WSU Men's Basketball at UCF 03-01-18

Thursday, March 1st

WSU Men's Basketball at UCF: W 75-71

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I don't know is in how. A three point seven do you want me. Pray for. I'm bringing down. Here's some poisonous. Vlan Hamlet has always and we welcome you accidentally idled. Who wrote game for the shoppers this season tonight. From seen Anthony readout on campus of the University of Central Florida. CN Orlando's two teams clarity gold and black going out at tonight's last road game for the soccer's before they come home to face Cincinnati on certain things. Wichita State cuts it it's tonight's game at 23. At 513 to three of American athletic enough for second bite game Cincinnati. Central Florida seventeen and eleven overall eight. And it ate it EAC they have had a really snake pit ear flight by injuries up but. Even their findings of playing up the. Yet Johnny Dawkins in his second year here at Central Florida has at all times injury problems that kind of real. No surprise here last year into the and a key final four or not the only state of playoff road. The final four but this year has declined do you think. And it's not. And I his son had a season after shoulder surgery. And then they're not card back first team all AC three season Vijay Taylor. Went down with that is your foot in the first hole in its sixteen games isn't just about the fact he got healthy. There's seven foot six. Senator that thinks that their defense is really formed around. It is his children he. Here at the children's church retreat self. That we haven't been at full strength all season long and down. And it's not it's not gonna play late night market. It gave he pointed out there fairly flipped on the docket. Certainly slated to be smarter transfer. If you get as succinctly. That means that at any point this season he did they play. With out. The top three players. All the time and it's that's pretty tough to come up to expectations up 1711. And recommend situations like that is pretty outstanding. Nothing to do defense. That you really lost a lot of offense in and it's Feinstein the amount you he would ultimately gardening and golf. But the date Taylor with the shooting guard. Not welcome back. In cells they had to do with the instant it. Let's not worry about that as we get into the evening this is it trust bank pregame show. We welcome your phone calls at 8691370. Area code is 316. Feet 691 of these seven. Or you could reach an outsider. Shot twice in the hearing from here. Actors and warm Orlando is 83 degrees here today and we all got out to walk definitely. Whether receive aid flights were able. And I think the climate cases in this conference. Pretty bitter cold in Hartford Connecticut. It. Let's hear it. Well you know it's not where we're at Cedar Falls a lot. But. You know Orlando I guess without them to make you an. Suck it up. It's a beautiful campus are successful Florida if you're not aware of is the largest university. Country heads 65 now fifth. On this one here that. And University of Florida at Florida State University. Have limited their involvement in the state has grown so much that Central Florida and also self organize is just grown tremendously. In the last fifty years that all the buildings on campus though are who answers the phone trees at its ability. And we were told that there is say that this project under way. Downtown away from the current campus. Four facilities that would host another 50000. Students and I would get about eighty some 80000. The F 54000. Undergraduate. Students here at CNN 869. 1037. Footer at soccer voices cried they gave distracted by Kansas flat tire and service retires. That's a lot of service are always a slam does this now is going to lead us off as always it's just not a he pregame show that out getting it started out. But I repeat that remark but with the Floyd. If colon and be a part of the pregame photo. Ought to order book so they come up with that that the Orlando though and Lola it beyond. The couple the world. This late Pete. Where's the soccer it's a little harder. But Duffy obviously has. That group a little bit but we'll portable people but luck this thinker with. My best rotation. Simply displays the speed than Democrat but up there it felt all workers and holy people are reluctant to thank bill that would definitely. Barely. Look like seagate I think it would take over. Anything for minute that the occupy people help with that he thought were relegated that it. He got on the bench at this point going forward. All of those questions are subplots. Depends on the particular gate area of the circumstances. Alberta and it's certainly a valid question. So RJ Harrison is promising an office early that he has struggled to. Consistently make good decisions and they. Plays that helped it exceed what it comes in he's had a tendency to turn it over a little too much of forcing bad shots and that they haven't needed develops all attendees with a lot of game success has been struggling. Gregg Marshall has got a brand cat back. Quite a few minutes at point guard's Atlantic salmon industry here that's open the door for CJ Kaiser users just advantage out of a very good game against Atlanta. And got it for submitted Saturday it doesn't really give put up something is happening also did these days university as a business business. Don't think Jay's been doing a good job he comes in he plays defense doesn't turn the ball over. He grabbed rebounds. And kind of proven to be a slasher gets to the basket. Outplayed tonight and I think it says that you and I thought we played all kind of stretched. Are dropped against it vs settling and then made seven out of that free throws and I thought some of those were really high pressure. Really high pressure. Free throws down the stretch foot depth. As far as the budget that's images definitely shoulders nobody come don't want to say hi. It's a lot of days. And you know I think maybe. He's struggling with this system as with anything and a lot of guys have been. College far. Kind of struggled at first here anyway river all right and it's. Here. You know it clean it nearly hit from here. But for a point guard finally you have to struggle with the move prompted acknowledge. Division one. But you've got to run the club is that all the plays that he didn't tell everybody else were to go. And I think the odd days after struggling with that a little bit so. Maybe the future may be more acute gardening music combo guard maybe he doesn't play to strictly point guard. Because he can really shoot you look at the basket he made it pretty efficient would like he's confident at stake game and other games. So maybe he's a guy that's were put off card and scores more and they'll look to put some. Else's point and certainly. Appreciate habits illness missing that's to blame game. It's helpful from the standpoint that potter played so well at that point that night it hedges is Greg Marshall left much confidence. Fight night. If Port. Authority if necessary at NC state that I also played well kind of solidified his. Both hands deeper need another fire east. Well and Mike that it you know a lot of fantastic skated out by the game. And then match ups. Who the other team that's playing golf out and that was certainly the case against innocent youth and appreciate the time out trouble. Not more explicit about the full faith that a lot at the end of the first half. If anything Marshall got them back again in the second half. And he found a lineup that really worked well at its own defense did nothing do with its own that was leaving. Over the top high schools that run frequently with the rifles wide open so that could shut down Jack down low and covered it three perimeter shooters. In markets without. Like the fourth spot with Jack Morris took a five spot and he had he had three shooters around him the Atlantic machine and it. And I kind of frank can't be at no cost 303. Shooters. I downloaded you have to double him and I get that ball Mark McNulty at Michael's. And market played really well against that don't have 26 points eleven out of fourteen. And I love his fastball over the years self. He really thought the lineup. Really attack them. And now as far as I hear your combat your question about coach marshall's thought life and tinker with the lineup at this week of the season. Playing well. Net the fact that Clark has played so well the other thing it doesn't really affect depth stand point it's still don't. Quiet kind of the same rotations and making this the same except. If not the same spot as far as first. And different there it's always kind of I played well tonight we've got three fouls and those kind of things. You know some nights it's Marcus playing that well it might be a little less time for a snack wrap up next in the you know some nights. They return Kelly gets up early thousand might need a few more minutes for Marcus. The floor as well as the street and all of those options. Once it's there the rotations are still pretty much what they have yet but it's just a couple of guys are playing better and and fighters just little more playing time and it goes. It. Yeah I agree I agree I don't I don't see the starting lineup sheet king I think you'll you'll defeat situation on not. Who your plan on how their plan. What kind of defense defense are you facing. What the foul trouble situation is you know he's just can't sit down a guy like which are Kelly gets warm much. Basically he's the heart and hold his feet I mean he plays so hard and you've just so much energy. If that crown he's not work on either but he limit the shots he passes the ball game. Treatment for Kelly driving through the ball and they both defend. And rebounded the ball the little things that coach Marshall expects his players to do so. Both seniors. I just don't see him home my heart my view of the about losing a lot in the stats. Although Kelly has the nightly news not offensively it. But defensively B and here's all these other little things that you're the night. Any day this actress might get 50% off your online and Wichita area half the time slot on the topic Johns not on the news of problems those shocker fifth feet. You receive your shocker this yeah. 8691037. Never we have a couple of questions that kind of. Apple relaxed. At Sonoma. It is both as a kind of handle those things together. Once and it's not it's been almost all the cities that the ANC which one did you like the most with the most hospitable. And then somebody else that's the best conference road trip is I'll let you go through. Well. We certainly like he gave Cincinnati. That had to be the fifth game so far this season and the most satisfying game. And it's quite far. But my best that he I might agree on this veterans. Because we both musical behind. And and it it just the setup of the downtown where hotel looking body blows three blocks off the field street. The arena is right at the end it feels grief counselors but to do right down. You don't spend much time at both traveled around all the. Right there and so much that it that we both enjoy this time we went to the stacks records. Museum that we both into the sun studio there's three rockets all hall of fame right yet there it is Graceland there's. They Martin Luther King is national. Civil rights museum of that and great hotel all of that stuff itself. Be hard for any of these cities street Baptist emphasis is one of my favorite cities of America I cheated a little bit because I got to see some of the cities with the volleyball team and I've got to see a lot of Philadelphia right after this fourth minute story. Standpoint it. Some of those types of things that's fantastic this girls. Well I think Houston got to be fair and we got him at night about 8 o'clock that night and the game was an eleven. Warning so we really good chances too much accuse him. Similar to hesitant at Dallas Hartford. That we give me Dallas on Friday night and played at 1 o'clock on Saturday pleasant to read the whole time itself. Those two cities to get a chance it was really cold at Hartford. We can't we got an early start there as well certainly evident early afternoon game we don't have much time to see much the city get it has Gator that have been added if anything if the next morning. But yeah I think obviously you know obviously. Aren't gonna back to vote for rot thanks for college. Yeah and I think shocker here starting. And the like we did earlier years like we are in years past. And I got a question for bulky wanted to individual. Ron Allen router here in my opinion. My non humble opinion. Winning here is wrong here very strong contributor. To this basketball game. But he seems to ebb and flow. In this season. And I'm wondering if anything and you are almost. Good to hear. The minutes that he then there is different matchup sightings all over. Just not enough playing time is getting slower. Whatever. I'm meant to keep what you guys healthy let us start got. The question on it at the fitness day is part of it because. In the past. You know we're always have a fair number of minutes. Available at the five spot for a backup because checks their excellent read it because it's gotten better and he's playing so well. There are fewer minutes for five and as add throttle at times in recent games has gotten. Pretty quick foul trouble he's in there so it's been hard to keep me as a he's better against similar size similar footwork type posts meant that he is against really athletic posts that sometimes that's a factor. That but I think it is still a guy who's proven himself as confident. At any given day can certainly yeah it is not that that's a good point you may find that that should act. Could barely played twenty minutes of game last year previous years then and now he's hit enough season average and 43 minutes a game but in recent games he's been playing a lot more and playing thirty minutes and thirty plus minutes of calls itself that's a big factor. Also think about this that are in very valley accomplished other then look up at northern Iowa and really run could match up with him. There weren't any real dominant centers. You don't have found only in there was always somebody above the upper. Well in this league and American athletic conference. And it has got 686 nights like that that are that are mobile advocate who has the option reason so you got a couple on the perimeter you got to cover. Aside. They run for and I think the matchups. I've been little more challenging for Ronald here in this league. Rather than in the valley. And then also you shouldn't count one out of ten. From three. In the conference play and he's down to 32%. For this season that's one thing I'm always did well you always rent it you can pop well and he would make wandered through the game. And really off the bench that was a nice contribution. The next 678 points off the fifties through the rebounds. That's that's what you wanted it to do well this year he's having a hard time knocking down those shots so I think a combination of things on it and it cuts down. On mountain and it. We have a couple of our Twitter questions coming our way to look at your phone calls it a 691037. This is. It trust bank pregame show very CF figuring yeah Orlando is. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does sell for an elder ray don't Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE YE Yang. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah hey yeah I've got holidays go. You. I'm idol not roadside out of fear here in Orlando so that's. Atlanta perfect music stars on the Disney stuff out here we're a little part of that right now we are on this campus. Anderson a Tennessee where Mickey Mouse not a race I hope. Gap that is yes we. Once they tell us last night it. He. It metropolitan area Atlanta has that people think he had like eighteen. Something about that that's and a million and a half months on average them out here this month and a lot of families. All right 8691037. Or on Twitter. An act shocker voice it and a couple of minutes for questions follow funds from before the break. I'm one had to do win Greg says my feeling is condor is far more valuable in his current position and started shooting guard. Its ability to play both guard positions at a high level means nothing much has one of the best backups of the country position. You know. That's something that. I think people overlook sometimes is the value of certain players. Your tunes coming off the match because of their versatility and there. That's helpful to us both because it kind of depends on making it got off to a slow start or who got foul trouble right away at a so the quality guy and we're either one of those two bigger guys in the same way if that's the history of the winds and it never does anything. Having him play either position if it really gives you some help some flexibility. How you. Commodity. Yeah I think about all the successes soccer has hit frequently. Ron baker and I feel hot and home. Preferably one or two on Iran to play one or two and if you will actually play some point guard but mostly with the 23. And I think you're seeing that now you've got let him. Like one article move over you scoring guard. Austin reed can handle the ball and play some point. Generally moreover if you. The guard. A few yards in his honor. Probably known best refuting. But the guy really handled the volley doesn't turn it over now and starting to. The free from work he's making himself. A lot harder to guard. And before. He's got sixty to a fifth. And just nine. Turnovers though he had the seven. The one assist to turnover ratio and look at these stats in the last few games Connor is shooting 50% 56%. From the floor. And 50% from three. And avoided he had a great game at the Lincoln eighteen point fours there's no turnovers and really took over that ball game and really really played well when my view. Nothing. Quickly before we go back to. This shocker had a comment and questions. It's great to see gene Stephenson re connected with the baseball team and university I think that's a sentiment that's echoed by every. Nightfall and at that cares about shocker as well yeah as it was. Very gratifying for a lot. And that if we see the raptors last night and we did the entire team I think it's after one of the traveling party like that Toronto and Orlando Magic game last night. Fred Bentley had had a very good game all points rebounds three CFCs. He's playing at roughly half the game coming off the bench and you it's funny when you. Remember all the comments about he was too small businesses that supply in the NBA he's. Lucy and after warming up that's. Among these guys play at the end of the day he does look out of place until it gets on the floor and he looks just like he did college making plays it. The opposite kind of stuff. He's he's got real nice is if the pro game I really don't watch a lot of close games to the playoffs went and watched it live last night it was just interesting to see how efficient they are. There is no wasted. Most of your energy. By those guys in this place so when he's walking. And friends just kind of an act. We're hitting the ball the right guy at the right. Because she likened Maliki millionaire obviously drove it and and flowery you know sports overwhelmed. With prejudice and homes and all the other guys in the fall predicted would they can do something with the school board. Got a real knack for that film fans about the fifth. A threat hooked up with a the wolves including 8090. I guess Jim Jim knew that that was the all America closer but well you didn't actually make city's first all American teams because they didn't have relief pitchers a lot of teams that have that it was. Any sense to work at all Americans just incredible season an 89 factors like the college world. Series and Jim lives here in the Orlando area was coaching at high school now right now heat that was his last night game by the hotel's spent little time. Then don't read and memorize these says Jackson did get through their personal. Phenomenal I'm probably an anathema but I think he had like sixteen or eighteen saves. Five wins. And he RE of one point a lot of his old points nothing at stake as well even an ad because of just over water like tonight at the end went over when he was mad because it was under one. Until the last couple of games. Have three saves at the college World Series with his record it's not been tied it ever it expanded it numbers game. This now I think it. I was his death at an incredible year it's not done a great guy and I. Exactly does that it would not be inducted into the Wichita baseball hall of it's great to see him that we've talked about this this is this guy's. Is as you travel around this league is making new friends the other broadcasters are often very welcoming and friendly yet. They actually have kind of an informal get together at the tournament next week looking forward to. But also I read connecting lists of friends both of us that we haven't seen them I have a friend here in Orlando area that. I decided it headlines fantasy not bounces and it was a high school kids who work together. Would desire I was back in 1976. Steve Jennings who is safe Wichita State graduate he was it after the freshman basketball team and play golf that Wichita State and time at Dave and I would school is now right PGA professional. For all of this up I'd say hi davis' card it's gonna look up the golf and. Always good to have those confident that. All right 8691037. Are on Twitter at at shocker voices tip for the day to the scales in your favor. 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But tonight I kind of wanted to talk about fiscal quarter. A lot of these bankers. I didn't know about her yeah we know about and do what you guys thank. But I I know they're disappointed in your feet and made up their big man all I'm going to buy it thought. I've believed the Eagles lost another very good player who you know kind of benefit make it got them. Whether treatments. I know. Bitter. Regarded as a very good defense we've seen the 38 laughed a little bit on. And you'd you know my make that remark about. Fifty much. I've enjoyed watching them followed them a little bit. Is that I know about their tenacity have been huge huge. There American conference and I think that because of well if I didn't know there enrollment. That side. You told me that nine notre located in Florida Orlando though they've got a great. Recruiting great and a and a good coach. I I think they have the possibility. Of make some noise in the American comfort. Maybe next year and forward their orders after a death blow it wondered. Any comment. Guys might have on there go to doctor honoring their list. Okay jacket and thought about it recently is certainly it would be difficult for anybody over time. The injuries they've added and anything close to kind of season those expected so. Senate seat eleven overall and 88 conference is actually a pretty good accomplishment what they've been through. Most of their key guys at least potentially are fact that here they expect not so long to return is the sense that senator who's been out. They lose AJ Davis a fifth year seniors playing very well lately EG team physician here. Yeah it is safe is built not just the athletic programs is legit world where there is certainly some. It's not that hard you've read through it we talk to somewhat useful than earlier thought factors that much of the campus is. Kids up here they see candidates if he's got to get through your eyes at if it's impressive. And placed a hand out a bunch of what happens that they're kind of like the Disney properties they've got a lot budget plan they could still experience the more while. Florida at Florida State prisons are are landlocked debut song at the available space they haven't stuff. They could continue to grow here I think it'll be a good place to recruit you seat that was football program. And then on campus today they had posters and in splinters. National champs you know because they're undefeated and beating this season he then beat Alabama. South. Others that atmosphere here it will be a place that they could recruit and in an ever picked third in the conference this year I think that they're full stable of people. Certainly that would have been possibly achieve the goal is certainly good PAF. The tenth and fourteenth bidding for an NCAA. You know this. You know I really think that they're going to be one of the strong programs concert. LSU they were 44 well. In favor less than seven they've got the NIC and got all week the final four in New York City Madison Square Garden. Knocked off Colorado. Beat Illinois State had only state. And then he'd like that I'm here to get the New York Los defeats you in the semis up there with Johnny Dawkins in his second year. He graduated from duke and 86 he was that needs with national player of the year 1986. All American in 85 and 86 planes from Mike McCaskey. And he did something that's pretty amazing I'm not sure how many people have ever done anything with the MVPs. Are due for a fourth straight year. Com guys have done that yet you know nowadays they don't stay that long thought if they've had never happen again but. He's coming from Stanford you can head coach at Stanford for eight years. Net 420 win seasons but only about the NCAA tournament one. Fine in those eight years went through NIC thank. Stanford expects there fastball he will be in the NCAA tournament so that probably cost him his job there Stanford. Atlantic here at UC death and death. Is really doing well. I'm we have a question a phone call actually. Lester got that phone call from Steve Steve take it away. They stayed. And my two questions where. Of course it's related to be in the conference tournament. Op polling on election and and stuff whether coaches plans were changed nothing. Practice schedule and preparation. We're buoyancy and internment in that regard but at this cycle and it's inflated to the National Anthem I really like the way. They've changed the format. With the National Anthem at home game. And a curious if you didn't ethernet them in the visiting teams that have come in related to that thanks so much. But the good questions and as far as the anthem I have not had any ads direct reaction than anyone. Coming yet but I think everyone you're with it's not certainly likes it you know they tried it wants everybody thought that was really cool house nice and so they've continued there and I think it's. I think it's a nice condition I think it's good to get everybody involved soon. Mark get a group really complimentary evidently last year when this started as. In they really can't say I think the southern. Only university coach was really. It last night the whole crowd singing the anthem of with the fans so I got an absence of confidence. And I like at its. Steve another question is what is really interesting and I've mentioned this to Greg Marshall at the coaching staff this week. It is going to be really usual and not just for us that would. It's not safe for coach Marshall isn't going back this way for days he has always votes. At a school in a conference that played their tournament this weekend like the Missouri Valley Conference tournament starts this season it appeared to. I can't play it into the at night through the eight and fifth place finish. NAACP is like some of the bigger conferences that play for selection Sunday at them there's no. Wichita State living goddess had roughly a week of practice and not play games and coach Marshall issues that time out of their acts and practices listen rested and getting guys that are. It got healed up a little bit he's always is that. That people that haven't experienced it from other places that's competitive disadvantage because if you really client. And I think UST at that time off it's never affect. Shoppers that way you know. But as far as how they'll approach it now I think it's just like the seasons continuing like any other week. You bet your routine of spacing between games top my practice what you practice let's work on it does feel like. Continuing through the regular season. Yet. That defeat rhythm and keep the same rhythm they have right now he's I never liked laying off a week feed please your regular season. Or your conference tournament and the post season tournament I thought it youth make these little rusty. But Greg Marshall has always liked it and I think because what might describe these figures for the night follows eleven years that went through in the end. If that your Wichita State itself. I think villages. Fortunately shocker for helping I don't think there's anybody with any the other than the little neck injury that everybody. There about it as healthy as they've been all season long so. And McDuff he's playing well I think landry's over his stomach ailment and respectful thing of course Shaq could find the best basketball of his career. So maybe it's that the shocker or heavily off and continue the lakers right now with six straight wins. And they've won eight of their last nine. Maybe don't want that. Right. I out. This has nothing to do with Wichita State or the American athletic conference. It's just a note of this week of college basketball that you might not this. City and I guess I want to be sure to mention it. Four days ago Jordan Bohannon as an acre fire at the University of Iowa. Pet tied to. They record. Seattle program four consecutive free throws made this streets. May third and fourth row in nineteen. 