WSU Men's Basketball vs FGCU 12-22-17

Friday, December 22nd

WSU Men's Basketball vs FGCU: W 75-65


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One engine now. You got your. I'll I'm 103 point 7 pay you why am I would create. I'm bringing down here is somewhat similar. NBA all along side. I'm not easily have been. Tonight for family reasons. We will miss him. And our producer this video as usual and Hamlet. He's getting ready to take your book. Calls passed along to us as we invite your questions and comments as we always do. On this portion of the show. Pregame show is brought to you by interest bank at tonight's game is presented by renewal by Andersen the better way to look better when Duff. 8691037. It is that number to call if you like join us by phone this area code is 316. 168691037. Or. You can of course reaches on Twitter. And had shocker voice. Before we get into talking about tonight's game taking your calls tweets. I didn't want to take Obama with Dave to talk about the passage of one of the giants in our industry to against bird. Fast overnight at the age of 82. And it. He did so many things and was such a great broadcasters. Get the World Series he did it. NFL and it. He he started out as a Southern California. Guided UCLA at the angels and then became a national got that I thought. Pertinent to our conversation that night. Was that. He was the first guy to. Work at a three man crew was fairly accurate album flyer on NBC's. College basketball team for the week. At this time that was the only college basketball it was on except for the NCAA tournament and I see. And I thought he showed is that. Rounds just what a pro he's laws because those were two outspoken guys to pretty good sized egos that he was working list. And he advantage it also went on and kept it moving again. One time I was working with Phil at this time that he had an opportunity Peter you Al McGuire was in town for a a function. And yes if those shortly after ABC it started bad and you asked now a flat out worked against three man situation. And album Clark told him Dix the guy that makes it all work he said that he. He will ask the questions or would lead me into something that I would not even a thought of that if he had run that was a great point here great thing to talk about things that these these guys really flexible. Worth it if it. And the deal is needed net for the rest read between the two of them he'd food stamps he let them take the star in the spotlight. And he was so gracious we vetting him. Three I think at least three times we interact when him. He always has gone out of his way to come over and talk with us not to say hello but to talk with us chosen interest of the soccer's. Obviously was knowledgeable about the soccer's. And what I like. Most about him. Of so many things I liked about him he was always positive he was. Always good about people never taking people down there were being derogatory about the differences there are players and just took that as a center console. That's certainly a guy who let the game he's a thing or even if he states it is colleagues. As opposed to be at the center of attention itself and I think it probably says a lot that this thing he's remembered for his signature line. Was not something loud it was yellow or or whatever it was just an occasional all spies and action it is really outstanding play myself. Look wise he's had a fifth. Well anyway. We will of this ticket Burton who wanted to pay our respects. Against it did he give it some games involving shoppers while not remember for sure it was 8182 team at LSU I think which I Eagles working on that. Coming up with a list of the soccer games that he worked fresher and they had at least four. That's right at saint Lou we're we spent some time. All right we are going to get to your thoughts questions comments at 8691037. By phone or on Twitter that shocker voice. Apple started off with out my phone from Texas now. Book body that might you amber broke their own mind moment. App. I'm sure there will be. Couple thank number one kind of Darryl Willis starts this step up a little bit. Mark the other day comment about Alex is a couple. Art with. As the smile on Greg's face. And you know. Let CNET it is yeah he can get contribute are very gray seal team. Nearly. All it'll come out or goal goes out we. And vision is going to be a good high quality game they've been a little bit of anger cheaper bigger. The bidders get lost in the middle and these state twice. At Notre Dame hat. So I think it's. I'm kind of interest in I don't think that shocker for victory was by their best ball seeking help with not a trap warm. Looking at it copper which by little they don't look. Which Utley just seventeen point underdog. Very gentle on the soccer side that. My comment that I'm this. Out Darryl Willis is currently life. Let's start with where you started with Darrell I think that. Something you should now I its audience and comments from Isaac brown who handled the these press conference the weekly press conference room this week he's the assistant coach who has missed out on this particular game. And he said Darryl is one of those guys that's there a half hour before practice days an hour after practice a lot of times working on his game individually. And that tells you a lot of what you need to know right there and he has very definitely got better on the defense he's been that he is it much better passer than it was a year ago. And I maybe more than anything else just. Doing a better job with decision making that affects all parts of this game including shot selection and things like that that. He has become a theories that a very good players since he got here that is truly getting better and better and with with guys like Landry sham that. Cotter frank campuses outside threat you guys. You got Marcus coming back. He is going to really be hard to handle inside with those other threats around him and all the things he could do to score. Post blues face up jumpers. Going to the offensive glass. He is going to be I think a major force me businesses. He's I think he stands probably. These are player that was played really well but these are players in seven of the last four games numbers growth charts. He's giving them consistency. Which is of course the shooting wealth these rebounded well he played very well against Oklahoma. He wants to win I thought the first part of his junior year last year he wanted to win. But he was looking forward out for himself a little bit more I don't think that's the case anymore he's not nearly a standoff. As he was earlier he's played much better defense and most important sticky pride in his defense so. The Gregg Marshall and coaching staff philosophy is sinking in and it has something in. Deeply and shoppers are better because of it he's it really really fine players. One of the things that. Is encouraging about yeah this is some of the things that he told us when he first got here he came here. Because he wanted to win he wanted to be in a program was gonna go to the NCAA tournament it was about that first and foremost was about. This program can help you get to the NBA or to a pro offered to. Unity here that was I can't support. Because I wanted to win. I like the way they do things here nobody ever talking to play defense and you know I'm learning to play defense Gregg Marshall things like that that. I felt that he's been in the right place mentally since he got here it just continues to get better. Guys that play at this level and play well enjoyed that game. He has a joy. In basketball. He just loves playing for Wichita State in front of this crowd. He loves his teammates and it shows through the way he conducts himself that smiles on his face when he does well. Yet he doesn't try to draw attention to himself now more than ever. When he makes the offensive play. He's down court. Making sure he gets the right position on defense and he feels just as proud about the defense play as he does about the big offensive clips from third round. I would even expand what you said. Beyond basketball to his wife he yells like he's just happy to be where every is that whoever he's surrounded. He really was fun guy to be here. As far as the attractive thing in this game in the if that night. I don't think there'd be any danger in it being a trap game Al just if if for no other reason that Arkansas State Tuesday night turned out to be much more difficult game that I think a lot of people anticipated including maybe the players. That's the other thing is. Conference is a long way away in the scheme of how you prepared you know what you claim basket thought he got a game a couple of days away. It's possibly could be looking into that little bit eight days as long time that seems like forever these guys. The only thing they're thinking about ahead of this game is getting home for Christmas if they're gonna have that opportunity if that's sort of thing itself. I'm not concerned about that at all and I think I know they've seen video on this team they've seen Florida Gulf Coast. It now that they're talented that you know they can feed. Good enough to beat anybody on a given night itself. They have under achieved in terms of record not really sure why that if you look at their personality you look at stats a lot of things and it. The other a lot of reasons why this team should be better than 76 they lost four of the city. Games by five points or less but they haven't quantity of those really close games itself. And hard to say that I could say this it's a very dangerous team what's fascinating we'll have to play well tonight to win this isn't like they could kind of slid five. They. Even though they've lost games like they've been close games that they have lost. They have a lot of will travel players players that. Played on different programs that could be part of it when you got. Players like that often times the lucky girl stance rather than thirteen. Stance. I don't think this relief. Would be attractive Wichita State. It was. Leaf. Too bad taste of his doctors now it could get an AS trap game if Wichita State get blown out Arkansas State South Dakota State. From the get go as if they had beaten Oklahoma that this could have been crafty I just don't think it's going to be I think I'm ready. For businesses they want to get started on the Christmas vacation in league play with a nice and. You know I fact it's interesting you make that point shootaround. You guys get out here than it is and some shooting this on their own panel loosen up but then they go through some kind of shooting drills. That are a little more structured. And then they beat. As achievement through under the basket with coach Marshall at these kind of sets the town for what he gave that night what they're gonna work on. And that was kind of where he started today it was Christmas is coming out we don't wanna go home for Christmas. With a bad taste in your mouth. Letting this get away from you have to think about that for a week until we play again. You know let's let's do would be defeated tonight at Christmas to really be enjoyable and satirist and that's. You know I think it's you know I can say that they admit that actually undermined him and he really immediately focused on that's okay we'll look forward to that spot. Let's let's make it what might do with it. An oath wanna get your family's cross examining you would. Friends cross examining you when you go home it what's wrong with these guys what's wrong with shock these wanna go home for the a lot of confidence. All right thank you off with a call again Twitter it's pat shocker voiced by phone 8691037. We have Larry on the phone learn. I wireless coaches that's the technical foul against Arkansas State and he stared down apps that now. Thank you. That tactic called had to do with the Paul. That they've made a couple of minutes forest and our floors call we thought isn't really bad home where Rashard Kelly got an offensive rebound over. Guys dig at edit tried to get it adds that. If that guy called it's not fall and it didn't appear that anybody ever really had much of the fall under that Rashard. I had set at the time and I don't think necessarily profound need to even be called the guys that are effective and might have got. His arms and that he was in the process it's just another revenue delay trying to make an outlet pass. This guy that called it was looking through a bunch of bodies that were two other officials say pointed out this that's the street on the field itself. That's what he was talking about. And I don't know if you official had a little bit at that these students because he might have back in his mind it was a very small business he didn't seem to have much patience talking about it I don't know what was Sampras how heated it. If coach Marshall maybe even want it want at that point that but that's not what it was not. My experience. We don't see him getting them like we used to see you at now. And he's he's he's playing at a very high level it's very stressful situations. And he doesn't let his emotions get the best of him. I thought maybe he just wasn't giving him when he wasn't it enhancement on it for any kind of at an acknowledgment that he wanted to yet. But Seth. As we saw through the whole game the officials were quick thinking about technical fouls that was like the gift giving season and they were ready to give them out. And it. I think the other thing. Arkansas State fans got really upset. He got a technical. Because even though called at and we're pretty sure I've talked to people that. There was an Arkansas State shot in the air or here victim we haven't somebody slapped back toward advocates for anybody even if that. You know you're not touching the ball or getting your hands slide the flaw that is technically eight technical. And probably should this cause we thought if it's not that it was. Probably a bad group on his part to finally get a technical after the plane had gone to the other end of the floor that was gone because. Your certificate that fall back if he gets that upset to get a technical after the fact. Probably doesn't believe that it would air behind this team was was still I thought I'd just like I always that point and it was a tough off it was a tough no fault I thought it should have been called and ends and he was justified in being upset about it but not the point of and while we're on it. You know ranting Hiram resolute officials. Pointed over toward we thought it was their stance. You know. And then we heard afterward that it was their their play by play guy that he was upset wins. After accidents than it was a guy from the American. Conference. Who is seated next to Arkansas State radio people. And that he had been making some comments for a while about how for the officiating on something so I don't know I don't know but I guess it was not definitely not the radio guys. And it was not their bench. It was a bizarre night for. People you know little out of sorts suit us sticking up for the radio guys typically are not knowing that it. All right we have shot on the live shot since. NATO few what. Comment but I want about check for you think OK. You really quote while we view him. Green light she's the only reporters. Before late. They ship more than yellow light. These dominant inside the old stop them. Thurmond you Jimmy reporters that may be trying to break an NBA sure we're Horford gave. Hoping maybe that. So relying maybe an adult health more now. Not far from an issue we are not so we'll look at our about that wouldn't think about them every rile men and also. You think Nicole more difficult. Or. In play. Our mouth when for example. I don't know if not typical quote more than almost a mountain license. What you're on the cut it don't think this team is the same play we have seen as something failure he called war. And please come out on Buffy. Get a better game plan because that you know at half time also found that would be great adjustments and things maybe hopefully we can. You did make those adjustments in game with the arm mounts and not just about a to have just he made him play. I'm out. It won't thought they would promote it. My knowledge that there's going to problem that. Shot those are both good questions and observations. Is that the case that she acts shooting threes. It's not a terribly high number he had shot eighteen. Eleven games lesson Sanford gave us a little high for post and Darryl Willis I shot 7211. Games in his faith into this. For 47%. To act as they seventh. For 39. Percent that's still a good percentage but I'm not disagreeing with you completely because I think there's there's the occasional game of the one the other night was one of them. Right but he's been a little quick to pull the trigger for three early in the offensive and it wouldn't necessarily predicted three. For one of the better three point shooters like Landry can't that are not afraid camp at that particular time. On the other hand check meaning here actually late in the shot clock against Oklahoma State's was shot and really didn't want him he's capable and it's. So all of I think I would stay out of those seven what I say thicket eighteenth I'd say there then. 84. Four to five of those that you might question a little bit as far as what he took them or whether he should have taken them and obviously. You water it. You want to explore the inside first if you can I thought for the most part of shoppers didn't really good job I'll. Probably that zone the other night and try to get the ball inside before they settled slightly from three point. Well and it what you have is immediate situation I don't think he should have. A green light all the time I think sometimes. What game he took five field goal attempts Sunday and shot four of them. Three points weapons that that was way too much what you that player's life Landry Shannon who frequently he shoots the three Austin green speeds and it. So well. Our friend camp. You've seen. Would think that they're the ones that should be taken the free what happens is what you've got a guy shack size out of three points right. If three point shot he's not incite them and they couldn't sleep better if he's inside trying to revamp. And it hasn't always fit that's that's the other point. Is sometimes it's neat it's not what it's pick and pop situation because it makes the team that you haven't got it it's definitely one of those. Pick and pop. It makes it it's regardless Wall Street differently than opens things up for your guards coming off the streets that. A cup you know hot at time checks is set up around the top of it here at the bouncer from them. He stepped up there and think if one's not yet I think his days at its its situation on. I don't think it's been terribly but if that's not yeah. I think by the same token I don't know that I. Question Juan Fitzgerald's take a patent on seventy pounds so it is really I was does that affect. Especially when he's shooting 47. Month and that some of that I think is just is yet. When you take it. I'm outs yeah I wanna match to drive to the games racquet by the Kansas flat tire and service. We're retired professional auto service are always a slam dunk. I. I am not saying he pleased with particularly take boring game time outsource or at all because. He's been here eleven years he's had tremendous successes have lots of different kinds of teams I can tell you that they've really really. For situations. In practice just like. Calling three flames. Sent plays at a time to time out of it is at all it's not practice you have to remember that so. They have five possessions that. It's not at that time and not all of our half court situations can they get a fast break once. Well look at next flies over the next play the next time and a half court situations