WSU Men's Basketball vs Marshall 03-16-18

Friday, March 16th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Marshall: L 81-75

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Engines now. I've lost in the morning. Everything. Shocker. 10317. I hate you why am I would pray for. I'm bringing down here so point seven. California. San Diego State that we are ready for the journey. 1008 CN. CAA men's basketball. Wichita State in the tournament with a seven consecutive year at. Chapters will take on Marshall in the upcoming game the shocker and forcing it this year is fear that marshals the us conference USA tournament champion after finishing fourth in the regular season and thirteenth seed Marshall comes and 24 at ten. Wichita State 25. Cents at that. And I'll tell you about a thirteen for a matchup is that what buffalo and Arizona where I asked the high line alongside Bob Paul and de golf we are ready to get this thing rolling and handling in the studio you know how that works if you wanna give us a call it is 8691037. 8691037. Area code 316. Add on Twitter. You can reach us at shocker voice with your questions and thoughts we look forward to hearing revenue. At certainly gentleman one of the more interesting matchups that we have seen for Wichita State all season because of a very unique offensive style of the partial victory here. Natural. Chaos I think they call it they fly around. The first ten to fifteen seconds of the possession. Coach Collins that's that we watch out if it's for that they feel a thousand miles an hour in. And we'll talk more about exactly how they attack you that is it is that different style event. Don't like to play defense during much they get three point again often. They like to do lob pass. In any mid range jumpers. From. They take. 28 point three. Three pointers for ballgame a large percentage of the shots are three point shots and never again they have several people looking at a very high percentage of those weeks. You know one of the things it's really interesting about this matchup is. All the connections there are fortunate programs that have only played each other twice and those were almost eighty years ago Wichita State defeated Marshall it was tipped off. It's a 194041. Season. At the following year Marshall beat Wichita State in Huntington, West Virginia both really considered or small college type teams that. But that can't Henderson. Was the coach Marshall at the time is a legendary figures there rebates named for him because they're for a long long time. I his first great player who Rivlin was marshall's first all American. In 1940. And it succeeded him Anderson as the head coach for eight years that he for audience. Names like Al angrier at Leo and I two really brought Marshall to prominence in the 1950s. At. It's been a long dry spell for deficit their first NCAA. Tournament appearance at 31 years. After going three times in four years back in the late eighties. But the other connection of while the other connect sheds. Certainly there is a Acer bond between Wichita State at Marshall which all of us are aware of who are they certain age of course both had a horrific plane crashes involving their football teams. In 1970 Marshall has about three weeks after which time states. Dan yeah Tony. Their head coach had just graduated the Marshall was on campus as their freshman basketball coach when that happens. We talked about edit his news conference yesterday it's something that. That stays with everybody that was involved with those two schools and certainly are aware of the connection between two. Yep as a matter of facts on my Q and I would look time. A lot of people were killed in the plane crash Wichita State friends of ours. Knew all the or almost all administrators. Do these stewardesses and the pilots because the basketball team. Flew to saint charter service. It was a terrific day and it is still for the state to state but with the Emery. And down Marshall. Com has the same experience and the same reflections post you and I were interviewed on their radio program yesterday and it almost brought tears in my eyes for calling it. And then tune up Wichita State's coaches Gregg Marshall and Donnie Jones for a one time on the staff at Marshall and so. They have. Right and if people from the media at the university and so forth that are here who who they do back in those days is so we have that connection is well and they know how hard it is to get to. Hit the Marshall. At this level it college basketball so that they've both experienced it firsthand itself. They don't what it accomplished if we're. Pertinent data Tony is to win the conference to say what exactly and give it to be at a liquor it's their first time what that 31 years. At it's operative that on really. Fantastic ride your list of the seventh straight. NCAA tournament. Guys think that 2012. We are out west. That's that's fine importantly it's Portland. Played before you move that was a 512 matchup with the five they were that twelve of the Friday night remember telling my. You know life. A five haven't lost that to a twelve yet and there are at it. And we were the fourth went over the last 512 the flag shirt of these these packets off when. When sharks for study him under virgins they were kind of wide I did very very well. And I was expecting to see Marshall Field the same way that they have very experienced players very mature players. Comment her self confident players and that comes from audience. Not the style that he plays. At their load adopted got that got ready to go when they're here to win a ballgame today. Also. It's like there's one element that one dimensional we'll get to that anyway it's it's going to be a fun day and the states here which is you know that's the thought leaders Jan had just talked Crist chances Mexico's status here they'll like clumps of later Earl grant had met prior art here with College of Charleston as the shoppers faced earlier this season with the top. And they are here plain awkward tonight so it it really has been cattle but we definitely agree could be game here. Can't stand it go wrong hopefully we get to stay for awhile alright let's get to the sponsorships Twitter again at shocker voice on Twitter 8691037. On the phone at Al leads us off now. Well thanks for taking my call or stop. No it being mad at the date that we know what the best out of marked. That somber. On its way. Balances to your armed guard and that's what happens as a symbol that we wouldn't. Let them win larger challenge is that. For our votes in both staff and workers aren't. Yes and radically different kind of seen it you know that you know we generally don't see. At that level and vote then that but I don't within the first vote properly there arc. Both mark and at that West Virginia West Virginia well. It's good question now and first oval shaped like you now and now that's not don't look ahead we're talking about it today that. However a little bit I think coaching staff has to look at it that way as so I picture is that. The the three full time assistants were each assigned an opponent itself and that Collins did it has started mark has scouted Marshall. And I hear that ought to Donny that was. Not a Donny Jones a nice round. Have taken the other two and it prepared for not only West Virginia but very stay in case they win. And then they'll you know at Wichita State wins they'll watch that. The next game. At each will be watching their team and getting more details on their TP bit looking for things Bob like. Like calls or hand signals that things that you could pick up with your lives countless yeah if it's it's not a real big challenge for the coaching staff Kyle because they're used to doing all season long. They're always taken it gave me that you gave it. And they assign a different coaches different schemes. And the of them were Gator it kills has all the video broken down and thought it's now so. They keep it's that it's as a coach there Marty RD haven't broken down there you have to put together on both. West Virginia and the state America. I think that the challenge would be would the players adjust to this of this town hall where you either one of those styles of all in. But I I don't know I don't think Murray or let it play. In the radicals and what we see during this season people registered this season maybe not as much as much for him yet but we've seen a lot of races. But today is the challenge that they were planning team that plays unlike anybody we've played all year now everybody laugh at. No nothing to lose types of things. I'm if you compare to a valley team it's like at Evansville team that comes down throws it out from wherever they are that much better players. And Evansville ever had and if that's a younger players that. Are coming in to their own and that's one of the reasons. They've been so successful. Obviously you guys at the scouts have started for both Murray State and out West Virginia. Tom but today's game the coaching staff doesn't want the players to switch on screen for players are. Want to make sure word that they stayed on their demand because they like what's this green light to go and and get the return pass and maybe docket I think they will probably switch screens both against West Virginia and against Murray State where they played it's not something. These kids are Smart kids they are experienced kids they would have a problem making that adjustment you know the only. Keep I keep coming here to this you. Is he BYU team that we played for Kansas the CD classic. That's the Simpson and you'll. They came down and shot it within about five or Kenseth and time down the floor and it took awhile for shocked at just that. Style of play that these supplies now again this is still. Different quite a bit different but this doctors have played some teams this year the only two teams. That play faster in terms of seconds for position before they shoot it that it. That Marshall. Arson and a state of Oklahoma with a soccer is played early in the year to date they have played a couple of teams that at least on occasion. Played like this five out spread it out yet South Dakota State that does that's not that I sit here the first game was doing network they had shake built. They had to change the way they were played once he went out yeah they played five about it to what they wanna do with that shocker fifth silently. It that it usually that neutralize that I think with both hands. But. Not a finger goes to move as quickly or bath. As if this march because they've they've really play at a frenetic pace that come off there's reed really quickly. And a lot of victories were threes like that gave that they do a lot of us with a faster. They look the law. At one haven't partner at mid range jumpers and a lot of depth they have a couple of its offense. That are decent players. They shoot the three really really well makes its community definitely well 1 o'clock last six games at four point 33. Points right. Not once again I don't defend well but this team likes to fourteenth album as they take it to the basket if they put the ball on the floor. Shot from outside. What they plan to do was take it all the way to the basket Indian lat and asked for ball games if this. For the free throw line three point 7% and it could be devastating shoppers that put them maligned and often. Interesting question about. What other team in the NCAA tournament has as many players with as much turn that experience. As the shoppers. I'll I'll see if you guys in the sense that I would think not very many. Because the the other programs. That the NCAA tournament now four years in a row like which I state as it with six seniors five. Four of them have. Didn't at least three of the tournaments five of it and at least three that your that's. Because some of the others that have been often have had more one and done guys that don't have as many players that are warriors I California. Alone. It regards Richard. The card. That's what this is the first time it has yet the other definitely experienced players that around Donald law not to room. Now yeah I would say in Villanova brought the little guys that have been around a little in West Virginia and upper class who got them again. They have have us. I do. So there are few but that in terms of you know NCAA. Games but it is not that it's just might click that. Wichita State has a lot of guys Zach brown. Has played eight games through Sheri Kelli a counter for it can't seven Shaquille Boris eight. In the NCAA tournament markets that death is like I mean the service that is somewhat unusual experience in the tournament itself. In this day and day out that's that many. Teams have gone deep in Kentucky knows the players are here Kansas has gone but the residents of over. But you've got France for example waiting Watkins the well and they've had success for witches and others plus. Like five straight years we gain yeah definitely. Only for the team the other team. Polls that though. You know they've had it not only got that yet but they want it. I thank you patty for that question and it wouldn't back the phones at dot dot thank goodness. They got her. It's been a great tournament yesterday. Was all that pretty. And negating. I think they're going pin maybe five or it may be only five games this has been. Easy game flew one piece. It's been brought to replicate her down the war in most that would prevent on the last job. And you've got a veteran Mario. Ricardo. Could go to him I would root informant. That was an exciting game. You know I get there been a few updates to at least according to the where they were bracketed. Hopefully W if you avoid that. And it can't you know they're here and I would imagine you guys earlier talked about counting their fear it. I know they have been. Thursday. They might take a long look at Maria and reputed good pick that we could be put a note be seen. They're pretty good them built. Out thank. Good debate tomorrow speaker felt the earth and a half hour. Go to certain. Thanks guys thanks you know. We were talking about this for a lot of years everyone has felt all year those people that follow it follow college basketball closely on the national level. That this is better than usually balance here in college basketball that it really there isn't date dominant team. In and certainly everybody looks at Villanova Virginia feels like they're probably the two best teams have been the most consistent. That neither one of them is this this necessarily win the national title it was expected to be asked how close turnabout and receive added. And once again we're seeing it teams seeded twelfth and thirteenth so forth are good teams that can beat. Very good people. Add attic yet I still feel like it humidity that's. Poor job of recognizing that those teams that nothing is that a question middle Tennessee at Saint Mary's and that the tournament. At that those are better teams and you'd better games in the eighth and ninth place teams and some of the power conference. For any team from about a pack you have to don't put anything from the better candidate well we're we're biased. I don't I don't think if the I don't know I think. They hold the people around the country. Would rather see middle Tennessee your state ferries that that it eighth that's key to the FT CU that night he obviously that the wants to be in the and all their fans are very happy that the art this point if they don't get the footage there but. I think I think the big school like it's possible to get the big schools and the upset like like buffalo and likely Lola I think that's what makes it different with special. Some of those teams. Are in the tournament from the larger conferences with AT&T and constant reference and what's battle of the Fannie and we have half the games in the conference they still it and I just don't think it's fair. All right we have question here about. A number of eight schools Stacy schools compete against each other in net soccer record anything that double the issue might fielding and soccer team my centres of high school. Wants to study engineering and play College Soccer left a lot of states. To do that not that I have heard about. Certainly that's a sport. That if Wichita State were going to any sport or sports or if they did so they would probably do it. Both genders if they're gonna answer accurately advance and witnessed. And certainly that's a sport that that if this conference would be competitive sport that you can add. Relatively more inexpensively that's about it sports that you might look to add but right now I don't. Wichita State had to pay a lot of money up front to get it that this conference. They're not part of all of the revenue sharing yet what his first appearance are so I think it right now would be premature to be thinking about etiquette in the sport it would be wonderful. They would do some things like that might but it is just terribly expensive even know what's less expensive. You have to fly to the case he's schools for heaven's sakes I mean that's a budget and for Tutsis. Title nine mandates that you have a certain percentage of women. Participants as well which I think is a very fair thing to do. But it's not 5050 like a lot of people think it's proportional to what every student body is. And the student body it's honesty is 54%. Women 46%. Then. So it will be very expensive I I sympathize. With the hope that Wichita State with yet soccer program I just writes I think of it. A lot more sense than adding football is there truth especially with all the fish coming out of my confession that. All we know about three football. The fold back through it all that as well but I don't see it happen in the next two or three years. At least because not only his doctors have there's a lot of money up front. It is the eighth eighth pieces here but also we will get a full share from the other thieves. We get if we can share our participation in the NCAA tournament but we will get a share from Houston. Or Cincinnati. As part because we're doing with the league and that was part of your contract self. I don't see us those that have a lot of extra money that we don't. Have enacting I think he forfeited what we would be bringing them in the Valerie valid we have out his seven years I think we worked as all of that's. And that was Wichita State monies and west of virtually anybody else was pregnant when. I would want to mention that since the checkers are on the road today away from home. The officials watch party location as you know it's really tough courses southwest corner when he first of web. Have a feeling a lot of movies headed to those places today to watch the game so. Come bikers like hard to get a chance to win great prizes courtesy of Eisenhower national reported Diego's Philip taps works official. Watch party location. We're shocker basketball in your drive to the game whether it's there or elsewhere for occupy Kansas flat tire and service were great tires and professional auto service are always. A slam dunk we'll get back to your calls aunt tweets on the trust bank pregame show right after the. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a mile first. It is for me with no money. She got command and I can't believe won't contract for the great now with us much Cuba permit it I can't believe this can. Healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile dollar delta dental. 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Straight flights out for part of me that's. This fancy at the feet about it instantly here. If he flew to Boston next weekend but that we'll get back to the east. Obviously the second most. Yeah it yet and yet the only school then it'll at of these eight the next day they go right farther away. Nobody's asked about this but you know coming from Wichita playing at this time of the morning out here at 10:30 AM start here San Diego and Marshall came what is in Wichita State it's really no big deal to. At the plate is certainly what your opponent traveling. And yet. That the problem you know revenues are off. Now that you're that they while we'll have been the warriors don't wait that long later. That was a big complaint when they first got into the conference wired point God's name we've played in the conference we have frowned. Anybody else and he said well you want him to not want in the last time you raise that is football. Not a what. Here's here's an interstate kind of a follow up is that we've had a talk about obviously because there were a couple of street people wanted to make a big issue what it does states is called time out. Before those last eight seconds of the Cincinnati game. Gregg offers through many commentators saying how Smart thinking is that at Loyola coaches were for not calling a timeout in the final seconds of their games yesterday. Because obviously it gave Loyola and Houston. Players a chance to just make a play in the flow before the defense that it could. Completely swollen you see how difficult it is to get the ball in bounds and those types of situations why take that chance. On having that happen and then also white take the chance of having the defense in the opportunities at what they won it. Right here. You're not close the Pentagon get a better shot if you could bring it up before. In the moment and he dances organized. The only thing if you got the ball in the right players say that if you. The ball goes down reporter for the wrong players hands. Yet called timeout. It hit the ball. Get a plate called it ball let your guard but if that situation what allies are perfect for it on down if it's not me remedies Saturday read them. In defense. Disorganized and it works of last second shot works less than 50% of the time that's going to happen but if you have players that are capable you have a Landry sham for example read a conference camp who over the direction he's. It's a pretty good shooter. Why not go with your part and with those issues and give them an opportunity to close the deal. Greg also asked this kind of goofy question I'll solitude just that dressed for the coaching standpoint. Will Wichita State played more zone than usual due to the nature of marshal's office. They're gonna play some zone. I think if if they can't stop the penetration they can't stop the flips and flops. Look for them to put themselves out there. But it's gonna have to be very. Song that really concentrating on the three point shooters because they've got. Multiple three point shooters they gave all the time. And they're happy talk and I thought it really really covered with earth you know one of the advantages Wichita State is at the entire season as the rebounding. In for the last five ball games it's a plus eleven rebounds per game. One of the areas where Marshall was deficient is in rebounding almost a minus eight rebounds per game except for the last eight. What happens is you might neutralize that oh advantage just a little cute though it was zone it's a bit harder rebounds out of that and honestly if these guys are such. Great perimeter shooters that they'll salivating at itself so. I wouldn't expect to see too much self maybe some but not a lot but sometimes you'll see Gregg Marshall is filled with. Like what that. With time out and hit it in order that he is that clicking offensively like Houston was he within the zone. How's that they history in Rome so the fact that fifteen out of their rhythm if they're really clicked in the relive their office well. But don't a couple of trips to food chain and yeah and not for any extended length of time but yes just crossed the mark and. Had a quick question for Patrick it's easy answers everybody healthy yes I think it's obvious you could be at this time of the season and everybody ready to play. Wichita State could not have what they've been used to in terms of that extra week to and a risk that you'll people up that. Most Marshall played its tournament last weekend's I mean most of the people they're going to be flagrant saint vote did not write the conference tournament playing games. And a day or two I don't think it depending on whether or not he's got kids that are. Stuff that's a little bit and Gregg Marshall would have liked that extra time I think he gives settled into the fact that that this might feel faith and nothing. Let's get back to the sons David thanks for being patient. I've got a comment and I liked him. I don't think enough help out our doctor Oliver but in the university. Win lose or draw last several years Greg Marshall had been phenomenal effort in the work but he can't argue that. My question is there's never seen all of the old Alan if not that we can. Who would think there's more deserving of a fit our. Fourth or fifth they feel like that's review or careful for a second or third place speak and somebody like the valley are smaller. It just us at first thought your comment David absolutely. It's that expectation. In this program but now these young and conduct themselves and they're here either recruited on their faces of people that rejected the people that represent themselves as badly as university of the city well. They've got a great job of that. You know your your questions specifically. This here I can see why temple get get a kid because they underperformed its games at a time when they were on the they were a tournament caliber team at lettuce and it was healthy they were tournament caliber team I think with their RPI things that they had before she got it down. It would have been a fourth team so from that standpoint. You know I would say the AAC getting a fourth team but also there. Plenty of reasons why they didn't just in terms of what happened this year. And there really wasn't a second accident at the ballot this year but certainly makes it very clear that fantasy life extension worth. We're very deserving this season I believe we'll want the valley about working idea that there wasn't anybody that was just flat on their heels. So I I don't think it was effectively keep about that might have been working. You know government that's in Central Florida it was close to the border this team behind Cincinnati. In which touched base with me and it never been through. We're not on that they have Vijay and it was that for sixteen games certainly yeah right with the he came back to play into football goes out. Over injury and I got it done. Had a shoulder injury before he started to play and we're definitely got decimated by night he felt most. Keep it healthy. Would it definitely it the league can't afford to leave it at temple temple had to rate would surely be constantly be offered. It beat Clemson. But that hasn't really bad losses and loss coming at home in Los they did they were kind of what. To me it seems like. Maybe a temple could have gotten in but if they would have gotten him that would have been over and he contends he. Anyplace in the SEC I don't think they should've gotten ahead of Saint Mary's nor do I think they should have gotten ahead of Middle Tennessee State but. I could very well see temple beat that possibility of although they go to the NIC when was the first round game in the 95 watts four point six points. All right back to the phones with front front. Guys and I have a request that you might phenomenally. I hope that they'll usually it. Yeah and that's good retire. You know after they have. Completely merely incompetent or die. And as a threat my request welcome Greg Ryan you sound like it's. I got to step forward. If you think Communists. Last one guy image work they've completely. Accidentally. Came in fact gotten. And it was way. Now what if you haven't seen. In the NCAA. Tournament yeah. And I think for me. Conference in less than I am one premier Atlantic and and a couple of others about you know that ranger conference. Any senator would you rather see. Or I don't faith and and got through him. Well anyway no I definitely have to. But it affects yesterday I was thinking I have never seen enough. And you're staying awful. It felt like that was left that day or. You forever and not limited. In New York. Kind of into article. Aren't foul which. That's the balls to his game up out. Because. Charles. So now that I've learned is definitely a little the guys I thought yeah. Well let's just say that. You don't necessarily have to be well for. Competence or factual could be at some of those positions anymore and so that's the result is. Yeah go back question David asked score points. He talked about. People from Wichita on how things travel what kind of people might work. Bob and I thought with the reader who was the representative from the west and this morning. And she is working me. The activities was dominant and done she said you tell these people from Wichita State they traveled. From Wichita State are still racists. They are well organized they have high expectations but they'll work with you which he said I have not worked with. Better gentleman. In my career than Wichita State he won every place we know people say the same thing with the so proud of young men there part of this program and that the staff. It worked and which don't say anything that they were very organized and very feel oriented. You would believe for a list of all the people. Eddie Davis actors play get 50% off your on line ordered any Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa John's got top. That is the promo code shocker fifth street to receive your shocker discount that we'll come back to it to the last couple of comments I just. 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Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry montella Karzai in valley and are indeed born and over was a lawyer. Shocker basketball. Three point seven KE YE Yang. We have. A couple of quick comment here that we don't need to be reactive right aren't being talked about history hot and fast. That was the interstate he would win. I stated that I spent the evening S Fiorina watching games with one floats. Kids from deficit has some stories about David and I think it's given us the effect. My roommates at Jim Gibbons he's a good one but he's got the good stories that aren't go back to the phones with Terry Terry thanks for Obama. Aria artist earth and opinions are liberal or earthy character issue. Maybe you lost that there were injuries pretty are. It it looked at me like they're playing and it. Horror or mean or angry and they used Q are never liked term rating treatment. I think they actually meet cute especially in this term. I think that's where you are accused in current use and did what it means that we're angry right dirty they just played hard. And it's perhaps it. Well. One bit crowded is pretty good coach doesn't share your opinion he says nobody plays harder than Wichita State. There you go. All I can say if Jerry. Obviously the defense it's not as good as it was to previous years and I'm convinced. You think if I I don't think we're good defensively at the point of attack because repeatedly run bakery you know back. We exceptional. And it. Patrolling the other guards. And the other reason I believe it's because the competition I think the American athletic conference. That's much much better player. More athletic players quicker players I think if you are found. And I think his doctors have an off night are now played that well a lot of valid. It's still win easily because it's now level was different. Doctors and that the airplanes worth anything. Both the speed and line up with the doctors guys' eyes felt I think that's what the real. I think. This year. And a victory we've lost both games that we have his shots. You know you look at this accident got them here fodder for it can't. He's over eight from three of the last three games Austin reed he's one for eleven. Of the last four games. Read. She never static or not he played really well. Down in Orlando shot 68% from the floor but Darryl Willis as a bit that he should very while he was. Three out of nine. Throughout anything critical of the basket from the field felt. I think I think it would start knocking down shots I think we'll go with those books and. Yeah when Wichita State's field goal percentage defense is okay and it's under 42% from the field it's still very very good. What you had been lead you had baker unit's detailed cotton. They weren't what makes Avian the most gifted athletes I mean were very very good athletes but I mean offensive athletes so they did they're playing time but really. Buckling down defensively and playing net. And we talk about well maybe they were played against valley cities and overseas stance that's. But in the NCAA tournament they were still pretty darn tough defensively against high caliber teams. I'd soccer fans remember the day after any shocker when it's a party attached locker room depending on how many points the soccer scoring it's a chance like five. At 40%. Applause soccer merchandise soccer fans all over practice and I got a good chance jets locker room he's. And west. Thank you for your calls and it sweeps and we will move on we've got Greg Marshall coming up next with his pregame comments. We'll continue on these kids respect pregame show for the NCAA tournament in San Diego right after this. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone to. 