WSU Men's Basketball at Temple 02-01-18

Thursday, February 1st

WSU Men's Basketball at Temple: L 81-79


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Yeah and now. Jon herb. 103 point seven hey you want a quick break. Here's some points in the diners. Campbell University. Philadelphia and tonight's game play the doctors and how old. First they didn't specifically to do in the American athletic conference Bob hall alongside after Hamlet in this video as always tonight. And a shocker for me if this game you want straight wins a. Seventeen and four on the hearsay evidence and who is the America. Am looking at facts to winning on the road after but it it'll open the game road winning streak snapped I Houston. The last time out away from home temple comes into tonight's matchup eleven and ten. Three and sixth in the American and Bob May be one of the hardest teams figure probably the hardest team to figure so far in this. Cricket conference yeah I've been studying them I might have I watched about three or four of their games over the last three days and talk to I GI's the ground toughness and about them and talked to Gregg Marshall bother to tough team to figure. You know Lebanon can. 36 in the conference so that you don't think that this is that. Very. At least he's been a film they've won four of their last six games and that two losses. That's an overtime loss to Memphis. And then that's a bad loss at Cincinnati a lot of people lose that badly at Cincinnati it felt it weren't for their last six. They're starting to get it out to. Figured out there are very talented team they got a real point that but to shoot or they gotta lot of size inside. I don't have death always going to be hard for fish out athlete them or are you Wear them down because they're stupid stuff. The issue. Your battery is not coaching friends got to snap his twelfth year here at 29 year as a division one head coach here in Philadelphia news and for seventy years. He's 640 career winning percentage he's averaged twenty wins a year twenty years. At these two Philadelphia institution he's taken seven sample teams. It NCAA tournaments I've proven that better coaching and soccer. The senators if they don't match up between Gregg Marshall and friends that these Nancy's been at which it does state. Was it Puerto Rico six years ago gave you an idea of great ball game to Atlanta and up. Leading by four and over yeah he's got a really good to pop up. Out east especially at Philadelphia New York they play kind of a different brand of basketball not so many matters not the when he plays. Not many guys come off screens although they do that at times but it's more one on one basketball they'll spread you out if you put on one drive and kick. She too b.s. Go postal. They're they're they're tough to overplayed because they have a lot of guys technical one don't want to have a lot of different weapons. On this team so Trent Duffy is a very good coach he's won it and he's one. Here it's helpful. And it's going to be a good matchup tonight between the shocker in the house and that coach Marshall coach we. Before we go to our phone calls and art tweets and again now on Twitter it's at shocker voice if you wanna call us it's 8691037. Area code is 316. I just wanna mention quickly collect you feel background please do. Cole embers of the conference Wichita State is facing. Temple has an old established university 1884. Was found it safe public university which bank fees of a surprise some people some may have been very private school. Public university with 39500. Students. They began their athletic days as an independent until the end of this fifties and in the middle Atlantic conference for sixteen years and its successor the east coast conference for that are eight years of in the early eighties. Never in the 810. For 31 years before moving to the case he. Jimmie Hughes Hilton. Was the first great head coach at chapel it's here for thirteen years of defending the championship of the first 1980 in 1938. That team was ranked as the national champions. Terry let wait. Let lacking as a matter of his daughter here in the everyday that he temple player and assistant coach wooden coached the als for 21 years went two thirds of these games. Of the six NCAA east including the finals four lead by how we're 1956. And again in 1958 led by Ty Rogers left handed guard I remember a lot on the long career in the NBA. With the warriors have been John Cheney for 24 years. 67%. Winning percentage seventeen NCAA tournament and reached the elite eight. Five times in his tent so they've had a lot of great coaches a lot of great players here. As Bob mentioned that the quality wins they've had this year there Lebanon's stance if they have the flotsam. At Auburn both of movable lost two or three times navy SF view into Dallas to answer 33 game home winning streak. And it played Cincinnati to a two point game here that they very easily able to beat South Carolina on the full court early in the yourself. When he Johnson yeah and it can beat anybody on it that night. Yeah out there Europe. A very talented team he Auburn's only loss I think two games all year one of them. Was to this temple Steven Charleston classic and Clemson one of the top teams in the ACC. And they beat them by seven to offer my fourteenth. Though. When these guys hit it going. That they can get it going there be stuff that can handle. Now you talk about the history tell me about the guys feel that the they'll feed of twenties I gotta threat. Does not repair record yet agreed that great nickname. By my favorite nickname is in the history of sports field built itself and LA. The lives played 1940. To 52 year led the nation's school in 1951. Think about that your mind ML KBY. Notice the owls with out of now. And I think that's what that's it ever that's classic. All right we're gonna get fund and the Twitter 8691037. And at shocker voice on Twitter. And let's go to now offers for the call now. Well I think Michael first call it fair that they are utterly that bounce them the ones that debate. I got to think that they don't yet but I keep. I'm out about them not what you hope that I do what you have to. I think that's sort authorities Seattle. That. That. After that three a new poll in their offense and an idiot. Okay about it. And it ended winning very good length to. Aren't getting back on topic here. But it probably pretty excited about. It that the lions game. I think it looked at is it with me. You know historically been very accurate very little. In. What it a career pray that. But it is to hit it up from the field. And it's been caught with which the shot a little bit. Yeah I of that length and if he's there that residents. But then I get it. You know not have them out but I think he looked up there. Would disagree with that also. You know I can't remember him honestly too often this year just passing up open shots and at one thing that. I think he's getting better at at it's getting more confident that if you played. Is making shots makes for the three point line putting it on the floor than pulling up for. It all at the basket he's already done that more I think this year that he ever did as a freshman and that just adds to his game that makes it that much was it. Well the reason this team is winning is because. And nobody takes that many shots they shared the basketball and you keep on hearing. Greg marshals say that a lot in his interviews is this Team shares the basketball and and I think they have what 32 assists the other 127 the other night on 33 basket yeah I think he's just a tremendous. Percentage. Of assists per baskets made so that's telling you that the guys to pass them and they're giving up. You know OK shots for better shots are good shots for great shots at an off greens I think. It's the guidance does that you know he'll have a good shot but him he'll make that extra pass and get it to another guy wide open so. Yeah you don't. If they might be good for him to take more shots might be good for potter to take more shots there. But up but I think it's working pretty well the way it is they're averaging 83 points the game. She's now 48% from the floor. And 39%. From three so almost 40% from threes that he himself. So I think I think what coach Moore was doing. It's working. They like to play inside out they go inside that Jack Wilson and nurture. And the windows guy hits double team they kick it back out in the very willing passers. Especially Jack Moore he's the outstanding passer and in these archer basketball really well in the later here in the doesn't take a lot of shots for a it's something self. I think it's working and I think he had just keep doing that you and hopefully fortunately. The only real break out of its slump and Connell Rick had his mother not knocking them. Earlier today fifty map. Shoot around here drove over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art which is the famous rocky steps and ran up the Stetson. Posed for a picture with Iraqi statute. And I took the picture to see the statue of tweeted that Adam getting a lot of response to it. One has to live where is meat go right to keep the pick go get him definitely cheering you on the near and far. As you're did not make history at night turned an ankle in practice and just before the tolls to gain not Hampshire votes you know he was not submitted. Totals in actually had a rude comments of he is recovering from that I don't think they feel like it's anything real long term that wasn't going to be able to play at night if so he would not make the trip here. With the team. I have to I have to give credit to Jeff Morrison is picture of the of the rocky statue and said. I remember the tooth out of a legend Steve tweeting from their seats stuffs in Cedar Falls. But that's not a cut a path at you know that is I mean it's certainly that is a difference in this conference. We are we are and some of historic places here in this city that the certainly we have an editor a regular opportunity to see if some rust off of the news. You know but I can testify. That I believe that I think you know which style barbecue. Lot better than filly she's. The events and it's got a lot got a big rift but I had Wednesday I don't know if you've been to the right place I didn't like unlike in at all I mean are you want to. I'm an idea I like Philly she states themselves enough and I think normally look at it we've may have won on the us of that here wasn't. That was that it you know we added a question about Hitler's as yours though. Again. Ankle issue in this out for now off and also coached Marshall got a. Leader attacks today I thought we would share with you. As. He has established something at bay county tree in Mexico state does not think Chris stands he has in the first place in the Western Athletic Conference. East Tennessee State cuts but I former Gregg Marshall actresses that Steve Forbes is in first place that still undefeated in the Southern Conference. And the College of Charleston cut my program former Gregg Marshall plan and it shocker Greg Mark Wilson for a couple years. It's tied for first place in the Southern Conference and he's got three assistant to former shock resistance up there and pleaded their leads the moment in. None of us are none of us are hoping that we that we look up in the NCAA tournament nobody wants to play there have been prevented them play it wasn't my sits way. Deep into the tube and let their successes quite a testament to Greg Marshall and but it is ability to pick good assistance for one thing and it is that system. That they play in that type of basketball they play and I will say this too it's any out. I think coaching for him I think these guys were not previously coaching for him. Helps build them as coaches felt prepared. Head coaches because he is a guy who's willing to listen to his assistant simplicity input from them and gives them an opportunity games do. Makes suggestions that you used in the times and and hoisted it means your always gonna agree here he's always been a couple others yesterday that certainly there is that opportunity he's out of rating at strong. People around him. To have some input in the way things I know he really does its job of listening and this is all the points of view him but he also hold everybody accountable. That's that's includes all the players whether it's starters you're the last guy off advanced when their bathroom floor eagle accountable. And we thank you prevent the practice field this this is accountable to at practice and during the game itself. He's at the parts that really hide forever but he program. I can't see guesses is not a basketball flesh of the who's better pets or she does. What I was here with the volleyball team the assistant coaches and all solid profit can be Cutler. All went down the pets you know as we all wet pants and had pets and I thought that's was really good at that a couple of the assistant coaches. But across the street it right she knows they thought had a little better stuff now. Not as a friend here. Who says neither wanted positive Aniston. And it simply the most notable told a couple of managers. Like they went out last night for fun and don't let a place called cancer cases that is that either at Sorgi knows. But that's geno as a kind of the old original places down in south Philly that are the most famous Philly cheese steak place hey. In mapping these people that thought I don't have a good to have these. All right Latin here's one I've been getting. Since August passes along to coach told. There are few people would have been suggesting they'd like to see a line up at reed's friend can't enchantment is the game at the same time there's a lot of pressure. On defense is in Austin can also read that thing. Well we don't see that yeah we have that time especially late and late half lately he. When he wants to have the best free throw shooters in the game he wants to have an extra ball handler in the games you've seen those guys in we close ball games. And at the end of applaud you for those reasons that you ought to play or we will all fail him the ball really well they don't turn over. And that can often open shots oath so yeah that's that's good lineup. He may not be as good defensively not have a Zach brown in there what Duffy to darts than guys hit. Navy training camp in Reeves would do it for the job on and it's the markets or exactly two physical guy got a little more fight. But you know reasons for that to a pretty good defensive player. And also Bali there's a great job he's got a great field and that falsely it was a refreshing. Andy Johnson that guy was wide open near the basket became awfully his name is just the right time for all the basketball and help put the game away flipped out. Any also draws a lot of charges so he does that real well also don't know I think at that that that's a good line if I would play it all the time but. Inserts its influence I think it's good. It's not about the shots is putting pressure on defense is. They're 23 in the nation in scoring but. But they're variety of lineups they are averaging 83 point four points per game that's the highest rate marshals tenure which state so. They have a lot of ways to attack defenses and the other night I think for the most significant things that this has been brought up he had. It's ESPN guys Kevin Brown tops and brought it up today at shootaround. The other night you have sham it and frank can't throwing it combined I think it was 11 for a letter over. August 040 for ten and eleven from three you'd want to make it three and a shocker scored ninety points and won by nineteenth so. Yeah those guys they're getting put. Tremendous pressure of that type on defense hasn't yet decided confront a lot of other ways a lot of other people to score even when those guys aren't shooting. And after the guys inside do the job in the night snack in fact Boris what relief this year will be eight out of twelve I think at his side. And then late in the game Carol Willis. Knocked down a bunch of shots inside and outside of the three pointer. And you was very efficient scoring I think fifteen people within about sixteen minutes of it is that guys that if the. The ball path. This is the case that the pre game should overturn it for the game whenever you go to these factories and power center of your favorite sports book or whatever but they feel rusty I can't just let our service great tires and professional auto service are always. A slam dunk. You're listening to the pregame show from Philadelphia. And we have a call from Chris Chris please don't I didn't. There. I. Thought I would wondered if he had a good news here if I can be. The mall only. And none of them. The it. And let them in this business. Those that of these players that it was I would always. I don't have that specific staff wrist or arm comparison. 14 years past I am sure. It's not the top of my head this is making it a little bit more of that this year than we're used to it. And what I would attributed to is required better teams that are individual players Wear white we're seeing a lot more guys. That are capable of scoring 25 or more on any given night I don't think we've seen that many. Shape they'll Bonzi Colson is that guys like that night after night slightly ahead this music it's without a question yeah it happens to figure out how many people have scored 25. Morgan's. How about Howard remark yet you know 52 against some but some ranked team recently. That would inflate if somebody really tough the other night I don't know but it played them pretty tough and then the kids at cal went off you know I don't think he's done it again you know. But he went off at 26 before it happens frequently that. So they that a number of guys. Go off on it here. You know. You know he's got to look at the defense and going up the defense team that scored only fourth against this. I think basically. I think you're seeing it around the country work because of these changes are officially be called. You use to deal with the clock guards. And hold our hands armoire. Yeah it came off pretty well known. It he had checked them so that could drive by it quite as easily and now the referees will not let guys that except at Houston. I think that definitely I think there have been outlandish but use the game. But they were this low whistle down there but. For the most part. I think that the way that it did it really changed the rules it is King County for the rules and that has really. Helped the arts. So that they can drive to the basket and it. You gotta you gotta get down anything you think you forgot to drive him get a basket then he's gonna go to pull up and get a wide open three and I think that's one reason. Why Garza's for a lot more plus. I think the shooters are better today actors morphed. Really good shooters better hit the green light to shoot from deep. Where I don't I don't think coaches in the past would let you guys should give me. You know I would I would ask these risks are actually it was at first and saw the game but also the other night. Corey Patterson was one of the latest to get sick out of every at 28. And he made at least three or four shots that we really long and it really well contested really closely guarded itself enough. Really good shooters sometimes get a role like that get some confidence that it can't just blame the defense because they sort of exploits and signals. And I and edit it's an unbelievable game we went back back watched that video and let me tell you. He hit some really tough shots faith no way with guys write on them and really quick relief ridge's role of an affair that basket must look. You know four feet wide and that he's really shot well. It is it's amazing how we've definitely people that it points but it was one and a seventeen. It's tough to Bob's point also about the officiating. We just added emphasis really being pushed last year scoring line up is. Division I basketball by six points a game last year I could not find attractive and it don't look up CEO with the trials this year. I'm sure it's probably up a little born again this year and it's in fact what's destiny double B 23 averaging 83 point four points forgave kind of tells him. Story it is. It's higher again I think most people want to see that most coaches don't put a lot of fans. Enjoy seeing a little higher storied games such as it is confident to go home with their apartment. And think about this and insist on earth itself you know San Francisco. Are Golden State is itself. If successful. It would let him as you know you pray that it is here that are played awfully. Shoot it deep deep deep roots in the transition. With nobody underneath the rebound eating that coaches that you let guys who dat fans. I think they've proved that you can win with that kind of an offense. That the perimeter oriented. She eats please. And so I think that filtering down to the college level that you're seeing more guys. Or coaches let guys fired up from being. Drain out. It Wichita State's. Got burned my hand and look what he's done some other people what he did in fact there's there's nothing of their abilities density reasonably well. Yeah 42 the other. 48. All right thanks for the question Frist thanks for all the calls and twisted his point people coming 869103. Sevens the phone number. And it's shot your voice on Twitter and we'll be right back on the interest but I think. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental can't okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first with no my. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's awesome. 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You take this in and out of it breaks here so as we bring you this dockers and temple from immediately for a center. On the campus at Temple University Bob hall along side don't forget any data shot is split it 50% off your online order getting Wichita area. Pop the onslaught on a Papa Johns dot com. The promo code shocker fifteenth. To receive your shot just down. At eight. Those who are you think this added you are absolutely. He says it was the logs are deeply and putting up the Iraqi staff that knows your picture was from the basic steps. The pictures of players around rocky statue which is. At the base at that to one side of the steps I grabbed the staff that was desperate times in two trips here to jesus' tears not. I have held my own on the Iraqis to. We're out here on this rocket hit about half way. A little bit farther. It's got to go it was fun watching all the kids they were all things. There and they had that isn't a dedicated under other phone. Solicited it and says it was pretty funny. As Zach brown Ronald since his freshman year appears taller I don't know that he hands against a hair yeah but yes it is. With the fact that the eighties and a couple of inches here at Florida glare of us. But I don't think so maybe just slightly. With the Eagles face the Super Bowl what is five it's not solve. The people here beside him though they aren't easy where he ran the steps there's a big standard across the front of the building and as the Eagles on it. And you know everybody's eyes so I guess we're on our way over here examples that the campus today but yes they're around it was a delivery truck that they you know. Delivery truck backed up you know they downloading something and they had a big Eagles logo on the side of the truck and eager to see it everywhere. Obviously this places they go crazy. I think the newspaper there was about two inches thick and I think most of that was the sports page they did that have enough in there about. And a lot of people are complain and all the people have to go up there and do remotes. And it helped people radio people that if they have to do anything outside of the three degrees. In the morning after Minneapolis. Thought the girls talking about how old is up there. I have a favorite soccer game and I've watched Florida slices because I loved so much. I actually don't have any gains recorded Bob does and I felt Bob has. What's up Bob that are really nice day. A couple of years ago after the death. Here's the shocker straight in front of the sweet sixteen. CNN and I hate you we had some people overdo it hasn't had. Had those two games that we've set watch those and that was pretty. It's like data I'd love to go to accept not watch the Ohio State games yet that it got a state of mind. Word 2013. At seven I certainly worth going back and watching. Delegate copies. Got back copy of that game and also the Ohio State game probably. 