WSU Men's Basketball at Houston 01-20-18

Saturday, January 20th

WSU Men's Basketball at Houston: L 59-73


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Yeah engines now. I've watched him. The main thing now. You got your. 103 point 7 pay you why am praying for. And bring him down there's no point seven. Welcome to accuse. And Texas clear on the campus Texas southern university in Houston the health and physical education arena on the Texas southern campus. This is where the University of Houston is playing its home games this year. Father owned universities. It is being renovated basically completely rebuild it talked to a couple of Houston people before the game today. The arena that they played it for years hotlines pavilion they left out of the skeletons of the outside and you've just got that they're doing everything brand new insight and ready to go on next season so. Playing at this facility this year seats about 8000. There are expecting a big crowd for today's game and all ready yet. Nice turnout of shocker fans there were probably forty to fifty fans on the team flight came down last night. Not quite a few Wichita State people in the Houston area and of course background is from here he expected to have at least 35 to forty family members and friends here today yeah. Love a large family contingent of football game today there was about fifty years sixty fans might that we're waiting. For the doors open when they open the doors off polish after fifteenth street and down trying to get. They're good deeds could advocate general Vincent has some of the areas yourself. Nice arena looks like it's got a really nice floor. And a well lit this should be it should be good crowd should be a place where it through the crowd to get rich voice. Obviously a major challenge today which we will get to it just a moment that. It's also a big day in Vegas history at Houston basketball it was fifty years ago today 1968. At the University of Houston clay DUCLA ranked number one and number two in the nation in Houston Astrodome. It was an idea of guy V Lewis from Houston coach at their athletic director at the time that things like that had ever been done now of course they play at the turn of that it. Offensive bakery is domes like that. But nothing even close at Sonoma incredible crowd. And then national television audience at a time when college basketball was not being televised nationally on a regular basis there was any kind of scheme for the lucrative thing and in fact even. Television coverage of the final floor had been sporadic. Confidence so it. Really it was a big day in the history of college basketball getting some attention it was a great game. Elton Hayes outplay Laos and nearly factory that builds you aren't Houston won 7169. Although. In fairness green had a scratched cornea was having trouble seeing very well they've met again in the final four semi finals him. UCL a beat them by about thirty that day it was it was a classic game. Game of the century it was called time may well look in London with audiences. If if you get a computer home cult called up on your computer in the search and look if you read ballots that don't set up the floor with that right. In the middle of the actor there's very few feet right around the court. Both for the student with is that general. What golf beauty here is. The after films though the fans world long when Italy or. It lets that that are very good a place to Waikiki but that's that huge crowd. And like Mike that the first time. That definitely. Hopefully they'll like. It really I think that people point does that mean it's really blew him. College basketball it to this year. And Elvin Hayes who was new star of that Houston team a senior that year averaged like 36 points and eighteen rebounds that season for the cougars went on to. A hall of fame career in the NBA. Primarily with the bullets is now the Kyle color commentator on Houston radio broadcast he did not was not able to make the trip which you talked earlier but I had a chance of meeting just a little bit ago really nicely and really enjoyed talking to him because. He played. A couple of big games in his career and what's not go green and his sophomore year Houston beat Colorado State fairs to go to the west regional. And in 1968. His senior year that's where the midwest regional was held. And Houston beat Louisville was on snow and TT CU to go to the final four there match. With UCLA you know one of the things that you know his talk about this it was strange that data looking back on some of the brackets in the NCAA tournament back those years. I'm not sure how they they came about some of the matchups others then they must have given priority to the conference's. Over independence for instance Houston was an independent. But they were. Ranked one at that time and at Louisville was another top ten team and they had to play them in the semi finals of either case state or TCU were ranked nearly that high that they they played each other and it is. Would prohibit a bracket that's not the thing is that played at home with their regional that had them laughing at the other year. But I like coach four who hit the houses that the coach you with that part seven. Prior to be at New Mexico State can't go one of his players with the that you lose the coach later. For a coach at the picnic he tells the story that would be played hard that it. He had that dark days when he was very proud that he held for 48. He was a great player that's talked to others who remember watching him in which it's not your in his college career and as I said earlier on a broadcast. Back when Houston the capitals regionals and they were the top independent in the area every year's accident here at your guy Lewis and so. They were always at the regional that it was always almost always in those years and Lawrence Manhattan which it's not rotated among those three south. Lot of people got to see Houston during those years and it was a show that the guys traveled in the red blazers end. They always had a great band that dressed really cool and that the best looking at best cheerleaders and it was definitely it was a traveling shell Houston came here regional influence on the watch this. An analyst this network too much about defense. If they're that good free throws you feel that that that this lets out score we had it checked that towel and that like coach at what record. Uterus if you if we're there but rivers flies slamming gamma and a great team he had with Olajuwon Clyde Drexler. And in that group. And I ousting him in the run there for a couple of years. All right we have remedy instead now obviously you had a big day today. Zach Braff and over the same time on his friendly day here in Houston. And it's not Republicans are big comeback win after extremely rare loss at home on Wednesday night to ask him you will. Talk about that as the questions come but we're gonna get things started phone number 8691037. The area code is 316. 869 model 37. Add on Twitter you can reaches as always at. Shocker poise that Tucker voice on Twitter and away we go with all leading us off as usual. Thanks for taking my call whether you were going down memory lane you know things fastball in the fifty build up my earliest recollection that the game bit. It that burned into my memory so. Under fifty cent. You know it's been it's been a lot but it don't stop. Most by any means but it took questions regarding. That he did it when it. You know didn't see that we faithfully brought back almost. The reality. With the laws that require this in its overhead. The practice in our mind their content there's not a lot of respect for both those guys. And I'm confident it may be identified where some of the things that need to be addressed carpet are what it's like in the number suited. I was in the numbers don't lie. That in mind up Rick mark always stated that it don't play defense rebound. Well you know there's not Bridgeport on the fifth. There are a couple of articles. One from a contributor to ESPN one DPS. Somewhat identifier that I'm afraid it does defense liability for them with this bit. Our dignity. On that field goal percentages that are not poor number I don't seem. In his record percentage numbers that the not a team. Our earthly life went on defense in. Is it hard for us the reasons you more energetic on defense and obviously thicker. You all for the future and it its current debate moved into the starting lineup and man. Dual or edit you know keep it that I belong with. Well. All right first of all. We've had the year assistant coach questions before hand. Nobody has more respect for Chris chances rate higher this week contributions they made him one outstanding coaches they are. But. They're role in the defense. Game to game week to week. Was. In helping game plan. And this coaching staff does a tremendous job a game plan Bob and I get a chance to. Sit in video sessions and watching over stuff and if there's nothing. That comes up that's a surprise in terms of what this player can do which direct you know what what hand he likes to go to. All the plays at this team runs that this is what you gotta watch war. These guys still do an excellent job that net and so there's nothing lacking there's nothing that if they're missing in terms of of that type of preparation. And it. As far as the mindset and the tone. It starts with the head coach and it never changes in terms Greg marshals insistence on playing good defense. And at times this team has played really good defense. I didn't think they played bad defense the other night night. Kick not just kept making play after play after play like few people we've ever seen train young. Kinda did the same thing they're just exceptional players who are capable of doing and it sometimes even against. Really good defense case dates. Did have a really good job on trading on the other night I got a chance to watch that game that he also did play. As Smart it is under control as he normally does so. It's it's you know sometimes a guy that good having a great night can make a difference makers defense looked like it's not that this. Yet you know. You could have a plan in a lifetime here your client get a good plan but sometimes you give McCain and the plans don't work. It Bennett changed like out here. Statement was not on claim that freshman quarterback couple's second half is that national championship game with Alabama Georgia but. The offense wasn't working in the kid that a medical those victories over a couple of years. Couldn't get anything going in the year they could get their running game publicity they can happen with a fresh in their feedback and won the game itself. Even though even though you might have a good plan that does all the work of what you run against the that was should be like yes that you wish Judy you know nobody works and those guys made some really hard difficult. Shots right at the end of the shot clock shots. That you want your opponent to ten and a really long. Shots not contested shots. Fadeaway jumpers for the guys 6966. Write their face but Duffy was livid that it's basically what and those who threatened it's basically the creative way. And that's something that we know on a certain night. You know they're just making the shots. Eighty defeat in Hampshire. Many times that if you look at that game tape we played in the Salt Lake City. And we were about a 35%. Three point VP that year if we needed half court please we did eleven to flee to. Threes that's what we've defense that. It sometimes you just get hot if you keep it might be better to do with your better that night. And let me point out a couple of other things you can't and Greg marshals as six. Never never mind what the numbers say he's not satisfied that this team is playing defense as well as it can't floor as. Seems his teams typically have over the last handful of years. But there's still only giving up 69 points a game now last year and usually it's the low sixties. But we've talked we've talked about this to Wichita State has played better teams this year. And teams with scores we've played a lot of outstanding guards were excellent scorers. And and the temple has been faster of those games so Wichita State scoring. Almost 85 points a game that's hard for Greg marshals tenure and is still outscored their opponents like fifteen and a half the teams so. The margin is still way up there it's just answer temple higher scoring basketball at both ends that's one of the things. And then he opponent's field goal percentage defense client before gulf war. After that sixty some percent shooting glance at it could have been it's been below forty. And that's good at what it's not a state that's still even after the other night is fortieth in the nation in field goal percentage defense they weren't heights when itself. Out of the 357. Division one schools are still one of the toughest to score on punitive percentage against itself. It's not as bad as some are making it out to the Internet is obviously an out of a given night. Really good players can make you defense looks like it's not as it is one thing. It's briefly lies beneath realize that that can make a big huge difference. You know a lot of people view what he thought televisions everybody's having trouble. RD Wall Street's office because the represent not that you need to check their knowledge of both the driver like Houston. Phillips pulled those guys as they keep all of those things are nothing. Is building New Hampshire athletic guys growth is slowing down they're not that you vanity war itself those rule changes. Not really listening but it recruiting different this differently over the last few years into other coaches. Have switched it off as. And everybody's had trouble guarding that falls off that people are having trouble guarding lately it that yeah. And as far as seeing the question about Conor is somebody else that. Lead later texted to me something about that article quoted defensive liability is. If you were that great defensive liability would not be playing I don't care how it is or is he not. He it's not what the team's very best defensive players that worries the political liability is sometimes he has to guard bigger guys and teams we'll try to. Invert their offense yet get his man down in the post making. That Wichita State it helps well. And he doesn't get beat very often he's he's flipped on its feet space in front of these fans well. And you know he's come up with they'll come up with blocked shots once in the wild himself with some steals and ultimately to an athlete. He's he's not a fan huge liabilities. And you know if you get too caught up in just total statistics. When you talk about it being ninth on the team in shooting percentage. I'll give you for instance Rashard Kelli the shooting 49 point 3% counter shooting. I'm 43 point two. But Rashard has taken 69 shots in eighteen games pretty much all of them close to the basket so that's that's a different kind of thing. 43% of the shots Connors taking its pretty good and it got off to a slow start shooting threes. That's 39 point 2%. Is still pretty good in the last ten games it's 45%. And he's been making. Three threes a game over that spells and that's a guy you want your line up for him and that's the other thing on the defense to question anything I was gonna mention. The one thing that which testing has not done well enough and it coaching stance on them that got talked about it studio today. Is. Not giving so much space to for. Three point shooters really getting out on them they would rather have you over him gets on a three point shooter and victim put it on the floor and drive that even if they get why you. You've got help. On that and they're going friction point shot with help coming as opposed to have a room to get comfortable to shoot threes and that's one thing that is getting emphasized line. Yet yet there were there were times that inequality Wednesday night here they've they've worked closely. The three point shooter and there's some guys today that the Connecticut state right on top because they can really shoot the three if you can't. So let's get that was an issue but there was some other ones where they were right up on them and that they could have better because without valley against overly. Shots though sometimes. You know players who just hit shots on his part appeared Connors. And Austin now. I think every player has strengths and weaknesses that browns rookie defensive player. Doesn't she could very high percentage just handled it's well that he really really good defenders that you're tired. A 12 or three. Kelly doesn't score much but he really plays it he draws a lot of charges. Fox he energized he gets on the boards are really good offensive rebounder with potter. And as Mike that you got a 44%. Three point shooter you can 44%. It conference play against Houston when we played and he hit six out of seven shots. It's three out of 43 self. He's had a really dangerous three point shooter they have basically the other team have to sign a guy. To honor and he can even help office itself that makes their life easier for me really it's a basket for Shaq. And you hit that shot we doubled fifteen. Now Austin. It's also a really good three point shooter. Probably doesn't take care of the ball as well as honor Connor very rarely turn it over we're often turn that over a lot more but put off a really good players. And especially for a sophomore I think he's a very Smart player and a very heady players please repeat it. But. I don't I don't think he could. And create quite. Something about the confidently clear out here together often kids really quickly they seem to fielder reed each other's minds that I watched him practice a lot. And builds and really play well together. I think they don't went Austin's out here but death. You know coaches watch him every day in it would be start Connors didn't that you that's FiOS. You know also. Someone mentioned. Coach that the trust that coach Marshall headed. In coach hands on the bench making adjustments in games and there's definitely some truth of daddy's a tremendous. He's great at seeing things making recommendations. And coach Marshall did trust that it takes awhile to. To develop that would that it coaches that have had lessened role that we sat right next invention Oklahoma State. Which is somewhat rare and we could hear some things once in awhile Isaak ground have to scout for the next game. And he was. And contributing a lot during that game I was the first time it had an opportunity to Tennessee in an accident that in that respect it. He was making adjustments and doing a lot of good things of that game so that. All of that relationship is still there it's at a Crist chances really really exceptional with some of those citizens and coach Marshall recognized at that. And the coach hired got more and more to be that guy as he was on the staff and these guys will continue to develop the net. Rules yet and I I've seen over the last couple years that I think it violently found their voices practiced at their. They're out there running