WSU Men's Basketball vs Temple 03-09-18

Friday, March 9th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Temple: W 89-81

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One opens in yeah. Shocker. 103 point 7 pay you why am praying for. There's some points in the diners. Good evening love got new Orlando Florida the Amway center at this year's American athletic conference postseason tournament presented by aaron's. I'd like Kevin alongside both saved all and Bob hall or this postseason event of these gentlemen have been with me throughout the year we'll be side by side through out now with more along the post season goes it's not that this season. Wichita State comes into tonight's game and that's been seen in the tournament point 46 on year. Ranked eleventh in the latest Associated Press poll. Example aids somewhat surprising seventeen and fourteen it was the seventh seed for the tournament after finishing eighth. At the conference season. They won a game from Tulane last night 8277. That went back and forth right down to the wire. That they are achieved despite their overall record edit output down season. That have been an extreme nemesis for Wichita State this year at a attackers one of their four conference losses are overtime in Philadelphia. And has been down by fourteen at halftime and what if not scoring 56 points. In the first half so guys this is truly one of the hardest teams to figure out not just in this league but in all of college basketball and sometimes it has to do with match up and. And how people figure into one another. Wichita State in the inside people have played well against this ball club but. Temple has very good perimeter players and they've got some wind from the perimeter players and as a result they've been able to hold their own against Wichita State. You know they've lost four of their last six games like it was thought by looking at the two shots per game. They've they've played really really well they look like one of the top three or four teams in the league. In the shocker fees the game at Philadelphia. Was that an overtime game that would. Very close threw out. Shocker didn't shoot well that were one for fourteen. Feet from three point in the second half and overtime. And in the game. It switched off. It was quite a game because shoppers got down fourteen kept it out and hit eleven of fifteen. Three quarters effort to have got the shock wave down and shocked that a furious comeback credit card that happened. Got to shoppers crowded through it. And that was one of the most fun game of the season I thought guys because it was a comeback victory the crowd was huge back in the game. And careful and really really played well chuck it if we're lucky immediately went to which does it could have played very well to beat this team tonight I thought last night that they were fortunate to beat Tulane who tooling around them a little bit. Too long but today it's just how capable they are. The problem with this team's chances are just not very deep they played seven guys eight guys they think Democrats at least the minutes last night and I just think it's to Wear on them today just like yes and you had problems in the second half of the game with Cincinnati just ran out of steam. If you haven't been following that turned him closely all of the games but want have been pretty darn close SM UB UConn last night here yesterday to 73. Memphis over US that's 7977. Temple beat Tulane 82 and 77 and all of those. We're basically won in two possession game for most of the second half. The only somewhat one sided gave way as you see yes fourteenth. Point lead over ECU's 6652. And then today SF view it Cincinnati all it wanted to all the Muslims kind of ran out of gas late in the game that was 6151. Final Cincinnati. Advances in Tulsa an incredible finish also added a free throw to tie it with 3.2 seconds to go in regulation. Korean group and drove them wanting him to the others but a runner flying from just beyond the three point line as time expired at it nothing that. That's a three pointed that one at 6765. Foot tear dropped a little us into the flat shot it was really unbelievable shot. Going in past I've noticed. That teams have troubleshooting these guys read it because of the fact ground you know if you've ever. There's got streets that are being analyst a lot of feeds percentage really went down. When they started with McCain to play the conference tournament. It's love looking for that last night when I watched it definitely felt a feeling did it. If it wasn't it good to have an effect on because of what does that she actually shot 42%. From 38 of Nike camp we'll shut. 52%. From 311. When he wants self the bigger reason code did not affect simple at all last night. You know sometimes there's a problem with the number of fans behind you how deep the fans have to get perspectives. They're justice and anybody that sits in the end zone if this arena that seats are blue and I just don't think that that causes of visual depth perception problem for them maybe maybe that's why they shoot so well and. And it's nothing else it seems like some of the teams got off a little bit of a slow start but it just it pretty quickly as a shooting got better as the game loss. We have Al waiting patiently at Texas students join us on tonight shows no Al welcome and thanks for getting things started. Both pleasure always. Well. It is a couple things number one of the doctors have a tough call though. The third minute that goes or events predicted they'd add to that plate temple who I think they have them matchup problems with that that evidence out of her speed gain them. Then they would play Houston assuming you do in a bit late and added that. That it Greek team that of all the doctors that plate read Robert Gates. About the yet permit it up with the rapid. Conference tournament that I remember the doctors. And oh in the net the rotate in the great mark would you. I just sort of created whenever I'd be Darryl Willis and market the depth the line of the thing I'm. That is a little bit out of office players. And I don't like when we beat both the most important thing that will help golfer that that. Here's the Euro comment and let it be with you know. I found out not only one thing to keep in mind also not only would all three games theoretically teeth. Robert games of the season series all split. But all three teams at this doctors will potentially plight now if they get that far. Our quadrant one teams. In the RPI and therefore could help its doctors with a baby who beat up one seed line anyway by the end of this tournament temple. Is the number fourteen minute PI conference at 46 season was. What they're seventeen and fourteen record and so that. On a neutral court definitely plays in either at home that would have been a watch one game that definitely out and support that point one games of the factors. It I don't know how much you're seating could change at this stage of things final weekend excellent selection Sunday that. At least two chapters have a chance to get wins against very quality opponents it. Well and when you look at. What the ACC teams have to do I mean they're playing really really tough teams. At least two and usually three games in that turn him entering look at the big twelve and that's the exact same thing it's no different here with Wichita State in the AC. I think it's actually good depth and I think it sharpen them up they've beaten each of these teams and outspoken about. Once Simon and I think they're capable of beating them on on fourth. Floored just fine I'm in my money's on Wichita State. Though. I feel very comfortable with the fines them. Well I think tonight Al. Look foolish doctors she to really try to get them all sides I think shack it was really. Really carried the load. In the last game in which it off Shaq was ninth and there was nine elevenths you know played really well against temple last time now. And remember a market for Duffy played really well Aniston unit but he sticks with so you're gonna feel a the Willits out there together I think. One of the reasons that it is the newsroom starts though you know when went Gregg Marshall goes to a bench. You know what 456 minutes of the game goes to guys are both in the company itself. That's part of the reason you see them up at the same time because they're both the attention it just kind of worked out that way. Yeah there's some there's some interesting moments when they're out there it the plate maybe don't run as smoothly but. You you cannot denies that both of those guys are explosive offensively. And Al used the term helter skelter there is some truth is that what it. You know there that depends on the ninth some nights either or both of them are very much under control and been very effective and so it's not a it's not a consistent thing again and it certainly you have to look at it the opposite perspective that's what both of them are in there you have. To potentially very dangerous guys who both have linked that the ability to stretch the defense a lot of things. Against this team. Players inside will make it think big difference. Their perimeter defense is actually pretty attempt exists so Wichita State by going inside is able to capitalize on the bigger stronger players and that's gonna happen this evening. Darryl Willis has had just some magnificent ball games markets McDuff he's been inconsistent. But Wichita State is significantly better team when he's playing well moderately well. And I would expect him to have a reasonably determined. When they got to figure out the wishes that Shaq mean next checks or not yet 24 points in the game at temple he had 23 points. In the game against temple at home was not within itself. I would I would imagine their defense that in plant has a lot with a project works for apple I just don't see how they're gonna do with I don't think they just don't have the firepower and I don't think that that's captains aren't equipped that's inside and it might be able to do it. But Shaq really had his way with him out defensively surprise to me was defensively. They have Landry awful you scored what ten games tenant in one game twelve and another game. And he didn't eat open shots nearly as well so they were guarding the perimeter a little bit Austin had one very very good game against his team. But they were guarding the perimeter which opens up the big man underneath. I did you know gently encourage your phone calls and 86 night. 10378691037. Hearing code is 316. Add on Twitter you can reaches a snapshot of voices is the end press bank pregame show. That drives to the game wherever that may be instructive I can't slam tire and service are great tires and professional auto service are always. A slam dunk let's get back to the phones for that's. I doubt luck. We're ready world follow. To all of you there but he better. The players. Now we've made our mark or not. Quite I think good good good. You know. I think. It's. Gotten. Heard about it that we experience and war. I don't know how long. I don't feel like. I can't think of the player on what you thought they. Did you know I have a net he had a whopper or not apt. Topic they gave shortly close to a corolla. If they can continue that Arctic we haven't been good preemptive. Hopefully morning Nicole wearing. I would ask you a one question man now I know that respects the valley. But I if we head into a big year. With that saying. Record that we have now at or operative in the valley. Do you really think we would be considered for a four or possible three. Box or maybe eat them get to feeding into that permits so you have captain Thurman coach doc certainly not an effort. Well it hasn't worked out real well in recent years preceding chapters have one loss to conference play that of course. Losses this year all too high caliber teams that the losses they have on record itself. That's a little different SMU is the one that's now. Around a 10010. Yards to god that that was totally yeah see where soccer is played down and I think people. Even the people of the community recognize some of those things that's the only loss. If you go by whose ass and has now that could be considered a bad loss policy. Well I think what it's doing that is. It's strengthening Wichita State result when NCAA tournament problem which doesn't always play well -- tournament. I think what they're capable of doing the heat and the NCAA tournaments will be much better as fast. Well I think in short your answer to answer questions last question would now you know the feeding with Vietnam if they shocker that the loss. Four games of this very valley conference this season. Now there's these wealth that even if they get you don't if you might think that you might not get it if you had four losses this year in the valley. But I also remember that this year. They have really good nonconference wins you know wins and local state and Baylor who are really good we. Growth at Marquette went on a neutral force it to another team that's in the first four Nixon or out of most of the projections themselves. Yeah they had definitely had some good nonconference wins I will correct one thing if that dad said just a little bit that I can't think of anyone who's. Not a top of their game right now it's only two games but the last two Wichita State has shot 27%. From three's. 1244. And Connor friend camp and honest degrees our combined two for nineteen from three of those games they need at least one of those guys to get back on track tonight and it would be great ballclub brutal war. Her normal self vehemently Eric. Or that they better shoot well because I don't know how you shut campus down and it Campbell is so talented offensively they have so many weapons. You know even way which is also think she wealth. In Philadelphia. Yet the game winning shot he was over six from three with five. For 22. From the field. And they still be shocked if he's here he's the top score. He hit the game winner so. They got all kinds of weapons and they're all on the perimeter they spread you out there that are difficult couple. Temple. It doesn't do their very many things while I mean you look at statistically outrage. Stacked up against other teams. In the 88 seed they don't stack up very well there in the bottom were five and almost every statistical categories. But they're three point defense is very very and that's what's cause problems for Wichita State with star state as talk about later. Can't afford to turn the ball over against this club and it really was problematic which starts in Philadelphia. And the most important thing tonight is that they really low against shock exit and batch of delegates. We had all about it tonight. Botnet should shares Alston. I in the game in Philadelphia had a horrible shooting night. But he made two or three big shots at the end of all highly contested difficult shots it was six for ten with the field last night against his line. And Allen were called water to what I would call open shots he was makes it contested difficult shot with somebody you know but he hasn't been shooting well and it runs in the streets for him sometimes he's and sometimes he's not there yet and he hasn't mentioned the ball particularly well. But he make big shots and that's what you have to be careful what its with a guy like that with an attitude like that he wants the ball in his hands if the game's on the line. And if you don't you had nineteen last night he was 50743. Alston had 78. Assists. Quit rose who really ripped up the doctors in Wichita. Looked up at heart I'm covered. With you really played well we're only at night last night that Beckett the county itself. They got the heart of what you guys that argument. At night last night and he shot 313. That it registering at ten consecutive games in double figures that he averaged about seventeen games so. He won't have to those that are not sure he'll be on his that in two of his last three ball games rose who I think it's yeah players shot just under 26%. From the field. He struggles and gets hot and struggles and it's bodies of those types of players. Wichita State leads the nature to think every job for him as defaults on it and and that's the only and I think was one for war once and five from previous chapters in Philadelphia but he was four for seven what you tonight was 5% of their last night at that isn't what you are. As a game last night it's as she wondered too. You think he's never gonna bet he gets it really doesn't it just looks like he's the makers it's good for the start of the game with. But he it is for force. All three now under that. And really got that goal in the first and is a pretty good rebounder. Hopman heat he probably look at tonight's what's the NBA all self. But he likes to be a finesse player likes to be a perimeter player his game to be so much stronger feature deficit with him. Frame inside. He just as hesitant to do lets shoppers need to make sure they guard the perimeter we can't gallantly the last thing I thought you know it don't stand on his total when he gets what you got to guard him like shooting guard down like a big fans. It's too late with with playing off of him and he killed. Eddie Davis actors play gets 50% off your online order any Wichita area Papa John's logon Papa John's got comics use the promo code shocker fifty. Please see. Your shocker discount we have Ron with a phone call where all you leaders tonight have not getting any. On Twitter at at shocker voiceless figure from the at rise up next on the phone. Monitored he'll let you play and if that's Karl on the phone you're not thanking a while ago that collectively. U three guys that you want former manager. Been involved in college basketball world. Years. And we do what they are not in America and we feel like. Well I'm not here to earth yet you've got all look like through your at it or. Not I. Anyway aren't my questions. Actually. I've worked at least 230000. Well maybe many opinions about. The group we can't see me. I would you've got to question your opinions. About it during the listeners. I got a little bit and thank you. I'm Ron. They're actually Canada. Few different aspects to con his defense and I think he does a good job. Most of the time that staying in front of his hands quick he let the couple things that he does very well on defense we've we've mentioned this before I don't know that I've ever seen anybody. Have his buddies deals. Or he's just to step for snow off the man he's guarding. And we'll just go off to pick a pass right out of the year after the guy throws at you it's great anticipation. But it's not his feet. Where he's at a disadvantage. Is too small and guys and taking down the blade area and shoot over him and he's he's not as strong as some of the bigger people that he's starting seldom drive it some time so. Against certain players gears a little bit of a liability is because of the advantage they have it's nice to. Well I think two things Mike I think the ones Wednesday taking down low it's a little bit more difficult as it is for anybody that's excellent one. When they pick and roll and is often a bigger guy it's a little bit more difficult for him but. If he couldn't play defense he wouldn't be getting 23 point four minutes of all of it got Gregg Marshall wouldn't play him. They thought that his defense was a little deficient when he first came in here Marshall who said repeatedly that he's very happy with his defense. I mean for heaven's sakes he's tied for first in the team in steals and that's pretty darn impressive work at the sixth don't want. And played some very quick political people he hardly ever gets beat on the cross over or anything like that so his defense of skills are more than adequate. Yeah counter. You know he's. Definitely improved a lot defensively I think if it is used for years he's been here that which does state in the Gregg Marshall system but. You know let's face that's not his strength his strength is shooting his strength is their handling the ball without turning it over time he does his heels but. You know. Yeah that's that's not his strength of the defense and and I thought I would see tonight. He's going to be either on Josh Brown as a sixth street senior lefties and point guard him he's going to be on. Russia's Alston a 64 shooting guard. They have I would I would. I would bet that different Daffy has its isolate. Those guys on Connor Franken would try to take it from take advantage of that matchup so look for that the knights of the shocker players are gonna have to help them when they've they've taken down the fools. Then that we side defenders to net it is here and help Connor Protestant have to throw that otherwise would shoot she's over the top 561. Guarding guys. Or six threes exports if people have talked all year about well Wichita State is as good defensively is that your city. And I think that's true they're not as good as they used to be at least on the perimeter I think that's out there interior defense is actually pretty dead. But they're three point defense the tenth in the conference that's not particularly good that we face a lot of good three point shooters but. I've said to a couple of people. There is no guards on this team no guard on this team in my opinion that was as good defensively as Fred Bentley no guard on this team. Was as good defensively as Ron baker no guard on this team was as good defensively. As detailed cotton. What you can't expect this team. To compare with those kinds of players you can expect them to be better. And I think that they're adequate defenders on the perimeter I think they're pretty darn good defenders in the interior. But remember. Fred and Ron hill where guard guys that ballot generally there's not guys honestly. You know I think it would have a harder time guards got this live Q because that counted them much better. And and also remember. You know if it Connors a little weak defensively members. They got to guard him do that it what you got to do Conner on the floor you wash your defeats they have sign guys do you know they have a guy on him he doesn't leave him. Because they don't want him not at three or four threes. So what that this is the screws up the other team's defense they're healthy is that one guy's got to know we're not a result time. And I weird. Some sleet snow. They're similar to those who have close. But it always hears the shot you're stepping back office. The floor to complete their warmup sent we will keep that plug the interest banks pregame show from Orlando in the AC turns. It's time to go inside the numbers for each Katie CPAs and advisors. 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You know it's interesting to look around this is yet to see how many soccer fans are here we didn't have any idea how it might have even the athletic department. Weren't sincerely doubt that you haven't yet their allotment of tickets they have sold that. There are people don't live down here we just met for people last night that live down here a lot of ladies graduated from Wichita State loosens all the time and they were here at last night's game it is not that is the fear osu was part of the shocker. A final four team in 1965. Who was from Florida originally is was down hero in his life. And so you don't know how many. Bands from the area are here English soccer fans plus a lot of people they've tripped up on their own residents through some actually drive the charter buses. That's something that black and president and they're gonna think disagreed black holes there's there's chuck prince the programs. Annika has spread out through an entire Rita which actually can get more of an affected cheering him that a smaller numbers in politics. Temple had very few fans from last night I wouldn't. Any work stand here today than they did last night in every section in this arena. There are more Wichita State stands than there are any other fans in every section and I think it is going to get stronger as we get closer to each time. And it's gonna get stronger and stronger the closer we get to which it's not upcoming gears and sister next year it's Memphis that three years after that. Wolf he would Fort Worth so it's easy easier access certainly for shocker fifth we have John on the phone is that correct. John thanks for joining us. Yeah. Using. Oh. The net gain. McCain. We cannot do believe it have been. Hold on now. That there aren't effective use of the it won't be in orbit when the group. With that because as you go home game. If there. Where. It was. I think like them who owns well. Well who was. More. That this is this case it's who is the does he like there's this differences. There would review that was due. We had a good record we're listening here. Him or if they're they're they're around 11. This is the way. What does this little whether. We're not. So there are hearing period the war in. I won't tell you while we will rule. A particular coach farm out cause Larry is here again we are doing where it didn't work but if it was built. Now who. Oh. How about the double. We'll review it. If there with those you're a little. The one of them right there and go. Well I don't rightly you'll be never thought. That experience player in the theory is that officers there weren't you're not a problem principles. Of itself out of there. That ability there wouldn't write me here they are there. But the quote there is due. Food or because if there's. But there that we both know what that line is that war right. The although he. Well John you're right about one thing you have to pick up that I disagree with the I disagree with you vehemently of that calling time out and not expressed that on Twitter someone else's. What you call a time about this situation like that you allowed the other team. They have a chance to set its defense that you're talking about one of the best defensive teams in the country. And your analysis that they thrive on one on one defensive. Play. They are a great defensive team and they play great team defense help defense every aspect of defense. Did you not see every time somebody tried to go to the basket to end three guys. Flight data to challenge the shot it's it was not one on one defense and everybody just as your own man. You think they didn't know. If Wichita State's two best options relentless sham that make it fly off the dribble or Shaquille Boris sketch of the ball on the block any historic you're getting out those were the two things they sure it was going to take away. Bob I'll let you love it's found dog bit the play before that Landry took the shot it and Cumberland who was guarding. Conor even over health and to to not let let me get a good. Yeah I think that what they had a timeout before. That's sixty seconds it yet because of the free throw it in this time. The so they had to lake golf there and I asked Landry about it. And he said it was a it was a Wall Street. Jack three flats creature from Landry. And then he was close to create. And look for a pull up jumper looks at the basket. I'll look for Shaq rolling popping in and look for potter in the right order. So he had he had. Three options there three or four options there and I answered did you get file we'll have faith that no hiding if value physically good defense. I thought. You know probably play good looks at the video. He probably over penetrated shipping ship pulled effort jumper. Because he had a half step on a guy. Or he should think that the Connor thought that compromise over health. Inside it Connor was wide open we stand there with his hands out. I think he probably shouldn't this be content for the shot here that is that a ticket to the basket but. Hey you've got to make a split second decisions that he write he was try to make a play. He was trying to draw a foul. This that a rip freeze for I I don't know if they were gonna call solid in his game because if they were colony thousands of really slow whistle. So you know it's hard criticized lately because it is with second place if you have made the shot he's been a hero you know but I thought Connor was open probably should have passed it. Then they knew what out of bounds play they wanted to run they had that holds two he hates. So. That's that's the reason that Marshall they call a timeout before being out of bounds play on the baseline because they do what play they wanted