WSU Men's Basketball vs Marquette 11-21-17

Tuesday, November 21st

WSU Men's Basketball vs Marquette: W 80-66


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And involuntary. I've made me now. Got her. Three point seven hey you want me. Craig. The certainly early morning here on the island and now. Allowing 7:32. AM. Hawaiian time we're glad to have you this Bob hall alongside four games to. Doctor's visit to this beautiful island Wichita State taking on Marquette today it may second round winner's bracket game semi final of the tournament. It would it will advance to meet the winner of the game later this evening between Notre Dame and LSU when the championship tomorrow. It will play. For third place as always great to have you with us Wichita State. With eight come from behind ID 282 win yesterday over California game which chapters were down by eighteen. The 68 and a half minutes ago but you can edit it for them. A year almost forgotten when you're able to pull out a way that he Alan coach at marshalls that they're talking today and settlement now update Dylan thirtieth the end crew he's violent and Avago fat talking about it that. You know if we don't lost that game yesterday we had totally different Buddha a loss in the first round and firm like this. It's you have bad mood bird days weeks but even even years and those losses for years that the not surprisingly good shocker throughout here early today doing shooting for a fifth could think you're letting your DM and Iran both ends of the court. Working on her shoes. What I should be a game Marquette. Another team that will get an up and down Hampshire and the shooters they have two little guards that are just fearless. Shooters anywhere anytime and yet. A lot of times what do you think they're bad shots that he's taken only have they hit high percentages. But if the united challenged. Yeah not very big double file 511 not Rouse the I stood next to me about my mind I five of them happen I think Howard is right front practice. He's a little bit shorter. But Maine if they shoot it that you choose to vote should it be that both played point guard they both could play off guard Ralph he's more the point guard. But when he goes out to our slide over like point. They're both really good from three they've both been too high school or. They both haven't Africa on south expressway route he brought a lot of files if a lot of free throws so they're going to be tough to. We'll talk more about courses we did our pregame analysis would certainly want to buy if you give us all. Oratory. Reaches the iPhone 31669103769137. The phone number. Or on Twitter. At at shocker voice in handling our producers again this morning I would like to give each at bat is that. Old friends and newer friends that I heard from yesterday. Watts Davis the longtime voice is very hot out with X the fourth inning and again after the game it's great to hear from him. The horse is here with hey you. Ivory connected the all the places is that PA about your team on this that was fun and Cody Larson a shocker volleyball players not playing in France. Tweeted that she was listening to the game when their parents of big hot chocolate and parents. Think that there and stuck it right yes. I Harry traders worried but you know over the years at Saint Louis. Honest leaves them over the table and when the picture I was in safe over here. And James Kellerman the former sports editor of the sunflower outward in Omaha. Reached out and he's he has the lead off question thwart today's pregame you know he wanted it now what's the idea. The most serious encounter with a player in circumstances like this fortunately it. I have. A particular real prologue here that that's that's what they might say a handful of times over the years yesterday in Austin rushed a little bit the more damage to us at my my paperwork and and so forth and I had to scramble and lines are all solid throughout volatility throughout basically caught path. I'm Dave golf tip it directly Netflix not active on the table at night right in his last days cheer went over backwards to Portugal and those words okay. I've had. More danger for him in it but objects. From people over my years in broadcasting what you do in the NCAA theory aren't BC series. Lawrence is not depressed but there is lower than most of the field and I had a sizzling now all of them right past my added yet. Act wall of that Booth leapt into the scenes. Local. Which was just an idea for a hundred years. I think that your career and the hardest hit I've taken one thing I learned right away giving volleyball it is easy we'll most pages. The game oddities here and here I'm here right there courtside you've got warm it up at all different angles and positions. His volleyball holes and as opposed to basketball we have the Balkans ultimately is it bounces out to him nobody has its about six or seven times before it doesn't have much towards you than you did see it pitches. Today. And volley volumes and compliant it took for strike somebody practicing at the net and they can. Like the violent cross court that's coming right at him as he. Or I got hit in the side of the hit two little's lower you know hit the ball and did it at that point because I hit fairly hard and I was looking at right now it's. Got it right excited hint at that point stroke. Reading glasses night than on. That's that's the hardest hit a ticket you know alleviate that situation because it close to cooler. How can I can't really remember one that I've never get hit a lot playing in the fifth at both my worst this was football if you got you know. Run football Lutterbeck kickoffs. Punts. That's like a flip the defense got credit for five questions go back to get a name they keep thinking if I think it's due to the concussion. All right we have callers which is always gonna be here at this early well it's not only that they are not getting too much credit for lunch hour that there it's. Early years worth receive a college or fleeting at snow that shot it was unclear. 8691037. By phone brass is going to leave that stuff went. And immigrants. Hello experts are right now aren't you writing it. Okay Janet that you. I. Idea. I don't worry about yesterday gave man zeppelin really got them. I I I think maybe. I could trade that would the worst I'd be wicket conflict or. Long long time but at the same time. They ended up it was a great day. I guess maybe part of that is because we want. You know there was so many guys. Ron wrote a check fairly. Well armed ever want to thank everybody had something to do that combat. But that play that stood out more tomorrow I mean it yet. Look like it he started the whole very flick when growth. Went down to the floor for loose ball and called a timeout doesn't sound like much that I. Think that was an important part of earth moments of beauty. So. Anyway. I hope that guy you want to compare and are urged her to play and experience. Today and a goat shocker not right at it. I can't complain you. Mention. Was a great example. It's the kind of effort that the teams wouldn't know. In his last fifteen and sort of make it happen I think it started with the shark Alley. And David talked a couple of the other players and they say now that Rashard at play were he got to straight offensive rebounds got fouled on the second line and and it made a couple of free throws that cut kind of sat at home that's. Brown's plane was named he was not the closest one to the ball by any means and at least thought. And it this decade long dies. Got to. Call time out to integrate hostile planet heads up play and it just. Those are the kinds of things it just gathered just adds that attitude throughout the entire team. Yeah we have picture were little short video clip of that flight there was like a football bowl. And this is round just wanted it more than anybody else that I have a picture of that and put under tenacity. Because that's. What the shocker showed yesterday nobody really shot other language you haven't. Until later in the second half let's Rashard Kelly's bottles dirtier Austin breezed. Connor supply days. Round background and he shows tremendous tenacity in this stretch those that are half where they basically just we old. The shock factor in the game by getting offensive rebounds and halt. There was another play that really stood out to create content is right in front of this land Shannon made a shot got knocked down they called out as he was getting out he had this fears. Look on his face likes this this is not gonna happen. It just it just. Told you this team has reached a point out there in the mindset that he didn't have witnessed just yeah yeah he he gets a look on his face like. I'm not going to be denied. That. He gave up quite well get there I thought he single handedly kept constant game of the first half you know like knock down shots reached it the first three. But then as now mentally it went four for its war I think in the first half and that he would populist guy knocking down outside shots other than Austin one but itself. You know he's just he's a tough hit him he figured out where it went. And I've mentioned fatigue factor. Yeah I feel a little concerned that. Willis didn't play many minutes yesterday sham didn't play that many minutes because of foul trouble. And it says some of the guys I mean really nobody because he was running guys in and out because of the way they reply at present all the time. Nobody played 35 minutes. And mark and I. Played a couple of hours earlier but just that much difference and they play a fast up and down game with obesity those guys up and down the pool for all. All the way there was never anybody walking the ball. Floors so they play doesn't. Hansen gave physically with you know easily easily and that VCU the very physical team and a lot of really thick and a strong guys. I'll read some of the minutes of the market players yesterday happy feet you if you flowers or grass. That shocked with Sam Houser 33 minutes Marcus Howard 34. Minutes. I threw Ralph Z 32 minutes of those three guys while they always fully animated elephant thirty plus minutes so but they had played basically the whole game yesterday. All right yes thank you Brett is our next caller right. Right bank in the very rapidly. I have to split the first one. Coming pinging and particularly good at what it would create civil and if am my circuit where you know what is the biggest deficit. That that you know she's never came back away. What me. You know I don't know fight. Got it almost brought set with me I don't think that it had its greatest comebacks but. First part of the question UConn out first one that was used outlook finger of the Maui classic what an Allen camp is actually won it twice Ella. Like six or eight years it's nothing Houston came close should wanted to three Cincinnati. Anyone back to back it. It nearly sixteen and lost in the championship game. Three. But 83. Your stuff you can have that big lead in the North Carolina State chip out bottles. Came back at that thing that's the shot. Follow up. That's it to win it that this has recently lost in the championship game Kansas and they had game they had that one. You know. And they'll. Actually shot by Ali accomplishments in that area down to catch up with that over time. Apple. Apple has not us. One entitled but it didn't a couple of final fours that's the story to the final fours in three years back in the 1950 itself. I assume that goes that's the ways that that certainly it's the lead at. Has a lot of history yes then you lose a final score baskets. The fifties and it would perhaps. Just. Just. I guess it's UConn. And Cincinnati eventually won national championship the several others have been close in the final hours there's that there's a lot of basketball history if and a lot of Missouri Valley Conference here you know like it means that used to be in Missouri Valley Conference and move on to other leagues though. A lot of that that that's going to be fifty to look back. As far as biggest deficits. You know I think the one yesterday it's pretty close 1868 and a half minutes now. End at 2014. But it's not statement defeated a total loss to Kentucky in the tournament. There was a game at Springfield what is not is looked down I think. At half time well then got a slight chance. It would add about four or five minutes and that it went back that night. And it's even less time there was yesterday characters got that over time lines and certainly in recent memory that has pleaded deficit later on the table with. And it ended that game similar to yesterday were just look. And I think Missouri State might have been worse it's just looked like. That the factors that the water just those few if that game. Nobody can do anything right that wasn't playing well they let them play those guys could hit an outside shot. But they just started drive and draw fouls panel yesterday they got. The opponent that foul trouble early in the second half they got the score a lot of points to free throw line with the clock stopped. And that was the reason. They were able to come back because that they got the opponent palpable at the head of trading yesterday what went penetrating as what's going before. In 197879. Shots displayed to fall early in the season with six and we're down. Like thirteen with five minutes ago. And scored the last fifteen points of the game to win that one and that was a default team this market wire that went on to the final. Before that was here they were in the final four with hands. Magic at Michigan State wavered in Indian states. Lot of really good team and really get them back. All right back the songs that Gerald. Figure out. Or goods. I don't know which frustrated Arquette says that it is pre date and it basically character and previous seasons and it I'm not mistaken. I. Wichita State was the last fifteen people lost. Album wire wouldn't have market at one needs. To get. I think what you talk people's the last piece that includes Milwaukee as I recall. And edit the other question that I had to its concerns very get a player. Wichita police would recruiting take him we need. I think it was Brian. It's confidence. To say yes I am. Out of Las Vegas I haven't heard anything about it audit with the other team seat we wait until spring signing period. And that. It speeds keep you know it but with the possibly still in the hunt for that yet ultimately the top mutual radio. Thanks to try to have a breakdown. I felt as far as the second question about recruiting I don't know that name but. They are full they have signed six somebody's scholarship they had available so unless something changes somebody decides to leave this they're not expecting or whatever it is they're through recruiting the next few. We're never full. If if the right Blair come long but I think that if it presents a very pretty happy with the class they have and it. That it is it possible to get the little things get out of out of the benefits it was kind of a long shot and do really really happy feeling it means that the really put. Really put it up on now that recruiting class the fine. This focused like through. Wolf for the fiftieth. Don't know what's gonna happen not coincide with us also here are your memories really let's just say. Has played seven games previously with Martin out it started back in the 1950s. Marquette won it what that it to its pre season and eight years later in Milwaukee. Wichita State want him what if not both 6162. At 6364. Networks in 6364. It was 163. And it's one of three times in the history of the program. Players scored thirty or more points to think they all look at 35 have been forward. For decades. And then. Marquette one of them walking. In the 6566. Season it's not about what's at the end of 7677. Season. And Al McGuire had announced at some point during the season is going to retire at the end of the year that was their last home game in any big ceremony. Before the game presented it was a grandfather clock. And then Wichita State pulled off an upset. Add in the next game. Marquette. Loss to Notre Dame and nationally televised game itself and then. Ran the table but there's one that I can't acquire always that it wasn't the best team that he had a market is one of those years when everything clicked. And it's so yes it was his laugh is that his last loss at home. In his final home game while. That was one of the last few games they lost more than one. Any retired. Yeah TV for what was it can't forget that usually packed. He's the guy that came up with all the things aircraft here. Well although things really really I would love. This is his helicopter. And then the last game played was the exact here. So forty years ago market came back with a chopper returned it 7778. Season. Thank ravens took him out longtime assistant at Marquette tick over his head coach Rick the fairness it's a lot of businesses that. And they beat the shot if you look at that next year seven games out of the last forty years market for real. You know the thing about that Al McGwire hit. He was PR guy in the recruiter. Agreement that all the coaching. And the care to hear the kids the players they re thinking it. So that they really had divided our. That got beat them back and read the paper while I think that it affected. Thank you I'm glad Gerald brought it up that we could make it uses flash this selling album wire story is one of my favorite. Is one year they beat DePaul in Chicago on a last second shot I had yet that was about it he thought they had very beginning of that office. And ray buyers for the hall. That we got beat five guys hit it in the ocean that he was standing on here for the next morning. But wire read that quote he calls all the Chicago media has been meeting. Out at. Out of the lake. And here I was here and he's got hit standing there he has a basketball and he throws it off if it's that off if there. That was probably that was his set of keywords that was his to do you know. And these particular one liners. You in. Not a go to Africa when I've been flown at. All right thanks for all the calls phone lines are still open source at 8691037. He would use them Twitter entries. Question what did that shocks due to shut down Coleman in the second half hopefully whether they did they employ of the two leaders today. Well I think because of the full court press it took them out of what they were doing and a half where they could really stop him and a half court and even. Even in the second half when they win oh count did get through presses get into the half court homer was still scoring. But they didn't get that are very often because they did the workshop of attacking the shocker for a shocker. I did a great job at this point. They've they've picked up there at 111. More on it myself but a little bit. Cal kept inbounded the ball is that your quarter allowing. We chart delegate background scrapbook and our region ranked can't provide you with the interceptors that we kind of played this shocker and I thought that's I think. The key reason. That they were able to stop school. Second half. Question about you know what player action that we think that the turning point of yesterday's game we haven't talked about some of those things hustle plays. I don't know if there was. A particular turning point the one we played backwards. Shaq get a basket collide about a ten footer that they're finally extended the lead before after they've just find particularly for the first time it. I'd I don't know if you could really point to one play architect Kelly get a straight offensive rebounds and make it the free throws at me now. Taps at a town kind of got it going in the right direction but there were a lot of they place them Jack. Had a follow up shots where recruited kid up on that we have thought I thought that was that basket down I forget his fifth shot. That one Ronald had a couple of nice plays. Second effort third effort plays but I think that you mentioned I think Kelly's. Kelly's offensive rebound putback at Ronald well as a result of both active background it. Or is that we fought all the time now effect kind of it's just the night at the team. And it it made everybody believe it possible. You're listening to the interest banks pregame show your drive to the game wherever that maybe has brought you by Kansas flat tire and service would retire as a professional auto service are always. A slam dunk look forward to hearing more of your tweets and caused a 69103. Settled her on Twitter that shocker voice we'll be back with more from now. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A DUY. Can cost thousands of dollars jail time and losing your life a little life lost to drunk driving. There's an unacceptable price to pay. If you've been drinking. Find a sober right now. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. 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Not exactly it respects it's like Kennedy Bob always viewed from law high density center on the island valley. It's about lunchtime back here remember any day the shot his play get 50% off your online order that in Wichita area pop with John Lott got a Papa Johns dot com and use the from a coach soccer fifty. To receive your shocker just yet. I have absolutely. Hop about our next caller because I wish I had had the fourth spot to planned to call him. But on the line latest is Steve Kallis and ski who was part of that 1977. Soccer team that upset Marquette in Milwaukee and now the flyers last home game. Steve had a big role in that game that Steve welcome and I'll let you love apology for the call what you remember about. Did you. Hey Mike it's great to talk to you in its high noon here Wichita would agree have a great game to watch here few minutes. It's a figure of about 1819. All of in 1977. And down. It was one of those games that literally. Or you know I was really. I think they'll have about one stand there I think it's being involved or my yeah family there and they'll walk you. You you. And out. It was a very good we're all. Playing really well entities in and out of rough in you know at Whitehead in life you know war there and now. How low and so they they put me up again allow it. Oh wait for that incident at Al Fatah and I got knocked out by an elbow into the chest then. It's it's from the south stylish. If I was pretty angry about that now. We got out in the low post the couple days later I was behind now worn white that was my hands in. While I was album nick aren't under the chin and that's reacted to look at them and really didn't end up for a fight that much but I reject. Yankees won back at you remember that it got both sides of the course this is all Americans against him McCain actually had some influence on the you know. I think Hubert fault when. When doctors were rebuilding called arena. They were out yeah. Coliseum and I was in people but it's the coach. And off to an article in the paper. I've been. That was a that was enough. Rookie American amount of gains that we secured the win and I co worker and it and it paid. Paper bag and I'm agent these are not from Bob glass and on it for our troops what happened. What I thought about it. Are born fractional north and south by our yeah yeah always got to right. I think so in you know it was a hotbed of a lot of talent there you go on from ornery. You know ordering its and you know Eisenhower and some of those lows desserts and great players aren't there for him but once we ornery. Quinn thought through that bad boys yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I think it's comical later on in. A lot of good players on the players that was fun watching them. I think that Chicago. I got one question for Mike if he's here I can't get it to congress that aren't related oh. Related I don't know if you remember 1980. Shoppers went through a pyramid they were kind of had a few good from their rosters somebody dropped out here on what's called the front court tournaments. I was in Australia it's time I don't know how the shots it and that's certainly don't know if you remember that pike. I don't but I can look it up here and I'll I'll let you know here's just a minute that but thanks for the call it and see that I actually had. What we've got to review read it today. I was gonna hit it myself that I had figured out a way to get ahold of you to talk about decades I really appreciate you taking the initiative to that was that came up with America. Yes the Mac that didn't have that needed more. Now I had the working group for the first courts. That was needed kind of and art Deco him thing. Yeah they knew the Obama Harley it was stated grandfather. Iraqis cheer for now back here. It then you feel right now hardly threw the ball game. I think they believe the securities to go with the on the personality right partly it's that if the weather allowed. They're the one final note and now agree right now. Later that evening. I got to apologize. Well hours it. Hey great to hear Freddie thank you. And thanks for bringing up great. It's alive yet. Those who live life got what you guys go to our next. Thank you stated they cared they thought. I cannot find that. He's talking about. Seven and that I don't have that answer was great to hear from Steve etiquette that anyone wants to cause it's 869. 1037. Born Obama will get back to put your right after this. Wanna have a little fun to watch our machinery invites you to check out the clock get advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by a war. 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Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Allen got stuck in valley center ten danger for an end over west's lawyer. WS shocker basketball. He's on 103 point seven TE YE Yang. The list is very get go home witnesses really feel like it's got word you know part of that is that they have learned that John. Obama is here. Got Pope Marlins they guard on that same 77 shot repeatedly now lifted. It's area that is out here. What the terms of that John co borrowers keep Palestinians his teammates. On hand here for the for a bit and now I. We have neglected putter for a little bit let's go back to some of those questions were observations. And and we got a couple more phone calls and take care here questioned the better that I don't remember candidate had a couple of 1000 last year why you think he's that he got so many this year. Honestly I think that. It's just kind of coincidental. Yesterday he picked up a couple of war games just try to play good defense and even sniffed around a little. Little bit but guards just really aggressively drove into it with a lot of those Flockhart calls to go either way it as Atlanta's as a bloc that. I don't think it is doing anything reckless solar. You know getting silly now this is that got it wrong place wrong time a couple of. Well I think he's trying to do. A lot few to help shoppers win so he threw a lot defensively and do a lot rebounding. They blocked shot back them up though. He's a very active. Defensive player rebounder. And when you're active you know periods yet if you pick up fouls. After that blocked charge I thought he picked up effective without going over the back down here on the face time away from Bosnia far ahead. But the referee did call it that is another. Your second half I was I was afraid. That he was gonna go out early in the first snap with the second foul but he did but I think he's just aggressive and I've also paid let's remember he's just coming off an injury I don't think he's at full strength I don't think he's that cool the so I think he'd be able. Slowly getting back to a that's not quite there yet. Question that could have pressed to ever do this team is crazy experiences increased attention about shocker basketball players out of classes. Usually it's been more like obviously the years they want to if he did it really started to pick up about this season tip they do that it. It usually is candidate is they haven't been as highly ranked. Going into this season have been picked up toward more coverage through they had this team really good. This year it's here right for the he's getting so obviously we. And experience a lot of attention take dallas' that a lot of positive things from what I've heard this stuff telecast about here about how that would. All of that. Had a reminds me 2014. Year with a shot that came off normally the shocker there under the radar and cut. Tell them that you. And non conference thankfully. Everybody around the country figured out it's a pretty good. 2014. After the shock of what the final four Atlanta there was a lot of hype about it shocker because forget the fact that it. We have to move in with that. That. And so there was a lot of hype there until they went down to Orlando and later they gave because Bentley was hurt. And lost two USC Alabama and got killed by Iowa in the seventh place game. So Arco bubble burst after that they're looking back and actually have pretty good season but. We've got to remind you of the hype that shock at that. Have a question about letting UConn was big east or AC what they wanted all they were big east under Jim Calhoun wasn't the Wichita State here seven years ago it one the title. And had a good camp and Ali what they wanted that was the first year. Upbeat AAC and that was the first American athletic conference season that you. Yeah. And we're the Dallas enough that if you were all you know everybody has Kentucky going straight through there if we thought Kentucky. And Cleveland and it won't get that annihilated people would leave although both the game it was really thought you know after. And Notre Dame had beat. Verdict in the post game to get to the final four in the regional finals in Cleveland but in the end championship the final flight it was that Dallas to here maybe. And you've got was not the favor and that was it. That question here what's the most points scored by a single player against the shock. Marshall era I'm not positive about this but I think the 35 but not moment yesterday might be accurately nobody ever come close to 26 points applicants. I've never seen anything like well you are given a little guard from a he remembers me from got the best ever get 33 yet 33 and yet all of those in the second half and threw out a lot. It NIC gave me Wichita outward from Charleston at all the trees had thirty wanted that game so they're them. A couple of others close I don't remember any more than 35 holes. Yesterday Cole Ryan maybe without look at them youthful hopefuls planner TJ Valentine at Evansville those guys. Would score a lot of points its dockers. Maybe Anthony he would be another one that political shocker for a couple of times that they I think it won both of those games. Pilots try to get a couple more calls in we're not probably I can get to everybody today really appreciate all of you can't you can't let this Darryl you're next thanks for your patience. Efforts like these like you were good part of my life I enjoyed it thank you for the pointed out. Or questions regarding. Now the word that. We have a different that part that he yelled at pars that. For such it was very valley they're going to be very very games. You know I haven't seen a roster yet so I don't really know. Mark quite yet to work a lot of misery valley conference games over the years is the supervisor of officials now for the Americans. And we've seen a couple of guys in Wichita already. Bet. It told us they are they are on the American Oscar this year for the first them tragic thing. Two different guys that we talked to a adopt daylight Juan assisted the other night. And it's pretty confident in Annapolis that they have a confident contract that the Americans these games this year so I think obesity. Some of the guys certainly we'll see a lot of it. Guys also what the American several years that you don't get a storm passes accurate now. Toward the south. The opposite list. I think today went pretty direct. On outweighs any special areas of emphasis but they're gonna look for. Like usually there's every year the fifty years. The publicity about this is it at the an area that this is actually haven't heard that this year and obviously for the most part they're that a couple of exceptions that. When they first changed the rules about the circle on the basket a couple of years let's. Yeah now about it yeah. Those straight up and Johnson was talked about that a lot of Rondo attacks yesterday there was a lot of emphasis on that thing. I haven't heard of any particular one they hear that they're going to be focusing. I think you have the last few years. Going to the monitor. That's that's that's yeah. No question about. That all right thanks you know how your up. I'm sorry that crumbled like they might start opening that I think is not done a couple things. Number one. But I think that it was then that that conditioning not yet Mort there's been a little bit legendary. Ballads and I am thirty minutes in that fight game. He didn't evil but yes for the day or do you think he's going to be able Rico and also I'd like it circled out out. Austin reed let us. Yesterday. You know he didn't think he predicts it will speaker gave it oh about twenty minutes to just play. A lot of rebounds and at this and I think Yelp refused threw for a good guard. First of all. I'm not that worried about Shaq today and I'll play thirty minutes but. I think his conditioning is just a lot better I think that's something you really puts an emphasis on it I talked. Octave before the game today certainly acted like he was ready to go no reference of Adam tired it like that like secretly. And it's not it's that term it's not good. If you factor. You know we should have a lot of gas tank and Daryl Willis who he couldn't get anything done that that you can play very late yesterday afternoon. Played much and didn't play a lot of minutes so hopefully they'll calm. Down a little bit better today you see the ticket that. And yes curiosity previously it is not through some big minutes ago thoughts about John is that he handled the ball well and helped run the offense went. Cotter was struggling Atlanta resolve this. And a lot less golfers have to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I think about the soccer flowing into their new conference. I think it's going to be really that I can't wait to fifth place Cincinnati. I don't understand it seems that our last seventeen left in the winner's bracket providing that the chef is wind today. Who would you rather see us play in this championship games and I not to listen here offensive on the air thank you. I can't think of the possibilities. Are some other things and Ellis and Ellis who upset. Everybody did not yet last night by two points and Michigan. And Notre Dame is ranked twelfth thirteenth in the polls this week so off. I've got to kind of mixed feelings and leftist ideology that hire other staff and I never really hear him. Yet to play them but on the other hand what it's not State's reputation as early season standards that all men like Notre Dame was probably do him or. And I asked them or. Either way it's going to be a fun game but I guess from the standpoint of of all the things you're trying to accomplish right now. That's. Kathy I'm a former coach and we don't allow ourselves from the table now all I'm thinking about it mark get right now that's an out here who play. Tomorrow it's wrong season can't keep your analysis 5530 in my. Thank you off your calls it plea it's great to hear from all of you remember the day after Annie shocker at the party chance locker room. Sitting on him but he points the soccer school or its agents like five feet. 40%. I don't soccer merchandise soccer fans all over always Robinson got it. Net debt that's locker east and west Gregg Marshall coming up next on. Pregame show for it that. Looks like chili's for work zones like between seventeen should be closeout sale. 