2013 bound for Atlanta but I think they do the best game. I thought my favorite because we lost but that Kentucky game at Saint Louis. Might have been at this college basketball game one of the best college basketball game higher after it was. Is it bad. Neither team has. I feel good about that confident that I did right here's the game. Yeah. I thank the Kevin thanks for patients who are up next. Thank you I had. I. Or Anderson. And the others are the warriors coach Marshall. I was wondering is that their words weren't part of their model lines. I don't think he'd be doing. At which prosperity defeated state where he's been able to do there. I also wondered what. What it does not starting off and so that's the other night. And I wonder if you could elaborate on what. Jaffe. Making himself eligible for the. And I'm just himself well I didn't know that what supplier. That made himself eligible. That he did. Come back from my college afterwards so it is going to be some help. And I'll I'll think of how freaky. All right Kevin. There. Little. Scoring Anderson who. Stared at our bench whether you know whether they cannot. Definitely naturally. Left the program. You know I think. What players that played that if there was some there was some good exchanges it. You know silliness is kids being kids that's no big deal there and I think somebody pointed at the scoreboard. Pick up and could that's that that was blighted. Not you know I'm not exactly sure what Johnny Dawkins got the technical sport got so upset I think he was just. Negative why he thought that stuff that it happened down at Freddie you know had not been called the same way at the other end for his players. It is never one calling it that this series that call and all of sudden. You kind of just boil over at the coaches and you've had enough but the two calls that set him off my belief is that there was a no call on the far and with his guard drove got a phone got knocked down no call fallen out of bounds soccer basketball. And then they came back the other and it was the shocker guards all got thumped. And got a foul called the for the moment free throw line he was he just went off on them faith that would have found out the other candidates he got a little too excited. Got to. As far as they've picked up speed trap thing there is. Now right policy in place where college players. Can. This basically declare themselves as interest. In the draft. And as long as. They do not hire an agent or forward anyway connect themselves and professional manner to anyone advisor and finish. Then they can edit the draft see if they get drafted. And even if they don't there are hints at things that they could go participate in and Marcus his dad and Shaq did. I think over a third player that he Zach brown did that last summer. And debts and that's what I was talking about is it what it does prevail on New Year's Day get looked at by pro scouts and so worth. At that kind of evaluated say all right if you want to play in the league this is what you've got to get better that is what we salute you haven't worked on so forth and that's let's. Marcus came back it was still it was really with the car at some of those things and that's when he suffered. He fractured his foot right before practice. Is a good thing about it is. They give their true. The valuation. A real true evaluation from the NBA guys that say hey here's what you do well here's what you don't do well here's where we protect your that are going to draft. In the past. Guys would come out early. And the only people they were talking to. Where their families with the agents dead head financial motivation to salvage you'll get your role player side with you know it's a it's a good contract. And so everybody around the guys. We're telling them what they want to be here and some guys were coming out this shouldn't come didn't get drafted you know they could go back to play college falling stocks though. I I think this way it makes a lot more sense. I Kevin thanks for the questions. And now we're gonna take one more quick time out come back see if there's another question here we wanna get too obvious suspect they can't show will be right back. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day gain practices preparation. Then there's a second job. Recruiting. That means travel. He couldn't do it without executive their share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for a he can count recruit and he backed the same night Brady's start is next to busy day again. 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Planned calendar waved for the 2008 teen outdoor in the between my game show march 2 third and fourth and streets you can continue to ground is Alan Alan at spelling to mention all giving you even more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers if your business is landscaping Xperia lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest Garden Show native Kansas sponsorship information does hurt your food they call sixteen sites when he wants one line or outdoor living landscapes that none. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center and think for an end overweight later. WS shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. Philadelphia Temple University. Not stating you know tonight first of civilians and nothing again. From tonight in Hungary dozens of games played them come very close together as but it also gave it converts that's here. Yeah requested just stumbled pose any threat whatsoever to the starters on the scene right yes and bubbles covered that. It would strategies that cannot. And it grants and remember the sixty Ralph militant highly rated team in the Lester against saint Joseph's shot loss they'll blame the officials scored with every ticket team there yet. I just talked about that on the drive Bob at camp right before we run on the air here. And it was actually very Thompson's a year after Ralph let's go to Iowa Gary Thompson became the head coach. These doctors gave him defiantly Quaker city invitational right between Christmas and years they were ranked second in the country. Illinois was here ranked sixth Saint Joseph beat them in the semi final shot as the Pittsburgh. And Dylan album which was undefeated going into this game played saint Joseph's in the finals. And I remember. Listening to the game at Weaver was to play by play broadcaster who was somewhat pro shoppers that certainly not just out now like homer. And he was stolen thoughts about how the shots you forget it but to them by the officiating and Gary Thompson did say afterward he would never cricket team here again and some what coincidentally because there have been several coaches that have that this is the first I've put Utah State has played basketball in Philadelphia isn't that. 6465. Flickers and it takes them. Well and it's a little bit different when you play that type environment when it out once he hasn't invitational they hire the refereeing. And the other people are paid to come into play that. And it is playing a road conference games. When you have a conference game on the road this conference officials that are hired by the conference office. And they have to answer. Jews supervisor. Of the officials of the conference's though. I think most people feel that you're gonna get very little when you play conference here. And I think also vote and to be a little more generous. Back then. Officials reject it to be a little more regional lies and games were called differently came back east played Philadelphia and New York. If it were more physical it seemed like other team's ability and I to complain about how much more physical the game Stewart stuff it was just. The style that was kind of accepted that part of the country so that was a difficult adjustment for teams is playing a different life those years. Well and that the democratic question by asking. Are there threats after the event I think gentlemen. Journalist but you don't even though there are levity. And we talked about this earlier in the media pregame show this team has won four of their last six. And a few losses. What we'll go to overtime loss to Memphis and the other one was at Cincinnati. And early this season they beat Auburn by fourteen definitely. One of losses that offers had all year that the clubs and by seven. Did he was constantly beat Drexel they they do you know a lot of really good kid yourself this team can line up. Player by player athlete by athlete when it was just about anybody. Novel get bored through the winning strategies for the shoppers coming up a little bit thank you all for your calls tweets. We did need to take time probably come back Gregg Marshall if you his scouting report on tonight's game so stay politicizing it respect pregame show. 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By donating to while you can make a difference donate local to save localized donate today out while rescue dot org and we're glad Entercom care. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita. Wichita State University soccer basketball. He's on one. One of three point seven. Steps again. Fine. Thanks for playing medicine at the steps today here Philadelphia welcome back Temple University the doctors they owls tonight. And I Angeles lakers' front throughout the official watch party location as keynote Phillips at work. Southeast corner when he first got swept up I didn't watch parties for a chance to win a trip for two. The EC tournament in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. At us they'll tap worked through official watch party location. For shocker basketball. The coach's corner was head coach Gregg Marshall was presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billionth of work could I don't know if we've been anywhere yet that quite brings on this news conference like coming to Philadelphia drew wrote. Yes a lot of history. I knew I had no idea they went to follow that lead it's between 1988. And 2001. I knew they were really good when coach John Cheney. Was coaching the owls look. Yeah a lot of history gratefully building right in the middle of downtown Philadelphia. Hopefully we can sneak a win out here tonight. Is this team maybe is hard to figure as any faced this year in terms of their record of that and also what you've seen them as far as what we're capable. Well this place beat third hardest schedule in the country did nonconference schedule. It turned out to be really really good. They beat Clemson and Auburn who were ranked fifth and seventh in the RPI they beat South Carolina team coming off a final four and a annual. Really good team annually win Wisconsin who's having a little bit of a down year but that's gonna work BCS type winds. So they just. They've been up and down what's conference play started but every game it seems it's come down to the wire I mean they could have easily beaten Cincinnati. They could easily lost to Tulsa both of those games worked in the mental game also was decided on about the buzzer beater Memphis beat him on a buzzer beater. How would you typify him as far as style. Really solid sound for coach plan doesn't feel as another coaching legend in our game I was at. Over 550 wins. Seventeen years at Penn when he dominated the Ivy League. It's comes across town I guess I don't know where pin is but it's another Philadelphia school and coaching now in his twelfth year and temple and but the guy just knows how to coach basketball who played really solid man to man they'll mix up a little pressure they'll pay a little tiny bit of zone. An ostensibly he's got guys can strike you they can drive it may have dribble drive offense have a motion offense they run good offense that. And guys that are tough. Inner city Philly kids the most part and I guess that's what I would assume but I really haven't looked with a roster spot might just have watched a lot of film what they can do on the court. Mentioned a defense to be able to find your man offense after all these kids kids. You know we we were just talking at breakfast that we haven't seen a whole lot of man to man hasn't been. Season where. People that played traditional basketball economic guard unit gonna guard me we're gonna the next few little bit and play better than you. It's been the hodgepodge of we've we've had to go into cheers and a lot of zone a lot of three record token pressure backed his own that match it's occasional man to man. So this team from what we gather please mostly men and yet so we'll have to go back into the our cousin try to dig up our man to man offense could stay jacket coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State and temple coming up from Philadelphia. Lead Lauren I know that's gonna eat chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only teach but does it. We are second to being directly from not finally issued a profit African and American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. Today we're according Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone they can just ice and I chocolate every dream deserves a champion find yours at M tam dot com. 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There have been three previous games all won by example to get what you it's a late eighties. At one in quarterly six years ago that we had a chance. He described for you. The shot misgivings about it seventeenth at 472. Anti American athletic conference sample eleven and sand. And forget sixth Indy ABC. Bob has been winning strategies ride your bike capital that it first open the home dream all you could trust the strings behind for blue financing capital federal. It closet what they're never after guys. But it Michael let's first talk about defense in defense of the temple owls is that going to be a challenge they have a lot of talent you know a lot of offensive weapons. They have an offense that plays more one on one. Don't have a lot of us that they haven't been set foot there about a pattern eat as much as they are all one on one team they have guys. That score one on one they should a lot of threes but don't think a lot of free throws. Three top threat that but they have. Many more that these top threes but governor talked about six Tennessee hero of the ads they. As you know and that she owed him a fitness that up and if she goes yeah. He's not thousand plus points or with the 500 plus rebound guy either stretch for at six foot ten averaged eleven points. Seven rebounds to shoot 34%. From three like to play outside. More than inside but he will hold if that's the big ballgame that 27 points against University of Georgia where he hit seven threes. Yet ten rebounds Sunday vs. Connecticut and into those offensive rebounds though you think that it hurt on the board. It also heard from the three point 968. Sophomore went off. Equipment brought rows of sorry it's an athletic small forward added fourteen points a game but he hit twenty plus points fifth different kind. He's at the fifth biggest games I get from their toughest opponents. Point seven points against Villanova where you get five victories. 24 points against South Carolina nineteen points against Auburn where he hit five threes that he night yet that the against Utah very talented sixth state. Small forward six for export to your guard she is Alston. Averages thirteen. He's their best three point shooter shoot 40% from three he says twenty plus points three times. He added eighteen points it's he's confident at nite kitty for three. Talking about going against temple's defense offensively. The doctors look at play against the candidate in fifth tonight temple plays mostly in it and a lot of things that go the whole match up zone. Against the doctors but tonight it was completely in advance. The owls who have the size of the goes sixteen to 46 elevenths is 45. Six and 320 inside Philadelphia over the bay with a soccer inside they're also very all talented athlete he. That forces thirteen turnovers a game they're very peacefully. Doctors aren't going to be able to Wear him down Saudi shocked if let's execute and we can't play and get the ball inside play inside out. Rebounded that if you afford soccer as a plus eleven devils minus fourth that needed I think we'll ask it's an extra possessions it's put back. If turnovers are always critical on the road. They force for peace and overly punitive February 3 third feature that they're very good thing no turnovers. It that fast it was soccer I've got to. Is there all night if you won this game. But I thought. Injury report rocket fired up realized that life journey with your optimal you want injury for the soccer's as Bjorn heat guard yeah. Here in Philadelphia because at an ankle sprain and he was not going to be able to suit up for tonight's game. Consistently innovate choral groups around the microphone that center court. Reform our national campaign looks like you high school group. So we invite you on incidents we honor America. With the president actually middle schools that are forming a National Anthem here. Into. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah me. It's. So yeah. Okay. This. It's. Access that is still group's international that it that it forests that are. At Temple University. Our pregame show brought in part by Javaris confidant and points and 1860 whatnot brightness remember whenever you're in the market place any kind of like part Atlanta tile carpet area. Hey politics here and certainly polishing it great supplies of materials. At great everyday prices is terrific news it's hard to finish the bars eighteenth sixteenth. North Atlantic. Starting lineups are presented by equity bank or other banks and I at the outset I just got a note that left. I think by accident thankfully have never been an ATM fee be sure to visit the on line and equity bank. Dot com. Florida suckers at that guards Landry Santa. Six or redshirt sophomore Kansas City, Missouri fourteen point six points per game high. Assists. At the other guards kind of spring camps excellent if you're seeing here for what it's not like that took him point seven points per game. At one forward spot Marcus picked up three. Marcus lot of family here from nearby new Jersey's Paterson, New Jersey. 68 junior he's got his parents a lot of family and friends here are just got a late start because of room to put averaging seven point eight points per game. Ten games Rashard and telling Dan the other forward. Monster rebounder this season seven point seven rebounds per game five point seven points is a six sentences here. Throughout Fredericksburg Virginia. And should deal more at 68 that you're seeing here for Edmond Oklahoma coming off one of his best games of the year slope point eight points per game. 55 point 4% from the field. And Shaq is forty points away. Becoming the 46 player in Wichita State just this 1000 points in his career. Announced that he did seem that tonight. It's not seventeen in Florence let it hit your head coach Gregg Marshall so evident at the American athletic conference snipers are five and. Why smooth road games. For a loss on the road. I think of one. It the agency's. Samples and their welfare and its coach Fran didn't think. He has averaged 41 it's well that is below the previous seasons here because they get seven teams to the NCAA and want to. To the NIC. This receive a lot of car. 36. Of the American athletic conference enterprises pillar here at home. Conference call. At the point guard's judge threw out a 63 sisters and your regular listeners who points per game and yeah seriously contest. Cardinal sins Alston junior certainly candidate Rudy called me six gorgeous guys right here Philadelphia. Points are points brigades to 40%. At a wing and a tall lanky wings 68 socket yeah royalties from Rochester New York fourteen points and points per game. It's about 35%. History. They're just AFLAC he's. Flatly. It is extensive yeah Accra Ghana. Point seven points per game three and a half rebounds. Added the other post my cousin and it's you don't you know 610 fingerprints they killed Virginia. Eleven point three points. Point nine sounds about one point seven blocks per game. And he has taken it five threes a game shooting 34%. Six since he's got a big athletic shot flotsam and closed up Gonzalez roasted with. Anything taking. And I just it's about. Yeah it's going in other guys that look forget the certificate pops on the perimeter they like the that's all of that is going to the basket he's got a half away. Winners and Josh brownie did a couple of early threes. He's the Connecticut game the other night he's got no results night that he. Only averages eighty games but he really got now is going offensively offended I'm. What are my kids today. After any such political party at jets' locker room depending on how many points it's not this story is saved him. I didn't it 40%. Off all soccer merchandise soccer fans all over proud to say I got its advanced nets locker room. Please add blast officials for tonight's game itself stayed Ted Valentine and Chris beaver. It looks like so Steve do the honors positive enough to get this one. Under way this is one of you gave tonight in the American athletic conference the other gets under way into the power so that's that's who had folks. Last night he's a good thing that they believe nothing from behind in the first half eventually thief he's his duty to seventy Cincinnati's. I've got to go in Duluth cases brought up to exercise Davis is now alone in second place in the conference. All of the air Shaquille Boras gets the upper. Except it's not very small crowd here at the forest enters its not to imply that it's less than half full. There are they're never shocker financier is far from alone. But throughout. That's not a sprint can't. Johnson is likely to restart Kelly dimpled and standard test under frank can't get a shot and that is not say content out of the way. Over a bigger defender historic kind of thing can't Ryder include less evidence ahead of feet away and you know which is often six foot four frowned at right guard but frankly that confidence and it's definitely. Rose flies out it cannot be denied that chance against the Wall Street it was right. That got front Alston. Most of them have mentioned it tries hard right you know president elect only jumper bounces off the back not the second time presented by commissioner Kelly please Santa. Let me push the court's rulings left right middle only dribbles left hand off to France can't stop it's not accidents and I left wing fan. Deep rumbling last night Kelly's back that threaten wars that the elbow but fortunately shot fake right side for at camp right slot that nothing. Maneuvering in there on grounds guys to step through and they did draw the foul. Picked up seats. That's a risky move trying to drive with now but didn't get it over the line for shots and drew that foul against temple's best defender Johnson grounds that the three feet you're. Redshirt senior left. On tough point guard guard with stuff. Marcus to the line. It's it's not it's a free nothing nothing odd years to 69 point 6% shot in 2% a year ago. A couple of attempts in the polls that gave them one for two. That was not an and it's nothing thrills of both it and it's not out of for a forty Nazis slightly for the first two possessions. Definitely it's not 68 point four points per game but they don't score 67 and a half cells now alliance. Those roads and we've got to charges charged Kelly. It didn't have to charge that's the other thing leads the team in this country. Well you covered effort markets the markets with beat on that drive split roles that the girl around. Cutting down and Indian markets feet. But a shark hilly race awful defense draw that arc through literally thousands of fulfilling the left elbow that the basket and stuff for you can't drive right throws it down the block Boris if traffic got it stolen by Rosie feed off his stance with today's ticket. Can then be up that he can't rightly proud down. A lot and AFLAC it was a long lazy. Yep Boris I went down with the other it was a late hit back on defense of the flatly that found him down the block nobody else fact that it did not. Fortuitous. Different cancer by discreet little short of the offensive rebounds Boris look at the bank is way back up out of bounds stepped out. Paula got out of him and a ultimatum science. You know flattened a couple of their guys likely sixty to forty jacks that they've been. Eighties though a big body thing. Fortunately. On state took a position created a net you know he flips it back to judge brown repeated throughout north. Rebels let the let those frozen for a minute you know that's enough that's sort of my feeling hand off the ground coming right to left. If you look it's not that on the rightly ask them to block and its young you being guarded by frank campus which follow it jumper. Soccer's works on that. Edited or at least that's what it's worth it can't we'll have to guard of big men down low but they've got force behind it helped the situation. Duffy left elbow picket mr. blunt front of him right wing Kelley for Ford at out of locked cabinet adding that's the way up. Credit rappers don't rebound deflected to land it. We got. Looks like I'll appreciate it and and I didn't go really good pass. From start yelling his championship and that's the only evidence found trying to steal the ball back shoppers can now. Of course management landry's first team's first 44 game Alston tried to get it against pressure Clinton not in a flat the end of that program. Additional pressure but it's not that simple climate them policemen. And it's flat ground work that's deflecting it right back to grant most of the ruling circles seventy footer bounces out we've got to its old Mike Kelly. Lots of hits for Shanda the right sense what crosscourt left order for it can't. Drives it pulls up that Kelly left elbow different forests of impropriety he agrees accidental. Shot fake over the nothing right way out of the block Boras takes it and it was slept on the left hand there. From I don't warrant to get his first acts not reflected. Let's explore yet went underneath the basket isn't on the opposite side note novelties that I'm on Shaq. It looks water. If you don't you know with a three missed it Jason zone read about it gets reflected the feelings and things that thrust on line. The top over the rightly that nothing double. Let's not drive left handed ways it is a beautiful drive by marked the thought he got the Volvo rightly so all the way to the basket you know the other side of the path off the board before shots. We'll look at transition after this I could make this tree on the way for example. That's the shock relief heats up with Kelly was on him but he would. And rolls not the long three on him. Can't it treats animals foods backhand that Boris and three by Shaq Malaysia or prevent ground for example a court quickly if she is also. Posted three in transition this everything. While it lasted touched anything goes out of bounds of the centers. That opens up the quick shots that normally they threw the ball pretty. Like to keep the things well but they'll run when I. And you're sixteen it's not about 1558. To go first at Wichita State it's samples over here and filling. Commitment makes Kansas workers among the destiny clear. 