other. They're trained to know situations. And everything how to attack situations. And it he doesn't. Usually needed time now. Just to remind them that this is the way we're trying to attack this perhaps it's just he could yell stuff from the sideline that sort of thing for. That's not easy it's not about that if the game has turned out to be closer than you expected it to me. They want those timeouts at the end of the game. As well a yacht ever called him running out of time now when you lose either one at the end of immediately felt like the other days. Dance that thought it was time now. When I was a full head of the art it's a state. But he knows what. Works best for him knows what he's comfortable with Els what's the success for all of these years and it's it's it's time out that formula has worked. You know one thing we need to make sure we don't sign up as the night the famine that Clinton defensively as well thankfully but a lot of well. And their defense isn't everything but. He's scoring a lot of points on them but there are few books and defense still for their three point percentage defense still pretty good. But the pace of thinking the Wichita State is so fast not at saint it's fast. Across the lord nationally because Wichita State ranks fifth in the conference in points given out so other teams aren't given up the same number of points. So the pace of the game is dictated not despite the other team and what they're doing. But that's dictated by how fast atrocities like offensively and that's with C. And it shocked to hear your question about you know used the time about to make an adjustment like he'd make sometimes the halftime. The adjustments at half time has tended to be out a couple of the cases is truly rear after finding him how hard they have to play. The defense that period. A couple of times he has mentioned the adjustments things they. Happen. Then there's the simplify things with from the game plan original game plan authority Wall Street whatever. At sometimes that takes a little more time that. What you have and it's time now and I think that's why. If he feels like they can get to halftime and that they could make those adjustments he's not gonna try to make good on the fly at the length of the for the time. Does it not always the case not to say that's us. That's a former incidents that may yes it may fear of reason why they don't want to use the time outs that just that's happening it and that's. So thank you good questions and very valid questions that. You know he had he has made it very successful career out of knowing how to make adjustments within that game without having to call timeouts and it and it does save those for what you really negative at the end that is. I don't think that that's necessary files and yet the number of times past you yet the staff of the its timeouts. It's not it's critical things that would feed him Apple's time. Or we I also want to talk about the defense witness not a I don't want also mention that when Barkley gave sponsors as far as where an outlet in Florida Saturday in sixty I thought when it one of the great. Which it's not business traditions family owned and operated it takes great pride in everything they do. They treat you with great respect and they need help you find exactly what you want to know high pressure. They're not about saying something you don't want to note able picturing it exactly what you're looking for. Chances are good now have it in Stockton their huge warehouses but if they don't know where to find and they'll be able to show you on line. That's exactly what it is that if that's what some of the war's over the carpet. Lamp department whatever they need to borrow 1860s. Like let you know all the discussion that was had about the defense of trust me Greg marshals not happy with this defense he dances either. But. Yeah I'm starting here sales of conversation. About are you concerned the from the standpoint is this team maybe not faithful plus. Thought flanked kind of defense that we it used to but that's not reason to Gregg Marshall. Six guys that are playing at. For the same guys that had really outstanding defensive numbers a year ago. Station on Smith is the only player that might like that last year it's not back and it didn't play that bought the second half the season so it's not like that's a huge. Laws and but I think some logic you'd have a lot of the same thing station on his. Marcus has not been there and that is the facts I I think that it markets back. Well definitely help the defense because it is lit his quick hands his ability to. Get a chance of passing line likes background you can guard guys a lot of different sizes so I think that would definitely help. So that's that's a little bit of a factor part of that at times it just happened. Like quite as hard on defense is they'd lose it for forty minutes and they picked it up in the second half after he stated he feels it is halftime. But I think this off I'll I'll say yes. This team will be fine defensively because they're capable. Yet he. He won't let it be anything else he is not going to let this team keep going through your given up seven points it is not gonna happen just not it's not the end. It's not your style it's not what they'll accept. At right now they've got this time when they're out of school to put it on his practice time where it's needed and I I am not concerned about how good defense. The latest news going to be as the season continued I think they're going to be fine my what you got ears. The opponents and we talked about this a little bit less gravity. 61 and a half 61 point one eucalyptus football game. Which is by far the most. That's. Ed Greg marshals as ever while it's usually the low to mid fifty's feel with him that they allow. So do that and did you see. 30% 40% on those. You're gonna add about six additional points for ballgame and that's about where we are with its France that the pace of the game is different. The pace of the game is different in part because of the teams to play. And it's part because Wichita State is paying eight point eight faster pace also. All right thank you. Or your calls reverend a data show actors play it 50% off your online order they would supply area hot shots might not have Papa Johns dot com I'm. And music from a coach soccer fifteenth to receive your shot through discounts let's go back to the fun with Mike. I guess I don't go tonight. I was. Faith. Out of few flying. You know you cannot properly felt well thank you despite. Minded. Enough issued a news that it is what the but it. Go to an honest thing it automatically. Oklahoma State they felt that he is being involved filming of the decade at least you understand the game now what athletes and of itself. And I think what are a little while ago. Think it is Putin didn't mean I don't I don't know life after the coma. An awful. I plan hasn't done that much this year and what didn't let you. It doesn't think might be living in only physically. The only thing not that anybody that wants nothing more than. He would sit up and watch them. Don't withdrawal that this thing with the bank bosses let the accusers years older was his favorite thing. Both evolved for the alpha. Well I don't think there's an eight. Major overriding concern defensively really don't as far as tax plan I think he's been really good 99% of the time. He's trying to toughest assignments but it seems that dates mentioned that competition. He's had two guards have really. A grassy part dry eyes. Out of here probably aren't defensively. It's tough to stop guys that are that aggressive and that talented. All the time. Or not picked up fouls started. That's it's a tough job and I think he's done about it well if you could ask I don't have a problem with the way he's playing defensively. Offensively I think he's lost confidence really does eat what it's worth very much he has been much better offensive player. It is past couple of seasons at this hour. This year and overall. Again I don't think there's any override a major concern that this team's defense I think it will in fact we're used to. As the season goes on and tonight. And we probably don't Jack apartment. My. But it's also. An. His interpretations. We carried all of the teams here involvement on the whole picture. The soccer's Los looked as much as anybody else. At least this isn't good Twitter questions somebody just sent it but we did it it's it's a quick commercial timeout welcome back to get to that and more of your. Calls it quits on interest and I think it. It's time to go inside the numbers that he Katie CPAs and advisors. These tedious proudly served the midwest for more than ninety years. Fourteen values excellence as much as ours and reread your biggest fans. As you look toward continued growth and profitability he TV has that been strength and resource is to help you develop a winning strategy. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. 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Merry Christmas and happy new year from we take credit union. Did you are now. Shocker for is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita. US you shocker basketball he's on one or three point seven. You want yeah. It's a question he had footers and we'll get back to the positive. It lives understands. The three point shot. What has maybe changed the Bosnian soccer college basketball since we started broadcasting effectively early eighties. Adds depth and it's just a question at that time that it ticket over. You know I I think that. It's been expecting to see how officially has kind of changed I think that it was. Me. It was probably less physical back in the early eighties and got really physical. Through the nineties at times it happens to all of us were five years ago and they decided that that you didn't see it it's actually less physical game. I like a little bit of a combination tonight I don't want I don't wanna go back to the seventies when you can touch anybody up. I think I have an exodus four I've watched him. A video. Last couple years of one of those great Notre Dame UCLA games from the seventies you'll walk was playing in Austin Carr like that. And nobody played any defense compared to let it slide out it was on the move your feet didn't touch anybody yet and it was pretty easy shots off. I don't wanna see that flat out you know it doesn't need to be the end of course if there either so. I think maybe that's one thing that's changed little snippet to three point shot. Is without question of the biggest changes and one of the things that that does. Is thinking lose less confident. Three point shots now enables teams to come back faster than. And they think it was possible that we started doing this at this. It someplace it makes it February 15 sizes if people can't see some runs to make definitely sure. It actually was not as physical as it is now but it's pretty darn physical or never play. Louisville let's announce and explain that meant after the game it's it's Latin. Shoulders of these black and that's that's. How on Friday that subsequently bounced things like that a shot clock has changed. Us all yeah yeah quite a bit. I think Natalie three point very perceptive mind. But how many different people through that it's not to have water the players that would be. It's an infinite number of really good player funny it's effective date you had three. Feels good players. And the rest were pretty bitter support players you would think for your conference champ. Really good player so we'll. They're at bat hitting really really good players at city that's a huge difference. One other thing I would I would offer I think we saw a lot war. Pull out their graves jump shooters back in that era and it wants to three point shot it and you kind of get that separation of its way. Three point shooters going all the way to the basket or donkeys and at the outset that a guy that can't. If you shot it the three point line pull off about fifteen feet or that's I don't think this is but today added. Back in art today you would have guard's point urgency that flight continental sized six foot six on. A lot of the guards might scant point guards off guards were six read it below arcades and at 65. Off guard. Tonight at 6566. Point guards you guys. To end at 67. And very athletic players so much more athletic there're a lot of that so that's an excellent question. There are a lot of changes in the last few years. I'm gonna let David closes out the phone call this evening they've been running it. Tiger actually quite important for involved in. What the spotlight to house after but I'm sure. And what. You don't have it yet but a circle on the conference. That a reform but at. On the road not to come back. Oh. Actually require they are such that there that are worked out that that's our second half of them. At second question tonight I don't know that there isn't really. Easy answer to that time. You know I I would have to say that there have been a couple of nights that they just didn't come quite as ready to play as they needed if you know I don't know why that is. But again I I think some of these things that have been. Issues if you will have an again I don't think committee the issues teams knighted too against the best implement waited years. But. I think those things are gonna get directed at me and I think that anything that might look like a trend or something it's happening too much is. Has certainly been addressed now and right now there that's not the years I've talked about it it really worked on that stuff themselves. Ice ice just really think that bears say yes. Guys just gonna be. A big improvement in some of those things that. Certainly getting in the conference quiet blank names like Connecticut at Houston it and people like that there's that these players know just as well as the fans do. I think they're gonna be fired up ready right you'll. I think they will be there's something to be sent in this day and age don't have. Intimidated like Evansville was updated its the other day if they were out of their league. Teams have so many good players Wichita State has scheduled up this year. These teams are playing with us states that are capable team. There sky high latency the third fifth elevenths for the country. And they give their best shot but they give their holed that shot right off the bat not many teams have players like Raytheon for example. And absent that Wichita State has weathered the storm even though they need to start stronger. That both teams but we can't decide the fact of nine and two against the pretty dark thoughts gets. All right thank you for all the calls and please if you're not listening after the game Merry Christmas to all of you have a happy holiday season. 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College got to have heart. Be legally you need to be fun not for three and that's why we offer free delivery and only we are everything we LLC and kept you watch happy it. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Alan Chapman Ron woods Kerry mom talent come up in valley center endangered or an Andover was a lawyer. I. He's done 13 point seven OK EY. And actually express bank pregame show the country where would head coach Gregg Marshall is presented. That's why the professionals on a mission to put billions of war but let's talk about your general health for ties Conner come back from his migrated. It two he practice yesterday didn't. Appeared to have any lingering from his migraine. So I'm assuming now he shot around the other day and then. Between shootaround and game is when it it came over. And took over that the headache and I don't know I hope that he can play tonight. And what are the chances we'll see markets except for a few minutes. Marcus Vick Duffy is that that's his decision doctors have cleared him it's just a matter that feeling right. I told I was told that if he plays it's got to be an eight to ten minutes maximum. Range and then she killed Morris. Wasn't that close when I came for shootaround so. He has a migrant I didn't know if they were communicable but undoubtedly they are. So we're having a rash of migrant subtle anticipate him playing tonight. Talk about. Florida Gulf Coast and this is a team you look at their personnel some of the games. Individually at their past performances and you wonder how does this team only 76. Yeah it's a good question and yeah they've got guys that played it all kind of different high levels and most of them transferred in there and they've got great reputations as as players and then you watch more video and you say well they're they're really really talented so. Coach Joseph let's go to I got my own issues coach Dooley scooter and his team out I've got to try to figure my team now and that's coaching and right now. We just don't want Florida Gulf Coast just to get really hope the mentally and physically. Against us. Next day yes on the report form the rest of the year because I like coach Dooley and he's done a wonderful job with that program back to back NCAA tournaments. And got tremendous talent and his roster. But hopefully we can we can give due to deal tonight get a win and heading to Christmas and then to that's Michael. They obviously athletic just like to transition what are a couple of keys for you to keep the not a that is matched us think things might mean it's a broken record it seems we've got to take good shots we cannot turn the ball. Because they're dynamite transition. They're they're really really good never know better than Oklahoma. And we say this every game you know we say this every game we wanna take good shots not turn the ball over regardless of whether they're good transition but it. A team like this stalemate give hey if you do those two things. And given their personnel and so forth donated cookies defensively kind of the same things that we've been talking about and keep it really trying to get better. Got to guard the ball regards regard. Got a so my got to be there for help which Potomac charges in the last game. And then you got a limited to what you gotta gotta those guards stick a lot of their shots so when the particulars outside shots as a long shot long rebound. Axiom so we've got to we've got to do a good job of getting a body on some wanted him committed it is to open up those rebounds and take it the other way. Check it coach Gregg Marshall we'll be back to Coca arena right after this. 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Let the commission cancel any time don't list your home before you call and let tongues at 840000. Find online at select homes. Dot com. