WSU Basketball vs Northern Iowa - 02/18/17

Saturday, February 18th

WSU Basketball vs Northern Iowa at Koch Arena: W 73-44


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Why. Morning welcome I'm sort of welcome to journalists covering. Add to match up between Wichita State. And northern Iowa glad to have you with us on this Saturday. We head into the last eight days of the Missouri Valley Conference schedule three games remaining for Wichita State. To a columnist what did it with the Panthers who are red hot. Tuesday night senior night which actors take on Evansville here and then one week from today another 11 AM tipoff as the Japanese will take on Missouri State. In Springfield today's game and next week's game in Springfield while on ESPN to submit national exposure for the shoppers who are. Trying to get some people on the turn the committee to take a look at them if they don't pass I tested. Nothing else well that's what is it four game Mike Natalie is which state half. Witness all game they have to win it with style I think they'll be able to do it they have to show. The selection committee people. They have their style of play is it that style of play they have a lot of very good players and offensive and defense with a lot of basketball games. Offense puts people in the stands and I think that's gonna be a factor and I look forward Wichita State planet very good game offensively. And fortunately both of those areas of play getting better for this team as they continue to make progress through the season. It's been a long time since these two teams like January the eighth. In Cedar Falls and it's been roughly six weeks or so both teams have changed a little bit distanced themselves. But it didn't match up to see how they adjust to what the other has done. That time period northern Iowa has been totally read it here we talked about. That beat red hot they're red hot in terms of wins and losses right they're not red hot with. Any other things that they do except play defense and they played as well as anybody in the conference over the last August's. Iraq to an 015 start in the conference they've won nine of their last ten the first of those nine they'd beat Drake might nineteen. Since then the ten game there 89 games since then. Every single one of them has been decided by single digits they have averaged four point eight points per game more than their opponents in their wins and they lost a six point game at Illinois State eight points or less and what that show is that they keep the ball games close even though they don't have. Real strong Steele said my opinion. But they're used to playing in tight basketball games coming out as winners they really learn to believe in themselves trust one another. They rely on an awful lot on one player and I think journey Morgan is one of the better players in the league. But he just doesn't wait too much as. Well and we'll talk more about this as we get into today yet but what we'll get into the afternoon Cynthia click here but yet. A Morningstar here and those of you who are willing to join us early we look forward to hearing from you it is 8691037. If you have a phone call for us. And of course the area code 316. Or you can reach me on Twitter. At at shocker voice either way we look forward to your thoughts and questions that we're gonna started off by phone with Al in Texas now. Hello everybody thanks for take Michael's mind. In almost civilized people call and watched game in March garments. You know it have very casual five flights today the president of the well you do war. Then you I. That in. Is that you know obviously it's in game out kind of surprised to see if you're relying on the game was seventeen and after going which there. I think it a little bit excessive. Now what do you think this shocker going to be looking to make a real statement for a couple of reasons. Number one you'll be O polo. There number one position in the day Detroit speaker but also I think some will literally like an investigator out this Illinois State. That we art that is. The dominant team in the conference I think this is those last opportunity realty. That statement to to Rome Italy took them you know with the dominant theme is. Count northern Iowa rated I think there that I like in the number three feet of the valley pre that this is needed top do. The number three in the and I think there's another big drop to the rest valley. Rated NORTHERN IRELAND won nine out of the end however all nine victories have been from black hole that they're here to now. We're Illinois State was thought it also swept. So I think it's going to be a really thinking about that darker than it looked at her bottom. I don't know the for the level it's at the point that certainly is part. Of that type of point spread on it seemed like. So. At that that this morning in Davenport are ultimately yet. I and I I. Pretty much agree that everything's. The same level you set it. You know the only thing it's been odd about this this matchup this year is that which to date. Won by fourteen up there. And scored eighteen points and that was at their place and it was a game where attackers had six players on the bench with two fouls in the first half. So you never know but I I think it the shocker certainly they're capable of that. Seventeen point margin it would surprise me a little frankly the way northern I was playing and I think Al really got me here but he mentioned that the way they play. They try to keep it kind of low possession and slow tempo game that plays to their advantage. What a shocker you're gonna have to do some things up the tempo that they're not an easy team to turnover they don't turn it over much much that she can't. Certainly deny second chances and try to get out after this shots. That anything that factors could do to push tempo is going to be in their favor. Yeah as a matter fact this shoppers scored twenty points off turnovers. At UN I had my. And their guards played really really well yet channel with seventy you've had frank camp with a weapon. And I expect the guards to be a significant factor in today's ballgame the guards to shoot the ball off transition heated up quickly. And then the paces totally altered. And Wichita State shot. 49 point 1%. Against UNI. There what you and I at that time was when I read that made them away for. I think Wichita State could shoot well against them and when they shoot well against them I think it's. What an action at today's game is presented by Comfort Systems you can count on Comfort Systems for all your heated. Air conditioning and partly need to learn more at www. Comfort Systems. Dot net glad to have you all witnessed again 8691037. Or on Twitter that shocker voice of the back of the phone lines or does it. Good morning. I've got to relaxing right now. And have a copy of let them biggest. I guess. One player I'd I want America today and you know get off. Men and and it it. Oh mark and it anyway we'll work on that yet. Yeah that is a problem in a market but it got pretty. He's been one of my favorite player did last year. And what I call and offered direct I think he got a real good job of that the future. I've been look at what you learn. Like out. Ever really big game which it. Had to happen that I believe it will. If not this year or next year what went right I've seen in the last sector seven gate would. Gilead. He Dell already be game and that is rebounding. I don't know what he's after Arlen last. Gays but I think you're pretty high I know he is the leading rebounder on it being math and he'd get going to continue that. So I didn't get to them or important thing today is going to be read our. One re not bring that up but anyway. Like you got your comment on market and I remember your name next time and have a good one. All right now I'm glad you brought that up because it's an intrastate. I've got some numbers I could throw at you know right along with that. Over the last six games. Marcus has not been scoring at the same rate normally does he's averaging eight points per game over that stretch its field goal percentage is 41%. And easily make three out of fifty threes in those last excuse me had a couple in there we shot it well it was five for six southern Illinois. Virtually all of this story was in the first half. But over those same six games in points per game. Eight and a half rebounds per game and three point to assess. And on top of all that he continues to get better and better. On the defense again he has now approaching what Zach brown has been doing what you're talking about any. Paul long athletic guy who can guard smaller guys they are almost interchangeable where they can switch things on other teams whether it's a darker format that you play. And they can do it without fouling which is very very critical I think Marcus has been terrific for which a state. It's six of his last 79 and a half rebounds a game. He's shooting in three of his last or even though he would be poorly and three of his last word he said he number 62% of his field goal attempts. He comes and goes offensively. But not on the boards. Or not defensively anymore and what he doesn't. Performance peak performance level. Offensively you'll still get eleven or twelve points to those three lines off I think he's just a fantastic player. And in my opinion without a doubt one of the best players in this conference. You know the game at southern Illinois got off to such a good start and he has won three pointer but he had to choose it would just barely. On the line or what or three of his five baskets early would have been three point shots all of these baskets in that game were forbidden ranging beyond. And to his credit. Even though he was obviously feeling it that night and had great touch he didn't Heidi shot. He let the game come to him the second half he was born ball the defense rebounding passing the ball he's gotten better and better. About maybe coming up with a steeler defensive rebound and leading the break himself and he's. Most of the time under control and doesn't profit up on the other hand he still gets buys an admission know little sped up once in awhile. And so they'll have a a flurry of turnovers occasionally that you'd like to see him counteract. He's got a lot better about that it and yet a very good freshman year but he has improved tremendously just. Once in Andy's going to get even tougher than next year and finally his senior year and I think if you could add one thing if this week was repertoire. That would have maybe three or four points to a ball game. To his point total. It would be to take advantage of this event just a little bit more get down below blocker he's got a overlap less athletic player on him get the ball down low and do a little jump hook you with his left hand was right and that's that all of them. I'll wide array of shots that will help him increased an average. That would put footers question before we go back. Marc was stuff. Credit hotter in the house today. They both have been in town that this is CN BA's all star break and most of them came here I had a chance to interview on Thursday. For a video that they're putting together on the two seniors JR Simon and and that bush for Tuesday night senior ceremony. And Fred was here but I didn't get a chance to actually interviewed him Ron told me then that he and his family are going to be the game today it's my understanding that threat will be here I don't know that 100% this year and I heard. From bomb went the people here at the university that both of them will be here so hopefully so hopefully the fans give him another housing. Applause for all the great things they've done to set the stage for what we're witnessing this year I'm sure it will be for us to stay with the police. Also on Twitter is sadistic pleasure for paddy if attackers were to beat Louisville in Michigan State with the same teams today you think the outcome of the games will be different. I think the Michigan State very definitely that was a game with the shoppers play. I'll just put it. In terms it's its most descriptive they played stupid that game for about 35 minutes bad decisions bad shots. Guys in the wrong place on the they've really put all of that kind of stuff behind them not that they don't make mistakes but the kind of mistakes they were making me lack of communication on defense. And even with that. They played that poorly for 35 minutes and then made a furious run of almost pulled it out market stuff he had an incredibly bad locked in an outer that would have tied the game in the last minute. So yes I think definitely I think they've gotten better than Michigan State I think Louisville the very close game I think Rick pitino's an outstanding coach I don't have a high regard for him personally but I think he's a tremendous coach. And I think they've improved very much like Wichita State had the we saw them they were really good defensively and part. Because they have tremendous length. And their big guys aren't taught his 610 to seven feet at great feat they can actually play out of the perimeter and just let your offense and that's that's a hard thing to deal without their offense wasn't particularly good pit two guards that according to shooting at them well except when the game was on the line and and they hit some big shots I think it got much better. Offensively. Delve one forward scored a lot for them. So I think that would be. If you're state matchup I think will be a very close competitive game certainly at I don't think there's anybody in the country. This doctors can't be but that's one of the opponents that would be a very difficult game it would be hard by. For the reasons you suggested. And also they played tough games some really really difficult. Games it's a hostile environment and they've been able to come out of it pretty good shape so that would. I think. Probably give them a little bit more background. And a little bit more advantage. I don't think Wichita State picked itself a hole against we've elected in the first game and I thought that was tough because they were swimming upstream. Virtually that whole ball game that they have much work it work. Let's get back to the sponsor and we encourage your Twitter questions to continue it as a shocker voice back to the phones with Cindy. My and I am wondering about aero that now that gain in the anything that. How is that partly to get right back out. Well. Well actually it's a couple of things and and neither one of them are non collectible. One is at the beginning of the season he was something of an unknown quantity. And that would meet at your conference people really statute they get more and more video built up as the year goes on. And one of the things people only get that out is to double team immediately when you. That is cities hit two defenders. And he just got to be more disciplined about when that happens kicking the ball back out right away at these that it a couple of times lately haven't really paid off. But he has a tendency to wanna try to go ahead and beat the double team forces play through it. And then turns it over. Or a couple of times lately he's actually gotten a little more open look up and then rushed it so not used to having open lefty is rested missed the shot. So he's just got to settled. And and let the game come to him that respect the other thing yes. He came here about having ever played much defense at least. Made a lot of improvement but in Belize. He really needs to see a five man on defense most of the time and Shaquille Boris and run on merger play well and they are five men. As a four man there are some form any can guard occasionally but there are smaller format of this week. Play a lot away from the basket and had been selected it Indian states of three point shooter. And he doesn't do us well guarded those guys so that's also limited minutes because we have. Top Marcus McDuff exact route and Rashard Kelly who are all excellent defenders against those kind of plays you can step. You got a situation where Ronald has been playing so well and he still like. Walking it's tough to keep to justify keeping him off. Or because we're short Phillies. Playing some of the best basketball of his wife's. And he's been doing that over the last three games. That's compared with Daryl Willis who I think is an excellent talent but. When he gets the ball ghost was left almost every time some reason he's just. Yeah he's doing that are not throwing the ball over. But as you said Mike needs to get the ball out just a little bit more but he's aggressive on the boards but that's. Since his playing time. And that coach Marshall has some players in the game that are doing well he stands and stick with those players that are doing well and that's another reason that there was experiencing and it's so once that he can still contribute is deeply committed score quickly the other night at southern Illinois he has a two baskets and I think the first two touches he had when he came into the game and that's a nice asset to have. As far as consistency. Who's gonna ask. To do some of those things we talked at best more consistently if he's going to get time back in and again that's. It hasn't hurt the team minority who's contributing is being picked up by other people's shows was. That's averaging six or seven points a game when there was scoring in double figures Nash checks averaging twelve to thirteen over the last nine games so it's it's getting accumulated with other people and and girls gonna get his chances are they've just got to keep learning continues to grow. I was hoping that he gets some more minutes today my I don't know if you will against this ball close. Ultimate in cedar all sorts he played seventeen minutes but he was to a five from the field and scored six points and had three rebounds. I thought maybe against this will work to coincide. Northern Iowa be able to locate that they're pretty good defenders inside and I think he just works out cooks of the CNN that's going to be sacked him. Toronto first and foremost a that if you're talking about a guard the Fort Lee Carlson. Likes to play on the perimeter shoot threes are right from the perimeter and those other guys have mentioned they're all better at defending him and you know Willis. Very good but that's that's the reason he's still a very good player he's gonna get better and guys are real asset to have but that's why his minutes have diminished. Let's go back to Twitter. That's a question about what star state is five and four against the Ken Pomeroy top 104 and four against the PPI. Top one time. That everyone knows the RBI is flawed. Why is it the only measure vs top 100 top. It's because they did you know there's still using it used to take where everybody's been talking about this Gregg Marshall was mentioned that. We're talking and they focus today. And he mentioned it. That the committee has decided. Next year they're doing away with the RPI they're gonna use the metrics with flu like Ken Pomeroy it tips accurately be which are more fair in war. Comprehensive. And more complete. They're gonna go to that next year or white next year why if they've acknowledged it's a better system at a better way to do things why not go to a this year it just makes no sense that. The shoppers actually have made some gains in the RBI and are now 43 in the RP either 42 which will help. Ask him and certainly I think the committee knowing that it's gonna go the other way next year is probably definitely made a little bit of attention to him Pomeroy it some of the others. I think they will my. Also got a situation where teams have schedules based on their understanding that the RPI is going to be used. As assistant to get the Indians you expert and probably be the selection committee members are thinking well it's not fair to them but we just. Tainted in midstream let's go ahead give some bleak times they know how to schedule as they move into the next season. Does that put on what's wrong Ron thanks for joining us. The state this morning funeral will. I. I think that's. We will get the tournament barring. Falling apart we'll see that happening. I think that it Wichita State or not. A national name and basketball right now. That they might have difficulty this year getting into the term I think that's been helpful my concern is. When we get a tournament. My only concern is that we don't play in the play him. Because. I don't think it leak could be. Clarified this morning in the playing around. We've voted yes while the Mac news. This week sixteen or. Final or whatever. And certainly not the national championship. I'll try to hide things that which spells say why can't be corrected is always. Maybe if we are way out of step. Toward the championship game. You know in our tournament that we aren't you mister. So I think you're sure that we don't lions play in round I think we need to win everything. What is valid tournament I think we need your end when the rest or regular season games. To get out. Your list what you guys got food and a good bit. A run based on what happened last year I can't totally disagree with you but I think that which doctors are getting more and more support they are now. I killed an already hasn't and is an eight seed to beat PI which another power rankings ESPN established. They analyze seats and so forth they have been as an eight seed there's a thing called the bracket matrix that. Compiles all the brackets that anybody's done out there there like a 112. And what you just stated intent and see when you add them all up. So I don't think there that situation right now where they have the way the valley tournament to avoid. That first four. But I think certainly a loss to anybody else before that championship game the ballot there in the they're kind of throw them back in that that. I agree that whole heartedly I think they steal it and if they lose to Illinois State. Chip finals it's this union but somebody upsets Illinois State. And it's a team that's in did the lower half the valley in the navy which cuts they kept the game and I think it's been hurt. Also rock talked about the reputation Wichita State and I think that definitely helps them I thought it would help them more last year than it did help them. There was a question as to whether Wichita State was even going to be the end that was astounding to me that there was even a question about that. They talk about the eye test and one of the things. That I maintained all these years Mike is the guy that starts with whose name is on the uniform so teams that the Big Five conference's. Are going to have a better chance just because they are eight whatever what the name yet but what's our state has a good reputation. And they take on as many good pieces we'll schedule that. And then say they perform pretty well. There is you know there was some discussion that the conversation I was at this morning. About the fact that you know you hope that those committee members last year who. Felt like they should be Evans saw what they did once they get a ad maybe that changed their mind a little maybe give them a little more streak resident here with the considerations are made that. There's also addicted to all this brought up there's I think in red and black the movie men in black wearing natives like holds up his finger holds up his forehead. Everything all the memories of the race things that I. But that's kind of how they operate so I think that's true I think they remembered some of the you know some of these teams. Mike are you that that while some of these feats of ACC. Like the pac twelve what they have. Evidently it last year and six of them lost in the first round two. Scenes that work. Nearly as good as they work and they'll forget all that. So. Festival after hope for the best to do that on the floor rather than any of your heart up. Stay healthy shocker tip of the game rescued by United Healthcare. If this exercise could slow the aging process. Not only physically but mentally as well for more tips on living a healthier lifestyle. Like C dot com to and let's go back to our. Twitter questions Jim says you think there's any reason to thing on it won't continue that well this year and maps. No there as the best there is no reason now. He's getting it they're making some times when he doesn't get as many shots because people aren't gonna come flying him at some people have already started and made his first shot to Illinois State. And ever run into people out of every time we caught it for the people do that. He's a good pass there experience southeast gonna find the open man. And he now has regained the confidence. In his ability to go ahead and shoot that are created shot. Daddy doesn't need a lot of time or opening to get a shot lady showed that over and over he could if he can match somebody up one on one yourself it's. Off the dribble getting them off balance and then just exploded after the shooting itself. He's getting better and better he's getting more and more confident. You know every every shooters gonna have a game here there were they don't shoot well but he is going to continue to be a tremendous risk for the rest of his. There so I and I agree. He will have to accept the case maybe you won't have droughts in my opinion that would get him double him up and let Dave jobs spit. We shoot 38%. Read or double enough in the Atlantic champ go ahead and cut loose and 42% from the free. Or double up. And let Austin Reid launched three point shots missed free points in the conference the Wichita State. He has so many options that could double hop congress for a camp as we could cause problems. For anybody to play and lost an instrument issued this is the fact that he now has four point 1721. Assist to turnover ratio in the Ryder. Here's the tough for the country if he had three assists per game he's just a little below that he has won. Vogel for Opel in eight of the last night ball games and does not know. All right hope that answered that question and next up we have the second. Does. He's out there in my flesh is about off the least chipped Allen. But he got the issue with his shoulders and and I am wondering. Here of the family as considered a redshirt his feet and secure you know he has the new economy and from. And now all the cards are going to be back. I'll wonder you know albeit then it would be you know he get another year or our credit for his degree and little blue would ever op opportunity just bring that name up. And not I don't know he knee surgery and I don't know the search through it any good it has there been any thought talked or. Whispers about you know may be richer next year David is excellent her three more years. You know I have not heard that this. That is maybe not a farfetched idea at all and I think that the family. And I don't speak for anybody but we hear rumors and I I think there is some consideration to have some surgery down after the season's over. And if that's the case. Having another year to fully recover from bat and strengthen the shoulders. Might be very beneficial to you say you've got so much James Jones coming next year will be a junior already is viewed college transfer. So it might really benefit Austin and the program in general to give him another. Here so I. You know I could see this big maybe give viable option but but all that is right now it's speculation that sort of nature of those I have not heard that discussed by anyone. You know and again it would be kind of an emotional decision for us to if you want to sit out a year after being here three here. I could certainly see where that might be a viable. And there are still some very very important games left this season see how he views it. As as the season progresses by whether you re enters it for example whether he's able to play and give them valuable minutes. All of that remains to be seen but. That brings up the question I have even heard of speculated by anybody until you brought about. That we are going to ticket secondly certainly encourage you to continue your phone calls it 691037. Is that number or reach us on Twitter. At at shocker boys remember any data shocker is play 50% off your online order in the Wichita area pop the job log on to Papa Johns dot com. He's the promo code shocker fifty to receive your shocker just GAAP not quite lunchtime yet but they keep that in mind as we go through the day and we'll be right back. 