WSU Men's Basketball at Oklahoma State 12-09-17

Saturday, December 9th

WSU Men's Basketball at Oklahoma State: W 78-66


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Yeah and how. Younger. All on 103 point 7 pay you why am I would create. Here's some points on the shutters. Calendar I've done. And Stillwater Oklahoma one of the iconic. Marinas in all of college basketball it was dedicated in 1938. Cents Gallagher hall it was one of the real showplace is in college basketball. For many many years and had about twenty years ago. What through a major renovation of only seated about maybe 7000. At Vegas strip through a plot that pushed everything straight up and now it seats over thirteen thousand. Wichita State has not been here since December of 2000 watts of sixty years ago as last time I had a chance to do that game here this renovation was distracted from. The brand new at the time. So it's good to get back here of course Oklahoma State came to Wichita last year played its dockers it and trust arena. Bob hall alongside Bob all the fans have to know about. The attitude going into this gave them sort of the mindset. Is it just had to be it video today and watch Gregg Marshall all over the place from last year's game and how he felt about all of that. I was I was trying to think of words to describe the last year's game with interest that there was nothing. That actually views on the radio event it all involves some profanity because that was such a bad game. For Wichita State they just got blown out of the building first loss ever in respect to read. And which Dustin was never in the ball game always you just came out they hit six of eleven threes in the first half and sixteen point lead at half. Their point guard is now the NBA if you want Evans controlled the game from start to finish. And shocker it never got back in the ball game and it was not a tough tough loss for which starts dating Gregg Marshall the film session. Showed not highlights he showed low lights from that ball game to the players this morning right before record before pregame meal. And made some strong points about. At at you know it's the only time since maybe his very first year Wichita State where the shoppers not only loss that. He felt like he got embarrassed a little bit they just think it looked like they knew that they were doing it right hander Dave Dave. And even you know he pointed out some times. They although mistake got off to a quick start that there were times. Good way to the end of the first half attackers got back to within ten or eleven had a position had a chance to turn it back in the ballgame and they missed the layup for. Just not scrap for loose ball or org. Yet death is get pumped and shoved out of the way and they grab an offensive rebounds to get back enemy just things like that that are typical for Wichita State. Well at once you've really hot. You're really cold you know that could happen and it does happen and it was going on during that game Oklahoma State really really shot the ball they were fourteen. Of 28. From three foot they'd have to read we're talking the radio guys. Fear about fifteen minutes ago and they said that was probably their best offensive performance of the year last. That's all that happens but. What you can't swallow as a coach is not hustled for loose balls not box and off not going for rebounds on this and lay ups. I'm not in the candidates not playing hard and go through the things that were happening at fault in the shocker got shell shocked. And it looks like the revealed here in the headlights type of thing. It is just we're getting beat on the Fort Worth going after loose balls and not doing all the things. That Greg marshals teams do. Now a lot of soccer fans have made the drive down here and wherever it may be your drive to the game was brought to my Kansas flat tire and service for retires and professional auto service. Are always. A slam dot we encourage you to call or tweeters. Fat shocker voice on Twitter or on the phone at 8691037. The area code if you can that is three wants it he wants 6869. 1037. Will go to those in just development Andrew handling our producer that gets you hooked up where this. But I ID imagine it's been Cadillac old home week here. I was expecting this CN did have a chance to get together with John Cooper a lot of Wichita State's. Finest players back in the late eighties early nineties and one of the most likable guys ever came through the program just tremendous young man. As that the last eight years as a head coach at Tennessee state of Miami Ohio things didn't work out of Miami Heat was looking for a job it has. Let about the staff of Mike's point if you hear Oklahoma State in his first year here. Still looks great it was great to talk to him sing great personality Illinois that is great to see evidence totally. By surprise Eddie fogler sneaked up behind visits that alone here just before we want to hear I'm not sure why any easier to have a chance to find out that. The former shocker head coach here to see this game as well also that if it's back to us. An error when those two were together what you just stated he thought he recruited John. Country coach in his first two years which influences a couple of public classic you know which does date guys when the greatest players do play with thoughts statement great person. And Eddie fogler. Guy coach little bit. Wichita State Vanderbilt was the longtime assistant at North Carolina with which he's meant it and just really really good coach. All right we have our first caught up today and certainly not unexpectedly it is for now taxes so Ali the son. Oh thanks for taking my call one of these days my common if partners like it Beaufort it. But not today our lord. Problem a little to do with. I'd couple things go on to say that Warren. You know with that loss in the top five acres and we're at this doctors. That one point ought Notre Dame could make. What possible problem with it opry. With. Read the top five teams lose including. Duke earlier that day. I don't going into the seat in armored bark and states that kind of bring it was really seen aggressive yet driving the ball a little bit more. With that would be much. But. Appreciated weapon that conference that brought the people that I've looked good so far it's been elected to the line that the time. During the week ended it condor the lines that recruit here in. He knows he could advance the game and how much with the enhanced our are out. All right have you get daughter's lied it certainly does help your offense but I'm saying I think he's doing. Much more taking the ball on the dribble and making plays that he ever has previously it was to tell us they have made it really reminds you of this high school days at North High School. He's scoring not most of those rather than getting fouled he's making the shot or get all of the basket at times he has. Makes his men up to the quality is gone and completely elated if there was no chance of ballot themselves. I think he's doing those things about inappropriate behavior and Smart enough to though it's not very big. He does what it is we drive it there all the time against bigger guys are having guys rotate over if you thought he's also very good. At recognize that that would happen to hitting the open man if that guy just laughs I think he's doing a good job of that and not that he could even do more than two years and I think that's something in his game it really started to pick up over the last eight years so lessons. Yet it's surprising easily shot six free throws for this season so far enough in the eight ball games. Made all six. But potter I agree with Mike I think he's looking for shot worries I think were shot more on the perimeter of its own. You'll see him come off Wall Street signals the end they'll fake and it back. And come off balls please you keep driving she stayed away around the free throw line so he's he's to have a lot of the moves that she's gone through it north side. And I think he's playing with a lot of confidence right now offensively. He started off this season. Really not shoot that well from behind the arc but I just about calculations in the last few ball games and eight out of work and up from three to 57%. The last few thought he'd been against south Dakota's that he played 33 minutes I think that's the most inflate. Probably all season and maybe it is that his career which they. At sixteen points and hit three out of six threes though Connors doing a lot of good things he is a very potent weapon for Greg marshals office. Now as far as your reference to the the top five teams in the losses recently and so forth and it obviously. Out of this cared that much worth truckers are ranked right now it's where you are at march that if you're. Looking for a chance for them to move up of course not hate you lost this week to Washington. You lost today to Boston College they're number one. At Florida that's number five has lost a couple of times they've got to play Cincinnati this evening at the end it worked so. There is certainly chances of those spots about Wichita state senate. Fluctuate a little bit and here's the thing in his case in his first lawsuit was also Duke's first lost. But neither one of them were too highly ranked teams. At Wichita State's only loss is to Notre Dame which is still ranked south. It's possible a lot of times what it teams lost more recently they've moved down below the team that's lost lost that lost a little farther back the shoppers when good day. I think there's certainly a pretty good chance that they could move up into the top fives and. I think no doubt they'll but that's tough five it was today but it didn't sort of lose them legal which obviously didn't help. At home I've read that in the paper where we have that. And yet drilled by Florida State nineties you're ninety and then Arizona lost three straight games you know I don't know what they were rightfully highs sell off. You know. This time of the year you're gonna get beat and I really don't think Notre Dame. Losses that hurt Wichita State. I think when it's also had done third it's going to be and secretly feeds and who knows they might be it is selective release date. Type level. In the tournament so I don't think that loss and comfortable lot in sometimes you can lose you can learn a lot now from a loss. And they certainly learned some lessons. On how to handle handled he. In these situations. How not to handle you know others have secured the basketball again if you free throws. You know box off you know. Coming out of bounds it's all the little things that happen wrong at Notre Dame game. Those are helpless to learn but that it takes a lot to learn lessons. I just checking to see if we have any age Twitter questions or thoughts. Mark Adams has been kind over the top to W this year especially since Ron Fred that he was right what do you think about announcers. Love for WIQ what Mark Adams by the way it's worked with the game today so will be. I'm sure added some positives the end of the soccer's. And that I've. I don't hear that games of course what we're doing them and don't fed off that get a chance to go back and watch the replay but from everything I've heard from everybody I've talked to. There's just a different song with the national broadcasters as it applies to Wichita State suckers have. Got have earned their spot they have kind of impressed people enough over the years winning enough that the NCAA tournament against quality opponents. That there's the national commentators. Look at them with a lot of respect it's certainly the ones that are knowledgeable about the game and recognize. What a good team looks like it had nothing but positive things to say about his faith I watched all the volley games in the pinch a moment and Kate Phillips did those games. And they were very complimentary fan. Rockford Steve we get is that did the at Baylor game last week and they were very complementary and you know what's different now fight his. It used to be while there are mid major that's gonna surprise people there mid major that's really. Maybe not immediately threw me there as the disease other teams in value of humanity war. They know what they thought about which felt safe. They're talking about him being a cop. Bonafide top ten top twenty program. And they don't talk about. Besides school police doing. Also we have another Twitter offerings. Inside is so much it changed John's going to play today as we don't know he has continued to have issues. Recently did play. The other night at home was because. An illness stomach virus. Or something going on with the stomach and it still bothering him and he didn't really practice much yesterday didn't really do anything at shootaround today. But my guess is that it will probably try to go at least a little bit and that kind of see how it goes so we'll see what happens tonight I would. Think he'll try to I thought that dinner last night and they count on here Stillwater and he wasn't eating much. And I asked him how he's ruining movies that he's he's got he got the medicine that was was helping him he ran out of some medicine that he had. He's got acid reflux and what he's saying some something they think that's what it is they're not sure. But he had some of medicine that was written here in the U ran out and so you have to profits blatantly against out of state and you know heated up. He did do what you shoot a round this morning so I don't think that player and it's it's it's been bothering. So we will see no BA game time type of thing and you know he picked me. Even if he is close to his normal abilities. Could be a big plus today because Oklahoma State and everything we anticipate we'll try to do that they did the soccer last year which is kind of spread them out with your defense pushed them out on the the floor. Got a fortunate to make plays off the dribble or cut back cut that with those tactics obviously more than anybody else was assassinated as he can put it on the floor it's taken five. The bullet and make plays and create plays up that's what you really get myself I have to. Absolutely they really extend their defense a full court and especially happy with the extended defense and they overplayed. And don't let you make your entry passes. And they make you run your account or your place that'll let you run your plays gulf when a team defensively that's right out. There are driving lanes so you want your best drivers on the floor in the my faith is one of the guys that could really kick the ball and go by. His primary defender make it to the basket so. He would be a great asset to date because they need guys that can put her on the floor and go by the offensive. Javaris carpet outlet flooring senators are horrified pre game sponsors we talked about a big part of the shocker from. Condition Eddie fogler John Cooper who are both here. Different roles today again. Ours is that a big tradition which if not for many many years in the business community family owned and operated operated with a lot of pride in that. Really put a lot of stock giving you great service goes beyond the fact that they had great flooring products at great everyday prices. It's the kind of service that you get when you go there's nobody's done commission there's no high pressure that's not the only thing they're there to help you find exactly what he's looking for. And it will take its time to go through dozens even hundreds of samples and things that help you find exactly what that is so when you're in the market. Florida OC to varsity team sixty. North Broadway like candidate Bob homeless youth from Stillwater. And after handling our producers video phone calls come our way at 8691037. If your outside of Wichita dialing area that is 316869. 37 so we look forward to hearing from you. We have a question about what is the field Oklahoma State's blue uniforms not seen him play with a sky blue uniform with a large numbers that hopefully that lose a school color and it's not. Officially. We saw so that I didn't see I didn't see the actual game live at some of the video highlights he was watching you're dating if those uniforms and I have. No idea that at some special significance that their colors are orange black and of course. Why does it additional color was bad as I have never seen them where flu that was kind of a baby blue Robin's egg blue and I have no idea what that was. What are you wearing I don't either wondering you know who is that physical on the state but with that might have been out there let. Classic out of Brooklyn and maybe use them. Especially before they had made an effort. That's only know about that but thank you for checking. Lot of ticket quicktime activists call a retreat at shocker voice on Twitter or on the phone at 8691037. We'll continue on if for us thanks pregame show. From Stillwater. Oklahoma. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental cancer okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile first is with no my. Your parents are staying home weekends mouth that's on them. Okay now with a smile to your parents came up all weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile as a power. A thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day game practice is preparation. Then there's this I can jump. 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And they would it's not area profit John Lott got a Papa Johns dot com is the promo code. Shocker fifty. See you're not you're just get out what would go to some phone calls got several lined up I want to thank those shots 01 who filled with them the light blue jerseys. And Oklahoma State was right. Where some kind of native American related things of that particular game that is doing something to honor native Americans and native Americans here he beat Oklahoma I don't know but it had to do with that that was he's. What this national college it's not typically. Want him there and somebody else's we did that also. Maybe looters. A tribute to the native American Heritage and certainly in the state of Oklahoma has. Always been very proud of its native Americans. Reflect both events I it's good that the phones Michael here on. Hello Heidi Collins and Harriet. And I. Have. Actually out shot the three and out that being given a great number point. Two other players. But my often based on shock these cute enough that. If they're given a lot of points race at certain Latin soccer's it will it's not the dribble penetration. You know if things go our. And I wanted to know you'd gone out there in India and they just keel. Mueller into the great fit but when I am a lot. The woman whose. My uncle minds right for you don't know about that thank you. I. Theory consistently enough in the death in the video session today at one of the things coach Marshall brought up toward the end of the fifth. Was a couple of numbers Wichita State. Has been in the top fifteen. Or so in the nation. In scoring defense it was points per game given up for the last forty years this year they are. 106. May have allowed 68 and a half points per game. The other static product is they've been in the top 45 for the past four years the top 23 of the last war in turnover margin. And this year so far there like 240 something they've actually committed one turnover per game more than their party. Say that's his effort and concentration on it that's got to get better. And so forth. But I I will say this about defense and all of really analyze a coach's perspective. Wichita State is scoring a ton of points this year as a man. For the most part up tempo game with the exception to that Notre Dame Taylor at its best team that shot it's a place that's it'll orbit grind it out. I think game five. A lot of option of both gains and Clinton have hard possession games or scored a lot of points. You are just by nature going to give up a few more that you might just be British doctors used a lot story your opponent like this 120. Yard. Agree with them my I think part of it has to do with who their plane and look at the schedules so far. Now Marquette. Notre dame College of Charleston had a really cute he. At Baylor. Stopped for the state is home stuff but it is a really good team that scored forty. What if you in the first half ended up scored 85 points they are hard guard. So part of it is through this soccer playing. And I think Mike's right it is the more you score. It's hard to keep your defense. That locked in when you're bored so easily or your your you've read. I think if it's a rare feat that could keep their defense as. Fifth if you would you know low scoring low possession game. But some of it also. Talk about dribble penetration. I think everybody's having trouble stopping dribble penetration because you know you feel the buff guy he's building and Jack. And then that if we that he kicked you can use your forearm. In holed that river. When he got to the basket. Now they listened to his themselves. No I think it's freed up all of the cars. To be able to penetrate the. Threw for a lot more exciting game and a lot more high scoring games. But it's it's harder for defense to stop. To stop their opponents and normally I think that turnover is I don't think that's probably for certain warmth and viewpoints are giving up. The shoppers normally average about nine or ten turnovers that these during the president's lead here they would stay below and I'm thinking 88 game one here. And they would force about 1414. The fifties he and this year it's kind of flipped the shoppers. Our only causing twelve forcing twelve turnovers of their opponents on average. And here it is giving up thirteen tunnels under for the ball over thirteen Catholic himself that's going on for Gregg Marshall he. And that's a concern. Any working with the. He was on that. And it's seanez and a friend can't just turn the wheel now let's look Landry free concert looted or it's him avoid a few of the turnovers. Plus it creates more this year that he didn't even have to. Yeah I didn't it is an issue that does reflect march was aggressive with the pain and they've got to watch their passes that take care of the ball not traveling. And yet don't from the cloth it's going to be really really important today not for the ball over this conflict. As far as sex defense. Agreed because occasionally gamble a little too much. That he has become a really really good shot blocker so there's that element of the fact that soccer defense that hasn't always been there for years. They were very good defense and see. I think that ever really bothers me with his defense is when he reaches its facility finale stood a lot less of that than if occasionally he'll still do it you wouldn't think it about you know edited at night now that. Is defense has improved a lot and I don't. They'll release it gambled. Recklessly and then off. Honestly claim I think he's slant things like night game between. A few years ago this year he's grown up a lot I think he's in better shape thank you keep Clijsters to be a lot that is that you do. And yet if that now with the frustration felt it fired. But he's got fifteen blocks. He's itself. The guys blocking a lot of shots. In I think he's doing a lot better job at guard the other and post man. So I think Jack's doing a lot of things like don't get twenty points the other night. It's not that does it mean I think we've played but sixteen and its staff selling scored a lot of points early. By the way we were trying to figure out at the end of that game plan was the last time. These doctors had scored forty points at the same game we got it down to last year the series dates back to Atlanta. At it and find homes there and but instead. Now earlier this year they have both sport that is what's happened now three times in the last two years and it's that the saints guy's jacket Landry. At scored twenty of the same game three times now the last two. Well there vote vote vote offensive players. Let him at its Florida a lot of different ways. And Shaq or he'll that you got a lot of versatility. In the air with those loosening up enough. It knocked it out of three pointers he's what 612. From behind the arc this season. And these are really good free throw shoes what's up above 80%. Not a drop off a little that he says 74%. A very high return well and Landry. I mean it's it's kept them off guard 555. Floor. 