WSU Basketball vs Evansville - 02/21/17

Tuesday, February 21st

WSU Basketball vs Evansville at Koch Arena: W 109-83


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Why. Had a big night here how Hillary aboard a couple of reasons it is senior night which is always a special occasion this one is kind of special and kind. Kind of unique because there is not. A true scholarship senior on this year's team John Roberts Simon. Is receiving eighty S scholarship that was Oakland's as it turned out and Zach bush received a scholarship that came off when one previous years so both have actually been. On scholarship for years here but they are walk on players Zach bush in his fifth year in the program. And John Roberts Simon in his fourth they are great friends they've been roommates for three years they have contributed tremendously to this program. And so they will get their moment to be honored tonight but it's also. As his senior night the last home game last chance for these fans to see their team in Coca arena this year and so it should be pretty nasty that. It's here I think it'll be great like like it always is it at super opportunity for the fans about expressed appreciation for all the players and coaching staff. For the great and the cheerleaders and the band for the great job they have done John Roberts been super. Zach bush has been tremendous all this time. End they are the personification. Of what you want to end. Teammates they are graced the positives. They're good basketball players both of them were very good basketball players. There is no hint of jealousy or dissatisfaction. Everything's about the team and you just hope. That you can teach you eat your life to have friends like those two guys there are fantastic. And there a couple of things that. Are just traditional with Gregg Marshall for senior night one is if the player is not. Normally a starter he's not going to start them on senior night he played the game. The way you normally play it and then you hope that you have the opportunity and try to put yourself in the position. Where you can get those guys in the game that particularly in this case two guys who don't normally. Necessarily play in every game were played very much that helped get the men there as much as he can but he wants to get the game in hand before he does that. And then the other thing is the ceremony. He is always after the game. Ever since 2014. Because in 2013. Demetric Williams and Karl all were in tears before the game. And the soccer's did not play very well and got upset at home by Evansville mall people. And ended up not cheering me up Missouri Valley Conference regular season title that year was great and that's the only one they have not won or shared. In the last five years and impressionable experience that everybody at all week and I can almost promise you this would will be emotional tonight that I had a chance to. I didn't so much interviewed him as just throw some questions at both of them last week. So that they had those answers and their responses to put together for the video that will be shown tonight on each one. And just bringing up certain things to them almost had them a little bit choked up so I know once they get out there tonight with their families and both have. Tremendous families have had tremendous family support. Locally at and it in the area JR's from Oklahoma City but his parents and families have made it to most of the home games his grandparents live here in town. And of course that was up here his parents are here and so the families have been very involved and to be out there with them for this one last occasions going to be emotional was no doubt about it. There without a doubt they're both going to be successful in life but they will never have in the entirety of the life of the staple. Word or from the time this season is over forward. Another experience like they've had here. At Wichita State and it's just the greatest experience of the entire world good luck tonight good luck. Target JR. So. It's it's gonna be tough to even come close to recreating now. But as we've talked about before my closest friends are still my teammates Wichita State their closest friends will continue to be one another and their teammates as well. Good luck tonight that up. And you know one of the things that came out of our conversation. That it just shows the maturity of the two of them is. That they have kind of come to the realization and AM they certainly. Bit of a point here and there especially early in the first year to work both could have gone to a division two school on scholarship and played a lot more and and there's always a time they sit you know you you go through those moments were under that I make the right decisions but. One of things they've learned is what we'll stay well the last far more than any game you ever played in his relationships. That you made in the the friendships with the team and the experiences that you share. Zach bush got to be out on the court. Dunking during the the public shoot around at the final four in Atlanta 2013 would probably what 151000 people in the stands. At that still real highlight his life that he never would have had playing in division two game. He can't even describe it to people. And the family members have such great joy for the success that both of them haven't encountered here I have to vote get a bucket tonight. They both deserve that type of thing but one thing's for sure my kids they're both going to get tremendous ovation tonight. It was funny it's one of the says something and it was the interviews about. And my playing career is ending and when we finished I said hey. Playing career has not been that you're going to be put up thirty young people in the wrecked stuff for years to count mesa I am looking forward to I think. First round draft picks both. You we've played against. Oliver to get to the NBA guys attractive to recluse as it is gonna suffer at the I'll troops. Well anyway it's a night to look forward to it though we took a little bit of time to talk about that if we don't wanna take all the time from you our callers and tweeters so get busy on Twitter that shocker voice on the phone at 8691037. We'd love to hear from you. And Al will lead us off tonight now. We'll have replied thank you for taking my call. Don't know senior night is it time to reflect that's literally means to me you know marketable difference been on Venus seniors citizens. In that no senior citizens. The soccer fan base that cracked into Wichita State in 1970. From overlooked or. I was amazed at how mature the crowd was this part up about eight not that'd be eight here. Yes but this is mrs. this is a real team that belongs to the city. And you know not been followed him at the 1978. And there are a lot of seniors out there that have been followed eappen. Longer than myself so I bring needed a couple questions number was Mike physically directed to you you'll be missing near yourself. You did at the Helm there for so many you're teaching that it years in the lean years. If we know alert the highs and lows that you've experienced over that are I'm just curious. But the different experience calling the games in the pregame shows during some little lean years verses. Kind of be it at the mountaintop. I'll let you experience that you get a eagle and he in the excitement going they'll and there are a lot of beat downs that we were on the other side of the places. And then secondarily. I was that looked at like every dammit. Freshmen. Don't. It could be compared to the icons. Bakery ban lead in court baker started district here. It's your beat an apples to apples comparison late entry as. Statistically. Outperform baker and I think it's seen as required him to do more than Ron baker did what it is a breast and so. How high it really is blame completely on. What he can't become assuming he's a four year player Wichita State. He reach that legendary status and beyond but what he's accomplished so far so he can address those freaky. Absolutely and I ally may I very rarely take issue with you but if you're gonna start calling on the senior citizen any yourself he. If you started in 1970. That was like going out here and and so I don't know if we want to be lumped into the senior category just yet although an eyewitness that I have Lyle. But anyway just big facetious there. The ups and downs. I'll tell you what you almost have to do what I did and it's sad to say this that during some of those lean years. You just sort of prepared yourself particularly going on the road. You just went in an expectation that the team was probably going to lose and so you were prepared for bad it didn't affect you too much what you were talking about the game. And then at state surprising play better than expected maybe even one on the then you know something to get excited about and and that's a sad situation at the end but that's really how you can't have it handles you can't let it. You can't let the losing yet to you have and change your outlook and that sort of thing so that's what we try to do. Through those years obviously what it's like this. You go to every game was that little bit of it up buzz in the pitting your stomach if you're really looking forward to it especially when you get into a meaningful game which may be a showdown like what Illinois State came here a couple of weeks ago are. Certainly when we get into the postseason and so forth. You have this excited feeling going into the game guys that you're going to see something pretty special it's going to be a lot of fun to be part. The biggest difference I think Mike is. You know you can compete with the just about everybody in the country. There was a time back in the day. We're not only in Wichita State not compete with everybody in the country they could even compete with everybody in the conference and that's topped the games have always been labeled. He victory though leap years that you just don't have a steady positive things to talk about. While one thing that we always that thought did a good job was never any negative never getting derogatory about players' situations. And the only time in all of those. Years that I thought that if as difficult as you would suspect wasn't playing particularly well and to compensate for that they decided to slow the game down they fouled a lot. And there was just no ripped up the coast games. Couple of years those games are difficult to do other than not so much so. You know one of the things that happens whether it's doing something like this are just in life in general. You learn to appreciate what you have when you don't have some of those things and so. Ever since we went through that stretch of you know it was thirteen years. Hard to believe thirteen years in which there were two seasons. Under rent dismissive of the chapters 11 more game and they lost each year that was the high points. Of those thirteen years so what you've gone through that and then you're experiencing something like this you never take it for granted you never get jaded about it. You'd you'd never get tired of sitting and cut down nets and those kinds of things. And and you certainly I think helps give us some perspective to remind fans sometimes if if there are expectations get recent. Oh. That you've got some pretty special here appreciated it and enjoy them and so this baby was good for us and why it would have had the same effect if we could only done it from three to our years of sitting through it. It'd be a pulse of the outlay for a third all these years for heaven's sake so the question about Landry. Guys guys all political crisis and I and I Gregg Marshall. Mention him today we were talking during the shootaround. Really excited about. Not only what he could mean it's just how good he is now I was Bob Paul and I walked back to the media room before the game ran into Greg higher. And he says that. He called Landry a sponge she said he is a joy to coach because he's always soaking up every bit of knowledge you can. It tries to put it did do injuries game that put it to work just as soon as you can just constantly learning very humble. Just absolutely a joy to coach and and that's why he's just getting better and better all the time he's going to. He's going to fill out some and he's still a nineteen year old kid he's gonna put on some more muscle just get stronger and maybe even more explosive. But. And his knowledge of the game coach Marshall mentioned on his radio show last night at the other night and day against northern Iowa. He coached Marshall actually got caught up in something during a timeout when he was distracted from the huddling with either. Talking to a player or to an official and the huddle broke and he realized he hadn't called many things to run coming out at the time outs. And he was going to try to signal something the team they're underneath out of bounds play. And landed already caught something they credit score so that you know that makes an impression on the coach who you've got guys that are. At and that's certainly something that Ron Ron in France rose two with their experiences they want through their careers that. It's it's pretty special for redshirt freshman to be good. It's one of the questions we had very early on that frequently. Was worth the leadership and everybody was talking about that void that was when he left ironic Fred that was legitimate questions. Where's the leadership well there is no doubt this team has the number of leaders and let the extent that is right at list. And the thing about he had this is maybe dinner of real benefit this season for him in that what it took to really get the shot is going. Not that they weren't going pretty good already was moving him to point guards because now he's shown he can play that position. And maybe even at the next level instead of chances to guard also at 64 he's big enough that there are a lot of 66672. Guards in the NBA to that point 64 point guard he's not going to be undersized at any level of play if he can play both. It just gives him even more opportunity to make it. Really well lit with a shocker it's offensive sequences might prove your point guard you don't have always played up at the point. You rotate over a lot of his three point shots comes from the baseline a lot of his three point shots. Comes from the 45 degree angles so there're a lot of opportunities. Should be out on the off guard position is well laughing about something. I didn't see it into more about drills. JR Seidman lifelong buddy Shaquille Boris. Boosted you up to dump the ball as he was going coupons we'll pick up. So is Steve is lose they've they were just having a three point shooting contest for about. 48 feet Connor made was that Marcus made one. Capable lawn just bounced one and dumped it would both hands up. There have been fun warming up but it royalty carry their religious right that's too much fun hopefully that much phonetic but anyway out. Landry's definitely. Could rank up there was withdrawn victory for it then played in our memories by the time he's done he's got a chance to be one of the finest players in the history of this program. Ali needs it was over to a final four of the offensive. At that he submit that these guys I have a three plus years this is accredited dad all right let's go to Mike on the thumb I think the big patience. Goes. Find my state. You have think of Michael. Just what they best wishes what is fact and also John Roberts that you. Been very special young man and added them into the program I have got another. Forget that an old time. Thought. Beth can you guys recollect. And on and on. This thing and in terms. Other. Seniors who never started but we're usually what they were hurt him in the in the the game if there's a big lead. Over the past. Years. Who who had a great senior night that you can record black now one thing I was gonna ask was. I. I've been around soccer basketball pars. He's gotten to go to games of course listening to you guys think kestre be since 1962. And I remember of those seniors are the Davis who's today's Anderson enroute Roger McDowell. Again it was the talkers ones because Loyola of Chicago he was on their way to I think it NCAA I'm not a 100% sure on that but. But they had a fantastic scene. Here but what I was gonna ask that I remember my jeans. Yes they don't buddy. I'm never did last thing you're not I think you scored ten points I think. There is a part of your needs. Yeah he scored at least fourteen and it may have been seventy puree see. My caddie I mean yeah had a great game to me. But it but they've I was gonna ask you and then that you guys can recollect other senior night besides you know that they're over the past. Whatever you wanna say fifty years or thirty years or forty years but they've been doing great ratified and seventy and 71. I'm my statistics. That I have all accumulated say that you guys that didn't play in very many games so that you. Technically did you go through they've Stallworth. Time I mean where where you guys just played in the December. You actually. Go to an unkind I'm kind of think because this in my statistic that you had graduated but you guys who once played the helpfully gave. But I'll let you go and I'll look forward to your comment I think again you guys that have been a great season. They just thanks Mike. About regrets I first of all great it was a terrific shoes he always took the place of the opposite seasons. Best shooter in the scalp and he had an excellent seeger died he scored double figures as well he was leading. Score out of the city of Chicago. When Wichita State recruited him and it just never for one reason or another. For him I wish you would have gotten more opportunity. Actually because he was that good a player. The answer is no Reagan and I both played that tiger seek your season it played we were off the tee that entire season. I see your season but our statistics might indicate otherwise. You know. I know gables remember this one of the well. One senior now mention right away just a couple of years ago Takeo cotton had a tremendous senior day I think it was an afternoon game. And ended up getting a breakaway windmill dunk toward the end of the game that was just perfectly fitting for how spectacular week. If you DNA had a great opportunity for him to kind of put his signature on his senior night certainly run and Fred Evans last year in the special. One player that I regret having an exceptional senior night even maybe beyond his normal performance by quite a bit. Was scared though. Who I think had forty or 42 points it was just all over the court doing all kinds of things. Garrett had a head to head battle with and somebody could only play it short stretches. It seemed like he just played longer that night and everything else in this that are really tremendous senior and he had a good career there was an excellent player. Virtually a local kid. That they got that they fear the strong here and yeah I remember that as well micro very very happy. But yet but absolutely. Without any question no contest the finest senior night is the history of the program. Was. Performed by the finest player to ever play the program they've Stallworth who's career ended at this year's just mentioned the 1965. Played his senior night game against Louisville here. Little had just joined the conference they year they weren't fluid build we've seen over the years that they were good they were above 500 seat metaplayer name's John Lutheran that was like a second to walk off the player. And they've had forty. On any kind of shot you could ever possibly want to see it. From the outside drove to the basket with either hand hook shots got fouled went to the line it was just spectacular and and passed off and ended all the things he did it was it was one of the finest performances I've ever seen in my life. Take money scene before them with such thing as a free points if and he had some weird it is fifty homes and tremendously fortunate when a player all right thank you Mike good memories of let's go to the phones productive. And gags. Thanks for taking my call. Real quick. Thank you to they are are imminent Jack boot that boot. Or what they don't for the program and I'd expect to break a person. Could do what they have done over the last four year. I really had something in the paper and aren't they get. Are bigger cruel. That there is great club. Player I don't which aren't from. Gonzaga and several other school walk arm player. And they contact you because they're keeping track. And go online bill I wonder you guys have heard about that. If you got any comment doormat baby goat cocker PR IA capitalist. I I have not heard anything about it but I I think it's anytime something like they actually come together I think it's great that this adds it. To me that my college years of high school was great to go my college years were really special time in my life and so many things that. That adds to those memories as those experiences may be opens up the doors to meeting new friends becomes maybe a lifelong for another of those things are great I think it's been. I don't think it's happened as much in the last year or so but. When he had the managers from around the conference playing each other you know after the shootaround on when we go on the road and that sort of thing. I think all those kinds of things are great for college kids to get involved here. All right thanks for the call Doug we do have a couple of twittered questions or. Comments. One ideas for iPad you said that Jeff Goodman who I guess at this weekend. He just didn't think he could go through Wichita State the top 45 to school they beat them and I guess later that he hasn't seen them play one time this year. And then they offered that she hopes. That. Does the committee watch more basketball in the weekly voters I would hope so I've been a little scared that conscientious I think. Probably most of them do I wouldn't swear that all of them do. But I think you're reciting them walk you would think that you would think if they take the position. Like that. That they would be conscientious enough to try this if you see a Wichita State has days. Record of 45 and for whatever whether it was twentieth floor that you got its start. Find some opportunities to watch them play and see how they match up you know that. I think Jake tell us why the bit about the first one to start that I test today. At and it. The time to kind of bothered me that you know honestly there is something to it and you cannot possibly want Wichita State to give them and I have. And not think that there were the NCAA tournament. Jeff Goodman saying he had not seen Wichita State play it's reminiscent of the old Saturday night lives yet Bill Murray in. Critic and it was Academy Awards time. And Bill Murray said and they just went through a whole list of movies now to see that want now in order to do that what either can't say on that one. What he's guessing that he'd seen one movie and that's what he did so beautiful at the right enemy. Jeff you that that has no business leader XP which plus they'd never see them play and that's his career that's his business. He should be able to pick up some highlights could get a head lights. And a question for Darryl any update on Mikhail Macintosh three weeks recovery from meniscus surgery seemed a little Raj that was and that was the original. Timeframe we actually came back in the last time the bad. I did see something and haven't had a chance to follow up that after Sunday's game he was checked out again and seemed to be OK or was. Or they thought it was all right so obviously coming back as soon as he did maybe it's still bothering him so. I hate that concerns me for him through his career and you want the best players to play you wanna beat them but want the best players play. He I think he was the one it would free throws. Against Loyola. It was at critical times he played a lot of tennis the first game back I think that was the second game that means there. First game back he played enough minutes he scored like seven and I went so he's wrong why did the fray. You know you're you're concerned but the reason he. Problem not only company that's tough thing which is about study stopped suddenly your. Your lateral movement it's just hard thing to Gloria banks were taking out taking contact. Certainly because things could happen in basketball is. Is giving you hope it's not ever too much of a context where but it certainly not a love contact sport you're gonna take some hits on your body and end. So it needs to be fully ready to withstand that you're taking hits some big players and you're dressed. What's in it he he basically. You don't have all the protects all the equipment a lot of other sports now. Had a question about. Just losing these two guys this year these two seniors makes it do next year boardgames thoughts on next year's potential. Obviously it's. Pretty darn good 45 and four this year we'll see just how far they can take it this season that everybody back next here a couple of other recruits coming in. So obviously the potential next year is tremendous and I have to be excited about like I can't imagine anybody would not be really excited about the shot his prospects for next season. They should be very very good again next year possibly depending on how the season ends up more than possibly. Opening at the top 45 Pacific you'd think they'd have a chance that. What things you always have to be concerned about is that this was. Three red rocks the year of his injuries which talks eight escape injuries. Three both of their careers. Brought his freshman year but it came back and Fred C interview with the hamstring pull. If a critical player I don't even want to mention names. For beer damning them but a critical player as a nagging injury didn't make it means different things like. Does that. We'll take a break and come back with more you're certainly welcome to call us at 8691037. New area code 316 of course and you can play this is at shocker voice will be right back. 