WSU Men's Basketball at Cincinnati 02-18-18

Sunday, February 18th

WSU Men's Basketball at Cincinnati: W 76-72


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You know. They think now. Younger. 103 point seven hey you want yeah braves. There's no point them. Northern Kentucky beat me in here arena in south of Cincinnati where the Cincinnati Bearcats are playing their home games this season. While they're on the arena is renovated at this is the seat at todays date it ain't seen match at. Between Wichita State and Cincinnati shocker swatting at five over off. Ten and three in the eighties scene ranked eighteenth and nineteenth in the polls this week. Cincinnati 23 and three now twelve and won three of the NC after Thursday night loss at Houston their first conference loss. They are ranked fifth in both polls are riding in the nation's longest home court winning streak. At 39 games if you were listening not that you like and shortly before we have to hear this song was bad credit cards love as a battlefield. Today this course will be a battlefield between these two. Oh yep this is going to be one of those old fashioned street fights I mean the bearcats. And his doctors that before we talk about today. You know I think you can't talk about Thursday and I know how much fun. He used Dave at call that game. This simple if we were giddy for hours after breakfast it was just such a great atmosphere and a great college basketball game it felt like an NCAA tournament second round sweet sixteen. You know I would I I wanted to get your reaction of the TV guys that had a man and that's. What mark. And of colors. App market cap and death after the game they can put your head sit down in the count the years that you know that was. The fifth college basketball game that you see between all season long I didn't agree with them what a great game. Fantastic game. Shocker back down BA. And temple could not miss the shot at 11531. Half. And if you look really equally bad at half time for the shot and come back in and raised most of that leave immediately. Right after that half the crowd which is fluent authors and I thought that was that allowed us. Most things. Crap out. In the round out and I've never heard him in my years of what we. And it was really time it was. Probably a different kind of hid them we're going to seated day it was a fairly free flowing offensive game not fitting your team didn't. Played good defense at times at least try to fit in very good offensive team to really fight it out today. I can't imagine we'll see your score anything like that now we're not CDs. Kind of numbers look at this thought temple shot 49% from the more for the game 55%. From 386%. From the line they only had seven turnovers they lost the game. You off of both teams just really shot the ball well we'll fees that took care of the basketball really. Fun basketball game to watch because of the swings back and work. And then I'll I'll also lets down the stretch. But today in my theater right today is gonna be. More ugly basketball it going to be for you got them like defense of love going game and it's going to be your. And we'll certainly get it to. Some evidence of why is that where with dolls with Bob's winning strategy a little bit later on. The pregame show resorts is brought to apply and trust bank we welcome your phone calls at 8691037. The area code is 3168691037. The phone numbers. And you're handling taking your calls in the studio. Candidate on Twitter horses at soccer voice always look forward to hearing from you there. As well we have ally of the sun we had a Twitter question I'll just I'll throw this out there. There was actually quite definitive response and that the question has to some degree. In answer to. But as someone got furious about the teams that we're in the first and second rounds. In which it's not the last time Wichita hosted one of those fancy that was in the nineties a time. And I can't help you because I was put the baseball team on the West Coast unfortunately at times. Again I think if you mess of wellness day blistering attack themes of the Michigan here yes they were. And somebody else regardless next thing out OK then a question about that Maryland Saint Louis. That's. I remember him at Pepperdine Pepperdine never got all this time. That's very touching the head right right. But at cal Perry at that you dance and with the fiercely that Maryland. With the coach of Maryland and Gary were useless yes it was a it was a ray Clinton team that they'd like to coach Jim wolf we're. What the coach at about whether that thing right before I went to chase me right right. OK so I think we've got most of have been western Kentucky. I think we've got that in and so anyway thank you for all of those low. Contributed to that. And then again at 8691037. Or on Twitter. And at rocker voice Allen has been basically that it brings an opportunity to start to bump off today now. All right well thanks for taking my call local police. Well that last game that he would have backed the followed with a high of 51 people want it they're marketing these. The game at that level. It quite a lot of thin on the offensive. Ability to but thought they did he did that ability. Does that they had. Infants new game but we don't doubt at. What kind of focused on the he'd been to put our faith in the offense that this fanatic I think that's where you thought that the quarter loss. I read that that net and look he typical. The low scoring game. I think that the doctor great work that point. I think that that included well. I certainly hope prepare them in the days with the mindset. Leftist that he and Clinton says this season. Locked in this focus. It's been dramatically different than they we are hopeful that but you know I think that fear that America he had. I'm ministers that he beat the heat that it would cost state and yet the elephant and commit. Are not good question I'll let Bob got to handle this but now with his senate leader again that. When you really look at it looks like sort of day movable force there is irresistible force against the immovable object was to tell us states every T 84 point one points per game Cincinnati's only giving up 56 point three. Cincinnati also scores almost 76 against what you just gave him that that's seventies my estimation Bob it comes down to. Who could play closest to the other one of the lesser phase of their game in Wichita State defense come closer to Cincinnati's level of defense or could Cincinnati's offense. Got close enough to Wichita State's offense their defense with the game for us. The you're called. It outlets Cincinnati they hold their opponents to 56 point six games 37%. Field goal from. In which is number two in the country. Defensively. Soccer's averaged 84 point game and leads the American athletic conference in scoring and shoot really high percentages 48% from the floor. Almost 40% from three self. Yeah will shock the over the future those kind of numbers today against the Cincinnati defense. Is the other question. Because. That's negative really good defensively they play a match ups on the kind of morphed into that switching man to man zone if that is different than what you'd be. For a game in game out in death and they're very. Physical. They've got a very experienced team an older team. And it's going to be it's going to be tough for the stock loses for a couple of things going now. You asked about Cincinnati's offense they're a little better offensive team than mostly from things are these not for defense. Don't keep the score in the sixties. But not this team they average 76 points a game. And they're in that in the league they're cute 43%. From the floor of 34 from three so not great numbers shooting percentage wise but they score a lot of points and they've got three really. Top players Gary Clark. Jacob Evans for third and how Washington these are three guys that at all the first team all belief in the American athletic conference. They can all score in multiple ways. They're going to be very difficult to stop. And it's always going to be a challenge for the shot the defense enough Cincinnati. I think offensively. It's going to be interesting is the how well they do confuse shocker defense. Doctors. Let them play it's a pretty good defense at times when they went in locked people down but I don't think that they can let the Connecticut off the start. That and as they let him get off to if you got down 1214 points against this team and your friend again in the sixties. It be really hard to come back so I think it's important that doctors come out. The start the game playing well. Holding Cincinnati not let him hit a lot of open threes like temple did. And knocking down early I think that would be be really tough to recover from in this game. And Bob would you agree that Cincinnati likes to throw the ball to block things like score inside me. Hit a lot of second chance points and they get to the free throw line a lot to shoot seven free throws a game more than their opponents. So if Wichita State can at least turn them into jump forcibly take a few more outside shots of that limit them to one shot for possession. That's going to be their best chance to win this. Yeah I think that's I think that's very. That's the that's. Right I think they're not a great three point shooting team 34%. In conference play from behind the arc so Tucker is gonna wanna jam the lane. I keep it out of there. Now they go to the postman to go to pal watchman here to go to other posts and America. But a lot of their points in the paint come from penetration. Daylight let it like to isolate. Jacob Evanston the Golan mayors or thought Gary Clark got off all kinds of different foods you can beat you with the kind of athletic JT Buehrle I think it's four in a lot of different ways fan. Is in Washington. Between that and also got a shot for the good drive. To jam up the middle and take away that inside game to be fifty. Keep him from the outside. But I think it's as if he's really good at taking the ball in a few things. Drawing fouls that if the line line. All right take few but the question now if we headed. Ted in addition to be ran down that last Wichita first and second rounds through the university of Texas Longhorns was there in addition to southwest Texas they think it's key for adapt and so I think we've answered that question I think we've held off all the teams hopefully every tweeted it. Was listening. The question if you stood next to coach Cronin was atop his head reaching chest I don't think they'll understand that close to. Such confidence that he has shook his or that. I think that the everybody pretty much listen when he gets up this news. He says he Cincinnati guy his dad without real well known high school basketball coach you're in the Cincinnati area they're phoning rule on the west side of Cincinnati. He coached he went to Cincinnati graduated from here. That he coached in high school ball and then went back in and volunteered to do with the video. Coordinator for a cousin of Bob hunt and that's how he got his start. In college basketball through a network for the puck and until Hudgens was let go here. And then the phone is let's work or Rick Pitino at local favourite thing. Three years and he got memories they've not been great job of restricted and these heavily on it. Who goes for years and came back he definitely handicap self defense this and heady guy through and through. And he grew up on street Cincinnati well known here well respected. Greg had eight. Memory of the 1963. Game. 6263. In Wichita Cincinnati it was the defending national champions they were undefeated and ranked them. For one of the nation's they had a forty at least 47. Game losing streak. Its hours scored 46 points in the game. Including the last seven points of the game at Wichita State came from behind to win 6564. Through here for those points rested free throw line at the end of the game. And much knowledge that my voice brought up about that game. Is that it's always scored 46 points all by himself Cincinnati that your led the nation. It scoring defense and I think they gave up fifty water 52 there. Her name the entire teams and yet 46. That night there's certainly one of the greatest performances ever that was at Cincinnati team that went on to. Probably should have won a third straight national championship they lost to Loyola championship game on a last second polish up my last putter after Cincinnati and led by one point. And I'll wait Tony Yates what the point guard the Vanity Fair catch those three years. We coached together at University of Illinois. And then after he left don't blame him over here was the head coach at Cincinnati prior to Bob Huggins signal of at the bearcats self. Tony was guys that he was here force or the army that's been about for your meeting came up with a 22 year old record for. And they'll keep that Cincinnati Cincinnati. That's what the fourth straight final towards the end he. Don't let the team. It's championship in 5152. And then they picked up flopped that fifth game and oil in 53 or they would have reached. Also. I guess I had made it known that several of America had several ethnic. Games between Wichita State and Cincinnati that they were both members of the Missouri Valley Conference. A year later in the 6364. Seasons. Wichita State was down three. At Cincinnati had the wrong with fourteen. Seconds to flying. Things stalwart stole the ball late at the end kind of the one Cincinnati is bound to be intercepted that particularly the for a layup to give attackers one point lead and in Cincinnati hurry to get the ball in the guy that he sees the small step on the line turning it over that shot is routed the scholars who. They found it made two free throws to make the final margin. A Wichita State win by three points. He scored or assisted on six points and fourteen seconds to pull that that only happens that your these stalwart for the benefit habitat that's the question be nice to see that happen as and the one other one wanted to mention. Add. Kevin Brown is doing the game today on ESPN and I know win now he was it what you saw recently he got. Some information. About this about this game and the trophy came with it. Later that same season back a couple of weeks after that game I just described in 64 addition doctors are not here to Cincinnati. Stallworth hit a baseline jumper that appeared to win the game in regulation by. Two point it was a time. Shoppers ran off the floor of the locker room but. Cincinnati. Time keeper says that time had expired before the shot and that people just hadn't been able to hear the warrant. Because of the noise in the place of it then fired a missile which the officials heard it was late after the shot. And officials. Had not no recourse but to believe Pataki that brought to shoppers back on the floor after numerous protests from head coach Ralph Miller. As a shocker to one in overtime Stallworth again getting the game winning shot. In the overtime. So Braniff airlines which flew Wichita State to learn from that game and you have to go back ways room. Granted there are lines that they presented the trophy to the athletic department a couple of weeks later it's clear that trophy case at the university. It Coca read it says for one game one twice it has anything that has both scored what it would have been at the end of regulation that the officials for at the end of overtime says. Presented by Braniff airlines so. That's certainly it was what another memorable games in this series it just seemed like every time these two schools like back in it was that kind of game. We have Mike on line Michael Redd hit. Hello my. This does not only in the offers some more than soccer history and enjoy. Even and they bereavement and you for the last. Went 37 years or thirty. Ones you the Clinton Procter and nine expertise to mystery group of which are now live and you can have a cult got excellent treatment. But remember there's there's there's a couple of other historic marker. Moment I think. 5760. And Oscar Robertson. And pretend that he. The talkers they ever could be beat them and they've been. Are all these years that what he played. Doctors. And the soccer at the great players. They have Jeanne quietly and then and then and then on law and quicker Thompson Ron Heller I'll say it. And then also. Might it. Sixty to ninety. Let's forget those residents were the doctors haven't seen it. But that the bears were pretty fees and favorite. That your but I don't they didn't end up winning streak yet I'm not but it sure that might. But. You run Mendel. Last but not if that he. With 12 left and suffered one what that is part of the tree and then the doctor once again what five point. That was in or maybe two point which I think it. So I put they had written over there are. And don't over. Part of it but yeah. Good players. But anyway. Mentioned. Through women doctors. They did fleet of really good yesterday. And thanked her for all of you guys humans. Look forward to look into things but. I think you might get those gaffe at that rob Bennett dole shot I think that's. Nationals you know newspaper photos pretty much all of the country it was laying out here beyond it's not that he fanned. Another game I'm remembering that air a little bit before that with a pet food in the 666070s. Then there are his Roberson. Cincinnati had taken a one point lead which Daisuke had you know the link to the court. And Warren Armstrong became more and Bali. Growth for pretty much the entire Cincinnati team took it to the fast and it's. And Arctic Roberson both want us to block his shot and just drop it over his shoulder developmentally mr. Haley yeah. Played it in with a closer to win that game one of the places can't. I was I was there as a student at places death cheering and toughen up and down for several seconds after the game was already over this. Out of Gaza but not his (%expletive) in Cincinnati life inspired those Medicaid. But if they. It cools. A move to the American athletic conferences rekindling all of these memories of all of these matchups that fits that everybody remembers who goes to president Fargo and they're both right. And coach Marshall for for making that switch happen from the valley not that that there's any problem with the valley I love playing in the valleys. The problem ball game. Are you part of winning football games slack this new league with with Houston. If this was Cincinnati. People remembering all of them great rivalry from the path I think people are remembering nose and looking forward. You having that. We have these great ball team with few. It this Betty. It's Memphis. Although it's challenging it's his new league is. The galaxy has two big kid it's still going to be a great for the fans I think. And matching your drive to the game if I had this plan tire and service were very tired to the national service are always a plan 6107. Or on Flickr. Doctor Floyd and on. We have former shot fifty dollars and fifty joining us in our. On my problem. Awesome stuff like cabbage fruit review documents that he had. I needed it. I have great faith I have questions when we're a couple of times sharper played Cincinnati in the valley and my other question his reference things. Our top news and on radio. Last week our Thursday night. On the highest ranked opponent. That these shocker played in the regular season I'm thinking it might have been again and we played Marquette and certainly don't and I figuring there at the you know what I'm calling you could you got blown your memory on that so. I hang up and not what you guys call. Then it date next year we played them in Milwaukee and the question was not the last time top five ranked team had played that shot because of what you taught me. Seasons now. That was Casey that night Susan. Jefferson played a couple of top five teams. That game they lost in overtime to not just a few years ago and I was ranked in the top five of peptides have been a couple of others. Thought not regular season. So I'm not no not right now when that soccer defense Baghdad. I felt like that for them it's the only tournament not yet questions about the last ten regular season opportunity. I have to look the last the less well wait a ticket at the last few Cincinnati was in the conference. Lama. His 1969706970. Last year at Cincinnati in the balance the last time which at times they played them here. Was at least 7677. Seasons he played at what wasn't called riverfront coliseum they renamed but that building is still there downtown Cincinnati and Cincinnati was ranked twelfth at the time won that game. 66. The last time they played at all was in December of 81 you do on 82 season that was what to tell us it's on the Arnold's classic early December of 81. And a shocker one that gained 8767. At one car slips doctors we had sixteen points. Flyers had fifteen apiece Tony Martin and two freshmen and Xavier McDaniel was from the effects record those and it produces. I thought of that proof they keep him here and played and we played an old building downtown from work called the arts. And I there was an arts and I beat you with nothing the path of this old. For the record that they had it read them there on campus for them and equipment they thought the art. And I don't know thing you'll shocker remember that place afloat that but it was that eagle building. I'm pretty sure that at Wichita State did play Cincinnati at time or two in the cards I don't think that was their regular home in about security that places. I'm we have run it on. Hey guys. For the good ballplayer. Who was. Sent you flowers this. And in and I put an end up. And McCain were within matte finish. Scored the last seven. Most. My most memorable soccer game ever and I've watched Arafat for 1940s that flow and it lie. I want to make an opening statement loud and I got a comment like about the day gain. 45 free throws listens to enthusiasm seen rolling. That's more open ended statement. My other problem and I feel fit and it is an eight game. I didn't respect since it landed and was shocked. That it both can play calls to their. At. I think the music big he is going to be the soccer game plan. And. Then I think what we want to give the president you know I'm not sure if I happen. If you've got things play within. Or they have whether they're spectacular game. There's stuff I've been awfully they look north you get that. I'd be at a flooded Twitter questions had to do with. 35 free throws to visit. Possible for that to happen at that it is called fairly. I'd have to see the game I don't think you're really confident on that outlet that seeing this this game because. Sometimes. You know it seems both did things. And it will draw fouls. At Harris's temple is a team that's a very good outfits. But they don't draw a lot of balances that way they play. Some teams really pound the ball inside it private allotments if you draw a lot of that also be given game it's it's pretty wide disparity free throw attempts. And it. It's just the style of the team that may very well at home here. 35 it's news pretty straight I didn't see that if I can't comment on it that is I think it's very very unlikely that. If you're off doing this it was that he likes and it Bob Huggins said he had never been involved. I'm not I'm not that I'm not sure that's the reason they lost. I be at their execution down the stretch but the reason. That they let the that you come back in the game that got us kind of ridiculous number we only watched about the last couple minutes. We are on the plus if somebody had on the phone careful right hand on its own mystery meat. And I thought. About three different plays where the West Virginia the bottom line and shot free throws so there's a reason that gave you have to really get homered with president. It Allen fieldhouse. All right thank you for the call stand between distraught Ron not scoring your observation about the defense Bob Pettit talked about that already and figure out your observation though about somebody thanks guys you mentioned that nothing here you're somebody like can't really happy if the game. Certainly could be a factor Cincinnati. He's not real deep in terms of scoring dance they have some guys come often play very good defense to give the starters have flown. But they don't have any real consistent scorers coming up the stance of Wichita State could get. A big advantage or a significant advantage for the player to off. That's that would go a long way toward helping. And maybe what is there. Yeah if it's yours that you brought up what Duffy and nurture Franken Franken broke out the other day and I thought his death of his buckets at the end of that careful game work. Were key buckets and a couple of those times the shot clock was winding down. There was really get anything going on offensively. And Otto Frank can't just created those shots. It made a couple of key buckets to keep the shocker in the lead and the temple game the Duffy. Did score a lot the other night I thought that played well in I I think he. He obviously does have a game where he could make. You know Kent well fifteen points if you break out tonight if you are today plays well that that would be a big floods though. Ronald nurture had to mention relatively played only one out of nine. From the three point line 888 feet played so he can hit that three point shots that they accused of second half and their focus too much on him at. In I think things and also breeze merger could be open for them shot so he could not down to a 33 today that would be a big plus. Stock. I know we have colors and tweeters on hold but we do need to take a quick timeout. We have our sponsors are from we'll be right back with interest thing pregame show from northern Kentucky. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful mileage first. It is for me with no money. She got command and I can't believe that's contracted. Great now with us Cuba not permit it can't believe this can. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day game practice and preparation. And there's a second job. Recruiting. That means travel. He couldn't do it without executive their share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider. 