WSU Men's Basketball vs Notre Dame 11-22-17

Thursday, November 23rd

WSU Men's Basketball vs Notre Dame: L 67-66


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Yeah and I'll. Shocker. 103 point seven KE YN for the Braves. There's no point them. The background dad worked for us to. Ellis yeah. Plays. After college you guys completely blown out game last night. David Clark had a much tougher game than expected at Marquette 61. LSU 57. But 1130 months ago it was what factors and Notre Dame. Coming up with a 9:32 o'clock central time. 830 our pregame time we hear it like rotten by it trust thank you show Bob bull along side. Hamlet in the studio. And a great match up with this early in the season this game between Wichita State currently ranked number six at Notre Dame number twelve and thirteen. Is he third match up between. So far this season the only others I actually did it. Texas they have happened West Virginia over Germany oddly enough that we can't get that that following week. The case you could catch it fat cat bath do the Michigan State. It's Chicago cities are a little bit where there's certainly had a season. And certainly Bob Boozer who Susan a lot of the X. It quickly alleviate final. Well settled on you know film session at the coaches that yeah this afternoon and that's exactly what Gregg Marshall faces this is. Texas not running to the NCAA tournament previously that he didn't idiots and know the eighteenth that's not good at Notre Dame. The shoppers feel like there are very very very very tough team defeat. But that very much that you know what's so we itself it's gonna be a catch up two very strong team. Feel very experienced team. Well coach Gregg Marshall nobody knows how world heat coach but I pray at Notre Dame does a tremendous job. Well we watched them play last night we'll get a dollar and strategies and so forth and watch them play last night after the game. Not for the us actresses I presume that you're static thing that they really have the right front that is. Under Davis is a solid. Can't speed up their clients their pay state could play the way things bottom line it really tough to take him out things in life. That's that's that's right they. It was very good point guard that Ferrell he runs his shuttles that got a lot of good shooters around him. And that's an all American box Olson. Now there along the front lines. Forward. They shoot it really well date he was the only. Football game. In these yet seen the play at pace they want to. Hurry it never gets stuff and defensively that you are really good job of taking away your recent shots and making it difficult. For users score because that Turkey shoot from the outside and. There have already been a couple of upsets of ranked teams in the term that's today as a great team Purdue lost its. Tennessee 7875. In overtime in the battle four Atlantis Atlantis Zain. That's its efforts to Arizona losing to North Carolina State. And I need to 84. Through it it's got a great deals. Applied Villanova has. The other ranked team in the American athletic conference. Number twelve Cincinnati 26 and oh today with a 7853. Win over Wyoming. At the championship game the Cape and Islands. And here in Mallory. That the surprises in seventh place business inning guy a shot and not division teams. Seeded cal. I'll watch big market nineties except the through its ninth. Win an all time for shot and not at least heard of it here against these quantities it's their widest margin ever. Well let me thoughtfulness. And out of the fifth place game they should get it. Virginia commonwealth think closely contested game the Michigan food. Canada writes. Our condolences to. Guys who had seen both of these teams play there at that the two best teams in the final. I think Notre Dame is that the best team. From their side of the bracket that they won both games easily been dominant but 27. And Ellison by the time. Little bit tough road for the soccer team very very soon now. Lights out for the first thirty minutes of the ballgame and they have very well coached and tough market fell. I think the best teams in the finals of the huge vehicle. And I actually. Posted 8691037. Area code 3168691037. Or front splitter that's. That's at soccer boys never gonna let Alison Arkansas. Kind of things to take my phone Booth and you. Couple things double blind eye beyond shocked. See that it you'll Morse is walking the most minutes. Ebony shocker on the roster let this be it but I would have thought that at this point in east and the in their four minutes per game that in the other players definitely. Let's speed that don't reach speaking. Warm and it certainly yes it is justifiably. The question not bad. Rebounding efforts have been very strong I'm surprised that the way to the plays he uses numbers are so low. And third link on there will. Need light publicly if the ball they'll load. Repeat term it's worth what spotting wants to get cute and somewhat ignores what the deep fences toward giving them. Where he it's in traffic dirt ball overall that the files. You know it just seems like he'd. He tightly wants to go dissipated what the defense. News sort provided for help but keep your comments. I. Thank you now appreciate your car and I watched the greens assists classic. You know sometimes that's just kind of a made some nice plays the that the bullets. And let a couple of times at least he got the ball to somebody scoring position they got thousand that you don't get this this. Sometimes you make good passes but this is an open shots you know he is serious. The company goes sometimes. No matter how good a passer. Still dependent you get it to finish if not why we're not in 2000. The prices and you really hasn't played in the to a point guard so far he can play a little little point guard of your routines but that's commodities. Played point most of when he's on the court. But don't tell it to come down and even your pets and died instantly shot please don't it is as though something that it would benefit. You've made it good to have confidence that you can pick up rebounding and had seven rebounds counted. And it about this evening the council wants to be really good job on the lord's hand. I was gonna bring up that's me playing I went through the stats that's today put machines together. And with little surprised to see this Jack Louis I was hotter proved most minutes and brigade what effect that the game itself that is good news and that's it yeah he's fed up. And like 25 points. Thought he might have been very good shots. For. As far as your other observations now about Darryl Willis I think there's probably some truth and then I think maybe sometimes he does kind of predetermined Torre thinks he's been acknowledged that he catches it and then you. Defense reacts to take the heat as a staff react quickly enough. I think all of those things are things that he's getting better added his second year out of junior college but that's an area we could still get better I don't think he. Forces a lot of shots. It's time so I decided whether I'm. I'm more difficult shot if you. Please let me it is the kind of thing that you can get away with that a lot of junior colleges not all of them but a lot of the game for him because the players are younger. In the defense has done quite as sophisticated little shout play it well it's up at. He could just catch the ball and uses quickness. The ball up on the board like he did Netflix against the Missouri Valley Conference press conference season they started double. Right. And that really bothered him. I'm going over the left shoulder and it's going to look like me. Hard on Friday night but I think when he gets today he is a battle he goes back to me it's pretty. It's always have to learn how to catch the ball it's worth it if you can't feel the defense and don't look at with the fifth. And know what he's he's doubled him to kick it out and he's not the double team figure out what side the defenders went on go the opposite way. I don't think that those questions as always we've heard your phone calls at 8691037. Or reach the splitter and has shocked the boys will be back before. I'm coach Gregg Marshall. Making sure my family as well taken care of it is important to me so when it comes to their comfort needs our trust Welch's heating and air. Keep him comfortable and safe. Well as an independent American standard heating and air conditioning customer care dealer offers award winning service within 96%. Customer satisfaction league I want the best taking care of my family and so should you. Call Welch is heating and air today 73316100. 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Drives of the game last night Kansas my entire service makes tires for special auto service are always a slam dunk. Glad to have you witness kids. Gave him. The day on a week they have big head or early calls and tweets on the pregame show that we have so far this evening games are so welcome to join us 8691037. By phone. Four on Twitter at at soccer world it's. You don't like if you think match up with that notre dame fighting fighting Irish. Mike Brey. Seventeen years at Notre Dame. I think tremendous record creating new 187. You think it's twelve NCAA tournament in seventeen years three trips to the sweet sixteenth. And elite eight trips to 2050 and sixty dot cancer never in 2015. At the feet and knocked. I would not stay out of the NCAA tournament in Cleveland if the sweet sixteen doctors had gone to Omaha and defeated Indiana. And then beat him chances in the great thought you buffet Omaha. Definitely it's Cleveland the following weekend in case. A Notre Dame. And Gerri great. The old hat conferences is still claim for the Portland trailblazers. And to be treated Jackson. Plane for Houston Rockets though it's a very very talented motorcade team. That's that's laid it out. I've doctors got down but then battled back maybe gave up that. They ended up losing I think by three points and at Notre Dame went on of that next game it almost knocked off its athletes who was ranked number one. And had it just a thought that this team this year volleys I'm. I was playing. Yet they keep it within minutes Carl Anthony ten pounds now claim they had a super team and the fighting Irish almost knocked him off at a couple of shots that went net gain. But and it's interesting. Reed dance. Of that battle at the shocker at Notre Dame now 5350. And you know when you looked at that need to do it it not attendant granted those guys had a chance to do good throws and actually look at this season baby's name I don't think there is good that team with the that is good that. Monty Colson a heck of a player first of all America a lot of protections. Their point guard Matt fearless and I hardly played at all as a freshman had limited as the sophomores and suddenly emerged last year is one of the best point guards in the country. And then the other guy TJ yes. President definitely don't want player's limited time to some degree of refresh the last few different versions of big time scorer. Yeah Ali doesn't that. To seventy point two gig he hit the streets stopped more. He hit 63 pointers last night felt like I just let it up let's hope he's not as hot tonight against the stock and bond to Colston. I TTP pre season third team all American news on the first team all ACC team plant here. Had fourteen points. And fourteen games with twenty plus points last year. Just a tremendous score a 66 player. But he kept arms of the sixth night the thing that's very very long on him now Farrell. Is gonna remind you a lot of frequently. Runs the show he's very quick. He penetrate got a great first at the desert tremendous job of getting the ball lifeboat. All right we have. Yeah comments and questions started to open a little bit solicited influence would kill fluid. Yeah I don't want to have a lot of teams have remained on the market. I affiliate. You know I have not heard any discussion of that sometimes teams believe that. It makes them feel more like to leave if they don't have individual names on the fact that yours is obviously they like I have an adult I don't there's an inning. I think they have in the past about that coach marshall's Everest it now we're not giving and it's it may just be the uniforms and nothing if it is not that the cabinet job they have let on that happens. Yeah I have an answer for it but it did notice that when you're looking at their names were on the back. And I believe they were last year but I am not positive. And I know they have been in the past but that's a good question but I'm not sure that the philosophy thing with the coach. If Gregg Marshall wanting them to think about more of which got 800 visual. But it might be just what Mike did that these days they got hooked instantly that it could put upon but that was coaches and let you know they thought it. As far we have a question about their ship the average triggered. As you heard me start with the three big men inside all ready. And what was a difficult. Decision to decide how they were gonna have. Hillary. That guys coming back. And wanting to get past. As far as admitted yeah as anybody at the 45 slots at the returning next year and I think they felt like. There's going to be some games this year as the biggest foul trouble or whatever where he could help this year the big game but also. We'll have a chance to get him some playing time here and there is no benefit more from Matt fluent in the next few years that if he just sat around on her lectures that watch list. And that includes the photographer Richard and really plays well. Preparing steadily to play ball game. Falcons at the walking through your led thirty. You know you're not gonna play. As if you're if you have a chance to get it all he felt I think they wanted him ready. For next year because obviously all the bigs are graduating checked workflow nurture. Darryl Willis and Rashard Kelly they'll be guards that have to be a big piece of the puzzle thick here is so if they can have him. Please them walking and you'll get a lot of games this year. That get out of the court makes mistakes he yelled athletic coaches can analyze in the video. Game you'll be much written much more ready. To do that you'd think his sophomore year because of. This list an interesting question and I have to who have already researched it but yes nobody wanted to know how many of the players on these two teams. We're there for the sweet sixteen game three years ago because you would have that been a freshman then just open year round efficacy and sincere. There were fired Notre Dame players currently on his feet. There but the only one who played it was fun Coulson played fourteen minutes then at six points and two rebounds. I hear other seniors who were part of that team Austin toros a 67 post player who's now granted if you're seeing here. That's Ferrell as a freshman hardly played their ears now there's Eagles other points aren't Lugar. That Gregory. Now they're starting post player. This lady out and played some good year if you're not getting the definitive. For Wichita State. Rashard Kelly had four points two rebounds background 2.2 two rebounds both played twelve minutes Jack Morris had two points in six minutes. It brought under. And out again if you don't we're looking at some of the video that is the coaches we're looking at a fifth and won that seat. Powell might raise. Covers over the shocker offensive plays and they're quick they're fast break and there's some of their stats because. They figured that he was gonna look at that. It may be doing the same way that night so they were looking at that game today we'll watch it. And that was a game where they just littered in the soccer where she while rob Becker had a really off night shooting. That round of violent outside. Feel if he. Well but that was a game where Fred. Fred Bentley is not what you want to back it just rolled them back by penetrating. Wishes that the court. And just dribbling right through the building defense and brought that struck back from like down down down well but it made the game there late. One of our five brigades function Javaris carpet outlet in Florence another 1860 north Broadway. Remember that they carry all types of foreign products pardon Atlanta with a child. Carpet area. Huge selection of thousands of options literally thousands of dollars next year pattern. Great staff to help you find exactly what you're looking for a look at all of the stuff they haven't got. They don't have exactly what you're before they could find some words catalog or whatever. When you can always being. The best prices you're going to find that particular merchandise bars carpet outlook towards Saturday to succeed. North Broadway if you go back to the phones with Mike. A guy coupled with the question. We've been chilling. I think it's fortunate written work brigades that the Arab they're. Is that repudiated that doing that I'd just curious about. The Genesis. And what he sees the value of the. Leaving it like locker room the front television on the island yeah. I I think that. You know what they're going to be able to. Ford is not a new thing that's really going to be particularly useful is the attitude that I think he feels like it's just good exposure for the program that. Out of the atmosphere that exists within this team and and a lot of those contained does it. Recruiting tools with the tendency. Oh my god luck like plus it got a fifteen mile event. Absolutely absolutely nothing that's not something you have for us it's nothing that they. You mind if you have a game. For the game a lot of coaches won't allow it. Because they don't want anything different. They wanna stick to their rookies prior evening and they don't want the camera and there but that Gregg Marshall he's very open who have done a number of times. Definitely definitely. Nationally broadcast feeds him and I I'm sure I haven't talked about it I'm sure that he feels like it's it's definitely a good that promotional tool. To promote the school diploma. With nothing basketball. And it just. You know let's let players was a fluke they're thinking about were the ones you'll get a look at how they think they thought they. As lieutenant and we've talked before the community. Can't that you trying to detectives fired up itself a lot of kids like this so I think it's this company with Marshall think helps in recruiting. This a good question do we think cal expended all their energy trying to beat the shot is now she explained that ended up kids eighth place. I think that certainly they work here that's. Wichita State and nationally ranked team they saw it as an opportunity if they got off to a good start. Getting all their shots hitting everything they threw us and got some confidence. And so I think yes that is definitely their best shot by far the best thing inflated their game this season. There have been some luck out there let them get away after losing nesting lose weight since. And they certainly have not played as well as some instances you don't no doubt about it I'm sure they had an emotional letdown because that is had a really. Legitimate chance to witness quality of the gusts 63. It's not safe. You know I thought that was their reviews and yeah counters that game with cal poly game. Played nearly that