WSU Basketball vs UQAM - 08-06-16

Saturday, August 6th

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Why did. The lineup here in Montreal this summer sufficiently Wichita State at the university of Quebec. At Montreal. I don't know if they'll do formal introduction of the. Starters or get back at Montreal. You wouldn't blame that 61 senior sentinel undercut that all conference first team all Kennedy you're going to the first player from this program. Two. Named Austin have a diversity they are producing the starters until the shot and visiting team Rashard Kelly 67 junior and Fredericksburg Virginia to be started at the or Zach brown 668 your the Houston Texas at the three spot. The news Landry champ at six score redshirt freshman from Kansas City, Missouri. At the center position she killed Morris. 68. Redshirt junior and the dome. My daughter Frankie at 61 Richards did hear from which it's done or not wanting to make note. There is quite a bit of experience. Shots. But it is you know relatively young team they're our noses ears started off bonds John Roberts not an exact bush almost dollars. Players aren't here you are alone last predicts this group that's going to be around for a while. University of Quebec Montreal. You land matches 61 senior author now. You know Charles Miller is basics that you hear from Montreal waited up for Iowa. Right here. I'm returning store starter third leading scorer last year. Grief Clarence just off. In the sixties you hear from Montreal second team all conference a year ago it's usually score a little over sixteen points per game. NASA to bus will be one of the starters upfront he has six to handle. June 20 fifth year senior from Tunisia by the way you get five years of eligibility. Here in Canada and it doesn't mean just five to play for you could play five years of at least fifty years and years. Are playing their fifth year of college basketball and the other starter. Is Chris. While the other 67 sophomore from Montreal a transfer from Cordelia. University keep playing in his first season. For the soon to advance. Head coach. Hate to leave in his second year and a fourth straight Marshall. His tenth year as a head coach at Wichita State and certainly Bob this will be one of his. Bickered coaching challenges like yes let he has certainly. Rebuilt programs before. Rebuilt and moved up losing easy you yes sometimes the coach that's kind of exciting prospect is if you could turn this into you know about the threat. Later but he wondered who could replace Malcolm is its red going to be able to step in that point guards got all the it was an all 35 straight wins after that though it's going to be interesting to see how these guys kept him with a laugh eventually baker and left. The starting line up front about it and then they would never say they GM crude. Online and what you N dot com. It works in about if he would do. You know DA for my analysis. A big difference it's this got a friend here it is guarded by Charles Taylor's last night science background on the left with. At the highest close to Jack forthrightly if you haven't done right reluctantly swears up and it definitely matters Poland adamantly. Campus. Grounds out less loss of Florence jump but like check bounces off the aggregate to zone rebound this whole idea. That follow but it put it down rebounds forfeit their right mind. Yeah that's offensive rebound by Jack were reduced to severe convert the little body off the glass there is handing out for a double team down the baseline. All the way in short side of mash partially blocked by Shaq weren't. I'm Kelly frank can't quickly equivalent when the ground. Now the block divorce seal to fit your pretty little double teams definitely. Now. We should mention it yesterday instant replaying under international rules which means personal fortune in the quarters. They're playing with 242. Shot clock Malia and second. One Q now the ball in the process time lines. Redskins played it looks at the line. Look forward Rashard you know but it on the floor guys baseline spins crosscourt best chance frequently right wing death. Then Shannon. The three point basket the first score of the game read it to you animators really happy to get that first shot down he's been needs to get out there lately since we went down to foot injury. Last November. Laid off the screen get help like Kelly notion that anything back yet trust Hillary definitely it's no Mike Kelly. Ahead of print can't daughter. With a lot for Kelly and Rashard hit like it throw it did not put Brad Pitt have. And I feel like Kelly good to won't work that's pretty good for the lob but it nice bottle by Conor. Related directly or guarded by. Let him right that it Miller. If that is not ready those marriages aren't by around. Down the lane fortunately and turnaround the left hand bounces him. Averaged sixteen point. With the massive. And then and nice move likely or just make it an actual it was inside she act around. The only shot they not been excellent little jobs not tight enough. Lot and offered only an event yes it about 610 block that drive by shark Alley. And Quebec would get it back with shoppers leave my to speculate on that the free throw line technical all the fans wouldn't let him finish over the defender. News report played down the line with the rudder it like Hillary Kelly well defended by ship it and it's not just enough to cause this brain cancer right around on a right to block. Boris right baseline she definitely not him for instance up and the rebound. Then why go with three by him at the top of the circle past weekend's. Other words yes it was right to left out of the block. Actually left hander this predicated on tips it's the offensive rebound. At flatly. Not very good boxing out but chapters you hear about those that missed a little left hander about five feet ignited to. Were defense on the pick and roll that time wars that she dammit not very good communication. And that predicted that those that did it the shooter blocked off. And he got the ball back through them about Marshall not happy about that. Sequence. Wrote short. The ACC. Only shot six point 7% from the free throw line here. Is what is it. And it's prize. They checking factors making his first appearance is Errol Louis six. Madison Wisconsin tell interest. Rate can't try to get it down the block Jack or Jack. Had this man fortunately sealed it really gets locked in the all of them. And that time was a little bit off ultimately became wide open actors who read the rules that played soccer and let it was a late it over the wing. Over the past Miller right the lifted you. In like try to split two defenders as the basket and wants but it did help the commitment to hackers at times and Blaine ended up not his blanket. If he went straight up man and all of no resting yet. In that a lot of the rules of balls trees. By Quebec. They talent Jackie in wars like grant it to three catches let's wait that's not Boras right wing issue in the land that's the cutters. As you know the black candidate for faith Allen. Lie that a ban last shocker turnovers. A couple of things against Tennessee until these guys were used to work together anticipating each other's guts you know the last few cents down on the time it's been problems that weighs. Cutters cutting a little bit early in the absence from the ball. Rutgers career Jack Lawrence. Almost stolen by now covered by players. I am going to not a mystery you know might nurture chicken old ball in the line shot put up by the like got collected rain yeah. In order. But feel that that sports it's not itself juggling all of fifty like yeah. Yes it's not experts said they needed seven. Six and the war that's what the code plus the attic honor frank you run off it but also the rest of offensively to create look to future shop. Yes that's not. Regarded by journalist throws Miller's driving up going back out this month retreat not. And now we're about to hand frank yeah. Right or that it pulls up from the topic drains a three. Under French camp reappointment could accept it obviously in the history nice little pull up jumper off the ball screen rank him aka bombings eighteen and it. That stuff that we. You're going to collapse line drive can take only aggressive shop walk hard. And actors it's not nations. The junior point guard from Jacksonville and Tallahassee acknowledged it replacing got a pretty good matchup by your number eleven Caitlin ruling against number eleven. Lane reach him at that time again hit shouldered the machine and it's quick. First step. Mr. Byrd used that he has to explain it to not take it down the line tied up by. By Ray Allen. Collection to sham and nothing can't figure out Willis at the basket well yeah it's now well a couple of and I think they're good defense to get this field and and Willis pulled down a short. This kid you really want. Runs gates nutrients for. 68 out of Mississippi he can really run the corners nice and I lane for him to Willits was behind him. It really did the recognizing where the standard was shielding him with his body easily had a chance to make the layup and yet but now this three. Obviously twelve victory by others in the first quarter. Handling it tour event is that you. Currently pulling. Lots to do it and a lot of it is these trees country. 868. And senior notes that the game. Like by that time Ronald mergers it's good job of body and he's now he's offering his main double. Alex. Losses Czech yet that the last time our outlook block the merger activist Wei novelty. I support him a shot that he it's definitely. Now. Getting there to not let. I just ahead the shot clock is accurate. Yet another reporter arrived at about let's get from where you're the first quarter. Nothing but that that can't let him fifteen to tree which is to stay in the right or lurches to. Those left out playing here off the street bulls open fires that's way off the market your walls at once tax is not play the shots she was there. Realized all I was gonna come down on nazism let you know. Doctors have session timeout taken by that time now. On the first quarter at Wichita State fifty back. A little thing called taxation without representation once caused quite a stir with you Linux. Toronto on my arms while ATMs talk to a bloody fortune and fees just to get in touch revolution is in the world equity current deficit count comes with feet focus use Internet and your ATM in the final machine sort of a special country not peace even if you agreed to their extortion you equity current com. Blocks from Kentucky thing you can't join the revolution today. Critique thank member FDIC. Hard working Kansas make our state great they built our past and are growing our future. While improving the lives of everyone they touch. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps cancer as workers and their families to live healthier lives. We opened doors to more doctors and hospitals with innovative comfort and price choices in nearly 75 years of making health insurance he's. Blue Cross and Blue Shield chances. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YN Wichita. My community in Kabul that it Montreal. Or eighteen years ago the first quarter this exhibition game Wichita State leaving the back at Montreal fifteen to three shocker basketball out of the nation on Smith. Landry can't let me allens Ron and accurate hero Willis. And for the back. Hewitt playing this in there are cleared just weeks and then also. Three faces started the game they shot this Reich that back I can't rightly this nation on office treatment surgery that he pulled down the lions little stupid drug that's now. There's that but if that we've heard about the last step was a very quick explosive step to get by the defenders in the position to drugs now. Yet you found Austrians and he's got a really quick first very explosive went up and down the work that you could take it from one free throw line to the other free throw line. Faster than any shocker we've had an numbered years. Beastie boy unit guard spot for the expectations that the line the free throw up and bounces it off the right side of the united. Doctors often over worked and start from the free throw line is Euro Willis is on an effort to complete a three point play earlier. Second pre Q by Smith they shot his first point. If not related 163. Wichita State scored eleven unanswered points after that kind of define victory. All the Wang almost all of my chance and great flash out of weighing. In front of king looked lauded him receiver was rated taking the other way and don't get it off his fingertips out of kind of only defense that actresses do. Shannon edited it tonight. Not wrestler just guarded by now writes little hand off to. We'll down on the block. That guy with the turnaround those dead ball batted Alabama's last night by Quebec that box up by Willis and behind it means a lot not to datagrams. That was. That attempt in closed. By the 290. Pounder comfort. He's a single kid he's a big wide body. They John Smith off the screen goes left wing picked up mr. Lipton champ that's why don't we three Atlanta otherwise. Wow I think praise for Landry ship yet three out of work or related to him immediately knock him now than he actually rim. And three makes my doctors at nineteen industry. They're just after the air issues are poised for a three way off the mark while playing golf the backcourt loose ball finally taken away by. Don't fray. While dished out front to lurch as it was three off the best mired in foul on the rebound. Tough Ray Willis. King and I think it might have been larger issue on line right Toronto. The box office got a