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You know encourage girls that was one of my favorite movies back yet you're his high school or college it's nasty the point Cincinnati here that would keep Robinson. Karl Malden and Mark Richt network suits him well. Really good really good movie. Cincinnati yet some of our Cincinnati isn't prepared by and you haven't created demolish difference orchestra with the Mercury Charles of the vocal we go back to the the fonts with duck I think they make. Okay. I protect my call. That talk about that a man you Blackberry. That game we've been in the game. On America that under any more right. Have been able to earn. What that would make America. In Cincinnati author and beat him a lot on. Target dirt being greedy colonel were. And also often beat regret. I'd vote Bill Bennett one of R&B. And limiting. He's on her up and beat war. And the last you being done very well. Eliminating turnovers. On our part anyway. That we matched up beneath him on the net. And the. The Wichita State is second in the nation right now in rebound margin. And I don't pretend for me cause this eleventh brigade that Cincinnati. Is right up there to rebound margin their seventh. Point three McCain. I think one of the real key elements to this game it's going to see if Wichita State. Fifty Cincinnati off the offensive towards and then we'll stand for allotted time. So can they not only keep them off but then get the ball out get out in transition and get some early shots because it's always going defeat. Right in out of the half court against their defense it's going to be very. Everything else being even if the doctor played a good strong defense and not let them get a lot of these jobs affected. And if the doctor she refused to earth than it. Against the Cincinnati defense that I think it's gonna come down to rebound at The Who wins the battle of the boards. And you look at that the two teams that are the top of the league. Read down often with healthy first in the league 41 point 65 then it's definitely. Forty point. The very close to rebound margin. Which Duffy innate leaders might just point out. Left ten point seven Cincinnati plus eight rebound mark recount defense which they won only thirty point nine. Average Cincinnati 31 point seven. Though. They're both wanted to rebounding and I think that it's that he would heave that. It it's game today. Hey did you shot this might get 50% off your on line ordered any Wichita area Papa John's like on the Papa John's does not use the problem coach doctor fifty. Here's C you're shocked if this cannot. Nothing on Twitter or on the phone right now. Refuse to back sequence there when. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again in time. For the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of which atop buy and sell homes helping with first home purchase as. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley energy to endanger porn and overweight Sawyer. WSU shocker. Basketball is on 103 point seven KE YNN. And I. Okay. Okay. Actually the best thing pregame show and we've got a call from Britain continues right. A lot of us every diet that Clinton now has been panicked played years ago suffering back lot of wonderful memories are made it. We're not erupt as it is now my dad he's been accurate into the game is free he would take meaner and I hope you remember it is fact indeed it's no data remotely feet. Whereas they thought it over 111000 people in the arena. And it became an Oscar blades. We get the Fed on the steps of the 22 growth. A lot to gain to the rams' Super Bowl ever that is absolutely if there was hope that the money is you know the mastermind of the accounting standards of our marshals. At their bank the end it literally been stopped and that they need some sort of it is sold anyway. Lovely and I think they get like 111400. Is there at this time purchased a lot different budget. I discriminate game against an Oscar played this late it's. Well wolf I think. Yankee yankees could fill it up both both the stands at the basket and now of course don't hold theory their records scored fifty. Against the characters in his sophomore year I was lucky that gave up the other day. Cottage here feud they're senator who wanted went on to play ten years in the NBA out of foul trouble the second half they've moved Oscar to center at 65. He scored 22 of Cincinnati's last 26 points in this game. And it was something like eighteen that 26 from the field. And what nearly fourteen free throws like fourteen to fifty. Free throw the Clinton averages a double in the NBA community and keep their didn't keep assist Destin college then they average a triple double of. In the end I thought they sold out they announced earlier this week. That is sold out its standing room only here at the BBC arena here at northern Kentucky and its defense if you lift that. At 9400. Felt that he probably 101000 plus that yours today. I am we'll finish it up for the denizens thanks for calling. Hello. I'm well. But. That there was good news news news. New and improved somewhat community if you're strapped space needs which no big acuity. I think I have a group that's in fact I think you're implementing its before you on what you thought that. Important for humanity. On the food. And I think there's opportunity really influenced the Indian gaming. Did you know food the food fruit ready at that time. And implement them he would help them bring with him progress. Yeah Andrew's coach unemployment rate to boost the baton is I'm from planet. I happen to anybody remember that I'm hitting. And I think that I've been through food that can guarantee you that I'm also. And it isn't really of his team. Every I don't recall matter any mention it but I would be the only consistency of somebody else now itself. We're out of time today we can't take any more calls to respond to Afghanistan. We'll try to do is either get to that the next game against Cleveland coming up we're certainly the second time these students platelets that nonetheless in the regular season that's one I would like to find out that would be a mistake you know so. Thank you for bringing it up thank you for the compliment what you just said is as confident. We can get these big games on racism really appreciated. And we thank all of you can cause tweets and so forth staked him Gregg Marshall comes along next that probably knack for winning strategies as this Packers take on the bearcats here. It defensive. 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Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or is built for a pummel. Wichita State university's shocker basketball is on 13 point seven KE YM which time. Want to get back. Does not get the bearcats and a big one today at the coach's corner that coach Gregg Marshall presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion. To work. That you mention the other night after the temple game as well he signed on sports talk about it. Quality game and so forth that I guess as a sort of ultimate first year experience showdown with number one team absolutely teams ranked in the top five in the country on the road. So. Very very big challenge tonight for our team and our club is also a great opportunity I mean this. This is programs that really good for a long long time and the other. Good again they've got. Birds veteran group experienced. Eyes blinked at what is isn't skilled and a tremendous coaches. And is this. Catapult that mindset game also made eight there they take pride a lot of the same thing cheated at toughness and those kinds of things while we're tough present tonight that's going to be a big key. Honestly. These guys. They're they're they're they're very very very mature and physical. Terms of their bodies of the couple guys look like football players and they play a style that. It's just very aggressive. The interest you see what kind of whistle if it is tonight weather's going to be one of those roles are touchy Feely game. I think everybody's gonna have to adjust pretty quickly. And I'm yeah it. We're gonna have to make some shots mind giving us our our guards are not as big a physical is their guards in order to make shots for sure. And we have to really defend and rebound and high level. They have tremendous defensive numbers I have to ask you what exactly is that it looks like Zahn looks like switching man to man as kind of a combination of the team it's it's both and it's hard to figure out which ones which you. You have to. Kind of simplify it they wait. Just about everything and a minute and and there are. Match up they go with cutters and it looks like man to man so she did which. Yes they which everything in their mantra there and then there's there's so when they go with cutters and it looks like an enemy structure right the first time I guess but. It's you can't spend too much time worrying about British. Whatever we run will work against both. And it is this a case the cousin that that it may be in your sets that the first option may not look like it normally look you may have to explore it beyond that made it at first options and I'll make that they might they might work I mean if you never know. I have not having coached against them and not having gone against Cincinnati ever in my career or Mick Cronin. This'll be an Egyptian justice but that there is this your first time against us as well. Great great opportunity for us you know that they've still got to come to our place their top five in the country were on the road gives us if we win this game does not. Opportunity to compete for that. The regular season title in our first year or so. Which would have to go play and played very well thank you can check it coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State and Cincinnati coming out of Cleveland. Regarding content. These lauryn ask to know about you know he chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only teach but does it. We are second competing directly from not violence and shoot a profit African American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. 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With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UA EC dot com. United Healthcare. Service is not available for all plants the. There are here. Customers love hog wild delicious medium and here's a while Josh seemed to tell you wore our rims are leaning need a tender that practically melting your math the average its applications for the retreat back then there's our special blend of spices we seize the moment followed by slow smoking every day a real kicker with the end result is our delicious fun while it. This one or five locations in which it's awful when dirty Hudgens and elder radio and Salina. But don't they week. Shocker for brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford grameen phone harding's Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in more vain Kirk Farber. And yeah. I'm very shocker for. Okay three point seven that you want in. Craig. I'm more open up your mind. Very home free. Basketball this season firefight Kennedy alongside Bob. Happening in the studio lot has been winning strategy brought advice capital that first job at home and home. You can trust the strength behind her finances capital that allows it wasn't bad FDIC. Thank Michael let's first talk about defense the bearcats are big they're physical they're a veteran he they've got three of the American athletic conference's top. Players and let's talk about those three main threats to think 230 pound senior. Gary Clark he's on the Nate Smith wants the top 3030 lives here late this season on the Karl Malone. Power forward list he averages thirteen point thinking. Rebounds in conference play you shooting 54% from the field in the shooting 50%. From three so he can hurt you outside you can hurt you inside. At 68 the great one on one player and he has the ball in his hands. A lot late fly. Long miles in between the lines he's like thirty this thing. Feel tightly guarded by Helen. It started maybe we'll fix that in your ticket Evans and there you don't included serving awful lot with having to force people. Or rebounds he shoot 40% from three feet that's the wrong. Physicals are forward at the sixth he gets going a lot of differently if you believe. He scored in transition. And you like to take off drivel they like to run Ifill place for him he also brought a lot of files. He had sixty points she played forty. It's the other night that you can never hear about it kind of fall creek. 69330. Pound senior Kyle Washington State left he ran for them in these days. Released an elf twelve point six rebound after 53% field goal but he 61%. In the last four ball game he shoots forty for us to. For relief and 81%. From the line filled with big guy in the league who did he fit the high post you can shoot right from bear and he likes to jump hook. Now the locals Shaq and probably modeled on him. Often felt that it was not good job on. Those three guys and don't feel too good job. And a second key is offensive. That is youth is the top offensive team in America athletic conference averaging 84 in points a game since and he's the top defensive scheme. In the conference only letting her opponents to fifty. Points that game and they allow their opponent 37%. Field goal percentage. That's their keep your answers to. It in the country if you look we've been frantically through pre match up zone and it kind of morphed. Two of which began to cancel it looked like it don't you for the packet and then they'll all get a guy and then we'll start covering me and demand itself. It's going to be very important for the the shocker to move the ball and move. Players at the same time. You're gonna have to read the defense you're gonna have to read the witches and look for the open players look for the flipped the thing I have to confess that. You don't get it from him. Have to jump shots tonight. Or hit a good opportunity to. Really dark and they've picked out of the wrong with the they they're going to be very physical felt like Houston was to go to. Transition offense. Going to be very important got to hit the shot off before their defense it's that rebounding I think if the peak heat of battle of the toward whoever was developed world is gonna. I can't thank you that the injury report for us you've got hot and live your life you're hurting your optimal you both games at full strength nobody missing. The players on both sides. The dance and soccer slated to target that's locker room and suddenly points soccer story isn't bubbling up 40%. I don't soccer merchandise analyst we have this that is. And it's lockers that's a lot of these ads last time now for our management. It's. Easy. Okay. I'm saying. It. It's. Okay. See beyond its. Fan. Hey hey. It's. A business. Okay. OK okay. Okay. Okay. Hello okay. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. OK. Okay. Eighth. And it's. And it's. Okay yeah. A school. And it's almost we've been having all these conversations about the epic games between Wichita State and Cincinnati it's almost like they. Not that the McGuire sisters in the Lennon sisters isn't gonna for a minute here witnessing the end of that school. Our anthem. Out of the lengthy lineups of not to be introduced Cincinnati opting for their red. Uniforms today it did reply in his uniform that's lacked experience and white lettering which is our state in black. And it's cool letters and numbers fondness. It's not just in today's first Rashard callous at seven senior from Fredericksburg Virginia nine point one points. Had a team leading seven point six rebounds per game. Snack wraps it succeed here in Houston Texas five point three points per game you know has meant more defensive assignments today. Landry Shannon it was artists explore redshirt sophomore from Kansas City. He succeeds with fourteen point six points and five points to assist. The other guard Austin green at 65 sophomore from Europe markets not the red hot. Last night. For the season averaging eight point three points for games. Brave and another really key factor for the doctors that this would repeal 68 that it didn't this year's season. Thirteen point three points per game. 6%. You know coming off a monster game against temple on Thursday night doctors wanted to drive the degree mark. In the American athletic conference there's too. Days sciences today. Gleefully advised me do it well and fun but it went three and three overall. Thirteen and 30. At home at 39 street wizard on the longest home court winning streak. This conference. And in his twelfth year as an offensive cognitively thinking of earlier. As a Cincinnati. This familiar with the I actually started coaching at a high school is still a student here at Cincinnati's Chris it's been a homecoming. Now here 46 years old former case. They kind of scary great and you listen this is silly is that though it was. Time. Crazy. I think not a for the bearcats Jacob evidence that 36. Six figures from baton. 3.3 years since. Justin Jennifer's point guard Martin. Gary Clark is very personal success at thirty pound senior from places like Carolina. Twelve point eight points per game eight point seven rebounds and assists averaging over a lot for games I think the leading contenders fools players in the if conference files Washington for the 69 seat aircraft. Sample of Minnesota flight two years at North Carolina State before transferred here he's averaging twelve point 3.5 and rebounds per game and fairness for their lives it was three AFC. All rookie team that tied for sixth man of the year last year has become a starter this year this is my seventh consecutive start. 65 sophomore from Wilmington Ohio averaging ten point nine points per game. And it's and a half assists as well as we yeah they're a big physical experience team a lot of junior the senior guys that. Late and a lot of balls in our coached out thrown in an authority gets hot here my head pyrotechnic feared buried in the back of the field. On the Biotech defense that we Carolina theologians or they. Started a lot of were brought to life but thankfully everything they get paid feature to visit them online equity bank. Dot com officials for tonight's game done daily Ted Valentine and mark her. It Valentine those factors was that last call it sample of kids. Don't get me started. But let's think positive OK it's going to be tough for the rest reap today both he. Play very very physical defense held the challenged every pass every rebound every shot though it's going to be a or what game spirited mistake Wichita State doesn't count a lot about seventy. After being hit phonetic for a physical they play. They average six. Now they claim they're very Smart very ball. Control five of their defenders. Although we go forward if you are really good job of helping each other and shutting down the guy with the ball those doctors. You offensively to get up for the seven point mark today. There's good fit for the day if you. Have a healthier food choices like. It could be a great way to fill up. The program god daily thoughts of here Shaquille Boris who throws the fifth Atlantic salmon that is different floors that definitely rights vested benefit. Of those rights and often slips through activists not. Announces that yelling at the high post entries because it looks it's not a position but it's a wide open three from the top this. Surprising how wide open yeah. Ares it's not this was not a yeah they were that good reason that you forgot all about let everything that the top definitely got the sense that it's wide open. Sticky right now on the left lately this sort of guys that throughout the rest of the week. Cumberland lots and on the block Washington backed the basket and little boys left handed. Life over the life of the Atlantic. That's definitely a treat to Wichita State both students the right of first instance I think that's going to play at a basketball and Kelly listen up client's confidence and that's nice that's my stamina with the kids is that don't buy the bearcats and it's beautifully. Finally everything particularly for the don't unexpectedly wide open shots aren't exactly so confidently define it's that the threat toward finance ministers from Washington. Right elbow affected him that that gives it to the the point guard on the right way. Tuesday for the rights watch uniformly jumpers yeah. Right now Washington has the first floor for. Yes six foot anybody could beat him a lot of different ways incidentally. Civics lesson in his left it slips out of it goes the other way back particularly at its time slot available for him. These included this in the flyers in today's Kelly has his. I just had an opportunity that it had a good match up to go up locally Cumberland retreated transition mrs. Clinton rebounds respectively for the success and yet they pushed it up that's not it's not it's not through this vital for the government. Please lift weights not making a point of ground built that read no good. The basket and got him. I have my evidence includes in depth that isn't over a couple of it holds onto the moment that's unfortunate rival advanced things that router does that prevent samples offended by the stuff that's on him which is not statements of that's the only time of war. And it's my office treatment or its equivalent of physical but it wasn't enough to bring us right to left to. It's not drives it now all the way to the basket and. And you got nicely. Miserable while watching him up pretty quick he's the only thing. Block the shot that he's now been found on commitments can flag out of balance. Cincinnati the first team this Trevor Boras since my freshman throughout Houston. It don't we spotted objective evidence yet to rest. Fallen to compliment him guarding him you know refuse Jennifer Aniston Jennifer. Yeah about four Cincinnati 54 with nicely and it would have gone and unfortunately. Cumberland. One Google pulled it back right Watson could display evidence backing out. Has the pocket Kelly goes on the are wrestling Florida it's not off possession and it was Cincinnati ten on the shot clock. There hostile vitality to get around Gary Clark could get a hand on them. At the matchup but no we've seen Gary Clark guarded by Rashard theology flipped around the world that fans and the idea is that they Cincinnati. That's your Brooks falls in opinion at that last time out from Washington's. A couple of face it there in the first couple of minutes. An announcement for what drives left stops its announcement Clark. Six to shoot and rightfully confident right locker rooms. On a horrible stripped away flies that were on hand shot clock violation telling us we don't want to fluently efforts. It's not want to going to run out and thus it accidentally threw the ball when it's the eleventh this year looks. Round the good job with the heat from the perimeter and we'll definitely for the six month old. We'll put pressure nice incidentally is having trouble getting it and finally goes to San. That's incidents that often it completely guardianship. Where. It's the streets of Boris tonight quiet down the last all the way to the basket and get this job. Yeah Jack Morris gave up instead of their government refuse but and so that they were. Think it's six elevenths who have had to pick if you have a camera like fine. Doctors at seven Portland recently but those points going into the line. I was on a senior reps his first in the team's players. She and it from the free throw line on the issue in 83 point 1% of the line a lot recently a couple of times yeah I have. Okay. And it's Emmitt six it's not first. In the fourth fifth sixth gophers yeah but it is hard court. Is Steve Miller warned that the incidents have been frequently. Hear stories let those right. Right wing announcement Clark. Gary Clark. It's not a street definitely apples offensive team missed it man listen there's. Offensive rebound by more phones often regarded as not just got to break it pops but more Vista isn't depth. Not the Dark Knight left office but Lawrence is out of there Kelly right back. And ultimately the ground. It's not it's not. Please let you know long three by ground is no I hadn't thought about it honestly cluttered. Not much that's. Now little movement that's grounded along the green light at the end it's not lock up the floor with Johnson at left wing or on the left lots. Clark Clark snack math facts and I can only ship sliced him it looked at baseline gets enough. He fumbles recovering one wants them. Kelly good but it is really good influence that it six was statistics not physically fresh of course and it backwardness and cross the line the ground. That the right one particularly. As it's worth the length holes back. Instantly out on the floor but that's not good reason it's not ship that left wing reads on the left locked Boris. Through its paces following ten footer just off the back into Clark could kind of now close to prevent tragedy Gary Clark hit back into the Florida will be the first round with its pluses clueless that's. Worst type of plummeted guarded by thick client here in Cumberland but he's not a fatally shot into the fast. First media time not 1523. To go first half Wichita State eleven Cincinnati six. Commitment makes Kansas workers among the best player. Their commitment shows as they craft Hai precision tools create customized energy saving windows and keep power flowing across Kansas. 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The outdoor living in landscape shows coming Friday march 2 through Sunday march 4 at entry to convince you sinner. And not only is an agreed time for all things outdoors. It's your chance to get something absolutely free. The first 150. Pay the bills through the door all three days received a three Derrick Todd a flower pot night. It's all righty bye to expend greenhouses and gardens in. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point Evan JE YE a. Yeah. Yeah. My highest. This loss at home. Okay. But if Matsuzaka. Played in northern Kentucky today Wichita State at eleven to six of the first. His time had it for a seven shots too afraid to create. One of my life Cincinnati three of seven from the field does not resent the fact is my 143. You saved with one turnover and the possession blogs in Cincinnati. And a good start Carl Landry damages race shop look at the office for the shocker that it's the matchup zone. Cumberland finally gets it in the Clark an additional pressure by the shoppers and I hate group we'll bring it up BR OO and. Harassment Cumberland definitely take advantage is that since it was the right to keep him off the thrill not Smart politically Cumberland. Isn't far off the streets and left wing Clark isn't afraid. Velocity. Almost 41%. Of the city's general flopped at times Clarkson street and popped the opposite they're that would relate it back 119. Thus they Willis right flock of bush called on this here Brooke. Not a typical sit Valentine quality isn't sitting physics wolf the calls a little kind of flawed bush and that's for a second round. And I picked up one Atlantic salmon thrive at night picking up his second foul of the second season finale as both Cincinnati's with its constant influence for Chambliss Ronald nurtured markets the stuff in their own Willis. That's who did the right thing to nurture and kind of thinking of the consequences and a few others started concentrating fitted out. This little walk right through Cincinnati finances its eighth coach is just not feeling like they've given too much room they are upset with the defensive minded because that was a little bit. Cincinnati district court down to Johnson teams in the coming right and that is it that Evans doesn't accidentally normally an alternate shot ended up rebounds artistic stuff. We'll discuss it a pretty good luck by Evans about five feet with a basket but this. And it drives the United Kingdom considers it to lift album listen to. Foul. Called on a six year old will instantly from the Baltic Sea at the John Daly very shows he's through a forearm to get position and there's no. Lewis it's not his first fifteen seconds in the path. Didn't see that now that John Daly was thirtieth fanatic and a columnist. 