level of all the different than 31 point yeah. One good for the accusing the other foot that 46 point this stockbrokers at this. Something out of this world. Like there are other guys got hot and well so something I think you have. That good shooting night you sleep with him refuted that next night to think shots. Trouble you know live by the three die by the. Three and they weren't that it is as higher percentage. In the second third game here as it differs. I didn't see any of their game today obviously it's a little bit discovered that they lost and found that not a lower division team that is badly. As the yet I have a feeling good effort just wasn't there as well as they can make its shots and things and here's the other thing about playing. In a tournament we play three games in three days any kind of a loss like that you lose an eighteen point lead to succeed and a half minutes to go sky high I think that. It's a huge emotional letdown if we've got to retreat days in between games an incredible thought that it gets going again. But we've got to turn right around and play the next day the day after that lose again that middle game. It's time to get a team back up when that happened. The time with them. Yeah it's right at the problem comes home help but think back to Orlando Flint creek Bentley was hurt. In a shocker had a knock down drag out first game with USC I think it was it Ron baker just played his heart out. In really put that you want it back almost won the game at USC knocked down a budget freeze won that game. Finnish doctors had come right back in the states like Alabama and Alabama had a few physical. It just wars gone down they they created different guys on on interview with played point guard. Right out in go to war run down there at that tape where he writes of the zoo and it and it's not great he has this final concussion or whatever it. Put him down so that really had anything funny about it now worried about him that's right you went on a hospital and we've worked through. Who can build them back from something he's certainly came right at the end of the chances without letting them. Against Iowa. On this war maybe it's out and we didn't play at I think 8:30 Sunday morning hardly do a lot of soccer it's for. There was a lot of atmosphere nobody. Really wanted to be there. And lost. Lost business when gunfire. So that it can happen and I certainly understand it with now they're a team but I think his ex employees at least here and clear night. And it got so they've got some things to work on the the question. Back to it later when was the last time definitely is inflated nonconference opponents rank this time. Today there's there's been some occasions not all of them longer you know. It's I don't know Oklahoma State. And it's you know that you remember if anybody. Fear Orlando's hey let's listen very highly. Now I don't I don't remember specifically modeled. Leave little oval last year yeah I would say so probably doable in the Bahamas yeah I can't remember exactly what their rank was that. I think it's I think I'm sure they were tough ones. There is OK. I wonder if this kind of there is a picture. The handshake between Gregg Marshall institute to house he has today the question is what was said here. All week and while we could tell you is what we heard candidate second hand and trying to. Get into it too much in terms of recruiting. Too much that they clearly. It was a eludes all along the sideline. Out of my hands. Lettuce it was out of office park had a Marquette player assessment after rated. And it kind of got you play which is what you should do screen and the quality veteran to Conor not now. And I'm definitely added that doesn't. Connor was hotter is getting up that kind of thought it sent out. It was you know you could see it was obvious sixty votes to pass the senate soccer team not a looked a little. The title that was clear also to grant Marshall that's not a loaded incidentally. It kind of oh yeah. It's going to. We want to back away for nothing iPad was kind of staring down what has been shut them. Slapped with lords look a housekeepers that's not that you use to do all the time when he play slapped the floor on defense they scored in these lapses. The Florida which constitute forward coach Marshall slap the and so you had to go and not an athlete to get what was it is after the game that he talked. Well it's kind of an extended handshake beating. And we understand that after whatever coach what has he said coach Marshall said. Thoughts of my players. That was the point. And I think we'll go to Yahoo! currently there is in the heat of battle it. At that had a break here this stuff and we don't know that it had a fairly tough. Death off a whole lot you know and you certainly don't look for that a couple of weeks ago but. After the after the game not a given. What was your house ready for it yet press conference after the game that a lot of nice things about which cuts day and how well the coach. And now found at the in you think there really really good teams so. He heaped praise on with the State's death in the press conference at the ethic is exact count that was something like. We welcome gathered here as well it's seriously. Have a solid point guard other than that did not very good night. Anyway. Are we surprised Irish guards play and all you know not really. Maybe just some of the numbers he's putting up a little bit that the way he's playing and I think he's just he's confident tonight include guidance far worker I think he takes a lot on themselves. In terms of responsibilities. And really like it seemed. Leader of setting that example and last year he really started to become. The most hopefully. The coaches talked about and went to Canada the of the season. They felt like there. It wasn't enough walking ability not to go because he had Bakker eventually thrown those views doing a lot of talking and communicating that nobody was taking that on coffee on the court. And so we charged Kelly started doing that he was the first one to really start to. All right we're in the answered he's over there whatever you can see at if it's just won't. In the last. Month and a half last season's in the valley. Second half the ballots conference in in the NCAA tournaments. John I think in the last twelve fault in everything. 115. So he was playing a lot more towards the end of last year Darryl Willis was kind of struggling with this system. And card catalog. And then he just kind of skeptical this year I'm not surprised. With his rebounding. Rebounds and is counting. In the Marquette game when I looked a little bit surprised that it how Willie field. And plays it guys public market but nothing hurt if he gets tired of the hour. Uncle Marshall a few weeks ago moved to chart out to the threes for the exact route to create not only read. He and he to a really good job of playing. A world away from the basket and yesterday. He added if this. Old doesn't include a really good job the past couple also not surprised with. He has. The energy that he was sounded emotional leadership four or 3000 a little surprised at how well that Clinton was. The confidence and obviously that's. I had a chance not just not include tickets went from about fifty. In recent. Seasons I season. And I listed here at Bob's life last year it was billed as the next half. Factors. The hottest Notre Dame missed twelve of thirteen that would be the highest ranked teams not this. Like recently had not conference until I was 25 a couple of years ago they came to. It dries instantly flatly hear the Florida. It's like and Salt Lake City. Some others fairly recent years outside the valley eleventh twelfth. Actors playing their third game of the season against Alabama it stands on an Alabama is ranked sixteenth. Let let out meaningless number eighteen when they came because read enough that your officer for the fourth. Had a year earlier Wichita State like San Diego State in San Diego and back seventeen. Looks like final 141000. Better path on how to do that featured. It BP that it be okay. You can't. That answers your. Requested Bob was right now. 86 love one. Call us or on Twitter at at shocker voice on Cody mentioned Texas Tech. A couple of years before the one I just mentioned that I came because really excellent thought they were like number two and they were average sixteen. Yeah and the house we noticed the national media is increasing respect for which tested over the past year specifically for the last season with this season. You know I think it's yeah and pain. Compilation of things. Going back to the final four run and then the next year undefeated it's known that loss to Kentucky that practically every bodies that was the best college basketball game based on that season. Come back the next year beat Indiana can you go to the sweet sixteen. It to come through the first four things in Dayton hammer areas under the terms but then here. And so I think it's all kind of built up that last year at a loss to Kentucky that was right down the wire the second round of the tournament. You know it's just built up where people are looking at it you know what fascinates. They've proved over enough years now with no fluke and even Kevin out of Missouri Valley Conference when you are hitting it CE. It really threw themselves and with everybody coming back from the 31 implied he might think this is the most obvious. Strong soccer team going into the season that coach marshals had since maybe the year after that the fine. Well I think I think Mike has described it very well confidence building over the over the course of the few years. And I think a lot of national media what kind of disgusted. That we were ranked as well with lord had it but it didn't. And late Vanderbilt and then errors don't it is just ran away with that game against their own and came back on ovals are that he him unhappy with third degree. We played there it. That Providence then Providence mind. And then last year that the shocker that will close the effect it was the seventh I mean words you can't. In a lot of fun tidbit in the program that we should but it's definitely should include a date that it should it and that's what did that yeah. So with that quality golf against. If not he'd been worth it it's definitely have to work. Victory to do he would take debt write down the wire and played and played them basket for basket. I think a lot of the youth that hey. If you can play with that. Second seeded and I like. Everybody back yeah. I think everybody was only physically but it's not really really going to be at it. We're gonna close it out for the phone calls with Greg Greg thanks for joining us. Yeah Garrett right it's nice to be able played Notre Dame and not feel like your seeding in the NCAA. Is tournament and marches. Tank you know what happens here in the fifth game of the season or whatever it is. And that and I don't out of the Ernie thought fifth we Texas Tech programs reviewed. Phillip in Amarillo it any thought to get back to Oklahoma no mention of them that they've got a pretty good program enough it was a hanging open. Lets us and answer. I have a few things I mean. Takes two to tango Greg marshals are always open to playing anybody that's a good program is willing to fly home and home that is not a program that could help this doctors overall strength of schedule and all those kinds of things even though they're not the American conference. He's going to continue to try to play as good as nonconference schedule possible. That's he's you just never know what. Texas tech's chances of that series at the end and then after the end of course definitely play this. And I think I think I heard it here drove right through that Oklahoma extended. This series that it is difficult for years now and so they're gonna if you go home and home series. With Oklahoma and they'd like playing Oklahoma City at that arena where. The up front there. Play and so I think it. I'd better reason than anything offensively the film that's been. Yeah I think it. Woods into the very belly flop. So I don't think you. Top opponents. As good as they might have to fear is scheduled to actually up a little bit too hard there's. But does like Marshall might be headed in the college. Holiday for the next here in will be probably be a holiday for the every year's goals were the only things that keep them. Yes the comment that you made at the beginning Greg I was thinking about that today cal lost his job or not that's a game. They waited just did why did you see about his years half of that specific philosophy RPI. And now it's not such a devastating thing because of this influences our state still has. They're not as dependent on any one team like that. Winning most of their games than they have a good power rankings you can forget it gets heated. All right thank you for all deposits links this game just ended the we're at. The final score Marquette 94 LSU in the course of market goes to freedom to London here takes her place at the turn of the talents who also. Three at two under first year head coach related refuses to ranked higher. Those questions they could from what I've state coming up it's soccer's. Notre Dame coming up next we'll have a brief chat with the head coach Greg marshals they would. That's sound reflection of his mark sounds like between seventeen should be close out this time. How I have to accept him out of court the twenty seventeens are going fast then a special clothes out pricing and and most popular twin seventeen ship models like Silverado Tahoe introvert in London trade and get a great deal during the 2017 should be closed out. It's a year hometown Chevy dealer today. Offer only answer was well. Available special clintons were there offers to deliver about 113017. To stating he would. 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Security advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated company. You know what to do deliver a healthful life and prevent chronic disease like diabetes and pre diabetes. Pre diabetes is preventable and reversible with a healthy diet exercise and lifestyle habits that includes less stress getting plenty of sleep and making good choices. You can do they stuck to your doctor to get your bloodshed. Brought you by the Kansas department of health and environments to learn more go to www. CAD HD KS dot gov slash diabetes. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita city agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. University soccer basketball and he's on one of three point seven can eat whiny and which time. Welcome back to you trust bank pregame show ahead. Numbers today after hitting shocker live at the party. Fat cats locker room the Pentagon how many points does not restore its its 1025 even 40%. All small market guys soccer fans all over practice that got it at stats locker room he's. And it asked if the shot that went to write your discount will be good on Black Friday that boat ads location. He's got a report coach's corner what did coach Gregg Marshall was presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion to work. Not always have that opportunity to. Well that's what happens when you stay in the winner's. Invitational you can. The bars tremendous. Is not a great deal of respect for the program through the third time I've coached against him but. Migrate just as an unbelievable job. Which you say that they are somewhat similar to yourself just in terms of mindset a toughness organization those kinds of it. Now what about this particular team rescued from what you and it was yeah. They just there's so composed they have great. Seen. Lleyton players. And they've they've just. They never make mistakes and they can raise up and make big shots. The kid film and I think call center through the better players in the country. And they just really played very loose. And Mike Brey his personality. Is exemplified and. Flight attendants. So. Those quick comment she shot her coach Gregg Marshall Bob and I will be back with Steve what strategies that Boris shoppers take on Notre Dame. The championship game and allowing the nation's. Beat Garnett to know of that and as he talked. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only teach but does it. We are second coming directly from not filings issued a profit athlete and an American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. 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With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHE dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plants. Ranked number one in the nation according to JD power for initial quality here is your starting lineup. Upper midwest Kia Kia soul highest ranked compact multi purpose vehicle GM Ford tape beating Chevy and Toyota Kia optima lines up in the midsize category. He had condemn this stands tall as a Ford Taurus sedan. Rounding out your starting lineup that he has courted small suvs withdrew for every one seat today starting lineup at midwest he had gotten. Shocker sport has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. The emerges under. Oh really wants everything you want in my grave. It's better. Bob ball alongside this championship game of the valley the divisional Wichita State. Taking on the fighting Irish the other day this is. Wichita State's eight. Basketball trip to the island of Hawaii whose doctors have never watched. They've lost in the championship game. That white Christmas tournament this three years ago. And yes it did not close before but it never want my Gregg Marshall is that a lot of over here Hawaii. So it's not just kind of deceptive little special this time around. And also made it yes shuttle's forward Notre Dame. Lost to the ocean in 205368. Cleveland and it makes it certainly expected to. All it is going to be a very tough battle through and actually rank he. Numbers this week out there's number food he. Notre Dame yeah two week period these two teams with. Possible all Americans and possible form of future. Their line. Do very very experienced coach. Gregg Marshall and my way. Both teams that did. He's still. It's going to be that's. I think where. It might come down to one got to hunt them down to a couple of freak. And we hear there's been a major guys running through the city all day long and if you haven't already secured juicy tonight litigants who goes through a tough words. This whole lot. Watch party location of the shot has gone South Florida flavors to play out. The watch parties you have the chance to win a search for truth to the AC sort of at an Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower. National airport and you know it's going to upwards your official launch party locations for shocker basketball. Bob has been winning strategies for tonight's game brought to you by capitol federal first phone bill home dream home. You can trust the strength behind truthfully finance capital that wrote equal housing lender and member FDIC. Thank you Mike let's first talk about defense my great fighting our current period that mark that off there I think Judy. If you 44%. At the. The three point arc 74%. From the free throw line of led by frequent speaker at herald he makes them go he'll remind you. Martin. He's a penetrator that that stuff that he may hurt on him wide open threes. 