to run. They wanted to isolate Conner on a big man in the corner they got that added there was that play really well. Because. Boris caught the ball too closely Connor. Annually through the Conner of course being was too close to so I don't know almost had a guy and a half on it. So all. It driving option wasn't there are so. Yet could their brother plays better yeah sure John I'm sure they that are. Definitely I'm not sure timeout would have made it. Different and I don't have any problem with Cotter taking that shot if you don't recall he was the one it'd just make the big shots that got them within one. Previous trip down the floor and you have to have a guy that doesn't mind putting itself in a position. Frank answers many many good shots. And I as you said Buckley was already all so you don't take your time now. To give the defense an opportunity to set the defense by the way which is one of the best defenses in the country and at eight votes. Set that defense who was just voted coach of the year. And in one of the services as well so. If things don't work out well. Always second guess but I just believe that coach Parcells got word is on certain classes of theories and in ways that we thing Austin and it seems reasonable in the I would have been shocked that while the thought about it don't let. If the rebound you talk about Willis got uses writing and it you know you're gonna have to ask Harold Willis with. Question John because. Why is that right and it worked on a lot this summer in the offseason awful it's a softer or on all the time. Because he definitely gets overplayed. Through his left hand. Obviously in the heat of the game he's comfortable going left that's a goes. I'd I don't think it would help him on that last rebound what's that about ten times on the video. That night in the next day when he got that rebound convert it did a good job of golf with him as he was coming down and Carroll was off balance. And he was worried about rattling. He came down AppleTV drivel just to get his feet history but when he hit that Cumberland bumped him on the way down and he got behind the backboard. And heat I don't Dickie and Dewey was fine the fact that he went up like he had a shot that you did he would have had to reach back with his right hand jobs right yet issue right into it. Let the government do that could double fault but it underneath backcourt that indicates straight up now I'd audience you know it's a good shot with his right hand some heat on the fastest that. They don't have been almost impossible if it may drop out there's not a with them. All right Twitter question. How is temples helpless and a couple of guys that down last Saturday at full strength. I thought when we saw JJ Borbon goes down last night that he was done if he could including late on its EF three missed it that was in the last visitors that game drove for a layup that landed awkwardly. And that somebody's last night's by the time the game was over he seemed to be walking off okay. Analysts I don't know what's funny is I think he's right side of this he's moving around just find out you're warming the fact that. Just had a little 360 dunk a moment ago it is necessary amounts I think they are are. At full strength you know there were a couple of guys unless that it looked pretty serious that it looks like they're all okay. All tickets for general issued yesterday simply Lola says it's on TV how proud of today it has a bit. Real well attended I think the best chance. Good crowd is that we UCF in Houston and I don't know how many people accuse divide abrupt enthusiasm like the home team here I'm not sure how many people they had to guess the later game last night also that statement at this. There aren't wave or Wichita State fancier than I anticipated. Shoppers have made tremendous show and. It's a long way to travel. It's very expensive. They don't promote this to the community like they did Saint Louis you're talking about. This turn of the food restaurants were executed basketball fan and he says Mike Evans I didn't even realize that the basketball tournament. Now there's nothing on the digital billboards nothing like that. So you don't get into the community to come out to these small gains they have to come from the schools and the other thing is just an interest because you've got about four or five. Pretty darn good season rescue teams just don't have much of chance. Jim Garrett mentioned Taylor Eldridge is nice article about hunter and I am sorry I haven't seen it yet so I can't come. Good articles I read that morning and preakness. Brian says I want to mention my Panasonic has your lifetime and execute shots they're visiting us as he stood and watched it atlas do you guys that's not thank you Brian McKnight Kathy. I would soccer's having one of the nation's best protocol records about not having it like it tournament. What was the last time the shots his last loss to the same team twice. It a year it was race in 2000 team. It's not just the regular season series and it lost to them in the championship game of the conference tournament and have gone on to. To get to the final four day here but I'm I'm just certain. After straight left the league didn't lose to anybody twice this season the last of these. All right I'll we will take one last quick break here come back to see what else we have to answer and the yet to Mike's phone calls wells and not Michael your right now. Wanna have a little fun to watch our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by a war. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mosque Alan Acosta in valley center and eat corn and over what lawyer. WS shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YN. Look at back to the address that's pregame show us please wrap things up on this show. That question to her freshman class at about five points this year how the world they've replaced Chad Watson is chancellor next year but they're out there recruiting potential replacements have. He could find. Innocent but I like just guard the guard we don't know how good he could potentially speed he hasn't gotten much playing time this year because there are so many seniors had a they've been so. It's kind of hard to judge his performance based on that itself. It's going to be hard at me trust me it's going to be really hard to replace all the guys that this team loses its gonna be a little bit of a struggle early next year for sure. But he's got to trust in this group and their ability to a lot victory quality players and at that level of recruits gonna keep going up as the shot feature in this league. Supposedly the best recruiting class coming in that Greg Marshall has ever had hands. Yes it's going to be difficult to replace players like that it won't be too hard to replace Shaq is a freshman. As he was when he was a freshman and even part of his sophomore year. But he just evolved into an excellent player. I don't know what that means in terms of wins and losses next year and I'm sure that it Gregg Marshall squad will still be content and steer it. It's going to be tough. With with not that young players. But at you've got respect. And two yard catch. TJ Kaiser I think it's definitely. And play a lot of cute guard or he played that even if it looked at them back thickly even before the play with Duffy is the threat for. Yeah dead they're gonna have to find the guys it's not or artist Mikey when it. But the guys that it. But got to find that five man but it doesn't get a good look at it read it do it that's fine a point guard it if you haven't those throws a lot of they say the kit from Memphis. Let's might be that might it's moments like these guys that. Now I can't thank you to Sasha who corrected my recollection as I was just going up but my guess which a state did lose to northern Iowa twice. In 2016. And Cedar Falls. The first meeting might nineteen. And in northern Iowa came in and broke the shocker 42 game home winning streak that year by three points and beat these doctors in overtime. In the semi finals of the conference tournament it's a little bit of its yes thanks for that but anyway I watched at least least we've got to correct now it was alleged plot strategy and that's at Booth graphic. All right and we'll closes out the call for Mike Mike thanks for being patient. There might bump that might call it. Ask you about the proper honors that we're now this week you know with the exception. Landry it and should not making a first team all conference team. It's my finest this story aren't being an outfit like we got not only for your answer snipes. You know. I can't really argue too much with with an eight theaters election I was really pleased to Shaq and Landry both got first team because their credit only the coaches vote in this league and could have been some resentment about all the build up Wichita State got so I thought it showed those two guys really hear a lot of respect from the other coaches. Coach of the year. My issues there was. You know Kelvin Sampson obviously did a great job they were picked sixth time this doctors for second. That although Cincinnati was picked to win it it was a very narrow margin over which it by state. It read only with some other top twenty teams that won the league by two games I don't think it's an accountant coach of the year my. Yes that's that's not an unreasonable thing and I was not surprised all of the specialty teams and all of the all conference teams and things like that. I felt really gratified with a statement at the players unified command close to an all conference. What's the status right well we've yet to play at Cincinnati on the evidence against parliament's. And yet she's not done in Atlanta and in fact. Then I think the other honors the coach is not a threat about a fifty business etiquette you guys. I think that these guys Lucy. So maybe that's why some of those that are around a little bit but I was not gonna bark out of the back the body. We cut health and the difficulty here I thought well it. Thank they both did a fantastic job obviously. And as far as player of the year I think if the soccer with them last night and I feel resolutely. So. I think that Clark is certainly. I think the third fifth all right. 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Took it off and get this thing go and yeah we. And. Wednesday. And yesterday we practiced. And today we shot around practice or Wednesday as well we have an early morning flights have been a while. Their feet on the ground is ready to go in down played good Templeton. Usually if these kinds of situations and as many games yet to find another facility to practice if you guys had any time in this building now. Yeah we had twenty minutes shoot here this morning and we utilized that I think we've worked from like the 429 o'clock so. Along days since there. Temple one of the Jekyll Hud chuckle and I teams in college basketball this season but whatever there's statistical and is tied or guesses we've seen a couple of times and probably expect the senate. This idea Goodwin. That's the one missing here we have not seen chuckle out like either the temple jackal tonight. There are tremendous when we play him on so maybe that's us and we played better but gosh they shoot the ball guys that don't normally shoot it. I think kept Perry has fourteen threes on the year he had against us in one game. You know which they got tremendous scorers the Haram with which is Alston. And oh the a ruse. That they're just a very talented team great coach. And and we seem to bring out the best of them too wonderful gains so. We lost in overtime in game kind of gave away at their place and then they kind of gave one way or where we just snatched from them at our place so. Both both games a team that was in the lead at half timers are kind of in control things ended up losing. Anything from those two games it maybe feel like you picked up little couple adjustments you can make here there after having played them once while it. You know we we've talked our guys we've watched the film we've got a fuel. Wrinkles but what we're doing is is and is the right thing we believe we just got executed to perfection. They had to play last night dead any feelings on your part about the advantages and disadvantages that team may be getting some jitters out of the latest and maybe also some fatigue coming in by a second game. You never know I mean that's that's that's 4000 dollar question if you know we gonna build it. Rodham did in the second half and maybe their legs Wear out a little bit because they get played last night or. That him being comfortable now because they didn't start out very well they were missed a lot of shots early yesterday but in the second half they started getting to go so maybe. That familiarity with the court in the surroundings is gonna help them. A check checkered coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State and temple coming up from the AC tournament in Atlanta. 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Gregg Marshall has a full day game practice is preparation. Then there's his second job recruiting. That means trampled. He couldn't do it without executive air shared the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for. He can scout recruit. Indeed thank the same night ratings are his next busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shocker to learn more and exact air shared dot com. Welcome in the midwest he has served determine who gets it taken care of. It's. You're all separated yeah. There are some apartment here midwest hit with convenient hours Monday through Saturday. Here's what you need here and west he would. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains firm Hartings Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. He is in yeah. Every shot her. 03 point 71. Yeah. Break. Okay. Okay. The. I. Soccer basketball ban flag and National Anthem mandate. Mostly shocker crowd singing along welcome back to Orlando the winning strategies that ratchet back capitol federal. First don't do laundry and all you can trust the strength behind the financing. Capitol federal housing lenders members. FDIC. It might detonate it sir thank you Michael thumb see very quick once he is ready to launch into the games at first of all. Temples regardless of fallen off at risk it's not a very good redundancies. Soccer's outrebounded them by nine. In previous games and Wichita State however even though yeah. Eight AC there just outrebounded its opponents by some point three rebounds a game for the last five games. Since outrebounded by nine platform yeah and they've been fine as well and for the last five games. When he stretched numbers. I think with the states instead have to run this team might. Have to do. Play a little bit of race course basketball but at the controls both games against the squad. Were very high scoring games but simple. Plays eight players wreath laid at least 33 minutes last night. Growth late in the distance when he nine minutes I just don't think that's going to be able to get through eight minutes without. It's a winning strategy number three. Temples and touch flexibility. Without its race to. It's not a very good Saturday teeth it gets through 44 point 4% last night but 37 point 5% in the last five ball games. They're not attending the conference and field gold percentage at Wichita State is pretty good defensive teams at least inside the green itself. Look at Wichita State to keep that field goal percentage. Were trampled down. But he strategy before. Turtle was really really critical. To defense. Well there. They're down and dirty with temple what they did was they create some turnovers and they take advantage of those turnovers being Wichita State in Philadelphia. They outscored the soccer's sixteenth to seventeen points off turnovers. Wichita State needs to take care of the basketball. They can turn it over and give some. Easy baskets and finally. Free throws at a critical as. Well Hartnell. I injury report brought here by I realize your life your journeys. We are optimal yield nothing for Wichita State court temple had a couple of guys go down in last night's game those specifically JJ orbit of freshmen who's been kind of there. Seventh man off the bat but thank you seem to be just fine efforts listing day driving. For a lay out. Starting lineups for example at the Wichita State brought you fly equity bank where you never tape and AT&T be sure this is an on line of equity bank. Does not just for the visiting team the seventh seed in the tournament threat ferry uniform with white letters and numbers. Their head coach Fran don't think in his twelfth year over his career at temple 21 at twelve averaged over eleven previous season this year they are seventeen and Ortiz. Eight and CNN. CAAC. Thought they and that's the only unit six juicy here from Springfield Virginia eleven point six points per game shooting almost 36. Percent. Guys ran a solid sixth or fifth here's senior point guard the with the new York New Jersey three point eight points brigades 3.4 assists since Alston junior six Schwarzenegger and Philadelphia at thirteen point two points per game but I. Lisa. Went to Lowe's the only example flared again and they all legal owners it is honorable mention all conference insisting sophomore run since north. Averages fourteen point seven points for games at ratting out the starters vs AFLAC C six kids. Access products. Florida have points brigade and four rebounds and a game. What's it just days since it's going to be a flooding for 600 years sports in this sport you see their eleventh here. Under head coach Gregg Marshall starts telling us the sources here. So I'd like to play. Forgave a team waited seven point four rebounds sex around 66 seed here. Texas four point nine points per game. Landry sham and a 64 redshirt sophomore from Kansas City, Missouri fourteen point six points per game five point two assists shooting 44%. From. Grief she killed Morris 68 bit here's senior from Edmond Oklahoma averaging fourteen point two points per game. And it's not afraid camp for six months if you're seeing here for what it's not north. Averaging ten point two points per game they DA's final thought the floor which if this were not here at camp. Lately that well I greatly activity that could be done anything to be very very important he would give canceled second shot at advanced through that office please note. Soccer gonna have played really solid defense it out of the flip that are covered these guys and it makes them blocked off. Not thought will be that's good news and that's not soccer fans from. It was soccer's. The official launch party locations Tito's militants were. Southeast corner for the first and let them by doing what worries the chancellor's great prizes. Courtesy of Eisenhower national airport Hannity doesn't look networks. According location or soccer basketball. Officials here are tonight's game final test firing Jarrett and Jose periodic oral yes. Lots of not to get the argument basically embarrassing. You have to be at least 2000 soccer fans here right now. Honestly forests of Haifa right elbow guard and flat out for. Telling it like it. How many games start at exact same. Play an awful lot and they know that family. You don't expect him to piece and I thought that this way you don't expect a big man like that with you asked when he passed it was quite perfectly authorities did not get but he separated from mr. not now. Over the program. It's. Athletes actors can only try to make it three. And three is that's a good sign. So it's hard Cali only age fifty. Was it for instance here but it makes its. Last night cited instances. I flipped around for itself out of my friend's hair cut but lost the high explosive. Flak he's confident that I'll hand it back around soft Wall Street picked up at 4 o'clock fuels the basket has done a fellow Atlantans stand it. And save percentage play from the standpoint that if black is not nearly as get a free throw shooters is likely to score might not yet but it does particularly. It it. Wichita State like. Has the book out on them they are slow and once they got double life. And that's three putts will drop down. If something broke and somebody. And I found. Like these are free throws Berkeley is 48 point 7%. Throw line shot 39 free throws. 31 games is not used to it now. They've the first. Kelly. It's night spots. It and both incidents it's great to Wichita State full court pressure by example that is man richer for it can't it's added it's evident that samples like it's not there's enough pressure initially advanced test and backing off a little once it's in Canada for slightly divorced since I got three Phillies last night round. Act holding it for the moment. Morris and it's reflected stolen by Clinton I was announced that reflecting back through those right wing of the upper cut off the baseline floated up there's that prevents. Course that that would help on that. Defense conflict roads and can't thank him for all the way down a theory that those yes definitely it's definitely all the way and let water around this very Vista are back on it rebounds and more recently it's and the Cali left wing spring camp left slot round. Not right and it. That's what's rightly execute flawlessly on that is not a lot of them as swiftly Roth. Conference in its history it's not good. Not happen. The ball movement is Frist Mike hits. Can't sit in a position where you can see all of you receive fast. Really really sixes but it's not a state also try to take fifty dollars head off I should definitely not for us in the next you know I'd like Kelly. Take the dribble handoff goes to dramatically except for the few who alerted government wanted to let you know you pull up jumper is off the edge of the back. What about Kelly was charged with absolutely floored samples actually keeps his dribble going and it drives like normally but put up off the glass of business. Strong right to just a little heart out decided to clinical validity of that very aggressive don't love this significant since death squad holds the rights of the they're instantly guys that love to cut my fluorescent just lets the ball deflected out of bounds like Shaquille wars that state examples. 1748. To go first with the state 36. Lead. Three point play virus. That's good that's you know right away. Ross got a lot for its traffic is their publicity that's kind of backed down. Frank cancer drugs knows that's not Alston pulls up now circled a seventy footer this. Is also making history Saturday night six for Wichita State falls to erratic as a shooter on that your overall shooting 39 point 8% of the six that stand last night. Champ but at different collectibles that rightly regarded by ground right block or it's just awful line got a plan of black wheels aligned lefthanded it's not a little short. We've got deflects I'd say by Kelly at the chancellor's the first offensive rebounds and Kelly you have to just over three game. Morris and I'll talk with the ball way too hard on the back kept alive by brown that he was the last one that's it for those out of like. That's the way with the state is going after the rebound that's that's the CDs office of the land these three point shot might that he settled down its benefits. For some reason that gets their bodies. Dot and I think that's some reluctance. Well definitely the threat portals that lets the Florida Clinton wrote a sort of background that's left fires that theory in and out it again out again at the second outrebounded by Kelly. If you break it out himself has samples shadowing the potential outlets nests. Right wing ground not to Boras handed off to him actually left and right to the right side of the keys back out of the floor a little bit. Right baseline ground drives that. Lay out front. Granted that's a seductive that timeline. On it dribbles left except doubled to left plots of Boris mountain actually on your reaction from behind. And that's you don't get is a good shot blocker and it was this one point four blocks per game but he's not a is it is it and doesn't usually like to mix it up too much of it picks up the mountains that go to the man says they bring in the bluntly theory. And he gets in foul trouble like he's thinking about it lethal. Season. Jim doubles was definitely branch not faith ship for three got hit the front because. Better than at ground rather finish my thought around either get it they'll call the Atlantic makes his second train its ninth floor with us well let reflects. He must have been excellent depth. I was left side of the floor a couple of dribbles not not Boston's list jumper off of that. We've done in the air current trip by a flak even bush called against sampled. And it's not a flat. He's got to rebound because if it's not it's it's it's. Thirteenth. On sample at a time I don't want to succeed its not about just barely 1555. C. Which is just a sign examples or. State farm agent get what's important especially on game day. Hippy freak out. Watch some hopes to bring bring the red water bottles right here AMR rabbits with key chains Chris I'm your state farm agent thank help protect the things that really mattered you. Good luck charm if they're broke don't fix okay. 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If you're stuck in your low release listen if you're over your mild -- released upside down in your world or just one out of your car or new -- help you today but not least that we can Nissan all more or road producers anathema that threaten your own between if you knew some of moreover zero down to fewer than nine months after me they're not human performance fell 1800 new Newfoundland has always some Wichita about cup would prefer that they must report to. What can they feel perfection can prevent that you can own this place in the distance from the five people Jason won't confuse him. Shocker sport has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would need John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. TE YE a. Well one network season. The efforts bounce of the us. The announcement that one on which state early shooting numbers which does date at seven overall forty point 9%. A war for one of one line simple want a fine but feel old. Tree. And it made two free throws five rebounding edge with us states doctors at the games turnovers does well. And seriousness. That my Wichita State. It's the offices team in the conference on the season. They average. That's third in the nation. Actors him back out where it slightly different kinda practice. Now that ground otherwise grant can't finance and Boris. It rose judge branch Austin on here Anders a flak. For temple. The practice it. It started Ortiz got a double team work it's not about half court lobbed across the time line for us and send it right away it's Wall Street. Analysts credit bounce it back to Boras was excellent players and reflect the it knows it actually played the baseline. It's not well and that's the real problem. Worth temple scored with. For the last three months left. My incident of course that's a jumper and it rolls out its results for example want that support I was ticket to the basket that it definitely requires that left one to round up front Alston. Right side of scary that got brown. That's a good recovery at a transition it is enough to shut up ground Friday for apple up jumper that's not. Josh ground criticizes. Not afraid it's not. It's not ballplayer might be off that's nice nice steal. Six. States left side rough right side. Of the arts in the middle. Right now at the line issues that she never been afraid not to let it Friday. Let me finish refrain from beyond the arc. That is accurate it is it might elites while six. Whistle away from the vault now. And it looks like what are your. If the hunt for a fourfold. In the little areas that's his first well as a second. It's those in Cincinnati and at at a previously I'd know. Judge brown explain it and for example from the baseline and looking under for his hit coverage but it's not the ferry finally gets it. Not to accidentally got it he was just pushing this way if there he finally push for enhanced out of the way that position in the Atlantic with that it gets the basket. There's two for the month Rick Perry camp that is different markets and if I'm right back to shoot it quick three. Off the front that are in short this time rebounded temple it's definitely think it's which it's not things that happened when it was just wanted both games inside. Also for three from the top of the art rolls its eyes actually look like it's all eleven. Not stakes is also a fine examples for three point basket. And it penetrates writes it ranked entry to the right excellent well up seventy thought it was an hour. Now success cannot get a free throws he was hit at the air into my round actually this is also. Is this in golf you can actually make it to the free throw it does that give him. Fourth foul on temple with a fourteen elevenths. Boris is gonna come out and product Jews in France canceling it come out and appreciate this through if he makes it span. Austin east ready to commit forget free throw that he is still perfect. Growth all 33 it was a chance this year. Three point line is that he fits in three point plays and throwing things like baskets at least 1511. And for example Jackie yeah. It is seen in more success limit soft or Jackson Mississippi places deflect the merger that nothing sham that. You know Willis is an analyst agrees with it state systemic the only original starter right now six minutes it. Different sorts is almost as if his client golf France and got it my old legendary Harley got a loans aren't expected up let's just as a president announced that it it needed knowledge. Now the lob inside remorse is not a merger addict and all the talent search that's another. Firstly this off with a double triple military. And had a bad fall they're out there to present an out of control spin by Reuters. Granted it nurtured just held his program. Well see what happens. Behind you've got more on the streets on its excellent 3.5. Seasons. The bottom line and science to back to haunt. Them. Thirteen thousand staff retreat through his good yeah. He had a flat the end of mine now for three for three from the line two guys between midnight. 