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Shocker sports has brought to my American family insurance C agent John grain bread woody or in valley center agent ten day WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY yeah. To Charles scope arena and the pregame show Wichita State and northern Iowa. Here today and we certainly had a flurry of phone calls we'll try to get to as many of them as we can hear the next few minutes Brad if you could lead off this segment. Yes I do particularly well our panel are pretty confident that we are superior. About what some years however. There was a flavor of home plate. Is here he is a win if you were in the conference. Or perturbed about it is that here in C use C and I remember. Not but in yours are so look for Sunnis who won our efforts of the department did not fill in the NC no validity in that form in the NIC. At all. So I can't remember what he was a rubber Bradley's they want but they've got disqualified. For. What was the other team has done so like that. Well first of all if they won the tournament they were again because the tournament winner is guaranteed a spot in the NCAA tournament that's an automatic and all the only to captured and that's that's the case that's why they have these tournaments. They have determined to make extra money and and all that sort of thing but that's. That's the that caveat is whoever wins tournament gets in the NCAA so it would have been a turnabout letter. In 2011. And Missouri State beat the shot chapters in the final game of the regular season to win the regular season title. But they did not yet in the NCAA Wichita state of Missouri State both went to the united T believe Missouri State lost in the first round to Tennessee your someone on the road. And I was here Wichita State went all the way to new York and and one tournament so that's the last one I recall. Although Gregg Marshall made and it's misty point to us the other day. That the first years. Or I guess the year before he was in the league in 2007. We had two or three teams in the tournament next year and since then. Since he's been at Wichita State. Wichita State is the only team from the valley to get that far from over those last nine years or whether it so. It's been determined whether that if there's been a second team it's been Wichita State is an at large. It's that it was. Anyway it's OK we've got David up next David. This is David Mossberg cycle last year on Iran for a called again we'll yeah they're here they had announced today. There on wasn't here earlier I just don't get you she really don't and the last five years we've had thirty were here we've been to a final war. We've been to a we succeed with the national coach of the year were the top five. When he heard of it. Frankly in my opinion possibly cancel that we're not automatically. And particularly to talk about tickets it's the ACC with a losing record. I just don't get it I just don't know yet what we don't get your respect. It's that it's. Are you invited to be a member of the country club had been in a car have a chance to go in I would statements on the selection committee that has as much. And I hear you Vic. But yet we all share that frustration it doesn't make any sense hopefully the committee starting to use the Netflix next year using the power rankings that at the deeper analysis we'll start to see seven I hope. That would people get on the committee they develop some sense of history as it seems to me. They stood in essence that's published out there are some people have kind of gotten over them that it's out there let's compare. Non power five conference team that got is that arches and how they've compared to those. Fourth and fifth and sixth place team from power conferences that got it. It is network is and how they've the last eight or ten years I think the numbers would be staggering some of the people. We talked about for the game my. Also during the it's time that we on earth rate I think it was the pack well last year at separate. Stand. And all but one of them lost in the very first week in to a team that was not as good as they work and yet they'll get there. For additional seventies. Yet again this year I think that. A lot of the committee members. Cup for those conferences have. Frustration continues we go back to the phones are very. It very. Did you request intercept that you wanted to say. Well let's go for it. We're. It's what quarter. The at all right now. Greg Martin. Your coach. So my punitive. We have big. We we need sorry I. And then we'll Korea. You I know that an outside. You think the real bears coach. Jack Jack of verbal and or do you think mr. certainly looked more what it all. The person who quote. I'm very good to see it regarded side arm. Between public wouldn't it help or you what you. Well let's just stay. Did have an accomplished really big guy in 2013. Either it was a heck of a shot blocker did it have great hands was not an offensive threat of all that made this this. Final four they've been another sweet sweet sixteen since that that guys that are not beneath those giant powerful centers around. Lot of mergers certainly not slow I don't think he needs to add. Much more way he certainly added some of these become very skilled very effective in the post Shaq. It's very effective against even bigger taller senators because he's that all but he's quick on his feet and he can Muster on the move around and jump all driven out quicker. And wait another year they've got today 6117. Footer from Denmark coming in at about 250 pounds has good feet good hands he's going to be dead other aircraft carrier type that you're looking forward and it did its bit so it's on the way. Bravo did a great job against excellent. They and yet eight Berkman flat here earlier and he is significantly better this year than he was last year. Very thanks for the call we were out of time we got to move on here just Obama can take one more call for Eddie before we wrap it up at. Senator I live in his. I've been the arts. Games held it's the end I normally listen to him on the radio. On the Internet might click here to. You're coaches serve as coaches some mechanism to do. The bigger picture so been there that have to be. A third suffered. Because he. I experienced here you guys. Always say Ahmad I was quote someone who worked under American as you go to your degree. Your spiritual. And honestly I don't think we say that too much in orbit but I don't think. I know the coaches have some input on officiating. And certainly. They're making some kind of degrading system I've never actually seen this in basketball and baseball. The coaching staff has saved they get a card from the league that they fill out at the end of the weekend. And they race each of the umpires like from one to five and I think he would break it in order of the four that worked this series. So there's something like dead in place I'm sure there's something comparable for basketball. And I I know that if a coach. Feels like he's got a real problem with a particular official. There's just the personality issues that they just don't get along and beat him. Discuss that was related a lot of times the legal trying not to decide that particular instance of that that coaches games at least the next year once they. Redo the assignments other incidents what they do have. Some say that. You know obviously. That's always going to be your relationship it's difficult and college basketball success working officiated and emotional sport for coaches. Officiating plays a big part of all of so there's always going to be some isn't it and now live video my they've been able to send things on to the league that had. Officials still Eddie Jackson since the years and yet director so they sent it on to him with an explanation of why they thought that so called critical calls they were bad calls. So it is brought to the attention of at least Eddie Jackson. Well we're out of time for the Colin and footers section of our pregame show at Dave we'll have the winning strategies coming up in just a little bit next up it's Gregg Marshall what his pregame outlook so stay tuned for that. As the pregame show continues before Wichita State takes unorganized. By fox sports Kansas City and what is the sound of the dream. Is at the center of the business and new car home. I was just enjoying. An American family insurance we know protecting dreams takes a strong partnership. Our agents of the resource is to provide you with coverage for all your auto home business or life insurance needs find an agent and get a competitive quotes today. At and stand dot com or call 1800 Miami fan. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance C agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer. WSU shocker basketball his own 103 point seven KE YE. Game show brown curls covering a Wichita State at its next. The last home game of the year taking on northern Iowa here. With a tip off. At 11 AM glad to have you with us our scouting report with head coach Gregg Marshall is six is presented by express employment professionals on a mission. To put a billion to work just. The head coach Gregg Marshall joins us before this early tip off with northern Iowa here at Coca arena. Coach in your your last two games the road wins it at oil and southern Illinois you feel like your team is starting to get closer to those kind of full forty minute performances you've been looking for. Yeah I think you're at Loyola we were very close in southern Illinois not so much wasn't pleased with some performances in some defensive effort but. Over the last five or six games I do feel that there's we're trending upward in that regard and hopefully we can get close to it today. Yeah we talked a lot recently about how well Connor and Landry have played together. But dish on Smith went through a little bit of a slump and Wally hasn't been putting up big scoring numbers certainly it seems like he's kind of back on his game and contributing to that rotation. Yeah he's been not playing very good defense of late and he's also making winning plays I go back to the the steel that he had on the inbounds play gritty out leaped been Richardson at Loyola. Stole the ball dished it to Landry I think we got an and one on that particular play and that was our that was a big momentum play in those are the place he's making now. Hopefully he can continue that and and and knock down a few jumpers as well. Northern Iowa for the second year in a row has come back from a poor start to really get hot down the stretch what are you seeing from them that's maybe led to them playing better. You know it's really hard to tell me it's the same personnel like they added Kaiser to trade or whatever. They just figured out how they wanna play and they they play very methodically on offense that there. It for that there. Pace of play is if they don't score surely then they set it up every time and they usually get something pretty good from setting and they go inside to cook they're playing inside out. And they're they they appear to be defending and rebounding at a pretty high levels so those are the things I think that have led to their turnaround. And certainly cooks numbers are the one guy's numbers who have really come up over distraction and what's the best way to try to handle him. Protect keep them from getting the ball easily and number one and then when he when he does get the ball you've got to put low stress and out of his mind whether or not you're gonna double or did about it. Because he's very good at posting up he's very good they can moves very much. Patient once he gets a ball down there. And they've pretty much the same as we've seen in the past defensively a man team that kind of package it and trying to force you to make juncture. No doubt you know they're gonna play man to man defense that any given time you can see four or five guys with a foot in the paint. And then they go out and contest shooters that they think your shooter and they don't think you're sure you're not gonna gonna gonna guard your. I checked into such a martial Wichita State and northern Iowa in a big winner from Coca arena. 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Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance seat agent to Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YN. Wichita. Sisters and northern. What northern Iowa. Here last year ambush after sporting. Three game home court winning streak longest in school history the longest in the nation at that time and that is the only valley opponent to win here. In the last four years so this little extra motivation for Wichita State today the basketball of course of great tradition. And Javaris puppet outlet in Florida center integrates with just not tradition family owned and operated for over thirty years provided the best in flooring products at great every day prices it's hard to Atlanta and I'll. Carpet area rugs you know that you'd get great selection. Great help great service that. Great prizes every single day as far as confidence that warrants that are 1860. North Broadway. Game winning strategies or ride your bike capital federal first moment their home and home. You can trust mystery behind the blue finances capitol federal housing lender member FDIC. Well thank you mr. Kennedy northern Iowa is Cinderella with boxing gloves about it where the magic slipped again last year statement. The last thing at ball games but not with the island race there. Wrong physical play they've won games by apple will be the last eight holes birdied four. Or what's it feel that nobody can read at threats we've got at least 38% against them. That was then this is now Illinois State came. We not to long ago holding their opponents to under 37 point 5% from the field but shot for shot and point 6% of them I think would start state going to spoil it upset the dead and at least 45%. Field today. Winning strategy number two. You know what it's like walking down it starts really late at night all by herself with the one there to help you. We'll hear more good knows what that's why I didn't know what it's like every time he stepped on the court. In basket and three point baskets and free throws made rebounds he points but this box steel. Play the market got exact right. Haven't had any of them I think his days going to be a tough one I don't think there's enough firepower in the tank where this answer why people. Would help them winning strategy number three. There's going to be a margin calls today. For the answers and I don't think they'd be the end of the ball by northern Iowa. Up the heat the belly they do only one thing well and that's the event. Their margin of error. Shoot it very. Low percentage sport not out rebound them at least not in oblivion but I think Republicans would be a welcome relief. Relative to what else is going to face against Wichita State. Shoppers were electric on the boards and they've been shooting well from the field at the bill but again today when he Radke number four. Day job who cannot be repeated. Northern Iowa broke them yes it's long home court winning streak last year and they did that would make it. Win but I think the path acceptable because they 56. Less today because they'd been averaging 57 point six points per game themselves in the last day. Wichita State has scored eighty against him not it's your fault they've been averaging 83 points a game. It's eight of the last night I think they'll get at least 72 today I don't think northern Iowa to. Make 72 points and finally the Panthers into the battle today about a half of thousands but they bring. One player five layers laid off. We will be packed with the starting line up in the opening tip off is as doctors try to avenge their only home loss in the last four years. Right after this. I'm busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls favors did you ask Brenda thank you completely forgot to show our captain thinking different believes that he can do you promise better. 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Shocker sports has brought Dubai American family insurance C agent and G Valentine Ryan woods does these selves for involving agent Kirk for her. Since the the. You are here. Fisher house three today's game presented by. Comfort Systems U it's not a Comfort Systems were all put your heated air conditioning. And plumbing needs tomorrow at www. Comfort Systems. Not that started at the front of the equity bag where you never pay an ATM fees. Be sure to visit them online at equity. Dot. What the Panthers at northern. This is a lot of attention in his pregame comments. Jeremy Moore 65 senior from coral bill Iowa. One of the leading candidate for valley player of the year 58 and a half points per game. Six point one rebounds two point seven assists. And almost two steals per game. Who is the straw that stirs the very musical rent Jackson expression. What Carlson custom news. They've lost here 67 redshirt junior would Waverly Iowa and half points for games and five rebounds. And it caught the Israeli flag down the stretch of six nights get 35 pound redshirt junior. Plus a lot of Wisconsin a third brother in his badly flavored northern Iowa. For the season. Ten point eight points per game. Three point 63% shooting 57%. This year and I got one run over the last ten games fifteen point two points per game and five point nine rebounds. The cost entered Jordan and I still don't want your seniors ranchers and it Kirkwood community college Northwest Missouri State and Iowa State. Six Taurus. Six points for games seeded 44%. For. Three and a place to sit through on the plus plus eleven freshman from Germany just on this. Our points per game. But it's just there's no change in their recent star studded lineup this background one forward 66 through here from. For game. Thank lockdown defense and other forward Marcus equipment 68 sophomore for Paterson Jersey. Eleven point eight points per game. This federation no more sense six ended redshirt junior from Edmond Oklahoma. It pointed. Campbell six or redshirt freshman from Kansas City. Averaging ten point eight points which gave you fourteen. In the nation and assisted turnover ratio and point one. And at the other guards and her friend 61 redshirt junior for what it's not sure if there's an average of eight point four points per game. And over the last twelve games shooting 57%. From beyond the three point. Today. So let's put it 67 players. But it played well the last eight. If you it's a baseball game Wichita State has they have they have firepower. Corporate Iowa had three of their top five players that have been playing at least 37 and a half minutes of game. At ball games of the other players complain about upper twenty's a bit let's not event which my statement. We are now they have the ball well. And the many reasons I hope we're aware of the day at. After any shot to win at the party to have locker room pentagon haven't quite the shocker score. You can save can't play five even 40%. Loss after merchandise soccer fans all over proud to say I thought it. At ten cents locker room keys. At the western officials for today's game called champs and ran behind the event and it print shop. These series stands. In northern Iowa's favor. 2827. To beat that they want the last few meetings of last season Wichita State has won nine of the last third. Team they now lead the series eleven to ten hearings Greg marshals to review was they were the last balanced team that he did not happy. Record again. Went back away with a market after the soccer's scored that 8266. Whip it Cedar Falls on his word. Picture Morgan hit a last second bank three point shot off. Awards last year I. Let it early days yet. Sports football how's it that it. You want but flat it or hate it for the Panthers they aren't what I was that purple flags in their shores. But the letters numbers that did go Wichita State in white letters and numbers it black shoppers could slip across the front. With gold piping around the letters and numbers. Jack Morris jobs that are meant that it it just goes to northern Iowa and more is coming up with a it's rare that. Shaq is not get the opening tip is different sort of fly out. I didn't get to definitely a hands off the puck in the left right right we'll of course guarded by frankly if I close my elbow went to. Had it on the block Carlson Billingsley had blocked from timetables for. They'll see him off his chest as soon as the ball hits him in the chest instead I'm about soccer ball. Carlson likes to drive it. The good job by the Nazis you know he was kind of ought to I have staffers so stay right there most watched from behind soccer's first possessions background right way to kind of afraid that he would be very defiant in its history for morphed into the top left wing picked up the open entry that's. Step on fire on a 0% six classic games like stark. I don't position mortgage holdings I didn't feel about the American people pulls up to 78 and if Powell called on the ground that's. Reaching in on this apparently getting on the handedly Armon Morgan will go to the line for two. Well he's he's that goes free throw line an awful lot of fun. More than anybody on it squad in 93 of them more than anybody else on this. A very good 78 point 2% if that's actually come down little offensive teams play. About 80% it was over 80% in go to last season they've the first sneeze my keys six miles an accurate read. Valley conference he steps of a number of students well he stated second one bullet but what. Reaching Wichita State in the country all by Duff and two free throws by accurately working the started off their respect continued Clinton's senate hearings about the but the factors. It started by the four out rebels left off the street by friends who have picked up on what you might have been under the basket. The way they set their guards who can bring up. From the baseline my. The middle of it you know. He's got depth passion to the left rate mortgage or enough mystery good tough. For Boris wrote the best equipment it'll have its doctors could not recover on the pick and roll the ticket Ronald. If it's run effectively. Fight it's they'll see Wichita State defensively because they had this out for which just makes you have it right wandered the ground right now except gym and on the way right bit afraid can't left wing to Duffy had been afraid he has thought about it still has his dribble brings it back out right into the ground and middle. Of the divorce into the lions will turn it over the committee's. I'm tired let's tackle global alliance for two shots and they just. They have put in the lineup Mike he'll be averages about twenty minutes football game but he spelled out more than anybody on this campus quad four times. Over the last four games cook 46 and a half minutes per game may have kept you on the floor war. During this hot stretch free throw by Shaquille Boris is good at sisters light stuff. Three different players have scored shack for the season. Shooting a very good 77 point 6% but over his nine game hot streak 85 point three of those. And they'll see it end with that nice the baldness spin off its end it's just like mark does Mike atlas creek. That's an assistant coach stayed fairly important step it could make it. It was did not take it at that he took an extra step up. That he hesitated and his call for traveling while he needs this club in a lot of categories but it was not one of them he does. Well hearing much a couple of sensible game it is different greatly appreciate it right of the floor left elbow betrayed him back to. To the basket one dribbled over the campus for three with just. Especially on the perimeter. This points on seven assisted friend can't put a layup for an campus this year but on a three attackers Linkedin before early. On the plus rights on the floor back to the middle drives it gets back out to Carlson right wing mortgage market off the right want to. Not yet to catch went off the legs cross court let wondered as stated. Penetrate to little to Carlson thought about it you choose the career was popped over every Jack. And it clears let's appreciate it didn't get a lot of offensive rebounds that a lot of rebounds Syria jam it really left to right in the land borders ten foot of this. The baseline tasted not announced that it tries to. Org. For their kids left who guided the funeral for. Under the basket. A 32 time giving messages to remind you that the weekly coach's show broadcast. On. 98 Celadon thirteen thirty KM SS kept going everybody died very athletic season for eight K sports grill at the Alley thirteenth victory which. What is this coming Monday night for Gregg Marshall six to seven. At the heart. And the first not Butler baseball coach of the year. Eight denied equality in case where Philip Elliott thirteenth agreement on 987 and thirteen thirty it has said. You know this club is very good defense off. Holy. Holding their opponents to 36 point 4%. Last may with a winning streak started we thought Wichita State with much better than them but they've been like skirts it might just cutting up. Very very easy baskets. Let's get a better than. Five for five equity two for two from three and I just want a war so far. Tasted victory that court against land appreciate it with a report it to civil rights under the what about definitely it's your work and work enough history it's not that the free throws her one of the best if the book rights watch it right back down forresters. We'll jump hook rolls out. Around this now rebounds background. That's about the best you can do what he's gonna make some shots but it was well defended not an easy way. Please let the better on this ballclub because the club face. Listen. Laura stack it into the line jump hook that there's no way that I often called the charge him. That is what Dick Cook leads into a conference champions flopping and that was a flop there was not. I'm real strong contact but I feel Morrison's upset with regards Jose. These people run under through the games that ground out also Rashard Kelly and for the first apparently not enough credit pricing the only inspire confidence in the opposite might be. Tired. Fourteenth floor Wichita State sixty minutes to go first half. Sixty go to the beach next doctor's surgery full court Carlson gets a different sort Kelly recoveries and two. And handling the ball now for the Panthers up front is Spencer called freshmen I. There's a merger got a penalty was a good golf. And has. Edged it came off the street here you're trying to help off the screen. Just got a little too far shoulder ended up making contact with managed incidentally a lot of experts. Thirteen now it gets this to be under sixty about 1549. Developers. Wichita State fourteen northern Iowa for. 