'cause that you have they given him the ability to shoot 75 and 57 with that because both of that's definitely have done. Apparel shoot 42% completely miss playoff and yet 27 points in common but in the past for. Few seconds type player like I think Cleveland but he could get thirty if you don't. He joins I think that feed your policy pulled from the free food and all American ever to. If you can't reach out to Sweden. 61%. The ball player floor of the locals along the baseline because they have got about eight feet. You've got a few great things recorder Freddie can they can be Smart and crafty. Let you refer to her feet ACC and yet fourteen games and forty or more points scored. You feed her with 447. Against West Virginia in the NCAA career. Then there's victory stopped what he did give you evidence seventeen point six games. He scored 26 the other night against LSU hitting got flat yesterday get Philippine. Three point. Now you must play Smart. Very sound defense against Notre Dame they'll fresh throughout flame. Got heat barely but it you a lot of their own offensive is that predicated by Carol Beatty he has and his defense they're. Penetrating and an athlete. Through the open player his penetration create a lot of problems for the defense and they have a lot of other players that might have penetrated well felt. On Paul Heath. Numbers do offensively. Mike Brey talked about how thought he was of their defense. So far this year since the great team defense they help him locate well they're long they get a lot of the credit and collections. Their defense they kind of like to pack it in the why type defense where they try to take away your penetration. We fantastically easy shots inside they want to defeat him from the outside but they want to shoot over them inside. But the doctor that it has. Take care of the ball and if I have to knock down some jump shot in the post and they are not particularly. I'd have been happy to turn around jump shots over defenses. Over three rebounds both he crashed the boards that he had to. He rebounds against their opponent no. It's been with the doctors if they'll crash the boards. It feels that lead down to her. A report on. You must take care of the basketball. Against North Dakota I don't go to Notre Dame. They can pick it turnover into the bucket as quick as anybody around fairly very very good at feeling the festival got to take care of the ball. And they only turned over eight times the ball game I think it's going to be a possession by possession game. You might put them. If you thought if he's free throws on the shoppers have to take care of the ball and leave it there. Have a prize fully. You'll have to work at school and after work to get defensive stop in Philadelphia Houston. Have played their strength. Both schools have never won. A tournament and I'll leave it may vote really want to hang their schools there. But you touched on a lot of things I think we can. Follow up on one of them mentioned that doctors are gonna have to make some shots at their season opener. They've made thirteen different. 33 recipients who had been seen since then there were 65 the last three games. The second half of this up close factories. But they're still gonna make some trees that are averaging ten games they've made category three of their five game and his backers are getting. Got it they're really good grief we can keep my touch on a 44% at the heat of the individual. That shoot 40% from you are higher. That's really. It's really good tool like they've got a lot of good three point. In the shocker that futures. Some of that shooting well I appreciate it. Very well he's fifty but when you hear him now only five of eight from behind the arc. In a little bit off his game. We are here in the first few games to volley classic before the fifteenth from three to 47. O'Connor could have knocked down but not tonight and I think commodities that ground. It didn't feel that they think they do the pick and pop it noted he's helped. On the guard and definitely a lot of wide open. Only Jack White opening you know what I felt good to have some open shots and it could get knocked out some of those. This is also going to be an intrastate game of the match ups you pension funds and Colson and you know it's funny look at it and he's got caught a bit odd body who's got hit Atlantic is fairly big in the upper body but it's not just ripped you know looking go wow what it's not he's just to terrific player replaced the record for physically at 66. He could play this back to the basket turned either shoulder he could face up to shoot it doesn't take a lot of trees that blaster shot 43%. Very very good pastor. And it just stay really calm things suppose that is always. Guys make it go to it feels comfortable. But you're right definitely looked like a top athlete without fear of death and can't go ahead throw the leg and arm the arm wrong. Any rough rough baffled that was followed that well player it's that with the knowledge that quote so he grew up around the games and movies are. He doesn't make a lot of mistakes. And he knows that's. Or allowed equation really good with that occurred around fatally along the baseline. Thank coach Marshall what it looked at the video today. I think it was sharks Kelly's gonna start on health. But they'll be some different guys on and they they're working on trying to keep the ball away from. Bicycles but now aren't. Oh. I think this is that he. Some of Hawaii at the states on my whole life what's. I don't think the pause for that but I was certainly the National Anthem it's becoming a nice. Sure it's the scales in your favor by eating healthier snacks. There's healthy shot except as rusty but I United Healthcare. And the real appeal program and more real appeal. Dot com. Wichita State and notre famously mentioned. That I don't NCAA tournament three years ago. There have been three games overall as a there was an early nineties home and home. Wichita State lost. Any guys out in 8990 season. And then came back. Probably 9091. It also hurts them both of those years. And Mike Cullen was the coach of Wichita State soccer's. So we've had series it was one of one of them though. It's what I hit. Three years from now on national. I don't. Okay. You. And I didn't look how. Okay. And Lugar. Do you. We're. Hey. My I had. Yeah. I. Yeah I'm. Yeah he's not. And we'll. The. Okay. Me. Yeah and GA. And. Nationalist. The Lahaina civic center please because it's just isn't gonna finish. It stands out of college invitational at a Davis shot this might get 50% off your online order in which tiger if Papa John's blog on the topic Johns dot com. And here's the promo code soccer fifty. To receive your soccer history out the injury report is brought to you by opting life your life work journey nor optimal news. No injuries for Notre Dame and its influence with the same groups about their first five games in Wichita state of course still without. Marcus did nothing and certainly that's a big factor he would beat up pretty good matchup for. It's. Now it is a very comparable. A very competitive. Fish bought bicycles event to work at least. Whoever guards. That's fair that's going to be myself that yes because as fast as the guys were from mark Katz. Little quick that is if you hit that try to prevent shoot it. Darrell does a better job and eight and one of them probably penetrating and dishing and so on it's going to be another tough match up soccer. They're little bit. Quicker barrels loaded quicker then and you know throughout the flora Holler and they're gonna start background on him mentally that's what you were talking about that. Start Kelly he's gonna a couple of months before the open and was. Do know is that as he did I hear this school has lifted his defense. Though he would you. He's figured out that night. That could be very positive factor because certainly he has the both size and athleticism. To be a factor guarding those guards whether it's here. Or or cash the point they he had cancer. It's not here's quite rightly that it. Braves did a good job. Isn't leg against a smaller guards for Clark hit the other. What they are gonna thank you life is good. Goalie yeah had a ball and make it work the ball back. Sports when he path that we're gonna make him work at the fullbacks they want the world. Try to win. Not ready for the introduction of the starting lineup he's not coaching staff made the decision that everybody would dress. All in black tonight solution actors aren't you. Black uniforms was cool letters and numbers black tops and pants shorts coaches are all black shirts and black. And I my. I think radio booths in. Fall flat. For notre Dame's starting at the the post cartoonist Kevin six cents and their privacy of the building just Lithuania averaging seven point two points per game shooting 75%. I'm fifty that's. It hurts me. Ponzi Colson. The four spot for Notre Dame. First team all America likelihood 66 and 25 senior from New Bedford, Massachusetts averaging nineteen points ten point four rebounds. Rattles a forward from Wichita State 66 senior from Houston Texas. He's 3.3 points per game so far less than half what an average last year offensively is doing his usual outstanding job defensively. Stanford notre Dame's Lex Lugar isn't satisfied junior have. It's Purdue five point six. Clark who's also regarded as his team's best defensive player. I don't Boris will be at center for Wichita State 68 senior from Kansas Oklahoma. To seventy. Also the starting line up for Notre Dame after six. Chris potter pictures are averaging eighteen points per game and four point four assists through 42%. Of relief. There's not there's a a car Atlantic champ at 64 redshirt sophomore. Rory and a rather not play another game. News today hit it brings sophomore from Scotland's New Jersey seventeen point two points a game that you in person from the very. As for the shot there's not a friend we have six run fifth year senior from what Chicago. Please point the game at 3.3 assists for thirteen assists with just two turnovers Gregg Marshall of his eleven year. Look at they might pray. It's good. It is once again so my wife's loss in the NCAA tournament. The guys who. Years ago in his last year that would. You can game in my role of the first round of the NCAA tournament. The government defense and capacity for. Confident. Here classic felt we don't really good ball game yesterday I think of them another excellent ballgame. You're tonight. Championship tonight occasional high national ranking. On the line the starting lineup was brought to you by equity thankfully the other day at 8 PM they. Leave the business of. Song of the year it gets closer. We'll have a flu. They were picked up an accident. The points after the baskets emblazoned. Yeah blown. Yeah beautiful kind of a given Goldman went over effect we expect things by the after a fast flight staff that failed drives left it's lie doesn't it never listen to. Tangled up with a senator trying to play off the screen yet it was even go to the basket and contest the biggest forces basically the big progress that they do not. Want to give up those easy baskets like that. To see it flop to the right slot Morrison's around simpler bounces off the active and flew through the snow into the next Rashard just that was the end. Cougars their music as the hustle plays the best defensive player in the fifth 2000. On people's alliance little floater calls it an athlete back contestants haven't had for a moment it's tough time telling the soccer fans fluid that he tried it passes he was falling out of bounds Kelly got to be. If there deflected the ball that. If it was a good call coastal residents that's not an order. Yeah I mean that's him right where it never gets it out fast as its obstacles. He's not here flights out of the line. Not street teaching kids. Left elbow Colson fall away administered shortly. Just like to do with Oakland now let's wait to befriend him off the street like that was the top all the way down delighted it's blocking a shot I haven't looked like he had a layup that get advantage for the conference. Kevin Phillips at the system that's what we thought it looked as you know right left side drive there. Really exploded on that second step. There will be his first two X four's the virus Jacqui instantly that time that background he's got excellent and you know the latest round could stay on here. Candidate they'll want it to France champ drops Atlanta loss to Kelly that the basket to ground cutting the basket fumbled at the moment gets divorce or an eight footer and it rolls it. This was shot the baseline with counts is that what is Snyder who. 25 against him out close game here now in trouble you have to be looking like there. I don't drive right cut off the side not front to post is left wing views of the top on the the drivel slows down Pentagon's if. Good hit it is saying he flew through what Ford he didn't have a chance to get sent the fourth Luther nobody's really connected to all their might a lot of time for watching Paula thought. It's on his. I think are coming off the streets completely full. Close and it's that and half of the officials have been calling pretty consistent yeah. Personality to see if I say this game at a school. It kind of sensitive enough talent Netflix but over the top but I think that is definitely a hole. Ratified it around in front of Shaquille Boris is also holding in my right yelling at the officials sexist when they haven't announced that his arm that. If all goes against Martinez Kevin the second. He's not coming out right now which honestly played the baseline early in his sixteenth 250 pounds to your experience in different ethnic following. Backhand drop it and since war with the Tennessee Nashville gets a lot of feels he's a pesky. You can also be Floyd yeah court and I think. Netflix bill. Lots of them look like Paulson got the IDs match that I think not found and it crowd anybody this facade. All around he announces it is free throws that not possible three point play. While the planet it's right frequently on the old rules that time. Let's start killing flipped around went through the field it did it affect people's livelihoods quite openly in the basket. 64 Wichita State sponsor of accident free throw line. Along and everything else. Point 3% last year on a 180 champs didn't exactly this thing percent so far this year. 23 tries and it never goes out now. I don't like to learn to succeed 240 pound junior from slowing New York an accident. Slow start but. Molson center and and what it's par. Farfel should not make it's not it. Normally my foot 41 seasons don't dress like one game soccer's greatest round of the threats were not go to their drops next then. Let's play Boris you know defense like typos Kelly. Only six of them left wing it around to face like Boris fifteen footer Reynolds out rebound after all for another day. When before the fortress back there is no consensus on their own thoughts got a three way off the screen Vista goes along we'll conduct this next round this. Factors pushing for the fight tooth championship for us it's not rightly declared his office. Had to drag this pitiful and he started to set itself. It's not a lot about that today that doctors have got to take care of the passable film from all over it's going to be a long for this. Noted that for the fall of the stock if you keep this. In Ireland the speculative look at a floor unless signs on the left when you hear him when it back up front on the left when it. I don't have the ball screen that can defy you don't like selling off the Colson Hudson goes 52 years. On the life. Today that they'll get confidence in the justified its vehicles and brightest in they're supplying us forces shot left before. It's. Really good people dad if you can't cover shot that's not my. Only drives in the fourth except his level with brown liquid and I think it can definitely think you have to block. Boris and ultimately it. In reference to what office. Screens intact rounds recently up front there. You're now we've. An united front. It's excellent clients who don't have enough mystery about the length grosans. Not that quality of Michael's exact worth swatted it away the funds equals it's quality. Yeah and those watching that a retreat that basketball pulled from the food program. 96 with arsenic that once I check wars ties him for third all time and we're Watson with us today was one instance. Not in the short Julio reductions enacted after recent shots wanted him. It's tough when it's down to sixty threes which includes the ability recognizes that time. Netflix it was a fluke and it got adopted not disagree about Kelly's got through a lot of loose balls recovered rifles. And Nicole Smith forced out of bounds and pound. You have to sit and yet nonsense event loses us. Canada on the floor 1448. To go in the first half Wichita State design. Notre Dame six. Commitment makes Kansas workers among the best player. Their commitment shows as they craft Hai precision tools to create customized energy saving windows and keep power flowing across Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps companies support their employees went helping them stay healthy. While their engineering innovating and liking the way into our State's future. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas commitment and compassion community. Shocker fans prepare to be shocked tall grass country club our local favorite golf courses 1981 has something to show you the new local owners have already started adding new solution fairways to the golf course and plans to start on a new 24 hour fitness center memberships start as low 3999 per month. A 24 hour fitness or free golf on Monday in black says plus mention adding future first month free I know is shocking tall grass is also the perfect spot for your next private event from fundraisers to weddings there extra staff is ready to drink the tensions playing with a shoppers play enjoy the new tall grass country club today. Your honor. Each time. Here that you. Thought. Yeah. And when you need a plumber call blue route. Which of those original Rooter is still the best for plumbing drain cleaning and truly try to repair this title 263. Away. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend would be John Green rich Cutler does sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WS shocker basketball is on 103 point seven TE one yeah. Five minutes twelve seconds on what you saw us neatly to Notre Dame now. Six doctors have made for a better night shots including their only three point attempt Notre Dame 358 and also. Throw line six rebounds for the Irish crime because doctors easy with one turnover. And 2008. Seed starting posts fans feel remorse for what it's just ain't my team has given the okay. Product nurtures him for Boris otherwise alignment changes shots is a game play Connecticut schools were pressured him Colson. Actually and Gerald. Now fairly quick enough one on one against the background of the kids that side of my friends here. For the family site there comes up. The French can't. People forced to look up badly. I tell you hit the French kids coming up the great love great experiences. Thought it was good he says thanks and. Actually that's not to be used by kids that he doesn't want to look at it pulled up from about twenty. Drink it won't six what you and I say yeah I don't. Paulson got to be movement controls it was funny. They have whooping straight not an excellent you're dispersed teams that are so they're really watching this very closely confidence. 