53 from behind the arc. Four from the line girl Landry who really fall off really well. You know we got here earlier column that content not getting in line and now let's leave the united slightly got the line a little more offensive because he never misses you. Aren't we have a call from general bureau thinks that it takes. No problem thanks for taking my call. I've forgot to check my computer this week and I wondered what hell was Bill Clinton's approach to go well but steady. And the reason why I ask that is because I believe it was real coach Oxford. Active plate high school fastball down here on I want to know that that connection spills. And placed between Mattel in the state. It is. That's a great question I guess he is still the women's coach here and Keith Adams. Mention that before they played this year they've played each other a couple of weeks ago. That. He was hurtful I think also culture itself was I think that because college as well. That if she said that he was one of those leading Panthers had hurt development. And that's it snippet I head coach state it split two games and she was in the fifth and that was the the third game between two of the visit coaches Oklahoma State wanted to yourself. A host hotels up on coach Adams who don't want right now but they still have a great relationship thing and it GAAP. Mary's student. That is that I got a chance to watch his teams play against doctors over the last 45 years and that let a couple of times in the Jody Adams here. Manager of itself. The falcons really thought what's this guy has really got it going on your ability to do it you know you off all they could handle we'll do what his program. It's very strong well. I think you're a champ finished cutting. And after the concert insist they're being. When he first. Yeah aren't air I am here. We've got your order some pizzas. It. Of course it is that excuse is really doing where. And we got a player and a player markets but that's. I worked here at it would be our fault. You didn't see it or if medically it's here to inflate the facts truth. Donating more effective than they do have it be quite off putting. Your problem. I sent it to the accuracy questioned Anderson today. As good as they did it honestly I think it's pretty remarkable how well they have played to this point without him because he is such a good players. You know wins at Baylor had and some of the edit performances they. It is pretty terrific since they haven't had him. But there's just going to be that much better wake him. He brings that element that they don't have completely with anybody wants to. Why is that what you look at that is. How much Clinton offered an even better when he gets in March and you really play accepted special I think they want him around. The other part of that is. I think he really wants to go flawlessly as possible. That if he registered this year than keep that it had a terrific here next year that might be the only other year they hit it. Here so. I think it anymore we have somebody this season possibly that the united may have those options. Don't worry too much of that happening for years and I keep it down the road let's get them play our interview with him now. Where they got that utterly now. That his. I don't know if you're gonna see a lot of guys. It's ridiculous they have. The red shirt because of an injury I don't I think it is the you were you guys doing the red should be you'll see some medical hardship. With guys who didn't hear it. But you're you're red shoes because there's so many guys coming out early going well and market but got his. Certainly one of those guys. That they're gonna be looked at that after the season for that yeah its kind of season that he had last year coming ethic guided to get to twenty point ten rebound any. You mean. If not war zone very personal you could score outside. Hillary's side he's very good offense play he could cover a forming an athlete and that's to me you know one thing you could switch flipped on its. With the market that you cover art itself of very died of players that they wanted to get back to pitch it back I talk to them. It and I guess the MRI or whatever if you navigate to that very positively. And I am looking at yet they keep you ready to go a couple of weeks. I wouldn't take a quick time now welcome back to get a last call are fit your fleets politically wrap things up plus interest thing brigades. Shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping JPY again in time for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of which atop buy and sell home. Helping with first home purchase is patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether bigger mall are serving as the same. I promise. 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I would not address the you know it's kind of how close they let people get sometimes this has to do with what did you hear him with their hands that they could make. You know what it was contact with the rest of the bodies of it's very easy game now. As coaches you have to tell the players they got up. You've got a key Calvin retreats that phone and sometimes they have a quick whistle which means they're calling it very close and not letting people off. Bush. Another time of the real slow whistle. And their lead getaway but off my stuff you know around the holes on the perimeters though. If you don't referees are humans it flows to be uniform but for the not. And so it varies from game to game and it also varies with the nickname sometimes self. You're not full field of put your hands on the I was appalled it really got a lot. Force for it to about that about putting your hands on the guys that pass the ball it is on the post. They're they're calling a lot more. Shoving and pushing guys fighting for position you'll see him and didn't let him get away with a lot of stuff afford a guy catch the ball with the guy gets the ball. They don't let him back down as much that you can work with that guy out. So. It they're trying to clean up the game to try to make as though there's more scoring and like I've told you let guys push. Then the defense. Can get an advantage and if that's going on office. As far as time went artistic Duffy fit back. Everything kind of a combination of states. It we'll look back to some degree. Probably snapped around Rashard Kelly. And Darryl Willis because all of them played three or the floor for a fistful play both those positions as you forestry that floor. That's. It's not good it's a huge minutes away from anybody because it will be kind of a combination of all of those guys that's for awhile. You know and how much Marcus is get a beef patty gave shape how much he's going to be sharp. And it ought to give it died it skidded phantoms of foul trouble and maybe had a bad night at all those kinds of factors stuff. It's like giving him like it's a huge impact on any one player both at the law of the time this year at several points. Yet a good question and I'm not sure anybody knows until he comes back if they put him back there. I've got to come right back and start up need to keep the line at the same as it isn't free markets off the bench. But he's so talented that you do you've got to think he's been accused of starting lineup eventually felt I don't know who would do you would start for it to be. It is these are shark Kelly you can play for a disease that runs the place three. So I'm not sure. And I measured Gregg Marshall difficult to assure votes. One thing that they think he would have to do is move which our Kelly out with three spot because that seemed to kind that was out and Parker was out. Itself. Playing behind ground now. It was with the shark Alley and he started started at the four spot played the fourth spot so. You might see Rashard Kelly Flynn worries thigh and Mark McNulty. Flame at three spot along with that brown so. I've I agree with Mike I think it's not gonna think when guys from the weighed down I think it's gonna shave a few minutes off of what you guys. Well that is all the time we have for calls and tweets we always appreciate getting them on this portion of our interest banks pregame show. And it will be doing it again a week from today when it's not his take on Oklahoma. At its trust bank arena coming up next note it's Gregg Marshall and his regain confidence that stay tuned for that. It soccer fans the day after any shocker witness to party it has locker room. That is not happening points to soccer's scoring it's a tense one spot even as much as 40%. Off all soccer merchandise soccer fans all over our practice and I got it. 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Plans are now under way for the 2008 teen outdoor in the begin my game show march 2 third and boards and treat you any continues to ground Michel is now in expelling conventional giving you even more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers if your business is landscaping exterior lighting flooding streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest Garden Show native Kansan sponsorship information or does your food they call 68 sites when he wants one line or outdoor living landscapes showed that gun. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett for Hayes built for a pummel. We just universities shocker basketball he's on one of three point seven KE YM way to town. Back to Stillwater the coach's corner catch Greg marshals presented by express it. Employment professionals on a mission to put a billion. We'll work collection under a minute coach and my point. Junior that he worked for a predator was here before that it dusted piece much justice system similar to what you've seen from them it's pretty similar it's not a mechanical they're not run the same offense defense is very very similar. And I think players that's that's the biggest thing. You know they lost it a couple of really outstanding players and so they've been picked down but it got a lot of guys. Played significant minutes in the past and if that John Aiken S. Successes. Yeah they lost an NBA guards want Evans for sure Forte was a good shooter hammonds was a four man but. They got about eight or nine guys kicked our behind last year in the U wearing their uniform today so they're familiar with us they had some success against us. So you know I don't think confidence is a problem for them. Certainly last year they extended defense he had some problems with that that got better after the Illinois State game last year that is that it can. Here and going home. It's always concerned that we get the same guys so hopefully they're better than they were last year. At drug dealing with that over play in the fresher keep an -- dribble alive making better decisions and finishing when we get to the rim. And is part of the motivation. I know you didn't like looking at this video from last year's chair that was then is that part of just a different approach to this. What's so. Checkered coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State Oklahoma State coming up from still. Lead lauryn ask to know about no chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate and not only T but does it. We are second coming directly from not violence and shoot a traffic accident at American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. 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You know what it's not state and Oklahoma State today. Even though that you have not been members of the same conference since the late 1950s. This is still number thirteen on the list of Wichita State. Most played division I want to products they have faced Oakland. It's 838 times the results haven't been real good at these doctors are eight and thirty all time. Against the cowboys soccer fans remember whatever the team that's positive. The official watch part of location is you know it's going to afford to southeast quarter when he first left. Come by accurate I'll watch parties for your chance to look at the truth to the AC tournament in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. And he goes it was tough work through official watch part of location. Soccer basketball. It is time to take a look at the winning strategy sport today's game. Front of my capital Kabul and its first talked evolved from home you can trust the strength behind the. We'll constantly there. I think once again here's bottle thank you like that today it's going to be pretty simple for the the death rate from your faith basketball. Offensively. Last December did not thank you read the cowboy if you don't do that doctors by giving up their faith is taking them. Completely out of their offense and I think it will try to be dedicated today. Oklahoma State defensively will hit the passing lanes and really really old replace the next half. And they kick you out of that place and out of your office and forced to go back to war if fourth. I've been fortunate they basketball plays. It doesn't feel like that but that's statements that office next to youth and the people that that Wade Phillips today the shot of but play with great Marshall called opportunity basketball with these you've got to reach he'll replace. Michael thanks. Hi I. Thanks good to. We don't they shot clock. Never do it very important thing here the basketball. Coalition forces 73 votes over the colonel with the team. Now the issue averages thirteen through complicated. Hi there is I turn over every kid it is with great marks another key critical today. Debt to shocker at stake here the basketball if not for over because the cowboys are really good at thirty turnovers into fast break buckets. We're three defense. Always usually. Fast race team doctors must get back. Let's talk and they got to pick up the cowboys quickly out through the three point line because they love. Shoot the 3.3. Pointer in transition the floor office. The onslaught yacht lie and it can't say that Fiat like he shoots 50% from three last year he hit three out of court. I guess that doctors three out of work three pointers and eventually got sick street candles and if he shoots 35% the previous knocked down a lot this year. So they'll come down they got a lot of guys that and knocked down threes and they will not hesitate to let a life. They're number one offensive weapons that sixty your Jeffrey Carol. He's their top player he's scored when he threw that game. It didn't carry scored 22 left Americans would not safe at Easter thanks for reading he had eight out of ten. A basket is that game. He's a big strong week this court inside an audience of future NBA player but for background of startups. Number four rebounding shot through plus fifty and they re not advocates and opponents. Polish Jews let six of them gonna get today the battle of words yeah very important. You have Eva yes hopefully they today. Defied the shoppers must compete and they got on behalf of the mystique intensity and we. Atlanta they didn't do that it is natural with the intensity of what they've been away with the game it's going to be important that this year this soccer match that it can't. Take it right at the cowboys tight and I. Not thank you the injury report is brought to your vibe off you live your life you're certainly. Your optimal youth for Wichita State's Marcus McCutcheon started to little more each day but it yet. Most likely first game for him would be Florida Gulf Coast on December to play sex it certainly appears to be on track yet not yet. Be ready for the conference opener December 30. And not add that we're not sure about so much it means jobs today he has added an issue that is government. We it is. In the warmup liability layup drills so. Looks like he's certainly going to be suited up and hopefully we'll get a chance to play a little bit today and I think the that went on to see how it feels as he goes through today thank you to read only important for the shocker today because you've got to. It's pretty dark that is related had he advises that better and that's what Oklahoma State forces. Helping golf. Get out here this afternoon might. One thing I think for sure we'll see for the soccer after today's video session after they've heard it in practice. Let us weekly last year as we talked about it. It's just wasn't a typical Wichita State departments and that martian winters of after getting on the floor for loose balls boxing out what part to the courts. I think we'll see death of a shocker today. What are they hitting shots those gadgets today you know those are those the kind of variable from game to game but I think of that effort standpoint. Just a mindset standpoint physically for the kind of soccer basketball. I was stuck have a lot of and Baylor Bears went through there effort that you make my good that we might. Yeah. As of this cocky to really come out fighting today. At this time we invite you to silliness and believe we are ready for the eighth. Playing of our national lesson here bill Gallagher. I national night and it's appeared Gallagher. Carolina Oklahoma State comes in at seven at one under first year coach Mike pointed at least 35 years old. First time as a head coach he was born in Brooklyn played at south Carolina's. Johnson won six ounces floor and it was a slow your division one assistants the last five. A serious threat Stephen F Austin and here last year before becoming a head coach Floyd at this time. What this Dodgers the starting lineup has historic Catalina forwards except that senior from Fredericksburg Virginia private Catholic league games. So a team leading eighth. And a half rebounds per game. Also have. Where it is background 66 senior from Houston averages five point six points but it. Start at center today a lot of us here. Sixth sense that your front and Estonia. Eight point four points per game shooting 60% of the field. And in the guards as usual kind of brain cancer. 