WSU Men's Basketball vs Temple 02-15-18

Thursday, February 15th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Temple: W 93-86

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Who is in yeah. I'm 103 point seven hey you want in quick break. Here's some points in the diners. They don't want to get along side. Outside the doctors and troubles activated. Is it going to be here and it comes just weeks and. This life. After the soccer is played the owls in Philadelphia gave that example came from behind late to force overtime and then won it overtime. 81 Saturday night temple in the midst of a five game winning streak that was the second game of that streak that won seven of eight. And it fifteenth at ten and thirty. In the RPI have played themselves back into at least bubble position for the NCAA tournament this is a big game for example if that he's been giving up this weekend. They are still at the chase for a possible spot. The tournament with our stated 95 of course moved up three spots in the rankings this week. At this doctors at nineteenth at the RPI of solid position but looking to finish strongly here over the last few weeks is tempo play at Houston. I can't where that team yes I think maybe if I was. In Cincinnati plays Houston tonight tonight he's I saw a Cincinnati. You have favorite show which surprised there. And of course a shocker in Cincinnati on Saturday afternoon actually at a northern Kentucky's every. It's a big week for Wichita State it. Two games that are going to help them on their RPI had power rankings. Even if they lose it doesn't hurt them that a win it either of these games certainly involved with you a lot from their tour. The stuff this. Tonight's game is so significant I think to prove themselves once again that they're. A top twenty team that they are worthy of all the recognition that they've been getting. For seeding purposes of the NCAA tourney but they really need to get this in for psychological reasons like the Cincinnati they don't wanna go when the Cincinnati with a loss of. Bat which does state did not play badly at temple but certainly could've played better maybe the most glaring statistic for a good game. Sixteen turnovers and what that they think it really stands out to be a very close game like that Wichita State outrebounded temple by ten. And outscored them sixteen to seven on second chance points. But it will have six fewer turnovers and outscored the shocker 60% of the odd points off turnovers and those two areas were completely Washington which plus days. Should be able to maintain that type of rebounding edge that certainly should keep that for big business but did he get this at the turnovers. Lot of those turnovers and we're very surprising I listen you Bob I watched the ball game. I thought what's the state wilted at the end they actually confidence that there shooting when. Temple closed the gap and all of a sudden they tied the game I which does state still obviously tried to win a thought it would win. But they just didn't have that Nancy that you need to have especially Plano road. Which doctors were seventh. Thirteen for three in the first half and scored 48 points. It was 14 third seed for three the rest of the way. And only scored I think it was 45 points at yeah the second half of the overtimes. Actually little more than that but still. Significant drop off that you just wonder how that happens at the same game at that game more than any other this year. I'd history calls down the stretch out. I'm not sure this factors may for the water to jump shots at temple has taken a one point lead litre shammond and if they treated with a shot respected front. And that's about the only two before I could remember Bob Paul look at this video of example was outscored shocker 65. Over seven minute span of the second half. With the testing at five wide open ten to fifteen foot jump shots that a lot of you know. Markets but Duffy played pretty well and I thought this is coming out party. But it's Wichita State just wasn't that scene in the second half with a fire. And it didn't have anybody that's our fourth and that was it normally take charge guys just were able to do it at that happens occasionally. Also you had Shaq that played its first game. And I thought Austin read this great spectacular in that game but other than that especially in the second half with our state. Just could rely on anybody that got so much depth and that's one of the advantages that an aunt here tonight they have much more depth that simple and I think you'll see it different which are states. They'll be taken we'll get all the analysis coming up later but we life. You right now to join us if you can't buy quality 691037. Or on Twitter. At shocker voice and it's your questions thoughts would ever made being on the shoppers Americans where the race whatever. 8691037. Eureka it's like six months later. And that's not the boys and now calls for Texas to lead us off again now. Well thanks for taking my call it what it is that the sticker night. Oscar that this. Conference. Can the argument that on this game and the outcome not what doctors what to do that means that precursor. Really went. It was fortunate that we and don't think it will do though in this demand that soccer when that night. In the look at the world that this would be Beasley. That. That we could you know playing the that I mean not that night. Correct me if I'm wrong that says. I didn't fully transparent to the the real motivate the Doctor Who the American Le. That her time equals beauty. Better eating as you know the equipment. Not pretty clearly out they eloquently. In recent years and art these out what you want to work but that afflicts that I am. It is to this new union between the doctors in the American. Opted I'm sure both I think the American ones that it cannot. At better deal and you will not only because without that doctor. But it's the American comfort and probably without that pivotal. Scene at the tournament. Witches let me see that report the outer Wear and yet the power five. All the things that I think right now doctors order. He didn't I don't currently that in the Hyatt on the wheel with eight in a lot of the talk about the state and and they don't make the workers got they think that the only the tip of the gauntlet that probably the higher than what we're looking now. So. I've been married I think they'll commit the focus will put more doctors do. Speaker at. Hope that you the people the look we'll wrap it out that adding that the vanity that would make it real litmus. It did you know here are you guys. I got out thank you as far as whether it be better off with a valid as far as seeding no way. The valley's highest. RPI ranking as it is around fifty meters nine crude oil everybody else's guidance for him and a and or flaw however you look at it so. Now it's in good condition doctors from that standpoint. You mentioned the range FC games. If you look at any including the RPI's power rankings are guys that they should theoretically the F five right now their route 1898. Team kickoff ninety yards the idea a little better that they added. Beef TI at I think they're eleven or twelve they're thirteen Jeffs accurate so. Four or five. I Jerry pomp and general authority or at least their most recent months at this as a sixth so. They're right at that range and earlier this week affected by the bit yesterday on there's talk shows saying yes this fertile. That's repressed is at the great athletic director who is actually hit of that city this year. And it. I didn't get to hear. Much of the interview that if the theory and it can sympathize states got a really outstanding team that I would not be surprised if there in the first here at the end of the season. Creating a lot through a foresee self. I I think that. There they put themselves in great position. The one thing they don't have it may have a couple losses does that surprise people a little bit but they don't have any bad loss they have lost to anyone. Who is worse in the RPI. In the eighties that they don't have any alcohol outside the top period. It's got some very good wins so that other games coming up temple tonight 39 yards the if more like 7980. At the power rankings. It got to a Cincinnati. I hate them. Central Florida is like 58. Of them aren't the solid got a lot of games left it could still help their position and it. It gets up a better seats I don't think there's any question as to him. Plus. We were on the ropes so many times winning the Missouri Valley Conference. And was that last year that. Some people said if we wouldn't want. Missouri valley conference for him but we would have gone against your furnace which is unbelievable but once we see did not camp that Anthony really. With all those wins. Why I think it helps to see this conference I thought that might the last couple maybe several years it was a real mayonnaise. Here. And about Wichita State being in Italy and they get it she wasn't here if you read it quite so much they think that the talents and now they have that talents I also think beat in this conference. Look at how how many times they've been on ESPN two. And there and yes instantly yes it helps the exposure it helps recruiting thing have the finest recruiting class maybe ever come again next. Here so there are so many upsides of the benefits and that's just basketball they are huge upside for other sports as well. And it analogy pension. The league is probably looking at three teams. But temple has put itself in the position where 54. Right now I would think it's a law that they'll hit three because he's that has moved to flooding. All of us. The RBI all the power rankings I think there that's it along with the sockets Cincinnati. And tells us right there are kind of on the cusp with a couple of days left it really helped them possibly be an end itself. Forward peca. We really you have to look at Central Florida was a team that was that was considered to be a possibility to determine if this year. They lose title song off enhance your score out there. While we're fourteen games tailored dark. Certainly answered you instead of messages is now down the stretch it's changed the team they weren't happy with just eight years if not nearly the same team right. Well and three and potentially for getting in the NCA tournament. All four of us would create a little miss him in a tournament or more then a little mr. tournament. Where in passed it Missouri Valley Conference if you had. To what your we have the orient I think there were enough of this war and there were a couple of scenes that play three teams that they buried very well that's that's. But you usually what happens this with a statement a couple of games that's rate in the other and you eight cents. For us it's quite as well and these teams that'll go from this conference I think all haven't opportunity. For there wells. All right Al thanks for the call again its sixth night unfolds 37 floor on Twitter. At shocker voice tonight's game is presented by the United Healthcare. It's trust bank rates. The pregame show. I for the game brought to my kid is flat tire and service retires as a professional I'm service. Are always a slam got hit 869037. On footer at snapshots your voice and it will be back to start. Fielding more of your questions at Sadr and right after it. It's time to go inside the numbers for each Katie CPAs and advisors. These tedious proudly served the midwest for more than ninety years. Fourteen values excellence as much as hours in reread your biggest fans. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler dusty shelf for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven JE Wyatt. Perfect it's been blessed that's the answer. The question is whether it was a shot lasts. Road win against a ranked team innings at data on its home court what they were ranked. And it was six years ago 201112. February 11. It Omaha against number 73. Cents or was it. I'll allow it fun. The Portland game called it a closet race fans filing out early backers think that the black that you know. Why would you feel let's rock event that's where this isn't out of them. The fact that. Think that's the last sore throat slit right of course it's not as if they see it right on it. On Sunday afternoon also at a recent question. So at Baylor they're saying Taylor Bryant says Baylor oh yeah it out here that's right. Thank you Brian outfit that affect the the other is aren't out there at around. I'm Erica or those of that gave him. Also a question is if Cincinnati with his top five in both polls right now. Does not in the year still ranked as high and I. And it taxes and afterwards state beat the Cincinnati they may not in the top spot that. If they do it the last top five team to play here again the soccer with Kansas in January of 1992. Years ago. There's been a top fives. Out here with thoughtful. That was. You know that was my column list. But right I'll. All right so there while. The question that was it. But now I'm back to. Netted a cool people for being in the AC. The people innocent thing throughout the captaincy. Second part of the question first not really that people are what we certainly. And are at odds that's one of the things it really lately so this nationally for people at the office. Like might turn and a Elton Jack what he has to admit that. Play by play guys around me the writers think it's people on the administrative staffs. The school system the a lot of utility vehicle. I've got a lot of good people already at the American conference the other broadcasters. Have been universally. Really threatening us today coalition at Memphis last week it's like to have over before and it sailed alone not to us. Terry Donahue at the same thing in Philadelphia I had a chance to that's not hearing it supports the night went into the F you know my apartment. Connecticut ethics and business just on and on all that they're really good guys and really nice. You can't have a little informal get together of radio guys to. The conference tournament I stand itself looking forward. To getting the benefits that science oracle that's a euphemism for some analysts don't want to let. It's not a reason to believe scandals I think judging Ambrose you kind of puts it together it's it's probably at a place in his serve alcohol. That's. At them all right thank you for those questions. Eddie I did exactly the kind of. History shake their head seems to be very little out regarding that injury this requested games out of its board and I do not like last night. It airline's home to them that's that would these four even five if he thought for future. That I I do not know what and I don't even though it's his shooting hand and that. And obviously it makes them a completely if you rate fostered a love for his painful often you hear it came here only played first 56 minutes. Didn't play last night either out of office that I'm going there I think he's been up a little of everything else and I thought it was like an ACL tear something down. Dave Hansen and go to their two best players basically things and it's really critical injuries. This is kind of multiple part questions. What they've got a handle this thing. Could you describe the complexity. Up marshal's office have a big variations of the flight of the players the your position what is the average college offense looked like it Harrison. And it. Well look at the other question is little bit differently this separate snow. I'll let you handle the marshals. Does a lot of set plays I think yes 7778. Cents place. And that's one of the reasons that some of the first doctors play as much because they can't figure it out because you have to. Think it's it's fast pace it's really hard it is. Don't call maybe three or four plays in advance. And then they just didn't basic motion offense if that doesn't pan out there's for a lot of set plays however much more than any. Tonight efforts here. Fortnight comes in here. But then it's pretty basic. Both type offense once again. That thank you hear this coaching staff talked about certain teams that are somewhat like they are I that I'm sure it's a truly great. Flipped a factor of it Greg McDermott was that northern Iowa. Fracture in his pocket they probably had more than a hundred flights he could possibly prepare for all of us that you just tried to. Prepare for certain tendencies it isn't just out of it just it recognizes. Plant. That's that's true of some programs. This sikh temple. Doesn't run many set plays there are a lot a lot of early offense they'll go one on one why the edit and try to create off the dribble. That we face but it seems like that this year that itself run a lot of sets and so it is a little bit as usual. But again it comes down to you for your sake of talking. You have eight. Yes topped 100 guys on your roster really really individually talented. You can do little more of this golden balls just try to get that transition pressure people create active on fast breaks. Or if you have to work a little harder to get open shots that you have looked more complex offense and that's what Greg marshals always hosts events that they think those kind of players he said you worked with that cellular suits. Create the best opportunities for the players yeah. A couple of past coaches here are refugees students. Were asked about what they were going to run and I remember. Distinctively. Thought he sane one time. What are we gonna run it's going to be our bosses that gets their policies. And when you've got a good players like cancel on the list of excellence players who can get by with death. These players out here Wichita State are very good that the reason they win as many games they do is they combine the spontaneity beat that offensive players. With running some good office place. And the question was asked about how many options usually was anything that is playing. There are more than a half more variety of third possibility that a good example is. Wichita State three times and maybe fourth trip down the court at. Memphis got the same client wore a sham threw the ball to round them up lately and if we got to the basket got it right back. You don't usually get it that many times but domestic flight did it's it's it's not clear on that first cut for the layout. Then there is a quick ball reversal of his rotation of players of the ball reversal around top that you threw it to the opposite blocked Willis or Fort Jackson ever. But it never got to that part of apply because they kept getting layups Shannon that's why it's easily design he had that first strike. At there's usually a second option out of it for a second option is that it just. Just immediately goes into motion or that's what this had to assess. You can always tell that come out of a timeout they got some set plays the going to be running out of time now but a lot of people don't realize. Many trips down on the floor they have set but it takes plant on front it's a little bit harder to rub against the defense is. Wichita State is faced a lot of zone defense but against the man to man. They've got that covered it's so full of good place and. Dave mentioned calling three or four plays and at times felt that it timeout don't give them a sequence of those are forward. If you are. Ebitda for Q&A half court situations all. It's somewhere this Mason. Four possessions or five possessions in a couple of fast rates. You're still supposed to remember what the second round one flight out of that's great hope next time down it's the second flight that was flown. That is that so there's there's enough that they do and all the time practice itself. They'll run three plays at this time on dummy offense scale offensive whether it's here he uses that defense that it is run through life. And you'll say I ever been around Washington Jodie. Turnover. So it's not that they run those three places safely to you know you have three boys that they practice prevent the rape sequence of plays. All the time and it become more complex because you have both a couple more than a couple players that wolf played through three different position so they have to know from. Physician what we're going to do and it coach mark was always get the race lands. Is that point arts if something else develops. You go ahead run whatever else develops that we got faith in the hall of Famer Stan Lee foreshadowed in the fought games. Delta provides and it'll work. All right we have Douglas calls. Guys thanks for taking my call I got. Carmen a collective known were. Well for each one of my favorite players to and it's probably a lot of other people's favorite player but it does. I don't want to be more of the ball lately. And being that different things he does to me. Specter election is rebounding. What you noted for work. And the team effort and here's the thing I didn't go out. After the fall. And I have to comparing somebody built. I go down memory today and I could turn the Air France. There's somewhat different guys and if and we're kind of got a lot of the intensity. Air bed he doesn't put up the rebound now. But. I get they're like come to my question. And it's also made me realize how great a look but my question would be. If Corey shot played every minute that they edit the you're thinking that the ribera member of go to shocker. I'm definitely. I I really appreciate your comments about sharks got and I echo them wholeheartedly at the coaching staff certainly echoes that he's having a marvelous series becomes a great leader for this season. And he does flight was rated chances. But you pick the most. Wildly from Hannity he and it's. Player in the big you've never seen life. And then there's the next level which is next. Season out of he's not a level offline itself nobody else. Has been or ever will be significantly. At 500 plus at and that's not a that's not. Just seeing the short Elliott out and it just it was nobody likes the X and I I'll repeat what Steve Harris that rates also players. He said everybody everybody that plays this game. It will relax for a couple of seconds. Here and there. You know I don't know Celtic and you know backpedaling on defense something now they'll take the ball but to relax. Except XX. Never lets not the ones that that's that's for another great players. And it well and it's not only every second of every game for four years. It's every second of every practice for. For years that he demanded. The same type of effort out of all of the players off his feet as well here's a great story time because it's still but it came back. Wrote Triplett time and it had a it was a Sunday evening. And they were gonna have anything it played on Saturday that they edit Monday nineteenth here's what it was time for practice on fun day. Coaching staff wanted just walked through a couple of things that there Monday night opponents ranch useless fractured guy's minds. Sounding. It got the airport back here got off the bus at a loss it's not your street clothes. And there walking through a couple of things it produces an accident has not a sweater and jeans and loafers running around dunking on people. And he start he galloped other players for not hustling and not enough there in street clothes and success. That's just tonight closet and pickup game did you name it it's just the way he went on and that's why he was an all American and that's why it was all stars in the day. Eddie Davis actors play it 50% off your online order to do with the time area Papa John's flight on a Papa John's dot com is the problem coach soccer fifteenth. To receive your shocker discount had a and it's just a question on Twitter. Coaches. Could be farther down the court for a half court this year is that the case. Yes it is it's a real pain for days what we're obviously excited advantages they have extended the coach's box a little bit this year. I can't move closer to half court line than is being able to do with. There have been some games this year we were next soccer match where all I could see it was Greg marshals back when the ball went to one in the floor Oklahoma State. But two thirds of identity Cortland lauded out currently most of the time I was decadent we've definitely been all over the place this is gonna. It used to be many many times that officials would have to say both state and get back in the box at the rate in. I don't see added I don't sometimes the ghosts that the plots offense on the floor. And the officials might just warrant them. In a friendly solved the next trip down the floor but I don't see anybody getting on boats about getting out of the box. Part of the performance that I think Alex asked. One other Twitter question about the coaching staff. During the game do all the coaches generically you begin to make suggestions they see things are good they have specific game balls. You're responsible for really some of both certainly all of them are watching certain. Things in particular. But you know through that they may notice something. If they think might worker might make the suggestion I think they have the opportunity to do that evening the flawless flight that certainly during time outs for its arsenal. As always this really good about wanting to have strong assistant coaches around here things and it relentless this. Well at coaches are instinctive also they may have a role but they see things that based on yours yours of experience. Still recommends things to coach Marshall Islands Chris chances here he was coach marshall's here all the time. I'm. There's great hire was the same way but that took some time for coach marshall's and have the confidence in Greg's the go ahead and help him now. Some coaches a little bit younger and I eat out as they didn't with time now we're talking to post marks a little bit. I don't see it so much during the bought it like it did with great hire. There's chance here's the other thing each each game one of the assistant coaches does the static. Coordinate they rotate the three of them three full time assistants take turns. Now for instance tonight icy ground as the scout with temple because he also has the stout against this the first time they play. So that he get this game what does he assisted us. Much more familiar with the bonuses and others coach Parcells looks at a lot of video olives. And prepare just as much as the assistant coach doing the scouting report. But the other assistance of others got its ports they're working on another thing so they are not going to be as familiar with that particular opponent. Snow on that given night tonight ice it throughout we'll. Probably have a little more input and have maybe for the third youth. That the others will simply because he could say yeah. At that play Vegas Atlanta we haven't seen naturally they did a bit different variation of that salute them tell the guys who watch weakness the next time down because they changed that up. What that you'll get decked out of their actions definitely out this. All right thanks for the cause thank you please keep the government we're gonna take time out with the fact that much more 8691037. On the phone. Add at shocker voice months. Wanna have a little fun and what's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by war. 