06 yeah on a state sports you know client to go through stance. Soccer basketball. Santa print can't Kelly mergers and ground. Court that's left. Left off the street it's obviously your records so wide open. Creates open up the right side and we've got to find another day his words came out of there with the where they can over the Wall Street that's not going to be there all night from Ronald with Jack. Competitiveness that it. That reflection of the net of a sudden. Stepped away a little short jumper Vista. That's an airport. Flags it left around dishes back to grant him a lot about this rated good aired live back to us. After all kind of and a mix up Ronald. Everything in the fifties through the passes through. Either of them went toward. And the ball went out of bounds actually got a lot of guys handed out of Landry. Let's get a so it's not it's turnovers for the second time up slots and it's here. Interest. John lunatic 69. That's his Netflix as a good three point shooter. That's because it's not a guy that's there is dribble handoff to give credit to slightly. PJ Harvey a six. And bird's foot wide open underneath the basket that was the fix up in the doctor's defense he had a wide open. But kind of. Willis and constantly use it. Confidence and stand its ground and nurture those. Conference definitely. Conference in specific things about soccer fans on offense and defense toward our history nightmares that often if you look at these ingredients on the left block its. Who is. That's right Reeves and definitely this round off the right lots of those back to the basket against food packet and say. You should and its civil list. Leaves data below flood there is wheels alliance not a book bounces out rebounds. It's going to be recovered by yes it's another candidate that's not worth. Student dribbled out way out front that. I don't started up my greens political. There are signs on the right side of the floor kind of accidental hits lefty it's not out of the shambles right up on it doesn't succeed is if Chrysler right side. It's right now it's not normally the baseline to the basket and that nothing had. But it's sort of like Santa Redmond gravity thing with a basket this is not for the just thought it was over the Atlantic coast and now that beautiful pass there was one girl went up with this little pain inflicted. Is the Atlantic this. Saddam. Still 126 with it's not saying that tonight there are a couple of the way bounces let's play. The kids. Good drive and. Following Annika that's not I've. He has run the Napa high school plays basketball high school of Washington DC. And it's not look like a referenced the sixth letters one round. If you have an influence at Clemson we'll well immediately snapped if I think it's that way slightly and a lot lot lot to. I don't want to want it it's yeah its commitment. Music history the moment now fliers through this enough right side of him rebound there and say it's hard. And with enough or hardly slows down once he gets it would. Not yet. Doctors by election that. This planet from the right right hardly read fluently jumper bounces. Is out at an event this next round with a nice day. They have the right side of the floor that's right that's right and left us that would steal those initiatives create a bit. You don't like throughout the now they let the big shoot the three pointer so that's not going to be there all night at you can drive that's not gonna look. That on balance and make it very seriously listen to us and it's not so far for Notre Dame obviously 58. It's not started laughing that's right it's again it's not on the way here shortly. We can't really hit that it was round. Vera got to let loose ball Broncos answered it's out of its last just like other days. Turnover that shot was my booty. Who still don't try to fix that fault with the refs did quiet and it's an office documents while the music related. Fluent in Atlantic iphones and honestly thought that it was not granted I got it got. Senate seat if you know I think after swell time up here for example what it's not state leading Notre Dame fifty. Eight. Hi this is actually paint and I'm a full time working mom with two of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's father worked out that because there's not one place that needs all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life fulfilled employees is an understatement. I'll do my thing compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate base interval training and Spock. They even have child care. This it optimizes when he first and whether online or 55 cents life dot com. Are you doing there beautiful cars into yeah what's the phrase. 93 lately that the all of this little footsteps of course yeah he's. My Dutch Islamic seventies and we'll talk to the bar would like to do with the voluntary insurance company and he's currently. Surrounding you weren't really hard aren't so wanna give a different. Deserves. Put out he's never on this tour but he says I didn't ninety's in some free air freshness DO state farm. Colonies including the the. Hello it is time Iron Mountain general manager horn sounds good stuff and I will pocket l.s manager and we would personally like to invite each and every one of you out to the grand opening up or any of Wichita we're excited discern which saw an entire series Kansas great deals and superior customer service social stuff I did your forty out of Wichita where you can always called a brand new Altima for us to 940. I would draw located at 10625. Kellogg's just ease the wet road check this out online order some of which talk about you know forty some of Wichita. The better way to bond. Shocker Schwartz is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley energy and think for an Andover was a lawyer. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KE YE a. Days' rest five games they have not a lot of 40%. Wichita State right at that figure out six of fifteen that shoppers are 60%. Rate of five birdie. I've only committed two turnovers that notre Dame's fourth that's half their visible per game average for the first ten minutes of the game on Saturday. Only for a thirteen 31%. And hopefully want for reasons that they can do it nine edge on the board to get. Well the difference so far as the brief reporters I would they background it was heartbreaking headlines and Carol will have one. Five points that kind of grant him free apiece for next round and Darryl Willis. These revealed more excellently fit but it looks like that last loose ball does go to Notre Dame thought. Background but it lasted. Went out but I thought he. Boy did like it was a shocker is that go global on the Notre Dame soccer lineup now has constantly surprising news jones' jet. It for the first time mr. Willis starts telling him out of surgery for much it's darkness for her own life. Whether it's not that he really get a good point is regarding future and they just haven't conversations and for the vault him. After overeating not guarded by some budget rightwing Colson not throughout his apartment looks nice Carol. There are looking at lucky and obstacles not suicidal attackers may have not telling. Good enough that's got flexibility got a chance this. It's nice hard tonight got light. I hit hit hit back after. Yeah ran right over race and it's great position. Good job five ought to leave that time recognizing that her own a lot of patrol that got defensive position at the basket. At Butler team that's as efficient as noted it is not physically the doctors are. That's certainly foresee him definitely wanted. Him to have to scramble a little cut an excellent job that they are scrambling I think they don't mind taking a lot of time off the shot clock that's kind of how they explain that they aren't kidding very good shots at the end of the shot clock opposite effect records. Anyway if it's not to relentlessly telling package Willis. Looks right dribbles left the deficit and a threat to society needs it's not it's. Three set points count not that different compared to write tonight these things that the middle. That's from the left his feet and look where it needs to announce that it can't issues they killed off the street bankers and luckily Willis hits and had to take out of that. He didn't actually take the shot I don't think we've got enough in the air and birds ran over him. And goals of what actually Colson yeah. Most experts now that's the fifth. Now on in which doctors get it to twenty that's a new rule this year that we have certainly talked about that Donnie Fowler in the opposite him was thinking the things accidentally set. I'm not there. Silent but it. Ultimately it didn't snow into the back we'll hopefully get back into the live right side cut back left penetrates a little of him on the right wing militia shot thank you for the T ball fifteen footer. Those shots and it looks nice confidence he's got fired the shots as we. Really nice movement you know we'll sell hunger hits. Thanks I think he would travel apparently. It's not safe. This is not ready for the hardly fault that the flyers fans now three. I. At your outlook when it acted differently. Thought that we. That's not right way finally let's a lot that. Four on the floor Netflix split two defenders. How. It's not fun to go on the first half of Wichita State after a nineteen to eight. The eighth consecutive time and I can't remember any candidates senators when you. You're gonna get this out the next day it can't locker in the east or west up to 40%. And none of these points is not school. Soccer playing with a lot of confidence on offense that then my kind of material over from yesterday's game against mark yet. In that sense of logic Johnson had a really hard time gonna get if you don't hear them now classic. Really look good on that penetration faith with the right now he's back left him. Went right down the lane right through three defenders. And later that. Over the program beautiful drive and the other day about it that that Ferrell is pretty big it's pretty long and it's been that defense out there and if they try to push you out if you. Just playing around the perimeter and shoot jump shots that you've got to be able to penetrate once in awhile to get your confidence going absolutely you can. Right out of when you hit a few three pointers that hit the team that haven't conceded that where the defense out of our party. Farther away from the basket parallel with the amount I. Oh as they do that happens then ultimately the penetration from it took advantage of that right there. Nineteenth to eighth Wichita State. Pointing lines filled ago. He had the first half. Evidences a series solid experience though McCain team now believe that they'll certainly I think there's always. Keep running what works for them so long way to go for the very good start for the chargers certainly she had had established confidence to get that feel. Was that about well you know cat Werth went out with his second found kind of a Philly south Buffett phoned the found there at three got a rebound. But they're these guys out Jack Ford and are these guys out. But Gerald both fit enough to these places a lot of he's really stepped up to plate we'll call it a three pointer that nice little faith and drive full of seventeen quarter. Any thoughts with the things on the view that. Rebounds has done here. Well Darryl Willis bottle Kurt you're getting a lot of this here. I think we're going to be short break now because they've they've. We did. It's. Eight at 1747%. Three F five victories that are dangerous for a fourteen and we'll. You leave out there even if it can't stand it's actors have three turnovers. In time. And so far with articulate them excellent job on her all American community obstacles. Saturday balls they hit it in two Paulson. Back to back apparently there'll be Garbajosa. They need to I was not Olson. Different sort of those right side effects. Yeah its popular faith. Thoughtfully at three point guard for the for the middle of pride in the water goes to burns of the fact that I got held you can't shoot again I don't. A couple of levels crosscourt. Yes it at the line got this event because of reverse layup and a nice pants I finished my thought to hold have a defense that laugh right here they've helped uphill and let Paulson could open the fastest. It's picked up his dribble ultimately leads. Us get to street that surgery he starts at not worth telling them. Rightly it means not this kind of pushed out for a change Jones had to penetrate steps into the shot. And it got on a flat footed. That's who it's not. Since there was right there haven't hit it IPO. Number definitely not on the wells that. It is on burns his first six. And it's six now with the thus the only who can I think it's very good line and in the yards and his first at 730 to go. Given that all of you finals. Feeling the need for his size and there. Fronts coming up left him for its cardholders announcement that you over the three. Austin for a little particularly create off the backs assigned to lenders you gonna call him over the fact. There's it's at its now. They're now with state they haven't found. 77. At L might. Deftly behind it definitely over to back home like he it's definitely. For all the pools. Those plans not to get it off and let it flop flop it also makes it nice lady and you know really beautiful vessel that's not Ronald. Circulate that money you keep the ball away from. Incidents in the end it and it's not an analyst writes the last night light holds up well. Shoppers back up at nine point they had 21 that's well. Every step that you could hopefully both nurture and Willis and got a wide open shot right into the free throw line. There all the Lugar right let's hope it's not Molson that's not an insignificant. It. That was left pulls up the fires off the factory down Willis. I'm prevent mr. hands announced that like. I let you should Kelly penetrated and almost lost it discovers that got the news you know. I thought it went against these young bulls definitely way up the market here Wallace at an out of bounds last snot flying noted there. As they get it back after. The bad shots nice and much news well that might raise all the guys would get that it was 2000 Marshall. If these three. If you found. That the why it comes back in Milan fan but for now they're joining their own wellness and the shark Alley. You know Willis. The poor man with five. You're telling a mystery particularly on it like he did for just a little bit early in the game. Six only to go first half with the hostage with a flawless nine for it yeah he left that night. Thought about it right wing definitely back in front fringe and hit guarded by feral with the balls that got left off street dabbled most of them yeah. Nice double. Crappy offense definitely with the six have yet to. I'm afraid I can't leave little. A lot of confidence. Well honey tree that's why don't let's not seek evidence. It's not ounces less than. These pieces that we'll frightening it's PJ Harvey. Party backed candidates not minded kids who goes last Friday in an alliance that was. Is that yes. If you polled now Paulson from the free throw line players in this. Let's Olympics. It works off his client elevenths. 515 to go first half and the snows left on the table backups not well it's not snake. Into the lane fifteen footers too hard off the back of the rebound it's also for the countless PJ Harvey from another day. It's doctors back at Notre Dame slows it down influence is everywhere that you have right into the vehicle lifetime goal when the fastest. He takes kids dribbles right pieces here along the way from stacking up for the top. Still dribbling out front climbing over the last night with Laura Hart yeah. Atlanta has not got my license with me. Rebounded your wellness and that is wrong snatched off the board Louis can't even afford to Kelly wasn't that that the at this. That's another benefit. It's not a good. I love. And it's left Claire's. Floating left that's not business. There are lots of yeah he's got behind soccer support French. Do I couldn't. Employees are not as for. Yes it's not business. Last night vision accounts under a guy like Jeff in many people's right to pick up their own it. Sources close to get that far away from you haven't spoke to beat state between Kevin and the thing that's. Definitely force doctors late nights well he left water belly fat cat friends can't. To let him. David zone against the three zone luckily for him out of the blocks haven't left handed hook this to sort out rebounded that's act dances. Kelly I think his on field. It is Reshard Kelly out of the goodness. Now 330 because of personality of their force timeouts Wichita State leading Notre Dame what he. Eight to sixty. 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And research associates is looking for postmenopausal women between forty and eighty years of age bothered by a loss of libido to participate in clinical trial you'll be asked to administer an investigational medication consisting of the daily intra vaginal insert for 28 weeks and undergo different tests each visit and complete various questionnaires throughout the study a financial compensation up to 425. Dollars may be provided is eligible for more information or deceive you qualify please contact Hartman researcher at 3166896669. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry and mark Alan Acosta in valley energy endangered or an Andover west's lawyer. Shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GE YE a. It does very soon afterwards I stakes yeah. So don't get set path. At the soccer league Notre Dame. 2816. Here not now in Wichita State twelve up to 25 for 48%. For a truthfully they haven't realized yet. Saturday eight of 4138. Years old before for. You know pursuit for a July 14 thirteenth and I stayed on the board just three turnovers in five. At Wichita State. Or noted it kind of training camp City Hall scored ten points scored five or ethnic. Not for the good job of if you return home. Under control it's three of the most frequently. Travel. My that round. Don't forget the other ones that there's nothing that's fine. And ultimately everything is appalling food it is awful of course look at. The court precedent it's not seriously after picking up half court man to man now we'll break it up next round back with the game started writes that. He hits list tonight Harvey about three point arc. It was the middle of it get it to flip. So have that if they're old drives slip right off the street pieces frivolously loser not that it. Try to get my chances for the baseline tapestry holes that you. Two thirds of all it's not that. I thought sequels and that's kind of its tunnels there off balance falls away from the basket. Not sit down print can't treat the right water that's just not telling follows it up but he's not for the Florida State have you found on Saturday calls for the night is that it. Big time follow effort behind it which are telling. It is bonds. Colson it's not this second now. Seventh team. Now this will be some shots that no yelling in the active shooting since he was able to get a grip on the ball actually try to shoot that yeah. First free throw attempts of the game that was honestly the food. I'll find my brain fitness back in front of it these loopholes in these last few minutes thinking now looks like. He's gonna bring him around. You know the stories. And then. Last generation. 