WSU Men's Basketball vs Cincinnati 03-04-18

Sunday, March 4th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Cincinnati: L 62-61

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Yeah yeah. 103 point 7 the year why am brave. I'm bringing down. There's no point seven. And my dad Charles read up. On a Sunday morning you'll be able to generate atypical big game college basketball atmosphere but that is not going to be a problem. Today displays and it's going to be up. Or perhaps. As Wichita State. Takes on Cincinnati for a share of the American athletic conference title. They are and I Cincinnati and hand it Wichita State in the RPI fi protected as free seats in the NCAA tournament. Cincinnati's ranked champ to soccer's eleventh. Polls any stake in one Italian to have to make it even more exciting and meaningful it's all here. That's the shocker in their first season the American after the second behind Cincinnati and it's very close vote. It actually shared the championship today Ernst and number one seed in the conference Cincinnati does not like. Anybody. They are angry at everybody particularly angry with a state beating them at their place. So this is the game that they had forecasted when they scheduled with the last day of the regular season and everything's coming through except one thing at this point that's shocked. And it certainly when we think it will myself as. Certainly if you look at all the factors and what did not state side they want to share of the title and a chance to cut down nets again it's senior day for an awfully large group of six shots that seniors. On the Cincinnati tonight there's lately his work as hard on here it never happens nothing we want this championship outright to ourselves. These are two top. Physically well wolf. Everything. Mean they've give them all the adjectives this is going to be a real battle and it's it every possession type game my every rebound this war. Every all the support him shot just point. Both offensively and defensively honestly whether relatives he succeeds in its. Here in the game between its are there is that northern Kentucky's. Facility because they are renovating Cincinnati's Rita. But there were 96 times that there it was loud they were very supportive but still don't. This place as we don't is very very special and it gets like it's going to be this day. There aren't many places that college basketball like this and this possibly in environments Cincinnati has not experienced that that's nothing could be for the shot that. Very simple game so seductive is that Dallas and Atlanta yep. Said in the second half we couldn't even hear ourselves caught in the huddle and I think it's going to be that way quite a bit in this ball game. Cincinnati's played some very very difficult environment I think this these people who eat them. All right this is the interest thank pregame show at tonight's game it is sponsored today's it was sponsored by delta dental. You know I've worked through the call is 86. 1037. Area code 316. 8691037. If it reaches on Twitter. And at shocker voice that we are more than happy to take your questions comments thoughts about today's game. And once again at war with just days to look forward to hearing from youth to try to. A little bit of talking about the seniors. Does not. We won't stay on for all of the senior day stuff after the game we've got baseball coming up the next stadium chocolate dried this week Nebraska today at 2 o'clock first itself. Change data so that that would worry we'll get to the pre game. Right after we finish here so we'll talk about the seniors in the pregame. I'll start by saying that they are want to elaborate. At 24 so far through their foresees an average of 28 wins here right now for winning percentage at 822. Including 38. And eight feet straight road games as a percentage of 826. They have a chance to win a share up their fourth straight regular season conference title it will definitely be advancing to their fourth consecutive NCAA. It's a team that's put together. Oh buff with a lot of really that hard nosed players that are very fairly athletic cup and I. I was talking to one of my sons and they've heard. The product interview. And they said what's the difference between basketball now basketball with you first got started at he says because of the Internet. You have to recruit a kid every day every day after tells us why your our program. And why you have to do certain things end. Give up for the betterment of the team because they've got some of the people at their ears telling him how great they are. That's a very interesting philosophy and that's the philosophy that Gregg Marshall spouse do. After what you cannot stay flat to the final four. That year San Antonio won another NBA title and Greg Popovich. Said after the season. We. Wouldn't sign players we draft players that are over themselves and Greg marshals as Betsy perfect description of how we try to reach. We want guys that are over themselves that are about three. And that's what this program as an ad that's very much since then. And it's fancy. Stats sheet just as the numbers and it what was yours work what was the other team score and that's over served about. All right let's get to the cause of the weights and all of that stuff that's out we'll leave that stuff. All right well thanks very much to the glorious day after that first it's either this is that what everybody there are a couple things that perform. I think that the doctor there aren't present at the doctor pepper. Well. In honesty and I don't know if I ever played this week in whites who see the that a quarter of the river there and but it clearly benefit that it was what are they were last seen in quickly drew the actors they're under or better than it. You know he that's not speaker some problems there. It's an honor for people who are there to figure out that this group will drive that not that you. Ought to do. He's the best record in the. I'm mr. circuit. Question your point of view I think it was kind of frank camp it was I'll think it happened tonight as we got a got distracted that's right. Is that over. Flew their food group that is that the thought of it right thank you. First off I do not recall tonight I kind of doubt that Wichita State has ever beaten a top ten team slice of the season that there have been that many opportunities. To play a top ten team and that hit the sixties without have to build more profit in the valley. I don't remember exactly soccer's got one of the two but I don't recall a time when they swept both games I could try to check that. Far as evidence that's not the dashboard their play by play broadcaster for the exit if actually. It was just kind of a mild injury it was an ankle and it was I thought advantage for the game was over he felt like the way it was moving around after the game. It is but it didn't really close game that they believe he might have even been able to go back to the game and practice the last two days since season that he seemed to be moving around normally it. It seems to be normal for those who were curious. And we weren't sure exactly that's not what happened Bob holt had a chance to look at the video was coach Marshall plane back from Atlanta. Later that game these Kate Taylor slipped on wet spots at slid again to Landry actually pulled over. Landry's ankle and that's why he was hobbling around late in the game but of course he finished the game said he was fine afterward that. He's inside you're watching moving around shooting out here right now he is perfectly okay itself really everybody's at full strength as it. This well Alice thank you very close attention which he always does. And it Jacob Javits it was a fine players that sit through here this ballclub averages up was flirting with 31 minutes for ballgame. Guiding and only eleven minutes did virtually nothing. Or most of the ball game yet ended up with eleven points that shows how valuable he isn't going to hit it kind of guy. In addition to Al's fault for Texas we added three broad discretion in Texas wondering about everybody's out but glad we did. Answer that question about it you as far as Cotter Brett can't honestly now I think it's a matter of confidence. You know it's hard to view all the things you can do it high school no matter how did you doors of college players afterward Johnson. And adapt to bigger faster quicker players. But Connor seemed to have gained more and more confidence now stressed that he could do some of those things he did in high school that's been the element that is if that's really emerged over the last. Secretary Gates and Billy thank plays off the dribble create for others especially. Yet guys off their feet make shots itself as. Really added it elevates him this big war against Q3 points. At that has a lot to do with the but it fixes a little bit more rides off on late night bike for five times a year and he did that all the time in high school. Okay you recruits at the beginning outside wreaths perimeter player and that's what he did. But he can't do which gives us faith divert the rest him run all the time. So what he was the end deflate the strength. Outside shot. Thinking Atlanta really was very very good three point shooter and I thought he did for the Landry and they need to do war. As that we work their way through the season and finally he started to incorporate some of the best things he's been good at this time he's been in middle school. This ludicrous that question and I. As you I hope it's. I hope it's just an oversight and not just being facetious but the question is did Butler. Start six seniors like here on figured it obviously can't start six players of any class of in a game. I'm. You know it seems to stay fiery calls it he did try to study could we have to position it appropriately. Try to startled to see your lucky day event if you make it acceptances. Both coaches like to stay it would have their normal lined up. Get all the figures do that they can't have years that this may be difficult that it. Because it was one of the seniors wanted very high up on the depth chart. Is this particular case I was seniors are gonna light body this because all six BC here's our regular part of the rotation. But he'll stay with the regular starting lineup especially thinking of this report. You can't even conceive of yeah but not starting in the game like this. Especially because the rates are that the gap was in Cincinnati. Wichita State that the get out the scene early nights. And it's because of land damp but that that might be possible. It's not about a couple of the seniors background 66 Houston Texas he played a 126886. Starts. 726. Points 3453. About 248 assists 43%. Shooter 72 from the line. Had a season best scoring average of seven point four points per game last year but after two failed cotton departed. Each of us all a big shocker lockdown defender the last couple of years of assault misery valley conference defense last year. He's at one as the signature plays to his entire four year run at this group the figures. Let me out hustled pages telling you break through a loose ball NCAA tournament game at home hot. Drifted away from things that you doubt it don't get it just changed the whole feel of how that it was. That was fantastic answers. He has accepted his role as not shoot that much but the guys that they need to rely on. To be the stopper run defense Mike but he's capable offensively he's shown especially the last dozen days ago. Look if you three point basket just about every game. He and Rashard LA has become very very close that it becomes is very important leaders on this team Rashard sixth seventh of Fredericksburg Virginia. Has never missed a game or practice in his four years of Wichita State. About 35 games 44 starts up until this year he came off the bench most of the time being with NBC all bench a year ago. Four point four points per game you know these tickets to 600 points probably did things get 596. Career field goal percentage at 47%. The average eighth career best four point eight rebounds last year that has raised that might look I have seven point three rebounds per game which leads the team. Is the point one offensive rebounds per game its top thirty in the nation. He gets better more rebounds eight times this season is now at 27 on W I shoot career recounting list just can't rebounds away from 22. He had 83 assists. In three years he has 73. This season this economic team to an ethicist for game. He's relentless every minute of every game he epitomizes what Gregg Marshall wants players that's the play and grief every seconds the ball game. Love the way he goes after the out basket my club on down the end. Fitness both ends. And he does so like excuses nobody is quite like the X they'll watch it does just freaked out and then they'll get it these freaks out watches the flight of the ball advance those gases that's what the reasons. He's one of the best thousands of American athletic enough. I sit round exclusively at. Had a chance to watch brought out of practice what they feel free to achieve that here he's had a good year of practice he works very very hard. Six very athletics. He's got to fight for every field seats for a fresh. I know he cut off the boards and drive the ball he's got a decent hit great shots that he thinks is to work on. That's the fact that he's had in your practice with distinct these guys that could have helped some this year particularly markets but nothing was still out but. It was to his benefit and I think it's a city that is lecture here. WP guys next here because he'll have more experience but this here practices of that it covers them and it just. Slightly Landry got hurt and he and his freshman year we thought oh my goodness that's down the stretch with a wonderful to have him. In the lineup and it's that doubt was the smartest decision for him because he was a much better player. Starting his freshman year was the year before I think the same thing is going to be instantly around. I see him work out of the ballgame son I nearly six great great practice player and he's learned might not only what at least the way that the skill set players but simply a good leader to find out what he's due to develop and it's definitely. Frame of mind it's substance literate I've heard that he is really doing now. I think kiss natural personality fits very well with what his program's all about half a year to see it exhibited by the seniors as that race for him and know that it got it will fit very well right that apple there was an hour theater view on. The raptors network with Chris Bentley and talked a little bit about Gregg Marshall. At Fred Bentley said it was great for me but I will tell you it's not everybody can play for rake marks it's not for everybody. Well it is run wrap. He's fine with that. I can drive to the game racquet I can't just flat tire and service or retires and professional auto service are always. A slam got a lot of traffic evidence please be careful enjoy yourself once you get here we go back to violence or. Dave Dave thanks for joining us. Good morning and vote. One show thanks to sponsor the providing this Ole mom nine fans. And I'm from Texas and really appreciate. Heaven ratio. Like apple. And I have got three points today. And the first one is Cincinnati is a series. Got talented players that did it. But again today. I hope not but it won't leave him divorce. Hi my point Ali and yet it's very important that is him and he really doesn't play on them. Bartlett that they'll face that day so I wouldn't want to be that bad. My second point is I think Gregg Marshall. Objectively hit these coaches here. In the last year's loss the players. Staff and simple. Symbol is. And my point is that he had to put here. Or off a whole lot of team. The coaches and style. And I think that that is one area that built and brought out off. Two. You know evenly baker. We were a these guys pass the ball down the ball no matter how other. It might be if they can't not now. Now my final point date. They. Comment on this as well items so yeah. That are yes you is that it is over we because John Paul. Is not. That is jobs. He adds nothing of that Cowher yeah he appears not to be prepared. In this pronounces. Names not only on our team but the other broadcast. But he does. Never bring that wrecked Parcells coaching lineage power players history like this complicate who's who including all. You guys. Thanks so much for taking my call Europe my. Thanks and I yourself. On your last thought all I could say this is where did they gave to say that John Thompson the third is a very nice guy is very positive and complimentary about. What's it does today may be bad at best comment. Here for a couple. And Gregg Marshall was. They've they're good players and demand. Haven't seen anybody on here it was playing. Straight up basketball your guys against our guys advances. After that it won't the belief now and that's a good that's the right thing like you've already done anyway. That's that's wildly. Not that I picked up points on Cincinnati very. And certainly this that gave Cincinnati the way that it. Factors. Great support system here match out very well one of the things that was just it was really try to do. Cincinnati likes to make you very comfortable on these. With their fans say they do not like the best live opposite they don't like to be made it. Doctors it's a thing they have up there that fit that apple yet he's well it's today it could make them uncomfortable offensively. And get him. At which does states would have threw well because they're very good defense team that it's not separately with them. It's it's and I I like also the point on rate more of these folks here why not I thought anybody else for more than most people. Even though we review team that the American athletic conference everything's. Through Wichita State everything was what's our state. That's not present to teach their players about systems players aren't. End almost seems like it seems Wichita State a lesson. And very few of them have been able to do that and I think you'll find in today's ballgame also at Cincinnati wants to come out for you they could win on this court. And it's up to shoppers and the thing is here to show that that won't be that. Case I agree that Gregg Marshall deserves it certainly as much as anyone if I was going to have to vote for somebody else. It would be Kelvin Sampson is that was it six. It pre season faults. And they've got flown out here and it got pretty much terrorist incident here at that point on they have an example he has really done a great job with that students. He's really got its. Playing great defense along with you it is offensive skills of their ads. I think he's definitely coming out as a supplement for that matter. Not the same kind. Kind of thing that you look at the job that might gently eased out of his second year to life again. Program for six point five 500 type team and it's pretty good players. Yeah I think he's on his way through I've always like Kelvin Sampson I always thought he's excellent growth. I didn't think it was quite as good as he has proved to be the last eight or nine games of the season we'll see what happens in the current events like it's going to be very important. For they have more than any other that Wichita State or Cincinnati to do a good job of that. But thanks for the call us at we're gonna take a break let's see that's before we killer lines dedicated soccer player hit 50% after online order in Wichita area Papa John's. I'm gonna Papa John's dot com that is the problem coach soccer fifty. To receive your shot here this gap that we will be back up again trust bank pregame show for hopefully. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental can't okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful smile first with no my. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with. 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Just trust bank for days you know prior to Wichita State's like against Cincinnati and a showdown for the American athletic conference. Titles had a question. That's. We got for Chad who sent me a picture is soccer games Sox. Adding what it is now let's W Bush's record in early morning starts this season as soccer's third game. Which tips off at 11 AM they defeated UConn. At that start time and loss at Houston at 11 AM start snow laden wants to participate in Robert game of those morning starts it's not businesses and its it was. People keep stats on all kinds of things if your flight on Monday or Tuesday Friday and Saturday with one day's rest with old days' rest all kinds of things. Early morning rising since he's basically you don't succeed round. And it's better to have an early morning gains its home court that it is another quirk has already support in the backwoods of cramps. I'm right back to the song we have acts. Good morning. You know I figured. And I was gonna talk about being your but it looked like you guys you're gonna take care of that tonight. Want picked my congratulate. Him through clinical spam or the it is great being there and everywhere. Has made it different than at least one game and it in your career probably dwarf. What we've warmer aloft some predicted would look exciting place. Let me know that I I don't want to ask. On Shaq currently they're in 2000. Point range and over 500 foot yeah and I would not have it yet if Kelly should be jump. Cloud computing unit and a hundred plus one in a couple of and then I I don't understand exactly but. Brought in at Carter bracket and it jumped sort of that I get from national record going on about growth. That is that. But it won't stand. Bit miffed. One today are filled. So anyway guys. Hey got a chance to put the icing on McCain did today and a I think it is that the index could go these credit permanent and I look forward to that what's left them mark madness. Don't. Go to shocker not bring up the. I cannot connect as far as the shark valleys and subtleties never missed a game the team has won eleven at flooding floor of his career so he's been. On the floor at 111. Victories in his four year career at which state. As far as daughter French camp I'm not sure where he stands. National League right now hot streak this season. I'm not close to the all time record in front of I looked at up guy from Butler in the early eighties. Can't I think at least fifty stuff in a row or maybe even more I think it was more than that actually snow but it 33. Needs within three seconds. It plays behind him records. At Wichita State and we'll talk. Does that was my next stop loss is seen here list. Amanda blank just after three full seasons with you just never admit you're transferred to Kansas City at night game so far with 46 starts. Eight and a half points per game two point one assists 43% overall 39%. From three. 88% foul shooter missed ten point four points per game average this season is his best as a soccer. He's been in double figures of 37 and 91 career games eighteen to 27. This year and is averaging twelve point seven points per game. Over the last six games. Sixth all time that Wichita State and a 1583. Point field goals fifteenth. Three point percentage at 393. He has three career leader in assist to turnover ratio his assist to turnover is four point eight. So why. Second it's for at Bentley at three point 0821. Almost eighty. And assist more than assistant half. Over France is assisted turnover ratio this season is six point 41. Tuesday 33 consecutive three that figures mentioned. If they see all the coverage team in 2016. He was third team all valley as a valid. Tournament MVP lessons. You don't talk a friend and it's very very talented and subordinated itself for the betterment of the team. Turn itself is aimed strictly outside of the most of the time because that's needed. They needed something more the last ten games especially Atlanta it was safe. Itself it's do or he resurrected his privates off the dribble type of stuff. He is an excellent passer. But people I think for me is defense. And I don't know if that's fair enough to second on its steals. By ultimately want to let Janet. He had three steals the other days of that game three types of steals. This team would be where they are without honor frank camp on CDs provides. Really nicely sniffles. Now there's this it see here's Ron out there to this extent some highlight just don't yet played at sun rising academy before coming to Wichita State. 170. Career gave seven starts. They have forgotten the very unselfishly came off a redshirt years and years ago because of these final concussion suffered by and it's not great and not knowing if it's not the fans want it's never going to be able to come back. Like fortunately we did Rondo really hate on laid back here to have a couple of very good games in NCAA tournament. Over the last season he's averaged right around five points regain its happy street rebounds seasons. We're 51%. Shooter 70% from the line. He has scored in double figures five times in his career and it. Was named the NBC all fixed glasses when he came into my theme was. Prototypical European players he considered himself a finesse player. Played out on the Fritz the three point line that's he's on the first year. He signed his competition for playing inside the slot say for example instead of the heat down low. Folks are so impressed upon him that he needed to fulfill a little bit he needed to develop the left hand. Eddie. He had an excellent NCAA tournament and what's it. Vanderbilt that he played so well against a first round draft choice and I palladium went Aggies needed life. That gave him a I thought a real shot of confidence and he's been a real good theater for the team ever since when we needed a big facet they go down low against. He seems able to deliver quite a bit of time he still has the outside shot clock. Shots. Who doesn't get as many instances he would like to get the fitness gets robbed him. With this program being such a great which it's not tradition it's always great to have sponsors who are part of the great which if not tradition one of those as the cars are an outlet to. For a center. Actually that's what they started out as as far as current outlet they are exploring superstores. With tons and tons of product. It landed at Hardwoods tile carpet area rise. The large supply enables him to give you great every day prices which is always hit their tradition I think it was tremendous services. Family owned and operated businesses and it's a lot of pride if. Treating your right leg to our residents say C north Broadway are signs yeah slots. All right here's the question now we'll just feel left quickly I think it. Lot of arts leaders wanted to now is this the best soccer team you've seen a lot missing his team play against cliff may want the next. Enough. It's just hard to make that cut attachment and especially. At this point of the season. Because you look at let's have a good. The previous teams have accomplished in the last group Gregg Marshall and Christine Stewart got to go to the fair bit mitigate or two before you the benefit of the conversation. No matter what else they've accomplished it's it. And it's a great team with a lot of depth at that scene with ants want it Clinton camps. Class that's at Greg Riley and these were guys that had nice careers yet BA. Party is better and I don't know. So anyway I'm not saying yes analysis. 