WSU Men's Basketball at Memphis 02-06-18

Tuesday, February 6th

WSU Men's Basketball at Memphis: W 85-65


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Yeah and yeah. Jon herb. Three point seven GUY yeah. Break. The rain came down here so why so many doctors. What his ties to date first visit to. About this as a member of the American athletic conference. Not really doing a rivalry with the opponent that was once a member of the same conference. As Memphis once resided. In the Missouri valley conference for a brief six years spent part of that that's. When I was in school myself Bob all alongside Andrew Hamlet in the studio. We are looking forward to your calls and athletes in any questions they thought if you may have. 86910370. Is the phone numbers the area code is 316168691037. Or you can reach us on Twitter. At at shocker voice and we look forward to hearing from you. Wichita State. After breaking out of a two game losing skid by winning two straight by nineteen points and Tom comes now off eighteen point overtime loss at temple. In their last game last Thursday it have we can't game. On the road for this one tonight and then back home for a couple with UConn coming to town on Saturday at a rematch with temple. Next Thursday before we get dizzy up phones and all of that stuff but certainly. Another. Kind of what's become typical American athletic conference challenge in terms of the team that doesn't have been great record overall. And very capable team was some very good players. And dangerous on any given night. Yeah if you think that both teams are coming off overtime losses. Can't Memphis. As as was pitiful they have very. Talented team. Maybe got a experiences temple they have a number of YouTube college transfer. As the number of players not the program after last season. But they have some very found it guys leading scorer in the league's hottest player in the league in Jeremiah mark. Canada and very very experienced coach is Tubby Smith who's had success every institution ethernet. And in this conference we're fighting kind of a repetition of sorts but we we've. Perfect gift very thick talented team with a lot of good athlete and very experienced coaches. Aunt Jody Smith of course has some previous history of Wichita state of Missouri Valley Conference. Having served as the head coach at Tulsa for four years that was his very first. Coaching job after twelve years do you want assistant became head coach at Tulsa in the early eighties. Was there for four years had a sweet sixteen team before moving on Georgia and Kentucky Minnesota. Texas Tech and now Memphis the sixth stuff. It made up 27 years if you want it coaching career. Little bit industry with Gregg Marshall went through here about eight pregame interview with the Marshall. This was founded as university in 1912 the Vietnam War probably as Memphis state. If they public university enrollment of over 21000. First came to basketball prominence in the 1950s. Back to back NCAA appearances in 1955 and 56. Under after Bradley in the 57 and I TE. But it is an independent through 1967. Joined the Missouri valley conference for six years went back to the and its status. And then their longest run they join the metro conference in 7576. And remained in that conference a couple of mergers into the great midwest and conference USA a total of 38 years with that affiliation. With Ford join the American. 2000 thirteenth. It and it's great coaches over the years gene Bartow is the line really got it going in the early seventies that the championship game against UCLA in 1973. Of course went on from there to coach UCLA himself when he needs Phoenix her Larry finch on and it's really good runs Hillary fits. Out of Memphis legend even those dark art I'm at 73 NCA finalist and averaged twenty years like England's a year for eleven years here's the coach. With six NCAA appearances. Just past there have some success recently over seven years then before moving on to Georgia Tech and now that we spent time in go to cal Perry. Had a gap at the national championship in his wrath. If Kansas and not knock down shots and yet deregulation got an overtime. And one negative in overtime that was that was deficits it would have felt a lot they've they've had a lot of success that Tubby Smith 27 years of coaching. Three national coach of the year honors. And in his 47 years he's sticking his thirteenth to eighteenth NCAA tournament they were the national champs. In 1998 Kentucky's first year they're fully fit before leaving eighth and then decide sweet sixteenth self a lot of success. They mentioned cal Perry the thing that surprised me a little bit was how long he was here I didn't remember that he was here for nine years one to 08. And really he has. Four straight sweet sixteen really dates. Six NCAAs seven years and of course not mention lost game is the only time so they have a long history of success here and for that reason probably short patience with any lack of success since. It's nestled probably Dioner. Shortly used to get things going your last year's team. 119. And 500 in the conference at right now at fourteen and design and 500. Now it's time to time and you're sitting there with a lot of good young players that just Hester head that recruited. But two of them are a number of them left into the loss of humans I think if Lofton throughout. The lawsuit was transferred up to Kansas that are sitting out this year. That they'll sell a program to replace that yourself they're supposed to be very very talented forward. As far as this series. They played eleven times for the tour members of the Missouri Valley Conference there was one here. That meant this was detonated play doubles route Robinson who only played once their ears and eleven of twenty meetings Mercury those years there were a couple before Memphis got in the valley. And then now the reform in the seventies after Memphis left the valley. One and 8283. Here at slot car recently. Two top ten teams that year. That was the last time Wichita State flight here at 35 years ago tomorrow. The exact date. As bad. Since then they only gave was that gave the Sanford pentagon south Dakota's season opener but warriors that you mentioned today that you and they'd all call that gave you victory here yes they're south coliseum which is still an existence that night is for this anymore we're out dancing in the FedEx Forum with a Memphis Grizzlies play in. Right out of the heart of downtown Memphis feel streets of blockers well it's right at the end of the street and I'll let it. Rock and Soul Museum next story and it's the rivers still good back then and then there's good today music with the fact that it's this is a great city I love this city and it's one of the things I was most excited about Wichita State joint news conference and it's lived up to the record here for the last few tough. That's yet to go to the Yankees last night and had a greenhouse. All right let's get to your thoughts questions at center. Ali just not by phone now. All right we'll bring in my coldly. For my crowd. Here for a while they'll. Worked my burger all day. But I'd like you got out. Warburg that the vote for which are sacred and what are. These people. It could take a great job the work now vote. And the state for the well actually both those guys. Regarding that I'd be curious what your. Thought it is the date he disparity there and it's conquer bring it ought reap the that article it if the correct it. What type of one of that it with the fact that the remote with a. I'll let Bob answer that but also just in general terms. With this program and where. 1011 very good players. This distribution of minutes is really gonna depend on game situations on Thanksgiving night who's playing well. Who matches up well with the other teams who might be in foul trouble itself. And I certainly Austin plays really really well the last two games in his earn more minutes than he was getting previously that I could probably should they haven't given up on. Not a Clinton and now they're you know what mark of the fourth of five guys that are playing well apartment 67 guys. That are playing well element in particular night so you can go with with any of that he at 1011 guys that it should act more think that a foul trouble. You can get a lot of minutes he played 35 minutes the other night at temple I think that's the most minutes he's never late as as a shocker. It's that sometimes zero Willis has that Dolan and he'll hit 20/20 five minutes about the night he definitely have authorities. Turn the ball over or fouling him. And he doesn't get the play as much offense and nurture have to fill and he explains them nice and that's the beauty of the plate much less a couple of nights just so happens that. You know. Austin reed says really can't go in the last couple games of the remembers the great game against Tulsa where he hits seventh straight threes. In the first half it's funny three point the next game then one point. Five rebounds it's helpful hit three threes in that game hit me for 35 minutes. Against temple unsure that's the most since he's ever played soccer so your your right now. Often read his plays more minutes right now I'm afraid I can't fewer minutes he's just the flight attendants at temple was all for one for three fourteen minutes against felt it was all for 53 self yet for the three and a couple of games celestial. Like Watergate and they're not particularly pleased that Lincoln would laugh because it Connor again. And that's I. Think that's exactly the expression haggard Gregg Marshall used with somebody that maybe the TV people that he was not conclusive because they knotted the father is it that the white guys that. But he immediately making shots for him being. Nearly effective if they. Yet he doesn't hurt a lot of the defense defensive end it here but that's not his greatest contribution by having me keeping him make his shots for him placing its. Following other coaches can read is that she you know and their look at the video and so you know as then you have to do with that though the players. Actually you have to build different package got out pressured for the shocker when his shots out there early so they've got out fractures but. You're gonna see Tubby Smith if he. He felt that a pack it in the knife in his challenge I honestly can't challenge. Landry campus to make outside shots there's after watching Jack Mort the last couple of international and effective inside because you. That the killer before he. Feet 8%. In the last four qualities of 2638. If I'm correct yet we think that it thirtieth the last four games self they're gonna try to keep away from you know and the other doctors. You've outside so it's going to be critical. Got this doctors get knocked down some shots. All right thank you I'll add my fears are that scholar. It. It doesn't go really do. Thank you. Let me golf but. You know last thing that if they all revolved. I don't think Oklahoma bit the view if you like it did you obliquely with self stated we can put you. You can do later that same game no no have been there for a good twelve. Campbell they album and album that would bar. And a double from huddled around the world won't get we'll. And yet hey you can leave home court could put a veteran. France could hurt. Reforms few holes. And I also move this thing I think we'll hopefully not real estate development that battle. Floor at this thing and they've dealt to them that this on this whole thing and that she. Well first of all let's talk about. Flat shots. In this program. You know if you hit especially if you are in a time you have an out of the time out of the last possession you're gonna have a a plate with various options drawn up at. In that situation I think he. Certain players who at least handle it first or have a chance to make the play at Atlanta should have them probably be at the top of that list. But one of the strengths of this program has hit. That they don't give hand on any one guy or a couple of guys did necessarily always take less shots you want it to BA could open shots. Zach ground although he has struggled with consistency this year has certainly shown that left corners one of his favorite spot to hit some big shots. Late in games even this season from that very same spot. And it was. It was in any transition type situation I don't know that you could have asked for a better more open shot and it I shot that's comfortable for him he just happened not that would yeah. You know as it transition. So you've got two options are you could call a timeout. And it's that efforts that slavery Connery and its that it offers shot. But he can you call a timeout you know you gotta get that volleys that you don't know what kind of defense team that cum audience that you gotta have like three different place thought that it might come out don't think much about him and that's not in my. Wrapped it strapped. Camp with the commodity finance self. A lot of coaches and I'm one of them that if you've got if you get a good looks good have a perfect transition and got the right guy handle the ball. Plus after that ought to let him go. And I think the machine but you can read. Reeves was covered anything through directly to does that round that left order that nobody was on active act out wide open look. And I thought he was gonna make it that he loves that left border. So I thought that was a good shot I felt we're gonna win it right there. At the last shot of overtime. That was out of timeout and they set up a playoff rusher ran exactly. Like coach wanted to do but. May have reached rolls got a few shack stores it right short corner. He has. That the Connor a brief little run the right wing he was covered. Connor was over on the left wing and then markets got looped around behind him after him it penetrated that Shaq made a perfect pass. Thought the market but Duffy but Duffy on it. Stepped into the shot out of the top of the circle I thought he was gonna knock it down fifty to 40% three point shooter career. Any justice that he came up short in this that anything so I thought both shots were good sought out on a streak of good government a much better shot. If you called timeout and and I've forgotten what. And here's the other thing. Other than Austin Reeves. It's going into that particular game we're going into the last stages of that particular game. I don't know if you could pick anybody that you could say. While they just tear it up and that's again I would definitely like to take the last shot it done and nothing examples that now lost history is the hottest guys. Wichita State Alaska with it all over him so. Anybody else that takes it. Are all guys that have proven they can't in the past but. It's it's not a time right now what necessarily any of them are as hot. That there are shooting well as a potentially. As of recently we've written shocker last couple games that it hit shots. That that didn't work jobs stop penetration but they didn't hit shots they were seven of thirteen. In the first half believe temple wasn't well thought he shot really well in the thick in the first half. But the shoppers that a shot early in the second half for victory in the name is the next thirteen threes in the second half. And overtime. They only hit one shot and overtime. And I counted I watched the video the next day an iconic five shots inside fifteen feet wide open with the doctors missile. You've got to hit shots to win quality especially. Growth which fixes to another thing that I wanted to bring up and and I understand some of what I see on Twitter for instance his people reading stuff what they're frustrated we are frustrated aftershock is live nobody. Hate losing more than we did. But. There was there were a couple of people really getting on the edited. He should you know Marshall always saved his timeout and he should have called more timeouts. And it should use this time out. Add somebody put out it was a sixteen if you run by temple salt so solid that it and I checked specifically. And temple did have a very good stretch in which they outscored the shocker sixteen to five there was no sixteen Dixon run. There was a sixteen to five scoring spam that that was seven full minutes it was for fourteen and a half minutes. In the half when Wichita State led by TN. 27. And a half minutes left in the half. And temple outscored the shocker sixteen to five years and it's that self. More significant today than temple was doing what to tell us they only scored five points on seven minutes and as Bob said. If you go back with play by play could look at the video off they were getting shots they were running good offense that was not good enough job cuts. And there was that also there were some immediate timeouts during that span so it's not like their whole span of just landed Gregg Marshall does have a chance to. At just any thing or not. Do them on defense refute media time out there so they're really the reason explained as a coach why you call a timeout. It was momentum and things in the quality well it that he. Rotted off you know. A lot of unanswered points and you don't have immediate timeout coming up you might call a timeout. You know edges just it just to break it especially on the road they're proud school and that's my call a timeout just it just to stop the run him. And gather yourself if your guys aren't playing in defense they are blocked an office. You might call it. Time now to get on them and say hey you know you are playing defense are locked in you know hours after the ball over so. But I think there was really a lot of thankful I'm just a matter of the shocker weren't hit shots and devils did hit some pretty good shots I know a key shots what's that freshman. You're and we hit them long reported the lefty. Out front in that kept it closer than they kept within three or four. What kind of doctors got a five indicate that output rose to one foot deep one from the right side with us to leave appointing close. And that quickly cut effective to doctor verified that quickly that affected you so they hit some key buckets. And inept but good at the end of regulation. That actually hit. Tough it the Mickey out of a timeout and ran a good plays a role ones that ground the ground was all over him actually went up for the shot. What it back down what's left shoulder double clutched it. And then after Brown's arm came down went back up the third in it was a groups. He had made finished a film night. That horrible night shoot them that it felt when there's so. Yeah at temple made plays shoppers didn't let me Hideki turnover when they hit it 11 after they beat yet breath. And I thought you can lob it up to Shaq he bounced at the behind himself. Just some miscues and in this this Johnson in Costa. The game it just to give you. And I hear the difference that we're talking about Greg marshals call a couple timeouts in the Houston game because in that game. Houston was really up that everybody's real and Wichita State was having a heck of the time running anything they were really able to get into their offense and so there have been several dry trip Thursday. That didn't go overturn rollover accident at Charlotte and then you call a time hasn't yet. To maybe it's just a few things they aren't looks dry run of this and you know make sure that your in the right spots those kinds of things just get. Get things settled down and get them back into what they need to think that was the problem against temple in what they needed to the end of running great offensive and just missed it wide open shots. The other major thing about the Tampa effectively the record it. If you thought I was looking at their talent before. Look at film but the video it and I think in Connecticut lineup with those player for player other than. Check forces' side they can match of flavor flavor it at every position. And we saw that person I think even more so we are convinced that if that's the found that FEMA from both counties. In the eight AC self. That ethnic football club in we got that good enough and it probably could have been can be tough game. Thank you for the. Austin. Wouldn't offer statement dated and it. Yet but it all. All along well. And the players. Yet tune. Out yeah. He all things. The alternate David I've driven it all I think it was some RJ came down. He got called for palm the ball in the budget can't get to break him down. He put that its ties and it drives you hit that shot block. They could have a couple times that simpler. If his call for traveler foul. But the problem we have with that phone call was there for palm the ball all night long and few of the phone but it it's not flat out it was all that if that would go with that that is yet ballots sent a letter in the gulf home to Nigeria might. Whitman it's it's you know yeah Amber's calling it automatically in the NF LL a critical part of column called it called them once lawlessness that sound like the self reflective of pollution that these guys would hardly call them both teams that thing you don't just call one key moment in the audio so. They worked on that all of them practice dating all the all the volume growth most of their drove it in Luke fortunately passed it. In the coach's dad played about six coaches they're watching every practice and watch candidate call rambling call only called if the big guys are like your pivot foot when it if they're old they're looking at that all the time they do a lot of ball handling. All throughout practice. I thank you David. 