93 just a couple of days after he made his dirty work brokers streets filled in an automobile accident. His record has stayed on the books artful hand if I hit. Night and headed for their free throw opportunities he knew all about history he had gotten out of his family. And it deliberately test would have been the 35 row and said afterward it's not my record. To have his name username. That crowd here that I think. That is that's really cool congratulations. All right that does it for this portion of the senate Gregg Marshall coming up next up we'll have the winning strategy as it's not presented their final road game of the season at. Except for. As the colder making you shiver even endorsed called the pros and comfort is a big into a fueled furnace or installing new point system. Heat your home now and pay overtime and with a month finance it. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate at 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort zone is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. Yeah. Don't miss the educational seminars at the 2018. Outdoor living and landscapes still pulling an all three days this weekend Friday through Sunday. 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Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett for now he's built for a pummel. Wichita university soccer basketball he's on 13 point 781. And Wichita. It's. It's. Atlanta music news and you realize Dallas Muslim countries we have a wide variety greed and I think it has recently. Heartland of music in tonight's broadcast. And we continue its interest thank pre game show remember the day after getting shocker when it's party at jets' locker room. Thing happening quite the shot this or you could save ten. When he finds. 40%. I don't soccer merchandise shocked fans all over are proud to say I got that chance that it has lots of east. West and our coaches corner head coach Greg marshals added I expressed in a bit. Professionals on a mission to put a billion. Good second go around with UCF and it certainly the first time you played them was right after the the taco fall injuries though the team you'll be seeing isn't saying what you've played the first time around still kind of playing the same way as the first times. Yeah. This is a good team might this is a team that at that point in the year. RPI somewhere around 5060. Trying to play in the way into the bubble. And they had to adjust you know you you go through a period of adjustment when you've got a guy that's that big and that. Much of a defense that factor as well as an operative factor but. He changed the game defensively they were able to stand on your toes out on the perimeter not worry about being driven because there was nothing. To be gained by driving the ball when you have big taco back protecting the basket so. They that it adjust their game right now brown and build Davos are playing much many more minutes in the post. And here they just lost a really talented player who who may or may not play in the NBA so. We're at this place there's still a good team there's still a team that they're probably gonna go to the NIT if they don't win our conference tournament next week. And they're very well coach so and a good at all. You're one of two teams this season to score eighty points against the West Virginia being the other what was the key to the offensive success against we will really get on the classic game we were still struggling at that point that was probably hourly. The biggest lol that we had in the season we have lost two games in a row SMU and Houston. We stole it or not. Clicking on all cylinders in that game we just really competed and we really guarded them. And I think Landry was still haven't finished shooting slump at that time. But you know we've we've got some good performances. And we were tremendous on the opposite glass. And you stress to your team and certainly you've been through this with team to get to this point in the season it had the success you have that there is an opportunity for us. A big game on Sunday but the point you made your team isn't a normal thing nearly as much if we don't take care what we've got to do it. You know we got Cincinnati and CBS coming in on Sunday but in order for it to be for a championship. We have to make sure we win tonight unless Cincinnati loses that to Elaine we wont know that until. After our game they don't play until 8 o'clock and we play at 6 o'clock so. It's. It's a game that we've just got to you know. Figure out a way to win on the road is that last two road games or some guys that have been tremendous in their careers on the road so. Yeah I'm Donald say like playing on the road more that's not that's not the case at all because obviously they loved the confines ARCO Arena but. They've they've done exceptionally well better than any upper class of seniors in the country. With what they've been able to accomplish on the road during their careers. Coach thank you check it coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State. And you see that coming up from Orlando. Hi this is actually Hayes and I'm a full time working mom left you with my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. I'll do my thing compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. They even have childcare. This opting life it's when he first and whether online at poppy Tyson life dot com. Gregg Marshall has a full day came practices preparation. Then there's his second job. Recruiting. That means travels. He couldn't do it without executive there share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider. There's always a jet on the runway waiting for. He can count recruit. Indeed back to unite Brady's start is next busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shocker to learn more and except air shared dot com. Welcome to big buck I am ready to get an LG Forte TV delivered sweet all right let's get started of course livery extra. Plus you don't want to TVs hooked up that top part of the deliver the fuel surcharge. Plus alt plus innings are the Nam. What's my name my service didn't act of charged any day. College and got to have time. Eat eat we believed to be fun not for treating and that's why we offer free delivery and Italy and we are everything we LLC in a few ET one happy. State farm agents get what's important you even when you've broken down on the run. Gotta get there are calling buddies he's must think Farmington it would take care of why you call for us please leave it. Scroll. And this is classic cars broke out. We did you know that takes that breath. Backwards from ten. You're gonna get you. Your health let's go right shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita. The blue jeans yeah. Great pick. Every shot her. I want everything you want yeah. Craig. I'm Moya seven. Doctors in midnight tonight. And the winning strategy for about your bike capital bedroom first don't do home free home. You contrast the strength behind fruitless financing capital that is the housing lender number FDIC. And again here's Bob. Thank you might have a switch it up tonight and talk about offense first I think that the. If you the most important key to winning this game with the USF that if you lead the ACC in scoring with 84 point for team. There's. Defense that. It's got to hit I've got nothing. Against that that would fit. Look at fifty. Doctors need to score against that Johnny Dawkins he's been here yet but we think need to me if you've got to leave them alone. The athletes and if we can take you out of your office picked play hasn't. Was deflected. But the doctors to play tonight with their heads up and they've got to be ready to slit greens. The fact that they'll fake a pass and thrived in advance if you need to read what you DS defense is doing and take what the defense gives them. He's yet pulled the pulled it. With the average of 39%. Field goal percentage shooting of the doctor due to play inside out it definitely affected Shaq had that Darryl Willis. It definitely shot 44%. You have in Wichita effective game literally. 18%. From behind the arc just five he's gonna happen if you'd better. If I. If effective. Okay now the second he would beat head to head. Wired shut down. Key players don't want fifty. And here he Kate Taylor he averages fifteen points. And shoot 40%. From three feet with Rick picked up three feet at all. With twenty plus. Guard and he could score from the three point line. Can also be an off the bounce back round. 36 foot nine figure eight jade Davis averages twelve points eight rebounds and in the last fourteen. He's averaging fifty points and eight rebounds he's a lefty that can shoot the three yet eighteenth. Three wreath at nineteen point two rebounds against definitely. Report reads and he hit four free tickets at the end. Flow chart a Leo our daughter Carole little for. I have to get up and rebounding that if you want him for the eighth the third United States. That the Florida is only went through it which it off the shocker they shot miserably against that night but they outrebounded them by him rebound. And head when he won second chance points that you CF five. A fifteen point fifteen offensive rebounds. Resigning with the update you guys at fort I think that soccer. Quite the shocker on the road right parking fees are 48 at 8151013. If you think about it because of their defense because they. Because these rebound because they take care of the ball and they think they got. Things to get a win here tonight. I thought thank you the injury report is right. Your life or charity nor possible unfortunately. For what it's nice day. Court but for Central Florida taco baldor 763. After sixteen games averaging eleven point. Eight points per game. Rounds at over two blocks per game. They also before the season even started lost 66 opry dockets that coaches out of he was a transfer from Michigan and every six and a half games there as a soft six and have quite forgave us off when their point of its starter. What happens. It's Taylor's. This seems obvious activists now plated a total of twelve. There's Claudia it's really been an injury plagued years certainly for use yeah. At this time if I thought it says it constantly feed your pets in the region. And no local group of youngsters. High school boys. Sing our national. That was. Yes and it was a surprise. Because the first time really liked you know glee club but that would. A group of high school and yet there's a lot of them look smaller or younger than high school kids isn't that big deep sound to me about it. The only thing is nice NASA budget little Stewart that's really the listen that I've been great distance. Soccer fans of this package. Official launch party location this thing does go into politics. It's quarter when he first Atlanta now but you're gonna watch parties a chance to win great prizes. Courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and beat us guerrilla tablets they're official wants party locations. Four shocker basketball. Starting lineups are brought to you by equity thankfully never made an ATM may be sure to visit them online and equity bank dot com first. For the shotguns in their black wrote in the fourth tonight letters and numbers in those shards LA. Adam forwards 6727. Bouncing everywhere Fredericksburg Virginia averaged five point. And they seem leading 87 point three rebounds per game at the other tour. Exactly around 66 senior from Houston Texas averaging four point nine points per game. Senator Shaquille Mauresmo 68 seed here. If you're seeing here. From Edmond Oklahoma fourteen points per game five point agrees that shooting 57%. From the field and that's it I thought of me Austin. It's my sophomore for your heart it's not now averaging eight point six points or. Game at shooting 47%. For free at a point guard as leverage habits explore redshirt sophomore Kansas City, Missouri. Fourteen point six points per game five point one assists. Both of those numbers leave that team is not among the top fifty years of age 53 point percentage. Assists. And assist to turnover ratio shocker with three fine. Senator Gregg Marshall and his eleven here thirteen to 32 fight game against the AFC. They are eleven of those national polls this week and it's well. In the current RTI fellow guardian begins the end rejected them right now I think numbers BC. Dan yeah NCAA tournament. 78 at eleven under on 113 at all. As soon as a secondary coach Johnny Dawkins knocked its forty watts had plenty. So Florida's decision. Tonight's big Jake Taylor six. Redshirt junior from. A high near Orlando. Fourteen point six points per game three point line is there. Still exert their hands. Redshirt freshman in Jersey city New Jersey Nets eight point seven points per game is this double figures nine times. Also the starting lineup. Chad Brown a 6940. Pound kid there outside of Florida looks like it's Saturday bodybuilder. Brown averaging five point one points within four points or rebounds. Also the starting line up there George yeah that's six I've seen here in order Father's Day three points. Points per game. And rounding it out guys that you did their best player lately and 696. Years since you're from Atlanta. Actually played against the shocker a little bit as a freshman at tennis and yeah it's a thousand words into the game and draws marina. Now his third year eligible for you CFC eleven point seven points per game set. Plus plus. It is averaging eighteen points almost seven and every now. Shooting 62%. From the field including eleven up 98 from three point. If you leave the American athletic conference in defense of rebounding Rashard Kelly please the American Catholic conference and offensive rebounds. We don't himself that's going to be a good match up somewhat. There all his doctor. Number three David. Officials for tonight's edge effort Clark Lamar Simpson and James reading. At a soccer take the floor anytime you beat Florida it's kinda hard but let it time out there you guys are good. Does your friend Florence carpet outlet and where Saturday 260 north Broadway. Quality of the material. Very dedicated. To dismantling of his operated business. Well over thirty years but it's not states that Morrison that senator John certainly gets at ground for UCF TCF flight. They're gold is kind of old gold CF is old school printed black letters and numbers of black for the night. Jeffrey Clark friends in fact Boris. Not to get too fluke that he never actually wants it kind of felt this. Raise his arm a little bit and Chad Brown padded tells us that this is Jessica I can't accept target is senator John. They do like hockey since those guys that have been doing a guy then that. Good yeah. Oh advantage cities. Flickr makes his rounds side that you see ya it's Leo for the Yankees batted himself comfortable and so. It's not that big deal. Not only did he sees him definitely takes him on about aground off flawlessly goes right back got. It looked like abuses and threats in the tonight if it goes right wing of Austin Davis opted out of the way. If I can only guys that slide and its fledgling double team and it's wolf good job might grounded now guys in here on the long and it caused the ticket next step up and it. Soccer's you know that your. Yeah a solo from Rashard Kelly the cover like I said he gave his really high eighteen points and eight rebounds to be in the last four games really been gone. Full court pressure iTunes the F it is man crashes it's not it's an analytical chemistry in Athens. Cases similar programs like she doubled to actually come off now and nightly news. Odds with his aunt flora street might finally got it around left wing and it was slowing of the ball looks like it's going to be a hold on Chad Brown in the polls voltage field Warren's. Around his first things first of course a chance brownie big strong guys listed. At 61940s. That he is the only very very muscular. And that's in full night in a hard guarding should act more she's been playing really really well from. Doctors haven't checked last night that he can't let wondered now out of the way. Jack for a three that. Phil Morris with a three point set shot. For Shaq on the year that's now eighteen of 4045%. From three the only five threes against his team in which itself to a good start. And that's tailored. Is not a back. All monitored eighth Atlanta the center that's guarding the guys that back you know I think it might have been Shaq I'm not sure but that he could not help when that. Check it is right slot. Kind of like the devils did not luckily camp for three drinks and every Santa with a three from the left into the shot through his head at his possessions to three point baskets at least 62. The key got a knock down some threes against that Johnny Dawkins the things they really really lock it up inside on its not Seattle. Nine against the the first shooting the 8% yet it's not scored eighty. Cases that night. Animals rights but to drive in the line did not acknowledge its cross court. It's not threatening cases and over at Davis Davis wanna I wanna get talent to make the flight data about the you know try to drown out. Shot an air ball and the shot clock violation. I think Johnny Dawkins lobbying at that should have been if not Kelly did leave his feet but he managed to come back down fairly Russian Davis who really make much time Ted Lilly Kelly went straight up David jumping again I think it was a good vocal. Needs right side of life Lawrence turnaround in and out about a twelve footer rebounds yeah. After he uses that like Taylor and Taylor cross the timeline right middle drives in Atlanta outlines what's that Iran and got it. I really difficult shot I think guys definitely have a look. Forward lifted up his left hand smoke and yet nobody feedback to throw the ball in Atlanta campus and you can throw the influence there ought to read that there's no help on that run heavy team. Taylor is a very very good penetrator and it needs some help explore what does any chance that it will lift off of forestry that's more significant obviously this footnote that off the back. Everybody UCF eight. Taylor. Tailored for different agencies trailing by two often doubles street not top. It drives apparently it's those that get to Davis he drives a hard contact with ground and it will be if now I think on the drive against the background that there was some solid contact players they've bought together they're gonna give him some shots that surprise it's kind of that. In the end continuation. Well and more on the first 5 possessions for Central Florida they're just put her head down and drive it right to the basket so that's that's the book on soccer's. They don't cover that for Hubert well. That the people who drive it rival. Through my day just his first points of the night. AJ Davis it's yours if Atlantis. Shoot seventy hold forth on here markets that Nazis exit. State's next round. Leniency for Marcus coming off their career I'm actually 16. Of the UCF Chad Brown is. And that's the millions it. It might davis' outside efforts six hawkers. Freeze on their first shots of the game. And Morrison's there's not a sure thing. Three. Oppression and at that thought it was half or Richard Reid writes I think that is not make factory. Nellie definitely evidence of a freak out. Every chance for truth. That Marshal mentioned in the first three Houston that was what champ it was a little bit of the shooting slump that was part of that for shooting nights and this with the game right after the Houston game and played so poorly and he was that a bad slump that are really nice job that time was the flare screen. And check once again open. This is driving settings definitely tempers short fighting for nothing and deflects that to create a hostile planet not to. Agrees that if it's at Texas the that's not the stuff is not making the lines have three left wing Canada but around came out. Variously found not to beat Texas and Seattle transition crowd and it places several hundred. There's some guys that are drug Avastin was doctored the jump in front of him on the chargers. I try to impede their. But the path of events. Tonight it's not fair. They're students receive databases that is valid bounces left baseline turnaround Santa thing about anything Atlantic champ was first point basket yes eighth at. But it's not the first eleven as they lead the eleventh eight to 45 gophers. Offense has been really good for the soccer so far these kind of things that the defense. That's it and in the way that increases. The time line looked left in tailored client knows a little runners. Guys hot is it. A little half hour. Taylor scored sixth on drives to the best. He's really strong right now is nothing on it the best jab at driving the clock before rebounding more slow slow. Yeah that's a floor cases taken at the line runs it Kelly flock like only three series and adapted quite yet settled. Jonathan held up by the soccer through Charlotte Kelly blocks. Blocking that sounds that come. Think it's just for the first media time out at 1510. Because there's tap it was a nice day eleven of the yes yes span from Atlanta. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. At the Kansas health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you believe that every cancer and deserves the chance to be healthy looking more at Kansas town diet or. I don't stop. How many it with you this month because we match. You land yes midwest Gil will match you were down payment opted 2000 dollars you put a thousand dollars down we make it to. You put to death we may fifth floor. I can really reduce your payments like 116 a month on a few fortunate. Fourth to eleven a month and a few sportage after the match so why would midwest he would make an offer this generous. That's what you need for a midwest area you always. Get a great ride on tires from Kansas flat tire. And speak and a great ride what a fantastic ride it's been a big a part of Wichita State basketball this season. I think it was my entire we understand that a great work ethic determination and commitment to success that you compatible shot right is what it takes to build a W as you athletic legacy. At Kansas my entire we're proud to have been a small part of this year's Wichita state pride and accomplishment. Thanks to all you Wichita State fans everywhere who make it can display entire part of the shocker family. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Brad would be John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder raid a Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US you've shocker basketball is on 103 point seven javy. Wyatt. I think my hotel videos standing. I don't know where we are tonight at these things yet to hear it on the campus at University of Central Florida and Louisiana. Does it so far we'll have seven attackers wore a night. Yes that's good. What. State has faithfully apply three pointers. Eleven. And it's turnovers stuff. Yeah passionate coach Parcells. Hospitals Shaq more of the union does the length now. We've put enough of three pointers from here to put upward through game that he itself won't Wear these really effective. All these new ads haven't I think it's not flatness of five overall three victory. It's easy yes ball out of bounds not a soccer fans on the sidelines when he thought about the shot clock. Otter friend can't keep it at the time out as it here Willis markets the stuff he's watching all the Taylor out of him about cases. Ranking authority that he uses. That's the clock and it was almost all about Willis recovered by AJ Dave is still fourteen issues. In his hands and off the left when the Steelers in the office three try to ticket Elaine good defense but it's nothing left Wade Davis guys they slept on Willis just his way into reverse layup. I'll I don't know how is that there are less traffic and negative not to glance at now is a good baseline drive by Willis and not a contact in the bucket nocturnal about what was trying to feed. Morris threw it over his head not a very good at feet past pylon at all. If you see evidence it's not his first triple. UC athletic at 12111427. To go first half pipe both left elbow at Davis that's the best if in fact it's not for Taylor. Caught it following up on life. Haven't covered that in the end walker whose name they like to dribble right at that kind of reassignment back and that's and they got the stuff he watched the ball. Let's actually play apples in this era there. The baseline short back Davis. Theatrics and that's the Taylor. And Taylor the third floor let's not an affront to Pacific along three. Last night here. Eleven there's nobody's there 113 you know we've only lost your misses. Cincinnati Houston. My friends here to the middle clarity don't let it get it over that now let that stuff. Let's face life in its not state drives it reverse layup rolls off to fill up my little. Mike Davis. Now let's try to fit for him but he just just a little bit for instance we knew was coming down and confront the fifth. I think and it would reverse layup. Fell off popping up slightly on definitely you now please yet that's going to hastens to traffic accident if it. If that drives it in the terrific president a little short tempered by loyalty discount. It's only about a six literally is wide open and it is found them. Three times now and everything that you see after doing who toward the basket either on the balance of those rules that's their exactly. The basket against the shots and can't the free throw off the bat counts outlaw. It is shoppers are not getting any second chances do you see answers to throw their defensive board and it's not here's nineteenth two elevenths. For the gophers fan. There were portable side to side and start thinking now there would not make shots that's one reason. Not get into the offensive glass and if that with the falling out tonight. It will leave it right over the pacers lift weights Taylor Taylor gets to Wall Street loses it works that's not so we'll see if there's no it's. Treatment for it yeah. Guys they don't. When McCain has had a wide opening scenes with the flooding and eleven UCF ranked him. Horizon Lines down the line Natalie it's nothing for free play long hardly got him bounced out of bounds. I'll miss that. Soccer. Has not look good they've got it quickly. Jonathan. Thoughts on the defensive infielder Sean knows him at the end. I don't. Gets them thing going here and doctors recognize they have swelled from the field so yeah and I. Well at UCF out that it Wichita State. It's I think it's not yours yet. Maybe three of their foods for five shots it's. Jackie wanted to damage in the awful flu since then literally worried. They've been shooting reportedly. Belonged to UC at this doctors have nurture it Cathy Kelly frank and the reason they're pressing full court. It gave up you see if they could find kind of walk on guard has the clock and saw it their kids. Rebels. You little wide open like you fortunate that he traveler he's gonna get a live for a balance Delhi. A kid sister the 812 times now at 1140. You know I was the first half. Seattle. Doubling up on the shot from the slot uses in love with. Ever wish you could call a timeout of those expensive AT&T. I wealthy get wise when you bank with equity bank you can. Which your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere fear its true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. It. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC. Are we. Customers love hog wild delicious meaty rim here's hog wild Josh would seem to tell you more. Are rims are leaning need. Under the practically melts in your math the average its specifications for the review but then there's our special blend of spices we these moments followed by smoking every day is a real victory with the end result is our delicious fun while it. Visit one of our five locations in which it's awful when dirty Hudgens. Elder radio and Salina plus dominate week. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping JPY again in time for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of Wichita buying in L home helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven is and who worked for you whether bigger mall our service is the name I promise. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center endangered or an end over what a lawyer. US shocker basketball he's on one O three and NG you want you to remove. Yeah we'll. This business of the night. It's wonderful. In living color offense and okay back to Orlando it's just it's not enjoyed that myself aren't exactly that thesis. Leavitt made. Their seats nice. It's got a free agency and I well. A field who have to do. Three point rate had long left the CF turnovers. Not different camps often read Mark Duffy not under which are now. Have a little bit full court man to man. Now feel different yeah definitely across time. Alan Alan and the art yes they've got to figure Davis I think frankly it obviously left out of their nose palate right down the line ups dot. Nothing chaotic candlelight underhanded Steve got it up now. Have a lot of rubber head man circus shots by markets but nothing a lot of chance for three point line. Well let's go to the second basket so far this first half with a shoppers have been going toward the basket lately candidate. A lot of passes touch his son does that drive by Duffy fit in his home from the outside and that's kind of what you feel that the from the left wing got all the way to the bath. Not sure that if I was on to have ground that's his second as those found street Lucie it's fluffy and I had the chance. Not yet so Marcus slippery. For the season practice. Shooting 73%. Line they've got to figure out a way to slow down a few CF options that are now it won't from the floor. It's astounding. How talent out for a man it play out in the time I'm on my they've gone their matchup zone. Right side. Taylor for three not shored up right side of the interest. Nurture and he would launch an. We'll beat us was there. I had a kind of boxed out but it just try to keep his body on him reach for the ball at that point though control. Studies affable thirty on the block Allen the planet earth. Lobbed laying out front. And rightly Davis it is that might not not for Alan. Allen's lots of high post weakness in the line Davis isn't there a fall like partially blocked by your typical struggled defensively and obviously it's obvious. And on the floor after its content for it can't jump ball as Errol with us today while the six elevenths. Southward obedience win over the top but definitely I don't think you win over fact that it is it bought them off aggressively enough. The net the ball. It's going to be soccer ball now. Hackers were down eleven just get a three point play for that stuff and get a stop thinking about the next offensively that. If they can definitely hear it recently enough or not. It's not lines tobacco usage rates in effect for. He's definitely not in the time line behind the back. If that is available. Only Florida for a friend. Sweepstakes link back over different camp opens three quick shots that I would really definitely confident very. Daughter's first basket of the game fourth soccer tray and they definitely testified that Jackson had time by reason for him the ball back and forth and attack. Defense and it got to come off now with it's not a statement of good doubles do you want Davis didn't just busted his body between him very aggressive splitting up double team they got to all the now I think but nothing. It's they'll do 33. If it was now not now one step up. Lasagna second team now let's wait in front Allen apparently they're not statements. Allan let's wait tailored project out of step right Kelly goes back out of three night Richmond. Off the bat dances of the backcourt back with it state. One of their better three point shooter he shoots a lot of 352. Of them. So far this season with only 31%. Not a great person. He was there in the eighties or thinking what if not earlier with it was time for that reason backwards of the Davis at that time wind picked up. This is the factories that look forward not enough confidence daily life I've read through right. Tonight and it referenced it drives stepped reliant little floater short tip hint and I run out urgent. He had good job by Ronald get active and in the basket and then a floater like daughter Frankie and Johnny got on time out. Eight consecutive points from Wichita State after an extra help I love and it cut it to 3229934. Developers. That would keep me here as we have all the time that's. We reminds me to say about 40%. Today after these doctors edit this locker room. And when asked if the doctors wouldn't be listening after the game was presented in this camp it's. He had plenty of we'll post threat and introspective there's with the. Of their back if he. He's got to try to beat Rafa found that you got fried. Slips and that's April. To attack this with defense and switching to zone on the other hand has taken place over this dribble penetration they've missed a couple of shots of the good point might have good move by the effort marshals that was maybe it's time now. He's in response Davis. Alan. Taylor Ritson and it will be the same lineup that left to flex fuel reached for it can't Kelly but nothing for the shots and nurtured Becky on the list. At Valhalla golf by selling after they got it across the timeline it's hard because now who's burst and the teams that are. I would defense is started you'll more aggressive here at which mostly in doubles that's a good sign he's gonna do without filing now. Yeah precedent that you Rhode Island yacht at the time line and it spread Connecticut as a Taylor writes I kept off the street Acosta now takes it light area foot jumper who testified nurture this badly rebound reach. Austin president Ford on the left side of the floor. It's Wall Street from Kelly drive it to the middle under the lights frozen for driving but if wheels off and rebounded them. CN. Pretty good bit by Austin green just didn't get that hook high enough on the glass UCF in the ball leading by three. Taylor can't adopt Allen way out front and they set up their offense. Talent looking for a cutter last night Taylor drives baseline and it's definitely doesn't get that traffic left a little short rebound controlled by Kelly from Wichita State over auspreys good health like telling that sense is that. Taylor had a staff on the stuff he. These penetrating less accurate can't comes off the street the line back lift lately it's left laughter. Not a factor the basket gets double seat dribbles out of there out front res photos of a mystery pop to create layoff but aren't low laugh at me vanities yeah literally see Austin business that. CFO vaults him against it our way out front of taking time setup Theres no confidence against the shoppers back immediately after trailing by eleven. Out of luck. Almost all of budget deficit that I found got a hand out is thriving on the ball fly. Taylor able to I don't forwards. The lives of this not get a whole village just. And that's mark. This is second. Is that market to the bench he was coming out and English background mark on every campus. And Jack forest were sitting at this table it's great to come and let's let's nothing. You've got to use his size on Taylor I don't think he's going to be up to keep catching the ball because that's used his size and try to contain. Files Douglas in the game penalties the F for the Forrester is a freshman. On the right things. He uses what's left side to Alice that deference to hasten. As rightly that the data. In some cases right side traveled throws up to pull away a defense. Sam. Status is at the basket CF five that's kind of where it went up there definitely I'll give them back again. Can't let out because it cuts work. I'm fascinated by Brad yelling at the top vote frankly it right middle ground not think let's watch Florida count book that. Top overall field as snacks with his first point basket ministry. Earlier inexpensively that's the theory that good ball movement that not gotten inside Jack. Double team on Griffin he finally gets in the way of them floated hates this vehicles up from 58 points and off the bat off the rear rebound Kelly please difference him not as much more aggressive on the defensive end now. Then camp off a couple of screens goes right he is able processor already dismantled allegedly traveled Scott sordid history and I just hit. Or not it. Doctors turned it over fifty under eight time seven they don't the first half at the last media time out it's. Yeah eleven outback was his greatest living fourth in line yeah. State farm agents get what's important here. Even in a definite crowd. Yeah. Yeah. So much as they Farley as a result protect isn't ready it's not an accident as he has. Hi Nancy please leave me. It does Obama both the. I do not out of the town an accident. Get an agent if you can find you don't like Phil right. Yeah. 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Be at the top of your game this season with Johnson's at 21 in K 96. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven TE. It's policy is adhered to it instead of undefeated season that's got prize. Left to go about it is all the honor of the press that the captain there it is his head coach here is though you guys Josh Eiffel before. Quarterback if they just can't it is head coach middle of the we'll artists they a few words defensively and a he gladly. Forward. A rally at night sky high school the lefty quarterback that's audience. Please note we'll hath of grass 800 students who would be down. All Biloxi is CS elitist sport for anyone they're 5053%. To senate in nineteen. One of their last seven of the field with the State's fair enough on defense yeah shocker at 84040%. Of ninth for. The average was down eleven. At the twelfth time out. Exactly 3650. To go through staff hasn't brought to fulfill my ground ticket at the basket on Taylor adults. That have ticket out of and don't do this first. Points that gave the doctors are within a point and a real cure this past Wednesday Thursday and a nice heads up play by its background. It doesn't have to deal faces crisis timeline of the goodness that's the fourth turnover towards the end of the fact is now at eight points to author. About the case in the heart of my friends can't soccer stated that zone it's that effective speculative the other drivers aren't throes of an underhand flip just want my fourth. Recovered by ground. If you haven't across the time line. Nielsen the left wing hit the streets of Boris refuses it goes left only under on the baseline throws and a quarter program that reference you know let's Wake Forest with water ground drives it down the baseline and a blocked out that. If these days it is David what they've made him out of there. Got physicians now forget to charge flawed that and I think they've really extended the fans the ground it really have anybody to throw a few surprises lives of these times. We've got a little bit out of control and ran over think them through that shark that's why might that it the other reason to own. Loses forty six's these these lean. The conference in blocked shots. Background goes out because that was his second now Austin he's back into soccer's pressing innocently at this level certainly picked it up as he opted. Greg marshals make at that point to Lamar Simpson that was clearly double dribble because he dropped it after that it'll play out. Chase is set for a over here for three off the back that fox not on Mike Kelly. A three factors that point particularly you re thrust them right to left. It reverses those right to Boris fifteen footer right side you know Morris has seven of what you just stated facts in front flight 544. You know I'll be done since X eleven senator I don't think he wants to come outside dark Jack Davis to stop the process not on ovals traveled doubled the economy gets very significant Taylor driving at its traffic watched Obama. Behind my fans. But out of town. Taylor looking around rumors of foul but I don't think there was one camera has the ball. And as Jack was Hannawald live up. Before we got the basket and Johnny Dawkins. It's only. Market down your government. If that went out movement back in for UCF lava when you're out front AJ Davis fourteenth on the shot clock. Davis is Taylor haven't not. Five minutes ago at the first half it's not it's helped a lot was down to ticket politely Taylor and wanna get three forcing his way down the lines of the floater block slightly afoul of us. They can have. And they're gonna get that call one way or the other but they US UCF what would erupt when he grew eleven. And it's soccer went to the bones and they've only scored two points since then. Fourteen to two run for. For the shot is to get back at us and they have played. Pretty well on offense during that stretch that it really has it that defense stops it giving them the opportunity to get back into it that Taylor shooting shots. The Kate Taylor is a 70% three through seven of war. On the year first trip to the line as he points on four field goals all along. Drives forward line he's got hot and cold at 520 pointing to more. But some think he should fully well and some nights he hews very worldly. There's free throws up and rattles him that night in his last three games he has scored seven. 26. And nine he's made just over 30% of his shots in those games at 32. A contrite coming for BJ Taylor. Sixty junior. That's short left prevent you feel Boris needs is time that. Wichita State with the ball well it's liable for 47 to go through its staff him across timeline sort of activity only at the high post. Back when. One of the guards finally gets through commitment. Those less double team that Kelly over on the right side you read them right watched Boris. We'll slide jump before the left hand this loss revamping of foul and I think Kelly got flushed out there. Into it's not that Davis and Taylor was the closest players to. He's a load to keep off the boards and sent it to guys that kind of try to keep telling off the boards and they found that your senses. Kate Taylor got that this earth is gonna go. Land he's entries yet on the thirteenth so the hands of those things that that checking yes does miles Douglas to succeed crisis in briefly early places Adrian Davis. They hold their sleuth at system with thinking 59 points a game. Janet right now so a lot more anxiously at Darren gets the bank shouted as muscled it over. These days and Jack that's the kind of useless items that are currently free now has nine points in the first and you went through a lot of contact with that bucket 2725. With us states defaults and you know in the first half. Blanked it or slowed them I think it's definitely did Jason assessment Douglas left wing and movement of the hastens basically a second unit previously after the ball syphilis gonorrhea and got civility and Kelly is now one of them every TV and there's Austin reason got to hand it there. Dribble Biden cases and poked it away I thought it was hotter about it the better angle that idea admittedly they got the ball loose and another time out. And through the Pentagon reform now before it's not about a 356. To go in the first half Wichita State with the ball waiting to see yet 27. Point five. 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Thanks Matt I'm standing in the neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly get there's no damage people are actually outside a Shiite. Firestone and this phenomenon is credit union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application defense decisions and closing CU ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no BMI. It's just incredible settle in Sydney with. Let me ask Helen from credit union of America apply now it seems you love America dot com you raise an equal housing lender. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. I'm now 1149. Developers happy with the club it was down by eleven. Soccer's. Are up thirteen from the field and Siena was nine for twelve. Eight minutes later Wichita State leads 27 it's five. The tigers have made seven of their last eleven. The one. Last well the few things that there's no defense has really taken away the penetration. That Fiat was relying. Deferred eight to ten minutes of the ball game you know in the office that then. It's not have thought that he from the outside. And then attacking the basket going back to back wars and making the drive. And I steady solid for a night for David Nelson at 750. Questions. He'll Morris pleaded the story with nine Atlantic salmon at 83 CF case for me. Davis. He's the soccer ball that good night. It's because they've had a very. It ends make it match and exceed the three year. One of its. Right side fourth on the way now in the left. Those rights and not elected plot but it is worth a lot. About talent. It's not offensive rebounds for it can't let watery shots. Traffic rust or valley in America. First three point basket at this season. Or shark Alley after fourteenth. And he deserved that one of the few lines through the years folks to get that offensive rebounds laden offensively. The Irish are right now now one thing I don't think it all the houses out of now almost. Like the way it. The only guys that aired it would definitely Houston Austin to revamp that didn't get knocked down and it went right. At last. Night that she got. Missed it for 23 point 3%. Ortiz this season before making. Doctors leave it there are 25853. Offers it and let round here for eleven. For it enough that it sees that sent the confidence and invited doctor. If anything cases Taylor certainly not a street apparently throws a little runner mystery that now. Our outlets to share a commitment across the time might not last night about the ranking formula. It's still hasn't with lots of water wars for Kelly that's the way out. I hardly think Jack go with. 3225. To 43 to go steal the the time line. Elliott and it doubles if it was just asked him at all most stolen that's not the player from inside his first. Seven. That Davis of the lines ones want it with countless little bounce there at the end they haven't but he uses it back. Well in the past. 41 to go for staff and doctors have not yet went to. Read like David short rebound chance. Davis made his first one to three. Let's let him work that from the free throw back backdoor cut to Conner for antiquities Atlantis is stolen and yet we talked about you got back at these guys that they really like a fraction of yeah its first three pointers five in the first snapshot this now with a nine point lead 34 and five. Taylor. Or slow walk the level of Writely and it uses. Aces there's no question about it Davis. Davis Cup doubles and it's not prospective zone. They. Drive it outlines stumbles throws it up missed it prevents him it. Landry pushes up court hands down the floor out of the line got off a little. Just gets fed up a little bit. He was on that and it. Went down to build the planes at high street is perhaps it got bumped up its leaders stumbled and try to make up. Left handed passer out of the intimately in the stands so grew at a turn over air marshals. But whether or not they about it now what other reason Fleischer did that deflected and I think why is. I thought maybe you'll laugh at them. At the team down that way that a lot of people. That called for the charge now that's an answer that's the second that's one's going out tonight. Other it. Might be a 11 that the garden path along with the you know if they're gonna you don't want one because he's RD pass the ball. So it's not a flair control clown and Isaac and it for candidate station when one. Gregg Marshall law obviously the official king reading about all the Asus is alliances are there cases. 77 point 2% by far one of their best free throw shooters on a team that shoots 64 point three. Yet there's 341. In the nation. It free throw percentage at 350. Foot shot that really clicked it on offense and really doing a good job. Bomb making up tonight on defense definitely unfortunate. This is a real force fighter plane that we've definitely got to do very often. They're up nine net it could have gone out maybe allow evidence that it could be guarantees that hears cases could convert the free throws it's his first chance at the line to dive. Four points and a couple of field goals against 77%. Shooter shooting 11. First look at it and there are. Cases that five of the second shot. These are cases nine double figure outings on the year. In the first five conference games he averaged twelve point eight per game six point seven in the last. Cases sixth. And I don't know us drought now what is it that soccer's F Cali. Horace grant can't Reeves and nasty. Injuries. Back to see you guys at Taylor could not exactly effect over you read. Austin against Celtics because the time I'm looking at a possible novelties. And I trust oversee finances around the defensive it's definitely got it right off the fourth was ultimately spit light Luther around this. Follow like Kelly this flooding for the rebounded goes off at the last climate controlled by your fingers for you see him at Keller got the offensive rebound. That's more of mistreatment. We haven't seen them all very differently by the conduct of the path but it's that. But it didn't go first entries yet through it right you know vote Davis. For a written. Stepped back and those last night gets back at Davis Davis once he. Had a lot of it is he fumbles and lost it out of paths. Got a little off balance there jostling for position porous and that trying to chase down the pass and lost the data that Davis wanted in the amount that is read. That's one examples that Jack Moore. And applied to go for a snapshot Kuznetsova with the ball. Cost increase bringing it up and bite you Taylor Taylor weekly listeners now that your and it will pick up his second. Only the 151000. Scott is not free throws. It does but Taylor's foul jeopardy now with its net and it really physical brand of defense. Not when his physical at Houston. Getting defeated the reason that their 113 years ultimately physical. Well my 23 zone. You recognize it called out the announcement of rankings and thankfully it's Elliott fruitless night Kaiser golf reasonable left left water Franken a wide open missed it. We've now telling. Muscles not reverse for the left hand wide open shot five free camp in the left corner in his own office that would look out. And now hi there almost at its deal. Knocked down Davis AJ Davis the line or a wanton and that's the ninth. But Amish bring you miss them against the zone accidentally got the rebound on the weak side. They stuck it back in another offensive rebound bugs are the only Rashard has six rebounds in the first half and seven. Late half points. Check it out Taylor. Case is that he had 36. Seconds to go in the first half state. At 3627. AJ Davis at the line for one want does the president want a little bit ago myself. I can implement it and they're after relief that the violation of that your you're not hitting your outside the lane. And you know waved off the street convinces you revenue from the outside. Second free throw for davis' three or four from the line has eleven points lead all scorers in the game this stuff and did. Fred Davis with twelve Wichita State's lead at 73649. Difference between the shot clock that he putts of about five seconds. I don't know right now so lately UC after the 56 seconds. Half like that but in these. Cases of the treasury note now on yeah. In cases he freaked him please slap on the NASDAQ account of Boris. What's rightfully frankly at factories or is it obstacles not long jumper off of that apparently the thing is not that their bases second it's in cases I think. Blocked by a more rational society out of bounds at the end of the it's not nice Jack weren't quite aware of that legacy anything. It's not just leave myself. Trailing by eleven. In the first half I felt back. That's afterward because they're. We'll have a baseball I was not Butler dropped seven days eight days worth go to Dallas thirteen victory the of the night coach. United's seventh it's. Good for the credit. Halftime show we're not state living here. Drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A GUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time. And losing your license. Little life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price today. If you've been drinking find a sober right now. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. 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Children are where you feel that we are children. Or renters insurance see Katie Hanley or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay veered out than derby. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford grameen phone Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball he's done. Three point seven C eight EYN Wichita who. Getting this into the credit negative America at halftime show. They have Texas presented by spreading it in America competitively priced services. Checking account sell home loans and everything and misleading the American proudly sponsors. WSU basketball. Dockers were down in the first half at the end your twelfth time out when she's. Loved it. Yes yes it may ninth at twelve shots at that point on. Shot yourself UCF one thirteen. Minutes after the factories started out there disease. Made eleven of their last forty shots 55%. Of that same eleven at that time span almost all of them that's. Shots and to have 36 points on the other pressing them that's exactly is being outrebounded eight hits it early in the case. It plus one on the glass 76. And it didn't give a lot of credit it netstat it was dark Kelly he's got seven rebounds as the bird fab three of them on the office hours. And what does. Around my shop after being down eleven. We do that's what he'll. Could not keep death away from ask Gregg Marshall came out of in the zone defense and it is through the whole first half when. Yeah various British actors it didn't work antigen in the first meeting with the a second chance points and it points. Got a big difference the shot is still happily did they had 73 at second chance we'll. Staff has tended to. That's why it's Netflix especially that's an area that probably. It's not right they are quietly for that he's the end after the well one of the reasons that the fifth place with those viewed in the first game with the exact words kids are put forth it was meant that he was just. Still he had Ronald religious art and yet we he's and I speak out that was reached those are. It's so Willis then but wars keep up the visit. Scored thirty points. That was one of the reasons that that the influence felt a little down. But again one of the things that's nice about the way this first chapter two grounded it was the defense and it's accurately tell that to happen and may think it's different. They certainly ran her off as. Well they end up after clothes start hitting almost 46%. But to hold a team that was nine of twelve. Last thirteen at Amazon really was very effective. And I would expect to see a lot of us don't the second half with more of which left a little bit you can have a lot of time it would strip him. It's only the second time for self look at them to play a lot of zone the second half because you know you look at that nice yeah. 2%. From behind armed only. 64%. From the free throw line but there's not a really good outside city team a couple of their grief survive. They're 69. Here AJ Davis told I look for coach Marshall played a lot of zone defense. And advance the ball. Trying to go inside the shack commercial food kind of battled back hard drive to the basket. This life to us that this is really. That's our look at the first half which is obviously 3629. Here in Orlando it's idiotic credit unions. Erica has been so it's just. When you're not willing to settle for anything less than perfect poll but shares Scotch and sirloin. Since 1968. This widget dock icon has served the best age sterling silver BP in town not in the mood for vague no problem. Our selection of fresh seafood impressive wine and spirits and famous French onion soup for sure to satisfy your every craving. 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Security investment advisory services offered percentage point financial ES PF number Fenner SIPC SP if separately owned and energies indoor marking names product or is referenced here are independent of Austria faster as the when he won a free of course to play Wichita Kansas and there's a go 31620101. Iran wanted to when he dashed planning dot com. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament since 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms people. Laryngitis. You can't control the game the united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more UAE dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plan. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder raid a Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point Evan JE won't even. It's. Nice yeah. Our Orlando what is not stated that it is yet at halftime. 36009. Let's go inside the pleasant looking at halftime stats but he KP CPAs advisors everyone thinks it's just advisor. Yours that you just stated the first half after starting at four with thirteen made eleven of its last twenty shots. Five and a half. A good five and 1241. Point seven prepare for it in the coming out and shoot one free throw it pays that markets in the country. Finishing three play. That's three UCF stayed fairly close by making seven of nine crew because that's where soccer is my sixth. The line that means they're down by thirteen from the field that they sort of quantify it for 40% after it kind of slow start. It was to a 53. Wichita State down early on the board on six or eight ended up plus 17060. Police force turnovers. TCF six as the shoppers scored after practically every orbit beyond every UC after nobody had thirteen points to four. Author of countless eleven assists. I'm fifty field goals from Wichita State. This continuously not those kinds of numbers that on the road sometimes assist totals just don't go quite as high on the road this year soccer's. So efficient that their offense people recognize that the passes that they've been anything. Eleven of fifteen. The first half leading scorers is AJ Davis and CF list well what we apply it feels to have to freedom for a five lions twelve points five rebounds. Nine points thirteen. Six point three seasons at bases he loses two of six from the field. As two points or locals revealed just. What to tell us they've. Nine for Shaquille Boris eight Berlin patient in the seventh when Rashard Kelly and seven rebounds and assists. A lot obviously for corn field and made his first three point basket of the years it. My wife is not a friend camp. Three for market but not the end of the things from under her head background constant three scoreless. It's half I don't know who appreciated that it. Soccer's 36. CN. 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Or renters insurance see Katie Hanley or Jesse minutia in Wichita where Lindsay geared up for derby. Shocker ports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carried aloft Alan Acosta in valley center indeed born and over was lawyer. The USU shocker basketball he's on 103 point Evan. Credit just for the second half. There is another AFC game going on at the same time it that would Paulson. Lead to easy you wouldn't want that 39. Fourth place. You are sick. What gave it right up after that the flight hit home later that night against last place. Iran tonight those games have been 8 central. Tulsa thank you pulled off that's as good at the fourth place. It didn't hurt bad guys. I'll have to play out there and take advantage of those sports teams finish in the top. Well as doctors try to figure out a way to beat the Central Florida night here at home that night for seventeen and eleven. And they're eleven to three at home they've only lost three home games they lost to Missouri in December by three points they lost him. They lost to Cincinnati felt. All seasons but it's gonna take all night to do it because. Central Florida plays really stiff defense and really be an aggressive on the offensive end. They've held eleven opponents under 68 at five under fifty Wichita State that 81 of the first game. What did you see teams to score eighty your organs this year you know little behind case for that 36. First half it. Certainly well ahead of what you see here normally gives us. 61 point two points. The coaches thought this gravity might be the magic numbers that you get about seventy points today that. Here's CF ball to start the second half they've got a chance round Daon Griffin Davis. Taylor. And then. If this that the autopsy of the nieces and started Davis throughout the night but that the runner got. He's challenging more. Fluorescent somebody else gave over the dolphins got about half last school Welling up nicely about Kelly he went right by Kelly what is left he's a lefty got to the basket. Left slot Cali back investment stated that frontier for the quarter penetrate some of accident divorce overreach right way to the ground. Off the right slot Kelly skins takes it to that warrants three out for off the bat looks like this I don't mind them. You lost me that he's definitely got its first three these incidents through with the needs to get inside and they're having trouble garden. Mow champ but it's nothing aground off picked up 2000%. Davis for free right elbow and a well lately. Now that's his third three of my life. I'd give it to the two point gain of 36345. Straight points HTT it was the start the second half and half right. Do you think that's their that's right wing Kelley if yard off the streets of its not easy to. Boris and left side of the history that the middle of that with the foul line jumper short. About Mora stepped through credit growth the left can't batted away by using. That. If he is the happy thought he was fouled on the fly. We'll have been a lot of contact is little things on drive to the basket that them a lot of contact us. No calls slow whistle and that's going to be tonight's ball. The effort and a good chance to tie or take the years its work. Five points that done to start the second half hour flight suit in his way out of it right it significantly crossover hit Clinton fumbled it away. We covered by frankly it hasn't hit the greens are still go to the basket on the basis of laziness on those fiery. And nice look up the floor I think Zach brown made that outlet at the relief at the with the top Austin leads. First of the game for reasons. 3834. Shocker apparently that he sees in the ambulance. Brought to the clintons but ultimately it is not that Taylor Taylor drive and on these baseline traffic across the baseline a totally different than. One dribble cross court cases falls back seventy footers good. Briefly that's not typically. Really did stop him but he nailed it he's got eight shots is applied to. Tough shot over the top of things him. Yeah that's right away in the quarters telling. Us that these kids to flee away so that ought to back prevented. Well reasoned that a couple wide open looks. One inside the free throw line that time behind the three point line against him and you want. It is driving in traffic cut off left wing tailor it to street Davis refuses it does affect or that have another chance if you missed it that a foul which state I think what do Kate Taylor six through junior guard down really quick first step. And doctors have a hard time keeping him away from the basket. I was on ground his third first he thought to have three shots for the Kate Taylor champ but in the Duffy. He did not start the second half of the teeth out getting ready to cabinet. Taylor's too for too long ten points all in the first half he client here was 1719. You know first visit there. Partner for the coaches picked him on the eighth the pre season first team all conference. He was injured at sixteen games. But he started to get back into that kind of form right now. Second team all conference last year it was fourth in the league school in scoring at seventeen point four points per game. We throw on the way that it. Taylor. Has swelled and Lucy yes his targets that they led by eleven behind my ninth place at the that's not the outside pretty self. Nothing that's worth the chance to force Sampras who want to support Hillary. It's exit lines down the lane that does not try to for a crosscourt. Under the basket okay. Okay there. Nothing. You know full floor. Women don't like even if it's. The second half democratic divested its layup on a return pass from. Field florist nice given don't have to have the old UCL a morphine at night half over the top if you haven't champ Freddy good market for Cathy Bakken zone defense. Camp that was hit exactly the kind of ethnic. 46 to 33 to you know here in Atlanta vehemently at this time I'm excited bases. Pieces and it's not a trusted with his left leads him. Holding it back commitment to listen drives it doubles on there and there's not enough. At all. Who drove in the going through more than wait for the. Double pass through what the ground can't you know that now from Andy finished fifth. Emphatically. His first points of the game if now. Because on Shaq that's his first. Second team behalf. Around the free throw line this year 57%. That's it will not work we've done Boris please read. Ground gets that done but not the the follow up what it's not state sales by 243423. Zone defense by the ninth. Canada the senate floor and Marshall called us the opportunity and it went the thinking of not telling us that it's definitely been handcuffed him. That's right side up into the wind blows out. Resident shot all it throws. Throwing up for grabs the last quarter. Six shots like Davis at fourteen cases last night Griffin troubles not to do you think it's very. It's the truth is now my five Taylor thirty. Through this his third straight night and that's what. Three. We'll and knowing that was enough for his shots today tonight. Offensively that Duffy was personally if you know it's nice to see this kind of thing. Good places that time by the doctors can't throw the that he is currently thinking about it but even at the moment that. Marcus was 54542. It's up by 350. You know. What's that at that time. Let's night paces. It. Davis and it's time. It's nice to. Off the Wall Street the top of the alliance that water ran dentistry but it was nothing at this time rebounding after it was. One of the few threes that AT David sadness tonight. Through that pass and ran over the defended military college and the trust of the triple down the line and all the way to the basket I don't know. So tough hopefully gonna slam final Landry salmon and habits. But that's this year that was as it that it is davis' breakaway dunk at the other route over the top on 69 students at around coach doc. When Steve went over the top of the month. But while the shoppers packed with him want it used the F once it's time now at this if there it's created the world. Sixty coming up in a bomb. I think Davis shot the set off your online order any Wichita area half the time slot on Papa Johns dot com. Code shocker fifteenth of the season. Wow what a slam violent version of AJ Davis seven early points for UC yeah thank you for. For seven deficit. For a client wants right now he's five we'll. People close to records only had what six turnovers in the first game they have only had four in the first half but you're the second half they've had a couple of unforced turnovers where they've just kind of got no rush. And that drove the ball away and. It's. Yeah and run. At halftime was to Johnston was up there yeah thirteen. Defeat on points often. And fifteen designs. Had thought they were capital of the electric margin calls atomic clock. I don't know the forefront of the cannon not only did. I think Saturday the whole. Well and it pops up its game they play a lot better odds. A lot harder on defense on the board so you wanna try to avoid those I had called. Atomic. Bomb if you if you can't effectively on the road soccer sports properties and what you constant athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors. They. The level of corporate partners spouses on delta dental both industries. Cut education if you're. Becoming a sponsor of what you tested athletics hall shocker sports properties as fit. Okay 75. Hot shots and get them leave right before half. At a rate that deficit while they went to the zone defense they took away penetration. Of us Central Florida at that data from outside in the limited. And then offensively. Go for patients like it did the last time. For all the people move around. Fourteenth want they want. As an eventful five plus then at the start. Does that led 36 point nine at half time zone UCF. Has scored sixteen points it was just us 88. In the first five minutes and 39 seconds of the second hand blather you through this that the but it that look like it's going to be that kind of tonight might have looked like getting your game in the seventies the eighties possibly hold the because states. Rashard LA Atlanta we can't let it. Davis Taylor. Cases Lucy yes professor uses it and Daon Griffin for use the FT CF fallen in front court. A threat to UC it's not it's meant advancement party cases that Taylor. Effect throughout the Nazis it's under the basket they're gonna call a foul off on the government. The other night Muslim bashing Jon has little Sheen and Sheila McNulty and yeah. Finger I think they're better off they could shoot outside shots at me inflatable soccer because only wants to did not describe the vast. Carcasses are now thirteen other half but now it gets to the under sixteen time out fourteenth thirteenth because second half. UCF 45 Wichita State 44. When you set out to find new road you can't do alone you need a partner jerky when you can count on. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learn they're trying something new can be exciting and power downright exhilarated. See for yourself like Chevrolet is the most awarded them fastest growing brand the last four years old girl. Chevrolet. Find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and retail sales here games when he fourteen through 27 to. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a mile first. If this for me with no money he got command and I can't believe things contracted to treat now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this can grant. Healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider. Unleash your miles per hour with delta dental. And they 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health. Plans sixty finally from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and go for days plus are proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance worry free plan 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas who cross and blue shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government the federal Medicare program. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven JE YE Yang welcome excellence. Missouri Valley Conference tournament getting under. Lewis one week from today the American athletic conference tournament gets under way right back here. In Orlando with the Nazis or not they play on Thursday. Tough tough series they've waited till Friday. As what she. They have to be determined by whether I haven't finished it off with a win at Netflix they do against. Fifteen Philly played. Right now in the league soccer one of them youth and winning some really good basketball right now look like since the just glad he's here thinking he felt for the night and living in Central Florida feet right and that was leave they're really. And soccer ball they couldn't right now. It will be CF Vaughn after a foul called on what it's not a State's Marcus picked up the end markets has gone out. And it Shockey setting up on defense Nancy. Fridays off or on the very quick footed Taylor yeah not. In case is looking deflated from the end line runs. Drifted into the right corner to catch it. He started by Shannon went out front detailed thoughtful I could succeed him at a couple of dribbles gives it up to date stated this is above the right elbow dribbles to the middle. Separate your bulletin to drive and I'm Kelly on the lions got a fourth one Connecticut called foul. The editing on a couple of people. It's like it's gonna go on Kelly. Yards second. Fourth team though to have. Don't know if they've really liberal about here at UCF shots a couple of times that Davis is evidently it looked like that it got fouled on the drive. Momentum didn't seem like much confidence compared to what this jackass. A couple of minutes without within this makes the first he's now five of six from the line and his twenty points tonight. Offense too hard rebound Shaquille Boris soccer's down by three with the ball 46 for sort of like 2464413. 5040 you know second half Kaiser left way. Tonight it was not not if you know Kelly feet aren't right side different hand thrusts him. It's the end of it as snow looks like the only Kaiser drives baseline although I have the writer mr. rebound deflected out long recovered by David Kelly was right here to get to fifteen before walking off the rim and funds over Kelly see him. Taylor middle of the floor this kind hearted bunch but they are fit him. Davis tried to slip well that's the only state that they think that right wing that hastens to bring it back for a standing crippled middle of the floor. That's he would try to relentless that he could get him back to that. And it would drive and it forcing his way and blocked out of bounds by telling. Jerry Kelly Campbell with a healthy habits slotted the shot out of balance UCF we'll play it and the five on the shot clock. At that time by the doctors drug dealers throughout the defense. Get them to pieces. On line Davis and it's it's that way free to shoot us forces are often enough. The backboard then any influence that that's gonna drive and everything fall for that it is nice to get twenty. Flurry that its fourth straight without lose its sheer luck. Right corner has the best golf course public diplomacy double secret isn't their they're gonna call the fountains. You know Davis was coming down to double team that audiences laugh and Shaq worked on him. His first first team foul of the second half UCF. And shot fourteen free throws to one solution such cases like this you commissioner Kelly welcome back but now it. Bring us aren't that he was 3000 Beckett campground is definitely yes placing these days. Definitely played him from the baseline to the right of the last. Not it's down by 54944. Right corner of Boris not for a chance. And it's reasonable right to left he'd just dribbled back to that little bit. Look at the reset. Those rights are at Florida for an infection that is for a starts left at eight to shoot them into giving up and up. Right side branch can't penetrate and it got fouled. They had the laughter but nothing but it didn't it recognizes. That Davis quickly picks up a second balancing sandwich branch campus founded second team filed a half. That's not to flip the right sideline that he. And it's not it's 441227. You know first met him right. No. Right now if it. Rightly. That's not fair and it's at its. Wall Street for three from the top part rebound Morrison's. Don product better above it if you look like this kind of throws the millionaire because the jump a little bit youth involvement along the victim down. But he does threats nothing for them effective and slid it in his first and is eleven Griffin gets an open three. And missed it to. Then recovered by respect Helena readout yet if I boards and wrap Kelly. Where are right. I was like waters Duffy shot today drives it dishes to delegate the line drives not a lot that's different can't train left way short freak out really fighting for future. Reflecting the different places in the fourth that was the basket. Lied to stand at this conference can't actors questions right here right down the middle of the floor plaza fifteen footer not. A lot of effort like I'm afraid scandal from one is that the other every program frequently. Enough. Well enough of them have allowed for no reason. An area heavily right now fourth straight points it's nice to get back they want their pressure will force him with a one. Part grass that's not that they can afford. It. It looked like yeah that's that it is not written over. But it's not that the art right to that didn't look right now incidentally Davis with a three. At this time that Helena was off let's. That one mightily to make everything. Kelly the best chance at it frequently Boris driving under kicked out for it can't drive down the line all the way with a floater. At the basilica Valeant Werth drove kicked it got that Franken I couldn't finish the three months but we think it's I drove only nominally in the not a with ninth doctors that. I've put my written note that Boris right now. Differences aren't that make it through a little bit quicker than it was prior to the wrath which it estimates up 5049 grade camp after the arc seventeen footer that it says it's not that I'm not a threat can't eleventh has lit up with actors lately if it is 43. To really explain it Johnny Dawkins metropolitan. Down. 58. That can't look at this moment. More recently that got her friends influence of that and a great secondhand. Undermines our weekly shows on 9713. Thirty innocence in the way everybody. Hate tennis courts threw off at the Alley at thirteen to three weeks. Coming on these six to seven we'll have Gregg Marshall who it's not good soccer and basketball within seven days it's not popular things. Baseball soccer baseball team hoping for this weekend's pressed into starting tomorrow night. 