WSU Men's Basketball vs Arkansas State 12-19-17

Tuesday, December 19th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Arkansas State: W 89-80


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In all there. Shot her. Point seven hey you want. Brave. Arena of the pregame show my view by. Didn't trust but it pleasure to have you with us were not impressed but it's not up back at Oregon. Or let them play we'll play. As what to trust state takes. Arkansas State tonight and tonight's game is. Rusty advice Gateway's board each group. You know. There is some history between the two athletic programs Wichita State and Arkansas State that pretty much goes back to the time that Dave and I were students and just beyond and that is sad to say a long time ago. I Arkansas State was he home opening. Football opponent in 1970 just a couple of weeks before the plane crash. At the basketball history is at least 7172. And 7273. Seasons right after we graduated. Wichita State won here in that he once every two Arkansas State won the return game. In Jonesboro. A year later so here they are 45 years later getting back together on the basketball floor. It hardly feel like it's been that long before victory while it it goes on game. Not a basketball game here you think that the the basketball game here. Wichita State. It's still played well against a club or artwork or hard nosed ball club. And I love that tie with Austin. Thought that his parents flooded Arkansas State is not a was he scored his dad was the assist man in there on their respective teams and both had great careers there. They try to recruit off and that by the time they really got on it he has pretty much committed it was a nice day. It was something that you would have considered that by then with us and it was really on and he had already made a verbal commitment to its and it's funny it's a lot of kids. Wichita State gets in on the early they figure out east it's sophomores. That the latest. Who they like who can play it technical advances that check out how to do what school. And then once people realize Wichita State is it puts them down. That's when interest from other schools like it was nothing that that's real credit Wichita State and other credit this. When these kids they were coming to Wichita State they are coming in which the state. Something else if you did not get to. Or Greg marshals show last night he mentioned something that I thought was really interest in him and very gratifying. And it's all part of the culture here and certainly helps with recruiting. Alex prosperity. Sensational young point guard from that they're Alex pulled back some idea of young point guard. Memphis. Was here with his parents for the game the interest on Saturday. And he mentioned it Kyle instead afterwards. I wish I didn't have to go back over like this stay here playing right now coach Marshall says that validation of that Leslie's mom. Got together with Alex's mom was exchanging phone numbers uses its question do you have any information you need that's how we do things here were family end. Everything I can do to help me do it all that sort of thing it just makes you feel good about the whole atmosphere that is. Well what Max is another asks are both sexes these and other X if Fred Bentley bodies. Are infinitely many attitude. The fans are going to do really really leads. See not only was that coaching staff has done recruiting Alex romance but that the other recruits love Greg marshals that's for. Class by far. All right let's get to the phones that number is 8691037. 316. Is the area code if you need that 869. 1037. If you would like to tweet gets on Twitter it is an act shocker boys give you tweet or a call. And. I I'm sorry it's got a text here and I was like Fletcher. I don't know seventy S and a lot of people called you that coach's comments last night must've had a bad day. Actually. I thought it was above average for traffic off his to have a tough loss. He did say at people that were there that that during the the second break. It's that I have for talking about Oklahoma always thought that Oklahoma to flooding that it snapped a fascinating Florida and Oklahoma does that play with my. I'd say hey you know added hours showed it filled. I know you don't like to talk his legs after a loss that you know he had to get a couple of things that we'll go on as we Viet that he was. I thought you know really very. Very cooperative and ends you know I thought he had some. Very honest things to say about certain players but not as good meeting Leno or overly critical light just you know very frank about things they need if you work. If you listen to coaches shows for any coach in the state. Or coaches shows interviews with coaches. After in laws after a stinging loss. And especially if your top five in the country or top three in the country on their home court that's very difficult. And then people. Say things on the Internet. About who might think it's maybe the finest of but it's votes. United States. I would think they would get a little impatient with some things and that's totally understand the handle it much better than 99% of people would have handled it that's for sure. All right I was leading index now and I believe event in the city here's an ounce are pleased that it is. You work here and my I cannot I don't. Don't do bad now wait it out that yeah. Yeah yeah all and thanks for my calls a couple things. Period when death is coming back I'm at work extremely well I don't know it was not certain people out. What. It at the end of the various. What your breath opt for very dark. I'm also wondering how much. An integral part of RT. It was based at the same theme that would not implying. That. Is why it is but buried. In recent years and thirdly you are not out well but putt on you know right by the end of the partly seen. Thirty weight that. I'm assuming that people at the end of him to bring your company can be able to set in the starting line up. They're here with it felt like that. It added that it would right the cart him off guard who thinks it's. Moment. Now those are two very good questions I'm glad you asked that question about markets because. People are gonna are in the nearly you know already at so we're going to be getting questions about market because Marcus is out there with the team. Going through war. He went to the doctor today I have not received any official word that it's pretty obvious he's been cleared to do what ever. IE was running up and down participated shootaround today. He is going to warm up with the team tonight he is not going to play that night. And there is no official word. On when he might play it but I am just guessing from everything that's going not that there is at least some kind of possibility. That it might play a few minutes on Friday night against Florida Gulf Coast again that's. Just as speculation based on how he's moving around him while he's participating in. I don't know anything for sure that he is that close at least two to finally be back. That would be logical you talk about this some time ago when they were projecting that the at least it uniform. For the game this coming Friday. It would make sense for him to run up to Davenport a little bit to play a little defensive. Seemed a little bit during the ballgame. But not in this incident now especially that but still going to be tender. But before they go through. University of Connecticut played that first league game on the road probably want to have a little bit of defense under your belt before you're. That thank coach Marshall last night address the issue of what happens with the minutes when he does come back and that's a that's a typical day he is gonna have his work cut out for him to. Kind of redefine roles and minutes and keep everybody happy that he addressed the team about basically said. We're gonna play whatever line that give us the best chance to win and you've got to see all that could be man enough of that these. A rejection of the few minutes for several out here. That's you know that's a deceptive you have to accept the it makes all. You can't and we all know from night to night that's for the vary from player to player depending on who's in foul trouble who's hot who. Thought they. Colder a little bit of a weak ankle whatever they've made that. The market itself is coming back is certainly going to make an impact on number of people that. Q can you and I thought before we went on here might. He's always been a very good offensive player of the you thought about the types of players he's guarding him. Some of the better players on the opposing team that really really good. Players on the opposing teams and doing an excellent job. So. Yes I think he's definitely didn't get some of those minutes it's gonna vary from night to night and on the matchups depending on who's playing well. Fans. That sometimes motivation. Both parts of the defensive play those nine guys and he said fit man rotation guys I think that's and it. He's probably what's going to happen through the defense with the rotation. And now I'm glad did you. Asked about his impact on defense that it kind of ties have another question on Twitter about is this right Parcells first. Defensive team. First tip off. What I had actually kind of forgot about markets that we started talking about it was how much longer as a defensive player last year. Yeah his length and quickness allowed them to lighten up a lot of different sizes and you know we talked about Zach brown a lot of those turner and his ability to guard anything from a point guard is sometimes even the smaller man. Add markers showed the ability to do that last year too and here is he's got a good sense of getting his hand in the passing lanes he had a lot of deflection and steal toward the end of last year. That'll be an element that really help this defense. And so yes yes it is impact will be at both ends of the floor no question about it. As far as his that's his worst defensive team does not even remotely close. This I'll tell you yes he's not happy with his team's defense right now it's going to get better I promise you. His teams always get better in every way having just go back and add Chad if you need to just each team has gotten better over the course of every year. Other that is very first what was that Breyer got hurt and I didn't have another point guard now that. This team. Is giving up seventy points a game that's highly highly highly unusual for an Gregg Marshall to. But the shoppers who scored almost 87. The games have been more up tempo their entire possession games. It gets very skilled somber very skilled offensive teams that's good plus the points out that he doesn't like it and it will get better. But the other thing to look at is their field goal percentage defense is still 38 point 3% to 44 in the country. If you know goal percentage defense now. It's it's not. A big slippage by any stretch of the imagination did I think that's not happening that feel a little more characteristic in the last group for years. If they're not turning people over as much and while there are turnover totals aren't really think they're a little higher than they have that it's under turnover margin. Is actually favoring the other team a little bit with his Hialeah. That Youkilis. Artsy 61 point one times. That's by far the highest that under right mark the months shy of 38 point 3% of the second lowest under mark. Eight point. Three pointers made per game by the opponents. By far highest. Over the phone. I'm Gregg Marshall. So it's boring as dial eight and that's just it yet the style of the game it's NN rake marks. The played better competition that but when it. That it's wars on the other teams so it's not that. Floats that the worst defensive team yes that's. At the back that first year when he was taken people out of the they have played at first US dollars to play it ended product. At this three point if they're making board that they ever happens there if you Guardia it's been 33%. For three nights that stuff. Factors that we and it's probably created this scoring average audiences than them. Well and the shooting percentage which I think it's rates this year and it doesn't have anything with defense I checked on the free throw attempts. Point point 33 attempts by the opponents that's an average. On the number of fouls regain. The same as it's been. The only thing is is that the pace has changed at folks' faces change because you played Oklahoma. Who runs at a fast pace and got an op and fourteen seconds for possession. And you're playing against South Dakota State. Who does that ends Savannah Savannah State. Eleven seconds per possession that gets your motor running and that's just part of now also counts that's easy points and that was that age where they pressed the whole game of the temple was tied the possessions. And well and what you'll see in my opinion it is. Things will slow down a little bit it not recently. But having markets the stuff you defensively is going to make the difference defensively as. What. I'm me at a yet to comment you grant that listening opening comment to that comment on the accident why is that it would worry about that stuff 99.9. Percent of the fans love the flyers had no marshall's best coach in the country. Now that part of this. What we do and he he knows the support is there ahead. You know the F if they get. It's just part of being a fan and I think we're better at it now that we've used to be either because we're. Ahead remorse settled at sea floor board games that people get emotional I was getting. Two or three major flip reactive series in Oklahoma defense I don't expressible a lot of it will let. Pressed it a lot but did not say it's good questions at press Friday that it had game and Oklahoma had a great fresh off and it isn't. For us the entire game anybody is Florida fifty yes that's today. If you have to understand about pressing their art science. What what did not speak for us look really good it's very effective and plays a big role of them wanted to come back against now was there perhaps being effective. That can all. Had a lousy press office stuff you throw the ball in the corner we could trap the ball. All the time and so yeah defense looked really good defense team with the press offenses. They. They are going. The ball well. They're gonna end up with a two on one or one on none situation that the fact you perhaps because that's just the way the rotation work if you're double for the full body. It seems if you really can't let a different. Accounts certificates of Lance and. I god I'd be very young as the best player that I have seen. Played against Wichita State. At year's. End if you try to press that guy. Not only has great range and scores when point eight points per game five or we think the next closest player. And averages nine assists per game third best in the country. Has pleaded for. Like a knife but I mean it's you are going to get burned time after time. Stuff. Last week and I've looked at plus eight is eight and soon. I can't stay top fifty schedules for and against teams from the top six conferences other than the American. All without their leading scorer and rebounder from the year ago only 68 NBA prospect I think things look. Really pretty darn good even though. Thank god like this Nancy wins against Notre Dame and Oklahoma and a shocker right there and had a chance of both games but it's gonna. The sentences and conservatives in the senate is why can't we be undefeated and the answer is. Nobody is gonna be on the. It. Nine minutes I'm gonna go back to plug in its second one that signature drive to the game is occupied Kansas flat tire and service retires. At the national auto service. Are always a plan that story. Next caller yeah. I can't think. It's not on us question about on out. I understand now. Now art. Or outrage and under four minutes. But sub par coach will call. Out. And while operate the news and these cars now. Wondering if the code. On what. Yeah. On the London. Aren't counted with them or do the math. And apply them. And that's a good question and answer is when coach calls time now it is starts against them and Gregg Marshall. I think it's Taylor said in this morning's paper. It's never use timeouts he's never had a problem but it counts against them because there is a strategic reason a close calls that time outs. And do not penalize the coach or not it sets a time out against its growth because of the fact that he called it. Twenty seconds before the next media time out with nothing fair. Also thought the one thing that's a little ideas won't the last few years I can't remember why they went to this but. In addition to the floor. Media timeouts in the second half which are at the first hit ball under 161284. Minutes to fly or. If there is eight call time now. Within thirty seconds of those times when they go ahead and take that time out there but. The first called timeout. In his eighth full time updates if at some thirty. It's a it's a fulltime now counts against the teams called it counts against that are there load that's not out there has never thought about that they could use. But even if they intend to call a thirty they're gonna get a full timeout there because that's that's the way to listen up on the first call time out of the second half. Bonds. You know Al did ask us about whether it's what an excellent start. Yeah sorry I you have documents that. Mike Mike thought he says if he's good enough to come the end and this targets enough power to fight but the great thing yes. So that's a tough position for a freshman to come in and fly it right off the map and matter how good they are fans. He's had a situation where he should Catholic. We would all love Lucy Landry should have a back that we talked Atlanta before the Oklahoma if we don't think that's gonna happen. And it's let's say that he's not that you still have so much it means to. Who is very capable of that position. At this italics Womack speaks about great attackers are going to be even better. But he doesn't have to be the starter so much it could start. Alex could play and it is a little bit of off the bench be relaxed when it comes into the game. You know that could be great scenario that's what Fred Bentley and that's. As a freshman year it was learned after about reforms that it was a lot better player. Solve either way it's going to be a great situation for the shot as a point guard this. Well my thought is first of all flying the analogy to Bentley plus. There are a lot of other really really really good players experienced players. And now homelessness and it's it's a state and it's. What you've got is navy Alex romance and start right away. But I would think that Atlanta channel let's hear it here I don't think we'll be. Beth Lomax he started. City into the regulars when you get into the weekends. And if Lambert sham it is here next here. Sad to the other part of Al's question I think yes there is certainly a possibility that he could play 72 slot because. He would be the best player available at that position. With all due respect to Austin reads and CJ Kaiser whatever else is coming back him. And Eric Stevenson coming in his another freshman. That would certainly be. So I think I think he was seen happen with not afraid definitely in his Atlanta recently might play well. Positions and it yes. All right Al Kevin thank you and it's obviously itself marquis cut up act shocked her voice on footer. At 8691037. Area code 3165. Phone and through him like our producer of in the studio invited ticket quick timeout before we did our member Ani English actors play. You get 50% off your online order him to Wichita area Papa John's seasons laws on the prophet John dot com and use promo code shocker fifty. To receive your socks that his death acted Obama doesn't it trust bank. Freaking. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first is with no my. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's awesome. 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Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend would be John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder ray don't Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. Let's go back to the disrespect pregame show from Charles Cook garrido we'd have a couple of Twitter questions. Concerning otter friend there and only continue his we're checking it out Connors did not. Was not after earlier participating in a while welcome back out. Or before tip off. That he was not up here earlier he was a participant. In shootaround today and so far. A word that nobody would it. Half right now so. Our colleague our our feeling is working on that right now. As far as see if there's any official notification about where tiger made the end whether or not. They played at night so anyway we'll follow up on that it was but now it as your guy got it did not ask reading because Morris I'm older. He did not but I guess he's he wielded a pretty good idea at. It's now I guess I didn't see it and I've heard about it I guess he suddenly realizes it is hitting that that was as bad shoulder. You know I just. Dumb struck room all loaded at very apologetic but. Anyway yeah. It was it was clearly an accident but marshland stated though I was at a great little thing that children really. At that he's gonna have to continue to do we have on that for quite some time itself it it. Still if you know still sore area it's necessary context very well it's not answer the big guy running instances of very good enough. I've had that shoulder surgeries. And what they tell you to do was be careful of crowds around people for the wealthy south you can get jostled. Jostled to feed the ball games at this copy center something like that's you have to be very very fearful so absurd it. Debt detected reagans and probably pretty good thing he says. Don't know anything right now. About then conference miss availability tonight what's gonna nonsense so. We'll we'll find out and I think these are but I don't know. Flabbergasted I just listen it was a head. What has been the attitude by the sixteen years after some freshmen not in many cases. These things on their home floor board determined discourage doubting themselves. First of all I'm from here is there words the other guys on the floor in the distance time besides those two freshmen August on Saturday. Sad yes it is fresh complaints. Certainly not discouraged or doubted ourselves. Six off. Angry. Disappointed yes but discourage doubting themselves don't board determined I think that's always the case after the loss with his team. And it. This is. They I have to say it is a terrific group yeah addicts they don't win every game flat. He's played hard honestly I think they played really hard and I thought all day they just didn't execute as well as the candidate make shots. It was not a very good performance in terms of how they. Play that they played hard and and it's certainly they were disappointed and we'll. God only it will make you more determined to coaching staff we'll make sure there are more determined. Had to coach Marshall that's not his radio show last night he. He had formed yesterday in favor. And generous and soft and that's that's that's gonna have to get better and who else. This is the seniors out. Has been very focused for a long time after they lost to Kentucky last year's NCAA tournament starts killing falls on one of our pre post season if he's. They came back and everything he could find guys in the gym work and on their own and just look at yet that are already think he's not this year just. This senior group is not gonna let this year's field line and not doing absolutely everything that candidates and that has launched. Players. At this level of play. Basketball and play against the toughest steroid substance over substance to it but I think it's good players. I don't believe I don't remember the time that I was on the team and we were legitimately thought much if it's the first freshman sophomore. You know whenever you face painting of a freshman when both of those things. I don't think people think wow let's examine its soft I think if they think that they thank us later as a good player. Fans they want as well because they want to play against the best in their best against the fence all I still think that that's back. He implications. Is it because they're freshmen. Making. A lesser player in subway or another or whatever that they gave Australia will be in the NBA next. Playing a lot for somebody is playing well stuff that is a better season fresh 125 years old isn't terrific player that's that's called the men. He's some specialists experts are saying that he may be at this point but it's taken to date the players here. In the country these are fifty I don't know what's gonna happen when he gets into the big twelve audiences to see that. But he's a heck of a talents and I told people I'm really happy that I had a chance to see them play. I saw right at Wichita State lost at this point of Wichita state laws not very very happy that we still had a chance for a young life. I agree wholeheartedly. We have a little bit of Britain athletes and calls right now so we'll take one more commercial timeouts but. You can give us falls 86 times plus seven or sweetest products are divorced yet another plus it's not force will be back to wrap things not fun. Thought its participation partisan or right us. 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TV we not only on the high quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real good entertainment furniture in city after TV we've got to read and which tough not just upper. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Allen a cost up in Dolly and her ten dink porn and over what a lawyer. WS shocker basketball is on its. Point seven GE Y and. Welcome back the interest banks. Pre game show remember when this dockers or on the road the official watch party location as you know. They'll tackle the southeast corner of 41 and when asked them by doing all the watch parties. We can't put its efforts to mediate a secret that Orlando courtesy Eisenhower national airport and the team goes through a half worth. Your official watch party location for shocker basketball. Unmarked cars to get fined but Jennifer ads. Sarah pleaded they'll let us know if today is brought Brown's birthday it's freshmen redshirt this year president from Memphis. Celebrating a birthday today hopefully today's victory by his teammates tonight years. I'd go back to the bonds that America welcome to the program. I can't print and you would be able to play in being able to bring in here with a moderate they have defeated the plate now. That is a good question the answer is vote day it will not and I believe. That distinction is aren't they close it is that the institution. Now holds. For the advancement I think is actually good faith and God's gift to fight for instance. Years ago Oklahoma last with a fine. You're able to play every single season Oklahoma City. But it was because the big twelve was suppose it's not the University of Oklahoma so. That is the difference. You can't like Kansas could play theoretically at Kansas City where it is quiet time or two every year and it's really close. As long as Kagan who is not the hosted an event that's that's kind of the determining fact a lot of those nights that most someone's hands. Okay. That's bottlers to. Nice things to us. Let things guarded interest recently for the shot and it's good to go play in the NCAA isn't I love that facility the Sox had a history here because last time out it's been tonight. All right thank you all for the calls and tweets that didn't do it for this program will be back. At 5 o'clock on Friday night remembered 5 o'clock. Got a 6 o'clock tip on Friday that Florida Gulf Coast will be on an hour earlier than usual. On Friday night coming up next our pre game chat with Greg marshals as they would if. What he sees it is here and shedding employees have something special to share with this kind of fear is all about family and we'd like you to be a part of ours. 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You want intercom which doesn't equal opportunity employer -- sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Wichita university shudder that's. Good golf is on 13 point seven. Back to the interest banks pregame show the cut its quarterly head coach Gregg Marshall was presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion. Good she did less time idiot always. Guys can concentrate on basketball with the practice limits are often what the biggest improvement your health in the season this team over the next couple days. Well we've got a lot of in my group. I love this time of year we haven't. Pretty intensive. Video session yesterday closing out the Oklahoma game and then getting into Arkansas State. We've got to school. Why islands and again that at this point you just practice to get it right so there's no time limit switch coaches love them mature players do best. In the great scheme of things we we gotta we gotta improve a lot on defense we've got to improve a lot and start shooting. Making baskets around the basket making threes make an intermediate jump shots execution. Yeah me in the name defense or zone defense so bloom we'll work on everything and hope to improve. I console still pitching that's what's going to. A little bit up and down that should play very capable. And what dad challenges is their offense present for your defense lawyer got a lot of guys that person also the personnel got to be in tune with the personnel yeah eleven. Guys that. Played significant minutes for them. They're going to be fresh. From what I've seen on video. There's a lot of guys that can hurt you. We just won a big game at Florida Atlantic this week. So we'll we'll have to we'll have to play well number on the defensive end they're going to played since we call 752213. Quarter court zone press. Back to a match up zone. Mention in your coaching show last night that because this this table challenger big guys a little bit in terms of their fall off the ball screen coverage so we'll. Yes they do. It's ball screen stuff primarily because of the good breakdown offensive we're gonna have to. Do better job than we did against Oklahoma I don't think they have a true young they've got some really good players but. He was that he was very special. He had 29 conference games remaining before they get into the conference schedule maybe the biggest thing you're looking forward just more consistency this week and executing some of the things you talk to good we just want to get better you know we have it's a long season with ten games in. I don't get two games left in the non conference. 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Yes just reporting not months they just more free trade three random book value passed believe it or not general manager of the Allman forty something with fellow fell 1800 new son or visit or Nissan which saw dot com with. Of current and former and 24 he on both sides must always defined in the content patents and patent. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in would you Ozzie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs strong hearted Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. And yeah. I'm very under. Once everything you've why. I'm always open. You know what's good for us today at Arkansas State looking up tonight for the first time it. 45 years herbal again. Few games in the series going back in the early seventies. She's won once this season rubber game for now off your last match up between these two plaudits from. Nearby states who rarely play each other. Remember the day after and they shot her win it's a party at cats locker room with nothing happening quite the shocker story can save 1045 even 40%. Softball soccer merchandise soccer fans all over crowd is and I got it. At test has locker room. East and west. That's why I have Dave gives you the winning strategies. We just haven't answered the questions about why Cotter French camp was not out warming up with the team. He was a full participants in the shootaround today. But has developed a migraine and it is not here. I am blessed to have not ever had experienced. That anybody that I know that is never had issues that might. Rain tonight if this might well. Doubles have to be a dark room that's sort of thing. Forget path like I grains. My fifth and there are medications that help some reason now so I feel so bad cop because some good faith. You've got a friend careful not to get uniform tonight which is where things shot you're starting lineup a little bit we'll see you definitely get good right now. Winning strategy to ratchet my capital Kabul first home home home. You can trust the strength behind them with financing capital federal equal housing lender. Member FDIC is. Kennedy. Winning strategy number one the Sox captain and nothing reassert itself rebounds. But it slips up mark. Which starts it'll say it's guilty vastly bouncy theme that point nine pounds worth opponents nevertheless. Yes he is and you outrebounded. Us by an average of four point six rebounds per game for you the last four games. Like the likes of stocks rebounds that. Once again reassert themselves. Read while they're mediocre rebounding team they average on the season endless rebounds per game soccer's do. It's not slow rebound by about it. Tonight we strategy number two what's happened to those points off turnovers. Well they're still there but are an idiot at that point opponents had not been shocked. WA SU has not won the points off for legal battle in any want of the last five ball games. And Oklahoma scored nine more points off turnovers that yes he won Saturday. That's more than parts. The Sox have to create more turnovers and then take advantage of it and I think that Brett Wilson played soccer and a third of all over. Sixteen times for walking slightly offensive. Let them tonight. What he threatened to number three gentlemen start your engines that we need from the opening tip off is not the start of the second half. The shots dug themselves safe. Fold in the first half against Oklahoma they're behind by fifteen points and it really gets it it must overcome. The Sox also played. Poorly in the first half against Al that would count right now as halftime. And against South Dakota. What state that was down flight eight at halftime but they managed to write him quickly because those feeds. As Oklahoma thieves. Of the American athletic conference that could be very. Yet behind my bet. Much in the first half. You can have a tough time in accordance with our state east. Please let you know. War what's the shots weapon of choice throughout the smothering defense that always laws of the great parts and always will be. Failed Oklahoma at 28% from the field in the second half that three of seventeen from the three point stripe in the second half that's needed to do it. Aura that's not. And the one that. Excuse me the one that held opponents to 35 point 7% from the field four of the last five ball games. 27%. From the field in the last football game that's with the state they're good defense. Well Arkansas State is that every night we were there percentage of their shots at three of the last war. But shocker is written but it's always been defense I don't think that Arkansas State that 39%. From the field tonight finally. Strategy number five get to the point. But not seventy point five times per game please surprisingly effective at seventy point five points for the balls. Under rake marks the previous highs 64 point four points. For games like ray Marshall and this is the most points per game if enough by that statement last fifty years the reason. Number one. The shooting percentage defense it. But it points making eight point 83 pointers for blocking both points and a pretty quickly with I think he's a little bit better job of reducing Nat. And secondly opponents are putting up 61 point one shots but yeah it or networks offered game. Then Rick mark its efforts to better effect the hi amber Gregg Marshall has spent about. He sits. Shots for blocking more shots or points especially with the confidence of the game has changed from Wichita State. What they need to do is there more than anything about the three point craft. There's like acting here and it's rebounding. Arkansas State outrebounded its opponents by a lot of games you mentioned factors are at over thirteen for the game and so I think it's got a terrific about Arkansas State. They're not real big it is for their collar voters are not thick Salim who can't. Succeed since well. System Raleigh 670. Chance. To the boss Bruce is 67195. Of six rockets and redshirt freshman six nights and chances Peterson speedy guys that. Wichita State finally has sizes. Terms of length but smoke obviously feel Boris and bill Willis hit a lot of nurture raw fish are killing almost wrong to synthetic factors that. Really dominate not only on the boards that scoring and I don't just. Offensively they'll get down low block. You know what might what you're that's lights. You get worn down the physical counties it's so difficult it's relentless that scene what what's at stake. And it. Person that likes its but he wears out. Did you know that you didn't just five fruits and vegetables each day things make you feel better and help you lose weight that's today's healthy sharpest staff out by united health care. At the realists feel program learn more at Miller feels. Dot com seemed perfectly at the follow up the F United Healthcare chip with the injury report rusty but I feel like your life. You're 38 your optimal news. Got a good news bad news tonight for the soccer's we've just mentioned that hotter planet camp is not here will not suit up tonight because of the severe migraine. He's not at the arena so you'll miss tonight's game good news is that markets the Duffy is starting to. As of today are at war with the students participated in the S and around the warmed up with fatigue won't play tonight. And again no official word on Wednesday despite the fact that