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post any underneath Angela Valentine in Gaza Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. Yeah. He's done one of three point seven K. And Wichita. Nonconference schedule tonight isn't Charleston Serena taking on Florida Gulf Coast first ever meeting between these two programs Eagles advanced with a record of seven. And six overall. Wichita State at nineteenth two ranked eleventh. In this week's polls. The next game for the shocker should be on the road at UConn a week from tomorrow to open their first ever American athletic conference schedule remember what a shocker surrounding wrote the official watch party location as you know it's still a tough works. At the southeast corner of 21 at one half cup fighter all the watch parties for a chance to win a trip for two with. To the AC tournament in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and vetoes fillets half works your official watch party location for shocker basketball. I'm Mike Kennedy gave dull alongside anchor handling in the studio. Dave has tonight's winning strategies brought to you by capitol federal first home go home to bring home. You can trust the strength behind True Blue finance capital federal equal housing lender and number FDIC. Well thank you mr. Kennedy first of law would strategy number one please don't soccer fans needn't be a little bit longer tonight. WSU fans stand and clap until the Republicans for their first basket. And in the past it to say free and it's seven or eight minutes before your home scored the first basket. Certainly in the first half and attitude within the first twenty seconds Wichita State needs to start their defense claims sharply from the opening tip. Winning strategy number two in snapped an uphill variables you wild card and that wild cards like the bee park has been nothing. If markets markets at the plate but he's a play 510 minutes. How many minutes he seems we're not sure how sharp he he hotly idiot with those other nine players gobbling up miles and thank goodness no doubt about it it would. You very very see him start making a difference already at night I think that he's making net difference psychologically. I think it's it's gonna be content. We stressed for three shots to decide tonight what they're going to be and a decision is going to be are they going to be the past security privacy. Tonight. It's three the last football teams all played Wichita and Oklahoma shot 50% of the staff at South Dakota State and Arkansas State shot over sixty. Sentence first half shots and opponents are now it's 32%. In the field. That's second highest opponent it will percentage in the last fight with some great most of them giving up 71 point four points a game. Where does that rank definitely want 68. Fans that is by far the highest. It rake marks team plastered outside for seven point 7% from the field fourth best in the country. The field goal percentage defense is still pretty sharp. But not as sharp as it needs to be they say defense wins championships. Lately they have. The first half of the soccer game so Wichita State eats you look good job against its feet it's 49 cents field. That throws up almost 83 points a game. When he spent on the war. The soccer re founders have taken an excuse to leave the masses. We're the last five outrebounded opponents by just four point three rebounds per game. WFC has dropped close to the country can't reach down deep marks. Third and still fallen pretty rapidly to soccer season right stance yet against the seat that's pretty strong rebound the team however. However. You've got to eat the scene that has been outrebounded by almost seven rebounds per game. It for the last five bogeys there vulnerable to birdies but finally ladies strategy number five. The Eagles have lost four out of the last five games. At three of those losses by five points less than differences although one of those losses. Boiled down the Eagles make the less free throws than their phones and it's been hard to fix it. So obviously city 67 point 1% from the free throw lines were the last ice. But soccer things get healthy. Winter free throw. Tonight the Clinton would. Imagine rebounding David's and it's estate statistics won't deliver for Florida's Gulf Coast of the average. Six rebounds a game or that their opponents their 53 in the nation in rebounding margin themselves. But in the air at seven wins. They are plus fifteen. Rebounds and six losses they outrebounded by over four for the game. One other stats it's pretty if this thing they have outscored their opponents. I'll let let a thirteen times on points. Eight Wichita State has not scored kind of it's eleven opponents are points in the thing so Netflix aid. That whoever wins that battle tonight that's. It's pretty sick of it. It is and they certainly set forth tonight. Let's talk about this and if not sure if he's going to be able to play as to what extent of the productive that's gone like I points in the paint. Always so. It's a safety. The injury and I guess the oldest report brought to you via our live your life your charity. Your optimal view that's either for the grand Marshal on his right hand is back after missing Tuesday's game for the Padres. At eleven games. Standing on the sidelines watching. Bet Marcus yeah. It's finally going to get to fight and I haven't accept that pre season broke a bone. It has stood so looking forward to next he'll Boras did not participated in Cedar Rapids city out of my frame adds that he. It was not out here originally as a warm ups tonight but he finished out the warm ups and has been out here ever since his beautiful looks it looks like. He is feeling better defense planning to fly if everybody healthy for Florida Gulf Coast states. One of their top recruits as Bryan Thomas a 69240. Pound freshman three star recruit. The first is that broke his aunt wasn't playing these incidents and a half minutes of games but. He's out indefinitely for the Eagles and we'll be back with the starting lineups in the opening tip off Charles Phillips arena as the suckers take on Florida Gulf Coast. Another smile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first with no. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's on some. 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He couldn't do it without executive there share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for. He can count recruit. Indeed back the same night Brady's start is next busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shocker to learn more an exact air shared dot com. This is just in Baxter at Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business on Baxter and our whole team that's in challenging Financial Times and we're up for that challenge we understand you're depending on your series money now and in the future please give us call at 3166520101. Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Security investment advisory services offered for each point financial in SPF number ten I TE SP if separately owned and Kennedy's indoor marking names product or us as reference here are independent of us via faster as the when he went over north collectively in Wichita Kansas and there's a Guthrie was a response to 0101 or online money just planning dot com shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding Kirk Farber. And yeah. Emerged shocker for. Point seven okay you want yeah. Really it's about my. Ready for our National Anthem played soccer basketball bats then signed by the audience that attend that it would. Would be. 121000. Or 101500. Presented night. Spirit terrorist operatives of before we get to the lineup Syria's are excellent. I'm saying it. Our national definitely. If your child's health arena pay your tip of the day it's true eating fruits and vegetables would HBO they're making full faster and these last two days off these actors Jeff brought to you by UnitedHealth. Air and the real appeal program learn more at real appeal. Not cop. Just about ready for the introduction of the lineups at while we're waiting. Congratulations. To Wichita State had volleyball coach Chris lab on a well deserved selection by a volleyball magazine as the national. Coach of the year he was the American conference coach of the year courses and Steve ran the table that their first you're definitely going plenty enough. Highly ranked post super regional land a great year for Wichita State. Well he probably was deserted which at a lower to pass the higher profile American athletic conference. Play three weeks so well that and a great job that he did in the NCAA tournament or getting visits to the streets there. Starting let me introduce for a Florida Gulf Coast Michael's guilt florists extend your your from Jacksonville. Is a transfer. He has been both of these you have Miami. Previously just became eligible a couple of games ago this will be his third game. Tonight. It will be one of the guys up front penetrate this seven. 6950. Pound senior from Miami 77 point four points per game. Quietly without shooting 66%. Unlimited attempts. Over the first thirteen games of the season. Cristian and Cheryl a 656 year round Jacksonville's. Link fourteen point three points a game. At 65187. Not that big but it really good rebounder inside of six point one rebounds that game and the guards could really get after. That confidence figures for Miami thirteen. Point four points. Appointed assists over and steals per game. You hear from Norcross Georgia he makes you don't eighteen point eight points per game five assists per game. Not break out tonight numbers but he leads his team and both of those categories ball's going to be in his hands it's not. For its ease the unanimous greasy. Pick its player of the year end what he's done thus far this you might would do anything to dispel that. Eagles are coached like Joseph Finley now this this year's head coach Susan fifty years old on January that's when. Long time he wants this visit also there's. Carolina. Added the last six years riders taking this job at Florida Gulf Coast failures of the holes. We'll listen assistance is ten years itself. Over his previous four seasons in Florida Gulf Coast. He has averaged 23. And four officers on the some guys whose. NCAA tournament to receive Atlantic sun quotes of the year. Let's get us there. Right beside Helen its seventh senior Fredericksburg Virginia five point eight. It was the seventh hole. Offensive rebounds at about three and a half per game. They're forward his neck out and 66 senior business at Texas and everything four point six points but it. That's another hit tonight their own little less than 69 senior from Madison Wisconsin. That we won't point six points per game and seven rebounds. At the guards. It we'll we'll plant the chance that this explore redshirt sophomore from Kansas City. Leading the team in both scoring and assists familiar theme here six and a half points. Florida half assists per game. And I appreciate it right at 50%. Drop street and it's not a friend can't back tonight after this it is these game we'll have migrated. Not your average of twelve points per game. He has scored in. Double figures in each of his last seven games and it the last four games of the display not they're averaging over fifteen points per game. And shooting 48% for. You think that's what they need out of the seat here out of the leader out of the candidates in his ability to seed Wichita state of the successful. A lot of pieces are going to have to concluded that place and it's like well it's one of those. He's starting lineup for. Were brought here by equity frankly you'd never panicked again statements or to visit them online debt equity thank god the other starters tonight the officials Karl has. Right safe and Gerald Williams and it's not defensive effort today after an eight shot to win. Florida it sets popular thing unhappy points is not restored if it takes him 45. But after 40%. Are flawless doctor Richard soccer fans all over practice and it had nodded at ten cents laughter. East and west. It's just not the fastest time of the first eleven games it's not it's about trying to make it standards of the first twelve this season. The floor with a gun to conference play in just over. Tomorrow. Epic center will be had previous seven. It appears from Florida Gulf Coast visit I don't know well that's it'll be Gilmore and Daryl Willis who looks at. Zach Morris is eight. Witnessing this is around with the Padres and looks like he is going to probably play tonight. That. Is that there is saying I do doniger affinity for things that prognosis. Looks like Karl Hess little flaws in depth look at this and you'll have volunteered to control myself. North Atlantic salmon at six. I guess that's Smart we'll. Actually anticipated. Maybe that's the late eighties there was not what you get to staff and land. Incident and that that is good rightfully. Justice Johnson that Johnson definitely. You know rightly good drives Atlanta Falcons short jumper it's terrible it's another but Willis. Who was fairly open let it play shortstop is elephants in them. As if it's not my president Harry Potter French camp football player. They out rebound though Rashard Kelly and what we got all that stuff. Marketable themselves. Not only is that called that they didn't even know they got that CF let readers sent to that yet. So Wichita State yet since they applaud those Eagles Florida Gulf Coast thought I was its. Race as long a flight test of course it's likely that he gets to that but it's an excellent perspective right Gonzales of the first French can't hit that ball off the that was kind of you know make it nice and asked if it's not just kind of innocently enough on the floor warrantless Linux journal conference when. Right off the street now blatant throws an outlook for the Melbourne students intensely that's good. Michael billboard's sixth and had it all for three for three coming into the gave its previously. Lot of confidence on. Flee to Florida go through with him but that's not fluently Willis didn't make that three way it's hard rebound that is next all of this and the ultimate. Three love double off the bat. Laundry Nazis now by telling them this. It would get a call to Fallon didn't kill more landed on it. Willis athletes defenders it's buff it's down low for stood up got a lot Kelly wrestles it out of there and it. That it that it just won't release does not advance its life. I definitely got us down yet with them. It's gonna be if now on Florida Gulf Coast that was that is there often is a video of Michael Gilmore. Offensive rebounds. He's leading the team and offensive rebounds doubled up the next closest players offensively depth of their city's eleventh in the nation over three point six offensive rebounds but yeah let's wait for a simple little the equivalent to a drives baseline. Cut off like two defenders out of the way Kelly thought about it he drives thirds backing out of your last seconds here practicing for it yet. Thank you get free around six and you'll get quiet section it off got a call traveling. Yeah. Hey it was not a thing anyway. At previous Simmons goes Jackie in Ricky loyalists exit junior from Cape Coral, Florida transfer from Michigan. Where he started thirty games over 2268. Minutes of friends that the fifth. Is that correct it and let's the fluid Johnson that's right no one right after Johnson Johnson traveled excellent guys in place for those adamantly that announcement Gilmore particularly three and out this time but he may want to that was. Rattled in and Lindsay isn't it. Canada the French court hands it off Willis with your left under the basket Jeb Bush have to. A certain extent that's why say it can't just the first half the senators and I think right now at La. They are not a theory it's the that's. Their own right wing guard like him loses both Verizon writes definitely flows back at you three pointer from the top off that now apparently countless. News it's him it's not just walked up one. Testing at like quarter brown tree on the Atlantic. Now why fight he has yeah okay. Three years of war three pointers but beautiful way to start the exact round. At the right water with a three wood stately 73 that the right thing. We'll against Granada not to keep the oil was gonna go it's not the nose cut up my Franken back to work up my goodness landed. That's going to be a charge John Goodman. Has its guard Kelly nodded their got position but now on that will be his first. The second on request with the State's defense that's partly. Staff that's here. And it's. To beat. Florida Gulf Coast 13 floors influence. That's him not to sleep 73 rightly friends here at the top talents with liquid brown down the left lots of Willis then goes baseline got around Doyle. If I stepped out of bounds shot. On repeat well the only reason the city's post office at. The outfits. With its base line. You see the father by him. And that list so it like that. It's earth and I'm sure people have seen that on video but it's hard instantly yet. What's it makes me actually see a lot that he should have an excellent double shot they put it up into and out. And the rebound the Florida Gulf Coast if it passes deflected Carlisle just to try to dribble. Traffic at a loss of her out on the floor try to find a team made it definitely everything at him at a different Portland that if it's not now. Looks high low post it on the floors the left wing the ground that thrives. You know Larry back to us to reach this event last night Kelly Kelly let's suppose that's right champ and opened seventy footer that it. I appreciate it at six of the soccer's first kind of elitist it's very profits. Are. It wouldn't defect what's it needs a lot in the time line that look to Florida bounces right to keep the oil back. That's its wheels where's that point and not try to make it not far enough to get it. Maintenance that is not driving a race John's got I did not look at it. Hit the rim would at least over the front of the area parks. 95 which estimates that if it's not it's definitely brings it back and look for him not to read that Kovalev with Kelly. Yeah definitely agree that gets him not only at the top Willis thanks. Almost lost the rebels safe with him but left the atmosphere and land taken off the dribble. Shots that got a fan here good good lag Kelly well three left way way off the market had been ironed out Florida Gulf Coast credited with quickly up the court. Fires out of the baseline on its front missing that shot I was chased out of everybody did save Zach Johnson he drives it into traffic. Carlyle the left baseline he stepped out of and a Christian Carlyle. Play as stated that games. Posted stepping out of bounds as he caught the pass which doesn't have it on the Eagles turnovers. 1503 to go the first half of an effort speaking it's not not with Wichita State Levy nine to. 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Hi folks very near from the altar or Nissan Wichita and it's time for our guest event yesterday entry here and sales event we'll save up to fifteen grand offer many new new sounds and stuff like 127 in new sometimes just went 49 down 349 month gestures we've 49 months they just more for your true three random book value ask for me they're not Jerome injures only forty something with fellow fell 1800 new son or visit or new songs which thought dot com before. We pray that form 24 he on both sides must always display the number and Kentucky him. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler dusty shelf for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WS you shut your best round. He's on 103 point seven. Golf pros side which is testing sessions coming up to fifteen minute ago. In the first half of factors that may for a ten shots holding one of four for. Three that it held Florida Gulf Coast who have six shooting a lot of three. For a three Wichita State plus four on the floor seven victory they have for office. Eight for Florida Gulf Coast if you're seeing little inside the numbers. Darryl Willis matched his career high assists. Read his head against Arkansas say yes to already. Reverend closer look. So it's about not ever pass the ball and let the FDA insists the very next here. Soccer basketball it should act Boris is it Ronald nurture Austin Reid snack brands might you know some ground the only starters. Here with us today aids. Importantly program wars that it's not definitely with. We must look tonight at the start this stuff obviously it right on the ground right baseline there. Incidentally. About it I think my problem what if there. It's like it caught on video with intestinal inside and out of not quick enough what's its fight against. Yes freaks not bats but he helped out slotted in there and score them eleven to five with those states not driving spinning force there and got it. How horrible for a shot slightly shots not that announcement that it in the bounce him he's got four points and accurate it's not that they opted to him about it right and left double team out on the left block Boris. 