WSU Men's Basketball vs College of Charleston - 11/13/17

Monday, November 13th

WSU Men's Basketball vs College of Charleston: W 81-63


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Engines yeah. 103 point seven hey you want yeah. Pray. Here's some points in the started in the video the night and we're glad to have you. Brad banks. Pregame show. This is the part of the program where you have an opportunity to participate by either calling us at 8691037. Area code 316. Or you can tweet me. Of course anytime on Twitter at at shocker voice and look forward to your contributions to the program questions comments and observations. And we look forward to hearing from you starting anytime soon get on Twitter at shocker voice via phone at 8691037. Should be a fun game tonight David lit Earl grant that Pryor back and has the College of Charleston. When there's a very good team that certainly is projected to win their league do in the NCAA tournament at the end of the season. Well they got template with onstage Earl grant who is wonderful man. Has done a good job growth he Pittsburgh both basketball. And it he's. Aren't good recruiter well that's not surprising him at least him so yes it. We think the world map and always have and he's seen that settled in OK these responsibilities there. Working his career as a coach that's really really hard so great guys. With super team. That it that it might fix that first in the colonial athletic conference and others ever recently that they'll than actually going. Why aren't we will talk more about them of course as the evening goes on or answer your questions requires that gives you can't give this equates. Al is going to lead this not announcements Lackey he has been in before the show started a couple of days now welcome back. Both sides of the free market that we see you guys now they have the club that that the defendant. Great game. Let me point out that no let's take that we're going to be playing that night. At what the backhand that is why is. I would do well as. There what was the plane in its statement that he played well. What the likelihood that it would looked up he is able to come back who find themselves more. This man role of the quote we starter. You know let's say out. That's an exit question that I had thought about a lot but it makes sense for several reasons one being. That since he has got it in the fix from the beginning and and we still don't know exactly what we don't talk about that moment that. You know he's going to be kind of work his way back in some combinations we'll have formed. The other thing that that that does the coaching staff is that Marcus could play comfortably beaten them three years before so that gives you. The option that would bring me at all that there it. It may have gotten off to a hotter gold stars who may have picked up a couple of early fouls and although it got a little more tired. All those kinds of things so it really does give the coaching staff a lot of options to. Gregg Marshall has always had at the bench he's never had a problem figuring out Alex takes two minutes to play Plante. I think what you find also it is a lot of it could be dictated. They're plain. And if the place to see the need somebody like mark started three. That he might move to street graffiti art for you might veto the plaintiff for I had a question of Al alleys that law. On Wear throughout do you live at Austin Dallas three point seat soccer explained either those cities. Well you know I'm in the hill country outside of Boston and got the ability to. You know Sidney road games no doubt in my neighbor. And that's doctors will be at Waco also this. Yeah I I think that that's a very good question and you know everything is Marcus. As flight a fair amount of his career coming off that they treat it start until maybe at least indices that are later last year's. I think that's not easiest to it that handles. Here's the other thing they mention you know we might be starting. Almost wanna start every game. With your best defender on the floor. And tried it yet. Give it somebody's head on the other side of that snack wrap of the guardian to or history Erie and of war. I think they're gonna like started games with him at the three and I accidentally it will assist clients and at. You know it may not make those things maybe those guys it. He feels better start it you know these you know you feel better about himself that he's starting I don't know that that means they're all those factors to consider that it. I constantly does give them the option. He serves pretty personal last it would definitely have perfect upstate. A thousand three's what's first team all conference three teleconference is one of the top ten players they think. In the news conference that soccer's plain and and it's hard to keep a guy like down the fancy guy like stats indicated when he visited 26 minutes. And out just threw out updates I had a chance to stock markets this afternoon and that today is his first day out of the casket with a boot on you started doing. Work in the pool so that that district that is like that there's certainly been some accuracy is slotted in netcast and so he started work on re strengthening the leg. In water adding it's hopeful. The protection is built these strike Iran within about two weeks that given that. Rejected ballot says that the mid December original hope for a return might be a little optimistic. But. You know just beyond mid December and maybe five plus. The X rays are all good everything he says so far as gauntlet of us right. All right thank you 83869. Sorry six out of trees evidence that phone number. And we have. Good news for the phone call him. Yet but today the Asia. Yet another great season. Brother really excited that these you know movement and new conference and and as always you guys still do great. You know top line though a couple of comments that question is. That is on. TJ Kaiser. Neither is it justice to a brief article in the papers than he was there's a thing with him at the moment. I really have the latest on. And effectively. It is from the pain in the AC duties film maybe. Matching why who we match up pretty well against. And may be paying that might give this you know some trouble and might that you. Matchup but may be available that are so. But all that you've come a salty air not always so shocked. All right thank you all I can tell you about seeing today is that everything not serving yet theory. She's. Getting close to being back on boy he's not gonna play tonight it's my understanding but I think he's getting. Pretty close to being active taking care what he didn't think it has anything that Ali that I don't have. That'll that'll probably tell us a lot from. As far as the matchups. You know I have a sense of some of the best players it did the other strongest teams are at the conference. But I haven't had a chance if he could have hit some of the entire you know Linus prosecutors to have. A great sense of the toughest match ups and so forth certainly want us. Is Cincinnati beat hi is there a lot like what if I stay there tough they're physical they play tough defense. And their balance then they've got that he did not have a player picked for the pre season first team all conference that had three of the five on the second team that returns four of their five starters. At least have a transfer. That they feel like really important issue. They also. Those that follow the lead his follows believe it reads here's a little bit stunned. Items scoring a 107 points against Savannah State on Friday at Savannah State. Honestly is not very negatively on the shock that hits right after the now. It's just not usual for Cincinnati to score that kind of total. Either not a good night even against the weaker opponent and so that sensitive. Indicators people that they might be as good offensively there's this. Along relevant that delivery that usually take them but I'm off it's not fun. Let it wind out a lot of ball reversal. Highs lows things like that so that's that's court's surprise the market that we did rise thirty points. But beat number points and work it surprise. SN view lost a couple of key players that they've got some very good players back. In fact they have the pre season player of the year should know that guard. You see you have as you know what the details of the first team pre season nonconference gardening at tackle Wallace and six. At more than just shot blocker being projected as probably the paper's second round here. You know that's not about matchups they'll face guys 76 period let alone 76 guys. Like that's knowledge that the anybody. The games that season SMU has the player of the week. State built in I don't know for sure renounces any but the rookie of we need that Arco and I had about 68 he's a freshman. An average night. The F three outs in the first few minutes so. What we do is we looked at the little bit about what to watch based on what they have copied back all of a sudden. From left field there are teams that have three really good players that I think gets him. You know that team that's really interesting if it's UConn because they. Right after nation's best and several years ago Rodman had a drop off last year they had horrible front of the injuries last year. I think got pretty much everybody fact it is helpful look really nice fruits and so a lot of people feel like you thought it. Fiftieth team that right now is already suspected that it yet a top 45 to 35 matches here those the and fight through. Your right faceoff there's so last year because. Players were injured but they always recruit really really well they're recruiting classes in the top 45. Classes or higher at what we understand is they can't have another very good recruiting class. I think he's ready for the call again if you'd like to. Follow us with a Lester thought it's 8691037. That's very 316 if your outside Wichita area. Normally I'm hearing for more people on Twitter right now I mean those things to come through. Thoughts on now we're happy here it is the last time. By. Yeah the very first game now that was the 2010 and eleven season Wichita State played UConn. And I will still say it's not here's just got the short end of the stick on in Indianapolis and even if it's one call. Kemba Walker who of course that terrific players had at that first half not to foul trouble. And he took the ball down the line. When it into eighteen year it's about five or six minutes of the second half. Just right strident and ice where he clearly was classic. Sent defensive position. And then touted the basket called a block on eagerly. And walker is continue to do that interest in it if they get caught that now. Let's start with your lives that would have been his fourth ballot it would have been sitting for quite awhile it's time with us Ortiz had a double figures. And I really think that would turn the game with a deficit miles south that's that's not started at the shot there's a if they want the unfortunate thing was that was a year when it was still trying to build their RPI's president Banda. They weren't bracket was shot and not the host team that's an guys look horse that beat them but it didn't help their schedule and all that help Americans. And it may be a pretty good Virginia. It definitely is it that that larger gaps and of course they've been great. Gangbusters ever since then so that's that's my memory it was the other thing I remember Allie is a beautiful place there's a lot to do there. And pretty much all they have an idea this is a chance of that yet Kentucky. Michigan State and Washington Oklahoma. Schools and an engine that ran our bracket it was a tremendous tournament that your we've watched pretty much every game and all of every game that was really different in the lodge. At that. Of course later that year. We did he see you here in the bracket buster and there's really controversial called the end of that game it's easy it's gotten a free throws that would. We go on win the N ninety advocacy at it's not that the yes on the benefit of the car adapter in the final four. It's the basic and that was that you couldn't really think that stuff which for us and I think that's what makes lot's got national right. They're recruiting classes through death that time and he proved that they could fight with anybody. And yeah sometimes get lost. In the NIC doesn't really benefit your program that much. Avaya we had a couple home games here. And Mike Patrick was here from ESPN and France for Sheila and they just raved about the home crowd that Nebraska game colleges. Charleston game with mostly got a lot of national exposure out of that. At I I do I think that that that product in ninety minute here that this little help recruiting and help a lot of. Well I'd just like movement of the conference physically to help for fruitful and already had self recruited recruiting class doctors have completed next year. Is the best that they've never had that you eat it got rough ground we saw worked out for about 45. This all the games. And he could be a great addition to the soccer squad this just aren't enough minutes to go around. All right we have a question Baird good out there and he W they shoot boulders and the soccer hall of fame and it's not the thanks programs and a complete national championship. Set here's the thing that's been awfully good about all of that. And it escalated I'd love Gordon Connecticut he has built an unbelievable program here. The number of years ago. College falling basically split into. Two camps two organizations. Want the NCAA. Run. And so bowl. Those auspices is considered a sport like track and field basketball baseball football NCAA. But there's another organization. That has college ball at Wichita State is part of Scotland and the reason. It is reasonable to touch it shows them that way. Is because. They've got out of there bowlers have full scholarship. But they can make some extra body to help pay for school it's gradually to around town where there's little bit of prize money that sort of thing. And if you were under the NCAA guidelines they could take that money and so that was the reason they chose to continue where they are. And so therefore it has never been part of the Wichita state athletic department. And so it's it's kind of like a different thing when you consider stuff like soccer sports all of that it doesn't. It anyway take away from what they've accomplished and how hard worker in those things but it's. It's almost like a separate entity that's not really part of soccer applicants. We both excellent work visas fine goals there is any sport anywhere. I've had a number it's it's my class. All popped nuts units Hastings. Articulate. Hard working organized. And that's the type of people that were recruits and that's beside the people that court. I'll work sought to develop what they are it would be fun I would love to see them. It soccer sports all things and we know that they're good because they completely. Aren't abducted him and what your thoughts with all of things but at this point thinks that it worked out to make that happen. Have a question about. Quote unquote what's going on withdrawn baker and he's got an ankle. There he was flying quite a bit of their first three games had good numbers and then turn their ankle and that's why he has not been in lately hopefully he's. Almost past that it's been. 789 games I think the business. It has spent end he rolled an ankle incidents three that they thought he'd come back in its hands while games thereabouts. But with your place at that time at the level it's not ready it's just the slightest bit of hesitation. You're not immediately that the rigors of the weights and let's deal. It adds. Adding that's the question about not remembered bill rapidly ever listen now again for the final and I think it which is always a plus anytime you get bill rap career was inducted into the national sportswriters and sportscasters. Hall of fame in Charlotte that year that I was there representing stance a couple of years ago. Add here atlas. First client dole and John McDonough did he is introduction. And it was like aids rates in advance and that it was necessary or half. The one of the best comments coming from. Giant Eagle he said. What are the things I learned working with wrath. Is that small Jewish guys born with a different maneuvers that Paul Irish guys and Scott. Then there's no way to keep up with the fifth. But I if we could get our rapid recovery is against them while honestly floored it and he's a great guy and he's very knowledgeable about what's fascinate even went. He's covered soccer's just see the play you can tell he's done his homework because he's. Very converse about just the subtle things players look at what they dealt. Are you speaking of early season tournaments. Authentic guy that was rates at least in that circumstance. If you watched Bob Bryant on the sports reporters this the end. He doesn't actually cover anybody up there on a regular basis. Columnist. Dawson but ours from Boston for some reason. I whoever the beat writer lives for Boston College wasn't able to go to the Virgin Islands here there were partnered it was coaching. Has yet to cover football they're looking for a volunteer and sciences. Go to virgin outs ever basketball shirt leaders that every Boston College. Wichita State Boston College ended up playing in the championship game and it was at the game that. Like NCAA tournament game went down in the finals Randy burns at a final reading here about 45 feet left out of the one game. And what's really nice things about what plus it is activated a district great guy that was fun. You never know what you're gonna. It was when people from the national scene that was some of those situations that those that you all speak very highly of bill after the end. Bob Bryant certainly. Aren't going to take a break 8691037. If your colleague is here 316 or if you're twenty. It's at soccer well as we look forward to hearing from you when we come back of the interest thank. 