50%. Lines converge in there but it well so far diseases that the night at three points that one worked right here. And that was a little hard. It accurately but I don't think if they got the first step towards him and get it to him for multiple David Ortiz who found. Canada is there. Throughout the night. Double team not at all levels let them back right up back over nurtured misses this recount tally up a home. On ethics act round at which it's not safe going to be around don't push off on. And it's his first teams they have to get those free throws yet but Notre Dame look at it is that if 33 to go in the first anthrax you play it it looked on here. Those rights and I hear author of the border back after the way that was not and it looked at a rate look forward lucrative. Staff snake that was that make nice baseline shouted it's definitely not my congressman mica found covered by Carol. Elsewhere it up blogger who shoots over it and hit. That's a big home most of it's not available at their conference journalism can't. Hopefully profitable depth that this ninth. And definitely if things. Back yet but if you only live. Often look like they're experts technicals and one on one of them at the program not actually hurt your wheels left hander got a this person influences of his next nine different players have scored if not stated I live my life inside outside thing. Round. Let's as the. Camp Goddard drive and of course you can't rightly drive that allow it but like Kelly got strip saved my stamp it. Not try to nurture wide open three AA office outside of the rim hit. Add out of Mao's last nuts behind notre day. It's not here's a look at the fact that Netflix. On the first half. At the last time out what it's not stayed only had two offensive rebounds they've kept a lot of balls alive the legal part of the offensive glass and Angela Park who pulled. The glances. Job one there's some background. On her answer them now with gas right. I think if it pulls it out there today. Now just minutes if you don't have to play defense wants him enough for it can't obviously got one you know England the nightly round. That. On its history it makes little bit dishes Netflix round please Larry. And Atlanta's. So that's good calories less than a minute let's just say things like. It's that's not good. Great job darkness there. A lot of confidence off the floor and it's not an athlete gets hit driver. Enough lead that yes. It's not my. Kids and I left down low of snakes can't it is not and it throws. There for fifteen air ball forest tonight Islamabad Donald and it is not there it is definitely honesty forum. And you know the floor is kind of the underneath the basket. Conclude that this is not so badly it clearly hit the rim and fell behind the basket. I didn't even know. Players that Ronald got home at sixteen ounce on again tonight at. Bottom line now that not that evidence it was Dick Paulson back in there whereas now you know Willis in Wichita State places there. Those right now as these five. Now ladies at the. David is there a baseline Jeffords mrs. Stadler. Rebound out of Afghanistan. Baseline but there. And ovals it but it went offices out of bounds. At 39 seconds to go out and have. There's a difference of nine seconds between the game clock at the shot clock I would think with us to try to play this pretty far down that would take its not like fourteen points. Pittsburgh snapped it he would art. Am really not. Likewise it's been nice if it's definitely 78. It's. Slightly for an but goes back or pulls up fifty footer. Statement that's sort of the baseline senator Carol. Is yeah kind of playing with a lot of it's not as point six. A beautiful. And I do. Backwards upside. These clowns act quickly to refinance executives have mattered to us that Florida wants. Hello. Back kind of from about thirty four. That's not what's it gonna save my fourteenth. 2000. There's 37. Okay flooding. Hey championship game. Of the Maui invitational number let's show broadcast coming back next Monday after three weeks. AJ sports ability I was thirteen victory which. And every other night on 97 and 1530. Can't president's state of the credit union of America halftime show the shoppers opt my work. But you're looking for the perfect power suit was just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game indeed had a Johnston. Offered the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. You're sure to find something that you and your style. And right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coached an overcoat. Because the top of your game this season with Johnson's at 21 into 96. 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Deeply believed to be fun not for trade and that's why we offer free delivery and lay and we are everything we now LT and catch you eat watch after. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any irony Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or his bill forest pummel. WIC shocker basketball. Thought he's on 103 point 70 yeah. It's actually lost says satirist which had just eight season is now invitational championship game. Science score 37 to 23 at halftime factors led by as many as six team. In the first half against twelfth the thirteenth ranked notre today this is the credit union of America halftime show. Every get competitively priced services for checking accounts to home loans and everything in its latest reading of America proud sponsor. About soccer basketball. I'm just really solid first half but Wichita State that issue. Really get nitpicking at wide out a couple of defensive breakdowns including one right at the end of the half that done by John Moody that they've really made it tough for a great confidence thesis or at that easily and efficiently. The answer it. Yeah Mike Richter Billy described it well. There was a break down there right in a couple of breakdowns earlier but there weren't very many of them because they've done excellent jobs. A guarding nor did Notre Dame and Notre Dame has its outstanding offensive team. I think the way that says that doctors. Are covering the auspreys. That's kind of confused Notre Dame team that hasn't been able. You adjust to a so far I think pulls it only has six points and eight are getting eight points and barrel I think seventy he did in the recent quarter. They're doing really good job on their costs down. Give tests or my colleagues here I don't recall gives it its shots and hundreds they've made it tough for him to get shots up defense it is that it really hit job on stand at Atlanta relax I've got a good job on him. Connors got a good job on campus that there are. Yeah exactly grounds that it really gets out unfairly using his length to good advantage and it really makes Saturday. Tonight I'd really like watching Vijay gifts and Landry can't guard each other and dad go to really stop the garden the other. Answer Rashard Kelly's. Starting by the polls he's got a really nice job at keeping them all away from him. Picked up shots. And because it has eight and I think he's taken at least nine and maybe ten shots at those points in the past editor at this point. And a couple of things I didn't think it always. Really really tough. Yeah. I think coach Marshall for the most part it's got to be pretty happy the wizard event. Has definitely can recounting on the defense and a Notre Dame has gotten carried the. That's that's really good at the things that typify soccer basketball or certainly there's defense and rebounding. If I get shots like they are not content grandparents had a magnificent. Understand that there really tough yeah that's what. The classic background. Has been one for aid into first. Three it's kind of training camp for a fifteen. To 27%. To divert these. Here tonight Mathieu but tonight both of those guys are behind and shooting with a lot of confidence. Let's just say let's five trains to entertainers to succeed at the exact phrase that it was advertising needs it after the break. 37 and it's funny it's great that he could say that the 40% today after the soccer yeah that's locker. East and West Virginia democratic union of America halftime show right after the. 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Reforming the album from beginning to end they'll also be doing this at a third number one hits it's now on sale pitchers like for only 5575. Highs seen online it's like to see dot com or in person it's like to think box office and interest bank arena don't miss American English at Wichita is historic orpheum theatre Saturday December 2. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for an hardening Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. Seven. Of America proud sponsor. W best basketball we've talked in generalities about the first half we now have some. I can't say I think defense that is not a lot of commodities shoot 40% atmosphere shot fifty Hitler's staff plus fifteen of thirty. 45 and a half when things got hot lap takes only free throws a hand Iverson Eric Kelly. Hundreds name was 113741%. Holdings and apply for the Pope to do. From the lines it's not state flustered on the board 750. Anything back it. Hardly anyone ever has fewer turnovers and Notre Dame shot herself noted in sixth in the first half. Doctors at fitness test three turnovers and Notre Dame had five assists and they're six. And I think that's a different things that because that was something that technology that was very concerned about they thought it would be a low possession game. And I have a lot of fast break buckets. Although that's proven he. Correct because there have been some fast break bucket that sixth colonel look towards motor and anything. And only three. For which does things. But brown it's usually do. Well first ten points perilous came off the bench for five points and three boards or points or rebounds Rashard and telling. Points apiece. It sounds constantly. And a lot of. Players saw action. Notre Dame hunting. Carlson's shots more at ten stories you might think they're all seven shots even three of seven. And three. At that time Martinez Gavin report points to take hits only got one shot off to. Path of the scoreless after yeah after. It's not a state has done a great job at the end. Floor. Doctors in great position here and have not their biggest lead was 1630. Seconds left and to have president elect that he get a fact or not. To cut it to fourteen at halftime that he solid lead for a good soccer team that very rarely gives up big leads like this now it. Gregg Marshall changed how they covered the ball screen for this quality because. Nobody does that such a good job of using their balls please those that it seemed to see what kind of adjustment my gravy for the halftime. Look for them to possibly try to throw over the top of the big guys brought to the basket. Because they have been open a few times that the shocker length in the fact that they have their hands up. As for them the past or complete itself I would look for I would look for fear with the office we try to score off the screen and look for the past over the top I. Soccer sports properties of Wichita state athletic would like to thank the the shocker ambassadors Wichita State's only level of corporate partners house wants delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics golf soccer sports properties it 316978. 7552. Minutes 3723. Wichita State at halftime second half coming up short. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds. That every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Drunk driver or involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatality that over 100 fellow Kansan news please do your part. Designated super driver. And kids home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving and remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. 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We started assisting clients with a personal financial plan for forty years now our team missing challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge we understand how you depend upon your serious money now and in the future so give us a call at 6520101. Faction associate time we'll found money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran as I PC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and generally companies. Shocker horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita Nazi agent friend would be John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. Lets you shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven. It tight credit union of America about being back on the floor getting ready to go Wichita State leaving at halftime by Ortiz 37. 23 over. While the thirteenth ranked up today. If this championship game for the Maui invitational. Elsewhere in the American athletic conference today. South Florida defeated Howard 7552. Of the sun don't have those who remains unbeaten in five I'm able finally to 59. Top ranked Cincinnati moved to six dollars and 7853. Win over Wyoming the championship game the Cayman Islands. At northern Iowa Missouri valley knocked off previously floor now at CNET news' 6158. In the battle four Atlantis that's another if that's true about president yeah it was slightly favored again. At Atlantis. Tennessee knocked off number eighteen reduced by three points in overtime North Carolina State the number two Arizona tonight in war the only favorite team. The win was number five Villanova. In a closely over western Kentucky. 6658. Also want to let you go out there. Shock resistant breast cancer through a lot of that Mexico's David maybe Colorado State today 8976. Loss this. I went for Christine. Keep them Mary Beth thanks for food safety Mexico lobos. We were so goes through a couple of nights victory. We get ready to start the second half. Wichita State up by fourteen. Who has the possession arrow flight. It will be Notre Dame possession to start the second Jack at the opening tip and I'm not sure it was a tie up after this problem. Also a lot of matches at Wichita State volleyball team smothered Memphis again today really. 45 AT and and hit it shoppers hit 457. Happy late in the sixteen kills 696. Taylor routes at fourteen year old hit 500. Doctors have now launched 26 straight sets tanking school records network packet with the the fortress went back in 1992. There about 27 and free. Nineteen you know these CNN host Memphis with a senior day match. Which has been moved up half hour we'll be at on Friday now erupted at 1 o'clock because of travel considerations. Or bad about this for them now second half. Secretive start here soccer with a fourteen point lead up 37 point three authority of the outstanding offensive team every. 88 points the ball he felt the dot president. About with the defensive intensity they start the game went. Not your lineup is Darryl Willis Landry Shannon Patterson can't exactly and it says now is successful. Forest not starting this. Tonight it's not decided he wasn't right and it flew. Flicker back and a half I have an accident that dribbles left pieces durable goods and not to TJ it's now. Yes drives left at a cancer conference can't put it up and it rolls there for. It can't almost blocked the shot that hit and it suits hang it up there have been drafted him for his first two points of the game content without overplaying the you can get them off the ball screen that you refused to golfing public face line. You've got the path of sanity into the north up into levels Douglas does its work cut out here my kids it's the street from those circles that it. Over the left wing breaking down the left slot Paulson stepped off his benefit did not intend for Willis he was open for a brief second put the half with a little bit like ground effects work again throws up a little. Fourth straight points to. Yeah at Texas a and okay. And unfortunately that's very well is that I. A man who. It finances and it's his second as if it was nice if that's enough I think they're just that they go for the ball screen is here. According to 27. Us open title and advance I was. It's not my family was every worker every night at the night's Nightline crosses over. To develop an atlas night brow lift from our friends. Not cutting the basket like that. I might not play. Battle with. Three one at the layup around the attackers after a fifteen point lead now right after it was cut. Obviously the first athletes succeed is thirty seconds before. That hit it one on one against France can't advances to gather rolling out discreetly slams. Yeah they don't want to cover that we don't want it that it definitely that Willis is filled with things we think guys think that's. And it well it's not snake in the line issues over the round thanks thrives. Crosscourt frontier three right away at this time. Well it's definitely a hero but out of math that's nasty but it's not that not why don't complete the wrong. Forty students recognized with Johnson by thirteen. And have it on the second half it. Ferrell. There are between the circles but perhaps it is terrible right now try to talk to people also not experienced those two kids left and right. It's a street forget that is the lines below flood in fifteen footer short but definitely not followed jump hook his. Martinez Kevin he gets that these these parts handles students at the time is that it points out accurately down to eleven. You're looking outside his stimulus left wearing browns. Snack. Alliance foolish and it. There's the first thought it was a foul hole. The tickets since snug. And it refuses. For the whistle had blown. Fluent successful founded and ethnic look at that when my house on kids that's his first first round would have undoubtedly and it. Like that's as far as it's that it now that you there was definitely some extracurricular activity and yeah. Next round apologize. If that's not gonna get with it didn't feel active. Life. I don't know if you're an excellent with no words of the few that really upset about them. This live event from the baseline and violent. Leon it's not lost a lot of ground for a accidentally hit a couple of months Molson grind it out the lights aren't fast with rap I'm telling you. I have a hard nasty cats. Don't let it slam once you get off before. Effective quickly. Kelly was 644. It was a great test like tonight I was going to be the hostage. Rick no influence right to left left to wonder flu shots make him trying to line one dribble. And then nice to get this posted yet but he's doubled the Atlantic Ocean archipelago. And thoughtful opinions on the right now. So Paulson. This is ninety cents points that's the lead back to eleven sixteenths modified you know Marshall really upset over a minute because the victim apparently they thought about today. Offensively but. Forty or 33 with a statement and a we're excited not a bad thing for us. Outside ground flipped predicated if divorce got deflected away Carol solicited the other way all the way to the basket block down Boston's definitely am. Yes it's accepted. Zero got a shot clock plus ahead. Back I think Connor Smith needs these night for everything that's behind them. He called found on the second straight. Actually selling it hasn't found one should feel Boris this will be his third. Night that surprises me tax credits only official I would. Larry's set up his religious thing they're a physical and confident going to fall. Sacks third first team found. The free throw attempts in the first half. Advancement deserted the only free throw attempts at Notre Dame isn't out of Wichita State had shot Susan in the team has been getting to the line Boris out. There's an end. Colson competitive tonight. And it's good to. 4435. Wood to tell us if that's the pluses that go. He's very well on the office. It's like it's nothing. It's three minutes of film right. I. That drives me at a tree there right there for treatment program but I'm afraid. It's. Can't lose three pointer likely would not qualify. Added benefit. If I left I was surprised if not a Franken is that wide open three gigahertz it was their defensive back here. Slightly different drive and frank gets shut it mob hits a shot at that was on the other calls now on there it is kind of landed on him after he forces definitely. Outfit tonight let's not fight against the you know they had the talent nurture levee is third. And you can shots coming. 