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Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he fell four and L the raid a Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE a. Just days. For example 87 members of the it's without. If remember while this. Marketed under this. Did you know that if they describe things and vegetables each day it may make you feel better and help loose like today's healthy is Patrick tip brought to you by United Healthcare had a real appeal program or. Real appeal. Dot com Wichita State shooting free at 650%. Over two for three and two for two volleyed temple three for seven from the field. One for three from three they had not been maligned soccer basketball's elite 87. As we start see. Next four minutes and it would play afraid nothing. That's not through monitored his distinctive degrees in the fifth off looks inside that it's a shame that left elbow. Those look like figured that was almost intercepted not an executive of flack these. Spins left long lefty hook this to everybody's got to try to followed it intently fighting for it it's not a balanced. Off his job. It's Kelly deflected that we've got to make nothing try to just grab it had been there and she needed him of that coming back from the floor let the festival that sure. Yeah Ronald is trying to crack down philosophy. Like he wasn't moving and thinking about it then definitely a fatal way I'm left handed jump hook. Background checks in the death the outfit is soccer's next first appearance of the knights of the merger Reeves and round and now albeit in this. Hands attackers three new faces. Temple still within its original five if your question about. That's uniform. He's got a long sleeved black shirt on. Great that you found out there if I definitely think that's. I don't know what I thought they that it had to be wider since they don't want this thing colors your phone I think that's okay analysts view of the could benefit regardless and he's never wore one before rising and we're one that I. Seems funny warm yours untouched ground with record that's right cut off my manager of the Boston comes back the other way now she's a threesome not fraud and yes. Right around 8356%. It should not spent his first and I definitely fronts and it. Can't drive down the line and it tries to dish out here and deflected out of town quite simple it's. We had a rather that got a foul him you've been here tonight on a flak he. His first teams there solution but to the line for shoppers. Who looked at the lines of what appear but not the Landry at this couple. Is CF Davis fourth floor against Tulsa that. There's one of the night Verlander should and that. So he has made two free throws and France can't make sure shot closes basket instead. If you haven't shot that we could get both a little bit tonight. You know him it was five for me three seconds as the news. But four for nine. Holes that since those two and one that it. It's the second place or so it's militantly they get it up court quickly you know it's not about three. It's not that sixty voters this is not the Mac. But we've got out of hand. Out of that ounce up and yet you know Willis. You know had inside position at temple players that could white rabbit with those records of that either accidentally hit three guys they're ready if we. Can often you know. And if it. Simple possession and you're not for a player. Wondered if it didn't flatly does Austin inflation and it toward the plane. Now its best growth in traffic throws enough on the roof with you know rebound Zack brown soccer's outlets to stand. Across the time line left wing nuts off the left like most about her and missed the lay out its target evidence lead back. Underneath radical left side but it sure. Crowded theater in writing him off right wing jumper my theory is yeah. Andre Perry's success there's all I. Polish it seventeenth. Senate victory was just inside the arc that made them and they like him he's playing really well lately. And it's very sound reference. They're G nines so definitely that we can't shot faked his death there right now at this time let the three off the left side. Rebound well as a lot of clients had a bad kind of Casey bleeding all over not that the air banked it and and Louis gets his first news the end of the things we'll look at home at 63 Josh Brown stuff that he. Almost driving it throws that gets credit that she audience retreated. I samples three threes that done for the Packers at analyst at you know it only has some animals toward. Q have the right wing back Willis left elbow. That's out there left locked wheels that there try to go up that jump but that's repetitive it saves and that he chanted through reed open three for Austin got. Cried after I left office. The night the soccer's first three point basket. That's actually point at job by the soccer expert asking you to leave with wide open sixties for example if you're driving into traffic and they've got a call. Either merger Willis there was trying to statements given the basket it's going to be Willis room reach. Trying to help out from the sides Willis gets its first. Second team now does it sends Apache on it to the line. Temple for two years ago now has this 340. Something out of 351. Team in free throw attempts. And free throws they they only average about fourteen and a half three crew that's the essence of what. The issue and 3%. On your 45. Or so only about. Half the tips for him. It was five points from the field already tripled 1614. And it makes the second. 1714. Howls soccer possession full court that it meant if not fine. Pierre who needs who's guarding. So much needs jones' game in a couple of double lane guys against each and not threaten read it ignited three away hits again. Quick final shot to the front turn around right over the defense three starts off tonight hot the other candidates are not seen him hard. At right now it's probably an and I think dirt with the ballot could push that time right sample after that three quarter. My route that bush that's the right sideline and before or bounce pass it wouldn't go into it has stepped on merger. Doctors of all it was that whistled for three fouls that nurtured now enhanced it. Kia and its line for the second time is one through Q. 7070. Gained thirteen minutes to go in the through staff. That's it's for free throws it. Big strong guy at 610 to twenty drilling hasn't nice soft shooting touch. She's one more. Simple enough I want they can make it to. Junior. Sorry your string of missed assessments. Done. About it nurture shot down one with the law. Let early fourth nothing that's been their biggest Leigh Jones drives right rival the written a lot plant at you know averaged just wants to watch the game. How athletic they are that went there recently. Laid up from a wide open but. It right side rules that's definitely the ground round shot today. And faith. And had a four shot every ounce this it and rebound out of bounds off once again right arsenal is it Kelly back it's rebounds you know loyalists and one hand on lost. Think the coach Parcells brought nobody was here Willis either one of them at this week that one. I had this narrow that it grab the ball we knew it make the minute mark the now. Laity who sees Apple's latest. That's why he's not done in that it yet this. I. Alston Harry. Those that Shia and here we almost looking down the left wing. Lack beat it to death. It'll definitely almost Austin theory. I'm an Elliott at his opponent throws it away. It's gonna go right wing it here believe that he's written this thread if not years afterward toward its baseline but that's not. What we're talking about the 101 it might a lot of matters though a lot of one 11 that passed the other guys on eighteenth seventeenth sample I want means different sports that make those right. That definitely it's quick turnaround three back. Yeah is guarded. Closely that was just hate her quick release of the top three races beyond the arc again the F physical fitness export you it was all over him. It it. I think they just on top of all. Here we have a right to left drives on trees down the line throws and a traffic and it bounces it. Three defenders have an effort to help fund that he threw one high off the glass. Excited. Enough on its back on the baseline still lead the fast. He left when I ran down the left want it more effective back out of the way round shot. That you know the Boris pushed off the block a little bit that it is laid out here at the end of preventable. Blindness hearing. That those rights for tonight what. On the net loss to handle it rates comes up but it he's got to step on the defense and that's what club. It was look at five business it would if it was really. Constantly fill up all facets of his game three trees and a dunk. Down below Harry shovel pass under Losman had a lot of we'll ask him. It's nice it's about the comfort twelfth time. I'm 54 article in the first half with a nine states what temple went to. Hi this is actually Hayes and I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. 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I would pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now all three won it 3501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to mile about. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carried long Calle Acosta in valley and are indeed born and over what lawyer. Shocker basketball is on 103 point seventy. Temple University which is not statement. It buys time. At thirteen 55 begun an accident left him. On threes made three threes. The way. It's offers flights to places. That's loans. If he can do pretty well outside. Tucker ethnic. I'm behind you are fearful. Lot of it's from our record of eighteen overall and fourth lines it's evident for all. Four. From the free throw line and it back in the right way right watched Boris traffic and out of the apple the on up hookers with all and he and a hearing on here newspapers. Now on the first national actors and twentieth if they slow it. Actually it's nothing Boris reach and that Italy France and re let's watch it allowed let me. Three might read off the screen rolls and now. Quick release again but that was fun. Look like that when Michael is right behind on it look like Google him. Apparently off the street and rightly accidently. Here it. Almost almost shot a fifty in and out Cali does it. Odds on the left side in the lord of the threat toward the middle and not Kelly it. It's time mode lets you know with Boris not art it they often enough it. I. Accidentally gotten back way in there rat tat that's not positive. Marcus gotten married couples legally not Nazis got six. Stan and afterwards I think in these times he has often succeed against the Portland over the top of the and it pulls back lost the handle this trip around him wants things came up with it he pushes up the court I had it elephant that Duncan missed it. Don't fit his style of basket of the beautiful pass by Austin reed added that he thought Kelly. But he did Boston the other end of the quarter brown earth days. My point that this cannot get. This three at the other end management programs and does not pinpoint that violence that read that definitely do it. Wanted perfectly right about half court. It's now 2423. Which does it read write watch McNulty back to advance of their listeners in the line presidential appointments and the retreat or not. Santa is first couple games this Florida. It's not just backed up by floor isn't it. Series deputy in the three pointer that we're happy to see it now villages throughout the three games also let not history since it's not short re not telling. Lots of arts degree to start the process that the court again the light and throws it away. Apparently fumbled dribble frozen fish not a transition visit Natalie is Kelly got back into it definitely. Marcus the other way right side Boris that is seventeen footer it's. Zach was outside of street light dark it with nonstick that's right now leads by seven. I'm now Jackson doubled the size of this thing they have lots I've applied re appointment it will double the you know out here. Well it certainly really fast carpet down transition tonight days which it state building does have a point yeah. They had not native and loss statements made three and now she and this one up at Lawrence has made. And it looks like it'd take some time now here once treated you know understand Wichita State thirtieth. Simple place. Finding the right employees to be demanded from recruiting ticket your views expressed when we're professionals does the word for it. Did you know your business. Boy you're trying to fight administrative. An executive. I qualified people an important using express for all your staff and let us help. 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Visit one of our five locations in which it's awful when dirty Hutchinson. Elder radio in line on the combination week. WSU shocker basketball. He's on 103 point seven KE YE a. Apple thirty to 4343. Pick up. Newspapers there which just. My shots except for example eight of eighteen for 44%. Temple of blazing 5%. For three with a shoppers are five for nine themselves. With the kind of state or more rebounds and less turnovers for the reasons for that five or shut him constantly with eleven point four out of five shooting. Simple basketball tonight for not bringing it up stories left his right heated as that GO yeah. Active death under threat can't now the help comes out front row back down to it that she tried to Baghdad thank you effective rounds history. Freeze the frame. Kelly frank Q what is it definitely got stuck on John on that stuff back on poor. Doctors but fortunately right baseline with the cutters not for nothing dropped at Lake Forest defenders there at. Reflected the blown away. On the Mac really aren't ovals it is now the Nazis doctors. It's not him across the time line rightly ranked. That's forest about accidentally locked for Kelly got undercut it now. Why JP were fresh just came into the game more than seven Richmond Greensboro, North Carolina. Elect. Client mormons just hours man was. Nearly a year that. Of the effort. Fifteen now what else go free throws it a lot ray camp it's deflected away life is all of that is that it frequently done. I have a lot. All of us out on to that alliance. And that's eternal road soccer through the wrong side that they would that the Fed. I'd wait. And I can't pass it deflected out of them by a definite that it met him yet like it hasn't ended the list. They're. With us today. Hughes all's that's frequently on his first points. And forced. The game long athletic event like it passing lanes. It's rightly get Cali what's left right. Back Elliott but I'm more earth. Not announces it's definitely chancellor Dutch you know Morris writes Angela and sent it. That's definitely back. In red hot from 386. Of their first. It off. Lance Hartman frank knows that that it will. It is a step back. That's way out the it's. Starts slant and it's almost accidentally popped up for a short this time along that she's out like an accident fortunately slightly nothing threes in transition. Artist that just right it could have a lot of friends you know I think he's got nine points that soccer's appliance. Is Mark McNulty. We're really confident on the offensive and round out front more. Most. People aerial again to write lock back to Mormon the frozen up and got. Orbit and on drive us Nightline gets its first. Boris just a little evidence that at Ballantine litmus looks like that hit it right yet area. Can't have it atlas is that you know and not. That's at 535. Hours ago the spurs and it's not active on the smaller mormons in the well now more. And then I'm definitely act that. It changed a third with. Growth which is almost. All. That night that the line is not tech that the line jackets off right down the line and it popped up. Out. Here. Pittsburgh six. Out shots coming push him. What line it. Currently the right thing that looked like normal freshman in the older. It was right channels don't drive. It with my four points to trade at one of the line for a street goes steadily spine settled him. He's got time actress and it's not a couple of appointments. Are not its readers background is back it. She is ultimately. There. Right now at the end places yeah. That it free throw force members of a percent today and not use this month. Or let's replace both he's got six. Nights at 944 ago. I. Know it cost. It's almost off the street. Not. Right now if you know my rules that make Fries experience. Step laying and it just to make sure we balance. That there. Let us not want bounced nestled locked doors and it also left handed out planets yeah they found more from the left. Watch isolated on it you know who don't double teams that are. In it and delivered the pants. Really quickly inject it with blue booklet doubled to right. You know that now. First accounts. A flat fee act again. Seven now. More chance for a three point play these first free throws out the night they it's nice passes for well not on the yeah. But Lawrence is now an oddity that flack these forward. Only two point play for awards and if it's not asleep 35. Gophers fan. At the top almost missed it way short man out of my sense at all. Austin that some of the floor. That's not right for us right hand side a threat ground shots make one little. And I look at it in there adamantly. Willis right side it off please. It was not that's right side horse with a shotgun about it. Fourth Neil Morris he's got a wealth and that's what it's not now leads by. It's patients often have been kinda shocked it forces inside yeah. Yeah basketball seven trays now from Wichita State. Alston left way girls it is the key is that threat to ground right wing rose tries ticketing closing laps it up at the shot good platform it. Faith they're JPMorgan addicted to. You on the season prior to that. At 13%. Coming into this game but he looked good on that three from the right corner whistle away from the bought a ticket to get warm and holding Darryl Willis. And that's going to be mormons second now. 181001. Want for journalists swarmed the thick kid refreshments for easily six that is though. Willis took a couple of inches on last Sunday at both sides let them vote on the block against brown the three guards though. Another threat regardless with smaller people. They don't want him want for funerals. A lot of literature Baghdad if you feel warrants if they can't shots behind him thrusting tenth. Don't Darryl Willis. Its first free throw attempt in a couple of it's not shoot any against wells. That was it didn't get the bonus there now three points in the first. Talked about well as the future the other hadn't felt like it fifteen points. Just thirteen or twelve minutes it's sad that he should consult. But more free throughout count gets that lead back yeah. And does its center with that when Darryl Willis with war. Honestly I'm 4433. Still for a sign it snaps a high scoring. Snapped a shocker warm and court rightly Josh Brown brown. Rebels. Accidentally write the left is he evil Hillary it's a pop seventy ounces in that bout. I'm finally found it nice round has let it. The only averages eight game play maker. Better driver shooter Mike so they're going underneath the screen that background and capability underneath the street. He's the ultimate magnets that Lewis last night around now not to nurture. That's ground last night. Let let let the light let's not take sides they slide a strong traffic left little short again try to get his own rebound stick around my apartment. Goes the other way I look to drive them round nicely crossover but ran into traffic. Good call foul on Willis. And it's. Going to be Carroll's second. So we'll probably have after the time out yet wartime out at 326. To go on the first half. It's Wichita State forty for example there behind. But you're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. Your shirt to find something to fit you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season with Johnson's at 21 NK 96. 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Today I was zero down only 13 through my 40s50s rare enough for myself feel when something or Nissan Titan plus 40000 finest former UQV crew were you deserve dial 1800 new Nissan or his or herself what star dot com. Would recruit informants who. Important for you know for a fact that licensed often go. That maybe things on this platform until until we want to tune in to impact the mormons and. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post cameo underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. WS junker basketball. He's one of the three point seven yeah. You've got twenty. Individuals that are thought. Getting back to its records and other right after president of the those. And I. Replace sixty gophers have to have the flaw that was now called fearless which does it not shooting situation right before at a time. For example there's. Sliding into the three of them are seven. 1163. Point 6% with just a 50%. Overall temp 48. It's not as if that's worked out fine. By five. Mine have not rebounded and fight for Steve night. A ground deflated the temple baseline mindless slaughter all of it gets its lightness which are about Austin. Doesn't work left side of the floor. It's just it's it's it's pre merger it is not. That's not rightly proud of the street there's act ripped cinematic event like. A well designed play got that from a wide open three from the rightly that it went in now. As penetrated some wild ass that threats of violence that he definitely it was rather short Arab all the talent. And it's going to go. On the on Ronald surgery that is the crowd was then now now bulletin air quality down very quickly yeah. Players were surprised him Ronald got called for a bullish view for the amount to act more. You know definitely helps out your weakness and you'd pretty quickly that most the time down the war. It'll never hardly ever win the basketball. It again that is the best would have the right baseline. Floater right. His first two point basket he has five points. Doctors by seven with the most intimate driving people right sent it back out west front of him back to share it got hot late scramble to. Or browser because that court over its war on the right let out more about almost traveled. I'm Fred Brown right that is not boorish act as a good job with his feet he's hit it it out or not but yeah it's not. We have rose for a series of good short rebounds Boris letters to Santa. It's not it's not a bullet still up by seven with the ball in nineteen gophers to ask him to reach that that's right. Thoughtful way that's safe libraries and wanting her over there. I honestly thought she would not want war. Lift its history the forest fires three for upfront way off the market right now what kind of force that. Apple with the reason I asked if picking up the pressure on the Arctic is infinitely every family that's not guided Austin wreath Leon on the river. And I struck backdoor cut those. Well it hit it and it's so simple that it's not just turn it over up the road was open on the fact that along the baseline that mormons the freshman. Passed it really guarded him well. And it will bring it out chant that frees Boris Kelly and nothing. Right lately. Hostage crisis through the baseline that got the chance ovals let's. Say that a threat to death. Markets it the reefs Austin Leslie Kelly. That's equivalent to Sheehan but at the ball a lot. As a flat seats writes it skidded right now make it look like it's our views up here thinking as. Well it lacked before sliding. His second. The temple coach isn't that apple fans don't like the wrong but I think he did slide over just a little bit. It's not a problem for our kids count. It was a close thing at all. I felt like dateline 41. Of the ninth. Now half sample. Attempts brown is the answer is going to be one yard and it probably it's right now see that's lined up before. Kelly at the line for the first time that I think I was way short prevented. Attempted. Temple with the oil spill down I seventy and satellite. Lowe's Johnson now but can't get the shot to cool. And I coach Marshall really furious that they are picking up these guys entrance include quicker and their let me get a half step on of that fund rules. And a half step on grounds crews have found. Now it's on the ground its first team's sixth. SP two shots work week rose. Yes behind in the first half three point basket and is it winter 63%. Free throw shooter it's the truth. Six temple now three of five from the line at NATO if they're alive for two and a half attempts brigade. I was a sophomore from Rochester New York. Your addicts. And at 47 against Villanova when he worked itself here on the guy came. Latter definitely it's not shot the latest on the thought that as it is it is long over thirteen. On the left way round. Isn't it Lawrence popping out for a enough grounds not market it to penetrate the little. He's an illustrious athletic all lots of questions is it traffic and it is fouled out yeah. Very unpopular call. They have been told court. But right now I don't think boards when not really enough that it then pants and a Josh Brown isn't 633. Years and it was battle that that's. That. Want Frontline dissipates shots at him now is doused in axe thirteen. Efforts have yet thirteen three's let that night markets as it points. Rebounds for exists that the last time. On it yeah. That that I once played really well you know with Marshall who love substitutes and they can. Maybe him enough that that's the business. Put him back into the office with that full court pressure and it shows what has added credibility to. Up toward all out on that just busting a lot. The closest to him. Templeton the it's not exactly 56 seconds left aptly be nice way of thinking of them and now for the defense business. And grounds that wouldn't advocate the ball is it that that we'll round them to have him back again. Clinton has 1000 Elvis no definite sense if the threat toward girls right bounces down the block rights that forest thinning in the line. Left hander missed and read them. Example. Kind of over the top and it's you know yeah that's a good finish to not let him. I'm pleased runs over please go to clubs are desperate decision that this hate hit his arm. It was bodies and it's went it's art his second most refereed won't make that call in favor of the Fed's move because Austin reed was. Being fluid movement backwards the defensive positions itself is being made a good strong golf. It's not as if run the clock almost down to the end and a half if they choose to Elliott the left elbow faked a handoff at this breeze throws down the block of Boris all complicit save Mike Kelly. We start up with a left dance floors over. Have a good pass from Brees is divorced from this in the path he had the ball ahead of the things that. Kelly keep up with that it's a city with a laugh at this point it's not there's not that I'm dying to play into the hands. It's it's. Are handling it out. Mop and it's not that sort. But if I don't look if I say it's. Ask those targeted an exciting shoe that's about ten feet at. Those alliance with two shots which are Kelly has muscled his first but judging from charged expression he didn't think he found that many. Because. Do bat off the plane enough but that that balance that with the call name from the oval line. Rose for two of the line tonight a 63%. Now Jeter bounces up and it hit short. Bounced off the back door to right side of the end balance yeah. Rose eight hits this accurately down to these tickets it's not bad. Point six seconds left with it is not possible candidates headed East Asia ultimately be shocked if they get the falling completely. And I missed it down to Democrat can't get that. And a half court. To get the latest now. As a kind of resisted Hitler used to it is not funny or was all over the could get loose. That's exactly stow it in addition but it eight point lead 848. Point first half and a fast paced Thursday afternoon with us today. At a giants Packers 48. Sampled forty forget. These shows typically on Monday night's six to seven Gregg Marshall seven to eighth and it doesn't travel. Now coach shows this. They're just about everybody hated sports real at the Alli stated. Of the American halftime. Thanks man. 