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Security investment advisory service is offered for each point financial SPF number fender SI TE SP if separately owned and entities and or marketing names product service is referenced here are independent of us via faster and when he won three north collectively Wichita Kansas and there's a go 316 o'clock 2001 Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com shocker for just. Are you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Gaza Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Wichita university soccer basketball he's on one of three point seven. Yeah and. Get a cut spotter to have a fresh start for the I express it like professionals and in addition to. Work merchants fourteen trips to the NCAA tournament as a head coach the first time that you haven't had that extra week to prepare incidents that portion maybe spend less time on your own Stefan switch will more quickly to your upcoming opponent. Well what it did was it didn't allow us to the fitness the rest of we've done in the past we've been able to practice date or to take a spiritual practice day or two. Ticketed or Q off and that was that's not the routine. About seeded I'm not a fan of planet tournament where it is they don't nobody cares for me that's not something that I. Dictate. It's I'd just for for all these years thirteen times I've been used to that routine in this room was a little rushed but. We've done it exceptionally great job we have with preparing a guy from Marshall albeit a very difficult doubt on the offensive end for them. And asking its its pretty unique style and antlers some of the keys to defending it. When you've just got to be one on one very good at through regarding the ball and that's not gonna shrink this year. You know I can get a whole lot of help because there are constantly cutting to the rim it's slipping to the rim and rolling to the room. So and they spread you out though and everybody out there can knock down the three ball so there's not someone that you can just say okay this person's gonna. The help person every time because he's got to shoot it you're not gonna find that from Marshall. You played some teams it played a little light that is any of that help Peters is just different enough that it's it's still pretty different what you face well I mean. Quickly off interstate if you put up a number on us and and we played Oklahoma and they put up a number on us and when we played Savannah statement for the put it it's it's it's hard to guard I mean it's it's it is it's that. Kind of thing NBA. Course might be intelligent and Brothers are NBA coach and he's got this this philosophy of where the game should be played a lot like. How. The Golden State Warriors play just space the court and everybody outside the three point line. Do away with the traditional big guy in him and let it roll. How about them defensively where do you feel like it might be some opportunities against what we've got to score inside we've got to count among the glass those are those are advantages we have. Our big guys have to play inside and they have to. You know not that they can't take an occasional jumper when they're wide open but it. They're gonna have to camp bow down low cost abolition post position and be strong. And finish. Through contact in in not bad for files are gonna have to. You know that the our body tight fueled different than there's there's X nine ex general and real long vertical athletes our guys are more. Power guys maybe seven X eight. They have to use it or Forney and hit and they're behind to establish low post position. You just talked with your team about this is not certainly never take for grant or anyone else should take for granted it's it's great opportunity to be in this position I agree absolutely I mean. I would first four years that went through and as a head coach Chris for an NCAA tournaments in school history. And all the sending your five we lose in the semi finals of the conference tournament. So we don't go over one deadly and it was it was a shock with a shock to me it was a shock to my just about my family our program. It was like a birth right after the return but that's not the case and getting to this tournament is special. What you do and it makes it more special but don't. Forget how many teams don't go to Nancy term it's not something that you can just. That your fingers and make it happens it takes a special group for guys that they grind for a number of marks. To put us all in this position and where we should be grateful. For being in this position and now. Not be satisfied though and now go do something and make it even more special which techies accurate coach Gregg Marshall suckers open their seventh straight NCAA tournament gets Marshall. 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And shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in which had Ozzie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. And yeah. Every shot here. Okay three point 78 UY yeah. I'm always open. Oh opening of Bob good and that's the way the great what can not stay. And Marshall in the opening round of this year's NCAA basketball tournament. Bob ball saved all alongside Bob has the winning strategy fraught with my capital. First mobile home or dream home you can trust the strength behind fruitless financing capital federally housing lender member FDIC. Thanks Michael let's first talk about defense Marshall University have explosive. Offensive team with a unique style please read the court. And play at a breakneck speed they used hand off fake handoff. Ball screen faithful sprees flips to the basket. And pick it rolls they love to shoot three's 45% of their shots are three's they'd love a lot of basketball. Soccer and it just their defense today by trying not to let any discrete they're really worried about getting that the basket. It's a lot to the basket try to fight through screens. And not switch today. Their leader for Marshall is number 3363 junior John Elmore. You have hit point three points. Six rebounds fixes this to be leading. And it went in the nation's leaders in all the categories you love to read from anywhere you also love. To drive that move and draw fouls. He's got 262. Free throws for this season compare that Shaq who shot a 125. So. Wife number attackers shot. He scored 33 to three times plus he won 47 against west that he was seven three's yeah 93 against Charlotte. That I can really light it up. They agree Janet or that round will probably start on him. Number 14614. Years he gave her the averages. 21 points and four rebounds and the real athlete to leave and he shoots the 380. Drive to conference USA play. He's shooting 42%. From three so very high percentage. You can't almost as many shots at John's wort does it 29. And nine rebounds against him to Leo. 36 points at rice with seven threes. 29 left Kentucky with 63 the last few games though he's been a little bit of a slump he's one for twelve. From three in the last few games to account for him. The number 11690. Here I mean that about. He averages fifteen points nine rebounds to lead the country blocked shots 130. Hit four foot game long athletic. Opportunity defensive player of the game he loves to shoot three love for flipped to the basket. For La college coach but three hey guys you've got to cover but it's got a lot of firepower off the kids do with a couple of young freshmen have played well. Number do offensively. But the fiscal plan they the thundering herd play all of their demand to run your stuff. Go inside hate you keep the side Jack Darrell Rashard Eagles ride at an ever. And a freshman Williams their shot blockers GDP it is their chance and you need to finish strong. The big also need to recognize when there's double and it kicked it out to be open standard not a real strong defense of the vehicle for a lot of steals but you can break your defense down into the basket. There are three rebounding that statement and shocked surplus and Marshall minus five at the key for all of this that the issue. Needs to crash the board to try to get as many second shots at three in their phone athletic. But they're not real thick of the shot that deflate chemical involved a gift of those Nebraska number four turnovers considering her left trap. And gamble for the shoppers at that and make Smart asses and not from. And over and over if this club. They'll score it a point but. And number five soccer he's opted not to be switching. Like an afterthought it almost three fight through that played together. And maybe the plate that experience that they have all of these guys in the shocker he got it significantly from before Marshall it's their first time here I. I thought thank you the injury report brought device I feel like your life your journey. You're optimal you nobody injured for Marshall but they're really cut their rotation they only play seven players in each of the three games in their conference tournaments they seem to have settled in to that. And for Wichita State for everyone as healthy as you would think they could be at this time. The year Canadian I had a chance to hear. And Antonio at his press conference yesterday was kind of interest because this is such a unique offense. It's being used by his brother Michael Houston in the NBA it's another NBA teams run some similar stuff. Not one of the things that he was asked about yesterday said it's not to do exactly something you discredit her. And I he said basically basketball boils down some things that frequently shot offense frequent side defense. And he said that's what we do and I understand that initially stunned for a long long time. But he was when he Sorenstam ends on the season. Was in fourth place in his conference so that doesn't always work and I think what's the State's formula is it. And at halftime that would not. Ready for the starting lineups not ready to get this one under way. Little tip for you did you know that the freezer is your branch that makes it easier for healthy foods to be at your fingertips. That's today's healthy shocker Jeff brought to you by United Healthcare and the real appeal program learn more. He'll appeal dot com it's marshals colors are green and white. And the thundering herd of these the visiting team today as the thirteen seed in this field. Wichita State will be the home team has the foresee partially green uniform with white letters and numbers a little bit at. Black treatment I figured there would not say if their wife help our. Letters and numbers of black high. Gold Marshall 24 and ten overall. They finished fourth at passage resonated well with 63 or fourth here understand it's obvious that coach who played at Marshall graduated in 1971 of the alternates with his college basketball's. At the age of seventy. Starting up front court martial. I have about 69 did you hear from Sarajevo Bosnia Herzegovina 58 and a half points brigades eight point six rebounds. Leads the nation in blocked shots at four point one brigade. But the shocker Reshard Kelly 67 senior from Fredericksburg Virginia five point seven points per game the team leading seven. And a half rebounds. Also a forward or Marshall bodies just moved into the starting lineup over the last few games. Janssen Williams is 69 Richard preference to have him and Georgia. My point. Or points per game on the season that has really picked up the pace since he joined the starting lineup over the last couple of games of the shoppers. Marcus Vick Duffy it was starting lineup today succeed here for Paterson if you're averaging eight and half points per game. John elbow or is a 63 junior forward Marshall is from Charleston, West Virginia. 12 point eight points per game six rebounds six point nine assists per game through time. Also other parts of conference USA selective. What Shaq Shaquille Morris. Six eighths in here if you're seeing your commitment Oklahoma fourteen points per game five and half rebounds shooting over 55%. From the field. That Marshall seemed gave birth to 64 Q your report Byrd West Virginia. Thought their kids one and a half points brigade three point one assists on the yours for 48 plus percent. If not there's land of enchantment six or redshirt sophomore from Kansas City, Missouri fifteen points per game. Five point one assists shooting 46%. From. Free. Crowding it out for Marshall Jarrett last night at eleven freshmen from Clarksburg west. Virginia seven point nine points per game almost a 42% three point shooter and for the factors kind of branch can't 615 here's senior from Wichita north. Averaging ten point one points per game this actors 25 and seven overall. Tied for second in the American conference at fourteen in fourth in the eleventh here under Gregg Marshall and making their seventh consecutive. NCAA tournament. Little bit of a surprise for the shocker thirty markets with stuffy places that ground. Active starting number applaud you. But that media. Rick Marshall a little more office. There market's average. Seven points a game in conference for anything so confident he could no office. The starting lineup for Brett do you buy equity bank where you never pay an ATM fees be sure to visit them online equity bank. Dot com. Officials for today's kids certainly too familiar faces John Higgins and Bob Stafford as well as part it's better truth at the last time I was talking on his kids working soccer club that gave her that was his experience for 2006. And gave the shoppers want overseas holidays that we just watched the other game campus and maybe this is that at this moment but it doesn't always look at all so we don't have to look. I think that's our everything is held on to. Fair to call a fairly easy very good fifth. We're ready to get out of the IP Canada shopping Centre court martial. Jack Morris of course for what should I stay at again this. Only the third thing you ever between these programs in men's basketball. At the other since the beginning of the nineteen. What is almost eight years ago so you know recent history. Whatsoever first NCAA tournament game for Marshall is 31 years as opposed to what it does state playing its. Seventh straight everybody on the floor for this not yours is in at least there's second NCAA tournament. All of the air Boris Diaw hit. I can only control that if not of drinking affluent and give it to campus here at west of Atlanta receiver that across the time line. Starts at the right side of the high post news Mauresmo for the not to him but that wasn't there. Not a chance that left out most of discreetly let me throw the top left wing Kelley. Drive it into the lane picked up his dribble looking for the bounce pass that would force it to him but on the right way. Not a man of the year try to make a pass that was fifth it was six seconds of the shot Watson sent it to twenty. After the pit fire Marshal. They got west dot let me and it looks like they have a shot blockers are only so they're pulling it off it Kelly. He's gonna protect the link that he's a freshman. It's starting to act more. And it's Iraqis coaching staff the players that it lacks the playoffs nobody whoever is guarding it's got to actually get used and granted he's been playing off. A fraction of it as it from the athletes and it's it's right at the line drive might not different camps near the water. Not right or it's not about it Florida senate is get a ticket for May seem way short. About a month kind of an afterthought shot it's not my jacket fanatic about it if it was convicted. Yeah it was open wouldn't it but he was look at his side of shark Alley like that it kind of an afterthought. Or first position Marshall and it Marcus Vick got out of available for use his length against him Ellsworth and hit it off not for a last. West against French camp long three format for bounces. Here. That's where it's constantly. It was just kind of dead in Atlanta it's. Nothing Marshall is the 42% three points they all shoot the three well the guards and got the right way one dribble them right laughter Morris trust more chance but three from the left wing bounces short Boris with the offensive rebound any credible and effective at the bottom there. Rebound at Marshall could really gather itself where it went up for that's what affected business needs enough right corner elbow or for three no good off the opposite side rebound Kelly dismissed the wife of candidate gives to campus soccer's down 30 is that written about at the top Kelly drive that is the line all the way to the basket. 1 o'clock got a good group the fan off that's what they want their players to do go right it had this chance to challenge him. Right in his body and picks up without trying to block it exactly right my goal right at their bodies that wouldn't that's what Kelly did. Thrive with its listings. Start the season only 59%. From the line but. Seven of nine over the last five games free throw bounces up the back to art factories are still flawless. Really nothing Marshall. Got quite some minutes elapsed since well you know the first half of shirts you know with you one more. Chart at the very last game against Houston wanted to for a free throw line he was then seventeen. That there. Violence nothing yet mr. Kelly if the person after flight it down one. Marshall was definitely less liquid all corporate middle back trailing candidate dribbles left lifted off the western states battling all the way to the basket Rosa for a short. Fighting for his own rebound couldn't get it it does get wrestled it away for nothing. Hecklers out front works out throughout the pulls up following ten footer. Since day experts offered extra chance for Marshall this of applied bluntly. Upwards of six Ford junior averages 21 game like thrive off of the three yelling over the top right Watson. To check out part of it nothing missed the street rebounds and Shaq underneath of it nothing and he gets found. Not trying to Duffy after missing the long when Shaq but the offensive rebound found it that immediately. And markets them the licenses. Now it's a once in shape for his first two quick fouls as a team on marshals. That was definitely not the athletes it's second. The United States like that free throw short and bounces left for me nothing. Marcus a good thing for ocean and not as good as last year he's 73 and a half percent shot 82 a year ago and in the recent games. Marcus. Was five of six of the two games that the AC makes the seconds of the shot here's the on line fleiss makes one of its time. And they trailed 52 totally. Different for a west and it went back up to benefit these guys that and it travels. Kerry has got its yeah. Well defended the Irish are telling an audience that hearings on taking an excuse him obviously they've done with an AC coaches because they are with their heads down its. I've been asking people think that's the soccer that we defensively. That's covering tonight chemistry that wins gets away from the west and trying to count it full court planted as of right wing throws at French franc it takes them mindful of the the fifteenth not hesitant start photographer at camp he gets his first shot cut the lead lines he had troubles not given up that knock it down that's a lot to offer without the beautiful one that don't want the front court weaving through traffic dries baseline spins back at that throws it in a corner three on the way by chance of Williams bout is not. Long rebound controlled by Boris and declares that delivery sham it. Let me get across the timeline looks that works off the street tree left wing rolls off a little flat rebounded to Marshal regatta but out of Yemen agrees that you wide open shots from that left wing units in the world. Oregon or penetrate a little right side stepped back Longstreet. Stepped away afraid my shots no more his first basket of the game marshals please take the floor that's his favorite move puts the ball left is that we'll step back jump. Kelly got threats of more us three left elbow short bounces off rebounds senator had to bring it out for Marshall bring it up himself candidates 69 pretty skilled could handle it has a little bit bounced it off Elmore. On our backs and out of recess. But four minutes gone Marshall of eight to force merely doing no more crossover drives lasted back right drives down the right settling spins again back out Friday throws it over the timeline for over and back. Marshall felt horrible accident multiples and lose like this national. He's got a little bit out of since the glory lies through the back courts of the shot because we'll have it. Right at the under sixteen time that is exactly sixteen minutes ago the first half Marshall the early lead eight to fool. There's a 65 you can discover a new hubby in Julie Finley adventures and more time with friends its own good with good health. Plans sixty finally from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co face plus a proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance were re free to play and 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas who cross and blue shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government with a federal Medicare program. 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Special for. From Fahnestock and carrier. Turn to the expert on college not for a tiny corner. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler dusty shelf for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US you've shocker basketball is on 103 point 78. Marshall and Wichita State forward trying to. Pick up some stats here as. Not stay. Down early this doctors have had one field goal pull up jumper my daughter friend can't end to a poor free throws. At Marshall was three point baskets and it's news. Wichita State. Is one of seven from the field open floor for very. Chad Marshall is three of six from the field to reform. Soccer's. Down one of the ports as well five or they've only given up one offensive rebound Marshall did convert that. It delays the content basket and if shoppers might need to see much better than mention. 41%. From the field. And this Marshall squad is not a good defense that's why Wichita State just have to find the bottom of the net. The outlook for seven. Before world war three candidates. Shot 68%. In the two ABC's perfect games so he's been on a chair. Hasn't found. The real yet today. No change in the soccer lineup that is still but nothing Boris Kelly Sam it. Answering yeah definitely and that's that's not the art with the Oceanic and again the link it to. Boris tonight for us to act presently thwarted him but up Heidi Kelly but had to drive it. Body's going down the only way out the French camp right side of the floor off and it's pretty stagnant definitely some that it lost refrain campus three got hot. It's eight at three in the last three decades drills his first try for the it's not as it was a point good to see Cotter not went down that intensity. Knocked out some reason it's called me today. District court on L were ordered out of the floor but Marc does not trust that was. Dribbles up with it now at a right back in or lift lately of that war in and a fake handoff. It does hand off that list heading down the length of the front runner this hit. If they're bad effect Boris Boris got nothing bothers it's not have been drafted defensive rebounds like your questions turned the corner on that enough. Right down the lane but that's the lower ranked at right left it's cup was great as far as the three short this time rebound to Marshall. Soccer on the board that's advocate of the offensive wars elsewhere across the timeline march lead by one law for a no good short rebound chance. Magic with a middle of the floor all the way down the line at the benefits. Consensus of cloth like that if they've got to get only the basket you can you know with a basket and and it only eat those as the it right there. Last look at it in the water again Paul stole Santa driving up the floor between two defenders all the way to the basket and impressive lately. Yes that that's not that's I haven't had recently in this game of his body on them. With the right to them on finished giving its actors their first lead at 98 Wichita State efforts in different sort. That's fast and I posted and it swears up and it was definitely it fires rams and pats twice applause bounce stuff off in the fall it and the Marshall sentences for student. Three point shooter with enough of them. And it's driving under the basket please Catherine can't thought about it before and it's not think that different. Characters with the ball down appointment yet try to drive that Connecticut particularly. Wants to handle on it and now we're excited definitely out nothing goes up witness who shot him. It's tough not my personal it is. Sixth eighth boxes that that's a bad pass behind. It would start killing them in the office that. With the cost of that over Marshall active well not wars at the time holding it for a moment finds nothing profit. But it's still as it currently uses less cutting off and almost all markets gives it outlets night for a hotter if not now right side in seven issues. Were not discrete double team almost lost the handle over decathlete. Lots of for Morrison guy. Anti Hillary heads up flight classes start you know. There are we start selling airplane often don't think that the feeling like he did that tonight. He gave me a facilitator. With the night slot this is that worth that. For instance the shaft captors don't want twelve Levitt I don't work rules listed back right it's the screen down the line a lot to that Canada. Those that's not the link this for the found with the state. Tickets on Boris. It is not she feel Morris his first first team. And the first two free throws of the game coming up the marshals heightened at about those little you know little pick and roll that's not you can't switch on these guys they love this lifts. They love to rolled the basket. Announces fuel basically control that had the Pentagon evident almost 75%. From the free throw line coasted to his good. He's got eight and Marshall leads thirteen to eleven with just out of state experts have sufficient mr. Willis. And constantly check in with friends can't think Steffi and Boris. I don't know also in Linda Watson it's we're. The Marshall doesn't hurt my replace Jerry West. That's attractive. Candidate. And that's what it's not that good so I didn't have had to have the fourth set largely by 314 elevenths and now we'll see. Watson not guarding candidate one on one full court might repeat it wanted to put it down the line under the basket. Shoveled it and there could nurture try to bounce back to ship it through the way. Soccer turnover. Partial braking that Fillmore a little Florida the head of the left side he works. On board that it was a lot of fouls. Next round tragic goes through screens because this running over the streeters. Penalties his first and second no free throws of this that Marshall was bound from the sideline and looks like with money on the shots. But that didn't rotate guys on land and humid it is here lets them start fifteenth and now once it's on them with different guys the that you keep a fresh guy. On my him. He answered millions and I am Curious George success that freshman Smart Virginia it witnessed they slide a workable price based lineup that George fumbled it. Recovers it. It's about deeper sleep by birds bounces off of it's not about journalist called them answers is Janet in Atlanta opened up. Watson who argue that off a little bit now for the first time one of not to Darryl Willis looks high low right went round. But yet to pass wasn't there to nurture that cuts right to reach reach its screen there it was right picked it up front they're obviously that last night champ but he shot fake or try to plotted. And Phillips doubled he hits it out of grief over the ground right baseline nurture about a ten footer with no and announced that opens not triggered that could knock it down the Omar brings it up for martial. No more spitting in the line of floating jumper shortly fast Wichita State's next round players to reach out as quickly transition. Threes let's not pick up his dribble back ground not to nurture high low Willis 0180. It was a for the lion. What he's got crowd no fault of his head of a block on this really gather himself and go up strong immediately hardly get off the more you think is gone. Spurts pulls up faster we'll guarded by Reeves in and out of the seventy footer rebound girl willow it's not the candidate. Doctors are getting enough stuff that's not scoring much are down fourteen to eleven Willis that did not throw it down the block who nurtured. Accurately and on Georgia to get a contrast. George took a flop but before they could call fouled off travelling Scott is another turnover. And we've got it's not about 110 wait to go first half its marshall's fourteen Wichita State the eleventh. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom with you my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. Ozzie I think compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and a spot. They even have child care. Visit opting like it when he person whether online on deep Tyson's life dot com. State farm agents get what's important. Even in a deafening crowd. Yeah so much as they partly as a result for tonight isn't ready not an answer is yeah. Nancy please please. Is this Obama both. I'm trying to determine accident. My. Getting into if you. I don't like go right. Twenty the ultimate sports slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on your screens and -- who is bursting from the best kitchen in sport there's something on the menu dissatisfied every fan's appetite take your database to new heights with any harsher light from the table twenty schools from as far features and Kansas selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV there's never a bad he's now head for twenty eat drink. Scenic views. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Allen a Karzai in valley center and think porn and over was a lawyer. WSU shocker basketball. He's on 103 point seven GE one yeah. I don't know I'd go in the first half of its NCAA tournament game from San Diego marshaled the big Wichita State. Love them. Marshall only five of thirteen from the field in the sixth birthday and Wichita State is only four of sea off the field line six. I can it's all about scoring baskets of stocks have found out recently cut into the last night walking through. Look at the opportunities. And rock pop a lot of good points during the time now Martha list. Good races and third in the shots they want and systematic. Yeah they've had a few go in and out today. Wide open shots but they've also had a couple of thousand. Gone is now. None of the other is on the office to different doctors. That your Willis has the fact is that there isn't one of those guys does not have covered benefits to claim offices in Atlanta when things don't. Rebound so far even at night apiece turnovers even at three apiece. I stayed actually is that seven different launch points off turnovers. Not know it before it started out by Zach proudly out of the time line it will slaps it back right down the street from Canada for the people that drives the stumbling under the basket president quarter. Shot fake my Watson drives resident front hurtful stuff out of nineteen footer pile off his back. Annika every bout Willis at a south going to be called on Zach drowned out what appeared yesterday during that box out in Canada. Slightly away from the fastest Marcus vetted through with the follow up ground and Gregg Marshall is highly upset of that and that's the second round around like I thought the I was going on him. Oh on grounds. Said this refereed motion. That he reached the ground is soft on. Deputy at markets that nothing for Brown's. They might now play in more trouble getting in a quarter and a novels fell out of bounds of those on it Connecticut and excuse. Plain awful lewis' out of balance. It could get idiot you know more about it if the situation in the quarter was trapped there. And they did that slide bounce it off Lewis. Sent him in about that bars at the baseline you're spinning blame the shovel pass to Watson. That's not a threat to its stance. That was kind of it's tight squeeze that passed through to soccer standards that we've got Ruth in once again things. Needlessly picked up his dribble. Finally gets that chance in the left wing went out there thought about it but it's not apples to act now fifteenth. Lately as the screen goes left. That's got to see him with shots they drive through it wasn't going to let him with a lot of ways short. Here to try to force it gets it back up in traffic into and out rebound well let's let's not look good finally found on Marshall. And. With coach Marshall wants that is shocker to do crash the offensive towards the second and third chances but if you and I think it's just wonderful backing him. Thought Rondo Watson his first thirteen now. And it's a fully yet Darryl Willis going line for two who was the shocker to only two of four from the free throw line so far. Count five sixteenths to 111003. Skilled ago the first day. So violence. It's appointment today. That's not a threat yet to exit the lineup for land him in its. And it works a lot for the first time that Marshall. Williams appeared last match here. The way that the earth plane there you can really put a lot of pressure on the art from the perimeter so they can drive either and if that worked up about it one knows this the second free throws the factories down sixty it well let's not lob it up. They're really worried about that play right there that you want it to happen at all Willis forgot about this thing went over their for the but Duffy from the corner for three minutes long rebounds they've minor dress to please put clothes on him he did have a shot at them or if he's not a couple of dribbles got to not let my elbow that was not the friend and right side little if not they. Still has been through that stuff across to read get to three laying off the back of that rebound but nothing. Spins around defender goes to the Iraq fast hats ActiveX about it now. And found Leon definitely a strong finish five markets that athletes contacts still got the rule. Now on Williams is his first in the fourth. Marks. Nicely to the basket like your outlets that's. But Duffy that. Markets want it to the free throw line earlier opportunity for one year in and out of settles back in this Booth school for the so far. Nothing now with fourth with a nice day down 350. Lewis out wars that you know it's not. That brings you comfort that that that Monica mountains their wealth. There it full court pressure by the senators don't want that Watson. It's not line the list which is that it is different sort. Of definitive wrote the left one open threes with our programs often preventable illness. Which got there it probably benefited the doctors like expresses itself in the office take that lightly through that's the thing you'll laugh about that that if it can't overdo greens try to penetrate cannot get to street level right Gore's alliance getting little jump shot good. Shortstop side without fault at all that it's open for itself he's got. Soccer match. A lot of boos from the Marshall fans that yards on course but. It looked like he felt good with my L ward although the basket connected to fall but now on what is not stated no more typical hard right the way. Going to be on the Duffy. That's markets experts now and the fourth down with us day two shots you know. The reasons that street Jude your averages for when Clinton stopped thirty points. A number of times. It is the start Arctic you can shoot the three he has a lot of range and he loves to their defense off balance treatment that is almost automatic to the line 83%. On year that's just his fourth points for the three point stance. If the line 788. Worked in the country free throws me disease. Definitely not and yet John Elmore would mind its lead back to eat for Marshall but it's not it's right in there is fighting very cold shooting first 619%. France can't affect what it was like it was only the best candidate for the yeah. And awarded candidate now open for you have waited an idea I think that Hitler was my health there's nobody with international rankings thrive not it was seven gets shot that almost fitting up the left can't. Look at the and I said whatever it is an honor I could do better when there isn't really what. This movement that is the left hand he's got seven now leads off the street that lifted. It out that front Boris Jack that. Arts degrees. Vetoed the gophers snapshot you're down three camp office treatment wondered reads but it remove threats to the baseline it's about the larger threat nothing rightly ranked him down the block more one on one of their tribe civilians active offence that kind of explosive off the left side of the floor all the way around them right from the floor. And Jack Morris just went. Right through the freshman. It's 11 Marshal frank campus college football not three zones not because he saw that it adds Jack isolated on him inside. I'll bore out for a it gets picked up much crossover dribble stuff that is lost three and nothing counted separate. It don't wanna Fallon was on the free throw line. Gotta pressure that's I think it's not that that's just folders that they outreach arm. Definitely the second now let's costly as actors out of this instead of the three free throws on Elmore after the under eight time now at 725 golfers and a Marshall went through Wichita State's 21. One company is on a mission to let him know. Each year sounds like the big number no reason not to for employment professionals and maybe. Engineers per night he developer looking for the right for. Or how about administrative positions that we are committed to your sets and never church where he defined job. Express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million. Each year plus how we open is going to go to expressed Bruce dot com to find a location near you. The following. Are true hi it's d'antoni chart I have pre heat that you get a thousand dollars a day since you won the Kansas lottery lucky for life. But there are rules used to have to follow. 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US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. If you know did not say well. And down on audiences might want to watch this by the user Wilson papers to have factors here age of 4335%. Marshall. Eight at eighteen. So it's kind of the reverse of what marshals usually does they usually get two on volume getting more shots up which cuts Davis had more cafe Everett field goals. Marvelously quite massive factor it is one of eight. Well I'm. Shaq is just dominance inside things continue to go ending can't get six points he had five rebounds. Mike in the end he is unstoppable. Both inside and outlook which cost me. Marshall on the free throw line runs conscious. As we said before this ballgame started in the last we'll bought the numbers 84%. From the free throw line. Doctors got seven offensive rebounds but they only believe what if it's that. One he's second chance to lose this he's 72 it's the fiftieth. Plus five overall of the last teams had a turnover in the last four minutes book 34 and a half. Factors markets there's nothing out of three point shots you know fourth line or three shots in almost automatic line. Party may just short time ago. And the person that's been short but it's not. He's got seven. And averages. One point eight. And bounces and a little short again they had just enough on its back and pop the end. And it makes this clinic it is three point seven point five. Does it all averages thirty minutes a game third highest in the country you are. Ever them now. The streets though he's got nine marshaled by three. Then it can definitely got a little bit of rest and activity three guard lineup different arts classes out of it popped. At least instantly from you are right back and finish and the reason for it can't all of the games left lately but I loved the porous. And it drops him up locked out of round one defender man goes to college start not real porous and then. Then you've got out of it and that's not our act as an artist. Ronald literature that's that's gotta zone he's always going to be there when firms. Because if they've got some guys that. Accepted valleys and it's body count of the ocean to Greg partially the end but if you balance six the first instance where you that second ballot I. Used to game. The record don't work hard at least laughed at it is not like. There are lots of earth attracted thought he thought things went over his finger. Lots of product behind David Champion this spectacular shot went on you know lots and over the top of its excellent hurts. Arsenal but 546 point one read penetrating the little. Fire from the free throw circle of the facts of the party found John now or. Visit which is it quickly left drives the baseline he's cutting Boston's landed with a deficit and when you hit it that you don't Rob Reynolds Houston. Let's get through the fans the film is that this. The earth it's things that. It's the shot up on the glass. Seventh to let's just sisters read more shots on elm. Street so it's not a good enough about it. 783. Cents per game in the in the first half five or six. Zionist influence the size of points like he gets the chance to rest and start thinking. If you get to the line of it is yes it it where it's about the sixth or seventh a lot of questions now has its biggest lead at half when he won. Staff. Constantly buffeted up four across the time line for doubles tonight. Nice to throw it influences behind you managed to save it over to him Atlanta reentry left wing no good if not fought for Kelly Brussels at a Larry. And it clears it. Read orphans they no good off the back. When it's not just can't make everything a lot you might not that went down that he's really been struggling with a three point shots. Great offensively now bites gently that it entered anything west dishes that he threw a light greens with interception machine that floor looking for defenders. Dribbles left wing cross Shannon three on the spins out of him about it Marshall analysis yet these three things it's really nice fast. Firmly reads this and it. Ernest I actually gets all the way to the basket just a little jump hook redone your Willis often and it. Pretty good move by Merck surprised weakness that was him right wing it read them in the right slot some analysts accident on an event. Shot fake out the recent past we could never mentally chew it that's it stumbling accidentally frank can't free left side. Not a frank can't the only factor able to see your papers to Athens got Santa his second frank that's the only active for that reason struck it from the perimeter fill in fear that that. I don't know. Really comfortable you look at again. What's the thought it was just like fifteenth for three the last four games novelist and the line then this is. Like the good golf now without saying you know don't court does a lot of spinning it's almost. Off salads sometimes he's so much and falls down that they. It in and out of a couple of foul calls today at the line for a 11. That all right there. Now and read them this second. Round Boris. Now we all have thousands of it and obviously now back the end. On all wars that sentiment from the line back to the line 11. Partner. And make some other. Silly the coaching them. That. It. Of course detonate them on efforts to. It is thirteen points free throw line martial practice it's likely that he was still 455. Golfers. And that drives the time line drive right up the street for nearly doubled. And right now not right telling. Back to Canada in the middle down the line and took a lot of contacts doubled another that that eighth time markets picked up westbound at the end they have his arm but no call six points for markets got it it's not exactly four. That is not normal way out in the time line. Street for it and it's not see it's that it have a dialogue with Benedict nodded a lighted. For it and they think talked about the thoughts about this practice could not let him get behind out of state of the guys that asked if they love the office. And there really at catching and finishing on those slot that was an easy shot out of him off the last. He's got 6 eastern for two lines here three point line. Get it back to a seven point lead with Parcells is that it is yet. I mean. That's happened. Art supplies at 326. With. Men can't cross the timeline it was the right thing. That we've got to start naked. John Lewis right want that to the basket against Leon's been through issues that. Nothing is definite that's ridiculous but resident Kelly. Most definitely one of the nothing for it theory it bounces off telling tips and controls at least at. It might keep this thing yet another great hustle virus right now. We've got to tough it out ourselves. Do it what they do well leading with its non state 3326. Street if you want photographers stand. 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Marshall just under 48% the only from the seventh and Green Day with the testing and thirtieth two for thirteen. With the State's authority my. Last fall and nine cents. Life and they averaged about nine point 13 pointers made football games and those left. Walking making only six frequently calls. Struggled offensively the fact that they've both put. Marshall on the free throw line far too many times had a pretty girls. And added to their walls. Or Wichita State Landry sham that is both. Or for creative markets picked up 30 victory at Austin reed hopefully through all the content rent there has been shot he's four for five overall. To retrieve from. Three of Marshall and president of the session hours leading by seven. You know you hear it lasted that and it Elmore Williams and words there will start at five don't work out to the high post civil rights instantly it's definitely seventy footer. Well guarded by McNulty that kind of place where we've done fairly decent. Doctors need a bucket here down seven. The only ticket applicants for a teammate right wing news ranking I've got to lay out for a candidate seems to shoot. Still plenty of time in the first half of the factors that make it runs over three minutes to go if you haven't slept with the Cali and not a sprint can't kind of liked it. I felt that it socket and out rebounded and it's pretty good shaky quarterback Connor on the left side that. Athlete. Offense out of the math on Melbourne court martial as it's ridiculous that it would have less than a virtual private art definitely it's about a quarter last three way off the market rebounds and Willis. There's this chance which added up the floor. Most of the top of the art feats cross court with him it. They're different camps bulls infantry into an out against it stand by Carol Willis that's what Hitler youth soccer because around that brings it thin about is not starting with that being said though this is that's exactly what we'll stay right there if not inside at the defenders it's nice position it and he's got. Three. Writing Elmore throws the alliance benefit misses a top ten X on the ground. They gonna cost how old enough that it definitely should be a technical now with Dickie just could not hung on the rim. John that. Not because McDonald's is the best ever to see what homelessness. I'm surprised didn't let salute all nine did you know that it cannot. When he gets that done and there was nobody near him normally you can't do that unless there's another defender. Undergo round shoes if I caught in the first whistle in the city. Doctors caught a break here because that was a good the issue he added wide open dunk but he just. This off him rattled in and out. They plants in the math. I don't think that goes but don't count as it. You. Not a threat and we'll shoot threes yeah. And it bounces. Seen the end of the street that's not it makes it. He's got eleven points in the first as it is in a flat out truth now on us like it. Now that's kind of ranking it 36 consecutive free throws insurgents night and then the second longest streak with us you can't bring it up yet on film Watson it's not it's a pulled back at war with the recession is that they position Janet down the line back up front Willis open three. Well for the three point basket it's not exactly what they've gone on the record is it is really not that we've. You can you can forget about figure Willis on record available on the left wing circles dot the dribble drives right side. If that's not the well that's. Read. I don't know about that letters in the Bernard. Bring all of that would protect its today. Team now one and one Ellsworth there now want Duffy. Wichita State and down my seventh Catholics want the active with one. Party that well and has entered the fourth. And it's not over there right now it is just that it's not free throw bounces. If at the end for John Elmore from the line fourteen points to point partially it's doctors. That have been well behind right now. Back into history right here free throw is short and just one of the factors or down to lift the ball. 150 horses that on the first. Great opportunity here if it's not just forget about him. One on one drives alliance not steps through its residents can only had been about you know on the block Willis ball comes loose walking down on Hannah. That is probably get a call that would probably could not either lie that's two on ID now I've got little surprises that golf and it was a shock heard it yet or called. Listen. Out of control collided with him about my thought was sad and he went down at those could be at travelers are on Darryl Willis. But it was a foul on him about. On TV aids. Yes you're seeing is they're now. But they did it not sure of that on the score board left seat Franken into Willis incident gets out again. So that will be the sixteenth now again no free throws there was sitting this past I would think didn't ruthless here. It sun. Rondell Watson that's his sex. Let him from the baseline announced it was all 33. Homes that have been toppled. That been thwarted those doctors are low earth and that will play it and they fan out for a long baseline. Lot different if the let you know book the art of my elbow. It's off to him at those left baseline. That the French camp for the quarter. A fine for not a threat you have to put politics and I say good for 3530. And the last three games there's been over eight. Three that you've given that today. He's in his last four games and sit him for example it's not as just over a minute you know Elmore steps back the flyers are afraid of that off the left side grip and it goes off the Watson had a bad thing it's our teammates. And applauding each other up about it with a non state gets one point lead and a bit of eleven ago the first nice comeback by the doctors that I've yet I psychologically lift them up it's about now that if ago. Ranking it in the north and I like the fastest. They sit there for that sort I don't want the baseline. Don't want want to attack us. Landry with his fourth point soccer's tough 852 seconds to golfers to have her Stride Rite all the way out here and it straps and there's been backed out almost lost it on the dribble that's why not doctors almost all the front. Well you see its history goes right drives are closed up off the last good tipped off Atlanta recovered by chances. Anson Williams. Four marshals. Kept at a about the fact lord somebody I think Willis difference between the shot clock is ticking clock atop. Four seconds looks like Marshall once quiet down at the end of the plot. And I knew what it's not stated time to come back if they also. Three points not certainly not at nine to shoot on board driving it right. France's overs at any hardship dolphin safe 69 plus office. And our Boston down hearted now I'm not now mortgage. Rates it. Anticipation by Austin these guessing would base since. You know what was that they go yet right then and thoughtful. No more experts that we've that thirty seconds I'm not stick it right Gregg Marshall is set something up there with nine seconds to you know. The first one of our flights since the virus that's not good stories that are very shocker basketball remembered years. Great place for all of your flooring department limited market area rugs child. Rates apply greater. Dave price is it just wonderful people worked great service no high pressure. Of the glory goes to bars and 1860s. North. Local music person he needs them behind the three point line. Marshall is what if you persist through the night the shot after 47%. Four out of 58 but. Marshall University we've got to the free throw line a lot more than they've got those three lobbed that was the difference but philosophically that life but on two occasions where I stayed there maybe. War were down seven at a position to Barca looked like it was. Really headed the other way and all of that his doctors three but the chances evidently met before have so. So it's not really well listen to 66. On 725. Football and in doing a good job it was snapped out of the plug in lets dominating. That's because part of France and finally has gotten a month track offensively. Efficacy Connor knock it down some shots that he had a lot going in and out it conference tournament that prior to that but how about Darryl Willis because I got that he's going by the academically. And Connors in his last NCA turn bit several of these guys are that obviously determined he looked real negotiated the quality shootaround yesterday at you know he wants to make a strong foundation. Aesthetic advantages. This accommodation the once over that he had inside and several jump shots from behind the free points right. Now he needs to get the other guys hot there needs to be cousins contagious atmosphere in the locker room for the other players coming up through relevant secondhand. What's been happening the first staff that's gonna happen if it partially deflated team defense benefit displayed so what that. It side whenever those inside either Willis on them or even though after their double team me feel good kick it out somebody wide open. Shots off. We've had a couple wide open. And destructive. What they are doing defensively. That's what they can do against them as soon as doctors. Certainly started to look better offensively. Now fourteen for 3639. Of their last six. And it's. Ten of their last 22 after four to fourteen start to afford the elastic that doesn't I run you're going into halftime shot assure you that the offensive lift its neighbors fraudulent. Offensively. The first fifteen minutes of the half. Soccer possession nine seconds to gonna happen to him but that's the French camp daughters could bring an appetizer had a chance McKnight picked up behind Watson. Throws it out front Willis gets a three away hit and out it was off the path toward it out. Shoppers will take the lead. Good to have time. At the break was just days after. Trailer on several occasions by seven points leading Marshall 3730. 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Eight dollar and this is the credit union of America halftime shows that got through it again in America for small businesses spirit of America proud sponsor. WIU basketball a lot like candidate alongside thoughtful and it all. Which at times gave it miserably for much of the first half down by as many as seven points on at least three occasions. Fighting back to take the lead. 3734. At halftime that three point lead. It was a soccer's biggest to have it led by one point on other occasions that I think come back after it looked like all the momentum with the marshals say. Shoppers at this shot and is currently from behind the arc of this and how to play 53 out of four Daryl Willis him on. Therefore I was sixteen from behind the arc but they're kids wouldn't want to be inside you are almost 50% itself. That's where they they need to make hay is don't hit that ball inside and give them the opposite way has batted the ball back at math. Yeah and their rebounding just fine outrebounded. Marshall 23 to sixteen points in the paint the rough six. But Shaq going to the bench with two fouls after which he had before which he had five points or six points and five rebounds reliever which stunts that they only got nine minutes out of Jackson. In the first half. He has to stay on the floor from Wichita State wins. August and Marshall got six more free throw attempts and made seven or overall twelve out of fourteen defied the faith that shoppers got a Lebanon border field goal attempt. And made four more field goals and I offensive rebounds to that Marshall. 952. Chance points that something that Wichita State should be able to continue to exploit. And that's something of it into an all season long it's really really good rebounding he me Rick Marshall team that earlier that rebounding team. But especially in this ballgame that's going to be critical. Ridiculous that is to revamp that he opted to prevent them against him. Which does they went on at sixteen to six run to close out the second 725. Minutes of that first half. They made six of fourteen field goals during that stretch that you would think. Let's I'll break out the fireworks because they're doing so well well compared to how they had done earlier in the ball game six of fourteen has something to write home about. A shocker stopped by three at halftime. Foul issues for both teams from Wichita State Zach brown Austin Reid should feel more us all have to market the Duffy picked up three. But for Marshall I beat out of them run don't Watson both that kind of is a big factor present because he has. Really their their inside game offensively and defensively he's the main guy that they could go to fan. Wichita State. Can take advantage of net Dolan asked him trying to draw worked out once he gets to three in the second half and certainly the war. That becomes less effective as the shot blocker glee club. Exactly exactly their stuff off the bench are eager to feel it has been a is. Neil visuals are playing a lot of ball games started. Actually started every game until about three games that volatility that displays my chances we have. 69 freshman. Williams has the better offensive player can stretch the defense that if you hit threes and as the pastor you know a lot field pitches more repeat. Wrong kind of look for the guys sixth 1950s self it would have to play him more but know that there are different team without. And Canada averages less than two fouls football game but when he gets into the rhythm of loudly and you'll file lad he's found that the three ball games. It even though he has 2000 the first half he still played all but four minutes in the first half instead of interest it also. Marshall took nine victories in the first half. That's less than a third of what they average for a few days they kind of went away from what they normally do. Feeling like they could be successful driving the ball shocker is that certainly don't work got to the line but it yet. But you know I don't. Doesn't bother me that shoppers are getting them all away from what they'd do the balls and I think that statement they're less effective treatment here. Well Elmore Mike has gone to the free throw line has frequently is eighteen times this season that's a a high for him this season's gone to the free throw line eleven times thus far. I think Wichita State though by being physical with them has thrown them out of their offensive rhythm. And as a result of shoppers are holding them to 38 point 5% from. From the field think you're talking about the team has shot almost 51%. From the field and feet of the last night all of its well received from the from the fifth. That Marshall had a plan that they're an effective method they're gonna flies at this shocker though they've been looking for. Video of Stifel from laying. Houston. But Cincinnati fancies. That perceive that as a shocker week itself. They're doing that they're driving to the bathroom shocker really put her down and for the most part of this conference was doing a pretty good job of covering that. Although they picked up a bunch files plots. You don't and you look at the stats in the first half that you think especially the first thirteen and while Wichita State is really the house play. And they're out there are rebounding Marshall they have more assists than Marshall. They have a field goal percentage that is just about the same as Marshal but what they've done to their detriment as to what Marshall in the free throw line they've outscored Wichita State by seven. Staff Gary Davis doctors might get 50% off your on line ordered any what you thought area profit shots slide on the topic John dot com it is the promo code shocker fifty. To receive your factored this in Wichita State 37 with. 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Okay it's no perfection can prevent that from. All that's in the resistance in the five people Jason won't confuse them. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would be John Green rich Cutler dusty shelf for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point at and TE one yeah. But the fact that he halftime show up presented by writing here. America the beautiful inside the numbers within half a net product by DD DTV aids and advisors everyone needs a trusted advisor. Who's yours. Wichita State down by admitting it's happening in the first half coming back to. Think at 3734. Late the shot after shot 38% on fourteen of 37 only four of sixteen from three. And only five of eight from the free throw line for 62 and a half percent. Meanwhile. We're Marshall. 38 and a half percent shooting ten of 46. Only two of nine for three then they were twelve of fourteen from the free throw line eleven of those shot by John Elmore who was 9/11. Wichita State. Plus effort on the glass to a 369. To two offensive rebounds and only four turnovers. Deprived of martial. Wichita State with nine assists on fourteen buckets Marshall was. Or on their tenth through twelve John Elmore has fourteenth. There's 34 points. Add that after that seventh floor IP none of us. For each floor run don't walk accident CJ for free for Jerry West End. Fourteen of civilians from Wichita State not a friend can't matching elbow with force TV spot that they from the field. And free for the poor for three Israel's victory. To. I'll call seven point actually five points apiece for markets but definite perilously at the official stance wrong. And and each scored. Actually. Mark is that my girl at seven in the first half the six rebounds and offered their lowest crime perfect horse that's six points on three executed. Four points toward land we can't but lose lose to a nine from the field. Again the valves three for Mike Duffy to reach for Boris ground and read through Wichita State to appease her ID out of that. In front don't want him. Or marshalls soccer's leading 3734. At halftime shocker sports properties. At Wichita State athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassador to tell us need to lead level of corporate partners house lawn. Delta dental pulp industries and not indication. You're considered becoming a sponsor of Wichita state athletic call soccer sports properties at 316978. 75. If he's to welcome back to get your credit for the second half from San Diego. Which offers up by three of them after this NCAA tournament matchup with north. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament tends 22 kids off chase in one ball arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game the united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UAE dot com. United health care. Services not available for all plants. Hi I'm Miranda statement and teacher at which time on a free school a private school for ages three through fifth grade. If you're looking for school designed to inspire lifelong love of learning. And I even though your child to day visit which tell my story dot com to learn more about fallen moment. And we're glad Entercom cares. Eleven states thirteen institutions. Some of the nation's largest markets. There is power in our side. Over 360000. To two point six million alumni. Their influence is how. And 21 championship caliber sports we compete which. They got Bob powers six. No go across the country. Twenty the ultimate sports watch where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's sports on your greens scratch through this person from the kitchen in sports there's a little and the many dissatisfied every chance at a time take your game day to new heights with any harsher light for the table when he's full service bar features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purpose we -- that a teeth chattering 29 degrees and mugs so ice cold Beers crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of these two TV that there's never a bad he now heads for 28. Drinks. Scenic views. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alan Acosta in valley center and think for an end over what lawyer. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven JE YE Yang. My exit here is appropriate in this. Today the doctors leading the I have to tigers. That the second half here. Is San Diego. Interesting dichotomy is now the two teams that don't have time. Marshall came back out about nine minutes left. At the half time play Wichita State still not back out with just over four minutes for me the Braves obviously great hardship felt like he had a lot more thought about it now. Yeah I guess the coach for. Marshall and it's only. Doesn't do a lot of adjustments they have a certain brand of basketball and play they've they claim that call out of bounds plays. They have about 45 days and the players' side with Clinton running. And so he's pretty confident nurses will play their players' ability to play freelance. And as you said problems with our state does is they analyze what this place what they're going to change how to get different types of shots. How to keep from getting into foul trouble making three straight off the boards and things like that the fundamentals. All of these threes the sports season I've got a question for you guys okay now how can we copies of dark second half with three fouls the he's started on no more fellow. Live martial arts you know brown. Retesting found round have you found. So these start that if or feet but read breaking every candidate Mike yesterday Brownback the answer is yes. I would say groundless it's going to be demand his whole career he is up earned a scholarship playing good defense on the other team's top player. And at least pestering him enough. Keep him from getting to the free throw line keep them from getting the open shots until maybe Mike Duffy and come back in the vote. We notion that works out up to that used to create an almost. I heard that they've that they've done no more has got three of the shocker the owners guard forwards itself. On the NCAA tournament scoreboard first finalist today in the west region game we've played our it was the seventh seed Texas they they have defeated Tennessee Providence except with a history. 