside the until they definitely had an advantage. Pretty much throughout in the second half they shot 62%. For current Allen he shoots 62% and half. Feel like you're gonna win a lot of games but that Rodham up. Just a 50% overall for the gay and they actually outshot Wichita State made more threes shot a better present percentage. Just the free throw out stories. Throw line came up big shock shot twice as many free throws there's two lane did a outscored at the green wave twenty to thirteen at the line so that was a big big. Big part of the shocker when they're. That's the difference. Is nothing else you can point to from a made baskets standpoint everything else points to two way they would have if they had gotten the line is many times. Maybe they would block. So maybe yet another media that is a nice. We can mark that it was a credit to the shocker defense for not fouling and putting putting us through it a loss injuries got the foul trouble tonight that's rare very random and donate some big shots do but. That's fourteen. Seven from the line Jack Morris twelve at ten of thirteen at the line. You mentioned CJ Kaiser 77. Frank camp two for two Willis two for three so. Those. Those free throws all added up. McConnell frank camp now is may 27. Consecutive free throws I think going back the last these ivy when he is that a 48 now now eight. And he was he still hasn't missed free throw this season last I missed one was at the end of last season. And I set the all time highest. If this season and today at with made free throws without misses the highest highest makes with a 100% prepared. And CJ Kaiser 7% and he's only missed two free throws all season long. He's got that part of his game. And yelling right knock those down it's good to Dave because they're they're still there a lot of them they're still went earlier in the season they talked about TJ Kaiser maybe. In the future as a Zach brown deepened to stopper type and he hasn't been playing so we have it. Even seen how he might do against some of these. Really get it opposing guards with tonight I didn't really notices defense that certainly. From an offensive standpoint did nothing to hurt the shocker. Good note two assists no turnovers had a couple field. And they Ellsbury. Twelfth ranked Wichita State over two lane 9386. Head and Jeff with you tonight on the soccer locker room know. And we'd love to hear from you at 86910378691037. We're live it to win big cities which it's not when he first and rock don't forget on game days only when the soccer play. There are food and drink specials all day long you're twenty to get a cheeseburger basket for just 599. I was surprised as well we need also get a huge man size mug of the shots opera just four bucks that. That fear is colder than ice cold right now to 31 point seven degrees fair at night. That is cold that is the beer here's poll is it is outside. The reports saying that could be a little bit below freezing. 8691037. Is our phone number back to twin peaks after this here on the locker room show won all three point seven KEY and. 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Who doesn't love that feeling of getting in shape and they being eighteen dollars per month. 2018 is your year joined Genesis health club today we're just eighteen dollars and 818 dollars every month. Offer ends February Tony EA. It's that shot her locker room jumper with ten at the sports NN's special guest Jeffrey news on one of three point seven K. It's. Not afraid that if we go long pants look forward McNulty yeah tickets eight. Opening up the three not a morsel that's what the public it's them. Just yeah. In this episode so I think that's. That's exactly. But it. Next on her on her. Since the sports setting up loose there with you here tonight as we continue from twenty to 21 and rock road in east Wichita. 8691037. As their phone number theory noticed 316869. 1037. Is our phone number tonight dockers 9386. Over two lane let's go back in a phone lines our next caller is Casey go ahead they see. Yeah yeah. I enjoy it it appears calling you for a couple things one. I it was. Verification on this I think. And it Brian Gregory head coach. Orleans and yeah. Yeah I'm not I'm not exactly sure is. It's history but that they yankees is currently wit is currently without order now. In an effort to. I'm surprised that two changes or eleven in the conference because I mean from what I know from when I was listening to the game day. There they got an athlete. That can make each and they can shoot the ball lights Allah I I think dead end pat. Pat Landry played I think we would. With the little ones I'd think. I think we would have thought they'd fight to the court that the system lives in the way they were running their offense. So. When the scene where do where you thought as far as two lane and that. HT track I think they could do some damage it means that I'm don't watch out for. Jeff I think they're. I think they're pretty capable team money their clothes that they they obviously have lost a lot