abilities back at a shipping and underneath. Burris now on nurtures them to end target knows about it being called on the second team now with just days. Not in the active she played the baseline you know the baseline right hands on his point. That right now and I patience aspect to go that it will swears that. Hopkins stepped right up back left tries to split two defenders always poked loose by Eric Hamilton just checked in the game. They Allen hit is that this is enough to Willis makes those up because skeptic on the bank shot him was now. Nice recognition at Taipei Allen throwing the ball up the court for patients with was too far underneath the basket shooters so he flipped it back real quickly to Darryl Willis with the ball in and got down off your Willis with poor goes the line for the second time this earlier recruits now on three. But there team now on that at 450. In the first quarter which time stately 2213. Not at the fact that he's playing it now. And what to do about that please start with defense. Guarding the pick and roll and not always. Looked at it like you know us in and out about him back into the right. Rights act goes on the wing to lay out front him do you walk down the line try to force his way out of the classroom drive. Alex we'll. Have nice nice drive right. I honestly think any kind right right yeah. Hooking 160. Run by the factors lead at 21 the high grade camp left we've got to operate you know that shot make down the line might put us stupidest. Blog Friday. Smaller restrictor. Do it six Rory block scoop shot by Eric Hamilton. These figures for the production either they're not afraid to take the ball to bet that Emmett driving. Through traffic. Doctors look at deflated from the baseline. That's not right to bring him. Net Willis down low with a horse down. That it worked off the street at your beloved history writes that I date shots differ three little short just ahead the shot clock hit it down 120%. Off. Into the front court. Is. Alexander home address. Boy like me to death. It drives he is durable vs it's that typically is almost stolen by analysts. Crosscourt pass to fight me now on advances you stole it back we'll have six seconds on the shot clock. As they inbound the baseline they found Smith right now and have nots background backe and and keep your loss on John Roberts linemen in the first. Well look we've become friends were you drive it on different candidates stolen by Willis revenue of course you don't want to Zach brown don't always the racquet laser yeah. And I feel like Darryl Willis and then nice to one woman making them pass at the right time. His background to the left hand layup shot is doing a nice job of helping on defense get a lot of hands on here. There on doubles teams when they try to drive the it's equally it's not the right way Brian. On the floor executive candidates try to dish it out. Is Christopher at duke got a foul on the penetration. And it's going to go. Against Darryl Willis is first and hand checked on that drive that apparently the guy driver you've got to keep your hands off the show your hands and move your feet. They hand off. Contrast handling in its strength here. Not to it is it is liable to optical three and he's going to be called for a shot. Trying to get position and it's going to be his second and t.'s first quarter. After Willis comes out which are Kelly backing him what's doctor's Wichita State leading 23 to five final. Opening tip. Goodness my journalists out there got a lot done offensively and he said John Roberts either right or left. Don't blow to UR Kelly Wright is not Eric Campbell that looks side. Crosscourt Simon shot victory penetrates Hamilton he'll take the tree there right in it in and out rebound hard Kelly typically yeah other players welcome back. Not right Simon left went round that decides it takes drives got off takes it down low. There's about. Wanted to jumper his ruling not contact proudly about my loss on the left way to comprehensive bulls looked was jumper this is not exactly an I'm John Roberts I'm attackers hit point one seconds to go through that first quarter. On the baseline ground out right quarter bring camp wide open Mary. Recognition. He kept kind of flock at the Olympic kind of bring him wide open right corner workers record gunners to raise ten points to accurately. Sort of break. Invites you to take a nice long vacation and from tossing and turning. During our sweet happy Summers. So. On the old mattress mice now again this Friday through Sunday he cools over saving. Plus they've attacks to get vacation from waking up tired with queens that's as little as 1799. Plus they've attacks Sealy firm greens that's only 39999. Plus saved attacks. Is that in Ukrainian summer vacation I ever happens would that be would. With 0% ADR for five years plus save the tax this Friday through Sunday only that mattress firm home. 66 through 62 separate processors and you can proceed your. Percent civic. Specifically for the home court circular is so fresh express discover despite its treatment of symptoms. Press system the system itself for a snap of the total amount of playing for the purchase reports the station. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. I can then completely coach show broadcast the AM every Monday night through the end of the season. The home for the upcoming year eight days or Lauren Bruno at the Alley thirteenth century which joining us everybody. Beginning August 29. Britain plans go volleyball season alive and AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley thirteenth. And read which my candidate Bob all of you for Montreal Wichita State city 26 to five after one quarter kind of brain can't. For a fourth in the field to create a ten point plan sham group or. Nine leading the story shocker shot 53%. Say viva ninth street and held. We're back to two of fourteen from the field. 47. I don't coach Marshall always stressing defense and taking care of the basketball. And so far they're doing that 14% by youth camp he's shocked certainly have to turn over here before for four. Backlog to start the second quarter rather than playing and initiate. Lives. Alexander conferences trying to get close man survive that threw it behind you not about the shocker skated on the eight turnovers. Or its dividends for it can't. JR Simon starts the second quarter was not the point bring him to try to treat charged Kelly backgrounds and Eric Campbell to. In the left side Simons has this comes office. The key hole left to wait for it can't daughter down the left flocked to Hamilton. Eric back to the best friend in the polls is not practice Simon shot clock running down the three off at that time I can only to rebound by Hamilton. Aligned triple team. And fouled. By the city again. Was shot clock is winding down so Rashard Gilead put up the long shot from the right wing. It missed but the rebound came over the the defenders in Derrick Hamilton he's the shoppers can get another possession. Pictures that I believe that now was on the conference's worst thing about this all comes in the ground in another found. On Quebec Montreal that's gone on Alex can look on his first in the team's six. A little odd bounce liberty play that that screen to screener play it was executed very well around me popped wide open they got on the ball Purdue's. Shot underneath the truth now. Free throw by Zach brown is that's his third point of the game. And one or nothing here. There's no offense. Basket interference so guys can go and take the ball off the remote preacher second a bit slow to tie ears neck cracked crab reflection. Carolina right click the Phillies posted on the floor down the lane jump stop try to throw it up front threw it over that. Credit the backcourt got a little out of control that is trying to get around that. Out of his reach and shoppers turn it over or just with their times Wichita State had five assists to turnovers in the first word. You know he brown had a two guys open up front but. Hercules you guys opened up front of action between ground between drinking and one place seven to five what you and I stayed here still like Kelly compliant with the key holed it gets back out for a and the jumper on the way I thought that's. It's. Seventh. And soccer's throw it away. And they're worth over. In the first episode offers he has talked about you know quarterly. Report already in this order with. Is he went a freshman in handling it more connected and you're still Mike Kelly at Adelaide it will cut off my check Boris that a fumble that event. Good job by Shea active rotated well after Kelly what we stimulant while Los Angeles bounces back. The defense has been very active the guys in the past ways to the here patently feet at that time Kelly didn't get a two over on the list act bill. Christian can demonized. Or that on all our art you know sign up list that is lower they. That he. Takes outlined in traffic running jump hook. Look like a typical shot it shack stores and online Elgin Baylor at that time goal was the right in float in the year about the glance. 29 to seven shocker to the vet van stolen by JR Simon revenues up toward the lines have the numbers back up front divorce Jack had taken three and yet there. Yeah RS it ain't pretty. It's not that hard. You want. Last year and missed it now about that you'd like to me that they can't they step back this reporter writes that him circle. Packers training a lot of it lately there. Since that. To dribble. Contrast. Us or with all around him that night easily tripled to 8 o'clock so I Shaq has not decided. Passing it Kelly under the basket got. Nice job by Boris jackass don't look for them loose ball popped up ahead. Kelly got behind everybody went up high above them images slammed it home and they Phillips the coach. A book that feeling what. If it ends with John innately at least not in order. To set. The Carnahan group is highly trained team. 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Biggest and and best collection of Scott your merchandise done by the WSU bookstore for the public golfers for the Vatican and center on campus where shopped on line twenty hours seven. It W issue blogs dot com find everything you need for every generation of other nations university bookstore the place to shop. But it does state leading Quebec at Montreal. Or to 77 and a half minutes to go in the second quarter again playing internationally. And it exporters. But he force that is not a lot seconds. Off. Yes back in the game. Even. It hurled Miller my patience at that opulent actually sent this baseline. Deflected finally picked up my campus now first hands on it. But if that court ruling last night Kelly. Dribble hand occupation this right one in outlets. Well a lot. Look bad not particularly left at Atlanta. And I cut by Kelly beautiful Catholic Jack worked right over shoulder. Why don't we clearly that we. More points tally 36 to seven. Day. There that it's not my language and outline one up partially blocked. Last night but doctors. Back we'll get back on the job lot. You know. A lot of pick and rolls in the Quebec's offense and her feeling young to the basket getting near the basket but having a hard time sheets over the length of the shoppers. On the left wing TTP bit guarded by commissioner Kelly picked up his show about canceling stolen by champ. Landry pushing up the middle of the floor watching the traffic data directly to Cali back out of the wing is Shannon Landry at the time I checked Boris went left side we now at. Bit late last night Kelly back to the basket look at from room to maneuver to get dribbled lost it just lost to him like a vote the way they're just at the other end. Over its rights holders of modeling to Charles Miller ad in the first quarter. Catching that pass Christopher is stepped out of bounds or turn over again or contact Jack forestry for art Kelly brought out for truckers. And Harold Willis and Ronald nurture and check back here. I'm a little more careful with the past and who. Careless with the passing here in the second quarter. So Florida got second quarter nation on Smith left wing sort of bikers to review left baseline most of the left handed jumper good from. About ten feet your lowest it scored twice in motion as a victory gave Ares got six at the other drive to the basket and a foul. Grotto nurture talent on the penetration by Christopher you. We'll watch and Willis in practice I've been impressed. The left he can run the current really runs well for 69 guy runs were like at 65 guy. He's strong he's powerful he can make the moves inside but it's also got a real nice outside game you can shoot that 1718. Footer. And so I think he's gonna help doctors immediately. Rod and your tree showing some surprises he comes out of the game it's because that was his second foul uses notified of that by the bench Eric Hamilton is back instantly Hamilton and Willis. At the incite much free throw microchip refuses. That's his first point. Christopher Padilla is a 64 sophomore year in Montreal. Didn't see. Any action on last year's team. And bounce off the back slightly battered loose on the floor infinitely picked up. I Landry shoot him with us and soccer ball there at 38 to eight people now live way up. Can't over the right wanted a shot this down on the block Willis will sit there are put to go to traffic look like he's got now Vista shot. And the rebound to the back. Expect adjusted to a result of that time truckers got it inside the two groups. Now let's let me get out of hand. Astute but at a man to stay with that that. Greg marshals. Not elicit just gather himself that are before it goes. And now. Obviously