69. Another American team seeded higher than just upon at Cincinnati also added some trouble in the first tablet first got a glimpse of their score they were down six or seven. It's their cats two seater leading fifteenth seed Georgia State 2815. About three minutes ago it verse that's the south region. And Purdue at Tennessee running away from cal state Fullerton seventy bluntly that that was about four minutes ago. Regulates that Gregg Marshall told me yesterday ticket he all conference. The Hartford and then broke his hands a lot and I look at him now. I guess not evident at Cincinnati. Can plug it I thought I get hurt by his side. Today did he was sitting on the jets next. That they gave us. That is still up. Three wood to 53 to go. And it. This is doing a great job on the offensive boards if they get ready for the second half. Thought this looking to build on how they finished the first half after trailing by seven points. Carol Willis I thought that they thought that I carried off our Thanksgiving they found inside. The big Big Three point shot. Going to the free throw line holding his own middle and all of this off this stack from if not things they've taken need to log not only be. Bill Wolff Tucker got to keep going inside in the fix. Morris will have nurtured her got a picture kind of got to catch the ball and then look around as you can kind of double thief. If you're single coverage already that they got the double team. Somebody's open and it got got to pick up the wide open shot and yeah it sucks at defense the end hopefully they'll iced up on the perimeter what they have to do. Do their part Dallas the better percentage from outside if somebody decides not your friend campus has not had doubts about tonight snapshots certainly a lot of guys capable. I think it's at this time content over his career against him it. To be what he started well has confidence continues to shoot it well. We've seen landry's ship but come back from some slow starts to get solid answers that you would think we might see that in the second. And mavericks tonight and the as a matter of fact that it was last night falls into ECB now with 53%. From the three points right. Averaging eighteen point four point gain in five of his last six walking somewhat expected to have a pretty darn the second. Well they definitely athletic guy out Landers who haven't they traded by the off on him there kind of take it that Houston game plan. It with different guys on any thing let him very physically. So. They're trying to take him on the ball hawking but that's totally reads. Frank camp with a lot of wide open shots it is but the interesting thing on that is is that samba although he's been worked over defensively and I think fountains consistently as he comes down court. Has yet go to the free throw line this afternoon. You're up that would change in the second half to soccer's leading by 337. Thirty floors looking for a chance to advance at their seventh straight NCAA tournament in Atlanta their sixth straight accurate but if if they could keep this going to the end. Marshall I felt they are here to make the game up it certainly it is going to be a challenge throughout it's not there's. And Marshall ready to go on the second half first possession of the. Heidi had a bad. Kids at William. No more we'll do him not for the Packers after all of ours speculation because he felt situation it's going to be very telling. We can't let Austin where. The guards instead of market recovery Carol Willis starting also that if you feel Flores photographers there to self report we'll try to stay away from. Guys south Austin reed the only ones who started the second hand. This position shirts and stuff that's right president forget the lane the lefthander this nice process for us it's not Cali about sham and a court recognized baseline all the way a little luck in front of the Africa. To honor for him with. It's not as active night. Both teams that there aren't good drive through the defense along with a basket west this. But making it it is last left side of the floor of the way it's not forgotten billboard down the lane and best left. I don't know but the fact not to lose Kelly's guilty lottery numbers it's just him. For a tour that it's not Kelly looks I'd love lots of it it's not do well if they had to rely on that's not a journalist on a high kids at night. They laid it off at last night's city said it has signed with. Fourth straight points of the factors of 4130. At least ten of the left wing exit handcuffs around fires this is off the backlog system by Flint can't. Marshall players that things across time lines you can't really play nice mountains out elegantly golfers traveling on it dragged his that it would certainly could drive in the alliance of the factors justice if oh. Of the laws and march with its back you know seven. Connors in. Lock the entity that 1850 to go through secondhand. Don't work record Reeves clarity in the patiently it's 5% and it would start to laugh rise experience that those hard right hands and not a bird experts look at the united. Lots of up there and yes and I thought it was sloppy with Canada and has actually gotten hurt little six there was that a lot of things it's free to start the opposite artistry. Please let flocked to Willis goes baseline double team takes an excellent traffic at a panel on marshaled. As Willis went to the Florida might beyond Canada had a disparity is on like what I do. It's not as it is I'd seen him that he has there and it's in the ball right there. Vital player for his. Aggressive drive but your own policy took it. Difficult shots and contact the kind of announcement of almost in that free throws here with them. I'm sorry Mike but it's definitely don't work they do you think thrive partner. I'll definitely positive free throws euros for three from the line now has nine points. But the fact it's been nearly. One ago. Five. Lines the first half of that and listeners just point out again both of them are old double. A court Elmore slightly upwards. Way historically about constantly. Look for different camp not a right wing talk that campaign it will shore up. It comes off and it bounces at the candidates ought not Kelly was that a kid about that but it's definitely from me. Had to drive into the basket well slams into. The fans the harm. Outlets with this one of the lopsided. As this government has the defender things that he gets that defensively. Willis with his. Player. And he just went right music contacts. They threw us chance for a three point play right now and that's Shaquille Boris in the game which honestly. Factors. Five. Looked like frank I thought thank you make it it's an ecstatic to be back down. Four point here and it makes. Recruitment line happens that he's got to hand and Marshall that's. Eighteen minutes nobody not with a 4339. And a according to Selig finally follow up now on last season insulate them. Can't handle it the entire game and finally Landry lost the handle on as a society crossover that homeless. That it curious that the five elevenths. Freshmen that looked like Preston easily put together. And he's credited you for the future did. For using his innings though they recently got called back to its first county executive pantries that track where Elliott the left elbow looks title with a Boris. State's hands. And handed off at a conference. On it you know it's not the Hartford stepped out on him thirteen to shoot right wing camp at. Landry looks like most its history penetrates gets back seventy footer god is great shot he was challenged by Elmore plantation and it has six factors lead by six. 4539. Birds and I've got to step one candidate if all the salamander camp but really quick. Crossover dribbles licenses or they got a chance to influence the evidence off the grid networks it's almost as many sentences John Elmore. And you likes to drive himself. Tough cover slip commitment experts now tell more off the street trying to Kennedy back at a different theory and it's high off the backhand rebound Atlantic Canada for the shock. Exit out himself. There's a time line shot it's night's sleep while she Havoc with Maria Rotblat off the back iron. Definitely here and crap like Kelly I've wrestled Omar floor crosscourt French camp. At a high catch not the free throw circle Kelly goes it gets it flock regardless of its control wild west and it. Arsenal starry night he was trying to lobby Shaq but he put behind you that's going to be open to their doubled in fact. Less dabbling in those vehicles there your glass is. The fastest in the lives of five sites which it's not state of war. 5416035. To go forward Stan grant and starts left goes right. The wings he couldn't dribble that district of lobs inside at a club not the way for Boris tiger turnovers countered it seeded defender behind their double team jacket theories here lawfully guys. The front of the guys behind me. Elmore drives all the way to the basket out to Williams for an open three. Chances Williams was. Three is first and passes at Marshall stacks it was a if I could. Let's not. A reference not found along with nets tonight now it's a lot worse fitting in their Williams was all over that it makes a left handed to us anyway so thoughtfully condit's confidence about it that he got it and he's got eight. Good post up by Shaq worked really scary chances Williamstown little. Act with real mark and I have read the gonna arteries for the bump for the ran out there. Think it yeah its third thirteenth out of the half. That'll get us to 360 is not about 1552. Ago the second half the two teams have played evenly so far in the second half. With Wichita State leading 4744. For children sure we know landlords to keep up with their renter even if they're related. Mom dad. Had just dropped five pick up your way. I'm running a little short month not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters policy think helps cover up in case of fire theft and more what if I just moved back and smelled them you mean dancing in men Kate. Children are where he'll be shelter. 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The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your mile per hour with the delta dental. US shocker basketball is on 103 point 781. Yeah. Good thing that we did not the second happier yes. Gave her. Eight this is farther east region. Before seeing Wichita State leading the thirteenth seed Marshall 47. Forty form what teams have scored ten points in the first four minutes of the second half that's hundred point base. But Wichita State that it had 4740. For the shocker made four of six shots of the half Marshall for a dying on me. These are in the first half which I think that's considerably more field goals insofar as the. In the shocker to look a lot better life movement offensively your phone second half but defensively they're really feel. Having a hard time stopping. Marshall. And opponents influences my recollection is correct and then I'll Marshall defense scored a couple of quick. But it's and its advanced games. Not yours dominating the boards nine to seventeen. To. Offensive rebounds and only 92 chance points off offensive rebounds for the nation that Marshall. Rightly or more doubles that the battle down the line throws it back up for a camp but almost got it but for the covers little couple stupid maligned Vista thrive best. Regardless Kelly secures it would not stay. Out of almost got it hit it that it's not recently. You're still leading by three Elliott that. That he has not afraid to get it and put them back at camp but that was new ground that only. She argued that the lion of the depth of him right tonight while the shipment. Google's right to try to double teaming Cali lob for Boris. Definitely not covering telling them. Campuses around the frequently go beyond this about him feed off of himself fillies why don't for the job that can pass it. Jack was back with him it's not just by 547. It's not out of doubles right spins into traffic. Threatens Roth a shot that got that that is hand ball bounces live act around it enough chances are you can't wait what was that he didn't. With a bow Elliot it's not over two rounds a lot of bad effect the Phillies the free throw line but it on the floors into the line try to get divorced with a two shot himself and it's blocked and it saved by Marshall. Lot to the end line intensively it jumped up this afternoon he wanted to Kelly won the pants off the boards but the defender did help offer more if not more spinning frozen water sports history yeah. Jennifer for the rest of the game as nine points that's it's not really fact it's organized so delicately or from either one of war the second half here and now they're sick of five champ shot left wing got knocked to the floor is that it's worth a Elmore called for the now. And let's see if it's worth its three shots landing fan but now on the left I believe that's no worse than it. Is second to third and asked him it goes to the line for the first time today having scored six points on three illegals. With the times data flow starts out of hand now from the free throw line. Amity that is the sense of justice last. Suits that was the first man who's got seven. Three it all the way back to five. Birds. Increased productivity. Graphic we'll kind of refused to put that up short of bounces it could touch him that would. You know. These guards especially the point guard it takes a lot of energy to bring that Paula. Especially these pressures that would give free throws. Especially three free throws you can really catch your wind if you take your time the line. She admitted Al Gore were just talk to each other not in I want to play more like. A horse and it fell into the home crowd there. I smiling back into the data on Wednesday night when it's not his wife lives it's like I did the plane snaps back again well late jumper bounces off. That's it at its robot rhetoric. That's not I think let's look now have a FaceBook is back that's going to be former athletes out for months and at least that is that that the small round. Had his hands on the ball and it was cited recently found him there was some doubt it who headed. There was a foul called on about birds right there and that all that is that it's been well. Coached in an ordeal that both sides. Side. I said they thought it was a foul but they have been Colin many that's his fourth egos that they thirteen 55 to it's not present position lifetime there really make a concerted effort with the offensive boards in an attack in the Oval Office that was happy to be addicted to he's been off different Elliott the free throw line let him hand off if anybody still fans. What matters not that she definitely this next round. And I Boris took that gap that was that was pretty yeah offenders in the browns got to see these guys. Since your streak I don't care act of food is there less than other light headed deflected away by Boris has bounced right to. If you waited for his first kind of lucky bounce for I don't know had sent it turns it over the last drive it to the basket but don't want. Bystander it should step up like Anson Williams. Great block by Landry Kennedy loves me my elbow. Soon enough love. Got there throughout. Our ties decades and the the trade deficit now at the toughness and I love with a lot that we can't freeh left way bounces shortly or if that would have been nice to answer for the soccer player who can knock down that three. Factors not only got up at six that had that chance and certainly they've started missing shots in Barcelona Rome I didn't. Now more accurately left intact right. Thrives incidentally it's about quarter and George travel back to fit but I. I could take it to the basket and that's. If the ball back with just days Marcus Vick got to make his first appearance at the half I was back in the game for Boris now. Like you mean by that this architect its willingness to fill those who turnovers. Backgrounds try to force and effect wars with three defenders on it and for some reason it shouldn't bring that threatened job that your thought Jack would have toward. And that won't mr. Jack was even look at it. Lance on campus during the threat toward double teamed on the blanket ticket alive I don't want help or drive it all the way to the basket frozen up flocked to account with us today. And it. It is it is. When Landry just a couple of really careless turnovers out of the open. Ford didn't let conferences at the other end remarks yet you've got to keep your head up over that double team that isn't that. Donald were rated double fees. And at them it humid here let's put a lot of pressure on him at that. You can go with Elmore and got this deal now or makes the free throw you snap span of twelve from the line and it's cheap points. Like him a second now. And arsenal back line. And short. Ground zero votes. Marshaled one point three. It's not stay with the ball well fifty's you know red green enough if that works in very different story. Not here it was a brutal Louis knocked down her executive and found bullet ground president light poles not hit the shadow they're gonna wait and our. Call us now on Marshall if you want Levi on I don't Watson. It's there team's fifth and half really. Breaking the blade a lot of voters that he made that long enough not to play. I thought ruthless. That religion was right. It. Works and rated them inadvertently. Level. He's looking deflated and left water in the debt markets not front to your Willis though with background right wing. But since ninety defense it's them or not nothing left wing ground but it entered the violence. It in the back at the reason we wish him seven if you plan. The street gets one drive right so absolutely the best it draws contact over the line for two mysterious George announcement and it. Nice read about him but certainly the things that pleases so they would cut off his fast. Which opens up the drive it was like the best sixth team counts on. Facts are on partial list vehicle lines shooting two after the time that 1144. But you know the second half. Marshall 53 Wichita State 52. Why couldn't help was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the camp is health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because some people eat that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy and learn more at Kansas town dot pouring. Got shots. State farm agent get what's important specially on game day. Did pretty. Flat so hopes to bring bring the red water bottles. Right here I am rabbits with key chains Chris I'm your state farm agent to help protect the things that really mattered you. Good luck charm if they broke don't fix it okay. Think they're listening in the company's list. What are. Yeah an agent or do you statement. You like go right. Remember these numbers zero and 75. You get both this month and midwest Kiev on select models. No one else has this kind of finance and I imagine how low it will make your payment on a new Kia optima yeah. Forte for Toronto 0% financing for 75 months only get midwest he. It's what you need to remember all he has through midwest he would come with it ten years 100000 mile warranty. Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris posed any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett for Hayes built for a pummel. WS shocker that's. He's on 103 point seven JE one yeah. In several. Games this year what she does David critical element has had turnovers and points off turnovers that was very much under control. Help with doctors turned it over three times in the span of about a minute. I have and all of a sudden forceful. With the right. Points to seven. Off turnovers that's helped them balance up the doctors advantages of pain. A second chance points at Marshall leaf my point was 1140 Politico. Well that is friends yes I don't see different guys don't blame him for I Wear him down and maybe it's starting to think that. Well hand Marshall had six points off and it was the first half it's 1144. Left in the ballgame thing up thirteen points off turnovers. I'd say it's dead only to workers with foods path as Stan already involved. And the chance that this doctors back in front of the line with three for three from the line all of the second half nine points for Atlanta. It first happened yet. But they'll think it's Afghanistan or Waziristan close and it ran at sixteen. With us today. 1140 words guilty you know this deceptive. Does that stand. Eleventh with the testing back if you if you answered full court pressure by the fact wanted him zone for a let's just in the front court and that's not my throws in the White House floor picked up by relativity triples. I expect the defense. Just rip it down not bad attention look at the cross court if I keep them behind him just go away from purely the fact that Oklahoma and look for a yard. That restaurant that got them off guard that nice move by. Rick Marshall works throughout it throws up a wild shot jump him not to miss it goes to prevent him the right away with nothing. Out of the block well it's both the left and best of all we have the right lighting up at this it's too hard off the last moment with periods towards the basket. Great harassment but nothing Willis some great opportunities and Willis with a couple of unfortunate mistake. It's only about one Marshal on all one way out of work harder background lets loose reasonable Lance. Heath knowledge here to the ball that went in and out of the way on don't Watson victory here on. Battered by background and history. Of marshall's miss a couple of chances if not there's still one point lead McDuff and fumbles on hand off nuclear blast is gonna go the other way circles under the basket that you had a shot at fans wanted to take it idling Elmore efforts to create yeah. Third down because these topic up you can watch it from. That he kicks it out no more and health workers along a street corner right in front of the harshest sentence of death that's completely. Gary when you do it is to try to stay confident in control right now I just. And there strangle a couple of guys for the turnovers and had cost his team a great opportunity to. To be insulate their only down to 5654. Turnovers this senseless turnovers particularly with nuts they right now and it really good coaches the other team. Ethernet all these schools. Him fifteen to go in the second half a lot of time left for three point game warrants back in the game as that's not. We are targets of training camp. Not holding looking gets the streets Kelly goes left efforts comes out on its content drives it. In the court of accounting for three air blown off the other side long rebounds that got to help our season for the fourth quarter on the left way. And it turns and fires history. It now well not a break here and I was halfway yeah we've got the thought that you know plus it is worthless right now 92. Run right now for Marshall. Leads levels right not to. Create Nokia out rebound Kelly. Restarted the light of it Duffy shot fix depth look at the left hand for all of my work as it benefits. It's nice rebound. Rashard Kelly on the reef has been nice if with a laugh. But nothing. Artist with a game tied at six times if you know problem a couple of process that takes them Lincoln's challenge to act. And it gets. Wolf all the way around it. I would and it's not enough Boras got in theory that's isn't. In the rightfully left reaching for a body and not. Hostage drives into the lane it's an apple reject worthless factories. Penetrates to outlying double pump got it strictly about Kelly getting laser over the front of the out of how on earth. Start telling them that I'm authentic fitness etiquette don't want it now Wal-Mart and you rightfully. That you. That's your signal by. You know we outline. With the soccer match. Our experts still only has three points including ones from the line in the first half that that line now on opportunities. George is in wants to count for march. It's war and the data reader and inspect it and it leaves. Out families can't Elliott Boris. Does the fourth column you know watch. Yeah what's treatment that might Kelly's death workshop is back. Nine it. You know I don't want to get up for martial artist my office. Dribbles crossing over. It starts left intact right always looking to drive it that does not cut off my reasoning cannot get a yeah that the well. Kind of a chicken snack company it's not his body. I wish they think that I was where we're at Buffett's letters to him a little while you're not months. 151000. Oakley is that these morons read. If this background in the 35. Which domestic one point lead. Atlantis they predicted the offensively experts that that evidence you have got to have snapped. Throws up not to collapse and left and its battle with athletes these efforts are Kelly. Eight up on the glass from them when he's got to look at it catches right they. Don't want it gets hurt to split Kelly goes right off the three. Friends. That's his fourth frame but the cost effective for a night. And youth soccer and is walking into the Melbourne driving under the basket frozen out almost intercepted last three hits and left center and left Mac but I thought extensively. And nobody blocked off to. Scientists tested right to the office of Portland didn't fit and it takes obviously right you know it would ranking definitely afraid I can't. And now verse twenty point favorite this darker areas got flooding to apply today looking out on his son's they did everything. T 562. Exits nicely done Elmore writes Florida dad dance movie. Arsenal. 32 time that it will be expanded a flawless first of all time about it after he could be here at soccer. Can't remember our weekly coaches' shows on Monday night's 98713. Thirty and a sense of place to find them they come your way. And AJ sports ability Eliot thirteenth extremely proud. Sunday nights at six Gregg Marshall and then paused Butler sockets and I could face off at seven to eight as long as the basketball season continues. 67 cents today coaches shows for eight days worth of the Alley at thirteen. Well Marshall thundering herd coach is that Tony called it and I think that's the cool off on anything that's the victory. On the way to the Bedford Marshall. That's right we're sure Kelly they think they. Box office in the those guys that would give those balls. Treatment and stuff which cost only an oft times doesn't hurt us costs offset time. That one guy one of the best rebound. Eight seats. And it kind of. A great champion had essentially three years that we could not stay tuned. Well has never had a forty point game it is good bet if later at nineteen last year in Illinois State he hit it. Today including 53 pointers and seven that captivated well we'll. OK so they've been laid off from shark Kelly hits may have been in the village doesn't think stuff. Now Kelly's history if they can't and that's why he got those open shots so let's see if that's if Marshall it just five written. Kelly defender oddly for a basket that can help cover me here if that happens. Event need that fourth and we'll have the open side and especially with the event on the bench was for personal fouls you wonder how long he Antonio. Keep him on the day. It does safe package for a 6565. Soccer's biggest events in. By seven. Where nineteen. Details just in the second half they scored the first four points of the half. Marshall had a couple of seven point lead in the first half they had gotten back in front of the second half the impact of that phrase my father. It can't have what if not it's not my dream was. Have a lot of our watch out. My conference definitely knocking down his feet and also John Ellsworth has knocked it down is the reason a couple of really long ones though. Let's not forget that they have the ball. And real advantage in the second half his Wichita State has only five personal files. He had a team that went to the free throw line time after time and Marshall. Stafford sacked fourteen times in the second things off of the free. O line not real Fiat they flew Wichita State just to take care that if they. It went pretty good over they've got an excellent chance of this of those turnovers with plus severely. 22 points off turnovers. It does the fact they yes that's turnovers in the second half by the stock slipped through thick and move their feet keep their hands now. And covered the stuff Marshall players have a right about an hour. Partial possession. Their threat to artsy experts at its instantly he's going to give it to John don't want everything works off available guarded by some background who writes that it definitely out of work in the middle. Not on there has been faxed it back it can't accept the white black sack recovered I don't want. Now less than a super long throw air ball at out of bounds off or some other don't get it back. Of course he took office and theories George let's call them animals in the through the ball that that were supposed to be marshaled all. Underneath the basket I think ultimately it's four seconds on the shot clock and we now are at the under eight it's not First Act almost stripped the ball and stolen a little more thought it back in an air ball by last. It's out of bounds off Boris Marshall for a second it's not plots. When we come back 78 days ago soccer's 65 arsenals. 62. NCAA president of the San Diego. Thorough were you could call a timeout of those expensive ATM fees. Oh wealthiest wise when you banquet equity bank you can us. Which your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere fear its true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee if us slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC. You always get a great ride on tires from campus flat tire and speak and a great ride what a fantastic ride it's been being a part of Wichita State basketball this season. I think it was entirely understand that the great work ethic determination and commitment to success at eighteen compatible and shot right is what it takes to build a W as you athletic legacy. I can't display entire we're proud to have been a small part of this year's Wichita state pride and accomplishment. Thanks to all of you Wichita State fans everywhere predicted Kansas my entire part of the shocker family. If you're stuck in your low release listen if you're over your mild -- released upside down in your world or just one out of your car or new phone can help you today but not least that we can Nissan Altima or wrote produced united from that threaten your own between if you need some awful or rover zero down if you melanoma after me -- now general manager for himself dial 1800 new news on the visit or knew some Wichita about come up with a recruit informants reported to. Think if you're perfect in their effectiveness depends on display in the distance from the five people Jason won't confuse the. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford remains firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. Good I can't. Bob Hope they aren't happening in the studio 718 to go at this first round game for the NCAA tournament. Wichita State leading Marshall 65 C. Fourth battled Marshall had the ball. Four seconds remaining on the shot clock for the attention on the play a couple of times. We'll look like Shaq. He'll have been the flak jacket on offensive or defensive forward. But doubtful that time or something. Well and the only the only player other than Freddie can't just over three is Willis captain Elmore follow life course. Wow that is just incredible. I mean that was. Even not decent but it thought it got nothing that I felt more coming out chickens and like. That it thousand with the spy game. Making it the right point intervals up to the pain but there's no industry for. Only a moron gets enough to you know aren't listed site a couple of levels bars on the block Morris and it's it's not chance of bush and they've got hammered by. Adding. Marciano I don't know. But it does say it's not often aren't yeah one official mark he's been through did not see you live off of is so he asked for help him staff instead soccer basketball and arsenals argument. I think it was softness Jackson's doctor's medical there and he got flack for the matches and yet. It can't get to trail today an analysis by the rest before the shot clock expired. But I gave 65 all 635. Still you know it's not elbow is not exactly on all of these violent incident the tour. Went that's not my old war that he couldn't make it happen again if you tried to him not phone with a lag and long lines that's the way short and it doesn't business. Tonight right gets to the basket knows enough to block for the foul play you know non athletes that. That's a process that is on ground is there. Six. It yet you know Atlanta got the chance to get more. Is it round and kept it off of them capital partners. We've got a few incidents. Why it's not. Now that. Eleventh fourteen from the free throw line with seven points. There's resistance at thirty your fourth time here. In. And bounce off of that now it feels like it. And it's in the old one this is the accident like that includes live. It. Different color definitely program open through out for a way should now Marshall. Gear well it was. It's up way short. Let them more rent it play enough. Right. You know war. You know that was the game with a plastic replace feeling normal Internet rights not to laugh while if you. It crossover dribble drive and both on the way sort rebound out of bounds off the Marshall would not see it that. Pretty well defended I cannot break into health for Boras says west out of all right enough that it when they drive that Jack worst of the block the other shot that got my thought he would. The wars. At that point one game 10 Gary George but it it. And here's the back in the walking with what files with just over five minutes ago. Parcells got to look at it like it penalties in writing about it here tonight but for now there's no. Atlantic over the Willis Reed like Darryl from athletics. Well let's get a second. Yeah yeah. Definitely it's. He never had that it's the 6866. Which is just a second efforts right tonight tickets on line process over to exit the color williams' victory that's good. Yeah they're fresh intensively you know if six that. Answer three as the little three. It's a violent transnational alive by Santa loose balls Davenport for a we're headline I was over there Franken great council on exactly this is the positions ranking hypnotic bulls not. Well it's an effort that they apply force doctors on the floor for them loose ball and they got hundreds. At camp with an informant it's not as backed up my line you know or tumbling down it's definitely right fluids lost either not that it's not cynical it's not. Probably and that's not what my next round at Willis was fighting chance to somebody trampling it and that calls a timeout to keep the possession for Wichita State. In 32 time now. The factors with 37 to you know at Wichita State in the big platform. Hope you hit the ball they got right now. Doctors get on the floor for a capital. Loose balls and on whether or not afraid. Basket the other let's for possession it was France's at this point it right in front of the fort shoppers got on the floor that was one. One marquee player on the floor fire. Enough with it and then on the other hand just now to with a shocker on the floor fight. Well that's the physical advantage of sod thing the psychological. On stage in the game is as close a one point lead for them yes we were 37 in the ball game. Every possession is critical every possession is important Wichita State the event. You know Marshall Davis hasn't heard of that. Last twelve games prior to that they were twelve at eight. This is obviously this season. That was edited down the stretch they are a good basketball team and very very challenging offensively and certainly see why they think this is. Cleland the reason is that the answer millions and have a lot of very good ballplayers it's against Williams. Has been averaging fifty points or games resent stretch Mike and as a result this wolf wins. He's got him today clinics in three pointers and the printed out it's a street the Willis drives the right side of the line backed up front who also goes through relentless efforts. If that sham and plans to use the streak of movement of double team. It's definitely wanted to perhaps not out of his hands moment that he saves it out front. Or just over different game seven if it's not appropriate to balance the Atlantic off naturally background and we'll have an act out of a recent nicely done but that's currently clear tobacco free camp. Can't penetrate it throws the length of Willis and threw it away again. The evidence had several bad passes. The second yeah and component too of of these Jonathan that your defense that doesn't do them wrong wrong side of the things that's not competitive driving on Willis does not have a plus one of the theory right but no call. ID had a vote with twelve Marshall 7170. Analyst at the top levels right now fans to chant at a time. Plant regarded by accident played Boris got pushed it left hander if it's got shot a little bit like Anson Williams of Marshall with the that sentences he was activities without moving over his right fielder Jayson Williams gave a little form which. If not worse off now. Could be a big defensive possessions which is fascinated him once the a lot of times through eleven that. Read my last night. Out here in Atlanta that's what I was afraid I was. I thought it if it picks defensive possession counts of possession game with three minutes ago now the rest of them soccer's answer. 7470. Marshal friend yeah that's right you just dribbled to outlast and it bounced to him but it's not that it might births. Has used to strip yet that Saddam floor goes left pulls it back out. Wanna I wanna get experts. If drive it throws to block to Boras got around Amanda Johnson pulled it and thank you I am president it's time down. Really goodness inside. It's damaged wars doctors down signal they need to stop you students to go after them for a court last overdo it don't want right when it. If you have with that commitment list. Since wanting to to you know sixteen not it's not clocked at Marshall. Just standing right now let's sit down spreading. That. Upfront but that on the floor right cut off my seventh pick up. Right around in the late about the different. I think you always got fourteenth and I. I found on both. No probably not mention a stolen. Offers and martyr killed. Now 67872. Have admitted that he thought that you know and time out taking I would it's not just. Eight it'll be a full look keep it here shocker as the number of doctors who there way for mom if it to watch party location as the industrial works. The southeast corner of 21 way I am byters all the watch parties for your chance to win it's great prizes courtesy of Eisenhower national airport surveillance efforts. Your official location for soccer basketball landed. Doctors don't rally we've had our laughs and watch party. I think. Yeah very difficult with us agencies themselves at athletes themselves in both feet with the turnovers. And virtually every turn over in the second half which have come to the pundits have resulted in. Easy baskets war. The thundering heard. Wichita State has got the wind or the second half they made a good victory for us marshals were up five but. In the first half Wichita State had way more field goal attempts. In the second half its marshalls which if not staked its wealth and flooding or in the half the 50%. Marshall is seventy got 3155%. Seven more chances and five more field goals made for the thundering herd us and it has been much more physical but Wichita State. In his second half and Wichita State defensively. And time. Wichita State has now committed fourteen. Turnovers as the points off turnovers arts. Sixth or seventh. In favor of martial. These big deciding factor of the shoppers lost to Houston and lastly now would they be gadget reviews and it wasn't that kind of numbers but they have a significant to point out there. And certain turnovers very late in the ball game so it's not only how many have. But so when they occur and whether or not the other sees itself. Which it. Tell us they found six they have the ball that just that at 55 to they're gonna have to put together some kind of rally now. At Marshall always a tough team this. As far as team fouls it. I have six on Wichita State seven on Marshall football team we'll see in the want it why not that I felt like it. And the ball's going to the end Elmore would stand with us states if it passes for this time down the court. What's up marshals point to do was eat time off the flock to. All you don't words can't just have written frequency. Marshall has made some big big fights we'll look back if this goes marshals quietly look a look back. On that desperation threes by John Elmore proud of his own bench following a land line drive three point shots that we at the end that was fugitives may have been the turning point. Martian atmosphere and it kind of emotions. As a matter of fact it was about the seventh at 8 o'clock. Can't them. Not if we'll have a lineup of friends can't freeze candidates Willis and Boris. And they have got to get going and it 55 to you know and doctors. Are. In possession counts mastery that almost got not the way Austin at the top of the art and that incident politely through fifteen footer off the back of this event where Austin reed has not made a shot all day. Rebound out of Marshall and now they are totally in control of his game at 35 to you know the six point lead and the ball. It's desperation time for with a state. When out on the floor. No war is bouncing it around Reeves went a little bit off an identity issues. Now war starts last inspect writes I was trying to score last. That's on the floor drives that throws up an underhand stupid this is really about just the blessed with partial face of the head of it's not his dad a lot of failure to get a defensive rebound they're gonna have to cannot fresher today at a double team Melbourne it's a way to birds over to Canada. All the guys handling that are really good free throw shoes were extolling its felt like candidate in the field wanted to wanted to pounded on the front of the announcement cumulative John Higgins Nicholas. Could call a 11 with FedEx the right calls. Down six feet give them that their possessions and after that fifth doctors that nobody guys try to block that shot they could secure. The defense of war effort than this in the marshals actress' rent out there that's all around. Fox and the reason Landry can't that are combined three for seventeen. From the field goal for nine from three that's it. Yet we've done warrants not missed a position in less than a minute now evident with reckless shocker it's 3% chance constantly gets it plan it out. Half doesn't add up or down. They were thwarted or effectively I don't believe it that three pointer but he was spot that fine line at six foot nine right at him why it is a silent for a long. Night. He's been this not yours real hope he's got twenty. Seven career I make six. He's not afraid can't he's six for ninth street. Everybody else for what it's nice neat use separate you know Willis making him do it different in our eighth worked well. Everyone else it's all worth it team room. Leon. Excuse me guys at Stanford turnovers and shooting at Borland from behind the arc for me. Yeah you know wanted to situation now basketball's a team game you have to have enough. By all of your teammates might. But we talked about this it's a statement with the three points right through the last less than 3% from a lot of the free points right. And to thank goodness for content frank can't thought. We still have some greedy. Okay now what about working that seventy pounds right now. If there if the ball comes to about soccer field. Look at myself lately and it's going to be award winner the other hand there's going to be a lot of pressure on the fourth of player. Positive free throws off his game is. 44 seconds that's a lot of time that a game like this that three point me to Josh is about eight point eight effective in possession game but that's the only choice go for the steal if they don't get it right away foul. The fourth shooting situations. If they want to run for Marshall in the next few fouls on Wichita State could be one of ones that they're not out of the active. And Dana what's the best free throw shooting teams conflict once again last one C three point 7%. But it only three of six years second half last. And diversity got a way to normally drives and of course throws over to Canada travel data but it would have blocked shot out of bounds off one. I was off with Johnson. I thought it was off Williams jacket. And not williams' hand was less it's nuts it. Marshall has conferred on you can see it yet that if that was rejected that it's now at. None of them wanted and I thought scrambled and got New Orleans and williams' game not just those sorts of letting him partially why. In the blog got batted around I thought that led off. Williams hand out of balance if it did in Wichita State we'll have 36 seconds there's legitimate chance to make its way. And it you know and it no no not they will when they go through perhaps they go to a breath I don't know. Back out they think it's the fact. Of the basket or go to order for three that can be prevented I don't know why haven't you who think when he tried to lob from the freshman when you. I had a great chance there to add to the three point lead soccer's fortunate. If they didn't convert but now it's a matter of who touched it last honored to sit up late. I had stopped it was stopped active you can see it on Williams and we still haven't seen it actually flying anything that's on what transpired. Marshall at this point it like it's their ball. We still haven't seen a replay that was palaces it. Mark Rogers our colleagues we've been over this he would he would feel. Monitor and what mark that is that. Their guy had both hands on the ball but that round thing like that he's replay. It's part. And then if it's not conclusive overturned that State's mark the initial call as the Marshall that's huge now Wichita State. Makes a stop if Marshall gets cleared out into the pocket of doctors don't give up wind picked up about six seconds left to try to camp out and get a tie free. Hate to see if noted that point accuracy and they try to go for the steal if they don't get it paid 1000 with a lot of flood situation almost half you might. They can't wait too terribly long because marshals in the face of they have very good ball handlers. And tremendous free throw through. 35 point eight seconds they haven't is thirty on the clock for. For Marshall what you listen if it is 33 UK it is it is free about a lot out of bounds that he would be presented with someone. Leonard Marshall Wichita State they'll have a full thirty John Higgins is called it staff that marquee fanatic group was also looking at all the officials. Really taken a lot to try to determine who this all belongs. When I don't if it if it does it affect. They've with the art that the call was artful. Officially so it's got to be inclusive. You got to be conclusive to overrule it. I don't think it's dark and let him for that clock. We don't know I Beckett yeah I think it picked up this. They're gonna happen now on the line I think right away get a good meal one and one if you foul them quickly before they shoot it. Advent of this kind of got a chance to tie with a three adding that if they'd naked. It is they believe zone more time because it's become a two possession game. Absolutely and and what you have a situation where Wichita State just has not hit the three point shots. Except for Willis who stand to and content Franken have to step in the game of his life which starts today. Need a little bit of help that help has to start defensively Reagan's morning. In the park's massive. It's not been. Wrong and so it's not present either got to come up with a steal right away you're probably foul right away before Marshall could be in the active shooting. Thank marsh golf. Right now we're they had about six guys there is justified he wants to send in its sprint can't chance it. Kelly Flores. And brown and frowned trying to get in the game I don't know they're gonna myself. They're gonna in Atlanta it's a dead ball solid fit to take. And he gets a job it is game over signals like it went off fingertips if opposite of that. And it went off routes that this last. Other analysts around in the game as well thought otherwise we don't funny I don't know if we literally anything at all nothing in there aren't enough. Marshall inbounds play from the end line at their own basket at different facilities not about an audience slots six and it's nobody's guards on board with. He only has it now. When asked to play it and look into their look at there's you know look at and yes favorite time out. Marshall couldn't get it in advance audience is furious that canceled Williamsburg run in the wrong right there on the inbounds play that. Hercules and a 32 time now. You repeat that here of course. It's not your reasoning still desperation situation they were down six. You know it bring back for that history with 44 seconds left. Marshall the chance for possible layup had partially blocked it went out of bounds was not stated now Marshall. Trying to inbound. That's our system that was once an outlet that leaflets honestly it's all of their time now. This is to be the indication of this. Right marshals already called a couple of things in the huddle. 36 seconds a long time guys that's a good thing that got to happen for the Sox if they could feel good about things. All right well parents cannot run don't want to try to play and that's another dependent. Not this. Down on the inbounds play it had a good I was sixteen. Doctors have taken out of bounds in 34 seconds left in the game and down five. Eighty to 75. Marshall. Background played in Marshall substitutes that you want to that it had four fouls flashes. Into effect yet. You know somebody got the ethics that one's quit because that popped open wide open. I thought it yeah here. Not sure what did you might as. Well as they were better check the clock yes. 35 point two seconds only a second ticked off officially said his doctors get a little bit of a break here this is down five. The 35 seconds left obviously they have got to come down and score quickly. Because they need another possession beyond this that no matter what they do. It reads French camp damage Willis is Boris. Potentially. All good shooters in there although Boston Braves and Atlantic here that have just not been able to make anything good candidate of their status of a guy in and out of the so the guy did. Whether his jacket. Defensive we're just checking the time you know that's what they rules of the last last cannot get candidate wanted it for defense of Ron don't want it stays on. He's a good defensive players who videos or personal. But we'll play it again and Marshall picking up full Florida jury in part to force which obviously is clock getting the ball up the board. Our thoughts debt that is done it as a talk about something. Well it's been a tough year for Wichita State. Terms of close losses especially just recently Cincinnati at all of his student yeah. Now I have the 35 seconds ago this first round NCAA tournament game. Hello Austin police that he had found the basketball these. Got on every camp every issue that Carol Willis and Jack wars. Look for deficit somebody he'd try to get so that you. Quickly but partial list to do their biggest guys back I think the fans is that. Six foot nine Williams back and six but it benefits back as well. It got Watson on French camp at the moment birds on chanted no more hanging around at midcourt line. So that he could be a potential double team on somebody or at some point he would pick up Reeve after us in bountiful. If it's darkest fear currently the ball bouncing it that it is subsidies and try to fall foul that was the clock stops that could potentially get a couple of free throw. With the clock stopped. Ticket if they can dribble and hit it off buyout that would via that we suffered marks. Whatever the confusion is among the officials just really drag things out here on big hasn't gone up with a great marshaled through its flight was. Going on. We're still waiting for the shot fifty inbound the ball 35 point two seconds on the clock. Marshall spot five days 75 there they you'd rather be at Marshall issues it would not phase right now similar to. Situations and conducted within the last couple of close losses down the needs. Try to make a big play coming back if I have to possession advantage you can count have you heard all of other argument that. And looks like. Act now around groundless and it would make sense of duty and athletic. Let it. I want to let's not think around. Not around it and it's edition. Country enough Watson guarding him along right sideline. That all the lenders put a crack at it whistle if all warrants went flying and I got bush fire Marshal player. That's motivated us. It's none of us now. But that may not matter would only 29 seconds you know. And their coaches say they'll now though. That is one shot that deals with the clock. And now there's no war because. With Fallon. You know it's definitely. And of the thousand I was sixteen points only nine seconds remaining it lasted until those all situation. And at the free throw line. We don't want him one looks like it's Landry should do with it and that was it now on marshals. At midnight and it. Excellent and the basket would now was twelve Landry from the line and it's five fine he has eleven points. Oh yeah on the net Arthur Brown not to break camp. Hey don't let off of that without telling. Throws a sports fan but. Shot it it just realize though it rebound Lewis Kelly admits it out of bounds and that was not a statement only to students that. Rankings and it does look. Can't think of us live from that side but it's still sixties the soccer I. And that's the landry's and that has been so tremendous like it's nice neat. It's been erupting again is now three wood there. Is that and it's the guys that shoot 50%. Before. The defense. From behind the Arctic 83%. From the free throw line so he's got tremendous numbers over the course of 32 ball games but really have trouble today. And lately as well it was last in ball games to 2%. Three to 29 of 33. Free throw line he was sent instead of its last eleven. Like it's fatigued playing in the game like this there's a lot of stress. Trailing by five. Shots don't have to piece Sox have to be made. Every shot is critical. Attitude makes those free throws it's actually one possession but skillfully sent thing that's left that's still a pretty. Global opportunity for which it honestly think that it got a picture over it now. It is almost impossible they're gonna have to get a shot almost immediately. Check got that rebound could that. Franken I thought OK we're 33 point three points and could not get them. Really long shot candidate in your client and Janet try to play it and having trouble. Right underneath it Boris threat itself. It was nice to see him turnovers. And and won't be able to not now. Boras tried to shut it back to Sam Bennett and senator. Turn it over marshall's dove on it called timeout and now there's no way for what it's not safe and I'd like he's done. Let's just fortunate thing not because that is if your possession games self if you absolutely have to have a three right there must be that he got found a few. Right there twelve seconds to go Marshall possession five point lead with a heard this is going to be their ballgame they're gonna falloff may thirteenth. Four upset here in the first round you will be the second loss of the turnabout after Buffalo's win over Arizona last night at Wichita State. While not extend a streak of victories in five consecutive NCAA tournament to may six they could have been one of its four programs at. The country. It is no it selflessness. Special group of seniors let me. Disappointing ending as so many ways of cancer regular season conference title by the wayside of close games. Couldn't get to the conference heard in the finals of the loss of a close game but now weighs close lost in the first round of the NCAA for the. Carry this team Mike's got into the eighth Casey had a very very good season. His eighth seeded team down to the last second shot fitness. But what we see in this ball game has turned over and over its nemesis from Wichita State today that this isn't usually but. Nevertheless in the last twelve games against these. Was the desk you know it's exhausting as well edited now listeners who want to thank him and Marshall. Let's not shot lead guitarist and a close game points off turnovers 26 to seven as it used all the right reasons. I almost almost all the second half. Bill Watson will play at the end only eleven point six seconds that you know incident to John Al Gore. Spitting on the dribble get to the way to Watson's President Bush divert my scores last out of town. Know it sounds lasted for. It's already knows. Okay. But the physical realm of the compiled it all right that Fulton and found that obviously you want about somebody else would. He has just a couple of weeks from today but like I said ventures that matters is points. These throughout my list here. Here fastest time pretty solid freshman for this team. And you look at their roster. You've got Canada west births don't more all coming back. Janssen Williams is the freshman affected free throw miss Kelly rebounds that's going to be the. Tidal flow. People I have. Five. In the NFC. State farm agents get what's important you even when you've broken down the road. We gotta get your college buddies he's my state farm agent who take care of. Might it be cobras help please leave. Oh and this is classic car broke down. Isn't breathing all that to take a breath. Backwards from ten. You know nation to get you. 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Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Brad would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder ray don't Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point Evan JE YNN. That living final. Just thought okay. This season hockey but John physically. Then offensive foul balls. All outside the finals. You want him. What did not state seventy hi Marshal its eleventh win its last thirteen games advances to the second round of the it's not state finishes its season at 45 at eight. A season that ended its three losses of the last four games all in games that went right down to the wire. At least a couple of those. Really made a huge difference from Wichita State and that was certainly the case today doctors can't afford turnovers at halftime yes and they had eleven and in math and were outscored 27 to seven. Odd points off turnovers and a six point is that. Really isn't there Wichita State didn't shoot very well particularly through their their fingers but they still would have had a chance if they just think. Better cared about they really did she do well enough to win the ball game however sometimes you could overcome that. With offensive boards if you take care of the basketball and you make your free throws. But this shoppers hit before they got what is that. That's great if it takes care of the basketball. And I thought. The shot just give up the second half I thought they were X pretty much better than they were the first they had a they had a plan. We get that ball inside by going big to big. He's seen partial defense again if it. But they have what they have moved a little bit of a lead to pull for at least I believe that the turnovers happen. Endeavour's return was right there you know platitudes for even his fans and I thought it has completely changed the game. Yes and Marshall is known as a really good defense of the middle of the field so much. On the season their opponents averaged fourteen point two turnovers football game. But in three of the last football games only nine point three turnovers football game created. Five Marshall. I thought it was too critical points in the ball game one was Wichita State was up from. 4336. With 1552. Left the ball game and I haven't felt seven and had a chance. With the three point shot this really doubt my memories there is because apparently and footage on up stand did not that the other things. In the ball game with 738. Frank cant they just nailed 23 pointers but don't. It's a three point shot almost a desperation shot almost two hand shot from about 27 or twenty feet. And all of a sudden it's 6565. With momentum shifted. Their faith. And at war shot clock only on how to balance it was terrible out and they threw. Have anything on their out of bounds play any definitive book desperate for this thing. If I. Play really want their life I I agree that after all back in that stretch of three turnovers it. It three straight possessions reinforcements session. It just changed everything put him right back in the game if anything it gave them them momentum that. At that time turnovers happen because the other team they're really spectacular defensive play. But one of them was we're trying to keep the qualities that wars with three guys on him. Mr. bill was there another one was let me jump in here. Number reason was his one on one. No threat if cited sources to act more than half wouldn't want to welcome the basketball. I remembered those two. And I think. It went up and got the ball stripped from it was the third one though. Only one of them were Soviet defense that way at the other three you. Careless. Heroes and there was another it was a notice it would also Wichita State with a early in the map and it was not part of the or that for a fact crime that they think that floor it. Dead layup shots. Hard off the glass and there's a turnout like for six points in a very short period in which. Our state doesn't beat themselves usually now I thought they beat themselves last game against Houston the things they don't beat themselves. And today not only did they speak for themselves but they dug the hole and buried themselves in the hole. Hey hey give partial credit went when the game was tight you know the last 34 minutes they hit. The Big Three pointer. Your life if this shot take care of the basketball. I think you hit a couple of reporters in his stomach I think that get them we believe because doctor Q&A and later it slightly. You know the fascinating thing about so wait this faulty fault also. Is he had him but going to fans with his fourth personal foul when he was on the bench or six minutes or seven minutes. Tom and then I thought Wichita State could have for these job on Fillmore did well and get on track. The only went to the free throw line four times in the second half once again the Big Three point shot the ball accidentally shot the shot they'll talk about. Back if Marshall for years maybe for generations to come. Theft Marshall and the game went tonight for an. Well not her friends can't panic canceled out John elbow are seven visits to Baghdad Flannery sham it. Austin green its just had a miserable days between them. They were all for ten from three and three out of eighteen from the field and we said coming into this event. That's inflation and a forested Kelly had been flagged those that didn't constitutes a variable today sham that was not. Branch campus not we felt like beyond two or three guys couple of those capable players from Wichita State were gonna have to get back on track a couple of good at this game. Willis did today that reach was still off that Shannon was way off his normal. Perform did you know everybody has Islam during the season but if you have a right at the end of the season Austin read specific good shooter all season long but. Coming into this game last working 111. From three. Today he was over three threes of the district can attract the last time off I thought also in the second half. That Marshall was just both were physical Wichita State just like Houston was much more physical than Wichita State. In the second half that ball game in Orlando and Wichita State looks a little bit on that stuff pressure. Just finished British doctors at third game recap my ability to him rot treatment that would Cummings commence in coming closure from little defensive DUI laughter but look it's not. 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Do one thing to protect the environment it all starts with just one thing. Did you know your TV could conceive much at 45% of its total power requirements on standby. Or that your computer is still using energy when Lee. Turn off computers when not use unplug your TV and connect with friends and can only by plane car fourteen Porsche race. It all starts with just one thing find tips and more at one thing US dot com what's your one thing. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alan Acosta in valley center in danger or an Andover was lawyer. Must have for all WS shocker basketball game on 103 point Kevin KE. YM Wichita. Diego tonight an awful day off. And handling it in Wichita State ends its season at 25 in eighth that he went 751. Round loss to Marshall. In the NCAA tournament doctors did not win so you don't get a discounted chance tomorrow that throughout your cats locker room there's going to be a lot of great discounts. They provide you with a great doctor merchandise year round only other favorite teams as well that's locker room. East and west we go inside the numbers with a look at the final stats brought to my babies CPAs and advisors everyone needs a trusted advisor. Who's yours Marshall ended up shooting 48 of 6046. Point 7% that percentage obviously. And nine of 23 from the lines that are from three to 39%. Hayward sixteen if bodies in front line. Or 73%. Wichita State. 