of close games I mean they've. Then what they've lost six in a row now but it makes for than a vice single digits. They rather I mean they were able to they were able to win in Philadelphia what's the soccer's did not they were able to get it all went over SMU which the doctors did not. But they've all sides and head scratching losses and loss to east Carolina's. They're a little bit mess that I like they're. Allen didn't a lot of these you probably don't want player early on I mean. Holes that I wouldn't wanna play that they're probably like they're probably not a first date team they're probably if you get one of or five I guess you would really want like temple. You would want to play two lane that. I don't know if not they get when they gave us a sneak up on somebody. Not gonna win the whole thing but. They could have thirds in the in the turn of the baby gets them again it too is some kind of post season tournament. In the Casey. Or questions to they thought what you've seen obviously guys are more on knowledgeable about. About the basketball no absolutely. And on them than what I am what would it is. Outlook as far as the NCAA. This year I'm detained you think there's. Agencies and again I'll have to listen to India and I. Thanks K thank you Casey looks like three for the American Cincinnati. Wichita State in Houston pretty much locked in. The spot titles the outside of a surprise conference tournament winner anybody else working their way into that mix that the U. Not at that that top three seems to be it pretty clear dividing mark between four on down. Like you said unless. Some months some wild card comes in wins a tournament besides those top three. Temple as the winds that do it but it's too many losses. And integrate RBI now playing well enough them stretched out thing the FR PI because of the strength of schedule. But humidity too many losses that this bill would. But I mean you're you're talking about a number one seed with six losses I mean there's there's a lot of teams in the NCAA tournament this year that a lot also. But none of them losses like Drexel that I think Houston that the velocity Drexel quit simple as losses. Not very good team that worked there. It's is that probably there are you making the argument for temple here you maybe I mean they're they're one of those teams need kind of seen it might get one idols last at large spots you think if temple got it to the championship that the Americans. It may be right there you'll see us I still think they have that would turn. I'm not I'm not advocating that the I can see the committee on there you never know they love those quadrant wins man they do those squadrons. It CA's that change regularly. Those at 18690. Yeah they act changes it's completely fluid in the once again it you have no idea what really is going. I wish I Houston I think added a bad loss this week and I think it was too late in fact that drop down below 150 in the RPI. So that that's their second I guess political map lots. So Houston now as to which that statement and any. I guess that might be the separation between those two schools world like of the four of the nine line for Houston. Next. And with similar resonated outside of the that Los. Doctors winner tonight over two lane at 9386. This is the shocker locker room so ordered twin peaks but when he first and Iraq. 8691037. Is our phone number our next caller is this team go ahead Steve. Guys thanks to all. Has been your acting all heard. And talk to I don't column and yet maybe in Denver finally you know playing better competition. And everyone these teams matchup this you know. Mine. And despite their record. And I think six. All year or. You're. In the they're gonna have I think accountant a thirteen players come back next year out. Maybe maybe I think I counted yet like rush hours. Or junior or are juniors and work or something like that I only go out there I think I've won it for sure senior. On the scene until they got the orient if not you know I'm working. So. Actually watches team's players into an earlier. And were talking about how. C. Roger's office document. Exception you know him. A much roll our. But it. Went out and point her six points on the bike about a minute left. I mean that's an income down again Warner. Or three aspect. In the room. And a lot of people know. Now. So. A lot of competition. I think we used Indian valley blown everybody and contain him. Not that word and seen her are capable screen up. Or. In you're not the only severing even the most that aren't a lot of minutes and I'd you know I'd I'd I'd. I think the competition there on the team and I point. Locking and he would yours could be one or two here and there are going to be MBA players go. Our lightning that it's not match or not. Plain good defense. Apparently took off. I think the fact is that. You know we want to do a better word and it now and these teams match up to. Canada at any speed at the point that we kind of talked about on the locker room so pretty much all season long is it. Is