drills where before they would watch a board let this before there Christine has run them or. For most of the other guys but now. They're they're rat out their front let them run practicing coach Marshall and oversees everything you just sit here and there but you'll see Donnie Jones were good enough to guard one errors. Look at the big guys want him. And you'll see. I think worked at. Their guards at the other end but fortunately back yourself. They're all involved don't who have really really good job of course coach marshall's. But they're seeing everything in he doesn't let it they let up all for didn't leave him. Q4 FedEx it's nothing else that people should understand different head coaches take different approaches about how much of this. Actually who cheat they do in practice sometimes. What really impressed me maybe more than anything I've seen all the time he's been here was want to. There early practices a year after the final four but still a statement just in the final four pretty easy to get. And fooling yourself if that's something like that. Nor engaged more balls. Making the point I'm not taking anything for granted I'm not resting on the laurels he does anybody else with this team moved back to square one restore older you know we're gonna have to say I think he really really good about. Well only that you know they're artistic and wins and tenth of all right and that's an interesting question saying. We worry about fouling too much that's not defensive. Is this year very physical they're tough defensive players are getting three to 5000 games at their coaches appeared to be happy with the trade up. I think. In Wichita State maybe not quite as physical as they have been some times that what your whole what you can play the way they're playing. Can't hold people under 40% most of the time. No reason to get more physical good guys in foul trouble for the other team on the line board which is the only city easier shots that closely guarded field goal with him. I think got rid of that you know some people really didn't stats. What's that that stood out to be I thought a couple of years ago was that. The team that shoots the most free throws. Winds like. 8590%. Of the games so that's hitting on the free throw line. And I helped the team in a lot of ways that it's got the feed about public at their best players on the bench fifty feet of folders that are. It was double voters sooner. And it is it's really a big factor so you wanna play really physical defense but you don't want Fallon with the Q McChrystal. Which does date outscored its opponents by about two points per game from the free throw line that's always a good edge to advance. Are we had Jim what it called Jim thanks for joining us. It aren't gentleman's. Question. We have it cryptic ending injury that group. The fact when there's very little more abstract that we just lost game or on the road. That I. Read this right. Here. And vetting the gift of general what is it. Using it very poor game here that we played that an outstanding game that we've been repeated what leisure thinking minute. Thank. Thank you. I don't know anything new lawn for head and let's just hope that it's nothing real serious because he's playing so well on maintenance reeling faded name for a tonight is heard that he. Had it I don't know what it is I think that's what these things that he does feel the world. And the things collided I didn't see that life. Is that if that's the teeth and reels. You know then again. So hopefully we'll get back quickly as far as this Brett I don't you know like I sometimes what Lance does is it curious that. From what I understand about how those spreadsheets that those guys are really really that if gamblers that you point spreads really know their stuff and so it's. It's based on even more standard. Just you know like the previous beef between the two teams and they look at what they've done over the course of the year what they've done against other common opponents how are they playing right now all those kinds of things in them. Holman road is is usually they separated it's not so much for what to tell us they usually think if anything in almost like that are on the road sometimes than at home. But all of that goes into the consideration. And Houston also has. One player that when they're big guys have missed that game with a sprained ankles so all of that comes into but considering. And out I would I would not have expected anything else that court to via close scrutiny. Well they're they're fourteenth floor. One of their losses with that we thought hey they laugh at the lady. They lost. Against Drexel. Kathy Fairbanks for him. Early rough Thanksgiving. But I don't think they've lost here at an all out here yet we re going home so that's a factor they played really well. Here and a doctor could have their hands full but got played really well with the. Sorry and do you use that again. Alright with that David with a phone call David thanks for calling. It was just one of those things that Hilton made a couple of threes with a foot on the long shocker logo about 56 feet behind the three point line. There was a guy fallen down in the corner was shot down in any part in a three didn't count but he still made it. And if kind of in my group logo imminent got to keep their spots and those three who hardly play and the Notre Dame game a couple of years ago when they couldn't mess. But I'd like this is. That's always had picked over the other guards on the falsely and him in the first parent. Houston got a lot of time easy points that in documents they didn't get sent I think we're better off marriage experienced guy and let their guard. Through that Karen fans if I don't think one guy can features. Thought fighting election campus thirty points with everybody else. But it's it's a good observation. The only thing about the ball screens is. If you can't if you pick the right hand. He almost has to help a little gears just for a moment if it's a three point shooter. Because these areas if he's not a good three point shooter guy guarding him to go underneath the screen and catch up with it. But it is that three point shooter he could stop that fiery. Before the guy can get back around there atlas comes over the top with it and that's why sometimes you can't get over. The big man won't help just for a moment. And they're doing that with with you know number thirty was never going accurate you know the guys at the (%expletive) freak that they were going under the tree off. But think that 13. Against bill and one of the things that's been good which it does say is that Shaq. And their influence on how all have good enough seat if they're pretty. Good god help off those falsely. Covering this event you've probably got a better look tonight if I'm not sure why I wrote down their free time the other night because they did get. The big freshman got like three layouts office. Holes with Wichita State normally does not give up to somebody this business climate here more than fact that he is capable of doing those things. Well one thing is that at that you had everybody remember they had the middle wide open was nobody there are leaders hold him down here. It helped him on the perimeter guys vote is important for the what do you think Saturday helped felt. Wall Street rolled the path it. They were wide open a couple of nights because. The guys on the opposite side. Regarding your perimeter I think we're far enough off. I was looking at that age and I went back to fort Watson report done and I thought I thought it was positive. Mark Warner Ali every what kind of often. The number different guys that you didn't get off aren't they should be back at the. He passed away fish that feed the thing if you look at the ball great help. The team's defense break down and also part of it is you got to pitch that you can detect quicker. That's something Jack if you get back quick enough not a good pretty good job of it Kelly that's really good job of it. And Willis that quickly check the plant that would give back quickly enough. Didn't you gotta keep your hands up. It really bothers them pass the guy that's on the ball needs to get things that. Into the guy recovering from the goggles basket he needs to get itself even though it's not baseball pitcher he's up. The time to reflect the F so it's the combination of things. And what Greg Marshall like to do with the keys felt a couple of balls sometimes they edge and recovered some fantastic wrap. With that collective printing and it's a practical that with the switch it built that switch so. Think they changed the defense though. That that keeps you off off now. All right thank you David but it caught that question you're listening to the end trust bank pregame show you need to listen to some of our sponsors for just a little bit we'll be right back. Another mile power experiment brought by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a mile first. For me with no money he is got commanding. I can't believe since contract. For it now a with as much Cuban community I can't believe as can grant. A healthy smiles of power. Well thank you deserve delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day gains practice and preparation. 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He's safe is it is so don't like to thank you read the news that he didn't really stood him. It'd daring ways that we can exploit. Or. Is some merit stuff you can. Blue okay. We're gonna lose they'll put the at a few games where. Beirut valve trouble that lives in no way he would. They're big they have narrowed game that you while their old world war is that. What you call it that bad. Well it's kind of as if you read sources here last year. Barrel shot 74%. Lie ahead over eighty about the last ten games this season. So far this year shooting 65 point 3% I got off to a terrible start he's been better but the last half of the games have been played. But the other night he was two for five so I don't know that particular case that getting into the line or would have benefited views about human life plus. Down the stretch they over the situation there at the look for threes quite a bit because of that if not a deficit in the time left that. Why SMU was eating up clock so that was a factor also. I think to some degree of the teams in foul trouble you can try to attack the player that's a foul trouble or attack. Their defense for some buddies vulnerable. But you have to cut also stay within your opportunity that would try to start forcing those situations just to try to exploit that in. At Wichita State with everything they do you really tries to get the bad shot out of the offense whatever that may be Atlanta campus red hot for. Three certainly wanted to get looks. But you don't just go away from their offense that's trying to do that. Well if they go into every game John trying to get the ball inside as much as possible. They run a lot of set plays to get the ball right back. Arrow. And went. Ronald that there is that there are always trying to get that ball inside. And they've got a lot of their offense. That that's that's preferred option. Reluctantly looking back at its side. Going there was the fault of the big guy have to make the decision. A single coverage that I think the floor with their double. If it out in the open perimeter guys. Gerald it's really good god games that it is kind of disappeared you know you never know quite what we're gonna get the effort that we played. Views than he played thirteen minutes only had two points at five rebounds you've won for five and really couldn't get anything going in that game. The other that gets that's immediately at what point it just they feed that he was five out of them that. From the floor forget victory those two out of five myself I pharaoh could make things happen. And if you keep score a lot of points. If you thought the board blocked shots though he's a very active player in. You see him play more and mortified models have trouble getting that it so they're always trying to get the ball in the heralded. Jacket like the fact watches the data for the radical path. Reached briefly on Brady they're gonna go right at him. They're gonna go at that prepares you geared and their other bigs and you'll see that crack to get the ball at Jackson it's Darryl and Ronald Raddatz. Guys you know anything to keep in mind the other night and Wichita State had not seen much video or SMU played any zone. But they started out in zone and stadiums. All night. Part of the reason being his coach Marshall talked about for the game. They they play what they call position those basketball they've done a lot of guys kind of the same side. Manager ray foster's candidate for man at 66 cities he wants it. That got hurt the first five minutes didn't have back into the game he's here. Probably best post defender Ben shot blockers so they don't really have those classic low post defenders on that team very much and so things. That zone was a good plan in terms of trying to keep the ball out arts. That needs to keep that away from Shaq could hear all of those guys in the low post as much as possible that's one reason he plays. You don't think that we saw that the that's one thing that Jankovic did theory that we can think within its own vehicles I had so much. Prior to that he Wednesday night. So I think it with steady unity. He's getting ready for the shoppers. And I think I thought I haven't talked to coaches about that but when I watch EST the next day. I thought the shocker that is on its side or against that zone and it seems like what are we got the ball behind closed. Right around the free throw line of good things happen either we had a shot stairs only went high and low flow. Political wide open shooters though I think we've probably that it that he shot a four. And fewer threes. And got them all in sided against that zone. A little bit more. And it question from Steve about are we still looking into it recruits for this coming year coach is now traveling to evaluate 2090. Talent. Laura the latter because technically right now the scholarships are appalled that you always keep looking. The emphasis is on the next class that you keep your eyes open. And part of the reason of course is there's a pretty good chance went with him is going to be gone also to the NBA fans. So that would open a scholarship that sophomores and accounted for. I think one of the things they're trying to keep the ears open for us. It is possible sit here graduate transfers because I think if if they lose Landry on top of all the seniors what they would like to fine. Is someone a little more experience they've got a great freshman class coming in. I think through the finding another freshman that can maybe help next here find somebody listens. For the kids out because they might sound is it that obviously. Well that he. The graduate from out of state beat engineering degree from which had nothing to math three I think that's that's what the that they got from Plano yeah that Beckett right. There that would be quite catch if they could be affected him what if that would that wouldn't fly lists of those implicated in the right classes to get it done here. All right now we've got Marty on the filed Marty thanks. I give it. There. I have been told that this sports talk radio which stalled. Doctors not to be an installer. That's sort of a FedEx go to hurdle and and I got to get the last. It however. What you think they are Gregg Marshall can turn around with starting my dad it's guy maybe motivated or that that it and I think they have to do I would start. And I got it through some things out there and he kind of laughed about it that I felt like nurture. With a thinner Jack lowered its power forward Eliot. Forward. And it read it and Atlanta if it guard it. When you get like that that ridiculous at that nobody yet and. My thought is why. I don't understand what that the purpose of that was the end as far as slow starts they jumped out on innocent and the other 822 or whatever right off the bat. And then. Look like you were gonna not a great start and was convicted in France for a few minutes but I don't think changing the starting line up. Necessary you know they'll do that and it and you know if it's if it's something that's. You know that there is of particular reason for whether it's match ups or motivation enter or whatever he occasionally has changed the lineup this year but. You know you start you start making little suggestions like that like it's gonna make the big difference. I might point out to Greg marshals on his eleventh here at Wichita State. And since the middle. Thought his second season when the doctors were below 500 after a loss. At stuff at Missouri State. Since. This is what would it years they were seventeen of 3100. Marshall seventeen games into his second season. Since then they have won 81%. Of all of their games and that's nine years. And they have one over 84 at like 84% of their road games in the last seven plus seasons. So. You know some of these little suggestions I think art depicting. With a guy who is proof he knows what to do he knows how to make adjustments he goes out of that starting lineup he goes out to game plan. You know you're gonna lose an occasional individual game here or there but sometimes goes the other team just plays better when you play. I thought that you know a lot of guys that play at Philly get out there fourth start playing you know events on the other team to match up. It is bent on how guys play on third night. You'll see coach Marshall practice or can find that's the best five guys seven guys that are playing well that night. I hit that opponents though that's that's the beauty that written or that the Arctic. It's try to get the right companies and guys out there a few feet you're playing really I thought. If you look at the numbers against those that use the shoppers got 54%. They hit 37%. From the three point line 1130. Which isn't great but it it it respectable. And they got they get a good job of reports but. Hit that number we're good enough to win the game. Normally you have those kind of numbers that you score what they have the FB eight points at home you with a balky. But the fifteenth they play deflate what nominal. And I thought it Jankovic a little bit at the game was hit it dead and he beat who believe that played well he had a game plan but he had no idea. We're gonna play yeah. Sometimes you. Get beat because goofy golf place. All right thanks protocols questions suggestions we appreciate your participation of any particular if they come back we'll hear from. 