50% shoes while Moore has hit one of athletes since last August. That was sent it yet thought there. So therefore for four from the line as a team. And it now equipped rose checks out. And nearly six in that they clearly wanted to freshman athletes explore for played the pictures yet he's going to be a very good player for example. That's let me shift that's obviously to iTunes. Right. Drives it. The rightful owner agrees that if you should definitely if it's not to your Willis Darrell let's under the Florida smuggling attempt not to the streets right side Reeves. The surgery at the top of the art hospital appointment Nazi sincerity drive was tripped but upon repairing. Good shot fake got an area on its tip he tried to slide that Marcus and trustees of the hour theory it's his first in the fifteenth fell on temple. Yeah but it here so as I think I think fifty points. Five rebounds career highs both against Wichita State which itself not the seventh reasons for a 39 this. Willis driving less water goes up it's not a resident there found soccer's taking it aggressively whether it's a hard drive it was a big event. And let's go to the alliance for Jews we sadness. Free throws might be an influence factor Wichita State is second in the opposite free throw percentage seventy frequent side. I distant Knight is definitely a six point 8% of the mind. At their lowest rate freeze those factors are now three for three from the line as seen carelessness. Your. For a last Sunday against Cincinnati. And fourteen of nineteen of the last seven games 74%. Mentally and it's gonna get a free enterprise that is instantly that it's not that. Like at. And I unity soft war who has. Played it eighteen games previously. There was that the line. 68. Is that the kind of gross expo three. Backers for a for fourth line they lead at 1713. And hopefully it affords them volleyed very goes for a monster dot charges over the. Very elusive as it has taken all the way to go about it applauded as well why is there a bigger chance at a slam thing that I think you know it's hard for over Toronto here after drinking a big cheers as the soccer grad Natalie wanna they spectacular play decently and have confidence that. Picked up his second foul of the team's seventh. Right now he'll remain at 2003. Strains of that let's hear me. Luckily it goes there's nothing yet there that would levels within that advertising that was there lift clean replant part of it definitely on the way it bounces off the back her parents are fighting. Guys are fighting Willis gets out of his hands out of bounds say it was with us today. Good hustle on the offensive boards by both I don't hear accuracy. Perfectly he gets it yet one other man that's right at the rebound them now that frequently. Let's watch Maryland at eight more than in parts of Atlanta lawlessness not saying it's not the art but the advance you know these guys holes that the fifteenth short. It got deflected out say quietly Richard definitely defensive holding his left shoulder all the blocked reverse. Willis try to get him here at snake bite nurture. Over the Willis for fifteen and it out of it not that simple. Answers still hurting a little bit holding it since its older that he was the one that definitely got a lot out of. Willis physical gains 7013. With a dusting him off Alston has enough to. Grounds that it recognize that kind of let it slip into the right corner office of the Buckeyes. It was definitely got threats to Braun hit series. Obviously I thought crappy. That's the drive an office you cannot. Whether they let just about exactly about constantly. Away for a moment but Johnson recovers it's not having my school. Is the threat from north. Prices over right to left left edge of the keys that backfires and they figured that should've taken the shot and try to force and underneath that it was stolen by example. Rounds now Blaine gets back out front morbid shots with three down in the leg kicks it back out Austin. People that cannot simply sets. Policy dribbles right throws it up front orbits in a way to. Guys went down and they're gonna call the balance Kaiser who was kind of slipped through felt that he drafted revelers who went by it found. Civility and his first. And the team's fourth. Under twelve timeout at 1140 to go on the first half Wichita State seventeenth temple thirteen CAC quarterfinals. You always get a great ride on tires from camp that's why am tired and speak at a great ride what a fantastic ride it's been a big a part of Wichita State basketball this season. I think it was entirely understand that a great work ethic determination and commitment to success and he's compatible shot right is what it takes to build a W as you athletic legacy. At Kansas my entire we're proud to have been a small part of this year's Wichita state pride and accomplishment. Thanks to all you Wichita State fans everywhere would make it can display entire part of the shocker family. Fairways you call a time out of those expensive ATM fees. Oh wealth get wise when you banquet equity bank UK us. Which your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere fear its true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDI. Well no big box hi I'm ready to get an LG Forte TV delivered week all right let's get started of course every extra. You don't want to be hooked up that's not part of the deliver the fuel surcharge. Plus all of that plus innings are the them what mine my service fee that's charged. And he gave him. Mileage on the halftime. Deeply believed he. LT and cast your TV watch happy. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Alan Acosta in valley and are endangered or an Andover west's lawyer. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point 73. And news. And I stayed on the high enough. Fourteen from the it doesn't seem like it has spent about 835 point 7%. Of certain period of 43% fourth floor maligned they've had five more shots than temple. Because they've had four offensive rebounds that not simple for for nine from the field and prove. My Wichita State 85 on the boards they have since turnovers. Two examples one in the last few minutes which it's not state is only slips out from the field mice. They've grown cold they tax it looks. Up footballs at their front four LA by fort Kent and rightly apparently a threat to quit because forensic links that friends headed off mormons. Like to make a hands off it did not throws down the lane of traffic follow way almost partially blocked regardless of it's not state your own little players that are constantly. At ground got a thicker CF one that's not my nose short that a little bit out front Lewis shot fake drives it. Spins the way to get a call hole and it's right and then of course hold on David borer. And not even more his second thousand he did not great variant of the yet that's the only mystery. Temple's main big guys. All at 2008. Team thousands to 100 Errol Louis who has scored easily choose flights or on appeared free throws. And it briefly. He's vocalists 655. From the free throw line. Temple was four for four from the line and in the last ball game last night. Definitely 2329. Free throws one of the best outing of the season. 79 point 3% twice as many as they usually shoot free throw good but Lewis he's played all four of his shot this week my sixth 1913. Eleventh fifteenth of the military staff Josh friendly cadets and attacked the attackers our program works obviously didn't write it. Keeps his drivel going bounces threw us go to the white stuff. Don't let my standards of rates doctors have member's lob percent didn't know the likes. It's just a Sox fans by Santa beautiful assistant seasonably assists and slots you know Atlantic coast or back to hear Louise shot partially blocked scrambled the baseline out of bounds on simple. Defense transition play about this not yours and reflect on its own statements. I think that's what these guys right out of him might deflate some minutes last night. It's honestly claim that dance place which they formally with a spicy it's simple cabinets or throw us a little that. All the world has no it's it's certainly make the right it's carry on but because candidate for a almost impossible to see little theory that they could. It hits the ground that it is it clear under holed it for a second drop well and what they know. That's ridiculous don't give in the so called simple man on the right way yes grounds back to the middle. Fires Chrysler eerily. Actually the ground right elbow three point yet. Josh Brown. Very good players certainly has been against Wichita State he's averaged thirteen points gave it to previous meetings he's got 59. Habitable right down the line all the basket took a lot of contact us to the floor and he'll go to the line. Texas now Byron. Jarrett with the indicators. It's on Josh grounded his first. Team throughout the ship in the active shootings it's going to be two shots here fresh evidence shot physically in the double bonus on the next I was that lets him stand to go to the first then Josh Brown is not alien stranger. It's out of my he's found that three ball games this season averages. A little. Fouls and and it's free throw instead that gives him in the first half but mostly it is cheap and it's AFLAC C news back here. Temple of the post spots that David. Or does the event. Atlantic Shannon scored his points and twelve points against temple of the first two ball games against his squad. He has that are red. And Willis is out Boris back in addition actors. Good Santa. That was eleven disasters. Are eight for eight from the free throw line and he's obviously sixteen and its field back in the fall and now that's an indicator of trends. He would not critical need you there. Obstinate. And out. That's not the right way those guys it's not free throw line in the ground. It was left off the street and that's you know the right way naked and those that that theory tested and it rebounds. At fox. Like he gets through with us today. Across the time line left side. It's street. Exit to the middle outlined all the life throws the book missed it step by telling. Let's hit it. Iris are fairly recent and I play out as hotly anticipated in these stats that and it's it's. It's not a staff at the end zone putting lives stay with us that it might not flat right elbow and off the ground rightly. They back off the street at. There it got. Hello this is reflected backed up by tourists almost all graphics laid back got his attempt nibbles on players afraid it's again. Just ran as an authority which stateside and all three games since these candidates tonight. In effect for this after leading by six drives listed key around the block you know those are strong bounces out anything out of the way it is relevant. Through the way. He could have gone up the edit let you know who was on as 2000 was not gonna risk if there. Had to reverse layup that it is ticket and now it's that it gathered himself on not bounce pass to. Nowhere in particular and it just. Brown on the wing went out of 48 to go for a snapshot present six that opportunity yes right here simple with the threat for tonight's round. Crossover dribble drives hard the last. Blaine did reflect he was behind he's not a good pants my friends behind the flag thief he's trying to sit around and get it on office and out of bounds. At Wichita State gets its act. Please let me and it's please see him at ground LEN Boris. Examples here he is going to come back yet Alston. It gives him back yet. As a black woman and grant him right wing and shot faked it accurately read through three AA apparently short. Kelly sliding keeps it alive they call it over the back. Gonna call Rashard for the throughout his first. Team's fifth of the first snap the ball goes back samples stately. I'm gonna rebound like countless. Quietly confident he definitely needs without phones that. Legacy that would go down. Reasons for a little bit the last after the game looked like it was right on line is that you're almost at different levels left him those that it's not outlines go hard. Pulls up thanks yes. That drive like. It's his first definitely the floor. Senator frank answers back in the game in depth rankings and it round. Definitely it porous than the original story quiet enough that it's not frankness right baseline. Him at quarterback different yet. I know. Apparently you can't bring it to the middle rightwing frank you guys out baseline delegates inside defender left handed but I try to advance. He certainly has not sat let's get started last year pretty well but it's your aunt and countless. And start with nine Nightline also stumbled but got it cleared out. Little bullet that light it not sort. We've got a black. Who say it's not want to go with it. Merely for a year Livni as soon as well last is that it's against Wichita State's of course it's going to that's the fourth straight for example. And with dusty three point eight cents or. 2724. Which honestly my free drinking for three out for a this one at a halfway to out rebound war metaphors for those trying to drive it. It's not that that's the Mormon left the Heatley got almost a couple of instantly out. Fortunately for the link it back. I executed down the line all the way to the baseline circles back out. But yet it's a lot of flack right then Atlantic went back out almost it's almost. Right thing to do with life it's like shovels that reflect the reverse layup. Fairness of slack. He gets his vs Google example not by night at one point is not a 11766. Flights nights ago the first Aniston this thing and it's to convert your about the last. Earth coming up not let Willie Brown necklace in his side. It's not right. And it. All pro life running and stolen by nearly of those data vessel like yeah. Yeah it definitely had their best bits yeah yeah it flat on form for the moment. Add in the line Kelly terrorists this. Cut off exit at a quarter Boris wide open three headed out rebounded them. He's content to be outside the south and executed that need it all in size at three dominated against its absence. After he gets. Also portrays him in that we've gotten worse that would give examples leave champ and at the left sideline that the senate floor pieces of the left with a team fires it's free from there it didn't let. Seven has not this yeah maybe once that's his fourth straight. Fourteen points for Atlanta it's 3046. Elementary. School sixth rephrase the ball game wants my. Nancy's career. Yes one instance or for five from beyond our roads that look forward Austin. Right off the street people stepped back while led bounces owls. Like that rebounds. Several times it felt like him out of there and got that a fourth fumbled at several that the French can't always damaged hundreds of its wrath. Got away with a Kerry there shouldn't bring camp Olympic fifteen. Got a brand can't with a lot of talent if not it might want got caught behind me does not applaud his back and he clearly appeared well coached up so. At length about. I was gonna look the way background behind the fifth most actively reach it now of that loan centers to the time now. 444. Acute on the first this is the under eight knows the first opportunity since the and it marked the stuff that plot. It is good to us take thirty to sample. To sit. Hello soccer nation this Andy card in hand with the Carnahan grouping JPY again in time for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people look at which time buy and sell homes helping with first home purchase as. Patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on past. Let us and our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven system to work for you whether bigger mall our service is the name. I promise. State farm agents get what's important even than you brought down the road. If you're not calling the buzz he's my state farm agent it would take care of. Why it is cobras help please leave. That girl and this is glad glad your car's broken down. This is breathing and all that. You know from the get you for your health let's go right. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven Kate yeah why it's. Just days example thirty. 46 his. Feel like tigers and actually battled for dominance of that but they can't shake the owls Wichita State out of 4343. And a half percent for the eleventh. Pretty outstanding integrate the free throw line. Just all night at 2143%. For a eight for a three for 50% for a fourth line. Wichita State almost doubling the Els on the boards fifteen to eight. They have five overs food samples three and every chance that the fourteenth please don't stores Rashard Cali nine point 53 bouts. Gosh round with faith is predictive to three lead example. Apple's real world three points like that last night's eleventh when he wants with a point four cents a day that's par four of these obviously it's. She is Alston played him the sidelines just rent that almost hit the floor right if you if you aren't advised him not to eat ground. Now look at the net you know influences it guarded NGOs. Anything that's enough let's play Pakistan. That's not the Rose Law theory that's out. But it grows. Through its first race at five point sent him now five of the ninth street had a history in the last week all of the things that he seed. Willis retreat. Answers I don't know Willis and I saw him make him. After another. At war but tonight he's got seven that's his first we talk about a hot hands 60%. Five eighths flora dear old from the free points right that night it was a lesson well. 3549. Not Christmas it's also think it's only frozen. The fact that there. Deflected. But nothing yet worked for it can't get the likes listening to a footnote rebound example. Daughter got deep in the life of Littlejohn looked at him with NASA for deflects it was deflected it saved myself but it's not as good factual example. The record right side of the middle gives different I can't let quarters of a dozen guys baseline he traveled drags him. This actress turned it right bachelors of opportunities back and forth both teams making some mistakes that we get another tonight not the F before. At 329. To go first half but it's not state thirty lives up. 29. But you're looking for the perfect power sue for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. 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It's not so. It and when you need a plumber call little Ruder. Which of those original shooter is still the best for plumbing drain cleaning and truly try to repair dial 263. Away. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris Hope Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or his bill forest pummel. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point at and TE one yeah. It was a bankruptcy they don't be shocked his death brought to you by United Healthcare field field program. After the video. Dot com Wichita State living example 3520. Nightly at 329. To go to the staff. It's accurate at 44%. Overall at 43 love five itself. Temple 45 and a half percent 5923. For four from the line because doctors are eight or eight at this doctors perform more offensive rebounds and just one more over the temple. That's at three more field goal. You know it's a glaring statistic felt like Wichita State six I was thus far in the first half. That's uncharacteristic of them can't were definitely the ticket sales of the game they want. All Alston back towards it fresher it's not here's a definite advantage half court judge brown tree that that the house has now history that he cared deeply the left side keeps the lights. Who's gonna try to get it that that's you know who's never bikers there it's Texas. It was posted drives all the way kicked the polar orbit for three. JP mormons became but it certainly much improved three point shooter down the stretch for example. That's his first basket that gave up adequately three ranking for the right after record of athletes. Frank can't dribbling right Kaiser shot faith. Cross referenced it cries the baseline let's not pull up eight footer out try to follow his own shot was blocked by his own teammate out of bounds off Wichita State. Daughter followed his own shot was gonna follow it and acoustic stuff that was going thwarted kind of locked out of the zone politics. It's just going after the basketball Mike you don't realize. Who's next to you who else might be going after the ball both of them did what it's supposed to do it ends up to him. Temple walls down three deputy catches up the top levels rise. He is you go attracted drivers here yeah delay all the way to the basket and foul. And it it's going to be on there it aside with the body and now that it's just cannot miss that free throw line world war Lance Ball game. Secondly. It's the wrong ball club makes more on Yeltsin's ballclub that you and yet. Its. Seven person. Who's actually done Kaiser to reach him his second. Shots and Nokia for what it's all right out of its wealth. And in nine of his last audiences on the line 27 times in 25 of them. 92 point 6% of what it's worth of work again. Sixtieth senior from Springfield Virginia. At his best scoring average last year she won points for second. That's its first point of the game and they'll take him out now found just before the first half black he has that he would. Simple fact that it is Packers had a nine point lead early temple doubt that it wants. Got it back six a couple of that's down one of the. That's when you go for the staff. For us it's not months at some point game and it's only 3533. Lots of it's nothing yet English city. Critical test for Santa. Those three out there for the stuff that you hold off just the opposite side of the lane after Richard laughter. Leggett cauldron next time out simple replace those. Perimeter people like to soccer's take advantage of it Nixon 37 33 with us angels. Definitely polls backfires history get it out and back here I've just never see it like it this season. They're making every three days off it's just whoever plays with us today is it just makes everything except that. And a slightly different camps obviously don't want 3736. And another rightly gets a couple of guys here but it has not Friday it's loose but Boris saves for for a few corporate backing gives it to. It can't apple is now six at the end of three ranking and it drives pulls up from seventeenth outside it was floated through. His last night it was seven it was not state backed up flights out of that fifty to go with this. The face of this game system and temples and you can keep his excellence his suffered second half. 3936. It's not safe enough. It's not the we'll sit. It's his left side who have snack food also guys like that is different candidates it is. I've helped create. So good this time Boris rebounds get hot stuff flies next December at Flint retreated for a fourth 49 seconds to go the first dance evidently left wing clears Stacy slowdown won't. Brown that's not the stuff he writes night's rain came daughters' troubles enough authorizes leaks it. In double teamed up to block its head of the Boris baskets alliance. It's gotten fired one lol it hard. To forces left very tough catch Anderson hackers turn it over temple had a a 32 timeout for the towels we'll keep that here at 35 on the game clock thirty of the shot clocks that would suggest it will get it back about it well enough time to maybe make it another way. They lead at the moment by three today's game writes in part by Tarvaris carpet outlook Clark Saturday sixteenth. What brought wherever you get part where Atlanta carpet area rugs at great everyday prices and it provides you with the greatest service you could ever ask. All right those are your friends. As far as Florie super security team succeed. Well Wichita state of job on the I like the fact that they're meeting all their free throws. But you've got temple that's you know very hikers and the free throw line also what's keeping up with this quality is their ability to convert threes that was not a great free points in the teeth. As a matter of fact on the season they just ranked eight in the conference at three point shooting. They feel that that's the way they could possibly win this ballgame they did it last night and thus far in the first half have been able to convert please at a very high percentage mentioned turnovers to date exactly is that accurate over at least seven times and that's Cincinnati against Tampa team that doesn't typically. Force a lot of some of those have been unforced is that this is flies. Proudly. Announced that it. If it's it's not pontificate clock about 45 seconds flat. Now it swivels right. And rides it. To the point there definitely is that you know you're trying to drive double teamed up with water holes that it covered life residents to sit out this man. Good shot clock violation rate difference all of that try to they had trouble both on Kaiser incidence rates drifted out of his hands. That by the time for us to pick it up the shot clock expired. Now the shocker have a four seconds remaining in the half of that Austin greens in the game picked Athens in Willis Boris enchantment. It's not trying to quickly get that net cord get one more shot lead by three of them. Our guys that are capable with the three point shot with five points in seconds left Mike. Vacancy three or four with levels at least. It's difficult now what you know it showed formatting with a couple of seconds back on a second plus. Chant it trying to get some room La. About thirty feet. Or escape a little strange. But they've got out of six days. But it does say morning news up to 36 states that are weapons and it's. I'm standing in the neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly get there's no damage people are actually outside Shiite. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Hartings Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball. Three point seven JE YN Wichita. Doctors and and it's and it's locker room east and west this is the halftime show from the AC tournament in Orlando presented by credit union of America check out of America at the small business creates. Credit union of America proud sponsors. WSU basketball. A fast paced relatively high scoring first half of Wichita State leading example. 