1410. 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Just seen a million illumination only comes once a year don't miss out. At the door and any local quick trip and in the Tenneco dot org tickets aren't. Meyer. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alan Acosta in valley center indeed born and over west's lawyer. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seventy. Acknowledge they've led by fourteen at the half his doctors have started the second half making four of six shots. Me Notre Dame is kind of seventh and it to the lines that it made up three points and 4635. Shocker. Jacque Gibson the line another name to. Often. Ito is good to take kids are very good senator. And from the line 81 point 3% on thirteen of sixteen coming into this didn't score the first half you know as the only points in the. The second half head back to design. And that what is minutes of Notre Dame twice now. Has gone from fourteen down design the last time they get this doctors got it right back up the can adapt he had declines in reported fourth. Especially now. Luckily chance scotsman who starts out slightly different thing. Doctor inside themselves out front of him it's definitely different from the right baseline you know Willis. You know it's got his little anti doubles triples and found that if you don't have. Yeah. It's nice for confidence after six. And a half. And now the second half after only three of the entire person. Competitive side nine U. After a walk and adaptive picked up by Zach brown goes right side of the Florida he had nothing on top of the hour right Linda Martinez Kevin let's. This pattern through the line puts it on the floor shovels and judgment fair. You know those left off the dribble stuff accident thrust forward its Lugar's. Lugar right into the sea levels not enough. Kind of drive that I can't it can't get him here if you're at center. And of course this doesn't look good it's his first shot of the game Saturday has. It's tough and it's really really been affected by the office. It's. If it's time alone. But no way. That segment reflected. Doctors right now against them but it's not very risk well. But that's problem open guy that didn't look that we've had a wide open with our gimmicky written wide open. That round the that surrounded them baseline. For him man. It's very nice night back Willis right elbow right now accidentally it. Steps Israel and as the shots rebound but let's not let's get updates to benefit. Of life. Good offensively Douglas pretty thrive if it was the right. Polls polls. Analysts. Yes it's lightly it's a blanket and place it. It enhances State's land. But isn't it Kelly outlined at the ground wide open on her way over everything but I think. That's evidence one the other way with the if my background rep read all. Time out because they. It's yet. It really hard on it. It is right. This like he's in right handed him the development party things yeah. That is definitely that. At Notre Dame ball at thirteen seasons ago we used to crisis in the fluid blocked and I'll be honest I don't see. Over the phone calls that he was there block. Got a nice recovery by France champion Phillies hit against the baseline type leaflets in this campaign and it seemed. Leave around eight we get the ball back in balance it's. Past the wind kicked by a ground out of them. David because once sidelined body of the shots not yet wants an outlaw he's back here. Are you only get to break start by some sentiment on the helpful if that was people felt funny bone in your vehicles don't. While and looks like that's what. Might have been infected. They're out driving gets binders you're down and predicted that he stepped out of yeah. Get tiger. That's not a state let it blow up the united as he thought under the basket and stepped out of definitely nice to do he likes to drive all the brilliantly cynical would have used to do. The open shoots but his shot your heart healthy offered that points. And let me open constantly scared right now for not afraid to snap a printed up those rights and I believe that. Perhaps it isn't that though definitely right hundreds backed up on the wing. Right sidelines and the things that across the green left and it's frowned down the block the lowest kind of goes right. Okay. I don't think I'd say the top posts. And in hospital concluded that have been a foul looked like they definitely did make that call and all the awful we'll thin. Lou you're left wing Bryant's been saying I suspect throughout camp that this is not closed and traffic out of life got fouls penalties on. Surgery Willis. There it's on the urgent. Well we do help you gotta be careful because they do a good job plan that if the bath at that time. Clinton at the driver of the vehicles and stuff behind him. Toronto. Got that path it was on surgery that's his fourth looks like Jack Lawrence is going to end it for him Colson. With two free throws for the fourth one. Yeah. One more competitive in here it's 4839. Was fantastic at 1245. Shows ago. In this game you have to keep it flee flee from the free throw line I think he's missed three you know I think my two modified so. I'm more coming Boris is actually entered through those. Constant scoring. But Paulson did business but Paulson was thirteen. Did not state leads by 84840. You know I don't know what side of the floor and on the left claims that France champ. Re sign low. Market's history. If you haven't thought about it on the block bullet up the Atlantic not. Up right there right over. Boras knows that's not quite finished. Dribbles left roses look for the flu flu flu a couple of dribbles back on the left sideline to. They're hoping that accidental drops on the left wing losers who believe don't get off the back giants' strong rebound by leading his legs and out of there. We have the right side of the the floor on the right went to brown had a chance tonight when it was hit by flu. And we'll also go to the under twelve times now 1157. Remaining in the second half with just not stay with the possession. Leading Notre Dame fifteen to forty of them now a championship. Don't voice yeah. Motion control. For you when I can now compete with. So if your car and she screamed just call. Take care if you want you take care what's the most important. Finally I didn't show term insurance dot com windshield. Emotional that are almost. He's a great engineering hall and don't Judy you can eighties and end over or grant Collins in Wichita. 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US shocker basketball he's done 103 point seven G. Notre Dame got a seven this actress got it back to fifteen Notre Dame got it to seventh again and now it's yeah it's not just. Deep to afford it and Wichita State and we'll have possession. Of an out of this time out. No no big south Africans wise so far in the second half sleepless along with it's not stations one on noted case. For the shoppers have to feel Boris and it's three Enron under the war no one for Notre Dame with subordinates who bicycles and my team just yet but both got a couple early that if I had. And it looks like he still stick them right on its hundreds. Plane. The the Notre Dame offensive zone so full of shoppers download and fifth having trouble. Flew the ball around a consistent. Hit the ball behind closed when guys like to hear if they can hear it reliever thing. I present Morris will stand its ground. News plays into the backcourt Flynn fans wanted to on the shot clock activists report reads him. Past this round is lucky he's got lined Boris stands goes in Atlanta. John Moody who just came here for Notre Dame pounding on the arm doesn't have the shots political lines it's these first round. And the second team felt a half on the Irish and instantly by the soccer through thrown up like Gregg Marshall coming out of that time. And it's simply uses them didn't. And. It's definitely the most delegates and in the first half that's next first drives at seven points. Movie and it happened back in. On Notre Dame. And we just finally got the stats aren't we shooting 51 point 2% 54 and a half of the second half on six and eleventh at a game six of ten. In the second half of 56 from the line second free throws that I. Morris. Didn't. Both coaches advocate offensive defense it's that have yet announced right here. Are awfully it's likely it is. If it works out with both stateside and brought Kelly yeah. 52 to forty Wichita State hero cliff wants to sponsor vehicles at the basket just wheels over a defender slips it out and got a Kelly want to go where the foul wants to let him on his back. Paulson now with fifth seed Notre Dame definitely that tent and started drugs aren't just an all American life. Paints Jones in the game running the point starts right because that's the left had to that the key hole over the ground left as he gets the streets telling. That's a tough Clinton. That's an incident like Willis leads in little jumping parts his flock to. Everybody Notre Dame outlet pass through here over the Ferrell recently at fort pulls out the fires and create. That's fair and it's. And frank pleased not faith vehicles that soccer leagues down the seventh. Residents fit these penetrate pulls up to hand this off the net and on the rebound Willis got inside positioning got fouled. I feel unfold tonight. It is. Now on bonds Paulson weakness there are only the third team bouncer with a constant supply data path. Definitely you guys have a field Warren's been active in those places are now. Even in office of defense and fifth infantry floors of office. Actually it was 3000. This team on defense and listen up iTunes. I'm thinking you know president. Look what exactly now. Right side if he's gonna hit the Wall Street penetrates pulls up to the foul line bounces out rebound well is clearly over the back to TJ Hart. That's not active clock stopped by people you targeted 66 freshman he had little snowballs. Your own little respect for now barrels personalities. More than at Notre Dame has a chance to yet. Closest that it fits this exercise date ticket double digit lead late edition at seven point in Canada that it still that you know. Tonight he didn't Jones Santa. That's pretty good press comes back in Boston. A couple of long range shooters go over the top that's all night. PJ gives as. When an effort Saturday of this artistic reasons not here Saturday demonstrate against the Adam that's not Paulson right federal alliance throws one up with Kevin. I've sent my sense. It. Street Louis that's not thought about it Netflix now that alternated a note about the backhand that it might melt season. Incidents and a friend and right side. It's a street that's that's not actually produce and it. Those guys out of its second to him that makes them such rights night friend passed I suppose now right water around. After the hype most acknowledge that threatens its. On the students off the street but look Kelly sings its in left corner grounded contestants. Beyond that aren't so Harvey into the water right out of they're afraid eleven points was that Assad is acting up like 85947. Areas that it last night. It out nightly polls. Paulson is an excellent that you haven't MacBook with their Atlantic not a and I can putt that crowd there with the fact. They threw it behind closed and failed to put it toward the baseline. That was fifth I think fifth flow of that path. Body might simulate but he didn't quite get there is. Second balancing act around fifteen pounds. Chance for a three point play for that there don't get it back alive right effort to revive it but it's not an active night. Eleven points that is well rounded them every. We now welcome to the yeah. Notre Dame was. I'm thinking it's not his. I love the wars. And it drives baseline if that's the fourth and. Now recklessness doctors licensed to. You know. It's not obviously I haven't penetrate to the basement back yet both. People's rights under the hood of his office. Let them answer back catalog was sidelined. On his suit. Game. Wolf nothing fliers left it short Paulson I enough that it got found good hustle like mostly getting to that offensive rebounds. Felt confident from the shark Alley through without there to get the in the rep read all about it but in the line. And now on Kelly is his second. 161000. Wichita State to three on Notre Dame Notre Dame not fouling I think out there and that's not. And it Colson the two free throws he has made. Three to six from them. That defied again and it's five flights. Long. Time. Now. A lot of tennis can only Boris. Ground teams Thursday. With enough. It's just me. But when it Kelly round. And a little bit. Not to plant can't as it holds. Reset the clock twenty. With the state played in front left Nightline. The club the top of Houston. Around the latest. And he spots in the back toward him pictures of these flies. Right sideline for its censorship at the ground. Right a lot of friends here shots into the line little double pump group wants to rebound holes I think. Quickly look at my god. Girl for a three way short rebound Zack Morris reflected off the bounce events. Just fantastic this myself. It's him it's not for the arts whether rightly ranked him like one of browns wide open three. Sports phrase is actually out of my friends listen it's time now. It's not as fired up. I'd love soccer is six feet. Notre Dame 52. Models. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle that spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. At the chances health foundation and our emissions. We invest in new ideas that combat today's top health threats because you. Every canned and deserves the chance to be healthy looking more at Kansas town Madonna wore those shots. So this house isn't great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hard work cloud that sends a well. The house across the ranch are sold for a few years more than a mile an insurance companies just yeah how many homes you worked really hard or an activity. 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Notre Dame getting much better in the second half tonight at six overall just one of three for three. 48 point eight after the game month when one of 43 with a custody at 47 and half in the second half 49%. In the month before 49. Notre Dame is eight of nine from the line in the second half that's helped them make up some ground they are beautiful love for the game Wichita State its fourth floor. From the free throw line regarding favors the shoppers point 543 it's also close to turn over par seven through Wichita State. Doctors seventeen assists on 44 basket seven of those unless we should have it. After all that's fifteen bucks it cost is 78 when he just lets you just get it. And regarding the with a constant background as it for a 53 sets forth the kind of forum you know. Well it's not scored the second half. Another thing cause effect court whistle away from the ball it's likely that Kelly for the whole thing started. On Colson. Kelly's and now have the seventh team now it puts another day in the wanna want. It looks like that's going to be the under eight. Time out is that the previous one and I think we were short of bricks or we will take it to about 722 remaining secondhand with us date sixteenth. Notre Dame defeated. Ever wish you could call a time out of those expensive ATM fees. Wealth gets lies when you banquet equity thank you can. With your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Hello equity bank goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC. What a shocker drove into an American athletic conference tussle you can bet they rolled it on tires from Kansas land tire and ball was shock has looked up on some unsuspecting opponent on the hardwood that'll -- mascot what happened at the air fire what are his tires blew shocked nosy can count on Kansas land tired to be Johnny on the spot with service and repair with six Wichita metro locations at 23 all across the state you can count on Kansas -- tired just like you can count on the shocker for the store nearest you go to Kansas land tired not jobs get -- entire. Bear Ernie repair these guys care yeah. We can't lose. 1807453. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. Shocker basketball is on 103 point 70 yeah. Not restaurants it's there's a lot sporting occasion is Dina for tablet. Southeast wondered what that planet should come by and watch parties for a chance to separate. AA EC tournament at heartland the authors of Eisenhower at national airport. He notes that network officials thought party location. Soccer basketball. And the regular shark Alley a little bit of rest after that knowledge and a half Jack towards that we'll find him there at the four and five spots though. I guess if you give him and soon enough though he's gonna have to wait for the first it called them and they could restart on the back. Kelly stays in Paulson shooting one and one of these great pride that. Goes as high seven. It's. The. He missed his first season tenth of his first tour and is now. 678 and I think that that. Six of nine tonight mystery at his first tour. They father. And it's or. Rattles off and soccer player retreat I'm clueless but it's not safely. Is 7650. It's definitely definitely have not backward. Activated so that inevitable cuts outlined some of the afloat and they're going right down on the he wants to. Six Atlantic it's not there's behind. 6253. And a decent and it's not a shocker of relevance of these kids. Hit flyers history when all of yeah I've gone off the glass. The art of the black market. And it has said it had no back then might give them but not well one out there. 