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Welcome back to Carol stoker in Wichita State getting set to play Evansville in senior night last home game. Up to 2017. Season. Before I go back to the phones I just wanna mention. This big the last week of the conference scheduled there is still a lot to be decided. As far as CP in the conference turned a but it might turn the conference office went through all the teams today at. Came up with a possible seedings. There are only two teams. That are pretty locked into one of two spots Wichita state of Illinois State live to be the wanted to do and that's all they can be. And then northern kinda world leaders do the 34 or follow by their current third at me. And in seven all by themselves in game ahead of southern Illinois in six games behind. Wichita State and Illinois State after that everybody in the lute could be of any one of four possibilities at the very least. Drake. Could fit nation any one of six positions seed wise they're one of three teams tied at five and eleven. But because of the way the schedule shakes out they could be anything from a five to 810 season. Evansville and Bradley could all be from a six to attend. The only team that is locked into Thursday in the play year round if you wanna call it that is Indiana State the best they can finish is seventh in the seventh through the ten seats. Played that first day but there's so many teams jammed up together in the middle of the pack that we just really won't have any idea tells. Maybe a little closer idea before Saturday it certainly it may be till the end of the day on Saturday before it all shakes out that's fun. It's fun you don't have to rebound in the past even and it's just fun and there are so many good competitive games it played. The next week next August. All right let's get back to the phones with Andy Andy thanks for joining us. Good. Those who don't want. I was just sitting here picabo. Players you'll. I go back to the fall of 1953. When there was a fellow who it says that north high schools sort of that your. Who played honestly. If I was her court. Say whether if you go herb. It is held guys heard that they need two years old he has never missed this season. Season tickets and he's got the game tonight. He's my lifelong friend and I just wanna give you wish and a as you know gore. Goes dark tonight. Looking forward to a great game. Thank you Andy appreciate that capture her appreciate city her editors certainly would if he hears about it and Pervez. Tremendously. Loyal fans followed the team for years he says it's always out here and mostly part of it evens itself. A great tribute think sandy that. Herb used to cuff why a lot of play over lunch hour and her when he was here he is hit it speaks. Would still come up to the wives every lunch hour and play him was still relatively competitive. That's how much basketball meant to him second only to how much Wichita State to. The kid each that is our next caller. On the day and I remind you a little bit of foul plant camera let Kurt was eager. Peter from the bench and now we had a great run a term meant. Oak okay this year's going to be as eye black. Good recollection and actually course that class also had Paul Miller who is the valley player of the year. But can't a leopard and Dick Rogers who was also walked up and before you walk god and Brian homegrown in the media relations director. Did some research it is as close he could not checking out walk on and so forth. In recent memory anyway at me and for the modern era. Those are the only four year walk ons that you can find camera in this together through 2006. And and now these two tonight John Roberts tonight and Zach bush that I stuck it out in the program for for all four years of their college eligibility. And sometimes those walk ons go to different schools and not play sometimes it is stopped playing and stay here. Sometimes they go to smaller schools and play so there any wanna put a number of reasons but I'm so happy. Both at Cameron and nick stuck it out and they are happy to and so happy that Sanford JR stuck it out as well. Mick Rogers actually played a lot his senior year he is about those seventh and great man that guy who could play the two it is very very good defender. I hit a couple of big shots in one game that I recall. And as much as JR and snack or leaders of their own wildness to it. I don't know if I've ever seen a walk on that was a leader on a good to even important to you as much as Cameron leopard was up next week sixteen to. 2006. So urgent that it couldn't. I mean he was always Smart. But he was motivated. Personable. And you know something. We're talking about it's your to do I mean they're gonna be successes just like nick camera success. Well Gregg Marshall has made the comment talking about leadership that there is what he calls a moral imperative that if you're going to be recognized as a leader. You have to do first of all the things that you are asking other people could do. And these guys like that Cameron and nick likes it worked as hard as anybody if not harder. Gained the respected your teammates because they did everything that they would ever ask anybody else to do and so they respected that would make me what they would ask their teammate to do so it never felt that they were. Short changed never felt they were given a broad DL. Were supportive of their teammates took joy in the success of their teammates and that's what you eat eat the intangible things that make him successful is people and his team. We're gonna go back to the phones with eight eight thanks for joining us. My dad's. Phone if it's yeah you guys are writing it now. Yes I want had this kind of well I remain on the they've gained him any. Forward. Radio. I listen. Someone gave me whenever a song that I never know as the year went on. I'm nineteen years old and I Ben Gordon Parker. Game then since me and fellow left me years and I. Add that this band on my hand and they remind. Doctors now. And are there in more filming. Did pose. And I thank you thank them for brain and then in neon aliens Norway. I I don't give out any more so. This is all I have. What April it felt like. Thank you for calling and it is they honored to be able to bring the games to do it glad that you've enjoyed. Means a lot to us that she took the time the cars and thank you listen to the radio you don't even watch TV eight that's a and the other thing is. This. Program. This arena. And all its predecessor. Built on the shoulders of beef like eight I mean those were the ones that got it started not just the players. But those types of people so thanks for hanging in there were eight with everybody through all the years I've let things went so well people like he was well. And something I want to mention along Muslims because we've kind of gotten into this nostalgia thing tonight was senior night in different areas and all that kind of thing. One thing that Gregg Marshall has been tremendous about and I mentioned this on his radio show last night because. He just yet she's Johnson of the buildings on center in fact he's still here I saw a cheese to dance around. We have had operation ride of Paul Miller robbed him for the long run road trip recently. To. Helped shape with the telecast. And players from different areas that who's still love Wichita State just as much as they ever at the end. Appreciate having an opportunity to be a part of it and Greg Miller has heard Craig Marshall was made very sure. It any player from any previous era feels comfortable and feels welcome here at wants them to understand that they are still just as much a part of that is when they play and he wants them to be here and be around it. And and feel welcome and I think he's done a tremendous job. There are a lot of things that stick with Gregg Marshall. And we could spend. Two hours talking about those things and then not do it justice but that's right at the top of the list Leahy talks to and about all the formal. Players can take him it's not such thing as a former player you are eighth player in Wichita State like. Well thanks for all the calls all the memories and they'll make some do and Syria just a little bit as the factors play their senior night game against Evansville last two offered John Robert diamond in fact bush. Very much looking forward to that. Coming up in just a little bit we'll talk with Gregg Marshall about tonight's game at about the seniors and then Dave will be back. 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Checkered head coach Gregg Marshall joins us for tonight's final home game against Evansville here to a Korea coach it's been a while since you've seen this Evansville team that certainly it. Couple of Constance with them Jalen brown and Ryan Taylor have been very consistent scores Hilliard. Yes they have and they do a wonderful job to get him shots with all that motion offense and all the mini screens you have to guard on each possession. Jalen brown has got that we looked at at a high school I made a mistake not offering games. Tremendous players and proving. That with his prolific C senior season he's having ride Taylor the transfer from Ohio universities will be bigger. But not quite that is it dipped it is what it is not quite the focal point of the offense like Jalen brown is that a great secondary option. Certainly sex brown has had success for you guarding smaller players guarding guards only get a shot at ground and yes he'll he'll get. Some ground time brown we'll get some brown time and then. Marcus McDuff beyond Taylor and Landry sham but guard those guys as well you've got to get really chastened I mean they're gonna they're gonna run off so many screens and and they love to curl that led to get into the lane they're not really a three point shooting team. There were the fewest free points attempts of any team in the country relative to the amount of baskets as they tried it. They've they they're great and they are getting the line in getting two point shots. This thing has been almost eye popping to me looking at their stats Christian bands and and David Howard to have their seniors are suddenly playing by far the best basketball of their careers right here at the end of the season yet they weren't. That much of a factor when we played them earlier than that it played it many minutes. Powered apple was. Probably their best five man going to be here for whatever reason he wasn't playing a whole lot it. Then it was played some but I think eleven minutes against us so. Yeah he got this. Two seniors are you this is the last hurrah for them they've got to win the tournament and in Saint Louis or are being done is they've had played some of their best basketball. 144 out of the last five or five out alas it so. You know we anticipate him to be another knock down drag out with a Evansville usually is. He talked about how they screen and everything on offense defensively that you described them as a team that if you can't. Get out in transition and you're gonna have to really grind it out and execute and have scored better execute because they're gonna guards they're tough they're physical. Played very good position defense and think Marty is a tremendous coach. Obviously it's senior night and and obviously. The first things to win the game do whatever you have to do that obviously hoping for an opportunity to get JR Zach in the game for a little. Exactly it's at some things on my mind. It was one of honor those guys and we will do so after the game that'd be great to get him in the game and then have come out. Come out of the game with a standing ovation hope could signal a lot to our program that is wonderful young man. Coach thank you check it coach Gregg Marshall a shocker is an Evansville coming up on senior night cup arena. This is what it sounds like when truck guy shot but other dealerships mammogram or. We have though white one why and a while and this is what it sounds like truck I shot but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special editions more choices than ever before wow I'll take the rally due to a racing start warming in the camouflage real treaties and more than blacked out midnight edition. Here's the difference Richard Jeffrey. Is they're cold they're making you shiver even endorse call the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or install a new Linux system heat your home now. 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Hi this is just in Baxter Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business Don Baxter in our whole team has seen challenging Financial Times and we're up for that challenge we understand the you're depending on your serious money now and in the future so please give us a call at 3166520101. Baxter & Associates time will spend money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. Shocker stork has brought do you buy American family insurance. Succeed agency Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. 103 point seven. Why then Wichita. United coach garrido as a special time Wichita State and Evansville closing out the home schedule here tonight next to last game of the regular season. Before the show lakers' traveled to Springfield to play Missouri State's. On Saturday they Davis doctor's wife get 50% off your online order at any Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa Johns dot com. At used to promote coach shocker fifty to receive your shocker discount. Dave don't alongside with the winning strategies rescued by capitol federal first all new home court dream all you can trust the strength behind True Blue financing. Capitol federal equal housing lender and member FDIC. Well thank you this sanity. What he strategy number want your generosity knows no bounds and that certainly is true with the purple laces. Evans bill's opponents have scored outscored them off of turnovers in sixteen. Up 29 games and they've lost eleven of the sixteen games Evansville rarely steals the ball Wichita State steals the ball a lot. At Evansville WS who had seven more points off turnovers. Then the purple places did look for the Sox to capitalize. Points off turnovers by at least nine. As we hear so often on television the results may very well that's not going to happen tonight at Evansville purple laces shot 44 point 2% from the field. That's about their efforts and they scored 65 points that's with a few points of the rappers and hip 31 rebounds and that's just a few under their average. And when they hit the averages they lose to Wichita State by seventy points. If Evansville plays its average game. Wichita State we'll beat them again by at least seventy. The bookmakers have the shoppers in ninety and a half point favorite I believe. But Evansville has to do something extraordinary. To witness game tonight. And I just can't imagine that they've got bad in the winning strategy number three shots have been blowing the rough off the the rule of technicality lately we expect more of the same tonight Wichita State is the best rebounding team in the conference. They out rebound performance by nine point three per game. And if that is a good enough in seven of their last eight games Wichita State outrebounded the appointments by sixteen. For beat Evansville okay on the boards not great they've rarely out rebound their opponents. They're just up by a few percentage points but WSU surprisingly enough our rebounding her laces by only two. In Evansville look for the Sox to be at least two plus eight on the board today winning strategy on the war. He shot me to go after the low hanging fruit and what's that three point right. Evansville since the US and consequently makes the fewest three point baskets. Of anybody in the conference they take three point 83 point baskets in the conference that yes he was the most accurate. The conference they make eight point six. Three pointer just her ball game. That's fifteen point six game wore that Wichita State. Scores from three point line and Evansville and that's about what they outscored them and in Evansville look for Wichita State outscored them by at least wealth and we went right and finally the raceway. To Victory Lane goes through the free throw line and Evansville thing to do everything they can't get. Wow we end to Wichita State's defenders like torpedoes that and try to get them in foul trouble we'll try to get to the free throw line. They're shooting 82 point 6% from the line and five out of the last six. That second best streak in the conference over that stretch to Wichita State the shockwaves are hitting 82 point 7% of the free throws in the last five. Look for Evansville to try to get BP decided to the free throw line which six Dallas. It's been a couple. You know the first game between the tool is making history just a few years with the plus day it was just terrible for the first sixteen minutes. That they were down by thirteen with four minutes to go in the half and they put on your grass and turned the ball over a couple of times got a wooded area nap time. And then Davis ran away at the second half made two thirds of their shots including beautiful all three pointers in the second half so I don't know about two games could be more different. I don't think I've ever seen fifty maybe play as bad and conversely as good at the same game as the shoppers did that night I'm sure whether reminders implanted in their heads that you don't wanna get off to a start again like you get your time. Tell us they think getting off to great starts and never felt this is very easy. Because they Diaz. Last ball game that Evansville lady and they lost they played only eight players. Three of them fouled out most of the players left ballclub played 36 the third. Some of them like round he played forty minutes in a ball game I just thought I can't think that they could sustain that for the entire forty minutes. We talked about that. Prior to the northern Iowa game on Saturday how many minutes they're guys that play Finland brown is averaging 37 minutes a game this season he's played forty or more minutes. Nine times he's played beyond forty twice in overtime game. Taylor averaging 32 minutes of games played 35 or more eleven times in the Kristen Benz and 35 and a half minutes per game the last six. When Gibson 35 minutes a game the last five and David Howard 31 and a half minutes per game. In the last six games they've been quiet most of the last five or six games with five guys and that's just gonna it's gonna get to them sooner or later the way to shoppers can match you play. And they've won four of them but they've lost most recently of that war game winning streak was after a night game. Sweet Mike I think what happens is. Players just where help me get to the end of the season and that's something the late war that's okay they don't really have that much to play war it's time. As a result I expect that not to finish the season throughout the united idly with the start tonight. You know the other things she eventually did the winning strategy that was his mistake he made it fifteen to average about the same number of turnovers that game which would just say eleven point seven Evansville eleventh. Point nine in the first game seven Phil had twelfth which is right that the average but Wichita State only had six Evansville hit down Bryant could have scored on defense but they don't turn you over. The shocker if they just don't give it to them by making silly passes and in helping them with turnovers. Should turn it over very much there's a different speed. We live ball in bed pulled her. Deadbolt turnovers for example when you travel and it's taken out of bounds. Chart it's taken out of bounds. Like both turnovers through. How would you steal the ball intercept the ball would go down for. Wichita State creates a lot of live ball turnovers and haven't built creates very few live gold. Mozilla and all plays that doctors play at home for the last time this season coming up when we come back. Is the meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to ask Brenda thank you could. Completely forgot to our camp didn't say any different believes that he can you promise better. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family to Atlanta delta dental KS dot com. When you're not willing to settle for anything less than perfect poll but shares Scotch and sirloin. Since 1968. And this widget dock icon has served the best age sterling silver Vicente. 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For more tips on living a healthier lifestyle would be great seeing dot com today. Welcome back to cooperate of course senior night the final home game of the 2006 to seventy season is soccer's ar fifteen. And one at home this year fifteen at all. At Charleston South Korea and their only loss of eight home games to Oklahoma State at impressed factory downtown early in the season this Packers are eight and our home. In the Missouri Valley Conference and to this point have only lost one of the conference game here. In the last four seasons. And now we honor America web our National Anthem before we give you the starting lineup for tonight's game. I Nashville after this child's coach garrido sons five feet 101500. In attendance accompanied by the soccer basketball. Wichita State coming into tonight's game at 25 and four overall the soccer's ar fifteen and one of the Missouri Valley Conference as good as dead as they have not been able to shake Illinois State. The two remained tied for the lead going into the last two games of the regular season. Both at home if midway through shoppers here tonight Illinois State at home against southern Illinois tomorrow night. And adults will finish on the road on Saturday to shoppers at Missouri State and Illinois State. At northern Iowa starting lineups brought do you buy equity bank where you've ever made an ATM fee be sure to visit them online equity thing. Dot com. Boring Evansville fourteen and fifteen on the year and five Andy weapon in the Missouri Valley Conference Ryan Taylor will be at a forward six. Sophomore redshirt sophomore from Gary Indiana and transferred from Ohio University. Second leading scorer at fourteen point nine points per game. Jalen brown is the leading scorer in the Missouri Valley Conference from six foot senior from fishers Indiana. Who could make complimentary. All play good DJ Valentine include Valentine to hold well. He is in the top five in the in both free throw attempts and free throws made thirtieth in the nation in field goal attempt to this and just a lot of the champs very efficient 47%. From the field 44 from. 386%. From the line. Twenty point three points per game Kristen Benz and as they six forcing air from Copenhagen Denmark. Why the best basketball of his career five point six points per game of the season. He had averaged one and a half points over three previous seasons. Over the last seven games seven point seven points per game and four point seven rebounds. Also had a guard spot when Gibson 63 junior from Cleveland Ohio six point nine points per game three point davis'. And David Howard also play. Usually good basketball related his career six they've seen here did you see from Nashville Tennessee. And point six points per game over his career six and a half this season. But in the last eight games twelve point six points per game six point three. Shooting over 61%. For the food David Howard had six double figure scoring games this season six. Pocket of them have come in the last eight. Of course by Marty Simmons in his tenth year of his alma mater. A 514 career winning percentage over the previous nine seasons. And a should have been exclusively tonight to join 2539. Forwards six in the Missouri Valley Conference. Forward gives us day. The forward 66 junior from Houston Texas seven point eight points per game and making a strong bid for defensive player of the year. In the conference. Marcus. Paterson, New Jersey certainly an all conference candidate eleven point eight points per game five points nine rebounds. If he'll Morris. Six save redshirt junior for the good game and four point eight rebounds for Shaq. Maybe his first start in the first Evansville gave you quite awhile had seventeen points and ten rebounds and starting with that game. Averaging about eleven and a half points and seven and a half rebounds. Over the last ten games at the guard's Atlantic salmon six or redshirt freshman from Kansas City, Missouri. Ten point nine points per game 3.3 assists thirteen in the nation. And assist to turnover ratio at three point 121. And counter brand can't hometown kid 61 redshirt junior from North High School. He is averaging eight point two points per game billion champ that are both shooting 43%. Who improved French camp in the last twelve games. 55%. From beyond the arm up at the candidates and that's what we expected autocratic and the other. Totally. Defense that. Tonight's officials John Higgins John Daly and Rick Crawford tonight's game is brought to you my old coach salute soccer fans and student athletes. This approach careers. Dot com and remember the day after any shot through and it's a party at jazz locker room. Then again nobody points or fascist Gordon could save ten point five you've been up to 40%. Off all soccer merchandise soccer fans all over proudly say. I got a chance that's life. East and west and keep tabs. In your eyes because they are working on has it's time to. Location her autograph sessions coming up in the near future. That'll be fun Wichita State's been averaging eighteen month. Four points for games of their last five and five of their last six Evansville been giving up 75. Spores somewhere between 75 and 85 tonight. Just consider it will be Shaquille Morris for the soccer's David Howard for Evansville John Nichols we'll toss enough for the final home game of the year. Morris controls yeah. Too in addition. To actors who have the first possession dressed in white letters and numbers of blacks are good goal of the field of purple. Letters and numbers and wife review board should feel Boris jump hook over Howard bounces out pretty good look but bounced away Howard was three down to the ground into the record for the aces nothing Thailand the United States. Or how many times he got shot in the travel first gun gives him the head. You miss read because by ground anyway and threw it behind you not about to either way it was going to be an Evansville turnovers. At the shoppers get it right back they are all from one from the field Evansville on its first possession did not get a look Evansville 120. Last ball game against us today. And the reason that picked up by doing Gibson right at the time dribbles left all the way to the way through inside the lane comes back to the middle off the streets by Morris gets through feeds it to Boris Boris is a while they'll call ship systems of different yeah. Good hustle play by Landry sham but that's close to ground lobster more stuff right so it's fitting on our turnaround in the line there. It goes without their big man inside from last year it was one of the best they can. So many years at Wichita State. Lead to take the win side they from. It's then took down the block reverse layup by Howard couldn't go out and stepped inside and Shaquille wars but it Gregg Marshall was more upset if markets but Duffy for not helping from that side. And Howard tied the game at 22. Numbers and all the years that we've seen him have received but that now. Left wing ground up front to show him the drive to left pulls back gathered there needs to talk to Boris Jack had a friend can't just not to. Throw it to him right away and I'd give it to encounter at the top down the line and throws it up with 400 brown wide open three AAF offered to acquire. Longer event chased down by Gibson pushes up the floor. Down the line on Shannon brown and nails and off the glass. Wind Gibson would drive to the basket through traffic but seven fill in front by a score of fortitude. Shannon in the front court started right out from the French camp left wing to ground. That squared up on the defender of French and the right wing fringe can't look into the post. We've just dribble and I get to more or something right side going six hour drive it's just that ten footer baseline air ball kept alive by ground for recovered by Gibson to the races into the front court deals with a few little brown trailing behind him over on the left wing free on the way don't go to the rebound to Jack Morris that was in this fight Ryan Taylor with a report from different camps for the Shaq who's left side in the world Florida Morrison's over on the right side as a sham. Started to swing in the toward the ground look to the post war has not announced today they're the shaft Shaq back to the basket got to share mystery here the right corner just. Eight by 815 minutes after the fact it plus five people as if it is dropped in directly above the basket that we did not need it. Race that shot at night raids has realized wait for a Gibson dries clothes are from about him might have been partially blocked my friend can't the Tennessee rebound came off had a low and flat condor reached out boarded bounced off his hand out about Shaquille warrants will go to defense. Darryl Willis in the there'll earning that first time off the bench opportunity at the five spot after going through fourteen elevenths. And its northern Iowa on Saturday. Gibson right to left in the corner brown got loose for jumper that's a street. For Jalen brown over the last five games only three of his 62 field goal attempts had been the three point attempt you've gone one for three and he's the fourth most accurate reflection of the conference crown for three in and out from the left elbow with a rebound do well just follow the reverse is just there. That's got under the basket reverse layup later eventually got his first three battled his first few points of the game side settings. Were faith last ballgame was to deceive shooting well indeed it is scoring column fourteen points last game. Crown victory over the to go back out to Gibson at the top of New York part of my friend can affect overlooked when ground with a quick jumper too hard off the front this time rebound relationship that was kind of flat camp but I had a friend can't three left way no good long. Crowds flooded for the rebound couldn't keep that in play and don't go back over to Evansville. Well which just states leading to cracks at it might have been some open shots. Not hitting the same percentage that we used to see and hear from the shoppers but though he definitely got its three foot eight didn't seem like it was even that good flight one through four from three and a half their shots that come from beyond the arc. 1616 to go first half game tied at seven in the report Jalen brown guarded by Zach brown and dribbles left. Announces two Gibson drives right suddenly gets frank you have read up on the move this fight Hillary that's been batted around and the recovered by. Kind of friendship comes out of there wasn't you talk about too many weapons of we're talking about the defense of weapons for the shoppers well. Willis if that's not guarded by Howard stepped takeover of training camp shot fake gets away with stuff but to play short. Willis on the rebound on the air ball was fouled and get inside position. And her friends can't yet and shaken up on the planes and they didn't tell me about the shot is saved. That came up way short and he is definitely hurting a little bit if he comes back and appreciate it. I'm not on the floors 1546. City by the first half but Wichita State seven Evansville open. 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The numbers are very similar Wichita State only three of 91 of four of them free and it's still free at 81 at. Please peremptory. Free throws have been shot yet that it's still early. I think 65. That. Kevin Phillips the only turnover none of the Wichita State. And that last foul committed by Ryan Taylor was hotter brand camp in the active shooting took we'll go to the line for two. First round leader Steve Taylor. Averages about two and a half thousand spelled out of three games free throw my friends here good for his first point. And in fact Evansville is a team has had players now out eighteen times this season that's an exceptionally hide them. Three of the last blogging believers not frank camps. Now 88 seconds one for free throws made twice as his season high heating system frequent. Had good the free throw line the last three games of soccer league 97 in the front court Gibson high post left elbow Howard a couple of mcdougals and conclusively to come by the end of up to Taylor. Twisting jumper in traffic rolls off the backs let the rebels Willis came off the board your record away from Howard grant can't crosscourt or had a share of it back to ground right at the not to Rashard Kelly just check he had little handoff to jam a three format frank good again. This candidacy in. Besides suffering from. The right way and a free from the top that is not the book down. Well why not let chabot is the eighth most accurate three point shooter and tireless retail accounts 43%. And in the last seventeen games in about 49 and a half down the line brown puts a for runner. Bounced off the back rebounds Rashard Kelly was contested right at the end by Willis might have affected the shot candidate transition for its great. Had eleven points it. Your game at Evansville he's got now. I mean. In the first five minutes and eleven seconds tonight as the doctors have not gone up fifteen. It is seven champ Floyd threw for three from beyond beyond tight end. He is just a ballplayer but offered. Started was that last time nonconference game in which he hit six of ten threes against South Dakota State. 