1417. To go first half of soccer's at eleven tonight. Cincinnati offense came through pushes it forward didn't have the guys that he had opened slowly pulls back cannot ninety heavily announcement and that's coming and it's not. Dribbles left to right hander got through not trust Clark let's wait a couple of let's not to screw. Merger looked quarter Clark. Atlanta afoul of the chaos. There I guess on the block the F out of your shoes off provocative it's funny. That's going to be his first teams that are in Cincinnati look at it in twentieth they played in the baseline another shot at got nurture and we'll sit there now lingers with you have to go out cover Gary Clark to. Whose staff falcons at the group left corner side by French camp offers free throws crosscourt free bike for loved. Not afraid you have to trust its not much I think it's nothing that's different Kansas woods is still going through advances in your. Willis. Let's just lost their conclusion of the Olympic decision. It's going to be industry. If this is a long time to get a this is the line wellness and personal. Willis I would say. Yeah. Kelly Willis our freezers going to come back here and it's sad news this place Landry champ definitely has not had agreed to yet almost seven minutes in the frankly at this point guards are now the Cincinnati it's Clark evident. Cumberland. And Washington. Nobody bought the basket with the basketball and that of course on the Cincinnati. Challenges. Every shot aid group working right to left lifted up right Clark over on the right. It Cumberland Cincinnati my points all eleven of them exit lane fact that Clinton wants it had enough of that resentment slump on the shot clock. It starts right yeah it's a street slipped a little drives it down low got the right. I sit down and. Drive it all the way through that he can. Fourteen to eleven Cincinnati eventually thinking right side that exists. It's not likely. Aides are significantly. Coincidental it picked up considerably. It's an obvious not and I reads against Mal Washington slept next to create beauty. Nice move announced it reasonable to figure Washington countless. Six foot nine agrees that a good job but you haven't haven't been back in the effort that even though a lot of switching to other bigs on guards to guard them. Well it's it's not respected within 114. Seed Cincinnati both teams playing well elderly driving is and it's definitely Dick Clark. Announces that right to Cumberland and reset the town is not one of them driving as they sit down alliance I was upset of the final thought. Okay. Okay. In them now after. Okay night. Freelance. I've now got out of float eleven. 59 they've gone through San Cincinnati sixteen which is not safe for kids. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around my father worked out that because there's not one place that meets all of our need. 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For more information that it would cost we dot org slash expo. That's a switch atop at WE dot org slash expo and we are glad Entercom can. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alan Acosta in valley center and think for an end over what lawyer. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point 78. It's. Cincinnati at sixteen. See we thought Austin shot a moment ago it was a you lineup officially as a group that officials marks that are done daily are looking at different monitors. To review the shots it was outside the three point line blood letting you know if it seemed aligned super clearly it's. Black activists look here like he was. Behind that they let you know that I had cal Washington nominee talkback live. We thought it was a pretty good second honest. Cincinnati of only three of seven. In the first four minutes of the game for the second floor that if the game. They're four out of five so they've really crank it up offensively the last few minutes. But it's not state should get very good thought that Canada are either hopeful. Only three or four depending on how they will have at it and it became a victory throughout. Cincinnati up one on the boards five Florida soccer's future golfers to Cincinnati's line. Does significant advantages in any of the stats except Cincinnati is eight to. Points in the paint so far as I never really had but it looks most of the basket got a great opportunity for Rashard Kelly that he fumbled. Leon. That's been about the only shot close to vested in the champ it's driving lay up and get fouled them. I felt the starters for the soccer played a lot better than the guys off that thing again and again nurturing here in the Duffy is there we'll sit there that both had trouble guarding the bearcats especially the match up with nurture. On Gary parks. It just looks like Clark had the pleasure anytime you wanted to fill their phones do. I guess reported that John Daly on that zone. Usually that's affected us. Jennifer graves at 1613. Cincinnati. And here. No lines and offered. Doctors call for a now on the best in spots and really awkward off balance tonight is gonna through an update that it when he actually as a chance for the three point play and a four point Cincinnati. It's not season to now is nothing blunders. Throughout my Cumberland bounces in. Good fortune from start to finish as a three point plays out six and until the last decade yet he's he's Williams supply freshman with him. Kind of ran can't play it and it's tragic accident degrees yeah. And inflation double team gets adequate Kelly francoeur right and it worked out Connors right. For three point jumper actually it's it and just inside the lines. I'm it's it's definitely right baseline if it is that which it got to that you can attack they're rested by the store and through that wraps. Clark right Washington wants to get back to Clark and cross worked almost as soon. If they haven't had tickets for a layup that marks its off the upset him Clark. Notice here drips and Kelly all along to floor trying to get position on every now and then then everybody gets no notes no actually that's. It. It's not it's. Found. Particularly immediately this facility isn't yours today with those bonds reached double team president sidelined. Just got butterfly and other exit sensitive laser yeah. Sat there just almost opted out of the ball. Related it to fit balance that was behind the plate let the support that theory was look at that afflicted incidents like we've got out. At camp against oppression of backward double team gets it over to reach reach let's not ultimately after bounces off divorce goes yeah. Now don't call followed the robotic stuff. Yeah that's what you gotta do they think you were three guys to block the shots who want to get the slots if we could get to the elections that effective. 1970. Bearcats in the courtroom going right to left down the line below it best fitness wanted to I Morris Kelly. All I was fifteenth pick your shots are slowly so we'll have always nice to get up on the back we'll there was three sentences through the slot that went away. Candidate for reads. Damage that the atmosphere around that you've done now and that friend can't make Nazi Boris and tell him now with us. Very physical ballgame not news that had guys that need to breath. Let 400 dribbles up with a link that was laying out front evidence he goes right where millions millions hold it that is. Clark Clark active defensive back and now. Double team not gets a shot away no good barely badly miss Williams the rebound and the follow up like nothing places double feed on the phone when Favre was back and. Down Kelly. We make kick this back out movements that stuff but it didn't get everybody blocked off it and rotate out of that double team. To keep Williams got the rebound and stuff now now's not Rashard Kelly in his first Keith Williams freshman from Brooklyn. 58 point 3% from the line fourteen point four that would is spinning out it's kind of reception are clueless. Williams had ten points in each of the first games of his freshman season as tight games since then it. I want to fly 73 point six points per game. At his best game in a while recently against SMU with the points it wouldn't have been there can't hear second. That was definitely makes his every one out of two of his first point of the game in Cincinnati leads. It's at its full court pressure. It's not exactly not. Worked and it's back. And it actually not a double teams don't want him. I have my ticket and it puts it right does lift off but nothing drives right. Not yet back to Baghdad right baseline bulletin cooler guy. Nice pass it nice shot artist got his second. At five foot and just did Jennifer got switched off limits to Duffy over the top. In nineteen accident about one hesitated for about Washington deflected out of announcements billboards statements accident on the shot clock. Robert what was that the battle on the locals now now wants to back wars. Think Washington definitely with the form morphine. Willis in. Lot of those spinning into the basket throws and added that it's a hypocrite can't stop. Him. Receivers on that plane. Is currently anticipates. That now. Wars that's right it's not enough street it's not. Willis and that's not not that it's not that Boris. It goes for the dunk and it rattles. It might hit in the cylinder and out popped out of bounds and it was going to do now is that it's not a lot of free points list. It nicely by the doctors don't know that's enough that they were switching leaflets and lots let them. Wards that little island native right read them all. I was nine Evans. That there are two elements first Boris makes. His first point it's not exactly. I. Actually you know there's an active like Cincinnati. Reds right elbow. And author Scott. Bonds got. Washington can shoot three steps out rebound the Los Angeles snapped. It's different. Outlets Nightline. Florist and I did all of water nothing Oakland threw eight. Practice. Nothing has made his first shots. It's not a lot harder than out and that's. Not my time. I'm out there that night. Exactly I've not taken by the players cats. It's not his brother liked it though if they want or relocation you know it's really networks. At the southeast border of what experts and Wear them might want parties which rises. Eisenhower national airport and those words this. Part in both cases. Soccer basketball it well but I want that it was it's. That this sleep state today. It went back and forth it went to the ninth inning tonight Stan. Outs nobody on Travis singles titles that they won't. Lines easily afford lawyers and the left side drive in the winning run. Johnny art announced that it was worth listening to finish up in the you know lists. You know. Them through the operative word here by the doctor's office possibly a couple of books its climate Duffy and frequently. That board. Like now it's not pressuring move forward. And it finally giving in one's got. Back. Replied. I'm on top of it sort of not evidence of the company. Oh definitely. Not lift its. It brings up the middle then and it's. And I reached at now is slow and he blackness and I made it past the it's much that it exactly Mikey that's the that. On Mark McNulty that's been out all right Donovan. My room. What's the time line. And street. Verses that Portland street Lawrence. Now looks in its worst it's a bit lengths as the baseline balls out of bounds that my Cincinnati. You really bank acted their swollen right animated that it right shoulder at the moment. Nobody picks for sham and up front and then rolls to the basket that guards which of them we get sick sick sick of Evans them so they got the ball but you can't bring it down to seven that really McCain. It trying to get it and does right wanted to Willis said he steps out of town. It's not a science a lot. If you realize story was on the sidelines he just got it. At the politics and other staff but that's when he stepped out of balance at December carelessly that time that Darrell and from Washington. Some of the break you right in front of the likely didn't find anything. Eight money like the gophers deficits that it brings in a fairly it's not here's my five rooms dribbling right to left. And a threat to Gary Clark Clark over on the right way to compliment. And defeats for us where it left elbow and Evans into the life anxiously at their puts up. The jumper and Africa Willis let snatched it clears it stands and it didn't find nothing at nine elevenths. And three office greens. Got for us today from Dallas is just. On of this very quick shot of its products much and the Atlantic flight snacks lawlessness that some really good flawlessly and that is confidence soccer often. What it's like to Johnston. Well listen I think it's as if your credit has slipped and fell is because it's always try to get. Dave and let's finding out that they they called it's not math. In group called a timeout so it's it's an exit music simply do things here in the first half that's not true it's kinda hard. 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All right Cincinnati on your column left wing trying to drive champ but slams it's good throws it back out front Evans threw. It's kind athletic excellence and it's not safe we'll put pressure grant has actually get to sandwich. It's not a double crossed the line it was you know it was let's not locked in here for Boris not to actually gets it. It's. Had a chance for a second. Yeah reminiscent of that three point oh that's nice finishes in the fifth game. We're exports it doesn't has ruled out he was held by those guys. Right here this stuff and it's note that the Paula has gotten advance. Ousted on Scotland's his first team's fourth active ones the ones from the line. That's not a lake Cumberland frequent flying under the standard it's lucrative it seems as though in the shot at it. The fact that the league that. Honestly. 3123740. You know firsthand look forward to Cumberland. And up on the dribble and alerts on gun shop. It hit him an explanation for the it shouldn't but it got hit like it it was hard lesson Gilani traveled. Through status related tried to stop himself and now it's your Brooks threw it over for Cincinnati that's their fourth turnover was assassinated. In Cumberland drove it left him basically gave him the three armed with the right the end with a lot of us. And it's not good coaches. Reactive. They lost them travel soccer is really holding their own very physical game that's a blow for blow here worth it off that front of him. That was listed. On the floor hard loses it back up forces in that locker responded by Cincinnati. What's wrong Willis got in Florida ties it up it's not decided let's not now. I think Ted Valentine's Colin Powell. It's. A big guys. To be included in the instead it's because it's it's not sticks with food that's a bad call it's nice guys have good. Lucille Ball that soccer's we'll get it. Melts. Darryl Willis I described what against the Indians snowed yet redeem himself and got that ball back. He's not a guy who took out life not it's edited against this. Against this team to try to go one on trade right martian recoveries someone's thrown into the flow. Looks like. This plastic. One of those things that lights up like this. 643 to go first half was constantly bound under its own basket of the week. One's 23. Don't forget it say about 40% and he answers soccer's wind has knocked them. Or less. Played in units in the baseline lots and lots of forestry. Equipment that fits into the corners. Flyers and hits yeah. Now they're both thrilled at these depths of hell yeah. Many reclaim with a lot of confidence today that's on the offensive end there it's 23 which honestly I don't let that once it's not. Boris. It's not an accident it's it's very dribbles right is that you don't like it's not on one on one round. Except for Boris hello. And then throws it away. Snack scripted out of that. Adams' hand on the outside influences and but it just wired right thigh at a fans and he stripped Evans in the posted about them look forward to act on top of it. But the the path you are famous note that the disease and keep it. Let's for a 33 console. I've ignite it won't. Stop off the streets. Health maintenance guys cited the point and let him drive. Up front Cumberland. Alina does drive it's not a doctor and gently. Let's not on San but it gets its definitely a sense of it is a couple months and accidentally. Tourists once again this darkness was not present. Chris Lawrence naturedly corner opens big a little shortly now. A. Washington over the flag is that kind of stepped in two minutes to flee Afghanistan it is the floor that'll be sent. Percentages guys administration and in the back towards him around half a lot. It's only got them boys were thinking right reading got it up the left sideline to read. We had a pretty good look at the basket. But this and that and that's when Washington got only gonna guess now that round. 3425. With it's interstate 547. We know for snapped a shot at. Valentine just. Says now it's been way to bulk business TV moments. Cincinnati basketball. Three telling us. Headphones Lawrence embedded. You feel a lot of varieties like Houston Oakland. Thrown in the sense that something from the outset that guys can't relax he likes everybody you know is charged. Tough left Clark Clark back ahead on penalties not legislation and it rolls into the lines shovels and after Washington and. At that time. And from. He has doubled its residents Florida and business more isn't clutter up on the wings of stuff yeah. Senators Edward. Everything the got a strong with the basketball Gehry watches lift the ball run away from. It kind of went. 3427. Sacrifices that they've let guys that is a look at what these guys right side drops it out there. They're having trouble plus. Playing without. Listen to us and a half of the floor I think you've got to step up slightly trying to save it they've got to feel holes and do you feel. And then look out my old. I live with a whatever says that the clintons have that thought. I think it's going to be soccer basketball life is. It that Frankie tentative quality ice buckets went flying and water. We're down here yeah yeah yeah. Area behind this doctors. Wichita State to play the fourth night. Go in the first half their leaders the 53429. After getting it to eleven. What should young children walk through water coolers protect yourself around. Thank you could tell if that's the good chances of and his father's friends can't nights on the floor say it's not it over his sadness and ahead. They can influence the Golf Channel on Lincoln. Since no system he thought was a ball flights and guys have got to. Confident passes. Have returned past if things can't just load it right into the defended the defender had an equal shot at it tested Jennifer's Edison wanted one. Cincinnati down the bonus soccer's. You made it influences as a way early they would have played that went off if it is yes. We'll let you go through this Francisco districts and shorter passes. You thought passes then look down. Jennifer's first point of the day just to Jennifer raised 79%. Free throw shooter that's. Wounds time wounds. And accessible and it's not enough time. Since. Nixon handgun drives all the way to the basket and got talent. He's in the state of Tennessee who flew Saddam and if he he did he ripped its. Found. It boots on sixteen and now she's nuts for Shaquille Boras asked. After the last media time out of the first half 358. To you know first half. Cincinnati trailing the soccer's 3431. 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Plus off tons avenger boots it's all going on at the outdoor living and landscape shelf march 2 to march 4 at century to. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris post cameo underneath Angela Valentine in Gaza Dylan Hartnett or is built for a pummel. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seventy. Yeah they're mostly do you remember him and it. Of scenery would probably into the nation's flick it's not state anything really good when they take care of the ball for a team that's what do you want sixteenth. I'd say they have. That he flies interestingly enough we'll be at that point yet for Cincinnati it points off her. But tonight Cincinnati very good for all of us wanted to. Three it's worth I. A clear those turnovers that come in the last three minutes. And sneak in here on earth but they can't play in this basketball team today. Battles that Shaq had been. It's suit from the line of it one more here he has six point champions league soccer's twelve Marcus had nothing seven. Florence could get to seven with this one any drills. Exactly seven. Wichita State apply for 3531. Through 58 to go for Smith cured completely Cincinnati that's how Washington as soon. In this report Jennifer left wing nuts not to count Washington as time goes outside Evans got a whistle away from the little. It's called the whole place with the volatility the second round. Kind of non factors as far as this first half we couldn't advance. Eight students out Kelly checks that he had. Yeah that's the free throw line Gary Clark flew. For a 11 of their rules giving them points that men parked down the local news post them up Willis wasn't trying to find around him and got to file. Clarke 74%. Mixed with. Finally it's here it's. It is not needed backing for Cincinnati's places tile washer. And got a pretty good job on Clark keeping the ball away from him myself on the path. Three. 47. Tennessee for the if I'm 33. Is half full court pressure on active advocate it and it's definitely. He starts it up towards the traffic out there. A lot of fluids down online and loses the involvement of talent Cincinnati. If they had called the announced Jack Morris would have followed at least quality investment bank that it happens to the he's not for. I think that was known Gary Clark and soon yeah our listeners the Mac McCarthy. And the wound up with both the post that when markets it. His first trip blindly scored seven points through three from the field one of the three point. That would nothing. What is it Wichita State instantly. Is hitting the line a little bit at six free throw attempts for the senators Kirsten at. Cincinnati has fine Cincinnati typically get seven more free throws me. Opponents we didn't mention where they'll play not to drive them. This specifically about Washington. Cincinnati's Marcus makes life including obviously this practice for a photograph of him. It started let you choose to bluntness and that's how Washington. Washington right. Make him hand off Kevin Faulk and lose to Washington chase that it is Nightline gets the benefits industry. Cincinnati and resentment from. That doubles in all cases now. Incident attitude I'm loving along heat off the back tired tonight Ali ground aren't. Yeah you went up. The ball Boris took it away from but I think this is on the reentry that Valentine's allotted it was Jack Morris. And Jacob Evans go vote to win. Thank you try to get that long I recasts. So it's an unfortunate result from Wichita State because it plays great defense that forces anyway out of four and Cumberland. Daley's credit at its. Handed to you from about forty feet but he got on that iron which gave them a chance to rebound or spears that. Right and one of mine. For the. His first free throw. He's got six points in the first and then you get it back to one point gain 13630. Foolish not to lose. 309 to go in the first half. Three throw on the line but yeah. Come out more. Palestinians have substituted liberally. At least nothing on Tuesday night. It's not good enough room on the double teamed. It's an important part baskets and intensity as it down the consumers can definitely learned and it's not a conflict on the continent. Let me lesson I've learned a lot of it is not a threat. But yeah. It's a life. Moments are not my kids. Resiliency. I thought it made it through Atlanta athletic they're not here. And it won't charge him. Is that protect the basketball against his friends. And horrible past spring. He managed his candidacy at a course and that he thought he had a shot to see the man behind the covered all of that straight after that it's definitely. Not advances. Cincinnati's chances retake the lead don't want to forty gophers have evidence right wing guys that. It's a feasible. At flushing it down the line jump hook bounces short. Read about what to tell us they have found that it's going to be Washington over the backs. And frankly since you looks like he was going to. We'll check the. He has on how Washington his first teams Acer's the one he's won the French camp. God has scored some points on a baseline jumper. At the lines 32 to go in the first half you could potentially get him back to three years it's not just about 3635. Patient enough yet. Not in the streets but just us and it's getting to the line here in the first dance number that's simply that they have to continue to do that's normally a Cincinnati strength. Doctors up soon. Please nothing good on her friend again. Six for 26. On the season 26 in a row with the thought it was tough to an all time longest free throws fruits potatoes and Cincinnati breaking depressed Cumberland. Ultimately finishing history and yeah. Incidents. And grab the I would just grabbed seven's militants number. It's a sort this night's sleep around. I'll say it's nice to. Just listen to him. Everything got myself what happened with. Valentine. Would your argument that's often influences. Soccer ball around. There they don't think that it's exactly known for example equipment expenses significantly enough on onslaught against. It was not a liberty and justice is doubles. It does not want to. Obviously answers to these lines that you have to go with him right. Let me guarded diocese of music Agnes baseline influence over the Atlantic salmon. Teeth they have some tough shots aren't athletes 4038 yeah he had six nights of them on that not every time he gets the big guys economies make him pay. The report through counted it up it's not enough. Soccer's get it back to Cincinnati Reds and normally the bottom that it facilities. Nevertheless play Clark ought to let's idling in the in the back constantly got these flags and an exciting announcement from Cumberland giants fans. Ultimately it frequently. That's way up the market here off. Chased down by Franken right and of course. Cuts for the middle down the line on the links and let's not think it's that you are afraid. Of that off the back quietly got its incidentally. Pedro solicited up just entered it to go for example all the labeled a seed. Nice the five were. He already has forty. And six seconds of the third. Yeah. Senators can get. Don't have the it's it's not as though particularly here right before NASA. When Antoine against Cumberland drives the basket gets it but it sounds good shots of the. As you could give away with a lot of heat in an arm bars and had signed on daily audience. Santos wanted one candidacy that avenue of discussion down there about my not daily motion. Few government is a huge issue on how to be gone by this. I can't arch reads it and 28 seconds. The first half Atlantis and she's one and one is 141. From the line has fourteen points. Tied game but 28 seconds ago as a percentage is forty and forty. That. Landry looks at. In the first half its actors from the line of hand. As a team wondered who's going to be our Dave Stallworth tonight itself or through Atlanta humanity is really feeling well. Second free throws coming predicted at some point you Sinatra's that's not a it's not. Good candidate in the six team. The first half of what it's us it's 46. Licenses and it's going to be an early ticket Evans is gonna bring it out rules of the game. Cumberland Washington Clark. And just pound at the time line Robinson went home from the dead. Evidence of that right sideline Florida Atlantic mergers and go to Washington major topic artistry ever sent to make his way through traffic that was definitely Cumberland retreat in the late short. Treatment object I think it looks like slices slices yeah sure it was right online footage that stuff but it's not here's the. They go to the locker room with the this has been at absolutely. Netscape for years so far at Wichita State leading fifth ranked Cincinnati at halftime. 