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The numbers don't they. It would not particularly on the tigers 5515. To nothing from three is alive perfect start fourteen points northern Iowa one of five with. The field and two two Frontline Wichita State outrebounded the answers for that they. There's always talk about the snow for Wichita State they were there. Seven players. That have played already for the sport for them so this person doing what they always they spread the wealth and nurtured Kelly had been there less than it hasn't had enough. Maybe the story yet. He's a lot of right now as Janet Kelly bit stuffy. Friends and urgency Biden came off at the time now. And it is Spitzer holed it with a bomb threat from north they still have the patient Carlson board in this line of the link right to left Haitian lifted to keep that up front Carlson. The high post I've been tested and put them down that it. That's three minutes of the second basket his fourth six for northern Iowa. Champ but at the top in the right corner revving the deftly pulls up to fifty and it was all but Jeremy Morgan. And work it picks up his first Al second team about northern Iowa. While some looks like it's. Motto we model type of these markets upbeat that he's. The alpha male on this warn it's just not the case that be nice. At least now it can't capitalize from the free throw line. Which he then it's off season free throw good market and it's pursuant to united southern Illinois six of seven. In the last few games and 82%. Over the last fifteen games and 49 of sixty. It went up and nothing goes to those for free throws for a fourth of McAfee had barely moved the best. Before the fourth politely that fifty. 66. Under through the wealth of free throw line might be that the big guys go online have a propensity to make those. After the for a court rightly appalled I conference via pop history to the top left side and it did. I'm left locked up there looking for traffic deficit on the our justice might have been. The merger of the call for preferably before contact period nurtured this is a good job of keeping his feet stay between it and the basket wallet whose arms extended he's not a big shot blocker he's not super quick part got a school. Which state. Five when he gets a lot of the ball in my aunt or the guy wants to make sure that I could happen if that's why did it. You're you're left blocked extra planeloads fits the left handed. Rose slightly down the that it cut. That was a show that it Rondo made four times in the game at Cedar Falls and they just never double team you never took it away that would ruled out on him. Let Dickey Carlson thought about it left wing mortgage market look at the bought gets it done there could lift off the left side going a little bit but put it on the floor spins on the Lewis recovers. Whisper campaigns that are the Carlson jump up close to their victory for the players have said that every pushes up the left side of the floor stops on the way. I'm proud to be nothing back to ship it. He pulled left wing Kelley stepped things puts it on the floor mats Karlsson under personal. Across the side it was out but that's why it's. First up to a step for Rashard Kelly did go to the line for two and it was very nearly a three point play and it has made it that will move from the side. Additionally my inability to get to the basket and now it to the free throw line that convert some of those free throws lately. And Wichita State is it because of that island Jordan as did his verse thirteen thousand team that out even Kelly street. Rules. That he was three for war at southern Illinois Wednesday. And ten of sixteen of the last five games that 62 and a half percent. Which use mostly shot last year or this bowl season 52 point 3%. Have been better late. The second one up. Nice parts etc. Kelly gets its first point and Wichita State had its biggest lead seventeen to six free throws looks different not that Clinton won it since the confidence. Which shot that second. That celebrates the shocker pressured its record. Carlson's hands to board ultimately flee the Haldeman Luke Donald in the game now replacing if Centre left elbow Carlson thought about it drives it. Pulls up the lane from twelve ounces off rebounding definitely. Wichita State I want that we now. He's been testing it for you can't let double McDuff the attitude not to Kelly and handed off campus coming right to left that ultimately killing about a fifteen footer up the back. Nurture those. The Pentagon does he try to keep his body weight for David just reach over it kind of flipped it up. But it got too much of his body on him that will be on those second qualities would. Like out walking by eight with him here this week. Or. No doubt that it went out that he was going to happen foul called on him. And Gregg Marshall handled gently over the years that is not your Willis gave replacing Rondo. And off him in the hall that is double team him backward dribbles out of stolen backcourt crosscourt and as you know the time line and across it. Thirteen eighteen to go for Stan with just eight lead seventeen to six holes in the right way off the street get help from Willis. Authoring my home and that is good. I got through. Way out. He's a streaky three point theater that very what it's like he's. Potentially dangerous about 33% a year point 3% Michael only. Six of the last walking out to make. That Day-Lewis as the top right side to him at the right way to frame here that got it Kelly left side nothing. Read through life that it left lots Lewis stands steps threw up with a short jumper. And often. But this shot fake stuff. It that way and then the second if you think that it is but it's not it's not ninety it just released that's not to get the shot off read atlantis'. Thanks to write me off the street Peter Willis keep to struggle at the top left elbow and way back out front with a than the floor. Before you know the shot clock and it did. Dribbles left off the street but could edit the line throws it back out McDonnell for three no good off the back and let's not covered by fan but after telling fox feel. That. Haven't different where apparently nothing step today. You know it's real hard crosscourt brain can't. No matter what right dreaded double team me nice drives its Atlanta with Porter shared a quick break. It is first tee shots both from. If people. Point 6% from the three point right. 27 feet last night or when it ended nine Wichita State ball in the dribbling right to left out of line all the way up with a lot of my game then flown off the court. Pushes it up for LA on the dribble. The top of the arc over the French camp but nothing wide open three too long and the rebound to snacking and he recovered by northern Iowa. A quick break out of that wide open shots that. The markets this deficit that tree was way over the basket won't be details of the least that he was already coming back down workplace. Managed and out front yard by chance but since the free throw line the ball didn't register at that passion it's going to be over the tech head to chase them so. LA to first. Let's just say peace to northern Iowa and. Need a place to watch the big game. 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Belied his health northern Iowa three of eleven shooting including one at 33 pointers Wichita State plus five up. Yeah. Remember what's just takes up 49%. Against these folks up at Cedar Falls like that lets you rate percent now. But the defense is beds early Wichita State that's about defense. In eight of the last night ball games. Better than that takes one step. Stan. And I. There are fifty feet fresh troops in there on us to raise the nation Smith objective Wichita State will have the ball on their own basket after over back violations committed. My blog at I would try to get all the TV people off the court with its you still hear it now appears that limit later you. Lebanon late to go first fancy shots if fluid that shoppers in the boxes around the way it's Kelly and ground up to the free throw circle. Leaves it loyalists underneath. That it reported that it was organized after I'm not replacing Donovan got Morgan. Managed and I'd say program actually the clouds now i.'s name brand or else we got it trying to get an air. These programs when it went backward and recovery. To reach him that the ticket that was played us that reads like the street got held by right wing reed's not a threat to Cali. But the post routes in the post them the tickets threw me off the front rim and everything bishops have. Profit to prevent loss to protect the other side of the basket and gets enamored with the ball but that it. Wow lot of contact that look great pass by Dave Johnson trying to set up next round. Cloud goes left went to Morgan are vibrant comes off the street did not from Louis cardinals Atlanta Carlson. Girls a look at particularly with the job what short rebound let's just Carlson. Atlanta fouled out of a bump on that run the ball is so mind loose. Accurate did try to grab it and ended up making contact with Carlson that's his sentence now. Outbreak ourselves always have somebody has to buy out in advance. You've got to its 28 seconds left. It's nothing compared to two games Cedar Falls checkers at six guys on the institute found by half or nothing can benefit from ground up front Morgan. Market guarded by now. Verses drive right pulls up flooding seventeen footer missed that was. I forgot about their almost snatched it protected players today shots with a very different pork like seventh floor he is Roz worked only. Handoff but nothing good left right hands free plus. Left side molester presidents cup got a benefit the but it's not it's not doubt about it that it picks up his second now. Spectacular not just the capital Aspen with a capital adds that he I goods race. That would still have that he was already upset that celebrated cities that dot but he got knocked that in the years that's one book. With ten minutes ago at the first. Well at. That's worth it even death in advance it to get that second ballot it hip replacements. There hasn't been the line much lately free throw short that's not be up against the series today. And others champs in five of the last six games. As to points in this field goal. It's one more. And that was perfect life carelessly through what it's not stately 23 it's 9958. Still developers. One but clubs mortgage full court pressure by the shocker organ. A couple of dribbles and long pass a fourth round drive it down the line went around Willis elated yet very athletic department round really streaky in. The left hand side one on one. It's hard it takes. There doctors to report left wing Kelly look at the block it it did in the Duffy brings it back out rent reset to read Scarlett off the street left side back to Kelly front right wing Lewis. Shot fake handoff to date shots this year to three off the back log Ripa comes off. Through the cloud for NORTHERN IRELAND to bring it up himself into the front or right side of the floor and back toward the middle of the left hand them let's not align left mortar round. Look at not a threat to get it Carlson does now with Kelly on him baptize their ground above the left way. Round off the street it's not throws underneath the hood trapped under the basket try to privilege not a lot to get to that Karlsson in an open trade what Carlson. Left wide open on their rotation that time by NORTHERN IRELAND gets his first point that it is less than seven cents. 2314. Wichita State nine now Austin recently that it blocked Kelly double team not to read it's a bad in the air drives that it gets pampered. It goes down hard. And that they'd be shoulder he had shoulder issue and it looks like he's OK boy took off part yet. You know NORTHERN IRELAND their fifth. They sure did on that they did today. We are equally conference Reeves yeah as the head fake. What player jumps out of him trying to block the shot re thrives rounded taking the ball in the basket it's now. Now and JaJuan the cloud is super street road. His first point of the day was that has not gotten free throws in the last three games they two against the series today. And it gives it frequent opportunities as well for. Fourteen from the line over the last eleven games soccer's 67 from the free throw line that's pretty consistent with. Him he sent three of the last war. One more. And that was the lead back to eleven at night or hey what's that states that if they think if it goes. And backward that gives it up to play out you bring it up against nations this check Boris back in the game replaces Garrett Willis. The club up between the circles around the right way to ground brown off the street dribbles to the top bulls up fifteen footer left elbow playoff to mark without station. They shot out of the middle of the floor on the dribble to the top of the art pizzas dribble hand off to reads. Reason not to Shaquille Boris looks and it gives it Kelly cabinets for a show art circles back into golf gods degrees. Looks inside those left side telling off leg profitable a lot of Orange jump hook over cooked up. He's got he's got sick when it comes out after him but it's challenging shots like the block a few shots now event. Was no defense at all against that 2714. Wichita State by thirteen guys they have brown left we get to street could that help my worst of it dries it. Try to throw it back. Cloud drives a lay up with a scoop shot walked out about this day. Ellis Smith. Duffy defending that on this that shot glad we got it under eight timeout. 743. To go first half northern Iowa we'll have the possession of eleven seconds on it that is Packers lead 27. To fourteen. 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At happens with the many really good players are players that difficult arena Wichita State great job defensively you've got your organs. Feel like I'm. Not only does he have old baskets like he has only from you go with him the credit soccer he. And put Carlson has three points on a three point basket that he doesn't want six. Throughout the field. Shot. I what does that kind of break camp had only one shot so far a lay out what she made. But he has four assists a blocked shot and those turnovers and Carlson have been sold for eleven. Four of his last five or games Reid went right that's how desperate they are. To get shots off northern Iowa playing it and under ten seconds ago I was working for a fly ball to borrow so they're gonna call of town looked like it right blocked my stack. Where it came straight definitely the way this could try to jam with both hands Jack knocked it way. This call for his second announcement now Boris ground and merger. All have 2000 Wichita State reminiscent of the first you used to market street is market wanted it. Yes the end post wise at that time. The workplace act. Willis back in lawlessness no now so they get a fresh start of the flat spotted the now category. Morgan three for three from the line for his only points. That would and so Morgan with war and Wichita state league in 7068. Want him to do. Known breast Bible than I was this time wants to reasonable that the restaurants where they shot it in the sports they shot back left side your read left baseline Willis. Willis farther to the September she's totally get the same breath test for. Subtitle a Darryl Willis my experience itself is difficult steps that we really pleased about that point 960 soccer's called the into the record guarded by Smith right wing to and to really guarded closely by reasonable snatched the man. As it goes it's not stiff back it fires off the back aren't long rebound controlled by filling in for the record on the dribble. Slows down signs read right side Austin shot fake. Now look at the most drafted Willis author writes that the latest double team even the quarter through his trust worth nothing they dribbles. Back to Willis stay dry tires. Not to Kelly wide open three left elbow off the right side this deadly revenge you're working for northern Iowa. Good ball movement very unselfish passing Kelly had an open look just to stroke it very well. Carlson right way and off the mortgage. Or it. Went to clear out space and go one on one against reads. It to the free throw circle fifteen footer and got it. Rattled and it was well contested but to rattle down. And I united T not settled down. Player. Insurance if that it's ridiculous enough to make definite market street in the top right baseline I was able to order bounces off regard to net patrolled by Haldeman for northern Iowa. But he's got a little bit more latitude with so many big players on the bed at 2000 they Eddie. Morgan right way to punish him. And it's an off the street analysts force him wide managed to pass it tonight the right elbow you know the right block book. Look at it that that was double teamed up to Carlson for a very spends Jason it's tough to play half a century that this guy. Is the limit that is now the leg gets bumped that'll be a ballot northern Iowa and respects. The drive out of reacted Saturday the sixth team now. I was this venture called and it gets first. And it will be shocker basketball. For president Ford faces decades in greens Smith Kelly at. And Willis a lot of character back here with two fouls and I appreciate that it's an honor for it can't I dressed and I've seen. At their what is it. NORTHERN IRELAND goes to swallow a lot of French camp three. Plus yards hit six. The link to the high. Don't have time to close out. 32 to eight seed Wichita State by fourteen right now and I was going small Carlson's the five man you McDonald or you. Or get left way worse it gets beat Duffy down the lane and cut off the end couldn't get the shot away crosscourt rebounds and student rattles have rebounder too. With a costly turnovers and went read for the record that was right to left just left that he kept back vehemently to the top less weight training camp well let's certainly nothing. Actors twelve footer my. It's got nominated it's not relief now is sixteen every member. It's not stated this team. Threats tasted nothing left out the last put to death on the the foul Wichita State that it's going to be on Kaiser to stay with the amount that you guys CJ called the arm bar was a little bit. That's his first now. Sixth team I think this will be in the active shooting at the line for two with 449. Millimeters yeah. 3428. T meticulously done not restricted aligned with toward Ashton read. It's one point 4%. It gets to the lines lasted two times per game about the free throw percentage for both sets that is being seen files called seize players. Free throw line almost always make. Secondly by Ashton. Northern Iowa as a team 73 point 8% on the year which of those states 72 point three. In the eight of its last night walking Ashton has made. Well it's awfully close to him. Guys who have flocked here they double team recognizes the bad pass by run nose at his feet and office in case without about it Rada. That's the chances today Monfils. Although those down yet that he worked at the Pentagon. With us. It is practical or whether it is you want but clown nose rightly that mortgage are about nothing. Worked one reportedly offered him along crosscourt they shouldn't jump to catch left wing. It's dribbles up top that LaBeouf severe accident on the line throws it up on the run rose largely down to. Different kettle of activity over the past is that what it is today Donald tied. Who now has he fouls in the first half. And. I have thought about life. Seventeen pound NORTHERN IRELAND says that they wanted to blunt for a lot of mergers. Carlson who got a brief rest his back here that was just too risky yet now and a book is important that history is saved. To risk going over the back on every down like this a competitive player just off the like it's almost impossible to do. Surgery has not scored yet first trip to the line and this is one of one's gonna make the first what were fourteen to go through a free throw off. Or the back. Rebound went in I was shot instantly by fourteen floors one or early to go for staff. Rightly goes to Jordan had to sort of like Kaiser off the street that help the surgery at the circle outlined that the top of the art. Looks right looks left goes left a cloud. Out of the dribble the line throws it right corner Ashton took a couple of dribbles it back but glad that the seventh issue market you have to try to make the flight got about the deathly afraid for for off the backlog rebound going to be chased down by campus before it got about like you but to succeed rebound category. But seven people went in itself. Picked up the right way look at the post it's considered drove right baseline but to the back is equivalent of Carlson not to Kaiser over but nothing to chance but open three left wing and out. Every bad it. Clout for northern Iowa you'll expect to make a 100% of them shop it is open to that left the club in the right corner. Now hauled him. And the legs but sit up partially blocked the difficult balancing college and it so he's got around a little bit lenders tried to stop him from behind him except he has now. 7002. Shots coming actually eighteen about two shots coming for Haldeman. After the under wartime map 316 developers have. 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Back to your life family health and rehab it was switched talk dirty up every had a derby and re still health and rehab and he switched I'll relocations of safety or they're the equipment and highly skilled in carrying stats they give the patients the best opportunity to function as. Highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy and we are here for you. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. It's seat agency Jared Crawford shown Chapman Mike Rogers or in his bill agent forest home. I wish you shocker basketball at its own 103 point seven. He was. Cheers during his time we just had one as they have editors. Rob baker for a bad way to have a colossal city together here this afternoon. That's the secret shots for it and ride back on their all star break. Of their first NBA season run of course with the New York Knicks had breakfast to Toronto Raptors posted your rookie season in the NBA vote. Making their team. Alive but to have three days off because defense created at all this thank god. That it cookery that. Northern Iowa going to the free throw line Spencer hold of them will be issued it to look at this as three point three point field goal is 83%. For truth and here. 861 red shirt freshman from fields I would bet it did you hear him make the perfect you get 5060. 93 point. Line well last three games in his last. Week. Struggled on its. If parliament with five Wichita State leading by twelve 3422. Factors that accurately. And as many as 6507. The ghost of 315 to gophers. It should have added the report Baptist Willis at the high post right elbow drives it spins goes around Karlsson got it up off the glass ruled out. Dipped into the air by Khaled controlled my ultimate for northern Iowa. Good move by Willis is not quite high enough on the glass on the finish. Altman the discrete Carlson left wing look at it drive it into the lane stepped through guided up biscuit rebound well. And it clears the Olympics and Landry this defense core right side of the floor drives it right by the defender to mix just briefly below the lady lake and other public art fan. Randy hybrid that with the car thought to contact her and that was pretty incidental log active night. Takes off at three point basket which it does the problem the defense with all the way halfway through the tunnel. Second ballot landry's ship but he's good recommendation on Smith is is. Felt troublesome. Rarely see Stan and averages. Less than two miles off the forties still to go firsthand what an island chance to cut it to two and or even nine year old right leg Morgan. That's history. Of those that help Wall Street running all the little long for eight not a at northern Iowa has not only. There shortly area threats state horse. Rightly Smith Willis right elbow shots make a threat to drinking that drives it right it's. They sent me back toward the middle left what the left idling Kelly's words that these men incidents to bring the water off the street but nothing to add extra pass to elicit lewis' now by Carlson. Reaches around trying to. Stimulus Carlson that's with the colleges spurs now. Eight team this be a 11 for hero Willis. Well capital. Yeah I like I don't know yeah were there that the cost of if there yep that would. You know Lewis one of two from the line earlier in the first half Friday and is. I got through very that is the players realized it was the the president didn't want him want only about one player moved into the wind at all. At the line and the percent align it makes them. It's evidence laughs elevenths I think I let it. My first half points for peerless doctors that kept an eleven point lead 36 point 558. First. Clout right way Ashton and it was a topic you know by Lewis forced it wide open right wing in the cloud. Cloud on the right block Carlson. When it crosscourt work at victory that's way hard. Rarely get that hit the risk you want to back toward its last night like northern Iowa but civilian goods officiated. Wichita State is not your habit. But at 43 to go out Tuesday. It's like field. Old. Days when something's yours. So that if the nets look Carlson if that's that's right nearly stalled for at camp recovers floater from fifteenth and an outlet for the lead controlled by the office. First. We'll be very. A thirteen point lead thirty. 