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Shocker force is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad wouldn't John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven. Solidly deal last night this. Great place of the Lockett in Memphis one of our Memphis on the plane Gloria tonight this equipment and out of the race. A couple of quick Flickr answers olive Austin's family not to far from Memphis hardest game we expect him to the other Washington and it lasted two hours for us. Newer markets not in Memphis that you know enhancements serial accidentally friends flew it went to a club last night. Granted there's leverage you have a threat death. That's down from Kansas City hasn't been the head cousins in from Montana they've been here since Friday who says they were making kind of vacation out of business. They're all having reviewed that I could take care water flooding flooding forth and boosters came out on the charter flight. Since they're already at lunch more than that people here in theory and it's not regards people driven down a tanker flown down I think there's people live here and here it looks like it's not going to be pretty well represented him here. Yet so we'll see what kind of crowd the tigers' spring Ian most of the I'm affect all of these. Away games in this conference so far people have set a record. Floors chances that you're been the most for the biggest thing out. They've had all year effect Hartford there was 151000. Paulson sold out first time since 2009. So be it seems the company's Memphis Tigers fans sure it's not a great night it's raining and so that may affect things. That he also. Please as weird question it's actually not only. As a putback dunk count as a rebound also on the statue and the answer is yes you have to account for every exists not. With a rebound. If it's for instance of their different ways to do it analysts say there's a bit us. And it goes out of bounds on somebody's hand nobody actually secures effect goes is eighteen rebounds for the team they get possession but who recently found out that this. On at a follow dunk it saves to shots. Somebody catches it as it comes off so right there that's the rebound and then the Duncan's shot attempt a basket case so yes. That's kind of yet. Apparently that's Soviet days he would not gonna talk about that little bit later. Memphis loves to crash the office of sports so it's going to be important shocker to keep them off their forwards. And then they don't they don't always plots off great defensively itself I think to shocker if they'll go to the glass eleven often gets a little effects. Our thanks to those questions will get more development act shocker voice on Twitter right candidate Gerald my phone Gerald. Ellis thank you for taking my call I've got a question about something that I saw at the end of regulation that. Eat with about eight seconds left side he remembered that careful at the fault it was court hands down the ball. Put the lines and they called time out. We may yet he came out of the huddle at the fun out officials at a conference simply default the temple that I don't mind. Record in the base line. I'm wondering if I guess something more if there was something there that night it seemed. After sort of after. All end of the football and Puerto. All the the drive out here. Excuse me got made a mistake I was wondering if you could explain. What happens better and and at least it keeps your inbound flight from the sidelines at. The baseline and that's all we left hand was. Here thank you. Coach or manager etc. I. Gerald it wasn't convinced nothing this is the ref breathe this stuff and yet the collective. We couldn't figure out for the longest time the replay monitor was right next to us. Over their temple. Philadelphia in. That down time in and you know vote came over and looked at it we configure with a look at Atkins that. No time had expired in its war was wrong. So we could figure out in the eighth exactly right they were gonna have found it from the baseline. And in fact they called timeout for the community and write yet and then accidentally hit over Shaq. And no I haven't gone off the clock. In your absolutely right they were in balloting at the wrong spot. It's it's where the fall is when the time not his fault that the ball was out front with a timeout is called. So you have you up. Think about the nearest sideline which was so far sidelines. If the ball has been closer to the baseline like fools the free throw line and on that right that it would take the baseline. So it was a ref Rees was that if mounted at the wrong spot for the expected it to him bounded on the sidelines now it's easier to throw it from the sidelines. But. More coaches have more plays from underneath itself. Most coaches would like to have the ball underneath him most I would I would much rather definitive sidelines. How about Slaton underneath out of bounds play so remember that northwestern Notre Dame game. You know they scored on an out of bounds underneath them that the guys it's. Messed up with switches you can catch the ball right it's the best score felt. They were right because they've made the correct call in about it on the sidelines. Petty officer she has noticed a couple of guys when they don't get it now called looking for odds Wichita State's offensive end. Throwing up their hands and complaining causing him to lose its effort to getting back on defense that this happens tonight please you know get back. I'm okay I will fit with us I thought that they yell stuff vanity. That it would throw analogue. Now that's that's the cardinals then they'll make one mistake it's limited to the states don't complain about it but Paul inactive fact. Don't have complained about not typical liberal city and keep them out that's going to be a portly. Real important and active if it really likes you cannot go so it's been reported that you get back and run it and inflicted France's defense. Drive to the game has got you by Kansas flat tire and service or retires of professional auto service are always. A slam not to go to the phones scored Doug. For taking my call. I guess if you come in handy. Debate. What comment thoughts on Campbell. Thank you go our thoughts on that. Earlier in the program that when you look at simple. You're out there who lives there who won loss record. Because like I bit down and hand look good students. They've had flurries. He ripped. I think it's probably still win. This possibility of going to the earth. That might come here like here or hear anything. Wanna had been there and I have myopic rhetoric and made it more that got beat me. And on the road. Here in the comfort. It's what I'm talking about but there's. Like she looked at earlier this fate seemed to fill up their stadium. Fans are really was there any. Had thought that being fanned. One example would be carefully to warm support after. Winning games aren't. I think it would. They're paying their philosophy to vote this year he is wicker off. Like they'd rather beat and. That's well if you'll feel anybody in my hip that they have out there. In the stadium. Probably no one night do it goes both got. I'll hang up that list. It's an interesting thing you bring up because Gregg Marshall just talked about some of that is that people from CBS today at this program. Wichita State coming into this lady was free season's top ten and all the holes in the top five it's not. All of the national media word. McKee and that not only that believes it culminated maybe be a final four team and all that kind of stuff that always makes this target. Classes coach Marshall plan that there're a lot of good programs in this league with proud traditions. And then he says it's not anything we did. But you know the national media's front stuff out there about Wichita State's gonna come in and nominate instead of if you imaginative if we were still in the Missouri Valley Conference that somebody laughed at me bring him about Mo and everybody isn't about what's gonna happen. Dominate this way. Recently going really isn't about wolf I think we'll let them say about that and it's not I think that there is author all those factors involved lists. And Wichita State certainly curiosity. And a fan bases of these statements that accounts also for the size of the crowd did not mention that earlier. So yeah it's it's very much a factor at. And it's a tough thing just to play against them. Nobody's at their very best every night with us to think about it out of their opponent the gave their very best at least in terms of effort coming out. Yeah there are definitely target on our backs and all that hype going into the put into the season. You know it helps sell tickets and it's a lot of configured on TV. And we've been on its community as it philosophy yes but also it's all your bullets fired at the beaches. And that is that you can get it crowds out. You know it's kind of a visual. We'll see temple won a lot of ball games that they successfully John king and that these things they've rushed the court. After that our guys over after that we've the other night itself. Yeah everybody is. Got this soccer game circled on the calendar and everybody really wants to fetuses and that I think another factor is that they'll hop stuff it's going to be winning which it off because of the record fairs though. They'd better win their home in which that has its. Mean real real tough because there are things you don't. But you know we talked about both teams coming off an overtime loss. Both the benefits in the shocker. The other interesting thing is. Memphis won at temple and they hit their last shots through overtime. It with a group Q3 brood. Hit that shot. At the buzzer. Or that little off the samples so they hit their shot one that overtime game shocker didn't this guy. And in glossed over that tactic. I would detective quicktime ActiveX if there anymore we can get cute and acted as though they trust bank pregame show. 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Yes he beat legally you're he'd be signed it not for three and that's why we offer free delivery and only and we are everything we now LT and cast your TV I watch happy. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allah Acosta in valley center in danger or an Andover was a lawyer. US you've shocker basketball is on 103 point Evan JE one yeah. He of course is one of the Memphis products and early rock and roll Elvis or Jerry Lee Johnny Cash. Carl Perkins let's all got together at the same studios and studios world golf million dollar quartet. Thanks so I don't think there's gambling with the tell us together floors once again we've got him with a phone call let's get to that team. I'm like about. We're confident that is likely at all. Do appreciate bill McCullough. Our state. Third would you respond. In my view bosses are quite often hear the real comfortable and start these days. Drove both sides of the highest vote dreams we have struggled dribble penetration and composer slow get to three point shooter. So why not try those defense is there's kind of past or he's been I'm so they say it's hard to read that leap down now. Look out for those who visit here at this. Hey he would do you hate to say who do voted last night felt long cruisers they. Brett it's like we're living. Authors. That'll do and then slowly early. Other than the full court press. Rarely feel the right. Coach bill. This well at him I think you make some good points and I think you're gonna see coach Marshall used some zone tonight especially. If they start the trading in here Myanmar's starts to hit the foul line alive you may see coach Marshall. Photos don't know that he just likes to do with the second half as changeup. The vanity definitely the game is that it you to keep them fouling and they shoot outside shots. But he's he's more limited and go to Netflix with we're comfortable with that's soccer's best defense. They feel. You know they don't feel like you're at long zone as they are me and let let you see his view it quite often that the frequency of use them at night. But if you look at the statistics. Him. The stock to hold their opponents to seventy point 6040%. From the floor soccer shoot 48%. From the floor. They're holding opponents to 34% for three soccer to shoot 39% so the defense. Has not been that bad in that loss to temple like at the stat sheet right here temple shot 42%. For the team. Shot for shot 41%. And I have been think that it is thirteen. Of their last three point shots though. I think our defense although it could be better I don't think it's as good as it was last year. I think we're not covered penetration as well as we covered last year definitely not a well covered it. In the red lines to kill years though. That's the that's the weakness of this team I think because the RT. Not. Pressure passes so much anymore I think there's suited guys that the next path from the all of them at the author and more. Supporting the gap so they can work. The guy that's guarding the ball and try to pickles penetration they'll look for that in a shocker this game in the game. And Jamie made some good points and sank at times it doesn't do this at times and that's true that's very true. And it. Time there are those lapses over. For all the other shoppers are still 25 in the nation in field goal percentage defense playing against some very good opponents it's very good individuals who have scored well even when they said well guarded so there's that factor also. It's it's still pretty good defense most of the time it's not as good. As well we've been used to is not quite an added reason it's not as good as Gregg Marshall was going to be willing to accept it. These are continuing to work on things to get it better in the man to man as well maybe looking him. Well I think but think about this too when we lined up against Missouri State. Or Loyola. Or southern Illinois. They had food. Maybe three guys from the team that could play with our guys. And then the other guys were mismatched. They readers and small are not quick enough or I'm not picking up inside. You know I've I didn't think there was any teams in the Balata can match up with those things for man. Throughout the whole key video voice state a couple of years to do it. But now this leak. These guys you think can line up with this guy for guys you know are their top ten guys Templeton lineup what does that not disguised as that you don't have as many guys that thought guys. Are really good. And of course Cincinnati we have seen it yet. Let's there is as he peninsula athletic. The fall of the stock of ourselves if it's a different level of competition. So is it harder to guard defense hasn't got a lot of really good athletes these shoppers can out athlete people. Like they used to in the valley a lot of games. I think throwing your calls and we really appreciate your contribution we are out of time sorry if we this year trying to get a little earlier next time and we will be back for the head coach Gregg Marshall with our interest thank pre game code continues from Memphis. Remember any day they shot this place get 50% off your online order. If not area pop that John flock not a prophet John dot com is the problem shocker fifty. Received his doctor this. This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys the only branch and JD power dependability words for cars trucks and suvs two years and wrote I am so fast and that's great especially tears in her Chevy Stephanopoulos. 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That's actually did show the coaches thought it would coach Greg marshals as presented by expressive climate professionals out of position us to put a million to work. Coach insisting nothing cycle of life some times twelve years ago you're here with the related went through team took fourth ranked Memphis to the wired and year and a half personally your Wichita State Harry. Link with these kids yeah. We played well that night and of course John Calipari a great team. But we're a little short end of the stick on the officiating. And we ended up coming real close to being a bit. Were brought the boards to a Memphis Grizzlies game the night before we actually dating a hotel down in two Annika missed it. Course back then that Memphis was painful because we didn't have anybody that's what we came out here to forget where. But yeah they were back community in FedEx form a beautiful building and there's the tigers tonight Tubby Smith an old friend a guy I've known forever it was when I was twenty years old brick and in the group. The business that Randolph-Macon. He was consistently and you and I got to know him and actually coached his oldest son of basketball camp. In 1985. And GG GG was too young for K and cried every day. I was coaching the youngest kid and he was that the head in my line and my station. And ended up being a great player shall. Maybe had a tiny bit to do with that I think it's more good genes in and Tubby Smith was a great player to its high for. Your team. I'm not that tough overtime loss at temple is a particular thing that chief emphasized in practice over the last few days. You know we just have to close. To make shots. We have to get stopped and that the drink stuff that we were going all time by committee we. Have to deal with it stops. Better. Defensively we've got to improve and then. You know we've we've blue check out. On that last possession of regulation they got the ball to tie the game. Or to win the game after yeah I think it might have been in overtime with blue checked out and and then we did execute Blake gained consumers just step up to make a shot we had several shots that would have won the game but none none of mourning him. Once again facing Memphis we see an example of this league seem to have a couple of guys on every team that can really play Jeremiah Martin's got to be one of the most productive scorers in the count yeah he's tremendously for very athletic long skill. Talented player. Lefty 6364. Hits to the ram shoes authorities. Are good points in transition with. Great hands good anticipation so. He's a problem. Let there be stands out about him as far as style what are some things you've noticed that is how they play well tubby he's gonna played mostly man to man I mean I. Her hair cut how to wind I had no idea what he's his first time playing a lot of these teams like these programs and a lot of these coaches so. But he's traditionally a man to man coach. They run that. I've been very very good defensively and they really bang their offensive glass. I could thank you shut it coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State and Memphis coming up from the FedEx Forum. Lead Lauren as you know that's gonna eat chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only he but does it. We are second cookies directly from not violence and shoot a traffic accident at American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. So today we're supporting Lorenz dream if people want to get your phone they can just buy some of my chocolate every dream deserves a champion find yours at M tam dot com. American family insurance American coming to your opinion and that's an American partner and her coffers and entering. 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Bob Novak. Ride your bike capital federal first new home dream home you contrast the strength behind True Blue financing capital federal. It's a housing lender member FDIC about tonight's winning strategies here's Bob. Thanks Mike let's first talk about defense that Tubby Smith tigers that got the hottest player in American athletic conference's sixth street junior Jeremiah mark. He leads the league averaging forty points in league play he had 33 the other night against east Carolina 2853. Yet 45 against South Florida with nine assists three blocks they thought. That it's been a thing and I think this year. He had 25 points that South Florida and nine assists three blocks and frees field he's a quick left the second blow by it to the rim. He's got the three point range and he draws a lot of bout peace not a 160. For free throw that wife Betty at any shocker to make it 75% of they can't foul it. That it got 68 junior he's in Davenport he averages thirteen. Point seven rebounds he's coming off in straight double double at sixteen points that we've got to be airliner eighteen points eleven rebounds. That's our order is that typical all American can score inside and now he draws lots of files that wealth now three point shooting has dropped off a little. If he's only down between 7%. In eighty feet plates look at them and if you read. Defense and transition will be a big key for the shocks if they wanna be successful night here meant that the tigers love to tune it out. It pushes parts of the doctors defensively that's got to bring it back they've got this. Off they've got this what's the sport and not let your near my market that they asked if offensively. Obviously for the fifth place mostly in demand look for him to get the gaps and gambling you know they're gonna have multiple defenders in the lane trying to think wage act or fifties then. The most effective shocker office of player. Doctor Carter could have hit outside shots to get the tiger defenders out of the way Landry partner Austin. That there couldn't be hit it decent percentage but three pointers to get a win here tonight Memphis number three rebounding. Memphis loves to crash the office of for the quarter. Their best after the shocker that not that bought him off keep them off the offensive glass and on the other in the for the shocker didn't get to the office that lasted you know goals. If this doesn't always want to offer a wealth of that's going to be key for shock to connect the extra possessions you get to put backs and a porky its turnovers you must take care of the ball. The tigers love to think live ball turnovers and make him if that's great but if that's definitely shocker that sixteen turnovers. And temple scored fifteen points there's a shocker seven off on points off turnovers so very important thing here the ball. Like I've got the injury report practiced by popular live your life your journey. Your optimal you're the only injury issues recently has been as yours be guarded the big seven foot freshman. Is back on the travel squad in nice practicing again after missing a couple of the games and trips but it turned ankle not likely to play a lot of force but nevertheless that an active again. After missing a little bit of time. The color guard is on the floor so we aren't just about ready for a national at this year's FedEx Forum. It downtown Memphis shot is ready to face the Memphis Tigers. Join us as we honor Americans here in Memphis. With the singing of our National Anthem. Oh yeah. Okay okay yeah. As long as. Are. Well okay. Okay. We'll. It didn't. We'll there. We'll. Okay. I don't. I National Anthem. Very nicely here at the FedEx Forum and we are just about ready to get this month. Underway when ever regain sponsors Tavares carpet out that it's going Saturday to sixteen north Broadway. Hardwood laminate tile carpet area rugs and large supply rate everyday prices and great. Family owned and operated service every single day it would indeed flooring need to bars in the 1860. North Broadway this series stands stands and all time between what is not stated Memphis again. Last meeting was four years ago in the season's opener are patriots the end game at some flaws South Dakota Sanford had a gun Wichita State won that game. Prior to last. The plans to get it here in Memphis. In 1983. Sort of 35 years since it's not exactly your your body all time. In Memphis starting lineup presented by equity thank you never made it to him that he is sure to visit them on line and equity thing. Dot com. Wanted to soccer's Rashard Kelly will be at a forward as we've got his degree about 67 senior. Perhaps Fredericksburg Virginia averages flat and a half point seven point seven. Rebounds per game sack around 66 senior from Houston Texas averaging four point eight points per game. The senator is Shaquille Morris these 68 senior from Edmond Oklahoma. Jack. Raising his average over the last couple of games and thirteen point three points per game shooting 56%. From the field at the guards Landry Chambliss who has been bank board games and slot while they you know snapped out of it tonight. Renting everything. Half points per game leads the conference in assists. And five point three per game. Shooting 44%. For entry. With the recent slump. Anyone wondering if Boston's three tenths of people here only need to hear the response when his name was called it the starting line up. Plus a look at the start tonight 65 sophomore from the work it's not now averaging seven and a half points the game shooting 47%. To trade. He's at 43 points in the last few games making as a out of 183 point attempts decisive seventh season 500. Mr. Marshall Eric's winning burst in the coaches poll 22 day today and obviously seven and sorry for the American athletic conference included. It's related cognitive. That's us fourteen and nine overall us. A severe head coach Tubby Smith has yet surfaced of six shots it is what exactly. Is now coaching career the tigers are five at five NCA AC. Paul Johnson is a guard a 63 freshman from Birmingham Alabama average. Point eight points for games and three rebounds. Q does it Davenport is in six states that is ten cents in your post player from Gainesville Georgia trips. Georgia highlands college golf point nine points per game six point six rebounds. Jamario rivers is a 68135. Pound senior from Clarksville Tennessee. It's votes answer a year ago fees average seven point four points per game. Vice parts failure there 68260. Pound you hear from Cleveland Ohio transfer from southwest. College six point 83 points a game four point three rebounds doesn't take a lot of shots that city's 54%. The got a shock if you really have to stay on top. Jeremiah. Martin 63 junior from right here in Memphis Mitchell high school but a full season nineteen point four points per game. 44% shooting just 33% to three in conference play it's not mention averaging twenty game. He is at twenty Euribor in seven of the last eight games averaging just under 25 points per game evidently he stressed. Yes they're about the overtime laws as the doctors darkness was at east Carolina. Doctors obviously it from temple with the overtime loss of both teams you win. Puckered the one is that actually what you've been fired this effectively right. British actors are on the road the official watch party location as you know it's really not worth the southeast quarter flavors that went snow fighters watch parties for a chance to look at for 58 seizure of it in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. And you know still it's afterwards you're officially launch party location. Four shocker basketball. Soccer's black. Night letters and numbers it's called it the old strike down the side of pitchers in this down to pants. Memphis into white letters and numbers in lieu. Doctors the tigers ready to it and let officials tonight pat Adams Atlantis and here either. Her past athletes in both teams like the like about it. Davenport center for the tigers feel morris' shot this faculty has indicted 2% of its it's definitive Atlantic salmon. Started off at the top of the art institute Boras right at the top players what's the end. And then allow for Kelly pretty easy dunk champ posted first it looked adamant that that's that mattress and a and Kelly's look behind you for the locked down yet they covered that part of it you have a different you know from the factory and expects that free bird. Kelly