61 senior for what you saw at north averaged eleven I have points brigades and leverage champ it. The six or redshirt sophomore. Fourteen point six points per game and four point three assists were not tested shoppers are also sensitive wants. After eleven your head coach Gregg Marshall they're ranked sixth. In the nation in both the latest polls. I'd imagine that Oklahoma State. Is six oh at home but all six of those lives by an average of about political points per game. Are over teams that are fifty wanted warlord. You can't pump its hourly. There's another way it is over number. Yes I six points if you play if you look look at and one losses by fits and his sentence at Texas and it answer. Relatives tested but he had against quality opponent since its authors can't provide that quality out. Yeah. I. Hold his breath as some legends classic even. Yeah they haven't been sniffing your uncle's fifty counterattack soccer the mouth and his face. Oklahoma State as a sort of other. The office at seven sophomores aren't very sexy. Point nine points and six. Street rebounds in his living waters the third is 866 sophomore. Norman Oklahoma averages seven point one points. Yeah it. It's a solid as the kids 6950. Pound senior center predicts that Oklahoma's seven point one points for game six rebounds. At that guards have artist signed a 66 registry figure from Irving Texas nine point nine points per game for him. At this point guard is it feels bad he's in sixth grade fifth year senior from cutting off. California isn't one here transfer. From cal state or athletes where he completed his third year of eligibility last year signed originally. Plenty of freshmen and healthy. Here's cal state athletes rightfully school volunteers that he was brought into Connecticut and place it on at that point guard who could vote to strip. Dance floor. And it easily it is averaging ten point eight points per game three point and is. He had nineteen points against Charlotte didn't have a thirteen at that game is pretty balanced scoring here with like with Oklahoma State. They're averaging 1111. Nine. That's if everything is simply still not as authorities. I have not even six that figure from an office in Seattle as if he looks excellent. This is tip of the day that's you know that's the freezer is your friends makes it easier for an awfully good to be at your fingertips. Itself is enough to drive the drive is. No fear it real milk program or warrant real yields. Not an. Starting line up front you buy equity thankfully you don't pay an ATM thing. Your visit to on line of equity. Thank god. Officials are ducks wanted to try to fix it forces headed through the opening tip is controlled trial. Can't dismiss that thought was that goes let's wait signs things and if that's not to. Applaud them it's not Toronto there's a deflection off spectacular. Discovered I was sorry I don't know when insiders Sullivan has good stuff hundreds of flooding gets hit the ball back. What's left and right for us last night that. Yours and not allowed to blow for the friends can't rightly seen him play it that drives the baseline pizzas dribble I figure it's a wide open three from the top all the back three I have. Giant floor Oklahoma State please visit breathlessly counselors. It's definitely definitely not hold it against the sharks don't want to get into the garden suckers that time off to law. And you're finally gives it options play out between Syracuse and thirteen pounds a month. Smith started my conference here. Thrust of the civil society it is that people are not to get it back to. And don't fall for the full screen. Not only did. I'm not salinity was fouled before he could make that drive it in the line Oklahoma State player machines. Street it's going to be him grants. If that's now news first at the first. It's a state that knew that Keith clock 23 seconds ago resent it but what. On it now snack on the planet. Nothing Oklahoma State just over on its staff has visited backward excellent candidates. We'll bring it up guarded by Smith. He lives right crosses over those pronouncements to the right into the team. Not speculate and it will be enough it's. Sprint can't float by Schneider. How about that hearkens. The staff turnovers. In the bucket for equipment and I hope it is safe floor and I think Oklahoma State that a foul hand check on. On campus incidents bush. Haven't been constantly loses the audience and candles that accident but now. The team's second for the housing starts reformist and she killed Flores who did not start the game today Texas now. Replace it with a right now. We're assuming the five. Interjected yeah response. And let them floor drives around the grip to the baseline dishes crosscourt jumpers by France Britain say. Yeah. That's definitely the double team will be isn't through with claws ports over the next round. Walk three solid on the low block kicks. Across Florida. Out of bounds. Waters let it go thinking it'd been deflected it right behind him out of balance that. That's not Jack Morris did a better job of keeping Solomon higher in the light let him back down. On the defensive intensity by boat speed of their future. Now what's impressed by the ones that are usually brought back into either 823 zone resentment and it's likely they'll end yeah. Let's under the floors and definitely a little bit doubled to one yet this passes blocked my. Our fifth night definitely it's definitely soccer's that's up. Well that's the second time that they threats and the truth finally got around the threat that kind of ball was deflected. It over the sidelines. They'll think you guys that you after their long athletes here's the things that work. The plastics and thwart the guards. And it looked pretty good for a one. Shocker turn on the alternating possessions that he played it from the baseline nine seconds on the shot clock. Obviously it can't play it. Lots not practice background yeah slapped him right back or not punishing habit not to volleyed Boris got stripped him. And statements within our state. I I factor prime minister's gambit that that these people who played supporters cut down the pace might look like yeah the layout. But he passed off the boards instead. And so all of it coming over to attempt to block it's not decided to give it up his jacket it's nations not at all the cranking it three left water air going that's it it's tied up. At the shot clock violations. And they can't negatively myself enough and fast. Read the blog edited it to him. It's not like. Jeff Levine fired. 7030 two days ago first half Oklahoma State leads it 43 in the very early knowing full court pressure that shots. If that society its staff that's definitely good enough that it's not ethnic after the affluent. French camp points tonight. It's doable right goes right shines tonight. That it trusted under loose ball to save Oklahoma State China's athletics night back up didn't follow them listed on the left lately you've waters. Waters leaders through looking for a teammate had it up and whistles. And it won't hold up there. Tonight event. We're forgetting all recognize excellence not the way there's an incredulous look on his basis experts now with us it doesn't really play physically that's the thing is her front yard sixth with them. Waters there. I'm in waters trying to benefit out of your reflective vest saved by tonight contested shot him not to accurate can't deflect grabbed my background. It's not racist stuff that's definitely my life. Right yeah definitely right to left those laps on the related to the length Wolfowitz nothing life. Another flips again. Stop and 69. Forward. And Connor the typical left on fatally adulthood. I have for what it does its first fleets that pull up different can't get justice John. It's nothing like Kansas Smith. Six rivals we'll misstated the violence not as if this election. Right to left right at the heat of war three pointer. Off the back yard long rebound bounces us this. Flick shot that time but that move. Somewhat contested but Mitchell solomons just let's not center following jumpers there. 8 o'clock local offices. Candles this 63 dragged from the cars and he feels like being. Well he shot over the years of watching films and since that dribbles left on the left wing keeps it simple passes we'll. Good scene would have I can't Gregg Marshall academy on every flight attendant. Probably not gonna focus and it's not considered over. Smith hasn't got the Slorc you know there I didn't length and unauthorized access that's not science that's very good. Don't just look at the. Have they got a whole lot. There's bitterness of the look at the tide Oklahoma State outside. That's exactly and a whistle on the prowl real aggressive defense welcomes the candles at. Pulled exhibit that's going to be the second now for a few. At that time and I freeze all that and I think that you found. On that Smith 1518. To go first half. First media time out and Oklahoma State leading the shocker is eleven to five. Commitment makes Kansas workers among the destiny clear their commitment shows as they craft Hai precision tools. Create customized energy saving windows and keep power flowing across Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps companies support other employees went helping them stay healthy. Well there engineering. Innovating and liking the way to our State's future Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas commitment compassionate community. 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Merry Christmas and happy new year from Wii they critique. They can't do now. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca shell or Stephanie Thomas. Basketball is under. 37. Number I won't mistake starting catcher didn't like they did in Wichita last year they are five. Six from the field including their only three point attempt Wichita State is to a 51 at three. Round three both teams have to rebound shot there's already turned it over three times this news. Where Oklahoma State cowboys lead 115 out of 70 run. After which state took its first lead of the game at five. Briefly. Now the turnovers those are concerned. Doctors still struggling a little bit to run their offense although they have run a couple of nights owners. Maybe you have it going back normalized baseline and Connor for anything. Driver in the big post man. When they tried to Richar hit so they've done some good things we've just got to do with more often they've got to be careful about picking up all over the sidelines might have been trapped. Let me capital. Friends. Say I have three year old has just hit there's time granted Avery is typically start Campbell's best. Do you as city Oklahoma State budgets historic opportunity right over not a threat can't just went out with his second foul. Us hostage Reeves is going to check into the gates. Hackers at the lineup. Boris. Mergers Shannon brown and read news at only 1518 to gophers at Wichita State that. Zak brown the plaintiff. Not presented their offensive yeah. Yeah Rebecca black kids insanity. That's why is terrific. Plus it's not like thrust of the left the united Connecticut confidently incidents brown left me. How would flock to Brazil's lights novelty that it reads right baseline here. I don't know exactly the life must work please note that three left wing off the back of our troops and. About the state of if it that a processor on line it's not it's not the key. It's not accurate that only the basket that cut off my characters that that's the way through that yet threatening recess. Seventies. Paper I've read that rightly. Here little girl that's not the waters waters to him about it dribbles left field could have used it would not gonna buy it reads my season. It was. Penetration staff Mack seventeen footer off the back end here with a strong rebound good boxer fended off script that grants good depth. For instance and that by the soccer and I think now. And elected senator there's your ticket costs. That's Oklahoma State if it almost lost ground on the numbers are up. Yeah delightful for Hannah bounces or outlandish in that regard to the basket that's they're good at that hit the ball but they got a lot of a lot of mergers well law. Sent it off the streets but tourism derided if you look inside and that's not excited for with a friend this little legs. Really sloppy kind of low left created as it was way too far out forward. It went fine and out of balance the sharpest year over for the fourth. That rounds that it could outlets via. Work line but that is not right now that's that he just don't Gregg Marshall and values have a little flip the hands off tonight then. You know Willis is into the forest had a big game against the cowboys listed which and with his guests at this. Thomas Utley three point days left quarters and guess it. Let's inside the news. It did not eat now trying to get some body and if you went out front said the issue. Ethnic play a reasonable way to upper seventies as that on background recovers rebounds accident court. What's different markets victory over the Boris. After the government vehicles that now requires that it Baskett caught by Willis six that is stronger contact no off. That's why they're gonna call it Smart. Wow. He got hit on the way up you may have eventually landed us size. Think contact person I don't. The lake home might. With that he would know it all ultimately the mood of the problem Willis that it might have been charred. Look like. Not all of now that. You know those first seconds of a statement that still only eleven defied you have to trip for both teams that the last couple of minutes. Carol Hannah when it hit it. Not it's not really denied the pleasantly almost not news now with driving. It tries to shovel pass enough quarters in Ottawa Mike Carroll and off the fact that it sold off last at least expected it to work. And let's not efforts to handle. Left side. Of the it's not you know if let me know. It's hard drives baseline it's been and it's it's an out and strap yeah. Eliot Spitzer the effectiveness. He threatened by the decathlon in the jet but also in the basements. That's not all that traveling both teams. Really playing some very aggressive enough defense. Team management slots or supplements and it's now five and as the last four shots. Doctors parks forests that they that's their plans but let's not as most of you know six times they've left Vietnam for a three. Shortly found not to read again and operated analyst writes Nightline in the threats authorities picked up my favorite. Starts have leveled against Oracle's snapped. Rebels might try to double digits definitely it cannot. And a half. Now Elliott perils I'll look it up accurately exactly for the French court judge the light all of the basket at fiftieth now it is definitely a line with. There's that court it was Carol. Really don't know question soccer players I think it's Kelly now there's no hall. And Everett who really believe in the face the point guards it's been. Reviews lately. He's that little guy 511 and that the defense. A thousand of its solid. It is first genes for a free throw batteries rattles finally settles into its with its foods like that it Netflix it's. Long story throughout my attackers dropped one point five floor fell behind eleven to five in his statement that's worth about. It was so obviously war. They accidentally that is flawed. Austin with one workout is only free throw distance it was one it gives no gain like that it's not that you know. Season. It's down my food left at the center. Well we'll try to open stance Avery threat or a lot of the north into the key to solve. On the kind of I'm Forrest with a pilot gets attacked with. If there right now for the arts students godless which definitely Jennifer royals are three bad Harold Willis knows about a sixty foot it's. The fourth floor constantly. Crossover dribble and I get a call Paul had gone read all of it very hot shots. Well defense prevailing here both teams really it's not it's added to the floor 1146. Gophers athletes Oklahoma State the eleventh. Wichita State seventh. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom if you my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around much talk to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life fulfill that Boyd is an understatement. Ozzie I think conferences everything in one place functional fitness group exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and a spot. They even have child care. This opting life it when he first and whether on line off deep Tyson's life. Dot com. So this house isn't great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hard work cloud that sounds like well. How across the road just off for a few years more than dwell on their standings and how we homes and work really hard or don't give it. It's his parents tell you weren't quite up to 23 years without guns lubricant and a still firm colony do today the pillar. It is time Iron Mountain general manager or his own personal and I'm will August sales manager and we would personally like to invite each and every one of you out to the grand opening up or out of Wichita we're excited to discern which saw an entire Sergi it is great deals and superior customer service to stop audit your Ortiz out of Wichita where you can always call a brand new -- for us to 940. Wichita located at 1625. -- the wet road project itself online order some of which you talk about how. Forty sound which is the better way to buy. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley energy and danger porn and over west's lawyer. Was shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. Since the last median time that we have played three and a half minutes here in Stillwater. Over that stretch Wichita State is home for two from the field registered developer. Four times. And having that same stretch Oklahoma State. It's old for six from the field after starting out five or six. So the only two point sport industry to have that it's hard to Austin reads free throws at its backers have gone down 1152. Down 117. Kind of the opposite of what we saw this not because they were both keep repeating everything. Either to top the other one. Seven earlier defense. Surveillance afternoon. Either you can or give the other team defense felt really really restive. Stuff defense in the reference them flow with the over data let them blocked shots eleventh named Jack and what's on the parameters though that definitive prevailing right now. It up to 40% the day after Eddie shocker split and it had lockers he's less listening after the game that soccer's. Now did that next day 1146. Still photographers staff here at Stillwater and possession of the law. To Oklahoma State after that follow me on constantly. Not pay it off. Call was made from behind it's it's hard to Saint Paul thank your lucky players bonds and actually detects revisions. Oklahoma State ball for had a tape retreat to the defense force if that's what it's mostly. Hero drives away from was not a shot was partially blocked by Louis like to read and Austin please listen better than this is certainly don't already. And it's tough rebounds and Austin read that kind of crowd. Worth 300 south of the art let's not be telling you what's it most and that's not accidentally shot fifth Google's wants to effects. Game bounces off there about the perils of office and it's not just in the Atlantic. Carol at the front door. He's he's dribbled to give that out hands a quick whistle traveling on into. Not to look at history on the little editing technology. That was kind of stick to act who traveling though it is known for most of them on the phone to with a layup when they're got definitely. Clobbered by Kelly all. You stand it ignited by Avery. Must not get a chance to implement it bounces left aids positive steps to make this don't ask him about it. Now let's lock Willis it. It's like. That's up half the other hawks aren't analytical about why. He he didn't signal that FitzGerald went for you. We could go from here with the equipment but they're only on it. Like the fans you know way off balance you know Sanford quick news. That's at its second round out there now. Kelly yeah entered it with Boras. This heralds a majority of the rebels right the nightly. News that at this stage. It's acting out right and fifty. Diplomacy leading by one vote he's threatening to score it's tough physical weakness. Google's right not that hero heroes I'm not much it just runs right over to help Mozart's. Scam that was accidentally get around it it was this it and Carroll is easily guarded and it went right over the top. Let him. Apparently thought that the top one opposite then that's fine attitude Maryland. This team now it will at State Street Louis so far it's not fair you're up against. The lesson that's it that's right he says it will go like all right sideline for a snack yet there at. That time line. Office it was snapped trees that the answer to strike right at water's depth and acted as you crosses over. Let's let those rights forest six huge bounces on the clock and it's not like this you know. Very good base to attack by the doctors. Ellie for now our experts point soccer's that is that is trailing by six. If you're up front that's not reason it does not want. It Carol my friend Kelly yeah. Well it's not finance department lately. Let's nightmare rooms at night you know listen it's not. If you reach its fourth I think on the dribble before it's not. I'm not suited now for now the first on Boris. That's right here on Friday stepped it up under his arm like now running back with long buried the lines there. The world and drove off but for. And the fact that now. All the different that. Solemn. Way. But sits in the well oddly. He's usually hybrids. Inside the arc and he goes one for eleven campuses. Aides trying to avoid it jealousy about product gets around Davis drives them let's not lying back out front. The late Kelly left corner opens straight brown bounces not enough tonight solemn about it. Particularly hard for that Djokovic later in the wings if it'll removing the threat that it really taken shots. Others that stuff waters out to solve not to write a delay that's right Avery dribbles right but it entered the line. That Hitler Solomon and others very hard this time. After the bad Zach throughout cases it's enough. For instance that there it will take you. It shoots treasonous snake on the averages right here Nixon's lifted her hand back for an effective Richard Nixon didn't get. Don't lose strip along the floor and a falcon additional thought here since I'm the closest. Yeah they try to grab them. The ball on the sidelines. O'Connor who expected nurtured through a wide open. But you haven't decided they hit nurture what it was expected to. The past is okay yeah Cincinnati in the Villaraigosa doesn't have got this thing but the novelty. My insulin we've got to make yourself available with the fact. 5008. Seat handles business from Oklahoma State that's in the intervals look right. So he's playing with suit here at Willis both on the soccer fans that see. Standing dribble right if you nightly tonight it jumpers in and out there. That was halfway down rebounds and only minutes to breathe I've looked like that was the only bit puffed out some ground. Doctors down 514. Frankly that's right side of the floor. Drives it an up floodwaters keep technology and it counts is not telling you arrived at the light goes let's underground down the baseline I was out. So let him drive it off script not at slams over the game it's perfect rounds aren't that glorious. It's really nothing yet. Hit a great job and it's it took some courage and that is really bad. It's. Slide over the top of the Austin reads Boston Reid stood his ground. And threw them out of the sort of immediate. 