41 point 5% they are about 46 and a half in the second half they wanted this for the first and only eight afflicting them. From three to 48% to thirteen of seventeen from the line for 76 and a half percent of doctors were plus fourteen on the board. That's about what you would have expected coming in at Marshall it's typically outrebounded by four and a half shots if there was not an app that's. Thirteen of fourteen that was not his favorite that's what it ended up. Sixteen to seven. Offensive rebounds but here's another stat that just kills you. Twelve to eleven marshals on second chance points they got twelve points off seven offensive rebound that got eleven on sixteen opportunity. That that's not what it's costing it was not fit in reacting when shots were missed. One underneath it looks to mistake but it hasn't read them come down or path. And they stood flat footed as the ball goes out of bounds on Wichita State in games like this. It's really really critical also we talked about Wichita State defense policies of not quite the defense that we use to see. For Gregg Marshall team and when Marshall had to step up to university had to step up they certainly did that in the second half. When they shot 52 point 9% from the field and of the 143 pointers that they took thing you know seven of them. Yeah I don't think you have to look. Very much pass those things that you brought up night fifty turnovers. Marshall was plus 21 points off turnovers. And sixteen offensive boards it's not only get seven points in the you that's that's if you're not gonna wind. Not just mention that third overstep the shocker. Experts from the department rubbing their audacity at seventeen assists on places that basket of other actions of totally. They visited her in the third in the nation that is just for games. So let me offense work. It was offered to send us that there were plenty of other potential exists that resulted in his shots after this about the looks of the first steps out of better in the second half. For the game 47 points like John Elmore at least partial shares gave otters kind of grant can't match that. The 27 through Wichita State. I think that I had sixteen points eight boards three blocks that Marshall thirteen points for CJ experts can't forget civilians ninth or here at west. Wichita State. Grant can't 47 was a career high. To the seventeenth overall six of ten from three he also made his only free throw he finishes his career. Making his last 36. Free throw attempts. That ties drop Abdullah colleague friend of ours back in the late sixties for the second longest streak which does Davis that's it. Company Rodman couldn't shut free throws in the league was seventy years old that he is that good yeah I was one of the asphalt concrete. I was happy for content and he went out this way he showed everybody what a race. He is what a great player he was he was one Wichita State trying to put forth as the game wound now they're kind of kept in the it did kind of this is in the game six out of thin for. Three I thought Carol Willis at a baseball game thirteen point. They rebound and check yet we'll point eight rebounds and made six of eleven shots so book advance. Had good numbers then and if he shot and this could have found their behavior little more often especially the first half we talked about that in his fifth goal inside. Get the ball out of the closet. That's what they did they got there at that foul trouble. The second half dozen other critical factor the doctors got him with a sports now for nearly half. By the time he came back it was five minutes ago mark that was suddenly still there but I don't want. Well. You know. What happened was what they have players that players sit on the sideline. It's a state wasn't able to build any laments that all the weren't able to build momentum because of that the things that we talked about. Ad nauseam and that was because that would just turn the ball over and that. The air is really relatively short that you would see from not. And the level theme and they just couldn't shoot well with just a few well again. You've got to one or the other either you've got to really should do well. That you could overcome turnovers there is now rebounded but if you're shoot poorly. Their take care of the ball and you better I just put backs get into the basket and other than Connor content with 6103. Harold Wilson's two out of three for three. But the other perimeter players. For which thought they looked up the is the math you round the world for pieces. Mercury pollution Eric Kelly had his last game as a soccer has had a typical shark Kelley Cain only four points only fifty shots. Well rebound matching his career high five assists and just two turnovers in 27 minutes artistic Duffy had eight. All of the first half and let me sham it. On totals looked pretty good Levitt points four rebounds eight assists that he had four great turnovers in the second half. There's only three of thirteen from the field over seven. Street and is only free throw this was at the last minute and a chance to pull the doctors with the three with enough time left that they might have still been able to try to Paulson. Yeah go through the what ifs and obviously Wichita State experienced the success that they did this year and last year as well because of Landry Shannon. It's unfortunate that he didn't have a better game this year but what's our state isn't where they are. Without Landry champ now it was 25 teams rally in him that's point guard. Not only give up with a shocker. But at the conference my opinion first team all league a really outstanding player but that was a key play think about it. Doctors were down five there was about what forty seconds ago there was some 3040 seconds to go so that make those two free throws they're only down three. When he visits the front end. Jack Morris got the rebound. And he kicks it out to potter author of game five we're gonna make a three pathetic is that you couldn't have three people only count food and Connor one of the few minutes. A long time since long contested three wasn't really shots. Obviously Connors or star of the game I don't think we'll get to talk to anybody right here at the table draft pick up the post game news conference rules that gets us. Soccer players Frank Marshall but. Started the game presented by the Kansas lottery if Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to pick up a billionaire he has a lot of dot com for the most current. Jackpot amount like Kansas lottery. Answering figures. On this floor and it really advance the play of the game of his father's last three it's okay it's not some kind of chance late the last 56. Had a chance Verizon are. Played the game is presented as always find that the lines. They have I think is front and on Tuesday. We will plant back to me that that was the last gasp but it's not it's time mastery. Okay we've got here you go. Doctors don't. Yeah. Packers three for a Ross gets in Atlantic and enhance athletic and accurate count three with four seconds left. You know both. Despite the end with the doctors got to stop. Them. You archer who went out off flatly ruled it fought a martial. At only seconds remaining on the shot clock and they a couple of independent hadn't done this. Back of my way. It's now let that happen that would have that would definitely got its not there yet not only to hit the ball goes their way. But we gave up we gave a lay up off the out of bounds play itself out of the defense and screw up there. Well at what had happened was they had to call a timeout because they couldn't get. Thought the defense was so tight silly call a time out comes back can't get the easiest job in the ballgame after that. The defensive player of the game has been rockets throughout the season by god to comfort level. We want to patrol the life of living create privacy your bedroom for transformed the look at your kids just got you covered as of right with the free. Humphrey won six. 6127000. Pathetic got you covered with Chicago got topic of the shock as it gets 10%. Off any order got you covered serving. The Wichita area need. All these fancy candidates in this room. They go round because I thought. I thought maybe he did. The best job for itself more a few for him. Let him. Obviously Phillies got killed or. Let's Keyser was on the brown was on them that was it do much but. I give brown credit for their. Making him work for. Point seven points and always a good very good defender I thought Franken did a very good job here last. It is a ballgame here at qwest did not shoot well. I get a couple of turn overs city's adult what's critical and not and he is an important factor offensively. I thought that I just need to point guards and having some difficulties case was really right on. March brings in soccer tradition of the NCAA tournament. And it's not because channels of our daily bread the bathroom again right now we have an opportunity. Do donate a dollar to the food pantry and evidently driver autograph soccer basketball hall looked at time Hutchinson. Carlos and Kelly location they'll be doing that it went to basketball's. Get it right away. And future dollars hot or arguing for a free. We'll take the last time out we come back hopefully we'll have a job that's roughly. But there are excellent soccer players as we wrap up another soccer season. 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Of its profits for Marshall soccer players as we go for the eightieth. Okay. I want to congratulate Marshall. Be back in the tournament for third in the first time in 31 years to have to play it and there special feeling. And I just wanna I'm happy for them. Obviously not happy that that would we're on the losing end this one we did not play the game that we need to play. The quality of wished it that we could have been there. And when that happens in this tournament you come up on the short end so. Congrats to them. Right now we'll go with questions for the student athletes who are Connor French camp that she killed Morris. Any questions for our student athletes. Congrats Rick San Diego union Tribune. I'm Connor congratulations on your performance. Curious your thoughts on number 33 on Marshall. His performance. We knew going into the damage it was a really good player. I'm not sure how many finished with tonight but he. He controlled the game controlled the pace of the game and you played really well we need to go to the game and he made some tough shots policy got some easy looks that we we can't give up. Kyle on various conduct some guys is there anything that surprised you as the game played out about the way they were fine. You know they. Pretty much execute their offense. They want to. You know who knows she's surprisingly do came down and executed better than us. They just kind of all over it. Scored off our turnovers. Any other questions for the student athletes. And we will continue this coach Marshall. Any further questions for coach Marshall. Tom press makes any union Tribune coach your thoughts on number 33 performance per. Marshall and their style of play you know what made it's effective. He's a great player and he showed that today I hit big shot after big shot. Control the tempo of the game. Me is free throws. I thought that that. There was a lot of plays in the game obviously but one of the big plays in the game was they had the ball out of a short shot clock at may have been three or four seconds. And they had an under did it in the area and in the second half they threw to him and further vantage and he just made it incredible. Three point shot they tied the game at that point. We had led. By as many as seven early in the first sentence second half and that was a big time shot. So they got it they're they're they're very hard to guard they've got a great and very unique off event. Coached here and Tony does a wonderful job of spacing the floor. And you know they only made 39% of their threes. They got it's really good looks. But it's a good offense really is difficult to prepare for and they spread throughout was shooters all over the court. If Graham Judith Daley has that coach talked about Carter's performance and and it. Me being virtually all of us reporters and then what was going on with via the through corners from the rest of the team do you think yeah Connor. Have a great game I mean thank goodness he was he showed up and played as well as he did today otherwise it would have been. Even worse. He has 27 he goes six for ten Darryl Willis at the other three pointers goes two for three. And the rest of the team combined ago. Zero to see so. And make it difficult. That's really good shooters in that group. Should hyper image throughout the course of the year. And they didn't do that today so you know it's disappointing but you have to give credit to Marshall you have to your credit their defense and you know we have to have guys step up and make shots or the way. Coach him over the which illegal arm in years past you guys maybe come in as the the lower seeded team. Ireland this year you know obviously the higher seeded one. Borchard said that that might of that mindset might have changed during the preparation. This week out I was wondering if you had seen that and the guys at all. How does that change I'm not sure which means test is what he says that they. Their minds that might have changed because of the higher seed I'm during preparation. Not knowing what that means. It's hard to answer the question that. Kyle what are you gonna come at a similar. Question does that mean switching conferences dogs here your first year out of the out of misery now does that change kind of any sort of mines and looking that teen's room you know quote unquote lesser and lesser conferences. No. I don't I don't think that we at least from my perspective I can't I can't read the minds of my players. But from a coach's perspective that change at all preparation was. Is thorough and as diligent as we could possibly do regardless of what car we that they they had our full and invited attention. Any other questions for coach Marshall. And back. Sports night here in San Diego and it says we wrap things up coach marshall's comments throughout the year presented by express employment professionals. On addition to put billions to work. The saddest thing about this loss for Wichita State is that. We're about to go ahead 21 of the biggest changes in the program that we did through it like some shots that seniors will depart. Certainly we don't know what will happen with plan camp but it's been projected as possible. First round draft pick if that's the case that appeared to body that. He offered it be a surprise that he didn't know. You know when you have a positive feeling like. I'm pretty good if you want to take care completely came back. That would be a huge factor for next here that is sort of say thank you did congratulations. To the six figures that we know for sure the party. They have made tremendous contribution to the history of this program they've had tremendous success with his the only time that there are forty years that they have not want. The growth of them as men have been remarkable. The ability to stay shown consistently on the war and records. Because states well and exciting fashion. Has been something that will always appreciate their good good young man. Life it's a privilege to be able to broadcast games they play again and even though this didn't quite turn out great we had hoped that it would. For their entire crew. Rears basketball has been very successful. The numbers speak for themselves. Thirty weird. 46 when 31 wins and issued 25 wins three conference championship. And four NCAA tournaments as though those those C news conference for a great deal. We have done look at their numbers of how many games they play they were durable I've been telling you ground. Those guys played a lot of ball games. That was perilously. Junior college was hey. Check worth having a great season let's keep this. I think we're kind of cranky and topped off his career. With probably fifteen of his career with the 27 when they itself. I really a fun bunch of lives in a really fun but it can. I I've just got to pass this I just. This might be. Pursued. Dana Mohler complete head coach at Illinois it's. I guess what you conference's doesn't magically make things that is fouling teams advanced in the finance. The valley team been advancing in the dance that position is that what you cannot stay and his. The application SEC DN CAA tournament even though they favored incessantly. Yeah it's. One thing you certainly don't just Buffett was pretty valid it. I just hope that people keep things in perspective. And subtle weakness at about this group that's in your statements of this. They've been talked about before the game on one of the smallest. They've been tremendous representative. Community it certainly themselves and their families and we will miss them and it's going to create very very. Inclusive. Transition this season coming up can't hear what success is what people don't understand how different. Great motion. Together here and oh. This one phase 150. Very successful. I. This is just an amazing run for all of these right marshals recruited both kids. And what we should do was express our gratitude to them instead of expressing her disappointment on the speeds are now. Yeah they through the park this group and the group before them. Group before them have set the bar very very high. The guys who compassion himself. I just tremendous record. Over the last number of years and got them witnesses. I will be moving on to do based on TV series next week that's this is my last after. If you threw for another season that is the same thing because if you that's continued to enjoy this relationship very much you're great to work with a great people to have on the team. We'll look forward with the club's season ahead of body here and it's like you are the consummate professional Mike if you spend reckless. This is something. Not unless they aren't so have you. The broadcasts. And in thank goodness of his team. Is going to be exciting. And it's going to be unpredictable would never be filled nevertheless declined. With all the games that I got to echo that as well. If I think engine guys. Our class acts I really enjoy working with youth. If it's a lot of fun for a on the sideline. Hands through the representatives soccer fans. Right it's not the a lot of fun. It's definitely been such a great addition to about these games and now. And every caller regain some exciting finalists who might call its own growth. Also want to say thanks to mark Rodgers is essentially our boss doesn't fly to Boston soccer sports properties we appreciate the opportunity of all the things he does us. Cantor hand lengths. It has been our guy at the studio of the entire season that hasn't always been the case of the past that he's done everything as a coach's salary doesn't prevent this gotten the death. Little extra thick forest is there like about with the music at. Segments that we played on the if represented different cities and so thank him also. Everyone else's party whose broadcasts that helps us out. Reluctant. Unfortunately you actually have to say the biases but our last broadcast for the years soccer's. Also Marshall 8175. At the NCAA tournament and finished a year. At 45 and I think that'll do it for now a stated to the locker room show coming out that if your final chance. To discuss the exit ramp. On the season I would expect I don't know positively but I would expect we'll have a final show with Gregg Marshall. 67 on Monday night the patriots went through the Alley so for now. Bob Hope they call them handling I guess these races at pleasant and happy. From San Diego have a good rest of the weekend is headed for the shot this season as they thought the Marshall didn't want some thoughts. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KEY and crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare is. Is let tired Carlos at Kelly's Freddy you. Executive airship sheltering assurance that Carnahan proved quite stunning scenery not to love seeing those thrillers that. Litton is applying its equity bang your hometown Chevy dealers comfort distance via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas it's just it's Javaris covered up my. The Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capitol federal. 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There's locker room show brought to impart my Charles Schwab but as Charles Schwab we've believed asking questions is she went taking ownership of your life. This same is true when it comes demand junior wells. You know how much your faith in season and how they affect your returns. Ask your financial advisor and if you don't like the answer to stop by the Charles Schwab branch in Wichita there's days. Located at the waterfront park called 31513. Hundred. We believe you'll like what we have this. It's not a shocker locker room show with this fourth set and special guest Jeffrey blitz on 103 point seven K. Welcome to the soccer locker room Joseph thanks for being let us unfortunately this will be our final soccer locker room filled the season. As Wichita State exists the NCAA throw it in the first round first time that's happened in a few years. Marshall defeated Wichita State today by a final score of 8175. At. The doctors did at least seven point lead early in the second half but not hold on ended up losing by six in this one. And Jeff lutes soccer turnovers in the second half will. Willis that's unfortunately what we'll take away from this game remember eleven turnovers in the second half but it's completely flipped this game around. And not good turnovers either they were stolen they were with the the things that make fans say that no one team. Wanted it more had more effort or was born in a lot of these things I've been here on Twitter so far I don't know that's the case. When Jiri when you're getting steals and and creating those turnovers that does make it look like you want it more against him in them that. Marshall ended up with twelve steals on the game. And now the soccer and that getting outscored. 26 to seventh in points off turnovers and log and that's yeah that's the that's the snap you need to know a lot of us. Yeah that's telling I don't know why I came into this game thinking it would be an offensive slugfest Jerry palm kind of predicted that. Miller Eldridge from Wichita eagle had a similar high scoring eighty. It's. Game for his prediction today and it kind of panned out that way. We didn't think would be the defense of one of the teams that ultimately made it different yes Marshall had a lot of big shots and couple of those brief smile more words used in momentum shifting. They could those steals and entered those in the bucket then. And making plays defensively that's who we talked about Wichita State largely being unable to do over the course that he did not. Creating turnovers and not winning that that battle of Marshall did that today it was a different. Shots fall and has won by a final score 8175. Exiting in the NCAA tournament in the first round. Wichita State team and as the number four seed but does not make it. Out of the first round this as the shot her locker room so. And we are live here it's clean neat cities which it's not when he first and rock road we've been here after every soccer game all season long and we got one more day today of course the wrath of the season. And a soccer game days you can get the food and drink specials here when he didn't get accused man's size mug of the sucked up just four bucks. You know to get a cheeseburger basket all day long for 599 to come out enjoy that for the final time this season. And of course the phone lines are open if you wanna do is call 8691037. 86910370. Area code is 316. And I started off tonight with might go ahead Mike you're on the locker room so go ahead. I had jet just when the think you guys for the show thank you for the opportunities that would penalties that. It totally and of course that watch our truckers and just what that it can translate. Seniors. That's fine. Decent today it was a tough loss. Just as you injure have mentioned as far as the turnovers. One thing I've I've. Just wanted to have to mention it and maybe this'll irregardless of Landry comes back or does that come back. I think that that. As good occurred as Landry is. I don't think that he your 200%. Point guard even though I do disagree is Bob hall in the in thinking that maybe the best in the conference. I'm not a 100% sure just mean lenders are wonderful guard great you know shooter when he when he's on. And I think that's probably the other thing that you guys but I agree wit. It's just this slump that Austin had at the end of this season they kind of hurt the soccer's Q what do you guys think about that. I I agree with I don't know what happened on threes I'd guess things. Purely guess that he might have been hurt. Because TV you don't see a guide to small office precipitously. As he did over stretch of games. He'd really be offered very little offensively down the stretch of the season. And I don't I'm I don't know whose shoulder was bugging them or why they either felt that going on. That our I want to ask you guys if you would go over. Mike and they used to do this but they haven't done for the Paris shortly. Three he maybe even four years. It seems like when that when the season and they. Then you know they say their goodbyes and and everything which is very kind and gracious but stated that my kids they use. And maybe strategies to to give you guys go over. Not only their recruits that are coming in for next year. But I think. That one of them one of the recruits if you guys would mention that it is going to be probably like a true point guard like Fred was. Which could take some of the pressure off of Landry. Where he could maybe becoming more shooting guard and also the rich are guys that. They're doctors who returned it. What kind of a factor might that might he be and they have to let someone else Cohen and I think you guys against her for allowing me. To talk with you in the let's look forward to that. All right my thanks to call Mike that the redshirt he's talking about it Rob Brown. I'm not sure exactly what they have an improbably a wing player I imagine he could be. The defense that stopper if they want to mold him into that kind of player they certainly needed one of those this year. And nobody could be as Zach brown tide this. Favre rolled not necessarily. What he brings that maple. And the three point arguments that you doubts Womack now admit that the Forestar. Memphis obviously wanted him to sign a letter of intent. And now his a youth coach here. Summer notes that he aren't aren't probably gonna get them at this job so stay tuned we'll I don't know if that's gonna become dramatically on any level let. Something good happen there I don't know what doctor friends hope not yeah you hope not of course that he you've got a letter of its influence not its not is it okay will go to Memphis now. Lot of lot of hurdles would have to be clear I don't expect that to happen but if nothing at least worth watching who have we have evidence that. When anybody worth worth note. I mean we were talking about. So Canada James damion can meet today. The six elevenths did. Community college guys that are going to project tied down and I mean obviously I was in size but you're right those those those you don't just plug in those few good guys runways and times. You wonder who will be starting in the post back here and I didn't expect that I'm sure we'll have called about. This game of the season actively I guess we can start by talking about next year fast forwarding a little bit been more few days he would incoming freshmen. He'd like he would be a candidate to start the post and maybe mark if McAfee if they wanna play that title lineup to go along with three wing tonight. So we'll say it's it's interesting to be interest. Course ask the only guard is exactly the shots that seven footer that saw limited playing time this year right. Doesn't seem to be quite ready then who knows what how you'll progress over the summer into the fall. I guess stranger things have happened. And him becoming a starter. But you're right Jeff Levine these are some of the questions. That's all soccer fans and the coaching staff itself will be evaluating and thinking about heading into next season it's. It's it's been a pretty remarkable. Stretch here where. Going into it's going in a lot of seasons now there hasn't been a lot of questions about where that next wave is coming from the now at this with so many seniors have significant. Stature leading at one moment and there might be notably leaving yet it says there's a lot of fitness model much much much different look through it. Along the lines that further defections potentially. You wouldn't be that surprised secret martial Russell. That one with graduate rates there who could play inside because with only incoming players and both of those freshman. Probably get that want to add some experience this golf. Course. We were Mike you mentioned Austin reed sue Austin had that stretch from late January through early February where he just seemed like all of a sudden he was just. On different let me turn it caller yeah yeah it's three straight twenty point game. Which or any soccer I don't Marshall is very very neutral. Yet when he three and a home game against Tulsa. Yeah it's Monday in the overtime loss at simple yet when he knew in the road win at. Memphis and it looked like wow Austin so if he's going nuts here. And he didn't need it now have a twenty point game the rest of the year in fact he never got more than thirteen inning game the rest of the year and that was against temple in the opening round. Of the American tournament. But he did go to death threats three scored in double figures in seven out of eight games. But then. Unit at the end of the regular season is the only miss six to seven shots in the game at. Central Florida he could not you went over five against Cincinnati in the regular season finale. And Nanette. Limited shooting. Going on and in. The American heart and it's although he went to allow analog is getting fouled he had free throws and those two games and then today just nothing if it was this week over. It's a strange ending to lost three seasons. Seems like we've been. All season talking about things like we'll just play in LX. Player it's going wait until the death he gets back. And the death these back and break camp. Goes into Islam and what Leighton Alfred can't get the villain again and admit Fred McAfee would fall back again. Hello reef that didn't go on it and make it in Fred campus than if it fifteen by now nobody they didn't alt click at the same time. All here that's what everyone was waiting for an up every once it played great in every single game of course it would be unfair to expect that but just for each player to have. Positive momentum. Building it never happened or three. And that's and that's I think one of the puzzlement about this team that will always think about that is that this team. And it still seems Delhi the season's over I still think it does it seem that. As a lot of tension all it's just all this debt and all this experience. And they didn't even get out of the first week the first round of the NCAA tournament it just didn't it never. Killed 100%. And how oddly fitting would it be at this work Connor Fred can't final game which it was. And he plays this is its best game like we thought we stood at forty in class this over his career. And Landry sham it who might be go to the NBA and he. Sort of laid today in his final game it's bizarre but that's kind of oh on the season might get his. When one guy had another guy did. Our phone number is 8691037. Today in soccer locker room so it's dead in death we are here at a techniques when he first and rock. On this Saturday afternoon. That's not a shocker season come to an end in an 8175. Loss to Marshall in San Diego today. 