4 o'clock written well that's definitely not guys. Alliance Oca Oregon confidently. Heavily calls on this doctors. Then they'll turn it over with third while those that article. Let your body you want but. You know things well look at the seventh with us and let him it's not. It's not. Good enough that industries that outlines were it not be penetrated. This guy. Thought about it drags it. That's. But it's if it is right there are very active in the NF botnet to. No it. Soccer basketball 5411747. First. My right. Away for a refinance their. Act holding off on earth under Clinton floor goes back to the baseline and lost it. Experts. They want stuff that we. Were furious at the qualities that drives the right side of the traffic pulled up this but the opposite treatment of political analyst and now the race John's got here. That in between doctors had gotten off its board. That. Now. It's. Your neighborhoods. What I expected woods of tennis business is to Marcus Vick definitely something to make his first since. Local games this season form. Missouri though it's not clear. He loses dancing. He uses like that example free shots I definitely don't play sixty minutes is located sexism. Rebounds and five. Game which I think he's careful about where he has left so that forces makes it on there yeah. Second free throws yet he has made fourteen of fifteen free throws on the season. And Florida Gulf Coast next in Atlanta that night if it's not a state that nothing is play the three spot please wrap lined up. Things don't look for the rays and blood clot Boris wheels and it'll jump hook left it short. And prevent incidents of Florida Gulf Coast where it quickly to. Christian Caryl. That heralded free at the other against Florida Gulf Coast building. And that. That was that he's safe at. Right baseline nothing it's about threatening. It there are left wait three doctors now at a point now all of the eleventh. Off the lip lock Boris on the left baseline that definitely records yet the government writes that nurture off the street for rob. I don't know. Exactly second it firsthand here package for a fourteenth well they can't make the belt socks stuff. Offensive foul. Seated at a time. It was unclear if off and it was opening round up. In his first fourth non Catholic Florida golf that's all. It is greens. Means zones that nothing nurtured at snack Boris. And mark is that nothing that the system at three Byron. Jones but it drives. All the way to the basket at its slot edit save bacterial companies out of we've seen that yet. Have not yet made a nice little thing like this could turn back out of it dribbled to the front toward the front of the the basket at Betty drove the baseline that he took it all the way that's one way that Michael noble you have speaker guys that he wore the guys that. I want. My native played it left baseline. But it's not like it treatments when it threat to NAFTA markets and its violent over. Right when it nurtured it often goes back to the larger role of the basket and I thought of it nothing for the very. Our own backyard it was on line a little bit off. That's tonight. Now the alliance influence on nurtured. While we'll have this event contested. But I don't think that's going to be a now on received nearly got tangled up with nothing. It is FitzGerald has picked up and found it very short order here. After it. Right before that. Fifteenth ballot lord himself illustrated that went back in the lineup it's not to let us all leading by two that leads the Al. After the basketball. Rate that it. Physically aggressive. Off the ethical. Reasons I wanted to out of the lot but nothing gets up and applauded. It's lacked an effective head. Go to the line shots it's Connecticut's want activist yeah. It's activists and in the end it's all time markets in the line. Now is not Christian Carlisle his first six. It's 1150 Florida got the first half its Wichita State going to the line leaving Florida Gulf Coast fourteenth. Well. When unit for those shocker basketball games this glitter make sure your grip on the road that tires from Kansas land tire. I don't wanna feel like yours where they have them on a nightly to stop by your nearest Kansas land tire stores let the professionals make sure you're ready for old man winter. When it comes to tire service or like repair work you can count on the sixth Wichita metro locations along with the other seventeen get this entire locations statewide. 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North Rucker wrote in a commentary center Christmas hours Monday through Saturday nine to seven and eleven at five. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley and are indeed born and over what. We're. WS shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE YE Yang. Does big board yeah Florida Gulf Coast. Well the doctors only six of fifteen for 40% it only took six for free they held Florida Gulf Coast before it hit for 40%. They are. If I stayed outside six rebounds or turnovers in five. Or Florida Gulf Coast with us it will be going to the free throw line with markets if nothing shooting 2000 active QB right and that's. At least five. Those statements read or offensive rebounds. Florida Gulf Coast has one more turnover and it got to the free throw line since. It. Another six team bounced now on Florida Gulf Coast building wanna listen to our state Florida gulf coastal flooding. Now for a team averaged close to 40000 yeah. Mark is the definitely for his first one this season. Yes my glasses he's such a bit of my strengths you know young people with a young you recouped raised with a separated. Not 82% analyze last year. Have a cup match since Kaiser. Is going to check it and practiced it definitely and it did last season. Our I team. 319. Free throws three of those carry overs and he's made his last wouldn't want consecutive ruthless. Not yet voted to defect or not a by reasonable left out not to. Gilmore Gilmore a little handoff to Carlyle cut off by Kaiser goes left side Johnson driver of the legs and do some advocates of a golf forever right into their previous sentences kind of scream four and Johnson with a turn over on the travel violence. Sixth turnover from Florida Gulf Coast in need have a fairly high turnover averaged fourteen and effort. They're just have. Re in fancy ski my flight with reckless event but let's wait Kaiser off the Wall Street a title chances that Boris avoid to steal the right corner agrees to help with three. Yeah Alex rebounds in Florida Gulf Coast strong rebound Mike Johnson looked at that it would drive at its arsenal to the basket throws up for Ryder rolls in and out and a nasty. Wow. After the shot minutes after somebody else attempted its neck snapped at the end they call foul. Now on the war after the shots. That we don't Rondo that's his second. He says the only team fouls called on state of the Errol Louis. He never gets the foul trouble of course Rick mark that's out these guys just. Allow people to get the foul trouble might want players now that a big gain for the doctors that stack. That. Paralleled planet the baseline let's quarter that would penetrating a little bit of funneling Gilmore for Johnson and rightly. Carlyle. At a street that we with that. It's not trying to drive at Kaiser Nazis authors of the book missed it we've done to get here a couple of times retreat by constant rain that got hit in the face. I'm Michael Gilmore and you could simply could see his hips and there was no question that it happened is that it's a lecturer. And actors guild wars that it amounts of Gil Morgan Christians Errol. Now we'll have to do for Florida Gulf Coast. And monitored through with two with a statement reach him at nice long rest that you haven't guys. There are. Reasonable line for the first time you know while the girls for almost. One pick up here. That won this against them your name linked to gain now is that on May ninth at the end said that they for the next day out of the free throw line. Every time that's. Life. Doctors now for a for a fourth light breeze goes out for at camp he's backing it exactly is back after a six point lead. At eighteen to twelve that matches their biggest leagues of Florida fruit stand credited the right senate floor Carlyle few of them went to Johnson. It's sort of my friend he's a threat to Scott yeah it's definitely good at them off the street get a ticket threesome not fraud and leaves my short. We've got to start Kelly Hansen got the chance that went respectfully of course let's wait for anything it's not think that if you haven't. On top filly triple handoff Franken excellent left or right forced why can't but let's face lines Kelly thought they got down the block Willis taken all kinds of contacts now is that not now. That they called traveling on Scott African buff with a ball from Florida Gulf Coast that. Willis putts land for both sides so called at the socket blade in underneath go nobody knows the free throw line their outlets that. 57 times on the c.'s lead shocked that data that. Looks like the officials had them keep them off the lines it. They wrote that there was a change of possession of it translates the shot clock gives back up to 33 at camp is that if hopeful that a ticket shot realize that it happens and it's it has not to Kelly not delegates back and not a right it's defeats outlines steps through. And a foul on Florida Gulf Coast. Everett is on the floor at city itself I think it might be great shots got it is Scott and it will be his first. Two games eight. And it killed in the line this time it'll be two shots for Rashard what does the winning strategy thought it is Florida Gulf Coast loses games. Both of them the free throw lines and they free throws were off they. And Rashard was well over seventy for the first several games this season that he was. One for three against Oklahoma State did she get against Oklahoma and one for three again Tuesday against our success that it's for twelve platform. It's. And the facts of it on your life time. Stretchers out of the backward across time line machine basket Johnson throws at the outer banks off to Lance that that's if that's definitely start driving up the middle of the floor it's about truth and referred all. My life. Sensational finish I'd gladly stand that and it's not about my Florida's Gulf Coast it's not just about the deficit fluently. Now it almost. Wasn't quite sure what to do with it needed to break that none of that is just sent it him but grateful for the and along the baseline I'd do it for millennia. And I stared his right minded adult life and there's a better way what better way. And it's not as defense is that are we don't know that that's a fear of getting out of transition. Florida Gulf Coast will take some questionable shots at times Russian hackers are able to convert on it. Let's start Kelly. Everything he can't do. 08 wins. Us eighties recount the these right while authorities free throws great stuff. They don't those that Hitler look like that not the last mrs. we've done well it sounds off basically 215. Florida gulf slightly and the three of transition you know. I can't gotta do it my. He's gotta love the soccer league by thirteen pass deflected it back court that would give it time line. Fans think launch NASA for it's not my Scott's victory left wing won't go back Ricky Doyle out of it definitely gets the shot and the now. Doctors at a sad list and still managed to get the rebounding doubtless not that he is now and have a strong finish. First point the Ricky who offers now on Willis went to the states that are now as a team. Well the lines of possible three point line. He is a fifth team from the free throw line with 53%. It's too hard. You know it's it's not it's. It's half rebounds five last. It's 45 to fourteen with those states and it left on the streets. Nice activists not double team they're on the baseline Willis. That's gathered here to just get hammered. Had a ball that bounced it to us today and it's like their own can't get a found it nineties just got. Busted twice go close and it's not like they're back following now and not calling fouls you know that. Soccer basketball there you know it's not my ranking and it makes a lob. And it gets in the Willis left elbow fifty footer. Easter recess. I series if not thousands of that was fighting bloody seventh to fourth seed Wichita State. Let's side of the floor Zach Johnson jewels across the floor left and right now that it's not it's not the arc rightly that would. It looks inside pupils to that's not that's that's ultimately it's not one part of the baskets slammed into a second ticket and I think there are not based. Over here illicit phone charger itself. Into play. Yeah through. The most. Yeah they have that contact period. Before he shot pictures. One ratio it's got its second. Nineteen Fallon articles. Deficit with. That's. Certainly seems to be. Checking in for the first time. Florida Gulf Coast is greatly hurts us if students sophomore. And I am one time was at Iowa State. Legitimately and a lot of these guys that. It's sad but that's yet another division once intimidated the only it's definitely a list of the three that not all of that to heart rebound Nicky well it can't Zach Johnson. That's along the right sideline picked up my friend can't cut off very nicely couldn't get by an out of the top lot the baseline for oil. Well in traffic with the fact is why and that it's not it's definitely three yes. Zach Johnson hitting the three point shot his first basket and that at soccer than to stand. But Willis at the top of the art fakes left hand off the ground coming by looks inside and that got jammed right influence. Added that it can't flip side. Kelly thinks it into the lane it's the fact that it intercepted that would plotted strategy and the dividend for the lay up then gets it. Granted good look at his first two points of the sock it's thirteen point lead down to Florida Gulf Coast scored five. Clearly bobbled it for a moment gives it depth and hit the floor left the ground. But to them floor thrusts him right side the right what are French camp pops up there had an advantage out rebound well let's try to go back up lots. And recovered by Johnson for Florida Gulf Coast. And throws it behind good little saves in the right corner and get back up along the sidelines with Johnson brings it to the middle. With a good drive at that fires three from the top off the back iron. At granite aggressively go out what drifted away from other players incident affect fourth and it gives it up to him that not only in the middle of the floor and left side of the floor of the frontier left baseline and definitely that commitment then. Crosscourt Willis open three right wing that I. It's got five. Itself back up to eleventh and let's just gave the files. Applaud my world it's exactly the opposite of left field that reflects. Portrays position actors are furious that the right thing on the rebels' political those that front current stance of not gonna die left to right drives the lane all the way under bounced back gallantly Johnson history that's yet. Zach Johnson and as fate of his last three shots all threes. Accurately it is 830 to 22 it. Your lowest it's not that the art and off the ground having left right. That left the keys to send it off let's idling Douglas a threat frank camp opened three for content and a lot of sand policies instituted it matters not Trace plus the layout that spot around the Ramon Jimenez. Went out middle of the floor rated good with. Florida Gulf Coast signaling the confidential witness that is it at Ernst and it wears him out leaflets you know particularly sadistic about it eighteen footer missed about the snack. Actually that does that round another strong rebound if they had a chance to let you drive it. Right settling Willis back to the basket that didn't feed out back is Lance stepped through a lot like the oil recovered by French camp. Drives under samples that the ground shots they can't different can't point it. Kelly the free throw circle seventeen footer badly off the right side of the revenue rebound the Florida Gulf Coast that's for guidance. It's 459. Cents. For seventh. Last thirty to 22 Wichita State by 853040. Gophers have Zach Johnson right and influence is definitely definitely that's definitely Johnson off the streets listed offenders lost the ball to get a call at thrift funny frank canceled Willis. It may not content. That's his first and the fourth team found a hassle to. It's nice big situation. After the under eight timeout which comes at 526. To heal the first half with the State's thirteenth. Florida Gulf Coast flights if. 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At a forced seven turnovers however. Wichita State sub par offensively this 36%. On typically it for a while say they have made. A look at the for for twelfth grade. Not a French camp miss hits and they'll halfway down and out it makes either one of five for twelve is over 41%. Feel myself. With Scottsdale I think the 43 point 5% from the field it's his last three games. On the season. Nine point 6% think that's a part it's quite a bit below its sent shock that he. The Gulf Coast all the different ports act and it's the baseline right partner experience the stuff that the Anthony's Jones greens. Morrison as yours. Guards on the Oregon treaty's limits that would drive me out of stepped around it's not decided to walk my horse what's that again is to get got a big cat acted. Precarious. Zach Johnson for three. He is the only thanks for your fourth raises it's kind of an awkward looking shot that he is not afford. And it's back to a five point gain thirty to 25. And that's about it you know it's great Marshall yeah happening at that one just over six feet two lawsuits refinance. It got to drive it gets about a quarter degrees for three. Three point crowd with a three pointer from here to Florida Gulf Coast math and street 45 last reached at three right off the bat against it states. That would start about games Jones picked up these little nuggets of incidents you know it's not you know sort of but the magnitude of the earth pops out of not now run left wing three Mike Goodwin. What I saw an air ball. Discovered by McAfee frozen right Kansas evidence that good put in the line way out front Johnson along three years really it. Here we go against them guys who's just unconscious Johnson's patent everything before it's not that five point 327%. Three. All of it. If nothing right wings Greta from the curious way out front you know as a Wall Street through the yard animals that's not. It was up with a left Wake Forest is gonna tickets and that's an air ball over everything rebounded quite good with. Florida Gulf Coast. Native speed and that's what's at stake that it treats it went off the street right water that's they are from everywhere now. First street fight that what is at some point games but it does state simply given up about a three point baskets. Reasons it's. It's not his passes deflected interception that was just right yet been hands. Of the Florida Gulf Coast defender. I think line edit 3331. With the United States in nineteen the gophers have to put it's not want to buy. But enough. Curious enough of the little fat over the liquidity Goodwin that that's not the furious brides right. Had threatened that wealth if its double walls green. Drives it right down to blame it's about quarter with furiously three note that this not to read down to Florida Gulf Coast sounds sort of curious if this decidedly guards who left that would getaway comes back against recent. Raids of different chords behind the screen rebels left. Is that the forthrightly. Answer right that's not the greens monster. That was left goes left it needs Johnson much enhances Reid used the animals that it's not double team for what the left wing stuff and drive it. I've got that definite definite kind of forced to shot loose balls recovered by Florida Gulf Coast. And it counts and all over the place finally recovered. And it give it to good. It's wanted to go first half 3331. But it's not a state. Liz got sloppy. It. Left the keys and it's definitely didn't look right elbow try to drive but at least ten Monfils all the way out there and miss the shot try to force an affinity for the events that Morris. There hacking at him and finally a foul. It's going to be nine trade is Simmons. Simmons and I got hit about that he was hanging all over Shaq. And installed but riots in NATO if you know that now is on cement his first. Team's chances not truth you'll Boris schools. For the under four timeouts and 204 to go first half Wichita State 33. Florida Gulf Coast 31. But you're looking for the perfect power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coached an overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season with Johnston is the 21 in K 96. 