49 point 4%. In the seventeen games starting with that would. Last seventeen games and he's raising that number the night well and it's transition baskets. Francis from. The defense to offense without letting the defense get back without letting the defense added all of the shots up by families U tonight. Always ready to shoot when he catches it to always in shooting position Evansville smaller down by eight just all of a sudden it was tied at seven moments ago. When Gibson in the front court left side of the floor to drew Smith the freshman guard in there now. Smith puts it over the right when the ground back up front to sniff and of the Gibson three guard lineup now for the aces right what's this gonna take a three this is way short rough predator rebound cranking up almost removed his own teammates Rashard Kelly heard the father gets into the record hints about cameras atop the Rashard Kelly. Try to take it into the top that he was gonna handoff to frank campus that was coverage and gives it right where did she have enough threats are going Kelly. Spinning gets around the defender but try to throw past thirty. What a big man. To drive the basket and also. Gather himself and hit somebody with a pass doctors at seventeen to seven crown with a lob crosscourt forgives and stolen my friend Jeff Frederick County doctor gifted that he saves at eight footer there at the baseline but that didn't work yet not a friend can't merely stolen his fallen out of fans try to bounce it off of Gibson Gibson able to recover and make the jumpers. Willis at the top drives it catalysts on the leg up since classic masters I don't know how I got the best of the and around it. Defenders to thank you did suspend its thin air like Elgin Baylor used to do for the lakers he's got six already. This doctors who got nineteen tonight nicely all ready to be the start the game. At the top power right wing to Gibson Gibson out front with a two drew Smith a couple of dribbles around really need to bikini and a foul on sacked for any new that is just. He was actually. It's on. You know we'll. I'm kind of I thought maybe grounded reached at there and got him on the arm to the foul blows it's his first two games for us from Wichita State David Howard checks out for Evansville. And now for the Asus is Sergei who chipped it to 71 if you're seeing here from Serbia transfer music go from Nebraska. That's vast left block. Gibson back up and wanted to Smith went out credit goes to Christian friends and over on the left wearing the Smith autopsy Gibson. Looks high low nothing there right wing Vincent Vincent one dribble right quarters sniffed through free spirits. Drew Smith only shooting 48%. From three but he's taken to already have made that point 2% last ballgame for. Real also like he's he's feeling it. Nineteen to twelve with domestic markets the deftly pulls up the left field. That's his first shot first simply makes his name at night but he drove that went from just inside the three point guards ticket player. They didn't put up debate it and put up that last three forever and still on the scoreboard says point 19 it should be point 112. I've tried Benson right wing to Gibson. Gibson. Looking to Smith posted out but couldn't get it in there. They shot Smith in the game now from Wichita State get to the talent this is not the ground got up in the air goes the basket get to wash my Willis recovers is. 'cause they play so it's tough he. That's the reason they do not only are they good one on one defenders but they help so well. Much much better than they did. 260 scoreboard on our staff monitored had to correct it's more than one to twelve. With a shot seriously shark Kelly's. Exit you know Willis Marcus McAfee on the front line de Shaun Smith and now Austin believes in the backcourt with twelve ought to go in the first half went Shannon got a big wars and came out of the lineup Smith in the front court dribbles right to the wing that got threats to breeze pops a three AA off the backhand rebound Evansville they're really sealed off on the rebounding count down the lengths this Fleischer the basket of foul. On the way again I think it's going to be foundation on snipped before a shot attempt. Foundation on will be his first and for us here we'll find out after a time out 1157. To go to the first half as we break away Wichita State 21. Evansville well. He took place to watch the big game. 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What does state started at shooting three of nine cents that they have made their last five shots. Including three threes by Landry sham it. You know fourteen overall 57%. At seven. Hey kid hit line. Evans hopelessly at eight since then they've made two of their last six despite reports season. The 35 point seven personality we should be surprised which statements made its. Point 9% of their field goal attempts for their last five ball games. Against that defense. And it's still playing it in from underneath bounce pass that left under Ryan tailored his three ball hit the edge of the backboard rebounded by Willis they had it Kelly. The charts already was one on four waited for his teammates. Now the baseline picked up you with a follow way mr. Willis. You know great inside position on each other through proudly over the back. Harold Willis already was six points and death. They rebounds three rebounds and had great inside position again in the genetic just climbed right over his back that's his first round of the team's second that we should never be some. Pricing what Willis does double figure points seven times since. Station on Smith right wing degrees right baseline Willis for about 78 air ball nice folks just don't be surprised on that topic hit the knicks coach Parcells. We'll supplies and secondly pointed fifth. These round avalanche slammed into those makes were shot and they're gonna call a foul on Darryl Willis of Nelson what did I do I just stood there and waited for him. But that's that's what ground does he goes free throw line more than anybody in Missouri Valley Conference. 109 street protests as a matter of fact he has shot at night or free throws. Janet. And debate Duffy. Camps right camp come by. Combined what he said more than anybody the Missouri Valley Conference more than all but four other people in the continent's fifth in the nation in total free throw him and his free throws you know he's an excellent free throw shooter so he has six early points in Evansville cuts to lead to 641. Fifty he scored 28 against Wichita State Evansville. They had some players scored double figures and after that nobody scored more than four points. On and nurtured for the first time catches left a lot different reasons wide open three's this could again that's unusual he's missed two. And they were both good open looks Bruce Smith drives around riis park. Might have been partially blocked at least block the follow shot by Howard rebounded Kelly. David Howard got through about lobbying effort merger goes the best practice squad recovered by Evansville. Posted up the other way as Kristen Benz and cut off my Reeves keeps his dribble pulls it way back out front gives it the middle that it Jalen brown. On the right wing Smith bounce pass on the block then since then try to get my Reeves couldn't doctor Smith felt the ground ground for a free that's not good long rebound. Reflects our markets McAfee you bring to the different toward hands if you read very little in the Florida Kelly right wing de Shaun Smith. They shut off the street B to double team back to Kelly Rowland off the street under the basket. Trying to reverse of their throws it up front dismissed. He drives it pulls up over to McDuff feet. And the ball comes loose nurture fights and say is that after read seventeen footer about Austin your 350. Whenever you need field or you. And he does it all relentlessly he really stayed after that play had no go to the line that chance through three point play if you get the lead tonight nine point one rebounds. Last eight ball games that reads and dad. Station on Smith coming out for the shocker since they can't picture amateur back in so it's Kelly. Nurtured and picked up the French camp and jam it through Wichita State making his first appearance for Evansville Willie wiley is 675 your senior. From Springfield Illinois Taylor's days on Gibson is out there. Jalen brown. And I can see the fifth player right now industry body official looks like it's genetic. Now it's David Howard free throw by with. The stuff he gets a Marcus a three point play he's got five points as the shoppers back to a nine point lead 4415. Biggest lead has been ten years ago it. Full court pressure Evansville breaks the law has a particular drives the lane a scoop shot around. Here Toronto for the because for a flock of roads look like Taylor bounced again and he'll have a chance for a three point play. We talked about this before the blog and started in the strategies they do weights or you don't offense they run right at you as best they possibly can't. And that fouls be called most often on the defender rather than on the offensive player they have flying through that. Who has high levels by. Ryan Taylor 61 in the nation. Free throw shooting and makes that would complete the three point play his first three points of the night Taylor on the season shooting 85 point 9% he's. He's a nice addition. I'm really like everything else. 24 to eighteen which is just HM it drives left thrust it back to Kelly drive the lane throws and on the block nurtured run looking to make a move in the lane steps through left handed them this muscled. Scores his first two points of the night trying to make five of seven shots in the earlier game and Evansville and a twelve point ballgame why not from the guidance to step. 4618. Which it just Dave brown with a net right now being guarded by the Duffy did Lynn Gibson. Kind of bus was laying on spring camp lost a netbook fray can't recover through offerings and out of there on the dribble right in the middle of the floor. That's right off the dribble avoids a double team over the left wing to Kelly. Rashard. Guarded by wiley handed off to sham it. Crosscourt rightwing frank you. No screened by nurture uses appeals and the wind down the line. Downplays 62 handed. Headed pass right into the basket in the country for the layup Parker says seven. Gibson picked it up at the top over the rightly ground floating jumper that is an incredibly tough shot to be made he was quoted forward. Right to left and managed to score himself not to keep the shot on line. Eight points for Jalen brown you're the reporter friends here that's right the ship and off the street fight mergers over to Kelly open three from the front of viruses are now. Wherever the champ to make the play of the shoppers leave 31 to 2012 of the last thirteen. Ball games how about that six of eight from the three point stripe would start killing. At the top doing Gibson standing dribbled right wing of the wily. Finally covered by filling out front to Gibson gives it up to ground just left of the he'd be on the top of the hour confront the Ryan Taylor. Knew it. Did post right side Howard but we'll hit the stands above the ground five who shoots grant guarded by the nothing's gonna have to Portland State gets adopted Gibson contested fifteen footer no good. Rebounder trooper was just us today clears the ship with jackets for the district court leading by eleven. Landry Shannon left side avoiding a possible double team gives it up to frame camera with a flurry penetrates floating free up for. An eight hour. And this should they be on. Under eight time Madison called time out from within thirty seconds. Of the eighth minute so we'll take a break here 740 to go in the first half and all of a sudden it's Wichita State 34. Evansville what is. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping TH EY again and sense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with the first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on us let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our services this pain I promise. I think you love that car more than you love me how can you see that you can Washington. You listen to the same music pure coincidence of whom I just hope your insurance company feels the same way about. I'm one happy camper. So they're insurance has great agents or nothing about cars were competitively priced and claims people are fast parent friendly pastor agent bus shelters or. Insurance where your shield. We are your children. He shelter he can pull easy get in Wellington only had taken Winfield or Randy netware and. Midwest Kiet is Wichita certified low price leader right now get your pick of new 2016 -- 30% off MS RP your pick up when he sixteen soles 20% off MS RP and your pick up new twice sixteen surrounds those 25%. Off MS RP at midwest -- on Nokia corner of Kellogg and Tyler stop number 255045616. NT 563 point four monthly -- rebates of one qualified great. Davis is 40% today after the show actors whether it has locker room east and west. Doctors are quite on May save you 40% pace yet it's 34 points in the first twelve minutes and twenty seconds and got itself thirty quarter flooding. Soccer's catching the aces by almost 40% 54 point two to 34 point eight including five of ten from. Free factors now on top. The rebound column fourteen to twelve Evansville the only two turnovers. The Wichita State has zero turnovers in the first twelve minutes and twenty cents in Wichita State scored eighty. Points. Bill only had thirty points. Half of the campus are Wichita State had 34 points in my goodness there's still seven minutes and twenty seconds left. And we share that with nine Marcus Vick Duffy said that their Willis it's kind of friend camp five to lead Wichita State Jalen brown has eight. For the AC shocker shows and full court pressure Christian Benson puts it ahead. Left wing Ryan Taylor brings it way back out of work middle of the floor Jalen brown from being guarded by the Macvicar McAfee right now. On the left wing bounce pass in the line Gibson fumbled at that takes it to the basket. Job might have gotten partially blocked up by the chatted though flip that there is tipped it in for Evansville I hardly ever see that each test given much schooling perspective. The play him because. It's just takes a big side Janet Janet driving frozen out of the corner of brown high post Shaq more so knowing French camp retreat. Not that quality of Connors in his last Justin three PS eight in the shoppers are up by fifty Mike Weir Citi posted in the basket. Frank Chambliss just missed that shot. Ground right wing started out by Zach brown dribbles up the wing. Look to tailor the chant it took me out a way out front the way Gibson wasn't away from the ball. And looks like it's going the other little. Sex. That BellSouth golf apparently that you had a call from being in the lane too long Wichita State get it back on the third Evansville turnovers he's. Definitely has. She had that we'll bring it up 640 to go in the first half Wichita State needed 3722. In the final home game of the season. You have it in the right side of the floor comes back across the middle of the Zach Graham looks typos. It's like his own right now play Evansville champ but this post Gadhafi right sides since the baskets. But I put off balance shot at this if that was a tough twisting shot by an adopted it would go down. Incident the other end at the top pizzas dribble sort of different campground tops out at the free throw circle to catch his breath right here on it gives it up with. Taylor floating jumper good as a fifteen footer by Ryan Taylor who has five now they opened up. So often it's really fun to watch the office he lot of streets and its millions streets in the course of the night left wing framed campus ground to ground. Battling brain can't rise pulls up for fifteen out rooms and now at this time. Well a fifteen footer from the left side bends it quickly a court to Jalen brown brown picked up by Zach brown transition out front defense and looks to Gibson on the left side and hands it to Gibson coming up front. Eighteen to shoot Gibson right sided Taylor Potts from behind discreet way off the mark rebound you feel more us not to Landry champ I was way short right Chavis left wing the second round baseline with Guthrie. Wake crosscourt to French camp takes the shot dries pulls up and laid a brand. Ager playing together so well. And Connor had a wide open fifteen footer and passed it out for a job well everybody from Evansville flooding can shoot it that's why they were flat footed sprouts not yet. Vincent left baseline try to drive that it doesn't cut him off not that Gibson flew into the line tailored to. It was not the way by cranking at the Kraft president core two races trying to knock it away they did that they found him on the way to the basket. Under French camp is just everywhere broken balls the way you've taken down and doubled to evening and he helped create captured over exact round. Now on the drive you suckers who fled out of bounds after the fourth team foul called against Evansville. Hey how about this like it's. Indicative of what kind of spot which stated flatly salmon back in the ball game he scored 33 pointers space but it didn't happen. Yes he'd take its size does. The urgency to get his points he wants to. Well next Brown's been buffeted both fans that get a breather shark coming back here and CJ Kaiser in for the first time. It's Boris. Kelly Kaiser for an camp the chance that went through him try to give him lobs and that's happened to Kelly near the time line crosscourt right side and CJ Kaiser. In Evansville in the zone cam the pops out for us to get it over on the left wearing different you know kind of bring to the top right sided Kaiser. Deeper on the way to share with you on the block Morris got behind this season. He hit the ball about this block outside the free throw lane got a long way to go but what's he gets out around is bad enabled by that nice pass by Sam but he was a great. Jackass for the characters lead by 174124. Through the went ground ball came loose my fourth. On the floor Kelly after a lot of people's Trevor Ford rugby scrum just. What's your body. That's one place have been killed us today. Everybody available get a Africa get on the a Florida hospital and we got two teams of similar ill will have to hear you and I were the only people with our feet on the support network on the oracle and after that all everybody from both tees. Bruce Smith who played it does change in the shot Watson Evansville have ten seconds to get one off here for sixteen to go in the first half there was no clear change of possession to. The shot clock doesn't see. Bruce Smith to play again looks under goes right for the brown brown we started now Mike Tyson fresh and recently after the way I look at the tape has been a privilege not a mosque fans can't get it the way. Over this very furlong breeze no they're not the best rebound telling how apathetic. Rashard brings it up himself stops looks left wing frank you have left ordered her eyes are open through air ball rebounded Bruce Smith who was wide open and he's a good shooter we just got a little pumped up on that was too wide open you prevalence pulling for. Regarding ground. And brown works the right side pulls up over Kaiser yes he got it turned around a little bit. Jalen brown showed why he's the league's leading stories get him here in the first he's he's a talent I'm off. Kevin Love a little past said that when just got away sailed over the head of these big guys. Out of bounds that that's the first turn over tonight it is from Wichita State. At a time out with 335. 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You're TV if we don't charge extra for delivery in Sana its good prices and in fairness it's what we do all day long have you TP we've got her roots in which it's not not to start branches. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. Succeed agency Jared Crawford shown Chapman Mike Rogers or in his bill agent forest pummel. US huge shocker basketball is a 103 point seven KEY yeah. Wednesday morning line Evansville went to assist the current fifteen point lead just shy of its shots its biggest advantage which was seventeen. I had admitted ago. If you just base sixteen of 3050. 3% six of twelve from serious seriously alive meanwhile was held Evansville eleven of 2938%. Including two of eight from. Afraid they've talked about Evansville we'll take the ball in their drive and try to drop they've got to shoot two free throws. Meanwhile the doctors have blocked six shots in the first minute I like what you fifth close game like let it go. Jalen brown we'll bring it up for Evansville. And with three and a half minutes to go the aces have a chance to get to thirteen or even twelve with a three ball here would be the closest they didn't know while. Gibson picked up mr. bright was dismissed it bounced off his good friend can't say that I had to Kaiser CJ ticket to the basket missed a lot of the rebound Rashard Kelly laid back after conference here. What his dirty work my daughter for three left Boston. Third grade he's got eleven points. Grand champ now three perform from 31 score in double figures for the shoppers. Bruce Smith announced that he ran the ball got knocked loose I was smoking wedded wife Kelly and Shanda in the Kaiser picked it up so we get a guard on this ballclub. Mean honestly we. Guard you can make it plays of all they want with a status to weapons. Peizerat France looks inside the zone gets in front of the zone and threw for fifteen footer that missed all of tomorrow's. Gonna wait Gaddafi was all on the read that he grabbed it related head. Who is now before it could go back you know I'm calling that a pass on Kaiser and had. Fifteenth fell on Evansville solution doctors who have fled out of bounds CJ Kaiser. It's polite applause we have been hustled out there's been little sped up for over three as a shooter you know go back to the bed and think about it for a little bit of soccer's we'll play it in from underneath Kaiser gets good first half minutes in the training camp in the left corner. And back up to the way now. Guarded by Jalen brown looks like they've done back demand that's master Boris looked right those that left the French camp. You have to instill back demand for and can't work it off the street by Boris double team that gets to lay out a little with him but Landry. Down low on the block more us try to go off on the chatty kid gets fouled in the bottom line for two shots. Instead of constantly guy on the east follies. Listed as 71238. Pounds ski ski guy the place about eleven minutes for ball games. Averages less frequency game yes give them much for which testing so big inside they have to go with him. Free throw bottom Boris good Jack has 54 shot is still perfect from the line that five for five. With Kelly had not played at seven of the last eight games. He said Dave Marty filly in the beginning at their border night against the shot through size. Well. Throw good again by sham no more check has real fondness for this ball club this ball club spring boarded his second caps searches spike. End he's done a great job successful game. Evansville push and of course the way Gibson in the line ball came loose for a moment I saved up front to Gibson in the game now for Evansville is Solomon high 66 junior on the right way Bruce that's not patronize it ran into his own teammate which had a chance to clear it out to be chatting back got Fred Gibson. On the way Smith had to throw it down the block didn't get a practice this could create good just before the shot clock expired. That drew Smith put his second three of the game. Attackers quickly to the report tonight trepidation on Smith off the street by Morse over to Kelly look at the penetrate left wearing the reads. Boston. Not trepidation on Smith factories on the way shot fake baseline Kelly's fans in the lane took contact got a depth look good. Michael the rebound chased down by Zach brown. Is it over to reach for the 45 to go the first half Wichita State with the ball up seventeen Kelly at the free throw line triple teamed and a foul on Jalen brown. It is collapsed on the ground get it across the armed. Now put Rashard at the line for one and one that's the seventh team found a half on the aces he's feeling more at home with the free throw line Mike. Thirteen of 1872. Point 2% to five of his last six ball games but he's done. Everything pretty well at five it's last August's. Rashard Kelly. With three points tonight on a three point basket over the last eight games seven point three points per game six rebounds one point eight assists. Man and that and more has kept him alive and it's not out by Evansville. Morris got out. It's. And they don't know. Doing Gibson comes over the side might have taken an elbow or something. But Boris what that contested that missed shot and somebody kind of slipped underneath him from Evansville and knock the ball out of bounds. Kelly's myths of the president of the one and one Wichita State's first free throw miss in six tries to live down the baseline. Still a bit at nineteen to go the first half the shoppers have seventy. Austin reed look at the play their way out of the court to station on Smith not in the time life customer rightwing divorce while Shaq free throw. We're a little short it was right online and coming out of there with a Jalen brown through Evansville at the other end pulls it back gathers next round picky about polls that way back out front the difference between the shot clock in the game clock still about forty seconds or so. Bruce Smith public Gibson hands it to brown fifteenth issue over on the right wing snap shots Dave puts it on the the floor. And then pulls up and fires and yes that's another three for drew Smith he's got three threes in the first half after coming into the game shooting 28%. Beyond DR Levitt to stuff on it tight enough. Kelly at the high post double teams drives it to kick today out of the united travel they did. Good ticket to the basket and then ran into more traffic that he thought it was going to try to stop too quick and turned it over. And the ball goes back to Evans know the shoppers were up seventeen it's now fourteen and Evansville has the possession. Plus two Betty travel plus he reads the recipient of that past connected on 53 point shot. That's it nullified by the travel. Jalen brown in the Front Royal looks like they're gonna run down some of this clock gets eroded all the way to the end it will only be the shoppers about seven seconds Gibson pulls up from fifteen misses off the back they shop Smith layup to give to revamp the checkers have fourteen seconds to do something whether. Smith to the left of the key out front to Kelly. Did post Boris stands in the line and gets goes down but it's out of bounds off Evansville. And the soccer's we'll make a baseline in bounds pass with five points he's second in shambles. And friend campers gonna go back in to try to make something out of his wife. Reeves goes out Dave Johnson has those Marcus McDuff who checks back in the grounds that got Morris. Kelly sham it. France can't make deftly and five point two seconds to make the play from the baseline but too much time to pass the ball too many times my seat whoever catches the ball first and probably make one pass. And of itself. The latest fourteen attempted to Kelly who drives it was an epic traffic and I got fouled real two point nine seconds left insisted animals away and attacks the basket and I think it's from the type rebounds. On the defense they have all the way up or he takes in Japanese voters were you want something that happened. Now may have been untrue Smith who now heads to eighteenth out at Kelly in the active shootings over shortages mr. free throw. Hitting two chances here first went up in good. But on the golf ball let's put up there it's not in nets shot up there he just wants an up and nice softly the best. Sherrod eight of eleven from the line in last three. Mountains. You've got to vote this chart Kelly with a five point first half Wichita State 6282. Point nine seconds for Evansville to try to get it down court and make some shots. And that's about three dribbles it should be able to get gusts beyond half court. Before they have lots of ball Gibson gets in different sports club. I'll tell us but it was after the horror. So yeah so imagine. He walked off the dribble would have been a three from about 38 feet but he didn't get it off in times could have done the league remain sixteenth through Wichita State with the shoppers 48. Evansville. Thirty to stay tuned for the credit union of America halftime show tickets. It's for you still connected to your finances with credit union of America is mobile banking at. Teachers like snap check deposit and hard luck security gives you access to your money anywhere any time. Same day debit cards and convenience can't make companies easier way to keep count simple. Freddie union of America checking and local thinking it's preview. 