our. Eyes at it might stumble loses it. You know Willis with a push it up himself down that'll. Let's not take shots. At. Willis fifty footer added to circle on the front of the rim got him out awkward chest. On this particular victory the left wing off iron the patient but doctor's. He throws hitting it well as well I think that's alert tropical Allen hit the home. I don't know it was better for our ability to easily fixed with knowledge so. Willis just went right over six footer at him with electing him beautiful long pants that I can remember him he does have an update on patients at the NASA here. Here but Willis showed some versatility. Of the war not to. The ones who were. Got arranged news. Yeah he could shoot that 78 footer he likes to live with the left and right right yet. That area rested. As he runs well. It makes the Phillies now on line at nine point. Which constantly reporting 18. With court it's the second quarter. Yes yes yes I blame all got knocked it chased down by campus. Say it well I tried to save it today shop net stepped out of them. Gregg Marshall little unhappy that the communication was better candidates this rally. For the first game you got to be impressive for a soccer is. The positioning accuracy in the balls in the mean. Your hands on a lot of past month if elections. On the left me it is human life as an outright lying in traffic to get accused bobbled it's all but right now. Rather it up court. Dishes and not to have parents I get there from the left I'm happy now did a great job with that that up and went our rights are the casket that flip it over his shoulder back to Willis on the 211 Willis Lofton home. Willis with Levitt shocker. Eight. In the lane to the task like get it out of bounds last night but captors with us today. Getting hands on allotted through. Reflections. The good job with that. They're longer athletic easy handling deflect passes that are just retreat that. Out crowd there are those players that they shot this message had Allen right away balls not passed the that pass on the block Eric Hamilton missed the layup all the way around the marshals frustrating was that just slipped out of his pain in the lane and why ultimately on the other hand lane forcing driving it does drugs now shot bounced off the rim. Now it's going to be on the Zach brown is first. And that is if fitfully inciting you and Hamilton and a wide open look into the power. Right allotment. Well it and it slipped out of the wreck that it he's the official signals go on meeting number one that background not on the work right now that your it was on human line at the line has scored so well. And it goes on eleven and Landry. First point four way. Is that next returning and the player at some. Point six point eight re now. My point six assists and two point seven steals your. Now see your your way. His first point of the day coming through 55 to go in the second quarter was done stayed at 43. Three. Playing his first U. Quebec. Workers. The line. Again who's had a nice long rest in. And let reach him because brand camp Allen. Paterson who is winning and she was hopes were so impressed by the net that deflected out of bounds by a blank. Yet these shots this will be the point guard looked like a concrete concluded if you think you know please read. Well listen Hamilton. Two inside plots. Full court zone press by the city dance. Capacity. 43. Nation. Back to Allentown that's right sideline those crossword past spring camps that I can't let. Back applications and break camp left. And again kind of rain can't drive for five from the field we'll. Three he has thirteen delivers. We're seeing a lot of offense out of trinkets from the evil one wins and it happened last year wishers after years the first game. They're just missing a baseline jumper looks to rebound away from it's not passing advice have to bring it can't left hit a drive partially blocked. Rebound Hamilton put it up off balance in this. About of that. Beckley airport line is they're just going to the basket in France big draws that now. If it is. Attractive force it into the basket on the shocker defenders not completely set. I felt I'd been on the talent that was Peyton Allen with the now his first. And two shots coming or connect. Fast fast break in action here by both teams that last time these shots that to a nice long past. To kind of bring him but he caught it too far underneath the basket in Indian. Appreciate cleared just 62 junior Montreal second team all conference a year ago averaged over sixteen game misses that went in and out. And it's two points so far today. 75%. Free throw shooter here goes mass substitutions heading into the shocker here. If he makes this free throw or at the next yet all three on nine still on the second quarter Wichita state league 462. Free throws us. Frequently it's very clear recruits and for the soccer crowd Robert Simon fresh check Boris all Jackie in. It's Willis will stay in frame camp Palestinians will be Simon. And French camp. Yards snack which at three. Kinect works with the list. Thank you played against John Roberts. Four man pressure this time like that actors bring a deputy but every time John Roberts on on its game. Law crossover dribble drives right side of the lane. Erupted underneath Jack Bobble that Preval this saves out of the way the bush trusts corporate camp we'll pass it now. Worst right quarter following chipper rules not to really resent if you could help like clockwork. And that it would rattle an office position. Play try to get by Simon almost got it stolen tries to thing is way and it can't get by here horse jumper and found it to be called on assignment for a shot in the back and it. Double forearm Shia. That's the shooter blames the line for two and a few complaints 661 senior averaged seventeen. Last year for recruits who scored a lot of points to attack these guys slid one on one against. JR Simon it was random post about Simon woods wasn't given him you open and it's back to his heart it's a plane was trying to. Kind of knocking down walking down. Planes free throw rattles out of back yet he's three for three from the line all here in the second quarter. Those are his only points apart in age seventeen and a half point per game producer last year for the submitted. This is up and bounces out hit by Apollo to the back collection out of bounds of the shoppers had it. Wichita State leaving big 46 to 123040. Goes second quarter. Checkers led after the first quarter 26. To five. I mean defense system my strength against the bush and a. John Roberts. At double teams in the backcourt passes hit the Boris the record exactly what's not working to Pakistan and not. You are actually young for instance that penetrate. Hillary rightfully brings yet that's not worth shot takes them back seventeen footer good about Morris jackets haven't. All of the second quarter. One shots from the perimeter. Play drive it the other and cut off my son keeps his dribble on the right way crosses over guys baseline. Trying to create it and got bailed out of. Little bit little bit of the bad shot attempt sailed into a couple of defenders attack bush I think most guys. And coach marshals say he was off balance is gonna group of that sensible Fallon and bail them out of that situation. Looks like they're gonna call it on the drive and not in the active shooting. Will be played from the baseline. Actually that was that fell as the shoppers eight so. There is a bonus. Can't blame goes to the line three for four from the line all of those free throw opportunities have come here in the second quarter. First what is up and good. Again this is a relatively young program they've only had basketball team since the 0304 season that. Cuban plane last summer last winter at the first player from Quebec Montreal to the game's first team all campuses. Second free throw catch or it grabs the rebound. That's not present at leading 4813. Just a few minutes ago second quarter. You are signed the right side towards waters and backing up my training camp twisting jumper that update to this time the conference champion and fifty. Really good execution of the set play that time nice streak by Rashard Kelly. Reed Conner and bring him up world wide open jump in at 37 to go first or second quarter's first half of its expertise with us. On the left wing players. Along with it yet. It's. Fast get the. First three points of the game. That's the first three point basket also for the citadel exact words but not well. Drives allaying but the driving what he gets another he's hit 2000 Shaq Lawrence with nine all of the second quarter as the shot. Briefly 52 to sixty. Flights spitting in the land on the dribble couldn't get the shadowy right wing king looked flaw he drives baseline cut off by bush. I credit goes to flying driving on questions that got it with the body kind of slid over in front of him. If a little bit when his left side and he'll pick up this stuff. Yeah if you play the little crappy seats once seen as a guard at that time little hesitation dribble like britney's few. We got decency and at the last four years and that he got pushed rates up and got a drug got a fountains and how much act more hours showing little variety in his game. He hit a couple of outside jumpers he's driven to the basket laid off the classic coupled you know post moves though. Shall with a lot of offensive part and plane to the lines background is accurate but which actress Kelly back here and days John Smith and Brett Barney in with a actually. It for the first time as they look Malone six foot sophomore McKinney Texas a walk on transfer from planet community college. Read through it but line. And also yes things. The pool. Fixated on line all of his points. And is now I have come out where he was in. Mr. Hughes back here. That's a good god. And boy. Created after. Shoppers came in Milan. Process dribbled left rightfully spring camp out of the block grant epic traffic and was fouled. On the tip my panache that he. His first two shots coming project for an unknown and guys that play by the shocker coming out of that time nice three. Background came off the street got the ball underneath the basket got about one it rent free throws goodies to reap the line has more points. A lot of politics thing in hearing your routes to upward doctor athletics reach only staying here 02637596. Or visit our website at WW. W not want that off. Groundbreaking. Making both free throws as high traffic that a full court pressure initially and demand. Now free to do. You know to congress only accomplishment reflects on camp in seconds to go in the first half lightweight wheels up from fifty short of rights and rebound shark Alley. Doctors pushed adequately available NASA hypocrite Marty saves the basement where the print can't rise pulls up to eight left little short. And the rebound to the back. They'll push it up quickly. Conference avalanche got a strip my friend can't get back tried to take it walked Mike Kelly Ripa Kelly three seconds to play. Don't just pounded back to work night missing boys silly now only one and a half seconds to go in the first half. That he was about fifty feet from the basket when he got bumped with the body and a good defense good team defense by the shocker so far here in the first half they use their athleticism and their link. To their advantage. When Quebec it's an advantage gets to the basket there's always two or three shocker here wait for that drivers watch a lot of shots away. Kelly at four points and a couple of baskets is free throw it short which aren't last year from the line. 61 point 2% little bit of an improvement. 52 and a half has crashed just above rebound put back and finish out way ahead exercises it short. Half time. Wichita State leaves Quebec at Montreal 54. To eighteen and we'll be back in our halftime show just off. Listen to parents. And there's one thing they all love to hear. Mom and stay at McDonald's we've also been listening. Because we care about the food you and your family chair. That's why are you chicken nuggets are made with 100%. 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Obviously the university of Quebec at Montreal. Fifteenth floor. Eighteen and this is the credit union of the American halftime show. Remember what financial compatibility come together it's a beautiful thing happen like a basketball team and its stance. A financial relationship could lob. The credit union of America proud sponsor. WSU. Basketball. Bob a lot of good things. The first one thing we did get that it is kind of scrambling to get on the for the pregame market itself not playing prevailed. Not a serious food security did straining he would practice. The last week or so but I know you saw him. Practicing quite bit yesterday at Vegas game. Very cautious about this game situation. Yeah I went through the whole practice Thursday and played a lot of five on five men and looked really good out there but they've sent him about the last twenty minutes of practice I was surprised to be wasn't. Suited up. Today but he's got a flight ministers care. And I think they're just try to be cautious and and let it heal they have decided whether surgery. Or. So far there's nothing you just put asleep on his feet and see if he can get rested and let it heal. Certainly a lot of good things in the first hand nice job by Conor. It when. Land and it. Well. They had done this order. It's not real wars and yeah yeah outside shooting for and that's seven of eleven from behind the arc bring him in all it is. Dammit we got a war. In the big guys got he had Mora scored a lot of different ways a couple of outside jumpers a couple of ones. The last and then we'll look forward. Storm off his feet behind the heat is on a couple of fat rates and it. That's it's that's excited about the chancellor's statement. Marcia Morrissey. Here. You like you know Willis is he had no market. Let. Kelly. That's a lot of Frontline way surgery has the story. A lot. Probably going to be deeper and vote on the front lines they. You're right I've got that. Frontline with words the only Willis. Nurture and you can also looked up and down there place have a deep athletic. Offensive minded Frontline. And I think on the perimeter is shocker maybe a little bit better QQ. Now. I've got to bring in it looks like he's really a lot is. Not so. I don't know if they'll be as good defensively on the ball as they've been the last couple years because. At the point of attack. But they've gotten better. Doctors sports properties in Wichita State athletics would like to thank the soccer ambassador. It's not stakes in league level. Corporate partners at the houses on delta dental Coke industries and Cox communication if your interest of the advertising with what you just in athletics. Soccer sports properties 31697. Nate. 7552. Wichita State leading Quebec Montreal. 