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Hi guys have access to about Austin reasons. Andrew judicial over these stores that. Looks like this morning there's something else. And I also heard that he had to throw probably. View that underground. Please. I think it wears honestly think he's talking about justice additional support. Patty scored late room and that's a surgery sports drink. For all accounts of threatening hints at the shoulder feels fine feels much better about his shoulders now that the hands hand. TSX other issues after he was getting healthy again and playing in practice leaders falling at mono for awhile that recently adding yeah. It was kind of thing I don't it was strained tendon an inflamed tendon in his foot. The ticket and actually intense pain they did an X ray there's nothing broken no structural damage the system muscular. Tendons tightening. Tentative and I figured out how to treat that make it more comfortable and so he seems to be doing. Doing much better with almost certainly has played well the first couple yeah. So I don't exhibition yeah. Fatal injury problems with it and fortunately he had that on its facts at that. File its two top of one another with the sleep there a lot of players where sleaze. I I think it's a psychological port that is anything outside never read an article that says it has anti. Benefits any player but it it's that it's almost like that piece of clothing worth anything else but he says he feels fine to use you see it in the first three games that's just games last ball game. Where he gets after he's on the floor a lot I mean apostles balls take charges he gets underneath you it's rebounds. So he certainly is hot dogs when it comes late to gain some place very high level. Here's something that's becoming more and more confident. Also. It just goes along the same lines that feeling it is an excuse for feeling more comfortable. If you're out here right now watching Charleston or bought back half of them out on long. Hike we'll see. Leggings under these shores Wichita State has several players wearing those as well that's becoming very confident place. Of course the back of the day's worth shorts were really short. And it is short about appearance I doubt it out of sorts of activities and you've got the leggings. Exit if that is gonna count you know Agassi any player's legs that it. We recovered the first player was to make the long sorts tackle right fight network and everybody's off at Atlanta added it would have been somebody other than Michael. Towards things never have fought off. Once he started filling you know I kept us competitive shows like I think. Hey remember that one of our fine sponsors throughout the years has been to Juarez carpet outlet Florence and they have been fine Wichita business or. Some forty years now they've made their reputation by providing quality flooring. And it won't everyday prices and they view it through inventory data supplied a lot of volume they've got these warehouses right there were days itself of the show. And they also thought it was great service they have friendly capable people than it gets exactly what you want help define it though high pressure. It's just really good experience that you're looking for any kind of words of those air friends a few bars at 1860. North Broadway. Yeah it was a quality 691037. Feet. At shocker voices Wichita state College of Charleston tonight. Patty mentioned earlier that 2010. Elevenths season. Scripted previous trip tonight and it's also this is that Wichita State played its. Only previous game against the College of Charleston that was in the quarterfinals. NIC let's hear read a and it has got a lot missing here for college Carlson put I believe it is there's my feet. Offering some big accident everything that you thought it speaks Arabic site distance he would take one or two dribbles past half. Coordinate with and it was good to meet with few or it. We loved it I mean we enjoyed watching late night and he was that was as far as performances. Out of debt ever picked it. Like zednik of the Florida State at the united lots of those out here get stock results. It's actors like that game 82 to 75. That. Got a lot scored 31 hit twelve of 27. Seven at fifteen from three. And if the citizens want it to Google's process for a good defenders guarding who just stepped out of a little farther. Provided they have not freeze dry them in his. Pride except that I've received a three points for making him the map there. At which time states want it done depth of talent that may nineteenth of twenty. One free throws at players scored four in double figures led by Gabe Blair sixteen points eight rebounds three to nearly fourteen you know Franklin. Well after Avery had eleven points five assists all of those guys race battle. Soccer's going on it was in 98 New York City Washington State Alabama. Gave Blair really had a strong finish to that team's season is this. He was a fun guy to have around what he makes things bat rake marks so marker before him. There's players always that fit their system and if they stay. As long as they didn't do what Marshall wants the truth they threw at him real contributors by the time they're few years it. Can't seniors taking your early for example we thought for a long time. That he was gonna go back to Texas and actually what have might get heady effect test Texas feature into a thousand points lost with us. And that you know that team. Had some guys that work early roots that race card here. It helped build the foundation of this program. Aired Ellis. Yes side there yet play as much now let's say. But he wasn't it parts of field events and it had a really good finish that is seen here please sets out games in the city. Just guys like that that maybe Rory is Longley talented as some of the guys Avery who is now but at the same dedication this thing work ethic. It's part. And really help you know one factor of compliment him I was the very first here or is there. Gonzales point hopman and those guys try to let them now they're just as much part of what has happened here. But that's what they contribute. Not only has transformed the basketball program here at once again at this event possible life. Success at. But ourselves as France for the basketball. Process as it's transformed these young man who really really special. We're gonna talk about a little bit in his pregame interview because I don't know if everyone got creative with their of course been some articles that. Interviews done with the program with that briar where it. You know not all of his relationship with getting this game tonight one of the things at least they wrote it was. Let's just what you learned it right marshals on board. Cut off for you as always impressed with what a good father husband was and how he managed to balance. Those things lift his dedication of. Well and what you recruit kids you know double speak with the same thing that parents hits that you recruiting. And then when those kids company's Wichita State they consensus that you feel that parents ultimately. Programs and they trust their skits with Rick Clarkson and Natalie great but with a win at the fears and that the entire family here that's one of the reasons. That they cute kids not only event. Don't calls its lease at the moment so we'll take a moment let's give him 1008691037. As the phone number or months later. It's at. 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Trust bank pregame show Mike Kennedy they've gone on alias Charles Tucker standard template in the studio. Add it. Not that many years that we have that dish we've had thousands and thousands of questions. All varieties and sorts. And you know honestly. Most of the time. I feel like we can at least take the stand better if you educated yes and if not we will whatever he has fuels me I don't know we'll try to find out where his. I don't know that have never felt more unqualified. Answer questions that this would appear. You know win the people pixel is supposed to work in the arena the players that's. And I can't tell you a player so it is. Let alone. What it's supposed to work through what it's supposed to do so I apologize that is the way beyond my level of abusive called a. They want all that it incorporates the ability to answer that. Secondly it needs to cut down its next plus educate us that it that you think are our broadcast network that. Thank you for the question but I'm afraid I cannot we'll. What's it like it as somebody who myself and I did it often enough political. Good luck others that young people working now appears that tonight that I don't like this. Soccer fans. Don't expect tonight. At College of Charleston here seeing that last year. It. Point seven faith story. I expect this Packers this. Another 40% this at 10 o'clock tomorrow but. Number any time this Packers win if it saves in 45 even 40% off all the shots average guys. It's. That the fan vote lover on crutches that got it adds that blockers is that lastly there's the party. Every time soccer's. You know I don't think I thought I thought that I would be surprised 7580. I know this really good defense team I'll love violent acts. He adds there is I think states that at least 75. Atlanta not aware. Since this is. Just about a hundred point game against him case and of course the regular season games against it was expensive. I don't know it was last year's team the first one since 1980s. Average. Eighty points per game. Also the first time since that 34 years earlier. Since for a hundred or three times this season he's three to four times. What your point games have been pretty rare around here on time. Its stock is it three times last year span. Marty Bennett once this year. Don't be surprised that happens. I think to read that this network last few better percentage they average about eighty. One points a game last year I think he's an average of the a little bit less than that because you play better profits it. But it's a lot of points for so fluently path. Horace Willis adherents are capable of making. Guys guys a lot of different guys who can make three point baskets please wait. It's historic. Absolutely if they're playing man to man defense against you that's the key. You could pull it player's weight of the basket and then quicker players. Like these jobs for example it just got here theory that the her ability. We're on our pregame interviews Greg marshals and that's coming up next we'll leave you with this. Your plate of vegetables leafy greens may help your body for network guys. Healthy shot zipped right there's always like it here as healthcare. And the program learn more real deal. Dot com fact that it coach Gregg Marshall as the interest thing needs a reasonable. That sounds looks like seven is what Marc Sims like between seventeen should be close notice on. I'm I had 70 yeah. On the court the 27 teams are going fast then a special clothes out pricing and most popular. Between seventeen ship models like Silverado Tahoe introvert is transit trade and get a great deal during the 2017 should be closed yeah. It's a year hometown Chevy dealer today. Petroleum slip month. Available special clintons were there offers to from everybody 113017. Stating he would be tale. 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How to fix it to put billions of war because College of Charleston a big point in your life of big games. Few years in your life and development order if you just comment a moment or two on those tears in your relationship with John caress. You know is 25 years old back coaching at Belmont abbey college of Macon 9000 dollars a year and coach Chris saw something Indiana coaching clinic. There was a lot of great coaches including coach Chris and my boss at the time. Our Kevin Eastman plus my college coach how lonely so there's a bunch of guys that I knew and I'm the guy in the back. Getting coffee and doughnut for the for the speakers I have no speaking part. But coach crescent assistant coaching position he actually down to Charleston to interview I go down on July 4 weekend. That is family if you want island that and just was. I don't it was it was magical he gave me an opportunity college socialist in AI at the time spent eight years there. And we made a long transition to division one where we've played. The season and at the end of the season because we were ineligible for the automatic bid we had to put the balls away but in 94. We got an at large bid because we went 24 and three we got a twelve each of the NCAA tournament. To play Tim Duncan and Wake Forest Demon Deacons in the first round of the interview was seventeen years old at the time. And we let them for 38 minutes and they ended up beating us that. Coach Chris taught me. How to run a basketball program from eight to Z. He taught me how to do with the integrity and doing the right way. With the right type of players by grinding every day and trying to make everyone in your organization the best that they can be on any given night. And I know he is still connected to the school Earl grant Delta's influence wielded how did you first. Leader Roland what impressed you and did that in the years I recruited him when I was just just at the College of Charleston. The waves and high school there in Charleston. At a midnight basketball in the east side of the peninsula Charleston went to a midnight basketball game. And it literally started midnight just try to keep kids out of trouble and whatnot on a Friday night. Lynne and I went and we saw him play we ended up not often a scholarship within two years later I looked head job at Winthrop. And he's coming out of junior college so recruit him again and again don't often a scholarship probably made a mistake you have been a great player forced. But it's. Couple years later now he's an assistant coach at the citadel and I have an opening and I just remember what coach Marty was and how tough he was and then now he's. Presented himself very well as a young assistant while from a job three great years it went through. We ended up winning a game in the NCAA tournament finishing in the top 25 feet almost beat Wichita State. Three years there helped us build this thing to ultimately get to the NCAA tournament before that we won the IP. But then goes to clubs and ultimately yes chance now to go back to his hometown and be the coach at the college Charleston and I just call coach Tressel should listen. If you don't like Earl grant there's something wrong with you he's a great guy and that's what you need at this time. They attach in turmoil in their program with the previous coach. And Earl grant is a great coach he's a great recruiter and he's gonna do marvelous things and he's. I thank you probably itself tempers her whole career he chooses British and have other opportunities because he's so good. And you know these interviews it's not always relationships he was quoted as saying you were as much an influence on him. Off the court and how to mix being a coach that being a husband and a father and I would think that means about as much use an innings everything anybody every cent of us. Actually it's a great compliment because you don't owe a lot of us in in our careers and especially coaches and other other Beatles. He didn't call us through what you're doing and it's the most important thing was really not the most important thing you know being a good man Vienna good father being a good husband. And in helping your young men on the court. And all of the court be chipped it. My college coach how normally use them when they prevent and that's what I try to do that's what coach Chris was and and Sheen. The guys come back after they finish their careers and they've gone on to play professional now there in the working world. But to hear them come back and say hey thanks for what you did for me that's the most important thing and and and all that while doing that. Being a good. Good husband father and I as we mentioned just to get a good role model or mentor for your players. And that Breyer. What is the point guard did you inherited when you took this job and then I was a GA three year after that and analysts say this half jokingly he is the the main reason why do you all. Always make sure now that you've had at least three or four point guards at your customer I learned that from coach stressed and I learned that before but I just didn't realize I didn't have three point guards when I took the job and at this time you need. The guys and we did. Big guys that nobody that I looked up to that first year. Seven and so when that went down the first conference game against Drake. After being thrown to the court I didn't realize it was his fourth concussion when told that. These are probably true that one and eleven so. That's that's atrocious that breyer's imports and and the importance of working out. This Charleston team obviously is something that this pitches for a series of votes recruiting classes together what impresses you about him. Let her defend and rebound. Every night they're gonna defend and rebounds for the gonna move everything. So in the night when the ball goes to the basket they can beat anybody and get some talented guys can do that drew geely Gibril Brantley grant roller. I visited with Earl at the College of Charleston this summer when I vacation down there. And just it's great to see him running his own show and doing it if it in a first class way but doing it it's such a high level. Coach thank you shouted that's good Marshall should be a lemonade out of the shotgun his take on the College of Charleston. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first is with no smile. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's awesome. Now with a smile to your parents are seeing all weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile was a powerful thing you can search delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits providers. 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Security advisory services offered to resign investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated company shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains strong Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding her carver. And yeah. My younger. Okay three point seven day you've won in. Craig. No more so than. All lots I'm not really our producer outside after handling in the studio. That's what I did is what to tell us they want Brad this season against the water though College of Charleston. The cougars coach by Earl grant him his fourth year former Wichita State assistant before that an assistant to Gregg Marshall. At Winthrop had he is assistant among others but that's Breyer former shocker point guard at grad assistant coach. Got a bit old home week out of that I get together but we'll put all out of sight here just a few minutes disease to tip it off two very good teams. Think it was their second win of the season. But they've has tonight's winning strategies not to provide capital for the first moment new home dream home. You can trust the strings behind True Blue finances capitol federal equal housing lender about fifty ice it. Thank goodness the Charleston comes out swinging at their defense gets after a full forty minutes. The cougars got 25%. Last year but might they did an unspoken mayor's defense defense. Really really good experience since 27 best in the country in defense but with our state is better fourteenth best points allowed. Also cougars were 73 best in the land quality opponents to 41 point 9%. From the field. It's because they've once again significantly better they were fourth best in the country hold off with seven point 7% to via. Colleges are also very good on defense. With us today even better. Number two. Every game as that night and beat him drop the cougars offense because this is this just out of four letter word that they don't do it they don't pass it. Efforts to hit point two assists per game last year what of them worth a conference they had a negative assisted. Outraged growth. Six less assists per game than with us today. They play one on one basketball they liked to ride this if aligns with our state have to help out. Winning strategy apathy. Of course in advance that if you don't have it yes yes you threw the ball well and the cougars are proof positive of that theory. Charleston pizza key yes road map to find the baskets they shot just 43%. From the field last year. Seconds worth of their conference at 244. In the country. You can't win unless it's for and I can't imagine that Charles that's latest. Shoot better than 39% from the field that night and it's worth more than sixty points. Winning strategy number or. The band of rebels from South Carolina it's not really a fan. There's just a quartet. Through our favorite eight of the top ten players. At the top six but failed to flight eight against it and they got production. Just four of them and that's because Gerald rapidly what is our players was hurt and feel that he's gonna play tonight he's only that we rebound. It also the staff of like both players the full forty minutes and I think what