WSU Basketball vs Dayton - Round 1 - NCAA Tournament - 03/17/17

Friday, March 17th

WSU Basketball vs Dayton - NCAA Tournament: W 64-58


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Why. I'm good bankers life you know. I had this first round game between Wichita State and they. In the NCAA tournament it is a pleasure to have you whether it's a pleasure for us to. Being here sixth straight year for Wichita State in the NCAA of course. Once it got past couple years in a row is an all time school record. And it just keeps going the soccer's command to tonight's game as a ten seed that's of course struck a lot of controversy and a lot of discussion. Date the seventh seed. But two very capable teams teams capable of winning more than just this game tonight. And it's going to be a battle but Wichita State is favored in Vegas and out to prove that they deserve better than ten seats should be an exciting game. Bob hole and Dave dull alongside and a coach all certainly game that in some ways presents a little bit of a mirror image between teaching. I think so I think that's a good way to think about it because Dayton plays man to man defense that they pride themselves on defense. They they've really fight it out trying to I'll fight their opponent. There on the floor for loose balls and they hit the boards they're half they don't ever give up. They got a coach that really preaches all the fundamentals they don't turn the ball over much. And I think that shoppers are going to be up against a team like them but with more experience now they're not it's to keep the team. As the shoppers are specially inside. Which may work to those suckers advantage. But they're gonna see a lot of similarities in the offences they run in it and how they think it. You are describing shoppers when you are all the things you have said you said. About the shocker is just as much as he said about they I think the excellent ballclub I've been a big fan always I just love the way they play the game. I think there lack of depth is going to hurt them a little bit they're not quite as big as Wichita State I think shoppers. Should be able to take advantage of them inside a little bit and remember they've lost their last two ball games. And in their last four ball games and only have they lost to but they went into overtime to win one ball game. People are shooting the three point shot pretty well against his former club Wichita State is hot from outside. It'll open up to big men inside little Wichita State as a real advantage in my opinion. And that should be with shock proceed. Before we get into phone calls and tweets and so forth and and I should again remind you our phone number. If you have a question or comment forest is 8691037. The area code is 316869. 1037 or you can reach me on Twitter. At not shocker voice in this first forty minutes or so we'd love to talk with all of you answer your questions kicked around things that you bring out to us. But I did wanna bring something up before we before we get started with all of that. This has been a bizarre week for a several others with family situations and different things. But for the shocker family. Certainly the news today stalwarts passage and a couple of days ago was a very very sad for all of us. I had the not only the opportunity is there as a youngster. Starting in my teens. I was still in my early teens when Dave Stallworth debuted at Wichita State that they had a chance to see him play a number of times. But later in life had a chance to get to know him it was always. Very very kind to me always enjoyed talking basketball with him Dave I know you remember what the things I mentioned it one of the interviews that I did about Dave. Was that he used it would have been dropped in on the pregame show with this one's a lot of home games. And he would come to all the soccer games and watch and we were really blown away by. Just his knowledge of the game and what a student of the game he was that he would point out all kinds of little things he had noticed about the shocker to their opponents and so forth beyond his. Tremendous ability. He just he loved it gave me really studied. Did when he was a player he could do that on the fly immediately to sit down and analyze and look from bar of he could figure out or player's weaknesses worry figure out where you can take advantage player. And do so and I got snowed Dave when I was who we are suits and torched a state and he was taking this hiatus for NBA. He had heart problems that. He probably could have played but they did now it's time some day would come out and work out with players on the team. And this was in the offseason and he was so gracious to us even people like me that didn't play very much. And so encouraging and so positive with us and he was my hero. From the time I lived in Minnesota the snow Minnesota gopher games against the shoppers. And I have held him in the highest esteem for ever and the great shocker in my opinion of all time wealth that. Wealth that I I. I'm members is. How big his hands and he had his hands having his hand was just it just him fellow speaker can't. Very very friendly guy I didn't grow up in which I think is chance to see him play but when I would ask the guys that have been around for long like you guys and and and others. Who's the best soccer ever it was always days so it's the thing that I told some people in these interviews is. He was success than. In a time when that was typically a lot of centers of power forwards were 67 and Dave could certainly play around the basket and score with his back to the basket and a variety of moves. But he that was a great jump shooter who handled the ball he was he played far more like it's guarded his size and very many people you ever saw back in that era. And that's