42. Authorities don't forget weekly coaches' shows him up on Monday that they've got some shows for the for the first time. Gregg Marshall six to seventeen Adams and Adrian Todd Butler. Recap doctors three game sweep of the state. And it's all on I hit 713 thirty Monday night for Beijing sports that was the ballots they came out pretty good of America halftime. Management. I'm standing at a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside Shiite. 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High quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest collection of real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our route in which talk not just our brand. Shocker force has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in more vain Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball he's done 103 point seven JE YN Wichita. Okay. And he. My highest and this time. Any. And and not releases an added there's. University of it's not just south of Cincinnati Bearcats play their home games this year. At this as the credit union of America halftime show fat cats credit union of America for your small business needs and creative America a proud sponsor. WSU basketball. If I get distracted here carry this halftime show there's really cute dogs that performed at half time you know not a fan of the more democratic. So this should be five and flu shot here's our fight to at half time. Certainly one of the biggest surprise is not is just the story it's now 42 to forty is certainly more points than we had expected. And that's that the that he holds its opponents to an average of 56 points a game for this season and about that in conference. Playing in the shoppers have 42. And half time so very surprising. That's it this much scoring and here in the first half of the shoppers have been a lot of it at the free throw line and it certainly wasn't lack of. Defense both need really getting after it in the first half defensively it was a very physical game. What those kinds of games that the officials almost can't call everything they see because it's not on every life. But it's not there's more than help really stood up to Cincinnati. Little stretch there and turn it over three time objective about it that it that it happened that that kind of slowed down let it become a pretty good run. They had a really strong run going and we're a footnote to a point thirteen fourteen point whatever it was. But he doesn't started for the ball over the net three turnovers in the span of three minutes at night turnovers. Half and half but since then he's only leading eleventh and you know points off turnovers those doctors are certain level of violence glories so not much an advantage there. Cincinnati that's about it go inside the water. And then they've made some really tough late clock please. But the doctors are. Really good job I. Taken advantage of conflicting. Now the defensive end and which is big on little. And one of the things that you've talked about before it's not the coaches talked about it. Round today was. You think your head out read it seems like there at this hackers have had a great job of those glitches it's not about recognizing where somebody's property. Often they have got some good looks like being able to keep it. Told Paula it. Find that said. I think Lindsay camp that has really done a masterful job of playing with his head up and flies in the open and find them. Match and we beat them off that's all three of that Lawrence's. Bearcats win at the old guard boat on a fix that aren't those on board and I think. I'm here at the eleventh book guy goes on him. Starting situation by knocking down threes over the top of the big nothing else that you mentioned before the game with the critical factor and that's rebounding and that's adding that it could happen and rebound with the the head eleventh where each team. Cincinnati Pitt have more offensive rebounds. But yes. Only 32 chance points ridiculous which I think if you wanna get an offensive rebounds that game you better go up you've got to give. You may have been protect yourself and your funds coming at you from both sides. And it's better pretty slow whistles so far not a lot of you balance all in fact I think they could've holed a few more than they did. And I mentioned also that I thought if doctors and have to keep the free throw attempts fairly close that it now that they can win the battle that's killed him. Fanatic typically gets network for those games. They got I. In the first half the doctors got eleven and outscored them nine dateline Cincinnati is not usually have great free throw shooting team 69%. They've made eight out of nine shot 59 out of eleven. And the reason definitely free throw my kids they're taxing the fast it was to get those mismatches. Or when there's nobody to pass through to reach there's nobody to pass. Do you think that the bearcats have their defense on the definitive along the perimeter of that because I think he's open and the doctors even check board had taken. Does that drive them back. And that's one reason that this number. Recruit him directors later this thing happened really good college basketball game 4240. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KE YNN. I'll get back to the the good of America halftime show it time to go inside the numbers look at halftime stats but you might be pay gates and the is advisors everyone's feet to trusted advisor. Yours but it does status percent shooting an outstanding 61%. Fourteen of 43 against teams that allows it. Opponents to 36 and a half. On a year that soccer's by the ninth through yet not a beloved throughout the free throw line Cincinnati also got a little fourteen of 2948. Point three. Think for a while for. Free at eight at nine. Rob the free throw line. It can position Packers is they just maybe without the possession of a very efficient that Cincinnati had seven more possessions because that three more offensive rebounds for. Fewer turnovers and doctors need to make sure that they have as many chances are posted at a Cincinnati dead. Well Cincinnati it was heaven a very difficult time guarding Wichita State in the half court of the broader decided hey let's put the press on and see if we can keep them from. Yet the vaunted they're often sit in the front court itself. Their pressure. Was causing some problems of the last eight minutes or so the first half and punctured a shocker for the fifth time. In the locker room at halftime talking about attacking that threats and what they do is. They kind of very when they double team and where they double team you never know when that double he was gonna happen. The when they double team either potter or read. Or may appreciate him I think guys down the war he could make himself available for the past they got to come back for the. The basketball. Wichita State which ranks third in the nation in assists at eight assists on fourteen. Field goals of clippers at Cincinnati at 714. Again night here covered Shockey flat for the bearcats. He did on the rebounding end at eleven apiece which thus statement we definitely saw scores 65. Of eight from the field three of 53. Three of three from the line eight points the market got that you had that is that's happened. Three of free from the field that he won three pointer. He has a game not free rebound is really about the most client did any individual money your feet. And if you're traveling at ten point we have had a bad few wiped off on a drive and try to get a free throw a lot of it as well. You feel Boris seven points only got four shots close to report free for fourth delighted to three point play is going strong three point respect for. Ounces per short Kelly Connor Fred camp before plus any team hired coach too high to assist Kelly also head to Cincinnati. Here at Cumberland got a big first half scored thirteen. Seven apiece with Gary Clark hit defendant's sixth without Washington four points off the bench with him. Protested Jennifer and want to. Fourteenth Williams or for a three players and it's rebounds apiece reassess. But your government to go along with his thirteen point doctors would get forty to forty. At halftime. We should save up to 40% today after a shocker when it tends locker room. East and west probably won't be 40% of it was business but if you're better just guess it was. 42 points in the first half cut the credit union of America have not show host nation for the second half. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament since 22 kids all chase in one ball arrest is overwhelms people. Laryngitis. You can't control the game but united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easier to learn more UAE dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plants. 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If you're stuck in your low release listen if you're over your mild join released upside down in your world or just one out of your car or new site can help you today but not least that we continue funnel more or road particularly from that's right you own a twentieth in new some awful or rover zero down phenomenon after me there in mount doom and reporting slow dial 1800 new news on the there's always some Wichita about cup with a recruit informants for. Think it will affect you think that there's no time all the discipline in the distance from the fire people Jason once and future. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a Karzai in valley center ending for an end over what lawyer. WS shocker basketball is. He's on 103 point seven Kate you wanted. Okay. Okay. And I hear me Charles McIntyre state leading Cincinnati forty to forty as we get ready to start the second half. Two games completed it and the American ECU did. Not defeated ECU SE CU 84 Q eighty you kind of groups these accidentally. And it also I think he kind of late conference they want at home offering US that's 7361068. And nine at five conference. Little bit of a surprise in this score from the market Houston. They beat temple 41 to twenty at half time. In Philadelphia soccer baseball team. Scored a run in the ninth the thickness state eleven attend her lawyer with a two out singles drove in the runs county farmhouse and it was scoreless innings for the win shoppers when an opening three game series soccer softball loss to. Fourth ranked Washington severed nothing today but our private for now on. Well look for both those few that try to get your big guys. For a shot at him here early in the second half Gary Clark we got a good shot at him in the whole first half to death warrant. Was duped before. You look for. But for coach Marshall thought at the moment the more it didn't look can he get the moment that we'll let you complete guys don't. Opening possession of the second half belongs that was just us states and look at opportunities to add that it is likely it's. Sacks round pick this 2000 the first chance of markets but nothing Lawson played very well we'll get a chance to start the second half Kelly at the four spot threes that Jim could guard Shaquille Boris incentive. Justin Jennifer's starting point guard north campus right wing creeps up for the killings left and that nothing could get up there and not able to find anybody who. Google's president Boris Jacqueline that's right especially now that points adequate. Three air it out on a rebound Cincinnati take advantage of them got to get his side position on Evans and Evans went over top of the points. Yeah that rebounds good look for Shannon is spun out on it now a couple of different court for instance of an ambulance in his entire case the Cumberland off the Wall Street animals rights rights that runs edition and it. It can't. That's a good toss him a suspect apparently can't. Number of the lord his shoulder grant and I don't think it's right that sort of thing it's opportunities it got away from the third now. Personality Dixie. Get away with a few stuff I thought the Washington opera has been stiffened at. It's edited this and it landed artist my aunt. And we'll bring it up now doubled TV gets an unfortunate that the markets drive the right sideline. Islamic up he passes the ball goes. Movement that you may think that second half silly drives baseline it's that the best thing Boris got signed statement reads like corners but definitely it's real little long rebounds incidents. Actually wide open look at the left. About McCarthy but he has to. Cincinnati at Torrey that if there not that excited right reads. It's not the Gaza. Starts list. He's that it happens and it's one on one yet. Runs right way for backing out front and most of natural accident for a loan levels right Anderson. Juan hello Clark likes and I doubled while not selected to shoot fall away air ball shot clock violations. Or assistance centers to a great job. I don't see. On those most at that it's no flash points just did not that he has been comfortable native you're right Mike and then it's not a healthy because Clark's part to cover one on one. He used to play it in its list wolf were fresher this Athens and its management I haven't noticed flags the double team early it's round. Ford and a few reasons that warrantless that it regarded by Evans. Honestly that's different. It was rightfully received the announcement writes I've got to smaller Jennifer on it dries it all the way under got to suck. And it's not a banned substance. Pick that was Washington yeah otherwise really got on top. Involvement of nice lie yeah he got thank you forgot all we had to move guys that we have to finish off what some of the block it. That's believe Jack was wide open on the other line. Let's expand on the shot clock hit them before they could then it's time activity in the other conference board that's something. I thought it sits candidate. Put it down design and 1757. In the second half ADT has scored the end of the first couple of possessions better hurry up and non it is going to be 76. To fifty. Since John Daly down at the scorers table finding out if they repeat for the horn added the let me say tonight every pass. Every shot every rebound is contestants. And so you think nothing's easy out here. So having that discussion and it's crowded used the opportunity love. They were told me that close to yell at march there about something that happened down at the other yes. That phone line Cumberland the magic. Still don't know what their pockets along if that is to defeat stuff about tonight. On the game clock was off. So they've reset it to eight to thirteen and stand up is not flotsam victims of but the time is deliberately ran off with both plots before they can it's not so 1813 to play second half penalty shot clock. Doctors in bounds underneath them Floridians. President Boris snapped out of. It. All the way to the rapidly that any kind of messed up ground library market liquidity and yeah every ten days with him. But that's not that they require. Not. It is. Jennifer Clark last night. That effort. Slide back up front and it's. Capacity at Mount Washington. It hard. That sent them through the early hours of the one Washington. With the recipients thrashers just. That it's. The novelty of the process on line. Those rights night and it and I ended. The quarter. I'm definitely hard drives not only can get to the left hand acts yeah. Gentleness that I've gone it was next to him. It is normal leave them. Art performances that it buckets that 4640. Doubles lately it's gotten out of him out as a lot Clark. Well if it. Evans love it locked Washington. Boris hobbled towards six and light truck. Maker. It's. Not meant to raise slightly differently that could drive floor for a moment picked up his approval. It rains down the middle of the life settles and it's not seeing any let up. Mostly flowers not only gets an offensive. There's definitely it's wide open for a guy. Let's make him to bring high a couple of good shots I hit the roof but they got the ring. Now constantly. Picked up through the two I'd like soccer league leading experts. And and it is time. Going to be a 32 time now expanded to the floor sixteen flooding to you know still in the second half. Wichita State off on a 70 start in the second half hitting according now. According to data soccer's player of 50% off online order that is just not area profits consulate on the Papa John's got. Cop accused of from a coach soccer fifteenth to receive your shot it is Mike the bearcats defense is that him. Poor really. Some ways but now. Trying to make quality and that it opens up drives the lane and open up confidence after. Job. Kelly told Paul what was the fastest. Five and mark Jennifer in the constantly been nice fact that you will replace half and you look why don't only that he has yet. What faster than the three East Boston Washington assessment of this this is that we are definitely got spotted briefly got together playing again is that a late hit softly over the haven't found out. To his credit he hustled and try to get supply it's not not society this actually does it. Who else case that it granted it an offensive rebound which are now. He actually got that third rebounding and he kicked back out on reason with his camp out of the three point line a little bit left the top of the he had 33 points. Doctors we have eight to start the second half Cincinnati. Those lines. That's the possession now is talking about it outside factors are good things they did get more possessions in the bearcats and they did more efficient what they've and it won't. Yeah a couple of turnovers not bear canyon. And here it passed in the house want what I have found. And in fact more shoes to watch applicable run away from them one time. Soccer sports properties of Wichita State athletics look like if it's not ambassadors with just fascinates me. The level of corporate partner how to fly out to the hotel industry. Us communication. Did it becoming a sponsor of what what it won't talk of sports properties 316978. 53. Sixteen what can build a delegate but what does stage establish an eleventh. Even at one point in the first half of the at a very quickly got that cut back. Doctors ended up leading by halftime tonight. Good job. Lost. The first that would be together again here in the fact that it religious dialed up toward full court pressure different doctors. Friday. Alleviate the lead let's see if they do it again for the shocker that can't be strong with the basketball that looked up so. Floor and it have to press practical. It's called him the shot clock is exactly. A lot of drives Lance not to let them back. That slab in the Nazi snowfalls this. They have just let him run over this country several times as nine points in the powerful guys it confidence. It's it definitely gets. It's nice to stand guard Mike you're Smart and fast date prices though for those left yet now applied. Writes he fumbled the policy loosen the floor of services and just wants to triple and turn it up have a support group but only under way. Got a doctor if you factor offensively gave up only. It happens it's like Santa nine point. It defines him. The Wall Street. Left north flexible for the students and athletes don't listen away from the ball they're gonna solve Bolden Jason Evans started. See happen soon. 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The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your mile per hour with the delta dental. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point seven G yeah. Okay. I stable and this an attitude talks fifty. Entry into the battle near the soccer league 4940. Played fifty. It's now full of. It was just a state of first possession the forty seconds. Yeah they hear the second half doctors three out of safe Cincinnati flooded streets the fired warning shots. Hi this soccer's. Cincinnati three turnovers you're in the second half after just one of the so far you're the first corner that's. Now speculative basis that it's not mr. Willis got a friend yeah exactly and at the time now and it markets. Not that you let him that she killed or stay on channel we played in the baseline. Not here stick of evidence here Clark. Here Cumberland and kings who forces there. Janet played and the baseline adjusted figures refs definitely desperately wanted to horizontal. The left wing can't of Matthew chance in this. Pulled knocks the privacy of growth and it incidents and equipment Smart thinking on my most Willis down in the Bologna nice to step. It's now. Have done so far. It's. So that's tonight at the coincidence. NASA NASA's. Thought into. It's not time yet it's got its. Travel since. Good girls. Pointed to. Slam home some of the lines. Thrown into the fluffy and it's not a magician Hans device. Second free throw was. And he does little. Kind of 65%. Interest of the year of the present on network soccer's tough night 5140. Minutes came through Indianapolis Cincinnati since I was fifteen minutes to play second hand started right back little frivolous within the drive it does not it goes on a night. And you. And that's defensive pick up for thousands of friends here. Is that a good job of it. Points and I think three of the four baskets of good drives all the way to the rim he's only sixty phones and it's not like he started there it hit the Covert people who is this really what it. 66% free throw shooter getting his first chance of the society competitor to force here the last three games he had zero points in Houston three points and that's been used infrequently it's against Central Florida. Missed the free throw. And it. Five that's exactly. Right Lawrence what it left wing machine. Guns Nightline. Yeah let's watch lists incidents baseline those back up to Franken gets it and it's bringing. A bit. It's sort of the rebound. Morris Peterson got the ground entry point and it gives it's like ours don't interact lays it in a nice fake and drive him. Did cited that round beautiful place that were infinitely. It's not usually 7346. In group play it on line starts right that's not screen itself out there. Slightly slower but ultimately it did. Him write it like an ambulance you know states let me. It's not just free downloads. Exit Alliedsignal soccer at numbers for a while passing the crowd at. The software. And things like this time kind of behind it. X number of Idaho and yeah. Girls don't do. Really good job defensively down there on Brooks that they got that he's down he tried to dribble the ball up himself and Gregg Marshall is there. Just bullets right foods if you want to the past and the guards cannot even bring up don't let him. I was jury Cumberland trying to drive the chance Jason that if he goes slightly differently at that Clark let me campus drive it. I threw a hesitation stumble loses it out of an ounce after. That's kind of group got out of control stumbled all resulting in possible out of bounds of the colonel Booth by the bearcats. Soccer basketball friends here in the senate candidate being guided by evidence of hang back here next have to double team instantly and it gets away from about court different camps drives down the middle of the free throw circle back Christian thought about it through the defense closed out and pull it back yeah. Recess is seen as soon. That's not quite the ground looks inside. Still looking. At eight to sit Kelly tickets rental Clark draws the foul on Jared Clark it's not the communications says Gary Clark. 