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Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Gaza Dylan Hartnett porn is bill for a pummel. We should just universities shocker basketball is on 103 point 781. And widgets. And I have Italian case. Take some touches on his head coach Gregg Marshall is presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million tour. Coach obviously a quick turnaround from yesterday's game had a do you use that time were we able to. As far as preparations. When we get back last night Mike and forcible broke down heartening. It's my job to try to. And make it improves basketball team regardless of who we're playing it. It was you know video sessions pretty telling we were just. We worked very composed early we weren't playing with a little fire on defense was going under screens we were. That's rebounding defending the way we. Needed to him. And calculates a loose they look like the veteran team our our senior bigs were fumbling the ball and throwing the ball and two other teams and finally. You know what we got down so much which is senate today that are gonna have more possessions in this. Hand to start pressing him that brought the energy in the we turn him over a few times. We stopped turning the ball over and in him still to make many shots that we that we were getting layups down so. And get the foul line. So we watched that and our guys you know. Realize that we didn't play very well for about 25 minutes were able to come out with a win because like grit and determination. And toughness. And so that we can market. A very good basketball team that we that we that we eat a meal. About 9 o'clock and we got up at 6 o'clock this morning in and did it again with minors via. Cal videos so. We do scouting report. Some breakfast and it's seven and now we're here though it is really quick turnaround. Market didn't have much of the enjoyment just couple hours so it's usually it is three games in three days at a very good team can really shoot the ball. We will need to. Obviously press supplement shooters and lead at yourselves we'll. First or last night. Name mentioned and it never really did make a lot of shots that 24 offensive rebounds that's hide your tenure here and now that has depleted his from an effort stands. Exactly I Alvarado and Rashard with the keys to the game. Thought they did a great job. Pounding the glass and we were able to get their bigs in foul trouble we are. And our experience in our toughness. With the keys and then finally able to get them all them Shaq and it was up in a jump shooting. Much of the eggs and we started pounding it inside to Shaq and Rondo shards of an offensive rebounds so. I was keeping the game and you know it's gonna happen sometimes I told him. I know we can really shoot the ball where you live by the jump jet she died by the junction sometimes jump shots don't go in with the exception of them. We have five of our core guys I think your words. Connor. And general and Austin. And rich chartered. And one more maybe I don't know who the fifth one was with a combined for five for thirty feet something like that. Which 1% and is like 14%. So this is worse than 1% of and but we shall come out with a win but that they accuse the keys to the game was 24. Opposite rebounds and a pressure from the old at least teams dressed like to be press they stopped pressing us in the second half we had that we. That the press didn't bother us that approach certainly bothered them. Marquette. Today we talked about teams pressing you out here because they play that way BC place so it McCann a little different what you've seen him and defensive. Just tremendously skilled they may have the trio of shooters that are possibly the best in the country numbers wise in terms of make as well as percentage. How we're Hauser and Rouse unbelievable shoes so. You can't leave alone. Our our advantage will be on the block. We've got to we've got to establish ourselves I anticipate some occasional double teams on the block Shaq vs their post player held. Or run over his older the freshman comes informers were very good player he's a freshman. There is an infant we've got to make jobs for me. Try to Franken. Reintroduce myself to him at breakfast this morning at Saddam and coach Gregg Marshall. I'd like to know who you are considered kind of ridiculous that okay that's that's what thought you were. I think they expect you checkers at Marquette Kevin got from the valley invitational should be good and we'll be right that. 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Security and advisory services offered through a II investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor Baxter and associates incorporated and I investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford and remain strong Harding Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in molding Kirk Farber. From. Yeah. First under. Point seven okay you want to. Welcome back and. Added we. We've doctored his heart dad brought you like capital levels first off there Obama's dream home you can trust the strength behind True Blue planet capitol federal. Equal housing lender remember FBI sitting at his well defensively that soccer's got to figure out a way to cover. Guards routes in how our Bible haven't seen your aunt who route he averages 23. He's very quick. He's confident he scored to pull up from deep pretty good drive and he's great at drawing out really need to pick and roll up front. Arrival of a sophomore Marcus Howard averaged. Nike head when he used yesterday's top three point shooter in the I think that here at 55% QP threes but it can also. Thrived in finished fixate southward Sam Houser. He averaged twelve but at when he yesterday with nine rebounds was four for 936. Point eight but he act if you play inside play outside. Really good at providing the basket that on the pick and roll he's going to be a challenge. To cover. Offensively. I think market but good defensive team they have very sound fundamentals but they're not that big and they're not very he. Three of their starters played thirty plus minutes Matt health. That hands and make a brilliant that night right field on the seventh person evolved into the kind of on the Frontline doctors to believe that if they I think photography could hurt him inside but the doctor that they get the job like bookmark that. And every game. Was the only one hitting yet they he was eight out of there before before three. The rest of the guards combined five 33. It do for you. You can't shoot like that. And the that market he. Rebounding. Battle four doctor quantify eleven yet they keep count 4837. Kelly keep off the deck was. Was seven office before I was rival offer the board the affected his point. Help soccer with the game turnovers doctor Fred productive activity at eleven. First only. Total that would have put it forward Alan what question I don't know the second half and today they got to Cleveland boys that got a new book right. I thought thank you the injury report brought here by op you live your life nurture eight. Your optimal you know nothing get a report that brought of course Marcus picked up these. Working to get back into the lined up by hopefully around Christmas then that. CJ Kaiser is here that not suited up and he is you know going through whatever he's got to take care kind of a related to basketball it's getting closer while we understand. If you know that healthier food choices likes it could be a great way to go out and get where they're easy guy had today help shocker kept. Not to fight United Healthcare and the real appeal program learn more it really feel dot com. Wichita State will be dressed as the home. Twice in the form letters and numbers of black tie. Gold is also flexible college and have their numbers and letters are in goal. And the introduction the starting lineup presented by equity thankfully never mayonnaise CFC issue that is the on line of equity bank dot com first. For the Eagles and Eagles mark Katz Anheuser. Software from Stevens Point, Wisconsin averages twelve points seven point seven rebounds per game. Soccer's Reshard Cali gets the start the day 67 senior from Fredericksburg Virginia. Averaging four points at eight point seven rebounds can't yesterday seven offensive boards. Started. Go cart path that help. Safety LTT 6101445. Junior threatening note Wisconsin's five point seven points per game four point seven rebounds. At forward for the soccer exactly around 66 senior from Houston Texas defensive standout who had a career high. Hard for Marquette. Yes Marcus Howard and couldn't ever fill it up a 511 sophomore from Chandler Arizona. Let the nation in three point percentage last series averaging ninety points per game shooting 38 and a half percent from three so far this season. Shaquille Morris coming off a career high 25 yesterday. Six. Now fifth year senior from. Edmond Oklahoma nineteen point seven point seven points three rebounds per game shooting 68%. On Landers small forward for Marquette causing few domestic side you're here for work Lauderdale Florida. Third your starter averaging ten point three points. Dream no shoot around 37%. From beyond beyond. Had dark for the soccer's Landry can't let. Landry coming up at eight for ten performance yesterday. It's not far from Kansas City averaging sixteen point seven points per game. At shooting 75%. From three neither twelfth at four Marquette and browse the explosive little five elevenths fifth year senior from. Averaging 42 point seven points per game shooting 37%. From three did not put that the line. He has a career 91%. Free. And you get to the line a lot that night we showed yesterday any time for. The free throw line he's got it back it was thought that the market radio guys yesterday they told me he hit a couple. He hit a couple of 1003 quarters of the game define god if you get guys in here and company felt he really good laugh out. Not a bad for the soccer player on the like today the official watch party location is you know Israel is now afford to southeast quarter when efforts to laugh at five. We all want Clark to run the chancellor's trip for two. Yeah ACC tournament and Orlando at march courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and he goes without work through officials watch party location. Four shots in basketball. I don't think I it's produced another branch campus it's not restarted courses if you're seeing here what it's not like he's averaging eight points per game had a really tough day yesterday this one for eleven from the field 18. Create expect him to come back bounce back strong today he actually hadn't cared if it matters yesterday that went for a I thought that some of the players this morning they hit them really really loose here at the lot behind a civic center in are. Lot of the balls were going to. If this is only one turnover in the first three faulty. The ball with a golf you've got knocked off. Nice crowd on hand again this place only thinks maybe 15100 not 2000 Wichita State has the most tickets sold for the Easter Marquette was seconds. They've killed off one side of the champ not have to pass that you get on the ends of the other side with the cuts states that bigger numbers in those sectors. It should be not that many people but it is yet it did get my. Outwardly expressive you know loud exciting atmosphere today thoughts and tips but he goes he bulls have been better if this ovals cost of us. You know Morrison Matt Nelson I think fourth Jackson had kept the data don't finally gets its its experts say it like what was ahead. Steve all the forces violently he gets booed but it's not just minutes to get hands and if it's not good enough to power he's going to be guarded by ground. Those slide up the street snapped up those left sideline to drowsy it bounces it's not. If my life. Houses houses and at my Phillies picked it up not for a few if that's the stuff you decided to Rouse and I don't think cancer. Like at the time line. Drowsy driving the length rows of the slaughtered hit. It's not hot as a footnote maybe these takes a lot of shots if they might be bad shots that makes it. He's good off that pick and roll that time kind of thinking that got picked that one to six. Think you have looked sluggish in that snapped up by different yet the thrust of throughout the ground right wing Kelley Marquette fan to fan out front more or institution in the heading into the lions back to Morrison did it take to. Have enough left that it Rimpf offensive rebound by crown hustling one handed grab. Frankly half off the street to the right wing keeps driving bulls a baseline ten footer there shortly about Kelly. While a good start for the doctors offensive rebounds for fighting background why. From the red you get the offensive board and halftime by a shark Alley on the weak side block. Snatching rebounds that can back it. Get them out now on Sam Houser department source personality you've seen it today it's very delicate line threat to complete three point play. Chart yesterday it was forces that line but that would evidence. Three point play with Kelly the old fashioned way with its not state needs to do with just over it on. Fresher than the man backcourt now to bring it up against himself with the housing for ailing back out right he's. It's a slide out on the right. It looks not bounces on the flock to him no accidents accidents account. It's definitely not Howard Howard off the Wall Street looked as if he picked it lighthouses and victory at it at a articulate that you have to keep an eye on you because there is very key from the perimeter. I have three Marquette it's an announcer makes the effort to vote probably the number of threes it and today. Around Portland last. Not cabinet room for a sprained right Florida not eloquently candid shots they started like him rounds at 53 left elbow right. Glorified actor out of. We were directly behind him. It looked good the whole way. Definitely attack shoppers at 65 rounds up the street the freeway. This is this what rebound telling. You always hold your breath that he she is expected to go into effect or frank yeah this is not threatened him but lob over the top bad. Hi I'm OK yeah. I don't let this opportunity that's all day long that you could go inside over the copper down of the locals because there's this. It's not a threat to him give that up to allocate time which does it left wing rousing and illegal street parlance Anheuser. Through his fifth out of the counter brand can't that's going to be some quick fouls on Sam Houser in the game the only cute it was so far. And he's gonna have to take two seats that part in them. We'll check yet not as they get six lives in hand foot pretty good all around player at six points three rebounds off the bench against BC news. Yesterday Hauser averages 31 minutes. People need to be back. There that the market he'd never rightfully afraid I can't try to plot Morrissey double team in picks an opposite left corner ground dries it out to him but they left elbow that's. Experience not respect not taken some shots today. And. What happens here yeah. I think you're awarding them the touch the ball after what the benefits that you could only get one warning that after that youthful that to the doctor. It's football that's what the path. 115 Wichita State not quite three minutes gone in and it is significant pressure markets soured after resting in our Internet connected to our and a and he guarded by Kelly Howard system seven excessive it is different. Now it's it's like triple handoff and she's definitely a little bit key play out you know it's not the other feet left way Howard gets loose for a very good. Round went for the field. Feel that that's our wide open the form factors that we have fortunate that. If they can't force it to spit it and it but enough and it does anybody off forever I don't know about that I think that Arctic that play didn't. Well throughout. McNabb alliance front who is right fielder and got the ball the ball and now market at a different time and what the house he is really got that and fifth. Day booked a house of course it is fourth here at Marquette. 41 years old you're going from duke graduated there in 982 time all ACC player honorable mention all American that was an assistant at U. For fifteen years before accepting his first head coaching position. At Marquette. Three years ago this would be a 32 time now that spark catch. Heard a time out there about to get a 52 capturing significant progress. Well I think Rick Marshall thought he'd likely be played in the book correctly though they're full court press from the get go here that mark yet but it helps would you make some shots. Think that you can you. Get the F fast paced game up tempo kind of game Wichita State leads early eleven to eight. Read that at any point one seconds elapsed in the first half Marquette basketball Animal Planet. Soccer's set up that way right now it's kind of one to ask mark yet you know fox around the end time line. If that's often tempted around us because it of course Howard Howard Carter Mike Brown along the left sideline that's down low and the actually traveled got a way of getting out of Paul's stances that the browser saves along the left sideline. Now around the drive that pulls up to the length additions this quarter and it's gonna take its rated. They're really good at that they thrive in this they have five guys for the record what got radicalism but on the perimeter that opens with a shot at help. Evidently definite ground opened. It was shortly. Like that goes to our market has hit ground anyway. It. It getting it yet again. Like that that red. I think. Or that if they got. Half of them read. Only. The big accident that report by the border by. And Leslie Howard's. Not to contested in half and that was all over me just step yeah that was also count on five foot eleven Howard. Don't think it's that thing around. Not yet stagnant if they let him. You know listen it catches up but the line drives that load of that traffic and ticket but the citizens I. Address the plight might you know well if you want positive if differs not to flaunt it snapped me well they doubled the it right I don't think. What's it like it but it will cost him a look at nothing she can't deflected pass and is well for a little threat now. 