54 to eight teams at halftime we'll have first half statistics for you when we come back. On the credit union of America have done kill. 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But back to Montreal and the credit union of America halftime show Wichita state university of Quebec at Montreal before. 218. At a bar of flying longtime sponsors Javaris carpet element for Saturday eighteenth sixteenth. North Broadway where you get part with limited top carpet area rugs huge selection thousands of options and color texture patterns. And most important of all its quality products at low every day prices every single day they do have sales and so forth. That you get the best prices every day so unique carpet this summer they're not running as soon used to get a get a better price. On really quality flooring that you do anywhere else which bars carpet outlet Florence that are 1816. North Broadway. First half statistics Wichita State shooting 58. Point 3%. Or 21 of 36 Bob mentioned earlier in the halftime shows up and up eleven. From 31 of the things that. Preston about that is shooting that kind of percentage. They didn't get three point happy only eleven of 36 shots from three date took it when it was there and really try to get the ball inside. Only five of eleven. From the free throw line that's certainly uncharacteristic. Effort Gregg marshall's shot to you as they typically shoot 70%. Or better year to year. They held Kabat Montreal to 19%. On for a 21 they were one of eight from three. Nine of fourteen from the free throw line for 64 point 3%. The rebounding was even at the end of the first quarter by halftime shot here's at age 21 and 217 edge Wichita State eleven assists to six turnovers. At Quebec Montreal one assists seventeen there. Turnovers to shoppers had nine steals three of those but it Carol Willis. Individual scoring Cotter French camp with 56. Of seven from the field the only this was a little leader about eight feet right before halftime three of three from. Three Landry sham it three or four from three for nine points he'll Boris with nine on the second quarter bureau Willis with who left by the seven. The field one of three from line and five points towards background for for Rashard Kelly days John Smith who want out of prescriptive shot. Had five assists and no turnovers in eight minutes. In the first half everybody played for the shot here's. But the rest failed to score and four UQAM. He would blame the way to score was six off the free throw line six today the line. Over two from the field free points for grief players whose country. For Christopher who made their only three point shot right before the end of the half. The shot is up 5418. We'll be back for the second half right after this. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. Get ready to start the second half we want to remind you as we go through the season the day after hitting shots awareness of party advance locker room. Thank god nobody likes the factors or you can save 1045 even 40%. Paula shocker merchandise soccer fans always proud to say I got it. Net heads jets locker room east and west we get ready to start the second half then. I guess one of the things you look for even an exhibition game Bob at this stage of the years still in the summer. Is after a blowout first half like this study cannot play in the second half terms of intensity level not getting sloppy and so forth. Well I think as a coach you want the guys are just forget about the score forget about the scoreboard and just think about each possession offensively and defensively execute. No matter what kind of line up what combination we have out there. Everybody's got to execute the offense moved the basketball take good shots take care of the basketball they got a little careless there in the second quarter. You don't want to get sloppy got ears start slop them all around turn it over and then defensively but shoppers were very strong defensively in the first half. Keep that up keep the pressure on the ball. Keep he its active try to get all those deflection to keep playing that strong defense and they play hard. You know this team which actors are facing. Not so far very good shooting team but they are very aggressive driving the ball that's a good test for your team defense as we've talked about that as a contestant particularly those guys. Pitching together hating on driving lanes and that sort of thing ya this David do a lot of the ball screening and driving to the basket soccer's. Didn't didn't play very well against that the first couple of possessions but then adjusted. And started do good job of guarding the pick and roll. And healthy recovery in around the basket the shock that a good job of helping each other pressuring all the shots. The first possession. Of the second half will belong to Wichita State it's that original starting lineup that got her friend can't land bridge damaged keel Boris Reshard Kelly. And Zach ground. It'll need to launch. Biller. Blaine and. And they're Jews mostly original starting five was back on and off. Not afraid I can't believe we're left wing was accurate or if my weakness as comfortable as slightly damaged. Landry look at the batters through the lane both of them this at the top of Boris. After the triple handoff to Cali down the lane Wright who wanted to ground. And act out for a conference champ in I have to hurry get away any. Seventeen twisting jumper right at the shot clock expired. The shot clock not outwardly why not working at the end of lawyers and doctors are planning which makes it even tougher. And if they can get that the next conference here equipment flat basket Alice and donated it to. They threw the ball hit it if that I think it started working again. And you fix any electrical. You know nothing nothing devices that a lot of fixed it's not like this awesome basketball against that there were. The defense that time by the way by the back they did it really nice job of coverage shoppers through their set plays and through their motion. The back basketball of the factors leading 66. Feet. Rightly claim he's comfortable. When she exe. Their restaurant industry had offered almost all of my ground. While lose the game but they're just like water color. And don't wrestle with that stuff not stepped out of bounds because the and you can really deadly shooter almost 40% last year from three point stripe hope that Tenet stepped out of bounds right as he caught the basketball. QAM on its first possession of the second hand it to eighteen. Turnovers that game state and bring it up on frame it handling it. And the shot clock working at this in the lower right wing camp and out right Kelly left way round the clock down there and check for us back to the basket. We pass underneath doubles team in their Kelly muscles his way through reverse layup birdie finish up out of the way it is not it related good good good patient that kind of like Kelly got a leg under powered up got that all the fans. Kelly helping ugly heads out front heading off late it and throws it away trying to go to the left wing that they'll have good help defense again by McCarrick Elian away from the basket. They wanna put pressure on the basketball with a guy with the ball be comfortable and and everybody else in the ball either mean. Yeah and that Nancy played soccer in a really good job of that that. Rank hypocrites work rightly campus plan to make that down on the block the layup and a good bit of foul. Jack Morris now applied lashes he tried to be. Reverse layup and good look underneath by Landry sham it from the way and a good screen on the weak side effect rounded nice job setbacks green. We're Shaq more in wide open underneath the basket. Personality to team in the second half first trip to the line for Shaquille Boras had nine points in the first half all from the field. It's free throw is good chance last year 65 point 6% succeed or tips. That's a decent percentage and it's. Part of his game that has continued to get better through in his time with us day in his conditioning use guns that are last year he played really. We did the previous year it was to be even better shape. You know it was Clancy Jack native continent Kelly with a steel on the inbounds pass resident Christopher and Landry shipments retreat a little short rebound Boris. Mostly is play in the ball away you know. Dominated societies that repeatedly to constantly 68. To. Nice offensive board by board scenic route tonight speedway steal but ran right into the basket gets the last Banda now. We'll put pressure paid off that. It's background that his opinion and reflected in these guys can't now. Next round would snap it and AM once a time now. We are early in the third quarter 811 still to go with a quarter of what you and I stayed has built its lead to sixty. Four to eight team. If your house is heating up this summer called Comfort Systems keeping Wichita school for over twenty years. Comfort Systems is a premier Lennox dealer and proud winner of the Wichita business journals 2016 innovation award. And Comfort Systems also offers flooding services with 24 hour emergency service available. Find out more Comfort Systems dot net and join Comfort Systems that they KEY and summer concert series this Friday at the water walk. You know the benefits and dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry from now Cambridge is giving a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars. We did. Two hours from start to change its cost in retrospect. I would pay double received your complimentary exam and free 3-D X ray. Call 3163501100316350112. Or zero at Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. Which does Dave's right. Quite the first quarter had a sixteen there's nothing club has started the second half on 80 run to kill Boras who four points. That ground kind of brain cancer shark Alley to look these factors that filter half apparently. Now to 64. To eighteen. With just a minute and 49 seconds gone in the third quarter. The couple organ notes that free throw his background. In one possibility here that event then the steel. Jack was soccer's best free throw shooter in the first half going three for war goes back to the line here with a total of seven points in the game. Soccer's. Struggled at line in the first hand but Boris has made two years the second round makes 33 so far in the second half you know had eight points. And it's not completed sixty fives HT. Plain green get up against him. I am a different sort. And athletic do. You see. On the right. Out of the lot. Back his way in almost had it stolen advancements in particular just got up in the air partially conflict can only follow blocks like Kelly. And that if now on the rebound the historic Kelly. A couple of blocks and violation. On. Active chapters. Of the nice pants for the big guys parade. But Kelly cable from the weak side block is why don't we job. Frankly have been a different story was immediately got hooked away Blaine with the field right that roared on for a hit batter and first basket and I played. Eight points. Purse for the second half or the bank of Montreal they break it all lotion on the run to start there. Grant it those Grambling in this time of pulls up comes up the street down the line up with a little flip but yeah. And around now for a day. And related it kind of drinking at this night you know blank with put a lot of pressure frank if you filled the previous time or that the pre game went right by totally differently. They're accused drive Nolan almost travels to pick if mr. was crosscourt pass almost all of my shipment and now the pullout but blindly off the market afoul. Doctors had that blocked off pretty well exceeded the bounds look like it's gonna stay in this in. Now's language it does date. The group yet tutoring camp would disburse now. Upton is directly to a free almost stolen that saved my line drives the lane issues that fifteenth would have liked to see him as good. Listed casino in his first two points of the game was to concentrate lead to 67. To 22 year. Explain wouldn't more fired thickening and silica that when that happened. Out of the right block back. Kelly steps under Paul Reynolds hit it out which are fighting for them rebound save for a moment it launches but it was knocked out of bounds. Dissidents. Rashard battles there really quite hard to instantly on the boards got a couple of chances that I'm gonna get better finishing round. At camp plant in looked right and if that left water. Can't retrieve it and out tipped up like Kelly chase it down right away. Write its next round which doctors maintained that ground right at his dribble back you know seven. Let me read it if history. Yet the shot clock trying to get very often can't please them yet. It hit the rim ball still alive saved my round look at your dad drives it. Try to pass me forget to reliant flirtatious but the other way toward the back locked out of his hand like frank campus while picked up. France can't back to two on one's situation room to play rightful ownership spinning baseline leaves it got pushed pretty good shot. Andy's taken a little bit of the did that horrific things to good shot if you put that ball. On that front too picky it's just that inspires your ball and out of bounced just days. Just knocked down fifty to order a minute ago with that famine for an air ball move bit longer shot. Three pointer. Or in or out doctors hey Alan Darryl Willis. Johns and Eric Campbell and I'll check in background the only story remains on jackets had the ball 530. Egos are orderly 67. 