a definite upgrade in in conference in the number of schools that have. Deeper and better benches and now they. Heard the comment that multiple times this year on the cover of from coach marshall's it you know in the valley. You know usually on those teams have one guy's pretty reliable and you get to this conference. You opened on everybody's roster and have two and three and four guys that are really really good it's it's yeah it's tougher challenge. And often does her opponent off deserts are soaring mortgage. That's not letting better shooters it's just better across the board. In the American simply adjusting not only to see how the end of this year panned out but. Future seasons when Greg marshals recruiting. Maybe different types of athletes are different types of players. Because then let me set on this show before the players the thought played and I we're all were routed one way or another to play in the Missouri Valley Conference though. Who knows how that could change moving forward it's an exciting. Era of Wichita State basketball that there entering into right. And I make a state pointed out. Stocks against that competition twelve in three in his new conference though aren't they want to know those fifteen and 22 and five overall so things are they're doing things right. And they'd be contenders in any count or not they did not say they'd be leading the ACC or something like that that. They'd be. Up there and any conference Wichita State is ranked twelfth in the United States of America they are a threat to anybody they step on the floor. Thanks for the call Steve we appreciate it. If you'd like to be witnessed tonight. Ted and Jeff where here at 2220. Person rock after the shocker victory tonight twelfth ranked Wichita State over Tulane at 9386. If you would like to call us. 8691037. As the phone number the area code is 316. Back to twin peaks after this shocker basketball tonight on 103 point seven to eight EYNN. Twenty the ultimate sports watch where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on your greens and scratched from his burst into the best kitchen in sports there on the and the many dissatisfied every grand appetite to entertain dates in new highs with any of our journal items from the table when he's full service bar features and then selection of draught Beers that are purposely hurt that a teeth chattering 29 degrees in -- no ice cold beer crystals formed our man caves are decked out with tons of these two TV there's never bats he now heads for twenty innings drink scenic views. 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Pete -- to a four slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on your greens and Christ who is bursting from the best kitchen and sport there's something a nominee to satisfy every chance at a time take your teammates and new high with any harsher more items from the table when he's full service bar features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mugs know ice cold beer crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV there's never a bad he now heads towards when he eats drinks scenic views. It's not a shocker locker room show quits at the sports NN's special guest Jeffrey blitz on 103 point seven K. Why can't. Six nothing blows and at Boris. On and off the screen goes let's listen screen blind pullout from. From Tampa. Mike entity would all there are one of the it's buys Connor frank camp on his plate this tying his career high with eighteen points tonight. Seven of twelve shooting two for four from three point range to two at the line no turnovers. Three steals in 32 minutes. I gave her the franc debt the F. With it's not north high socks when in 9386. Over two lane. Soccer locker room showed tonight Ted and Jeff what view of if you wanna give us a phone call anything on your mind after the shocker win tonight 8691037. As the phone number area code is 316. 8691037. You mentioned at Connor frank camp out of widgets on Norris your home a muttered yes. That's where graduated from back in 2001. Long time ago only gets further. Longer ago as we move throughout. Here course Connor frank camp played in that historic gold gymnasium at north high and I look that I seeded. There ignore this going to start playing they've been playing one game a year there are they going to do more. I think they haven't been playing one game though they have not OK I think they are going they are going to do or at least how regularly I don't think they've played any games in the field okay. Maybe one or two. I did score 43 points of the sophomore game that. Now how about that 73 days and just lit it up. I believe I Ellis play by play voice for some much Connor frank camp north games. I guess it. Back several years ago through the days I called some north games for the school district channel funk and those again what memories. The course I have some of those games on VHS tape anyway yeah well that's exciting thing that's the kind of course. Connor frank chances which kind of brings up the point