WSU Men's Basketball vs Houston 03-10-18

Saturday, March 10th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Houston: L 77-74

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I don't opens in yeah. You shot your. 01103. Point 7 pay you why am I would pray for. Here's some points in the diners. A lot of them. Go Florida with a final round of the American athletic conference men's basketball tournament Wichita State taking on Houston. In the second semi final of the day in the first semi final. Cincinnati the eighth ranked team in the country even higher than that of the RBIs rejected Tuesday was down forty tunes. 29. To benefit their pets. Roaring back so sorry you're the second half of this deal with the lead at the moment 4440. Truth and they can't get any thing. Jumping up missing Cincinnati coming back strong chance at a tactically. At thirteen forty to go. Now life. It's not as soon. Mattresses that sit there. On the downhill fast that's been a fun game to watch the game series had been close except for instance blow. Not at Seattle's last night and we had just been Netherlands today Dave not Bob home bulk alongside. You can reaches an 8691037. Area code is 16 and the handling our producer. We'll be happy to pass the calls losses and of course everything on Twitter at at soccer boys have not seen any activity. You think president. Nice guys great atmosphere. Let's just say there's something. I think this is stint. I cited some of the other days Cincinnati played his. Enough of it they at least incidents around the third here in forests not as many people listen here. Here which is not stated almost. I'm not food. Defensive. They have a pretty good if you get here but it's also Wichita State. And other schools I think yeah everybody other incidents and it's your finances so the atmosphere does that. Cincinnati on an eighteen to two yeah. It's who you know. It's. His favorite. You're not fired up in the second half we'll keep you up to date on that takes your calls. Tweets and questions answered with most of the attackers thinking I'm used to before we go to the phones and so forth guys certainly yesterday we talked about. In previous games between Wichita State and sampled both those games we'll have. Similar types of games feature a lot of confidence and we got a third game like this yesterday. But not enough today. Hard to figure a little bit what kind of give it to be inclusive because it's in the regular season games which is totally different things. And Palestinian listens off. With some of the race seems to Wichita State. Yeah 32. It is six minutes and then it was awesome it was not scholarship players that's fine that's the way you do it in his fiftieth start. Vincent Smith. And incidents with honesty and then second chance for the Sox won by eight. The point is this weakness and let you Reena thank self confidence that they played on state because they outplayed in the regardless this thing out late in the second half mayhem which is honestly. That's what gave them a lot of that confidence. Confident Clayton says we're. What on earth and Bob and games at Houston Lisa. But. Our prayers defensive effort for his and it seemed like starting with that gave his carry that right to the end and that's it you know heeded their. And I didn't want to run here at the end of the C. It was a little thing that. I heard an interview with the office. Dad. That's a a number of weeks ago. They found the right Kennedy and I think. Their identity. During that ball. They think it's anything it's that the and identity is very physical defense. I thought I muscle and not help other people. It they do they do that are really good job of it the game in which dollars over at halftime. Shocker broke when he wanted to have him sixteen. From the three point line. Houston just one of six. But down at Houston soccer ball flight fourteen. And the only shot 33%. The only shot 20% of streets at eighteen turnovers. Tucker has seventy offensively constantly got fifteen points but no seventy offensively enough self Houston. I thought it inhaled a shocker because they were meant they got their stuff was self. Doctor death youth and it's a few opening tip which are safe and never at fault yeah. Right. Doubled at student health first now. Cracks and I think that's fine field and let me think that this they will pass. They're gonna home. That game Landry honor we're live earth will be one of the floor and get. Darryl hit half the yard and markets had scores this well. Before they. Doctor Martin played well doctors these guys that played well nobody played well at the shark was the only time tonight. Well what's nice. Played well so last seven games and let me. Played it yet the deceased what got them here decent. All right let's start taking your thoughts questions comments etc. we will begin with how calling from Texas. All. At this Cincinnati fan. There were reports that it. You kind of not a surprise that. The federal in the center at your feet apparently it's not really theory you're holding. It would appear to be developed for parity in it that's why. Definitely not. Very. No it didn't. The followed up on what I mean. After looking at they hit with the big guys and at the end of the week out I think there's perimeter players. There's the whole thing they're this or that we. Perimeter players. You know that we're gonna that. Certainly repeat what we're really good basketball. And that there aren't that well. If you. That fit quite well yesterday about record quote or name. Credit and at that don't perform. The full at this point on it that we have here is what he. I would agree. First of all it's your first combat units insisting. Almost anybody talked to youth. It's kind of rooting for Memphis not even use them much in this game that rooting for tubby tabby is very well liked around college basketball fans who have experienced him. Think the world that they've been so I think all of us hopefully it. Have these still advance this next here but there are lots of rumors heading in the direction they're fan base seems to. Not be very patient is only the second year I think. That's one incidents on yeah that's a lot of rumors Swine Flu season. Erica toughness is that I think. Citations Ohio yeah. Again and until things settle a series that refused. So it's unfair to hold it's not because that's really and just snow this season. And you know this as well. I like Memphis and let's not the end Kentucky's great coach but he has announced. Well you know what's up what's appropriate and let me it's. Deep down here they've got a great facility got a great city with a lot of good recruiting. He's better than they have enough credit to them really liked him very popular guy picked up. Every word on that hole for us next hockey. George. Every way you didn't exactly fight. Yeah I think so I think that's what all the succession to think that's evidence here that it. Some of that credit as he recruited both those guys with themselves. He's nothing coaches like I don't think I stated. Really with the yellow relax and forget these are fun to get ahead. If you're really behind them if you make there was a lot of fun topic to. It was the hardest as the Texas Tech. Yeah system I think doubles. It was his choice for me. I'm not sure life with love. Yeah I I hope people wanted to keep this it is he's a class guy. Our as far as. Suckers get contributions from a lot of people today I don't think there's any question but just mentioned the last sentence soccer's played Houston. Almost nobody played well Rashard came the closest is six points ten rebounds but he was one of those guys that had three turnovers five different players. Had three turnovers apiece that's going to be excuse but I think. And I ask Gregg Marshall about this ECU. An affirmative answer that. That game was sort of the start of the turnaround for what you just you just never see which touched me it kind of conflicted visit today. And there were some tough practices it's a it loose ball drills and those kinds of things that I think. That they have lost kind of set the tone for the sake of getting back to play with them that knows soccer basketball it is dreadful. Sometimes like for instance who didn't they say it's ugly stuff. Safely but let's trust it was out stuff from the tip to Paul. And I haven't seen them for years years. It's honestly don't know what it was exactly the tendency of staff one time certainly since then they buckled down play lots and lots. Tonight we would call that. Her time in a long time I've seen loose balls and started with the first ones on the phone. I senate Houston and now we're talking about that game last night Hutchinson. Played really well. Against the top seeds that it really crazy and Clinton. Constant and they played very well with him. Which nothing can hopefully walking though there are very sound proof that you elevate their play them. One thing for me and obviously they want with it which got me into. We've got played pretty good shot forty. Dream. Seven from the line that. Pinnacle golf goes a Virginia. Not that the. I haven't got twelve. Read them. The footprint. Shots and only got. It was not a state plus the why yeah. They can't solve. And to try to get involved than this stuff. Doctor. And it seemed like things. With a team like Houston. This is the interest banks pregame show the drive to the game is brought to you by Kansas lent tyrants and as a retired as a professional a lot of service are always. A slam dunk. Memphis put up 42 in the first half on Cincinnati led by thirteen I think highly yeah. Which team scored half against the American cases. Free throws. Santos said that in the second half to get through third and fourth points. In the first ten minutes of the second half in Cincinnati leads fifty to 46 Memphis it was a game that. And making anything here in the second half of their hits definitely the aggressive. Yeah. That is kind of my city yeah. We're taking your calls and 8691037. And on Twitter you can leeches and shocker bullets with your thoughts and comments an extraordinary privilege it was like this is the time out of interest bank begins. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful Marlins first with no. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's on them. Okay now with a mile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. All healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your mile per hour with delta dental. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day came practices preparation. And there's a second job. Recruiting. That means travel. 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To go after the bearcats were down by thirteen at halftime coming up Wichita State Kansas. Texas' top flight teams in the other semi finals. Front lines are open at 8691037. Months later we have heard from the trichet and now in. McAllen Texas cheering on the suckers to a victory over a Texas team Houston today. I think it's for the coverage we appreciate just his position thanks to get a hold of Greg s.'s Darryl Willis OK you didn't play much of the second half. Last night. Darryl is better that it happen badly planted fancy it is something I have experienced. It's in my field. Ron influence through it sounded as accurately and honestly it is very cruel. And I won't get a little unsolicited plug for the good street store audiences. That I got hurt him has helped me immeasurably I don't know. Yeah basketball players season hasn't he. Have normal balance of that sort of thing but it's it's that simply isn't trying to work on it treated and counteract it if it's just a struggle for him some like five cents at night. The walk from our news please. Out early and play with yeah. I'm not sure that three in places that have been a pretty good. And that's correct. Gregg Marshall. Thank bang bang. Campbell let me tell. Gulf he's got those guys. Get back in Cleveland. Reg marches like he has. Exactly exactly thirty plus minutes last night because yet it and have it. They don't have that is not present. We appreciate the ongoing loyal support but as far as her an outlet for Saturday to sixty dollar bra. Would you the story of any kind hardly evidence tiled area rugs or that inhabit it all kinds of colors styles patterns. And they have great. How safe is its rightful place. It's not gonna they don't they have other sources of to find exactly what we're looking towards a week. Lawrence and 1860. North Broadway. Phone lines we do them vulnerable to get through the gauntlet that. Probably all have utmost confidence in. It coaches' ability considering the level of competition in the AC it seems like it will be very difficult yeah. Made all the players into the system. Yeah I. Building here that is not enough reasonable question or outlook it is going to be difficult early. To incorporate that many new players into the system and it's the table while there will be some growing pains actor even the factories. He added that they're having done. Who else leaves beyond the six seniors if that happens. Haven't at Florida State might be able to add that have some experience and junior college grad transfer let's get a take awhile. Just didn't have to accept that you used to assist nonconference schedule next year it's difficult to get that maybe not quite as difficult. And we'll get the coaching staff time due to kind of build into it will always be a different. The full confidence of truth. A little I think I think you're right I think it's. Here and let's play at a young players I think he expected to weatherman. Hello. That can be tricky enough because it doesn't have a young's play hard. Annuities to. That would be effective. If flatly states I think that it can be. Lots dollars and now though maybe or hypotheticals. If it was an open. Yeah but yeah that's the capital of the things that rules. Actually don't give Oklahoma State. That was Tiffany discuss it Baylor and Oklahoma and I think that's the plan. You've got Alabama that's half the ball. To fill and policy and it's tax self salsa classic that sound like I think definitely the one that's. They're they're fiercely it's and of itself if that's your best. 45 week. Three years that we've hit back hard and flat. And you know and the other thing is it's got so many players this. So she's going to teach young players. System like they now when you are out practice and work things out but not with these coaches president. You've got the biggest over the life of its heels players click analysis. And they've got a lot of profits of these younger players world but luckily. And it is a talented. It's coming in by all accounts since certainly the shot there's a handsome. Some guys who have they gain experience and learn the system are capable of doing some very good things as the year goes honest 5952. Cincinnati 657. To go as far as semi finals. And I go back to the phones for Mike Mike thanks for joining us. Thank you David but thanks for your commitment insurance business on the great job you can youth that get three. Three questions. What led it happens a lot of them and what he sees his role. I just hope that that we don't lose him like he's shown this. We love them last year and also why I've been watching college eventful that you're not only because of this conference the three point. Line can be very difficult to defend what it would do the shocker. League there are reports that their difficulties. And in transit dependent three point. Shots and that's when we'll work question this kind of probably goes to work for day maybe two mines was. This has been an old time question Floyd Goldman. Jack Matthews will pay the two older characters ever to play basketball for which we'll faith as far as age it goes and thank you and look for a few years. All right well I'll start out on so much and it suits. That a case he had a couple of really good games for the lead but they were against. Only messed up and down to the free flow what kind of game has certainly. You know plus for him that's the kind of game. And I. So I think that you know he's he's shown some flashes. But he has not picked up the system. Very quickly tents of his decision making has been. At times and so. That's why he hasn't played in the lower down the stretch what's your client. Toughest competitions every game this close to his can't afford decent chances here and there were. The king's hand made a couple of mistakes and take those incidents at its most kids know. It's tough opponents. And so we'll just see what's this what's the future holds for him because Johnson's life. Disgusted to make some improvements. Results not violence talent in itself does not. Good player he's Wiki as a nice shot. That's remarks consistency. Supposed to be. If elephants from. And NASA has nothing surprising. And that's one of the reasons he doesn't play displaced I have doubts emerged through the thinking. David very complicated system is typical for. Player but the point guard and got nowhere to fill you guys know what everybody else is close to you because you gotta sort of let it. For their schools that if and so. That's just somebody. Has had trouble making that adjustment in defense of I have trouble remembering who played Tennessee to practice and as you. Now he's very talented teams to shoot the basketball he could thrive and that's all my life that he thought. Open or not. I'm like don't like it but it is back sided Rick Marshall. But everybody has thought it was a fantastic game if you are supposed to be felt. I think if you stick with this season with a lot of the off season and I think I should. The garden. Athlete with a completely gone. You can definitely at this level. Flotilla let you lead us off on the difficulties of defending the three point everybody's having trouble. Just want to keep them. If you penalize smaller players now with. Yeah. You can yeah. All three guys. Our emotions and life itself. And the best thing. The three point line it's not mistakes I hit some quality. But you know polluted with residents not to that you played. You know flex its not about things that's the stuff. Yeah. Outside the downtown links but it could sleep you know a few good punishment to tie that they'll they'll get his shots didn't go replied yeah. It that Rick dutrow yeah. Now put your hands on the floor why results kids Mike it's a very tough thing to cover against talented penalty defense and as you said Robertson. Players everybody's different world. For self defense. That's gig the eighties I don't know how many are aware but in this year's and I see they're going to experiment with fourth quarter. Orders Haiti. A wider lanes. And taking the three point line out. As you know talking about maybe the international distance or whatever so. I think they do this and sincerity college basketball that's a little too close now with so many people they gave. That line. Yeah. But never ever see the plane how Buffett what an affluent. The office. Oh he's sticking point holding none of the three guys who himself reflective side. And frequent time. More teeth in Florida. He. It's gotten a fast break and got work drive and I know it's hard to host this article didn't. But as a fan and I love watching Freddie to. And it's now another few of it's just great great game with street when it's with. Drops down defensively they don't pressure out on the perimeter they'll drop down they help out. And as a result seems to thrive on them particularly well. Can't they don't put a lot of seeds on the streets are lines that cut off. Crippled and they felt my health. But when it's all bent his pants back out of the increasingly line which tossed out of the conflict with us a specific jobs closing now they jump they months. Justices are out there they leave their feet. Quite fit at the time and as a result players raising they can dribble six to three point shots. Or move the ball over to the next position and delicate and open three point shot. But I agree that some of the guys that you've heard it definitely. Closed out well I think that round out well. Kelly that's some good guys who think if you like and that's that's kind of a hard thing. The question about Floyd home to Jack Mathews is an interesting one it was a team it is Jack Matthews Floyd home plate just a little bit after that era. Whole former military guys that vote was Jacqueline Slaton. Point 67. And I think Floyd Holmes might have been of that rain certainly. If our lifetime our our our since they say it's our college days the president they would have to be legal system preacher and then. You know I after. I felt that there were at least a few Wichita State basketball players right after World War II who had served as. In the military jury awards him back schools but chances are there were. At least a couple of nets range. Back in that area that was making it their bids qualities that. That moderate Arabs who have put it that way I'd say Jack Mathews was home certainly the F to sleep once I'd love yes and it was because that was. An exception for military person now you have to get yours. Four years of eligibility with him five years what Bob what's. Now the five year rule for vault himself upper level the death penalty here you guys' company and a funny. I'm so that they put that they. At five you like or that he accepted the military. Fifth tour that. Like mormons. It's depth. At three points you yeah. Okay yeah good question and I think you have we've got Bryant that's next right. Funny. Money. Oh. I've been watching this that the game today in. During the course for the first half officials wait for the monikers twentieth. To investigate. Possible flagrant fast. In both instances they would contact. Me and well it kind of perked my interest with those speakers. Learned that in every place. I did not. What are you guard your peers. Cumulative experience and on the Lugar won in England. But was completely. Thieves sex case we didn't see the replay it please visit the times better players who are. For example definitely slipped over him and I think what they determined on the monitor was it. Lifted is leg is it something that his body to move that. More so into the path of the player than it would have been excellent did he just laid there quietly and so that's why that particular phone as well. It hit something and I thought it all tax. And maybe him yet he. And a ball on the ground that it settled down fast rate I thought that's when he was doing. And try to play your. But that's islands and for. And I thought that great but Gregg Marshall chastised. Yeah it's just so you must have seen something that he hits and not lose it's going to get them from possible. This conference will leave if they would have been bad you know you can't kick the quality picture and guys. Neither one detective lieutenant. That he might medical. But that's that he did you defeated but she felt there were. The lakers what happens. What happens if its latest quarter when he feeds and what flavor it's Lincoln another player with. Respect. Swing at him but that's you know at a thousand death I think it's that's enough and then the bigger ones Bryant is. They can contact. These children know their credit but definitely helping. Known for its size. And it lows today the head with guys that would definitely have. It goes that's the things that moment on basketball let him. There. Most. Or like Snooki. It's nothing that an uneventful flight should vigilance and a flagrant two is something that year. Grace and Allen place isn't it. Taxes if somebody's writedowns or. Prices rear end doubts as knocks him out of it the course of the path at stake in the run down war. I'd say yeah. That's the world and that's it's not bad. And some of those things that we just a straight technical benefits the flagrant there had to do usually flows and yet you talk about basketball holders of fine lines there's some times. If you. Clearer rebound. And you. Snippets of control of the balls just to make an outlet pass that happened to make contact it was somebody's head inadvertently. He's not see any lakers want to think the unlikely event for the chipmaker is just normal basketball player to make it. Asked if you really swing your arms out before making that. And really kind of throw the arms and nobody that can't be interpreted as a place. I think you guys kid that most noble if it art. It's that it was miserable. Tough luck you know that's that's when he ousted but yet is that now canceling. Hit them yet but my life if you if it. They told basketball plays. Prime we've got another call at least we'll see about whatever we need to take the time out we'll be back to the AC tournament in Orlando semi final round at Cincinnati 65 Memphis 57. Just include ago it was a keep you up and returns. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carry law talent a Karzai in valley center in danger for an end over west's lawyer. WSU shocker basketball. Design not a three point Evan. Final. It's not displayed. Percent of their online order. It was a tight area Papa John's flight out of pocket guns that comes that you have troubled those soccer 53 received your shocker just Cincinnati you know into the final minutes eighteen. Leading that is 6758. To bearcats are going to move on in the turn in the championship game after a very good first half effort signed up for his Cincinnati really turned it up enough of not staples try to join them as they take on Houston coming up here in just a little. Let's get back to the phones with a car from Doug Doug thanks for joining. But it recruited Michael. A let me after I tell you that it. Maybe for what I thought I thought but anyway it's in the mean. Quote Marco. He went to each fan. Earlier than. Quote crap from but then I mean when he flew in to leave Phoenix earlier. There and late late and I fifth. You have to manage fit maybe the last. He hasn't done that he also directed at second and maybe not slider much. Now. I didn't get through three editors if you had to gain. Fair and I don't know how these things are or how hard it deflate last night but. If I'm correct arc I guarantee that Marshall would have been doing at the flag. I don't think this might give us maybe if ball. Well SI think it's. The states and various observations. And actually get something different martial. Has always gone to some degree in these three day tournaments others a chance like play three games. Three days of Missouri Valley Conference tournament. Particularly as the shoppers hit yet something of a lead. Indicated he would do that a lot that he does it would have been closer he's got a guy or food that he feels confident enough indicated that there when the teams that doubt. He'll do that to try to keep his team a little more rested for the upcoming couple of days certainly CJ Kaiser was in much earlier than usual yesterday maybe the that was the most significant addition to the rotation gave the Mets fans late. More benefits. Here's tonight's. There was free shoppers have played at least thirty minutes but let's look at. Thanks to me and it's nice nice and yes they do. 48 displayed. David Robinson 33 minutes. Rob great place to sixth and that's why you play your players that much what you gonna succeed he leans so. Different nowadays. With the numbers right now it's different. And Donald. Why can't they give it a nice undoubtedly. Minutes or thereabouts and maybe that's different that I shot to see the number of things quickly. I'm a little Anthony and I was surprised. That they've. Played 36. I thought it would read some more of them glory days 31. So maybe it is definitely. The thing. But I think that's definitely definitely I think. Not nicely. Carol Lin can't. Leave the guys don't you know possible. And I think that was and that abbreviated. The world ended when we started working on it Kelly played there. Maybe you haven't played thirty. Play we have thirty him. I think they've played a little more. Play the dynamics of different. Players it's not give up plus badly. Frontline players. Gets these lines like. We did yesterday yes I have. Cincinnati has closed out a 78 to sixteen win them over them as they move on to the finals at 49. Fourth a Thursday morning on the thirteenth certainly could be a potential in nineteen candidate that would thing. Winter season we'll continue to give great effort and it's great first effort. Cincinnati is little troops out in the second half have a question about what is Greg marshals overtime record at Wichita State he assessed and time. In overtime games. The one thing that I had not tracks have kept at. That myself I have a track what its dead from say there. Early two more recently for instance in games decided by one to three points one possession games he's 25 and 31 that would suggested it was one of nine in his first hand of those games in his 24 and 22 cents them. It goes really close games like that so I'm sure it's a little bit the same with overtime that. When he's had better teams the record didn't get a little better and there are some things that go as the lead. That's definitely. He's his you get outs double bonus shots. Even in the one on my next time. Nissan so that is good player. 