3 o'clock and yeah 2 o'clock Saturday. It's all live from AJ scores so you know in third seed. And it was sort of. Well the last 5 or 6 o'clock. A player that's not just the three point shooter but that guy that's going to transition I did tonight game and scoring on follow up the beginning hopefully the fans. Driving condition as guarded a number of games ago but in the fueling yeah lately yeah. Under eight feet point fours as. The decision. He knew he had twelve points. O'Connor could really put it to good basketball. Well we're talking about other shocker sports prevention baseball heaven at this weekend's other things going on but it's not state whether it would think. Great finish at their first year taking advantage they've won nine of their last thirteen. Now the whole I think. The league pre season ended up in a tie for NFL season six's yeah. And don't take on eleven seats in the pool. At 11 o'clock central on Saturday that's for. At 45. As night falls forty. Quiet here. Good workers doctor women you know they. During his economic battle flat I think at that fixing that is the entire and and it's nice to see them put it together. I soccer basket for a fifty kids at forty if it up back to work ethic. I eleventh. At that led by nine late. By seven at halftime that. Gave me that the league side five at now where it's active around my memories go a long way to go at 958. Remaining. It's not receptive to. 49. Other long time out here with the indication of just what they want it's not as qualified do you have the count. Her immediate. You know don't share that feeling that this can be one of the game whoever gets the last run as an only this forget that this Pacific. Ford started with the doctors they have with the Central Florida gets their eleventh we'll. Yeah shot it is going into halftime and then. Started the second half it was all right through this but this doctor. Just gone live Taylor. Back here. The game who've seen this is back in the game and season to use executive frank can't. Janet your Willis and for the first time in the second hand. Market nothing. Sharif Alex's guild wars get a good reader at the moment I for a field. Right off the walls down right snuggling back that sense it's been learned a bounce not look forward bases he drives it. And it throws upper right or left it short rebound Willis well defended by the soccer chant that final stop companies support the Franken at the right by good that. Throws it back at the French camp right away Leslie penetrated us now on UCF. Doctors were not getting any fouls called early in the half but they have started taking the ball to the basket that snow a little bit. And it saves or to hasten his picks up his personality he effort. Get credited for it did not believe he thought it was gonna get to the basket. He got by his defender movement but then here comes the great for six elevenths I'll be DOS floppy god he found Landry famine. Out of the river thirteenth on behalf of free throws for the shot yours and adhesives goes to the bench Terrelle Alan this is for the nights. They definitely could've played it Willis had posted nothing. Obviously kind of a forearm or not. It's never like a football player ever writes I think can't get away for movement elephants can't short rebound Lilith but fact dubbed it dipped out of debt. Had not my picked up thing. It has recovered. Davis had a beautiful it was definitely tailors at a bullet that gaffe and it's really really close to them by the socket but nobody can get that all the bad. Gave his way out in the timeline guarded by Willis on the street to the left with nothing I'm not enough night drive that car in traffic rose had a lot to go to all the foul before it. Should meet before the shot to probably give it yet. We. And he's his fourth. Like reason than that. Get Davidson credit that they had really aggressive he's had a lowered his head and run it in the people do it could almost call it the other way it. Synergies have been quite sad enough Davis's free throw line against the death then guess I don't remember him privately. Right and you get on that left handed it to make it goes right it's you've seen the left hand dominant. Six of eight from the line at 24 points in tonight's game Austin Reeves back ends through wireless. Nothing comes out of the game and that's exactly itself. That free throw that in fact it looked like shock relief and that hasn't evolved. Points for the theory that Davis had 25 minutes or decrease chanted bring it out. Soccer stuff want 5251. Rights probably. It's him. If your office etiquette since the F. It is pass deflected out of Mike Davis shot clock resets to. John documented on this regional. Second after. All. We. Worth. Let's. The the way that the front it's horrific yet if the freeway. Not different at that. Very early it's his second of the game has fourteen point without its fourth. Greg marshals the credit for that we know them really well executed perfectly. On fast court that that writes that it back at Alamo room. That's. An off balance the confidence. Out on. Those left to steeler way out of the away. On Wall Street go today and it's not thankless to drive it picks back at Davis threw his shoes. Barely got it away and that almost went in off the last minute right there that she and it gets there is through on and off the glass at the end of what's not popular if not the Taylor gathered that you know with this bank in. It's not for it yet soccer's with the ball forward. Telling us that series for Italy double team and its ability champ but let's part of France can't look at it Lewis of the block out the Janet. In dispute is different camps haven't at for a few reset against this not a one on one against Dallas got the white elephants well off the bat this Kelly after the haircut after Kennedy's okay. This the F up the floor Taylor runs his client can't they're gonna all of frankly. I'd rather charged that is anything other drive into the basket the yes like we did with white kids that. And them apart since the Leslie's additional losses now. 100. Daughters' birthdays 650. Shots particular end that'll get us to the under eight time about 722 to go second half. Wichita State 55. C yeah. 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USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GUY yes. But it got an 855. CF fifteen bluntly about his plans go. Seven minutes forty seconds ago the dog fight for the doctors to get I think led by snapping at the we fell behind by five of the second half that come back to take believe he's the death tied it. Although the government taxes the fact is 54 looks like congress. As head and I that this fourteen points in the second half it looked like he couldn't get a little rest here coming out this media you. Is that now going to be if you haven't read Zach brown back in the ball game you're a little upset or check plus five. See Kate Taylor will be going to the line for three. Or. Volleyed this week free throws numbers seventy. Free agency app Wichita State has shot one free throw the entire games of that again. This B seventeen and eighteen to one free throw at him at the scene like there. You see at. Typically goes to the line seven times a game more than their opponents with seven. This week at night Taylor's been fired a five line at sixteen points. Yet Davis carried the load Davis BJ Davis point five Taylor with sixteen. Which does statement camp has fourteen champ but twelve warrants eleven. One more coming 70% free throws for a year but the Florida and it is now and they're homeless but. Stuff things slightly from the testing at 719. You know reason for the record. Austin campus. Background but through it. Middle East and rightly. Might those listed right elbow. That program. These guys can't let society if you got the streets of Lawrence left wing guerrillas shot they. Right it's this guy. Got enough now off the status came off that second step would float through the air toward the basket and it got the best. You know off that list I don't know he did it but he did look like he'll move traveled with him on earth. That it became I thought that Iran over the that your I don't think he got it right. Avoid it defender shot wouldn't let him and it was who wouldn't go right and they. Yeah it's it's his second. If anything makes the free throw. When the play by relentless. Pursuit of the night from Darryl but that's what the doctors at 6585650. You know easy to do it backwards. Recorders were pressured by the sharpest Taylor finally cross the timeline nine seconds. And they give Davis boldly. In the time line but. Let him make the client needs guarding him pupils right. It's a definite statements in long long three. I'll tell. Said that's his second thread tonight is that night. Since Nancy's not the reason I think the only full liberties with that one. Frowned at Lynda Morris and rightly of these fans that it's not you know the block Willis of those life turnaround for eight good Darryl Willis with it's not. He's got five shots that's up 556. In the fifth and five quick points like Darryl Willis against that that you CF well. It's not worth it hastens lifts under the floor way not threatening you with Davis you to stop your mind. It is his standing here at the moment going to mention advocates the street from ground starts left. And it gives that detailed Taylor got a bunch of crossover dribble what's the outlook and it dries pulls up off balance shot in and out prevents him for the shoppers. It they didn't pick it off balance. It's a state with a qualified slightly Kim definitely read down the block Willis Gerri position. Did not stop him. Ran afoul of those clowns wanna play my dad around with what we'll. Reading fleet did quite elevated Rick Clarkson was arguing. That he got out of the sky. But I don't think that's gonna help his cause then in his community. We free throws efforts at ground and what it wants the kids ground on the seventeenth found that half against which to us today. Straight Marshall still not the end it. Those who found it made it and try to get the ball right fat cats we just enough at this hour armed. Campground the lines although flu want from the free throw line of 57%. Free throws shoes on here. Please. Laws that directory. Rattles out about Boris. Groundless the president won it on the soccer leagues days at five. Limited that port please by the knights him. Elaine Boras knows this massive ramp up to that advocate if he shot the ball. That's if they give it shots while it on the floor before this there have been two as it should be. Alan chip brown is is there really nice another nice that against that they'll and it's Willis greens. Boards found Booth over the confidence you get right definitely. Think it's not often found experts free throws tonight just his second and third. Game. Then bounces softly yeah. They'll Boris with twelve. Sack over his last Olympic Games. As it ever since this. Point four points per game from the free throw line or as it's against him it 38 of forty cents. The last nine accident. Will be done through the fourth round. It's ranked. Austin reed thirteen points Shaquille fourth not this mindset that I did you know there were real out of the time line. Taylor. 6255. With us. Davis drives and a quarter Allen driving. Cross court. Season bobbled out Taylor Taylor aggressive drive generally gets after it covered by Boris for it can't. They got it stripped the ball out of that's a few it was a little bit out of control went down with them. Tonight for camp right next shoe and it. Orders for tough New York editor submit might horoscopes for alcohol and suddenly it was alliance for two yeah they've not called an analyst at arena is getting yet and I'm restricted but there. Now that's and they got the ball right in the heart of the zone does that war's end and night that we have fingers. Through that now means that on earth. Picked up the album yeah it is necessary for Davis who's there at 6000. Now started that not the factors quietly getting the free throw line and it's fourth. Iron. Our. Again advantage here they think that for recruitment line. It's yet to six were. Not at the end. If in the line here record now for a five for the night or right and it would feel more than one. Okay. Add to target the rebound apparel lawlessness that's sort of a light colors at different hair nice rebound by Darryl Willis. And at the top. Of the screen of death round rights. Rightly different. Chrysler endless nights and a deadline Vanilla swaps for more aesthetically good. Thank god no now nobody managed to keep his hands on the ball it just he's an over the ribbon school and that would that Davis. Ford falcons music the fountain of life should act with this TCF it's in the record against the threat to shoppers might nine now matching their biggest lead of the game 6455. They let light night late author's stance. Will be dust that's not the heart with wings in the I think a long history here and it gets. Yeah a little bit left of that long. Singles but he's not kind of as snap shot from about 20000 feet. He's definitely suit that's. It's not that goes it's. Nothing different yeah. And it. That was the right things like another way short rebounds fluid sliding grab gets it and then goes almost not to do differently than Willis with members of the program you know we'll sit around for quite some. We're both of them. Really went up I had to get that and is likely to. Hi this is not goes left side gives him. And it's now will be dioceses black Boris on this side of the ads and news coming out of the lane. Yeah she actual little lies little Antoine first look at the under Ford's time now. 171000. Shaq if you want it finally got back from seventeen to go Wichita State 64. UCF. 58. State farm agent get what's important especially on game day. Maybe three that I. Watch some hopes to bring bring the red water bottles right here I am gravest of key chains Chris I'm your state farm agent title protect the things that really matter to you. Good luck charm if they're broke don't fix that okay. I think it was sitting in the cohesiveness. Well. Get an agent or do you statement. You're like oh right. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom with you my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places or how much time to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of our need. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. Osce like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and a spot. They even have child care. This it opting life it's when he first and whether online off deep Tyson's life dot com. The following a true true hi it's generally track I have pre heat that you get a thousand dollars a day can you won the Kansas lottery lucky for life. But there are rules used to have to follow. Screaming it's payday every day is not good for our morale come they get green gestures are proper responses to report questions and no you may not fighting naming rights for the men's room. Our dreams are awaiting a player who Latifah life from the Kansas lottery yeah you can win a thousand dollars a day for life. He Gizmodo got company jail. Shocker force is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in more pain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point at and TE one yeah. How soon. Not vaguely. Yeah I've. 8317. To play. Shaquille Boris going to the free throw line for a 11 coming out of the timeout Shaq made two free throws missed his last two. It's a chance at possibly two warrior who makes the first month. We have had confirmation from two of our contributors to -- replay this head on tape blocked shot by Chad. Ground on Darryl Willis effortless Melissa's golf without trying to get it back brown had his hand. And I think the goal should have been. Now free throw it out my voice and advantages yeah foolish. Act if it's about 81% from last night game that a significant number of chances missed three free throws. That'd be at six that your time right now at ground out for a hole to get it over to Taylor has yet to make it a one possession game. Ask kicked my background. You know presented to twenty and 59 to play just the big defensive possession. Which it stay under three minutes that it is not still up six with a flawless chances at it with with a lot of pressure on CF it's on this. Three or four fifths tightness when it counted yeah out of with a freshman soccer golf and it is crowded field it's not the stop and get out there along you know Ike Taylor bounces off at rebounder Zach brown snatched it away for Davidson players who haven't looked like Davis who's gonna give it premiered that brown went without my consent snatched it away from. Canada for a bright side if frank can't shoppers won't be any hurry now Fox's Brett Morse at the high post out of the way different camps on the right side across left to chance it. High post that was the free throw line not French can't 93. Time. Let's you don't wanna want to create a split up the screen. Ball cross over gets in the way assisted off the back but it is it time and out of what's the all of our life. Zach brown eyes and cases ended up on the floor of Hillary you know there was the. Contact between background and behave Doocy went down with the ball. And directory. Lamar Smith and caught a foul on ground now they're gonna go to the line with a chance to cut his six point lead before points. Just in fourteen. No lost at least we'll check yet that pacers is the free throw shooter. And for two on the night at 77%. On the year coming in. Six to redshirt freshman from Jersey City managers often reads it and get another shooter in the game and better free throw shooters that round now. And good equivalent of an advocate of free throws doctors are not. The last matters though it's been the difference started work before that Shaq has missed his last three. Basis with this free throw get a double figures for the tenth time this season he's 85% believe. This could also have points this season. And patients with a four point game. Account for sixteen which it's not safe. You're right spectacle. That's why it's. I mean. There was no definitely it's. Plastic. Definitely it's possible. Yeah actually defense tightened CF it's not a good athletes that you can see that they think that that's that's not what would be anything at 37. It's not here's a floor UCF with it won't grant given that the Senate's efforts. It was left drives aren't definitive bounces. Griffin Griffin back at all related idiocy that yeah I don't know I didn't know. That's nearly ignited throws an affidavit that. They gave. In the the ninth. The colts. AJ Davis has now made five trades tonight enabled that kind of snapshots lawn hi artsy grateful to see is 5%. And it. Hey there that lets it house. Saint ports 263. In the last six games. Yeah he's eight out of 1255. Out of seven. I'm with eleven rebounds a lot of ball games. So far by AJ gave it but this document and come out this time out with them all the soccer coaches are huddling right now looking at their place she. Try to figure out what the office they want to run out we'll look at the fault. AJ Davis. One after thanking eleven at this night. Last night she actually started his game at 306. Or theories that he spent under well under 30%. All year and all of this at the last six games and almost always. Good. That's coming up but it's. Let's look at the amount that they got but nothing worth reading. Lately here. They're pretty but enough with the political offensively that was it time to go up one point. Doctors make it and boy that's it. It's still one possession game yeah I think it's nine if Pakistan didn't help it make it. Accidentally got to fit nation. Obviously things around the season ticket holders but that act. Along with the finger make it all up and away right now. A little skeptical like the rest easy layups. It affects us beautiful pass finally we champ and I thought it didn't drive it seems to be found worth wide open right for the basket late again. Shots by three fourths of the seventies he's not. Cross the timeline 34 seconds of the game plot. Taylor Washington forward abuses him I've got to make it three that tied it is very deliberate here lift weights Taylor. Which Kelly with the to get to three battleground right side and aces up baseline way short. An air ball McAfee flooding forced out of bounds not. Yeah auto locals somebody from behind six nothing sent to delay out of that ground it was yet rapidly not beautiful obviously everything didn't hit him. And we haven't looked up the fourth round here that we could feel the but fortunately directly pointed shocker weights that would be there ball out of three with seventies that the pilgrims we've always thought that at ground. Yeah certainly didn't get the shot they wanted. Not that Davis tailored. Yeah lovely I'm really. Right that one of those guys did you because they've been there is very difficult is not especially here the second half. Shoppers are on the road including next week at the tournament here in Orlando officials watch party on occasion is because Phillips at the southeast corner of flavors that left. Now but you're gonna watch parties for your chance to win great prizes courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and because village afterwards that they don't watch party location. The shocker basketball remember the Notre Dame game and now we know when you're going against the breath. You've got to run your government your street got it but you've got to come to the path of all he does. You Seattle will be delivers field here bigtime and probably I'll. Pretty quickly after the doctors yet again gone back to that last play Atlanta he can't as if it was redesigned defenders. Adequate shelter faith guided the better applies to if you want bike yet. Forested defense after they become fluid because that's the basket let's look at wide open. Ultimately it exactly that you can't take them out and you can't run the baseline and he would fire throwing. These sponsors to him he's got the Taylor idea. We're at camp rather report actually has he defenders watching him browns had a back safely then please the FHK okay this is nothing. Nothing price is that hard to get it immediately fouled after. After he caught the ball fell from behind by AJ Davis and that's for honestly it wouldn't put any defender on the ball on language and a cadaver guarding against somebody going deep and that's exactly what the shoppers tried. It's that Austin reed thief but they have defensive back covering him. So they got to him but got new stuff out of death into the wind it's still want to watch the situation. The eighth team now on UCF. Markets it's not the women's soccer history throughout the entire first half and he's got high points. Okay. Possession game. I. Those sorts announces conference. Easy enough now have to very. Probably making three instruments. In music history. Bounces off the back iron regardless instantly flooded four players on the Davis definitely. Today. It's what he. His second tonight. Tonight. If he has thrown an update desperation play yet it was at the end of the shot clock and bank did yeah. That would be even more ridiculous that this person and I had 31 points including six based. That he. It at the end of the position I'm not gonna pick on Parker think that because you did a heck of a ballgame but those free throws down here with critical view of the few free throws and doctors. It's still a feeling right now. But not the case I thought he lets you think puts them dive back on the a lot. Right reason looking at the replay over. And how much time left. Look at the replay up there he picked up off the ground that was doctor did get a hold of this. And through that thing is with you guys gone from shark Alley in Austin would people want him when he made that shot. Point eight. This case is. Barring a miracle avoid overtime. Up 56 off. Doctors have to go the length of the floor at point eight seconds let me see if the ball inbounds don't want to give him the ball here if you don't difficulty down. Around trying to throw it and it hit a five city editor and author Augustus lasted. It's. Now. Oracle raised. Values you have to have a definite go right. One company is on and on a mission to put them. Each year sounds like a big number reason not to extra employment professionals. Helps engineers or ninety developer looking for the right for. Or how about administrative positions and we are committed to your success and never charge what he defined job. Express employment professionals is on a mission. Each year plus how we opened doors for. Who expressed Bruce dot com to find a location near you. 