3000. New evidence and Cumberland all have 3000 on the Cincinnati's. Mike the latest defense they extended the shocker if you get the ball inside and be one on one here at this time around constantly. Inside late shot clock you can only do the ground forces are only 58%. For truth has shot three. Last game that we often see. Kelly forty points on two field goals clothes for the fences. Got one more try coming surgery and Boris accessing the flow factors outside seven. You know you kind of make it one of few years definitely think it probably warrants out. Through the next few times now instead citizen Reshard Kelli thanks wanted to it's obviously 54465060. You know second hand paint room. Created a hands off. I'm belittling us it time line that a bunch of different like ball came loose. Not. It was touched my throughout. Demonstrated a clear threat could see him snacking actually deflected it or is it just bounced off the Vietnam after the ball came loose. Cincinnati that night you know it's not flat. Adams face life announces that it includes the right corner. But off the screen drives it some little bits and up front and it's and it's. They doubted the lions stumbled all stamp logos not a now. That's not a problem if anything it was traveling underline this. It's just lose Walter that's. They can look like the try to drive through a number of defenders flew from over since that time as criminals. It's not going to. It is and it's the Mets starters as these guys Scott Jennifer's factor in these nets got brewer. And it definitely. Gave them. Jennifer came back in Washington perspectives and bringing in math it's like Jennifer left wing do background. Outlook enough right tonight Fred cats wander off the street right. Hands were on anti satellite all the basket got up on the bless this that Kelly would. They found at Virginia under him for the countless Labonte Scott of Cincinnati. Good rebound offensive rebound about Rashard Kelly. It's their warmth honesty for a month god. Went underneath him think that the fountain shocker basketball out under the basket as she advocates they throw it and I've seen thousands Cincinnati don't want them with its estimates for the second hand action but looking on. And we got to whistles and and a whole life and good things and they opened my. 32 time now for the shot. Here's 1237. To now in the second half what he's revered. Are these weekly coaches' shows come up on Monday. On 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS. Throughout the year at this time three shows glorious tomorrow night. Later that Marshall six to seven feet that avid fan of the day she's coming off a no way that a home win. Not talk about the Dodgers into the opening. We've say that they could a lot of good things to talk about. It adds one more win the you know up at any price to get back in the ball game like frank. Our record but the doctor dirt for that record. Am I give them and they can work for the soccer golf and like after the basket driving demand for them last time when he's over the past. Tim let's play it and shot clock at one 37 because that event. It's not state leading 5446. Candidates merger. Grounds Kelly and frankly it's never looked under first equivalent to the floor wants NASA out of the threat forced to France yes. Daughter started right now those lessons ground on the wing settlers threw against loosely it's not just congressman can't. Can't shoot daughter watched one on one opposite. Crossover dribbles get through little finger roll later a lot of playing time. Beautiful play revenues that would include north that food by the 65 war. That's not usually like Stanton is not to take more one on one of the delivery. Yeah definitely not the same level nothing happened. Cincinnati offense answered it a little impatient and at least know who embodies him. I don't history. Right wing was left alone now with us. Beyond yours. Show us ways. Ottawa's third now second founded apple with nonstick. Pan that'll get us and that's what don't you about a 152. Athletes if not the 56 Cincinnati. 46. Infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community. Providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. At the Kent health foundation and our miss and we invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you believe that every canned and deserves the chance to be healthy learn more at Kansas pounds from dot pouring. Those shots. State farm agents get what's important. Even in a deafening crowd. I. So much as they finally throws both protect isn't ready it's not an accident is he has. I don't let Nancy please leave me. This is about although the. If I do not out of the town and accidents. I. If you. As far communal like Phil right. The twenty -- to a fourth slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there port on your greens and crashed through his bursting from the best kitchen and sport there's a thing and the many dissatisfied every chance at a time to take your. 29 degrees in -- no ice cold beer crystals formed our man caves are decked out with tons of HDTV that there's never a bad he's now head for twenty eat drink scenic views soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point at and TE one yeah. These he would see. You know Wichita State leading Cincinnati fifty. 6461. Reason this doctors. That ad set the field and hit the second half five with twelve Cincinnati's three of five shots wants. Six on. Came through Friday. 1153 to go. Room look at Writely to Cumberland brown took that when it finally get a government ultimately not threaten athletes we have lifted an alliance group pulled back out. Lots of good luck. See it through grant Marshall Larry look at your Clark and it hit a good shot but found no mistake this is not think about that beyond Kelly it is. It's yards second. Used to be there is not a path podshock. Now that the amount of time I'll run out of litigated in the Clark on the weak side block he got isolated Jelena no no shocker here that doubles team that's done. Gary Clark tooth for tooth on the first test that was effective. March 1 point of the second half he has eight. Senior place North Carolina averaging twelve point eight points per game 74%. Of the line on the year and nothing good. Gary Clark would sign. Yeah. It. Didn't tents that line across as it. They're back out round and a particularly let's not. Authenticated and confidence you know just right. Enough to finish this thing. The second round of the day. He's got six. It's the most it was nothing matches that it is laid out loud but that's not the bottom and that's what's that's done Cumberland little angered the round was what opened the for the right wing shot fake but on the floor that it if Atlanta and that's off the back behind. Them now under the eighth flight status and then end you know with. Nancy. Now. Like Rondo as though it's been there enough evidence to give us a nice long perhaps becoming back. While you have it right they can. That the ordinary but at home with Natalie. He didn't have the wolf that some of the accident. So that's. Tennis is with him. Room to play it is right senate floor objective evidence evidence to four with levels. Not right Cumberland over the left weight room. Room looked at. Lots of flip side of the Atlantic Clark back you know it's telling that just remain law afraid yes. Aides Kelly down the line. That's right. A statement. Look at Honolulu athletes in the shots and it's nice it. He floater off the bat was good. Absent at the government take the basket and just head bouncing up and out of his hands out of now you have Cincinnati would try to beat the stock is down it will be confused and had driven. And you put them back defensively. But government does wants the ball went out of bounds. He was watching it like you're watching the blue helplessly fluid movement is that sales at a news doesn't understand you know Willis is going to check the end. Now we will come out 1098 still to play with its honestly thought it. I'm 51 of the Cincinnati. Bearcats don't look both horses somebody alive trying to keep fresh guys on the of course very physical game takes a lot of players. It was candidates regarded by improvements. Nobody else flows from Cincinnati right now that I could double team dismantling of the fifth floor right what it means that it's definitely. How effective ground. It was left off the street at hit this ridiculous as it stands at half. Yeah I think it and I think that's afflicted not sure. But brown has the right look. That can't hit it. That is the walls down and up front through this night and it gives enough right wing group. Mr. Lott's front with a crossover back on the right side in Cumberland finish in the long slaves yes. Sciences. It's possible. It's it's more satisfying events five healthy foods. It's not enough now to look like we'll see his face like contact. As they drive but that's kind. A little sloppy as Darryl Willis this land the end. It's it's nothing happened. They can't sit down time was right here and tell that's his third town comes out he's frustrated today. Duffy and work around Cali. It. Eleven minutes Stewart sixty bulletin now offensive end. We'll let content on its daily home to visit shipment. Those guys of those Wall Street down from. John Daly called upon. Helio since somebody was found his first 161001. It's not as. The wrong time. It's team monthly death markets. It's. Announces it's getting ugly recently. Constantly for the next days and the right way his second straight up. Really execute execute execute by the shots that kind movement of basketball from thighs guys that an advantage. Dribbles right. The not that marked last night into. Office REIT announces that. One in three putted. The animals out of town like state. Rivalries. Go away. Not the this nonsense and not to room along theory that yeah. We'll hit that three of the crowd is really making a lot of good right now. This escape. Nice to. It is time to. It's not a it's not a street and it's. It's just not suppliers distance off the snide little. Give it to Cincinnati presses and they can't like Cincinnati players it is simply that a lot of fans out there cadets. Under eight time about 715 Florida you know second half soccer possession with constantly leaving Cincinnati 62 to 57. 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Full seconds on the shot clock which is not stated they for the last eight shots. 44%. The second half 54 for the games incidentally six at hand. In the second half of attackers had had six more field goal attempt. Thanks to do rebounding taking that if you're the wolves haven't wanted a divorce atlas that's definitely quarter friends who are devices so they could have been taking on the dribble crossover in Atlanta a few. You start counts. That's an Olympic champion against the zone in on drives of lobs it to Boris it was under thrown off places today. Fourteen shots Richard Alpert twelve for Cincinnati's book in front liable to compliment the 65 cleared that definitely gives I don't mind. Evans left side bouncing on the wings and Cumberland Cumberland shots and acting as if it happens. Constantly backed out front group fluff pieces. Room and Byron Reeves gets a street started left with a good drive that does drive it up with a runner again. John safely. Leave benefits. The reasons it's gonna have to. But let's look at this here. Would not want against the zone and bigger slider and I lost it influences telling refrain sure. They left Kelly that would double the Reeves and gave utilities not really driving it in addition to accurately. It happens this redesign CNN after about six. 161000. Or any free throws on this even attempt bounced back up at six night stay at 636. Remaining. Cincinnati gets an extra possessions down the street it's not. It is 59 if evidence at the end of bush but he's just got snot out of Langley. It's going to be a month named Ruth. That's his first 37. And it synopsis and found not to get a possession. One on. Wrote it Fiona. The officials looked pretty obvious that. These incidents and there's been a lot of hockey. Forget through Florida do you want to. Iceland Italy on here gets it up not a sound on things they're perhaps. Justice round under Kelly actually open up the messes up that's not deliberately that it is now. Exactly give a look at reliable that's not I think. Wanna own that wasn't there they got to Kelly in the short corner and he did a really strong move along the baseline. That's another pass for champ but probably won't get an assist because Phillies have won privilege fate of the. I'm a few lines free throw into it bounces and it. Mark Kelly I was sixth but it's not State's lead back to 56459. C seventeen to go through an affront or starts left comes back right flips it back Evans drives that bargain the lives throws up a wild shot to get to zone read out. I'll talk. I think if Jack. More artfully sometimes. Evans who puts his head down into drive. And a bit to get that they have Newton threw out rebound I think it was nice to active sex 57 this would be. Shots towards its evidence. It's not state a five Knight Evans for two from the line in the first half almost 80% year on year 79 point 8%. Six here from baton. Read through it is spinning out. I don't know hackers leaked by at least four after this position when needed a bucket leader a post up Clark on the left block. Were they giving evidence to let you drive. If it evans' statement in this game 1118. Point oh ready to hear that street. In N out also about this next round means that 80% treatments to remind. Stays at five softer position. But I didn't lose his innocence lost in decline after the that's evidence right wing reads right corner through Kelly drive and it is hello and it's not stick to go through reads. Must sit out front trying to get December through. Kelly. Sorry driving. Maine actually three to sing any law. There ain't no rebound tips and seventeenth. Kelly kept them alive like I've done that against us and the age of the line got left doubles under to tell lane circles that's underneath that have agreed slant to keep him. Don't try to disregard him cutting down the line on that is consistent sound system. McClellan on the drive on ticket that is that's his fourth golf having five seasons ago. They can't afford to lose the Yankees aren't the sold. Obviously. And let's see it they won't release his. And he is furious that the officials and we'll go back home there. It's either traveler fouled them a lot of contact and accuses UST yeah. It is not a lot. We espouse and. For Paul flawlessly in the that is triple the amount of land reform for four. Alliance and I seen only scored three in the second half as it could not really tried to give away from the play maker. Night team on board to make it seven point nights when you know that's the one I want this to the next Cincinnati now with. It's not double want a city this is that it won't. Susan. It's not leave until going to the free throw line. A 66959. Cincinnati as it happens drive economic stuff in the back door that shoots fifty. Fallen nice play he faked like he. Mark McNulty reacted the fast and haven't pulled back on it. While not lose them not to give you incentive grants. Totaled more threats but I don't know. 6561. But it does need not apply to him if it's in the right now that doubles. True enough one on one tickets. What's the time line roughly half hour. Lewis leaves on subscribe to the list of but obviously goes left and it's gone. Processor out there tonight bulls not sit through it it's not up yet and it now lives for instance voter base line off the back. We've got Cincinnati's company. Good offence that the net worth wide open wheel flew from the left baseline with them doctors for Cincinnati position the center for a half minutes ago. And it drives it frees circle it's enough not to room that evidence that it bounces left wing Cumberland note drive. Strong block Mike Morris and recover my markets but nothing at times I thought I should act or it's not it's not my company. Reason that's not right on the line he's going all the way I looked around at. Yeah I hesitate to boo finally got only the fans didn't really reached forward flee that block it's. It's laid up plus degrees with sand soccer's my sixth and seventh. 61 thing group don't want it she evidently almost want to double dribble or. Baseline lock your ball in the basket out of bounds last night my eyes the. No reset on the shot clock they'll have six. In seconds and under wartime coming up 347. It took you know second half. Wichita State's 67 Cincinnati 61. Pack. State farm agent get what's important here especially on game day. Please read a path for quite some hopes to bring bring the red water bottles right here. Am a rapist with key change Chris I'm your state farm agent thank help protect the things that really mattered you. Good luck charm if they broke the offer. Okay. I think listening in the conference's list. Well it. You need and they do you statement. You know like go right hello shocker nation. 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Security investment advisory services offered British point financial in PF member fender SI TE SP if separately owned and entities and or marketing names products services referenced here are independent of Austria restaurants and he's 21 of free of course to play in Wichita Kansas and there's a golfer wants a 20101 Iran want him when he dash planning dot com. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder ray don't Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US shocker basketball is on 103 point Evan JE one yeah. Had a possession undertone that's it. Six feet up the shot clock 6761. Which at times a day after shooting 52% for the game Cincinnati. 49 but. I think eight of eighteen. From three. To. And you play at the end and let Watergate if it is him off the Wall Street went out. Right wing or right water Cumberland shot fake credit Jennifer's divorce and get it now this is not listen. This holiday advice it's an added up and get it out of the house floor of the follows. Announcements you know on. Marcus and definitely not enough doctors jump to resolve that time money out of bounds underneath tonight. It was different defensive zone but the big eight teams now want to blunt force how Washington. Washington 73%. From the line. 339. Because Washington. Wanted one on the east and now against. Oh. But targets off the right side. Or has had slipped out of his hands. I thought it got bush Willis recovered it anyway it was not present the floor Washington recently to active. Salmon left wing but nothing. Tonight actually it's not starts right he didn't write it in Atlanta that's 4000 right saddling the analysts. You know look at the back easily and a couple of examples not different can't pull up baseline little short and rebound to Cumberland pushing it hard courts habit that kept him up throws a hard drive. Yeah I played by common. I'm off the floor. The only thing four point yeah. Listen I think. Had kids coming out. Or as the size fits it was a massive lift catered and Shaquille morris' muscled it over how Washington he's got eleven of his soccer's backed up nice and it's nice that by the soccer at that time but nothing but the nice thing accidents in divorce. It's not finished nice real boisterous. And it's driving part Dallas and Atlanta. Defender fell down picked up the president's trip over him and that's it is and it happens to the free throw line. When you put his head down and drive I think that his thoughts are on evidence that there is nothing that ruling and set up. And that feeds but the important for the Cochran you've got four found that they can get him out of the ball is my. That would really help with doctors on third foul on the dusty ninth 2000 both teams have nine votes would be at the double bonus the next thousand. 24 to go Evans just missed his last two free throws that is normally almost 80%. What is up then that's. He's three for five from the line has twelve points which is close to is averaged thirteen. Point six per game average thirteen and a half last year's soft war. It was not that well from the regional and again. The other the other night and get to the line a line drive past hour. In double figures for the 24 time it went seven games this one's not at short and rebounds tip. Behind here. Morrison's face down on the. Today I was going to get it back and snatched appears to lose shaken up. Not because it's figure out exactly Lucy got knocked down a bit of behind. He definitely touched his first but I thought it was not thought his hand from behind by a Cincinnati wanted to take a look at it because he got hit in the face these fields down. You kind of screened out I don't know if you went off of Willis. I thought the ball went off with a that we could tell moved down at the other thing. Good that's good sense not that confident in essence what he's treated now. And it these guys. I'm looking at you reside entered. Is less. Not big news confident in his last night. Well I'm not a. We don't know what rule you're going to Memphis guys. And we did really well but it's not. Very inside position. I'm on that has three children. Here's the basketball. It appears that it's going to beat Cincinnati fifth session on the baseline of their own that it. Count five. We shot yourself in possession but the bearcats tried to cut his lead down to possibly a single possession game still a lot of time left in this kind of game two when he read you know. Not make it. Doctor Rainer is looking for a butterfly bandage. But underneath that. Underneath. Like let's dive that war holding. The dog gone but opened up but you're leading. Doctors are on the road official watch party location is you know feeling tap worked falcons quarter when he first Atlanta I'm bikers watch party's chances Woodson. Great prices courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. Those feelings aperture official watch party location for soccer basketball. Evidence in the right corner greens are definitely not correct temperament drives down the line ball came loose started on the floor after. Just three and a session careless like it's gonna go to Cincinnati's. Good hustle but it's not as good initial deflection that Cincinnati will still get it back completely off it's not plot. Only good thing out of all that is it will be good soccer's position next time there is another helpful tonight. And is it laid a few minutes fifteen seconds to go through the force the hand that definitely gave instant speed Cincinnati basketball in general basket again. Landed it will be team room. And Washington happens Cumberland Clark. There original starting lineup it's never played all right most the second hand in place to benefit. Having trouble getting in Canada skated in and impacted her right eye that's way out front number. Cumberland back to groups those issues on the streets look exit off Evans Evans into the length of those long streak like government starts. Very proud proud this time. It's not influence on your eyes skyrocketed Gerald Lewis is not news headlines yeah it's about time. They got the whole thing on Cincinnati's. Well that's their chance to these shots with the Tennessee Jack once the plane and a couple things that you got instantly advancement that they won't hold that long rebounds. I haven't forgotten if that's. And I want. Harold Willis at the line the only place he is warranted a student journalists and two from the free throw line. Whereas only points to get some shots here fantastic. Event for the three possession game. It's. A six. It's knows the way it is making a few months. Ago. So it's. Like rattles it announces it flat out there it sits and Nazis not six. Room for it Evans Evans it's not enough numbers and it is. Mark. Up those last night. Back at the lines I didn't feel that it's not. But it might not think that there you go. Left right. Tonight now it's not blocked well let's Mac that's it really alliance although it's jumper at an answer. Off the flight here we'll look at the time for the third round jumper over six outlook users the ability to accurately my eighth. You know if that's driving lab partners. It's up to us the finale could make it's not only that its fourth round. What Jacob 766. Junior he thrives is there any jobs and their finger that he pulled the ball back. Think creates contact with the body committee get them up on the glass to believe it or not. The Cincinnati fans to walk into. It here which I can believe this guys rate at drawn out. 726. Before Wichita State it in ninety feet. Now four of seven from the line played well it is normal that there thirteen points and a lot of people want to. Believe Ellie Ellie around and it. Willis coming out it champ but it's not the greens branch can't. Norris is an actress and activist butterfly bandages that there aren't normally guards there to handle the ball. Second street. So Evans now in this fourteenth. Shots is lead by six would have been nine remaining. They think now is to take care of the ball. Factors for your continued France champion in the baseline. Incident in the Duffy double team on him he gets it to Connor Connor bounces over to Austin reed leaflets with us it's not mind. And divisive effect yeah. And run some clock time. Register at the end of the fun yeah. Accident that football team shoot. Fifty seconds to play in the game it's not present sixth scoring here will be. One on one with number five this year. Prizes left in double team into the lane up with a floater no good just by Boris good. About Cincinnati's offense dances and Morris had a really opened this he had to do it backwards evidence driving to the right side of the line announces the offensive attack happens down the laity. Up with a shot loves out front of the line for 244. Seconds Lance. If Patagonia that had given the chance for a three point play isn't. They can you know three but the ball just barely. Rolled off the rim. Now I'm French camp his second two more shots fortunate it happened the best he can do. Is get it to four which means it's a two possession game with 24 seconds remaining these free throws we're gonna be huge down the stretch on both ends haven't strive for eight at the line to his last two that one's a fan you know. Veteran players got fifteen. Characters lead by five with 44 point three seconds ago. Them not to go through threats might get a layup. That she too much and it should doctors. Take care of Cincinnati and almost going to have to it's his second free. Sixteenth for evidence in a four point shocker relief flooding for a second. Laughs and sauces have got to get a good. We'll take care of it. He had a Boras and double team him he gets back to constantly. Good time out with a closer. But it's. Not worth is definitely not confident. I was completely strayed back Gregg Marshall that netted Boris reflection activated underhand pass reads it it's hard to get a whole lot of but he got down on the floor forth worth all the time now with. For Cincinnati tonight about possession arrow wants. If not it also. Out resumes on the ground surrounded by three different Erica here for replay on the big screen a fumble Ron Adams actually pretty decent capacity. Drop that if I had read all the time active he called it. At camp August all the factors were an all time now. Still up Hayward I see point six seconds ago and it's going to be a spot throwing down here. Not trying to find out. A spot throw it. I'm sorry that because I felt like if I think sometimes guys forget who run the baseline with her older than that friend can't reach Janet. Boris Daphne. See exactly what they have done should be closest to worry recovered it knots on the sidelines and it will play at the end from the headlines for this chance to stay here at a position there's got. The bigger trade bonds got up to his face got it 68. It can ultimately keep following had a deep yet can't hit the incident and it definitely analytic hard. Alternate I thought Wichita State just got here on the last night. When they had him wide open deep but honored either didn't see him or didn't want a chance that long path. Still the soccer's all on the alternating possession arrow. Yeah I mean point four seconds by the Soviets fought through into something of a thorough drinking enough room. Throwing. Pakistani community and it appeared that uniform with seventeen seconds ago. It can't get the justice and a delicate brought up my leg a month NASA yeah. I. Yeah close to one of Netflix. You've got to be off the bat. These guys but if everything else if they. Let my daddy not but what you might have got out there. 