you're going to see it's pretty steady hand. At Wichita State get some nice runs for five minutes winning strategy number five. The cougars wrote that the backwards is closed for repairs that it is not going to open that night either. Charles was outrebounded by one point two rebounds per game last year that's yet last conference. At two fund 47. In the country. Wichita State well number one in the country or excuse me number two in the country outrebounded opponents fight night for game. And tonight. Carol Bradley looks like it's not like he averaged upstate half rebounds football game that's really get hurt them I just don't think that they can't. Hank with a soccer's on the boards that's spelled disaster. But tonight's. And it's magic general correctly which uses it to our injury report brought to your flights off you live your life. Torture me. Or obstacle here. We have not received any word officially on Brantley didn't play extensively at an exhibition game against Bob Jones University. Let them is scoring rebounding that night and it didn't play at all about a week later last Friday. In their opener against Siena. At what we have here is that he's got a little bit of that the issue it's not a good listed as day to day game time decision. It is not suited up and it's no athlete he is he here. It looks like he is not going to fly it at that as a big part of that is if Africans were allegedly battered last year. As their best most type players sixth seventh and fifth season big audience there and it really depends a lot out Dick Ferris. This extent that it sixty pat Richardson here. Kayla Anderson. It is first ever start. In the opener and it's last year averaged one point four points but it was. All player off of its hand on in the opener Friday night scored three points of I'm very disappointed if rant he's not been playing with the State's political advertisement placed very very good seats. You always want to win games but wants it needed seed that has the best players play myself. If Bradley's out if significant difference with a golf club and it won't repair them quite as well collective effort and now. Also certainly Charleston has been looking to upgrade its fiscal play basketball that's possible. But there are at least those colonial athletic association. On schedule. That's probably provide an atmosphere like this is a little bit of experience to their players as well play in an atmosphere. Their home court seats 5100. Equity conference closeness that we all the time. The most people that they played against last year with 6600. They're just not used to estimate the energy that's been just great once again is here for the soccer's and I think you'll see even the lid fell off tonight. Certainly their coaches have this here edit experiences and try to prepare as that figure actually isn't it and feel it it's a little bit difficult is that you know. He did they talk about this expand the crowd at this crowd as the sixth seventh and eighth and the energy level is tied the noises. Stephanie and it's very difficult for even the best players to come into the job. Yet they've picked up things that you mentioned I think it will really think he also said you. Played eight players. Yet there are opener they have a couple of young guys. A couple of freshmen that might see some time if they beat them either. Collegiate debuts. At Wichita State. Nothing it's because they've got eleven or twelve quality guys that they one of the ways you speak at defense is is to beat them down for Wichita State statement. Are able to run the court and I just think that shoppers are going to have rods like instead of horrified and it's lots let's Charleston. By six to ten points. We invited to join us as a noticed something if he's here at the arena and the fans we'll to a basketball fans are nationally. Just quickly before we get to the lineup this day eight Monday at this is his second straight week with a kind of statements basketballs played a Monday night games that no coaching shows again tonight including. Our weekly coach's show us a slam pocket soccer volleyball. Shoppers have now won sixteen of Rome and sixty you know the American conference 24 at three. They are number six team this week in the RPI's. Not only if they keep doing what they're good for two more weights not only are there is the absence. Six to be in the NCAA tournament they are flirting with hosting him being number one seed right now which would be first for the program and really really excited to look don't you know I go to just about every match my kids are always fun and exciting. Excellent scores. And the soccer fans are going to have one more opportunity for sure. To see them play at bats against Memphis and I think it's theory thinks it. Friday after Thanksgiving at 1 o'clock. Snap so hopefully a lot of people's accounts worth stock. All right the starting line up front to try to put it back where you never made an eight GMT that's for sure to visit them online equity bank. Not top floor of the. Three sophomore away from a fully. Florida scored 21 points in the season opening 6860. Overtime win. Over Siena last Friday and it also has started. Lineup for the cougars Cameron Johnson is a very athletic sixth floor tonight about things your way from Athens Georgia. You know she really is there leading scorer at 64190. Pounds in regard Orlando Florida. Dick Ferris is their best inside player at six hit that it sixty pound junior from that they'll let Georgia. At gala bit and it's 86730. Pound sophomore forward. Brought Charlotte, North Carolina what did you think thing about the man as I've mentioned that he has moved into the starting lineup. In the afternoon. Gerald Brantley. The other way to 1730. 78%. Of his shots at the freshman last year were three point range in four of his six field goal can't get this season opener. We like it happened to a big body and legs and stuff that sided. That there. Sessions pretty accurately. At night these kids their stock. They're physical. They're great martial outside players that have brought in play hard and on defense they think you intimidate you with their friends. Quick reminder of the dedicated soccer player gets. Area profit plus not a prophet John dot com. It has the promo code soccer fifteenth to receive your shot here this candidate at this office. We're out of the small forwards 66 senior from Houston Texas at four point slowly now. Foolishness and yet this season opener. At format. Madison Wisconsin second year of the program out of pearl river community college. Eighth double double nineteen points and ten rebounds and you know Morris six saves that didn't. Found that hears it Edmond Oklahoma sixteen points five or six. After dark. Let me share in the six floors redshirt sophomore from Kansas City seventeen point two rebounds and assists in the opener for applied for three. That is the other guys kind of branch campuses why that. Probably just not quite high. Eleven points and a career high nine assists. In the office area nine assists one turnover in the opening game. What a broad array of talent Wichita State as. One thing's for sure it was a shocker squad they've never take anybody for granted Wichita State they six. And a half point favorite coveted as flogging this evening. And once again Charleston was out is without one of their very best players they're outstanding rebounder hero Brantley. But Wichita State nevertheless we'll play like this is the nature of the game start to finish. Four other games in the. American's conference the nice that's got to be like an hour ago Lester two hours ago should be about over actually western Carolina at Cincinnati. Morgan State at US. Southeastern. All Roberts at Tulsa. Forget that saves lives of the American tonight Cincinnati's right at the factors all of sports 100 or. Points on Friday the first time only five year history of this free season. Scored a hundred on the same day at Cincinnati did it again tonight beating western Carolina one do you think. Who thought though that somebody's willing to make him. Actually debate over with its. There are offensive juggernaut this year by the way things. Most if not today he explosive bolt did not update them every season hold the eighteen years the shocker for seventh and sixth in the if it. Yes sports Kansas doctors at number five this week and it can't fumble either through. These guys the Dodgers are number. I'm in the nation last hour. Gary go officials for tonight's game if not daily average tennis. Gerald Williams done it would official. That we have seen many times over the years of Missouri Valley Conference we thought. Before the game to be working out number two conference games. This season for soccer's deficit not the appellate miked as the game wears on you would expect believe. The bills itself on the air pretty good Tiffany should feel more as the Pacific. You know it's not like tootsie with his right side right baseline thank him for example the way too soon but it's mostly from. Those excuses for Steve writes that more than a couple of you know flaws to those what's the matter during his red panties. Well today. And so that they can catch some passes that's sad life run to perfection and I saw movement and an employer group that conference here that the equivalent. You Zach Johnson went out of the floor. It's not just here is picked up considerable gets it on the way down to business. And snack nuts nuts it's incidence of the being guarded by the theaters next round off the Wall Street looking to drive down the line incentives in double figures that out free buffet bananas is off the bat good good. Well it's definitely. Across the timeline back if it's not for the arts high loaf of well listen Morris wheels aligned itself look. It's really impossible to guard inside he did you have food grievances on it because he is so strong. Why. It's not to get it off it's usually comes right off the Wall Street gets down the line all the way to the basket blocked my aunt. Edited it bounces and batted back out office ground. Stay with Carlson it was so clear change of possession there isn't it's not slot we'll stay at six feet in Charleston this feeling that pre season. Player of the year in the colonial might influence. They have snapped round you know feeling. It quickly writes I'd done Wheeling area Johnson had to dismantle everything have that there isn't about feeling that way way out front and elegant to shoot another hospital offers long streak snapped out flyers along three off the back this. Across the top line left side of the floor. Out front before us those. Slightly to ground whistle away from the ball we've got a hold. A live on that and it's they're having you know Willis is to try to get loose on the right side of the when they can afford to get anybody in foul trouble might. That's not deep enough especially. Thought process Athlon personality that's you Wichita State will play at the end of the headlines. I have been asked if he faces. After the clocks in one way. And deflated having trouble finding what now for example on the right baseline for a fourth if it is very high floater are exactly about that rant at a lot exhausted because over the fact. Johnson of the balance background his words. Versteeg dialogue with us today we talked about that no team sits for a 109 pounds he's seen here. Pre season later you're in the colonial averaged seventh. Game but it can for a confident five shots to get there it's about a hundred. Five more Atlantic and it with the soccer stuff. Feeling rather that they expect sixty footer at the right at me at times and that was on this which Netflix Amazon Heatley with Atlanta forget the birds which. Fortunately it's not state or us. That's not that's definitely let's let those kids around the defendant knows it's wrong got a lot goes back up that god is there scouting. Report on him that just let him drive that was slapped. We think Willis is through the fine but does that lets leave them like almonds. Right. Julie writes that in effect ward off the ball screen that they go off the Wall Street definitely did have it's not good enough defense that's definitely it's not that. It's not it's reasonable analyst at length it's water treatment plant just off the bat good boxer out viable. Laura's parents tried to say that snapped out of what is rightfully Boris and Amazon box out. Without seeing them played just speculated because of they're. Lack of it since it's wore out one Ian. Why did you can use them up but he insists that way and that's exactly what we're seeing in its markets that the percentage that when you have a good team defense which if not for them. And an alias 66 that you're expected to Charleston place and I thought those who have flocked to Willis went up against me a little following this off the back in the rebound of thriller. We're Charleston at time Willis stuffing away from its. Smaller bailing this stuff to back up front court Miller's staff backfires to refrain at the free throw line this is one rebound from the Atlantic Canada itself. Cross the timeline left side in the left wing friends can't have brought forth not about the three it. A brother Wright went round. Jack Fitzmorris releasing off the street left corner samba the open fair off the factory that kept alive by ground prices today that it goes out of bounds that it goes to college. Karlsson got what factors on the the floor for not hustling on the baseline more expensive and on the sidelines. Really good pass by Shaquille Boris he was on the right baseline at a couple different options it's not him the opposite quarter wide open. That means that not I don't know if anybody plays any part. Background my. Left. Him. There close and an intensity. I think that's fast. Fix it's it Wichita State 1633. The gophers have to see who you bring it up for a Carlson in the room uniforms and all gold lettering and numbers. This white trim dismantled those usually around this very event Boris stepped out off the street. Next trying to argue that you hear anything here in the post knack for looking and feeling. Injury but you've pretty she was a pretty good actually. Predictable there in the talent that will be his verse. And the team's second. Clearly goes to the free throw line 553. Times on the season. On the and you upload the free throw line if you played it straight from the drama department. He does not get every call. Well let's play in the backcourt with feeling you'll bring it back definitely picked up punishment but at the half court found. Let's night really aren't my friend and a flop of Wall Street could not quite a lot of nurtured this game for Boris. It was penetrate we'll cross court rightly Kevin Johnson. What can describe it best rap act does such a great job of keeping his feet stated stance Johnson could shaky and ended up ranking is that it would try to make it global. Charleston created turnovers the last book in the NC in a game that they were very fortunate to win over time tonight there. There who they're actually for example throughout the week. Yeah that type posts that. Surgery and I don't we'll look at high load got a found volleyed Bailey picked up Chan but on that cut down the line that tells you that he tried to post office found abundantly. We'll be his first. And second team thou art college and. King 57 to go on the first met with us and 86 Charleston to. 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They're wonder how good your taste in furnace system is ever wonder how good boss doctor is well as a new customer you can get both answers for less than twenty bucks now for 1946. The year plus stock started I'd trade HB AC tackle come to a system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any medium of parents it's our new customer 1946. Shall from Comstock and carrier turned to the expert. Doc called and I thought maybe court. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent friend would be John dream which cut place dusty shelves or in Eldorado. My second shell or Stephanie Thomas. Shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KE YE. Affected you know Wichita State Charleston six stitches doctors. It's not missing. Oh yeah. Then it. Want to. Get. It. Then acted yet. High for rebounds and it offers. One. It throws it over market their efforts in Italy it's. I. Gore visited CNN. And it Charleston really heated does they scored 23 if there's 68 points off turnovers third of their points. Came after turnovers by the opposition and he didn't stand. They shot less than 33%. Feel things here. Not a good speed club. And it's particularly when they played the and it's he's about like with our State's nasdaq's percentage will be you know ground. Just eight events like the baseline it's it's an atlas settling down oh I don't lowered a basket dictator escape artist and the plot it's not nice watch fires recovers. It's the markings pointers and now at point guard pointer played the point Charleston Leslie Johnson. Angela flocked here started by merger fares within the victim double team yet to pick up the ball before it lost it shovels and not the point you're trapped along the baseline is not the way it's an outside on the left sideline him Miller I was trying to get around here off of off the street in the length and it's apple forced it's not at all. Honda plant can't not really distressed over. Well first of all relative to an extra steps to get himself in position to even try that shot that's the Gregg Marshall was pointing out. To Peter Hughes an incidence. On the coast the line for two shots first ballot rank staff doctors. Because you know flirted frequent defeat ammunition. 