WSU Men's Basketball at UCONN 12-30-17

Saturday, December 30th

WSU Men's Basketball at UCONN: W 72-62


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And you know. He's got her. Three point seven you want yeah. Braves. Here's some points in the we Judy can't trust back pregame show on another historic day Wichita State. Athletics. Doctors continuing their inaugural year in the American athletic conference this will be the third sport to protested. Faith in America athletic conference events volleyball was the first of the conference that's a couple. Deadly cross cut scenes visit Clemens defeated the American conference championships at Philadelphia. Add today both men's and women's basketball but Americas conference play for the first time. The women will be at home at 2 o'clock this afternoon against also. An event here in Hartford. Against the University of Connecticut and Bob pretty exciting stuff that's certainly a big time atmosphere guess what the iconic names in all of college basketball. Yeah W ticket you cannot duplicate Jim Calhoun do you think before NCAA championships. Do you think of us Kemba Walker feed soccer's. In Maui and then leave that theme on the national championship in 2011. They have if you think of a team that has that great traditions. And especially your home they're very difficult defeat. Something that I am going to do as we start around the only three times. Virtually all of you are really that familiar with other schools in the Missouri Valley Conference there basketball history over the years long relationships. We're etiquette you know a little quick death is decided to each of these programs. Connecticut was astounded at 1881. Universities actually located at stores about thirty miles from Hartford. It's by far the smallest town in the American Catholic conference itself only about 50000. The university as an involvement of over 26000. At their basketball history began in the old Yankee conference in the late 1930s. That we remain in existence. The late seventies. It was basically doing that schools island Connecticut Massachusetts. At an island was the first really dominant program definitely in the late thirties forties and it kind pretty much dominated that late fifties and sixties. Seven you. I remember Toby can pull this contemporary of days hours big rugged rebounder here the nation's history matters played in the eighth or nine years. But it's spots at there's no history -- a lot of their former players immediately east in the early eighties charter members of the eighties that part of that. Right conference with the likes of Villanova Syracuse and Georgetown it. And all of the great teams that really got him going and that's you Calvin gave him the northeastern. And had just an amazing. Run here three national championships and that doesn't always accurate one of his former players and assistant coach for a couple years. Took over the program won a championship in his second year. In 2014. Among the recent players' names like dot you know march oh. Ray Allen rip Hamilton who run Butler guard in the open floor. Rudy Gay all of them played at least it appears in the ending at five guys currently. And four of them have double figure career averages include Campbell want hearings that will remember. Here was a shocker for undefeated and we got to Cleveland after beating Indiana and Kansas and definitely that's really good Notre Dame game at. Fourth rose. On the net he will be another frozen the time other than that of the one point guard. But the Internet taking Kentucky was undefeated at the time right down the wire that next game it looked like he definitely don't Waltz. Through the NCAA championship. It was not them off but you've got with you as they fear and Ryan vote right it is to great start since his split one don't want. And that's surprisingly won yet when it. Well that's a tradition here there are not going to go down easily this year's been a struggle for them it's not agree 75 on the year in 015 against the top fifty times teams on their scheduled six and Allentown now. Against opponents that are are not as strong as would be. The biggest game at home they played matches there and this isn't stores about thirty miles away they haven't sent thousands either read on campus campus. They play roughly half their home game there at. I have here at Hartford. Just read any of these known as the Hartford Civic Center stage doll and I get a game here between Wichita State and University of Hartford. Thirty years ago this month. And it is still going strong 60000 seat. They have a lot of it time concerts here at the Minor League Hockey team that plays here that was the Hartford whalers. The NHL premiere the orbit. They play a lot of games this year and they've been averaging about 585400. Of their home games this point. There were about a thousand. Tickets left today. Oh really for this game so they're expecting 50000 plus for this game so it will be you know obviously it's not particularly at. As well on national TV game on CBS and across the country lives so that adds excitement and yet for the game. Let that didn't have a team searching for themselves last year there were six heated seventeenth. First losing season they've had a long time they had a whole bunch of injuries had some guys transfer out. And these sits at some guys strangely and they've got some guys backed off those injuries. And they're trying to figure out the pieces to try to put his ski team together and it got really good guard play. But they're still trying to figure out their front line. Located all of added our other pregame stuff that this is participation time you can call us at 8691037. If you're calling from outside Wichita area 3168691037. Pushing everything on Twitter. That act shocker what's with your questions. And thoughts as usual now has been holding patiently at beginning of the program that is going to get it started so I'll take away. All right well I think Michael. An old ways and cancer in the boat seems but for different reasons. I was in Texas game last night and this just further list on which our friends. What do what we have lived there aren't the team in one. Detection network calling and a half hour pregame show no calling them. Thought I'd lose the nothing I was got thoughtful my allies like England fold. In my mind. That and it looked great job and I think there's an amateur appreciate it. On my question that the state that I had at with the with the shocker to play in this Internet equipment dynamic. Which is gonna be more effective corporate mark shall come and out of the gate to compete with Darryl Willis catch more with what is going to be more expected. Coming off the stand in yeah. In the post position and secondarily with markets but that he you know coming back to the teen. And we'll have released few in the war position if you'd think he'd been in more time at three. If public coming off the bench early yet they keep going forward. Always an opinion column. First of all thank you for the compliment it's very nicely and the questions. I've. I'm not sure Bob iconic got to feel that maybe Shaq we'll start today but and I outside the grounds that last night on the plane and things just start. At an I don't know any particular reason that he had he played both of these fancy him against Florida Gulf Coast last game it really. Had many opportunities on the offensive end. We'll see if not either way. Both have both have done it both ways both have started it might effectively both have come off the bench and played effectively. The main difference I guess that freaking Louis ought to advance it you can insert him but he did five or the war. At Bentley and maybe take advantage out games well later today it's apparently now it's nothing. You know that's it via a factor and it I don't know that it makes the difference. It starts to come month. Well I was. We spread through both started because they have a pretty big front line here you can think 0696867. And round probably. Start. Merrier I would I would think so they'll have guys that place I I think hearts I think what makes Jack it will hopefuls are. And we. Grounded in I can't think him it would be my guess who knows what that is not how they played the last game it's how they played the last couple of practice. That's more important than how they played the last game though that future with a lot of times now that's art. Also your question about Marcus I think the issue is third down I think more of his time early at least it may be on here. Looked up at the three spots. That's before you don't tell us. He also have. Rashard Cali gliding past appliances and obviously rebounding defending at a Sissy and especially offensively that have been a factor at play. Zach brown plays great defense that's free spot you aren't a lot of people. But he has struggled offensively so far he's just not been himself offensively hasn't been aggressive offensively really even looking store. So I think that's where Maura Markus is that it will come early on and then I think it's time that the war made thief or predicated on. Who's made him foul trouble having thoughts guy explorer or possibly if that's not that he's given game. You know it's just hard to say but I think this is usually more markets this time will come at the three and I think that. It indicates that most. Well as the shoppers who really keep that 45 you know what you think about it I got Shaq they let's. It Ron no luck with four or five we'll put four or five Kelly inflate or five. He got started coming in here a couple of them itself the real deep inside. I think mark his time. Dominant that three spot. And I don't think you'll start there but I think you'll. The exact route starting here. Don't be surprised at market doesn't actually start that spot because he's just a better offensive player he. We better. He scored a lot of different ways that surrounds them and his defensive player a really good rebounder. And a guide to all the dirty work for you. But market gives you guys that can score. You know if you look at the last six games on that had a great game against Notre Dame yet four out of five threes but since then in the last six games. That it's just been through for thirteen from three to 50%. So teams are guarding him and they're focusing on. We can't conflict with the stuff out there and can't focus on Landry so much because he's got to worry about stuff. I'm out thanks for the questions and we have a car from the that's right it. Hi Evelyn this is calling you talked about playing on that and it didn't replay it in the back. Providence Providence, Rhode Island. I don't think we aren't. It float out ads that's were rejected Tara arizonans. And almost get back up Miami. On Saturday morning. Well thank you. All right thank you for the golf. Against 8691037. Is the number to call I have a question for Joyce I'm just gonna have to go back. And death. Then negotiate this through the media guide and see Joyce asked what's Gregg marshall's record. Four opening conference games. And loss to Drake in his first season. Lost crate in his second season. Plus news. The Illinois State as there isn't that a lot of openers on the road back in those years in a conference. Beat Evansville in which it's on 111011. That's one of threes they're gonna get better now definite definite. He's friendly and furious and that's three. Beat NORTHERN IRELAND which it's three at street. I don't want to beat us on the subject Carthage jail for three that was here. The critical point side extremely. And that I'm sure they've I know they've line. The last three years so it's eight cents three or eight. Seven three's seventh street Etna in Missouri Valley Conference openers it's yes what's the record floor. AC team's coach and that I don't know if this is the fifth year for the league itself. Nobody would be better than four though it conference openers in this conference. He's not completely definitely noticed that they're nuts they don't want a three. ACLs leaders and their history. Yeah they have that in their notes and and it was really strong smell it. What's gonna bring that up. But. It's just it's just exciting it's exciting because that news conference divisions leader if you're flying out here about a two and a half. Our flight out here after we flew about an hour. I I kind of I'll vote I can think he looked outward will probably go over fury about now we could be friendly if I think it already has yet to fly another hour and a half. Yeah not here to Hartford votes excited to be newly excited he would do venues. Lou we've the first time I ever been fielding my kid but I haven't. And citing do that the plane got a team with the name of like you've gone on national. The drive to the game wherever that made the game is not you like Kansas flat tire and service that great tires that professional auto service are always. A slam not him certainly at that's an issue for fans they're not as many drivable games in this conference is that word theory valujet. Tulsa yes then you. Really want a stretch in Houston and and New Orleans we won't go there this year meant this those are. Those are actually that this is headed in the range a lot of honestly that was that let's refuel. At Houston actually uses flawless summit Missouri Valley Conference is that it seems longer there. It's long time he uses a long way from Dallas it seems like he's and it seems like drives. Forever once you hit yet Houston crop that is if it spread out city that. Anyway I just said that you will drive the seventy games it dead. What he has many soccer fans here today certainly this is the longest pass Wichita State. It's news conference although the flight last night was actually quicker than them when I came close. Led to believe it with me is Lebanon on line kind of direct flights now. You know people heard this is nothing real closely at noon yesterday and that the plane that we are supposed to leave it hasn't got a mechanical problem. They fluid off to Texas and lived another plane. From Michigan Lansing Michigan. And we had to go won't come back at him with a lot of what about 6 o'clock client apps and so we didn't get your fellow late 39 o'clock last night so little changes planned and instead of practically your last night. The key factors that hopefully that's the poorly. All right remembers it gets close to lunchtime metadata shoppers might get 50% off your online order in English it's not area pocket Johnson I don't Papa John's not content. That is the problem coach soccer fifties. To receive your soccer just yet we've got a phone call from dust I think anyway. What questions anyway really started that new comfort and I know when we're only income into quick we're gonna have a full house. Phil I'm going to Bally. When we went on the roof that might have the biggest crowd we've built them a full house. Good wonder what you guys. But I fear it could and it might be. At fort. I'll pull out goat when we go around the league on the road. And a pay it. Go to soccer mom and. Well that's an interesting question I guess we're just gonna find out as you know but if today's any indication biggest crowd that you're not as bad obviously it was the weather season opener with. Bogeys. And that was on their campus in stores and it was just over 7100. And the biggest crowds and they've drawn here at the excel Centre is about. 66 I. That activates the rigid. I'll get anyway and yet. Ushers. Countries interrupting our right and so I edit my 66 hundred's biggest at this yet here but they have a brighter. Hearted home yet either they're home schedule at six ends poverty and rank anywhere from 142. 2345. Like Kent pomeroys that this is the biggest game they've played at home certainly it ranked opponent. But I think that it will I think it'll help negate a lot of places we go places it to drop pretty well anyway like this and used for instance. At this time I think what you tell us that it was definitely business crowd that if nothing else this first year just out of curiosity I mean everybody's. It's easy to chapters in Peoria terra haute they can know all about. We have a brand new team in the league I think it even if they weren't ranked and so forth that would drive at its. Agreed agreed to let you put that number eight through this team and that that makes a big difference right there when you're ranked eighth you can get people out just see their home team front knock off a top ten feet so. I think that's an and attendants everywhere we go. But I know unless the leaders false they've had there's some of their best crowds and in games against Wichita State we've gone down the Tulsa if so I think we've got to jacked up their attendance in and it is supposed to be a really really good crowd and today's self. I think it's definitely helped the kind of fitness today. You can count on Cincinnati v.s sold out honestly you've been sold out. In those two places that's going to be tough it can fit it. Now Houston doesn't sell as well with their plane in a different reason this year they're playing at Texas southern which only seats at about 26 or 73000 national. That might he has a lot of wealth I think you're gonna see a lot of games where their crowds are going to be really think Central Florida. It's sellout so I think you can see a lot of excitement roundly. I acquiescence Twitter questions coming out of what I get to those we're gonna take a quick time I come back to Hartford on yet trust bank pregame show. Another mile power experiment brought by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a model first and is with no smile. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. 