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He re not only on the high quality TV brand like LG but we also have one of the largest collection of real good entertainment furniture in the city. After TV we've got a route in which tough not just our brain. Shocker forces brought you by American family insurance in which he agent Jerry Crawford and remained firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding Kurt barber. W. He's done. Point seven KE YN waited John. Slowdown yeah. Spreading yeah America halftime show. Competitively priced service this particular count of home loans that everything in between that's it was an error process. Soccer basketball. At halftime it's not usually get here by a score 4840. Added halftime. Tonight they are honoring the 93. You know 1988. Samples. Accidents because it's on us during the regular season and that was a little lost at number eight right now yeah Vegas. After fourteen you know start to finish the regular season 26 and wants on the eighteenth tournament the NCAA it's what kind of plot ranked number one in the nation for the last month that decision. It repeatedly denied Georgetown and a little bit of recruitment aliens. As it lost to them for five but it points. Behind. You know factories that here you did not want his schedule done he's thankful isles is. Thought that you like they think it is really really up to three matchup zone and they kept the score low Edward. Mark maybe it was a 64 freshman guard. And a half points either I have three this is why recently as success here every six to have points five boards. 69 him very well this is that your fourteen and a half points eight rebounds and a half blocks and that is real. At six see your Howard Evans averaged a lot of points. I asked as an existing rate very simple T. And there will be recognized here at halftime of tonight's game thirty years ago it would have one team that nations like. John Cheney. Really really good coach at division two and that doesn't want. All the things right there's nothing. Wichita State pretty good in the first half 50% over also evident thirteenth green card alliance wants to Lisa. Fewer turnovers. Added eight point lead as vigorously as well that would help my age five. 4840 score but certainly reflects a very fast paced first. Yeah the both teams are trying to beat the other team down for a very aggressive. Defensive team on both ends but. It's not slowing down the offense very much because the shocker for seven out of thirteen victory. In the temple owls were seven out of thirteen result really outstanding shooting outside. I thought he'd. It's allowing the other to get my teeth he has. No. Real significant anti innovative specialty points shot through streets of us. On fast break points. Outscoring the opposing pitchers every game don't want to hear it it's a fiftieth. At the factors are 128. On flights were pretty good investigative and fewer turnovers that just one more point on her helpers of the sixth it seemed like. Any turnovers led to. And no there was there was a couple of a couple of turnovers live ball turnovers. They ripped doubles or no of those. You know the holes they think those 1011 people like soccer field goal aren't aware of them down. Doctors do a lot of teams but they do have some guys that play a lot of minutes he was publicly a lot of guys that you know you've played 31. Round please 33. And also played 33 and rose played thirty of those guys play a lot of minutes. That that they've got some good young guys that it dominant element. Temple is made mediocre at best. Three point shooting team 33 and a half percent on the year that ended at seven of thirteen in the first half one point 65 for Sadler. Two of six the rest of the half you have to think that will cool down a little bit too late that's that won't beyond adorable before. I would think so you would think it would they subtleties will pull off a little bit from behind the arc but I'm surprised with how good job of doing. The shutting down the inside the doctor David Lennon double team as Jack Moore is trying to think kids out there and make it if you fade aways. And a couple of his truck with three pointers. And doing a good job on wheel of the other guys though both teams. Really sit down inside. Doctors by eight no less than half 4840 we'll go inside the numbers that look. Percent statistics that we have that thus spreading it out of America happen. Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invite you to join the drive to zero campaign. Drunk driver or involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part. Designated super driver. 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When only the best will do. Fury at three Scotch and sirloin 5325. East Kellogg drive in Wichita. It's your last chance for years stated that the elderly or lose some of Wichita every remaining 27 to 40000 room was huge discounts with a torn seventy Nissan Versa for the today I was zero down only 13 through my 40s50s rare and often a source field when seventeen or Nissan Titan plus 40000 your finest barbecue pit crew were you deserve dial 1800 million suns or this or his film which I thought dot com. Would recruit informants and important for you know for a fact that license office. Back maiden fans on this platform itself and so we want to tune in to impact the Mormon. Shocker sports has brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker. Basketball is on 103 point at and TE one yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah yeah. You don't win. Please. Well yeah. Springsteen's streets of Philadelphia. Shoppers needed here at halftime 4840 effort samples were inside the numbers look. Halftime stats right you're by the KG CPAs advisors. Everyone it's a trusted advisor and yours. It's just stayed in the first half an even 50% on sixteen of 32 and 7UP thirteen. 54%. Nine for 1275%. From the line doubled fourteen and 3145%. They also present at their feet. I think in. From the free throw line. I stayed up sliding through eighteen on the floor at six turnovers to eight. Once again the soccer is getting that great assist total will baskets. Or eleven assists on sixteen field goals that it could easily have been twelve on seventeenth. At the shark Alley just concluded the dunk as a great pass. Yeah that might have been the best pass of the the first half of beautiful. Pass from half court. How fast that Kelly stricken from the right side. For example Josh Brown leads historically the eleven points at three over his average for a six of the field re afraid. We're very closely at three rebounds three assists and just one turnover. Points for what it throws. Seven for Kobe candidacy on. And then five points for Jason Gore and our advance pre fourth of Andre Perry. And supply secret tape Pierre Louis and earnest AFLAC C as well as to where she is Austin also just want to night shoot it. In the first half but Wichita State should feel Boris five and eight from the field including 33 quarters of two books read the line with fourteen points. In the first half also at three rebounds eleven points off the bench and Austin green. He made his first three trays and a breakaway dunk before visiting a couple of threes. Nine points for the markets but not feet plus four rebounds four assists and just one turnover in thirteen minutes base 34 shots six points. Landry chant at one of two of the three and seriousness. Four points for Darryl Willis in for Rashard Kelly plus four rebounds and two points or not her friends can't. Soccer's a 4840. At halftime over temple. At reminder to save up to 40% today after the shot is when it test locker room. East or west back the second half from Philadelphia tonight after the. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chase in one ball arrest was overwhelms people. And laryngitis. You can't control the game but united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UAE dot com. United health care. Services not available for all plan. When you need a window treatments let me change settings or blind sketch covered Wichita is your one stop shot at 200 didn't just the right products for your space and budget offering quality products from top manufacturers. 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Security investment advisory services offered for each point financial ETF member Fenner SIPC SP if we don't and energies into remarking names products or does is referenced here are independent of us via restaurants are when he went over north collectively in Wichita Kansas and there's a golfer once a stock to 0101 or online at when he dashed planning dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley energy endangered or an end over west's lawyer. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. Possession of the second half of the. You know stand by influences us yeah. And that it does not display at 50% Oscar on line community with time area of the Johnson and confidant dotcom rubble doctors fifteenth. Receive your shot at discount. Report Josh Brent north Austin green strip of land that dribbled right. Actually on it in the line of what these kids and their rights night rose drives baseline all the way out there are those who did not Panama not out of the phone. Rattled it and at those with CN markets have a hard time theater from executives got a really quick first half. Only a lot over the top for Boris definitely baseline outlook for free for sham though yet rebound Wichita State telling reverse layup biscuit. Kept alive by Duffy safe but it kicked off my crowd aren't passing bad at Alston was. Down for a series got back to prevent the lay up and got behind Austin reed for the past Clinton they're accurately rounds. Bonds I hope. Over the Landry family is right on the ground at thirteen. At temple the first four points and a half to go to the floor that both both times or drive into the basket looks like you're you're focused on driving has. Soccer fans. Don't hold all night she is Alston and it's not that that's going to be his first pristine balance of what it's not state but let's not advance not present to that looks at less than that open three from the corner machine that that it really confident to treat them like Elliott followed it. Drop. Possession down there unfortunately. If he thought he you know can't driving baseline cannot reverse layup binary yes that's played it back. But he's trying to keep Austin from gets the ball so they ran really and I think we're going like the fact alone right statement. Austin with thirteen chapters classics. Austin effect part got a question and it drives right off screen try to get the length stepped back in fliers and it's in and out rebound Zack Morris. Players to reach that hasn't had to make Duffy Dixon in the line jumps up throws one up. Missed a tip click go in and out. Had to re not controlled by example is last through a lot of balance for McCarthy got to the basket goes off balance when he got there polite jumper by rose mrs. Warren's strong rebound drifted away for a minute you know and not to Shannon. Landry in the front court drives all the lenders and afoul of reaching a non quit. Those students vote that way. That's now on growth will be his third for example that nice little hesitation move in transition by salmon that grows. Why don't shoulder. And that force them out to be Fokker fall under their basket. Here believe in slow rollers for example it was soccer's player since the end line leading fifty to 44. Shannon thinks the lot of looks at the corner and the quality of the Boris fifteen footer off the back. That's reliant dot recovered at temple and yearly rate in half. Over those left canceling Alston. Into the lane throws at the writer of this statement rebound from Morris make out victories along the left sideline looking ahead. Fools not an option of course trailing. Not that front she can't let that not office treatment course right for a significant role for the easy land backing off Boris twice and the second one board strolled the basket beautiful dropped pass over the top. From Hewitt at the boards of these male characters back to an eight point lead fifty to 44. Round. It's not an accident black background. Holding it for a moment that's a flat and gets right back. Thought about shooting if it was right now best of luck stolen by Boris around flaking and that's it. And streets across the diamond should have a really conflict comes back to the middle. At that it Cali. And try to dropped one off of Boris it's not a very good exchange to close to exactly look confident men and not a good idea that found fans. The big guy and ultimately that's commitment that's not good idea. But it's not real good excuse them fast seventeen miles an hour ago the second half was brown walks to the for a fourth. Hopeless Netflix Alston and its excellent pulls back in the middle. Right that was separate that left him to that nets you know. The announcement that route coming right to left on him that's exactly right rising got a step on Andre isn't hesitant. Reason got to remember he's left handed him don't go for instance was a variety of these really good pollutants left and Josh Brown's fifteen leading example. And that Watson is different fortune after suffice it pleased that the left its key pupils that it's not an accident. Right wing accidentally at a crowd of almost all of aid and that's not who had accidentally close to him. Good morning news. And even fight Mike Duffy and make it really aren't from the deputy catch the ball. This is that the freshman fifth floor that he really feels. Us now it's long the rest of it. Second now teams there they have evidence that enough mystery my fourth lobster shack could dunk for both and you thought. The other. Reeves did see of that fifth at this beautiful Loughner at the boards of life. Jack has eighteen and a lot. 82 nights and flip flopped perfectly in place for the team at its land. Not a problem that year over and rightly accuse Alston. Backward middle. Kelli Watson at you know off the smallest chance it. Was trying to get position him. Violence is not like it was. It felt like it and it's you know you kind of threw him out of 1000. Landry isn't it. Team's first half at a time and a 5050. Aortic you know second half Wichita State's 54. 46. The shelter ensure we know landlords have to keep up with their ranchers and even if they're related. Add did you drop I picked up your rent. I'm running a little short this month not everything works smoothly usual portrait response and this helps cover of in case of fire that's ten more which. Just moved back and smelled them oh you mean dad's email in case. Shelter insurance where you should feel we are children. 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Healthy smile is a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seventy. All right up with nothing. 46. Here in Philadelphia first meeting between these two ever in Philadelphia. Wichita State Frankfurt's first win in the series O three all time against them bullets that. Spaced out nonconference beauties of the year chapters of our tonight. Shooting 49%. Sample 46. Shot seven of fourteenth street temples evidence thirteen. Interestingly both shot it well three of the first at the simplest not taken one yet in the second half it's not it is ticket only one. It the first four minutes. Of the tenth that was missed twenty shots or seventy to 37 half of those. Par fives is also in this second leading scorer he's just one for eleven yeah violence that. And it only come up with three offensive rebounds. It's not state plus five now on the boards eight turnovers which it's not safe nine. For example Wichita State continuing to pass it really well fourteen assists. Fast six spouses now Portland San Francisco along sixth. When he had a beautiful woman a couple times a couple minutes ago unlock that. Dec war over buffalo. Really nice well please pass. Beautiful place that it gets back to guys ran out. Yet it's terrible that is left wing of the year Lee drives it the people that are flat picked up three. That next passed by the way out front bracket it's not like round of the last six to shoot. Buyers want aunt visit shortly about adapting well defended by Kelly that's an island democratic or strictly restated the the basket then have to turn back at its Atlanta where you stand out front that nothing. Right wing Boris. She and headed in the right quarter that definitely takes Shaquille fifteen footer not letting Sam it. Well look up his second basket case highlights. And it's not good fights and it and I pull up jumper by him that sentinel it is left and into the lane. Not that ground around it left its key Alston. I read. My chance it accident this out front ground. But hear me now. Right it's the lions forced shots blocked by Boris. And I think that sounds like to be on somebody else it's not that stuff acknowledged analyst on wars we've got but it's not even Jack wars you over to help the because he was he's not here. And accidentally picked up the announcement marks she experts team's second half shot. Sport gate here Lou Reed. And the freshman is only 54%. From the line on thirteen of 24 persons dead left handed shooter. This three points since its first trip to the line of the night that if your efforts that the doctors at 647. 1457. Bounces off the fact that bounced bounced templates don't. Currently not vote down these that force not inflated leading by eight full court pressure by temple man to man pressure. It's not handling it retrieves and chiseled across the life into the rebels got a wealth away numbers rise most of the eighth and it rains that flooded just know it's very negative basket he's got fifty. That is night and again. At the heart spanning nearly had it partially blocked thank Kelly recovered by a flat fee model that for a moment that must see evidence. They're they're really concentrating on penetrate the bathroom break it down shocker defense and that's why their system offensive rebounds and just a flat fees for. Lot inside Islam and intercepted that I found on forest trying to get it's. It's just a little bit lately with the opener for every moment. But their best defender Josh Brown as being your sniffed out the play when confidence that that passed away. Second now on Boris thirteen now after all of us back though. Now with als down by eight there are checks it force the chorus. That judge brown. Slowly brought on line up slightly. As the key with us. Alston back in France and that she can't do here at least doubles left pulls back Leon rot. Alston posted dribbles right. Walls of the fires awful excited. Allan. It's gonna go the other way critical question off a lot of flak. Any position on the board at night. Affinia. Really force that the Johnson it was not a one night and now one well. He's not a shocker tonight. Fourteenth hour and a half months. Does it that ball back. You know Willis we'll check in its analysts merger. Snack wrap it in Austin Atlantic machine that black he goes out. And it monthly salaries and rated at night here we factors like eighth to 45. And I both of those are the looks like it's not an excellent excellent sound on Willis. Can't stop it but it is activity center offers a little aid and that's louis' third I didn't think much contact there tonight. That's down thank. Them. If Matt in the little bit of a profit announcement. That's three on Willis on merger Boris has so far it's not that they. Short brown. Lifted Terry green ready to take a three way short line not a short deflect that to a rebound. Passes crosscourt and another right side it is different courts to the top. Apparently foolish not think it gets light back intimately Reeves makes thrives. Now water Willis from fifteenth just about there for example yet kind of flipped paths over the shoulder pass from Brees back to Willis. Nearly driving penetrating. It is that. At least at six. Temple that was it. Six pounds a tough shot he shot them over the top and trying to block him if it gets a little slightly rant done right want to. You're hearing on it. Excellent your accident is pleased Austin backed mergers three right laying off the right side of the lessons. It's sort events have. Also this benefit and create Willis and nurtured through open threes the last few to have them more. That if not for the things that ultimately the most prized ticket cut off the ground. Yet not try to make him off now here we don't know why it can't. I don't blame it's it's not the artists listed as a dad hated sniffles. So a lot of Wall Street really concentrating on driving the offensive and it's time they drove with the authority that bad. And I get a good. Most of the high post left elbow it's. It's nice visit us they're not underneath. Had a bad hand saved by three shots naked blank stares at around though didn't. With a good shot he had just been around but he had a wide open I think he flew right from the basket and couldn't make it. Let you know if restraint does off the back and apparently he's chased it down through the templates nothing players that. It's not it's not like there's only 54 leaves the senate floor for us though we're in the free throws hurtful incidents and listen to. Not a chance. Left to right right wing leave my point of grounds for me shortly found the answer. Instead there was an actress Janet shot snaked down the leg global it benefits us now. And every had a wide open three that kicked out from surgery on the offensive floor let's take his shot. Throw the pocket. You draw is the value for the good. Free throws after the time out thousands Josh Brown on his third 151000. Halftime about 1118. Begun the second half. It's not a State's ten point lead is that cup of sports actors 58 samples if he's a little. Could help ones in fictions but what are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community. Providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the Kansas health foundation and our men and we invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because some people eat that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy learn more at Kansas home dot war. Those shots. Are you doing there beautiful cars into. Yeah what's the right now 93 lately to people off but helpless to exit doors yeah these. And I look like seventies and let me talk to the boss would like to do things. Well there's your company's just he's cart weekly hounding you weren't really hearts are still wanna give a different deserves. When he's never missed but he says I didn't think he let in some free air freshness DO. State farm colony today. The twin peaks the ultimate sports lodge where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's 400 screens and scratched from his bursting from the best kitchen and sport there's something on the menu to satisfy every fan's appetite take your database to new heights with -- -- -- items for the table twenty schools from as far features and -- a selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystal wore our man caves are decked out with tons of HDTV so there's never bats he now heads for twin peak speeds drink scenic views. Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seventy years. McNabb they've been up nice and a couple of times. The second half that had example. I'm excited for Landry. I thought the latest details of the line. Coming out of the timeout we just don't think I've got thirteenth so far as the second half creates a half since. Just don't want added that the league's sixth or fourteenth or. Tonight they made it tough for that that's where it's not it's my fourth of our path. A couple of guys Kevin really good games that's worth eighteen point 7-Eleven. From the floor and read fifteen point six this time from the war Josh Brown for the owls. Quite hard left. Six out of nine and it hit three out of three from behind the arc that bluntly. Put out. Perfect and I three putted fifteen headlights tonight every season kind of force students volleyed pretty. It was the game perhaps a fifth year senior who this ankles and all of last year was an achilles' injury average. Just over seven points per game and fight game four we lost years and the stuff that fender befits documentary stamp and all night that would never. Three for a fourth time this week since. It's not true. It's a program of action came off. What we're trying various points in the lead to 5118. Teams in the section that it. Thanks. It distracted free throws. But let's nine we'll successors. That's some do you know the Atlanta reader not a friend hand is the end there your round and Willis it's not. It's five you wouldn't sign up for the student section you can read design build through youth now the fifth of breakaway pass the senate for very Willis got his hands up deflected it got guys on the floor after brown tells people a lot of doctors get it back. How the violence completely be not taken all the little lessons and I suppose it's not fast. Enough balls on accident. Fault. Zone states that the defendant got on top of applaud jumped all body goes to a tennis and nothing else. It does some good look at freshman that laundry theory with the that this stuff Willis now. You know let it from the baseline on the line illustrated voters that he bested. More of for example doesn't look Louis president had a number of good looks at him but it was basket dear Lou. Literally driving distance but it might not qualified for it now is that an effective at. Solid balance the budget. Votes photography business unlike the shock her deepest respect better defensively and shut off the drive that basket. Nobles who have a good job of which that attacked the basket and you thought that the final. Nearly 54. Foul shooter a year to refuted nightly network. He has eight points off of it and it's averaging seven points per game. In double figures five times this. That money is short also rebounded searchers (%expletive) boxed out as he should have. And nearly listens to think it's not that we. Orthodox. Ancient equipment and tries to close all the way to the basket gets a lot like yeah. Slice acceptance and it's a period of the threat toward penetrating little backup threat to warm the hearts visited the you've got inside her for. I went to steal this is so he had an easy with the fastest lap because that's. Does that flow of this inoculated but not afraid to announce Roosevelt blanket sit back and deflects these types of it was getting around paying skills penetrating last night Willis drives down low it takes an up close visit follows his own rebound a bit flat panels. And second effort by Terrell Willis that I've stayed with that hit the home fans. I'd like soccer leagues you know five to play. This process over again a lot of political theater flock Willis recovers it often means jobs and ground. Want that shot these skills throughout did definitely got a list of home life as. Honestly needs that's his down time with the ball that commodities you know ultimately went left and right hand. He's out in the back in the world scene. It looks like who is it nurture. And snacks and some months now hands through camp the chance that the guards forests. If the middle and Willis in the world soccer's I thought at night it ago. She is also importantly. It falls and a little bit that is not a threat here. Flights at intervals with my that all's that's definitely frequently enough that mark about Willis but now. It's a little and sergeant nick now the bad weather was blunt it is the right call it that it wants. Almost drives night goes under and got stimulus he had them then you can. And I think that sentence and knocked around snaked around a couple of shots that effectively got the ball. He's in the basket it's their government and not let you know lawlessness. At least 53. It's a great theater in the round left out front for its street Lawrence. No funds which now calls it Nancy that those that that. If not resent us the senate mostly think it goes it runs over shelves at odds with him lit it and here it's not a way short rebound soccer as well as those pets and I'm. On our. Not rebound they're gonna let him back. They stuck to that it was a with them left and it's not an analyst with a gun but that's not as I thought it yet apparently try to drive him and it's reflected it's a one of those shots they. It will cross over and I've found that throughout. It crossovers back and forth. By and granted that's definite. Exactly exactly it is on the active shooting. It's six now to have with us a. With and rows of six they sophomores got a lot on moving in the fiction myth. Angle writing in the last thing he could shoot threes he's got to get up on him. In the second half periods were concentrating on concentrating on getting to the fast. Hopkinton to Alston left wing leafs back into the game guarding him also off the Wall Street trying to get into the lives Joseph Littlejohn. The simple fact that within 360. Yeah hold them live a couple minutes ago hasn't gotten it going confused. On the offensive end. Center right wing nut treacherous. It's screen Google's. Crosses over it gets in Blaine out of the basement telling a fifteen footers for its. 3000. Not open jump through by the Sox lose it and health rose at a traffic throws unethical lying damn good at it. Now I think it's for the shots. He needs. That's the calls didn't get a lot of the success slaves. At the teams up with the telco is making a strong comeback. 751. It does get the under eight timeout at its Wichita State. 63. Temple sixty. Ever wish you could call a timeout of those expensive ATM fees. Wealth get wise when you bank with equity bank you can. Which your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank city where fear its true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC. If your mechanic told that your buffer period your shop in red. You needed new mechanic and they've got great ones at all six campus plan tire stores in the Wichita metro area. 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USC shocker basketball is on 103 point oh and he. Became afraid that the town called bella. It's a Delaware Will Smith Philadelphia which it stayed at this thing. Eight points in the first half and scored only fifteen or. It twelve plus minutes here second chance if seven of slanted at 35%. Bothers not. Often hear very very missing a lot of gonna vote. Yeah they've got to open shots but they did then I'd just business. Alive but a stay at temple is good drive and drive and drive the ball in the basket. And David hit the hole and get the free throw line shot that got to figure out a way to stop that penetration. Temple zionist night. They have 47 and a half percent. And they are down my hope that history would suggest it's led by eight at halftime and it Titanic couple of times early in the second half. That's what I was fine. So six. Cut it to a one point advantage here those who is three of four from the line has twelve points. Leading scorer for the album over fourteen per game free throws good. Posted third seed and could make it a one point game 751. To go. Not present nothing sham that reads. Tourists. And Kelly free throw that. Those who fourteenth. With us tonight to physicians and bring you an update. Who's guarding him floodlights. Not totally since it left. And I. Obviously it's not what he's listed on the floor thrusts of the cross routes right between the incidents it definitely goes back into the basement throws. I was I was driving down force doubles. Thanks for. Wide open John. Temple in front five points standings right side of the floor. Or slightly now it looks inside the exit out front. He kept his dribble and has this few words of the defendant ultimately leads Boston looks to defenders in the middle Atlantic tele nightly chants. For decades not have a conference road Atlanta fan but if you want us this nation that's us by the soccer champ came off a couple of three year. Late rounds screens and tickets added him. Was that he'd put his second race at twelve point actors acted for a 6664. Is often. Slow night. Is that the fear is that it that. And it is the time line. Like it's hit it almost. And for Wall Street trying to get it the lines and a half of course it doesn't have a shot out of the way. Long jumper off the back iron rebound tip to solve LaMarcus except for which it does it. But defense that time and good qualified. Morrison's gut feel weak side jab did it affect it crosses his left takes. Inflation threat to forthrightly that nothing. Markets guys have done it's not got enough justice not to go to the line pitches and that rose. Doesn't look he fumbled that it is doing. Well they found him on the drive that he founded and the reason I did I can't believe these complain about the call and you lose credibility results the complain about that. Six now markets but nothing in the line for two markets has not scored yet at the second half after 91 half points in his. Good. So Marcus who had a stretch. Four straight double figure games shortly after returning from his injury at this. It's kind of cooled off for the last toward the back in double figures now with him tonight but we'll free throw attempts. Assistant to go it does so. So I think that eleventh. Stay up 6866. Cents and all of us it's Nightline's. Right just. A problem right wing of the let all that long to get battles that are about what's not to nothing. I did notice players hit it about the lives. Number not grappling with me off the bat long rebounds three hits it down below it takes it to the basket. The left hand over the fat blocker off the glass a beautiful drive and and banks not fun being with them to count ran out of the top three I was seventy soccer's backed up by six. Around the it's not archived. You know but it looks backward cut alternate traffic stepped through a reverse layup put we've got a flat it is now back out. Reid's got beat on the fact. By almost. Jack warns that the company golf recruitment and layup though he couldn't get. A flak he blocked off because you know yeah yeah yeah now is not Kelly tries then the follow shot eight. Now it starts at. Is a flak he's right at 50%. While the with the war the streets below the job opportunities. Up and that is that it's not what's. Pushes it up with no end. And score points on two field goals. Six tenths of forty from Ghana. He is a junior for the you know average. Four point seven points per game. It's that they don't want it. Accurately it's time. More pressure like five months ago. It is the end that got us. And constantly in all of us. Not the time line. Again it's right that list in its belly. You can ruled that cal wells there's the shot up by Morris. So I don't. Just now 1000 points over. Yes tonight at 1000 exactly it's not your career. Baseline all traffic. Quarters and it. It's work right wing launches a three. Three pointer by the lucky here we. It's at 1137. And a half percent on the years beyond the arts at the 68. That's the thing back down the and it left wing Kelly back out practicing and I. Hold him with its Knight over and rightly florist at three units of the bars and rebound to implement bobbled the ball this round numbers. 7268. Adjusted for sixteen you know Josh Brown as a threat for example right snipers slowly back in the middle. Redistribute his teammates which is wolf let's the rights and that's it hands off almost. A couple of dribbles right guys that flew up. And it's significantly back out front you know it's nearly seven to shoot nearly another phase it out at this time we've got talent. It's time off the back apparently was revamp. And it's not to bring it out. But. Faith crosses over drives left. This is thrust forward to chant death to look at it tonight. Elliott is that with the shooting with him not valid passports relaxed trying to get champ but clearly the theaters next round driving up with a router mystic. Might have been altered a little bit by Shaq Boris getting back at the soccer's with Serena more of him hide it try to block that that you're attitude a little bit higher. Boris in the front court hole and went out front. Doctors try to get their confidence at a peak usage and three sixteenths to go Wichita State platform. That backdoor cuts movies deflected out of bounds. That's my snow hope next time you try to get an active examples alone. Tied up with three allotments if you know in the second half its Wichita State snapped these samples 68. And this house is in great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hard work cloud that sounds like well. 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Again it's a lifetime power train warranty on top of things. We can do. Let's see it anyway. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder ray don't Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball is on 103 points. It is. Because it is safe. 4638. And a half percent. One of seven. Three samples they've all 4114642. Point 3% they're only one of six. Yeah. That's worth a shot just five retreat from the outlying the second half Wichita State now plus twelve. All deplore 412911. The five offensive rebounds. But they turned it over fifteen times that samples again. It doesn't stand unfortunate turnovers in the second half. Wichita State get points off turnovers at half time now it's 147. Samples of its eight hotels and a hot points off turnovers in the second half simple possession. After a shot or turnover. And eleven they don't Wichita State looted by the the other trying to pinpoint some passes against them really fix. This didn't pressure me that they defense by example and a couple of cats have not done that mark. 92 half turnovers by the harper. Got fishing expedition full court pressure system. It down tents that they've backed off pick up at the half court had events around him often afflict this is almost the it was to not start that left as a Wall Street who wants to use. That's worth office yet senseless death wasn't fast that it can't if you cannot solve. Hot Shaquille Boris and I saw a net. Debt balance that it actually don't you know let's. Kind of throwing jackpot. This fax call it bold. And it's going to be his third. Ninth 2000 do you want want to protect students and 83% for influencing the only thing for four on this night. 51 to go on his team down by four. It union lifted up. Yeah. Doctors have held him to aids tonight. He averages eleven point three heard him. Second try coming. He's been struggle and I'd also been struggling. Mac with some of the guys who have since been helpful wow that was. It's a and it's you know it was the ninth simply put. Into. Seventeenth incident in which it's just impossible for the syndicated advocate that you got a chance to think differently about its yearly. Let me just scored twelve points tonight at six assistants also had five accident is definitely it's not insurance industry. Little overboard snapped at the free throw line to each and if you lift ordered it to three a what I and it will also offering about among other finalist for Afflalo said. That fox now thanks Johnson grounds keeping me off the board. That was a good look. Would say experts and it rolled around the cylinders keep I don't know Palestinians that I take the lead Austin's a snack and flyers yeah. A fatally. Wrong with the I have to follow the justice. That's tonight at this sentence now it looks at it definitely did most. Just listen up listen a little cent dividends. Aren't definitive. Cleveland clinic tonight is Austin tonight wheels up on long pants or three they updated. Its rapid animals out there it's not but it's not here. Sparkly but McNulty in the back had a really good shot I want to read write it here. He had a fifty foot wide open in 35 feet you know night game you know it. Not the reason that's enough of that it's almost as it is night was there. Ninth you. It's mostly. Google's right drives it right in the line Boris fans left hander cuts don't. It's more of being at Wimbledon what he thought to have basketball until the defender on the left Italy quickly find new life and legacy. My snack for snack that athletes that it's not by accident that night that you know seventy recent weeks here so it's not. Let. And it's likely it right back. Over news posted for the jumper dog and at Atlanta writes. Rebounder race under a minute ago. Honest they've got warrantless the market in the middle of Boris and not to Santa senator's point lead at the school that your basketball they're really gonna go for steals leader this team disputes and the one on on its. Some activists. If it's him. Outdoors consistent owns the land its off the screen. The technical last week raised leadership. Lots remained open evidently better. The Sox manager David up because they couldn't stop but he gave a travel nearly. It was gone there almost fell down around thirteen seconds left in a whistle. Add a 32 time now expanded to a full. Point six seconds stick you know I thought he traveled with me I thought he did he stumbled backward. For example hasn't it down it's news. Well 62 seed you know it's lucky that it. I was really surprised Landry gave that ball up then let the clock run down they'll fight night. Jack Morris is out for the fall greens so they had fluid throughout life. The shaft Paulson of any given up actively. And reads potter with three seconds on the shot clock so you really have time to really make flexible little. Shoppers are on the road to fit a watch party patient is you know still a tough words. Stop squandered. Obama during the launch parties a chance. AC submitted Orlando courtesy Eisenhower. There for those apple officially what it takes its course soccer as you know throughout the shot clock I swallow point six seconds. Chemicals that can lose. They say go for the opening drive home the felt. We'll see if they go through three player of the week. Or they drive to the basket which is a very successful ones you're the second half and try to sign up with a few. Now we've seen that time they have those options and driving it is trying to score off the drive or get a good chance this time it. Or try to do it early enough that it exists on the drive you guys it doesn't seem to say yeah moron does that mean. Let's. Yeah they think that the general rule issue that was it was about seven to five seconds to go and got a chance for an offensive rebound and a put back. The guys. And that's the only it's probably their their best offensive player he's six kids it's going to be able to get his shot off. Josh Brown is that the game winners. This season. He hit a couple that's been shot one. That is that you don't win that game and was against both the wind Netscape foot shot round it's been that guy that hit last second shots. For example this season though he might pick it won't be themed. It rose another big offensive threat as long you can drive that these groups. He hasn't taken a shot for a while but he's got sixteen points for example. And Pierre Louis the freshman has given them some big minutes tonight it's big baskets and got it up there ground and it's you know yeah. That's his calls itself offline play very good potential for. I'll call and if they don't get subsidies on the out of bounds plays Mike I think you're gonna get the Paula Johnson grounds his get out of the way and he's gonna try to create jobs its own. And I think it'll be honest it reads it appears guarding him around is it to guard play. Kelly. It Duffy and champ it. A round of play there. Got a couple of street Snyder as the body up front office. They finally got called time out as they didn't have anything. Well let's with the situation that Notre Dame game over in Maui Notre Dame at the quality their own basket. Doctors Tenet. Screwed up but slips and a lot of guys to get wide open Rauf founded the free throw line that's kind of defense was really good by the which I think shocked. 7472. That's not collapse snowfalls point six seconds. Just let's remind you that we I have coast shows sports on Sunday night's Oscar. Layup but did I slept a couple of coaches shows coincidence you know Greg marshals 6% to. So seventh escapes. Its pizza at a time I'd hit seven of thirteen thirty K us and us live from ages four through with the Eliot thirteenth. After the throughout the gas don't go up there. Sunday night we'll have a show. Also note gave this weekend with us stayed very rare weekend off from competition. The women will be home Saturday afternoon against Houston next to a hot start. And it is where the kids sports day nationally sales. All girls seventeen got out there will be admitted. Free. On Saturday and all women eighteen and over we're just five dollars. It now it's time explaining something it's. It's changed a little bit here you might give over chick yeah. So I don't know exactly did Allen has was over here with the replay officials talking about so often. That was woefully sick. It was a sign mouth in no time. Reynolds apply thought with the if this spot to. Rolling because it was a time out. So they're not going to be overrun an offensive line yeah. I don't know what the issue is. They're probably both teams come back. Simple ball underneath a little baskets shoppers holding on to a completely. It's simple as twelve point six seconds to get it obviously it's great fitness for example. And all they're gonna. The ball up because that's not powerful enough run on life and they were given him the ball easy little basket. So this probably is to recognize that the ball out on the sidelines the other right sideline at about the topic that he extended. They've four man line along it's not thinking outside of street right now that round rates the audience that all's. All that drives the lane against brand global partners if there. That's up six point eight seconds demographic or only left water. Yeah holiday got a good shot in the left corner I thought that Paul Michael Lee and yeah it's still down. You think about that. A lot of nice drive and that is why all the laws of the it. 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Little house to read it back at wide open they got a long ago found. Austin has not the end of the line tonight at seventy points. Those short. Plus it's giving incident nights at the scene of the from the line 89 and enhance the senate. What we're trying your kids not to expect in front of does receive little short snap of the it was dead center eighteenth release the follow up his 23 point game against Tulsa. Soccer's Taiwan just into the overtime. Josh Brown play out it's not like god an accident and its impact. Linda relentlessly at you if you had to ask. Austin. Holding lucky to have this incidents. And that Paulson. Alston pulls up flyers floater off the backward you know strong rebound by Morrison was falling down that significantly. It's hard it was and it. Breaking up with plastic I want with the ball over tonight Jack Moore would not going to be denied rebounds and those left. Up front for Kelly while that when it starts it's definitely. Time. Not wanting incidents you know if pulls back with a five issue crossover hit my bank goes over the line but they'll open up blocking. It sounds simple I'll unhappy sliding. Movies at the air I thought he was there I don't want to read a little bit out of control. He showed a lot of at Madison them not to run over a flock the avoid the contact with that now things that you with a block all of these. Shots. It just may want us if he makes those things at the first is that. Monsters Hillary's career high prior to the other night. Let's fifteenth last year and its abilities to orient. Against Olsen down nineteenth tonight in this. Background detective Mark Duffy. Yet and second streets throughout three cents to twenty along the Lawrence's body of soccer league you know overtime 7774343. Remaining. District court for an outstanding blunt the senator John area. That's absolutely the right wing which is most often not the screen that the plane left into its trade vista's long rebounds not this. Rashard Kelly another rebound chance and opportunity that's not his right on line a little off in a good defense plan. Soccer's mine can rebound by snacks and by the shark Alley shimmer that went nuts factories reads off the screen did it right right side Mora started infinite get by the defendants get round let's switch and it. Eleven to shoot. Landry. Both of that he had guarded by the bigger catching on ovals that it's not likely reach three via Austin they'll get off of that hit a lot of my floors flooded Florida it's not about less than five cents. A couple of soccer flying in they're trying to get that offensive board with some good putts out. What roadblocks on Jack Morrison when I was out of bounds. The shot of the day there would jump shots in the second half of attentiveness. Putback baskets and and that's just can't make tough. And it's nice round out front rattled Wall Street yesterday. Right gifted athletically Alston try to drive and a wreath at ground and it evidently. Unrestricted out of this can't get a solid. It's now and kept going back to that left him this time off agreed they don't have left it. Try to strip him as he brought the ball up and shoot but the foul was Dalton now brown. Seniors on the line with a couple of free throws fifty shots for Josh Brown. And he's a good free throw shooting 76 and a half percent of the season hasn't been to the line denies it has fifty points. For the three early three's free throw is spinning. As it is that it. One more try them in the Greg marshals who bring in a couple of offensive player market but not Darryl Willis sitting down as gently ground. Or free throw it now for around 234. Overtime after that 77. Bounces off read about it here lawlessness that falls. It's not there's still up nicely. And four here could make it a two possession game. That's the high explosive up the foul line underneath. Morris got around the defender of the city. That's nice that play that he gave offered free by McCarthy a world wide open. I was afraid it. It's what most politics transition and stepped behind the three point line and made it three Franzen got the event. Does he called time out. The eleventh still the idea that it's back to eight point game 7977. That has that nothing is porous that defiant because that's it right back to suit was his second day of the game's first basket with an analyst at ninety point. Doctor made a really nice lady I've got the ball inside its accuracy to please sign. And gathered himself before he went up and home both gone it is. Look at what goes followed with a quick read through its. Jack has 24. Tonight. I officially can't afford fifteen from the field. At 24 points or field Lawrence's one short of his career high at 25 against now this year on family. That's what it's. And he passed over the thousand points. Not the 1004. Years ten to fifteen. Boris but nothing that Kelly all had eight rebounds. Plus thirteen. On the board they have fired more turnovers than them. Points off