45 Ashton left wing office always had well us welded steel 1000. No doubt. Jumped out off the street event rates to Gregg Marshall pointing to his temperament as he deals with Carol Willis that's his first foul. Just unnecessary but it really nice job on those Wall Street forcing the accurately why if that's your job that it reached out and committed to now. And says thanks to the very victory for a few lives to be away. Right and up bad that if the vote executive scored all of his points on three of three from the free throw line is Melissa rugby player. Like go rugby. That time. Which does it very good to have thirteen from the line 77%. I have what I was. And that's what it is often that's effective rebound Louis Wichita State it's better that it would I would. Every statistical category except one that's free throw percentage. Doctors like offering him and a statement that Willis kind of moved up the street right is ways when it went way up to him enough killings faces up. Three point line look way back fringe and daughter that's right way back at work and nodding and make a move a lot of flyers over Abe a little short along read that comes out to Jordan acted for NORTHERN IRELAND that's an up or down the line out to market open theory though. Wide open nobody ever read about the white shirts most productive players today shots. Only thirty seconds to go on the first half Smith drives left only the best get. Took a lot of contact don't always expect nothing puts it so good at deflected out of town by northern Iowa tough. All of they showed Smith got hit. But Duffy got hit both going to the basket no call on either but the shocker stayed after it you know happened with 22 seconds to go out the first half. Gregg Marshall a 32 time about. Set up the flying here soccer fans if they shall watch party location for all shocker basketball games. Is the bodies don't the 21 at what lot prices ticket giveaways for the expense of the board Marty stone but your officials watch party location. We're soccer best the pace favors with state might not story as rapidly as they had told you so the last ten. But hold the northern Iowa about what they they scored northern Iowa has been an average. Just about 57 point. Seven. They're on pace to score fifty. They've been holding their opponents over this nine and one hot streak to 57 point four. Points per game factory in the past years easily in the fortieth 41 verse. And then we'll play it right down to the end of the block it away give it back to I would twenty seconds. Well pointless it's not stately they wanted to go out of fourteen or fifteen and not yet on annihilating it all retaliate. Nothing throws it's not what they show us this slip and fell and wanted out about teacher is at what was coming. To look at where the players said he yeah had yet to be yet. Now northern Iowa yet. And we'll see if they try to score right away but I have a feeling they'll probably the clock. Under roads or six years in the art they have more because I've got that he had seen. And the three point specialist. Market that's right started by the nothing looks like it's just going to be Morgan against Gupta one on one the other chapters Friday helped out Morgan. Makes this group can't get by the death experience both the way tough contested shot short. Rebound nothing about 12 ago flyers. And outside the board. It's defensive stand by market but definitely out here before the last possession. The first half it looked at state life. It was twelve point lead at halftime doctors at 3826. My soccer fans. It was the biggest and best everyday price elected at soccer merchandise is that the officials for what it does state university located on the reform advocates. Better. It's for you. Still connected to your finances with credit union of America as a mobile banking at. 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Hi this is just in Baxter Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business Don Baxter and our whole team has seen challenging Financial Times and we are up for that challenge we understand you're depending on your serious money now and in the future so please give us a call at 3166520101. Baxter & Associates time will spend money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. It's C agent and Angie Valentine Ryan woods does these cells foreign mall vein agent Kirk Korver. Wichita State University shocker basketball it's on 103 point seven KEY and witches. A domestic stuff marina and they bring in America have time silently financial compatibility come together it's a beautiful thing kind of like basketball teams and fans. For a financial relationship you can lump looked credit union of America proud sponsor. That you mention basketball. Shots is up 38 went to six at halftime. Pretty much dominated all the statistics solid throughout the first half days at both ends. Every facet. My pick a category Wichita State is probably played better that category subcategory significantly better then. Northern Iowa and thirdly it would certainly different weapons of soccer's always was. Good balance have some balance again today. I like the fact that the cases favorite Wichita State we felt that northern Iowa would have to hold the stock closed at 56 points or less. That's just not gonna happen shots already at 38. Northern Iowa to saint pace that they normally have when they're averaging about 57 points a game last in bowl games. It's old it's. 26 in the first half. And you're Morgan who I think is a superb player I was played well against Wichita State. Hasn't run up against defenders that have really rounded out the super defenders like picked up the ground piece of hibernation. And he'd be mortgages and hibernation. He has only they wanted to separate shots that he's taken so that soccer's established themselves early. Start up 22 at night and advocates you can keep that momentum going. You mean there yet. 26 point halftime the only thing that tailed off a little bit Wichita State shot 46%. On twelve of 26. If they only made one of their last six shots in the half what I thought. That there are a couple of times right at the basket that they took a lot of contact it didn't get a call it certainly that could affect with a shot goes in or not that may have affected your percentage just little they were. Essentially 50% or better in the entire half and northern Iowa was below 30% the entire yeah. You know you also look at weather dot org and I was gonna have to stamp and it released in the wrong thing now they've got players that play a lot of minutes. But Karlsson played nineteen minutes in the first half organ seventy. Ashton. Played seven. And it's they've got to keep players have to play and it's Wichita State. Sprinkles there lined up what you were in ads for player but Duffy who at night and that's when network. I would suggest they had four players who picked up to 1000 apiece. Really much more important that for I was that it six. Great he is the only one more than one that they just can't afford to. He was out here for long stretches he ended up playing ten minutes of the twenty. And it's gonna start the second half jeopardy. He's going to be tough biker crowd out of four ball game of the season. The chances in fouls. And I think he's gonna have more SE second half especially at Wichita State needs as well wait march. We're builds on the march for the start getting. 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Midwest Kiet is Wichita is certified low price leader right now get your pick up new 2016 optimist 30% off MS RP your pick up when he sixteen soles 20% off MS RP and your pick up new twice sixteen surrounds those 25%. Off MS RP at midwest Kia on Nokia corner of Kellogg and Tyler stop number 255045616. NT 563 point four months when so rebates of one qualified great. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance C agent John Green Brad woody or in valley center agent Tim day. You are huge shocker basketball is only 103 point seven KEY. The benefit. Of America halftime show Wichita State the ignored tonight. Eight to 263 campers dad's dad's. Which is just a small slip to 646. Point 2% for a chance for free at ten of thirteen from the line for 76. Point nine NORTHERN IRELAND held to seven. Up 2825%. Three of Stanford tree they did make nine of ten free throws Wichita State plus eleven. On the boards one for thirteen fort turnovers. To northern Iowa's three. Which tested at twelve to war points in the paint that's the biggest advantage in any specialty categories kind of stated aero. Twelve to gently on bench points. Leading northern Iowa Jeremy Morgan was six but he was one of seven from the field and Spencer hall debate with eight he made both of these three point attempts. At to have two from the free throw line. More points for Bennett. Three apiece for quick karlson and Jordan edged it Carlson no was one of eight from the field. It scoring three points from Wichita State markets but nothing with night. Three of five from the field one of 23 to go to the line also had three rebounds. Six points apiece for Landry champ but if you feel Boris lender was to have three for three had three assists one turnover. Five points for kind of ran camp and we're Rashard Kelly not a lot of two from three of the four overall five assists no turnovers. Kelly was still for the field one of two life you know Lowe's also had five including three of war the free throw line. And a game high for rebounds in the paper's staff. Adds points for us to leave grounded out to scored 3826. Doctors at halftime. Doctor sports properties and Wichita State athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors to just needs a league level of corporate partners United Healthcare. Not to fly delta dental Coke industries at Cox Communications if you are interested in coming to sponsor which does need athletics. Soccer sports property for what 69707552. Will be back check the scoreboard at what's ahead today. At this credit union of America halftime show. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. People. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. 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About the edit sales strictly furniture which is the most popular lines as well as many other lines they have an accessory sale at all accessories. Or 20% off. This weekend also traditions all these normally closed on Sunday or this actually sailed it will be open one to five. On Sunday as part of the sales gets five take advantage of the discounts that big sales risk. This day this weekend through Monday it's tradition to smoke. I'm Douglas just east. Hillsides that brought you back the greatest actors get ready to start the second half. Leading northern Iowa 38. 26. That's worry about it team having a lead in half especially. Not easy to put up again so that that will be an issue although it has. They can come back with a flick of the time I can remember. Cedar Falls it's a statement Thursday night at 32 at halftime they were explosive in the second half which. The second half 41 at 33 on the right. Night I expected to come out star and that that he. Of course to continue to play really really tough defense they've pulled northern Iowa 25 cents the field. Have quite yet possible to keep them that look second half baby clothes maybe what that they've reported up will be at Saint Louis just. About a week and I have arch madness that like to make it easy to get around contacts on the ticket office that night 78367. Preserved here and that's fans. Receive unlimited travel via the naturally that's a plus or and it's always. They passed twelve dollars they are quiet day pass port 2350. That's nearby comfort system is not a Comfort Systems failure heated air conditioning. And running game. Learn more at www. Comfort Systems. Not yet gotten a lot of us feel Boris market picked up. Chart Kelly started the second half. Let stand it. And right here. Personal now projected longer. Regardless it's fair market. Three pounds for the world. But here Willis first half lead in rebounding from the floor. Soccer basketball to start the half when they can't make it to street drives right all the way to the basket and try to go for the job but both candidates slipped out of his hand and prevent it or. That led up to less flooding could go ahead champ that we both hands walking slightly. You're right side working but I think it's a Wall Street view it's definitely Carlson back. Organize what history. Comes off the street tries to penetrate because it right side of the flat out. The club right baseline. That was seven issue looks to make equivalent or is it not for the laissez. Little jump hook that was. That's not well defended by fields or would do much more than he did defensively I. Ten point game 3828. Which does date Kelly handoff that nothing. It's time dropped the line the boards double team on him not to print can't it definitely should have it. But some of the floor back and Fred McNulty who bobbled it covers that little block Boris jump hook rolls off the rebound. Dockers pants in that looks that have at least. Chance to candidates tonight here. But clouded right ordered an instant to add staff that dribbles and up to the way pulls back a little bit different angles right to left. That's the end of the edge of the line at the net front Carlson. Did what book turns her around to our office last that it. The first. More points of the second half. I was headed to 38 to finish third most accurate field goals three in the conference. Seven point 1%. Left tournament nothing left block Boris reels the mind goes back under and got a lot. From behind got hot for the Tories still. The five run fourth or fifth of the class not out of the right way into the Carlson the black book black like Kelly. It's. It looked like Kelly's statement and author of but I could definitely want. The other ad wars got hammered from behind on the shot at the other had appeared to be. Military contacts. Obviously those defend like they defended well looks like the free throw line he's tenth most accurate free throws in the conference. Lot of places raiders over the last ten games. 56. 67. 84%. And that's about seven free throw attempts to game. This day he's got this is definitely. What history. I'm Scott and I. Doctors at an airport Brad Pitt got knocked nothing says monthly deficit that's not right you can't write it goes right. Knowing. What you know it right now if you use them right way different camp recently back out front left side nothing Marcus three point oh. Way up the mark bluntly about Boris since baseline road but most of send it back to Boris back to San. Let me right wing record breaking at this thirty French camp long rage sort re back I don't want to kill or over the back. Three you have no ruling on this would that was good that not only it was definitely over the back which it's not state coming out this week. Five shots on behalf. It Iowa has made it to the elusive line that or slightly to seven. Wichita State and the first five shots but at this. I've set. Boris out Willis in and went in Iowa basketball they could not have to find a reason for years that. The report rightly that Ashton on Wall Street to the way mortgage. Your mortgage he traffic comes off the Wall Street the target but anyway that you know Carlson forestry. The right side about their own little. Lewis' fifth there's enough to land position of let's take double team lawless I could have her car. Not respond to get a stop the Nokia to free throws her leopard print it kind of pulls back a little bit stuck with. Clout gone. It over to shoot him. When we write cycles back to the middle of the different can't drive close enough to put. Hard off the bat for about northern Iowa good clean look off the dribble penetration that he could get a default but not the other way with a router blocked my friend. McAuliffe down. And shots coming for two. McLaren first down kind of break. Thirteen now already have one Wichita State. The crowd shooting 52 point 8% nineteen of 36. Here. But 57071. Point 4%. It's less mobile games and it's now. Left authority has not scored in this but clout. Has poured double figure games of the year averaged twelve and a half points per game in those poor but I think after game. 22 games. And that it is. He gets his first point I'll cut to 630. Soccer is getting some. Some open looks and enabled it. That's not know lately. Are left break up and down the left fly flew us back to the deadly they've rotated quickly picked you not bring camp right side Kelly. We're back after Franken let's nothing that depicted on the dribble blocking. It was kind of fall back a little bit looked like. Contact us about it definitely definitely got it probably not weeks that's second that really read the card there. Two sides played well. I am. But please a lot of them 3832. Those days left me nothing but it is the block that got to ship when it. Those left opposite Kelly little streak stopped the free throw circle back to Canada wide open freak. The game. They've shot here the second half. It was a tough lobbed over the. Got together like throws. Again that's on the club about sped out of control threw it away. It's the left way the market shot on the transition this is short rebound back it up like and it did not about it and hands it to Carlson right. Back to extend. That extra possessions here. And did you. Students left. Pulls out a different. Karlsson. Would begin to. Who have protested when I don't want to catch it not crosscourt pass. It to Carlson reporter like Carlson no good off the left owner revamped Carol Willis relentless in the that are defensive position that I'm going to shock you. Did give us anything close Cali. It is like not that different camps left corner of the Duffy on the left block those girls under the basket. Throws it up to champ at that data now on northern Iowa. Good decision there by Carol Willis good quick group that didn't force the shot hit the ball out of now. At that it is time now. You don't want to go second half Wichita State Florida wide. Northern Iowa 32. It's. Think she's not that car more than enough neat music that you hand washing your hands when you listen to the same. Pure coincidence of whom I just took your insurance company feels the same way about it. I'm one happy camper. So the insurance as great agents who are nuts about cars were competitively priced and are claims people are fast there infringement restoration of golf shelters or. Insurance where your shield. We hear your children. Cease operations Chris Walters Sherri Williams or Pamela marsh an aero at Wichita. This is what it sounds like when truck I shot but other dealerships about Greg war. We have though white one. 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In case he's why did. The hall of favors you for the eighteen. He's got that in attendance at today's. Red went. Officially. That'll be good Linux under I would say it's a formality. The first year of eligibility. Wichita State missing its first five shots at the second half now one through seven after three. That's it violently sham of it for the game five and thirteen from 33 and a half percent NORTHERN IRELAND. Started out making its first two catches for five in the half it political retreat from. It definitely could fix it back to guide which it does they have the possession. After a foul on JaJuan the cloud that was under the basket trying to prevent Willis that make you drive that's got the clout. Then the second team. They figure out ways. But they get lines my theory theory act. Let's get a second best recruits. In the Missouri Valley Conference and they are. Better than Wichita State in that category a category that. Candidate different camp along right baseline because of that credited him he would if I don't we'll certainly Cali. She argues that can. Street goes left announces that left baseline Willis shot and got nothing. Back to Willis double teams want him look at the kind of receiver crosscourt pass to Fred stamp congress and athletic that called for traveling. On that program used to hit fake. There on the floor he may have directed pivot foot it looked like it was that evident pavement shocking turn it over six. And goes through with it causes you problems and let die by itself. Rightly Ashton Carter by ship. Them off the screen it. Not get to the left side of organ let's satellite Carlson turns where's that drives Kelly. I. All right well virus behind Kelly hey. How's it. Slammed his left arm into Kelly's fast and it was really it's a no call honestly but they cauliflower. Alley from the block it that's going to be yards second and shoppers net without the second half to. And it left side and it it. Those left you know go to work it work part of my background in the first second. Currently I'm more of that threat to clout clout squared up against not afraid of its standing triple. Market slides definitely because all the different sets of mortgages gave up one. My driving under the basket try to for a back polite. It's all about frankly if I could afford to satisfy the best at little underhand flip just. Okay. It's the. Solve anything about seven cents cents. Three point latest just wait for him see him play this well at the end ever. We have to laugh like that it would and it's. Free throw by Darrell. It is life on this eight point seven rebounds and yes the fourth now with the game on that it. Those advantages with McDonald's restaurant exit the band but it twelve point game again according to a 32 full court pressure and did that Donald. None of it when it's your board was. Here we market district everything. And passed it. Let me all the pop history. It in the right way and it it. The right watch the girls are back. The basket against the Duffy she evident that there do it that the jump instantly. Well defended her house prices jumped book short left. She's in the right that we got it if it were it not afraid camp. He is dribble out front that normally but definitely tonight in the that handed out tonight about Carlson that's Nestle on the baseline Willis. Walking balance. Not a called block that out in the out of yes definitely stepped out of bounds. It that your they still lead by 1213. Fourteen you know. Doubled wasted trips like that played much better that's it. But. And as if that were double team it's like appalled but those doctors backlog of work pressure. Right vehicle that got called for a war. On the way at the time line it or it is not a novel let me appalled and all the outlets suddenly the world's most active you know nothing right he would jump but this time the sort of well us after the we've written. In San but it the report standing dribble with the not to Willis. A couple of dribbles to the right hand it tough to beat Duffy was not a very good hand that definitely can average is that the ground next gonna get credited for. Breaking up all the added the ground. Hand. In the ministry to look for it can do it if you. Schneider get to street loses the defender three pointer author every but Duffy found them posted about it. Scientific evidence for off the board rated Carlsson and Americans except business. I've counted half. Doctors about 4430. Definitely this. Could have. Two stand in the half what it fourth eighth but holding. It's. It's 26%. For decades been one of them off the night except it's. At which state. Expect the team through the heightened sense it when I was out there yet but it's it is law prospered rightly appalled right walk. Donald did have a shot over there to get to death throes of to board shot clock to head market look at. Drive it pulls up floating jumper way off the bark about it but that's. Not shy. Quality right to left it exactly right over the best might decide whether. Back. To make up its mind. Ship it right side of the keys for runs scored to ground back to him but in the middle of the right way to take shots at this place ranking about for a round left witness Duffy did issue it makes sense that drives pulls up behind him with three left elbow little short. Rush just a little bit shot clock winding down mortgage backed. Drive all the way to the basket that throws it out of the way Ashton writes it. He throws it back out world. Right off the mortgage. Market let it effectively of that deficit baseline got this got to roll. Market with just his second bucket is going to get it would work. About. My. Which just made it simple and looks at now the leader's stance that well there are Jews back to the basket that pose not benefit him back in off the ground wide open. Three right away and adds that. That's up. That presents for specific but. Factors like thirteen 4734. To forty want to go all the hand off the board and go right right side finished it. But it on the floor works lefty that's not right Carlson right rate mortgage market lots and right want to McDonald's. But they can move on. Suckers at that throws it down a little right of the clothes nothing not bothering that's the followers. Pentagon today show this to break into the front four backers of thirteen point lead in the let's night and the guarded by anxious that for a program rightly stations that drives them hauled them back to nurture. Over the ground opened it and play short that every topic. What might market. Was centered in double figures. And also six rebounds and it's not about 1005 to go second hand out. Wichita State for the night. At age 65 he'll have time in freedom to do would you like to stay healthy and enjoy planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps make staying healthy easier. Planned 65 helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and -- place and are friendly service helps make Medicare supplement insurance and pre planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas blue passengers should Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government where the federal Medicare program. Shocker fans. 