it certainly looks like there is some kind of possibility. It might see a few minutes with. This Friday night's game against Florida gulf that would make sense and the optimism that was expressed some months ago point of that ballgame that's. If everything worked out. That's where he would start and how to start the game but it's our place and everything just went and expressed. He is safe area off. These individuals. Had the happy go lucky guys got a great sense of and yet it has real positive influence. In this news. All here wow it's obviously very frustrating to sit out and have to watch. Gregg Marshall and it a couple of times the last couple of weeks before it started where not even really started yet. This very fit and really just feet higher than not being able flying and you could see today when he goes out there group that advocates and guys who don't Marcus his back there. Six violence and that. Nobody's happier that you have to do that close play at not help but. Michael. He looks and they can actually definitely a client. C play hopefully on Friday. What do you declared for the draft classes can't this summer. And I think it is really good experience working ethnic Serbs give him a little bit it's night. What he sees it is to take that next step will be ready for the at the end. Flip it and it was great and so forth that. He felt like. It is not a would be it isn't over yet some of the it was that kind of cause. It it is. But he had really dedicated himself working harder probably ever has it's not like he. Has ever not worked hard but I think he found that the level of hard work. Building himself up next itself. All the elements that is being. At Rollins hit a little rusty at first I think we're going to release some of them. Spaghetti I hate people who was not that. Not an NBA player it's just that you're not ready yet to go back some of these things. Ends that's exactly what he's really speaks volumes about. It's funny about my pregame spots as far as carpet outlook Floyd Saturday sixteenth north Broadway. We thought about it times over the years about had they offer great products at. Great every day prices. They don't know a lot of sales and occasional life but because of their inventory at their ability to stop a lot of different items at large supplies. They gave me the best prices are going to fly on those items every single Netflix take advantage today and it certainly isn't for sale that. Every guy because you're not always. And it is situation we're gonna wait forever to do glory project to somebody puts up on sales just go to bars every day. You'll find exactly what you want for the best prices possible. As far as. North play this game tonight it's one thing for Wichita State this week. It will also play Florida Gulf Coast on Friday night that would tips off at 6 o'clock. At 78 days after the please honey it's time for the team to enjoy the Christmas holiday. And then the next game will be the first ever. American athletic conference game would not stay at the University of Connecticut in stores on December 30. Wells. What a great place at. To break into the news conference like I mean it's legendary up there. You've got it's actually pretty good. Team this year and I'm a little surprised that there is going to be out recruit well and that's not the players' thoughts. That's a nice place with a baptism that's. One AC it has already been completed using methods doesn't play in Atlanta Florida started at 5 o'clock central time ends. So yes. Got that lives after the fourth and five so they are now eight and good faith. Flooding gets ranked Cincinnati is up on Arkansas Pine Bluff 43 to sixteen. At halftime. Now following is an innocent USA you know his legs back to back nights last night tonight they're kind of three that they've. Edited and gave tonight at Stillwater that will start at 8 o'clock to about what we're at half time here also seven Florida eight include. Oklahoma State Oklahoma State starting it gets. Growth is the eighteenth hole and backed it counted down where they were they feel like 32. You voted this week after. Losing the disasters that going down to Tallahassee in his nineties right when. He stayed at the loss to the we are talking to Randy happens this night's game we don't Randy. Guessing game last night. Says. I was surprised at how's that they else they are really. It's really good so there are the representatives at least star status be on guard can stamp right now I think Ken Pomeroy evaluate. Incidents you know Wichita State dropped to eleventh in the polls from third minute and look at the power rankings can't pop horizon of us respected the most complete Wichita State number eight Cincinnati and Canada. SMU 22 refused at 45 sample 57 and UCF. 78 so a sixth round athletic conference teams in the top eighty at the fives at the top fifty suits I love the valley. In large part because it's free but my commitments to spite of the league likeness. It really hasn't will be a challenging course that it'll be a lot of thought to midnight tonight looking forward to getting that it. First things first Arkansas State tonight here at Charles south greeted their first visit here since 1971. 72 season they are coached by Mike Colorado who's in his first year Donnelly as they head coach at Arkansas State. But his first year as a head coach at any level flooding your coaching career. Twelve years of it on division once asked the last four. As an assistant at Louisville under Rick Pitino. Alan invited to join necessity. Audience gathered here cookery that will join the basketball fan and I nationalism. Okay. It's okay. Okay. I nationalist. Charles North Carolina and it's here the holidays everybody and eighth. Steve spirit as sluggish to start his comeback it was a good night after a disappointing loss to Oklahoma on Saturday night at infamous bankers reader. Arkansas State basic colors red and white to be wearing black uniforms tonight with the letters and numbers and Chris pipe into whites. And the starting lineup. Begins with Tomas screws of 617 your proposed deal Arkansas averages nine and a half points four point nightly batch of 55%. From the the field. High cotton field as they file beloved junior from Gainesville Georgia second leading scorer on the team with fourteen point nine points per game. Rashad Lindsey F five elevenths a year from Saint Louis as junior college transfer a year ago he's averaging seven point three points per game. Trusted Wally as they 67211. Pound junior. Wally is from rift in Mississippi. And keep forgetting the lights out. Pop festival only averaging six point six points per game that's. Five point three rebounds. And rounding out the starting lineup leading scorer. For Arkansas State haven't sent a six courses here for Saint Louis. Averaging sixteen point eight points per game six points to prevent shooting two and a half percent. Brought the field. And Sam. Scored those points in six minutes against Howard obviously would hurt. Play the next game the other night game he's played he's definitely eighteen points. It points per game has scored 400 or five times including including three point outing against Tennessee Bart. They have guys that. A not feel that fourteen and I visited very consistent scorers so far this season certainly for the very dangerous customers. 43% and he's going to fight fair. They're very very. Good offensively. Against certain scenes but they can't carry the entire load for the school club starting lineups or not you might equity thankfully never headaches he had faith. Be sure to visit them on lines. And they're putting banks not. I think it's not good tonight of course we are now six sevenths here from Fredericksburg Virginia five and a half points per game. Flip the team in rebounding at seven point nine whose game. Also the floors. 66 senior from. Houston Texas averaging four point nine point forgave you for being locked down defendant. Started and it's centered tonight Darryl Willis. 69. Madison Wisconsin that if you flew over the half points and seven rebounds per game. 5%. Of the aren't land in about six more accurate off the Kansas City averaging sixteen point or point. This happens kind of ran him out with a hybrid. You started spot counterfeited those who constantly at 65 sophomore. Promise worth our society is the only soccer player throughout the state of Arkansas. At both of his parents were outstanding players at Arkansas State his mother and father. Career record holders to various categories. Well fought to answer it is the end name and he also has its way both of his parents felt you know. All the way up his seat that your Knight. At this thank you Randy hi everybody is relief officials for tonight's game if that's justices Clarence Armstrong. And Andrew Walter and again tonight it is frightening ninth. It made. Mortgage group was everywhere this. Look forward to tonight's game with the passage. They have to keep on Arkansas State tonight. Alina. Again it will be dead in Saddam's time not you know Hamas Bruce. Rashard Lindsay. If there's always Friday for Arkansas State is sometimes it's not just a little bit smaller line up for it that way. Grant them. Large. Six Ford junior but they've gone with Wally. 67. They want it. That's exit fan pampered little bit since what I was told he has started tonight's ball game. Not a surprise that he's ready to go is and I thought Lisa. Everybody's snapped. It we'll steps that don't fall. And Kelly says a stuffs it in those instead thanks Kelly fanatic but yet but it's controlled via Longley for Arkansas State visit to Lindsay and the red wolves have a he guarded by accident the incident that Florida talk fields not guilty guarded by constantly just hold it at the moment that's equivalent those liquid since food processor with regard my friend gave it up. And for the backdoor cuts and ball bounces very upfront that was upon us through Friday at the backdoor cuts and Lindsay or added to swap deal with the finance was written with us if it's gone through them they entered over sixteen times for us they think now. On. Since you one's own France backed into a zone in the half court I close let's double Kelly penetrated the lane area that kind of rate freeze for three off his right side of the rebound Willis. Vessels and out of there out of our belief on arkansas' fantasy. Words well my keys then there's the boss over the last five or six world aids. He has averaged nine rebounds. Were the last five in limited minutes and that's what it's all. Now on supplies business owners. Often it finally looks like a fraction of the cost effective ground at full skeleton around now live off the back iron rebounds and Arkansas State that was him with them. Thankfully Lindsey. The decisions that. Himself left and right up at a time line you don't want him out for a students not to sit around all over him works off the street last night I wanna I wanna get fellas it's not been switched off the street. Four shots and I want to buys and it bounces the cat and bird aptly sideways and still and its. It ethnic markets not states ever rightly acknowledged doctors told the sincerity and shoot the ball high those listeners spins jumps off lake city. Down the line by Darryl Willis for the centers for suit and it looked like he was left side of the basket when he needed them stuff it's ranked athletes actually going to the right side of the basket. And lives inside turn it's evident right wing circles not topped the it's not the key drives down the line left quarter three of the light by Wally off the opposite sentiment rebounds acts around Ian Willis both after after. Now the chances brings it down to the floor of its last night ground. Off down the left Watson's quick outlet passes. Three it's not that grants him the right things like Kelly drive of the lines gets back out to read self had three left elbow there. At this again with us they think supplies. They have the other ethnic breakaway layup. Like the boss Bruce for arkansas'. Brother you suppressing. The play against the full court press that but there are restricted drastically different forged evidence that it was right when you read behind those we'll Stearns faces drops down to what LA with a layup as time little fast. You know unless they start telling these accidents like oh my god here comes fastball that is that it might fairly. Seventh let's not lose the ball deflected by reason loose on the floor Kelly. Tied it up has wrestled that is called a timeout before it could get tied up. Visited with thirty seconds time now. But Wichita State as the shoppers wrestle create positive turnover by Arkansas State Arkansas State. Ranked 319. In the nation in turnovers that game they've mentioned the dividend sixteen times a game. There's 331. In the nation in assists averaging less and eleven assists per game so it actually. There's 339. That assisted turnover ratio. Also. The goal percentage defense tonight their fathers is equally as not good numbers. It's not worth at least a lot of wins that's probably why they have a 47 record coming in. Tonight's ball game which does this got off the. Field afraid this might read that about twelve footer vitality that they've made three straight sets that a lot of those of three by reason they are three out of five. Arkansas State two for three of the field but they have already turned it over twice. Really they thought they really able to throw the middle of that so defense and as a result. Of its shots. Three zone left left wing cabinet slots over the top but Willis Texas. Everybody I talk to flawlessly at least everybody's flat spots fit perfectly. That was called out and let it all over the you know it's not completed nine deployed on loan only go to the basket at. Forces in over three guys all of dream that. Wally got it down 96 with us today. But in the back court beat France walk right wing news Melissa and I ran right elbow area. It's about right if you haven't left lately the left baseline italics here that that's definitely. Not Africa recently finished gotten right want Lewis back to the basket. Crosscourt race. Very AA guys. Well let's drive the market. Really incentives and thankfully it feels he's got some praise for six was not to leave well enough statement this one time staff. It's high it's. Since he's driving it to slip loose that ground that can lag. It up like delegation and it brings it into the backcourt crosscourt right wing reached three in transition got. What's it's not sit up fifteen to six planet spots. And it's not nailed down below that they're got to qualify now Muppets it's now on arkansas' Zeta illegals they. That's like the most residents and thousands Lucy as both. Listen itself. Save. Well how about this recess free three pointers the most he's ever made. He's got advice is for free points. Audiences they've provided written on those last couple very quick release. Soccer basketball at that point leading it. The sixth. And we are one seconds later the big four whole minutes and that is the youth and kind of strength camp before it's not play tonight as migraine headache. Which gives. Reads a few more minutes tonight. Inevitably reflect that floor right right well as effectively. As he left that he can't effect over the wreath. Then shot that it penetrates my face like Willis fifty footer that lives off with a rebound is that. More sophisticated editing is not all going back up more assists hit bigger place reflect Cali got the offensive rebound. Linda Fowler thoughts Chris that wall in his first. 360. 5041. Developers staff what to flood stage fifteen. Arkansas State. Six. Commitment makes Kansas workers among the best player. Their commitment shows as they craft Hai precision tools to create customized energy saving windows and keep power flowing across Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps companies support their employees quit helping them stay healthy. While their engineering and innovating and lighting the way into our State's future Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Commitment and compassion. Community. 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Merry Christmas and happy new year from we say critics. Yeah can learn now. Shocker forces draw do you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad wouldn't John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU show. Soccer basketball he's on 103 point seven. What is best fitness experts. These factors are six or seven. Our but they've turned it almost four times in a net as many turnovers and shot attempts at Wichita State leads it by a score of fifteen to six. Was just after the sixth seed at a far. Don't Flores who just gave it was foul play backed up after not that he agreed that it will go to the line for. Wichita State made only 63 pointers in the tiger fall last game against Oklahoma. The on that. And yet they had made it needs it for use that that it. And rattles and Willis. David bossy and I didn't. It was all over them when it's right for an injury and it's it's awfully active activist. Against Oklahoma to. Not enough. For a through that. They're hit everything but they've turned over to that's nine points or it's not it's not the seventy. Can't rights the floor ground. Most background and it looked like you re not that's without costly one fact it looked like there. I'm calling on Boris with. We it's first things first. That's the first soccer and over it and a I'll stack you know. Yours. It but at last. Month. So hopefully that's just that isolated. Balkans in the stands in court at Scott field and brief statement equals nothing fires and yes that's a 78. Footers on the that they are on Tuesday five of 61711. Times. It's not brown wide open that's definitely an active program. Apparently upward re not make drives it that left water Willis with read. Off prevents him for a fifth state. Of the floor but rightwing tough you know three. This time rebound off a three wood and up the floor itself in at this and it left wing that. Reeves the right there was nobody there now let's wait round. And it's nasty post almost all of its neighbor it was definitely do it and it's just for the benefit us now I don't know how we bought it at a he's pleased. That earth. And I are probably got a shot off yes it's the way it. Why it. It to instantly. The this may end. It's now fourteen and now. Law who I'm certain today so early days. Now free throw by Willis. Nice it's not that the it's got seven lead with nine Willis was seven then at sixteen but it's not do it now reads what it is. And it's about taking out taxes how about. Its staff might. You've got Willis is in Scotland definitely bouts on for forty minutes magnet for those files. That one's good also he has really picked it up at the line that's now sixteen if what you want. Over the last three less games from the line from Willis after a slow start strife since bringing it up it's a statement applies next round. Trust that would start flip round stage right in front of it. Now look at it go right checked more is not enough screens and finally gets enough not to the length of a lot of traffic. McAuliffe now that. Look like if I get elected. Dances there. Outfit on snack route his to lose. Second of which you cannot stay. Not the initial drive active shooting he. Responsibility defensively and markets in the states league's board at its. Teeth you'll it's and that's that sets out growth themselves. Sampson right side drive and it is Martin's. Credit goes to. Allard. If penetrating let's wait and see him pull up seventeen footer all of the last inning I don't know maybe if anything it was. Angle he's got more Wichita State leads 1913 Arkansas State is six of eight from the field. That's that's not means Jones lets Knight has definitely takes into the line and little floater in the line of but a foul. And it may be on CJ landed. On eight defender after releasing shot it was evident shards. His first two games third. If all goes back to Arkansas State motto here. Harold Willis out Toronto's first appearance tonight doctors have made seven of eleven shots. You know 1913. Americans statements made six of included one point. Our field at the front court rightly Sampson starts for a middle seats in the middle. He hometown products. To move. On act drives left set off five Boris Said. Pick up his dribble and I am in trouble if this definitely goes down the line both self. Loose on the floor nerves are fighting for. And it could well it's not long ago with us and it's great console flight out of there and it's got the original staff. Confident that aren't like them lying flat there are now on the floor after it decided. Soccer basketball. Thirteen seventy to go firsthand opportunity nineties there. Might turnovers now markets and honest and faithful port reference. Haven't backed court. You know it's much agree across the time line once the team gets close the half court line it's not that it didn't have words Kaiser. If my Boris spins and they're both strong over the crowd. Editor of activists are fluid and perhaps they have put. His feet high and results of that shot. 113 what to tell us states have tried to drive off the Wall Street bubbles dribble gets a couple of engineered draws a foul fortunately there's the shot because Kaiser fouled him. And it could have been a three point play but it bounced out so Kaiser. Has picked up and mounted maybe that perhaps it's having that dialogue with Nazi supplements have gotten free throw line 2213. Times. Ball game. Over the last three walking a little bit more than average it's not put a line about. First attempt tonight for the opponent since Sims make securities of 75%. Free throw shooter gets the line about war and a half times a game. He has five points at his team's. Must read thank you guys. It's on. Now. It's him one more opportunity here at the sixth. 