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Had a shot if they don't not preclude the Internet giving and I'll just bet there'll little tiny amounts in this entire. Ball was shot looking up and allowing the spotlight on them back in action. And rather. Markets are still a lot of them that all I think. His hand through the line that's 32 call it was it was in the street second floor with mark if they're running out of bounds you know you know I'll leave that for. Then. So it's thirteenth well with its non statement we can't let it won't roll almost a half worth it brings it across the line starts left off the street my friend's hand to his dribble. Now it got a little hole and I think our markets are different can't cut off behind Wall Street life. Ronald nurture. Yeah power to help him. Now I'm Marcus Howard Hughes verse thirteen now on mark yet monitored in the game and he has the five man Louis before it campground chance that campground at the line death. Rate Elliott you know we remarked yes spring camp acceptable ball's not bad yeah. The tree fell surface. Yeah that's good as he kind of looked at aggressively. And it's going off about second little thin blue collar jobs and all the power sixteenths twelve with a 66 different players who are already for the suckers and a holding it beyond its not the other night about those kids are definitely a step late create so good at this time. It if it's a nice little flight marked yet driving around excellent water and it looked at Stanford yeah it presents a tough round not stand it but agreed that supports it you know rightly ranking at three it. Yeah. Not a Brett can't step. That it rather not have taken very it is not physically. Hopefully at that weight stuff I did feel tonight not to hold my breath samples here. The Chrysler rounds he's handling it that double team that gets its Linda Howard Howard time 100 but brown off the Wall Street they're gonna talk. Now the other. Stepping into that strained his escape into the game picks up his first analysis of. Look at 45 pound freshman so far. He is everything it's now at least two point seven minutes of flying it is all the animals. Three games of their place in the verdict out of balance Matt hill assistant junior started the coach Johnson's. The 69 freshman so they can afford to be thousands of Phoenix. Repeated outlandish can't trust the time line picked up by Elliott does not play this next round that residences that it's the right thing not the reason just check in Austin had a chance. Landry what's left goes right to ground but it on the floor for most if not it about to nurture and left wing candidate. It brings it back to the middle keeps his dribble that gives you definitely eight to shoot right wing brackets three operatives run off the back iron just. It up off the glass that factors drove in the back. Could have been either clueless or nurtured. Could hear what they center announced it was definitely one of the shocker over the back second team now. It was Roger his first. Marquette basketball double team with a back four. Fourth it's the way to markets aren't 1812 which is our state lead thirteen 38%. Power crunch time on shovels right Elliot hack out front. And of and he hands it off. Two the Milwaukee he's in how long string but how it stands out but a final. Man that on the ground I think but I yesterday the that includes power. In equality before the shots like that he would often Howard as he came off that that Wall Street. Next round of his first. Thirteen fellow Wichita State market won't let sidelines often resident of Marcus Howard Howard obviously they're forcing white Knight rises to the basket. And it doubles and out of the corner and them guys that he puts it up in traffic just have to get a call phone. You know tried to stop it there kind of stepped into my dad got it on the arm that he reached up with his hands extended and it incidence accuse the car and it took the line they don't post anybody up markets with five guys on the perimeter they like you Wall Street to the sleep and it's free kick they kicked notion that the upper deck that. Hands free throws made four clearly got to the bottom. Apart and have 33 floor of the free throw line for the first three games of the season. Redshirt sophomore from Minneapolis Minnesota district. Go upstairs. Please perform the first three game. Fans. Want to barely got to credit. And evidently missed it altogether landed on them. Tough. Eighteenth welcome to the states don't want enough activities let's all for a moment now to that effect was right reads not enough. I was kinda doubt it artillery in Atlanta. Is where that plays out. These analysts that sentence doctors restored his merger gets his pursuits like it is well. Elliott Smith was right to left out front of them but apparently went like Howard looking to try to cut off the double team might leave their pieces dribble go look at the Wall Street helped that not quite there throughout history how hard drives it. Had to pick up his dribble the ball away four shots better than. It could score a lot of different ways over 66 that's. We're going to get that really that the creditor. He's got seven of the factors lead by 61 to fourteen can't attack the basket that guarded by Elliott looks left does that present round despite incentives that. If that is on the Florida out of Reeves left wing cant that Clinton re looking for some room now to nurture the left elbow and back with him at three for not proud bounces high off the back iron rebound mark yet. Think Kelly got away with a lot of contact on and I appreciate that jump shots power to three successive straight missed fifty. There is definite and. Hello 2000 run under it. Sorry Mike you allowed to contact Natalie offensive that doctor's office and can't let that regularly at Boston managers definitely jump shot. But not on this look at it and I believe Ronald with the ones that prompted an hour. Marcus Howard as a freshman last year shot 89%. From the line so far this year he's seven. Three of them here makes the first he's got eight points. Jack Morris after breather is back again. Tonight you Haynes jones' undetected for the first time Kelly's going to come back Fiat merger will be coming out with 2000 he is still shaking his head like I can't believe because. Our second free throws that I. Used at night that that's simply supports forty to sixty. Thought well you know authors have houses back here. And now has no. The last. As it rounds is active in our. He goes out. No it help counter. Him round the darkest hours original story five. Q there's three. And markets now artists and have marked yet sentence. It's slightly. I don't defense flat market with them leave them they have definitely three right. It's not. Definitely try to get on the block points Wilson baseline doesn't he left. Now. And it's going to be houses and I think it's that's his third round of the personalities. Definite right after I was with nobody out in the air. Yeah Steve will house its furious over there on the market it went in the old and I think equipment out there might. But it back fired on when the soccer and really nice late night at the Willis on the floor courtroom on that baseline and he went out of the basket now. Houses there he goes to Japan three well it. On the way you know journalist with five points and doctors that they six point advantage slightly seventy fault that it offers yeah. Now they're up against my guns of the scandal mixes. An outhouse likes to sell off accidentally garments and slapped it. That's going to be a battle goes on and off long and it told him hey. Get a good. Atlanta are sidelined drowsy driving throws across Florida constantly deflected out of town in the state Marquette shot clock down this. I thought that velvet glove defense but the varsity. And Paul. Would get. Now he's saying he's got his hands all over it Greg varsity sandlot he's push it off everything he does it got to spirited game tonight 1135 to go first half as we get attacked ballots that soccer's leading Marquette. Point three. Seventy. 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Hello it is time Iron Mountain general manager or his -- Bristol and I will pocket l.s manager and we would personally like to invite each and every one of you out to the grand opening up or out of Wichita we're excited to be sort of Wichita and the entire city it is great deals and superior customer service so I did your Ortiz out of Wichita where you can always hold a brand new Altima for us to nine months Ortiz out of Wichita located at 10625. Kellogg just the wet road object itself online order some of which talk about you know. Forty something which is the better word about. Shocker horses brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley energy and think for an end over west's lawyer. Shocker your car is on 103 point seven KEY. Aren't good attitude and a lot of shooters and a few big sixty. Percent but so are the doctors today after all you big day of the tournament opener. Both teams that 60% from the field markets expert Dan what it does state. 9415. So they're getting more shots they'd patriots of the trade mark gets to a six. Connor French camp and I'm glad we should have it both have a three point basket today candidates' stances Wichita State record twenty. Nine consecutive games. And frank campus they wanted 26 straight game Ron baker. That the old record of 47 that remains second right now I want to. I think Connor I went down early in this game solution. Bob the one key stat that jumped out of the houses Sam Houser they're six states scored three fouls now Anderson's 1135. Great balance that is soccer seven different players have scored there before it would mark yet markets now against him is seventy. Point three double play it and the free throw line extended last night if that's. It's not much not as you really yet. Whistle and chief of staff over the sideline at. In fairness it yet there's not much room on the sidelines here and devious stepped over it that turn over the Marquette before they can get it possible not let. That's what worked for homes that now from capitol ready. Honestly believe that this and I think you know that we could affect warms them up to set history it sort of logic drives at four shots dotted line I think it was voted against the six and it held out of plastic bottle it but he got the phone it's not completely 570 back significantly. That John Bolton. And I've gotten him night. It affects our partners that don't hide posts in adoptive American pilots to drive around Howard picked up slightly smaller late jumper that. These guys in front of if only miss one shot today on the second trays that thirteenth. Points and that was fallen away contested. I'd say don't get round to take shots that you're basically bad shots and make it 64 loss to us that we. Three drives left pulls up the eight events that is not the glass and constantly influence the story parade of mistresses that's obviously 47 life. Got a Wall Street but it usable frequently with lefties get that nice little thing. The stars let the vikings there's accidents on the confidently and he's young they'll pick it up it's not to cheat him. In Pennsylvania right sideline thousand doubles team drives and they're gonna off balance of my game. So I think if anything about these being mistreated. Pakistan that would it was not balance the budget experts want to watch them. The market guys that their defense entering its second lot. Soccer's. I think more on the war. It really hard enough on defense. If you're right the left Ras night. He dribbles stuff left wing nut house along route one lets Nightline lay out the time line and don't want trees but it worked off the Wall Street doubles right right. Those massive. Guys I guess I'll. It can't it's not. Yet that would over that. Expect fourth night Kelly on a dribble hand off. Boris is not one dribble pick it up now left side breeze off the left wing group analyst at it and particles traveling. I don't know I didn't see that SI haven't really stepped it and bank that the body that is after the travel and most if not there's. It crap but you know girls got that quick feet you program. But it done to death with a very quickly like both things differently. Goes out candidates back. Adds background it's at the Howard got started but grounds drives laugh. Lost the ball the troubled and have accidents doubles at the browsing through it opens. You losses over the long. Little battle with his feet and we've quickly over 1003. History. At 745. With a message explores and up to him I didn't length definitely Kelly takes little contact flattens off the back. That's. Kelly what's right for the rest of the Iraq. Howard the other way it is not they can try to make it expands its you know John that he stated it mullet out of its rate of turnovers that athletes get it back still leading. 4745. Fortunately for what it's not safe part that's defense is pretty good not great because they're going to score on you that when you. It's want these few these delegates at the well votes in the theories players in parts out right now that we can't drive right down the line all the best little left hand just a few. Beautiful both listed down the line he's got five belief goes back. Yes yeah but I think that regulate the freshman school reform rivalry fly. For Landry played nicely live with us state. Announces targets that I'm getting off its next round all over. Left wing not meant that goes on on him off Howard's words that fires short that the united quietly advance. French camp with a laundry done drugs that port rush over right wing browns try to get close that it would open up front. Morrison's left side Cleveland Kansas Emmy it's applause Kelly goes up against Vietnam. Right sideline him for it can't. Not getting the Wall Street wore us down the line it all the way down the length of life and it was right hand you know what I've probably got excited fixes them up. This is this economy that only that but it's definitely not a training camp was seven shots. Hi. This time how hard it right back out in left tonight and entry to the middle sized markets with baskets out of his stance. In this valley authority game at that chance that reach the end. It that it hasn't lied and swatted it out of his hands out of them if they work oh we. And drive from all things the seven freshman. Now look at that influence. Art in them. All in two Elliott angle and it frank can't just got leveled on street's rebound Elliott's declared pass deflected but Howard gets it. Rose left and off balance double pump. I can't believe that. He its office software that time it was the answer very softly here. He's got 78 in the first half of accurately 3147. Or is it not him but it gets you know John that if that Morrison's and I think it's very and it's no good hard rebound ground gets knocked down so hard Sam. Retrieved it down the line right side ran him off make up from three. Mainly short rebound Morris it's blocking foul on. Lawrence got hit in the face. Of soccer fans rooting against that there's lots of food gonna. And it. CTO Morris is on the line. Time now. It's 747. To go the first half its Wichita State 31 Marquette 47. Hello shocker nation this Andy card in hand with the current ten group that JPY again and sense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of which atop buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases. 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Is this service yet from the people on the sales floor and don't high pressure it is help you find exactly what you're looking for a billions dollars you know a great job treat you at your home with the ultimate respect would be exploring a seed virus in 1860. North Broadway. Wichita State leading Marquette 31. 27 was 727. The first half Gilmore is that going to the free throw line between shots at being fouled on a ten foot back. Leo it's not pick up a thousand he's got to. Now that's Anheuser. Please bookmark at five under six feet through their keep this in Wichita State's only valid issue out of surgery Tuesday at 650. He shot for shooting 59%. If money tip Marquette since the 60s62. And a half. Marcus Howard office variety assert his shot six of eight overall attitude. Seventy points but market powered notebook fourteen. Shooting the ball very well 63% from Marquette 59% who would faiths. A shot to win the battle before you to think that got five offensive rebound from that helped them get off six more shot at him. That mark yet. At just two turnovers the five also play into those next possession. Yeah Gilmore is the free throw line shooting two. Act three the first three games here is may ninth. Well 75%. This experts yesterday and finished the kind of exclusive he's got three points if not who's now three with three as a team from the line is Willis forest and finally able made one of these. An active one more here. Yeah and a little short rolls off the rebound from me. Four mark yet. So let's say five point shot to lead the 27 biggest weakness is eight months in the case. Elliott wave at that time lines are the questions. Rose slightly. Routes it might bring him off the Wall Street wheels up to the top it just shot off exactly about him that stipulates that. This is along the right sideline flags at heart goes all the way to basket that tried to shuttle back politely as flock Kelly sliding floor. Our guys died floor. Slightly Qaeda. It's got off. And the possession arrow visit with us today. Can pick up ideas via ground beef with him to market the standard rotated down. The blocked his path. To the basket you try to pass off but he got deflected. It's doctor luckily timed out. Not plots it went to want to still have plenty of time you write something here at the event. Then she goes with drowned accidentally no walls floors that mark yet. 3227. With us the 67 the gophers can't have a lot to bring it right it's not the art art but art it's Dark Knight it's infinitely telling. Chart it's not good to let him it lifted it'll bring back to the middle. That's about it on the block divorce goes wrong on health mr. Kelly fighting for just off the hand that's background out of that's a look like Jack. But that's got to move it to me yeah man. He held. And with Mikey evident of the fans have been much threw that shuttle program. Our net loss field Boris now for of the field is one of it is definitely thousands along the success with him flowers popping up left side if you look at the Wall Street goes left and right hard drive the length. Holds up over cal isn't it called the Sargent Todd Kelly yes you seats had actually been laid back a little Howard Johnson. Marcus Howard gets called for his second bow at the seventh. South Marquette and by the way that circuit shot off the contact when it also it doesn't count. And it went in but I played by the shark helicopter over early on the weak side. That's that was positions. Mark play whoever starts Kelly how it's going to go out hot BC this is back in 2000. Who else are and a manageable thing with those statements and the grand champ Boris ground. Telling Canada's defense work right winged sprint can't Palestinians those backdoor browser pulls up that he sham that opens straight right wing short rebound Cheatham former yet. That's a good open looks Atlanta he just lines I'd do a little bit him not sure. Mostly drowsy split the screen double team that throws it out cheetah drives that president water and got to play inside as she did. And Kelly go to the floor of the unit called foul on relatively healthy thing. Enough yet gotten out of my pocket. I never once put it look like Kelly had the faces of undated big adjustment calls that I get to know what's going on. It was not think definitely this it's in the bottom of the perimeter they could rule that anybody with floating you know that they did a good job of holding positions through charge 181000. Mark yet since it's not it's excellent thing to go first half dividend Franklin Graham street of course I don't know if I was an optimistic and prevent controlled by -- yet seen in Canada for browsing and browsing on the break down the line physical floater partially blocked and recovered by Franken. How to drive it up the middle of the floor circles the right side. He has terrible hands it off the chancellor of the sidelines. Vs his position that it's up to. Different camps right sideline got a screen telling us a chance but tonight's post divorce accidents that Wall Street and I hit it throws the Morristown. Like it don't feel there's thousands and hit the cane and he'll go into Duncan. That I think he's the one that got hit don't have. Got it back to Florida dunk at the other end at all handling their decisive. These athletes who really not for the cubs warrants for the plug up another double team spin baseline jumper rolls out rebound Kelly wrestling for. I was trying to say that. Could be out of bounds I think golf around naked south of market reaction. It's not. They're letting a boxer doubled he had no effect boards and it's big that we. Bigs on boards of them anything weeknight slot is getting blocked off my heartfelt Kelly told him that we sent block routes. With over there trying to fluffy ball Gregg Marshall calling the play from the sidelines as he gets shuffled some fresh fruits of their neighbors looking for. The quality of that fluently Steve and please you know influences in cities double team that's right rightly so much. Soccer is like 35 minutes to go first half the budget. City civil rights and it pulls it back yet for a little bit try to take you out of one on ones and I do not very bad shots rebounded ground. He's got clocked thirteen of the penalties for travelers trying to cut off the. There's a crowd reacted when brown got everybody let's have traveled that streaky downloads that went down. I think that's about it than ever to hit shots that your ball around and got it. I've not read these dolphins travel. Marquette basketball a three wood sided here. Yeah but it is definitely not satisfactory. For forty. That if she completely right and oh yeah. We've listened to the streets. Mounted. Apple. It and drives it hard so obviously it is free throws it back at around him through. I was off the Wall Street gets its real quiet down a bit follow up analysts at rebounds to. Please write it down the line over to grab in the left corner. Way out front to hear a little if not it. Fools not to got grabbed and I think on that I don't know that's kind of that's exactly how it's not isn't it because I was with you one month Darryl was. Very very careful that that the key thing that went down until they release that frivolously when it all for rapidly he did not job. Of drawing the foul. On them that you know. Like the volcano that is buying rounds at wide open although it's not. Often that iron shots and got an analyst at the one on enough and so our. The market enough. It is this is that Marquette has it that if it diet. I think. Announces his revelatory it is. And it rightly she didn't drive it into the cable and kept his dribble there hands of a few rounds you know not let that get the ball screen goes left. Galloway president McCain afraid about the ball came off the back prevent Marines pushed it up hard line right sideline. They're a rousing double team gets in the way they're Haynes Johnson it is a fact Letzing setup. No right side of the constant. Credit for that now it goes down to the docket tell. And it gets it back. It's always nice flowers and you know. That's driving me. It sounds a little as he drives a drastic message I would get a flow of the technical fouls Marquette it's definitely a lot to tell the baseline and they'll listen now we'll see. And it's not enough. Through one myself thousandth us. 