and obviously that's not particularly for the front and it is mark starts right goes that way definitely started. Helping to switch to pass intercepted by ground gravity down toward Davenport watched from behind a thousand. Keep in Davenport trailing the play try to swat it away without ran on the arm as he went for the lay up for naught but a good anticipation not a task. Not that the key for a breakaway possible done. Memphis has organized one guy you know like they do a lot of Wall Street look for the soccer which and that's what they did their date with applause but not in the path. I feel. Free throw line makes the First Act on New Year's shooting 76 point 2% but he only had 21 its ups. It when he won previous games it's not. Three of the last four games. Makes them both at the factors that perfectly fluent ethic here from the tigers' sideline etiquette that quickly. That's those rivers in the corner and Johnson. Then back out to mark our guard background that Google's write that off to Johnson priceless Snyder rivers. And so often can't absolutely not adequately describe what rightly that Johnson Johnson back out not. Marks those left wing ministry on the way way off the mark off let's not backed ordered Graham recovered by telling. And Kelly this report gives a left wing brings the free transition way short repelling the offensive board got that champ wide open. Eight and I. I got knocked down. It together it was the last man down the floor nobody for Memphis that he's not here right leg wide open for the three active with. Three quarters. We've. It's it's damage it is seven nothing which it's not that great to see let me get that first one down and helped his confidence in this. Davenport's open net front left wing. In the left corner goes too Smart to them Florida travel or stepped out of bounds accidental jab step back and started thinking at their Booth and he stepped on the sideline and deficits turned it over on two out of three threat of background noise fraud that. That's opposite you know these aren't your mind mark mark about. It at Shannon Morton McCartney started left goes away and street telling bounces right flopped wars wall blatantly shortly about to happen. Parts of the there's a market for a couple of sidelined seven nothing with prostate Davenport up slightly on rivers is down the block out parts. Parts back in and of course jumped to a short partially blocked but a follow the other side. At a now on Wichita State's Austin read greens did not do very good job on board the rivers on the box. Rivers from behind the offensive boards it will go to the line for news. Both of them that the toughest fluently about the all time Michael Hartford if you look over act at all. And what's that worth. Now Mario rivers about 68%. From the line goes the line about two and at times it's the first for his team's first points of the game. Memphis as a team kind of mediocre maligned 68 point 4%. That was nothing yet so rivers Frontline is the first points of the game for the tigers 72000. One's own threats meant. And it against the double team up across the time line of attack enough the art. Right wing securely back that fracture in the left side for a brand outlook block or it's definitely can't three. All around settled at. British amateur status for centuries to constantly. Tentative. Last four games with three out of five fall to earth. Here tonight Jeremiah Bart that different courts and for Memphis about the floor 100 line that was open still has a Johnson coming from the twelfth issue. Johnson and oblige and it goes left off the street balls at sixteen way harder to write that upward rebound more it's not a question the depth the left side. Double team in transition yet to wish him a shot fake you keep your left wing. And it's been away Kelly out of the lead in those left with the round them off the left side of the line Kelly. It off reefs those baseline he bluntly it for a cross examine that for him to shoot. Landry squared up on March look at the Wall Street content off the street right processor overlap it's in the blade area afoul. And that's not a good now on the shot clock didn't grab hold. All about Memphis. Was on. And Davenport that's going to be his second he has both thousands of whistle on them just. And it looks like he won't come out Jackie yet. It is Rainier for a 66235. Pound junior from Marietta Georgia Athens students the biggest thing about it. Champ it was going to advance that it changeup the out of bounds play him for the wealthy did the right sideline. About the free throw line extended depth that she and the mcdougals left not resistant to very early. Kind of Franken after the game penetrating a little right wing can only shot faith takes Elaine stepped through lefthander writer and I. Rashard cowlings driving left handed shot now has four Wichita State at twelve. Loved receivers artillery unit got to be a threat on off on the outside shot. Drive to the basket at them get there and Brian Martin and get off. Credit goes Johnson. Rivers pass deflected a stolen by Shaquille Boris fronted the post got the deflection came up with a candidate and a threat toward driving indicate hollered down through the lane left wing rant camp that's right Kelly. Can't off ranking at three from the front Mata got a little bit watch today pro golf routed to the so quickly of course Jeremiah mark Tucker if you look in transition and you'll see it's not. But the added the length over the last week rivers rivers left block for parts look at maybe backed down or is trying to think his way and it's almost stolen by him but he's called for the region now. And the whole shocker bitch you not want to lose. I've never felt like he got all ball let her read a little bit the army felt without Fallon chant his first team's second 5050 to go first half. Take the first media time out. But Wichita State leading Memphis twelve. It is. Every day. Kansas workers put compassion into action. By empowering people to live meaningful and productive lives providing lifesaving medical services and assisting with disaster relief efforts Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers the widest healthcare access back with a proven support. While there are improving lives saving lives and restoring the mine's Blue Cross and Blue Shield of chances commitment. Compassion. Community. 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Memphis is open three from the field to a few of the line they've had these are gophers to Wichita State's not the shot completed twelve to two. With 1550 still to go in the first half remember the day after he shot the way that's a party if that's locker of either east. Lab at the Pentagon how many points the shocking story to say 1024 I needed 40%. A false soccer merchandise soccer fans are always proud to say I doubt it. That's it's flat. At two for two for the feel full three pointers over circulate through the field. He faces of the Memphis let stated vehicle varies in the forward and it's severe. Around here. Some fans sob and at center. And that is if they. He's one of runaway bride. That is your fourth street at the preakness and getting his first points of the game. When you exit from. But that reporter out to move things along do they not only that it definitely not grant him right to left left side champ but it's. France can't stand it. Carol Willis he'll Boris. And markets its definition of underhanded attempt to double team back across different yet rise let's not pull up from eight feet we'll go off bad about the glass grab by Boris Stefan always that if with the left hands active second after the third effort by the shock. On the glass or if you look back and nice drive got off the laughs like not a pursuit of course fitting alliance all the way through a lot of foul. Holloway was made I create a sixty junior from Claxton Georgia route coming off the bench averaging eight point three points per game tonight. While away. Jackie the night accidentally stepped in for us tonight now that the united with the now possible three point line. The other two college transfer was youthful American. If we don't want against I went over the top. It's the preakness and gets a three point play its fourteenth to seventh with constant soccer basketball. Fourteen the house. Already three up with us the Vietnam War is at the top holding it. It's may it's not handoff to him it starts right it's enough for me the right way. Rusty jam it down the left block or a spinning baseline little twisted out of battle handed out. Can't say I thought I got back on the pets I thought. Apart from Italy and what are marshals the officials have been added to active point and it doubles you threw it in the record levels right guard my friend can't. Dribbled right and that's definitely goes to articulate your mind or. Misleading. It'll vary. Or not front seven issue right wing group. Dribbles into the keelhaulers hits it left tackle their three. David technical bury it may fired. Hi crazy offseason. Is that it's now forced him to have a lucky knock down that shot lately champ at a coupled with the help fund drive they drove and kicked it technical very very open field. Ranking at right cornerback up on the links to shin fourteen to chant Wichita State Wall Street by Willis looks at it it goes rightwing Boris free trade open up the backlog rebounded here in my heart. But the middle of the floor rightly. Attacked my friend can't download coming it'd knock it away as you know Boris. Jackson in off the foot. Let's let this player but at Adams Atlantis will look at it each and are not treated one of its not very well to keep that would tonight. Normally it's the guards opened an office now for the big guys that with a double team that's that it was Jack wars health no photographer. With a double the Ronald nurture and Boras gets his first blow up the first half of this the rights wandered to news and it's not. Mark of three from the right when it rolls off rebounder Willis gives enough to champ doctors with Paula might force him along right sidelines. In the right corner McAfee off with very short bounces and ugly battle whistled and get a call Willis look on his face from the bush. Errol Louis with the Wichita. We've done it his first now. And the doctors fourth as a team Atlantic which that the right sideline you typically costs were content was like opening win at the right sidelines. If that's not the little world wide open looks rightful owners but to knock it down. At this basketball they have to donate it slightly to four mark the right way. It was not a double screens in the middle. Keeps it dribbled it out Duluth one of those right to vote he holier than down the baseline group going in most listed. I was bothered by nurtured at a fouling back court. As for a who's down on the floor try to reach out and interfere with a askew breeze Andy's call for the mouth and the sixty views Korean group. He's got a quick first step that that was down the baseline. It down. And frustration now. This verse team's third with the testing at the position anyway they'll play it out of bounds in line leading fourteen to cancel 57 the gophers can't. And it will slowly walk it up the court. She and the breeze merger Willis and nothing except he catches left wing nuts not to run under accurately re what's its that much in the through its lowest instantly from the defender fifteen footer left elbow long that we don't have who met this vehicle here. Across its not like that ultimately desperate technical there. It was a helpless on the right of that left and pass almost all of my reason for Rosa flooded the basement. Uploaded yet theater all the luck on earth who had left has been to try to block. Cabot victory at front hits it transitions has crossed over right to left pulled up at the top of the day. It's his third of them have to vote with us to death sentence it's well. 3333. I believe some of the that's right through your mind mark started left who's gonna go to if you have a candidate in every pupils the link in front of it altered your ovals wants ultimately root. Down the block. It's as if they're Marshall an inference that they have not left corner support from three. One as a reindeer floor and has made it. Hit range jumper and a security. I was shooting point 5% committed. War for a fee for. It allowed outside Willis for three missed it rebound kept alive by hundreds of recovered by mark for Memphis right part of the court down the line reservation and it gets that had this strong rebound by Willis. Doctors got back in transition at least contested the shot that well a fascinating theme at the anticipated. Right wing. Analysts. The most out of the plot and nurtured got to man up and here it is now they're gonna call it. On the floor of our lineup and that's the that's cool. That is. 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Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carried long talent across stuff in valley energy and think porn and overweight lawyer. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GU. You want me. This tonight. And with. State leading Memphis a 5050. Shot is well it's do. Memphis on May fifteenth victory rally. At there fifties the war. And a if he's defied it anyway. At a news but it does have an out of bounds after a file each team as the muscles before personal fouls. He's been Davenport. That this. Player individually it kind of felt that. Soccer's when it left baseline that Gilmore left wing at the cut it right here all alone and this off the left side rebounds LA. At a ballot Memphis. Out of spring camp wide open on that theory is that laugh and then start yelling and another offensive rebound balance deficit at that these ministers upset Politico. It aerial rivers that well. First team's fifth shot landed against the lefties. Which does stayed at making for the first seven shots and make its last nine. Can't lobbed it left wing Kelley. It back on her hand off left. Starts left and back to the middle Austin read. Honest opinions and I think that right. Let's wait now guys baseline spin it's it must sort through reams. It. From room to maneuver through the middle on the left fort Snelling with a larger effort over everything. Lawrence bustling port right console but a more effective but Jason all the way almost not half court attractive yeah. He's right wing three pull up constantly gave his first basket and yeah I think route a fine let's or a lot of them are. Now live from the lawsuit field Warren's. Got thrown aside what did thrown aside. But they Mike parks junior and the park's first and sixteenth now. Nearly shot off few players space in the post gut check credit but that she looked like effects that they cute to me like our state. Hughes sixty a couple of the guys. There soccer basketball a five to 54%. For Kelly right wing read heartfelt stance not a surrogate can't try to educate. Really hard if now it's passive threaded needle trees there to get it warrants that it does not reachable for deals with nothing good about round. Honesty and Mike are you with that if that ultimately you've got rattled that stopped at the very difficult. Path Jack. Right now which lasted only shooting 39%. That this 45 and half but shot lead twenty to 58. Or eleven threes. Different court. Diaries. While office round pick it up modestly its announcement that there. We've recently lots of name is not try to actively towards him books you know edit it down to restart Kelly yes very fanatics now. Below the floor left wing for it can't. Got it makes goes left to get all the way to the baseline that that directory. Levels right. If mr. problem retaliate but in the post Boris won a lot on the block snacks into their notebook and knowing what you know final. By its background of the side effect through round when he heard that all three guys like Jack nobody clock off background. He went off off the board with him. Outlook for his first basket a couple of early free throws twenty to fifty. State the lead back at the sevens now thought about it that front right at it it runs over ranking at its capacity to reverse layup note. That's why you have rivers notably the doctors different portrait can't pull up left side off the -- definitely it definitely. Event. And wait for him. Wall Street goes left back right up front Kelly. Different yet thought about gonna get a movie street Helena but like it was probably pretty vehicles that movement on the tree. Right at him yeah I think are kind of surprised when he when he crossed over to back life. All shards first fifth team now on state called us back at this soccer. Team. If the night and effort department office clerk to sputter. About that night's rest here at the office and let it. It is offensive rebound. The frequent intervals rightwing cross over. It and make it did when. In my work that after it left wing if there right evidently cannot baseline lost his but he gets out of announced that it was not my memories. Analysts say that this would not them it's not a lot. Stumbled down. I went off down off the bird like yes you know like ma reaps what it. Does that led him the baseline left to the basket. Defeated it. It's left wing debacle they're very sort of nightly news the have lots of day has not gotten much better position on the benefits and I. Scores and a half Morris that had to coach Rick Ellis no found golf out because he had back and get checked really sealed. But just let him make the bucket filthy foul and I don't think that try to block it it's both of not out his first team's sixth submit it as not a basic stance 270. Or. From things that Egypt played high school ball appeals for an assistant at Illinois only averages one point three points per game. This is for free throw attempts of the season he's played three games of planes and off the fact rebound to Austin please. Of that is getting some unexpected story from meteors or and so that is not here understand soccer league but five. Let's wait round. Those platforms champion as to exactly that definitely program definitely is right wing fell. Regardless of the block more sophisticated businessmen in the threat to round left. Back across right side or is driving it lifted up on the that they got partially blocked. Safe but Morris brown let water salmon on the shot clock got underway just barely dance and I found on the rebound Morris got some fans not on the it's going to be if you want to act. That's a couple of quick fouls. This final entries champ but he had to rush that little definitely two seconds on the shot clock with three from the left wearing it was just funny spinning off. Now on Boris they'll put him on the bench for the rest of the half 758. To go for staff at Wichita State twenty to Memphis seventy. One company on a mission to put a million people who works each year I was like a big number dozens and not to extra employment professionals. Seeking a skilled labor position. Or administrator. We take pride in connecting the right people with the right company express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people to work. Let us help and we'll open doors for him to express cruise dot com to find a location near you. Oh hell no only Kansas not a recent multiplayer ticket. 100 times the past few and you talk in general. Welcoming new super multiplayer ticket to Kansas lottery X family of games you can play to score cash and multiply your winnings up to 200000. Dollars out of the big Detroit who should be taking exclusive. DT it's just so beautiful and introducing the Kansas lottery super multiplier ticket is our new fresh chicken and the biggest cheers louder dot com for details. If you're stuck in your low release listen up if you're over your milestone release upside down in your world or just one out of your car or Nissan can help you today but not least that we can use on all more or wrote produced two men from that threaten you or between anything new funnel off or rover zero down phenomenon must pass from me they're now general manager for himself about 1800 new news on the visit or knew some Wichita about cup who improved credit informant who. Can they feel affection to that effect that you all under fire in the distance from the five people Jason won't confuse the. US shocker basketball is a 103 point seven. Yeah you're traveling band tonight my candidate Bob ball was. That's what you thought stately big bat this seventeenth. They came for the shoppers is getting more possessions that more shots are not rebounding Memphis 58 they had seven offensive rebounds to one. Only two turnovers before fortunately because the jackets are shooting 34 point 8% that this 42 point nine. Not a good thing for their first seven shots. It's that thin therefore that the Memphis fifty points for their fifth before. But it is not free real hard off the bat and I hit from behind can't get a lot of loose ball reads recovers enough about Memphis rate your fourth. Yet oddly arm. Austin reach that was a good battle by the doctors aren't aboard because they're a couple of over the backs that have been gone there at Memphis jacket at night for. And that's a couple of recruit Bentley so long free market rebounds. Seventeenth about Memphis that's now run for his first so but that's not yours in the want want Austin reed and shoot them. Doctors are too for too reliant on a couple of tips by Zach brown certainly. Austin reads 87. And it makes the first wouldn't get the votes he's got four down for a stamp. Factors that led by Landry can't lose it three of four threes the nine points nationally. Reeves and brown all have to please get lost in five. Make the second with a two shot lead back to seven point 477. If he for the gophers fan for a court notes. Threat that cropped jacket and a rotted out picked up his dribble now off now off the ground right at the time line Jeremiah Martin tried to say that Aniston ground. Call for popping in a little bit too hard that wasn't part that the lines were ones on. What would have been prevalent right with cross half court lines in a lot of pressure on him that frightens Hewlett. With the flow from them or gulf region there's now on background your mind or analyzed 77 point 4%. But he missed that in the event Austin reefs that ought to night. It's killing the last few days he has not scored yet to touch him right wing theories that door drive all the way and it gets the Atlantic gotta have staff on them went right behind the landing at least that's another. The effort was she thought is that rivalry it's green it it cost about who went right in the bath. Six to seventy soccer's fun night when it goes back to our greens got a step on him throws up the drive that's that thing played just the opposite ends through it. Read that he which history. Rooms with him about what's right math. There has set it off the bench Willis at the top. It's not conclusive that across degrees three left elbow off the back a little hard redone your mind are Memphis. Hasn't had a group in the left leg drive and cut off by resistant bounce the block. Cross court pass north. Able to feel little bouncer gets back out to Smart play first base content. Art right way not a couple of streets streets that it's not. Now mark but the driving step that goes right is it that thrust forward. If there left wing force or spinning. Round. There is nothing if not off the glasses. I thought he flew through that let it if it's actually our eyes. If not all of the wars. We're averaging four games. This happens tonight in the first Day-Lewis. Right it's the 26 point one shot off reefs. Boston gets it across the front of him left but there if your kids today is not the way to double team jump hook rolls it. I don't had a little flat book rolled all the way around the cylinder status for its influence in the not 270. A verdict it's not yet nor the that shot 2821. With just Johnston. Not screwed up on littlest guys that stepped back and only seventeen footer it's really I really feel like I only get. Yeah it. Looks like about that one for a lot of point tonight. He had a couple of big games early double figure games. Right slot that's. Crossword Brees passed up the street in Santa on Landry missed an off the back there rebounded their lows that are offensive rebound transport round wide open three guy. Actors getting that. That's the position that drifted it would scrapers background is that's happened in the first man and a good hustle like Darryl Willis and offensive board fine ground over on the weak side wide open. And is at least eight offensive rebounds in the first half with us lately there 123 north left right the life force that got it now. Snapshot fibrosis patients that Canada would rather evident refers that I. You haven't at the other end president elect water open three agrees too hard at rebounds today as the office about three years. At least that's that a couple that look at this along with them. At the very driving champ but slammed it and if it's not a flaw rebounder sent it back the other way correctly girls Duluth Laura reached three transition got it loses. That is what does this isn't constantly. Stanford soccer. Or 25 the tigers won around the shot that will accommodate what life and they love to run well. 32 train with her staff. 