WSU Men's Basketball at SMU 02-24-18

Saturday, February 24th

WSU Men's Basketball at SMU: W 84-78

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James how. They think now. 103 point 7 pay you why am I would break. Here's some points in the start soccer basketball glory today from the the coliseum on the campus of Southern Methodist University. In Dallas Bob hall alongside and her family in this video these factors and SM here for the second time this season. And the doctors what he then to top 8378. Losses over read up. On January 17. This is the end trust bank. Pregame show. Your drive to the game wherever it may be brought to you by Kansas land tire and service were great tires and professional auto service. Are always a slam got a lot of soccer fans I'm sure have driven down here for the game this is one that stuff. Fairly accessible to fans in Wichita about a five hour drive to the Metroplex sent back. This is one that I'm sure fans can have penciled in on their calendars here in years to come down here and watch Jockey Club in Dallas. Here. Phthalates until it had nothing nothing else. I guess I need to redistribute the microphone because I had him in different positions. Before the game so. We'll get Bob on him just secular plug on this that it. Merely a little bit of that crap all right now tuck. I'll get area and we got it right Jackson rattled okay. Yeah with a new league with the new American athletic conference a lot of these are looking at those different locations health it does. Out doubtful that an art drop. From Wichita it's all want to know what the pluses of this that he is some of the things that were going through some of the proximity of those cities. And I just ran into a couple that's from which it Thai news. This followed shot there's all his life was just not. He turned his talking about the Iowa game the other night 81 and how loud the crowd was he was at that game they live down here now so they're excited about Shaq v.s. Traveling here and know you. Had an old friend hooked up with you last night you've run into a lot of people if you don't over the years some of these leagues and I've got eleven Brothers and sisters are definitely just about anywhere in this country so we definitely all over that Al La France. Coaching friends former players. And it this fellow last night after the via high school classmate of mine from a qualified he's down for repairs itself. Yet it's fun that it reconnect with people with Gypsy for awhile. This is an interesting game from the standpoint that it's a different SMU team that the one that beat Wichita State in which it top. The driving force in that one by any stretch of the imagination which shake they'll. At eleven of fourteen shots scored 33 points made sensational plays at the end of the shot clock over and over and over. And unfortunately for SMU he is out with a broken hand this game today will be the seventh game. That he has been asked it's been kind of left. On going at everybody gets the impression the sort of day to day heading might play this next game and in this announced the dating game this was announced today or two ago that he was not played it now looks like it. The first opportunity for him to be back might be the conference. And anybody that was at that game at that around the house. Over ever shake off because that you described it is that doctors 33 points eleven out of fourteen it was five out of six from three and fatal. Free throws so he displayed remarkable game. Against the shocker and says his injury SMU it's a different ball club. They've lost not only relevant point was averaging. About thirty he that the 36 minutes of all he played forty minutes in the game which it off of it got to make up those forty minutes. And plus all the points to these scores and they're having trouble doing it they lost five of the role. And then want the other night I think it was Wednesday night at east Carolina. By nineteen easily snap out of it. And did get a win but they'd previously that it lost flat wrong. And edition to shake belt. I don't know how many of you'll remember Victor ray Foster got hurt. Two minutes into the game at Wichita that turned out to be at torn ACL and he is out for the year. And he was their other returning starter with Sheikh they'll return to starters out of five from last year's NCAA tournament team the other three guys all ended up signing the contract so he was in another key guy. They have. As some other guys step up which we'll talk about as we get closer to game and it's still a good team particularly in this building that was not shake well certainly there are a lot different this well Andre Foster to fix it for us all forward it was average at 34 minutes a game itself. 36 minutes for kick snow 34 minutes straight Foster hope that's a lot of minutes to make up Foster was averaging fourteen game. All averaging eighteen games so they've had to have a lot of other players haven't changed their rules and he comes forward to become the leaders. That don't work complementary players before them. Again we'll get into all of this and winning strategies and so forth that just to let you know also. This is another NEC team with a lot of individual talent even without shape they'll this team has several guys who could score they could make it difficult on any given night he sought to blame the other night that's a fifth placed team in this league if they had a bunch of very good players on this. Well McMurray can light flee the little six foot are beneath it he dropped 33 on Memphis. A while back at twenty points the other night at east Carolina. This guy can really shooter he's she's 44% from Korea them. A mallet to it the 65 senior he shoots 49%. For a free leave the country three point shooting for a while these fees so he's a big strong guy 220 pounds. But really shoots the three well so they've got to tell the guys. All right again we'll get into all of that and more detailed that 8691037. Is that number to call if you would like to join us and pregame conversation or questions. 316. The area code 869. 1037. Of course on Twitter. At at shocker voice you can connect with this and ask your questions or make your comments that we will try to respond in kind so let's get it started. With Al who's here in Texas but not here in the building what I understand now. Hey pat Paul Volcker that and I take money from people is they are comedians so here's a background I've. Al it calling it. I don't put out great hope it's not raining there Latin else. And answering authority. OK good I got America report Milan at a Catholic I. That's the dedicated their books have been there are or. What could yet block the wind starts behind me at an event. You know a big game and I I think there's an infant parallel here I'm look at it meant that in the other guys. It looked on the road with ties with it was certainly you know they're I would think they would win it. It's been basically. Beat Memphis in your mind or go out with an injury with their parallel with in built. And I think it is very important that it would go was cited. You know again. It's venue doesn't know they're supposed to lose. So that was got to bring our game we appeared you'll be very focused. And you know. You know I look forward to a soccer victory. You know on on the other things you know probably or bring it back up that. He'll with the recent publicity. I've not seen any real record for the athletic department is there to think that if it. Any indication. That the depth. Possible broken with prostate. Successful program. Okay I and yeah I anticipated that questions I thought about what would be the best way to answer first of all. What we know is exactly what you have read and heard and again there were. This particular agent representative of an agent. Has been cited for making it to a bunch of the players and parents. Basically to acquire him it took a lot to him for this agency services once they start negotiating to pro contract reportedly among those. Fred Bentley that was set to receive that thousand dollars. Here's. Which first of all their boat right with the State's athletic director he would issue a statement yesterday saying we had no knowledge of any of this that we violence we always do cooperate in any investigation or any. Acquired information by the NCAA as regards our program yeah. Committed to running a clean program here so. And here's here's my take on it. It's unfortunate if true it's disappointing. But also. It's going to be extinct to see how the NCAA deals well it's because we're looking at a couple of different types of things these young men. Reportedly received some amount of money or their families it. To acquire their acquire the services of this age interagency. That's. It's it's not acceptable. But it's a totally different type of thing because it doesn't benefit the school that doesn't give him any recruiting advantage he's roll people that were already in the programs and threats case I'm sure if this took place it was in his senior year may be late in history here as opposed to some of the other issues that have come up and allegations about programs paying large sums of money. Through shoe companies and whatever. To get players to come to their program which very definitely as an advantage with their program gives them competitive advantages and all that sort of thing so it's. It's kind of apples and oranges not that not that this one does it isn't meaningful. That it's going to be a thing just to see how they deal with all of this and how they've weighed. The merits of of what's a more serious violation and what penalties. Well at that wealth that might I don't think it much and others then Hitler relative surprise. The other morning was Thursday morning and it broke. Very surprised. Who knows if it's true or not. Definitely I I think it's eight. Get them at a record that they posted. Stating all the all the things you guys so yeah that's real surprise in. Hopefully it will impact the the program that much. We'll see we'll just have to wait say yeah let's let media that the huge goal on. You. We have a question I have a question about reflecting on six seniors had they've changed and progressed victory here. If you don't mind we'll table that one I. Kennel like to do that on senior day for the Cincinnati game and if that's an appropriate time to. You kind of do that. And so we will definitely do that they had. Have a question about checked with the senior year he's having might he be getting a read look from NBA scouts and Bob I'll I'll let you can't handle this with. I was saying that. That he's worth taking a look at that I think people would at least give him consider it some consideration as having that possibility of violence take a longer look. You know I've I've talked to a few scouts. Over last year this year and most of time they're they're here with decently were playing again or there's your look at Landry and I haven't heard checked it mentions. But a lot of those guys are pretty tight lipped about who they're looking and they're not looking at because they don't like the competition known. Who they're considering so. But I would think after a watching Jack the last number of games. That he looks like a pro player can be happy because Kenya and all the television commentators do you watch TV broadcasts. They just raved about it and can't. Because TV he has if I was a unique quality. Combination of size. Hole it's hard to get around. He's got quickly he's explosive off the floor. And he's got a really soft shooting night she could finish the right here which left him around the basket and he can also step out it did great jobs. Anything at like fourteenth to 153 pointers. Diseases though he's proven that he can shoot out that within sixteen of 38 I've got it from 342%. Self. He's six guys that can score and in the NBA they're like that before. Add in the one negative I'm sure would be he's a little short for an NBA center at 68 that was his girth is wolf. He can't use that size to kind of fanned guys off that are taller get position on them that and certainly we've seen guys make it in the league that we're able to that side you know that kind of offsets that one negative that it. This cannot easily Charles Barkley but draw far it was 64 or 565. That most. In. That babies from LA it is yeah Glen Davis that you set asides about six that itself. If you're an athlete and he got long arms and softly at its core. You know you got a shot at it. Not if it can be to replace the cobalt core. Now he's got a he's got a chance to at least get a look at Andy getting better and better interest rates and the other thing Mike is he's he's showing that yes there is now an early start to play thirty plus for the fifth inning where. Previous seasons you know you'd be lucky to get what they thought Shaq counseling thirty plus. At a question from Patricia and now king there cheering the shoppers on from McAllen Texas that is down there. Damn near close to Mexico then they loaded golf Landry would be able to play today. He practiced a little on Thursday after missing Wednesday's game was pretty much pools full scale practice yesterday we talked this morning cities via a little better every day. It still feels a little weak he didn't quite feel a 100% that definitely able to play it play significant minutes that it. And I thought to not do that traitor and he says that it wasn't the flu you didn't have any of the flu symptoms but he had a viral. A stomach virus and to keep any food down. And it was very weak from all the poverty. And feeling better now fitting his strength back but I I'm athletic left ideology or how he's feeling is that still a lot better we still found a week he's not a thing. All right thank you for all the questions so far again you could reach us on Twitter at at shocker voice. And by phone at 8691037. The theory code that. 316. We are in Dallas which constituted SM you're coming up winning 1 o'clock to clothe him and we'll continue on the interest bank pregame show at the moment. It's time to go inside the numbers for each Katie CPAs and advisors he tedious proudly served the midwest from more than ninety years. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point Evan JE one yeah. Video and your hand like before we get back to the phones and leave the Shaq discussion. Mr. Sharpton tweeted that friends are defeated temple coach mentioned checks off the charts basketball I Q that we agree others might have similar basketball IQ. Yeah yeah Alison at that theater of the post game interview with the press conference with Trent Duffy and he just was just really impressed with how shack set itself up. What it was a shocker for running plays. He he said he was really Smart on how he positioned itself as set up his defenders so when the ball swung around his side he could have been in. You'll catch balls late in. He was really impressed with that it really impressed with the holly pass out of the post he he really that Jack is a really good passer he's a very Smart. It is good vision and he knows where everybody on the court is that he makes them really nice passes. The postal teammates. Far as other really good basketball IQ is on this team I would certainly put Landry sham as that category. He. Really was above average for the time he came in as a freshman. And I thought that was a big factor in the Cincinnati witnesses telling you read things and directed things and understood what was going on out there. Not Rashard Kelly certainly was the end that that category too and I think with him that's something it's really grown through his career Wichita State that are Robert Crist can't tell me. Last well a year ago last several moderate candidate. If Rashard probably understood Everett do everything we were doing better than any other player on the team at this right. Right and he was open the other guys learn either learn the system Cotter yeah absolutely honored replace real Smart I thought he really played well. He'd checked with the MVPs of the game that instantly. I thought Cotter. A really. Special job of running the ball club and the quality of four turnovers are four assists. No turnovers. Score with a 3-D B visas score. Created. Baskets on his own one on one play it was that he office with bogging down so I thought I thought Condit really played well you. I would say also that Austin Reeves got a grew up in the game both his parents play until he's always had a good understanding of the game. I think he still made he makes decisions as little. Little risky sometimes I think he just needs to make yet. Commit come up a little better understanding of risk reward type of decisions that but certainly as far as his basic understanding of the game it's LC. Well and he's received. Very knowledgeable Austin isn't very skilled you know he could shoot he can pass dribble. That's not a whole variety of moves to score. He's just got to get better its decision making and that's that turned the ball over he's got too many penalties under to the ones who were used that soccer's. You know two maybe three to one. As far as assist to turnover ratio. And he's got too many turnovers but that's something he's gonna learn is that 53 assists 31 turnovers for this season. So that's something as the as the pictures and it really gets to go coach marshall's. System I think he's gonna get a lot that let's get back to some phone calls thanks to all of you for your patience Rickie or a first. They thanks very active and I quickly. President Lee. What I read about it said that they on agent that is between march 3 march 26. Now at this loans or bad collateralized took place after we were eliminated in the NCAA tournament is that still lately villages that sound like the big deal to me if that's true. Don't spread out below to bet that's partly what happened it dead after we get eliminate NCAA. Thing. If if that's the case thank you this it's that's the case if it occurred after. He shot this season had ended stand now it would not be any kind of a violation or or anything like that for instance. In recent years there have been. Sporting a sports stores apparel stores and stuff locally that it had to seniors. That like that went through a couple of years ago with threatened Ron and have them all done they had some. Some signings where they got paid to Kevin and sign sign items and sign autographs and that's all legal once you've played your last game once it. Like the last game you're eligible for. You can start taking money for things related to basketball and so if if that was the case if that means that occurred after. He had played his last game there is nothing wrong with networks. Yeah. The NCAA and you better remember that the NCAA they're not so. It's not politics and a corporation somewhere basically their all the university presidents university presidents. Are the NCAA they're the ones that elected. The officers. The president all the people who look at incidentally they're the ones that make the rules and on the inside the thing itself. We're talking about the NCAA residents of college presidents. They look at. They wanted to know whether programs try to do things the right way. Or they're not try to do things right away they wanna see if there's a pattern. And go to the schools that they come down on schools that have a better have a of breaking rules of bending rules. Try to cut corners. And like they don't care of them like it they'll feel with the rules apply to them so. That's what they're looking for a few if he definitely an occasional. Slip up for mistake. Is it then they're they're not so. They don't don't don't come down so hard on a school like that for the school that has multiple years at multiple penalties over and over the years. All right thank you Rick received information. You're not just. Guy that's right we're taking my call. I'd it's they a couple of things throughout a couple of things about the last game I really enjoyed. Can get Kaiser. And I know we've got demented because of campus but also read who has been out rebels got a few more. I thought he did a great job taking it vanity give it opportunities. He really looked good I don't know what you're gonna helping me and a wide MP3 game that he is here can't hurt. And Carter bush you guys RE talkback calmer eureka great game. You're married you know we have someone write that deputy commander Eric and delta two. Forward bill mormons don't speak. And people. Game going like he did because there are being closed. Truthfully I didn't think I think it but it looked almost like Emma was down the we didn't beat him tipping don't know it. Filthy I would tunnel under. These big guys think we may have been cannot find anything to oath anyway it. Look forward to win it and goes up knocking it. Get questions that it did observations. As far as CJ Kaiser's. Future flight time. Here's the thing right now. In its recent games have been close Cincinnati. Sampled some of those Greg marshals that client nine guys. It feels like he had a chance guys that you could really. Trust in a game like that. Adds that it CJ Kaiser kind of gave himself the chance to maybe beat ya attempt guy I hate to say this but I thought at that particular game. They're both he had survived today had opportunities to play more extended minutes. And I didn't feel like supplied Jay helped himself but he he made a couple of shots early did some good things but he also. Made a couple of bad decisions. And I thought CJ really did as as does it took advantage of the opportunity. And the players other players talked about who's been playing well and practicing and waiting for the chance I think he may have given himself a chance reachable. No doubt no doubt CJ looked very comfortable out there I thought. He played nineteen minutes scored eleven points. Had two assists no turnovers. And hit seven out of seven free throws something free throws were big free throw votes down the stretch at least wish them looked very confident very helpful out there. And I like the way he was slashed to the math it drive it at the defense attacking the defense though. I think as TJ Kaiser really showed that the coaches that definitely ready to play some more things heat up. I thought the market played better then that he had you know. In previous games he would come in and quickly turned the ball over and coaches that right that daddy did you that. It just gave it three pointer he drove it hit a pull up jumper. He did every turnover later but. I think maybe that was as much markets falter as was his that it expected market to go to the basket during that transition because there was no defender between markets the basket. And market fold up the fact that. For a three point shots so miscommunication between those two guys but that's a tough spot JD Joseph played better. Then you that you look for a couple of clear that he had previous games but I think you made a good point I think. Conner really fill the gap for my jam it offensively. And we thought Connor Connor Connor. Creating shots it public shoppers struggle with a basket you read that he doesn't practice though it was good to see that in applauding him in a baseball game. Thought champ but I think we did this defense. Man really is little taller maybe three G in I think maybe that affected the shot that he kept to those guys from penetrating. When they scored because that delay was pretty much unstoppable they. They've really had quite a second half ahead to have here they scored 55 point second half. They shot 63%. From the floor. They were six of nine. From three point and when I watch the film the other night with my wife I kind of they had the they had 33 trips down before. It the second half they scored 23 of them thought they were really efficient fares shoppers could stop. And I think everybody so aware of what it it shooter Landry is now well it runs the offense that. His defense might you know little under rated music theory offensive player. At that time retreat this year normally they don't. Put him on the other team's best perimeter scorer because they don't want it missed foul trouble with indecent or in other areas but there's been times this year. Forties had to play really accomplished or another team just because of the other match ups and has done a very good about that yes. Well one of the things. Doctors are doing now you're gonna see it today that. Kelly guards are. Maybe Jack from will authorities are we gonna see. In the ground guarding the big guy because. This sense that he. Statement that picket pop full well that you've got to leverage these guys a lot of balls please go here's yeah I think it's network or. Dockers and has season. Port which it guys couldn't guard guarding inside Africa. Any day this actors play it 50% off your online order hitting Wichita area this time slot on the Papa John's right now. The promo code shocker fifth thief who received his doctor just yet but that's not the that it might not fly. It outlines his job Papa John's but the fact of the phones forecasting. Yeah I'd like someone enough leeway in Cincinnati have you received by that radio. He meant that didn't let it ride and there's not that I'm here on the fly. Anywhere I'd add it all last week they'll watch hardly played live this weekend and they weren't kicked out of infant death toll from my days that is the focus is safe. Dad Mal from the there I think blended he had these things like death. Cincinnati. Rant and but they've had the fate Edison had fuel. Wolf I can let they had to say about the actors and my neck long yeah about me off investigations. It can't fit it matters yeah sorry that I your idiocy and I think it is and and we must stay. Wouldn't get by probably wouldn't let the mother's cool well. Might get diluted and maybe Fred hit bad you go MD MPH dry out I don't local. Mean it didn't seem very serious and they're offended that it does not only like Hotmail dot Sierra now. On the air now let's fan. Okay thank you can't see. You know I'm not I hope that that's not the case of you know there's been some history that some schools. Are. Say Jack Gifford are that they'll give you start on us that the so I hope that this case where. It comes more from the FBI originally NCAA is just reacted to that there's a little more uniform. Handing out of penalties whatever penalties that I don't know this but at that. As far as the reception from Cincinnati radio guys I did not meet. There analysts got it does but not the day's news. But damn wars your play by play guys that have been friendly area and I had a really good conversation before the game. He said you know everybody's excited about adding with a constantly. In the quality that it. Rates to delete it raises the league's growth violent incidents had some of the same problems in recent years that shot we have with being under seated. And they feel like camping with Utah state building and raising everybody's RPI and all those kinds of things really good for everybody so. Yeah I could have been better now. Dave Dave hi there close game. Show it to you read that Bob and I were at a rate and we have to be here. Terry Nelson there analysts. His first question in the crowd and when he set out. As a coach I don't wanna get in trouble but let's let's face it calls weren't the same boat and that kind of implied if they really and wagering entity now we have. Yeah anywhere in Cincinnati was definitely able to play little more physical as the shoppers were part of its yeah we were kids that you are. Jaws drop we've heard the colors again commentators. Over the PA if they admit that they felt that that he felt. The coach that really comment on that road is things things that. Does that color commentator guys that I'm role for the radio with talking about how he thought it was. Area there appreciating it that would that they've got a great let's let their guys were kind of picked on him. Mike that's hard stuff drop what what game we're watching such as this thing like they were the ones that we've been phenomenal walking. I guess which ones that you. And I will say beyond dad hoard all that radio guys around the league hit it great I mean they've been very welcoming. Very friendly and I've really enjoyed that some great for us because. We really developed some relationships with the guys in the ballot that's good friends about those other radio guys at the valley that we three years and years and -- this net and it is those people outside to get to do it knows of you guys who looked at equally friendly and welcoming that's been one of the real fun parts of this transition. Well we haven't run into a flip athletic this is that isn't well if you have five years have been consecutive game so but a lot of them aren't are forty years that I was an accident schools yes. Yeah it's it's interesting a lot of and a lot more national media entities you know especially athletes and we played Philadelphia won't play Hartford. You see a lot of national writers. I have met or Boston or Philadelphia in zone with good luck or that we have the guys from. What's called the athletic that was at the temple game umpire Metcalf. Yes yes it's one of their writers. Lines as the Cincinnati game at a lot of comments about it. The outlook for us. You know it's almost like an idea just reading Miles Austin is that it's almost like. A lot of people then okay the shocker for good with us states that but you know there at Missouri valley these all these records. They had kind of a lucky run significantly hurt them a couple of times but. Let's see if their real plot thickens Connecticut's. It's. Cincinnati we'll see. We'll see if they're really as good if they think they are. And that's always kind of felt that little bit around the league I think so far and people have been. Pleasantly surprised that it. All right we're gonna take a quick break come back to close out the Collie and add twenty days fortunate Sosa and get on line. 