76 point 6% on the season last year. It only 65 and a half that they're openers seventeen of 46 thriller was six. 41 points and they both of these it's now a 64 ballgame we'll make up for tonight that's. The lowest incident different camps. I don't know if you guarded by relevant loosely backing off letting him three and a time line works let's I went to ground out front compared pronto looks like goes right handed down on the right block I was back to the basket most of the line. Around stands out that a foul off. Background was actually ended up on the floor but that was something away from the client Willis who's now gone shot. Now's not open daily. And I looked through you know it's not find the free throw line as if they've got that is really diverse and that they. They have water earlier on your team that we thought was on you so. First on barely thirteen now Willis. Didn't. His third point of the night to become the first player free agency this scored twice. Exact route up Rashard Kelly wolf CNN has three events now for the shot this far before 617 year round Fredericks. The ticket counter for it can't its creators of my kidney stone then shot his second free throws to. Mark Butler to rebound but I'll start off. Writes that Atlanta haven't figured it out front tooth and the left wing needs him now let's watch Willis then it goes baseline upfront. Really what I think life last night. About quick enough speed is much smaller players in the big guy can't jump with him applauded raves. Skills got Willis I'm foolish not sleep at night for me right next to him Johnston back out front Martin's point point affirmative action but a couple of dribbles over Miller's real and it's not that. Dated it was really I don't know it's just my hero Lewis. It was an answer off the ninth at the opinion. Of them. Here's a couple of dribbles and not surprising news about the last laugh actually I thought it was lots of surgery done Kelly don't put up. It's not a binding on Fitzpatrick at Santa ain't festivities not for the fourth time thriller Atlantic City Matt the floors smiling is that if you. Retreat from what it's silly foul from thriller for two purposes one you fast thing to guide it's just almost unconscious free throw line. Secondly they can't afford it the players without trouble because not enough. Fourth team foul. Four different guys that. Want a piece landry's ship it to the line shot free free throws in the opener also when he was now on a three point shot all three. That went up and good. Landry. First point that I finished last season at 802 from the line in the quality really turned it up and not that was the last twenty games this those shot 82%. Rob this right. You know I thought. IPhone platform game where he scored seventy points very efficient five of seven from the field. Anthony goes to the free throw line three times in the next three votes. Thick here it is at his first read your aunt Jackie in a listen he's Smart succeed 35 pound Richard freshman. Wasn't she leaned back in Miller's. Habits they're free throws. The Atlanta. Six for six from the line out here. Don't see a flat 512%. And 1414. To go first then at the aliens backcourt stepped. For now its fifth visit steps on his leg right into the middle of Lewis's body. It is called for an offensive now by official Caroline and so on clearly that is now his. Fifteen now on College of Charleston. And McManus expected for Bailey is with us neatly bound in the aircraft were like Bailey was that it's difficult. Love them. Right. I think evenings you know the Flint area have trouble finds someone countless. Practice if let's out of the floor buffalo street rightly accidently. If you're on the right way lifted its night nobody there but the floor at the top names you know. Yeah it's definitely adds yet one dribble rightly acknowledged that it travel get a shot fake and he got it and it's kind of qualities to those who have put it on the floor. There's just a little bit too much group that was defeated they're making the initial move them characters of over Tampa plant seed Wichita State. Come off the streets cut as hard as they do that Crist in the off of screens open themselves up really impressive. Ousted basketball in their back court full court pressure but I would state they'll planted in them sidelined. The free throw line extended edit it for him to mark he's point. Pointless thoughts. Started two years ago came off the bench most of that Lester takes it for three missed an off the left side of him rebounds are now. Not passing it to ship patches near the right quarter down the block mergers could catch traffic threat at this point if Kelly. There was defenders between it's not like him Johnson. Johnson back into the fact roared around the Wall Street drives it down the line traffic fumbled it but it last night's fight nurture talent on the other data handed there deflected out of bounds it is it like it and its rate they drive that everything they want on one thing called the basket. It's just yet. Yeah. Walk. Reuters the order that travel. And if I think if baseline and that's it that's about three traveling calls between the two teams to or at least age. Old. That's because with us help you. Know for the global. Walking through with its stance that theory. Which states would turnovers as they were hired my step out. Listen to free throw line it's not that wells up from about twelve points and it has seven with constantly. Since. Let's go off with another theory you're. Not going to. Wonder how close right album is heartland dribble hand off the feeling particularly if they could favourable movement cannot force the way down the line forces shot it's not enough to last. Wasn't shot he loves you guys today but he made it work at what point that's a tough loss to use that fact with so softly. That. It's not and not disease that's best left block there novelty. That means via three front that's not just about the fact. Kelly fighting. That could get elected fields and throws it across the front line is your right leg excellent attractive candidate wealth out of Atlantic that is definitely try to slide if there. LB landry's. Fourth now what it's not stated that our aggressive it's just not that simply out of Italy tonight. Statute would make the play defensively. Really got to stay at your stance if they aren't yet yeah N. Mike that this relentless and it stopped if you act now. And it played into camp a lot of set plays with. Surprise it's a little bit coach. But nevertheless it players go one on one play. Here is stacked it and various candidates acted let off its science out of bounds. Just a little bit of its handling between its bare hand nature right back with us appoint expected that. Fourteen to nine not long ago for staff and it's. You know it's not his game back yet. Can't act Boris is it. Well it's the right side. Not that way right slot. Boris you know senseless death like this strictly about Mike Kelly worlds volleyed. Right declare it at most Qaeda. It's if I Kelly an outstanding went up one hand snatched the offense read bad. He didn't come down real balance issues that are trying to go back up. It's because time. It's a thirty feet but beer ads. Explain it it thirty seconds its wealth that they ended up on map would look bright lights wobbled and I think you know. Which I think for Charleston nine. What the shocker rolled into an American athletic conference tussle you can bet they rolled it on tires from Kansas land tire and ball was shocked is looking up on some unsuspecting opponent on the hard wood and a Vasily mascot what happened at the air piloting his tires blew shocked nosy can count on Kansas land tired to be Johnny on the spot with service and repair the six Wichita metro locations at 23 all across the state you can count on campus -- tired just like you can count on the shocker for the store there if you go to campus -- tired dot com get display entire your bare Ernie repair these guys care. Ever wish you could call a time out of those expensive ATM fees. I. Wealthiest lies when you're banquet equity bank UK us. Which your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Fellow. Equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC's. Are you looking for a new career and this is the Wichita virtual career fair. We have hundreds of jobs on the line right now go to KE YN dot com. Click on the Wichita virtual career fair banner then click on the participating employers will go to fly it that easy. The online job fair is going on now through November 19. Where you'll find jobs from great companies like Farmers Insurance Kansas star casino sector aerospace Kansas medical center and more. Apply online today. Choppers horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center tend to eat corn and over was a lawyer. Shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KEY and. Very expensive greetings to our favorite sleep deprived doctor have professional opera singer. Here at Wichita State faculty member Alan you know listening to us in Vienna. Whatever they're it has been on fire and I ran into Allen's son. The other day and night because fans had a nice conversation. Allen plans to attack a couple of games and hopefully you'll notice down here. Wichita State at the moment only five 1533%. And also holding trusted 33%. I'm six. Shot as doctors have not read about it because it's eleven to six and Malia and turnovers. To war port Charles that. It's soccer basketball it their own basket point six seconds on the shot clock almost nine golfers staff. Allotment and frankly let's get a quick jump for my daughter got. Influence style points out one little thing with not quite frank camp that youth sentence. I went comedy but he was thinking if yes. Not to double check yet he's got five points tonight first 34 anybody but it's got this tonight. Spitting blood right down the baseline travels bounce it might not yours Atlantic monthly volunteers forever. If not daily life not immediately realized it was like that so I got here it's accurate shot in the back but that it turned over by the news that appears to have the ball. But he ultimately. That's that's that's. Yet recanted that students little token pressure by Charleston additionally it up pointers starting out that's not kept its deficit but ultimately if Allen. Love and a half minutes ago efforts therefore it's one of the backcourt that was their needs very little reports. It's negative right now the watched him fall why aren't all classes. Paula that's that's that's what this. Atlantis practiced the art soccer at their first double digit lead at night. Like it goes lap. It adopted it and not particularly Johnson's right at that level as she starts right next to the and it's an outlet that point you're definitely a lot here at the back yet on horse floated up over biscuits. Talent show right now it's hard to back snack Sorenstam is not fluent well is that even. But down lost the plot to hear it goes frantic kind of left behind him recently posted a fourth of Charleston thief. He's dribbled right side of the key to exit the line little floater over Boris this badly off right center of gravity strong rebound but Rashard Alex and that's at least what. Because it's not want him snuffed out on the left lots of course really there on here as the turnaround after. His list and five rebounds for the family. Is there fans sources or. Sox announced forwards noticed it. Hope to influence not only helps. It's not. It was and I got Saddam. That's not the way it's that it won't end of August that we. With its not a state thriller and it poitier and other guards Charleston. And it's not business background activity includes you know Elliott five minutes and six rebounds for. Us we thought. For the game Mike about front expected with onstage and have some nice runs in fourteen. Don't foresee tonight welcome night marked its 21 tonight at seven full loan. Or is that it's not final clients merger update plus. Fourteen point. It's very very good ball club. Looks like they want to called time out here what they want to see. Or whatever it's not actually looking good here it will be April 1. You can save up to 40%. Today after the shots lit bit locker room at west 40% of course it is or a hundred or more for the Atlanta. Left but that's nice discounts already feared that it. Dot. It lowers the court made. What. Years. It's. Other on tape played 4045. Pointed at me while we expect him which I think is about 75 point at least. Tonight we expected them to. That's because it's better. It because they were going to Wear down Charleston. And it might get their defeat Charleston not able to downtown Wichita State shot up fourteen to nine bubble behind our. It's not 23 denies it was a nice. Nice going on fourteenth. Over the last four minutes our mind as it doctors. Attic yet that that one of the trademarks of this what you guys think about the last four years. Is that their ability to transition not they're always thought he had. Now. The hope naked with these drives together and Hillary think it really explode on a lot of points this a couple of and it's like you are the cougars might you don't shoot the ball very well in the first place it's really. Not this stave off those runs with us to 8000 city a very high percent the last four minutes. For the game scientists like she's now 45%. They've had nine more field goal attempt. Charleston which is just three of eleven. Soccer's empathy for warmed up the the three point line yes it is one of four feet on the arts and it's really a different floors Miller brings. Accident lovable afflict him Johnson went dribble down the block here theorists. Thinking about the accident on Boris France can't consider us kind of a wild stuff. Just revamp or. Crisis hotline last night pizzas drivel comes back to the middle around garrison popped out of the Wall Street so I sit down the lane added because the double dribble. Lawson hit a lot of for just a split second and he ended up getting both the I'm Gregg Marshall uses that dads ought to get some fresh troops and Air France champion Johnson Richard come out here Willis Landry fan but that can't constantly. Makes its first appearance out tonight at 65 sophomore who do work ark itself in Charleston is read the anti. It's not stated that. Million youth. Bloody street at night shocker tonight if you go for example I would have left wing effort backward middle adamantly. And it's not done it not. And it's. It off Miller. Miller with re out of money that it faced a lot of it traffic partially blocked rebound. And I can't it's not that rapidly and outlets and Landry. Let Willie Randolph had seventeenth air quality about them is that the basket like camp tonight. Expert shot of the night is for the little to much on it Charleston back and unfortunately. Into the lane of traffic it's it's not just to be a foul on campus though and Landrieu picked up his second cement making him right back out of all of it. And I think that you defeated the about them as a matter that. All of last year he found that it zero means an average about now well. Made mention the yen three point streets and every candidate has stated today. Games coming to you tonight. He has yet to make wanted it France and now it's 24 straight with history the only one but doctors are. She really making things now that's my point statements. Typically gets the line. But eight times a game makes them at the Charleston for the fourth line is that she. Testing at least three to 1140. You know the first. Frankly. Have been in effect for him right at the end and sent them without mouth. Those left elbow and often recently left to right but you're supposed disputed costs about as well as the Nazis. If it looked like grounds that it or if people are enhanced enough horse drawn strong drive toward the basket but fumbled. And then try to hustle back him dive for the ball and it deflected zone fumble out of bounds and it goes back to Charleston affect them before. Hustling that would fall he only better every yeah. Just the third turnover through which it's not states that the Charleston. And the cougars haven't. Really like well with me to those efforts it and sent electric and let them. You know cumulative very forward to Miller it's not it's not particularly slightly off Wall Street left or right Paula flooding Jeffords just off the back lawn rebounded nearest exit out thriller and it throws them is that chance that she writes that well beyond the arc. The group Wall Street gets it goes left. The crossover alliant all the land your circles back out shovels out front nearly country don't necessarily hit the left side. That's not the fact that background different camps out of the hesitant. The front court. Rebels left right left out alliance rebels to force open free throw line jumper good. Eight we'll assess that they have this thing if it's not truthful if it's not me at my fourteenth and it should be an ungodly percentage it was six of seven quality. Different sort Johnson out of every slip right off the street bounces but not feeling those left for itself not treatment covered by sealing off the mark. About Boris. Necklace for the traffic. Later this is different can't conjure up. Time line across it waiting for. Warrants to get a court not a battle three penetrates unless it's back Willis thought about three and now right ground if you think about it these anecdotally. Red cap off the Wall Street it's not crosses that the other way it's an alliance club not fit really expensive to have a thousand Conner we'll go to the line with there thriller. It's not his second. Six teams and a half. The under eight time out of 656. To go first half. Senator Fred can't shoot two free throws were big returns with the soccer's top 25 to eleven. Hello shocker nation this Andy card in hand with the Carnahan grouping JPY get an incense. For the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with the first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up for paring down we want you to call on. Let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven system to work for you whether big or small our services Hussein. I promise. 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Don't the first half which did not say it was. I thought it. Here roughly seven minutes. Since then this doctors have made five of their last seven. You're vulnerable to Charleston where he six feet. These doctors are just want to fly for very tough. I stayed home. Because there's rebounding out but it ascendancy it's not on the floors four turnovers for what if I stayed six for Charleston. Score reached 25 to eleven which I stayed on top photographers camp looking to add to that as he goes. The first time it is. Flights up to seventy it's 76 point 5%. Free throw line night. He job. Does somebody. Well but it's not it's the perfect. And we expected to have them released it this year. There's two retired he's got six. 76 and a half. Last year that's Leila sub par for him to yours you know it's not easy and then half percent. That would. Fred Savage it the first half with I think we've been 7-Eleven. And your best moment sixteen point lead out staffers tickets to this point in the game 650 to go first yeah. Iraqis pointer back at point guard to throw that pass credit. Nearly. The baseline ground it got just enough just applauding that brown got its hands on him it's almost instinctively try to stay with a background. Except it's that it. And I stay around it and let it. Now for Charleston Miller and Matt. Think those the free throw line a lot which means that the opponents after the mountain alive if you can see why there office art. Yen but the rate would drop out and make that sixth seed now with the they free throws. That might not. Wall Street about the left wing elite victory yet. Neely client his first three point attempt that that's kind of what he has three point specialist. That. The left way and it throws. You. But it really needed that. But he seven to fourteen which I think I Kelly left way records over on the right way you read on it. Those three from the top the ballpark. Hi Eric. First France and ideas ten points. Classic Alice in threes that they lead by sixty what do families we. Such that their little sense of that outside he really got it left dishes that the daily that if re right elbow this little laundry boundary stepped out of there out there looking for teammates that court cost time line. Working at the top over the left wing that Kelly. Not brought Willis is a wolf. Not take its directory. It's just read those jewels left left side of the Atlantic tele crosscourt and reporter Fred capitalistic free off the back. Look good until it hit just a little short and it rebounded Charleston coach Lian with a record. Those left right. That's vessel left a lot here at start of binders here. At his back his play and actually shot fake penetrates and Johnson. One dribble night liberals laughed pulls out. The fact that drive the point here if you lobs. Three by point ripped off rebounds Willis got. It to governor frank can't factors that could afford it thirty to fourteen. Just over five minutes ago first half rent can't pick up on the dribble his left wing Dustin three. Greens that would. With rebels. Those left and right back on the left right now those baseline and Cameron Johnson stands. Lion and it's not quite rightly out of them statements which honestly it right down to that baseline like that in the background and handsome but he dropped down to help out that's what happened. Fortunately. The shock as we've seen next as forward not off fairly often. The fifth novel on the shot clock ran him that it was fifty footer it does not belong out daily at Kelly. Tried to stop itself that he got their just as Bailey was collecting it and he ran into yard except his first mouth and we'll put daily at the line for a wanted one. Willis suffers a person that but he student high percentage everything's going for me to file was shot. 50000 shot against the offensively. He was the closest one. If we get done after. NASA budget means Johnson cannot reach out. And that's the line him up there have been nearly 66 senior from him Ohio. Two time academic selective colonial athletic association. Career. Free throw shooter for what it's just so you get the bonus. At a daily now with four points. Shot nineteen. All of last year over his career four point three points per game over three seasons his best year was as sophomores two years ago when he averaged six. That is well off so they lead with five. The first half throws it down by 1430. To 68 which honestly Eric Elliott not a France can't if it is unchanged down. We'll bring it up against marquee sport. For forty still the gophers definitely enhance its street. There you refused to back North Korea front. Alan yard holding him looking at them floor down the line little jump hook there's that tips like there's no rebounded recovered by failing to Charleston player's point. Wonder if it in the front court process over that would not let it dribble he's going to be people try to make it past delicate and it goes daily threat to grab a shovel it underneath it. There was nobody there to double his previous data back out with the guys they look at it. Mixed martial decided now we have the character's in ability to control that. Initially but they'll get it frank can't let him. In that means Jones. A fortnight ago that soccer's thirty to sixty. If not I'm Pete Jones goes left off the dribble back at Rutgers wide open free for the big guys. As far as starters now. It's crazy and it snaps as they were. Lead at 33 to six either because leaves a flow seamlessly. Rates that are about it and that's what you want to Cameron Johnson Kelly tried to flush out intercept but he is a half step late and when he didn't get to volley ended up grabbing the receiver. That's going to be to not reach. 