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So again and I've often eat out every moment yeah. Limited time. Participating restaurants. Shocker stork has brought do you buy American family insurance. Stat C agent to Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel viewers you shocker basketball. Us did not doing slow starts you. The ball in the second half four out of fourteen improving to seven for. Hey the good news is they've held northern Iowa the three of eleven. And hopefully the great northern Iowa at one point early in the half cut the lead to six it's back up to fifteen but shoppers 49 at. Thirty. Wichita State will be going to the free throw line Marcus but nothing on us but back later there was found by. About bill. Explain my said double figure rebounding wise that's part disease well honestly did that. It's got eight rebounds thus far and doctors who have been left way also has a rebound. Eleven points and nodded and six rebounds and doctors. Or it went. On the boards. Remark that soccer. Not as liberal use of the second half we have it the reason now. Obama got. Reader. It's hard to know what to expect it for him Marcus was well lead all scorers for both. But still go fifteen to 34 with just dust it off completely when Carlson backed mortgage. And mortgages that were against what were pressured its way to finished it back to work him and across the time line the ultimate. Austin Reeves. They shots that the guards apparently round in there through the front lines. Were dribble let them back to the middle of the left wing Ashton. And I should get a pop mystery short sale ticket date shots at daddy's got under this like Carlson will be coffers there now. That's as a springboard them and pulled. Fifteenth ballot I was third and Carlson shocker basketball all. Girls that question open and get under Asia and after a year because all of that lists. But it just it was. Six to 893040. Patience it drives left off the street. Novelty not for a merger. On the floor hands Kelly takes people left late round shot they drive it. Not all the way to baseline Haldeman founded with the body for a background is way too quick anti fraud. Or Spencer all the good except this second. Six now. It's active in the 11 minutes now by a shocker is when the free throw line ten times last night at the crime. Now. Atlas of they had a chance to get all the way there ends up. Yeah I think that's. Definitely last chance but he definitely wants to lead the team had done so the last five or six games. Word is currently not discreetly in the now under through sliding off right now this could be there it. And these sixth 2000 half of which it's they are masters now what it was that quickly now with our states when they had. We'll get right they had because the pitchers still. Out Friday it is numbers fell to the band for basketball and that's I think the third time that sounds all day surgery at Shaquille Morris black kid care. Play with three now. 57 to you know Iowa position doctors that by ET work rebels left vibrant comes back right. The key hole Utley the ultimate ultimate. Vice that the work at least. The market drive this lamp goes back out to Karlsson whom are very Canada out of this is if they're relying on the let's get back walking by making three point basket like they're very desperate. My clock Boris double teams and between the defendant's personal if they had just. In my case not so bad that he felt about it is not about. Once again they shot was way up there. Yeah track I don't know reverse layup and like enough to last night it's watered up over the edge grip on his left hand Greg like offensive foul ball there on the island. But not unique to vociferous about it. And both teams that's experts. Files second at 234. To just work it drives left pull snapped this shot Haldeman. Does it. Spitzer Haldeman now with eleven points that is is there for it it's his first double game in the last eight for NORTHERN IRELAND. He points height that's part disease he's capable of now offensive. Reasonably deep refute it won't Smith was slowly on going to be awful. And I'd say a round answers right doubles background on the on brown gets worse. And the answer eight at 752. In the play. Wichita State 52. Northern Iowa 37. As they're called they're making you shiver even indoors called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or install a new Lennox system heat your home now. And pay overtime with a six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. By fox sports Kansas City and. And I have this taking delicious to the next level with our warm bakery inspired cinnamon rolls French toast we take a cinnamon roll. French just didn't add an extra layer of cinnamon filling them. And then drizzle it with cream cheese icing and yeah it's that good. And board Dreier is sticky bun waffles and red velvet French toast and you can even make it combo it's your choice of breakfast favorites at a price you'll love. So again and I've often eat up every moment. Limited time participating restaurants and. Charter sports has brought you my American family insurance. It's seen agents Angie Valentine Ryan woods does these cells for involving agent Kirk Farber WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY yeah. Realize that time I presented this book tour sponsored by physicians never gave getting scores. With the 611 if you know North Carolina State now playing lame duck pitch Mark Gottfried. Trailing after 45 they 6958. Agreed to Cincinnati. Leads process 6437. What did you think you know. Eleven minutes to go first half gave you. It's half Louisville overshot reportedly Virginia Tech. Thirty to twenty the next valley game to start evans' Bill Bradley at 1 o'clock. At 7 o'clock tonight the search stated break tomorrow's southern Illinois Indiana. Lots revelers in the red birds its audience he would do at 3 o'clock. At the free throw line Zachary granite city. Want want got his first three points of the game here in the second half a three point basket free throws up and the not surprising taxes then we'll talk. This season. The free throw line seven in his last eight games on the line twelve times make them. So. Needed to hand over the last war but it should any of the last two games. Not in that around the 52 half points got a good job with the lives of thirteen and sixty. Four actually fourteen of 7082. And a half percent. They need 54 to 37 full court pressure all the crust it's not like Ashton went way. It chanted back in the game after rest for a your mortgage approvals left pulled up fires from fifty. Short pit box out for the sector's rebound from rout by Shannon who repeated the threat for the seventy point lead. Right to the middle open area. Is it. The game well it's got Natalie but I think that it's a Hillary fan but at the Lincoln and I like 55 point 6% for. Three in his last night falls but pulls up for 58 hits again he has just got handy today. Doesn't look like he's athletic enough to get that shot off but he's definitely not he's got well. I think it's 61. These driving balls back up front Kelly Lithwick she and the it's supposed flip side were slow down the line a little book would go fight for the rebound a little more fixes. And finally clears it acknowledge. Act one to back that Kelly drive to my left hander rolls so a lot of the the first six LA he's Friday players of the double David all the time because it's disrespectful. On a very Smart brief. Kept them rebound alive and you kind of set the little bit earlier date with Rashard Kelley kids race. It's witness and it's also has. Want to just and his desire and you know whatever the package. He has every couple hours. Or Rashard is four rebounds seven points again today to listen to us. Soccer's. My. 18639. To go. And doctors worked real alliances and I've gotten issues Redick it then shot the basketball. Up early to get the best market on games that diversity burgers sandwiches salads cold beer at our. Also the perfect spot it to a televised await news that the doctors worked well mine tonight to try to get things that are. LC. For the next game Wichita State showing more resolve by what did we get the rebound. Quite well and now defensively they're getting a lot of. Just us Davis plus eighteen. Turnovers they committed eight to. And I was five point soccer coverage of the dialogue hesitate to six and it. What keeps us state aid to. On second chance points eighteen to six shot there's not points in the paint. Yeah it once again and almost every statistical category which they have not only adds but they decided edge and they've got something. Players that are playing well northern Iowa. As a and sort it. A really good players because so many of them are younger and as a result when I was younger players replay of this system that very very well but for the time being they have got the the production they needed for enough people. This was the first 32 timeout called by either team for the second half been expanded to a quote. The under eight coming up with actually it's only after four anyway. There are a lot of very impressive things about northern Ohio one would really find T. The Missouri Valley Conference. One of the most impressive things is and the others failed by eighteen. It's 639 laps they're still fighting every possession every head off every pass every rebound they feel like. Don't forget about it I coaching shows coming your way for AJ exports through the Alley thirteenth victory which were about 987 of thirteen thirty KM SS. Three shows Rory this coming Monday night grant marshall's. And it caught Butler not for baseball. Eight tonight at eight days at the Alley thirteenth at. Every Monday night it is soccer baseball game of the season. Coming up this afternoon at three hooligans Alec. On asked the backcourt Austin green is not the about playing checkers. Restart the possession leading by. It's worth 5730. Him dribbles left that got my words and reader right way around. Back in the Atlanta Boris went up over cooked. But this. Better that's it oyster field. If it. Sex compliment experience toward the basket that was backpedaling all jacked up. Very easy to do and passionately right to left that back in the middle Carlson Carlson left side Isiah brown brown started by fellow freshman Austin reed hearings into the top right side up all the talk. Around on him now listen to shut him daddies did their best score. Google's right off the street pulls up with fires just about the fact that that rebound which are you know it's hard to let you have it but it statements about 547. You know and it dribbles right double team goes under the basket. Throws it back out on the way to ground and know handed off to auspreys. O'clock AC and a whistle away from the wall Haldeman try to fight through streets all for the whole. And that's good but doctors the line for another one and one on eighteen. Third town hall event. 21 on the cloud back into the northern Iowa lineup Jordan Ashton goes out of this time it's landry's family gets to go to the free throw line. First free throw attempts of the day shooting a one. Twelve points on four of six for free. In the earlier created between the two this season he scored 78. Which factors. The game and are often hit five 83 of them. Janet from the free throw line better than 80% on the year 82. If believe it not with his. Versatile players and that is. He's made more three pointers that he's made free throws it just doesn't get to the line all that often. Well wouldn't stand outside to get 50%. Reports right except what else. Fourteen for Landry today with state sites like 536 to go Haldeman backcourt double team gets that way to the club back home event. Moment after the time line karlson and stops different or gives it to collapse. Pulls it back out shot clock at HT. Doubles last man foul but nothing. And at Getty he said Dave they're really good at coming off the history and kind of leading. To the player helping off the street that Marcus. Added to it by reaching just a little bit it picks up his second you know how to draw files using real art and they played what their strength. 171000. Is still want one for. Well first it's. It's up into the heart three Lou. Loosen Kelly chase that stands out wrestle Carlson for a ride to the court is left side of McAfee markets look for the drug that was their way back out front of him. Left to keep up this post website telling. That's enough you can't let those for the quarter to have a shot out front that nothing. He's mr. reefs off the right side of the lane Willis back in depth look. Steps through and then goes up after settling just got Amber's got off the foul on the rebound it's gonna be on Haldeman trying to take it away from the start yelling. And Darryl that's not show once again if he would go with right hand he had a easy shots on molest them right hand but he went round to the left hand. But you can't fault the guy I think his effort is great rebound so well he's defending well he's given a great great effort today. Kelly at the line for one and 14 ballot Spencer Alderman of NORTHERN IRELAND free throw good. Art Kelly have a outstanding day to. Entry from the line eight. Point seven rebounds two assists in 25 minutes of course plays great defense at the other day he's at that averaging nine point two games were of his last five ball games you can say once again another outstanding effort. But that's what he's given them. Exit second off. That's what's given my laughs that's been charged with nine doubles team in the backcourt on mortgage balances of the way the clout that the market. Wish to forward processor time line to book for 45 yard shot yourself like swift Ford now 6339. Jordan action right side of the floor it was way back out front. It's left went cloud. Whatever the right toward Carlson take the three drives it pulls up and fires just about the best rebounder Duffy play up there to get over the land and into the record left side keep his dribble on the wing penetrates a little bit dries it pulls up from 58 off the bat rebound Carlson. Good move by Landry just wouldn't quite go down covered by Carlson and now club greens it is different court for the Panthers. Still a little over four minutes ago cloudless night brings to the middle walls that way back out into your mortgage we'll take it way out in the time line. Work it went on line gets a street cut off though by Willis on the health defense that got to try to take it went almost did. Sixty shoes guarded by Lois to free throw line pulls up jump up from about fourteen this little sliding his teammates for the rebounds away from the deficit despite day. If it. Reeves driving left all of the baseline and lost it on the hard gets to Blair from Gregg Marshall. As the shoppers turned it over time out of the floor at 339 to go. Wichita State has just put it here ladies 63 to thirty. It's beat the Kansas. Lottery welcomes you aboard the powerball markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail. You would guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing to really like that SPX the that you. From the underdog sports tonight. Come on board were ready to hit a high seas when you are. Your dreams are waiting to download the collected Wynette and enter your powerball tickets for a chance to join us on the power ball power groups TTS lottery dot com for details. One company is on a mission to put in the did you hear sounds like a big number doesn't tend not to express employment professionals. Seeking a skilled labor position we were administrative. You're an executive. We take pride in connecting the right people with the right company express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million feet. Let's hope we'll open doors for you go to expressed cruise dot com to find a location near you. I told you this 4017 Nissan Titan and a five year 200000 mile bumper to bump award would you say castration just a little bit. Truth this is Todd has of this war in business. Competition. Not even close I bear a 100000 miles birdie not. What do tells me this god is great truck hop all over them get a commission on. Grab or they Newt dot. Get one for all golf. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance to see agent John grain bread. Or in valley center agent Tim dec. WSU shocker basketball his own one or three point seven KEY. 139 to go in the second half was just stately big northern Iowa 63 to. 39. Doctors have gotten a lot of good performances again today. And while they're not treating it as well as they usually it's nice to have 48 for. The 39 point 6%. At 477. What they want free throws. Bad defense and rebounding travel of course this is at home because doctors have held northern Iowa to 45 minute. 0% twelve of 47 and they are out rebounding them by twenty to 45. Life which I stated that out read that either. I've worked a half rebounds a game six lasts seven. Can't sleep at Iowa the Achilles heel of this ballclub had been outrebounded by the opponents by twelve point lead. Working for the last five formula did not look good NORTHERN IRELAND with states that. On the planet in front court for the Panthers that deference holed about a theory note that this time rebound Darryl Willis and that's it would have been double figures that stand. But Willis in the ballgame that go along with points that report champ but it up his dribble Willis pops out front you know. And now brown left side of the floor it's about the wings but it on the floor Morgan although we. Try to find teammate gets to Sheehan but at crunch and the training camp Willis McDuff Ian Browne lobbed Willis right side of the line. Spin to the lines get through got to man up and your best shot hits his own rebound. Although the put back is laughable you just couldn't finish it. A little flip levees there and it's that tight shot. Cliff and hours and wondered offensive rebounds a game it's that idea shop outlook back. He's only two six from the field as four or five free throws sheets to hear. Burris was. Eleven rebounds for their own Willis. Five of six from the line nine points he can get a double double here he converts this would be his third of the year you know he had been averaging one half rebounds were classified. That exec. Because what if it's ten points eleven boards for Darryl Willis of soccer's like 266539. One McLeod brings the front court for northern I was just 48 me. I did he dribbled back well up front appalled and over on the left wing guys they have brown let's lane. And then pass crosscourt intercepted by ground I'll throw it across towards next round pick it up. And the right of the feedback that round to round it boasts that it Willis fit into the basket McDonnell muscles that have got. Glad it's over their own us now with twelve point. At McDonald's although a good young players is really not capable of guarding a guy. Lewis' ability 6739. With Utah State to fourteen to go out driving but to the other and it was gold standard but Willis. That'd on the way down off. You on the cloud was his first field goals now has three points in the game. Soccer basketball to eleven negotiate but frank can't Willis ground and picked up these forward soccer's. The record. Can't penetrate the little bit you know it gives it to grounds that right at the top pupils left. And that kind of cranky right wing extremists often write lock Willis not part of my kids three and his team and cutesy pulls up and fires its again. I offered about it. Louis I was fourteen. And eleven rebounds soccer's leading by 28 but that forty ago. Report flat dribbles right drives to the club around Willis filed and try to block shots go to the line for two of and that's gonna give Gregg Marshall a chance to clear the bats with a minute 35 to go without loved Willis his second this. 181002. Shots forward Juwan cloud. Is one of three from the free throw line on the day if. 52 point 8% on the season nineteen. This one is not an Oregon. Now for the shoppers. You see Jacque Knight who played briefly in the first yeah. And John Roberts side don't just seconds last time. John Roberts. We'll. Having the ball game here hopefully they give them there all four years. Of Lebanon since. Here's senior night on Tuesday night against Evansville free throw good book club you know has four points. And it's doctors were. With the basketball would have to you know maybe 69 to 42. John Roberts on this from the floor. Right fringe. That little pointless if it's not drive let's the line up for the. It is. Thanks on that many times that night by night he. The look but read round since when it definitely. Into the Christmas time went just over a minute ago. Way over the Kaiser. In the last quarter John Roberts on good about the class down the block to break party clearly relying. Jump hook Barbara. It's. Send up. Log revive ground that's no good bluntly about various scientific controlled by bush. At the senators who played a school with 42 seconds left there's kind of trying to penetrate. Its history goes left drives it. That's not and we got to whistle was gonna cut rambling and he bumped off his feet comes up probably a little bit. He's had problems with a kind of estranged indignities hood and it now. An upset about it he's gonna can masculine Malone welcome him with 33 seconds ago. Soccer's seven. They get 42 of these guys leg will be presented back up to 43 and a half assessment. If that living a commitment that we're gonna. Lot McLeod brings about. Dribbles right. Back out front ground when it. I'll just read a little I have a delay little jump hook. Story is laughing elvis' 61 junior for a Brazil it just got into the game but he went out there. She came back. Dribble out the clock in the when this led by 2973. To 44. And for the eighth consecutive. Near Wichita State has won high. It's called the Missouri Valley Conference record it was a record at seven. Last year when he putted for all the years that shocker staked out northern Iowa 73. To forty war's declared for the post game show. Welcome to McDonald's and eight figure out yeah I'll take a small Coke and all the large plays you know you can get any size Coke for just a dollar rate so a small Coke is just a dollar and. And the largest just a dollar yes and defense OK Hugh just the flu are different size and mine such. Sorry he got excited again it's nice getting any size bang for your buck succumbing to McDonald's and get an ice cold delicious any says Coke for just a book on Ricardo and our administration made. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. It's C agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer from Wichita State University shot. Zone one a three point seven king Eli did Richardson. Blog about it journals not to read this is the from a deep bow post did show brought to the night probably put your service partners. And branding and promotional products. Probably 31672. Feet 2500. Visit online at www. Wore my problem. Dot com. Great to have you witnessed Wichita State. Others impressive win today 7340. Or. Overeat northern Iowa achievement one night of its last and it's only loss at that stretch was to valley co leader Illinois State by six the adorable. And this doctors led by 29 today. Over the Panthers. About your racing any memory that is giving immunity the shot is long winning streak last year Wichita State. Dominated throughout at both ends of the floor there's shooting percentage in the second half it dipped a little bit and then the walk on tape on him a couple of shots late. The bullet that got to 43 plus percent that soccer's just never let on that I'm with these things you know. You know Wichita State was little authority when they started success he said my second half of the league dipped down about five what's it. And Atlantic salmon hits a three pointer in the shocks are off to the races once again. And it never looked back so Wichita State is able with all their talent with all the good. Players to stay the course and that's what they did. He shot here's. Just a couple of numbers where he held northern Iowa at 27 and a half percent that's their third best field goal percentage defense market game this season third best 27 and a half. They out rebounded the panthers' Mike 25. 48 to 23 held them to 44 points. They were four of nineteen from three point range of factors. 