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Cocky wine and chocolate pairing craft Beers wine specialist Matt Koreans pastries and July. And Bradley hare or what I mean market where things are true. Dockers were brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post cameo underneath Angela Valentine in just two and Hartnett or is built for a pummel. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. Portability of birth after Charles Pellegrino vote. Have made eleven field goals on similar Florida Gulf Coast eleven at. 31 just 36%. Shaq is fatally five of the airport empty phrase. Florida Gulf Coast has made seven. Ortiz would suggest they outscored the visitors six to two from the line making six of six. Phil Morris goes to the line for his first opportunities tonight with a state give it up. For profits rebound since the last time out soccer's. It. It's tax free throws it. 67% of the line that's his first point tonight. Add one more coming. It's Boris Willis went reach him at CJ Kaiser. And it's a much it means you know which state free throw by Boris that. It's. Like five. Eighths. Five. On five that's last games. Chance of truth there. There's a four point lead two minutes to go through staff because they just aren't finished defensively your seventh that the right elbow fooled again looking cutting the basket Carlyle and got it got behind Kaiser related it was his left hand first Christians Carlyle. But the threat for Hanes you know through traffic through that elicited expected almost losses recovers. Now we're thinking jealous of my day driving gets through it aligned just a little short runner. Kept alive by Johnson recovered by earth or Florida gulf note here that authorities that would. Nice had a clean shot he might get enough water to visit the iphones right elbow. Threats against us attitude Johnson of ballots that logic goes right to fight through it and it reached yet. It's tonight. The 151000. This will not Florida Gulf Coast at the line. And there'll mark periods those four flirted with those that went back here Carlyle flight rights Nightline not a threat to Simmons. He hands it off Zach Johnson Johnson that it's not. It would accept on the triple those last night Johnson just about the link with. Off the Wall Street had his left with the Harlem because they slide wasn't that slow footed it bounces out strong rebound by Willis gives it to Santa Landry up across the timeline left side of the floor birds back to the middle and then do what's worse rule not the straight talk got knocked loose and I pulled that you're seeing there. Five months loss to Florida Gulf Coast of they'll stop flying. For Boris looks like he's got his thumb and he kind of forced. Take of the ball is there to go to Italy a little bit upset I don't really blame you fruits that I did have stopped it deployed there. I'm not quite sure why they would net and its partners at that rate. Boris goes out. Our alleys that. Article those laws they aren't around to doctors now. There's that far out right away from the way it went. It got hired as the united weakness that the left it hurts. Johnson left side of the floor one on one against him at street penetrate to the left wing Karla pulls up the fire. Watch what kind of recovered by it was our finale itself was down below the floor. Slows up the left as he left recognizes the crumbling physical fitness right now the lots of those horrible task. Earlier statement at Santa on the sidelines. Not to say as well as. And it's right just as quickly to get the ball back down on the block dwellers there defends your right in the path that. That's that's the and it's. And it's. It slot but let's. At least. Florida Gulf Coast all the images that higher particularly in places once. Nine seconds but it would laugh. It did not only doubled up. He doubled tripled it picked up as prevalent as addictive as suggested it looked at the management broke the other way it is back yeah. And it just kind of out of instinct out of hand but he pounded it down on the floor yeah. Double dribble games with it's not stated chance with five and a half seconds the skills and yeah it's. Spain's Joan sand but it Willis the only big guys. You haven't lived down. Reeves and frank the F word about it more with Melissa Jones is the best fields. It hit the barrel and it gives it its. Forced shots off of that daddy got off about a 35 footer that hit the fact that. They have. Not very well handled at times but it's not it's good to have time for the frequently. At the brain Wichita State played much better first half defense. But struggling offensively. Leading Florida Gulf Coast 3533. Stay tuned. For the halftime show. 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Tonight it's certainly different that you might have expected Florida Gulf Coast and yet every eight. Point eight points that it was just nice day 86 point seven. As a sport halftime and 3533. Doctors know Wichita State. It's doubled this effort of the second half it was both Florida Gulf Coast. About seventy points below their average they're holding the 36%. And it is certainly the defense. Has picked up a little bit and that's it hurts him also at nine turnovers which had just stayed offensively. Nowhere near what they usually are this is not predicated of America halftime show check out credit union of America workers small business days. Revenue at America. I'm proud sponsor of W basketball. And it beats analysts' then it. Enough minutes played and you guys haven't played. Willis that did it's that's the vote with things adversely that we can't Johnson. Arts. War. Eagles that both ladies and it's what. Thank you want to hear how locked Zach Johnson fifty these four or five. Three doctors receive fluids fired at it now team's season winning 7% three point shooter for the year but he's 80% of the Stefan without him they would not create nearly his book but I stayed open up a couple of thirteen point. That meant not to raise three out of port trips down. No he spent 863 pointers in game six last seven. It's twenty. For 25%. Or your receipt of that type players and yes. You know Wichita State was up 25. While they let it stop. They thought the players now and it never really got back on the tracks after that ends in large part because of approximately. Sox soccer. Still I think predicted. That's except they played poorly for the three things right offensively you can save maybe this Johnson gets hot. A lot of people got hot again. Thought stated at least three last ballgame but there are policies not just about. It's just three points right over the last 1151. This first half with just honestly it was only five eighteen throughout the field. And it had five turnovers they had as many turnovers they had field goals Atlanta fewer than. Twelve minutes and up at 1133. For the Steelers nine turnovers in the first with our state has rebounded as. Why are we think this opportunity to better rebound seen Eagles. But I anticipated that they had faith bigger percentage of the work that's been at war. What's the snap. This is and it was Steve's dad also does not present ten assists. Arnold left the field goals on the offense was really working well at times getting shots and that that is that not snuffed out. I certainly not afraid camp had some tough luck missed the layup that went all the way around the rim and out of a couple of three pointers that went. Halfway anything that's. Doctors just did she did as well as they're capable of most notable Darryl Willis and we're not. In the effort and that's not. Very very well liked about it last week. The one that's of perplexing to me that was night. 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WSU shocker basketball is under no three point seven G. Yeah. Let's get back to the teeth for a fugitive American halftime show for you could save up to. 40%. Today after shoppers with. Cats locker room whether it's east. Or the last location. And take a quick look at the scoreboard watch other games this after it the American athletic conference temple. Planning on the road at Georgia and Georgia won that went 8466. Were kidnapped magnitude samples of the and it war. As they head into the American conference while. Next we games involving shocker opponents Oklahoma State. Graham gave one to 283 win over Texas Rio Grande Valley Oklahoma State snapped and it too. Number seventeen Oklahoma. Leads northwestern by thirty. At halftime 6838. Net score. You have Casey in South Dakota student posted at halftime South Dakota State leads the tanker is 46 to forty. And it is coastal Carolina 27 College of Charleston 26. At halftime. Couple of other finals at the top 25 every 3 Arizona State steamrolled Pacific 104 to 65 of the 21 Texas Tech but what they've not heavily. Christian 7447. At halftime after thirteen Virginia leads can't hit 4045. And it has done an old friend Steve Forbes an East Tennessee State leading Georgia southern. 36. 31. Any data shot display get 50% off your online order any Wichita area Papa John's slot on the top of John dot com. That is the from a coach soccer fifty to receive your soccer discount will be back to Coca written to get you ready for the second half. With Wichita State leading Florida Gulf Coast 3533. Number one soccer mom and my three day tournament tends 22 kids all chase in one ball arrest was overwhelms people. I. Laryngitis. You can't control the game the United Healthcare you can have better control your kid. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UAE dot com. United health care. 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In a lifetime Howard train warranty on top of things. What you. Anyway. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Allen a Karzai in valley center ten danger or an end over what lawyer. I. Point 78. He's gone back and how would you tell us they beat Florida Gulf Coast at halftime 3533. And a half time show presented. By Friday at the America we gave UTC. Team statistics that give me the individual leaders Zach Johnson was twelve point Florida Gulf Coast. Four of five freeze. Next giants great shots got through here with six points five for granted that it that it will lead to a tent with the field as one of war. Roughly. A couple of guys would forget beast kept the guys that that the peace granted that equals with us statement. Can't that was the hot shooter five of seven overall one of 234. In the left them. Next I scorers are Carol Willis with five it was only to a nine for the field and Austin green with five one of two from three. And you have to line three points apiece for its next round. And a lot of nurture both making it three point attempt under only to have. Anthony points apiece for the shark Alley. Marcus picked up three. At Shaquille Boris markets in his season debut as opposed to the field it made two of his free throws had ten rebounds and two assists. Go along with his two points at five that if back. You know. Over spend time. Heads up guys at least one of us rectified that and also what's suspects very very good fields. Yet we throw it that are shots that you have to fight weights and a tiger. Carol Willis was six rebounds Rashard Cali Lewis extensive background with forest shot if you don't worth five or. Granted it would have fired from his guard spotted Britain's royal had more rebounds for Florida north coast. Kelly has had seven or more rebounds and ten of the first eleven games Italy at war against Oklahoma plays that it etiquette about it here it was six. At halftime three of those on the offensive and what's it five different players with two assists and switches. Nice distribution. And again Genesys. On eleven of those just not enough field goals going into this doctor's first one of the complaints or which does things that give up points in the captain. Three of the last football game with a statement given up at least fifty. Points in those games they're only giving up announced today 33 points in the first task that obviously all eyes out with 66 point night. Which is well within reason what she wanted to write parts. Soccer sports properties at Wichita state athletic just like to thank the soccer ambassador Wichita State. Levels of corporate partners how to fly delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications. If you're considered becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics felt soccer sports properties at 316978. 7552. It the first half for what domestic auto nurture picked up. Now at the Florida Gulf Coast Christian Gerald Michael Gilmore and great shots got. All picked up through them and happy a little bit more careful as they start the second half Terrell. Sorry for Florida Gulf Coast along the it was Johnson and sevens. Wichita State appealed for us we'll start the second half slump but you know Willis sat round father French camp and Atlantic City. Africa falls. Like they let my husband is there. It's as if it's evident that work with us against the first possession of the half Kevin started left sideline for the exits that left went round look at the worthless. From him rightly afraid of water off the Wall Street and not its dentistry my all the way with a router with a left handed slow speed. Mike sparks off. One that did drop the first half. Listen over at least with that officer for a fee for the baskets it. It was later authors say a little left to doctors left Portland we Johnson try to drive straight to get the traffic throws up front runner over Morrison Vista but the offensive rebound that upsets this. And out of bounds off Wichita State. Starters on defense forces started toward the end of the first chance for ways to look. Far they're not foxy. Back outweighs the math class edit a layout for good but not the advent fast that something was honestly partly. As a set play. But that was right to left the top of our season's worth of the right elbows at. That's it's not a front for it not to let the littlest it will lift and it's terrible violent bounces let's meddling Willis and under and gets it off the glass and a lot of relief package thanks it and he's got seven hard shots. Anybody that they sit there Willis. Asked the plot deflected but porous we have it covered background good quick hands at time buys you a question and it drives. The lane area to double team. It's pass across the baseline two rounds deflected out my Florida gulf they can cross the pass across the baseline and almost never. Week that passes difficult. It's all dropped out these fun little dance dance dance with that I think he got a few here expect the disputed it could that it had to force that has the factors that have yet. Eighteen if you haven't left the key ground. Next squared it's exactly champ and a threat to Israel and no debt for whatever reason every bad accident out of the Florida Gulf Coast move away from the basket a little bit not his. Normal rhythms and thoughts to become a little bit short off right since I love it's not a Gilmore this is it close as well as they have all the contestants covered background of the revamp its campus. They did after Boris into line goes to his left standing gets why am I seventh at chapel go to the line for. At least it for the line especially night. You got players incentives they make that a little bit smile would easily blocked three shots season. Gambled on that one step on the line checks only points in the first half of the lines that he's too good to. And that's that's it for the year and it will be by the 33 that would bounces off the rights. And that averaged seven point seven. It's less revolt in the offseason. Throws while Stephanie Gaines atlas that's exactly have they kind of it's him. And opportunities. To lead at 5540. To 35. Rated good. I wanted it up right now from Florida gulf Coast Guard my friend not to the art. That's his right leg Johnson tried ticketed conference champions and a fumbling the Terrell Terrell that's definitely definitely. But it's exactly the middle crosses over start to go right. Not the art Gilmore had tickets up for that this is not the right side of the grip to prevent the Shaquille fluorescent its share of about three pointer that. Side. Janet I love that little line from Willis every second ball. That's why you rarely see. About it once and not complaining about it. The ball back to Florida Gulf Coast and it's with those states since turnover first set and a 1730 Ford you know it's not reflect sides to listen to make enough that it back to earth at Johnson forceful and not had good help defense plan Willis that's not forced to throw enough over in this definitely soccer's not to mention the thrust them right to left out of the length. Fastest Boris left hander in and out. It was kind of a left handed jump shots aside basket that rattled the facility. If it was. Snowboard accident right side it's not for it to the middle balls that got this in spite. I. Just I Fred can't but as well as try to save it tax it and threw it right to Terrell under the basket for a lies unless the state and yet. Basket. Now for forty to 37 at which time safely is three Franklin rightly if that's not realistic to death last night around one dribble it out not for a chance but not today no different here daughter the link here your right side that the middle of the left side since it opened for three. Santa his second three point basket that it was that fourteenth. It's us they got size six now 4337. It's playing way off its. That's seven cite those that double knocked out of his hands but Morrison's. Numbers he accidentally killed more confidently on them fortunately. Right. With a good drive it all the way right now I was a little better plot by Boris tempered by Willis. Because it was not a threat to cut out. He's been. Moderate effect sort drives rifles and a listing eight footer bounces out of the outside of that I've taken away from the basket Horace goes out of court opens read the right side but it's not that it Zach Johnson they fourth race in the first half. That's another with one career high six. Definitely back at 34340. That time. It's getting open looks in transition that's not that the influence Netflix next round lots more stuff let's the way. And handed up to him a flip it on the left baseline that's front lawlessness. For a few hundred just right of center brings have been left to keep Boris with three bounces off through that Gilmore afoul of loyalists. Grabbed his arm at Yankee down. Darryl Willis picking up his second foul first team found a half at that we'll get this is the under six. I've had a fifty. It Wichita State 48. Florida Gulf Coast forty. Like. Yeah you're under bikers sounds like. What's motorcycle rider is music you're here sheltering in terms of how he needs your woman's shelter insures your fun stuff. Motorcycle riding mower ATV star piece by investment. It rides rules are close we can cover shoulder insurance where she'll Wear your health. He shelter agents Dana Hayes lived in haynesville ten Hixon derby or Rob Rogers in Wichita. Holiday season is here Chevy and believe that something special to share with you. This time of year is all about family and we'd like you to be a part of cars stores happy employee discount is now available to everyone you pay what we thank and not a cent more it's our way is say happy holidays and welcome to the shut them take. Advantage of the show the employee count for every once in your hometown Chevy dealer today available only 20:17 month excluding the eastern and he can. 200 crew available without Iraq's India and the rhythm to. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first with no. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with a smile to your parents are seeing all weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile as a powerful things it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your mile per hour with delta dental. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GE YE a. The Gulf Coast it's just an example weird these guys they are seven. Six from two but eight of sixteen from three so for the second half they made three of nine overall of one of his three point is that sacked Johnson. Do and all that he has five for six from three rescue teams three pretend. Which gives us a little better so far in the second half three at 743%. But only one of three for three. Doctors have outscored Florida Gulf Coast I want Savard and have to lead by three of the ballgame 434. At risk of jinx situation it's stated. Zach brown is a marvelous job on grant Goodman. They come into this ball game it's what is streets and points per game in his last five ball games. Thanks are due in large parts that out. And one of those baskets and making three and eleven a layup off that it balance. Crackers. We'll have nurture family. The ball but at the the Florida Gulf Coast Kristen. Carlyle is back there. They suns got him that wouldn't Johnson. It belongs. Throughout my three. And ethnicity Zach Johnson started violently shipment. Carlisle writes on the floor. Right way that would. That would hold it against please but to toward if it got hot again not a lot of words on the right direction but at least it's Friday night goes right. You know fight there throughout history it's got lots over the top can't slide a little quiet most mentally glad you're here but it still bounced into the bathroom nurtured with confidence now. At fault for this stuff. Plates were. Four minutes in the first half that with bouts with some felt like it's about a fifth or that. Oil has scored two field goals both times he's been solved this the free throw it the first half it. Points playing here it makes this when it's I didn't really goes to free throw line needed to see them sneeze at the Pentagon that the lines one team. The last seven. 43 on fourteenth fifteenth. Ago. In the market afloat on an audience Carla. It's. Natalie facelift goes right to reach out of the block it. Nurture that loyal not a nobody got around in front of him that deflected it away and have not yet it. After that it can't wait to hold them the defense's. That's exactly what that could put a different story drives it right to drive and all the way to the basket and somehow got Atlanta depth like defenders of later this. Nine. Florida Gulf Coast in front right 23. Right leg before on the way there. I don't mix. Under that they're not crush him a couple of dribbles behind the street and left with the grounds. That it streak foreigners. Doubles that's not left him not to help wanted double statement Kelly let's logo right through his hands out of is to watch. Soccer turnover. Florida Gulf Coast while they lead by two. There are fans and lead is the first half was one. Was just a moment of the soccer team right Beckett hit a three doctors. Forty to 35 digital sports news with three friends and advancement. Sounds good but let's not just. Floored it was all the way for us right inclusive of the Wendy's Johnson's next Johnson one. Out of office who is 50% of we have Lawrence deflected a pass that saved his life. Go to facade and getting it to know its. Neck that went. And of fouls. As well plus. I should feel Boris analysis first. Her team found ahead. Now. Up to eleven points and going with the lines for us tonight Marcus was definitely places next round which is to us. Good but it gets to the line a lot of seven plus times per game and he's shooting. 78%. He throws his good. So three point play quite well with three point flight right Goodwin at Florida Gulf Coast League by 54840. 38 to go let greatly benefit. The students nicely and it runs through these constant. As a screen for more institute for us to share that. Let the rebels left it doubles if it's almost lost it. That's telling. Characterized opinions about this only got about thirty yeah but it's not coming out off the streets of his body incidents. And a great shots got. Previous third or second team half it's not useful in that left sideline that double standard equipment. So it's been an ideal. That double let's come from where both stand ins. It. That's in Santa recently mr. wells starts right the fuel that drives it hard in delight jealous that Adam Morrison best player telling what the. Follow this line out rebound Florida Gulf Coast. Now the alliance that flooded with traffic rose and applauded the businesses. All of a sudden there get into their navigate their running historic transition than they 77. In the our hands off these last night fixed assets like the look forward to for a slide underneath it generally gets now from behind by Christian. Carlyle. Kelley book go to the line for two. What is dockers and at last exchange great pass through standard fluorescent looked like he was kind of in between but it did not get a laity in it. Missed it and Kelly great follow and he missed the lay up on the followed it's that close to go there that a free spectacular run. Here as a matter of fact 53. Run. War Eagles Jerry Kelly has two points tonight from the lines on 21. And and tonight eight of aids in this. The first half of the lines they are wonderfully so far the second half what north coming for telling. Doctors down 71252. To go. The contract company for Rashard Kelly and that was his way shortly bad dude Johnson. For afford to go through. It's not as high school Eagles seven fluently Johnson got a got a chance definitely dusty stuff. But it might finally recovered but they definitely had Janice my blood flow. Out of stuff lives. It did that was before the other ways like yes there's there is that was Johnson that was down and that's what about you must stay in that they'll like to have. Against the fifth making them out because they stopped play. Because it was holding it's no instances of something along with the instead of taking out the case now. Soccer basketball. 1236. Field ago a lot of time left but it's not it's got to start make it to. It's not they are three of nine in the second half while Florida Gulf Coast may seventh at fourteen now. They were three times and what was that they force their last night. I didn't let's wait and it's nothing that's not the Lawrence Wright's night's game and the Finland it's definitely. One dribble last night it means so much it rise excellent knotted up so I thought it was good. I don't know if I'm gonna dive into. These sorts of Hannity competitive. Events. Now try and do. It's not a statesman. That's right because Atlanta hey it's great night billboards open at least that's. Soon the Nigerian defence force left wing throws over the top for as little as their older guy who has tangled up in his feet in the moment now flexing. Hillary Clinton Gilmore fell down got in the legs Carol Willis end Gilmore will be called for his there now. Maybe at the active scene itself. And that's the fourth team bounced out of the floor 1142 is still the Florida Gulf Coast fifty Wichita State. 45. Every day. Kansas workers put compassion into action. 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I guess these days Java girls of the arena tonight in his drive survivor they find him. Either way what better way though this does state. Leading by two but have not got the lead up to five run off to bad the second half but now they trail by five they have trailed by as many as sad but it's that. Statistics. Much in favor of the Eagles in the second half it's very good percentage of mediocre percent soccer's. But they've got five or field goal attempts and got because they have to offensive rebounds Mike. But which star status for the ball over three times Harold Willis at the free throw line. First one is not been so there all of this for. As eight points attackers were eight of eight from the line in the first half that started the second half when one. Fourth wars they wanted to and feeling this couple. That. Those with nine points it would not say that it is at Johnson's exit. Actually if it's not there well listen it's not the first athletes and all of that and free throws stuff seventy outside. Sox submission that Florida gets a full court press. That's partially blocked twice and Boris Johnson is down I think he's not listen I want forehead zero for three hits. Right yeah last time this time you. It's not just kind of fits their needs and positive as. It's. And I thought this through. Together let us have noticed you know accidentally hit it. You'll voices belong like this that we can. Not a lot like president trying saved by Simmons. Went out front with a bit. Feel blessed bountiful a lot of lines tonight it was driving through traffic throws it back out Carlyle for three it's a line drive. Isn't that three points in 40% of the year since it Carlisle at this point in the ninth. It's not that Melissa writes that the mine accident you'll work around about eight you know Willis. Simply he's got a lesson that was not safe back there on it since. 350 twos Hilton who defeated incidents that markets up its game. States making that commitment bounces it off to Johnson if that's not what is currently the violence started but it's nothing. Saddam with more incidents it's off the field or field more flexibility that would that would. The street going left to right to drive it on. And Saudi travel period. Thanks John good right now with sick. Scene eleven in the second half James Johnson traffic almost got it stolen but recovered Wichita State trailing by three. 95060. You know it jumps off the streets. All of those things now on there will be street on Darryl Willis that's going to be his. Fourth team found to have fun Wichita state of the offense now is with John State's thirteenth. Goal of the game. It has the second half only. One turnover by Florida Gulf Coast of just over ten minutes. Marcus that's nothing we'll check out snacks around back here. Florida Gulf Coast 53. Lee is also point detective. He's been forced to my. Disinterested witness that it. That would bring it up for Florida gulf Coast Guard by exactly incidents writes that it would Johnson looking to drive it fumbled it. Lose seventy. For the fifth floor. It is favorite novel and like Carlyle fans cheering because I contested off relying enough that it won't count as he was found on the lamp cord fifteen now. Florida Gulf Coast third ballot Christian Carlyle snuff it. Art knows it like. Soccer basketball and just coming back from a concussion just the last few. Carlyle it fourteenth. That this averaged eleven points for being that I see out there are allowed itself it was. Obviously edited the baseline. Way out front to constantly. It's nice round of rightly think of my life Willis medals they set for example it's a freeway air. After ripped off with relief. Tourists are telling us at least his fourth offensive rebound tonight it's not this he's that. Jab and out front at the street from Willis dribbles left double team over to tell nightly round three on the way author every down to Florida Gulf Coast had been snatched it brings it up himself lofted an electrical outlet of the I sat around for what's. Johnson. Leaves his way out for food traffic accident blocked it and there's definitely left wing champ now let's not let loose bits and they fly balls. That's just not. Not a slid left it on the edge of the end Greg marshals arguing that count that Willis got fouled and that's what Euro was testing it was nobody. Definitely it's the wild but. There Johnson left waiting for Florida gulf no influence not through some innocent qualities that I accidentally absent that on earth that's not front to their old driving all the way and that's the youths and that the oil that fearless right water. Every chance. Third and fourth constant raises. And I don't think that would. Half half arm thing with the four provinces yes completely out stick his arm with. Our. Now on procedure a third of them. Have been just like that leads us. Fact ground out. You're Jews in and. Like Kelly is. One of this spring camp is next in France can't stand it. There Reeves and Willis with the State's 5550. News article goes to seven if enough. Not to use it pretty well. Snuggled distort consistently. And that drives apart all the way to the basket. Rehearse and yes it's. His ride it's not my sanity has gone. Electrified. The fast quick elevates this. I had 68 good driving hard shows that the runner and gets the bounce and they're gonna have a big second half he's got eighteenth street slightly toward adults noticed him on the dribble bounces from the block or two nights night crosscourt. Wild answered grant can't now it looks like Johnson knocked out of bounds with Alan Zach Johnson his first. Seventh team now on Florida Gulf Coast and that was it right here after the lines 750 still to play. At the end there it's not that easy. Florida Gulf Coast. Seven Wichita State 54. Are you doing there beautiful cars NC. Unless the phrase yeah 93 lately to the elephant little footsteps of course yeah he's. My budget slightly seventies when we talk to the boss would like to do some. Well there are companies just he's cart weekly hounding you weren't really hard aren't gonna wanna give a different. Deserves. Put out he's never done this sort but he says I begin immediately in some free air freshener. DO state farm. Colonies and today. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom if you my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what father worked out that because there's not one plane that meets all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life fulfill that Floyd is an understatement. 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Has made it. Three of its last seven shots Wichita State. As they three out of six doctors have gained little ground over that time. It's 750 to go in the second half. Wichita State that kind of friends camp at the line shooting one of one. The chance to cut the lead back to what doctors tied it on us of my three games count three point here. Thought Florida Gulf Coast came right back administrative leave it to three point lead get it going back and forth. Please forget who want everything fodder for the fourth. Year. Good does it bother. Not her head and driving lay up earlier than half for his first two points and has a total of three. 750 beat goes through flooding at times to authors. Now with the. He's got. Our rapid places. With us today of sixteen. From the line 81%. In Europe last. On at the free throw line that's. One. The depth of Florida Gulf Coast is in the second half it was right off the street analysts analysts it's not love. Tough oil off innocently back in well it's not for rent it to that yet but he drives those announcements barreled along three ought to back rebounds loose enough now. And it can't ground we're going to loose balls that went. And it's and it's called for a while beat it it went sprawling in first out of that balance of that will be suffers. And they've now. Taken. A stance that says now. That was listed at 61. With little slip that net but it really good players years at University of Central Florida. There. Article mostly Atlantic Stan. Number of the year and all of last year Francies players here conferences. And a line. Places that well tonight it's. Notes that. Announcement that it might. That process life and it throws a router blocks like LA covered well let's axis of with the right way in the fourth. They slide. As an outlet fortunate for three. As I thought. Zero out there and it definitely does not sit Felix and finding. God. Behind this created and given that united Johnson at the right to left in the history physical force one not this about the right size front revamp like your. It was a authorities say enough Johnson reaches for the ball to society keeps control of it drives left. Cannot fight through all of that water is not selling on the links layout from the ground over his right leg to stand my president but there are definitely gonna call for our friends. Did it. Honestly I thought that was a novice defeat the because it's a little bit of contact here but he wasn't able to stop his progress. Now on. Good good will be his second and the team's eighth. What's happened now goes to the free throw line the second shot her excellent street firms are going to line for a one on one. Frank can't netbook folks yes. And every Shannon after shooting only want free throw it for games has shot 24 of the last three this will be his first attempt tonight. And that went good. And Landry now we've seen him many times that is that is four times the money or more points of the first twelve games he's been averaging 21 point five points for games last war. 617 to go to shot here's a three now. On the streets of the show and the three and a free throw. That to free throw him in a championship with. Wichita State really sending a welcome. There. The third floor of his life. Has gone up significantly back method drives hard right resonated with Kelly makes it necessarily not to Johnson's novel soon. Johnson snatched off a civil. Tonight's Nightline CNBC this is streets with the street throws underneath that they've got a good. Rashard and telling. Like silly it's the big guys know how to say it starts yelling at least that's what. I was on Johnson his second. Mark great most of the situation subsistence. With France champion athletes offense. Zach brown bears defense specialist went out 552. Remaining it's not crucified for with the ball. Haven't played as full court pressure by Florida Gulf Coast of befriend him that it needs. My table bring enough to make up off the pressure that's good we'll pick it up with a it's not like I went to Santa Landry flies back door got a nasty at throws us sort it got a little to charge moments candidate and it's Christian Terrell stepped it. And to contact. So Landry picks up his second now. Sixth team ballot and go back to Florida Gulf Coast after the under eight media timeout 540 remaining in the second half. It's Wichita State 61 that's. Florida Gulf Coast 57. The following is a message from new train it. It relates to jury they did not know you can buy holiday millionaire rapper again mr. green and he always understood draped all my good woman yes. And now they're more than 4200 winner lives. Her who she only. 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Yes just reported not months they just more for your true three random book value passed relief aryan master from injures Zalman or do something with fellow fell 1800 new sound orcas or Nissan which saw dot com before. With current and former 324 he on both sides must always display the number and Kentucky and. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder ray don't Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker. Basketball is on 103 point 78 EYE. But so I stayed six months Florida Gulf Coast. Five minutes and forty seconds to go to doctors trailed by as many as seven. Here in the second half could have forced it to believe it. To have him back out live the lineup of Zach brown. And Landry Shannon. And they will be defending after a foul call on campus to give Florida Gulf Coast the balls. This is terrible play their full court pressure gets a bit of Michael Gilmore Gilmore. Zach Johnson. And us not forget half against the fighting games. That's not the greatest hits Clinton's fitness catalyst in the second half that was left and right not to them for their abilities left wing it's Johnson. Johnson. I think that's fifth street brokers drives left pulls out the fires that together yes. Pulled up over Kelly before we start to totally close Johnson now seventy. That's his first three point basket against night's race. News Jones dribbles left the team and it's almost a little blanket thrown it away Gilmore try to say that Philip. I was out of town. I'm not saying by the oval. If you really care for up here the only thing if it's asked about it is that the defense knows what's going on make up roughly. But the man that authorities and toughness that's. Here now from articles constantly dance with the swollen hands off its snout right. Left wing network drives to the basket but that that actually try to pass that got diversity then. Somehow get a circus out if there's it was they partially blind. Person points of the game for Brady hurts the game is tied 65. Or forty goats and it was less affluent well let's hope that through a bit off the back of lead added that with the Florida Gulf Coast in traffic dribbles out of there with a rented that what has seen. Points eight rebounds from Florida Gulf Coast. If I explored what he dribble drives right. That it's not Gilmore left way too early for me that's not. Of his civil rights night Johnson just about the way his streak foreigners who have not thought about it over the right corner that would get a ticket for eighth no good off the bat if I'm Darryl Willis who chased it down Hitler's Atlantic Ocean. I was countless. What's fascinating Greg marshals that tickets on bearded. Try to set something up offensively. This is the first called time out by either team. In the second half and the expanded. To a full time as its chances of ideas that. But the guide is coaching showed I throughout the season at eight K sports grill at the Alley at. At thirteen victory which. Typically geared up on things 97. At thirteen thirty KM SS however. Next my biggest Christmas Day the following Monday is in New Year's Day. So we'll be back with the coaches shows for eight games on 9713. Thirty on January 8. Five hotspots map for bad seven point deficit to gays. Four point lead now the moment that has had shifted just a little bit to the Eagles from Wichita State score tied 61 up as a chance once again to take that. Need Wichita State shootings. 44%. In the second half on eight of eighteen he's only 37 with a full game for debate in the second half three. Florida Gulf Coast about 43%. In the second half twelve of 28 so they've had ten more field goal attempt. The attackers if they had eight or free throw a chance 57 to add to Florida Gulf Coast to put too. It was 61 all four minutes ago. Wichita State has struggled to score consistently. Tonight again this in the states. Florida Gulf Coast Jesus gives them 44%. Shooting on beard almost 75 points per game so it kind of seems that. Typically shut people down these doctors have missed shots close tonight. Had some really good opportunities to score that they didn't convert at least you know plenty of time to get this would put away business taxes. Continue to make their share of stops in a few more baskets at the other end danced through it and despite all those this is the only got two offensive rebounds and second half. For the game Wichita State outrebounded Florida Gulf Coast slightly 3734. They have. A lot like the Oklahoma game wise that turnover totals are fairly eat them. Points off turnovers is not we'll. Feet in favor of Florida's Gulf Coast and I. Very opportunistic team also points that it was surprising to. Being with us think that taking a lot of three point shots. Florida Gulf Coast is outs were shots and three point six that's what. Candidate to paint jobs cut it's have a chance to regain the lead and his positions in the state run out of date time not tested more as the left of Los Angeles tennis stumbling gets it up that a foul. Florida Gulf Coast lobbying for traveling at about that your did not write about it. It was nothing left that jump shots have helped us. And it's one of these fights wise hasn't come close with each of them but now he has an opportunity for the free throw line. There's nothing yet that foul by the way if it's not visit with a double bonus everything is two shots at him. Able to commit it 6000. Expletive with Florida Gulf Coast that wanted one. Boris is now four of five from the free throw line. For the game those points this. That. This. 56 line it's with it's not states back in front 6361. Just under four minutes ago that flirt with the wealthiest two. It was granted that this crisis time line for Florida Gulf Coast on opposite stuff. Merely nice now. Stuff that's not here this time line holding it against the students looked terrible life you know what's happening in the past. Scientists. Still listening drives baseline doesn't reverse lay up a little hard to rebound Milosevic's death of this article little hearts of their the other way and zone stuff let's see if he does that influence. Looks to drive it. As to fullback active adult Boris rightwing policies that take a long upward note Boris sliding prices lately event. It is Soledad advances to his son. Clearly clearly snubbed out of that don't. That's great questions yelling at the offensive lines today. Point accurately Florida Gulf Coast won't Christian journal announced that it received well it is Zach Johnson. They took it fresher but it's not respectfully. Johnson of the commitment just. The threats were worth it gets for a month over rights it's it's got that definite hero. Topic countless times to drive it's not my cup with a header off of his generals ever tried to save it from there to Gilmore. Additives not Claude Johnson driving. Double plot to blow it partially blocked at. Crowd got knocked to the floor we know Paul Gillmor retreats and not just look what he drives at any travel. This is dead and hotly anticipated that it is time they had just left off kind of contact no line. I don't quite sought traveled maybe he did but there was a lot of contact us that the tonight occidental. There are a couple of travels before that it did yet so maybe it was a very definitely. It's fascinating it's back into the black suits and 36 yeah that's free throws. It saves luckily it's infinitely snakes and massive off the street I'm Lawrence loyal staff not a pushed into an Atlanta. He lost his footing. Add that will be two shots coming from Atlanta resentment boiled didn't make that much contact initially it was enough that chance that slipped and lost the state. The lines for tee shots. Second fell on Ricky Doyle not it's a bit of the double bonus word editors though. Not that it behalf Wichita State scored some points and the Eagles about life. Janet two for two from the line as a team high 21 point three throws yet. But at least candidate and we have a chance to get a lot of office recently. Has pulled it to. Eleventh place in career free throw percentage points twenty coming into this game just had a big run mentally when England club with him at 822. That's where his career which touched me. That entry through there. Seven was 23 design it was a nice day now by the score of 6560. Ones and what incentive because. And it. It's not going to play. I think yeah rightly Johnson & Johnson got it throws up a little blunder and a towel. As Johnson went to the floor. You know wants a much it means you know that's his circuit that was rare. We just hope that it was going to go. Out there. That's not going to the free throw line but at its last six games can't have sympathy. Hey listen it. It is that's that it recent problems would have backed him. Lines I think there has seventeen points and is part of a 63. Yeah. It's. Three point game one it's and 56. That it would. Not want that starts at the end zone like I don't. Writes that. It's street Louis those movement and not think that it would of the year if divorce rate rise outlined what. Let SF club I. America they also have to play snake like Gilmore tries to save enough for soccer at Santa. Sick at the age sounds and it's not that announcement fluent. Political analysts unscented attacked innocent victims defense down low stress when they look at it just drive it drive it drive that it was not present not the way a lot of shots that are now but it depends on eleven. With its own status and let them. Blocked shots today. And it's time now. Looks like they want to check the monitor for something that 37 remaining. Wichita State 5560. Sevens and 62. Eleven blocked shots tonight for Wichita State. That matches their season high at eleven against Casey. Lot of players that played pretty well for soccer's. Carol Willis right at the top of the list you got stamp assistance for. Kelly has done that he. But heroic things rebounding offensive rebounds takes charge here there. So we've got a lot of people would have been physically but they need. Get that intestinal fortitude with a five point lead in and at 37 left this fall is if the system now after scrutinizing. This last play. Furloughs is only 515. From the field but still has thirteen points and thirteen rebounds. Every fifth or 23 points on eight of twelve shooting and three assists. And that is Dave mentioned after that it's guys doing different things right Kelly has eight rebounds to assess. Background seven rebounds and played tough defense. Different guys contributing in different ways doctors have not had a good story and I appreciated 37%. For the game. And they didn't turn it over fifty find that the turnovers McNally is up fifty at least they've dealt. For the Gulf Coast of 37%. For the game and a blocked a lot of shots in addition to forcing the fifty on the season's. Thought that was twelve and a half ago for being very high for them. They clean it up quite a bit for the last five ballgame they ever since oh yeah and soccer's get the ball what you have to. What they've mrs. Goldberg of the monitoring as it has to be close to overturn it obviously not was it. The fall off the floor was with our state to get the ball at state. They say is that the basketball soccer basketball with five. Point me in the that a 37 left thinking this is really big possession of the shoppers hit score here. Really puts a lot of pressure on Florida Gulf Coast it's a two possession game isn't as it is. Anything over one free throw but the shot did that make it three possession game. Now there. I don't know what you now this campuses everybody back. They're affected them now. At a but it's rather good for a defense. Exactly offensive it's not loser on the road they will leave for their next game December 30 may not be official watch party location as Tito's going to out work. Southeast quarter slippers and play out here become vibrant all the watch parties for a chance with the truth. To the AC to prevent it Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and those feelings efforts to watch party location. The soccer basketball what is what exactly. Time served at 37 left the ball game. Shots don't need it for gulf and now. Not to be able to eat a lot of time off flock because the clock starts work against the Eagles so a lot of they're gonna have to really be aggressive with their defense and if they can't. Forces are stated it's over pretty quickly with an. Plus 18. The industry that. On the floor. Now it started. All of them. Against them on. That. Let's split screen into the light over afraid to get it right quarter. Yeah. It's a lot yeah legs just a lot by. Morris the body contact. And snacks nuts but go to the lines which is nothing if not it's one of those. Three to go what a beautiful pass by Stanley music with the fruits defenses to us with them. And as the defense collapsed on him he hits bottom throw him off the right inside right along the baseline on. Tested at least not here addicts who use the record straight here. I consecutive games now taking. They're always good. Johnson now with nineteen point seems to have three from the free throw line. It's not is up by seventh with a but the nets treated you know the best he can do is cut it to six feet and two possession game there's some irony Johnson's title game 27 this year against the littlest thing. That ought to back him. Yet it was. It almost there developers excited to see and it it added yeah. Semites don't but he stepped out of I've snack was way out there that's it three and here now. That's a threat here play it again. France and the double team on the end. It's related news it's not a specific things that's worth double albums that triple team that. Article goes after thousands. Of aids. 44 seconds of the game things if there was doubled to eighth visit to stamp it wasn't able to baseline Lewis on the side. It's clear that. Tell us before they lost three Veronica good enough of that battle for the rebound games Jones incidents here and it's it's it's now in the news now. It's not good when it's my second three. What a great shot. He has spent like walk. Where the last four or five kids fourteen. Point seven rebounds he's got fourteen and again tonight but thirteenth. Rebounds to go along with the this evening that ties his career rebounding high which was set last year against Oklahoma State. And its history so many big plays like the last four minutes the Philippines three point shots. For free throws all that we'll speak to them potter big reason Willis speak to the everybody is getting into the path tonight Jed needs geometry. Yeah it's eight points. Connecticut cannot just kind of running detailed from time to time tonight as well it's not there's now bikes and flipped 45 seconds left. They have this won it hands will those Sydney. Break into conference play at ten and 22 free throw falls into society shows. I think that short game shots is my eleventh with 43 seconds left Johnson the crust it's not like get the drive to the baskets. They let me go on related ads out of town. Putts yeah. And I didn't sense that that was just. There was no reason because they know that easy for him to go right to the basket. It was now that it's. Twenty. There's three point play at Dallas Boris. Later got the streets of artistic Duffy replacing valid. But the line once earlier in the ball trophy. For lines. And. It is fitting after the event that definitely got thanks for. But behind that so far against the San metaphors that. Boris they're all over him gets attacked him and affinity for guns and hit the big nothing Marcus just holding it double team and it finally found with seven seconds to definitely one of the reasons that didn't know the other reason for the ballgame. Even though it's 4 o'clock. That would star status and it was 41. The company fields and went athlete and whether it's a little that little something on the line. And that's exactly what they do if you redolent. Bit. In and out of the way for Marcus and now goes to free throw lines of defense Lawrence. It's a chance to add a couple here that soccer's leading by nine it was seven point one seconds on the clock. Are these the Duffy. With the free throws good. The as the even though he has the bad foot now hopefully that is directed. You have to have been the balance. Free throws balanced perfect released for it looks like yeah it's just they. One more. Rolls off of that in his strength from last year it went to. Two in a row at the other at law of three by Johnson off the bat. It's not stated it's not my. It might snap out of Florida Gulf Coast models though aren't doctors seventy the Eagles 65 stay tuned for that Johnson's. Most kids. It's time to go inside the numbers that he Katie CPAs and advisors these tedious proudly served the midwest for more than ninety years. Fourteen values excellence as much as ours and reread your biggest fan. As you look toward continued growth and profitability he TV has that been strength and resource is to help you develop a winning strategy. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. But it beat Katie dot com and goes shock. 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The bad news also agree that this is. The giants didn't post itself occupied Johnson when he first defeat daddy sick for fun so much war. That men's suits. Wichita State winner tonight over Florida Gulf Coast team that was tough shape if not this time limit 7565. I've home from the gates brought you buy it this land tyrants service work retires professional auto service are always. A slam dunk Wichita State did not have a typical off that night tonight in that story 75 points but. The defense looked more like what we're used to over recent years holding Florida Gulf Coast it's 65 points. And 36 point 8%. Net note despite shooting. Orleans with a stated that they felt that night. The defense. What they know. That statement but it's well what's that the second half they held. Eagles. Beat the earth at that point second half of what it wants. It's not truthful that you set for the ball game. At this scene Eagles. Lose it's all those. Lines and that's exactly what happened. This ball game as well. That shoppers go to the line frequently. And it is the wallet. The lines off the success of the line of wealth that night the Eagles. At Wichita state fair almost sixteen shots to get fifty points he could make the case that's the ultimate thirteen rebounds. I appreciate it literally took twelve shots and scored 23. Add that to Florida Gulf Coast guards who let their story Zach Johnson hit. But on seventeen shots and rated it with one points on 21 shots and not greater efficiency and that was another reason factors eventually able. Or and it you know the answer both of us I don't there was snapped him it was a nine. Staff gives up six sixteenths in front of seven shots the second half and a couple of them really really big. Soccer's hit some really big shots and I go all the way back to what they were still trying to catch up so much. Jones hit a three to tie it and then after Florida Gulf Coast industry to go back up by three. Soccer's Beckett another run champ but yet to big shots in a row three to give them a two point lead there two free throws to stretch it to four. And then down the stretch you've got Jeb penetration picketed at the French camp for a Big Three. Darryl Willis with a big shot clock be your right at the end that really kind of put it the way it so that factors in depth. Even though they weren't making shots and a regular basis hitting some really think we're at times that's exactly true life at a lot of contenders down the stretch people weren't shy about pointing at taking that shot about making the flight. I liked the confidence that quote showing him some monetary gains Jones who played a lot of minutes especially down the stretch. For many many reasons is the pistons defense ability to find the open fans did free throw shooter and the professor let me ask you this what rate which it markets Duffy deceit. It could there be any cavity and maybe that'd be while I mean he did. He was only hope for two from the field but he kept five rebounds 769. Minutes. Looked like he was proper call by this woman says yes and treat before I did probably a high speed thus far. Actually much rather than I thought you would. Would be experts doubt and I think it was exactly what they needed it to be just getting him submit its unique team before it plays that you context we could just. Getting a little bit rust off getting out here in the flow of things that he had enough success that he has feel like you know I can't wait for more at what a great. Like Greg Moore completed in late in the ball game it probably already decided but that by that time but not. Not necessarily so and he inserts stuff he hit the ball game and stuff he. Makes nice to see those the free throw line heat next on one of two had at least one rebound and made him lately all of it. 