3425. Wood to test its biggest lead was can't write off the bat well too. Left wing through your mind or. My grand old man. Alison today and it's not just rushed round on streets next if the rules slowed it enough analysis of natives call for the found his second. And the eighteenth out enhancement. Act round to get up. A few doctors and their vault of a heck of Credo is more like a football flocked to the festival's three. And I get a cannot run up went down hard I think Marcus is ready to help him anyway the reason there it's not the nurture Willis. Reeves and champ but for which I stated that if possession. On the offensive foul on Memphis. And the fees. Now on the tigers each team that was so freaked out the first Smith. For twelve to go a different stance channels breaking up soccer's good. Achieve their biggest lead here they score but it's not the nothing bit both Willis spin it their takes a strong got a lot from behind out of bounds. Rivers slipped off his man it was not Willis is blind side blocked from behind you that about the chapters and keep it. Under these inbounds play Chambliss will fly it. And it looks like there's nothing there it throws it right baseline jumper up yet enacted a little it's not a hero Willis will face life. I think a lot out right marshals brought back tonight. Willis lewis' basket. His first two. You'll foul Lisovicz. Shot. Welcome back about 500 or 358 to go first Catholics not state that Vegas late 3625. Over the Memphis Tigers. But you're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear a watch the big game and they need to head to Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. 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Ever wonder how good your ace Ian furnace is ever wonder how good on a dock is well as a new customer you can get both dancers for less than twenty bucks now for your in 1946. The year for a dog started much greater HB AC tackle come to a system diagnostic suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any needed repair. Our new customer 1946. Special from Feinstein and carry your turn to the dirt. I called for a tiny corner. Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or hazel for a pummel. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point Evan JE one yeah. When connect. It's not a state it's tiger's 36 point 85 on that last play. Rivers. Memphis was adding yet. Nothing in the face area than it was the inadvertent flight no penalty assesses. Carol Willis that did a few shots districts are already import at the turn is our kind of I've caught rivers in the face area but they did feel it was contacted by the shoulders even. Basically an answer and not to call for house note that this Walsh doctors are left with their biggest lead. Over the last four minutes after his mate for outside shots. But the shoppers have made five of nine including to a five races Jack is continuing to win on volume here in the first half getting more shots. Because of their offensive rebounding taking care of the ball there up 72. On second chance points. Not directory group verbal slaps picked up his dribble but that out of left wing you rate your fourth. Or not for a Two Rivers are rivers right way are marked with Florida chute guys are baseline McDuff 2000. Daffy trying to decide whether but he got his body into it kind of bumpy not about that Marcus whispers about the ninth teens now. This field wanted one. Fortier I'm mart that's the tough guys for mark what deputy covered here my remarks that streak aren't really quickly the lefty. That time he went through. Right only two points of borrow from one line thinks that. Memphis as a team. Struggles that the lines of let it took to the war for seven adjusting its fourth before this second one. And that was it. Morton now with four points Wichita State's lead is nine no pressure from Memphis full court shot brigade roughly half minutes to go in the first don't hear tonight at least if you don't play a lot of kilometers to three champ it reads that nothing dirtier. And Willis with the doctors. Not yet half of British amateur. It read my post right elbow that was roster reams. The baseline I think there are also not looking to get it into the life over the McCarthy drive the line pull up the lion and now it's going to be charged I think that market nothing Canada out of control drive that set his second balanced at the confidence to face with second YouTube. Could drive down the middle of that though but you gotta be ready to follow up because they'll they'll the other guy right here in the middle of fraud charges is the right between those two guards. But be ready to do it jumped scuffles were adopted. That time but Duffy. Kept going forward toward the basket charge Melissa Duffy out there tears factor at Kelly and it grounder that nurtured and let me. That threat of I'm mark at this down not far right drive it to the right one group he tries baseline cut off by Reeves. That captain mark on the right way or sort of background. It's not that pulls up and fires that it's no good. Short front and they're gonna call a foul on nurture and I was watching them play and it really seemed do anything he used his left arm to feel about that guy Friday it was right on the right that the bush. Catapulted back like. I hope the refs did see that and enforcement did. His first head of the sorority in the bonus that double bonus shots coming. And this is Victor you know 67250. Pound freshman from Decatur Georgia is he the free throws. You know he had no age only eight of 98 from the free throw line of the year 42%. With and known for that first. You get one for them look like Richmond. That's a big bodies girls and their 67250. It free throws were Victor you know. And they vote. But. Really good for forty some percent. That's at 73629. Does. That. And Willis is back end. Telling him a lot for your catchers and that's the way up soccer fanatic about its players by now my fitness perfect lob play that worked perfectly but refuses to lift on the shots. Let borders more then a captain mark. Time left greens in the opposite to get it down the line and throws Gregg Marshall. He's not an alliance wasn't really look at where his team night was not that there's some more of the right when it's out there and it wasn't close to target socket it back on the third of its mark on that. 3629. Which test it with all of the lead to twelve to go first hand him right wing parties. Lewis left wing program but. Not likely can't let me slightly driving traffic with a back out here in Atlanta and it's not withstand the light. The water roundtree right snide little short. Follow up led by lower stepped up Willis as it can't add depth now on the rebound play. Yeah and offensive rebound but there are a lot of really work hard it is that that the all right let's hear that round. Yes I'm up on the last month it's that thing. Doctors missed a bunch of shots fly under the glass. None of office in the that's going to be. That's. I didn't want to want it for Errol Louis now is that it's not but he free throws that they're making him for five in the first yeah. They could do it on. Lewis with one more that three points Fox's eight. Outside of that it's not that makes it 938. What are your Willis. With force doctors experts expect the lines let's not Kelly Campbell. Defense for offense which now if you don't have the rivers have trouble getting it is to get pressure and intercepted by next round. Thought about it launches a three way short of there about advances in Iowa that quite sure whether these shooters and a few decades probably shoots it but here. The earth not front holding it. And athletes enough to group that comes out of the time line is that missed opportunity there for the shots and turned it over with if perhaps brown. Hesitated on one of the three in this. Eleven Hartford then reach goes down to get a call on what charge under I thought greens are pretty good position was accurately it is. Shaken up a little bit as he gets up but he takes the charge on that if the ire of these Memphis fans. Second not to read refuted since he found a half on the tigers. Had to leave the rest of the liked to picked up all the fans and beautiful soccer illiterate not not really that sent off to reboot the file. While Johnson in for him back at 23 zone and wanted to go first hand reach that we Alley factories that reference the awe dammit. Lot for LA and it gets it there now underway at the basket supports and now. On the way out. Memphis it's gonna go on you know. Had a wealth around lob. At Dallas Austin wreath at the back screen for Rashard Kelly nice match for campus and you can't actually ultimately up. At least the feds think though when you thought. Yelling at them what age too hard off the back. Sharon has four points on two field goals that soccer's first free throw as their assets of seven. Mike parks juniors and check effective at Atlanta's lineup replacing ego but it fourteenth on the go the first half. Only trying to get this factory ten point soccer leave him early ten point lead at an age of eleven point lead just a couple of those kids out that was closer fifth and all the way around it came out we got Memphis. Avery indefinitely by design Jeremiah MarketWatch had a crush it and second life. Slow walking dribbled toward the left where. For all fall movement out front Johnson. Johnson off the ball screens which she and pixie not the most that's right. Had a chance to shoot kids and not Jews most minute part popular throughout their past with most deflected away out of bounds by greed should Mario rivers Texas round I think we got a handed their deflected a ball out five on the shot clock. Another a couple of switches in the faucet read depth coverage of Mario rivers six they see you down post. It is. Johnson it to market traffic through one out missed it bottled myth that was a good opportunity this brown comes out about it and Jeremiah more. Air and landed on Zach brown has spent over trying to pass the ball out that's going to be Jeremiah Martin's sector first now. It's not yours go to the line for two. Really good job on the boards tonight I really really sealed off of work allotted for that office. Round two for two from the free throw line seven points at ethnic group. That's seven of nine as a team. It's one or make an eleven point league action if not the thing is that the birth death and does so. Those sacks with nine doctors eleven. 4944. Seconds to go in the first yeah. I'm mark it up to act around there aren't. Hotline. Load dribble signals the confidence. Johnson imminent threat to unit it's definitely tough hand off the rivers that over to mark. I try to make it look like ground listening. Back over to mark little cute snapped a nine to shoot. All of that it was a tough hole on the street mark's health brown down the line market traffic throws it back out sport from the wing Nokia did it out rebound their. Driven out of off and it's not and a really good health that's not by the soccer golf ball. Six seconds for stashing Abbott for three out crowd rips off rebounds kept alive and it's out of bounds not a personal one point six seconds on the clock you have a crowd thought it was offered Kelly but the referees that go. It was also my heart failure. And here comes fodder for it secondhand one point six seconds to go. Marshall that you did you lose the third second timeouts it's true experts and vegetables with the HBO but they fall faster and therefore using less today so these factors fit is. It's right here by United Healthcare. The field program learn more at the field. Not Wichita State at 1429. They have the luxury of try to get something off here with one point six seconds evidently at worst it is necessary to let little eleven point me. Well woven how effective the clock doesn't start for the wallets that's it bounced directly recovered over now look at the screen and make sure they got the time I let go outside to catch it. And if it does make one rebel within that they'll make another pat Weber kept that benefited. Head up to 40%. Today after a shocker split that's locker room. East and west Wichita State only shooting. 35%. In the first half that this 43 and a half but the soccer caf. Wealth offensive rebound to 245. Rebounds with fourteen beautiful. Overall really to have a good job on the offensive glass we'll see Austin reed has been with cameras. Spring camp. Ali and nurture let's see who that he inbounded. Get failure to take the ball out. Looks like. Stuff like favorite looking at the monitor and it may reset it to 2.3. Yup they're like three it. Funny reach for the throw it. The end you're still looking globs belies free throw line jumper bounces high and options that giant. So not to not to. First off if they want it as a jump shooter but got a pretty decent fluff off is it to backtrack a little lost. Wichita State goes into the intermission leading by eleven that's their biggest lead of the first half. The soccer's forty Memphis 49. What she shows coming back on Bundy would it have any last night he doesn't travel and the life that next week. 97 and thirteen 33 ancestry march 6 to seventeenth at a seven to eight for eight days worked through the Alley at thirteenth and stay tuned now for the credit union of America halftime thanks. Man. I'm standing in a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside Shiite. 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This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys and only branch early JD power dependability awards for cars trucks suvs two years in a row I am so that's I think that's great but here's an upset he stepped in us better get behind the wheel and treat yourself once heavily keeps bringing home awards for dependability and Chevrolet. And find new road sports is a hunter and unfortunately. For reasons not to walk our largest dealers that didn't happen is what coach when sixteen most credible such narcotic that you can larger medium victims were current or you go forward please visit JD power dot com. There are here. Customers love hog wiles delicious medium and here's hog wild Josh would seem to show you more are rims are leaning need under the practically melted new math the average its specifications for the review but then there's our special blend of spices we these amendments followed by slow smoking every day a real victory with the end result is our delicious fun while it. Visit one of our five locations in which it's awful when dirty Hutchinson elder radio and Salina. Don't they week. Shoppers force has brought you by American family insurance in would you Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for hardening Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball. He's done what else three point seven KE YN Wichita. Really Lewis 38. That meant this being. Actividentity fifties it lives on today great music. Good night for the soccer so far in the first half thanks to justice from that this effort. On the glass and listen to be pretty as the American halftime show thickness that it if this all this disease credit unions. America proud sponsor. Oh yeah a few baskets off. Again that I thought the shock this writing no confidence getting good laughs and missing a lot of pretty good luck but they are going to the boards like fancied it paid off at eleven. You know I started off yet not nominated candidates refused. Grief at the first media time out for shoppers were four out of seven. But there is they just kind of went cold started miss an outside shot through thirteen. For 3834%. In the first half before you said it might they are rebounded really well 45 rebounds for fourteen plus eleven. On the court they've got twelve offensive rebounds. If true staying kind of strength against strength matchup tonight that this is 36 in the nation and offensively batting small clinical forgave. Disasters or 55 at twelve point one who gave doctors already have that many of the first half swelled to suit. Prevents us that they've taken advantage of what you felt like Mike he's an opportunity them. You know offensive boards and they've hardly close enough. Midnight was the rebounding you've got to keep the tigers off the plants Clinton on the flip side that point there was there's going to be opportunities for the soccer. That left him really. It has been. That has benefited from the worst jobs of five doctors off about this starter for Memphis on a Netflix points others argued that got. 43 points out of their fans. Which states Fitch has only been outscored one time this year that was by four points at you. Been outscored 23 to six at night. But that's kind of a hollow statistic is that starters are totally outscoring the other team Canada if you don't mind if you know mileage than netstat. 34 to six disturbance right in his soccer they're plus 152. Chance points and that's understandable that that they've got twelve offensive rebounds. They've got a good job he's thinking of backing. And a couple of terrific amount it got three pointers off the offensive rebound. For a long term and it will help would be nice if fielder shots started falling land of enchantment. Connecticut better tonight he's three for six offer three thoughts decreased three for 62 for five from three. Zach brown contributing a little bit of an unexpected offensive piece of the puzzle the night with. Nine point two for four from the field 133. Fourths before the line. Yeah everything everything who's the percentage of the outside although Connor. Definitely give it a little performer he missed two pretty wide open three pointers. In the end up on the wheel drive it that flew off to classify as the president Kevin that building itself. Not hasn't gotten going yet but reason it's real comfortable out here. Punish him looked really comfortable out there shooting the basketball. And not route to national public start dealing with a couple of nice drives the path. And it's actors are up. At the half by 1140 to 29 years after this we'll continue at a moment of the credit union of America have to. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A DUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time. And losing your license. Little life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay if you've been drinking. Find to override all. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. But you're looking for the perfect power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. 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They did to them secure relative to Johnny rivers played him a Woodstock couple classic Philly is or if you re create itself. Lot of activity Freddie into the American halftime show Wichita State leading Baptist. 4229. At the intermission. It up to 40% today after a shocker when pets locker room east and west we'll have said before and after each game. Had to go inside the numbers look at halftime stats for a few might be KV CPAs advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor. Insurance. If you gave a lot of them already but just to recap which tested only 34% of thirteen to 38. Only six of twenty threes that they did make eight at ten free throws. And they had fifteen more field goal attempts in Memphis Memphis the higher percentage 43 and a half months had a 43. That 23 attempts to Wichita State 38. As a shocker at twelve offensive rebounds to two and only three turnovers to. And Memphis and this sort of sixth street and took 623. Shots from beyond the arc. And they also had gentry throughout tips that may seventh at their sandwiches. State's eight fifth. Wichita State 45 to fourteen on the boards and again three turnovers to the eighth that this is led by readers sort. 4 of a couple of early games this season had thirteen against the and a sixty against well apparently late December. That is averaged three points per game and the other 21 games this evening at nine in the first half. Not for a five shooting one of 23. Regrouped came off the fish for seventh. That nobody else has more than four Jeremiah Martins that slot here or it's evident the last eight only four points in the first half plus one of six shooting. Give along with his night points gives background a lot of credit them with every part. First it affected the good job covering human that it is switching all the ball screens out for a quote good team defense by the doctors fitness which team. Has bothered him for a little bit. But a shocker is ten points for Austin green is landry's ship that Zach brown with nine apiece. For each for a restart Kelly and Daryl Willis who points for round of surgery to force field forage act. Only one of six from the field in the first half they didn't have four rebounds three offensively I don't a couple of big time hustle every bathroom tipped balls chased him kept him alive then. Quite hard to distribute the ball to go to vested picked up 2000 related to half. Carcass picked up the also head to court different Memphis players had 2000 peace including he'd done Davenport. Lose one of their leading scorers that they are leading rebounder and only played three minutes before picking up to didn't have a point or are we down. Wichita State's leading rebounder is Darryl Willis was six for sure Kelly right behind with five Boris. With scoreboards or Wichita State seven assists. On thirteen baskets not a bad total you have more than half those having an assist but not as high as usual there's not because. A lot of the best passes let the shot that prevents doctors cleaned it up on the offensive glass they got they could shot. Heard from there to be insisted that with a lot of open shots that we thought that this Shaq wars. Would get a lot of attention that you thought you in the first half every time he caught the ball. Benefits which is flood the length with defenders so hard for Jack to get out with a clean look. But we do you have that many guys don't want guys you know hit the other guys blocked off felt that you have a shocker grievances there are some of the office. Now edit data shot just play it 50% off your online order of the Wichita area Papa Johns not on deposit John dot com and use the problem shocker fifty. To receive your shocker is yet this is the credit union of America halftime show. Second half of it definitely. 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Shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY yeah. These back into the second half Wichita State leading forty to twenty at a prevent this. But look at the scoreboard thanks to Jason golden resistance is always track him down score Cincinnati. Rolled over UC out. The end northern Kentucky's arena tonight 77 to forty Cincinnati at 22 and 211 and oddly. Number six in both polls this week a couple of shocker upon its meeting in Stillwater Baylor beat Oklahoma State 67. 56 foot deep enough for students can't floated it it's been struggling a little bit got a when Obama over Boston College tonight by eleven. Number five Xavier won in overtime at butler's ID 9350. Tennessee wins at number 24 Kentucky 61. 