why I think he would have been great in any era and I think because of that. The health problems and not having a tremendous pro career solid career but not a great pro career. They may be is not remembered as much as he should be as one of the in my opinion one of the very greatest college players involved. And left handed mind or right handed if they needed in this sister she found someone opened even someone that couldn't shoot as well as he could it looks pretty well describes just about it everybody's. He would. He would hit them with the pass and he was just terrific and led Wichita State which was the beginning of their glory days and there have been. Times when it's ebbed and flowed from Wichita State and they are at pzena right now in terms of there their production. But he got things started out there people are fans. For Wichita State basketball and have been coming up two games for fifty years because they've stow. We wanted to pay that tribute to obviously there's a lot more we could say that we've mourned his passing along with the rest of shocker nation and now it's. Move forward to tonight's game many of the discussion a lot of have we have Al on the phone he's going to lead off artist guest and I now. Hello my thanks for taking my call Al and aren't I wanna really hammering out and it kind of what you are staying out of the speech stalwart. The inevitable part and there's been the fact York AC. I was oblivious to what was going on what you thought. They've already won and it can be to what are our basketball and Cripple Creek that. On the elderly. Just curious what your opinion might be on. Don't you that. He's been there. Playing together to Mormon Church in paddy and I feel like they're marked you off they're already being. First of what would I. I think some of the experience. Has been overplayed just a little bit although they do have. Couple or three key seniors that do have more just pure long hope you know overall experience. Is Wichita State but. Some other guys have played in as many as five NCAA tournament games with Utah State has four guys who played it either six or five NCAA tournament games of their careers of some of that. Evens out a little bit as far as the the size thing that you mentioned I think that's from Wichita State has a definite advantage in just. Watching the teams that here is they're kind of loosening up if you look at data they're not very day and I think Wichita State. Has a chance to take advantage of that in a couple of ways Bob I'm sure we'll get into this summoned his winning strategies but. If if the shoppers are as effective as it potentially capable of the eight with Jack Morrison Darryl Willis and particular inside. Then not only does that give the shot here's the opportunity to score there and maybe get Pollard their best bigger player in foul trouble. But it also should force Dayton to collapse little bit maybe double team a little. And open up Shannon's friends here at the company on the outs well that's a match up that I'm gonna keep a close eye on is Kendall followed. Vs Shaq Morrison's Darryl Willis and maybe Ronald nurture. They're inside guy against our inside guy and that's going to be a key. Match and if if Paula what happened it'd foul trouble it would really hurt Dayton. Because he can score meanest guy can score a whole lot of different ways his jump shot he's got a lot of fans. If he moves to the basket you can drive right you can drive left deposed. Like to face up to drive vehicle right at you. And he's he's he's not explosive he's not a real tall for about 6667. People have long arms and he's got a lot move so. That's going to be tough matchup. As far as experience. I think we probably have as much NCAA experiences they do I think the only thing the edge if they ever if they have any hitches that they've got four seniors who start. And those guys know it's not it's my last game. It like my college career. So you know they are not going to lay down they are not gonna give up I mean it's going to be a battle to the end. You look at. Experience and I think that that carries some weight to some degree. And these are good players that they have that is don't have enough in my opinion they don't have enough players Wichita State is far too deep for them. In the early part of the season I thought Wichita State's inexperience show that was leadership that experience it was confidence. Who's gonna take the shot and trusted one another in those types of things I think that that's way in the rear view here from Wichita State I think they've got. All the confidence they need they have. Now developed a winning mindset they have confidence in themselves they have trusted one another. And that's usually what experience brings and you know they have also been in positions. Where they have played in the big Arenas. The end important games and they performed pretty well and one would expect them to do that again. All right thank you for the call Alan we have line that from god that does. Now you're done. I don't think you're aren't happy that I don't know who blog here back here aren't there. Well we're here in years so. Well you're not going to step aside there you go and get their act now the question. I've. What we're like you'd say what that we would negate stamina thing. And I don't I guess like after it aren't we hearing a little more relaxed spirit here right war Iraq here so. God not not hang up election. I was pretty relaxed last year because I was so sleep deprived I could get could not as hot hot hot hot so we we we didn't know where we were what they'll let us. The idea of and honestly. I'll save this. And it just goes to show you never you never know looking at it just happened to take a look at their sheet from last year looking at Arizona. Going into