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Sun's come to recognize. Can doodle is actually lose face off Connecticut that we thought IV positive our first trip around the league. To come out of the brakes live music dance. Heard it too windy city or location where we are Connecticut in this case it's over going to be doing that through the years you being here today. Thanks to. Everybody back at handling I think did most of the work on this compiling the music they've got support coming up for you Natalie today but it all the other hotels it Aerosmith. You're out there's there's going to be an Aerosmith song called I live in Connecticut doesn't stated that anyway thank you game that's. It's good stuff we'll all enjoy it. That's the the questions that we have on Twitter. Judy yes it was another game Baylor at Oklahoma State this game be similar or different that those. And how to coach he's the player is getting too hyped for games like this. On the national stage I'll start I want it's not about coaching aspect of the most currently. I think what might be similar. To those two games is as they talked about this is a proud program the program with a lot of tradition and history. Much like Taylor much like Oklahoma State and you play those people on their home court there's just field and they don't like to lose anybody coming in their building itself. I think that adds that this will be simpler terms of the level of intensity. That. Connecticut won't play well at surprise that they're going to. At this track it's him home. And I agree with all that Mike and also the referees are used to. See them win here it Hartford and win. At home and stores though they have got that in the back of their mind that at the home he then maybe it's not a favorite in Vegas but the favorite. Mind. All of the border around the valley over the last few years. Most of the programs which both state head bigger stronger. More aptly. The only team ticket line up with this athletically. In the valley were only stay. And a few of the other programs. Maybe victories they've last year thumb years. And it's my body in Evansville thought. But in this league and the American athletic conference. This shocker that not gonna out athlete people they're not gonna have. Bigger stronger. More more players in all of these program. And have. It has. Height they're gonna have athleticism they're gonna have long shot blockers and they're gonna have death. And so that's I think going to be the biggest change the shocker that not that it's gonna be able to. To block they're just beat people with references them they're gonna have to if they got to play better they play. And as far as. If it's the same or different than Baylor. Or Oklahoma State I would say that you're gonna see a level of athleticism today. That we saw in those two games out feelers probably better side. Oklahoma State. I had some really good guards that your parents teach you. Fantastic guards to date and it but to really count and athletes on the Connecticut to. As far as the coach preparing somebody for atmosphere like this. But part of it is coach Marshall address the fact that this tape is on CBS the CBS CBS sports network war. ESP header with all due respect for the reaches those networks. CBS. If you get on any TV in the country you don't even have to have cable or whatever and it. So that makes a big deal a lot of people could see it add. There's a lot of pride connected to that so just be ready to play from the beginning and know that Connecticut is going to be fired after that it life. From the beginning but beyond that. You know this is a team that's in NCAA tournaments they have played and other big games and bigger readers and so. I don't think there's too much danger of him getting over hype they understand that. Kind of level of competition they're playing against that and I think this team. Probably is pretty easy to prepare for these situations compared to one that has its. I thought arc arc that our kids handled that the free wallet at Baylor I thought that he came out and really ready to play it outside of Oklahoma State. They cannot fight really ready to play out of both teams struggled offensively. Miserably in that first half. But their defense which drove strong. He Oklahoma game at home my thought. I don't think we came out as fired up is Oklahoma hated that team and for whatever reason I don't I don't know but it was a great crowd. A great opponent. Is in for some reason Oklahoma seem to be a deal move quicker to the poor little bit quicker to loose balls that he's a little more ready to play itself. I don't think I'm too worried about the guys feed over hype that they definitely need to be ready for game he'd be ready for. Forty minutes of war because that Connecticut. Has a lot of pride and didn't want to lose this ball game it would be a between for them if they knock off the shocker today. We're talking a lot today about tradition Wichita State's. Basketball tradition at Connecticut tradition at one of the great traditions it with the top businesses to bars carpet outlet floor Saturday sixty probably well over thirty years in operation was apparently on and operated business. But I. Gloria products heartland Lebanon's top carpet whenever they please. Every single day at a rate everyday price that's prices are going to find it on that. Quality of materials don't like yeah I think that it's not going to look great group which if not tradition bars and T sixty. North Broadway this next question is competitiveness and I I'm looking forward to answer that they. Hopefully Clara stadium misconception here. Question sense Wichita State played great defense against Kentucky they last year. Only difference in this year's team is the assistant coaches. Loss of assistant coaches seems likely to be blamed the word defense. Confidence. Well first of all day. It is. Not the only if Marcus was definitely played nice and it's it's. And don't overlook how important it is that shot himself on defense and ability to shut out. But. As the day if you get a look at us as coaches mention that not his chances that it expects stage which has been fantastic. But that all the codes chance was again. Did not allow him to do on court coaching he was orbited the eyes certainly. Off the court had an excellent yet. Conversations about how to prepare for opponents it. Ahead but on the bench your spot. The actual scouting the game preparation. Put together a defense plant. Was. Retired yes. Involved ethic so her eyes round and now lives endorsed a lot of staff who still duking plants in preparation scouting reports. At Gregg Marshall. It goes over and it signs off on everything they do it. Ultimately he still has the finals and not everything in the league watches just as much video has just as much in the game planning. As anybody else think that really as they've gone back. Is this year's defense as far as who's who's preparing it. And coach Marshall has set himself a couple of games. He felt like maybe they keep up with a game plan yet included that was maybe it will complicate. You know how to handle screens and things they get thinking about too much stuff they simplified it the second half it got that is another thing that you just. Work through and it may have played teams this year that a bit more difficult to guard off the Wall Street just because of personalities of those adjustments everybody has that thing. But trust me this isn't really outstanding group of assistant coaches it is there's no difference in quality of game plans defensive preparation. As much as we loved those guys locker. Yeah. Those changes that you just to describe you know having to knock it if you plan on having this you know but for. The lack of a better word dumbed down you know and it's at halftime. That happened a lot went with Chris and Greg run the staff as well I thought these guys plot is leading after the game I thought the monthly after the game at practice itself. I I I get a chance to pick their brains before a game the game. And a lot of times that it happens let's not lose everything that you know sometimes you make it game plan the game plan. Doesn't work. You've got to change the game plan at halftime but I think that different does not. They do it over complicated on how to get it that that a couple of balls these three different ways on different scrap of it here's how to do with no. So. That happens with every step yeah getting his doctor this Christian yes and a shocker that's great great hire yet those guys were. Great assistance that Chris may be one of the best guys of boiling down opponent. Then I've ever seen it really get down part of what what they're good at what that bad at the plate Donnie Jones is the down doctor Donnie Jones. He noses basketball thank you sit on talk nicely round our talents that. And I'm always guys. I think. Round if they could really a breakdown a team as well so I think that's to review solution I think I think what our defense lacks. It's better communication. Andy don't talk well you know transition. Marshall. I didn't buy debt from the get go to the start of practice back in October he was younger guys that he's still. Still after that. And that's what Oklahoma did reasonably fast growth of soccer did not get active topic that the people out. It's only got to do a better job talking can do better job transition defense that is that you better job of healthy it'll rotate and help each other. As well as they've they've done it adheres that we'll ever within two instructors are thin at duke in the season I even half over yet though. There's a lot of improving to two to go. Toward the end of the season tendency to against the best schedule with Utah State has played in many many years cells that's that's the other thing he could find that level of opponents of this team is playing even. Seems like say Florida Gulf Coast markets not states that don't have great records they have good personnel they have especially guys that could score. And I've had that this man and a lot more talented offensive weapons that they typically happens. At this guy beats that something on the planet that was never somebody else that that you know we're probably gonna. For the season's over we're gonna phase work five feet Attica with their league you know Alastair ultimately at least not for the state found that went nearly. You know markets are saying it. You know thought they played a lump a lot of really fifty. All right thank you for the question to take effect right if we have any more reluctantly return on its respect for game show from Hartford it's opening. At the American athletic enough. Hello shocker nation this Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JP wind and it's time for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of which atop buy and sell homes helping with first home purchasers patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past. Let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. It's time to go inside the numbers that he Katie CPAs an advisor these tedious proudly served the midwest for more than ninety years. Fourteen values excellence as much as ours and reread your biggest fans. 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PS there something you can afford. That comes with 10100000. Mile bumper to bumper warranty. Pena a lifetime Howard trade warranty on top of things. Let me. Anyway the. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita he agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry ma Alex Acosta in valleys and are indeed born and over what lawyer. Shocker basketball is on 103 point seven TE one yeah. It's. So he's not okay. Council. I think not smooth round. Yeah. Sounds good win and it's. Cool to keep mountain wind. And. Can't imagine it is angry egyptians and it's. Sound and in an effort getting a little Connecticut's. Cooler Ignatius. We'll fact. Yes getting out of it was definitely not enough of them that song mountain I didn't let us. The fact that. Like wherever god I'm. Don't have any other questions or calls right now that a couple of updates on former shoppers walk a shocker is the very partial era. Among climate change is supposed to be at today's game not get the opportunity top with the but I don't know that. I have that chance haven't seen so far and it is it done on flattered that he is going to be here someone who's at the very beginning. Make parts for instance here. Still very proudly. Not that it stays with and I stated it is still very much family. It's not the case. Favorable played angry before that was playing good that's that's that's the yes I was the other day I had a chance that is decided to go back I would. I was looking at what at the top. Sanders no individual performances in the statistical category for soccer players here Gregg Marshall student here at the number one. Rebounding performance they don't 75 per month Atlantic race in the 70 late season they also had 814 rebound game against northern Arizona had a undersized guys 65 maybe 66. Who it was a big time read. Well he may not be playing today but were shark always going to be claim his place as their very similar types of players that closely with the tremendous amount on a point and then. Opted doesn't get us you may have noticed this quickly and they're at least playing in the Heatley and he just got traded. Santa through. It's two Rio Grande Valley at his debut game with Rio Grande Valley on Christmas Day scored twenty times looks like maybe he's getting healthy at. Getting his touch back at their status of carpet there at Rio grand valley is team. Re very plates or ad showed enough to get himself. Paula to the FDA so hopefully end that. League slate clean of it back at the end these days as well. So that's where we are soccer's getting ready to play it got here in Hartford first ever American athletic conference team for which it does it look forward to bringing it here. Thanks for all your questions or comments are free games scouting report with Greg marshals haven't got that. 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Ever shocker basketball. Three point seven YM Wichita. And I have no list. He's fluent. I've it is still have it is a lot of movement. And no matter where. That if it is the play. For me a. Hands up. Connecticut news and Iran's influence Judy Garland. Back to Hartford and the interest thanks for Egyptian government going to suckers are on the road like today officials watched sporting occasion as you know it's really app works in the southeast quarter. A funny person win some biker all the watch parties for your chance to with a trip for two. AC tournament in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airports acting as militant network official watch part of cases. For shocker basketball. Coach's corner with head coach Gregg Marshall is presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put billions to work. Go to spin on a weekly had the holidays then back to practice on that note. Pretty smoothly for the team. I do that we've you know we've. Right got back and lifted and we went through some video and short practice on the night of the 27 that we practice obviously on the 28 and 29. Had some. Playing problems yesterday coming up here and we had to cancel one plane and others that we've got to pick out late last night but. We did get a good practice and back in in on which time. Obviously early games that we will we will be and we won't be here it more than we're about twenty hours. He's seen an effort aren't just being back at practice now that you feel. Comfortable about his ability to make the start giving a little more time each game and oh yeah heaves he was given no limitations. After couple practices back in which talks about just a matter of him. Getting used to his or products that are in shoes and been able to you know withstand the conditioning factor analysis of that in in basketball shape so he'll play. And is there is there a significant difference between let's say the number of reps are that the flow of practice and and getting back to sort of game. Game wraps and and being into a longer well at times it may be is. Your exit question the United States now. Well just that that you know you're gonna hadn't practiced mideast stretch three break things up little parity doesn't go as long whereas at a game you might be tested with the up about it you know more times looks like that in practice of pork we haven't we haven't done that in practice so. We're gonna it's gonna play him is he template. You have played a number of teams this year that flight to get it up and down quickly and shoot it quickly did you kind kind of fall under that category. Well they they'll shoot it quickly can still route they'll run all the way down the shot clock to their. They'll they'll be patient on the offensive end times but they've got tremendous talent and this tremendous up skill players that that are aggressive so. They're very good in transition and can scored two or three seconds after the August is an epic bring it up shooters and and those wing players really run hard so. You'll you'll get a variety of ways that they can score. Galen Adams and all conference player in this league and he described. His his stuff does it. Point guard who scores. Flexible on his hands loves to use ball screens can shoot the but he can also get in the lane he can score with runners. He can he loves transition. To the random we're gonna have to pick a team effort today and trek takes charges on him. You have to face a team certainly some individuals that were really tough to defend pick and pop. Is this team's state mandated local more pick and roll maybe a little less. Pop oriented in the Wall Street situation malaria a 68 wing player forward and kind of reminds of Marcus picked up he's. He can pick and pop but the rest of them are role it's. And defensively he's seen anything from them voted in primarily management Gloria they have a variety oppressors. Similar to ours they had. They play 23 zone they play some man to man running joke so you can eat basically anything from that. Check your coach Gregg Marshall suckers in the Huskies coming up from Hartford and the. Beat Loren asked in OC but that's an OC out. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only teach but does it. We are second competing directly from not violence and shoot a traffic accident at American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you. So today we're according Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone they can just buy some of our chocolate. Every dream deserves a champion find yours at and tam dot com. 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Service is not available from plants. Hi folks very near from the all new or Nissan Wichita and it's time for our guest event yes fans for you're in sales event we'll save up to fifty grand offer many new lease on some stuff like a new 27 in new sometimes just went 49 down 349 month. Yes just reporting not months they just more contrary three random book value passed for me airs about him only -- the only ones some with fellow fell 1800 new news on orcas or lose from Wichita dot com with. Blueprint for reform through 24 if you don't boast that he wasn't always displayed the numbers in Kentucky and. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. Emerge shocker. Once everything you've won. After hitting the edit video again and that is to go here in the eastern time. Rory hit him so good morning welcome back. In the Hartford where Wichita State played its first ever American athletic conference basketball team here today I guess that you're not hosts Connecticut. Six here at tech campus Ali 75 on here with their success now at home. 26 off games we played here in Hartford and it stores it there on campus Apple's business to Wichita State is headed to a year. It's not here's our kids and though in true road game victories yeah. All the opponents Baylor. And Oklahoma State found throughout these hackers are foreign ones. A life are all going to have wanted to record starts in the Maui invitational. Britney healthy snacks to work can help you stay away from candidacy that's today's health shots stiff and equipment brought to you by united health care. And that really appeals program learn more at mile field. Dot com. Like any gave anytime they hear any venue possible as the winning strategies such device capitol federal. First off the home dream home you could trust the strength behind simply finance capital federal. Since the housing lender never SEI's. Thanks Mike let's first talk about defense. UConn. It's a guard oriented team they love to thrive and love the old one on one thing in golf are there 63 junior guard Kalin Adam. He's first team all atheist that sophomore last year it strong. Where he averages eighteen point yet when he threw look at your news collecting data thirteenth orient 31 against Monmouth. It worked threes he loves to shoot 53 but he also likes to push this transition. Drive the basket and go one on one. In the half court now used to call for phones got thirty is this. At one point five turnovers. That's almost and throw it over to the fifth though he is a guy that we'll turn it over. Paul McCartney at sixty sophomore guard Christian at all. He loves the corner three and when they run that fast break because and camp out. In that corner that put to death of them and he let that fly the F thirty points against Boston you. Before threes. Yet when he nine points at Columbia hitting seven three's that Nat ballgame and he had seventeen against Syracuse. It hasn't worked gardens no you must find it's got a golf in transition he will catch and shoot it deep now percentage isn't great I can. Only 29% for three but he Phoenix mollify a lot of they have a good former is that they junior Kerry merrier he reminds us a lot of market but Duffy. He's guys that that face the path it. He lives to keep the outside shot here sixty averages sixty point to game five rebounds he shoots 41%. From three point. And 81%. From the free throw line for a very good shooter was sick they think consistent or. He had eighteen points against Michigan State eighteen points against Arkansas and he he points against Arizona. Shoot the three very good to pick and pop but also we'll put on the fourth and beautiful shots. Hello good evening guys you've got to cover defensively they love to push this transition. Enough to get a quick shot at their hand in Iran multiple offenses those doctors and apathy I think they haven't seen before. This season but just some really talented players. Offensively. The shock of the gonna face pressure man to man and a matchup zone. You've done I think getting your faith and try to force turnovers they get there fast rate fell one but if you can run your offense. If you could reverse the flawed because that's screens and run your stuff you can break their defense now. And he eats beef up its nightly don't locate. And help relief well they're very good at the point of attack it very good on the perimeter but they don't vote rotate as well as some other team you can get The Who. Give their bigs in foul trouble. I think they're they are young. And the ones that aren't known her for answers there's still trying to find your way you're in the UConn program I think. The shot it had the advantage inside it needed to keep that going in with Jack wars. Going into Darryl Willis and Rocco Kelly that he alone at their feet if that that it's not that haven't been here. Number three rebound you've kind of lets do it he's rebounding. Which I think plus 111 of the top rebounding he's the country so pound them on the boards and shot him. Expect to win this game to date on the road at UConn they've got to win the battle of the boards to get a lot of what that. Never forced turnovers. You got averages fourteen for over the game if you pressure them. Don't let the cut when they want it that. Don't let him live where they wanted to drive. They have a tendency to get frustrated and start tossed that ball around and shoppers are also pretty good that's going to opt for Arnold well. So turnovers could be a factor in today's game. And the fifty I think it's doctor got to play all forty minutes the matter they give up they think earlier that it down big early. It's the game's going to be won or lost over forty minutes. I watched the players don't know if the other day it. They never quit net ball team they battled the very end in. They've they've definitely think beat orchid at or is that he gave the plastic so that the team that's not gonna be it's rated shocker they're gonna battle for forty minutes. Fears that things that you mention that rebounding that the film session today. Let's marshals network and its citizens three guys. Look at you especially emphasized. Kelly exactly we don't every time because if people. Offensive rebounder but he wants guys that called tonight nice way to get out of print news. They're going to be aggressive disease at. You're not any longer. Adding better jumpers and they aren't they got longer athletic guys on your gonna have to fight for position on the offensive boards. These guys back that don't you bought back you know. The numbers. Yes good point you could have the rookies that are collectively the campus drives. You gotta make sure that second guard rookie out because you've got to have two guys back at what they did and they fly at those sideline. And they're really looked at for without them in order or accidents through politics is at least they got such as the fact that agrees that. Mostly about that because he could be gotten up above the rim today is that they've got a lot of athletes. As well let's doctor's own benefit often get involved in advance. Together our emphasis on the defensive end days of this team will very definitely take bad shots and they go let's talk don't don't take some questions. Shots that don't pay if you can't get frustrated that happens he planned defense thing after him. It doesn't percentages there at your favorite gonna take more than just told us that they banks at Connecticut shooting percentage as a team. It's for all the lines they are. Way way back yet. National stats they're 328. In the nation in the. That's one of the problems that emotion percentage 40%. From the floor only 31%. From behind the arc and the guys that you both of them. Christian mythology played 9% but he put lipstick and 63. And Galen Adam. He's 33%. He put up 57 threes. So they don't shoot here flat percentage as they Landry can't let there are the odds today are Austin or conflicted. The injury report has brought to you by op you live your life your journey your optimal units for the first time this year there's actually. And some stuff at Wichita State paper on the injury report Marcus picked up he is back. How much government out what caused a 100% probably not quite there yet but yeah exactly the point is Gregg Marshall knocked out. And I don't have been hesitant about how much time they give him explain qualities. These witnesses holed it out and play a lot and is capable of doing that NASA that's a big issue that is with us any line up. Stanford Connecticut. Alternately yelled for the six foot redshirt freshman from Richmond is out yeah yeah yeah shoulder issue constantly it's the only. McDonald's all American top thirty recruit. Started last year averaged over ten point 68 the first three games and then it's the shoulder again as the rest of the year. We came back this year hadn't played its sixteenth averaging nine points per game had six. Against working their biggest surprises here at the shoulder hands. Yeah yeah I have to. Necessity here that's a big loss for them and other do you regard this anywhere else. I'm making its they had little boy there Clinton just added that it defections on the picket lines given Adams together at some point guards on the floor at some point guards. Analysis. That's cute is this event that young man as he only got to play three games last year before you heard fielder had definitely felt. Tough break for all three Guilford. Not like Duffy. Don't expect you know big numbers today it got up and have a lot of rust on him it's hard to get. Your game feedback everything that he happens Flickr happens faster there's more emotion that you have to deal with. Now he's a veteran players they'll they'll handle that better than younger guys would. But coming up this long layoff that you know being back on each week from do you really want to play well. This afternoon itself. He's gonna have to handle bad and and that it just let the game come to him and not try to do is much. Completely electronics at that built on Dicker came back at that hacker laid off the whole season. And it was his the F quarterfinals of the valley tournament against the thirties Qaeda people we are down about fifteen points to halt rocket that went 25 point 53 the spirited soccer victory. What we play about thirty minutes that night. And athletes. So you never know what. Well he definitely is back in the mix a lot of us are full time basis that the night that it played the had a nice it's not is that of Florida Gulf Coast. What do you derive a lot of reminds you that today after any shot list. It's a party at test locker room sitting on him any points with soccer scoring hits him with a five as much as 40%. Awful shock that merchandise soccer fans all over always practice and I got it. Fat chance. There is only one game. History between Wichita State and University of Connecticut advanced basketball. Talk about fed up here. Most be remembered him against the kind of the Maui invitational. Is 2010. To eleven season. I slid my dying day at the walker ran over Casey clearly if they didn't charge here early in the second half that would have been his fourth foul. Standing out at the basket of the balance your league Campbell and underscores something like forty points in the second half 29 designated. He's not want a close view of the starters went onto residential. He had 27 in the second half of it 31. Not a flight the second half for Kemba Walker had game. And then if you look at their it would ran off with preventive wins at the end that he's going to look at I don't think he he he went about 2530 points. About 67 times that like anything. Anytime you have a great NBA career tremendous player that was a huge step back here or not. So I think about 500 in here before they got it in nineteenth. They would mix of sixth or seventh in the big east day here. And it was up there and now plays that went over the Sox this kind of got them really go ahead. It's an incredible. Had a history tradition it's not a he's fit 60000. Senator Reid has landed nearly all which has. It is twice I think fans. This season. They haven't had at their favorite so far this year and everything that's stated that it does. Over the years it has listed on supplies they have a lively talking beautifully done in the arena for instance times. David I experienced at thirty years ago the Hartford. Whalers play Canada and I think most of its member of that having played this it was not cold acting where. Hey it's conveniently again today right now. We invite you to join us you know our police department public art is presenting the colors. And we hear about it's off Butler an excellent. You know. Okay. Okay. At all. Beauty. Blues who. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Okay. I. Boy oh. It's. Due. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ha me. And I. Anyway. It's cool look. And then. Okay. It starts today at very nice presentation of our National Anthem. We are just about ready to have enough here in Hartford the starting lineups. Brad do you buy equity bank where you'd never pay an AT&T. Sure to visit the on line and equity bank. Dot com Wichita State will be in black today black uniforms list. Letters and numbers into gold trimmed in black and you thought he would wipe your face collars that navy blue. Little bit of red streak. Of course. First of course it was a shock us as the visiting teams hadn't won here rank explanation the Associated Press polls. Landry sham that started at guard six or redshirt sophomore from Kansas City at seventy point one points four point six assists for. Shark Elliott of forwards except that senior Britain hurt Virginia I think half point seven point nine rebounds per game. Zach brown is the forwards are 66 senior citizen advocates for the half points per game and he'll Boris. Does get the start today at center. 68 to Disney pat if you're seeing your prevented Oklahoma averages twelve point one points almost blocks repeat these are the top 65 nation. Statistics. Atlantic that's not your friend can't believe that you're seeing here for what it's not going 61 averaging less than a half points per game. Conor over his last five games averaging about thirteen and a half brigades at a shooting 46%. Plus raise. Over that night teams ran. I Nick Johnson mentioned a couple of national statistical. Places let me candidate in the national stats this week. Kids but it. Here is eleventh in the nation in three point percentage fortieth. In free throw percentage 77. In overall field goal percentage. At 72. In assist to turnover ratio. Not afraid can't with the hot top five or six of the country assistance for operational. That he laughs justice. Little bit of having enough consistent qualifying after every three game yes 31 left the game places. Happy enough. He has 31 assists. There's five turnovers that is the six to one assist to turnover rate that's a few minutes six when he got Burnett all over. Even Atlanta. Is he simply did better than at 54 fifth seventh there in the last few markets. You're not floors Connecticut hands on Anderson six. You're seeing your subconscious thing or yeah. Only here here's the news every season points. Points per game David Navarro a Cleveland in the post players six ninths. Another fifty years here. At least honest. I sale whaling isn't. I've been very athletic and Estonia Carolina with three points. Points for games have not paid sick days. It starts against Auburn's. Larry Larry here is a 68 Junior Brown. So six. Find another skinny guy at an average citizen and a half points a game over five rebounds in 41. Fastest start this is certainly had guys. Players and American athletic conference. They. The obvious thing to see who Greg Barfield. What's on June Taylor and Adams weather lately they haven't. Our pets possibly. Background that we had a lot. The doctors that. Kelly brown. Late great seven I'll leave it. Average ones. Yes well we'll. The first losing season. As you're talking thirty years so there really lucky to get it. He's right here for him. Now we'll. Yeah over season. Yeah of the found that in his last. You know Morris nothing better. Isiah wiley. I feel Olympic Games and positioned around the circle. It is clear that it's not like not expected hasn't yet it keeps it on your guard right now violent champ but it's not the street right picked up his dribble over let's not influenced and it's one of its. Larry let that he's been ordered by snack wrap left wing and it's not a bad ones dribbled over the layer out of Oakland create just enough of that. Rebound fluorescent like I can. Got stiffed it bounced off both hands of kind of bounced out of does that browns looked a little that he slipped on the stump doesn't mean that he went down that's slightly you've got that wide open it's not looking them right away. You nodded downplay from underneath and it and it's inflated. Let's select Monica college illegal screen Carl has looked at all. Think it's yeah. Arnold. David and Norah picking up with now. And and it's his first. And of course the authors on soccer basketball. Team wants those threats by the Huskies imminently it gets the top line across the time line. Ross scored just act round they say its own looks like three. On the right side frankly it's not to grant act with the inside of the ship it right to keep streets of Italy is a zone for not Kelly left lit the baseline that yes this and that shot clock down the seventh. Let me patriots go into post Morris little leader what I only got six profiler. Now sexy at a really low on the closely with our panel for the shot. At appropriate transition a little flatly three down it's not present in the streets and it quickly transition that's best of luck Kelly reverse live bullets can't beautiful move Irish Hercules that pulled Clark two possessions against the zone and passes. He is against that don't meet him yet both lose he's Jonathan's I think what it does it and it starts right ruled accidental death right before. I frankly can't miserable please don't soccer isn't playing. Mask and traveling. Talk about it on it as he was trying to hit it find the next day and it's right that it that it. Doctors at a factory on over for the first time. Missiles to remind you it's your zone looks like it through three but it morphs into won't do to be in the public often does. They sent it that's known for their prices. Back across the influence it in with its for different things that definitely program for a fifth straight stances that blocked. Follow our fourth out of those blocks covered by ground that is chapters of the way it shoots right after the free throws circles puzzling over the left hander throws up the glass and I look like you're gonna catch it. Super dad would drive up on him easily go to the basket. Made it tough left and stuff. I'll toward Florida ethic which does it. It's on your stance and it's. Obviously user starts right on Google. Look at their dribble hand off as a threat gets it at that stolen back by at a travel to hit it on fourth but throw it away. Good job like potter flick can't just less than that that he thought there over on the right and it back if you're not over flights early dealings botnets for. Nine averages about their team and a half ago with. That's right side ground swell up but that's not the arc in that looks like him a lot of it is not worth the hit it. Stumble but it has some data announces that it now on guns Isiah slightly. Second now on the hosts. Set play called thereby Gregg Marshall at times news that interiors three Kelly. Sports man in lobbed over Kelly did Jack Morton at the ball that got knocked off balance. Anderson what really going out three times and they have stepped in it. Christian it's all their pots or off it also notes that spot that is tiara. Doctors. Against that zone last week it was that it measles shot just him not about quarter that throws it out for a spring camp right with ground. Acted to Wall Street for Boris they picked up the street and drives it down the line got. Florida gets an affidavit Adam's camp that would conflict Internet lobbed. I gotta get back to you gotta locate their players who dealt with it up since it quickly that's a lot right at him. Are beyond earth lets it through it's not open three over the zone that's. That's exactly out of active in real life or not it's not easily 72 edges to thirteen. Last sixteenth of niceties that round knockdown the three and it's driving both act and it drives it as a writer. Purses for treatment and it's good to fascinate leads seven before she evidence. We're killing his middle and I didn't that he holds down the line notably a lot of traffic into the heart again. Fans are happy with confidence Kelly's and go to the line the zoo and it's going to slow on earth. On. Three got cut deficits of the heroes not me instant hero but that's Kelly said he's the guy that got fell about 2000. The third she. The first free throws I vital worries leaders were once mullah. Clarification that it should pick if he signals girls. And zero was out there at one of its recount not. Yeah things I get you know look at the monitor. I think maybe on or within a crowd sort of spark for us to tell who the fouls on. But nonetheless the charred skeleton of the line with two free throws. Doctors have not sound yet we have. About three and a half and it's gone but markets the Nazis and Darryl Willis of both at the free throw line so threatening it's worth it. Tunnel currently that is on an aura his second. There doesn't seem talent you've got Kerry Kelly the line where he has frankly struggled lately just before last time out against Florida Gulf Coast. Three for seven the last few games that went well. Charred hands and it's not the seven point tonight's reverse layup. Round and Boris still out Willis at McAfee. He's definitely. Noticed them more free. That would it's hard. And it pushed offline. There will listen that. And it was it like I thought I saw foolish. Nigerians went flying. Kelly misses both free throws con position local residents but it's not if they're having trouble getting it it it can't let that length and they'll play it again. Has it in the later years with destiny really like it is possible option. Tried to lob mortars rained down around and discarded anyway that's full court an enemy inference right now for the shot. They're here again having trouble by the incident that Adam has slipped a little bit now that that's not very accurate and it's bringing it towards seventh. War which is the most eagerly go hand off letters from right to lift them polar and a ascended to Larry that's blocks. Yeah I was telling that led up to block data that. Rebound in Iowa and it's not yet they pick up the block Mike. Out it's not block looked like he had an open shot and nothing blocks the block from Willis it's like it out why. Not. Funeral at net ansari and it now is that Josh Carlton like that network now. I'd like the markets have rubbed off that thankfully the that you recovered got a piece that's not. And it's driving left or right rank him down the block reflect my nose. Contact. Kelly thought about. It got to go strong rebound you gotta go for it's not strong for shots around the basket if they're long and athletic. Time out on the floor fifties and sixties actually right at sixteen and. Everybody gets darker. Times they shot 59 senate floor. Kansas workers provide services and make things that improve life and our communities. They build equipment for safer neighborhoods. They inspire a deeper interest in learning and create products were healthy fun with friends and that there's. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps kids as workers to stay healthy and worry free while they're making their communities safer. Smarter and more enjoy it. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas commitment. Compassion. For unity. 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The year font doc started my train HBC tackle conduit of diagnostic suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any need to prepare our new customer 1946. Special. Barnes doctor. And carry her turn to the experts got punished Iraq caught 94 Tony court. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent friend would be John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca jump or Stephanie Thomas. Shocker. December 03 point seven. YE. Live in Connecticut as we understand season high. Same president of Connecticut. Strip in any case it's aren't. Talent filled Kerry thank including Iraq and. And forwards it's not safe city if not it's not this latest six from the field it's. It costs about five you know all of puts him at three point things. Rebounds three that they have three turnovers to Wichita State one you cannot play unit that force and some incidents. Christian the solid stars like to get to edit it just will not let Adams get involved so. So all of across the timeline go to my frankness dribbles left no movement right now confidence and it's popping out of fifty shoot. Adams. County let's wait Larry shot me with nothing on him it's adapted itself prices drop and underneath and it hit. Hit a shot at player Willis I think what that actually Agassi was ranked yet try to cover off the deflection went out of bounds so you'll stay with you can't separate issues. Yes good news for the shocked at that time DR was open slide to the basket that that's that was deflected by shock for defendants later deflating it in the left corner and Adams. It was not top floor as she gets it freeway for about for us this statement. It snapped it up off the glass a good follow. What golf Mike Carlton golf that crowd out of balance last night I thought but that is not case didn't do a great job of getting your body into the offensive rebounding is active and out of there and it proceeds to analyze the problem you know I don't know who has the box I'll probably Darryl Willis with Carl's got the board should put it back here and -- -- it's not soccer balls Tucker's district court against that you want to bring camp right side of the art up front that the last night orchestrating the Florida shortly after the rightly different can't get a pop the three. Gays or Muslims short rebound that you can't simulate Adams president itself cross the timeline quickly crosses over down the line cut off that unless one or three yards away. What they love the new ads push that nothing sticks it to the college the left corner and he carries that 377. Source with nothing left there in front of him with shots today. Pass deflected it and so I can't try to pass block after his defenders let me this year but he got deflected stolen. And it's rightly Larry here in the middle of the floor. It snapped right wing Adam's Adam's. That song shoot to three up with it can't hide bounce off the fact that rebound careless with us at Mittal will not hesitate to shoot from anywhere picked up the street from the left corner short rebound to. Tiara for. But it soccer's that's not. 77 games 1411. You know Pakistan and it's sore right slant and its effect on the plane. A little chance that kind of a wild shot at a massive size I tiara. Or Carlton wanted the other three if not with us we'll get back Austin green's game the first time and place scant. Shaq or is back in place shark Alley. Few of them drove into the lane got up that year was blanketed. Finally going to be sad to think you've shot it's completely understand its arm that is wild shot out of bounds. That is that it doctors that the threat toward him. That nothing. But it's not announced that it can bounce pass those most cater out of its roots of the doctors at the other end solid lane. It's an out of the way it's very ugly by Anderson almost an air ball. And then bodies filling out on the street down. And it's. That's now on its act and trying to lobbyists he's definitely. He says it's all for a bush sent the artist floor for Shaquille Boris is first out there now. Man go free throws you don't out of bounds it's gone. They have yards goes sixty tooth one needs to act that about sixty pounds of them did not get cloth found thirteen 4040 gophers have done it supplement rightly. Yeah definitely barrier started but nothing. Little bounces right block. Machinators cop is. Which gathered there but it's definitely area antlers here. We had threats cops get tickets hey. Please restraint in the right water source it doesn't try to rebound I think guided yeah that is over the past out of sight markets for the graduates who had delayed again that he had a little one. Analysts. And a foul line out against these kind of things are out of athletic stuff that's going to be I think that crowd. Surprises anybody that not shot the three and even more surprised me that we might it's definitely going to sound once that news and his that all the big guys. Soccer. And I tried again it's just the census citizen and not soccer basketball. Atlas knobs for the Huskies coming in for the first time Tyler Ali's X 81 variety of threats. Solace in is an Adams and answers it. They had 83 yard line that. That report. But I think it's just that it runs or less than a definite sense of Bosnia right lately since it's that's different nothing left wing greens. Type both Lewis and threatening to rightly that nothing but some of the floor not on president threatens Johnston this year it's applied to look at this penetration rightly accidently. If it's really close quarters soon. Or certain baseline jumper Airpwn. It is not at all. He had to rush. It's obviously not enough movement inside. Shaq and Daryl Willis who needed it more active these. The locals the short corner behind closed. And that creates some problems. Inferior league the Fed's own food is sentenced them walking with a high school system. But nothing that's next round in every time Larry or got a quick reader exactly. It gives them a little bit of line that as of the three man. You know fifth one Anderson. He's standing at this point they're right now its depth and it's humid and it started by. Reeves hostage off the street starts right back left drives hard down the line it was fixed up. That's not that's not going to lose myself it wouldn't write him off the boards against Boston. Needs outset that you cannot pass the plot to elicit their. About six feet off the bag this. Soccer is gone home if not approximately. The guy does that against its own in the first couple of possessions that they've yet to get inside since then. And it's. Snakes crosses over staff that vicinity of this event snack program. It goes by and it's but he does this guy shows up that it is radical it there and then passed it but that's what they had 50 Willis. Nice to indict Darryl Willis following up the Nazis thrived advancements while the not by three resentment toward the basket one on one of its vicinity equivalent threat right now fein's Adams early enough history recently. At least fifteen issued. Three traffic a little bit standing dribble you let the key to Larry Larry. Actually and definitely worth it to the it's not that they're rightly the Larry. These appointments which at least it's at right out of this is not a foul line and gun. And if it was Larry your poly trying to reach back there and steal it back. Coffin Carl has mariners. But now it's just great yeah. I'll watch the greens on this deal with its us it's a habit. After the ethics well tonight at 110 I think now it's the first it's an attitude flannel with us it's time. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our means. So to say we are thrilled I'll do my fulfill that voice is an understatement. Osce like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness being exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and a fox. They even have child care. This up to you like it when he first and whether online at poppy Tyson life dot com. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alex Acosta in valley center ten danger for an Andover was a lawyer. Shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GE one yeah. Game. My kids. News at this and we're back in parts of Wisconsin state and early in the I've got eighth on the all time I don't know if you know first half it's not present. That it got caught on the opposite it and it's not broke it I'll do it right now is get their thoughts. Yeah it was a move the ball around the perimeter dissolve but there's not enough player movement while the ball's movement. At first the film looks very porous and Tucker with his opponent right inside the post in. But Connecticut has since fixed that problem and it's got a few more movement. You move players and move the ball the same time against this meant to them. But it's not a state one of its last feet from the field. Had the ball so I think it's an excellent Leslie lynch we can't just executive office three try to make it hasn't. Fumbled into the hands of not testing it for Larry here at the basket and yeah they take a turn overturn the basket as well as anybody and at that time. Very nearly one in the other end. It's not a fourteen night frightening society. As a candidate five turnovers now it's not yours but you can't. That's news on points authored it was nasty blood there to double team that can't get off the street left wing it now analysts haven't gotten rid of it quickly it's gorgeous three point yes the much needed nurturing side and nurtured turned opposite kick this damage through the open jumper from the left wing. That's a zoo were well done but it's not stay. Alive for three Adams right it upheaval in the left handers that drives it drops out there. It's not often happens fiscal health of the posted throughout the fight I don't know if it was Darryl Willis an urgent a lot of them just his left there have been looking wide open them in the past six to twelve not reached its the right way to a little bounces liquidity Johnson penetrates gives it a little runner up the last Vista. We've now checked out by physically. Not up along the left sideline on that revels was that at the front court that the fluid and it's Adams. Some times want to look atlas and it looks Anderson that ends and it's left side of the floor well about the art. Ford to shoot things right builder offering office aid and it's. Adams and out of bounds and not play it right sideline. That's all that's partly goes out of the bus. And it's not read this frank can't match yet. That's going to be part of the shocker the weird as the you know because inflated these guys as the shoppers view. They've got a lot of athletes commitment. And it's deflated it gets it right that's a hard left in the column of the status Carlton. Stepped into the defenders and judge Carlton exit his first now six. Now confidence. At Josh Carlton six nights you're forty pounds. From North Carolina freshmen played the main thing guys. That court Wichita State's argument rightly for him that is not a candidate for that on the right way it needs to announce it to that Pressler last night champ. Landry. Extra victory not slices down the lineup with a left hand got a little under confident of this history that he's not at its. It is the record stuff that you lost crosscourt pass it's all thought about the three drives traffic out of flock but now I think I'm frankly am kind of if you try to separate out of its hands Janet. Let's light it up about it on account of French influence if not dead yet democratic. Come over on the weak side in this life at the flawed health of the drive and got off the south shoppers have gotten it driven through that zone. The last couple of times down the monetary advantage Landry but after the super. Now at the line. Very good free throw shooter 85 cents just online time time to aid experts. He's the company Johnson but he was tailored with the the history of microwave but that's kind of that the community gets hot right off the bench that's kind of what that tells us this and he had nineteen against Monmouth at eleven and thirteen free throws that he used to the line one bit. So now it's fine if not. There's six point lead previously estimated at five its actors got it back now at six that's easy to its wealthy 57%. Haynes Johnson great athletes. Boris Willis those catches right elbow off the left quarterly shipment definitely jumped across Franken three guard lineup that's not his. Let's play games Jones entered its side got a hold inside on our rapid his arm around field Dolores. Dad Jack Morris. Stepped into the lane as the ball was reversed. Surprisingly he's Jones in he all right it's massive hunt for. From the back reverently thicket Allan Armitage are on the bench. Check back into detail what you witnessed since Shaq in the line for a one and one. Not support to protect the free throw line Wichita State efforts to are telling us there here. Tech and it's not scored yet at this team gets that went down. And then this look at the shock of going there at their shoes don't want one now with eight minutes ago and it looks like they have fourteen fouls shots refused so. Connecticut's three fouls away from his opponents. Free throw him. Allison hardly got deflected it saved by not tough enough that it. It almost knocked it right before it later but the other rightly and that's it's now. You know they'll slow it down a little bit don't have confidence Anderson's name and blood for a starts left can't enough leaders and that's the other way it was linked them. Little handoff of the week Adams Adams crossover dribble it felt like Lawrence pulls up fires over brown does that not exactly down the left shipments from Wichita State. Shoppers with a blown out five champ nothing to ground on the left flocked to Willis Carol back to the basket look for traffic turnaround from about eight. Turnaround fadeaway over the defender you know Willis with his second best yes it's eleven and a little schoolgirl who. Six feet carried Larry it's time. I respectfully if streets fifty just under eight minutes ago was fifth Anderson left wing got friends Larry a couple of dribbles now stands. Follow today yeah shot. Yeah married youths like this influence that and that's fun and elected tracts. Can open up there with lords of fifty if not for him right away supporters let's go there. Antoine Agassi you get to street Lawrence. If you look back to earth after the highs those Santa frightening thing can't get to an end the year three on the like yeah. Not a French camp with a straight it is 34 consecutive game much better movement that's not by the soccer the last two retreat on the floor much better player movement. Involvement really cute little problem. There's three wood it's not exactly. What you've. Done. And it's doubles right now mindless. If you're thrust shortly here thanks pants but on the floor. It's about that in the length it's now partially blocked and recovered I can't let that stand up to block. Can't crosscourt he stand straight luckily it transition not violent cabinet is not as a package. I honestly can't can't can't that it transition of with the pants. And he caught it it's not a Florida immediately shot it. I'm not you've done this of the 32 time expanded. Oh and here's six organs you know. In the first half and it would not stay active on what he wants to plant that is second. Shot at it three point. That's it's good to put us well Atlanta who sit down the rest Mike I thought the shots are often just kind of solved it just doesn't that are around half of all around. Perimeter that these guys who have movement as smoothly repeat these and started barking orders that don't people's will to do that all of sudden shock and often. A lot more effective. Against the Connecticut I don't think that's not the kind of paint company got kind of day signatures. They'll make that little shot made it yeah I don't think. Once dribbled on one side or others just enough declared itself but it did that I don't. Well between high school that gave you had it with without thinking things about it Kennedy hard. We've seen itself not are not a lot of little tricks. To get himself open that's really nice things he's got through that shot fake one bounce and very well remember that you can't save as much as 40% today after the soccer is it adds locker room east or west. If that ever match that the officials for today's game they arts know Lindsay our hands Atlantis. We'll. And it's another and it's not through with us states it is a lot of officials placed their confidence that network NCAA tournament's final fours ago Lindsay have certainly. A bomb goes how could we don't have and have advertisers sponsors the future. Like maybe I don't feel once that is the thing that. Now is that this package for a player like flooding they had it currently 73. After it should have its first three. Then it's not that it's the seventh floor and evidently not led by as many as six it's not as unrealistic copilot. They have it plays a lot of three just about. That. You know a lot of Connecticut played zone just about every trip they came out of the last time out when. Had to name one time. Think we can return over out front then they went back to his own defense at that depend on the floor like the left if they do that again I'm. Let's see if Kevin volleys which he. Again let me set that path that's the case. Started last year. Let us hated it flooded ninth consecutive. L'Oreal had hoped for or against Notre Dame has found life on her friends can't pass dominated trade at 34 straight games. Seven the last 38. Doctors accept that 40% on eight flooding not eat up twenty lines. Not only those days. Except that. Beyond the arc. Not necessarily rebounds fourteen to twelve feet. Steve with five turnovers that you can't win the battle were so far this. Called him an edit excuse not to answer on Anderson we'll bring it definitely is guarded by French camp right side and it started nice background now tickets first time we've had that match up ground on and it's a little floor later your way out of the timeline started back Rashard Kelly. Dribbles right. I thought Adam pronounced it right when it crosses over drives it forces why interrupt bad shots bounces off that a found the rebound I think it's in the over the fact might not. Looks like Carlton. Picking up his second crown also three of their bigger guys Carlson tiara and the flora. At all if that's. Since valves plus on a rebound that's on the offensive fouls it's not yours you know 11 that's like lynch and that those lines and it's good health that time by Shaq words coming over to help fund Taylor and Adams in alternate shot. With that it snapped out of the gates from the fields are UConn fans checking in is Eric Hoffman. Carlson goes up with 2000 but has not been to the line today. That is among the leading free throw shooters. Fortieth 45 or 88 point 9%. That's threaten the long months fit. Doctors have