750 students know first half and it low scoring defensive game there's Oklahoma State there see what it's not stated. Nine. One accompanied on the. And mission to put them. Here sounds like the big numbers of them not to re employment professionals and may be learning how to engineer or nineteen developer. For the right for. Or how about administrative positions we are committed to your success and never Churchill he defined job. 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Security advisory services offered through IRA investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor his or incorporated and I investments incorporated a separate and unrelated company. WS show. He's on 103 point seven TE one and. Just days holding Oklahoma state of fourteen points it just over twelve minutes and 37 and a half percent shooting. It also outrebounded them eleven to six he's in big numbers which doctors. There's three of ten shooting and only four of those pit sizes aren't a lot of six victory. Anthony you can't have turnovers to Oklahoma State's crime. Oklahoma State has had six more shots are not sure if that's much better that it had an up or exit out there leading to strong gains were seen in a. It's not the defense has been stuck on eleventh well a long long time in particular profile that that it was broken by the end of the monthly thought by all of them. On the left wing and definitely buffet they've had in awhile but the shocker that haven't had terrible time run their offense down on variance. Because Oklahoma State really overplaying. Their relief. Every single run away with the basketball his trap that you felt really hard to write yourself up over here. It is very busy. Fouls whistled. Five. I'd say it's not if it's not the case accidentally isn't constantly subverted vote. Well you've heard of the effective upon you throw it back fast. Thank them for life that lays a slight if there is walking with them very slow whistle. Soccer basketball full court pressure what mistake of drinking at its in depth and it is indeed squared up what I want to various ethnic enough. Lower incidence. It's history that's not my voice I don't like all the way to the basket at best is shot rebound of the office in Canada tonight with a good heart. Now a line circles out on the way to accidentally got throughout the waters. Down the length could play offense it was right. The whole way influence of the at the hospital but no talent got a lot wrong side that has declined Dillard yes. Not. One group against brown goes baseline for accidentally found not Hitler it's not about. Last night's times background beautiful mistake yeah it's real it's not lost a fried noodles and movements that for a regular the end of the animals that the ball away from. A mistake to play it in from the baseline three issues that glorious giant hot it's not my announces a little daughter's latest C just. Don't get enough. And had no idea nobody on the floor had no idea how much time was not the shot clock problems today another leader Kendall Smith it's not that means that at some point guard on the floor right now. Against the went on with John and apparently so he's it's dark age groups. Or. It's on the floor it was getting ready to have back yet let's wait around that's Boris. Look at that backdoor cuts that's making it to Canada France champion that is right double team on him. 6% of his passes deflected it so that's reflected their ears picked up on the waters launch NASA did its backcourt bounces out of Oklahoma State. The like did. The five pillars it's going to be soccer basketball team turnover on the open. Unless your outlook for the shot considering eleven of the first half was six. So you know. That is kind of a sloppy pass climate of fear at that time current political process of war and it was deflected. It can't agree that this that's guarded by scientists networks that it's Nightline goes right behind him ultimately. Lob over the top for Boris pitches it's wrapping presents their collective. And it's now an apple had a few of us that we are blocked my coach Marshall he's kind of right in not asking the other room. It's that bond inside the bus and shuffled his feet and see it. Opposite well it's twelve turnovers happened to us at twelve turnovers at nine point six. Seventy officers in a list and I didn't want you here. Thought his team that gives him a different month hero but he recovered. President of Solomon deflected away buys steel or was out of bounds off Boras stock market forces. Oklahoma State long. Shot present Morris Kelly haven't routed for it yet. If you go to favorites at the back we'll absolutely get back into the fourth in Lebanon it's not much. Starts right it was right where it's not enough to street out front Carol for three good. Roof come off of freed got a little. Kelly you know it's not it's another floor over the Santa and it includes national couples creates flatly telling. Shared drives ended up walking out. Pot dealers drive his slider is seated for an appellate panic out in underneath it that the viability because there's there's enough. I think the red wreath today or let the guys that's kind of who found him. Can't kick. There's a lot of physical defensive play on both ends of the court that's why the officers roughly. Want him gone for Rashard Cali is not here's this which is that the lines. Kelly on season eight. 75%. Starters industry. What and it bounces off the back lot rebounds can only go for it can't from the right side. Not your friend can't think he's been asked this question for us. Soccer's snacks. Fine nobody lots of frequent restart Helio got them now. Avery left that back right in the middle of the freeze producers full backing out no sense. Right off the Wall Street it's not that it might work best for us Florida deceptive like Hillary is a good drive and all of the basket through traffic it. Wow that was a beautiful finish pilots are Kelly. The other answer I body outside of this critical though not bonuses for ridiculous straight up and block it. If they talked in his second. After the live but the shocker about its articulated analogue outlet d'antoni got down in front of us in about ten seconds it's giant went right at the basket with art. I'm sorry that wars when I don't want it but got all now. The alliance of glorious time. And 74%. 78. An historic high points and. You have been good tonight at six hits the lead back before it was at seven. But it's not safe not attracted 31814. Oklahoma State 514 to go to the first half. Yes it is back yet so they've got him and it's. Mr. Solomon in there to the biggest guys signed this second place. Hundreds of that it came from Boris. Guys. That could be thrown some good glorious times leads Oklahoma State seventh. Doctors that limited instances. Nineteenth floor and you don't have a stake snipes did go to an extension of the satellite novelty it is different camps in April the way off of that department out of office and its efforts there'll be directed at himself has the right sort into the middle floors on the left side since they have exactly an excellent 2000. That gap between the circles about the slide. Standards leveled against him but dribbles left the civilian Carol. Sort of background that's not against that he's shines tonight that it might Franken out in front of now it doesn't just look for an hour. Coming off its recent trip to my confidence these personality and out of office is now grounds RD. Carol that he is open office yes except in order really what is it about the quality. And that's not present five at a foundry cannot sign. Plant these advocates of the lives we don't want him gone nineteenth now now on Oklahoma State. That is the second now lots of various artists is rodents that's for the point guard which does that soccer's. Really put a lot of pressure on message of love that court in office. I appreciate it really differences there hasn't gotten a lot of slice. Is down by a you gophers have credit is still hasn't had his left his first points of the afternoon. Let's test and it's now three of four from the free throw line. With that makes him but he is seventy defeat teams are. I think it's 94%. Of it and that's a three years before 38 net networks often announces. This was point 63 point game this important elements that got him yet solid. Don't think it's right beside him and I've read into office and not only. Hart Hanson on the baseline jumper away soared almost here although it's not a hundred flights now it has its fifth. It's not as they certainly don't write down wildly through with that won't tell you let's load it up here today. His hands off decision. No long three outs right off the back log re bad. It's not it's easy to edit yeah I think it's not an office element of this nonsense. Background deflected it off the pixels elements particularly if there. I think that's the just say that the shots that we soccer Obama the authority on the sidelines right now my order that's a really tough place to throw at him. Libyan waters back to you Oklahoma State line definitely Schneider as 2000. Perhaps try to get it in having trouble find it to be body along passage of that friend smarty pants when it backwards let him. This shot clock through which it just it just under four minutes ago percent it's not just trailing by three. What is linked militants deficit it's now. Japan had trouble. On that gives it up here and left links at right around that it was left. Kelly added to collect both of the light foot jumper would go about it won't mistake whistle. And a look at the talent talent that is Jason downs. Going to be on Rashard. That's his first. Let's say definitely come back time out on the floor at 337. The first half Oklahoma State nineteen. Wichita State sixty. But you're looking for the perfect power suit for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coached an overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season with Johnson's 21 in K 96. 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Kevin had a great experience with Roto-Rooter you know I've had my share of difficulty and lack of knowledge into my home by your competition I will always count on your company was confidence in the future the last 24 people to review wrote a rerun Google each gave Roto-Rooter or a five star ratings. For plumbing drain cleaning it truly trestle over a fair dial 63 away. Oh. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven. You want me. Gave it to music as we come back here Gallagher I buried at Stillwater the old Eagles on. Take it easy they are doing everything that taking it easy here today it's hampering John's defense at both ends of the floor. Wichita State shooting 31%. On five of six teams that held off a mistake to 39%. Seven of eight seed. Wichita State. Down at the moment by 31960s. And Oklahoma State will be going to the free throw line for what it wanted. A shocker that our Rashard Kelly. Wichita State does it to him. Last field goal attempt that only made two 83 pointers. Free at seven Oklahoma State's doctors have made four of five free throws. Which it's not stating plus client on the board. Ortiz tonight that's at its net but shot has occurred over twelve. First half his difference of turnovers was. Around 5106. Has sent over nine times now that it. And going to the free throw line for the cowboys. See it looks like graffiti. Visit. If song itself. That this this time. Seven foot sophomore from the Netherlands from the free throw line this year seven of well. Bottom line is it looked. But. Inflation in the open shots might offend the lines. But the statement three for three lines that. It's. It is a and a little short but now softly. Maximum five slightly what was once but it's not streets and it was very briefly at times before. Sort of like it was at its 2000. Price cut has baseline Cotter frank can't just sit there. The pockets touted but if they've got guys like that that's relevant to some of the one out of the potter novel on that got him there. Governor with three for four from the field as seven points that rightly artistry pronouncements it was not solidly behind. Those left wing wouldn't want to look at them as soon shine Connecticut light and Kelly but it's all now. If it's not going to stand there and they. Now on dalliances. Of Monica curl cuts they're not announcement ruling that the guys. Our hand to help but ours and hurled their World Series. This vote yet not only that now is it you got it. Three countries blindness points to lead all scorers. Print coupons that does not significantly outlets him Darryl has to themselves. He's played very briefly first at 30 force field they'll have. Oh look this up my war. Giants. Sign this nine points averages nine point nine games in double figures in four of their first eight minutes he checks out. And it yard line is it on different incidents in that. Matt Flynn can't duplicate tickets not. Exactly three minutes ago for example let's say it is my client. Kind of thing can't get to street thanks a lot Israel refused and this that we've been out of what's not to aid. If bush is an enhancement. Waters waters trying to drive round goes to basket throws the router biscuits rebounds and wellness. Got a call for traveling as he got back down as it was catching me down to slip it. Water and all the way to the basket over you round nurtured it seemed John but I'll put forward. Willis got that we that rebounds against them can now. Waters right where it is not with rides it smells like it's right into the hands of monitors of its nature it author. Three candidate directly to the streets. Of god let's it was a lie. Chances. It will be you know Willis you know threatening to thrive. On her artistry goes left to autism that are floating three pointers snort Rebecca to outline his yacht. It looks for kind of hit the ball in the court and off legitimate. Right to left the lane then pulls back at photographers snapped. Oklahoma State archives. And it's not easy topic it's about creating an analysis rebound venture. Adam fans all across this like gets his athletic players to stand it. That is not good politics not only understand it in the left lawyers noted that not searcher for three at right out of Fraser was really good ball. It photography and around all war all the way around that time. Thousands. There's enough I don't doctors found soon the closest it fits. Slightly slip it on line but it's not Solomon fumbles that saves on the baseline defense. Gets to the man it was at that influence the it's not as obvious we'll. Starts tonight on the street did not. Willis is dribble drives it definitely the foul line jumper aren't exactly god knows what's gonna stay. That's established its final fours don't know enough depth knowledge and you have it realize that lets wait around for a long three way sort. Out of bounds off with us. I'm kind of wide open look but it came up with him a little bit funny it's the left side. Of the revenue looks like Oklahoma State for the Tikka. 32 timeout thirty seconds and I about it don't try to set something up on this professionally leading bikes and now want those seventy the first half shots as. We'll get it back. Here soccer fans are weekly coach's show broadcast cut your way everybody's eyes in the athletic season 987 at thirteen thirty here this slide it into his sport's growth yeah. That's. Greg Marshall is a big nights from six to seven that's not a liability case or hot 976830. Every body. Well I think that the last thing never fulfilled that shot. Then the Oklahoma State because that's what got its soccer's executive falcons it's really stiff but that's their defense. And they've got thirty seconds on the shot clock here they're gonna get the ball back and second third seven seconds at least. Left with him. Both teams are now seven for what you want field Steve has played three threes Oklahoma State that's what it's not the sixth to fourth free throw. Line that's the difference here is not the life that's not what they're your best at three background I'm behind Clinton not to raise factors that chance to tie or take the lead here. Canada is the time line started by a product that is real dribbles right comes back let's take it lying. And this gets hammered as it goes up both side comes down to our favorite team right now on how to implement it resentment really wings. And it's yet the ground with a group but he really did use. Official. Avery is right like is that writing his relatives come across half court addictive like a couple of fighters. Soledad it was damaged trust also went with a left then made a shot faking it regatta for the year in which you haven't let up and down right on top moment. Landry wanted it off he'll shoot two shots here 44 seconds ago and a half and you can tie it up. Right there with the biggest deficits this sixers up at that it was a fit. Fight vigorously for Oklahoma State is there any. These resorts nine because it's deaths are Mikey freedom pretty heavily you've played eighteen of the twenty minutes here with athletic evidence. He's tired out there. Since free throws secret societies only flights that come from the line from the line reciprocated socket support for five to collide Oklahoma State six for six of those two. Points of the lives. Part of the difference in his retention and since it's not if it's one of the students next to. Good. And since it's not hard spill at its disastrous living. It has Yorvit sorry Texas Wichita State places not a merger was 44 seconds to go ahead. Entry through a bunch of high it's not yet not yet tonight the entire yeah. One plot failed us and it's free throws with. And that's what it's not stated that night at home. Just look at the bloodbath. Yeah. Look at twelve seconds left hand hopelessly accidentally yeah it was the right at the Afghan. Rebels left. The golf ball off the streets get over it you know hurled rotten boards over San but it can't. It's the second time today that Geoffrey Farrow has done that. Florida gets older and it's team. Here you know it's kind of lowered his shoulder. Plus yeah there and he did try to go right over the top fifty having an effect horses cabinet office you'd start out. To play defense and now with Johnson back on offense opens march 4 sophomores. And as well as day to day lineup with his son Patrick. Right now it's scientifically. It's not statements. It's clear the identity of its stride at this latest advancement. Once. 5000. Who don't mind. Sixteen seconds before. Late last Saturday. Sign up there issuance of defense and give it a little bit of since it. The odds acquires its. Three seconds ago and now. It does pay its regularly throughout the closed at six and 2613. I'm glad. Water first half hard for us. Music won't defense in basketball discusses go to the break on top six for the credit union of America happen soon. I'm standing in the neighborhood with the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside cheering. Firestone and this phenomenon is credit union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application to past decisions and closing CU ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no PMI. It's just incredible. Settle in Sydney with. 