turnovers sixteen to seven temple's second chance points sixteen to five. What is not stated as a shocker meant letting Natalie yeah that's right he. Blame Smith proving that simple pitch when you tonight. Of those 46 of rebounds is of them the offensive rebounds in the second half that's a good thing is that doctors. Are only shooting 35%. In the second half 1131. They're only one. We're content from behind the Arctic the second epic goodness in the first step in the second half or just one out of ten. One of its overtime at the actually at Lambert here's dot she feels more consistent over the you know soccer basketball they aren't up to. The Lebanese. Yeah I just got to keep pressure on the story. The owners not so we'll have to come back it's like Kevin Duffy Willis in the game there there would that Shaq. Leverage you have in bill Austin reasons that he inbound the ball against the death threats. There really watch each candidate. I did it and I him catching that first inbounds pass it'll let that stuff yet. One thing to three quarter court press of assistant trapped in the half court line. Needs to pick up the factory soccer's work done this dressed in this program. Champ networking right to left soccer's good setup and a half or is it right to left wing not to look at. The plot fits into the forest output this at this time. That same play but they did on the other side Willis Reed if remorse that got this Jack but he missed a shot. Paulson drug enforcement is way out and got fouled on the way at camp and I think. Somebody that you know your Willis spiritual side it. There will be his fourth. Also temples in the double bonus everything will be two shots which state that actually. And no one world one a lot of stuff at 8000 the second half of the cuts. This is Austin. Who has not been the line at night shootings. Time for excellence and also out of eleven points. He is apparently. Tired of 21. From the field. A couple of big assets including a double fault bank shot that tied it at the end of regulation of the defense plays. That is than enough and it's over secondly its not that good. It's. 45 utility overtime it's. Not is actually headed up to five very briefly. The overtimes to. Nothing in the middle since its handling bounces are high. And was wide open and things. Wars that the Long Island at they both have friends that it's him who's behind wars paused of right wing and lacking any desolate. Paris listed Kelly I'll break that it's not that there's nobody got that he is on that and it's not definitely yeah. It is fifteen you know it's not it's worth now tonight it's not as of this this. You know it slightly to stand. Offers its. If you know particularly. Since Pakistan. To see just a minute to play in the Albertson's. And the Wall Street for more tonight three hot. I don't have acted on that point it was really looks really good loses a little. That the fact iron now it's I don't think that particularly. Differences advocate plot was shot clock is flattened two seconds. Simplest 4342. Undefeated cloth. Both teams have had troubles. Rory here in the overtime a little bit example of the 32 timeout to set something up. Janet got a pretty good luck there might outflow a little bit right. All of these top of the circle. But just a little bit long with that shot effectively in rounds. I'm not sure whose company floated backgrounds of these. You're driving home from the gate whenever that experience has brought to you by Kansas plants. I'm tired services retires and professional auto service are always. A slant on. Wichita State led by eight at halftime but chances early in the second half but it was a dog fight down the stretch shots they still let it. Up to twelve point six seconds to go at temple. Got to drive buys is also good. Worth about six seconds left tire soccer game that I got a break. Zach brown left corner missed a jumper let them overtime it's not this. Got to a five point lead for just a moment of overtime when I was investigated three for example that nodded to sue. And ever since then it's. Tied right now it's happening guy. What's the position what seconds left to shoot it and it got us or put them and it looked maybe they have to drive through for what might because they're like it's gonna quit anyway if they feel within ten seconds. Did you know get the ball that he did this doctor did not spot all the way down. Temple balls left sideline. Just all civil. In the end and it and it's you know your nose. You hear me at ground to ground. It's. You know one problem with these it is. That is that is a huge run right weight loss. Austin driving it's fair game. Float her best thing that's definitely. Throws for three days of Canada and got it but it's not say enough about our life. Looks like it. Don't count on Santa had a box that I thought that's got to win over his back in the yeah but now I'm Santa well I do believe that goes with that shot they have been held for the last shots. Scored tied for the good enough anyway doctor Katz's rebound that now think he is nobody felt that I found. On the rebound it's Leighton won't even let somebody truthful with them and now. He was saying he shot that he had his back to it on YouTube over his back. We'll see calls it blocked off. This late night blogging with the score tied at the very unusual at all and it's simply does grabs hold of somebody urges south of that could look like to keep that in mind I have a Canada that audio replay and it's not and it's. That yeah. He's that about but once killing eighteen seconds to go when it's time I get the rebound here a minute. And now. For example my rights to. Publicity and you know six of eight minus eleven points we'll put pressure considered Santa. Actors and it's it's not a single. And it's time now negated the flexible work stopped the plot was thirteen and a half seconds to. All you've done right in front of us along the sideline. Here is doctor fit. Kind of breaking his check CN. No doctor down who had the chances sizes being the floor with the three pointers have a chance to take the lead and. Thirteen point four seconds. Apple getting a very fortuitous foul call on this shot on the rebound. Hoping is that beyond your thinking of the free it is it is widely in the last seven. Thirteen point four seconds to go over the last ten. We have an. Why do they actually have a way. Out over Clemson golfer. Places that nothing gets bigger they got those wins they got to win over. South Carolina. I think. But they've lost their home. Through the lane. They played a heck of a ball game. Shot in there and. Cincinnati to a point game here he definitely. And Dallas. On a given night. Enough doctors. That's got to score here at least hit community because they've thought about it. They have plenty of time left thirteen to have second it's going to be. Kind of France champ Mike Duffy. And dashboard for the final. Thirteen and I have that. Everybody out there have been three point. Isn't that forces him. This time line. Johnson breaks down below. This is not a threat to defeat this great grandson of the better and it's. They look like there. I Catholics Duffy. Wide open look from the confidence that we'll look pretty good that your client but just didn't go in the basket. I don't really well designed play in a wide open shots from McNulty was actually played pretty well you know there's one thing is summed up this case. It's just past the second half and overtime. Wichita State and a lot of really good they have. Had a lot of that opens up. They just could not make it it's not is it their lives now than in the evening and a lot of shots of the the first that it was seven of the thirteen from three different path but had a lot of open looks in the second half. It did not enough of them down. Titles. Into overtime temple eighty lines let's just state. That the United States it. 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And that's you know you try to jump over the compatible match. But he didn't back into it didn't do anything that would normally be interpreted it bounces through called essentially used up. Gave money to freezes. Who went over the replay official. In this music and they watched the replay a couple of times. And it was just a normal cloths off and appreciate but he had one arm out that he did not reach back and grab that guy to guy I was told it was back. She haven't made a really good strong box office. Referees never call a foul pops off. Anyway especially with the score five that late in the game just a really unfortunate fall. But the official right there at the end of the game that put fearful on the line and even if you fluently on the free throws. Having said that maybe we should still be playing that Wichita State had plenty of chances to win including the last three point attempt at the end of the game. I'm Marcus that's nothing but the soccer's just could not make a jump shot. In the second half we'll see what the final stats are as far as total field goal percentage that they. Mostly field goals they scored a run layouts on tax cuts or poor judgment advance Boris inside roll yeah they know this and they had a lot of good looks they ran good offense they got open shots they just couldn't seem to not anything then they could. They've got a better shot at the and I thought I was just a really well that well designed play they made it look like they're gonna think about the corner. I don't know if it was Reeves over there or frank it I think it was three says they fake it through a fat. If you look Duffy at the top he was all by himself. And it's stepped into the path in had a wide open look and I thought who's gonna make it through with a flawed team but it just wouldn't that would go in. Four. Chapters all for the third time in profit motive now lost two straight road games. 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Lives in zoo or download a podcast WSU shocker basketball. They weren't ideal resort Google's plan. 400 Philadelphia example Haiti wants to touch base 79. In overtime. And then. That means don't discount Marla tab and anytime shoppers where it could discount off Walsh doctor virgin. It's tense lot through east or west all the way up as much as 40%. On the number of points they score let's go inside the numbers with a look at the final stats but you might be paid the CPAs and advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor. Who's yours which just day to night ended up at 41 point 2% overall. But in the second half of the overtime they were twelve of 3633%. For the game only eight at 263 pointers one at thirteen. In the second half and overtime after going seven for thirteen. In the first half. And collected at the 42 point 4% they were just one of six in the overtime they were to look tan from three after the first half. But ended up 39%. For the game there in the outscored the shocker by one point from the line sixteen of 24. Wichita State's fifteen of twenty about ten more free throws then temple usually nets in game part of that was the fact that it went over time six of the free throw attempts came in the extra. Blown out rebounded temple by ten and it should've been eleven if that ballot that calls on land him real mystery call it my opinion. And that would give soccer ball. In. That's. I just don't make that call that led that game on fox all but doctors did a good job on the boards. Sixteen turnovers it a few too many in the second and a but it didn't have many down the stretch to hear the ball down the stretch and got some good shots down the stretch it. But not down one to win that game in regulation that round what could knock down the three pointer. I'm at the end of the overtime but Mark Duffy to win the ball. Both teams had multiple contributors temple had five players in double figures which is tough state for including two with twenty or more. It rose led temple with nineteen. Fifteen portions of four Josh Brown that's a season high for him. Twelve for shares Alston it was only five of 22 from the field of 22 shots and scored twelve points but had a couple of big shots late including net drive to the basket that tied it at the end of regulation. Eleven points apiece for Albany and its unit and a T argue that the game winning free throws with the thirteen seconds to go in overtime. 1148 Pierre Louis played well off the bench also added five rebounds. For Wichita State Shaquille Boris with 24 points and nine rebounds made ten of sixteen shots. Add the 24 points pushing him past a thousand in history as a 1004. In fact the 46 player. In Wichita State history and a thousand point Mark Austin Reeves had twenty for the second straight game 23 against Tulsa twenty night. Seven to thirteen overall three at 73 and five rebounds. Twelve points for Landry should have been only three of nine shooting tonight that a little better than it has been and seven assists but also six turnovers. Came into the game averaging almost three assists to every one turnover. Eleven points for Marcus but nothing with eight rebounds and five assists and give everything they have that last shot that was it that often look for three for not front just with them. On the scene was set yet all of his family here there's if that a little less than two hour drive from down from Paterson here's yet talked with mom before the game we have a lot of family here a lot of friends here. Coach Marshall that the play out. To get markets a wide open shot. It was the script was off all written about it just couldn't pull it off than that it was close but it just didn't stay down my. Let's not think about a defense he player of the game always plays the put it in the deep freeze play a lid didn't put it in the deep freeze and how to play the game presented by lit supplies. Yeah. Right now is that list then it only slightly and ticket world that no bulls not this shot up by Morris. Sat night. Is now 1000 points for us tonight at 1000 exactly it's not your career. That's not playing the game and by appliance. Defensive player of the game is rot your bike got you covered whether you want to control collided your living room pre privacy your bedroom. We're transferable to your kitchen that's coverage has the right with the treatment solutions for any situation. Call 3166127000. Or on line to got you covered with two top. I con you with TCH any covered it shocker to get 10%. Off any order got you covered serving the Wichita area. Well let go through shark Kelly I thought that the guard ram and a hard time staying in front of the penetrating. Guards for example house and I thought Kelly. And more is that a good job of coming over blocking shots drawing fouls and any help would win. When their penetration got the faster I thought Kelly hit a good job defending all night. We are joined by head coach Gregg Marshall presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion. To work and it cuts this has to be an especially frustrating for him to step what it seemed like you rent a lot of that offense got hit open shots we just could not make it jump shot the second half. You reflect now we we were clicking here in the second half the first half I don't know whether it was legs. We have some good looks. This lay ups in this free throws and if I'd open jumpers who won the game in regulation or. When the game in overtime and that we make and they did. And got a second chance opportunity in markets because he was all watching it checked out and got a second chance. Or they made their place and they drove it in and. As you mentioned coming into this is a very good temple team you just don't go on a given night which team you're gonna get the guys they were certainly did that temple most of related. Yet that we had they been in that way. When you look at the schedule. Beating Clemson the Auburn 57. Beat Wisconsin beat South Carolina. But in the end. The way they started their league play they lost a home game to chewing and that's that obvious she's stoned and you've played well sure and back and watch decade that they go to Cincinnati after that and then they have to war. Very difficult game that is one of homelessness in view. So. They're really sort of full and another the only game that they've lost the last five was a buzzer beater. On this court Memphis hit a three that we missed that would have the same scenario down to. Made the three pointer to win the game as the clock expired we had several opportunities to do that could come up with a picture. Greg looked like to me there at the end that you had a really well designed play it took all the defenders down the baseline. And looked like your gonna go to the corner in total over their I think. Reeves possibly and it turned it accurate but nothing was wide open the option that shot. He won this welter what are we wanted Landry had the option to create. Its shooters surrounding him in two recorder one. We got five guys can hit it by reporters it. And then once he was exhausted that opportunity we were looking for this. Certainly right like. What you have with a nice pass but Duffy does that's stepped into it yet and then look like that he was gonna knock it down it just wouldn't go well we were open to hit the ground had 12 in the in the regulation announces that rhythm it's his shot recorders Landry had a beautiful war and author of ball screen with a about. I don't know less than a minute ago. We just couldn't couldn't make a big big shot we needed to. It's disappointing obviously. It's it's good team we lost to a good team hopefully got out here on stage it was you know it was pretty dangerous for sick. I know you can't say it but I can say it it was a real mystery call there at the end that pops up we watched the replay we couldn't watch it twice on the replay after you guys went inside in Atlanta reaches fox that guy off the guy would respect. And electrical power plant treatment at the line it was stuff. A real strange call that late in the game but suffice for. The you and he gets anything about it but I don't view that it shouldn't call. Coach an odd we can't read don't have the games. Not to get that practice and focus on this coming up next Tuesday's we get back on the road. I think he shouted coached at Marshall. Wichita State falls to temple 81. 79 in overtime. I started the game is rusty but it Kansas lottery if you can't slaughtered Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire for the PS lottery dot com for the most current jackpot amount. Like Kansas lottery and dream bigger. Shaquille Boris Natalie got to a thousand points for his career tonight that he was hard to handle all night long 24 points nine rebounds ten of sixteen from the field including two of four from three years he's been my choice that. He and he was doing it against double teams most of the time yet to go outside and the couple threes the first step is to get a shot off. They were double them every time he caught the ball. 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And Chile could peso for only 1981. And when you order the caiso tell them that. And JR sent you. Elsewhere in the American tonight SMU was up at the half it also by one at Tulsa up by fourteen with a walk and a half minutes to go. Again last night Cincinnati. Came from behind to beat Houston so Cincinnati not nine and no Wichita State seven and three with tonight's loss Houston's six and three. And then SMU. Central Florida Memphis all five and four coming into tonight's action. Elsewhere College of Charleston won a big game on the road at northeastern 6964. They were tied at the top of the southern conference's 73 so Charleston was hit an 83. South Dakota State up eleven North Dakota State at about 1240 hired to you know end. Villanova here in the city beat crate by twenty tonight 9870. Greatness of the team. Six you don't generally good team I really like that he knew what they are you with yours star guard hurt. They gave him that. They're they're really the Wichita State's women home on Saturday afternoon against Houston. Across at 2 o'clock it is national women in sports days of free admission for all girls seventeen and under and only a five dollar admission charge. For Whitman. Eighteen and over and an odd weekend for us for the shocker and it did not have a game -- next game will be at Memphis on Tuesday night and that will get under way at 8 o'clock. Later start do you feel looking forward to going to Memphis always that. Looking more forwarded it back to winning on the road this thing. He you know we have been through and I used to this might consider coach mark for the doctors have just that such a tremendous growth record. Over the last eight years a tough overtime loss that's two straight overtime losses to temple and bring it down fees get tiring. But that's going to be a long quiet plane ride back home. But you know the kids battled through a few knockdown of shots there the second half. Again thanks to Andrew handling for his work factor in the studio and again next broadcast coming up on Tuesday. In Memphis with tip off at 83 games and it's seven for Bob Hope. I can be saying good night from Philadelphia with a final score in overtime was temple 81 Wichita State 79. You've been listening to shocker basketball on one of three point seven KE YE. The front you buy these fine sponsors United Healthcare Kansas let attire Carlos at Kelly's crew. America executive air shares sell your insurance but Canon Andrew white start sharing I'm still love you know as early example. Libby was a blank it's equity bank your hometown Chevy dealer comfort as tips via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel. And cover the blue cross blue shield of Kansas justice Javaris governor. Trust bank good Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capitol federal. The American family insurance sawgrass country club. 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It's that doctor locker room just quits at the sports NN's special guest Jeffrey blitz on 103 point seven K. Why can't. Good evening and welcome to the shocker. Caruso. And we're here live at twin peaks and he's which is thought when he first and rock for here after every soccer game all season long here on that you want and tough one tonight on the road for the sixteenth ranked doctors as they'd lose at. Sample. Falling 8179. In overtime as the doctors had a great first half on offense. And pretty miserable especially in the final hour. Finals twenty minutes in this game including the overtime shots at ten point lead was about fifteen minutes ago. And sample was able to come back the shocker really never really recaptured the moat filled out on offense in the first half. Take a road loss tonight. Back to back road losses for the suckers now we're still in second place in the conference. But things are tightening up behind him after the Sox take the loss now 73 in the conference. As though the Sox take the loot loss on the road tonight he wanted it was a phone call the phone lines are open at 86910378691037. The area code is 316. Jeff Lewis tough loss for the Sox tonight. Yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't panic if I were soccer fans but I may press the panic button here is different. There may not be a different. But you can stimulate panic you can act as if your panic you I said on Twitter you can put ever putting everything on the table here you have a complaint it grievance. It's OK there it you can you can criticize today these are college athletes we don't wanna go too far with happen if you have them that they eating that they get off your chest. Here we are 869103. Them. Soccer locker room still is underway here tonight scandal we have our first caller 8691037. And Michael is up first though it Michael. And I I suggest. A vital element. Good yeah. Yeah yeah. Now I spent my one of those nights. And down. And and every guy that is the hand and they called well one. He even. Announced. And actor throwing in the back court last. You know yeah it is it is they have they only lost or gained in the wouldn't mind so. They've lost five total for the conference so far it looks like. It looks like the conference race is going to be over Cincinnati's gonna win that right. Or the three in the conference that 33 outside but Philly got to beat Cincinnati at least once even have hope. Of catching them it's gonna be difficult. Yeah you know actually I think the shocker. The problem. I don't think their their health has been very good you know there. I've gone around. Friends camp says migraines and some of the guys there's one bears have been really bad. It is chilly here. I figured they get of Darryl Willis and planter fashion items. The it's. You know like maybe. That might be. You know kind of the reason why not come on Michael every team's nicked up this time merely mean that I mean. The Sox could make a soccer soccer's didn't make shots in the second half that's won or lost in a way too many turnovers socket nine turnovers after halftime. Got out school got outscored eight an outing in points off turnovers after halftime. Can't download on that are out of it's. Yeah but he played well today in form and it turnovers. You know it they would like you're out of sorts and where do. If you have been. It didn't and togethers so. Whatever the reason and I think this shocker there did. She. Senators pitchers girlfriend camp citizens. Didn't in the game very much so. I'm very pleased. That hey this is just. What are those nine. A ranked team got beat. And on. How many times you can say that on the road music that every time there's a road lost just one of those nights and about Jameer and I had up a little bit here Michael. But it Manny why. I'm that's true final two the last five or in Cincinnati. You welcoming that fanatic at this point are you may be a little bit we wanna see them if that's an excellent defensive team they're great athletically. That that team could play I don't know what's fascinating about that that level at this point in the season. Now you do want Cincinnati you want him now yeah yes motivation baby okay I'll bring it on. Our great great guns. Or I mean they're. They're back at night when you know right when they go to the final four in the last 25 years. Well maybe it's many days I can't remember that there there really good