59 at northwestern knocked off. Michigan and Kevin Smith sixty ones. 52 Michigan falls tonight seven TCU up to launch date was to have it Lloyd's 3634. And here in Memphis attackers at that chart Kelly Austin reason it can't let. Zach brown and a lot of mergers start the second half Jack Morris not starting the second half probably try to simulate that. Now it's. Wolf. Oh yeah race. Yes let's start with connections that are that 30% from three a W after guys that they're around the block off and do a better job rebounds. Soccer but it or shots. That's its first possession partridge technically it was cut off nicely by Austin Reed Johnson ultimately affront to like parks junior looked it inside left wing to rivers. Credit goes to an important victory off the backhand rebound greets. He's on Davenport's 34%. From three so that's in here is exactly. That is evident for a third. Round just left the middle. Right after the top. Tonight the defense. Agrees. On that screen that's not what she gets a little bit of room pulls up sixty footer off the bat rebounds to. Rate year for a rough off the street for him you know Oakley looks well I don't. That's the most personal violently. That it that the position of respect secondhand part of it right left left hander. Heading in the line Johnson fumbled. It back Johnson's. I'm more or off the street. In an evil effects Ray Kelly on and off of that iron partly down. Crab legs out. Right but it might rivers best and Davenport got tired of soccer grabbed that is straight parts that still wants to travel well yeah rivers got to limit travel. Background there right. Now. That was more than halfway down I thought that now. There were rivers bounced the plot parked up laziness and a half behind parked got hurt your feelings on the topside Connecticut. That fans. That's four straight points cutting the lead to 740 to 33. Personal not scored second half free throws with looked. Connected to him it's a mystery. Man respecting your three victory hard off the back rebound Cali. Jerry Kelly with the author of the board chance to. Read the Austin I don't have now gotten not hit the floor after releasing the shot at the David Davenport. With the balance. Real ultimately found the way out if you haven't ordered Johnson. It's Davenport's. 10. Sorry that's John. Johnson's first. Wells night. Not centuries to the line looking for a three point play and get city's three for three line has fourteen points that was his third Trace of a four point play for us to raise. Matches the two baskets but Memphis and if it's not respect a violent Floyd that it is hot and if that well. In the front court Jeremiah Martin standing drivel or little influence starts left Alex picks to buffalo the swift. Doctors are switching everything out there at ground and telling. Davenport who want to make it dribble handoff champ blew it off it goes right wing of had a whistle away from the ball around was reached around rampant. You know the background his second that and it was hard to fix they can't keep on that he had Davenport and he was for him. Around the fact an awful. That this ball out of bounds first team found that half full with Utah State round second. Mario rivers played him the the baseline. Is this a lot doesn't have that president of the right wing parts out front Barton. Freddie get delayed and having got to listen to us now it's gonna be unfairly fall for the loss that was the sharks' second the executive team the. Are they showed a willingness to take it right into a lot of traffic but he picked up the foul that time shocker scandals of Santa baseline event was. Chopper to try to do we have to prevent prevent penetration tonight. I left wing rivers. A lot yet. That's definitely not the reason to pick it up through as a pastor mark that is nice recovery out of Atlanta rivers rivers started right off cubs' Lou scramble on the floor. Kelly goes out and gets it recovers from Wichita State Street down below the floor of the dribble pizza bulls attack is it Kelly. Hands off she. Back to Kelly left side shark goes baseline draws the balance Davenport's third as Kelly got a step on the Davenport fouled him from behind on the potentially apple likes to Rashard Kelly drive the method that's at the time denied that it dies defender got a hole. Majorities for two from the free throw line. It is bouncy out kind of compared them with the Italians. Got to make a commitment to briefly close. Aren't all over the boards as he's old but it's four points on his Google's. Group is Dan rivers Davenport. Lots of the last group vehicle varies and for all it for that is that the better with specified in but if we're fine. Throughout their business chart from an excellent he's at five point doctors we like 124533. There's the disadvantage of the night. That's handy and I mart has at center here. Right guard background. Standing dribble. It may not for a group of relentlessly physical very effective group. Although it jumper over Jack for a short prevent Reeves had a moment that a foul. It's. Thornton got it they're kind of drifted Wyatt shack a late reach to try to get it back off now court. F Austin regretful that read them checked at the pick up that there. But we couldn't get a little bit out there with that against him in. Jack fourth. He never got rid in the first. Yeah it value that you get rid of yours are that thirteen thousand at third individual on Boris and Lewis now play as the five. It's been left wing floor thought about it. Right now might have not yet it only. The circles at all the right wing get an illegal screens to free up the man it's going to be my marks here with a sliding. Thought he'd foul it freed up through lengths of Clarke's fiction at its active now that's the thirteenth on behalf on that this. Tiger's was shot through both that was the theory that they had eight turnovers in the first half when you're the second half. 4533. With state by twelve champ and bring it across the time line guarded by your mind mark rules ninth. Almost try to drive it might have to look at to read it. Pointer look at that Willis if that is what it around the perimeter on the left wing Chambliss. It's enough not to screen that was left double team Willis open three not they'll good up there right that it rebounded root for instance he was particularly this season that it happened troubled knocked them meddle with reporter now. Mark in the front court standing civil rights advocate for Wall Street comes across it's not going to get the Lane Bryant can opt outs that's right wing for what that gets right to mart drives. Lost the handle recovers. Forced one output fell on wellness. And it is founded determined to get to the basket that that he did double clutched it. Through the falcons their world with little time athletes in a few weeks ago. And others that now now loved Willis his second worst team developed a half 5051. Remaining here at Memphis Wichita State 45. Memphis 33. For shelter insurer and we know landlords to keep up with the Rangers even if there really. And add. Adam we just drop I picked up your way. I'm running a little short this month not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters policy that helps cover up in case of fire theft and more wouldn't. Just moved back and smelled them you mean to add new men case. Shelter insurance where you feel your children. Or renters insurance he Katie Hanley or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay veered out than derby. 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The nation's leading dental benefits providers unleash your miles per hour with delta dental. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point 78. State 45. Memphis 33. Yards early in the second half year's FedEx Forum cast doubt that this 5051 technology for our state. Both sitting in the first half it's gone on the offensive glass they started out called the second half out of five from the field one of the war for three defense facility to a six of the field. Historically. Field goals this. For the first four points Austin reed came back with a four point play at the only scoring since then has hit one free throw violation art Keller. You know it could pull away from Pennsylvania were up ten points fifteen minutes ago. Five with five minutes to go on notebook Clarksville. Would like to see that shoppers stretch its lead out it and why it's a little bit. Jeremiah Bart will be at the line for Memphis that's about it and had to be shooting two free throws. After that lineup Kelly but nothing Willis shipment and conference can't pre roll out some rules all the way around settles it. Or missed his first read through it now three of four lines through this is five point supported them. Averaging just entered the game except with. If you're a mile marker with six with Utah State's lead is 104535. No pressure so far hold or not Memphis tonight if it mostly man advanced quite a few possessions to right at the end of the first half but wait if nothing. Well it's no different camps confident right side looks inside the left is back right. It's a she and it's and it's meant tell them the past follows. Under illustrates is that I don't treatment not because there was no. And I also that the shot is finally knocked out the shot at the end of this market but nothing makes his first basket of the night drive it it's like you're aware of that time. It's the lead back to thirteen now 4835. On the left where it marked part of by the Europeans which cuts for a thwart. Very technical very champ afflicted out of his hands and they're gonna call Landry for a foul. Land that's why it's nice that went restricted fallen it. Really upset at that they've called it now as those recently announced that night if the the head. That's gonna listen to fill with different slant on on its last fall. Very played it is having trouble funny incident of march when one part guarded by the death. Seventeen you shoot slow dribble left. Pulls back a little bit different angle I was right now drives hard and it traffic bounces out there for three Nokia rebounds soccer's. So I tried to lob and hit it gets deflected active now gotten the message alerts sent Helen thousands. Yeah this facility has flat start filling the streets it's critical of the floor. Different you know. Let me ask that a little deflected but if that's an accurate it's possible frequently now finally come out that my family or from behind. As it related units who's got a chance to three point plays got eighth now. Four of five from the free throw line again is about 77 and a half percent free through issues that would perhaps settle this. But it's it's a lot of free throws a 154. Free throws at them. Company that is flawed in its flights Wednesday shocker. The averages about seven and half free throw attempts a game and it backfired seven gave him five and a half days four Panthers and nation priesthood. And its 27. Definitely it's hand networks left wing fifth street analysts expect it not. You know left wing for example of the three too hard rebound. Well as kept alive their development at the very remote eclectic if he's not even close enough that Jonathan it's badly. Or. Hold looking. What is notable incident left sidebar. 1418 to play hard fought back a little bit drive's Smart right. Outspent senator it was a defeat of the theater receiver but it saying you've got to vehicle very left wing you drive it's it's that gives it to sort. Vacillate intercepted by frank can't read my daughter drives and ports closed up let's wait picked up three about Marcus and hard. And outrebounded Memphis nice feel on the end but part of me can't get a definite nice to have that make the politics. 4838. With us today and I'm mark we've learned with the it's hard right steps back following theory short. We bad credit can't fighting for. Willis got out there wasn't a foul on Memphis analyst Martin Ricci Hannity get run over by Bart thereby Willis who reaches that it pulls him not to use the conflict that stuff like you have three year old enough though and let they're both strong. Second Salinger of my mark tonight fourth teens now. Doctors continuing to do really good job on the boards haven't had it's that he offensive rebounds yet the second half they Actividentity second chance that the other entities. There's a pretty good job on mark down their their health but with a drive to release him driving lanes and they could kick. Those wings. Can't forget that marked as if he's not spread offense active linesmen. But if not then it's Haifa as those listeners faces down the lights front side jumps up. And up and read about it get it to you know wouldn't go to the lines from that's Smart move by Gerald and it's time to make. Drove with his left hand that it really tight shot fake. Got the defenders the year with out thousand reach some fans his third and fifth 2000 and these shots forward Darrell Wallace who was offensive line the first event. When hard and they threw quite nicely. And then as the couple. Eight of the first half answered Phillies don't want to read 11 that was one. Yeah yeah yeah. It's not that you are actually bounces from Memphis. Those latest on that nothing out canceling deflected picked up by Willis on the deflection. Elicited different can't not write one of puppies snakes rise in traffic. Throws it away. Or the other way he has to sort go to the basket little double pump layup. I don't know blues are. He's got here and right to have their attacker they look for the support. And now they don't know the answer. We've won 13 found one candidate sixteen out to have fun. I'd say it definitely have been better optimistic in the initial injury was quite openly and got to drive letter to throw it drive you gotta go to Paula. The flight not reflected here. Rate years' worth 55%. From the line it's obvious there's an opportunity united as a lot of points is third highest game. Of the season you're very accurate transfer from ports that you Alex missed the free throw Willis Reed them. Look at it happens it. 4848. After which I honestly can't let 4835. Alone let him back in August 13 over accidents. Definitely double team and get a hallmark for grab on. I have are complaining about the policy except it's there that it's like you're getting frustrated. Soccer basketball but nothing. Floridians sixteen ounce window treatments yet that it's not the ones want them and expenses now partially effort to market. That's enough. Defensive. Execute it as well as the suggestion that it does that order. Bob Johnson's exit prevent this sort of stuff off of it for him if not for a government appointments. Starts right. Trees not yet not fair. Three constant rains you'll see that turn around 31 and allowing I don't know. He's got seventeen. That's his fourth France it's not his back after the eleventh pointedly. Record setting up and it's now for that quickly after an accident second line all 34 to go. Here's the left elbow faces ethic it's nothing. Now almost all covered by Johnson of the market. We movements to the dribbles right it's Vanity Fair and definitely now the line for you got it up in the air it may not that's not fake fight through. Lives easily six with two markets that the book that your father's. You get stale sports authority. And that computers. It. Season or if it. They're now picked up the seventeenth out shots were re cute and makes the first victory not to pursue the line has been off. Every eight point three per game. Today. Just fear free throw shooting 64 and a half percent on the year. The fitness of those kinds of the ninth. Soccer basketball namely by 95140. It's only two weeks ago. Effort effort can't play at point guard right now surfing dude it's not that that's since gone back to this week. Played a lot last year if not much that Houston Oakland leaflet tonight Lola site round. And it referenced him. Bottom left we will. Principles that fifteen bounces out it's not like the phone and it's not a fairly flat tonight two free throws with flat and Long Island. The flat. Different port for Memphis slowed dribbled to the left guard above ground. It through ball screens when you're off from the left with history on the way way long rebound reasonably your ball by David at Irvine at all Johnson. Through Cleveland through traffic goes let it go behind but yeah. For a shot defense and we wanted to foul off the community and let him know that defenders come from behind him. For now the front court for Memphis pounding it out in the time life to its call for Tubby Smith rules rights. Picked up his dribble under the. Nasty little song. That is sees no reason. If there was no. And it's not for the. And we'll look at. Can't off the streets. It's not an. To drive the basket gets it right out of it's fanciful spirit driving range can't cut off like on earth tactics and out of the way. Johnson where had Francis Thornton gives an effort through the world want to back out. Reset the shot clock hit forty to you know seductively down it's evident Russert T. Frivolous. Let's it's been laid out the quarter shot through clinical very drives it leads around me. Warner drove by again. It's. 32 time that it will be expanded to the floor only he's been here. We have coaches shows Lauren just about every week with the teams are travelers will be activated sports with you know they're seeking treatments road next. Monday for a two coaches shows that dissent that Gregg Marshall and 78 he's Adams. 97. And thirteenth they're in unison essence that is just about every Monday night. State basketball coaches you know. Ages we're thrilled you know it's nothing. Yeah. If it's tiger comeback kid that you'll. Like soccer turnovers. And doctor it's not it could help with the tigers I thought it was a good job of that city on the opposite end. And then noted that in itself that it made some adjustments and it won't be able to try to counter which it's not that fluent. And I didn't it's accurate I think in your mind what does it the second half it can't 30% of 33%. For the game. All three of the basket. It can't have this three pointers by constantly want my market itself. The eighth. Relief Alford to refuse to do it and it's not that comes. It in the event that started attacking and attacking the basket and thick. I think it's dark here at that event. So they're getting to the free throw line of thought is that we didn't shoot outside shots and check with some houses are now. They're not get much inside. It's not serious enough spine it was there xenon at least one occasion and let my team. We have 1528 to us right at five minutes ago it now distinctly five point dogged Gregg Marshall. One of the time now. That this is the institute guest at a soccer significantly 31 tonight sockets don't play up front second chance points in one. Points in the paint and Hispanic. The thirteenth to seventeenth that Donald Wichita State does that apply it to incidents that occurred over centrist well. That this is converted seven turnovers into thirteen points and it really take advantage. Of the few turnovers shock exit there. Doctors worked for over your second. Have they only had three at halftime that. Four here in the second half it is. Doctors five with the quality really uses the warrior and it and it back in the gains let's bring in Nellie. Jack Lawrence is that he would. Active start the second half the first half now. It is it is seeking in the second out of there he's back in there it accuracy somewhat limited we played almost thirty minutes. He's only played eleven. They want office on its side and its influence with math. Next round visited that court to let each candidate to initiate their confidence is expected to influence. Get on the ground. Different continents and pulls out a lot for us at eight feet from the basket that got to bring in Portland office. Forestry split two defenders this is not a habit accident near three on the way that I. Great concentration advised him that he got demand after the air and then focuses attention on the messages that man is coming back to the the floors directly about it but that's not the fact that they points. It's 46 Landry was well thank. Worked race that. Starts right now that clip it right again got rent the picture and I was so excited. Now improve over them now we've got to hear. Stated anyway on eleven. It lot. Right now with the bloc that's not. Right. Not around the time alone left wing fan but few fans here that if they flew the killing it off. Got off the water but I think life levels of baseline ground while only ten footer is definitely finding weapons. But you know prevent defense by the Memphis Tigers that time doctors that I think open looks round and we'll put it like 5448. With the test its lead at six at this with the ball starts left wing brings back the middle. It's going. Right right spinning back. Leads in this it's not gonna fall off balance valley. It's all there at the. It hit the open under move with very little contact on that found with the office not now. Nearly 4000. Shards LE eight team found is half that the speeds on the line that exactly 53 remaining. And it is Wichita State 54 Memphis 48. I would that help was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the tenth at health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. 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You re not only on a high quality brands like LG but we have one of the largest elections are real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our group in which top notch our brain. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita city agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. Leon best. 56 doctors only 33%. In the second half four for twelve that they are for a night. For a three was keeping the building is Landry champ at Austin please both war for seven. Front street there at nine for sixteen between them shooting the rest is seniors eight or 34. And the reason champ at eight for fifteen of the eight were up fourteen combined three addressed the team to port 53 from short. Like Korean Britain had made 33 gets one more and so try to cut the lead to five. Eleven points off of Memphis that and I think quality of the second preakness. Which is just flat five feet. It's made threes Santa fearless. Next round Shaquille Morris. Acknowledgment that it is worth now camera liquid for a deficit cutting underneath the persuaded yet they're flying. Election and that the ground that he should have it for the reverse layup with two minutes of this player reflected a little bit on the net there animal rights. And that's when. He threw it flexes. Its right right on its home. Know that nice even though I think they've given me now has three fact Boris and got her past that round play. I'm aren't places to read through. Business that it rattled right now. Bursting point basket fluent in recent witness fourteen points but it's not the Cleveland seven and march slipped and fell a lot of right there is not impressed that these students leaving. An ambulance. To references that while listening to all these different for less weight program. On the grounds that it rates that the plane pulls up. It's really the bottom of the length of forest reflected outside and it's tax cuts that he's created no man's land there was able to get it back out. Lebanon was shot clock when it's not vote for them to get the ball lands here they got a lot of folks that you. Leave the planet who. From the left side lines. It is not time line. Street and more confident that it is monstrous act and it's not at flaw got deflected. And support quickly fourth in the right water with that. This announcement marks along theory note yeah excellently balanced background factors. Struggled with three point line tonight partly with us. It's not that like that if they work. And guarded by Mark Adams writes that the floor for us next and not double teams gets a little Willis. Over two rounds on the block more spins baseline look bitter not patting was fouled on the shot. Really difficult shot with Morris snapped a picture. You know would ultimately success is if staff turnovers right fielder's shot that just felt left off the last. It's likely employ its breakaway here under its 740. You know it the second half. And is Wichita State 58 and it's 49. Ever wish you could call a timeout those expensive AT&T. Wells just lies when you banquet equity bank you can us. Which your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC. 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You'll never be late for Wichita State basketball game but the fact it is my entire ride shotgun in the plant tired you're out of there Ernie repair these guys care. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford grameen Bernhard thank Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point Evan. John David Gilmore a store in the line of possible. Three point play and doctors at the last time out of the prohibitive thirteen seconds ago 33% and have fun fourth well. And they have made. Read all three shots in the three cents then now 40% of six's fifty. Worsen the lines for the first time tonight to complete the three point play it definitely benefits and it. Tucker Horford nine from three point. You're the second half a benefit or for 530. Bounces softly hit field forest. Three point play has fired now at the game if he's been out a lot of fouls tonight. He'll go as. Long live the rest of the ways you can't 733 you know if you're in my apartment record prevent this his team down to advocate for Wall Street I animals left. It did not look forward nickel vary from three over the opposite side long rebounds Darryl Willis stolen away from him that knocked out of bounds by Memphis. They're really fight for the fourth a lot harder this staff that they did that the first snapshot for the would have won offensive rebound here thickness. And it brings it up staffers by cancer vigorously don't knighted by thirteenth list that he's so fast and Richard shouted another reversal if you have crap right back to Landry. That's the point that the plane that ran about three minutes ago and got another leg up on it. It was six to eight strong finish the water under the basket with a managed accidentally hit it. Rivers. The length for a while not lose comes off the backcourt recovered slightly as he dry accident tour. Technically that's not her neck out slips of Warren Spector Reeves. And they'll get a ground try to get it. Length of Willis and it was reflected snow. Anomalies there aren't really slams injury it's gonna call of valid reason if you and I thought Austin was back it up. Good position mark jumped into him but they're gonna call the fell on Boston and the necessity. And you turn the ball over Memphis Tigers to shift in the height years they think off its effort at all. Well election accurately mark if the lines to respond bounces in. He has made six of seven extremists against worthless that it expects about three it bounced up with none of them have done it. Are currently at three turnovers in the first half and already five years it's that it. 640 to go. Back and so. Here in my apartment seven of his eleven points the free throw line that's yet. Place is familiar with this line about seven times a game on average soccer basketball. Fans weeks ago. Reeves rounds and it Willis and Boris Salina. References by the tigers. Am very inept and van. Defense by your mind or. It's hard left knows that ran the other Turkish haven't discounted it after version just lays it on the left side it wrote that play through that. Let me stuff. It really seen a ballot the other accurate position but that is the heart my captivate fans get benefits in bound and all the way to half court. Opted to not real rivers in and he took it right at the basket group out now on Reeves again is there. That isn't the double bonus doctors at twelve with only six to go on after rookie that's that guy out within. When. Let me share the coach him through the layout. Reeves he wrote it down probably next round. It out as well. Jamario rivers missed the first free throw. He's a 68%. Free throws for a year and it makes the second. They're old diesel eight point three points from the line which I state my allotment with the ball reach it's it can't but again. Atlas which has restaurant. Package Derek. Throw all sorts of pressures on him but left when production that. Connecticut then played it like that threaten or as you re right slot Willis. It's. Rules alliance at a little later director Louis Armstrong had. He's got six that the second basket factors that's the biggest leader after they're kept look at for the double team that matter but it never came and obsolete with it and move. Sixty if you are right in front. Davenport back for the game its history of opportunities that my candidate didn't quite get the angled pass into brackets even the left waters snack drives all the legendary and it gets hammered a political lines with this time it was soccer attacking the basket that round drive from the left corner. All the with a hole depth out once you reach. Now as Mike parks junior his third eighteenth amounts. There's not yet in the double bonus with this since its programs in the executing. It's accurate it's in the first half chances forward the second half it's not yet he has five for five. From the free throw line down double figures with chants of enchantment with eighteen Reeves seventies and round with fans if not tonight. Surgery. Is not allowed mores it's a blow that it that it probably the outfield and therefore I can come back to the couple. Risk. Ultimately crypto experts that line eleven points it's not currently is now 50675543. All right Timothy we keep this lead with a couple of snubs and if the portly. Duffy is in their future. Analysts and chance. Doctor shows that she's one zone press but it's not a little bit differently so let market bubble hasn't been our second half. I'm a little Brunette dressed like Republicans who went back to a quality coach Marshall might have been going to a zone Netflix. But then you get across that sports moments ago. At the time line and picked up his dribble still backcourt. I'm ready to turn it hard to pass back to Martin bounced off his hand and by the time recovered. Ten seconds were up an excuse here they get this thing update team ordinary. With these that eatery cabinets run almost its last relentlessly and at. Norton was right apple audited that required to walk through it floor quantity that is chances off now that's what vote cylinder calls. Office guys cylinder problem like what you feel that now. The second team's ninth this field won one for Atlanta Shannon has not been that line tonight. At eight. Please go bounces softly at. It was ninety escape these added while he's been through fourteen shooting slump you get it back tonight. Lot of family here at seven of eleven. And four of seven victory. That the country has been on national justice right. What she's taller and bigger negative things you the power forward at Washington Saint Louis. They've both free throws when he's got slightly has grown to 7069. It actually go through Q1 oh rats. Raiders or the planet in victory bird. Back to earth or if that was variables. Of different looks ahead now way at fort technical very. Goes up the floater missed it and rebounded Darryl Willis. Yes sometimes the president and effectiveness don't have to steal the ball but not to think if you play. But dribble hand off brightly in the stuff that right what is your product out the flop Willis Bobble that frivolity recovers he's guilty of steps through its debt through a little later it gets it once again. Three Willis gets the ball in the basket when it flipped remove that time. Eight for Darryl Willis he's made two really strong finishes in the last year for physicians doctors might 197152. I'm mart they have the it's not that the ark float of Lance. What's with the third driving ankle crosses. It's at the line if that answers the block recovered by Maarten on the selection and he might have stepped out of I'll for heaven's sakes get a call now on character. On revolve of the run those seconds. More free throws were. Smart. Martz have a debate from the line. Nine points make it eleven. One half minutes to go in the fight night. He's about the game yet 33 points five threes. And east Carolina. And use. Them. And at that point Rory nearly one point gains for. Reeves. That amounts to nothing Martins. And it. Before pressure arrived at the advocates of street if you try to split two defenders who covers the baseline Willis reverse stock. I came back up it can't. Wrong move that's not my arrow arrow and you know well as double double and then ten points in the army units and that. As a threat that is driving is an important. Our stock market hands on it yet not yet and there's I don't know what happened there that it. These parties. It's the right through right now late. Haven't worked with four points on the second half he got three valor. Now three about this shot down by your influences the eleventh. If that. Doctors at 7073. Of these it definitely up front we'll please. She and it starts left. It's. A he's not that yes issues. Well it's hard line up the border with trees and certainly not yet now on there. Updated nickel there it was its first now the chance to announce the loss to green line. We come back with its not state with 330 or if you know leading Memphis 73. To 56. Okay hills are exactly the alphabet the next subject financial well being and health can manage your money turns in spite of your tax cuts. When it comes to money you can never start learning too early. That's why starting today state farm wants to keep these tools and support you need to take control of your financings. Maybe it's big on my life in balance transfers and pop quiz tomorrow find out more at let's start today's outcome. State farm here to help planes go right. Hello shock. 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Shocker forces draw do you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent friend would be John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Sean or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven. Yeah yeah. 356. Johnny. Six suspects in the Memphis Tennessee. A lot of the free throw line Austin raise at seventy points tonight on the heels of 43. In the two previous games. Austin tonight five of eight from the field four of seven from 33 of 31 ultimate six rebounds. Shooting two free throws here with 334 to go out shoppers up by seventeen. Harold Willis now with the 812 weary at ten point eleven rebound double double that is his fifth. Double double of the season and Landry sham but now that even twenty points that's the sixth time this season that he has scored want to hear more. He's those just gets the ball goes to Israel and historically. Throughout yet. Crossed it. Four for four from the line into the game shooting 87%. From the stripe on the year. Eighteen for Reeves wanting for him at ground with eleven. Willis with. Free throws is that it's not as if they'd stand ups wants the united threes tonight. Thirteenth time this year with ten or more threes of the game that I record set last season. A French court Jeremiah mark artists like him at 341 to go not to fight nineteen. Art. Standing dribbled as. He's an awful lot of time out my nineteenth or left we'd be struggling to agree not to post is deflected away and it's all about its doctors I don't that a good dominant history that's facts. Think it's near dot. Champ and of course the Reeves right where it industries at the high post that defeat the free throw line patented Friday eighteenth issue. Left wing nurtured it will hand off to chance you'll have to be as he tried to drive over Reeves. These rules and out against pretend to shoot down around the clock life he's handling it out front has a screen from well as for its depth not. Three out there. Each lawn. Everybody shoppers always like their little system Fulham before. That's. If you've got that rebound in a crowd. It forced to back up its net twelve and twelve now twelve points all assists or shots and it throws out front of art art. But I did drive it pulls back. Not its flights. You want and turnovers sham it comes out of it it's that all right rough outlet. The rise of targets or lines that. Polls. Off screen if it will give up Willis fires underneath him and not a merger would have done great pass to Darryl Willis on another wheel off evidence that the second half of the night. Massa who worked as the stand by 23 prostitute on line with the right away. That's passed under a vehicle very shouted we'll parked my lowest net that is what Elliot he lost his mantra he's got knocked around and got them all this one's job away. Can't watch it is different for a minute 39 to you know let's go to the floor please that'll Willis. And handed off and it. Let's not float him off the screen monitor it right away please theory got. Boston Braves now. To become the first soccer player since Ron baker early days here at 320 point game zero. Wild pass they try to save it. It's recovered by the doctors and now on death or trying to get feasible. Now on radios or it's there it's not shooting. Well now find out what my point. Six points doctor's eyes as the wave of panic here late at their growth earth street 83 streets colonel. They've marshals and clear that it cheers as he communities. It party you belong. Kaiser all scorers table. Think it Jacob hers got some definite. Free throw a little harsh I'd listen if shocker guards really had a good quality that night reads it she admits. There at the twenty points and what are you going to be freed up. He's got a sixteen from behind the Dark Knight hanging out of. It's a lot easier. They start making shots like that. They're both out of the game seven with 22 Reeves with 22 floors. That are really good quality with that Jack was palpable fear being careless stepped out. Made the second free throws in a finished with thirteen points and at least twelve rebounds. Every night so it's. So my Jane's announced it would Milan CJ Kaiser markets that Steffi at Brett party for which stated that it wealth to go. Part into the line it shovels and their. Some day. Since then it's not worth it Duncan was fouled in the process. That is not now with four points and lay up and down. If the three front lines it's nice to sleep frequent plant thousands and its ties. Hey that was. Since may as with five points with us neatly news 248359. Just over a minute ago that's currently drives it down alliant throws it over to picked up the tough catch and it doesn't fit side. And balls deflected listen finally recovered five Memphis nickel query across the front lines. Crosses over those little scoop shot dead and a foul. Count for basketball now on CJ Kaiser. Market went out of I think it problematic that that it it's a decided that blown the whistle but obviously they have. Another gonna get called reform ways those that are a few Egyptian. If the varied now with seven. It's free throws is it a three point play. I stately 8360. To 48 seconds ago. Available on different or thought about Marco was left with Kaiser. That threatens the death. Right way you know so much water on it right tools and authority footer bounces out in the lead down to Memphis. Trusted timeline mark your hi mark gravity traffic fumbled yet it's actress trophy shot the foul followed Kalin Malone. It's got a knack for drawing fouls at that they had three guys that sealed off from the fast it. But he kind of joked that he has frozen the arms now gets golf. He has made it to him free throws. Three is that again. Only fourteen points in Manila that only has four points from the field. Ten of eleven free throws. And that way though this is not at a baffled as it Duffy read that it was now from behind by a nickel there. This would may never. Funny seven seconds to go markets but nothing you go to the free throw line from Wichita State the doctors up by twenty. 8363. Doctors are going to get back to their winning ways on the road after losing a couple of them growth and get a couple home games coming up UConn on Saturday temple. Next Thursday. Nothing makes the free throw it gives him four points tonight. And more tries. If you your Paterson yours that was as good as well if nothing was five domestic flights. Point six seconds left in the landmark is residue but if you offered an outlet out. Venus runs it to people they call it a foul on the defense every time he jumped right into three defenders of McAuliffe now with us today. I don't know what else Q along those who do. And out of its ways with the unit and it ran right over three ridiculous. He can't play defense if you're gonna call that the off its players to. Thanks the free throws eleven of thirteen. That's it. Jeremiah mart both points from the line sixteen and all soccer's like twentieth they will not shoot it is to run the clock now. But it means Jones. Now here's a time line at thirteen seconds. At this should just back off here now doctors are gonna get it nice drug list here at Memphis. First appearance in this town hand. Over thirty years. Jackets that come away with a victory titles yeah. Wichita State 85 fastest 65. Doctors. An eighth century of BACM eighteen and five overall state spirit. With the Johnson throws gave him. It's time again to go inside the numbers the beat Katie CPAs and advisors. You're an all star business with the talented team there's this audience to winning them. Our championship team that beat Katie can help strategize and make plays that help improve performance and put pressure on her competition. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Allen Karzai in valley center in danger or an Andover was later. Listen for all WS shocker football game on 103 point seven. Why can't we didn't. Crazy. Welcome back to Eddie Johnston post game show brought to let Johnson when he first came at a sixty defines a much more. Then then suits. You drive home from the game for a team like Kansas land tyrants service retires professional auto service are always. A slam dunk off with some driving home from casinos militant networks the official watch party location for all of doctor weight gain the corner. When he first went southeast corner. When the by the watch party have a chance to win a trip through the AC tournament in Orlando receive Eisenhower national airport. And he knows what networks my candidate Bob Hope back in Memphis it soccer's. Winning tonight over Memphis by a score of 8565. Soccer's really took command of the game and about six or seven minutes to go. Is not a game which they shot it particularly well for most of the night about that way in the second half they were 33%. But really fairly strong finish the second half at 54%. Let via Austin Reeves and Landry should evidence and it really Smart second half surge by Darryl Willis right at the end. I've got those numbers right here my foot 853 echo in the second half the shocker for four for twelve from the field in this half. They hit seven of their last fourteen shots. Ten of their last fourteen shots that it was him it. And it would threes and Darryl Willis really keen on their. From that point on him with building a man among boys Finnish veteran who. Flock of shots at the other end really really went well. The they're rebounding evened out a little early in the second halves of this Mathis is making an effort to get back in the game on the board because with Utah State dominated the first half of what it was all said and done. Which doctors were plus eleven on the boards at hand fewer turnovers and ended up with. Eighteen more fuel militancy in the Memphis shot a respectable 44%. Which doctors just totally outscored them from the field. With more opportunities for bonuses like a recap a shocker for you to turn it over something bad happen either they went down in a bunker but it went down and throw out sometimes both but. They kept the turnovers down only eight turnovers that you just stated. Memphis has eight teams that can't fewer turnovers in four key offensive rebounds. Baidu which hostage doctors in that was the difference. That's somewhat rare occasion after a well balanced shot your team to have two players scored twenty points in the same game but it have to begin tonight with us. Landry sham it getting twenty Austin Reeves 22. And then that Darryl Willis added thirteen and Zach brattle Levinson is still have the good balance the two guys with bloodier war. Ad for a while they were carried I would venture that one point the second half to two of them were both war for seven from three. Like nobody else could make a shot and so those two guys carried it through violence and then there'll most takeovers. Yeah you're absolutely right Austin and it should limit we're where they were the office for awhile there it favored a good job running the show you a good job and that's that plays that give and go cut. They actually haven't run worried come office those Jack force they got that three separate plans for later for him. Jack is defensively. Gave up 44%. At 65 points and the big. The big thing Jeremiah Martin's got a score reasonably well prevent this to be effective and I ended up with sixteen points for twelve from the free throw line some of that was yes at the end of the game from the officials I thought. They held him to two for ten shooting go for five for three. He just really wasn't there ever major factor in the game. Well as the shoppers at a defense. Donnie Jones had this scout and they've been studied him for a long time he gets a lot of points to the free throw line a lot of points. From penetration. And so they decided to get off the wings jamming up. And make you kick it not let him get the basket in the eight states with so they always had a hand up his face when you shoot three pointers. Shocker is when it by a score of 8565. At your game recap recchi but villain beat it coming it's coming and coming your criminal defense of the UI law firm in which it's not give them a call at 2641548. Or visit. They'll Cummings LLC dot com coming to becoming law where your needs always comfort we'll have more on the Johnston post game show from Memphis after this. AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteenth and green which rudin widgets on your new home for shocker coaches shows to be sure to check out our all Neuberger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dine in only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go Kart take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hudson and proud supporter of shocker up. Letting another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental can't okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a mile. First is with no my. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's awesome. 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Pointless yet it they took away what the other team wanted to do they wanted to penetrate it wanted to get more often made it a good job of really focus in on him. And make it the other guys beat them. And I thought they're back to shocker rebounding we've always said that that really has never left soccer fans. And the shooters for him and make it shots sham it. And Austin reads knocked off are really high percentage. Channel four for 73 reached five for three and then how about Willits pick it up Jack mores that jacket it. An off night without troubling Darryl Willis game and really had an excellent game. We have great defensive player of the game it's occupied got you covered ability want control like your living room create privacy your victory over transform the look at your kitchen got you covered has the right window treatment solutions for you call 3166127000. Or go to got you covered Wichita dot com. Such as the shoppers and get 10% off any order that she covered. Serving the Wichita area I thought. And you've mentioned they did a lot of switching to night but I thought the initial defense each possession by Zach brown on Jeremiah mark really he fits that the other two they try to keep the taller guy on him he's excuse for the try to keep rounds 66 armor for stuff on them or reads on. And try to bothers chop it. I'd like to get the defensive player of the game award to Johnny jails for Atlanta got it got thought he had a really good it's gotten really good plan. To take away what Memphis wanted to do and I thought worked really well. That choice thing. Well ever started a game could not involvement did. Coach Gregg Marshall be joining you shortly. He put it in the deep freeze play of the game is presented violet appliance. Can't get to street from there to try to split two defenders covers up. The baseline Willis for Burris to step out there that I. Am wrong that 00. Well it's doubled up only ten points and our hits and that. Went on to finish with thirteen points and twelve boards that is his fifth. Double double of the year. Landry sham it with twenty or more for the sixth time this season and even twenty. And Austin Reeves with 22. His third straight game the volume or the last soccer player and that Ron maker currently use the years I think he's at. I think he could forget what. The eclectic crew here today. A lot off the Reeve family friend here. Jackets scored 85 points that you can save 20%. Off all shocker merchandise tomorrow only at pet's locker either location. East or west 20% off all the shocker stuff tomorrow at ten had to always be happy to say I got it. At stats. Let's go inside the numbers with a look at the final stats rusty but I think Casey's CPAs and advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor. The insurers which is just date night shooting 54%. In the second half seventy plus late in the second half last eight minutes. As of the 42 point 227 of 64. From 311 of 3135. And a half percent not great numbers that ended up being good enough to trackers. With thirteen or more threes for ten or more threes eleven tonight for the thirteenth time this season that ties a record set last year. They held Memphis to 44 point 4% at 65 points heroic to a thirteen from three. Strikers out rebounded them by 113928. Only had eight turnovers. 