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The fact. This data is campus officer asking us about. It has been hit both part of a station vehicles aren't as nice as its address that it's not hours. They'll play their thoughts and a network outlet that. They may not have a lot. Excuse us. Soccer fans remember the day after shot related parties and it's lockers that it definitely points is not restored it's its tenth. They tie it up to 40% off most soccer merchandise. Soccer fans all over always proud to say I got it. And it's abstinence locker at east and west and we go back to the phones with a confidence death Netflix. If you guys may. I have a right. I and regain the public what would gain from radio. Anything being televised are now. Like for you brought up late many times or five seconds. Make that part of weapons in I heard that that offers thoughtful they won't get inside you read it that's what your 32 the way. It's buried lie back in line with the game. Lies at. Sadly enough that I'm aware we have we've what's come out this year I've explained this before it was David Diaz and I started asking about it we started getting some concerns about it. We are on what a three points. Why am and FM signal to radio stations have made it transmitter that they just got. Activated. Not too long before this season started and they did not. Realize that. It delays the sixth. Add that that's OK things left music programming but. With something like this with people wanting to watch and listen real time. I it has caused them consternation for people. Radio station as a player there sorry that is what got this is certainly not something that they have plans gone. And so we're just gonna have to is the futures nearly can do about it maybe we could figure out ways to also broadcast the game and AM signaled to save time because that would not be delayed that. Right now I don't know that there's anyway we can resolve the issue this season and I appreciate your interest and concerning your wanted to be able Melissa that's. That's job security. Thank you got you appreciated. Fanatic requested not twitters Reeves started to I cannot imagine that it would not be had a twenty point games against these guys in Philadelphia's as he hates it and have the last word in itself. I would think he's in there as long as he keeps playing like he's I canceled again I didn't even if it was second thoughts so. I think that's not only have time source force calls and tweets coming up next. The art pregame chat with Gregg Marshall success look at tonight's opponent simple. Big games coming up through the walls of the sockets if Charles Arthur ray episodes they would just that a lot more coming up. 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Everyone at this time of the year has Nixon beings and but you have to play through it unless there's a real injury that you know could hurt you and how you know your future regarding your health so. These guys are just battling through at this point but we don't have any serious injuries just because. Do you experience if I needed to this stage at this team just like to be consciously have decided to start to become a little more focused realizing it's time to really get locked into every game more let's see articles I've been reading this week and that's a good question and it wouldn't have this for the seniors I think that's got. And you know really I don't know I hope good. I hope it will continue to play some really good basketball we played the last couple games. But sometimes sometimes you do sometimes you don't we've got enough talent though that I that I can hit the right guys on any given game I think we should be okay. Temples a team that certainly seems to have hit this stride if she's doing it thing is they weren't scoring very much in whatever way. Winning an out this recent winning streaks they've really upped their scoring that it. We're great transition number one you've got to take good shots and take care of the basketball and get back and get clearance and try to build walls but. News you shut him down there and then they can score in the half court because they've got tremendous individual players like she is Alston and lose and ran home. The big big big kid OB the form and that is the reasoning that got talent all over the floor and ability to score the ball even when I said. We offense doesn't create a good opportunity. And defense is always a case of I've interacted with your teammates it's a team thing but does this team challenge each individual maybe a little more than some of them have really been able to handle your best exactly because they put so many scores on the court and that's why they're. They're talented enough to have to score when things don't. The coaches have to manufacture a bucket they can go get more. That's good damp from the bench call eight or nine points the first game and that's sad thing you've done consistently argued that it's just one of the better teams you faced in terms of being capable of matching a little bit from that standpoint. Yeah they got some very good young players coming off the bench and it brings some size and strength and ability to shoot. Great against us in the second half. As far as your own team offensively certainly missed a lot of open looks at that first game out there but does have a finger to that he'd still like to see you better weather than just get those shots that she did. I'd like to take care of the basketball that was the thing we made some silly decisions with the ball Landry and uncharacteristically had six turnovers. At temple. And then they're very good defensively but they're not that good you've got to take care of the ball I think we had fourteen turnovers or something like that up there so we'll have to be better with the tonight. It's actually shot good coach Gregg Marshall was shot there's a couple. Coming up in the rematch from Coker. Another mile power experiment I brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first with no. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a mile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. 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There's always a jet on the runway waiting for you can scout recruit. Indeed back to unite Brady's start is next to busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shocker to learn more an exact air shared dot com. I no longer have stab people when I'm angry left on a very good. Yeah they all look like if they come out here for twenty years Rosie and the return. Then they gets even more Rosie went damage damage then that's Kansas okay amusement. Do you think about there's no that is relevant today as of march back again tonight at ten after money money only on tape. Shocker forces draw do you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can haul foreign molding Kirk Farber. Yeah yeah. He's got her. Once everything you want me. Break. I'm always open Dodgers. It's no fun side from covering it over the joggers they got troubles don't look good for their first quit. This rather bring all time series Packers lost twice to sample. It just building back in early eighties. They also lost an overtime game in Puerto Rico is six years ago. And it overtime gave him a Philadelphia two weeks ago so there's been a lot of close games. He's got his own floor outside looking to break through here tonight to split the season why not spies trying to. Strategy galaxies outside you've but that's the federal first on the home three home. You contrast the strength behind sleepless night this capitol federal housing lender network FT. So I think Michael Sox offense has doubled charts. The best seat at the eight CC AC 47 point 8% from the field. But. The seem to play against tonight although the eleventh best defense. In conference. There are moments. Point 7%. Of the last blocking incidents like this month. It's evident one thing it won't be tonight that was eleven want FC opponents out stuff with a state of the field last four games. That soccer's neat it's better example does. Winning strategy number two up with 110 when they shoot more free throws. With more free throw that opponents. Nine winner. Three growth than they do well with the ballot in Philadelphia so it's not what you would reach grows. The Wichita State one WSU has been through four point three free throws the ball game five of the last four games. During that stretch that lets you be. For free throws quality. But the soccer gets the line a little bit yeah it's very efficient. 74 point 9% decline in youth the last night well it. With the strategy number three socks three point fingers. They got reason for hours of nothing that instantly second half of the overtime against Annapolis Philadelphia. Won a CE. Preakness grants that despite hitting 39 point 8% of their threes. And three of the last four law games. Wichita State is giving up 39 point 1%. From the free points right over that same threats. Now unfortunately sample has the second best three point defense seat in the conference. At least six of the last seven ball games are holding us hoaxes like six points. From the three point striped socks didn't want. When they're out there proponents of free points right it's a tall order with our state has its top thirty points right. Tonight what strategy now with war. Their fate is no honor a fun piece. But that's out samples the WA SN Philadelphia W us you had six more turnovers than Apple's example capitalized. Make each night or points off turnovers at a soccer. At some of those turnovers might very critical played the ball game. Through late with its honesty is the only eight turnovers for the last five or. But that's a threat doubles about things seven point five overs equality which it's not state can't afford that costly turnovers they give up pockets. And finally when he stepped up her life that night as that the real smack down from them not starters. Apple has six players that average five point. Game or more of the soccer. Yet at least five points for anything from thin layer. With a status hearing very good depth I think that's definitely an out here and hopefully it's tonight. In the first gave the shots advantage outscored Tampa Watergate tonight team you'd like to see if it's definitely. That that kind of market tonight. One thing that's changed a little bit about samples they've got a little deeper recently thanks to a couple of freshman. They fear that we did not play at all six of the first big game season and JPMorgan did play it safe. The first well. During this five game winning streak nearly as an average client loved it. Refuses. Fourth seed and it's five point eight points five points. Rebounds may have been a real factor into a political last night. I thought clearly was going to be eight players if you think this ballclub but if you start at about four. Weeks ago fears. Really picture both physically at this season mostly freshmen strong physical hits out of the slices offensively that. Really impressed me it is defensive work at the first event. This is a team wanted to feud that we'll probably played Wichita State man to man most of it well and it starts with the skill set you have to be scaled for us to play at this level it at the confidence that's not end. And now apparently has well. If there reporters brought to you by up to you live your life your journey your optimal youth. Nothing major has its not that Gregg Marshall. No injuries for the tigers there was some concern about Marcus obviously he's. It's a little bit in the night gave Saturday that he practiced a little bit on my days and has been behind cents and expected the vehicle's seat tonight. Yaris United Healthcare chip. Of the game filling your flight is that supposedly he claims he helped familiar spot for better work out that soccer chip has brought about united health care. And the real appeal programs work more. And real little. God not fit that it could stay over this five game winning streak samples is averaging 82 point four points per game. I haven't seen that yet vs the game at Philadelphia two weeks ago. That's not a real surprising fitness and very talented individual players offensively. And at the seven games prior to. Averaging 55 point nine points a game that's the mystery why were they scoring so poorly for so long and it's not seem like it found. They sure have my kids for the last five ball games this 48 point 3% from the field fifth or their last five delegates. Now it's 85 points a game. Israel's chemistry there at the older players have blended with the younger players. They're not just your three down now they're placed side by side in everybody's sensitivity and athletic that's a success. Pregame show. Let's get Smart but I Tavarez tepid outlook and Florie set very nearly forty years which it's not tradition family owned and operated it it's great service from start to finish so high pressure. There's nothing you'd find exactly what she wanted part time Olympic park area rugs. Making sure that you are totally satisfied with these projects aren't 1860. I was brought play with us it will be wearing this gold uniforms tonight letters and numbers flak for it twice temple in the last. And there are other things colors and cherry branded fact it's called Kerry had quite an official school colors. Mostly black tonight was Kerry and white tree. And lettering and numbers on his uniform sample fifty cents an overall. Guys if true road game 76 at the American athletic conference reentry on the road. And your friend doesn't count his twelfth year at samples. After listening to him program that dominance in the ivy league for seventeen years. Prior to coming to an example go to Philadelphia native played atlas now so you said. Deep involvement with three of the Big Five schools in Philadelphia just plain coaching yes he's been alleged lack there for the beat them. I'm now on America as the crowd attendance to the basketball banned internationally. Charles Pope. Florida soccer fans remember what it's it is on the vote the official launch party location as he does know what's up parts of southeast corner of 21 of what up. Snow advisory to watch parties for a chance to its great prizes courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. And it did consulate's efforts official watch party location. For a shocker basketball. That for the starting lineups and for a simple. Both me and that you don't you know we'll be at a forward 610 senior from Springfield Virginia eleven point one points per game almost six and a half rebounds. And about one and a half blocks per game. Josh Brown the point guards are 635 year senior from Newark, New Jersey played at the same seat. Think the saint Anthony's high school eight point eight points per game 3.4 assists had what was the season at the time they season high fifth. Yes it's not here's the game in Philadelphia. She is almost as juniors six Ford junior from Philadelphia averaging thirteen point four point three Avis free insist. Flint road there's that red hot Atlanta 68 sophomore from Rochester New York. It sickens yet even at that time athlete fourteen point nine points per game. Averages over eighteen games over the last five. The most players six pins that are important message here for this like me. Pack wrath nada. My wife forgave four point two rebounds and he's another letter that they're getting bigger numbers like Leo the last six games and points. Six point two rebounds per game. Shooting 64. And a half percent against temple fifteen and channel off. It right 500 seeing. The doctors say instead of actually one game below 500 they face not weeks you know this one final. And it's. Of the database suckers. At night. Five C lost example is their only losses here last night game we have a floor of their victories might not see him or. The doctors are now eleven. You want to hear that moment and eleven here thunder Gregg Marshall and after she's like a fun thing that. They've got the introduction of the soccer starting lineup. At one Florida six of the season from Fredericksburg Virginia it was so I don't. I've been an appointment and he simulated seven point 83. Yes. The other forward another scene at 66 for instance. Five point one points that is we'll have a big bonuses handed. It's not simple stores and I'd probably already. As starters Shaquille for a 666 years significantly in Oklahoma. Twelve point nine. It's really is one point seven. 5%. Phonetic arts math in Santa 61 redshirt sophomore. I didn't play the game five point two assists. It 45 point 6%. Through all of those leagues this. After rather than out constantly 65 sophomore from north Arkansas. Averaging eight point two points per game. The eighteen and a half court game. Over the last four ball game starting line up brought you by putting it where you never pay an ATM fees or to visit the on line of equity bank. Dot com. Officials for tonight's game it's not certain Carl has. It's time. We're just about ready to get this was their lives activated this year between these programs again exactly the accident at night. Just won the first we did in Philadelphia 81. 279. In overtime but they gave tonight he had missed his fifth ranked Cincinnati twelve and own insulin it. It's not a institute is an exact time with what's assassinated. And I think my overall kind of treatment conference. Instances that it is for the second time if doctors are going to have any shot that's possibly catch it. Cincinnati at least here the conference titles. Almost certainly leading Houston wins tonight a decade it is absolutely I like buying the it's DNA is that the big. It's outside it's not used to be a 6465. Guided him outside release as commodity. Now you got guys like went grossed 68185. Pounds not a black front license of that plate back in the states and you're not routes here. He's taken off on that 63 point nine assists. Send them. I'm not positive that she got into this figure has dropped a little bit he's at 34%. From three. Instead walked around 3637. Plus years and 611610. It is very significant threat. And with the exception of one player every big dive with us state would take. Given that Scott and that's propensity of making them. Tonight's officials at tonight's games I've threatened by united health care. Positive. His ears are best offensive. It recently pleaded the fifth floor and simple it's not an advance it's not here. Threes in a circle next round with a demo for voice facets of the balls deflected away. Just too long look you know it's eradicated it here and it throws like ridiculous and foolish is most definitely a hand off. Those of the Steelers attack that's right John for a tough ad like devices and the next round. That's not who starts out on. Oh that's definitely loves you it's not flip flopped flat these trees left water not find it you know yes. Mention he's been holed a flight 1134. Field goals over the last five games less than 33%. 25. Send me it is less work for sixty nails once there affliction that is it's not perfect for Netflix account rights tonight's round of the live look at the the slot that got front words below face life knowing that this would let them handle that res three behind the street off the back to work about deflected out Islamabad. Obviously our talent don't penetrate them volleyed up the left hand gun. Lot of confidence that drives the basket that nice left hand. But another offensive rebounding averages about 3.4 for its 22 in the nation definitely. Reports a four point right wing mrs. Olson. Recently got fractionally picked it up this list now locked at you know you know that's all it's Canada it's definitely jumper that's. That's you know Yahoo! has not been announced and it's not it's unfortunate and it's definitely it's five Jesus extent seek might slant routes. Now he's capable sport but it's evident threat toward dribbles right away picked it up. Now blow out of them watching Boris and deflected away by AFLAC C slipped that's active and hands on them well the defense beats Jack quite well rightly so he was sixty fields. Well playing career high 35 minutes of it it ends of the shack. Right wing area and hopefully it will certainly get attention but it would let it actually goes thrust forward please Austin not fit to street. Not if you over the left wing elegant tickets. Create rented it out rebound tips by Boris to forget but controlled by growth of course to Alston for example to the trailer and it's you know yeah. But it traveled it got away with it Alston went left and right hands it off to roundtree back to the middle drives right spins. Out of the way rose for the three and the soccer fans that this does end. Out of now on the rebound greens is trying to plots out and it's young yet going to be off my debt service. Under these. And it's you know yeah explicit about it that's right Marshall tonight let's that's not present day it really unfortunate. Yes. Boxer called the end of that game in overtime at temple walls that Jeff left baseline with regardless that's. It's not present position down three weeks to Boris drilling if it's up next left a couple of dribbles right thigh reads above the right way streets weren't lost a great. It's not left wing sham. And it snapped up front it's definitely rightly reads Austin Watson street gets Kelly Google's top tactically on the pick and roll in traffic this lineup. Batteries out of foul against I think Boris over the back. Really nice pick and roll it Kelly had a layup there it could get it to go to it's those facts it's simple for salvage the ability to see that in the interests is Michael lets it effective role with the yeah three rolls quickly since the fall back but it is with. Factors pressuring full court initially wants him in disguise for a bit backed off his definite and a half fourth round. At the highest post deflected into right back for a fifth left center out that the Austin frivolous write up my Morrison's that's normally definitely quarter. That's definitely the brown flipped out threats against the nuggets since issue that was not a street could not let north round lift weights and at geologists. Who was voted wanted to knock him four shots blocked. And out of bounds off at. It's nice day I was agitated contested jumper that was flock from Hitler if war. It's not states very very few Eagles defensive fourth in the conference my one year. They hope the reports of 47%. Of the last week off the Sox. Are hitting 4040. That's the only left elbow they had not reason enough and throws down the block and Boris have to tell the world. I was exercise I definitely feel life for example that lets the players for the treatment of players not sit down. At the low block tonight. Rounds and ovals left to the winning look for the backdoor cuts also atlas Edwards effect if not that I cannot not to accidentally frustrating and it's again it is not the best sunscreens and who's got all eight simple points as they leave for about this instance for the month since. For the last night making up for lost time. Dialing up the left block out who reads constant it's onscreen for only one dribble across workhorse right way down the right watched Kelly. Get a little injuries tonight that deal falls just now I got bit undecided over the line for food giant round with the foul for snowfall. The shots coming days after the first meeting this time now. 1540 eighths to go first half temple in Wichita State. State farm agent get what's important you specially on game day. Maybe three I watch some hopes to bring bring the red water bottles. Right here I am gravest of key chains Chris I'm your state farm agent thank help protect the things that really mattered you. Good luck charm if I broke don't fix. Okay. I think they're listening in the comfy seats less time. You need to do you stigma you know like a right. Why. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. At the campus health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you believe that every cancer and deserves the chance to be healthy living mark at Kansas town. Dot boring. Got stopped. Welcome to big box hi I'm ready to get an LG fort ATV delivered week all right let's get started of course every extra. Don't want to be hooked up that's not part of the deliver the fuel surcharge plus off plus restart the net watch mine light service team. Just charged and he gave him. College I got to have. Eat eat we believe your TV be fun not for trading and that's why we offer free delivery and sling and we are everything we LL Ian Katz and watch happy. Shocker forces draw do you buy American family insurance in Wichita he agent Brad woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY. It's the opening minutes don't miss a thing that real quickly about athletes yeah. 610 forward for example making all three had shots to three pointers as all of this team. Point since apple leads eight for the Big Three of six overall as a team. Wichita State to a five Brookfield Alford to. From free of charge Kelly field weren't both going close to the basket with two points. Who's really badly for the three of these factors at the game's only turnovers and it came on the first possession of the ball. Sufferers. Defense get the thing is that very few minutes and it's received samples take the outside shot. Sometimes late in the shot clock if it's a field goal attempts for defense from the free fight he talked about and it's Yani. 31 points. Percent from the field. His last fight walking to make night shots total in four of his last five audience that the they're already blanket that was the first Japanese. It factors that wants to read it free throw line I've mentioned I thought it was found. But Josh Brown was actually she is Alston now that one shot right while the latter yet so Lawson the lines were you looking for his first points of the night. For good. Constantly. In any soccer's second best free throw shooter. On an 89 point 3%. The leaders kind of frankness as this one. Guys feel Boris not come out here Willis and for the first time that one of the most spots that should not. Second read free throw rattles it looks like is that it's not hot not state them at its backers fell about eight to six. Definitely significant pressure. It would have been grounded enough in Oakland contested re starting round you're usually going 5038 to go for instance it was right. They can hand off the law comes back left off the street the free throw circle it's a definite threat to play. It's against him across different variables to affect seventy footer get this the guy averaging better than eighteen points per game. This five game winning streak for example a 50%. That's it well. But left he had that validates playoff. Record that was slowing both Michael hold on a flat these examples are almost frightened wife Rosalyn now want to produce a plaque will be his first. Temple's second as if he plays lessons twenty minutes football game they play six guys quite a bit like most of them play about 3033. Super Bowl game. But the flak he plays the ninety point eight minutes bloat because he felt a lot. Thought that horrible things he comes out divine drink areas hit apparently 6621. Solid guys particularly strong Willis doubled tripled to try to clear that takes a shot gets out. Caught a break there because you really kind of force that it was one on slave I think it was a net you know it is his call for the now from the wrong side trying to slot that Agilent well remember it's on. Were they free throws against with the outstanding six from the line Philadelphia. Had two fouls the whole ballgame like 31 minutes. Music shop locker and 38 Watson 24 games but. At a little over there free throw went Willis bounces out. Has run hot bowl on the line issues in particular audience on on Saturday at 64 point 4%. On these down about 10% for what it's not your eleventh. 2153. Point. With those lines that the lancet bookings. And second free throw good so you know gets his first flight and it does hit seven. It's definitely not a France can't artistic confidence at the end on the dead ball there. It's not it's different camps Willis Kelly sham it. And it definitely isn't a threat thought about it enough it's enough is Austin Austin process no words off the street incident. Brown right side of the floor above the three point arc that was right. That got hot at that's the only Longstreet got to get home and it is just that on fire. Three threes none of them just wide open simple exit 13% to. Yeah but that's not to count exit the plane that out of the rightful owners but nothing yet reference sample machine just lifted middle. The flip back him at three left way way short handed rebound. Too scary for example you set still that moment. Read about my Austin that's yet simple making everything early here she is Alston and. First basket of the game mentally sixteen. Knives 463. Frankly that threatens Kelli the line up with the left hander rolls out rebound well listen to try to triple it got its breath that's the only colors that rules. Listen the reports about them that nothing was staying up way short. But faces on the rebound and it throws a pass both at a time kind. Definitely kept it on the baseline servants look forward Willis it was just not looking forward Mike Estes hit into the hands of flip it's. Or mistakes can't make it's not safeties are. Places eleven point lead by the golf. And the innocent little overdose deaths hit three and a half way up to mark clearly stated over the right into the agreement with the affluence. Simple revamp. And it's you know out front with some of the most that you bring it to the middle. But the drive at night killing off the street between them. Rounds this announcement here nearly as its industry and that's that's the Andre hairy at eight thirty. The less than twenty. 1% on the year and he'd make some streets and Greg marshals get a ticket 32 time that is not hazard down slipped to. Want to seven not like seven minutes it biologist unconscious temple just isn't missing any shots that doesn't make any difference is putting enough. Five of seven from 38 at twelfth overall for example. At three different players have been through that again if Andre Perry you wonder why these Atlantic machine staff went eight of 39. Having him he has a line drive to right there. It's one of those nights. So far as against forty minutes long ago was thought states. A very very good defensive team and it needs to settle at play tougher defense save up to 40% today after the soccer's whether that's locker room. East and west. Once considered in the flesh eating us soccer's outscored sixteen to seven points off turnovers so far outside nothing. Wichita State. Stan has only turned it over twice but several came down the first time they hit a three yet that. Turnover on the go life. Don it. We could see lights apple does. Story 84 point eight. Of the last five. In Philadelphia stock results were sinful by. Eight. And that brings enough. It's based on flexible. Here and we threaten its security camera on their high post I don't believe this is not an. Accident not these lists don't mess up let's idling their accidents waiting lines up with the right hand. It rolls out. Willis fighting Florida it's out of bounds last night myself. After the that a little bit of bad luck threw three shots this kind of compounds cylinders while out hustled loyalists of the office last with us today significantly outscored sampled in the last twelve games but they're not that that's not the fourth night and it's it's those the last link thrust forward rightly I think. It. For example of the way the political analyst at post outlines. Guys to step through that that's champ floated through eighth. His first basket of. Impossible to defend here he is right up there. It's often hard for print can't hit another tree. There's also it was five for 23 against the actors that Philadelphia has made most of his three point stance now. Napoli 648. As a team you know ranking Apple's app editions of Willis drives away. It's out of had a goal and I'll point out that his ability and I don't know senators. On the other hand fell off could have been a three point play nice read my villagers sealed off the low block yet. Was just drove right up one run those stimulants I don't know where that much on the Evans now on. Well it's. Probably lost. Battle for the great job it's clear the way Willis. There is for thirteen analysts it's recently. Three lines. Soccer's. Just can't. Slowdown samples red hot here at the end of the suspect's better it's with it's about 8%. Less lethal game. Its office. The better defensive teams. Yet the American athletic enough. Louis native both its slate floored it swells up full court pressure but it's not as long pants before it had to download is. Mormons and Muslim not a day. Place on the sideline on that small. If possible three point play with Jason Gore and the freshman existence as a game. Media time out 1153. Pick out the first half it's simple slipped to sixth which it's not states well. If your mechanic told that your buff repairing your shot him rip you needed new mechanic. And they've got great ones at all six campus plan tire stores in the Wichita metro area. Kansas plain tired not only famous retired they're great when it comes to stuff like flushing your building system brake shocks well they just left out just about any like repair work. You'll never be late for Wichita State basketball game but the fact that it is my entire ride shotgun. In this land tired you're out of there are neighborhood where these guys care. Ever wish you could call a timeout as the prince of ATM fees. Wells get lies when you banquet equity bank UK us. Which your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee gives us slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC. I no longer have to stab people when I'm angry with John Kerry. Rosen and yet they all look like C come ask me for twenty years Rosie and the returns. Then he gets even more rosy when Devin Germans then as Kansas delegate news what do you think about this show that's as relevant today as of march back then. At ten past her money money only on K. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carry Moscow a toss up in valley center and dink or an end over what lawyer. WSU shots. Is on 103 point seven GUY. Crazy hot shooting night symbols of arts and of a team revealed 71 and a half percent sixth of eight. Three which it just stayed only three at the end of the field on a five. I have made five of six free throughout this trails 46 as well. And it's double the opportunity to add some Bentley just drifted it more than it is detected that it. Now money driving lay up we'll have a chance for a three. Players or. Sample that's not a street fighter or more than 13 pointer three of the four are perfect ones the ones who frequently. Relative the only one that says hey frequently Scott he's been through that the only three point. Despite him but then. It can borrow it from the free throw line. C six and one half percent year and it makes them. News went seven. It's twelve to implement it's it is so far full court pressure man to man that's nice round guard under rated it an accident it's not on the roster right fires that ultimately rings novels twenty that announced there's not for a possible that's what I love those afflicted with nothing but. A level that that threat to grant it that liquid. It's not that it drives that the line. Front Boris that's definitely over every six. Months gonna have to force when it gets it away today and it bounces off the bank guarantee that simple but my AFLAC is that it hasn't worked apparently ran it down back in front Mormon history. That's no good to prevent Nazi. Fanatic audience mormons but it's point 7%. Here everything that well for example so far fringe camp not threaten wars that's not the way those of the not the smartest guys baseline stuff near my double team out of the wings lineup with street Louis. Because it's an. I think it's that you. Now the site. I thought I'd. We'll have an and it's not dribbles left sentences left off the ground clearance faces a different camps accident against definitely temper ribs out this guy everybody goes finally a couple of misses an opportunity. Please bring it up across the time line against coherently sunscreens will most likely have to. Reference here at the end of the line little floater from six. As I sit here. Force an up close and includes data that it definitely. The defense when the shot there's definitely. Proof of Elizabeth here. Let's break. That's definitely not frozen. Was 015 footer got pounded Pitt break they have worst shots I've artistic fluffy. The sounds like Jason morbid for example. Very fortunate that you get thousands if not he was little off balance. Forced to shot just a little bit markets last year it was just one of the finest players the entire midwest. He still has that skill set futuristic that a little bit of a stolen and hopefully he fights his way back into that type of player he was less. What years. Free throw up then good. It's not pristine out to six and seven from the free throw line that's not definitive the little bit here first half. Tonight nine point game. At six straight points. It's not there's still I'm 47 to go to the first half. Lewis goes out sprint campus Boris and telling her back yet. Evidence that could gain free throw good time. It's actors. That's it few minutes. It's not a fan of 5050. And his friends often that's going to feel confident. And I definitely want to. In the area of Santa clause that. Lines flies right side all the way on earth. This is about the order to round up the boards they left elbow. It's senseless it's. Posted at six mile and it spins it's. Straight winds and six cents on. An open line we've got more disagrees writing all the way to the Levinson doesn't sound flexible. And hosted. It's not flown. You never know about jealously and it's what happens. But as the FedEx you don't have those out of the ballgame. They've got a fifty lately. When he comes back in the ball game momentum has shifted Wichita State now has cut that lead. The five points Austin green at the line for the second time she hits it now is on the bond rates vary his second free throw Reynolds. Now. Temple. Started at his killer hot from street making six of eight. Mr. list to which doctors are red hot lines and it made eight of nine free throws. And read one or hear about it too late three point marches and 840 sevens they'll developers then temple worked with the flu shots that one line. Ellen this is not exactly about it that's yeah. Yes it's. Senators. We'll sister. It was that's not. Yes and I listen up mr. Gore's office. Paulson and ended up on the score. Man you're just gonna call it out of bounds off wants to raise it no contact us is Austin. What goes back to temple. Doctors stance when he's sentenced. Senator left his terrorist friends starts right those that let them. Basketball's not even for example of that. Announces that it has the all of the other sidelines. Does that make any difference would sideline the thing about on what it's not stated very very hot for the last eleven. Points to Rolf. Ultimately that's 27. Willis in. For Hillary did well it's not displayed in the greens seem a bit Boris will lose ground. For which it's not a safe Evans. This report that left the office and this is visible under Fraser goes up for the shot it was. Walked planets you know Theo left him the layout and guys flock of weirdness of all right water. Right baseline all the way floater of this fast field. Hudson's those examples that it's a street Louis brings it to the middle. Yet his dribble left wing camp shot and it drives baseline he suspected Boris are you let it. No business where the opposite side of the basket and now on what equipment flat lucrative. The other night and it's slanted it throws it up on its wrong basket might not around the simplest. One. Guy's life. Our seventh. Still developers. Line goes left almost all of them. It's not Boris. Of if that program enacted ticket freak them out front yeah. Groundless. Exactly did you wanna gave Mike at least one game. We're seeing the ball game. Those that aren't throws up a wild look to get to events in front. Six. The backyards neighborhoods shot 3126. Simple that's nestled. The pick and roll to Morrison exercises put up underneath that a foul my fifth straight ahead of Atlanta and a break because it is hopeless it was. It was a lot of flack seed the defender behind you pushing. Friend density precedent that was a little bit. But it lacked the picks up his second wars with two out there at the time about 647. That you know firsthand. Simple 31 but it does states. Six. 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Which of those original shooter is still the best form plumbing drain cleaning and truly tried to repair dial 263. Away. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. EYE a. Plus this. So I bet he's presented this morning line. Doctors were down fifteen cents audiences audience back I'm. You don't fluorescent are they going to the line with God's heaven and it's not just pulled six of today was just not stay up for aside it's not user agent scanned from the free throw a lot Wichita State. Rebounding advantage throughout accidentally athletes turnovers. And temple's Juan. Well the last photon four and a half minutes after it was just two of nine from the field. So what it's a status caught fire but finally the defense is certainly in also likely to lead to job safety. Every day and it is an. A couple of shots that most times you would want that particular night taking the likes of Andre Perry's 3000 others necessary to balance planet. MC a friend them three tries to rein in his tee shot selection just a little bit and again at the time now uploaded pulled them they think that they just can't answer that for us thank goodness but finally when reality set in Wichita State climb back in the game. Three terabytes. Flores is let that is set six point he has now scored at every possible way two point field goal with three points available and the free throw. That's one on the way that's also the of course is flooded Florida's 3000 filling up at seven tonight it the first thirteen plus and its stock is down by three. 3148. And it's nice crowd we're gonna attempt. Plus it's not black not a friend can't after the game started grabbing his left not a mystery keeps his dribble. And it's definitely fired a seventy footer and yes. About soccer uniforms kind of inspiring branding edited Saturday night against him in Philadelphia. And that drives left off mystery comes back toward the halfway out front rank him right side ground. 3328. Or else we'll stack that basket rights watch. And on the floor steps through can't get through. Lot of wind different kids thirteenth issue counterfeit trade for the simple business it's sort of background but simply handed Ronald. Now that's of course Austin go. Fortunate for what's onstage. To voter was run hot Mike it was a slog one that's right there we're gonna hit next. Fast a little low but granted a good job of hustling back invited distracted Alston just a little bit he's going to check it out and they merely that it. For the elves. Soccer basketball still five rounds things out if that if all of Marcus Nelson says that it stands his stuff but here it goes slightly. For us at Netflix. Willis looks like the stuff. Markets but for the slots that it is an outside chance flip. Holding looked it looked like Boris drives that ended up not jettisoning it out of bounds and stay with his decisive. So are the opening their show adequate for stat that it's not like samples somebody. Is there and slapped the land that usually it's at for the book but with a little bit too far away from the basket that book that you like it's. And he shoots and it plays against the baseline let's tonight Willis. Has done here to accidents rocket at best about the laureate. Ends up on the floor the court for a couple of numbers right now lets us back. Very briefly. That's. Sympathy for the month Rick Perry tonight and less than 1%. It's not. These fun things things I think. 3648. Simple fact that eight point lead yet it's not as it headed mystery to us Willis drive when traffic that's it. If it's not very crowded aero this the last that he is relentless and it certainly. You're ticketed event that's an aside about that flop and a half points a game in its last five ball games. End in Philadelphia Willis had eight points. From the field. Thousand area that's news third with simple. Now. Willis. With Frontline goes back there one point to get back to five point eight. Lawrence Frank can't go out reams actually it. And product nurtured that yet which domestic Marshall really trying to keep fresh troops in line does not. But Willis bounces off of that event. Those for example. Made it six points up there before quickly it's not it's nothing about opera it's definitely not a good adjustment. I'm rose on the contact just not sure little floater with one hand but he's. Got a simple by 83830. She and the right side of the floor to Wall Street and a half left with nothing. Mark has looked at high load but if there's if it is not right satellite at a hundred Willis is still lying on the outskirts about it. My physics athletes. Lewis now that stands Friday that it got thousands enough flat out right Josh Brown's financial life cycle goes through. Plus it was a little accident let's candidates you know obviously. You know god. Well us and landed on it. But it finally got him that this one it made his first three threes of the game and then Willis my designing gets it free free throws and that's you know he has 79 point 4% Greek island. You play right is that is that perhaps there. So it goes the free throw line 85 point 1% the line six of its last blow teams went one for him that's right mr. Okay. First run as good that you argue with twelve in the first half. He is the leading scorer in the game Darryl Willis and that's the stands for Wichita State. And it did they had a nice that eight what a beautiful audience liked it I point game 27. He's capable of filling enough. Six dance in Florida and Springfield Virginia that. On the season averages eleven point one points of the game that's fourteen in the first set tonight. Slick roads except for example. Welcome. Him right back. Nights is most of Beckett that we'll need more that it is seriously enough. I've been by midnight rightly said it respect the respect that fully tipper. Nice not nice and it has thrived. Back to seventh daytime stuff like orbit deployment not granted incidents here leave that's significant warmth. Off the ground throughout the upshot it nicely and Paulson. For a vehemently with a good drive down raise problems at stripped down almost a create yet. Actually it raised isn't all that next month. Hearing a lot about that you know it's 4434. Ounce Jennifer three in transition mr. rebound tip. Slot floor and it recovered by Alston for example. A fourth round Nicklaus but the simple fact Alston is just the corner opens read merely good. Man this has been some offensive game in the first half and 734. Sample. If I think from. For instance Al uncharacteristic for them the statements 48 cents. The field for the last five degrees driving back or shuttle's under the Willis and lays it on the nice days five days it got down to the defense well off well. Well that's not my eleventh. That's not my fifth and now it's yet it was packed up their team just on the round middle of the floor just three minutes to play with it's an ordinance that program that government deformities and ethnic history that's all. My guess. While it's been awhile tonight at the last that was they like this is the way it's not decided against it. Violent end here. Snapped like this nationally almost all of the numbers and it's definitely. Instinct but it worked again that's right. It looks loaded there as well. Greens Austin office in the screen drive right back let's. Get to flutter up partly blocked without put a but posting this. Sam. Around three sonic got validated in a bit. Does that not give up on the fly at the air blown out of here late in the now. 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If you're stuck in your low release listen if you're over your milestone release upside down in your world or just one out of your car or new phone can help you today but not least that we can be found all more or wrote produced to learn that from that threaten your own between anything new some awful or rover zero down phenomenon must pass from me they're not human performance dial 1800 new Newfoundland was born in some Wichita vodka with the food critic and -- 3.2. If you know we'll Faxon converted back then you can overdo it play in the resistance in the five people Jason won't confuse the. Shocker forces draw do you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris post cameo underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett for an hazel for us pummel. US you shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven THE one yeah. Look for a moment. They have caught fire again they've dealt. Only 58 point eight what to tell us they came storming back to cut it to three twice. That's terrible I'll fight well they're refusing to back up to 6%. In the first half and how. At four of forethought went to touch it respectable 46%. For 11310. Of thirteen free throws. Dodgers down one now on the boards they have three turnovers Templeton tennis at a fast paced game. All day it really taking good care of the ball. Got it really are by the end of the game boils down to this temple with a student that much better with the states but these three points right. Soccer's defense has to make an appearance here at some point. There'll lewis' free throw it's. I frequent flights got fifteen he's just passionate young men. Take over the game historically do well with this team and their two young as fourteen. For example temple basketball player up eleventh wanted to go first half. Actors like to at least get this below double figures lead before have them. Josh ran for a tour of the initiatives Alston right thing here. Way out front. I post round out of the way leak right corner of three vials of short another crown. I have since Willis got a net yeah yeah earlier that time nurtured fouled Austin on a three point shot. He is. Just incredibly automatic from the line you just don't now him. Here's Alston 94. Point 8% 45 of 48 years in his last thirteen and uh oh. And he had a street last year to this season rebate fifty two's exit you. Just can't you can't. Jump out at somebody's who think it's not close out. Rattles in either one of those have been completely swayed but he's now made his last fifty a lot of points from Austin. Lead back to thirteenth at the house 5239. Minute mark exactly developers there. It for the first time today for attempt this evening Damien Boris 611 sophomore Jackson Mississippi. Engine for what rose. One more free throw portions of Alston junior. Conferences. And you'll see you don't have to keep it simple. About political and all they've seen in this League City built. It is Alston taco fall. Valentine's. Whatever his last name is Houston. Reeves incident champ they started to pass it factory that was looking for almost lost it that gets it to Austin we'll bring it up now full court man pressure myself. Streets across the timeline goes left in the depth and a threat to Boris with the fact or candidate could get it David defenders left after Shaq looked. Words I think it has raised that'd definitely a baseline fans not reached that trip. On the streets of wealth levels not. Load straight to. I was not confident. Incredibly difficult sought to assist gave his first field goal of the game like it's it's not harvest. That's a little flat at 5340000. My close friends that I have I seen that exits at the threat. Nothing. Let me get the next president of the senate floor thrusts over right to left with little right wing of the Willis they're looking inside. Drives fifth in the lane dishes over the sham it's not they. An equivalent degrees fifteen issues that machine and it lets they gonna buy it here in the league guys they slide. Could get the shadow over the Willis there'll that ball deflected at Havana's Latin America to give it to. Koppel Lewis cited driver hit traffic lost the handle so it's not there's any chance competitive side allow that there. Did get a shot off with fifty seconds ago there's. About unimpressed with but at least if that's all they played pretty darn good defense. During a winning three months they've won seven out of last day. And that was costing him some time. If you want to impress them with testing judge brown incident with support guarded by chance that. Those thumbs down to signal applied for example let's senate floor she is most of cross court ground. Around that Mildred Alston. She's Austin this brief look at the remote went round through three. Man. It's nice round with a three point basket. Analogue NASA to ground snack pulled it left wing gets neck issue and it fifteen seconds to play for Stanford aren't called life then it's fifty. 