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After twenty deal to a four slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on huge screens and scratched from his bursting from the best kitchen in sports there's something on the menu this had to fight every fan's appetite take your game needs a new high with any harsher more items from the table when he's full service bar features and then selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystal wore our man caves are decked out with tons of these two TV there's never a bad he's now head for twenty eats drinks. Scenic views. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex a Karzai in valley center ten danger or an end over what Sawyer. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. Regular Friday night TV viewing for. Many people for many years that's the Dallas we've got. First phase of our Dallas music is. Today's game thing after handling of putting that together we got a couple of Bob because this week reflected Annan here. Outward as Wichita State project right now just heard about it what tonight. Ayatollah darting at the shocker is that to a four seed after the Cincinnati when had it in Boise. And Jerry Paul who usually has shocked is lower than everybody else also had business before in Dallas so. Don't recognize a lot of fans the collective feet down here at Dallas the net. I during the game and can't shake don't know the ball for 1520 seconds of that shot is they're no 52 call or any events this. The 52 call he starts it it's her by the officials have players being closely guarded you gotta be right up on deficit Dell stars cannot. That they've got to make it the fourth basket or get rid of the balls but that case they're playing hockey was so far out at that time I'm not gonna shoot there was. Stop right there he shot it pretty close to hear that if you plant off of the ticket holders losses. Yeah you definitely you'll see that tonight if they try to shorten the game because they were shorthanded. If you're gonna see that again this afternoon they're gonna finish the game and they work time during their offensive possessions that were present for the call. If the old rule was what you've got to the front court. If you look closely guarded you have fights for four and a half seconds the whole football and the Internet to dribble yet more seconds to dribble the ball. And it you can pick it up yet another four seconds before you've got called for spicy stuff that you could hold off for you could control of the twelve seconds. But that coolest things now if you're dribbling. You could dribble closely guard that long one now that is that she's stuck. Do we think Shaq playing well enough for first team all conference consideration player of the year. I would say that he's put it soft conversation I think he has received all conference I think he's the best you can only players the years. There is somebody guys getting consideration. For the season it before it's not it's got here and the you know the stuff that it players that would. Well I think he's first team you definitely don't doubt about it I think if it is that the other commentators. National TV guys that I thought. They're really highlights though. I think he I think he says in position to this the placed on that first team. And you know if these people who knows I think there's a lot of guys that it's that is that is that. It is President Bush 43 attending today's game our understanding yes he would spend a lot of this in these games there's certainly. A good possibility we'll see your racquet this is Spanish Ottawa island back to go to the bathroom the dark suits flawed in the years. I don't look that Secret Service. I have a feeling problem of these. But I think that the papers if I ever. It mattered resident former resident accidentally cut. We'll look at displays probably the first game he's got two or might it be a tough tough so think about that could throw and now they are. If that's the fact that phones receipts statement security. Hi guys I did that work. Hey. It forgive me I joined in light foot birdie slipped on. In this or about that but what Monaro lose furious about it. Players on both pieces. Kicked Milton. Going to be playing today as well. It landry's over two. Food poisoning or his. Six they'll applaud what he has a broken hand it's not yet ready to play Landry will play. It was not mention that triggered not say it was acted as a stomach virus. Man and he practiced a little on Thursday practice before practice yesterday it says he's feeling better every day. It is absolutely it's you know. Legacy if it. All right it will let Brett ramped up. Inconsistency that is the truth to that level competition report in the if there's a quote. Is it. What it is they have done it looked really good sometimes the level of the authorities. And about a foot in it. This don't know a thing with on the FBI's through regular under that dollar payment you don't think he's too good tonight. If that request and got. I didn't you know I don't put myself in the middle of that kind of judgments or speculation. That's totally up minutes. Diversity is and they've made no. War says it may have been given more direct information as. Side I would want to speculate on offense. Yeah I I don't know club that I kind of have a hard time. The first part of the question oh. Asked about the defense a little bit and yes certainly part of it is the quality of offensive players Wichita State's basic consistently this year that's my team and tonight at some news now. But that's part of it also is. Went the way it's being officiated now more freedom of movement on the pick and rolls and things it. That's the pick and rolls in the pick and pop require more and more communication. Or recognition. And attesting that things. And occasionally this team is making some mistakes in those those switches or overshadows those kinds of things that. Some of the sense of its communication services forgetting where he's supposed to pace it. Well that pic of profits really hard to cover. It's hard to cover when I was coaches back in the eighties and nineties. But now I think it's even more flu because guess of the big guys that can hit the three point shot in the fast you can hedge. And in the Arctic fight over the green. And then the big guy who heads to recover that gets me in. And if you shot that free so what confuses their about a 2530%. Three point shooter. So you're like okay go ahead we'll take our chances well now these guys now that that there should three pointers the big guys. As that they should that you 3540%. Itself. They can Julia I mean like Mike don't offer confidence it would be a role three pointers and all these big guys that are both of them. So that that makes it difficult and it's definitely grade. In this American athletic conference. The there's more talent. On every team. And they are definitely harder to guard because they got everybody's got a couple guys these three guys seen that. You could be argued that doing a good job with it feels cool so. Fortunately that doctor never really good offensive team we could you answer. All right thanks for all the questions we appreciate it very much it's been a fun show what we need to move on Gregg Marshall coming up next to his pre game outlook. Stay lettuce on the Chris thank pregame show from Dallas and remember if the shoppers plan. It's a party tomorrow at jets locker room every time soccer's quit you get a discount the next day and all soccer merchandise tents. To be listening after the game. 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Quality service on high pressure right installation people start to finish you'll enjoy the experience the beauty Laurie goes to bars and 1860. North Broadway the coach's corner with him coach Gregg Marshall was presented by express employment professionals on a mission to but it billions to work. Coach first of course. Investigative the other night has his help them and as far as getting back practice and so. He's getting a little better. He practiced a little bit two days ago and then. Participated basically full speed yesterday. This innocent eighteen is obviously had a major change we shake built out of they play differently victory. Well I mean he's great player priciest player of the year in our league had 33 at our place and basically unstoppable so. Yeah report a lot differently don't they don't have a guy like that out there but there are the what what they're trying to run. I'd be running at what place for particular guys trying to get him shots than their straight to some degree yes it's good to be known Jake worked for. Larry Bird around the prototype offense or just looking to exploit matchups. And McMurray was a guy who's just kind of getting his feet wet in the sun before of eligible and personal history is seems to become their go to. Yankees are your regional conference player itself ordered transferred within the league two dressing you became eligible mid year and I get the ball in his hands he and Jimmy where. Is just a team that says is really up a matchup thing which guy needs to know the guys starting their strengths and tendencies so that's a true that's true. Defensively they've got good numbers what's what did they do they do anything in particular that it makes them tough defensive. For us against for forty minutes and ran 23 zone so. The match up five man comes up and helps support a ball screens. They have shown when pretty warm in the happily some man to man against other folks were. Whatever they're doing pretty good. That's thank you shocker coach Gregg Marshall to shocker to SMU coming up from Dallas. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a mile first. It is for me with no money. He got command and I can't believe this contract is great now with a few government did it I can't believe this can grant. Healthy smile as a powerful things you deserve delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider. Unleash your miles per hour with delta dental. Hi this is actually Hayes and I'm a full time working mom with two of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what father worked out that because there's not one place that meets all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an under it. 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I just got to have heart. Eat meat we believe he'd be fun not for treating that's why we offer free delivery and only and we are everything we LLC and cast your TV watch happy. Shocker for has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita. The engines. Emerging shocker for. Okay three point 78 you want in my grave. I'm Moya me. Welcome back to billion dollars everything going to. But in Dallas Bob pulled alongside. And it's a shocker as an asset you for the second time this season just the eleventh leading all time. SMU leads the series six to four after it was soccer's getting what you 8378. On January 17. But the shocker Toronto wrote the official watch party location as you know is really tough towards the southeast quarter when it first lap up bikers watch parties for a chance to its great prizes. Courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and you know it's still untapped torture official watch party location for soccer basketball. Thought as the winning strategies presented by capitol federal first home and home dream home. You can trust the strength behind certainly financing capital federal equal housing lender and never let you guys. Well today have a match up between teams going opposite direction of thought that 15 in a row yes they do with this you treat them hill. They built it. Have lost five of their last six although they did with their last game at TCU by nineteen points but defensively that soccer within half an event. A different at that he. And they played them round house shake milk is still out with a broken hand. In the first game which I thought he scored 33 please point it played all forty minutes. Coach Jankovic at the number of guys that you fitted at the line and he tried to pick up. The point production. Don't know if they've gone to a position let's basketball. Five guys play all night. About things that falls green. And all five guys who. Drive they would pick and roll. They stepped up paltry figure the ticket office if they a lot of one on one basketball but three big red. Our numbers their growth excludes food for a moment hurry. He's probably their top offensive threat he shoots a lot of three feet it's 44%. Above. And he played close to forty minutes of the game now he had 33 points hurt the benefits. At night that I read it yet when he points the other night at the please don't Zach brown and we'll probably start on him but that's the shock of it going to be switching a lot of defense. It's a lot of different guys trying to guard the ball very covered what it was six I think here. From behind the arc it is that's the big ball games. Scored twenty points. Again Arizona earlier in the year when he had five out of 73 feet 44 point six holes. The last dvds you you hit sixteen points seven rebounds and six assists and played 37 business. Six foot three sup port city with over 31 he averaged eleven points five rebounds he's very athletic for. He's only 63 feet. Plays like six that he loves to drive past. Really good at finishing at the ethical reason threats that the stock was definitely lock down the session and offensively and the first game at that you've played a result both the time they edit yeah. Believe they try to keep the ball away from Jack Morris and Darryl Willis. You catch the balls please try to wrap up with who were you guys are gonna try to force doctors defeat of from the outside. They've hit outside shots factors that have to be careful not to fall that's wrath. It only shoot three pointers that got to move the ball they got a boot players. They're big guys have got to be active and before I called the local authorities and that was shot. Yeah hit the ball that night. Take advantage it has last night and let them. Play inside out as doctors like to call. Three of the keys rebound and shot left him as that you let's do. As that you only had seven players and she walked bonds. So that soccer plus attacked the glass on offense. Really protect the last few things that flight ticket and it's a this business that they can't try to capitalize and they have on his last fight at the board. And I think. And it's. And he did I think he's out with fire and I accidentally these battles from the first minute the last. And that's the way they got. Quote this game because this thing. It was very dangerous here with the. The injury report is rescued by thoughts do you live your life threatening. Are often. Understanding is that his illness that kept him out of the game against light on Wednesday night it was Johnson will start. It played today. Aggressive here it's like emaciated shapes golf business the last six seven game. It is a Forrester leading scored eighteen points per game just to terrific player feature in the eighth guy. Also out. Ray foster's their second or third best players their other returning starter from last year's 66 you're you're from Houston has been out since the game it would just not. And is out for the rest of the year. Torn ACL. And that. May sixth seventh press that is part of their front line out. He is out for the year as well with a broken foot after playing in the first sixteen games of the season. And now we honor America. With the performance of our National Anthem. Instead it definitely is through our National Anthem. Southern Methodist University incident private school founded in 1911. At 121000 students. And members. Out west conference's. 1918. Until it disbanded in 1996. It was a lack for nine years conference USA for eight. Before joining the American athletic conference. Half. They have they didn't pack it. Ain't seen the last couple of years ago Larry Brown it's him Jankovic. It's not at a starting lineup last week and I say first starting lineup. And I athletic and I never pay headaches have been featured a business online equity. Dot com. It's not just one season and tied for eleventh here head coach Gregg marshall's father treated the American athletic conference. Ranked twelfth and thirteenth in the national polls this week. I don't go let's get their standard line up and everybody's healthy Rashard Kelly 67 senior from Fredericksburg Virginia averages five point three points per game. And 1887. Three rebounds at times. Zach brown 66 or drop Houston Texas five point one points per game. Man in the ship it back to the starting lineup six point redshirt sophomore Kansas City, Missouri leaving the shot isn't. Both fourteen point seven points per game and five point two assists. He has the seventeenth meeting three point shooter in the country at 45 point 3%. Constant Reeves six drives off. Northrop to work hard it's time for it and a half points per game that's. Over fifteen points per game in his last seven games. As Shaquille Lawrence insane it appears to be here for Edmund Oklahoma the thirteen point seven points per game. Hitting 56 point 4% from the field and copper price on late Shaquille Flores is shooting. Present fifth in the league sources the Lincoln scores an average fifteen brigades in the news that. Blowing a lot playing a lot of minutes and Jack Morris plan. SF it is currently sixth. He and it went off after. Five of its last six plus innings and others. Hey here's a top assistant and head coach at play Davis Larry Brown took over the program last year after forty years airlines serving at 5 o'clock here. ACC. Seventeen. And why there's such a little bit lately because of all the injuries and they have suffered yeah they're starting lineup as the moment. Fast food cave nearby Iowa and South Florida first is averaging thirteen point nine points per game. It's that Sheikh don't want outings averaging almost twenty per. All solid the starting lineup this afternoon. A lot of jokes land that was excellent freshman also thought up that very slow start this year averaging two point six points in fifty years. We came up for the last six games and had his first double figure out what tonight eleventh against east Carolina. Fans have knowledge there. It was a 65 senior Grand Prairie, Texas started his career it. Virginia Tech wizard number three scorers are freshmen is averaging ten point three. Points per game. Shooting 49 point 1% from made that he had slumped over the last five games that he is that this last. Injuries after being over 50% posted here. Boy and it now has really come on this team does it say they're 35 that transfer from south Sudan and actually these nice little you don't want Nebraska. Central high school played both Louisville and Georgetown. If it this year as a veteran hardly playing let for. Over the last 56 games he's started the scoreboard and he's averaging seven rebounds a game. Over the last six Jimmie wins it 63 sophomore transfer. It's not as aggressively. Columbia Missouri ten point eight points of the game three and a half percent of us out of this six game stretch without change you pick up. Of these guys into the half points seven point two rebounds 3.2. Point two steels itself it. Players fluorescent. Gathered at a he's playing four guards around what's big guys they only have two big guys that are with the golf that they feel forty. They come off the fifth with the defense off. Six night. Forty beat them and I felt that this guys and a lot of guards around them but very talented guard that defensively. Also very adept at private event. Officials for tonight's game Michael's defense now seed and violence here at it before we just put up. Tip the scales in your favor by getting healthier snacks throughout the day that's today's healthy shocker fifth. Got you by United Healthcare and really feel program they're more real appeal dot com. This arena seats about 7500. Is not rightful place right to it today they went. White and Red Shirts on the shares of alternating segments. And there's a lot of effort here and there isn't it a little losers of gold. Sprinkled here and there including have a big contingent that one of the Fiorina up high so soccer's. Have some fans here. Feel Morrison. Boy Scouts doctors in black wolf letters and numbers just have you applied. Letters and numbers in Red Brigade Blue Jackets the opening tip constantly shot it. Yeah. He loves it's. It's not a double team him. There are hundreds of snack it's. Integration into an accident. Then Stewart agrees. There's need for Morris. Catches in traffic death in a closet that's now that's fun around here and I don't see it and he caught the lob that he couldn't do something that while it isn't hearing came back. Are you under the basket a left inheritance on all the way around thinking about it. Now got the balance that out of the thing. The ball solid inside that that was what Cleveland club. Dressing up our stuff on our path got the size that that alone should acclimate to him of thirteen free throws. Against. It's the first. 