44. Evans but that's the art it's not the eighties the only. Red wolves players for what it wants. It that's the middleman here for decades on all the way down the line to the basket. A lot of it. Is right now that's nothing. But. There hearings. High profile bath. I today's experts it's not usually 4315. Not incidentally my animals got it stolen by night guys aren't right goes to the basket. It was around greens elated yet. Hostage tried to take charge thought you know make it nice adjustment and it's maker and if that's. It's penetrating and over the merger on the drive but. Now on the pass it on top fielders that is definitive. That's his words. This thing I don't have no free throws it's time. And it would not yours. Boris they'll which are now that your background back there now for men ran three. Reeves and Jones the guards at Arkansas's state. X rocket. Richard freshman with Lindsay is back but it's not groundless violence there but wait. Art that's not right program would you please. That's behind those drives let's hear it definitely. Is right that he. If you program. Oh. It's definitely very up. Predator every not qualify for a best of three that it goes back up and. Zach brown because it's I've read out that's not his biggest strength but over the last that's less sleep walking some stuff. Really plays well on the boards. It sacked four point one rebounds per game. What about wanna gain more than last year not a blind chance for a three point play 1143. To go first half we got the under twelve type out. With the soccer's leading Arkansas State funded by accident scene. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom of two of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's father worked out that because there's not one place that needs all of our need. 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Wichita State's out rebounding the Red Bulls 72. Whether it's mistakes that would test they've had seven assists on invested 70% of their field both of office since. Arkansas State two assists on seven there. It's 9%. That's a typical of those states would not stake currently averaging eighteen assists a game that's a all time high of Gregg Marshall Arkansas State under eleven assists for Arkansas State's. Free from the three point oh right I. They take six outside the data analysts. That's the lines background for the soccer track to complete a three point play was now going back up. He had add. A five against South Dakota State that would games you know here he's had no free throw it chances seven of the ten previous games. Is that went off the left side it's not the rate to a fine start the free throw line. They lead by a long pants according to the threat for a lift water. Three on the leg no good rebound but blue blob over a shocker defender to three by Lindsay has yet. If I'm Lindsay as it hits in three seasons make them both shooting 31%. From beyond the arc coming into the game. Launch NASA of course merger on the left wing. In the timeline to reason is indefinite means you know right playground. Let's into the post it was a top. That's free throw line Kelly turns and faces in his backyard degrees dribbles right drives it now fired it. On the baseline is like that about finally got hot. Not at night as the characters it. Not field is backing it for. Arkansas State places Martin's. I'm on the shot clock with us state leading 25 when he gets me hot here in Arkansas State to me you know we have. The route sixty feud next couple of dribbles. Right saddling her under juror no apparently got Kelly Gulf Coast and strong modeled it after Haynes Johnson gives it the reason open. Fair enough of that hard rebound tip controlled by arkansas' state of the art definitely it's deficits. It won't affect Ford crossover fruitless it crosses that you know it brown stays right that it finally pulls it back out of your way at the time lines at those left of the global those facts right there at the heart over on the wing. That Lindsay at the lions pull off way off the mark. Rebound off blocked by the merger after ignited by roof. Doctors gave up too easy enough this is present their listeners who blocked the polish. Let's wait pains you know things that tough rightly greens hostage makes this does that right now penetrate some little. I think he'd change you know he drives all the way and it lays it. That's right by a couple of defendants at my table full. I would not say definitely seventh muddy wood just at the halfway point for CNET oath nasty fights with his right hand on the right side of the floor story that was coming up right there you're the monarchy has tripled and violent incidents incidents in. Dribble hand off to a large. Part of the lesson that we're allegedly wanted to talk field for three good. Yeah they are not this kind cock you know was snapped it. An art it's nice day definitely the fourth and seventh 23. Granted backward against the principles of the time line across the line literature background. Is it means announcement of the floor and let the key to brown eyes muscular now blanket next round he drives the lane through. Reeves writes that drives in the bucket stolen by Saddam's. Bush ended up hard hit a ball in the basket and finish strong finish nicely evidence he's got eight markets not status that it. 2720. Crime that is very depressed for a double team gets to the late innings you know it's a way to steals down the line pull up floater and a positive. This is his phonetic and he's got six it's not completely nicely. It's. On. Rod. It's not Lindsay left. He's since hands enough to go our allies that the Reverend Wright thing Lindsay got miserable experiences that. Dribble going. Those last few rounds nurture confidant on the street outside the market to shoot three good. They are making it definitely. And everything and anything below are with a friend. He's. About a 35 and a half percent three point shooters and not bad. Doctors only up 149 point eight they're shooting 60%. Right wing means you know three's. Opens three out for a out the back iron and prevent The Sims markets not states wants to make three of four businesses lasted for about their families influences of grounded at home not run around. Cutting it pretty darn good position there was backpedaling but he was set. That's called net for his second round. There were scenes now which are states that a lot of action so far but not very outlets are. Not many stops and you know when you. I'm Adam Morrison hit guys you know the first half Wichita State 29 Arkansas State's 28. One company has on a mission to put new. 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What you need midwest here. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GUY yeah. Points it's twelve minutes who. Big false reporting lines. Levi won by. But at 948 Arkansas State eleven of sixteen from the field 69%. Including Forex happened. For a three which it statement 97 rebound advantage. Is tied markets state Oklahoma the 54 to 39 lead gets with it stated the first half a large part. By hitting plenty of forty shots since the first half and spent those three pointers that attempts. We said well it definitely gets up and asked for us our our fact Arkansas State it's much better. And that's in the first half that's Arkansas State and eleven of sixteen shots and the 73. Pointer that they have taken it. That'd sins not dentistry Phillies three for three criminal mind. Keep his team the lead and he does. So it is with CN Arkansas State now leads. 302715. And I still developers at every snap it back in the game breaking it up over the shark only players with Nightline pizzas drivel on the left side not proficient at but at the top right goes to supply chains Jones that the right way out of Willis right side of the light right underneath Kelly a little reverse layup blocked from behind and foul. And that's going to go on system Wally at Arkansas State is second. And the eighth team now what hath blessed that it really good job with teammates especially. Since it's coming it's quality. Hit it solid stuff that needs to be looking at first and that was it in the past now he looks for his teammates earth that's not available. He he makes an opportunity shots. She art so far this year much through free through Q. That has been out of this if you're going to see it sort of it skidded off the lower left sided Rea. It's raised its way out of bounds which artists have been being. Point 4%. Goodness not into the line but it is seven at twelve over the last four games to go to the line against Oklahoma on Saturday. He has two points on a field goal Wichita State as a team that's for six. From the free throw line they are shooting. 76%. On New Year's team but he missed that about the back half a lot of camp recovered by popular Arkansas state of bobbled the the largest teammates picked it up. Markets it's not like that a lot of dialogue Clinton goes left wing with it hotter there. It'll be a threat that it Portland. That minds of off the Wall Street now. Boris over the last night on the last month the largest. I think they are making absolutely. Everything long. That's their fifth. They have it's not strictly a sort Kelly it's fantastic. It is it is an Iron Man not that that's now. It's people. That's. That is about thirty seconds ago. Now one case rockets is seconds. Is an interest in all three of their war players except that it all on that now he's. And the only bigger players that absolutely. While Americans that he would. Violence death and you start finds his brain cells three point play fourth Hillary. Doctors. Don't want 3337. Oneida gophers their full court pressure but. It's not reflective of Willis Kelly francoeur we fled to pick it up lost to Lindsay. We have sports drink might not occurred off the break misses rebounds differential by him but he's pushing it down the middle over the Willis drive at reliant. And the ball partially blocked Kelley the offensive rebounds. Residents to stand at three in front of events. And it and it makes it. It's us it's very clear the other hand it's history. That's nowadays nobody under the cloture that now with which that court. Down the line all the way it partially blocked how to contact golf now currently under way it bounces off Lindsay. Lindsay drives hard left exit to the people across that Largo that theory county. It was development and use these slots. Three threes I think it's free for three years with war. Markets 665. With he was holed three. It's like the less well I haven't experienced the highest principles that replicates the streets of forests right bounces right now. Sergeant load of Boris that we have now. Fund large and got it under these Boris is NASA's at the end Millard got the worst not. The floor hard as well as the dollar. Second. At the ninth and now on our. Not state that you don't want him one more field Morris. Melissa Morrison with those spots and that means Jones regions around the perimeter Arkansas State and made seven. 63 point stance I think we were sent last walking. Boris and right next to the free throws jacket missed two earlier. Sony now has three points that ties it snapped up 36 still sits Oates did you know the first half and grant them the large those now. War are supposed to dissect it they're out in force players to please. That one's and yes. Four points if not state try to get a little better the free throw line in the 3736. Month. NASA or not feel it was right down floor but turned it had no idea that passes helping him edit sentences long pass right at the shocker fifth and efforts succeed. That's an. Walking about a lot of ways. That toughness they had four right off the bat and at sixth and have to cut down on the while James Jones that's not driving spinning down the line. Threat of a four shot an air ball kind of forced it lean back and left it short. That's right where we shot at Lindsey for markets stay right side of the lower incidence Hitler and off the Wall Street. That's that's the ambulance picked up this level gives it over the top field shot clock sixty. Not to listen to drive and agrees that a foul away from the fallen to its good that the odds of my TA games Jones holding. It's only law. Now on those whispers. If he found out well with us though with us. Not occurred late in the baseline one audience got a lot of weird. In the left corner. Outfield that's definitely it was started by Anne rice's numbers rise but the runner want to let any recovery advisory them. Rebound pushes it out itself along the right sideline on crosscourt destiny's Jones. Do Janet trailing left Flint for three little short and rebound Arkansas State. It pops up like her influence on the offensive boards and the other and pull up off the great debt to three. From the left elbow. At third base coincidence that every place frequent for game three it was less wars like state. He's got thirteen united his first race. What's the significance simple a lot of yes definitely gains rightwing grieves for three off the back science is in a row after making three out of four since pushing the other way that it typically drives spin it. Throws it back out to Lindsay he drives it that isn't the right corner still wanted to shoot. Ford and half minutes ago for example all deflected away from since it covers you up to not field. Not feel left side of the floor above the language for the Wall Street thrives off of it. Fires of three from the top and it hits he had champ but honestly but that's not it is that a family and he hit it anyway I can't you know with scant. Shannon Wright without factory left Whitney Jones wide open free throws. About David. That's his first replied yeah it's 42 to forty Arkansas state of minutes ago percent. Backward Lindsey guarded bunnies Johnson leaves almost always dyslexic and it goes out of bounds and I. John it's just look at the pressure on Arkansas State had not forcing the turnovers soccer basketball. After the under four time now at 353 to go first. Wichita State trailing arkansas'. 842. To forty. But you're looking for the perfect power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. 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Those shots that fit tightly contested that last night cotton fields and that was virtually every Senator Kennedy made. The bounds right status with prostate cancer and one rebound and it's over it's not safe freak. Now soccer basketball camps tired take the lead him to that means you know right then the floor tonight iphones Willis. Right elbow pictures of faces that Saddam the floors down the line up through recent threat to your excitement and the doctors continue to explore the inside of that done before settling for threes on under through the hype most prized work read about the best I just look at it it is candidate got deflected it stolen. There's too many hands to try to thread that went through it since right way through the fourth shot turnovers and try. It back down names on there it's like to help. Listening floated through your twisted up for the benefit. It bounces not to lose the confidence prevent arkansas' snake their way out in the time line that Lindsay like Lotto off off the markets up there it's hard play with it goes left off the Wall Street had traffic as time went down delighted to traffic residents to not guilty three and he gets it. That's the third free for hot fields of ninth in the first half. For Arkansas State daily 4540. The last three games since the eleventh. My motion picture there of fifteen block type groups large ships a couple of times listen good flow recovers support not ill. On the left which fit tries throws across court Lindsey a top Kurds take to three with Las Vegas act her way out front not field. Flooding on the shot clock two and a half minutes to go first half cup field drives left that drive strictly under throws it out of the rightwing decisions past nick fifteen footer. Definite sadness this T. In the first half Arkansas State leads 47 cents 45. And fifteenth because the first half Gregg Marshall. Following a 32 time that Gregg Marshall who never calls. Timeouts in the flow of play either one here. Tonight's game right you like gateway of working age group but remember to say about that 40% today after the shocker and it adds laughter and Stan lists. With us agencies with the report's not out the other one was called Mike Kelly threw up. Awaited jump balls. Yet and a Wichita State outrebounded now I believe that did a pretty good job with the when a team is that pot. You can't chalk it up threw well that's the way it goes there just terribly hot they are caught some of the stuff like. But if you like this. States. 