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Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad wouldn't John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. US you shocker basketball IDs on 103 point at and THE one yeah. What it stands though. He's just the second overtime game of the season which is not stated that the otherwise game they lost at. If not it's like trying to avoid that tonight a loss here. It takes them possibly out of the running for a share of the regular season championship. Do you see out. Eleven and three at home is here a couple of miracle shots on analog. Alliance forces to a five minute extra period. The game tied at. You know validate Dave Davis. More fouls than it did at 31 point beat this plane out of his mind night. Though they they get a foul on his earlier this overtime you now. Flatter ponson might Jeffrey Clark this time it goes to let him Ford's fifth tip off. Thereof aside can't ground. Enough evidence that dozens of cases rightly for us. To look at the shot wasn't there. This program that we now it's nice baseline. Baskets. Can't go for the three short rebound more steps under. Yeah incredible. Yet throughout these the other side blocking salmon had a really good look for about twenty feet. And itself. Davis lay at the time once he's the F sort of like delegates Wall Street the ground drives less drives hard down the line with enough on the run it bounces out rebounds. You're quietly accepted to three Atlanta Jeff Brown yeah. Only if it's not. On the bowlers. Pops up front enough left in. The streets of Boris. Actress at the finish line 54 o'clock offense the defense. And little bit off from the outside it's that threw three one cents. Statistics alone and it. On overtime that he is definitely it's Nightline my ground. Those left off the street Connecticut light of course not that alliance picked up like Kelly assured that it of course ultimately go to the basket Ras I like. It's got out. And heck I think it's. When a crowd out of their it quality and Kelly to have acted reasonably it's the thing that fast it reads them in the there. No fault yeah ridiculous. Like if now edition of now now and it's and it's a night game three on nine. Yeah I. Definitely. Agree that. Let's flip the ball gets it lightly on rep but what does not support we've got out. Have recovered nicely analysis often and it's probably these little self. Taylor was down. And I don't know does that say let's fire away. When Taylor went down that he had a. Went down right after Taylor he's lifting badly. She's came off. Like neighboring that's put it right through their ankles. The official time it. I would love to see an explanation that last line over reside in the basket Davis slammed into it. No Colin Davis and it's so big because Davis would have fouled out of the game that's the issue through trees well. You don't often did jump in they view trying to throw all the but Davis was confident in his wealth and normally the offensive guy gets it all there but not this time. Give it one step toward me because these guys that would. UCL a ball thirty his full thirty seconds on the shot clock. Q 55 to go it overtime gave UT has scored. At a fashion. Kind of walk that off the field right he won't go that. And when I was doing when it was. Yes. The guard David. If that's not to day basis. It was a right wing think it was round of Longstreet. Short bounces up over the baton but not the events I thought it was gonna bounce off as not the backwardness. He is confident that if doctors in the back okay Franken on the ground and it looks like the wheels. Not that it uses Shelley. And gets the better off than the guys and that is that neither team is that it was the war. You're the first two days and the vote to 47 that you know audience here remains tied at 66. Degrees in defeat him. It's one full court press by UC yet so backwards and cooperatively. The time line. Fullback. You know it and my. Writes that frank camp excellent action if that's right it's not. The line Boris fits doses left and it gets it is also had an opportunity for. That was advanced life I feel morris' got ninety weld done by Jack take overs left field looking back over right field and off the board who. And over an act like that he's a different story now standing your life as they get a plane. They had Johnny rockets going eight to go with him doctors might soon. Davis in the left corner not make my case is Davis to their blankets that Griffin. For three. Yet doctors got food but the knights got. Clinton won't invite Rick. Back to us outside chance that everything is free and it gets it my best wrestlers deflected it can't just pull up the sand not accounted for a fifth spot in the big stuff like water drinking its lateness. Soccer back at who won the rest at least 69. Statement and with its seventh. You know it's not just not. Enough time line. Matchup zone might. Make your forward David that the work that you. Acting like they want elegance and then crosses over outlined those runners way short. Rebound it they're Davis Cup. I'll fitness stuff and pitching defenders lost but bothered moments now it's not say that kind of a late all they've got my head every week for our on the bones. Jack was freed up and down. And that terrific start with what he was utilizing the straight up and down never boot Davis again might just. You get the sound it's death. And I don't think that now. We're all night free throws it out. At this time it. And balancing act was his second thoughts after a night mrs. It is now seven of ten from the free throw line 31 points here tonight tonight. I have with a few seconds left long listed alphabetically down zero Lewis. For the guys from the start and I. Obviously you have receipts increased soccer with the ball a long. Johnson yeah right here and it's left elbow last week. Artistry guys capital. And it left slot. Let's do great fall away jumper that was an awkward looking. Follow my advice knows that he could make those he's got 75060. Yet they have the layout with the dropped back put up with the interface that way that's one of pocket. I Lilith and a great time to do it Johnny Dawkins went to down three with. Point eight seconds ago here comes Kelly and round back in the game for defense related factors. Shots and we'll see after both planes went. Not present a big basket of Shaquille Boris wanna follow up for Connor brain can't Carol Willis thank you to play down on the block of Jackson's death. Was stood at three by Daon Griffin freezing out the ticket three point lead. 28 and a half seconds ago a couple of big buckets by the doctors under pressure ranking with a pull up jumpers and Willis with the fate awaits death at twelve footer a couple of big bucket. Up from his soccer and a couple of his fiftieth free throws. By AJ Davis on the other hand for the Darryl Willis hasn't yet. Real effective lately scored typical Darryl Willis for us to. Had a couple of baskets at zero Willis does unorthodox looking at off balance line drive this fast. It's. The big shots. He's really given the shot for the left on the offensive end we got a big rebound at the free throw down repeat. Protect the basketball felt Daryl Willis who really negatively. 48 seconds ago for the future doctors can get it done here. With 48883. Points 22 made eight straight points to tie but it looked at. You think they try to drive it best it is it and it. That is or maybe it now not bad even if they don't make it true. Try to do it went well at the doctor about it. I'll bet they'll put their head down and drive either Taylor or David for the doctors about net loan these may not be able to live on the property. You have that shot thinking that they get three victories we. David Taylor and the other. Is that one was what really got there yet dale Griffin who's a pretty good reason to shoot a lot of three. Point four seconds forty office. That's it for UC have. And all the laughs that was in this position if not thousands of fans. But they couldn't secure the rebound and that's like gators got their shots I didn't regulation today that the himself not only you have to make up. Secure the defensive rebound. Davis Taylor Dent cases ground it lifted the Seattle it's. The greens Cali Torres. And champ who looked at thus makes a great part of that type. It is best defensive you do get there was crowded alleys. And looks like they're playing in advance so look for. Taylor to try to create a play here France well tailored and not take standoff drives it throws one it's ratcheted up partially blocked. Round secured the rebound over the candidate UCSF. She can't ask him not a con that there are no call to be rated the ground and he also had a run either Helio Boras. No call by the -- we that signed Johnny golf it's one from the wife. And then they got the ball machine. Beverages and froze. In the finally found him. Alison des unscripted that's still only the ninth team. Now the second half and the overtime actually for a debt now is that we'll take candidates the line she wanted to run a profit. It's like god. Catch up to advance after. I think it's not this. I thought as the best and last. And it's not what is good how big conversion violently candidates in its possession game with nineteen seconds to you know it's not good enough for. War you know that there's nights ago we didn't make forming a unity and watched Peter Davies at which it up really fast that it could quickly. That it frees them up with him. I can't hide. And fourteenth and Landry UCF in particular. Person that is fast and I thought that it got to have some scores of the night Taylor down the line cut off I should have acknowledged he had. That if over Morrison got exactly. It's rated fouling as Taylor able to thank you did that. And assets as well I don't know why they've retreated leaving a little stop and go movement they've retreated you don't lose them they get the basket shoot O'Keefe ranked kids did but Duffy. I would imagine that Kelly round out that. And then and a half seconds ago 44 points or BJ Taylor now plan that. That is obviously security sent 26. Recently against Olson that's in season nicely just a couple Sheridan and also at 25 against south qualities at. Time. He did Davis have to find fifth spot. Lot of points but it does state has Boris was nineteen friend can't sixteenth can't let that fourteen. Willis and tally was seven apiece to lead their story OK now if you try to inbound his fastball that step and a half seconds a lot of time left. So in the shoppers can run the face life. The work they don't run the base line. They need to step really good. But part of the ball and we beat that we've got to protect the ball you don't want to let them heal the basketball right now. Yes but if not that it is made several times off the year it's worth mentioning with the tournaments and yes actually you look at this case against Tulane game which adjusting to recently. Scare this whole city of Cincinnati at. And adding last week. Conference tournament is going to be competitive is not an adult man has allowed he's playing really well right now. Houston's playing some really good that I'll. Okay it's definitely good quality. And points with Dusty Springfield and re entering the ball game. This happened at Davis on the ball. And I candidates who says different baseline. Think instigated injuries positive cases on Anthony's who's counting right away. And nine point three seconds to go Austin green street going to the free throw line for the first time in the game witnesses in this time that was the tenth team now. With a three point lead if he makes either want it back to a two possession game but nine seconds left. Austin and me is typically very fitfully through city 82 point 4% on here. But Austin. As this each of his last two free throws in the last three games he's gone on Frontline. Eighteen to twenty. On the previous. It is free throws while often reads roughly. Tonight that is good and that's the secret ballots for and he could make it five witness nine seconds to go and that's that's not what you got to shut you certainly wouldn't want that person. Makes you feel a lot better when you make of mounting into thinking that Kelly finished on the. It's not Fannie and out rebounded today on Christmas let's not yours flipping four point they've got a 52 Davis for history. Short this time recovered bodies nothing frozen ground. Angel Monica. What it does Kate has. Her blanket over night here. Tigers Saturday night. Seventy. Making it right or. That Johnny Dawkins. Okay I'll and I love that you'd like a grateful. Doctors get another win on the road it's not play in overtime to go to 24 or five on the season statement for the Johnston was being. Another mile power experiment I brought you by delta dental can't okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first with no my. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with. Your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile is a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits providers unleash your mile per hour delta dental. 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It's postseason seeding still intact. Their record straight road games 9220. Years and all of that is in jeopardy all the way. You see getting a couple of net official calls and some incredible bounces. Almost boldest went out against. A couple of keys no calls and a ball game when Austin reed drove him there and looked like it through the fifth foul on Davis notes call. And it's though it did not only didn't get the point that it be free of the date they are balking. Of overtime with his doctors at UCF. I think Q was Taylor drive and on that note all anti random Boris. Instantly appreciate him it in Arnold Brown brown remorse no call there so it did kind of even out of the calls they're at the end of regulation and overtime. And it was it called the second half reappeared Darryl Willis had a layup that got stuff. I can't ground it at that Lewis was called for a foul trying to recover the ball. And replay evidence shows that radical tipped the shot went up through the basket. This one and two blocked shots I didn't see that but yeah basket interference he went up through the basket. So it was a wild and crazy night the shot here's did that they had to do to him out on top big plays. I have Landry Shanda is handling the ball and passing it in the overtime Shaq Boris getting big baskets kind of French camp that they vested Darryl Willis. Was unorthodox got off. Now let's step away that was huge in the effort what has made some really tough baskets off balance. Unorthodox but boy that fade away from the left side. It was a big win and an. In the possession before Frank Gaffney a floater from the right side that was a big bucks it was a shocker. Score and how about the free throw at the end by reads. He had this one over and now only a couple valley that were huge but this was a big one that gave the shocker 41 liter the end. Anybody missed the second when it was that one that got it to the second possession of the three could no longer tired. 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Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita they shocker basketball. Soccer sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris post cameo underneath Angela Valentine in Gaza Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. US shocker basketball he's on 103 toys and JE YES. Why wouldn't we. Yeah who's newsroom does not rule out there was little news here tonight near Orlando 7570. It's not historic 75 points. If you make 15%. Discount off all shocker merchandise tomorrow hardly at 10 o'clock east. Or lessen the stuff I did 50% off figured out the next week's conference tournament you'll always be happy to say. I got it a chance to go inside the numbers would look at the final stats much defied the KP CPAs advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor. It was yours Wichita State tonight shooting 47%. Overall on third and one at 66 despite only six of 21 of the three for 29%. To horizontal violently did not shoot the three well hit the game against CS this year. Also the shocker is reduced evidence well. Throughout the free throw line and administrative ninth consecutive game and let's say it's got at least 70% at a composite 75%. Over the nine games we've seen at shot only 41%. At 842%. And it's and it's 24 threes they were fifteen to 23. From the free throw line for 65%. So they shot twice as many free throws shocker that's where the line fifteen to seven. Wichita State. Ended up plus seven of the last 42 to 35. And for I'm pretty fast paced game and that extra five minutes. Not many turnovers seven for the soccer's nine frequency aftershock has had a nice edge points off turnovers seventeen. That night. Which doctors with 3822. Odd points in the paint that's thirty to five. You can't score also Wichita stated at the director averaging nineteen assists per game there at the top spot in the country that statistic. And tonight and it's twenty. On the 31 baskets ninth time up believed this year that it had plenty of voices. Innocent game. AJ Davis was so bad history UCF 31 points and fourteen rebounds. He made six of 93 east of switching banks again wanted to. It's not executed the end of the shot clock and then they gave tired the end of regulation but probably. 25 feet. Just desperation you went in off the glass. Vijay Taylor 23 points. It's not just had a pretty good job on him considering he shot less than 40%. To 21. Of the field three of eight. Three 23 points at five incidents. And Caesar to pieces if it was ten points and three of eight shooting after that nobody was more than three. The Wichita State Shaquille Morris nineteen points nine rebounds. Blocked shots he has made great to see a lot of it is standard big baskets. Sixteen points for water brand can't. Seven of fifteen feet of the Nike should be free throws his streak stays there. Artistry. In fact it. And it let fly lists and a great fall away jumper that was an awkward looking photo led by knows that he could make he's got seven. If you do you think Kiki if they had been laid out with a drop back would have with the interface that way that's what a pocket. I Lilith and a great time doing it. When you set out to find new roads. You can't do alone. He need a partner to injured when you can count on. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learn they're trying something new can be exciting empowered downright exhilarated. See for yourself why Chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand. Last four years old world Chevrolet. Find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and retail sales charities when he fourteen through twenty. 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And he must have that was Orlando's hardly got a power lines we've got it accidentally apologize for the disconnection Weaver giving you the final stats aren't bad just to recap a shocker leading scorer he'll Boris ninety points tonight now it's kind of thing camp with sixteen. Matters Janet fourteen points four rebounds six assists one turnover seven points nine rebounds for shark Alley. Darryl Willis was seven points and six boards included some it would lay at markets but Duffy was five were joined by Shaq. Nineteen points nine rebounds tonight three blocks. But a very physical game inside it was really took advantage up the story there. This weather. Nobody goes to us. Kid down the stretch. You wouldn't we could soon have it states. The couple calls that they threw at particularly in August and it overtime that got little frustrate what was there. Percent to close at the attitude that he throws them enough blasted. You know this spirit we can control. You see you have point seven. And it's. It's whatever we could. Decide. It's. You know that's the game where it was pretty tough to shut them down so he had to keep score and if you believe and I thought the guys involved advance. And really gave the offense a lift out of me. I can't hit a couple of nights buckets and Darryl Willis made some really tough on you. You know I'm afraid to. Did reach. So he knows doesn't use. Also seated cars. It's great defense. The first score quietly at the overtime every fifteen after almost two and a half minutes Landry. Penetrate a little Bulger meant to live everything is and it it obviously let it slip of the basket. You don't. Let him very. Three before it is. This is. Throw it into their you know history is really good. Did go straight ball it's. It's. So tonight I thought dissolve really helped healthy because. Tucker will have a really hard time. Keep them away from the basket that should be Kate Taylor at fort Davis. But his own not that you guys can affect support you know slowed down and regular season and maybe it wasn't as good as he needed to be here for us. Are vs old sitting down and dentists. And that's the stuff that inevitably say much. But I'm gonna give you that defensive player of the game. Because that bathroom wall things up really well inside that you like that last play. And some other time throughout the game but like you did a good job on wall look at that I think got a hold on there's nothing at all we watch the re. Replay it looked like you're straight up and now you what you did daddy didn't block shots. No that's that's what Christmas this year as an excuse for. Did you book or anybody gets people excited beat us here. Obviously this is actually difficult neighborhood wasn't like you guys did it for granted they were just really on tonight. But nagging have a chance to play no matter what happens. Incidents here the regular season title ever a lot of saves later in the position to be invited. So our main focus now. Related losses this season. You'd better it's less home. Day after it's going to be very goofy you keep he's done that focus that this thing is that if they. Which was. A lot of people like. And yet what is. Making Jack excellent. Language you know Morris story. Defensive players. Not in Kansas lottery for the start of the future lottery. Ticket today for it to be him that he has lottery dot com for the most current. On about Kansas lottery dream bigger defense players in which it wholeheartedly. Is presented by Robert control lightly. Privacy in the bedroom or transform look at your kitchen. Got you covered as the right when the treatment solutions for any of those situations call 3166127000. Because it got you covered which dot com matches which doctors get 10% off any order that you covered. Serving which is. I'll just reiterate I I you know it's usually Kelly. Sealant things. Because they were definitely their game plan was to drive drive through I'm at the shocker to go to The Who. And it jacket a good job of really walnut. Can't stop and some of those drives Canada and making people change shots from the course three blocked shots and issues that Belichick has said he got credit for the three blocks that I thought there were some big plays that they possessions late in the game both regulation and overtime where he. Was up on the shot at least made a Alter it then and thank them. It hit different shots that they want it to about the maturation of the secure more powerful how many minutes he played nicely played a lot. 3636. Minutes to do everything checked actually 38 Landry places 38 minutes and in in the game you know he was on the plane 20/20 two minutes. Last year year before so. He's gotten better shape these fees that they can better shop. He's a tremendous passer and now is defense is coming around in his rebounding. Jackets haven't kept them. A year waiting for Gregg Marshall of course not with him would need anymore commercial breaks and they unplug the power we got those in what you expect to get that so we'll discontinue. Take a look at the scoreboard water mind you that Javaris carpet outlook for senators created. Credible with justifications for well over thirty years family owned and operated they gave me tremendous service. No high pressure my life that you know I had this fortune is that they have two projects are on that budget forest it was a great process from start to finish treated great. Great price on really quality materials and it looks great so unique flora does he do varsity teams sixteen. North Broadway what a big game has been completed the in the he is the AC tonight started missing time is this what it pollster. Maintained its hold on fourth place when he at ECUs have the 258. To also is now eleven in sixth in the league. That this kind of seven is playing right now at home against USF the team you would expect. Memphis to win so also would still maintain a one game lead over Memphis in the standings going into the final weekend. Also tonight Cincinnati's at two lanes Cincinnati had jumped out early in that one. Last Korea if they were up by seven or eight just to about six or seven minutes and but it just got a note. That Jacob Evans was just injured it had to be assisted with a lot of Cincinnati's flying wing players 566 our key man for themselves. That could certainly be critical for them. And then I UNICEF at Memphis that you've lost that is underway at 8 o'clock central. Florida Gulf Coast the north Florida tonight's 95 cent to Florida Gulf Coast shocker opponent now 23 it to him. In the Big Ten tournament today they're playing there's a week early so they can go to Madison Square Garden. And Iowa almost upset number fifteen Michigan that what what overtime in Michigan pulled that one out 77. 71 Louisville is up six on number one Virginia halftime. In Louisville. Cincinnati right now up twelve months to live with 542 ago. It the first half so we'll keep an amount that we certainly would expect. It's it's a that it will come to Coker read at fifteen and two in the league on Sunday with the doctors at 143. Shots and play. For a share of the title but it was hard to get there for the game that Gregg Marshall has been billing as the AFC championship received an order to get to the Super Bowl. Was a championship type of battle that night with a shocker is when 7571. It over time coach Marshall sits down to join us presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million to work. And coach obviously you talk to your team about the importance in this game it certainly did never looked like they were taking anything for granted that UCF was on fire united they've really made it difficult. You know we. It's the only thing that bothered me with. With the ball away twice in a row in the middle of it early second half and like the seven to nine possessions whatever was in a row. We couldn't get a stop in the name and those two things really bothered me. Obviously rule you know which is known to bite was with a big key. I think at that point they went thirteen possessions scored five points that were all the free throw line. Which got us back the lead in. Gave us some momentum going into. Half but then we gave it away with the the plate the plate that I talked about it sharks do it way it markets with the way. You know this. They were good they were good tonight. We we executed down the stretch we got the ball to the right we throw shooters. We had a couple of really good defensive stops. They should 25% in the overtime. We have 31 field goals to 23 and we beat a team that thinks. Two threes and polluting war from about 35 feet. To send the game to overtime so. We overcame quite a bit on the road and now we have a chance to play for a championship this is just the opportunity this is the NFC here AFC championship game now. Pinnacle with Cincinnati doesn't have an opportunity for. Outright title or at least until champion and number one. Coach you mentioned it already. But you were down eleven to 22 annually to the zone out of a timeout and I thought that completely changed the game. And Natalie did keep them from penetrating. You kind of made him start missing shots he rebounded really well that the dollar to talk about your offense against the zone. He played a lot of 23 zone of the second half pushed office did. And I thought you guys really has some really nice zone sets to get the ball to get some balls inside the Willis and Boris in its war against. Yeah we did it and we also gotten down there a couple times and didn't score. Remember like we had a couple of tips. I think Carol maybe had a hands on the ball right to the basket and in the art had a tip couldn't believe the ball that goes through it then. We got one time in great position and they they made great block you know. They use on the left side he would take he could come underneath him on it with his right here and torture bitch but he elected to stay on the strong side and grounder to know the oddest. Blocked shots that. That's you know again winning on the road that was talked about these seniors. I don't know who's sick. I know whose first. It's not even close between the first place team in the second place team in terms of winning on the road the last four or in in Jack's case five years. And to be able to do this is not easy. And you sit there and radio Lander TV glad that you think it is and then maybe you should be coaching he's been in. And in in in doing this guy could just it's a lot of fun I mean that's a locker room with a lot of fun. Now it's very stressful but my point is to go on the road and we and 8580. Whatever percent of your games. Not just in the Missouri valley conference on conference now on the American athletic conference is. Very very hard to do and invariably on the road you're gonna get a couple of games a year like this one where somebody throws wanna get off the glass and those kind of things have plenty of those are the kind that easily can go the other way it did for a lot of teams a lot of resilience by your guys to fight through that stuff. Absolutely and in you know. He gave his plea greatly he was. It's tremendous I've coached against and now at least twice this year and what to Tennessee. Maybe twice Tennessee I remember him as a young kid that is the interest game yeah absolutely this is by far rivers and best programs in place because. 