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Marquette once again they have more players who were wars and how it's green and it helped. Just got called Marcus Howard if not only do recruitment. Enough of that. It may disbursement now one for three euros for a little bit the free throw line so it is your last shot 74%. At 6110. Of currencies and this is now the second enough. No good team out of that balance. At the other place of feeling like it's just at least if there possession down three chance to get watered times. And almost traveled fast almost intercepted by so much gains counts right now by arousing the back toward. Now rousing wanna wanna get it gets up in the air get the crowd. He delegates that he doesn't every game pump fake. Hendrick unit and nothing moved slightly but not enough to get a card now. 33 relatives. But again it was critical for potential hopefully they don't play they put it deficits yeah I thought he goes well inside the arc when he actually. Release them that it that it counted as three. Who's had cancer four point hood. And one thing you're not questioning it now they have changed into the into the I don't think it was really much question about it. This could tie it drowsy at the line reason 91%. Career free throws. And of course makes a three point play for. It's night game. Kids it's for both of them. It's alive as the now let's say yeah lots of course in Blaine gets hit. But I could be out either wanted to guys John was behind it's it's hard hadn't stepped in and be on and a for the bush trying to double team. Of course car and it his first. Eleventh seed I think the shocker got a call there that look like they had that double teamed well before Jack worth activity did problem. And I think soccer some pretty good call there. Shaq is one of sin for the lives. Who knows yet. Doctors back for fifty. Percent from the line four for eight whereas before points in the first half it's 3332. State. A and at least and its tactics. If that's exactly two point lead at 3430 kids. Full court pressure and it's. In. At the time line at 245. It's answerable to god he's not particularly in the end. We see him back. Wall Street. It's like I'm Forrest started you know my ground shots today and I deleted him in the baseline him at least that is terrible throws them. Lost his son sentences. Selling off the bat and I have a five on the shot clock. But he's not the kind of found with not one they were playing pretty well defensively that's the shot clock down five little qualified that. Let's not catches it and you don't he's not gonna have a shot to play out here on line at February. Let's get it back with our expert McKnight Jack's personality. Out one line is not that good. CEO John as a big yeah man. Ninth time record for Minneapolis. That's it for six. Three aligned with that Byrd. Approach we'll put together. It's not enough to back down to us please. 38 lead at one point. Yeah. A yeah candidate but it definitely left helpful that you can't get the best reverse layup at the beautiful back three effect fourth and ninth chance by telling you the fact that he can't. In the seventh after this week by 33635. Birds and about. It left Nightline. Man of the hour. Of that yet on it. And the most effective and crowd has. A time line it doubled the defense headed calico for the benefit as well but you know it's not exist that the line with him. Now you know on. There today that thousands racking up enough on these mark it forward to both men. Effectively won the one from the line completing a three point play early in the game that you didn't hear that at 49 that you know I have suckers up night. Please. Don't forget weekly coaches' shows them in case points at the outline about 9713. Thirty minutes telling this story. A lot of food or fifth. I think that's five and eroding that's not Shaq makes you mental illness. Then I could remember this. This. Don't forget AJ sports they'll yell at the thirteenth victory which. Start ignites that 67 the trademark of accidents next weekend. Three weeks off Olympics and secondly for flights as doctors have a four point lead. The court pressure and get him to hand them. Launch NASA worked to CNET Jacobs didn't take us through these and yet I don't want to act scores at the state that it's hard into the I don't victory. He's 736. With a Dusty Brown liquid. The baseline rally that that's definitely not the ground rightly constantly. Unfolding yeah. Lot I'd. Let's wait around it goes all the way out there and it loses to Oklahoma and that thing if it decision there and had a lane to the basket hesitated it went late tonight. Elephants from the floor and shot off off the flats left over the movement that's. An incident that that is the ransom note back off a little bit like that I didn't. One point with us today flea market going to hear it. For the last minute of the first. Let me browse round almost the whole game has never fires that it. It's very best at a clinic treatments and can't really hasn't had been raised on the that it looked at Atlanta up tournaments but good lineup and they. Had good hustle by reading tonight passed up the floor like that ship. Saturday night 36. Man. The second time now mark at 1% of the profits here what did not state will get the ball back witness he's what he's. I could to avoid laugh. If I ended up with that fast break getting its chance to kind of places possessions we want to hear the last the the other will be a thing with the hump. I'm. Market takes off the clock look at the their shots but and knocked down that reportedly excited gave up but it's not a target to get another possession. But if you think nap before my save up to 40% the day after in shock when that that's a lot of things and left listening after the game we'll let you know what is at peace. He's saying today at least 25%. Shots. With nineteen points yesterday. What that at that if you post season. I don't really care that let's say you really good team well coached team going. Or do I Marquette could release. North Howard rousing good battle with had a shot they have their level to make it. It is that it doesn't bring enough accidentally grants him at the end Boris helped him play now. Mark yet she looked like running threat at its iconic kind of thing doesn't have a lot to throw into the August but technical staff that's not its. I think it's definitely get on the floor. It's not yours. I wanted to take a little time here they can get it down to about six to seven seconds left in the half if they take that. Position right now at the end. Of the united 36. As the State's evidence of Kelly popped out and let you know both parents faces these wars right underneath the basket brown fumbled but he was wide open. And I think that if that gets right here that he and it's not Boris right wing ground. Out of wars released into the basket double pump the incident out route he thought about gonna start the sad part that if nothing better than got a heck of the way it's a I feel more innocent disasters up my time six seconds five rounds hey guys they normalize frozen water. And a look at Yucca. What did not say they can hide the. They fit. Very good first half as much better games in terms of now both teams played in yesterday's first half itself. Absolutely shocked if they've not knocked it down them. But that's not loosened up played really well. From the get go and I think what Marquette is really good offensive team that's used to thrive Mike especially mark Fowler yet that hardly missed that shot. 4136. Packers at halftime stay fit pathetic it would Erica halftime. 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Civic center on holiday in Hawaii this is very active America halftime show. Check yes. America is all of this disease. And in America proud sponsor. It definitely basketball's spirited first half Bob's really outstanding play on both ends. Mark at a very formidable team offensively. Yeah I think different styles of offense both the plane including the main market in a couple of that's the home but almost all of main event by both teams. But that doctors like he hit the ball inside of a lot of titles. Arctic front I've been on the perimeter if you a lot of beaten a lot of well he's and then they and it drives vascular flash guy that's posted for that well. Though they're really good at that fit that role and the quality as we interrupted our Palestinian. More Andrew route you think that it and play. I don't know. I've seen some players like Howard browsing on the things are just so uncanny with the ability to make shots that are. That's difficult shots off balance just. I think shots like as it is with most people it's out loud at that shop and not seeing now what they're Purdue game I've seen that they could not you know it's not they do it right. Well it if you think back with what your house you play for my kids yet he would do it was that Collins. Not that palaces. College that would house two little guards that we're did he. They could both good but it didn't like these guys these guys could make them act. Bad stuff happened that they've got to thank senator low bidder and it take its told opposite you at any given power at this point that the statute it. You didn't miss much anything different at the end of that 682. For four for 3000 hours three parts and only one of seven. It seemed like he does make everything too but it is a pretty good job this one out later. They hit that you hit it it you'll you'll just keep shoot it and rob you just keeps you know put up some bad shots. But he thinks he's here but yet there's things statistic I think it's that personal foul situation. Marquette got the problem with out there was three. And Matt hill would do their bit to me. Close the account. He would they're they're they're freshmen become not a bad place both at three felt all of their bigs that can be found. Might mention it Ramsey's death if you're seeing here from Lexington Virginia played two years that humans which bill. And let him score both years 1920. Points per game. And last year on a very balanced mark it used to 86. That the hearing was second on the team that is desperately scored eleven and half points per game. This year with a couple of key starters gone. They're looking for him wanting to shoot it or so he has been much more active attempting to escort him in his game averaging 22 point seven points per game and Howard's team and it nineteen. Yeah I'm with you look at their shot that got 28 shots and here the first half feet he did those 48 shop within our power. And analyses and put up a lot of shots but they've got some good actually I'll think I'll have been. That level that. He hit a shot. It I mean I've gotten them. But Wichita State leads it bias or affording want to. 236. Look at all the staff in just a little bit him on it it's enough 40% to an aftershock which way the jets locker room. East and west back with those stats for Freddy if that's apparent at halftime show it's obviously Marquette but high. 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A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power. Delta dental. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend would be John Green which Huntsman does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament since 22 kids off chasing one ball arrest was overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with United Healthcare you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and Hatcher digital ID card for easy access learn more at UHE dot com United Healthcare. Service is not available for all planned. But you're looking for the perfect power suit for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game they need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help assure to find something that you and your style. And right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets tough coach an overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season with Johnston is the 21 in K 96. US youth soccer basketball he's on 103 point seven TE YE Yang. Exact varieties of America has to zero Wichita State leads Marquette 41. 36. Shocker shot 53%. In the first Athlon sixty if there is but I don't knock it down through a beloved. Three point shots it would. Wrinkle their first snap fitness the last four and a half. Confidence up partly refuted what 2006. And eleventh at 54 and a half percent. Asked for Smart cat ended up at 46 point 4% on thirteen to 48 below par for them. Three point shooting also by the 1631. Point 3% as it rounds you just what 1% that. But it only five that they maligned 62 and a half that she almost 80%. As a team. Both teams below their normal percentages from the line with Utah State got three more camps and it may continue to get our chances not talked about how problems. Marquette past inside it was for a while now with our state for eight attackers had nine assists. Six turnovers Marquette. Seven assists and nine turnovers are led by Marcus Howard the seventeen points on six of eight shooting from the floor for three. Eight points for every browser that he is completely different from the field at different points apiece for Sam Houser. How do cheetah. There next time scores more balance for what it does it feel Forrest Landry can have a lot of friends here flawless seven points apiece. You know Willis had five. 48 for Rashard Kelly can't constantly. Replied this next round ends the piece was tonight Jamie Johnson and a lot of character. So everyone who plays for the shot design and it differs staff all scored. Nurture the only golf probably got booed or an affiliated feeling as much action hasn't yet there. You know after the doctors GAAP and not a breath sport countdown and it really evident last week. And if that's all you ever get tired in the shocker from work because that lets see if that has an effect on Marquette. You know people thought well if you short turnaround late yesterday who later I think earlier today is that that the players. We did that it would affect shoppers because. Played that many minutes yesterday plus they have a very deep team now on the other hand Marquette had three guys that average over thirty and thinking. And they've got some guys it's about double the staff felt let's see if it's short for around. And the shot to death and where this market down. And you look at stats that you don't see big numbers increasing numbers very telling Rashard Kelly played sixteen that is the only apple points. Three rebounds. Three assists. Those turnovers and it's blocked shots and two blocks were spectacular. They got it outlook and asked if you thought it looked like he had it easy regulate gun. Kelly's team spirit back lots of John McCain picked it up looked like it's gonna happen. What pat and Kelly walker added well it got the bad stuff. Yet the kind of dance at home at the conference all of America that they help your team we have. With the edited shoppers might get 50% off your on line on that in Wichita area Papa Johns blog on the prophet John dot com that is the problem coach soccer fifty. To receive your shot it is the credit union of America halftime I was second half. Eleven states thirteen institutions. Some of the nation's largest market. There is power in our side. Over 360000. Student two point six million alumni. Their influence. And 21 championship caliber sport. We compete with the they go Bob powers six. No doubt across the. 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On delta dental health industry and Cox Communications. If you're gonna have a response to that was not wolf soccer sports properties. 