47 points lifting fifteen to play headliners at 65 point 4% overall nine of 1464%. From three. Soccer basketball it's Boris and Willis excellent news you know stand it briefs in the backcourt. Doctors are shooting 50% themselves 45 and a half or three paint on the threat to our rights and I can't enhance detectives tonight news. Greens it's the middle left tonight and he looks typos Netflix and now the highest most of Willis back out there Reeves over this year and it. Outlook flock Forest Hills of their jump hook bounces out rebound force stands for Arkansas State. Across the time line. He dribbled right wing for the fourth quarter back up to the wing throws it out front cotton field. It's not a state now content to take a little time on the position don't think it's China. Had a little trouble getting the attention of their arms around the official that they get the timeout called. 32 time now I'm assuming here yeah that's what it would be featured here of course Arkansas State with the ball leading. 47 forty is devoted 35. The first half on Saturday night. They want on any last second shot at Florida international. And that was the first time they've been tied at halftime. They Watergate. Where they either tied or behind the halftime they aren't you know what they have let it advances. You routes you've been pregnant does that I don't know if not I just Wichita State which has. Have recent years. It's that it is third or fourth time they think there's nothing happened less nothing miraculously happen. Let's think about that play their fiftieth Netflix slaves. It's not a state won't influence the backcourt to not feel you'll be picked not by reason degrees across the time line at the ninth on the shot clock. And at 47 on the first half not feel this instance against democratic process overdrive and spinning. Definitely got shot partially blocked the shot clock violation doesn't matter who recounted because they did you ever had with him that he had thirty seconds. They could that better stuff that that event. I'd be called to talk about. The coach does he's upset with the officials that it was called about two seconds late and that's stuff they give them the time out that's. Opposite effect for these over to Haynes Johnson nightly back threes to start right now Haynes Johnson left wing area. On the left lots Boris is that line Willis nothing traffic flows towards Africa that was strong finish my farewell to this stand has cut the margin of five just after that it. Quiet affairs staff. Really steady hand but Willis depth up fifty points a game. Last night then did to Lindsay soccer facilities of additional pressure those caps fans of it now. Let the F across it's not punish actors we'll get it back one more time anyway just based on the clock. Lindsay started right dose right decisions. Since back at Rutgers tonight Lindsay obviously. You want to Wall Street gets it goes laughed out into the lions President Carter Carter heard it's a very wide open from the left corner. That's his first basket. And Arkansas State up by eight to seventeen seconds to go to first. She never left side of the floor. Directing traffic against the sun. Doubles last. As the streets of Boris things that's not out cars the liquor boards and now launched rockets rockets reaching it bank chat from behind pretty hard. Stop the clock with 3.4 seconds to go on to have that 3000. Infringement case rockets. And this will be two shots for fuel Lawrence's that was in the team now than half an hour it's us. Jack is two for four from the line with plus 85 for ten from the free throw line as a team that has built. Wrote that. It's now made its last three free throws and free the Nazis. Over the last couple of seasons 79%. Last year's 76%. And in this this year. Softness. In. Its. That's the ones up. And got it. It talking about it he's got six but doctors are down six residents who are not real closely contested. Yeah that's Michael and off the backboard if he's not sure right. At Arkansas State. Has scored fifteen points. In the first half the doctors have given up fifty in the first half. Consecutive games and a half Wichita State trails. By a score of fifty to forty floor. Completely cut shows. Are coming your way prop eight case sports facility Alley most but days thirteenth victory which it and 97 of their team. Thirty minutes that's just fine here. That we will not be back to eight days for the coaching shows until January 8. It does the upcoming holidays doctors down by six at that have stated that credit union of America halftime. Thanks man. I'm standing at a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside Shiite. Firestone this phenomenon is credit union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application defense decisions and closing three ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no BMI. It's just incredible steadily insinuate. 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One Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in more pain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball season 1031731. End widget time. The very good results at halftime show him evidence competitively priced services. Checking accounts to home loans and everything. A proud sponsor at WIQ that's the. Three home games now South Dakota State Oklahoma. Now Arkansas State Wichita State has given up. Points. In the first half this is. That it goes right Gregg Marshall. This last year held fourteen opponents under sixty points or retired here. It's just incredible. Arkansas State. As they stand up six. East at the first man that's a really good game is bad yeah not less opponents and they held an average of six. This happens if that's what are suspects courses are glad to us is definitely does web site to. I think that's not safe bet that it's easy. If it. The bases and guard played well defensively and his books have Arkansas State fan Scott. Seven. Right it's free at last the ball games. They average 73 pointers made per ball yeah eight eighths. 63 point five. Right in the very first asked the defense leads the record defense it's an action. In which our states have why did it themselves in and out offensive and defensive things down. Arkansas State and I mentioned earlier that gave them what. What Wichita State had seven assists and ten baskets Arkansas State. Only two assists on seven baskets but that's why can't they at seven cents on the last eleven field goals the first athletes. Seems if they were. Created. A three point opportunities. With dribble penetration and it kicked it. The ball out and and I think that's really where kind of break that kind of started shots is worth taking away that you'll penetration Florida itself able to get at the lion that definitely threw it up to somebody those greens were fairly open good deal of this. Arkansas State it's always very fearless and yes they average six. Game as a matter of fact there. It certainly but they're going etc. I was against it not state knocked down so. Oh yes I thought it would be a big advantage soccer's night but it has. It's so. Wichita State outscored Arkansas State 22 to eight. On points in the paint but not if doctors get a good job of being patient probing the inside events. Trying to get the ball inside it it is not turning it over they had four turnovers the entire first half. At they've made a good percentage from three and five of eleven. 45 and a half percent in Arkansas State had five boards threes and for a total baskets over off and that's a whole different visits score at halftime that I could so I think that's it Wichita State. That aides say it. They're seventh. Plus stifling sniffles. In the first half and finally started to connect I think he. That thing it is both surprising this blogging nuts Clark is an Arkansas State it's not a very good rebound seen. It is some resentment with both state the first half. And the soccer's going out redundant and spiteful and a half rebounds a game last August they have to recapture. The net result on the lord's going to be incidents of Albert's he accidentally. You've got to give it most of the. First half statistics Wichita State 50% overall 45 and a half months but the eleventh. 358. Point 3% on certain well free throws. Arkansas's sales it's not worth throws that made all of them they were ten of sixteen victory. 62%. On eighteen and it's funny that overall they have read that if if not there's 1513 minutes of the turnovers. Through a few times states. For leading the way for Arkansas State deficit ends with fifteen and he also had six rebounds he was five of seven from the field. Thirteenth the night hot field we've made five that they shot three of 53. And let that go hard was three for 4349. Points. We shot Lindsay had six points hitting both of his three point attempts and had six assists. With one turnover for a team that averages less than what witnesses recanted. Wichita State Daryl Willis who works at it feels ten points three rebounds two assists. Nine points across the street believes three of his first four for free that distance last week nine point because of course provide any pain. Six and we feel Forrest. Every chance that belief that free shots made a lot of free at 3.3 points three assists. And flights. Where exactly first half statistics not viewed by the KG CPAs and advise everybody needs it trusted advisor. And yours or other credit union of America halftime show it to. Your drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A GUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time and losing your life's. Little life lost to drunk driving. There's an unacceptable price to pay if you've been drinking. Find it over right now. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive. You news. But you're looking for the perfect power suit for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. Offered the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something that you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coached an overcoat. The at the top of your game this season with Johnston is the 21 include 96. Another smile power experiment brought by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile. First. It is for me with no money she got command and I can't believe since contracted. Great now with us much Cuban community I can't believe as an aunt. Healthy smiles and powerful things to deserve delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefit providers and unleash your smile power with the delta dental. Welcome to big buck hi I'm ready to get an LG four KETV delivered straight all right let's started of course slivers extra plus you don't want the TV hooked up that's not part of the deliver the fuel surcharge. Plus all office plus innings start than them. We watch my name like everything. Extra steps charged any day. College kinda have to. Eat eat we believe your TVB sun not for a rainy and that's why we offer free delivery and link and we are everything else. L team captain he wants tap. Shocker Schwartz has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Listen for all WS shocker basketball games and 103 point seven. We should tell. America halftime. Arkansas State almost inexplicably leading what it does state that it's that 44. At halftime shooting 62%. At 62 and a half for free. On hand. Succeed. We'll take a look at scores it just moments that the system. Ricky yeah a little bit here. It's that it well I'm leaving work on it. I want to mention what it does stay we kind of forgot what it's not state jumped out big early shoppers let my eleventh. With 1542. Because the first half Arkansas State. Outscored them by seventeen points over the last 1542. Birds dead and elders debate as to whether or not which I think is playing the type of defense that should be playing. Division one players get their shots that he likes to shoot three point shots I think offensively we thought they explained very very good basketball. There's an appetite for the second half on. Take a look at the scores we do have Central Florida UCF itself sits at 455 that it's at eight. Free Cincinnati was not what exactly half over Arkansas Pine Bluff evidently get anything new on that now folly of this if you. Started the same time it this way. Former shocker part of Savannah State pick it up that it can't may have play. I'll buy chip top 45 and I found that there at Virginia at night every thirteen and down by 21 at half time. Number seventeen this week Oklahoma up sixteen not northwestern state of the half Florida gulf coast's attackers next opponent on Friday. Leading by three at Florida international they have 4340. Notre Dame which dropped out of the top 45 barely this week to 2627. In the voting. Meeting Dartmouth 4630 and a half. In south the end of and Steve Forbes and east Tennessee nearly pulled that upset at Xavier on Saturday. Not by five at the half at Detroit. Thirties 3930. Words or there but a lot of scorers. Not available to us yet what it will be kind of watching an interest former appointed in the valley Drake by the sixth. At South Dakota State soccer wanted to hear that game. But not tonight Barnett which testing equipment and we'll play at South Dakota State against 89 and three. Thank you Jack rabbits team that has defeated nationally ranked at the time North Carolina State. And it they're all want a tip Oklahoma top five team to a four point game so they found there. Tomorrow night what exactly gets ready for the second half right after. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms people. Laryngitis. You can't control. 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So do you see a shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE Y yeah. Inherently risky activities. Does not display his 50% off your online order in the sky area half the time slot on the opposite side. The problem soccer fifteenth to receive your shot it is yeah I edited tape and all our money doing it Charles who resent. And handling it studio Wichita State. Down six at the race to surprise in Arkansas State fifty to 44 attackers got back to win it could save up to 40%. Shares locker room. East and west soccer basketball starts the second half of my creating jobs hostage grieve when we can't let our Achilles there a little less likely means Johnson takes rifles from. Well this stuff the right side of the real events Sam's for arkansas' states regards. People like us. Not feel that it writes that president not deflected and quite adamant that he checked out let each candidate deflected out to Wally. And canned it. Right defeated the ball little bump as the ball got there and land we call with now is for Freddie flawless flight at that time. The Arkansas State player definitely do this. The foul was called. Sins and delusions yet it is time and it's Lindsay always CN. Also in flight the second half. It is crews who picked up two early fouls aren't inflated the first half baseline follow it by car field mrs. rebound goes to. But. To ignite dismiss it took us through city lays it at a business Lance. That's that's not what did the frequent misses the flight delays out that they both the basket. Kelly rightly lifted that candidates cannot be broke the friendship and at the rest of the way from the double team now behind those Kelly turns faces let 400 Reeves and his baseline and afoul. Grant that. On Arkansas State. I can't go on Wally a belief system won't of the views there you don't waste that fouled on the face life. Golf. Baseline they simply think that a lot of fountain at puts them. We'll come out and fitness this large Jackson. Lewis'. That. Models but it feel Boris truthful this is it can't but let's not influence it was a little split two defenders floater in the lane got nice there. Find Landry should have a little six foot floater he's got five factors help my sixth when related pieces of this penetrates. Stint. And it's time. I feel that's pass on the pick and roll at Bruce fumbles the ball but still has that forces want to update rolls off to prevent the field for us it's a definite Haynes Johnson might it affect short right to bargain with a line that's back. Champ but freeh left way way out of our longtime prevent citizens are it's nice days. It for a court not off by it reads it. Announced that its name I don't incidents. In double teams him novels that and I hit it and that's why can't lose both classes. This goes clients and I'm proud of all the way to the basket. Let's not let kids it's not for defense that's time itself. Passport fresh and at times creates the turnovers fifteen to 4850. Us states relates to yourself not sealed off the Wall Street it's not over on the right maintenance needs guns try to find him and other Wall Street view. We'll from the middle large not with a three clients not the right side of the it sounds so much in month hasn't it relaxed right now as authorities try to get Cali does work the large double pass off of three is the lead in half with. This event there. It's not state backed up by six telling driveway and drilling on the plane went reprinted them on the floor he. After the prices over penetrate the little. Drives it down low all the way and little short on the rebound sands he pushes it down to a point let's not talk to you straight off the brake yeah. Wide open three that time that night car field who has sixteen points yes for three point conversion. I've exhausted at the ticket from the need at 95748. Shipment left wing who read fascinate. Four wheelers role it plays it off last. Field Lawrence live for instance is his second field goal if you think the average fan access. I think that any anti executives. Well. 5750. Markets statements. Snipes and levels of threat wars against these announcements of the middle looks like those left. Lark it's definitely not the youth leaves on him hooked it way Andy recovers it. I feel double triple threat over Arkansas safety of those that's what's not State's doctors. Sorry to create a couple of turnovers here there their half court defense that's meant for and against this ball club but ultimately lawful rates. They definitely you know nothing's definite influence in Atlanta ovals left fires down the block and a slam. Kelly it's not about ticket buyer Arkansas State. Civilians thirty expanded to a floor only to keep it here that was just not escape. I could make a little analyzer still down five they got it to four that went back up to 98. Right now the shot you're down five that still sixteenth eighteenth pick up. Soccer sports properties in Wichita state athletic would like to thank the shocker ambassadors with Utah State's lead level of corporate partners houses one. Don't think that'll cause industries. Cox Communications. If you racist is becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics false soccer sports properties than one's six night 78. 