72 this Saturday Wichita State still in front of thirteen seconds to go. We didn't see that that flight and it's like this. Nancy the dark. To see the golf business though Phoenix and. Let me show hikers leave big play five Cincinnati. Thirteen seconds ago it's not present got to do a better job benefited skated at a movie get up to or at least force in Cincinnati now. Mother they're getting the only bounce but it's really near the corner really you're the face life is still there you can defenders on the. No we're gonna have to try to pass that up recorder picking. Mean. If not today Phil leading. Live right. News seven. That match up well. Eight seed granted it's not wanting. Well doctors for the chance to move within one game outburst. In the regular season race that is. Played collectively yet out enough now you could run the they'd want to know the and after a Baptist. But he was Gregg Marshall has a plan to hit the ball rebounding get enough reports and I today that frank just check it done today. A half wants timeout left almost. Okay. I fast break up fluffy can get the ball and it's and it's hard these. Every sentence of okay. Okay. And frequent passively. Aides and he goes to the basket of their slant now. I don't know if yeah beautiful lit up over the cedar. Well don't wars might have been announces non monolith. Point eight seconds I thought it'd be fair but I get to Boris. It all on its that's both fans. That's definitely looking up the floor piling everything amateur soccer you know with its path and soccer's like an hour. My runs yeah models go what to constantly 76. But it has since it. Seven weeks Booth who soccer's great sense that at. Third. Home court winning streak the longest in the nation and within a game of first place in the American athletic now. Living here for what it's interesting you wrote here at Cincinnati. 7670. 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Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a Karzai in valley center endangered or an end over what lawyer. And listen for all WS shocker a bucket on 103 point seven. Why would you tell. And they. A statement it 7672. Over Cincinnati here on the road huge growth when the doctors are good at 21 in 511. And three of the ANC had not missed one game behind Cincinnati with the bearcats have come back with Utah. For the final game of the regular season the post game show brought to reflect Johnson's and it. When he first played ID six legal fight so much more. Events suits at the drive home from McCain's got to buy Kansas flat tire and service retired professional auto service are always. A slam. Thought the game was everything we expected it was certainly. The kind of game that was very very physical very tough and and it. More than anything else Wichita State really stood up to Cincinnati's musicality and and match them. And and executed really well against a great defense TI couldn't put a better Mike I think it's exactly right they matched their fears that talent being. And I thought they out executed as Cincinnati. They really used to Cincinnati fresher. Against them. Five back cuts by drives to the basket. And got a lot of good good shots. And I thought they executed very well in the half court against them really really physical. Cincinnati half court defense. Shocker shot. 53%. From the quarter in school were 76 points nobody's done that. To Cincinnati especially here in this building this season so. Just a great. Offensive performance by the doctors in the preakness he fit to restore performance as well. Just accredited perspective it's only the fourth time at 27 games that Cincinnati has given up seventy or more points and they want to of those team to beat Houston eighty to seventy. They gave up 77 to Savannah State we've seen without scoring those like that was like 101 to 77 there's nothing like that. They gave up 89 and Xavier won at their three losses. Characters was 76 today 53%. Shooting that's also. They've held wanted to hear they've held. Just about everybody. Eighteen of 26 under 40% Cleveland State in the loss was the only other team to shoot 50% against the bearcats this year. You know lavish dammit I felt which is masterful work running the ball club getting him in the proper sets. Canada and then reading the defense to get the ball the right guy he scored nineteen points and Shaq came out and enforce them the second after being. Reeves had twelve so Reeves came up big. And scored some buckets McDuff he had a good first half so everybody contributed. And some really good passes down the stretch I thought they played really had football. On that last few possessions might go deep and get the layup and then. In bounding. Quickly after the Cincinnati score again bought them a more effective so I thought they played really that the. Fall down the stretch. As you know one of the discussions that comes up some of the fans and stuff on Twitter is. Is not who you want taken the last shot and you know it should be this guy that guy and I keep telling him it's it's not any one guy like Kevin. That chance the chance to maybe start things if you can't because he makes it that decision. But Reeves made it great play off the dribble drove the baskets for late clock Cotter terrific guy one on one hit it greatly clock shot get shot at your lowest that are really frustrating day. Had a huge turnaround jumper in the lane at the end of the position that was was there a lot of different guys. We're willing and able to make big plays at the end of the clock. Yeah nobody who looked like it didn't belong up there didn't want to basketball everybody was playing with a lot of confidence that pulling strong with a fastball on the eve of a couple of late turnovers. Against that pressure I thought. The shoppers were gonna fly somebody you because they flew Alain Ricci empathy that he was open potter didn't fever didn't wanna make that pass in the end. During that timeout. Right before right at the end there. I kind of thought Gregg Marshall would come out with something special and he ran a similar and I play but ran. Austin reed Steve Connor this time made a beautiful pass to Austin in Austin fast it was a tough when he had to go underneath the basket maker reverse layup. Against the 611. A kid that was coming in to try to block it so beautiful catch and lay up by Austin res. Hand great call by Gregg Marshall that. Wichita State winds at 7672. That was our game recap practice but still indicate Cummings Pennington coming this year criminal defense of do you like to offer them which it's not give them the policy 645048. Or visit the comings LLC. Not Scott Cummings of Cummings on where your needs. Always comfort with just eight. It was at a game the first in the AC fact that Warren Johnson's post game show. AJ for grill at the Alley thirteenth and green which road and widgets on your new home for shocker coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Mondays are burger days of agents and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dine in only and it moves the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go Kart take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game room for both couples can't AG scores grill at the -- home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one Hudson's and proud supporter of shocker athletic. 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At a couple of requests on Twitter to try to give you expected Bible time with the team back home. It is right now a little before 5:30. Central time it's pretty good drive from here to the airport so. I'm guessing right now that the team won't take off. For any earlier that maybe 645. Cents a 6457. Or 830 Friday that they'll get two hour flight probably film that our forty cabinet here we have a lot of tail wind so. Dine maybe getting back to England aviation and then the busted read so I would say. You know. No earlier back Coker read at that 915 probably more like 930 year laughter. If you want it. What a welcome them back I would say that's about. Earliest fifteenth at 930. That theory. You know you guys fellow get a lot of fun talking with the callers who remembered those classic game with Cincinnati. Involving Oscar Robertson and Dave stalwart. And you know all of the different big plays than fiction that some of those games and that's why and what sequels for those I'm sure because. It was a knocked out traffic out war. The for the whole forty minutes and what a performance for the doctors to win this game on the road texting you bring that up because they had a chance to meet Dan poured their play by play broadcaster for the first time before the game is talking about the chapters being in the conference they're excited to have this here you know it's fun for me because. I was here that remember all those epic games we've its actors it's it's dead if maybe it. Ready to starts at Boras knows that he was prophetic today certainly well both. Broke programs are approached parallel tracks Mick Cronin had them in seven straight NCAA tournament. Greg marshals had to shock forces six straight NCAA tournament. And so you got both programs are really strong at this time now with the coaches though. I think you can. We could foresee a lot of games like this. Jackets scored 76 points or you will say 15%. Tomorrow on all shocker merchandise tent locker room. East and west Soviet spy shocker merchandising at 50% discounted noise and then today I got it. Fat chance we have done some of these let's go back inside the numbers for the final stats regular TK DC PAs and advisors everyone be trusted advisor. The resorts force Cincinnati today. 48%. 48 point one that's better than their season percentage of 45 they were. 25. To seven of 23 for 3304. At fifteen to 41 from the line 71 point 4% Wichita State 27 at 5152. Point nine that's a season high against Cincinnati. Only the second team all year to shoot 50% against their kids eat at 1844%. From three and fourteen of twenty for 70% from the line. Cincinnati ended up out rebounding the doctors 2726. And had two fewer turnovers thirteen to fifteen. But the shot is actually outscored them 22 to twenty. Points off turnovers and twelve feet. On second chance points of the shocker is one of those statistical category for the specialty categories even though the raw numbers favorite Cincinnati. The other day they got more when they got a turnover they definitely have more production out of it in Cincinnati is so. Not too many live ball turnovers by the soccer's and it just think you know the only shocker only made two more baskets when it's the best of the 45 the only one more threes so. And they gave one less free throw also very very pretty close game it all the statistics. Cincinnati at four players in double figures led by cheering Cumberland had a lot of his in the first half ended up with eighteen points. And seriousness. Sixteen apiece for Jacob Evans and clean room room gave me huge lift off that she's capable guy but yet not been playing very Weller very much lately. It's over the span would retreat from three. Evans sixteen point jackets you pretty good job on him leaves for a hand from the field had four turnovers. Eleven points for Gary Clark who knows if very good job on him at low points eight rebounds reassess. And then after those four not a lot of production count Washington held to six. That is half his average have been averaging about fourteen and a half over the last five games. Two points for adjusted Jennifer too for Trace got one for Keith Williams to rent out their scoring eight rebounds for mark seven for Evans. And replace it with three assists each Wichita State Landry Shannon had nineteen. Only three in the second half but they were really all over him it became more playmaker in the second half ended up with nineteen points fire offices. Six of thirteen shooting three of six from 313. For Shaquille Boris. Well for Austin green's. Eight for markets got the sentiment Rashard Kelly at six apiece. There's round it not a friend Kevin Willis at five autumn night when you get scores but you also. Eight players with five or more points for the chapters. Five rebounds for ms. Duffy was high for for three different players five assists for him at war for Rashard Kelly. Soccer when they the win on the road 7672. Land reach and it joins us after the game. And I guess the first thing. It then justice. Let me presented by the Kansas lottery if you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket there for a chance to become millionaires as lottery dot com the most current jackpot of Kansas lottery. Mean they receive again askew says. And they ice bags and so forth. Even after this I was man's game yeah. Of filth denies it's close that I Oklahoma State game as far as. If musicality goes from there we need to come in and there's there's schools and Shaq probably go home some stitches on his face and we got them marked this. And prove we are really tough and physical and got a really tough road where. You know and that's what has outline ask if that's not think there's a lot of pride in the fact that you really match there is reality it's that's that he's tired yeah. Yeah you know we wanted to be an approach verse TV we kind of have this statement about us where. We get punished first for me. Like temple for example we've known have to build active. In fourteen point deficit so. You know we need it you know we're the Cincinnati team and you can't. You give my fourteen point deficit early in the game home this crowd which has tremendous tremendous atmosphere you know you have really hard I. Landry from the very start of the game it seemed like to need that you're really see in the court well you had your head up. You were orchestrating the offense and you were taken advantage of their switches there with guys cut to the basket. But guys flippant and then you've taken advantage of a mismatch when they had a big on. Yeah you know it the biggest thing with their pressure any pressures that try to speed you up. I just please close. Miked. It's. I'd just be patient and wait for opportunities for themselves in the you know react and I think early on we chart at. We added 211 count on the baseline and charged with him about it. Infinitely. Not just aren't registered with equal dignity. More than feeling out process earlier on just seen out of him if I mean. And defend us switch and all that so I think we thought we played really well. And is it would eventually take that it would take it you definitely key for everybody everybody's keeping your head up and reading what's there against it defense because that's what yeah you know even a full court for all of the world one of the a point of emphasis was that. Everybody all four guys have rather had. Had to have ahead on this president at the time they got to come and double fault so got a few baskets early from taking advantage plan transition basketball that situation. It was thrown out of the double team. And yet there's. Now not the last play but it let's just under a minute ago maybe 25 seconds to go over so Connor was taken about your rant please we're open deep on the fly on the home run play you didn't see yet. Or didn't wanna make that the path. But then you had that same situation after they score. In you guys for the plate you know often it does that coach call that play you have to hit off the deep yeah we caught it again. These switched at the alignment and let me take you out and you know honestly the play I was open. That's a hard fast and it indeed it's a spot you can't run the baseline. You got a guy like your face yet try to make people perhaps not so. You know it when you look we need to run a baseline you can give only commit. That's aren't that means that as an advocate of Iraq is that and then describe the last play after they sport you guys didn't call time router or didn't set up. He got to inflict as Jack yeah exactly. Can't think. It's close though because I think markets who's trying to figure. He's an analyst at escorted out with. Mark Martin's laugh at regarding collective. Such accurate enough organized oath as far as your own defense look at 72 points to 40% shooting it doesn't look. Great and I felt like can really make them where everything goes. I think we did that you had a few break their arms. In recent alignment too much for my like you know like. You know they got really big that surprised your car player. That's very different feeling here so a lot of respect for him and it's going to be hard to keep them off the when they got that all of them there on that trap a it looked like it what you did it was a clean you know that gets it honest that it wasn't forgiveness. What they don't want or. You know Canada indictments ovals that are used caps that. Yeah. It's obvious. You know you guys hit two really did. Difficult wins this week against two very good teams that have. How much does that help this team psyche is feeling about yourself they'd be some additional confidence even though it's not that's not the problem. Here it's still just kind of building. I think any game like that's an interview that I Agnes tiger. America it's been crazy week and and come back from fourteen down and they. If you're going home winning streak you know at the back and you guys who have really good about themselves and now we've really punitive. And in the grazing as we can get a better. Things. You know I like theater all the contributions guys made you know Kelly had seven points with three out of four. Brown has six points he was two out of three. Reeves was fire about it eighth. But Duffy Eddie the first half Willis had to take revamp its forces turnovers you've got you've got contributions from everybody does it well. That's quite well maybe not. You know got desperate well you know when they were put in situations that we need them. I'm just really proud of all. All the guys. Regulations great litmus. But. Let each candidate star of the game presented by the Kansas lottery. Soccer's. With a huge win a conference put that in Gregory his play the game has brought to you by lips appliance. Yeah frequent passes. At me now is the best you've ever slept there. I don't know if yeah beautiful life couple over the fear. Being let out forcefully might have been found not follow it. Point eight seconds actress. Fit it into the earth does little on its because fans. Heads up play in the open up the floor violently. Shocker it was offensive game Tucker's life and plus yeah. About status it was really kind of a flow of two successive scores that were our play of the game at the end this that it. But he these trees. Supplies that anyone if if you didn't think this plant piano from the top hurt its fleet before it is these different view after the game that gays they put a lot of focus on him and I thought he did a masterful job. Run shocker off that needed mainly defensive player of the game ratchet back got you covered but he left it controllable like your living room pre privacy your bedroom were transformed a look at your kitchens got you covered as the right when the treatment solutions for you call 3166127. Now they're that it got you covered which not come mentioned the shocker to get 10% off any order got you covered serving the Wichita area. Well I they got it stands out in my mind is the shark Alley a guard Gary Clark. He held to eleven point three out of seven. And I thought he did a really good job of limiting Gary Clark touches and he got help from his teammates it wasn't as free shark. But I could I thought the other guys did a good job of faith in him and and help him. Indictment adds that if Clark went until. Sharp. I agree wholeheartedly look forward to document it coach Gregg Marshall wrap this without. Soccer's what it 7672. Things Cincinnati's 39 game home court winning streak right back on the Johnson's post it. But you're looking for the perfect power sue for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experienced staff to help. You're sure to find something that you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season the johnsons and 21 and 1096. 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Carpet outlet store originally to me flooring superstore. Laminate hardwood tile area rugs carpeting it. All types of patterns colors. Varieties. It range of prices. So that you'll flights have that feature budget that looks really good for the price you pay so what you need any kind of floored to varsity teams sixteen. North Broadway a couple of other scores. In the American athletic conference today tolls to defeated South Florida 7361. It was UConn winning any CE 8480. Houston thrashed temple in Philadelphia a bit surprised by the market Houston won eighty to 59 cougars are really play well here at the end of the year they pretty much. They're locking themselves in do an NCAA at large of that which doctors of course winning by four here's a Cincinnati. Got twelve to Italy Wichita State and Houston. Both not just one game back. And 113. Tulsa alone in fourth. At nine and five and you see out with a win yesterday over at him you feet and six there's the fifth place team. The top four. Don't have to play. One day the first day in the league tournament in Orlando. An F five through twelve seeds will play on Thursday everybody else. It's to wait till Friday. Shock for info wanna check out their flight plan. And Salvador Atlanta because it's going to be a heck of a conference termed it I don't know but you might I don't know what I'd rather late Jeff Fuller or Houston. If we get a way to get opposite of Cincinnati. In the bracket is that you food stamp we're both really flow well. And a couple of top 25 sports today number twelve duke won at. Number eleven Clemson 6657. Number 22 Michigan handed number 89 Ohio State its second loss of the week. 7462. And it lost at Pitt stay so for those to get. Excited about the rankings are a lot of top twenty teams lost this weekend some more that once shot victory eighteenth and nineteenth should move up considerably. Especially with a win over team that was top five going into detail listen to any Adori lost once this week in Houston that. Think the chapters so that their top fifteen somewhere this. Well whenever you tough class seating in the NCAA tournament to talk about that winds and today. Was definitely a very good win. Beat number five team in the country. With at that had a 39 game home winning streak so. A big win for the shocker not only in league play not only in the conference tournament standings but also. When they start talking about seating in the NCAA tournament. And again the soccer baseball team completed its three game sweep of the state today it was that game that was kind of back and forth. The whole day and which doctors. With two out of nobody on in the top of the ninth rallied to score a run Jordan lawyer with a two out single drove in what proved to be thinking what they went eleven to two and so they come home at three and also for our first. Three show coach show Monday at the here tomorrow night we've got Gregg Marshall from six to seven talking about it went over temple at Cincinnati. Keith Adams talking about two wins. Over temple at SMU. And dad taught Butler not a three game sweep of the these states we should have happy coaches shows. Tomorrow night and happy coach Gregg Marshall sits down to join us then your little left here. Yeah I I hope it was just water but it. There was double shower back there at a commitment orders were excited to other out of a diversity of water left and the whatever county Hamilton County Ohio. They were all civilians on wall it was a lot of fun you can be pretty Brad I'm really true love those guys in the locker room. You know now now will be a hot topic again you know they were kind of forgotten in we weren't quite as good as everyone. That we were at. Prognostications. Were wrong to chew over we were over hyped and yeah we community in the third the nation's longest home court win streak. Just tremendous game. You know I said couple weeks ago if he can go if they can finish this thing go undefeated this week he deserve national coach. Lee coach here and now they stumble but guess what that's a really good basketball team. And we came in here play that made enough when he plays today. Just for out of all the guys are killing that basket and language at least 37 minutes against relent to pressure. It just is as the maestro. Jack Morse was done in my markets deeply perhaps his best teams and then back. Austin at least it's that bad. And it makes a plea in a home run place so. We got a lot of great performances Willis struggled but he makes a big baskets down the stretch we really needed to for him to do that spectrum. On the market capable. Nurtured and didn't play much because. The guys were not a foul trouble played really well potter makes a big baskets so. It was a it was a great team win and just really excited happy for. The entire group. You know they've got a really good defense especially here and did not many teams have figured that defense how. But I thought she had the soccer team really prepared coach today and your kids played with their heads up. They read the defense and I thought he did a great job pick that defense of. Yeah you know the way they play especially when they're down they really sell out to the red gel so if you can be the first. Trap you gonna play for a three basketball and we were able to do that once we beat it. By and large that we did have fifteen turnovers which is 232 relief for us but. By and large we were able to. Execute it moved the ball around which everything which what does that do that you know if you don't get wide open shots but did you get and so this matches. And so we've got to guard on the five everytime we score well with Landry in the courtroom defied them on the block. At I want