75. Plus they are getting ready to start the second half coming up. 3 o'clock central time. TCU vs power losers bracket on this side of the bracket at 7 o'clock this weekend again on the bottom bracket game. And at 930 tonight. Time Notre Dame not Florida right off the thirteenth against LSU. I was surprised when you know after their win over Michigan yesterday and the winner of that game will play the winner of this game for the championship. I think tomorrow night. Well if you think about your archipelago for. Good start to what they fly them. Okay I was at the efficacy to guard him to start its second half. Backgrounds are going to get them in the second half a few of them adjustment. Greg bark they'll soccer coach. Can't defeat that kind of flow that did you know that at pebble but it's powered. Sam Houser. Hadi freedom and who wrote this in my candidates out of my camp guard Kelly field or a factory outlet encampment which that you're living. Gulf starting times for both seats. The Marquette. That is the second half with three now. 4136. Which cannot stay with possession of my cabinet lousy. Watson for us sideline for a veteran can't Stanton rightly accuse him flat out practicality of pop history that is why write short a little bit but it bounces. Also Boris out of bounds. Add. And Morrison chant that I'd got tangled up with each other kind of the event there would stay with mark yeah. Play it. Rightly house ways not a threat to market our. It's there it's not often have. He ultimately it goes back north wrote that the rules it's not yet that it. Can't the guys that come up with green with a laugh at what might it. And it shot off the backboard. Ozzie now and it's not usually disagree left wing Kelley looks inside passes deflected it and not see him himself with a deflection. It was built starting wars and their deflected the out there now yet. Immensely proud. That's not shot they get in the way it goes round they went over how to write. Speed of one on one against and the guys that baseline author and a way short an air ball rebound night Kelly. That yeah. Didn't let him. It's short arms. In the hands of forestry and it's not let's depletion was like yeah it's not Eliot. Opulent camp and that's net profit doubles but it by force those last night different camp with the issue. Not afraid to if he tells us that it'll Morris releasing not alone for the Socrates might have thought if that happens I think it'll make three. And that's the best it. Kelly that's deck boards for the active night it's not exactly a five point advantage 4335. Hours let's not the on the left houses that got it right now. No it's not. Definitely this victory a good. That's a quick handoff off that Wall Street and he got a letter. It failed yet but I don't think it was a little bit too far behind route that. A second theory out there. Point. Actually let's outlying. All deflected recovered by Kelly and I can't but it over the grounds that Natalie Morris was. Political. Yeah grounds that it would not stop it right lives. But I think it's. Over the defender. On him now. Act kind of forced his drive along Iceland attended it doubled to eight loss telling heads up recovery and let you know look it would have resulted in that none of Boras ran over played an outline all of the charge that now. Marquette with a blown out on my own I was going right making it not powered and it. Wow evils that I think really really tick tack on ground with nothing on there or not. And it's it's not and brown just merely wanted that on other things that capitals decided blows with. Let's step back even the best equipment that thing around half the wrong now. Now it is there now and Austin these injuries are. Nothing Howard Howard. Thank you want yeah. Like right out right in the lines doctors. She that we'll look forward sort of resent it Cali if might it can't. That's right now. Sizemore popped it up your pants underneath the green traffic. That's the world I got out of the electorate that eighth playoff victory that night accidentally hit but that's not to let that different. What's on their trees this game but he kind of left. Six point eight socket platform seventeen minutes ago Howard slipped to double him as a little. And defenders but it's not the Arctic it aligns it. About eight feet he's got nineteen Marquette actually it is actually feud over three of those guys they'll make you pay. On the block or Israel's reliant on jump hook bouncing bouncing out of rebounds to help them. The market at a double team down both father Jack wasn't forced to that the shots. Now's not the street gets delayed throes of a floater. Hollered out throughout. Five lawless. Ridiculously funny frank yeah right valley fills up the street and the length additions that resulted from Iraq lane off of that quality now you know if Howard Howard for us it's not thought of Marquette particularly in here our girl's right to left bounce pass out under the basket just. It in the air Kelly takes a hard filth. Have enough for now we start the ball profoundly sad part falling like buffalo who don't shoulders and landed on national baseline. Slow getting up that appears to be okay thank goodness that help doctors hit the left and right. But. Where do you go with that afflict him let let's leave. Aren't you mister Hartley who back now to head first ballot tally. Thirteen thousand have gone with us today it was not at the active shoot exactly well it's not to plant them in line with. 22 months not. So far distant second half might. Markets excuse offered little better doctors aren't. Rightly lay out for us to market powers are slightly. About not experienced backcourt as the flu slaughter admits that rebound chances to have rebounded between suppliers flipped a little bit. Yeah now. Think he almost lost three it's because it's not fun out of reach them the right side of the floor Austin. Drives it gets the blame goes all the way the basketball gods not lose site got thousands of covered background he pushes the other way. Drowsy dog leg got a bunch of stuff that turnaround. Short sleeve boundaries and it gets out of the backlash and a plus degrees tickets contact finally got the benefit of foul call there at the first. I'm a half on Marquez. And he's offers back on the rebound. Under sixteen time that's up to 1531. That they. They have an atmosphere this time Arquette in which it does make it forty times. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental cancer okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile is first is with no. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's awesome. 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Two for five Marquette has outscored its dockers ninth war. In the first four and half minutes of the second half to tie the game at 4550. Foot shot literally had six turnovers in the first step they are they got three here. In less than five minutes the second half of the got us here at adaptable business. For the game Wichita State at 51 point 4% don't forget well for great Marquette 45 point 9%. Only six weeks. Ahead possession. Along the Wichita State out of that camp when Shannon I don't hear it and Darryl Willis. And Austin leads the doctors in a tie game for part debt markets Howard's car and a lousy Anheuser. Anheuser. RD they're a little things the hard data guard without Fallon solicited they get the ball and it's not Willis. Haven't celebrated at that guarded by and it's the time line off the Wall Street as the right lobster burger catches eastern part of the basket and I attested to how. Howard can't hang on that if you had a field it was open but the path led him. Give a little bit cute aren't Ronald. Wisely keep down with a fastball that that friends when he was not to fall out of the answer is trying to save it in the kind of threw it right Howard Howard is hobbled back out of that camp and play it. And the trouble finding anyone know Willis right side of the line goes nuts not to its. Search your hand up to him but haven't left right and let me resent looks like there's double team on him. He's over the ranking apple that created doubts about it. I don't mind but it sort of revamp that marketplace that double in the post like they're doing something that he would open for the shot at times it was. I think it wide open when they won the ball back out left wing power. Create gridlock. Bottom line as well and I can't think that in itself. Makes it right now I get to street there and try to double teams exit. I was behind both of those sixty footer down there. It's definitely missed three free throw. Right there but he of that land is obviously game Billy Knight two yeah tonight's life behind closed like Cheryl Willis plotted squared up and made that basket. 745. With us. 27 remaining at our office screen tonight right part. At all. Horse braves missed it down wellness and almost anything goes. Really not enough evidence and on the left sideline with if I can back and forth like that moment right agrees to right. The light to nurture it. I thrive under control my office believe that's kind of the health was coming from you under control and hit it off Ronald. There are certain foreign shoppers. Crowd is gonna make it dribble handoff had a good. Plant in San that would let Atlantic gets the hard way not if you know the shot clock back drowsy left. It's gonna I think yeah. What does it through without special effects house we get to. The freeway. No good offensive side note the rebound trapped underneath trying to clear it does Hauser not to Howard. Down below and raised stumbled and fell into that body got trip for just stumbled but he clearly fell into that Hitler it picks up it is for stuff out of Houston if by Anheuser why don't miss the block content on the weak side. That's Helfgott and rebound and we thanking him yet. That's. Not a friend can't come out. Kelly's in it. It with regards it now and it got greens and candidates to arts spots merger Willis Ali for a Phillies fans configuration. It sounds like the market with him I was left side started crying fan it drives that fumbled it clears it up. Made history don't pitch short rebound if disaster plot or at least at the Kelli Griffin out of but clueless and out of power crowds excited ticket out of it. As a call for hacking Kelly I did not get away for a this person just the second team found to have one market factors other concessions in the platform. The loose ball rebound yet. Sure Galley with guys that. Boston Braves is standing just down the floors it and that we have a lot of stress today is get it there yet after. Wait no that's candidate the stuff it nice that it's dribble drives left. Double team almost tripled he'd get it was a Willis. I was against four shots of the free throw line shortly. Now that he has done and it's not like Willis treatment aren't here. Right way Elliott out right rounds shot fake drive and step away over. Re off the back and read about Kelly chase it gets its hands off him. Evident at the elegant look forward drives the baseline gets all the way to the basket. To build that kind of average start feeling a little let's look like yeah. It's time I was twelve when. Not for us to figure out started fighters. Hands off the rousing. Round. These back on it starts left makes Johnson and it isn't it possible found. You got to think down did you can't get picked off your feet coach I think ground is going down its only gonna bring you that right now. Stay down stay down you're not gonna block your shot anyway now and Austin graves is active teams they have. Picture this it's two or three shots. It's like three. It will be threes one for one from the line. Fourth in the nation in free throw for tennis last year it makes the first play. We want to foul these guys that we give them time to rest and it if you don't play a lot of guys you don't wanna give them any risk that more than half. If you love 46. That to work out for you is expected to make these that would get it within 31215. Minutes the second half second. Wouldn't know he. He has just got a great stuff he's got seventeen points Howard ninety they've got 36. Your team's 47 Sam Houser. These attitudes play about eight minutes and ethnic against the force found that negatively here now. Four mark yet. Their free throughout company for Andrew rousing the states get effective for. And I was when they see it at 148 but it does say. And I gave me. The reason that. Or started laughing. That's a witness. It's not a Wall Street outside. Leads that Ronald. It's whites need not knowing that nothing you know my. Outlook block you know those that are out there pulpit free right album yeah. Now has segment and senators are afraid of. There are a big game they've now leads by six. And he shoot three out of five. Flutie from season 4000 driving. The and I'm not threatening note three wide right rebound though mark and I can. Tell us about an analyst Elliott was. Yeah yeah fitness day is out with a nice. Leading by six. With five to 1138 to go in the second half its Wichita State 54 Marquette 48. Well no big box hi I'm ready to get an LG Forte TV delivered right to started of course every extra. You don't want the TV looked out that's not part of the deliver the fuel surcharge. Plus off plus innings are the net. Watch mine and my service and protection of charged any day. College kinda have to yeah. 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Osce like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness group exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. They even have child care. This up do you like it when he person whether online or off deep Tyson life dot com. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Since the last night with. Yeah thought. I'd see that it had six. Atlanta may fourth there last six. Minutes stretch mark that was over 53. Announcer it's rounds. Does. It night 45 or six people were factors. In three. I have to ask all of our yet. That 544811. Remaining doctors haven't. Enable the things that had them for very long enough lately and it let my six flights the second half. Work at the moment Mars if it. We'll keep an it he killed them in different ways to get over like yesterday it now with the job that the pollutants or. On them got. They'll let you maybe they are all over them or one shot the line that the team. Physician from what I've stated differently six. It's like all of them. It. Analysts acknowledge. That it's not the time those not there. If I'm. Not. On the last night we want them locally. Analysts not accurately might as well that's that accurately if you. I'm not right now is that it's hard drive down the line not wells. Really knife I've. Five or dark Alley down well. And I points per game well let's just stick by eight at 648 that's at least at this art you know. Right away if that's not power prior to. Create written off grants optimistically about half reasons. Never got enough to sideline public of the best little crossover. I think it fits all that time by the and Howard fluff instead of both the Havoc on the other hand leaves as faith that he has played his tail off here's a sensitive time aren't yet. I can't with the leaders of the expanded single hole that 32 time. Golden Eagles as it's not hesitate in their first hit point lead of the game that 5848%. Of the time. What a play by Austin recent rebound got a gift like about long it reads got ahold of and he just coming down the court I'm god round even at that if you look from behind. But he got all the way to the basket Howard people over to draw the charge. The reason I don't have it has looked up their fingertips role in the fall with CNN. He had Howard thank you that both of them were with him badly. Going back for models if you look at the shocker scoring in the second half out of surgery has five threes or at it Willis war. All off the access soccer pitch. If you're dignity that they play here the second half of what happened yesterday that he played really well when models on the court files that. Do a lot of things like rebounding hit. It often deplores. And and I think the often recently you know live for right market yesterday and again here today. Willis much more of a factor today also a little bit of that social earlier today really that much more effective. Yeah he looked like he kind of fall down. That's my yeah. And that's rattling. In a couple of nice place on the offensive and hit a fifty foot jumper on a life behind all of them they don't. I'll drive it shark Alley though Darryl Willis that's it for you today. By the labs saying this afternoon it still mourning over here but most realistic here in the afternoon. It's not happening yet it doctor if that's. Judge your trip to quickly cut him right here at 97 at thirteen thirty candidates everybody night in athletic season except the last three weeks we'll be getting back this coming Monday they case sports ability Elliott their feet. Recently. If join us Monday night is coming. But they. Ratios for Greg marshals at the seventh is that Adam Scott a basketball 78. At the end Chris Plante 8830. Knocked it about factors eleventh through the last. Years that the NCAA tournament and hopefully they keep talking about it number one seed. He added hosted situation we'll we'll learn a little more about that in the next day I. Hampered signed with the volleyball. Yet you're on your plan all I think. Dad felt a good thing. On I think our collective right throughout the night it backwards it either cooperate on Friday afternoon has now that malicious. Doctors at the decisive day I'll hold them here on the beach and that a few years. Marquette basketball at 35 to go second half. In our. My aunt can't bring fans back in. The F. Left. The office walls you know like mergers as it got hot here but it's just how it goes wrong. Why don't go away. Well there's a relative to why is that like at least handled it if frank can't rise based definitely lost the ball out of bounds off the leg there. Yeah Italy Italy and that's jury yet I thought it was applauding this. I thought it was ignited this LAD because you analyze the path they've. Hidden it on your side. Yet lamp cord surgery addict on. This names. Here it anyway turnovers market and act like adamantly. Girls pliers theory that it was a tougher shot the last athletes. Yes I was its. The plot lines around. Yet that's something candidate Clinton doubles team wheels off mystery schools it's Willis. Look we nightly news Nightline it's like if with the ovals that ultimately the Willis. It's not that it definitely think it is wrong doubles team that's different camps in front of the fifth. Tighter credit can almost expect marshall's last exit and useless message that it's not usually like yeah. Second trade with rankings and points in that thousandth. Double team that not left slaughter houses crosscourt hot pants and I'll end on that victory looked at all. Now history look at this. Circles goes that extra horrible shot at a tigers. And that's a thing. It's not execute down like all of it as little. It got over. And with the. That's not true. And after the fifth time passes. Inevitably happens. I forgot to tell. And on the floor hands often lousy just deliberately. It out there appears to get volatile and that's going to be used their idols was in pretty good position browsers rather than try to go around it is granted to it gets the that would you feel on that Wall Street on the hands off we've got to get its act as a round he's definitely very tricky and easily could have gone mouth. Sixteenth now of the Hanson three not just. That run offense not defense. Ed or mark yet Elliott close it found that has an excellent might be just a little bit tired. Arquette plays that it for a fourth trailing by 12635136. You know Howard driving hard all the basket and got to. Now as well affected lot well Boris showed off the ball screen with any what you. You know quickly enough for the three his own man that's slightly. And it said. The court from private bath. Howard witness a basket an athlete and I missed 21 points around the and it's 11 Howard's shooting a free throw for a possible three point play street the three from the line. We've done here what is rattling in fourth. Report today that's an eleventh let 33. Line. At least nine now with us in about a half minutes ago I think rightly Boris. And lawless. Excellent that's right you're thinking that it's a three man and a little slower bounces off. About snatched by Eliot player's mentality that mark yet. For appointments on the floor that the top officer of feel day or rattles him. Yeah that's got to fill up quicker. Wait he creates its own. Season three got power for both the three lead back to six this hour the story six point seven last few possessions. Three point play at a three point stance. Candidates it's not a mystery to those who is right double team but not often warrants based on the floor of the friends here. And it kind of complicated to get free. Trade can't look into the Wall Street goes left colonels and fight fires if bring aid the yeah. Seen in this office at the right back after. Which houses they aren't fans think and how little power with guarded willow felt the full 6657. State seventh when he needed. Stepped back out front houses. Launches a three he had announced that flight you know rebounds Candice Bergen up along the left sideline at the front court. Let's not close lesson here is that the Lawrence Jackson well beyond the top of the arts let's wait around the world. That's not guarantees him with grant can't stop trying to get metal vehicle for the littlest left Ingraham on. I bet Andy's often happens. Mark let's not happy that fly. Kansas City under eight time out at 659. If you know the second half but Wichita State 66. Marquette 57. 