75. To. When a team is ahead on the road against season. Here it's not state this city where they get that second half the more confidence thing yet. And down well with us think he's plus they arguably its fifty some momentum already at the start of the second half and it's as a result. And it turned over Paul might Arkansas State they feel the need slipping away from. Arkansas State. Just don't make three of six shots or Florida half want it to the very it would not statewide better overall with doctors have made four of their first set at the end the half. So still playing good offence that that. Defense is going to be good here that you continue to turn them over a little bit this is a team that's prone to turnovers. The alarm was red hot the first half playing the three off the right side of the Evans. Their confidence starts to slip a little bit that will help but right now they've been sky high of confidence from. Birds and what's at stake thinks he let the water just a little bit of have full results of the easy basket stuck. Yet what to test day four of seven so far this the only this was 83 point thrive. Society means young lady with Utah State and eleven Darryl Willis has CN. Austin green's night Spilborghs eight. Guys carrying a little want to look for Arkansas State tax cut peeled the sixteenth deficit was fifty. And not field added it is total with a three year earlier this past night points or grant them alive. These Lindsay. And it supplies Rizzo really both teams are getting pretty balanced story so far one of the ladies. Yes or against the zone defense won the bidding waits to feed it down court. Forecasts handset. That's what. That's enough points. Stock story. Is because it would be that slow down or. Fred Marshall that she's got his coaches you know last night that some ideas. Seem to have those stomach problems that is controlled with the Chinese vessels. Practice and games. For about a week yourself with that if you got it got him about it. The event is that he did in fact it exploded he said it's not top field incidents account for 43%. Of the seats or. Well let's market accounted for almost 60%. Lawrence street that's right again this author writes that rib pains tells you about a great that it grows Kevin Duckworth just ran right into him. And that's going to be here's thirds of both he and Ali. Foul trouble in the first half of both picked up eight with third. Here early in the second and Bruce is going to come out. And who laugh back here. Can't let it didn't. That the land we can't sixteen minutes ago advocate the doctors down by five. They'll find science very early in the hands free standoff continues jumped over some Havoc like them with a floor try to make a pass to Morris got deflected. Since can't keep an advanced. NASA not by chance. Away the feds could say that would thus they keep that a valid if the record sixteenth time. 1547. Remaining in the second half it was Arkansas State 57. Afflicted stay 52. The shelter insurance when the limos and to keep up with the renters and even if they're related. At the religious dropped by just go our way. I'm running a little short this month not everything works as smoothly as children's printers and this helps cover of confusion fires them ten more wins I just moved back and tell them oh you mean as he and then. Shelter insurance rouge you'll near shelter or renters insurance. Holiday season is here and Chevy employees have something special to share it. 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War went back down by nine right now it's a five point deficit factors snapped the ball fifty seconds. Remaining on his possession coming out of the first media time out. And it cost cutting it. If it says. Field 50%. Three points right. In the second half also my although with us state has outscored Arkansas State 87 growth of my eyes. Tonight Davis brought you blanket way it worked it through which it's not a statement next the last. Not conference it would hear them play Florida Gulf Coast here on Friday night. Before getting into the American conference play but this time on December 30 soccer basketball fan but not for a few. At least not yet found quite rightly that let you can't. Looking at forest its most frequent tactic that it's not picked up his dribble doubles Elliott the professor Wolfe left corner needs John. That is something that's a stay the course of the president's had his second phrase that fourteenth. Which it's not stay polluted city yeah it's an excellent double figures. Once net. Since you guys write him back left tires it's three but that's not spit out rebound for real. And at risk of Langerhans Johnson died today ratcheted up for. The Steelers have that fifteenth water bounces out rebounded the bush. On Arkansas State Kelly had great position on the offensive board again got shoved out of bounds. It's going to go on the in the Millard. That's his third there's behalf. He took those thousands of them but he picked nephews there it is it's fairly average three offensive rebounds per game while op Ed Kelly is hailed the lineup. That's going to you know. On stamps that's his first now. Minority fourteen pounds in the half when Arkansas State just want on which it does today that's right lot of fluids and now. Loads are fairly. Always attempted to Boris in the right quarterbacks have a baseline swallow it whole quarter here vaulted over everything but now. Kelly recovering from rebounds it's that the reason the 400 feet drop if that it needs Johnson not if it's not to chance it. She not make drives defect and needs Johnson opened three left way way over everything and out of bounds which is states it. Where polls while he was wide open and just near nailed it way over everything that was three feet on the side of the basket. Snack rounds like detectives with us eleven dead ball situation they'll replace Austin reed 1415. You know second half of those students that. 89 point deficit down its suit that had a couple of really good looks to take the lead there at it and then you close. It tonight I feel right it's state. Replace him that it takes us timeline right park right. He thrived on almost a leg that was definitely Santa. Really get a lot of factors. It's is there is tentatively at Florence not enough it's okay. Was sliding sideways and not yield ramp right it's they're gonna cause accidents now and it gets bad call really stayed back and did reach. Second team now than half to two on fourth and fifth at fault in Afghanistan. Not that stuff. Him to play idiot. It's a little trouble gets it looks or the large baseline. Drives the front line of credit and senior alarms doctors steal knowing afford to Tampa plant at the top off the screen by Boris right mortar round that Boris spinning in the alliance. Follow and it runs there. Nice not just another thing. Feel morris' minutes. Nothing offensive 570. Minutes ago it was you know three defeats and I feel. Very consistent way short. Associate head out let's just tonight they made enough. For the trust that are left to right he is your business rightly be Kelly's got the block performance reflected grabbed it jump hook airborne. He just rushed it that's not most reflected you just grab it threw up really quick shot. My athletic knows who was. It's not okay. It's offensive effectiveness weigh in on these jobs back to the day. The leg spinning it's an incentive through that was partially blocked does not. We've got to the end Lindsay just completely foresee it changed jobs fits his seventh and eighth points that a foul I think it backward. Ran behind the event. Those loans or stated. Feel Boris is going out. The late game fight knocked him off yeah. Don't want it to lately to fight not in doubt take the ball out also. Markets state leads 5957. Darryl Willis is back in line up front of your theory is it needs to understand that ground. Please outside spots. The threats or if that means you know it's time line middle of the floor right side campus at that that means Johnson and I did it look round penetrate this. Nurtured it lies activities Jones thinks it's not nice hills on. RC and tonight he's got sixteenth. Six nights of Africa at 59. Authorities back it is inevitable. So there's not a standing there lay out the right side of the floor rented the third period and it goes right wing since it's not and it drives it's definitely nice benefited this particular. All freaked out the quality standards and edited again it's and a little bit slower. And if you did little land and its right to throw it back at Atlanta over ride out there who. Analysts. Now Barton's. In his words fifth. Now markets not states soccer basketball chance to take the lead and I cannot remember the last night they let him through literally through staff. Didn't midway through. For the fans I think I think roughly 48 about stuff. Thus it basketball. Now tonight at midnight tonight the right. And rightly feel that. It's honest it's been zone all night. But it's not that news announcements slightly and if they get the street but well it's not the walls of the three guys. And it's not just. Right side of the enough explosives yeah it offices and capability. Very nice drives it into the cable Netflix Longley but that on the floor because only the basket scores and was now. Strong drive my entire system Wally. Ticketed across the line the left or right not paying the thing that took up there it's going to look at him point blank. Time out at 1156. To go to the second half Wichita State 62. Arkansas State sixty want. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. At the campus health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because he believed that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy living more and Kansas home. Don we'll. I was shocked. And this house isn't great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really Chrysler filed that sounds like well the house crust around just sold for a few years more then my insurance companies just yeah how we can eat at home gym work really hard or don't give it. And designers tell you why why don't we offer 23 years with a fast and Bloomberg News. It's firm colony do today it. This is they're Kaufman founder and executive director of a tiny animal action link each year countless animals in our community earn crisis and depend on local rescue which try animal actually to save their lives. But we can't do without your support. By donating to while you can make a difference donate local to save localized donate today out while rescue dot org and we are glad Entercom cares. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any irony Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Shocker basketball is 103 point seven. Yeah. Very closely. Or give it the stats yeah it's Oklahoma decided to orbit the Northwestern State 105 to sixty. Eight Raytheon had 26 point. Three below its average. And do. When team to assess. My goodness I never hear anybody I have it. It's. One of those was two point baskets out of seven B other points. Think that it yeah but later Utley didn't. Yeah it. State. Not the little in the second half five well 40%. If one applied the which does state that this thing. 53%. To look for evening that scores. Rebels it won't let anything but. I don't hear momentarily pleased with the quality it's like. One. It's a three point play the Arctic club at 43. Yeah there's that confidence. That now six. Months since I've slats that needs. Seventh at. Analyst at every band aids council opera nurtured that threaten a lot and it was Lockheed had up on the right side stepped under on the left side that's where the defendant was to block. The report for markets it's a problem right drives it falls back. That's a fine line Lindsay. It's not those wall topped the Hartford's. Faces an office in him driving in an alliance that way tempered nice might yet it's this ground. Really guarding mostly Christian and a half percent seven Arkansas State back for a 6360. News. And the right side drive. It that managed to keep that got endless reasons not in and out of little flat out not ask him. Right mortar rounds active. Transport needs jobs. Just about the left wing on the markets and Wall Street that these guys down low as well as he drives that accident that killed three left water. It was. Slide up and back bonuses but seriously. Is it ninety points at the factors that package for a night to watch them a thing players let me. Frustrated. Me through enhanced sound like what's the youth you know Willis going for a steal out beyond its massive. And then accept that balance is second. Worth seeing though have won. Hopefully heroes here it's definitely necessary now under your Willis here that go out. And they're marching in reference it. Our Achilles heel Boras wants to greet one it's not only cannot write. The news on fire. And that is they let the hot hand unit that. There. The plane yeah it can't find anybody and it's ads. That's like almost let that go ahead asset write deflected by these are out of bounds that it is not a well our but it does state fair here to get over that ball and then bury Beers dealing the lights come up with it. Seventy let them if they are. While we eleventh. Average 68. Capitalized. So. Want acted as if that sort of writes in the wake him back off the Wall Street villain laugh. Little hesitation that left wing law only victory way over everything we've done that program is. Four left side. These miserable little snap it take it and then everybody thinking about it pulls that out. As the streets are finally out of throws it away snacks are trying to get through it balancing act add. Arkansas State player Danny Shek landed on both laugh. About it. And know that we had a little bit fortunate. Alfred Shaq because he is just trying to hustle and get to the wall but it really for passage championship committee if found going for the ball. That's his third team's fifth. Clinton was okay. Think it. Sedans. Bode Miller rant I don't think there's a stoppage if they would look to see if there Benedict flagrant of that. She acts now they're saying they wanted to look at a monitor. I don't want to know in the second half that's not time of one of the media time. What survived the weekly coach's show broadcasts are typically every Monday night. They case sportsman of the Alley at thirteenth and treatment of an era 97 at thirteen thirty. It SS typically Gregg Marshall sixth seventh he added 78. But does show that's my thing that's Christmas Day and the following Monday yours today will be back with the show's Florio on January 08. Which does take that it gets the ball inside against that self defense kind of time the F 34 points in the eighth the only fourteen. Arkansas State Arkansas State that both of ethics. Three points right but they're shooting blanks in the second half three points right they think five frequently fail on. Wichita State down six at the half leading by 25563. Would no one took golf. Couple of other scores. East Tennessee State. But Steve Forbes came back tonight two point active five point halftime deficit to beat Detroit mercy 8170 street east Tennessee seven and or jeopardize Xavier a four point lead over martial art facility for having etiquette teams they are now eleven and one. Notre Dame held up Dartmouth 9787. And also lets say this. Right Tulsa had a very early couple point lead that they're only that's called medicine and a a little bit better this year nice nice meant Connecticut state state. Added that bank arena they're up 4318. With five minutes ago the first half and it's the water. That thing came out of that examination of the body here locally Arkansas State ball. Five team fouls eight Stevens the second half with testing for the two point lead Arkansas State the position. System. Wally plated vehicles. I feel very good enough for us. Apartments and laugh right along all agree that. And it looks like it enough to not start. Right across the animals pulls it back out Ortiz. Right sideline tonight at march in the yard bullet to the basket now fast forward it's him launches and this is. Please if eventful life and that with the guys they would definitely in the first chance in that span the lead onto the collapse and it penetrated that ultimately ground. He drives it into traffic. Not to read that was. Here Brett Netscape there on the ground for three left corner way short rebounder our talents in the village doubles to Willis. Bulletins like you laziness. Profits rebound might only slightly better offensive rebounds acts. Not flooding fibers snow sleet or at least that's definitely. It. Does and it leaves separated everything advocate except one at four against Oklahoma and it's rates incidents that he wants that but that's it. Little lefthander it gets his or actually it was wildly with the rebounded but that this long long while laughs as slice and a 6765. With a statement but off the wall street beat that left wing Reid's honestly it's street. Nearly doubles that's not the front and an open three good. I see Flannery. Please let these athletes there's an eleven. Points which is gonna save my client is innocent of the yeah fantasies fifties as. It's not and I think you know I feel driving my idol again when life throws a writer in Africa zero. A little sentences in every sense that if the floor look at it yet you know blame sounds yelling down the line but that's. Love. Senator Hillary. It is it's. It's. Now luckily it's not say. What a lot of good hit noted. Nobody is hardly some hardly done. No I think what he'd argued I think it was. Schools in deep down you know I think to advance the but backwards yes that was his complaint was buying habits is freely on the road by justice. Points unsuited existence only Nazi thing. Now seventy twos 65. Foot six times days landry's ship explosives attacked after. That's not about 758. To go second half. But it's not state has struggled goodness for that they now lead Arkansas State 72. To 65. Ever wish you could call a timeout of those expensive ATM fees. Wealthiest lies when you banquet equity bank UK us. With your equity beg debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Fellow equity banks goodbyes ATM fee it's a slam dunk. 