22 shoes Lincoln's beastie boy Ian. That if you put that at that point probably around you Allan Reid. Wilson's war Hamilton five to eight shots at the record guys that left only two left baseline trying to get by congress. Free throw line last night Allen retreat in our it was his first basket game. And it's a three pointer from the left way. And when he's got a really nice shot does not like watching in the next step would be to 22 Wichita State and others just also a shots this six with notre. When a way to conference Friday night that after that it out. Right side thinking look laugh almost stolen by ground safe biking in the quad double teamed by Allen did his stolen. Alan bounces and hit Darryl Willis goes to Iraq and draws the finale as bush did it aired this a layup at the line for tremendous pressure on the ball by first patent known in that round in The Who have. Gathered they got the ball out got it up the court it Willis who drew that now the real good pressure on the all of course. Any data should actors like 50% off your online order in the time area Papa John's blog on that John's done. The promo code shocker fifth tee shot at this again Willis dropping the free throw. Not to look for lines. Well. Milwaukee native who spent the last two years river Community Colleges misses it the case the day there America. It the second free throws well. Shoppers find time. Aligned here this court immediately to 7222. On fan support to keep the human rights to the basket blocked by Willis rebound blowing late it is. Both the doctor goes way up on him market. Following that is. There and Allen goes targeted basket hit the little. It won't and is now they'll have a chance for a report. Nice push that time by JB shot that got the ball out of bounds Redford quickly. Threw up the court that Allen who got behind the defense got grant. Nate Allen to the line for the first time had not scored in the first to have as five early points here in the second hand. Doctors said before 24 and he keeps doctors perfectly free throw line here in the third quarter five climb as he. Worth 36 to go and ordered free throws and but now a lot of different players getting into the story and ears that. That support the way. I think for us it's time line in the traffic on the stolen by. Covered by the way out of the lane almost all of by Eric Hamilton. Accurate body had enough rain. The world when the statement that. It just it. Gregg marshall's team and long own aptly make it hard for him back to ask that all around so active they got the long arm. Compress that's right the way practically. To get a lot that. Not address the traffic left handed runner. Alexander. And I cried and I confident I don't always have. Station on Smith pushes it up or Willis is not the arc and he traveled they did about it and it took an extra staff have to get through that all right it not for the free throws your body got away with a couple of them in the first that we show the lift clean and the only way. Seated in the moment as desperate to do. And that's not yet that Ian woods it is very welcome. And it is today it stands now grants related cards. Lot is. And like it get it. That's not. It from. John Allen stumbled almost lost it and it is particularly by date shots at this then he has grabbed. By Alexander conference. Feel by Eric Campbell and he did a good job and got long arms he could stand it on the basketball guys drive he spoke to people out today. 75. To 26. To us by forty. Five. Words. World. When the shot clock has gone out one in the glory. May have also been a foul there. You know the clock back either he knows how to fix it at the to stay shots that's going to the free throw line cried after the shot present batted there was a Graham called on the part of the back. Free throw by additional Smith he's good at least now two of three from the line on the day scored one point in the first half and also had five assists. Second try coming here for the junior point guard. It is not in good shock to him and limit free throws here in the third quarter. Seven for seven or 838 now after only making. Five of eleven. To 11%. Above the middle to the clash got banged it. Relative. This best is if you waited and I chaotic advice that you have time off the bounce. They Allen shot fake that is meant here declared it to patients have had posed left side you're able to put it on the floor goes under draws the foul. Citic going up on the left side went under the basket reversed with the right hand from the right side and drunk and now we'll shoot two. Nice. Moved by him and clutter on the left block that last step outside the left absolutely. He squared up the basket drove by analyst I always ready to grant it found. Eric still looking to score with a free throw up too hard off the back for free throw on this but doctors here. Eric Hamilton last year in limited play point one of 32 from the free throw line 65 point 6% so a decent stroke from the line. Let's that's. Little short spun out. Rebound. Back. 7728. But it's nice to take its leaders. If he wondered too. Mr. Purdue lost the handle crap by your own accounts lefty Zach brown go basket to contact. Follow later this is after the now wouldn't go to the line for two group ahead Carol Willis written out to help people up that he slipped and fell. Slid in this jacket Greg marshals. Guys. Can speak. And they will lose one of the Wall Street down here on the defensive men brown winning and strong. And got hit pretty hard. But defenders those misty lived leave him in that that very not to notice things that. We talk about all the things your Willis has been doing good hands on the defense it credit for three steals in the first half and he's a lot of plays defensively. Good effort on defense whether its dockers or walking. People winners gains people talking pressure on the ball. And like he's that good help side defense allowing active hands background making free throws now by about six. From the free throw line and has nine points second one it's us that ground with hand. And I can not stay Utley hit seventy. 28. John Roberts signs that ends OK art vehicle for actually we'll see indie shops have both been together a couple of points. Get up is there for us guarded by Alan. I got to step round pick in the line that helped off now on the finish. Could help by John Roberts signed it Barbara take away the penetration although it basket that Hitler just. Cut it back at the middle of the line in without enough on the pull up after him challenges got a little too close to that threw the ball handler. That far away from the best views about thirty feet away from the path to use a point tied. And he took it off the bounce there Justin went by him so he's got to Jesse's got to know how close to guard. The guy he's been you know where he is on the court. They adjusted free throw line one for two in the first half from the line totaled three points of the game. Doctors have done a good job on him the average just over sixteen points per game a year ago obviously junior from here at Montreal. Good versatile player. And four point 7% from the line last season in the left he was a second team all of that. Free throws good good. Could back. Montreal plays in a seventeenth conference that is all right here in the province of that in the Montreal area. She actually show up. And yeah. We're just. It's it's. Innately 7930 Campbell theater it takes getting close got jammed up it's and I got it up and over the front of their prisoners and looked like you almost travel look like you've got Valdez took a couple bad if you look pretty but he got the job done. 81 parity which is testing voice policy that is lately talent got a partial lock on it. Covered by these shots at crosscourt pass to Simon stops right away. I high post through the white boy anticipated headed for an example but he drives and all the way theater and it Hamilton chased the data Watson. Comes off the backcourt mate Allen gets it up court today shots if he's gonna go all the way for the layup complexity and he had nice definitely aren't I talented defense and it took it. Floated to the basket and leading off the collapse doctors really looking ahead off rebounds and steals in the game three if their patients at the time. Appliance built facility quarters there just as the top players elated that my shots difficult it's okay. Yet no weak side help that camera roll and was wide open and yes seemed at times now with time it worked suspected patients have the right around there casket a little bit down the lane right ones on that front panel. Not make one dribble and countless hours. That's down the block Willis back at Allen like those trying to do their lost including a little bit putted up partially blocked rebound the there's enough to change the law like we will as one of that fastball on the poster really got figure but he got a little anxious to move curriculum and missiles. Life. Right now it's five points and that's. He in the game. You know. 8335. Shoppers they shot Smith into the record that it nine though in the quarters rightwing hate on them right blocks from the left. Double team then stipulate that we. Covers not fronting Hamilton juggle it gets back. But today on the floor pulls up seventeen footer short rebound BC boy. Like that if you know the floor of the civil. Pulls up Clarence dentistry this one bounces if. OK okay now has an eight point. All right Gregg Marshall not real pleased to your assignment at sports net less water he's not the dog by the aggressive BC boy. And Gregg Marshall I think for the fifth time out here 39 seconds to go in the third quarter. And they shots this will be doing the lines of the data timeout with a dusting 83 in the back Montreal 38. When you're not willing to settle for anything less than perfect poll but Jared Scotch and sirloin. Since 1968. This widget dock icon has served the best age sterling silver Vicente. Not in the mood for staked no problems far selection of fresh seafood impressive wine and spirits and famous for a judge in superhero to satisfy your every craving. Enjoy our newly remodeled interior impeccable service. And only the past we'll do your interests Scotch and sirloin 5325. East Kellogg drive in Wichita. They learn gonna Mario lawnmower. And after new neighbors to the World Cup sugar. They neighbor Megan remember you running. Shoes you can choose your neighbor but at least you can choose to view favorites from the mcdonalds for this to me. McDonald's and kick to his Zach was in new favorites like your double cheeseburger sixties chicken nuggets magnate muffins snack size Oreo or an Olympic glory Joost do for just three blocks. Time off for Christmas is appreciated Christian like imposed on menu board. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY yeah. Back every night Mars that's mortars at it and scored twenty points here in the third quarter after on the eighteenth the bird bath. Because they've had gone point six. 28. And now 29 so far the third quarter 39 seconds to go up at quarter end date shots at the line. Well life filled by via university project team the coach we've still got to be really happy the way they've responded here. In the second half are fighting hard impressionable and sort of applicable basket. They shot Smith has connected on three of four from Linus five points first went up in good so he's got six. Before lawyers have completed the national college for DUI defense hold extended hearing will be your defense against any do you like one called make it count 26375. 96 if they shot FedEx together now available alone there will check in for Smith who was shot station on now with seven. Doctors leading 8530. A gets along France can't product nurture Brett Harvey for the shoppers Atlantic Canada guarding the ball. Lane trying to get open looks down to. 28 seconds of the quarter driving through tough. With them runner thanks. And I left handed shot from the right side over the six elevenths. Ronald her. Eighteen seconds ago you ordered doctors should support him alone likely to frame him content Harold Miller in the they're here. Dribble hand off the balloon. Lane back on the Ling and the four seconds of the steel lane they should support from beyond. Half court lets it fly in this outlook to end the quarter. At the end of three quarters in Wichita State 85. University of Quebec at Montreal. Forty. You're busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to ask Brenda thank you completely forgot to shower can't do anything different believes that he can you promise better. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something's got to hand blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family to Atlanta delta dental KS dot com. The Carnahan group is highly trained team. And presidential realtors. Ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita. We utilized David ER marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online. And in print media. Buyers can expect to team a unique abilities with two years of experience. To negotiate on their behalf and a smooth transaction. All the way to their new home. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. In the near Montreal what. I've Quebec Montreal bias or 85 to forty shots we started the third quarter. On a chance oh run from that point on this and then that's where it's not it's 2221. Nothing came out of half time. Really playing aggressive defense shocker to shut them down and got up. Ten quick baskets but since then. If Quebec players. And really. Locked me and got physical. And started football advance it and. You're in the second half their shoot good for them before the only what night. 19% in the first so Tucker's defense let up for their offices that's better. They take this story for what you just take out of training camp with. 1988 of nine of the field thirteen apiece for Boris and Darryl Willis eleven Landry and let stand the where's that around seventh predation. Six. Shark Alley and AM as the start the fourth quarter. Were rightly available on the left hand Miller program that was like for three. I can see boy as you. Now freshman. Out of making his history they've invented this summer exhibition and I'd been playing good on the defense has been to put a lot of pressure on the basketball. Grant camp right wing at the top the champion left wing Kalin Malone left walks to Brad party doubles team want him. That's the way champ but training camp right wing Malone three block and kept my effect. If the three point set shot and got a few blocks. That's the other way riots that fleeing those not flyers jumpers off the back this time rebound kept alive its robot alone save it to camp. Let me push it up court and on the left block nurture that bush have a chance Saturday to Malone out of the way to frame can't. Asked a quick shot. Along the baseline shammond precursor calypso records as well good on a merger with his first points of the game a nice ball movement that time but the shocker stricker from one side of the floor fact that the other side of the work. And nurtured it is nice medium range jump shot. 8743. Which it Johnston a private plane we'll match rise again though road rights. Three on the leg. This season anyway. Always has. And the second half is leading his team in scoring. These field right now it would Malone left wing Jonathan left flocked to the army attacked the basket back in the health rate cut off not front to sham it. Let me on the right side of nurture. Yeah. Him making him comfortable on the ball got away at boy picks it up Masset court break it down court blind but that's why my candidate. Kind of hit it against the last. They believe was running a bullpen because their candidate to the line. Runners graphic foul by divine plan should have a political lines Bertuzzi got not the floor and some ragged best. Well right now at both ends of the floor sham it went up things got fouled hard he'll go to the line with a couple of a free throws and coach Philippe. Is the arguing vehemently lead that was a gold pin on the last massive trial that fast break. Let me get hit in the mouth kind of like it is now. Sitting go to the line for a couple of shots here. Kerry Campbell that is checked into the shocker lineup. Through my human is that's his first free throw opportunity. That game now has ten points. Think what happened on the score sheet they gave. Date to the nation guns this points to land him so Landry now in the nation and so that is just jam the eleventh. And what you constantly to 89 point six. Doctors slowdown Beastie Boys as roughly the government left away. Driver in the left side lines cut off the baseline that goes under tries to pass today right managed to get it. Seconds on the shot clock like crossed over runs in the traffic balls stolen that bush had a great party. Spins in the lane hands it off Hamilton put the left Honolulu says progress toward and I feel loved pass we'll shovel pass that time. Party to Hamilton for Malia. 733 to go in the game down now on the way chant it trying to cut off oil dribble hand off. On land recently is second now. After team they Wilkins who rightly denounces like. Charlie. I my left wing on the baseline to reach back out on the way boy drive and put it up blocked by Hamilton recovered by tech bush knocked away from. And boy has it out front to flying flying into the keyhole fifteen footers bounced off the back Hamilton with a strong rebound. Got bumped the little talent out there that controls its music fray camp one pass of course if you haven't let way. Landry. The plot drives that Lang a beautiful little patriotic thing this town got hit in the aired. Had a double pump to write downs can that happen in as it is getting knocked off. Strong basket that time Brian Landry and frantic if the ball in the Barney posting up but he recognized the little writings team. With right in there and go with those who found. Landers thirteen chance for three point play here Richard freshman from Kansas City seventh two ago. In the fourth quarter that shoppers are already at 83 point lead 9346. And she and the with fourteen including brilliantly on the line he's got a and hey Allan Bakke it. We ended up since he was blamed for the back Montreal part of my neck English as possible. Those fronts we're Charles Miller Miller worked is that because of steps that the flyers three bounces off the background on rebound after French camp. Daughter along right sideline coach Mike Miller at the top acquired three off the back his first miss from beyond the arc today and those now. Quick little over the top got three away just a little hard off the back iron but that's the first time he's best. From three point range today three of four has 94. I mean it is blank got blocked by exactly right. Balance that walk away in plain. Will quickly write a lamp around that time tactics of his third and he's got a real quick first step if your if you're not that groups the answer moving your feet and you buy you. You know flash and get that fans. 637. Remaining which obviously ninety. Six. Lane it's six of eight from the free throw line and six of his eight point of the game from this right. And you'll be giving. Shots here. Two on the way in a little short but bounces here. Shocker sports real lives inside WS she's ready it is considered a shocker basketball headquarters come early to get the best market for games. Enjoy freshly made burger sandwiches salads cold beer and toward second free. At this. Doctors were feeling like. Also a great spot to watch televised alleged shoppers weren't going to tonight read against him senator. If it were not afraid you have to completely 9448. Left wing attack machine that's not being able to me. Conflicting and they rightfully be you know talent guarded by. Allen puts the power to crowd in and out and get to don't read actually I haven't read ground. Ball better than I ever Rodriguez anchor and no fan of golf shoes out of. We got down without them nice offensive boards and recorded at time flying in to get the myth that if they now at the end. Got the ball knocked off its you know about it. Corny redshirt freshman. Who is local product who want done last year. Right you have planes gonna buy from him drive left into the lane and throws it out quarter Miller with the three towns is not the best iron that blocks out by Allenby got out from behind David call it trial won't go as they now have rebounds off the frame him. Daughter of course have to block Willis. Shot fake and and lost the handle on Friday it will apply for us and kind of over handled it won't let them down to him to slow down movement wants to catch the ball near the basket and your sister who read slowed down a little bit. Take your time. Make a strong move the weakest on the floor stance he's got behind the defense a couple of times and we cannot make shots back here. Miller gets to three away and it's been up to bat block rebound you could try to cases and ordered not to but that's not right to Miller. And off the plane back a quarter of a mystery that's going to be good. Trio after effects of shots here in the second half a lot more aggressive offensively here in the second half they shot Smith pulls up the atop the American dream to get this done now with ten points so quickly you're used to Eric Campbell the Wall Street at the top of the circle got open. Period just 97 to fifth with just dusting plane down low lying switch to the left hand could get the ball rebounds tipped out to do my. In the quarter flying he tries baseline and is forced out of bounds now beyond right now. And we've got a very explosive first they went by. Stack pollution and ridiculous display likely now you got to get done with the instant it really look at his numbers like these you. Or 53. To you know in the fourth quarter and not grant him that John Roberts Simon Ian but. And they've now did not accurately and shooting there the boldest yet in the split from the baseline. It's going to be. Blaine to play ideas. Let me go to the listen. It was just pushy in the way of the bulls in history yet to. Were definitely. It looked off for three hit they hit us here. I have basket for them again this year the second half court set forth. Arriving running hook and a bit more in the line to close contact with. Org Eric Hamilton is six doctors who ignited kind 53. Concrete goes about what you maybe it would have been stalemated. Yeah Milan and it was stolen. But a foundation John Smith who can't believe that called for the it's up now on this deal ultimately prove slave nation felt like yet that clean the reprieve. There would be that a lot here on the sideline. Willis and signs. Now and Eric Campbell but you can't stay quiet in the Miller asked that three. A little closer and those tumbling over backward. I think. I was on John Roberts signed it. I'm out actually on Alan Alan and literally jump over health that you really holding its. Look like a linebacker. Coming up to bust up that triple option. It is gonna come out. Zach brown back in. Anderson you free throw opportunity for Charles Miller. Miller from Montreal played in five games and it upper Iowa. In 2015. Let him get back in his home town last year averaged over eleven points a game has to be able to hit the outside shot to be almost 40%. Three point shooter land accurately. Points. Makes both free throws his. Today it was thought. 9954. And check in now for Quebec Montreal sandals but hang gas X with software from Montreal. Letterman for the sitting there. John Roberts Simon play in its. As stated in two days John Smith station on clears traffic is a man to man pressure brings it up. One on one of its flying left wing his background or eleven that shocker by 44. France Italy got stripped. Loose ball. Covered by McCain got work to blank look at the basket aggressively. Can't get the basket and Dave Johnson pounding on the play. Not exactly gold tended by Eric Campbell that the landing him. Why did get a chance for a three point play well you're seeing why he was a player of the year come back last year claiming it's great to steal at the other end kicking the ball away from Zach brown. And it took it coast to coasts made are very tough basket after it found the going away. 9957. Wichita State Street throw his good side. Lying he's kind of eleven yeah there's thirteen points thanks to the high total free throws right. John Roberts not inflated the big shots the full court man pressure and he backed off a little bit is it brings up. Tucker led by over fifty 41 right now. Play. Next round that he allotments that takes down the lane got a AAA saved by Eric Hamilton. Irrespective basket. I've been throwing at the top ten through traffic could hero Willis has deflected out of town for a left on the shot clock. Back to back players feel really good job defensively on the ball gets there he's off on the basketball shocker guards have got to the protect the basketball little bit better. They shot Smith who played in from the baseline. He has to Willis Atlantic travel but it didn't get a little hot from. He caught it did kind of stopped and then did a little hawk these are making the travel and but it. He gets her he was so wide open he was surprised returned with a basket nobody saw him and did what I would do you know whether it's drew Bullard joke but he. You did wrong the wrong order. Beastie Boys had a red hot second hand that he had accidentally hit this is your station on snippets that got locked. My options screen. And nasty bit not because the canal the big screen and he nailed it pretty good. Now the active list on state. 330 to go in the fourth quarter and they've been let him get away with that most of the afternoon at that time of the world to obviously break in the nation. 