that game. You know they had a great record that play in the pac twelve wouldn't go through there individuals they had McDonald's all Americans of all these highly recruited guys. And so you were you know you just wondered Wichita State hadn't played many teams like that last year you just wondered how they would match up they wouldn't vote of course they handled it very effective. Led by 25 at one point I think. This Dayton team doesn't have that kind of pedigree. They're more like Wichita State they're guys that we're a little under recruited but it turned into a really good players. Headed in some ways a little less relaxed about that you know it's because I think that they're very tough hard nosed team much like what it's not stated. And doctors are gonna have to really work. Play well the latest. A guy I don't know that much about the city of Dayton but I was always pictured is the blue collar town and and that's kind of have this. When we got here for the first four last year played Vanderbilt it just seems like you're just a basketball freak he found sound just like which itself. That they filled arena they love the flyers say they can travel we went to Orlando. A couple of years ago they had more people there than anybody else. They travel well they support are key. In their team plays like Wichita they they fight the plea mean defense they. They hustle in don't have a lot of big names that are are up McDonald's all Americans. But they over achieve did they win their conference and they won their conference this year so. And lose after you know they lost their last two games and you don't want their conference so. I I think there's a lot of similarities end and that is like with plane Vanderbilt and his likely hear itself. And teams like this always have something to prove. And it's field chip on the shoulder. We're gonna prove that even though we may not have been the blue bloods is we were recruited out of high school we can still play with the west and which Dustin has that same mentality. And I think the mantra of this period Wichita State now four years as the play angry mantra. And they carry that for a full forty minutes in the ballgame and that to me is going to be the bottom line today. This state teams going to play hard and coached us they suspend play harder. I've footer question from Scott that I I really like because it it gets us to a point that I didn't wanna talk about he says if W actually it was the seventh and dignity and do you think it would have been any outrage over the seating would have been the same game. The whole point about the seating is not really the match up that shot here's ended up where I don't think that. That this match up with date is an unfair match up for Wichita State if anything similar saying it might be an end their matchup for eight. As a seventh seed that the whole thing about the ten seat with me and I think a lot of people connected with which does date is that. There are all these things that were supposedly under consideration. By the committee. While being that the make precedes the ads that are going to be supposedly more a part of the selection process in the future but that they were going to look at this year. Wichita State was eight at the time and Ken Pomeroy it enough five they were unloading ships accurate they were six teams in the PPI and a lot of the national commentators. Referred to all the time. At in the top twenty wanted both of the national polls and even though. The RBI has been considered outdated and not very useful it is going to be dropped next year from the consideration they were still using it this year and even in that it's not yours was 32 qualities the selection Sunday so all of those things. With adequate. Certainly. Indicate better than a tendency. And that's what all the outrage was found is that. It's not that it's not the match up that you doctors got its war. Just the disrespect and a certain hypocrisy in my opinion on the part of the committee. And also just a lack of basketball knowledge on the part of the committee the people that have been outraged. That in many cases it's national media people like she acknowledged that understands that game it is and watched Wichita State. Steve laughter is the former Villanova coach who's the CBS commentator did through Wichita State games this year he was singing their praises before the selection show. People like that to have won actually watched them play and know what it really good basketball team looks like. Where those that was the most outraged about the seating far more than anybody at which time actually yeah and as far as the match up you know they were going to beat it appeared anywhere from a seven due in nine in most of the conversation. And so the match up would've been about like what it is anyway if they detonator is they've been playing don't want to see if they want. As the seventh tenth match out to be playing it to see if they want so it's not it's not a big difference that's not what the complaints. Well you know. I think I considered the 89 matchup a tossup and I considered the F 710 games of a toss up I don't think there's a lot of difference between seven. And and I think you could afflict us. And I'm glad I am sure you could have been argue it either way it was seven it was thin and people complain about well we're too low words and we're playing at seven. Well I think what I don't mind the match up. I would I don't know but wanna played Michigan Oklahoma State that's at 710 game that played here earlier. And this is a pretty good seven we might have been put up against them for the way they've shot today. I don't know if anybody would beat him in Oklahoma State we know all about them replace him with a terrific read itself. I don't I don't they have a problem