5000 city. It's distasteful figures and not minutes left went left ballgame. It's I don't know if that's here. Upstairs evaluations. Not three is that that decades isn't about one minute ago little things are gotten more about. Decency to keep your details ahead Houston was really a lot of bounces that yesterday we watched. At that calls itself. Soccer guys here it looks like to see really the end. This one was on the schedule as a 3:30 eastern 2:30 central start it won't quite happen that soon. But they're getting Nolan at some point pretty soon starts at twenty minutes count down to tip off right now that has not started. So we'll start a little later than 2:30 central with this one and we aren't however nevertheless pretty much. We're pretty much out of time for a call and it's wintertime up we'll take one more call. It's just because as good as Dennis it's been awhile and he's certainly gonna give you the opportunity. Well. I think what bella is one. Echo what of one earlier at about. Not anything you know not watch employee who years did. And he was magnificent. And it mocking Clinton had to play all year long and their point guard Kate Burton. He better way. And he laid it. You'd think it there's but it cement which you don't pay that debt and allowing that played like that. Well it gets comfy. That he's not going to be able to master. You know but my. I would say as far as this system allowing him this system that is may be difficult to learn that there's quite a bit of freedom and there's quite a bit of opportunity to freelance with him the offense. That he has not made very good decisions about freelancing and taking good shots she's fourth teeth you know you look at his turnovers and his assist to turnovers and hit thirteen assists. Eighteen turnovers which is bad at all just a little below to the one. But he has taken a number of shots that you almost have to count as turnovers were taken the ball into deep against bigger people got to block you're not the way. And so the but that's part of that is yes he's got to learn that you allow it talked about allowing him to play like these people applying these guys to learn. What he could get away with it junior college that he can't get away with it that if there's. Yeah and I that it appears the and they've had a lot of the issue for the flu didn't hear. I don't want to play worth that he would play at your place definitely. A lot at Lincoln Rick as well have been approved a war offensive. Most of all mr. flair had shot their thoughts forward Cincinnati. He computers. Tonight. But he struggled. Commodity get a it's gonna have to work ahead stay with it. In you've got the talent he took to Marshal at the track record was I think in with guys that play hard. He can't play with the system. Him and do what you're told them he was there have to do. They definitely defense got a path of all. In the look I don't look that difficult if you do that. You'll stick with the. And it does not go well they've done and done about the twelfth we're talking with the official. Solves. You know the oath even though the thought state is tenth. College community college friends close and fix it in front of them. Nothing really happened at three different less than twenty minutes east that it didn't execute fifty. It's the Nazis didn't get it all and I don't know if that is an indicator of what's called stamp things that does nothing and basically the international incident but it is still. And I don't think it's. I can't incorporate all of the things that he's he's responsible because a lot when he's going to ask I'm really loved watching quite. It just fit a system and that's what it's. At this point in the season especially. Itself. You know we can start dressing exactly exactly I don't know what played in front of the with a reluctantly Ryder but I think they thought it would have them out there. If it is positive and help this team win so. I guess that's. That's the situation tonight. All right Denis thanks for the cost next to elevate your calls it tweets and so forth we are going to move on is getting closer to game time but sixty and a half minutes away. Gregg Marshall coming up next as we continue on the interest thank pregame show. 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The coach's corner and it but Gregg Marshall was presented by express employment professionals on a mission that the billions to work. Coach yesterday we talked about the temple game you played two very similar games with him a third when yesterday this Houston matchup. To really totally. When an out of place as opposed to vote when went down to Houston at 11 o'clock in the morning tip. About a month and a half ago. We we dominated them they dominated us. Something's gotta give here in the fifth rubber match tremendous team of Calvin definitely deserves to have the ear piece in a great job. Revival in that program he's got tremendous athletes at play really hard and they're really good system so. The that the team that plays the best tonight within their system the guys that performed the best are gonna win. They've really ratcheted up their defense from the first game of the second do you feel like watching and that's been Nikita their success Dempster and they just play really hard and and that's about I was his deal in Oklahoma. It's that this is still around Houston and and that's what we normally do but we didn't do that if Houston we got pumped a little bit and I didn't like it players didn't like it. Which they've seen it now for three or four times since that game and the united I don't I don't anticipate that happening again but we just got we didn't we've lost our composure. No real disappointed in that performance and probably our worst of the year but they they get credit for that because they were so empted it was a big deal. You had about a week between games after the Cincinnati game fairly yeah fairly well pleased with the way you you got opted to start yesterday against temple here. Yeah what we we we aren't really good start when it gets votes against temple. We just you know we didn't finish and put them away they think that they have a lot of talent they have a lot of players that can make plays and they were. Driving it hitting threes and and whatnot so. We can expect him to give and we knew it was going to be a forty minute battle much like what we anticipate tonight. And you mentioned the Houston game the disappointing performance ever do you feel like that was the point in the season where things got it turned in the right direction the way you address that afterward mr. played more like typically fly in I would agree with that like this cuts thank you check your coach Gregg Marshall. Coming up it's a shot as in Houston and a semi finals. Meet Lauren knows about you know he chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only teach but does it. We are second coming directly from alzheimer's and shoot a profit African and American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. 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American athletic conference postseason tournaments semi final but definitely with the dog stated here is it. Top quality teams in the polls and in the RBI. Maybe practice solidified that a little better position receiving for the NCAA tournament for. Member of the day after the shocker went to the party at jets' locker room. They got nobody forces shot restoring it saves can't 45 all the way up 40%. I'll follow soccer merchandise soccer fans all over produce and I got a chance this locker room east. And less proud to say that they don't as the winning strategies. Presented by capitol federal first off duhalde's revolve. You contrast the strength behind True Blue financing capital federal equal housing lender member FTS. It wasn't that gracious thank mr. Kennedy winning strategy number one the shocker you 1000 volts shot of adrenaline from outside. They are a very good outside shooting team number two in the conference as a matter of fact but last night when Louisiana and he was just uncanny X eight from three. But the rest of the team only three of fifteen from outside and threw the last three ball games. Which it's gusting to 27 point 3% from three point stripe and he gets Houston. W as humans for a twenty from three. That's 20% that's a season low now as good as Wichita State is number two in conference for three. Houston is number one there are better. However in their last three ball games are not shooting particularly well fully 31 point three from the three points right Wichita State in my opinion. Needs to win that battle from the outside. We strategy number two the cougars have overstayed their welcome and the shocker rebounder is just need to send them packing. Wichita State the best rebounding team in the conference Houston's number two Wichita State outrebounded. Temple last night by eleven. And on the east and out rebound their phones quite nine point eight game. However in the last three years five ball games before that eleven rebounds to lead last night. Wichita State was only outrebounded opponents like 2.3 days to get by with that they need to depend on rebounds. Houston on the other hand. It has. Yeah in number two has outrebounded their opponent by seven point eight football game. And fired at the last explored in the red hot they have played saint competition Wichita State has. But in five of the last six there were outrebounded opponents like fifteen and a half for quality shots really need to establish themselves on the boards and they beat. Feasted on the boards in one of those three games and ironically enough votes Australia equity strategy number three. WC needs to go on the offensive. With great fighters like what happened against Houston Houston. This was too physical for them they didn't allow Landry to get out of France. And because Landry was doubled up so much with our State's offense is indeed make the worst shooting performance total points so if you will was sentenced to three point percentage. Of the whole year at Wichita State flinched at the aggressive played Houston in the latest weather. The Sox didn't have to be aggressive the north and south instead of east and west wing strategy now with our. Pick your poison. There are four very quality players for instance three of them were junior college transfer is ironically enough. Brought great first team all conference leading the conference scoring over T ball game. Corey Davis who I think this has been out of sight recently some nice offensive weapons of political player. Our body Brooks is giving them everything that they had hoped for what they've recruited him. Decent night's offensive weapon and Devin Davis goes inside for them. Thieves. Very lean and athletic 66. And Wichita State is not going to be able to neutralize all four horsemen that if they can neutralize this or three of the horsemen. They're gonna probably win the ballgame and equity strategy number five WS he. Some unleashed their offensive firepower. Wichita State should be fifty point 9% from the field seven of their last eight games. But only 27 point 3% for. Three the last rebook games. They need to be a complete team inside outside three point shots take it to the basket hit the big guy on the low block which they didn't do last night and all. And they need to set up their defense. To try to neutralize what Houston is doing fees spend just fantastic. 57 point 2% from the field and three of the last four audience. It starts with rob graves with its honesty and neutralize him a little bit. Keep it below was everything of very good chance of winning his blog. Our Dave thank you and what doctors are on the road like today the official watch party location is because Phillips afterwards. The southeast border of what at first it went out. Stop by during all the watch parties for your chance to hit some great prizes courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and it you know Billiton aperture official watch part of location. We shot the basketball. The injury report is brought to you by opting life your life your journey. Your optical view both teams are at full strength injury wise. The one guy for these two teams that investigate between the two it was freon Brady as a junior college transfer big strong inside player 68250. But we were talking about here right before we want to back I didn't hear that. It's not so much would contribute to point six rebounds is just giving them the physical presence of yeah he's a big body he can leave on Jack thank you Jack for catching the ball where he wants to catch it and I think that's a big factor. The fact that you can't let it that well you can't really full of fans got to put out great aunts you all these different. Doctors at Houston. News debate all the time in the Missouri Valley Conference but. Wichita State's game at Houston on January the twentieth. Was their first game against the cougars in Houston since the 195960. Seasons I'm Anthony Kim in Wichita on January 4 is only the third meeting overall and 57 years. In particular with its not state. Leads the series all time now at 78. To ten. The guitarist Dave has got to be unique opportunity in this very that there were three teams in the league if they slip list over the course of the season there are. Among the league's top teams. They have not taken to a three for example by opening last night don't try to take two out of three over Houston today which was set up. The rubber game of what's been a great series so far with Cincinnati in the championship you at 353. That the league I think. But today the wind is dockers they've got to. He's wrong. They'll get up here. The knock it down like eight that it got it got as good defensively. I'm not gonna stop rob grades but trying to. It's great guys that. Traitor and he makes a lot of things happen. And it goes the free throw line just about six times football game. I thought that simple game last night good warmup for this ballgame today simple place else physically at. They try to work fuel for both outside and inside in Wichita State did a good job of not cities particularly flustered. They held onto the basketball for the most part when they had a turnover they weren't critical turnovers. They just need to make sure they face that's kind of fought game against Houston who's going to telling them a complete physical gifts for this afternoon. There's nothing else it's a little bit unique about this statement you mentioning to upgrade may be thinking of it. Houston is ninth in the nation rebound margin through 36 in the nation. You know nothing to prevent it goes into areas that doctors are also struck there even better third rebound margin. At this actors are error. And I did hear it. They're also up there in the top 4037. And offensively that that this thing this is flat. Corey Davis. Rob grant those guys are very good rebounder and rails because they're gifted offensively that everyone to the ourself with this team your guards have to. To be conscious of not only defending their mission there's but it. It's getting the body until after. At that point night I think it wasn't enough positive. What can rebound today. Better go for a few days that your elbows out. Like you got them down. What you have to anticipate well Houston's guards get rebounds. Because they anticipate on those long shots for the ball's gonna go often there are already starting to track down nets missed shots in the event that does this. Everybody could learn a lesson from the way Houston's guards we don't want stuff. And thought you were there in Houston I think the thing one thing that happened was uses. Whereas by the first loss they would let him that is not just for some reason that coach's miss that. The players that he didn't understand what was coming and never got it taken by shot back I think this is one where they'll be more ready to. What kind of physical leopard it's gonna take right. Get panicky about places doctors about soccer fit like yeah. They've already had 10 game today so that. The National Anthem was at the start of the session players that for the shoppers lined up like they thought it was going to be an anthem so we all stood out earth. Respectfully but we're just gonna get right to the introduction. Of the starting lineup here which it does state. Will be the home team because they are at least two seed Houston is the crazy ideas for the via their road red white letters and numbers. Doctors have opted for their old uniforms today was black letters and numbers piped it quite. And so Houston will be introduced first maybe there's. Did all the right here is Houston they're brick road uniforms shot repeatedly to earlier this team and it's getting used at night. They used was very successful at home it was defeated Iowa poll on the season. But on neutral floors only three at one this of course neutral floor which does make sense of successive. Sorts. Well shutters and threw it on the floors this year not for lieutenant fixing in the first half against. I also would recognize that happened here. The game was over by halftime and really helped. All right for the cougars. Under Calvin Sampson in his fourth year that program with 26 years of division one head coach it will bait Corey Davis juniors excellent junior from Lafayette. Louisiana transfer of the San Jacinto college thirteen point three points per game hoarding. 3%. And beyond the arc Galen Robinson. Isn't six once you hear from you. Four point seven points per game three point seven assists. It's basically a few good scoring more lately I'm point one points per game over the last six games heading season high eighteen. Against CS last night. What a bit different a little bit underrated players in the league devastated it to 66 figures seen here. Indianapolis ten point nine points per game six point two rebounds he's run a little hot hope that resents it stretches your reason for that there's enough as it is that. At its best. Three on Brady is the sixth save fifty pound junior from Akron Ohio that if you could transfer from settled back in Arizona or half point brigades. Four point four rebounds. And their first team all conference player of six want it appears in Iraq grave for forest city North Carolina played one here. As Howard college in big spring Texas who lived in the scoring at eighteen point one points per game. 3046%. Overall his three point shooting has dipped a little bit. That's very capable of out there that night with a statement it challenges you drive the ball gets the. The free throw line it's expensive you know this period to be variances that you look at how many. Shots landing ship that puts up the number of shots that brought great but Suffolk rob rains play one more game because Landry was sick. Thought Landry to get his fourteen point nine points per game has put up 280 field bulletins. Rob Grady. I thought. More shots we didn't know. Two other guys we'll certainly keep an eye out for faith in quite a 67. Race. And a three point shooting Armani Brooks is 63 suns are. Brown's life sentences averaging. He is the league's sixth man of the year. Artists actors lending standards. Redshirt sophomore from Kansas City, Missouri six war. Fourteen point nine points per game five point one assessing. It assists and assist to turnover ratio. Not a friend camps excellence if you're seeing here for what it's not worth high school ten point two. Sorry Kelly 67 senior from Fredericksburg Virginia tonight and a half points a game. Leads the team in rebounding was seven points. A high sixteen. Today kids would play against temple. Zach brown 66 senior from Houston playing against his hometown school had a very disappointing return to his hometown against the cougars because it was a foul trouble throughout the game a couple of calls that he certainly didn't think about it. Didn't play very much to have an answer is looking forward it is an opportunity. And of course Shaquille Morris along the champ and he's first team all conference selection. Hey this is seeing your commitment Oklahoma averaging fourteen point one points per game but that I have three events. 55 and a half percent from the field which leads the conference in field. You don't want players you didn't do. I would Wichita State is introduced me. Knuckle bump fee officials. And they are old enough above one of the assistant coaches for the other team. Their coaches turned their back on with our State's players they went over there are the only ones that they gave enough funds through this afternoon Little League does given knuckle busting him so. Doctors have so much the place worth but that's just a little bit of this respect that you don't crumble so. Starting lineups as not to buy equity thankfully. Since unveiling Ted Valentine's night stance. Feel exhausted after the sex goddess. Of course first possession of the game sex with her back or cut my friends can't look silly tennis the life that's definitely shouldn't. The silo. A slightly different path love nothing right lots of ballistic flights to double team that is flat crosscourt pass looks like it's never download Kelly jump hook Atlanta. Besides I always sort of a lot historically. Last night at 6 o'clock in the wind to make it through definitely served thirty and a opening tipoff against the Sox citizens responded well for a day this particular businesses devastated slightly drink drinking sort of background that's not and it gives it depth in Robinson actually it is sorry Kelly at least that's what the ninth in the left corner Corey Davis had a sense that this is definitely in the opposite throughout the country can't pull up with a light -- accidentally. If that's often sent him. The night and unfortunately. I can't let mortar round opened. Gave way shortly don't count. Average of over its offensive rebounds a game does it take you want to grab the first one. Easily the biggest and best rebounder which fly us safe these averaging seventh. Rebounds for my clock fourth inning double today that the ground test at the open shot and updates it as an air ball but it episodic Kelly. The reason offices that flight out of balance between competitive. No no it's not safe it won't. Actors feel that this nation leaving nothing beats it 35 food stamps are lots of eleven seconds. France it. The plaintiff and more restless night that ultimately see. It's expected that at the mouth. Round that she and stuff like blocks at Everett vikings did not right but it was enough. Look at the driving around at DuPont guys up there anyway this week found. Two great players that Lori Davis recovery Nokia. At Lowe's grant aid flights were recovered. But about it as the vikings haven't come up with three offensive rebounds and now a lot for Brady and Brady was watching John Daly. Not just what did something that's. I think the official this morning both great and yet Boras that they were banged around a little bit too much negated disabled and I. In Britain was busy watching them daily and didn't see the fans and they did you students at work since the little lulls where it well it's been turnovers not this evidently it's not an accident that wants it to the floor rightly thinking that not only left wing crap out of luck for its outlook for the lifting it in and out rebound. It's been seven Davis players. It for a floor but it is driving route through different except I don't like front. Just took it right out of his hands if Atlantis and its. Really what he had to steal vines that round and that is right when it comes back up off of this treatment warrantless Ingraham that's right forthrightly Kelly. That's been on the floor that got that Jack wars that read can't if you if you got it down the line a lot for eighth bounces out. This event is designated as it is it greatly in that Ivins on ground balls back out wonderfully comfortable. And throws it out front to Galen Robinson. Robinson sits up slightly awkward Davis not yet at davis' right sideline. Back. Robinson potholes left elbow at him here before he does not think. Announces the plot to bring it back down on fourth jump hook rolls in the so bring on breaking. Short jump over Boras does it too. That's a good defense but both these might think. Fires and three rims in and out rebound Boris that is not to the Florida that we have now on Houston. Shaq little bit shaken up thousands. Kevin Davis Kevin Davis is a guy who can't get in foul trouble and you wanted dead if he can't he's only fouled out of one game this year. He has hit 4000 inning game and other times. That's it guys. You wanna stay after it if you get a sense about and understand it's not so with excellent from the top of the feed that's what goes down. After the first half of last night walking at 53. With Kevin looked deflated frontier days lunch effort got about a fifth. Right baseline photographer at camp X fortitude successes. In the front court in Wisconsin for the cougars. Sandy left side of the floor pounding it. That's not to do it. Twice. Well it's athlete yet white jacket also under his son is in great profit jumped for it and outrebounded Santa that would have been a free for outbreaks evident throughout the time line with his dribble kept up the street by Kelly dentistry but Boris. Those back office the other screen but analysts and back over on the way different to moderate senate floor of the wings have that little crossword Kelly. Can't off the market that's nothing gets him into crisis in Atlanta try to penetrate throws that a lot Boris. Those strong can't get this up and balance on that abuses that dropouts are big guys. Found come in and out complain about him that twelve minutes the ball game. But they could at a lot of styles which honestly have no problem with the 31 instance walk up to 2000 on the cougars first free throws for their team is Jack Morris to the line you points for Houston have attempted 2523. Except 145 point eight free throws per game and for the last fight for the season with the guys on the free throw line particularly the big guys and a shocker big negative publicity free throws it at fourteen point loss at Houston Wichita State shot. Or free throws that the cougars. Are second and nothing good. It's actually six of nine from the line yesterday against. Jeff wolf. It's his first two today product there you're connected for a fish not trees -- 62. With just about four minutes gone in the first. It's Corey Davis Cup also had an art money rooms for Houston there is not a thing he would like you left Robinson a foul away from the ball they're who went to the floor but I think he's going to be call for the fallacy got hooked up with your eyes on us. Ottawa down action candidates listed as being a little bit he gets the first now on what Utah State. And that will get us to the under sixteen time about 1553. To go in the first half its Wichita State. Six Houston to. Kansas workers provide services and make things that improve life and our communities. They build equipment we're safer neighborhoods. They inspire a deeper interest in learning and create products were healthy fun with friends in the first. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps kids as workers to stay healthy and worry free while they're making our communities safer smarter. And more enjoyable. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas commitment. Compassion. Community. 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Security investment advisory services offered a huge point financial ink SPF number ten I TE SPF separately owned and energies and or marketing names product service is referenced here are independent of Austria restaurants and he's 21 of three north collectively Wichita Kansas in 2063 wants a 20101 Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com. Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad what do you John Green rich Cutler dusty shelf for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on one of three point seven TE YE. Tiger's six. More minutes and 72. I'm so far in the first step Mike Kennedy gave Bob wolf while you're making not that at the time now about soccer ball movement here. I liked it I like it would have moved the basketball. From side to side if it would hand off the ball screens. And I think that. Houston defense gets. Right now is that you can look inside. I FitzGerald little. And as we talk about injury time out at some point files. Off all the theory yeah I thought against Houston. Movement off what was nonexistent players standing around they were intimidated by the physical maladies walking through the hard fought falls either. Get that reserves at these kids come out really trying to get into them like they did it negated usage factors are handling it much matters of form which just days literally just the date for the fields through a lot that was one of five. Money for stretches right Houston bounded out front tequila Robinson. And if recession. Down four they have you know. Shocked luckily Davis swiftly artistry that helped off the street Louis Davis president of the late turnaround Paula white snapshot makes it glory Davis was his first. That is really really hard to defend you have to stay down on the floor and it stiff neck you have to go off that system with the possible. Him and it's not the restless with the deathly look for different things up so forests and Willis or it together we'll split the floor. Pops out kisses lift weight lifted tonight at camp that penetrate drives it. Fall away jumper little heart he made a good move but it came off the glass lighthearted apparently that is they have an aunt for a foul on these. Now is on and rating. It was Robinson with you know it's Hillary slides his first team's third. And yeah it looks like soccer would benefit from the baseline sharks have only one foul of the there have been only two free throw shots that I was not thinking of quite. It and halls outside of the terrorist attacks that golf removing street that is that is way and a street out of me awful it's. More aspects of his first. Second she fell I was disgusted you know he learned its lesson we talked about this last night he learned his lesson. Last year. We could hardly ever see on screen crowds when all the time and that's. Houston ball left way Robinson goes to Corey Davis strict enough not to mention that drives it's lunchtime reliant shovels for our money drugs that's it. Water bounces on the left baseline. Greatly flight it is not for. For Davis over the rest. I throws a parameter got a little floater by Armani grouchy. Of course they three point shooter outside at six. Of course right side of the floor and as soon double seat and get to the way Carol Willis they're rolling out beyond the tough yards after the is that Janet let's wait for him flipping Iceland the Japanese. Golfer trying to console her about that but he and other. Crossed the ball from one side to the other and you may have dragged it through that little little I didn't think it would certainly reaches that goal for the travel like done it. All goes back to Houston. Tonight at six it was a shock is Austin reed Jackson for the first nine and her friend can't come. It's six lives off or from New York market itself. At thirteen of them would last night at temple that mostly for the free throw line it's the awesome now once again it. You know the next night those flights and it's not the groups try to close of running the fifth floors and Lonnie Brooks straight baskets not drive the sit in front of the first I'd hate to say he's been playing really really wealthy. A lot of points there drive Ratliff would be nothing left laughed Lewis it's graphics incidents going to be called for a charge. There's an aggressive CNN. Crashed into it defenders Darryl Willis picks that's. Don't good scouting reports that doubled up there'll down slope and tried to open. For a shot or pants prompted players to read the default thousands and thousands of well the Nazi and Lewis both turn it over in various places Kelly brown right back here and there. Highest close point you should not give Brooks was right side of the Florida Robinson. Look into the post it right if the link throws it back out to Torrey Davis hit recovery by gently. Covered out on me and I drive it. Those opposed runner off the glass this week that Jelena is hustling rebounding edge because several steps to get to let it effect fortunately. Kept up the street by Kelly if you're below particularly on the right way. Not for a ground thought about it left lately and try to throw it left slot to nurture nurture. Couldn't catch it because he was tripped up from behind by freon Brady was stumbling in the south called Brady the fourth on its. Now. Very affectionate now. Doctors have fled at about thirteen 28 to go first nephews that lead to 863 on Brady checks out Ortiz that. Mean you know it's worth the life. It's you have to Wear it and Kelly let's. It's more than that around right back with delicately pointed. Out dribble off its adoption of it that way they double team him that's the latest tally. Yard drive that. That's true leads this this flu shot out of the tough leader from the chart Kelly rebound a Houston it was obvious that it's different floors. Started to drive these stays and credit is still hasn't dribbled right block stadium quite when exactly Robinson down the line kills it off it. It's wrath news extensive. Jump up short my son out of balance on over the fact is nurtured at a good job of boxing about it that it and let's not stay behind. The last time now but the word recount with a really really fine job. Balance on his second thing he's going to have now. Sixty yen is Chris Harrison six Stan 240 pound sophomore from Houston news. Inflated body of 31 games about eight minutes. White also checks out. The Packers haven't really you know incidents of it leaves only ground there. One. Candidate recruitment by approximately. It's likely ground. Excited but it's not out of the worker threw for three short rebound he listed it at Robinson. I've been before the numbers turned back added brown is hustling to get back ran over him not to the floor exact round technical experts. Earth Ronald since that's. Not much in the last seventy all of these award date for three and out. That's relatively it's not hockey stick with the rustic the better shots. Especially when you've got to protect it reflects on the floor in Reeves and sent it. Broncos. Or is it the end. Both teams struggled a little distorted the early going to speak to 61224. To go stand just off the left wing for a spot to have not. Robinson dribbles left package that would debit Davis seventeen footer. Kevin Davis was the jumpers refuse that they now lead him. Six with us let's instances. Lately it's definitely. Left flock to Kelly it's nice not out of the plot catches left baseline levels of the link if nothing definite the left elbow across the rightful. Can't. But definitely not fumbles it away picked up by our money growth which is enough or didn't have the numbers were patriots teammates. At that deals and a threat to human Robinson of the floor. Robinson walked it would rightly. At that golf history in the left Davis opted out right yes that Davis and rightly and almost all of by every good anticipation. I got deflected pass out of bounds and stay with Houston. After a timeout 1145. To go in the first half Houston on an 80 run lead with state and it just it. Hi this is actually Hayes and I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what father worked out that because there's not one place that meets all of our means. So to say we are thrilled opted like we'll fill that void is an understatement. I'll deal I think compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. They even have child care. This up to you like it when he first and whether online at poppy Tyson life dot com. State farm agents get what's important you even the news broke down on the road. If you're not calling anybody he's my state farm agent who take care of. Might you be cobra I'll please leave it. Oh and this is a radical new cars broke down. This is breathing at all. Give me can we give you. If you don't like go right committing it with kid asthma because we match. You land yes midwest Gil will manicure down payment update 2000 dollars you thousand dollars down we make it to. You put two down. We match it defaults. There can really reduce your payments. Like 116 a month on a T afford to support to eleven month got to keep sportage after the match so why would midwest Kia make an offer this generous. That's what you need for a midwest area. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mob talent that cost us in valley energy endangered or an Andover was a lawyer. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY it. Just days Jenna got six pitches when did this but is it. Scored eight straight points in six good years ahead. Bob Hope they've been all along side. It's not turnovers it changed. Leslie good momentum early in their confidence that we are complementing on how well their move the ball and take care of it. Hoover cracker. That that hurt me if I'm out port them over. It was. The turnovers by the Duffy and charged that we'll spend it does its job of things. Anyway defensively they did a little Stallworth and old. Class a ball games in large part of the apartments. Well against the death threats of only 6%. Youkilis with the ground latest war and that includes the all it's cracked the best suffered double. Great this is that it in the Davis in that unit at Torrey Davis the ticket because it does it factor Davis opened a letter. Know of at this time about Kelly's sliding toward it does not its hand that advance if there were fighting each other for. Stay with Houston Wichita state of the Lebanon from the field over four for three Houston now five. Well with that yes they are old factory with a statement on its. Last night. Yeah. Connect. And my. It's lucky bounce passes fumbles stolen by grief and Corey Davis tried to take. It can't download shoot over that left it short if you felt like they can't cut off from the backside as well soccer has hit the ball skills down. Fortunately six feet double laugh whenever sides reads at what happens doubles at all. President Clinton. These not to screw try to penetrate him in the definitely dribbles. It back to the death of three short bouncing as they. Yeah it's just I don't want it short and left us a public. There isn't it added markets if that's people's taxes that it was. It's difficult kind of poor shots riding through traffic they're gonna call without delay the end. Can detect and yours arm. Raced through there banging bodies that make the shot of the out of line for two. Voters get a freedom and events. Life. I don't want hunter they'll I think it was. It's definitely a tough shots that migrate rat race. Better than an 81% free throw shooters they like getting him the line 5181000. Wichita State at 51. Houston at eighty points he's like an eight point 5%. That one. Our money it's worth. It's one point 58. Students for the line instantly wealth on him there there's definitely. An athlete but for the cutters. Divorce act that sort of threat can't read it well that's it Bolton. Listeners that if last that was really perfectly executed because it all of that happen here precisely and very quickly rate cut rate Aniston pregnant got it off the forward lines of that at that time last night. Next we expect those things like that would play defense. With us. That it's easy baskets match. And with force doctor Stan Utley scored David shop was lost pets are. I only got their hand and thick smoke that's now I think. What did. Markets had nothing with the sound off and was in the air kind of double clutched it down through it that's up but it went in off the glass at Torrey Davis with a chance for a three point play. I'd give him credit for being really good player with a little bit of luck tonight that was doing it listeners that wasn't that was picked up these re a moment ago. Play a high level definitely. 21 to gophers have Marie Davis board game time. The three point play Houston with a four point lead 5011. And it's not here's. And the French camp Willis is back in effect Morrison's accurate. It is in the province. There's terrorists are used to. It's like Kevin Davis was there. And it is at record levels at the left side effects that might get discrete penetrates that would have. Boras. Necklace to give it back to Shannon over the rightly proud right slot for Lewis did catch in traffic. What matters is that this and it streets Rory plant trees and that's enough right wing friends can't penetrate walls short. Rebound background chases along the baseline to print can't align fluttered open we've done is to Kevin Davis. It's ridiculous the kind of thing it can't get at the flaws in the Robinson. Credit ranking of course had a lot but Maurice Robinson got it back it's always wondered could Davis 33 dissident. First three point basket refused it. They have a couple of outstanding three point shooters and Davis and it definitely hear from fifty Roxy on. In the eighteenth to eleventh in his sleep for either team here acknowledge contact out front. And those exact route Cory Davis both went to advocate called foul on Davis that will be his first. Sixteenth Allen Houston no free throws is that the senators. Went down the left sideline audience not month and they play aggressively but they have players and found out by it and he had sacrificed at five intimidating student athletes. August of that towards Atlanta Shannon knights want to go first half with him. That's that. Into the third floor over and Willis thanks for couples at the fifth team listed alphabetically that is. Houston in the south. Shaq haven't added there may contact with Torrey Davis and Shaquille Boris now has 2000. In the first chance sixth 2000 oath. That's seventh seventh 2000 steal 114. Corey Davis. Listed as a team good free throw shooting team 71 point 3% worry Dave it's you almost 79%. Davis has scored in double figures in 24 of 31 games. Don't freak flag last night. Credit deficit. Corey Davis with dying all ready for Houston next item they're nineteen they lead at nineteen to eleven. Institute regular season games between these two teams he averaged fourteen and a half against the doctors sentencing. Six college friends from six two scoring from. People. After an early 62 relief that it had been outscored seventeen defiant. Maybe a point that's in the Houston lineup. He's thrown for Corey Davis. That's why that is that is that Davis like that ruins already. In double figures. Used against him and flip ninth wells' field goal in the first half. We have got this. Like tonight for. And it looks nice link Kelly faces and that's. I was thrilled but about the Ford Canada line and gets in office glance kind of crossover stuff around the did it for his first. And nobody else it hardly had. What it is thirteen visits Pakistan its largest it is the platform here tonight to get something going left gratefully Davis. It straight drives left balls that accident footer bounces out rebounded to finish today fairly retrieved it clears his stand for this little while it is. He's responded this is not there's not that Fred hit it right Gordon Willis. You know different. French finance ministry left when grant levels for the quarterback ultimately fell in the political support and trust where frankly it's a minute here will look baseline they'll yet. And about that is that you feel at Robinson rather to war goes definitely rates are set for three missed it in and out rebound their own little. What is the standard soccer's insanity defense for as long as the Bradley gets it taken away by not today. These are facts you like him he's got its hands laugh about it now. But it could go back to Houston and stuff Richard. Davis went after the sidelines of the forties to golfers that this is my seventh that if racism with Fred camps in the hall of walk on. Not a French camp he didn't quite get said in position. At grade miss the shot we'll go to the line for two. Friends yeah. This timeout with 739. To go to first tasks. Right now it's kind of all fused it triggers forty Wichita State's thirteenth. One company on a mission to put a million people to work to cheer sounds like a big number doesn't have not to express employment professionals. You're still seeing the operator welter or maybe you're looking to find new jobs and distribution. How about a forklift operator. Your success never charged with the need to find a job. Express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people to work each year let us help and alluding to before you go to express pro stock comes to find a location near you. The following. Her true high extend from me start I appreciate that you get a thousand dollars a day can you won the Kansas lottery lucky for life. But there are rules you still have to follow. 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Orlando Orlando Magic for most of the basketball season the home for the AC tournament this weekend which state. It was semi finals right now because there's not enough quality to. She's happy with the testing detected very early sixty acutely sacrifice that trouble getting shot at camp that. He'll Boris. Yeah definitely after. It decided now is on yeah. Fouls and factories and it. Treading water right now trying to stay at this level that he felt fine. If they let us pray at the line. It's solid drive to the the basket. Ray has his only two points on two defensive line Houston five for five the line with us states. I align left. Now has. Kelly girl Willis. To take Kaiser's it negate much degrees Atlantic machine but for the three like ray Reynolds had a not Christian but of a break there if that's about it really want this entry through the like that. 615 year senior averaging eighteen. Point one points per game makes the second month Houston's lead is. It's. Nice it is and it's a lot of times the first chance at 35. They want their team physician and the driving it strong got swamped. Right to shovel it off bounces back Willis took one dribble over to CJ Kaiser. Kaiser. Down with the confluence rolls to the basket doesn't it's not just walked away and it's not a man. Last night Bahrain news that I believe. Definitely soccer ball off. That console but I. Still haven't tried to being more aggressive their ticket on the way down deep influence that it's not that it got flown through wants now to edit and passed it. When you residents taken off the mountains to. Definitely. I answered quietly enough. Trouble throughout all right great save by Willis and that's an event. Not a very good vest like Kaiser plant Willis had trouble getting a handle on it tried to say that we do not his hand out of if you're not very high percentage of students. Very nice bulls not sixteen rebounds obsessive and you know and everybody. Says it read them right. I'm. Hopeful. That they benefit these shots today. I write poetry yeah silently. Re just kind of hot seat as lineup that it is honest truth. Thank cutting underneath its reverse lay up nicely in the Robinson it's not. 350. Can't let it outlines doubles Atlanta well that's connected traffic at this is the the layout gets his own rebound this is that it it was a four hour news. Is that length the dialogue. Which they. This there fear fear of actually I meant it for example one. Now on the stimulus to the lines for news. There was a platform from the line last night against. You know today. That fourth before free throw shooting performance was the best of his career which state of the most that he made with yes. It is targets. That he writes nothing he added that six. No you know loads with food. It's not a state down 645. As you can see it's not his getting more aggressive let's try to fit the moment. High post as he uploaded devastated as residents can only cut off exit to feeling Robinson. It's not. Most of the guys that leave CNN gets him. Under Bryant. Galen Robinson for his first two points and easy. Thank you nice belt and the mystery that is a good clean shot about four out of my. It reduces first points of the game extensively it's it's nice and not great frozen credit evidently it's not good thrust forward Kevin Davis fools and 58 bounces or. We've done since pessimism to the skies are cloudy or is Rick tries to say. Home prices have forced him out of the hands of. It's right there behind me. All Graham was kind of stumbled at the hell out of bounds and they want influence and popularity yes it and it has not yes. Nineteenth now what's it to us today for instance if you guys are here to read and I. And there was just a tiny bit of context and chased after him. It's not it's nice it's no out of bounds and they called the three makes the free throw. Well the difference of the quality is then free throws he's got them. Rate now four for five from the line Houston's seventh floor space as a team. Seconds and announces he's missed flights leave them you know Lewis but once I just asked them why does this they have to succeed. Soccer basketball five and a half but it's the gophers athletes theoretically it felt like Lori Davis. Honestly I'm not sure. Marie Davis out here that Ted Valentine's yes it a little looking through the body of Reeves as well hostage treatment go to the line did vaulted him the line for a lot of life. Now on Torrey Davis is his second. Growth emphasis is starting to pick up to now. Fossum did a very good job three lines last night connected on eight free throw off. Set a career high enough native scant if this thirteen points. Why those there does not is that Italy has 2000 self worth money Brooks. Is in for Torrey Davis after Davis picked up his second fell one and one opportunity for us it reads. As she points a field goal for a good. As of yet one more the senators haven't had as many opportunities as he stood the lines that they've made all five that's that shot. There within five against 264148. To go to Houston is the only. One more for us to reach an. I don't go out for example come back here so relieved Willis at forest is off base it's. Doctors down 454. 28 to go. Different ways might have anything. With a big run its triple play little by little very last night sensitive little spin sleeves and then. And called foul on CJ prices. Just keep yeah. Right spot effectively inside toward the line longer handcuffed and understand the stuff all done because it's just a three point play yeah there's a reason is it ever. Eight point one points of the game. And that's because not only shoot from the outside it's. Streak of consecutive actually it's free throw line. As often as he does because he can take you to the basket rob ray on the season a 137. For equal opportunity. Torrey Davis can't early flights for the city now great hands. Nine as the makes it free throws. Soccer's down 758. Team to go first half 2920 feet. And a snuff these activists. Now luckily nothing but. Yours. Let's just let it doubled to one yeah. Crosscourt should have a different can't get a life. That's a nice test. Mike how with a double teams hosting Willis somebody's got to the open and frank incidents. Great job this three. Down the middle to get that return stance that we go ahead now to next of the toothless 100 now with six of those lines for the first time it's great but like starter Willis kept his head and a double team they are kept his eyes open it bounces right then cutting the basket tonight. Allan Houston three strokes that's not a sprint can't remain perfect on the area it's not just cut back the full. Nicely fives and fresher in the half court and attackers that its own attracted little bit out of this a time line that's enough Robinson. Recognized it was at least at the office pray over them officers who guard them have to be careful with its C zone. Robinson drive it kind of forces prevent vetted. Announces. Here goodness it's. And that it's not look at some of the things that would Willis worth bringing him off the that's human Robinson president Ford's Teddy bear and yet got a this thing back to us is slower on the rebound a foul on Wichita State. Let Robinson lost control of the ball was running a couple of steps it is inaccurate it looked like it caring for serenaded policy there it is. Really like the Internet control of the that it got both hands on it and dropped that should have been double dribble. They call that the monitor is on earth. On an. And it's not Stewart. From the free throw line 46. She's part bounces off too hard. I definitely thought that was. Much more than just aren't. As senior throughout Kaduna Nigeria. Red transfer of what your players at Houston from L I. Guided to the today but look at their. Not that it would. Northeast and they won their conference title free throw good buys on at. At least by 531 prize stuff works particularly the first. That is. Every establishment little. Little bit of office equipment. But back to that better off if the right way that that those baseline on there is an issue and the thought about it behind street. Up with a double CD incidents that think you know if you definitely take it down the line. Not French can't I baseline I was about to see have a three from the top floor way shortly don't tell us that this can't. Got to experience right quarterback nothing for a three way log. The event in Houston one a couple of really. Been witnesses it's not since that time but predicted. Well god knows what to go up once. We should have it was way short as it is it was nothing recently along with his driving. Historically it is connected with the 2000 race that's over Vegas. That's look at stance. Not ticked down the line only the best examples enough design elicited. Great finish. Agilent likely Davis design and layout look blockades. Offensive threat might lead us to double team and that's not a suit. Instantly by 73225. Minutes eminent threat Kelly dribbles left field and ethnic nothing markets in France can't they catch up again bike race that got me down the line to contact shot won't go over the line acted like political natco. Early on. They were not an affliction that. That's not anything serious doubt it'll be at the line after a time out. With 53 to guard the first half its Houston 32 with its us thankfully fine. But you're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game indeed they had to Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something that you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. The at the top of your game this season with Johnson's at 21 NK 96. AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteenth and green which road and widgets on your new home for shock her coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dine in only and it moves the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser makes enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the -- home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletic. I need this is DC Williamson director of development with hard sprain and her extreme ideologues with thousands of art as an advocate I'd be odd isn't care walks on April 28 after water wash takes this stance towards greater access and awareness. And to support this children her spring there's. Tim earthquake proof. Registered a day at oxygen care Loc dot Ford at spring we're so glad inner calm cares eighteen. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Gaza Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. WS shocker basket. Three point seven KE YE Yang. You need breathing the first half we should judge today. Failing. Hi. Try to get an update we didn't even get a stat sheet at the last time now for the last time still lady. On defense we're a little clueless on shooting percentages. Also wanted to try to get an update out of individual foul situation. It's been hard to figure out a couple of fouls called. I've got the last month. Wichita State on the eighth at 5630. Point 8%. That is. When they struggled with the game at Houston to a 93. Houston is eleventh at 4640%. They're only one of five from three. Houston nine of twelve from the line Wichita State 7% and sixteen rebounds for each team. Shocker was six turnovers that you do not a lot of scoring off that reduces satisfied that the Houston and points off turnovers that you have an advantage there. At that most surprising. Sixteen to eight plot points in the paint that's been more a case of guys I think the line and scoring or dishing off. What they drive as opposed to throwing the ball as opposed to athletic guys victims with respect to defensive winning just about every statistical category night. All across the ward in yet Wichita State surprisingly is still within seven of this ballclub. I like the aggressiveness of the shoppers elect factor for taking the ball through Houston. I'm making them back pedal a little bit now going to the free throw line from there eighth and ninth street dropped with the thick stuff. On the line and at last I was not heroes on his third in the first half Devin Davis Tory Davis and they've yet why don't have to for the entry through but it's nothing good markets now have four points to get a three point basket earlier. Doctors taking advantage of their free throw opportunities. And are down six to 53 to go the first day. Secondly that's good. Soccer's first. The night of the lines Marcus does not Austin read here with us today. And last night with us they did a remarkable. The free throw line that last one half minutes with all the free throws one of the reasons which fascinated still wouldn't walk through by five. That's right that's right at Torrey Davis thinks it. He holed it it might read it back out if they set again. Ray drives right that it has stepped down the line it's not contested partially blocked eight rebounds. Deflected the blow us off our series. Soccer's since they fell behind him not it wasn't that war that his explosiveness that you're trailing by five with the ball. Encampments way he fights fairly slaughtered. If you aren't meant not that takes it to the basket through contact telephone rebound Houston not recorded. Davis what's on the floor. The drivers arsenal wondered or money drugs that's not Marie Davis Davis pupils left. With different angle. I'm greedy that they posted at Davis's shot. Thank god it's obviously not out constantly it's not about the for the game defending the three point line Austin Reeves is one of the guilty if it's not that we it is that you got shot attempts that are around that liberty got. Let's freak accident that got picked off his feet at Davis enabled now well particularly when you're going to lock my season Austin as. One block about every one ball games. Torrey Davis three victory for a line. He's got eleven points in the first half attackers had a chance to candidates side five that's likely wouldn't be back to seven of the 55 you know through it and although it certainly looked like Kelly and got out of that advanced yet. Please you know at Torrey Davis perfect for the lines twelve points he would bring up the but that's what you want if you lose the third floor. After Stanford is fourth 27. Leave it right for his helicopter into the left elbow area flawless. Cars on the baseline reverse layup but we're out of foul abusive. Nice cut along the baseline Willis and a couple of nice passes in this first half my daughters and Zach brown line. Thousands of money runs. Will be his first what was it exactly like 63 rows of Maryland and last night went to the war through the huge publicity move. By temple and his. Hold free throws badly he had made fourteen in a row and that would ounces in the twentieth 21 over seventy games doesn't get to the line very often. Now sat with him for his first point. What we're coming try to get back but you're still at 46 to go in the first half. Hero Willis will get a breather and surgeries that looking for this one and make a stop to go back down you can believe that it inside maybe three. I think that data that was exactly out factors that affect the privacy at 34 one night. Yeah effective. Last time line is he's got a great great influences graphic gives them in the province of doctors and resolve incidents. He's out on Robinson is the sixth grade thirteen this year I've read. Left wing Robinson penetrate them readily lists are open that's you don't he has 43%. Three you can not getting that opened a look at things there are ways to feed zone and one is to have the three point shooters that money raised there with the best of them please write this reverse layup that. The balls out of bounds I think last touched by Houston. Yes it's got things a little bit he tried to rebound and went out of bounds off the cougars. He's made a nice drive and then it hit a little short coming out from underneath that lowering it to him. That is displayed and down eight actually the biggest deficit they've they've. Stan. Reeves lots of different campuses not. Fires Guatemalan routers that block the shot there to try to keep a lot this is covered by these. Virulent Robinson just right after. Why not different camps three point. Robinson handling it out front doctors that they can't advance this time. Robinson was way back out some of the confidence rightly expect advisory. Ethnic deafness but like Kelly right corner the if it back out. Brooks 63 contested creates a good short and afoul of the rebound against Houston. But it again gave up 64 Q you're just kicked it for the hoosiers. On grants his first since it's made his first appearance of the game it'll be two shots for the shoppers at the other end. And now. Kind of an opportunity for maybe get two for one possession situation you're down by eight with two free throws. Second differential the shot clock ticking watch. Soccer's theoretically it's. Pick up a couple of points here and get the ball back with. Yeah both seats that double fault. And throughout firings that Boston now three for three from the line that means he is eleven for thirteen and one half games here. In this tournament he'd only shot for free throws in the previous four or five games. That would snuff yet constantly six of the first dance floor from a wide shot his within six Houston possession. You know before that my last night. He had been only one of four from the line six of his lesson organs didn't go to the line and wasn't having the same kind of lawsuit reads let's idiot at. Last year and this year. 804 from the line on the season has against you today at Portland for today at least trying to get it for out of Robinson in the backcourt cutting off. Didn't get established swiftly enough on the sideline was a slight sat. At a small for the Clausen now he has to. Robinson took the line for two shots. Given Robinson against not a particularly good scorer but he's pretty good thing for a shoot 72%. On the year definitely physical lines 39 times. Yeah. By 636. Point four seconds left him free throw it. Yeah that's it averages four point seven points per game and guess what last night with seven of nine from the field to speak to date month. And he's kissed story a little more nine point one points per game over the last six games last night CT Lindsey season high for him. One more chaotic you can basically seven point lead. That is not add this that would soon rebound expelling. Leon radio much steam rolling in there ran over a couple of people don't father Robinson. Misses the shot it's not it's not at the 43 defense fifth. It happened over the nurture. Wide open. Re also back rebounds tipped and it saved by Houston now's our chance for the last don't understand that he was ultimately outlets on how you what they couldn't even though they're not and I mean that the Indians open. Five seconds ago and a half three back OK this just gone out about selling. It's not a evidently stated your confidence or. Great opportunity to candidates size six there and a history but here it's not going into halftime down by six. That's your position as the 37 Wichita State 31. States four and a half time show up presented by Friday if there. Thanks Matt I'm standing in the neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside a Shiite. Buyers holding this phenomenon as credit union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application defense decisions and closing see ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no BMI. It's just incredible. 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So it up just 40% today after any shot here's where it adds laughter. East and west back to Orlando have this earth and athletic conference semi final game. Wichita State it is at the grisly 37. Thirty luck this is the credit union of America has not shot Mike D'Antoni wants night Dave Collins Bob holt. And it credit union of America offers have been right services for checking accounts to home loans everything in between credit union of America. There. Proudly sponsors which does it best. A first half started out very promising lead gentleman that shot here's Chris ball movement of the six to two lead and Houston rallied to go it. The starters. Hot yet there are down eight a couple of times had some opportunities to get it site Orkut is it like every time there is nothing here. It's get a very good shots and turn it over his face of that. Decision at Houston's defense is really stepping up Wichita State's. Shot. Of course that they have not all here at Houston and I thought that was an anomaly out of that isn't happening scandals between six point 7%. From the field a third time there was outflow. Only 20% from the frequently strike you just kept yeah. Another defense is decent it's not great for the C sixteenth. Since it. What they're doing is not allowing Houston to shoot a very good percentage they're getting a hand in the face from the free points right now but certainly including. Them on the free throw line far too many times and six turnovers with five points off turnovers doesn't win championships. Thus they used to it's that's dusted off the Duff. I think the major. Difference in the first half from my point of view it's. It's just rather often we're left. Well when they come for free our hands off. Or. Ball screen they are heard of that quarter and they are going to the basket and I beat up much feeling Robinson doing it. That's great duel that Corey Davis a funny look they're all going to the basket hard. And I don't think that shoppers are better there office aggressively enough a couple times they did they had a couple of minutes back doors this a couple of minutes pulls moves inside. With Willis and Boris but not enough of them. I think that shoppers got to be more aggressive on offense that products act they're gonna attack you can eat and it's. Kelly needs to take you to the basket and it gets him at least to take it to the basket content to keep driving you gotta crack that he gets their pressure you know. Eric Marshall stated his pregame comments with us this team that wins this game will be the one that executes advancements in its own system and it. That's just exactly what you're not talking about that if you look at the first net statistics. Each team got thirty shots. Houston may twelfth Wichita State may eighth they both made two threes which doctors that's worth of my typical line. And present that even the turnovers favorite Houston that's not a big edge points off turnovers that just got better execution a little better percentage. While the 38 to thirty there should vote it. And who's in that walking is very important also shaft more picks up to. The crowds actually to silly doubts. He goes to events. And plays only six minutes in the first half sand comes out of that first half with only two points they have to champion in the ball games and and he's not scored from the field he was two of eight from the field last night but finally got going in the second half they're gonna need that from him in the second half cents. Yeah that thicket of 2000 shocker this horse is to be on the floor they edited images side offensively. With Jack on the court when he's off the court. I don't know they haven't been. That's a pretty good except for turnovers shocker that fix they have to. Neither team shoot what did dollar from the 3.2 separate duplicated but they're a little better for. Duke because their their ticket of all the best that they've made some tough driving basket there for the physically do Tucker six of oneself from inside the arc. Houston's it's converting a lot better doctors. Without. As they take the ball. That it had three more free throw attempts but they've only made eleven of six team. Or. At least 69%. Of doctors have made thirteen thirteenth so on three less they've scored more points and that's what's keeping them close because. They just haven't been able to generate much in the way of story from the field in fact our producer and happily for this factors. Did not have a field goal in the last five minutes of the earth that it hit them overlooked Duchscherer but at the general who want for the quarter Connor had a couple open looks. You know. If you could use the credit you know make pressure shots. There have against good teams defensively you have an open shut the FB of the verdict. Only two players you can at least 50% from the field Austin read one more it's definitely want to. And what they need to do is they need to get more points off Bob Landry can't they need to get him some openings and it needs some points. Out of debt worth in the second half of what he did he keeps. Yeah a lot of guys who regard him are 6162. 361. Davis's 62. Verses 63. I would mind I like you can pick up bouncer who becomes outfield Wall Street became became the basket. Politician over the and they're making it difficult for him inside he comes off those greens the belly up there that's him there bumping him when he comes off. And it's not he's just throwing often enough makes it difficult for him to get inside. And he's got to stay the Millwood court before it's over by the side when they double team they're always double the minimum assignment make it passes when he passes out of that doublespeak. Wherever he passes through that you're really good opportunity there to drive the path that is they have got this double. Does it. Opportunities for the Packers despite only issue eight point 7% in the first half only down six at the break is to 37 soccer's 31. We'll continue reading of the bracket halftime show for Orlando and well. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A DUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time. And losing your life but a lifelong too drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay if you've been drinking fine to override all. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. But you're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game big day had a Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. 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High quality TV brands like LV but we also have one of the largest selection real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our route in which top notch our brain. Shocker sources brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad -- John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball is done 103 point that in case you want yeah. I've been back different. American camp that's don't forget about it I thought she shows. ID seven a thirteen thirty can't assess every Monday night at eight chase works with the Alley thirteen. And greatly throughout this coming Monday just eight Gregg Marshall show for a six to seven to be talking about this actor's performances this term it. Of course tomorrow selection Sunday it's not find out where they're headed that they play etc. so what does that. Monday night AJ sports those yelling at 9713. Thirty. In a sense we've given a lot of teams stats. We'll go back inside the numbers for a moment brought to you but I think Casey CPAs and advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor is yours. Soccer's only shooting 47%. In the first half on eight of 32 left hand from three. But kept them alive was thirteen to thirteen from the free throw line fuse didn't even 40% twelve with 32 of eight for three. Eleven of sixteen from the line for 69%. Wichita State one more rebounds twenty to nineteen. For more turnovers six to two chapters of it managed by the system they're baskets. In the first half. Where Houston twelve points for Corey Davis junior three of seven overall father of five from the line. Nine points or not greatly helped lead to go they Cindy 57 from the free throw line seven point four Armani roofs off the bench. And then after that had a straight out 3.3 Verisign at least three other guys. Devin Davis of very dangerous or potentially picked up two early fouls play thirteen of the twenty minutes. Wichita State the leading scorers Connor Fred campus of the three of eight from the field. One of one line six points for us to agree with it for a four free throws markets but Duffy with five fearless four points five rebounds. Three points relent we can't let me make one of 33 pointers only took five shots. At two points apiece for Shaquille Boris background Richard Kelly Kelly leads all rebound into the game. It's sad that that's not yours down. 37 thirty want every day's shot display get 50% off on line ordered it in Wichita area profit not want to depart the jobs not dobbs. And use the promo code shocker fifty. To receive your shocker to scam will be back to get to set up for the second half of the pretty in America halftime. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament 122 kids off chasing one ball arrest was overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game but United Healthcare you can have better control your care. 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If you stuck your low release listen up the furor over a mile joy released upside down in your world or just one out of your car or new site can help you today but not least that we continue funnel more. More or brokerages to learn from that threat you own a twentieth in new funnel off or rover zero down film on them up after me they're not human performance dial 1800 new news on the visit or lose some Wichita about cup with a recruit informants. What people think if you know we'll Faxon who think that there's been times all of its in the distance from the five people Jason won't confuse the. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alan Acosta in valley and are endangered or an end over with a lawyer. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven JPY. That is the second half here in Atlanta elected just a trailing. 87 final game 37. 31. Earlier today Cincinnati down by thirteen at the half 4229. At Memphis came back to where it's 76 into the top seeded. Cougars prepare cancer and move on to the finals. At twenty united for a a year in the eight chance of a finals 25 ranked Rhode Island edged Saint Joseph ID 87. Soccer baseball next stadium bottom of the seventh which obviously Texas Arlington since the one. Texas Arlington started the pitcher that has their best numbers of floors of the factors to six hits three runs and six in the third leg and adding seven innings three hits one hotter. Run for the shot here's accidentally. That's great. Start the second half with that I'd get the ball out of bounds. Wichita State is done a lot of things behind in the first half points to win this ballgame. They need to ask if they need better than they've got three points right and from inside the area and it was hacked. Although he's not starting the second half with him he available for the second and a plan to make that happen. With the State's defense be just fine no rebounding that's findings were bath. You can work rest of the shocker from two attacks on offense. Driving baskets Goteborg filth and the cougars off now they're gonna try to block everything Atlanta. Is Sid possession to start the second half and into the record fearless Robinson and a friend who got grace Marie Davis Kevin Davis three operating the rest of the lines at camp it starting Torrey Davis Longstreet got. But like he was applauded rigidity drilled at Atlanta's second trades at fifteen points at Houston. He's the lead to deny their biggest lead of the golden. Kelly fifty footer schnauzer the witnessed it badly but let's not to return that's easy rebounds as soon as it. Nuts on the right locked. Willis they come with the boxer doubled the roses on the left block to Kelly's kids that their little jump hook shortly found Willis personal good enough now I'm used to. It's not your stated accurately it's still not make it any shots Kelly gave up way short got a free throws they're jumper then there's little but it closed. Now one case that we'll let. Terrell Willis at the line Carol Hadnot who threw them a line in the first half. That's six rebounds now the blood in his pursuit is buried 3003. On rating his second tease. Prices of after Willis to line the first. Trees. Carol the five. Doctors were down six at the break with an immediate treatment Corey Davis that he did not previously against the Houston and it might be sliced. It. Staff second product and it it out halfway and some other popped out. First this might well support. It's an airport while deflected deadly air off the backboard out of bounds last night by freon Brady. And cause a little bit of dismantling the vikings didn't get the third it's hard to collect for games they've Robin down. It's not Christmas session excellent. We're older machines that shuts down by eight. This league left wing span but. He's just dribble get to street the Willis in the free throw circle seventy footer let. And that's it that hard street might well at 5%. Well nice to attract. Back. Six he scored three and a half right. Let you know look at that Davis brought forth and almost all of my ground right. Well tempered yet but it's not it's your drafts might that it's not. Rather than just regular throughout the race were all kinds of ways as eleven is that by ate some. Contact him at double ballot Willis. I'd rate that will be on rate would be on analysts. And Brady might wants these physical side. He still leads. He's not human. That change of the session with a statement. Shaquille Lawrence checks in the extent it starts at him because he has 2000 Willis goes. Courses yet. And played inside background. It backwards and the doctors. Out there snout feet. Left. I bet at Atlantic Canada round of the act short pants and it might get it. Have a three left wing. I am glad that he. Here are able wide open say if that's. It's not just another day at the office you have to have been some special things send him on the success of his second. It's very graphic art partially blocked playground it's just a rebound that. That's why it's not a way to bring him if it was not a hundred Davis it's why confident very. Nobody within. It fetuses for. Davis now with three threes in a team and I insisted that the shooter especially the last dozen balls into the snow Jeff if three's answer. You know he's got eleventh. The evidence not proof penetration pieces dribble that stuff listen Watson has rightly. It definitely this match not to drink 7046. In those suckers down by five drivel I can't afford to play and it gets its now. Now it's going to be on the schori telling them that. It is worth of the night you have to. Is the master of pollution and take the bullet the inside them not with two point free throw opportunity. And up to 40%. Today after having shoppers when it adds laughter. East and west. Of my greatest. Probably this though the free throw point in this news it's evident the effort and it. It's twelve points. Lead back to 671. Year ago. It is not at this. Facility first roughly half that the second half of things got a little boy's story incidentally one point advantage but I think that they have a place at the evidence that it gets to the streets those rights those historic round they'll pop that. Please note three out Kelly's body sort it's been selected Alabama. They say uplifted and I stayed out there is not a might have been the last one it's not that it goes back it was definitely hard after those events that struggled. From his outside shot but he. One walk hobble in my students need to take it that is down seven. Rory race that's right. I never goes right. It's it's going well up. Short right rebound if I only. Elegantly as nine rebounds. Try to enhance. Not you that would warrant. Act with. Snipers. I think it is not and stuff look different him. Cards that water belly. Of the ticket line that's the thrust right grounds. That it. Chrysler Fiat five issues it lying around shore Mike Morrison rebalancing is to act outside let's get to that line. There's been floating jumper. Superb defense like that which they did you do the math that's enough lifted its territory in the Robinson. That look the floors definitely. That's in Davis ratcheted up it. Gobbled it in and night out there and Alex I'm kind of figured out as a double triple. Hope it is but it's not silly tripled representative Denny clinical. Shot the basketball at the Nazis in it. Pushed up who's. Is really dark yeah. That is kind of in the those doctors get it back still trailing by 760. You don't want to go to second pamphlets that's safe for the average is Warren Buffett maybe. 40% and have a real shot at. Listen a lot of shots forests of the high post. Cold and it gives a chance but left the keys. Dobbs nearly eleven Robinson. Pushing his way through this. Re going to be co author of the now. See on his students have. Robinson's first foul that was at a time now 1546. To get a second half its actors. Not able to make up any ground so Clark trailing Houston 47 to forty. The children are we relentless and to keep up with their renters and even if they're related to. John add. Added we just dropped I picked up your ring. I'm running a little or the month not everything works smoothly as children truckers policy that helps cover up into a fire theft and more wouldn't. I just moved back and smelled them you mean as seen men. Shelter insurance where you feel weird shelter. Or renters insurance he Katie Hanley or Jesse minds in Wichita or Lindsay geared up for derby. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone. You need a partner jerky when you can count. 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Like let's have it. Has scored eight points on pull up jumper and it seems. Please. Now what if you free throws like Darrell knows that you know it's going to freeze like Torrey Davis for instance that Kansas city's streets. At rob grant field goal and a couple free throws it happens it does it continue to carry that story. And let my six at halftime now up seven. Reefer urging them in you haven't. More different breed her with a theater like that with our State's public often falls greens and turn the corner and attack him. Why do you have dropped six. You have a couple of golf club or free. Edwards thus stays on the free throw line only wants to dissect her twice in the second half made. One of those it was Darryl Willis and at least they're shooting a little bit better free at 837 and a half percent. Soccer possession. Yes candidates seven year an epic dusting Boris Janet Kelly and frank can't. That can't afford to see him to be guarded by nearly Robinson. Not that high post left of the Phillies front and it just makes profits stay on as you know different senators. I left out. Outlines radical left him partially blocked with ball. Worth fighting for its weird to pray for is that right now on the plane pulls back out. Went back in brightly here Avery hit it goes undetected through the full. Very aggressively approach the defense it's not there pools backing up you know let's not looking looked rusty Robertson said. Robinson but I think. Nichols penetration. It's hard back and regulatory Davis Davis in traffic at the forces. And it bounces out fortunately can't close the warrant states it's gala Robinson's right baseline Evans Davis factor Robinson rule of thumb never say the ball your opponent's basket. Right. Stop these dribble and at all agent and a lot of life left leg Davis. Greivis is it's not that it's. It's not habits watered down trying to stop its them out of reach for but it went up his fingertips. Soccer basketball still down seven. What is it. Confidence is there and there's not. Dodged the bullet there. Threats towards the end it dribbles left. After that they keep them off to sleep at forest fires I've. Got a light at all. I think they thought about it for a foul on Morris and take the latest three point baskets but I can't. Might it instead balance nine with a god loves you read clients if it one mystery. That's that would benefit for here it is. Yeah isolated. I don't know at first the previous time he carries it looked like tennis in his left leg doubted that the standard. But the outlook on that is really seen much. 3000 Lawrence goes back and it's not and it dance floor that is still down seven with two points. Two rebounds through disease and it knocked him down writes that. That was laid off. The evidence. And they kept up. Except Coble my ballots that it sent Houston. Nuts these generous with that announcement about miss then and amphitheaters. I was on is that not true it's honestly if the ball fourth team found that half of yours now but it. North of slipped. Back up for Kelly playoff game and it breaks down the line on Iran at Davis. Pan. Colin Farrell and if you look Kelly from the city that is off arm hook it around the defenders kind of thrown into those guys that's. Fidelity which Tennessee is Tennessee keeps it frustrates all these town halls of the thirteen thousand have. You play here. He did not yeah the ball at both ends of both in the way he's sick of it because he had both ends on the ball wouldn't officials out of position should be next call. Think that's very little bounce pass deflected that it is Matthew Brady gets floated suffered this isn't about Oscar race got a. They have talents not obsolete. Greens that they never could come down and the body yesterday pavement fallacy here and a subtle looks like the guy that knocks them the ordinance in some way. Some but it could come every event he's. Out of court hoping that the found with with the golden enthusiasm. On this earth teams that have. And maybe a white chicks it's not like those. What's that states that given opportunities excited that this leave it to take advantage again. It's not enough offense bounces us a couple of opportunities. Limited the threat for. You'll if discreet the merger flops for telling the balls deflected out to not like it's been great drive it the other way I don't fumbles it. The numbers on the the way it gets back into the then those last updated guidance. Definitely definitely Davis that's the way it might definitely saved my body works over Robinson. This is life. All these succeed. Robinson and it went almost lost it gives it up that the Fabian white reflective over the roads and yeah it Brooks Robinson was the runner rolls off. It closed at this event on. And that's it. I. Acting out leaflets saying now. This. His second free of these. What do you say about that would with the Houston coaches they waited. That's up. Do don't know. Male and in the office and Davis will spins out you know Kelly soccer's. It for the clauses if they and it's. If it got it. These drive not double teams I was yelling penetrates back over to me it's on the line all licensed stuff. It's not to let them. It's been quite. I expected. Yeah Yeltsin's. He expanded to a whole since it is first of all time out of the second half of less than a ticket to the that's I don't think it'll be the efforts won't. Rookie appeared just in case. I think the breakaway just in case this is the end. Well we have got for the next to break through there have that of course it at the end so let's break a leg Clabo and I think I was second half. Doctors the closest they have finishes and 47 with us this whole time. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the tenth at health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you believe that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy we'll learn more at Kansas town died or. Oh stop. State farm agents get what's important. Even in a deafening crowd. Yeah. So much as they partly as a result protect isn't ready common accidents he has. I know I'll let Nancy please leave me. Just a little. That's kind of the common accidents. Yeah anything that gets you. Now let's go right up to twenty the ultimate sports slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on your greens and Christ who is bursting from the -- -- in sports is there something and many dissatisfied every fan's appetite Entergy needs a new high with any harsher light for the table when he's full service bar features and ten election of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees -- -- so ice cold beer crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV there's never a bad seat now held for twenty being drinks scenic views soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. WSU shocker basketball. He's on 103 point seven Kate you've won eight. Bob Knight again. Wichita State was down by six at halftime and got back to seventh in the second half as Packers know they're more possessions down seven. He could score but all of a sudden four straight points at Wichita State it was it. Right in this ballgame. It's. What does that say about the defense he's playing with that thought states enabled with the stuff. On some defensively and now finally taking advantage of it fast with want to read from your sense. Offensive foul that's exactly right it definitely shocker defense that stepped up. And everything put it. And right now they get a couple of threes. They've had some sort of Houston's. Three of the night they have 33%. This this time of 1145. And a half percent equity. It kind of flew through all of this is stacked with off. Settled on the dance with recruits in the finals is the only events yeah I think that's. Necessity and it's added it's slightly fifty you know it's not it's very bounces and it's Nightline started my heart is definitely. Police say this. Business reason you know announces that the posts 300 activity at jump hook. Els and Adam found laughter. Thank god acting. It's it's not. Very pretty lucky and Brady throws went up there. As. Four points as well. Brady is known as the score for this ball club that's for sure. There after his second team's fourth at the half that now we have. Yet you're two up such that what I did meet him but we'll break away yet. We have 1149. To go the second half he's excellent in the line lady is soccer's 4945. Ever wish you could call a timeout of those expensive AT&T. Well guess was when you banquet equity bank UK us. With your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere fear its true. Hello equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDI. You always get a great ride on tires from campus like entire. And speak and a great ride what a fantastic ride it's been a big a part of Wichita State basketball this season. I think it was entirely understand that a great work ethic determination and commitment to success that you compatible and shot right is what it takes to build a W issue athletic legacy. I can't display entire we're proud to have been a small part of this year's Wichita state pride and accomplishment. Thanks to all of you Wichita State fans everywhere would make it can't display entire part of the shocker family. This just in Baxter at Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business on Baxter and our whole team has seen challenging Financial Times and we're up for the challenge we understand you're depending on your series money now and in the future please give us a call at 3166520101. Back & Associates time well spent money on that. Security investment advisory services offered presaged what financial EF member Fenner PE SP separately owned an Kennedy's indoor marquee names product or his reference here are independent of SPS that he's 21 of three of collectively in Wichita Kansas and there's a 316620101. Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven. One thing. The AC seven finals and this is the in the Cincinnati for the championship tomorrow afternoon at the bearcats lose today thirteen point halftime deficit. To effectively spent the night had earlier today right now but it's not stayed after cutting the lead to suit against Houston out. Are you still left Riyadh reading of why exactly. Three point play soccer baseball update it's now the bottom of the eighth inning stadium which is nice. Three to line. It does not ecstatic to have runners on second and third to fifth one out threat to add to their market. Here's our land at a soccer is played better started to play in a way that gives them a chance. These last. And others that with a sprinkling of Red Shirts around in the crowd most of the yellow flag now I've had something that they could care about the soccer fans. I'd get up against the noise the doctor showed signs of life offensively. Freddie today decent free throw shooter 21 of 31 thinks about her free throw attempts Wichita State and outscored. Houston at the troubled nine mark fourteen decisions that could happen Brady. Makes that were seen as well. His first priesthood exists. It's enough bad things about the fact that prevented you know Louis. Like if it does not present time now to Indianapolis but nothing mr. trump is not libelous guess his left elbow. Hit it off. These constant. And the deadlines and nurtured Brittany. All over his back foot plus stuff tonight not only got why is there and really spread out that's for upgrading. Four also on another of those insurers honest it's actors like analysis there's 161000. An atmosphere. Is slightly in. Those guys probably do. His 2000 lots who would have more times for games and their opponents. They get three less free throw opportunities for game and opponents because they just admits that many thousands you beat them by the big. And that deflating it can't let it three. This night. Her eyes closed up fifteen footer god reflective of contestants got. He's got 7 NEWS. He's got a mid range jumpers. It was as good as anybody in this. 47. Not a lot. Life wife. Pregnant now back in on Willis with the details yeah wells it just barely gotten on the incident now. Elliott once it gave me. Right around this news underneath the line Ellis. Why that's a good. Nice attack for them apart Santa drove the ball to the basket from the defender Rafa want him and then Willis is it. And I think that's part that's the Santa. With credited itself but now it seems three point Leahy made the field goal. Fourth line at seven points. At this it. Analysis yeah. Apparently it is free throws it is listed. Is that. Not afraid that if he has not been seen. You know that knowledge it's evident that it was refused. That's fine with McDuff right on campus ministry at her reversing the left and got it. The left and he's so quick Mike do you celebrates underneath it's difficult for a big man to come off on it. It was see anything. Wolf that this flyers bounce it off the net present that list but nothing gets out of the way it did Valentine will stop the client golf now. And it's going to be it appears. To us today. Leon Landry sand that's his first. And the fifth game now that have plummeted to us today. Wichita State hasn't got the benefited from meatballs you've second half. 5451. Theaters used to call it the front short front right sideline. To Pakistan. Louis amateur through these and Daffy Duck percent to 6000. Second panties and a seventh. They're grateful that you have dribbles down the left side of the definitely this definitely. It's definitely dribbles over the credit race. I establishment related issues Davis that is not yet to jump to a short now is not free about well throughout resentment here unless it's nothing. Soccer's. Eight. And it's not fruitless modeled on the enactment and Myers. The Santa. This is the anchor of that's nice today that it won't now. On the Nazis raised slant it is nothing like this through because her company with a shoulder. Now that's our food is third's sixteen now make seventy. I was I was just not states' 11. Grade at normally. I Houston doesn't go to the free throw line. Opponents do the things going Tuesday. Free throw line frequently in this ball game. Also seen the tape which does state that doesn't get nurture Fred Hampton Flores are back in this office night. 25 to you know. It's not a state getting tied up now rocker will try to put Houston back if you can't get some production. Nazi needs to be back and they need to go through it not inspected the game he's got a fourth now is greatly on the bench right now with. Maybe that's why he's there at one of the most spots to address it 67 justice and a Jackson had a chance to. Good he is now eight of us can't. From the free throw line this seventeen points. Three at two games against the soccer's regular season in this instance we've scored eighteen and half points of view of the free throw line about five and a half almost six times albeit. There's nine and a half minutes left now and he's going to line once they're let eleventh time that eleventh. Gives Houston a two point lead with. This is doctors have fought their way they acted just like much better offensively in the second half 5650. It's nice. Days. Fast and hides his listeners at save your wife got up at about reducing benefits through his arms and suggested found it to be called on white. That's his second. Team's eighth simplicity of one and one for Darryl Willis and here on the instantly and they say that's like sports. Your needs to convert seasons missed the last few free throw attempts. Darryl Lewis three up behind you basis for this reason this just last and it gets his daughters tied up with yourself. Nearly seven points of Florio Monday afternoon. For instance that's short brief Nazis. I don't influence. That that was my sorts it's not it's down to ninety minutes fielded yeah. Not very different story guarded by. That's. Very it always looked at night that it takes him back it fires its history. The clutch shots. Here's the second half is definitely on its spinoff with some big baskets after what does it. Industry. Slugger went behind those of us that this industry it's not that the forests now blank notebook yeah. That's the field goal of the game. That's exactly eighth ninth incident that you would allow for instance at my home it rate in the basket. Doctors in eight. And a half court press zone defense that's three since it can't it right and left it right. Yeah exactly and it's that's definitely. Made. Nine issue and it accidentally started by accident but now long three spots on three got away from race say life is habit to. But you cannot crosses over rightly outraged drives that only the basket gets hammered. You've nailed it to the basket support popped out everybody's kind of outlined efforts do. Not want the coaches instantly travelling dog race. Probably eight bit decision Mary had a wide open. 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US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE YE. The final count. That's like today. Yes eight minutes ago at this look. Six. The reason we thought that line this actor's happy outlook drive to basket they'll have a chance to fool would not stay. Within a point they got it tied on a land. On it. He has been back as much as a five point lead at three right now for Houston saved his life just found out of the game. And I got behind us as individuals now cannot. He found out they that is this there is not a dance floor now for Houston. Leon Brady has three so that's right got off my dad. If it was quite rating. Another stat sheet says night at Madison blindness or. Dance floor every society for science. That the influence of experts that he's got nine point soccer shoot 62 and a half percent in the second half the before. It's not exactly seventh birthday raised an accident free throws definitely got some confidence in the field that. It's not safe back. Robinson cut off that must work out great stuff. Time line. Not status is that zone just position on that is the business of Afghanistan. If it's. Mentally. And these lines of davis' announcement. And I definitely double standard is not a block. Morrison a couple of shots with flooding Portland's on the baseline. But aides. Yes hustle but it's not as these guys with the left sideline and particularly here with a master's degrees in those cases not stand it looked like. You know lately anything lately. Off rights and political equivalent him. They doubled up that nobody dropped down to help along the baseline just perfectly since I was listening. It ain't nice field. 650 I think yeah. That's. Not that. And I know that Israel off a but not today he's made some lava. That's what four points Andre thinks. Is the second half views advice to him it is and it's not. Lifted doubles you over if you know the French camp Connor. Drives down the line they're expecting up to now he drives it. All the way to the basket. The left handed out now on. Instantly business. That it now aren't definite date does not believe you have to have a Davis with the now obviously on him. Only three. Not yet in the first and it hasn't played much room while it surprises. Now I don't think it's not a bit sad. And it's. You know everything from now on these shots with us. Kelly has not been to the lines flight news for a crime against. I. And it sure. On line that still work. It's hard after struggling at the line but should be. Here and it made six of seven of the last four games in four of five yesterday. What we're trying to get it wouldn't want. Oh yeah. It's a little farther than it's not Rashard Kelly now we have eight points and in addition to. Let me ask him revamped its. You know thinkers tough. Sixth sixth month it happened that it. It's not once not respect it and now look at it as you know it is to get it yet they've definitely gotten. It's not gone right back to bring in three straight guy's card write equivalent of nasty throes of the flip the only about Morris saves please cross. Crosses sideline left side is. He's done for the student of their divorce right back with. It's connected us tonight felony or three axis way sort it. I think what's up god help us that respect the fact galaxy fit into what it doesn't quality. It's not that. The best offensive rebounds in the conference in new. He was coming into revamp that clueless that let Suzanne one points accurately six. Sixty feet past the hype hosted at the Davis and Alan Kelly frank it's Friday that's not what I thought were handed them back. Let's start third now. Now it's wanted wanted to edit Davis. Double double for the senior from Virginia. That is Kelley's third double double of the year. Now you've got seven Davis going to the free throw line not a particularly good free throw shooter. Oh on the season just over 66%. From the line. And that's when he shot last night in the ball game four of six from the free throw line and waited sixteen points. Marcus definite progress Eric Kelly yeah definitely the format. The moment for the shot. Fairly with three fouls getting a little bit of risk that pipe Tito's. That's the line DeVon. Avis. There's only not nearly as immigrants most of the defense and fulfillment. And its. Kevin Davis with two points out of first half field goal one and one after. It's. Is gonna give him the bonus. Thanks water. Philippines. It is aligned quite a bit of this. At the Davis. Second drive yeah see Beckett hadn't done. Kevin Davis in his first two free throws that version of the game thanks to defense that now aren't quite as Beckett before the house sixty fours sixty. Green but. 55. Victory yeah I think it. On all three races on both body and definitely. Guys down the line doubles underhand the I don't know five cents. Picked up. But it's got a sack but if it editor at slant it. And novelist had been on him well filled out on that nothing. Lane on the war six points. It's not yourself against that it's not. Worth it definitely I'd locked my. Announced that it. It was definitely not Austin. Plodding up on this guy. Austin Dixon is third now golf night team now let's of these shots for Torrey Davis you. And they're doing what they need to do and Corey Davis is doing a great job of getting to the basket and free them of the BC. I didn't hit land that's where cross facility at Wright hit the left side again bounce it it is 646. On the line that's its first drive of the second. Yeah. Here at the Honda is now. It's like great news back yet. That was ignited a that was not the best not to bad. Actually about exactly we've got a night game 65 a whole foods is not safe at a couple of one point leads them this accident. Behind the Netherlands I've. Definitely commitment on the block. Now I'm Brady was sitting in the back this as unaudited net wealthy for a break. Smart Smart move continue to go on down to below blocks. Morris for president signs actually that maybe five we've got. It got kidnapped at this little ball landed just hit me. Now you have to please lighted Brady actually I had to write a lot. This incident that. And that's not a second that Brady found out with four points at 43040. Refusing to yield dislike abandon them. But. You feel Morris at the lines and for news. On the day six point three good. And I was seven. It's not states back for a client wanted to. It makes. It it's not as their first point leader's second half if he makes this little backing NF what the differences has made in the second half that hasn't. Productive and didn't want it. That's increased yes you know Morris who. It was just not safe night soon. All right for a 35. The second hand quadrant. I've had my accident it's not presented an extended zone. Kind of pressure just because it's time line. I think Greg if the some of the fair golf etiquette onslaught sonet chased it down though it's not Robertson likes night Torrey Davis acted like Robinson. Out of the blocks on wheels and they're jumped look best of it is definitely got loose on the floor. Kind of possession arrow which not only days if that soccer balls. Andre is based upon any Scottish open. They had all day ahead. Not content sonic got the rebound missed a jump to a and edit the wrestling match for the bulk of soccer's got a little excited just tussle Wichita State as thousands of much better in the second half Greg marshals as of the defense that confidence back before us live. Historically. Defensive markets that's nothing for confidence markets that it suffers with the gulf of 358. Nothing pops up. At least on the block voters. Don't look at it and blocked an advanced grandkids. Here and it looks like he hurt his leg and we got a time out of soccer's rookie thing. Don't have an out of bounds on the left sideline. I'm not on the floor with 348 to go Wichita State where football league east at 6765. It's time again to go inside the numbers the beat Katie CPAs and advisors. You're an all star business with the talented team there's this audience to winning though. Our championship team that beat KD can help strategize and make plays that help improve performance and put pressure on her competition. Everyone needs entrusted advisor who's yours. Learn more about the many ways we help our clients go to beat Katie got comes and goes shock. It's time again to go. On the bad tour. Orlando's Amway Arena but it's not stay down by six at the half down by as many as you. Now by seven elderly. And I think that particularly if it's not present a couple of one point. Back in. Doctors right now with their first. Half at the vault with a chance at them. Not look at the line that got locked out of town without faith. Sixteen on the shot clock hot Air France champ went to town of the bits of that life kind of hobbled off reflecting restarting it. Have a little better either and then you're an ankle got pushed it a little bit that he was walking under his own power for the most. Art and standing during the timeout in the huddles I think he's okay hopefully we see him that can't. Especially down the stretch of the game continues to be close he wanted to free throw shooters in the ball game and is not better account of frank camp. Rafa I can't worry differentiated between them that's. 48. At. Five point what's. Steam constantly hit Rashard Kelly tan she Gilmore. If not their friend can't hear Lois and Clark is that they all had seventeen felt better balance where this doctors and let's. Had actively try to keep that balance working for them as we go down the stretch here right now up to. With a long list of tickets at the actor's death threats if it consistently gets starts to. That if they go rob gray does have 21 points Mike that is only five of the field below his shooting percentage to a sixth 13 also. From the three points right he's connecting quite a bit from the free throw line though that's at a red cloud nine of eleven. The free throw line. Actually the last time out we're getting it through but here there's not raised net deflected. But he hasn't been six or eight feet from the you know. Landry's ship it by contrast six of ten from the field because a lot of times that's not he is five for five of the second half. Four for six to three so let these two games here has gone ten for fourteen for. Seriousness was not over yet and in the last four minutes Wichita State. Has outscored Houston in the paint six weeks to know. Me it points in the like the fact that got 5000 Brady he's out of the Ayers though they with. Four fouls on net worth or one of the freshness of that. We have. Hit it right at those guys. And happy and walking in the second half has made significant difference as sixty minutes. Late in the ball thus far but that's lost points. Four rebounds and stood up for it but does it it's out Stewart is used advanced. It works well. It's quiet and from the left sideline that wondered if seductive and let's not north artists like you this treatment or is it rates down the line sticks it up but it's. But it benefits that frequent life and it's not that it is so I'd. And I want to set it up and grabbed our instance but it sounds so good at it now. These guys Houston contests every football player with the official and continues to fan the official after. Every ball like he got a lot of won't I don't know it. Good chance of this game is effectively collects that less about it. Yeah ascendancy and definitely gotten got to monitor of the united since the slain president. So I could free throw gathered for evidence could make enough. The four point lead. And it's a little short bounces out of it gets the good bounce it at that it is better. Authority on that and that's a 3.3 6865. With us 330 to you know secondhand. Right side of the floor. Marie Davis excite me very active in both struggled with enough if it is it's it's definitely the and it's gone through these nice to stated I stumbled fell over probably travel accident. Re now line up with the Ryder. Like that was. It's an apple did not mind and it's not right now. Six points definitely. What an offensive talent. In the that's that's left of accidentally you know. The only area that the voters. That definitely. President Clinton's game and if they don't Wear us down the light doesn't. Nobody can only help well I mean there was just nobody there are really high but if it's not polite interest around alliance what. It's not his stuff again. I thought about it three most of them out of the way and apparently it grab on with us today at two shots at. Yeah. Now understand that it is. Six shots for rob ray Wichita State. Three with 233 because actors they just keep scoring. He does that I think so Muslims who have robbery on. It's not a slam home front line has 29 points. Great this season has sports editor or fourteen times out of this is the fifth time. A couple more here thanks that would. Lebanon 13 July 28 round today. And adds Eric Kelly comes out if nothing is back here. Clinton and defense. Houston not pressuring. All the way down to the headline another week for the stock is at the half hour. Seven to sixteen it's not safe hood enhancements that you know. And I appreciate that were headed out of the street could warrants for the. I don't let me read a lot has doubled to pivot to get there it goes baseline because now. Just addressing. They've seen defenders Kevin Davis then there is not a this town over the line it is not signed now now I don't. Why discount. Right now does it sound. Boris and a chance to again build the lead back to three for which it's not safe clots not that late season ago. Shaq from the line is four for four has ten points in the second hand let every chance that has scored fourteen of his seventy. In the second half. Lady members of the it is it's going to be phased in quite get there there's none meant quite winning the fourth round of the reason. Wichita State licenses so out of sync in the first NASA's jet Morse is a key part of their offense and a defense. He's been playing thirty minutes football game he was on the fifth most of the for the staff he's not been able to flex his muscle a little bit in the second half and it's resulted in Wichita State lead by one point the only team left. Texas three lines to. Florist kneipher kind of free throw line eleven points. Yet really good stretches tonight. They keep 81%. Overnight gains just all the went to the last three for 60%. The big effort yeah. Definitely and. Thank him for defense where it goes out. Late Steve go to doctors like 370. Went about well let's put it runs drive this equivalents at different times now at defensive staff is nice it's just. Not that it is here today that it. I could make it. Eighth. Nets yet only item on the play yeah he's got that line is 97. You know but doubled the south course. Slightly talent. I think I. I. I'm Rick has tallied that it perfect. I can't. It. Nobody like shark failing to spot a first cut inside look like at quarterback. Cory Davis contact it. There now it. One. Line on that last. Night. It. Snort it bounce not two but it appears. One. Yeah. And is listed for it bounced up on him and and they bounced off. Now a chance Houston that night. Why haven't Davis at the line use it. Kevin Davis is Dave mentioned. About a 67 and. Flew. It's been good. If it's hot it's here. Landry's ship it to soccer's best free throw shooter. At 84%. On New Year's missed a couple down the stretch of they were up their softly and danced all over the rim. Before they've bounced off that it 47. Remaining. 7473. With us today affidavits from. And it bounces out. Or. It counts on the front and I fell off doctors at the walls up my mind. If I those. Not so it can't try not to. Residents like Rory. That he almost looked like made up his mind about that ball is there there was a lot of traffic I'm not sure it's possible that it that it won't it. With a bull will just get in there. It's all on and lines like. Thirteenth green left to right at it. Seven force that. Yeah. This week 68 caliber tape. On added chant it trying to get it there. And throws it toward the bat well. Reasons to not fight drag it takes to play great doubles that often. Talents that not a night. Right John it means not seamless it's definitely not a soccer fans out lots and lots of course it's. Or restless night frankly and honestly. It is unreasonable hours that night with a double team definitely. Well she wanted against bring down the line we'll not see art. Morris thought it sort of recovered by Kevin Davis and the players that Galen Robinson. One point instantly they have the ball 53 seconds left in regulation. I'm now. Oil full life. Then why should not happy lists. A couple of his players is because voters go right into it they are down 1522. Stick you know accused of possession. And it's got clocked at 21 seconds left on the possession. But it's not my a lot of things can happen in this period of time. 52 seconds of you probably at least several shots Wichita State estimates are that if Houston gets a shot and misses the differently down why not put them on the free throw line they've been productive. A couple of huge mistake by the doctor Landry you haven't seen except refill their personal foul by brown and if Devin Davis gave them make that read the luckily it makes both of them. And then let it bounce pass you know. Ought to reach its ethical stuff for for that thing I thought they got out through my that's not great about him that was your thought for a what you guys are thought for a ball that let's both look like or face it this game. Soccer fans of the shot there on the road the official watch. Nazis slaughtered sleepers is left. You know bikers watch parties for your chance to its great prizes courtesy of Eisenhower actually reported yeah network. You're definitely watch party location for not prevent. Probably his. Did commodities with a fly it's just a matter when they're going to run the play. Rob great then yes I found that some few shots he felt bad news at any point it out. Clearly it. Now. Anyway even if you win or prefix path that was found it hears about the fastest. This gives them belief that if you snowfall. Now here's a clip of all of this not yours now at Stanford is what might freeze. You know it needs it now if you can avoid it but one thing that was here real negative three point. Nancy France's. Doubtful they'll do want to point out great layout it. It's not like forty cents 45. Seconds. It's basically don't want trees and just announced that you know it's not my husband's it is is overdue. Why that's where it gets little today. Don't let up to that Laura has got another rebound deflected it clearly it's not just another don't want flooding eight seconds to play. Now. It is not Gregg Marshall take its timeouts. 