9958. It yeah. A lot hands. That people dangers these machines guys. Not just in the I'm sure coach Phillips talent challenged to move that would get pushed around the first. Patience has taken it down low bounces that the lions recovered by Willis enacted its own rebound get the follow. Second. They. There'll Willis it and all of a bath. He's got fifteen she obviously don't want know want to. But in the process centric market flirting with a for a while in the line if you threw a wild shot this. He's flown picked up like JR Simon for which it Johnson. Can hand that bridge. The yard drives right into the off the ground biggest problems. To clean handoff around this problem away. Down the line at the other candidate throws wanna miss that strong rebound by Eric Hamilton and a man active players with his background. Jacket for three traffic through that. Little bit of wild dribble there it's safely of course you know the blood blister on the line with left it would go chases down a zone read out flyers and entered handled that Eric gets the layup that was found on the way down. He had good second effort again. By Carol Willis in any meter really nice pass to ferry Hamilton was cut for. For the police to align right down the lane to the basket nice pass nice finish by Hamilton. Jack resent six players in double figures and now Hamilton with eight the under the line for a possible three point play. 224 to go which I stayed up 10358. That bush back in the game. Raised back Ian for the neck as the Irish camp free throw by Hamilton is often. Back and he the World Bank okay. Eric Campbell and the history of the his fourth. Game. Do credit violence it's up to lightly guarded by arsonists like right underneath his a quarter. Three on the way as way short Hamilton doesn't rebounds and a great job on the floor at the double team that controls it up to JR size. They are penetrates right baseline evident respect bush for all got knocked loose that would but voided stolen that's quite big shots bit. Had a trip into the basket saves it out front of Willis who picks it. And it's recovered by now again. At best. Of course if you drive it drive it stolen by Simon that it goes out of bounds last touched by Kabat. Little more like rugby basketball basketball than down the floor. A lot of guys do a lot of nothing but a lot of mishandling of the basketball right now. Wichita State position that it forty to go fourth quarter 10358. Shot lead. They shots that rocketed up that goes right senator George Harrison the screenplay Hamilton headed straight session held to the straighter drives the basket a lot of contact they'll call bloggers. Loose and recovered by Quebec BC boy across the timeline bounces back to what can get. When the quarter from three no good this time long rebound dissect bush declared today shots this. This NASA had Hamilton credit the floor valve on the way up to go to the line for two the balance and local anger. War today they'll look like the shocker we're gonna walk it up and get into with that but Hamilton was hostile and honestly got behind the defense is John Smith. Recognize them to a long pants down more than Hamilton who Falcone an advanced. Packer fan the weekly coach's show broadcasts on thirteen 30 AM every Monday night here in the athletic season have found new home for the coming years AG's sports or real and the Alley Hamilton. Produces sports pre pre. It all starts Monday August 29 the first Chris Lance show of the year from eight chase courts aren't real the only thirteen. And read which room. Tickets preacher like Hamilton did so he's got the. They. Or did it on NASA. It's sport but nothing happened this rebound listing arson but have now. Long writes that the lord of the company that runs scored bush rate envelope way I had a winner. Send your walk us through. Thrilled slotted a shot lead at 107 to 58 minutes into the act passed by Simon and I pull up jumper by bush. Now Lopez today at traffic Powell fired Campbell community. Takes it to the basket strongly in him. With the now but it was the line for 240 seconds to go to characters up 107 to. And a timeout. And that signal through Wichita State Gregg Marshall look of surprise on his than. Doing get a time out with under a minute to go or just over a minute to go Wichita state league at 107 to fifty. With low prices and weekly deals it's so easy to saving your neighborhood Dylan's you'll find savings throughout the store on hundreds of items. From your favorite meat and seafood or fresh delicious produce and so much more come on today and cross more popular list the last. Just look for the special tags and say hey your Stanley to a delicious the only sport counseling for just a dollar 69 and ten. So Conan time with your plus card to fresh food. Low prices and Dylan's. This isn't what I thought he gets carded Dillon's two to school shopping and I got four times the fewer points I get a gift card Dillon's two good football gear and got four times the fuel points to. You've guards aren't just for gifts anymore used comfort back to school shopping and right now when you vitamin Dylan's you learn fuel points four times faster yeah now it. Dylan's get four times the fuel points on hundreds of gift cards from great shops and online stores so you can get ready for back to school with four times fuel points. At Dillon's. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point 728 EYA and attitudes. And here in the fourth quarter and at the free throw line quarterback. Rudy hopefully. There's not scored in the game he is the big senior weighs in about 200. That a 68 frame. Averaged fifteen minutes a game three point one points per game the year goes back up center feature on the way too hard not to talk back you get one war has not scored in today's game Wichita State leading 107 to fifty. Eight. Pretty much everybody getting into the scoring column today six to double figures. That one bounces that is well another rebound for Gerald Lewis pentagon today show on Smith. Doctors with the ball. Leading by 49. They shot at hand that that way players and that would open. Is that the scientific. You know block list and it crosscourt his neck if that was just making it. The timing was off line not a the exact thought that the world's computers used rationally that work. Quebec jumped into it to please tell them. But he few seconds to play BC world crossover drew couldn't get by their guns not right to let you know the book I think you're right we're going out on the floor. Not plot to gamespot about exactly things might be one or second on the game's plot that that's the final three. Over news. To. End land but it now blocked like Hamilton recovered lies that bush and that's all BA finals. Are. With us they want a seven. And university of that at Montreal's. Fifth hey it is the most. 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You are invited to an even when. Don yeah. Call eight I. 755732. Mainland business select disease dot com the. Williams has. Dot com send your kids back to school in great fitting shoes from new balance which itself. It starts with a measured precise sitting by professionals and huge selection just like adults or kids shoes come in multiple weeks and sizes so the whole family will get expertly fitting shoes that feel as good as they look there's no better time to shop for back to school with our kids loyalty program. By five payers get to six here for free only imbalance which itself just north of thirteenth and web at the waterfront. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. Look at back to Montreal and the post game show Mike Kennedy and Bob ball with talking to Gregg Marshall in just a little bit and threw out it's not for athletics seasons. Your drive home from the game it's brought to you by the law offices of holding staying in hearing your. If Follett 2637596. Visit their website at www. All the laughter. Dot com Wichita State that easy victory in the first of their four games on this exhibition tour of Canada. Today by a score of 107258. At the university of Quebec. At Montreal. That candidate general keys to the game segment talking about this year shot a team lately cast some of those points. It brought you by capitol federalists have been handed the keys to your new home with quality free approvals competitive rates. And personal local service capitol federal and equal housing lender. Well these guys have been playing against each other for the last month and a half so I'm sure they've. Just excited about playing somebody with different color uniforms here today in in and guarding. Plays that they are not familiar with him in going against different guys so the opportunity for the doctors play together play a lot of different lineups and experiment with. Different guys in different positions in different combinations so. Really good in that respect that doctor. Probably what coach Marshall was within fourteen days was effort. And just guys playing hard rebounded hard run in the court I thought he saw a lot of that in the ball game. He also looking for offensive execution they put a lot of their offense in. In their practices this summer she wanted to see. If the guys could execute the plays in and run them well my thought they did a pretty good job the timing was off on a few of them. But does that look like everybody knew what they're supposed to do for the most part. And then I thought just defensively playing together talking. In. Do end of the things that's the soccer teams always do play in this tough for me to man defense and I thought they did have an excellent job of that today. Put pressure on the basketball. And when the guys were off the basketball they receive their means you've evolving conflict at all how Paul's got a lot of steals. And I thought their defense the coach marshall's. Gotta be pretty happy with the defense with the F. For me. Soccer fans remember that day after inning shocker win. It's a party that nets locker room. Well this is obviously a much earlier start than usual this summer exhibition the chances given the discount thing after shot through wins know tomorrow. Since the shot they scored a 107. Points. 40%. Off all shocker merchandise tomorrow so a great chance to start stocking up with you do stuff. For the new year 40% tomorrow and it tests locker room east and west you'll always be proud to say I got it. At ten and got a question for you which which numbered jerseys in the film moves this time last year was the 23. In. With the thirty. It was big 3131. Yet those those sold really well. See with cells this year. Star of the game is brought to you by the Kansas lottery if you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a billionaire KS lottery dot com for the most the jackpot amount like Kansas lottery. And tree bigger. Lot of candidates certainly. You're the head of the list that have become honor training camp had a great first have to play quite as much as the second or guys in the game that. Nineteen points and he didn't have any assists. Even though is playing point guard but don't think that really tells the story ran the on. Dance well but also shot it aggressively and that is get the ball in the right places it just happens to have any passes went directly that. Well I think he was doing exactly what the coaches were too we're trying to get to do last year his behavior such a great offensive player lets see some more often Sonic Youth. And we definitely saw that. Today nineteen points and only 25 minutes he was sworn off the balance he was scoring off drives he was scoring off a kick outs from. From the post men knocked it down the three pointers nation scored really high percentage eight out of ten from the floor three out of four. From behind the arcs or really good offensive game but Connor Franken I thought. Also had four rebounds we avenue featured this year it's called the defensive player of the game it's brought to you. By got you covered for just the right window treatment solutions for you give Dan a call at 3166127000. For a free no obligation consultation that's 3166127000. Or go to. Got you covered in Wichita dot com got you covered. Says go shocks. Wow I'd have to look at the film to figure out who the best defensive player was in this game everybody made good defensive plays that I thought everybody also. Kind of got caught with their pants down a couple of fancy got driven on her or was out of position or whatever I guess maybe Zach brown. Did a really good job of defending I thought I thought there Campbell who didn't manage to have a picnic baskets and we guys broke open in. And got to the basket he did get a good job of changing their shots are blocking shots I'd. I've probably seen those two guys Terrell Willis had four steals Hamilton. That you protecting the rim four blocked shots. In today's game so LB one of art his features offensive player of the game throughout the season rocky. By got you covered will be talking to Gregg Marshall in just mob but we'll run through the final stats little more for of the we take this break on the post game show from Montreal. When you need new treatments with her cheap shooters are blind sketch covered Wichita as your one stop shop. I got you covered didn't pay close attention to your needs it's just the right products for your space taking into consideration your style and budget offering high quality products from the top manufacturers and industry take advantage of gotcha coverage record listen rebate promotions going on in the month of August some restrictions apply to dinner call 3166127000. For a three no obligation consultation that's 3166127000. 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I have been sweet happy with the 0% ADR for five years. Years plus save the tax this Friday through Sunday only get mattress firm poll. 667 through sixty twos. The credit costs in terms Purdue can proceed here. And present so yeah. Specifically for its close circulation so impressed with the best discovered reduced but we'll treatment of symptoms. Press system the system itself precedent for the total amount of the fine for the purchase imports the state. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE why did. Welcome back to the post game show the topic. It's not treated coach Gregg Marshall in just a little bit. But got the final stats for you Wichita State pretty consistent with a field goal percentage throughout the game even quarter to quarter. Ending up at 57 point 6% on 38 of 66. Death of eighteen from three for 55 point 6%. And really picked it up a line in the second half their only five of eleven. In the first half shot 80% on sixteen of twenty in the second. To finish at 67. Point 721 of 31. If you AM. Only 19% from the field in the first half they were over 50% in the third quarter then ended up just forty overall for the second half. 32 point one for the game and eighteen of 566. Of twenty from three. And shot just under 70% from the line on. Sixteen of 23 but even though they get a much better second half ended up scoring 58 point shoppers last year held opponents to 59 points per game which led the nation. In scoring defense. Of which marshals can be happy. Second half I thought there was some breakdown defensively on whether they let up a little bit that I think a lot of boos you KM that date they were playing more aggressively and they started knocking down some three pointers that they've missed in the first half so. May not have been as much as the defense has better offense by about. Doctors forced thirty turnovers had sixteen steals and six blocked shots. And individually kind of break camp with nineteen points four rebounds Anchorage and it. Fort fourteen points one rebound one assist the fifteen points five rebounds per Euro Willis. Thirteen for Shaquille Boris in just ten minutes ten points for Zach brown tan today shots that six assists no turnovers. Richard Kelly six points seven rebounds Eric Hamilton had nine points four rebounds four blocks me now it was six all in the second half. Those leaders which doctors were joined by Gregg Marshall coach I know you've you've had some experience with these summer two hours and wanted to ask you will be at about. Timing of this one choosing this particular summer exit to make the trip and you feel what he got out of it today on the first. Well Mike you know last year was a veteran team. Didn't have a whole lot of newcomers that we're gonna have to play big minutes. Fault that. It could help us maybe maybe we should have done it last year you know unfortunately with it's going to Brazil eleven now. Waiting five years is that a fourth ago. Here to Montreal. Fred very complete with only. Plate from analog time that did not get to. Take a Ford tour it was it would be his before his senior year. But I ask you know he was not you have like a lot of travel anyway so he was a real upset about not going and we were able to postpone it a year and a year where I think there's nine guys that could be considered news. Plane today and share and play three games last year's I consider him news. Frank Gibson new role democracy he knew they John Smith is new Brit Barney's three. Kalin blows for. Darryl Willis has five patent Allen six. And then you've got the two freshmen that did not play cassettes then eight. New guys in. In which is. We we saw enough to be encouraged I think but it's the same time. We there's a lot of things we need to do as a coaching staff in order to get these guys that are. In order to get him to execute more I think you know without Marcus Duffy you've solved. He's one of the longest in with most athletic guys we have still solved as his Kaiser. The use all of a group that's in passing lanes leading to elections there. They're ready and in an image we just we just gonna keep coach them but there's potential up there I think you saw that today. I'm looking forward to the rest of the trip I think that competition will get a little stiffer starting tomorrow Carol it is very good. Nine of eleven national championships in Canada and in the killed on the third team is also suppose in theory it. After that brief track yesterday yet had to be. Pretty happy with the effort. I'm definitely happen. That's welcomed the assumption. Concern ourselves too much when you've got that maybe you'd say no the bitch I'm not going concern myself with effort that's going to be there. That's going to be a constant with our program enables low for long they were low water available but they won't notice a lot about it is that's a great point and and you know as well as long as more on the watch. That's not going to be something have to worry about too much as I did Ari I think the travel. The T my my catches catch up with this at some point in the tour but that was crazy day yesterday I mean I put in a tortilla or day of my travel. So unfortunately it was you guys. Radio guys in the stands and had no trouble getting here at the coaches that a couple of acres. You know you've mentioned something just got to passing moment you talked about being in the passing lanes and that's the thing is that maybe pleased you the most riveting game overall team he can't help. I thought you know creating thirty turnovers and been told misty to 32% shooting. Those are great numbers I don't know I don't know how I think our defense was not very good second half we gave up 40% compared to nineteen in the first. We just got a little lackadaisical we'll sloppy but that's where you know you can find two things you can you can tweak things you can. Tightened up if you will some defensive. Problems that we had that. I mean again you just saw some guys out there in the in the system for the first time and I think there's positives. To build on. I'd be happy with the big stars mean forested and scorn and a lot of different ways that thought Willis was all over the place run on the court protecting the basket. Scored and then Hamilton did it was very active on the defensive men in the office then there's no way shack display ten minutes I don't know that that's possible but. In those ten minutes he'd looked like. I'm all conference player I think. Conference can't shot the ball beautifully he goes for nineteen points. As you mentioned Carol source fifteen in limited minutes. Eric was in their banging pretty hard Rondo I caught in the on his niece who is a needed need to load was lifted around children ice him try to get him. Ready for tomorrow he would get much of a chance at the shark Kelly was was pretty good very. If I thought we got a little but out of pressure there midway through the second half and executed that finally. In. You know we'll we'll continue to work on our pressure and when do too much of forty or fifty points. I coach thank you look forward to tomorrow okay things like shut it coach Gregg Marshall shot responding today over Quebec Montreal by score of 107. 258. And I think we're gonna topped with what a shocker it covers Terrell Willis has been waiting patiently for an opportunity to join us. And while communion Darryl Willis of course say. Junior college transfer from rogue river community college in Mississippi you're originally from Milwaukee in fifteen points five boards today in 22 minutes four steals. And let's talk about that aspect we knew lectures were rebounding just from the numbers if nothing else fifteen double doubles last year but how about that how about the defensive. Guy. Activity adjustment is at the end of play defense at the level coach Marshall. Oh well to be honest with you Tenneco's loaded I was really sold punitive. On defense there to realize that don't let them so applicable. Can access one tough. I woodland plans for Gregg Marshall just look at the defense or I have to really vote down there. Pleased to let close you know millions of my hands it's not my season. So. We've been over the summer. Defense looked like to me you guys for real active off the ball you receive your fancy in the fall. And your get all a lot of deflection then you're human error catcher in the whole lot of balls loose. You assert. Low level resisters one drew cards onto the ball and then went so. That's what news all of whom swivel ball's moving and in the move onto the ball at him right now and it was just come right to us. And you will. Good you know we we efforts chance to see you in the team's situation today it did a lot of good things. What did you feel like attack machine here maybe got sped up just a. Yes or yes. I had about like three or four turnovers in Austin no just because those courts and my team is ticket so it is slowed you know when I would have been the prisoners don't know but was it today if it wasn't for them. Austin. I was just slowed loaded. Dispute used to play in the system. Well looks like to me that is shocker for answers to the way you run the court you'd run the court really well for a six they players your beat note their guards down just. That's just one in my there's just one of the billions and Austin has won the boos judges so I'm determined you know. And also it certainly a lot of versatility could score around the basket. That some some mid range game as well just. Option that's that you worked to develop being just an up alone will just put an eruption today and then tonight. Give the veterans rights of those web work. Obviously it's really early to be playing games but is it is that actually something which I'll look forward to just to get out of trying to practice for a few days when somebody else. Ilya leg game plan against its southern Australia just hours ago. Going against it so that hole ordinary daylight that is more awesome news display against different players there are days you where you fundamentally. You know since it wouldn't that is really helpful so really helpless. Throughout the season. Well I think it was a good game today to play this team the first game up here tomorrow's going to be a little different the Carlton is one of the best. Players best teams appeared candidates though. It's gonna Google whole new level tomorrow and you guys that are getting a lot of wrist just as soon be ready for the it's great to have you listened their seven disabled or not there I've received that there lewis' first post game interview in the month of August and probably the earliest post game interview by shocker player in history. But we'll hear him a lot more as we go through his junior season big additional check. Yeah. Real likable kid you gotta love the way plays plays are. Runs the court. He's real aggressive offensively aggressive defensively you know he would. Put them Willis and Hamilton out there there are a couple of it looked like big twelve front line players that Missouri valley Frontline players they're athletic they run it Johnston hopefuls guys can shoot it to. Shoppers went at 107258. Over Quebec at Montreal today's game brought in part by Carlos and Kelly is inspired Max. Carlos at Kelly's remind you no matter how much you love to actually cut peso. Please do not. Double dip on. Well we're we're it's fun to get off and get going in to see these guys in as we cannot certainly a lot of encouraging signs today it's it's all brand new it's the month of August they've had a few practices that. You can certainly see the potential for this team to continue what's become a great tradition and accurate market. Yeah a lot of new faces as coach rattled off all the new guys guys playing different positions. Not have a friend Ron out there and haven't left the laughter. And seen how these other guys are just the becoming leaders down in leadership roles. So interesting to watch that now let's take a reality check yet tonight today it was like playing the Emporia State or Newman. Tomorrow we're gonna play a team. Go look more like northern Iowa there are Evansville older Indiana State so going to be a lot different challenge tomorrow and it's going to be it seem to see him against a team like that. Just a fighter reference it's been mentioned they've won twelve of the last fourteen Canadian championships they're like UCLA it was the 60s70s. Up here. And last year these exhibitions. Split two close games that Baylor that was a very talented NCAA tournament team. And lost by six or seven Texas Tech that was also an NCAA tournament teams so it will be an interesting test tomorrow. We'll be on the year. Hopefully at 130 we'll get things that squared up little sooner hopefully tomorrow than today but we got through it. Thanks to Andrew handling everybody back in the studio for leading instant. Leading us through and we're gonna before send it off we gotta play for a player of the game which is brought you throughout the season violet appliance. Wrap it up toward them at the lions didn't have the numbers that got front divorce Jack could take three. It's looking pretty cried at the top of the art. He took one all of last year and missed it. Check showed a lot of versatility of his game they had another outside jumper a couple of driving hooks and ended up with. Thirteen points in ten minutes of action that it. Company Elgin Baylor like me who's going to with his right hand and put it off the glass. On the move. Check showed a lot of offense today we've got another one for tomorrow 1:30. Central time is our air time 2 o'clock to plot. From Ottawa Ontario Canada attackers taking on the best team in Canada over the last decade plus. In the Carlton ravens should be a good one we hope you enjoyed the broadcast this is something. Really do it on usually basketball broadcaster in August we'll be back with you tomorrow. At 130 with a pregame for Bob ball and it Hamlet like Kennedy wishing you a pleasant good afternoon from Montreal Canada. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area.