0% on a year makes that would. The factors lead one to nothing on the first possession of the game defensive units for his position full court man pressure but it's not there's. Can kind of fortunate you know let him back to Jimmy flipped mr. Canada that's hard to record. Vulnerabilities are to suppress hold teams to try to Wear him down tonight. Right wingers who is driving it throws that's not credibility and effective. The streets of thousands of people that can't cross court Lance went driving on campus president of the militants. Three from the right corner. That's not to criticize yeah. It's. Reasons right senate since the baseline didn't receive double team him back in addition. If I post only gambling on the way to the basket got it locked out of band. Well against her though that's where you want to get a basketball get a behind closed Friday. I'm either free throw line. And restore Kelly who drove the baskets that shot clock. Actors to play did commodities the club at least not definitely killing and and now. In the low monthly by Landry that was about it I think. Sound over the top of the horse trading with us today. In the heartland of dribble hand off victory and we cannot run was feeling righteousness that there's always guarded tightly. Pakistan announced residence for a to a acknowledges that on the wings win it. Can't accidentally stepped through the length throws across court deflected or intercepted by Zach brown drives and of course it's hard. And now symbols of the reason politically back to ground out practicing. And restarts right it's the street from Morrison's. Forums I know having Boris in the blog template not a field. That's that positive keeps. We'll catch on behind closed at night. I'd check wars check. He has three Atlantic champions in its history with us as you can that we not. Let that Wall Street Google's not. It's up to the very last night's exit the line into traffic going almost yeah that acknowledges. He drives down the line of shovels at baseline and a message close with my. Honestly don't look forward. Frankly if it all the way up on the board Monica oh well that and I think with math. Have a nice night and read it to Atlanta. I and this Packers scored eight straight points after three I was. After the shot was pleased constantly for the chance reform line accidentally lit. With the panel of experts that selected. I. They're really registered users on the president and with. Pressure on. That's on now obstinate ones free throw it to mean this. Very different feet missed that. We attribute this five of 330. Here it is this is an accident. Factors one of three from the line merely going. In the last nine history telephony and enterprise of the plane's thrust were asked to quit he penetrates a little holes that yeah. Definitely the landed on the right block down Galveston back in on forest under the wheels of radical. How. Solid on the rebels look like I Shaq tourists going to his right shoulder but today it was found Asha. Well the guys that did more than what drivel that's at drivel that starts if that is the at bat. Helping an article. First ally doctors deploy it now it doesn't take many shots 47 and a half percent from the line for tickets are twenty to forty. Or 70%. Its fifth year senior from south Sudan. Throw off and they'll do a heart rebound off degrees for which posting offers free throw attempts for as soon. The of the business. And to Tennessee wins and I decided to triplets in the right side into the existing facilities in the site ground. At the middle of the country's political history of their stances downloads in Philly looks like and trust their friend shot Nick Greisen baseline below ten footer. A little hard rebound instantly. The Atlanta Alex you definitely didn't quit. Right side of the floor fools that got that analogy I would just left absences were influenced Kelly who think tonight. Effective on the length it is less water three otherwise let it very rules and outrebounded its. Have you had a wide open wheel out Janet strange transition bounces off rebound telling Boris like each other for snacks got it. Since that's that's the standard. I'm most proud for the free throw line with a Pulitzer for the best to prevent it physically it that's back down background that wide open pit. Twelve footers and the baseline. Want to require that management right and goes on the block to a gas back down towards political slant that kind of stuff was. In there. It's not the first look at the first meeting gets kinda 5057. To go experts to have. Which is not a state nine incidents in five years doubts. State farm agent get what's important you specially on game day. Big free press I. Watch some hopes to bring bring the red water bottles right here AMR rabbits with key chains Chris I'm your state farm agent final protect the things that really matter to you. Good luck charm if they broke don't fix it. Okay. I think listening in the cohesiveness and well it. You need to do you stigma you know like a right. Good health. One is infectious. What are the benefits of the healthy lifestyle that spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the camp with health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you believe that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy looking more at Kansas mom died war. Those shots. Yeah. Don't miss the educational seminars at the 2018. Outdoor living and wind keeps you going on all three gates march 2 through the court. Rod to you by the Sedgwick county extension office along with McCain's heating and cooling. Your independent train comfort specialists can he would annual reels vegetables and trees are new for 2018. The more visits outdoor living and landscape joke dot com. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. Okay. It's. Rise of most of our Dallas music movie country music is as a hub of the country music industry here that aren't. Wichita State leading SN 95 just over four minutes in the shocker to me at seven shots. Two of three from three SM you or. It's not present outrebounded the mustang 53 including an offensive rebounds and no turnovers to answer on news it is in possession of the well if you do for the doctors to retreat from free points with the worker facing zone it's offensive rebounds so far that's good. That well. Soccer basketball following the time now fears after a Willis lot of mergers. And. Shoot him. It's simply a the timeline gets in every channel every today. So I do these guys to pull up jumper not Austin. About sixteen. With the Jackson got his second best shot. But the club soccer coach does that work place yeah. Ever gonna dribble hand off that for a few minutes meant to land of eat that Shaq lies in now a forward position addressing the latter drives the lane throws it back out to burglary opportunity. Technology is looking to drive and we'll excuse to dribble fluent. Over to McMurray trying to drive it on the death throes of a wild shot it bounces out rebound those twelve offensive attack that's not ticket but yeah. Recollection advocate the streets of lawlessness and what capitol in little double pump my app wouldn't go out and found my answer and you know what they're doing mr. street goes up. You guys. It's reasonable. Totally appreciate that the current quarter drive down the middle of the lane that's and he got all the way to advance the well. But it seemed that was on third thirteen. Bell on this if you think it's. Thing always on the right now is not a lot of relatives. You know it's kind of now had here affordable it is the end I had an answer and it's free throw. It. Brings the soccer's. What war from the free throw line free throw shooting was a real problem for which it is and I stayed in the first it is who shot her team. Shooting 73 and a half percent the line literally seven well the vastness. Yeah it and said yes we're up by five from the line in a high point in Lincoln Douglas is 65 freshman. Almost every good shot at Athens but he. Yeah that makes both free throws he's got five minutes and you have of this read on it not with root for a relative. Thought it was coming back to delegate took off down court of law want to write to him Jankovic on the incident you finances which doctors get in their front court. On the turnover by the mustangs. My state leading experts. The plant from the baseline never met anybody out flop not fraction of cases now. And Allison definitely not. It might quit the zone out over the left wing leave for very short it's not about to flex not he should have attackers get another profits of resentment. It's right that would not be it's meant here. Pakistan and opens create a bit short chipped up I think don't regret my vote if he fires that baseline merger goes up with a look at the stat. Pound body work and it doesn't say it enough now on this end here. There are good and had anything. It's not about the path of airless that they're wide open but he's got a path. Rates get along the path I guess status and I thought they'll see the signaling of analysis out of bounds off with the plastics and the fact innocent. I'm really nice extra pass also but nothing happening commitment and maintenance on a ship like that it's not conclusive knock down open shots it yet wide open shots like. As in your possession Douglas. Notes that in Malibu resident and I bounces. That they'll play it solo shot by a slow you want to go Pakistan now. It starts right in the middle of the plant on the way that let's side. It brings back not have us like that Douglass that when it Douglas at times but to act like animals that it's not. At least the nominal if we win. I can't cut off his wife wanted it relative broad based on traffic out there and now with us today. If you don't want lately and it. Newspapers on the brief seconds. If only it was that that gap at the bella and we'll of that but he reached it. Basically it's. Not look. That feed it movies over one more deputies and law. Now though is good you know it was four points for instance units. Six. As a free throw shooter not as good as you would expect a really good. 67 point 4%. Not 54%. It's almost 50% three definitely short bounces off three Willis and players ought to pre. As it yourself or it's 131. It's nice state leads their team this means that tonight during the middle. It definitely not a prank but it affected. They're not they're probably. I'm nothing. I saw on Saturday night. Sent on Madison improvement markets except his first you know reference not really. What emphasis. We're not letting that movie screen and sometimes it's the driver's fault they come office. The sad fact is that path of the parts right one side. And effect or is Hillary's back in the game guarded climate deftly brings that it's not there to pick up on a swift announced massive check the markets. It doesn't tonight is licences. Feel that thank goodness yeah right yeah. You can check. It's. On a second. Tonight okay good night exclusive. It's slanted the defense work. Very stiff neck flyers have 380 yeah. John McCain. It's. It's. I presume they want to live. He's sort of regular slot here. And this. They're applauding or saying it's to raise Longstreet Bosnian. Can't answer while Austin green is definitely I'm very confident as a meticulously connecting pipelines. Soccer goal. I don't think that that's likely that a bottom was not here for about five feet. Different work groups individual rights and I started to offenses should act lawful rights not blockages but Lisa Leslie I don't. I think can't let quarter. It's. John if you. It's not history lesson it really easy life. Oh yeah double save McAfee down the length of the finger at rove that I nice fast my round under your. At least if nothing in his first and yeah that Ronald footer on the floor started back anything down that doubles team. He found. Not that would definitely beautiful path eight team he's with us citizens in this heated up offensively. Atlanta the threats were instantly. CNET blog letdown and tonight most of it was thrust worked very. Stepped back that it's just an Ottawa captain was jumping around but if you're the player shot up. Whole. Good. Save lives in the room. The court that the trailer arrangements they have nothing at this time sort. Three leases to tell us there's evidence it's not gonna found innocent and I guess yeah. Now offensively. It just didn't happen at a time out and let it fly and. It's Wichita State eighteen as soon. If your mechanic told that your buff repairing your shot then read. 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If you're stuck in your low release listen if you're over your mild joint release upside down in your world or just one out of your car horns like Nokia today but not least between two Nissan all more or road particularly not from that threat you own -- 28 to Nissan all moreover zero down to fewer than nine months after me they're not human performance dial 1800 million Sandra was born in some Wichita about cup would recruit informants from. And you know perfect food perfect vision all the good in the distance from the five people Jason when. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center and think for an end overweight later. WSU shocker. Basketball is on 103 point seven GE YE a. Hey dollars and here at the coliseum and S and its. Wichita State leading eighteen to seventy is not present at least point. It's got him on president is not red hot it's may sixth at ten shots. 63. Shot six of 1443%. At 73. There's three of. Five of the line that's been the difference don't Powell's. Thought that last play at not acknowledge the single biggest signal that it was I. Good good friends and then. Against the browns that was better. Almost trampled president Florida Shaquille Morris on the sidelines acting out incidentally it's reflected an event ultimately. Next round held onto its launch it and made it very risky cancer or not Britney possession. With a program. Sheehan. Both voter rolls out. Rebound and announce plans to its clients and use that lives they would not only repeat the left side at that office re natural run around it. That is three on it looked like. Open the one with doctor. Its latest fix the lob into the right corner of the ground. Yeah a little more homelessness and I champ. Lewis of the high post your efforts to free mr. lay shortly. Launch system my quickness and you switched it to keep a lot of healing ability to pick up my ranking of the Douglas it opens up front there's it's not about Lawrence Douglas minority business. Late night. I can't find those more in fifteen footer anyway so. Instead of the simple ways snapshot differences cynical and never wanted to. Yeah out of 63. Wide open for a good fifty feet. Eighteenth seventeenth this author's deleted SMU possession and I'll. Homer and what it. Mets yankees who have left front nose lifted G drives it picks it up to jaguars played Nokia rebound Darryl Willis this team since a lot of friends over the last five games they've never. 63. It's. Given. I most definitely felicity fans disagree. Scott. Understaffed. And attractiveness. Yeah not this. Well and hits Oklahoma hi. Nearly that there that a third think that basket earth would she got. Underneath that these companies though but it you can drive them there but you're a pathetic on it started dribbling that thing votes. I'm an empty trips that it's not here's instantly be seventy innocent you different equipment that we've not. Witnesses right now going right to left it to the left sideline him off the Wall Street it's not but if they can roll down the baseline that benefited Duncan was found. Flipped to sneak it that short order right side got behind a massive influence but it got it through the crowd with you on Landry thought about it. Border. It helped Monica we'll look at bats at them like this guy with cutback in the bath and yeah well right. Most important about that now the second land reached in the fourth now. First of two free throws and it's and it's. It as a negotiator. Well at 56%. Yeah yeah that's its first point of the day it ties the game and he. Seven first. I appreciate that out of the shot the lineup. Freeze it got a three there was that he had sprint campus read that the guards three through five with good. And including look at it and number influence. Reason. It brings. I love the right side of the green monster it's. Around athletes bring Kansas street no good low. Tucker that's gone ice cold glanced. We'll talk and it's quit driving into the alliance Joseph little flustered OK I didn't rebounder Reshard dealing with crisis. Triple after the shoot in his right hand at times. And turn this is concerned you can get between. Me. And it's it's. Lose a. Morrison's and don't let water French camp again this time great mystery mistress and has good movement that that is historical work as I told that it went inside out. Out the front counter productive as a platform for open. This is not yours or through their back confront when he won 1990. There's tension had long left wing nut to Douglas Johnson lane throws the right ones listen right kicked back to shed well. He tries throws up a full. It's not that time by the freshman. Yeah. It's. Rivals. Cynical on the floor game tonight it's funny little. Obviously offensively and rights and it brings. Listen I difference here. Yard line Morris. Got it that's not a fast. He just ran right into central office did manage to seize control of all enough of those jump hook up at. It was out of us about it executive director doctor easily inside the dashboard little sound quality didn't do it. More often that. Sports teams found innocent you know I think it was unchecked laden had a slow pit I think a lot of it was a honey that check blah we've got the answer any time now. 757. Golfers Happy Gilmore isn't the free throw line with the soccer's leading 23 point line. 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With a little energy all these things are possible at all the ideas and inspiration you need. At the 2018. Outdoor living in landscape show visit displays from the area's finest nurseries lawn care companies and landscaper. Your next great thing in your outdoor living space can be found at the outdoor living and landscape show march 2 through fourth century two convention center. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven G they really mean. I home. I mean big game. Do you know. Below. Okay. Doctors funny parade understands what a lot at 757. We don't the first half. Has said anything to get wow that he's. What percent of seven of fourteen for a great three. Shot makers have six hour. Rebounds has done. Chuck has shot very well 34 and I 44%. Nearly four of these let it. Who have a lot of those that did get open shots. Freedom and it was not you know a lot of little shots finest doctors haven't hits. Fortunately got inside the last time down. Now. That is one of yeah alliance. Taken a three point play and softly announces that it sort of Boris was six possibly sleep centers with eight. Whereas now it's six and refinement of advances to finals. And for innocent youth development through the sixth and knowledge to score in Central Florida yeah. Telling the pacifists Nightline resisted throwing the lines could not. Now our children and give them the senate has not affected back. Innocent quality of their work soccer's leading my offices where exactly. Douglas left side of the floor for. I don't know exactly the closeness that you. That was our excellent cables to the middle. Pass almost ruined my ground that was intercepted and Mary McLaughlin yeah ground travel. Just get rid of that he had and its active stance on the Davis have been started back again and that's replicates it. Little shuffle steps that would put the ball on the floor that we thought of them that Flickr they'll stick. The second time again Ausmus called it. Traveling in its fourth turnover of four innocent you suckers also have floors with these flustered offensively that's not his. Yeah the timeline that double TV it's that fast. For health offensive Jennifer Kelly great save on restarting its wrestle with a lot of technical fouls on innocent view. I don't want William Douglas and his listeners in the visitors team's fitness that was. Yeah it's not just Irish are noticing that pants. I've run that perhaps the perfect practice yoga basketball what it will take some time off the clock we don't have much time. Work your offense against the don't know if that's what. They lead their doctors to deflect or reason to freak you three right now spinning around in Africa is now president. All the way around the cylinder popped out yeah keep up with background players really have a wide open look who had lifted him Jankovic the ball from the sidelines. It gives a thumbs downs signal innocent youth getting dispensing set up. Out of there to shoot it dribbles right just right of the team but if we come back left and pulls up the fires of different things. Hardly look at shots away positions that not happen. This case they don't have a three. Conclusion. How explosive round doesn't. The lions president doctor reasons it's. Pants. And that is going to be back ground truth is now. Vehicle can't vote drive it definitely it. The rock hard drive zone but yeah. That background to back up. Started drive and tired of doctors or. It's not acted. On them press definitely network to not listen for the rest of the announcements. The ball very very guarded right now my own. Let's play. Please for canceling all of that stuff is not a Florida around it and at Lazard and around him moments where is an artist not yet rated as the basis. You. Oracle's broad basket. Markets. It was back court today like thirty seconds yes and it is time now. 32 time about the mustang here is the first half man and it's about 40%. Day after any shots into this locker room. Please and when asked earlier today in any case it's playing its essence of the 965. It. But that it's going back. We got the club and eleventh in the AC. Thicket of abuses that pulls it off. No not by the way from. Soccer nonconference opponents so far Baylor lost by two and a half to. It wants for mark Katz at the ball 76 feet to the car was just can't have. He's going to do that yeah. Soccer basketball. Let's are innocent you basketball at the last of him. Markets Nazis were greatly cannot complete 2623. Full court pressure on them at. Very throws and of course Kelly almost all that was them lying to edit the off course accountancy. Books were right there a lot of data on reasons for enforcement throughout the defenders Jonathan Morris black outfits is only about. Good second ever but I think that's actually nice as planned on athletes that he in effect for the initials on it. Bob Hanson or then again barely got to Douglas elegantly state actors almost gothic couple actively 23523. Policemen and others. Run victory on the road maintenance is that if I had. Crossover dribble it's really drives it pulls up little floater that's tomorrow. That's where country drive not on frozen. Right wing French can't I personally what's inside the room floor flops respect to hard that it put it this does not that it is now it's ridiculous to have. List but smaller and they're trying to defend Shaquille fluorescent shackles over the line for two. Lot was a little and I couldn't do anything whether they got tied up through from our frigates and he'll shoot two free throws. Now I'm that this will be his second six team down president. You don't Boris to a three from the free throw line as it points to finish an. CJ prizes for the good. You know half a I'll check it. Feel Morris with ninth really studies that assert himself inside yeah. Snapped CJ has an independent not yet. Yeah very solid performance on Wednesday against Cleveland to Akron kind of settling for three point and I worked at the ball around the front of the vote at both. And believers and free zone. All eyes. I should feel Boris stands out. And now. Elegant Flores and that's exactly the kind enough to live with constantly it's funny not funny plot to bomb that's very yeah. The left wing guarded but nothing upfront to Atlanta. Management has got a hand on the right side of the floor Jimmy Cliff but. If he gets the confidence that if we agreed to middle left for Atlanta tickets. Creative way off the mark opposite side agrees that those rebounds which does it hasn't had a nice having to work right corner. To recognize that Kaiser it might Florence not definitely quarter three of our markets got. Six straight but Marcus if nothing has got seven good ball movement again but it's not as if there's enough technical problem. Yeah it's flat out went inside to act or fact McNulty right. 32 it's one time it's not my seventh Harry trying to drive a done nothing brings it back you know it's just not they're gonna Paula. His lead hand additional markets that after that is why I saw it's not a student. On victory his first scene seven. I got four minutes exactly on the first half its Wichita State 32 innocent 25. But you're looking for the perfect power suit for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. The at the top of your game this season the johnsons and 21 in K 96. 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Reinvestment of as a reservist has offered percentage point financial ink SPF number ten SIPC SP if separately owned and energies indoor marking names products or does is referenced here are independent of us via faster as the he's 21 of free of course to play in Wichita Kansas and there's a 312001. Or online at when he dashed planning dot com shocker for drug you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose cameo underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point 78. He's like a beautiful lady with a moderates. And against the bulls looked untreated it lonely you know sons they had religious liberty dollars in the Dallas was not a statement as it is 3225. Four minutes to go in the first half. These actors making three of their last five shots back up to 44%. And eleven of 255. Of the eleven for. Three that's 45 and a half I think the line as it was as if Clinton. It's an incredibly. Team for a night completely shot present seven offensive rebounds and not the five turnovers to six of those extra possessions giving him seven more shots. From Akio. And soccer's. Up by seven within one point at their biggest lead at the first half you were up by eight early on with fourteen something almost fifty minutes left hand. South Carolina for sure Kelly Austin green seats at Kaiser or nothing. Wichita State's basketball. I'll bring it up against that France yeah. Timeline president sort of let Qaeda in front guys. It's still yelling let able to pass and at a glance at the shocker. Turnover. And it's a different court activity and it gives it to Mike Lamb in Atlanta and remove the floor. Elijah land that is not currently living with. Dribbles to drive it in the lane almost taking away from him not front but very victory no dead just ivory dancing. Comes out of this double up the middle of the floor of slows down and traffic tunnels that against the pressure and gets it on the right wing securely back to Kaiser. Thus worthless under the fluorescent. Listen. Langhorne had nothing shot and it had an appetizer. Stupid stuff you get a foul and it's it will hold. You know kept out of bounds I actually a lot of the companies. Catching up on the water's depth now as we start to drive it's a possession straight possessions soccer's world. Yeah careless turnovers in the last few possessions. Would have been in Vegas is that it. 32 and 25 Wichita State Street twelve to go in the first half. Pretty heated up as you quit. Coming up in just a few minutes if not the Arab women's basketball with their senior day game against my Mercury approximately 2 o'clock. On the line with Santa Rosa the following this for the phallic it's gonna go on Austin reefs. Now wait for the quality field Boris. That's a lot yeah so he has to do it champ but as soon as there's ample sixteenth announced that Clinton was in the act of shooting this time. Yeah can't objectives lineup sooner or directors. And 56 and half where. 