gone one for five from the free throw line that lead at one point. Gophers this he'd shoot 76%. And lines and missed two free throws status of the floored guarded by brown fifty shots there was left absolutely be not you know not let her off the left side apartment rent it kind of backing down low life might have been partially blocked like kind of recovered by salmon on a very short. Plant into the front four networks left him flat in the middle of the court over the frank can't right way brown shot thing. I'd try to hit it by the defender backed up right here tonight it's history starts right now lots to hit a three from near the left corner you know dad. Slightly less down they'll now fallout hesitated Anderson driving around for cancer is cutting off. We've got to call a block that was pretty darn good defense my confidence can't stop the defense right now they pushed it up got to users who sixteen graduates aren't. He made a really good crossover dribble right in the lefties not a half step on. Frank you've got called them. Not likely given the nasty it was in front of me that they have not been completely set that's going to be a second now they'll go out. Not becomes yet. In the inbounds play from in line as that was the fifteenth ballot not yet if you do well he's not there are now at the arch definitely here in the sixth or Brown's exit thing with nothing to all forms that they. The top left Larry here over on the right wing it now it's not guarded by chance. Way out front Larry you're gonna give it up to Canada and its way out of Portsmouth side of the floor. For street goes laugh riots that goes all the way after that throws a pass along baseline that was deflected. It hit the bottom of that court apparently and it's a turnover free time. The basket standard. Not in the back toward the basket supports our offense through defense that's not right next ground forces in advance. If not. 508 to go first half which is not stately big violence. It's not often honestly tell us citizen slightly stuffy. But it's night it's a streak only if it goes right to sensitive little snippet and a quarter round three of the last eight shortly. Surrounded Kelly try to chase it down the last night. Plus it was. Well grounded its first reported over the top of the zone with Allen was wealth or from the left corner it's going to be Connecticut ball down one. That's the Jalen and it's violent what do you tell us that most gory first half. Last time line and it's blocked it starts left. It's definitely carriers it's not gonna thank Kelly the right choices late at night and he did it. It's not now stance that a lot. Not try to bank as layups and stepped on it now stepped out of bounds actually both that if it didn't acknowledge their confidence is now. It's not wrapped his arms around the forest trust. Way not to accept its first now tonight yeah. Soccer basketball. And constantly since it was packed up and Eric 69281. Of the few guys that can be able to things that weren't found the fountain back to profound unethical but it kind of got home from that. And around Jack. For 31 that you know firsthand what it's not a stately but once doctors report frequently Kelly leads us to see him let's keep that needs. You've got it snowed every position today is now then let's see if it was tasteless stuff I slept for eight bounces off. Not throw down that left baseline pulled up from about ten feet had a wide open shot that he's not sure. The threat towards Anderson worked around the screen and goes left wearing the letter you guys fumbling it that its jets not a way short chipped up might not. No victory that we have a budget deficit targets of the licences from the latest outlook. If doctors had that rebound they got the markets markets tried to dribble up the court before he had control of the basketball. Fumbled it. It was that Connecticut since all went the basket just got laid out like that warrants these acts seconds now sixteenth out Scotts company. And it's not out on the floor I think fifty articulate it firsthand. It is what it does State's 11920. One company is on and a mission to put in the. Each year. Sounds like the big number doesn't have enough to express employment professionals. Engineers or ninety developer looking for the right for. Or how about administrative positions we are committed to your success and never charge what he defined job. Express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million. Each year plus how we open doors for good who expressed gross dot com to find a location near you. The following is a message from Ukraine. He's two days it's June aides know you've I have holiday millionaire raffle ticket mr. screen and the always honest to greet all of my good woman yet. Now they're more than 4200 winner mine that. We'll shall eat. Good dreams are waiting so Plavix Kansas lottery holiday millionaire raffle with even more prizes and great odds of winning one million dollars this is fight I. Our other best friend I've had today. Trust me it'll. If you're homeowner. Yeah. Years that you want. The yeah. And when you need a plumber call Hulu. Which of those original leader is still the best for plumbing drain cleaning and truly translucent repair dial 2630. Away. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seventy you know I didn't. Three minutes fifteen more. Sells hundreds in Hartford Connecticut with the nice day in persevered and athletic conference game. Meaning if not what do you want what do you. Has this it's not going to alliances between shots with a chance to. Accidentally delete has kind of gone back to court hears the first half Wichita State that got seven. He has not been exactly established 86 point lead at Wichita State has landed at this morning lucky ones. Sources say three pointer violently campus that's been seen life and Jessica. Story's been low for both feet still waiting for us assets fitting percentages. Period which does aid eight of 4335%. You can't if that's what he wore at 33%. Doctors have been horrified face not only to have eight. Wichita State also has this for a five. Has it been outrebounded 55 but has committed only five turnovers in the seventh. Worked Connecticut's so it is funny lines lighting Wichita State I'm going for the lines shots. Had a chance to regain the lead still almost four and that's why. First ever trip for Wichita state of flake of etiquette here in. Stay your second trip as the programs in Hartford where they played the University of Hartford thirty years. Go back on December 7. Christian that's not going to the line. And itself. At 85%. Free throw shooter missed him for two in this case. That's five points overall. It's now a sophomore. Queens village in York stepped it last year after a couple of key Big Ten starts to answer your free throw yes. On the first drive so they'll have a chance to tie it here but you lose that it is. It's now averaging twelve point five. What's brigade nine point one as a freshman last. It it's yet. Now has sixth at this time it was on the important ones don't press. A little bit. Nothing overtly. Hostage crisis hotlines and it's it's limitless. It's the streets of Willis and rightly degrees rightfully are very active not. Definitely think the best possible thing there that drives the lane factories open three games not often raise. Yes very fast and it but if it's honestly thought by three. Yeah I hit three threes and then Arkansas State he hadn't won since that it is the Austin reed knocked down 3.2 factors make it tripled and it is five for ten from beyond our fourth wanting one of these gophers fan and try to reach out here is that it was a wild it's not just. Now Ellie. He leads them the first step for a lot of help there and enforce this I never got within its streets like quarterback got shot they. That. Excitement off the street by Kelly that's been linked to us now. Had to fight his way of an advantage on car and it. Nice entry as that Austin. I came off the ball screen up front and they didn't guys tar balls Nancy did Darryl Willis death ducking into the lane. And he had a little guy on him Adams. Adam's status rapidly Peter round it got called for the fountain and it's really arguing against gays and lesbians to shut up slightly. The line it's their Willis she needs this. Free throws Harlow and shot out terrible line that if they are one for six. As Bob mentioned there in 76%. To eight months a year and 35% from three. Line. Outlets so Lewis now as five points it's definitely its flaws. Their biggest lead was 835 point edge so it's great he's getting in the game. Anderson left wing for non conference added that it might leads 45 gophers can't have it written down. It will hit it might administer the way but it doesn't get it comes out of there was. Cross the timeline double standard solid. That is now for the panel. It's. Now. I understand Jim thank you get back. We're not upset because they had a breakaway dunk that stands me in it for tonight is in effect let it instantly. He got outbursts. Balance and it uses birds. Games sentences we want one for. It's now. Well it used to offer language Yemen not to played his head up I don't know who didn't realize yet you guys on a bar you with his friend defeat. The double he but he should have picked the ball up and pass them off to Austin reed because he was doubled to adopt him for. Now the lives for sure bet that they thought that the reason they just want above that you know it is 851. Shoot 34 today at six points. It definitely gets in here with 236%. 2520. Want to state. Burst free throws is that it. Nice shot from the line very soft. This falls through the bottom of the death. Now. Over the last six games have been in double figures in all six averaging sixteen point seven points per game over that strip. A free throw is also. It's not good. Point here it's not yourself what drives what. It's definitely right sidelines. That got picked up new markets with regard him it's not yet. Ready to go through stand here today. Penetration absolutely nothing it's not. It's a lot Lewiston around six bounces out Kelly's body gets it I suspect there. That's after the the best it has put together and everything else drifted from analysts. Three but it's an outright way so I think now Louis with the state that was an example of us on line look at it that these three left leg approximately. Good job by Darryl Willis slowing down its advocates only get up all over the left wing. He lost that reads soccer's not high 2823. Thread back into the basket on Austin. Bush was gone. Now I've read that Pittsburgh fans. Adam's line for a 11. And a 63 you've gone first team all he eats you last year. Strong very quick first step in Austin reefs that have a heart that's been running. Which statements strays that's that the differences. Is 2823. And it's you want and want. And it is only scored four points. On the field first time the free throw line 11. Adams with five. 72%. On the year for line 83%. Last year on 93. Averaging over eighteen against free throws yet. That it was six and not back with a 34845. Minutes. Authorities and developers have to. Reads us the time line. As if to say analysts by accident itself right. Willis with regular quake hit it out as an athlete and a rebound Netflix now with it and of course cut off my read stumbles to the basket stuff like at least if not the backward recovered chant it. And yet it doesn't go to the basket double pump left it short flawless ideas about Willis a mystery if there isn't Kelly. Kelly that's definitely that's what Kelly does gets them offensive rebounds he had one last night down at converted. It's not meet with them but nothing is that doctors Feinstein at the 38 it's party time later here it's not guarded by Reid's drive and not on. Well today. That was well defended by graves Larry just made an athletic club only succeed if it went over the top leagues yeah. They left AA apparently got Kelly can't. But the left hander and now I'm they can't block Rashard Kelly opted to thank goodness it in this zone going to the offensive boards that three office of war with art Galley. The last 3000. Effectiveness. Now which it currently ranks them let them. In the nation in offensive rebounds almost three point eight alternates rebounds per game. As the soccer's last two baskets on put that goes back to the line is on the day. The Eddie rebounds against Florida gulf we'll have a those Roth didn't have anything. Against Arkansas State fixable office. Sorry could put soccer's not by six. And gets so Kelly was seventh in the first half Wichita State at 332740. Seconds ago as a negative edit that. Had a foul. I'll hold in the backcourt on I think we showed no. Science background with the hold his first friend for their demand for polite applause. 191000 we want him want for you cut the going to sell these go Hartford Connecticut phantoms and behind. And in love you briefly. Let me share but that's gone out for a while this fact yet. Forty seconds to go in the first half with our state leading by 63327. Taylor and Adams just made to a two line and you got it 748. From the free throw line with just honestly it's 348. Frontline. Thank you mentioned he was 91%. Last year for the season that's with a look at this free throw percentage. In an Arabs want to blunt. Friday in that affect it. He adds that knowledge you know it looked like ability and every time. Perfect for. 3328. Which does it what and. Flew. Out of the eighth. The first it's not just try to. Of course there's this time when. And affluence and once again it's worth connecting traffic. Let's night and snatched the little right side greens on. It's definitely not enough reasons let's golf history. It's weird affluent that's ultimately. Drives definitely don't want to let him this rebound wellness and I was looking. What's it. I don't understand it and what he thought might not we'll save the glaring at four seconds to go a little jump hook up the it's. Yeah McGuckin got a block talents that you got ours is down the market it was a really injuries he's got to charge. But nice locked in a row. I have nothing to look like going to be easy for it and. No free throws the confidence now sadness and a half seconds left of Wichita State we'll try to get it can't work and alas it's. Signaled goal at halftime with the he and others had their. Read countless kind of off balance falling backward to. Up August 5 got a chance not on the brink of shoppers got back to flaunt its. Let's it is setting up a box endlessly with bookmark it now suddenly get a shot here the last two and a half seconds. Not a fluke or accidents one friends reasons why it. Incident to Santa. Cross it's not live shot of the night as it hit the latest it's not so nice shots. As theater initiatives let's just say 33. Not flooding now I don't forget quickly cuts snow's coming back. A week from Monday January and nobody actually finished sports goes you know at 987 at thirteen thirty Kansas and but night in today's. Thirteenth in greens. You know events or any statement after the break in America halftime show. 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Where if one guy gets thief. The other defenders coming over health maintenance and hopefully help the guys helping the helper and I think that location the very good. It's not a big foot locker room with the Johnson called for the of those shots. That's as good pretty solid. Is he thinks that predicted a couple of buckets of Connecticut yeah. Other than that it's pretty it's not defense. I think the problem that on the opposite end and it's it's been shocker. And certainly they started he hits it pretty good shots and sizes. After his team up. Yet inside out of three tries within ten feet. Yeah I think of all the midrange shots and doctors and obviously Atlanta Friday I don't know but it's not for Iran Contra. I lost the plot and it's obvious victory was not worth that one side. Much of Duffy had want to drive along the left baseline knows about that are wealthy so they've had a number of wide open. Can't put shots. Either from driving or going to the post that had not convert on them they've been decent percentage of threes but they don't start making those shots inside dissolved. We will go inside the numbers we have a stat sheet we'll do that we have that. Credit union of America halftime. Matt I'm standing in a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside Shiite. Only hires Goldman this phenomenon is pretty unit of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application defense decisions and closing CU is home loans come with low monthly payments are no BMI. It's just incredible. Steadily and sit there with lightning fast helmets from credit union of America a flight I see you love America that comes UH it's an equal housing lender. Yeah I think no place like. Home. For all that he remembers get passed around like home ice cream its bacon and eggs and I'm going along the laughter. 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We have the knowledge and experience needed to you and your family through the hospice churning. Our health care teams dedicated to your parent company. That you namely your best and learn more about our services offered at heart is a hospital visit us on FaceBook or web site at her hospice Donald. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Jerry Crawford remains front and Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. WS shocker basketball he's done 103 point seven. At halftime show like Canadian club home with you. From Hartford Connecticut they'll inside the numbers with the halftime stats brought it might be KP CPA's and advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor. Notice Wichita state of the first half of the shooting 37 and a half percent on 1232. Despite hitting six of thirteen. 