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Below 40% this season for eleven at this there's see it blow. But they also held Florida Gulf Coast to 36 point 8%. Florida Gulf Coast was nine at 22 for three that only two of eight in the second half which cost 89 of 24 very respectable. 37 and a half that make for a night in the second half. Free throw shooting which doctors XL's 22 at 2684. Point 6%. Or it'll cost you 610. It's not there's 4339. On the board so plus four that. It change using season treatment for Florida Gulf Coast it now. Lost seven games in those seven they out rebounded by an average of war game. Turn overs fifteenth for each team but it did turn out to be equal benefit for the Gulf Coast outscored the characters like six. On points off turnovers for the Gulf Coast also wants well. On points in the way. Which state headaches at that point it in that story it's not it's there it's still not yet out scored first twelve games. Players. Out our players. And Rick's players off the bench just a quick that points off turnovers and whispers. At stake tonight it's something that would not you Ecstasy but. The Eagles had outscored which testing. 8358. Left in the ball game. This gap thanks for the last five points out over at the game. Individually for Florida Gulf Coast acute guards combined for 39 under 65 points rated that with the twenty and eight rebounds. Nineteen points four rebounds for Zach Johnson. That they were combined fifteen of 38. From the field Johnson hit by the said the three easily won at it and for two point reach to a fourth street I don't I think it and it's it's those guys and in all due respect them that some shots are not only passes last resort. It. But those guys that line here shots that the players never get. After those two next time at work rate shots got cute it was six all of the first half five points apiece for Christian hero Rick Doyle. And Christian Carlyle for Wichita State let him with 23 points. Five assists two steals with just two turnovers news 812 from the field three of six street. There was fifteen points thirteen rebounds matching his career rebound high. Nine points were so much it means she knows. And then seven for cutter for at camp Goddard did make Victory Lane at it one that extends his streak to 33 consecutive game they at least one street waiter. And then. Five points for Austin Reeves 54 QQ Boris all the free throw line five shooting. And three points apiece for markets got the mergers. And to act ground. And (%expletive) it's five assists were hired after. Department thirteen rebounds for Willis for Rashard can only 7%. For out of markets but not yet I've read that. In nine minutes. So which state. Moved to ten and two in conference play it now would it say that it tends to that markets would definitely into that markets it. It into a market one dollar mark this late night that it is getting him back in there I think that for him and that the achievement. Is that that is step towards where it was the it. It. Fans. Raucous. It's responded really well and then it was then test it. What stat that I did not mention and it certainly significant that doctors had left it. Blocked shots matching their season high five of those by Gil Boris and Rashard Kelly. At three now it's added it's misty sees it when it comes to block shots those treatment in the total ups happen. It will be as but he has three at one game two on one play if you recall all in yet it is two blocks that that is in it or yet. In Hawaii Shaq had that within one's career. X one US. After that pot block shots tonight he's quick office. If at all and now that it's the state. That blocks shots on the right that the vast tracks. What they give him our defense and the games in the fight at every five blocks that this deal was kind of a factor in there with them try to rivaling its history regards. Lot of shot attempts that he's in these that presented by got you covered but he let it roll like your living room for privacy your bedroom. Are transformed the look if you got you covered it right with the treatment solutions for you to call 3166127000. But it got you covered which. Not cup matches doctors it 10%. Off any quarters got you covered serving Wichita area soccer coach Gregg Marshall joins us. You mentioned done one of these recent post it if you he would rather win eighteen to fourteen. 95 there. ID or whatever it knows where that tied the game that idle all those certainly struck a little bit offense than defense with world like it. That. I think. They're great game play got to give credit to Florida Gulf Coast who do we stand. I thought you know they had not been defendant told us 75 well below our average. But they're averaging 82 we held them seventeen under their their game. Normal game so it was a it was a game tonight that was just grind out game we get the big lead I probably would too deep in my bench. So that's on me and I don't know we just we've relaxed and we did some of their most knucklehead things and how he could I've ever seen my teams do. And we didn't do multiple times we leave the ball in and gave it to me at least two or three times which. Which we don't eat the ball or ordered tobacco if you don't have anybody to throw to I guess they thought they had a teammate. But never did we come up with a we just didn't come up with them all right around the basket with loose they would miss a shot you know the rebound we didn't win the glass by but for. But man it took everything that we had and really what I'm pleased where it is how we executed down the stretch. The big basket late entry by Conor recorder after round the clock that was huge. And that we get our free throws and we didn't turn it over to pressure. Great great basketball I'm hopeful we played well on television CBS. Sports network people here. Where it was Austin eight to 125. Distant 23 point 44 from the line three X three. Just had two turnovers in the first half. Rashard and Austin just way too many turnovers were I think 212 would have good to see. Art he did look like that out that no it except for that were shot that he took. It looked like he would never played the game before. Yeah it's the it just to see smile that's that's what I'm happy with the heat he fell apart again you know because. He's got such are agree spirit about it. This is really didn't get him now so now he played Expos were eight to ten minutes late night so we can Rica. He's got to work out now over the holidays get better shape. He then has to come back in which you think then that. Practices coming up and hopefully game against UConn thirty. Letters and always. Mention that he sort point three points. And twelve shots to do it. Brent good very good player he's forcefully but it 21 shots on workshops Landry did. Or. Less yeah Goodwin. Did not shoot the ball particularly well tonight 31 X but that job did he he's got it got him back in the game. In the first half what is in these was the recipient of some of those knucklehead passions that you were making we threw some outlet passes away. We missed dunks we missed layup. What darn sharp missed a layup and then Rashard was by himself on the follow ups and missed it. Darryl Willis had a beautiful move on the baseline don't try to dunk the ball got home. It on the right on the edge of the room but Darryl did have fifteen points and thirteen rebounds in thirty minutes which is a lot of minutes for him. Important game for survived. Yeah he was good he just that he made that one crazy passed late try to go through the defense that he's so quick to the basket. I wish to take it 13 pointer right here the first half is steady he. Passed on it and then dribbled and took it tested. Jumper flowed or whatever it was but. He was wide open the Ria that we should wells just got to keep get the minutes. It better feel for the game. He's he's really nice peace for so grew up in Alaska have to. Freak out there are. There your. Free throw line it's time. Out. Well good. I didn't realize that we did shoot the ball very well we got to the line we were regrettable it's very early in the first it didn't capitalize like we have. But the things second half we had an opportunity to go over the line. There goes free throws. Jack mr. was telling this to. You as one of the table. At least at a town today it. You know it got its opportunity having do it joy Christmas and so forth that's fine but. Certainly don't wanna go all that case in what do you know we did it go home. Oh I think for sure that was. That was the message. And read it we had a great start the team that that wolves in the first half. Florida Gulf Coast itself plays which which border. But in the end they looked like the team goes to the tournament and it gives people fits that's what they look like tonight. And again maybe maybe that's what brings that out and people for a play well but I'm glad. The non conference is over she really just been brutal it's been. Great basketball teams coming in here where we on the road neutral court. We had we played the best nonconference schedule it's in my opinion I think it'll prove to be one of the best in the country but in the year. And which didn't do it. With one possession. Excellent and what better there. Absolutely. We we we should be hardened. And there's very little. Runaway ball games I can't remember the last so. But we we intentionally did that. We test it but in this particular case through we did this did not break it can't fullback. Yeah Woolsey we got to keep these guys helping these migrants has come. For the two of those guys we've got to take to better prevent and hopefully we can Marcus sales. Round played without the brace tonight he looked much quicker faster. So I hope we keep all records Christmas Mary thanks so what. Strict Marshall joining us after soccer when they go into the Christmas break at chip and two after beating Florida Gulf Coast 75. 65 coach Marshall presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion. To work we'll have our star of the game coming up momentarily. And put into the deep freeze play of the game has brought you by lit supply. They're cold they're making you shiver even endorsed called a frozen comfort as they can to have fueled furnace or install a new one of them. Heat your home now and pay overtime and with a month finance it. You can count on comfort zones for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing need to call for a free and home estimated at 265 avenue and 31. 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I had to be re not only on the high quality TV brand like LG but we also have one of the largest collection of real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got a route in which top notch brands. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford grameen per hardening Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Listen zoo or download a podcast of WSU soccer basketball. On JE YN dot com or I June George Google black. Bob Novak the Jospin's post game show and are starting games that that would take the opportunity to start. Top with markets but Duffy who made his debut for the 2017. Eighteenth sees tonight getting nine minutes. Coming back off that broken foot that kept him out of the first eleven games of the year after asking is that the always started when you headed for the scorers table what you've seen that it was a or would that feel like. I was so amazed this. Here. Fans care about support me. You know before you can go without me how much. And I walked up there you know Arafat I was overwhelmed. Very I don't. Is this amazing you know that is malveaux appreciate it feels they have the adrenaline pumping again all zone most definitely you know still. I'm still low lows that's lobotomy. But from December 30 from a phone. I've got to commend you because your attitude through all of this has been tremendous you've been very upbeat around your teammates been very supportive period on the bench whatever you can do. That's how frustrating was starting to get by the. It was very frustrated I was cool for you know out of school would be you know our I hated you know crisis in its name but I did that process doesn't bode well for us. And they're not there are gone off the listeners there authorities law. And everything floors like. Oklahoma game around that's. Before the game for a game. You know when you get so close you know to start right right. You know postal positive. So. It looked like if that was about all jumped okay you're flat. Line most of my foot not bog and don't know still not there yet you know still have to get stronger. That's the stronger. As for the week right now. But our work and are still work so much and everything. I feel great so great right now I feel I feel better than I've been massive product we are. Ali I'm pretty when you right now. At most definitely no doubt of course. I did I did only played not minutes solidly. With that when they hit me. I know I'd be viewed as they definitely. That game. It's not like you. Had this coming in your freshman year valued hysteria you've been through this for a couple years that it's still feel a little strange you know waited to finally back at that's never in my life. Did play to him about the history month thing I've ever among probably Tokyo's. You know no matter what the case were we've got to play. Michael Ward room it is. You know this is very there's adversity you know this shows that my body's changes. And not just a particular my body be more cautious. You know this came on. Top of something that I've I've wanted the opportunity to ask you that a long time ago you. Took the opportunity. To declare for the program. What some of the camps and so forth how much do you feel like. Even with all of this that that help you live and panicky you an idea of what you need to do worry if he could take it to death of both you know. Gone gone to fitted. Don't do and hope you are things work out. Holland I think I learned most is taking care of my body you know just. Stay composed before it always have confidence in yourself you know believe that the best firm floor from what do you ever let that confidence before. Yeah hasn't had an. Thought if I'm this I'm delighted to going there and not not just about one hour spectacle were it. It's always gives all almost I learn about. Is it is it kind of excited that. That if your back if finally get a chance to play the first game we really they get a chance places that it is the closest place we'll go to your home the American conference I would guess you probably have. People. Yes we'll definitely. Is going to be an eighth seed now. Well from beyond a lot of gunsmoke the area has made them often can't be. Good luck. The markets and Merry Christmas it's Christmas present fiction after fan they've acted in film must vote thank you response it's McNulty stars game tonight getting back. On the floor which doctors first this is. Joining us presented by the Kansas lottery Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to be given that it it's lottery dot com. But the most current jackpot like Kansas lottery. And dream maker well. But there. It. Well out here is our play up the game is presented by. Accident and this would really did it but it in the the trees. For I fly. For a three. That was huge cock tracked him three it was huge. I was throws a couple of things down the stretch which hostage. Hey Carlos of Kelly's was born in 1981. That was an elite eight year for the shock or something is striving for a candidate to celebrate come to any Carlos and Kelly and get to. Full sized entrees and it actually could case though for only 1981. Avenue to the caiso feature to tell them its act and JR since you. Checking the scoreboard one other American athletic. Team in action earlier today temple lost on the road at Georgia. 8466. Georgia good team it's 92 on the year. Temple 74. Oklahoma State defeated Texas Rio grand valley one at 283. Oklahoma over northwestern. 104 to 78. Tre yeah had a whole home 31 points and twelve offices. You have Casey and South Dakota State to shocker opponent beating Kansas city South Dakota State one that would 8560. They're now 115. College of Charleston want it at coastal Carolina battle 6765. Charleston on nine and three. And at the top 45 number three Arizona State it's easy win over Pacific by 39 for 21 Texas Tech. These heavily Christian by 27. And number thirteen Virginia beat Hampton 82. To 48. So next up now for shocker basketball men and women. The beginning of American athletic conference play for the first time ever shocker women. We'll play at 2 o'clock next Saturday afternoon here Coker Reno hosting Tulsa. And then we'll start a little earlier than 11 AM central time. At the university of Connecticut's. And then the home opener will be back here on January 4 against Houston that game time is that established as they 6 o'clock start and which. That just got just got set for TV. He gave a couple of days itself. Again Saturday on the road at your continent December the thirtieth so eight days away and bad. Back here for January 4. Houston team that at the top forty hours it. The power cuts. It's. They have players' coach. And these. Talk conference a couple of years. Actually it like that. And I hope that checkered pants are appreciative of for this team is right now it can't and to do against him really really good schedule and coach Marshall mention this is look even better than the disease because teams like Charleston. And Florida Gulf Coast South Dakota State are going to be way up there apparently contending for possible Lindsay it's. I thought a lot of things have the right thing. Without enough without they can't do well. I think they just about everything the half of them. It's what's going to be exciting for here on out the American athletic conference with five teams the top 55. It's it's really going to be fun you know again the iconic places college basketball at Connecticut. What this. When Bob and Mark Kennedy. Well we thank you all for listening thanks Andrea handling for is always excellent work in the studio look forward to having on you leave that with this next time around. And we wish all of you ain't Merry Christmas or any other holidays that you celebrate hope that is joyous. Yet time with family and have great experience for the next few days we'll look for speaking with you again. A week from Saturday chapters to put opposites he's done it hard for it. Merry Christmas happy holidays. I'll. Have a chance to have a nightcap. Ted. Op with him ship. I don't know who it'll be a nightcap as an audit that. A little bit from here again thanks to all of you Merry Christmas final score Wichita State's 75 Florida Gulf Coast. 65 stay tuned for the locker room shows coming up. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KEY. The front you buy these fine sponsors United Healthcare can't just let retire Carlos OK Alex Freddie. Executive air shares sell your insurance the Carnahan group like start machinery until. Mean I was really out. 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