4236. Mike Kennedy alongside Bob holt asked Dave golf and the doctors. Flooding of offensive firepower as usual and it doesn't seem like he played great defense have a shot 48% made seven at twelve threes that is teams that just noted knack for doing this your guys. Jeff will make some tough shots and kept the pressure and it really did. I can they seem to have their legs underneath them we said there's the war. The face is just so quick that I think temple's didn't have a hard time keeping up I mean they played. Four people at least fourteen minutes they played 31617. And eighteen minutes. In the first half of the pace is it's just breakneck speed in Wichita State. I'll loves to play at that pace is a matter of fact Wichita State's averaging 85 point six points per game tonight at the last of ball games. Temple on the other hand 64 point five points per game. In four of their last five ball games they prefer slower pace. They've done the job of staying in the ball game only because Wichita State is for the ball over. And only because they're hitting an ungodly seven while complete points right. Loyalty that suckers out rebound them by six. And they got five offensive rebounds but they're only leading by a few points on second chance points they have been able to yet. Oh rebounds is to the basket and although. There's sharks have seven turnovers. Points off turnovers ethicist leading by one vote either team that capitalized debt but are they getting more possessions and getting extra opportunities. It is scored. But think about how weaknesses shack where it's caught the ball down below full. Maybe once yes they're not get the ball down Shaq. Down below both in the game in which it off he was nine out of ten and one of his nine out of eleven even if the ball down low side. He was unstoppable in both of those ball games in Philadelphia ended Wichita he's taken only four shots it'll never three point shots out of the it's a regular season games he averaged 43 and a half points eleven re bad shot 73%. Of the fielded two games so they can get him involved. This could really swing their way as it was Landry should haven't got them off to a great start the shark Alley at that was incredibly. Active make it. In place even scoring more than usual limits. Not afraid hit the Darryl Willis got a game lifted the scoring in the latter part of the first Athens as well as frank can't earth champ but just continuing to get everything but I that you really like Wichita State's death my thinking at two with a lot of weapons eight assists on the fourteen baskets that they had. They did a very good job of keeping temple off of their offensive fortunately I have one offensive rebounds. And the interior defense has been very spirited but once again the perimeter defense. Is porous and it's resulted temple be able to score seven of their twelve. Baskets from the three point stripe. Well I think that was it's a tough shots you know they're not a great record for the eighteen to 35%. For this season they're not as good three point shooting team. For the season as the shoppers are but tonight there's they're not at him down and a lot of what we're late shot clock Scott Brown. It's too late the shot clock when it gets everything going with their offense. Alston hit one or two. And I think Mormon or somebody hit once so they've they've hit a number of three point shots. And a lot of we're late in the shot clock work with a shocker off its feet if later she enters what 5% from three and he he's carried him offensively. Only one other three point basket has been made it's that I. The app listeners that magic kingdom of course for Landry champ but he's been able to score virtually at will he's made. All but one of his field goal opportunities has he been ticketed three point shot and try one. Drove to the best that he was blocked out went to the free throw line instead he found out it makes them from the line which he did. And the point was made that temple for the season shoots 35%. A mystery. Against Wichita State in the two regular season games 25 for 52 just barely below 50%. Twelve and a half made forgave. But here they are again seven for twelve and have that until last night when they had a very good field goal percentage. As if he'd let's see it will is. Last night 52%. From three. Up until that point. They had shot 21 point 4% of the two previous games from the free points right but they're giving you three pointers from a lot of different people. I'm very impressed with the job that Josh Brown has done he has eight points. But he played a very good to quarterback. In position for this ball club he keeps the offense movie he moves the ball in and out and as a result Wichita State's defense has had a tough night sitting on the perimeter. I don't think so I don't think the shock the defense has been. Horrible at it they don't of the 36 points. But they've just got to put a little more pressure on those three point shots at the end of the shot clock keep the ball from going inside they could shoot threes with the pressure. All those three point shots but on the offensive in. Which doctors if they can't fight gotta match three was helpful not that night. Get the ball inside. Shaq gets the ball inside that Darryl Willis. It ain't cheap holidays I try to get that feeling you foul trouble felt like he had foul trouble because that's their pitch. It's kind of in his side. And not only is this team not deep inside there back deep at all of Wichita State to. Forced him to go to their best. Fight drawing additional fouls it's going to cause some real problems for example especially with as many minutes as the front lines people played last night. Wichita State leads at 4236. At half dive in the quarterfinals of the AA EC tournament. And we will be back with more on the credit union of American halftime show. The shelter insurance we know landlords have to keep up with their renters and even if they're related. Mom dad. Added we just dropped by to pick up yours ring I'm running a little short this month. Not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters policy think helps cover up in case of fire theft and more wouldn't. I just moved back and smelled them oh you mean dancing in men kings. Alter insurance groups who knew her children to. Or renters insurance seat Katie Hanley or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay geared up for derby. When you're not willing to settle for anything less than perfect poll but shares Scotch and sirloin. Since 1968. This widget dock icon has served the best age sterling silver Vicente not in the mood for staked no problem. Our selection of fresh seafood impressive wine and spirits. And famous French onion soup for sure to satisfy your every craving to enjoy our newly remodeled interior impeccable service when only the best will do. Your interests Scotch and sirloin 5325. Based Kellogg drive in Wichita. How many it with kid asthma because we match. You land yes mid west Gil will match you're down payment opted 2000 dollars U but it thousand dollars down we make it to. You put two down. We matches before. Best I can really reduce your payments. Like 116 a month on T afford to support to eleven month at a Kia Sportage after the match so why would midwest Kiet make an offer that's generous. That's what you need drugs and rescue. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would beat John Green rich Cutler dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven TE one yeah. It's an America that doesn't show us the inside the numbers. Look at halftime stats right advising Casey CPAs and advises everyone needs a trusted advisor. Who's yours Wichita State shooting 48%. In the first half and 46 from three got six of thirteen. That they attitude to match samples 48%. Seven of twelve from three. Temple was five of six on Wichita State eight eight so they picked up three points there and lead by a score of 42. There's 36 Wichita State sixteen to ten on the boards seven turnovers to temples six the owls had seven assists which state. At eight as Bob mentioned earlier. No realistic at each oddity of the stat categories Wichita State had six more rebounds despite the three of second chance points and temple. Forced seven Wichita State turn over to the shoppers committed seven they've made on a ball that forces only six points off turnovers for temples so. No real advantage gained it was just the guy loves you more possessions that both teams we're gonna score posted this. That kind of sloppy first half of those great three point shooting bicycles. Both teams. Kind of plot involved in the first half it amazing that Shaq forces. For example political horse just ran chills all statements made a piece that was to riches and through the Austin to perform. Five point four went rose for a further list AFLAC C three apiece for JP informed that they merely. Two apiece for divine grace period gave it more over if that's you don't yet oddly with quantity only played nine minutes to picking up his mouth. Let me camp with five of six from 317 points three assists. Nine points five rebounds for Rashard Kelly not a friend camp that Darryl Willis was seven points a piece and an alien a shocker to score was markets that nothing. With suits. Could lead at 4236. At halftime. And save the 40% today after the shot here's what it adds locker room east and west. This is the credit union of America halftime show back with the second half with. Just enough. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament since 22 kids off Jason one ball arrest was overwhelms people. Laryngitis. You can't control the game but United Healthcare you can have better control your care. 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Hi I'm Marie and this statement a teacher at which time monastery school. A private school for ages three through fifth grade. If you're looking for a school designed to inspire lifelong love of learning. And Nike to enjoy your child to day visit which tell my story that comes to learn more about fallen moment. And we're glad Entercom cares. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a cost up in valley energy and think for an end over what lawyer. 03 point seven. Why am. I'll get back into the case teacher at an Orlando with the guys they concede that it happened they've sampled 4236. At halftime. Other stores earlier today bad those on the last second running three pointer at the buzzer by Greenberg took down Tulsa 6764. Top seed Cincinnati six. Blindness and 51. While today at a stadium this evening trade Vickers back in the lineup that did not play due to a street issue flatly that today at first innings for the drive in Iran just you know home run in the bottom third of the soccer history it's relief it's not it's under oath seconds after the first four events of the NCAA indoor championships in the heptathlon at College Station, Texas start the second half. My candidate did not possible. It's definitely not the first it's not ground backed down on me camp Hawkins was last night. Look at the difference here. Not just source turnout for a camp pushing up the floor lightweight efficient it out front to snack tourists that's his ground looks like Kellen. That is the same starting five is the first half written with the bullets and I think that's my that the Huntsman program. That is they thought about it. Now let's let's get to know with arthritis outlines vision for Boris jacket that basket double teamed up to sanity Bobble that he would have medical science. Florida's senior gets out of the air got it added that it didn't hit the rams shocker slated Florida foul example. Yeah hold down from behind. Now that's been. Slowing the basket and had. Think that. Understand it didn't great job of taking advantage of that year but it was a little off balance when he took the shot haven't you rushed it to the shot clock that he got it to the rim. It's not as if that's been the rebound get the third ballot and at GM in those dividends while it's not stated at the rebound at the thermostat at sixty and it looks like they're not going to let it Ian Kennedy and he did the second half evident reference can't think you know it's a most experts sliding into the street and the offensive balance his first now. And each team now has one of the circumstance he used to commit at least one of those football but he hasn't done it at all this year maybe once flights. Different court judge ground. Right to left office buildings by six that we have now played one of the second half net growth that writes that delicacy but there was a little floater and it bounces out. Lawrence slug readout to catch up out of town because I'll definitely got fouled and the fact that he went right back after the second time that team that was his fifth read that it did. It can't stand it. So bad that earlier position Shaq made great pass out of traffic if she evidently you would have had to go through that and every fumbled it. That's left of the killing him the frontier of the freeway. And ask you just can't get one to go daddy's at two please don't in and out about it. Well otherwise affect fourth round pick up nice and animals to the middle. Way over on the left wing went those drives them brown little floater in the length short rebound deflected out of floored chased him my friend can't. And it was out of balance split. It was just bouncing rapidly toward the sideline hustled after try to lean that state entity that is now on the line as he slid a little bit that goes back for example net race itself with some possible. Actors have played a lot of intensity is higher gains though wanted to get after it template floors knowing that any hope they have written CA for the mystery from the winning this it also played very hard to get and if you don't you write that if there was three that it reflects the hands off Bradley went out that little floor. I'd like to but it got a second half soccer advice next round of his right popped a tree. Came off the screen get away really quickly. That's not bad defense is really click. He's got a level. Three three's Kelly handled differently if not for a almost lost it right wing machine it. Recently a threat to his background. But it looked at different yet that the floors fifteen pieces my side and length. Right blocks north just off the legs in output cuts kill Morris and his first points of the eighth just what. Just a flak it's. And make them over to help out. Have some quality systems make that quick in this month that defense it's the lead back at 54439. Is all that that's definitely a flack these things in their camp but. He's he doesn't see very often it's about a 65%. Shooter if that's what she does those little short shots around the basket. And camping out for a bounce pass on the block list of Elijah looked at Bard stepped up and no good if Alice and falls over Morrison they're gonna call it up once Shaquille Boris it was down on the floor at. Firing tear and he raised his leg atrophied. Gregg Marshall not argue that the college telecheck you know me dad. That's his second south of the second 2000. When he didn't. He didn't try to trick the player and there going over to see if it's an intentional fouls he didn't try to for a player he tried to keep the ball. They're gonna talk it over look at the monitor and we'll. Remind you that Monday nights are coaching showed I throughout the athletic season all the coaches shows coming your way from AJ sports ability Elliott thirteenth victory which road. And they air on 987. At thirteen thirty KM SS. This coming Monday night just one coaching show that will be Gregg Marshall from six to seven it's not about the soccer's performance here at the tournament. Selection Sunday and where the soccer will be headed in the NCAAs though. Baseball show Monday because soccer baseball team the traffic traveling to Columbia Missouri. 48 in the game with the Missouri Tigers though there are six to seven for eight it is sports the only 97 and pretty. On Monday night a lot of false war in the first game and the second game with these ball clubs are well on their way to scoring in the eighties today as well. For the season temple averaged 83 and a half of the two teams with success state eighties at this point oh. And right now it is 4441. But the states still feel as though it doesn't look like they're going through. Saw anything drastic here aren't you feel Morrissey with the thought it would have been. And Mike 83 some points of Wichita State average against him with what they average on the season. 83 point one points per game the fact that sample averaged over eighty points per game against Wichita State. That's ten more points per game and normally average fake company and about seventy. Points for ballgame. Which is a minus 110 of a point that part of their Jacqueline high performance all year has been of that story they averaged. 55 point nine points per game over seven game stretch. It had a five game winning streak. What's the average 83 hurt me. They just did something about. Lot of going on something with Jack apparently called a flagrant one on snack if they're going to get Josh Brown the free throw. He throws good ground now live twelve points with his first free throw attempts. Temples sixes sevens ones TV gets another way than simply lost a football. And as you can kind of want to hear it now have the possession. We've good. Josh Brown with thirteen. To two regular season games against Wichita State he averaged fourteen. They pointed out years that is it and his favorite targets excellence night friend that announcement can't. Test the wind grabbed my forest tied it up. Position there will get it suits him. Now typically does it. Simple got the first incident happened try to bounce pass in the flat feet Kevin outlined at Boris at it and excited about it but listen to us. Some nights and greet with them felt that that should have been taken away but and calls them all with Austin's. Yet it. That's and that she only got back to our audiences street now dead a few more minutes in an eight year reunions with rose would Els would not state the nation's leading by one. And attempted to chance that they immediately if you're not in the backcourt. Here we guarded him a defender refreshments to school at 250 solid. Cutting left and right out front that is abortion rights watch that he is there to accidentally left and got a foul stuff. All of a sudden it gets it appears that some market there is get after it snack with lord chancellor three point and those is only four points of the ball game all of the first half to those with three point shots and Wichita State what will block him to finally starting to do that. And it made its dividends now is on a flight theme here is second team second and horses street throughout good. Three point play the old fashioned way for Shaquille Morris for the soccer league goes back to 44743. But that's Josh Brown plus the time line. Seasonal. Events next breath. That ultimately Bourbon Street. Sure it does not prevent him flipping open you don't believe that opens slant it's not at all. Elliot it's not like stuff that gets him through through a lot of games. He has six or seven. Nights when he points relentless Santa. And what's not stately sites and other ties a career high with the three point ball Alston dribbles and right back left complaints not city. He faces sets up and slid it in practice at Netflix and it's not it's get it right path. From. With honestly felt stuff down low much at the ones that are he had no place to go and that is little music long slide. He was in no man's land and if that's not my final moments with him with in depth looks like the program announcement. Felony charge a couple of dribbles look at inside spins down the lane just not at ground three left water bounces are more are slated for the it was but I. Types of if he had just stepped out of bounds and that's going to be extremely otters have lacked teeth and free samples that gave it hit the ball with us states and the go to the F sixteens and about 5050 to go second half Wichita State fifty simple. 43. Of the children shortened week the landlords to keep up with the Rangers even if they're related. Mom dad. Added we just drop I picked up your ring. I'm running a little or the month not everything works as smoothly as children's renters policy think helps cover up into a fire theft and more wouldn't. I just moved back and smelled oh you mean dad and then case. Shall through insurance we're real weird shelter. Or renters insurance see Katie Hanley or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay geared up for derby. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone you need a partner jerky when you can count. 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At halftime had that that's one example actually had. It's possessions to take the leave nothing to stop and other back up five cents at my servants are fifty to 43. Let me sham at six of seven from three that's funny points already Dave mentioned in his career high. This six degrees the previous time he made six he was six of ten against South Dakota State tonight he has six or seven so bargains out and there is no doubt. Every one of those that three pointers that he has made has been. Perfect nothing but net. The ball in the basket. Shoppers we'll have the ball under there own basket after a foul on a rebound play as Forrest was pushed out of bounds virus to flatten the likely. And it probably a match you don't get a chance 3000. For example Wichita State. Most viable or not different camp we'll play at the end. I'm looking under wraps it. Right of the baseline gets right back for Boris. Not a bad shot that is exactly Kelly brings it to the middle. On the right way Boris but I would tell that that threat to friends it still nineteen it's. Cutter pulls up parts of freeway off the mark but Jason's done results defense. Great hustle play over the brown goes to the baseline. That got a friend here. Great hustle by counter to follow his own shot not only out for a live fifth. But the big headed off to. Am good friends campfires have done a lot more is at baseline drugs without those lines for two. Days to get a technical foul. No doubt that those crowds. And that's the players started to protest. Loudly. Wind and on every play and closes indicated straight up the arm and forget that it is more that is not reality grant is nonsense that mindset of simple. I mean remember back in the days yeah. Exxon up one. Jackets and productive line in has all six that is. Points in the second half flat out and it's you know get back here for example. Lee's aides. Fourth with one more free throws. With and it it out that this packers' first this of the lines at night. Athletes they are kind of down the lane road street by France camp that grew frustrated. At a clean strip there the now. That's good to see his second. And the thirteenth on behalf of the shot luck frank and averages about one out all of this foul out. Doesn't put himself in that position but now which god was going to throw line grows as a kid. Free throw shooter but not nearly as some of the other players on both. This makes the freak so he's got sick that's his first free throw attempts that game in the sophomore. The Rochester New York just a fear free throw shooting 65 and a half percent. Not 69%. As a freshman a year ago. And I. Also it he has not free throws than anybody on ballclub obstacle in states outside shots. And rose and it's the basketball's. Yet so it's definitely is 65145. Camp added that sort of trust the time ones left in this next round. But it inside that its streets and Kelly it was a tough states national what is more respect around. That unit that guards. Did it gloriously. Directly to him since his recruitment and double team gets in the way only. I volleyed well and make little finger roll bounce out rebound the worst that life goes that if our right to save it it's out of bounds of several minutes now put all over the place yeah. Boris and it sickened. All that is left being a little down on the floor stretches out years. The outlook helped choose to love it when your opponent. Earth complaints. That it's the F what's the youth and youth against this. And you know it backfires on them because this will be against them at the fearful. Actors who played at the end line a lot at him right elbow it's discreetly there really it's definite that this personality of their defense telling them to block. Boris and another foul. Out of lack of heroes all over his back. As of black students hang it all over him that's going to be his fourth personal they're calling them out because. Athens is playing aggressively than they lost. Homes what little holes they have. They lost fifteenth ballot that pan. Statement war crimes in a flat fee goes to advance it's not usually down the baseline and making the throw it. Not threaten the link Kelly catches step throughput up to the basket and gets a life. Pare it down whether it was safe sex related to defend him he's got 112 soccer doubled it let's. That statement acquaintances or. Three left baseline more than. Driving up I can only shot fake and I post war seventy foot away shortly bat not a man half horse about a 40% for if that's what that outlaws in the us. Elliot it's not want accidentally Islamic let me bring it ultimately lies that doubles and keep it's tripled its history Kelly. Warming up and not a stranger is slammed into this advocate well for the finale that whoever he wants to. It. Obviously you want the screen and paying 101008. Mormons second. Sixteenth out the path you know Michael's a limit to its higher. It's not that now and again and I think you've been up. Thinking that they can't beat Wichita State that the best game so that when you relief is slated to make them in Wichita State that the Portland. That's. With a lot out of it threatens that that's the difference right. These mystery the play that Netflix through countless night out outlook block or spitting it hurt Iran non. I'd hit it up but a foul on David more of sample. It was it was serving him going out snack we'll go to the line that's good that that stigma you might hear it was that negated a few clues in the back. Now one thing that war is his third. A now that we've seen shots with that disease in the next few simple players themselves and stay with. Every fall. And it's not had lived in Florida and conduct themselves that wave with the officials. Jack made the first free throw is now four of five from the line eight points. Boras added that you don't your backyard for example with nazism which State's recent. We'll fluorescent you get a breather as auditors to Texas. Actually shut out of the first half if you have to get the the ball on the block I guess. It's not his nightstand. Yeah it's couples and three cents qualities does less with all of its practices. My friends let him almost an accidental. You know golf knowledge and it almost it is. It is an effort like he's just get bumped and he's leading in Atlanta and moments now Muslim resentment that's going to be your second. Fourth team good acted up nice results. Soccer. Plus degrees in print it out. And to deflated the left sideline. Fox with a lot like Davidson pointedly. Put him out Austin penetrating step back jumper bounces not telling fighting wars if out of his hands out of bounds right now wolf. Doctors are forced example that it sucks not to start if you're tired legs. You know Willis is going to check it with us stated that you know you're out there and that's right here. But the nets you know having three outs went a little bit of offense defense substitution. Music or the other guys that are on the especially. Because definitely advantage now doesn't want it that's. All day you know that this is for. Austin bring enough pressure in Austin back. Plus it's not blind thrust of it is that what was behind positive that in light of the better than you do. Those and get it out of slab with both man that was a heads up flight up. They vote that way and his teammate is that it rights activists deliberately done. And the front court. Most of those almost got what it does it lead orbit and had their. Those exit at the blindness now by fans but noted that theory slot last night with excellent. Consecutive turnovers leading to potential points it was a two point game now it's a good it closers with rose those lines and Allen recently as. I expect rose. All the latest free throws them 66. Cents. Nice little streak here for free throw line makes that one. That's ten points that he had a string of ten straight. Double figure games broke it last night when he scored nine against. That was a Seattle eleventh. And simple fact within six at which that statement yes you know there's him lightly. And with roads like this it's 24. Doubles. Not different can't thank you hadn't replaced him Atlanta he is a breather for one thing because if he's there now as well not have reason for him as the principal on him right now to raise it up against nearly triples and rightly. It's different camps in the late we'll look for its wealth and it out. Rebounded temple quick outlet pass heroes rather that fourth down through the legs but not the drug itself and frankly it made it nice little head think crossover move to get past three sprint can't from the government help out in the year growth of the line. There's now on print here sixteenth now the path along with it state. And rose. This four point game temple scored four straight points. But it definitely nice to line up thirteen fourteen footer that this would go grosses three rattles and his first yes it did fourth. Before. Well. Yeah. Not that bad yet. Twelve points for what rose five point lead with us to 55 if it's not as he scored about it last treatments and it's it's turnovers and this guy. It's different markets as well as confident in the top of the art lingered here. Outlook for McNulty oh victory. And a half rebounds littlest steps through reverse lay up Canada bounce it got its control but clearly for example at a product outlet on replays of very aggressive drive yeah unfortunately. Exactly what you want it that situation thickest part of racquet sports. Soccer league is now history that it can't let me. These street bullet baseline it's classified kind of branch can't. His first Buffett the second half he's got 96 believe that the fine well he takes the edge off of that love it's tenth but yet addressing. That it play a conference here at 1135. Still to play ground when over the let's for those that little brown right side of laundry here right now. Browse a large logs created nothing yeah. That was as long as the one that snapped with Nathan in the first half foot rose and his second race at fifty now impressive player my. About the lately. 