46%. From beyond the arc so. Figure that out six and 94. Wheel drive. Yes not outside the arc but probably it's inside the arc that's the problem that shocked at the net with a little bit difficult shots couple of over. Well they were off balance but there was a lot of of the they'd normally make that they didn't make. At a team shooting 76%. Volleyed only three of eight. From the free throw line so don't look at it four point lead easily could beat either can't just work horrible shooting for soccer's. Defensively they've held its not that night at 2931%. To nine. Three feet made up some ground free throw line because they've only had more free throws with the State's six war. I think nine of ten attackers but there that's free throw shooters on their talent and it's it's not all the free throws and they're both. Way better than 80%. Yeah I got to keep them off the line those guys that refuse to use the free throw line. Can't I don't think those who forgot the second half from three to the doctors. Are gonna have to play much better offensively. In the second half because you know Connecticut has been a warmup for the second half from behind the arc of their roof freaky. Three point shooting team they get hot about this. Wichita State has been outrebounded so far it's what you think it's slightly. At the end of the case they have yet to be outrebounded this season so that you could pick that up. Seven turnovers but it's not finished ninth street it's not so that's applause but it's that hot shots or turnovers happening at fort turnovers. In the first eleven minutes only want them over the next seven at that had some more in the last four minutes of the half probably try to rush that. It a couple of minutes. Yeah a couple of deflected passes a couple of fronts where the darker kind of passive that the ethnic guys that in the lane him. They got deflected they get element that could take before they passes of that double team. Up front with him it few defenders on the cast of thousands of that take care of the basketball seventh in turnovers and a half. Shot there's only answer to fewer turnovers that you constantly been outscored on points off turnovers. Elevenths it is most of that came early at that it was nine did you write off the bat about the first five or six. That itself. It happened after that shot receive that it future coverage for the lead to take a. When you think about the number of love valley east with a soccer dominated that's that's points off turnovers or second chance points and I think that's where you can see a big difference in this league. Is that there's a lot of feats of threats like you have a lot of applicants and athletes and they did try to turn it over score off of turnovers. Itself. Shocker didn't take care of the basketball because Connecticut and other key in this league will really hurt you if you feel that follow. Here's something else instead of interest. You mentioned this in the first half shoppers will not Wear UConn now they play as many people with sockets is they have talented people up the stance and that story is 1511. Favorite Connecticut even though Reeves at six wells bought it bought the vets and their book potentially headed to double figures. There. Well I thought the advantage going it would be the insides out of the shot there would be a lot better offensively inside that Connecticut. Connecticut got to articulate or. And Larry their former Italy's orbiter inside guys. Don't score a lot so far. The shocker that and get the falling and I think this is not converting night jackets over three. Carol Wilson threw for six. But Duffy sold for five the only guys going in fact shocker that Kelly and two of those were off office the fortunate thing. And Rashard Kelly at halftime is the difference maker I'm fine seven points six rebounds and blocked shots for free for. Field previously treatments offensive that you mention. Two consecutive possessions. It's got the facts and don't want them. Point well basically scored five points. On possession. Artistry. Achilles is doing a great job and that's that's one of the things you could do it gets its own it's hard to get everybody box office what you play its own defense thought they thought their act. Active and effective classic get those offensive rebounds and that's something Kelly definitely does well. But to win this game I think in the second half a shocker gonna have to keep going it's not that it's that big that they have to make the putt. Well remember it's not here's witnessed anything it's doctors he hit a 40% off all soccer merchandise that next day. And it's and it's locker room. East and the west Wichita State leads Connecticut 3320. We'll be back to get ready for the second half. Right after this on the credit union of America have done. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. 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Shocker sources brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US soccer basketball. Isn't one of three point 78 you wanted and. Years half and it is not displayed is that the president on his online order is in Wichita area pop that Johnson want to pop the Johns dot com. That is the problem soccer at fifty. Received it's not that this gap sound so good at this early afternoon now here in Connecticut once it's. So just into the data are back at what it's not soccer's leading constantly. Twenty. It there American athletic conference opener. The American team have already played their first conference game on Wednesday night incidentally. Defeated CF 5651. Yet Dallas. It's Thursday night also over east Carolina 78953. In Tulsa. Late Pope probably the biggest prize so far the first few days Linux accidentally. Fired 75. Is this defeated USF on the road in Tampa is 79. To sixteen that is. Secondly gave up 5 o'clock today in Houston. Tomorrow it's also. That's an innocent it is sad that president Cincinnati will be the last of American team deflated. It's not just it's. Well Mike up. You know we don't know what's gonna happen the second half of what I'm looking for it a lot or. Lob or point flop or office of the real aren't even. Kind of both teams struggled on the offensive end. In the first half that you know coming off a break that's kind of visual. Guys are a little bit about him. Definitely and see a lot more points. Sportier the second. Doctors at the first possession they have a chance to add that it four point lead their biggest lead was six latest snapshot. Backward against that zone. That's throughout this post Morrison at Augusta flags Atlanta. Larry is driving at the other life that you're not ticketed on ground only Euro stat but it bounces in and out there about different camps for the soccer's. Soderberg and that gives them out below the floor rightly be telling that's different camps left wings haven't left mortar round opens. Created. That daily flights to rebound got inside positions now for behind. Clients want Anderson so like yeah Rashard Kelly on the offensive glass and a good ball movement that's not by the doctors were either from the rights. We know we're in the left corner. You brown for the shot Kelly guided it's that position. Now on Anderson is second. Often in the ground right slaughter drives it. Replicates announcement for a not a but it's an. Atlas night to see if the ball screen. It was listed back to the middle of the rank and rightly said that if you. Got to get to street Kelly popped the streets not trot out that was athletes out rebounded clearly Connecticut. And it's worth of us. You know wide open shot for frank you thought that Kelly street. His third nasty stance and it is not backing. 3331. Shot with a couple of good looks and not that it is a flaw. Announced that its in its relentless tonight that Netflix the only difference can't rightfully roundtree. Eight long rebounds Kelly again. Not to ground out front training camp left wing champ Michael's fourth and after fifty rattles out. How much. Yeah stars Kelly it is set to. You don't Shaq hit when he points that stuff because they created hit nine of eleven field goals but the fourteenth since then. He's eight out of 27. His 29% he struggled to hit the ball down today you can get Shaq going. 3330 watt what it's not state your confidence positions in its entirety police and it's a little floor right off the streets but it definitely cut off a horse that's fans ancillary analysts. Corner three. Don't get me about florist who successfully advance about the chances. Clinton at the process not one of its. It's not right baseline for not ticketed only at Boston red can't let wondered drives baseline background rights haven't thought about it. That's yeah. I've left but the line pull up for it in and out and I hope you know another little short wide open shot about a ten footer by him that long at the back at it. Guarded buys him. It's on line plants aren't violent. Like completely. Nobody can help but I'm Anderson at that in its wealthy. Anderson once the Wall Street yes. Rebels left. In the mine that one ticket home. Clearly there. North of the apartment block by Boris. It does present would have only have that you just turned uses left in the third right and defensive. Ultimately English side to get it there now that's behind those Kelly shot but it didn't conflict both it and that's the way to make a basket of doubt about that. You know it was not that would not stay that night audiences plants and obviously your. Eyes on us today. And it's that he would not lines of my chances. Mentally alert but not yet. Parts not by about a half settlers with aids not believe that the citizens lives three. Nightly round. It's night and it's it's a little bit of deficit rightly ranked yet it's been here gets a three way in and out again rebounds delegate it. Back to France can't. And it's expected killing of the link that the French can't harm. Yeah yeah. I think they'll really go 68. One night he felt he wasn't very closely for eighteenth at his got a long wingspan. And blocks now. Flexing their Franken senator good yeah. He's had a good day they could those guys ought to be thinking it was bouncing shot he had a wide open shots before that the weakness. Irish. We'll listen now for Boris Kelly left wing went through a lot for a drink it reads in the game as well as it may not fret not afraid. On the lake Austin green's let's time loath trusted friend can't let him but I those Kelly drive that almost got hit it gets it. Adam stipulate gravity pour down the line here of staff Josh. Yeah that's not planet that's an over the top of the creates. Not for. Heads and food sources. And top fifty for the. Advances in events that honestly. The sixteenth time I'm. Yeah Jonathan position it's not. In time. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tents 22 kids off Jason one ball arrest was overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game but with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHE dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plan. When you're in need of window treatments shake shutters blinds got you covered at Wichita is your one stop shop. 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WS shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GE YE. Because they let me doctor. This cap that's. Six digit jump on Wichita State. And mostly and that's is that as of may want to influence that was a dunk I start telling it started out the half one for nine. For I have faith. Thought three for six. The it's not because soccer and putting up bad shot that they're putting up good shots Mike. They defeated knock it down Landry had a quarter. I thought haters can't feed that he had spotted that a couple of wide open looks. That you fifth in. The big insider that aren't that difficult path itself they needed to keep doing what they're doing except that the plot. Uplift doubters not a lot of dollars. Stayed out that got him. Treatments and it's it's not like these actors in Atlanta and instantly added a couple of nice drives it's the perfect that's not. You can't let it baseline and it session there. Four minutes of the second hand him the acknowledgment that ranking right Wheeler got different camp not but it's not reflected. That's got a little favorite out of bounds play soccer like to run out of time move him off for anything for the open three of them going. Matters that trailer most of the eight hits this. It slides into the mind about a six footer left them there years that it players vaccinated long that it cut. 3037. Statements when I read it and it's definitely three Austin raised another free he's got up and it ran the fact that rates the stock is not floor it's not think that time I've read that if the fifth crosses the and ultimately Larry a lot it's definitely would Kelly got in that it like it might statement. Static entity where he the end you cannot play at the baseline he not if not month under it flying bugs aren't the only. There's the it's it's not it's not making written long athletes off that they. Larry we'll play it at the right of the basket as he faces. And it gets it slightly to. Aren't. Right corner later down the block Chiarelli CNN. That is apparently this activists and attack the sockets got ticked off. War I had the defense from him how long that I'll I'll run the crowd doesn't like it it. Well she's about forty feet from the at. It's on his first second to balance kind of hath not who's led out of bounds when he sits on the shot clock. We would murder is that it can't vote for their heart out for a much more standard across the time if not its own. Night night of the line all the way to the basket to contact instead of the united benefit and that's the only agreement and kind of hard. And what it slowed it again it seems to be okay. Now has not received its home. Nice drive my family got has definitely just to put away yet. This is 3000 of the total thirteen bounced him shoot two free throws was both want in the first half as the credit that you wouldn't want. Is that the two shots. And I agree with six points clear three point baskets instruments for three for a Nokia. I don't think that if this suit belongs on. Doctors have been miserable from the line they're now 349. As a team. Atlanta who is six out of six lines. Yeah it's rattling that stays here. That's and it makes me want it to fascinate leads by 346. Point 91446. You know. And out of the effect what is it that floor completely clearly trying to get it to the top that could get a barriers now the last play Adams. And it dribbles up top picks up his dribble but it's been accused of yards right back and it had started by telling. Let's make a play gets a shot away they'll cut off the bat iron rebound Reeves from Wichita State's doctors had sealed off nicely hostage in the report. Crosses over to the left bounces haven't lifted he left wing Nazi balances out of the blocks Willis. He's got his stumbling that's. Words he's he's had a tendency already escaped to hold to love what he's got double team has got himself in trouble. Yeah they're they're sending that double team had lawlessness and a double team has more from that hit the ball inside that are connected to her and stick to basketball. When exactly are your early night tonight let's get out and they've got nothing. Nice but there could get it happens not to have an athlete advisory. And it's not out a lot closer to their little jump hook missed it telling funny words out of bounds office. That was a good passes sightseeing but by his side of Willis Willis went up quickly with a jump hook with a left in the dismiss it or. The kind of movie got to make a quick movements you can now kind of falling away though with the instead of really turned his body. Well Don Adams against reads. Let's head of the keys and walked back out backwards and says. Fourteenth its M drives right now is that let down delighted to traffic that's a perfect. Three soccer the. Now I've invested upgrades. Challenge. It's been critical of the fifteenth that it puts the suckers that it's not matter if not. Good strong blue files to revive the middle of that zone well enough. But just it's not a free throw line knocked down he's got elevenths obviously 4443. Now luckily I can't marry. There's baseline seventeen footer lipped that prevents doctors telling that it. The defense it's nothing like that sort themselves and they've written her off the streets along the baseline and who will not truthfully. You have it right Kelly penetrated the lines I was back at the greens lift weights and the fourth aimed not landry's and it is threats rated game stats and now it's not as back up mindful. Adams got the crosscourt it's now right corner. That's definitely you know settle there at fort confidence and walks back definitely sent twelve minutes ago soccer's I think. War right now what is best city. Possibly side of the second starts he's ticketed disputed. But don't let's not who has seen. Now yeah but now I'm happy with that cause. The aren't happy with the golf was good job I thought these dogs are. Their talent it's now that's not out of 1155. To you know the second half with us K 47 at 943. Yeah. No place like home. Hair and for all that do you remember I can't pass around Michael Creighton it's free and it. And current coming along with the laughter that children assurance we don't just insure your home mutual all the memory and mood and its faster agent for few. Shelter insurance whereas she feels weird shelter and the homeowners insurance Josh Alexander and McPherson I'm hearing in Marion or John prospered in Newton. 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The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. US you shocker basketball is on 103 points and you want yeah. The night together the second half your heart hurt Wichita State. Point halftime and at one point they actually fell behind. A moment here is second. Thoughts please cancer that was advanced to. And back again I want it now think five or 4743. Which does anyone have possession. This latest time out soccer's. Only 514. You know for the second half. 36%. And 37 for the game on seventeen of 46 but they have saved themselves when making nine of 21 from. Beyond the arc. For sale so far as the second half and 38 for the game there's only some of the eleventh. Report. They're courtesy kind of frank can't knock down a three off that out of bounds late coming out it's not not in Atlanta we can't just knocked down the streets. After the ball was that kicked out Sally DeVries. Flights for shark Kelly's been everywhere. Exactly over the shock that's not he's there to grab you off if we now. And it's time to close at ten total plus nine points also what does it was outrebounded by its first half plus of the the second half it now plus five on it towards the game. If plus it's not line against. They'll get full court pressure not so much on him for the first. Your right to left over the left lately nothing. That's got I think you know slightly. Right lots of Boris snack. Side of the basket that it went on the block Willis will turn around they got it nice and asked for Boris Lewis right. Another note too big plays to get its act not a lot of short corner and down Willis flashed into the low ball flight path that the elements seven fruitless soccer's my six matches it's Anderson is definitely earlier it's not the art that have let's not let them. And it's and it's. Make him bluntly now let me later marry those baseline all the way in and stepped away. That's been our fifty's this week's accident about a six footer there was off slightly. Against the lineup in right now let's talk of them doubles match enough went. 4945. Most definitely it's almost. Shaq but enough is enough to back rebounds wellness say quietly he's not gonna sound was got knocked out of the year and yet it's even listen stand baseline short back on that was laid off the mark was headed up the town. Slows enough right as a team lakers teammates that threat to Kayla and it's not state the four point leads at 32 if you know. At a class. Stating dribble out it's not wise it's mostly for layered glass. The analysts as a writer blocked by the snipers we covered by the nothing I was the poorest. Both their blocking nets not tonight island and it's gonna push the ball screen that's not that's what will listen to Havana. And it went behind Willis has blocked shots behind saint Johns massive block of course it helped the continent's all of that together in Larry here. And it might have doubled tripled its relentless it. Now passes underneath and you're sitting in traffic that was attacked Larry your shots naked over and it's. It's ten minutes ago with its not state but for. On the right slot there against the smaller news announcement exactly encephalitis. Larry it was. Slow news yeah. Doctors inflicted little thing. It's hard start today. Yeah and that's it closes O it's not this that's. I thought you had a couple of them. We'll look there. Well every time coach Parcells and I think wrestling champ and bad things happen for the doctors. You try to hit campus. Let's do it second hand happens all hell breaks loose here and thick and have their communities they can run. Think nothing yet Willis still. This is not French can't Shannon Kelly all back here this Boris Kelly please Santa. Can't friends can't which Dustin. Christian the talent alliance didn't want to try to make it a three point play gave his team believes he has five of six from the line at twelve points. His season average free throws up and Nokia rare rare obviously Evans this slices. Thought this was the the ball game tied at. It's not make. The Wall Street gets it. It's not that it's worth. It close don't step. But yeah. I'm more assistance but as a partner development back by the shots it's worth it couldn't. Billy Smith. First basket the Boris he has three points not his night if you won. Fifty. Now fairly light back up to intercede with three way or prevent this dark Alley Alley and I think another thing. And that thrusts Nightline let us over right to left that's about it on line. Of course it's not it's not they sent it wide open if not relentless and the but like some of the Connecticut guys that advance the man that some of the guys red zone that science and soccer if it's even wide open shots and that's. Thirteenth reliant it's not respect the five slightly 5449. Right after they were about the Oklahoma now it's free throw at it let's not worth sort of quietly. Mapped back into the lane now. Experienced it it's not a lay out the Larry your drives steps back. Seventeen footer led off the mark. Dream happening not that he got bumped it to fly zones and then Carl to push forests injuries. Caused him to stumble out of bounds. I'm not on the floor eight minutes exactly if you know in the second half with its not state fifteenth floor hit etiquette organized. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle that spread throughout our community. Providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to lead to healthier happier life. At the campus health foundation and our mission we invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats because you. Every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy we'll learn more at Kansas held Dodd warned those shots. You do there beautiful cars and see. And what the right. 93 lately that the elephants little footsteps of course ninety TCE. Glenda just like seventies really talk to the bar he would like to do from. Well there insurance companies just seeing how are we something you weren't really hard aren't so much of a different deserves. When he's never missed but he says I yeah ninety's late in some free air freshness DL. State farm. Call any day of. Are you military veteran military veteran lost in transition. There's one place one place where fellow that's making it easy for you to find legit resource exacting vets dot com. It's edited by University of Maryland University College makes no resolution to earn your degree at UN UC founded for military service members and adult learners become more field. Visit UN UC dot edu connecting that dot com gets in shares information and advice. I think he's connecting vets dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose cameo in the Angel of Alan time in just two and Hartnett or in Gainesville for a pummel. US shocker basketball he's done 103 point 78. Living and not fifty or 49. Not had a great six point lead in the first half what it costs it has. It has got. Baghdad five. Because they hate. Delgado leads them time. It's not as his. That you feel has lost five ball game you had them flown out. Up until a couple of them nobody get a lead yet got a fan of them made it it was five point lead after the game. Well it is now played in the last. Very Larry. From the baseline. And it slips out of the line started at him ticketed volleyed threw it up watts and the recovery I would not think that with no chance that and Boris says it shot by hand. Recent threats were guarded by crossover almost got it stolen incidents before us right back to the right back left went to Kelly. For a three plus nightly event. The right block Boris isn't there goes up to the left hand is that not yet. He got a good group. Release that it hit the left side of the nuggets are really good shot it's not used to seeing Jack knocked down and have a hard time converting those who voted down excellence and quality content from Florida and it's happening and out of the floor looked at last nothing there right lately carrier. There are guards like finally it off it's. Not switched on the street it instantly certificate it hits off for three long bomb it's not exactly match and it would not say. Obviously it's not that not getting exploited on this list to play good defense of the burden off its fans and it driving Clark got a shot blocked out of bounds like Carlton but with a statement that was what you wanna it's not a lot. Well that he would not others want it to happen. Hopefully it yet. Yet that it's. End it swinging out of the fourth reason backwards after that accident. They threatened to step out of all the way down the line little. Reverse layup would tell me about Morris not yet. Yeah it incidents. And they say it's not off with us today out of Reid's got five ahead of them all with a basket try to make them right handed shot from. From the left side just let them. Little bit short but my sense is that. It is not. But got the ball deflected out of things. Austan that go out Zach brown is yet Anderson was shaken up one point don't know what happened they spent over like he definitely not yet that states. Definitely my eyes and in the process online Utley who created the possession play soccer field offices van. There are currently write it off at a banquet tonight that horse shot not. I think that's behind it's it's on sale of ground. I think it's definitely definitely not a replacement that's a tough overlooked ways to ground. Back in front of friends here fifteenth it's 650 years ago. It's not immediately declined treatment can't Google's lit fires on the blue bounces off the bat kind of presents itself. That's under the floor look at the Andrews explained couldn't get back after adds that in the time. In Adams. Predictable way out. My ground right now starts left. It picks up on this list of blocked Carlton brought back to the basket. But it actually at a at a critical unfortunately it is seen that decided it was ridiculous that finally ended up back in this field Morrison's. And the big strong kid at six foot 8240. Anthony Braxton look like if Clinton moved. It really know what he wanted to kill the as it is a basket there and it's. Five. If it's not on my rights office mindlessly. At the defense. And it. And ultimately ground. The high post nearly fifteen footer not Rashard Kelly from the free throw line he's got eleven points and had a double double. Honestly I find it good don't often think sometimes hilly flat to the high post got the path. 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Part that shocked the sports properties and recognize that athletics like to thank you factor ambassador. It's not safe level of corporate partners houses on delta dental of industries. And Cox Communications is here to become responsive which cuts to athletic. Properties 169787552. Where you done it that the cars. Larry here has fourteen Taylor and Adams 60%. It's now the twelfth and Wichita State. Let me Sam. Thirteen Austin green shirt Kelly went eleven of these kind of branch campus ain't no less of it. Kelly had eleven points and eleven. Double double. In five of six from the field Japanese warplanes from the field for a five. Eight is this could also tortured and shot as a twelve turnovers not a level. Not state has taken over the last second half they were outrebounded by 6%. Plus eight Olympic Games. Yeah they've routed the brutality offensive boards soccer 43%. From outside Bjorkman only 1136. From inside the arc of youth. Anderson Writely for UConn started my daughter Frankie what against and it's frowned they've worked all lay outs and sideline catch. Well she left lately Larry here Friday by Kelly fires that are operated. Hot shots. It was six CD has had a yeah owners and good luck involved players including. It's nicely and not for us a better football fans it's. But it's not nice definitely coming out of the sun announced that rounds at the factory floor boards. Nice pants and lobbed on warrants act with 553. Does at a closed up 78 and this is. Rebounding war has enough for him it's not there. With us today that it's not my next round on the offense it's impacting your job if it's dark and ethnic. Boris. Definitely ground rent that threat nights knights. And daily monthly hours. It drives. Loan constantly. On and on top this. All. Bloggers need to act make that play before it's not think it was that drive the press that the laws they don't. On the ball when you repeat it. One of the Connecticut guy's gonna you know they don't know at all. On the our package. It. Up. Not that the movement that's the just over four minutes ago with us live I'm on violently. Overboard slightly. That's right. It's not. Rightly the merrier Mike Kelly those. Our depth active fires way short span and it if again have a chance to expand the populace that can't repeat right lets not for it's act up by eight. Well it needed it's not markedly increasing its advantage to knock down at definitely right there about the Wall Street. At sixty attitude and it treats and games all day that's it makes a lot of sense Nazis. Nicholas. To influence. As they get seventy shots. But let's nice not nice. To him you know it's. For him. Hey that's. Not a friend camp for the big bucket he's got eleventh attackers had not dance well it's raised in this game Ali had countless. Second time now wants it expanded. Think it's not about what it does take six or not 5558. You know. 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If there's a watch party location is seen Huntsville southward to south east corner flavors of what had come by during the watch parties for a chance to win except for tooth. AC tournament in Orlando art courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and it becomes violent networks. For shocker basketball. Wichita State lighting it up from beyond the arc today well I'm twenty fives well made 48%. Spotted him which will be 39%. Overall soccer's arts well. We're thirties after. Twelve of 25 from three and they need it now 6455. With 259. Remaining. Doctors have put themselves in the best position they did it all day Bentley is their biggest. Jalen Adams says eighteen points or confidant eighteen shots Terry Larry here was sixty point stick it. Shots by contrast Landry Canada's sixteen points easily take him five shots but that night over all five of six from three. Not a friend can't chart selling and Austin regional eleven points Heath Kelly only needed three rebounds today become the fortieth player Wichita State history yet and I thought they did his career so he gets through fast that left and right. And let them double double for Rashard at the moment. John Boehner gets in there and it's and it's right out of my right now lots Anderson if it. Cut off by Frankie and it's been advised that if that's like John Adams right water. Level ground helped me. Effectively ends up lay just enough to back rebounds background that would not states. Good defense not. At least that's not a friend yeah yeah yeah soccer cleats for good defense your second half tough rebound by background right. Now it's a different way of treating them it's like over to Boris pulled up about six feet go to that glass and Mike to great lengths. Out of seven points not at first gobbled it up eleven. They might have just that abandoning you know that happens that's Tucker when it's not the war. Town along three at. Connecticut it sets but I'm. And a ranking that it can work as slippery back on it. Not a question of what it's okay players have gotten out of balance its neighbors would not stay. 59 it you know doctors that night in that last announcement that now is almost on the excels that are local news about thirty. Austin tonight it packers' ground. Gregg Marshall a little situation. On the defense. Doctors might. Thrust over those last act of course free throw line jumper off the bad not knowing Andy's found. Art Kelly was its twelfth man yeah yeah. Is sixth office. You net income monsters on board especially the offensive wars and one in the object words minutes. Doctors at thirty and if you want to go by 8%. On its not the right side. Ordered them away. The guards. Really like it delegate lead now want rights Nightline Austin. Expect it'll. Able. But let's dive regarded by the smaller. But for street gets those around our office right night now out of the block Boras goes and lays it in them real nice that play by the soccer at that time rain forests off affects three and they found him right and he advanced not quite yet that's night like this scenario the loss of that and it's at a rate again. So short long rebound that Larry though he pulls up escalated its. Cochran that everybody blocked off with a rebound that went along went right over Kelly says. They colored Fallon back toward Anderson Alex for that's just the sixth now. It's his third it. Yes but that the sixteenth the shot you're not in the bonus in the via the and it's not pretty much chance now to go Wichita State up by eight. Each player. That precedent back reefs. Austin. It by atom processor at a tense hands the Nazis it's the effect or. Those lefties or to license double team is that the chance. Well it's it's fifteen if you is that all over all the talent then. RS let that they can notice it and understand it almost completely. Knotted up over in the land softly. If you are with frantic level drop that charge them with the war and the fountains at the line. I was on Anderson federal court known follows on the guard before that collision. What it wants which candidate who missed his first two free throws today it's one of three front line he's got sixteen points. And it won here and he's definitely back again with 42 and a half seconds ago. It's Lawrence what it's worth saves and throws it away. Of course that now all the way to the basket but that a lot of it's now that's not to clocked at three successive flip flops. You can't just what you want your best recruits and are on the line. And the myth is that he gets offensive rebound and then he throws them away youth of them really as usual things that McNair the last thing. Wichita State is four for eleven from the free throw line that they they have not shot sixty waters 62%. Owned here. Metallica lying cheating to at least five of seven on the date of this is that you've offered him 85% shooters free throws up and it. But the way they should free throws when they shoot the three you don't want to give these guys that the chances is that it. Make up this seven point deficit. Really quickly. Art is that nothing is yet. Marines packed yet Kelly goes out its greens candidate. The ball handlers and there's some good free throw shooters like all of us recruit shooters in the game now is the second three. Seventy Christian it's now it's a six point game 32 time out taken by UConn. You know give Gregg Marshall a chance to talk things over with his guys as well part of my spirit that's typically aren't I think I still have a a couple of posts shows up late for AZ sports growing the Eliot 97. At thirteen 35 SS. Here's the Gregg Marshall for sixth seventh you know they. But what more than eight. Waiting to get those back goddess but it's in his day notes I was on the first of January 8 Texas coast we'll be back at 987. Well the talkers 636. Seconds ago they got more out underneath the basket look for the full court pressure. Remember. If my heart begin. Three he'll get it starts block out. You've got to come to your path out of your path in the and that's hard way. Now he's easy to defeat they'll talk to got to be clear path to got to protect the ball and expect it now which is not state a six. 36 seconds so if god doesn't. Doctors about it all the way. I can't let that happen it's got to go for the steal. If you don't get it pretty quickly they're going to have to now right now this thing could present it flight that was not proof. There are thousands of her friends. Can't let it. The reason chance at making flop after. There. Sidelines that are not. He was stuck at the corner behind with a big double team on these wanna throw away cell instead of that pivotal time out. Yeah it's 47 seconds on the shot plots second fire. Marshal Cohen is over for a huddle right. Scott is the planet back. They only get 56. If you take care of the on the airport content. Out of all the gonna have seven seconds to get over that time line and they've got a phony and a very difficult. Spot this corner position on the sidelined. Cannot run sideline. Whoever's going to hit. You found this fall. A lot Gregg Marshall college and offering up perfect copies. You're not going to be they've got up about a lot of play an important. For example Macedonia. Not on the next few thousands of these want to walk he's got a now soccer practice that's streets of great people counted more respect for him. Deployed casinos not present numbers hit greens and the basket it's nothing go. Yeah I'll run some great passes by the soccer that kind of against the threats yet there and it's now going to the basket blocked my Boris not to Santa ruthless enough to. It was not present numbers picked up regarded. Laser at it again. And it's not the slot with fifty seconds left it definitely is worth more points of the game in the last thirty seconds soccer spikes hands. There are different floor and drive it on that nothing stance that the foul line jumper shortly now soccer's enough now. Not flailing balancing act Lawrence I think on the rebounds is it genetics at the line to force a. It's ago and I can probably hear the displeasure of that you've done things kind of fell microphones they're really upset with the way you've got handled. That full court press for the Soccer City good job they got him found that. Boris Boris got it right to have good free throw shooter frank can't he went to camp a camp but listen up got divorced and they got easy buckets of good job against the pressure by the shock. Is that they don't want one but it's over its authors of the ten point three point nine seconds ago. Shaq is one for instance a lot today to get a double figures of. And it is not the bad news is that not the town. Has to. Factors that might sit on the road. Ultimate American athletic conference flanked not a good even I'm not offensive performance like this not yours but not these since it was shots. What is not stately that you're not 7262. Distinctive that Johnson both games. It's time to go inside the numbers that he Katie CPAs an advisor. These tedious proudly served the midwest from more than ninety years. Fourteen values excellence as much as ours and reread your biggest fans. 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Albert you cognizant of Johnson's post hit jump out at night Johnson had 21 it paid 96 we don't mind so much more. And then it's suited to your drive home from the game has brought to you by Kansas went tyrant service were great tires and professional auto service are always. A slam dot. To begin our game recap this was the strange one some place factors that a lot of things well but. Struggled to pull away because they. Struggled to make shots that they partly thanks very high percentage that is a great job shooting the three today it really struggled inside its way to. Yeah normally might use you work to try to get fast for the shots close to the basket because their higher percentage shots that shot farther away from the basket that's the normal coaching philosophy but today. It was just the opposite the shots farther from the basket. Were made at a higher percentage than shots closer to the basket. So the shocker revenue heart I'm converting on they got the ball inside against that zone. Many many times that I had a hard time. Hitting those shots in the basket and they got a number of offensive rebounds and we're having trouble get no shots in the best of five. It knocked down a really good percentage of threes a couple of threes late really open this thing not fly at campus in France can't. And then although they didn't make their free throws normally do win a close game on the road you've got to make your free throws shocker didn't do that but. They did such a great job on the offensive boards led by Rashard Kelly that the free throws it over the plate my. And really a big job the second half rebounding they were. Minus two in the first half on the boards we still have a final stat sheet but I think they were plus acre plus two in late in the game so. Big rebounding advantage in the second half of that help. Especially Anthony defense records is that if he's not many sick you know what that. Does Mike as a team it lifts the off that lift the team that gets the offensive rebound and it deflate the team that gives up the offensive rebounds so every time Kelly got one of those offensive boards. It panel lifted the shocker he gave them an extra possession that's an extra chances. For a bucket an extra chance to draw a foul. Standard deflated UConn because they were given us another ticket with a shocker another camp so those offensive rebounds are really really it. Wichita State has now won. Seven. That's the last soccer U seventeen and fourteen. It true road games in the last seven plus seasons at 47 of those seven. Road wins have been by ten points so they continue to be words victory march. The seventy and 7014. Since 2000 then this amazing that's eighty what 8485%. Of winning percentage but look at this seventeen. Offensive boards. 