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Outdoor living in my agent march 2 third and fourth century Q and it continues to ground Michel is now an X spelling conventional giving you even more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of the consumers if your business is landscaping exterior lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming up part of the largest Garden Show. State of Kansas for sponsorship information arteries are your food they called the safe side when he wants one line or outdoor living in landscape should add up. Shocker horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or his bill for a pummel. Shocker basketball. 103 point 731. Yeah. He's seconds remaining first half Wichita State played college girls and their ages. Tina. Wanted to speak out 23. Of the soccer's 33 points. Have been scored by both players Darryl Willis would. Tend to kill Boris eight searcher was five. What night it only five players have scored at this point. Nice day Landry candidate. Shark Elliot Zack brown are all now on the fifth 2000. Kelly stayed there. Cali about her friends can't. And it's about kidney itself. And it officiating has been fine it's been a lot of contact definitely the official sent home or at home now. Eventually have a feeling gets lighter sentence him not because it makes it look like he's really hit bumps aren't free throws. Johnson and yet get the bonus on the waterfront. Frozen hasn't gotten the the lines but it's much easier isn't tonight they have made six of they're actually all seven of their attempts notebook in which Palestinians definitely want to except. Second free throw him. There's not a factory about it. It's all monitored here stood there are lots of the free throw line Gerald Lewis who knows it's not a lot of life was just you know analyst mark he's pointed. Out time about mobility officials as any. Some. Papers something plastic slipped out of somebody's hand along sidelines here tables on the clock stopped with 44 on the shot clock with testing it will Floridians sidelines just two different color auspreys plated. It's that it littlest heroes on their rights Nightline did the students you know it's not have more confidence now. Eight by 68. Showed slant pass that record reflected that average rider that tonight. Work off Wall Street but they're almost out of my slider recovery shovels and editors that elicited. It's different players. Since one of the plays well. Richard roll off the screen very alert when he catches it lays it on the left hand he's got seven it's practically 35 to seven. Given the definitely it's really tragic rapid gains Jones forces landlocked well if but he doubted that the body Harold that a pretty good job of extending its arm getting on top of the ball that definitely got underneath that well now on your own his first. And apples and Heatley line for the kidnapped the acting on them. Like players' fault he doesn't mean that now. Right right well for a few shots but. Some. Brief. It was 46 Frontline. Is the season opener last year shot 82 point 2% to 253. Minutes. Not states we grow. Man wants markets nothing he's went three Carolina 44 time flat here. Not a fun. But he's alienated both ends its 35 to. Not retreat at camp it's fractured it in that means you know it's. And at the additional pressure they backed off Canada or later it's up to rightly friend can't. Those back or he dribbled back to formally stone that Bryant Reeves. Must try to penetrate Fiedler an event that. Well if you if not it goes left off screen that over or a nation long grade yeah. His first break. It's. They offer. He's got eleven points at the soccer league 38 tonight no we're not too surprised anything stack doesn't last year he easily look forward to. Right he has four already it's feeling driving kicking in the quarter Cameron Johnson the three friends not to Boras gets it. It prevents access five rebounds in the first half as well yeah it's not a privilege right cutoff there by a blogger for that across the right the left out bounce it lingered. Stated in on Bailey left hander Dan laden. It's just silly. Their post players. Buses in side. At fifteen to get a firsthand tonight and seemingly does not partially blocked by. We've got abiding citizen out of their traffic and found on. I see them for my nearest one of the other incidents of my kidneys of some lines who don't want it. Horrible but just as 171000. Will be a wanna watch out. It bothers. It's like the foul what's on Shealy for the region that will be his second it would have been the first. Thought Harris. Flooding points in the the pain through which honestly. Wanting it to and it's just very sharp passing that opens the big guys up like they think they roll of and in the offensive teammates were able to find them with that I'm sure that means a free throw apparently become. Six soccer player to score the first half he gets on the board for the first time. That's what they've met 343. In games that count the free throw line was also eight of nine in the two exhibition games ago. Love and at twelve in game situations and that was perfect and I they were the first to the factors are. Nine hits in freedom. And Frontline. 4290. Minute forty to go through staff Martin's point here senate floor it was left exit on the link for Cameron Johnson. Johnson looked at the most dignity waited too long it's relatively small Mora started at that perhaps can't advance. Atlanta didn't forward. That's incidents. Well as a player. Defense possesses and I think it's. What are those kinds of artists rights and scientists. Johnson played out. Comfort snapped up one run school. That and it's it's very battlefield float then a little bit. And it makes sense. Importantly. Well right Nightline's. Rice's rightly or as a law. I'm very. Hello my dad hasn't got. And he right now of course up putting they'll both pistols that both of them the way back parties wanted to natively on the right wing of and it's not right. Wonder about a seven cent a second differential between the shot clock that block left quarter nearly got to believe that I evidence that he picks it up fortified its view Reuters is it traffic through on. Sounds. Like the front of the band gets the right now for the it's very low odds today all of thirteen got a definite. They're they have been involved yeah freak out of this mess it up let them live it down it's not his Gregg Marshall exactly him on the Hudson line. What's it to us today lauded out of the end of the first half lead at halftime. 47 to 22. 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That is scored 33 points in the last twelve minutes of the first half almost three points of minutes. Five of fifteen from the field to seventeen of thirty course of that fee twelve of their last night. And here's a stat for you through the first game and a half of the season. He'll Boris Darryl Willis and Ronald nurture. The three biggest guys are very divine kind of wealth report. It's awful for him that you know and to top it off Wichita State is out story Charles by twenty points in the if we thought fit that the players are able to dominate. Flights. Well it's much. What's happened is we've got. Throughout the overplay they played very aggressive with our State's safety then what effect on people by people with. They do at the beginning of a ballgame what Daryl Willis who points when they still that's not it he went aboard. Frequently it was able to get some very very easy baskets. Defensively. Like a prize fight. Except that the cougars are fighting about their weight class really my it's not big enough not strong enough without. And their strength is indeed that is not a good offensive team with dramatic and offensively how do you make up the deficit 45 points at halftime. Don't lessons he rests on its wheels which are states that he's yup that's right. We've mentioned that this is a team that last year ranked fourteenth in the nation at little. And a half turnovers per game this season opener. They had six turnovers. It wants war for CNN outscored them one points off turnovers. Want him treated for tonight which I state this torture offers Charleston eight and doctors are fourteen to nothing on points off her. Well at one of the reasons that they get those points off turnovers is that refuse. To ever give up on and things are aggressive and how many times that you know more than how many times they don't look for the last minutes of the first half. You're talking about the now fights twenty points at their skills diving on the war say the ball and it hit a fast break to process. And the other thing we've talked about many times that the years have a lot of different guys guard Kelli good example. Beyond just that guards who work isn't over or a loose ball. It starts to break up four hits now they have to hit the applicant for teammates and they'll find an open guy or find it hard after the the first couple of dribbles to go ahead and and that's why they have twelve assists on seventeen baskets. And what you don't score well when you don't do well nickel and five baskets and not have have a lot of puts it's that we didn't think Charleston when he can't which they efforts last year. They only have three assists in the first half. That's one of the reasons they're shooting 21 point 7% from the field Wichita State spring. Is it their defense point one point 7% Charleston it's definitely found Wichita State is out rebound Charleston by eleven at halftime. Shot usually did that half 47. To 22. At soccer sports properties and with the prostate athletic. Would like to thank the shocker ambassadors. Which states the league level of work part. Your house it's on delta dental hook industries that Cox Communications the parent of becoming a sponsor with prostate athletics. Fox soccer sports properties 316978. 75. 52 we will continue on Friday in the behalf of the American halftime show prop Charleston Mercury. Well. Think you love that car more than enough. How can music that you can wash it. Pure coincidence and whom I took your insurance company can't. I'm one happy camper. So for insurance has great agents who were not cars were competitive price and claims people are fast parent friendly aspiration shelters or. Insurance where you from her children. 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But if that's the credit union America have to show with just made it College of Charleston then have 4722. Shocker after making just five of their. Their first fifty shots. That is to have seventy to 34 over 50% five of eleven to three for 45 and half. And it made eight of their nine free throws College of Charleston kind of the line but only five up 23 field goals and it's 11 point 7%. Native fourth if three's going three for twelve. Wichita State was once he left it on the boards what you were thirteenth. Only committed four turnovers to eight. At fourteen points to knock off turnovers what included two points in the paint. Can't not take on second chance points in the bench outscored Charles Bennett thirteen and of five leading College of Charleston joke Shealy with its six from the field for a four line at three rebounds. My point four average daily for work Cameron Johnson. 34 Kalin and excellent one at street throughout the three point line and some points program roller. From Wichita State field Boris they six of eight shots including 233 pointers for fourteen points. And it had six rebounds a steal a lot and assist. It's twelve minutes Darryl Willis ten point four of seven from the field including its only three pointer. Three rebounds two assists in fourteen minutes of action. Nine points three boards in fourteen minutes for round of merger. Seven point two assists no turnovers in seventeen minutes for not a friend yet that meant so much it means Jones. At war let him with three. I only played eight minutes to get 2000. Scored all of his points on 33 the lining was open to the field had to read down. Analysis. Or turnovers background to score at one rebound in eight minutes in the brewers staff he's got to now. The shark Kelly to the house that scored the first half and had six rebounds in eight minutes back at six in the first five minutes. That he played in Austin re site minutes of action that they shot at a rebound. And deficits. Soccer's F 25. 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The consumers if your business is landscaping exterior lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest gardens no native dances the sponsorship information arteries are your boots made up sixty sites when he wants one line or outdoor living landscapes should add up. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center ten detour and Andover was a lawyer. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KEY yeah. Thought it actually put it in the American halftime you know the book. Scores before we start the second half the American conference often tempted to start. Looks like they're gonna go for it one tonight doctors lay out that this went. Cincinnati defeated western Carolina one to the fifty wants two straight games for the bearcats over a hundred. US staff loss to Oregon State 6353. It happens to lighten up what you want go late the second half month southeastern Louisiana. Tulsa leading Oral Roberts beat oral route. Roberts 887. One of her skating one and one. The only Americans but that is not open yet temple opening schedule period against hope that they didn't Charleston classic. Flight three games. It's four days there. They're bloody scores of interest seaboard cities Tennessee's. Stating that their record of 11 beatings of devastated the soccer play later 7660. Watt. Florida Gulf Coast alternate season with a win over Illinois State after the Hillary valley at one tonight SC out of my thirties raise the quality. Overtime it throughout that time right. My goodness right. One thing that does both very wealth Carlson enough things don't want to get particular. Dick Ferris played eighteen minutes. Phillies relief late seventies and it's definitely Johnson flake. They had us and where route. At which it's not safe to be able to take advantage of it with all of the earth layers of great peripheral witness. Eddie Davis backers might hit 50% off your online order that it was. It's not area hostage onslaught not a prophet guns guts not you. Soccer's just now. Shot for starters for a half an opportunity that we can't photographers get here a little field Boris and second round. For Charleston Joe's feeling hampered Johnson it would McManus if Paris and prince Miller. Heatley to different parts of right side that'll definitely. Nuts it's tennis players to sit up front management which Miller come and gone from extreme right wing Johnson. And unfortunately almost Mike Brown him exactly the right way not to drive it well loved but that could traffic incident here residences over the back. Try to follow that went into now sales at ground over here at bats. Already background they were third foul early in the second half. Nearest to the line. All of that in the active city is attempting to follow that way back yet. And Harrison has not scored. Lines the first we have war in the last game against the and about sixty feet for. A 63 last year fifty. Nine over his two previous seasons and it's gotten pretty hard off of that in eleven free throws that's definitely the second this. There are six hits in six Q Richard you hear from the athletic. Accidentally I could be a soccer players' words for you noticing that bigger players have a better free throw line. And beyond our. Yeah it's your land ownership over it applicants for every Johnson made a quick look defeated on your book it's a different sort. The height those little slip up Mozart to only at ground that's exactly deficit enough. Or is that handcuffed him recruitment to right right what Kelly at the line little short jumper but more. That's like pellets if that's. That's that's very quick inside defense nodding try to guard down low. Double off 49 point three to statements like Johnson after it and it's frightening though it will. Not that troubling for an offense like that. That is that's definitely right sniped at the ticket tree off the right that it definitely not friends you know kind of break it up with. It's not safe if it were found that the boards really beautiful you're right here is that is that enough. And it kicked to death camp of the when he drives baseline doubled its active. Boris I doubled down the block through well as its dealings with it and there is stolen and Heatley back the other way try to land it all the way to the basket forced to that he had that four. Or bad shot and it's really recovered by the action but rather an import. On the life throws if frank can't bulls that they've seen this sort rebounds for parents told them that could find that off. And they've looked. Really good but it's. An effort. Any vehicles. It was actually get. It's that it's not Johnson like you know in the Wall Street. There's. Well what did you look side you know now off the back and rebound field forestry countless. With the camp along the left sideline. The correct word processor wars really if it's not tactful. And right now but will Florida. Facing. That's the dribble handoff and that's not and then fires that left him a little short. Rebound Charleston had to push off on Charleston there can't Johnson looked like you should Kelly and it's going to be on Cameron Johnson its first. And the first. Yeah. Fourteen minutes we'll sent me recounts were snapped to follow it's not that time you. Expects no. Cali that played in it. Is there on the shot clock it was. I think it's 49 point three fourths not front and let one against him it looked like frank can't lose the thing. Got enough. And confidence rate not selected varieties that stance was nothing like what. It's a little bit of anything less races are now announcement that night's. The other flyers have for him rights it's that laundry baffled them virus I know it's. If you haven't thrown back and work him enough. Weren't flat out that's got to watch it. Charles doesn't have to stamp it would keep up with unsafe. Plane hit stop. Not affect my 5423. Shots definitely confident enough that threat feeling that I write the alliance it's Boris in the years that candidates for president elect asked of the three depravity that frantic got a lot level. Was told us you know occurrence if that it can't ankle the other the fifth and had a better Rangel did not hold out. You say it looked through five or six bodies that it. You don't Lawrence's second now seconds and now the path along with us today program Miller. The line actually salivating right it is the clock night. Miller's only point snapped up for the lines if it appears to have that confidence 21 point game. Things that we didn't get seven. Charles that's fifteen points in overtime is that we think this guy that averaged one. Last years of breast feed. Him against us and yet it was his eighth career game with what you're. That would shorten rebounder we start telling people swipe it and protect it well that clears it. Must not mind telling me Boris that we regard you can't handle it it's different game. Left wing. Lewis and confident coming left and right double teams if not left wing and only three by Rashard rip off little short rebound the rulers were Charleston. Salivating there. Hardly at feet. Feeling rather than it should have good traffic in the late mouth off champ Canada takes a little bit melt down. If they get called the now way. We'll take it out of the way. That's going to be his record thirteen fellow shoppers in the pan out. Well at camp ground and free sounds pretty early in the second half not like four. Or that it ought not fun basketball watching my Netflix and yeah I mean. Site. Because so much why don't want to try it thrive if she leaves the mass granted I. But nevertheless. Not able to watch that's Reid's point one points behind this effort freak. 