311443. Minutes he was here and he did things into but they sometimes get lucky. But he also very very good and have to have that happen then come over to the puddle and have to start you know which we got a nice fit we. I often enough at this time the circuit he's got a chance to do right after the first one may have been the worst off than I've ever seen in my life but. I got a chance to do it again and we won the tip. We're able to score the first couple parts we kept getting stops. And finally scored but it played which portal repeated and it statement rules committee checked yep yep yep so we took the lead that we. I mean we we we defended the overtime. Get their stopper back and look at their stoppers were down when they came oh god here we go and that's basically threw it. You want to play for championships you've got to be the best team expects five minutes and if you're not yet entered play for a championship it's that simple. So you know they they they got some backbone and resolved and that's stopped. And eventually we got the right now. You gotta like that it is due to excellent against it calls that plate world Willis. She says it's definitely could have to wait a jumper from that that whole thing about it. I'm not sure what we were in at that point that a little pockets the better but it just and that's what he it's you know if you don't know. Or all of you know batted balls when he should be grabbing it if all the crazy rushed things that he does and sometimes questionable defensive plays. He is a bucket getter in the biggest thing is I've got to figure out in my rotation giving them the right position so he can find success. Congratulations. And certainly you know all out and look forward to Sunday because it can't Austin at a special atmosphere at Belmont as a hamburger picture our get on the bird and quarterback Weston. Or if it is it's just it's adieu to locker room these guys are excited. No huddle with Cincinnati's one bit that matter either way we've got we shall not shock me and got a lot. I don't want don't want him to be able to hear one thing for 22 hours and fifteen minutes whatever it takes I don't want that and let me tell you something. We were treated. Very very inhospitable. There it was a tough. Half environment after. Off the charts top. So I'll order our fans to be classy. And jubilant. And root for our team but be as wow. I think ever bad could this is ready great college basketball game from Apple's. He threw it can't acknowledge down for our fans it. I'm sure necessarily think that's how pathetic a a operatic thank you guys congratulations to record a catch Greg Russia presented by express employment professionals. We have not yet played for you are put it in the deep freeze play of the game for a few vital supply. Enough history. That it benefits and it now looks like a little bit rate fall away jumper that was an awkward looking. Follow my advice knows that. It's nice these gusts at 56 geeky but they had to lay down with the draw back put up with the interface that way that's 1 o'clock. I Lilith and a great time into it. So checkers when it 7571. In overtime here at UCF fan. March freaks too great chapter tradition the NCAA tournament stocking shelves of our daily bread food pantry. And now any time you go into any problems that Kelly's which are Hutchinson donate a dollar to the food pantry that you ain't going to the drawing for perhaps shocker basketball. Given away as the years. He's at tribute to agree because it's great food that kids would that. The stage is set for Sunday. That are keeping an Atlantic monthly and other overtime period the fact that it. It was a heck of a college basketball game settled for a I mean it then they left it all on the floor or immunity Davis 31 points fourteen rebounds he gets six nine threes he hit me. BJ Taylor's. Banked in three minutes free for Oakland's offense to greet you played. But the doctors come away with a win announced that everything up for Sunday for the conference title. Jackets come on 24 and 514. And three in the eighth seeded 17 row it. Kind of hand Cincinnati. On. On that to last year's. Well so actually it's an athletic team says his plan on then at 320 portico of the first after a 3570. So let them to commit 264. Fifteen inches of the number ten attackers number eleven the last time we had a matchup like that it number camp northern island's number eleven Wichita State on that. Game day that's not that was pretty fun days I have a feeling you know president Jacob that we of the game day. For Sunday to have that kind of atmosphere. And if the yellow a lot of nickel that and that's what everybody out of spiritually Arizona and artificial and people are and I'm not supposed to promote that so now you do what you additive defense make noise. Gas deal out still early stuff for Aaron you know it's 11 AM tip offs will be on the air at 10 o'clock with. Pre game show and then it should be quite Dave Coker and of course the last game we played there this year it seeing your day. For six very special seniors to ceremonies of the after the game desperately wanted to be. Festive because it is that then that's better set up some extra shares on the Saturday night church serves as I've gotten that they'll be corrupted. That are right thank you everybody for joining it's it's Benedict McCain thanks Sandra Hamlin for his always excellent work in the studio. And for Bob and Andrea good night from Orlando this actors when it's 7570. Wanted overtime of the home to play for a title hunt them. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven JE YE a crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare can't slid tired Carlos at Kelly's. Executive air shared sheltering assurance that Canon Andrew white start machinery until. He knows grilling that. Living as a blankets and equity bank your hometown Chevy dealers comfort as tips via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel. You cover the blue cross blue shield of Kansas just it's Javaris covered up my. The Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capital fan wrote about Montana is the American family insurance sawgrass country club. Coming in Cummings mom at Kansas health foundation stick around expressed employment and it PG sports grill. Hey we got a big hot looking for a new LD LED and a real would be and I am. 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And special guest Bob lives on 103 point seven KE YE Yang. It's not. And bobbled it here tonight at twin peaks and he's which he thought when he first and rock after the shocks over time went on the road. Central Florida 7571. Last road game of the regular season bonds. Atlas festive atmosphere when the slots soccer land cheering. Great atmosphere here Wednesday. And ravens that I want you did it might need thoughtful. Of course just because the games over doesn't mean. The fun is over we still got a lot of fans they're still very active in a lot of people are still watching near Cincinnati Tulane game. And you want cannot join us why we're here at twenty to 21 and rock after every shot regain to come on C is here. As we get underway with the soccer locker room so tonight our phone number is 869. 10378691037. The area code is 316. Bob the shot sent to survive an overtime game tonight on the road but finally found it after us. After the offense and it dried up there towards the end of regulation stocks finally sought out some answers in the overtime. That was the game of run both teams that really hot streets the colds very. And it kind of even. Back in the game but in the end more us. Who really the only guy doing a whole lot and all which it final fix them in the regular. If that fantastic game I believe. He's the player of the year in this conference. But we'll see you certainly get and I understand it started really well. On a frank can't. Probably have more good looks in this game. At the basket that I've taken in the game with these sports that he had he didn't he didn't have very good shooting it still and it was sixteen point 715. But you know it's like economic leverage at least I. And wind. So yeah I mean that's the that were surprising that he had a good game in the soccer's. This with the with the over early on when. In two in line when they fell behind twenty to eleven. The Central Florida felt balance of real real good move and after that zone central Ford went to a real nice Fella thankful for nine from the field. The F stocks after doing net after go to their zone defense allowing 21 to three run. 123 to three era when he 33 era that's a good run that's good run it takes you into and into the locker room with a lead and it turns things around on the road when you have a warning three to three run in a game you're not likely to have to go to overtime animals and but that's what happened tonight shocks. Did this survivor. Last second shot in regulation by Central Florida decided up but Wichita State. Did a pretty good job in the overtime five different guys scored in the overtime. The shocker Doughty shot from about 45 feet. This is an agreement though bank and bank then yeah I'm level something but that kid had a great game 31 points. Eleven or twelve rebounds I think that's affordable with different looking team on the war here they looked a lot better. In Orlando. They they've played very Dave they played very well at home this season and only lost. Final four home games now that they've gotten beat by. Wichita State now along with Cincinnati Houston in Missouri so there you go get a pretty good to go in Orlando on win apparently in shock treatment. Club and it's the fund conferences that don't you know especially one with a fast day. Goes on the road they're they're great on the road but they relive the fight for these games. That's the evils of follow the law this is the shot her locker and show Ted Woodward bomb blew it with you here tonight where it twin peaks at when he first and rot in east Wichita. And our first caller tonight 8691037. Richard Europe first go ahead Richard. Quick question as well planned told me there currently. Are so learner by February our goals game. I have seen referenced it. Adds that. We were told that the fan base is trying to circulate that and get those many people. The word yellow. So yeah gamespot this is a grassroots efforts so you Mac not seen anything in print or online about it but the fans are driving this one. The oil or gold where your yellow on Sundays as a fan yeah I think. It is an old. It's the soccer's a black and all the blackened Ella the black you know. Or amplify that isn't old mentioned in the all modern song. You know this is the arm and anti Iraq may be it is you know I think Europe the lack in the Alamo and you're right I don't. Maybe I'm confused by the bold gold. There you go to pull one of the you know organizations. What you. Yap right fifty grand on the right. Or whatever whatever you've got gold or yellow on sun ever in an ice event and he asked if you're a fan that wants to get into that do that. Sure why not wanna. The only thing that's yellow or cool yeah I do the that because I'm a Pittsburgh Pirates fan so I do have some gold closed area. Well maybe more. But I'm I'm I'm a member of the media I am not part of ground I'm not be wiring going on and I'm not gonna attack for gold or yellow. Not a result that they are sitting in the stands maybe Iowa but I'm not done one of these contrarian I'm like I don't wanna be told what to Wear. I kinda stands could not or grass if you've been I don't exactly ugly green down they'd look at a lot of jerk. The got to be yourself. The soccer's when it tonight in overtime 7571. At Central Florida eleventh ranked Wichita State now on a seven game winning streak. Thanks for the call Richard if you would like to join us on the program tonight 8691037. Is their phone number 869. 1037. Is their phone number yet we had to take her near twin peaks of one of this team. Mention the the gold. Aware of where they yellow alert illegal guns go lower total. And we we do need to thank you anti state Brad because we kicked him out of this yet this table or intakes we cannot ask him to move and he was gracious. Not the deuce in the middle of an oath of a French fry I believe that if you're not salmon and he was agreeable and it is very nice that's nice of them we have to have our table. Fears when the things kind of are spla. And with more with what we're overdue so it's a handoff to K state Brett you know a nice job Brad I'm in the mood for a lot of calls and I I've been here we watched the game together. I don't have really have anything more with the right you I didn't hear it for two and half hours more tired each other so what we need dollars staff I wanna hear what. The folks that this that. 8691037. Is our phone number. 8691037. As we get going with the shopper locker room so tonight we're at 23 when he first and rock. Of course will be here again on Sunday. After the shocker Cincinnati game in a kind of mid afternoon times of Columbine he is after that I finance start. We're gonna get theory and apply it stands now early on my wife is just next to me that she's wearing. When he sees what you're wearing goals he's he's already planned ahead he believes you over me it's goal I'm saying it's yellow. I think I think you tend to be right. I think you know an accurate I think officially the colors for what it's analysts say their golden yellow are black and you know I can yeah. You gotta if you are correct but I don't. Golden movements and all the time. Now I gotta figure this out the black and gold. The Pittsburgh Steelers are blotter blocked it right the pirates are black and you know what's the difference there there's must be some candidates. We'll get to the bottom with. Sox won it tonight 7571. In overtime at Central Florida Wichita State wins its seventh in a row. Delegate bind well I guess technically right now half game behind Cincinnati but it appears that. The bearcats are going to win at two lane tonight we've seen so there but the defense that the work that night though he's at it looks like Sox he'll be game back going Anderson helped to line that morning with the first laughs though. Cincinnati. This will be an unbelievable atmosphere. What are oil on Sunday. No comment here or not intimidated. I don't suspect. That. Know all the soccer team not a moment opportunity you wouldn't think he'll be a fun game. Call us 8691037. Dead and Bob here tonight as we get dormant soccer locker room so we're at twin peaks at 21 and rock. Bob we actually Saturn had dinner what do you have for dinner tonight what I had some kind of a chicken salad. On and you devoured it Alice hunger. The last thing I ate today it was green being. Annette from probably awhile ago that was the line now. And I don't you went after organized meet threat. And I had a hunters meat and cheese per day for the first time what what made you ordered that the meted sees I'm fans of both. He meets a like watching loses sauces let's go for and it looked good. Yes it was tasty data so come on by twin peaks and of course they don't have food and drink specials here at twin peaks. On soccer game days all day long you need it cheeseburger basket despite 99 lots of folks get that and you need to huge man size mug of the knocked operatives for box. Those are the soccer game day's specials every day when the doctors place of the special will be in effect all the rest tonight. And get them all day long on Sunday to near twin peaks soccer locker room no 8691037. As the phone number or an X dollars. I'm going to Tom. It. Tom are you on a spaceship at the moment. What Schwartz Tom Tom asks why be a goaltending call against the UCF was not reviewed by the officials. We wanted this thing I wonder that as well we're not sure it's a rip fuel pool hall. Why not I don't know you tell me if that happens at a duke North Carolina game they're not reviewing now IA. I'm gonna have to. I I do not have that answer. But I can tell you this at that time it happened we did we couldn't tell wants to lie and I could not help and nobody could. There wasn't a reaction on the floor. There wasn't a reaction on the shoppers there's at least that I saw. I think we all thought that was legitimate law stuff. It and yes. At the time and tonight I know I saw coach Marshall look at the scoreboard he saw the replay when we saw the replay it was and by that time. They already lined up at the other free throw right and I think they were getting ready to shoot a free throw us still think the rest and it. Come over take a look at debated not. I don't know exactly why. Good question Tom we kind of had the same one that is a good place. And it will go unanswered if we have money in well because we really haven't offered lots of anything now. Any of our callers. 8691037. Thanks for the call psalm 8691037. Is our phone number we'll take a break the back with more your calls right after this. And Bob were at twin peaks when he first and rock as we continue to soccer locker and so tonight after overtime shocker win at Central Florida this evening. Soccer boots on 103 point 78 EY and. All right basketball isn't as locker room and why every time KUK state of the shocker is when there's a party it has a bad teams apparel on of the day after day when if these 270 agent present scores in the ninety's a 25% and scores over 100 and the party it is all a net with 40% off all KUK date or shocker gear the day. After the team win celebrate your favorite local teams and Ted's locker room at east 21 and web and what are. At all. From then it with kid that's not because we match. You land yes midwest Gil will match you were down payment up did 2000 dollars U but it thousand dollars down we make it to. You put two down we met before. 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On the map a shocker blocker so it says Woodward and Bob loser with you here tonight we're broadcasting live at twin peaks in the east which it saw Howard when he first and rocker Otis. Mike Kennedy involve whole ball game you are right here on that you why am. This is the locker room so we're taking your calls the area code is 316 the phone number is 869103789. 1037. And let's get right back to the phone lines and Scott is next go ahead Scott. I gather that you answered one question. A particular part of the city. It is not Rick you are a lot ball flight like. And let the Dominican. Like us who write a report charter support or how about what were way. Worked at all. And number. You know adult. Let's get back of the 1970s which I have goal keeper. Now it's yellow the yellow is the it's yellow you know. Like that it used to be it was goal. But it would change sometime in the Ernie obituary in the wake up early eighties yeah. But it that you interpret what color was black hole. All right. And now that question now clutch. In Wichita State what. Does the American act. Recognized that champions. Yes and what to pass they would be the one seed because. This beat the Cincinnati twice in the regular C. They'd be the one seed in the term. But they would vote that they would be coach champions of the conference along with Cincinnati correct yes. Standings wise rise. In our house got our. Thank you thank you got it's that's good call. It a few answers one question he got I got the job done or here's a darn and new at feet just. 8691037. Is our phone number dead and Bob here at twin peaks that when he first and rock back to the phone lines for Michael go ahead Michael. I don't know and I. It's you know it goes. As you know lots of that going up slower download it and that's a politician's answer it it. Why didn't divert. In your down and demonic and we're. There Joey gets the rebound. And and and split Kelly if there re back now up and it could Joseph victory. I mean it was like. Didn't grow and get rebounds and that's what he's done all year Michael passed. Yeah I'd be it good. Now. It wrong I think we are ordered. That we get credit poor because. Edit their if you throw it to the guy any of the ball and it's not this is Eric that's mine and stay in night out. Be here Aaron that French camp did really good in the overtime. You know declaration Friday. And I would take so long voters. I'm not a funny (%expletive) out of but it really purity is kind of it's pretty good look at. You know Michael Bob and I were talking about that during the game about the evolution of Connor frank can't shoot. Yeah. He has become a more of a driver and and jump stop the kind of guy that he is. Just this spot up a spot up three shoot the three point shooter. When he takes the ball in the land and kind of comes to a jump stop and shoot the floats and should he makes 6078%. Of them. His is spot up shooting. Has probably. Got worse that obviously. But he's he's opens only opened up some other avenues two's games though he played well tonight he missed some shots that we ought to think he's gonna make. But he was aggressive in looking first. Connors when Laura and he rarely left the floor if at all. He did he didn't play in the overtime for about the first up and a half minutes and then he had a spell on the in the second half four it was not a game room the guy got a lot of minutes tonight Michael we appreciate the call thanks for Clara a few things out. Thank you Michael and Michael also brought up the offensive rebounding by Rashard Kelly. Nine boards overall tonight for Rashard and the few on the offensive end he needs possessions alive. He's been this way all season long. He's just had an incredible year. For the soccer's and you know scene we we talk about the showdown. Cincinnati coming up Sunday it's also senior day or sixteen in I don't or call six seniors at senior day. I'm it mattered little that it's that it doesn't happen half an hour after it. Well I'm gonna disagree with. And it happened just couple years ago what wasn't there out of a couple years what are senior class but seven guys just outside of a couple of years ago it doesn't happen very often thanks Ted. A Mardi haven't supported that so I'm not and that I don't know and now you're just gonna take me back to three years ago there's a lot of show left. Years ago yeah this'll this'll be reminiscent of that but. I'll point that it's your right it's very rare six seniors who have been in these kind of contribute easy about that. Pretty amazing yes. They must like two years ago you had. I can't. Good to have monitors with mark I don't know it was wrong on infrared. Map bunch and then but I'm I'm may not be talking about. Might have been two or three years before that there was one year or whatever seven guys have seen. But I think a couple of walk. I came and you know off the street play that deer point where the six that are graduating this year the six seniors are pretty amazing. Guys that are huge contributors. Yeah. They've it's it's Colombia pact. Echo. Thanks for the call Michael 8691037. Is our phone number. Dead involved we are here lied it twin peaks and he's Wichita where it's when he first and rot if you'd like to join us on the soccer locker room so. 8691037. Is our phone number. And our next caller is. Am going at him hey Ted obviously Norton. And our dog I've been enjoying. Robin did an excellent engine. All over the place. That the money is that. The factory reset. To where. You know unity jot down some note that some pillar stuff that you can talk back life. This particular particular coming in next year replace that takes guys literally. Tonight that would be a great topic. Not to. Haven't seen those six lies so I don't know how much. How deep we could go in there that we could mention their names. And that would excite you guys I certainly do that later in the cells. Well do some homework Bob beat his gracious I mean. Don't you expand black guys need a lot of depth of information. And what color we're gonna where the united Nadia. Are you saying that you haven't enjoyed this so far. No I I have really enjoyed the show plays that you guys are grace. There's an eyelid and after every game ends and thoroughly enjoy it sells. While we have presented I'm very thoughts on Thursday night. Are you buying another entity vineyard you know it they have placed in your life where unique positive reinforcement so. Ted would do work on that within. I well yeah he's touchy on nights in with a letter wise. Yeah we've we've noticed that sells out well as a person parents of these. Well and and Dutch I'm gonna hang up right now and these guys and go dock and thank. What about that former Cedric county commissioner Tim Howard America called wants now is that him or. Who knows the man who knows. You never know who's going to call and in fact. Let's have a look at somebody of notoriety calls so that. Well I mean you you can't atlas were notable. Or maybe it's Randy may be Randy is famous. We'll go to the phone lines now 8691037. Moran hey you are next going at Randy. If guys are not famous by them Norton. Dealers say the shocker the war irons phenomenal. They're heartbreak kid this year they're doing great. But I want to have Bob experts something. Out of reach forty you do. Thanks for asking. We're thank you are we're preparing for the season and it's a lot of work but it's an endeavor of love and we're gonna have. 600 kids almost on 42 themes and and a lot of good stuff that's going on we want it to be very nice asked about that of course it's for the urban baseball leagues for kids. In which it inner city and so far there five years we feel like we've done pretty good job and we we're gonna keep after her many many years now. We're. Thanks wrath of god are they. They go thank you Randy Randy with. Nice and I am close currently 41%. Thank you Randy. If you wanna join us on the phone lines you're certainly welcome we'd love to hear from you tonight. 8691037. Is our phone number says those sports stead and Bobble lutes. We are live at twin peaks when he first and rock Pyrenees which it saw as we continue on the soccer locker room so soccer man to win it tonight. At Central Florida 7571. In overtime to. As eleventh ranked apostate means its seventh game in a row. 24 and five now overall on the season Jack Morris led the way with nineteen points and nine rebounds. If you wanna call us 8691037. Is our phone number we'll take another break the back with more of your phone calls right after this series twin peaks dead and Bob on 103 point 78 EY and. Dave Johnson he's the guy on her name Johnson he's the man the roof and the Pentagon on the whole ride west. Captain sales networks Carolina economy room and an auto dealership. 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At 806471141800. 471141. Addiction rehab specialist is a network of independent treatments and or some plays and services nationwide. Twenty the ultimate sports slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's 400 screens and Gregg who is bursting from the best kitchen in sports there's something on the menu to satisfy every fan's appetite take your game day to new highs with any harsher more items for the table twenty schools from as far features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purpose reserve that it teeth chattering 29 degrees and -- so I cold beer crystals form our maintains are decked out with tons of these two TV there's never a bad he now heads for twenty you drink. Scenic views. It's a shocker locker room show with Ted de sports ten. And special guest I'm lives on 103 point 78 EYE Yang. Deciphering them an excellent shape and its threats not. In the line war stance doses left and it gets it just. But it Robertson. That was a minute fly by should feel Lawrence's got ninety weld done by Jack picked over his left field looking back over the right field Roth. What's all there as we continue to shocker locker room jokes. Says the sports and involve polluted with you here tonight we're live at twin peaks and east which it's not when he first brought growth of the soccer locker room show after eleventh ranked Wichita State. Wins in overtime at Central Florida 7571. Seventh when mineral for the shots and he's pretty called there have been nice bucket by H Jack Morris that was the first basket of the overtime Bob in fact. Both teams went scoreless the first two and a half minutes of the overtime still 6666. Sox finally got a bucket they're exactly that kind of seemed to start opening up the offensive. I'm like a sentences at the start there were points in the game where both teams really had. Trouble scoring and then other times in the game where they kind of scored in droves it was kind of back and forth like analog. 