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TV we not only on the high quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selection of real good entertainment richer in the city. After TV we've got our route in which talk not just our brain. Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Allen a Karzai in valley energy indeed born and over was a lawyer. I. Basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. I'm at bat for the rest. We'll get RBIs of the. Very possible. CAA tournament. Remember this day after getting shot or whether it's always parties at blocker in the depending on nobody likes it's not historic it's safe to flood advisories. 40%. Off all soccer merchandise soccer fans know we're proud to say I got it. That's adds that's locker room east and west are right out of the six seniors concludes with a toothpick they have. Darryl Willis through your six times for Madison Wisconsin. All the things here flyer at UC your grip at the Wichita State last year the pearl river. College yet stuff Wichita State to a 55 it can't record as instances of these that 65 games. When he starts. Tonight point eight points per game five point one rebounds last year. Ten point seven points six rebounds this year with your averages just over ten points for game five and a half bad shooting 53%. From the field. That a double figures in sixteen to 29 games this season. Historic flooding here or fourth time in his career. At the be all the coverage treatment last year and I just saw an interview this morning got by the sun flowers you newspaper. Let's listen. He's so confident because he's the first player from Wisconsin the only player ever now from Wisconsin. That's really funny and fight that brings up point you're making off here these guys get along together so well and perhaps one another's successes. You look on defensive back jealous of the minutes past Ellis over soft press that people are getting what they're definitely is being very happy with one another. Darrell has turned it's pretty much everything that they had hoped he blood of Jesus wore easily found there. They concluded in a critical situations it's voters running at full speed when he gets in. He loves to take the Scots and we thought they system like this past the staff of assistants that doesn't adapt to you he's done its job. And finally Shaquille Morris and I saved him for the last six saint of course hearsay your prevent that Oklahoma he's the only one in this group. Pictured it as a freshman and now his wife Hillary ears at this accident. He has raised a scoring average of four point seven points per game. Consistently every year about two different points to give every year to fourteen points to this season. He has scored in double figures it slightly at 29 games what are your board team high seven times. Three double doubles out of the last twelve games has taken it to another level 78 and a half points for games six and a half rebounds because after 60%. I think he has played himself into conference player in the years ahead. What's actually I agree with that we'll see how this inserts out tonight or today it was a long way and maybe justify him for that position with the team yet. We had always hoped that he didn't live up there was a sense I can honestly say he has not lived up with threats of music seated it. Far and away what he would hope that he's become. Eddie's done it by getting better every year fight what they asked him to do and now he's getting them but that just made a significant difference. He's like thirty minutes ball game he's not getting into the silly foul trouble he's outside he's inside. He's calling for the basketball. But he loves to play defense they didn't think they'd ever get it played defense so destructive force on the defense of death. I don't know that anyone has ever thrown a war it is time that would it's not stated terms of security and they'll report relies. Larry is now that Shaquille or Santa last night. He got by most of his life on its natural ability star chart well now he's got violent natural ability and are active work yet. Yet the chart is still there is currently and that's why everybody loves. They are about to tip of the day did you know that eating healthier snaps. Snacks or fifty your hunger levels steady throughout the day and that's today's healthy shots you're still threatened by united health care. And the real appeal program learn more real appeal. Dot com. That does it for this portion of the pregame show coming up jabs at Marshall about today's big matchup this is an added that it will be back. With the winning strategy stay with us attackers at Cincinnati here coming up going to be. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone you need a partner journey one you can count. 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Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. Wichita university soccer basketball is on 13 point seven KE YM Wichita. So I think yeah it is welcome back to you president. Mrs. Carter had history are those that I expressed. Employment professionals vicious. One of those. Our coach. A couple of weeks ago it's hard to tell where this race might go you gave yourself a chance that the wind up there at Cincinnati now out of position to really make it special. You know after. We. Didn't perform great at the end of the temple game and currency game away. We had eight games left and we wrote all the gains of four on the road for home including Cincinnati twice and we told guys. North you can control your own destiny you're gonna possibly you're gonna have to win all eight of these games and or at least put yourself in a position about winning seven of them against Cincinnati and your own on senior day. Houston beat Cincinnati. We beat Cincinnati and now they have two losses. And it makes the senior day. Ultra important news in terms of us. Getting number one seed and capture the title so. Guys have performed. Well enough to be in that position and now we gotta go finish. You mentioned in your day sometimes emotion on senior day can be a difficult thing to control as it helped in some ways that you can focus of motion on something as important this game. Yeah you know we've won what five of that Smart you have to do to America in 2013. You went to the final four we could do was beat Evansville at home on senior day. And I nineteen years I've had one lose loss on senior day that was that was that was that was ironic. That we lost and we lost at Creighton in the great game and a loss to share the title. I'm losing her last two bit. Things turned up roses and we end up going to the final four with that groups are you just never know the bottom line is we certainly. I've worked hard. These seniors have led us there's other great players but this senior class has been a tremendously successful. Senior class on and off the court all have their degrees if they had champions in every way. And now they have a chance in their first year in the American athletic conference to cut down the nets on senior day though. It's a fairy tell way to end it if you can pull it off and we got a great team that we've got to compete with today in Cincinnati we know that. They're very talented they're stronger athletic they're big. But they're here in Coca arena so that was spears unbelievable already and I just can't wait to possible. They are a team that's pretty unique defensively in the way they switch so many things and they really fortunate to read every act of lawlessness are not necessarily get any. Easier do you think it helps if you guys have been through it now wants within a minute scene how they have to do that. Yeah they're they're dynamic defensive team number two in the country with all the metrics and all the way to measure defense so. We were tremendous against them up there they'll probably make some changes will have to tweak a few things possibly. We made shots and we didn't turn the ball over and we were able to execute our stuff when need be and that's a key against a team like this here be careful here and around. There there's really do to defend when you stand around and it doesn't cause any. Stressed. Consternation I hope that's the word. Oh on the defense. When you just stand around and make it easy for them so we're excited to move that basketball the way we've been doing it all year take great shots I hope. And and knocked down a great percentage got sick shut it coach Greg marsh. What you just stated Cincinnati Canada that is they don't want you do you work. Lead lauryn ask to know about you know he chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only teach them but does it. We are second coming directly from not final and shoot a traffic accident and an American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable thing you ever. Today we're supporting Lorenz dream if people want to get your phone they can just buy some of chocolate every dream deserves a champion find yours at and him dot com. American family insurance American coming to insurance company into 2000 American part we're now in a conference in three. But you're looking for the perfect. 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All you need to make your landscaping and garden the and eat at your neighbors can be found in I century you. So come get inspired. Is she was going on right now equipment provider of the outdoor living in the landscape show is flights are machinery fuel official blackjack dealer. Family owned and operated. In nineteen dead. Shocker forces draw do you buy American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford grameen Bernhard thank Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in more vain Kirk Farber. The engines yeah. I've learned she got her. Point seven hate you why. Not a very special day here big showdown between Wichita State at Cincinnati's the best teams in the nation. Flag at Cincinnati's case for an outright American athletic conference title for what is not stated a chance to share the title it was either fifth consecutive. Regular season conference title won or shared and the number one seed in next week's American conference tournaments in Orlando. They've gone our body away a lot of size and it would have blinked at the studio it is great to have you that is not what we now will be an exciting day here. It South Korea. Dave looks into how this doctors can't win this with the winning strategies strategy might capitol federal burst of new homes trained hard. You can trust them straight behind True Blue financing capital federally closet let their members at nice. Well thank you mr. Kennedy went strategy now want the Sox staff put an exclamation point at the end of the game. They've both a little bit at the end of the game six of the last eight ball games it was. So they beat us. Stepped up directs incident the last three infants they need to be worth it stands with the ability to escape the victory that its feet. Felt like would at least ten minutes left at this statistic. Cincinnati is 24 and oh what they leads. Ten minutes left in the ballgame. They're wanted war when they trail within minutes left the Sox need to be steady since. They also would threaten them with heat take the fight the hair net openings yet. I thought the last ball game I think it's. Or that with us excellent cast off its players stance that spacing wasn't particularly at work writing all the and what I think he's so aggressive that don't sound and it's east west. Cincinnati's days really really stopped the fight if he thought things. Outside we thought they won't ask. And it they would prepare Atlanta snapped it feeds here. Today that the company that list fourth ranked him. Eight. You have to have the game is all about brits had played in Atlanta risk but it's wrapped up pretty. Both the flight line stands for today's game as outlines a fast. Points place him fourth which is not safe for the definitely. They added right behind them with the stock faith 45. Freeze in the last four games but that is not what what point 1%. Tried it last night and it got Cincinnati with the puck definitely defense team. Because they going to have to learn how to wind down south like they've done so many giants and that but it happened around me. But that's or if the little things down and look at the stats speak with us 81 home. Categories. In Cincinnati. And us. It looked bored briefly but at Atlanta rebounds we'll let things. They have five hours this. But network at home. It affecting it read it. Are those other things to look at the Sox had a point of pain but he's done. More points off over the point. At four or fast break points if you remember well the Latin or White Sox worked with the athletic point. But that's definitely. The world. Scott and myself because. They happens outside. Cincinnati like it. The bearcats are 26 and vote for accounts of what Paul is free footer. So ups and downs with it I think what that badly Cincinnati and point nine cents to 48 point one cents at the Sox. The field last six games. At least. You point 6%. But the field the theater class or it's going to be a bloody battle hopefully not to many people relegated to the penalty box if they could have all the front line players getting. It sits in baseball games it's going to be a battle Royale and I think doctor's office live now. Back here first please. Use the word that a good defense braves and coaching staff to. Everything about. I'm glad. Prodded at a. Come back you know okay. It out. It creates good ball movement and open. And it didn't work against. Scott Speed. He wants or a bad and it's. Today. It's been reported but I'm not your life your life partner. Analysts here are Thursday's. We're gonna happen. It's. And everybody went eight all of our players. I think fifteen minutes. They have. Black last night hey. Cincinnati black. Headlights. And. It's not safe. The first 110. December 5 night. It's not safe enough. This championship game with a. 7 Antoine Carr was six feet on Sunday march. Freshman Xavier McDaniel an operation brought. Fifteen apiece. As soccer's soccer tournament title this is the first time Cincinnati is the fact that will be the first of many businesses cleared out November's same league again. As they were at Missouri valley conference for 95. It's an ice. You're suggesting the night before we went up to here despite Turkey's. Their biggest rival in the very athletic conference despite the fact that Tulsa and advance the story and it's not you're absolutely right. Now we're seeing today. Feisty little hole I don't have a Cincinnati's matchup sure the fans have flooded you know let him. These are too hard nosed teams going and I think this has all the potential to be an absolute rivalry in this conference. Now let's honor America and excellent. It has started with just sit at Cincinnati about to be introduced. Remember what the factors are on the road including actually get the conference heard that the official watch party location as he goes village networks. The southeast corner of 21 Atlanta come biker all the watch parties for your chance to win some great prizes courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. And it's you know still a tap worked through official watch party locations. Or soccer basketball. Starting lineups are brought here by equity bank where you never pay at AT&T. That he could trip ups are sure to visit them online and equity bank. Not cop Wichita State and it goal today. A lot of fancy gold there was never an official anything out for today's game but a lot of people at the Everglades organizing. Gold or yellow out of best by far the dominant I don't know this. Yes most of the Internet simply don't want the blacked out that he says. And it's. It's an added of course it's. There's an. It's not visit the closer and it cuts in the crowded. Yeah. Okay. And I can't. Like six. That was already had that crazy. They are at war. They rated work that it would be verified this. Or level. You paid this off site. Of course that advises actors they were still right that was the same way this. Scott there's there's been over top boxing on the road since 1964. You don't want somebody game spike. But their threes when last I thought it. Now force incidents starting lineup. Jacob Adams of 66 different actress Louisiana thirteen point three points per game four point one rebounds 3.4 assists. Just that Jennifer has started. Often think it is this year is the point guard not much was horrified to hear from Baltimore five points per game the two point six to sit us. They let him kind of get things started about yourself for awhile and a couple of other guards play acting role coming up to advance as the day goes on. Gary Clark was the leading candidates. And how often. At twelve point eight points per game eight point 33. How Washington. If they six. Eleven point good point for. And livestock or you know I don't know. Here comes the man of the year he's been a starter all the or eleven point one points per game. Well fun. But he let sit for. One of seven from the free points right five of his last six ballgame but he's capable. I sit a little cold lately I didn't ask. On its last football games at 71. Cents. Ads but it's not has not seen there it was six seniors playing their final home. The starting lineup. It. Why didn't like the big. Want him to get. And that appears in every head of the. Life. Yeah. And the arts and underclass. The turnover ratio. Wrapping up the starting lineup Austin rates at five sophomore from. That a starter down the stretch is averaging eight point four flights for game that I wanted to match if nothing else about that we're out here. It off right before the shot there's one in the end game heard about it. Hello all cut off his long lost. Went through a short haircut of suckers that thought background. Today's game having kids off his dreadlocks or whatever publicity it has hit there. Well he's taking one for the team because you. Very very proud of the friend lives by itself. And I think that that case for the Carla hall open with the expletive laden for a play the best basketball. The United States today devastated at its today's fit but you might delta dental dam officials for today's statement that veteran group debt service Raza. And he Campbell. This is for all the marbles as they say in the American athletic conference and Wichita State next time Cincinnati. It anyway. I'm glad I guess we doubt that the prognosticators. The season started at least that the conference. Had these days hey Gary very well make predicted that one. One vote out of my stance. Separated it's the Cincinnati's. Number one what's onstage now. I feel like they have something different and I think it looked good today. Hear me out of doctors installed the bearcats. Black. Final game of the regular. If you know what you can and didn't doctors are bouncing around fired up. Ready to play. Glad to have you with us. That play at night here. Shopping center and it will be. I don't Washington received an adage if you will Morris for Wichita State. Just about to get this within the air accidents this Rwanda. It's tough and it. Originally by accident and had to fly to Washington and it. Host Gary Clark is there. I Evans has been a sensitive evidence coming off that bad ankle on Thursday night bases for saudis the 41%. Three points. Seven at San. Think we're expected to last fall if not afraid camps starting ready degrees ministry lifted if you have to France and the right wings. Helen Fielding a threat differently if not a bad it's definitely shouldn't look at the host of horses have a brief scuffle with a friend he writes I can thank you for free air ball. And recovered Mike Kelly I understand that adds they're set. A better shot clock violation and they reset the clocks and added officials left to come over and check. It was an air ball by frank yet recovered vitality. But not sure where the shot clock was that's that the officials are gonna find out that it recess and that should not have happened and they took a lot of time. Not that that's not as a matter of fact he just stunts like that less stuff lock itself. The fire. So it got a little bit of delay while they check things happen behind. I'm if you could save up to 40% today after the shoppers went at that locker room. East and it blasts went anticipate that the Packers would get to 40% of the way they have to score for a hundred. Cincinnati rarely gives up 74. Game between the two in Cincinnati area Kentucky 7672. But it does state. Was higher scoring than we thought it might create Cincinnati very capable of story themselves 76 point 1% now to give up 57 plus doctors. The big offensive team right now at the history of the American conference of almost 84 points per game. Now lets us date night that's a very very good job of running their offense getting good shots and that's the problem that a lot of heat. People have against Cincinnati ballclub since Eddie is the fifth point. Defense in the conference business feel old defensive team in the conference that have been frequent that these cubs. I am president Boris and throws that a wise family was trying to make it not for Clark accident happened over Kevin Johnson protests about who exactly is at four seconds they declared that it is at a fitness office. Kelly hopping on Friday. He lots of sides to Boris catches in traffic got yes definitely an issue and it's not safe place it on the floor at practice round of the French camp right wing cliff Kelley tried frankly it it's been here if it's freedom of Janet let's mortar round. Drives baseline shovels underneath Boris in traffic half hour. Nobody really close out well my flawless tennis around the small town south of me faithful. Loans out at state state counted on stopped at a luncheon. Very good fundamental defense now on Gary Clark. First validate it saves you feel more rest of the line for food. Snacks struggled right at the end of the UCF in I'm missing his last three free throws. After a while not perfect but felt Wichita State will take it as a matter of fact check on the season 72%. Free throw line he shoots more free throws with anyone any state or free throws and one on the squad. 81%. Over the last night game for just those three the other night this is the second place of the all time. Is it difficult to lower costs and productivity it's definitely Washington's top handoff to Genesis went back to the middle of the this means that those left wing government that definitely benefits in the students at Mount Washington. The album snuggling Jennifer symbols on the floor. I never try telling solicited a sport now the lion all the way to the basket and out of bounds on Cincinnati's. Shot was blocked the Cumberland. Had a chance to get as he landed out of bounds I saw the elbow I saw Kyle Washington gets smacked in the face with an elbow as he posted up that thing through life. And that's what they should take a look at probably aren't going to building on earth. It was real obvious. She accidentally shot right about. At Frank Marshall talkative I was. With Heath Campbell would you Rosen Doug service take a look at the fathers that we have in the very early going here already had a couple of auditor review is it differs. But at some four seconds of this I don't know why they're allowed to. Look at you and I look at it at that Paula now what you are ready at the shot there's got to stuff that's not on a blocked shot and actually this kind of play it for defending five. Yes they're basically saying it was it was just make that's all. Most that it really drove it real close this incident itself. Everything that's going to be this way I got physical with what plant which. They handle it. Would likely instance and definitely with yours well now 5176. Left. They had the quality of their own baskets obviously it's not it's not fly him to play it again. Factory setup one for all format and along. Baseline. And a lot in the forest pops off right into practice democratic. Nice to have thick and it's been a consistent right now. It was strong finish yet it was guys submitted. It's it's Washington that's not gotten. Cumberland floating jumper that. And Cumberland but the basket Cincinnati started out hot hitting three of those school. Industry there can't tell if it's not that we'll be adopted. Think he had shot it liquids and that's the Morrison both off of excellence in those left into. Because he. It's not quickly fades out drops down and they had three guys. It's not symbols and I'd often doubles street that's got from Cumberland. Let's go highland watch that catches on the block jump what rules that have. The tires thankfully for the reference. Dribbles inside those left when the ground left baseline definitely. But that on the floor. Athletes and I definitely can't if they write it now. You guys when his. Fines and. It's announced. It does not want my excitement there was a lot correspondent reverse. It's. Way. It's nice to. National government throws that exists not vanity thing and they're now by Scott fourth. That's the gadgets about the field. And it that way the article in Washington they tried to keep one on wanted at a time in Cincinnati it like it is put it in front of Boris. Encampment that's not. Looks like those left him. It. Was not about the street back to shipments went left and that's right double team that's different you have five C out of an office faithfully as an. Tipped up like Kelly at the sacrifices and Jennifer of course at that slows down let's wait. Back at that Jennifer got them. If not it's. Innocence. Left the visitors we'll see. Since nine deaths of nearly Clark Clark announces the Washington's been around the block jump hook left it short. And Jennifer. He's not. Russert didn't. Time out. Loud club for. But it just sits well sits at a. Commitment makes Kansas workers among the best inning later. Their commitment shows as they craft high precision tools to create customized energy saving windows and keep power flowing across Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps companies support their employees went helping them stay healthy. While their engineering innovating and liking the way to our State's future. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas commitment and compassion community. 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Fourth to eleven a month and Kia Sportage after the match so why would middle it's key to make an offer that's generous. That's what you need for a midwest area. Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would beat John Green which Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. Well yeah. Not a statement hey I have an eight shot Cincinnati for a aces doctors want to scream but through the bearcats want to do. And what you thought they want to see it but I don't the only free throws shot in the sixties and along the boards so far there have an assist on all five of the event. You know what's its us it was down early MiFi about six points. And I think that it's not without fault that accidentally a Little League was snaps with the pacers thought the only thing that went on a night. Run and that's the statement that takes us well to nightly news. I think nothing's shocking about scored the bearcats. I'm out actually. So I had the chance to complete the three point play good now at Cincinnati was on just. With a soccer's. Bottom surgery and mustard greens have checked yes. Friend camp and Boris had gone out free throw by ground is good. So I. In the last night games but he has now. Escaped serious. Cincinnati full of soccer as a platform for instance do. Camp McCain group into the lineup you know it's hard evidences. That's the addresses of the game. Those spots. It bounces vital link got to have different stuff executive that's nothing worth a shot god is here bustle. Like Gary Clark in his first than it is released quickly picked up yet you know. That's a definite statements that ground entry made the free if not it's not left with nothing. Lots chances let's not like Belichick it's look I. This hot. If Gary Clark hey look. Blanket statements after writedowns. Christopher Kelly fifteen that level of success and it very aggressive flying by the seat. Rightly campus of the fact that it'll definitely you're nothing of it and adults. Right now it's at its Atlanta now it's. Not affected lots. I mergers aren't able to grab the offensive rebounds ultimately. First now with the testing today it worked lines. Is only mildly with its 61 point 5%. Zero for. Fourth. You look hard enough. Releases the ball is sticker says food down to who's the father dissent. Releases violently almost reaches the. Let us know. Forty to go first it symmetry if it group works off the street to the left side of it. Weakness that definitely they'll run right wing Willis here. Snappy quick three write out a way to target the opposite side of the backward prevents accidentally. Excellent. It has looked solid commitment to driving. Press trust and confidence of president. It's just a moment. Campbell Cincinnati back into the floor fairly flat fool. Fifty no sixty gophers have room to the left wing backed up front to Cumberland. A little bit right so that a. It's and it's here. An event that there's. It's called on the most. First found throughout its thirteenth. Cincinnati soccer basket. Brooks comes out at fifty you know it is really a legal. Some days six nights it's refreshing. It for a front thought states of substance. To make sure his players don't get to speak with our state that's better step down but bringing it up fences and behind those listeners listening gets it stolen and their hate groups that Connecticut Stanford the other way doubles McQuarters have a lot of shots and it's not just fire. And deaths yet. He's passed up the flu shot at least benefit of space and yet the three quarters that's another Willis lost track of another defense behind him surgery left wing suit part that's nothing bounces let's look locked and double team gets back up to. The reason much damage but three by Landry short. Bluntly chased out by Cincinnati. And it's a seventh. Visit to Evans. The first half games. Not give them the floor next to flee the surface. He's left wing of the look at that time lows to market like they're at a couple of the not a Clark got behind those of Boston and now. Well as accommodate my dad's sermons does not get through about six bodies and. Joseph Derosa was right there with a clear evidence did not blow the whistle. Well Clark released those audiences audience side might he goes to the free throw line anybody else. This fall but he's not a 123 free throws about a football game he's made more than anybody on balls fluff heads. So yes. Eight Cincinnati. Has shot about six and a half more free throws per game than its opponents. Thus they kept hearing from. Even in the First Lady Michelle after shots went in Cincinnati had 21 that snaps. Clark for the second drive of the they're canceling. Anything it's funny off. Good free throw shooting scenes that not a great free throw shooting team except for the conference but there's a city two thirds of the free throws freelance for baldness Clark goes out there created trade bonds got sixty pitchers software that did Boris is back into the soccer and friends you cannot -- rightly -- -- Lewis left click and nothing else is left slot for a certain route to make three a little short bounced off site rebounded by the bearcats flared it was Keith Williams a 65 freshman. It is now force incidents. Neighborhood. The one point lead group drive life I think under the lights this puts a foot jumper off the back passes and a rebound Cincinnati don't expect out of disorder narcissistic which suffered okay. Tore my heart this stuff it was simply brings. Well talent at his death in his first. Free free throws and haven't looked at positions after the 9%. About 1130 on the first half Cincinnati sixteen. Wichita State fifty. 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You land yes mid west Gil will match your down payments are due 2000 dollars you a thousand dollars down we make it to. You put two down. We made it to four. Best I can really reduce your payments. Like 116 a month on a few fortunate fourth 211 a month at a Kia Sportage after the match so why would middle as key to make an offer this generous. That's what you need for a midwest area. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Alan Acosta in valley center endangered or an end over what lawyer. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. 1511 and a half minutes to go with the first half it can't fit it. Intense competition as you would expect. Cincinnati with a chance to add to their lead his pick of evidence over the line for three shots after being fouled out of three pointer of the quarter. I'm Marcus picked up some of those. The kinds of thousands mistakes just can't afford in the game like this happens a 79%. Outfitters actually hit 80%. Over the last eight holes here. Well it would you gotta high level game Mike with the the word basketball. Half yeah its mistakes. And that's worth the effort over because it is safe outlet that stuff you know that's right free throws on the line with an opportunity for the fifth endlessly. Want before. Go right back and forth that's. They were in the first game that's been added nationally 46%. Of the thirteenth doctors 43%. Think that. Is that it helped plus gone on the boards 98 it's. Both teams have some turnovers in the last three minutes Wichita State to state one of six shots Cincinnati simplified. It's five points won't let. It's recently sent out. It's. In order. Cincinnati and it's five from the line with the states and what they. Grant and Evans will be one of the early candidates for player of the year at this conference next year insisted junior 66 of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And those along with the Marlins got a it's looking licenses. It is rattling NASA's. Honestly don't atrial slices kind of thing can definitely definitely snippets of getting him restaurant that's not enough for the for a fourth and fifth round as a sort of Willis got deflected not a good to back doubles left hand of honestly left faith constantly announcement. Is divorce right of the keys that reference content left we've reached guy's face life in fact out of Gaza Strip the away from behind by Evans Evans of across the front lines down the line runs in the Clinton camp president. Camps it was moving back. Tried to get packet hits setup was moving away from. The riddler epithets that hopefully different Kansas City this thing a couple of outlets that happened with this ball club my third physical problems believes that yesterday. Eight after the basketball that's. Just missed soon. Could but it had evidence of an off their ankles raid on Thursday night. There's a 100% now he's got nine points Cincinnati was it. Matching its previously verified nothing at the start now forty to fifty French camp right away and I factories turn fires that tree off the back. It looks that it would go out rebound deflected it came through for Cincinnati. It looked right on line a little hard now Cincinnati with the wolf. Went out in the timeline of his right office. Street throws it to the screen here underneath. Says hey six to follow. It bounces out rebound though. Here's the faith doctors down by five with the ball possibly afford to buy ticket that that's what's up a couple of streets. Back left Dallas and balances that are the Willis of fumbled it recovers. Out of the length of ground that will not let plus double team on him Google's. These flyers down on the block Morris often goes on the basket was found on the. Good. Message but I feel more a figure we'll have all under the basket good ball movement and actually that pass to the block was that that would suit my daughter for an offense that shot to make it and they'll come back every time they'll try to block every shot they'll try to body up against you. It they risked going to now they elected got enough good players not the problem. Helio is sending. This violence. 44 lines still down by five and the back immediately goes out. Chart delegate and and so you replace Willis thanks for federal funds through the line there 77615%. Last. That was. Kelly yeah. It's the original starting five definitely ground. Boris I can't stand it Washington back here at Cincinnati along with the Williams. Here Cumberland. Also its response is that there. I announces a lot more formal stolen now Washington. The traffic little jump hook battles out really fighting force and a blocked shot if all of parts maintenance guy. Cincinnati just because shoppers on the offensive glass that's not getting its audit and found away from the the wall. It's going to be Mal Washington for the whole month field Boris my goodness flawless Pakistan itself wants to put in a statement. It's on Washington its first. Yeah. And it's not here's a live event from the baseline with the F five miles. And it looking at night it's more of them right baseline. Right now my stuff up on the right brand trust worth telling you publicly she can't win. Definitely doable is that Washington takes lane. It is definitely doubled their. Kindness not stumbled and just. Inadvertently bounce it on the floor turns it over the couple of leads but loses balances that's definite way he dropped the ball. We'll hopefully this. Scores were kind of we'll go to the basket and that's that is next on the limit to Bosnia he's got up over morris' rockets into hospitals. On the plus side of the Elena. Came through this person. That's exactly. The friends here soccer's I think sleepless succeed if stifled offensively knowing that if it candlelight sticks it out yet that stuff out of bounds offices and at. Stay with us and they go after it might go inside against them and they just collapse like we stand it's it's not to laugh. 4416. There's cancer treatment of the subplots and a lot of worthless went right back to him that it offensive fire at the three hit it out of that's halfway down it's not great for the shot is there advances that have been nice. Last shots made those last night easily if he's gonna pockets creates you know I was gonna sic predict opinion. Yes magnificently today. There was no evidence that Kennedy flooding. Seven to sixty bearcats yelling a couple of different things that it's not crosses over drives and didn't need to have alliance. Sit through a little turnaround bounces out of his rebound the Washington it's not consistent not make anything right now. And no offensive rebounds either but. Yes it's restorative thing. Cumberland. Before. Having eleven point lead they and its developers and government I'd rather have brown not to let recovered McCain for. They can't flies background that might get to steal enough. To drive it snapped the streak in Washington along very often match. We've got to just let loose on the floor picked up like going down the line that in itself now. Doctors. Battling for that would that it bounced out. It beyond the field morris'. No free throws yet on this front but we'll go to time out here live. Wichita State trailing Cincinnati 27 to 68743. Big helicopters there. Finding the right employees to be demand from recruiting ticket your views expressed employment professionals does the work or. We get to know your business. You're looking for skilled labor or you're trying to fight administrative help. Need an executive. I qualified people an important he's an express for all your staffing. 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Under the practically melts in your mouth the averages specifications for the review but then there's our special blend of spices we season and went followed by slow smoking every day is a real victory with the end result is our delicious. I'm wellness visit one of our five locations in which it's awful we dirty Hudgens and elder radio and the line I'm not dominate week. US you shocker basketball he's on 103 point Evan JE. 740 million outburst to advance Cincinnati. As outscored Wichita State by fifteen points. This is doctors at their early lead. For Cincinnati an awful lot of money seven to 61 thing it's turned it factors not getting it second chances for at least six or eight feet. Doctors have made only one of their last ten shots. Only rebounded two of those nine witnesses Cincinnati off of the board's fifteen to eleven they've outrebounded the shocker. Hi. Can't get points off turnovers in favor of Cincinnati ten to nothing Mike Wichita State's turnovers have become very very costly. They can't afford to get frustrated what they need to do is to settle down. It starts getting some higher percentage shots have to credit Cincinnati's defense they're really fight he's. This is the Wichita State have to find a way to get the basket throughout scoring. Cincinnati since the sixth of the things. Coming out of the time that. Cincinnati with the balls out of math class now. With us a fifth of the first half that is on the rise and no free throws. And a good play it and having trouble ticket benefits for advocates. A couple of breaks definitely that threat came through. At group looks to advance the ball flights on the shot clock 735 gophers have room nights right now gets to step to the basket throws a pass back after an off balance French camp. Moving into your group but he is not here. Group kind of hesitated at whoever was hit hard now on the post defense dictated leaving him. A bit of an Alley to drive in outlying France can't of that in his second south. Analysts agree sex and death. Of an audience that the baseline it wants him back in the right water levels definitely. Recently out front room left way. Let's look at the post that got for a few groups not pockets yes. The clock right now and his wife to death rate for five shoot out of the lane floating jumper bounces. Outrebounded. Smith. Doctors if it is not only that but it's. Florida it's not it's a real yeah. If it's unsafe rushes the ball off. Forward since the Andy doesn't have signed consent. That's not that's it. Only fourteen so. Office. I didn't that is creative artists would slide but don't look at the back just laid down almost lost its residents do. Evidence at this stuff that's always very Austin next head. It's not about this conference. It's enough reason it's not looks at it drives it is definitely. Flint, Michigan definitive victory for us you know accidentally all the way to the basket. Got lots of behind Mike Clark. For the fans wanted to now at Clark appeared to get it from behind Edwards and his friends visit yeah. I don't for the why didn't. Essentially it Evans. It's easy to laugh about it now is that the guy just. Right last. That the ticket that sense of 27. Point 3%. Six glanced up at night that pace it wants us. And four blocks all audiences that. Normally lift noble thing nothing but does it not reach the left right right block the words. Not think that definitely. It's time low street Lawrence goes right well this. Austin but that it's a big fan of the electorate ground along very. Yeah. It's. Yeah that's exactly is open. It was a. It's inside us. Okay look at this afternoon. Set I let them have no next right. Appalled that somebody can't be very careful. Flight definitely somebody on the other. That's like that sounds like. Sally let slip and Nazis. It. Definitely looks a lot different theories of the street but it warrants. That over Kelly's gonna take a three AA off the about this time it's just. It's nice to him. It's like it. Clinics. It's a good. Right that's that's lists losing their. Close up in the the corner and hits hits it affects. Yeah. Actresses were down eleven happened that's at five let the ball itself or hopefully with a first and finds it makes the fastest I can finally starting to defend well not good enough offensively. Stand over it and it's definitely forest Kelly and around. Him that to the right way that is the event down the block north but well. I excellence. Yeah. It's not a lock down all the evidence that it does not live drizzle tonight crosses over processor. Student it's definitely wasn't just for today and it's not he is a pretty think flexibility to get open like that 39%. That is very fast enough that it needs of different from the feet off the streets relentlessly since it acted honestly. Off the street by Boris. Doubles right stuff that's not think leads end business. And resentment and it's always. It's. Cincinnati was the off 605. To go first half your upper limit for us tonight lines. Slow dribbled to the left side of the it sort of accident throws off the left side of the length department of backgammon the only campus life and Clark stepped through little jump to a mystery about. As well defended against by telling him enough right sidelines with a bit of the floor thing but that's not. Sam it's not at all. Today Vista slightly. Yeah I. My sofa accidentally. Santa that's the sidelines it's not there's nothing that the bones and mystery that for the good of the floor girls left. He dribbled the White House not Boras takes it on the line. Add it again and its prevalence. That little off balance. Shuffled his seat on the drive down let it go back to Cincinnati after the fourth now. 09 to you know it the first. At Cincinnati thirty smooth Wichita State. But you're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. Because the top of your game this season with Johnson's at 21 in K 96. AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteenth and green which rode in Wichita as your new home for shock her coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today -- only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 and beat him two locations in Wichita and one and Hudson a proud supporter of shocker athletic. Yeah. Don't miss the educational seminar is going on right now to 2018 outdoor living and landscapes show brought to you by the Sedgwick county extension office along with McCain is heating and cooling or independent train comfort specialists learn all about shade gardening native Paula Nader's garden drugs and don't miss them onside demo for more visit outdoor living in Wednesday's show dot com. Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris Hope Amy Yoder knee Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or hazel forest pummel. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY yeah. Just stay up to 42 point thing. Forty shot is still trailed thirty. But they are back in the day after trailing by eleven. Rebounding back and it is. Well what's the thought they hate it. Once dominant. Just made life. Getting him open. Time. That's evidence that that's. Even though he asks well three of his last football games is capable of sending the ball extremely well it's. Sources for your war games as my feet. Survivors. Hi this hi eleven points. Feel more. Six respect grab that. Not wild. Again. Some are fairly lethal disease widely denounced those pants and lots of Cincinnati. I'm thinking. The line throws the runner going to be missed it for nothing I want I want it to you this. Let's eleven Fazekas that if he's played really really well let's. My office flights in the right way right faceless definite activity for a funeral Willis left slavery sausage thought about it but to receive faith. There was an analyst with stuff let's the lectures and shot fake actually have a three left elbow off the right side of the rim. Presents its that it is now a Linux nothing. We've added but Washington and nothing came over the fact that his first and second downs. Seventh 2000 us they don't want him gone for now Washington the other area. Good look for share but it could shoot it well but just drifted a little bit right off the right side of the grid Washington at the line. It is shooting 73. Point 1% only goes to the lines of sciences at halftime again with his aunt. Probably not realistic to have big got to go to the free throw line it frequently. But he considers itself with the he sits offices and three sons of free throws. Analysts. It's not a position that indefinite. If this month it's not. Yeah. Enough mystery goes right drives the ball in the basket attacks president. It was a great night derelict. 3.3. General lawlessness that with the best of them but bad things. That it takes its spinning. There's guys that that's an offensive. Eight ticket evidently did not victories at fourteen of the first half Cincinnati five. Feet five yes 3732. Lately with the school board Kelly. Had a blanket to rattle through the present statements that definitely needs constant. Rights of the Linda Lewis. Stepped it dries basement floor. And definitely the fast he covered a lot of ground on one stat floating through here right now I tried to bank shot that bounced up. Now on Gary Clark will be his second visit to I think that says the defense but he had that second bounce might be ready to close it off off that second bounce it'll surprise. It's free throws which doctors down five euros one of two from the line. Good. Its. Good points for their own. Lewis. Three it now possibly a couple of big free throws here right at the end of the half. 37 seconds to go as a half checking in for the bearcats Trevor Boris 65 freshman wing. Who replaces Gary Clark that there can't. Wanted to. Analyst with one war to get it back from the three point game. That was just bad bounces softly. You. Know low. 37 seconds. And Cincinnati's detect and 32 timeout to set something up here. A reminder that Monday night is coaching show night. On 97 and thirteen thirty K at SS live within chase for real yelling at thirteenth and read it. Coming up this funding tomorrow night six to seven Gregg Marshall. They match up that this. They had them. Eight thought Butler hockey soccer baseball the baseball team. Going for a sleeve of Nebraska this afternoon that would give them a nine start here that comes up with the clock again and it's. In case we're of the Alley. Wichita State finally sadly can't make some baskets. Led by cabinet also then not giving up more than once I. Tightening for us defensively. And the loud with the prostate pet shop how to behind sight read Cincinnati has the ball 36 point eight seconds left. And adding 45%. In the first half five of thirteen. 3100848%. Five of fourteen. Again I don't want to drop a line rebounds. Please stay with us stayed up Scott's accident. That's it's. As the right wondered if they were very nobody's again. Back in it and it's different but it's not want to hear lots about five or six active evidence over to Cumberland. That's evidence not about 38. You know it's not spinning them bootlegs or. Washington president definitely about seven seconds that's not as. It's not great but the court. Not to Willis I think all of the foul line. It's. I have no other factors that some momentum back after trailing by as. It is the love of their own I was getting seven. Just eight points down the stretch to think this offers. At halftime six at 837. What did John say 36 we've got advantage of what we expected they'd stated the credit union of America half it's. Thanks pat I'm standing at a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside can't make. 