43 seconds on the game clock slightly out on the shot clock. Dick there's my Rod Graves but it was way out there it's just it makes it does this. Yeah. Anybody could shoot a high percentage on shots of that list he has missed Danny Worth that he has made to date not to be good enough percentage from the field. And you just hope they don't put him on the free throw line and they did not 7574. Hour news this. Which it's not state would seem to meet you look at these shots not all get rid of the people's injuries. Doctor. Her coaches are huddling with Gregg Marshall trying to figure out what play they want to run right here obviously Shaq worked with the ethnic option that. Sometimes if you try to get it inside is that where it. You don't get a shot at all because it doesn't get there but. I think he would be the high things. Hear some kind of a pull up jumper by you have a lot of offensive weapons a lot of options. Wichita State. So you know the for profit the way they've been shooting in the second half they're probably going to get at least reasonably good percentage. The. There was three guys that get stuff done that that basket made on the rebound out of his shot though it if it. Shaq is the sound off Kelly would have a good kids get afoot that we've done it at. There's a lot of second guess I would think a lot it's a second guessing about. Neither Boris if you haven't got a shot on the last possession against Cincinnati right at the end of last Sunday. Obviously means that those that there are lots of snack if Snyder and the the group that are driving it. I think it is not as an excuse not to get one of those honored and happy somebody else that they thought they. Right can't very well very capable there's you know you could junkyard dog around the basket. Can't stand it back flip but. Because it's not line dribbles by the way. It can't grow enough history back to Santa can't flip yeah. Yeah but it's just great. It's a lot of literally. Adding fumbled the ball goes. Floor most time now and they get it it's sad that it's not it's not mine. Restaurant with a call that's and I don't even try to rip through and they got it that the Fredricka thing about all. This strategy was able to dive on in the heads up time not all the heat that possession. It's different but that is not rocket game clock east put half seconds. This is our privacy and there's not a lot. If he's that much time definitely influences does that take you position now. It's accurate to try to get a basket where now they're only down one that's at nine and a half seconds. I thought Houston's defense is really strong really good Wichita State didn't get a look at the basket it. A lot of opportunities with the players on the floor and none of them had an opportunity to actually look at the basket they're push it and hold it as they come off Wall Street side I'd like if you just go 14 flat giving him and let him a break down it's been fortunate got a full archive if you have a feeling Robinson threw over got to do it quickly seven seconds left on the shot clock nine and a half seconds left in the audience not trailed by 17570. It looked like but it was his. Specific player now what should happen quickly brought it to this link. I can't redneck girl off the Wall Street's top of them looked like that was designed to get it to him what is making it. We'll follow up for voter or did you just an accident not a disgrace that daughters slipped a little better got thrift of their houses it was lucky if yes it is not an apples and that took them out of the additional action against Tory Davis junior on him and he was holding me as a kid and that's street that he didn't live. Our got worse and he kind of looked up quickly right like he's counting on the officials not calling that at this point Houston has won two I'm now left. Shoppers have one's I'm now left as well. Frank Marshall giving a last second instructions for the shot it's great the battle field or slant we can't seem to be easy. Focus of the conversation. Greatly picture everybody else. There's supposed to it's free hand Kelly Lawrence campus. And constantly. Seven backyard of this. Seven on the shot clock. I have thought I gave my few sit up five points 7570. NCAA tournament James put on a great battle here in the semifinals. Soccer basketball left sideline in front of their bench. Want to raise the client Janet Clark and what gap he opened things that are talkative right biblical truth. At the floors they seem to be smiling actually Tuesday not to each other in the middle of this attention span of two great coaches. What individually have heard they're trying to get the time right their their victory this time they get it just a few minutes to get a lot of that stuff. You know if you you know that they activist stance. And I don't know what Ted Valentine's. Just stay at the coaching. Actually now it was in the coaching spot there in front of his management to get over it sets up well. You hit it dead space you're about to. That's what we're hearing that the shot clock they have stopped. Earlier this AP classes at its second. That's next to kind of stopped win when you read went down on the more and maybe another second rate I'll buy it might be five or six that it thinks it's that something. And still up seven home Padilla not it's there certainly that I guess it's left. Ever since that game clock now point seven on the shot clock out isn't it I think it was not a and a half second differentials and yet for the shot clock. Well not make chase this I think doubt that they change. Like Gregg Marshall once run makes it even more Bob I think maybe. A priority is nothing like a few minutes they'll want. Our planet let him just thankful that yeah I did the trick is going to be get hit the ball the office reading picture that you give the capsules law. Yeah I don't know that kind of neat if you were three dribbles. They get a good shot but they've got to make sure that's they get the right dead ball penalties that they'll pass. Certainly not more than one quick fast about it let's let's get it here. He's the play their delegates over on that side probably answers later. Kelly runs across. Hey we've spent together dance and they intercepted by Robinson creates you know. Things. They brought that played before they run a couple of guys off the street then look for the lot worse and it Atlantic guys Avery trying to get the ball and camp and right different defense. Like I did he knew that that was K Robinson. Okay do you really really hit it through the legs. Honored tonight my guys out and got it to say that switch. It's worth it shipped him chemical which it frank it was going away from the path Robinson got it. He shot for rob greatness made eleven of thirteen trees. One point three. You can only get up three nights I'd still want possession game about a lot of the socket F five seconds to get the ball up court and try for a tonight. Three and probably. If they re likely to. And it's not true. Thirty. That is the standard treatment of Florida Robinson. Had a double digit. We can't let that yes it. It's. Think my name. And Robinson have to act like a conflict rather it is. Now for the office doctors. Advance. If it didn't. That means don't let that I've raised 7770. All our books they've been going on to the NCAA president. That it will be Houston at an event for the championship game against Cincinnati. Tomorrow stay tuned for the Johnson posted. Eight year old dishwasher struggling to make it to a cycle well then you better get into the deployments during their clearance sale. They won't quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen aid. Clinton has over 25 models on display to make your buying decision easy. Plus there are large inventory did you get a day or next they delivery and installed on most models fit and let things that they get that old Boise inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new whirlpool Maytag amana kitchen made Energy Star rated this Washington. Ask about free install on qualifying models. 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Kevin had a great experience with Roto-Rooter you know I've had my share of difficulty and lack of knowledge into my home by your competition I won't always count on your company was confident in the future the last 24 people to review wrote a rerun Google each gave Roto-Rooter or a five star rating. For plumbing drain cleaning it truly trestle over repair dial 63 away. Please don't scrabble battle is great. Shocker sports is draw do you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a Karzai in valley center and think for an Andover was later. Listen for all WS shocker basketball game on 103 point seven KE YN which. Not a bad. Another great ballgame right down the wire which means that prevails over the shot 7770. War. Eliminate its backers of a secret but it is not of the championship game against Cincinnati this is that Johnson's post game show brought to you by Johnson when he first 396. Were always behind so much more than it suits. Wichita State. Down the stretch play there way back into it actually led by three on a couple of occasions after trailing by seven early in the second half. But they just couldn't quite put it that way. Missed opportunities here and there that cost him the chance to secure the win. Rob Mary kept making one big play after that if Houston finally settled or lessons to free throws with my second. The you know a lot of things happen during the ballgame. The number of free throws that would not just a point here points there. Wichita State had 63 point baskets but slam champion at one of them. Kelly Juan. And the stuff he won nobody else scored three point baskets when the ball game Wichita State shoots just 33 point 3%. The shoppers rebounded particularly well 39 to 31 rebounds leading edge. They did a good job with points in the paint Janet came to play in the second half. But the end of the game. Which star state the second game in a row not able to close the deal in Houston walks out of the arena. Ready to down the championship game banner. If they played well against Cincinnati tomorrow. You mentioned they even notice it stats stay the one that really jumps at twelve turnovers for Wichita State to see evidence. Clinic at the turn over on what proved to be there next to last possession that Britney had a chance to take a one point or two point lead. And yet it even if she. Yeah a couple a missed free throws. Right before that turn over a lot done by the turn over on the inbounds. There's a couple of free throws they could have been dating to pad the lead a little bit and in that long pass on the out of bounds under effective reads. We did it looked like it was a foul it's on the replay Iraq great going for the ball with with Reeves. In Canada. Brought great got a that got a 211 scored that was a huge huge late this shocker at the ball in the lead right there. Yeah and they had plenty of opportunities in the second half they did well in the second ethically game was completely different second half that was first. Wichita State outscored Houston's second no 43 to forty shots and scored. Points in the first half but once again they've made a couple of mistakes couple mental mistakes they have a couple of offensive fouls that took away a scoring opportunity. And them consistently with Houston home lines that games are at away. And Houston. Fifty free throw attempts. 812 of them and that's the difference also Wichita State at fifty free throw attempts made 93 point walking and chuck has played a lot better second half I think it's a really good adjustments at halftime their office it was a lot more risk. A lot more aggressively attack the basket off the balance landry's ship would look for his shot. And then of course it just kept going inside and check out all the big guys now. And they got to the position with the body that you came back against the position with the blog you know I think that gets used to the game. Let's rock raise tremendous three point shooting and it soccer's just faltered at the end. You know it right up until that last house that Greg got two more free throws the free throws Ramos didn't even Wichita State actually out shot them from the line. It like for a 27%. The first half over 57%. In the second half. So so much improved and it really gave themselves a chance that just that are tough tough loss and it's currently at. Did that in this very athletic conference you think about two point overtime loss temple. At one point loss to Cincinnati last Sunday at them losses that it comes right down the wire against very good teams. Certainly this lived up to. What this what the CDs for jacket. What these teams are ranked second raptors sweet sixteen level NCA nature that you well shoppers titled spectrum it left. If teams continue to be mostly in the NCAA tournament. Their battle tested though because he's very athletic conference and I think they'll go into the NCAA tournament. Ready to do battle with virtually anybody they run into about the fact that needed it they've really been tested throughout this conference schedule. But here at the end was if that's a tough game for example some really tough cases Cincinnati. And two wars against Houston this one this move a lot closer that's more of a game that we thought Houston in which I think what happens that the two previous games that we vote. Well lots. This one was what we thought ovals who weren't really hard fought game they came down here. By the way does it any tweets about. What play was called at the end of the game because the chapters at a place called it can work if they just could've executed a little bit. Yeah they brought that they brought Kelly of for the lob and it that they. Pick out Connor ranking up awful they flare screen and that they were looking for gays in the golfer's shot in in the last option. Would share mechanics at the street when the guys that he pops out you can't let that you have four seconds for. For Landry to create jobs that possibly thesis which. Give Robson that could just switch it off of the screen in the Kennedy committed HK when they kind of look open and they jump in the path. The game recap right about Dylan Baker coming Cummings of Cummings is your proposed fence that you might offer which. Give them a call 2645040. Later this bill Cummings LLC dot com coming to becoming law what your needs. Always comfort to drive home for the game brought to my chances land tire service retires but a lot of service are always a slam. Katie Johnston post game show for Portland. 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But he bridge. Much more then you know. Just cannot ads because doctors did not win the members of games that I wouldn't. It is. Soccer merchandise tent block east. West let's look at the numbers for a moment final stat that you might be case the EPA's advisors everyone trusted advisor. Ours which state in the first half shot 26 point 7% the second half seven. Point seven and 41 point 16 of 1833%. The fourth eight. In the second half and it 2228. From the line for 78. Point 6% Houston. 418. Point seven higher than soccer history of if but doctors 23 XX. It's like actors that eighteenth 3888. Which state six. 2331. From the line percent to 4%. Which testing plus eight on the board 303112. Turnovers. Happen. Soccer's plus two point eight plus Maria second chance points. And less well on that points for the twelfth Houston at the end points off turnovers. War or Houston rob great with 33 points he was at 21 from the deal worth it for 313 of fifteen. From the line. That's only use their eyes in this season and 3734. Games here. Nineteen points for Corey Davis you it is scored if you do at Houston's at least at the next time it was are on drugs with seven. At the Davis with five. There it is not only three point but it rebounds before fouling out. Wichita State land reach it with nineteen. He's got. 68. Yes sixty in the second notes at three rebounds for this. While points five rebounds for Shaquille florist his points in the second half. Points twelve rebounds which Eric Kelly his third double double here ten points for Austin reach second double game here. Seven points apiece for Connor for cancer Willis at markets that elicited issues seven points eight rebounds second high. Italy's well. Dockers Boston 774. They are now 25. Cent on year. It Indians in terms with that records line at CB worth of they'll play. On the selection show late tomorrow evening in his pocket. Off the bears Packers at least the back home to find that out rather then play championship game here and then having to watch though. And then scrambled start making arrangements after they get back on late night so there actually are some advantages to this as far as preparation for it. About compass points west for everything for ways. Three in the fourth prognosticators. Are they might go there but even if it is always talking about west might be the destination. Well after we get over being mad about this Lofton. And not get into the finals tomorrow which everybody wanted to do it and hit that shot at Cincinnati and have a trophy here. The first year which states in America athletic enough to be determined it appropriate. As we get over that we're gonna through and analyze it and realize that a lot of people believe that if you lose your quarterfinals or semifinals here. Conference tournament you are really better off going and the NCAA choppers and have a week off we can half off like had previous. Years ago. It gives you an extra day of rest you have to put Cincinnati key and get beat up maybe somebody gets injured. And it's not gonna effect the seat. I don't think this loss today is the fact checkers seasonal what do you think four that's what they're saying 455 at the worst. And Houston is very definitely wars 45 caliber seed there really it there's not much to choose. Between these top three teams conference captured tomorrow's championship game of the united knockdown drag out defensive battle very close game very well and it will that's gonna take a lot of those two teams but. That the 315 for playing here today Houston. Soccer's. Cincinnati and well there's a lot of space between all three I think. They're pretty even. And all three should be good representatives in the NCAA tournament I would expect each of them would at least one game maybe. One of the three at least go to a little bit deeper run maybe the sweet sixteen team. Flat out all three likeness and I can highly dramatic footage of the deep freeze play but here is our play of the game today brought you violent supplies. Yes but double speak about my divorce rate slightly. No depth chart that's been under center of the past Atlanta now. Not necessarily read it perfectly good. Night's him. I want my. The only guy out of the side that looked like the court asked the that was one of the two free throw that this might damage it at each if he has any and it bounced on him three times before falling off. Add. Those doctors Aetna insurance sevens and four defensive player of the game racquet I got you covered. Troll like your living room create privacy of their group are transform your kitchen got you covered it right with the treatment solutions for years. Offering what 66127000. That members of which dot com that she got through it 10% off any or got you covered. Irving that would area that you could do any better that shark Alley today all over the place really tamp things up audience not on the boards constantly keep people's lives at Bradley read them. Second third chance from the get go I mean he was great. On the boards in the first half has to a system. Only one turnover and how about this only three players made it three point basket. Janet made four of them but definitely and makes one Hercules 123 point oh I thought about that. It Kelly does a lot of things that did that doc goes to show up on a stat sheet computer talking to the other guys on the weak side defense. Up warning when nations which who has who and fox and often get the boards and I agents on. They're trying to calm guys down to came off the floor want to market but if he can often usually upset about stumped them. And Kelly was over there trying to calm down again refocus you know so Rashard does a lot of stuff to help this team he's the leader. He spent one year. 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Away at the end of the years go by Carlos account which. Four patches take advantage of that opportunity. Quickly on the scoreboard earlier today Cincinnati trailed that this 4229. At halftime rallied for a seventy to sixty win. It's adding on to the finals tomorrow 294. They would not seat of course rank them for this week's Apple's. And that's what he's been over the records of these seven that before Houston by the way it was eighteen. Both polls this week chapters Levitt AP fourteen that coaches. All the projected. Top six seats or so in the NCAA tournament. Also at baseball today Wichita State the Texas Arlington I want to know in the series eleven to one year. Leann Eddie the freshmen what the first four for seven innings only giving up one unearned run. And it picks up his fourth win of the year against no losses that series concludes tomorrow. 1 o'clock game addicts stadium. So get on attitude then you have the opportunity. And of course we have achieved a coach's show that coach shows where but he coach's show coming up. On Monday night. What that Gregg Marshall six to eleven to talk about the upcoming NCAA tournament rich doctors be edit its stated team. Heading into the Czech seventh straight. NCAA tournament started a game brought you by the Kansas lottery Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become millionaires as lottery dot com. The most current jackpot amount like Kansas lottery and treat it on the didn't learn anything though players start once they can it's a tough one letter channel with. So good he was the reason Wichita State jump back in the ball game. But keeps the shoppers in the ball game in the most consistent player throughout the entire game was sharp talent in my opinion he did everything you ask him any more. He defended he rebounded and scored baskets or free throws three pointers. Borchard have the most complete game in my opinion. Can Kelly played well twelve rebounds four offensive to do a lot of defensively preventing article she dammit just because without the four threes they don't they don't give back as well. I get a break that I'll call it between the two both laid out and I think today it that flat rate. Really had a determined early last two games that at 43 points in two games very its shooting percentages. It was like ten to 153. In the game yes while so that's. That's important to get him here yet and you know honestly. Hampshire us Reeves picketing stuff about that last pass but he scored in double figures both games here that making fourteen of sixteen free throws. Got back on track will that has an off his game for years. Ten. He had been off his game and his minutes dwindle just a little bit coach Marshall continues to show confidence in the plays 24 minutes from the baseball game and did pretty darn well you can they turn over into the ball game there are a lot of possessions in the ball game a lot of different things happen throughout the ball game. That's came up with a three point deficit for which tough day to say that it was Boston Reid's fault I think it's unfair to correct. Dollars for things that happen before that that maybe it is gently at that point but. He if interest thing as a sophomore already think of all the situations he's been thrust into it and this tough plays he's had to make as a freshman stuff for it and he's getting a ton of experience here in his career which just it's really can rely on him. Next year's going to be one of these leaders and he's going to be one of the guys it's been. Or quite a bit for them to be. Contender and work. Once again. We're still wait and see anybody coming away so this mention Greg marshals comments here presented by express what it professionals. On a mission to put a billion to work it coming up next Ted. Woodward and Jeff flutes for these papers rock with a lot. Take your calls what you can't analyze everything and recall the FF well and. Actually it was one of the best shows on radio might there they're good that clever. That commiserate with the people and they'll be a lot of discussion about what happened and what could have happened. But nevertheless this is a team that's 25 and seven. That came in tied for second in the conference in very good athletic conference. And I think Jeff temple put that in my perspective from callers it's it's this soccer team that likes drama that's our nature. And I think they're gonna take some years off Greg marshals lives that. That so many close games this year obviously. Part of his feet in this league game in the nonconference. Schedule but a lot of tough tough all they want quite a few over lots and lots of field. Well they shipment maybe have some breaks coming their way when they get to the dance. Hopefully that will be the case again we'll find out. We're at a shocker there didn't let their seat is who they play all tomorrow evening that you start to think around 5:30 years those central time. Find out all that information and then we'll talk about with Gregg Marshall six to seven on Monday night for a few show for eight days. And it had doubted they'll play at our seventh straight NCAA picture. Isn't TV that's going to happen show with pre heat the CD national religious with a 68 teams in the tournament no practically anything out of that election shows us she yes. Okay he gets out CBS has the selection show and they're gonna condemn all the team's first and then they're gonna come back and dual brackets. I Larry you know thank you all for joining us our it was the better outcome but which testing later right to the wire yet. As for Bob called -- to -- and handling our producer that great to have you with distinction for tendon sheath shop but all up for you. Final score here in Orlando Houston 77 which just states over the fourth chapters are out of the American conference tournament cities will continue next week. If they didn't. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KEY and crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare slip tired. I was at Kelly's. Executive airship shelter insurance the Carnahan proved quite start machinery not to love Tina is guerrilla. Clinton is applying its equity bang your hometown Chevy dealers comfort distance via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas just it's Javaris covered up my. But Kansas Department of Transportation. 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This not anything dreaming up and can't seem pretty owner Gil on the business with a company that's growing and we are not all of us building the town medical facilities restaurants and other buildings around the time they own need to be cleaned each day still miss this opportunity to earn revenue day after day month after month. And a king offers training and work a little investment and opportunity come into king 041. It's not a shocker locker room jumped with sadness for example and special guest Jeffrey Linux on one of three point seven G. Why can't. Good afternoon and welcome to the shocker locker room so glad to be with you here on this Saturday afternoon Ted Woodward in jet blue's we are lie at a special guest at special guest Jeff Lewis thank you. We are here live at twin peaks where he's Wichita when he first rock were here after every soccer game shots fall today in the semi finals. In the American tart and a 21 ranked Houston beat the eleventh ranked soccer today 77. 