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Off any shocker merchandise at major chance not through military issues arrest me listening after the. It was soccer victory for your percentage of this out. The next day our coaches Florida coach Gregg Marshall presented by express employment professionals this should have a billion to work. Coach you come off an extremely rare loss at home go on the road against a really good team managers still stinging from them with a pull them earlier can create a much more difficult scenario for used to. I'm not sure my Q I think this will be tough ballgame against a team that just. Literate people here. In Houston. I watched the arc and talking earlier than 3540 point. They didn't seem kind of told. Do the same thing to a couple of other teams have every time we watch played them here there is killing people. Shamu to the way we put it on their palatial. Now they've got a little. And to obviously to to give us some payback can and there's some very good team shoot that well at home and things will coach shall. We're gonna have to be very tough minded today that Q we're gonna have to. Really be diligent on the glass they beat us from the backwards last time as well. Landry says something really good after the game the other night about how this team. That doesn't have to talk a lot to each other when adversity strikes state today. Are bonded together and he he's at law come to practice tomorrow with a common mindset is get down too early afternoon that he sees that the risk of. What. You know practice have been okay who have been long because it was all the minutes against played. On Wednesday night I get two days to prepare here. In the scheme is at 11 o'clock in the morning on Saturday so. Very quick turnaround not a one day turnaround but if the shortage to victory and could possibly happen. And we we showed the video we we practice those days for an hour fifteen on the court after. From long video sessions. We training and I think you know if we conduct not play you have to. Sometimes we play better on the road I don't know why that is but it. This team is got some toughness to get some resiliency and hopefully. Now they can go out and bond to the loss on Wednesday. You mentioned Houston shooting at here is that job want to try to keep them uncomfortable on the three point line. We're gonna have to guard the three point line. That Davis. The Davis to two guard Doug Davis before me and of course rob I'm ready and Armani. What's his last name Brooks is they're there just tremendous shooters as well as spin back off the bench so. There's guys shoot 45%. Approximately three of them mentions and exit high thirties so. We're gonna have to really garnered. It played at a brisk pace offensively come that you. Actually in there the transition period Harvard and through their tough team as well likened them to us when I saw them the first time. We just defend him very well and Coca arena for the first time. Was not kind to them. Coach thank you checkered coach Gregg Marshall shot continues to come out but it it went from Houston right after this. And this is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys he only branch early JD power dependability awards for cars trucks suvs two years in a row I am so impressed I think that's great but here's an arrow said he's stepping up her get behind the wheel and treat yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability and Chevrolet. Find new roads force is upon searching for unfortunately. When some small or large to be largely due to companies went up from sixteen most notable narcotic as you can larger even better than we are ready to go forward please visit JD power dot com. Is a cold or making you shiver even indoors. 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Yeah I'd say thank my fellow which I think that number one opposite tee it the American Catholic conference. I am 85 points the game uses numbers do. Is that the average almost eighty points they got the top weapon weapons I think we'll see you rob ray it briefly it. All conference the averaged nineteen point thinking that what importantly. At 34 points. Person's fault it was 53. Earlier here yet 37. Again threats it was 53. Really quick guard depth look I think that they did it right. It really is that if nothing is the guys on south Nicky but it didn't that we feel like he's got the range. From three point though he beef it up that it covers probably background. Atlantic champ trade off on him. If you use your Corey Davis junior college transfer averaging twelve point game with the united delayed a year or read or fifty points. He had twenty points and airlines in victories. Earlier here is Ellis we get what it wants to see if we felt this I wouldn't get hot look out. You've got to be. On these. When you catch that on the perimeter because she's 45%. From three it's 6730. Pound Devin Davis the averages eleven point two game but yet when he didn't give Arkansas. Feeding them out of fourteen shots at seventeen and three with university but he's only have eight conference slate so it points are accounted down. I'll play. Offensively. Look look over things that the big men. In stone you'd better we'll let you believe that he that if they do hate Rome on Wednesday night is the other one went read. And how effective it was against the doctors though. They gave up 53 points in the first half of the but it though look for him if she answers strategy you might be a threat or fearful it might you wrap though we supplied them. That kind of you don't like what 31113. If he's gotten stuff and not let soccer. Do with it it blown out the first time now three rebounding which I think what hit it. Toward a Houston plus eight both really athletic he. We've got. The cougars look at the offensive glass. They out rebounded with the off. It's not 36 to 35 had eleven offensive rebounds they outscored doctors called them an eleven to three. On second point. Self look for that reflect the board today as a shocker to box out and keep the food stuff before the Olympic Games. The Ortiz they hear the law to win of the road. You've got to handle all that here but if you are over it you who they can turn at about life all over the basket. Very very quickly with their fifth straight edit it here the ball to win on the road he got to the free throw you might. I thought thank you it will be back at the starting line access Wichita State takes on Houston Houston's second immediately. Lauryn ask to know of that tendency out. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only east but does. We are second competing directly from alzheimer's and shoot out exactly and an American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things will never. 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With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UAE dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plants. Hey we kind of big not looking for a new LG LED and a real would be and I am. This hour back there in the hands of over there and real wouldn't trip me here what does that mean well the flat like blink and it's going and. I should've gone Hefner had. TV re not only on the highest quality brands like LG but we have one of the largest selections of real would entertain furniture in the city has been we've got our group in which top notch our bridge. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. We should just universities shocker basketball is on 13 point seven GUYN Wichita. And yeah. Did sidewalk memorial. Emerge until. 171. Yeah. Craig. Here on the campus of Texas southern university at Houston the future of home for the Houston basketball program this year while there. Been renovated to it is under construction. On their campus starting line up front you buy equity bank where you'd never been AT&T featured as some on line and actually that's not come. For the soccer is their usual suspects Rashard Kelly 676 years of Fredericksburg Virginia five point six points per game it seemed that he. Seven points and rebounds background back at his home town instead at least 35 or forty family members and friends here 66 senior from Houston. Five points per game don't have. OK yeah the senators feel more at six saves at. And Oklahoma twelve point one points for games. You know and it's cigars glances and the setting up his second points assists double double and what does he have against innocent. It's not north Kansas City, Missouri averages sixteen point one points per game five point three assists and leading the nation. At 52%. And it kind of break dancing. Eleven point eight. Shooting 39%. To three years and 45%. Of non DR over the last. Yeah our State's fifth. It's. On it. And athletic conference I don't know if coach Gregg Marshall I was eleventh here this Packers have won their last. His basic inconsistency and and oh at home this season under fourth year head coach Kelvin C. It is in a lot of success during the news at Washington State Oklahoma. And Indiana we'll send out Devin Davis. A 66 senior from Indianapolis signed originally was Indiana. Now his second year instead of ten point seven points per game six point three rebounds. Freon Brady. Is back. In the lineup after missing two games with a sprained ankle including the game and what you guys are 66. The stars. Corey Davis really good three. Lafayette Louisiana 45%. From three up three year 50% over the last four games. Bob Graham is the leading scorer. A senior from forest city North Carolina averaging nineteen point four points per game shooting 86%. From the line. And the other guard as Galen Robinson a 61 junior there in Houston. Not much of the score more points per game but 3.3 associate drivers that's a fifteen day. Really athletic team like they're really gonna play a bad apple bad they can't. Who really outfit is hopefully going against one another we thought it. Rick mark was the governor Sanford. Has won everywhere 55 national book your life you look at Oklahoma go eleven it. He double play. Is there more rocket fire on Goliath Goliath you're turning your opt W out. I'm happy to report no injuries and bring on Brady's back we'll hear. So vikings. The first saddling us with about 60% of the time the chef for the rest of the center for the right away. Tori yeah started by Kim and on the slot right. Effectively out of Flint can't antibiotic. If you're traveling home and get kind of off slightly positive enough that great travel insurance yet nice job with the awful defense like I have friends who didn't know doubled to have posted. Right doctors in black letters and numbers that. Like his appointment letters and numbers and respectful enough of Wall Street right thing back out like Kelly right under the basket of course. How. He shot for a moment hundred. Here's the line for hours shots. Ford gave his go to Florida Davis picks up the thirst now for either team Shaq hasn't been to the line that's. Yeah the last two games for free for. The first point out the nicest way to start thinking that that I could boards and got it got the ball well I pulled dollars in. Briefly on the way is hardly bounces very ugly thing about it. It's one nothing which method of quickly and I popped the tree in transition that's not the factory that campus nobody got it reduces the balance efficacy of the cross the timeline right side right so blatantly. Over the last quarter brown opened for me coach of this sort of stuff I'm more of this week. The tree by mrs. Or alkaline accidentally Floyd Davis with a history rip off that's a big this season. Hot it was reopened on veterans issues. Luckily that wore both he wrote today. Lawrence at the hands off of training camp which left him back the boards on line several hundred delegates have managed to act as a father found snippets in the act decently. Got up with a shot that the little short. Dated may call the foul before the shot at him and give it to the shot is out of bounds. It's gone great bowels honoree on rating his first team's second. Officials for today's game by the letter keys Campbell last Jones and Peter dizziness. That in. And rightly Helen handoff. For example the wings have obviously but Morris three from the top no good hard off the fact rebounds Rashard Kelly where's that edit their but I think he's. Rebel but I just felt like he was too closely at baseline to put it on the course they try to belongs yeah. Play it back out of step it really wide open looks so far from three that ground there from the left corner on earth. Yeah either one. Oh down. At Houston to looks in transition that's been the author shootings just under 40% from Wichita State just over cruelly. Leo youth rob. Right you equally Davis that most let's nightly defective or his experiences right shoulder trying to force an up and got. Scored 41 points. In his last mostly. Lyndon. Few games he didn't have effectively only one of nine shots the last two games with a different traffic hit that ball inside. Let's out of the lines Kelly looks crosscourt fires and it was a frank kept out of the blocks Boris goes up against Britain left. You've got bush in his life I think my door normally he makes that shot that people who who. Had a couple looks to close out a little short yeah. When he got home to work to get the ball on the glass it's one decision. Just about two minutes on her staff operated that forced the accusers come right wing Corey Davis at Robinson last week treasury office there. Blank shots makes a flare up of cause for Obama stepped active with the efforts won't want to. Now which kind of got on greatly looking out over the top economist at John. Norris shot fake from three different. Handed over to Kelly is charged with that on the floor got the latest episode now thousand. The lucky ones and hateful remarks telling claims about last night by the cannot find anything yet to make it illegal for a student. It only hole I don't want to free throws by Shaquille Boris. Got the ball inside checked three separate times. We got fouled on effort. Don't like Duffy. Board that round. Substitution for either team. And Robinson played well corporate world that. I'm floored. On the right wing business news. Everything that's definitely not raving about it up online gambling residents on Boras left it short offensive rebounding foul up with a fascinating as 300 adapted. The slaves in shotgun that was. Emphasis in his pregame. Excellent for the coaching staff you've got to find their guys get a body on a box of out of Boston out and jumped for the ball over the back calls. They got eleven offensive rebounds apiece with a dog team earlier in life. Right field more now on Shaq is a second team along with us. Played him Robinson's life with a coordinated very often. That are offensive rebound. Having Davis hasn't sniffed that the wall with a baseline. And I think that's. Elicited game goes left way this has nothing takes a shot that a foul was called before. Very hungry on gradient that's good news second question in the line and it was more us. Allan Houston parade will go out and checking in is ignorance on 66 senior from Nigeria if red transfer from enlighten Brooklyn. I've never played. 6213. Minutes gone in the process. That is still not made a field goal. She can't grant him more as nothing less lots of that the flames have left that he sort of forces were gothic sites on this list. And the father nick Willis makes that a travel. Hesitation because of the threat is. Little bit it's not his. He had yet experience being on the political right hi Kevin Davis but I felt for the funeral. While apple. It's a little or Carol it's definitely difficult Houston three for seven from the field open three countries soccer careful with. Four from the field and one of those freak accident that front Robinson looks like great drive it hard down the lines of the letter distant to him made a good move was putting openness it fortunately for the confidence that was definitely. They have here at the French fluently if it's enough. Restless sleep can't. Rankings in the lane holds up the foul circle and rattles in and out that was halfway down a hot out rebound Houston for a business solutions up the floor. Who is triple the top of the arc thought about it now down the lions finally gets enough not to doesn't say this now circled back. Toward Davis at drives all the way to get. They're all fall in we did. I got them. The right slot clueless that divorce free throw circle jumper. You know more as if it's not refer fastidious and all three points as the soccer failing to. Three guys take out half that time by Darryl Willis back out the exact words of the company. The threat for Milwaukee who Robinson looked sniper attacks in the middle feet. Corey Davis is that goes in right pointers from Kevin Davis that a man in the it has definitely from fifty. Like Devin business. Shoulders and stuff away fallen places I feel fortunate to. Willis and play Francis effort just after a late today with the right hand nice glass over the by Carol Willis for his first Davis Cup we'll have that that in. Out of that is that this. Houston's only lead him fine not great layout of the or right side of the floor standing here right now where Davis is Bobble from home but not Frank Robinson Robinson looking to make it dries. Down into the lions cut off season over the Devin Davis netted seventeen footer. Well the time and I usually averages eight point six game. Conference slate and start to get refocused and got in foul trouble against the chances of Wichita was kind of a it's definitely the lower right leg strength and benefits like this you know little things that I could think of three and it bounces off. Kept alive but more. We covered by Andre. These players those athletic on the right sideline compliment our principles that after the way Kevin Davis and held on his back in the life. The right side of the floor. We'll get out towards the middle. Look at the Wall Street gets won goes left. It was approximately Davis right baseline Kevin Davis shot thing at that time Willis right up on it would lead to hit the jumper with Larry Davis off the screen. Double teams get to the way to get a date it's not a whole lot about him off the mark this time rebounds nothing flat this that it does not let us not. And if the stuff. And outside of the food out front this time of the two of the landless. That I thought now. You both physically. Yeah. What do you don't want to go first dance. Prostate prize. Every day Kansas workers put compassion into action. By empowering people to live meaningful and productive lives providing lifesaving medical services and assisting with disaster relief efforts Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers the widest healthcare access back with a proven support. 