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We priced services for checking accounts the home runs and everything is the wave that's pretty of America's all about. And America proudly sponsors. W this basketball. Cincinnati. Got up early five nothing Wichita State court back to 64 point lead and all of us that it was all Cincinnati over about a four minute stretches. Eleven point lead over the soccer's doctors have come all the way back to within one at halftime Cincinnati 37. Wichita State 36. Dollars and a close game. It was fun games are played well at extremely high level of intensity raises a top ten caliber. Sweet sixteen elite eight level kind of gave it said. Centres of late thinks it say about this ball game that starts with rebounding night. I thought Cincinnati not to soccer's block off early that with our state it links they were down by four on the floor it's. And they were able to come back I like if this eighty Wichita State has seven personal files. Cincinnati only six they allow the players to play it that's really really good. Also might Cincinnati's defense really clamp down on the Soccer City yet we have. And Wichita State reacted poorly they went through a stretch that they would want a fan it's kind of like a prize fight. That Atlanta recently to the rescue he had a couple of they freeze it out with us they often writing. They seem to be rejuvenated and the defense event as well it started today's stops. And then after landry's Fleury it was Gerald Lewis down the stretch Daryl who played regularly poorly for most of the game at Cincinnati's. Scored seven of his eight points in the last couple of minutes of the first half a Big Three that got this got yours back at history. And at that pull up jumper at the foul line right at the first half buzzer to pull the suckers that watch hero shooting 63 point 3%. The field five of the last six ball games they should write an article about it in the paper every day that he could cause. He certainly had a nice article and he is responding well. Playing exceptional basketball what the questions always is that he. He threw the ball over. He doesn't have that he only has 13 over end what he's been able to do was respond that the courts as well feast the tie for second. In that game. Recounted that war exceeded only by a shark Kelly that's five on behalf. Hello we're talking about performances now that Jacob evidence for Cincinnati's five at night overall for five for three. Fourteen points in the first half that he didn't pulling up the shooting jumpers who did the writing is spinning to the basket. Here Cumberland due to the shocker for eighteen instance an added burden of it yet but 91 half points that he horrified. And you know good players rise to the occasion when the team is on the line when they play tough team subjective evidence I think it's just a superb basketball player. Had made only 34% of his shots and he needed his last night ball games. He wasn't playing particularly well but he sees the conflict thought State's defense showing his atlases and his ability to take it to the basket and also. Or from the outside. It is seen that day persists after six years not a threat chances had a little trouble getting enough practice that is three shots. Everybody else. That's influence eight point six field Lawrence tonight by three rebounds four for five field. Zach brown playing as usual defense and added six points of that three point basket and a breakaway three point play layup. After starts yelling loudly as to points five rebounds. Assistance blocked shots and other statistics that come out just like you would think coming into this game might just words about which would expect. The shooting percentages are close the rebounds are exactly the same now it's just a matter of who has the staying power in the second half. And who's gonna come to the forefront Wichita State just for the heats up the united either but Duffy or frank yeah. If they hope to witness all of it it certainly the crowd to its markets it crazy loud supportive in here that certainly look at this. Yeah well it's always one of the toughest places of the nation the way. The crowd now has the responsibility to do their job in the second half and they do I think the players respond. Soccer sports properties afflicted state athletic like to thank the soccer ambassador did not state league level of corporate partners out of line. Delta dental health industry to cut it indication if you're interested in becoming a sponsor with the varsity athletics golf soccer sports properties. 16. I'd 7875. Two victory in the American halftime report we'll continue for appropriateness right now. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita the agent friend would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. Cincinnati 37 which it does day thirty. At half time here at home arena. Delisting after the game for the percentage of this gap you've received tomorrow at the soccer's where that either to adds location that's locker room. And west let's go inside the numbers look at the first half statistics brought to you by the KD CPA is at advisors everyone needs a trusted advisor. Killers Wichita State in the first half shooting 44 point 8% on thirteen of 49 I have a fourteenth for 335. Point seven. Cincinnati a little lower percentage 42 point four. But fourteen of 33 or more camp one more field goal made. At five the same number three spot that they were five of thirteen of the factors five fourteenth. Cincinnati for a night for blind Wichita State five seven. And on the boards his state pension daddy and it what do you see Cincinnati. Getting tapped for more offensive rebounds. But on second chance points list of five to four advantage Wichita State was fourteen and on points in the paint. Genesis for Wichita State six for Cincinnati Bearcats only had two turnovers the entire first half the shoppers net. Five at Cincinnati added twelve nothing advantage on quite stuffed turnovers don't give a netstat chapters are fortunate. To be within a point at halftime. Next story favorite Wichita State very slightly eight assessment as Darryl Willis was the only player to score in the first half off soccer fans. Cincinnati. Got three different players with one score putting him three vikings' Williams and it may twelfth and a half percent of its mysteries of the season. Prior to that one you know he gets shots it is somewhat unorthodox I mean. He's lucky that he was able to. To put that thing in but you know what's really funny players adrenaline starts to operate these things that a game like this Cincinnati at or early blocked shots chapters just kept ticket and Adam count if it is evident more than half they definitely got quiet. What do you think about the officiating and I think it's the I don't get it might not play at at not to be excessive point. Players at risk not getting her through let them client and definitely I agree with that wholeheartedly Mike. The Cincinnati take advantage with fourteen injured Cumberland and nine it and let it spread out after that Gary Clark with war. A couple of guys with three apiece for rebounds for now Washington is worth three points Wichita State. Eleven points four assists one turnover from Landry champion shot for a 7363. Nine point three boards with Neil Morrissey points four rebounds Darryl Willis six points for Zach round. Two points five rebounds and assists two blocks former shark Alley. Kelly only two points himself but health Gary Clark should just three field goal with tips once. Appreciated before flights outrebounded five wives. I think you slots for what it does stay with Kelly it is against the guys that had that conversation. Player of the year legal here. He's up to balance like I'm. You don't you don't notices defense is much else rebound he's a tough spectacularly down in the first half offensively. Really strong. You've been listening to the credit you. It of America halftime fellow remembered that got pretty good that America is all business days critic of America proud sponsor. Shocker basketball that for the second half after this. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament since 22 kids all chasing one ball arrest was overwhelms people. Laryngitis. You can't control the game the united health care you can have better control of your care. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Alan Acosta in valley dinner and drink or an Andover was lawyer. WSU shocker basketball he's on what O three. I just happen. Again there's not great it's doctors play its present off. Thought area god one got a profit on. Romo doctor at least. Receive your doctor discount. 3736. Cincinnati at halftime. Doctors sent out Austin reed field forest land we can't attack ground. Session belongs to what it's not safe zone and score on the first president. Thought safe can afford it well like they did the first half down by eleven and hope things go well what's taking. It was late basket for basket read. War pass the buck Morrison both the left in this Kelly with the rebound got off of the floor in his home town of time here. Improvements got to step it under that it was a that it it all the experts rate that night. And not be critical they know everything that they need to read them to stop. Sorry Kelly it's his second offensive rebound the game lobby the forest the last one if it that it's not out of announcement Cincinnati seventy. On the shot clock. It's not displayed in the front of their bench there at Marshall make it at all. 3736. Cincinnati. Comes in the shame of it through the timeline left after the street gets nearly triples right to drive us over wheels up they got debt. Rove hitting in the faces the area around the shoulders of faces at least it's not out of line with his. Happy dance in front of 101500. People but it. You don't want that person with the out. Black and white stripe they caught him now let me has an opportunity from the line he's almost automatic first now on room. 2000 Cincinnati's and it's free throw medals at a certain analysts. There is only here. Flatley has hit really really good at the line lately it particulars six of six the last two games 24. Went to snap that his last three games that's where this free throw good. What you're 2195. Point. So it's not simple game system. Is that it's not games. Let me up and down the left slot floor crisis definite double team president definitely did not defense at slide over. Vista office. As wide open as definitive as to that in detail of their for this I don't. Staff likely to keep that up before the game I think it's going to be difficult time wolf you're right Elliot rightful owners but it's not it's definitely. Not simply left wing Reid must. Let's just say not only enough to listen to light fires under the ground this publicity right through his hands covered by Cincinnati fan support Clark after the group's mailing a couple of dribbles fools that lots of its not Clark and I thought but it definitely definitely evidence against retrieve him and an addict and prevents cavities. Good for us for Catholics mark. Evidence off the boards with enough Jessica. Only. Ours but Saddam. Or Freddy. Give it to them now wide open three from Boris. Historically. Suggested that it's ruled by evidence with the accident this little life itself. It's not. Pick him. Last night. And it incessantly. At if you don't it's not fun but it's the second half as fast almost all of my Phillip Clark. Covered its certificate of evidence bounces and some evidence that the feeble. Announces fourth president alliance. And accidents happen. Demonstrators threw it an addict yeah since reopened less visible regardless. Constantly. It's not that you are still inside both teams had chances not that it was sources sympathetic to flee. Please let forward Kelly one dribble through a finances 33 left elbow hit an out of out of government offices today. Hopefully there's some tough life she's picked to start the second half it happens now is conflict fitness and it's hurt his ankle there's the united sadly this appears to be he's right he gets easier to edit it could be just. I don't recover quickly. Once again I was with constant winds with them. Really hotly there and it brings these Williams in the theaters places that traders taking a look at it and yet it's it's an advanced seventeenth. Wanted to you know second half game tied at 37. Of him so hopefully it's from Cumberland definitely. It happens I think the group play out for us Clark and I think it's horrible enough not to covered. It great can't read Frontline force is not god knows that's not been made worse to me. Thank you it's nice flop like pizza for that this player sacred heart players here there's a sense of Cincinnati. He's role players here that he gets worn off since your friends and assorted debris hits and opens up the street at best of my short right reasons. Wide open looks here in the hands as they did it. Through. The bulls out of the top of the circle laying out front. That's had a good time line Cincinnati up to 393760. And a half life. On the left way it was him flip. Side against the clock Kelly at fort Friday. In this room way out front nine issue. Look at history dribbles. And I sniffed. And it drives it down the line another ball up and get to the camp Edwards and really difficult Johnson at least eight Cincinnati by. Past. Elliott it's not. I was voiceless I was like here's the left want a public transport him. On the right wing the ground. Let's move but it suddenly drops the more effect blocks visit there might have traveled gets sunup to. That it makes up for the alliance now for the the eleventh. Seed. They like thirty now. I Cincinnati nice news. The basic second half play out there that's not my problem. FC offensive but it just noticed it right. Mark does this play out beyond the three point line. Once it definitely definitely does have a decent government that markets opened its very. This event is to feel myself and soccer's dancing with the phones and but it. Right this is a lot lately to drive it does not not a person. My kids of today. It's not want to. Those left office butterfly effects are straighter and it lane. Washington itself let us now Washington lifted him what he's got mine. As a kind of it's Celtics just Wear out. That that little influence in the life and like Darryl Willis always. Writes. Up 4341. Cincinnati on snuff and Kelly lifted if you aren't with us tonight Elizabeth Boris underneath route all alone let's. He's obviously. Smart guy that's. It's not that over the through blob that is not from Washington fanatic and I want my vote has fought defensively near Washington recovers and buts about that yeah. What does that present. This had chances to grab rebounds they normally get to Cincinnati he's contesting cardinals. With some away from the won't foul. On Cincinnati but Keith Williams told a standout on it's not an avid at a time out there. And 48. We'll have the ball after Cincinnati now. Cincinnati 45. Wichita State 43. 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Find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and retail sales charity when he fourteenth between seventy. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. It is for me with no money he got command and I can't believe things can grab. For it now with as much Cuba committed I can't believe this contract. A healthy smile as powerful things he deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GE. It's good battle haired girls as the Cincinnati in the lead again at the moment 45. 43. Wichita State is down want at halftime doctors have tied it on an occasion. Incidentally it right the moment but it does that position coming out it's a small thing right now and so forth the second half Cincinnati but. Fouls not on Wichita State if not as good. Get to the line a little work out the stretch that certainly would be to their advantage that something Cincinnati. Average. Please it's happened seven more free throw attempts forgave their opponents. Right now things with the kind. Surprised how much Cincinnati goes one on one night they have seven assists on the rate the fastest and I think that's probably pretty standard fans. As a matter of fact. Surprisingly consecutive conference. In this yes but over the last half we'll ballgame. Don't wanna on the floor that's a credit which are state defense. Not vote cast ballots. You just say that the bunkers on Baskett 25 seconds on the shot clock back round play at the end. Not a sprint can't is it. Along with analysts that estimates that evidently very little movement. That's on the block hours sitting in there accidents it's that it bounced off the bat it rebounds war for Cincinnati's. It appears to be okay. If that comes out now through Lawrence's doubles. It's not likely lead now it's not that I. Write it he has enough number. Look at dialogue does. It says it now forces and it and it goes list in traffic stumbled through a fence not covered by. Not accidentally that if you read it. Liked to have an important thing camp right way let's confident right water underneath them are seizing yeah. When they run off quickly three Smart. It was a senate floor I called him. Secret that's what. It's inside the floor it's ethical business trip throws up partially slots and it's now. Darryl Willis I guess. Looks like Tiffany clean block grants that go to lines as soon be bluntly didn't follow it. First 2000 NASA. What's it's us it's now up lewis' second Kerry Clark. We threw his fifth. Floor you know with five points. He's been sentenced fifty from the three point line plot and its lessons. So I've missed free throws at some point as well and six of eleven from the line. If it's not safe with the ball down 47. 51238. You know the circumstance. Lovely if you know anything. Like this him slightly divorced snapping up front you know Willis makes it left of my friends can't pronounce the clock add. Wrestling match boarded there could jump ball position arrogance this. Not at credit. That a little bit kind of yeah hands of the rhetoric about the most Qaeda movement that all of those factors it's genetic. Expected. What's expected applaud him it doesn't look like him all I didn't just eats eat it but. It is true. Clark Evans wants them. Relentless it's an added his hands off at its right side of the floor above the art stuff right snuggling in Washington but this night to the basket against Boris with Saddam. The floor at the delay Bob got stripped. Or it's not. And it's not exactly behind him with the thoughts on forests. On Boris from behind him that night he had a clean strip. Where's the that stuff yeah I think. Actually at markets the stuffing his third season once the access to allow the second team felt to have moments with us since out Washington that the lines. Students normally it's free throw shooters 73%. Results from one of the food stamps. Saddam is not about the thousandth ended up pretty quickly and I forgot. Cincinnati thoughtless and tonight. Listen I'll stop it now wants to lose the for the person. Who now has eight points in the Cincinnati up nicely. Smoked him it you know. Washington at that averaged seven point seven points in three of its last four penalties for us he's vice president of government. Second free throw. And it's short but bounces it soft that's not a Washington tonight. Cincinnati by four that's the biggest lead. It definitely got the streets of forest that's not to defeat. Mr. Boris if it's not. Flip over there with nothing. Plans to ship referenced in tennis history of wars goes left double team just dribbled noise though and now opposites. AA slower rebound Cincinnati you know. The law it's not presented at that position there but that's not if not a little. Lot easier parkinson's and nature of free points I think I had about a third of the distance from its existence the basket. It it's definitely definitely driving spinning its turnaround I've missed it sure thing about it. Nothing if rebounds alone part prevent self evident to defect or let me it's nothing 35 mark yes yes. What's it just takes right now. Nancy it's. It's nothing else. Then again. That's my. That in itself as sympathetic vote there and why. It's. It's not the. All right. All right that. All fight hard to adopting want to. Defense played like on Wednesday. That's OK big breath of life goes to capital and and we've got to. Rory on Monday night at eight K sports grill at the Alley. And they. A live. Greg marshals at the seven. Baseball coach Todd Butler. Let me get this weekend it's not about. Doctors. The big book right here basketball to baseball. The draft pick up. At a stadium in game seven and six. He'll have the same case for bill. Galley they're. It kept couple actually several nights like these runs the second half the run and spent only about one point three. Now the soccer. Brought up five point winning. He died within that green left. The ballgame and. You know they've got. Years they have fast break like that word games don't get the basic diet are. The guy with the ball. As a played really well handled the gun to break out there have been past this the right. Anybody got thousands like him but he makes the lay up but. Ranked Stanford up. It's part of a little bit more at very easily could have its benefit on the left. An added bit. Fun night that's good. Typified their long years third in the nation Africa. This this target had a lot of great look they. Second half. The fastest five assists second half and already. When he says it's. Six doctors cardboard. It's made six of twelve shots. The life. What did not safe. The game fifth reported. David did everything that is fast forward inside absolutely tight or it could happen. I don't want to cause problems. Thought they think that happens is that the lives a little bit the second half it. Three beautiful flop in the second half. I. I wouldn't let anything happen. Flat freak also. Do instead a couple of buckets. Point six thwart the attack. Did not stay right yeah it's nothing LA's campus and it goes to the doctors. Pick up full court in Cincinnati event. Rumors of what got my could I. Tennis is so well it. He's now gotten through to the second half. Maybe the most capable of making the playoffs that balances that is closely guarded Washington that's right for the handoff to the pulls back yet sort of my friends we have now lifted. And its citizens with nothing against excellent thanks to the victim to jump bookstore. It definitely was covered by far benefits through outlets flocked to Washington Fries that make the move up Willis or up way short ball better that's just it just. Let me think that people syllables that Willis credits go to. Definitely it was on the floor status tied up and it they would six possessions and those that did make it. Advised passengers dropped off to him. We've just listed here fortunately this doctors will come up with a possession. At fifteen to go look at the epic twelve timeout it intensity levels settles down for just a moment. Yeah fifteenth that goes second half Wichita State fifty Cincinnati's forty times. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the tenth at health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you don't eat that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy learn more at Kansas hello Don pouring. Go Sox. State farm agent get what's important here especially on game day. Big Three. Watch some hopes to bring bring the red water bottles right here I am rabbits with key chains Chris I'm your state farm agent thank help protect the things that really mattered you. Good luck charm if they broke don't fix. Okay. I think listening in the comfy seats less time. Get an agent or do you statement. You don't like oh right. If you're stuck in your low release listen up if you're over your milestone release upside down below or just one out of your car or new sun healthy today but not least that we can Nissan all more or road producers anathema that threaten your own between if you knew some off or rover zero down if you none of them look after me they're not human performance. 