8691037. As our phone number at every noticed 316. 8691037. Is our phone number tonight locker room so continues let's go back the phone lines for the you're next Dennis. Rod ahead. Yeah I thought I'd called evolved and rap scene because. I called. His CO earlier in the week. Complaining about applying dime for the ballots. Tonight. We added 2930. Theory 353838. Minutes remind guys. Here it was over time that that feel more like it you don't have beat like that every day. When you're going to bat. They had an overtime game they needed overtime to win the Central Florida so he. Now you're gonna play some guys more nurtured it and get in the game very much and I. There was very little or no from on their hands you know there was very little CJ Kaiser. So yeah some guys played some big time minutes and I. Well even without the overtime near would've meant my right criteria. I well. Our analysts thought a beautiful thing about our friendship is that we can we can agree to disagree. The. Now let me throw one other thing not yet. Coach to make it tough for a quick scan. Ronald was working perfectly quiet beauty the government now under those ground. We'd go and have an owner and stop woman take the lead and then he would go right back to the man to man. That made it tougher on guys go all gave ball. And we'd be. Sharper color. I'm a modern fairly low noise and they yelled roll and the black. And go. That's exactly right you know we have partners. We will now officially announced. That's the shocker colors are yet alone why. Are you ready are you on board without official now only half of them and that's the fiscal. Thank you Dennis. And I do need to make an apology of Bob. If not I've not thought I recollect it ear and into which there were seven seniors and senior class and apparently it's not correct so you have not suitable to find that you now that the live on my part so. You got me hand I do what I can't hear. I get very little credit or the times when I'm rye. But many many many credits for the time them counseling life isn't it at the way life. I can stand at the now you got to rights of an especially as senior class qualities this six gallon and all of them been here long long time you know that it. With the fans have relationships with these. And think very highly evolved. We have fun. Fun atmosphere such that we can't play regular season finale on Sunday. Tenth ranked Cincinnati eleventh ranked Wichita State third if you are on the line if you're open to line to give a little help. New maybe have the soccer's when an out right there down thirty within minutes again since. That he's up by thirty. So. Shots and still be a game back going into that game on Sunday afternoon on senior day tactical arena. 8691037. Is our phone number tonight here on a shocker locker room so Ted involved broadcasting live at twin peaks were when he first in Iraq. Let's go back the phone lines and scholars John derided John. Yeah out of the great game this that nightmare. Maybe yeah it really opened it I think both Veronica. I own little world. Out of print camp he finally woke up I guess it was right what Bob blues. There awhile back he had heard briefly fairly grafts on them and it feels like he's got to vote today. These guys are fingerprint and there really. Tolerated rate in. I can see you know is what I wherever they did a lot of thousands stuff America are you know like. Paragraphs are going to be issues kind of been out or while they don't days they've given them to do what's do you know these guys disputed. And it seemed like great he's doing great men are are really do appreciate that you're doing the job he's doing out there to his dad's really great. Very that it would want to know are a lot of value about about Meehan. All he could care it is a great made you know elect the yes darn right. It. Aren't gonna like him you know are like what they had a while back from a break up as you would like he does review wolf. But I it is. I think when it's an article on the pyramid it's not going to be note the huge broker these guys these guys don't know how to fight through and vote no because. He's got the North Carolina duke and who loses a game like this. You know. I've that's a great call left so there's so many good things about that well. The vocabulary is. Obvious business. The understanding that I'm probably move out of it you praised him multiple times in the east he called me all right. And the fact that this doctor's son they're gonna play two until now yup I'm not that that's that's tremendous stuff that is good stuff the right call. Thank you John yes John any time that you nailed it problems Bob's put you atop the list on that was fantastic. That'll be big boys basketball on Sunday that was good synthetic. Not tooth and toenail now require big boy good ally. Shots when it tonight at Central Florida 7571. Last road game of the regular season for the shots at good overtime they got the win. At Central Florida first visit ever to Orlando for the shots that never played Central Florida on the road. For it's it's been fun to see Wichita State doing the different venue is and play against different scenes and yet you have to give the first year in the American athletic conference today I. It's been everything we I mean we expect that there's still some things that could get better we'd like to see UConn and then he needs. Get better we'd like to see South Florida and east Carolina not the future. Or is John might say toenail that. I think you know. South Florida's got to get better as a good coach. And how can you not recruit Ryan Theriot then yeah I mean and you would hope. That that that there's a lot of room for improvement in the and it's catcher. Got through Cincinnati. And accuse them that I think you're gonna remain strong if it's an exciting time. And just in general these three sports tonight kind of follow. And involved would have. Heidi is for volleyball in the women's basketball as well I've really enjoyed this season and the American finally I think volleyball can get better. There's gonna come a time Wichita State does go polonium. You poll. But yeah they've it's it's been a good deal of baseball's going to be an important thing how baseball goes yeah. Shocks when it tonight in men's basketball 7571. At Central Florida in overtime shots when they're seven and a row. Our phone number here at twin peaks is 8691037. Here on the soccer locker room joke and our next caller is now all go right ahead Al. Well Cutler likely yes he liked or thought about those mail and let yellow gold. You know bring it back and the like as long is doing nails aren't you know you're gonna. Well apparently Goldman seller off that well. You know right out other bring back. The basketball. And inappropriate that. It's darker turn off the overtime. They freaked that they can interpret the edited and it looked like you know they were the night. At the basket that they could have been. It didn't bode well. That there are opening it a little soliloquy on Jack Moore has yet a couple of plays. But not really fit the good athleticism that I'm what was thought that we found in line in the dusk then there was another fight. Did he thought it was an around the basket. They appear wet that the work. It would be able to kind of get it in that they'll order. About the Alley distract worried kind of out of all awkwardly. And then out. And was able to position himself to get the ball and lasted that was that Shaquille Shaquille morals right now. Is the best player in this conference and one of the best players in the country that's why. Well but I look at days I think. If it comes on the current time and we need to get ideas and beat him for them bring out models Anthony body delete anything on the I I think of these really really. Are greater than ever thought it would. You know it experts attribute what the best and I. Not in me it looked strong gains. And now apple you'll look back. You know in schoolwork. You know fifteen points for more. You don't the government that are now off the court that he has historically though you're an expert agree ounces well. Thanks good call our guy I agree with everything you said Shaq is check of the man. He is a real force in this conference. And as good as Lander shammond is and I think. For a long time we all thought channel with a player of the year in the American athletic conference which found states' best player is he out it's not that he's lost. Any thing it's not anything that he's doing. Wrong if what Shaq is doing right to me scheck's. Shaq is the best player in the American conference that's all I would have to find out the vote he would be the MVP of the conference's. I agree with you tonight Oakland and now. Pat are prepared. Thanks now that means a lot. We're not Hillary. Well they don't go. Out thanks now your your time's up. I agree we Deion Shaq do with. Lot of people just automatically say Landry Chambliss for those unaware of loss yes you know you know he's. Jazz got the most publicity war again point six assists tonight for Landry had a great game and had eight points really early. But listen it's not horses bringing it pretty much every night now. He's been the dominant force. He blocked shot easy he rebounds. And now he's become. Go to score with. A wide array of versatility offensively and at the resistant can step out make the phrase he can shoot on the baseline. He complains that the basket he can go get the offensive rebounds or. Really good player I guess my vote would go in effect morals and we have player of the year in the America. And Bob there was a six minute stretch. On the final four minutes of regulation the first two minutes of overtime. Where no other shocker stored exit Jack. That he fly so that went out now without him climb back with it's a lawless on the Sunday without that those that stretch of miniature we're sexy like Jack. Poll not the offensive end of the floor. Doctors when it tonight in overtime 7571. At Central Florida thank you for the call out you wanna join us on the phone lines 869. 1037. As the phone number 8691037. Soccer locker and so Ted those sports at involve Lou we're live with you here tonight at twin peaks were when he first and rock. For studio engineer Andrew handling love to get you on the air with us you wanna call us at 869. 1037. We'll take another break in about 22 right after this from orbit soccer locker room show 8691037. As our phone number tonight. Soccer groups on 103 point 78 EY and. If you've ever dreamed of owning your own business. This is your chance to be part of a growing company breaks here which topped our newest franchise owner you can grow a business that rewards you it's your business. You did raining onto with support from local office the local franchise opportunity that gives you the freedom that you've always dreamed up. Telegenic and today and and if you go home affordable and it didn't a commercial cleaning business can be called open for the big one that's 20461. Jenna king the king of clean. Tony. Our tax refund would be here and you weren't they might well good thinking about that new washer and dryer out of them lying and then you. How living or. 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Whether it's national champs sports facility medical services educational facility hospitality or health care services to Janet maintain the franchise owners and regional support office has worked hand in hand to develop plans around viewers the sense that facility need and a king is king of calling him. Culture and so 4661. Or visit Channing king dot com today. It's that shot her locker room gel with Ted does sports fan and special guest I'm lives on 103 point seven. Is it like NASCAR Stewart deflected it hit it off and it not accounted for a fifth time this. Big stuff like kind of breaking lateness. Socket packet to do with the rest at least sixty. State. Did Woodward and I'll lose sleep easier tonight. That was Mike Kennedy bubbles folder that was a basket by Conor frank camp. Doctors were trailing with a minute and a half to go in overtime but that bucket by Conner put the Sox have 7069. Wichita State would not trail the rest of the ways of the big bucket out clear ninety seconds ago a fearless. Not there was no hesitation it's what made the shot. They figured out a way to get this in central floor 7571. In overtime seventh win in a row the eleventh ranked shocker if you wanna join us tonight. That involved or broadcasting live at twin peaks it when he first in rock on the soccer locker room or phone number is 86910378691037. Every til 316 in our next caller is from Bragg get going to drag it. State senate ma her real. Bob oh yeah always enjoyed your article you. I've read your article. Mourning him are always. What are called about this. Coming up north that's going to be real or burger. But it what I wanted to ask you about is your critical. Back this date stalwart here. One of the greatest games ever played I think in the arena. Was essentially. Act as I recall. We were down seven weeks. Ago maybe less it's O work. Single handedly. Diary all wonder why they're asking you guys Bob or you don't remember that problem. You remember that. Am I know I was there I know I sought I remember the atmosphere. I remember. Certain things about that game and Leo I was either. I think that game happened in 196364. Photo or nine years old. So you remember as much as you can remember as an 880. Yeah off in a panel I mean. I don't remember in the cotton candy my dad got me. I didn't stop there. Well I was I was eighteen or nineteen IQ well exactly I think ninety. When I solo game and you know it over a long period of time you can do embellishment that I'm not sure how much how accurate you know that. I always thought it might be fun if we can't like in the through a little research on that. Do that before this in terms of the line us. Certainly have done the research on my game and written about it numerous times. And Dave Stallworth. Was an unbelievable. Performer in that game and many others. Now that I remember there is I just I know the atmosphere was deafening and I expect we'll probably gonna get some of that Sunday. Morning and afternoon both Korean well. You're out court martial is an upper body could be external because we were treated nicely at Cincinnati and well I can recall. That the one thing that's your call well all work. But he intentionally as the second. A two free throws and rebounded and took effect yeah I remember that much I remember that for a fact if I would like to know. All the details that was one of the greatest game there. And I thank you for the call I've read the news firfer Cadillac game numerous times than certainly. Probably if not the most famous game Wichita State basketball history certainly in the top three or five. Thank you for the call Greg. Had a three year stretch there. Stallworth sophomore year. The shoppers posted number two Cincinnati. Beaten fifty to 51. That was a landing venom and he is the hero back game he made a shot played in the in the game. Propelled the soccer's of that win so that you know Lanny venom on was a great shocker guard. Of that era and certainly a heroic. Faster than that win. And of course stalwarts junior year 1963. Wichita State beat number one Cincinnati. 6564. Here now that's the game you're talking about. And then 964. Install or senior year this doctors played seventh ranked Cincinnati here in the soccer's one net gain 6259. Quite a three under stretch there it was great that rivalry. Great game with Cincinnati I mean that those are such amazing years and and and kind of hope we're recapturing. Some of that now on this conference and as far as Wichita State there's no question. Wichita State's biggest rival today if Cincinnati. After one game from one game the game at Cincinnati anticipating the second half and in the atmosphere there and want to see here Sunday. This is this these two teams right now have established themselves at the very top of the conference. Cincinnati is gonna want them here when this thing out cry yep they're gonna want to prevent tough minded team. With a tough vote. It's going to be it's going to be a great game listening a little message tonight with a 29 point lead at two line. Now he wouldn't we sought to line them in here and get the shock players pretty well on if in that game and and they scored. Believe 86 points to line did. More than fifty of them in the second half tonight there at 43 with just a little time. So shocks and Cincinnati in the regular season finale ports on Sunday 11 AM tip off in one. And as long as we are talking about that a shot and Cincinnati if you want my little history. I love what happened sixty years ago tonight on nova my listeners probably. Will be will be surprised sixty years ago tonight at Laver arena. Shoppers taking on number three Cincinnati. And it was a close game stocks lost a close 8885. As the great Oscar Robertson dropped fifty points on the shocks that night. Still the all time scoring record for any players to ever play in around that. And another historic game against Cincinnati. And they ago. And I know I've talked him quite a few soccer fans. Who were in the in the seats for the game. And six years ago on this night this thing to them talk about it is that it credible. And I was alive at that time. Well of that fact not a net gain enough. The big you know credited when you're talking about that yes yes very one of the great college player one of the great players that you simply. One of the best employers never let us. Shocks when it tonight. 7571. In overtime at Central Florida Wichita State now 24 and five on the season take a seven game winning streak. In the regular season finale on Sunday. And 8691037. Is our phone number burly build up that the phone to take a break we get another us shot we have soccer birthday today. Randy Sterne really always handy third and fives today. How bout that wanna my son's favorite players. And a guy that. Really enjoyed grant Weaver and joy of winning supplier of enjoyed the few conversations. I've had with him since he played without saying you know as a musician. Now and we yeah we had a monarch shown on the drive. Little over a year ago and you break. So happy birthday to Randy burns still Wichita State's all time three point leader. You forget about that don't Ron baker came close but he did not that surpass Randy. That's I think most soccer fans would be surprised. If he told them Randy burns with their all time three point. What that would Andy here. That might not surprise me as much as another stat on Randy. He is still in the top ten all time in scoring in Wichita State history for that I find him a little bit undervalued. You know eighty and ninety is ninth all time in Wichita State he's earns. Jamar Howard. Our. To be synonymous with which it. Resurrection Renaissance yes. Those two guys more than any others in my estimation. Help Wichita State get back into the winning ways after along drop me yet ninety's were waistline yes and both those two guys. Obama. And I always give coach turgeon and his staff. Great credit. For recruiting those guys at a time when all that they were selling models of three. They are solid these they bring in recruits to a deteriorating crummy Levitt arena. And it's telling him and a program and had just been terrible for ten or twelve years and they're telling these guys. Hey you're going to be building block something pretty great. Yeah on the kudos to you for. To be able to sell that to recruit and add them believe in common and actually don't. Absolutely and they both have really good career I think they should both via the soccer. I'll thank him at some point I hope that happens. Well they're both in the top ten all time gore might yet come on. What you need. Happy birthday Iran they've earned. Her 35 today. We'll soccer birthday Korean air soccer locker room so continues lieutenant Bob were twin peaks it when he first and rock. A phone number is 8691037. If you'd like to give us a call we'll take a break come back twin peaks right after this soccer basketball tonight on 103 point 78 Eli and that's. There's locker room show brought to impart my Charles Schwab but as Charles Schwab we've believed asking questions is teeth when taking ownership of your life. This game is true when it comes demand junior wealth. You know how much your pain in season and how they affect your returns as your financial advisor and if you don't like the answer. Stop by the Charles Schwab branch in Wichita today. Located at the waterfront park called 31513. Hundred. We've really feel like what's we have this race. 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It's a shocker locker room gel with Ted does sports fan. And special guest I'm lives. On 103 point seven KE YE Yang. Exhibit let fly. Let's do great fall away jumper that was an awkward looking photo I advise those things. It makes knows he's got 75060. Years and delay that was that dropped back put up with the interface the way that sound with a puck off limits and a great time into it. Activists not your lot Crusoe is endless and my absolutely you here tonight how about Bob hold dropping Nikki Evander way reference there. That's good stuff and a while all that's at Colorado for a long that he probably saw a lot of the band. With the Denver nugget that was quite a shot lit by Darryl Willis with. 37 seconds to go in the overtime in the shocks are kind of on offense doesn't it didn't really seem to be going anywhere and Darryl kind of hit a fade away. With on one foot and bring it easily and then supplier. That's the way he can score a lot of ways. And in fact it was in fact it was Darryl that. Had gotten a big defense of rebound on the miss on central Florida's into the floor so he cleaned up the glass on defense that came down on offense and great fadeaway jumper that. At that time with the Sox up by three with 37 seconds to go big bucket. The agreement gets. Good game from start to finish like that and entertaining 7571. Shocker when it at Central Florida in overtime. And Volvo the sets up the regular season finale we've been talking about it all been talking about it talked about basically for three months. Dad's Sunday 11 o'clock to lead nationally televised on CVS. Not the CBS sports network with CVS so another great. Thing about being in the American conference which fate is in the exposure. Not every game every conference game they play it and then. Either on the ESPN one of their network CBS sports network. CBS. So that kind of stuff is gonna help recruiting well. Sox won it tonight 7571. Cents at that Sunday. Game tips off at 11 AM so Mike Kennedy days they'll all the be on the air with pregame show like an age and the Sunday morning game tips off at eleven. We will be here after the game at twin peaks to take your phone calls on the next edition of the soccer locker room so of course that's all after a senior day activities app. After the game six level. So more than we can never remember. The senior class even though you try to sell I tried in a worse than that I guess I was it. Prominently. It doesn't happen very often and at no time the silly fun and kind of have that image in Panama. And and well being wrong as being as being a guy that has a lot of a lot of interest things certainly and maybe through. No I'm trying to play a car for trial. Lawyers have to do is look on FaceBook and see the interesting thing you both there about. On this day and then. Well with to solve laws. Mean like I've asked about that numerous times news that the you actually have. Information like that on your computer that you. And the reason compiled over the president that means you love your community well I think yeah. And they are community loves him well. We haven't a moment and maybe opened up for discussion and another at another time. Socks when it tonight in overtime 7571. At Central Florida Bob thanks for being with us tonight always a pleasure then we've been there a long time that was fun. Yeah we'll do it again on Sunday afternoon certainly will invite soccer fans to come on out and join us after the game and professional arena on your birthday. Regular season finale for the shots conference. You might think my wife's going to accompanied me here. On Sunday while yes is this would that be a first for the locked out of our parents yes that would have. Now I'm clots that some look forward to that's going to be a lot of fun. I might actually take a shower and be present double authoring an expert who isn't a this I got a city. Will be fun and it does soccer fans of course looking forward to Sunday in lives and we'll import some high level basketball level at the Coca renounced them. Take care Tenet gets well thank you Bob great to have Bob Lewis what is here tonight on the soccer locker room so thanks to all our callers tonight great discussion this evening. Our hosts here at twin peak cities which he taught 21 and rock will seater twin peaks on Sunday afternoon after the soccer game against Cincinnati. Soccer's when it tonight at the Central Florida 7571. In overtime. Jack Moore is leading us off with nineteen points nine rebounds three blocked shots. Landry Janet had fourteen points six assists honor frank camp added sixteen points and a couple of rebounds. Restart Kelly had nine rebounds and seven points three of those boards on the offensive end Darryl Willis had seven point six rebounds. Marcus McDuff the had five points and a couple of rebounds. And the shocks. And five assists for Austin reed zoo the Austin McNabb has been shooting night but he dished out five assists to help out. In the pause in the shoppers hit the road win at Central Florida. Eleventh ranked Wichita State now on a seven game winning streak 24 and five overall this game back in a conference with one game to play against conference leader. On Sunday at 11 AM tip off at 11 AM between. Tenth ranked Cincinnati and eleventh ranked Wichita State we'll have all four you're right here on 103 point seven. HEY. And for everyone here that you line and opera producer engineer Andrew handling this instead. At that sports red thanks very witnessed tonight for soccer hoops. On 103 point 78 Eli and good night.