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What was your hearing in the background for the EW SU softball team which was picked up they're Missouri Valley Conference championship rings from last spring. Softball team off to a foreign to start this year headed for Texas Arlington this weekend for their third tournament. This is the credit union of American halftime show. Haven't financial compatibility come together it's a beautiful thing kind of like basketball teams and fans. For financial relationship you can love to credit union of America proud sponsor. WSU basketball soccer is against an Evansville team that gives up 66 point eight points per game 55 in the nation. In scoring defense this actors have 48 points at halftime. You have a web Illinois State team and they were one of the better defense. Tell us it's about 56%. Northern Iowa team yet they were one of the better defensive teams in the Missouri Valley Conference. Plus they've exploited them they have too many weapons and start and I believe Atlantic salmon he comes down to get that three pointer and like it. So we get to war with the space of about a minute and a half and Wichita State was off and running in double digit leads from that point. Forward and it seems like so much fun for at camp but the bug and he did the same thing. Those who are devastating from the outside the ball is who sold briskly so quickly and what happens. Really it. You know this Evansville prides itself. Usually see them play offense and defense. They were. Forced to go when self defense. Because and the and they could not handle. Soccer's and you mentioned all the weapons Wichita State has been pretty regularly lately getting five guys in double figures they have six pathway to Denmark tonight at six players have at least five point supporters who well remember when Wichita State v.s Evansville at Evansville list or anything. Points thickly scored thirty points in the first half their routes were. By the purple laces by three of the first half already they're halfway to a hundred. And they've held Evansville the 32 points that's four. Efforts have. Which it does state shooting 48 point 6% they didn't slip below fifty 'til very late in the half. Seven of fourteen from three and seven of eight from the line. Evansville made a couple of shots late Bruce Smith hit a couple of threes to pull them just above 40% forty point six that's kind of a matter right now what soccer's. Evans tells the last team to shoot 40% against them they shot 44%. In the game and Evansville. And since then the suckers have held nine opponents under 40% and to make compliant with. 33 point seven. That's who we talked about the fact that evidence that was last in the conference in steals about helping themselves they have zero steals in the first half Wichita State only three steals. In the first half but there are live ball turnovers in Wichita State's been able to take advantage of they've done a lot of transition baskets but how about this points off turnovers and Wichita State at 90. Were Evansville we said that with the fact we expect Wichita State to have probably fourteen to fifteen. Points more often by turnovers and Kevin Phillips. Well on the way. And still on the season that's not even live there opponents agree that it would hit us today is about nine and a half better than its opponent. Doctors took awhile to get the lead in rebounding that have four more at halftime and only two turnovers. Those who really loved the way that Wichita State plus there offense they run it very efficiently they have ten assists on seventeen best. And they've run it very quickly the players are. Cutting the ball is moved quickly it opens them up for shots for here at this season they were trying to figure out whether it was supposed to be the ball move. Slowly I thought that that was way too much getting around career in this season you don't see that anymore it's like a violent. See everybody is on the move gets an open position resulted opening shots. Once again Jalen brown showing what a fine player he is in the first game between the two teams who scored 48. His eyes against the valley opponent. That was neither of fourteen from the field four of six from 36 of seven from the line very good competitors so far tonight more of 801 of three from. 31. Of one from the line for ten points half his average. It is they believe he has taken 383 point shots that night which is as many as he had taken 62 attempts over the five previous game he has. Gone to the free throw line to the 109 times he had shot more free throws as we said earlier that French camp but Duffy at Champa. Loves to go to the free throw line. Credit Wichita State's defense he's only thought of the free throw line. One side thus far the ball game and that's because the shoppers are playing tough beyond him without fouling. Wichita State they didn't have time by 164832. Over Evansville. In the final home game of the season of the factors could keep up this kind of days we will give Gregg Marshall an opportunity for anyone. John Roberts exactly. Well it'll be a loud ovation from the fans are very appreciative of everybody that plays Wichita State but those two in particular we'll get the ovation that things. We'll continue on the credit union of America halftime show in just the moment but first a reminder that any data shot his play. You get 50% off your online order in any Wichita area profit jobs. Lot of the public just does cop accused of from a coach shocker fifty to receive your shocker this camp we'll be right back. Welcome to McDonald's and AT you're. 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And just to have to analyze Wichita State 2117. Game rebounding. Two turnovers to Evans bills six attackers leave and I did nothing on points off turnovers fifteen to ten points in the paint ten to five. On second chance points Jalen Bradley to Evansville with two Andrew Smith with nine hitting three of 53 pointers. Five points for Ryan Taylor for Fort Wayne Gibson. And two apiece for David Howard and surrogates which had a Wichita State kind of friend camp leads all scores would eleven hitting three of four threes and two of two from the line he also had two assists. Two steals and two blocked shots with no turnovers. Nine points for Landry sham but three of three all three pointers he has now come with kids want to. Of the Wichita State freshman record for three point baskets in a season one horrible tied the mark of 59. Sent by Chad Els did in 1993. Six points for Darryl Willis six where Shaquille Boris seven for markets McDuff V five for Rashard Kelly had two apiece for Ronald merger. And Zach brown Kelly. That is forwards but leads Wichita State with four assists and with four rebounds in addition to his five points. And those are kind of the main guys on the stats page which tested a 48. 32. Shots or sports properties of Wichita state athletic would like to thank the shocker ambassador fast dates that we level of corporate partners. United Healthcare house that you want don't to double Coke industries and Cox Communications. You're considered becoming a sponsor which tested athletic most soccer sports properties 31697. 7550. To take a look scoreboard we hit back for the credit union of America have shows. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. 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Northern Iowa and Indiana State Missouri state of Bradley at Drake at Loyola. Former shocker but it LSU lost at home that night to Auburn 9875. Number nine Baylor held off a determined Oklahoma did sixty to 54 in Waco and number fourteen Purdue had to go overtime. But one at Penn State. 74. 27 David ready to start the second half tonight's game brought his wife hope called salute soccer fans and student athletes there's hope careers. Dot com. I don't turn my back I'll say he's not very blunt with us statement. The ball first start second half Wichita State got the ball first start first half. And they almost always. Almost always go to Jack worst start things off one of penetrated inside we'll see if Evansville played as though. And then defense to start the second half. It's sixteen point deficit for the factors of 4832. Of and start the second had him appeared to befriend him popping up right at the top of the yards there definitely would grab a couple of dribbles left played him in his left a lot more. Side. 81 Jack said that he shot her second resounding dunk of the night Zach brown had to go to the firsthand pitch to hit the top. Left wing to ground guarded by Brad and his. Just pass deflected up by Sachs where it was a kid but the shot clock was at sixteen so they won't recently resets after gets down to fifty or below. John Higgins prohibit someone to play and from the baseline. And it's going to be Jalen brown played there. There's enough on the left right the Howard cross for a lot depends on a jam and almost no weapons of covers the tendencies. What to make it drives just display in addition to put up for running book of history about this next round. There's systemic Landry of the different floor try to make it canceled the baseline to pick up crews got to the basket was deflected out of bad and lenders who left his hands together and have even been able to complete and it would have been spectacular view that he was able to completed because the company was one. Pulled tales from the right quarter into the basket and jam it passes tipped off the defensive. Landry and different can't penetrate yeah. Between two defenders and draws a foul. Really nice flight caught it on the boots I wouldn't jump stop in between two defenders and exploded up to the basket and got help from. Behind your go to the line for two shots. Not oftentimes see that that's just not only natural ability that's a lot of schools on the part of contract can't go to the free throw line once again. You base that what this is what he goes through this is what you rarely see him shooting four. Please listen when compared for a free throws made is tied that's here this year is that twice. Three for three tonight from the line twelve points trying to get to thirteen right here. And. It doesn't it's not receptive group. Forty point lead is now 52 to 32 nights you know 600 I guess the moral is widely seen. Free throw which you can stay outside through the street fighter and he's. Graeme Gibson good to talk to ground the left elbow back got a little bit left side defensive. They could have contest posted at the crowd here this time was eight to shoot. About one against background guys like mr. Prowl and how might have been on the ground. Look like Shaq got a clean block but brown got to put the body kind of pushed from behind someone's background his first. And to the line Jalen brown. For just the second time that night he made a free throw on the end of a three point play in the first half has been going to the line over eight times for. The game over the last six games and all. Are you sure that was Taylor and rob went to the free throw line. Advances. 47. Of 51 of the last six games tonight and 2% 86 point. It up and make up. And goes one of two. Well he's now has eleven. He's not gonna miss another free throw. The rest of February is about a farms are different so dire if month of march. And I appreciate that brings it up for Wichita State leading by nineteen dribbles left field to left waiting to brown. Zack looks inside. Still can't find one finally lay out there and bring him back to brown left the if you look at her post at worst it's been there at the foul line baseline but nothing short jumper this kind of show you get there but into the crowd called it never got the then we shut it over the limit rattled in the cylinder what is the benefit went into the big band like Jack Morris and pass the ball but nothing was done in volleyed Howard oh man related elbow and divorces you off. They got a call a foul on Shaq there. Like Rick Crawford sic we'll that he didn't put his face I believe he put his kids to his face. David Howard flew his right elbow right in the horse's mouth and they called the foul on Jackson now. Tens of thousands elated Jalen brown got away from two defenders Lazard limited to Internet it's nice to play. Not very good defense in thirteen points for duke ground wars at the top winds that left his ground. Trying to get its chance but it's happening a lot from drinking differently if nothing markets of the high post divorce and an eight footer pronounces it had a two hour. I'm David Howard and Evansville. Shaq got off to a quick start the second half hasn't done in the short jumpers got ten points. You know go to the line the chance for three point who have Evansville back into that zone. It's vulnerable right inside jackets filling the bill quite well is free throw little short and rebounded by doing Gibson. For Evansville solution act now to retrieve a lot of the other gets the length. French camp not restricted appointment of John Higgins and Colin for a foul and put Gibson at the line for two free throw attempts that's Purdue's defense tonight he's been able to deflect passes he's been able to block shots that. Great job defensively that's technical foul. Doing Gibson. Is a good free throw shooters 72% fit if they don't let off just before. I'm 46 games free throws good at Gibson with five tonight. Frank camp has 2 blocks on the evening coming into this ball game at 29 previous contests he had six blocked shots. Gibson is a steady ball handler and defender had a best sporadic scorer. That free throws up any good news at six tonight Gibson has scored in double figures six times in those six games sixteen point seven points per game in the other eighteen just four point where were you the only way to get back in this ballgame I think it's at the free throw line I don't think it's going to happen. But you've seen that play out to free throw attempts the first half. War already in the second half Zach brown high low divorce all kinds of traffic in their bodies go down Shaq gets out of go to the line for two. And Evansville picking up some quick early fouls here in the second half. 1722. The second half its field Boris who go to the line with the shot is up by ninety. Let's America a patent litigants but rest you don't want to guards checked more opposite side that tiger you're gonna get hurt. I should feel his three of four from the line has eleven that was David Howard's fourth. Personal fouls so he comes out here gave to charity is. The lead back to twenty with 1722. Ago when I were coming from Morrison's Michael. And it's a good shot pretend. First half. Now you've got Howard playing defense with his fourth foul. Which just states to be able to I think that that's the department passes inside advantage. It in the back court has given to Gibson and next round kind of lunged at the ball trying to poke it away ended up getting knocked down on the bodies called for the foul. That's next second both of them earlier in the second half sports teams file for the shoppers to seven point seventy. It's 21 seconds of the second. There's certainly playing aggressively and backcourt Jalen brown of course the ball got away from Benson recovered by Craig can't just after pushing a definite get a ticket for the rest of the way they. It's no breaks of breast density behind the back down the line rents in the dirt your loved ones. This is shot rebound when it. Encounter back the other way for suckers up by 23. Constitute dirt dropped the left side of the way back to his way out on the Channing. And shovels and under Vic just really gets hit by a tentative approval line for two shots nurture. That it is deeply and as he could and really might have a shot with neighbors collapsing on anybody saw but definitely over his left shoulder and shoveled it under the markets and the I think on these guys like the pants are all very good passes that looked past first shot. Worth team fell on Evansville happened but nothing. It's filtered through the lines of as well. This backers now I have friends camp with thirteen but nothing was twelve Boris Welsh and the ninth and we are only. Three plus minutes into the second hand. Free throws. Thus far this season. Thought state played him in eight of the last night on games but it's twelve and a half points a game he's. Clips to ban already with sixteen points were left. So who's gonna get a breather and Willis is in for the first time the second half you know got off to great start to pick up a couple of thousand. The first half full court pressure by Wichita State Willis is the Forman searchers did at the time and it's still still a backcourt fighting gets the ball up court tips and finally the ground in front court and it took them. Eleven seconds to finally get the ball over the top of the key. Brown looks left picked up his dribble throws that left baseline which gives it its wheels in the land ruled she looks good doesn't nice move by doing Gibson now has eight. Wichita State at 62 to 39 candidates record dribble handoff left side of brown on top could nurture dribble handoff to share that Landry stops Lithwick ground. That's messed up the left block the dirt. Look at the back his way out of the generated double teams spins baseline shots blocked out of bounds. Nurture thought he got fouled but the shocker to keep that with fourteen on the shot clock the thing that shot was blocked because he was so deep along the baseline so clock closed basket I think you would hit the side of the backboard. If not the back in the backcourt. That was their first missed the second half the fourth the size of the Willis fifty footer he's fouled on the arm and Daryl Willis who go to the line for. For future. Texaco might have been on Ryan Taylor. Yeah midnight curfew Kennedy. And contentment when. This game is they keep you long time a lot of free throws the second and second fell on Ryan Taylor fifteen found evidence that Evansville Darryl Willis his first trip to the line free throw little sure. It's and vegetables well it's free throw line 75%. Last night in Ottawa with stamps. But well sixteen cents for a 71%. On New Year's got a nice touch for me it brings in makes that would go with seven Wichita State leads 63 to 39 backcourt Gibson gets it every kilogram blows it up towards driver going over the left corner cruise ship for three year ended up back here. Bruce Smith with his fourth three point basket of the night evidence they'll let the lead back to what you want his previous career high 23 point play the game. Lewis penetrate the littlest not to get all the way and its effect after French camp kind of goes left off the street by virtue of the fact is it to nurture. Product drives the lane off Willis he drives reverse layup. Trampling called love little. Well get over to Evansville. At a time about 1530. Still to go the second half Wichita State 63 Evansville 42. The shelter insurance we go landlords are to keep up with the renters weren't there related. We just dropped my picture Bjorn great. 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Against drinking again he was only eleven of 39 all year from three to four for six tonight for twelve points. Bill was the last team to shoot 40% against Wichita State ten games ago there. Getting good again tonight at 43%. For the game the Wichita State at 52 and a half of the factors are fourteen of seventeen. From the free throw line drew Smith really loves shoppers like 43 pointers made against Wichita state of career high. And is rebounds. Total of nine against Wichita State. And it still was a career highs only had four point two decades but nine rebounds and seven assists when Gibson ripples across the front feats of rightwing dismissed as being guarded now by de Shaun Smith. Bruce Smith against gay shot men. Lot of times background against Jalen brown including right now brown penetrate a little fall back jumper best of the rebounded Darryl Willis players today shot Smith president of the front court right of those Florida Willis at the top left wearing brown get a pop to create. I have the chargers have now made eight of fifteen from beyond BR can lead it by 24 again eight hit ball three that they need bounced around before felt. Past the hype us up kind of bobbled the get to the latest Jalen brown tries to penetrate cut off the right wanted to get to dribble left wing area a little bit. Not trying to get it to a teammate finally get justice brown drives baseline thousand to be called on sham it. Brown just had to work his tail off even get the ball they got about a half staff on ground and then chabot try to help but his call for the foul with the body. Personnel on Landry fifteen. He has to hear you can't even describe around is just accelerates wolf. And it stops the giants indeed drew Smith in the right corner brings it up to the wing. Dribbles to the middle missiles streak from round two later as if it is true left behind a backup Fred Taylor brown left where he gives it. It should be guarded now by shim that the bulls back out front pulls it out a little bit fifteen to shoot. Try to get ground lose they can't catch it Smith down on the right block and chatted back to the basket with a turnaround from the foul on Ronald merger. Too bad it's going to be his second to. Sixth team found that half with 1408. Still the go to states speculated a little bit ago we might see a lot of free throw shooting over the last half of this second ring so ecstatic my kids 38. Field of one of foul that guy. Too bad but now it's custody at 6000 makes the free throw next one they didn't want one caddick. Decent for 369%. Season. Three points tonight through the fifth year senior from Serbia two point nine points per game on the Jiri is now scored fourteen of the 21 games in this way. Second try telling. Went up and you know they're gave the chatted with four points tonight. He had made two of his last seven free throw attempts over the last six or it. Who knows. What to test 822 of the ball brown catches left wing at the top to nurture right wing of the champ when they're looking for somebody unity conference Willis one dribble pulls up the foul line fifteen footer bounces off the back rebounded to win it's been through Evansville fishing haven't had a few. The second half of Nokia. Gibson right at the top keeps his dribble going guarded by Chambliss looks left bounces to ground cutting the sensitivity goes up for it slams. He's only six feet tall when you could really spring up there he's got fifteen. He has really played well against Wichita State both times on the left block nurtured back in his swim which extends the other way left handers best and the rebounds picked up off the floor but kinda hit it gives it. His last two lifts his ankle has not been good. Through Smith's driving and a foul out on the winning qualifier on Jay Sean Smith were reach. OP they shot a second foul. Seventeen plow snow and our little one and one on that end as. Bruce Smith will go to the line for the want of wonder jury and brown come out for Wichita State Kelly is in. Most have been deprived Kelly before now is Marcus picked up he is that kid you'll be free man with him it. And they shots that you haven't played some right now. Drew Smith. From the free throw line 82 point 8% 44 point 91 what bounces in while he was perfect. In nine of his last 1055. Doesn't go to the free throw one very off. It doesn't have much match. That matches career and season high here from its distance got thirteen. And that was good to Chris Smith have a himself tonight except fourteenth Wichita State's lead is down to 1866. 48 Evans Hillis scored six straight points. The right wing champ but. That's not for a gives it out there to LA. Let's wait for nothing off lift suddenly the low spins on the chip because baseline cut out there are looking for a teammate on the went to Smith. That's on the block who Willis swears that gets him off his feet take today and draws contact and a foul on Evansville. Could be on behind or future attic you want it's gonna be on Solomon kind of moving in with the body underneath that will be his first now. Sixteen valve so Willis will shoot two here and then the shoppers will be in the one and one on the next Evans the pace of the game was so enjoyable. First half Wichita State committed only four fouls. Evansville committed only eight files their world. It's just an abundance of thousands free throws to second. Louis nix the first free throw he's got a chance that comes out Austin Reeves is in for the shot this. Still 1256. To go. And Willis is free throws for a lovely kids he's coming off of game we scored. Some heads. Eleven rebounds the last August got nine points tonight is not completed 6848. Evansville bricks of for mr. Smith driving down the line into traffic laws came out but it's awful to those who don't take any. What struck stayed up. I don't think so either dispose of the fans of that in that it's gonna stay with Evansville nineteen on the shot clock. 1240 portico of the second half tempted if he elbowed in the genetic. Where they could be an intentional pass up Kelly crossed his arms in front of his chair signaling the crowd. John Higgins said it was just a claims slap on the armed. And Kelly looked at the line for two I don't know about a police laptop but not an intentional foul slap. Seventeen found that this will be tuned for Kelly who is now going to the basket attempting to score. We sure are two for three from the line five points in the game. So 12:39 o'clock is just not moving here in the second hand free throw up dance spins out. Because they now with that this. Sixteen of twenty and 80%. For Evansville. Kristen Benz and checks back in the game kinda goes out and went with one more free throw his Wichita State just inserts into the lineup. Non starters at such a high level of steals like they had to go through. And Evansville just doesn't have that luxury Kelly making the free throws three of 50 my dad read. Now regarding Benson go to court stepped right into it is pretty obvious now on Austin Reeves and that's now the factors eight. 181000 B a 114. Evansville. And we have good. This would be free throw attempts at both ends of the space of 21 seconds and soon. With a photographic memory years mr. Hannity how quickly what's the quickest. For his free throw rattles candidate gets the book the shock prison but I have had ten fouls they happen and that's. I don't know that it's that this is get a threat little sister it's blows. Benson's first point of no less free throw it makes a secular so. He's been averaging almost in the game over the last seven games those whose first two points tonight Wichita State leading by 196950. Still 1249 to play Kelly comes up to the left elbow to catch down the line ball came loose pick up my day Sean Smith. Now the flock to Kelly turns faces. We're gonna get tins of ball bounces and loose again Rashard recovers now on the line this Willis for a fifteen footer there. Hopefully you let it go ahead play. For the quarter and how to around the perimeter but get inside get a jump shot off the world's got eleven tonight Wichita State by 21. On the left side Gibson. Squared up on reads on the dribble bounce is different drilling into the keyhole murder but McNulty pulled it back out there looking for an ankle. Now to Benson down the line bounces in the Kelly. I am allowed Johns. They are calling every tiny little touch were gonna set a record is clear shot. All over. 1148. To go in the second half a time out on the floor of Wichita State leading Evansville 71. And 250. Francis works we grow build teach innovate and more. From the soil. To disguise. Our efforts help create better lines for ourselves our families and our communities. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas understands we're here to serve. Our federal pensions by making access to healthcare as easy as carefully as possible working for Kansas workers since 1942. And cross and blue shield of Kansas. Shocker fans. 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The highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy and we are here for you. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. Succeed agent to Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. You're a shocker. Seven. They've shot ten free throws. Wichita State nine field goal attempts they've shot thirteen. Free throws doctors have made six of nine shots Evansville for a seventh heaven filled night of that's okay. Ten of thirteen Shaq is that's where the aces by five of the second half lead by 21 of their biggest lead has been 25 with sixteen. We'll be to go free throw by Christian bands and bounces short this time Benson on the year. Only 48 point 3% he'd made his first and tries a moment ago that the first would surely bounce here. Second one here bounces off the bat for the rebound the markets picked up from Wichita State had four fouls in the first half they have nine fouls in the second. Asus have been whistled for seven since the intermission bounce pass to elicit the right elbow holding looking for a cut to the basket. Negated in there the only thing that's reputation Smith works off the street by Willis to the right wing comes back to little cut up like Gibson over on the left side you read about the way. Sixty shoot threes penetrated the Willis seventy footer blocked by Bruce Smith outlet pass and hit it gives a drive to the benefit of those who watched the show. Rashard Cali Lewis stayed off the Smith. Kirk Gibson didn't get his body into the block the shot from behind on the baseline group. Reversed but that just won't go well or sliding footloose on the floor and finally picked up bikers Smith for Evansville. NASA head it Jalen brown trying to work his way belated picked up we discovered over the hill had tried to stop short brown went down and it definitely felt for the well. He said that ground stop on a dime for stuff you can't make the Buffy. That's accidentally read into the back of him as a round was pulling out. There's your chance now they have to 57 to four pesos nine minutes of three seconds into the second half detractors have been whistled for 101000. Jalen brown. Two of three from the free throw line tonight as fifteen points. My best shooting a lot more reports overeating makes them. Around with sixty. What an enjoyable. Spectacle witness to watching game of some felt this is truly it was so happy for. Eleven minutes ago free throws good. Or Jalen brown. With seventeen Wichita State's lead is 197152. The threat to work day Shannon Smith went through the McAfee. He'll Boras back in the game replacing Louis he dribbles at the top tennis fans on the block to Kelly and again. Another foul Lewis was called by Rick Crawford and it was just bands and kind of show that his body and Kelly from behind helicopter passes ready to make a movie and stay out of foul. On pins and his second. Well eighteenth it's not like they're the contest now to blow the whistle the most one of the rules of thumb is. Did the offensive player did the defense of player you're an advantage because now. Through like Kelly rattles him and it's tough out settled that certainly not feeling was honest ways toward the basket easily. On one that one pass Boone and musical finale shard now with seven. Four of six from the line. And good is that now Kelly five of seven from the line eight points. Both teams scored all the points at the free throw line them 73 to 52 Wichita State within thirty days ago. In different sort doing Gibson left wing that's right pictures that one dribble the baseline ground. Brown copped out there to shoot and I think you're gonna call him the pushing off he was wide open Shaquille Boras got pushed. That. Vote was a dog wanted to screeners. If it's on ground. Would be his second. I think it just bow. He spelled out of one ballgame you expect to felt that if I was on the static on the screen so that's his third team tonight the half past the top of the pick up and down the block Boris wheels of alliant. Try to throw it up we don't forget today's John Smith. That they show on drives it. Pulls up off the platform nice road like this just this weekend. You only get off what it flows straight up off both the style and he throws the defense of manned defensive men was backpedaling froze on imitation just went up softly off. 7552. Wichita State at the top. Christian bends of over on the right with the Gibson looked inside out for a Bruce Smith was another jumper and another good one won't. Drew Smith now has made fine of three point baskets. And his seventeen points. And it's built trails little bites when he. Nokia is not look it up today Shaun Smith. It was toward the left wing clipped enter now to check wars right at the top of the arc over to Kelly. Sure one dribbled in over the McAfee rightwing tend to shoot market's gonna have to make the play those extra score braves down the line drops it on the baseline. I personally think this population. Her big fans are so good pitching passes from the fighting area from a guard it's driving just very very impressive. Kelly in double figures attended a nice play to beat the clock to get it to the scorer Brian Austin reads and reads almost with a steel they're on the deflection. Through sniff out threats started citation on Smith. Over the right baseline defense is trying to make the movement Kelly. Picks it up to Gibson Gibson pulls up and fires an off the glass city at two defenders who line edit. Evans who is really get hot Gibson was hand with shocker the French court station on Christmas Day. Bad. It's. Wichita State and I got sixteen from beyond the arc eighty to 57. And a time out taken by Edwards bill. This should be age thirty years created through full not yet within thirty seconds of the eight minute mark so we'll keep it here. And rivers soccer fans the weekly coach's show broadcasts on 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS about a new home this year. At AJ scored Timothy Elliott thirteenth. And green which this coming Monday we'll have two shows warrior men's basketball coach Gregg Marshall six to seven and baseball show without Butler. From the seven days. Everybody his coaches show tonight at eight days portrayal of the Allen thirteenth victory. Hot 9713. Thirty this well one question put to bed I will face for eighty days scored eighty flight times thus far this season. When they score eighty days averaged 81 point four points per game in the last five ball games. Course they'll score eighty they've already scored a receipt and it's a 35 seconds left in the ball game but the shoppers haven't eaten 57. Lead what they want times statements about the season one more and they will tie the all time Wichita State record for eighty point games this season fourteenth two. Set in the 7879. Season that was she's listens very first season at Wichita State. At that team really got up and down the floor grabbed this shot achieved. Certainly we'll do that want it there but their ability to score in the half court has stood out as well kids like to see. They like to play on TV and they like to have an offense they can put the ball up that's what they've. We've heard so many good players might. Is the style of play they were just off to the races every time Wichita State that's averaging 81 point five points per game ninth. He almost ninety and happily. The game board of opponents is a very enjoyable game for wall. And it's treats kids were thinking about points we'll hear. Evansville shooting 60%. In the second half and at six for ten Wichita State also 60%. On nine of fifteen both teams have made both of their three point attempts Evansville left. Or fourteen from the line which toss it. Oh for fifteen from the free throw line at its heals not a bad field goal percentage defense. They're opposed to 49. 41 excuse for one night. Are over the last couple of ball games with performances she becomes. 48%. From the field. There's the valley tournament coming up in nine days remember the FCC fans hang out at the perfect gathered play. Located at ballpark village of downtown Saint Louis right across the street. The Busch Stadium for additional information visit arch may not Obama spice fan. Evansville Baldwin still must be kept herself like 23. And different world Smith left baseline Jalen brown shot fake drive it. Jack Morris cable or to block the shot and I think it was Zach brown with the now with the body that's going to be the ball. It's his third it. Well we're seen. Hit it in the ground despite those free throw line about ten times while game. And he's the best that the reason the entire conferences in six point 1%. Horrified society has seventeen points. Free throws good but it's something else you've got to give it tremendous credit for he has played 37 minutes a game this season nine times he's played forty or more war a couple of overtime. That was evident that he still has tremendous energy to get nineteen points tonight and if you just watch him as they cut down on offense see all the screens that he goes through. How many times he gets hit going through those three. He has to be a tremendous physical specimen to people that. Handle all of that and it started right in the middle right went to brown Landry and kind of friend can impacted the game after the factors that could if we get rid of him but still use it through the years. But for the ground and up front Kelly he drives it. Try to kick in after French camp almost could get a basket Connor say that three from the corner off the back long rebound that's just Smith Jack Morris down on the floor. NFL's going to be. All the kids have been those David Howard loses more of his hands up like what the world but it's going to be his fifth he just came back in the game and only seconds ago at wolf now out with 758. To woo the fourth time is that sharp for number forty Ford David Howard that's the fourth time he's found that a ball games. He's in the nineteenth time Florida Evansville played. Has really been on a nice streak but you'll live tonight with two points tonight. After having averaged about twelve and a half over the last eight games. Fully bounce more than anybody on this ballclub but they ask a lot of it is a big guys they don't have a lot of big guys. He goes inside he asked to defend it's very difficult for him. That's the under eight time about 758. To go second half Wichita State eighty Evansville fifty pounds to. They're making you shiver even indoors called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or install a new Lennox system heat your home now. And pay overtime with a six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate at 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. It's got great stuff. Yeah. And I'm mistaking delicious to the next level with our warm bakery inspired cinnamon rolls French toast we take a cinnamon roll. French just didn't add an extra layers cinnamon filling up and then drizzle it with cream cheese icing and yeah it's that good. Or dryer new sticky bun waffles and red velvet French toast and you can even make it combo it's your choice of breakfast favorites at a price you'll love. So again and I've often eat up every moment. Limited time participating restaurants and. Shocker sports has brought to my American family insurance. Let's see agent and Angie Valentine Ryan woods does these cells for in mall vein agent Kirk's harbor WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY yeah. The second half that in the first. Shooting 60% half the good little line sixteen times making thirteen. Have a dollar that the fact it was still outscored them by five points of the half which stay for the game. 51%. Of kind of sixteen from 3M ITF 43. Fact Boris to try to add to that thing broke down. Because of July 3 two. It was 758. To that was the tenth team foul on Evans fills about teams in the double bonus for a long way to go on the soccer is up by 21. Free throw good bill that all of this at all these shots all the rebounds all the balls up and down. Worked all the personal fouls which just news in Italy preacher. Which dusting thought that players in double figures and that was good fun for us six or seven volleyed fourteen trichet via the what are close it's still not there yet Landry sham but he hasn't taken a shot in the second half finished three for three for the game from three point range nobody's integrity giving it double double believe bouncers bread liberally across. Tire shop lines. Then to that threat to Taylor throwing riot trial in my three point basket. So he's got eight they're just on fire here in the second hand him a hands off the ground shot it's a lot like twenty. On the right wing Kelly because the block out front to jam it gets to 30 let's take. Night has twelve points but it's not just backed up to a 43 point lose. The custom crafted website they have had laziness got to step conference can't. And we've for the alliance benefits in his career high which is nineteen pounds reduced vested in fort are you kidding me. Another foothold label really all or nothing at all anymore. And this is on Evans we also understand I'm talking about the officiating I'm not complaining about Wichita State getting the short end there are just way way. Weighs 2003. Calls. Robert Simon. You can see here. The 706. If you know ready detective. Three for Obama should feel Morrison's. Just present 86 point 2706. Filled with blood and bore us with one more free throw. Campbell and friends can't check it out free throw good. Eight of nine from the line sixteen points. Brad Pitt tonight with thirteen chant that was twelve when they may be done for the night then that. Would that be nice of Peter JR Orszag explored the hunt for the forty that would tell us anything. On the right leg Jalen brown with a catch guarded by Zach friend tried to enter to the post that way out threat to Bruce Smith started out like John roberts' son right wing Taylor. Started by bush pulls it back out six to shoot. Well they recognized that fired up a long three Vista rebound more. Right side of the floor. Triple handoff to brown right where that effect on the way to Kelli. You know of the block Boris checked and double team for a moment after Simon. Could play AC. Is sexist can this team day. CAA champion. The senate played. Terrific Ray-J. Oh great and it's time I guess a 3614. To acknowledge the second half it's not a via the media timeouts. Wichita State thought what. 9264. Look at three point basket John Roberts Simon on the season is 34837. And a half percent from three page six of fifteen for 40% a year ago. But that was that was great if you've still got six minutes plus and get that push the basket and I don't it is too. And you've got the purple lace is their out of timeouts I mean they're just as a free fall and at Wichita State still has three timeouts left coach Marshall always say it's time now for. Porsche wanted to. With a big lead in the game like this is so he could call a time out and break out. Those two seniors this is the fifth time this year Wichita State has scored ninety or more points. Yeah. They now have eleven. Three pointers in eighteen at champs and is the eleventh time that they have made better or three point baskets for the game this season. Wichita State that was somewhere passed through. In the nation in three point shooting last year came into tonight's game six team. In the nation in three point percentage at 399. And it snowballed the crowd. Bruce Smith dribbled right to left on the baseline Jalen brown it. The last game shot faked it goes up more like Hillary. Yeah shoppers with a it's not a blocks tonight that is eight blocked shots. Around handoff assignment. Was to be on the right side of the yards but his side to Boris. That's deductibles back out front 68 on the shot clock 548 to go left wing Zach who has. Goes baseline for clues to the basket seems. That's why it's okay. Also apologize to. He's got. At eighteen which it's not staked out by 289264. Jalen brown pulls up but it's a fifteen footer is any good good where they're spoiling the party don't they understand their role that I play you know I've never ever do multiple around. Bless you the right way to Kelly was deflected up my Christian Benson. Till Friday seemed to go without checking in for Evansville for the first time team beyond EE 262 freshman for a medicine bill Kentucky replaces. Brian Taylor. Soccer basketball leading nineteen to 66518. To go. Not a direct order to push that bad credit balances tallied up the post too obvious of vast beds and got around for a good. Deflected out. What you want to shoot. Gregg Marshall fallen out of play from defensive John Roberts Simon's play their doctors in the box along the line. Simon looks under first. Get to the bush along the right baseline guarded by the smaller team of Brownback getting down spins baseline little lead air bounces this. Now it's okay. It's. We're glad you're. JJ Kaiser. Jackson the lineup floors next round of the exclusive Hudson continues with. We'll check again. Those players everybody on this team has such a great affection for one another but not any greater the JR Simon's act bush. Wish free throw off the back too hard to read this card balances those the free throw this actress hit it back anyway appetizer. TJ hands it back to Kelly. Charged out of the floor leader out there right now we're on the left when the Kaiser. TJ puts it on the floor goes to the baseline and injuries this ticket out of the sand that it goes out of bounds offs myth that we stay with Wichita State. Patrick worship goes from big smile to the scowl precedes it Kaiser after that saw him here Evansville fourteen if he sees five elevenths. They go off. And right underneath he's. I can play defense story you'd expect to make free throws well he's got twelve now. And another free throw attempt for starters five of seven from the line tonight for fifteen ones still to go Eric Campbell and Jackson for Shaquille more facilitated bit. Shaq so fantastic seventeen and a half in the two games with Evansville this season Rashard had five free throw attempts against Drake earlier in the season until tonight that was his high. That would not. 608. Repelling from the free throw line thirteen point ties for his second highest ever. Still for 47 to go this doctors at 97 points leading by 31. Then zipped right elbow hands it off to Jalen brown Randy Kelly had. Rick Crawford you could not even see. Through the body used to call that now I'm only came up with the loose ball deflected it away Jalen brown and go to the line to hear that. Yep remember most officials haven't read it to him. Kelly's second foul. It's been a fun night even though the officials have tried to spoil it but let there was a way too many times. And yet we're talking about both ways free throw by around his good Jalen brown now seven of eight from the line has 22 points. I voice did it for 39 instilled ago racquet be asked to beat him season. This has been banquets that. And these guys are good officials with the jazz got carried away with make it way too many of them if you. Calls to. Broken up the flow of the game hasn't stopped the shoppers scored a lot 976. And eight. John Roberts over the record to. Kelly at the right elbow. And over on the right wing bush like quarter Kaiser. DJ. To fix NAFTA passes out. Good but for a commissioner Kelly Evansville back to the zone. Crisis to not beat Kelly bit lane Hamilton pulls up through about eight feet. Nine point eight. This show floor minutes ago. 9968. Bruce Smith to the report Jalen brown twisting jumper short rebound John Roberts. Eric Campbell could try to get to other groups get a pick inevitably generate runs over Hamilton and that's going to be a charge on certain I think that's irritated genetic. That'll be his fifth. When he becomes the second Evans we'll play the foul out tonight that'll be the twentieth time this season. That's one of the Asus has found out that a good thing 52 to go. Ahead of time now I'm. The play. What to tell us state 99. That Evansville 68. Kansas lottery presents Karen. The town gossip now when I can keep secret about the Kansas lottery you lucky for life gamer you can win a thousand dollars a day for law. Yeah right I mean I didn't tell anyone about rod hair plugs. It means 365000. 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Viewers you shut your basketball. There's only 103 point seven KEY are. Nine points. They've scored eight year war for the 21 time this season just one short of the school record. If they get past a hundred will be the first time. That is soccer team has scored a hundred. As many as three times this season. Landry sham but with portrays tonight this type of Wichita State freshman record with 59 to three pointers in his freshman season that the team. Since they use that bush and John Roberts Simon entering the game was 706 to play have each scored JR three pointers after a three pointer from the baseline. TJ Kaiser could not high post Kelly left wing bush retreat got to block kept alive by Hamilton but it reflects the Jalen brown. Ground across the timeline to. Who had made eight of 3940. And a half percent all year Marty Simmons always refuse. My exclusive club certainly are tonight that method did most of the year Simon out front to push back on the link to Simon Longstreet night JR east. I was so tell away from the ball Kaiser pursuing Jalen brown through street trip game. And now. Doctors are gonna get red army into the game with 258 to go. First time since 1983. Of the Wichita State team has scored a hundred points as many as three times this season that team did it four times. Gillibrand will be going to the line fell on CJ Kaiser his first. What teams have been in the double bonus prologue time Evansville cent at 1057. Mark Wichita State at 758. 258 to go brown is eight at nine from the line and has 23 points. Like that. Some real credit they are signs that excellent. Be around for the ceremony after the game JR two for two from. In his final home game tonight now we charge Kelly checks out red army has yet we started another standout game tonight thirteen points. Six rebounds. Five. And now he's going to come out finally ten of eleven free throws 25 points for Jalen brown tonight exits with 258 to you know. And checking in Solomon I got back in the game. Here Simon brings adapted Simon who has received a kind of different for me and Eric Campbell said. What's right side of the floor about the crisis and another phrase it's. After the last quarter of free forever until Biden Isuzu troopers throughout the man. If that is true. 40% or better for the second time this year against the senators Kaiser driving get out of here at the ball rolled up there having almost no chance for a three point play gets landed here. You know go to the line for two shots. Soccer's at a 10548246. To you know. And they're only hired gave this year 116. Against Maryland eastern soon. You know it still gives up and Kaiser this. Evansville you stopped 66 point eight points per game. Wichita State scored eighty against them at Evansville but Evans bill's opponents shoot less than 42%. On the season. At free throw fits my eyes and his fifth story tolerable this first point to 46 ago it's 106 to 76. Wichita State. Factors of head. Pretty much the end of the bench in there for a long time Christian bands and at the top trying to get it to the post couldn't duplicate in there. Our device that bush. Kindly out front to highness Solomon I'm that was thirteen to shoot. But it on the floor bounces defensive dabbling they're completely free at Lazard here. So Christian bands on this first field goal has four points doctors of the report Simon picked up his dribble make sales get to the party cricket after the left wing. Rent down the left locked in Hamilton carry with you to make your move their spins baseline got a lot rebounds tipped up the corners Simon saying incidentally because we got a pretty good note all the time about some of the bush had to shoot back bush crosses over his fifth down the line of frozen out there Hamilton wide open for wringing his hands out of rebound Evansville excellence that assists tonight to do. Created a court. Is. Kinda lost about the recovered by Kaiser. CJ Kaiser brings it out from the forty years ago president down the line all the basket got hit and they get good things you know go to the line for two shots. If medical blowing the whistle so much here in the second half the bulls took a at six what kind of bounced it around the standard. In this tickets snapped up there at the basket support. Well Eric you know just people just don't make you just pointed to Rick Crawford look at it like what about supposed to be good contest. They don't have another ball carried to get itself up there yet he's only fifty feet off. A bit ninth team to go they bring another ball out. They're now going to the line for the soccer's a BCJ Kaiser Kalin Malone getting ready detected through Wichita State. Well and also hosted reasonable reason for that is Gregg Marshall now wants a chance to break bush and Simon out of the game. To a standing ovation had to make the free throw. Here we go back out. Great assets it's nothing bad. But. I do. Our bounce is awfully bad contested finally grabbed my kids and for Evansville. Across the time line down the lane ran at the Kaiser gets the shot away at stores and a foul. On CJ Kaiser. I don't understand well. A minute twelve to go 107. To eighty what you tell us safer shot here's what their second highest scoring game of the season. And they've also given up the second most points and all season. It's. They are. And I think it's got to go. Little emotional for both the they come off. John Roberts tonight comes up to pitch and hit three free. Leave from three point range. In the third fourth fifth along the Kaiser that if you go out throughout the reasons why those seven to 81 which it does take reasonable left drops at baseline to grow according to look at the back down kind of the defender Jeff welcome warm. Get that job offer as well as anybody by late march. 109 to 81 Wichita State the way gives it right of the thief had. He is that the jumper that went finally Vincent way up there to get to rebound CJ hunter head was up there around the rim. It would Malone needs to take a shot here 32 seconds to play. The right way Hamilton's get a ticket three that's no good. In the basket supports that's a jump ball the ball good heavens there. Below those stamp that hey I want my shot I want my shot and others not going to be another shot which state 47 point two seconds. If they get the ball back about 2010 shot. Factors that could end up to 54%. In Evansville that. 49 than they were the last team to shoot 40% against the factors first one to do it sets them straight to nine game to be going. Shot fake my offensive drives lands at the party should be charged that the Republican Brett Guardia looked like he had really good position there. Eleven seconds to go with rep Barney his first. And so Benson to the line for two last free throws Evansville twentieth 23 from the free throw line Wichita State. 26 of 33 from the line of beds that makes the free throw. Not normally a very good free throw shooter under 50% he's made for a six tonight and it's that is good. Offensive that is slow night up to the end of the wood nine points tonight there are no longer your blood out what. What should not stay. Core. Was paid 100 had no. You win. Senior. It's just there. They say here. Performances by tech push him back Roberts I've been on their senior night here for a period as the factors. He kept rolling we'll be back for the posted. 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In retrospect I would pay double. Received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. It's C agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer. Wichita State University shot. Your best it's only one who. Point seven. Richards. Charles Coca reasonably. Here's a nice ceremony is getting started here this is good solid people post game show us. I viewed by promo people all your full service partner branding and promotional. All remote control on 67 it's 500. Or visit them on. It's not for my pro ball. God. Zach bush create it reduced its. Escorted onto the court by his parents who live here in Wichita his dad Dave. Played divisions in basketball and Regis college of Denver. And so they have shared this experience all the way and Zach tonight coming up events and get a basket played well in those last seven minutes of the game. It is final game as a shocker. Attacked bush. Weighing in news. 61. Career game at Wichita State. And yeah. Guys are already misting up a little bit doses. Special moment and his feel and it. Okay. Has played. It's tough save in sixteen a lot of fans want me. Pretty good pretty good program could be a part of over his five years and he's a good player he could've played a lot of places and got a lot of minutes. The ball flight. The game they can't fish wrap you but Villeneuve picked numbers coming in coming to your primitive. Of the defensive game your love for them what to if the McAuliffe and six for 1548. Or visit welcome. We always come first certainly it starts to recap what the seniors their performance tonight Zach. Push getting in for six minutes scored two points. Had to assess. And John Roberts diamond in six minutes a career high nine points on three for three for three plus a rebounder. And an assist his previous career bad as this hit six points against Nevada. Last year he's being escorted out by his parents his sister and his grandparents. And it's just really really special night salmon Kentucky scoring his grandparents here what can top them. Tremendous fans and wonderful supporters of Wichita State for many many years and certainly they're big and that was part of his decision to come to Wichita State. And he has been a contributor on the court as well as off last year when Fred Bentley was hurt played a lot of minutes at point guard play. Guy who these guys in the game certainly this doctors don't give her. The status quo keeps things. John Robbins Kenny tremendous war. In his foot in practice. Episode. Didn't. Couldn't even suit up 41 of the games on the road that is loyal lot and then kind. Tweaked it again the other night when he got a big game against NORTHERN IRELAND I was really worried that he might have done Sutton wouldn't be able to play the night he played and I. And it says bush John Roberts signed it. They were such a tremendous part of this ballclub. They've done so many things well you couldn't ask for better kids to the other team's coach Marshall good. We absolutely. Nine points tonight for the. They're more for the third time this year first time that's happened 34 years eight years more for the 21 time which moves him within one of the all time school record three point games in a season. Landry sham it. Made four threes going four for four now has 59 on the season that ties the all time Wichita State season record for a freshman. He has now made it tray in nineteen straight games and kind of brand can't. Who was three for four from beyond the yards in sixteen straight games those were blow it. All time at Wichita State. Attackers was all kinds of milestones tonight and accomplishments and that was our game recap right through the eyes. Good use of government also. Says Chris Tucker scored a 109. Points tonight. For the third time this year you'd get a 40%. Discount. It's golf soccer merchandise tomorrow on late. At either says locker room location usual national Obama tomorrow 40%. Off all the shocker stuff. He hit yourself geared up. For the Missouri Valley Conference is that all of that John Roberts side minutes. Fact bush discounts and once again John Roberts three pointer put the shot results we'll watch soccer. How hard tonight. And that is. I started hitting trees play of the game brought you by levels of client is bush that's on the link to Simon Longstreet night JR race. Okay. That was sold at Callaway at the ball Kaiser pursuing. So there was our play ridiculous thing to promote people post game show on senior night we'll talk with a hearty seniors coming up as well as Gregg Marshall. After the shocker but at 26 point with big on Evansville and we'll be back because Serena right after this. Home Depot incorporated your full service partner in branding and promotional products and our in house graphics design and marketing team have a proven track record of partnering with local national and global organizations within endless number of branded promotional items signed injunctions to choose from from a depot has a product for every promotion so whether you're looking for casual items are uniform options we deliver in the most cost efficient manner -- depot incorporated is your full service marketing partner for own your own peril promotional awards and printing needs plus be that partner to power your success it's. You are busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to ask Brenda thank you could. Completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different believes that he can't he promised better. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can't. 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Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family and show. Let's see agency Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agents forced pummel US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY yeah. Yeah spins baseline little later about Suzanne. Love life. Back bush during his basket tonight and it. We do seniors still being honored on the court to see your videos your. We're able to get run bigger event. You know not yet. Here's within their teammates period. I've stated defensively. The same what they've contributed to this team in terms of hard work leadership having a great example of this being great teammates. It's such a unique night I don't know we'll ever see assume your night like this again because it's. You guys who just got it. Are there are all non scholarship players who. Ford five years doing the hard work and not getting many moments of glory on the court so it could never ended any better than for him then that not only hit him tonight. But both have their moments of glory on the court his players something they've worked so hard. What he's an exclamation mark fight on their careers here at Wichita State. Gaby the fans what they hope that they would do and that's a basket for each of them at JR Simon with three beautiful three players that bush. Nice if the move to on the left hand side. Banking it off the boards each of them. And that serious they just did a tremendous job and it's your show the fans reminds the fans they. It shows the fans what a great job great addition they have been to discuss chuck bass. Club and again this post game show being brought to you by promo deep bow your full service partner branding and promotional products you can call for a vote depot at 3167222500. Or visit them online at WWW. For my pro ball. Dot com that's the number four spot promo. The star of the game will see the stars John Roberts I evidence that bush will be joining us as soon as they can hear about a defensive player of the game it's brought to buy got you covered whether you want to control delighted you're living room create privacy in your bedroom. Or transform the look at. Your kitchen got you covered the right when there are three solutions. Calls to go through 366900. Go to got you covered with Qatar dot com got you covered. Serving the Wichita area and I was reading that I was thinking I'm gonna run out of suggestion here. Evansville shot 49%. It wasn't one of the shark infested. Defensive games numbers wise. And Jalen brown always seems to get here as he had 25 tonight. But I thought in the first half Connor spring camps that are great talent on the defense again spoken ball's lose stealing it blocked a couple of shots. And helped each doctors built that big lead at halftime and what's yet to do was established herself early Wichita State did. In large part because it's Clark frank camp now when you look at. To bring somebody up but I look so yeah I thought shark only played a super job defensively also so. The choppers had so many good defensive players. Led by which our tele conference that it's all presented by got you covered. Well remind you to coach Marshall left Carlos with Kelly's are filling the shelves and our daily bread food pantry again this year shocker fans thank you for raising over a 100000 dollars so far. For this great cause keep listening for ways to help and to win. An autograph. Shocker team basketball player and check the scoreboard here were all these ceremonies continue on it's brought to you by traditions home. That tradition so once you do know. That they have just received brand new. Hands up leathers and obviously. Save the size isn't there for. Five things to all of the 65. Climbers are made the last conditions home has good connections coming in daily for markets and the duke pieces are all made the finest quality. And most beautiful designs and as always Robin Diane of the tree stands ready to serve your customers with the most experience and attending. Customer service available tradition someone Douglas just east. Hillside. This was the only game of the Missouri Valley Conference tonight again the final here was Wichita State 109 Evansville. 832. Former shocker opponents played tonight in the SEC LSU lost at home got offered. 9875. And in the big twelve Oklahoma gave Baylor gave up but the sooners have just lost a lot of tough ones this year finalists sixteenth. To 54 number nine Baylor winning over or you. Also in the top 45 number fourteen Purdue has to go overtime that winds at Penn State 7470. They improved to 43 and five. South Carolina it was just fell out of the top 45 loses again on the road at numbers thirteen Florida it's vital that led. Was 81. To 66. And Kentucky and Missouri still play that game got under way at 8 o'clock. In Colombia that's the 22 and five wildcats against the seven and nineteen. Tigers out tomorrow night at the valley southern Illinois eat and eat in the league alone in fourth place at the moment. That co leader Illinois State fifty tomorrow actually they're now I half game behind. The side there's after the red here tonight northern Iowa third place nine and seven at last place Indiana State scored twelve. Missouri State's seven and nine at Bradley five and eleven straight five and eleven at Loyola seven and nine and again. Going into these two mid week game these two nights of mid week games. Wichita State and Illinois State we're locked in to either the one or two seed. And northern Iowa will either be third fourth or fifth beyond that everybody in the conference. Can finish in a range of four spots and to rate. In as many as six different places in the conference standings there's still a lot to be decided in terms of seeding it who play who. On the first couple of days in Saint Louis most of the teams in that seven to ten rains it will have to play Thursday you're kind of get locked in. But not totally out so we'll see what happens. Well and the Missouri Valley Conference Bergman is always exciting a lot of surprises Wichita State has been a surprise to eat a number of times. This could be the year again for Wichita State so we'll see what happens but. It's going to be fun to see how those other games play out vote tomorrow and on Saturday critical games coming up Saturday. While we have the opportunity is what Irvine who also some stuff coming up here in town this weekend the men's basketball team will be at Springfield the flight Missouri State on Saturday at 11 AM the tip off our broadcast it again. Grand Canyon visits the soccer baseball team for a three game series Friday Saturday and Sunday Friday at three. Saturday to Sunday at one. And Grand Canyon coming off taking two of three from Oklahoma State the shocker stuffed to three you know starts a good series this weekend at the stadium scheduled stuff like. Take on all comers at Wichita State women's basketball playing its final two home games of the season. Friday night and Sunday afternoon though have Loyola here Friday night. And Indiana State Sunday afternoon. Softball is that you have Kasey in Texas Arlington and Texas Arlington invitational on Friday. That the shocker track and field teams have both been picked as the favorites. In the men's and women's Missouri Valley Conference indoor championships at Cedar Falls this weekend that contest on Saturday. And this Sunday but they've had a great indoor season and again are the favorites on both sides men and women of sports. Most of the they're great start. At a will be back with more we're gonna try to talk to John Robert and Zack and of course to head coach Greg marshals we continue to promote deep post post game show for coterie. Much your channels can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees. We're gambit. Equity bank debit card and make every ATM fee every ATM vanish go ahead the greeted me. The magic potions inside your equity bank debit card prevents the piece from ever hearing in your account abracadabra. And equity backed up cards and perform your own bit of magic got NEA GM he wanted a top hat not required equity bank memory of the icing. This is what it sounds like when truck gunshot but other dealerships. About grant or. We have though white one why wow and this is what it sounds like a truck guys shot but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special editions more choices than ever before wow I'll take the rally due to a racing start warming of the camouflaged real tradition. More than like a minute addition here's the difference in Georgia beating. And it's rough month so make a strong decision as fun Silverado that's right for you see your hometown shouldn't be today. AJ's sports grill at the only thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shock her coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today tiny only in the excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations and widgets on one and Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletics. Hi this style backs with backs associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now our team is seen challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge we understand how you depend upon your serious money now and in the future so give us a call at 6520101. Faction associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies. Charter sports has brought to my American family insurance C agent Angie Valentine Ryan woods does these cells foreign mall vein agent Kirk Farber. US you shocker basketball there's only 103 point seven KEY area. Equivalent to help. On the block more stagnant double team the moment after sun wide open where he. Okay. I'll tell. They're driving. Why go. How was the first of free job Robert Simon going three for three from three a career high nine points tonight on his senior night. As a shocker is when it went on nine to 83. Over and so again we hope to have Zach and JR out here free soon to talk to them Gregg Marshall also will join us. And star of the game are those two guys tonight for sure but what a night for Wichita State. 109 points the second most of they've scored this season and the second most in Greg marshals tenure tenure Wichita State. It's only that. It's the first time since 1983. That Wichita State has had as many as 3100 point games. In a season they shot 54%. Overall thirteen of 2356. And a half percent. From three. There have now been eighteen times in the history of the program that the shocker have made thirteen of more threes in a game prior to this season. It only been done. Twice in a season two other times that's the fifth time this year that they have made thirteen or more threes in the eleventh time. They've made ten or more and continue to shoot a very high percentage 56 and a half percent and 79%. On 26. A 33 free throws only disappointment agent strictly numbers Evansville shot 49%. Tonight to break a string of nine straight games at the checkers have held their opponents under 40%. And the last team to do it was Evansville for an escape that 44% in Evans if coach Marshall shall we talked about something inspires them about the policies play. 33 turnovers for the pop up to him to eleven with a caddie gave it was that's pretty incredible plus nine on the boards. Soccer is now 26. And 416. And one. In the Missouri Valley Conference with one game to go on the road Saturday at Missouri State and Missouri State. Tough at home mark Wichita State should be favored to win that game as a matter of fact almost all the games this season which justice that double digit favorite to win games except that the Illinois State. So you'd expect Wichita State to win that ballgame it's no something they never take anybody for granted they've got enough good players that. Have enough leadership on the ball club that there could be focused on this game. Again our post game show big brought to you by promo deep though your full service partner in branding and promotional products you can call promote depot at 3167222500. Or is them online at www. For the number four my promo. Dot com. Wichita State. On Saturday. Got its 25 win and that's eight years in a row that they have won 25 reports of the record in the Missouri Valley Conference was set last year by the shocker for seven straight seasons of 25 or more wins. And are edited Doug black and on Sunday evening is that how many wins. Is it though over those eight years it's now 228. Over the last eight years the average record for the last eight seasons including this one right now. 28 and six. And of course still more to be added before this season is over Wichita State was playing this tournament too many years ago. Greg Marshall at that time over the previous five years had that the best win loss record of any coach country. And they're not getting worse I mean there are just continuing to get better guess what. You have to seniors that are graduating which will be sorely missed but you've got the bulk of the scoring the Pope rebounding. And which testing should be justice formidable next year's they would issue or maybe even more so we'll more and more this is becoming a team that if they get a decent shot in the tournament. Get a chance to play they're gonna be dangerous for anybody that they face this team is getting better and better all the time. And as we've talked about one of the big things is just so many different weapons they're they're just so many guys that can score. And and even some of the guys who were there more for their defense earlier in the year like Rashard Kelly. Is becoming a consistent scoring threat and it just never know where it's gonna come from the shocker said. Six players in double figures tonight. And then John Roberts with nine on his three trays well in Wichita State out rebounds Evansville as well no player had more than six rebounds so Mike they they pass around. The glory. All right Gregg Marshall joins us I know that 83 points in 49%. As get a thrill you but could this have gone much better otherwise the. Now you guard that. I wish I wish or defensively we continue to beef it's a field goal percentage but this is about our seniors this is about getting those guys. In the game again having him an opportunity to play within the regular guys when the game was still wouldn't you know. They had their starters and we had three starters we were able to get JR in the exact can't. And you see how well they can play. I mean JR goes three for three from three. Death thing but the bottom of the net on all three Zach bush drives in. Dimes a couple of guys I wish he can we got that three off it was blocked but I thought both of them played really really well it showed the quality. Not only people that they are but players that you know everybody knows what kind of people they are if you don't. You have been around this program those guys are as good a young people if you're ever gonna find. They're gonna they're they're gonna graduate they're going to be tremendously successful in life. But they can also play the game and they're great representatives of our program its credit TU your coaching staff that's a credit to their teammates this program and the fans here that they chose to stay here when they could have gone a lot of other places played a lot of minutes no doubt no doubt. JR. I mean he. He saw he could play a lot of places in and and is that bush had a scholarship he went to Washburn for for the summer and decided you know I've read this come back to which a state sit home and and it works with the beneficiaries those guys have been so much to our program behind the scenes you see what Fred and Ron to kill and had been. The guys had. You know the icons in the program and hopefully several of those guys who have their jerseys retired at some point pink in the rafters. What those two young men meant that to them. I mean there really close and you could tell by the way Ron Fred came back during all star week here and spent time with those guys it. I thought senior night we're very very well it relative to what it did about 45 years ago I would have us build a bit AL this commission a tough Volek has invention the guys that were in the video PJ coups nargis tweeted that bush a little bit ago -- actually loved loved each day actually spotted PJ was one of his favorite players that is growing up following this well there's a lot of those guys are some of my favorite people that's for sure not just. I know that there will be in their tomorrow draws a day off from basketball what they'll be in there hit shots up against some of the younger guys in there and working on things and and and and making sure that they realize you know we're just started with our worst season and hopefully we can take this for a long way. You know do you play two teams in a row now that certainly can defend and had good defensive numbers northern Iowa tonight Evansville are came in like 55 in the country in scoring defense and you have just carve them up tonight right off the badger offense was really like how about. 821 this is to turn over we have 24 assists and three turnovers I'm not sure of ever seen that. Three turnovers and and maybe had a bad pass that do remember that I don't know what Kelly's turnover was in and Darryl Willis was call for travel which I have to see it to believe it but. I didn't I didn't think it was a travel and live action with those guys are pretty get ripped recruit that we had tonight so they were probably right on we shoot 54%. And 57 from three so. But regardless what defense Evansville was running we were getting great looks because we moved the ball we're very very unselfish this is a team. This is it that the epitome of the team. And I'm just you know. Just making sure that we stay on the right track tomorrow today off the wheel grind on Thursday grind on Friday before a a big game on Saturday obviously we're shooting for or at least a tie for the regular season championship. With. Game on Saturday and a good example of that of selfishness is Landry sham that he scored three quick three pointers in the first half I think in the first ten minutes. In a stretch of about a minute and a half he didn't even take his fourth shot until halfway through the second half canned that one also. He's content to do what it takes to win a basketball game on worried about his his own point. Production he goes four for four in the last one really was. Right before it came out I told us and look he's got another minute I'm alleging our play with a regular guys and same thing with does that bush so I knew that those guys were gonna come in early. Let hitters sure enough he dreams that you re right before pre comes out he's a perfect four for four. We shoot 79%. From the line he had Connor are starting to larger seven for eight from three. It's amazing that this is the skill level that they have it. And then you combine that with the selfishness. If that makes for very difficult team to guard with those funny for a sister to leaders in assists Rashard Kelly was six and checked Morris was ha two of the the big doubts about that those two guys combined to go eleven. Assists one turnover. For here. Ford five who played major minutes of the fortified tonight about Darryl Willis was also very good source eleven ports has four blocks he was. He finally started to defend the rim a little bit I was it was awesome to see the we have a lot of good performances so. Excited about senior night excite I heard we set a record for most threes or season. That's probably she now would be surprised that is surrender you think our sports information director might kill you guys had on that. You know images and I throughout their docket for about an hour killing time that we've set this season record for threes it made it made threes tonight. You were something like 200 something and three point percentage in the country last year he came into tonight sixteenth and made better with what you shot tonight I would order out it's gonna go down so it's really cool. But we've got work to do on Saturday you know that a minimum. They are hit the record breaker by the way who won his three but. We have we have work to do we wanna we're we will win another championship and at the very minimum if we win Saturday would co champions and Illinois states get two games they've got to win to keep pace if that happens. Coach congratulations and that's a model it is not that are published soccer coach Gregg Marshall coach Marshall presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million. To work so. That is what remains is the game on Saturday at Springfield then remaining years. Is our chance to talk to start to the scars of the game they have to do you wonder at times of Saddam's active. Zach bush Jarrett joins us first when we were when we were doing the interviews for the for the S senior night video. I've mentioned to you if you get a shot ticket actually created a blog for yourself decided not to congratulations. He's very banking. Those those last those. Everything it could kind of more pivotal career was not wait to odds are you just perfect with the teams you've played on the players you played with the impression you've created here. It could've had a better career perhaps I don't know why. So's you know bless. Annihilated that he did have been so fortunate. I'm thankful every day to you know as we've talked about. All of those things the relationships and the experiences you've had and so forth will stay with you but it's just like it's going to be like icing on the case. To get in and play that many minutes to have the kind of success that was that was pretty sweet that is definitely icing on the cake. I kind of nurse in court martial lockdown is Vince with bounds by a half minutes left to go and it's like he shared with different animal. Yes. Hillary salvaged treasure who has hit well and another positive thing Natalie did you play well which we expected to always do it in. But to have the former teammates and current teammates as such wonderful things about you today are I was I was definitely especially those who. And then print those guys. We've grown so close it. It's been through so many. Difficult times and incredible times the other deceive him. For them to say those things that didn't show much they care about the world and you've mentioned many times your parents have supported view and help make this possible also and to get to share that moment with them out there or else as a flu specialist Fred jokingly film Twitter. Who's gonna crack first Mears. I definitely think you've beaten and got him a few came when you're walking down added I really don't think I would it's. The special feeling man walking down the floor and looking up and that crowd. In them to people here by accidents especially when you're gonna graduate in May is out of this with. What kind of disagree sport man as well congratulations anybody out there listening it has the ideas for a job very clear path I can't you get my number and you let me know okay whether it's this is that I'm listen it'll be a good fight for anybody and they mentioned the games you played in this actors or 61 and one hopefully can had a few more before this is old adapted in the right. Think gradually I think he has a pretty well done. Is that bush one of our two seniors stars of the game and the other JR Simon who have shipped over here get the microphone on him JR really jumped on the opportunity denied coming off the pitch to hit three out of three threes you know I got to tell you I was a little concerned. You've got into Saturday's game against northern Iowa and all of a sudden your hobbling Candace ranger forward to week and a half or so ago. Now that this would be the worst thing ever if he hurt himself again it wouldn't be able to play I'm sure you would have found a way to get out there but it looked like you were feeling fine. I was filmed fine thank god and it happened I. Well I have been heck outside. Broke my furloughs. Are about to cry I was thinking about you know go Lyoto one more game at home I just wanna finish not finish the season. Off on the right foot and luckily the next day I'd gunmen came and got treatment he felt bad and in the post he is it's the focus. She's nice. And could have gone any better for you I mean it was a dream come true with the way you played 33 pointers maybe your best game and you've had a lot of really good games for this. Thank you sure it was a storybook ending take them for assurances. Finish off my whole career here it's been unbelievable. Of finalist one time in this building which was last year and you know to go for years and only have one loss in his feelings and humbly and unlike a lot of the players that play on this team you're doing in front of your family yet it is awesome to my family here every game. Have my grandparents that live here evidence answer locals and cousins live from Islam. My parents and my sister. Other people come from Oklahoma City every game suits makes it so special for me. You know I and I was kidding you guys about this that. I know that both you get to keep playing some level after your college careers are over and you got to be looking forward to is getting out of the court and being the guys that as one of you said we played against all Americans and NBA guys it's Eddie challenge after this is get a B has subsequently differently and fortunately talk about it we joke about all the time. After this we're going to be radically also or hasn't hit really out there and down and they were. People are gonna want an element first serious duties you know he's like the isn't relegated. A little you know it goes by so quickly that's a moment guts of Lincoln and I feel like I. He showed up on campus Obama finishing in this yesterday and now it's my last home game it's. It's been so fast. It's been. One heck would you well the fans love you we all love you wait a disaster to better young guys to be part of this program you're part of this program for a thank you. Hopefully. We'll talk about all this again several more games. Absolutely thank you both to ferret and you don't. Pension related to her Logitech UJRJR Simon. What a senior night for him three out of three from beyond the art career high at nine points capped off his listeners here. And it Coker unit but it's still cloudy boarded up BioWare stars of the game brought to you by the Kansas lottery be sure to get your Kansas lottery Mega Millions tickets and for a chance to become a millionaire. Curious lottery dot com for the most current. Jackpot about like Kansas lottery and dream bigger couldn't dream getting bigger for those guys denied it was so special but. We're not getting the most exciting part of the season certainly this doctors who looked as coach Marshall says to wrap up at least a share of another regular season title would be their fifth in six years and continuing to move a little closer all the time building that resonate for leniency why would you think good things on the horizon for Wichita State has played so well for most of the season they've gotten better. Virtually every ball game that they played and they do so many things well Mike and I think you can have a good post season also. Well again the next game for the shocker is at Missouri State the regular season finale on Saturday tip off his 11 AM. Pregame broadcast at 10 AM and then this doctors will be playing. On Friday in Saint Louis a week from Friday that it could be as the one seed at noon. Or as the 2 seed at 6 o'clock so we'll find out what that all turns out to be and certainly part of that will depend upon what happened with Illinois state of its last two games they have southern Illinois at home tomorrow night. And then at northern Iowa and what could be tricky game for them on Saturday they've been skating on thin ice here for the last couple. Ball games there's no reason to believe that that won't continue to happen for them. Well. A lot of good things happen when you have a strong team this drug program which you can't always script something like fifth place tonight in this this game could have gone any better it was really fun to be well and you look at the stat sheet one thing doesn't show off but we don't know what's true and that's character and everybody on this team has an abundance of character and their recruitment because they have that character and no to any better than that and JR Simon's act which format will do it for tonight Ted Woodward coming up with the locker room show thanks to all of you who joined this day will be back with us we hit the Saint Louis. Bob Hope you'll join me on Saturday for the final road game at Missouri State. Thanks also to Joseph part of an injury ambling in the studio and David evidence who has been working the home games doing statistics. 441. Years now volunteers his time was here with a sick in the night and also thanks to arm on the healing was ill tonight is that what this throughout the homes that season helping us out. Here at the table so no good for now but of course shock is back in action on Saturday we'll talk with you there. Again our final score Wichita State 109. Evansville. 