1800 new news on the there's always some Wichita vodka with a recruit informants reported to. If you're perfection can prevent business from home this point in the distance from the five people Jason won't confuse the. Shocker for is drawn to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven Kate you Wyatt. Shocker possession is coming up after me don't belong there. Your favorite which it does day. Just fifteen you know which is an eternity in a game like this date has made the point a couple of times that. This is such a possession by possession tied the game cannot let down at all against opponents as nature for entities. And so you really have to keep your concentration levels high and really try to minimize mistakes. Every half off every split every health every castle. Three found this for my feet got two really good defensive teams for the most part Wichita State's three point defense struggled. In about the last three games but the plane pretty darn good streak. Defense today and as a result Wisconsin has the lead fifteen to 49. With almost ten. That it started to have to soccer's. Golfers they have seven Cincinnati Cleveland they definitely alternate French can't. Planet of the headlines it got kicked out Washington applaud the F. Got it makes a lob and they're still looking into the well let's not let's not blame him back to. Different you know for exit after the way this country's recent friends can't it's your life right there to baker Clark over the valley through art and a handoff to him but on the right way thumbs up front with a over the threat camp tonight is not an accident. People left wing Nazi. Markets left lots Lewis fits in there got knocked away and it's gonna play nice and it. Cincinnati the numbers have to walk down one through. In the that the footwork hand off problem. The Washington. Let's side if you could Evans. Evans lifts its one dribble out front Cumberland. And nobody writes for the Washington for three and its long rebounds chase down bystander. We have to cross the sidelines taxes. That is not cancel we'll certainly do those drives me as much kids' lives are not constantly Pellicano was. Crossover dribble drive down low league's head got a long way. Evidence now with his first point second half at sixteenth Cincinnati's front. This Cincinnati's three but she had a candlelight look for the little sort of balance Cincinnati. Tickets drawn down the lane and had a flawed if not just the little. Little story kind of wits against the rib at the basket supports the out of foul called on how Washington. The conference's second Fallon wants him fourth. Cincinnati after three very Cleveland's. They had been called for a while shocking to believe that whistled twice in the second hand. Camp that is one for two from the line free throw good now sits at. Really thought it down with the prostate and outscored Cincinnati 24 to sixty. In defeat for the last trips down the it worked with the ball in lewis' hands. Have been done frustrated Wichita State shots of guilt that normally yet reliant on his quickness of the camp fat don't just throw. One war machine that makes it. Let me. It was six CD a nineteen. The cost effective for fifty some 51 full court pressure. It's not snippets facility closure of the benefit benefit off the picked up an affluent incidents. Through the crisis one walking through. The way nothing that's off the Wall Street. The rights of obstacles. That's not definitely. And it's time the market doubled to him quickly things it is late night but put up watch my calorie free public license at any evidence that the water's got to see if that's pretty athletic and not facts. Got it. At eleven it's not thought I was. The ball back down to throw the ball back out and it got six places where Edwards I think his defense that these flaps deployed doesn't have enough to get off that benefits that it's not off the front and maybe a little concerned about 58 holes are Washington. And through for the moment it's it's an interest in. Him that goes left way of life that friend can't have rifles not about a fifteen footers sort of left the united nice this came up through the events of that if that happens it's not yet ticket Evans really hobbling down the floors Jennifer Cumberland evidence. That's your ups and also it's let's. Absolutely that's. Accident. One against Philly. And I can't alliances that the progress on an apartment hunters and that is right side of the business plans that have Cincinnati back if I want if it is sensitive stuff over the no that's down the line defeated it would effect yet to see him over the right side is that nothing. Markets are not afraid not swivels left. All the way to the border on the baseline doesn't like that and we'll live right by if you went back it. Listen as the days it's not have plenty of evidence toddlers the little. It's not a steady at 5450. Slaves which is not safe number. Left to right off the Wall Street sense right now Leonard fought over Boris this it. The sidelines cuts that have been goes right to left of the late pizzas dribbled. Out the rings at three bystanders away sort. Rebounds Cincinnati Steve. Popped up stated it stated that drives that just lifts or and I. Down 16. Forty videos. It's not want everybody to have these bounces left elbow the truth. That's. But the goal for now him back to Evans. Guarded by Boris. And it's going to be tickets definitely was contested and he didn't. Nice that's not the saudis and all day and he made it worse was. Right if it is it's this race not fall away three points not that takes a lot of effort worth of the blocks fit again there's double team gets enough left. Now. Looks like evidence may be asking now he's really conflict. Now. Going to be out those tear drops. That's his second. Of course they fight for the life. After the underage timeout 613 that you know second half Cincinnati 56. Wichita State 54. Ever wish you could call a time out of those expensive ATM fees. Wealth get wise when you banquet equity bank you can. Which your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fees it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDI. You always get a great ride on tires from can't the flat tire and speak and a great ride what a fantastic ride it's been big a part of Wichita State basketball this season. I think it was entirely understand that a great work ethic determination and commitment to success at a huge amount of shock right is what it takes to build a W issue athletic legacy. I can't display entire we're proud to have been a small part of this year's Wichita state pride and accomplishment. Thanks to all what you Wichita State fans everywhere would make him Kansas my entire part of the shocker family. Need a plumber gets depressed. Go with the one the only the original Roto-Rooter. Kevin had a great experience with Roto-Rooter you know I've had my share of difficulty and lack of knowledge into my home by your competition I will always count on your company with confidence in the future the last 24 people to review rover Enron global each gave Roto-Rooter of five star rating for plumbing drain cleaning it truly trestle over a fair dialed in 63 away. Now. Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent during Crawford drew me from Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Shocker basketball and three G and. Nothing and watch out of the last five field goal at cant find anything. Now they have an offer he however was far from the free throw line. The three point shot by us this. Bad. And that doesn't need a fast break off. Simon at thirty sec sound. On top of the I don't know you don't Morris wanted him today from the free throw line has thirteen points that's two shots here a chance to tie it at. Free throw good. They've seen here. Obama at thirteen tickets to their parents at the first meeting fourteenth at the moment. That's what it's kinda it's there to be you know these. Good. I'm soccer's. Did Gary Clark. Jennifer for Cincinnati evidences that this conflict. Williams positive benefit for what it's like nothing to say bluntly it's now on the confidence that if it's not. Washington is that it wasn't the market posted around the revenues. Announces that mostly accidents and traffic. Turnaround Arnold's and threw it up there about a fifty. That does not look like if it's not here that doesn't it and that's that any night. Yeah definitely it's not. Excellent right wing to nothing practicality yeah. I. I'm slam finalist. It's played by Washington. To prove their innocence. Today it's fifty able and I think it's exactly the flights were. It drives it starts with the lives of innocent citizens they ought to back to sit there and. It's nice that. And inside it's. You know slower sister. Sorry Kelly now with seven. Absolutely fantastic and it's exactly there accident monster dunk for a moment ago that tied the school Wichita State. At this point canceled some personal files of the game is close down Smith during the gamble a little bit not what's since. A lot Jennifer Linda Evans back in Cumberland back here. Canada Flint, Michigan from a slant. Sixes Drupal is nothing positive open on the way. We called the life of the can't stand those left out front Kelly out into the light hits it out that nothing shot that it drives. Pulls up about it what is sort of got left to play short rebounded into evidence isn't it yeah. Nothing they'd get additional growth. It's just that physically gets bumped all the way you Darren I. Because it was that he once did. Bruce Loeffler 580411. Ago. It was left off the left side of the Atlantic. Clark I felt that it it can't help. And at night candidates telling you over jump hook up a fight with. Rick Perry Clark. Kelly went down trying to get charged all their work they do little else but he's got eight Cincinnati nights if you have a hands off the Rashard Kelly. Looks Guillen out front Boris explode upon Washington. Right wing Kelley would dribbles hands off the shipment squared up on government. Well to shoot. Nightly talent. I love the bullets hit it in their Dakota left. He sort of pass out front because normally end of that war it's over in fact I'm not sure it's. That was always the. Right by here have a chance it could get to go to the doctors with a critical turnover. At the under fourth about 331 that you know second half Cincinnati six. What should just stay at eight state farm agents get what's important to you even the news broke down on the road. Just ask you homebody he must think Farmington that would take care of. Why you call for us all these diplomats that. Oh and it does is glad that glad cause broken down. Three dig out. I I felt like Phil right. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the current ten group that JPY again in time for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of Wichita Brian Hill home helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven is and who worked for you whether bigger small. I promise. If you're stuck in your low release listen up if you're over your mild during released upside down in your world or just one out of your car or new site can help you today but not least that we can be found all more or wrote produced you know not from that threaten you or between anything Nissan Altima or rover zero down phenomenon must pass from me they're not human performance fell 1800 new news on the visit or do some Wichita about cup with a recruit informants reported. Think it's no perfection in everything that you can always displayed in the distance from the five people Jason won't confuse the. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven. Fourteen point actors. Can't let that I don't think so I got ready to stop here now. A lot of time. This. I like that gave. We'll have to. Profitability. The latest on. In the last three minutes. Steady has made it all free of I like the dry night once the. Later what slightly the other team and steps. Sleep Wichita State doesn't want us to gets lost one point lead Hillary and applied pointless. British doctors don't back away from. From home next leg the American conference. Blame it on the official. The watch party. Apple adopted wonderfully. And left a moderate somewhat hard for a chance to win the break right courtesy. After work here. One party location for. Santa more Santa another very good. Do you really warm in the line. Seven rebounds tied for tops of the ball games Cincinnati advantage Gary Clark tried to back down. LA Atlanta twisting lead away jumpers they're gonna call the salad Kelly Boris was also coming up with the help. Now on Rashard is its first thirteen I don't have to open it will be two shots on this occasion for here Clark. Gary Clark's very very free throws it back to sedate world. On the season. Shoot seven. 85%. And senior. Okay good. It makes it a free points incidentally. I'm for five from the line nine points today after all Willis. Elliott replaces Gregg Marshall make pizza offense for defense type of substitutions. Strip. Feel free 28 to go. Fans goodies makes it a four point Cincinnati Lou. Not present willow springs can't Boris around. Him every candidate brings that definitely picked up in the new. His left his left with the breath that's different from Boris. But for the backdoor cut for a kid that was the gulf of benefit to ship them off the street but Boris the right side up stuff Lewis looks nice round as a gold lid was lifted. The ball at a foul on how Washington obviously doesn't spread his arms like that night. Do you think that is going to be anyway this third teams sevenths a lot of blood for Shaquille more this. Check really working hard. I had to get open. The whole fact of the night for a chance to cut it back to what the clock stopped. 311 remain out Willis goes Kelly backing it reads as did for friends camp. Nearly for defense purposes. Feel Boris just made it two of two free throws 34 on the date that this is one of one's got to make firstly it is enough and good. Jack was sixteen. Over the last. Twelve games his senior season is every sentence and a half a game. And shooting just under 60% from the field. Read through. Laws and flawed rebound Clarke presented. In this act now for six from the line Cincinnati thankfully was. Good news stuff. Right off the street like Clark definitely forced wide. To his right to development. Didn't shoot. It drives right now they slide back at the arts not make Kelly got not definitely a little wide open three missed everything. I'm Florence streets and busted up across the time life not it's down tree with a blown field Boris one dribble it back. Read slightly since then but definitely it's street markets a couple of orderly development for its high and a just hasn't been his day or for it can't enable its dissidents. Wants to please. And it's it's not stop Wednesday. Night last. With survived for three days that's good enough doctors three seats in the you know that would not the place totally. I know. For instance that it is two minutes ago. Evidence was right off the street lost the ball just flies a for the bears because that's where did you get to experience not want to. He tried to stop the flow for the Stanford flawless flight out of his hands and by the census. However if clock expired to fit right there for Wichita State that they need. That's news down through the minute 55 to go well it's just crazy places. That Clinton not only did they make you raise your. It's difficult with the audience. It has been tough for both teams this floor here the second at this stage with. 3736. And a half collapses sixties. Fifth time. They evidence for a fourth not evidence of the right side. The block the Boris Yeltsin there at camp that takes that to Boris that he can but on the right way just almost can't it's not a Catholic I'm not quite now Landry up over Brooks no good luck I don't think at a number of that event. Since then but what is not stated that 36. This is not a time to start this guy's. One. 36 remaining Wichita State down three. Edit right right here Mike about the last four minutes to have been able to lots and waited Boris let's settling best fans in the left corner. It on nice your rights that definitely possible or is underneath the lowest that it won't happen. Stated it's insert into a double steal and called for a little extra staff and so does not this. Critical turnover they've had a couple here late in the game. Cincinnati with the ball three of them that thirty if you know. Now there's no question it's obviously to come up with a stop in at it was Willis is underneath him. Friday afternoon and that. Happens is the group back to evidence and enough. Pressure on him over to Washington. Crosscourt we're on the mandate right it's not live music eight seconds to do. I've guarded by the way. Right side. History is not that's right and let both of the foul line dubbed no enough let's. Without San best actress that was definitely the closest over a minute you know evidence it's not fools gladly. It's very definitely leaning back at this event. And I at a time now. Suggesting the 32 time these setup with flying. 54 seconds remaining in regulation eighteen on the shot clock. At Cincinnati leaving this not yours sixteenths to 59 that kind this is our chance to get we'll listen to stuff back. Plus six the last eight ball game five they have all gone down the wire fence. Those alternates. Won't which is odd statement Cincinnati. The blame not the pressure of not only an opponent but the bloc would not say that's happened. Here. Constantly so it Cotter for Baghdad. There exists it. Dodgers this. Got down three with fifty. Or second. Three guys. A basket. Faces tonight because we'll have that Cincinnati has been. We'll play at the and it's seconds on the clock and it lets us safe now let's get rid of these one. The plots since it doesn't stand in the back to the front lines rightly recognized that a couple of steps that fifty footer. Our friends and I was just his second benefited davis' snap something a lay up earlier full court president. It's not out there. I don't Greg Barfield at its defensive specialist active in the 47 seconds ago you know it's not it's not it's not his. Scared would not flat. It kind ballgame fly to step back and never left golfers fables that were. But it went winds knocked down want this to create good time now. The bottom of the Al. Soccer baseball. Packed stadium over us tonight. At this same pedestal that the most doctors are depressed that would not be going for the pre game. That defensive side of the hole on this thing. The Coast Guard in this effort not that they thought they. You know that's just debate heated. We'll obviously all the heat cycle the white of the ball game. We were hoping that they feel they start to get a little bit put together and it may be made that case I thought they play again. One point eight. 47 seconds ago not on an eight days. Fifth with a big hole up to. Not getting the doctor. If they could make this. Stopped at the very late. Soccer's. Really pretty much have to make this stuff at worse than Donald that the daddy did three point basket. Don't really look at Cincinnati's fifth walk away fight that it was not steak maybe what are possessed of David Davis got up well for free today Cincinnati's. It's not the sixers got to. Let's listen to both work for. Frankly if cutting Monfils closed flat out Cincinnati. Which makes no. Morrison's statements. Definitely can't habits and it won't have nothing but it is not a line looks like sadness and it it slides. But please realize that I don't know what good does it. It's definitely. Players have added this I've had a first of all it really good defensive possession of Evans at the you worked for. Eight shot actually kinda got open at the foul line that this it. At the soccer's with the ball or not the outlet for the Florida no. Sixteen point four seconds. To other reviewing something I don't know why. It was clearly saved out of bounds on Cincinnati for a definitive Boris did it now. It sure appeared that they've not been out of his hands of the very least look at the clock possibly I could your office. With this few seconds left on the clock because they want it makes absolutely correct on. And it got to the basket but Wichita State act bad singers now wants sixty and sixty watts so a field goal. What's going to get one free throw of course it's kinda. All they needed a basket. They have a chance now to take care of this for themselves. There's a lot of good free throw some news there at the ballgame they come back and forth. That's gonna help fight because if they take the ball fast that was studies done a great job. I've been able to come off that drives the lane but it with us that it hit the ball in the basket and gets the. I think most consistent scorers today it's inevitable as both the sixteen points. Know what they're capable of making plays in traffic. Very capable of the theaters. Harold Willis and another guy you'll find it understand it this. Nothing right hand him that analysts had warrants and one of the nice things about this line. Isn't it not trade on any one guy all of these guys capable of making making it what it would affect business. They pulled out soccer basketball. There's violence god is on the Cincinnati here for a out of line that's it there but. That happens if not for him. Fifty seconds left him and market street from north dribbles right on the line breathless just all up blocked out of bounds but let's just all body up on him that easily could have been a foul ball swatted out of bounds with nine seconds you know. Let me try to ticket the best news or mouth to mouth all. Waited in line is that now. Is Atlanta. With a lot more sense that the French camp seven seconds left. It can't if it's not there Brooks gets it away now let me. And get back in a backcourt that's okay. Cincinnati has blinded by one points and they take the American athletic conference title outright. Just a tremendous college basketball game you're over. This Packers that get the last shot down. At all 6261. States for the Johnson's most states. It's time again to go inside the numbers but beat Katie CPAs and advisors. You're an all star business with the talented team there's this audience to winning them. 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Pension dinner. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alan Acosta in valley center or indeed for an end over what lawyer. And listen for all WS shocker a bucket on 103 point 78 U. Why and we did and. I get back to number Reid had disappointing finish but his doctors six seniors here on their sick day in Cincinnati. It means what it does state 62. Sixteen Juan it was a back and forth game all the way down the stretch Cincinnati. Actually got to pay four point lead a couple of times that didn't last loss it was pretty much back and forth between a couple of at three points. Wichita State. Hit big shots daughter Bret camp with but forty seconds to you know Atlanta cut it to one Wichita State made a stop at the other end. Had a chance for a game winning shot branch can't got the first look mr. Willis got offensive rebound that was. Pushed out of the sports that much really have a good angle at it and that's. Couple turnovers. Within a three minute mark that didn't allow its not state to get shot at it they let a little bit dry. For a period of about five minute mark down about that three minute mark they were able to. Field goals I think they've left want them 51 before. And stance I thought that Cincinnati get a good job of clock and it's and it's been. Trying to Whittle away the seconds on the clock. Wichita State did a fantastic job of winning. A lot of these statistical categories except the one that's the important ones they were able that you think got the ball game. The witness faith they lose 516. Didn't tense. Physical game obviously through very very good team defense. Really carried the day of the second half both games were held at 45 points. In the second half Cincinnati Atlanta I want to have 3736. And it definitely like market. I I felt wanted to possessions as the ballgame was Evans. As the clock wound down that about six and a 52 mark he hits the three point shot. And if he had missed the shot that went to. Could get another shot off its. With onstage at the rebound position but it gets that put them up 5650. War and that's a little bit of a back breaker which a state that's what it. That is our game recap that's about delegates your comments coming and coming pitcher criminal defense. You want to offer but with the give them a call at 2641548. Or visit them coming to LLC does not coming and coming off. Where you're leaks always come first visit the Johnson's post game show up but Johnson did when he first of fake ID six. You always find so much more. Advance is that we will continue. Read up on C today right after this. Eighteen other in my power experiment brought you by delta dental cancer okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first with no my. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. 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Paid adult through the door each to eight receive a three terra cotta flower pot not. It's all brought to you by Steven greenhouse and garden center. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato pre post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett for his built for a pummel. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven can. A factor. The giants that post game show what your drive home from the game has brought it like Kansas land tire and service word retire as a professional auto service. Are always a slam. There's way senior day ceremony started here at brokering Wichita State losing a heartbreaker to Cincinnati sixty news. 61. In the regular season but now doctors. Six. Odd years at Cincinnati it went seven. For Cincinnati went EC title outright. 