with our matchup. The one thing that is a little suspicious and people have brought it up. Is how they put the mid majors against each other right and so we're playing date so to mid majors so one of us going to be out after the first game. Also Saint Mary's is playing VCU. So one of those mid majors it's going to be out and use that term it may even though we don't like it but nobody knows who were talking about Craig's plea Rhode Island. Maybe two mid majors butler's playing Winthrop. You know so. That's a little suspicious. Well to me it's disrespectful. To. Everybody are almost everybody that's not a power by conference team and and it's not clear what happened which cost that is not here but it's happened and that's it you just forget about it and move forward and honestly. It doesn't make any difference if you're an 89 win and play one vs seventeen that went and played two minutes is all about the same thing. The problem I have we have. This these seeding news. This committee. Is entrusted with the most important thing that they do for the entire year. And all they did was. In the very perfunctory way. Just said well we're not give much given much credence to those non power five. Schools and it's it's not right that's not fair. And people complain about not just Wichita State the disease that might national media people complain about it now Wichita State has to prove them wrong. Like USC did it today by winning and in that way then they're vindicated. I thank you for the question. Sandy asked if we have seen the great article or on baker in the players' tribute regarding the expression play angry I have been I would highly recommended to everyone ivory pleated dad and and why did and all those things to try to get it out to more people but look for Ron baker players' tribute and he talks about. What play angry is all about what it means that the philosophy behind it and talked about his experience at Wichita State and it's just it's it's really really. Heartwarming and and should make all of you a shocker fans feel good if you have a chance this feel good about Ron. And feel good about the programs. And they've got to shows a side of Ronald that a sense of humor that sort of thing that that we didn't always get a chance to see interviews he was always. Pretty straightforward. You know pretty much stuck to the point that in this thing he has little bit of fun and talks about the commercial once people's evaluation of the commercials they tip for Carlos and Kelly is it does several things that they talked about how. Anytime you come back the Wichita Wichita State it's like coming home it's coming to a special place that meant so much in your life that probably everybody. Has a place like that in their beards. Periods of history we have been so proud of those guys from the minute they set foot on campus. That not only their basketball playing ability which was just remarkable from the get go but for for the type of people that we. They were in an. All Americans and to get the recognition that they've gotten to still be modest and remember the people back home. Was great. An opportunity in his professional athletes that are traveling the world over and making money and being written about them all of those types of things. Which reinforces. The high opinion that we all have been. My brother Tim and it isn't going to keep down from Chicago has to watch the games here this weekend. I think games. Okay I'll write a lack and so. We know we sit around talking and Owen is Wisconsin grad he's 25 years old worsened Chicago. And so he says hey I'd want to run baker played for the next. And easily could have really to a watched him so here's the Wisconsin Brett 45 year old kid he knows all about run victory in the shock you. Sorry I didn't respondents those watching the shock is flier handed dunk at the other end of a pretty spectacular. So anyway I hope we hear. Back to the point and again 8691037. Is the phone number if you like to Collison or on Twitter. You could reaches that shocker boys I had a question from patty good we've read the article about Reshard and his puppy and I have not an easy to picture of the puppy. And apparently. It's it's a really good article I've also recommend Bob Johnson's article about Lance cam and his mom has relations that was that was really. You can get it makes you feel good to have young people like this in your program needs of the people that you're talking about it rooting for your fan and all those kinds of things is just really good young people are you proud to have representing. Well and I think that Bob is an excellent writer and always has been and his profile through. Among the best of his works. Keep in mind that he's retiring in April so if you get an opportunity to drop in the lines and in the note for something like that expressed appreciation. For all the good work that he has done which I thought was exemplified in his article on Lambert recently that was just oh win. You know my wife Cindy journalism if she makes but about station that's not salutes you get soft. And I'm not gonna. Used to be set by gay got no got solved it but yeah it was a good article and I are like. Edit data shocker is why you get 50% off your online order that he Wichita area hostage onslaught on the Papa Johns dot com. And use the from a coach shocker fifty. To receive your shocker discount by the way if you haven't been following the brackets real closely. Wichita State if it wins tonight we'll not know the winner. RT opponent in the next round until later at the end game that we decide debt between Kentucky and northern Kentucky. Is the game to be played right after this went to. Includes here in Indianapolis most probably thinking you know who the winner of that will be aesthetically gone up pretty strong opinion on that that. Nevertheless. That it comes up after this that the chargers win certainly will be stayed around to watch at least some of that taking it looked about it. Young people and our adult day about that the seating and not be happy with that but I like the matchup Putnam matchup with the and I like to match up. The possible matchup in the fifth and its deployment. All right John this. Any shot through and it's a party of Ted blocker. Depending on how many points we shot restore you can save 1025 even 40% off most controversial guys tiger fans all over proudly say I got it. At its next head locker. And it lasted like Regis hot foot it. Doctor voice and my phone 691037. Area code three lights next day and Bob and I will be back to. Bankers life fieldhouse in Indianapolis in the NCAA tournament right after the. 