61 half points for it to 5640. Suits and it starts last core issue of arteries. Gets one away not shot. Clearly as it. And that's that it. Example just on fire in the first half since Wichita State in the locker room down flights. Fourteen. 56. 42. We've got three coaches shows coming up Ford on Monday night Gregg Marshall six to seventy Adams said they have a start it's not but. Solid baseball season opens this weekend. Don't come your way for eight days sports throughout the Eliot 97 to thirteen thirty minutes then stay tuned now for the credit union of America have done so. Thanks Matt I'm standing at a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside can't make. 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Are your customers love hog wiles delicious medium and here's what Josh would seem to show you more are Koreans are leaning need under the practically melting your math the average its specifications for the retreat back then there's our special blend of spices we see the list followed by smoking every day a real victory was the end result is our delicious aren't wealthy. Visit one of our five locations in which it's awful when dirty Hutchinson elder radio and Salina. But don't break week. Shocker force is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford and grameen phone Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball. He's done 103 point seven KE YM which some. Welcome back. Halftime show tech athletics in America for the small business please credit unions at America proud sponsor. WSU basketball. Sample is shooting war then double. It season three point percentage 3034. And a half percent three months years. 73%. In the first half on eleven. 5063%. Of the field of all of Wichita State and it's just not been able to keep up with that kind of toward now it's coming from. From all different angles. Six guys have made at least one frequent as it. Rarely make a plea Wichita State has given up at least 113 pointers in a game. Only five times this season. There's 113 pointers made in the first half but obviously that differences in August. Over at a Shiite it was three for three inches Alston three for four each of their best. One more time that's happened to soccer fans out there on the street when this thing athletic combined 6% for long enough is enough. Well at this scene it's a very different from. That definitely. Very athletic conference of the season they shoot 67 point 4% but he. Free throw line but that doesn't get there and Wichita State mates who really really bad decisions. Can't think about the fans at three point shot it's eight points got some six of those seven free throws. Think it'll be trips to the line. Wichita State started out forget the field may tenth of its last eighteen with just 6% since that happened 46 point four. Five of thirteen from 338 and a half that should keep you in both games and look for the fourteenth on the way so we'll hear that shot is. Down by fourteen. Wichita State's defense did not make it appears early in the first half. Detonate six of their first 83 point shots and then. It seemed like Wichita State find it bounces. Compliment him. And then every free it. Again contemplative recharge the batteries start to make free points. It was just that one little stretch they came out of this a couple of threes it made me through four shots. Doctors at about two. That it that it can't go running right back in it that. After that it keeps it simple got fired up again they were just off the races building equally well it's all about the fans could win games through. 41 or 40%. From the field 44%. Three points right. You win basketball games. By scoring. 42 points to thinking about 84 to get Wichita State's only points. Still trailed by fourteen in the first half. But just wait it's their attackers are gonna have to find a way to make stops in the second half just to get back of this one. As they trail 56. To 42. At halftime metadata chapters play it 50% off your online order in which it's not airing of profit onslaught on the Papa Johns dot com. The problem coach soccer fifty. Receive your shot missed out back of the credit union of America halftime show right after this. The shelter insurer and we know landlords to keep up with their printers even if they're related. Non add. Added we just drop I picked up you are win. I'm running a little short month not everything works as smoothly as children's renters policy think helps cover up in case of fire theft and more wouldn't. I'd just moved back and smelled oh you mean dancer in men. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 points and JP. Time to go inside the numbers look at that at times stats right you're five feet KG CPAs and advisors everyone needs a trusted advisor. Stores. Temple in the first half just can't break out night in a third X 63%. Eleven of fifteen threes at 733. Seven it sets us free throw line Wichita State thirteen of 4846. And a half percent by the thirteenth. At 338 and half. Eleven of fourteen Carolina almost 79%. There. Attackers were outrebounded 1513. And had four turnovers. To temple's three. Temple ninth assess. Thought nineteen baskets that's actually kind of about average for them they averaged thirteen assists per game compared to Wichita State's nineteen emphasis. Forgiveness not present seven assists. Other thirteen field goals. For temple of the Apache on it did not miss a shot except one installed on got three shots. Four before they feel free to 3333. Volleyed. Fourteen points is also triggered it three or four threes at twelve points. 84 went rose seven. Judge brown six Ford JD format off the financial success also for divine drink very up and that's very king initiative less than. Point 1% from period to have to. In the first snap from Wichita State bureau Willis is actually the game high score was 155. Of six overall one of one for 34 of six from the line. Next tie is still Boris was seventh at seven points and five rebounds only got three field goal attempts made to look them. Six point four Austin green easily one of six from the field five point Berlin Greek ship that. Free for exact route that he is only shot three pointer and look needs with Eric Kelly Clark has been nothing at Connor Fred camp. Get the score at halftime temple 56. Wichita State 42. Shot you're sports properties and which tested athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassador. To escape the league level of corporate partners spouses flawed. Delta devils Coke industries that Cox Communications. You're considered becoming a sponsor of Wichita state athletic Paul shocked the sports properties. 16978. 75. If we do it shot yours can't find a way to make some stops at the cup back for the second half after this. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chase in one ball arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control. Game but united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access learn more UAE dot com. United health care. Services not available for all plants. But you're looking for the perfect power suit was just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. 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Twenty the ultimate for slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on your greens and scratched from his her internal investigation and sport there's something and the many dissatisfied every fan's appetite take your game day to new heights with any of our charitable items for the table twenty schools from as far features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV there's never a bad he's now -- for twenty eats drinks scenic views. Shocker ports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a toss up in valley center ending torn and over was lawyer. Shot. If golf is on 103 point at and TE one yeah. The second half here's Charles Cook garrido Wichita State today. Mountain to climb out 5642. To temple. At halftime as the Els shot eleven of fifteen for three. It the first half a couple of notes on that in just a moment that first. Two other American conference team started with the same time as this when both were also at halftime. The big Cincinnati Houston match up. Looks score wise life half of the half here this one is 5642. That is 27 twenty floors Cincinnati's. At halftime in Houston and you've got leads Tulsa forty to 31 at the half. Plain and Connecticut and that's your thing he's stores. Or Hartford's. Wichita State down by fourteen. Samples. Scored more points in the first half dead and they shot her phone that is Greg marshals let that your kid your head probably. The span of time which stated not miss a shot at the dwellings talked to some people stats through it says that this at a record once again. Yeah in a folder. Great point taps right plus there. And that apple did not missing shots in the last night that. That park with basketball guys that. Well and I was looking back at yesterday staff that nightmare of a ball game and if you think with state only by five but definitely. Shot 58 point 3% from the field with the effort that made by the end. Three point shots we thought that would never have eyes you know that the thirty I have the ability to do that game now. Now the look on the bright side with us they were left the lights and it held. Stepped forward. We're about that when he reached back there in the first half it can't be done. What they kept it or they would State's defense has become home. No foot to the both. I into the fifth definitely have to fill us up but what she does State's defense will certainly have the picture you see that. Sit up to 40% today after they shot there's little chance locker rooms or Wesley okay. One of those opportunities will be tomorrow's doctors have a long way to come back to make it happen again. 5642. Simple. Doctor's. Zach brown shirt Cali let him but I did read that feel Boris. Expect the same regional bias for example. What I was hoping that she and yet there is a flack these is often just round up those flags mean to pick up and bowels of the the first after the Eagles aren't secondhand. The laundry every. Has been out for example off the bench and the only shocker like it was. It was they're true. At least you know certificates fallout right off the bat yes. Second and I felt maybe this will be the opportunity for them to miss their first job right away. I started cold spell of the second. Look. It rose cross court to judge brown and candidate if this is also Alston being recognized that program that's. Some examples of civil rights advocate for political round but it's definitely an announcement Alston. Started right rules laid back it is unreasonable tonight. Cut off legitimate nicely and I didn't hear it through that with allied business. About shoppers Flores fumbled but never advisories. Not to make it's not and if they want us to read and write my wife wants him. Right worthless program. Lets you know. It's yards with a Laura threats at wide open three AA it and now we've. Rebound Boras spoke at the let's not say it was offensive rebounds threes they got or at the end. If that's because they. It's not worse now let's not. You know flights don't. Get an out of machine but his first three points the second half. Flat you hold it gives it to grapple with the foul line that witnesses list. And that's unbelievable that a bullet here the second hand him but the key to your left you know. Wars that we. Must leave now in the field that night that. A frantic. Burris left. They've got to live it felt softly. Nice bite race which I think statement. 4 o'clock starts. And hands on the second half rounds. Those announcements. And I left in the white resident Kelly that should it. Delegate race suspension for those guys this sort of slowed down. Clutter out there but he definitely had it definitely like. What it's a business. Like I lost. Yeah I worry slightly though it's the players collapsed on that if it. Doctors with the first four points of the second half of fourteen point lead candidate that's worth it to speak only. That's transmitted through lifted lines you know aren't. Of dribbles from programs drives. Enough but it warrants. That's ground monthly greens. And I left with only had to reverse lay up bounces off rebounds Boris. Now first hits a shot out. Our staff or others setup that nice fight off. The basket shots are trying to penetrate or. Maybe off balance sex lines. Plus 1000 Betsy on him his second. Wars with a chance for a three point one I witnessed it that it it's meant that they don't let the points that separate them in this. Yeah when Warren. Members meeting in the yet. You know Boris. I don't know what it's not stay at. Points. That cut the lead to seven. Florida pulses. It off the ground and little floor right wing calls its drives baseline at the it's not it's not authentic it was thank you have a feeling it's here yeah from the ground starts right well listen. It's kids fall away jumper disorder is about. Yes. There's enough of everything. That is the with a chance to keep this front going to have it working right to left off with doubles we've got blown up and others. There's across fortunately nothing worse over the campus. Landry went on line with ground is definitely it's definitely right. It could enter the line a little bit of fear of civil right. Myers baseline or sites that don't that was not the way out of bounds off wolf eight seconds. On its not fun. Slightly but it's got a second hand it's not stated started they have money 70 run that netted fourteen point 37 finance business. But the flip it wants to read slated to the surface down below hated six lifts it up but a block and it's not gonna telecharge and constantly. He's a candidate there had a business braves who gets the tough call his second. First turnover of the half with a statement this it knocks down seventh. That is you know once you know. It already made it much towards mobile and accurately but yeah definitely it's likely the game. Confidence that the ground before pressure that the Olsen. Owns and exclusively in that fourth. And doubled the lot for us it's not want the world is against it's not like it's the way it's God's wrath it's what sorts of pressure that was announced it's not plots again the fifty. And it's you know yeah definitely growth. You don't want one against him but it deals of over Alston. That no one on one against three executive office excellent left into my friend's place or. We've got more us exclusively. Exhausted at the different floor trusses. The team down the line this is not the crowd not France it's a background in Lowell bounced 333. Love playing Smart. The rebound. The samples up look at opportunities Vista it's not as I was driving throw run or walk slightly. Rebounded by Zach brown. When he. Vessels not to get the flock to the different floor where it goes left rounded up and statement moments of all we hope this gets pushed out of sounds. Like nowhere with that quality sports but he got out of balance it saves the possessions what's that stated another fouled. And it's just on and Georgia is there. Her team found a moment I don't think he'll Mauresmo that is nightly round of the game that in so doing. Very select group of players who becomes the fifth in what fits nicely history with a thousand. Your points 500. Rebounds and a half that loss nicely. Not the blame for nearly double teamed over the Morris it's an add on I got this out of six. A photo that. The food. Still 5050. Ground. That matters in the way it was not an. Now that it has frustrated at the end of the series next. Layoffs of and it's not his. Despite the it's got a second chances. It is sample 56. Foot if not stay fit and want. The shelter insurance when the landlords and to keep up with their ranchers even if they're related. Added we drop I picked up yours. I'm running a little short this month not everything works smoothly as children's record books and it helps cover of in case of fire theft and more wouldn't. Just moved back and told them you mean to add new mini ten K well. Author insurance British nuclear shelter. Or renters insurance see Katie Hanley or Jesse mines in Wichita or Lindsay do it out than derby. And this is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys the only branch and JD power dependability awards for car struck you being 2 years wrote I am so impressed and that's great that's in tears in her upset he's stepping us there get behind the wheel for yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability. 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Was pulled the shocker for you down to just five Wichita State we'll have the balls coming out of well you haven't seen it simple but missed eleven shots. Entire first half already has six. Look at the first floor and a half minutes of the second half. Here's the latest adventure Robert Elmore Antoine Carr Xavier McDaniel appearance gods and now she feels more. A thousand points five rebounds and 100 block. Yeah it is and that might he got a late start yeah others. Play a lot. From the very beginning and what we might find tonight also sat might break his career high for himself. And I don't. That team that it's time to you know soccer businesses and wants to read snack brand Atlanta fans that. Harold Willis for the first time in the second half field. Willis and press widely exposed. Analyst at fifty Boris for this fortunately France for example please stand as candidates it's one look at the double team money but because it's not want Louis that it might well. Why well. Rich lobbyist since tiger. Listen I've had. It's not Arab bloc. Now. On the way and I think we'll see if they don't vote at the active shooting that it drives to the basket thousands of young breed that's read on him it was on the three. Constance third set it's about a half with its own statement canceled and it's. He gets a big man sits. It's. Well and that's that's how difficult this game as the separates us about one and a half thousand games. Very fits there ain't no way and it's not a set of benefits. Of the hundreds buried was eight of thirty. Olson it's I think it was students. Most left elbow was in light of all round hole holding land and disease that they. Now on our program is second. Affluence and there might but it. And a career high at night. And it. I had it won at night. Six long way to go forth fifth and it left elbow Willis. Back into the ship but ultimately went three saves in order to brown ran cross court Brett can't drive those up for big. Stuff dribble. Won't sit and. Step back up front all six. It's right for a ride on it also likes and throws it back my insistence lauded. They're gonna call found enough. Street sense that trend that was a pretty good most active victory did try to reach the ground in poke it away that's his personnel. Only the third foul from Wichita State and remember in the first half soccer since well files. That's definitely let the free throw line three times 73 militants. Clearly driving a different cancers that that's another thing rose. Those right to left that's it's not afflicted alive and friends campus grounds that it ran into each other that went off isn't that advances the victory but that's not a very good and a flat. Day Friday he. I think it suits others at all. On the senate floor Clemson to 400. That's also don't want to pass deflected it appeared out of balance the get go backwards no forwards are seven seconds of the shot enough. Forces. Hit the hands of the passing lanes they could have deflected. That's been able to come up with a C input and treasury and defense Florida. Posted in the in the right opponents have revised figure the way over everything here ball more sadistic. If Santa. And it drives and enough of forestry drives toward the basket. Don't know why that boy. SS Nassau San. It's at NASA landry's Perry against parts of Texas not Morrison's. Not a sixty footer there yeah that's right. Was so. It's. Been good. Now this place is a lot of snow and down. The time it did you know Morris scored eleven points. In reverse. About seven minutes into the net benefit of echo the cat that ate up. I have 25. All game and he had to rebound I have left it all ready has can't rebound. Get this ball game. What kind of forensic evidence yet those that it is their not a fifth yeah fifth of rather than make it safe to go. Happily for the court after the break room for the tonight. I always felt very cautious not to Paula licences flags physicist at the gulf race that was often start fails then again another U. It looked like quarterback and it's now only the receiver in Red Sox doubts. Reminder that Monday night saarc countries overnight flight for eight K sports ability Alec thirteen victory we Rhode we'll have. Please go forward here on Monday night. Soccer baseball stars this season tomorrow night that if things stay. First time Butler still want nothing receded like Gregg Marshall. Over temple nearly hit the start of the day. We're it's not prophetic. An all time program record. I did I'd putt I've hit seven. We're rebounding really started. Take it over. Sample to Wichita State by far the best rebound the in the fifty America athletic. Mike number one far away. And it sample is that every 3000 feet not even mavericks' number twelve in the conference soccer's. Outrebounded them by a significant margin. Can't get Philadelphia was thus they think they tonight I don't earlier this actor's first in the profit. Work that way. Well I doubt attempt at this. Guys they'll get off. They have Wichita State they. For eleven most of that coming. Side. Let me in the second half eight Ford died. Point range and again she feel more risk was eleven. Doctors seventy. Like the start of the second half. Thirteen twelve remaining. Long long way to go up double plays a lot of guys over thirty in the ballgame. The takes its granted what are they Wear down. Little bit and Greg marshals up. Yeah yeah. Resisted calls and I've. I'd advice him. The double click that that's not fluently. And and if you don't you shut things I think it's been thought to period that is very bright very good. Confident I don't know how this is just great support applies for free food. Well you'll think its that's been good enough or some other. That was the lowest at the deadline but that's the stuff on the floor fighting for its homeless on the floor still. News that's been slammed Boris is okay. Flawless never. That's why six inherited moral Islamic written several different can't yeah. And as an event. This afternoon. Everything and he. In points eleven rebounds lost its not fair and water altered a couple of others that we can agree to run it under your income interest. Snapped up at night. Plus the first 48 minutes enough. Hopefully they'll the second half of my points to sixty. They'll play it in from the baseline. Deficit slightly experience. That's a recipe. I was left only to the basket richter tried to switch it now that slipped up at Faneuil. I was able if it does is it. Left to right it's not now blank samples under and Willis what. The right side of advanced enough to get there. This place candidate. It mostly second and drive it down low Austin's hitting jumpers short flight to. That got his own reasons but the right one for three my very best lines in it's definitely. But don't count on him not look at it's got to hide a moment ago it if well let's hope it's very. The history of land short left with the rebound the laundry there. Not if those also. Here we have the toughness and over. I was still think history that's not good enough to veterans. It's not it's not just for all of those syllables and admitted that let. Him. Fans of the block those spinning in their home. Offensive. It is certainly as soon. It's. Wounded. If I take 68. Simple. I'm 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health. 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A 24 hour fitness center free golf on Monday in black says plus mention adding to your first month free I know it's shocking tall grass is all of the perfect spot for your next private event from fund raiser to weddings there expert staff is ready to eat drink dictation played with a shoppers play and join the new tall grass country club today. If you're stuck in your lol at least listen up if you're over your milestone release upside down in your world or just one out of your car or new site can help you today but not least between its new Nissan all more or wrote produced united from that threaten you or between anything new some awful or rover zero down if you remember much after me there now human performance dial 1800 new news on the visit or lose some Wichita about cup would prefer that they must report to. Think if you know what facts to prevent this from all redeployment in the resistance in the five people Jason won't confuse the. Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE. After eleven at this. In the event that they've made public because they've. Twelve of sixteen. Get back up. The effect. Incredible what I'd say surprisingly thought freak out in the sight of that because you look forward but that shoppers however have a out rebounded in the second half. Assistance is still the thousands of us live is a long way for a big. Fast forward to tonight's round started by accident it's simple really did not exhibit six I think France can't nurses and flawlessly with it's not a statement. That's right writes nice guys the down low season. That candidates you have the little stuff safe for us live dribbles and Dawson well. Was three for three of the first half advances us one of the second half after this it's nothing that's exactly simple lesson. Stepped inside of that guys thinks. Lewis drops it down love birds and bustling in there and found. Out of the demand and it's easy. Judith barrier next you know news now they've been whichever one it is its influence now it's against John you know what it's now on the darkness his war. There's there's an alliance with it got great position that there clearly established himself before going fans. That founded to prevent the easy way. Honestly. It's a very very good free throws for the life. From the local one time fought game obviously he's a history of 3120. Or 32. 471. Of percent and three of six of the last five games candidate one for two in several games enough dances around here if the lead back. It. And that was is that wise and there was one particularly as soon. 6960. Not seem to be moving slowly in this round out for a standing vehicles with developers to. It's right next double team went around incidents nuts not to carry through those rights of defendants are definitely fit if I was at Tennessee society and credit goes around 5000. It's not my. It's been kinda similar to. Very solid. It because let's let loose a syndicate now please please. And I know it's not him its intent but this is the third player that's going to go to the free throw line from three. Free throws they made that for six months and its routes flown to the line now not quite as good of a free throw some 71 point 7% on here. Is there an. Raids at three. Good night. He has seven points all in the first half. He has everything. So I've. Yeah itself. Round now looking at fifteen against this Dodgers get. Hi. I got seventeen against east Carolina. There your out and it. Or is that you. City that a little bit better things. And I include. And Denis it got to tie faith. And what's it looks like maybe peers and we had just refuse them into the second season. Leading it's not accidentally miss any. Soccer basketball. Simple picking up and advanced. Have a friend can't Boris and stuff he had no it. Kevin we're. Yes my advancement advancements have applied that they're not. Eight. Six. I. Not a point. This ballgame soccer since seventy. That's why it's still nice. He left the ball game 7260. Like he left elbow but it definitely is slightly. It's not fit guys that stepped back sixty footer and that's offensive stuff that's the thrives on stuff. Died nice jumper. Well as the next great it's a simple one thing can't penetrate a little bit more likely that stuff. That's right for kids. Wildlife if he's it's definitely don't got a beard drives it turns that it had canceled at three. So bounces off of actively. Flatley. Enough the grounds that simple because of course almost flawlessly handled salmon headed toward. Aunt rose. Ran over sand that is that is coming up with a list won't not a not not about that note found that a stay with symbolism right foot it's Raddatz has landed on the floor and that wouldn't rate plus shots. Let's. The is it. 42 aggravating to one with a swollen. And it's you know you have. Just recently picked up his fourth and that's it gave it is less mileage out of it and offensive. Play and if you're the right quantity that's here you know. And it's not the last throes of the you are physically a boy. Let's play official blocks lessons horses. At least a couple of other shots. When it gave his net. Feet 36 to go still might you know it's not flown for example. Josh Brown deflating but. It gets it looks nice and fluffy pants. Program. After the this exact program. Prices and other steps and it gets another witness rose was only a sophomore from it's it's 873. Three sentences simple fact. He's a player might see you later this athletic. Kevin Rutland free throws through the ground and I look at my little athletes for. Not constitute more free throw line. Down love the blog on what I asked to traffic accident at the Achilles heel of my temple Josh Brown for example that it writes if you didn't play. Little. That's not pulls up to analyze what went Alston. Is almost once an admittedly got out of a lot more of almost all the flack these vested. Thanks Kelly got a hand on its chemistry and more stops that's not consistent bulldozed right. Over to Boris and I'm glad it's slipped and that sounds simple level they owner's the flak he's had that is these six. Now on the owls and hopefully they'll hear it soccer's. On them in the one and one of the next up and down there now on a flight yeah. It's not out of the flow at 736. That innocent it can't samples 73. Times in seventy truth. He's army to get what's important you even in a deafening crowd. Yeah so much as they partly as a result protect isn't ready it's not an accident as he has. I know financing please leave me. It does this guy I don't know the. This is I do not out of the common accident. I. Give an agent if you. He's fine. You don't like Phil right hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom with you my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of our means. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. I'll do my thing compasses everything in one place functional fitness and exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and stop. They even have child care. This it opted like it when he first and whether online at top teeth Tyson's life dot com. So hey we don't come to big not looking for a new LG LED and a real wood TV and I am. This hour back there and it. Over there by the fans real wouldn't threaten me here what does that mean well the class like link and if you land. I should've gone Hefner had. You re not only on the highest quality TV brand like LG but we also have one of the large collection of real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got to root in the top notch branch. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains firm Hartings Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven kids you want. Since I have been different outside you know. Orphans they hit 58 point 3%. Which it does day. Is ninety. And I am pleased. Seven of 1933 has not been at 36 point 8% went to negotiate. Flights that. It's been crazy to not with just noticed it was down by as many as fifteen in the stands out my. At half time. They have actually led by as many as Florida the second half at the moment soccer's down along with the ball under their own best. Answer it was made three of the last four field goal opportunities my last week and it's the 736 remaining. 22 of the shot clock content Austin recently and this team back in the game went three pounds frowned dribbles left what's inside. Look at the Boris now lots sedition act Canada last week reached did not deliver. Have asked Garth definitely helped. Something else. Not Christiane about the baseline again this time near the left corner with twelve on the shot clock Hamilton played here. And Landry fact that parents are relentless tonight for. To greet him but looking under first and it'll at Fort Lewis you know it's next to Sheehan but looking at brings it to the middle seven issue it's a street for Boris dries it pulls up floating gate footer off the back. Pretty good looking shot in the air that was a little bit off the right at temple. Flat. Has been a stunt double was down. They've taken a one point lead ground driving spinning shot fake depth and experience with three. Never had a night like this that is life and its leaders to. And five assists and three. All season you lose under 21%. Up. Let quarter Willis under the Morris left Atlanta. Darryl Willis. No more it's now has twenty years ago. Can point to police 767. Is also had the right side before it goes. Us worth almost. Most of Google's laugh so excellent quality seventeen footer up the match rebound deflected Santa gives out there where that's what it's not that President Bush goes to the basket that's out of town on the one great player. Don't see that's possible chance. In between the rift in the back with the thought there and it does the audience laughed but now flatly it's. Not very fourth foul and seven. Divine grace period let's just revisited this 83 pointers all season it won four games for 39 and it has gone five or 65%. But for. Or less than it was zone sometimes. That's what that's what he's done yeah enough player. Where he thinks he's invincible. Freshman six expression. Bush and good. Night edition. It's just that you felt it just happened the night. That was nine. And become the third shot you'd reach double figures tonight to get him back at that time 7675. To four with 620 remaining. Lewis went out for a reason. Oh yeah. It's nice day night up again. Equivalence between. Nice 300. I very much candidacy on their feet crowd last night also. It's nice that. Yeah that's right side to grab it right 400. I was delighted Cephalon jumpers he is not this. When the hoses made his last three or four shots at sixty simple fact of flights he creates not so well but. 400 Kelly. It's about the Florida picked it up announces he just tried to get a divorce that is a little too obvious Peary deflected it and then it's not their. Money on the shot clock. Simple earnest with the reason that if you replace it in at GM yet. I'm 48 on the game plus one you know it's not plots after stances that the sentences temples were fifth. Six of the first half before the feeling that France not think about it now polite lost the game. This fumbled the leg was covered by example rose the other leg down the line but a floater missed it. The rebounded temple had had very seldom let it inspired. Not violence are calculated to update this. There's but. It. Good job defending that thrived by rose an advantage on. Great hustle but theory that he went to the floor and Kelly got down there and tied it up it's not if we get it back still trailing by two. Mostly it's a well it's fun player to watch life. Were his last five pool at. Points for walking through if that last turn over background only the seventh. Up that night it was state particularly that's fine at this stage of the game you just can't afford. I'm 33 remaining soccer positions him to. It left playgrounds with it and posted it at him offense it is not enough. Forestry and ultimately the delay comes back to the middle is currently owns victories. Hostage. On the right lost wellness wheels of the alliance tries to step through Blogosphere gets it back. I'm proud to stand and eleventh incident. That Kansas street I was left. Comes back. Right saying he. An analyst. And it's not stop it rattled now that it's. Yeah that is it sounds I think that's you know. It's worth. And let it taken right out of out of its stance on its candidates to yield to its stance. And it was polite and water these threats very. Went out that's exactly full sex please we're. I. Both sides of. Opponents. It's nice. AA rules that now rules that we advanced out of left with the suit. Francis there goes. It's not results instinctive. The not all citizens youth love consistency yes. It's really just. Barely a way and so I think the officials wanna see if he definitely not a time they've got to have a body to review here I think he did. I thought he did do. I can go to the time out. Tough shot stepped away as about a 23 footer probably. And just barely gotten off this time that's all its fourth basket they all that three pointers tonight he's got 58. Elephant couples act up fight sue. Oh I'm Diego. Mostly older it was late definitely I don't us I don't think it plus. 409 remaining still a lot of time in the game like this. But it does say that's got back and forth that's fallen behind by fourteen at half that actually came back but it has much of the four point lead. It's trailed by four since then it right now down soon with the possession of a cannot. Now it was about the thirteenth 23 park the game was tied seven. 59 excuse me the 59 Wichita State had gone on eight I seven to the free lunch to start the second half its seats. 59 that he's not at the thirteenth place I parked my. It supposedly traded baskets and now you've got a need for example it was 79 with the little time left to clog it. This was the final score of the first game in overtime. Falcons in the Louis against pressure gets it over confident yet simple mistakes sixteen. Not 263. Pointers to. Enhance the different sports been around for the right way overdue re excited he's back. We had him. At practice round. Let me stand in just a little bit of a breather right now the first one he's had it read off a double team. Over the French camp drives it gives him the lion like saddling Willis steps through it's not bad bit. Darryl Lewis was. In shorts on bone size it up today. 333 didn't listen as a career high of 25 points. I have got to listen to push on Huntsman camp the conference and since. That's his first now fifteen you know what it's not snake so no free throws and probably will get the effort forth. Street flooding five the second half of Wichita State 81 simple eighties was. I only have known Kansas not a recent multiplayer ticket. The 100 times the cat. 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Made whiskey it will match you're down payment update 2000 dollars you a thousand dollars down we make it to you put two down we met defaults. Best I can really reduce your payments. Like 116 a month on a few fortunate fourth 211 a month and if you sportage after the match so why would midwest Kia make an offer this generous. That's what you need from midwest here. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball. He's on 103 point seven KE YE Yang. I've got us. Eight of flooding wind 38 for very almost birdied fifteen of nineteen. The larger list or on the board that evil if committed. The turnovers. They're probably letting everybody double victory. Instead to just stay in a dog fight didn't like it was nice and hot shooting temple's team that is made six T 16 point. Better than they've ever done life and this that this one's over the last eight or anything else I'd do it six fairy theory that players. And that led by growth that day off. I think these Bentley but let's not make them thus far down the stretch it accurately aligned. Relative of four players that doubles and now it's it is less I also know that yeah it kind of was great layup and let's I thought close prevents him. At a quiet. Guy you know a different story did not agree on. But wonder if it was a threat to see him. On the right side differences. The way that's not warrants mostly talent but they aren't pentagon theory I've looked at. It's not if you left slot in the basket trying to get it to theaters yet read a book short Nazis don't. Now voters backing up and let it influence on the clock but it's not. Just for Boris starts right right ones around. Grass court matches and it deflected out of bounds and I don't want rates very very difficult try to pass. All. One side. Outside analysts ask not what tiger and it worked with us all both coaches. Rate cut is currently it's situations. That it a flak. Or that it's twenty minutes. Willis and on confidence. You know it's nice to succeed on this tough month for accurate if it were not bad bounces went ballistic on delighted I'm about to grab the bottom out of black. Now. That it is worth it will now so that's yeah. It. Players on the fourth. Eight announcement out of line with billboards. With the stated. You know you're right back and reflect. Worse with the right. 391. Yes twenty points. 113. Through its bargain. Yeah that's you know. It means there is if this court tonight. I spent the Frankfurt Google's not a street Kelley picket hopelessly different most consistent jumpers sort. If that's the only. Exclusive long straight nights there's Austin is the red hot and Leon yeah that was his first instance. If sample is right when it conflicts of accidents are excellent. Pieces dribble accidentally killing this yard drives won't. Not the quarters three Barbara. On bounces off yeah absolutely. Even bats now it's. A little differently now that nobody has since the last month. If you don't Morris over the last 78 games. So yeah. Let's say hi this is this if you don't Morrison all of this movie gets made and it. He is playing. Was higher than it is great to see him now has 42. Points floundering around the details as they wanted to fly almost as importantly just found out. Probably at that you know important. Well city's south end our Dallas feet worth of free throw with him he's pretty accurate. From the free throw line normally as a matter fact that seven of the last four games sixteenth a night to the line with points. Three from thwarted ideas what it's going to make it three point it would let its 54. You know. It's not a and Darryl Willis of divine. The right fit it added up. Not a lot that's not Scott Boras client over trying to get it Lockett got it up over green's hand over Boris. Josh ran just you know one on one hasn't let that that's the league it was definitely there isn't it that it forty you know. My might that this might just a beautiful move by ground. But he adds up its act worth about what blocks stuff on the way out. Last beautiful soft such flight team that's learning how to play under pressure Edward Hudson but all late in the whole life. Offense at a fast pace should love this game that at 43 that you know it's 8483. Which it just didn't take long run I don't think we've seen great individual play it it's great teamwork but I thought it. Particularly Wichita State would want to get has nineteen this this up pretty bad. What was the fact it's a very high powered. Apple is I think as a race in south of the what should not state higher than that at the starting to recognize what a powerhouse up. Yeah it's at their delegates at night flow with it wanted to shoppers. What's the thought they fought with a one point lead 143. Left in the ball game this there's very definitely been an NCAA tournament level game. The reason they standards. Thus they probably think so right now this thirty it they're up one. Or 83 since it right won't actively look into the blocked list that's definitely injuries can accidentally. Flew well past let's I was and disease. And left wing. With a sand in this news didn't have to make a play on the block Lewis that's the best. Perhaps Connecticut volleyed it gets out of Andre Perry that blog are those are nice and ask might there. President nice but I sat around and I'm very very little bit about this. For example it's this. Well exactly rounds like it's free throw line and set grounds for it. Either as a matter of fact might. He has made thirteen of thirteen free throws in his last it will not bigger fitness and he'll say tonight because that is him. Towels in the second half on simple. Stupid. That. We're bigger no bigger guys to get out of there and for example that the bond rates very roof cave in to tonight's game averaging two point eight points per game he had made eight at 39 please anybody. Five of seven tonight. Six act round. Fifteen of sixteen from the line of the last eleven games. In the chance to make this a three point game. Six tonight present it for free through a team that you've beaten and shot little bit from the my friend throws my proudest of I thought Phil. That's what sort of my family over to Josh Brown. Is that it's not been sickened by example friend dump these signals his troops he wanted time now it comes with a seven to. 22 seconds on the shot clock where they know. It merely listen to us today. They have both. Thought I was looking here. Were. They will they got some day. Don't want my location. Well Bob Iger and watch Barney. Great prizes courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and they don't go to work. Watch party affiliation with soccer basketball in the next day Sunday after. At bucks us. The daddy was down by. Unless it's. Of course so. You stood up to us. Three and a half. Hey hey that the American. Fire and this is why I think all of us for what they've forwarded. I don't know if this is on guard that basketball. About that goes wolf wolf a quick update his play very high level basketball recover they know the South Africa. Out at halftime which they did things. Seven and it went on seven season he loved the start of the second half looks. Shotguns at sixteen I believe. Workers at. Maybe they have made. Right database. Fourteen seven. Just on success left and right worthless right now I'm surprised it. Its utmost in the line of Flag Day and they stripped that if now on the flight and scrambled actually before that I was called it's going to you know. On Rashard Kelly this is the fans. A flatly. 51 points were for instance with the line of the season. Three of nine from the free throw line from one of its last slide because you'll make him both it's not. So I'd keep forgetting about themselves and that's just the latest it's not bad. Lessons not like percent three point shooters making kinda sad that. I think it's not losers all right the exact words of the couple that he wasn't yet. Honestly a man. Probably good and. Saying it's. Not. Flags. Historic LA is typical out Willis we'll have been given its unprecedented offensive threat to. This next possession. 57 seconds flat. Point games not a French champions next crowds that go out confidence with defense. It is. Around France can't say that worthless. And haven't written a forgets the nearly 868. Or faxes. And want seconds left but. It was a it's. Not. That it's in its. History. Right. Back nine it's. Not enough went right over the line while away from fans. It's it's consolidates it's nonsense it's its. Platform with like my second and. Thank you can't advance the length. Oh. No I'm not your friend can't is his second. It is only the seventh team. Now than half of Wichita State and Brad about that are free throw shooter than his predecessor it's like these guys perhaps have a decent percent. And tonight tonight history you know he has his rights as though it was a night game threats recent. Raddatz has had better be you know he always has this very small but yeah. Handling the ball if they can't be too. He really helpful BC get together but it's a fifth year senior. This wasn't glancing. And a bad debt. Ground Josh Brown connected on news thirteen points simple that went into Willis out that its authors now but nothing yet that's cool maybe get additional ball handler for intrusive. But once seconds to play. Now. It's not as to not have to think it's not now with what it was sentence reads vanity candidate most time now. Nobody else would break into the vaults are presented to 32 time now. And again that's the reason also that it doesn't hit bad that we'll look at what. I'm seconds left to doctors don't have to take good shots that they hit it completely and get a couple. For example that I am now at some point. Houston has gone up. A seven a little bit of 35. Hamlet of the studios keep you posted. That would look like real possibility now of course Cincinnati's first conference loss to soccer's. These two finish this what not to get with it through going to Cincinnati on that day. Flout its efforts to audit the ball inbounds take care of that with us they throttled. Force them to fall outside now they still have time outs left secondly the have to go to the free throw line. Wichita State if they get back out when they get the outs. We'll have shot up. They because. The owls have San fouls. The players on the floor right now tonight. Foresters were revived the line read three fours and that's inclusive. Duffy tooth for tooth he's not a big guy. Think guys like now it's never had to have landed in incidences that nothing in night ballots but those with 2000 markets will go to the line for two with forty seconds. I think at some point make a good thing is it's not here's that double bonus so even if it makes. Want it to get back to 83 point lead. Might forced apple to really think about it keep it tree if it's above that of the possession game markets but Duffy spot adolescent audience well. Forward. Three or four of the free throw line and the C east with its only points tonight. First of two. Around. It's free throws down the stretch you it's not yours are now. Our lines at nine point 2%. What more would not make it in. Seconds ago. Art bats that well. Yeah about it. Now. It's not physically not present. Friends deficit that was it is time for us the cardinals did not not seeing out of the history. Well Zach brown. He's about three do and he decide if they're definitely bounce up stuff Dyson I got enough I. And it protected like it was a baby is he brought down this may at two free throws makes another. The only candidate was. On the ticket that's in possession situation a four point lead it makes this it's five and eighteen seconds ago. Threw for three from the line eight points present round. Little more of a quiet leaders that fellow senior Rashard talent that these two guys. Lou that this team free throw. Round of Don is this not as hot spots that. It's lends itself and how does not only that it does add up if you're literally drive the distance and it's not a fan of music that's not a bad. Tennis. Yes it's been mostly. Incidentally. Free throws. The ball game seven and a half seconds ago. Friends don't think mostly it's been about Florence substance of their pressures of that work and it they don't you don't. Dedicated to different camps that he's now but apparently it's kind of we'll go to the line with six point six seconds left. You know we talked to ballgame about free throw speak so critical of this ballgame. Hands. Sample was eleven and oh what they shot more free throws than their opponents offices and let them know. Wichita State was outshot flights canceled in Philadelphia but Wichita State is not an eighty. Free throw line that's been proved to be the difference in this walked out of. But. It can't miss the free. In double figures here he's got nine. And six point three seconds. To. The starters for free throw attempt of the night. This could make it. The seven point yeah. Yeah it's not hesitant. And that's what's domestic round of the senate floor and renewable short rebound Boris. I thought let's let's just say it's Apple's. Six. To come back. I've made twelve point halftime deficit but it's not yours is. Is the second biggest in the last 43 years fourteen you know to Portland point deficit second biggest gun back. And it I have to get that at 43 year deal is bigger and 31 of those here. I like that analysis of Clinton's advances there and they did it. Mike because they got a quick jump start to get. Think the second half and at 73 run soccer's getting humans where and it looks like Houston may help them out down it. And Texas as well we've got a big plus kids coming up. It's a state that is vital source hackers 93. Sample 86. It's time again to go inside the numbers the feet KD CPAs and advisors. You're an all star business with the talented team there's this audience to winning though. Our championship team that beat KD can help you strategize and make plays that help improve performance and put pressure on your competition. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Learn more about the many ways we help our clients go to beat Katie dot com and goes shock. 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Radar at NCAA tournament team they have now won seven of their last 9% to five game winning streak. But they have just kept getting better and better down the stretch that is a darn good basketball team they play it credible first half united. Tom rider they're all alive soccer's then the second half of that it was at 93. And somebody reasons for that my first of all the fans did a fantastic job I think Iran that close it minutes of the second half. Wichita State aid. To make effective cut back that date yet right off the bat they outscored samples up to three. To start the second half of fools and 5959. Ties and entities traded baskets back. Fourth nobody had more than three or four point lead the momentum shifted. The Wichita State that a couple things a lot of things. Well a couple things very well. They shot the flaws the well of the second half 66 point seven. Sent and that's the better than the astronomical percentage itself without the first FCC 3.3 percent. They made their free throw some critical free throws down the stretch they made. Eight of their last night free throws. In the last 54 seconds the ball game and how about. How about Mike those rebounds Wichita State who was behind on the boards the first half out rebounded temple of the second half what you want to stand. To dominate on the boards and walk away with thirty or 25 recount and it. This is the post game show up right Levi Johnston 21 two K 96 for a fight so much more. Then suits and drive home from the game that brought you my Kansas land tire and service for retires at professional auto service are always a slam dunk. Temple actually continued after that first round bye which does date to shoot the ball very well for much of the second half but at the end. Dave you mentioned at one point that temple plays a lot of guys thirty minutes or more they played three guys 34 or more minutes tonight and 525. Or more. And I think it did the pace eventually maybe give it to them a little bit tired legs on shots Gregg Marshall kept running French people in and out and eventually. Temple ended up at 34 and a half percent in the second half and 35 plus for three. So they did eventually ran out of gas shooting wise that shocked subsequently able fullest. Well I can't. Temple was buried here this basketball game. But they were quite think if you like they shot and respect Wichita State with defense out a little bit more. Dominated on the backwards and I thought in the second half especially the start the second half. The shocker just when you attack that physical network restive. They extended their defense and they've looked like Wichita State that was projected to come in second. And Wichita State team that was rated in the top ten. Report this season thus far this year. This was a great college basketball game but it really important win for Wichita State as the captors let it by a score of 9386. 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The year plus doc started my train HB AD tackle conduit of diagnostic and just way to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any need of repair our new customer 1946. Special for. From foreign stock and carrier. Turn to the experts. Called for Tony Koren shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris Hope Amy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forced pummel. US you've shocker basketball is on 103 point 78. Another for a bit more relaxed period here in the area as the word it's better at this sees it as it. So that if it was 62 in Houston first conference loss for the bearcats. Houston stays tied with Wichita State in the standings but it's not present two games left listens to that it is now mathematically possible. Soccer's what both of those games to finish here at the conference title. With it ranked Cincinnati. The shoppers scored 83 points tonight so you saved 25%. More on all shocker merchandise that their application. That's locker room he's. Or west noise the F is that I got it. It's about that numbered shocker by that I read in the last two games here. Well choppers they. A lot of points back last fight. Game site and watch. But the defense did not play halftime when they play. I'm soccer are scored ninety or more this year. Let's go inside the numbers look at the final stat brought by the safety CPAs and advisors everyone to trusted advisor. Yours which I think by shooting 66 point 7% the second half in that at six point war. The game chip that ranks fourth season at news so. Them order for. Fourth they're shooting percentage of the years it six point work. Eight of 22 for three not great but not bad 36 point four at twelve and three at 29 the free throw line for 79 point 3%. Temple ended up 49 two they shot 63 in the first apple thirty fore and aft in the second. It was sixteen to 2355. Point 2% just incredible late in the first half room left in the that team and we're still sixteen of 26 late this there last very long when they were twelve team. From the free throw line Dave mentioned that when they have shot more free throws they've been unstoppable this year but that's up there averaged fourteen free throws a game. A little bored that might. They're not a team that gets the line a lot either the last two years because they don't want want a lot they take quick shots that they'll rebel with a basket that much. And they've been around 340 in the nation. Read through it tends to be the last season well with a statement. On the way that the rest of the ball off the files to the basket. And it worked quick enough to drop out and Mike I think it got worse second half. Because temple work now they got them fired at Wichita State. It shoots fourteen free throws the first half. Dave mentioned which tested out rebounded temple by eleven in the second half in depth plus nine for the game 3425. And each team with seven. Turnovers that's a pretty incredible numbers tribute to both fast paced game up and down. Tough defense fresh even though the score was silent because there was no defense both teams play hard on defense and the results of seven turnovers reached well and that statistic it goes just move it beyond that that's an excellent on is that points off turnovers. Temple had eight Wichita State mandate that. It one deficit. They had in Philadelphia sports for which we felt the difference applauded. And in that game which testing was outscored by nine in that statistic this last night on second chance points tonight they were plus 1620. To war. On second chance points the bench was plus 143824. And points in the Shaquille Boris and Darryl Willis bridges it's unstoppable in the middle. Outscored temple in the paint 362. Business units combined for 47 points well. And they needed every bit of those 47 points and you know. We're talking about what a great job checked it is rage a couple walking but there'll well. Which does they still have a chance that ball game not at eleven. Yields were six free throw line and be critical baskets in the first half that kept the whole week to fourteen points. Temple had five players not only in double figures though the thirteen. You need for more phobia that's the only it was seventy. When grows with 1650. Degrees for shares Austin upon repairing Perry came into this game eight of twenty. Nine for the season from three and they fly a seven and it just came out of nowhere. Thirteen point six S district judge crowd. Shaquille Morris 43 point. Thirteen rebounds and nine of ten from the field thirteen rebounds as the new career high for Jack and when he got his ninth. Read that he became the fifth. Players if this and Wichita State history. Have a thousand points 500 rebounds and a hundred lots in a career Terrell Willis 24 points and nine of eleven shooting. Eleven for Austin reads ten apiece for Landry champ and encounter different camps the shocker that by the double figures that almost six background outline including four for four big free throws. Down the stretch rounding it out three for markets the Daffy Rashard Kelly with two. Rodham merger with 15. Assists for sham it just one turn over four assists no turnovers for Cotter Frankie at three at one. Mr. Willis Shaquille Boris joins us a story of the game presented by the Kansas lottery. I'll just come right out and play all around and every facet of the game. In a very good careers as best you never play which this. Appreciate that. You know. We lost most of simple. So come Tuesday. All my teammates and you know our coaches pushed us every seat away. Especially apparent. So we come out either give it all that we use Steelers went. Was it hard not to get frustrated the way they just kept making everything in the first at 1150 three's that have that fourteen point you know who we. Was huge today. The first earth. You know this would it would things like that is just have an agency every shot gathered. Next to it. It's insanity the ball goes through room got to execute out of the way. Yeah. This we have no word. It. Stereo. You make this game. With talked about it. Now that much. Let's talk and have to use more votes in those terms that. They tighter. It's quiet. We just had to keep an apartment he knows that. Down from. Ortiz. So it's that we fight. It excuse. Yet this is today at a bad ass. Man. Now you're back in the plot that is fourteen minutes. That are a lot. You. Those kids dropoff. Does you see scores starts ago. I don't have. Right if you let up and get complacent. It's free throws very important which state scored eight nine free throw line class. Acts. Europe home. Stars I'd brown current effort here. A lot more guys you know abstinence you know we've been starting with him lately the Iraqis don't read through. It's cooler today. Or let you theology here played that game because it is you were involved in it and to be just typifies the shocker basketball's all that here is our foot in the deep freeze play of the game presented by that. Supplied. Him over it will affect history that's no good enough there's another. Now throughout most of most of the deadline but that's a definite on the floor fighting for it snows on the floor of snow. These. A six pack. Inherited slightly grab some of the French hip yeah. It's a. Stuff. Us. Doing everything. Eighteen points eleven rebounds blocked a shot there as well after all did a couple of others have. There. And that let it go well definitely there. All these great there. Is that it. Actually it. If it would nagged that is Cincinnati outage at a distance the it's third quote on this team to do recruitment tactics that very. You know Morrison story of the game presented by the Kansas lottery Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today. Chance to be Kevin they can lottery that count the most accurate Jack button like Kansas lottery. And read it here Gregg Marshall making his way down here and that call was just that that's what should play it mark I think I'm like yeah that's. Part of scientists presented by express employment professionals and they should that a billion. To work I know this is it really your kind of game. It was at the palace. It was something I mean. You gotta hand to temple the first half they were incredible shoot the ball if we we were. We made some dumb plays we lost a couple times we found a couple three point shooters that they were making tough shots and in the in the second half at their place that would drive. Today it was jump shot that shows you a remarkable well rounded. Offensive college about what to do you think 56 on us than you're doing something especially here so. We just had to change our minds and we came out almost it's shut out for the first six minutes. Make me have to shut up about six minutes and held on the thirty in the second half and actually come back when. Our big guys were tremendous Shaquille wars. Darryl Willis I mean just dominated. We were killing the officer blasts were getting into making strong moves. And it was just a big time college basketball game unbelievable crowd. Shocker nation was as loud as I've ever heard of an eleven years and that's what we need every night I mean it's it was tremendous there's that this is what we signed up for this is the league this is the type programs and this is a tight games that we're gonna get. And hopefully we can have that type of atmosphere and we in which doctors can about it. I would Judy here this play this was a plane that just at one. Well they'll think mystery that's not good enough or some other. Felt most of most of them like that's a tough on the floor fighting for it snows on the floor still loose that's. Things were out Boris. He almost never twice if you. Merited Boras wanted to grab some of the French gift nearly. And that's kind of thing. British soccer basketball lost one game and that is it was there it saves a lot of other place like it no no doubt. Should kill more. May have played his best that he was a shocker. And that's typical of when he's revved and he's doing what he's he's capable of he's the one that got. Now before. And secured the ball wrestled it from two guys and have it easy layup photographer encampment tremendous effort coming gravity. Bodies were on the floor map possession can't wait to go back and look at them. Well you know and had guys like Zach brown who. Had not shot any free throws and now it's crunch time right the last couple of minutes makes for big runs down the stretch to the abdomen after huge offensive rebounds. That was the that that was another play of the game because I think rough three. And they have a chance one possession title game but brown comes up with the rebound it's found exit five point any thing that it's a shock for basketball's reach down which just days outrebounded by two of the first half. Comes back that dominated the second half our rebounds temple 21102. Yeah and and we end up with a nineteen is just on seven turnovers in the paint 36 to eight. 3068 and second chance points twenty to four that's difference in the game. Yeah up there this team at news second chance points to 67. At one point stuffed turnovers even got her points it crushed it. Well you know I. She's remorseful for offer rebounds he was going every time it actually get a you have to go they don't just fall in your lap very rarely. And I thought our guys were doing a tremendous job we we kept pounding it in. And they were they have come and go with foul trouble is there guys were filing on the second chance opportunities. It was a great win and it. A shocker typed from the crowd wait plated everything an opportunity to makes important places now. Will be will be approved chant we you have to go of that play extremely well with him first or second half we did tonight the first half especially. But our guys know that you know they they back they control their own destiny now you went to the Cincinnati twice and got a great shot. It's easier said that done the network artsy I think on a. Jacket catch Greg Marshall presented by express employment professionals. Wichita State that they huge 93. 86 win over temple coming back for me fourteen point halftime deficit will be back on the Johnson's post game show. As the cold they're making you shiver even indoors call the pros that comfort that they can to a fueled furnace or installing new and distant. Heat your home now and pay over time. 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He's their star player so. There were reporters aren't adequately at a lot of movement and on top of it Shaq can't watch it alters shots at defense that. Yeah he. And without him. What course without a lot of the players but without him. Totally different courses with the zone and it's not just this might. It's the last probably if and act coming infuse. Tonight's game averaging fifteen point five read that she if it lasts. That's it it's just over that stretch and this is by far that's. It is not what the confidence and exudes any deal just. Teddy bear I mean he's at night here at the it's just love it. Keep it to the finish line in the well. And you talk about leadership and negative from shark Alley and he's doing great job. But in terms of its own terms plain art chuck is right in the anybody with a that's. For many years people without them denote the slope every saving pars are outlet that is as true as ever because warrants today. Victoria Ford products. Can you rate prices in recent. On and so. That makes it a really good situation. There are also people who work with great service no high pressure. Make sure exactly what you're looking forward to the lord of lords restored to varsity. Broadway. Well you heard the other big story of the night used that over Cincinnati 6762. Cincinnati is 23312. And one in the American conference. With the last of course is toughest language to statin use it. Now both 25. Overall and 32 games behind. Them both their games with them now. Also got a road where you can't. Play all that wealth wealth that has become. The the fourth or fifth team and accountants first if in eight and five in the lead. Apple falls to fifty in the weapon. In the seventh in the conference that. I think if anything my strength is there possibility if the network team that they can it possibly and you know something sent them. He played them. The dozen other Americans scores shocker on it Charleston one. James Madison once and repeated over to Charleston leaving the colonial was 216. Article post is leaving his belt but let one get away tonight losing at home to us on state it was seventeen to seven victory. Article coast at 29. In the top. Numbers six and seven Purdue loses Wisconsin's Y 753. Lebanon it going member. And no state. Started at seven. If there's. Thirty pins today. What. Statements in this basketball coaches that would right now it is 54 34. One well it. It's they would. And it. March brings to shocker tradition the NCAA tournament and stocking shelves of our daily bread at the beginning of what is it that the opportunity to donated dollars that the tree and the winds would dry branch soccer basketball it all Wichita Hutchinson. Aren't those valleys. Line shoppers sponsor that and that if it. As well don't forget coming up we'll leave finish up here it's the locker show it put words. Which you know Jeff it's Jeff Weber you know. Wherever you listen that I'm and that it is so much fun and particularly after all game but. We're pretty lucky here which people like. Hand you have the pocket when he that the so please call because it would show that supports twin peaks east expert. And rock. Before I mention the basketball coming up again so you wonder mine shocker baseball season opens tomorrow. Lake Charles, Louisiana. Open a three game series with state. It's 5:41. At 6 o'clock Dennis with a golf. And women's basketball on the road and sent you on Saturday afternoon. Shocker now Lebanon sixteenth sixth seventh in the league yet there win here last and over temple. It used and 64. Definitely winnable game get that back. Why do. They're fighting it right now so really nice job then by editors received especially. Guys come back wouldn't last. As it thrive. Yeah they're fun to watch. That's in place over time to watch some baseball Friday Saturday Sunday women's basketball tomorrow on the airwaves next right stance against it lots of time off. 3 o'clock. Rob actually ordered it happens. It is placements and and that game. The standing room only as it sold out. Some time so it's great atmosphere. These wars and justice for. It's. The most rebels that. Well I've watched some other means of six players about it guards for their physical nasty stuff. Every possession of the session which starts. Playing that way more often so. Should be a fun game should be a bloodbath whoever's the last man standing when I can't imagine the story will be anything like tonight. And waited hours to you know 6760. Two's news tonight that was sort F five. Which statements that. Fourteen again that is the sack against app that deficit they get them back to. Rahm in the last. Three years in Austria back to 75. Market varies state. Undefeated. A positive outcome to. Well it should be fun on Sunday certainly get the debt much more fun night it's ultimately your it's. So close elderly dad yeah yeah. There are always great gains would end up on the right hand you'll forget it's going to be tough to sleep that the adrenaline is still four beads or. Analyst at the rate force in the studio but it was exceptional tonight. And thanks arm on you leave for his work here on the scene at Wichita State. Boosted 25. Straight years I would want to hear more wins in five. Entry in the American athletic conference accelerating. 8386. Whatever temples. For the locker. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KEY. Crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare can't let tired Carlos at Kelly's crew. America executive airship sheltering assurance that Canon Andrew white start machinery until. She knows gorilla out. 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Century two convention dinner at the twenty steal -- spores lodge where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on your screens and -- who is bursting from the best kitchen in sports there's something that women need to satisfy every fan's appetite major game day to new heights with any harsher more items from the table twenty schools or does core features and then select a draft Beers that are purpose was served at a teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystal wore our man caves are decked out with tons of HDTV there's never bats he's now head for twenty needs drinks scenic views. It's not a shocker locker room just quits at the sports center and special guest Geoffrey list on 103 point seven K. Welcome to the soccer locker room showed tonight are so glad to have you at us. Special guest Jeff was best about gas lot of beautiful. Doctors tonight win it Coke arena and the fans love this one it was a very high level college basketball game eighteenth ranked dockers beat temple tonight. Coming back from fourteen. Down in the second half the win it 9386. As the doctors are not twenty and five on the season the Sox put up 51 points in the second half. And shot 67%. From the field in the second half that jet that final twenty minutes with the clinic. Insanity I was so happy this game turned out the way that it did that it was a back and forth. Seemed like gay and a heavyweight battle I was happy that you know Wichita State was off them. For awhile temple was really awesome. Before that I was happy that they were awesome together for awhile and it was back and forth that just trading blows them. I need to be the outcome was in doubt for up until the final minute or so. I'd love this game we haven't had. It seems like many like this especially Charles go home in Italy in a long time so it was that it was a great atmosphere the fans the 101000. What's the capacity 506 I like lithium. They brought it tonight and it was incredible. This stuff shocks avenge the loss two weeks ago in Philadelphia against the owls and and get the win here tonight 9386. With the final score temple. May Day 113 pointers in the first Napoli at five in the second half and the evening another shocker didn't have their best three point night boys Wichita State in the case. Dominant temple that not have a lot of answers the soccer's inside Jeff if anything. No answer for Shaquille Boris who ignited and Darryl Willis nine of eleven out of that have. Eighteen of what they want that's ridiculous the other bitty basketball numbers I've ever pretty amazing anything like that they combined for 47 points. Jack Morris took over the game. For us very very important stretch. In this in the second half I think that play where you came up with the loose ball on the floor and put it back and have may have been as loud as it got in. They have bloody competition that allowed us moments of greeted with that certainly was not there yet. Big time block shots in big time baskets. Finished off and value with I'm not mistaken for Darryl Willis though it's just an incredible game for Zack Morris. As the guy's a senior. Coming out party of sorts because that's as good as he's ever play. Lot of shocker seniors had big nights tonight that senior class in wolf the audited as we go on throughout the night. And we also take your phone calls. 