43 point 420 of 23 free throws for 87%. That's another area. Where really northern Iowa has a shot at particularly veteran winning nine of their last and then they have all year. But they were getting to the line several times he gave more than their opponents and be there checkers had more free throw attempts and outshot them Frontline today as well and they were playing such good defense Mike what they did as the season progressed to hold the opponent's seven last April to 36 point 4%. Field over that same duration 26 point 6% three points right. Wichita State is not like every other team they shot well from the three point strike even though not the best they shot well. From the field. But they did so many things in in excellent fast they held here in Oregon. Who was one of the top players in the conference to eleven from the field how many players they held they in particular. Be sat around and they beat markets but that's how many players that are good players but they felt let. Morgan was even invited to the dance was not a factor at all in this or. Add the soccer's have now won ten in a row they have held their last nine opponents under 40% that defense just continues to get better better it was a composite 34%. For the last nine games prior to today and it's going to go down but that 27 and a half today. That is our game recap brought to my ability to Cummings comings and Cummings as your criminal defense of DUI law firm in Wichita. Give them a call at 2641548. Or you can visit built Cummings LLC. Dot com Cummings of Cummings law where your needs. Always come first. More bookkeeping the shocker scored 73 points to lead that is eight point nine points a game below their average but. Way better than northern Iowa's been giving up their 91 street they've held opponents to 57. Plus per game. So you save 15%. Tomorrow and I'll shocker merchandise that either test locker room location Easter Weston be happy to say. I got it. Chance and Clinton's appliance presents are put it in the deep freeze play of the game. And a little bit better the last couple oh. They never. Can't they get all the way. Down at last chance but he really wants to lead the team had done so the last five or six games. That was what I hate it he started to drive the left baseline and it's I don't know if he could even get under there and took one step and slammed with both hands and he just keeps making plays like that game after his confidence justice or mind that he. Recounts he dribbles the ball up court they coaching staff has given license to do that. He dribbles the ball up court is effort is always appear here. And it's always contagious and I think he's one of the spark plugs this ball club. He played 26 minutes today a little more than usual because of foul trouble with nurture and Shaq and had nine points seven boards two assists no turnovers. Three or four from the line three to six from the field just that has become a typical game for and it has and you know. You look at that I would cheering me Morgan casting have a good game for them to win. That Carlson has to have them to win or it comes out with two field goals made Carl's the one he made. Tell you which the shoppers has to have the game for them to win that you can't come up with a name because at some players. Checkers won at 7344. We will continue on the promo people post game show from poker arena right after this. Promo depot incorporated beautiful service partner in branding and promotional products and our in house graphics design and marketing teams have a proven track record of partnering with local national and global organizations within endless number of branded promotional items -- options to choose from. Promo depot has a product for every promotion so whether you're looking for casual items are uniform options we deliver in the most cost efficient manner promo depot incorporated is your full service marketing partner for all of your apparel promotional awards and printing needs Lewis be that partner to power your success. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to desk Brenda thank you could. Completely forgot to show our captain any different believes that he can you promise better. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile to learn more about individual and family to Atlanta delta dental KS dot com. The Carnahan group that JPY get a sense this highly trained team that presidential realtors ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and dismissed transaction all relate to their new home to see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years. It takes a lot to created championship team like this shocker is it takes great athletes great coaches great facilities and great fans like you right now your support can help keep that shoppers on top through that shocked the world campaign we're racing twelve million dollars to update could arena and provided good support center for student athletes we have three fourths of the way there. Your support of shocker basketball can put us over the top or invest in the future by calling WSU athletics to learn. Learn more call 3169787493. That's 3169787493. Charter sports has brought to you by American family insurance. See agent to Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel viewers you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KG body. But right at the basket try to run. President Ford Shannon good defensive line. Cents a for the month of this is fearless. 3000 follows fourteen points eleven boards Willis with double double today. We welcome you back to the promo deep low post game show the shocker shooting 43 point 4%. Seven of 1838 point nine from three which isn't bad at all and twenty of 2387%. Line while they held northern Iowa to. 27 and a half on fourteen of 1514 of nineteen from three and they made twelve of seventeen free throws for seventy. Point 6% doctors out rebounded them by 25. To be 23. And although they had more turner was it was only ten total for the game northern Iowa. At seven Gregg Marshall. Heading over to join us in just a moment and remind you that arch madness dot com the official website the upcoming state farm Missouri Valley Conference and basketball tournament. That this dot com has all the information you need to know about hotel accommodations tickets. And discount information like victory in doctrine out family fun backlog on arch madness dot com. Today. Gregg Marshall presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million to work. He sits down just remind you shocker baseball coming up. At 2 o'clock this afternoon. Pregame 130 over on 97 and thirteen thirty K and assessed. With change Dennis coach marshall's Stan. Coach talked before the game about whether or not you guys hear it a little closer all the time that you view those. Solid forty minute performances and certainly this would would kind of fall into that category. I think we've played pretty well my. Especially the second half defensively. I thought we were not roots mark in the first half. Silly place and I could mean fifteen album but. We just had to dump valves Robert Wood over the back before he was obvious over the back. He had one hand passed with to defeat CJ Kaiser. So he was he was the ringleader of not playing rules Martin that we had other guys. Sean and whoever threw the ball the last second shot there's no defense and they throw the ball out of bounds are for he falls down on got to see what happens after. You saw better and I didn't have very good vantage point. But we have a lot of that in the first half and in the second at Gerald tries to steal baldor the voters to consider hedging he tries to steal the ball gets two points but. I thought we calm down with the silly so weakness in the second half and played much better Butler defense is really most of the night. Albums 48% 21% from three and then rebound about 25 so that's as good. For them to wins Jeremy Morgan has to play well he did not. Click Carlson has to play well heat is not Wichita State to win you can't pick a player that has to play well. Because you have so many weapons. We have a lot of weapons. I don't I don't know that those that that statement is necessarily true with those guys because that cookies and the main guy recently. I just think that. I agree with you though that they didn't shoot the ball well I don't I don't know that they didn't play well those two guys karlson and Morgan didn't shoot it well and they're they have a lot of balls. In and out in and out so. But the defense has got to get some credit for that I thought. You know we we were just we were pretty solid second chance points we outscored fourteen to two. And I'll have a positive assist to turnover there's just flat at 77 so. And it what you don't want it in less Illinois State stubs or solar. More than likely we're gonna see this team again in the semi finals so. If we can get to the semi finals quarters have been a problem for us lately. But we're we're we're excited that too but once again we're 25 games 25 and four. You're 49 point win against a team that come in when Tim middle of eleven. And now we have an opportunity to take a day off when they draft we have to take tomorrow off to have one day prep for that is built on senior night. They're all kinds of things going on today has the edge director of the CIA sounds. Cove family in the house and run for had evidence so. A lot of things can contribute to the overall atmosphere. You have a great atmosphere of both the crowd was electric I thought it's always good to have a couple of former players. Who were now residing in this National Basketball Association. President. I did not know mr. Pompeo was here but I understand that I may have a chance to see him later this evening which would be fantastic I'd love to catch up with a and I didn't know mr. Coke was here we and that's what we were told there was a lot of security that's also offered up at northern Iowa's big draw and you know our team is. Played well in this building this year and it was it was a great Saturday. Morning afternoon. In the first 100 years Wichita State basketball they want 25 games three times. They've won now 78. Times now he's tied in a row congratulations Liu. Well it's it's that that's incredible. It used to be twenty games was the mark of good basketball season and you gotta you gotta go back now Dave we do play board games now what they've extended the season a little bit. But still 25. Is the mark of a very good basketball season. I'm proud just be part of the last eight seasons and after we built this thing we've been able to sustain it now. With quality individuals. These guys continue to work hard every day in the just continue to get better individually collectively. With the help of a great coach Alan welcome back here Willis and I don't know if Darryl Darryl you know is a good it was a good matchup for him and with the way around I was playing in the foul trouble. He got his opportunity which he's been waiting for and he played well and every game it seems we get multiple copies in foul trouble the first half against them. But they they cook was in foul trouble for them so we were able to just win the war of attrition with our numbers. Well congratulations again we'll look forward to a special senior night on Tuesday absolutely JR Zach I'm looking forward to that. Gregg Marshall joining us after the shocker is 25 win in 29 games this season in the final 73. 44 over northern Iowa. The defensive player of the game let's get to that went right to like got you covered when you control what control lighting your living room create privacy your bedroom were transformed look at your kitchen. Got you covered has the right window treatment solutions for you call 2023669. But he got you covered of Wichita. Dot com got you covered serving. The Wichita area there are. Several possible choices today maybe there isn't a single one that we could pitch because chapters dominated to that end of the floor date they were so good night and we'll leave it well Zach rounds of the candidate once again. But Marcus and stuff he's just really has emerged as a Burge has emerged as a just a stalwart defense of player. For shark Kelly can't argue with that I mean he gives them. Great minutes on both ends of the court every time he is out there so those would be at the top of the list as far as. Yeah all of those guys I would have thrown in the conversation and Rashard to guide it tends to get over a little bit because he doesn't necessarily. Draw the other teams that score right off the bat that. As often as not he may have him for awhile I think he guarded defiant today the war might be guarded the three at times plus he east. He's always talking he's leading the defense now keeping everything organ he plays Smart he knows when to play off of the player knows what the belly up to a player. And rarely does he get beat off the dribble he's got a nice drop step he'll get down. He helps out on defense he does everything fundamentally that you could ask a player does well. What are magic coach Marshall Carlos of Kelly's are filling the shelves and our daily bread food pantry get this year shocker fans thank you for raising. Over a 100000 dollars so far for this great cause keep listening for ways to help. 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Only grow moderator has technicians with twenty to forty years of experience with the same company will say deterring many and damage to your property with video line inspection high pressure water jetting quality planning trips listeria placement and the best answer entering cleaning a regular maintenance cleaning saves at 220 factors. Regis she's 630 wait. Angel rattled now that drain. Charter sports has brought you my American family insurance. It's seen agents Angie Valentine Ryan woods does these cells for in mall vein agent Kirk Farber WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. Just days seventy. Great northern Iowa forty war. Darryl Willis got a little bit more of extended opportunity today and answered with his third double double. Of the season fourteen points eleven boards. I I doubt you are as happy as you have been in quite a while performance today. This. Others. There's distrust of crosses. Just Arabic want to. Three yours. I was gonna without suit among them was put my incidents as a to blow them. And Darryl if you didn't know it coming in I don't know what to expect certainly the success you had early. Cause teams around the lead to recognize who you were focus on you a little bit that is forced you to make some adjust. It's a seller revelatory it is definitely home. We give Boston a lot which is bosses don't see them do it. Our judges rule is still learning how to just. Just do with there's this way it is it is. Because this is houses aggressive post or was there and do my when today has slipped again to your noses. In the shadows most of it is. Past monster. And in particular zero turnovers in ninety minutes and defended very well to listen to justice. There's been a big blow blow my defense of some soul. I've been just religious charitable Donald preserved by not escorted by Noam really talented authors of that but life I was just on the bubble dome. On the business of sciences. And that's how we do more business so I was with the play. Please see a final decision about who flew Elvis was so all houses with religious focus. And when people of ask about you and your playing time lately and so forth that's one of the things we've talked about first was just. Learning to play defense at this level and and he talked about that he said that Gregg Marshall introduced you to defense would've but in this league there are more. Smaller four man who like to go away from the basket and shoot to three or drive it and so that's another adjustment for you start to learn to play those guys. The dome blow the LA Houston did not recruits who once in the polls that they're paying their due right dead and more out there in the room there's so I've got justice. Focus on just low in the not cooperative speaks. We'll. Some. Northern Iowa very physical team it's a man's game you're playing against them or younger you don't you don't loves Iowa from now look that is outside and analyzes. I was surprised I'd do that you elect followed the office of filers but I accept more of this because there's just not lose please Mosul. A slow movement is it is the most news. It flopped and he was hitting flop. Well Andy you said you know he's you've trusted the process he stated there worked hard. Waited for your opportunity and certainly today really took advantage of them. It the exciting part of the season. Room when Clinton but that. All right thanks for joining us says that if I. Carol Willis fourteen point eleven double double today or start the game by the way it was four of eight from the field. And not. Six of seven from the free throw line one assist one steal no turnovers. In nineteen that is just a really solid all around game. What did you hear from. Milwaukee was that you know that the numbers are important and obviously you have to have numbers to win basketball games but the heart is significant also and he has. Not been discouraged with the lack of playing time he plays hard in practice he get his opportunity and he certainly made the most of its after. What it remind you is that what you're thinking about any kind of flooring for your home mortgage business people need to see is Javaris carpet outlet and flooring center. They've been at this for over thirty years family owned and operated they have. A big warehouse here in Wichita so they have a big stock of all types of flooring materials hardwood laminate tile. Carpet area rugs and because of that stockpile there warehouses they gave you great prices every data voice at every day's a savings day. And it Javaris carpet outlet sometimes they have sales but you don't need to wait for a sale to get a great price on quality flooring products Javaris it 1816. North Broadway. Time for the scoreboard brought to you by traditions all of this is the only early game in the valley today the second game of the day just got under way. In Peoria Evansville. Now five intently fourteen and fourteen overall at Bradley for an eleven Lee Evans that was actually one of the hotter teams have only been playing well lately. After a very slow start and they will be in here on Tuesday night to face which doctors. On senior night at 7 o'clock tonight Missouri State's six and nine in the league at five and T and Drake. And then tomorrow southern Illinois seven and eight at 411 Indiana State. And Loyola seven and eight at fourteen and one. Illinois State you can see that game at 3 o'clock on ESP NU. And with three games to go for most of the rest the teams to force some including Wichita State. Other than the top two spots still an awful lot to be decided as far as. Finish in seating in the conference here it would be nice to be the top seed and you don't have played this team another time. Going into the finals fine but Wichita State has shown they're capable of Paul writes every team in this league so I look forward to a good Missouri Valley Conference tournament for them as well. Other games former shocker opponents. Tulsa playing at number eighteen Cincinnati today that didn't go well ladies sixty Cincinnati wins that they are 24. And three. Number eight Louisville getting a battle with Virginia Tech Lugo playing at home now 5753. Little under fourteen minutes to go. They would move to 22 and five with a win Virginia Tech. Probably in NCAA tournament team trying to pile up as many wins a candidate to sense I saw them on TVV Virginia the other night and they were very very impressive. Buses done the job. Okay Notre Dame number 25 wins at North Carolina State 8172. And number two Villanova playing at Seton Hall starting to pull away and Allen pretty much better wrapped up in effect 89 69 wildcats with 220 to go that would move them to 26. And to number twelve duke battling Wake Forest this afternoon duke 96354. With fourteen and a half minutes to go. And number three Kansas and number four Baylor battling it out in Waco. Right now it's Baylor 41 QU 38 with 1542. To go to game not to bet a lot of close games lately but. Found a way to pull out most of them late in the game. Shocker softball. Playing in a tournament in Tempe Arizona this week and they lost their first two games both in close games yesterday threes twos South Dakota. Six to four to terrorism as state the game with south Dakota's get the reported today at 9 AM central time was postponed or canceled actually for some reason. Checkers are still scheduled to play number seventeen misery. In that tournament. Soccer women's basketball team dropped a tough one last night at Illinois State 5450. They will be back in action tomorrow afternoon. And Bradley with tip off at 2 o'clock in network. The shocker baseball team. Opened the season with a solid 43 win every Utah valley yesterday the bullpen tremendous over the last three innings in closing that went down. Game two of that series comes up at the top of the hour at 2 o'clock. And you can hear that game over on 97. And thirteen thirty pianist says Shane dance we'll have called pre games starting. At 130. And then the final game of that series tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock Phoenix stadium against Utah valley. And the weather has been great for the first week and here in February so poppy. Hope he can get out and catch some of those games and you know hope for actually on your way over there after watching the basketball game here this afternoon making it. A doubleheader today and of course coming up next Ted Woodward with the locker room show. From twin peaks east at 21 drop will be going to him in just a moment but again the scoreboard right do you buy traditions home. And again want you to be aware they are having it President's Day sale it's more than just presidents' day is this week and through Monday and normally they're closed on Sunday but. For the sale they are open won the five tomorrow is right as well as the regular hours today. And Monday that are having assailants strictly for nature which is very popular brands that the here but as well as many other lines they have an accessory sale going on as part of the sale. All the accessories 20% off. This weekend so check out the President's Day sale today tomorrow from one to five and Monday at traditions home on Douglas just. East of hills you know a Mike they're always seem to be those moments in big games. When it's getting close and somebody needs to do something to recapture the momentum. Today I thought it was Landry sham it's sixteen minutes left in the second half. The shocker lead dwindled to 638. To 32 and champ steps up its three point which frustrates often running. We've seen that so many times from so many players Wichita State is not used to being pressured too much because they win by big margins. But they've shown even when the game tightens up they've got the fortitude to to move ahead to what they need. And it's been good that they've been tested here there down the stretch southern Illinois closed the gap a little bit made the game close at halftime the other night shocker are learning to as you say it really handle those situations find guys to make the place. Those things you mentioned. Who has to play well for Wichita State for them to win lose that absolut has to the other thing is. Who did they have to go to an end of the clock situation there's so many guys that can make plays and get the job and you're not surprised when anybody steps up and makes the big play because they are all capable of doing it and every game that they do it. Their confidence just swords and I think that's why we're seeing some great success from the shoppers 25. And four with two to go in the regular season the final again today 7344. The shocker over northern Iowa hoped he could pack this place and really be loud for JR Simon's act bush two very special young man on Tuesday that they deserve it to guys that have added a lot of the program to guys that are going to be successful whatever they decide to do in life. We've been fortunate here in Wichita State to have people like that in the shocker program and I hope and I know the fans will turn out and applaud them. Very vigorously on that team on Tuesday night. Well for Armani Elie David evidence producers in the studio Andrew handling it kill part of that predate dog Mike Kennedy wishing a very very pleasant rest of your weekend stay tuned for Ted with the locker Schiller joined chain over on 97 at thirteen thirty. For shocker baseball and I'll be back machine for shock the baseball tomorrow so thanks for joining us actors went up by 29 over northern island. You've been listening indeed shot prevents. It's fun sponsors. Karma so they'll lose pretty union government. Executive and she children insurance Jersey's real involved but Carnahan who. What sort machinery. That its. Support its equity bad. To chip news coverage systems Marty stone but Kansas lottery Bill Clinton took got you covered. Gross shield of Texas discussions are. Jim veterans core development the Kansas Department of Transportation. Jets locker room capital equipment. The Germans the American family insurance programs country club. It's cool. 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The Panthers in this rematch of the game from about a month that a capital dot played at notre side very early in the conference schedule. Re here countless this season. And the doctors pick up the winds holding you at nine the it's the Panthers are really good you know on the opposite role in this one but doctors with an early. Fourteen to four lead and a double digit lead. Before the first tee about it. Northern store because I'm out of its tone with a shot at fourteen to four or toll could it nearly two point. She accidentally taken eight point lead in the locker room it is certainly the second happened northern Iowa team up with the first. Positive points or six points of these. Can't say now why. Don't you can't let him if. Yet apply what that team went because that witness flights that take you find that it. I. They see him. And they can't. I. TM. Yeah. Yeah. Let's hand it. What's tends to. Time to clean neat cities which it honestly get under way today the shocker locker room -- glad to have you with us. On this Saturday afternoon. Doctors when it over northern Iowa 7340. Floors we were discussing the Panthers had. Trouble story in this one. Stocks till the Panthers eighteen points in the second half. That's the tip there's only made. And it's only scored twelve points. In the final seventeen minutes of the game so. Pretty dominant effort by the stocks today the Panthers who had been re also that they had won nine of their last and but Wichita State dominated this 17344. The final score. Which atrocity back didn't even miss a bucket in the first six minutes of the game bolted to a double digit lead. What I would account is six early in the second half that in soccer's. Soccer's outscored the panthers' thirty it was cold in the final sixty minutes of the game. Which he tossed out 25 and four on the season and the speed at one atop the Missouri Valley Conference now. It instead of Illinois State who plays tomorrow shocked if we did a 7344. If you could to distance on a locker so give us a call at. 86913. 