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TV re not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real wood entertainment furniture in the city after TV. We've got our roots in which tough not just our branches. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance C agent John Green bread woody or in valley center agent Tim Day-Lewis. You shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. And. Indianapolis like candidate Bob told Dave I know what you have we're taking your calls and your tweets 8691037. Or. At shocker voice on Twitter we have a few phone calls piled up so let's get busy mark leaders up. It marked. Mark you're on do. We now have already hearing the mighty. Through god had not been a lot well. Mark we're hearing me you know I'm very often comment artwork they've got to born. For a couple months out there and one time we were taken operate outside. The end I just can't look at that we can't let me violence that gave the race that he did I have heard that the long time you know we both laughed you know. Again no one day I had parked on a high you know I had faith like starting a couple over get this for me to what outlook is that thing. The other report I got here the reason why because the doctor that simply because they gave Oklahoma State and safe and vocal that they beat here at the White House thanks for your thoughts. Certainly that could figure into the equation so maybe that's solved of course all right thank you for the call Marc Anthony your next. Who they carry. A dorm okay of this particular Wal-Mart didn't and other commercial bee wrote the book review. I cannot help you that. So it looked so none of the studio. It relevant to Pope wouldn't and over and hope you can hear me with them to handle commercial heating months. It says that it is one of the neighborhood I was talking about food dollar we're not in the local good game good Ole notebook. I stumbled leaving would fit but I want to be brought on the I know how remote employees that you to what he'll do it. We gave him gave him from the morning news. Not only using it motivation was beaten at the dedication. All. Also. I would probably not lose even know they had special partisan political life when the clue what he needs she needed any mob. What all the opportunity go to a local rules when. Let you know. I looked up what these guys brother Paul. Wouldn't look good feel for it won't be. You know wolf as he. Once they're capable sort of polish right. So. Mr. Lowe's stores or because it was a little probably that will be but more importantly. Let me to be a citizen. It's a little baby food they hit the through in the public golf or soccer we be now mean good. In my heart that we have. My bet him he. Mean he goes to show. Either the week after going for the people of good that we can get people can you include. He. You'd think with there's been Cooper ruled that the university who studies were they didn't know they gave Michael. Hi Anthony thank you thanks for the story Eric could just another. Good note to pass along on this soccer team this through the young man. I don't know that Gregg Marshall would use necessarily anything about days Stallworth does. Point of inspiration but it's possible he was quoted in the official release that went out from the athletic department he certainly. They Stallworth was someone who gave it to me get to know a little bit viewers. Coach Marshall was very much involved in the reunion and celebration of the final fourteen. What was that was kept when you get out. And a half hour got that Heather got to know all those guys and and enjoyed it very much so certainly very well aware they've unfortunately. When you go through a lot of the history Wichita State basketball. Guys like Antoine Carr flip flopping can certainly got a note gave them. Other stories about him even into his forties playing pickup ball with the current players and holding his own. But his health has been failing for a while and I doubt that any of the for profit soccer players ever had the opportunity to be unfortunately that he. He touched a long line of soccer players and got to know them and as they've said so it's very accurately and so we're very revered. And you know that Anthony brings up another point talked about Eric Hamilton would race and he was signed autograph. You could almost say fill in the blank whoever coach Marshall has recruited. And we'll stay here Wichita State. Do the very same thing all the people are just. People rejoicing about public they are respectful. Soccer fans and people that were really happy that they're here which to. They're always really nice round best known as very respectful and very funny is it fun to talk those guys. I'm not an authority happened but woodgate stalwart the great person from being one of the year awards after. Shadow world absolutely very defensive very very good. All right Anthony thank you. For the caller we have happy as our next