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On a mission to put a million people to work cheers sounds like a big number doesn't it not to express one of professionals. You're still seeing the operator of a welder or maybe you're looking to find a new job and distribution. How about a forklift operator. Your success never charged with the need to find John express employment professionals is on a mission to. Able to work each year let us help and good to express those dot com to find a location near you when. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains front and heartache Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE one yeah. The judge stayed raising the dialogue and hitting a little bit eleven at seven. The second thing. Five cents in relief of my caddy at seven at twenty to 32%. Three of eleven. Created doctors leave by 9659. To play kind of frame yet now five. Six three and as a team leading thirteen points and six others have from six to nine points apiece. Well Marquette has two more three pointers in the soccer is soccer they're doubling him and point at 336. To eight feet. Point 3000. Brings an effort market dribbles left guard at a conference here cabinet write checks were explicitly outlined in Howard's got it right into the lane doubles team gets that often ouster he drives it takes about an hour. It's shot away at it now. That is your own wellness officer and yet a wide open look at him that's stumbled to recover on our ticket shoot it wide open it's ultimately that's the audio and that's right Kelly off the street better at a double team baseline Willis double team on him them himself. Crosscourt pass deflected grant can't let. I can't answer on that congress it is it is that it stayed out of Atlanta. Won't want to test it currently sits up to correct me if not a cents a pack if it passes it's all. The official. But it. Last touched my husband feel about mark added Goddard is athletic. We'll that that doubled him. The post and whenever they kept it down most of the got to find the open man of the revenue that kind of her. But it got deflected on the way to. Greg Marshall kind of stared down we'll look at they're not meant a lot of market thanks largely at likely not good news players. Can't take it treatable and not on its shot way out of spring camp La hey Doug that counted it is not plot. Rabid at fort. Browsing in traffic walk right now they have recovered by French can't 3000 of the dribble across the front line crosscourt champ but three up to break up that long. All sit down loose about it with numbers aren't yet fast action at that Dan Howard is the opposite him right corner cheated for three way shortly bad Santa there's that. That's our Atlantic if not could not argue really start to see in other future yeah you'll see it on the feuding with you with them over background traveled over the Republicans now a lot of shots from the field. And it immensely talented. It's not kept off the Wall Street and I Morris releasing up to sling gets out can't let it it's not gonna go to the line with two feet of practice not to sound as Bora has Philly beat some really nice that's what tonight. Today he's doing a really good job look at how animals that time Shaq or where are the fast enough now. He has become like the ultimate blues guys and his team just whatever they need to make it home. Everything about Boris. Shaq now for a fourth time Frontline. Ten points. At this point of warrants and a I'm 31 that goes soccer's backed militants jointly if it's marketed it well. There was just went out toward life and get it can't from the ground he contributed. They care about Boris that again at exactly eleven seconds after the double figures rent here with not innately violent 6857. Well with a smaller line up now often leads to their feet yards. Eligible more fuel on the right making a threat that's bounces around and apparently shot in Connecticut office he powered out background facts about bounces that is held at the highest Palestinian. She didn't. Student drives knows all the way ahead and not of course I could watch the behind this. Yeah landry's a little bit late is it behind. It's over that screen got all over the Bethlehem. Two of the five shot lead is time Reid left and it it was not that champ a nightly round. Snapped up front Kelly. He definitely agree that you don't really should not the street could get totally out not to. Around I load of brownies and Morrison he's found his dog had his arm but you know we catch our confidence. If you look at his side to look inside. Shoppers have anything in there and even if they get novelties. And if you think about why don't you. There now that's helpful at the fourth. Affluent north soccer. He thought. And it. That was on street Lawrence Rosen outlined pulls up and April's over now and again the rebound out of town. Yeah. Nice pull up jumpers practical anything is ball out of the fast. Constantly clearly states night flies off the dribble that's it. And I point soccer. Fans on eight four aren't they exceed the four and a half minutes ago. The right thing. I think has yet forcefully enough you know not think they'll last night I'd advise you not to Howard outlines that it cannot fly that often. Rousing contested three minutes off the back prevent him. And it definitely on the left side of the floor right toward his dribble left the key it will Wall Street doubled the debt on the little luckily no. Currently it begins worthless open and I its snack the last quarter practicality underneath. Wheels at the basket. Double team gets it up this edit it down to help us now over the back contact. Now that's dead and a little bit too far the basket try to reach death as we keep getting up for them for that. And by a guy by the time he did that in healthy people. Fourth Alan Zach brown 181000. Parts can't appreciate it wanted one at the end your fourth time 358. Remaining with us today 68. Working at fifty. Okay children are gonna be alphabet next subject financial wealthy and helping manage your money concerns of his side of your tax cut. When it comes to money you can never start learning too early. That's why starting today state farm wants to keep these tools and support you need to take control of your finances. Yeah. And balance transfers pop quiz tomorrow I know more as let's start today dot com states aren't here to help life. Go right. That sound clips have visited mark sounds like between seventeen should be closeout is on. I'm fine. Seven yeah. 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Or go to got you covered at Wichita dot com for a free no obligation consultation makes in the shoppers and receive an additional 10% off any order got you covered says those shots. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green which Cutler does he sell for an elder raid a Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. I. Three point seven. YE a. I stayed up 96859358. To go market will be doing the line. Wanted one opportunity after doctors found that half. Wichita State continuing to shoot a much better than Marquette in the second half 52 and a half percent on eleven a when he wants to evade the three. 2719. Point 6% equity. We have fourteen. Free both teams perfectly aligned not many opportunities or fourth before Wichita State. It's been a very physical game healthy. You talk like top. Shark Alley. 48 minutes today six points eight rebounds seven assists and three blocked shots with doctors. This really solid play these stolen buries the three and now it's round it's picked up his fourth now. The merger comes in her rounds that's nurture it warrants a hot spot for a Kelly's the three of them reason can't let our. At the line Matt health. Three for three from the line of the credit to the one at one. That's his first points of the game. Doctors could have gone up well that that basket let him run of events by Rashard Kelly in the thick of it could be a war. Here and the second good but I don't think you know perfect not much chance of war games this season finance. Try to get Smart get fired up its seventh. But it effects fortunately you know it's our practice and it got to the basket but yeah I'll really nice that they thought about it and I did not regret parts of the system now one of eleven it's obviously quite united yet. 341. Howard that lord count it rightly accused of almost all of Mike Kelly covered by Vietnam hands ground. Now that is right to left. It's not the heat advisories. And they've obviously drives and it's not fall away. Not. Three pointer for definitely. Yeah what faith in the late film that that John 51130. With a platform possibly. At that point Wichita State. You know it. It second hand and a night that it all the way to Atlanta little double pump got county this is confident that the line for they had all the Fat Albert. But yeah at the equivalent with a plea. Now on mark yet. And so on health news fourth. Fifth now but yet but at the line for the first time today scored a lot of points. And on the season from the free throw line a lot well it's. It's the only back nine here birds. We've run out yet. And the 12100 French camp for thirteen champ at twelve forests left and Darryl Willis has nine. These nasty third through seven. Good balance and it's not just today they lead by eight and it try to make it 9306. Ago. And those fans my. But it's not safe for the fourth line the second half local pressure to raise almost all its time to convince the official that he deflected off of him. I was in advance. Austin. That's golf. Actually powered its. Now proud. It's not a state forensic just try to make work ethics at that time. Right. Three. That's right house there. I think she drives baseline it's a bristling at 5 o'clock Knebels battleground. Flatly greens threats this. It appears just. Lawlessness and. It was just announced that it presented to us what happened. There about six guys after the hot potatoes and it ended up fifth of the players from both teams on the floor itself won't it's not for incidents. Whether he's confident that I. Soccer's nine point lead that could get it back to doubled it's it's here the biggest weakness is well. I thought 943. The reasons for the arts Boris now it literature at front. But that's the shocker that it but if you if that's that the weather. Well. Enough that the market them back three possession game now so score any time advocate for war. He's back toward yes although Hudson goes behind the activities of the as athletically Kelly. Only look at the open man time cabinet. It's time line. Try to double team if he comes off the screen divorce on the baseline satellites in order Internet and a rebound hurts your body parts recovered by Kelly who else struggles. And I now live another offensive rebounds and our careers as tennis masters candidate clothes back. Nice and prices at 4 o'clock at the gold was. Have more effective advocate non profit. When it released at C loans three and a lousy no good enough of that chipped up myself if you're definitely right and of course. Round out the. Stand for us if they have played his best game as it's not a game it's thirteen minutes. Because it up now going off the bat him eighth and it. Man it is now the head of the line. Not only the sixteenth. I can't keep up Lawrence that was around creativity but it when means goes down he goes yeah. And snapped it left and I kept them pick up. Yet pounds on him. In his second again only sixteen right fracture toughness by thirteen with a minute 39 you know it's that plain idiot. And it gets in telling. Us I have argued that can't. Get up against the Goldberg alma. Thirteen point lead at it and I think you know. Strong finish that with its nice that it's been a good performance through that's not it gambling Kelly's act deserves credit market. It's like if I want to rush hour push it the other way down the line goes normally the basket and missed the layup that partially blocked. Urgently cover its needs he misses an airport. And yet another side of the basket December. This is a tough league. Say easily on it won't sign that requires applicants are Florida good and I not to send messages settled down only within the draft around the penalty if it. I'm out there you know and the latest. Yeah right now that you. Soccer fans celebrating its not if you're going to be in the championship game tomorrow at thirteen with a that if I think you know 7663. Soccer fans of the. Staffers are on the ground gravity there's a lot party okay his team goes through its network southeast corner. What experts and whatnot that definitely dawning workday at midday tomorrow will be 930 tip off at the time zone head on down. To Tito's they'll snap we're worried about a lot argument the chance to win its effort to. The AC tournament in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and you know stolen passports are official. Party location shots basket. You have worked Beckett he's used to get out of the united auto sales fall. Don't you docs that you got to go home to get over that he knows that that's great places like if you're going to be a lot of people there have a good time. 105 remaining shocker possession 28 on the shot but 7660. Street it's not my thirteen with that it just lose the game. And it reads residences candidate backcourt. Let's not frankly he acted in Texas writes I this time around he has done. Leftist revolution. And Landry found by a rousing if they decide to stop the clock with 55 seconds ago that Powell looks Wichita State in the one line. Third on Andrew the seventeenth now this is getting smeared it. Hard play. Hard fought game on both sides of the fight game the line really good college basketball game I think. Soccer yeah kill itself again just wearing it markets and down second down. And that's their issue against a really good teams I watched you for the game and it was much like this would favor right here until very late ended up losing my fifteenth. Of team. Free throw punch at this event. The latest out worn down especially so I can't but now with sixteenth. Three of three from the free throw line. And he's going to do it definitely learning English soccer leagues worries that sixteen different camp thirteen Boris eleventh Reid's hand. At Heathrow is bounce. Fighters here land. Seventies makes a big buckets down this trip to Tennessee shot at Boston Braves reached around drowsy and both want alive and he's called for the foul. This handsome who's open mouth like he can't believe that we'll be administered. I didn't think that that in the fifth the fifth. Knights team knows that wanted one for drowsiness. 91%. Career free throw tutors for for Ford today. And it for the season with a fourth 26 hard to believe these. Our debt subject a little bit Wichita State by fifteen with 51 seconds ago. By the way at this identified the lead officials today it's very vibrant putts peoples and the minute that I can't even print that that'll involve mixed bag off the sad they look a little bit like the steering drivers official. Free throw by rousing short. Well that's the ultimate example players currently done by Shaquille warrants. It's not here's an accident today they'll try to school does. Out of forty seconds difference for the shot clock ticking clock constantly holding out on the board of the land in the that was the Wall Street that most definitely if it splits the Wall Street in the line little floater from San. It Sanders scores again he's got nineteen. There's not there's enough by seventeen point four seconds ago. Just don't slant that. Lousy long flurry I guess that's appropriate to. You know it was the last three point six points soccer's like fourteen ounces. Want to hot. It really good way to do it it's not safe and housed in camp and congratulated itself the president elect this peninsula here but the big smile on his face and really hard fought and what can not stay at Kansas in the championship. That's 8266. Win over the Marquette Golden Eagles states or the post game. 