74 the soccer exit the American tournament in the semi finals and now. We are tech 24 hours from now Jeff B 68 teams who have been announced already and will be waiting for brackets to show up on TBS. At this game will be all but it consequential not gonna probably affect Wichita State feeding. Location any of that very much zone 24 hours he turned it made you find out where you're headed and you you go you go that you go after. I did not say at CBS Sunday we will carry it on if makes it that way you can listen to the selection show on at 12:40 AM 975 FM on Sports Radio KF eight on your radio dial. And our phone number today is 8691037. If you would like it to join us anything on your mind today 8691037. The airy noticed the 316. And this is the soccer locker room so I'll go ahead and ask you Jeff right off you made statements and my quest you don't think this loss hurt Wichita State seat. I don't think you know it'll drop one maybe one but it. What's that it really I don't board at thirteen at 512 those games even in Wichita State's recent history they always seem tougher than four vs thirteen. Good teams get wealthy alive and to win those games we thought with VCU. Five or six years ago us as well the beating a five seed Wichita State though it can't happen but I. It's it's mostly meaningless outside the emotion and you want it you want another shot at Cincinnati would've been cool to play in the title game. The first year in the conference but other than that. You're here you gotta be ready for the NCAA tournament. Soccer cultivating Houston 7774. In the American semis. Our phone number is 8691037. Who we have on phone Jason Jason right adjacent. Guy you know we are a little bit better effort out there probably would like it's game. But it you know saying that at bat game it's game and it Connery as quiet it seems that whenever Carter frank camp at the fight game. We don't land and it is there's congress hilarity. To that game and that's one and I despite its feet congress stepped out of it. But that'll leave you with that guy thing. That's it's I don't know if it's fair to single out one person I guess if you wanna call commerce somewhat of an X-Factor that. It seems like when he doesn't play well this doctors aren't yet I guess that's. Somewhat reasonable that a lot of guys we're not their message Jack Morris Smith. Much of the first half with foul trouble took him awhile to get going. It's was an attack differs productive today so. Almost down the line their words they were one or two things are more that. Guys get offenses to reverse this outcomes though. I wouldn't put as much as it's on commentaries he's maybe back within somewhat of a shooting slump the yen bit. I don't think this blossoms with squarely on them or even non squarely on. Now Ryan and the shocks rely on a lot of different folks in and we can point difference. When you lose you look he can always point to different plays and different things didn't go right somewhere along the way that. Conner at you think of Connors beat a real weapon from long range the deadliest shooting now thirties now gone three straight games without making a three. Right and I was early in the season or even later in midway into the season he was still on that streak of having made a theory and many consecutive games got a upwards of thirty or more right and now there have been multiple games not just these very than others Torre hasn't made a period. He's he's doing more things offensively try to be more personable with floaters in the poll out from the baseline stuff. He's at it may be some some some shots in his arsenal but the three. Pointer hasn't been there is as off. Any yanks comments he's gone Cincinnati and in these two games in the American without authority. There's not too well against Cincinnati in the regular season finale did. He's three for nine today. Not not necessarily sergeant that was all from inside the arc that was all those 92 pointers he attempt. I don't remember how many threes that he attends the I don't even remember this game not yeah that's what I thought of getting out of my eyes toward the seat now to take a three at all. That's bizarre it seems a little strange yes executive lead at least take one yes the defense for Houston was. Pretty aggressive and intense and they were out on him. They've made it tough Francis to get open we had to drive to the basket that no threes for conference champions. Hopefully anomaly for Wichita State's. Attempt all of attempted it's weird and in yet Zach brown attempted fourth three pointers and it's being run on their Enron energy through it here. There's a mystic up Darryl Willis the typical I think it's pretty early in the shot clock it seemed ill advised though. Value you'd rather have those seven shots going to conference can't you take your chance. Shots fall today. 7774. Was the final score today as the Sox fall to 21 ranked Houston. And our phone number if you wanna be witnesses 8691037. Let's go back the phone lines dailies next go ahead Gail. Yeah I'd I'd just had a cup of comedy bit like my god no he's got a discovered that that's when my comments are just we're great with. I'm happy to speak inside judgment outside the reporter. That the other coming up like that may do about rob great. Broad area that was a great basketball player. If you watched the game at all referees called a whole lot of felt a boat team. Rob greatly all the forty minutes he scored 33 point. The last couple of minutes you felt at least two or three times that were called you with the whole forty minutes without them felt call him with just my only comment. I don't wanna was shocked and good luck in the front tomorrow. And I'll let you go very very. Thanks for the call to nail this thing viewpoint I like the way present that there was obviously some slant to a but he today didn't get any foul call. And there was one lay out I didn't see it. I was still a driving over here Austin reed played it sounded pretty egregious. Where rob gray made some contact to say the least I guess. But he had no fouls were robbed grade game where it seemed like there was a pal just about every possession and it first. Half was really. Boring. And I mean it all it was a free throws basically in the final over thirteen minutes of the first half. Things finally loosened up both he's got on track better offensively in the second half and then later it started become thousand. Free throws again and we ended up what what 59 free throws attempted total in this name's Lou. It especially the senate town I get if you wanna may be tied it up with the the game goes along but if you set a tone of okay we're not gonna really lay play here we're gonna call lot of thousand you don't really have a choice. But to continue to call fab I'd rather be more lenient in and conservative I guess with those. Foul calls then then just go all out early event feel like you have to make every golf course. Houston knows basically taken a bond driving on an in flight for the contact the lot of the time right and the shocks. We weren't working in the paint zealots like they got to the line twenty. Insisted this wasn't really fun game to watch. It did give more entertaining later I guess but just just a tough game it's not comfortable not pleasing to the guy. I I would agree with that assessment. Stocks fall today to Houston 7774. To two top 45 teams. Going to go to notre date shots fall just short. Shocks Sox came up empty on several of their final possessions. Did not score in the last two minutes of the game. And I you know Sox had a 7472. Lead and they got outscored five nothing in final few minutes a couple of those possessions were turnovers. And a couple of this and permit shots. I'm not sure what to make him like the in game stuff. A lot of people are are putting this on Gregg Marshall not a lot but just the last play and not the same thing happened in Cincinnati where wasn't great look or its Cincinnati where wasn't a great look for frank camp over a bigger defender and today the pass gets thrown away feeling OK a lot of bad. That plan bad play call to begin with I don't know if that's true I'm sure there are lots of options and in both scenarios. And Wichita State could make either of them work at it than it looked. Particularly bad today at the pass stolen. I don't know I don't know what to make and I was in the huddles like him. Really explain it in and break down what maybe the options were. On a think they're trying to do switching get on her open and out of the fence here that Houston did have he's not right there defensively so that past wasn't there to begin with the from the Internet. Yeah he was kind of going away toward the the corner and he fender was just cut him off some great camp couldn't turn back around that time to get to the ball and there you go bought it. Final score today and went 777. For the soccer. Will await their fates. In the NCAA tournament. Tomorrow during a Sunday selection show Sox will take a record of 25 and seven into that scenario. And then we will love you take your phone calls here where death sentence applied in pizza when he first ROKR phone numbers 8691037. The area code 316 let's go back to the phone lines are next dollars Dennis Wright had Dennis. I had Bengie out. But that doesn't let me tell you walking again he'd and it turned out of me. And it does in most of our gain. We've refused to go out and guard to guard the shooter army part of we Greeks used to reduce bad. Houston pressured our guard. Another thing. Every piece streams like. There are guards or more of regret we've been out. And a thing of it is our shooters. Won't do they don't look. Usually. It looks like they don't want to take it got. On the other hand and you watch according neighbors then rob parade. Ever tied meg got it they wanted to drive the ball they wanted to shoot devolved. If there were wide open and shot it if they were gardening patriotic. Bear two guards shot the ball thirty some guy. Our three guards only shot the ball 25 times. Planned camp and reuse. Our shooters to a large shooter. Didn't even attempt at three point meager one out. While everyone else on the team with fire and when we're open. And we seem like we don't want to shoot the ball. If you're just not why don't you can't do that you've got to be a great thing. And so backward because that most disappointing debate that we'd work at grade fever and now. And it happens every gain. And once again you have worn that tag go all thought again and beat here. And that is definitely shocked more than wants to see it happen are and most of their losses. I according to Taylor and Eldridge. And it was anti illegal. And of course. I don't have all the statistics vary bank but it you little quick article is there a bit. Equipment individual could go bomb all on the streets here for more than thirty points. You know what I believe that different happened once or twice you know now you could make that it. They play at one time. Threat on guys. Go pearl worth thirty point oh. Not garden at all and why didn't go out guard I don't know how many time to get out what to in this game. Where Asian leader. On not perimeter. Would wide open and it wouldn't go out and guard. Play shouldn't abandon wide open. You know Dennis a couple of times a shocker went to a zone and habitat did not work out oil Houston got a couple of unbelievable wide open looks off that scenario that would work. Nobody at the drain on the air even enter the problem you've got a daughter. Now you can't just like Bennett Brooke's got that wide wide open shots when we weren't as well. Why in the world would. Winter romance on a tour and I heard it yet and I'll probably one was supposed to be guarding the perimeter. So I I don't I just don't understand why they're so afraid to go out and guard them. On the other hand Houston. Pritchard out. What over. I mean even. I'm and that's why Landry had some had so much and that's why all the doctors have trouble getting open looks from three. Houston Houston was doing a great job doing that. My point is yeah if you like Souter you've got beat like gored here today that was prevailed. Not ever want to bear shot went wide don't think they would challenge they were all bound hunt drives took the laughed at spa. Pound and needed we have. Not many. OK gonna make that it's. Simply not adequate treatment now offensively. For me principal. Annika what. All right at a M but Dennis thanks for the phone call we appreciate that we were talking now before the show about you know. Does not knowing exactly what Wichita State isn't these are questions that should be answered. By this point in the season it's. It's there and I understand the frustration there are two sides to. You know the frustrations from fans wanted to you know you're ranked eleventh in the country if you're frustrated that means a you've arrived in maybe there's I don't think there's nitpicking I think a lot of this is valid because they are inconsistent there are games where they don't do the things that they. Usually do well in the game they don't do that while. And it's like you know if he does that number one of those things Weller them. One of those things well at the right time he probably would note why I do understand the frustration because. What is Wichita State it's hard it's hard to know. He'll be surprised really by any outcome. Well I mean and and we can pick up we can pick apart this box store for the next eight hours. That we won't I don't think we're going to come to any conclusions on that mean. There are some they looked great at times and then they baffle you and India I and then. There are too many turnovers at times seemed little sloppy at times. Even though they out rebound today of the shots out rebounded Houston. In both of the games they lost in them. Which usually when the doctors do that they want. Right but that effort is there at the probably that'll ever be a question. Of a Gregg Marshall team it is. Why why inconsistent on on a grander scale yeah they can beat east Carolina's in the center floor as the evening the struggling at some of those teams of two lanes of the world in Memphis. But in these games why why did the performances seem to fluctuate. Shocks faulty Houston day seven 774. An in depth here on the soccer locker room shows shots. Added it down by nine in the second half rallied in the first half rather rallied in the second half of the lead couple times. And and I suspect still had a lead. 7472. With two minutes ago but stocks got outscored five nothing in the final two minutes. And we're not able to get any points down the stretch since Houston got few free throws and a bucket. In the last two minutes and came back to beat the stocks today 7774. Houston takes two out of three from Wichita on the season. Was it a break here on the soccer locker room showed that in Jeff coming back to twin peaks right after this their phone numbers 8691037. 8691037. 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Didn't step back we see here on the soccer locker room Joseph thanks for being Willis followed the game there and give the Sox the lead with seven minutes to go in the game there could be seven more lead changes after that in the final seven minutes. So it was a back and forth quite a bit down the stretch. But Houston has that was the last team to regain the lead and hold it with a 50 Ron in the last couple of minutes. In Houston comes back and beat the shot 7774. Today and semi finals of the American tournament in Orlando. Shock exit the tournament at 25 and seven and now wait their faith in the NCAA tournament. On selection Sunday tomorrow this is the soccer locker room so we're taking your phone calls the area code is 316. Phone number 86910378691037. Give us a call and our next caller is Michael go ahead Michael. Ted. Oh my Michael. Yeah you know flipped it upside down I think jet use. Usually it was a game. It is unit that shocker at all maybe see. It's. Iron Gregg Marshall in the line it's. He's done Sunday and then you know they are full day. And the main thing is nobody got hurt. You like to land you want to win the home. You ought to win and I it's not. It's not a crippling loss by any stretch but you. In the game you go out there competing you wanna win. Or is would have been. Vision we've we've never had a buzzer beater. Yeah that seems like it has been awhile since there's been a lot of myths is that going back. Then lead against Kentucky I believe last year against Kentucky if I'm not mistaken. A couple of this year it's been awhile. Yeah. I think they played a little bit like last year has been checked true little cooler it is. It was. Look at how close these gains. You know I don't know I think if I took match for a walk because I couldn't stand to watch and less time in that would bring. It almost. But I played pretty well down the stretch until that last doom and made eight shots and Euro one point. Well and I'm mentally news. Would it. So hope that we get in. Where in that tournament though yes. That it and mean. There are. You know a lot of street teams in. And mentally you with it is. We've always a win win win win going away if I don't win on points you into the picture group. If you do. The lion sleeps tonight. He column the the soccer the sleeping lie and I don't understand the reference Mike. I guess he's a leftist look that we'll never know left to ponder that you get it is that a metaphor of them so maybe he's maybe things doctors sleeping. Lion ready to pounce all I can think it. Ethnic if anything else certainly a fantastic you know vocal performance early and oh by the way rob gray hair. It's it and move on it's it's infuriating. It is it is. This aggravating. So many levels that isn't in my I I agree about biologist at nominal. I'm sure you played sports at at someone you know right okay so for me it didn't happen often but it. When they are the pitcher out there that if we look weird I donated. And I can't it's got to be sort of distracting for which now states have to look at rob gray. And then CBS shows the period in the stands and as it is here and avoid mine. That's not even a man on what rob gray as the united. Is that a modified it's it's the modify is because he's got the line that or is it more is its last visit men buns last. So polarized sort united this. And with a tattooed as I know that's part of his personal idea I think he likes making people mad so more power to me clearly is that guy. But it works. Legitimately work so good for him. And he he not a dagger through the doctors today while at the samurai referenced the ghetto farewell that. 8691037. As our phone number at a depth here on the soccer locker and so we're twin peaks. Let's go to the phone lines Robert is next going at Robert. You know I I rarely agree elements. But boy I viewed this. We just know and like we used to guys we just don't. Two I say open computers now at and that's based on the facts. Look at how many times if I don't sit on in the eighties we we just hardly ever and it went in the eighties. You gotta match up offensively against the team goes and about eighty. It's tough it's up. And Euro member or at least playing angry and 25 and they've won basketball it's. Kudos to that while talking about Conner also lose and that's idiotic you when you lose. But we don't light heat and like we used this act spared out. I you know martial woods very defensively Horry and it. And I think I think. We're just not emphasizing or something because the results. Aren't there and when you and when you have the sport in the eighties too weird it's not happen very often I just think we need it acted. Basic their daughters at the top of the key up in the top and the optics are likely mark Patrick it's like we got a great program. But it's not like angry where it hurts my. Robert. Robert he makes quality point and it. You can point to. JG conferences and answer that have a lot to do it Wichita State are they are playing much better teams in weren't ready deep into your talking about but. What about Savannah State what about two lane which has good players that Cincinnati held in the in the fiftieth. Wichita State did not what about. South Dakota thing what about these guys not Florida Gulf Coast which I don't like they were great offensively it was a good game for would not stay. It needs to go back to last year why did they hold Kentucky in the sixties and that's one games here but their defense was great in that game. With the same person now why is that different. The fair question that I don't know soccer. Defense was great in the Cincinnati game. Back their defense against Cincinnati was pretty good in both their meetings but it's. But let me let us but it doesn't show up every game right and it doesn't show most. So it but maybe that's maybe that's what's puzzling. Folks is that maybe maybe we see this team is capable of being a lockdown defense team but it just doesn't happen every game. Maybe I don't know those that fanatic you were different. And I don't I'm sure there was a lot of defense was a part of that a lot of that maybe even but it those gains were different those relied wasn't like Big Ten football exists that's. Heavyweight battle for the physical and this different and I don't know what star state has not been able summon that so whatever was. Against Cincinnati against other team. Sox ball today to Houston 777. Before the final score in the semis of the American turnip. Who is our next caller I forget. To weigh point yes the wind go right ahead you're on the locker ghetto. Finishes to whine. Let it load I'd say it's hard to where all day when you don't play. Well. What the problem as. Gateway effect and have. There were two very broad Mears. There was the brunt of the water on it or forward or it's right there we're. And on the east and on. Ready to be told not to dribble all day and man about who to blame. On him down. If it would beyond reproach for having him there already or hit her in the white but it. You know ma are losers quality or. I I put it away he shouldn't you shouldn't accept losing at the at the finish at B hard. And there are lots of places the point in this one and yet down the stretch they didn't make plays and they missed some free throws and who knows how the game when it turned out. Well that if passed may be. You like to call it plainly appreciate it. And on the paint it and yeah it then and Jessica and it that's what you go through after after losses. And of course you would that play to one. And it yet to give. Some credit to the Houston defense. They were they've made it pretty darn tough to make that play happened they've played great on on that inbounds play out on this Nimitz not play yup. And I'll tell ya got a good look at all up they did a great job on defense on that. They're pretty good defensively we've seen that twice now the first game against a Wichita State the very first game of the American conference for the doctors. It didn't look like who I Houston was that team defensively but they've shown it twice now that they're really good. An aggressive and quick and athletic defense. Shocks ball today to the cougars 7774. In the semis the American turn it was like another break here on the soccer locker and so Ted and Geoff were here at twin peaks Geoff beat. The Beers 29 point seven degrees flock guys that comes our about that. Pretty pretty darn cold it's like why aren't more today as an outside a warm spring like day inaudible. Monty is twenty. May have food and drink specials going on the rest of the day every time to soccer game day their food and drink specials all day long you get a cheeseburger basket for 599. All day here on Saturday. You need huge man size mug of the shock opera just four bucks so. Come on by its twin peaks and grabbed the food and drink specials coming your way on soccer game days. We'll be right back at the soccer locker rooms are right after this steady Geoff here at twin peaks when he first and ROKR phone numbers 8691037869. 1037. Back to twin peaks after this soccer moves on 103 point 78 EY and. Twenty the ultimate sports slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's 400 screens and scratch who is bursting from the best kitchen in sport there's something a nominee to satisfy every chance at a time major game day in new high with any of our terrible items from the table twenty full service bar features and then selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in -- no ice cold beer crystal more power maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV there's never a bad he now heads for twenty eats drinks scenic views. 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Stuff I 2929. North rock road and do the best collection of rings necklaces and bracelets for yourself Mike Shelton Jewelers dot com. It's not a shocker locker rooms just quits at the sports NN's special guest Jeffrey blitz on 103 point seven G. Why can't. Excellence great races on both body and definitely. But didn't drive down the line doubles underhand the I don't know five sacks. It's got a sack but it editor at slammed it. And now we'll send me not real well he filled out one that stuff. Was lane on the floor six points. Everest sciences up against it's it's nice it's. Thought this it was a lead changed there in the final seven minutes. Mike Kennedy gave dull dull today and so that that soccer radio crew will be coming back Orlando's the soccer exit the American tournament in the semi finals today. 7774. When he first frank Houston beats. Eleven frank Wichita State today Ted and Jeff are with you here on the soccer locker room so we're live at twin peaks when he first and rock. We're here after every soccer games all season long 8691037. Is a phone number. The area code is 3168691037. As her phone number let's go back to the phone lines. Next up is Brian go ahead Brian. There. Hello Brian. A couple of couple quick or it I'd certainly victory with. The on. RT it's there's no word near where you'd see it and there's no doubt. In what they needed we. Also a question for you buried them out poll worker. The six probably the seven making them. And when he refused to. Net on that looked and that's not good at that. Okay now. Or we. Guarding the death. And we never want to slide the minute match. It was we we have market. Listed as a forward yet he plays at the start. He never goes and that to me he never throws the player we had a bit map like that I don't know that's. I mean I don't think he has actually mobility I don't I'm not sure that he has that in his arsenal. But he can't he hit it about. Yeah and usually he can't dribble and I don't know the F post moves. Andy yeah era I don't need that back right yeah that pre built back like it on the low block. Or wrong. OK. I mean I very that sounds great not serie candy that. Well if you can't that he doesn't need to be played B one ball in the spirit dictate more work and you can't group that the Greek guy yeah. And we're in the paint on them. You haven't been it's been playing. But if that's it our all you need to go to work but pitted. You watched game after game they'd start him with nor. Because he weighed down on the line right definitely and it's a three. We definitely. Can't get around the eyes. Right. On the war and get round Wal-Mart. Tell you that it I don't know this I don't know of the state. That Geithner. On active. Then he'd have to have a small ball lineup. Which its body could well I guess you'd have to play the four that situation because if you have him Kelly and more on the floor of the same time. And you have that the the paint as muddled up then. Don't live rock bottom I don't know what. Played that we ever. Look at it. With more. With their notes it. I mean they wouldn't when more of the problem of what. We have asked you know won it and who want to. I'm. Which we saw in the first half pretty much but if you play the four that'd be guarded by other fours that you would have. The size advantage out of a high you it's an interesting discussion I'm not disagreeing with you in the slide ride it. And this how to get the most out of markets McNulty it's if it's a fair question. I get. Through the through their Frontline is Dick Dick Dick Devin and don't let it be able to battle and with those guys. And they're now. That would not Jack on the floor looking at his story related to knock it down the stretch in the first that it was Darryl Willis it was markets getting to the line Zach brown getting to the line. Stated and it was not work at. This point. Grand opening date date is after. It's we're. Late in the game yours and that market but work on the eyes read atlas or in the when you know what last year I can see that the markets has shown that ability this year coming back on that in Hungary we had seen it from him. Well the best player in the world but in the locked but it happens in there all this year. He's he's there aren't at that point of your five. Or does a lot of their I think that's all McDuff the end. Like the one material that he's not a nurse you've got a tanker. He need it to be a fantastic player but he's got to learn got a got a late as well they pretty. These data were in the paint it well specially make definitive guide that are smaller than you know. Brian thank you to call. Are you. Thank you very much we appreciate it yours think cover staff. And and I think it. Markets McDuff he's been a guided will we talked about all season long and the heat. He led his team in scoring last year and Betty but but coming back off an injury he just has not been the same consistent type players this these. His best games of the games. After the games where he shot really well. He's never going to be a guy because it is limited ball handling he's never going to be that guy by the slasher. I think we all kind of compare him to clean Anthony early. Because of the size and his ability to play on the wing but he doesn't have all the tools that early had early with a much more physical player. More physically imposing and could do those more athletic things getting to the basket with Debbie does doesn't he that it's not that guy. Is that fair. I think that's fair. And he is against better competition Marcus just hasn't shown that ability to out match everyone we play right. Which which was what's more consistent last year and I don't know how much the coming off knee injury and not. Being a 100% right negate Gil has has limited him this year you get obviously it has it. Some point you get 67 thick steak guy coming out of Saint Anthony high school. Any goes to Wichita State you know there there are some deficiencies and you would otherwise he'd be at duke. If you had this complete player who had a great offensive arsenal. He would be probably which cost me no no disrespect him with a tough date on it you are disrespecting Wichita street LA Serena broke. Now yes you think Marcus Vick Debbie would have chosen to be in the Missouri Valley Conference which is what he did. Time yes at the thick steak guy with the complete match game. And it duke was colony still leaves they'll go with with a tough. Ice futures thing. But I but that's not going to sit well with Wichita State and Stewart it's true that. It's the thrill it is a case it was true then it was through four years ago is it through now Wichita State is not gonna win recruiting battles with do. And I'm not saying they were at one that they will know they'll never win one they want not. Because why can't we don't date at this point now win maybe one or two little battle that never comes up are very. I'm just saying I just don't see that happen. Wichita State drives by getting. Under heralded. Players three to four start guys developing them over the course of their career. Right that's correct. I'm an idiotic and maybe I'm just maybe I'm just talking the Iraq look at Jack Morris it's Jack Morris had this ability as a freshman. He would have probably but it didn't write brats on stadium they develop him to be an all American conference player. As a freshman four years ago. He wasn't. Right and you're saying to players that do have that abilities coming out of colleges and high school as a freshman and up. At the saint eight schools that they always ready yeah yeah right. Is that I think that's that's accurate or we are we thank and I think she agreed I'm sitting Wichita State fans probably don't like that mindset anymore. But it's the truth that it's true I'm not disparaging Wichita State but they're never gonna it. Probably never even go to go after five star in the McDonald's all American one and done type guy that's. Those are few and far between. The F to learn that you have to figure out a way to get the most out of players yes like markets that we think this coaching staff over the years has really been very very very yeah absolutely and I wouldn't be surprised at all that here to see McAfee return and be. That's done of this team the best player I'd be surprised by that all American conference type of guy. Our phone number is 8691037. You're the doctor locker room notes headed Jeff with you here today as. I say to have expected that from him walking in the door with rice is probably nothing. 