31 points I thirty months. Not worth it calculated this person to answer that last minute this is I don't camera shots of the event takes a couple of guys that's. Enough not to avoid it's it's the Ford announces that Boris that looked more effectiveness of approximately. And it was that it thundered benefits of the legislative stuff. A field but that's. White lightning so. Pat girlfriend wow. Guys over. AA at thirty expanded. Well this is not one of the people because it's not that that we won't need that here. Never mind that our weekly show right yes our easily. Every Monday that this is the second of three month exit row in the men's basketball team is playing on Monday night at the Alley. And so we'll be back over it shows on the 27. Round. In case worked through the Alley two victory. We've got 9730. It has to ask. On the 27 Gregg Marshall six is at it that Adams 78 and slam. Drop it to 830. It's Monday night's work that goes through. In case worked the end you know in fairness to Charles that they're doing all of this without Gerald grant me the second best player. 67250. Pounds averaged fourteen point three points eight point four rebounds last year. But he did with Brantley hit the ball game that would make up the depth. Points which are staked out. As well as Wichita State has played through the exhibition Connecticut and a half the regular season. And it makes us yet doctors. Market nothing absolutely and that's freeze factory in itself. It's not like confident forefront that night. Everybody's got some work every night we're talking about offensively. But if that went on defense Mike how hard it's awkward playing how how well their plane can't. You've got thrown for just aren't they don't know about it Friday's war and they're running out of gas yeah. What's not turnovers is not sixteenth did not take points in the name. 28. It would did not escape favorites actor shooting 51%. Overall and 46%. From three. Charleston now it just 18%. Five of 123. At 143 quarters of them back outlets Johnson. Thriller. Smart she really. Added Kevin Bailey then. He's Smart pick. Are what success they've got a friend again. We said before the ballgame at Charleston isn't very good defensive ballclub. 37 best in the country which at plus eight is worth it. That's in the conference was their defense offices at the event for the stuff. Trusted inventing against pressure that I truly love right now fan precious and I didn't tell us a little bit of backward. The flip side of the floor of Johnson. And on the floor for. This left right shovels right side if you into the office Wall Street drives right to laugh at them audible fifteen. That it cuts that mainly. Apparently it's not intended to shoot Johnson. It's great that the alliance doesn't matter not a and a half now the basket not a chance for a three point play that's left handed finish in traffic. The first few over the second and. Cameron Johnson six points of the game prowess on the shark Alley. That's his third. 141000. Kelly good grief camp that would free round victory for which I stated that we do get to under sixty that you thought about fifty. 27 to go Wichita State 56 Charleston. Wendy's it. The shelter insurance we will landlords have to keep up with the Rangers even if they're related. And added we just dropped I picked up your rent check I'm running a little short run not everything works as smoothly as chauffeurs renters policy. This helps covers of contention fired that's ten more wins I just moved back and told them to you mean as he and then. So through insurance we're emotional we shelter or renters insurance. That sounds reflection of his more sense like between seventeen should be close out his aunt. 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For girls cry if completed three point play fouled driving to the best way to do it now has six points he's one of two. From the line Johnson 69 for. To complete the three point line. Definitely just be third fifth or sixth 27 which state. Not a frank can't let it get pressure get to did Austin sprint can't please. Some logic game stone's throw Willis and Shaquille Boras so Reeves is the three men and three guard lineup. Rank him right wing out front Willis. Let's side but I think you know let's suppose that front reads them the right side for anything good on its. For a slippery breeze status of these girls getting baseline and dad was too far under it. Thought it was gonna pass that netted it just dropping it on the floor got itself up in the year ago lord you know. Miller at the other end almost turned it over here Natalie it was a lot about Brent Johnson of the she knew right then the tour. He went through Wall Street uses it crosses over it left wing daily. That night for a few key was not an issue. He would try to drive and a kidney stones right wondered Johnson. I drives baseline spins throws want to offend goddess innings thrown off over field that's nine for him and it's. 5629. Which it's not a state France can't that the threat from north crossing over on the truth left wing that means it's not enough water Lewis. Guy's face life goes in strong dislike. That it is that's well off have it both what was going to happen like the baseline at a big bands that try to stop him the little men that would right there on his left yet. And leader of the route. 5829. Which is not states feels right to left. Prospects in the fields stacked neatly Daley gets a three bounce it out rebound fueled forest outlets as much it means now frozen at the well is running the floor a blatant attempt inside its now. August 2 drive. He avoided a blocker stimulants that night kind of lost control of the blog and I got that added anyone up between two defenders got hit pretty the united he's kind of down. Crowd she tried to shake off the effects of out of the one line shots. Now it's on jokingly. That will be his third for Charleston. Which that state of all the court quickly though they might have been the defense has it's that well they. Failing in its pretty quickly got there at the big guys run the the floors well it well there definitely helps us old scenario would every go to the doctor that thing with well doctors that three. That's today. You know with their teeth gnashing you know war is really playing well it did its readers. Partnered in the first second and those things separately. That fourth seed. Wichita State. That's not my thirty your horse it's one night and here it's that fourth accident Martin's pointers and not point guard. I don't count him as a rough time line drive right through life for a few minutes back over the border right side of the floor for. And it's left when you wrote him off the street not us writes that it's not that. Spinning it traffic lost the tables that point seven beats Miller but it forestry defensive play down the line if they get further I'll typically. Defensive desperation move the nice athletic. But it finished accurately for his first oval it's five point athletes. To 31. Let me read almost picked up my chances reefs body shop to get away there are fewer factories down the line all the way to the basket little. For about. Airplanes not that things went right down the middle of that time greets those left or right it cuts back to the middle of drops off the hostage experts obviously 631. On an awful much you know try to fight over the top. The street it's wider. Foursome today its first it found that half. The events in college girls. Reset it recent plot there is. A shocker it's 55. Point six mark. The odds that fits. Right and left left and right real we don't want one here. Of course that it yet and now on for him there is the 11 on one ticket right at the land. It wouldn't niceties. On in the year thanks it's now my friend free throw line. It. One on one. Let me should have a six back here it's not a friend here knows that's not exactly. Now. Now its roasted nuts well let's sentence at the line Aniston said. It's not six more free throws with domestic networks this. Can't read them you know Willis but that's. A lot. We. About six balls and thing that's. We expect. And it left when it out and ask them left slot for there while at the moment outback legislative lion not here as it goes the left hand and his staff move towards. And if you don't. That everybody can read it felt like that it's filled life. Literature with a lefty and gets himself in double figures for the second straight game he's got a lesson for shoppers scored tanner for now let's wait Johnson looked like flies out that parents bank inflated traffic it it. Yes it definitely is not that it's now back out here if you're stranded don't wanna want it gets very little. Strong finish. Behind Harris that's his first field goal is get free points. 6435. Which cannot state here it's not right wing if you have it right clock Louis one on one group against and it's those clients. Turnaround jumper a little short ice opt not to just a little soft off the northeast Reuters the airport left wing nuts like fifteen baseline bounces off of that kind of rebound Willis took it away for teammates about it it gives it back to surmise. That. Not for a few Lewis not snake can advocate called trampling on al-Qaeda. Got to manage the years just dragged stepped rounded on the dribble called the travel turnover which state and time now on 1105 to you know second half. I states 64. Girls that 35. Every day Kansas workers put compassion into action. By empowering people to live meaningful and productive lives providing lifesaving medical services and assisting with disaster relief efforts Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers the widest health care access back with a proven support. While there are improving alliance saving lives and restoring the lines Blue Cross and Blue Shield of chances commitment. Compassion. Community. Shocker fans prepare to be shocked. 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Where you'll find jobs from great companies like Farmers Insurance Kansas star casino sector of space Kansas medical center and more. Apply online today. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris post any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. US shocker basketball he's. 03 point seven KE YE Yang. That's they finished the first half hitting fifty. The reason may want to go. Here's the line draws so much better the second half 40% of well after 42%. Advance you know 28 point six for the game and I think. Turnovers tonight for the visitors. But it. Both teams have taken both shots the second half breezes that is. Charleston at night over the first half they haven't threatened. Charleston basketball and markings pointer brings it up into the front court hears the right side that Katharine Graham Miller Miller off flawlessly goes right. And get the land pull up from fifteen they're slow start to find the ring he's got. Seven of those the second half. In the French authorities announced it was the Florida there drew. That way on these. Flock and it shouldn't thoughts on the right side it sounds off the Wall Street binders you're fearful or dribbles let's not look we re going to be in the year is given around time words writes I think it's yards on the play a little short. Rebounder or great hustle rebound factories in front warrants for three dale little. A little short this time habitat it's. That was kind of snapped out of there but Johnson. Don't call it Johnson they're really evident the other added traffic that passes had a specific finding enough that I think that's enough for all the way to the basket full circuit alone and it looks like that the lines to do. It rates move on camera. Confident through the I was gonna say pain killed because it in this arena he didn't expect students planet tonight. He's so difficult to guard duty don't let go write her off after burners and it's just a statement. Second ballot Cameron Johnson. The thirteenth on the half on Charleston so much it means Jones that the line 822 in the first he has four points six assists in this. Eleven still throughout. Michael. Saint John's just adding another really good free throw shooter to a very good three through with the quality they both of his free throw attempts in the first ball game. Last Friday that was the it's not stated that last year little 73%. That a little short this time rebounds in the fairest of terms that doctors are now eleven of thirteen from the line tonight. Boston basketball Wichita State leading 6537. Feeling out the other stuff you know our conference Wall Street right back to McManus and three out right off the backhand rebound at this time buys background his check back here. If enough to Haynes Johnson much inclusion of Florida the left wing bounced past look like surgery. Lying there. And in the fifth race influence like that's. It was left and it's got it. It will have a chance at a street like players. Just want to get it up there you hope you have just can't work to go win. But shocked. There was no list at all at all which is up for him. Bouts the rounds for your fourth time drop. Now it can't make its way now as it here it's his first searchers first trip to the lines that there. Free throws good pieces. He definitely thinks problem last year seventy point 3% a line. Rondo with fourteen that Schumacher's lead 68. Thirty sevenths you know I'm 4040. Mark he squandered backcourt in the daily did you choose him of that story. Our current timeline pointer. After nine seconds. High post nearly identical charges and one half over Shaq for a supply could it save the loose ball in Jamestown. About it fires and get prepared and instantly got a handed their deflected out of bounds it's not daily but. So much remains around looking instead Greg marshals that it has just lose too risky well it's your these few words ethnic. Although he didn't get out of the Borough like it looked at hits and they flip. Doctors played in the baseline needs Jones when it is spread out all across the baseline. Analysts on land are gonna get a hold on Charleston fully. On appearance. This second 151000. Free throws on this it is all over it related. If you re edit the rebels laughs I disheveled at night for round it got deflected out of France Gregg Marshall. I've watched these guys not to overdo it it's not passes yeah that's yep that they didn't. I bet they didn't. What's yet to be careful about this if Lance. Are that bad passes the last or attempted Boris lift water out for a few games the yeah. Write your hand off the ground and a right to left. The top of the art if it's your last night at pains you know fourth uplift modeling spinning baseline guys ended the year at odds now but left front. His left shoulder spun back the other way stepped. Through over the line for two shots snakes here here's except its third of all it just boom boom years short order effectiveness. It's such with players. And horses and a lot of it by the outside with. Me throughout he also. In years 79%. Last year aligned with 23 in the opener at disburse it to him tonight. It's seventy. It goes to go read or off nights ago while he's ready for those of us that are curious type. Captain Harrison back if she would not yours up by thirty every now seventy to 37 at the biggest lead of the night 858 building you know. It is not usually left side and back to the middle pops retreat from the top art off the fact that a rebound. More effective. And I got to do so much it means jobs for up to force the end of the line. I'd make it past the nurture forced him between two defenders at that point of torture thriller. Write it down low circles that's it all the way out to the right water that's driving into Boris and laser at a foul on the quiet out. Really quick movement for a roller. Am sorry to see the guys the second half minutes scored twenty year or eight times in just over one seed. You know courses there release as a re moved so that that. Right real Lance. Has he Lee is that the rulers might be used. The 32 days ago sent 39 with us they really trying for the three point play at five line has looked. Points that the eleventh it was second and what is little short but bounces it what they would then like this team. No I'll Wichita State I'll read. That definitely that that's the place. Pressure by Charleston next round nobody's really ever knows that he drove it or not it's enough to Austin. Reefs are left right back left went to brown he drives it add a lot of contact walking atlas don't follow going the other way. Patterns and it up over reaches over constantly giving ground that there really is that fourteenth. Charles that's acted 487042. Little sloppy record stuff. Players merger and it plots that the names you know it makes them dribbling the evil pulled back out left side you really lost it to Wall Street for more experts often evident. Lobby got. But others don't call it the line not to nurture wide open. Career and out and rebound during my background and I think it's enough if directory off the street fighter. Now on the lions the ends. And it gets out there almost got stolen last quarter Boris. What's happening fold like that that's hesitated for paints John Kennedy's seat out of that very hard. Did over here he's got good guys ready to go there hasn't liked the last couple of minutes with the sloppiness I'm not on the floor 729. Because the second path. Which is us 87 C Charleston forty. Okay children got on the alphabet the next subject financial well being health can manage your money turns at his side of your text plan. When it comes to money you can never start learning too early. That's west starting today state farm wants to keep using tools and support you need to take control of your finances. Yeah. Right. And balance transfers and pop quiz tomorrow and find out more as let's start today's outcome. State farm here to help place. Go right. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom if you my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places and how much fun to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. Osce like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate base interval training and Spock. They even have child care. This opting life it's when he first and whether online or off deep Tyson life dot com. Plans are now under way for the 2008 teen out. Outdoor living in my game show march 2 third and fourth century Q and it continues to drought this is now in expelling the nationals giving you even more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers if your business is landscaping exterior lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living come be a part of the largest Garden Show state of Kansas sponsorship information or to reserve your -- space called the safe side when he wants one line or outdoor living landscapes showed that. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seek agent Jerry Crawford and remain firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. US you shocker basketball he's done 103 point seven. Three left in the second half we discussed it with lead feet behind it 29. But four and a half minutes later this Phillies by 48 for the event. High of the field over trees three to turn it over twice this Marshall has their lowest. Rashard Kelly not afraid definitely appreciate it all back if there along with the freshman. As you start making his first appearance at the gate it's Charleston it's all doctors discussed North Charleston when things went. The second half and it's fourteen to fourteen points thing. I have a right Miller dam alliance throws one up to get partially block the guards rebound that was felt offended by Willis. Landry Canada trust its not my left side of the floor comes to middle fluent left to right back at. The lowest for. CA yeah. And out of the readout of the cars all knocked out of his hands it. Congress last night but what's nice investment Charleston not that we announced. The ball back to Charleston south of the threes this soccer's of this is that really clause that would get spun out on Willis. Charleston all seven minutes ago was not state leading seventy to 42 parts he's pointer at Cameron Johnson in the front porch that's the point here. Reuters France camp on him just hold it right from the floor wait for the office he gets that. At that point you're. The real doctors not insurance zone. Fighters penetrated down the alliance throughout the rhetoric got it. Out of town company those thousands the second half. Influence once they're pretty good at finishing it traffic tickets contact. Now I think it's that. It is others. One cannot work he wondered is his first points out the Martin's point yours is one of the players and others. More points. But not last. Lessons. Willis sliding toward not. And if it. That's that's. That's. But let's talk about. You and the big. If that I just tied a record held by oddsmakers at just 27 consecutive game and at least 13 point. That the audit. It didn't have to go what it's not yet. 7340. Force doctors might wanna hear it now here's let's alignment in the back. Our net front pointer for a right Snyder Miller. Delegates ball screen dribbles right accident fall away three Carlo Andy is draining everything. It's 7052. Hand them the right elbow about. 73 to 47 which it stated Smart. Very Smart clients that enough office treated his tank and that's the seventh 2000. Issue 11 efforts now on innocent Iraqis or. Let the camp is playing a lot of minutes very productive it's dance now it is night. Definitely right that is correct three retreat from the line. And here rates that. He's got nine if he makes this would not stay at five players in double figures and it. Six. Or in the opener against him let me let. Lance these staff. But then that's it. But it's not that 7547540. You know it backwards double team. Pointer got elected Johnson these residents across the timeline Miller. Miller. Pointer over there right wing nuts back for a waiter left wing pillars. Actors rarely plays zone. While 31 on his work on what you think that means. Lawyers have the issue again alliance throws a runner distant Hillary a foul. Yeah column with Douglas from behind on that isn't the only 11. You know seconds now. Now that night. Want him gone forward Nick Harris that believers it's march it's a Smart was the injured party who go to the line for one it was the great equalizer. He is 68235. Richard freshman from Nigeria who played here at duke guard friends. North Carolina. Played fifteen minutes of the observation one of two free throws and that's what's good for that month. It's parties want to see who. Really young big guys is it some thought. Guy is 86 net freshman from Senegal played it surprise Christian it was. And they're both good. Stewart makes it through Wichita State fleet is 7540. 56 weeks ago when afflicted this you better learn how to. I almost all of under Franklin and it's definitely chart that was working against the press across the timeline left baseline Willis went out of reference here differently should have a victory candidate this time laundry that she's now much. It. Cameron Johnson over to mark he's one here. Like standing dribble out near the timeline fits. That floored Miller with the drive it. The fact the only seventeen footer and you can't miss not an easy I like that is nice ether we're definitely distance off you know. Japanese threat to our office wondered if that's definitely one of the street Louis will not passed one out this is enough that you don't rebound Cameron Johnson 7551. Shot here's mark these leaders from Fort Worth twenty seven's you know sort of work right to laugh. Bulls that seventeenth bounces it. And they are start to get some confidence that makes shots. That's. Definitely not let's dance lately I'm not able to. It. On assets worth telling that side of the floor. Executable violently out front Frank Sinatra's these fast. Changed momentum a little bit 7553. French camp long three yeah. Rattled twice episode here little booklet that pops out now that now. Really good looking it's not like kind of Franken three Byron Miller got cut off the backhand analysts fighting Kelly for nearly six. And a free it up himself. Real duel between rebounding title on Boris. Kelly and Louis and I rightwing frank you. But it definitely not extradited to Florida right slot back up that was deflected save my friend yeah. It was left to right. It's definitely influenced posted on the floor eyes under these. And just about enough of an advance for it was here has got it on the way out he just ran out of there. Was here is his fourth then your lowest obesity who after the time now. 323 remaining what you did not state 75. Charleston fifth. Three the following is a message from new training. The easy to an eight. 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Stay the shocker dominant a lot of categories they've had a laugh like about the matter but I'm. Mark off all the way down the three point arc we are now you know what was that line shooting to Nazis re at fourth line leave it short. That is only the third miss in nineteen tries for which I stated this when. I think it's finished off thirty to keep the better players and a it's that one missed badly enough of that so would anti state sleeker thanks 7553. To finish really really strong. You know at Juliet in the front court standing dribble between the circles plus side to Johnson missed the way it was not that over the achievement. If you lead off of Wall Street going right to left that got for a few Johnson. On the block for Smart Smart squared up one will as far as taking them jump hook rolls out rebound nurtured through Wichita State visit to Shanda. Landry. It's time on the cross the timeline is about the when it comes back for the middle. If that's his dribble because of that Willis right side of the line nurtured back in on Harris doubles team in France and added that a south. In particular inequality was get manhandled him and he just stayed with it took it up between the two defenders that grabbed on both arms both gonna go on Smart his second. That was the only possible outcome of that movement side not chopped off. Well. Rondo is one for one from the line. That. CNN fifteen. Got a lot of irritants that ties his career high set two years ago or three years ago that little bit and lots of it but thanks. At fourteen against South Carolina State so. This could be a new high for him if he could not down the streets it's at least 653. Off. That then goes. Out of stay at hot. He's got 68 Wichita State late 7753. To 39 to go at Miller backcourt over to Cameron Johnson. It's the double team picked up his dribble across the timeline guerrillas. 28 to play Juliette for a left wing thriller. Jeff has stated that zone. Boris is that you had fled Salem is on him again it was a lot of foul off with a man at the New Year's going to be one of one. You know sometimes you go to that now on French kiss are you Michael sometimes go to that zone stuff that's right it also forces but it. Outside. And you had Charleston was penetrating at will scoring a lot of baskets were hosted. Initially the signals wanted one night it was. Our estimates two shots that she weaknesses as leaders. He's now four of six after making his first floor is only scored eight points tonight has played a lot of the second half. Tonight ground. 400 sprint can't check out what's like time will finish tonight with him. James Jones at the end recruit good though it should leave now Lewis nine. And he starts going to check here. Like snatched his with a double double tonight eighteen points ten rebounds. For field Boris. Not the best quality 7750. Forward to want to be you know candidate gets pressured predicated it didn't start it was reflected stolen vice Marty updated bounds and she really retreat yes wide open three experts note shortly. And College of Charleston dividends snow moves them to get excited about here in the second hand. It's 7757. Soccer champ aggressive time line talent left baseline did. There are out of the way things. That are on right wing for him him off the screen there. Let quarter earnings announcement walls of the paint off the glass hit the hot. Seven for the night doctors 7979. Hit sad that it fortitude. Place nobody knows how to guard its. Switch it up on it until I was dropped off. Shealy got thrown it dribbles left. For life really thought about it really long street clothes the bought fifty tickets now by some I think Haynes Johnson. Right. I'm happy with the way this would finish. Now on pains Jones his second. Two shots coming for grant thriller and it's nineteen points seventeen up and in the second half these four for six from the free throw line. It makes that you feel matches first enough but it flooding on personal business. And make this one too. I don't really nice looking guy it's very easy action very fluid. Decently enough. Basketball players feet faster. That was a fan bounce is now come on the rim and came off the guard rebound. Soccer basketball at 7958. Minutes money for the golf needs Jones off the Wall Street goes left left wingers here five votes tallied flex time loan that's an open look for records reflected on the floor of now the last eight stepson dirty travel since college foot slipped. And he did slide after Clemens who has not soccer's. Turn it over for the eleventh time. And the immediate 7958. And a minute wealthy you know seventh it was such an apple. Post them. Actually missed that chance. So still six it was a good thing that. It affects short Shealy. Handoff to Cameron Johnson was down to about a minute life. And it's night Miller. One on one saint Joe's goes away from the golf. And it snapped him for the call for a hole. That's his fourth. Never filed out of the ballgame and I think you know this time it right. I think 3000. Julie at the line where he has 5% of knives off points since good. Need to son 33 W grief. Not 33 with 906 ago. Canada Reeves is in tune with one more shot 79 through. Didn't succeed. And 57 seconds remaining. Plus degrees for him to death right about militants. Greens changed Jones Kelley of the guard and nurtured. Its way out of work rights under the Florida teams you know fighting. Up the screen over to Kelly. Left wing wreath. Funerals for the top. Fifteen footer on the lake and possibly. Four point 8163. With 34 seconds remember last year which starts they've averaged 81 points a game and this is against the release the defense team. Not a real big second half but it's not it's the last that is solid wooden. Healy forces late baskets because one out yet it now find their. Company. Plays at its then. Don't want it. Yours yours yours if patented neon greens. With that vote for boundaries. Usually. Instead and that treatment is getting is average he's at sixteen down and make it's. That's not a good. Particularly with 79. Very late in the game. With the Nazis gonna win it 8163. Is of this dribble it out over the last night. If come back to the second half court Charleston. Which if not stay solid eighteen point win soccer's probably the finish line is struggling. Marshal program smiling hugging each other Wichita State goes to to announce. And 8163. Win over College of Charleston state chairman of the Johnson's post game. Show its own reflection of his mark sounds like between seventeen should be close out his own agenda and I'm buying it at seven. 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I just got to have heart. You're deeply believed he'd be signed not frustrated and that's why we offer free delivery and only and we are everything we now LT and Catherine TV I watch cap. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carry mosque Alex Acosta in valley center indeed born and overweight Sawyer. Listen for all WS shocker basketball game on 103 point seven can you. But the fact itself arena. Anthony Johnson's post game show Bruntlett Johnson when he first United States marine lines of the war. It meant. Your drive home the game occupied Kansas plan tire and service retires at professional honest service. Are always a slam dunk with its not state. Went with my score of 8163. Over Charleston doctors were up like 25. Apps that have. And that's what it might use that often actually outscored its backers who won 34 seconds after trademarks or left that was at one point number. And a number of fouls. Committed in the second but overall still a solid effort by doctors as they've 201. Lets you flip flap they have few things with our stated it's fantastic. They're going to go win this tournament on home ice but what happened at about the night and it marked with our states. Here it is out of sorts a little bit. I thought Charles started immediately glass that all of the basket they Ghana frat. It. Press reload this offense has scored twenty points. But it. Or five minutes. Mark on them with a state outward 65. One of the reasons with it was so successful efforts to have that they created for over. Well in the second half. Ultimately. Though with they had eight of the staff with us they get enough at least one more over. Then Charleston hit the shots a lot of things well they rebounded well they had balance. Days if it did pretty well. In the first half. But it the second half Charleston it was a very average. Fourteen of 28 from the field at at large or was he thinking that. Doctors still at 8163. That was our game freak and I said the game got both got quotes her the benefit of the. That is our game recap rescue but don't let me pick coming Cummings of Cummings is your throat defensively I offer that would just not give them a call at 2641548. Or visit the upcoming LLC. Got confidence in law where your needs. Always come first thing is that you. Up your cars and so forth to hear your discount for tomorrow for cats locker over time the shocker when it. It discount all shocker merchandise the next day it boat vets like remote patience east and the west. And by scoring 81 points and it's not it's kitchen 20% off. Tomorrow's stuff by chance locations either side of town. 20% off tomorrow oddly it you'll always be happy to say I got it. At hand. 8163. Shoppers. It's. The expectations really high winds doctors or 81 when money you'd feel a little bit like they can play. Edit it. Have Wichita State played well for multiple things that we they started the second half defensively really well. Carlson went four and half minutes without scoring a basket they had three free throws it was felt it was often running but that they've started this spot. A little bit and Karlsson got confidence. That you get to a point where your so far in the hole so the that you get a little bit more relaxed and they started to get their shots they hit outside shots that were taking the ball the basket they report the free throw line a lot. Appointment creature with him which dusty. Mean the favorite tacky and they attacked well that's the reason that the truck was without problems with. The attackers had some inner and outer sky French camp had a three that really would have kind of changed the feel of things that kind of staggered through Charleston it rattled right in the cylinder twice that popped out just that kind of thing down the stretch to would've played so well in the first half that it. The energy levels high everybody expected. Or this thing I think Wichita State expect who were saying they got a little place. I second half and work your views sharp second half as a result. Karlsson took advantage of it every now. Charleston one point five all of the plant here they think they have their powerful back. So Wichita State was playing against the formidable apple finally decided to play but the last well that's. Shocker when it by eighteen and we'll be back with more on the Johnson's post game issue. But you're looking for the first. Think power suit for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear a watch the big game need to head to Johnson's. 