8691037. Is our phone number 8691037. The area code 316 as we are underway tonight with soccer locker room show. After a big shot her win at ARCO Arena. Our first dollar tonight is owl let's go to the phone lines hello Al are out ahead. Well. Pretty amazing game. I'm sure many have called for an empty superlatives. Play on this one. Couple things number one. Where it was going outbreak that it and a bad out loud and they got we outreach guy. You three point basket. And death I can't remember that in that streak shooters bow out like that game by the darker. What it really it could have come back and fit it art. On that secure more of the locker regards going to be talking about apple had been reflect. It's why you hadn't been a more prolific rebounder book I think you really just the complete game tonight five really get neck on the board. And finally at Darryl Willis at a great game that got in the act so that they are not ever been any body. But he and it double team triple being need to make to terminate and eat in a booted up and go to the basket and ignited and it did not and that. I'd never seen a guy or it is expected he does. Down low so. Well it's been in your comment in response. They fell. As far as Darryl Willis goes I AM. You know like yeah I'm as guilty as being its frustrated by him at times as anyone because probably the reason that you mentioned. But I will say this for Darryl Willis he worked extremely hard music Arnold Ali. He works to get open. He he works to get around defense is. He's determined and these are all good good after he tees are backhanded compliment than any. In any way shape or form he's extremely. His caddie on the offensive edit that's ultimately a good thing I would say. I would agree with that still mean that he's. There are some holes in his game last season and it it's been fun to watch him progress and and get better at his deficiencies to the point where you pretty. I think he's they ease of reliable guide Avant. Yeah eighth seed of machine offensively you know. At the scene that never ever ever ever breaks down because he is always on the go he wants to score he wants to produce for his team it's an idea. The Big Three pointer in this was they can have I don't wanna kill like and our entire show but. Guys talk about like team wins and this poses much of a team win is there could be every guy just about how to signature. Moment down the stretch we probably will probably go through those as the show progresses. To kill more certainly had. Several of them Darryl Willis probably did do that every guy on the floor contributed in those final minutes to help Wichita State emerged the Victor. Yep big second half of the Sox outs going temple like 21 after halftime. Coming away with this seven point win Al also mentioned the F. The free throws three times in a fourteen minute span of this doctors fell to three got called for a foul on a three point shooter. And and it's simple those in line at temple ended up making eight of those nine opportunities. And economic your right allies. You know it is that the shot has lost this game that would have been. You have been gnashing your teeth over those three possessions. Jessica's Stifel does that get the line as we heard. On the post game show from Mike Kennedy they're one of the boasting the united states of Indian getting to the free throw line and only took five other free throws in this game outside of those. Nine they they got from shooting three point herself now that really could have been a different to this game but yet gone the other way. But Wichita State in that shooting. Excellently from the foul line in the final minute and the one they missed the big Duffy myth they got the offensive rebound but the game away. Had a shock still eight of nine. From the free throw line in the final two minutes so as I went bonus that sort of that's a nice nice effort right there Zach brown hit four of those four for four. And we should mention that that was Cincinnati. Following on the road at Houston tonight Wichita State. Now controls its own destiny forgetting that number one seed in the American conference tournament because they've stayed on the time and head to head tiebreaker with Cincinnati. And if it was a three way tie and they beat Cincinnati twice there and have three wins against the other 22 teams. In the top theory and no one would have that many so which does they would be the number one the with the U with the breakdown in that amazing. Lot that witch doctors say and a course. The talkers are still tied for second place in the conference. But instead of being three games behind Cincinnati to soccer's in Houston are both now two games behind Cincinnati after Houston knocked off the bearcats tonight. Still a lot of us still a lot of work as a lot of basketball beat Cincinnati twice got to go on the road to edit them yeah you lane won't be terribly easy. But at home you expect with the state to win that game. And also win at Central Florida but those. Other three games are are going to detail quite a story there are some massive games here down the stretch the American that's that's what we want it out at through Wichita State signed up for. Going into this conference is to be playing. Not just important games in March but important conference games. Innate in February into march. Al we appreciate the call thanks for giving us a ring and stirring up the discussion tonight we appreciate it if you would like to be where this. The phone lines are yours this that's why we're here the shocker locker room show 86910378691037. Is their phone number tonight as we broadcast live here at twin peaks in the east which it's off rips when he first in Iraq. Doctors though we're down by fourteen at half Japanese and what the first half. We've seen a few of these this year at at the federal in fact the games in which the opponent Nieminen and lit it up in the first half and we sought. Arkansas State and South Dakota statement nonconference we saw as if you do it in conference play and we saw here tonight sample and a half or they just they just went nuts on the offensive end in the soccer's candidate that just finally gets. Stops and add an answer for every time Wichita State would make a mini run and get back into it but I guess in in hindsight and we've certainly weren't thinking at that time that. Wichita State being able to sort of hang with temple by scoring 42 points which would have. You know it is way above the pace for the average at temple gives up its. In the high sixties though for Wichita State to get 42 would be on pace to score the eighties and into the ninety's in this game that first half. With pretty important if they really could have been buried but fourteen. Proved to be about a manageable manageable deficit that they re fairly quick. Well and it was all due to a how to shot yours came out of the locker room after halftime me instead of us. Playing eve and or gradually getting themselves into the game they came out on fire out of the locker room immediately went on Manning's 110 run at. And got the crowd energized right away in the second half. It's became obvious that the Sox it's not that it up a little bit on defense temple was not going to analyst Steve sixty. 3% shooting half again and the Sox immediately got that I got themselves in the right mental state to get through the second half. That's where the crowd really impressed me tonight they weren't. Hesitant they weren't you know waiting to see if Wichita State might tie it or take the lead it would daily Hayworth then nine. Awesome worth than seven awesome 53 and they were just with them. The entire way and every time Wichita State would make a basket and make it just a little slick closer with the place exploded. For the crowd I think was probably a big part of this win tonight. The soccer's erased that's fourteen point deficit at halftime like going on seventeen to three run. And they had to hide it within the first six and a half minutes after coming out of the locker room. For him a what a great storage and expend a whole lot of energy doing that and had plenty of time. To finish it off. Doctors ended up both pulling away for the win in fact it simple only got one basket in the final four minutes. So little bit different than a game in Philadelphia two weeks ago where the shocker for the team that went cold down the stretch and did. Couldn't seem to get points. Down the stretch in fact stuff so we got one basket in that overtime in Philadelphia two weeks ago. Kind of tables Lipton is when it was temple and only got one basket in the final four minutes and its dockers in fact we're behind with. With four minutes ago but Wichita State closed it out on me up off. A what a fourteen to five run so nice job in the final. In America very impressive. Steady and and made their free throws and made some shots and temple. Was the team obviously that was kind of gripping in those final minutes and Wichita State at home. Stayed composed. Sox when it tonight by a final score of 9386. Our phone number here on the walker who shows 86910378691037. Our next caller is Austan go right in Austin. Parity bit that Slough it. Me I'll acting kind of reminded me. The Missouri State game here 45 you expect. Or don't conflict by had to bring it to go into the game. It just have to believe a word you've got Wichita State got to make a run for it no outpour that probably you know. And I think and I got to think secure more for almost everything at a depth of the best game that I think I'd seen him. Play and what steps they uniform and that's ever since he came through the door which they. I think tonight he would you with the mental before you get inside I think it's darker probably have been built by and they did. No doubt Austin Shaq was Jack was pretty amazing tonight. Temple obviously has no bloody that it could come up with a painful and it's contain him 23 points. A career high with thirteen rebounds. Two blocked shots seem like yet maybe one or two more. Rather they were both so powerful that its like he's been blocked a tough I think life. And for those thirteen boards on the offensive end and reserves stretched or Shaq with just. Maneuvering everything that came off the forum is dominating in the end. Playing with confidence playing you know within himself I know that's kind of a cliche but you see when guys have games like Shaq does they kind of get emotionally. You know they overdo it a little bit emotionally in check with. Totally just within himself and and stated with that kind of a level head it seemed like more than. Usually even and just continue that high level throughout the second half. Sox won it tonight thanks Austin for the call 9386. Over temple. Eighteenth ranked Wichita State now twenty and five on the season and now within two games of first place in the conference. It was a phone call and give soaring near 8691037. Is our phone number here on the soccer locker room till 8691037. We're broadcasting live here between the cities which it sought to when he first and rock Ted Woodward and just lose with you here tonight. Will be back with more of your phone calls at twin peaks right after this on won all three point 78 EU wide and. 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Twenty deal may force launch where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there for one huge screens and scratched from his first and from the -- kitchen and sport there's a -- many dissatisfied every fan's -- take your game -- to new -- with any harsher -- from the table when he's full service -- features and -- a selection of draught Beers that are purposely -- that it teeth -- 29 degrees in most know by cold -- crystals form our man caves are decked out with tons of HDTV there's never a -- he's now -- for twenty eats drinks scenic views. It's not a shocker locker room show where it's at the sports and special guest Jeffrey lives on one of three point seven GE Y yeah. On the line and a quarter for a parade. Is there anything exciting moments of the game tonight for the shocker there's. Sixteenth ranked Wichita State. Comes back from fourteen down beat temple tonight 9386. At Coke arena. And soccer's enough to twenty and five on the season this is the shocker locker room show. 869 model 37 is our phone number the airy noticed 3168691037. Or near lied when Greek cities Wichita. That's when he first in Iraq. Let's go back the phone lines and scholars Anthony go ahead Anthony. You don't at this makes it over whether we will recruit. A bootleg bella. I'm thank you you remember who picked out of order. Now ma ma ma but it is a good way for Uga got mired repeat where. I currently Anthony is a big thing opponent of getting us out last out good Anthony. First round let's take goings on you. Arbitrator's. Order up a check in check more for everything to do with the you know why Matt carpenter. Just first voluntary. Credit chip to game on radio and a stop bit of local police should. We'll watch the game there's a lot of seat to the shocker crowd. That was not as shoppers there's. The period gives Ottawa in 1981. So shocker nation. Got crowded. You know not only did you go out build the pedal defect because. Yahoo! will be good victory. The first call him doctor Wilson tang. Are very forceful it forces say. But think might there was debate because we interviewed and there aren't shooters and Bowker. And we need added I print it out you better effect. We have this thing where everything is hopefully gain like that you've got a bit. Old Brit it's still. It's all part of that was the world. Our political I don't answer if they watch the greens are pretty sure there will be there or happy. I'm pretty sure it's all part scripted a proper good look at that tactically and the fact. There's you know look at it checks performed. In our draft status is of that orbit. Barbara. And you've maybe book that the older less than me. To let up this thing is that most consistent but I like Arnold is getting what are also expected. To go to freak show lucrative remote. Got them to be favorable product out there and they'll duplicate this aircraft with promotional remote. Do you think that would actually promote the crowd you into the veto vote between no you get the fear of female players. There's people out there with respect to fit. Shall most likely it is that. That's what we need to be more this year. I like the fact. That I think our secret or sort been his spirit that would be it a little adapter foul trouble or they're tired grad with our audience. I think that's what we're going to the it up tic after as a condition where they completed Lowell editor. They're big people will be able that this record that the method to that door earlier called for. We don't need our orbit without their infidelity McCabe there. Check you know quality. But don't put these are good it looked pretty good but it started to put it out through their particular girl. Anthony thank you much gap the Sox had better be in conditions as today was the beginning a stretch with four games in ten days. Yes it's and there are a delicate matter here. That Calais. Morris and Willis combined for 74 basically. Eighty available minutes to Houston to those guys are going to be on the floor at all times. Run under here at the other 60 yeah. Definitely shorten the bench especially in the big man rotation. Markets McDuff the even though he didn't play well you know tonight or was it too productive you know he's gonna get his share of minutes how to frank can't pop the pitches well. Yes Jordan's short in the rotation a little. Darryl Willis is also gonna play. Obviously. And they know it talking about Shaq more survivor doing a lot of that and that. We knew in Missouri Valley Conference that Shaq. There were both there weren't a lot of teams we're going to able lit match up with Shaq. And our team that we we as we go to the American comp well there's an ironic teams the American it to match up very well with Shaq. No there are teams that great athleticism. And our teams who have. Good team defense is and we'll certainly see Cincinnati is one of those down the last couple weeks of the season but Shaq is kind of carved through all of that. He's he didn't match up problem yeah he's almost every team he's been the guy dictating. The advantages and in some of these matchups he's been. Few tough to handle for a lot of these team. And it tonight was just. It even now at UTE ticket to the next level nine of him shooting 23 points a career high thirteen rebounds mile setting this was that the three I was going to -- are all out trying to think what was the one artists. The long period off the other side of the client -- three yeah I was online he does not wait too hard and he made one prior to that that was the only miss from the field tonight. I'd ports Jack Morris nine of ten shooting good stuff. We continue here at twin peaks at when he first brought with the soccer locker room show our phone numbers 8691037. And skeeter is next going to speed. Her. Death play where there's scram program. Good one car you know of my favorite. List. Dot should but the lay the ball legs thank pat. And drove the lane and slammed it. That was a classic shocker plays softer renewed pitch black guy stick in the all the clean his knee isn't completely taken out the defender and yeah I was a that was from the late eighties that was that was a wonder of. Number I guess her reference that the eighties a lot tonight I was IQ he had greater service. Well one question or is it. Crap in the rotation. On it. Do craft would probably out of the realization indeed be back in a tunnel along with my guy can buy you Alexander tore off Torre joiner would not play for this team. Winston Smith or whatever his name was lit up right. Michael ware Michael Liggett by my Michael Liggett as a player. Michael Higgins hit run and this other markets the death he's been. I asked edit rights. Skeeter stake in its backers of names doctor names of the fact is no guns police. It out the parking lot you know that the thanks for the call skeeter. 869 model 37 is our phone nobody can get a W craft weak hand now I came up with who crap I know all about. Legendary. Knowingly is not a little blue crabs that he's got wanted to legendary soccer name does a lot with Vicki Vicki. Has there been as catered to. I don't remember skeeter Rumsfeld a roster ever think only a shocker locker left of the Oregon they would like Kennedy or if we maybe have prompted this right now. And all soccer named team or Mike is already enjoyed some of the new names in this conference which she isn't. Jake yeah there's been some there's some interesting nine and a flak and food or whatever the guys that it has for. And Pierre Louis that they get they have great names this on this team alone. Simple the Sox get the win tonight 9386. As Wichita State improves to twenty and five on the season with a win over the temple owls tonight this is the shocker locker room so our phone numbers 869. 10378691037. Don't forget on game days normally there are food and drink specials there at twin peaks they have a five dollar and 99 cent cheeseburger platter you so that's a that's a very popular item all day long on soccer game days and a there he get a big four dollar man's size mug of the shots off the net beard Jeff does it 29 point two degrees Fahrenheit right now. They bring an idea that my understanding is that the complete. The ball applies to the law does not know are not clear eyes it is still a liquid thought is yes. I have heard interesting enough to 29 point one degrees it's even going down to temperatures warm outside to the fears ice cold inside. And I says baked mud for four bon knock quiet ice cold dead. Because if there was ice cold it would be ice. The debate continues. I don't know over the ice cold beer. When you play it's right don't listen. Frosty mug when you're away for four bucks on soccer game days you're twenty cities which he thought when he first and rot. They got a break here on the soccer locker room so sad and Jeff will be back with you right after this from more of your phone calls at 8691037. Shocks with a seven point win tonight over the temple owls back to 24 more right after this here on a 103 point 78 EY and net. 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The final score Sox now to twenty and five on the season. And the game closer to first place now just two games behind Cincinnati. In the standings. This is the shocker locker room so it's at the sport stead and Jeff loads it with you here tonight. We're live at twin peaks and he's which it's not when he first and Roth our phone number is 8691037869. 1037. Area code is 316. Let's go to back to the phone lines and asked her Mike is joining us. I am paying my. Guys barrier. I think men get past credit's due. Game you the arm it drive you Don and I think Bob. Well every month ago. He certainly looked like he was interject energized when they sure. That's what did it. Yeah of course is not our. It right. And both outscored about what anyone in the second apple call that a moral victory. Is not how I go out. But you know it's like you guys. What are we are rarely happens trouble with the big guys and you're taken pop thing I mean it was just the other one of well but there are what we do is stop that that's murders so you'll. But I don't know template number. It will move the ball really well. They they were quick. They made it passes not now Elton John is that screens they roll they did everything right they they had a great plan and it then they made the shots like that it. Yeah they were crazy on it when he and that they didn't know what about the outlook that you report. That's like it just could never get over the output. What effect and now they're really different about me it was just. Have they came out paperwork let a ball and I hope with a completely against Cincinnati I think we're gonna ask you. Is that for the students to inspect canals so I figured out if your jet you possibly have on this help. If that happens next time we'll just put this article sent. Marcus Vick Duffy. Or Dario and and work work that day and then he'll probably have to come on again. Yeah. Well but it gave it to. They expressed my active. Pastor Mike joining us on the program tonight. Course. You can hear Jeff Lewis and his dad Bob on. The drive every afternoon on TF 81240 AM 975 FM guys have a great show every weekday afternoon from four. Plus nice mutates say ten thank you and while ordeal platitudes you are going into the which it well argue. You believe what the ballot Elliott award we've had the debate on our show about whether the Ford Frick award means your neighbor that mean you're hall of famers had absolutely not but. That a that the polls say or I'll add that. You are absolutely. They. In this great city of with the maybe an asterisk by something that your what your what like the ninth or tenth winners of this award received it. Well with like 37 guys that all of David every year. Though it got like 800 the hall of famers and then now Elliott winner and now here is like with the club congratulates. Thank you up I appreciate. This is the soccer locker room show as we continue here in the CDs which dollar purse rock. As we continue 8691037. At their phone number back to the phone lines for Sasha Cohen it's process. Hey I'd. As consular unit that is. I would bet that David. And then the day. If they go emit. I political group or might be may yet. I like. Your middle name reduce this by any by any chance now. Definitely better. Yeah it costs as the dark movement that is a great name. It goes with the Friday. I've really liked it. All Gupta with that. Thank you very nice thanks for the call. Sasha there's not many guys walking around Wichita I'm going to guess and exhaustion at the other odds I thought it was reference that that joke reference to. The Russert did and it turns out the guy was named after that's incredible. Do you think there are many of them like I don't know what. You're go back to this I we're going back and eighty dating game would you what other shocker from the eighties would you name your kid after. You think they're robots are Randy locket around it the white. Those Sasha Radenovic. Who was the it was a Yugoslav that played the shocks on your Eddie fogler. Can you name it to Yugoslavs have played for jeans Aniston and her right did not mean in them that it. Now I cannot start goes xers ditch day Zarko. And the other guy was for an hour out of it. They go. I was hoping he'd ask me about later I don't remember what country the guys were from a bullet or did marker felt them. But part Vince Easton. Well and he was nuts okay and lose the other read my Norton mark I ignored Martina I believe both those guys are from the Netherlands my north spelled FK HR and now that was where does that make sense. We'd love those though. Those guys yeah those continental guys this yes. So in he has sorrento Rodham it was one of the Yugoslavs that Jesus and had him and when I went to college at Notre Dame. Zora Enron audit showed up on a Yugoslav. National team while played digger Phelps in the iris in the late in in the late eighties but a memory. But I've already forgotten that guy's name was Oregon ran out of it Zoran rotted or it was funny Watson and digger Phelps Congolese but he Yugoslavia again that it was before Euro ballroom it to come down Allison that was a different time it was 3035 years ago. All right haven't had a whole lot of foreign Wichita State players. Now because we can obviously remember their names to them and they don't want exactly and there. But I mean it goes back to a time when I mean now it's pretty common to have. Guys from all over the world on your absolutely but back then it was a bit of a novelty the soccer ever had a Canadian that you could remember well wigand's. Yeah and it Wiggins would be the last Canadian I can think of that was on the soccer roster through my apologies that's good questionable for next adding I can't I don't know if I can name one. Was a problem. That we have on the phone line was this guy. They view this as the soccer locker jealous about the phone line not you are next and it's got. And I don't know what you're. Shattuck will probably have very. Murphy get down get all. About it's yeah that would. Like to know. In absolutely. And we got lucky. There's a best. Whether suckers rank in three pointers allowed because. I don't know how I would maybe suggests that the data might suggest. That we did is like these are kind of memorable games because there have been so many threes made against them but maybe I'm wrong maybe they've given up. Disproportionate number of three. At that big disputed. The ones that stick out because there's been more than a feud it's right. An Oklahoma the South Dakota states in Savannah state of the world and then deny this the rise in the first. Especially seems like a lot of those have been concentrated in one act right where it just always there's a forty minute stretch we're just the thought as the art position just goes for easy. Yeah I thought about the look that up while the thumb to find out tomorrow. Can find out now made an SMU's another team that had to just blistered Wichita State from beyond the that was kind of one