caller yes. Guys. I'm. Thank you have I know we talked about the pain in the feet anyway. You ever see that happening. Head back when you have kept seeing but I think her feeding them for is that I have been. But it's. They have seen the way and then we'll relive. I don't know how that works there Casey Marie Gordon Verizon. I'm just wondering how that happened there ready let's rock Indy coach Scott thank you. Thank you Kathy. I'll answer this but first there have been just in the last five years a couple of fifteen speed at 21 of them was Albany beating duke. Just a couple of years ago and I forget what the other one was so bad has happened just a couple of times recently Hampton. Can't lot of the end yeah. So. Middle Tennessee yeah thank you have a middle Tennessee and Michigan State last year was fifteen over to. ESPN did little story today about sixteen to one's. And there have been at least three times and maybe it was four times where a six team has played with him one. Points and on ones went to. Fortunate to get away from trips by one point so what's going to happen just a matter of when it happened. But. Also love the eleven feet and think about eleven seed Wichita State last year to K state this year. I forget how many years is he had. In the last maybe five to six years somewhere in there they expanded from 6014. Through 68. That they felt like it would be unfair if they'd get dad. Did take four more teams from power conferences but they've added that marches. And then take all of these conference champions. Of the lord regarded conferences or make them all play into the bracket so. They they kind of evaluate the gauntlet before conference champions who have the lowest season basically lost the valuation are and two of them or. First four games playing. And then they take that Ford teams that are considered the last four at large teams can. And obviously eleven or twelve seed and have them play each other for a spot in the field who last year was because state Vanderbilt is eleven feet. This year it was taste they. As saying possible eleven Wednesday. Yes it was a USC at provident auto plotted out. For an eleventh CBI and I think they got that right I think that it is that makes more sense like Fisher bouncing Mary's played or so one of those teams is definitely getting in got to play sixty. But they could go one of them gets the chance they get in the tournament. Now it's often very fit placate state courts have played lately force them out of both lost so I think it's Smart for that book. He had to eleventh against each other case state Wake Forest and then on the other side of record at Providence and USC playing each other. And so as the central UC Davis my fingers work. Of those sports you've got here and if you look at Lombard fans over an Arty he he talks about. Last war in and often times last flooring him or those elevenths that come into play. I thank you can't ticket questions. We have a question. On what time would Sunday's game vehicle shoppers play on Sunday and we don't know that all has to do it. TV and so forth. So they've. They don't do that until pretty much all the games are over today. And then. And then they'll announce that either later tonight or tomorrow morning so. If Wichita State wins. The Kentucky game is still coming up they might announce that all that was going on but it might be after that game is over tomorrow morning some time before we know what shots. Or if you look at how many times Kentucky's on national TV. You know that they are wrong no matter their life and you would expect that game to beat Lleyton. Not primetime host the prime time on Sunday. But tried them on Sunday is the afternoon right up not tonight you exactly right as they I don't think they very often. Take that sixty minutes off the year ago publicly yet but we'll 68. How big shocker fifth with a game is back tonight UnitedHealth care had most generally healthy adults need at least a half hours of aerobic exercise league. A lot of strength rating on at least two days for more tips on living a healthier lifestyle. Like C dot com today. Another Twitter question. Or actually observations. As hoping to see greens candidate in French camp in the game together tonight coach Marshall manages to. On a lot of his last news I think we've got this comment or question. Utter recent show and we said get this dude I don't know we'll see that and sure enough we read senator. The very game tape trying to predict Greg marshals lineup today and threw it. Particular. It's impossible to get you played a lot of different channel lineups and a lot of that they've done what they think. That's a couple of the other being that it. Who's playing good news wrapped play good situation only given an opportunity and he threw it a couple of nice shot three played particularly well on defense. We're gonna let him stay in for a couple more minutes so a lot of different things. Motivate Reagan his decisions are almost always correct. That particular thing you know actually could see some time together tonight because state there's gonna have some three guard lineup. Really they're starting line up basically a three guard lineup itself. But if it's very possible effect it's. More advantageous matchup tonight. End date doesn't host sites match up very much Mike so that Wichita State would be hurt if they played those three cars same time. When I don't think you'll see not might again be wrong that I I am quite often. And I wiped everything out but I don't think we'll see our big lineup I don't think you'll see more of Willis and the stuff you. Three I'm not sure we'll see that a lot tonight against these because they. I'll work and not roll call very fast and they really gonna. I we're about thirty minutes away from 10 o'clock we can't