5755. Wichita State conference yeah if it's not Willis starts looks less that was Friday night it's definitely. Marcus holding its. Roster Willis right elbow back to McNulty cutting the basket it itself is behind. Good message cannot time markets but not the F series at Willis Google's massive cuts now for behind these. After it's not about to hit 58 to go the second half what it does stay 57. Sample. Size. Every day. Kansas workers put compassion into action. By empowering people to live meaningful and productive lives providing lifesaving medical services and assisting with disaster relief efforts Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers the widest healthcare access back with a proven support while there are improving lives saving lives and restoring lines Blue Cross and Blue Shield the chances commitment. Compassion. Community. 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High quality TV brands like LG but we all lap one of the largest selections of real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our room in which talk not just our brain. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett for an haynesville for a pummel. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GUY. Eddie Davis actors play it 50% off your online Saturday they would die area Papa John's. Just wanted to Papa John's not comedy is the problem coach soccer fifty. Receive your shot you're just you know what to tell us they know him. First of the night and turn it over the next touchdown that resulted in four straight points were temple and now the app. I'm right back hit it down by 25755. Let's go a long way to go out that 58 remaining Soccer City. Only 35 point 7%. In the second half the temple fifty at its backers of net for more shots and they make the same number of field goals. But it does state want at six for three of the second half. For a quiet life samples to a free for three and a half. For fifteen for the game at seven debates that it made twelve of fourteen free throws with Mary typically sub par free throw shooting. Team with 68 point 8%. Market experts that some free throw opportunities it's nice to see. Glory he was the five free throw line. Last night audiences as the third. Player which that statement apple basket then now the second attack him. He has floor Wichita State from the free throw line for a decade. It was fourteen to fifty. Only up 45955. Full court pressure which grows is different court. Credit goes to. All sectors and zone now what rows let's not bring it to the middle people area right corner she is bolstered. Up on the link to Rosie tissue grows against France can't drive and it. Rosa for writer got it off the glass that's that's not. Defensively with a couple. 68 Beasley might think some of the basket well in his seventeenth. Reid spinning its peer of these it's a closely to McNulty. Mark is looking for cutters with water read the blocked an equivalent but definitely a threat nearly over for him if congress three's about enough to pay off the market even hit irons. And it's out of bounds last touched by an athlete. French camp had a pretty good look at didn't get tired at the left side of the back with a look to the basket. Let's see him he's been getting dressed as a technique and three fouls were a little bit back in the game. Yes he'll Boras also back in the shoppers. It's not stay only up to 59571007. To go the shock exit. Gone cold so far here in the second half. Forget that she is also. Over here leveraged to the middle crosses over hand it over to all to come back right and left. Now is to try to drive and champ but it's enough to the front they've buried it takes it definitely throws it up the quarter and Perry runs over Marcus Vick Nazis. Very twice now has since gone with reckless abandon down the lane and run over some money. It's the last. That's. So theory well that's. I had a game at all against what it's like yet that points. Five. It said Morrissey it's probably the chart that's. About half an apples to knock the ball still do that we're. It goes right into him in the past but currently yet like an athlete you're careful about that. Asked us. Recently that clause. Which states. Bugs. And that's right. If that work ethic that's the difference where the debris is atlas and Kelly show. A couple of dribbles. Fires down to block can't see and it gets the layup that got inside the defender of little banks not leading Andy's got into it leads active. Hopefully if they don't want to give. That's like it definitely. Got. It's the floor all the hand off those prices verse of that sort it but it definitely and I think that lately that the bank. Little hesitation. By those markets is our rate rose four. I've its status right. Now the deputy. It's his first sentence that you want. Less with honesty and other. Technical about it it now. To. Freak out there. One on one man one roses for six from the line that's about average. Rose and yet it votes and I'll vote. With the last. Laugh. Lines in the back. As he teams. And once yes nice to. Back on track and as we figured he would be after shooting three for their exceed noah's story nine points last night breaking a long streak of double that you gave out seventy. Game seven with less than. Although there at 61. Long way to go 0:5. Am on the right or left it up. It's not listed in there but it's. Definitely. Probably got a little bit of the baskets plants that the fans. Residents hurdles. Yeah there have enough. It is beautiful and I love residents. It's our daily sense an the the ice bath thirteen point guard you know points not. Norman announced allay those parameters that is that it's wrong Elliott but it definitely. Orbit that is a witness witness. Can't let these guys. The dance that they were three points right. Side but advance. No right block that advance it after reason why don't mystery. Eight who has a thought for a couple of good. His first basket of the game that's what I'm saying that's five times as an accident. Not losses. It's definitely that science advance that's. Yet slightly against the Al's Philadelphia. They're double it it looked on more of the field not in front of the flak recently over the Huffington slams. Practice that's definitely. I thought but that's a bit creative giants and steals and field at this golf itself. 6860 lovely to close save ground the blue dolphins could have picked it up that's kind of business you definitely does this is also. Also brings it play out to. There's not a lot of times it's not his. That's lovely ground shots they cannot read the Everett hit it the satellite so most of it. You have to throw his prayer this is not to act thought there's almost not an out of bounds off the other forest incidents truth while stance. The penalties which is a state fans might seek to multiply. Reeves driving down the line cut off that front Boris over the McNulty he drives all the way to blame this that the left daddy left it short off the bottom edge of the area thought. Doctors get back in transition as simple push it around out front Alston. Instead they excited because there were flyers over and it and it. They didn't even move to that problem. You could even see it go in almost instantly most of what is there very Atlanta. That's the lead back with 6864. Which doesn't have enough history drives right. It's the right way to let nothing. It's admittedly air leads through drew the now it's at this effort to try to get it definitely get a three point blank. Atlanta tonight now nothing will be delighted at the line at 633. To go of the second half and it puts it state. Examples 6860. State farm agents Q what's important you even in a definite ground. Pat so much as their primary source close to protect isn't ready it's not an accident yeah. Financing fees. I hope this is. That's kind of the common accidents. You're an agent if you. Yeah you don't like to write hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom on the tip of my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what time to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. Coffee I think compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and a spot. 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Wichita State on top of samples till 633. This AC quarterfinal game room Amway Arena. In downtown Orlando Florida soccer sports properties at Wichita state athletic like to thank the soccer ambassadors were to touch easily level of corporate partners. Thousands lost delta devils Coke industries that Cox Communications. Appearances it becoming a sponsor which is state athletics College Soccer sports properties. 1697875. 52. Wichita State left markets may not be going to the free throw line for some shots after being fouled just before the timeout was called. And Marcus woods six points of the game it was too. From the free throw line. He has an opportunity to put his stance Mike on the second half is when they're here oil in the second half we thought. During the time now he's become very aggressive taking the ball in the basket just like temple is doing against Wichita State that's always on the laundry very free throws to the hard part is excellent or very fouled out. Within itself. He is the first one check out now what more perfect stuff. And it is Marcus assessment. Zach brown back in at 633 you know what it's not state by fire their biggest lead was CNN. Earlier in the second temple immediately that that. That's who possesses. I had worked with him the most left office suite and the states in those. Rose and ground beef Alford now that was kind of lay up across the top of the screen behind rows and try to reach it from behind the NASA's delivered. And now Davis is second now eighth team now. That's the only ones that rose mentioned at age 65%. Loss free throws. His seventh straight tonight and he misses. The Friday and it rebounds healed or. Made this big shots who rebounds they'll have it might point. He'll wars. Yeah. Seven rebounds. The long lines like that's announcement you know there's there's not a lot over the not Lawrence Wright's flock try to put the banks not this snack wrap the opposite event. Thought down safest and it. Over acknowledge. That that aren't with it on the floor trying to get my board if Boris. That's what. And Nash yeah it cuts the best of friends. After the right side of the six and that's what happens you'll reply for Evanston subjectively about finding overplay you can find its place are uncontested after the 4486. Raises some posted thanks guys like 533 if you know it's not enough myself. Ordinance theory note at this time. Event deflected the statements in this round wreath at all there. But it is different floors prices so let's get right. Backgrounds particularly since Atlanta let one round with three. That's rattled his first basket of the it is back to fan but it's not always a three pointer 62 point 5% to. The three points like fifths of its last seven bowl games 7464. And it is flooded out roads and other long three off the bat is definitely got deflected. They like him but it's worth it right back with him. Beautiful like double made all the way under threat to throw it out slaves it's deflected out of bounds but also that will stay with Wichita State. Gregg Marshall with that. Coach we'll get both can't spread out small satellites settled down 54 innings while he was winning this war he was not going to pass he got himself up for you Aaron that's really a difficult situation erupted here that. Brown was your idea about the sidelines nobody broke up with exactly 32 time out. To. Avoid a five seconds catlett Marshall senate but like with Kelly for not setting discreet spot left open. This not just look at it. 446. Left in regulation 23 seconds on the possession. At the shocker is that 7464. Soccer fans of the chapters throughout the road the official watch party location as Dino is relived network to southeast corner of what experts to weigh at. Come by during normal watch parties for a chance to its great prizes courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. And because militant network official watch part of the occasion for shot the best I think what's. Tell us they'd still be able to take advantage of this aggressive defense attempts. On them. And they they play very high on top of the man coming out. To get to pass on the wing you can get it back to where might he get a fast read a lot of different things you can do to take advantage of all that free territory. Down in the free throw line. For example it's been the Clinton road show in the second champion scored fourteen of his nineteen points it's halftime. Josh Brown has thirteen 88 of those were the first answer is also at 118 it has written her staff for what it's not state. Let resentment applauding good hour. Anthony has scored seven in the second half Jack Morris says all nine of his points in the second half. Rashard Kelly for a fee is thirteen lead in the second half of markets. Scored five of his seven. Since the inhibitions so a lot of guys stepping up to contribute here in the second half it was just state after my appreciate haven't really carried a lot of low. For example his three point shooting. No weapons relentless and it was a lot about weapons of staff Lawrence either Mike we said also that Wichita State was averaging five point six points. Nine of the last four games that the number one. Point offensive teams in the American athletic conference and they're probably gonna get to that eighties. 485. Point rates again today that means that they've got its start since he. Samples from he does is keep up with that. That was the first called timeout of the second half by the it is time so. It might seem so it's expanded to a full time now. The weekly coach's show broadcast around 987 of thirteen thirty K and assess throughout Beijing sports facility Elliott thirteenth green which wrote. Featured on business. Think Monday night from six to seven. But it Gregg Marshall shows a big talking about the shot his performance here in Atlanta the upcoming NCAA tournament and British actors have signed up so much of 678 days at the Alex 97. At thirteen thirty. The baseball gave it into X 80000 slot as just finished the fifth inning delight of the six Wichita State just scored six of the fourth. And now leads nine to two. Over Texas Arlington the opener of their crew games. But he's here early and now you've got Austin. They've fallen. From the sidelines that now down here at the baseline. Presentation Nevada right lately and it timeline frown over to go. Folded it for the gauntlet through teammates great for the ball but with that old adage. They cannot judge brown hold agrees as he brought to the flaw you could see it yanked on it and I'm just proud of seconds now. And they passed its tenth now limits that reads those lines which shots here. Honestly it. Typically it's very different theories 81%. On the year but hasn't shot many lately he's one for four in the last four games. It's four points all of the second half three point basket his first three pointers the last three games. Now right from Pittsburgh all important. Right this little one for poor slobs if they eked its previously won 90% fate of both here and it's not as. At their biggest lead of the game 7660. They need to go through that now might think. Enough depth nice France tonight administration left all that drives it. And it gets its at a Lebanese boundaries with trying to stop the Boris you load it right off the block and it's going to be announced that Reeves. And it will be that he is first down. It's not coaches Olson that's the ninth 2000 samples is that double bonus on the next. She is Alston. Levitt points. From the free throw line uses it as yes that he just. It's not that you know you've missed his fourth free throw last night forth the entire season is now 5256. Infected birds. It missed another three that we would use that. End note at all it is so white that it gave. What's that spot violation favorite rather listen alliances. Yes I almost would have thought that you'd get there and adequately. And you know conference in. Rebounded late it's not that he stated. Dissent as well. Nobody knows the ball at some point you need more than demanded the ball and that's what happened that's always advocated its lead over Boras is bad that ground hustler it should end. And that's yeah yeah. Happen to get in his way attractive. Had Gregg marshall's decadent reasonable effort to. It's experiences and I set the ground up through street ideas rather Rashard Kelly. Little bit shaken now it gets filled pretty good that's going to be that he your fourth now. And it's it's not coming for his background. You definitely have to be careful Mike has exceeded its physical sense as well. Wild passover bourses have been around racing up court not to it started at court that she you physically active scripting free throws and I guess. Off the left side of him that ends a nice streak for Randy it may fourteenth in a row over the last twelve games at twentieth 21. Over the last seventeenth. That's free throws me. Reserves he's at his career circumstances. Accept that we've added five samples of graphic you'll shaken up on the flat out misses both free throws. Round Overton Mormon Mormon backdoor cuts to all that he strapped into the basket accidentally quarterly gross thought about it drives it. Not since I got it. Graham slipped in what status rose drove it and perhaps of roses that making a little bit shoddy clothes she's definitely one friend to unseat. With a time now with 407. Under will be coming up on the next yet. Although we'll keep it hears this and just be 830 seconds it's time out. And again coaching show coming up funny guy Gregg Marshall six to seven probate case sports bureau at the Eliot 98713. Thirty. Talking about his ACC tournament however long it goes for the doctors and at an upcoming NCAA tournament. Which this year we know the doctors will be in the it's just a matter now selection Sunday where there seated they'll play where they'll be headed. Texas Arlington just scored in the top of the sixth inning with our State's baseball teams deleting ET 893. In the sixth opening game 83 game series and again that they mention quickly at halftime. Saturday what it's not state. The only shocker track and field athletes qualify for the NCAA indoor championships he was seeded second in the heptathlon. And after the first four events that's right resisted Duckworth that Kentucky. The leader with 3601. Points under feet second with 3400. Thirty twos so a 169. Points off the lead he was third in the long jump forth to both the sixty. Meter dash cam the high of three more events tomorrow in that event data College Station, Texas. Wichita State leading 7667. After soccer's. We'll have the ball a simple thing called the time after driving basket back when I was. That's what she wanted for example. Possibly. But it just days. Done a better job down the stretch here taking care about getting some good shots of and it gets very aggressive defense that if you do that they've halted that they've been overplayed so much that it opens up the backdoor cuts Atlanta. If you have definitely taken things of that. Cut back the war and now that it's gonna take care of the basketball effectively throw because. And have really picked up the other pressure. And I think. Good behalf afoul of soccer. Wichita State has done well throughout the line to this point. Snack wraps it misses just a moment ago words yes there there. Fourth misses the free throw line in the game now fifty that's what you want. Fifty to 985017. Just before that Jack McDonald Florida's seventeen to 2181%. Of the life. Soccer basketball they've turned it over ten times temple 1103. Turnovers and shot into the second half. Soccer basketball. Crowd gets added to tally. Next round after the move towards him at that rate to Presley's last night a flip that's out. Kelly Hansen at least the ground right below the floor next. Plus degrees so it's not yet Mike to be overly cautious still have to go on its act Canada France Italy dribbles left picked up his dribble it's doubtful right. Of the right wing who reads at eight to shoot hostages but that on the floor being guarded by Austin have to make a play. Let's three pointer on the line up the front there every bad simple flex rose pushes it up the floor. Down a little over Atlanta Austin for a long street yet that was at least slip through which it's not statements out of sorts did you come close to get something. In the swing of things now the only lead by six. Other Wall Street banks is also he's made portrays as fifteen point six an overpass Saturdays and at the end of July after. It's you know cutting the benefits is bursting of the Olympic Games it lightly. On the floors that he thinks that it's. Normally. Not work that's the wars that the time line it's a reworked. Not the players. Right wing parties that only. Obviously uses the orders of fifty deployed worthless tonight not him it. Look at the streets and it drives it. That's the way double. There's definitely wants to drive wheels up eight footer. Honest appraisal well buffet line. It's got seven and it definitely that is except that it is it grows. Round. Five to fly back or not my department reverse lay up and a foul with tonight's game. Now with nothing yet. Caught doing what samples done so often in the second half and that's overplaying and it results in an easy basket underneath him now Foreman has a chance to make it it's who plus one. Free throw here. More of it now what's happened is the first trip to the free throw line. And on New Year's freshman shooting 75%. Only 44 stamps policies he's made some of those. He did not even play at six of the first twelve games. Over the last 1116. Minutes a game six point two points per game brings the free throw it simple. Creeping ever closer 7875. Branch can't play edit. Understand it. It's what instilled this is anybody's ballgame again. Not this once led by twelve just a couple of minutes ago rightly for its campus at Kelly he's just. They have five more. The match. Wrapped his arms around his yard kick that hit like it's not a influences that are that are home. They're gonna throw out its Kelly's right kind of found statistically Rashard 58%. On here. He made his only previous attempt on the first play of the game he's missed out legged unit completed a three point plays at thirteen points tonight. This week's shots. And well it's actually took possession situation. And it's now appointed he had been treated stands for free throw line in eight of his last night ballgame than some other things well. He's got to the free throw line twice today he made his first 11 down now he has an opportunity to convert the second with him. To give him free food free night sleep well three good. Besides you know it was fifteen minutes ties his career. Your thoughts at against the. Background Josh Brown eyed about champ of the time line Sinatra's my five. That's exactly. And I'm walking through the worthless nightlife. And accelerate some bit. Make your hands off the Olmsted used to dribble and now pass deflected. It's all about telling throws and hit the backboard. And it chased down by example. And it. They set reset it's not Slotnick yes they did but lost it now lying. Those lists the layout tipped up there okay at soccer is rebounds and clears it out of there goes belly. It's not listening to throw him off we lost him. Displaces the backwards it's not a valid ground bumping it will be some restaurants. Brown got aggressive kind of christianity thing dividing into lots of reasons go to the line for two shots. What that was and I thought for sure there gonna convert that shut down there Mike to cut the lead down to three once again. But they did Wichita State collapsed on month defense came up with a nice rebound in Austin reed has a chance. He's borderline for two free throws Sox have a fight but leads you through the line seven points and seven. He's handsome Dick convergence down the stretch and pull up jumper in the lane that does not present stored for a couple of possessions. Three for three from the line it's actually six point lead up in at 23 to go. He makes this it's a three possession les that it will upset it. It's never loses its confidence that doesn't mean it's. Snuff or you're markets up with the free throws some hard that's not so it's still in possession game simple to revamp candidate for quickly rose alliance president Lincoln at the end if you're afraid to hardly bat Rashard. Kelly. There's a natural language and it. And ultimately get over it creates. Its cost it's not want that double team gets delayed or residues found five more. A risky pass that got cleared just in time of morbid fouled going for the studios to north central. Soccer team you'll hold your breath that's for sure the rest of the line for two of I'm not so cool that at five feet you know. For the last six free throw opportunities Wichita State it's happening made only. Three of those conceived wars to convert both incidents. And expand that lead which is 81 to 65 in favor of the shots that went 05 left the ball 32. Time that ticket by temple. Head of state mention that factors appeared to be evident to get to eighty or more points again which they now have with 81. That is the nineteenth time this season they have scored eighty year. As you mentioned there every 83 point one points created. And we've said it's definitely averages seventy points for ball games and outscored by 110. Points per game. But for the last five ball games even less than 64. Five points football youth. Seven different Wichita State players that got that chance because the free throw line in this game tonight. He'll Boris is five or six from. The line and has nine points. So he could get into double figures here at he had the chance to evacuate street possession lead us to breeze this the second of two free throws had a magnificent the slightest. It's activates either one of these it's seven. And only have been at five to go obviously possession situation the temple though Africa. That is typical Wichita State that gave them free throw you know. That's his 6% from the line points. This is the fourth time in double figures here. One warrants. At 590. Justice excellently done flows Kelly sliding toward Florida. Does a lot of balls I'm now. That's why it's got there. At the end that you see death case they did get on the floor for loose ball and it. You see at that that made it three is that it's over not that not everybody was after. LA and it adds that ground face to face theory each other. And it Kelly's native ground that's what I'm target not. Won't look at about like goodness fought the floor to the floor votes from the old days. It will be played it right front of this from the sidelines. The laughter. Basket didn't want to go. Which state leading agencies that the lives already free it's definitely. For example doesn't have much hope out. Of balance. It's off the clock says they are running out of time. Well I pulled off a miracle I thought minor miracles. In Philadelphia makes things back. With the ball Thorpe with a game into overtime and then beat Wichita State Sox have been easy. He thinks it's the foul shots number one and number that's not for the ball. Soccer's declared it arts degrees right in front of his did. And the Shiite majority of the offensive that's pretty good free throws and was applauded mr. Kennedy fifth. Duffy friends can't stand it and forests are these possible receivers but he's residents. And it does she have it in the left corner they don't salad while struggling to re ignited this out here grows out from behind. Head. Threes when it grows making sure the official that was his announcement that his first it would have been that he August 5 that they've called it on him. So two shots again for us to agree he's made three out of four free throws as eight point so he can get it to double figures. Let me share that tonight his 24. Steel Boris now has. And fifteen for Kelly agrees with not a disease make that free throw. Orchestra stuffy the seventh ranked Stanford nine Willis was seven. Reeves. One more coming. Getting but it points to get the lead that night with 58 seconds left. Elliott Boris along the lane and that round or the other soccer free throw. These stats at Wichita State route five times now with under a minute ago. I stretch for us it's not one of those guys that blame pull a floater good floated out cloverfield Morrison Clinton rose. Says this pretty much unstoppable at the second half he has eighteenth at the half 23 for the game. And another timeout called with 49 and a half seconds ago soccer's F 8477. For growth has quite an arsenal of offensive weapons does outside inside at the free throw line. Big time player very good player. If the two regular season games this week these two teams like to find it here. Clinton rose. Every seventeen and a half points per game which led temple and he succeeded that tonight. 