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A couple of things that the marshals not penalized. Instantly the battle for the par 35. That doctor. Three cardinals lose to a travel nightmare world. A and outrebounded but not this year. Game out of crime on its the equivalents net cord plus at this apartment. So much it means you don't. Constantly. Monitored all this thing goes with markets that now. That. Houston in regards it was time radiate. Left and I hate double dribble he kind of it got his hand accurate and picked it up with just a moment and then put it back on the Afghan that's the second Houston turnover of the day and recently written that didn't. Posted a double dribble. Bonnie Brooks is six threes off along with van Beckett got a very good 3.2. Definitely not tested but in the back and read what they're picked up. It's going to change. Much it was I think it's definitely music if not he's got his. Nothing. That it's actually its effect the middle of the coaster for hate to shoot. Definitely today to play on them back executive under the lowest and best. Spot and it's it's kind of a soft way over the rattled out anything that that's not gonna be out of your time. Down below those life sciences and listen lazy days. Pick up trucks rating got a little baskets how about you. He's Johnson right to left across and outside the lines. Okay all right Kevin Davis. Dr. Phil really good patience Atlanta now before I got my feet in the late shot hockey got the ball we'll try to movies for a wide open don't. But he. Not through some aren't some of mine from the field trailing fourteen to five extensive surgery I trusted names. And rightly so for our kids travel. You can have the threat is fifth floor offensively and traveling violations on the soccer isn't this an Internet folder only. We've never had instances you that are really look forward to that five floor fortunately through this afternoon. Canadian flight is in the game for Houston 67 freshman. Playing well lately they're probably try to dish that is going to be called the charges and landed on the start telling you actually took the ball and its defenders. All right that's enough that's his first south. The team's fifth at the first half which has to get it back trailing by nine. You know it's hard Phillies really do that then you go deep defensive. Argued that week of fall at the outset on. Not that you somebody accidentally shot and it has set up my hands down 60 but hey Kelly was contesting Florida her body. In transition spins out and knowing what to read that wide open shots that scientific and knock it down he doesn't hit. Doctors judges Paula Jones over penetrating. Guidance. Five turnovers. Violations on what you just days of Tajikistan out of control on the last couple of possessions. Time to over penetrate they try to get that much more visits. If you think that. You know take care of the ball if you want to stay out on the court that sent a couple of examples then exactly but it's flu vaccine. Houston on camp with him in. Zach brown also thank you very pleased that baseline doesn't it started out like Helen. On that's his appointment is not Kevin Davis that he launched a handle on the dribble bounce it on in life good defense like Kelly estate downstate in front of it meant. Over dribbling by the president. Both coaches have a lot of subs out there risking their starters right now that I live right. Hold it actors with six turnovers as this war he played eight minutes. But it was definitely sort of likely tables across this next round two hour drive at the moment that I get rid of it does not. Reach him right away that catch it. Reader nurture open free agent market and happy about foreign news for Houston. Davis that's the middle of the behind the back dribble get to screen goes left picked up his dribble his left went event that he penetrates over the right wing groups. Pulls up from about fifty and hard over the basket. Loose rebound secured by the shark Alley for which staked out middle of the court himself on the move into the ground. Brown blobs are supposed to surgery right side of the line it was not a fanatic and that's never read left wing ground. Left baseline telling Rashard dribble hand off we goes baseline all the way to reverse layup got locked but he got not to attack on a foul on this. Now late hall you approach to come. Then it's not happy about it so I thought he got hit pretty hard on them conversely if you go to the line for 2000. Euros on now for a few instead. And we've got the under twelve time battle elevenths well you know the first half that seems to fourteen with a 85. 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State farm here to help planes go right. It's your last chance for years stated that the all New Orleans some of Wichita ever made between seventy or lose some very what huge discounts were between seventeen Nissan Versa today I was zero down only 13 through my 40s50s rare enough for myself feel when something or Nissan Titan plus 40000 your finest barbecue pit crew were you deserve dial 1800 new Nissan or this or new film which talk dot com. We've recruit informants and important for you know for a fact that licensed offers the that maybe things on their platform and killed and 7169 and can pass the mormons and. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alan Acosta in valley energy and danger for an end overweight later. So. That's involved is on 103 point at and TE YE and. Ice most of them stand over there. Very qualities that resentment at fifteen terrible for the fourth through eighth exactly that if not this. I have more shots at Wichita State from the field at the soccer's freely in the ballgame by a score. Why don't they eight plus that is not a lot of basketball to be right back. Well if you go in the first half will have possession and it snapped back chances for as Austin recently at the line. Shots after the fountain drive for the best. Got this aggressive drive that time by Austin reed before that time out went down the baseline got clobbered by a couple of guys denies that he's a couple free throws. It is it's not it's going to make that breakthrough. Austin has gone to fortune from lines five times this year and the last time against Florida Gulf Coast and the only other side. I don't want against Notre Dame late in the game and now it makes the first one. Not content to a three from line one positive it's not usual it was 2006. Fact is if you wanna I wanna index found these nights the second them come out and favorite conference can't. It's not state cut the lead to 714. Cent a little while ago duck Dodgers starting five that is now. Connect Boris had some good looks early but only converted 124 shots you know one of three exit that. Definitely Davis then that president flew back out front that Davis is being guarded have a bigger heart tells Leslie van that was. Frank camp won him. And that gets it runs on offense on the left wing event that has to close almost all of my ground and hit finally sit. I think it's gonna calling on the arm. He's capable with a call box not very happy with the deflect a some players got an accident with likely breach didn't look again call for getting them on the arm and it's time after not all of it. Those kind of review their vocal and that they both. And at that moment to call. It's the second time around so he goes out and got him didn't pick and roll does not have reverse layup they just had a foul on the rebound against these. The fact that time. Half run and give this shack Boris on the floor it's going to be on this reference maybe twice Whitehead wrote rebounds. In the Wednesday night's game and it's plain Kruger time was going hard at times it over the map on the now. Devin Davis that he would race back in looks like the original 54 Houston it's definitely not great US 2000 not just incidents that those spots. And that's south with a shocker in the one and one that was the seventeenth now. So we'll see it looks like this are probably going to line. The doctors have to have better they lose. Nobody can only get it out of the rebound to Robinson scored his fifth. Soccer for the chances to capitalize as the Internet Robinson rubles to the right way to go out of my friends can't help that the middle and gets it up right baseline right. Areas to Kevin Davis worked in his way and knowing that bounce back up front court Davis publicly covers. The right sidelines flow issues. Back to the middle look good drive and don't chance it could sit in the years stepped through it too little flutter it fitted out for all of it's got a couple of boxes. We've got fifty years for a game. Guided by the way who felt angry that you devised off flat. Business a couple of free throws and then they'll get a rebound after a stop. They're down by nine against 67 picked up there. Doctors are just play really mindless offensive basketball also influences. You know the crew played pretty standard do you think that you. Are that he's. Russia and work out. That up right now it's not his two for ten from the field with seven turnovers. Rob ray left wing you know obviously. No good off the back rebound Morris that's where the couple accused of players got a Kelly drive down the line right. The commander of the air open threes no Kelly fighting for nothing hit it could hold at Torrey Davis Steve downloaded and Corey Davis on his back. At a time not bald head of offensive possession after 32 time Kelly did a good job. Go look like if it still possible to content. Bring it on the right wing color had a wide open look from the right wing it is a knock down. Doctors are on the road like today the official launch party location as the nose wheel and tap worked southeast quarter when he first of web. A moderate on what forties for a chance to win a trip for two DEC tournament in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and indeed those little and that's where officials. Watch party location for soccer basketball and then they have been at that the first nastier like it is not your business this horrible on the offensive into accommodate them missing open. It's rapidly turned the ball over the end definitely at seven point fear about sending. Doctors are averaging more than two points per minute on the season so far today everything mostly for room and on less than. Forty point pace it was. But it got pretty good looks nice wide open looks at Boston college and now. Elegance that Democrats think that little yeah hopefully. Just teach him a friend can't. Kelly and Boris has not gone to great drive to create a tree onto not to pass softens not a lost the handle for the foul. It's nothing I thought ray was able to give way to deep down the plane. It is basically three on opportunity dropped it back designer who fumbled it that the death he reaches committed. Neither face guarding down with the equipment or face guard Sampras. This is an over the top against ray you know that they had numbers on them. On the fast break first now on the Duffy. Fourth 2000 on a 50% free throw shooter on your fifteen to thirty. John FDA NNK averages two point eight points per game. Averaged eight and a half and six point six in his two best seasons as a three year starter at ally you reform. From Kaduna Nigeria finished high school. In Coral Springs, Florida that could free throw Horton Houston postman. What is too hard. So he's right it is everything you have. Wichita State with a rebound down 1070. Nothing going on its offices. CJ Kaiser it hasn't left wing nuts unfortunately I didn't I didn't hear that drives following the latest us divorce jump hook in the lion who roles and this is a little bit from the right edge. It was soft enough it rolled around and sell it exactly that's fine with its doctors and influence. 79 used to snow minus seventy gophers have dropped very different working guarded now by Kaiser pass for the win deflected an almost stolen by telling you got. Screamed obsolete couldn't get all the way through it and save it and out of the Houston fall on the left side look. An average. He's been out of energy guys so far for the shots and make a lot of us now. Hoods Devin Davis courses in the land will jump over Kelly missed rebound went to him. That's the form and fitness guys that. Definitely can't. Look at the posted his. I think definitely. Definitely left. These payments in snipers. Definitely feeling slightly. No fourteen on the shot clock you know the right baseline high heat yeah it's definitely Davis nothing but Landry office for the ovals left him back right that might Boris precedent for Kelly. Bestseller. Did everything right. That's twice that that's that's the word it was completely shortly I'd lose it Keyser yeah. Corey Davis has just out hustled a couple of doctors got on the saved it rob they're driving into foul. Kelly yeah. Lieutenant undercut by her side honestly they're gonna call the foul on sonic Kelly ended up falling on him but it does not only had to. Kelly and apparently and neuroscience. Says. Football don't rant off. It's nice guys they can football but they have an important fourth I think it's. Live there's enough of them that I LE. Kaiser after abortion isn't happy with lack of evidence that news won't last time then it. Constantly connected. NATO treaty gophers have shot this down with a long lead left wing thinks Hansen president Boris. Hands off the frame on it right at the top left of the future in the left blocks Boris Yeltsin entered into a double team loose ball safely. Another shot future now that. Before he put the ball on the floor deck sports and local children's check for the novelty golf he got here divided right now dribble and they I don't. I'm out on the floor at 749. To go first ethics Houston's seventeen with us. One company on a mission to put a million people towards each year sounds like a big number doesn't. Not to extra employment professionals. Seeking a skilled labor position. Or administrator for. You weren't exactly looking for career that fit. We take pride in connecting the right people with the right company it rests employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people to work each year. 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Security investment if I as a reservist has offered percentage point financial ink SPF number ten SIPC if separately owned and energies indoor marking names products services reference here are independent of us via their reserves he's 21 of free of course to -- Wichita Kansas and there's a three once it got to 0101 or online at money dot planning dot com. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GUY and. Okay. Possessions that we have a big issue would not save as is turnovers too quiet and use that has fifteen rebounds eleven. And is it more shots than what it's not a state actors are only three of thirteen. On those shot 43%. Got in a few offensive rebounds. Goodness for. Doctor Jeff. Those gifted with the battle of the boards that if you if you Flickr for those who will lose a lot of soccer stars. Our Lola refute them. Eight turnovers and to some degree unforced turnovers several traveling violations and fumbles not a great driving distance definitely yeah he drives it. Elaine Volvo's client list battled Florida about last night I gathered. Although this is so unfortunate at Davis kind of sealed off David streets surrounding the benefit plans and excitement for gave few you've got. Really Clifford definitely got a half step unless every bit the fourth has flipped. And if you dodged a bullet there have been passed down by eight right. Print can't make history and fort Davis that are at the moment and that's definitely sham. Landry right it's even more back to ship that several hundred Lois gets caught it narrative we shout out from behind. A double team people off the dish yeah. We got pushed from behind classic Robinson. I will be gala Robinson's first and as the one on 140 Willis really nasty at times I'm which that he phrase can't divorce wars that doubles team. Think it over Willis really nice pants. Harold Willis. Five wins tonight then makes the person. That's his third point of the game. Doctors are now four of six from the free throw line. Houston just one of food shoppers have drawn 9000 only that it forces that could start work to their advantage as we get deeper into the first half seventh. It's not 57. It's not a short hair saliva of the arsenic and fall foul I think over the back of these like that that would. Yeah shacks seconds now. This team now and he's to its next meeting Monsanto. That's a fifth. Now I think fifth yeah fifth fulfilled couple felt the weight when you've. Now bird flu Jack. Is that all Robinson out front and over. On the left wing Corey Davis not correct right off the street level right field that up front that Davis Davis goes less help from Willis that got front and Kevin Davis Davis won on the on the influence of alliance the seductive traffic got a lot for the foul foot below cylinders they were both right there it looks like it's going to be influence on the arm. Affidavit showing a lot of office today that he didn't feel nothing Wichita beat me three jumpers earlier and you know. On the right side that I'm a little thing could drive it draw the balance. He's only been aggressive offensively Melissa's first now team's sixth Devin Davis from the free throw line. Rule 62 and a half percent. That's seven. Houston at two of three from the free throw line as a team that shoots 72%. Second and is that David Davis with Phoenix and Houston back at nine point. Can't seven minutes of the first half applications that part of the right sideline guarded by Robinson. It drives baseline all the land rivers left of the left handed. It rolls it out free about syphilis and lasts a fight Houston hundreds or kept it alive. That's Landry candidates first shot of the game they've really been all over him and I thought he had him attackers had just about threw for a lay ups and downs now benefits not statement here that's gonna make and it did not reverse layup. Down there. Henry has an outcry. 