62. Wichita State at fourteen or it could end up tied for second if with Houston. In the conference race. Instant. Plays at 3 o'clock today at all against you can't really expect them they had. And so this tiebreaker is still likely to covenant compliance forms facility. In the conference certain but we do know from all of this Wichita State. They're pretty good so who for the three seed so they won't play on Friday evening in Orlando either at seven. As the Tennessee eight or 930. Ask the UC. The quarterfinal round of the tournament it and of course they'll play either CCC. Flight seven stand winner chorus three scene that played the Essex. At least 6610. Letters it's. It's eleven what are anyway. We'll bring it all out later we really can't. It's just down the. Background break through here have talked about it. The game that still continue of course on his post season that's the exact numbers a look at. Final thing that's brought you find these KG two days sympathizers. Everybody needs a trusted advisor. The majority Wichita State today. Nelson just under 41%. On 22 of fifty or at least six or 23 for three. That's the biggest single difference probably from the first game suckers who shot and a lot better against Cincinnati the first time around. Cincinnati today only 39 point 7% and they only six of what you wanted for three not the only difference is they got four more shots at Wichita State and they'd want bowler but it just having fun. Five. And not it's not welcome to now as a matter of fact Wichita State on this season. Averages just about that. Found eleven point six. But when they can for him going the other way that's probably Cincinnati office is it that it spent some time sixty to opt. And so on. Not much scoring at all the second half either team but it is this doctors got the majority of points directly on their offense and passing six to assess. On 23 turnovers well 70% of their baskets coming directly. Artists yes. We're Cincinnati it. These kind of it's. Points five rebounds to go. Shark telling me this is sampling now. As for what it's states feel more risk Atlantic salmon with sixteen apiece. Check yet sixteen points eight rebounds two assists and six of ten from the field. Haven't sixteen point six rebounds five assists and just one turnover of five of eleven from the field. Forget they. 38. Points for his background on his seat today you know policy on point five rebounds all of his story in the first half. Not a friend can score points Rashard telling the four point seven rebounds. Three blocks. But again at a tough day for French can't agree shooting the ball game they weren't invited overnight Austin's. Almost thirteen and a half points per game over the last night games Marcus picked up through the five points to resist. It's. Little floaters who. Please quietly headed for the in the areas but the it's nothing tactically yeah. You don't Morris just a huge ovation as we reflect that pile up four. Four UST he autopsy fourth senior to be introduced spirited alphabetically so it'll be product nurture. And Daryl Willis who rounded out of the city we go after that it. Again Saturday night for him Stacey your day celebration here was shot you're losing a one point game and chance of making. Time for a conference and we talked about well let's have Bronson with our state the last three minutes thirty seconds I don't want them six field goal attempts. And it's usually Wichita State at least the last six games this stuff better than that they would able that would prevent blood confident France can't. Completely didn't want about police seconds left. Tonight and it's it's. Is throwing its ideas. The top five. Colorado is six and it's one of the mutt and Jeff toughness of the all time at her Britney and them balance that are also out. There was a product to help represent here and I as a family. And Darryl Willis not to being introduced I doubt that we'll get a player interviews today up we'll catch a few words of Gregg Marshall for a moment but ours started a game is brought to you by the Kansas lottery. It's your Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance that it kind of millionaires as lottery dot com for the most current. Jackpot amount like Kansas lottery and dreams bigger recipients of toss stuff you'll most up here. We don't need high heat was only. Yes police work was sixteen. Are places. So that's certainly is an event flatly Santa. One these games the first benefits they thought this secondhand it was state didn't run flatly comes up with five assists in the. Only one turnover on a date with Wichita State had sixty turnovers and 22 baskets of the defensive player of the game rats if I got you covered whether you want to control the like your living room pre privacy your bedroom or transform. But thousands of go to got you covered Wichita I've got confidence to shoppers and hit 10%. Off any or got you covered. Survey Wichita area. Gary Clark may have ended up ten points today that he was two for six from the field only got six shots every time he tried to make it looks chart analysis on it like it was law. Charts blocked three shots ahead seven rebounds five on the defense then I'd think he was our guy in his head and. Should be very clear cut I think he made life miserable for Gary Clark and Gary Clark. Fortunately was able to get the free throw line. Or else you wouldn't even come close to scoring his average he's one of the players it's being touted. As potential player up here I don't think he's nearly as good staff to force his hand. For shark Kelly threw the Dow theory market theory here treatment. All right shocker is off sixty twos sixty watt senior day video. Everybody is staying displacement camp back in almost all the seats. 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Zoo or download a podcast of WSU shocker basket. Or iTunes or Google. But the fact. It goes off at the way I had a chance to gain a little clarity on this needed day. What you just stay with a loss. Becomes the number two seed on less Houston. He's seen you temple UCF and USF. All win. And I hear the other US apps at home against us. Fifty heavily BC news for thirteen is at nine at eight Memphis. Apple is at home what do winnable game against his right temple with a road game at Tulsa. And so out of all those possibilities. You could see it for of those games where there's at least a pretty darn good chance one of them to lose so right now it looks like after. And play yeah what time 7 o'clock Easter. At the other thing out of that. All of us hopeful there's another team conference that don't wanna see this because. Everybody every team is going to be fighting with the that hope you hit it that way. I think maybe the ideal atmosphere and I stated that Connecticut beat whoever gave her ship. Mr. Kennedy's son liked your TV guy but after that I'd network guys right rate the best you we offered. Certainly if doctors have a little tougher road because as the Tennessee could have said he decided that bracket. Increasing they've honestly been playing as well as anybody leaked out at. Doctors right that hear them say it was soccer's probably either party's litany of diseases of the team that it is that game is the most perplexing game you the entire season. Thought Wichita State authority and game. The shocker with thirty points better than that he not hear Gregg Marshall there the bench with. So that's what it's all called off talks I expect with nothing. Happens to be like that but that. Lot of our post game sponsors as far as I'm an outlet and Lori senator although they've really you Mars or superstore. May offer great everyday prices on quality materials of the things that mine that you grade every day prices. There Torre and it's also. High quality is definitely have a wide range of prices on different types of glory so whatever pitcher but I it is hopefully we'll. They have the best prices you can find out what else. Level Laurie you're like that gap so you think Florida warrants to succeed. North Broadway and final day. Cincinnati 62. State 61. Yet what we're about Lou it's coming up on locker room you know at. Least favorite rock but we're done here. Of course apple rejects stadium over on that. They're G 3097. Fitness. Media play by play of factors and Nebraska FaceBook staff. Factors like this week but three game series. March brings some shots traditions NCAA tournament and it's gotten details of our daily bread the pantry. Now under way you could go to Wichita or actions it pros apparently and if you donated dollar to the food pantry. Yet your name on the driver autograph shocker that people so. Get involved with that up with basketball ourselves a chance for. Great cause for. Good life. Everybody on their feet. It was not this. Of course this does not believe woods won't list in the overall plant saucers. It's not finished here. Had a chance at a conference. Tournament titles at no matter what happens they are going to see in the NCAA tournament but at what they did seem that magnitude today. Joseph McCarty had a losing three C at the end of that speculation. You don't I would think they're gonna drop bus ticket to the polls sport in the estimation that the statement because they were playing it very. Comparable T even seen that they mean there's is that any returns the favor with a one point win here that you couldn't have been more evenly matched. And I didn't really feel like this. Live at the loser is going to be hurt much prize all of the projects but the performances for the projections. Those fees unless it was terribly one sided the last somebody came out late and again that did not have to fight the statistics. Word nip and tuck all the way through the ball game you've had high level players playing at their very best for the most part yeah that's very very good defensive stops. I would think Wichita State would suffer at all the polls because of this. There body is breaking up so we'll hang around just little bit to see if we get a word with Gregg Marshall. And 6361. The final Wichita State the conference tournament at 24. At six that was an 800 winning percentage on the season. And another outstanding year it just need one more win. Others in the conference tournament beyond the you get to 45 long years they entered the season that's what it is five programs in the country. Which has won at least 45 games for at least. The last eight season. At one of the other war is TCU which is that seventy went right. That would make. I don't for about dot I won't get into the NCAA tournament they'd have to make if you run it that you get to that they factories. Maybe you want it just bored now. With 25 or more wins over the last nine years they use it do the others but they'll have to get one more win them woke. Conference here but NCAA hopefully win that vote. Before it's all that. They've got a lot of steals that got a lot of very good players the one thing that they're pointed me to do much better in the in the tournament might just to shoot three point baskets as a matter of fact in this ball game there were six of 23 only one of nine in the second half. Marcus Duffy made the only three pointer in the second half of 26 point 1% from the field it's fought game. And at the last ball game now they shot six of 21 for only 48 point 6% so. They really need to have good job of getting in the him sharpening their pride and making sure they come out of that tournament able to hit the free with the regularity that we've seen with policies that. Yet typically they are either of us that gave me UCF they were they even 39%. On the year which was 32 in the country that is maybe get back to what they are technically yes. Certainly. Appreciate Arafat should have a pretty much on his game the last couple of games for Boston Reid's. I figure we'll get back. And this is going to be anything that's going to rock of confidence in his ballclub and one half point game with team that's rated him the country. And just the opportunity to be in this game and have an opportunity to win it shows the Wichita State has the wherewithal continue to play well. In the post season. They can't not mention this time or two it appears that pretty likely that Wichita State will be good to see it the conference tournament it's possible that these could be that too but. A lot of other things would have to happen all the odds favor Wichita State with the theory that that are there. Becoming the two C. In which case they would play at 7 o'clock eastern 6 o'clock central. On Friday against the winner of the seven tan. Match up. From the quarter of the first round which he played out there's. And it went as the pre seed played they played the late game play the look game at 9:30 eastern so like that would be Houston whoever it they. Some finals are at one. At 330 on Saturday very much like the Missouri Valley Conference and then the championship game I believe it 300 it's on Sunday with will be. Really different situation for which just made it for Gregg Marshall and all of his years as a head coach you went through it here. His conference tournament has been on the first weekend this weekend if you will Eddie's dad about a week and a half is over we keep it going to prepare for the NCAA her but it is teams have gone this year. We will actually if shoppers are in the championship game on Sunday. We'll stay around to watch the selection show and then get on the plane and fly back to what she does. You like it. I do I applied with yeah and a it will be just like continuing. The regular season I mean that's what they typically do they play it if they got a couple of days in between to prepare for another phone. And they have to travel in there and so it's not anything different than they're used to doing. That is just a little different than it's been in recent years I think Peyton. Been better this season they try to jam all those games it. Is time we have shorter period of time. You have that they can't explain their tournament. At Madison Square Garden only if they could get there there have been nothing but complaints about that nothing but complaints. One score for you Charleston has defeated Drexel 6659. So Earl grant Steve got 44 at seven that was a quarterfinal. The colonial athletic association tournament so there into the semi final round. Florida Gulf Coast shocker that complaint lipscomb for the Atlantic sun championship that their tournament today. And Illinois state of Loyola are playing in the Missouri Valley Conference championship if well lands of the a one bid league yet loyal however is. Around 32 in the are guys that bill of rights that would happen that way you think that they would get two it's definitely that. It's been a sad sad thing is kind of watch from afar tendencies that way down of course without shocker there it. Tough year for the valley in that I wish everyone well there is certainly oil has had a great season that represents them well they get and I hope they do well unless there was not states racquet. It then all that stuff that was the also Steve Forbes at east Tennessee 24 and eight play Furman 23 and nine at one of the two semi finals of the Southern Conference tournament tonight and it's tip off at 530. And unfortunately Tennessee lost a couple lately years so they were. Kind of climbing toward possible out large position they're gonna have to win the tournament again but to be the second straight year that at. Again the other games in the conference getting under way at 1 o'clock guess if you add the USF SF you lead 1713. The six minutes to go in the first half. And it looks like that was right there that's him you win that game that shoppers are the two seed in this this is one of the teams shoppers need to lose this year's UC. Coming up at 2 o'clock temple at Tulsa. Jockey for example the loose at the at UNICEF doesn't. At 2 o'clock ECU at Memphis that are wrote possibility there at TCU if they lose but the shocker in the CC. At that at 3 o'clock UConn athletic they're ranked Houston. At at 332. Planes at UCF TCF blanket should be favored that gave that to others. Lost it's easy effortless that could help soccer's solidified CC and are going to be some upsets in this turn Alter and stuff. There not just a few but very good team that there will be some that's. Look at Kevin got shocker baseball is actually pregame show is underway now yeah just under way. Over 97 to thirteen thirty machine yet his first pitch at 2 o'clock which doctors in Nebraska at a stadium. Coaches shows tomorrow night Gregg Marshall six to seven at that tot Butler 78. Top basketball and then baseball. And then Tuesday at 2 o'clock at a stadium the soccer baseball team takes on a site you Edwards bill. At that they will be at Oral Roberts Wednesday afternoon at a home next weekend for Texas Arlington and its basketball team will leave on a chartered flight. Wednesday morning for Orlando. Let the chance to watch their potential opponents on Thursday. A first round at that soccer player in the quarter finals of yet most likely. At 6 o'clock central 7 o'clock Easter. And that's at the Amway Center where the Orlando Magic places is that chance to check the death last week like perfectly. Reagan that he could. Really nice being relatively do. NBA type arena. Eighteen when he yeah. Yeah so that's that won't be nearly that many there I think historically it is this conference tournament is not run that well do you see you have. Or US FR happy it did not here to bring a lot of fans so. In addition to see what the atmosphere is like that certain factors may be as well represented as anybody like they don't want it so it was a matter of fact I've talked. A lot of people that are making their way down there some people we pride. And Levy in the next couple days. Looks like we're not going to have any post game interviews with just fine on a day like this it's been a tough day for the shot present the celebration give a little bit vial one point loss. To Cincinnati we're not jubilant chapters were returning from Cincinnati certainly the bearcats who have that experience going home and again. Who knows they may be to the editor Robert gave it conference tournament that both of us solidly position. Good performances today by both that I think certainly solidified their position in CDs for the NCAA tournament. Both certainly very capable of making the round as is Houston atoms that are I think we've got three teams that represent the media conference very very well might look forward to some nice fireworks that action. As we move into the NC pertinent you know now an opportunity well. Can't and Bob in (%expletive) to be broadcast the return of as far as I'm let's hear it shows are always good. They can be a therapist may view as well as clever broadcasters after this market. And Dave add bot will join me for all the policies and actions starting with Friday night's game. In the NEC tournament. In Orlando. Thanks to our odd feeling for help us out here at home as he has done for many years he if parts instances not. Road warrior withers but that's been great to have him help but it's not yet. And we thank all of you for your loyal support these lists for every single game that we'll be back with you again. Coach show Monday night sixth seventh and then the first game from Orlando. On Friday unfortunately it tough way to end the regular season today the shocker had a shot at it to win just before the buzzer. But the final is Cincinnati 62. Wichita State 61 shot there's 44 at six regular season on the postseason play on Friday. Thank you for being witness list which over catcher after baseball for a 98 seven. At thirteen thirty machine yet shocker to Nebraska coming up the top of the that could prepare next and it Hamlet in the studio he also will continue in this. In the post season that would do it for senior day for. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven JE boy and crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare is less tired Carlos and Kelly is pretty. Executive air here sheltering assurance that Canon Andrew white star machinery until like he knows gorilla that. Living is applying its equity bank your home don't Chevy dealers comfort distance via Christi the Kansas lottery. Doesn't end zone Jackson cover. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas just it's Javaris covering up my. Trust banks the Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capitol federal. American family insurance no crest country club. 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There's locker room show brought to impart my Charles Schwab but as Charles Schwab we've believed asking questions is she went taking ownership of your life. There's same is true when it comes demand junior wells. You know how much your pain in season and how they affect your returns. Ask your financial advisor and if you don't like the answer to stop by the Charles Schwab branch in Wichita today. Located at the waterfront park called 31513. Hundred. We believe feel like what we have this day. It's a shocker locker room show with jet escort Santa. And special guest envelopes. 1103 point seven KEY and. And after. Good afternoon and welcome to the shocker locker room Joseph thanks for being witnessed here today after Wichita State's final game of the regular season home match up against. The Cincinnati Bearcats today envoy it just came down to the very final possession of the game. And Wichita State not able to make the game winning shot and Cincinnati wins the game 6261. Was the final score. As the Sox fall by a point today and Wichita State. Misses out on a chance to get a conference championship the stocks. Will now be headed to Orlando for the American athletic conference tournament. And see how things proceed from that air shocks me is not a chance at a conference title dates at the sports that along with Bob Lewis. With you here today at twin peaks were lied when he first and rock road as we get going with the show today and file. Two heavyweights going at each other today and it it came down to the last possession. Yeah real physical battle to do very very good to see. Very well vote the national they'll lose. My birthday and that the unity that it's all aired a lot that's like him. War. And both teams match point I would like and what would they can't play. Land him. Law and then frank. Three pointer with. And they have a chance late that the rebound that is that. You know it was a Darryl Wilson got no offensive rebound on the weak side in and it seems just does he's too far under the basket to get a good look at trying to put that back company and the bad. Now have a great finish with you know. I personally like this the fact ask Shaq didn't eyeball and final with their lenses and Matty and event wire now so it's it's easier said. They've done is get the ball fat. With them during which they love that enables. The fanatic give them credit that the fantastic defensive team candidate they did a great job on that last position. You know I'm. Hustling Connor around on the on the perimeter he was in trouble shaken somebody didn't take Connor must to get a look and he was really having trouble chicken run final streets there is not got a decent so. If it's yeah and it those buses. He personally would love Lucy that's not going to. Honor guy. It was a very difficult job nine on the scale and in typical. Cincinnati Windsor today 6261. With the final score. And if you wanna give us a call was as the shocker locker room so the phone lines are open at. At 8691037. The area code is 316869. 1037. As a phone number today on the soccer locker rooms don't he thought he might have here on senior day and of the regular season finale as the shots. Match up in the tenth or eleventh ranked Wichita State balls the tenth ranked Cincinnati today 6261. A shooting day for the Sox off they. Offense. Monmouth shots. Most teams have tough shooting is beginning in Cincinnati and in a lot of these tough shooting games against Wichita State and and that was. The script today Cincinnati 39%. Which they forty. The shooting was similar both teams shot fifteen free throw Wichita State made one more eleven Cincinnati stand. They both made 63 point shots. Cincinnati may 23 field goals which they'd they'd want me to which they had 37 rebounds. That the Mattie had 35. Mean you can't you can't find anything statistically maybe outside of Wichita State sharing the ball well sixteen is this you know. Four there 42 bath that. Seven assists on Cincinnati's point three. Oh was it specifically draw but to draw. There's one category the points off turnovers ended up you know it's our favorite Cincinnati. The turnovers themselves the disparity what do money and it's but Floyd off soaring off those turnovers the huge advantage plus the. So how won't they played in the path where he announced today. They did play very Wichita State play. As well defensively as you can play against that thing. The full list of the best rivalry in the conference are now already. Look at their two games that you. Looked at the food fanatic fan celebrating on the shoppers home floor. Well before senior day the krone being interviewed by C via law which Buffy fans waiting for the ceremony this. Cincinnati. Already riled the shoppers and and by sources that stuff. Cincinnati wins the game today 6261. The final score and our phone number is 8691037. Let's go to the phone lines are first collars Danny go ahead Dan. Guys I noticed that it a lot of caught. That. I can still record that aren't remorseful. Should be taken timeout that. And just like their last play you know we I sector or are we the ball and apparently are right now. Recruit better and inbounds play at a better with the ball it looked like we don't really do repair your car wreck is that it is right here. And now he Arabic or just make something out there. I'm my base my biggest thing it's not like or aren't you under that act. It just let them do whatever they want and it looked on order art. You know our office and the struggles when that happens doctors and Mike what's in it yes statement in March but don't or call more are now that a fourth place. Or you and they're offered to authorize it and you know it just kind of improvise and it make your own shot and what do you know. Well they've they call all kinds. Yes. Was now the score. Card march and very straight through it out of bounds play but remember who they were planning to. As this team the big physical way. Cincinnati's. Great defensively one of the best of my defeat and country and those bodies in the store and then it's not easy to run out of bounds play that we get through last. A table and scholars point then why not call a timeout it's if you're up against one of the best defense in the nation and yet get your body on the same page. Okay I thought that they ran about what they want to run on and it was just tough for them to find an open. Campbell and believe me there's a play called from the bench very Ahmed inbounds play and nobody knew what. Spoken out. Finally. Connor and then one of the best doctors and getting it from you need and it just didn't happen. Landry try to get that went through sham and try to get to the basket. Against Bradley he scores. Against Cincinnati he gets rocked in his faith of me that there's. Cincinnati got we have to change the mindset around. These are much much better team more athletic teams. Mentally tougher teams with live news conference with the things we've grown accustomed to. Over the last 1015 years. They don't really apply here. Good point. Face it called and we appreciated sixty twos 61 final score today Cincinnati over Wichita State. That let's take a break. And we'll come back with more of your phone calls the twin peaks right after this or phone number is 86910378691037. Is our phone number. Seven Bob Beckett twin peaks right after this you're listening to shocker basketball today on 103 point 78 EY and. 