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Accounts to home loans and everything you know obviously that's predicated of America proud sponsor. Out WS basketball. It wasn't out at out. Or is the first half here at Gallagher I three physical defensive game debut as a lot of you know. No holds barred and Wichita State. More than held its not just doctors who only live once plotted to force the first four minutes of the game. Fell behind by as many as they take their first significantly. To three points at half an avalanche and the three with three seconds left for a service. Yet Tuesday night it's fifty to 48. That was the sport have without the coaches that he float completely different kind of game. Today refereed very slow whistle. And both teams know very well coached both do their very good defense team. And let him he would check let them foolish when he drives to the basket with a lot of body contact that's not being called. So it's not very physical game very difficult to score. They have a lot of turnovers by both teams soccer with twelve turnovers. Oklahoma State with eleven turnovers might but no shocker for over the last three. And let's go inside the numbers there's are a lot of the talk about the halftime stats were occupied the KG CPAs advisors every one trusted advisor. Doors Wichita State at what point yet to hit turnovers. To fire from Oklahoma State and and a lot of time. Let it happen. That's not not over the last three minutes and it eventually ended up almost even offer the shot is an eleventh. Oklahoma State Wichita State plus score on the court to get pretty good rebounding Oklahoma State team. It is soccer's actually actually ended up shooting it better. Eight of 42 Oklahoma State's seven. Slightly to Oklahoma State Vegas. Five of its first six shots and then only a sixteenth. The rest of the half and did not have a field goal in the last six minutes at seven seconds of the first half of read marshall's got to be ultimately pleased with the defensive efforts. And it certainly won't you please total confidence number but I think would be pleased with the way his team really thought. The last few. But it still ahead yeah it definitely cut down on it and it started excuse a little bit better down on the offensive end it was a bad ball put it on the floor variety. And I saw some guys back that's. And that last faster than Ronald they have lost one all the way around. Although we have around the corner that if Rondell White oak tree. But. A lot of guys playing a lot of guys contributing in the shocker he finishes really high enough. As the half went on him like he's led Oklahoma State without a field goal the last. The first half. Both teams have some foul trouble as the star status Rashard Kelly I don't know it hurts it you know Willis and Shaquille Boris all their big guys the suit each. Local mistake camera that riff candles Smith. Lucas yes. Jeffrey Carol all glances at each team with four players. That 2000 peace qualities that you risk a little bit with guys that gave the 2000 times this to have the kind of personality and a. While the graduate transfer that we've talked about during introductions Kendall Smith. He sees the runs their show he seems to be their top point guard is kind of like their landry's. Fowler went now that's what they're often started struggling because he's got to run itself and he had made a couple of plastic buckets. It kind of Franken. In that first eight minutes or both of the half full with him and I haven't 2000 I don't really affected of State's office. Good etiquette it's not a case of credit for really stayed with it they were facing really tough defense and it hung in there. I kept running their offense thickness of shots that they stayed within hadn't played great defense system. The other dances gave himself a chance to come back which they eventually did. So the way this team defeated Lleyton wins games he falls it's very hard to run offense. I agree with that of the soccer field a lot of patience and a lot of rich their office if you can feel it the way it's rapidly. So if you if you Wall Street there traffic that as well all. There's a lot of adjustments. Let's leave it out there on the line and it looks like that shoppers got more comfortable around the office that it. As the half went on life I thought it was really interesting to videos today. There was a lot of emphasis on Wall Street can't create chances off that reads better. Keeping their dribble he can always don't pick it up places and with the other guy's gonna hit it. Put it on the if you're not a privilege not a ball handlers don't hit it immediately start apparently. After surgery to act as well as for the the bad at the other guys champion Italy was under terrific pressure even double teams and not get a good job. It is frivolous eventually make it a player getting them. At the very good point especially if played against pressure when he gets the wrapping them over plane. Coach Marshall did make that point number of times they keep the dribble alive point guard a few other guys the catch his balance savior drivel we get that nobody's open. You might eat your drivel to drive. Ortiz with a 52 count off so. Very poor. You have these Smart about the group over four I think what if you floor of the path as for well you're within your thoughts. It was hit it off he's got to cut out there argue that it can pinpoint pass that path was. That it. The lid has been that kind of game Wichita State leads clients or. I'm 2623. At halftime that three point lead their biggest lead at the gate safari is the second time they let. And it's Oklahoma State led. War. He begins at six seconds. The first half of factors that led for a total of ninety. Second and it was time for a good thirty fives which doctors just ninety seconds of time that they leaders that have. My three we will continue. American have to fill out Obama can't remember it say about it. If 40% the day after this Packers went jets' locker room constantly. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A DUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time. And losing your like. Little life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay if you've been drinking. Find a sober right now. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. 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The problem soccer fifty accuracy is not reduce gas whenever somebody Yankee numbers for the first at the history camp. Wichita State 36 and a half percent at 822. Oklahoma State 32% on set but hopefully it factors may. For a twelve threes Oklahoma State free at eight. Doctors exit seven free throws Oklahoma State six six. Wichita State plus four off the court 1713. Offensive rebounds that just want to supplement state. Twelve turnovers but it's not here's a look at Oklahoma State Wichita State went the last six. 33 of the first half of that competitive turnovers and they don't Oklahoma State without a single goal for the last 607. It. The first half minute shoppers Landry candidate not a sprint campus at that point he's in charge Kelly with war. Britney Spears granite run out of surgery from the three point field goal in Austin grief with 24 rebounds for round if he's with Kelly. At Austin please Oklahoma State area shine with a game high nine point five missiles Solomon. 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Yes you have to outsider 76 succeed and CF a 63 big game coming up right after this went over on ESPN. Between Florida and Cincinnati. It deflated do it soccer pundit mark. Wisconsin today. Yet Casey lost my ninth seeded North Carolina State. Florida Gulf Coast got a nice road winning UT Arlington it was evidence in going to that game Florida Gulf Coast winds of 8578. Florida Gulf Coast. Seven and temple has defeated saint Joseph's anyone's sympathy for the right into Philadelphia. Temple mount six. Hot here at the soccer start the second half here with a lot of merger sorry Kelly Atlantic champion Zach brown and. Sorry. It's thrifts have signed. Solomon. Our office they've ended the month. Solomon has left elbow height bonus. Dribble hand off waters in it he writes I signed for three way shorten your boss it's safe hazardous solid Mike Kelly starts yelling it was definitely. Soccer basketball or they lose my street news conference champ I think his right side skirts and I don't look at in the lane a fraction of the shots they. What's dribbled to go to France can't writes nice as a street if you listen to music series that goes to us what's killing him the opportunity and this youth managers pulls up retreat. 3000. Right in the face of Kendall Smith Devin has made his last shot both. Reason to constantly. Those shots by six shots at him that he could not be had a game down on its. Tonight starts with the foot it's like with. It's a little bit. Right wing nuts not to get started right now Netflix and waters. Waters it's not it's not good defense but on the floor once again Solomon does Solomon. Could have backed out there. Packet out stepped the line up looks North Dakota all bush. Under through from behind them these three up on that note novelty that kind of the truth 69. 258. At. Back down nurture but thousands on the floor for over three girls that looked like more significant and Bernard you just picked up there. Fact is in your heart out. Oklahoma State all shot there's a 629. Point 340. Minute ago that it. Clipped the baseline left wing. And waters atlas night's definitely get out of that. Oblivious and vegetables right now offers treatment or it's not that waters but most of the play solid. Undoubtedly. The Solomon I was so it's not too. Leaders fourth when it's 25 and obviously the pressure full force and it can't play at the end of the standard. Once this actress candidates advocate breaking the quarters he hasn't cut because they don't probably scrapped after the Bosnia. Yeah threat collectibles now you just it will consider different brands and content let's let those left only. But luckily lewis' night. It's not throughout the grounds that drives it all the way up your exit matches where I sit right around hobbled for homicides escalated and acknowledge the doubles. And these problems included now with little things. And then yeah you can apparently so doubled little background and cents. 592. Half play nicely fine which is not safe campus it. It from Oklahoma State. Waters let's not solid. Right side to side of us through. But yeah it's not gonna flop snarled traffic little jump hook. And I think negatively content to influence the ultimate thing is obviously. It's that coincided with the Sullivan has paid off in front of the world. He's got behind the soccer league is down the truth and the three left elbow a little short that's not rebound on. The thoughts now on grounds bush says the event in Boston I thought actually. It's Oklahoma State guys ran into each other equipment on the ground workers you really. Pushing didn't help him get the rebound from favorable towards the path that the ball went long over there. Two referees that were close to the plate it makes its fall. Those doctors understand it straight right off the bat start to have one at six nasty attitude about what the state the chance to tie or take the lead here. There's the threat court it was definitely the waters flooded by thinking that's not Solomon's. Add to shine. Brief background if not could Atlantis confidence now. Everything looks like maybe they're gonna start tightening up foul calls here and ethnic called a couple already that they would all probably in the first. Three teams now is already on the state. Waters right sideline with it yet in the end finally does the Solomon to shine driving it close and not let one of the thrift and has. It's ordinance Kelly was playing good golf flu shot penalty. Yes and frankly this accident. Learned that gas industry right elbow. It's just not stay connected to my flights theaters this cannot punish him that he struggled with the magnets right now with the right and it's our job. Does that leave our about it. Let me say that it is. Utilities down offensively has drawn. Our hearts of both of those states most important players want different heroes now that. Yeah yeah and they're off with a lot that it would candles at their point guard graduates that would like on the floor with him there. Written it down easily affected negatively but not as effective offensively. Is there now estimate and it's done Avery is in it. Go look great moments tonight presents the play. It's time lol I didn't hear it on land force. Last night and it's. I think it's a double teams lifted. Now saves us an accident supplies of light to pass. To brown hit a terrible accident there this. I'll. Take it slow walk me almost it's on well let him I believe. And it is circuit city's second in advance and it's. Physicists. 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US shocker basketball is on one of the three point seven GE one yeah. Part of the second half Oklahoma State is Faith Hill for a shot to. Including a lot of hits through eight Wichita State is to have the strength of the field. Those are both three silently Santa. Soccer league's 32 to thirty at Santa will be going to the line for tee shots and it being fouled on a drive to the basket just before. The time out now for the game Wichita State 40% overall and also 40% from three. On six the fifteenth. Of what the state 38 and a half percent to 40%. For a chance to raise. Wichita State still up on the board that wants to end the turnovers and even data thirteen. Each team and the fountain of start to mount up on some of the guys 3000 on. Oklahoma State three from the rift and leave for their point guard Kendall Smith. Last now it was not the thrift that was his third. Every ship it to the line he was four. Landry from the free throw line of late. At the end of what we want against South Dakota State after no free throw it to. The previous three games total shots. He hasn't the last four games behind the shots here. This was not good. He's got 145. For five blind belief is that history be made a three. On the first possession of the second half. It was a custody or five cents that's been their biggest lead. Okay. If it. Off the back rebounds Jack mourners at this and let's not say where it's the right quarter. At activity you thrust his background. That equipment not circular tunnel that leads him to create highly disciplined. What if not statements by six against a seventeen point relentless you haven't. The high post solid answers fires underneath. Giant traffic jumped to. That's not assignments done. Asked what it is now it is. Really tied up physically not massively subsidize food stamp. Right to left acknowledgment that life takes the best students. Throughout declare it now finds him think rightly short just actually ground. On the floor solid players that it's. The calculus was an up or down by forcing. NASA to street gets off the tee up the left wing yeah. That's probably thinking about the exact words that's time that little bit soft on an open at cycles often knock it down and driving not taxable personal stray off the back lot we've now got eight a couple of mistakes with the network quickly lift weights not only to the basket. At first glance this it now not with us today and today on him make four minutes talking with didn't go right back at that time. On the long three by the fact that it is it rebounded along the old thing with the latest. Doctor could communicate really well on that he committed to this sign that the market. I was done morris' second shots right to glorious night. He has gone through the fourth line as their point. Briefly is good guys in suits the attack. Free throw a good night's ninth. Three on war three on birds and horses coming out Carol Willis coming back yeah. Scientific interest and 74%. From the line he's been perfect today five for five yes fourteen for the cowboys easily they're leading scorer. Chant that was seventeenth which it's not stay in Oklahoma State can hide yours tonight makes the roots go. And it's not stand you know. It was a glorious time soon for the most part political status for their last six point two. It's an event. It's not my business. That's not its people. Constantly deflected. Definitely on. Transport freight can't think of the soccer pitch a little long rebound well as a sliding floor loose. Now. I have really good look at Dallas I can't fake it. And if not found on this. But it was that instinctive thing here. On the baseline and it's. Kind of in the light enough. Italy's that are gonna fourteenth sentencing it you know it is not in the forest and it's and it's gave its nod 36 off. It was right toward the gulf waters waters. Is that suppliers have been. There's little. Let us obviously not right not Darryl Willis and. It's just sit back at the time at 39 off. It's not really skated towards him but that's over we'll have the wide open tonight. Hey if it's not rebels right did not let us off the street had expected of him through the Atlanta. Throws it over the water. High low post it on the floor it's Kelly here steps throughput of the template rattles it up but he pitches. It popped off his. John weeknight words got him. Or what not and would not think that the water's fine it's the greatest players when they gave Willis rather put the best. It's strictly water slides right from. Willis at the other effort tonight for a lot of it regularly rented to a crowd gonna call us now on wellness paper it's just not the quality of the stomach myself. Won't back and it's not just ran into a budget evil looks like it's gonna go on. It's not so. Willis I thought it was not Willis but I think it made you know somebody else. I think Connor whose daughter of an antibiotic it was not infinite campus instead it was a bodies first that would not. They come right back at actually at its door after Willis is not yet the blowout to have sort of attack in the basket in about two. Favorites free throws good gets his first spotted. Him for Connor personalities it and we thought this up. The first half that that he didn't. Societies that it today thirteen 05 still you know the story is picked up here early in the second half for both teams. Look at stately 4240 lines as well mine's Heathrow shortly after. And it soccer's Taiwan as they get to all of them. Society needs to the front right. It's it's an announcement until he didn't double team steps that it's not. Three putts yeah. It over soon sponsored Lewis Wright doubled my sympathy Santa cannot get the layup and a talent. That's on Jeffrey you know really beautiful back flies. It was at that night ten has delivered over 50 well it's it's died night at 9 o'clock. Nine. Is it up three fouls and I don't. Related news and it twice. Yes terrific announcement published and it appears that that's not a defense that. Let them. But by the sixth that line nineteen points. They've had three point line. Short rules and. For the second consecutive games for the 21. Against South Dakota State 44 season with constantly. Through Q wasn't impressed by the soccer season without fear that. Yes that's an excellent bachelor and work findings. Still a bachelor. Finally got it across apparently traffic luckily today by Carol if it out rebound well as adding say another. That's a bad home. Doctor Jones and. I was good enough it's putting his colleagues because. Yeah that was. It needs. And that is. They're going to put. It's time. Soccer events going. Which covers his own flammable. Right now and boy hey Susan can. It's. You look at. San Francisco has got deflected the disabled and hustled over dead half lots of excellence. But their babies up a lot of time with him. Sometimes he doesn't think before that might have been. Throttle against the press and the like it's better if they. Upward path. Well when I don't feel that you know 44 in Wichita State leading Oklahoma State favorite of overstated the threat or slightly you know. You know I'm constantly conference is song. It over and shine. You know. They're almost instantly reads a look at it is the way it's not at Maryland writes about the way by at least the government like you know fortunately for us. Probably. The big has been helpful in this case. You couldn't Vince jokes yeah. As soon. Action news picked up here in the second half a bit too offensive. Now let's not say 44. Oklahoma street 44. Good health was infectious. And what are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community. Providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. At the Kansas health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you believe that every canned and deserves the chance to be healthy looking more at Kansas pound dot war. Go Sox. Okay stills are exactly the alphabet the next subject financial well being and helping manage your money concerns of his side of your text plan. When it comes to money you can never start learning to hourly. That's why starting today state farm wants to keep using tools that support you need to take control of your finances. Yeah. Right I. And balance transfers pop quiz tomorrow find out more as let's start today's outcome of the state farm here to help planes go right. Hi this time backs were faction associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now our team missing challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge we understand how you depend upon your serious money now and in the future so give us a call it expired two of 101 faction is time well spent money well on that. Security advisory services offered through IRA investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisors asked or has or is incorporated and as I investments incorporated after an unrelated company shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post cameo underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett for an Hays go for a pummel. US you've shocker basketball is on 103 points. And in 81 yeah. Six points in the first half Oklahoma State Clinton aide. Overstated scored like one lifted us states eighteenth in the first roughly. Doctors at the cowboys tied for. I think that definitely. We have got a little bit on the offensive game both in both teams you've really well from the three. Both 50% doctor core base of the state. We'll four of them fifteen knuckle. It's tied for all of the doctors fitted with the three point shot violently damage. Both the vote. I have kind of loosened up a little bit both geographically and thought a little bit Qaeda here. 2000 the second half with six but it just before. Oklahoma State. Shirt knowing I've heard Shaquille Boras only three apiece for the doctors hampered progress has. Our fitness benefits Jennifer Carol we'll create. Moments yeah. It's not a day. That they just got. It's not Locke still has the physicians have athletics in seconds left on this particular plot. The latest announcement of the baseline lineup we'll have practices. So it is. That was big truck series looks nothing of making a lot of noise that's yeah that's snowball. Or bad. It shows that play it and having trouble finding anybody now Willis try to delay it takes the life out there aren't got hammered. You know well let's go to the lines that. It's his song and found it was awesome right there won't. Fifteen pounds and it brings its Canada wants. Just not sure it's not as close to the free throw line reads pretty darn good last year. Years it's been a bit of a struggle. Good. Darryl has scored six all in the senate to advance the net five on. On to physicians with a three hit a drive through it dawned. Your elevates the three free throws since the united against South Dakota State but it was just time for a night game the fanatics and it really aggressive on the offensive that has taken the ball capacity and knocked down three point and I stats there it made a host soccer's tackle front. 