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But it does that tire service or like repair work you can count on the sixth with a top metro locations along with the other seventeen get this entire locations statewide. Fine store nearest you at the tire store dot dot Kansas plant tired you're out of here Ernie repair these guys care. USC a shocker. A three point seven G. Why it. He junior college transfer with the guys created. Double figure scoring games are hard to hear that it is 31 of the that's so far nineteen. In this would lead Wichita State score double figure scores as if they have more what nine point. We have 758. Still to now following that last soccer basket. And technical fouls called on the Arkansas State then it's so let me Chambliss. We'll get through these technical foul shots at the position all along the Arkansas State that it would have been there. They're ball after the shocker schools you're trailing at that point you were trailing by five points what's it that way to get motivated in technical. Now let me that you you can't it. An automatic. I. Now with twelve points night event in the second half for the season shooting over 87%. From the line that's after. This needs to at six against oklahomans 34 of 39 having him now when it off. So Landry was thirteen. At Wichita State. Has its biggest lead since early in the are actually about seven minutes to go the Thursday after enough time 7465. Cents at 58 left. Only in its hands. Next round picks and about Wolfowitz and pushing into the third fourth round steak right with it. And it went on line riots last into the lane resident who created this whole lot. I thick. Probably pretty good call by Randy Hagler but I'm not sure that Austin got position he tried to sell what little they had after the contact. There was enough contact the airport to create charts that I don't think Austin had great position that thing. But it is his first. Place the ball away with youth. Sixteen found no shots yet on that would. Slaten from the baseline. But in the corner having trouble throws it up for a champ of all balls stolen Lindsay. But it back left wing back field victories short. At Saturday after recovered but we'll assess its drive alone is enough if you haven't let me quickly at Ford crossover office three. Pulls back a little bit at recess. That was down from Arkansas State reads rights feeds into the middle lot to transport champ but it's create. His days as assistant Santa is less than three days. Now has sixteen points thirteen in the second half of the leaders flannel from which nuts yeah it snapped consistently. Got a foul ground trying to. Life experience and with that group called for his third down seventh team with the state of Arkansas State in the wanted want. Austin reed making its case. It thus they might be illegal street sense that you once went in at about he needs to know exactly background at. That's that it really for the nation's job months since that accidents have seventy. Only the second staff. On the lines tree fell bounces off the bat before and I didn't want him rebounded perilous that under the tree lines it's time walking. At this both. That. Journalists and six rebounds Kelly has separately with us human rights and I look forward to chant that Haifa influence kids a blanket today in the air while that's water now I thought Darryl got out they'll call it. That plot was perilously close to the whole thing that it was it was Wichita State. On the right sideline near the quarter. Fox. Asked. Oklahoma. Kicked them all out here Weis wants to reposition adequate three right wing shorts is not rebound phased out long winded question that the the floor doctors are back. Right market right now Lindsay for those that. All you see it right evidently got about it hair I thought it might have traveled but he stepped through it gets that basket and a foul. And us Rupert Marshall they've thing I did you signaling trampling over there. Now one reason they sent him if they can get through three point play for evidence if it's one thing about nothing it's not criticize. Them. They need to beat the sits at the line reaches this the president on one applied. Once that went short also. It stands with Clinton is their leading scorer on the season. Once the game and that's the sixth time this year that he has scored twenty or more points. Allard is that it Perkins says state and it's also backed him votes that it felt oval office on all night if it can't let that. Useful work two to one breath oxygen faith and all night camp it's not life. Guarded by accident that's right wing of the reason merely stolen by. Wally like there on the way. Still make it some kind of sloppy passes it will return the gophers six times that close a couple of them. Often did that means Jones is the right sideline six wanted to play over the left wing shipment of the blocked well up front. Looms. Even. Should not have touted the benefits last night definitely gets shot blocker. It's definitely gets shot blocked it's not gonna happen. License. He got fourteen chapters lead by a lovely drive in it and I feel slanted against Jones left the shot short quality zones not miss it on the rebound. It hall foul shots field Morris puts it into your. They could have flown not feel about three charging fouls on his way there. Against that much into politics and thousands of all of us. That now all the personal now listens for its effectiveness outwardly his fifth. And with sneaky about it all that's bad snap right it quiet down at the fact that the part that you thought that counts. It X 57. Left that second time. Here for the third time excuse me. You lead with ten points in seventeen minutes. And Arkansas State we'll have sins at the line. Ten team bounced now on which it does day. Expelled out of three or sees soccer have filed out and beat them since. Not at all that but sins at the line to start list was the nineteenth now. This is what they say this is the action shots are. And so I've. A. Instead they will also have been wanton wanton I would think that should be a lot of want that was that felt was on the night he found out there yeah. Second street you know this it is seven of eight minus 22 points. That cuts the lead back to night 797557. If you know will be roots. We'll shoot this free throw opportunity. My eyes grew six points on Springfield this. And it's safe to do that. Yeah it wouldn't want it yeah yeah. That's what they announced the the officials just confirm that it wanted to one detective necklace and a technical foul with him that was after tonight now it's one. Abbas Bruce. Makes two thirds of its free throws 26 of 39 him. Still Arkansas. Transferred started sensitive since Johnny. Now it. Illinois free throws and of the bonus for the last 48. Free throws at stake if so for whatever reason it's written now. Receive your ability junior transfer every seven point six points per game you've raised Erica from. The points that night and a half a game so far this season and it. Most of that out at night and seven. High 57 to get a second three. World war at the free throw line on that trip that that pulls them back through that seventh that the evidence that the two. This goes out. Implies that he is. Now 12. If you have a very seductive it. The threat toward. Its street Louis. Three nights night. Tonight in an accident that wolf and you know Willis right elbow. Three point line that's it means jobs. Night it was an opportunity to three for a short bounces out to. Live by it reasons Graham button off Arkansas street offices of doctors dropped by eleven a couple of times it's a state competitive. I read it here. Left way I feel fully template to free throws your way shortly don't always throws an awful lot of stuff that's gonna vote. Jump into the defender Austin raise it and threw it up that story and it says that Wally ball security now that'll be his fourth. Is the sixth and seventh ballot Arctic suggested that area here. Late night. He had enough to make the quality is definitely five. That's how it all back State's doctors were here. It. Tonight cadence you know me you know it's not his right sentence what the reasons effective incidence rate below Florida's chances. Let's arteries expansive tonight back up on the high winds in the fifth street Louis. I'll read it right wing it means Johns tonight you're right it's in the line pulls up and it definitely. Flown upside surprises Netflix. Watch the Oscars I'd done it if others not field cut off by studios that. This stuff that. This really is out of flaky now that dribble penetration yeah. Not since then it's very little if he pulls back out of that's not an issue. That's not far as the three of delegate rich. And off the left side of races every minute of violence and its flights. It's. Onslaught. Students try to penetrate now let's Nightline candidates of the link its history the analysts that means you know. But yet it penetrate that get if she and it's not think it and the please recent polls that yeah that's right it bought my stance goes the other way since it's all over Atlantic satellite little's through this. Positively about delegates yet. Trying to flirt he thought it gonna fall it's not all. Another X could possibly be a jump ball clouds with. He was never tied enough I'm really not insists it's quiet all of them. Fine families who ran. I'm not saying there was a fouled a lot of people actually adding that is trying to clear that nobody ever really. Hi did. 8172. It would deter us date 99401. Another offensive rebound. They aren't nearly as faithful definitely don't see. It reflects it and I said Clinton accident did not fight well it's not a treaty try to appreciate it throws it up the score at that have been. Sorry for these links him. 24. At the back to seven. Once that it is for us eight to nineteen counts right side of the floor of the stack them crossword camp but now advocates street talent over right wing it means those guys they finally had her left hander. It was slick deep faith drove baseline drive back up about that the board later this these reasons. 8374. Tennessee Sid driving force that is gonna get a south off. Kelly just trying to hold his position that they're gonna call she can't let them decide with the Landry second. Miss of the kids nuts. Experts sins and eightieth time now. He's sixteen did you know the second half Wichita State's 83. Arkansas State 74. Okay children are gonna be alphabet next subject financial wellbeing and helped manage your money turns in spite of your tax plan. When it comes to money you can never start learning too early. That's why starting today state farm wants to keep using tools and support you need to take control of your finances. We sat there on my life in balance transfers and pop quiz tomorrow we'll find out more as let's start today's outcome. State farm here to help planes go right hello shot. Nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping JPY Gannon and for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of Wichita buy and sell home. Helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on. Let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether bigger mall our service is the same I promise. 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Round certainly our perspective looked like a really bad following Greg called revolver tried to make his point and apparently Clarence. This fancy. City if he got next martialed during the time now. Second technical of Wichita State tonight we'll Boris Scotland earlier zone. It will be the evidence they have. It's more technical foul shots 316 to go with nonstick leading by 9837. People. The line free throws he's excellent in five. That's the lead to eight. And this could make it sentence no. Laden Nazi death itself. Has to feel like things have been have been out of this week I think we'll that you don't know that would be used bouncing it. Tonight at stand in line 47 points for debit since it's now seven point which it's not stately. And then since. We kind of ran over Shannon Espinosa. To me that's just that's. Not the side of the very the earth is to let you make of that false start listening if you know. About playing through through licenses good. Head of eleven from the line for DeVon Smith. Is at 47. One more free throws him flips. Domestic shooting 53%. The second half holding Arkansas State to. Free throws yet that they need for a free throws. Some time. Within the last from the flight said on down through debate free throws with plus stuff that's not included. Five points not to. Please for the from the floor started Lindsay. Was snuff is street but I can only over the right side didn't some nights it looks of the lot of the flight got off and they have clearances. And now a little bit on the little to attack three times again that will be his second. Only the but it is the eighteenth bounces you know one of blunt force of my today. Supply today with him double your game that it games he's played with us today where the line against Savannah State it. Tonight. Let us first trip to the free throw line tonight for the season he's fifteen to 4075%. He's a perfect life once the first. Two out bottom lines. On his 31 point night against the that is stating was five of six from the free throw line. He shot a couple against Oklahoma on Saturday they want it to. The about there behind it's and give our the American side. Warm up leg down by the scores it was out of this is. It a little. ST here. It's Jones credit of one of one's not if he leads by five. And that was. Their biggest lead has been elected. Out of seven something because the first accident a couple of times later here in the second half the FT eleven points. Actually twelfth in the second half with seven point 124. Points society games you know. The second well enough and too hard to reach that decision for our success in six point soccer league in 54. The network started by chance he could go one on the line and I could drive it set off the free throws or Cleveland's offense yeah. Bruce is most definitely it's definitely accidentally shoot back decisions. Saddam's threat it's bad accidents over Lewis. And it made it a bad for stuff but he did anyway it's him now and thirteenth. That's this game this season thirtieth. Race with the network that means you know right below the floor. That pizza full court pressure that it's not present my floor with the ball. Rightly it. That's right finally activated you know why it opens later in the corner but I. It's wide open. It's not sick leave slice open a little bit yeah to confidence and I think. That's his fourth ring. And it's not gonna go over to talk to you that unfortunately these rightly stands. And suppliers that they author writes. Not vehicle goes down and there should have been well a couple of times there's nothing the phone rings don't over. It was grabbed the ball and alert at home this time it's not it's. And I added that Britain's got knocked down thought of that rebound green fell over here out there have recovered it. And we've got time that I thought by the Dodgers. Fear of 35 vehicles. It's like at mentally not be found they haven't done that stuff out today they have a slightly down at. Came up with a critical Juan Austin grades. Character inside there get the basketball all the time now. That is his fourth down last year as a freshman. Oscar averaged one point 83. This is everything points. He has a high of nine rebounds. He's capable of doing it because I stuff and well he doesn't buy the physical contact. Read that book December 30 and it doesn't. The shot if there on the road it is a lot for relocation fee goes through a network at the southeast corner of flavors Atlanta. Stuff like your life spartans advance that it would suit me AC. For the Eisenhower at the airport and it is definitely network's official watch cases. The I thought space. The good stuff. Very good despite the fact they have spectacle out these 57. Mark the end of results that. 83 off. All of which have been made by Arkansas State Arkansas State is thirteen to fifty of the line. They sixty. Sixes and a half the Packers have done. 50%. To 55. Of the second they've held Arkansas to stay there at seven. And it wouldn't want at Stanford three. Candidate agrees that if ever there it's not state this now right we're gonna have to think about it trees 736. At night. If so. And it sounds it's not one not limited supplies in the fifties. Smartphones place of the sidelined. Floor here could be a back breaker at its most recent history the little one on one against some of the gets Lima the drive voter photo. That's not only the ground softly offense work. Eight season Landry stance that fifth team in the second half of soccer's behind nine now that it floored you know not to. Let it drive that it needs to hit traffic runs over. Well sergeant. At which it's not state hands wrapped loosely enough that position by Darryl Willis got a big smile on his face as he gets that he's in a lot of big plays in this game. With Utah State you know 59 seconds to you know not time now as the markets not states announcement where there's Atlantic you know it's been 32 time now. Went red wolf. As they gathered in front of the events coming up Friday night with its not state. And Florida Gulf Coast know that we have other high octane athletic office. C they're playing at Florida international tonight what that game. At 75. Loss of three point game at 180 days scores were like that was there 76. Is not quite as good as he. Dangerous area like theater seat what if not don't need that. You see some statistics by the end. That body is is that more or. Work frequent opportunities. Adequately bat he lives why not get free points that a point. It's very briefly sent the green it's like that isn't. So you get fourteenth. Please recruit free points with our State's evidence staff with the numbers reflect that they think it may. Just stayed quiet yet well court pressure ought to raise it if you have. Full. Court zone threats that are not fouling off campus that was back Willis and across the front lines. It's not those are gonna wrap this well enough by us it's not a State's not gonna try to stop that wants. The success of its time. It's there and the they're cutting down their feet on the shot clock and now it is 37 seconds left in the game camping if the Wall Street for those guys that. Now Goliath. Not the candidate that has bounced off the bits that could hardly had been tested it on the rebound before the shot clock expired great effort by breeze through. Grabbed the loose ball deflection if you shoot it quickly before the clock expired but he did line. Institutions and hackers sorry Kelly injured and out. 29 seconds to play which at times they've got to win this there. Eaten feed that's out. Zach brown comes at some months it. That's about. 47 champ at eighteen Willis fourth seed for a student Kelly night reads night tonight for the shot. Whether that day first half of markets on stage in the threat or not he'll bounce is rightly the Syrians since the ground on seventeen seconds to play crosscourt left wing not let's Lars retreat banged up tonight. And defense where we've got above ground cinnamon. Play. Yard drive left for us it's time lines circles back out of those now thought it would. This it's. Not his comeback for the second half to defeat Arkansas State 8980. Able booths food diet and headlines of funky weird that they got a challenge tonight we'll talk about it. On the Johnson post game show coming up next. It's time to go inside the numbers that he Katie CPAs an advisor Pete tedious proudly served the midwest from more than ninety years. Fourteen values excellence as much as ours and we are your biggest fans. As you look toward continued growth and profitability beat Katie has the binge drink and resource is to help you develop a winning strategy. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's your. 