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It's all going on now at the outdoor living and Lance did she know a century news. EB each night to celebrate you men ninety years in the making. Biggest names got approval. No street Denzel Washington Gary Oldman. Daniel Day-Lewis married to live. Jimmy Kimmel host yeah. In the seven on ABC's Kate news channel said there's locker room show brought to impart. Like Charles Schwab but as Charles Schwab we've believed asking questions is she went taking ownership of your life there's same is true when it comes demand junior wealth. You know how much your pain in season and how they affect your returns. Ask your financial advisor and if you don't like the answer to stop by the Charles Schwab branch in Wichita today. Located at the waterfront park called 31513. Hundred. We believe feel like what we have to say. It's a shocker locker room gel with the jet escort Santa. And special guest on the lips on 103 point seven KE YE and it board has. Right. Let's pop but not the right one underneath them are seizing yeah. When. Offense quickly went off to sleep. As far as my feet. It was a set play called it. They're a great passes last night 8 o'clock. Doesn't. I callousness. Mike Kennedy they also. End of the game today Cincinnati defeated Wichita State 6261. You know Bob. They were talking before the break. There a lot of plays but both teams in which they came out of a timeout they're dead ball situations and scored both either executing in the nice level that may have been the easiest lists or. It is very difficult to score in the half court. The defense can really today. A lot of patience but man. Good shots were tough. Team well from three point. Oh a fifth. Day for off Pensacola Korean today. And it you expect that Cincinnati limiting teams to just right at 37%. From the field this season. That's I don't know I don't have a number of probably the that's got to be. Top ten defensive team. Cincinnati winds at 6261. This is the shocker locker room shell and we are moving along the phone calls here. We'd like you to join us give us call 8691037. And our next caller is bill go ahead bill. Like it in my phone call. I've that is the only game I think at this church. The it's just it's that our two guard Marines and honor they went zero for nine. What this phone usual for either one of William and you know it's unfortunate but. When those things happen but the only game hosting them that neither one of them made it three that had none of this. That developing quite like tough shooting night economy a couple of baskets later including is. Very important about it the proper doctor's it was that long. Late in the game but. Often read right now the shooting slump and all all three primary which they. There's one flu season right now some reason in the midst of one Connor had not been. But they did not make the reporter to parade overall. And the shocks as was pointed up the posting shots gone back to back games here at him with that. With some three point shooting not so great. Need now and that there's you know. They've all pointed out when you know statistically on the season a very good but the team from three point range the last two games they haven't been but the last two games have been against defenses that. Are considered among the best in the nation's Central Florida. I mean it's it's tough for parity and it's it's tougher. Especially it's tougher to score even though which that scored. A lot of points against some of the American team. The central Florida's the complete defense for instance of management and if that is that the that it just doesn't give up. And we're calling cards. And shock for toe to toe and defensive leader and it's not to have pretty good job on the defensive attitude right now. They limited Gary Clark in to the finale how Washington before the team. Even take about Evanston. Fantastic life. He required to be tough to get his nineteen points so. Give what's plastic credit for playing very good defense today is not quite enough pop one more shot. Yeah out both teams. 36% shooting in the second half so it was a it was tight and neither team could get a lot of daylight going down the stretch Cincinnati won it by a point 6261. You would like to join us our phone number is 8691037. Let's go back the phone lines pain it is next going to pain. You know our picture technical. What was he got the first actually honor I appreciate it. That knowledge in that you get into that which a truck and nation. Border to hurry pay packets they a lot of things that a lot of other people went out. A pedestal. I guess from inside. Went out it was really well after the game by the loss. Seniors I'd go out with a bang and you know the support around them. I think that the into the date you know it's a winner a lot of sports you know he went and you're now at the end of the day yeah victim and the in the small thing to delight and they are in the degrees of on top of the bat on the bright spot thanks. Thanks very much for the phone call and yeah tough tough what it off. Senior playing your final home game there's no way of vision not knowing that. But when you play at Cincinnati that maybe they need to schedule. South Florida that you see him again but the American folks about that are going to be would you do. This is going to be a tough day. And the credit to these seniors and and all of them played important roles in their career which say. And they're going to be miss them in next year's going to be entirely look different looking team which they've so hopefully these seniors get play. Several more days. Other final chapter has yet to be written right now. Does what we want cynical but I know but again the final chapter Coke arena has come to their all the way to the am. Analysts and our land though then who knows where he knows what they're up. Lot of interesting things that happen in the next couple weeks. Shocks faulted in the regular season finale as the tenth ranked Cincinnati beat eleventh ranked Wichita State 6261. Final score. Eat point. Second each team only scored five points in the second half. While and it and you know there weren't a lot of files call no Foley talked about how physical the game was and how tough. Yet these officials and other to give them credit Doug Thurmond's Joseph Derosa Keith Campbell. If you don't really lot of flights today and I like that I like the fact that you had a physical game and Wichita State maps. Cincinnati and it does colony. This a tough game and just. Very very entertaining game a lot to me it was a gripping game there was very little to separate these scenes. And I and I hope we're. Rematch. A winner take all game down in the line. You know a week from today. 13 united soccer that we mentioned the soccer defense. Held Cincinnati without a basket in the final four minutes. And Cincinnati did not stored its final four possessions so that with the Sox only have one bouts and threats. It's two teams match and each other Rometty president. 8691037. As their phone number today shocker locker room still continues to head in Bob we're live at twin peaks series which it saw our when he first and rock. 8691037. Is a phone number of about the phones for Michael Elliot Michael. I don't know it's all Michael. I've bought. I don't want any fan to be. Shelters. They lost three games by one point. And the American League is almost made. The eastern city they consider it to me. You know it just. I don't want to movies that are angry. Bird. Is. Greg marshals that's where he plays the game you know and let them play through these. And I you know. There is very I have a lot of why don't look. Cincinnati and oh it. There it was a one point game you know maybe chronic could have done inside and Jerry gets filed that it. It's just you know. There's no luck or bad well with the way we're gonna feel a lot more vegetables also. You know just get on you know on your word and keep government. Grandma and I'm not. I don't think there's anger out that raises it's just disappointment when you have that opportunity and it's slips away for conference championship possible this morning. Good message much we appreciate it and there's going to be sadness. And in the nose Cochran revealed slap the fan base. Is a little flat but certainly. This season continues. As an opportunity. The conference turn switches which will be new and exciting experience as well in great thing now that doctors don't have to worry about getting in the NCAA. Therein in that. They lose in the first round in Orlando. There in the terms of like you have to worry about those things in the found out those today's loss while tough and difficult. Probably not gonna drop in the rankings probably not gonna drop much and they are probably. Dropped much in in the brock's apology. Situation so. This isn't that great transition to a much better. And these losses don't ruin you the way. That when you laugh volleys on things after you start now we have won it and now we're going to be eleven the not gonna happen. Soccer's fall today to tenth ranked Cincinnati Bearcats went 6261. Doctors finished the regular season at 24 and defiant. And and finished up. And finished up in the conference likely Wichita State will be the number two seed. And that you fade away there a little bit yeah apple mini stroke. Aren't on a thought Obama had the picked up the congress well I'm not they got the soccer record wrong when stocks finished this season when he point six. Larry you know that I'm newsman Al that you didn't get it wrong the fox. Assist all of column like it is. Cincinnati went sixty ti 61 to edit Bob would you hear it twin peaks we rarity Wichita where after every game when he first and rock. Our on site engineers. Mariah allows those are studio engineers Mandarin gambling and we'll take your phone calls at 8691037. Back to twin peaks right after this lieutenant Bob soccer basketball today on 103 point 78 EY and. What superior comfort you can afford it. Well just heating and air an independent American standard customer care dealer with a 96%. Customer satisfaction rating plus. During the American theater three furnace of that get a free furnished with the purchase of qualifying American theater heating and air equipment exceptional service and plus a free Vernon. Only at well just heating and air call 73316100. Day. 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Shocker madness in March 31 ever online or come in for a shocker and the war. If Al part of the factors the goal of the tournament and I'd finalist was huge for 5000 dollars and it's happened all off its roster yet brought more. We're loaded with the trucks and prices smaller 51 point guard shocker madness always roster yet for family owned customer friendly. It's a shocker locker room gel with the Ted does sports fan and special guests envelopes on 103 point seven. Advances their go to. It's obvious that it doesn't go out there and why. Mike did call there indeed was the only bucket. In fact the entire game in final form and only basket on your team scored the last four minutes of that jumper by under frank camp wood about 47 seconds ago and and then you know Conner had a shot. The capital wanna. And we were talking during the break having made that shot you know like goes down in history as one of those. Very legendary shots landing men Ammann made one against Cincinnati back in the day. They've slower. Unbelievable final minute and enough scoring seven points. To lead this doctors to a comeback win with the bearcats. And it did the shot just didn't go. You know we're frank camp family in my house we went and saw him play. Numerous times in high school everybody knows. I like conferencing. But probably not alone were sent out a gun yeah lifted but it didn't and then now you go to Orlando and have other moment. Soccer's one for nine from three point range in the second half. Out late trying to parlor game of making ferries make one more photos and we're talking different stuff then they get the ball and silence active war. What. Tackles six that like the scene about fifteen. Please he's not nearly unstoppable. Inside. Jack. Now four for five in the first half two for five in the second shooting for. That more they get to the free throw line it's free throws in the second half to Jack finished with. Sixteen points eight rebounds today Landry salmon had sixteen points six rebounds five assists the only two soccer to score in double figures. Our final score today tenth ranked Cincinnati defeats eleventh ranked Wichita State 6261. At Coke arena we are. Continuing with the soccer locker room still here on this Sunday afternoon instead. And Bob Ehrlich do you hear it for life between pizza to when he first and Roth let's go back to the phone line 869. 1037. Is their phone number 8691037. Area code 316. Rick is next door had her. Tough first start off after birthday. Well thank you recognize them. But now. Print stamps at the day tournament. I'm so excited that sounds good he's had some benefit in the light just didn't you know I don't make it is not that after a period needs. Like you I love it. Article players. Just be some days they're. Don't ever shot today it will decide if he if he or read my ones off yet. I don't Brando and accidentally when began. And not let it this is an anomaly they're not gonna go oh I'm from that those two guys there yes you do issues. Yeah. To have that day against that. Loose. Beat marketplace today today that there's a week in this tournament we can. Beat you know are running. NATO is that a McCain won thankfully not the language. I'm sorry I'm him but you can of you can then whatever you think I'm well papers that. Thank you Rick if you wanna do is call 8691037. Is a phone number 8691037. Here on the shocker locker room show. Sox were down by a point halftime we saw some wild swings in the first after shocks. Got off to a fifteen to eleven lead Cincinnati went on a sixteen to one run. And they'll Wichita State then turned it around and ended the really nice down the final seven minutes of the stretch in the first half and went down the locker room only down by one after trailing by eleven. I I was watching Mick Cronin be interviewed her right before his interview with Steve lapels in sepia. They were talking you know they go over here. And crone was just amazed. But how about the game was. And by the fans they. Allowed. Pope Korean laws today he kept remarking slapped with a laugh with agree that's an amazing atmosphere. And kudos to the soccer fans for making it by at and and that normally is but I thought the production of the game today it was great the music was very. It was an absolute. You have to cover yours that was so loud that place though. I thought that the fans really helped us soccer's today but. And we talked before the game I thought the atmosphere they also was than this person. Imagine your high college player. Yeah it can excellent chance that you're coming into place you never played. And you know it's going to be rock you know on insane and senior. Though the mentality of Cincinnati is our goal and your room that which. I'm fired up just like fail. And he kind of felt out there that they don't they were on their game do. I think yen. On the other side of that coin and you kind of saw that from Wichita State when they've visited Cincinnati absolute longest home court winning streak in new in America. And Wichita State went in in in it and number Cincinnati on the road I mean it is it's fun to go in somewhere and win on somebody else's home floor. And Cincinnati stayed on the floor let today and rightly so should celebrate a little bit today. Got a probable that these them yeah you know that in the game you don't want it than it is for that'll slow march. I agree within sixty to 61 final score Cincinnati won today by a point. 8691037. As a phone number today on the lottery chills to back the phone lines to believes all is this all go ahead. Our guide it to a it was a great game against Cincinnati and you're given great analysis service. I'd like to take effective. Central Florida game. Because look out last couple years has just been concern of mine when the refereed. Drove the ball up to start the game. I can't figure out why we still have a jump ball and basketball was there a movement on to get rid of that and just split but calling her but the visitor. Take the ball out first like in football or other sports because. Bad breath that that's Central Florida game couldn't throw it out beat somebody at the beginning of the game and ran an overtime we have to have another tip off. And still retain that have been possession arrow. Well you know it's a fortunately it got I'd like to get rid of it here which you've got a thing about my and again. I'm sorry I see your point. I don't know lose a huge problem certainly the guys threw it up for something for a lot of about one. I don't know the and CO rule change that dark. But I but I understand them what's the point of thinner cord hit before game. But it's part of basket. And he's the last message of good guests coming back part of an article for gas. And you know it basically is a coin flip. Once he gets it. They flipped an arrow and they independently so that's what I DCI do like his point build up. Whoever had possession at the end of regulation and a loses its that. Whatever. I've ice I see what you're saying yes it is I don't know if that's going to be at the forefront of change I don't weld. We know it's very high Melinda. If coaches complain about that maybe analysts. How would start again pointless again. Part of it too it just is just setting the scene for the game you know getting players out there around half court circle. And this kind of. Without the jump ball there would be no need for a half court circle exactly. That the boy. What. I thought about this before that a 869103. Set thanks for the call all appreciated 8691037. Is the phone number 86910377. Bombs. Here on the locker room showed today Cincinnati's 6261. Win over Wichita State to wrap up the regular season let's go back to the phone line. Tom is next going to top. Yeah. There. Yeah. Really. There are. Well. The in the war. It is the word. I think it's at all thread I want it. I wanna drive you have Tom could. I think not not well we had a good job. We're. Oh La and Cincinnati man. And thank you the I know they have. A spirit. At the new arena there at that that is going to be off the charts and an atmosphere on their temporary home with a here. Over northern Kentucky was really it is so great rivalry don't you agree Tom that this is going to be a fantastic. Athletic. Well. I was a bellicose talk and for an hour others probably Ari back and the. Behind me back out all right there's a climate of those guys thanks for the call Tom. We appreciate you used the ring in safe travels back now. At 869 model 37 is our phone numbers that it I'll continue here on the soccer locker room shell. We're twin peaks when he first brought the school picnic scholar at the go ahead Pete. By the different questions. Back when his background as average but you know in grade school what offensive player picked the ball response to give him an. Defeat by Gartner it. There are. Well here if they again if you observe that today it if you're asking us. I don't know about something I'd look that on the floor of the one a lot of not get on these guys if you did the then more power to you but it's not something that resonated with me today. Doesn't mean it that travelers. Just means it's now my did not comprehend or. It just means my grade school coach. Put that into my head about ever forget. Down in that normally thanks for the call normally with the defense defenders clamp down. One. Often supplier has no durable. I'm. It's not something I noticed today that maybe you did your much more served well and it it. Sometimes sometimes when a guy picks up his dribble. He's out options and knees start to go cover people you might pass it to. And you draw final and try to get him into the passing line you know whatever but I've always believed like you that the U pressure. The guys I and I haven't Drupal for the most part I think you're correct and if that did not happen today and I miss right now I'm not make up with you. But I think I think he may be talking more just in general. Could big. But I don't Gregg Marshall really likes to have people hear it in here you're spending your drilling down shirts drill. Whatever boxer shorts I don't know. Thanks for the call beat appreciate it I gets pretty used to defensive philosophy and still live by that death he bought the boxes or LD. The enemy guys faced girl yeah Aziz that now. Sixty to 61 the final score today Cincinnati won it by a point over Wichita State. In a heavyweight matchup between two of the top eleven teams in the nation only just what Bob the third time since you know what 53 years. Two ranked teams have played in both arena. Last littering. Yeah that's. When I saw that I thought that's not right now that is not right I look at it and it is right about that while the valley has a lot of right things and it's hard to get non conference ranked teams come play here in the nonconference. Nationally and it's still there is no doubt great. You know we've been anticipating this game. Since the since the doctors want him there. And with a conference schedules release them solid. That's the regular season finale on now we kind of thought that would be fixed now we were talking before Christmas and look at that game on March 4 at an event that. Probably going to be huge because I hope you have games like this I've received. You know feel the rivalries built like this. Things are high. I don't see many teams running away with that conference championship. I think it's going to be tested in the Cincinnati female M we've seen. They're going to be there's going to be really really good you know taxis. In fact know the clear favorite. Which they write that scene. That and added depth and optimum back. Including take. And and we did not see him at a news. Ultimate test today now not offensively and that's 91. Seven read. Very good ones that are there that are good name. Soccer soccer ball to data Cincinnati 6260. Ones they split their matchups on the regular season each team winning on the road. And Cincinnati is able to win the conference title outright with that win here today at Wichita State soccer's most likely will be the number two seed. Heading into the conference tournament in Orlando which begins on Thursday. Stocks among the top four teams in the conference don't have to play on Thursday and will be inaction on Friday in the quarterfinals. Stocks most likely will be in that evening groupings and looks like all signs point to the Sox playing at 6 o'clock on Friday night. In the quarter fox. And it's systematic and again when things like my old game. Six of Cincinnati lost one game in the ninth. Laughs yeah hawks lost three so now very impressive. Now that the home loss and have you lost two games in the count on alternate Houston yet for some time. Thank you Bob. He'd been on top of my eye on misinformation people are now we're just the firing things out there and some of them are gonna do it alone so we're going to be you know completeness. So like air ball always awesome for accidentally did things we did see some bricks today. Another another in the case of the and that that offensive players rob rot. You know rushing things a little bit sometimes just trying to get a shot off maybe a tiny bit to quake and didn't misfired and a 8691037. Is our phone number today here at a soccer locker room so with that and Bob. RI allows those are on site engineer Andrew gambling our studio engineer today. Andrew is ready to take your phone calls at 8691037. We are here it's 2221. And rock. And didn't Bob will be back for more of your phone calls right after this shocker basketball today on 103 point 78 EY and. 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I've been dreaming up Madonna honey we really do need new hires and I'm not sure we can afford all these other well maybe we came and I heard a commercial on the radio for aren't are higher at aren't argued get a new tires and all you need is ten dollar get started they offer low weekly or monthly payments and not in cash but you gotta have good credit are heightened. No we dealt need credit and aren't aren't every once and for it hey we're going come on record are not right now. That's right with R&R you can spend your tax refund I. Things you want to plus before the new tire you need ten days all you. Lead is just ten dollars to get started part our tire expressed in Wichita just out of 47 to Broadway across from goodwill. The Oscars is not a competition. It is. Biggest names go to Google mail Streep Denzel Washington Gary Oldman Francis McDormand Daniel Day-Lewis Mary. Jimmy Kimmel host yeah. News channel said. The littlest things and so yeah. They may not seem like much. The best relationships are built on basic things tracks. Capitol federal and we believe that the smallest things can make a world. Smile and a hello call. And just for you for over 120. Years all the little. Capital better. People housing lender remember after I. It's a shocker locker room show with the jet escort Santa. And special guest I'm lives on 103 point seven. Actually backed off line rightly recognized that the government stepped back fifty footer. And davis' it's not something had to lay out clearly here for a fourth president Cincinnati with a timeout that. And that allows Greg Barfield hit. It. But it Mike Connor frank now but neither team scored after that Cincinnati. Team out of Coke arena barely with a victory at ranked Cincinnati over the eleventh ranked dockers to 61. There on the final day of the regular season soccer locker room joke twin peaks and east which sought when he first and rot. Bob Lou and at what we're there with you here on the broadcast today and let it be with you here at twin peaks 869. 