43 boards tonight so he's going to be around twenty points forgave that it. Three games between the two achieves it again. Stay that high scoring Wichita State lost its overtime at temple 8179. One in which should February 15. 9386. Right now this thing fortunately set. Well what temple's going to have to do is gamble. And a gonna have to a lot to a lot of defensive players in network down here Mike. Hi as Wichita State brings the ball in if they're able to get the ball in the should be able to. The ball up quickly you know relatively easy shots. He had 49 and a half. A line that has reached in France can't Boris and obviously you guys. Three perimeter players are bigger guys and all that free throw shooters. With its states. Leading 8477. Right advances in the finals camp able to run the baseline. It is that it is it worth over the reads not excuses that's it's written on her back over to us at time lines in France it's over it's now it's definitely did that well actually quicker than. Fourth now on ground. Shots for us decrease is made by the sixth down the stretch Aniston points in the game. Wichita State is coming off that game against Cincinnati went to the free throw line only fifty signs converted eleven of those one of the lowest free throw off outputs of the season. You. Gotta love it. And it's you know get in here we that's enough that's your defense substitution 44 seconds ago. But effective as lucky enough that oath athletes that make it at nine point gain yeah it's 8577. That was the little short bounces up and rebounded temple. Owls down by eight. Rose. Almost lost to dribble that the lions. Underhanded left handed smooth in this case they did everything that's not a grant Shaquille Morrison's that's 25 attempting. Making a lot of playgrounds Johnson's very impressive. Records in the six fluently champ but in the Kelly they immediately found here or has grabbed even if it's not true. With Jerry Kelly. And the five on Mormon hill fell out with eight points. Sounds 33 seconds ago Stuart keeps fanatic it's not good to get a chance to shoot free throws. Clots not that simple coming out scores of 8570. Times in his. Eight dear Louise Beckett the details lined up hysterically at the line. As they free up three of the strike united has fifty point. Wonderful outlook for the restarted Betty if expects. Points rebounds that's had a wonderful game three. Eric Kelly for for fourth line that is a good career high for him sixteenth. Points at fifteen against Saint Louis a couple of years ago. The longer term economic. That was it and asked three. Simple to go hurry it up court they trailed by seven. Round of the legs up golf like. Haven't leads into it soars and a fallow land. They should have publicly plus seconds later. He gave Japanese forearm shot of his first related seriously injured that they. Brad has taken an aggressively at their bank and it is Janet getting the call at the basket he's got fifty. Chance for a three point play that competitive war was still 45 seconds to a preacher issues. In the ball game might once again Wichita State's ass to get the ball back with the round would make the free throw. So two point one on the season he had been through person. The line seven of his last eight alliance when he signs. That's grounded this. Doctors tonight have. Against the business rebound tips. And it reads chases it down if they salad they double team but they haven't felt the edit addictive drugs active roster you know. Seconds now Huntsman rose. Round. This first read through this. It sets them out of America account straighten that record the free throw attempt might seem team. That's what was it 65 it looked like with the hostage at the island since that time with the thoughts on the line. With the times and not make it. Well that makes him one attitude it's strictly through it reads. And I didn't practice that shot behind them credit teammates evidence. Yes well points. Round belly that yet its nuclear reasons 7363. Yeah well it is an attack native that there needs creative entries snapped up by 717. Seconds left wants me by all roll up the front of the rim rebounds you know Morris and Alan on. Nearly at that point is really no reason profound example. Suckers they're going to. Similar crime goes. And if this victory with the Palestinians have now become one of his fourth. Programs in the entire country. Including five or more for each of the last night scenes if there was the fifth. Over the last eight BC news they lost to Rhode Island today deviate intermittently. Have. Eight seed wins there's no way they're going to get seven or whatever tournament if there is any risk of diseases. So we'll only be a select group. With us today. You can thank you can't do that at 145 or more for nine plus years. But Boris is the first basis that it. Snacks evidence. Since the line eleven points with the IC IA half seconds ago Kalin Malone is Nancy. Mergers here. Rented at half court to judge brown Reynolds. Off the back that it net you know he got off the proposal on three that's no good very jittery. And that's gonna do it. I was so hopefully. For thousands finals are let's not say 89 for example eighty. And others. Offensive firepower for a showdown between what is not stated Jeff wolf. Ghost of the suckers they takes about three dozen years in advance. That the AC tournament semi finals tomorrow afternoon. Against the winner of the game still with a slightly Houston. And since the floor yet the final 8981. Which it does things they do it for the Johnson's most games ago. The following some. We are pretty high extend from me Jack I have the heat that you get a thousand dollars a day since you won the Kansas lottery lucky for life but there are rules used to have to follow. Screaming it's payday every day is not good for our morale. Come they get screams at your aren't proper responses to report questions and no you may not fighting naming rights for the men's room. 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Like 116 a month on a few fortunate fourth to eleven months Donahue sportage after the match so why would midwest he would make an offer this generous. That's what she did drugs and rescue. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder ray don't Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is. He's on 103 point haven't seen you want yeah. Let's get back to. Amway Arena. Orlando Florida half with the judge today its first ever American athletic conference tournament as its stance is that the final round that hard fought 8981. End. For example is the quarter finals. Dave not Bob role alongside its its. Johnson's post game show up right side Johnson's 21 united states of mind so much ignore the evidence suits against not expected to allow us to slow it down at the victim storming back it makes it seemingly almost impossible. Shots at times. That attitude they have a lot of office work. Their budget shot makers that surround yourself that you're not needed in a lot of thought shots. With roads of those driving shot at. Mormon faith a couple of tough definitely not self. Just so hard he has slowed down. Offensively that shocker did a great job to get a flawless night Jack boards in the second half. Kelly was not worth all night long on the board in his absence of key shots to keep free throws them. For its twelfth and Leonard Simmons is marvelous the we have doubled he's giving me. That's why eighties force in the first half made some big big shots he insists. What they exclamation mark on the incidents. This half whenever they need. Advanced than my. Points before assists so you can guide him not only. Didn't score it also leads the team in assists in those assists. Harry Harry critical. One yeah. Let me just give it to this stuff securities law expires at the dude with thousands. Those doctors who had its twentieth day of the year. They get it doesn't win over rates. Bloggers on opponents festival's 46 in the RPI it. Singing their praises it in the talent that they it's just hard to believe his team's seven. Here and obviously it is something that. Has it that they're consistently that the three times we've seen this place today things are pretty darn good they can elevate their play within walking. Was really good people not conference and they sure have elevated their play three games they played without state. I thought they played really well doctors. Just played a little bit the and it's kind of funny face statistically they're not a particularly good team I mean they found in the bottom third in the conference. And most statistical categories except three three point defense they also looked pretty good job of controlling its turnovers. I felt good things in particular Wichita State's zone was not particularly helpful. But fortunately they forced him to twelfth turnovers as well in the second thing is. In the last four and a half minutes of the ball game Wichita State went to the free throw line eighteen times. And they only connected on eleven of those eighteen times and it could have been a real problem for them. But it seems like every time they went to the free throw line and it makes one to at least wants us to. So that kept him but arm's length about Celtic history I like him at 08 minutes at. Ticket that never that he distances quantitative 37 for the game 76%. They outscored pitiful like twelve points for the alliance is a difference in the quality and an eight point if you what you have also and you can tell and its senior leadership on this fall's luck. There was a real onslaught it was a physical onslaught like simple thing of the rest of things with Delhi now. Thought that there were plenty of Wichita State gets a little bit they didn't race they didn't give up the lead at that given up the lead. I think temple would have been like for alana smelling the blood that they did not do that and they were able to continue to build leaders make it difficult for you out. It's what devils stayed the night knocking down threes especially the first half with a shocker went back to soccer fan thought the winning side Sacramento. It paid off as the drew a lot of fouls got the foul trouble got shocked with the free throw line and athletic at some of the free throws they were grown in size. Both Jack Morris is that the little incidents lately you haven't it's really nice fact experts ticketed fans of the rover play. Yes and Jack or sent a very average. First half really didn't do much especially. Offensively didn't do much and that wasn't his fault in particular he just stayed out of the blue ribbon are far too much some Eagles inside. I recently to a date from the DO thought. He's able to get a couple of nights the basket and draw enough bounce to get him in foul trouble for its default zone free throw line instances the executioner. Tightening was the unanswerable. Factor in tonight's ball game. Fanned again. At least chances to sudden victory period it was. The first half Willis panic it. That little stretch for his campaign as I stretches Cali lewis' Kelly he's relentless on the boards and had a few more points than usual for the second half. A lot more different guys stepped up worst I don't of his points in the second half Austin green get all of his points of the second half. So it was a an item with a lot of different guys repeatedly. Politicians and related shipment of sharks Nelly Kelly was six out of date for. It's more sixty points yet it was in on him from the floor six of eight for some reason those two guys. Really played this basketball office. I thought one of the critical moments in the ballgame. Late in the second half the ball was being bounced around quite a bit guys who tried to get their hands on it and do it. Reeves gets on the floor slides across the floor with the ball falls at times now with honesty comes back to score in the and that was critical possessions to shock us. Epic every possession was really critical that because the lead at front down before you I think three times and one time. It definitely is critical for the fifth with you that possession. Green's status have the best to fix the qualities would you ask don't have that on the floor technical next time around eighty diet. On what you just stayed the finalists are teams can't ratchet volatility the company estimates that happens. It's your criminal defense and final offer that but it's not give them a call at six floors fifteen and 48. Where does it feel coming LLC dot content accidentally slump where your needs. 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If you're stuck in your low release listen if you're over your mild joint release upside down in your world or just one out of your car or decide who helped you today but not least that we continue to thumb off or road particularly from that threaten your own between if you knew some awful or rover zero down for another nine months after me they're now general manager for himself dial 1800 new news on the there's always some Wichita about cup who improved credit informant who point to. For people who feel the effects can expect that to all of that plus in the distance from the five people Jason won't confuse the. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center ending torn Andover was a lawyer. Listen for all WS shocker to talk on 103 point seven KE YM which. What it does it bites the dust the 45 and did that just gets this obviously it appears that it implies that six. Lot went. Over temple soccer scored 89 voice that needs to save 20% more on all soccer merchandise. That's nets locker room east or west of drop I get to 20% this gets very getting geared up for war policies and actions. You can always be happy to say about it. And it's and it's let's go inside the numbers look at the final stats like Dubai beat KP CPAs and advises everyone needs a trusted advisor. Whose doors but it does state tonight shooting 48%. 26 of fifty or thirty times for three nine. Creative 37 her alive and. Across the courts decide not great but certainly solid if not the way those games. Double shot 51%. And even other factors have given up you more points and we'll letter's sent it this year that has been. Hope for them over the years. That is only the fourth time in 31 games and it floated the shot 50% or better than it was 46 for 311 of 24. Sixty definitely want the free throw line with just eight dollars plus eleven. On the court 35 when he worked hand to three offensive rebounds. Kept it even on turnovers at twelve shot present fifteen assists 126 baskets. Temple at the game's high scorer Clinton grows got. Twenty of his 25 in the second half. Fifteen of these forward Josh Brown finch is Austin junior. But after that it drops not eight through JP mormons six. Word is that black the F five for eight years please doctor's note of the Internet GO it was a foul trouble all night long. That's just three points for the soccer's. But I appreciate it but not office. Roses totaled 448. At the end. Six of eight for three who have tip line four rebounds four assists. He scored 24 points on eight shots flow rose scored 25 months have been to France tonight. Sixteen point seven rebounds three assists for Rashard Kelly's six of eight from the field. And it usual four or five to alliance that you hear stories high or Rashard. Ten points for Shaquille florist eight rebounds alternate points of the second half. Thirteen points four boards for Austin green who got all of his thirteenth in the second half most of them stretched the free throw line refusing to him. Nine points or not her friends can't plus three rebounds two assists and no turnovers again. Seven points apiece for Darryl Willis of Smart it's the company markets and it the second half that helped the team. And Willis didn't play much in the second half that people. They wonder about that it may think it was that the thing on its continuing to battle that plant capacity that is the issue that is certainly played into it. If not play quite addictive he played pretty well all inclusive of this unit aren't inflated ticket. And I got some good rebounds I think that there are several thoughts about four really critical statistics one he has. Wichita State allowed him to shoot fifty point 9% from the field and played against feeder Houston tomorrow and or Cincinnati on Sunday. You give up that kind of field goals and secondly. I love the fact that even though they've witnessed a number of shots they only got three offensive rebounds. And Wichita State was able to dominate on the boards again out rebounded temple by eleventh. And finally Wichita State's defense has been one of their many many strengths and Wichita State's bench outscored temple's offense by ten points 27 to seven. Teams that soccer's dominated the boards stated the eighth Olympic park exceed book that and it. Plus eleven on the boards and offensive rebounds. Carefully review offensive rebounds so shocker that are really good job of levity if you like shots. Each trip down the floor. Unfortunately capitalists you so well that created a lot of action shots they shot what almost 51%. Of the war's really shot well from behind the arc. We. Went league it's happening but it didn't decreased playing the game it's usually one that kind of helped seal the game. But finally at that night didn't seal it it was a lot later that the shot is finally put this little of the fiscal mismanagement and here's our play of the game presented violet. The lines and I show format. Was that if that's not exactly flawless candidate trying to get some room La. The war. Little three candidates got out of sixth grade through it and at halftime but it does state. Temple 36. It was a big shots because for example it closed the gap a little bit the start to feel a little better about things that let me just tremendous on might want them to success gives you energy going into. Going into halftime. Practice and Bob. I don't know my notes that's correct not that it looks like Wichita State in the last four and a half minutes. The only one field goal and I think that was an Austin reed's field goals and short range jumpers but they went to the free throw line those eighteen times in eleven out of eighteen and of course that's probably why they weren't. Katie shots from the field that's is that your recollection as well about the last four and a half minutes will be one field goals made that eighteenth street with him through. Thereabouts yeah that sounds right I can't remember another one. Kelly had one thing. There but you have ever to reach basket but he played temple had to have. Push their defense that. Ralph Reed okay. Let's I think what I thought I thought the samples they think their defense so far if they were they really get physical. They're trying to get steals that it is kept found in the Catholic. Which tested a. Fine I was very impressed with Wichita State they didn't back down temple is safe street Smart touch the ball club you can tell the state. Learn their trade flame university basketball playing very physical basketball one on one basketball intimidating basketball Wichita State didn't buckle under that pressure. They continue to hold onto the ball they continued to hold onto the lead. And hit the free throws that they absolutely have definitive yes I don't know if it was before or after losses and pull up jumper but never browns' three regular next quarter. That was a thief thought. It out perfectly fine. A lightly this little not lead it I'll let you guys think about the defensive players in its threat to you by got you covered what. Want to control the life you're living rooms treat privacy your bedroom. We're transform the look at your kitchen got you covered as of right with the treatment solutions for you offering 166127000. But it got you covered of which it's not dot com that attackers. Get 10% off any order got you covered cervix the Wichita area. Well defensive player in the game this kind of a tough one actually because. Simple it's it's a good job of scoring baskets from ground Alston grows particularly from the perimeter of so you think it would have to be in inside players. I'm you have. And it's. Captain worth it started. And you've had. Kelly Garnett and it's the home and probably those who would have. Ball game. The crowd trouble. And that's what released without state was able to win the only flight ninety. Now I would agree that David I would also like that they got them. It's not going to install the office. You know he had fifty. What got him a lot of all the photographers with a good round. At one of the indicators to have pretty good defense is out as the media player you were guarding. The terms of assists and turnovers and and the guard sexson hit a pretty decent job because even though it's definitely the sport's fastest. Because Josh Brown at point guard had five turnovers and he said Bob also can't treat him. Shot here's what it Haiti now. I had 81 we'll have Greg marshals and it is on the star of the game. And it undermines that one of our times post eight sponsors to cars are an outlet and flowers better. Launch time was it's. Around forever family owned and operated. 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The patriots if it buried at a news its in house speaker at. I feel lucky that happy if people hear your reasons and it's beside Scott created the crowd got. Part of food and beverage people here at the end when president and having that fifth routed three fours that wars soccer fans of the other things that. They're gonna get a lot more singles tomorrow and possibly thud you heard it called off. Earlier scores Cincinnati held office it was a bad things on if you want autopsy Cincinnati advances 48. Hour. That this gets a lot there for a three point range of me just brought it on tour. Though. Up off one foot from beyond the three point arc on the as time expired. Hit it to the advances. 6764. A process. That is what they want it well they Cincinnati tomorrow at. So I've. Wanted to simplify them. And I think it is. And that is doctors play the game coming up to three days yes the six seat 1912. Years. Three seats nineteenth ranked in the country at 246. At to a place attackers to Ireland. At 2:30 central time 330 here you know and those of other stories of interest 125 Rhode Island. Defeated the CEO of the quarterfinals of the aids cancer at 7667. Alabama. Planning for its life starting the SEC Bennett mean any chance to get to the NCA immediately. What if if it's safe knocked off number sixteen Auburn today 81 a 63. Event and in nineteen. Ortiz looks like an area. Providence as a Dixie youth adding it's. Pleasantly biggies. Yesterday. In the quarterfinals. About finals today is flyers defeated numbers. Drives up. Overtime looks like throughout this thick carved out a soft ice hockey. Tonight plays its tremendous confidence. 