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Let's put the scary for a while Arkansas State led Wichita State fifteen to 44 at halftime. Shooting over 62%. Over all of them three. Doctor's note that under 36%. In the second half one of the Leavitt. Three. Not 56%. Themselves then found a way to get well. I. Opened bag threats it was unstoppable second half. Dancer he's the answer which I stated that three pointer. Well of course that the garden you know Wichita State struggled against self defense. As usual. I've been on my face to face itself. They seem to handle them really really well that's a lot of points off them and their vehicles at its office that. That happens for whatever reason is safe then we'll look for earth with a wreath down opens because of the office don't know what it is but they thought that the identity crisis. Reach down and then and it kind of what they league games. Suckers were plus three on the boards at thirteen offensive rebounder plus three down there in the bottom. Four of margins this year although they have outrebounded. All you left it. Of their opponents now on the season. One up British doctor's benefit for a little bit turnovers they have coordination athlete for the game five less than their opponent and points off turnovers. Flooding to 114. 42 to forty points at that thing 37 to twelve if that's what's offered over significantly said that they have got four point stuff. I was the phones and yet the last five ball games. And Oklahoma got nine more points off turnovers Wichita State and its effect arena which it's not state coming up with a plus nine tonight. If you read them like election. The game recap distracted by Dylan if economics comings in coming that your pro defensive Eli law firm in which it's not give them a call at 2641548. Or visit they'll Cummings LLC. Dot com coming and coming flaw where your needs. Always come first this is the Johnson's post game show we'll have much more work for you from Charleston. 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Let's go inside the numbers with the final stats presented by each KP CPAs and advisors everyone needs a trusted advisor who. Yours Wichita State tonight and that it 53%. On 34 of 64 shooting 50%. 56 in the second. Eleven of 23 threes for 47 point 8%. Ten of sixteen from the line for 62 and a half percent. Arkansas State shot a very good 49%. But it was 62 in the first half under 36 in the second they ended up eleven at 27. From three just one of the lesson. In the second half they were thirteen of fifteen. From July Wichita State just pop plus three on the boards as you mentioned 3330 that just be turned over to thirteen. Arkansas State in the shoppers hit 22 assists. On 34 field goals fourth time this year they've had 22 or more assists in game. They outscored Arkansas State 42 to 21 points in the page 2211 points off turnovers and their bench outscored Arkansas State that's 37. The twelfth vikings jumped with only had one previous double figure games he's 31 point outing against Savannah State. Put up 27. Tonight. He also had one assist in one's deal. Eighteen points six assists no turnovers went legitimate. So much you had eighteen in his 47 in the second half and Landry had fifteen of his eighteen. In the second half your Willis had another solid night fourteen point seven rebounds seriousness of turnovers. Ten points for fuel Boris in seventeen minutes played nine points eight rebounds five assists for Rashard Kelly. Nine points four rebounds four assists for Austin reefs act round two points five boards to this. You ran out the story. Arkansas State sevenths and nine at seventeenth that people are below the line. Thirty points ten free events he played really well sixteen points for type pot field. They really limited him. In this neck half cup field at halftime at thirteen of those sixteen points and got a three very early in the second half. And after that things were in great job as a matter fact players that game. It it's time to let that stop off. But. These. Then it's off a year ago. He said Heineman was pointing to what might actually set it at this point at reed hopefully by late he was about to get to eat up too. Thank you for your composure a quality defensive player of the game that you invite gave landing ship that brought you I got you covered whether you like to control like your living room create privacy your bedroom was transformed look at your kitchen got you covered as the right with us. Solutions before you call 3166127000. Go to got you covered of Wichita dot com. Mention the shocker to get 10% off any order. Covered servant which period before we talk with Gregg Marshall here is our put it in the deep freeze play of the game presented by Litton supplies. Everything's headed up the floor today you have to outline shuttle's belly down the line but that's. Love. It's. That was it hit nine. Now luckily. It's gonna stay. Few of those tonight as well out Gregg Marshall joins us presented five. Expressed employment professionals on a mission to put a million to work working two where do you start on your analysis of this them. Well. Arkansas State then. We just bring out the best in people and those therefore haven't committed but they they haven't been blown out. Played in here that place you know some of the other teams that. I don't know I don't know how to unfortunate but my Mike's doing a great job with the teams they play like that there's no way to afford that they were so good. They make you crazy shots in the first half but did everything else. I mean they just they just hit the bottom of the net and just reminded me of soft but they could be and so our goals sixty we gave up 82 in the second half we get our goal with thirty. Our defense was much improved. 36%. And 9% that looks like what we used to be on the defensive. Its direction. 62%. And 63%. From three in the first half it's not so. We've got to get better but arts in rally very well have great resolve. Which are Kelly was tremendous yeah at the plate thinking. Nine point five this eight rebounds. I thought Landry that was six assists no turnovers. Logged a team high 35 minutes. Was was great and this is the second half just dissected that someone. And in Austin which of course got his nine point two quickly didn't scratch after that which is pretty good defense was tough battle 32 minutes gotta be hard for them. Darryl Willis takes two charges tonight you know has. 1473. Of us no turnovers and sixteen charges that it has tremendous line for him and some RG he's Jones with eleven for seventeen. 27 points in 31 minutes so have been too crazy passes we just the right to commit telegraphed it. He was tremendous shooting taking it to the basket and we obviously needed it and he gave us tonight. You mentioned on your coaching show last night that with systemic issues he missed not only game time practice time kind of gotten out of rhythm out of flow. Thank you Arkansas State for kind of a free flowing type game that. Since it even after zone yeah yeah he. Just can slither along that baseline and into gaps. He he has a very good shooting touch. And then today he he defended him and it's been a lot of good things element in this well but. We certainly need him with the absence of column suffered from a migraine headache can. You know. I just from this work that he was able to get his his issues. Street now been able to help us now and hopefully we come back Wilson but Marcus could be back schools and so. You know we're getting close to full strength. Problem they have an emphasis for years but it is only play well against the private it. Well I mean they've played forty minutes old and and this. Was reignited when she's usually we win to a patent we were to one this past Saturday but. You know I've just. Got to figure out what what we've got to do with the law of averages is that this these teams are connection people we've shoes right now. And I know that we would be good movements on the not a whole lot tonight this team they confessed it. Jump shots and I know we left Oklahoma opened we left South Dakota State opened his team's his team's tremendous. Just hats off to them what to hear. It was Rick Fox's we'll give it a little. Bit wolves Arkansas State ripples that there they've got some nice players and tremendous tremendous team that even in rooms with thirty points in Riga. For the for the first 56. To actually win. The points off turnover battle you cause turnovers scored twenty points. Yeah we've got some get some inflections and steals and they threw the ball away a couple times and I just I'm I'm very pleased with. The way we can fit this that park early but then we got away from. And you know that we talked about defense. Denial. Reflections. You. And dedicated and and diligent on the and it appeared we were we started out that way because they get they make tough shots and they've got a good offenses two good players and we've got a tremendous group in our locker room as well we've got to get to send more like in the second half goes to. First there. Would you agree that. It seems to me like from the beginning against that self pity even though he shot the ball well from. Three all night by the club in the first half the NF 1123. That you were patient. Against it and broke the inside the end up 42 to twenty on. Points in the fatal you know 40 June 20 points in the paint twenty to eleven on second chance points 37121. Have been so. And me and you know what I don't know that's for help which Curtis obviously helps more wind and the with her. It would hurt to lose it because the team like that I understand. I don't know the end of the year what what kind of record fifteenth apple can RPI they'll have on his right we survived I'm glad we won the game. And now we can focus. On. Florida Gulf Coast coming up on Friday. Obviously there. Don't didn't last and T national here's within into the turn in the they went to the sweet sixteen several years ago so it's a team that it's used to used to doing well and it lately in the last five or six years and we'll have our work cut out force against them but I'm glad we are nine and two. One more to go before the holidays all you fans and people who wanted to close games and you're. It all out in the culture quiz you afterwards yeah. Well congratulations. And hopefully our it's that much will you be bolstered. Check into great martial which domestic winning it 8980. Over markets non state. I think it one more break here come back to wrap things up for a Coke arena close job. 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State of Kansas sponsorship information arteries are your foods they call sixteen sites when he wants funny line or outdoor living in land it showed that gun. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. Listen yeah. The black. It's not just post game show weird. Are they gave so much Dave Jones presented by the Kansas lottery which Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become millionaires as lottery dot com for the most current. Jackpot amount play Kansas lottery. And tree shaker to much you really ignited the Packers tonight with a seller around play and most specifically 27. Points and it. The bit about the recent problems you went through with your stomach it just the fact that. You were practicing and play head to if you Addison. And with if I decide to figure out you know what was wrong amongst them. That's and is was talking about it is something I would who has if in many cases those that. Really have to go to adopters you know would then ask them if I'm. A lot of different medications and in the Allen itself and affluent. I've noticed. That gets warm and got it she rounds Saturday added interest he did necessarily landline network your best game they're listening to the game changer here hold the meter and obviously knowing that. Yeah it's it it takes a while for the medication alert in the process about seven days and weeks and I is that taking regularly every day. That makes it so month than in mentally enough in. Some fools come back and the good news. You seem to get rid of really early in this ball game and feasted on pressure defense review and rate cut through it. In a place they'd backed rate of three point shot. You know I was playing very confident today. It is looking for a lot of things absent in the lane instances Johnson fields. It would be nice when Connor both plants at the same time if it. And it's in the the feed them. It was there a point earlier glee on tonight that he is kind of felt like okay this idea that. Yeah. Good from the started game well it's parliament. It's like as they keep that those stay hydrated drink the water. And to feed him. Was there wasn't at halftime there had to be some frustration you guys felt like you play better defense than what the numbers showed that. It's kind of stay after typhoon. Attitude. Yeah we talked about it. Talked about it non. From the locker room. They was making shots and yet to come out here that can hear and think it better than it was. It's who's this Fella than mental thing but we went out there and competed hard and he did the percent. It's nothing and let him person. For the murder excuse me for the first time. It's game. The team created turnovers you created. Finally capitalize on one point oh yeah that's the loose emphasizing that the whole bowl practice. That's what coach wants us to do that in the thing is the elections they turnovers as in the Aston. Yes but even though you're coming from junior college rule there's a freshman you're new here you went through the extensive pre season but. Is this period you elect really help you now that you played its games and now these maybe short stint practices into account at that point like this time is that they keep. And a lot of got an infinite does these next practices that the state penalties not practice the hold. You know you to fill the vacuum and gain. His division want what you expected used about watching soccer games. Which had success your career high school. Colleges hutch and now here is what you thought it was one. Most definitely a new era came in Finland who's on the team and he inspires team. And I knew that the team and waved it goes the vision. It's a great plays. And thankfully NBA's. Plain sight the flow. I. Played. In did that. Congratulations not a great congratulations on yet more healthy back. It's countless. And that is that's not a career high at 31. Against the states use to. Double figured it starts at the division one level 58 point. He raised his scoring average six point nine per game than. Eight point nine with that before the and it's a matter. It. I skated at the score at two bars carpet out. Org and that means that that's prices every day on quality or that part in the Ohio. You name it. That's prices here recently. Quality. Projects. Take advantage of them every point here for an hour at sixteen. What Writely can she lead him to check this horse. The American conference. It was easy apple over Stetson 7455. They're now the tree aunt sent you an effort one point whenever Al Ali. Cincinnati latter it's time slot like 28 they're at it too. Oklahoma State and also. Battled Stillwater. It is now 5548. Oklahoma State. Game with ties just a couple of minutes ago. And you know you're here for the American conference team in this case with us it really it wrote vocalist. Let's see them do well as well John Cooper for a on the staff there itself. I'm good at what they did that that would goes a little bit. Other shocker but it's Notre Dame over Dartmouth right hand. Virginia ranked number thirteen. States in the 47 Oklahoma 105 Northwestern State's 68. Ray yeah and 26 points that's needed here. To assist. With the senators and it was. I mean if if I think it. At the school had twenty diocese it would be very and that's which test at night at that it went it's best spent at which it. It went. I College of Charleston the South Carolina State eighty to 64 there'd be three. Throughout the code of state over the rate he said it before so that is ten and five there were a lot of gains. The jackets next opponent article post. Loss at Florida international. 188076. On Friday night. In case he almost knocked off into central Michigan. In 286. In overtime. If Michigan wins that way. And in the top 25 members over Marshall like just four points number one Texas Tech. Lord. Of the war. East Tennessee over to where mercy ones that Greece's 474. It team. What is scary and number eight Texas. And it went 64 if they're and it was right. This week. Coming up tomorrow night which states women. Travel itself the code take on May vary it up state team which side they going so Tuesday night. Three that is Whitman's team's last game when they open conference play on December 30 those folks here though. And of course chuck. Back in action on Friday aura that just a moment Butler mentioned pearl's colleagues. Born in 1981 it celebrate. But it can curls now it's looking hopeful signs on trees and actually means though for only 1981. Rejected deal. The peso. There. Are. It so Friday night the latest incarnation of density count to cooperate for the Gulf Coast for earlier that he tools if well. That it. We saw them just a couple of years ago that unfortunate assignment to date then the golfers for that should. They were there also won their game. We'll see you know Julian density here on Friday it should be at. 6 o'clock tip off the year at 5 o'clock. There. Are they although the surprisingly up at seven physics that really really. Dangerous on any given. We have one thing or a record that short Olivia RO. It expirations. Leading the team rebounded six or offensive rebounds. What they needed him most he was there to those rebounds and works through the field but. Five that is if he gets there. Just making it does keep you anything which. Great leaders and we've I should stay fit into the locker room that your who's not that these tapes I can't Jeff I think it's okay editor Darren Bennett they're very. It be a fun show them that we thank you all for your list leadership. We'll back at 5 o'clock on Friday united shut your stick on Florida Gulf Coast in their final. Not conference gave that go into that game at nine and two after a hard fought 8980. Have. Over Arkansas State for Dave dollar Monty Lee and Andrew handling good night from cookery. You've been listening to shocker basketball 1103 point seven KEY fronts you buy these fine sponsors United Healthcare Kansas. Tired Carlos at Kelly's. Executive airship shows their insurance and Carnahan fruit like start machinery until. He knows Carolina that. Living as a blank as an equity bang your hometown Chevy dealers Comfort Systems via Christi but Kansas lottery. Delta Denzel I got it covered. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas just it is your car is covered up my. But Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capitol federal. It's the American family insurance goal. Coming in coming off. This health foundations stick around the express employment and DJ's sports grill.