4640 foursome laughter. All that worried about the block companies don't start with what it's about the shot goes in depth look at it two out of their possessions. Favorite right when it started back that's not good enough votes those in the rifles of the fifties and. It is first now. If it's tied again 46 off network rights left those obstacles they're open a yes but I can't let that definitely is second. Recognized it back up what that's worth it from the tablet yet with time of ethics which really fast after me that's Lebanon street you know and Carol it's a tree left away slick floor. Excellent absolutely back miles back and now life hero that's. Yeah that he misses shots right to follow we've got brown with fox on flat ground. It's get the rebound and valued. And looks like. Ya ya up. We're thousand ethnic risks and Carol from Oklahoma State with its nice to meet up with the ball forty. 46 at five. Out aquatic club estate activists notes that. Just outlined rightly notes there is back at him along but tonight it was. But nobody had a look for the double coupons bush have a turnaround the short. Let's try to follow it up and south. Fifth fifth about a fifteen footer. Right it did you know that little stuff that Willis has its commitment to argue the opposite order of the brightest planet. Now there's thousands of glorious it is clear. You know with my. Really. Rests with them that leave them there in the wrong. This is good at their own drinks for free throws he's got into the second half. He's out of soccer's second highest scorers evidence when he goes in France can't seven injured six. It's not state but for now at 38 still you know. Kevin Smith back at talking he found naked truth a little hard this time rebounds it's solid. The state. The cowboys with the ball trailing by Ford vehicles this way it's not gonna bush that's nasty shine it back to Smith Smith dribbled right. Starts back live now and nothing is not yet back to Smith drives right that it forces went a little jump both panels cannot Natalie. With the nonstick. Oh. Yeah. They stated that it looks like it's gonna be out next rounds now read out. There's not that sorry Mike that Mitchell slalom and sixth 1950s. Hard to keep off the board that kind of background. Trying to box him. Yeah. Got called for now wanted one for solvents that. Throw shooters six of eight this year 77%. Last year free throw is good to talk about it. Solomon with twelfth for Oklahoma State their leaders are shine with fifteen Solomon with twelve. That's that's an active street have eight seats filled play. But the water's going to report Beckett of the stated zone makes the free throw which. Solomon to. The sun comes out waters is the end. Soccer basketball leading fifty to 48 full court pressure the Oklahoma City for it can't hit the ground. And it's that. Every chance it. They can definitely kiss the students. Look at that worked its programs of that you know it down the lions lost the handle the setup man it's not filed yesterday. If not it's now the ball's lack. He is me. In recent book is out of bounds like now with the ones alone that NASA different camp Fallujah defenders were on the way. It's set it aside and let the strength Trotter was at his second. We have it here at this records patent base and it's rated 31 straight games. And it you know it's not here's a five. Cent it's not the half hearted my friend yeah. Right now it's it's definitely a link him and obstacles that now tonight he thinks it's right down the line. And a foul but don't that was Snyder is easy enough Solomon. Let us. Now on Darryl Willis will be his third. Team now number eight shots two shots coming for a floor listening. If he shines perfect from the line today 6% since fifty points. You know warrants which are telling. Our students with us today. And artists signed. Fifteen point three it's good. Nothing but bottom of the net with those community today sixty. It's a redshirt junior recruiting Texas he played in six games last year and suffered a season and it. They're averaging nine point nine point journalist's background getting the breeders'. Doctors are war now not. Few or on the floor defensively. I acted theory here but I'm 37. Yes. Please that'd really nicely this community does it it's on in the not out of well let's say. Doctors and nurture. Only. Lawrence let him but not at an appropriate enough novelty. Ask us now. Back to see him. No mistake and it and it and I put him but it was left office straight drives it gets in the line. All the way through a little double hop definitely proud benefits. Thought it's not tested this in a thousand missiles all of it in. Really tough it is that time battling it receive it over the over the thick. Nine Solomon. 2000. Backed up at eighteen supposed to have been a double bonus is nineteen still to go both candidates six point seven. Throughout the life. It makes this a six point lead. And Gaza matches this is Lisa Landry finished with 23%. But it is still got a good night. I let a little bit like my dad yet. It Will Smith against a shocker France bounces across the top line it's not right away it's not. Plotters with rapists off his back about six analysts. I don't know how long nurtured. And it. Looked like he had predicted this initiative and called him. Pushing its zone I think that my kids moment that all over the fact I think her head position. Fourth round on a nice balance we wanted to want Solomon. It was two for two from the line as thirteen points out of their Greg marshals on its yeah. I'm definitely. That I think that box off harder. Solvent that the lines Wichita State by six with night our remaining front end up but you know. There has got to be like them a little bit more keep it lower because solvents got about twenty pounds of which room towards. Oklahoma State's fourteen for fifteen from the free throw line test 81258%. To. Since I was accidentally. Suddenly snapped a 45650. Two's it's nice there. You know. They're beautiful mind my father's Ford assumed the free throw line candidate for the French fluently laugh at you know there. Yes it is a different confidence on the baseline of well let's not think it would alliance. And it gets tonight. Session with nonstick. Well it's not not to try to get it between defenders of that lane yet I don't. Soccer player they slide. It. Initially. And it plans for it yeah definitely do it the backward. Well it's not want none of that is it drives it you know like most of the well off the knack. Let's about daddy's. We've got now on the phone off line it's not like you know let's not this last. Well the doctors yankees it's well that worked on that hopefully it. In the cowboys keep keep there with words shock. Maybe that's always on Sullivan if what I know. Yeah honestly you know for the 114. I think. That was a solid lets his third. 90000. Steve Willis has made his first retreat for us now is this. Dallas it flawlessly. With its not safe 55575238. Remaining. Arteries China backed should have a shot this president has support for it worked campus dance. Kelly had given to the guards if that he can keep chuckling at it I'm not gonna go to their matchup won't might. And recognize different redistribute his guys daughter's accident flip side of the floor after the water is the largest trade and. And that's kind it was. Waters you know long. Time with us safely activists into not divorced three. Sixteen bars answers yeah. Facet of the game it building up the clock three nights and I this thing isn't it better. Brett can't recover but the market at its best defenders that it has got a wide open looking for anything to them frequently because. The look fluid that goes to their Willis Michael instantly like O line. You know the limits and effective enough to see it definitely I definitely it would worsen the other three. Way up the market if I got fouled off. Not a three wood lob pass influences will look. But I think that can be immediate time now. That is in. Allotment for Darryl Willis will be thought that the alive after it's not about 308. At 730. Preventing. Wichita State with its biggest lead of the game I'm 6255. On Oklahoma State. Ever wish you could call a timeout of those expensive ATM fees. Wealth gap lies when you banquet equity bank you can. With your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDI. When unit for those shocker basketball games this glitter make sure your grip on the road that tires from Kansas land tire. Thank you don't want to feel like yours where they had them on an ice rink we'll stop by your dearest Candice land tire store and let the professionals make sure you're ready for an old man winter. 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That's the last media time out this Dodgers have scored eighteen points in the last four minutes they are eleven of nineteen from the field is the second half included set them up. Well for three Oklahoma State's been almost as good ten of eighteen from the field three of eight threes neither CNN. Rookie free throw line in which it's not a State's evidence yet. Soccer's rough three as a have to go out Philadelphia obviously but for a second half seven point. It's their biggest of the game it was seven and a half minutes ago a parallel is going to. Eight point guards yet jackets try to hit another three people off the air ball a little was that there on the weak side. The rebound went up his that it got out. Oklahoma State Jennifer Carroll was back here it is play. Now this time at the thrift also have floor for Oklahoma State would suggest it's a lot of mergers the only ones with the war. And most of the line is four for six he's got eleven points on the afternoon all in the second half plus six rebounds. Long way to go seven and a half minutes remaining blank canvas what he may have had an athlete really stretching on the sidelines through. Carol Willis. Actually this faith without his colleagues and Craig camp the ball handler. Really trying to turn the pressure fondness. Like the land. It's got to solve that runs right and water. You know gravity definitely not close not set that jumper. Sort races we've got with a non state. And we thank him enough but the Pittsburgh shark Alley in your fitness buff not. He's handling in the debate the other seat assignment it's back to the middle floors handles this right up on guys that left most of that. He has adapted well listen it's not thinks the light seventeen footer off the Max heart rate ever start Kelly. Trapped it there has not closed yet if ray can't cut front well it's not clear. Thought about it gives it up for it chances or that you know he wanted to shoot that three might have thought that. Ranking ample enough we'll street doubles last night snack right those will take the street now thinks that off the bat out rebound the living waters. Oklahoma State was down eight. Water levels right to lift it off if it bit back the the floor sort of violence degrees but instead he dribbled dribbled right off the screen rightly hero. If the hero that's that's the high notes. At. At the hands off this this coming right to left this kind of got hooked it way short shot bounced out at last night's behind Oklahoma State. Honestly look at it this adrenaline flow up floater in the lane left it short and not not not that announcement countless. Yeah Austin Reid bring it up against the refused. They're being given him the front it's not your complaint with him inflicted it at all. Plus it's not mine goes right on pizzas are not suffering here it's not and it drives let's step back fifth team bounces off. But the rebounded missiles solvent it would get enough to deflect soccer's. Hard to hear a lot for the other angle apartments for life without Kelly left the layup on. On the underside of the embassy floated it writes I didn't expect to get fouled on that I didn't know foul by the doctors and I'm 34 it's not it's not like these between the circles ministry refused it drives down the line polls not battling Boris factories. Austin's dribbles left of the toughest street circles that it was double standard throws it away right financial living waters. Waters to the basket. Yeah I gotta be careful with ticket. I'd like if they trap and looks like Rick Marshall a lot for the second time. Yes that is at 630 here. Don't keep them I think that's going to be the first called time out of the thirty expanded so we'll keep it here. Never mind it was disasters are if that's the watch party location is you know it's Billiton upwards at the southeast corner of 41 Atlanta. Come bikers on the launch parties. The chancellor is so quick to. AC tournament Atlanta courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and you know with networks they argue official watch party location that's not the best. Mike you brought up with Greg Barfield was drafting. Yeah. Regain you know that keep your dribble alive I don't think a little and that's what we did actually picked up the middle of the sideline. Perhaps at least try to pass some more food and I pulled it was picked off lightly waters though got to stay away from the sidelines. It certainly don't pick up little sideline but it does state now has sixteen turnovers. Third street from Oklahoma State. Attackers have managed to balance that we'll find out rebounded Oklahoma State 31 floor that is not a tips or even 44 for both teams want it's. Reaching the second half and with us it actually. The cowboys as they lead by six with 514 years ago. And the doctor knocking down their free. Especially seven of thirteen. Here in the second half 54%. Soccer sports properties of Wichita State athletics would like to thank this doctor ambassadors but it does state easily level of corporate partners houses on. To gentle folk industries that Cox Communications. If your record at becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics. Cause shocker sports properties. 169787552. We'll let mechanic got a good three or four minute rest there's so he's got back in the pocket I think he became an expert you have a corporal Austin reed with the fact that they're after guys wrestled. He should be good though the ref the latest doctor. We'll get another media when he gets under four minutes. So they'll have a good time out here though but like we said. No turnovers hurt at all over Oklahoma State bird that is a bucket that's exactly what that is but that. Points off turnovers also state even seventeenth for a while the State's 68 for what it's not stay. Half points of the may 64 G-8 Oklahoma State don't really big edge on to those stats except what did not state it points. Seventeen to eight in favor of the a lot of that they're a little asylum would have had an oath about it he's got twelve with a lot of well wife himself. Yeah he's got six you know morris' only scored three points today up. They just never really been able to. If if the. The ball in the post download soccer's. Really haven't got the ball down low but out of Hopkins. Story. They line up. Kelly Boris and we'll. Now it's just. And we'll put pressure hasn't yet it's telling residents that at least now the color scientist gets a little bit at the line for 2003. Point line sorry bank that was set up at that time I think Gregg Marshall knew that we're gonna threats to rent a home run away. Freaking everybody out. Are definitely the right path. It's. Just it thrown there might have been easier rate. It bounces out. But it got fouled on the layoff of and actually got the ball up what you. Lindsay had a great chance to finish that it has to you know he's now what parts of the free throw line. Got a lot more coming here at this doctors are in the double goggles night there because that was the sense now I don't from the state and the fourth now individually on the glorious night nativity story. Cowboys have a small lineup in right now filled with Marshall brought back around for Willis free throw good that's not my only that's his fifth point of the day with its not state with its biggest lead. It has sorry it was at 8 o'clock to seven right now 6457. Avery quickly of course that was left. Would've solvent hands off the waters waters hit a fire for its not so good off the backyard bluntly about snack wrap it settles it over the letters to him. Canada crosses that line. It's not the straight down the right sideline in the snatch it goes on the baseline because because all of it. For a hand check on the dribble violently shipment that's Riyadh Solomon. Moment earlier wanted to. Few moments now we thought solvent but picked up his third yeah that was not it's not now that's more that's three outs on the right there and I physically. Attractive ramp went with him don't we hear from the fifth. Got myself. Now program. Landry is seventh or eighth. Outlined free throws yet. 44. Points for Atlanta champ at Wichita State matching its biggest lead at 865. To seven in the fourth defeated you know. This is already here kind. Atlanta campus incidents like three points twice previously announced it varies state this year it's now an analyst out. For the moment at eight for the moment passing bad at that field horrified tourists all of it Fredricka that that's it's lights out about. That's bothering. NASA for solemn salute as we got a caller asked about that the pregame film one that Jacqueline brown people infield help that's on them. He's got around got to handle the ball. It went off yet California browns and Packers against both were pressured him and across the time line as background lets on the floor. Obviously it's evident that network can't Occupy Wall Street like him that it's particularly not to look at it that people. Lifted off the ground. Can't think that's going to be illegal street. He handed it off that he can hit him they did it in the defender was moving on history yeah. That's his warranties. And other journals by the stock you know fortunately got an 81 each. One of them after possession that you once. That looks like reads now coming in the words background. Force seventeen. That's not enough by 86557. Matching its biggest lead of the game. The rift is back in Oklahoma State link about Nancy Utley hit the three point threat Avery last night. Standing civil right wing it might read it simply to break open. Nightly solid if you along three way short bluntly about politics. That's kind of impatient. This time by the cowboys tickets quickly. Either fix things. But it is different color guard by it crosses over it gets the street fuse drives the left side doubled its activists reader wars snack messed up to three currently there to give it back to him. Right I agree that he traveled home with Greg is fit enough. 341 want to go in the second half timeout on the floor Wichita State 65. Oklahoma State fifty cent. Are you doing there beautiful cars NC. It was the right now 93 lately to the wheel of the little plus tax of course ninety TC thanks. My Dutch Islamic seventies when he talked to thought he would like to do things. From my own there insurance companies and he's cart weekly hounding you weren't really hard part of the wanna give it to protect. Deserves. When he's never done this before but he says I didn't think he let us into some free air freshness DO state farm. Call anything today. Hello shocker nation. This Andy card in hand with the Carnahan group BJ PY again in time for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita via cell home helping with the first home purchases. Patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up for paring down we want you to call on and a let us let our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether bigger mall our service is the name. I promise. Plans are now what do you for the 2008 teen outdoor living in my game show march 2 third and fourth century you and it continues to ground Michel is now in expelling convention all giving you more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers if your business is landscaping experience lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest Garden Show native Kansas sponsorship information or does your food they call 6521. Line or outdoor living in landscape should that not. Shocker Schwartz has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad wouldn't John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder raid a Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. US shocker. Basketball is on 103 point seven TE one yeah. That's tough road game against Wichita State living in over Oklahoma State 65. Fifth and seventh. We have three minutes and 41 seconds remaining. At Oklahoma State we'll have the the possession after. Traveling thought Wichita State's Austin reason shoppers eighteen. Turnovers. Games local the state has fourteen. Wichita State is plus eight father. The floors 3345. Wichita State shooting 43%. For the game he had fifty of the second half they are eleven of 25 for. Three the 44% sixteen appointee to the line. For 73%. Oklahoma State has made fifteen of sixteen free throws that they now had six fewer attempts that with us today. Including five less in the second half cowboy. 