56. And rightly. Fear locked. It. Netflix and a long three and outs and. Okay yes doctors got to hit the offensive boards that part of box offices only to crash the boards. Somebody shoots outside it's right there. Right to land. Back or not. Olson right now holds about the flu or fumbles and a front court and last night and that's not gonna love it. Today doctors had one this zone. And they went back to me. Literal plant in spring camp on him but as if there my program left me yet. Yes trying to get it bulls. Baseline it's wrap it got Paulson why don't worry. Wow that's quite an all American. He really stepped up here the second half popped out of his. That guy. The time. Yeah. I was excited for. Street Louis Myers was not short to definitely hear my warrants dives for a it is not a now. Noted it. And at an arsonist. They say the early Wichita State's gonna keep it. That's got officials had a better look at it's would you switch from ruling it's going to be soccer basketball. But everything but give them wide open looks outside his diploma compliment of gambling. That's not a wide open three. Yes it. And soccer could have been shot against its own business slid three point lead. Landry will perform with. Race in Florida yes it backcourt. We'll bring it back into soccer's not afraid to fly flee for Annika related use of vested interest in it not for the trees down my middle lane Boris. Turnaround jumper off the glass Lewis hit an advantage goes to happen. That's his little heart out. I was afraid you're not a lot that's. Girl signaling the offensive side the front court dribbles left. He is still not picked it up bounces you get it right back with journalists on the floor it's well this year there is not for the reasons that the capital over the Paulson. Molson sort of violence that may fall away jumper yes. He's definitely out there. Now it's just his second of the it's not just get attacked him finally had to stop that in that's uncles and fried chicken little stuff that you will have stayed on the floor that you take office. Paulson tried to shouted waved his. Otter doing a good job of plots for golf club but Martin Luther ugly side. Willis out there through the end Wichita State on outflank the fourth accounts for 42 big it's not his size three. Name rank him. That's double play out practice round this method center. It's been through little. Is there enough mystery behind us now with the prospects I think it hit the streets there. Three from the top art off of that doctor's flooding fourth round stage at at Augusta won't. Opposition here with us today I thought brown was that he committed Ronald to actually flew wizards took it away from him. But rounded deputy that we have at Notre Dame player held off soccer basketball and through that with a fresh fruit. My friend can't stand it getting some good looks just can't not let them pass constitutional. Rights at Florida. And cancel them link him but I post listeners places chance let's wait around. And has knocked out of his. Out of town yeah players and I laughter. Have you had nurtured sneak it in along the baseline moves predicated on. But the passing reflected life Lugar you lose their quotas there. Defensive player of the year last year. He's got flipped him around deflated and had 21 seconds on the shot clock with us state leading by three. Jessica. It's happened. Right right to the. Tickets for the game and just about the best rebound. And I. Really stupid mouth grabbed it flew through the Arizona could happen. Benefit of this it. How long. Long range. The rebound came along Jack good candidate and maybe they kind of feelings now. As it relates to his fourth. At the there has not been significantly out here last year 44%. At just under 48. This year recently shooting 30% at 86. From the line while at fourteen under wartime Nazi doctors hanging by their fingernails with state 62. Notre Dame 59. Okay children aren't gonna be alphabet the next subject financial wellbeing and helped manage your money concerns at his side of your tax cut. When it comes to money you can never start learning too early. That's why starting today state farm wants to keep using tools and support you need to take control of your financing. Believe this big on the right side and balance transfers and pop quiz tomorrow we'll find out more as let's start today's outcome. State farm here to help life go right. Hello shot. 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Shocker sources brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend Moody's John Green which cut Clint does sell for an elder radio Rebecca Jeanne or Stephanie Thomas. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven. His lead slip through. Three points right Lugar. The line for Notre Dame with a lot of want to cut it to one. 350. Still to go attackers 40% overall and a half out of 45 just three of eleven for free after making five of eleven of the first half. Notre Dame three at six for appreciate it. Field while the nineteenth then nine of eleven. From the line they've not shot thirteen free throws to Wichita State's fourth. And reduce sulfur fuel in the first half. Free throw line another sign of eleventh outfit for. Well here's the second half as if they need at this deficit at the free throw line life it flickered out at three points that was his retreat at camp the game. I'm just not good for the lines as. Side that zones that. Not that. Read witness in penalties. Is that it has been. To go off the ground. Definitely it's definitely. Gives it away at it now says outfit. To hit the yeah his long arms got what he barely got off the floor but he reached up higher than it's our. Nelly does that prevent these kind of surprised by the Panthers never forget that they got that way it sounds nice bounce off. Left sideline that. Evans back the way it. Drives me cut off forced it and best. They don't have a fourth set to thank you fly completely one don't want to be pretty good job. No one points not related fly through it last night with Nazis. Last night with him. It lying there's. Leveling spectators left block double team on him with another source at the baseline lefty that this. Kelly funny bounce a quarter profits and the it is allowed to hold them. Actually this yes. They don't uncles. I thought I read that thing. Give try to stay with him. Only the fifth team now. It is sponsored calls it his fourth of nothing else that left me a little bit less aggressive. Wichita State we'll have the ball. For the 151000. Stills out of a lot of confidence in thirty minutes and 39 to go on one point lose sixty to sixty. Jack Boris smacked in the game and Connor when it can't at the end. Like to actually think. Rickie that are both undefeated doctors for no more than five and Alan either he wants to lose this basketball game really. Hard fought game. Factors that a long long time without story. You know. Anything planet that's worth its. Campground around the perimeter of the post players. Since this program. Let's. Let him know what Hansen today that it got. Okay horrible sentence surgery with open but he stood on the wrong side of the he threw it on the. Packers haven't nineteen it's not mine since wanted look at the second half went to test the sixties. Now. Doesn't just grant can't win the timeline of this again. Somebody make a basket. And the artistry. And their offensive often students and those. She's turnover Notre Dame what is. Heroes of the last night. Colson and it angered the fighting back atlas Nightline. Well it's you know off the street. She doesn't only terrorist attack but again it's a bit of that all adds granted Santa less votes I think I've seen taking. Nice defensive play battling. Drawing that charging foul on Gibson at. Now it's another soccer field his opponents. On every found at. 15 seeded heroes of the shot as it staved off a couple of Notre Dame have opportunities to take the lead at this not this is now editor one point lead definitive yeah. Enough that's clearly struggled this on the ground. So that got three good. I'm listening. It was. Florists double team gets it out to him that drives baseline. I was not just around the corner for it can't back to ground. A it is there's. Been a very close up reports CNET. Is this claim jumper it was sadness that it applies. He came up. Thirty seconds time I would think for hey what's with us today. Gonna get this are coming back at an error on defense. You don't look likely be rude surprise you with open Mikey he looked at Wall Street took a couple of dribbles. Nobody picked him off the weak little right of the free throw line wide open knock down shots Saturday it's gonna take the full time now it's not you know. I still want my base coach shows that you cannot. I think it is for a little while because of faulty Monday night road games for soccer basketball but we will be back on the air Monday night. With the weekly coach's show us Gregg Marshall from six to seven at. He sent Adams from seven to eight in volleyball coach Chris lamp from eight to 830. Next Monday the twentieth live on 9713. Thirty K in essence of AJ sports throughout the Alley thirteenth victory which. We'll get back into play four regular. For regular schedule. The coaches shows every Monday night as we get it to post season for volleyball ahead. Start getting into the heart of the season. Ronald Kirk did not running down his scores of people affected them. That's not release candidate for probably not a phrase in Kentucky on her out of the huddle so they're going with a little bigger. Defensive line up on this but that's. If there's much time left. I had better. Your game Casey this is safe must be free senator threes got three point shots not just try to get the best shot they can't. And try to get back to play defense it's only two but that. That was such a big mess this accident that stock is sitting on that one point lead whatever outback. Three with a one week ago and it's not resentment machine if you and it's possibly severe heart Kelly. Nurture and Zach brown Phil Ford cars. It's Delhi regards with Kelly heard. Kelly's son Paulson constantly says TJ yes. Antech ground guarding. That's clearly wanted to get an idea yeah yeah now back to. I see the shot. There's not one Kelly drive. Through Atlantic program. You've got all the way over on the sidelines right from the three dribbles got up into the league about quarter to 8 o'clock. What Floyd gave it. Thirty seconds if you know outlook stay fit and athletic straight all American bonds Paulson is terrific player. But it's not state. Well needless war here one player knows that that there in the one and Juan is assisting the second time. Actors yet we want to at least get it back history here. Well sometimes if I'm Obama. Played the bucket if your best player to have him make a play and that's what happened right there they have got to find people for over on the left wing. And he took Lee Hart reveled in the lane. And one out of that conference. But noted that come on the phone or an interview you have to have a faithful. 53 seconds laugh like five seconds on the shot clock which if not state league sixty. C championship game throughout the valley invitational. Both teams defeated both teams nationally ranked. They have mapped out to prevail through the second half after what's just led by fourteen at half time at 515. Now the article and so if it's now it's been vehemently thickness it took them. Doctors and tied it three things on him at the right thing that's him. That if they got a lot more it's that little packets that it can't count back if it's not much. Stan. It's not the most hope that the voters. Big shots I've given him a convergence. As I 330 seconds and in fairness and added that advances under throws it out of the things it did. Wolfson of the yeah. Terrible when it's seconds. Ronald. After the game hitting him. Ronald did a good job. It's not quite avoiding not technically would foul knows that substitutions. They're gonna get all the best recruits that they don't have anything that includes Zach brown actually reads it programs please grant can't stand the ball handler today. Boris and Notre Dame almost passed found out down treatment ninety seconds to go let's get stimulate immediately exit the reason. Gerald did. Don't want to read. And now it's one. Points a game was seventy exactly San Francisco and unfortunately that is now. Thirteen point seven seconds ago. Possibilities. Of the mind for a lot of fun and here's the Big Three throws. For the freshman from Newark Arkansas. Sophomore southward. To think that hopefully our thoughts please pass the extension. It's these four for four from the line this year 76%. And doctors have only shot poor free throws all day and now they're only up one can even if he makes both his. Still one possession game for the soccer we'll only have a three point lead there's plenty of time left. Doctors say the big great fun signals here all the this is. Yeah. Little. Three. Not to Ferrell. And I asked him. Nine seconds aids barely out of my mind off Robert Watson is not yeah. It's wow it's great block that time I think it. Ronald dirt it was a lot but Notre Dame could hit the ball out underneath the basket with 3.3 seconds to go against the. And it better be able to make a 32 time. Not fit defense they stuff but it's not as if they could completely secure the rebound it was a snowball Kelly nodded at that was tied up. At Notre Dame with the possession arrow. And today we'll have to do something quickly that's what gets time to get a good shot they only need it shouldn't win the ballgame yet the on disability and that clock doesn't. Start until the ball it's cuts and found. They'll they'll you that the quality and whoever gets that we'll probably have time for a couple of double life they'll look for them to get there all Americans want to fooled the who really did a feud over the top of defense. Any thought we needed all the free throws so. I would look. And try to get him you know you'll with a fly through this Packers try to do everything they can't do this idea or there won't catch the ball in outspent. It's got to be careful. Not enough. But the got a big lineup everybody's got bored with it. So looks like he's camp that. Now I. I'm more of her brown Kelly brown and the shortest players stand at a sixth floor how they might see how authorities that stuff here. And that you might make Marshall college time off might. Do they have timeouts left yet there's got to let go watch him they'll probably watched two of the lineup for me all the time now. What a nail biter 3.3. Seconds. Soccer's 66. Today 65. Notre Dame all under their own basket. Next Lugar is going to play again this guy. It's six in game that you got to make sure he doesn't slip into the basket and it went right at me. On the brink barrel up a couple of please try to give him the crawler that it it holds the ball. Darryl Paulson gets an. Kids fluid and cougars hit back out there what street point three seconds to. Left I'm not sure they have a plan to make a second half of the guy that catches you did about father defeatist attitude. Fredricka this is ready to hand the balls to salute. It's not enough to reflect. Sensationalism. Out. And it is having trouble. Doesn't. I'm flexible. And I wanted to help him out of the goodness yes that's helped off a little bit of a quarter. And yet it is not a flippant the path that got that moment Jack ran him. Now this guy. The 60% free throws threw for years that that's what a night. 77%. Last year and it's not a tonight. They needed to miss one moment in time. It makes good on it goes to overtime if he makes both and probably glance if point three seconds factor in making long. Down toward. Both teams going into puddles little globes on labor agreement that there around a couple of threes. In the analysts that the evidence off vital for the got a ball. That's Boris found out on it now leaves with eight points not a friend to ethnically ethnicity as the other guy is there. I think I'd have. Throwing a fourth if he makes those diseases get off the last it's. They wanted to Loveland and it's not reality since none of reference again. I want I want there haven't got pounded. And now says the it took back the discipline. Of the active citizens. And its right to combat the advances that. And I gave it an easy six. Kind of my thought here. It's. Yeah. No yeah. It's. At some point three seconds it's yeah. Yeah. A little bit free throw by the fact that this is high enough. And a couple of days free throws. As for the right now. Soccer and had good chances and go back to the fact that. And they had the lead all the way down the stretch of the second half they fit so all right I don't know what the number is that it obviously is now. How long things went well that's quite a bit of success at. Now they have they don't want frequently does that not enough to have possesses. And I hit a couple of lots of damage in the pocket a couple of buckets and it looked like they had a comfortable lead. At three point lead with a fall out of balance is thrown over. Underneath us on the far end. The other thing was resting now it was a key play of the game not only in the streets over here if you would have gone to read. Yeah I don't know failed reflective of the weather fast enough to leave. Care of people with this man they got a bucket got a don't want him. It's yeah with a three point lead at that much time to just get a hit slightly they're gonna have to. Foul right away he got a chance to stretch of time that front. Yeah it was a film that you've played. Only to have to throw out a long way fox sports. It has its chances getting. If any kind of hopefully it's not it's still fifty shots. Half ordered just it's all right well they can also go to the half court it's over the time out like they have to have a timeout left the road Catholic called time out. And have a place for snacks round facility in bonds Colson will be right up on him French camp. You better. Hasn't. Definitely yeah the baseline frozen at the sandbags Landry plus. We'll look at all the latest news conference Gladys Knight and noted there wins. Only time they let had been. Now mr. France's. I was like yeah. My little store. It 67 and Wichita State 66. In the championship game was about it. I don't work sounds like between seventeen of the closeout sale. I'm I had. Seven yeah. The 27 teams are going fast they'll get special clothes or pricing and most popular twin seventeen ship models like Silverado Tahoe introvert in London trade and get a great deal during the. Tony seventeen should be close allies. See your hometown Chevy dealer today. 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Brought you by the Kansas department of health and environment to learn more go to www. KD HDK. And stock slash diabetes. Hi I'm detective Rusty Smith with which tough police department and we want to have a safe and happy holidays remember to Obey the posted speed limit be conscious of the ever changing cancer sweater and dried accordingly and most of all if you're going to a party don't drink and drive public which are safe in your community. This holiday safety tip has been brought team bus and went home team room day. For free home analysis consulate tones at 684000040000. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark how come up in valley center ten dink porn and over what lawyer. Listen for all WS shocker. Basketball game on 103 point seven GUY and we should tell. I'm back through a lot specifics. Really really tough first loss of the season let's just say he shot his flip flop ranked Notre Dame. Throughout the entire game and visit Taiwan not to. Dating as Notre Dame went to 676061. Of the valley invitational titles doctors. There's a lot of things right but struggled to score down the stretch of the second half of that had a couple of mistakes late that really made it. It's well that's was everything remember the mistakes late three point lead ninety seconds to go to doctors in front of the fallen into Ferrell somehow got got. Got the ball got an advance this. Occurred at three point game if you'll want to point. For a foul on Austin reed does it make good curse of the one who want. In they came down it went right now the wire the doctors also made of this again. I think you Zach brown shark Kelly got the rebound they got tied up on the ground. And it was possession arrow. Notre Dame and that's what gave me opportunity. But it could get the ball if you haven't thought of found it. We feel myself a couple of yes. Near misses by the doctors. Please note that in fountain of golf and not collecting it offensive rebound that was the difference. Won't. Let all the numbers story. Final thoughts yes his that is basically a game we definitely definitely can companies Cummings of Cummings is your typical defensive. Lot of laughter but it's nazism qualities. Or visit their company's LLC I'm not having since coming off. According to our needs always come first. No chance locker room discount obviously because doctors did not win but remember you can save as much as 40% accidentally shot at. That's locker room east and west they'll always be happy to say thank god it. At tense late night that it would just senate sergeant at home after this so please drive safely. And your drive home the game has brought to you by chance to slam title of service. Retires. Slam dunk post game show brought to divide Johnson's athletic vs K 96 when you'll find so much war. 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Notre Dame 67 Wichita State 66. In the championship game of the Maui invitational. Event. Wichita State led for 37 minutes and 43 seconds. Notre Dame led for 22 seconds total in the game including the last two if you think. Those that Martinez. Well what it's disappointing loss one that won't be soon forgotten about because there. Players they think such a good first half really shot the ball well how to. He's not just lightens up next round I played really well defensively. And I thought there. They've really had that game console but Notre Dame regrouped at halftime and not in the second half with a plan. You try this slip guys to the basket drive to the basket and really attack. Doctor yeah they did differs contested layup that got Kevin free throws a couple of jobs. And they did a great job of attacking his soccer fans and they cut the lead with. Inside ten points and it was at Los Angeles way. To put numbers on it they left her under 41%. The first half to 58%. In the second half Wichita State shot 41 of the second 46%. For the game against Notre Dame defense that has not allowed an opponent. Shoot 40% and shares are not a bad offensive performance by the soccer's except that long drives now. It the second half at notre today let's say red hot second half plus they got to the line fifteen times in the second half Wichita State's Marines. And it may thirteenth to fifteen they outscored the soccer's like nine from the line for the game there's. That's ballgame right there in the shoppers were five for eleven from behind the arc behind the three point line. Is it first happened the second half only three out of twelfth. And they needed a hit a couple or three's against that notre Dame's own to get him out of that zone and they just had a hard time not to me those open threes down. I think tonight r.s are the game and defensive player of the game with the same guys start of the games brought you by the Kansas lottery gets Kansas lovers. Thank civilians. Become a millionaire. Status not only dot com for the most current jackpot when Kansas lottery. And green acres at the defensive players here this rocket like got you covered a lot. Folders like your living room pre privacy of your bedroom. Right when they're free solution. 166127000. Or go to got you covered up what it. Not covered serving that was. I gotta go Zach brown with the death of clearly game I thought I hit a really good job of Beryl made it really earn his points girls got us. Fifty points but yes. He had five turnovers so I thought that brown. Really really did a good job on him and his background also hit a really good work of the office. Actually help soccer. 56 conversions over all a team leading fourteen points those that. Is it can't get defensive player of the game. Please quiet game is presented by live the life. This next round and putting down the block Lawrence middle of an attack accident different camps the ground. Active brand can't thirteen on the shot clock over to Santa. Kinda shoots him off the ball stated that came home fifteen footer there. And again they got nice gimmicky Hoffman it's free it's been holed up from 153. Point three. But today after hitting an air ball on vehicles and honestly wanted to have fallen out of bounds doctors. About it Notre Dame stolen out of all the Olsen volleyed sort of that if you want. Now the Austin Reeves who missed the front end of the won it one shot there's got to this got to rebound they got tied up with 3.3 seconds left. Go to David founded thought. RT just gathered for the basket sat scores had profoundly. And given that they fix it can't free throws on the year found the first one on the rim twice and found that it had at that lately they've effectively went. We don't bicycles that would make it everything down the stretch it still wouldn't miss that three pointer need to fulfill badly hit landed on deflected off the river. Landed out of foul. Those shocker that the the goal 53. Greg barker put all of the free throw shooter CN. You know look like we'll recover. Apply at that point I was feeling pretty confident that doctors were gonna win the game but it did happen that way. Doctors lose at 6766. Back to wrap things up on the Johnston post game show from Hawaii. But you looking for the perfect now. RC or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear a watch the big game indeed they had to Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style. And right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets tough coach an overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season with Johnson's at 21 into 96. Its own reflection of his mark sounds like between seventeen should be close out this time. I'm fine. 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But a decade ago the government changed the rules for the type of coolant to prove to air conditioners so your system this ten or more years old and you have a problem. He could cost you over. Thousand dollars just to replace the coolant. On the stock has a better option. How one of their comfort consultants come out of checker system and it did qualify to get you up to 18100 dollars in trade for a new energy efficient models. That's a win win. Cult plus stock for detail 943. Cool shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Jerry Crawford Sandra need Bernhard thank Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. Listen to or download podcasts of WSU shocker basketball on KE YN dot com. Sports I do enjoy Google glass yeah. Here's about doctors went 5395. Minutes. Second scores and second half cold stretch from Portland campus that does to pull up jumpers late in the game that long drives though there. But noted in the coming back I started a game and defensive player of the game background joins us. I can only sense is now incredibly this morning. Yeah. There's not. It is also rove was also so devastating thing. Who's an amazing. Part of something like. In this position you know. As solemn day. Actually couldn't really see what happens guys were up three netted him about. It is out there in Vegas and Elizabeth bounce off somebody would have. Only you can he came from behind after looking for more on. So the ball game for bonds looted. You you have played great defense on here but I you're looking for apple. I'm only what they confident. Come looking for a month. Like got bit. I gave. Gave them have involved. We'll. That I could do more. Something is no all of to. Definitely. I know it's going to be hard we. Or tired gave more effort. I think 33 and guard that girl like that every second walk. And they run him around a lot of free an awful lot of fault me I don't know he. You collided with a lot of good guys I go it alone from body hard enough. You got to our fellow must open to debate because of the world thought you know movements wearing black. They were pretty. Came all of whom very well. We'll. Well he's definitely got fifty point that you gave him. It fourteen because of 51 he did an excellent job on him. And when he offers. You really feel at night for a 53. About that. Is. Say it does something about the work and all right I'll I knew I knew already there's like man. Offers seven that's not enough that they've got a note wolf victory. It's not because I'm not if you come on here. We'll we'll we'll files. No above I have I've never lost my confidence. He's playing bass. Because that means that if you're not satisfied without the knowledge you better you guys. Played a lot of good basketball. Against the very good to it was a one point game and it's just I guess my there. Do you feel better if you keep you on the. Only. See. Or thought turnovers you want everything movements in the adversity to shoot 40% against them on he shot 46 it is a lot of things that would. A couple of plays. Have all with Osama that a commando. Providing all the way to the last thing you. That's what Goodson who. I'm really are really only you can see them again. Have come out this way. Yet to really. Basketball. Well coached basketball team. And neither team wanted to pick a lot of guys. It was really really hard hard fought game coach mark is that in the bill that. Going to be a possession that game that it comes down to a couple people lately. Drive your life. Came down to the public people who. It's not only the fifth game of the season long way to a lot of work teams on this schedules. If you stay here. Forty. I'm on the positive view on the scene right great ball exactly where it really really well thank you back thank you know I'm. Zach brown started it was also our defense to start the game is effectively the heartbreak of Notre Dame six and seven. 66. Coach Rick martial artist. Better reminder that November is almost over November's shoppers that are not that Carlson Kelly Shoppach cheerleaders from one hitter at all free. Thought Carlson Kelly applications Kellogg had 47 to south Broadway at 49. After rock there's fear floods and we'll fund raiser. For one out of support team. That supports the truckers. Wichita State we'll be back in action next Tuesday against Savannah State at home. And then on to wake go to played Baylor a week from Saturday. Next have been Coker to shocker volleyball. Friday afternoon 1 o'clock her serve and we'll have actually touch it you start the group that is good news starts on Friday lucrative for shocker. All of August Memphis to close out the regular season of the twentieth consecutive win and they have won 26 consecutive sets with so little time. Record tying performance Gregg Marshall joins us next presented by express employment professionals on a mission. Put a billion. The work it and coach Bob just mentioned something he said in the film session today do you guys it is going to be a possession by possession game and it just came down a couple of positions at the end of the book. It did. I thought. But we played great first day after that they just they think they jumped out our defense wasn't as good the second half they meet some great adjustments. And they just made one more play money you know I. I know that we're gonna have a lot of games like this that's a great team that we played that well coached a ton of respect for my grave. I really like him and I just. I can't be down but I'm not gonna beat down of that I just ask my feet for one more play and remorse. And I think I know that my staff and I. Figure that out. That's easy it's easy for these kids are so comfortable are so tough. I'm not gonna dwell on the negative I'm not gonna do well we didn't know. Why trophy and all that my. It's been it's been too good trip and did it just. Great great kids do wonderful coach and love each and every one of them a lot of them really torn up that locker room. And you know. Figure out a way to help get one more play one more basket. Or more rebounds. Who what when let's turn over one would be its. Who will be here. He said sent thing the other day that I think's important going forward it seems like every time you come to the interview room after game it's a different guy or two with you tonight background had a really good team offensive force to see him get going offensively there. He you know it's it was one when look for something on the year from three. And in you know the toughest environment that you wanted to hear more of what parade yes it was it was horrible we goes four for five. He guards a Ferrell. And Ferrell has forces five turnovers. And six for fourteen from the field and hit it great stop on the last play. We get the rebound just can't. Secure it without the idea. We've missed the one of war and we could slip to the basket on the on the bills played the last thing exit to the team guard Jameer don't slip. Course they slipped to 50% free computer box of them. They think you have to read through my history where. And T I mean that that ball would have gone to the wall that had hit that backboard and hit it I couldn't believe it wouldn't it would add missile that has no experience it was just scud missile that went so hard in the backboard it just went right through. It was just one of those one of those things so. We'll go figure out how to get three more seconds and one more plea in this achievement and I'm I'm not discourage. I have a lot of respect for their program and I know how good they are and I know what what kind of caliber of basketball game tips off. Absolutely legally challenged. You cannot start frank can't defensively. But I thought today he did it both defensively and offensively tonight hear that brown came out and really. Just really shot it well in the first half that you guys would just cut them off on the offensive end and I thought. Connor was holder's only defense event as well so you've got some performances for the guy and he has that around. That you because it seemed like nobody was really focused on Landry sham if it really focused on should act more stuff with them. Yeah they and they did a good job with that it be courts had hoped for from. From three to tackle happen very often he didn't take bad shots you can make one of those shots and O'Connor had a couple really good looks one leg right right the property he it was his book. Austin's going to be free throws over the course of the year eighty something percent. So. Often at three years corner and hit the rim and why is that yes that was that was the one that they have to round didn't go ahead and weigh these ramps civil it. It just didn't seem to happen for us all here. OK okay Hughes had a lot of good people. At. And they're going to be. Board games like this on your schedule this year with the quality of you're flying in captures is refuted you know your way towards those absolutely we're gonna get back it was definitely a first of all we're gonna enjoy the last couple of days here and how we. It I haven't done anything other than watch film and try to coach my team. Enjoy tonight it's my mom's here issues of 73 birthday. So I'm gonna have announced there would occur. Don't want a little bit tomorrow and Thanksgiving and I've got a lot of things to be thankful for months and really do very. Very fortunate and blessed. And I just wanna I wanna think about the policies if it was a tough tough loss nobody likes it nobody dislikes losing more than. And you know it that this is the breaks didn't go our way the period in. But I loved by T I love. Love coaching them I love. Love everybody is getting by which targets on the ledge step off if you think about all the positive in your life. Things could be worse you really good thing and we're good at what go fixes three more seconds and world report that's all gone the next thing you could later this. Things that coach Gregg Marshall. Presented by express employment professionals doctors was tough when 6766. They named a six person. All tournament team plus a seventh most valuable player. And Wichita State took three of the six spots Landry sham that Shaquille more Trisha. Along with Andrew rousing of Marquette Fremont waters at LSU Bonzi Coulson at Notre Dame and Matt Carroll of Notre Dame. Once we. Team. Good choices and certainly well deserve the tree shocker. Really I'm really happy that. Charge Kelly got on that team and I thought Shaq Morse did a lot of good work as well of course played him for agencies that didn't shoot well outside. As he has been all season today but boy he sure did a lot of other things defensive. Hit some key. Rebounds. Set up a lot of his teammates for buckets that he made a couple of key buckets down the stretch for the shock really struggle against that zone so. Really happy to see those three on the altar thing. Thanks to all of you who have stayed with this late night. I backed it with two top past midnight that they're now on we really appreciate you joining us then that's what our sources there on the ledge it offices. Another exciting. Exceptionally good season. Wichita State lost one point dale slider to really really good team but if you're worried about this kind of thing out of cities soccer's drop the thought they lost to another ranked teams have those matchups yet this year between ranked teams. At Arizona the number two ranked team lost when I'm right. The battle battle for Atlantis today itself. They're going to be too much movement to shock if you're still going to be highly ranked notre Dame's probably gonna move up into the top ten with this win. And as backgrounds that might see you again later on. In the post season well and that might have. Because both of these teams there are two two did in the infidelity rate and battle against it. Incidentally her. Well that will do it for us via the next shocker basketball game will be Tuesday night against Savannah State at poker read. 7 o'clock tip off and then on to Baylor perfect matchup for another top forty team out there Waco we from Saturday. Coaches shows on Monday night for making exports growth the Ali Gregg Marshall six to seven and Keith Adams said today. Slam 8830 at my next broadcast will be Friday afternoon from Coca root of the final volley ball match of the regular seasons attackers take on Memphis. At this so for Andrew handling and Bob ball. That will do it from now it attackers came ever so close to bringing back a title than lose in the championship game 6760.