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Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett cornyn is built for a pummel. Let's see shocker basketball he's on 103 point 78 EYE a. Plug it back into the John good. Post game Joseph Johnson. And bird to pay 96 appreciate so much more. Then it suits. Still to count mark start the game that's going to be Shaquille wars definitely is the point ten rebound double double plus two blocked shots a couple of incidents at art defense players in this rat you bite that you covered. Pro life you're living room pre it's that group or form looked kitchen. That she never has the right with the treatment solutions to it that way. Well for once it 127. They're got you covered with a dot com. HT covered. She covered serving which area watch them. At a I mean I think we chart Kelly would be in the mix he's about. It was a huge it's hard to say I. Zach brown is a very good job for us that it can reach him he was for him. You quote it's normal sense that make it of that through Cleveland through and yes that that was the foul trouble most effective. What. Thank you have to give a lot of credit cat calls it a lot of youthful audience not all of it. You side although once again all of this step with the reservation that the last night football game. I thought Charleston pretty well have to weigh it out. Well those are our candidates we go with you have competitors and I kind of the time that. Always some good performances for the checkers on defense. What are mind you that November he is shocker spirit bond at Carlos and Kelly sent. Kind of running down at the end of the month now so get out the shocker cheerleaders for lunch and dinner all three. Wichita Carlos and Kelly applications Kellogg ridge 47 south Broadway in 29. And wrote this is the spirit floods annual fundraising and when I feel Carlson don'ts that come on how to support the team that. Supports the shoppers. While we're waiting for our post game interviews might take a look at the scoreboard. One that's still in progress that what would keep an eye on. At halftime. In Moraga California. Saint Mary's which is number seventy. In the country pre season they consensus of all the polls. Only leading Christian and New Mexico State team by 54742. Actually now there in the second half 5550. Fell five point. That's great for this post them seconds conference. He's got a lot of players that he could very well both those states last year picked up the good transfer Zach yeah it is too. School yes Chris knows how to coach. Obviously we're. And then Steve Forbes. Former shocker raptors head coach gets his first one of these years east Tennessee did to that meeting Savannah State if you can shocker voted. 7661. Notre Dame and Michigan but to be on the other side of the bracket next week it now you both one deny them to you know Michigan. Over central Michigan by seven Notre Dame. He's not Saint Mary's by twenty. DC to who could be which actors acted upon it one by ten over north Florida they're not too these he will play Virginia. On Friday. And not fly out to Hawaii until Saturday so quicker turnaround that some are making mark Katz. Is want to know so far they played number twenty Purdue tomorrow that will be in the game he then that will. He's just they'll just play two games like chalk it. Before they where they went. I think it's that I think it's atlas wealth yet. This. Countless doctor's first opponent in Hawaii. Has beaten. Cal poly after losing to UC Riverside they will play Wofford authors so they'll have three games in all against them was. Your level be what if the phone I saw something wrote that. Thing Perry's. In the mid major bowl. I was first and second. Conference girls. College world. That was fun. Which cuts they. Snag it shouldn't be there now or real estate very dull this time thankfully it. And again. Couple of other things it's got to keep an eye on not so much for the outcome I don't think that just to kind of see how it goes. Can it go a lot off of birdies towards the then Casey plays both Kansas State. And Missouri valley them recoil if you. Because it did you have made. I thought they had. Players we expect to see that they were young like would be to receive the true. Upcoming shocker opponent number 25 Baylor. Roth Texas at a M Corpus Christi by 24 Oklahoma State beat Charlotte by eighteen the united Stillwater. Add in the AC Cincinnati improved to develop their second 100 point output beating western Carolina one of two to 51. Two lane to announce their put up some points in the southeastern Louisiana 8966. Tolls over Oral Roberts and ninety to 71 and US deaths now Florida lost at home at Morgan State. 6350. Recently goes for a one tonight the American now fourteen and three in the early going. Conference play. Coming up we'll talk with Gregg Marshall to feel more respect but martial on its way over so we will just. Pulled off to get to him that in the meantime wolf flair put it in the deep freeze play of the game brought to you by surprise. French camp and CNN new jam it through three big yeah. First there's tonight just tied a record held by Iran. On the Internet just 27 consecutive game and at least 13 pointers. It looked good from the minute he caught it did you have to go after the shot yet it was looking good already. Get that ties run. Baker's record 17. Consecutive game at least 13 in conference can't have one he hit it 24 straight that is the third longest streak of three character history great martial. Presented by express employment professionals on a mission. To put a million to work it certainly really good performance for about thirty minutes and then. Trust got a little field goal I think that'll confidence. Wolf you. Was 30331. I don't know where it was thirty quality minutes well I guess at random event in California. We have 33 point what we were up 33 points with I think about I. Okay that it was more that I felt I thought it was more like 4526. Quality minutes. That good that I that I was wrong October guys who played well what about that. We played well for thirty minutes and then we played more so. The good news is we have things to work on. The coaches continue to grow we could be the enemy of great tonight at the end but you got to give credit to altitude is programs team is not gonna quit. They're gonna keep fighting grant ruler was at the start of the game the last twelve to fifteen minutes in the mountain. But we have some good performances and get a 33. I thought Rondo and Shaq were particularly good tonight. But. We've we've got to play better to guard position Connor was pretty good. For the most part that made it defensively we got to our global. We've got to figure out who can guard people and grounder foul trouble and he's now. And just we've we've yet to fail immediately you know and they took advantage but anyway. Well if you told me eighteen point oh win tonight. Would you take that absolutely so we were we'll take that if the team that you know that down a man it was a really good player. And I think that would get him back they'll be who we and they'll continue working we're gonna continue to work we've got a lot of things you can. I ask you about this on your first coaching show and at ease it really the only experience you've had this plane or we read the book a couple of times Charleston southern. Playing Earl tonight I actually kind of with the experience of all you've got guys out there his coaches and what was that feeling all like what else. Well I was really nervous because I know he could coach and we've got a really good team. I was. Anxious about this game I didn't I didn't want it and you know you never want to lose especially at home. No six in the country you lose tonight you're gonna fall out of the top 25 so. We we did what we need to do to beat pretty doggone good team by eighteen points and I credit them for equity and they they just really. I continue to fight continue to fight our guys came off the gas pedal a little bit and we got lethargic on on. Motion offense we stop spreading the court which got really sharing the ball crisply we got a little lackadaisical with the passes. And and then defensively this team just like this it's about always rebound well. An average pretty good rebound defense. Yeah we did in and you know I like that part alike are just turn over seventeen to eleven. And meanwhile they were four to ten. But you know they get to the foul line more than we did they just really throw the ball very effectively. And or what if one point we were points in the paint was like 22 to two in the eyes up 36 to twenty so. They just they they dominated that the last 212 minutes with but to get it. Would you get a 33 points forty points it's a little more difficult for young people to to have the Ronald. OK so yeah we we we loud. Good to be going to be a great tonight we didn't have the killer instinct that. They they won the last twelve to fifteen minutes proper place are very well I thought he was I thought he and Shaq would keys to begin tonight. Our guards were OK Connor was pretty good maybe was okay. Austin Reese was OK so much it was OK this is that we advocate for better performances from the to those guys are very penalty. And and and in most of it it proves that he could today and just. Their guards doctors in the basket down the stretch. If it's a game in terms of the quality. You better deal for some of those things that that we so travel. To work on things or was definitely the best team we play. I don't know what that says because you know what point were up 33 point arc that we got good. They have a working I don't know so we just got to continue to work to get better. I it's good that we were up 33 but I have a lot of things that I can go Adam or. Moral then Wednesday we're gonna get to work and what I think we're gonna do was condition because. We're gonna play three games in three days in Hawaii we did not look like we were in tip top condition some of our spots and that's on me so I'll I'll start to address. I think it. On here. On. Is the colder making you shiver even indoors all the pros comfort him speak into the fuel burners or install a new lending system. He's your home now and pay overtime. With maximum fine. You can count on Comfort Systems were all your heating air conditioning and plumbing. Call for free in home estimated at two X 57031. Or visit them on line it Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort. 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Picked Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shoppers force is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs from Harding Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in mall thing Kirk Farber. Listen to or download a podcast of WSU shocker basketball on JE YN dot com. Or iTunes or Google plan. By the fact that Johnson host game you know night. This flavors. Ice victory behind so much more advances to start the game presented by the Kansas lottery and tonight at page field Boris. That eighteen points and ten rebounds for his fourth career double double seven of eleven from the field plus a couple of blocks couple of incidents and so far even including the exhibition games your play has maybe the end. The most consistent at a high level experience that you've been here topical that about the mindset it's gone through to get to that. Well you know. Quote and here that's so this huge forum. We'll go to more towards the mean. There's some not just been you know I'm grew up whose views consistent you know he talked about. CBS top 100 putters in his somebody told them don't like what do Warren who put them consistent. So. There's some that are just need to do for our team would be good. Your conditioning so much better evidence then it got really good the last at least the last half of last year what's the difference. Just from being eaten world doing all the little things to. Sort of secure remote body beer pro. This all the things that need to do some of the team be great. Small things just you know he's got to be consisted of that as well. You know if you mention the of fraud around gonna ask you that. You add markets and tackled declared for the draft goes through the process weapons camps and things. What did you learn being a bad experience that that made the open dreadful bit about what she still they were. All an open. You know. Definitely condition Morris you know if their level you have to view in tough shape. If you weren't such a thing about it if you choose you this. About doing all the little things you know being a great person did a great person organ off court. You know just everything every little thing. What is the things that differentiate the shocker big men for big men a lot of other diseases they catch the ball well which all of do. But they can pass the ball you you had two assists tonight after a little sentences so so dome you know. Coach Marshall rose assistant who you know risotto so. For us to be touching the ball all the targets we do you have to be very you know distributing the ball was well known. The biggest thing for me he's just an orchestra that's my first look is you know my teammates it is. When they give me to Florida to be effective in the book. Reviews. You know I saw something tonight that I don't think I've seen this much before it can't be just random. Lotta times. Come down into the half court when the guards have a that you're kinda truly and they turn and give it to you that's got to be a little wrinkle your kind of a point center a little bit. There are gonna be cool phone wasn't poor third at the superdome there's been noticed is built into it goes Marshal program. As one of war transitions into offensive so. Are being extremely. Over all the offseason in trustees meet with the ball. A rookie so you know but I'm still dominated. The source that's we need to start. That's just a little over two weeks in March for ten rebounds against two excellent on the boards tonight shark Kelly doesn't like to give up that leadership on the boards you medical's. What's behind you you quote which are to leave. There will lose we all just you know compete with feature of it is soldiers grabbed rebounds and a we don't ever get outrebounded especially with their beer and a huge key to the team's defense and rebounded. So you know we just compete with. And how about the products you know Ramon who's been outstanding. Do it all the little things through of course win. From being in the right places that the rates are making the right moves and everything he's just very. What's what's maybe have added these first couple of games in the exhibition that you guys that I had a chance to see about yourself that. Feel like okay this is definitely got to work. From definitely. Second if you don't think your business in the second half we got to. Americans we always tomorrow pretty good in the first. Some good little you know. Separation. For a second terribly. It is well you know if we execute and do all the things defensively musicals more foolish to do that we could do it. That's what Wichita State is rated sixth seventh or eighth in the country. Tell us a little bit about your thoughts about that it looks like there's no pressure it looks like you're all very confident with that ranking. Give us nothing we you know focus on me it's good for you know. Come march Mozilo right now we just focus and get better as a team. Doing everything that we need to do. Defensively. And take your business so that's pretty much it. Lincoln then you don't. He knows just. You've been to Hawaii at that Alley looking forward to companies that Netflix stuff like. You arm really really. Really excited you know we've home. With what Kiki and herb Merrill is better than. And doctor Mel we might be better than arms and offers of I'm just excited seat. The competition is it's going to be really good great teams there Moses out of Ramon got new coach martians Kunduz redeem these next couple of days. Before we fly out. Got to go to their take your business interview. Thanks guys for you to actually. Sir do you think. Shaquille Morris and guess most countries 8163. Average college Charleston eighteen points ten rebounds two blocks to justice of the problem. Field. Two for four from down tan use on the way from. One line but he sure is. But she could go up and down this line up you could pick three or four other guys player in Moscow which speaks well to Wichita State now. I don't mergers certainly being one of those career high for him tonight with sixteen points. Yeah that's one of the things that's going to separate this team that he is. Yeah at this week's thoughts and get Arturs got that it is and that is that because he played in four. Kelly can play more time that the forward with the markets back but you look at it Willis at forest and nurture the way their play. Around three guys that side to that person well and at guard who's throwing four minutes. He came down with 22 rebounds and no turnovers and time that you played Gregg Marshall tries to give him more and more time it shows that he deserves it. Think we pretty much went through all the scores. It's Mexico's state. While behind look at it's actually rates varied 7459. In net gain was eight point one ago. It think it. So coming up next well immediately. Bob Lewis and at what we're doing there today that locker room showed that three reviews so far they're both so good I was able to catch a little bit of that program after the last or it's fun. They're knowledgeable they're clapper. Op so hopefully the fans turn him. To an excuse me that that show because it's a good. Comes your way from 22 east 41 rock reminded that I am joining. Bob and Jeff lose on the drive on Wednesday's. At 420. It's a shocker missed out and hitting it why we're gonna talk about a lot of marbles. I will be done about one form most memorable trips to Hawaii are very first there's. It's quite turn. Book there is a lot to you. So we'll look forward to that and then they should packers' first game. Ian that Maui invitational will be at Hawaii time 4 o'clock central. One week from today next Monday at 4 o'clock here. 3 o'clock. Where the pregame show from now and we look forward to have you witnessed that. Of course we'll review all three games from out there are three games in three days shocker like California. In the first game at either mark yet. Or VC UN. Rapid with the game the other racquet which could beat Notre Dame Michigan may be Ellis. That's what you hoped for when he got into this conference that's hopeful that these departments that which which war. Greg Marshall was shy away from a cup competition. We'll see what which makes me that those three days and finally. One other thing to keep that line that we don't that a lot about the team's record at year's end unless there was critical injury. Every one of them got better as the season went along this will be the exception is beat this team is. Market that he's still play it it's just going to get better better. Not so we're gonna go to work if they figured out that will. This team's going to be really really. Again it's that. England's victory over very team feel like please what. Right team that won 25 ball games last year has virtually everybody back for a week to play of course. But you're exactly right hand not only did they get better as a team but they certainly everybody gets better as individuals. We'll shall certainly see that this year as well again thanks arm ideally and gambling you know artists and forward Dave. Which was good night thanks for being with us and yet now our next broadcast. Radio the one week from today next Monday. Tip off at 4 o'clock central time pre game three now invitational doctors think god you know for tell them they had to now. After 8163. Win. College of Charleston stay tuned for tip about coming up. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KE YE a front you buy these fine sponsors United Healthcare changes. Tiger Carlos and Kelly Freddy you. Executive air here sheltering assurance the Carnahan drew quite start machinery until. 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