9% at 831 point six on six of nineteen from three. Let me see evidence a career high 24 from Wichita State they're almost twelve points six rebounds. Pampered daughter branch can't. At Oklahoma State. I feed. Their need for it Solomon. And ten points for leaking water. Not that it can't think that they point lead. It's enough to. Ninth and eleventh. Well of this brief note that the conflict truthfully at two straight turnovers were fine yep. Blocking foul by brown this travel by Reeves what was Nate Smith's death penalty kick off the street incidents at Richmond high low. Lots let's not to shine tonight sort of slightly that she shoots up let's breathlessly contested three at air ball he's a very good and it's. Our office that's we just really brush it off the street at night that left the basket out of bounds. Soccer basketball is big stuff I'm really good shot selection accountancy. Not fetus or now. If this lead up double figures out an aggressive time line started nice night ticketed one on one doubted that the blades and it's not the fluorescent different camps. Iron left side of the floor well above the three point arc. It's just three dribbles off used only candidate who she is credited champ. Incidentally inside the suit. Let me double team and a half before she got closer to five seconds. And it's not clock violation of the Johnson had good defense that's not by the cowboys not let that doctors and it is an insider to penetrate. Try to spread it out run passing game with that regards it near you couldn't get by the defense. It gets it's three minutes actually 53 to you know soccer's not my eight. And it hit the spin rates and up through Oklahoma State guard of enchantment I was left side journalist that it was not. So I'm definitely play it gently careful thank you for a shot I think it's not a done the block for solid it's been here it's got. So when I was seventeen. It bothered us in the second half to soften. Yeah six they look to double teams have the right sideline insolvent this rain is tonight. Now he dribbled over on the sidelines and they tried this rafter inhibited a good job of music net. Hesitation move it in created contacts with Solomon drew the foul. Sham it is not eight foot stand of the free throw line. And be seen here. It's currently eighth in possession game sixes and thankfully it makes it won't adversely the little longer rattles. Atlantic maybe Flint was tired legs he's played a lot of minutes he's taken a lot of cuts that he's handled it almost. And radical. Some of the lines pretty high points. At least not yet he's got an eight point lead against this Dodgers 67. 59. Went through she ever with 46. Oklahoma State to 42 to go get those not between the circles it was right minds here along the way that guy that's shine. And I guess the right slot and on the golf course of the year that bounces up the quarters that's driving it. Those little. Not just. Or five or residency slots it's not yet found its accidentally knocked it Smith who's to say flat man's life no harm no big deal now Honduras will be his. Heartfelt illegals like the golf ball went bookmarks sync sales floor two guys take off their feet close Jack Lawrence pick up. I think Solomon. Another shocker to take us through the other. Campus dance and it's very early baskets throughout the state hasn't scored since front line 81%. Seventy. Collins bouncing it is. It's been a big sports science. No not for the lunar. If you let warrants. But it does the night that relate to you know that's it you and it's consistent. That's edited out and rebound the list Santa. Have a good box office shocked. He got a fantastic life and to get it's it's there or here in the possession please let it analysts want to see him. And that's definitely an area crosses over. Actually it's not off the street but warrants to the left when it double team it can only recently started on an issue. Need to get it to guard posted on the floor. Now this lead issue grieve Laden's. Just curious about 10 o'clock on the left side and I think that's not market thankfully. It. Occupy Boston. And it's definitely it's not that it's time. And I definitely definitely alive yet it's done. Now Austin we've got field offices up with a really hard feelings ran right into it is being hurled around the things. And he fountain. At three vitally needs. Inflicted Johnson's first basket it is not it is not my flights. To glorious guys with the best. And I think that they now have killed Morris yet they help out that it's now the guys. That sounds three points that they. Nineteen McDonald. Which it's not stay with a nine point lead investor it is now up to 88 port eight. From the free throw line as ninety points in the box out here that the Solomon synthetic with news limited. He. Sullivan's. Excellence or at night the night live's not out of the escape and to be if dirty little secret here that I can play with just not safe enough eight. Flip the ball. As doctors have scored 44 points in the second half after going up. 4643. At halftime and three bystanders. What a bucket I've read hear them laughing fashion doctors had nothing going offensively. Jack Kelly was stuck with a walk in front of by the car capacity despite the fact that nobody was open. He handed it back to read with about four seconds to go reason they have found that put up a desperation shot from just inside the left sideline. Everything is pushed through that. Three point we have a big big bucket for the soccer game that. To us date is twelve of 26. Threw for 46%. To six of twenty from beyond the arc. The ball game six different doctors. Have now made at least what three point basket. Oklahoma State down. Ninety feet you know. They're probably get the point where they don't get a steal treatment they're gonna have to now they don't really have much it was. Points is nothing they would have to play that way that doubted that the it is it's not they can't let let's not go off well let's that they got this situation soccer through the home run play got a wide open layup for. Rashard Kelly got fallacy is that you this time. Can't play at the end incident champ but they'll look at its ethnic equality gets back frankly much of the court it's definitely. Almost triple team on him up across the front lines of an earlier killing over the champagne out of sprint can't. And finally Avery announcement at camp this doctors were able to run full seconds off their thirtieth have to walk down 105 yeah good dude. Through that time. And against them. Really really aggressive full fourth rapid execution by the soccer passable round fodder frankly after the free throw line for the first time today. Bounces off. Connor the eleventh. It's. Had its praise today senate puts his streak at 31 consecutive games and at least 13 point basket. It makes it's the complete background informs with a fine. That is not good night for time on this season now huh. He has twelve points Wichita State solution is yet but that if I think you know. Can guard the three point line got down ten with just a minute ago looked through the statement in the layup. If Robby could definitely three. Glorious night deflating it it's not a defense and stamp it Reeves ran fairly. And nurtured. Since one's own plans ratcheted up mortgage Kendall Smith lots all of it catches up front waters now British night. Tonight gets it away this that it cannot leave out solvent over to shine tonight at the the light has to get out of there isn't double team bounced it over the favorite. He drives it down the line little scoop but afoul Wichita State stopped the clock. With 46 seconds left Rashard Kelly with trying to get out of the way whatever kind of jumped to implement through the balance. Because you which is trying to draw found that look like you can go to make that shot. But they called the balance Kelly ever through the code to the line with couple free throws with Allen Rashard Kelly forty. Five point six seconds to be completely accurate Wichita State deficit to sixty Q3. By Avery. It is out in the streets of allied has four points. I found Frankie in fact the end and that's that around half of what their best for those who can't afford announces. It's gonna have to found at three ball handlers with France champ ship but it reads. That was up and it is well favorite hits both free throws to lead is eight from Wichita State with 46 seconds left. Leave running the baseline incidents who's telling them surprised they haven't found him immediately it because it's not that it's trapped in the corner. That'll stop the clock with 43 seconds left to sit here for the 32 time now. Forget or what you showed on Monday night that Natalee to basketball's. Pretty much you physically Gregg Marshall six to seven Keith Adams. From 78. And 9713. Thirty in business every Monday prop eight case sport's growth yelling at thirteenth and treatments. Doctors can't. That is just. That Marshall look at oh yeah and it's just anchor Rita which did not think equipment. One today overeat at Casey 7268. They'll be posted here soccer winter classic. Caucus state or you next weekend at. Okay now the pot throw it on the sidelines Socrates because the ball in bouncer up eight with 43 seconds ago they did hit it found certificate file. Greens will play it at your picture is is there. The five man telling the board that read him a different game a lot of room one byline appeared to water. They ask for it creates a look educated advance does get a the end. To chant let's get it over to Fred hypnotic gets. What flights cancels lifted is leg and it kind of political lines which do everything Steve shots exactly that of the double bonus for a lot of love a good job via Austin reasons I'm not panic he gets the ball in the conference you have got fouled. You know hit two free throws with an eight point lead. Not excellent but soon for of the lines just moments ago has twelve points on that day. Soccer league is eighty could make it can't stand for a fifth set content with thirteenth. Jefferson now misses the free throw line Zach brown definitely counts solemn and Oklahoma State favorites it risk. Got routed to cover the three point line that if you read. 7364. With it's not stay with forty seconds to go 73 points at 26 of benefit. Thanks to second with Condit was fourteenth. State nights in a reflection before the waters at the last quarter. I'm driving fun loses the handle recovered by chance that at least held immediately by Soledad let it through those aligned with flooding seconds. And apparently behind second floor all the soccer game. Kitty this shocker that they run out of clauses. A lot of wars since walking outdoors it's a solid 1000 now. And researched by Bryan Holmgren but most points which it's not a statement every store it is filled out of the seven. In 19571. Of their lives ever hear their last week. By the way 1950s. Evidence is building one other win here at 1954. It got 74 today and now 75. Back in the mister Iverson's. On the national we didn't net wise 4540 since then reunited against Ralph Miller knows that's. What incentive for sham but today he has just been magnificent. Second please but it 2812. Of fourteen from the free throw line at Wichita State like twelve now looks like seven seconds left. Favored it to the threat toward the half my friends can't fish is it to sniff it goes the basket lays that it isn't. Points Oklahoma State to take a 32 time now. Point one seconds to go out shot here's our chance. At least 666. Mike outlandish images had a remarkable. Quality 29 points. Six of eleven from the 44. Of seven. From behind the arc and thirteen to fifteen. From the free throw line 35 minutes though he's played about 35. So actually twelve of fourteen free throw line and it's 28 I think. Let's let this one somewhere but anyway. Doctors not that you think that you know they've heard it might benefit a lot. What you want seconds to go that's what they'll be bringing in it gets full court pressure. But facility goatee your mind. Now that the Kelly. Now he does get it down court to have it and he gives fanatic. Inadvertently hostile towards him but stop and found my campus this. A Florida court should not have sounded. The ball was legally for the life. I was called camp that was found. Shuttle diplomacy fit behind me of him with five NASDAQ. Yeah dead at 630. Point individual games. Scored by soccer players during Greg marshals can't hear a lot of that this year by some positive news Johnson. Lot of incidents they definitely should have it. Makes both of these vehicles joins that group he's 28 points shooting two free throws with fifty seconds when. Soccer's F 7666. Landry's twelve for fourteen from the free throw. That was perfect. 29 freelance San. Daryl Willis who twelve kind of frank camp with fourteen also in double figures. It's going to be really good tough road wins that's not these growth and campus with thirty. These were I think not now. Everybody here we're lucky dog on their feet. Candidates have yeah if you look north. Your performance well they've recognized that favored a more often opts out of seventy footer missed it read that green and the end of what they found it yet final so. What is not states. Aids. Homeless day. Six this actors get just their third win over spilt water and had their first since 1957. It goes through 8 at 1 o'clock in the air in their second straight road win against the big flaw that moment. Stay tuned for that Johnson's post game shows that no offense. It's time to go inside the numbers that he Katie CPAs and advisors these tedious proudly served the midwest from more than ninety years. Fourteen values excellence as much as ours and reread your biggest stand. 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The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Listen for all W. That's a target. Of three point seven yeah we should. Bob Novak this. Stillwater this is the Johns didn't post game show brought to abide Johnson's 21 it may not exactly why it's so much more. They've just been suits. Drive home from the game destructive like Kansas flat tire service retires and professional auto service. Are always a slant got a really good solid. Road went through Wichita State here in Stillwater today 7866. The final. Soccer's just his third win ever over Oklahoma State here at Gallagher I reading other verses 1957. At one of the things that really jumps two is. The difference in story the first half was just in physical. Grind it out war at soccer's got a three for plant can't go with three seconds to have to take differs significantly 4613. Nick about scored 53. Of the second half double their efforts to have. The other scored 26 more points. In the first but there's. Or are point 64 points in the second half as they did in the first double likeness that. Obama's gay scored one more point than they did the first half they scored 23 or what he's the second half so. Much better off into the second half I think what happened was when he started knocking down those threes my. Not only wish nothing but also of what was stated kind of loosens up the defense then loosen up things inside was enough of penetration is that it's hard not three. Wichita State Mason very strong defensive pressure throughout the game of Oklahoma State out. Honestly I would say that's probably the best defensive game anybody's plate against with three was started out because doctors didn't. Have way too many turnovers nineteen. But they force fifty they outrebounded them by hand in Atlantic champ and it's just sad to hear things handled the phones scored. Got nice performances Cotter friend can't fit Darryl Willis and the other guys just haven't looked at things a little bits here and there if they can all work. I met him it was just I thought spectacular the whole ball game and he ran the show. For Wichita State but I tell you I thought Darryl Willis really gave a shot in the arm in the second half. He's been knocked down three got some offensive boards it was Friday at the basket put pressure on north with the defense. And I thought he gave them a lift gate with Marshal that both of them. At the slackers with their typical strong defensive performance certainly much better than what we saw for them last year against this team. And guys like Rashard Elliot Zack brown we'll. Really really good on that in the floor I thought. Ground and it can't let it particularly just like if watched every possession as closely. Both of them just did a great job on their hands time after time after time. I thought their defense was really solid. I think it is good job locking down that that the feet. Point guys Carol and others who threw an Oklahoma State. But look at this death. Shocker 52%. The second half is he out of fourteen reasons second half as forbidden fruit the second half but they don't talk about his defense. They held a mistake of 47%. The second half three for thirteen from three so you're absolutely right my defense tightened up in the second half and a. Brown she dammit Kelly and the big health and now we're really the guys that led the charge they're defensively. I was just noticing Wichita State may twenty at 25. Free throws in the second half they were chanting a fifth team. With 341 because that the last three minutes 41 seconds left him for ten. Yes channel would go their different kind of an hour or can't before. And yet a couple of free throws with your on the road if you wanna live blog and I thought that you love them always down the stretch. Not too many crazy things there were a couple of turnovers. With about three with about six minutes ago we an eight point lead. Wonderful open up to 1012. A couple of turnovers after that no turnovers they really took care of the ball and knocked down our free throws. That's our game recap recchi but Dylan became comics comings in coming your criminal defense that you might offer that would just not give them call 2641548. Or visit bill Cummings LLC dot com coming to becoming law where your needs. Always come first we'll have more of the Johnson's post game show from Stillwater right after this. Want to have a little fun and what's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by a war. 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And the real. Shocker ports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett for an haynesville forest pummel. USU shocker basketball. He's a 103 point seven KEY. I'll go back the most states have brought Levi Johnston. Like Christian community six Mike getting only a few problems the water was just nothing beats Oklahoma State 78. 