8691037. As our phone number let's go back to the phones and Michael is next go ahead Michael. Hello I'm not fit in that. Well there. Is with me here today Steffi he'd sooner if I. Brian. Outrage anywhere and I'm very disappointed. Truckers. I don't live in Wichita. It just. But it does start very fair and they. They were. The form and 1. Time by 1 morning and too many in this case just. It is poor. Execution in the hand it. That's Spanish truckers. Billy you Tuesday. You know dated Paris trucker. Would be either twenty games. Could a wild. Let didn't get to that point to that today. Since 192014. I don't know it's just. You know too many minutes they mini. Turnovers. Because. Then you know. Didn't finish the game on pledges. Yeah I can't had a great game with the Internet audio there's an all victories. Marshals. Was Macon authorities are down to around him. Of course it's always amazing now that you look when you don't make threes and how good you look when you do. Yeah thank you for the phone now. We appreciate it. Located be expressing disappointment restoration of their natural feeling I I've all for the people well I don't know if I'm all for it. Well we had a great season I get that it was a good season. How much Iraqi thought great at this point if you. He didn't win their conference and lost on senior night. And they lost in the first round with her and they lost. In Houston before getting at their practice Cincinnati both are all things that while their record. Overall might have been really good they got to number three in the nation and it was fine but those are four pretty major. Disappointment right. Yeah Thurston Clarke left on the table and Internet that little. That'll stick in some people's memories for sure especially after exiting in the NCAA tournament in the first round getting upset by it seemed that you were favored by double digits over. Round. I didn't think guy Wichita State would lose this game. I certainly didn't think they would when by devils did you feel that I thought it would be a struggle this because without good offensively Marshall is. And three guys with fifteen points or more to those efforts pointing. So it kind of played out the way I thought I just thought Wichita State would be the team at the end they would be doing. Yes Sox got out played the final fifteen minutes without it gives us. And that that once again we retirement is this team with all this experience and senior leadership and things like that he did not think that's how would it. Not at all but it it's not a foe Florida not that surprising in a way because we saw. Them to approach the summit all you're never quite you know. Our phone number is 8691037. On the soccer lottery so ordered in pizza when he first and rot. Let's go back the phone lines Robert is what is going at Robert. Yeah guys. Now. Where it's 25 wins is good division one basketball. But beat her to let angry we don't even play off. Want to. Ordered its lack of effort we just we just don't refused to lose like we used to we just don't app that look. And we ought to send an ad views and I lost art. The last couple feet and. We regain its Robert breaking out there are you still have it. Robert was badly that connect never and it we got the gist Robert was saying is that they lost Rihanna for the cause of the year. And again there against Cincinnati Houston and in the NCAA tournament but still again is that this. There were a lot of this the way. This individual disappointing thing about your in laws added threat victory that they laws they've lost their home winning streak. Talk about not winning the conference losing on senior night leaving Houston in the conference then. We think in the NCAA tournament though yes while the record might have been good it's like hey. It was that at spotted it could have. Yeah I and that's what I think the people. Take this weekend things like that that this team. And and know what must they finished eight losses. Seven of those were. Pretty darn close into the final minute that that that loss at Houston was probably the only game of the year they get manhandled pertinent to the every edit and Miranda. Statement but like we've talked about it is not is not new information. Seems like that final minute that final monitor new sometimes it's just proved to be very confounding that the stock. It was problem or for most of the season. This couldn't quite get over that Hoffman we talked off the air head about and they these were different teams that. Wichita State lost at the five seed in the first round against VCU they lost that one. In the second round in Kentucky which is a different type of eight feet for sure. They lost this it today as the four so the higher feed. They've had their most disappointing turn of performances. As I say yeah and you and you wonder just now. You know they'll handle expectations because they cannot be. In the American conference that plucky. Play angry under god given right they they are in a real. Legitimate conference with that large teams and and national powerhouses. And we'll see how they deal with them. And I mean you could still in the game today the crowd was cheering for Marshall as the as the huge underdog Wichita State usually. Would be on the other side of that coin in recent years it does seem that the crowd is pulling for and also at nick got flipped them that dean was. During her martial pull off the upset soccer's had to beat a team that was stronger than that and better than that mentally up to withstand that in and kidnap. And Marshall played like a plucky and it did not mean maybe that's the team. When he when your favorite still play like a plucky duck and now and I mean that's the trick obviously asked that because it seems like duke and Kansas. I learned to handle let over the years that everybody comes at them for the throw on all their chips on the table because this is. And soccer and they might have to learn to abstinent mentality and here's the count. And that does come with experience and unfortunately. A lot of that the players that have that gain that experience today will be leaving out there will be a handful pleased that. That return in and may it may benefit from this down the road. Our poll numbers 8691037. Was the one more call for a break I believe it's Anthony Wright yeah yeah I entity go ahead. Well it will well I'm not what. They. It tripled thanks in the first spare parts it couldn't just went now in a bit all the more that more. I mean your comrade break out game at a quarter. Who goes and rightly. Alternate. Regardless these things though they're fighting and are they're right it's going. I'm not going to I'm me up or down vote now with all mixed. Well me being there were glued to the errors those people they will be minutes. On the court and alt support. You upload to meet them all page your. They go over other things that oh all of them look like. Right and you're with that comes from the gulf pictures of the old who look. They're right talk about world. What happens if they vote for enemies watch. And it is not on. About that Anthony. What are not treated you put it this graph. Out there you. It begins here and they're good at it in in the out of habit but it got a it you know get a little base that belief and it will be back. And he lets you posted earlier you or. It will give the equally in relief they go go the extra well. You know it you know sort. The disparity. Or Pittsburgh during. I think you can put some distance from one position it to have a slash you're one or. And that well of course you know a month from the free throw they. You look boat and that. It did not recruit. All our industry. Under policemen and it did it's that's irrelevant they're different and our administration now. Right so hopefully we'll keep they'll blow that for you also hear from him if they're both both. We're looking at ripples but they're with the recruitment market that thing was to topic and today but he. Was. Feather in the cap that would get in the couldn't stop it because to help McCain spoke. They actually going to be excellent thing and maybe they get a different itself. Rule that you got them break blocked well that's because Moscow. And Stanton I think it is the last day put it well today. It is what it is you go along with a ring while we'll expect Morocco. If you hit an early call yet we appreciate it thank you much yeah we're we're sad as the final locker facilities and zoom back in a few short months. Yeah I now it doesn't have the off season goes by quickly. But the soccer season came to an end today if you would like it was a phone caller phone numbers 8691037691037. That in death back toward the locker room still on your phone calls right after this on want all three point 78 EYNN. What's important you family is this money if you've ever wanted to own your opponent is this not for anything dreaming and McCain friend and I owner Gil I'm a business with a company that's growing and not all of office building a town medical facilities restaurants and other buildings around we're not the only good clean each day don't miss this opportunity. Earn revenue after day month after month. 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It's not a shocker locker room jump waist at the sports and special guest Geoffrey Linux on one of three point seven. Yes we've done Boris Johnson is still its position in less than a minute to you know evidence of reckless soccer's needed treatment yeah. Constantly gets I don't plan to go out there. Hands doesn't it and soccer is down three with 44 seconds left. Head and Jeff would be here today. That unfortunately it was called the last bucket of the season goes shopping and the last basket of Connor frank pants college career I feel just terrible for him stunned that he deserves another game now. And we deserve another game that want to act may never I don't honor it can't play basketball like that's up. A candidate who is still the all time leading story which positively history. And now all of a sudden his college careers though it doesn't seem it's just days and it it was it was my ears those longer than many college careers that. Illnesses like Dane. That's that's enough. Doctors that it to three net appointment that did not score the rest of the way got outscored now this. Marshals for the last three points of the game with doctorates. It's not first down by six at that point so frank dampened it after the shots. Couple more looks at it that once it was a two possession game it just lose it tough to get back in. The out of bounds call went against Wichita State it looked in correct I get it. No evidence to overturn. But you're looking for evidence to overturn you're not say you're not looking for the lack of evidence you're trying to find the evidence to overturn it and there was money. Of it the volatile Marshall accident Wichita State ball the only obligation you have in that instances you get it right. Not worry about what what evidence you no matter what what's conclusive it lets you lose the well without a martian. Doctors ball today in the opening round of the NCAA tournament final score 8175. Our phone number the locker room so it's 8691037. 8691037. Airy noticed 316 let's go back the phone lines Roger is next go ahead Roger. Make the technical. And you've got touched on my question of their earlier. But. Whenever that they doctor's report he and it's apparent that what it is very generous. Curious what you thought about how he'd in the current. And although. Speculation. That our power if they like it and work I'd had been. You can't return would have been better. Thank you may answer this. We talked about this that Houston game wondering how that it would have made them quite laugh. Laughing because if the doctors were an eight or ten seed. Wichita State fans would have burned the city that there was no I thought maybe you're in on that that so it's as that. I mean that's a four seed is thought was right in keeping with their RPI PPI and Alder metrics and I'll I mean it was it was right. It was right in the ballpark where everybody updated to know about that content there's been no person thing overheated. We broadcast the first person I've heard that said felt the doctors were way overseas that sequence fine. The statement that they did lit up the. No no bad losses that this ultimately. Right they did get the job done. But we've we've talked about before thirteen game. They've been a little tricky this year Arizona got destroyed. But buffalo absolutely taken out of it yeah him but buffalo I can't believe it and then UNC Greensboro it got back everything it wanted though. Before he has been. Very much less than say. So far this year with them down Auburn it's Charleston you know that might be anything. And your question Roger would Wichita state of fare better if they were an eight or nine game. They put in playing a tougher team theoretically the Marshall exact I don't know. They could handle thirteen seat today if what makes you think they can handle it or not impostor it's impossible to them they never thought that's what they were appropriately seed. Based on a regular season you know we're thinking five that the war so they were for everything. About the way with Ottawa. Thanks to withhold accept the result of the game except through the thank you. They did a soccer ball today 8175. C Marshall in the opening round of the NCAA tournament locker room so continues 8691037. Is our number. And and scholars evidently going to Devin. Guys thanks to pick McCauley yeah a very disappointing ending I think this meeting with spine I expected at Rio forward. All right and have any problem with that I think the last few games where we seems like since the Cincinnati game. They did want a little bit of a I don't know what to call it that that fire or whatever and I think part of it. It first you're growing pains in the conference. I think a lot of people or make him yeah I mean we finished second in a much. Mets appear copper from a very valid no matter what demo of the week and the bat might. It was then it was the collapse what I mean that's one of the reasons all of us want it out of the valley you can wait for that type of mostly get it figured that might matter commented about Alex Mack. You know I'd be worried remotely that you don't eat spirits a letter and it yet flat not Davis but aren't now. They're dumping it and I had no. Rights so he wanted out of it he'd have to sit out a year and I know that yeah. You know a lot of kids don't want to go there and jumping but from what I had been a that I follow that property closely with Internet everything. Yeah it's big deal with that you like that these that. And it oh when that didn't happen which such statement pretty early in the book Gregg Marshall from Barbara. The whole situation here it would make him recruiting is only good things. Quietly gave him an opportunity to cut back your way but yet that. So I don't think that the I would be. Flabbergasted that the young man that delicate with the way Europe is. You know eligibility because getting away and that group that person becomes to and but he's playing how many heart lately floor. And I probably will probably agree with you Roger I think it's worth worth monitoring. You never know. It to the royal Dublin bottling it. It's based cap and by the way out of time requested that yeah the guy that. I don't think it's anything that Richard. Great direct swagger worry about that the recruiting classes that fit providers there are brown has been unbelievable and corrective. And the I don't see it doesn't sit out we always hear straight guys are. Leo yeah out particularly of empathy and he's. I think I think it's gonna be here growing next year but then the year after that into here I think we're going to be. Are extremely. Good team again and I think predicted that if they have recruiting class you know and if if they had to see this being your go out this place is it may think they're both. Got less support they gave to the university. We've got a little bit growing thing do at the news conference but I think you're worth it if we're gonna step up that but you. Competition. And barely literally by a few inches finish that. And the proper. I'm not so is your week so look at that as if they. We're not walk it with our swagger whatever they prepare them. I think we are some games away this year why I don't know. It's got the game for a Broadway before we even play the culprit thing I mean the Notre Dame game with the one that. Picked up the most in my mind so anyway thank you guys and for what you do. Thanks Gavin now are appreciated thank. Good golf Kevin thanks for being with us today our phone number is 8691037. Soccer locker room notes that in depth with you were twin peaks today. When he first and rock we've been here after every soccer game all season long. Let's go back the phone lines now and our next caller is Daniel go ahead Daniel. Wanted to comment that for. Them. Well. Soccer. Great about it. Wal-Mart. Ares. Most. Or. Some. All of them are the normal thing we. That will be. Get them or. We're. Over at the new rule would alert the very what is the hour. Aren't there and yeah it that's the the flip side of the coin I've played earlier with the list of disappointing attributes of the season. There was the list them positive that and it it and. There's gap on it and none and all that's fantastic and that will certainly be part of his team's legacy going forward. It's always course today what we're talking two hours after the season ended so there's this thing that goes along with some of that. Visceral reactions to stuff like this that the median emotion right that that comes along with it maybe. With a week to reflect that that it things will begin now way that the disappointing aspects but ultimately I think it today. If he had to leave 51491. Way or the other I think he would go disappointing. It's because of the themes potential. That the national championship. Yes and it and it started and it was perceived by sites by everybody in the nation correct the dockers were ranked third in the nation in the polls. At one point disease. Or any any need audio feed and Spain. Wichita State the final four game. An adult is go on and it. That's the thing that this team certainly expectations. People saw that in the M and a potential and it. And it did not end up that point so but it doesn't enough that list or even a certain law. You can not beat expectations. It still haven't it's it's it's it's a good thing when expect to. You that there there's there's some good that it's not. Not always it's partly disappointing yes but it's also a good thing that the expectations weren't high to begin. Right and it and it is a measuring stick going forward. In some new ventures for the soccer athletic program conference wise and perception wise and like you said Daniel. I'm going forward with this recruiting class and and moving forward. That that will be an interesting and market this program to see how they progress from here you want it to yourself. Against that top one yourself programs in the days and Sox are right there with us it is and that makes it. The soccer ball today to Marshall 8175. As the final store. And I mean as this happens happens all the time. Others there's upsets in tournament just because duke loses do fifteen. Doesn't mean they lose their stature in next season and everything. National titles following that North Carolina can miss the tournament and and win two national titles later on and you can lose in the first round and advance the next year and one doesn't have to do. You know now Anderson there's no correlation with that we're not trying to draw that absolutely now now. Just is the disappointment on now in the immediate aftermath of diseases coming to an end always. Takes us by surprise a little bit if you would expect you'll win and advance and at and here we go but it just didn't happen today. 8175. The final score our phone numbers 8691037. That the phone lines for child go ahead Nile. Now. Mean. You think about these things about. It is vote. Well we've talked about that the peninsula you're a long time it's it's kind of been at its register for a lot of us because the Wichita State been. Really really good on defense in years past in this year's squad. Wasn't not up to that level on. It they're not really equipped. To succeed against teams that put up a lot of shots. And Marshall is one of those teams they've put up a lot of shots a lot of three pointer. Because they don't create turnovers they don't get steals. As has brought out then we talked about on this show. At least a couple times so when you don't get steals and he gets a lot of shots they make. Even 40% of those that at that a lot of points sometime probably marshals shot. Much above 40% or where it. They were close to fifty I know that they still scored 81 and I've made some big shots though. Maybe you would put up a lot of shots he hit it could be coupled with your with us. Stocks below 47 points in the second half yes so they almost gave up fifty and a half again which we saw happened multiple times liar Abdullah and if you're going to like. And leave and this is nothing really new not new information need to we've always said. Don't give up 47 or fifty. The better score 55 and half. Happened to Sox didn't do that today they couldn't they couldn't hit three pointers except one guy. Basically. And the offense dried up on some other areas and certain gonna get up 47 and your offense is going to struggle you're going to lose that's exactly napkin it. Oh more while the gate going from the field he was scoring battle I was coming from the line. He wasn't making a lot of shots they're big man with a foul trouble but it turned out that Al Gore got really hot down the stretch and went to picnic out back in for releases and if you haven't done. Off the inbounds play and a couple of other. Plays that were were meaningful so Wichita State just could not locked down three scores and Marshall have. Yeah out at the part of hard to win and advance and given up 47 points and I have absolutely Sox needed to make stops more stops than they did in the second half and events today and maybe make this now that would that would help. Stocks ended up shooting only 28%. From long range. Marshall didn't exactly arsenal and one more threes in the soccer's it. Means so that the that we talked about the fact I think a lot of offensive began. The threat that we talked about the fact that huge difference in this game was Wichita State's eleven turnovers in the second half. The eleven possessions with but nothing yet and that game was tied as this one was that was a back breaker. If it hurt bad and it was and it's frustrating why because. Like every feels like this part of the season just let me know it. And that's what it turned out to be 8175 Marshall wins today. Let's take a break here on the soccer locker room showed that in depth we're here with you win pizza when he first and rock. As a lot of fans are here enjoying more basketball but unfortunately the soccer or not part of the tournament anymore Marshall won the game today 8175. We'll take your phone calls we'll continue to do here at 86910378691037. Back twin peaks after this. 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Or visit us online at all he is and construction dot com. Let's go shocker. Let the madness begin march mania is theory test locker mere moments everything what are AKU. And K state is they make this a march to remember. Europe attest every step of the way as your favorite team advances through the big dance top name brands and conversations from conference champs to sweet sixteen all the way to the final four and national championship. Locker room he's 21 and web west at 21 and ridge when you're a shocker a wild cat or a rock chalk jayhawk we all can it together I got it at. As. It's not shocker locker room jumper with ten at the sports then and special guest Jeffrey blitz on 103 point seven. Why can't. Miserably at that Saddam lord knows left pulls it back out. Want to wanted to experts. If not it throws blocked him Boras got around about it principled stance. And I CNN presents its you know. Really goodness inside finally reached him for wars soccer field goals that you just not used in this bill. This is. Mean this is. Welcome back doctor. So Hitler wouldn't let loose with view that was the second to last bucket of the season for the salary line and you heard Bob whole state of Socrates not here. They didn't get it in fact. Marshall scored back to back buckets after that and it's at this time of the season a manager is soccer's climbed back into it looked and get a stop and they don't get its. Like everything's okay it is the waters have called it. Suddenly they're not gonna talk about those QL more shots though real quick the first one to pull out. From and who knows where the hash mark I would say the other one though with the craze over Kelly I think here now is that he. That didn't deserve to go in and it was a perfect split. That was a three pointer coming out of the media timeouts not set a three point lead. And I believe Marshall at four seconds on the shot clock and he knew it was going to be a desperation he kind of no matter what happened. And yet he is he makes this this he makes this beat three with 12 left on the shot clock that tied the game up. And it seemed like from that point on Wichita State was climbing uphill. It they weren't I think what that that shop proceeded by afraid camp theory that again you are correct yes makes it feel like OK it's all good. You know we can overcome this and then you did. But like snap at Wichita State had the lead again but never could get the stop on the defensive end to keep Bentley. It was a very entertaining game but also. It's frustrating at times. Get the ball stolen from behind them stuff that seems to be avoidable. Mostly for players. With experience and then leaders to. Have a higher aspirations than the college game. The soccer season came to an end today in the opening round of the NCAA tournament. As Memphis I'm suffered as a man as Marshall wins it 8175. The final score today. In the opening round of the tournament our phone number on the locker room so it's 86910378691037. The area code is 3161 gives us all and we've got callers lined up let's get started with Brian go ahead Brian. Hey bill fallen. You the caller earlier that some about nothing in him to be go and grow and you that you weren't poacher. What they might there were in the game that year. Where he did you know he got out weigh in on it dominated by the it has been. The date kind of the end the chemicals that you you know it. What an able to really make blades than and they are more dictated to him. So I guess like what is that there are some. Note that it known that he's already got my. Own role in the matter waters. What's going on that what you. What you don't go bro. Absolutely it invited now may he's not made that decision that he is projected widely. First round pick which means that guaranteed three year contract. Which would be obviously huge financially for him. And quite frankly I don't think performance in games like this matters as much as. It in front of these teams haven't worked out. Shown here here abilities. And then fitting into an NBA system which you can find a roller niche within. They understand that may or may be an NBA star but if he can be. A player that filled the role it fits with the defense that just even at a shooter potentially that'll have a spot in the league. Why not get that started as quickly as possibly here. That was very well said Jeff was yeah things on a piece on that that a pretty nicely. And it yeah these are. One of these deals were sometimes you see. That group of players that that the NBA has interest in sometimes they're college stats don't really a matter. Because of because the NBA is all about the potential rise and that wanted to get that nineteen year old with. And here's a potential head out of rather than anyone year old. Two years later. If later he admits feeling is that it's being and yes our in the NBA era which some NBA teams might see that in him that if it's floor is not. Well manner fiftieth floor would be ape man story you know art off events which. You can you can make your career you could make a long career out of being a seventh or eighth man. In the NBA and I'm not saying that puts you a little bit but if that's what he'll beat you they worked that to go explore that as that suits me. That's my opinion. And if there if that perception is they're from some NBA teams and scouts then not and that's what Landry candle have to evaluate. In the ten coming will be. Here it early in the NBA draft lottery pick your trying to find a star yet but after that if you could just get a player who he. On your team for five to hear you yet that the fantastic. So we'll see how that goes on you know it is. His stock obviously is very high to begin with. Whether or not there's room do. Augment that with another year college or whether or not he feels. This is the time to Max that out we don't know that that's what that's what he and his folks and and his or his people have to deal with him. That laid off after remember that the third year player that right there. No he probably when he won there going oh he just won one yet they go to the when he due sometime in the next write anything. And in project ability means a lot MBA to evaluate. It's certainly does let's go back to the phone lines are phone number 8691037691037. Sam you are next door to him. Yeah I thanks take my call. He's not a long time shocker. I mean I I feel brawl. True shocker answer hurt it and they start talking about now. This wasn't a great year that's what we're sorry chaps as he it's. I mean people that don't go back very our I got a we 6465. What the final four. In 197681858788. We lost her first round game. Marshall comes or Turkey comes along pizzas to the sweet sixteen. Marshall comes to town we haven't. Straight NCAA department we have fine yours or bro went and at least one gain access tool for. What irks me the most is. They're probably not find people with all that could talk to Marshall. And actually give immediate prize. That all the people that are hall of David line. Does make me it and it. It's just. We're all or why we laws is probably not because. He knows it has. And Uga. I got a field Marshal them happen right back there. All the people back on the spam why I just wish some of these people with think once before Nicole. It's a fair point that within the context of Wichita State. Basketball history of course that's with the great feet and made the NCAA tournament and that doesn't happen all the time throughout Wichita State's history but within the context of their expectations. And their talent and their experience. In recent seasons. A lot of people felt like this Steve with a quip to do a little bit more is that fair to say. I think that's been artisan bread and the united Tim is right and I will hunt. There's no doubt him this is a golden era of Wichita State basketball obsolete and and that easy jet at different yeah. In some respects all of them did so I don't. Here's did you do Dahlia or seven years in the tape into the tournament that starts to change. What you expect I think right. But in the patriotic hymn is trying to stay in the big scheme of things. This is still part of a magnificent run of soccer athletics and that. People it is an old and ultimately this was one game. And who knows that they played marked the tenth time that they would went the other crime. But it is one game it's it's ultimately a crapshoot and you don't even earlier net indefinite. In a lot of just one game situations over the last war to win a conference titled the get to the conference tournament championship gave it to advance to the NCAA tournament. They have fallen short so that has to be part of the whole picture let's do. But this is notices of magnificent air of soccer moves and liked it liked him integrated instant. It's been it's been a fun ride and it continues to be fun and and that the aero is built it which we still up to next season and citizens after that is. Great things can still happen doesn't it seem or feel like that now this ride is ending any time. It's just the end debate many errors just that this group will play that that's that's what kind of it's Geisel yeah. Our phone number is 8691037. Here on the soccer locker instill in India China and Tim also comes from a perspective is that a soccer fan. He needed to all the the great years. There are long stretches in those ears to the soccer were terrible terrible. So it read. So by any measure when he put the last eight or nine years against the last fifty years. This this this is a great time to be as soccer. And adds if if shammond does not return. Then that's the end of the maker Bentley heir he's the last. Later I don't play to that area now. Soccer's fall today to Marshall 8175. In the NCAA tournament locker room so continues. Our studio and theories and her ramblings he's done a great job all year long we appreciate Andrews efforts we appreciate your phone calls it looks like another phone call about scary. Going it's very Euro in the locker himself. Ginger treatment for your time incorporated and oh yeah. In into it was eager conference. Got a question or it would Marshall this battle level was there are players. Brought predominantly you know on the second half but you know especially. The youth vote you why. And that in more rock and roll in the. To what it is not a question in there. I'm not sure what but the defense that's yeah I'm not good at breaking down necessarily x.s and those types. I'm not sure how Marshall really weren't with attacking him I don't have a very high for that sort of thing seems like though he knew he was gonna hit myth that day. And Willis that that's the moments. Ending with their candidates though there they're both players did OK but I don't know that you feel. I think Terry added it's good question and I'm always the guy. I believe not all season long with like Shaq took twelve shots he has taken sixty. I always feel with action. Have been getting more shots almost every game this year but. That being said a couple of soccer. At least a couple may be more of the soccer turnovers today and it was when they were trying to get in exactly triple team. So you just cannot for situations that are impossible. And because sometimes you gotta take what the defense gives you and they work rightly so. Clamping down on us. You know he sought today because my body was at least relatively. This I don't know you could bring a box and it WellPoint yeah I don't know. I think it's not going to lynch oddly it was the usual for eight from the field and that. It's it's okay which is okay but he's an all conference player I want him to be taken. Thirteen to fifteen shot yet he could get hurt after they would prefer it that outside of missing almost three point Shaq today well today he was six for eleven yep okay well then that's roughly eleven to get elevenths not to get eight rebounds. Finished with twelve points. But then he he he did not get the line. That's weird so there's there's a defense that it's instant it. Yeah so Marshall did a good job of not fouling him and putting him at the line multiple times the coaching. It. But doing it on IQ points well taken to areas that and I'm kind of right with you I always wanted to check to get the ball more. But as an all conference players defense is certainly did especially seem like in the final five or six weeks. Really really made a point that put the clamps on him and let Israel somebody else. But somebody else because that's. Mentally and Whitney missed challenging due to beat you with with three pointers and from distance that's not the post players fault would that that that happened right. Yeah and it and edit in twelve shots is that it's okay and Darryl Willis had a few that he made a couple threes. Though the production out of the most players would be low on my list of reasons why this game did not turn out well with us. For start filling in depth with four points but yet it. Doesn't rebounds and five assists in his last is very active as usual at. Not a not a novelist Bret that's our guy like twelve rebounds. Rashard did it's pretty amazing his last two years to what he came to this team and how valuable you. Just how willing he was to except that that responsibility. Not everybody would do that if they feel like they're coming in as a as a star player but for shark Kelly recognize that his path to. Becoming the most valuable version of himself was to do what he's done. Suckers fall thanks for the call dairy soccer's faults today. Season ending loss to Marshall in the opening round of the NCAA tournament thundering herd wins it 81 a 75 with a soccer today stocks and outscored. 