218. For the tigers and mention the individual scoring with rebounding leaders for the checkers Gregg Marshall joins us. Presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion to work him coach I know there were times in this way that you. Were having to push and prod a little bit that all of all of the ultimate result really looked like the shoppers. We've been used to over the years you really did when we got the they've they've made an actual run game in the second half and cut it to 45 points at that point and we wish turning the ball reached. Rashard had one of the things don't turn overs of all which we had big time numbers which led to a man Warren. Reid said Warren mark has said Warren moment. Pat jumped in the year to pass and then I think Errol Louis got stripped from the drives we had four turnovers and about 57. Possessions something like that. And they were able to convert and cut it to 45 points from that point. We in the in the media time out OK it's just it's now or never you think I've got to. You've got to perform gotta you gotta play you got that huge got to take care of the ball you got to rebound. And we were flawless. The last whatever my government that is that was. Ten minutes eight minutes. We executed we got great looks we which comfortable the other removed rebounds we've deflection and steals. We were sharing the basketball and really look like. Team it wanted to win here. A great that's 853. Point in the second half. On to the end. He got it cannot afford. From the field really executed that we had to literally that was him but you read that resent it definitely at least not yet he's in he's if he's a great cutter. And we don't look for them off on that cut you've got to give free below the foul line extended. He cuts to score you've got to stay with the cutter for a long time with your eyes. And we were able to do that it was Zach brown markets yeah that they were three at the time probably. We got that in the other option is to put it reversed reverse the ball and then look how low for post to post and you Darryl Willis before that time we never got that point. And Darryl was tremendous in the office plans posting getting ideal post up situations now. Great bounce Zach brown gave you some confidence in the first half then and certainly. I know you were switching a lot but good game plan from that standpoint that's active and really good job on March. On the additional defense. Yeah he did Zach brown played some really good defense because Martin's a tremendous score we hold them to. To pretend to know for five that probably hasn't happened a long time has five turnovers. And sixteen points that meant he had to work. He really had to work form and and Zach brown had a for the most part markets because he also did a nice job and we were switching off sometimes even Kelly had them. But it was it was a really really nice performance where does she ever really gotten from foul trouble he goes five there is no turnovers and he was. Be installed the whole game I mean we're really physical with him and bang and it just gives big board that's when they'll play through that stuff and he looked really good doing that. Thought yet really good unity offensively. Defensively. Passing the ball and you gotta be really proud of them of the rebounding effort. Third the work of 39. To 28. Plus eleven rebounds fourteen office of war we had twelve in the first half so we. We obviously didn't do very good job in the second half of the office lasted twelve and half. This tremendous it's a great number. And you mentioned Landry and I know that you have not been. Fretting over his shooting that just anxious for it to come back whatever you do is going to let it certainly is had to be confidence boost. Without a doubt and we we were finding him that he got some rhythm threes from. Offensive rebounds will be kicked out. The dark really sharing it. I a couple of times he did a nice job with shot fakes to free himself won't lie dribble skate dribble it was knocking it down he goes up. Four for evidence in Austin Regis five for months and nine for sixteen from those two guys which is more like what we're accustomed to. Well big road win nice to get it get back to winning on the road and your only trip and only time against Memphis this season 98 play a couple of home. You know and and maybe you know maybe we've got to keep backing us that that's the key that we talked about before the game. We have to get back to being we have to get back to point which touched a basketball tonight we were we were for the most part other than that little stretch early second half. We were there I think we have. Probably. Thirty good minutes tonight and that's good enough to to win against this team that's twelve and two in this building. Coach thank you congratulations. Checkered coach Gregg Marshall get presented by express employment professionals. And what are my view of our post games sponsors as a long time which it. Tradition Javaris carpet outlet in Florida Saturday teens sixteen north Broadway it's becoming flooring superstores just a huge supply of carpet. Area rugs tile laminate hardwood. And all kinds of colors varieties. Patterns and they have it in large supplier that allows it to give you great everyday prices that would you be floored ghostly departments. At 1816. North Broadway could be here for Marshall that kind of frame of mind again it's going to be a lot more fun ride back that it was from temple. For Philadelphia yeah. In the shorter one to guess that is. Girls that Kelly is a sport in 1981. Hand to celebrate you can come to any Carlos apparently right now and get to full size on trays actually contain so. Early 1981. When you order that these problems act. It JR since you. Soccer's serve winning tonight go to eight and three. It the American athletic conference still ahead of them by three games Cincinnati which improved to eleven dollars and 7740. Win at home. Over UCF tonight's other top 25 action. Number five Xavier won in overtime at Butler 9893. Number fifteen Tennessee wins at number 24 Kentucky 6159. Number four Michigan State hit it granddad at 9693. Win at Iowa. Number twenty Michigan lost at northwestern 6152. As an opportunity to dance to the to have him back to beat TCU. 7164. And their personal friend named Fred Bentley played. 31 minutes for the raptors tonight ten points three rebounds eight assists in just three of five from the field. And to the three for three days continues to teared up. In the NBA. And back to turn it up tonight for sure Landry Shannon twenty points five assists no turnovers seven of eleven from the field this witness feel awfully good you. You know it feels good for all of us you know I do Arafat that losing snide and not really. Knowing how to feel about ourselves for offices in little dark and low and we've had some some real moments with a lot of other we know of that is again and I think you know we responded really really well. Hopefully no carry over. You have struggled a little bit the last years working and shoot well I know you know you're good shooter now you put it that time in the gym or connector on that. Is there appointed there worry it's a little tough mentally because you don't you're gonna start make it that you cannot see yourself in the. That's the battle as the concert barrel Vienna have won a national player two's shooters shooters it's what I do it's every note that. It's like a Thomas alone should've been doing this for my entire life. They're gonna fall you know it's an advantage shooting is you can define my game. I feel like I was still. We're trying to do things that office when I was playing my best basketball and I know that I took ownership for. I'm from their Brendan knows me knows my hardest critic and so we have been taken lightly at all we're an hour. The few women and so what it off. You were seven for eleven Landry in Austin reasons success stand between you guys were nine and 63. And it's not one of the keys was. Then NC shots forced you guys were working with in the office making the extra pass. It's nice shot a movie got a lot of wide open looks there is you know followed and it plans to report known it. You know how they play defensively. Planets. When there's so much area if you want and I'll take it off. Shock batons. I don't know open arson of a program that dudes I'll talk about issues well and services like guys. Number two right now. And hopefully that struggled with you feel like that would you pastor brown off expecting you got where happily out there and talk about that the united. I don't know man you know yes it is. And it broke don't fix it goes through it. We. Is that a confused on what we heard about it lip circuit had. But it. You know winning winning is always good of course it feels good that. Did this what we've been talking about this a little bit did this would feel more like like you like to shoppers like like you know you can play it I'm supposed to you know as familiar. Found that got some familiar energy on. Productivity. His real competitive knows there is we we played loose and not lose in the sense that not focused or watch him do his focus. Very competitive guys were hungry I think we could see that you go yup question amount of Utah today via weathered this storm. And continued to move forward. Warm brown Grimes who navigated road he has really good home team. Atlanta nice to have some additional family here as well all the way from Montana's and yeah if you presence. For months and for me granddad from density in school. Can't. I'm lucky to have him like them and follow me all please watch him play about who they love watched you play him I don't court martialed ever talks are about her. That's here but he just lets it go yet five assists no turnovers and that you are eager. Your project and I've heard over budget give me one of them aren't British actors which sort I don't know. I'd I'd take credit that I've left shortly we will think he's confident. That's the good and everything to attack against their congratulations. You know lenders have access to records as a team eighteen and eight to nine assists to turnovers so everybody have a good night shocker is when it to go to eighteen and five and eight. And three. Is the American athletic conference so all the scores he anchors the decent all the thanked him for his hard work behind the scenes. And thanks to Andrew Hamlet accurately his excellent work the controls that providing some outstanding Memphis music forest tonight. Back home now for two with a shocker is this Thursday or this Saturday sorry evening at 5 o'clock. They'll take on UConn their second meeting with the Huskies this year one on the road earlier at Hartford. And that's a 5 o'clock hip. On Saturday evening. And then next Thursday. It will the temple coming back right. At the two week mark from the game the shoppers lost in overtime philadelphians Packers get another shot at the owls with them through the looking forward that would. After the eighth player you're ready and oh by the way after that Sunday February 18 is that is that. So those three games coming up. All right well it's been fun tonight especially the way it finished doctors really get down the stretch the last eight minutes when it by twenty years Memphis. 8565. For Bob Andrew and everybody else's contributed to Mike Kennedy would you rate pleasant it like it a little late back there it's it's bad it's mostly to work it will. See you back a cup arena on Saturday night attackers one of my twenties in Memphis. 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This trip includes roundtrip airfare for you four nights hotel accommodations and reserve tickets to big shocker turning game. Since. Once in seventy. You can also download coupons and JP YN dot com. Sausage provision written over all the details surrounding area talk about locations excluding such as it takes TV is it's in one sentence and then. It's a shocker locker room show. Great shame tenants and special guest. Unloads on one of three point seven KEY and. Twin peaks they shocker locker room show shade of Bob with you after Wichita State. Dispatches. Memphis 85 is 65. And am really good exhibition of basketball especially after the well about ten minute mark of the second half or Wichita State broke open a close game and won going away ending up winning it might wanna it was. Way worse than that actually down the stretch but Wichita State goes to eighteen and five on the season. Eight and three in American play drop meant that the fourteenth and 56. Anabolic giving the first word shocker back now and should fans relax a little bit of a lot better about what they thought and. Where you feel a lot better about what you saw from Landry sham it. You feel a lot better not better you're continue to feel great about what you're getting from Austin Reeves. Those two guys were outstanding. As was Darryl Willis. The three of them were eighteen of 32 from the floor tonight for Wichita State. The rest of the team just nine of 32 so. You got great production from those three guys and especially Shannon Reeves. I didn't have a chance you'll back and look at how many times. Wichita State had two players were warning or more points in the court martial Lara but it doesn't have enough. Now I. Wanna say it only happened once last year they go Willis and somebody else got warning each but it's a third consecutive game in Austin Reid has got one or more. To give you a little bit of the numbers first of all most important number 8691037. Gonna join us out here on the shocker locker room show twenty feet which does date. Only shot 42% from the floor unofficially just a shade under 37%. From three did make twenty of 46. Free throws. And while Memphis isn't a big three point shooting team anyway we got scored 336. From three point line. That's kind of the difference in the game and Landry jamming came out I think it its first three shocker led twelve to. And Bob they've never trailed. I certainly am Memphis handles something forma one point in the first half they got the lead cut down to two at 1715. And down five. We have about ten and a half left right after my mechanic got his third foul. But which it does they made quite think you make and more business as usual on the road they went by point. Never felt like Memphis loose the real threat to mind. Here's what I thought about Memphis good athletes. They can guard you at times. The boy not not a lot of skill. On the tiger's not a lot of guys to. He could do a whole lot offensively. At our best offensive players Jeremiah Maarten and the soccer's just smothered him tonight with. Combination of big guys big athletic defenders that kind of kept him from doing any thing. At four points in the first half on one of six. And didn't score in the first fifteen minutes. And Wichita state of course with the start to chairman are Reeves got off to we got up quick. Zach brown pitched a little bit to eleven point three rebounds four assists nine of those points in the first half. But about Memphis and is the credit Wichita State out hope their defense. There are a lot of possession that her staff where we saw the shot clock inside six seconds they had that hurry up and trying to run our play which does they had no such problems on their office. Gathered not a good three point shooting team influences of so you can afford pack animals. They don't defend the three point line very well also with 2000 they would get some great books. Memphis has a long way to go. And a thank Tubby Smith recognizes that we had. Their beat writers who gets on our radio show today at the drive and used to send out tubby has recruited well now. Think dale had that 7000 people in that building tonight with. I'm an example of 191000 seat building up slope. Lot of work to be done from Memphis. Taking nothing away from the shock of course soccer played effectively tonight that. 8565. Is the final. Al will Google phone lines tonight 691037. Alley got first word what you think. All right well proper word is let them off go walk order to grant and I agree with absolutely everything that it. Absolutely spot on but I'm not calling it now in my at a couple remarked my old. I thought this. I've been Honda ought reap bandwagon while not that it does this gory but I think in are definitely seemed to think differently now they're. In practice or her wine. A week to create. Them. He dances it turnovers. I think to start running and it moved its green one time. You know I'm acutely and Hindus don't I think there is future looks bright. That thing I want to stay adaptors will start I don't know they're what was ever looked better once he got going not I thought there. Against quote start it. Seem real dynamo in progress. And thirdly the net take it note here Bob. At what point we. Stop talking about mark that the debt with the new reference I want it off. You know how to do it and then a net gain now where he still looked dot board may. You know I. It got to feel Greek art are immediately I don't know what's formal what they've. You know he's been very ineffective line. Thanks for the call I appreciate the comets it's hard for a guy like Mike Duffy and I'm not gonna provide an excuse form. But this team that already established itself he missed. Double digit lanes eleven games and all the practice. Before the season. It's hard for guys stepped in team snapple. And make a huge difference. He's struggling no question about this team does witnesses it's not like if you. Like he was writing in this team on a white horse to save it. They've already established themselves well. It's taken him some time to get on. We if we can talk every game about doctors there are not doing so while I mean when you know with the team like this not everybody's gonna produce every. Markets with Duffy. Not one did you see the path he made that this kind of all I saw all about it is he he's just not playing with very disciplined that's not the charge against his own I saw him jump and a jump shooter. And I saw him play like freshmen tonight so why you'll. Not necessarily quite as scathing I was very disappointed mark had done the math so we made just threw it up for grabs the lead to a fast break he. He's just not playing very Smart basketball right now and you that's not that you can't blame the laugh and laugh. OK let's rewind that Al's point about Darryl Willis thirteen points eleven rebounds. I think we're all resign the fact we get take the bad with the good with their Willis if you hang with him long enough or please days. Al their long enough to be productive in which that was the case tonight he had his moments we'll play he's an instant offense guy and is an instant. Rebounding. To be just as rebounds. Constant idea and he's a tremendous offensive rebounder. And I think people for. He's so good with his left hand he's obviously left candidate he gets his shot off so quickly. I really hard to guard from their Willis. Had a great game. And honest and marine. Did get to start tonight he and Zach brown were in the starting lineup with Duffy and training camp out. Seem that they. Pretty much it immediate dividends. That nine points and Zach brown had the first half a quiet a little bit but he was effective. In the minutes he played of course Austin reads that all shocker with ten points in the first half that the third consecutive game when he points or more 22 points. And I think in addition what Al said about. Playing defense drawing charges and whatnot. Six rebounds he's pretty good rebounder or not a very. Burly kid he knows how to get them. You know the ball's going to be one of those very intelligent basketball players that's what I thought was missing in Memphis is that this. Didn't seem to have a feel for and the shoppers do. A lot of their players have a deal for. And certainly the threes made seven straight three pointers in the home win against both of them just kept the foot on the on the accelerator and played great. For three straight game without honing in shock. And I was selfish at all yeah. 8516 I was the final 8691037. If wanna join us. Here's the shocker locker room show Bob and chain here live from twenty feet thick our first break. 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Great concentration advise him that he got demand after the bear advantage focuses attention on the massive demand listening back in the. If I look at. Seven is bring him back it's like here on site. Let's do it here tonight when Pete says which it does state. Pulled away late from Memphis 8565. From the FedEx Forum here Mike Kennedy and Bob hole with the call for you there and landry's chairman Bob with. Point eight points five assists. And probably I'll all shocker fans everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief after a lot of. Goal seven minutes when he hit his first 33 pointers he felt like. That's it Landry we know a lot now the first one you know make in your first one of the huge thing in many fields that are anemic first for you like it's. I thought he drove the ball about well he's great at the reverse. Playoffs. He gets in the Ares I it was maneuver and and make enough that he was back tonight play great and you feel like okay enough that the Landry camera that. Shoppers need for the rest of February and march and you play you play the cards then got a pretty good shot at thing. They got out to age twelve to two lead at the first media time out holding. Memphis to no field goals and three turnovers all which does states court. Four of seven from the floor to get out that twelve Heatley then Memphis woke up got off the deck got three point later. To get in the within seventeen to fifteen. At about twelve minute mark but again which it does state never trailed reason answered with a three. Zach brown answered with a rebound put back and ended up getting up by seven at that point. And it never really got more interesting. And fell. 51 to 46. Was about ten and a half left to go. And at that point. Jeremiah Martin's their best score. And Landry chairman of course which does state point guard both picked up their third personal files are on the thirteenth minute mark or so and they both went to the bench. And Memphis got six in a row. To pull within 5146. And that's when Gregg Marshall decided that's enough remembering what every sham it back into the game came in at about ten and a half minute mark. He immediately hit three as seen my column everybody and everything down because without him. This team is just not the same offensively for sure. They struggle no question about it some odd days you know and get off habits tonight until very late on frank pamphlets point. This all five of the shots. I come from a training camp household. My life. Cleared off the adoptive son I have my wife really breath over his performance and and tonight. He just doesn't look confident at all so if they can find a way to get him gone the way they got him going. And they have that three headed back court monster. And and you don't want to give up on some odd days Jones right now either but you you not very good in the soccer's most recent game before. So there's still guys who complain that I honestly. Mean that there's still room for growth. But you feel a lot better with just off tonight especially from camera reads them back. And what dive into Cotter France champ maybe a little bit more markets like Duffy had a sub par game as well but shocker is that enough players that did. Well enough to to pull Wichita stayed away from that 5146. Lee about midway through the second half. Went on unbelievable run which we'll get into this the second we got to get to Travis who's up next while the locker room showed Travis we thank. I don't oh god here from here. Missed it this Eagles love reading your articles that are. On a bigger better things that I am on it and didn't use things go ahead Travis. What did you say again on her back in I mean I think that. Chalker bat I think that our identity you know I think of that rebounding. I think that playing three aren't yet apparently. You know I think all of the spirit that we make but I'll think of in the backcourt depth chart shot we enact has been absent like the past and there's I don't know. I don't think it's been what like ten games. Great well but you got a guy that you got a guy that's the step forward. And you don't really even missed what frank chance production wells because Austin reader everybody that kind of production and more. What it's gonna take for Connor frank camp to