that he's a guy that we've been watching play for when Nader seems like. But better part of eight years now a high school or college level. Yes it's kind of bizarre to think that this. Is now coming to an end we'll see what Connor does. Most Wichita State that you'll not be gay hometown hero. For very much longer left Wichita State it's a professional team the way. Which it's not that. Five of his seven baskets tonight or inside the arc and he was doing a pretty masterful job driving to the rim of and getting the shot he wanted and it when he has. When he finds that small crease and can get to the rim it's pretty interesting to watch because he's not the biggest guy on the floor. He's not the quickest guy on the floor but boy is he savvy when he gets into that mode. He's got moves that defeat figures out that he had can be more personal. Maybe get himself to malign a couple times kids. Think it really hasn't taken many free throws not just this year but. Throughout his career he's below 100 well below 100 over that four year career so he he didn't get the line. And maybe get to the basket do that he opened up a lot of things not just for himself but for the entire office. And Jeff but you know who almost got a double double tonight with Shaq Boris I kind of he kind of headache. I don't know by safety. It almost seems like he hit a quiet nine rebounds as its theme a little bit of more quiet night or are we starting be used to shack that must go on after the Baltimore. That must be part of it but Cotter that's a big baskets late hit that a little bit of the shine off the Duffy probably had his best game. And and CJ Kaiser played well so. Shaquille horses 25 room were able to. Not as standout maybe as much as they normally would have been nine rebounds which continues his trend of rebound the ball very well. 8691037. As our phone number soccer locker room know. That in Geoff here at twin peaks back to the phone lines for Dick's go ahead Dick you're on the show. They were taken my ball. Nine. Tomorrow. X the best news I've heard. I was gonna make a lot of stuff that they. A very you know. Honor. Really really the it was. He'd find out who read between two defenders. And he pulled up for a little or or. Yes it yet for an idol. And no turnovers and they'll. You know I haven't. It. With the with a record a couple of where. Off the opposite. You know on him but he a couple of bad. And it felt like you know. Don't wanna go down that road and and and and Connor the thick mop ever needed. And actually him as part though you know. Or feeding gained some people would start. Rumble little bit about me. But I Latin. In my. Yeah. They expect you to appreciate it. Theory that one turnover united foul trouble that kind of got to have a little bit. But he played a good game make some big shots and then scored ten points with a double figures he's become pretty reliable that these. The big game. A few weeks ago and then subsequently moving into the starting line. Austin Ries four of six shooting tonight and Dick also brought up. You know they did the key numbers on. Connor frank camp handling the basketball four assists zero turnovers. Connors assist to turnover ratio is insane it jazz. Tonight if we add tonight's totals now on a season Connor has 59. As this eight turnovers. It's pretty ridiculous that's almost 821 at seven and a half to wow well that's that's pretty unheard. And it just never turned the follow now and denied he had chances to do you yeah. Out of lead the perimeter oriented guy passes around the perimeter. Does it take too many risks which which is a good thing ultimately but tonight got into the lane did some more risky things. Took more chances. And still no turnovers and force this pretty flawless game for comment for him if you're adding you know. Good stuff tonight in soccer victory Wichita State over two lane in 9386. Shots. Wind at their 22 game of the season now 22 and five overall. And Wichita State wins it's only scheduled matchup this year against Tulane in the regular season. As though which is tossed it only has one home game left Sunday march 4 against Cincinnati back to back road games between now and then. Soccer's act as to be on Saturday. And and Central Florida a week from tomorrow. Stocks when it tonight 9386. To edit Geoff here at twin peaks that when he first and rock 8691037. As our phone number. Our studio engineers and drew heavily to be glad to take your phone calls the ring him up at 8691037. Back soon twin peaks after this on a 103 point 78 EU wide and now. 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Stance on the shocker locker room so instead of the sports editor Jeffrey Luther here tonight we are at twin peaks and he's Wichita when he first and Barack road. And Jeff if you know we get snowed in here we'll just stick with the end. The 31 point seven degree ice cold fear could be worth as which will you ordered to do with a man size mud if you found that he does gold mark. Those rumors about the they're by the children listen I might be stretching the truth on this. Shocked when it nine B 386 over Tulane. 