26 to seven in points off turnovers socks and eleven turnovers in the second half what's. Which is certainly doom Wichita State down the stretch and again it was that close soccer he's made too many mistakes. In the final sixteen minutes or so what's another break here on a locker room show. If you wanna it was a golf we're glad to have you here on the season ending edition of the show 86910378691037. Of their phone number. Ed and Jeff back at twin peaks after this the year listening to soccer basketball today on one of three point 78 EY and. 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Your friends and all seasons construction know about hard work we've been updating home for over 25 years providing the best in home exteriors and interior modeling. Bill by two generations of shop girl on nine fall season construction is part of your team. Call today 68517100. Or visit us online at all seasons construction dot com. Let Joseph shocker. It's not a shocker locker room show twist at the sports NN's special guest Jeffrey blitz on one of three point seven K. The light. Willis Reed like Errol from the athletics Daryl Willis and the second. You never hesitates then the 6866. Which is just a second round where. So Wichita State's. The locker room showed that Woodward in depth look we've. This indignity the locker room show 8691037. As our phone number the area code 316. An 8691037. If you like college today. Marshall defeating Wichita State open around the NCAA tournament 8175. With the final score. You heard Mike Kennedy would call there along with Bob hole. Terrell Willis in a three pointer on a nice assist from Landry said that put the staff was it'll be changing but. Stocks were down. That gave the soccer's a two point lead but then nine as what's happened so often in his game Marshall came right back on the next possession and they hit a 38 originally. Yeah out back and forth for a long time the first back and forth with three teeth that teams trading relatively significantly with Marshall had a eleven point lead early I think it in Wichita State that five maybe seven or eight. For awhile it seemed like going into the second half and then they just kind of traded baskets that Napster. And are seven lead changes in the final eight minutes there and importantly wants to soccer's got down to about three minutes to go they. They got down by two possessions and never could get the stops they needed this the over. Come out that that victory by west at the top of the key is pretty deep that was back breaker a little bit too they're a lot of shots that. Marshall dismayed at Wichita State just it. And thus the final score Marshall 81 shot 75. This is the soccer locker room showed at this sports head into a loot there with you here today on a season ending edition. And your phone calls are still coming in so 8691037. Is our phone number. 8691037. Backbone lines for Thomas go ahead stocks. If I don't plan for the mediate. But this outlook action. It is a bait he went off the waitress I'll farm program. That we hear you know coming up a picker not the fortified with what the and we are at the point outward we're not going this week requesting. We are everywhere write that off where he is it absolutely electric or at the but the Gregg Marshall. And you know what athletic department I think folks I know what that appointing. But think about what we're talking about it first article New Yorkers the first part of life you are we give him the perfect. And her lap and let the carrier you know you want to talk about word he'll lead the country what. What were the only country understands. That every single leader it is a pop. It's possible for coach Marshall. To do what he thought there'd there'd be about their cause to doubt the people looked around it's still not get any better than it is right now on which. It's phenomenal. Enjoy the ride or they've been appreciated because. Don't forget how quickly things could change if mr. Marshall orderly. Powers shocker there right walking down the street I would they think he. And by the way anyone who want to thank you read barely hear you should Wear it but I would but it right now that three billion dollar plus that pivot here. That's been that the ever give a five billion leader the guy to cheat here let's get ready for next year we. Thank you I thought Tom Thomas well but but part of what what these things act in the partners you know whatever. It is going to be elite act like nearly half they will be artifact like your lead is being disappointed when you lose than when you. It gets out present we were good that that really matter that's not what he said but I'm kind of over overdoing it. You know it would it would you lose games that you should win in the incidentally and then you did you reach your your picnic here expectations he said. Are bomb that for at least an hour that's okay. Thanks to the golf Thomas and day out that's for. Course is it as a nobody saves and 88 grabbed us. Ours lived through the ninety's. He lived through some bad bad basketball. But what deeper than hillside men and they're but he did certainly appreciate everything that's happening now. I'm glad you residents school when those things were happening Heatley at least he was. Wichita State during some pretty good years they out what followed was this. For get a hold a fatally. Thanks for the call Tomas we appreciate it this is the soccer locker until it's dead and yet 8691037. As a phone number. Let's go back to the phones Michael is next go ahead Michael. I. It's we'll let you we look at the opposite we got into. I. Mean which. The years we've looked at it he wouldn't. If you. Know the old. You mean we're on. The make it but he. If we had them all. Well. Known each year it didn't come out but skilling yeah they did that coat. And. That Islam in this room here are the things that if we hope that. I mean this carpet that we didn't it don't really know what it's cold you know fearless. It was thrown out it or not fit in the days. That's always there. Yep and I believe part of the reason that the move was made to the American was. This setup most Marshall plan. If he's not going to be here forever you may have several years left but it would would you rather try to lure of coach in the Missouri valley where you're not gonna get out large bit. It lists the miracle happened or to the American way you're playing you've got Cincinnati. Memphis and the and the likened him yet that are at it. And make they'll make a lot of money and in all these birds though yeah you have American conference that set up for now Italy. Absolutely no doubt socks and a better place. In the American now that the thanks for the call Michael we appreciate it good points let's go back the phone line 869 model 37. 8691037. As our phone number today on the season ending edition of the soccer locker until our next caller is Dennis go ahead Dennis. They have good afternoon tea yeah. I know. You content that I'd mine war fears were realized. Well yeah I won't eat burgers at Barrett our our team at. Quite a few old when her gains particularly. Today. And one at that thing it really bothers Maine where the lord turnovers. That turnover where you know. In my opinion. You can't beat use her stuff I'm they were just care about. Not paying attention. And another thing that always gives me. That fact there's. But it worked out Griffey go in to the basket state simply. And court that's been all year call now. We will let McCain coming back next year we have the recruit Scott again but. No way I'm looking at bank. I'm not sure our. Garnered a cadre Burton act here. Is going to be adequate. So I am anxious to see. What happens there. Because. If it evens come on man. Hear that he's Brit yes if he could start pewter dates way. Bind and Mandy you usually take for a year to. Get riddled may have. I'd seen I don't like low Mac play. A court that pin high school however. He has skills there's a pure point guard. In my opinion he'll be in there that bright didn't start. Let it all those big man you got channel are. Eaten they'd get a you do trade and more youth. We all may want me. There's I know we're here you would be able to come in and now part here is regain your colleagues strict and let the man he can make it. Though that's actually been talked about more at project a project I would say you'd daisy has. Maybe the pedigree that with a yes he could play. Immediately but I don't know I haven't seen Andy. What. Whether a bank that's going fast friends these out of it Christian academy. It's Chandler. And more art and great to play division one basketball. Yeah I had a hell I know what else to advise on some of these guys now and it sounds like and you've done that little bit tennis that debt debt helps. Some earlier valuation student. Well I tell you what. I am looking forward to our he. Failed thrift bank here. But like I say I am really skeptical. Of our guard situation. That it and I might have fun don't leave. I'm not sure how or gone affair there. If he comes back. We'll be fairly. Decent shape with me aggrieved that I don't know. If guys girl whoever. Beat at guard we're likely to be here or not. And our own I don't believe he's even going to come back. That would be by a student. Well right. I'd that would be my guess is that he's an unlikely to return as best we are duke guards dominated its haven't returned that he'd be six on the depth chart and that's. It's no they never play. Well you know it rains every year big black we have both guard. That doesn't come back. And lived there their talents are better suited elsewhere. Like Corey Anderson of the gulf. We have no actual bill went out to Newman whatnot. Friends and yen Ike Taylor and needs now and throw water on both sport so. If anyone can tell me. Yeah. Maybe someone has freedom and can call. And tell me what that more and Chandler. What they act and regular like on the basketball court because I am screen either one. Have a bit they'd fellows. And a then it's all right Dennis down to Durham through there somebody out there and it has so yeah Lawrence talked about using it more about winning time. Eight and only six that haven't yet that you. Thin frame it and kind of wing guy guy can. Maybe slash a little bit score on the perimeter. Sandler that's another one that question mark to me heated up the prep school years sunrise. Is the big bodies though maybe with his relative experience compared to. Some of the other newcomers he might be that guy. Get them submitted. Course until a coach marshall's comments about them more you hear words like. He needs to get stronger. We're at Florida helping you reach his full potential. It's what Hitler code words or if they think I'm pretty happy our audience that. But he's got you know he's got skills got potential and it's got to bring him not to be the start of model. Probably not it would it would be. There was something that's gone wrong probably if he's in the line. Or really really right. But you know expose of the type of players you bring along and and yes and into the program and start getting below where they need to big and speak. I wonder if how the recruiting changed over the course that. Being in the American you've you've brought is that before I'd can you afford to have guys that don't score. Great question you have to find guys who could score it and if they. And maybe do the little things like Rashard you know every guy that every coach in the country wants I don't know I don't like it that let them at the brickyard Kelly averaging ten point. Yeah as the most of war. That's a completely different planet has been as you pointed out it does exist and you already play Louisville does. I don't know it's it's a fourteen game yet he does totally up. What about diet and how to act in a he's playing at UCLA but what it since they have those reading type guys but. Also the bid and they also I don't know if that ended up like that but for most of the season they led the country for Mars. It's boring and if it though those guys are out there and those guys do play in the American. Gary Clark is one of the you're clock rate. I don't know if you had star that's why he's an all conference player probably probably would be really. You would but those guys are out there they do you know your current of fuel yeah and it. Thanks for the call Dennis this instead instead the soccer locker and so continues here at 86910378691037. We are taking your phone calls today on the season ending it is in the locker room so that the Sox all the Marshall opening round the NCAA tournament today 8175. A if you wanna call us. That's why we're here 8691037. Back for more at twin peaks right after this on the locker rooms though you're listening to 103 point 78 EY and. Randy brings talent mixed it's like summer finally turn don't see it spring only your round. 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Located at the waterfront. Or call 31513. Hundred. We believe feel like what we have this day. It's not a shocker locker room jump swift at the sports NN's special guest Jeffrey Linux on 103 point seven K. I think the screen. Kelly and frank you definitely afraid I have. Looking out for us twenty point game British soccer. Ares I want to apply today looking out on his side with our vision everything. Which is justice. It was the final sale seventh save this dog games into this. Marshall won the game 8175. Before we go back to the phone lines 8691037. As her phone number. Not a frank can't you just heard about it basket right there and we we mentioned already Jeff but the final game his college career. He comes through with a career high 27. Points. Bittersweet we now. Glad I got one of those over the course of his career he deserved it here are different he never had a twenty point game and today and this last one. Debate though I did almost predictable. Because he just got so close to be in. That guy and he has been that guy was really get last year in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. And yet he was good for you there tournament would when he played there. Here is is best game of his career in his final game it's weird but it's also sort of storybook. Little bit for the all time leading score in Wichita city league history and his college career spent between Kansas and Wichita State now college career is over and over went what happens there. Frank 8175. Was the final score today ox fall and Marshall in the opening round of the NCAA tournament. Our phone number on the locker and still is 8691037. Area noticed 316 Ted Woodward and Jeff lutes. With you here today on his season ending edition of the locker room so. We are lied when be written when he first and rot we've been here after every game all season long is their last appearance Wednesday for the season that but. We instill a phone calls to get Susan let's go back to the phones. We're glad to have defense witness right now though it ends. I Garrett thanks to this joke you know what kind of a disappointing and close a disappointing season you know enough so much in the number of lot how we ought. That the games maker of want. Like this intense Q I think I'm just didn't seem to have great communication received an auditor that we're doing. They're thinking I wonder or that may be related the fact we have a coaching staff put them together this year and I hope recovered from Babylon group. You know that one with Donnie Jones in new this year what they've been together over longer. I guess final went to check each would be if you played. You know couple years as part of it is quality it you know well these games this year. I'm snarled as the point about Jack. What what are the. And if he would have. Turned it on her honesty and. The only handle Alan I think the media that up on the Internet all conference but yeah I eat it seemed like he matured. Enemy now and any existential sense a little more towards the end of the year just seemed to really kind of and I hit that finite level of that that he could his senior yeah. Maybe just made that decision you know this is coming to an end. If they if I want it to coming to come to an end later then maybe it would have that I have to be responsible for. And yet we yes good point and and we didn't hit the end of the season. Where it seem like Jackman getting that point his last few games where do it okay they weren't supplied yes you know. And maybe maybe edit it I still microcosm of the team and all I think still you look back on Zach this year's day. Heck in his arm and has long been largely responsible for what ya. Yup yup no doubt about that. It was cancer other ones aren't. For coaching staff and always know that and back weeded out of a major here at twin peaks to kind of express the same thing and as you did that handwritten note yeah handwritten note forests from X-Men fan who like. Kind of express the same thing it did a talking about the makeup of the coaching staff. Listen there's no doubt that losing Greg higher and his chance to I have. I'd write a huge Christian man I'm just those huge fan of what he brings to the table and what he has done this program. Into different stints as an assistant coach and I love Greg hires well I'm I'd recently told those guys greatest need. And how to get it. When you lose guys of that quiet this happened and every coaching staff and their quality guy festival and what they've when they have that success they move on and and further their career. Lou but I make. I think that I think it always has an impact. And most of that is the names in the way and what those guys brought to the table but there's also something to be set for. Having it changed more years than not he Sierra Grande and head coaching job. Great hire out big time assistant you Steve Forbes got a head coach yet her stance got a head coaching job twice now. So what you do is you thought you knew that there's a pretty constant reshuffling. That maybe. Just on and on its own area have to have an effect. And I think there's a little bit to that can't do and it we've seen coaching staffs that managed to stay hole. Or a span of 45 years it's it's pretty noticeable how much they accomplished yes. And we'll see how that progresses in the future thanks for the call it's good point. Let's go back to the phone lines now locker room so continues the head and Jeff 8691037. Is the phone number Steve is next go ahead steel. Thank god thank you take all. And I don't think one thing. Release. Either 64 of the best teams in the country and here they count them offering this mystery now only whoever. And today I think shows there. That the best conference lives a reason why I think there I think we just got to gain in more sophisticated campaign. And we got the lead I mean it's critical of the same couldn't seem to back birdies. It's is that jump right back in the game and they were acting I think that's what threw us off in. Again. And we've grown and trying to play catch a long and and then. That like that is itself of course bowels tunnel vision that was the that was our game. Secondly in the I don't think people I don't know for myself we don't appreciate it would which shall status. Until he goes like I've been going to desperately watched. He's been patiently. And and familiar with Houston from watching him this year. Watching him play a course that Maryland game last night than a tightwad. If that helmet and place which are they can go toe to toe with him not being. That. Our teams this I think it is you know a better team. And admit Hamels fires that that is the way it is certainly not was not impressed with with Michigan last night. But you know I noticed a net gain steam is that Montana was planned. Hell of a defense on Michigan were motivated to upper Michigan the war. We're turning it over and then I mean it was you know obviously like I remember thinking wow OK now we get treated great partner at work now. That wasn't impressed Jack what kind of the no problem at all. Bob Montana did a heck of a job on him they did and until they yes somebody implode in clocked at the rock. And and but you know. It's it's one of those deals. I think it you know when you look back and hurt her her conference stern at the very best teams came out of the conference now and down. He's been back I've got to give them credit you know it's they waited they're methodically waited till last you know rob very get the ball in his hands. He waited till he had taken you know no way it could be a 5050 deal that if it paid off in. And you know that's not there I'm all about now this time here and I don't think expecting a lot of people inside that because there's been a lot of people. Claiming that all about confidence now this is all about the American conference I want I want all our teams to run deep because. It's only gonna make it better for a particularly good with teens and you know and house are recruiting football teams get more money. You know the peace and just jump in probable watch him play mission moral. That. Be a fun game yeah should be a really good game I mean probably at 39 point just maybe if I guess getting back my point is that. We see each other teams playing. You didn't really get appreciation. How good Wichita State is you know somewhat hereby I'm really appealed which in a lot. Talking about coaches left and on to become head coaching aspect of really good credit Gregg Marshall. That type of turn as the years and you know life I have an idea. I think it's. We're really lucky. To have him and were there have been the Canadians and and now this turnaround but you know that's what happens when you go to tournaments you've got to bring your game and enough to anything negative in Wichita State is that Marshall had very games together little better than we did today and and just watching them play they say yeah. May be dictated date they hear what they basically played their game in and we're playing catch with them. Catcher Korean appreciate look at the show and and well be looking toward the show next year. Now did Steve we've appreciated thank and I all active as their original point is that. Maddening yes that it would start today probably could hang with Michigan there at Michigan State or Kansas. In on any given night the team that supports Wichita State. Did hang with them and then they lose to march it's it's tough in March oh wow yes they did they're an automatic bid for for. The court that the that they were not one of the 64 Bethany. Now they are not hot they they are hot favourite time of the season I think their kids problems while I don't know if I'm not mistaken. Which was the same territory as both. Central Florida. Biden team B team but not team that you would. In the thick around the incidentally fair. Although it and they're. Marshall. Does what. Teams do that advance due to play their best basketball now. And I'm not sure the doctors were playing their best basketball. Now which is unusual I think for the most part Marshall seems. Gregg Marshall teams have really had a knack for. Playing at their fastest time a year looking back that I am not sure this budget lucky that Cincinnati and I guess. Fairly late in the season that this inquiry captures. What they did in that game. Sox fall today 8175. In the opening round of the NCAA tournament to the Marshall thundering herd. This does the locker room so it's headed Jeff where here at twin peaks it when he first and rot. Taking your phone calls. This this Twitter thing. You with Dan Muller is getting a little bit out of hand now we've got a guy from Peoria. Defending the valley against the American which isn't them it's ludicrous it's crazy. Are you that desperate to it that cover an important thing that you're gonna play out. Alley. Peoria. Loyola one yesterday that's often not. Yeah that's great I've I've I'm not saying that even point 001 but it deceased but he's. Apart were the thing. That the valley is no real comparison. That the American. It would fit with that there's no Cincinnati in the into the very valley town now. And if that Monica's beat UConn. Sadly UConn is is going to be at the national picture you know if many Hardaway is bring an elite high school player to Memphis. That's not a half and that's not doesn't exist in the valley and it won't for the foreseeable future. Good point Jeff thanks for the thanks for the stuff. 8691037. As our phone number today here on the soccer locker room so. As we continue to hear from twin peaks when he first brought 8691037. Of their phone number in our next caller woody. The good question I think what is next woody. Yeah our guest ever very mandate about. And I am married church where I'm Manny you know when we had a great season. Or not I think we are very. Good street. But you say we had a great season and while we're at the seat. Where we've won thirty. Or what in the final four or those three. It diminishes the value. Of those reasons by saying nasty and break. I'm sure there. Coaching staff would know it's the start of receipt in it you'd spread. Will guarantee you Banesha. Second in the art respect opera. You won't you won't. Why India. Firmament. And you'll be out of the NCAA tournament. After the first game I wouldn't say regret. And the different spheres. We hair that frames here and it expectation. And returning gaffe. We didn't live up to. Two expectations. But we had a good speech. And we should. We should. Recognized. And move on and next here I am I know my expectations or feet or more. And coach Sutton pops up there. We changed. So much so I'm right. We didn't have a great season we had a good season don't you down the fact that. I agree with everybody says. Talk about past. Sees them. I bet that was great those were great but also they proved the point if this was not a great season it was baked goods. And that's all about perspective and you look I think the big picture I. Barrett art green. All right ultimately. Yeah results matter but there are things I believe that are more important I don't know Obama Wichita State and birthday. It's it's kind of difficult you know being on the radio and haven't. You know break it down from a more analytical. They're unbiased standpoint but I have been a Wichita State and the most importantly. I'm a which attendant at school I'm proud to have had Jack Morris. Often do you. Represent our our city and Rashard Kelly awesome dude. That brown awesome dude Darryl Willis these are all all these guys aren't afraid camp. I don't know I haven't really ever spoke with the Ronald nurture or heard him talk much about during the fantastic person to. Ultimately that's what matters. The program in this city are being represented well. The adults that there in charge Gregg Marshall is being represented well by his players though. Though there are a lot of good things to feel good about bill. Even in the face of have a tough loss and adult. I'm a little bit disappointed in myself that if they can mean so think before side. To bring all that out because that is it matters that support. All these guys that have done. Rate as people. I. You don't fired you know you hear. Your yet what you need to hit. I think I. It notoriety that about that's right it's sad that you're reaching your peak here and were done. But that the theme of the bill for next nearly off. Thanks for the call woody we appreciate it this is the doctor locker rooms 08691037. Is our phone number 8691037. So the season comes to an end Wichita State balls the Marshall 8175. Today in the opening round of the NCAA tournament. Connor frank camp finishes his career with his first ever twenty point game as a college player beats you make he scored 27 that he was outstanding. And it's it's heartbreaking that there's no more for what are you shooting numbers today 85 threes I think it making seven. I heard both of them. You might have been five or seven while born he was. Ten for seventeen shooting overall six for and from three point I think if you get him it's now it's thirteen to seventeen shots and I eat Wichita State wins. So what Connor frank and Andy that he. No horse that they'll make our mind landry's Janet finishes today in eleven points and eight assists he did have four turnovers. And it all for seven from three point range as. Dammit make Duffy and Austin breeze. They combined to go old for fifteen from three point range. So only you know. If each of those guys make one more three we're talking about an eight point soccer won it and bring on the West Virginia and all list yeah it didn't happen and work out what happened today. Which is really the answer not. It's not a lack of intensity their body language you're famous your toughness. And make stuff. And I guess if that's a that's mostly to do lose let's laugh out of yes Zack Morris finished his final game of his career today with twelve points and eight rebounds Rashard Kelly finished his career today with. A dozen rebounds and five assists. Typical hours. That's what we concluded earlier hit a Darryl Willis. Thirteen points eight rebounds today to finish his career as well as doctors will exit this season with a record of 25 and eight. And the soccer's now out of the NCAA tournament as a number four seed after a pretty amazing year their first year in the American conference finishing runner up at the regular season. And falling short losing three of their last four games though down the stretch although close. That all little bit at the little bit of disappointment and it was a one point game and every point game and if that that it. You've got a different gap and turnovers caucus talkers today eleven turnovers in the second half. Stocks got outscored in the gained 26 to seven in points off turnovers and that was the major major difference in this ball game today. Death blow. Wanna thank you for being what does all season long on a soccer locker rooms showed just lose this wraps up my 24 season out postings soccer locker room or Dodi what this over and over again next year will be my silver anniversary as if I'm back. Ali who knows well I might be out of here I can't ever. So I want to thank everybody for sticking with deeper point four years I want to thank you and your data. Many of these years many of these years on this show I hosted by myself. Just me in the collars and it's been a real pleasure this year to have you had your dad Bob joins me. For the locker and those this year I've really really briefly. We had anything except I do or word you end. If you added bluntly that. I've enjoyed it don't forget if you like Japanese spot dad is dad Bobby could listen to them every weekday from four to 6 PM. On the drive which is on every weekday from four to six months Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 97 fired at them. Yep we'll be back look this Jolie back Monday with Jason do and Dave Phillips my dad and that means. My dad and I will be back on that Tuesday following a brief jaunt over to the Eagles. I Dave Phillips was sitting in the same section is I was last night at the at this evening session in trust bank arena at the end it saves three. If you never know what these guys so that's that's the reason and that's through an Internet on Monday on Monday afternoon it'll be fun. So thanks for being wit us thank you Jeff and and to your dad for all your help. Another guy whose names we mentioned is Andrew handling. Who is meant with as many years that the studio engineer this show and Andrew just does a fantastic job as well works long long hours all season long from. November all the way here to do on March to get soccer games on the air make him sound get a handle the callers all the emergencies arise thank you Andrew. For your help we'll slowly appreciate that. And for the second year we think are closer to win these cities which thought when he first rock we are here all last year and all this year's wealth. After every soccer game so thanks to our folks at twin peaks. Plant that when he first and Roth for being our host the last couple of seasons. And I think that there is always the focus we need the bank and thanks to the ducks it's been a fun run. And no we really enjoyed this class of seniors who will now move on and when we reconvened to the next locker room so sometime in early November the deal. Whole lot of new faces lot of different cast of characters we'll look forward to that and like it Jeff mentioned earlier. You know it's. That offseason seem so long away but yet. By the time it's weird it's amazing how fast the summer in the fall goes novels that it's basketball season again. So we'll look forward to that he went down we hope you'll be winners as well we reconvene next season for the soccer locker room so. We wanna thank you for listening all season long to soccer who didn't Eli and soccer ball today to Marshal in the opening round of the tournament 8175. Doctors finished the season with a record of 25. And eight. From everyone here at TY and assistant at the sport said. Thanks for being where this all season long it. What a shocker locker room still in soccer basketball on 103 point 78 EY and enjoy the rest your weekend Dubai. A university locker room yelled after each shocker basketball games on 103 point haven't. Why are.