83. You do less than good shot prevents. Why you. It's fun sponsors. Carlo so they'll lose credit union of about. Executive there she killed through insurance Jersey's real involved. Carnahan who wins or machinery that it's. Clinton's appointments that could be bad. Do shipping news coverage systems Marty stone but Kansas lottery. Got you covered and who grows shield of Texas discussions or Jim veterans core development in Kansas for. Prediction jets locker room capital level. There can only enjoy this. This country club. Let's listen to every WSU shocker basketball game on 103 point seven KEY yeah. 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We get going tonight. After Wichita State's big win over Evansville on senior night shocker is when it 100 no sign that. 283 tonight at Coke or read in front of a sellout crowd of 101500. Plus. And Wichita State. He set winning streak going now eleven in a row. Book ended by wins over Evansville that eleven game winning streak started with a win Evansville last month to soccer's. Now have an eleven game winning streak with a 26 point win tonight over Evansville 109. A 83. As the 25 ranked shocker is improved to 26 and four on the season. Senior 64. Shocker seniors John Roberts Simon and Zach bush Simon get to come in they both got to came I came in and played the last seven minutes. Simon made three for 33 pointers on the way to a career high nine points in just six minutes to bush came in and helped up with a couple points. And a couple of assists to his teammates in his six minutes. So memorable senior night for those two guys as they helped their team put up 109. Points. On the scoreboard tonight. And a lot of superlatives for the shoppers on this night Rashard Kelly dishing out a career high six assists. Darryl Willis off the bench with a career high four blocks shots. Six Jessica Moore is with a career I thought it assists. So do the soccer big guys with career highs in assists on this night that's how well the offense was flowing on this evening. And even Connor Franken camp tied his career I would to block shots. As he continues to against the blocked shot or two it seems like in recent teams playing some great defense. Shocks when it tonight 1092. CDs three is the 25 ranked shoppers now 26 and four on the season. This is the shocker locker room shown are coming to live tonight from twin peaks in east Wichita. We 21 and rock road. And we're certainly glad to be aware this don't forget when he come between speaks soccer fans enjoy the game based vessels that go on all day long every soccer game to say that means. Soccer fans tonight I can join those are haven T me nine cheese burgers just five dollars and 99 cents need get a bit. Huge demand size and model of the show up for only four colors all day long on soccer game days so folks are enjoying that they've been to join an all day long. And those soccer game day specials will be in effect again on Saturday when a soccer's. Finish up the regular season Missouri State that'll be an early early 11 AM tipoff on Saturdays to come watch the game here at twin peaks on Saturday morning. And then a stainless for lunch enjoyed a shocker specials on Saturday. We are at twenty cities which he thought when he first and rock road as we get underway tonight a shocker locker room show. If you wanna give us a phone caller phone numbers 69010378691037. The area code is 316. And let's get started tonight talk with. All hello how you are on the locker room so there ahead. Both fair thing to take my calls always. Well what it say about thanking our guests. Well Larry can't stay here is sir he finished it that 51 points and a half against any body. Under any circumstance I'm sure that. That's one mass. So much dark spot on a very bright game. I'm almost getting tired of always talking about Reshard Kelly spoke to article here Michael again. Because may have leaked the team in. Rebound. Is it input that thirteen points on the board. You know he's certainly won't open up a real shot your position awkwardness. Run that is trying to keep song go one. I think that. Our main. Greater competitor in the conference's Illinois state of the Irish last week what they do they won by two over Loyola one note and restated. We steam roll everybody I think they should be very very. Pinnacle peak and at the right time. That's the possibilities. Saying that the then that too many points in rural. Enough competition. Now I think they keep and still right there. Allen and you saw we do seems like we talk about her star Kelly after every game and he did it again tonight is he mentioned thirteen points six rebounds. Let the team was six assists three of four shooting six debate at the line. The couple of offensive rebounds a block shot a steel. Can peace work and I'll start on both ends of the floor so it gets a visa these kind of epitomize the shocker during his eleven game winning streak. You know on the one thing that that you wouldn't think that guy would people that article like he had disease they're probably become a very effective free throw shooter. It was cringe whenever I even though lying. Any more. Or what is percentages in in in you know just flat have that in game or whatever but that. I was figure out a few brief approach which is good because he can be aggressive. Down low and get along. Yeah he wasn't very good at the line even as recently as few games ago but you're right he's picked it up and he wants the couple games ago he was right at 50%. But since then two for three at Loyola went three for four at southern. Three for four against NORTHERN IRELAND and today six for eight tonight six for eight so he's he's really start to pick it up the free throw line and and he better than his percentage would indicate right now is get a lot better. Awful that it taken the time protocol or if there are a lot of people want to get. You know on the bandwagon here so let thanks for taking my call and I look forward calling after grad mystery state victory. Sounds good now and I enjoyed your column the pre game two it was fun. Heroic. It's a front yes how thank you so much if you wanna join us this is this doctor locker room showed we are broadcasting live tonight as always your twin peaks in east which it so. Rich when he first and rock road have a good time tonight. Soccer fans joining us after Wichita State's big senior not win over Evansville 100 times and to these three last regular season home game for the shocks. Now on any eleven game winning streak that shocks have won their last nineteen. Straight at. At oak arena. Shocked are now sixteen and one atop the Missouri Valley Conference a half game ahead of Illinois State. With shocks only have one left to go in the regular season Illinois State still must play twice the rest of the week finished it off the shocker is when it tonight. Give up 51 of the second half but the soccer's himself scored 61. Points in the second half. Al distancing the pieces for 26 point win. After being up sixteen it's time. Soccer's 2% of basketball tonight too didn't they only three turnovers the entire game FEMA for Wichita State. And it's halftime so but he's due to turnovers in the entire first half and then they only started over one civilians in the second half it just wasn't that. Relate to typing became. But this soccer's outscored the cases fifteen to zero tonight in points off turnovers. So they turn that to their advantage Sox had six steals tonight. In DeVon still at 03. Steals for Connor Franken camp to lead the way for the shocks so. Lot of good things in the double figure points or six shelters tonight. Jack Morris what are the ways with eighteen points tonight. After that reeks as with thirteen each Marcus Mike Duffy had thirteen Connor frank gambit at thirteen Rashard Kelly debates with thirteen. Darryl Willis had eleven off the bench in starter Landry salmon had twelve so you had six soccer's in double figures he almost had another one. John Roberts cited him off the bench for three threes late in the game for nine. On the shocker from their way to 100 no Zion points on the night. If you wanna give us a call we continue to shocker locker room so we are broadcasting live between Pete CDs which it so you're 21 and rock road. Columbine join us tonight at twin peaks open till midnight neared when he first and rock road soccer fans enjoying you know the game. And the aftermath tonight here at twin peaks let's go to the phone lines just a piece is still OJ deer in the locker room so there. Ahead you're eating and see some irony is who else are about the chart Kelly. And it just earlier in my he reminds me out to count cotton. And you're here and developing Evian you know it's now. Really came out in his junior here Eric Moore of our offensive dieting as well as defense. And I just wanted to make that comment I think. I'd learn a lot to hear our seniors. He hangers jarring following in steals per cent. Well but that's a pretty good observation JP I think a statement to do agree with some of that the commentary because. You are supercharged server charged kind of again it is kind of lit a fire under his teammates through his blue collar work and and we're still receive results on both ends of the floor just like so cotton that's a blanket pretty good GP. I think it did had a really good game tonight Eric Ehrlich out of the senior rated him a berth felt. Really good game left that out. It's just personal dignity it was a big it was a fun to do that to be arena. Eric are from Paris thank you term retreat turned and I appreciated speed thanks for listening thanks for giving us a call. This is the shocker locker room show broadcasting steady at twenty cities Wichita 121 and opera. And after Wichita State wins over Evansville 100. And to be three the 25 French doctors. Now 26 and four on the season now on eleven game winning streak. Folks are a hero we have a nice shocker contingent and come on by and join us here at twin peaks that when he first in Iraq tonight. Shocker locker room so actually coming your way the phone number is 86910378691037. If you wanna join us. We'll take a brick about what were your phone calls right after this you're listening to soccer basketball tonight. 103 point seven TC EYC. Can you pay someone to do a job you didn't ask Blair and of course not stand mighty paper salesman when you buy a card -- -- cars they keep overhead low and pass the savings right to their customers in most cases they're direct to consumer approach saves you thousands over competitors it's like buying from Amazon but with cars if you want an entirely different way to buy a card searching cars Wichita dot com or call 2952851. More stop by the corner of 47 and cinecast. BS dealer. Don't miss the educational seminars at the 2017. Outdoor living landscapes still going on all three gays march 3 through the fifth. Brought to you by the city county extension office and see what annuals and perennials irks trees and shrubs are new for 2017. 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On the went 820 big Wichita State win over Evansville tonight 100 is I Ain T 83. Over Evansville the 25 ranked soccer's. Now win eleven in a row and the soccer's improved to 26 and four on the season. With a big 26 point win tonight over Evansville I am Ted the sport's success and it we are broadcasting live tonight. As always after every soccer game this season at twin peaks where in east which its 21 and rock road. Come on by enjoyed playing it twin peaks here and join a soccer game day specials. Five dollar and 99 cheeseburger is all day long and get a big man sized Mon ago but shot stopper just four dollars. Did not colder than ice cold beer right there for four box and the don't forget that tomorrow is national Margarita day. Come on by twin peaks all they tomorrow and get a four dollar house margaritas at celebrate with twin peaks girls tomorrow. National Margarita this tomorrow all day long right here at twin peaks in east Wichita when he first and Iraq road sucks when it tonight. 10983. If you would like he was a phone call join us at 869103786910. 37 as the phone number of the area code is 316. Soccer fans are showing up after the game tonight joining us here at twin peaks after Wichita State's big win over Evansville want own nine. 83 was the final score in this one. As this doctors dominated on the night. Suiting 54%. For the game Evansville sop pretty well at 49%. Including 62%. In the second half so Evansville did that 51 on the scoreboard against this just expert Wichita State scored 61. In the second half and I were not to be denied on the offensive end of the floor on this night 10983. Over Evansville. As just about everybody had a good shooting night and shocks couple of exceptions a couple of guys couldn't get things going offensively but. Many soccer's did have memorable shooting nights every shocker starter. Was 50% or better from the floor and lots of guys off the bench were. Now shot big time tonight restart Kelly three of four shooting based on Smith made both of his shots. Brett Barney made his only shot late in the game seniors that bush made him one of two. Senior John Roberts sign on his senior night three for three all from three point range. And so Willis came off dimensions four of eight shooting on the way to eleven points so. All tests doctors on this on this night. Did very well shooting the basketball and shocks pile up 109. Points along the way. As Wichita State wins its eleventh in Euro. If you wanna give us a phone call tonight phone lines are open at 86910378691037. Area code is 316. As we continue on the soccer locker room so tonight. Broadcasting live here at twin peaks in east Wichita we are 21 and rock road. As a shocker to put up tons of points on this senior night. Very memorable senior night as a Mike Kennedy and daddy doll it's pretty good reminiscences and what was your favorite senior night for the shocker last year was pretty special with. With Ron baker and Fred van bleak Nevin was sold. Of course in the pregame Mike Kennedy talked about the day Stallworth senior. Senior night which of course came not at the end of the season but it semester and and saves. Deceived the raves huge game against Louisville. One of the ones that stands out pretty clearly in my mind music Antoine Carter senior night that was a a team that. Was not going to the post season so that that was kind of the a fitting you know goodbye to a Antawn when he scored his 47 against southern Illinois Atlanta an arena and that one. Sir sticks in my mind and there have been some special senior nights over the years even you go back to Paul Miller. Back in 06 when a shocker is wants to Missouri Valley Conference title and kind of put an. Into an air of a lot of futility that was a specialist senior day as well. And there have been some fun ones over the years and tonight glad this one to the list because of the fans really enjoyed the the the split is of seniors attacked bush and John Roberts Simon on this night. Those goes to go digital links to and it does that bush is the last link to the final four team he was a registered member of that team and and they were both of course members of a septa undefeated regular season team from a few years back as well and this can take off their soccer careers. With some more amazing number isn't totals and had the final chapter of their senior seasons. Have yet to be written has 25 ranked Wichita State which tonight over Evansville one out next in the 8311 when general for the shots. I am to the sport success at it we continue to hear it twenty cities Wichita where a 21 rock road come on by and join us tonight. Enjoy you know after Wichita State senior night win 10983. Over Evansville finishing up home action in the regular season give us a call. 6910378691037. Will be to twin peaks formal right after this get to your phone calls here on the soccer locker room show you're listening to soccer basketball tonight on 103 point 78 EY and you. Pays someone to do a job you didn't ask learned of course not stint -- paper salesman when you buy a card -- -- cars they -- overhead -- and pass the -- right to their customers in most cases -- direct to consumer approach saves -- thousands over competitors it's like -- from Amazon but with cars if you -- an entirely different way to buy -- card searching -- -- dot com -- -- 2952851. -- stop by the corner of 47 and -- -- cars -- low overhead low priced low pressure and low BS. Dealer take it for me coach Gregg Marshall. No one just gives you an award you have to earn it. 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How would you like to make over your very own backyard and one now is your chance to win the 8500. Dollar backyard make over anti outdoor living in landscape chill march 3 through the fifth its entry to. Register for your chance to turn your backyard into what you always dreamed it. We'd be sponsored by all things Barbie Q3 TV professional landscaping services like club what are mercantile Arnold's greenhouse and ultra modern pool and patio. The outdoor living in landscape Joseph is march 3 through the fifth. Wichita State locker room show or 103 point seven TE YE head hurts. Another great. Have from the left corner three and haven't felt like he. Like studying tapes almost all of the games right there are we continue on the soccer locker room showed tonight how about senior. John Roberts Simon. With those 33 pointers in the late going there in fact he got an assist from his fellow seniors act bush on that bucket so. That one was pretty fitting right there that put the soccer's up one all fired a 73. Still almost three minutes ago. And soccer's ended up winning it tonight 109. To 83. Finishing off the home portion of the regular season schedule with 26 point win over Evansville tonight. The 25 ranked shocker is when there eleventh game in a row they've won. Their last nineteen straight. On campus at home at Coke arena. And that shoppers continue with the victory tonight and we continue with a soccer locker room show I am Ted the sport sits at. And we continue lied here at twin peaks and east Wichita 121 and rock road. We're here after every shocker means basketball game this season soccer fans arriving. After a win tonight one on 983 over Evansville come on by and join us at twin peaks. After shocker action today folks enjoying a soccer game day specials. Get a huge man size mug of the shock top for only four dollars that is fantastic. Big mug of beer for four bucks it's only thirty degrees that is colder than ice cold beer get a big go man size mud of the sock copper for box. Soccer game day drink special and the food special about that cheeseburger for just 599. And other soccer game day special going on all day long your twin peaks. Our phone number is 86910378691037. Area code is 316. As we continue tonight on the soccer locker himself and our next caller is Michael. Hello Michael you're on a locker it was so there are ahead. There we get a discount I get excited. I don't know about this that you do it to the locker room the Dotel to the locker room excuse me. Mad Dix. Well I was so steady at DN women. Seniors who have no matter everybody was. And they scored and made through news there was. Is just the icing on the K can. I don't know it was so cool. Yeah it was it was pretty special mind one. And you know in scoring they played well there is just is it is really magical. The you know. They act as well as those who have done a lot of threes so they got a lot of points but I. Good to shouldn't team. So I don't think it's surprising that they scored so many points spread. Which cascade is number two in the country and margins of win this behind guns La Vega. Bright. That is amazing. I mean there's only added up all the scores that they did this year it's going to be. Well over standing here we've sat I'm sure. You know in this. It's kind of be I couldn't edit out. It's. Now he had a shocker czar its number two in the nation in scoring margin. Averaging wins by nineteen game. Yeah the rebound you know I think. The I think Harrison can out. He is innocent until because the very. You know they and they they do this slammed down to every time and sometimes they like to see him just bounce it off to grab to make this shot. I know observe the showmanship talk. I remember bill please just talk about the glass. You know to have very much in. Now you don't need of seats at Dubai and at least from what we see today we saw a couple of banks just and I. Now people want the earth people want the songs in the series. You do all you have to have food. The last two in tune with their careers and Simpson to Michael Jordan. Well lose 109. And that's pretty just. The bench scored 29 points. Everybody. I've I think. Well the soccer bench scored forty points. Cordelia appointees. Now. Route 48 and all the devils scored as much movement. The time you loose loose. I just which is beating teams spend so much and so. In our fruits Lou is whether you. Come alliance. I just see this game I mean we were so deep that we're so world. You know. Who were not turned the ball rover. Will make its free throws were you know a series of armed. Yeah I mean Lyndon. We might get a game right through those present is still play anything gross. You know and it. There really had a bogey abusers this year I don't. Think now ever and beyond the only L one you can really point to that would be the the exhibition game against the gusto way back in early November that was a close game where they had the kind of survive in the last few minutes but. All the other home games this year been blowouts. I don't know oh I mean it's. It's almost half and it it's almost redundant is no time for losses at the and the floor losses have not been close them available. Duke program like a political crowd standing there I mean they don't go away well why not it's a great show. As you know this is this where there's two players in and I'm really getting to know them all this year. Gush. Just two seniors gone and. Well I'm limited to 25 MEPs. He's with the shocks finally made it into the rankings. For the first time this year and that's the that's good news is well. I closed practice. What is the breath of metrics. That are missing that. You know I glance at it. I don't put too much stock in it but I glance edit the bad go to everything in the air that's they're period you know all. Two. You know I've just so many threes. I mean. I don't care who and what team we're playing. If you could shoot through these. I don't care if you're at UCL. Are who you. If you put those are making threes. The grant. There have been going through me I mean it's not historic. That you just accidentally make couple threes you know and why one guy makes a couple through these. There are a lot of through these dole team is. Is doing everything right in history has so much anymore. To have. Well that's that's the product of the offense working and working the ball in the half court. These teams these guys are seeing each other getting high percentage shots and even even the three pointers or go on now lots of its six Sox had six different guys make three pointers tonight. What degree sham it was four for four from three point range John Roberts Simon was three for three. From three point range and Connor frank camp was three for four from the I want Bahrain's. It's. And it. If and when you looked at it and broke the record and in most senior broke the record that was. That is par. One for the history books you know. And then you then their moving the ball so well they got they're big they're two they get two big guys and let them and assist tonight or start to hit six assists and Jack had. Imagine you know that's an unassuming room in the back lot you know it was a play really well let me. Chris Paul is the reverend Graham and and yet you know and millions of Morrison. And Morris who think it is for you to those. It's. I don't I just. You know I don't want it. I don't know statement from the air Byrd who was. We're hoping that the you know keep on. Dash would tenuous I mean they're so good. Do we really through grade team. I'm just after it in that's that's the the continued challenge for this team is Tina. Is to play keep playing this way in the regular season finale on Saturday and then you. You've got to continue to play well in Saint Louis and hopefully beyond that. You know it is 2013. We will be only in ninth seed to ever make it to the final four. That's that's a fact only 190 seeded who made it to the final four. Even pretty special. That's a fact. Is so. Too bad I'm gonna get this guy over the Indiana game. It's overtime so. I don't know let's keep. I create my own experience. Achieved shift in attitude and be sure okay I. You know something I'm very. At. Girls works at Max says. You know I'll come. Two game maybe. What is it. Saturday Saturday the next TV's just Hernandez scattered you know it's. Okay. Right well I do one for the books okay sounds good so no ma'am. Please. Michael. Have a good night thanks for your musical all. And that is Michael joining us on the shocker locker it was a joke you wanna join us. You can give us a call 8691037. That's 8691037. In the area code is 316 we continued tonight. Soccer locker room so broadcasting live here at twin peak cities which it's all 121 and rocker wrote it. And let's continue let's go back the phone lines Steve is lists those Steve you're on the locker room showed her ahead. They get they take my call it Steve's day it was a good game tonight is also not really get hustle and that first half I think we were lifeline only four fouls for the first half of course of the second half that in. Quite go that way bit. Overall ma'am I was. Also moved them. Nice. Crashing the boards and I really like our our inside game I think pit. Would put this like you say with the assistance and everything was going on it was. I think that's going to be the key to success for us and and not turn in time enough. And hopefully you know. Going on into the the big dance that just. And an error by hating when you're talking there I think basically is the last thing we talk about this before us is consistency. You know we can stay consistent. I think we got a really good chance of book and doing pretty good. Maybe as far as when you're not only the Missouri valley term of the make it pretty good statement in the big dance so. There was. Well I think tonight whether it you know that's a real part was just don't want canal around now thing you know granted there are prepared for that he's been. I know is that isn't it amazing the way. The what this season got to fly as vile like that. It doesn't back when myself and my other half ago we yeah. We does that there was kind of icing getting really into the the last couple seasons we've been going pretty consistent. I could go make a winner go by quick so yet. Definite and a we're gonna go down to the Missouri State funeral on Saturday very nice and death and then go of that. And then we're CR goes up for a run turned repairing an idea. If I can not get tired worked as a bag you know. It happened. To cover Donna sales reps so that the but yeah I was really it was it was my scene or by I think probably people we have double figures or five. 123005. We don't know six bit apparent now. We're in almost seven yeah almost seven. Because JR Eric again I'm glad you guys got some time in the blast in the end. You know maybe. We talk to people. That. Are behind the singles guys really you know their big part of what we're you know would then how do you get prepared to manually opt out now. And so it's my read this article than it was in the paper about. You know when the second act which strongly that it played DT that he side you wonder if you know I'm a false statement I thought that was pretty cool so. They are I wish those guys the best. And they're they're class action in the media likes we got one more game to go unspoken between now and Saturday is we have an upset group I you have. Last two games I'll watch this here there were Daniel byters I think ours that their arms treaty at the I don't have to go on the lie low you know but at same time. We should be probably. Even though I know we're steam rolling right now you know like determines. Say it was a little different breed. But the reality it usually seems to have some sort of a different dynamic for some reason or another and we'll see if vote. Sox can buck that trend little bit. We should be able to we should watch out for those two teams because they could feel you know they could be a sleeper came in in the tournament. And then like I think you're saying last week was that are somewhere you know you and I don't want those teams that you never know they can just explode. Well they're one of those teams that they seem to let them go on over to Saint Louis say they seemed a when tons of games over there all the time. And I I just hope we can break debt deal. And out. I have one question I don't know you know anything I don't forget when Warner go uniforms and somebody said it was that that the coach marshall's closest to the superstitious about it though opposed. We shed any light on net. Today not privy to some of that stuff but I know that that's been not know somebody's asked that before. Mike Kennedy and they've all the pregame native now they didn't have an answer either side and I want to maybe they don't like the gold the beauties of mice. Yeah I I think I thought about that. Because a part of that. Shocker papal. You know talk group on FaceBook and I asked a you know say they're back then he realizes we. I'm seemed to go uniforms and Ellen. Editor if like me my brother graduated from which stalled state we've always been big which Allstate and and our housing bust lot of games are lit until on the radio. And then. You know so we are they black and go black and go you know and and I out of our that's our I have to admit when when we kind of went away from different things like. They Campbell or that gray uniform of a liberal big fan of that amount and they went are true colors black