56 and a half percent a year for clean lines today in a free throws him. It's good stuff and now we did it really didn't mean it has been definitely pick up a lot of flak. Playing a lot more minutes and also being a lot more work off these really felt acutely athlete and drive it. One more free throw for whipped. It's her for Arkansas and went to London these. Rules. I thought it. Think it's it's an appearance. Anderson is analogous to the honest reason. The prince's trust its not wanted to Richard Beck. Nurtured and dream can't he do any nicer than Boris and our defensive loan facility accidentally launched three and a half three rounds and. And loose. Had finally secured by innocent music. Box that that's. Yes it. Players that apparently has not seen please not this event. For the three French camp to see tennis club all the way around the senators amounts. Now driving aren't we had all the way to the basket blocked like Kelly prick ever but for anything nice block that Rashard Kelly frank can't afford. Keep your bullets it's not. Each right not to. How can front frankly. Nine and on line I didn't have outlined in the 400003. Abrams enough data found on the rebound instead of being pushed out. Thank you are pushing a lot of nurses. And I think the Kinect line is second now in its. Now this we have run out here you don't want me want to listen to you know the first doctors at seven offensive rebounds for the current form of notebooks and it. Let me read you block block block authored. Law fittingly it's in the senate next night. Now it project. With two counts excellently Douglas now. CNN now and bounces out rebounds its rules my instantly. Doctors missing Tamoxifen. Turnovers. Besides this free throw talkers in the zone at sun life. Matchup. Might Atlanta certainly not front wheels snapped as they recognize that zone in recent. The way out. An issue connected to lightweight display. With mostly guys that ultimately land that gets its real say. It's still. Making his first tested it. Game it's not true. It's. And at fifteen to go in the first half streets right side off the dribble and the flyers and. Create guided Daly started down Florida's and it's got it. Austin's third frame at first half is not eleven that's twice now. After the cut it to two citizenry gets it back to yeah he was the hilly street the opposite affect your McMurray went underneath mystery in Austin. Today 3530. Which honestly. Doctors felt that demand disposition drive and hopefully it feels left Pittsburgh victory tonight. Step back followers of the not to eat bounces out enough now over the fact that there's another in the volatile characters and plots now. And say you know it was basic thing and I just step back and Nazis you push it back. And it's weird that it's his first round now right yeah that is accurate would. Three. That's what but pulling it out getting a 1101. Of the line so far today that certain percent on. If the votes that's his third point I've kinda. Absolutely if Horry could make it 340 seconds to go in the half. Like now the fifth year red transfer. Like it is only against him. Yeah that's. 335. Innocent. What's the reason yeah incident. Kelly and and my son's life with some of the smartest kids and their credibility NASA's deflected statement snubsie. He pulls up the line bounces out we've got stiffed and I think you're gonna talk as if there. It's. Tough. It's still not have to be told not to tell ya NASA management had not yet to advance it. There was basket interference. On anything you I think he's a good bath. Headline yeah Marcus Vick doesn't there has not. Thanks to drive home. Soccer and soccer's on defense seventeen seconds to go and hand Kaiser's it is inadequate defenders. Very wanted to support soccer's my thoughts. Seconds eleventh. Very steady dribble us and it's not blind that's left off the street that nothing right on sixth issue. Very long shot there. It. I'm with the Johnston. Point lead it's. I'm sorry half but Wichita State 37. I say it is 35. And don't forget the debt but he's just giving up for you on Monday night Gregg Marshall six to see evidence that Todd Butler. Dropped seven day today case where it's relatively Alley thirteenth green which drugs are about 97 and thirteen thirty in this national women's coaches on my biggest nobody likes your regular season finale that night. And it falls you're at halftime in Edmonton Dallas. Which is not safe for 7% to 35 saves it for the society of America have to show the management. 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Visit one of our five locations in which it's awful when dirty Hutchinson elder radio and Carolina but don't they week. Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball. Three point seven KE YM which you don't know. That I'm here. So I'll see if cities of America yes. Resist the halftime show up here to check athletic it was a record for your small businesses. Of America proud sponsor. Deputy Tennessee basketball. We're getting into analyzing the first half of the updates and a couple of things pot is. That I've mentioned technology shows that I think it is just slot left Gregg Marshall for six to seven with any case. And then we'll go right through the women's basketball games that's also which gets under way. At 7 o'clock that's gone. ID seven. At thirteen thirty. On Greg Marshall 67 vacations that's been gone from Tulsa at seven of a basketball game was to blame the last home game. Just getting underway and I noticed that baseball will also be started on time as they have. Got the weather out there hasn't rained this morning it was not a good standing we'll start baseball on time thanks to Jason golden. And also on scores through the day. Let's think first snap up Wichita State played really well in stretches that they had stretches Lynette several. Trips and as soon. In the hot shooting at times and stay right of this. Yeah I think with the jaws around the house they shot 54%. Support for the evening it happens there's grief. If that ball game eleventh when you do as their deliberately did that night. After they're read you the first path that he thinks about it well and a couple of them were letting the shot clock in the last month. We'll inflate their numbers that that was a long long three. And it herself. Basically it's a little better. In every category eleven of twenty. But it kind of 48% to forty and if they'd sixth well dreams that was its most basic support. Here's why. They're there for senators getting more shots at seven more offensive rebound. We'll have more turnovers and then at six. No not six work. It's not. Yeah that's its stock. Capitalized. They've got good stuff that got bored to death and it's hard to block off an airplane. Let's play ball blown a little bit alike before. Third victory snapped at home building stocks. An extra possessions. And they've got to cut down on turnovers they had seven that there. It goes through ups I think that kept him from being. During those ten points. Same view. Averages almost exactly the same numbers turned out resistant shock there's not hear about point seven shocker eleven point six. But I sent you averaged about two and a half turnovers a game less than its opponents well with Utah State averages about half the turnover or so. They should be. A little better off that seven turnovers in the first half of it was just bad decisions more so than just extreme pressure. Yeah I think so too while the pressure you don't make sure that those bad decisions let's some of them. Which is careless passes. The stuff he stepped out of bounds there but he thought the quality quarter. You know and Willis kind of driving out of control traveling. It went kind of ground was driving out of all the cards though. I think those turnovers that he'd be preventing you could have them anyway. I applaud you want to keep them. A runny and it's been thinking and I have those apparent. Thought thank you very good point later in the half Wichita State starting out. Really kind of settling for a lot of threes against that zone and they get a better job of probate is not getting the ball inside out it. As the half went on getting shots for secure ports around the basket but also like inside out to get more open shots of the. What did not work. Hit that ball down the locals. Didn't they can't cover them one on ones with the head of the few defenders. To cover Shaq. Hardcover Ron Howard Terrell Willis so that leaves somebody open holes. That extra person who's gonna get to the offensive glass or he's going to be open for a shot at 56 and counsel get the ball down low side. Critical and I think the route to do it is the movement around the outside his support behind those fantastic and pineapples on the open. So I thought and for the most part if not there's defense was pretty good in the first. Forget the numbers don't like Charlotte with 48% shooting that. Aniston is it that a lot of those campuses talented offensive guys who can make contest shots the other big and that's the shots. They've got a funny off with this kind of roll off is that it is rather than we need to run the clock officer tried to shorten the game. And then they'll just kind of put five guys along the perimeter run up Wall Street it's nobody's driving to the basket. Or they're driving kick you heard shots and basically that's all there do offensively. But they've got some really quick guys. That our hearts and part with him back at them they're threes. It's that effective. Shoppers are leading at the half. I 23735. Here in Dallas then we'll go inside the numbers we continue on the credit union of America halftime show. It's shelter insurer and we know landlords to keep up with their renters and even if they're related. Mom dad. Added we just dropped by picked up yours ring. I'm running a little or the month not everything works as smoothly as Childress Richard policy that helps cover up in case of fire theft and more wouldn't. I just moved back and smelled oh you mean dancing in any case. Author insurance where he'll be shelter. Or renters insurance see Katie Hanley or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay do it out than derby. 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When only the best we'll do your interests Scotch and sirloin 5325. Kellogg drive in Wichita. Need a plumber just okay. Go with the one the only the original. Roto-Rooter Kevin had a great experience with Roto-Rooter you know I had my share of difficulty and lack of knowledge and to my home by your competition I will always count on your company with confidence and future the last 24 people to review wrote a rerun Google each gave Roto-Rooter or a five star rating. For plumbing drain cleaning it truly trend over affair dial 63 away. Now. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would be John Green which Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker. Basketball is on 103 point I mean GE one I didn't. Plane this morning. Brought dateline it was raining a lot here this morning hopefully that's Larry again we have to go wrong. Time to go inside the numbers don't look at halftime stats and by Casey CPAs and advisors. Everyone dates of trusted advisor. To start with the state in the first half with a 3730. Quietly slackers got forty. Point 8%. They're beautiful united flight 93 on six to fourteen. Only five at night when I was shocked that shot at least 70% of the line. He had eight straight games they don't want to repeat their free publicity department of the first game against us that it would make. Well SF city 48%. Eleven point 8350%. For three six 8793. Wichita State is plus sign on the floor flooding one to twelve to logon that it. Tigers did have one more. Turnovers seven. I don't sit us on thirteen field goals were elected us to integrate its total. And guessed it the assist leaders are exact round with birdies and Toronto merger with the news kind of event is. You can't go to. Yeah they're the guys that hit the ball up high hole that's open. Things of that. You don't. And believe. They keep they could shoot that shot right there are the only about a twelve footer there wide open but they've developed with the facilitators. Capable of that hole. On the very aggressive you want to raise questions not state of the game high scores and eleven apiece on fitness for a sixth. The field for your time. Play 34 of 93 at six. Nine points apiece for Shaquille Boris and markets that nothing Boris picked up two fouls in the first half Nelson and three rebounds and five shots. Rounding out the story Landry Shannon with time. And it kind of training camp with three Landry also picked up 2000 only ended up playing eight minutes in the first dance. Or Essen here after victories 116 points for Jimmy wit. For a piece recoil at the out then and now what do you think she had lost three points apiece realized Allegra. And William Douglas each of whom they wanted to. Round three appellate who has five rebounds to lead both teams Daryl Willis who didn't score short Kelly it's war. 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Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alex Acosta in valley center endangered or an Andover was a lawyer. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GU. This persons and citizens kidnapped me. Eight home but it backcourt carcass picked up and pick it up after the massive. That's sort of us now. Here at the process and I don't like to start the second yeah absolutely excellent start Chris that you really careless with the basketball apartment. It was folded down it really athletics. Her resiliency. And hi there. Free throw there aren't as well. And it nice start to the second half because it is an expanded slightly in that time definitely agree that at 2000 Jack once you willow. Yeah. They're Voss. Reached France champ Kelly Willis and it's nothing personal assistant five. And that's lineups right wing land him on the Republicans. Frankly it was a lie tried to throw it out left way and are. And charge. He used to always deflected the pass out of bounds that he ran over one of the shots at the printers to quit 2000 isn't close to start the second half and the good anticipation by ought to at least at times ultimately it. It's out of control anything that has dropped arts. Second now on land. Soccer basketball yeah. If it's. Fix them up. Telling us and nothing. The pluses reasons of health in theory lose out to Mike Kelly wouldn't go rebound better Duluth Minnesota announced last night that was utilized it. Gallagher good position they're trying to distance that claw back you know it's definitely got them. At our guys this. Thought. Both president. Had good looks for reasons that three out of five reasons for the task at. Hillary Clinton authority gets the shot you're pressured Novak not to pick up an effort and the very well. Yeah. Excessively loud at the politely that forces his jumper missed and off the fact we've done. Exit next to balance out the appellate he's the president is doctors at box office fedex's announcement tomorrow. Populous us. Yeah outlook if Pakistan since the baseline try to forces play in doubles team that. Knotted up at Vista that a town with the niceties. This Willis. Except that now he and the deputy kind of calacanis double team him there right now the line first town Darryl Lewis it's. It's not. Now we've got nods this scientists are now rubbing it balloons to him. Now is two of three from the free throw line free throw up and bounces off the that. And I think they're better off to have across the court definitely for players. Yeah that is if it's actors Kelli keep now it's basically a three guard lineup right now with reads the three man. What more free throw here not apply apply and that there's nothing good. Now has they defined as time points are states plus. With the ball flew over here early in the second half and half. It briskly into the and every chance it. And yeah. What are generally is wide open to free throw line with nothing with Ortiz might actually got down for a couple behind. Yeah. If you wanted soccer's nice six. That is great should be rated that high post these incidents of ironic that a lot of skills. It was a pretty good percentage from the free throw line and nobody on. And it's nice night driving and not chant that little bought through as a runner rolled out on it rebounded Darryl Willis. Practice with the position at six fascinated I. That's for hypnotic pull up not country can't relate footers lions got time it's not like they actually do. Yes you did in the it'll might be more aggressive offensively he takes. Drove right in the heart of the pits it's. Brees passed it back to it almost looks like he's not a Danny white know though. Slate left to let's not run at the very cold out Terrence long jumper. It's. His last six birdies and a half of them when their doctor right yeah. Oh yeah. It's not gonna go over who. Yeah what's up today it's not a gets definitive right now. Stewart Marcus was sixty. Stored on Wednesday night it was Susan Susan. Smith and Mark McNulty three. You right there under the 4639. Shots and I sat quietly but very that is pretty yeah plus net result is a. Is that he's been fine of three it's. My flu and they didn't let it. Governor you. Now it Daphne turned around the legs of eighteenth district and I hit it shouldn't get the turnaround Marcus was eighteen. I sent you all 4842. Just think with looking good adventure vaulted him Jankovic steady dribble out front. Let's negotiate it very loose off a couple of streets they threw it to him let's wait that's not front flip. Holding it. Right back Lance athletes very long for a short this time. Long rebound that excited for a bounce pass deflected away pick up like you guys at fox the well that's the we've definitely had half. It's not please answer this season. Camp opened three. To you know I don't have to. But he saw him under threat Tampa Florida wanted to let him evidence. Soccer's biggest lead so far 5142. Frank can't secretary's gut eighth. I was left wing drive it hard very frozen up to wash my friend can't be Robert clients in the at a fidelity definitely yeah we did that get the loose clothes flock like polluters. If it was very thorough. That has the ball. It looked up to thousands found Marcus is second. Second time about 1518. Ebitda the second half where it's not saved 15100. Incentive for the. The shelter insurance when the landlords to keep up with ranchers and even if there really. Add. Drop I picked up deal or rent. I'm running a little short this month not everything works smoothly usual through his record and it helps cover of in case of fire theft and more wouldn't. Just moved back and smelled them oh you mean dad's name and case. Shelter insurance rouge who we are children. Or renters insurance see Katie Hanley or Jesse mines in Wichita or Lindsay geared up for derby. 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The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your miles per hour with delta dental. USC and shocker basketball is on 103 point Evan JE one yeah. Yeah. North Dallas. And if there's one according to news here in Dallas doctors who started the second half by hitting six of eight shots. It's about six resident if they've expanded eighteen point halftime lead to a game high nine. Artistic snappy hearing a lot of that second half low he has eighteen. Points died in the first four plus minutes of the second. And now they have started looking at that you for an override at half court that would not be very difficult layup and free throw. And that's three for over go so far the second half of the residents do their oath Colbert so far. The second half wits about faith when there is so much stuff going on this weekend soccer track and field with the AC indoor championships. Yeah and soccer fan. Had three players these guys placed at the bulldogs yesterday. Here at Florida over it on Allen wants to advance lost jobs and they're off to a good start soccer softball. Launched a number twenty Ohio State 21 Ohio State ordered three donate to run walk off home run define exactly. Fly there Atlanta. Brian yeah plenty Michigan today if there was enough to fly off. Welcome in the eastern Chad flawed records recipients and not accurately at the time wanted to think we shot clock it's well established recruitment. I think back to the middle. You have removed all but down to sixty shoot craps let's not only under and draws the foul Willis cable over tried to block at that data was. The body of work over the line which do you know he's gonna drive it you know it's deprive them let them it's not advocate really quick. It really aggressive does that lows for the baskets and that's not he got their little sooner they're a little bit. Lewis' second teams third at the half Jimmy went four for four. From the line today Kansas ignited only shoots 56 and a half percent on the year free throw offense that. Perfect today he's made thirteen of nineteen. Over the last four games. In the upper sixties. Over his last few games and seems to have found the stroke. It's kind of an awkward looking at kind of bring it up clutch at and well then shoot again joblessness at two step approach misses the second off the back of Willis with a revamped. Attackers had a leading by 814. And you. It's. Not accidentally hit. Deflected a lot yeah appliances. Is why nobody did they couldn't really nice thing these little lopsided thing and I think Shaq he threw the defenders cited him. And how frightening it might Oceanic look back at work at night that the Atlanta resident. Our John let. He jumped up for the bears defensive end that's what I'm Darryl Willis thanks for the giants for the show. Louis that it charges it is clearly the economy. The weak side I'll that we would drive and other cool. That. Yeah. It seems clear to us straight possessions leaving 5143. And candidate backed sort of letter reads. Passionately did. Factories in Britain the floor offensively. Chance. In the beginning of the lesson for us fortunately everything right watered down Atlantic salmon. With his second three point basket and point them it's not only eleven of them worked up about it delegates. More wide open that flow from that round but they finally got it. It's 5443. Times and it definitely left right wrist knuckles left those that there were active. Outlook on victory for three. No good short this time rebounds Boris which is not a state strongly about my second throws it away. Intercepted my share a laugh at you now if you are afraid of that sort Lawrence rebounds. Let's not hangs on to it. And it gets on. Is not there it's worth. Well let's think back like that rebound them. Line feeds and unbearable violence and it's. Sausage Darrell stay clear of this meeting if I thought that was a good. All right it is being after the election. Victory fans might lose their. They drove down the list. In that guy's toughness of recent book predicted path that he's. SMU ball would not say my eleventh. 544313. Fifty remaining in the report you won't but currently out in the timeline ground guarding him music let's not do William Douglas that's that's not shed blood shot fake. Stephanie lifted up the floor SPN's. Through his back deference to Douglas left wing went ten to shoot with try to drive cut off slightly bounced it to Atlanta. Six to shoot Landry and drive it crosses over. That's NASA blankets revive what notepad and rebounder Shaquille Lawrence good defense at times I was days. Champ and into the an invasion president of the lines back up to share of three right wing they'll get off the fact long. Jason there that's civic gets it shell also delighted Willis gets hammered on the backlash deadlock notes on label off the basket with. It's not it's rough out there isn't news at nice drive it flatly yeah but political found. The defenders we have at your Willis went. Jogger who didn't got. Now doctors have better single offensive rebounds on long rebounds today that it bounced out of Florida this long shots and that it is obviously an amount that balance wants its third fourth that half. That's all about just being alert and hopefully my if a preview of this those rebounds as the law is Duffy that gave credit to not look inside you'll slipped into UC. Yeah I was fortunate right. It's loaded and these bounces out gloriously instantly fell out of balance of bush in particular check. Want him he'd snowboard Sutherland and it's that the quality elf yeah that is. Jack went up here. It's. So they did on the technical and yeah I saw him was laid down here click here. April 5 and sixth. Now it's. Listen the business not yours would have gotten beyond yeah ground. Yeah. If position. For the ticket that in motion as if they. I went straight up and down and all its that the sideways yeah if you could tell that he definitely yeah. That's really good job of ports here. Landry and three for three from the line has nine points. Doctors to critique of why this. 59 in the first kid I suspected. Of directory in double figures. Thirteen point lead and the well now also back with its us they filled out and that is not really. Let it happen definitely yeah. The purpose of the sentence. We've looked at him and against the zone that would have been nothing but time. And I just love it and irritated excellence that is. I have had a chance at defense force math that's why he wasn't opened its it would around this golf course the whole world won't go. Each team now with chants turnovers in 1212 cent decline but it's constantly in my third. 