646 to go through Smith dribbled through. Right off the street analysts are different for me here that well this time with them or Connecticut craft is that definitely lessons off flawlessly my. Not bass lines in the wind and there will jump hook and a floppy now. The shot it's going to be a chance. Point one thing. At the palace on Kevin davis' second panel yet rightly pointed out that there are things that the finger with their time art. Let me with that night you are not that I'm very fit yours yet the outside of the art fraud charge. That was kind of the top flight finally got. Don't applaud him down the line it is really kind of it not talent and a little bit awkward shot when it off glasses for a few points enough. There's two with a three point play the factors are as close as it did awhile and it seems. We played really aggressive he. Make it up for the soccer coach. Robinson left side of the floor comes back to the the middle finds Lori Davis for jumpers short got a fifteen footer right into the movie about a boyfriend. Over haven't left leg had nurtured didn't seem that lane Willis. Got a Santa. Reset his thoughts and fears that that is bigger role it's not an accident left. Defense on him by for a day. Shaking off the street picked up and over the those rights split the defenders down the line. Just a couple of guys in the air a little. Stands wow that was a really good. It's like time. That's. His first points of the game and it's now four point margin reduced in 1953. Over they would let it get through this and I hasn't been thought the right way. No bounces slightly before Davis upfront Robinson left wind today limited tickets went over the left wearing Robinson's. Drive to fix it back to great shots today that takes a long history and after the seventh. Politely flows through three out front and it and outrebounded us. It's over and that's one. Houston Chris Harris just checked into the game went over here as fast as you like to be offensive board yeah we'll that a wide open looks from three looked like it was gonna go a little differently in front. Out there who guided position. On the offensive boards and as the Gwyneth got fountain of its couples. It's just amazing free throws effective. It's not a you know better than 70% shooter from the line on New Year's that's better than eight now 618 it's more recently connected personal. Now I'm Chris Harris was his first. NC. Really good shooters. Like city. That's free throws good so Ronald Richards scored the soccer's last five points at that he would. Five after giving up to 317. Posted. Raise the threat or. Drives less accepted civil bounces left wing yeah money correctly and hopefully if it's in the stars I suspect left almost lost considerable suffers. The fire throughout the Flint can't that's OK okay rebound leave a couple of guys go to the floor of these this is enough. Little more on the line all the way to the basket and throw a wild shots at best not a safe. And today. Very quickly to the front Fort Campbell alliance president in the middle of the line to quiet little jump hook no because I. Battle he rebounds soccer player go onto the floor of the fouls on lewis'. It may have ended up getting confident. That's not at the other end greens made a good drive to get into. At the line that hit the left side of the basket throughout Canada. Under hand right handed left that eluded you. Iron guys who go wow I normally don't see often think that and I think he was filled with a who's gonna get fouled. On his left foot shot right yeah that is off an outlet. Tells. Marie Davis shooting one and one that was the seventh team foul on the rebound play Davis 72. It's his fifth point. He has been shooting 36%. Not one time or just one of infantry with the Dodgers are twenty. Percent signs of eighteenth. Hole for four from three. There's still less jobs. If everybody straightened out on the free throw line brown refused. Avian flight tennis violently to that part of your leaders you appointments follow often crippling it I don't think that enough. Corey Davis second free throws they hit a seven point lead again. And it is not. Corey Davis with six kids. Now five of six. Johnson was the balls down seventh. Gophers have finished got a double team and kind of helped knock out there tonight he got into the doubles team tried to pick it up too late humbled and and turned it over Andre right Linda Davis. One notable that judgment greatly wants to Wall Street music goes left it up now on Franken Carter I think got surprised by the actions. And it started right came back from last. That's great food that little hesitation move in Connecticut as particular beef. Liberal. That got cut off balance out. Great to alliance room want it done yesterday kind of a lot rob Drake has shot. 99 free throws in seventeen games with just a little shorter so free throw attempts per game this will be his first one today is worth seven points from the field. And he is an 86%. Free throw shooter. But could get his team back 89 point lead. Led by hand wants soccer since falling behind by that kind of number have got it back before briefly at that rate came down he's a three. Re right after this. It's free throws bounces off their best of luck ran rebounded mergers and shoppers get the opportunity to capitalize at the other end. If my worse news for the job on him my uncles Lewis and stamped with that on the floor into the line. This afternoon. But. At this. And things that it. Third it. Traveling violation on their influence in the event that. Nine. Turnover and it's existed in the fourth time 355. You know the birds that if she's fitfully for which nicely seven. 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Shocker sport has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or they built for a pummel. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KE YE a. Great first half it was a nice day soccer's haven't played good enough good. Yeah very good he's been offensive team holding them. It's 44 points in about twenty minutes but his doctors themselves had more turnovers. They have field goals twice as many. Five field goals in eighteen attempts. 28%. Over 43. And it's definitely that it 1860. Don't forget our coaches you know knife on Monday night on 9713. Thirty Hanna says life for AJ sport throws the Alley thirteenth agreement road. From six to seven month visas race marks the seventh eighth and then Adam Smith Monday night but he shows. A case of 97. Here's the ball they are up. 72417. In the report pass under reverse layup just I set quiet. Coming out of this time out of roster right now with nine points used to pop fly that night. TJ Kaiser rightly hold it against pressure out of foul just over aggressive guarded by Armani Brooks kind of not right Afghan CJ Kaiser. And pushed into it so of the Kaiser going to line for two now on our money Brooks is his first. Hackers were already in the double bonus test with him Obama. Kaiser. Good CJ Lewis hasn't played a lot has digital line a lot less for reform coming into the life. Partially from some offense try to find somebody who. Violence also yet. Attackers are now nine of twelve of the alliance there's 65%. That they drilled 4692. And half minutes ago the first half. Very different work right wing Corey Davis look at the host of flightless build them. And deals that got a great race starts last night's part of left on the line now test baseline. Under traffic but that's not a good hustle. Your Vitale left the jungle theme that is impossible for the glasses. Filling out front penetrating the line very expected and it should have left went back to Cali thrust him. The stuff you write a new artist drives right pulls up and it's not a loss. Pavlik fight for. Anybody got thousands. We are but he's got a lot of balls well. Grant it's not picked up his dribble gives it a few it is likely what's the history news good. He now leads Mike Reynolds. You have those things like doubles is cut off and loses tonight. God. The ball out of that felt this season. Yeah. Others in Africa and that's the second time. I double team lost control of the I don't think that we got one. You know. Layup and this they really politically. Ultimately we. It looks at the fifth. Invites well with the blown up there out front arrives right will not stand it bounces out it's time rebounds killed more than. And it flies across the time line. That's not to constantly. Austin last night prices. Well on board if not nearly enough Boris. Yeah. Don't you guys taken in the line benefit from excellent history by fact not a soccer for a three point basket. And order stance eight which nicely twenty points it's real point 950. Pounds man. What's left wing group. Okay drives lasted just traffic Kennedy Kaiser got into it with the body's gonna be on CJ that's his first. SP two shots like everyone wants to upgrade it nineteenth now with. Honestly for a lot green and hit the secret code with why it's so that shoppers are overplaying that right now and that they can go that left him. That's not because Kaiser. Going to the left with a lesbian I found itself upon students Jones. Fortunately I. It up to 40% today after the shot his win at tennis laughter. And fluff. They got some work to do to win this one of grave next to free throw it gets him. In the first half Houston's leading 3225. Infantry group like Reyes. Earlier unlikely moments ago. Love your coach kill. Who played Monica. It. Politico staff left slot Boris double digits at a very talented young football fans that this guy today Dickinson. Simply passes that signs that it would start yelling coming from the weak side view of if you can't fight after great recognition he had three guys wind. That he found the open man if it's not lift weights it's not about him that's right up on and off the left side blocks from the white flight that it pleasantly. Just wants his latest ran over Austin please. Hand they're gonna call the charge on Fabian white of Houston. I don't know how you can do it any better position. Slightly lowered his shoulder and just rammed over there it's going to be on constantly. Neither team that has. The draft wreath at the heat on him but I don't know who. Throw his first point of the day. Life shooting 62%. On 29. Yeah coming into this 167. Freshman from Christmas to see their Texas. Tech from. That's a country. 35 point four in his home by. Yeah he was just this little story. Finley out. Fires on the block and a good finish line bonuses. Back headed back on the defensive adjustment related ads. Snacking as anything it's not there's only consistent threat of the it's really well that you play that going back to some really nice passes to get the ball inside. Not great drives right it's it's the lamp around telling this that sits on. It goes you can get a foul I think over the back and Houston thread made a nice group to outline how excited they charge that he really kind of snake round which are that he just left it a little soft off the backboard. Talk on the edge of the the Allan Houston it was just honestly don't want 142 seconds to go and yeah. One thing that doctors are doing really well if they're helping each other defense and offensive Kelly wrote it over to help me soccer in nice job growth maybe. But drawing charges. Well I will regret and sadness passed the 101000. Size field Boris it is wonderful. I was on. He's the only sure. The flu shots at guard ram and a horrible time your defense and protect their have a hard time you open shots. But it's not a big guys fit with who really good job passing each other's. He shot that you found chance. Now but Morris missed both free throws a breeze gets the rebound because it's not that would have had time to get it back at this little. It gets the offensively back Kelly right way looks inside. That on the floor. And size it's not like half of the factors leading scorer Justin Houston and have the last possession you found that it it doubles team gets significantly over the Boris flawed create note rebounds wife reduced its effective future. That's listed on the front hit. It reflected the movement north nineteenth enough time to play for the last shot of the today. They're spread out that goes on on the on the streets down the line at the Tropicana towel on rob ray who ran over Rashard talented commits a charge not a good job as doctor defenders. Thrifty Robinson went up to that. And then ran over Kelly. I could probably give the shocker as much of a chance to deny Houston as the orbit they only have a second and a half. Yeah down to hold it and try to some kind of shot before halftime. Well look for them to lose. Laying the horse the vibes media around the Kelly green and give him the ball that it definitely was. After you got sacked grounded as the quarterback to throw the long bomb. I've got to Bustamante who throws it up where his right hand ad business. Right Florida couple accused of players that is enough of my favorite. Goddess that at half time. If I had bind nine. To us today has played horrible offensive first half and trails 3546. States it. For the upcoming halftime show presented by that you have other. Things that. I'm standing in a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside Shiite. 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And carry your turn to the expert on doc called for acorn. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains strong Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. WSU. Shocker basketball season 103 points and. And others celebrating that on the floor here pastime. And it's hard to keep up with the festivities leading Wichita State at halftime. 3546. This is the credit union of America halftime show check out pretty. Of America for small business news. America is proud sponsor. W a few basketball like candidate Bob ball back with you did not state to state horrible offensive. Then what Mike went down is that a loaded up and days before the game and I think it's that's a pretty big name and phone and yes it's not huge in its through there honoring those guys that half time here in. What what do what if what he now looks. In 1968. Cougars. Ranked numbers two and number. On all here in the nation the number one UCLA in the astrodome fifty years ago today in front of 53000. We talked about it before the game. Really kind of a game changing day college basketball in terms of popularity create interest creating the possibility of playing in bigger readers that nationally televising games and UCLA did come back to beat the cougars in the national semi finals that year behind the loss of your theory about who you are who. Click the they scratched cornea in the first game won by Houston that day. 7169. At the astrodome and it's great to see them honored here today it was a great team. This team. Playing well enough defensively to really give Wichita State fifth slam champ and only got one shot in the first half that was on a reverse layup that yes. And it just could not get any open looks that Turkish doctors over eleven times Wichita State's defense. Not a big issue they held them to 40%. 35 points its actors only shot 35%. And it was eleven turnovers have three more turnovers and they had baskets. Well in the first came up in which it's calling him and had eighteen points and only played twenty minutes. He was six out of eight from the floor thing kind of friend can't hit fifty points only played 21 minutes and meet with six or seven. The oval twelve for fifteen that you shocker arts up in Wichita so Kelvin Sampson dialed up a defensive plan. The stock stop shopping carts in their double team him every time they come off the ball screen and taking default. Out of shipments in the rankings and and make it the other doctors that I play one think it's been flustered. Doctors and I'm sure they'll continue to try to exploit in the second half has been. Success getting the ball inside it and scoring once they got their product nurtured gave the factors that list with five straight points at one captured Shaquille Boris has two hands. Of the 26 shooting four for seventy. With one point blank instantly in the game the other shocker guards have been shut down with a shocker particularly good job both of passing each other find these the open ended its superfast. Thought that doubles team. And although they were finishing early in the half they did pretty good job the last ten minutes or so finishing coach got to get to the free throw line. Houston had five offensive rebounds the shock troops for and so it wasn't a big differential there Houston had won more total revamp. Points second chance points is 65 uses that it capitalize on NAFTA. More importantly. He cougars only lead fortitude who aren't points off turnovers despite eleven turnovers. Now that's a good thing from one standpoint. But it also spells out just how bad some of the turnovers were revised data don't mean to kinda hard and fast break baskets of the other objectives. Travels and things like that that we really kind of unforced and they don't lead to baskets but it also keeps you from hitting shots. Yeah most of it was traveling. Looked up he had wondered who was that a thoughtful. Yeah Landry. If you travel but he he's got trouble when the double team the couple times. Kelly stepped out of bounds going down the baseline now itself a lot of travels allotted just called them over civility and create a fast rate but. You have enough of those if you lose all those possessions and you don't have chances to score on all those turnovers so far they've got to cut down the turnovers. In the second half they wanted to have a chance to win this game. Houston didn't shoot it great just a little better than Wichita State that had seven more shots than it was shot and that's one of the reasons that they are up by nine. At halftime. Welcome back to take a look at these first half statistics as we continue on the credit union of American halftime show from Houston. Impaired drivers are involved in 13. Of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A DUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time. And losing your life's. Little life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay if you've been drinking. Find to override home. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. But you're looking for the perfect power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something that you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. 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The twenty steal my fourth slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's sports on -- screens and fresh food is bursting from the best kitchen is sport there is something that women need to satisfy every chance at a time take your dream date to new heights with any harsher more items from the table twenty schools from as far features an extensive selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystals formed our named caves are decked out with tons of HDTV so there's never bats he now heads for twin peak speeds drink scenic view. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder raid a Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US you've shot your best guitar he's on 103 point Evan JE one yeah. Paying their own lives. I ended bold. It's. It's. Houston is. It was a good game six in Houston and my card does not mind setting time. Big dog in the house DJ whose art stuff but they have lots of shots here ready to. Celebrate a win doctors to Connecticut get this has worked on profits here you think of it definitely uniform I think a lot of put out there yes we do his little that all this. Influence those factors in the first half as we go inside the numbers right you might be Katie CPAs and advisors with just 88 of 4335%. Want to six. Three only three point eight. They keep quiet today. Throw line. Of 939. Of 1180%. From the line today at three from the free throws that made the same numbers Houston plus one on the porch forty to nineteen. Houston had seven turnovers that's a little high for events and a half to fascinate had eleven. This doctors only averaged twelve point one per game and eleventh in the first half. For Houston individually rob ray went eleven for him with the other three turnovers. Eight points four rebounds for Kevin Davis he had a hot streak three straight trips down the floor hit that range jumpers six points for Corey Davis junior. Five rebounds. He is light off money shootings debate over four from three is an excellent. Three point shooter but he was they're the ones doing the main job on lad Sammy he threw him the one field goal attempt to. Yeah he was happy hitting shots we'll be sure to have a good job defensively. I think Kelvin Sampson left to challenge those guys. You found that talking about him at all week you. First tee ball Lee could go into the NCA. Probably that those guys get tired lifted through with the Corey Davis and really fit for them. On on the defense that they edit them and their doubles team every time when it becomes awful three they're they're doubles team and they couldn't pass. Gilmore assessed at a Wichita State's 264. Rebounds four of seven from the field including one to read next I've run of the merger with five wanted to the field three. Three from the line three points for Darryl Willis he also had three turnovers and only shot one of war. In points apiece or Rashard and telling. Not a friend can't seem. Kelly only at some point they wanted his shots had five rebounds and blocked shots in the first half leads the team in rebounds. Wichita State down by 93526. At halftime it would seem like it can only go up. In the second half of the stats rough but I think he Katie CPAs and advisors and trusted advisor. Whose doors and remember Eddie Davis shot display. It's 50% off your online order gonna Wichita area Papa John's blog out of Papa Johns dot com thank you to promo code shocker fifty. Receive the shot it is again that's our credit of America halftime show the second half of the event. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tents 22 kids all chase in one ball arrest was overwhelms. 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Students two point six million alumni. Their influence is. And 21 championship caliber sport. We compete with. Make up Bob powers six. No doubt across the country. Plan your calendar for the 2008 teen outdoor in the begin my game show march 2 third and fourth and treat you any continue to drought this Allen Allen at spelling dimensional giving you even more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers. If your business is landscaping eerie lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest garden no native Kansas sponsorship information artery is your food they called the safe side when he wants one line or outdoor living landscapes showed that. Shocker Schwartz is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley energy and danger for an end over what later. Shocker basketball he's on 103 points and JU. I'm home I've been here. Well look out you know whether everything ordered us that this was the effect was that I have that Peter seamlessly move to full. Good it was dark lonely down. That gets worse than it would at let's don't Houston has the ball to start the second half drive in the right side Redman goes on itself it's not a nice. Constant rain started the half was defending his second shoulder but let's. Found no foul call and dragons then it's off the lineup it's not bearded after every start instead of background here in the second half. It can't write the key if you go back over to Boris let me read. Most of the top it's 900 no volcanic retreat no cut off the back. Kept alive by Kelly flight in Florida and he's fouled and then air by Gavin Davis and that's going to be three on Devin Davis of Houston that was the first open look Atlanta yet it is now from outside that knock it down good hustle like Calvin. Get the ball on the court found. 3726. Houston by eleven their biggest lead in the first half was well. No free throws of this would force them them play it's not that that's one market. Yeah. Enabling it plays angry that it is angry at Sonoma rightly Kelly look at penetrate. And this and that movement right double team on him back detail steps of the spouse or fall misses rebounds I checked this followed by telling is that the active work on the office of course that forces Kelly Kelly that's that's definitely. There sit back at 937 28 ranked hand is in France camp Reeves Laurence Foley and enchantment to start the second hand. Left wing feeling Robinson who's standing. Now fourteen issues. Wanted to scream for Brady gets it right you Torrey Davis tonight breaking left and it went right back down Lawrence Snowden and him. And throws it out that Davis read through Davis contested shots forced. His shots not notes on what's. November 10. Maybe led Italy to the point is that we need not to let you know that happens firstly today. Willis fifty footer left elbow in an hour still going the other way it's not listening then defaults Houston. Is it desperation shot rob great driving force him to. Tough shots I think it's laugh. About it. Conservatives' biggest leagues and that's driving takes a spot this is a force not telling fighting force jets and another great rebound by Irish arts gallery. Three from the quarterback Kelly no goods and a foul on the rebound it's gonna go on. Actually he. Boris I think of that recount that was given lives. Somebody says oh yeah. If you if they're only double team him if not for the passes for the rebound them. Going to. Need help. Double feed him drive the doctors to their credit are really getting captured on the boards but they just can't make a shot and it. Moffett supposed to be the Morrison's up loose on the floor of Houston recovered it and halt time and I think it was supposed to laugh riot that some that don't happen there at. And it's and it's not just no harm. The florist. Houston got it called timeout just that the authorities. Branded food football soccer sports properties of what did not state athletic life. The soccer ambassador with the custody of the league level of corporate partners are flawed. Delta dental pulp industries and Cox communication with your fit of becoming a sponsor that was posted athletics. We'll soccer sports properties from 16978. 75 if you got like they were trying to run them a lot play where more of them off Kelly's green. But it looked like that meet with him and made that at the Galen Robinson. Who was to defend your. On the ball got us a deflection got golf ball it ended up on the floor they jumped on it full time job. Wichita State. Working hard on the boards and they're getting more shots of four and a half in Houston in just over two minutes with just not states had seven shots. They've made one of them. You know over to the very qualities that has gone three for free from the field over those same a couple of minutes and it that this doctor had these here. Shot. That degree of difficulty up that you. Scott was very high doctors at the wide open look. Jack Kennedy. Or Kelly had a lot of love there yes I've had a wide open three. They got their pocketbook down. Kelly and Boris especially really going to deploy its hard telling you have to put two balls alive he's got eight rebounds in the game and Jack has six. Doctors were down one rebounded half their plus. You guys next shot from 1%. We'll start the second. Yeah in the at nine point he's the league has expanded to fourteen point doctor benefits of the wreck and with clear that he's gonna get away from. Looking at the shooting Willis won for or rain can't want for force camp and 03. Kelly's two for five. For us for for knives but overall for the game 30% 930 Houston police fire than half fifty to 33 and again. Up to three shots they've had in many one it was a horse driving shot like it very difficult. It five. Rory Davis's shot clock. Out there infested volatile. This beta free all day and it affairs. Or the doctor you look at the you guys do that we'll lately I've not thought about when it. Yes that's. Today. Like glory days do you. Doctor to get good shots and keep doing what they're doing the opposite than it might have beaten them do you think that it looked like. Look like you're trying to ride the basket warrior the second half. You still have the long. Those changes in the instructor lineup that euros on us has replaced free on Brady's. If she's third fouls on also has threes in the first day effect euros oddity grant transfer from now like you Brooklyn. Has played fourteen minutes a game this year and is fouled out of four games already so he's a foul waiting to happen and he's on the road users that often comes off the offensive. Is that the threat is no different from the defense has been no reports. They're having trouble they I think this locker. And get an appointment won't of them. It brings it up almost a full clock and it took 12 off I think before they got this time now. Robinson and awful right. It back out and buy out the story. Let that that Evan Davis Torrey Davis very shortly shortly outlandish and thus it. Kelly with that sense. Dolly residents not. Of the athletes and three pointer to not let. His first basket of the game itself. And that's it it's art it is accurate if it's not now elevenths. Well you know out of that field screen that's your play on rumors that found him open them off. Yeah obviously at the rebels write that off my Morrissey is drives it right. And off the affidavit that got top ten issue accident nine issue rising partly as a writer watched from behind Mike Kelly. And it's out of bounds last night my mrs. Elliot Moore has defended that went well now and swatted away from behind it bounced off of Kevin Davis and events that have different the only. You know wars. Doctors would applaud them by a lesson succeeds it. If you know and I've most definitely left elbow. And I think it was covered outfield we know that it referenced him out not a friend campuses. Game and it stands at consecutive games streak to 38 but it it was not actually get a we've got that John I'll hear correctly that. 615. It's it's an important point. Alliance with the router as well defended Dana stand out of bounds left handed hitter is gonna. We'll guard garden and all that time by Houston. Read and drinking fluids deposited unprecedented. Basketball family stands flooded mobile a little bit and applause and laughs easily influenced to different. Rightly or it's not right now. Such sunscreens are fought valiantly through central front of lots of he's too obvious. Guarding clearly there at the data to back off what they intercepted. Robinson and picked up right now is gonna go to the basket alone and not sit well man. Now they feel from Cali for killing his own right back and got it done it. In the process it's hard was sick so this not yours are that it is 640 to 5060 feet 54 o'clock remaining. Not much was not a backdoor cuts deflected away quietly listening with Houston this week all of that back we're not. What. Scott has shown some signs of life as. Time out fifteen. Well second half these kids forty to listen to us straight and six. The shelter insurance we relentless and to keep up with their ranchers even if they're related. And add. Added we just dropped I picked up you go our way. I'm running a little or the month not everything works as smoothly as children's records policy that helps cover of in case of fire theft and more with. I just moved back and smelled them you mean as he meant. Well. Children or workers who we shelter. Or renters insurance he Katie Hanley or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay geared up for derby. This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys the only branch early JD power dependability awards for cars trucks and suvs 2 years and I am so that's I think that's great and here's an upset he Stephanopoulos they sure get behind the wheel for yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability in Chevrolet. Find it grows force is up from thirteen and fourteen beautiful. When some small or large to be largely viewed companies as we go from sixteen most vulnerable are America's you can start treating victims were current would you go forward please visit JD power dot com. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a mile first. It is for me with no money he is got command and I can't believe this contract. For it now with us much Cuba committed I can't believe this can grant. Healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your mile per hour with delta dental. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seven TE one yet. Is back into the second hand me. Southern University temporary home of the has been business as Olympic. I store according to 36 came up by fourteen. 41 because it's not his. And possession but it's not a state and a fourth man in the hands of the fourth. Isn't shooting three of six after making it through three shots. Harmonica who missed a jumper rolls out of Boris have to get rebounds. Added gonna called slab that somebody got their bodies up underneath him anything down over their shoulder and landed awkwardly couldn't keep his feet. Go back to Houston. Money for a couple of jumpers now lines that it settled softly. Lori Davis and. Had to back Torrey Davis and pass on the block. And foul there and take it up heroes on the pad. Facts are constantly he's not grieve with the hand him in every front to strip him if he went up note. Pretty cool a lot of bounce but they ran its that it got behind its green green plate if there but. Almost at a queens strip there that the refs fault. They're Zhan a 50% free throw shooter and let one of two in the first half from the line. Three points and that includes when it. Today's the first one on extra for the lines. Finish. Fifth year graduate transfer from long island university in Brooklyn started ninety games in three years. Through bogus standard rebound Austen influence been true it was everything offensive line decent picks up one we seven. There's no left wing leave. Out of my blood but from a wobbled and not have to exit through. AA you know now rebounds as. And I felt we looked at night Fashion Week. Red Cross over her chances. Hostin. Broke his ankle on that one. Crossovers definite fray camp left leg mrs. Kelly another offensive rebound saves not sufficient that history duties mourners French camp let's us. Or drive underneath them look at Ritalin what Donald how excited for Corey Davis dies on a jump ball possession arrow that is not. Gotta got right to the rim but news ahead. Over the shoulder. There and could get it is in the ball got knocked out why it kind of looked at work. But did you think Hoover got on the floor got football and it. Rewarded for the hustle play les Morris and Kelly out almost on good hustle here in the second half need to breeders' Zach brown. Gerald Lewis checked in soccer basketball under their own basket Avian flight checks in for Houston and Simon we'll go out. 1447. Remaining in the second half Wichita State down behind nine again after Connecticut consumer. Artillery and it's a feast off its wars fit doctor a lot of second session. Not a friend can't play it. Thanks a lot. Slow looking. The positive audience a lot of Willis on the right side. Kansas that's for instance. Not to look at it as cadets were slightly Devin Davis over the ground left. The Wall Street doing the talking. Moving on this stage of the game he gave me three. Retailers and analysts and that Fallon making and it's wife off by the Iraqi at all. Ronald nurture. Marked as it did. That's all. Toronto's first team second and a half Houston won't. Regular size that's right it's the line throes of a double comforted thousands. That's a good move. I'm Rod Graves. And much more impressive today that it was in the game and we're. Maybe that's why hasn't played outside not a good. At present the toilet gets around it down the line a little left hander would go but a blocking foul on Houston and kind of the line for two shots lately shots like there was nothing going offensively supposed to. Drove to the left side of the basket and drew the foul. Pletcher who is on thirteen and now on Houston and a half grand can't. Yeah. Greater than had been shown with a 330. This is not an. Last time. Good. Daughter was six. Which is mostly downs you know thirteen 58 to that's the third round unpopular it. Let's. Second free throw good not a friend can't still perfect from the line on New Year's benefits in the eighteenth floor pizzas for the season. Rockets down on thirteen 51 to go left wings looks very out front and take a long three over the ground. I thought there. Yes twenty. It's nice when. The that I thought well that's double team got him. There are thought about it rides if that's the Willis and the Baskett Greg probably now they've got to Lakeland and we'll play is that it didn't do anything exert your will affect them. Listen that was the fastest. Knock it down sentences to be seen you know connectedness that make it's it's not you know. Light enough. And rightfully Davis my friends and it is rated analysts Nightline thirteen feet right off the street not nurtured over the left wing Devin Davis sixteen footer there. All the office they had a wide open itself. And has been we'll. And health of the guy going to the basket and let him so. Then Houston leaflet swells have definitely got. Yes that's actually is way short and rebound out of bounds off. We've worked very very hard and you cannot get a shot at. Catholic. Fade away. And is now one 41. Of the yeah. Who is involved with its not state. Crowded a little bit got it down to six or eight straight points out factor with twelve point advantage Houston's minute match and it seems there's this. Robinson left side of the floor guarded by offering him free and that's not left the Pete Davis. It posts left side of life and health book bounces in. It bounced on the the times is still there. This is my fourth season and it got to fire Robinson drives left and turns it over Vick backed up my littlest pieces of pull up twelve footer rolls out rebound goes without those materials. Nice job on the offensive towards Willis clean enough to think in truth. I don't know what happens in almost a little less save our money for a stretch there right tonight where Davis he drives in the line gets up in traffic and draws thousands out almost balanced the ads. Kind of a circus shot in between two defenders got out of bounds twice on the ligaments just did bounces. It's called time out 1157. Who knows second half that she's been fifth. Wichita State fortitude. And. Health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the tenth at health foundation and our miss and we invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you believe that every canned and deserves the chance to be healthy we'll learn more at Kansas help from doctor Laura. Shots. Are you doing there beautiful cars and see. Yeah what the trend is now 93 lately to the all of the little plus tax of course 92 he he's. My Dutch Islamic seventy Lee talked to the bar a little different. Well there insurance companies just in cart weekly hounding you weren't really hard cards a wanna give it to protect deserves. Put out he's never done this or that he says I can do nothing really stands and free your freshness DO. The state farm. Call anything today. Why are you working nights and weekends first didn't Wichita went giving more time with your Stanley and every morning career but they're knowledgeable staff tell you white transporting the world's most precious cargo is the right career that's for years joins burst into Wichita I had they're hiring event on Tuesday January 23 at 4141 north senate different NA and subpoena for an on the spot interviews and apply today for their careers dot com first student caring for students today tomorrow together. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris hello Amy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GU lying. I sit here since making everything now I exaggerated they've only made five of their last six shots. Started to have three relief. Is there actually. Intimate spot for the last six or eight of twelve. More than half a shooting almost 48% for the game. Wichita State has really gone after it on the boards there now plus nine. On the boards plus ten in the second half they're getting more shots but it's still not making netted six of seventeen. Yeah Houston's eight at twelve. Corey Davis a very good free throw shooter at the line for two as a commodities China. And it's built a fourteen point lead shoppers cut it to six when he ran off in three points now few decent back up well. Corey Davis two for two from the line nine points of the gain entry through this. Got a seventy. Percent free throw shooter on the year he's been shooting it very well lately 50% of his threes over the last four games fifty to thirty it kept him. From lighten it up from outside so far today is just one of six from three free throws today. Torrey Davis was eleven in the lead back to fourteen matches used to religiously to the game. Who is not twelve minutes ago. Gotta find the latest available for the Johnson didn't flock to a slight double team down the lane garrison got slipped and fell on news that. Glory days this year. Second. Only the fourth 2000 influence not the plant evidence. Is that the double feed that we'll have been caught the ball in the block that left nurtured opens up the fans who thought it. But he got stripped of some of the soccer ball out of bounds of their Bassett. Sac around Clinton and lobs in two candidates elected he if he gets its. If it's not only their lowest since basically sort through about six we'll sliding forward. If not I'm Robinson on. Found them to get back. We've all been. The first tee on the floor for almost every loose ball and you've got to give them. Freddie because they've hustled. The shocker for those who fall Willis was actually closer to the ball in did not get on the floor of the Houston player went diving loaded and he kind of slid under Willis that are knocking down. All of this Kingston balanced background on the leg is third and the fourth team now with the state. They've got a very stuff with his thoughts down when he won at halftime. In didn't want that to happen again today solutions is really planes fired at half of that flies out. Robinson rightly worry Davis left floater in and out to San rebounds next round players to sham it. That left and it's not just for you since you haven't had a heart gets fouled hard by Caleb Robinson he's like. Incredulous that he really angry with the bodies he does go enough. They've worked really hard guard significantly thanks Hillary and you hear both candidates but they've switched off for good. Robinson in the Robinson on now. Janet to the line for the first time he only has three points so far on a second half point. It creates to even. Listen it's not a shooter. It's not a person's good. Chandler missed four. Against Houston on January the fourteenth minute shoppers with deep seated. Benefited more double figure scorers. Eighteen point six. Out of eight feet high in that game against Houston in the fifth round mouth next the second one he's got five slandering. One foot birdie from three to unitholders shot seasonal. Under French camp back in after three years. Markets that stuff the end truckers who pulled more likely to see one's own dresses time they felt like well. My traffic back in the offensive zone but that's not great throws and look forward to reflect upon the link to read. Yeah they are in zone. Kelvin Sampson fallen out. Change in the confidence from the fence right side Laurie David Hughes in the right corner threw a fall away three no good. We found out of Nashville foul ground. I'm just behind it. Canadian flights off over the back pedaling core and Zach brown is evidence not yeah Clinton's home you know they got Brooke that this deal with real confidence. As well but they couldn't get the weak side guys blocked off like got inside of ground. Now now Austin read it for earth. Houston ball underneath forty seconds on the shot clock. Physical back you know back in that both companies bounced on defense reset the clock is thirty. Rob Drake and left water Brooks article and read them on the left laughed at seven Davis shot they jump hook and a half. Kevin Davis was well. Believe that's the fourth 25844. Yeah. It's an honest up front counter tonight rifles and a fifteen footer a lot of enhancements with him saudis got nine. Let's not stay down but smile though. It's not a team off to nurture Wall Street got an open look. On fan support to DeVon davis' factors zone again that had threatened to break. Very prosper right wing to fully Davis. The flu fuels to the dribbles left let me greatest victory. Good this time it's definitely air almost at candidate at a place Florida afterward out of bounds. That's not. I think ideas that. Now it is not. Totally opposite vastly more were set up looks like it's gonna stay at that end so. He's not fighting the doctors on the boards that time ended up getting it off with us today. Doctors in his own a couple of times Brooks got a wide open three units at that time thought it was great with a wide open read this. Jack Moore is back in the game replacing Willis Graham right corner or money rough type mostly excited Kevin Davis. That's the way fires that was filling it out that was a tough shot and almost made about a hundred grand camp with a shot with a it's not safe damned well look the ball he's if you were. Of these opportunities for Internet doubles team left and not tell little handoff to please have enough confidence over. And rightly noted. Penetrate the little. Incredible gladly do the little boards for after the like he anticipated the call. Soccer's continue to turnovers and minus sixteen for the game five of the second half. Launched in Houston with at least like 1235. Minutes into one's own threats. Very right. Florida residents weren't right side Devin Davis back up front Torrey Davis is okay sometimes resent their confidence. Right wing grades. That's definitely Davis faithful to raise its rates drop down low with wife backpedaling flexing. Wide open three. Short prevent greens flooding forth with things that gets out there on the global soccer net numbers there's push embargo grumbling that it definitely has the left corner no dad. And they rebounded. My body perhaps the only decent player under the hole. Since doctors have a lot of the other end almost broken up and and white. It's made. We've down got a fast break it puts the ball off the floor. Before he's got back defensively. Markets that we had a pretty good look from the left for the rest of the. Houston's sort of messed. Only two of their last. I play for him. Fifty to go left wing in this country. The center youth. That's in there and there's nothing more suicides went back to the basket double team monument the line for Kelly it was a. In stolen another shocker turnover grave drives left feet and it got shipped. Finest marine ball loose in the basement timeline to say thankfully Davis and I drive. Now on the line almost got it stripped whoa wait for another. The flu shots. It's gotten. No he had six foot seven. The start telling them. Now on this. He'll Boras is trying to set a screen just got knocked out there. I think it's under it's not a it's gone on his divorce and he's got a fluid out like Kelvin Sampson who viewed. And then execute his defenses. And write that down. Sixteen fell on the cougars with those things play that has sidelined. And for. Non clients and with injuries it's not a bit off the fact that a lot of sacrifices of its past support for Davis in the fact it is going to court and is able to say that wants it into the threat toward Houston up my sixteenth with the ball with us today. Seven of 21 from the field in the second. They got that look that last night Mike McCann that are pretty wide open looks that way thrifts open three out you know out of Mason saved the seven. Please make that definitely found a floor plan. Not a along for the transition mrs. rebound loosened. It was covered by Fabian why would use hotels along the front of the shots that they definitely feed not of those who have not that time. Ray drive left into the land runs in the Boris and turns it over Kelly coming out of there on the rebels we've got a foul. On Houston. Looks like it's gonna go on Armani Rolex. Now obviously there's seven that should be a one and one from Wichita State entity under eight timeout with the doctors. Are slowly sinking into the sunset at his Houston 62. Wichita State 46 with 718 ago. Ever wish you could call a timeout it was expensive ATM fees. Wealthiest lies when you banquet equity bank UK us. Widger equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Tell low equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDI. If your mechanic told that your buffer character shot there and read you needed to mechanic. And they've got great ones at fault six campus plan tire stores in the Wichita metro area. Candace Flynn tires not only famous retired they're great when it comes to stuff like pushing through the system brake shocks well they just enough out just about any like repair work. You'll never be late for Wichita State basketball game with the fact that it is my entire ride shotgun. In this land tired you're out of there Ernie repair these guys care. Hello I'm doctor breed in Foster medical director of hardened hospice. Early admission to Harden hospice plus junior for him to benefit from all over hospice services. We have the knowledge and experience needed to guide you in your famine through the hospice churning. Health your team is dedicated to New York here and country. That you need to live your life learn more about our services offered it hurts a hospice visit us on FaceBook or web site and heard and saw hospice Donald. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can't hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven THE one yeah. It's little. News. And. And we are back to Houston. And it's not that your way to test the down six. 46718. To go exactly as we go on the line for a woman Wanda last Alan Fabian flight. Houston right before the time now which are fairly. Listen injured party so they'll go to line Kelly hopefuls on the from the line today there's the credit of 11 in the first half you scored six points from the field has a game high ten. Soccer's. The mountains notice this stuff to refuse it knocks it out of bounds on the rebound. Not to get the chance. As bad as it is the chargers have had some breaks Houston has missed two or three wide open threes in the last few possessions and this plays like yeah I could have got some. Any shots and it has to throw the ball lay in the weren't flying them places to get. Definitely got it. Pat Buchanan Clinton drive left office three double team on him bounces through wars. Right wing friends that I think cannot horses have three left way short on rebounding team for their money through. That's just now it's gone that was one of the better looks at him it's that the David it was way short I don't know if chuck gets the most looks now but then you're definitely. Not able to knock those down dropped ray off with double screens. Left to right then bounces down the block from. Think the appointee Google touted posted back on the way to race day with him use the Wall Street and that's in the street the flight was double team trying to find some. It was out of there are several secure area free air from the sideline in his hair balls that they shot clock violation on Houston. That's not the sharpest defended pretty well quite a little too indecisive and puff ball it's time. Whether that's his job not help signal you know on the ball that I'm going to fall out of the box out find wars. Thought we fly. Fabian wideout Kevin Davis vaknin for Houston. This is that a twelve point game deficits and tell them thank you. The goat sucker down sixteen and it's gotta start its shots. And the right side of the floor across the jockey he had his friend can't cut profusely. Allied forces jump hook goes out fighting terrorism rebound out of bounds last night and I. As nice if they don't let the you have it or words had a floater. Look like you've got a little bit differently about soccer for the second. Though perhaps with us states not 49%. In the second half and thirty some percent. If he'd have 47. Robinson double team timeline gets. Great wide open the snakes infuriating is that Saddam definitely clock. Six minutes to you know. Normally he would with debt shot up with its lead it's only six months ago at a road block definitely given Robinson's thoughts that went through. For three. And again arguably these myths of the shots he missed long rebound out to Santa. Fascinated. And the Muslims. I fires nobility and rebound last that's like Houston but that's didn't get another chance in Atlanta couldn't get a shot the first half and the second half they did loosen up the sensible thing he's got some shots that you sent out. Formal contract with the bath. He has won 48153. Austin is a champion France can't we'll get a breather. Kaiser markets but definitely feel more resonant and Corey Davis has an accidental blow for. Those you have Robinson in feet. Invented the baseline trailing behind succeed him and that includes Steve floater that's Marcus that's nothing. His first basket of the day of the left of the line about fifteen feet out really well executed out of bound flight at times I thought he got shot. Davis against the devils the long pass that fourteenth on against the president of we'll look back at recess Davis it's time line. Austin right let's go to Florida flight path that it's worth it right corner back Davis over the very Smith water drips and it's. This is now my seventh. Since high school. Police say brings us. Marcus divorced heading down the line jump hook rolls in field Morrison's first basket of the second half. Now has twelve point shots and throw my fifteenth. I'm in the fourth straight down the line shovels off on an and he holds them to I was Corey Davis right there re not on the blocks on have. It happens in trouble and air traffic and out of balance myself by CJ Kaiser. Stay with Houston seventeen on the shot clock for 46 ago. Doctors have to make up almost flawless points on and its downs that it is up to him on this kind of conflict. Handoff to graze on the right sideline and it's and I. The time line. Counted bystander it's. Elected to drive the ball and it on the shot clock Hezbollah last night fall away jumper bounces out rebound the Nazi. And he got hit hard. Buys a lot of who wolf now out of the game to keep inflation rampant on robbery that kind of force that is. If you went way up with the rebound got founded sneaking down and it's free throws. You're at the other end here is on a house now for the fifth time this year gave them four points off the bench before checking out with 412 you know. Eight feet found on Houston and this is one way that the factors have to try to take advantage of the circumstances that they're going to make her run in nets. Yet the line makes two free throws a lot of stuff yeah exactly might keep him. Just let alone while the clock is stopped doing it that the market. Get stopped on the defense of him. They draw thousands the good way to catch up and down fifteen. Before this. But we were down eleven minutes ago the other night. It they'd have definitely got both of that against Clemson lose so. Up a lot of points with three point nine. Attackers are not making field goals today are. 33%. In the half thirty cruel. It's alliances one. Thought. And good Marcus. Has the answers about midseason last year about it. Percent free throw shooter but it's for Hulu. One against innocent you. That one's no good prevents him. That it makes one of these net three point soccer field my fourteenth. We Davis you worked hard conflict obviously since needles it. His dribble across the time line drive little to the basket there was nothing underhanded just Kaiser's. He's fighting each other for the rebound lawsuit. I had Graham of great growth of about. I don't into the his shots lots of climate nothing that's nothing truthfully that's. It's nothing with a smooth. And Houston yelling about something and I don't know they've made these. They may take away that basket for some reason I don't know. We'll see both coaches there. John it's directly and he's articulate them monitor looks like. I don't know if they thought of that block or score fifty possibly. Not sure footed kicker yourself know that. Do what you choose who shot 6750. War on the scoreboard. It's nothing that three pointer but we'll find out we come back from the time out 335 remaining. You stood up it appears 6754. 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The basketball soccer pressing full court with that nothing Reeves Kaiser sham that includes. Yeah Davis our money growth story Davis rough grave and a less than of that press corps was there. Is the one clue. Who loved ones trapped in the press perhaps in the corner of the coffee prices. Truth. And that's running the baseline incident that Devin Davis gets trapped on him bounced at that event that over the last day and a foul. One nothing ultimately. That is his second. Only the sixth team found to have fun Wichita State's zone. A free throws he's still wins out again this time with Penn State late pick up in the half court. Andre wanted out 329 to go Reyes scored 24% of the rebels right. He drivel going through that captain middle of the court is spread out and vote of 131 CNET and today. On the left side of things this off let's idling Devin Davis throughout the backing and on nurture. So not quite Kaiser went back out front at great sport to shoot long three. Know that this time rebounds and it just felt like I was going to influence into the donuts. And a few other than driving spinning. Back out. What if severe credit visited here you gotta bear did have. Viewers go with it. And I came off of Wall Street you would have to be hearing finishing his three point shot with Kevin Davis was a fear they'll flock itself markets try to finish it off to nurture revert to with the back. God that we would go to the basket. Then we'll being beach actors eighteenth turnover. Of this game. They had nineteen against innocent man and a state and the homeless. We have the free throw line athletes found was on Austin reed it's. Yeah as it is third. 