guy again I was shaking. Both of that game. But you're right Scott I mean that's obviously. The orbiter red flag and it has been a an area where the doctors have been. Vulnerable it means in some of their games this year and you know we sought again tonight I mean. Simple really bliss the shots with a Thomas three pointers made in the first half and it did not keep data for the whole forty minutes. Soccer's really not stood up on defense in the second half. And much much tiger did so be it needs you know Omnia. They say that that's close close enough you look like he represented just go crazy. Tonight made its first four I think it was one of the guys that without using a three fillies like four for 43 for 33 for three which would have been fourteen points early. But he got without trouble and only made one other shot for the rest of the game. And it goes back to one another one of our callers mentioned earlier the fact that. Sox did a good job getting temple and the foul trouble and that ended up but that ended up helping socks and it down stress. Bowed out a couple of guys couple of key guys Smith Lee. The guy mentioned the port numbers zero if he was one of their guys down low I think another big guy found out that a really allowed. Which does they were tardy had an advantage inside to just dominate down there and a late in the game. No number zero for temple his first name's OBO please call though we need to not at all it's fun to say his last name if I knew it. Indeed the Omnia that's close yet a closer he ended up with seventeen and I'd like he said he was perfect in the first staff but he only made. Only made. One of his five shots in the second guess that was forcing up shots he Wadi yup that he checked thing can be problem but. He didn't make any temple's got some skill guys on offense but he to put five players in double figures as well tonight. Yeah they're very and it put 86 up on the scoreboard syphilis quite talent that you can see why they'd be really good teams early. And you can also see why they've lost to some teams that maybe they should and they came and it is game on a five game winning streak in the jocks put an end to it. They wanna hottest teams well yeah I caught a three game winning streak because South Florida and east Carolina or part. That's a good point though those are games that point that the. Sox when it tonight 9386. Over temple Sox put up 51 points on the scoreboard in the second half. Coming all the way back from fourteen down to win this game 67%. Shooting for the doctors. In the second half. 56%. Overall of the game fourth best shooting effort by the shocker on the season percentage wise. And we talked about it yet when he four for Darryl Willis tonight 23 for Shaq more us. As are the Sox. Outscored sample 368. In the paint. Incredible just ending you know lady you know who also got more than a few buckets in the paint was not a frank can't. He did not having a lot of success getting around that initial line of defense. And if finding a little little bit of a priest in the lane and just kind of pushing it up there and he was money. Different type of like game three in the night and we talked about kind of everyone having a signature moment down the stretch it out what to tell us they went Connors was that little pull out. In the lane I don't remember what it made does the score at that time I think about it put him up the re. If I'm not. Totally crazy you have that but he won me. Talking about the one late yeah yeah out that was it the idea he found his way through the lane and being edited to. Of a move a fake and he did a beautiful fade away from about twelve feet out in the paint. That put the shocks the opera quite to adapt a life and that put up by 48884. And Jeff he hit that shot with three seconds left on the shot. Long hours and a great possessive for Wichita stated Connor buried it let's go through some of these signature moments. Zach brown on the offensive rebound right at up every now with eighteen seconds well by the free throws once again with the shots only by thirty yes and I huge offensive rebound Zack and he could convert that you've read all the agrees that the three from the corner. Right I think that might have tied it. Davos is off of memory yeah Austin reef with a three to give the shocks the lead okay 7978. With under five minutes ago labor stereo with his signature moment that's one struggled this to come up with. He picked up they had a may Landry had a huge three with nine and a half minutes to go to. This break is 6969. Time every general netbook out that picked up the had a free throw late. I guess you could tell that his signature moment. Jack at a time Willis had an offensive rebound that was big and I think he got the put back. Rashard Kelly. Used to have her start killing things out there tonight not as much still valuable. The Darryl Willis and I mean. Numero three commemorative SMU game where it just seemed like every possession where SMU broke the soccer back because they scored with. Two or three cents left on the shot clock in at just deflated the arena and everything. Three times the last four minutes the shoppers got buckets with three or less three or fewer seconds left on the shot. I think it temple was going to play the as a new strategy of I've been letting it all now wherever it they they play straight up. Maybe cost them I don't know. Because I don't Willis hit it deep thought it would only two seconds left on the shot clock. We mentioned frank campaigning net being one late was only two or three seconds left on the shot clock stocks did a nice job. Working the clock and finding their high percentage shots and Darian is no doubt. Nice job by the shots tonight to get that come back when this is the soccer locker room joke. And our phone number is 86910378691037. Eerie go to 3162. At this port says. And Cephalon to what you hear tonight we're broadcasting live between Pete. In east Wichita we are when he first and rock road. As we continue on the soccer locker room show. It was a call at 869 model 37. In studio producer Andrew ambling will be glad to take your phone calls and are on my producer tonight in slack. In great job helping us out as well take a break come back with more the locker room so right after this you're listening to Wichita State basketball tonight on 103 point 78 Eli and. 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Estrogen in sports there's something eliminated satisfy every fan's appetite take your game day to new heights with any of our journal items from the table when he's full service bar features and tens selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mugs so ice cold beer crystal more power maintains are decked out with tons at least in TV so there's never a bad -- now heads for twin peak speeds drink scenic views. It's that doctor locker room show twist at that sports and special guest Jeffrey lives on 103 point seven GE life. Back to the middle line through it campground not right now Fred can't trust the numbers down the lane while away from bad. Since it's Friday but it's not sit flat floor. Like my second and. I didn't cull they're just politically we talked about earlier death and it speaks bucket by Conor frank campus will fade away in the lane got by as a platform. It now on they answer the earlier callers question about three pointers Wichita State going into tonight's game. Ranked 218. In three point field goals allowed per game. At seven point nine it went up to about eight point 25. Or so. After they allowed sixteen tonight that I would rank. In the over to forties into the 250s. So they're gonna drop in that tonight and that's not a good number but still above about a hundred schools. Including the citadel would give up eleven and half hour. Yanks not to let it. Now but it like we said it has been non. Portion of the soccer game it has been a little vulnerable this year. Yes and at least not happen again tonight especially the first step. The temple temple ended up missing nine of their fourteen in the second half. After a blistering shot blistering pace from long range in the first half but still overall they shot 55% from three point range. And that was a big part temple's game tonight the shots were able overcome. And down fourteen team act when it by seven and I 9380. Six simple was a thirteen of thirty from two point range Wichita State was 23 of 33. For whatever that's worth. And by the way we did mention Connor frank damp but he missed his only two threes tonight yet but it is four for four from inside the arc. There you go that's the kind of know Israel's former at least three in the paint around him. This is that they soccer locker and go to liberty and zeppelin would you be here tonight at twin peaks 869. 1037 as the phone number was about the phone lines and Steve is our next caller go ahead Steve. I expect my golf. I think. And he does point out earlier and I I think there's been times it's been a little while ago. They're very physical comfort and and I think that. Watching Templeton prize. That are partners. Effort after Canada and and I think it. We're finding out these teams matchup we met you know. Matchup for even with Islam and and a lot of areas. Probably had been what you're talking about it has been the power here it seems to be bored easily appeal. And were but being able to. You know out in the open vehicles three and then even just enablement for a while we're finally get tougher than in in foul trouble. But you know honestly I'm definitely because everybody wants more. Competition with here at minute and then top that off I mean these teams and quality teams like temple in Houston. And you don't meet quality teams don't like Neil. Sort of advance. We watch a lot of college basketball. And he seems owners when they wanted to be. It's company's legal teams coming in here and see what they happen and how they match practice and and I really think eventually now that we join this conference and things keep going think it is he has you know the next you know park. You know SMU game things we need to you know we've got to win that war and we need to at least split. At the minimum with the Internet. And in order to love. It release here. Can I don't they have probably been. They're expecting. Again in these you know we need to those those and it means the idea. And in Memphis. We're gonna take care business there. And back at the end of the game. Puts them in the spot them a chance they'll talk with him throwing guys. And if it's gonna be good thing especially you know Geithner this year and accurately going to be. My thoughts but I think that that's it seems like. I think I think outdoor right now are finding typically on some tough competition. Against. Teams because it accounting I mean. They matchup cricket in fact that a lot of people complain about progress on the attack while at least they're let them play either. If you guys. I think yourselves in one victory now it seems like we're getting as many now call. Now it is compared back then now. If you spot. Thanks Dave thanks for the call Steve. And it. The talking about art match up an analyst Sox are playing some tougher guards. This season very good guard you don't even UConn has good guard seems like. Not not to say that you kind of like that the threads of the United States of America that. An under performing UConn team still has those good guards Kalin out of the player. Shake bill rob gray we've seen. Several really really good guards temples certainly Adam tonight. Come through this this league so far as Wichita State's progress there it and he knows that that is gonna happen. Sox tonight 9386. Over temple thank you for the call Steve 8691037. Is our phone number tonight. As we continue on a shocker locker room Joseph live here at twin peaks written when he first and rock let's go back to the phone line Michael is next go ahead Michael. And move. I like all the Ellis Colin. You know. We don't we're glad to hear Freddie Mac and now I get to go get my specialist. And it is. The period. But it. Both well. In the whole game. Aron they had. Need to files yeah. At twelve miles against the shock forty students temple that's quite a disparity. They're kind of I don't know. Yeah I it and voted it enables doctors to get to the line twice as much as temple did the Sox outscored them 23 well with the free throw line. Yeah it's really it's voted. To kill Morris. A big guy. Those free throw line and they can pretty. The big guys in his hands and feet. So that's it. Phase and really. Taxcut guys does. Jack for a five at the line and the 33 for fourth the line tonight Darryl Willis four for six Seattle but big guys making a lot of free throws whose job. There aren't careful to do it in I mean than they beat some really big teams. This year they've Pete. Poems and. We are burned. Yep they've got some real quality wins maybe it would and that's why there are BI is it is he is fantastic. Michael thank you Eric. The good idea if the guy's dreaming unit Max take care we appreciated thank you Michael. Did you hear from you and if you would like to join us it was a call 8691037. Theory noticed 316 here on a shocker locker room joke. That this sports editor jetBlue switch gear tonight please beats but when he first and rock. Shots also. In the first snap that simple out of at forest system is doctors course Wichita State has put up some. Baskets and assist numbers on the season. Dimpled nine assists Sox only had seven in the first ask. Look at it what it an a for the second half second half Sox had willed us this temple at four. Wow. Yeah a lot of one on one stuff and force and some shots but not work in the offense the way they did the first snaps though let's do fewer. Made plays. And this was not a game with Jeff there was a lot of turnovers each team only finished with seven the entire game. So that both offenses we're performing at a pretty high level Sutherland took the ball wasn't exactly pinball around the line. Yeah close games can be close for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes the QB bad sometimes it can be really if this was really get this the few teams that were playing at a very high level now. Wichita State playing temple. I don't know if a lot of people expected it to be closed the temple played really well they can't certainly complain. About what does state needed to eke out be a victory could Stifel. Because the way that game played out tonight. And second chance points they cannot take the shots in this one. Sox only had nine offensive rebounds but that led to quality. Second chance point is basically every dime out of all of us please go ended up scoring on that possession and that says. That sort of two points per out of that is that a bit of a hidden little clip from this game that that part that that's now. So that that came up big for the shot so who's who got those offensive rebounds a shack up for album are chart Philly of course got a couple. And a few more sprinkled in here and there but yeah almost every time the Sox got an offensive rebound. That position and it up the points back into the bucket cute. Team you for the shot Wichita State and a with five guys in double figures scoring tonight. Darryl Willis led the way with 24 sacked more is at 23. Honor frank camp that it can't off the bench Austin Reeves added he is at the eleven. And definitely reach him it was the other soccer in double figures with and Zach brown almost made it with nine. That ended up with super three from the field perfect for a fourth the line almost at into the final couple minutes. That brown had his moments tonight. He did made a three. For the top of the key in the first staff. Good defense on us is also that it was four for eleven that's and on unmentioned and hair out here to herald the top portion of the game. Was for Zack Brown's defense on their best player. And that the offensive rebound in the big free throws at the end zone certainly Zach brown did more of more than his fair share of of productive at the end and important thing. Soccer's combat from fourteen down to win it by the final score of 9386. This doctors. Thrilled with. The entire the entire first what. They're like thirty and out basically thirty minutes they did they thought finally took their first lead. That would 1129 to go. On at 803 pointer by Darryl Willis says from Landry sham it. Nicely done that data soccer is their first lead at 6664. And even as late in the game as a even as late in the game was under two minutes to go Sox trail so that they have always this was not a an easy come back constantly and tonight. And made the plays down the stretch. Wichita State it. At a nicer run down the stretch we've mentioned they were down management really dominated the spot items dominated played very well in the final four minutes. A fourteen to five moron but a shot into the game in the final four that's a win that's pretty good. But the game was as close as it is as and it was. That's pretty much domination when you're able to control the final moments of the game to that degree. Lot of free eight likely and eight of nine free throws down the stretch and in nets' final four minutes as well big buckets. Like Darryl Willis Jack Morris and Connor frank and sprinkled in with the free throws to help out down the stretch hawk. It's all good and other soccer fans were treated to a high scoring on a comeback win tonight shocks over temple 9386. This is the soccer locker room show 8691037. As our phone number. To break come back with more of your phone calls between peaked right after this give us call at 869. 1037. You're listening to soccer basketball tonight on 103 point 78 U lions. 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Or check out some of his designs at might sell through dealers dot com. The twin peaks the ultimate sports slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on huge screens and scratch who is bursting from the best kitchen in sport there's something that women need to satisfy every fan's appetite take your game day to new heights with any harsher more items from the table when he's full service bar features and tense election of draught Beers that are purposely or that at its shattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystal more power maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV so there's never a bad he now heads or to compete in drinks scenic views. It's not a shocker locker room show where it's at a sports NN's special guest Jeffrey blitz on one of three point seven K. They'll think history that's been vetted enough or some other. Van job as the Willis at the deadline but that's a definite on the floor fight for it snows on the floor still. At least I am Boris isn't. It's all there on 36. Plays these games for Wichita State in the second half. Is played it could have been disaster commit a turnover backed maternal or about four times but none of the soccer's would give up on that play until they finally got the bucket. And even Jack Morris. Was it Melissa that called during his post game interview. Nice reality usually next play. Not only just for what it differ with us David again another one that just got the crowd super stoked. And the shocks ended up taking advantage in winning tonight 9386. The final score over the temple owls. And did Jeff seems like we've been talking about this all season long. Two of the final five games the regular season are against Cincinnati and now it's not in our it's not down the road of the tunnel anymore it's right here. Not in the distant future this is real and it's still somewhat surreal what's kotsay playing Cincinnati. In a game that's gonna going to decide it conference. You know that stuff out of like the 1960s but here we are 28 team and it's happening and it's it's coming around the corner pretty quickly. Cincinnati is ranked number five in the nation they did lose tonight. At Houston. Houston has not lost a home game this season. And they still haven't as they knocked off the number five team in the nation so his doctors in Cincinnati will go at it next on Sunday. Now Cincinnati has not lost a home game this season as well they are thirteen and go on home court. With stuff that you have to make a little history. There two win this conference at least a share. That game is a 3 o'clock tip off on Sunday at Cincinnati. 3 o'clock so my vanity involved hole will be on the air with a pregame at 2 o'clock on Sunday at the game will tip off at three. And then of course we will be out here at twin peaks it when he first and rock on Sunday after the game taking your calls has always on the Lockerby social. We on the air about 5:30 PM on Sunday so. Want to make plans to come out and they'll watch the game here or join us after the game the locker rooms over dinner that day it'll thing. The doctors in Cincinnati. Soccer stadium a top five team and I today games that there as he yeah that's right only two weeks apart. And soccer's will rematch of the Cincinnati in the regular season finale here till arena on March 4. The doctors. And Cincinnati's you alluded to Jeff renewing a rivalry that back in the 1960s. Was not only does the heated rivalry between these two schools that they were two of the nation's best scenes when they went with and Cincinnati when a couple of titles that run didn't yup. And you know at at one point Cincinnati was ranked number one in the nation and as doctors freedom and there's all sorts of history in back and forth and Oscar Robertson and in some of the great names of all time. Have appeared in that series when it loses its opposite get big. And who knows what will be saying about this game in fifty years from now I won't be sane probably about today thing normally you know spent. These guys at these teams go and added I know both beat it's our money so it's edit this rivalry resumes at a pretty high level. The soccer's in Cincinnati if not meet these. It's not as conference foes since 1970. Was the last time they were conference matchup against pizza is as big as it gets I wasn't around for out. I was not a net gain either. There's stuff that the course there was it was very needed during the late fifties all the way through the sixties says Cincinnati left the Missouri Valley Conference after the 1970 season. And the soccer isn't that the bearcats have not played a whole lot since then at all. The last time in fact the soccer's Cincinnati met was 1981. While. In a December gain an early season tournament game is at eleven arena. During that my great 1981 season for the soccer soccer's won a game by twenty points. Sox have not traveled to a road game at Cincinnati since 1977. That's the first we're 41 years ago. First Wichita State Cincinnati game of my life about that that amazing about that. Well I get to it too we get to get to end at two and a couple weeks spent so. Those shots are looking forward to this stretch run like which says four games in ten days in this it was this was after one of that. And based threat and it worked out well for the job controlling their own fate even though they trail now with only five games last two games behind Cincinnati with five to go but you you played one. It's right and you have you have the whole. Post season kind of in your hand when our however it's gonna sit up Wichita State has control of that as women. They get the number one seed in the conference tournament if they went out of I'll probably put them pretty high is NCAA tournament seeding situation. Massive at match up on Sunday eighteenth ranked Wichita State visiting fifth ranked Cincinnati. And the lot is a lot is coming on the line here down the stretch for the shock that this is this is exciting and way. Jeff thanks for being witnessed tonight. Thanks for having me in general it will be back I think for the Central Florida game does that sound right on the road. Even Central Florida on March 1. Would that be your next I have the locker rooms I have the Tulane game as well there's also gathered at home game against Tulane on the when he first might I MIT V. Whatever it is that will be glad to have you thank you can't loudly to Florida that is. Appreciate that and so once again it was the Japanese dad Bob every weekday four to 6 PM. On the drive and do a great show every day and the F 81240 AM 975 have been thank you Jeff. Shots when it tonight over temple avenging a loss in Philadelphia from two weeks ago. Stocks it was not easy to shocks were down by fourteen at halftime of mean out of the locker room and went on seventeen to three run right away tie it up. It was back and forth pretty much the rest of the way Sox were still down with. With a couple minutes to go but. Were able to weather the stretch and beat temple tonight 9386. The final score the shocker shoots 67%. From the field in the second half. Simple maybe eleven threes in the first half but they missed nine threes in the second half. And the Sox were able to come back five players in double figures scoring Darryl Willis leading the way with 24 off events on nine of eleven shooting. 23 points for Zack Morris on nine of ten shooting. Zach also with a career high with thirteen. Rebounds. As he was a monster its presence tonight the shots and those two guys. Darryl Willis Jack combined for 47. Points what a tandem. Also in double figures tonight for the soccer Austin reed with eleven points. And for Landry Shannon and off the bench for honor frank damp. Nine points or Zach brown who made four of four free throws in the final couple minutes to really help the doctors keep temple at arm's length. Big win for the sucks big comeback win they are now plenty of five on the season at fifth ranked Cincinnati on Sunday. 2 o'clock 3 game 3 o'clock tip on Sunday afternoon right here on 103 point seven KEY and Sox pick up their twentieth win and move on five games spill in the regular season just couple games out of first place now the American conference. Soccer when it 9386. Thanks for being what is tonight for soccer basketball coverage our on site producer team's lack. Our studio engineer Andrew handling and all our colors tonight we appreciate it from my partner Jeff Lewis it's just at this part said thanks remain witnessed tonight. Spirit to win makes it when he first and rock for the soccer locker room show on 103 point 78 EY and good night. And for the Wichita university locker room out after each shocker basketball games on 103 point. Why we.