get going is to make some shots. There are currently owns yeah I mean I'm sure you want it right if you want me to get these. I don't know Larry and it is just got to make some side. A sham a shot his way out of it he had pointed at night so that doesn't mean as you know certainly. Doesn't mean. One which does state the coaching staff gonna give up one frank champions but still gonna use minutes. But his minutes again be dictated by how many shots he makes it to Bob's point issued himself out of it. There working whereas back in the rotation and he's not going to be on the rotation but frankly it's gonna be giving more minutes to Austin Ricci playing better as the back up. Right now until reality. You know that Austin Reno beat France camp out burns learned advocates point it just noted that seems like the difference between. You got reason I'm chairman vs cancer is the reason she cannot just have amnesia when their. Plain and you know they missed the shot fate and forget it just the feeling like they're so afraid of the things like you almost. Whole lot to him and like to know. Bryant asked land away did only first became eligible Wichita State in my appearance in that very hesitant. Last year and an early this year thanks for the call we appreciate it last year and early this year he was not his views confidence. And it showed in his life right now that. It doesn't appear that there's conflicts. You're a shooter. You went through slumps there's not a shooter of the world wealth listen. Go one way well there multiple ways to get jerked out of the game. Not dive on the floor not rebounding not guarding but if you're a shooter Greg we'll take you out if you don't shoot. You know they're out now. Guys that he can count on four points or that they can run plays for him. It's certainly the four inches between his ears we know you're never in is. As long as marshals coaching which they have never seen him never is strong word. I rarely have seen him react to a shop. Right I see Iraq to lack of defense for lack of hustle and and get on the floor see those reactions all the time you and I react to shooters. Sometimes background takes up time. I wanted to tell Darryl Willis and I asked them. Slow but but Marshall never dozen and that's what leads to tremendous offensive confidence in this team right now for whatever reason frank camps doesn't have. He sees the ball go through the roof like Landry camera thought tonight. We may not be talking about this anymore but we are and you know its threat to the point there would be a lot less for a lot more angst by shocker fans if Austin reed wasn't playing the way he's playing right now that softens the blow a little bit because the thing. Play the same position. Make camps not doing it reads is answered the bell frank campus played his entire career which stay with out of twenty point game reasons three in Iraq. That's not just about scoring. But that tells you a little bit about why Austin Reeves right now as the guy. And act on grass or reach down dig down deep what does he have seven regular season games left. Maybe three in the in the American tournament. And who knows nominee in the NCAA tournament the things come on it's it's time now you know you gotta reached down. Wichita us. They had its lead cut to five. But about ten and a half left to go in the game and at that point champ came back in the game. When we come back Bob and I will chronicle how Wichita State. Had about as an efficient ten and a half minutes as maybe they've ever had we'll tell you more about that we come back shocker. When an 8565. Big breaking tobacco more would be turned. That's. Twenty the ultimate sports launch where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's sport on huge screens and scratch through this person from the best kitchen in sports there's something on the menu to satisfy every fan's appetite take your game day to new heights with any of our journal items from the table when he's full service bar features and then selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mugs so ice cold beer crystals formed our man caves are decked out with tons of HDTV that there's never a bad he's now head for 28. String scenic views. What superior comfort you can afford it. 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It's shots locker room to show we've seen tennis and special guest lists on one of three point seven KEY and screen but there. Right over the way these three got it. Boston Braves now at twenty to become the first soccer players that run baker related scene here at 320 point game. And pass. You are on being online eight. 65. Wichita State. Witnesses over Memphis in a game Bob that they never trailed. But there were a couple of times that the the I don't wanna say the result was in doubt that a couple of times Memphis had something forms seventeen to fifteen about midway through the first half. And then with about 1030 left in the game is 51 to 46. And at that point well. Two and a half minutes prior Landry chairman got his third personal foul Gregg Marshall sent him to the bench. The lead was cut from eleven. Five. At that point Greg made the exact decision is now or never employee maybe has never looked smarter. Yeah I even need you knew when to keep Landry got along with three now had it been for a little bit maybe a different story but. Doctors made ten of their last fourteen shot attempts. Really gotta go light and that didn't even get them. Very close to 50% for the game. But the guys that were shoot at the most we'll make a lot of shots and the reason. They carried him and I would Daryl Willis who some good work inside the it was a sham of reed show and we're excited about that backcourt move forward. And they looked like they did they could sustain this for awhile. Here at three much damage did right when he got back into the game to make it 54 to 46. And then after a Memphis basket. Landry Shannon had a lay up followed by an and won by Jack Morris and then another layup by Landry shammond disliked at 6149. And over a stretch from 1046. Till about one minute left in the game shocker score on fourteen of fifteen possessions. Pretty good stuff goes like that snap of the fingers something went off but. Landry channel like is that. When he's out of the game. Is that far different looking shocker team offensively. Struggle again their sets. And remakes of the. Really even now when all season they've had to have him on the floor. He's he's an excellent player who found his mode jokes tonight hopefully for the shoppers. He can keep that now for the rest of the season because these are going to be the games that matter I would Wichita State has. Two games remaining with Cincinnati they're currently three out so they're gonna need they're gonna need some help. As well as you know hopefully. Beating Cincinnati a couple of this is the conference that. Certainly of them big improvement over the Missouri Valley Conference in half by the schism Memphis big guy's point guys strong guys. But that and have great basketball power. On the floor and that's where Wichita State's efforts. Cincinnati by the way destroyed UCF tonight 77 to forty. I game that they basically show that running clock and second half. Dow losing I wants to stay a little bit of the second half of that game. Cincinnati so good defensively. How about a Cincinnati Virginia national championship game. 39 for thirty to forty and I mean. Both both of those teams are just great defensively in the Cincinnati is this a man made their quick athletic. Hard to get it an inch against those. Shocker got four players in double figures led by every 2.2 chairman would want me. Willis off the bench had a double double thirteen and eleven and Zach brown eleven points nine of those first half. Shaquille Morris only had five points we kind of touched on markets McDuff pianist. Why does self marking by him any reason for concern with Jack Morris when he did not. Also on top jinx him with this story in around half of doctors about you have. Three very good games and thrown tonight he picked up couple files in the first pass them. Never found it never found the rhythm never found his. Never found a comfort zone so he didn't really get a whole lot from Shaq but again there are a little stuff to the forefront tonight and made up. For charge Kelly had five points seven rebounds couple of the fifth on the table there at the office for him. There's been some that. In your question or are we want to word it how often. For shark Kelly in his limited offensive skills should be on the floor I have to be in Rashard Kelly's camp I think the more he's on for the better. You can't have five scores on the floor at all time I think the question there has been Rashard Callahan and Zach brown. Be on the floor together for long stretches because neither. Is this the score them in fact cattle was eleven points and I. So he had a good game but. I Rashard Kelly listen. When you take the MVP votes at the end of the season sham it's probably gonna win it. Morsels are probably gonna get second. But Kelly I'll be right in there I mean Rashard Kelly's. Fantastic here. Doing everything that Gregg Marshall wants him to the status of the rebounding the path thing. The defense Rashard cal is not a great average in over two assists per game. In the conference. Kelly with 57. And two. Background. He should take about for those that we've kind of been criticizing him at eleven point three rebounds four assists and four steals for Zach brown and he may have an impact very very early after a lot done to Rashard Kelly to start the game he got a steal and breakaway gap now they have a couple of free throws and I think we can get him going to it now I'd have a background as a factor. And as Federer in the show I I. Wander a little bit about his shot selection sometime but then I'll pop them make a theory that he made his first three tonight. Think it was only three that he made that background. 8565. The final shot is now eighteen finally eight and three. In American flag. They were plus nine on the boards. That's right around their season average of plus ten and a half they were third nationally coming in. And over the last six seasons. The shocker to lead the nation in rebounding margin at seven point nine. Over the last six. And that along with the body road record those two things go hand in hand pretty much now. Yeah and it's impressive when you come in this conference. With the athletes are bigger stronger better. And still are able to hold back rebounding and it. It's just part of the toughness Gregg Marshall preaches this team. Carried with it suggests that basically he arrived with a thing they've always been an outstanding rebounding. Not it's not an act of obviously and nothing New Yorkers take care business on the road again. Since the 201011. Season they now have 72. True road wins that's the most in the nation. And before tonight there winning percentage with C sixteen on the roads that'll go up. Incrementally as well as its dockers. Continued their domination on the road after a couple of hiccups game that they displayed terribly Houston. Frankly could throw at the notion those things are gonna happen bones that you've seen gas and then temple played well. Which they didn't play great temple the temple have enough. Different guys who have thing and that's what Memphis team lacking tonight is not have enough guys do them. And shocker sixers there will on the offensive glass that was really the tail at tape by thought. In the first half they had twelve offensive rebounds that we can from Memphis. That's supposedly what and a butter Memphis is Brett they were good golf and one rebound one thing that hung their hat on yet they often supplies. 8565. The final look at which does State's upcoming schedule when we come back all to take your calls it 691037. While I live from twenty teeth shocker locker room show shocker went by forty will be back with more after this. Twenty steal my fourth slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on your screens and scratched from his first thing from the investigation in sport there on the nominee to satisfy every chance at a time major game day to new heights with any harsher more items from the table when he's full service bar features and then selection of draught Beers that are purpose to serve that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystals formed our man caves are decked out with tons of HDTV there's never bats he now heads for twenty eats drinks scenic views. Looking for the perfect gift your sweetheart. 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Terrorists that's twenty steal more slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on huge screens and Craig who is bursting from the kitchen in sports there's something and the many dissatisfied every fan's appetite take your database to new heights with any of our journal items for the table when he's full service bar features an extensive selection of draught Beers that are perfectly or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug so ice cold beer crystal more power maintains are decked out with tons of these DTVs that there's never a bad he now heads for twenty speeds drinks scenic beauty. It's a shocker locker room jell O with Sheen generals and special guest unloads on 103 point seven K. You've why. In and it advanced. Defense bite your mind Marc Savard left as a friend the other Turkish haven't discounted it after version just laser. Let's they run their countries that have let me stop an agreement eighteen. Nice little run Wichita State with an image of scoring fourteen out of fifteen possessions. From the time I was 51 to 46. And tell Reeves final three pointer made it 82 to 56 shocker when it going away. 8565. Over the University of Memphis Janus Bob Lewis Eric twin peaks these we're here every time after the shocker play shocker locker room show. And the next time. We'll be coming up on Saturday afternoon shocker to play Connecticut at home at five. The first of two consecutive at home Bob. After that in the mid week they'll take on temple in that same time Cincinnati goes on we'll Texas two step they'll play at SMU. Who granted a shorthanded. And then at Houston before which does date goes to Cincinnati and at the field to gain seven. Home and I got custody SMU about shake my own mind now that's certainly a huge setback for them but they are they lost only once at home I believe though. Cincinnati's got a tough remaining schedule. Both remains good I think they've. They'll play SMU YS. I believe that's right SMU Houston wants sew up the shocker to play twice the first of those games February 18. In Cincinnati. And and close out the regular season on March 4. With the bearcats a Coke arena both of those Sunday games. Last month of 11 AM startups on that. CVS the final game early morning start. Charles Phillips arena so which drastic cutback on to take on UConn on Saturday afternoon teammate beat seemingly. Worldly go 72 to 62. At their place in the temple comes back for the revenge tour. I would imagine which ties they would have certainly something both those teams that allows it to be seen UConn but. In some ways while I think they're similar to Memphis will seismic little up and down when they're good they're really good but. They are not saints team on the road for sure like a lot to. Yeah I you know I. I've watched a lot of American basketball this year because obviously it's which faith conference I'm intrigued by it. There's a lot of teams that are similar. The when they get on a roll their pretty good they get off they they do well offensively it makes a big difference but. The lack of offensive consistency. In the league as is the show's. And certainly you console well those teams like to further. They don't always shoot the ball well. And I would expect Wichita State. They went to UConn warmer and warmer earlier in the year I would expect which tough state to have a good game against UConn and then temple game at home. And you go to SMU I believe me go to Central Florida. No reason why a shocker came when all those two wild cards of the of the few games for instance and I. The team that we haven't seen but by all accounts and use the high fifties any kind of metrics you want these guys here are suffocating defense of late so Wichita State. In averaging. North of 83 points a game a little. North of eighty in the conference they got 85 tonight I'll be clash of the titans kind of yeah offense against which it does they thought. There will be great Lamar I've been looking forward. Since with the amount of Wichita State was the only American. One of the great rivalries Wichita State's ever had a basketball from Cincinnati back in the day and I think it's gonna be renewed now I think those two teams to become. Really strong rivals in this conference I think they both have excellent staying power other going to be around a long time. So I can't wait for those games and Mick Cronin can really coach so. We certainly appointment television or you get a ticket and be. A great want to get Austin reed tonight when he 2.5. Of nine from three point range was playing not terribly far from his hometown had. And dozens of friendly. Friends and family members that made the trip. Five of nine from three point range tonight he is now 45. Of 47. Since started conference play and while Landry channel with just three for his last point five from three point range he was 47 tonight. So nine of sixteen between two from three point range in not necessarily a three happy type of team. But staying. Number one continue to play inside out number two face more and more zone defenses. You start the debt reduction in addition to their offensive rebounding which just they get right back on the beat. Well and that and and the ways for this team to grow on me if you get what Duffy bill. And we know we know what's and that we we saw last year was the leading score leading rebounder. A tremendous athlete and if you get frank camp bill. Thank you think of what you're looking at then he will us going keep Willis Golan and Shaq. Find that consistency. You need you need to score from anywhere you can find it. That they scored 85 and I attic they had ninety in a recent game which famine not doing much of many things South Florida. Yeah I mean that that. If all there. Hijackers went 8565. And I think an eighteen and 583 in the league when we come back will. Go over the final totals giving some stat lines in case you missed it and wrap things up and went makes you think the final break and come back with a final segment after the. There's locker room show brought to impart my Charles Schwab but as Charles Schwab we've believed asking questions is she went taking ownership of your life. There's same is true when it comes demand junior wells. You know how much your native seeds and how they affect your returns. Ask your financial advisor and if you don't like the answer to stop by the Charles Schwab branch in Wichita today. Located at the waterfront park called 31513. Hundred. We believe feel like what's. We have this. It's a mess out there but Jenna junior cleaning up Channing king is being cleaning cans in 1988 trust your keys in the company that cares and it changed. 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Twenty steel to a fourth slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's port on your greens and scratched from his burst into the best kitchen in sports there's something on the menu to satisfy every fan's appetite take your teammates and new heights with any harsher more items from the table when he's full service bar features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in -- so ice cold beer crystals formed our man caves are decked out with tons of Hastings TV so there's never a bad he now heads towards when he eats drinks scenic views. It's a shocker locker room joke we've seen ten. And then special guest unloads on 103 point seven KEY. If that is split two defenders numbers of the baseline Willis reversed our staff came back up and wrong move that's not my arrow arrow. Well as double double. In points. Cannot wrap it up from England patriots here on the sharks' locker room show. Because they goes to 1853. In league. They'll be back at it Saturday afternoon at around the house at 5 o'clock. Against you've got some of the final numbers for in case you missed it. Wichita State held Jeremiah Martin Bob to sixteen points on two of ten from the floor and pulled five from three point range so. For the fans that have lamented the fact that Wichita State had a hard time keeping guards now line. The deficit a year name mine its very own opera 33 point game scored most of the points of the line a lot of lay. Meaningless that really affect the game one where the other you know when it mattered he had four points on one of six in the first half which does state. That gave forty point nine Lee and dominate on the the last twelve to two. In that first half alone again Austin reached 22 points six rebounds. One assessed he made 53 pointers yet three consecutive games with when he points or more. Landry sham it shook out of a shooting slump 7-Eleven tonight its first 33 him up when he points five rebounds. No turnovers. Battles and Bally shoes in the second half but really stormed back in the last two and a half minutes Zach brown had eleven points. Three rebounds for this and four steals Darryl Willis as Mike alluded to earlier double double off the bench. Jack Morris and Rashard Kelly both the five point Duffy with five. Front and merger with war. And Fran can't Barney Kaiser Malone Haynes Jones all played that did not score. Wichita State itself. About as neat and Heidi roadways which does they could possibly happen and I'm really for everybody it's good on their blood pressure than it was a wire to wire win. Most of the rest them then close and that's when while which Dustin was favored by that eight and a half in this one. Wore down the stretch the last two and a half minutes really exert there was no room. Lot of interesting things about being in a new member of the conference's. Sports fans we don't know much about these players. We don't know much about the teams. So you go into these gains with a little more anxiety may be. What we learned about Memphis tonight is that. They. We'll go to new uniforms. But that didn't shoot the ball you know is that they didn't score they offensively they were sluggish. Wichita State have a lot more skill on there in their lineup. For. Produced a twenty point win. Memphis ended up shooting 44 point 4% from the floor with doctors got nineteen more shot attempts. As they run officially plus eleven on the boards. And plus ten in turnovers Memphis turned it over eighteen times we're allowed to talk about former shoppers. I'm really cut out and a red van fleet right now because again now ends in a lot of good game tonight at ten points eight rebounds off events Toronto. With Boston. And the raptors are one of those teams that nobody's talking a whole lot about but they seem to really found something. And it's part of that something is Fred Bentley figuring in that back four minutes. And they might have one of the best back courts in all and the end. The thirty minutes off the bench and with all the south soap opera that is Cleveland Cavaliers who blew a big lead tonight again against the magic. And I were up warning in the first quarter and lost like ten or fifteen inning game he got out lord asked him on the 35 in the second half down in Orlando but. To your point this. Not only is Fred van fleet its story if you want hitch your wagon to the Toronto Raptors they're the team to slow down there at the best of both worlds. The on the look for them. I hope there I've watched. Part of one game to our own play and the time of the year were Fred wasn't planning body and an injured. But that a man. This needs to become a Toronto fan right. All right so Wichita State will be back out there for the first of two consecutive at home it'll be Saturday afternoon at five that'll be back to steer you through the shock the locker room show analogous Wichita State plays. UConn coming up this Saturday at five pregame show via four right here on the line and with. Mike Kennedy and gave doll for Abraham went back the studio can slack here on site for bobbled changes things thanks so much for listening Wichita State 85. And Memphis 65 Pitt will join you on Saturday after the UConn game have a good evening everybody. Listen for the Wichita university locker room jalla after each shocker basketball games on 103 point. Why are.