386913. Thirty is our phone number and let's get the phone to talk with us now hello Al what you are on the locker. Running ahead. Look at thanks for taking my call was always. Got what three other days and other that the armed voters speak. I think we're struck in the real message to Illinois State that bank crew were on a collision courts with them. Indy curtailment gain and I think we're. Now a net that laws than Illinois State. But has been neck race in the world well oiled machine it's on all cylinders. They'd be very straight because I think we're gonna run the table what's left. Couple couple things number one bit about the heat and there's been talk about team lacked. But I about lax but there's no obvious leader on the scene. I think I don't know Bob hopefully that anarchy ethically I think we are LE become the yet. The leader on the team I'd. So impressed on how he has really occurred in. It's his stride so competent even in his brief road ends. Up like gays. More athletic speaker at the Wetzel anymore. You know just in be everywhere and you know bring so much energy in the game. Also glad he Darryl Willis finally get submitted and perform. I think. You know on her wish in conflict brought upon Alley goes right disposal would go left. And I think if he could ever. Make an adjustment I think he did that would be the office of weapons. Day in day out what was that great outing. No but it ministers Turk on hot team. And I think that shoppers are really really get nickel one now. Sir looks like it Holland and notice of the things you mentioned are really coming to bear with this team. They are winning games by large margins and even there there. Beating teams pretty good that coming in with brigades streaks going on so. Today it's only the hours looked at a tape second shots minds do not know coach Marshall has never failed to mention it over the past year the you know I located here last year beat its dockers you knew that this was not on on his mind in excerpts on the players' minds that the that the northern Iowa came here last year and beat Wichita State that was not. I was not going to happen today. Outgoing head out. I was just days I think that now works in a signal to rest the conference. No we're going to be denied at this point I think. Thus ecologically. Every team gonna play now issues. NB you know restrict your own well being and no it's just Ecstasy has so many different players that have. Revolution with a couple of in the statement that this team. That big an issue. It's just quote Rick the keynote just sort of next man up. So you know were. We're in good shape then out of journalist and what the next court at this state that great game keep up that work did he take Michael. Thanks now we appreciate it good to hear from you if you would like to join us on the locker room showed it is eight. The phone lines are open it was a dial 86910378691037. As the phone number the area code is 316. We get going today on the soccer locker room so we are broadcast live here at twin peaks in east Wichita we are urged to rock road. On my point is today after soccer a game day action. And no we will get it fixed up with the eight days specials here at twin peaks sports soccer games only. And that this those special that special that affect all day long here at Indy summit soccer game days so. They open up at 10:30 this morning early before the game typical late into the night. You could delay those vessels about a big man size mud of the shots opera only four dollars. And that beer right now is what the nine point two degrees colder than high school. On this warm February days and you get a cheeseburger for 599. There's your soccer food and drink specials all day long here at twin peaks. At keepers to rock the eighties Wichita we continue with soccer locker room suit today. Give us a call 8691037. Area code 3168691037. If you'd like to join us today that soccer's. Clobbered northern Iowa 7344. Of the finals door. Sox led by it doesn't at halftime. And northern Iowa only got five baskets in the final. Seventy minutes of games so. The Panthers just never really got going very cold shooting. Leaked Carlson but the Panthers one of the speed shooting on the day. And he missed fourteen of its 58 shots he never got going Jeremy Morgan's two for eleven shooting on the day he missed nine of his eleven. So the Panthers at these guys that were really ice cold in just could not get shots to go down. Good job by the soccer defense on there another you and I starter the order and Ashton Whipple for four from the field so. Between those three starters for the Panthers they those three combined ago the reaper thirty. From the field. Now the other players besides those three went eleven for 21 over 50%. So maybe some. If they'd gotten the ball in the hands of those other guys more often they might have paid off today deploy those three really struggled the soccer defense did a nice job on them and it. Not letting him have wide open shots make peace making sure that. They keep their they had their struggles or at least they handed their faces they were sued again. And they couldn't get to go down and soccer. Investors made that the pressure comes to bear as the game went on. And beat northern Iowa today big time 7340. Board soccer's now on eight and the game winning streak. Which is now the third longest in soccer history. Many times through the years that soccer's. At nine game winning streaks and we got broken. And that in fact there was quality within the last year to that happen. Not so of course and that the 35 game winning streak couple years ago so in their there was another thirteen games streak yeah. Thirteen games streak in there somewhere but Wichita State. Keeps things going. And they get the wind today by the final score 7344. Lets the phone lines next caller is the end Dan you are on the locker. So right ahead. Well thanks guys another. Publish such we are what they opened little birdie streak they cheer them don't owe little or too little to make sure they can hear me back. I noticed today that person to be in the lead in the second half where are short Kelly in background play a lot of minutes together often ice cream on comedian pull the other and vice reversal of separately been so strong so was that something new maybe some going all the noted before that you know it was because obviously North Carolina maybe. Playmakers so is that during a vocal on the court at the same time. And my Major League in batterers don't them in their. Now that have been something the coaches a couple of to get to exploit a little bit of a match up the old. And it certainly paid off those two those two really kind of added a nice thing going at it. Not only upbeat this event at the core they make it looked a couple times on the topic again for some good sense so the nice tradition dammit the restarts has been fantastic on both ends of the floor lately and it is and its that it wanted to leave it one of the other. Nice to see them out there or little bit more together that exactly played fifty minutes today he people out there but not a time that restart. Target lob mormons is active yeah you received or is back in the second happening right. Or. Yes our you don't hear. Thanks for the call definitely appreciate it he. You want to join us today. This is the soccer locker room so we are coming T live from twin peaks in east which it saw we RE 21 and rock road if you wanna give his golf. The phone numbers 8691037. Erie code 3161 in 86910370. Is our phone number. Become a become a regular customer here when beat the best pitcher in sports a game with new wings in sauces new routes. Lots of different combinations on the wings. Victory gave her twin peaks and on the wanted you liked the best right now. Soccer lottery still coming to you twin peaks and take a break we'll come back right after this our producers in the studio. Great job as always they'll get you on the air with this gives you call 8691037. They went for the shots today over northern Iowa's 78340. Bore. One by NC is it went leaks back normal right after this soccer basketball today 103 point seven. Eight EY and. Shocker nation wasn't built overnight it took years of dedication and hard work and perseverance. Your friends and all seasons construction know about hard work. We've been updating homes for over 25 years providing the best in home exteriors and interior modeling. 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Wichita State locker room show won't want to three point seven KEY it's. If it's still around the local that's due to solve this Saturday. Citizens Sox got things going early to say yes 7344. Waited over northern hostility shoppers. Improved twenty. And four with the win now to beat you don't want it in Missouri like conference stated soccer's. A ten game winning streak. And that's an expert with more than 23 points against him and bridge. During that winning streak as the soccer beat a team that has won twice as fast and and so there are still a as proof that they've been able to. And everybody conference except for the two teams northern Iowa it's and suspend it will be heated. But that's. There are three against the show records and the records and keep we supply to the experts at home. Coming up later in the season. Will be different state. On the season Wichita State will be on the road Missouri State. You look at what point state. So we still. This in this Toppert. It's certainly been not not been finalized yet it will see openings skilled hackers also of mr. Last year at home to northern Iowa and a dual sole story it. Moderate risk 5350. Tax. Even told to northern Sobel lowest point total there to 44 northern I don't get eighteen points in the second epic records and how one seat heat stir. CC on campus. Arenas out. And it its operative now 158. Of their last fifteen times it seems set at three. That's only as well as that loss a year ago so to do UN I'm so shocked debated that last. And get things going their way in this 7344. Win. As Wichita State keeps winning streak at this point. Doctors who witnessed what you see of the year. He needs to her company of one they won at least 22 games so shots. So let me just mrs. Stevenson to the expertise shocker history it's cost of course that the Greek equities three hours ago. Just the season just winning streak. And there were several doctors peaks in the TDs fears that at least tomorrow would have permitted double digits but doctors now eighty and the what streak is the third time in more than three speed that they've had at least. In the women's uterus 02. To 62344. Over UN high. And Wichita State except the wind talkers not to in any category today. Including shoot soccer's top 43% from the field you tie it to 27%. Shooting. Either and David allegedly shot 22% in the first. They released this Tibet in the second half at 30% shooting. Experts are going from three point range. Just 10 Spencer Altman. 33 pointers for you and nobody in at least one other one besides that. And as easily shot to open seat in fact he missed four meters fifteen shots he told he only won three pointer on the day. Just scored the Panthers want need it. The free throw line shoppers at plus need some. You know rebounding and state 4832. Record on the boards which the well offensive rebounds. Technically at 40 lead after you see. The shocked that it with thirteen assists on the tape of the toes by Conor frank camp for more for and reached. As those two combined for nine assists and only two turnovers. It's not to over ten times the statement. They didn't say it there's trouble no there is not a team turns liberals but only target or seven times today so. But historically gotten to that and expert where they were able to. To a certain order a whole lot but noted I would just did not shoot the ball well today and certainly played in the sox' favor. Such excellence for the Eagles total opposite nobody had more than one to actually hit three blocked shots on the debate nobody more than one. What little cutter practice but the first that pretty good. It just didn't hit a story today in practice that every one. It away with maybe twenty times an appointment would stand over northern Iowa but this season sweep but certainly access capital and its. Time to ninety meters at the temperature is the regular season series against northern Iowa. There's only the third timber and in ninety years so. No I was usually needed if the soccer's. Pretty pretty much but this season. Just after three believes the winter sleepers will against the Panthers and so the shot. If there's extra rehearsal at the sort of sore wrist. And shots and when he got those in a double digits so when the sisters to. We're out of time with 7344. USP. It went to state we would gladly get you on the phone lines at 691037. 69. Want to 037. It's own number the area code 316 we are. We lied to separate shocker indices at twin peaks you expletive we're cheaper to rock road. We've asked with a victory here it would meet today and this is a unit of past. So here on eight. Saturday February. Lost folks out. It going this is absolutely gorgeous Saturday afternoon for lunch here at twenty weeks come on find sees. Don't forget when Pete says they smoke and warnings that low and slow victory was the delicious and better for you when things come on now went peeks been jointly nominate you tried the other new menu items as well. Where what he perked up wrote here in east Wichita port here after every soccer team its season will be here again on Tuesday it. With the shoppers take summit in Evansville in the final hole gave the regular season. Actually normal start time to note that piece up on Tuesday night so will be out here after that game Tuesday night. For next iteration of this current spirit so come on by in its twin peaks deputy Tuesday after they got a beautiful people. Home game of the regular season. We'll come from oracle spirits right in his will discuss some of the VIPs were the candidate maybe you have a daughter was pivotal as folks if you want. Don't give it to 6691037. Soccer guru so to disable the techniques or scrap it this year and soccer basketball to jump 103 point seven. CE YINS and. Shocker nation wasn't built overnight it took years of dedication and hard work and perseverance. Your friends and all seasons construction know about hard work. We've been updating homes for over 25 years providing the best in home exteriors and interior model it. Built by two generations of shocker alumni all seasons construction is part of your teeth Kohl today 68517100. Or visit us online at all seasons construction dot com. Let's go shocker it's. Would you pay someone to do a job you didn't ask Blair and of course not it's been mighty paper salesman when you buy a card antique cars they keep overhead low and pass the savings right to their customers in most cases they're direct to consumer approach saves you thousands over competitors it's like buying from Amazon but with cars if you want an entirely different way to buy a card searching cars Wichita dot com or call 2952851. More stuff by the corner of 47 and cinecast. BS dealer. 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Just your own personal furnished comfort and support when you sleep number senate will offer better screen and expect more human interest. From five days only enter Arnold it's the number of interstate 50% on the ultimate limited edition vet plus special financing subject creditor approval minimum payments from our C store for details. Very ends Monday night I just want her to stores in Wichita. And local store and research information visit street number dot com no better sleep which beat number. Here's dome breaks across this would just to learn so what used to working on before long Frist hopeful promotional limitless storage proportions would Revere six donors give you any foot long and endless stalwart cavalcade of petroleum bmg music group. It's just we still do chicken. So bring your repertory in America because the six dollar so wait for long pressed his opponents six dollars or anything. But only for. Albeit for just because those additional two tractors into my responsible for the expenses unless we can become what it offers coupons. Widget on Tuesday locker room show or 103 point seven KEY did. A little bit the last couple all. The last can't. Clearly watching me hit June 5 dot com the last five or six games. The conditions are desperate to save. It supports. Cycles it what you hear on a 103 points and eight he client on this Saturday after Wichita State got the weekend kicked off with a big win over UNI 7344. If you wanna give us the ball all the phone number today 86910378691037. Eerie code 316. We get going on the soccer locker and so today. Activity and date doll ballgame right there at nice slam dunk by restart Delhi at about the midway mark of the second half. And a couple of Justice Breyer and indicated missed dunks or stark kind of sort of how it's done that he'd he'd he'd miss Terri got the slant that went down that was in the middle of a stretch in which the doctors Ronnie fourteen to two run in the second half. After northern Iowa it's court viewpoint the beginning of the half to edit the sixth. Jack Morris picked up that are now sitting down the soccer's that erupted only four need to run. That would be 89 and during that stretch northern Iowa that was the only basket they would get during eight and the minute stretch of the game. As they went about the eighteen and a half minute mark all the way down an eight minute mark it only made one basket and at long stretch meanwhile which attackers were. But it at six point lead the way up to speed during that stretch Wichita State would. Keep it is the rest of the way as northern Iowa. Only got I baskets in the final eighteen minutes of this game so doctor defense clamped down the Panthers never made a run. And soccer went today a big get 7344. Over northern Iowa. It's not known group 25 or on the season. Shots to greet players score in double figures today. I'll wind reached have a had fourteen points all of his buckets worth three pointers made four of Napa. At three rebounds Landry also had four assists and only one turtle or 48 minutes for Landry. Fourteen points as well sign board game high honors or Darryl Willis off the bench for the soccer's. And excited we had seen enough playing time dwindled dramatically. In recent gains but today was today in which. There'll. Mike Hart on both ends of the floor. Got a little extra playing time because of some now purple is the other guys and boy at Darrell may pay off he was aggressive. He was it getting it done on both ends of the floor. And Terrell Willis ended up with a double double today is third as a shocker but it's first and a long long time you might remember Darryl had a a little flurry there are needed to double doubles in three games. Oh loss to Oklahoma State. Downtown and in ninety had a double double duty later in the valley opener at Indiana State. Back in late December yet when he five points and ten rebounds in net gain at Indian state. He had double doubles news. Three games there aren't we kind of follow this guy is really emerging. He almost had three straight double doubles yet nine rebounds in the middle game there in South Dakota State. But then now is rebounding totals kind of went a little bit and it hurt discussed on the pregame you know there are some of the Cali teams not a figured out they want to double team him pretty immediately and and he's still has not been adjusting to that back when he gets double teamed you know you get double team in junior college. Easley had a talent if you get an up to a you'd still make your way to the basket explored find a way to do that. The division one level he. The year you're not able to get that double team. They'll price we Hubert turnover. Aura by the way for you to get rid of the basketball or morally and Carroll's been kind of kind of figured that out. Well maybe you maybe this is the gamer he kind of get things turned around figured it out it's. He he gave up some big numbers today off the pitch Darryl Willis. Fourteen points eleven rebounds. In his nineteen minutes he was more of eight shooting. And almost perfect at the free throw line six of seven at the line so Darryl had a really get date. And was very active and did a great job Ebert did they adult mention. India in the post game Dave was impressed that that there'll at zero turnovers in nineteen minutes though. Even even better is oil so. Darryl Willis got re emerging. BP at at single digit minutes in three of his last five games. Only played seven minutes in a scoreless game factory it only played six minutes in a scoreless game at Loyola. Only played five minutes. And on. They get southern Illinois during the week on Wednesday night so be it adds some. Some very little playing time games as of late that there'll made the most of his opportunity today and eight through big time. I'm with fourteen points and eleven rebounds the other big game for the shock story lines today eight from. Markets beat Duffy as markets. Once again. Provided a good shooting day on four of seven QD markets to see twelve points seven rebounds in its 33 minutes he was perfect at the line. Three for theory. So markets picked up via and it we have seen some games lately it's markets had big assist totals in at any assists today. What kind of the way that he developed markets has scored in double figures now in four of its last five. The exception beaten the home win over Missouri State. Marcus. Still doing the job twelve points seven rebounds some nice numbers for him. Almost giddy in double figures yet restart Kelly with nine points and seven rebounds. And it's Jack Morris came through eight points and five boards. And both those guys had multiple offensive rebounds as well see that's going. And soccer's in five brown had five points he made a three pointer and a couple of free throws Connor frank camp. Made his first two shots today but then not able to connect the rest Italy missed his last five. Still Conner received five point five this at the blocked shot at the steel only one turnover in twenty or minutes so once again you add them. Frank can't landry's and it. Combining for nineteen points nine justices only seen two turnovers between them. In now 52 minutes of playing time so what's in soccer art combo. He only worked in scoring lock step today. They still low we're distributing the basketball very well getting some really nice justice they combined for nine to thirteen soccer's this. And Ridley and it and ordered I would eat that's a long ways well. So up. Some good efforts today by the shocks and get the job done at home of density. I'm home loss last year to northern Iowa shots of it that one with gusto today. Beating UN high 7340. Lower. And it was AS star studded vehicle arena as well of course former soccer's. Ron baker and Fred and bleak. During the NBA all star break back in town together in those two in joint soccer game today and they were on the TV broadcast a little bit. And neighbor and join accolades in the stands as well along with there they're buddy and analysts also stands with them as well. Great sees Johnson in the crowd today it was nice that they acknowledged the that she's gate in the eyes and the second half as well he got some recognition of course. Leo Littleton was up in the stands to correctly knows that every soccer game surprised they didn't. If Camille Little shot out of the game today one of the guys who's who's a jerseys it's up. In the rafters at Wichita State like the little bit of recognition for Cleo is well on a date which they are honoring. Soccer greats who are in the crowd at the game. Oil when you think of Camille Little that it sees Johnson Ron baker and ray Bentley nevertheless analysts. Pretty star studded crowd on hand today of course you you heard them Mike Kennedy talked in the post game so that. Hope family was there to date to end the CIA director Mike Pompeo was among the crowd as well so. It was a star studded securities best game to beat at Coca arena. And doctors gave the home fans and it's not a thing to cheer about in 87 B 344. Win over northern Iowa. Stocks are now on in first place atop the conference. Has been ahead of Illinois State the red birds don't play until tomorrow. Illinois State we'll keep up in first place with the shots available at stake as a home game tomorrow we'll speak at Loyola. That'll be at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon on ESP NU. And it shocker in Illinois State remain. The top of the conference and even witnesses soccer which today still even more separation between shots. And and the and the red birds and and the rest of the league third place northern Iowa had won nine out of ten. But not able to do it turned the trick today shocked dominate the Panthers especially in the second half and beat. Beat northern Iowa thirty item on the third court of 3518. In the second half and get the we've been a big. 7344. Other a lot route 101500. Plus. Spoke arena. If you want it was a golf today we are broadcasting live here at twin peaks in east which it's all we are when he first in a rock road at. After the choppers went big today over northern Iowa 7344. On might see is here and peeks into it soccer game based specials. Every game date for the shot to get a cheeseburger by 99 although it all. And you get a big men size mug of the shot up for only four dollars. Beer right now at 27 point seven degrees colder than ice cold. When would that be good here on this war or about February date but IC is here at twin peaks. Even now patio seating today lots of folks outside doing a beautiful day here on late Saturday in February. As we continue after soccer basketball win today. Over the Panthers if you wanna give us a phone call our producer there standing by he'll hearts open. Injuries and will be glad it's not when there's a phone number 869103786910. The reassessment. As we continue today with soccer locker room so we look in front unity he might have after the Wichita State wins today over you and I 73. 44. Let's let's take a break. And come back for more of your phone calls right after this. 8691037. As the phone number or a soccer locker until the twin peaks coming up the 103 point 78 EY and. 