and go you know. And yeah I had the noses here and that doesn't want told me that. I know coach Wednesday at first we thought next somewhat bumpy and don't have that in failure AMA he'll get some insight there is demand for TI I was pretty good I mean. You're like chased the ball down tonight you and I thought that was pretty did so. There's a few people that you know they they struggled a little bit but I think that overall world. The united my no re Austin resettle Lou. Miserable their per second. And I think. Ronald and be too bad that he he was he you know he's been kind of odd code here that. But overall I was there it was really nice to see our performance tonight and and see how they did then what I did my 40% discount morals you know. I get upset locker room might be a crowded tomorrow with that 40% off. I know I've got to get there early actually I actually changed my work schedule around so I don't have to go a lot of doubt the most hostile take. Fear that that anyway. Let down and yell and hopefully I'll get a chance to calling from. Revel at least Springfield if not you know I know we get I'm pretty confident that there hopefully that the the NCAA God's love shine upon us let us go bit. If not I really do you wanna thank you for having the show was great you know. Being able to call in and out. And I really like I told these guys before and they're listening we'd be loyal need to this is really great decay when he does his worsen. Everybody needs to call in my own record lady earlier demise say we got a new boys not a good. But I've always always nice this avenue collar join us. And and there's it's it's nice and it's like that it. There's team is I think that what will pull us through his. If we did there's a lot of it is going to be our depth we can go so deep into our bench you know Mitt. Even if someone starts having little problems coach can pull somebody out until one in there and that's kind of a that's kind of a nice steal my figures burns he's got a lot more trained in. In college basketball. Full you know he binges the hours dogs got to now. You your you know you are people you might have a couple people getting you know 20/20 five minutes and there but overall. I've knows a lot of teams that are deep that are you know you're talking 1015 minutes boom get him out let the rest is on in there and take written. I have person but I don't go like it was a walk on was as bird bargains to walk on. Yes okay so I think you know I was watching your device that I think he kind of reminds me of the old solved. Big men that when he does get a chance to play you can not afraid to impose himself on people or got to give them Mets aren't noted that point he got my distance show evidence shoved his way in there and and and in the better than their bit to. I kind of missiles that type of offense to the way I know that a lot off and now's site let word from the big man comes out post up outside right. Open up the lanes of route they can drive it. The premise of those the debate were you just use that to drug your post and opened underneath the basket and they would have taken in and probably draw all the felt that hey you know times change and since. And a Davis changed a little bit from some of those. The tactics that the. Well you know I mean that goes back to talk about seniors I remember watching now. Which Allstate would not. Wouldn't Antoine Carr put limits then now are now. All the food in Juneau and no no way out front page of the announcer it was talking to America act would you like to have repaired these guys on the team that. You know that even though that may have a lot of that was just the big inside game and like that it's it's changing the smaller even to and a little bit more and maybe not quite as big it is a faster game to you know I I it's. It's changed little bit but but even though the dynamics are a little bit different. He did your right sometimes you you see some of that old style school play that it's still relevant. Yeah hero is especially for drawing valve you know he's he's. They get to one end here not a very good you know Shaq has been very good dollar meaning to my. You know also it's. That was very good bit get off the phone let someone out Yunnan and mics that are are really appreciate you guys have the show a little bit but much Jacko I have to tell him man. And it's it's good bit like that I incurred everybody's listening the my that they don't be afraid to call him a note to people stopped Chris. Any good. But he's doing things need to call in and get thirteen since then that likes it if I don't get a chance they're talking again I really appreciate. You guys taking our calls and and look forward to game is continuing. Sounds good Steve we appreciate it. All right thanks loss safe travels over to Springfield. Forgive us a call Steve joining us today on the shocker locker room she's so we are broadcasting live. Here at twin peaks cities Wichita ordered 21 and rock road glad to have you with us tonight soccer fans on hand to. After a big soccer men's basketball win tonight over Evansville one don't sign that. 83 is the 25 ranked soccer's. Win their eleventh game in a row and up 26 and four on the season nineteen straight wins for the shocker some campus home at Coke arena. If you wanna call us tonight our phone number is 86910378691037. As the phone number. I am Ted the sport said we continue tonight on the shocker blocker and show our producer engineer Zander gambling until our tup. Standing by will be glad to get you on the air with a tonight as we continue from twin peaks. We'll take another break and we'll come back with more your phone calls right after this you're listening to soccer basketball tonight at 103 point seven KEY. NN. Shocker nation wasn't built overnight it took years of dedication and hard work and perseverance. Your friends and all seasons construction know about hard work. We've been updating homes for over 25 years providing the best in home exteriors and interior modeling. Built by two generations of shocker alumni all seasons construction is part of your team called today 68517100. Or visit us online at all seasons construction dot com. Let's go shocker it's. What's it. Visit WSU men's basketball game comes goodness it's when he sees an elaborate show up 103 point seven KE YN. 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Or someone to tell us currently accepting applications for all of our local stations including kids teaching and that's MTV GS and land can't be easy and can assess we also in my college students to play for intern ships that are stationed secure interest in and career in radio or an intern ship please visit slash careers or if you do not have access to the Internet paltry one succeeds it's fun to want to want Entercom which does dedicated to providing a broad outreach regarding job vacancies that are stations organizations that wish to receive our job postings are invited to contact us at 3166852121. In her come which doesn't equal opportunity employer. Wichita State locker room show on 103 point seven Katie why did. Box along the same. Time it looks under first. It's a good along the right baseline guarded by the smallest they look. Back it down spin baseline a little later found Thursday. Me out of every book left and right back. Go. It's big now. You've got to fit. Right here. There is so. The seniors and plus Mike Kennedy in Dave's old cold air that but the stocks and 9466. There's still five minutes to go at that point. And seniors act bush got his a bucket on senior night he also dished out a couple of assists in his six minutes. And got the pretty great ads elation from the fans as well as a shocker honored both seniors tonight John Roberts Simon. And that bush on the way to a 109883. Win over Evansville on the night as the soccer's. Number 25 in the nation improved to 26 and four on the season now at eleven game winning streak for the shocker is with one game ago. In the regular season that last game will be Missouri State that'll be an 11 AM tip off on Saturday. And it will be here at twin peak cities which he taught when he first and rock after that one so. C'mon by and watch the game at twin peaks early on Saturday morning and it will be on here for the locker room till after the game early in afternoon more afternoon hours. Willoughby and having a lot easier twin peaks on Saturday after the soccer's finish up the regular season. This is the soccer locker room show I have to at this part said and we're glad to be ready tonight as always here at twin peaks in east Wichita. That's when he first rock road don't forget tomorrow is national Margarita today. Be sure to come by twin peaks all the tomorrow and get four dollar house margaritas celebrate national Margarita date tomorrow. With twin peaks girls and celebrate here tomorrow on national Margarito de. Twin peaks series Wichita or 21 and wrought we continue with soccer locker and show our phone number is 86910378691037. Erie noticed 316. Let's go to the phone lines are rod juries Nextel Terry you're on the locker room so. Running head. Get out it's a quick question out you haven't heard discussed her but not what. Whether beetle the differences. Between Illinois State RPI was up eight RPI. And then my second question is. What's the difference. Between the two teams BP which the NCAA. Apparently is I'm going to consider and collection process. All right thank you work thanks for the call Roger and see if we could figure that out Tom. So the RPI and we'll see if we figure out the BP I before we get to go on here the RPI coming into tonight. Wichita State was at number 41 the Illinois State. Number 33. So Illinois State still has a significantly higher RPI in the shocks. Stan. This will determine a tiebreaker in case the two tie Steve for first place tie up the valley to determine seedings. In the end up in the postseason tournament. So Illinois State still has the advantage this here. Now that could tip depending if they'd be don't want to lose but if the soccer's in the red birds both winners out. It's it appears the Illinois State will remain ahead of this doctors in net RPI chase as far as BP stick. Receiving figure that out Wichita State is eighteen. In the BP I notice is this is the L metric that ESPN. Has devised and use they use for their own purposes. So Wichita State has a very high beat PI at eighteen. We look here I think I also have Illinois states now don't have Illinois State's office find that out. So the Sox are eighteen in the beef TI today. And let's see if we can determine where Illinois State is on that so Wichita State does have a better BP died and then the red birds do. And they're not in the top speed that I can see. So let's a go down steeply and take a look at the next bunch teams. Illinois State is 65. In PPI. Once again sets that's what ESPN. Uses so. You know help that's a pretty wanted to Sony so. Depending on what metric do you believe then are you you subscribe to do. Suppose that believe they committee. Still heavily relies on RPI. And that's that's kind of the main metric that the NCAA subscribes to end officially uses. There are those other ones out there like you mentioned Roger the BP I and that. It's not much much more favorable to the soccer is at number eight seed. Itself. What is what differences between what is book PPI. Compared to the Arctic what additional database they look at. All I know that they take into account. Margin of victories. I'm pretty sure that beep DIA is much more weighted towards road wins. I know that that that is that helps him out I know love ya I know I don't margin of victory in road wins is something it is little more prevalent in the PPI. I know RPI kind of focuses a lot on. Just your record and how your opponent's record is and things like that. And it it sometimes it gets waited a little bit that way it would if it kind of helps. Big conference schools because they play each other so much to the kind of the kind of boost their RPI up a little bit he kind of hinders some other teams. Well what win out of then Oklahoma. Which at and it went over Illinois State that it's thought they'd have that boost its NCAA. Record or whatever book or forgive our seed. Yeah now. Well there's not many more opportunities that's kind of the that's kind of thing Wichita State kind of has to rely on. Simply winning all its games so it's a record looks pretty good which it is that they're Sox are 26 and four. I mean they're able. They must meet up with at and Ohio RPI Illinois State team began in Saint Louis in the valley tournament. And at that could boost Wichita State's RPI if they get another win over the red birds. But that you know there aren't many opportunities. For Wichita State right now to enhance its RBI and other than just win game after game after game which they've dubbed. I I area. You know I ate I think they have a great schedule. I and quite frankly they've won virtually every game they should win. Maybe one or true those losses may be additional one. But their margin of victory. Is what I look at this year. They've had so many note doubters. And they have. Destroy later or or. Really dominated game they should dominate unlike in years but where and arguably they had a better RPI. Our well or better record. In some sense. So bad a lot more close game like that year they were 35 and oh just a few years back. That a lot more close games and I don't hear you know that they did this year. In any become an dressed and go back and look at statistic I appreciate your taking my phone call. Thanks Roger and early had to get discussion to have an. And then there's still that question out there about Wichita State when you have when you win that many games by that big a margin. Is the question is argue that good or are the team you're playing. Not very good and I think there's there's got to be a little bit of both Saturday and that little bit I'm dying you know the eye test. Certainly you look at this Wichita State team and you realize they are very very good and their point at a pretty high level basketball right now. But you know it let's face it the Missouri Valley Conference isn't that strong top to bottom so. The shoppers some of those metrics. You wonder about. And it will low bullet committee members wonder about that at some of that still has led to be shown beat Wichita State this year's open floor against teams with a winning record. That's not set the world on fire this evidence to back losses and that's that's good so up. They've they've won like you said Roger that want the games they should win and they've won them many of them very very heavily. Which is which is what good teams need to do and this team really. At some point could not afford so called bad loss in the they really haven't had a bad loss to take care of business when they should. And and they they're there RPI is what it is some metrics favored them pretty well put him in the among the top twenty. Like we said with the eye test you looked at Adam and they seem to be playing now are really good basketball right now so. That that handles itself as well and they are now ranked in the top 45 in both the the associated press and coaches' poll so. So there are a lot of good the favors eight Wichita State serve ledger and we'll see if they can keep those positive just no roll right along. But some of that some of that has still yet to be determined that grants for right now the Sox are playing some pretty high level basketball it appears. While at tonight's game was another indication a perform well especially on the offensive end they were not going to be stopped by Evansville on this night. All sixty shocker is played and six guys ended up in double figures snoring. On their way to a one own and I aimed at 830 win over Evansville as the 25 ranked shoppers. Are continue to roll. And another fun night senior night at echo arena crowd and join it. I am to the sport said we can TD tonight here at twin peak cities which it's tolerate 21 rock road as we continue on a soccer locker and show. The call Roger if you would like to join us our phone numbers 86910378691037. We continue on a shocker locker room so soccer fans on hand here tonight at twin peaks and join it after Wichita State's win over Evansville one on 983. Give us a call 8691037. Will have more from twin peaks right after this shocker locker room show up 103 point seven to eight EY and. It pays someone to do a job you didn't ask learned of course not -- mighty paper salesman when you buy a card at -- cars they keep overhead low and pass the savings right to their customers in most cases they're direct to consumer approach saves you thousands over competitors it's like buying from Amazon but with cars if you want an entirely different way to buy a card searching cars Wichita dot com or call 2952851. More stop by the corner of 47 and cinecast. BS dealer. Shocker nation wasn't built overnight it took years of dedication and hard work and perseverance. 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On senior night. You went three for three from three point earth scenes and they were all pure. Justice right straight through the twine. And the soccer's. Can pull up his senior night with a big win the fellow seniors ask bush ended up with two assists on the night also made a bucket. As the Sox are on their way to a big win over Evansville the 25 ranked doctors beat the purple aces tonight one on time to 83 Sox win their eleventh game in a row. I am Tim the sports and we are broadcasting live tonight it has always. Here at twin peaks in east Wichita our 21 and rock road as we continue on the soccer locker room showed tonight from twin peaks. Our phone number is 8691037. Before we go to the next call we got a call from Roger before the break about BP I which is. The analytic that ESPN came up with. About ten years ago because they didn't really care for the way to the RPI. Was constructed. ME RPI. You know is a thing that like we said it kind of takes into account your record. Your strength of schedule your opponent's strength of schedule. And at the time it it is it has become criticized in the and there are some other there are some other metrics that people use now that. More into account and it'll more in depth. And some people feel at that measures that seem a little bit better. One of the things that the BP I does it ESPN comes out with his they take into account whether or not you have players or top. And that kind of affected Wichita State last year there were some games at Fred assembly did not play early on in the season. And the BP I accounts for some of the patent and doesn't penalize you perhaps as much for some of those losses where you have a key player out. And that that is another part of the metric that the BP I uses some of that has to do it became efficiency. The strength of schedule. Even even the pace of the game which is something that the beat him Pomeroy. Metric and it takes into account does some of those things. So even Seoul officially this year the RPI's still what the selection committee uses. They do have some of those others if they want to do that they're handed the RPI is still something that the F. The NCAA tournament committee officially uses. As thereof metric of choice even know there are some others out there they can they can. Resort to if they need to you that don't like him you might Kennedys talked about to the next year. All those different metrics will be officially more of the equation and more available to the committee that not this year they're still kind of top city into the RPI. Which is what they that what they officially uses a metric that they kind of uses of as a barometer of what's going on out there. Let's go to the phone lines 8691037. As the phone number just aim is next hello James you're on a lottery it was so there said. It. Seems. Let's. And I don't you know think you just seems. Only as an awful lot like a long time soccer fan grew up in the area well people or. I just haven't been there were resounding victory. Seems to be the pattern here lately. What does nine. Really impressed with our guard play you know I was tell my brother who is the case you graduate that has become a big time soccer fan does in the area. I tell you that we are better tandem of Brandon camp and Hamad. If not already. Right next here account to be wanted to talk. Student three guard tandem in the country I mean certainly done my research on the other guy's better I mean how in the heck can you talk those two you know. The other played at a pretty high level right now. There really are and not another thing I never thought I was. But we're gonna make it can finally are. Maybe get that detonate it whatever it may be. Those those early nonconference losses were. We're Balmer actually but. Yeah has now been linked of those teams in this and that and I wonder how we're gonna pair against them a little longer means you know I know I realize we have to guard play obviously we have the junkyard dog and and now what. Well I lost my friend barbarian not. Kelly rhetorically aren't silly now. You have never gonna we're gonna need to step it up against some of those longer mean you know Baylor for example about the world not the will be playing them but. There have been Berkman hit him with a lot of lane and I have athleticism that we don't have that got the tough guys getting better. But I just your thoughts on how with how we might handle a lot a longer team you know there's there's a network. We're gonna get out in this and then it turning my. Now and the out and then James that's the big question is the show soccer's. But did not to sell against Louisville Owen and at Michigan State and Oklahoma State when they had those chances earlier in the season. And the question is the is is this soccer team we're seeing now in late February are they better now than they were. Two months ago I think they are but I don't know for sure until until some real dad again that the but double steal we'll see if further soccer team is playing at a higher level now I I suspect they are. But that's the F that's the big goals conceded that what happened in March and who they match up against. Yeah oh yeah I mean obviously playing better than yelled effective and time those early in the season. But competition that the medal went would've been huge receding and actually up until recently is I wasn't you know what was a truly good that we would even as we make the damn I'm pretty sure we would help I think yeah. I think brand name had a little bit to do what they believe that a lot of these past few years I mean I hope it would. We've we've moved we've got people's attention I mean I live here in Vegas and everybody knows that shoppers are within yeah. Oh really cool in my book. That's good stuff in the right they've they've acquitted themselves very well in an NCAA tournament play the last five seasons. There are only definitely. Willis it was certainly a spot on tonight nine and I hope you enjoyed it Jane was because it was there was another special night for the shots. It really has. You know I was just opened here on my phone unfortunately it wasn't on TV. But does it haven't I done better climate commitment hit. And that it ever went back to back the factories how often does that man that was that was there that. Now pretty good stuff and ARCO Arena was loud impressed when he was I get that done. I'm sure a lot of them probably live regardless. It. Especially especially without Mike. Yeah out fondue was to send a senior does cedar class out with with the good minutes down the stretch and seniors. Being productive snapped as as these guys have been through the years. Definitely definitely it was I thought that the oh what his name we're coming around hit out but can't have the talent but you know he's he's he's in the book those stretches where there like. You know you're like what they're going on but that you know that Ellen I'm in the the Qaeda have been moved here other than that what do you think I'm. He's been coming back around and boy I bet that a bit but well. The out he was he was his weight is playing time had severely dwindled. But the last few games now he's kind of come back of hard charging and get some get some production out of his minutes he only played twelve minutes tonight. But he eleven points five rebounds and a career high four blocked shots so. The girl. Darryl can bring it on both ends of the floor Tuesday just needs to be consistent that it stand. And I'm not not trying to score and it's not bear I think it's still he's got to learn and do these double teamed or at the shot isn't there are. You don't have to force it especially with this team you can find an open man and and get a high percentage shot out of that possession it. He still figuring that out but he's he's pretty talented guy. Very driven content that it only has twelve minutes that I well. Now I didn't. IE kind of surprising and I saw that do disease pretty productive in those twelve minutes. Yes it just the additional ability and ability you look at the game you know bill that opened up. And yeah and protect what all the best at what when I don't appreciate them. Cool make it games the bidding here from me to be given a sick all. It tonight thank you James this is the shock her locker it would show or broadcast it live here at twin peaks in east Wichita. We are 21 rock road as we continue on this night. Fans enjoying the soccer game day specials cheeseburger for despite a 99 and a big man size mug of the shocked up just four dollars. You're soccer game day special. We'll have the specials again on Saturday that's the next soccer game in the regular season finale shocker Missouri State on Saturday morning. At gable tip off at 11 o'clock on Saturday mornings to come on it. And we gave her twin peaks at when he first in Iraq on Saturday morning will be here after the game as always take your phone calls on the soccer locker room still after that one. Mean will sets the regular season and just looking into the post season on Saturday as well so that'll be fun and we'll get things go on here. At twin peaks don't forget tomorrow is national Margarita daisy come on by twin peaks all late tomorrow and get a four hour house Margarito. Celebrate national arteries they would twin peaks girl's tomorrow. Here at 21 in Iraq. Enjoy your twin peaks shelters are ranked number 25 in the nation and they. Picked it off well with a big win one on 983 tonight on senior night the regular season home finale for the shocks. They went their nineteenth straight game it Coke arena on campus an eleven game winning streak overall now for the shocks. There are sixteen and one in the valley with one game left to go in the regular season. Still unsure whether their expedition first with a championship or a second still yet to be determined. Late in the season here. But the Sox are 26 and four overall call. In on this not a shocker but 109 points on the scoreboard. Scored BC's his fifteen Z Celine points off turnovers. And the soccer shoot 54%. From the field including 60%. Shooting. In the second half she's more is leading a shocker tonight with eighteen points. Pasta assistance to career I'd miss and fox rebounds fortune as it was. Thirteen points for markets the speed on I don't keep shooting. Now thirteen points for Cotter frank campus he made 33 pointers in a perfect four for four at the line. Thirteen points for a start Kelly the bench for the shot blockers to go along with six rebounds and make career high his six assists. Ever start Kelly led the team was six assists tonight. It did twelve points for only and grief she's about perfect shooting night for Landry for a four all from three point range. Landry also had three assists and a steal. Eleven points off the bench for Darryl Willis go along with five rebounds and a career high with four blocked shots. Total four of eight shooting. Nine points on his senior night for jobs or Simon a perfect three for three from three point range on his way to those nine points in just six minutes. He made three threes in the final seven minutes of the game. Those seniors that bush made a basket as well also a pair of assists in his six minutes on his senior night. Brown had two points and three rebounds on the night of the shocks. Based on Smith at that point he also made a three pointer. Knew each four CJ Kaiser Brett Barney. And Toronto merger and Eric Hamilton on the night. Even Austin Reeves who did not score and a pair of assists as well for the shocker so all sixteen guys played tonight. Offense was nearly unstoppable putting up 109. Points on the scoreboard at 61. Points put up in the second half. As a soccer when it tonight they get their eleventh win in a row one on nine. 83 over the and it's built per places the 25 ranked show soccer's are now 26 and four on the season. Next came regular season finale Saturday morning 11 AM to all Missouri State. You can hear the whole game live right here on what all three point 78 EYNB shirtless and that'll be fun. On Saturday and he can watch the game here at twin peaks at 21 in Iraq will be here again on Saturday for the soccer locker room shelf. I am at the sports and wanna thank all our callers tonight on a thank our great hosts here at twin peaks at 21 in Iraq. Gone by twin peaks tomorrow and celebrate national Margarita day with four dollar house margaritas. Our studio engineers tonight till our tepid recently thank you gentlemen as always is thanks to all our great collars and will be with you again. On Saturday for the regular season finale at Missouri State 11 AM tipoff Saturday. That'll do it tonight for the soccer locker room show thanks for listening to soccer basketball tonight. What senior night shocker is one on nine Evansville 83 the 25 ranked talkers win their eleventh and her soul. That you've listened to soccer basketball tonight 103 point seventy EY and good night.