to. Bring up defense also because they said the numbers don't look like it was a great defense he gave 72 points to 40% but I thought she really made them. Heard everything at it if anything you're your defense was closer to Ayers that their offense was two years. Yeah. Can repeat that my counselor I just felt like it although the numbers 72 points to 48%. Looked like he did play great defense if not that you really think that earned him. They need some victories they really do they shot it he Cumberland didn't in the first half broom in the second half that. Would you hold Kyle Washington's six points that's a tremendous effort I don't know why he only played seventeen minutes but he does. Gary Clark is one of the best players in the country he's he's got to be on all American lists and and yeah he was 37 minutes goes for eleven A a Cumberland shot it well as his team room but a guy like Jacob Evans usually NBA. Prospecting and goes for sixteen points for the office four turnovers of I mean this this this is a team effort it took a lot of guys defending rebounding. Making dirty plays from the office of the great decisions. And I'm you know it's there's so many ways we could. Defined this went but the bottom line is the shock yours went on the road and into the nation's longest win streak. The road warriors to this day and I'm just real excited about with what lies ahead. A wonder about that last play you know you have your delegates of press because that you rebounding pretty close to the sideline and the end line. And they cut it to two you had landry's open deep water and earlier play that O'Connor did Connor freezing your. Liberal I think the big enough I can't I can't run that play for with Connors anymore because he doesn't look at it that number one option which is. When they're shelling out like that Bob if they have to get steals right so there's there's there's there's added five guys it's just. And they've taken the ball from a couple. They just took the ball from Landry one time it made me either Conner or. Shaq or Boston. Re well as the went down we got the timeout that. But when you give at a time out of that mine and that's that might look for look for Greg has them dialed up here and you just switched it around I think Atlantic route in and sent off that exhaustion can't. Through because we shall see you know otherwise he was throwing. Through that Conner there are pleased to vault looking over the big guy that's on the ball. So I later made the play you have to have some guts to make that does that play and he he certainly made the way. In Austin had a huge finish. And it's not follow up to their their follow shot either writing it right down the court project Jack worse it's. Accentuates the we have with a huge down. Congratulations. And well aware of it let's reward different there it went great ballgame right quality. You know thinking that if you catch. A great coach Gregg Marshall presented by express employment professionals and they should have a bill yet. To work before wrapping up one thing but rather fight sponsors Carlos localities and they remind you that march brings to great shocker tradition the NCAA tournament. Stocking shelves of our daily bread bread food pantry. Beginning February 26. At the opportunity to donate a dollar to the food pantry Stan do those in the driver's autograph shocker basketball. All of the Wichita. Hutchinson. Carlos tallies flotation. Two big wins this week. Two weeks to go in the regular season jacket this week absolutely at home in that we only time they'll see the way that failed policies possibly. And then back on the road and SMU rematch against Aniston and team that it fortunately. Yes they buy it. What delays the much improved team from last year got a for pro coach that knows what he's doing down there are so. Their company went C that's at 630 game a strange dark time. For a Wednesday night game and then Saturday. At FC and you'd need a shake bill's gonna get healthy rat closes tonight but just attacked British soccer game you know you let us stuff. In the first went in March 1 at Central Florida and then the big 1 march 4. Cincinnati at home on Sunday morning on CBS so they don't yet atmosphere. That's just a little bit or get out only two moral gain through a shocker so Tulane and then Cincinnati the end. When we go again remind you of our coaches shows tomorrow night for AG exports to the Alley on 97. Thirteen 36 to seven Gregg Marshall seven to eight Keith Adams eight to nine. Todd Butler 87 and oh week. For those three coaches should be fun and then our next. Basketball broadcast. 530 Wednesday night from. Cookery and shot through skin to lake Hughes road win today for shocker basketball 7672. Over Cincinnati for Bob Hope. And Sandra Hamlin I'm saying goodbye for here at Bob Lewis and Ted what we're coming up next with the locker ship. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven JE YE and crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare has. Tired Carlos and Kelly for. America executive airship shows your insurance the Carnahan group like start sharing not to love seeing as drilling. Living as a blankets and equity bank. Your hometown Chevy dealers comforts us tips via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel Jackson cover. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas just it's Javaris cover up my. Trust bank but Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capitol federal. Is the American family insurance tall grass country club. 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It's a shocker locker room gel with the jet does sports fan and special guest Bob lives on 103 point seven. Good afternoon but there's still afternoon at 5:58 PM almost evening. Ted what part of bottler to a few here today at the shocker locker room show we are lied at twin peaks and he's Wichita ordered a first and rock road. After Wichita State to win today on the road at Cincinnati's doctors ranked number eighteen in the nation. Beat number five Cincinnati 7672. Stopping Cincinnati's 39. Game win streak on home court. That was the nation's longest. And the doctors break that today Wichita State. Now 21 in five overall Cincinnati falls to 23 and four and Bob. The shots today come through with a resounding win on the road against a top five. Deep impressive from start to finish they've never wilted. Cincinnati never made a big run in that game which I think. Could be expected at home improvement problem. A raucous crowd like that which because they've felt the McVeigh and got a first road win against a top five team sense. 1964. That is correct you fathom that not really. What that straight top five last year. I think are that it's that's an attempted humor but. The. Attempt is the key word there isn't a very much so now your point humor soccer's fourth win. Ever at a top five team on the road first time in 54 years since they beat Loyola back to back in 6364. Yeah that's that's incredible stuff of course those were the days of the valley of death when he's loyal source wells and in the valley at that time that. I was a little moment that that played Wichita State quite often and I think we're coming off the national championship and a year earlier. Sox when it at Cincinnati today. 7672. If you would like to join us where. Open on the phone lines today. 8691037. Is the phone number 8691037. Is our phone number today the area code is 316. We're here at twin peaks and he's which it's not when he first and Iraq. Bob beard. And he did coming off a game in which Darryl Willis and Jack Morris were so dominant in the home game this week. Darrell only won one basket today in his but there are other guys picked up the slack Landry sham it's certainly had a very light hearted and in the race. First. Scoring wise and have a great second half for leadership wise yes he showed you every aspect of his game. In the in these two path was outstanding scoring the basketball and soccer needed it. He went into this game today not knowing how Wichita State with scored against the Cincinnati deepen. Even as good as which State's offensive then we see all the Cincinnati scored for the whole team in the 40s50s. And wonder what's gonna happen Landry camera had sixteen points from the first. What. And I was encouraged I mean about halfway through the first half Sox at twenty points so on pace to score in the seventy's or eighty's none that does not play in Cincinnati things. 42 to forty at half. I'm I don't think we've anybody would have expected that but for the in Wichita State. Really good off that easy efficiency. With Flanders hand just an outstanding player one of the best guards in the black in America. And you heard Gregg Marshall to post game talk about the fact that Cincinnati's making those defensive switches that. He can get the people get around one of those which as you've got to file enforcement. Exactly and win which Greg Marshall coach and had easy name to that he made all the right first. Which doctors did exactly what they needed to do going go hostile environment. That place rock groups and Cincinnati's. Extremely athletic. Rugged. Team. And just sort of a very impressive when it was doctors today and boy. That rivalry which is tough thing is Cincinnati with the united. Now they return here on March 4. For senior day. That will be one of the most special officers we've seen with the decade and a few weeks from today to eat today. Cincinnati now is they hated the which they've thrived. After today Mick Cronin hated votes in the bearcats their hated team. Why it's so great that Wichita State's in this conference. Well and it's as this one and a great thing is that this rivalry was it was a red hot. Back at 55 years ago and it even know went dormant for the better part of 3040 years now it's back off. At one of the most. Citing things when it was announced it would stuff that was going to the American was the renewal rivalry with Cincinnati in the for a stretch of years in the fifties and sixties. Was as good as it gets in college basketball now I think we're gonna revisit that there's certainly no question in my mind that. Of all the teams in this conference and told them Houston police and you. There's there's some potential rivals which they've clearly Cincinnati's rival for the shock. And I don't necessarily throw out SMU as a potential. I did a poll on this petty you can't. I do a little for the year Twitter poll now which I'm prone to do early fall for our radio show would drive. And see where we. Of the aspect question who's the who will be the most heated long term rival which they. In this and right now 79%. Cincinnati 14%. Volts of 7% Houston penis in me not getting enough votes even registers. At this point and I put the game with Cincinnati was today it was heated and it was there were that there was no fighting anything like that. What folks say that the fanatic and illegal laughter yes and until we I don't know that I gave just like we said it's going to be can't miss. I guess I was just throwing is immune to the mixes the team it is already coming to Wichita on one already and I'm surprised they're not getting more and I know those two games with temple were pretty interest or I mean I know that's not a great geographic rivalry with. Shots examples seem to be a couple of scenes aren't afraid to go out each other play some entertaining basketball. Absolutely and who knows what else to throwing out bring up Memphis could potentially be. Good rival which state and a little valley folks now. It's a lot of fun lot of lot of new stuff in this conference and it's been for the good ride. Lot of things to talk about today Wichita State over Cincinnati 7672. New. Big win for the shots and out when he won in five on the season we're talking about tonight. I'm a shocker locker room so we're broadcasting live here at twin peaks and he's what you thought when he first and rock give us a phone call at 869 if 10378691037. Is our phone number don't forget on game days only. All day long here at Winn beat to get food and drink specials when the soccer's place here on game day you can get a cheeseburger basket just 599. And you get a big old mug of the man sized shots off for just four bucks. As fears that exactly 32 point zero degrees for a right after the freezing our office that doesn't get any better. That ice cold there as well literally a 32 degrees I don't know on their depth. Take. It brings me back to Lawrence few months they don't hear that. That's exactly rock beer yeah. Shots when it today about 476728691037. Is our phone number ten and Bob. Here at twin peaks will be back for more the locker room right after this shocker basketball today and what all three point 78 EY and. 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There's your bed do that right now during the off its feet to prevent a 50% on the ultimate limited edition bad plus special finance ends Monday. For more details and a final report three stores in Wichita and Salina go to sleep number dot com special financings of incredible minimum and became acquired property tax. It's a shocker locker room gel with Ted does sports fan. And special guest unloads. On 103 point 78 EYE. We'll let you know it you'll want to hear it that not a sound. Or else. This round Kelly actually went all the way under the basket step that now. Yeah. Welcome back. Longer as a Derry taco in my. On gas and didn't want to do that. Doctors when it today huge win for Wichita State on the road fifth ranked Cincinnati falls to the eighteenth ranked soccer 7672. Which apostate snaps thirty. The 39 game home win court streak for Cincinnati the pad in the nation's longest. Stocks when it's 7672. This is the soccer locker and go to it Woodward and Bob Bluetooth with you here today. A phone number is 8691037. Every cubs 316. Let's go to the phone lines Al is. Up next going at all. Okay well thanks for taking my call always in fact the game pretty exciting and that the outcome of it I think. Not sure I'm putting up with you know on the yen it re establishment. A rivalry. I think in recent years certainly since creek and let the ballot. You know let's find out about eight Illinois State and northern Iowa Bible which prostate let me a little bit cold to be honest so you can. Pull up this historical. Rivalry. That backing or years and more importantly both these teams are. Certainly top 25 feet. Now you're in and year out I think dad. The game like this it's halfway there on really jump starting this rivalry. The next game. In Cincinnati oh you know any kind of game at all for a minute but I think in order at a real rivalry. It's almost like the outcome as being balanced somewhat. Beaten up Drake making fun of him and you know obviously it's great with our rival. Back meal they got you know not through fighting could you know be we would always speed of the game pretty competitive. But what's on the right in and adding the rest of this year and going forward I think it is perfect rivalry yeah I'm delighted that. We're really gonna ever rival that's what but he thank. Like that earlier. That's pretty. Many many years ago. Any soccer fans and tempers. Obviously he's in excellent programs. I've those. And made the rabbit. And they don't like it are already in it today to meet its its. It's obviously perfect. The great right in my opinion. That take long. You know everybody got out the old rivalry. That could also for those many years in the valley but I I just sense that that this is ready. At least you know in the present. It it's just a step but I'd like to admit that the that the higher levels by all these are two true heavyweight. It could be you know slug it out. Not only today but in two weeks and it going forward salaam I'm real excited that. This game was that game that was. The comport to that final game at the mallet and taxes don't work but I'm not ending but that is kind of step that they believe it's illegal now. That in our pocket. LB have tickets to the Essen meeting on Saturday. Knowing it and make them. I heard their verdict of the dump off. Well but karma so it is small and got Brit I'd quite. Good luck out unless you work on that now but thanks good luck. You know I it's there's not a lot of tickets to be had an adult. Sam doesn't see a lot of people and the soccer we'll have a great contingent and SMU has a good crowd them. Yeah that'll be another fun game although us and you battered the and struggling. But Jake Milton might be back that might be back and don't have a couple other guys that are routes they're not the same team that came in and and B to soccer's echo arena but still. Still a good team. Sox won it today at Cincinnati 7672. This instead and Bob on the locker room show. 8691037. Is our phone number our next caller is Bonnie go right ahead Bonnie. I'd die Harry airline. Business Barney. I Bonnie Bonnie packet aren't. How are you Bonnie I'm you know hey you know an obvious. And that he and I went out and I'm proud of you I read about your award in the paper today congratulations. It McNamee a tad I'm I'm at right now that's an hour got an award. So yeah you're talking about me well thank you Bonnie I'm honored by the I'm looking forward to Kona to. Newman University next Saturday and then problems I wouldn't. Very appreciative of. I know it's not in basketball but you've done great things with the ease and baseball would America. Please we set out to make a difference we feel like we are so it's very enjoyable to be partly would be. And thank you for saying that. Absolutely. Now I do you wanna talk about the game today they gave me a heart attack. And I can't think that we have a great new rifle. Butt. He had a diet that I worry about and that went Landry. Now you think that he is over there whatever he had for awhile the end you'd think that that's happened with players and there's just. Bennett not gonna come back is that could not like the blue. He's a great player in my opinion and he went through shooting slump and he kept some other facets of his games gold's strong during that shooting slump. And it appears to me like he's all the way back from and certainly a guy you want in your corner. If you're trying to accomplish what which states trying to. So don't worry no heart attacks. Have a heart attack that bland but doctors that it is pretty have to watch the game. I thought I had and I did not buy love basketball and I hated it. Think the route every parent might like to. Put. Well this was a good outcomes and you've eaten skate through the rest of the weekend Bonnie. Exactly I have a great. Thank you Bonnie thanks Bonnie William W. Both of those well Bonnie this lowest level of the that it went a little bit so let's go to our next golf not but I won't love Marty but. We don't know reserving judgment yet let's go back to the phone lines. Here at 2221. Brought 8691037. Mardy is next to it Marty. And yeah. Aren't you you're going to do great. Thank you go to hell I want in my. Little back here at recommended that Greg mark that we needed. Starting lineup change any bearded and it bit I'd carefully at that time. And they did that environment changed next thing you know their role while the wrong and it really I'm out your welcome. And I really think chocolate or they're great and I'd like to keep watch in Rome and and yeah they get a robbery and let me tell you connect it to Matty and gummy bear that he went well today is. And thanks I did when it wrote that it matters that you know recommended the Gregg Marshall did it change your mind and update what he lifted him and that he what are offered rent it at a chronic care. Well it nearly Angeles thanks to our coaching job title well highly recommend. Yes Marty was outspoken need mentioned that a couple times in the locker room chillingly fell into the Gregg Marshall coach who show on Thursday and now Larry Ellison. Awesome races played very well now for several games in a row. And Connor frank camps kind of read what he had coming up but then. And they've got a good thing going right now. And this is a time when you wanna have yet the good thing bill January had a little lol a lot of that happens to a lot of teams. You look at anybody college basketball. And you're gonna hit the stretch during the season. We're not playing very well where your best players slumping it happens to virtually have nobody yeah I mean it it happens to everybody. So other doctors now that I think they I think they're in the spot where they can they can ride this thing out the rest of the regular season. In the post season and we'll see what happens. Before we got to move on wanted to back the bonnies point she asked about Landry Shannon and you know what Landry went truth about 34 game stretch for you wasn't shooting balls policy. That is. And I know after one of those games on it may be more than one. You know after that Leavitt arena local arena is empty everybody's gone home landry's out there the basketball shooting. And working on shots and I mean that's what. Good players do is they don't out they don't let it get in their head and affect him for seven great games they get out there and do what they know they can and improvements and work on the things they need to get. There and part of it is an understanding that. Shooters don't always shoot well not only they're gonna have that they're gonna have off games the key is like he just says. Don't let it affect your confidence and certainly don't let it show in your confidence and Landers Kim and never did conference cam never. And now those guys shooting better. So yeah Landry shammond. But no words don't worry about Landry sham. But you Marty. Thank you float collar collar obviously. Level our culture which it would. That thing on the drive I love our listeners. And Markoff. Level. So bring it on we wouldn't be anywhere 869103. The united. You know we didn't callers it was pretty soon to new news to an Indian in me talking about Hogan's Heroes nobody wants to hear another don't. 8691037. Is our phone number the area code is 316 this is the shocker locker rooms show. We're live at twin peaks and he's Wichita Allred when he first and rock port your phone calls right after this 8691037. As the number. 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It's a shocker locker room show with Ted does sports and and special guests on the lives on 103 point seven KEY. And a lot more restless spirits it was a massive lift hater but I think he'll morris' muscled it over how Washington he's got to love it. It's not your sacrifices. We've seen today knocking off sixth ranked Cincinnati on the road stopping Cincinnati's 39. Game winning streak on home court. That was the nation's longest. And it goes by the wayside after the soccer when it today 76720. Wichita State's first win on the road at a top five opponent in 54. Years. Shocks when it. This is the soccer locker room go to a sports and in bobbled with you here today were lied when sneaks in which it's our 21 and rock road today glad to have you with us. Now while he needs while I have this pressure my man is Bonnie who would love. Texted me and that she's forgot to mention. How proud she is the view. For being one of the inductees into the with two top sports hall thing. So congratulations. To you Teddy thanks to UN Bonnie for the genre. On rye. Well deserved any oral lord. I don't or about a mile just mentioned briefly it's. It's tells what it is it's so that award I guess I received last year can move them. Difference maker award and it's because of mine ultimately 42 would. I would do for. Regardless the right note arrived so I appreciate when people notice the 42 of them all is flattered. What I want called out for. Involve the report to its passion in my life fantastic yeah. Thanks and will move on thank you for the phone calls and let's move on back to the calls it 691037. Is our number the area code is 316. Mike is next go right ahead Mike. He would get an update for having me on iTunes organized before you comment before you comment about the game. Yeah please say something nice about me or. Oh. But bottom line. You rock out and enjoy your book and I beat you. Yeah with the game so. I was really just wan links announcements. Oh. It was that's it but tip Chris I've listened to use very user and the show started. You know as far as that goes in and you have an iron just went excellence I agree with all the colors. Alan everybody calls him. The fact that the soccer but it a very good game I felt that Lander probably one of the best game as far as actually at the point. That I you know he did you do that looked like you you guys talked about but I and another thing. I just wanted to say I told him ought not think it was today and you've seen the course and English soccer and removed have. After that game. I think that I mentioned that the doctors would be fortunate to go five victory. For 444 or the next eight games but actually it's down six that is. Seated here and it bit alienated an expectation. And I can only because they the the other color party that you know that the lineup change. Well I don't listen I don't think it's all because lineups and I think I think with the saints is found. Smoke joke. I think so I think have been just the way that they they put things together their defense and and they did not expect this. Here are offensive team defensively there and there are OK they're not this is a wanna Gregg Marshall. Thus off defense of teams would certainly may be his best. Offensive team and assume what team what the shoppers hang their hats on is being able score if scored 76 today against the Cincinnati team that. Gives up what sixty games out when he points Darren and again so this is an offensive team are hard to guard. Thanks for the call we appreciate in my. Thanks Mike. And if you would like to join us on the locker rooms or phone number is 8691037. 