171001. A one for Brooke strategist good. I'm Bonnie Brooks. Has not shouted. As well as he usually does today of 45% three point shooting was twelve or 1580%. From the line coming into the game that was his first chance for them. Line today. And that one is good. It's back to fifteen. Soccer's just can't make him run because they can. Is it in the hands flew. Hi Louis. Gupta sizes. Seated. Nothing left to clean up on the shot but penetrating. Have a harder. Thank goodness nothing. Like this insists. Nice to drive at the foul on Houston that's not what it. Kelvin Sampson will be happy about committing a foul decisive student late in the clock it's not less than. Doctors who work hard drive if it is not it is food. And this not only this time they didn't look. There's snow on the NASDAQ nice things about this you know they wanted one crew. Heathrow is good so that if the bonus. It's been snapping. And three but might you know from the free throw line seven points. One more coming up for. And now thirteen. But definitely the second. Because that's traffic incidents are trapped in the corners you think you steal here. We Davis quickly got to the late great drive and of course we just hope for the lakers ran into a great job of protecting the ball is plotting for that they had him. From behind as soon as the Duffy reached forward Landon but he's not a guy wonderful and alliances usually 86%. Free throw shooter. You think. That a lot of 350 to 85 and 99 yeah. Coming into this game so far today he's four for four front affect candidates two for three from the line that's 44 points. Did it happens. He's missed his second one. Wanted to highly. Doctors get rebounds a long way to come back down to. 211 to go campus guys like got thanks this is often nothing reverse lay up rolls out of we found. Houston's death the date that follows unfortunately of them look like it was. Authority over Torrey Davis network. And there wasn't much earlier that was almost certain factors laughs yeah you're down by third season. You know you should just let the clock run. Lori Davis to look at port through his left. Analysts and alliances with Afghanistan about we'll talk to Kevin Davis definitely jumper blogs. And a shot clock violation. On Houston Wichita State went out of bounds and a good job that time. It was to get prices it got to block on this fatally thank you fifth. But it 34 to go to shut this down thirteen we'll have the ball. Points for the southeast today on thirty. Tim and a hands off highs in the size plus one right lynch. Because baseline and gets davis' first layup this that's now on the rebounds surgery had inside position great move by Connor came up under what the left handed. Not too hard over the other side of the that's exactly it now looks like some of these. Yet his son he's been there in line. These shots besides them the chance to miss him now. Third found Torrey Davis junior. Merger is three for three from the line and saw a glimpse of him. What is good. Cleveland starters have made great passes of big guys because that's just it instead of the traditional prerogatives dec automated nice baseline drive that time got all the way to pass that went underneath it. Prevent the shot hit the offices. Is that reverse layup to. It's your misses off the back telling fighting for a but it's covered by an upgrade it doubles in 1000. Flags. That's a strange call soccer's. Double TV the volcanic gap between his legs his sat down and then Zach brown was just kind of standing beside me. And then got called for the now I don't know. Even if you may be aggressive. He led us all the contacts there was the round fouls out with 119 ago. Very at this forty days for that round you know he wanted to play well in front of a lot of his family and friends Houston that's. Ten minutes. Found that out I don't think he had pointed out that nine out of the that's too bad sacks. Dropped parade to the lines of the ninth team thousands. You wanted one. I would think he's and it's only going to miss the days to look for free throw a no good yeah wow. Richard Reid that he doesn't miss much else that he's only 6 o'clock the free throw line shots is still down twelve. But it can be go to and that drives left out. Tally. He tries to get it back to Santa deflected but here is a good candidate desperation three Nokia has revamped Torrey Davis. For the right sideline. It's. Fourth and seventh history we'll go hole and two lovely. Floors Davis this time on working against that nothing has those five in the fifth 2000. Fourth on the it's. Shots coming at Torrey Davis here. I'm not saying yeah. Starting high fidelity American athletic conference. It's kind of weird strategy review of currently overdoing the lessons of soccer's Los vac vacuum for not anticipating a long fascinated if wondering. And for the long time. Torre in 2003. Classified the line fourteen points. Greatest 24 Davis fourteen the other day this Devin was twelve to lead Houston today. Court hears had a really good game played. Outstanding defense. He was the principle defender on Landry sham that throughout the first half. As seen through Davis who makes the second free throws soccer's number fourteen. Immigration deford always advanced it and jumped out of frustration drive by Landry Shandon has seventh. All of the Floyd Davis infidelity. Up to pray for us we're asking our money Brooks and authoritative. There's. It's. Crowds throwing at me make good music crowd today. It is an undated it timeline identify what it's not. That it's definitely rises in line through that little run and it bounces. It. Please hi mom I'm over. That counts of my fourth time. Yeah. Records going to nine you know here in Houston. The tigers dropped back to back games for the first time in a long long time final score again. 78359. Hits and stay fit for the Johnson host. 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Don't really know battles now and drain the. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Allen caught up in valleys and are in danger or an Andover was later. And for all WSU shocker basketball game on 103 point seven KEY and we. Run back to Houston this is the Johnson's post game show project by Johnson that money vs pay 96 we offline so much more. Men's suits and the drive home from again interactive like Kansas flat tire and service brakes tires and professional auto service. Are always a slam. Wichita State. Drills and fined him with the and he did not return the favor today Houston lost like eight. And what's not beat the shot there's like fourteen today and other than a quick run but with the giants game early in the second half when they had a fourteen. Point lead down to six with an 80 run. Soccer's really never inside double digits for the rest of the second half as quickly got it back past tense. Stated throughout all the way into soccer's could never make a run because they couldn't make a shot they shot 32 point 8% for the game. Including four of twenty from beyond the arc. Yeah I thought the effort was there for this doctors. My fault them and not get on the floor for about twenty loose balls. It went and used it yet but other than that. I thought the defense was pretty solid but a few messages hit a lot of shots. In the second half doctors get family visibility issues while in office have been. They thrashed an office that work at seventy. Offensive rebounds. Could just had a terrible time it won't last night. Seventeen offensive rebounds 152. Chance points that's not a very good return on the opportunities and that's kind of not let on that you could just see it right off the bat in the second half to soccer's obviously came out they were outrebounded by one of the first half. And within the first two minutes of the second half. They have five more rebounds and Houston do it only made one of seven shots just never capitalized on any extra opportunities. And went from down nine it down fourteen. About two or three minutes into the second half now they did battled back got it back to six. But there's usage is turnaround like kind of backed up that well right after that so every kind of shocked me to run. Played the first step oriented first part of secondhand. Houston answered with a lot of golf. You would have expected to. For Houston to get this kind of margin against this doctors need to have one of those outstanding three point shooting games and they're about a 40% three point shooting team. That wasn't the case and all that great five twenty. Please they did make 21. Forty. Some shots. And for a lot of the game they were. First after getting a lot more shots as doctors because rebounding and turnovers turnovers continue to create huge problems eighteen turnovers second time. Cities like you know they hit their share of shots hit some very tough shots. But update the reasons here's what hawking with the defense I thought their defense was better than soccer's all afternoon. And they forces shot isn't that what eighteenth hole loose. In they need let him that kind of thing in life. Miserable today they were really having to work hard to do any capital look at the bass. Well that's kind of the story Houston wins it both teams are now fifteen and four on the year and five and two. In the American athletic conference and what's happened this week with their wins over Wichita State SMU and Houston. Have put themselves back very deeply in the discussion as possible at large teams in the NCAA tournament at the end. And keep it. You in touch with Cincinnati before the conference regular season conference championship itself. They've they've pulled most of the ball games in his death remember us that he was coming off three straight loss before they beat which just stayed up which it off. And then Houston. Really really put it to the shocker today this kind of let aggressively building things need to be considered as one of the top three teams. Lot of basketball still to be played defectors have got to find some answers and get a couple of games at home next week to work on him we'll continue. On the Jackson's post game show that was our game recap for you but you'll need to Cummings comings in coming your formidable defense and DUI law firm in which it's not. Give them a call at 2641548. Or visit they'll Cummings LLC. Dot com comings in coming slot where your needs always come first we'll be right back. 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East and west talked about generalities of the Houston victory over the shocker by fourteen let's go inside the numbers look at the final stats. Occupied beat Katie CPAs and advisors there when need to trusted advisor. Who's yours for Wichita State today the poor shooting game by four of the year and it only been under 40%. Want to that was just barely 39 plus against Florida Gulf Coast. Today 32 point 8% including four of twenty from three. Even the free throw shooting sub par seventy to 25 for 68%. Haitian 43 point 3% just five of twenty from three they've made sixteen to 41 free throws. For 76%. The shoppers were down Juan on the boards at halftime that the only team that outrebounded them this year they came back with a frenzy in the second half. Ended up plus eleven. On the boards of plus twelve in the second half but it just they couldn't convert enough of those extra chances there at seventeen offensive rebounds only 152. Chance points. Well the reason they have too many offensive rebounds the fitness of each I think they were available. There because the doctors. Only shot 35% the first half but it's wrong for the second half down 31%. So they had a real hard time. Fine. Kitty shots and we need to get open shots that could make. Soccer Tulsa at eighteen turnovers to ten fortunately. The disparity in points wasn't as big as it could have been an eleven to four points off turnovers in favor of Houston rob ray led all scorers with 24 point 221 from the field and had four assists. Seventeen points eight rebounds three assists for Corey Davis junior but again the big story with him was the defense that he played on Landry champ but particularly in the first half. Devin Davis twelve points seven rebounds and Armani Brooks had eight points for the cougars even though he was well below par from three shooting just two of seven. Wichita State should feel more of the only player in double figures with twelve minutes seven rebounds Rashard Kelly six points ten boards. Nine points for kind of friend can't 84 FE seven for Willis 74 Landry Chambliss who's just two of ten from the field. And one of six from three Gregg Marshall joins us presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million to work. And coach I know you expected certainly a buzz off from Houston today that. Certainly one thing that they did much better than at your place was the way they defended Wright that. In the beginning today. We got ten degrees at our place in the first half and today we may force and then give them credit and that's shooters we've seen guys. But today we go four for toward. So they can give us a lot of open looks we worked. Executing well enough that we weren't tough enough with what we executed to. To get the clean looks and gotta give their defense. And Torrey Davis I thought maybe get an above average job on Landry in the first half released make it tough for him to get books and some guys in there. Yet the whole team was doing that would just went. Got great great team defense I thought by both teams we'll see who haven't worked. Very hard to get any open looks anything like coach that what you did executing and get an open look you missed a lot of them right here too fast. You know we missed some bunnies in the first African. Shortness wounds check this woman who. Girl missed the layup slash don't. We'll let you know reverse flailing into this one so we missed. Quite a few. These ones in the first half and we missed five free throws including a front end of a 11 so. You know we gotta we gotta take advantage of those opportunities from the get it down low we get knocked in a free throws and then down. You know it's the second half got a couple open looks and it. You know we had we've had open looks from three a couple of times not too many but when that we have those government. We didn't do that today this team was this team was more physical and just what it was tough. You were down one on the boards at halftime they're the only team that's not rebounded all year and really came back and got after on the boards in the second half it seemed like sometimes you get two and three extra possessions and still could not that. That we needed to be the way we ran off instantly restored today which so we need those extra possessions and fortunately. Ahead on the scoreboard instead of the rebound column today. You know you know you got to give him credit that was there was a loose ball it was the first ones off the floor they were really dialed in today and really want. Yeah they needed this game obviously you know now we gonna need one. Which it. You know. It would definitely I don't. Other than that we expand upon that right now that they would typically. And back home for a couple of some time in between do work on some things definitely. You have got a lot of things to work on doing. We've got an eighteen turnovers and they can baskets it's the thing students do this to other teams so. Almost. Done to us today with more baskets more turnovers than baskets were fortunately we were one more basket Paterno. I thank you those who have come off that we. His coach Gregg Marshall in the final 7359. Houston today. Started against presented by the Kansas lottery and the defensive player of the game right do you like got you covered and I think we can. Give it to the same guy today Reshard Kelly yes that it cannot to join its who's gonna make it quick get away. But. Reshard. Really hustled and and tried to set a tone with his attitude his effort his intensity at both in what led all rebounder handed. And I I thought was the one shocker maybe that was. Closest to his own game today in terms of his consistent effort yeah he was dialed in played great defense like great help defense rotated through some charges leveled he's the man he's really got after world war. Don't forget to get your Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket for a chance to become a millionaire that KS lottery dot com the most current jackpot amount. And got you covered presents the defensive player of the game. Remembered called him at 3166127004. And tackle when the treatment solutions also gone on it got you covered Wichita dot com. Mention the shoppers and get 10%. Off any order and it got you covered and short Kelly also authored our. Play of the game presented violent supplies. That sunscreens unfortunately the free throw circle try to lots of more. He seemed obvious to stand guarding clearly there have been Davidson's backed off but they intercepted. Robinson it picked up right now he's gonna go to the basket alone and not football. Haven't flown from Delhi for killing his own right back and got it done in the process it's hard was six of this doctors are factors within. Six but. That was the last dance that was the play and it got it back to six and from then on it was double digits Houston has to do it Tucker did not make enough buckets that from that point going forward that this. Hang with the all right we need to get ready to get out of here want to remind you anytime you beat flooring out any kind of the only place you need to know about his two Faris they're fed up with Florida senator and super Stewart 1816 north Broadway. Wide range of products in all types of flooring great everyday prices because that big inventory and great people to help you find exactly what you're looking forward to make it look great. It's your home. And also don't forget the special going on right now as Carlos and Kelly celebrates that fact that it was born in 1981. In which time to celebrate. And any Carlos the Phillies get to full size entrees and a chilly config so for only 1981. And when you order the case tell them Zach. And JR since you have with which stores Connecticut the AC posted number one Villanova today at Villanova won by flooding 8161. Number three for 323 point road wooded island of 22 Ohio State and eighteen point win at. Minnesota. And I hope you'll get out tomorrow afternoon and support of Wichita State women as they go for their fourth straight win. Posting second place South Florida at Coca arena at 3 o'clock if you can't make it joins Steve strength. On those shoppers dot com the right. It in the soccer's place next Thursday night that Central Florida our first look at university of central border there's seventh with the center thoughtful fall. And then Sunday full for a Ian. Wichita so few home games which doctors need to get a couple of home this weekend we just got word during the game that taco fall 76 center. He's going to have shoulder surgery and is out for the rest of the year over us in unison won't actually see him at least on the floor. In next Thursday's game in which so big blow for them. Wichita State and UCF Thursday night at eight and don't forget the coaching show. From aging sports grill at the Alley Gregg Marshall six to seven Keith Adams seven date Monday night on. 9713. Thirty can assess that should be a fun show let's get some things talked about. And then we'll be back with you next Thursday night as the shoppers take on using gas. At brokering a final score today Houston 73 Wichita State 594 Bob homeowner produced and handling. I Kennedy wishing you a good rest of the day. But you're looking for the perfect power suit for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. 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