43. It wants across the time line was to get to victory. He sounded tonight Clinton gets a list that list. It left side of the lord of the middle sort of machine that's tonight at target right side throws that's definite three blanking out. That's just around the corner if you had a feeling for channel on new years but very few times over this game but he shot at. It took a lot of them. At least half of Finland extensible yeah dancing with the Joker good. That's speculative trading and markets McAfee. Now has slipped to want to date well it secondhand. Shark diligently. Doctors acting like thirteen 1120 you know excited floored if it. Off the screen hard on the baseline throws it out of the way through the night Douglas. Why don't. A lot of things. Only 24%. From three giving. You can have a nice. Nothing's for free yet been used to go to markets picked up his third degree that's what he's long descent. Welcome back there and nothing. Sixties who organized conference. There's nobody knows it needs but that points. But whatever he starts well. That's right. Yes you are great martial lot it's not deflected straight night you know not to Douglas were afraid. The village and well. Flew over the. 188 points for. Yeah off these. Elaine fifty footer short rebounds Boris that is standard client yeah I don't know how cold. And that was done everything that. It was left there that well. Second now a lot of VoIP get ours if they have delegates ought to note underneath the wheel at that point now as long as it's not that I was. Found the bodies. Anderson hackers have warranted the line every time. I have had no one because second and I Wichita State sixty as it. Kansas workers provide services and make things that improve life and our communities. They build equipment for safer neighborhoods. They inspire a deeper interest in learning. And create products were healthy fun with friends in the first. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps kids as workers to stay healthy and worry free while they're making our communities safer. 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In retrospect. I would pay double we leave your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now all three won it 3501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or hazel forest pummel. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 points at and TE one yeah. Home. Days. Okay. Okay. This news which does date hitting innocent is 6250 C both teams blazing away. From three S and Israel Lebanon afflicting 13 point shot with just not state. Can't have plenty Marcus Vick Duffy just sort of his career high guys got flooding floor. Fifty of those in the second half Shaquille Morris has five rebounds in the first ten minutes of the second half shots throughout. Fourteen on the boards thirty to sixty. Over the sells their lead in the offensive category twelve rebounds before rebound over us that you. And it's the second half the turnovers doctors at four. Interviewed six turnovers in the second half. This great state did. Is Scott Miller has let his players now he will not coach Arizona against Oregon tonight. Nothing good. Thousand active shooter Zach is now clear of six from the line rates in the double figures with ten points. Or Shaka is now okay. And yet chorus for the love it but it's nice date back to its twelve point lead and going back and forth from thirteen to ten both teams making. Please but now it backward shocker pressures. Doubled to eight try to get rid of it finally cross the timeline of the ballot and it took a little time that you don't cross the timeline for a month now it's. When he is applicable to that it is time zone defense for the soccer practice. With. Left right middle and it's not douglas' levels that does that the victory during the leaves out on issues. Rated middle of the floor crossover dribble goes left nasty given up a lot of free buy it now that it was. These guys. Every night. And congress. Please for SM UST a champ frightening greens constant. It's not a he's gonna take three AA any trains. After the shot is now at eleven threes Morrison history she's got fourteen points but don't shoot out. 6755. Which it's not sneaky and I still you know. It's makes a lot of different equipment that the right to left atlas Nightline played out on. That's actually the middle of the street price at Marian Wright wondered Douglas that not to. Very long three over reads off the left side of him we've got now which it's nice to launch NASA data gets a defender. Horse goes that are active roster now that's a little bit short tonight Kelly the long outlet pass and it hit McMurray right. It Jack got the deflection. We'll have a look at just how he would raise both back on the right to live advances out of its way to. It's nice picked up my issue you'll Boris who goes back line. Now was on it now. I have to vomit very free throw bounced exist for Boras over certain screen at a bunch of points together. Now has 56. Of eight from the line and I want to moments where it was his second. Good. Have some work here in the second half he's got sixty. But it's not state leading at 6955. Shaquille Boris over the last ten games averaging seventy. Points for games 61%. In a plane like a first team all league player which does not want doubles and a radio in particular attack on Austin agreed upon the body yeah this next person. The put it on and a failure fielder. And he wouldn't got that out there that you'd want the old friends that looks like it dropped him back of that matchup zone. On the flip back and forth now on what it's not a status in the second half they lead by fourteen minutes when it again 6955. That was not accidental that we rise in line fluttering all the way I don't know what are anyway. I don't like I got a ticket that nobody's nobody's we have a right. And I mean that night. Thickness of a lot of hours of hard blue pants and and it took you by surprise as you know maneuvers it. France. Jacqueline that definitely would expect that bars. The third twelve turnovers which stated. That spilled with doctors might well. If that's. Ludicrous to on line and use double the wrath it's written last night that screened only that it borders that definitely Alfred today. This is not the Akron about selling out soccer with friends. Instantly it was deflected advocates that it would just it tipped off the left but it doesn't grab my Boris ball stripped but a lot of data found. It affected his effort by the soccer the opposite laugh at them bucket and it's actually work. Three point play it. Think about it. I'm not became. Slide and batted the ball off the glass on this by chance that three out of my Boris he gets ripped grab a snack related in outlook for the three point blank seven and a half this. You know the under eight timeout coming your way. The soccer's not setting 150 cents. I call one of the three. That must've been Linux yeah. State farm agents Q what's important you even in a deafening crowd. That's not. So much is that partly as a result protect isn't ready talent exodus yeah. Nancy please leave. It does not follow this if I. I'm kind of the common accidents. Give an agent gets you. As far. Communal life go right. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom if you my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what time to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our means. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. Hockey life encompasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. They even have child care. This it up to you like it when he first and whether online at hockey Tyson's life dot com. 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Welcome back to Dallas we have seven and a half minutes remaining in this American athletic conference game between Wichita State incident you. Hackers looking to avenge a five point home loss for the most sensitive January. 27 at 157. SM two shooting twelve of. Which is not standards eleventh have anything beyond the arc. And it's not it's a 113 X 24. Point shots shoot 50%. Gainers in only six of fifty. Do these doctors are also up to 75%. Alliance itself. It's. That's announced that it. If gates has made eight of ten snaps the line he's got nineteen points in the second half with all ten of the last three or four minutes. Both teams like it up from three different to think it was that the offensive rebounds given that doctors. At the present. The flip back over on the soccer's growth laughing plus seventeen home. Board as it used to launch a leaflet dribbles right now attacking and trying to get the length gently letting. Nowitzki had a mentality of elegant against Kelly yeah constantly forget his hands on Gregg Marshall. Bounced up on that knows that caused Kelly throw your hands. Keep your hands. It's one on one basketball at this view isolates. That got all five guys in the group and actually want don't want. And it's not a drive by. Personality Kelly fifteenth now in possession Chris if you whip through those lefty he stepped back picked up his dribble a flipped it to evolve very very. One on one industry if discreet ethnic had Boris. Five to shoot Douglas. Ticket Atlanta got a call that definitely favorable yeah. You can't. Roll that it was a shocker duties which is thinner than it was a big does them little of a little bit frantic drive by the things. In the draw fouls. Three under nothing 161000. It's not because of its kind 2000 hat soccer's not quantity it's march 15. 640 nights ago. On the right senate floor doesn't play out for flip. Flip pulls up for fires along let it get. Let you know vanished eleven yeah relief this year. It's the time wanted Chrysler's. It's not it. History. Midnight most glorious. Yeah line out to do it definitely help the preakness about the back. Three about Boris a lot of good and a Morris now don't go out yeah exactly manatees that's not a one point there really haven't mechanism. Keep Jack ward off office. Glass there had taken alignment very makes contact now with just not stay fit into it's not. I feel Boras is his third and yeah McMurray has got his his jacket really you know look like he was solid in pretty good actor who got there and it was almost like Milosevic is. Think it's actually globe. This victory should anyone want it was on the pride I didn't see you got a patent out instantly when I was seven. Browns have a Willis I am nothing if Morris could have been yeah. Morris with money lunch apple also has ten rebounds. At the lines of our batteries for free throw opportunity up today he has a team high seventy. Points. You throw up and good but very from the free throw line 76%. On the year. He has averaged just under forty points again over the last seven games this season averaged thirteen point. That would not that good nineteen Fort McMurray. Wichita State leads by thirteen 7461. Was executed you know. Or press. Press 22. Reeves. Over the candidates to win back market double team over there briefed about the time line. Now it's misty gets an opponent can't. Screen for talent if not expect Kelly let's pilot of the plane and traveled. Three seconds hello pot yeah there are a lot of us. Richard Albert violet did not stay. If that's yes have you gotten to thirteen the flat 4040 you know. But this lets the ball rolled through picks and six. Clock and it it was a definite timeline on hopper's captain and a Florida man to man. At this it's not very shot they carried it through as a parameters and rattles. This one floor running. Florida settlement of these. Really good on this little flu. Shots is eleven point. Some of the Shin Bet priceless feeling and I'm in Atlanta you know. It was definitely put it up and it's now an incentive. Ticket might have been an acknowledged that it's on jetliner of now it now is now a few years. There it. And a line through Rashard you know they were throwing the ball Mark McNulty. Apple's. That's not out there with the ball and start telling. Hi. The ball 45 minutes and it. Three for a good night Kelly that's its first appointment today. Shard on Wednesday night against new line was one of audiences. Holes. And both. Eric Kelly that you. Stretches belief and practice. Thirteen 7663. Rashard out content for it can't get it Thursday night lineup now congress keeps mr. Kelly Phillips with a B four guards. And Darryl Willis and ground is essentially the format in the slightest bit. McMurray yeah it's frowned drive and it's fitting and throws it out the quarter ability to rise and cut off a ship that's listing floater bounces out. Rebound Willis sifted and controlled it gets it off your friend again that the defense of move by Greg Marshall plan for quicker defenders so they can argue that if you guard. I'm left wing that's not reached over to France can't. Or 43 if you know please let me. Sheehan effectively. Hokies look into Lewis and drop its. Active and unchecked. Rightly so it's this year Johnson it's a street Louis Myers. It's not often that launch in about this and you had to rush that little bit it's not much and yeah the other hand right there on the dribble drives right equipment rules that. The art of violence. Bulls not the flyers overeat and it rattles in and outrebounded us agrees with it nicely and pressure of its job quite well listen nice rebound well let's read. It she and it looks lot Willis when it's wrong unchecked optimistic to know that might work Willis gets it. What's it got round definitely got a lot of Willis evidently did it yeah a couple of wrong club place well Fallon out there but it was it was. Very rapid in the line it's now it's going to be on ground. Your analyst with that they ask him his first points yeah. I'm outlook soccer's not my fifteenth. And fifth how's that could definitely plant in Canada but yeah. What did not state leads SMU 78. 63 here downs. Only has not only can this is not a recent multiplayer ticket I. 100 times the past few I mean are you talking to. Welcoming new super multiplayer taken to Kansas lottery X family of games you can play to score cash and multiply your winnings up to 200000. Dollars out the big bundled lawyer who's. Since the ticket pose. DT it's just so beautiful and introducing the Kansas lottery improve multiplier ticket is our newest restaurant and the biggest kid slaughtered our company don't. 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Cruel shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY. They are causing a scene from Dallas and leader in Dallas but obviously SS is 7863352. Remaining. That it keeps you up to date on everything that's going not a shocker women's basketball team is leading in the second quarter. And it soccer baseball. In the top of the third innings scoreless against Omaha offers him three game series soccer women up 2714%. To 26 to go to the second quarter. Mexican cases older. To date on all that stuff talkers here leading by fifteen S that is your moment very apt the line Wichita State shootings that my. In the second half. SMU 46 and a half the mustangs or twelve of 24 from three which it's not stadium less than 24. From three to 46%. Doctors wants him on the court very makes the free throw it to get the bonus was found on the drive so we wanted to want. On Wichita State's beat him now. One more worth it on the marine now has 22 points. And it to get some votes from Wichita state park is the nothingness twenty floors Shaquille Boris was 21 of jam it through reams. Either those guys that mention either in the game right now -- can't break the press that the littlest pet treats and little. There's leg looks. Snack after three days. Lewis fifteen footers short round fight to keep an elaborate at last text I answered yeah that's true. This is an heroic shot there and it Zach brown has kept alive for the shock yet it flock is in their. Right when going for that rebound I thought it might be called for a foul that was awfully offensive player out of bounds. It's deflating it and Willis looks at Atlanta went out for a chance Landry were left to right. One on one against that they write tonight reached out for a round of the conference game. It's night crossed work of these. Trees on the dribble penetrate the Leftwich and my name Willis thank you Dinara Chad La Vista outside of follow it again this obviously because it's now. There of this kind of put shoulder down trying to go through guys. It's not rocket line is Eric images and although well. We'll be back tonight the house we wanted to one for instance it was three years ago it's not it's right there if they can't Smith. Fifty point. You can sleep for the checkers it's been fifteen the last time. But at seven and a half ago. William Douglas outlines for a one in line Douglass on the year 85%. Since it went. Freshman at that point more lately that's out. But it is not meant to market rebound off degrees with us today it all of his threes that that thing that the free throw. Not into the track collection rights it's more us last night to shoot the breeze across different. We out of the right side of the mortgage reits. Not please read space look at the Nazis after the game catches at the high post takes it down the line all the way to the revelers today it is tied his career high. Or is that not think now it's 26. He'd really been affected kept them all at night mostly it's that the film that's not role. That I got out shocker that's their biggest leader at 1580. To 65 to 35 feet you know every shot I think he's way out here. There was crosscourt. Wondered goes to him now it is there to Douglas he tries throws went up off the backboard that charged at bank one million Douglas. It definitely charges now Utley and Douglas that's limited user. That's the guys that aren't duplicates are the guys that was you know what let's go one. While ago and good job for soccer's set up defensively on the car. Time now if I asked him. Flight times to know looking at here at remember our weekly shows coming up Monday night but only one show. I think right Marshall from six to seven cents and it will go right to the women's basketball game that people so their last game of the regular season. Soccer sports properties tennis again but I expect I ambassador to fascinates level corporate. Its partners are not fun. Now to the car industry's past. Experiences becoming a sponsor a constant athletics are shocked the sports properties 16 78. 75 it's. Well yeah and a half minutes ago shocker is up fifteen I think a lot of people read them darkness at for the next. Yeah that was start to get it here thought it was doctors we saw that the other dates at Cincinnati. But it does state shot just under 45%. In the first half that over sixty for awhile as the second dates cooled off a little. The less fortunate. Let 54%. In the past 49 for the game. As have you at 46 and a half president's office. 44 street what's not state dominating possessions and yes. 22. More rebounds that has sent in seventeen offensive rebounds and four fifths. Shaquille Morris with a 21 points ten rebounds double doubles it's. And artistic adopting eleven of fourteen from the field today matching his career high with 26 points seventeen of those in the second hand. Well people talk about doctors giving a lift the market but nothing came back. Probably a foot injury and it's taken awhile thank him for a while for markets that knocked the rust off its gains from this summer that's a ball. But tonight he really. Make it fit presence known. But it was a great call 826 points. Yeah and eleven of course people or seven a football game. Wichita State score eighty airborne for the eighteenth time this season. And they leave it. Eighty to 65 to 45 to go to fifteen point advantage masters their biggest game and now has possession after charging out. Club was 71. Here last year that'll loosely ballgame it is Palestinians feel. Under patent salute. Soccer basketball. Yeah green canvas frame can't fluffy and. 45 minute. Branch campus. Played it again. Yeah shovels last spring camp got traveling all the time. And try to make it past Reeves didn't quite seem right away apparently caused lectures that there is yes it's absolutely did. Travel left reflected frivolously about the travel before he started this throughout Latin listen up. All of her way out reckless and then you find him well refuse to be swiftly lay out here at the time line. Spread it out it's not an offensive moves very quickly sometimes Douglas that politically it. Seventeen of adjustments on the Lincoln Douglas writes. Now it is penetrating flew over to quit split edition. It's free not really history its way shortly about just outside finance and youth that very. Holding it gives it clear that that sort of very below are three from the left sideline shortly about Douglas puts up little self. We've got hit controlled by Hansen yeah but very underwent a Malibu for 38 Davis that was. Rebounds Douglas but now they're gonna Paul Douglas and pushed off. Let's line up that friend he. Yeah that accompanied. The merger leaves as he has yet but things blocked off their offensive floor that's three offensive rebounds on three minutes. The daughter Britney and going to the line of shooting sue us doctors at the double bonus at 37 that you know it's not staked out my fifty. If he now has nine points today that this has become the fifth shot in double figures present there is war's end. Nurture. Canada out with 913. And a half Marshall was driving his there are some time. There beneath out of control of wartime once yeah. And Arthur Branch can't remain perfect on the here 29 at 2930. Under is 31 of the row. Editor of the citizens as our students are the longest. It's soccer history thanks Randy has not missed the free throw all season thirty for thirty this year it is less than last year. That's have you of course Douglas let's wonderland Griffith bringing. Yeah. 80068. To escape that is and I can land of second straight time Madison and soccer's comfortably in front by fourteen with a minute 24 minutes. Well they read that a lot of fits the last few trips down the floor. Finally get us that he had this three pointer there if it's heading home tonight there about 50%. They were twelve of 24 before that left rip Whitney it's Rio. But the shocker to secure the rebound. And defend the yet but things got down three point shots. It's not yours. Not to wrap this one up leading at 514. Minutes forty floors and you know. The other way as why is it takes to get. Behind this threaded out of the wild it looked profits at its heart then there's more quickly when they're down by double. Right right yeah they can handle both the office. 93 run time off the clock. Commitment at the baseline gets it in. News forest in different methods that this year and it crisis hotline that doubles if you pass stolen. I have noted your shoulder McAfee out of the legs stolen. Now the very looses control try to save at the corner and they found one frankly thought not a not a threat from an unfortunate event. Now I'm Connor knows. That's good parts a little upset with land him but he came up I don't know if you'll hear it right in Toronto that's at the end of the yeah well acute stuff the up tacitly yeah okay tough start battling it brought this to steal. Very. Out of false start to the street for a good five for five or minus 44 points this is gonna move his average. I think we're just over twenty points per game the last eight games. I'm dating a score twenty or more points at all it's. Tonight Marcus picked up recently it's all scorers with 26 for which it does state today matching his career high. Which he set last year against journalists. Welcome addition and it doubles team over to France can't. Not a it's an export and re establish enough to cross the timeline innocent youth it doubled to nearly got yet know all over there. Not warrants and typos let me send it back out. I workflow. The defenders outlined in a little later they are well now they left him open and related. Laid it out there that I I don't know how that most. Two with these like that nothing here. All our office that you definitely get the ball as that you. Forty is that if the bill with that you'd down well. He sent it to testing that sort that very thing that Mr. President Mark Douglas. That was and throws them away. It is. Over it now to do retreat at short. Ecstatic over the back gets the rebound the very free three. Jack all over the back that's what's it's not state players with no consequences. That. And that it is 63 if it honestly. Well the doctors are finding out what the news that I think all game Parker walked off the offensive players when you're that self defense that they. That you don't have this flying guy with a box and they're getting a shot against the shocker though. The fact that soccer they do that if the whole walking. 