team. But we got. We got. You know. Without our third game it is seems like it's not. You in rhythm. Yeah and yet the turnover bug is really hurt him in the last two road losses. And and at Houston. The product. Be brief the issue I was. Are up next Michael yeah. Well let Michael go gators aspirin yet you know 88 a break him. I'm sure a lot of soccer fans probably needed a deep breath for a. Thanks for the call Michael if you wanna join us our phone numbers 86910378691037. Our next colors yeah. Any real advantage. I'm a companion in arrogance. Cool. It and yet I'm great Danny are you doing. I just I've just got to. Players. That recurrent. Where you go there's a lot of. Daughter as you ran into a player. And it concert. After concert in the backstage. And he smelled like marijuana if you straight game he's. All the wall. Don't ever been watching game against you with an avid shocker. Span. And after that it's over. I mean I just thank you do the biggest party pestered does it mean what what so many. Mean they act like. Well I can't say today. I know but anyhow. That World Cup. I don't any yes yes. I've been news. I smell a marijuana on my go to concerts. Everybody I think so I think that is what being at the concert is. Like so Isner tennis probably is their suggesting it college nasty rude question yeah there's an elegant guy member of the got to Michigan got suspended. A few years ago that he answered your questions yes yeah incidentally you know tested. Thanks an adult Danny I don't know how to answer that question I don't think what the question. And it was sounds more like sharing that information I said everything's on the tables. On us. Soccer locker room so tonight Ted Woodward and Jeff lutes joining unit twin peaks and he's widget summer when he first and rockets 8691037. Is our number. That's the phone lines Brian you're next to it Brian. Barely don't. The Bryant to sound like those guys are definitely on them and letter. The soccer I don't know what it is like to go back to the that we got a pretty good bet you can't write. I'm from the end when they got the three of NATO but the fact of the district of found that I value on the but they're more than newer guys three point shot that they were like that it 25 or like that and I don't know if there's more of aipac I take about and it's free throw line right there and you know reform movement to. You know temple not in the top 25 very thing but I think people who are looking like there's going to be a girl wants current time program frequencies like to Turkey in. Can carry you in these other talking to and I mean on any given night you can lose to anybody especially in this. On the road but I think we need to concentrate on the Korean war on the inside. Speakers or do it got those three pointer and it's simply not worth it right now. Specter's much thought that picture of. Eight thanks for the call it Brian. The only soccer basket in the overtime once an inside basket that was Jack Morris making it dump on a very nice pass from Landry dammit. Fortunately that was the soccer only bucket in the overtime. Sox only made two baskets in the final nine minutes of this game I mean that's I mean that boils it's this reflects pretty pretty lame offense. Down the stretch temple has beaten Clemson Auburn South Carolina. Wisconsin. And Wichita State they've beaten some really really good Wichita State is beaten Baylor. That's monetary win. Now market's decent win it's that good win it'll it it's been getting better. That man. If you. And obviously you'd rather be with the prostate against temple as loss of that that game. Both are also some good way they beat it to be it'll submit it temple's record is only twelve and ten but they have one of the top three schedules and an Asian. Nice handful of very impressive wins. Yes and I'll say Wichita State's resonated more impressive. If temple is fourteen and eight how I would advice they resonate more impressive. Fewer horrible loss OK I'm. At that that's it it's relevant they have a horrible loss they lost the Central Florida. They lost the two lane which is in the would very. Villanova Georgia they battle along George and they're probably got a lot of debts and losses we stood out. Five weeks the play that they've beaten with hey George Washington style. The other otherwise where it's really good teams. And I might wanna beat simple thing of which it's nothing that's one. Softball tonight at temple final hour at 8179. In overtime Ted Woodward and jetBlue through with you here tonight. You wanna be on the soccer locker room so what does 8691037. As the phone number let's go back the phone lines. Jason you are next go ahead Jason. Can't think it might call. It can't rap brown I hit with the street and he. Is you know this is. I would walk away. I quit and as we know how to turnovers and it ends their season with the turnovers. I know is that many yeah. It would be. And how do you want from DC he has to make it right now I'm a bit concerned. Like a that we got at the at a party prepared that. Especially that it's. Strong defensively is that that is I think you Greg Marshall going with you haven't read McDuff beat Kelly Moritz. Probably shortening the minutes of the got enough that it's. It's. Darryl Willis is hurt you know now how much he can get via he'd be the guy played the most out of that group. So I don't know in this is that that is basically the line a bit late tonight and lost on the road but don't you have to go back. What what are your other options that. Finally stuffed turnovers that killed him. And make it's not I thought Wichita on making Austin for most of this game are a lot of this game. They are answering rallies temple would get at the three year for our principles oh good in the first and it was and they points at halftime they were. Getting the ball where they wanted to do for easy shots. They're playing with confidence. And then even after they haven't made the three. That followed temple taking its first lead of the second half my one. And then they go up by six I thought that the game's over the other of 7064. What under six minutes ago. And it was what you baskets in the final five and a half minutes deregulation pressing for a little bit pressing as an emotionally pressing. And and Wichita State it was a little bit more collective and I thought the game was over but it does it turned as quickly as that it had before in the other direction. Final score tonight it was 8179. Temple wins the game in overtime in Philadelphia. As the shocks faulty seven and three in the conference still all alone in second place in the conference standings behind Cincinnati. Let the phone lines in the locker in 08691037. Is our phone number Al is next going to go ahead out. That might call vote was just mentioned the soccer or at least for a second place. In the copper well we don't have game with Cincinnati. But it could put it in a precarious position so hopefully keep an awful on the plate copper. When it gets down to the end. Temple certainly was able to they're burger cluttered little bit stronger and are seeking to drive that Bassett. I think that. You know that kind of what you what it and it's important. We rated him the wrong I'm a little bit up and down. In your Connecticut. Who dismantle. Like 48 point victory. So I think that would play in a little bit more of the boat that the federal open it up for salmon at the middle but at the top half of the league. And I think there early that caliber team. So. I want output to shout out to act more like eating out or this career. I think it is fabulous job. Get the ball down load it up on the latter worked on earth quickly surprise so quick. It can't it be. And you know last couple games to one of the bright well. That's been pretty good the last 45 game tonight he was. Fantastic in 24 points nine rebounds ten of sixteen shooting at a great game I liked to have seen a ball in his hands a little bit more in the over. That's slogans as they needed to probably guilty of more years that guy that's that guy. Especially against temple tonight where they had to hide it and it certainly looked like they got every offensive rebound. Boris would have been a matchup problem in in overtime related regulations that. That was the avenue they chose to go. Well when jackets on. Pretty much felt when he thought almost stopped. I grew doubtful art with a bad way to beat the ball it is not. When he did net them. He's good as anybody really well. I agree again he's he's tough match up I haven't seen a lot of guys this conference that have yet been able to stop the Tim on a consistent basis. Weldon under an owner gonna go ahead now. You also wondered you know it while it bought them the upper. As part where it well we're at that point. Much stronger more athletic scene and wearing down a little bit. Of regret. I'm not sure if that's the case or not that you are right it. They are playing more athletic teams. I don't know what the correlation would be to their energy level there. You know help. But yeah they're they're. There oh there I would say overmatched and in these games but they're much more evenly matched at least athletically if not that's slightly overmatched. But when they got these well but when your point tougher teams he can't. Pileup turnovers and missed shots and expect to win games. Try to get that but they don't you think turnovers are partly because they're facing much more athletic defenses. Partly quicker teams that are gonna get in those passing don't look at me like that. Of course that's part of Hillary that part of it. Yes it is at the a lot of it. Drake hasn't gotten a lot of turnovers because Drake it's slow and non athletic. And not get a basketball. Yet the bulls good example eleven steals the doctors only bulwark temple has athletes. And Wichita State and well Wichita State does not too. Okay. A good. I think they do this the best athlete you know Wichita State's. Rashard BJ. But doesn't it I guess that doesn't mean. I know I did. And you gave me an answer. And I don't mean thousand well. Say that again now. It or not so. That. Everything's on the table tonight yep everything about the name. I don't know install and unity but I would quit that's the pick up the idea is not to solve it is to put everything on the table. Eating more now. Aspect for Michael Vick now. We appreciated Al thank you much. Let's take a break here on a soccer locker room so we're broadcasting live near twin peaks and he's Wichita our 21 and rock road are on site producers and slack our studio engineers Andrew handling tonight. Ted Woodward and Jeff pollutes or live with here tonight at twin peaks and he's Wichita our 21 and rock don't forget on game days only. There are fantastic food and drink specials all day long. Here's twin peaks including. A cheeseburger basket despite 99. A huge man size mug of the stock offered just four bucks and that. Here right now is under thirty degrees 29 point seven degrees. Colder than cold beer here at. Twenty. Come announce he is we're here after every soccer basketball game all season long. Temple defeated soccer tonight 8179. In overtime this is the shocker locker room so. Call us at 8691037. If you wanna be on the go back to twin peaks right after this soccer basketball tonight on 103 point 78 EYN. 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I don't think expect expects to I don't prosperous nation fares. It's not a shocker locker room show with the sadness for example and special guest Jeffrey it's under 103 point seven K. Secession down there are force RE 255 to go catatonic baseline cannot reverse layup I read an asset play that back. That's the reason trying to keep Boston from gets the ball so they mean it really match. Your locker rooms that look we're just flew. We see here tonight we're broadcasting live at twenty cities with its own words when he first and rock. Stocks fall tonight on the road at temple 8179. The final score in overtime. Shots and it's great. Offensive first half the 48 points on the scoreboard in the first half but really struggled on the offensive end in the final twenty minutes of the game. Final fit and ready only sometimes GAAP 31 points in 21 points in the last 45 minutes that's insane act gave heavily. And we can even narrow it down to it. 21 points in the final twenty minutes. Now not good too many turnovers a lot of missed shots. Down the stretch by a shot 8691037. Is our phone number if you like to be winners theory noticed 316869. 1037. Let's go back the phone lines and scholars nations late at night. Yeah it wanted to comment yet but that you hit the nail on the head was. Comment earlier about limiting the advancement of senior I think. If they're dating we've learned there about this conference play. Why you might have spared debt what. All of that. Now that's who I feel comfortable from the bench playing right now. Outside of Reeves who probably going to be starting sooner rather than play that well at that point. Marie and I but it respectively at they're Turks don't play 33 minutes and viewpoints and you know you get fifteen minutes from black brown off then eat eat and score at all. And I have scored two yeah and you met and it on the drive last week and it was clear to me toward the end of the game. If you go are going to be that offensively challenged. I mean where it came at the Tibetan border on the board especially in the last few cremated the games like this. Anyone and I felt like Clinton rose by a better and better players today. And you know it it. Like he says many camped bench minutes. Sure they're good you guys are and you know you can't play got luck or he can play 33 minutes and scored viewpoint. You can play one guy like that and that the only guy you could afford to have out there that long. And not scores recharged Charlie Kelly yeah. Zach brown not really. The body knows the game of the book eight minutes the night but I don't know about really remained nurtured no. So I don't know I think it's Kelly but he can't have four guys like that. Now and you know it you're reflecting market that got long guard. Marty you're limited he had one take to the Brandon. That would yard shot altered in the him at the Indy again he gave. You who don't know offensively against the wall and athletic guards in your need to figure out who's. I agree. It seemed to be. More questions than answers I won't say more problems than solutions I think there at the fix somewhere Greg marshals. You'd pay a lot of money to find that. But I wouldn't call problems yet if you have questions. And it's okay our athletes because they've lost three out of five and there are a little bit of a crossroads here. Iger is not a yeah there's a good solution but it is there's not going to be the ball at the end. They have to agree. You know quality depth is well it went proper titles and what beauty deeper on an attorney and I don't think that. All right thanks for the call me I don't necessarily it's your it's it seems like it's progressively. That death is like slowly. This kind of disappeared. Run under they'll have a good game every five games yourself Darryl Willis I thought he played fairly well yeah I think he would have pre parade but he had. Couple nights but vaccine is rebounding are pretty much you knew what he's giving it lately point 63 played art yeah no complaints there but it. How how much can he go with that footage here there's I guess they're just more questions right now and it's. Is that a place where you wanna be on February 1 how did you and the second half of the conference schedule probably not but if you know at the questions are that you have and do you address the right. One of them is how much depth that we really haven't they have to play seven guys. They displaced seven got. Shots fall tonight at temple 81 Saturday night in overtime. This is the shocker locker room shows we continue 8691037. Is our phone number and our next collars does get going had done it. Guys thanks were taken to crawl fearful of Rio or eighties you're at all. I. I absolutely agree with that last. Both gone mean. It's time we picked the seven go to guys that run of likable rodeo news this stuff trying to run into just. We're just not get the and I'll watch him from minute to mount a college basketball let's just all take a step back realize right now we do not have a very good oh. And our inside game is. Is Jack and that's just. Our perimeter game is just pathetic it's those body that we we get Barbara good process. I don't disagree that you and everything gonna I'm defect that guys where we've just come through these few former police. Faced up to play at a SMU. And I've realized that it was it's an. And you got to implement and monitor I don't follow up story in about three times and these guys have gotten worse is they don't have a very good record but neither do this team tonight. But I must face up and that team has got a text of the coast and take out of matchup against I think we'll remember stuff Tom. On at home I would expect Wichita State the way it bit. You don't feel that really about which domestic going on the road anywhere in this conference because they've already played at east Carolina. They've lost that Houston they've lost now at temple is not Cincinnati instant view and I believe. Who is it Memphis Memphis on Tuesday you know. And it with the exception of east Carolina and South Florida every team is going to have difficulty with every other team. Yet that's exactly except Cincinnati and beaten everyone so far so far. With no games against Wichita State and they still have to go to lessen it. And a lot of interest in basketball the month of them ferry coming down quite a bit by bit and we'll we'll solve the problem of who the pecking order in the American right now it looks like Cincinnati than everybody else. And we did not expect that. Noted that the things. Still have a while to play out they divot what's our State's three back. Yeah I mean just couple weeks ago the shots were ranked number four in the nation. And things have changed a little bit here in the last couple weeks slide if they're they're going to fall out about wanting. This is my all out of that might follow rankings theory at any rate what on what basis with Wichita State the race. The question. Is is that fair to ask. Stock will yeah when the next rankings come out the shots we'll have a seventeen and five record. The mean second place in a strong conference. Abbott three out of five loss but yeah aero doesn't is not pointing out necessarily right now they hang on. Barely if they are still in the ranking 43 point four but there are a lot of teams taken losses this time in years we'll see Alex we'll see up about her losing a better team. Shots fall at. Simple tonight 8179. In overtime this is the soccer locker room show. We're broadcasting live here at twin peaks in east which it's not worked when he first rock we're here after every soccer game if you'd like to not join us. Who's our next caller tonight in the locker room ship. Robert you are now. Acts going at Robert. I don't. They Robert. And I just wanted to you start talking about who's soccer's. I love to end. And it just not a good thing that keep in mind it simple beat an apartment and then. And a few top ranking. Clinton. You know examples got a lot of very impressive I think they they they are kind of a strange scene got talent. Robert units that did you watch the game this evening. Lots and lots soccer's not here what you the only. All of them Robert did you the job. Robert. Relax that you think I'm relax. They ever will talk to you lead of Al. Soccer ball tonight at. At temple 86910378691037. Is their phone number if you like to join us tonight on the shocker locker room dope. Stocks had a very impressive first half but the offense struggled quite a bit down the stretch and it's one of the shots ended up losing it by two in overtime. 8179. In Philadelphia Sox have never beaten a temple owls for throttling for. And in the last who have gone overtime. And previous to her in the sixties in my right about that among. Eighties baby Noah it now yeah once in the 80s88. He wants back in this ones yeah yeah David needed a home and home back in the media that's sixty. And those shots ball tonight by two points which is constantly got one basket in the overtime. And fall tonight acting at five point lead in the overtimes that we haven't mentioned yet shocks or 7974. What does not seem to wanted to go and could not hold onto that five point Leo temple came down and had a three point real quick and that was it for the soccer scoring yes Sox got outscored 70. In the final 21 unit over time. As Wichita State you know ante on its final four possessions of the overtime. Let's go back to the phone lines 8691037. Is our number tonight and Mike is next though it might. You. That. Our players and go oh what what what are good. Entries pre race. Trees are there and shoot pre. Victory. Shaq got a good pre for should. And shoe factories. Com. And when it popped a three reporters for. Yeah gave them momentum although we did have a good first half but we which seemed real short term or pre. And I would like you regard. A tree. Picker basket. And it opera offer up your program troubles back in the I don't have confidence builder three point shooting. You know he struggled. Also. I'm not good thing. Waste possessions. From these guys I'm going to dispute normal. Well they. The coaching staff has never. But a red line on many guys may have an open shot there are a lot of open looks by the docks that they did not make that and how to make. Yeah I'm pretty much anybody on this team can you. Whether or open you got big guys who can go out and shoot Jack Morris made one. This evening nurture and Willis have been known to do that little bit as well obviously the Duffy. Brown had a good look at the end of regulation wide open. That was Smith though. Yeah it's thick it's kind of play a live by the three die by the three kind of nailed it for what does that at least that that the exceptions like when they go away and they looked fantastic tonight. When they what they don't have their little bit inconsistent it's like that you kind of wanted to question everything which we're doing because everything's on the day. Once they want concern. I don't really its short and it looked at but we're gonna pre game one will be which. They're going to be yeah. But. I think we all I really do. From start from scratch and there's a bumper at Juilliard but I think we're sort the good. Well I think that's enough of the whole question we're asking ourselves right now with Canada Mike. We'll find out because there are games that will pretty much let us know. Which way one way or the other whether it's just a slump or whether there are real problems there. Are going to be difficult to fix. He brings the thank you Mike. Agent or go to break what was the stat yet about the three pointers by the time I believe that made one of their office that he missed fourteen of their last 153. Oh not yet what do sports they were sent out well and at that point seen. Stocks fall tonight at temple 8179. In overtime it would Gordon Jeff Bluetooth heater tonight at twin peaks when he first and rock. This is the soccer locker room though you might be witness 8691037. Is our phone number tonight 8691037. We'll be back when they were more right after this soccer basketball tonight at 103 point 78 EYNN. 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Welcome back to the soccer lottery who showed that the sports editor Jeff Lewis with you here tonight we're broadcasting live at twin peaks and he's Wichita where its 21 and rock road a we're here after every soccer game all season long. Shot to a tough one tonight a loss at. Simple 8179. In overtime you heard Mike Kennedy called iron nice offensive rebound basket by Darryl Willis. That's with the Sox up by five with about eight minutes to go. Right after net simple went on AN 90 run ouch not the 60 run. But that the panel heard there's temple rebounded take the lead. Stocks regain the lead and kind of faltered down the stretch. Stocks fall to seventeen and five overall 73 in conference play. Stocks are still holding on to second place by themselves in the conference standings. But this is the soccer locker room so 891037. Is our phone number 8691037. Area code is 316. Let's go back to the phone lines are next caller is Tony I. Tony running it. At what. Public and Tony. I lay out you know they aren't certain about third part of it who lost a lot of that doctor it's your not to do the lottery you know. Add I think it's a lot of effort app but the one thing I saw that look promising to me and I. I'd really what got him but on this but with all of want to read it that one period with about eight lap. He would bring about all the Al Ani was orchestrate the opposite and it looked fluid. Inside without and we were clicked. Like with amateur route and we're so down. Turn the lamp fast like this doctor in years ago. After have a perimeter pass what I hope that they're planted it read in their look like he's going to be something special. Anyway I'll sit back at these guys. If the reason has been not quite good. Over the last two games he's found a little bit of consistency. I think he's always had this kind of performance and integrate shooter even steady player. He's a Smart player it talked about into the future coach. I think you know what's going on Hannity and all that I don't like he's the patent cliches for obvious reasons but he has a lot of things. And I think we'll see him in the lineup probably I would be surprised that he starts. On Tuesday. Yes I would need it. And a half's end and for some reason the last few games all hostages did a great place and Lambert channel it's not in that great place it's it and that's that statement makes me scratch. My handle it and weird but you'd know that. Jack Morris has that place. You know that Landry Yemen has that plays you know lost that race has it in other Rashard Kelly has. Relatively speaking to what he does well he can do many things well on a given night. Who are missing here unit for great camp it's been hit and miss an Nvidia hasn't yet something now. And if they all this had it in the same game we feel like okay. Let's go wherever it but they haven't. That it that it really has now that's been part of the problem. Shots fall tonight at temple 8179. In overtime. Let's go back to the phone lines it 691037. And what is next going at what he. Yeah. Thank god thank we've got a real problem. Is strong. Art beat that it yes slightest step may grow on its second hand they discovered they could. Got a lot of free throw. I don't out of point. Andy used to be there at art beat stances what would pull it out when we were planned. Poorly offensively. And that didn't true anymore and I don't see where we're going anywhere. Against the good basketball team in postseason. If we play defense like we've been playing these things. And I don't know what we have the talent physically beat it to stop the. Defense has been perplexing I think they're ranked. 