813 doesn't seem like any other businesses. Ever watch Virginia defeated the other night and classes six. And semi finals. Carolina. I have never got case it's seeded Kansas State it is. It's a final. They played. Not life experiences and yet it's excellent game against Kansas it was their first team all conference later you can't. You can't take the players like stand on the line up my. Life. Hundred feet of Wichita State stands second that the first four events. Eight or heptathlon. At College Station, Texas holding one but it's state track and field athlete has ever won this title that. Harrison who rises. Isn't. Behind him Duckworth. Exactly or events that are out. At rates that Afghanistan has just hit Grand Slam. But it does it now leaves Texas Arlington Levitt it's very. At the bottom of the seventh. This is it State's twelfth game of the year and they've already hit five Grand Slam of all time record I was six and ninety. I. It yet is that if one of the current ones would know this is his fingers now is don't hit three. Career record his fourth goal this. And help it at that yet certificates. Service that is what you. The baseball season. As soon as it. At Arlington. Case going we'll play tomorrow and it's in the blocks Snyder time once. Thirteen thirty T in necessity here. Eight easy basket because of a finals. Will be active circle time ends. Early games. It is Cincinnati can't escape escalators it's just an eight and it is easy out hard. Would expect yeah guys that. Wanted to play really well I think. You can argue this place is about as well as the and it's just days. The guys they. Does it lastly if you make it acceptable for a this guy has hit that sixty to 58. Both teams played really good defense and they're both very physical especially youth and so it's going to be tough to get fans it. Well I'll be curious to see how old Houston's heart they are so wound up so hyped up an event that places they started. Warmed up seat and see if they can settle and heart breaks in great shot that tradition the NCAA traded. And it does not itself of our daily bread food pantries and now under way at Carlos and Kelly is in Wichita and Hutchinson. You donated dollar for the fifth met your name goes into the drive for an autograph soccer basketball. At all the cardinals and Phillies both cases. Get up toward the net. Created March Madness who did not it was very partial mostly here pretty. It also are starting game I think that would have to be Atlanta's chance today although certainly some other guys I don't think particularly I think inaudible businesses are feeling. We'll start planes were flawed he always wanted to. Rebounds and a ball game. Three assists for the guys that his economic team in the system how about sixty points and is due in large purchase will fly. That was administrative bodies that yeah at sixteen points. Career high seven rebounds six out of eight from the floor and four out of five from the free throw line it's a little free throws. Critical free throws down threat. At a later assistants Landry can't afford it. Constantly when the guys that actually affect. Well together on the it's this is is quicker today. Typically it was somebody struggles was is it brings like this are. He hits backed off of that player kind of plan for a time it was your confidence. Rashard has developed his ability to let their playoff life. Put it on the floor and they play as if you take it all the way to the basket itself but picking up somebody else three yeah. One of the reasons he's second in the senate since I was this time after time. Go to the free throw line drive that fast is that he's got very good drive advances. But he's got a pretty good. They didn't shot somebody else the play of the game would have also been. That played the role that Jack sealed the restarts and heading for shark would only back. Basket don't think that the only weak link to that stuff about taking the basket was chosen as a lot of confidence in his offensive ability. I can't there's death at forest already had this play this. It was not Morse is he not in front of the flatly said hey it's over but nothing slam. Marcus had nothing. If I have. It's. A little. That was actually been a different line you know. I definitely a lot of say this two week gave certainly all credit to sample think his earth gravity plays they made. But it's not presented answered pretty much every time soccer. Way to take a lot of places out instantly talk about effectively it was really pretty simple let's go longer. Seven straight points as they did a couple of different times and had double security taxes you three points. Points with us you guys haven't answered whether it was a backed the war. Tax free tablet for each of what they always did with enhanced. They're good offensive clubs that soccer's unselfish. Passes well we've seen the whole Willis. Hey. They've got a lot of if you're six. Steve that coach mark with together theaters that plays our emotions. And it the it is nice job back that he. I started frank if that breath and a lot of guys school a lot of guys that can. Kelvin Sampson. Are not 2000 but weren't connected for the he would flip the office and reflected through billions of minutes. Bottom line is where it wasn't like. Here it is it's it's diluted half. The night. New study whereas the deadliest work posted this. This is already very. Physical defensive battle between used to use the FCC definitely early sixties fluently read about three minutes yeah. We're gonna take one more time your words don't call me to get great Marshall and let me sham that. It's tough at these tournaments take some time because there's more media had more people have questions asked in the interview. And obligated to go for the take a break come back here see if we could catch. He's before we wrap things up here soccer's for the 8981. Win over temple to the semi finals that the center. 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About a lot of military must it was big part of what job market was up along TomTom I want to go out there make a difference I didn't find that more combining that's open is pretty easy decision to make and then the opportunities are in my community serve my country it was decisive okay. To learn how to be part of the army National Guard blog go to National Guard dot com sponsored by the kids as army National Guard. Aired by the Kansas association of broadcasters and the station. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs Bernhard thanks Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in more vain Kirk Farber. Live in zoo or download a podcast of WSU shocker basketball. On JE YN dot com or iTunes or Google black. And. On the back of the Johnson's post game show from Orlando. B 981 win over. Quarterfinal round this. And eleventh loses his minutes ago. Six seats hanging tough. At Texas Stadium which is not stately dignity garlic to squelch it really the bottom of the eighth knocking. Most of us have their chance. Game so far this season but earlier he did not hear. Mason jettison this and Grand Slam than any solution to our state that's their fifth of the year and it's great victors. Finally back in the lineup after battling a hamstring and lose your head of the first if they feel it's kind of singled to drive yeah RBI single inning home run. His next time up. Fourteen plus 1450. The first half thirteen eleven Houston. It just gave millions of the three suit. Yeah see after. To advance defeat for starters are. Both teams out here playing and they're knocking down shots and contested shots full fees. Really look like they're fired up this fall in and ethnicity and if it's not packet that at all not too many stops at all off Bob and as a matter of fact a lot of big time recruits Johnson both teams. Well it doesn't look likely they get to our interviews and a tightly Sanders a lot yet ready to send to the way it reminds you that tomorrow us. Think game times arts there's sensible for the Cincinnati that this game. 2:30. Central for Wichita State that if you UCF. Houston notes to the semifinals. Will be up here at 1:30 central. Our pregame show at all the doctors have in fact that's what some of this. Cystic coaches Donny Jones analyst at behind businesses of the fact that players make their way out Canada. We'll have received seventy. Watch the first half it is game CDC's lives and what it is today. So hardly get some sleep for tomorrow's game. I don't watch half of this game it's a PE back at a hotel. Obviously. All of do you think there. Florida don't shoot rounds par or walk through this film they'll get they'll get about a half an hour here I think maybe more than going for thicket. What it is today. And again the doctors yeah. This win today have now won 25 verbal report ninth consecutive seasons. On the other programs the entire nation that has. Are you Kansas and it. We've seen. That we'll hopefully classes for the last eight years but there's sitting on the eighteenth win eliminated today for a eight cancer and activities that they live pretty incredible accomplishment. Elliott. But at the time records well look at some of the effective today and over the years. Helicopter. But also he's got in. The NCA confidence has been excellent and well. All right that's get a good for us from Orlando we'll be back with it. 30 central time tomorrow wisdom of idleness up against it. Yeah and not because. Or Bob Hope they've after handling our producers and Mike Kennedy today through these things. Orlando had a shocker for example yeah. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KE YE you. The front you buy these fine sponsors United Healthcare can't let it die here. 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Or visit Channing king dot com today. Did you get a bonus this year. An extra cash yeah I definitely want to the Sony none. How about a thousand dollar bonus free money this flu shot. And how small here to look listen and that is. I might. Through march 30 you get twelve and they don't win New York JEY and 1000 dollar loan. Listen for the 1000 dollar gold award at the top of the hour starting at 6 AM in the morning then it every hour until saw. There's text big team YN word is 70881. For your chance to win your. 1000 dollar KG UYN and three is a thousand dollars. I. Chances to win every warm then Monday through Friday thanks AM to five PS US is there aren't not Cheney why am 1000 dollar. Opponents they listen to 10347. KEY. Into. Consideration. It's a shocker locker room gel with the jet does sports head. And special guest Bob lives on 103 point seven. This Friday night and welcome to the shocker locker room so it's been involved with you here tonight at. After Wichita State wins it. And now the doctors first ever game in the American. Postseason tournament Sox beat temple tonight 8981. In the quarterfinals fans into the semis tomorrow. Bob and other high scoring in a tough game between the docs example the third woman sees. Now what I remember of it from three days ago it was a it was a it was a heck of a game a little long post game. Down on land I didn't know the real guys that knocked them off on an eighty dollar vulnerable open Gregg Marshall would show up. They were and it did not have did not happen marshals on the feet. Yes I think it's. He's on the express line at that magic mountain. Albert Disney World already exactly so you don't get coach Marshall tonight you get didn't bomb I don't know what we can break down that wasn't broken down and in that post game but we're gonna give it our best. And we take phone calls that's where you get to unity you know we would love to have you join us tonight on the phone lines at Byron here on the locker room so 8691037. Is the phone number the area code is 316 once in a phone number 8691037. Didn't Bob we are broadcasting here tonight. At twin peaks in east which it's already here after every soccer game all season long when he first and rock. Wall lot of folks here at twin peaks tonight. Of course had a big crowd Watson's doctors. And Kate you increase state all played the same time it's 6 PM the night. Good stuff and you still have some interest in games going on here in the ACC. About North Carolina out sixteen to agree on do. And then you've got Houston Cincinnati and UC apathy. Final quarterfinal the AC term youth and have right now according on thirteen. Now we'll be keeping an eye on net gain of course the winner of that contest Houston's Central Florida will play to shoppers tomorrow in the American semi finals at 230. Temple of good team. There thereupon team they have scored their athletic. If that's and it lets the kids named the big hit it must match up against the genre better than some other teams because. Every time I want some I'm pretty impressed. Forget temple. The share losses. They have a lot and in a coy as the only thing that hits and close enough the early foul trouble got him completely out of revenues reliever without state. In the earlier the game ruthlessly with self getting him in foul troubles with youth. Plus for the stuff. Shots when it 8981. Involving this game that. It's very very close at times. Wichita State never trailed in this game. He kept things which is weird because several times. Temple cut it to one or zoo but they never ever excited or abilities simple. I have a lot of runs in the game. And that that is a little surprising that not any of those runs with both of them making a brief lead the credit for the soccer's her. Holding out off I understand what was. Dynamite and wants Zach Morris got to go in the second half. And they made free throw for the most part they've missed commitment list that probably a few too many down the threat that they want to line up months. I went to the line 37 on seven miss nine but it may twentieth when an out of 37 if you win games. Outscored temple sweet sixteen at sixteen at the line in nine got sixteen more opportunities so. This doctors when it tonight 8981. Over temple. And let's go to the phone line take 691037. Tonight on the locker room showed dug is up first going to dud. Garrett power. Waiting in Marshall. Are absolutely. I wanted to papers belong I'm into yours. And rivalry and they appear to be forming between now and it's simple really exciting. I don't know we thought that there mom on the playground or something your wire. Band night every time that we turn take the lead like that have been aura around it's been really hope we keep on on Khyber remainder. Back Butler currently Americans. But. All of that I was curious you know he seems like in coach Parcells picked the wild on you know it seems like. And I think they have a place to go like probably get ago here on the air. British soccer radio you know like I don't know where they you know I mean. On repeated on there all the you know. Public comment period everything in there are ways that it's like going in it. Don't you every play over and over thinking that you guys for a half an hour to coach Parcells ready. And over two and appeal that there you go back do you guys and continue on here it is true in evidently it's not like that long drawn out thing on here and there we are on there and you know that way. It means more validity. Period which you hear it about. Andy the radiant. But to be honest Doug I've thought about that through the years sometimes Lipton and that it's never been acted upon. I think I think it's good idea I existed to cut to the interview right marshals. They've cut back on them. Post game and a fight it out but anecdotes point is if they're stalling for time why not come to us for awhile and in this news postmark was ready let us know we'll go back it up. Well there you go on the that sounds like go away overnight maybe it will like that happens. Maybe. Or maybe none thank you. ID I used my influence because I mean listen I've been on the year before in that same situation where you're waiting for a coach or player to come out. And you basically just killing time to stay on the air until that happens and it's it can be AT&T labors of and you wanna give mark after game went exactly what he. Says and that's one of that's one of the highlights of the post game and if Gregg Marshall font foe tonight for whatever reason that all of them that did not did not come about. And I would say that's frustrating for me is a radio guy that all of a sudden local radio gets up to last on the list when it comes to speaking with the head coach after the game. He's got that we just didn't pursue its exact I want for two minutes I don't need him for fifth. Asking those to come back out on the war zone thought maybe these things need to be looked at I don't know. Now I know that that's that's that's some legitimate concern staff and we'll take a look at we'll take a look at it. Thanks for the golf we appreciate it our phone number here in the locker room so it's 86910378691037. -- those 316. Let's go back the phone lines mark you are next go ahead. Mark. It does Dario and I don't wanna thank you at the great win the night and hopefully. Sure that was continues there. But this team initial effort that they just follow me boys so. What are got a great post game interview on ESP you'd probably may have missed that little bit but that was the civic theatre of great. Were hurt just battery pack for the Mark Adams that was really nice and perfect the darker show well. Which reader. What that runaway government. Whatever it is definitely say that what player powers through. Look at my ballot was Mark Adams label will be positive with landry's name in the broadcast. But lower credit they had a good. Banter back and forth. Both of them are not but I was wondered about that what they'll do. Whether market. The night but Lambert they're pretty good bit dated back about it muscle pain at the back and forth there. Look at Florida look forward their game on CBS Lawrence you know there are now are chipped it about. He got up but it worked (%expletive) your favorite. Thanks largely appreciated. Bob what are update on Houston's not meant what is that unity chain of about eight minutes ago in the first half. We expect Houston win that game looked like they probably will. They've. They've become a whale the defense team you know when it's on here in the which it and the doctors. Good quality time and hold them out to be the handle but since that time. This agreement planets in the defense anyone and America so that'll be a real tough on the wrong if if indeed it is you just. It materializes him. We'll keep you updated and at Houston Central Florida scores we go along throughout the night the winner of that game please shoppers tomorrow. The American semi finals 8981. Wichita wins tonight. Over sampled Sox improved to 25 and six on the season. As the eleventh ranked Wichita State advances in its first ever American we'll see them. Our phone number is 8691037. Dead and Bob here's Nguyen sneaks back the phone lines aren't colors Alice go right ahead now. Bode. You guys are bemoaning the fact he couldn't get picked Markel but I guess I'm the best thing that got out there. We always we always know we're gonna get out from back. Now you know what it later. Tentatively. In any event I thought at the frog in my yeah. They're out there the with their big get in early alpha they weren't able to the poker game a little bit better perimeter players. That's what kept them in the game. Back then that if they were no limit not a that I think we're looking at that very day that. With the eat your arm with sample with older they get in foul trouble early yeah net. I think. Got a little bit stronger effort tomorrow. Like you did not pan. But what you think about that Bob. Well I I agree I think when. And I wish I had an active noise when he got into early foul trouble and happy movements they have to bring him back with 35 with 2000 the first. And he just never gotten any kind of rhythm and he's certainly they. Big news for those one of three from the field goal in nineteen minutes but yeah let them over America as the while what the road road liar pretty fund one is that he's a good player brown animals that are players. Temple played well and they've made shop. I grew up here the big guys not be enough there for example and not being very productive. It is a little surprising with they didn't have a little easier time in the game. But I think kind of there real bad and get the conference where. You know temple but not that comfort that the people that want. Number there's been seeded conference Carol what the culprit this I've got a lot of respect for their predicted being obviously well coat and now. And it's tough matchup for political game we've played against that here I think it was it challenging game at all operate. Well let's just say this if you get through this firmament and you've beaten. Temple Houston and Cincinnati. Your your shortly. Battle that's for whatever comes your way in the infinitely colonel you know I have like no we've battled them of. But we split with all three of them though writer that the there's rubber reprimand. Is that we continue on through it and into the team the fight adding that the app that. Proper equipment and I'm reckless tackle back in 1970 with the soccer the sport where a different comfort. But there's a real gauntlet I think that we're going through here and you know I. That is let it isn't a lot of it's it's often the it's great it's exactly. What. What everybody looked. At to get out of Bali which it really becomes available. And get over here in the the American where. It's just a lot of fun to watch these fees quietly temple temple an outstanding team even despite their record. It's it's a lot of fun to watch some of these teams in the America. Current. That's now. Thank you now whereas a quarterfinal game in Missouri Valley Conference tournament would be. And although little of the aisles of soccer's did not have a ton of success now Linden in they're not throw it his thumb our nose at the I don't know maybe a little bit and improper but it. This is just the even though. Even though there's not the atmosphere and through the number of soccer fans. Or land of the world's great books. There were still on the soccer fans lined. And that's the process like how many people made the trip down the floor. What looked like you. Thousands now I mean that's not an easy trip halfway across the continent. This you know you got to fly now both parts of people drove it. Not a not a chief trip but it's just tremendous. Tremendous loyalty that has happened with mostly basketball. Good stuff tonight for soccer fans getting that conference tournament off to a nice start in the quarterfinals. Beating temple 8981. Was the final score tonight eleventh ranked soccer's enough 25 and six on the season awaiting the winner of the game between Houston and Central Florida currently going on right now in Orlando to wrap up tonight. What the winner of that game while I was short turnaround at 230 tomorrow afternoon. Yeah. He got to the goal is what time of the year. After this that yeah I'd it since the bush and after 10 o'clock in Orlando right. Sort sleep and be ready to go 330. Right now is six and a half minutes to go in the first half Houston on top of Central Florida what is it 3018. Gather views of let's go. We. Will be the soccer moment tomorrow. Debt and Bob here on the soccer locker room so we are at twin peaks and when he first and ROKR phone numbers 8691037. Give us a call will. Be glad to chat with you tonight after the soccer win over temple don't forget here's twin peaks at game days vessels on soccer game day only. Which means. Those specials today all day tomorrow do you get a huge mud of the man's size shocked top four only four box. Fears about 48 degrees colder right now. And eaten get a cheeseburger basket along with prize for just 599. Food and drink specials here on soccer game days all day long. On soccer game days only right your twin peaks debt and Bob will be back right after this more than soccer locker and so tonight on 103 point 78 EY and. 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Twenty the ultimate sports slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there port on your greens and Gregg who is bursting from the best kitchen in sports there's something on the menu dissatisfied every fan's appetite take your teammates and new high with any of our terrible items from the table when he's full service bar features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purpose reserve that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in -- no ice cold Beers -- more -- man caves are decked out with tons of HDTV so there's never bats he's now head for twenty you train scenic views. It's a shocker locker room gel which Ted de sports ten. And special guests on the lips on 103 point 78 EYN. As it steps away double team. Players that Hillary wants to drive was at eight footer. Closet raised its full buffet lines that seventh that definitely factors except that it is. And Austin Murray's back that was the last Sox. What did not believe what about the background like Korea. These before that's three was before that. Yeah Austin native Alex picks up brown yup around Zach made a three pointer with five about five minutes to go to put the Sox a fights and a forced temple lookers and get it back to it in now four and eventually three. Austin Reid made a big bucket there with two and a half minutes to go Mike Kennedy with all that put the Sox up by six and in Wichita State and it's not a free throws down stretches. Temple started falling more and more behind this doctors ended up winning it tonight 8981. A in the quarterfinals of the American economy. If you wanna join us this is dead and Bob and we are here at the soccer locker room so broadcasting live between the city Wichita where when he first and rock and our phone number. Is 8691037. Area code 3168691037. Let's go to the phones our next caller is still a go ahead bill. Figure if I just want to say that. Can we say enough good things about Rashard you know. Those super. Secret. And there's never never take the and so. Well leave with that the big Rashard cal White House you know we're we're Ike ran up to him he did here and I'm like they're building it if they do. He's he's been. Like this all season long been found alive he does he take care of all the stuff that. Sometimes goes unnoticed but you make that noticeable with some pretty good gift idea. You really give it to effect tonight you'd think that OK I need to do stuff but. And he just did the right thing you think the ball the whole. I thought it was really that made you good antiquity of the period that that law but the first place. There. You know for. Giuliani. It was fun and I he'd made a path went out of bounds. Ten different backgrounds. Did not go to baseline in the lake Delhi had. Thought he La Gloria and that you gotta match the if you announced back now and even one for the Bentsen. Arsenal at this level him down a little bit of he's got to fix competitive streak of wild. Is his contribution does not go unnoticed around. You know well it's that foreign like stick around to get get better read. I think we have a very. To the camera because we fixed smile on ways. What the when it was get a little Dicey there. They were tiger where. You're an expert let me have a very do you versions. Gotta thank you bill for the phone call. 8691037. Shocker laughter and cell phone number 8691037. Restart Kelly a career high sixteen points tonight. Seven rebounds three assists six of eight shooting. Really aggressive man look at for the baskets. You know it was a 66. But he plays so much bigger because. The stuff if any are playing this guy barred death. And like you said it's sometimes guys play hard you you don't even notice them for forty minutes. Chart plays hardly notice it because he's gramley we lost it rebounds defensive rebounds saving possessions. Now we watch form now because we've we've become a custom that the way he plays so we keep prod them. I'm sure that fans around the conference. You look reflected in the first you know he he didn't make compliment them now there were only 34 all mentioned players. The all American conference though with wolf team that we got thirteen of fourteen players right thumb recognition. But Rashard Kelly's arrival of the themes. As almost I mean I'm not gonna say that he's as valuable stamina or more. He's right there he's out there. Mean basketball isn't just more. It's rebounding and defense get on the floor vacant charges. Finding open open people being a good teammate he's all of. And we've talked about in on this show before when he kind of turned the corner about midway through last season. And coach Parcells told the story many times that Al restart came into his office says what can I do this to be more of it. Part of this team be on the floor he told it is that. That you've got to play harder than everyone else that the data that and he went up to the best heartened that he's done with. There were times when you wondered what what his role on this program of unity and he's found his role on these made it is of certainly were shark Alley wasn't wasn't. Wasn't what have the last. Anders yelling things. A little managers. I forgot what a thing let's get. Austin yet let's go to Austin 8691037. As their phone number on the locker in sil Austin go ahead. They're keeping dark earlier. And Austin you. Aren't good column. It's darker are remind you back. In. And we have brought breaker. Is being like it should work though oh. I don't know that. A lot deeper or that it com. I do feel like we can make it deeper on. What most people think of the art department. It's. The arc where the darker green card. Well they're very good. I don't know I think it's a little dangerous start comparing. The Fred. For a family of Ron baker the NBA guys but certainly camera and more for all conference player right. Two of the five best players in this conference which is the better conference in the like I expect slandered him panel. Good career in the NB. So. Listen this is one of the teams in the country that's capable of making a deep run the thing is there's about fifteen there's a lot of them now. This well is gonna depend on the wrong. It's gonna depend on trying to get the highest seed you can possibly get. So this weekend is important even though even though you might only conceivably move up. A spot. From fort theory you don't want dropped from 45 or no to no so this is an important weekend for the soccer's. And they are team that in my estimation. Can go deep in the march however. Any of these people to get upset too. Right I don't think it right. Basketball I mean when I looked up at this I'm looking to put the TV screen right down and seen sixth ranked North Carolina a team that has nine losses. And ranked sixth in the nation. Yeah I mean net net debt securities we that's very usual right. You're looking at middle and not ranked sixth in the nation are yeah are things. Well or any medical our national I had I thought those were turn him I don't think that. And duke ranked number two well we've they have now I don't know I think there are six Atlantic builders seeding I think there's seated in the case. You know the analysts that are Brent what was. That's that would not be becoming. But they are mean north Carolina's that they that they wanna life. They did my right at the impact. Though they're off on dude right now although duke made a heck with them back North Carolina is ranked well. But at least not Austin next general conference flow from the kind of right let thousands of them right there. The soccer's a win tonight thank you McAuliffe you wanna join us. Thank you Austin 8691037. As our phone number here on the soccer locker room so 869. 