8691037. Is our phone number Marty is next going to add Mardi. They can help you do well. My head and it is after all these conversations with them and compared them. Markets that we've not been the one player for. I mean. I guess I hadn't watched much basketball as we are leading scorer and rebounder last year. But I do wanna make a comment about what Gregg Marshall they're coming off the board halftime. Ladies beat yet that that it is rather Tracy Wolfson right yeah and the this. I guess. Check. Read on some very and it would it. And I am I'm a little flap. They. Some that there are some bad calls that caught the game that. It's called the fair scholars they knew was won earlier after factory and he didn't have any now they played how many minutes. And nearly a bowl game. And the very athletes gain. These smaller than whistle and it was right there in front of everybody uses the the great race not as. Farmers restrictor rifle it was noble right the ball in apple partners and it is replaced because it was a radically horribly this foul and that would've put optimum line. Shot. Though and again I'm the last one. Parliament is that this rebels or if you see it being an important. I'm with the idea I'm not that guy either I'm not grass guy at all in this. The slightest bit they did not have a good night tonight. And I know what you stand Marty too that the the moving there too moving screens called on Shaq one of them on any clues. Pretty relevant the other one Floyd didn't seem like he was doing much very physical game to have you know whistles on yeah buried. Some very. That's narrative type stuff that was. Odd that stretch where they have the three offensive fouls in a row in three different possessions through at least two of those were. Very sticky tack again it's bizarre that that Kelly play. I didn't see an offensive foul there at all that it is both sides I thought they just did not have a good night at the official. It hit two very came down there really critical call that atheists. Swallow the whistle. We hear you mart yep that's that's. We appreciate your call Marty yeah thank you thanks very much. And mitigate that like we sent to seven lead changes in the final seven minutes or so so every possession is important and when. For the call here there's been failure away starts degrade on everybody. Yeah and especially when you're probably. Expecting foul calls maybe even going out of your way to try to induce them right out and let it that doesn't happen. Restaurant outgrow. Shots did get outscored five nothing in the final couple of minutes and lost the game 7774. Due to Houston cougars. Another thing to keep in mind Jeff. Do that we've been talking about. Let's face it this is basically sweet sixteen game. Or second round game if you wanna knock it down but still this is of pretty high level basketball game between two teams that are both in the top twenty and to beat TI if not what are the RPI. When he won and in the rankings. Since these are pretty to move fairly elite teams going at each other in this. I thought. Probably like a 45 matchup in the and to have turned it in that ballpark those secular nobody had little stuffy teams that certainly could get to the sweet sixteen and beyond. And Wichita State you hope. For their sake and for the sake of the fans will be better for having played games like this but be able to finish one would parity with. Couldn't agree more this thing. Soccer locker room showed that in jeopardy or twenty cities which he talked when he first dropped let's take another break we'll come back with more your phone calls good discussion today. 8691037. Is our phone number 8691037. 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My sanity and they don't call their shots a couple times in the last three minutes at a three point lead. Still out of two point lead with two minutes to go but. And the Sox did not score in the final two minutes outscored five nothing in the final couple of minutes. Houston comes back and went 777 reports that in Jeff ware live with you here today it twin peaks and east which he thought when he first and rock. Soccer locker room show continues. Shocker finish. The American tournament with a record of 25 and seven and we are less than 24 hours away from selection Sunday tomorrow all. We'll find out where the soccer will be going to the NCAA tournament. And it will be finding out who the eight teams aren't will be coming to Wichita played in threatening LA area will. And it will be out very interesting to listen to tomorrow. On day FH. It's like he's still alive on. Well 40 AM 975. F mammoth 5 PM tomorrow for the selection Sunday show on BofA. Net and Jeff with you here and let's go back to the phone lines are on the locker room 08691037. Is our phone number 8691037. Our next caller is what he noted would see it. Yeah I just have a brief comments. Everybody's talking about or beef ban it's this or. Or. We ought to take it I think that they ought to take somebody down. Into the key you're into a hole. Thought we just didn't execute. We came back against a very good TV. And Hispanic fan and a great deal vanished down after event after we came back in this is that damn good team. You were in Canada. And we can't execute. Two out of bounds play. That. Goes with the out of bounds play that really we didn't and oath against Cincinnati. We've got to execute the play. Do you trust you trust Wichita State to figure that out because that's been problem not just this year bit. Finishing these close games and winning games toward the end. Have I done that very much is that is that a problem to. You heard that just coincidence that luck. And all and I'm fine with either answer. Well I think it's more of a problem for example the Cincinnati. Game I'll never figure out why he didn't call a timeout if we're oh no other reason to keep it sprawl. But you have to he left spring camp out on the island. Great camp didn't everybody Japan it is. It is through here we. We can't if we execute. The first out of bounds play. That game could have been totally different. We've got to learn how to excuse. Though it's out of that place I could be different. You know our guard their guards they're dark reporter dark dark that's why I drove wanted to let template any big secret. They're quicker and our guys. But I'm 55 point is we came back against a pretty good speed. And it we're red haired if we can't get the ball it not. That's a problem. Very good parent and at. Certainly was and as of late problem for the Sox today and turn it thanks for the call woody and turnovers in general Sox. At twelve turnovers today Houston only at seven so Houston got five more possessions than a game this close that's going to mean something. And you mentioned it to me off there I'm not sure he talked about it yesterday but what's Wichita State and steals. I talked about I didn't talk we talk about yesterday but I've talked about it before as the season is on on Wichita State is 331. In the nation in steals. Out of 350 team whatever they're in the bottom twenty in the nation in steel has went through it with just blows my brain it. Figure out why this is the defense doesn't get more steals right cause more pressure on the opposing offense because if you're not getting steals. Then that the other team is either making a stop or visit a shot at it. Sox aren't the only. Do much to chance probably. President Wichita State pressure as you know been all that gantlet which leads to steals. Pressure leads to steal you you're not putting pressure on teams you know are gonna get steals and you're gonna give up easy baskets. The bad up right. Yeah and I I just sometimes that makes my mind not be able to figure that out there and I think Wichita State should be better than that defensively. Not great but they don't they don't take it away the other team very much. 8691037. Is to the phone number today here on a shocker locker room show. And of course that is predicated on Wichita State's offense all yearlong. Has been one of the top offenses in the nation according to him pomp and all that the stock has been very it's not offense played much faster pace is high so they. They average they give up or down I have to rely on that outs or other teams they've been able to do for the most part this season 25 and seven. Is the soccer record but that it it it did not manifest itself today. In game which they needed they're going to need to score in the eighties pretty much to win and couldn't they couldn't get it done constantly possessed. Stocks fall today 777040. Used to let's go back the phone lines and a scholar is Earl going and girl law. I got a this is a silly question perhaps but I didn't really tight Houston or sort of recently. Yes the shop OK didn't soccer's Houston tied for second. I don't know what I got out of which vote number two or three as the tiebreaker evened out now is it points. Point differential on the games maybe I don't now. Now but it was some kind of head and common opponents okay. And I think they hit. Probably easier girl with the east Carolina in which to against him. One more point maybe it you never crimes he has some odd they would. Due to editors at some deals that they just work out there is maybe it's a they would. What we didn't have enough this year like thanks I appreciate it. Thank you Earl hit golf. And edit a couple points there. Wealth so Monty he's Jones is another issue that we could not there was never I don't know this is not happening clearly in. You would be surprised if he returned. But the united right in that are Kosovor not necessarily. A deep deep on the everyone's thinking and is it OK to say it while you daughter played a lot of but the guy's future is out there I don't know but. This it seems pretty clear that he will not be a soccer next year. But donated there's a ton of opportunity for playing time next year for a lot of guys are being. But you have Lomax. Stephenson and she dammit Reeves and I'm not in you know the salmon returns. And if Kaiser is back then he F five guards and he's already behind Kaiser. Evident reason Lomax is a four star recruit and Stevenson is really good he is he going to be at the six yard. Well those are the questions at a it's something that these things exist seem logical maybe. The logic to me as I've found out on the drive is illogical and do a lot of other people like get that but this seems pretty cut Dryden. Shots all the data Houston 7774. Was the final. Was the a final score Houston ranked number 21 in the nation Sox rank number eleven Houston wins in the semis at least Houston against Cincinnati tomorrow. For the conference's automatic bid to the anti bully tournament although. Both are already in. To the NCAA tournament so. Sometimes those games I just kind of put forth a must for this game really matters. Our LA somebody always somebody you'll news and get that automatic bid the other team or media. Large act like Houston win even though I don't know what I did like rob gray hair but. Ottawa that that that well we got we won the championship you'd even make you want them to be able to say that that shocker nation. I got a little hometown pride on the line. Sucks balls today Houston 7774. This is the shocker locker rooms notes at Woodward and Jeff pollutes clearly you hear twin peaks when he first and rock. Our phone numbers 86910378691037. Geary goes 316. Well I got a break and we'll come back with more of your phone calls 8691037. And and it Jeff I'm frankly surprised that none of our callers called up wanted to talk brackets Knology. Mean that's what's next. Well you haven't we know where which State's gonna be seated before five. Almost certainly. Let's let's let's take a break and we'll talk brackets policy we come back and wrap this up 8691037. Here on a soccer locker himself. Dead and Jeff the twin peaks there on 103 point 78 EY and it's. Under the American Idol journey begins. Home bacteria do. I was always I nearly ten is one yeah it's changed your life for every. Here in the you'll feel it. Enjoy ABC primetime fencing around forgave me is that Dan. Road closures. Power outages and evacuations. No matter how wild fires impact do you OK you. 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Twenty the ultimate sports slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation at their sports on huge screens and scratch through his birth and an investigation is sport there's something on the menu to satisfy every chance at a time take your teammates and new high with any harsher light for the table when he's full service bar features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are perfectly heard that a teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV so there's never a bad he now heads for twenty you drink. Scenic views. It's not a shocker locker room show where it's at the sports NN's special guest Jeffrey blitz on 103 point seven K. 81 again. A month. I think under Janet in the past. I. Think that it. I. Like daily spot with an inside look like man. The fact that the soccer locker room shows that word and Jeff salutes with you here tonight for the soccer locker rooms show. That would be the last soccer basket of the game. And that was that put the Sox have 7472. With a about two minutes to go could've been a three point play but the free throw after that was messed. And soccer would not score the rest of the way Houston outscored the Sox five nothing in the last couple minutes intact because doctors today 7774. Going back up before we go back to the phone lines yep Earl had called out. Why Wichita State was the number two seed like Houston was number three seed because they were tied in the conference standings. Head to head of course they clearly brother and then you'd have to think do this thing where they start. Going down the conference standings and see how you do against had to do against first place Cincinnati a little split. And I think he go to I don't know how they both do against a fourth place Tulsa. And I guess that might have been. Not a Sox beatle supplies and accused needed to and it and it you go down to Memphis and Houston lost to Memphis but the Sox did not so I think that's how that got sorted out. And soccer cup. I like the arrow like seven things that add that I have now finally did a year for Houston to get that to see him obviously and Elton. That rises that is so Houston Indiana Sox ended up winning those scenarios in getting the number two seed he's got the number three seed. And it's Houston at a place Cincinnati opportunity to bar. Let's go back to the phone lines now this is the shocker locker which notes that in depth or near twin peaks 8691037. Bill is next going to bill. Yeah but reflect society. I think were the hero and leader the year when and last for years. Under fifteen seconds left the place and that just cannot understand. Quiet time it seems like me the players or confused that make bad practice. Group extremely bad decisions are made in Wales but I can. And wanna get across the line you know it. They're just not run around and sent in any screen for anybody. And at this donors and want to come out it's not a lot and no more or a couple of column. But I really thank you know it's not broke you need to fix it in this last webs like McCain it is the problem for a an admin. I think I had time. I'm in today yeah well it the bill today and take it shocked all couple timeouts and did not perform well coming out of those. No Laker didn't I realize there and. You know for those six fingers to behave that way those guys of course they play an up close games. In their expert Houston just so poor in that shorter time period and you know that really concerns me and close game. You know we. But I think we got. Rebounding totals what we outrebounded got outrebounded by one and that's the first round and last seven games we've got to rebound it is that accurate. I look at the team rebounding stats but what was what was your question rebounding that didn't rebounded. To write that we know not had a huge edge in rebounding today we 393931. 3931. While. But anyway got ill my comment once it's just the last twelve buckets which comes down that we need to make it apply. We don't like you think I play. And I don't know what you can do about it umbrella term alive today but we ought to lay up by the end of the game that we. One but one OK but and 52 not now but climate change outside you know you pass into Landry and hope he makes is not. Right know that you're right about that but you know our backcourt play just like that today and Houston you can get a game against temple. You know we're all back to back. You know my poor practice and our debate climb with eighteen seconds went up there in game four or ports that are just in an. A poor parents again I want downs slam dunk that though you know little that last thirty seconds what game we have a close game. We just being debt. We seemed a little bit and I don't know want that it anyway. Look just just an observation that people don't quite some time and I know. It's probably too late to do anything about that now but it just extremely frustrating that so thank you. Thanks for the call bill wanted to thank you bill. And that's does not need to be better in those situations if they wanted to get accomplished what they wanna get accomplished. They have to be I don't know if it and it made it puzzles people because this is a very very experienced group. And you would think that at some point some of that savvy and experience would really pay off in a situation and just not experience and making. Not as the end of the day. And that's one thing they're not yet experienced that. Let's go back to the phone line 8691037. On X dollars from going to Tom. They don't like people think he's for having. You know like. I. If not aggressive now. But Britain. That it that the couple. I am talking about or. Think about. It now what we needed to turn. I am argued that off. I'm. Where you get though some of the other players weren't that. They're ET. Work and you know oh. Now. Or other players. What you. Yeah. I'll bet I don't know why. More work so that. We. Obviously that shooter on the team. We can't being that they're achievers we get love that you're able. Yeah I would be fun to watch him at you know have that kind of game. Thirty points or something like that I just don't think Wichita State it's really built that way and Jack Morris has to be heavily involved in the offense. Other guards to at times but yet those are your two main guys of course it. More to it I think. They'll. All I think. Army opens up wap would be were others with all of those like. I think when your article. You need to. You know. Yeah like when you look at the warriors. Were. Once we road and went. You'd you'd be in the coach knew it. You'd think he'd do stuff like that because apparently were going to be seeded differently he can't beat out of that I don't know understood that you're not. But we are. You're way. I don't thanks for the get them all and it Wichita State could be structured differently you know funny if if if if this coaching staff wanted to give the keys to Landry and they shoot it. 28 times. That would be certainly stunning the soccer could do but they don't and it now and I and I'm listening Landry this year could've been you insert different names different years. Already have so many guys on the team whose primary roles are not to score. I don't know about so many bit obviously to earn the starting lineup intact brown Rashard Cali. And you start the game with chairman and reason and Morris why not let him it. I kind of set the tone offensively and and see woody keep it going for himself and he picks a high volume of shots that seems like every other. Outside of I guess Cincinnati but Evans does that as a guard for them to meet you lane at the guard does that benefits at UConn. Obviously if have you a chick built with healthy they'd these people have guards. You shoot a lot of are really good scores so watch now Wichita State which I can feed Abbott Jack Morris is just as valuable. Both are you stuck it between them but the Sox have never really. Structured themselves that way but in the American maybe you have to maybe that's good maybe at the question in this conference. Wheeled there have to be shipped in some of those philosophy. Probably I did I shouldn't they will there's a limited they. Have their feet. Shipments of those philosophies I don't know I'm not paid to make those pieces. So that we can think about it at the get thought exercise and may be neighborly stumbled on something here every other. Every other successful or even moderately successful. American conference program has the high volume. Guard shooter. Should Wichita State used that philosophy. Be. Maybe it's a bit maybe it's yeah we'll see how that dynamic weather changes the weather stays the same in years to count. Goodnight good question note Tom. And certainly have to think about. 8691037. Is our phone number today that in depth here on the soccer locker room show all right Jeff. Tomorrow is election Sunday that it is shocked. Note therein. As an at large. No brainer. Doctors to not want it the RBI the PPI in palm no matter what no matter what. Metric you wanna use the Sox have been there all season long highly ranked as well. And those shots. We'll find out there seating and their destination tomorrow on the selection show. Where will the socket what he would do you have any good yet many feel on where the soccer will be going to want their seat. Will be president and New Zealand where they're going. I batted. This stuff I do not be alliances I'll look at sites I don't know where the sites and on others wanted Dallas. And I heard David Mike talking about Boise and obviously we have here. Ali you've given it to make you I only knew there Boise Dallas Pittsburgh is one of them Nashville. NASA. It is that I just that. I'll keep it in my very. I'll say they I'll say they go to Charlie why Powell. Why not just be crazy because I'm not because you might well I'd I'd gotten the idea. If they go to Charlotte there of and they play a loyal person there you go oak valley oh Val and. In three there. So we'll find out it's tomorrow on net. On selection Sunday. At the bracket though all 68 teams will be announced very early in the show in the 5 o'clock hour. So that the ethnic slot that takes away the intrigue of who's in who's out of your one of these bubble team you'll find out right away whether you're. Are out gather a lot of bubble teams this year so that's within an interest in years. Wait. This deal that. But they're not that's their format in different now on men know once we know the 68 then you'll start revealing brackets and seedings and locations. Of the 68 so you'll know right away who's in who's out and then after that only know 68 teams look there this. Probably one of those things where through that had done. That way forever and then all of a sudden instead by the way this year we're just gonna do the brackets but I gonna give that you of the 68 team everybody would be. Really mad Alley like this we like the way it is though don't method that nobody's been clamoring for. We see all the team's first Nolan Smith that I have never heard anyone say nobody. No lets keep it the way that. Now they're mixing it up front them then I guess. And of course we lost like we said we'll also find out who the eighteen czar that will be coming to Wichita. Four. For the but it first and second rounds coming up later this week on Thursday and Saturday. Conventional wisdom seems to be that the Kansas Jayhawks will be number one seeded that they will be put here in Wichita. Yep and it will be fun navy SE Missouri again I don't check these brackets I don't really hurting us is sexy where it's not stated I don't go through it with a fine tooth home but. I know at least in the last couple weeks Missouri has been mentioned as a team maybe. That could be sent is that 89 the 710 or whatever it. Maybe be opposed to against Kansas in the thick around that would be for. I think candidate you know on when. These brackets Knology people put these things together they start to look at some regional type things it makes sense could Creighton come here they're Missouri coming here. But it Oklahoma moral mistake coming here if they get and yeah it did Texas down here an awesome things like they wanna make a pretty regional beat. You with stock has now. Regional here first and stick around here in the long time so. Why not just draws many people as possible it's going to be it's got to be big it's going to be fun still to be out there at all. And it there on the radio station gonna have me out there Thursday. That will be fun funny don't be patrolling the perimeter of interest that your job this. I don't and I principles that Iranians who knows. The little idea we'll have fun with that and notice those selection Sunday show is tomorrow. As all 68 teams will be revealed the live coverage of the selection show you can hear on Sports Radio three F eight. 12:40 AM 975 FM and it coverage begins at 5 PM tomorrow so it was if they find out. Where everyone isn't aware that we don't end at all sorts of interesting questions who's coming to Wichita where all the soccer's nowhere with jayhawks go. Will Kansas State it is and if so where will they go all sorts of interesting questions to ponder an interesting. Aspects to the whole thing tomorrow on selection Sunday of course Jeff it all in all leads up to selection Sunday and all eyes that's what you've been. When year old up the basketball back in October that's what you're waiting for is to hear your name and find out what's going to happen in March. All downhill from there it goes past from this point third three weeks. And asked him and won the world timely and yeah I'm from here on out it you lose it's over. Al Assad though. Things are things. This makes it awfully fun this play out at the March Madness it will it will look forward to that Jeff thanks for joining us on the program that it has a special guest list of guests. The thing we appreciate it play at a lot of great debt callers today a lot of good discussion on shocker groups. Unfortunately sometimes that discussing it's a little more intense after a loss but not. But yet. Like an athlete yet touched on a lot of subjects tonight so it did that doesn't it doesn't go well if we don't have any collars so we'll love to hear from folks and it was great today. To discuss a soccer basketball here on the soccer locker room itself. It's not exit the Americas tournament in the semi finals for the loss to Houston 7774. Was the final score today for soccer boots. As Wichita State. Take a 25 and seven record into the NCAA tournament. Jocks a shot 41% from the field today but did not make a lot of threes only 33% from long range. Got to the free throw line it's kinda did out rebound Houston 3931. But shocked at thirteen offensive rebounds as well. However those dots connect twelve turnovers including a couple in the last. Few possessions. Houston only had seven turnovers in the entire games of Houston got a few extra possessions in a very close game. Landry Emmett let the soccer with nineteen points Jack Morris. Very limited by foul trouble and a lot of the game only ended up with twelve points and five rebounds and there's one. For start Kelly had a double double working hard for ten points and a dozen rebounds Connor frank camp with seven points although he did not even attempt a three pointer today. Marcus beat Duffy was seven off the bench Terrell Willis was seven off the bench Austin agrees with ten points off the bench. But even a losing effort today as when he first frank Houston defeated eleventh ranked Wichita State 7774. In the semi finals. Of the American tournaments doctors now 25 and seven. Await their faith tomorrow on selection Sunday to see where they loyal what's needed the shots we'll get into where they will be going for NCAA tournament life. Fort jetBlue for our studio engineering Andrew gambling for our hosts here at twin peaks brawler collars and for being with us today. But the soccer locker room still enjoy the rest your weekend. Here on won all three point seven KEY and good night. And for the Wichita university locker room down after he shocker basketball game on 103 point. Why we are.