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Kansas has not scored a perceptive but very. Don't cut it short crosscourt second round pick it up it's never invited gave Baghdad Ryan Braun. It was that a little bit in the event for the McDonnell muscles it up and got this. Right up over there all those I was twelve point. Welcome back to the soccer locker room so glad to have you let us here on this Saturday afternoon. Another basket there Mike Kennedy cultural Willis Darrell may. There if you could solve today on his way to. Fourteen points and eleven rebounds. Darryl Willis. With his first double double since late December almost few months ago. So glad to see the re emergence of Darryl Willis a little bit today. Earning some playing time and giving the most of it. And help shocker to a big win today 7340. Or over northern Iowa the shocker is completely. Apart the Panthers in the second half. Now Wichita State outscoring you at 9358. Speed. In the second half in fact northern Iowa scored the first six points of the half so after they got those buckets. Soccer ducks scored in 35 did well the rest of the way in the final sixteen minutes. And other toxic in to a number on the visiting team and keep things going Wichita State now on late in the game winning streak. And all the games by an average of about 23 points a game and even beat that today stocks were favored but it's the happening is that this one. It backed the wide open about seventy and it happens some money must not weigh in northern Iowa. Is it got down fifteen and a half I think the toy and dockers went today but but what he's done. And what's in handled things pretty easily at home in fact we only have want a home game eagle at this season there has not been AD. Single digit. I game at home this year for the shoppers. Of course they didn't lose. A home game downtown depressed battery and that was it. Double digit loss we haven't had the only close game we really had at home is here was that was at the exhibition game against Augusta. Packet early November that was a heck of a game I guess the tape soccer's their closest game. Now on campus brokering all season long. One week ago course at home to the regular season Natalie Tuesday night when its dockers and Evansville match up. And that'll be our next appearance here in eight seed you're Tuesday night after the soccer game. Against Evansville on senior night summit here on out join us here when peaks on Tuesday. After the soccer game against Evansville which doctors played Evansville. Back you know a month ago on the road in the soccer's won that game by seven team that was an 8265. Win but it's shots. And in fact that was the beginning of the ten game winning streak that was the first game after the soccer's lost the aid at Illinois State. And doctors and now embarked on the winning streak which is now read it in a row. We've number one and it spread was at Evansville 8265. Shots have not lost since. And no rematch with Evansville on Tuesday night if you would like to join us we'd like to hear from you. 8691037. As the phone number 8691037. About the phone lines and that ain't. Hello Anthony on the lottery go ahead. Good actor known period of one what they'd be and mental baseball. The but not there. Struck basketball listened to your show it and I'll vote for anybody elude to this. They post some reason in my way of state in which is not the greatest but you know if you listen to Gregg Marshall when he talks about. Unionize. He talked about the importance of this game. And he put emphasis on the bag this. Last year we beat them at their place. In an eight turn around and came back and beat a sharply. Right and get out of the output of get that it was all beat up please Lester because. We feel it very Ron Evans. And it seemed like. Outward put into notably we bring that idea and there. Playing good right now I'm just seeing it would be electric replacement. You know route he would have probably about games saudis didn't. What these shoot and create group elected if you would rather cable beat those that are placed they keep that it was only game it. Outside of bullet they be in. Owner radar as a payback game. I think is being at a lot of Lankan because they knew would happen in as not they eat in a silent not think there's loads of effort that we solid day. That it won't. Pointed out in that particular Colin. Shot. All right Anthony make you for the thank you for the call yeah you're right it seems like over the last the year but sparkle as. Never failed to mention numerous times that you know I was a team that came in here and beat stocks last year. At at home and stop that long winning streak in you know it's on his mind in the coach's mind the nature of the players there are all into it you know even though. Different in every year's different in the end you know some guys graduate there's still some guys that. Gromit team last year in and remember that home loss to northern blood to a NORTHERN IRELAND. And a may make your it certainly wanted to make sure that it didn't happen hands though. Avaya Sox got the job done today and it appears that answers pretty handily especially a team that rolled down the stretch in the second half making certain that. The Panthers never really got things going today so. At the turned out well you're right Anthony was that that was not lost on coach Marshall in the coaching staff and and wanted to make sure that the history didn't repeat from last year we've on the road in a loss at home that did not that did not happen next year. It and I liked like with talked about in the post game as well. You never know leaves these teams might be obligated Saint Louis not too long from now also the couple weeks so you. One victory take care of business at home especially in and make sure that. You have a good frame of mind going to that next game when you might have played him in a couple weeks but that's not certainly certainly found ways to stop the Panthers today. And look for more of that. The count shocks now on 810 game winning streak they're third double digit winning streak he'd just the last three decades. Or so those of all come at a recently corset with 35 game winning streak few years back. During the regular season. They had a twelve game winning streak last season. And now they put together a ten game winning streak here late in the season this time around doctor now 25 and four. Wichita State another dominating performance. Northern Iowa 7344. Today you like to join us. The lines are open at 86910378691037. The area code is 316. We continue today on the soccer locker room still. We are broadcasting live here at twin peaks in east which it song we are when he burst and rock road. Come on by and join us today soccer game they specials continue five dollar and 99 cents cheeseburgers all day long your twin peaks and get a big. Man size mug up it's not operatives or books and Albion back all day long today. Soccer game a special law also the effect on Tuesday holding on to. And your next appearance here when Pete set the soccer take on the Evansville purple aces on senior night last regular season home game on Tuesday night. My house season flies bite doesn't it seems like the back in November we get things going in. Looking forward this season ended just the rules right along the president power for 29 games in restarting looked. Not too far away from March Madness things as mark it's not too far away. And only one regular season home games remaining about that Willa. Will continue and you want it was a phone call dials up 8691037. The phone number 869. 1037. Taking your calls today on a soccer locker room still here at twin peaks in east which is not beepers and rock. And we will come back from or the locker still right after this policy up 8691037. It was that you soccer basketball and 103 point 78 EY and. The name Johnson and he's again on her name Johnson he's the best political and shoot just shutting down on the whole wide west. Captain sales networks Kellogg kind of rude and mean on a dealership. For fifty years taking care of your on own needs in a late model car or proper names you may or may be our whole classic plot may check this out. Dave Johnson sales dot com and 8545. With Kellogg. And lo and it's. Her back her. That's the obvious you men's basketball game some good things when he sees the clock here and show up 103 point seven KEY and it starts immediately after the men's basketball game all day unbeaten season only twin peaks blood Ford's Alan man's site shocked tabs and I 99 cheeseburgers old twin peaks east and west are geared at this sports season for all bands NFL NB AK year WS steel case Davis blasted TVs and scenic views twin peaks 21 to wrap relative maple ridge you're tape is ready. Shocker nation wasn't built overnight it took years of dedication and hard work and perseverance. Your friends at all seasons construction know about hard work. We've been updating homes for over 25 years providing the best in home exteriors and interior modeling. Built by two generations of shocker alumni all seasons construction is part of your team. Kohl today 68517100. Or visit us online at all seasons construction dot com. Let's go shocker it's. 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That was right in the middle stretch with the soccer's Romney seventeen to two run. And I seventh and they ended up winning the game. 7344. Today Landry should have a the only shocker that made more than 13 point later on today Landry was floor or sixth. From three point range he missed all three shots inside the arc. You've pretty good from long range for a six. He made four threes. Three other guys that want Pete says Zach brown had one markets the deputy Antoine potter frank camp made an early one. Nobody and back. Nobody else made it three shots today but it was negate the team needed dominating performance from three northern Iowa debate for three pointers the entire game. And shocks. Outshot the Panthers all day long shocker she 43% from the field the panthers' only if you want the seven. And a half percent from the field soccer when it today 7344. This is the soccer locker room Ito currency lives here from Twin Cities which it's not what he earth and rock. On my and its premier soccer men's basketball game all season on. Will be here again on Tuesday night after the cedar night game soccer's host and bill final home regular season Tuesday night. Evansville is a team has been. Ricky. They barely articulate what one game to the entire month of January the went on 89 people losing streak. But they have now won it four in a row and they are winning again today. So Evansville. Has been more down and out but they have kind of put it together here in the month of February a little bit. They have lost nine in a row but then they've won back to back home games. Few close games over Missouri State and Loyola. They've been wanna closed gate at southern Illinois and then they got a blowout win at home over break so they have won four in a row. Three of those former home. And they are leaving today at Bradley. In the second half of that one by about nine or ten points so. Northern Iowa. I'm sorry Evansville is is playing better lately winning streak there of course that soccer's. Appear to team today that had been playing pretty good basketball. I did notice northern Iowa had one night of its last and I'd make all of eight of those nine bicycle digits so they have not been blowing people up the winning games. Against the rest of the valley not necessarily blow up wins but they've been able to be on the winning side of the ledger with. But today of course the soccer beat him by 297344. Evansville backstop reportedly met and they are a four game winning streak right now but. They have things have really tightened up in Peoria at Davis at the midway mark of the second half. It Evansville 58 Bradley 55 so we'll see if Evansville can hang on or not. At Bradley today whether or not the aces coming with a five game winning streak or will they be coming off the road loss at Bradley don't know yet that would still has. Ten minutes ago in Peoria. If you wanna join us today we'd love to have your phone calls at 86910378691037. We continue on this fantastic Saturday but the shocker locker room show here in a February. Beautiful day outside a lot of people have a pic is going on today and why not. Enjoyed it's beautiful day in the doctor's got picked up their fans of the big. 7344. Wind. Over the northern Iowa Panthers of binging the last season whole loss to northern Iowa. And it's shocks now twenty Biden or on a ten game winning streak. Wichita State. Let all the way in this one they make. Scored first in fact soccer's will use the it's the soccer have scored first against every valley team this year except. In the road loss at Illinois State that's the only game they didn't score first they lost that game. But I didn't mean much the but still the soccer's came out hot. Now once again it was market the deputy make interleague bucket a couple early buckets it's not had a ten point lead. Even before the first media time out northern Iowa had to spend time now to stop things. Stocks were off the ten point lead often going. At the lead up to his thirteen late in the first half. Northern Iowa you don't want a very brief. Run at the beginning of the second half but at the Celtics suspect it all nervous there with. Soccer defense clamped down northern Iowa only scored five baskets in the final eighteen minutes. And it held again holding the Panthers to 44 points. As NORTHERN IRELAND never really could get anything going he would shocker defense today shocked when it's 7344. Clint Carlson for the Panthers. One that for the speed shooting on the day as he he could not it's not to go down tucked in nice job bothering him. Security organs went two for eleven for the Panthers. Jordin Ashton oh for four so those three starters for northern Iowa combined. The reef for thirty shooting. Couple other guys got things going for the Panthers but by and large soccer's really a contain you NI. Pretty good on the day only one northern Iowa player even got double figures that was Spitzer holed the opposite with thirteen. It'd be shooting David Lott and Panthers did not. As the shoppers helped with the Iowa to 27 and a half percent shooting. On the day and only five baskets in the last eighteen minutes. Soccer's outscored the Panthers twenty to while the line. Wichita State. You'd rebound margin yet again. The shocker of course are number five in the nation in rebound margin at plus eight point eight. Today was plus 25. Out rebounding the panthers' 4823. Sox got it doesn't offensive rebounds and how about everybody chipping in there. Rashard Kelly had three offensive rebounds Jack Moore said to market but Duffy had a couple restart Delhi had to. Darryl Willis added a couple more. At this doctors outscored northern Iowa for need to do on second chance points. So sometimes you see games where northern I would not have its shooting game. But if they get offensive rebounds and still get points out of possessions they can still hurt given that it happened today in northern Iowa only got four. Offensive rebounds the entire game so. When in fact the northern Iowa missed forty shots today. 36 times that soccer's got the defense rebound so it doesn't give us that it team a lot of opportunities for second chance points. If any and it backed northern Iowa only got to the entire game so. The content point did not develop an alternate for UN nine soccer's. I did a great job on the boards today plus 25 in the rebounding column 4823. Doctors at thirteen assists northern Iowa only had seven assists on the day. Shocks also want him to hurt didn't make an order I would turn the ball over too much but that the Panthers just would not have access and half court. Shooting the basketball which doctors made him pay on the other end Wichita State getting up. Good performances up and down the line up. Darryl Willis. Led the way with a double double today fourteen points eleven rebounds off the bench four of eight shooting. Six of seven at the line. As a Darrell. Canada in the last 56 games that really seen his playing time dwindle but the team now. With the in force today. And played very aggressively on both into the Florida ends of the double double fourteen points eleven boards and really northern Iowa didn't have the personnel to. That's a put him very well on this day. It reached and it also. Helping the shots tying or game high honors with fourteen points on the day Landry had fourteen points. And all four of his buckets were from three point range for a six from long range for Landry along with forces. Three rebounds only one turnover in 28 minutes markets the deputy. At twelve points and seven rebounds for the Sox on the day he was a perfect three for three at the line. He was for seven shooting. And markets played well today in his 33 minutes back. Shocker today. Soccer team. Twentieth 23 the line today 87%. The soccer starters. Combined to go 77. At the line. Don't nobody out. Nobody among the soccer starters missed a free throws Zach brown Landry shipments Jack worth market but that's the combined to go 77 at the line. I agree also off the bench made both his free throws. Nice job and Darrell got the line and anyone immediately just won six of seven the line for Darryl Willis. Nice job their shots as well. What you wanna get us call our phone number is 8691037. And is it Steve it's what does ice. He. Actually McCall. I think the game today. And get testament also to the hell we just imposed. Because there's such speaking we impose ourselves on our owners that the caller competition. Especially in the size department I mean until cougar coach Coker took her out of pronounces. Arson broke those guys got out from them off. And this in the written. It was kind of there was this might seem also there is no ordinary thing where unstoppable. And we were fortunate to do a lot of high percentage shots and they were his. Thank goodness we have the equipment tiger game I think we still would prevail if they were it had been tired and I just think it's just that it's deacons mean that's what. You know Ochoa said that it is his thing in and that these businesses is proving ground in this seems like nothing else that are our dinner together a better story by pretty much start games. That. They were they were looking north for blood are reported as or wrong. Yeah it didn't care pool well written from the coaches. During the games in the pool and now that. Yeah. The idea was that related today there were hit like that there is different boroughs there's the existing than it is slippery here in the and I was trying to catch. Some the comments about the Austrian. Now there have been neighbors. There are talking about when held. You know I'll be for the team we go out there that throwing thing I I've really knows because. As those two Carlson and coat pretty good players and and so Morgan. And and for us to get them specially he got trouble whirling. And then we just hasn't completely counter game I mean they were there does that happen tour for awhile and they hit their target vehicles reporters because. They do their company and we're going to. Just. Taken may compared there doesn't have a hard time getting that. Going up on the board donors. And there was nothing today it was it was it was good look at them. I mean we've been that whale season in Rome I like the way it went status in like this say man these guys do it. Hopefully and a market saying one way or the other just. There's not one when term one. They yelled and walk and turn it has you know been when the season's over things Brian Newton that. It would be nice to. Two. See him. Take terms those were were were did not affected by the last thing like to read was Lamar editor now. Hand so it's. You know. Keep marching got off to war games that and then on the return and and we're seeing what we do there and they can keep playing this way they did. We should do really well and hopefully you know maybe you would make these statements. It's big gains of words we do it goes that. The make elect said Steve Cummings soccer fans hope that this is that. The type of teammate Steve Saint Louis and it is the opposite they've been playing during his ten game winning streak and pretty impressive. They can they could somehow bottle let up in particular saint Louis blues and a couple of weeks cents a get so what most soccer fans are hoping for sometimes it seems like they get a Saint Louis and different dynamic for somebody that but the wealthy of this year's soccer team and in he would get things keeping all the way they are right now that. Pretty good during is that it stretched and Nate they keep it going today with another big win over northern Iowa 7344. Golf Steve we really appreciate it. We are talking about. Darryl Willis fourteen points eleven boards today a labor camp with fourteen points as well markets would that be with a that would it doesn't. Congress. Another very strong game on both into the port the shocks. Like the comments of our callers made earlier that he start to compare. What Rashard brings to the floor as to what the and Wessels. Brought the force of those intangibles of a guy that. He's just very very strong willed on both sides of the court. And he's not pointed out what the best that any night he pointed up with the stats you know he does help your team win and we can start looking at the emergence superstar Kelly as a force. To coincide with the soccer winning these games like they have because. Back in January we were cuddle her start as a very limited role player and boy he has really come on and a soccer have been. Much much to the better for that and start another negated a nine point seven rebounds even a couple of assists that's 26 minutes. Eight point sports Jack Morris. Jack eight points five rebounds and that was all done and only eleven minutes as a tactic that these third foul early in the second half didn't play a lot. In the second half the but that's strong aggressive minutes when he was in the air. And after that. The story for the shocks background ended up with five points he made a reporter. Connor frank camp at five point Connor made Cutler bucket then did not connect the rest of the way the league soccer's with five assists. Did Connor and he also had a blocked shot. With super cool and he also had a steel in his 21 minutes. And then after that two points eat or rep Barney had a late buckets act bush had a late bucket. Off the reason people is free throws for two points. And even on soccer's that did not score today based on Smith at a blocked shot. Would be on the deep into an and it is a twelve minutes and down we also had. Now. You mean also. Off the Marines witnessed his two points John Roberts Simon. Not in the game for a little bit as well grounder Toronto the evidence is in the blocked shots. And but they only shot one basket on the day did not make it the ultimate three rebounds the this was negated what you know Rondo. The match model really wasn't at his best today but. That's what a day when it gives yet opened the door for a guy like Darryl Willis coming at a big day that's exactly what happened Carol. Barrels very strong today and made the most of his playing time. And so much for the better the shocks when he. When a guy asked do go down without trouble or sit for a little bit you get the submitted an end it gives big minutes off the bench. That's a real strength of the soccer team and that's what happened again today. As that Daryl Willis who provided a lot of that. Off the bench. It all added up to a final score Wichita State 73. UN high of 44. As the soccer's now with their tenth win in a row. They are fifty and one atop the Missouri Valley Conference as we continue on. Which two games remaining in the regular season C united last regular season home game will be Tuesday night host Evansville. And and a week from today at Missouri State for another early 11 AM yet. And that will wrap up the regular season two more games coming up this week policy. This soccer next opponent is Evansville. Evans' bill has led most of the way today at Bradley. But they are now behind its Bradley 66. Evansville 64 that got five and a half minutes to go in Peoria. Evansville is on a five sorry floor game winning streak right now. So that's on the line so were not sure yet whether or not the aces will and you know winners of five in a row or if they come in not coming off a road loss at Bradley so. That one now still at five and a half minutes to go now 6665. Bradley so that one looks like it'll be a close one coming down the stretch the see out of soccer match up. Against Evansville on Tuesday night. It bill was the first stop for the doctors in the beginning to this ten game winning streak to seventeen point win at Evansville. And the rematch will be Tuesday night so want to want to listen to us on Tuesday for the bigger but the big regular season and now home finale. Against Evansville. It normal start time normal at 7 o'clock of that one so Mikey that he gave dull the on the air pregame meeting at 6 o'clock on Tuesday night tip off at 7 o'clock and they'll be out here after the game on Tuesday night for the soccer locker rooms you know. At twin peaks here he's Wichita deeper drops two seater twin peaks Tuesday night. After the soccer game against Evansville last home game of the regular season. Want make our studio engineers today they keep entering into art that thank you gentlemen we appreciate all your hard work today as the shots. Now wanted in a row Wichita State has won eighteen straight games on campus echo arena. And over all the shocker of 158. Of their last 59. Games. Echo arena but that being the only loss in net long strip which was to this northern Iowa team a year ago. But the shocker certainly that near the Panthers today our final score Wichita State 73. Northern Iowa 44. That'll do it for days at today's edition of soccer locker room still want to thank our hosts here we eats these Wichita paper rock thanks to our callers today. And I don't soccer fans well get a weekend off to a nice start today after 29 point hole in. Over northern Iowa my name instead the sport said hope you enjoy this straight weekend here which it saw. And we've been happening here on the soccer locker room so. C Tuesday night. Doctors take on Evansville echo arena thanks for being what is today soccer locker room pseudo. On 103 point seven AT why it had a great day. You been listening to the US huge shocker basketball locker room show on 103 point 73. Brought to you Bonnie these fine sponsors. Dave Johnson sales does look grew Wilson's seeding and where the cars of Wichita fall seasons construction. Do you believe is slow listen every WSU shocker basketball game you own 103 point seven KEY.