1037. Here on the locker room so shocked when it tonight. Eleventh ranked Wichita State defeating temple 8981. At Wichita State out 25 and six on the season. Awaiting the winner of the Houston Central Florida game being played right now. And that game is late in the first half about a minute to go before halftime it's Houston 36 Central Florida 23. So we'll keep a mile Mets or in the Sox play the winner of that game in the semi finals at 230 tomorrow the American tournament. 8691037. Is our phone number ten and Bobby here on the soccer locker room so it looked ridiculous call. Fox soccer hoops tonight we are broadcasting live wind speeds when he first and rot. Andrew handling is a studio engineered to be glad to your phone calls at 8691037. Back after this on 103 point 78 EYNN. 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I don't. A special guy. Roller formerly of the. Arena box don't. Why. Twenty the ultimate spores lodge where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on your greens and fresh food is bursting from the best kitchen in sports there's something on the menu to satisfy every chance at a time major game day in new high with any of our terrible items for the table when he's full service bar features and then selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug go ice cold beer crystals form our maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV there's never bats he's now head for twenty eats drinks. Scenic views. It's a shot her locker room show risk Chad those sports and and special guest I'm lives on 103 point seven KE YU. It toward processing of the left and I those backgrounds particularly at the line at least one round with three. That crowd was his first basket. It is an active stance on autos at three pointer 62 point 5%. Entry points like it was last seven or 7464. Let's go back to win speaks as we continue with soccer locker room so Bob Lewis hit a good word with you on the program tonight we're taking your phone calls. On the shocker locker room so eleventh ranked Wichita State over temple tonight 8981. Of in the quarterfinals of the American conference tournament stocks advance into the semi finals tomorrow afternoon at 230. We are talking about that basket earlier you just heard their Bob a three pointer by Zach brown. That put the socks up like stand with five minutes to go it was it was sacks only basket of the game. They've won and guess who has insists Rashard you know there's an element if. They made up after the first half and hey what thing I didn't want to miss or hit the phones and ESPN's stop or what was the purpose of the album Sampson. Interview in the first half Brothers with the screen and I and that's not a variety meat grade I agree as well. I mean. Classic album some other time now between game. Or. At this it irritates me nice TV. But when you when you. And it. It's hard to follow the game I agree that. On ESPN. Shots when it 8981 if you would like to away and a Yemeni opinions or comments we'd love to hear from you 86910378691037. As the phone number. You're on the soccer locker room no head and Bob let's go back to the phone lines and a color is just didn't go ahead Justin. Yes went problem they thing. I think he's immigrated and I'm excited I'm what do you say Justin. But bottom eight years siren right now. Thank you just the narrator in about a year ago. Last year. Now you know that they tested me this last year phenomena hang with them even though my former team the rams. I've done some intriguing thing when it. After the secondary. Let's curators. And I expect. About a violent thing. Product characters like my favorite player on the net guys nearly yet he played very high. Natalie on the doctor. Right now I'm gonna miss them every bit. But aren't new favorite player is that opportunity. We take a fireball on every time he hit the theory. Now we caught in the world. He does everything has he looked like a world. He does everything it. You know get loose ball likely not. You know regulation out thing you have and I and I. How many shots that you had. It got me sweetheart at that stamp out last few hours. Where it that you demand. Nothing better than the shamrock. I don't know if Ronald nurture play great tonight. But I played. Okay we'll we'll go with the earth will go with your interpretation. Arrogant. Thank better it on faith want to make it let's not make it make it at what cost. Eric I opt theory that the three error rates are on that we do that. We got we got to cover. Our. It's our top thanks the thank you for it all destined that the that's typical my fan base right now. Guys that are taken shots the fireball and and look through the characteristics. Of squirrels yes pretty much better that it and it it. That's your typical guy right there those little people really like me. Our phone number is 8691037. This is the soccer locker room so we're at twin peaks when he first brought it in Bob. Let's go back to the phone lines steed is next go ahead Steve. I got to take my ball I think the only observation. A lot this year. You know it is adamant on is that it's been for some reason. That a lot of times we are similar players. Can use a little bit of improvement on the field and off the ground or ball slapped out there hands. We seem to have little problems that sometimes things don't have the ball. Let me ask you this load on. You know and room. Referral as you know I I thought to be you know because my background. That says that by. I am married at a all things I've tried. To keep him out what Monty I don't know if any any. He exercises that you do you know with. I would watch Austin herbal seems like teams worked side. In fact that it went from the mistakes happen. Out front of him maybe maybe just dribbles little bit higher and waited while it. I typically when you start getting the ball palpable hired on that is what makes these were. You can figure it out there. But they made me stop look around for I don't know I mean it just seems like. Things like every time that I passed the ball sometimes justice. They're not looking first is directions they wanted to go to Indy or if they're trying to look outside your eyes and maybe they need to earn it won't work. But I that's a lot to remember I I I don't remember anything he just told me the today I'm I'm willing to listen to your point but this sounds very complex. All right I'm peripheral. I don't know what but I'll we'll watch out for thanks for the golf and you have your peripheral or night. I did tonight yes I act. And I think it just comes down dummy not maybe the term I would use court awareness and all players and you know. Deal and it played Boston Reeves has you know a tendency and you know. Defense is pick up on some of that stuff that's what you go through the scouting report as this guy always moved his right this guy always dribble his left and stuff like that. You know maybe temple picked up on a couple things like that and of course the soccer did have that stretch there they had two or three possessions for the death Dick but they solve that. Wrong and listen. There's people who have better peripheral vision than others I don't know why. Canadian navy and my doctor wolf all the snow on the plane. Not comment from side I don't know. But now with the feet. Discussion. That we're back collar that was Steve I was a lot of talk about peripheral vision on what. What may be Wichita State's players need to do to combat it and listen I maybe he's right. I think it's one of those deals where you either you know pat that's court awareness if you don't. And I think the shots for the most part of their avenue of eternal over a lot of ability and especially plagued by turnovers. Or shoddy ball handling. Not be aware. Though. So everything Steve find us. I will say this that you. When I went I went to a cease a little bit do that is it seems Seahawks game many years ago on a seat Joseph Montana when he was quarterback of the seas. Set way way up near the top of the stating. Only then can I appreciate. Joseph Montana when he goes back to pass. His vision of the entire field really impressed me. Attic in attic guys like that that have that awareness and concede the entire field. And know what to do in those situations that that's what separates the great. Players from the ordinary and it's I think there's something to look peripheral vision thing I'm just not sure that I can weigh in on aren't. I don't know the my peripheral vision is. Good batted I don't know. Nobody is ever comment on what I've seen in my periphery. It's like immunity after an innate to basketball plays mostly Europe got it handles the ball it happened at that. Despite decent and I feel like if you are no one's accounted for us now it is. All right. Our phone numbers 8691037. That we have let your little flustered and we have any listener is left after that discussion we feel free column. Well Canada's weather is 8691037. Is our phone number let's go to and to go ahead. Yeah I am I wanted to comment about Eric barely and the emails he scored tonight. If it is the restart there's not knowing that I have been looking for. I I knew he had it in him. He doesn't usually score the problem. And well that's also a thing millionaires role on the team yeah yeah brown had a good night I don't have it but had a good night tonight. If he did and the main thing that made me call was Bob's comment on the screen. Mike got. It's it it drives me nuts do. I'll say they got to be aware of the. You know those of us watching that game in which it com certain Philadelphia. Could not care less what Kelvin Sampson has to say about his upcoming game. With Houston I mean it just makes no sense. Well it you know but drives me crazy when I like those start but the but just snapped a fair. Now I'm watching the game. You know. I don't necessarily care about the staff at that time I want to concentrate on the game and it. It breaks my concentration. And it's argued that you have the night. Speak TV. And I mean you don't have a fairy could feel that other stuff you have a 350 again. Well those that don't bother me nearly as much is the right again and it. Yeah coach Sampson. Will be didn't care and don't get to talking to them and they're coming. They're not commenting about the game or anything. That's while we've we are bear that out and I was. Two. Mike and Dave Byrd Mike and Bob until an idea to do and I mean you know it's it's just it's it's a lot better you know day. They know the soccer. I'd I'd do that as well in my life has kind of a thing for mark so. I'm forced to listen. I don't have a problem art out of movement. John Thompson. Until the the other day. Third. You know. You know we're gonna get it gives you know what you're hearing when you flip to demise. And days. That is true yes thank you laborers game in game now thank you can we appreciate it this as the soccer locker room so. Dead and Bobby here tonight where it twin peaks and east widgets on a fun Friday night. As this eleventh ranked doctors beat temple tonight 8981. In the quarterfinals of the American tournament on to the semi finals tomorrow afternoon at 230. For the soccer's awaiting the winner of the of the Houston is south of Central Florida game which is at halftime right now. Houston up constantly yes path so he otherwise it derby. Oil is look like they're gonna not win half the things he's miles. Lou I northwest get that done again and derby one of four high schools from our area that sent both the boys and the girls into the state state semi fun. Out yeah so mr. Carroll by the way in both the five day listening girls' final tomorrow night now from the the cut. Bishop Carroll derby McPherson and hand and dale were the fourteenth mar area that had. Boys and girls on the final four. It's congratulations. To visit Carol and I must not only because I've known those qualities in the you over that. No. Your just woken me. Anybody want to call that this is perilous. No this to me Kilby Iraq conflict utterly books tomorrow we'll not my guy. This as the soccer locker room showed that in Bob we're geared to win neat cities Wichita written when he first and rock road our phone number is 8691037. 8691037. Area code is 316. We are here on the soccer locker himself we would love to have you give us a call to Ortiz on 137 year. For you take a break is bishop Carolyn only city league schools and not win a boys' state basketball championship. Little. Look pretty and and we know that Kate and as you know south southeast. North. Lasts for about north flies. North why don't reality did win one believe that only I believe. That Carol is the only one not two win I believe your current boys state basketball champions. And they will face Salina central from 58 time might happen tomorrow about. Good stuff. You're all over at Bob. Muslim wrong but I don't think I think you are correct that. Soccer locker room so we continue here at twin peaks when he first of rock 8691037. As a phone number will be back for more right after this. Get a call 8691037. You're listening to soccer moves tonight on 103 point seven EY and. Twenty steel spores lodge where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's sports on huge screens and scratched from his first and from the best kitchen in sports there's something on the menu dissatisfied every fan's appetite take your game day to new heights with any harsher light for the table when he's full service bar features and ten selection of draught Beers that are purpose was served at a teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug so ice cold beer crystals form our maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV it there's never bats he now heads for twenty eat drink scenic view. There's locker room show brought to impart like Charles Schwab but as Charles Schwab we've believed asking questions is cheap when taking ownership of your life. There's same is true when it comes demand junior wealth. You know how much your Fave in season and how they affect your returns. 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That it would under towards a new book I've been dreaming up out honey we really do need new hires and I'm not sure we can afford all of us know well maybe we came and I heard comer on the radio for our in our Kyra brass at aren't aren't you get a new hires and all you need is ten dollar get started as they offer low weekly or monthly payments and it's not an app but you gotta have good creditor Guyton. No we don't need credit and aren't aren't every once and for it hey Colleen come on record R&R right now. That's right with R&R you can spend your tax refund I. Things sure why. Odds plus before the new tires you need a day all you need is just ten dollars to get started art our tire expressed in Wichita head Douglas and west across from super car guys. It's a shocker locker room gel which Ted does sports and and special guest Bob lives on 103 point 78 EYE Yang. Right or left wing picked up. Look at the top. It's heated in there at the end it was right. Definitely. Snuggle it got a little under the basket slam of golf fans chorus of eternal thing in there to free it up the it was just beautiful and lovely residence. Starts yelling at Sampson. The nice fat thirteen point three Rashard you know. It's not to me. But it's by dark Kelly on his way to a career high sixteen points tonight as the soccer beat temple 8981. In the quarterfinals of the American tournament. Stocks snapped when he five and six on the season this is the shot blocker in note at what Gordon bobbled it's where your twin peaks when he first and rock. In a phone numbers 8691037. Area code 316. Let's go back the phone line. Andy's next Danny did. Hey all I can do tonight you know you're an awkward and very we're doing very well then thanks for the call. All blocked mr. doctors and fortunately apple appears line and a sport partner appeared to get the. That would lose standing. I'm still here. Thank go Loaiza and about the sports bars. Are and I'm there. Danny got a bad connection unfortunately. It looks like. As much as we want to hear about the sports cars. In Salina where it doesn't appear we're going to be able to do that started and it just we just couldn't hear you on that connection so we'll wolf. Look elated when a call back call back it is 8691037. Tonight here on a soccer locker himself. Michael is next going at my goal. Any. Three point. Bob I didn't know you had a band. There's camera. Now you do you find it dive bars they're probably gonna like a pretty. It is left up to me Kerio. I got another line item number zoo's big time I checked. Next went. Steve dinners. But actually barely and I exercises were you went straight up the hood very Daryn that that is what is. And need to look bad out there and improve his peripheral vision of his life. All right that's just now from the start that tomorrow. Right yeah. And I read that Shaq more. I'm gonna go back to Bill Russell. The greatest shot blocker ever right. Now yeah. And what you do it if you didn't want the ball. Out of out. Lot of the balls in a later. Date is today. That's why. You know they got the ball you know you can get a fast break them. Pedroia flew out to those who. Now. Out there apparently. I got there it didn't bear that out side didn't didn't do it can get involved. Jack is very capable of doing a lot of those things and and it's good and it. You know he's he's gotten the point now worries. He doesn't commit fouls and he's on the court a ton and that's why he's able to accomplish some of that stuff. They'll need to catch up with James Harden just walked into the bar it. Case Spartan through and Natalie got a looks like now are these diseases you know this lofted the ball. Well maybe he gets preclude. There you go. Any thing else I don't. No I did I you know. The Kennedy and that's what I do so. As well as do most soccer fans it's dog and have been in the span they don't remember him. Did not go away death and taxes okay. Sounds good good I'm glad they're Max is doing a lot on back thank you thank you Michael. Have a good evening thanks for giving us a call 8691037. As their phone numbers the soccer locker and so continues with Ted involve a we are live at twin peaks of about the phone lines Ned is next go to med is. All right carried on. That viewpoint. Not. In my. Carol. Economic guy. That we are. You know. Yes. Soccer. Anything you don't want Burke but don't get up like eight points right. But they seem to get it back. The next thing you know turnaround for what is right and well you know there are a little off but offer. And they can't close it out like that it's. So what are packet well. I don't know let's go. Now excuse me before you go and the next pointless analysts point. A crowd that's out there so warm bath because neither and I will be able to remember. What I want. I'll. Write it. Now you knew. We've determined that it as a matter of referral but it would statements and now what's your next one. Next point is a little. You know or the story. My nephew Mitchell what word and is third in the city league in scoring this year averaging nine. Eighteen points a game. Nice niceties. I want I want out wants to or realize that by the way that off like one we want. And I duopoly. The blue violet north while ouch. Stop mockery of the for a derby night I would imagine he's somewhat similar player to Mitchell. Mock debate and step out refuted. Play it back to the basket I was told he's going to northern Kentucky and a which is division one school. And though we'll see what happens with your nephew. Yeah we're looking forward do it. Right. They're actually called that. Now I'm glad you know we have a show glad to hear from you tonight apparently did he was not aware you have against. Quote knows. And I hope there's no us drive further strife between you know Jay stake in case you folks tonight. Or Carolyn Kaye or Maryland pavement as we continue through the night that involved with here tonight at a soccer locker room so we're lie between pizza when he first and rock. 869 model 37 of their phone number here on the soccer locker room show. Yeah I every time to suck it up by about ten tonight Dave doll would say okay Sox need to go for the jugular now on and temple would score six or seven in north. That's the thing but you can't beat it's hard to do it is Apple's triumph. Everybody and everybody in this conference is capable. Even UCF right now they're they're whittled the lead the age. In Houston second half to fifteen minutes ago so. If the top of the tough conference. But that's a lot of teams you can just roll over in the three but that's it it's great now. Yeah I mean if it's on how much are we have to anticipating the monster McConnell yeah I suppose we did in the Alley. Let the hot it's not at Wichita State as we said earlier this have a great track record even in the ballot and though with the bigger count here. And if you lose in the semi finals of the valley tournament you start sweating about whether or not get a bottom an app large. Absolutely. Whereas if the Sox lose tomorrow or tonight there in the term now. That's different different dynamic now we're operating with the response 8981. The final score tonight eleven rank with deposit were temple. In Orlando the Sox will play either Houston or Central Florida tomorrow and similar finals in thirty Houston currently up by eight. In net gain in the second half. Will take one more break 8691037. As our phone number 8691037. If you want cause tonight here in the locker room so it twin peaks soccer basketball tonight on 103 point seven KEY NN. Shocker nation were built overnight it took years of dedication and hard work and perseverance. Your friends and all season construction know about hard work. 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Twenty he'll miss four slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's sports on your screens and scratch who is bursting from the best just and in sports there's something on the menu to satisfy every chance at a time to take your game day to new heights with any of our terrible items for the table when he's full service bar features and then selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mugs know ice cold beer crystal more power maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV that there's never a bad he now heads for twenty innings drink scenic view. It's a shocker locker rooms show with Ted does sports fans and special guest Bob lives on 103 point seven. Why can't. The line stuff that gets him a refinery product can't. His sixth or seventh on the ninth when he points early. Standard and let's not stately sites and other ties to your high. Some accidents stop slobbering and so that's what we're involved lose we're here was delighted when these. When he first and Ross. My community and a state golf hall there and Landry salmon. Dropped to 24 tonight to lead this doctors and people he was just you just don't fired. Had a great first half came up big unit at times of the second that. Shaquille more shall all of us points in the second half and basically all of them have gone just three minutes not. They really have fed him early in the half I thought at home and then Austin Reeve. Payments were all thirteen of the points I believe eight of them of the free throw early and late in the game. Good all around effort tonight by the shoppers. Lot of depth a lot of different guys that they can review and now they move off of them. Which will be even tougher. And the shocker especially of rebounding came through again Bob chalks up rebounded temple 3544. Offensive rebounds was ten to three. So and it pays off in second chance points things like that that's that's soccer bread and butter right there and. Simple getting into foul trouble so rightly benefited which houses especially. The guys who go out and file through front young guys that were trying to guard. With the stated starting guards checked more. Without found. And temple wasn't successful. In doing that. Sox are now 25 and six. Adding onto the semis of the American take on either Houston or Central Florida at 230 tomorrow on. And this this tournament is full of quality teams so it's it's fun to watch who have who's a bullet may. And I got Cincinnati and Memphis in the oh Alley. Noon and you can use them with the a couple of other now more boulder valley rivalry that the valley. Yeah circa 1968. Did you see this up Memphis made the hole I'd heard about it I've seen it yet. I was ready for it pretty pretty good job. That he's been under a lot of fire right now on them with them. Whining about any Hardaway made via. They'd be working on the it the there. Are always seems to be we got both the port. It's a place. We're he's there has been dissatisfaction among the Memphis they absolutely and the audience at the Monaco in the fanatic. See what apple. Sox will take on either. Houston or Central Florida Houston as a fourteen point lead in that game right now as they near about the midway mark of the second. At an update that. Two elevenths bill. Houston holdings UCF. Bob thanks for being witnessed tonight I was enjoyed that you know that. Appreciate it we have the best callers in the in the now it'll wind it's not in in the history of post game radio athlete. We and I still line the colors tonight we appreciate them all for a being winners and being part of the snow tonight thanks Bob have a good weekend. We'll see you us today if the Sox on Sunday he'll be my guy up with it will be here tomorrow I'll fantastic look forward to. That'll be then next our next up broadcast leaders doctors in the semi finals tomorrow afternoon at the American semis at 230. So while my community and Dave dawn Bob whole the on the were pre game at 130 tomorrow afternoon game will tip off. At 230. Or so and then after that game we will be here taking your phone calls on the soccer locker room social. If you were to be on the air blocker so sometime after 5 o'clock tomorrow just in time for dinner. An element is that the fear battered this here that I got you know tomorrow and vote upon growth and it was an old. I haven't happened yet this season and I guess they do well and that's tomorrow about our duke and Florida and Sunday what what zoning I was thinking about. Maybe via they have something you know they have chicken and waffles with his new on the media is thinking about maybe that'll sorry injured. According got it all planned as this is great. Well thanks for being with us we'll see we'll see on Sunday dietetic. Doctors when it tonight 8981. Over sample jocks. He's 48% from the field get a career high sixteen points from restart nearly 24 points from Landry sham it. And it's in points or exactly Boris nine points for Connor frank can't. Thirteen for Austin reads 74 markets but Duffy and Darryl Willis Zach brown had a Big Three in the second half as well soccer's scoring. And it's not when it tonight over simple 8981. Wichita State is now 25 and six. On the season. And will be on here tomorrow at 130 with pre game to thirty for the tip the best doctors in the semis. Our producer engineer Andrew handling. This is dead this court says one thing Bob Lewis for joining us here tonight at twin peaks and all our callers for being with us here tonight on a shocker locker room so from twin peaks. Will be here again tomorrow night when he first and rock thank you for our studio engineer Andrew ambling. And we'll see you here tomorrow for soccer basketball on 103 point 78. Listen for the Wichita university locker room John F 38 shocker basketball game. On 103 point seven HEY. Wichita.