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Your drive home from the game might infinitely more likely drive home from work whatever the case about Cuba Kansas my entire service with retired as a professional auto service. Are always a slim done flipped us states has now played some games here mr. what the final score. Doesn't really reflect the navigator plus they won by hand yesterday but had to fight their tails on them from behind him that would trailed with 35 minutes of the game. Today they end up winning by fourteen but it was a lot closer look at it although they played much better threw out at him led most of the time. He never felt like the lead is safe with our pets firepower Phillies got that double play. No it even then you're really felt comfortable Phillip got around to visit ago let him completely. Type of game. Yesterday shocker came out involvement stumbling that Beckett got all over it looked like it was ready to play them that they get stayed out late live. As an excuse then. A kidney all the different light it up so they got the big lead shot at it that battled back from behind. Different kind of game today both teams gave it gave out played well. Mark that was knocked him down everything but the shocker we're playing better defensively. We're moving the ball hit it inside. Frank can't hit the shot there. Early and got loose without self. A lot better a lot better games coming out of the blocks. For the shocker today against Marquette a great college basketball game I thought both he. Well post. Executing them off that is. Really vacant some tough shots played Duffy. Really really well played game at the shocker that war market down. What are the things that we just we may be talking about this every single game that he soccer's Allen's in there. A number of different guys contributing in so anyway not his night we talked about with only not so much numbers. That just make it. Today Austin reed made a lot of plays even beyond what shows up. Point is this speculate it is definitely the confidence with the Mercury and read so he got the start today. But they had the good performances off the bench again with longer recovered it and make it the right place possibly probably the best game of his career. Here which they really had a super game. The hockey game did that night they've they've Darryl Willis came in and have suffered a lot better today than. Did yesterday. But that is our game recap lucky but Dylan because something's coming to. They vision for both offense and being you I offer but what did not give them a call six for 1548. Forbid that they'll coming to LLC dot com comings in coming plot were ignored me always come first at this office scored eighty points today which means a savings of 40%. Off all soccer merchandise tomorrow. Cats cats locker room he's and it's less than 40% tomorrow I'll soccer merchandise. Always happy to say I got an advance look at video of the Johnson's post game show from Hawaii. 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And they hit OK you'll be joining us besides star of the game nobody could name a defensive player of the game brought here by got you covered the you want to control the line of your living room straight privacy your bedroom were transformed the look at your kitchen got you covered it right with the treatment solution for you 316617000. Got you covered it was just. Got you covered certainly. If but you on the spot here well my guys well it's hard to get. Browns guard Howard Howard at 45 point nine of AB. Frank can't live on route the end. He had 26 points by the minute they want it definitely. But just for fun but it with a friend can't get innovative take what if you got it what you think forward and really he. In my day and the other guard a warm round. Down and Connors David brought up David stayed on its feet and maybe it was one of the guys that he couldn't get off its feet get those shots makes it. That takes a lot of work to. They get a lot of work they've they've run off a lot of street has declared his. Just around old green the whole thing game itself. Our guards that worked really hard get their. I haven't given you this stat that is the final numbers Wichita State 31 of 5754. Point 4%. On the sixth nineteen. 332%. While the seventy alive for 71. Or cafe. Would create a lot of 38% 37 point seven or inside of 33 victories at 1150. A lot of problems we talked about. He's certainly had that feeling that it could become a factor for. It. Tired legs in the the volley game really about the middle of the second half gone you know they shot 46% in the there have voted for that second half and they put up for a lot of reasons the outside that that side of the beaches you don't wanna run off the get a better job in fugitive philosophy degree and they put up 33. For retrieval is not a themselves. I thought and it showed little. From about the the thing about that night mark on you guys all the that they were making earlier. Turnovers. And making them beat and that flattened we've doctored ransom that Blake had eaten by. It's not stay plus seven feet on the board according to. It's quantify it also has twelve turnovers to mark outside that they had in the best welfare dollars look at the which are calculated play with a career high eight and six. It's a team we also had three blocked shots two on one play ten rebounds for the second straight day of six point six. Or what you know they with that it freedom market but not the end TJ I. Interview about his head that regard Kelley blue molasses reef I normally use the format but they've been played with that Rudy doing a great job. Of let it happen that we'll before. It's not the forward from the dock which we've created this self beautiful job playing on the river survivor for art and making some really nice. Marquette very offensively bothered to start then around here 26. And market PowerPoint. 515. Want to there's 66 point nobody else was more than five we read about it was that help would fit. Wichita State four players in double figures. Another what nine at seven and six straight balanced plan we can't let this and conversion play into that. Seven rebounds and four assists with just one turnover. Thirteen points for hotter brand. And camp on five of ten shooting faithfully prayed a lot of the field or a ten point for Austin graves it was five of seven from the field had a career high nine. I agree about one assistant that was the beauty that is that there it is great. Not fight for their 00 us plus rebounds in his fourth and he'll run. It underscores evidence has rebounded to fifty that if you didn't give. About double six points ten boards eight assists three blocks we guard Kelli background would free points and through force in my case came nine guys play all nine sport. Six of them. Had six or orchestrate ballot recounting a story for us great balance the repeated. Later dammit I've read his shooting percentages it's awfully hard and are gonna go up after that day. Nice key points and seven of twelve. From the field for a war from the and listen to these guys off the pin fly. Often read five for seven offices. And it nurture and we'll have pulled him off the bench today because of which are Kelly started. They were seven for nine from behind. It feels so good job it hit the ball inside. Adapted to the ground. After those two guys really for you off the bench at the Ford guys taught law forbids included in my opinion on thirteen of eighteen. The field for over 70%. From the field for the sport guys off the bench to bench outscored Marquette fans watching fox 28. The fire that was flooded the fifth most significant. Totals on the specialty stats together you mentioned late in the game 44 went through on. Wife and yeah that was within the viking. I thought was that if doctors I thought mark that was a little bit didn't I didn't have enough bodies in there as the shoppers to coincide with the foul trouble. Would really help him that in fact what they did. That that is really advocate that 44 when you. Points in the paint. About a year's equivalent to tie area have to go to bars market outlook by the slogan every days thinking that it as far as her without them. It's still true after close to forty years that the family owned and operated business they gave you great every day prices. Part of that because they're able to maintain it through the inventory and so with their large inventory. Able to reduce the prices. Certainly. It gives you great prices on quality forward whether it's hard but Lebanon's tile carpet area rugs you name it. And applauded at the bars every day to save lives day to bars. Florida superstores 1860. North Broadway before we talk to our star of the game to put it in the deep freeze play of the game is brought to you find that supplies. I. Plus the lineup they had kind of an appellate. That does it come and watch it and it gets good. Huh why I'm Irish I'm Helen pop. Rashard got that it would negate that it was a long way to fly after that thought that was a big time effort slide virus. We you scored more points whenever we felt like today might have been here this team shot. You. Yes. Well to me it's him that's you get two minutes from these things in place of the type of basketball. I've got to play we'll be better. The score and good. He got a really good shot fake it. Exactly because of his you had to be the second off the ground is still have to try to make it hard for him get a shot up you know they're unbelievable shooters. Coach out he had a great. Renewable yet. You know off the. Did not fail us. In my case. Little bit of am not here this is not the other guys that they will. Coach which you really good position. You do if you ask them they're going to be other opposition. As an individual decision. But it does play he's I don't know additional those things. Okay Obama. If we'll win them my number. Resolve all of them. That fast break. Did that beautiful. I saw you was gonna go for it and on the news this incident does this happen. You know you don't. Aggressively drive it. It all off the. Yeah I mean coach told me right now not. I'm not well one of the score around the basket and he wants into the I drive it looked good to dump it down for the day we'll put something like that then that'll open over the line up more for me is your shots. And that's what I tried. Is there isn't any. Physical problem. Everything. Mr. everything's good. Fine that's got to be really good today after. Not hard start she. And I am confident that got a lift everybody's spirits it. Mean a lot. We put ourself in that situation if honestly it didn't play very well for the five minutes of the second half. And we'll never we'll never quit no matter if we're down there you whatever workflow as plus. Give yourself the chances. That's what we did and he's got to feed off that because. You don't wanna be in that position. I'll be able to relax but not have to be content like political finances had to Brussels apart. He's going to see. These times. The fact your mind. Oh yeah. Watches and. And you and I love yeah. Always dreamed of playing tennis ominous lesson in here. And have a chance and it is especially. Off the doctors have been over here what nine times my eighth ace. Several won the tournament. Why yeah do you guys that's in the way that we were we're the media that is. They asked well what is what it was and I mean if we could play and the shark nets coach of the other one point. These are dollars Malaysia has we'll donation go on. Thank you thank you our business that's. A fundraiser at the game presented by the Kansas lottery. And Kansas lottery record you get your Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a billionaire yes lottery dot com for the most current. Like Kansas lottery and bigger. Yeah it's very humble. I'm likely place. Like we've lately it's awful getting better and better and he's one of those guys he stays healthy and so what that says. That's young man Greg marshals oddities all level high school game in Arkansas. And came back it varies day. Word that today this really. Just knock it off. You like him for the first time. Judd could name like he's going to be. Out there. Without a doubt. Like. It took me about five minutes. While. It was the first quarter was not over I don't know where we were there was no restaurant food with them and then. We got there. I believe that I would leave that you forgot to bring anybody can negate the head coach. Pet. Often has had to leave. That this war. That he thought that it outside to get into the game and the away game. I've that it didn't do that. I like that we can we could we we. If it was always so well despite his real field. That man he. You have to move today is treated this event. I pull up in the first half and nine rebounds. It was good to see him play so well. And obviously a much better performance over forty and it today because part of that ball for awhile. It. Exactly it came down to defend. We we've got to do we held the 30% shooting in the second half. 43 point three. We outrebounded them by large margins in the second half. In part because we've got to have shot where would it be that the rebound of a short so it was really really good as well. He gives us touched off this energy. It today congress got shot default thank goodness it try to build a lead. We just we came out of the way I thought points in the paint. As well as our rebounding advantage was. If you do. And rightfully. You know I think he wore him down certainly it was currently. They play a lot of minutes. I'll play 36 minutes that. Marcus Howard late thirties but if that was without trouble so. If it's gonna win that's good team they play really hard. I loved how we execute down the stretch paid that. We've done it. They ran affiliate there in these guys Randall that played down here would you feel that that's got the laid out that you left the floor. And if it went from like five points right back up to a seven point the look he played it as a great place they they cut it. And if you go to that point we just needed to execute. Play. We just needed to leave that stuff break you're finish yet that's what that means that virtually we'll look combined seven. From the floor they play within themselves that Clinton. It was well thought about maybe 57. Yes that was just one shot that Gerald Ford's for the second half. Lot of greens look great. Carolyn and then Rondo had to start doing a great job around the basket. What were to think about often leads to. But luckily we have a lot of good or what I love this is always felt like different go over to the media. You never know what's going to be if the united pick guys is in any given night. Movement yeah. Ed you're missing a pretty special player Marcus definitely haven't talked about it yes. Come up but playing really well. Oh yeah. That's this is it to your teeth than other guys that stepped up and run you don't have. Here's appliances that we haven't or haven't if we. That foul trouble with confidence with regards have a little advantage there and participant in the three or fours. I feel good over there. Very round though. Billboard when I get a couple of guys back. Kelly who got the League of Ireland could retaliate if this. Hey if this hip redone. About double doubles you know. This does all the little things help you win at the time for him and talk with mom. This morning after I've worked out of my shoulder. There were third. The rules. Joy I'm sure they'll enjoy this one. Had a chance to play for a championship here on great. There we could if we can play either. You LSU. Coach tires or a good notre dame fighting. OK that's good Marshall presented fight for. Thought they should reflect a billion. To work it will come back to close things out. But you're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game need to head to Johnson's. Offered the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season with Johnson's and 21 in K 96. Its own reflection of it but they'll work sounds like between seventeen should be closeout sale. 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Okay this time there -- no general manager or his own personal and I will argue l.s manager and we would personally like to invite each and every one of you out to the grand opening up forty out of Wichita we're excited desert in Wichita and the entire Sergi it is great deals and superior customer service to stop I didn't think your Ortiz out of Wichita where you can always called a brand new Nissan Altima for us to 940. Out of Wichita located at 165. Kellogg just east of Wipro object itself online order some of which talk about yeah. Forty some of which is the better word about. Shocker forces draw do you buy American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford Sandra need for an Hartings Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Listen to or download podcasts WS you've got your best. On KE YN dot com. I'm sure historic black. Yeah I thought it left. Really nice items. Mavericks are Delhi barrels oil field. I've noticed Johnson's book today general occupied Johnston for the person they got a victory noise got so much more. And then soon. When reminded that November is doctors are confident Carlson Kelly. Shot cheerleaders for lots of bitter at all straight with you talked Carlos but now he's locations Kellogg bridge 47. Of south Broadway at 49. And all this is the spirit squad then we'll fund raisers. Sports team that supports the shoppers. And now which it does take place for the championship that is Maui invitational. At Marshall getting your name up there on the thirty. Pretty illustrious list of things that college basketball. A lot of big time coach and freedom mural on the other and reports that few of them hide from me as though. Feed my kids get these. The big timers felt. It's gonna be really cool to be in the championship game tomorrow 530 start from a bit later dot when you. The rest up to play either. LSU or go to day. Notre Dame is ranked number 1213. Of the few calls this week we won't know what you thought. It begins until pretty late tonight sell content does actually 538. Years I'm thirty fat guys and AM central time zone. So soccer's. Whoever's going to base hit. It's quality opponents this. Our play. Three quality seasons and haven't been playing well to win here. Yeah that's one thing we become incredibly brilliant equality keys that help you are guaranteed them. So much the better but Notre Dame go on about to have played in the future results is. And they're very very experienced he's very Smart I watch them play. Clark Kent. About a week ago candidates have a really solid tee. Most of all I felt like Nepal a week ago in. Bob Nicholson. He's he says. To borrow the what's not state volleyball team will play in his final road game he's match at Memphis tomorrow evening and welcome back home it's. Today came. On Friday fan of the men's basketball team we'll play for the tournament championship here against either Notre Dame or Ellis. It gave tips off at 9:30. In the central time zone right after this weekend. At 830 and really looking forward three games in three days it's. It's based on people's faces deflated him anything that will come back and watch the Irish attackers. Well if you're into a sports car I've been hit their early because I think there's going to be a lot of cool houses philosophy if you think yeah. Does not have the chance to bring their personal home from a permanent site. Soccer is now Florida thanks it's that the nation and it's in solid wins here today. Winning over Marquette. The final score eighty. Is 664. Bob home and I producers of this video entries and myself partly thanks them for their bonuses. Enjoy the rest of your day to Tuscany it was not of the championship game. Florida.