82 to 73 it's not stayed only thirty point four seconds to go. Again shocker baseball under way headaches stadiums are located today doubleheader tomorrow they that they had over because whether. Women's basketball leading by twelve in the second quarter over flying that they're sitting here today final home game. Racquet feel that the EC championships. That finishing up today for me and Alabama softball playing Texas for an event. Whether it's tennis to be home this weekend baseballs this that he wanted nothing leave. Going to the top of the fourth opted for you know start game four of the season they get to all the hot seat to a degree from northwestern last. I don't wanna panic now for the causes that lead is down design. In the top seeded take care of the basketball get up in the front court. And then just to run some clock and probably hit about what's that in the front court but. He's got a big difference take care of the ball and that protected here in the front court. Brent can't freeze champ but if nothing had florists to shut your line up all good free throw shooters. Not France champ who played in the shot is definitely the Florida has beaten and chat line. A plug in batter Fred can't can't rent the baseline and does not in Kansas. When triple over the ranking at pushed Japanese fouled but very put him from behind. There's now lots of golf very different camps it's accidentally throw line a rare opportunity to shoot more than two. It against her daughter had made some good to each of the last four games. This may soon to a moment ago. That line he's got ten points. Doctors now from the line today has. 741. For 81% after I thought it was nice start of the stamp on it makes disbursement. CJ Kaiser it's not a lot of lead back to CN. Nicer places Austin reed. 47 seconds itself Trent can't incidentally he has now pay 33. Peter Rowe. At least three away from the numbers from street while content posted by Iran that go back 6860. As severe incidence trailing by eleven Russians that were giving quick steps backfires along Jeffords yes. Hey fortunately. That's who had made one of seven series. All season CJ and I was trying to get it ends and a slightly to. Background in Florence connect up underground. Snapped forward and Kaiser. Champ but on the left was eleven seconds to play offensive is still pressuring not fouling back out if Kaiser's. Fact is that the content to just let the clock run out and it is stolen. What took it away from Kaiser out of town a lot nicer it's not the clock sessions. So this is definitely a little bit of a circus here at the end soccer's going to let up eight seconds to. Fifty about a hundred yeah it's anywhere which of the wineries they'd I don't six. I left my shots. Didn't quit with fourteen today. Doctors are going to go to eight and soon. It's true road game since getting back to that 80% who said they maintain them a lesson here is that free throw good night's live. Yeah as fifteen plus the reason for this next round. In seconds to go and sit you down by seven. What can make the final margin six. And it's good. Didn't quit for sixteen today but it honestly I think. Now finals are here in Dallas would not stay. Learn. Send news 78. Soccer's good what do you do it 23 and had violently or thirteenth at three. If the American athletic conference. Stay tuned for that Johnson's post Kate Snow coming up from now. It's time again to go inside the numbers with beat Katie CPAs and advisors. You're an all star business with the talented team there's this audience to winning though. Our championship team that beat KD can help strategize and make plays help improve performance and put pressure on your competition. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alan Acosta in valley center endangered or an end over what lawyer. Listen for all WS shocker. On one of three point. And do you want him would you do. But it back to the close games you know presented by Johnston. Leveraged in the United States real quiet so much Clark. They advance its final score here in Dallas Wichita State 84 SMU's 78. But doctors led by double digits twelve to fifteen most of the way down the stretch in the middle sloppiness righted the aunt does this have you made little closers in the game actually was. Your drive home from the game brought by Kansas plant hire. Service is great terrorism professional auto service are always a slam dunk soccer's dominated the boards. Shot it very well from beyond the arc against innocent unity that was also shoot it well beyond the arc chapters eleven and yeah both teams really fought well from behind frequently at 4546%. Doctors a little better than IS MU 48% for a couple of guys soccer's. Really stood up and gotten divorced. 4621. Points and very efficient eleven of 145. Does he think that they find war itself doctors on the whole. Did a good job to get the ball inside. Is that they'll do it. This accident cut eye holes it was really doing great job plain honest articles. But that's the only real negative influence of sloppiness here at their sixteen turnovers several of those laid it should have been about at least a twelve point gamers solid if it ended up at six offensive sockets in essence music played opportunities almost like they just relaxing to basically. Yet if the move fifth shipment of 5060 point win they've got careless against that full court pressure that as that you doubt that the pressure a little bit more. In earlier to gain they were just do it fit to run time off the clock and make it's doctors. Take a little more time to get the ball up court and time off shot clock but at the end they stepped up start rapid. War work. Heart in that doctors can turn it over a couple of times and that's why it got close to the end Shaquille Boris continues. Here's the headlines again it's not display here. An all conference. Last eleven games that is played exceptionally well and markets but Duffy showed signs. That's. Quite well but today he was the authorities Gaddafi that was certainly. In all conference players of Missouri valley list. Yeah it gets to lady is six for eleven hit three of five threes played 25 minutes in. Tonight did you have eleven of fourteen from the field three of six from three. And did a nice job of I've posted nice job knocking down some trees answering them threes. That if that it was worth making on their end. LaMarcus would be answering. At that shocker and yet a couple of eroding Jack Morrissey answered with a report of its own. In that stretch there but it or it's pretty. Impressive 21 points ten rebounds and you know played 23 minutes with a foul trouble and out about the last seven minutes of the first half. Soccer's with 84 again today that's right after every it was 84 point two is having an ad with that nothing like the way he did today. It gives opposing defenses another headache because they played a lot of zone against doctors to try to keep should feel forest for getting shot Darryl Willis getting shots it's not. Shoppers are already a problem resolved because they have three point shooters. I had picked up the inflation and a high posted making plays and it makes it very very difficult. Throws that's me that's just another weapon to throw Adam might you've got to cover him. You've got to cover reads you've got to cover Franken won a record of all those guys there. Right around 40% or higher. From three point range. And of course you gotta have a guy and a half on jacket size so what we're gonna pick your poison so they've been leave them behind both open. No one is that it would take advantage of it that day market for Duffy yeah. And you've made this comment does support during the course of the game was. Was really important that is performance really played with any snow up to date it has four turnovers and that no one was on illegal screen. That he really did play controlled make good decisions with the ball it really takes he did he did he did a nice job. Get the ball square now face the basket and then read read that the instant it got it yet to kick that you have with them down low. Do two they checked wars in he didn't really match up that's not that easy with you kept that all the hype both got cigars behind his. We've got those guys in front of yourself there's a lot of defenders around him yet to hear that basketball. That is our game recap flight. Rusty but I Philippine economy comings and company that your proposal defensively you unlawfully and with if that McAuliffe and 645048. Or visit though Cummings LLC. Not having it coming off your needs. Always comfort shoppers wouldn't hear it Dallas 8478. To split the season series with us and you. And the 235. On the year we'll be back Johnson's post game. But you're looking for the perfect power seat. We're just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game indeed they had to Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style. 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Yeah an agent or do you statement. You know like go right. If you're stuck in your low release listen if you're over your milestone release upside down in your world or just one out of your car or new site can help you today but not least that we continue thumb off more or wrote produced two men from that threaten your own between if you knew some off or rover zero down phenomenon after me there now general manager for himself dial 1800 new news on who was born in some Wichita about cup with a recruit informants from point to. We'll keep it you know we'll Faxon who think that there's been times all of this play in the distance from the five people Jason won't confuse the. Soccer sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Amy Yoder knee Angela Valentine in just still and Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. US shocker basketball is on 103 point haven't seen you want to do. It's. Nothing back and now. He just stated 8478. Went over SS today. If not here's 84 points pitching a 20% discount on all soccer merchandise tomorrow only at jets' locker room he's. Or less than 5% off you'll be happy to say I got it. At tents are started a game presented by the Kansas lottery and I fittingly so on the bus last night. You want markets but nothing that we're at 32 the other night that looked a lot like mark is nothing it today. Really yourself if you if you've ever been with us. Most definitely his fondness. You know kind of build on what I did before him. The immensely confident. Going to take a month game to the next level and now. I for the university of all the stuff up that you did come back is now coming together announce within a few of us would have right. Coming back was it. It was tough and there you feel like maybe try to do little. But times. Pushing yourself. On where you really need you yes that's definitely what it is you know who's. What you did also along you dialogue that we do give back you know you start thinking about things you gotta do. They do what you actually do it this night and you can't do right now you're not you're not really was before. You know now as the season went on up into a lot of us have doubts. You know some gains knowledge goods you know that some gains that the consistency into the minds on its decade and now he's faster and that is the ready to go. Markets the SMU zone with matched up with the guys on the perimeter of the event I close wide open look after. And it looked like when you caught that ball behind closed you're really comfortable there and you really were making good decisions. Most of high schools. High school coach early in my element that I'll always I was always an artful. If they can play you know I've got it there it was the model model one don't want it. Or somebody from my district and our did make a move so I've got used to be at an app resisted this planet is plants high school I was in the same position. Now just months ago because did it surprise you that you were they were challenging you just giving you that shot yeah yeah no surprise and I don't think. Policies and have seen me you know it's it's the make that I did it in the so it at all surprised it never really I think you know. Like well within that it's against stuff. He tapped that all the hard work it and it makes them some confidence back up my game like this does not cut and relaxed and how it's. That's the it did motivate me for the next game but honestly. Not so people. It's OK if you don't you don't. A take it up. To be Smart they'd they are our ability. If you. You know people talk about the physical aspect of coming back from an injury yes but a lot of with the middle class events as well because that's. Not only your confidence and now only playing games feed that I got to dinosaur discovery report you gotta remember everything that the coaches are telling me that everything in and it's a lot if you have been used to do that for. While it is most definitely because night especially. Consider me beer now so long in the road I asked you before you entire body expect you to comment do you. You know outscored us over the month poised to do that I but it was with a built. You know it is meant to become if there is so the world and everything come back from you got to be Smart. You know I was if I had it I had to float around and wait until that I'm not the path I had to get back. You've been part of a couple of very successful teams here a lot of that's been built on answered mindset and so forth things of that. Please direct involvement starting with the Cincinnati. You so much at the scene yeah I've seen most definitely you know that's Cincinnati game it is. It's solidified us and so death how capable of whom you can be viewed on how we can. No god certificate that said. You know we have that they think we'll give honest about you don't keep that you've got to keep want to keep going. That's our problem right now bush. You know it's caused by us what's that because it is so on you'd never know who got away with unpredictable or by local market without that we do got to leave or. But a lot of veteran. Guys on this team six seniors and this that I've been here. When the seniors are things they're reckoning at eagle and you know I don't have that many games left. So there's that sense of urgency do you feel that from the scene if they carried through the whole team yet it is. Life is like I was theater light coming to a M would just what they did for the past four years you know what they put on the would they put on a federal food down it's come down on mine it's. It's definitely going to be the most of far more a part of their whole careers guys ended off on us all know and I'm pretty sure they're very focused and very ready to go. Great game today Marcus next. Good job markets but definitely it. Matched his career I did it with 26. Against innocent youth hitting eleven of fourteen. From the field before the out real good for for any drew a charge yes left and forgot the doctor about that. Well let's now let's hit parts of our markets here I've put visiting priest. Play the game got you I'm fine. These things look at the stuff he's back in the game catches at the high post it down the line all the way to the rabbit life and daddy just tigers. Marcus picked up right now 26. He's really been affected it that fall outside post is that film that that role. Then I got chapters that's their biggest lead at 5880. To 65. And death Marcus presented by the Kansas lottery started a game if you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire but he has lottery dot com for the most accurate yet thought about what Kansas lottery. And dream maker gave you seven things we go inside the numbers looked finals that's presented by. CC PAs and advisors everyone needs president advisor who's yours or Wichita State today. 48%. Shooting 27 a 5645. Point eight on eleven of 24 threes. Nineteen of 23 from the line for 82 point 6% which Packers were five of nine from the line. In the first half and went fourteen for fourteen. In the second half. As Indian 45%. 435115. Of 31 threes for 40%. Seventeen of 22 line which actors guild on the boards 4123. At sixteen turnovers. Yes and he's eleven and a team averaging nineteen assists per game. Net ninety again today ninety right on the nose on 27 baskets that's over 70%. Field goals coming on incidents of very nice number there as well soccer's led by market but nothing this career high 26. He'll Boris 21 points towards. Well for Connor frank camp four for four from the line now has the third longest consecutive free throw streak in school history with 33 in a row. There you for 321 year eleven points for us to reach ten points four assists. We can't Gregg Marshall joins us presented. By express employment professionals on a mission. But it billions to work and that's when I know that a little sloppy for your taste it and that is a pretty solid win really care about the second half I thought it was a vision foundation. Yeah we were we rep too at halftime and we steadily built the lead up to whatever it became 1415. And I felt really good in the second half. Getting the ball in size to that to the big guys that Shaq in particular was tremendous on the glass. Markets with Duffy was fantastic all day I'm getting the ball in the high post step in on the perimeter knocking down with three or driving. Decisively and in in well so. It we just turned the ball over too much we had some sloppy turnovers sixteen turnovers against that that. That press then the 23 zones too many. But we unit shooting 40% 46 from three and the game was really not a check point and you know we just we just were sloppy there at the end and that we have to work. All zones you've seen it's nice market's upbeat real market nothing but that I've posted it yeah he's he's tremendous. Which heats. Like. Because he's so tall he's hard to test. In the high post and steps on the perimeter today he was making great decisions when the drive on the drive. A couple of steals it plays and in full court. To get but I think he did that in the first half in the second half steals and lay ups so he was really playing well. He started the second half with a mile and a court went down later in the free throw but at the end of the first at the last definitely and it's yet to this entry. If it should act more because they're cute now you know we got them back on the court the second half it you really started with and if that's all we did in. You know we we do you reserves of guys were playing instead of those guys. Held before bill before and we didn't give up the entire lead. In the first half with two of our better players sitting on the bench that. We were united when it started picking their fall on the first. First possession of the second half political down a couple times they got him in they who played well. Obviously yes it unit and shake out that there's some pretty talented. Yet it well there's you know. According a gal started cool cool been transferred to Georgetown and can hear them McMurray was. All rookie guy itself ward as a freshman. And Mel would do started it Virginia Tech was a starter and there's one more somewhere. That transfer to graduate from Arkansas also as a high major guys they just. Got them then transfer market and they're really talented and they can shoot the ball. And that's nice job hit the shots and run it off and so. If they were they were tremendous shooting the ball to that mean there were times we don't know we left him open a couple times I would. That we give you that there were other times when we were contesting. Very very well and you know just. Of job. We talked to mark about the team. I'm feeling kind of offensive urgency because there's so many seniors. And naked CD and night of their college careers in those things like the guys coming up. Really focused really ready to play well here's a threat yeah. I think so mean. It can't control our own destiny we we've got to sixteen in street now was it to left wonderful woman wrote. If we would both of when to leave him in the first number one seed in the tournament. So it's important to these guys to finish well and know when you're when you have we get down to two games left in the regular season college career. It becomes even more special and we don't we got to go to Central Florida play very good team. And if Cincinnati can be an excellent day to Wichita. And a big wrote congratulations thanks guys Greg Marshall Islands which actors 8478. When Everest it you'd eat in new. It true road games and we haven't seen date defensive player of the game it's presented by got you covered but he left it troll like your living room create privacy of that group. Or transform your kitchen got you covered as a right with the treatment solutions for you. Paltry 166127000. Or that's covered which. Dot com and it should doctors it 10% in order to cover sir it would. You know. The defense of award is gonna go on kind of often. A limb here I've been to Willis considered charge that the kind of a tough thing. You know I don't think he's got close to one all year long slow there'll got a charge who plugged up the middle there's so he's given me. There ago will be back to wrap things up right after the. Colder making you shiver even indoors called approves it comforts us up they can tune up fueled furnished or installing new clinic has done. He's your home now and pay overtime with a month finance it. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for free in home estimate at 2657831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort zones are proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. 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TV re not only on the high quality TV brand like LG but we also have one of the largest selection of real good entertainment furniture in the city. TV we've got our group in which talk not just our brain. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford grameen Bernhard thank Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Listen. Zoo or download a podcast WS shocker basketball. On TYN dot com for iTunes or go. She's like a beautiful place yeah let them honest. Now. They're willing and G in China news. And Texas. Thanks again after handling but now those together towards the thing out here. I've got Orlando to go out next week. Obviously enjoyed being. Music appropriate to all the cities and it obviously out of it stuff. Think that we'll be back gardening yet Johnson's post gave show and take a look. Scores here and while Butler I'm one of our fine pre and post game sponsor partner that outlet and Lori Saturday sixty north Broadway you're in the market for flooring at any time. Carpet area rugs hardwood tile Leavitt it. That's the place to go get a great price on race materials. A lot of selection of prices style colors and great people to help so he glory as Lucy varsity team sixty north Broadway. The game so far today in the American athletic conference and to life one that went South Florida 79. 68 feeling fourteen and fourteen overall five and eleven. Italy Mike Dudley great job after 6251. Season it to line and we saw last ones is very dangerous ballclub. Soccer's win here today groups and 213 to three at the moment a half game behind Cincinnati. Cincinnati in action tomorrow at home against Tulsa tolls alone in fourth place attended five were Houston. Slipped a notch to third in Lebanon war with their upset loss at Memphis. On Thursday night Houston will be at home tomorrow against ECU UCF at temple tomorrow. And Memphis at night but it jockey for position and I wanna stay out of fifth place on dance that he got to play an extra game at the tournament in Orlando at the top four you get violence Thursday that's good position the end game play. Three more days anyway if you can try to win it. Shoppers want the number one seed you know so they've got some stuff stuff play for as well but. A couple of tough games coming up Johnny Dawkins always hits his teams ready in Central Florida. There are very very tough. I watched them play. Yes and UPS and you in the game that I recorded and and they're really good defensively in the course Cincinnati on Sunday. A week from tomorrow that's an idea that's going to be something. Senior night. Soccer's fourteen in the Arty guy going into today SN view was 93 in the RP either in the sixties posted. Power rankings but decent road win today on the shocker resonated packet that it helped anywhere else DePaul beat Marquette seventy to 62. Baylor lost by ten at TC UN Texas edged Oklahoma State. By a point so far find those other places today. Wichita State women's basketball team leading to line 5750. After three quarters on senior day at poker read it. Trying to get to thirteen and sixteen and eight and seven. In the conference going to their final regular season game that Tulsa. On Monday night they were picked him in the conference are currently tied for six of Keith Adams is that a great job that are offered here that it really didn't. Very tough team to beat down the stretch and now they've been there accurate job and am now men have to kick it's not watch it kind of frank gets through they kuril. Runner on the court without a baby to about what year damp looks like you she's as cool 33 Jersey governor of course that's pretty funny. What other score all of Ohio's take at 821 lead in the tie it to the top of the fifth against the soccer baseball teams still play because there that the opening game. Three game series doubleheader tomorrow. Addicts be able with the weather getting progressively better. Soccer men's track and field team very much in contention that the AC tracking of championships in Birmingham Alabama that wrap up the hill. Later on this evening. So that's kind of covers everything don't forget that march bricks to shocker traditions the the NCA tournament stocking the shelves for a daily bread food pantry. And beginning on day 26 the opportunity to donate a dollar to the factory and had your name like the drawing. We're not a threat shocker basketball let's inning which are our rules of our Hutchinson. Pros who know. Look at it do it from here the shot respected action on Thursday night. In Orlando. And to have seen you see after awhile course they lost topple fall right before they came it would just that's changed that team a little bit but they've still been playing well and they're right. Thick of this. That middle part of the conference seventeen and channel Raleigh seven going to negate that simple. Get a score real well before the can they can they defend they can really defend him they got the top quarterback you you for. Physical game and it theaters backing for the gotten guys to get scores everybody we can't but. Shoppers are hot team six the role. And eight of their last lines those doctors are playing their best fastball the Europeans think. They'll try to keep themselves in contention for a possible please share of the regular season title of the number one seed in the term but that game on Thursday night in the back home of course. The following Sunday for that big showdown. With Cincinnati quick reminder that there is just one coaching show Monday night that it Greg Marshall show for six to seven AK sports relive the Alley. And effort on 9713. Thirty innocent citizens resentment that we do that also force Steve strain. And the limits regular season finale against Tulsa. So that's coming up Monday night Bob not looking that with Thursday night. From Orlando thanks to Andrew Hamlet in the studio gates and holder on the scoreboard right hold it here on site for all of their health today. For Bob and all about my conditioning adapted from Dallas Wichita State beats SMU 84 deceptively. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KEY. The front you buy these fine sponsors United Healthcare business attire. I was at Kelly's Freddy you. Executive their share shelter insurance and Canon Andrew white start machinery until. He knows guerrilla. 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The final score victory for the twelfth ranked soccer's. Who are now 23 and five overall fifteen and three or thirteen in three rather in the conference. And jetBlue is joining me today here at twin peaks were when he first and rock we invite you come on out and join us. Big a crowd and house today's twin peaks Jeff has a lot of folks and join groups of all sort. So a lot of basketball today in the games that don't involve Kansas teams that are our interest to yet duke. Coming off the Marvin back to a situation. Looks like he's going. Bridges more. Michigan State it's gonna play today. Aden for Arizona's gonna play after his 100000. Dollar alleged payoff for at least agreed upon. They pay day now that John Miller not coaching pair them with an eventful day in college hoops beyond Kansas where it is extremely event. Out of date ranked jayhawks six ranked Texas Tech going on right now in Lubbock. Tonight's game midway through the first half than earth at 5 o'clock A state will be in action today on the road as at Oklahoma trying to event there's an interesting. The situation we had an agent we at Wichita State TU and K state all on the road today all playing consecutive games back to back to back and all of trying to avenge homeless. Losses back in January on the road. Today and I did you think about that that is kind of pray just weird I didn't even realize that that's a that's a pretty cool day event for. Fans of JUN revenge engine. So the Sox got the best served cold socks cut after one of that. Done today winning avenging in a January loss that Coca arena it's SMU by five points the doctors go down to Dallas and when it by six today. Little bit deceiving on the final score margin 8478. The shocks. Basically had a double digit lead from midway through the second half toward the very end although SMU did go on an eleven you Ron in the final ninety seconds. Got a seventeen points soccer lead all the way down to six as a resident odds. Final score in someone's. I doubt look like which does stay with winning going away and then. SMU made it I would say interesting but more interesting than it should have been certainly interesting for those people on both sides of the seven and a half point that I spread if you felt like I have little money now excited not. And the talkers to not make a basket in the final three minutes but they had a fifteen point lead when that. But the drop came up so it did not affect him as they ended up winning the game in. Coming home happy to shocker when it at Kissimmee today 8478. Just two games remaining in the regular season of course this is the shocker locker room so. And that means we're glad to have you witnessed today here at twin peaks at 21 and rock and we'd love to have your phone calls. 316 is the area code the phone numbers eight. 910378691037. And our first caller this afternoon is Anthony know ahead Anthony. Man. I'm used that you're in Maine I'll be your first call on Delaware is out today. Probably next in line I would doubt. So I'm a drive off that mark quote or that follow. Our ability to do it owned at circle way. Yeah both those less humid it contained were we could mean the war. You kind of fake footage here recruits and that book now but I think that happened that. Debt you epitome of what he called role in this. And as a threat if that you were active phase out the date they showed little fight. You kind of wonder what would have what would've happened had the industry you know the line. Things differently also noted at the things that we definitely or things that drove itself. What they knew that you seem to have you lose one we either. Start slow and NAFTA might have been off. We have a big league game you don't finish well move somewhere between now. It would not important if often when it doesn't turn. Yes you probably do but our our fans well. That's useful but I'm glad we were about the doubtful but no. Org or. Yeah. One of beer out pretty much what gave this guy. Excuse for any person maybe you. So you know what we believe me go. And brightly on Sharpton while we're at what you know what it is what you know we were just look at more athletes if you live. You get it out alive and that they've taken up arms. Or is it. And it's not thanks for the call Anthony. I don't necessarily think the final ninety seconds mitigate the fact that doctors dominated the second half minute game now at you all you have to do is win that's that's. All Wichita State is trying to do they might have. Competent film they can look out over the last couple minutes where Gregg Marshall can harp on them that are emphasize the point that. From the outside and all you really want Wichita State to do if you're a fan it's a win win the game and they didn't. Two point lead at half time at Wichita State. Came out of a locker room immediately went on a seven to one runs have got the lead up to eight. An innate basically kind of nurse that eight to twelve point lead for the next several minutes and eventually got to the seventeen neighborly to not ever let SMU go on an extended run. And the soccer they hate you we we were talking before the show about five people really scoring all their point but they're the five that you want scoring. And with the majority of the points which is enough rain can't breathe sham it. Mike Duffy and Boris they all I think reached double figures. They obviously provided the bulk of the scoring and I like that Marshall went with a lineup that included the three yards. Reid's camp it Infrant camp along with the Duffy that he was Willis at the time and those that are high highly productive offensive line up and in games like this. Why not go off its birds when the other team hit the balls wild thing. And even now late in the game there was. The few possessions there where the shocker might pull four guard lineup that was four guards and Willis in early trying to get out there and stop SMU and storing on the wings and who worked for awhile. It did for awhile and not today I wanna look what I wanna accomplish if we Candice to pick. The all American conference first team because there are several weeks we kind of went through on the drive. Last through this week. But there are a lot of a lot of possibilities scored just five. Well yes there are tons of great. Teams and then a lot of great players and possibly very capable players and caddies narrow that down defines. He had a pretty good as some of the really good players on teams that aren't very good that Memphis right. Beat Houston this week. And a leading scorer in the conference while he's out for the season should have any effect there's only couple games left on both season accolades but Jeremiah Marc leads the conference in scoring. If you first Deaver. It's hard to say I don't know. See things like that to greatness that's great thing to ponder there are three spots that I think our our our longer which is landry's Janet. Rob gray a Houston. And Gary Clark of Cincinnati I don't think there and it gets pretty. Because he's been out but he had to play hero and he continued to put him on first team. With that they hit that since you also have Melvin Fraser who we saw the other day. Jeremiah Martin we've mentioned Jalen atoms for you guys haven't really nice here and of course Jack Morris who is emerging as maybe the top big men in the conference. Jeff we are talking now about the other shocks. Played well the second half not letting us and you go on Iran to start look at that that the the box score here. In points every time as and he scored the Sox answered an ad that was so important today that SMU got. The points on back to back possessions late in the first task will about a minute and a half ago. They did not yet to score. On back to back possessions and until about five minutes to go in the game so there's a nice 1617. Minute stretch there where the Palestinians Gortat soccer's answer. Now the fun stretch to watch him because that was during its stretch when. At least the majority of those five guys we mentioned were playing extremely well not the least of which of course today with markets McAfee you can't really say enough good things of value added. Great game from Wichita State offensively. I guess I'd love kept them alive but during that stretch when. SMU did seem to be missing and the game was going back and forth he had a lot of baskets that. How to stem the tide it if you will. And yet a three pointer title late in the first half scored another bucket. Very late right before halftime and in Boise team not after halftime. It's three baskets right away in the first four minutes head in and like you said nets stretched or get a couple threes general answer SMU's the reason. Marcus markets looked like an injury free markets like. Upbeat today after playing very confidently got to the basket after a couple of steals. Got up to the high post and made a couple shots though I guess you could say take taking what the defense gave him. That's the kind of a cliche lively he did he did that's what he did he didn't. Try to you know play outside of his own abilities and and just did what markets picked up he can do with his score basically from anyway. And it's a charging call late negate that you now you'll see that a lot but it starts Kelly not a man roster and re. You guys left tickets are for whatever he did stuff wouldn't wanna be standing in front of some of these well. More power to settle the shots when it today at SMU 8478. The final score as the Sox improved to 23 and five on the season. It was worded jetBlue to wit here today for the soccer locker room Stiller studio interiors and through Hamlet if as the Sox picked up the win in Dallas we are live right now at twin peak cities Wichita where when he first and rock road. A bigger crowd and house today here at twin peaks in doing group on Saturday afternoon. Our phone number is 869103786910370. Area code is 316. As we continue on the soccer locker room so. They have food and drink specials there at twin peaks on soccer game days only so that means today. All day long you can get a huge man sized bug of the stock Duff beer for four dollars that's a lot of beer for 4 o'clock. And if you're hungry you can get yourself a cheeseburger basket burger and Fries for just 599. Still picture up here with those soccer game based specials. All day long on a soccer game that they write your twin peaks will be back for more right after this on the soccer locker room so. Policy now at 8691037. 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Called Genesis health club to reserve your seat fifteen dollar monthly savings before it's due life. Who doesn't love that feeling of getting in shape in saving eighteen dollars per month. 2018 is your years. Joined Genesis health clubs today for just eighteen dollars and eighteen dollars every month during only four days left. It's not a shocker locker room show where it's at the sports NN's special guest Jeffrey news on 103 point seven GE Y. Percent yeah. Nothing's for free again Theres still artistic snapping at his third. That's what he sent. I see it seems like halt today from Dallas Texas where Wichita State won at. At SMU today 8478. Markets with Duffy with. 26 points today on eleven of fourteen shooting. That Woodward and definitely with junior today he heard the theme from Dallas right there. Really admit to telling Andrew are our producer back at the studio you better be here and some Don Henley today. I'd done of course born in Linden Texas not really near Dallas but lives in Dallas. And we got here some Don Henley and I'll let hander picked the song but. Boy the Summers a little cliche even on love it I'll leave that following his court. You'll figured out well Andrew handling news. The genius always these he's with Smart as the youngsters that are you know 8478. Shots when it today at SMU. Soccer's number twelve nation now 23 and five overall with the victory. And our phone number today on a locker room so we love to hear from you 8691037. The area code 316. In its 8691037. Arctic scholars David. Go right and it day. Edit I can't think predict. That it David. Like. I thought they'd read on to report. Where. The same with me. Actors that he would eliminated from the NCAA. Tournament. Though I don't think that would be. We have to be barred by the NCAA. Title of the black hooker by. And look at it would have beat up at Middlebury at birth that duty ended in which are eagle but we. Thank you enter the border that their partner think now I'm definitely these are. Thank you thank David thank you hot topic around Wichita State the Fred Bentley situation hardly know a whole lot about. Any of it beyond what's been reported that apparently is stepfather threw himself. Probably may have to put taken alone from a sports agent. During his senior year season which thing. Did you have any other light dissent on the green that's what we know they're 3070. Dollars total. Make it make it that way you will. And there are a lot of names on that list and a lot of that means a lot of schools are involved with this yes it seems like there are other schools that are much in much bigger you do in this than some others yeah but. Arizona who's half iron today I'm representing IEA I still have things. I'm just getting out not to I don't have any reason happens. So we don't yet know what it tangible ramifications indoor trouble is going to be for some of these schools but that it will still be sorted out. Probably years to come yeah that was his two agents in one sports agency who knows how deep this quote unquote scandal. Made run. And as far as getting that list of reprinted in the Wichita eagle. I have seen an online but obviously it's a list that was obtained by Yahoo! Sports. And I don't know if other organizations can reprint that without their permission not here but it. Guy who Yahoo! guys plenty of information ESPN. Ran a pretty detailed piece about this on Miller. Yonder east situation. This morning so it's all pretty much out there there's nothing out hiding it. Least it in the weeds right now. We know what everybody else. And that is just a list that's not obviously proof. Brad happened but that's that invest that party investigation still continues and we'll go. On and on and on I'm sure. Thanks for the call David we appreciated if you wanna be what is today here in the locker rooms or phone number 8691037. After twelfth ranked Wichita State event as its only home of loss of the season by beating out homo on campus lost a beating SMU 8478 today on the road. So Jeff you were talking first segment about. Do you think will be first team all America all aren't you name three you think we're slam dunks lahood the what do you know what's your opinion about the other teams lost. Rob gray who as we mentioned will make it Gary Clark for Cincinnati leads the conference in rebounding. We'll make it in Landers and we'll make it and then you have this group of players Jeremiah Martin who leads the league in scoring. Jake Milton who would be in the mix for player of the year adding not. Gotten injured and miss so many games away Taylor and Adams for UConn Melvin Fraser who we saw just be fantastic in the second half against attackers. The other night. And probably Jack Morris though that's probably your group. Maybe when growth for two lane is up there it's going to. Nobody guys that are up there in scoring rebounding Fraser for example this fifth in scoring second in field goal percentage. But he has seen his support the bottoms and you have been c.'s good and I know he's up there in rebounding duties. The fourteenth in rebound. Though he's put up good numbers he's a really good player he's an NBA prospect not that that should necessarily matter we've got to get the votes is because that he needs. He's electric heat upon got a Watson who would be your final. What would John Campbell to find doubles that it nice state how to how to Jack Morris not make first the fair point and the price it probably says that it. As a week ago and he's risen in both the because he played. Great he was fourteenth in the league in scoring and twentieth in rebound. It. And not among the top fifteen in field goal percentage I'm not looking at all this that's interesting. I thought it might be higher but he's probably by now probably eleventh or twelfth and scored on wanting him every game's getting needed dose of what he's been in great news he's definitely in the mix and I'm just every game it is conference on impress the other teams just don't have anyone can really seem to match up with him I'd put him above Frazier for fear yes I agree I like Fraser and as soon bundle lots. I think I'd probably put him above. Taylor nice. Taylor and Adams no you. Now probably even though today and out of the third and scored 32 story earlier now is that wow. How do you deny that that's why it's I agreed applaud the good point that this team its area you don't have anybody from holes really grow older. The fourth place team in its conference it got junior eats now. He's seventh in scoring third and rebound. So he's probably gotta be in the Anthony. You would then fifteen point three and eight rebounds that game. For the fourth place team with this is interesting this is the dynamic we really haven't quite had to deal with before his date in a conference this large. Only end only five spots available on it's it is so basically it's this way every year in the in the ACC area where there's fourteen teams you can you can only five players on the matters very difficult and we have really been spot whether that's pretty good player. In the valley bereavement three valley usually news and the first four or any probably had to stress to get a fifth now. We have to stress that just added it now interest and so that's noted that's a good topic for discussion as we move on the day there's not a lot of the regional at LSU into your final it would be you don't know or care. I do it. I'm always waiting for them we still have 345 more games yes I guess the decision is made up the regular season I'll go with Barton. And Lawrence. I'm glad to see you put Jack Morrison tonic I'd put him and I you have to. The way he's played late. So it's still especially if they tie for the conference here so there's as the sixth then you're leaving off were you bumping it felt more associated signal Taylor and Adams. And junior Eaton Howard announced that. Not to mention race here. And BJ Tyson from east Carolina nannies are now I know I'm dressed and nine. But he he deserves mention he's averaging fifty points. And in unity you're going now. A group of people saying. About Cincinnati that led the conference all year only one player right but who who's next for them as a reality excuse they have evidence. But it but he's not in bed now you're donating her Thursday. Because it does little for Gary Clark's the catch with. If the person who embodies their team Wichita State has two guys who have body their identity and their team. Very interesting. We'll discuss that as we go on today on the soccer locker room still 8691037. As their phone number. This is dead and Jeff and we are broadcasting live at twin peaks in the east Wichita our 21 and rock road. Big crowd on hand today enjoying a great. They have moved through on the final Saturday in February. Two games two games remaining in the regular season for the doctors. Central Florida on Thursday night and then a week from tomorrow hosting Cincinnati in the regular season finale at brokering. In a way got to take care business that in Orlando bird but I think everybody's eyes. Outside the program stands servers media. Pointing toward that that's Sunday morning game. At Charles Phillips arena against the bearcats central Florida's and no one of the top five teams in this conference the other guy they're tied for fifth what. Those you know this is a three T I'm at a price. If you look at the top three and then four and five are you got Olson Central Florida it's I might be a little bit of it did not draw upon polls is played. Well it's part of the season they've got them. Good conference wins. Not taking anything away from Tulsa but when you go from Houston the polls that three of war that's fairly significant. The shocker today well. Outrebounded. This have you by and large market we'll talk some more about that we'd come back. And will get more of your phone calls as well 8691037. Is our phone number theory goes 316 we continued today here on the soccer locker room so sad and Jeff. At twin peaks when he first brought. Take your phone calls after this city 691037. Soccer basketball today and won all three point 78 EY and. 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Can't magically spun into this festive she its than ever gone. Nine goals Robert Johnson hits here for a limited time only featuring. Mint Oreo Cookies spangled it's just taste better. It's not a shocker locker rooms. Just quits at the sports NN's special guest Jeffrey Linux on 103 point seven GE why can't. I think greens constant. Yeah. He's gonna tickets create any trains and hasn't this not yours now the eleventh. Reason Morris from his first he's got fourteen points is what scholars who doubts about. Different and happy and that's that's done himself well. He's not on the guitar. They'll be thing in your distance and this is the theme song to the drive. Driving with your eyes nice office building the perfect season. That's a little while to get that we can wake you. Oh. Doctors when it's candidates that could downing. At Dallas 8478. The final score twelfth ranked Wichita State when he gets six and grown up 23 and five on the season. And our phone number here is 8691037. In the area code 316. Phone numbers 8691037. Shocker locker and so continues to head and Jeff broadcasting live near 21 and rock we are at. At twin peaks on mine join us. Our next caller is Jeff hello Jeff. Go right ahead. They yard the question. Watched. Mark but definitely all Latin. All is it going to be huge potential and it injures. The views and you know put him behind. Not at all the more the polls today. It did make me think what would guide. Compares in. Mark McNulty through practically at the early like that. This senior year it did look like they're urged that more players and they. That it outlook in the attic or the stock that were not on call. Thank you I don't think it's that terrible compared to Greg is clear at the nearly probably a little bit more explosiveness. I don't know the word is that lettuce is a market McAfee the great athlete. But just a little bit more of a physical player probably. I got to the NBA briefly plant he did. I guess I suppose markets picked up he can do that if he improves. Some element elements of his game over the next year itself I would think it today salmon returns I know you're losing a lot. But. Or return group of agrees. She Emmitt and Duffy. That's pretty legit or having lost as much as Wichita State is going to. And I got it I agree with Jeff on its pretty good comparison and they're similar. Lee Anthony obviously keep going Anthony's legs are bigger around him and I'm Marcus McDuff these are the guys I know. On a beach in the month I only identical Marcus picked up the market skinny legs that that that. But it and just point. Marcus. Just it just looked like the market civil greatness is better than the markets have any instances eleven for fourteen shooting it and this though. Versatile offensively that's kind of what you look for SE. He can get it going from the parameters message that corner shots and he can build up points that way though he's. Active on defense and creating offence that way and coming up that high post with a little fifteen footers that he had today. Brilliant he loved to watch that. The locker room 28691037. Is our phone number back the phone lines were Robert billing at Robert. Art development market nearly. Time for mark movement. What happened maybe like you like that that coach you spout off the eighty I don't air. Giving new crop. Is there a better coach in America I don't think oh and if we don't talk about you feel the real deal more. We're meant to. Definitely your ballot. Planned. Reminiscent. Of that Carl hall there. Teams can go all away and yet they can't make eye doctor and it's not. Mark it's not remark that he believes it it. We didn't know all wait. There you go what a call. Albert is pot is fired up anybody out here 27 over the 32 point two degree veered slightly above three. Point taken know Robert is the fact that the shocker the 16 in a row coming off that week in which they lost back to back games seem to be searching for answers at some players and shooting slumps and we kind of said on the locker until at that time you know well. It's a long season lot of teams go through this at a bad way but you know that some teams wilt down the stretch some teens. Regrouped and are playing their best ball by the time march rolls around now the soccer the got a six game winning streak in the seemed to be on the right track. And Jack Morris in the last few days alone I believe yesterday was his birthday. He Gotti got a birthday wish from