65 Rashard Kelly what do you know we've talked about winning the battle of boards and I was going to be important days and I think that might have been the difference in my. But our game recap Presley that Phillip because Cummings Cummings of Cummings who's your struggled offensively you final offer but would not give them politics export fifteen. 48 or visit though Cummings LLC dot com Cummings of Cummings La where your needs always comfort we'll continue on the Johnson's post game show from Hartford. 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Post game show remember every time dockers we didn't get it just got the extent all soccer merchandise tent locker room east or west of it cannot be scored 72 points. So you discount to borrow 15%. On all shocked and recognize let's go inside the numbers to look final stats but you might be KT CPAs and advisors everyone. He trusted advisor who floors Wichita State actually ended up shooting almost 46%. In the second half they climbed above forty for the game. Shooting 42%. On 28 of 67 helped mightily but at twelve for 2548%. From three. They held UConn to 38 point 7%. For the game and only three of sixteen. From three. So that is now at thirteen games seven upon its characters have held under 40% including the last two. 62 points allowed to make potentially explosive team won their best scoring totals allowed. Recent game yet they averaged seven DNN I'm sure they averaged more than that at home they've had some tough road games so I'm sure there averaged a lot more homes so holding them. The 62. Here in their home arena is that a really good defensive effort by the doctors that a couple of negative things that we'll get out of the way the checkers were. Four of twelve from the free throw line there worst previous free throw shooting percentages that 62 and a half percent twice that it is way below normal. And for the first time all season. The shocker bench was not scored on those close 26 point two match points for well internal or doctors at fourteen turnovers to just eleven. By UConn has been a problem with the shock results in their turnovers or just a little united not a horrible. Let's you know and in recent years they've been ninth inning game now they're there for communities that's something they need to clean up but normally you don't win a ball game. Would you make for a while free throws on the road myself and on usual feed to do that. NASA positive certainly Wichita State was outrebounded by two in the first half ended up plus thirteen. For the games they were fifteen rebounds that are in the second half and at seventeen offensive rebounds. And seventeen assists. On 28 field goals to. High on 24 baskets for Utah attackers were getting scores out of their offense not having to go one on one. And that's typical what you tested basketball but that's especially significant a lot of times on the road. Stack who don't really know your players as well it seems like sometimes they'll upload short armistice 1748. That's really good coach Marshall you really happy with that step because that that means that they're moving the basketball they're sharing the basketball the giving up a decent shot for a better shot and that's how you win on the road but by sharing the basketball and get good shots. Also you look at Wichita State's leading scorers when it reached and it hit sixteen to nine shots. Conference can't 119 shots Austin reads eleven to seven attempts Jerry Kelly eleven on six attempts for you kind Terry clear your head eighteen. Points to forty shots to get there Caitlin Adams eighteen on twenty attempts. And it Christian that countless the most that he scored 1711 attempts that they had. 53. Of their team's 62 points next highest score at four attackers hit for double figure scores. Was Boris with nine Willis with seven. So doctors with better balanced more people contribute on the opposite and even on some portion of the day from inside the earth. Yeah and it makes it difficult for opposing defense league who you're focused on the shoppers that you focus on chabot too much. Then somebody else or hurt you today it was Reeves hit eleven and Kelly gets eleven. And then and in recent games it's been Willis hit you get twenty or more certificate warning on here and a course. How much did he get one feeling here is the right kind of vault himself. Shocker said knowledge if that would definitely get it going offensively didn't really have a good offensive. And game today but there's a lot of other good things once he gets it going to death of a victim even more difficult to guard. All the funny 548%. From beyond the arc that's always great shooting third best of the season for which I stated it is the sixth time thirteenth game that they've made at least ten trays. In a game kind of break camp extending his record streak to 34 straight with a three pointer. Atlanta candidates now beta three in 37 of his last 38 games he was five for six. From beyond the arc today are started a game presented by the lottery if this slaughter. Go to KF lottery dot com and it. Becoming yeah. Current jackpot about. We are joined by I star of the game sharp Kelly who was monsters today eleven points on five executing. Twelve rebounds six offensive rebounds in the system blocked shot just one turnover. It thirty and it's always plays great defense you're playing like man this then. Do. Those are went on the road. I think Friday. Yet many people here today and this little closer to home until they're about four definitely. It. You know it was a strange game to cut others that you and a lot of yours but that's. We had guys yet. Beyond the arc seem like what you got all sides it's pretty it left that's preferable not to two point. Made as if the property can't get over Puerto deftly each of these guys that beat so. I got cut that's of the guys that did make no mistake early guys next without you can do focus on movements aren't bingo right. He turned the ball looked at the a lot of about what it. I believe the next play in the thick where you extreme focus. You know Rashard a lot of young guys don't understand is obviously you've figured this out that every shot that your team thinks there's the potential rebound. Especially against his own words are for the defenders to figure out of the box office seemed like when we took a shot. You're just really active. Find a way to keep them off of before yet that is definitive about it as well he's an aggregate a path that I doubt that it of the audit arm argue that there was some of that festival too much today. And it says they'd be as good defense game that you played as a team to hear these things. I think so we've been trying to focused on it at that point art art art car without pre conference. You know from the days. We just within active whether it is soccer beaten them many years though. Before I got back to being who guarded the evoke you know helping me get out of these at in the days and days for the team gained enough. You want to win that individual merits of what do you think as if the date of Brothers who are you guys back so you communiques have. Yes coach announcements and pre game that they won't take some bad shots it will make some bad shots hit if you had gala that happens it certainly that was the case solved it on that. Yeah Gothenburg. Two. Or I'm excited it's a bit in gate site he they have the code. This program to do that thing that but definitely got to expect. You're on the road campaign it is likely that it. It don't no I mean it's up. That's will be treated well. It maybe today I saw more of you guys switching all screens especially in the second half and that was put you on their guards and with. Our guards on some of their bigs in but you guys handled this that's for all armed guards pretty strong that it might look you know little thinner but it. Caregiver write weight room that if they bear the load RO we speaker about at Favre apparently every day. If you start today and if they don't fit their carriage David odor. Well obviously this was a big game first American conference it at a place like it's an iconic names that. It college basketball it's just the start of the drive that alone would and they got to love it though Leo went down offensive morrow. Good for and a better arm your right. Regulations yet very you were in tan exactly. Appreciate yeah. They are telling her story of the game and just tremendous performance today eleven points twelve boards. Became the fortieth player at Wichita State history with 500 rebounds and a career is it in perspective there are 45. Players all time but now they're more points. Fortieth at like five read that. They let him that again a lot of that it as an accurate regatta here with a win that he had been. Rashard kept the doctors in the ball game until it started back at them from death. He might also be an August she is also a decade defensive player of the eighties always had that discussion. But if I got you covered. But he liked controllable like utility industry privacy if that group were transformed look at your kitchen got you covered it right when treatment solutions for you 316. 617000. Got you covered which. Not content that it shot at 10% off any order that she covered service which. Well I think either chillier earth that you haven't played a really good defensive game he made that Adams really work Karzai has got eighteen points. Seven at twenty yet to put up twenty shots to get AT&T is over three. Anything gets the foul line as much so let me shift to the good job of guarding him without put him on the. Pollen we've also got a couple of plays of the game they came on back to back possessions and were here so here are our but it in the deep freeze plays of the game brought to you by one. 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On came flying back on our iTunes or Google play. Celebrate them. Think Barlow Kelly good. Guys on this chilly but and so for only 1981. And what you ordered a scapegoat tell them back and JR that you. Not many scores to pass along today one game that is still going in the top 2519. Ranked Tennessee. Leading markets he kind of on the fringes of the top flight 550 to 49. And most of ago. In that game that's being played at Fayetteville and number thirteen North Carolina defeated Wake Forest in a close play at Carolina than the three. Sixty I daughter action in the 88 seed until 5 o'clock today that the conflict temple played at Houston and the rest of the activity for the weekend is to morrow told that to. Two lanes. At that at that the adding that the conference opener for both of them. Fiat and Carolina US definite that you all of those consecutive games. Or those teams Wichita State. Join he's been at their views to blame and tossed them at the moment all I wanna know it conference quite interesting game coming up at 1 o'clock central. Number twelve Oklahoma had a lot at them pretend that. TP news twelve and now that of course the big twelve opener. Or both of them those of the game's kind of watch sports the day goes on. Let her mind you out of our fine preempt those games sponsors to Faris carpet outlet or better at 1816 north Broadway. But do it again at what the best thing about the experience that aren't you. The quality of food they take great care if they don't high pressure you may help you find exactly what you want billions dollars to greet you at your home with the utmost. Courtesy and respect and do a great job you know looking desperately wanted to so what you need any kind of Florida. Carpet Hardwoods. You'd think that they got it raise prices. Great services to par at 1816. North Broadway. Just waiting for Gregg Marshall to join us Wichita State's next game will be Thursday night at home against Houston that will be yet. Challenge right now it looks like Wichita State Cincinnati SMU Houston. Maybe the front runners in the eight he of course a lot of the teams are gonna have a say that there are other very good teams out there but those for a kind of establish themselves. If the NCAA tournament started to borrowers selection Sunday we're tomorrow those war would almost certainly albeit it. So he's been a big challenge coming in on Thursday night but like Kelvin Sampson they're looking to get back to the term that for the first time in seven years. They're off to a great start that game time has been that we think it's. Off. Yeah that the soccer have the week off to prepare for that team because they kind of quick. Quick for the long road trip yourself. If it's going to be nice to have a few days of practice give nothing back Golan and to get this team ready for. Third state funding scheme through Houston on Thursday at six. South Florida Sunday. At 3 o'clock though there are state funded this week. And just a quick reminder for those of you planning to go to the there's speaking with Houston as the strike fear ring tonight and use it. Jackpot goes shoppers dot com or check the ticket office they see that those shoppers dot com definitely has the breakdown of the sitting in whatever section that is the color you where they're going to be streak palaces that they didn't want or the pictures of that game there's been tremendous. That three Kelly it's not like gold or yellow and black pants defense but what section that it has to my colleague where so. Check that out if the really cool there's an element of panoramic pictures in my basement of the pool table it wouldn't have via reader striker really really good school I think they'll be a lot of excitement. I echo arena for the first aid the game for men's basketball I'll just mention just in case we artists that victory we've had these experiences. Before their break get everything data routers were still wait to talk to Gregg Marshall will hold on for a little bit try to do that but it we have to. This connected to their haste to get this thing broken. We're just letting you know that what. They happen. After the street Paul to that effect there apparently turning this around for hockey users and utterly hockey team that plays here at the site is that a is that like Peter called. But that we do it all that a little bit for Gregg Marshall. And I don't know you know kind of defend them or you aren't with the the procedure that the game as to which coach goes in first it and an interview room and so forth so they have a lot of print media here Mike Richards gave an atomic question there because we saw a lot of sports writers here at the ball game on there was a lot of interest he feared. Defeated soccer team and there's the what they're all about. Coming got distant as we wrap that up it. The locker room shelf for twin peaks feast for the first rocket Woodward and popped loose your host today that local might join the board can't make it. They call it expressed here. Opinions then ask you questions about today's game. Soccer's with good solid road win today and again. Continuing that incredible run at it Greg marshals 7000000014. In true road games over the last seven plus and you know Mike we look at it. From our point of view they're looking at a from the point of view out here the and UConn defeated the heat now. One of the top teams in the eighth the you know that a lot of people out here will wonder okay what's this with stuff is all about are they really for real that they've really belong in this leak. A key for the Missouri Valley Conference I know they've had good runs. In the NCAA tournament the but do you think favorite people so. I'm sure there's some skepticism and and some people are wondering. You know. What we're all about what the shock reserve about it though a lot of curiosity a lot of interest and today with the fifth start I've got to soccer's. Played their kind of ball game they didn't play didn't shoot the ball real well. Especially from the free throw line but they won the game by playing hard every mountain and doing a lot of a lot of tough stuff. We just had exactly what I was got to fix it myself if they shocker type of reformist standpoint of defense toughness those kinds of things that characterize this program under Gregg Marshall to. Once the game where there's nobody embodies that that at the brickyard you know. Gregg Marshall sitting down to join us as we wrap things up for this first shocker road trip that there are. 'cause we were just talking about. This way and it's at first look people in the east for you in person that and we felt like this where it for your team today with that kind of built on the cake could have. They do you have good road team over the tenure here is that the toughness to those kinds of things. We got back to playing soccer basketball and give up 62 point lead over 38 point 7%. In only eighteen point 8% from three though. Thank goodness our three point defense improved it yeah we've we've we've heard of help but what's the line just three point shooting defense did that doesn't help so I thought Kelly was just the peace with twelve rebounds and probably. Critics got fifteen had to handle ball called a wall. We executed flawlessly on the stretch other than making treat it. Well maybe we need from the free throw line out to the three point line to shoot three beautifully today. After a cold start that we just did not feel free throws we didn't turn it over. We use or time out wisely that we Houston clocked them not being in the having her in the photos helped because we kept getting a new 32 shot it down on the court. At Scott and depth plus thirteen plus a thirteen against the team we're. I'm I would say to choose to three inches per guy we gave I mean they had the big dude their long guys. No about the big guys were at least 696. Jack probably 67. They were bigger but in the end we were we with the more mature team on the glass and got some nice. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KE YE a front you buy these fine sponsors United Healthcare Kansas. Tiger Carlos and Kelly yeah. Executive airship so your insurance the Carnahan grew quite start machinery until. I was grilling out or live is applying it. Your home don't Chevy dealers Comfort Systems via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel. You cover the blue cross blue shield of Kansas justice Javaris cover up lack. Russ Bennett the Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capitol federal government channels the American family insurance. Plan. Coming in Cummings mom at Kansas health foundation stick around express employment and PG sports grill.