1037. As the phone number every that was three once it. 8691037. You wanna give us a call like Brian you're next Brian go ahead. Yeah alarmed thought about be ignored local and brokering an advocate of those watching. On Phoebe you end up like that overeating and I was just wondering if that broke a worker. I don't believe so. At one point they put up. Be on it the all time record and an athletic event is that a chief's game of the season home game the number two on that list is the Seattle Seahawks home game. And nose grow like 133. And 127. Festivals around there I never saw gold glove much like a 108. In in Coke arena today I think there are some outlook. I've never been more prize but knowledge that you. It's amazing inside that scared things. They said knew that they said that it will receive a lot allied with the on the meter and a little meter running throughout the entire game and on it and it does not go much the world won only once again. I'm. Hope they want their team is what we're hearing now and it basis that's about as loud as it gets maybe a loud rock concert. That was adequate. Swap. And he you know there's there's your answer Bryant so it was it was super loud Barrett is not a record. Not a record apparently at our apparently in the in door yet which was that would that it would be on. But I know that stadium in Seattle it kind of has a curve to it beats you were it would be. And arrowhead would aironet does not so let that rightly want to get there are a lot of them yet does. You get 75000. People from yes and you're gonna have yet. I am pretty loud. About the royalties for the and Ricky rock. Got a kick out city league legend that the Latin Ricky rob. Any movement. Very much yeah I mean it was a on his feet multiple times throughout began with those schools now. To me that you you you would join the. You know Ricky played so long ago now. 79 with his last season and out now but still the best high school basketball player I've ever felt. Hands that. What were his college stops. Well it started Kansas. That didn't work out he made two junior college. You do California. And then he finished the pulse with him for a thoughtfully and of course there's always. Hope that he might come play for Wichita State. Net or material that never quite happened. I think it. I wanna get Ricky and Antoine Carr together on the drive hold onto. I want to get them together and talk about. That I have trouble tracked him down nine and on civil the the git go this week on bigs are gonna try to make that happen. At beyond what they think. But even little round table get Rick Dreiling bull. And Arnold I'm Donovan now that it cannot. Obviously. ST floor. After. About the the five high starters. From the 7677. Team that went. Unbeaten. The best high school team in my opinion ever fans. Was found time on and on our games. Calvin Alexander doc hole. Latvians here we go go back to death I'm prone to do on this though I it's like there's Luke of their time machine I. Does that company and cut the company's first twin peaks and hop and go back forty. And I'm willing you are not willing to sever that seat and join. I don't get a. Did I team go undefeated they did OK they want and they won. They'd be wind out of mistake and I championship game they do they jump out to a 45 nothing now led to the age of seventeen. Against wind up against a pretty program yes. Wow. A lot of Bob you know this stuff. So yeah at all that all goes back to Ricky Ross had been Protestant an outing tonight out of every they have authorities left our show. We can in that area off or under fifty. The like it. Stocks fall today to attempt ranked Cincinnati 6261. Was the final score. As neither team both teams really clamp down pretty hard defensively in the second half. There's not a lot of whistles it was tough basketball go on on both into the Florida final forty minutes. These are some bodies were 45 point. In the second half you saw some hot both bits that by Cincinnati today when I'm out there and Landry and Landry was clawing and yeah he got he got his own room. On several. And they were legal. Costs they were just part it. And Wichita State that some similar things that Cincinnati's rugged yes. And I think that counselor coach who's now. You know but we'll look at nick prone that got tough guy but that's the settlement. Soledad nature to us. Yet a couple tough minded coaches yes battery heads and I'll continue to do like he says as long as the rivalry great rival. 6261. Cincinnati winds today. As the stocks finished up 24 and six on the regular season and the likely number two seed. In the conference tournament coming up in Orlando next week. We mentioned Bob it's your birthday today happy birthday vinyl it. Well you know a key problem and I guess that's about it that's that's that's the better option of the alternatives. It's steep climb and innate and it was them. In my case books. And things just. Things just get better and better speak it looks and with some of you here birthday wouldn't. A couple local celebrities that cry yes. I did not know that there there is a former soccer basketball player you share at Purdue is and a former NBA players. Within the last twenty years. Yes they do now with bill's birthday is on and it. How about the former soccer Israelis. Congratulations. Go out now it here and if there's plenty right now stuff. And you also share a birthday list. Take the news anchor dip Ferris. For Ellen yes it's dead expert dated as well. It that's good company that's been a critic darn it yeah the whatever anybody's telling them nice there birthday with me let's hope. That didn't realize that you're sharing a birthday with bobbled. What. Death all the stuff. 8691037. As our phone number 8691037. Soccer locker room with Joseph. Arnot scholars Anthony going head Anthony. Happy birthday. I Anthony who. Is pleased. But are very good bottle. Are the Berkeley who is. A wildfire Anthony very nicely for. You know I'll go to visit the shop some more. Well we're we're very. Yeah I'd compare at all it. You all wouldn't let them aboard. Are. Undefeated when they're turned. He lined out there you go through that would warrant that now I'm not sure it would still in this thing tampered with my opinion. Common house. Was feeling that they aren't up and came later. Came later okay about Larry Drew it anymore earlier. Okay I'm reverend Gordon they'll wind up program in the or hate you it's. Between here amid Mark Turgeon big name value and value. Of just look at this give it here Brit also ordered the opportunity. Not listening to lose school and I after this thing we're Ralston an action as well. A month at Duquesne who actually was thoughtless person. And I think fear for our remarkable that he's at the time. Playing against south Ricky will. That would be rat yet but there was some history it's just out just so. There are those of those miss American school back in time which although I've been I think he might be your parents feel older. And if I can go back in his time like Nolan or masks and you know I am in Miami and I knew the squarely in the past. And I'm not talking about a year suit you know square park Amman on goal waved back. We beg you go into right now the way back I think we have a question though because we'll I mean it was so well they're. But the left simply as a team that lol so you didn't fit in the Greg Marshall there. Did nothing big and I ran into turn if I'm correct. Arctic port through my mind the fickle but I think the left and it's been that low. Figured there. What does this quiz thank you Anthony Lee from there apparently are not there are so everybody knows you know we will look it up Anthony had thought right now I. We've heard I don't think snow but. We'll check on I can't remember the last team that also don't want to marshals early teams lost on senior day at the. The speed and it doesn't want his early teams would not have gone mountains and the most and not get the term. I would have to will move wait an hour detectives will wait for testified that infamous and another one against Drake twenty flow very. If you're out there units very. That wanna get treatment won eleven. They want against southern Illinois and when he ran Madigan took time OK art and Gregg marshall's second season 2009. They lost senior date to southern Illinois near seventy now that was on the growth pardon me Indiana State loudly. They didn't. We would have to refute Anthony's feeling that maybe the last time they lost on senior day. They made a big run in the okay now you've got all united in Anthony's for athletes Koran I'm wrong here you are leading to believe. Anthony on you nailed it in oh my god as the final four team. That they lose to Evansville loss to Evansville on senior days that final fourteen and 2013. 5956. At las Evans novels well levels and it got. They got beat bad at Creighton to finish up the regular season as soccer's. Lost a few games in her own Internet regular season before of course going on Iran to the final form Anthony and are you nailed it good job. That's over Ireland and after I can. I just wanted to get very somehow under the ocean. For some weird reason nice work infamy and Louis Evansville on senior day and then that go to the final four. They'll write books we have moved. Course Evansville beat its dockers twice they swept that shocker team nets' season they similar to plastic goes on the final four and Marty Simmons like just think he's happy but a lot of platinum but I got their number. There you go hey you're right it pretty good job paradigm so yes the last time the doctors did lose on senior day that he went to the final four. So let's let's see what history has in store for the 48 team doctors five years later. Anthony mills and it's good golf outlook at that great this tidbit right there. Al or arsenals the elected it uses a factoid from here on yeah even though you fumble that spirit. It's now you're third propped. The Sox all the data Cincinnati sixty ti 61 if you wanna call us the locker still continues at 8691037. 8691037. Don't forget. Every time the soccer played her food and drink specials here at twin peaks that it's set up and today speak soccer game day that means the specials are in place you can get a cheeseburger basket they cheeseburger and Fries for just 599. It is viewed the man's size most of the shots off and that's just four bucks for that colder than ice cold Beers so. Come on out if those deep bass specials only all day long time soccer play. Right you're twenty some folks will be joined those vessels for the rest of the day belongs Sunday at the 8691037. As our phone number will take another break back with your phone calls right after this dead and Bob on the locker room so on 103 point 78 Eli. 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He went 5000 dollars during shocker madness in March 31 ever online or come in for a soccer madness form. It helped by the factors of all the tournament and I'd finalist was three for 5000 dollars and a top at all off its roster yet problem. We're loaded with proximate crisis smaller 51 point guard. Soccer madness always roster yet for family own customer friendly. There's locker room show brought to impart my Charles Schwab but as Charles Schwab we've believed asking questions is teeth when taking ownership of your life. There's dream is true when it comes demand junior wells. You know how much your Fave in season and how they affect your returns. Ask your financial advisor and if you don't like the answer stopped by the Charles Schwab branch in Wichita today. Located at the waterfront park called 31513. Hundred. We believe you'll like what we have this today. It's a shocker locker room show with Ted does sports fan. And special guest I'm limits on 103 point 78 EYE Yang. Doctor. Right wing to the nothing back to Kelly double. It's. I'm slam finalists are. Basket Cyrus. Soccer would only make one basket the rest of the way after that please vascular under a minute to go like Connor frank camp. Shaq is Zack Morris did not have a basket for the shocker in the final thirteen minutes of the game. That's that's when united asked about. If you were if you were writing about this gamers. You'd have to ask what happened was back in those final thirteen minutes is certainly like him to be. Along with Flanders hand pick your line now but again. Cincinnati is not. Don't they practice they clamp down on Shaq and did a good job on that even though he had sixteen point it's still made six of ten. 8691037. Is her phone number 8691030. Sevens as the soccer locker room Phillips says that's what we're involved Lucie area code 316. We are live near twin peaks when he first and rot in east which it solid to back the phone lines Bryant is next go ahead Ryan. I got to carry it I'm. I am obviously disappointed so I'm doing a little thing here this is not to think Brian Nichols a little bit ago. But. I want at duke westerner in my comment and I could be wrong because it's been many years. That I'm not mistaken I would definitely drinking raw. Actually fine with the shoppers and play for a for a at very. As much on his freshman year. And that's exactly whose team to coach and we got some travel all he and I would think that he transferred in mind on McCain yeah. What we have great recruiting king. The list and long and arrest them. Ended agreement on the key. Not a prominent that you know now that I'm that did not happen. You may be thinking of bread Greg Dreiling and did signed with Wichita State. Played here as a freshman then transfer the case you. Ricky Ross never played with prostate there was hope by soccer fans when he left Kansas. That he would maybe. We'll find his way to Wichita State. But that does not happen he with the junior college drop and then he played his final two years. At home for. OK I do remember him playing spokesman giving up the bad stuff a bad time there. I'm a one other thing I want to dementia and audio broadcast throughout ma twin peaks and that kind of just the message out I go to a lot of games they're and I love them or. What gains on because that is the shock or watch parties. Establishment. That tonight and in the last two or three games is that is that volume has been so low here we are on national TV easy answer and couldn't hardly hear that came here and I them for them to turn up the volume so we could hear what he announcers are urged saying because. Come tournament time I'm with the American and then hopefully in the US. And we make it to the NCAA that we can go there and I actually Carroll worked yet announced mergers and go to. It was clear tonight that a lot of people could hear what was going on. And I am. Laughed and then also on point Erin. And the five TV two were turned on the German soccer women's basketball I think Marquette game at play infer the girl. That not actually soccer watts bar and an ex nanny aren't. But the fact that I just hope that they they get speaking at the end because it's a great place to go watch a lot. Throughout or turn a model of a shocker and root them on and get it over here beginning thank you all very much you do have a great job. Your wonderful problem and you get a. Thank you so much Brian we appreciate and anytime you walk and go farther sort soccer we got this yes that's at the probably you know. Wolf certainly pass along your concerns there. Miss it like the TV turn that. Carried it up with all the way. Now I debt that is certainly concerned Brian Bullock no thank you very much that means that you wanna hear the the announces. That's. I kind of like all of the players that this. The volume turned them myself so. I'll. Then that's getting some brought putting I got some desert today while Mike you know it really can that last into the cell yeah we're on right through that. Storage on the market you know I'm just getting the my goodness that was I hadn't had the bread putting all year long so I decided to go for look good for you little dessert here's the finished the regular season notices that he's fine I don't I've heard on. But you know I've got I've grown used. Yes and you know I think that. I'm I'm watching the Brett abilities I'm. Odd I've I've those ideas I was just assuming that you get some kind of huge birthday. Ecstatic and coming up after your daughter's philosophy for them. Are you warned by an I was not invited to that so they fielded you know now. All right. After the phone lines here on the soccer lottery with Joseph 8691037. As their phone number 8691037. John you are next go ahead John. Hello guys. You two dollars and have a at this very. In case you beat Drake went. Final or. Back in the day when Drake was really good that they have players like Willy wise. And Bob Natalie he and that crew and some others Andre Emmett harder golf William. I got K you have to get through the right. Appeared on mature program a current program yet you are correct. See this thing into this with me on this show it turns into an octogenarian. Love that it's. They I think they hide this and every nursing home. And it's a field exports. And I'm gonna hear about this today because. Because I took it back to a yesteryear and then all of always talked about the incentives. Things that happened many many years ago. This can't be good for ratings and it. Maybe I expect to get where you are getting consistent. Calls you know that's got to help sot. Finalist. But with your other would you rather go on and on about a soccer lost and that's the thing we want that we wanna get on the stone just talk right. And since my brain is stuck in 1977. Why not. John you argue your directory. Drake was and those are a lot of credit for a few years there Willie wise is one of those players I ever saw that draped in and other. They were really really good in them here and their coach close. Boards on offense another legend. There is one thing and it the very. As the united lie that the doctors don't what's up. And it. Their final four banner. Is massive. And its front center. And Indiana State their championship game banner massive and its front and center. Wichita State's final four banners. Are the same size as every other banner in the building. That's not yet how well I I've I wish the final four the team final four banners were. Bigger than the others and more feature about we get some of the banners down. I agree with that and it finally consolidate the and I see banners that you need to start I go dating somebody else's crime. Because now I hear you. You've hit the big time. Wichita State because you're in a conference now that has been. It'll allow you to be a national broker. You know today. National television C via the every college basketball fan in the country. Was watching this game. So you're getting exposure like never before. And we're start to figure out I think his first start in that kind of forget now. Now OK a lot of we did this will start to figure it out and congratulations. To. Wichita State for increasing the the in game production atmosphere throughout the season. If it Bob they started doing that after we mention it locker room became kind of a patent SMU. Became a topic of conversation. It was a topic on our show. Or Netflix here I am walking whatever it and but today it. Today it was great news you're now the last thing is to eliminate the musical chairs were side. If we got it that's the last one. Yeah at least that's got the arena pretty quiet all of like that it got all yeah it. Here it didn't drop for half an hour ago spots on the that's the problem probably needs to go and everything else is correct and that's my that's my banner compliance. It doesn't want I don't field of the final four banner is exactly the same size as the 1986. Missouri Valley Conference tournament in the camera I'm happy that should not be. That cannot. Very good solid today and it's the same sizes these 1980 and 1994 women's NIC span. Not to denigrate those teams but if your final fourteen you have accomplished something more than all these other teams have and that's being more noteworthy there. And I couldn't agree more. You hit the nail on the head thank you very nice all you need to lose the breath letting that become very gap well I'm off just I'm all popped up on sugar now. That what they're so lethal Wednesday. 8691037. Of their phone number here on the soccer locker and so it's been involved with you here on this Sunday at twin peaks. Regular season is over now on next up on a shocker postseason first up the American conference tournament. First time ever to soccer's will engage. In this tournament so post season. It is in Orlando. And it's that much further travel for soccer fan the nets never stopped Wichita State and showing up. For now we talked in the well weeks back or 500 maybe maybe more soccer fans at the Orlando. Will find out. I'd I know that it would be a fun trip. Kind of that that I did make plans because it would be fun to go to Orlando and then fail over these days. Angle and go to you restraining order into the spring training all I don't know enough about what do you need right now that sounds and ask Allah be a fantastic trip. But I didn't get it planned I didn't get it going I didn't think it. You would go to Jupiter and I would go to Bradenton yes and we'd have a flies we will several. Without a lot of fun. So yeah I'm shoppers will be in Orlando shot Thursday in a top four teams in the league will not have to play in the first round on Thursday. Sox will be in the quarterfinals on Friday. Most likely is the number two seed. Looks like there's not be playing at 6 o'clock Friday night most likely. Against an opponent yet to be determined. And if they advance. Play on Saturday and if you investigate it lands on. Selection Sunday by the way. So let's play it they would play it the championship game the 3 o'clock. On Sunday followed by remarks pretty much I action Israel. That that will be fun Sunday. And NetSuite today so we'll see how things have progressed. As the shots in an all all the other eleven teams in the company's big conference tournament that there. We'll be in Orlando obviously South Florida won't win that's going to be my big that in your big deal going out of Alam yes there. Animals that won't be Wichita State and Cincinnati in the final about it nothing think that somebody. You know god love that that happened and I would not be at all surprised that the it just feels to me like that's or we're gonna have in we're gonna see at least. One different team than it's great prediction because when you see these big conference. Big conferences lady's big tournaments. So rarely that one vs two at the end yes very rarely and Houston that line while whole foods really playing well right now. Emphasis. On the little something. They have fun. For now I'll be our policy upon four day event at willow will be watching of course closely taking part. And we'll have all the games for it on right here on 13 point seven KEY and from Orlando Mike Kennedy involved bulls beat. On the road in Florida and giving us all the action. The American conference tournament. Shocks all the data Cincinnati 626110. Ranked since he beat eleventh ranked Wichita State in the regular season finale. Neither team both teams had trouble scoring down the stretch there's only one basket by. The fine in the final four minutes as both the defense is for record just clamping down big time. Point for art to come by down the stretch one more basket either way would decide the games as it turned out. Tough tough loss for Wichita State but not a crippling loss which is you know this again I that it earlier in the show. You lose a game like this in the volley and suddenly you're like oh my goodness what we don't do well maternal and we're gonna get in you and only about a great year in our records glowing. But in this conference you don't have those worries you lose this game. Regular season to really really good Cincinnati team but you go to Orlando now and you play and you know that. Regardless of what happens in the conference tournament. You're headed to the NCAA turn that doesn't mean seeding can be affected. The soccer or lose in the first round. They're seating would withdraw gap probably drop but they're not in danger of missing it right all together. Off Bob thanks for being listed in your birthday we we always appreciate it again outstanding job by you. Another season. For us sitting side by side of soccer game over. But the likely will be back next year and and many years to come they'll have to prop me up at some point well I'll probably continue to go. I'm doing now with Macintosh practically already but I'm not used to it but he used to working with the deal with it. We'll get after it I appreciate you'd joining the fray here in the locker room feel. This this season it's it's been nice to have someone else do share the load would we've enjoyed it known as the bruins' lone. And one of us will be here with the U throughout the conference tournament and on the at Saddam lives Friday night we'll get after thanks Bob. Enjoy the rest your birthday Bob lutes Willis here on the soccer locker action today at twin peaks in east Wichita. At 21 and rock. It's ranked Cincinnati defeated Wichita State today 6261. In the regular season finale. Sixty points eight rebounds. Force Jack Boris today for the doctors and reach him at sixteen points six rebounds five assists only once over it briefly 38 minutes. They were the only two doctors in double figures in this tough Cincinnati defense today Zach brown ended a three for three shooting for eight points. Darryl Willis had eight points off the fence on his senior data go along with five rebounds. Five points for markets but Duffy off the fence. Along the couple assists for start Delhi. At four points a couple buckets also had seven harder rebounds and three blocked shots along the line. And four points for Connor frank stampede at a couple buckets they were both inside the arc. Not that it selfless three point shooting date and that was that the the only. Seven players that support from Wichita State on the day Sox all the Cincinnati sixty to 61. As these two teams split their matchups in the regular season each winning on the road in Cincinnati is the conference champion with a plastic finish in second place. There inaugural year in the American conference. Thanks for being with us today I want to thank our on site engineer Maher rile also for all her help our studio engineer Andrew handling thank you Andrew all our great callers today. Happy birthday to our friend Bob lutes you can your body son Jeff every weekday from 4:6 PM on tea updates on their great children drive every weekday afternoon. And this is dead a sports dead thanks Mina witnessed today from twin peaks here's when he first and rock and a shocker locker room oh. On one all three point 78 EY and good days. Listen for the Wichita university locker room shall have 38 shocker basketball game on 103.