66. Characters we. In the 39 game series over the years just their third win ever. Here it still waters chuck you're scoring 78 points if you meet 15%. Discount tomorrow. All soccer merchandise tent locker room east. At west stopped by EU placed it 50% analysts happy to say. I got it. And it adds. We gave you a few at the stats in the media game recap the fluids at the numbers with the finals that's right you might be keiki CPAs advisors everyone. It's a trusted advisor and yours Wichita State with that 52%. In the second half of the 44 point 420 of 45. Twelve of 26. From 346. Point 2% making eight of fourteen in the second half 26 of 32. From the free throw line. Or 81 point three almost brought up Bob the first half last year in the game that it trust with the Packers lost one sided manner. They had a high for the season it free throw attempts and made it was 3547. Line. And the way it was being called the first half I was gonna bring that up and say it will not even come remotely close to that David thank you that making 2630. To let me and they. The did a good job of being patient on the offensive than attacking the basket going inside in that he is Smart I thought maybe you have a couple times. Looked like he might get trapped right here in front of us did a good job youth and hesitation move drawn files on mr. Solomon that a lot of Smart play. In the second half by the soccer's. I've drawn those bouts naked on the free throw line convert those free throw line they were 1428. From three last year is making it for us bank arena. Today shoppers were. Twelve point six so come out. That catcher. Kind of thing and that was one of the big differences in the game Oklahoma State it improved to 47%. Shooting in the second half finished the game 40. But they were only six of 21. From three compared to the chapters twelve. Up 46 and they shot it very well on the dispute yet there's much they were having foul late hit didn't shoot it 21 free throws making eighteen misses eight. Physical Oklahoma State team in the checkers with the battle of the boards again by 103626. Had ten offensive rebounds to seven. They get the nineteen turnovers little unsightly fifteen. Broke from the state. Let me share that with a career high thirty points six of eleven from the field four of seven from 314 of sixteen line also had a team high five assists. Fourteen points for Carter French camp. Two of four from three gives him 31 straight games at least 13 pointer Carol Willis had twelve points and six rebounds. And it's six for Ronald nurture five for sure Kelly three apiece. For Shaquille Boris and Zach brown five also for us to reach the big shot that you hear. In a moment at four Oklahoma State twenty points for two glorious shrine seventeenth for vigils on the heels of any rebounds. Ten points for Libby waters. That's shocker overall that a very good defensive job on the group vocal mistake players you have eleven guys that scored in double figures more than once it. Their collegiate careers nothing rituals beholden what you have coming in our Carol temperature fifty companies in the that are really good job on him. And held him down to it just three points so he was one for nine. Once for five for three so really good job on the air all they can't refuse to pick. Jeffrey Carol but the three pointers what's nice about that they were all spread out Mike you know. We talked about landry's ship hit four out of seven but nurture hit a couple of three's frank can't hit a couple of trees that Braun hit one. Austin reed to the people of late and now Willis and more worse each kid wants so everybody contributing. From the outside. And what are those fears are put it in the deep freeze play of the game presented by lit the lines. Need to get it to guard posted on the floor battle fleet issue grieve. You. Have to raise about 10 o'clock last night and that's not my commitment to thankfully. What a shot by an option very heavy just got elected to edit buried it. There was nothing about that office that is medlock and a good look like you're gonna finish for his doctors favor except for that shot. File off the injuries right at the end of the clock that appeared to read if we found excited. Folks we work at the other thing they we talked that this little bit earlier but let's choose a defensive player of the game which brought you back got you covered. Want to control the lights in your ability to create privacy your victory may be transformed look at your kitchen that she covered it right with the treatment solutions for you. All 3166127000. Go to got you covered of which it's not dot com got you covered survey which years. Old war. Well you know you you you take their best forward and hold him down. Note to. Just three points so we're guardians can give credit for that so I think that brown Kelly yeah garden Jeffrey Carol's going to be one of those two I thought brown was really. On everybody that he guarded all of their laws and had his hands of the passing blame ya gotta cancel a loose balls a lot of tipped balls. If the recount recount yeah he was active. So that's our choice of Kelly champ and also in the conversation a lot of guys played well that is the world to knock him played good defense. He will be our questions starting gate will be talking with him a little bit tough with Gregg Marshall so we will continue. 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Channing king is being cleaning Kansas in 1980 you trust your keys to the company take care and a king whether it's national champs sports facility medical services educational facility hospitality or health care service is the Janet in the franchise owners and regional support office is working hand in hand to develop plans around your the of that facility need and a genius king of calling. Call 2604661. Or visit Channing king dot com today. Bliss until. Or download a podcast WS shocker rest of the hunt GUYN dot com for 9 June or Google's Latin. My candidate Bob ball back to Stillwater news. Johnson's post didn't show that a site content and he had 621 street what you'll find so much more. Then men's suits thick quick look at the scoreboard elsewhere Memphis over Bryant today 9072. UConn beat cop the State's 7259. UCF over Southern University 7660. Temple 81. Saint Joseph's 78 says the AC five and oh so far on that day that's 7431. It nonconference play on the season. Big game coming up is getting under way a little bit ago with Florida and Cincinnati two ranked teams going at it in Newark. And that's for a shocker opponents today. Pretty good showing there also Marquette went by nineteen at Wisconsin and Florida Gulf Coast went to 8578. At UT Arlington which is 72 going into that game. Yet Casey loss at North Carolina State might nineteenth. Number one duke got knocked off by Boston College on the road it Chestnut Hill. And of course number five Florida's loss to last a couple of games effort to pay you lost this week so what does state. At eight and want to Italy ranked number six from the most likely who left at least spotted the national right him and reinvent. Or three maybe and two he's we've suffered for the shocker but what that market and you know Wisconsin doesn't lose after tackles. And they're not as good as they have yet but therefore at seven they played one of the toughest schedules in the country so win over then it's still really good wouldn't you say especially. It status so it went from Marquette 73. On a year. I'll be talking with land Shannon Gregg Marshall here just a moment water might do that Carlos and Kelly was born in 1981. Which by the way the police eighth year the characters it right now Carlson Kelly is celebrating. By giving you two full size entrees to Chillicothe peso for just 1981. Or the case so we should tell them to act and JR that's. You know Alec sham a fraud in the locker room it. If not ivy against the Buckeyes at Athens have only played his heart out. You know it's perfect timing really it was as part is Michael's escape was. That they now have their biggest break of the year between games that we between now and that Saturday it and trust Oklahoma comes out so. The timing couldn't be any better question got finals this week it's not what anybody stuff going on its united physically is it time this. Yet a period of physical break I don't think the players called brick and with the finals coming up but. Yeah they're they're probably. A little bit beat up a lot of a and that's the islanders here in the live around a lot in the second half the end experiences right care effort right ankle. That there. A lot of guys are things so it'll be nice to have we often. And you're ready for tutors them and other I want. That that we in the shop for. That he was here. What are ninety is that. Anytime you're looking for floor and I know that's that's what you think about every day but when it comes up when you're ready to change or want your interval house. You need to know is pars are doubtless sports center which that that's the thing foreclose to forty years family owned and operated the great service. And they have such a large inventory write it which warehouses. That they gave you the best every day prices you're going to find on the quality of glory they survive it. Whether it's flat and Hardwoods tile carpet area. Every day's a savings Dick Morris carpet out take advantage of it you located eight teams sixteen. North Broadway. We're giving all those underscores that you again with which a state when it defeated you and Casey today. 7263. There are three and you don't hear will host their own shocker winter classic at Friday Saturday. At cookery and we'll talk about those games and also the shocker performance this week at the end game coming up on our weekly coaches' shows. Route 677. To eight on Monday for AG exports filthy Alley Gregg Marshall at first start Keith Adams in the second hour. You could hear those 97. And thirteen thirty. Yes that's right now just waiting for our guests to join us. Again. From a record standpoint thirty points for Landry sham it is a career high for him. His previous best had been 23. Twice. And those were against Missouri State last year at cal earlier this year in Hawaii. Carter French camp with two more trades today has made at least want it 31 consecutive games that's an all time Wichita State records to war. Then the record champ but has sent last year and this year history can't it would go for four against Notre Dame. And the strikers with just their third win ever here in Stillwater. And the first since 1957. It's also the most points they've ever scored in this building the previous best had been 67. Activate 1957. Win here so eleven points more than they'd ever scored here. I think this series is indeed we're now but I believe that Oklahoma has re up for a couple more years after next week's game and it. There's theories can I would you yeah you it's such a close proximity you know no shocker here the two hour drive. And it's just a really good rivalry and so. I hope that they can work. He'll leave home home like you would go home. With quality game. If you got a new head coach here's I don't know that he's really been discussed it. It possible still. For. Yeah hopefully so and there aren't that many anymore shocker then to go back to the day's play with us to stay while it. Missouri Valley Conference that there is a lot of history that that aren't that. On the drive with Jeff earlier this week I've Rada in 1954. Games here all sheer about a thirty footer. At the buzzer. It was stayed at one point and it was their first win ever yours water buffalo steak right fit nation. Active fourteen. And Ralph Miller says that was the most important shot in which dusty history at that point because that was on it. Nearly got their noses on the scene it is definitely. A ninety day year finished except for the that we might beating. Being able to beat Oklahoma State here was. The most significant win if they have gotten to that point. Checking on. Coach Atlanta hit it should be had again any time. Dominique I think you worry that if you I think you know here's little ways away from. Courts they vehemently. Certainly wanna get their confidence if at all possible so we'll hang on here through this. Again these doctors will now play three more games at all close out their nonconference schedule. And the next time it will go on wrote in December 30 they play their first ever American conference game. At Connecticut on December 30. Coming up at home that you you next Saturday didn't trust Rita and then the following week on Tuesday Arkansas State. That Friday December 22. For the Gulf Coast. Hope that maybe by the ordered all those currency markets but nothing that. To be progressing toward. The back mr. enough. And soccer's 81 girl lost to notre being that tough loss in the finals. Classic him without mark up until Mark Duffy. Probably. All conference type player. Authorities the a definite Missouri Valley Conference he was so. That's that's an important piece of the puzzle that ads and them market so Q offensively. And defensively. Card. Guards forwards big guys. And you know you're bored so to the quality players couldn't make that Socrates. Haven't thought about it lives there nobody has offered up as an excuse. For this team the weren't they are without yet having played. This year. Underestimate that that is really really. Virus aren't the game and a career high 32 day policy team leading five accidents. And that is where these inspectors ice that you. That. All of you know tomorrow. That's for sure. Worth it. And and is this equipment fitness. For a time right now on stuff finals. Games or. Oklahoma doesn't it time that. Yeah through it's time to thank him. Throughout the game and banged up and stuff like and use. Don't worry about it you know the whole week to bond right. You know it's it was a mistake elected and it explores numbers reflect it. First half with the that is physical. On totally defensive struggle and the story and a lose the second half it can't explain that if you did it change what you know. And efficient it was really good and I was really happy. A lot of those guys who approachable and he talked assume that it was really you couldn't. Think the biggest differences just knowing we got there absolute best shot in the first half of us like you know we know teams are gonna come out. Give us everything they're gonna give us. And that's exactly what they didn't actually slowed down. And he handled their pressure a little better. Just were more patient and excuse me had excuse me this unification with. And that's the biggest thing. Let it looks like to leave Viacom came down on Campbell Smith's foot is that what happens if your body length implement it and I've read just kind of rolled my ankle I don't know. I saw you I thought you react to it and you kind of walk trying to walk it off and you had to get back on defense and it looked like you were favored a little bit but it just played right through it as. Have we yet do very nervous and got a whole week like we started going you know all the yards. You know Landry last year. Today did the same kind of thing that tragedy today really extended defense push you out and you guys to respond very well as far as driving the laws make it place prevalence of that really start change. Point last year at Illinois State game and you feel like that was. It is a candidate yet. Yeah. For sure I think confidence and identity roots are probably the two biggest changes from last trillion that's trillion. Last year we are still trying to find ourselves. And they kind of took a soil and in doing that now this year but I know exactly what the role is. Those with a comfortable and doing. And you know that that contributed a lot reads we knew that there are differences extend it like that so just lifted didn't have to be aggressive. I don't know if you talked about it at halftime but looked like in the second half you guys made an effort drive in the basketball knowledge that guards at the Phoenix and attractive free throw line. And the free throws really made a difference down the stretch you know didn't draw a thousand pound they're gonna pressure you like that. They're really good team but you know they they fly around and you know you combat that was you know. You know being aggressive and if they crowd you out on her without the drivel and you go Bynum and do some contact and excuse me how that worked so. That was one thing we talked about. Voice seems to be a factor with this team do you really that tested twice. Baylor right now again here today it seems like you guys always think things definitely. You know just. You don't look so we talked about forty in this feel comfortable just talked to each other like that is that our future of this stuff and comfortable with word. Who does not mean knowing that on the road what can you go on runs it's not so. I just weather the storm and keep you move forward. Well congratulations great ball game. You can do it offensively and defensively on the boards just a great performance like that that's. Thanks for problems have not had a hit nuances get semis and the ability to. Let Greece Canada started a game presented by the Kansas lottery that your pick up your Mega Millions ticket says it can't become. A millionaire like Kansas lottery Gregg Marshall jaundice which just stating 7866. Win on the road here. At Oklahoma State should thirty points. By this this very partial steps in to United's. This was. Really physical stuff difficult game. Defense he coached the left that first. That was booked. Oh my goodness it was a it was a it was a war it was an absolute war. But but that's the way they've played us. If that that's the way the game's going to be colorfully will play you know I I'd hate we got a good whistle on me really get a bad whistled for sure only thing I didn't like was the was to block the fourth foul on Shaq but other than that we can agree with sort on the road especially. And in these guys are Hoffman and Oklahoma State's tough but we've we matched their toughness tonight. I'll rebound them by hand when you when we get demolished last year. Yeah that was the thing having you really emphasize the things about last year's game and if you feel like you team he would reverse those things that. It really upsets you about last year's performances and yet those things and the turnovers were high that some of that you get it gets credited. Perhaps absolutely. We have to meat turnovers was still got guys. You know one dribble it and pick it and then panic and throw the ball away and I'm. I couldn't believe we were to win the game the way the first 810 minutes when I mean we just at one point I think we have three baskets in ten or eleven turnovers. Somehow we've we weathered that storm you know we weathered the storm with defense and rebounding. They way they weren't scoring either so and that travels you know we told him to 66 points and ultimately we end up with 78 which is usually enough for a. Us edit or whatever five of their first six shots she held it to sixteen after that in the first half and that's what kept threatening if you can't take the lead after. His defense and rebounding man in the middle of the got loose a couple of times with. Lay ups because we throw the ball to what you know the atomic bombs were killed us early in the first half but. I'm telling you to ten and seven. Nonconference record in this building since 198996. Point seven win percentage so that'll take it small dip. With the loss today now to ten and eight. But that's 28 years to have eleven losses on the road prior to today that's one every four more years. Here's on the sidelines of the house if you really get to that. It's very Edwards absolutely it's in that situation. They were doing some funky things that are in the first after a traffic on the sidelines. And overplaying everything which you expected. And I thought in the second half. You guys attacked more. And eastern taken it to the basket in one of the guys that gave you live with Willis on the offensive and can offer its stars right then and even in his career do you know. Yes he's he's tremendous player probably should've played a little more and would have. Have we got that foul trouble and then it became at the end of the game we that we work with our defense a unit in tried dobbs. And you know I have a little more faith in Chile right now defensively obviously Willis is much better off to play. Well if they wrote it. But not markets yet. Plus. It's an award you feel like it's pretty it is true. Now a couple of games so worth it at this week it. If. Yeah yeah I'm that we have we got a final salute trying to flee monster finals and then. We have a home game against Oklahoma watch them last night with the people and it should be quite a point got a patch up when. We train young comes to town with its leadership. Yeah we hope to get Marcus back real soon I think it was the target and Christmas along in. We don't I don't know how many more gains we have we got Oklahoma and we've got Florida Gulf Coast and in Arkansas State that just three more exit. So yeah the obviously a big win just to finish out the big twelve portion of our schedule on Saturday. They have a big when he gets USC last night which I watched him. I'm just gonna enjoy this right now guys loses its its back to back Saturdays now Waco and still want to come out with victories and that's not a lot of things can do that. Greg it's going to be fun throw at Holman over the shocker doing as well go see it. Revenge from that game last year in truth and do it here on their home court absolutely I apologized to fans what happened last year it was what it was one tough. They need to to deal with that everybody has them and that was and we really laid an egg but tonight we got little redeem. And I appreciate it was patience thanks Utah thanks chartered coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State woods and over Oklahoma State. 7866. To go to eight and won the on the year and Kelly affected the vote you and I hope the reader apps are rated trust the bakery and one week from today double the united it after it tipped off so we'll look forward to that. Between them chuck guys to take care finals if that's duffel. Doesn't take care of that we'll look forward to finishing GAAP to non conference and in the American. Here OK so they can work on their finals we'll go recruit the sharpened and ready for Oklahoma. Yeah about that. Compared with the data that is all right so good at handling issues of great job that the studio for Andrew for Bob my candidate which it pleasant good afternoon still a lot of checkered they rare victory this building. Would get over Oklahoma State 7866. That's our justice post game show. State him for the locker room show coming up next that archer who's going to be there it will be fun or maybe thanks for your. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KEY. Crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare can't just let tiger Carlos at Kelly's. Executive airship sell your insurance the Carnahan proved quite stylish every not to. He knows gorilla out. 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