8691037. Our phone number tonight the shocker locker room known. And Connor frank baptize his career high with eighteen points tonight. Jack Morris ties his career high with 25 points tonight and CJ Kaiser sets his new career high with. Eleven points on the night in nineteen minutes including seven of seven at the free throw line. As the Sox get the win over Tulane 9386. In case anyone's listening for whether postponement. For their schools Wichita no school may have. Goddard those were the ones I've seen so far I'm sure the food and dale from the world of campers and valley thinner will be quick to follow but at least three so positive that it. Thank you for the update yeah it's interesting to follow up up. The latest information. As the weather is yeah its. It's spitting out there and it's expected to continue all night long and now with subfreezing temperatures it's travels already little Dicey and it will not get any better as the not a lot as well call off Friday to our added there was no school my daughter. Monday day. There really a Thursday and Friday. This is. Let's go. The Sox got the win tonight over Tulane 93860. Jeff only three games remain in the regular season. At SMU's the next one on Saturday and I guess we go back to the previous meeting between these two back in January 17 when. As an opinion or to Wichita and forced the doctors had that really long. Winning streak ARCO Arena of math does as a new kind of came here and take this doctors that day in multiple wake up call I'm sure Wichita State would love you little payback on Saturday. Yet two totally. Different directions these teams are going now Wichita State obviously up as a mute down they haven't won since then shake Milton. Was without injured with that hand. For several games I don't know what his status is it seems like he's been close. To return entity we keep thinking hey you have a back next game and it still hasn't hasn't hasn't so maybe this is more serious injury that initially. Bob and if he's on the floor you certainly it's going to be a challenge if not. We'll have much less of a challenge with SMU to do without him has not got anything going so far. But that's a next up for the shot at SMU's Saturday that is a 1 o'clock games so Mike Kennedy and Bobble hole will be on the air from Dallas. The pregame show beginning at noon a the game will ought tip off at 1 o'clock. That's all right here I'm 103 point seven KEY AM. And I believe Jeffrey you'll be joining me from the locker room show that afternoon I will be aired this festive after so now we'll start sometime after 330 taking your phone calls on Saturday afternoon come on by Sears and join us here at twin peaks at when he first and rock. I will be all right in you know close to dinnertime and would Hayward here. And who do a note to Mike joy as well as we may never really didn't Jeff for dinner. 31 point seven blocks of ice beer can and it's fantastic. We'll do it and that day will glad we'll be glad to have you along what has come see us on Saturday afternoon for our next matchup for the shocker locker room shows shocks at. At SMU on Saturday. 1 PM tip off here on KE wine and wanna thank all our oh. Want to thank our colors are closer to win we want to thank our studio engineer Andrew gambling for all his work and a but the locker and so on and we thanked him for his help he's been invaluable. This season it is going you had no value. I no I did not say. We love support and I misquote the word invaluable now that your ride that is I'd just like it is cute McDonald's next week gap thank you I was that was me being injured. Shots when it tonight 96835. Soccer or in double figures 25 points nine rebounds for Jack Boris. Eighteen points for Connor frank camp. Fifteen points off the bench for markets McDuff beat. Career high eleven points for CJ Kaiser off the man's Austin reed also added ten points for the doctors tonight. In a seven point win in the first ever meeting in men's basketball league soccer's and the green wave as they are new conference opponents. When facing each other from now on soccer's ranked number twelve nation now 22 and five overall swelled and thirty. In the American athletic conference standings with three games to go in the regular season. Thanks for being witnessed tonight on the soccer locker room show wherever you're at destination maybe tonight or tomorrow. At least travel safely NB what is next time when we have soccer basketball Saturday afternoon as Wichita State visits. I am used that'll do it tonight for soccer basketball coverage. For my partner Jeffrey Lewis this is at their sport said thanks for rain what is tonight for soccer basketball won all three point seven. KEY and good night. Listen for the Wichita university locker room Giles after he shocker basketball game on 103 point evident. Why we thought. Yeah. Screen isn't right around the corner. And there's no better place to get prepared any outdoor living in landscape chill.