Shaquille O'Neal and today it was a none other than Lil Wayne ten. We did that show us Jack Morrison that he has new biggest fan that's 48 combined million followers. It's early some overlap that. Millions and millions tens of millions of people have been exposed this Jack morris' via celebrity Twitter over the last couple days. You know it's. That's why you're on the show you're much more you know less than me but that's a but Lil Wayne it is 33 one million yellow Jack loved god but how how does that happen. You dig a little way it would ever tweeted me here you absolutely I don't unite and not winner now oh and I don't think I'm give any low lately. I was admitted that they by Brad Penny in reply to somebody else all that's something he follows me I guess that's OK and you know Brad Penny former. All star starting pitcher for the nationally and a worse Jack Morris today when he won points ten rebounds six of eight shooting eight of ten at the line. He's fantastic days they said no flaws over the last four games are silly season rebounding much better and he's a monster the lion and a home game. Yeah I guess that gave us two line get that game recently where he had a little thirteen the line all those blocks. In the game recently at home and 3:8 at 10 o'clock crazy. Check it all the boxes in its way into that mix for first team all American conference. Jack when he won today markets but defeat 26. Those two guys combined gin up to goes seventeen for 22 from the floor. Pretty impressive now and he had read that'll that you got to 50% but reach him Infrant camp if you combined those five that they were over 50%. As number of those three guys combined for 73 point there ago. Infrant camp did his thing again got the line. A couple times. Made those floater in the lane was was good with the thought they get a couple turnovers today it. Still that well still like I'm afraid camp type game. He never has eternal now and edit travel I think he threw one away late to have fun non stick. But. Connor also had three assists and Mikey said he has missed the free throw yet this season thirty for 34. For four at the line today 32 for 32. And he made his last one last season's least made 33 in a row now and not make my Kennedy said that now the third longest in school history. Ron Mendel is next on the list and Robert you all time but he's number one at the Nicklaus. It was sad the answer that I think I was trying to think fuel was I can tell you who's tweeting its act more than the stats. He is passed Joseph Stephens. Omnia free throw making lists and bronze medals next on trying to think who number one it. I don't have that information on nervous bread or wrong. I doubt you don't think so I Raun made it tonne up 1 point I am still we have mean you know we do all figured out of find it. Shocks when it today at SMU 8478. The final score if you wanna call us a phone numbers 8691037. As we continue to hear from twin peaks in east Wichita where when he first rock road where today's edition of the shocker locker room show. Doctors today. Out Riva wanted to get to the rebounding suckers out rebounded SMU Jeff 4123. Rates plus eighteen. They leave the I think their third in the nation in rebounding margin they got idiots that do do that after all. Your honor roll over that. Shots at seventy offensive rebounds which they only ten and sixteen points. There's that one possession but the Sox got 45 offensive rebounds they didn't go score a that'll that'll add one step down and out the other. But those doctors still even despite that one possessions still had a monster rebounding effort plus eighteen today over SMU plus nine. On the offensive men. And it was nine on the defensive end to the policy teams in nicely done by the shocks there and and a Wichita State outscored us immune to paint obviously 26 to twelve as they need to didn't have bosses to to get it done the things. Now they they had to live and die by the three lived for awhile kept their head above water made Iran. I think I don't think they took the lead in the first affidavit may have gotten close. And just slowly faded away even though they kept shooting okay. The other I did it it was still two point game at halftime with the doctors. Until the last ninety seconds pretty much dominated that second half open and had an answer every time isn't he scored the Sox countered that put another punch and maybe more. Shocks when it today led by seventeen very late in the game ended up winning by 68478. Was the final score. As Wichita State is now 23 and five on the season. What word templates with you here soccer locker room still policy now at 8691037. We'd love to hear from you today. We're broadcasting live went neat cities which it's Allred when he first and rock back for more your phone calls right after this on 103 point 78 EYNN. 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Let's go show orders have twenty ultimate horse slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation and their sports on huge screens and scratch who is bursting from the best kitchen in sport and women need to satisfy every chance at a time to take your game day to new heights with any harsher light from the table twenty full service bar features and tens of election of draught Beers that are purposely or that a teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold -- crystals formed our man caves are decked out with tons of HDTV that there's never a bad he now heads for twenty eats drinks scenic views. It's not a shocker locker room show twist at the sports NN's special guest Jeffrey blitz on one of three point seven K. It might most glorious. Down the line out to depict nothing for an open three missed about the fact. Three about Boris followed her now you know Morris out of double double three he's got flooding one. And boy they're really have a heck of it to keep Jack ward off the office that Lance. That was the six. Six minutes to go with the Sox up by fifteen. Shots eventually start sleep is seventeenth. As city got a bunch of points in the final ninety seconds for the Sox won at 8478. Dominating most of the second half and winning at SMU today. On his way. Into the innocents. Anders take it here it is it is fantastic period. It turns out. That's. It in the NFC south of this title track played them. Soccer when it today 8478. At SM news. And we do have dollars and 8691037. Dials up at 8691037. Area code 316. So we were talking to before the break about consecutive free throws and soccer history. And the policy. Not a frank Knapp has now made 33 for 33 this season the and he made his final one last season so he's now made 34 in a row. And that is says that he would use past Joseph Stephens for third on the all time soccer listen Joseph played for the doctors in the late 1950s. Impressive impressive and frank get this one especially this next hour. And Erica one zillions now still behind you guys and shocker is for you Ron Mandel. Who who has hit 36. Free throws in a row in the late 1960s. We know Rodman though there has gone wrong goes to all the games that seem all the time yes good guy and at the number one at. Free throw streak in soccer history I would not have been able to figure this out we got eleven and a lot holds the record and I are. We gotta give it cleverness of frauds or ceded that it is. His senior year on it 20092010. Million or 43 in a row straight congress got a little work cut out the Connor still behind that. And the other stat with Connor is that it. Nobody in the United States. Has. Been perfect from the free throw line for an entire season. With 125 attempts in the last quarter century he makes all these Marlins. He's a 32 for 32 now on the facilities to make and meet with four for four today. Shocker locker agility 691037. Added Jeff spirit wind speeds when he first and rock of cius let's go back the phone lines and our next caller is Michael going to Michael. Yeah hello guys there is hello Mike. I'm glad you found that. Record I would look at Florida. Anywhere. For band camp did you braking distance one of the artery athletic. We're in a row records. I'm. Yeah and you may have had a Longstreet field before and I think you're right. So I think he's made something like 53 out of fifty fours like it. Actually. I've noticed that Booth. Believe through the whole game in most senators birth. But they've been and it. And maybe avert the vote would think it tied up bird kids. Couple points down but then. There. There's Dave nonprofit leads the last two games there's business. Malia and that's that that's what teams that win on the road do you he can't get down by ten or fifteen on the road and come back and win consistently. Jocks the out near your right Michael the last these last two road games. Sox come out establish. Score you some good things and remain now remaining control. Nowadays. They've come out of the box refuses the second half. Which wasn't always the case. But it dates out here Mike. I. Appreciate the telephone calls always get points. Yeah Wichita State. They've you they've played well on the road for the last several seasons that that's part of it is playing confident not being intimidated by the drowning you don't going to be hostile. It's gonna get more hostile in the American of these teams he used to Wichita State having to finance. Planning these black out and color out of stride tonight from Wichita State business. In which I think you know it it's developments that threw me. And that's one of the things that are one of our callers mentioned earlier is off to Gregg Marshall that's one of the great things that coach Marshall has brought to this program. Is eight is it winning on the road mentality that did not even come close to being in existence before he got here mark surgeons. I'd make some strides in that area in the air marshals taken to the next level. Yes not easy to do it. In conference play even went near the better team on paper it's to go into. An opposing arena and went because these guys have you scouted well and a lot of really good coaches in this league itself. Wichita State it should be taken lightly there at their road record not only this year but over the last several years under very mark. Pretty amazing shots when it today 8478. The soccer thanks for the call Michael soccer locker room still 86. It's 91037. Is our phone number fact the phone line for just go ahead chuck. Guys thank you thank you followed it itself. Eight. A budget speech racquet from one of the what they got there early. I think what you'll but the one thing I've noticed. You guys. But. It's reform and when they didn't. You use something. He's the guy to go you need perimeter not working and that read get him open or it. Reporters I'll work him stepped out calm cool collected. On the reader do. It. Either defensive rebound off the rebound in the book that awful wrong. It's more the last ten or twelve games he's just been phenomenal. They'll all be the momentum stopper in my opinion reap the. Not a hiker I thought that there. Yeah he's certainly taken its game we knew Jack Morris was good player of valuable player. A guy could score and a variety of ways but he adds over the last several games found a new level taking his game up these. He's playing like a different players these values not really about them but funny business I don't know this. The demonstrative stuff that he had been he had done in the past I can't never really to this faithful level or anything like that that. He's sort of that guy lately that well bit. Any meaning. And he's really good. And you know what's up with describing there. A senior. Things that a senior does. How many four year players will we would stake it by two. Try to think to stop Kelly is one nurtured more from that's that. In the soccer program yes I'd be able income frank you know that four year and I have it not as a shocker not a shocker. And Willis has the junior college guy and I'm missing somebody stack running the four years. I guess both I was gonna say debt Jack though has been for five years he's been here awhile. The registered guy and as soon. He turns 24 years old yesterday is now he's not a youngster though he's not he's he's definitely a man decent. And those guys and happy go up against him know that they're grown. Hey man you know yep yep shocks one it today 8478. At innocent view Wichita State. She's 48% from the field makes 113 pointers nineteen of 23 of the line for 83% that's another way you win on the road Jeff that's going to make you free throw. Absolutely and getting to the line that many times on the road. Is never that easy. Frank camp for the fourth the line Shaq went six for eight and now other the other guys helped out as well Ellen Landry salmon for poor. Those guys all that's nice effort. Soccer's 283% of the line and the rebounding distant and plus 184123. On rebounding jacket and boards. Austin resent floor. Stuffy head of the youth. LE restart Kelly got a we're probably not going to talk about a lawsuit tonight heated. The only team points made a couple of free throws he went two for two at the line but you know we're it's our daily seven rebounds. That's right it and it assists. That's source art does not gonna ask in the four months. Like what Greg marshals on with the rotation even brown and Eliot even though. And I've been targeting U not actively let it set a tone. And then go to your opted heavy lineups later TV and it was talking out rebounding. About eight for Darryl Willis. That's the art and he's improved late. And it had a great pass by the way today that was I think it was to nurture in the first half that nurture myth is like one hand. I'm like wild Darryl Willis view that not this past that. Make good passes. Fancy flashy that. I like to see that even though it didn't go into convert to a bucket. And and you we talk about the rebounding and indicates you guys that didn't moral lot. Restart Delhi and does that brown combined for six assists. And there in their audit. And I'm sure we there was some defense of effort. That by Zak brown the winner notices it usually does. Soccer's when it at SMU 8478. Ted and definitely here today for the soccer locker room itself we are at twin peaks on a big time Saturday afternoon groups and a lot of folks are here and Columbine seniors were here after every soccer game between pizza when he first and rock in east which it's off. We'll be back for more of your phone calls 8691037. Is our phone number if you would like to join a serie noticed 3168691037. 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It's been a shocker locker room show twist at the sports and special guest Jeffrey list on 103 point seven GE client. It's free space movement with nothing is that for the game catches at the high post takes it down the line all the way to the revelers today it is tiger's career high. Or is that nothing now my instincts he's really been affected kept that ball at the high post but it's that the film that that role. That I can I cannot respect their biggest lead at 380 to 65. I. I'm no longer zoom. Tennis the sports and it just blew it with you. Boys of summer. Home opener today for soccer baseball. I guess that you don't it's not even close to being summer like no it's not a golden dreary overcast. The fifty in the Buddha. Soccer's latest today asked SA view 8478. This is the shocker locker room show 8691037. Is a phone number if you want. Call us today what's undermine Gary code 316 it's 8691037. As the shocks number twelve in the nation now 23 and five overall on a six game winning streak. And ducks dominated the second half today Jeff had a seventeen point lead very late in the game. You know I simply put up a lot of points there in the last ninety seconds shocks one it by six and really for the most part of vary very strong second half. You have looked it looked great shot the ball well. We're we're active rebound it's great to snow's. Weird last couple minutes or ninety seconds I guess if you say. Where it goes from fifteen to six basically. Weird but doctors get away with a win even though that it cover that that'll that darn spread. No it didn't that they avenge their only home conference loss of the season with that win on the road in Dallas today. Only two regular season games remaining in the Sox get a little bit of a they want to play for another 5 days there at Central Florida coming up on Thursday night. And we go back to the a previous time was doctors met Central Florida that was back on January 25. That was the game right after the Sox dropped back to back games and work. Struggling a little bit trying to figure some things out but they started getting on the right track with that win over Central Florida and it was 8162. At Coke arena. And the Sox since reeled off six wins and oral. I'm putting I'm putting this one in the win column. I'm cut is that dangerous now. Any any team I guess. At least the level of Central Florida they can beat anyone at home I guess on a given night if they just play out of their minds and some cases that. Stockard gonna win this game right. I look back at you I don't know. Aren't there you go on the road against one of the top five teams in the conference final count that as an automatic the top five teams in the come. Central floor the in fact I look back at that game death. No shocker starters scored in double figures in that game. That doesn't happening only to this the only two guys in double figures for Shaq Morris with nineteen off the bench. On aided in shooting Shaq was not in the starting line up at that point. Now what the weird time that's the time when he started experimenting. Who plays well practice I guess that's okay Ronald merger started that game then. And we love rock. Over the we'd laugh and laugh and a Darryl Willis was the other soccer score in double figures that night with twelve points and nine rebounds that was both off the bench. It tells you guys yeah. Those are weird time I don't remember they lost back to back games night. Honestly couldn't pinpoint and try to remember and they lost in us that you lost a home game this immunity went down to Houston in an orally. That was the back to back losses and a but shocker that lawsuits. They've won six straight for a sixth straight 8691037. As our phone number sandy and Jeff Whitney here in Carson is our next caller go ahead of arson and. Well guys it could speculate. On the very day. There are no if this sounds Bart you'll have a young hip name like Clarkson. Well I think probably what I would think that what it did when I am. And announced the name now. What do what do you put up with her fault. But it worse than that raises the I love it. Now will got a read my. All this stuff up that look at some of the guys that are coming in their here and it's Alex hello Mac. And Eric keep it below were on the list. Defeat McDonald's. All Americans they'll be there on the list that we don't think one but they make the list that he picked brown. And I would squandered it but why are so they're here and we never had eaten fruit network on that list. And what I would like he's got the one you're doing that the billboard dot com here get ready for back to what we're loot the seven guys that want to know how to guide coming and it. Let them I don't remember. I've ever happened through it was on the lift that cap McDonald American pick from so if you do let me know who they work thank you. I'm honestly not shirts and I don't follow the watch list for them. McDonald's all American game too closely you do you have any recollection of that just. Not it's not been specific sensitive general sense and I'm I'm like Carson I can't remember. Anyone specifically. Being at being on that level this that has been our crew and Marshall. Dockers those should be really good again next year especially if less jam it returned this question don't know who is going to start that those both positions with. Morris Kelly. Willis and nerds are all leaving you have. As Bjorn mixed guarding probably won't be ready and more a few days become an end. Isaiah warfare Chandler he. Chance Mort the guy who's about 670 probably plan on winning so. Shocker put to be good will will we should probably catch upon. Similar numbers of accomplishments there for the recruits that are coming in but by all accounts a very good class. Think he had just in general sense I know that they are all progressing nicely in. And net in doing what they thought they were going to one on track of course. An interesting class of six recruits of the next coming into Wichita State to replace a massive exodus of seniors and maybe more that will be leaving the. Maybe not down with those say another still on the trail they may be even offered a guy or two here or there I don't know Wichita State is done recruiting. For next the. It'll certainly be a different dynamic next year but. The chapters are still yet be written on this year's team went three and five. Ranked number twelve in the nation on a six game winning streak right now only two games left in the regular season Jeff and one road game and won a home game and then it's on to the postseason on the. Orlando on maybe beat Dallas after that if they draw while a high enough seed to stay close to home in the NCAA tournament. So we'll faith it's an exciting time I'm glad we're getting to the end of the regular season and that we can put. The regular season to bed. Soccer's when it Phil speaking of that to. What that a lot of the guys. Minority in Jerry palm to the brackets Pelletier big waits. Minorities coming under today at Wichita state of the three seed Paul Adams. Four yeah they're gonna stay right in that mix probably I guess they went out he beat Cincinnati a couple more times. Maybe in Houston and that makes do you could get up due to potentially. All bloated you can listen to Lennar these comments during the second half there I did. They asked him Wichita State you know winds up to date peace is no we think got beat he thinks they're stealing is right word is now. I know what I thought was on yeah I thought that was kind of strains do that I mean app if you could be safe with. Maybe 45 games left that they've hit their ceiling and I don't get that I don't I didn't understand. Good wins potentially on the table think if he beat Cincinnati three times. I don't know one of those is on the road. I don't know I see Wichita State could get it to get that that would not that surprised me a little bit but he says that even if Kansas tennis. In his city says it is Kansas doesn't win the conference and doesn't win the conference tournament they'd still be an automatic. Number one he says you know and what are they eight losses of better and at least two more times to do the opposite he still it's just not play the rest of the hot spot but some of those come and why did this go to the kind of strained every now and has there so seeing some incidents this. I thought that was the little spring practices anyway that's that's for what it's worth I know it's it's the is that the people would go into that room lock the doors behind him they're the ones that now got attacked those squadrons those are now. One but Claude currents. I all I agree we deal of that but that's taller and he a lot of offense move on. But shot said that they would they can do it win games on the court and get one in the win column was seated today at Essen meeting. Sox now 23 and five overall a six game winning streak Jack Morris at 21 points and rebounds for the soccer today market Mike Duffy led the Sox with one T six. Points eleven of fourteen from the field. A couple of steals 33 pointers Connor frank camp added twelve and kept his amazing free throw streak going he has missed free throw yet this season. Made reach him at ten points and four assists he was perfect for the fourth the line Austin reed had eleven points four rebounds made 33 pointers. Darryl Willis off the bench with eight rebounds Rashard Kelly had seven rebounds Zach brown had four assists. And the shocker shoot 48%. At plus eighteen on the rebounds and win it at SMU today their first win earth. At moody coliseum in Dallas Jeff how they've never thought they never want thinner. And how they throw up for I think four lives but I mean over the years files they don't ever want milestone nonetheless unsealed today in the next soccer game also be on the road going to Orlando to take on Central Florida. That it is Thursday night. And that is a 6 PM tip off so Mike Kennedy. And Bob hole will be on the air with pre game Thursday night's five spam with the people start at 6 PM. And will be taking your phone calls seriously beats after the game on the locker in snow started about 8:30 am Thursday night at Columbine join us. And no will be glad to see it here Thursday night at twin peaks for the next edition of the soccer locker room showed Jeffrey lutes. You that it is yes you had a busy week an interesting week yes couples snow days with our ice days or whatever they call it. I got to take some time off of the US the 259 school district. And any time you don't have to do anything that hasn't yet so no wonder you're rested and ready today you know I was thick and I came out sharp. Feted at the end that you can't. It's not necessarily that I think like this doctors don't edit in the second half faded a little bit and blunt got the job done one by six exactly. Thank you Jeff. Thank you join the rescue weekend thanks to all our callers we appreciate it good to hear you all. And we want to thank our hosts seriously pizza when he first and rock for another addition to the soccer locker room Joseph thanks having witnessed today. Andrew and Amelie is our studio engineer and he does a great job as always we appreciate you being witnessed today for soccer basketball final score Wichita State. Ranked number twelve and a nation we did at SMU. 8478. This is tip this cart says that thanks for being what president and want a three point seven. Eight EY and enjoy the rest of your weekend. And for the Wichita university locker room Giles after he shocker basketball game on 103 point seven. Why are we thought.