71 and didn't parliament in adjusted defense they were thirteenth last year. Against primarily obviously very valid competition. So yeah you're gonna fit you but I. You're going to see a difference. In net in Wichita State's defense we just did it probably think it would be this drastic with the exact same personnel return. Yeah and one other thing which aimed at hand in this game particularly. Turnovers at key times I don't know what the numbers were. But I towards the end he had no we've had two turnovers. Right there row. What we didn't have an opportunity to shoot the ball I think that was in the last two minutes of the game but I'm not they. But it seems to me that we have turnovers really inopportune time. But I Kurai woody and heard a way to many empty possessions for the shots in the final. Final minutes of regulation in the final minutes of overtime to rack. Up. Our way and he was. We appreciate it thank you for the phone call. Not once again tonight thank you 8691037. As their phone number tonight here on the soccer locker room showed Leary those 316 wanna join us. We're here live at twin peaks and he's Wichita when he first and rock. Soccer's and it. Pretty massive performance from Jack Morris tonight Jeff 24 points nine rebounds. And at a news news get some nice pluses and some good looks and Jack's been knows that's been nice for. Pretty consistent in the last 345 game. He's been aggressive lately he's found they with a mean streak a little bit where he's felt in the ball bodies he's going to have people he's playing physical. Nine rebounds is extremely encouraging for him because at night part of his game that hasn't always been grounded in the form. So yeah he he did a bit of everything tonight. And they needed it they just need a little bit more from somebody else or for him over this one more play. Where's the Sox ended up well and another nice rebounding night plus ten on the you think on the road when you're plus ten in rebounding that you're pretty good check. They've rebounded race especially offensively down the stretch today we're getting. Second shot opportunities this word now is converting them. But well a lot of the I. Like the color sort of suggested about re if there were some good things that I that you think. Would lead to a winning eighteen points off the bids for reads the rebounding Jack Morris but it just it. Did that quite at a. Now further shock to many turnovers sixteen turnovers nine of those came after halftime. And as I've believed temple outscored the shocks 80 points off turnovers after halftime and not only were there. Nobody turn over they were costly ones but as what he just pointed out. This got the better name in the in the American conference today. Or (%expletive) it's nine inches yet easily five for pointing that. No it's got a better better game he miss seventeen of his 22 shots tonight O for six after school. And still they won the game despite his words were shooting twelve point twelve points on 22 shots. Stocks fall tonight in Philadelphia 8179. In overtime at Woodward and Jeff Linux with you here tonight on a soccer locker room still. 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The twin -- the ultimate sports slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's four on huge screens and scratched from his -- and an investigation in sports there's been eliminated satisfy every fan's appetite take your game day to new highs with any of our terrible items for the table when he's full service bar features and then selection of draught Beers that are purposely hurt that a teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystal more power maintains are decked out with tons of these detainees that there's never a bad he now heads for twin peak speeds drink. Scenic beauty. It's not a shocker locker room show twist at the sports and special guest just released on 103 point seven GE life. We're here to make its position. As the hype us up to now line underneath Morris got over the defender. At night at play that he gave offered free by his. He has no C yes. South Philadelphia club it that was a number ones on the billboard charts back in 1970. Fantastic I feel like Anders wrote it is a little bit. Philadelphia the following at the feet. And a why he'd like to leave Philly will win but the shocker for not able to get that accomplished tonight falling 8179. In overtime at. Temple stocks fall to seventeen and five overall seven and three in the conference still holding on to second place all by themselves in the conference dinner I've ever been to Philadelphia. Now I know that's one city that it is and I need to get on my list I have been his suburban Philadelphia but not the city itself. I've been briefly drove my sister and me. In a car without cruise control from Columbus, Ohio. To Philadelphia. To see the Eagles back and I believe 2002. Really drove back the following day. Who they play. The Eagles fan I'm sorry appointment to fill it now of course not. So hard. That is that would be too obvious it was an eagle scouts okay what was the event. The First Union Center ugly it was gone. They've night Billy Traber threw a one hitter. For the Cleveland Indians against the New York you look at that steel trap memory of yours and they and it nice. You a little more Philly experience tonight not much we were there barely even 24 hours in fact not even 24 hour. This the quick turnaround and a thought Eagles they were fantastic. Weld and they. You get more accomplished in Philly and a shocker it is now live shots fall 8179. In overtime tonight at temple. This is the shocker locker room children broadcasting live near twin peaks and he's too tolerant when he first rock here after every soccer game. You want him on mine when it's 8691037. Is our phone number 8691037. Kerry go to 316 but the back of the phone lines are next colors stick. Gurgling at Victor. Eight it carried out today great experience. Operating here over at the point it is oh you're at it there for a benefit. Part yet that you raise. I don't think there in person on one of the U verse. Entity it it it's definitely. A lot of hoped things would win the game. And it. It would keep a lid on the road and yet there's little oil. Would it on the road. We know that they're against it. And they expect aren't they hope I'll bout with me. Abnormalities signal so. On top of the pop it isn't known but. We're being out added. I'll. What pointing out that market and I'll or. Yeah today. It seemed like there. We don't threaten to make them comparable. Change it up a little bit maybe they'll zone. We're letting them out on wilder play any one person they'll want to watch a lot. Of Macon area comfortable for them. Carter might be. And I check out query at a lot of. Players that make a lot of actions a lot of the nine. Years you know they want. When you don't know the scene. Well coached my short. I don't know but at this point it was a threat that. They don't got an opportunity years. And this team should probably. He's playing better than they are. I've never really know how to light questioning coaches unless it's like super obvious that were obvious they got out coached. I can't I don't know how to quantify something like that you the players are the guys that are out there. Trying to make plays and and via the ones you know with the action thought and out through. How to qualified coaches real impact on any individual game. But I think you summed it up pretty well yes it's. You made you made a statement that I agree with. It. Maybe it's just me maybe it's that time and I. The coaches now before that anyway. Sox ball tonight thank you could call Victor thank god that I can you remember. No. Army and Victor made a point do it it didn't. You know he's going to hold serve at home in this town which is why does the soccer home loss against SMU kind of stunned us all. Is the soccer's appeared to be rather invincible at home. And I think that one just kind of Hispanic sock you hard right to get. And who knows I don't know laws because there are two teams in this conference and haven't lost at home yet. And there's another one at the only lost as that you don't want one now. And it's and you had that long winning streak you know to like with the state got snapped by temple to temple owls. It's that it all comes full circle this have you guys snapped Wichita State and then Wichita State that him now that the that are going to be some. Interesting results in this conference we've already seen it. The battle long month of February coming up as the results start to pile up in the sharks get through this. Second half of the conference schedule thanks for the call it's Netherlands and 8637. The theory goes 3168691037. Is our phone number here on a shocker locker room joke. Let's go back to the phone lines and scholars might. Though it might. Guys hey and I are never what I said. A lot of go ahead Mike. Ya. Guys you know after the break on our offenses. We. If it's like we're playing three. Offenses. Personnel against our defense. We've got elegant brown. And that the expenses or not. Respect him as soft suppliers. They think bought up the middle they didn't double steamer art but we're not you know god. I don't understand why maybe breeze brink and enchantment. Aren't playing him. More than an art together and then happy either brown. Or calories one of them man and then with Jack or. You know post man but. I would watch it tonight in the people that were were now. Starting Cali and brown. Paper work. Eight feet away from him. Black and up in the paint moving up but against the dollar. So I don't know what was wrong with frank and if you respect but it probably only got ten or twelve minutes. I tendon and took only two shots made. I think the first bass yeah they give me that first basket of the game a lay up about twenty seconds into the game and needed disorganized and just look at the record I miss that that was it. I can understand why didn't play. I mean. But you know we've. At one time out we have maybe once they're in the game at a time and you don't ripe old game but. But anyway that three combination. She dammit. Frank can't agree. I mean they've got respect all three of them they're not gonna you know and that's gonna open the middle up it's going to probably. Free some one of the other thing you know one of the guards. The issues that it. I don't see him do it hardly ever what but in the for him play together. Have done it but you're right that it. Not for a long period of time mind you right I don't think you can take Rashard tally up the floor really hardly ever 33 minutes tonight. Out of 45 he does so much. The likely that he can only really have one guy. Maybe two who aren't scoring threats the gives significant minutes do and sometimes if you are gonna take tally up the floor. Well that he's going to be other floors backgrounds of times though you're going to be essentially killing three of five offensively. And that's not really good. But I don't you can't take Borchard Kelly. He does too much in my rock you are not wrong. But the shocker profits that. Think tonight they are so good for the first 25 minutes ago and asked Jack Morris was in the middle of a lot of that. And just didn't last for whatever reason they started taken a lot of threes dollars just. An empty possessions and turnovers is that decisions. There missile activity was off. If they were off in the second half. Thanks for the call Mike we appreciate it this is the shocker locker room show 869103. Evidence or phone number the area code is 316. We're broadcasting live near twin peaks and east which he thought 21 and rock road. Shocks had 810 point lead in the second half and could not hold on losing at temple tonight 8179. In overtime. Sox still had a six point lead little under six minutes to go and only scored two baskets. In a final six minutes. And temples able to close the gap and tied it late. And stocks were just not able to. Recapture some of the great things had gone on in the first 45 minutes of the game and it's gonna turnovers nine turnovers after halftime. And too many of those turned into a temple points too many. Empty possessions for the shocks in the final twenty minutes of the game. It happens. That they looked like they would be pulling away whether late in regulation or even in overtime that just stopped scoring get to stop happening in. Temple that off the home crowd and got the job done made it the play at the end of the Wichita State was unable to make. Shocked that the Los holed a seventeen and I overall 8179. In overtime final score tonight temple wins it in Philadelphia. This is the soccer locker room showed that Woodward in a flute joining eater twin peaks when he first and rock. Take another break in if we. Get more phone calls will put a mommy are you like it was raining at 86910378691037. Welcome back twin peaks right after this soccer basketball tonight on 103 point 78 EYNN. Twenty ultimate sports launch where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there ports on your screens and scratch who is bursting from the best kitchen in sports there's something on the menu to satisfy every fan's appetite entertained a junior high with any of our terrible items from the table when he's full service bar features an extensive selection of draught Beers that are purposely hurt that a teeth chattering 29 degrees in -- snow ice cold beer crystals more power maintains are decked out with tons of HDTV there's never a bad he's now head for twenty he drinks scenic views. What superior comfort you can afford it. Well just heating and air an independent American standard customer care dealer with a 96% customer satisfaction rating flight. 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But we've covered the scientific funny enough on making of them could tell leak wasn't as bad what's the date for tennis is headed up. Just you'll accountant whose every single Cowell out the day. And how old Genesis as had been you'll make the most of you all want people with my offering 24% off your bullets every single round. One more person off the Genesis is that even possible scientifically speaking. Yeah it's a rep for a moment with Jenny is helping people to feed did not look back and Emeka. The most of that's what people holiday you heard the doctor Fareed it Genesis for 24% off never. It's nothing new decoder. And sign him. Something the liberty to tell us congressman when it moves and often and Marie fifty. It's a shocker locker room joked with this sports and special guest Jeffrey it's fun when a three point seven in line. Right that list then it's only. It in the world that cal wells as the shot up by Morris. Sockeye. As I don't want to go slower yes that I. Now exactly if. Welcome back to the soccer. Fitness sports and. Atmosphere tonight along with jetBlue it's we are live between these cities that you thought when he first dropped this where we are every soccer game join us. Here on site or on the phone lines like 28691037. As the phone number and airy noticed 3168691037. Sox ball tonight at temple 8179. In overtime let's go back to the phone lines and scholars. Garrity go right ahead Gary and I say I got a little close. Greg here am I okay. We'll work them. You know. They came has it edited out or anything there has been seen. In this. Case do. It is America they did and I used in there letter earth. American League and higher quality blue there's. Big inning is released at the end. And there's span so I'm pretty confident. I think they just. In his duties seem a little glass. There's injuries. They do is there really is. Oh and on all places. Was to translate these. And Alaska those gains an advantage of them. And then it's negative playing and you see cities and is then threw here. That is just in and then move. And division. Yeah I think he's a little Liz. Scouting scores. A lot of lay. And and there will be changes Durham time. Well yeah you're right scary and that's the problem you cannot let. He cannot give up those high percentage shots all the time that's that's an easy way led a team come back on. I'm thing owners sailors. One Austin created last week when. He stereo was he's in Rhode. Stir analysts admin duties and move. What a shocker. Earning that he. Now we all know yeah we all know that he can mass. He can get on a roll and get pretty hot he certainly did. Yeah now. Well there it is. In game to. You know so those blue shorts one's sure. And I feel it and. I know how many layups or dunks that the Sox miss in this one. Through your putts noted sampled in this famous stunts and layups duke. Yeah Asia into the and and those little ten footers here and so. Afghan knock on those down gas. These. Well you. And use grows so. And chief gluten. He says he's stone in the he is tremendous shows. And makes this show out there though mark. Spill. And it shocked areas. Are right does it get like a plan Gary take Gary yourself all right. It gives you a better. You can barely tell it things. We've pretty LL Gary's not the only guy in town it's battling. Now I'll just trying to make it girls barely holding on thanks Gary we appreciated. 8691037. Is our phone number Alice next go ahead now. But yet I didn't watch the game or. Substance that's just there's an essential others though so fighters are starting for our shooting guard takes two shots shrink. And then. Hill wondered if there's discrepancies. Street they're shooting. Are we get to the line like wishes. And then are given up 40% from street in are at the listen thanks. Thanks for the call now. Allah asking if you questions there wondering about Conor frank sample only played ten minutes tonight. But you didn't do much with those ten minutes is hard to argue out he wasn't it defense. Now in the in that two shots. But he was limited and often. All the degree of sense it looks like past them. That is that OK that's fair to say I get hesitant when you make definitive declarative statements like this. Because in Connor roars back and has two or three very teams in our overhead apparently not at least not in a good place right now doesn't seem like. Now in an Austin resist. Austin seems to just be a more more confident every time out. He's been he's been fantastic over the past couple games. Al also asked about the free throw I mean. Other shots hitting the free throw line as much as they should it adequately oversee comp a common theme from callers that they want the shocker to. Penetrate more and get more fouls. Yeah I read your free time if ever that easy they would be doing. I am Ali Al asking the question that I ask there was the last time it's not shocker guard gated side to make way off the dribble. And mine and and numb my answer to you lose. If art all right I know but if you you know here than ever to this is the consistent thing that. These guards in the wing players out there arsenal. Sox did get up reportedly did that a lot. Well he's in the NBA I'd that's why he's in the Internet bill that he's the guy if he's got it didn't do that. Shots up ball tonight at temple 8179 in overtime and then. Al's other point was that'll Sox give up a 40% three point shooting on the night and that hurt. You know temple was able to get in to get back into the game thanks to some threes down the stretch envoy to doctors were on the other side and a point ice cold from three points. Rained down the stretch. Yes they. You know his bat it. Now that it the last half of that game I guess after the first five minutes or so the second half but just nothing went right for Wichita State. They had to leave that day sort of and now they use that as as a buffer that kind of hold off temple for awhile but it will clearly played better the Wichita State for the final twenty minutes or so. Outs they outscored the soccer's ten to four. In the final five minutes of regulation. And then of course those stocks at a five point lead in overtime and could not hold on and that this temple outscored the shot 70. In the final in quantity. Of the overtime stocks fall tonight on the road 8179. Simple. As the oxidant. Take the loss tonight. Falling 217. And five overall 73 still all alone in second place in the conference standings all right Jeff next up for the shots. A rare weird part of the schedule they do not at a game this weekend a completely off on Friday Saturday Sunday. Their next game is Tuesday night at Memphis. Doctors have not traveled to Memphis since 1983. Cents and one cars senior year. Well they've played at temple for the first time that ever tonight and last. And first time that at this in awhile. I don't know I think these are all game do you think Wichita State should win you think they're better than Memphis we thought they're better than temple. Thought they were would be better that SMU at home it's that's. I don't know if they're better than Houston right now but knowing that game after blowout went on we thought they would not get in Paris. But they kind of did so I don't know I was died and how to predict this team I don't. Not at this point. Little bit unpredictable and make Dennis streak with a banana soccer's last time they played at Memphis 1983. That was me. It was a loss. 8571. He leads the great Keith Lee was a player from Memphis back then on a team that ended at the one of the final four. And had no of course not only lost three games that entire season. And one of those losses was at Memphis and go it was a tough game for the shots Sox have not had anything I don't remember I was alive. Sox have not won in Memphis since 1970. Arnold lost that one too they haven't won in Memphis and 74. And of course the suckers in Memphis were in that they were both in the valley from the late sixties through the mid seventies. As a comfort those not a reunited with the Memphis Tigers as conference votes now Memphis is kind of like temple yes. They got off to a real slow start every kind of buried him. Now Memphis as a winning record in the conference they are Wheldon knew at home one at four. A police now. Or at least they beat him act everybody kind of gave up on Memphis about three or four weeks ago now there. They're playing probably their best basketball season right now every bit. He can coach a little bit right there constantly. Go. Veteran guys won the national champions they are twelve and two on home court so the shocker will be going to another place where the home team its. Pretty strong so we'll see data Sox scandal that one coming up at Memphis on Tuesday night the Sox have lost back to back road games for the first time and long time. And try to get back to India in the winning frame. On the road at Memphis on Tuesday night that it's one of those late 8 PM games in on Tuesday that tough. It's going to be bothered data here that'll be far blue Shane Dennis would not terrestrial every combo I believe we investigate the incident Robinson and evidently it well your dad yet. Cohost at one yet. Well but if if if the matrix not make sure we get that combination at some point. Those stocks fall tonight 8179. Congratulations though do to exact Morrissey not only a great game with 24 points and nine rebounds. But he he's a thousand points scorer now Wichita State that's a great club to be in when you read that list of guys that score 2000 points in their careers. It's great to just go to an atlas and remember a lot of great names. Yeah I had that worth of tax on the listener the long time where that list wasn't being added to Mary regular events. Now they've now that they're that there's been several over the past ten years. Jeff thanks for being with us tonight happy to do it loved it as the intro says your special special gap so we gotta get that change. What would you rather be called. I don't know. Is thought but that he finally yeah. If we give you lofty status special guest OK I'll go with it. I was I was looking at it as a demotion. And it's. I think it's an elevation. That working on a pedestal special guest like that that anyone got a poster is last in the Fred Smith. Definitely but he did it personable threat. I don't think that don't work today. Does it really saves Jerry Mathers as the fever at the end. Jerry Mathers as the fever and used to get that little spot special guests every load today. Thanks for being noticed that it. And the thanks to our hosts here at twin peaks and east which it's not when he first and rot where after every soccer game back in Tuesday night after the game at Memphis or more of the locker room still. To our on site producer Tim slack our studio engineer and drew Hamm playing great job at it again gentlemen we appreciate it. And I want to thank our callers do it nice but the colors tonight at great discussion going unfortunately was after a soccer loss shocks. At a five point lead in overtime could not hold on ended up losing at temple tonight 8179. In overtime shocks. Ranked number sixteen in the nation fall to seventeen and five overall still holding on all alone to this. Second place spot in the American conference. But now seven and three in conference play and back to back road losses for the shocks. That'll do it tonight for soccer basketball coverage on thank you for joining us listening all night long. Thanks for listening to the soccer locker room so tonight soccer basketball on 103 point 78 EYNN. Goodnight. Listen for the Wichita university locker room John F 38 shocker basketball game on 103 point evident. Why Wichita. WS.