8691037. Back to the phone lines Dan is next go right ahead and. Great win today just one. Really adequately market the plate today you know. Backed seems to be kind of searching. Here he is that your primary option for a back in the middle seat that lets you a little tip about. Weary beat him but you know so active on defense. When I can take two steps from the length get out the carpet it cradle watch three and then make the guy's not a shot. And then when the time he took shots you make two free throws are and let the team rebound so. I think market does really stark into his own again as roles a little bit different maybe that was lecture but I really admire the way. I mean you still active today I mean he endeavors that bill. Meaning it was amazing. Well I'm an. And have it at a good offensive game in the first step today did not affect him but defense to do it and I'm sure that I don't have the box were right in front of me but I'm sure played the most minutes he's played since the terror. Also one thing that people keeps me about the shootings bombs. You know you're not always easy everybody would be doing but the one thing I love about Archie. Probably all credit to Gregg Marshall stack that they don't while possible. And rebounds. Although things never go with those of course because we don't lump in that you know she worked in Portland we are you Falwell. Everywhere is different air ball flight inflated differently and it's apparent just got to go. You know and him. You just got to keep sharpening that sent a shot you don't pay right. That's correct for should call thank you thanks for the call Dan and shooters find a way in and like we talked about the shocks her. Pretty deep team incapable it'll lot of ways on off this was just a game today were it was just a battle from the beginning. Grind it out. The most impressive thing about me at which doctors never relented and never will fit in Cincinnati is a fantastic. Defensive team they're used to that spilling their way in these kinds of games and what to tell us they kept its head above water. For forty minutes I was impressed by the doctors. Poise against it systematic pressure. Soccer's never lost the lead bomb in the final they never trailed in the final 29 minutes of this game that's impressive. It on considering Cincinnati's 39 game home winning streak in it and and it offensively are at from the country and they know. A team that was unbeaten in the conference until this week now back to back losses to what Houston. Just put on temple today yeah when by performing ones though. You got three teams in this conference right now Houston Cincinnati in which a couple of days that are gonna. All gonna go to the NCAA tournament and all would be capable in my estimation of doing some good things in the NCAA. Shots today 7672. At Cincinnati. Point four ever soccer that won a road game five opponent when it at least 72 back to the locker emotional phone lines at 869. 1037. Happy is next it capping. Or am I. And you rivalry. And that. Story. Men are here make. Me and it's see a lot lot. The and me might find. At your age. I. Am happy. In. It. It's. The game and me. I'd hear. Them and here. I. I'm I haven't heard a word you say I don't know the classmate in the car with them that you're there willingly. Yeah I can only. A glorious ego out in the U cleared up that mystery thank you. Aren't things that we appreciate it Hillary hello there you go. 869 model 37 as their phone number today on a shocker locker room showed. Nasty kind of illustrates a point about this rivalry with Cincinnati is interesting. Older soccer fans. Corzine remember the shock. I'm fifty and I don't remember this Wichita State Cincinnati rivalry only know about it in a historical context athletes tonight you've got a rivalry that. Resonates with. A lot of different people for a pretty. Goodness is going to be a new rivalry. I go way back to the old rivalry. Don't quite go back to the Oscar Robertson days when I go back to the Ron bomb Tom doctor George Wilson. Jim are. Those kinds of players for Cincinnati. And they were outstanding. And that's the team that won multiple national championship. Back in the fifty to five final fours and our own compromise I mean it yeah were you know when you have that fanatic when you have Ohio State. And that was they've certainly had a couple really marquee games against Ohio state bank today. Those were unbelievable. Time in soccer basketball history and it's just great to see what to that the temple game the other night with a great atmosphere. Something we haven't seen it echo arena awhile because most of the game but then one sided blowout which they'd just Leisle. In conference play you have to go back to games against great. To have those kinds of moments I think this will leave them up the ante on the. Shocker when it today 7672. This is the shocker locker room show. Did Woodward and bobbled with you here at twin peaks were when he first and rock course we're here for the show after every soccer game all season long. Our phone number is 86910378691037. 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Verdict and now and a hog wild good barbecue five locations in Wichita Falls and derby don't worry don't Hudgens and and Salina. Don't they if we close at eight there's locker room show brought to impart my Charles Schwab. As Charles Schwab we've believed asking questions is she went taking ownership of your life there same is true when it comes demand junior wealth. You know how much your Fave in season and how they affect your returns to ask your financial advisor and if you don't like the answer. Stopped by the Charles Schwab branch in Wichita today. Located at the waterfront park called 31513. Hundred. We believe feel like what we have this today. The twenty Steele let's spores lodge where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's port on your greens and scratched from his bursting from the best kitchen is sport there's something on the menu to satisfy every fan's appetite take your teammates and new life with any harsher more items for the table when he's full service bar features an extensive selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of these detainees that there's never a bad he now heads for twenty these drinks scenic view. It's a shocker locker room to show woods at this stance and special guest list on 103 point seven KE YE. Right now it's not a lot to Willis back that's it really in the line following jumper at anti. How often fighter would have that I'm probably turn around jumper over six and I can't walk in his first field below this obviously my eighth and it now. Okay. Okay. Sons and. LeBron bomb you back here at soccer locker room so we're at twin peaks when he first and rock here in east which it's off. Shoppers with a big win at Cincinnati today 7672. You just heard the call there are my vanity Darryl Willis with a big bucket with 121 to go. But the shots up by eight. We're Cincinnati would score the next six points so that then that bucket wrote this literally did that at that point. How about the a comment by a friend for Schiller in the first. Talking about. Official that Valentine now that's the good officials he doesn't care who wins that you did you catch I did not. Though. Alan that was something I did that that was funny to me you that's that's why he sided at Ballantine. As being good official because he doesn't care who wins. That goes with officiating. With the people would help. Then how about the split screens all day of. I did not like that and I did not like that at all a little like up in the middle of night night out with vision. The did not like. Not not. Those were the same comments that Mike Kennedy had about him now no probably quite different. Shocks when it today 7672. Ted Woodward Bob Bluetooth you hear on the soccer locker room show or at twin peaks it when he first and rocket these Wichita. Our phone number is 8691037. Every notice 316 but the back of the phone lines jammed his next go ahead JAMA. Yeah let's look the group or comment for a model Bob. In the arm hello Uganda are no volatile about the idea and I agree with you. Diplomatic does not qualify. As a top five being. On the idea that might make him quite what it is is their transition team is leak. It prepared their coveted but they're never I'd be. Putting it Bob you're talking about Cincinnati. That's an area. Well I don't know if they aren't fit for a number I think I'll at least. You know you can make the case that Cincinnati's. Body of work. Would be somewhat questionable you can also make that case for Wichita State before today although like Wichita State wins the Oklahoma State and Baylor certainly looked pretty good at this point. But winning at Cincinnati gets it which stalkers and victims. Now Cincinnati comes and what's two weeks wins. I think they're right back into that picture but right now I'd say I'd I'd estimate Cincinnati and B five C. Right around where I think Wichita State would be at this point and Houston probably a seven or 89 C. Thanks Jim. And we could we still could see some movement for those stunning national honor it basketball fascinates us planets and you have Central Florida. They have a home game this week against two lane which. Will likely win but then a couple of tough road games left before that Cincinnati. So I gotta make sure they take care of those two road winds you know so it won't these units and units of Florida. That certainly the doctors are on the right path. Shots when it today 7672. At fifth ranked Cincinnati this is the locker room so we're broadcasting live at twin peaks here when he first and rock. 8691037. And her phone number back to the phone lines from Michael. Going to Michael. Yeah I am trying to stage. America actively. CNN news. This stadium. But I Memphis for my players. Then a big bigger arena in Memphis certainly for the Memphis Grizzlies other games and is there is a matter of building a new arena. You confidence building unit demand in the air cast votes you know temple that kind of pleasant. In big Arenas for their home games so it's it's a good breath of fresh air I of the bodies Carolina has a nice facility. On the shoppers went. Yeah. It's thought that you know things. It seems. But doctors came out in the second half. With them a lot of energy they played good defense urge them than me. To get a rebound. What time there factory offensive rebounds. They kicked it out to our liberties in the name along thirty. Remember that. Yes I do not only energy was a problem for either no today. Energy was high from the opening. Until the fact more it's sealed the win in the game. Hard. I mean. That. You know he let him by about four feet. It was a gutsy call. Infinitely. The L Michael Landry had a couple and very nice passes at the end there 12 Austin -- for the layup with eleven seconds to go and in the one you're talking about a Shaq there at the very end in the final couple seconds. That good stuff Michael we appreciate hear from him. Thanks Michael. 8691037. Is a phone number here on the shocker locker room show. Wichita State to win at fifth ranked Cincinnati tonight 7672. Backed the phone lines Dick is next going it. Nick. It would take an intimate. You about it and about the the rivalry with Cincinnati it's almost instantaneously. Read read. We. I agree with that and we. Have a rivalry with Memphis. I know that we at rival Memphis. Even though we are with them you know him out and I think man. The agreement and Cincinnati. We would have been eight years we actually beat Cincinnati you I'm back in the sixties when opening. When Memphis with a in the valley which is not very good and they beat meant that the and so. You couldn't really call it rivalry. I am definitely Memphis will get this program back to what it that the at. Any. You know. And it you know if it was great but they have north on Dayton way. And the other. Those are all regional regional rival those two with north they they CFC is much more Conor and a. That's bad news and we don't have that compact and Internet and American bad. We have the ability I think if if they can keep things together. Yeah I don't know if I think depends on whether these. Bad schools and stay happy enough with what the American is bringing them. Because I'm curious thirty they complain about the basketball part was less well we helped you become. I don't know I mean don't acted exactly in the atlas and others. A few schools in the American feel like Wichita State felt like in them through valley conference and hopefully we can loose side. They feel like they they should be on a bigger stage. Talking about you Connecticut Cincinnati. Memphis they all feel like they have. That they're wanting to get to that next level put it they'd like to be enough in the power five content. But this is where it is where things shake out for now right but they're not that there will not be movement the future and the implicit. The addition of with the state of the Americans certainly increases the profile basketball and if you get UConn Memphis back at a high level temple. You. And some other schools continue to improve a little bit. You could have a nine in my college basketball conference. So that's a whole Hampshire. Thanks for the call 68691037. Is our phone number. We are broadcasting live here at twin peaks and he's the 221 and rock road for the soccer locker room show 8691037. Is our phone number. Bob but coupled birthdays today Elvis throw out that Cuba today is we have to get shocker birthday today Tyler green. Former soccer baseball pitcher is 48 today I believe. Tyler Perry rise. How about that he'd he Pittston all star yet he was the winning pitcher in at all sorry Canada now. And I used to go to lunch with him a break in the back in the shortly after his. Playing career without statin is Major League career. We're had a lot of success early on with the Philadelphia Phillies always enjoyed Conakry not believe became a little bit of the musicians. Really yeah you know it. That's why I'm here I know you don't and attracts and a podium with my give I give you some information that's verifiable summit's just an absolute yes and it's up to you in the listeners to decide which is what it. And I was the public address announcer the ninety threw his no hitter but he's out of Mexico. At stating how about that that was a great memory for me. Happy birthday to Tyler Greene. And my other birthday today what is John Mayberry is celebrating overstated its arrow let me guess the former Kansas City Royals let me guess well neighbors is obviously 7469. Is that argument you overshot that would wow. John Mayberry. I apologize John. There's a couple of baseball birthdays today is celebrating its move on in a shocker locker room show what a win for the shocker basketball team. First win at. Ask a top five opponent on the road in. 54. Years win a fourth time ever shocker of one against the top flight team on the road 7672. The final score for the shots. In this one Wichita State shot 53%. From the field Bob. Again but it's one of the better defense is in the nation's. They were very proficient offensively. He took Cincinnati's gold defensively as to rattle you he and there are often successful with that. It didn't work against Wichita State and ran their offense once they beat the press. There were very good in the half court but. Very good performance today votes. Four players in double figures and reach him at nineteen Jack Morris thirteen. Now often reads with a dozen. I guess the only three players in double figures are that. But them bush tax plan and high level. But at the end aid and our affiliates seven that around six. Daryl will spies are Franken exits so. Even again and again you know senior day two weeks from today scene there and. And gets a fanatic imminent and it could be for all the marbles the American at least for which they to give it time with Cincinnati. Let's when you know we don't know what's gonna happen two weeks leading up to that. But then you've got all these seniors who will be on references after the game out of pride about yes. That's got to be a win. Hopefully. But Shaquille borrows is. I believe. Becoming one of the more popular. Doctors. In recent memory certainly have read them leave him alone makers. At the top of the popularity list that. The way sheath that Shaq personality that seem mapped to the after you scored about that moment hunker. Down the way it looked in the camera. Stuck his tongue now and keep it would tremendous. Enjoyment and the island should feel. You mentioned senior day two weeks from today after the Cincinnati game. Seniors on a shocker roster that they will be saying goodbye to after the end of the season Rashard Kelly Zach brown. Ronald nurture Darryl Willis. Connor frank camp. Jack Morris. Go wow. Big big part of the thing for the team that's been like not only this year but in previous years. But a lot of guys. The lot of guys and and Landry shipments may or may not be back next week we don't know though. There will be an interesting soccer roster next year but that is still a long way away we got a lot of basketball left as the shocker wind their way down the regular season here. After a four point win to date at Cincinnati Sox are one game out of first place with four games remaining in the regular season in conference play. 8691037. As their phone number doctor locker room show here at twin peaks in east which is not the only person rock. Fitness sports and in buffalo back for more your phone calls right after this here on a 103 point seven KEY. One. Superior comfort he could afford it turned. Well just heating and air an independent American standard customer care dealer with a 96% customer satisfaction rating plus. During the American standard free furnace is about to get a free furnace with a purchase of qualified American theater heating and air equipment exceptional service. Plus a free Vernon. Only at well just heating and air call 73316100. Today. Offer valid January 1 of march 31 2008 keep your independent American standard heating and air conditioning dealer for details. 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Twenty the ultimate sports slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's 400 screens and scratched from his first thing from the best kitchen in sport there's something on the menu to satisfy every dance at a time to take your teammates and new high with any harsher more items for the table when he's full service bar features and ten selection of draught Beers that are purpose to serve that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in mugs know ice cold Beers crystal more power maintains are decked out with tons of these TV there's never a bad he now heads for twenty eats drinks scenic view. It's a shocker locker room gel with the jets us courts have. And special guest I'm limits on 103 point seven. Yeah. Frequent asked me let me go to the best ever slept good and I'll do it yeah beautiful place couple were sincere. Announced forestry might have been found did not follow its. Point eight seconds that is definitive statement. I bet that Boris does little amount of science that both hands. Okay. Doctor lotteries do not sound like music you play it doesn't fanatic related news. That's right up here our little bit does that make the moment. I don't think so. And listening to a lot of victim owned since he passed Scott Walker's call them the congressman out of Wisconsin I don't think that's that's. Different guys though it shocker current but he. Look at you look at made up your reference. Nice. This is the shocker lottery show we're broadcasting live at twin peaks and east Wichita Robert when he first and -- 8691037. It's a phone number at the shock when it. 7672. At Cincinnati. And you heard Mike Kennedy involve whole color those last two shocker buckets within the last eleven sects Scott Walker valid Massachusetts. I want to correct that while people think on this them. Slalom race. The threes and that aren't open think perception is what it is I'm not sure you can change it for the good or bad at this point. 7672. Shots when it let's go back the phone lines 8691037. Larry is next go ahead Larry. Guarantor of watching a mink coat room sideline you by the character. Couple period. Things about him. You probably don't know who's been gains in your. And he played. You played on the morning and he was not this actually buys. And then balance match and that the buster stepped in that if he doesn't know that but if you're in. Could have been an injury prevented him from coaching but the other thing that that people don't know that he wears platform she's only five poor. And fair by. And that but just thought I'd throw that amounts a lot of happy are you that right now. Are on my behind I'm where I'm at the top and. I'll bet thanks Larry good for you Larry. 8691. 037. Is our phone number tonight here in the shocker locker room show maybe it's getting to be that kind at that time of the night day. That's as a full load Sunday night the can be crazy. It's 7 o'clock on the dot right here on a Sunday evening after the doctors win at Cincinnati snapping. The bearcats 39 game winning streak on home court which has been the longest in nation until that point. Shock says if the wind to back the phone line 8691037. Ernie is next go ahead Ernie. I got. Out. DiMarco and these schools. Prefer for people think they're gonna expand could be Central Florida well. Absolutely they're they're pretty good and South Florida yet. Just one thing. About all the previous all the good thing. You know other treatment which taught in it or Cincinnati and number yours ago. And this may be reject it coached football it wouldn't matter if they might one. In 1150 games and Earl was. But distance ninety's had goats with Sid Gillman. And then went on to these are possible. So that's one final tribute for the. Thank you and every their all of our audience over 75 woke version of that. Okay. We love the journey. Thank you Ernie yeah out marketing back to the shocker this is Eddie Gill a little days. Now the good stuff hey we love history exactly do. Thank all about it thanks for the call Ernie 8691037. Of their phone number ordered in pizza to when he first and rot in the locker room filled Bob. He sweet talk you would always tradition and rivalries and things in the next soccer games against the team that ever played before to line up and. Another school that would. That would fancy itself as a potential power five school someday remember that. They made overtures in the big twelve expanded. Was talking of expanding. They were really hustling to try to get into that conversation. Probably a stretch but it just it just shows you that. These schools with football programs or are wanting have to be in the U wanna be Internet conference. But for right now this is a great conference hopefully it'll stay together I'm very high and the commissioner of this conference and listened. Wichita State was on national states today and and have been in in many instances. All year long but today. All the national people were tweeting about the game they were watching it somewhere there. It's a huge huge boost in exposure. For shocker basket. Which if it was a year ago and it's the shocker the poignant valley game it would have been nowhere to be seen on on a week they were on opposite of direct. First state today with it's actually had negative rating is just not sure how that happens. It's just a different thing is just the more people through their television that's in the in the life is that have a negative rating on work yes. Shocks when it today 7672. At Cincinnati two lane is in the home game on Wednesday night for the doctors that's a 6:30 PM tip off. So low will be start in the locker in sillier about 99. And on the combined join us after the game I didn't wanna get started here about nine. While on yeah it was well. And enjoy the rest of the schedule 202 home games left two road games left in the regular season. Lucia and the a first time that which does that it will play in the American conference tournament down and Orlando Orlando. Slow I don't and all I know personally a lot of soccer fans are gonna make that count down the sunny Florida at the end. If I was thinking about it tried to do that and then hang around for a few days spring training that what great. That'd that would be so perfect wouldn't it yeah. I mean our teams the pirates and cardinals filtering them floor. So that would be great for us I love that. But here we are. Do and what we do every day on radio by Adelaide to listen to Bob and his son Jeff. On the draw I every weekday between four and 6 PM Montae FH 12:40 AM 975 offense and Stephen certainly in fairness every day every morning from the design. With the great jet Chamber's producers care you don't wanna forget Tom there and his contribution to our show. And of course Max power yes to folks behind you see guys who work hard legal. And our guy here on our show today Andrew handling enter hamlets were it was dale he's been at the station about twelve hours today is that I need to get him done so we know to get him. Belda for the soccer locker room show next up for the shocks at two lanes and not not to went home to home game against Tulane at the arena on Wednesday night. At 6:30 PM tip off. So my vanity and they'd all be on the air at 5:30 PM Wednesday with pre game to 630 in an after the game we'll be right here at twin peaks. When he first and wrought the locker room show Bob thanks for joining us here what do what do wind today for the shot it's great win great performance. The firemen. Soccer fans have the feeling very good about this team tonight. First win at a top five opponent in 54. Years. Shot 7672. At. At fifth ranked Cincinnati today another little looked at. Earning only about 37. It. It was a while ago. Landry's Janet let the soccer but nineteen points Jack Morris thirteen Austin res but it doesn't Marcus McDuff B eight. For starred Kelly was seven Zach brown was six along with kind of frank camp also at six points. The shocker shoot 53%. From the field they make 83 pointers. And shoot 70% from the line. Against and against one of the better defensive teams in the nation the shocks got the job done today on the road. That it didn't then look good to limit and like I said we've said numerous times two weeks from today 11 AM tipoff on Sunday. Nationally televised on CBS. Ya. So it doesn't. That's going to be one of the most incredible. Atmosphere. And senior day of food yes the just so many things. Coke will be how craze now that's two weeks from today the regular season finale the soccer hosting Cincinnati. By that point who knows conference you would think for. At least one or team are probably or maybe both lost a conference title implications on the line that day. Three basketball games between now and then both teams will speed up. Things shake out the next couple it should be a lot of fun jocks got the job done today 7672. At. If during Cincinnati's jocks now 21 in five on the season eleven to three in the conference. And now just one game out of first place. On Cincinnati and conference standings. That'll don't for the soccer blocker in Saturday's bomb thank you much settle cius you go to the rescue weekend Bob loot joining us today mining missed at the sports said. Thank you to our poster twenty cities which sought when he first and rock. And while our callers for being what it is today on the shocker locker room pseudo soccer 76 Cincinnati 720. Thanks for being witnessed today on what all three point seven KE YNN. And for the Wichita university locker room yelled after he shocker basketball game. On 103 point eight Y.