stand. Question and answer period a little bad if we still have anybody wanting to hot bed so freaked me on Twitter at that's not true voice for. On I'm sorry by phone at 869103. Area code 3168691037. Had a question about. What station moron would not marketed. My handle. Points out of our consistent. Hope the end which is tough. It's all the calls between we'll have to wait just a few seconds but coming up we got our scouting reports Greg Marshall. Bob we'll have the winning strategy is about today. The horror lasted about your patients before we took this would not between the doctors in Dayton one interesting note about this matchup tonight. It is only the third leading ever. Between these two programs who have had certainly some similarities in their size of their status and college basketball over the years. But the only time. They've ever played this one game that gave him. 1941. To 42 season that's before either one of them were really kind of recognized major teams. As deadly played in the 196162. And I see. In the opening round or quarterfinals at Madison Square Garden. Wichita State was favorite going into that game that was the year that they've Stallworth who we've been talking so much about. Join the team that mid year they've finished second in the valley this Cincinnati that went on to win the national championship. This Packers were one of the favorites if not the favorite in the nineteenth and were upset by date. I happily six point 7771. In the quarterfinals that date team went on to win. Yeah ninety title. Let classic steps off warming thing they'll journalist who turned them beat me. And Dayton has been a runner up in the ninety several times at that point that it becomes a real point of contention that the evidence that was really big deal to adapt. But that's leading 55 years ago was the last time the way they should be playing. I went they had be will be great on the it would be it would be. Tough place to play though. We went there played that playing games last year have placed them did he say they pack it. And make a lot of noise here. Today for the flyers to greater it is the a lot of thought I would have a couple more. Also we'll take these border after that Jesse go right ahead. Jesse area there. Yes but I am. It. I don't want to play. And barred. They have already answered that question. Glue. Literally now players. That are competent any problem no. Is. A lot. But. They have anybody. Else but there that we really should be worried about. What was your. I had a little trouble hearing you think they know they did not have any really tall players. They start. Two players that are 666866. Player Kendall Pollard. Plays to a weighs 230 pounds it is kind of a power forward type player averages fourteen point one points five rebounds a game. 653%. They're tallest starter is serious Williams is 68 and only weighs about 210 pounds. It is more of a skill type players not theory that a three point shooter. But not yet not a power player inside and then they come off the match. But Bryant Mike sell who 67. Candles another guy who can play inside some but also issues history and judge Cunningham. Who played his freshman year Bradley two years ago and he actually was the second leading rebounder in the Missouri Valley Conference as a freshman. And started the first two games of the year for big this year as a transfer had to sit out last year. And then had a really serious ankle injury missed two months of the season he's only been back for about the last eight or nine games so. He's a guy access. It's just he's. He's not as effective as not playing as well right now to. Might have been before the injury. Now that their strength is there there there I. Undersized but but Paul or even though he's six foot six plays a lot taller than that is very long arms and the wife by about 240 pounds. And he really knows how to use his body well to score inside right handed let me jump books he's really good when you catch that about fifty feet out. On one side or the other you can drive rep I've left. Right right or left. Ankle by a bigger guys so very effective inside guy at 66. There have been like for the sixth day guy. Seriously seriously and if Barbara pick and pop guy who likes to shoot the outside. Three pointer very report. But no I don't think it's a fast quick he and they've only played four perimeter guys which went right side. They got three things that they tout his strength for themselves one is they feel like they were good shooting team and they are good shooting team. But not quite as good as Wichita State soccer shoot 47 point 3% date. 47 cents. They left to take advantage of the turnovers. What they do is they cause more turnovers. Than they commit themselves. Black Wichita State has fewer turnovers per game in Dayton eleven point 1211 point nine. And finally they feel that they're very very solid defensively they just think that they. It dates smother people and they can do a good job and they are very good defensive team one of the top just in the country with a state of the top five in the country and I think Wichita State has the edge just about every statistical. All right thank you for the college Jesse were gonna let Kerry wrapped things up with a phone call this evening hearing. Hello immediately. Yes please go ahead OK sorry. I was just wondering computer game against Kentucky couple a couple of years ago that outrage. Do you think that was put back here in the committee. That enough but I have a possible rematch. The quiet throughout these. I would say no probably ditch effort now how they look at some of that stuff I think they tend to look more at. Who will draw fans to certain sites like but he gave you it also they like to make the number one seeds go away you know. Let them go is close to home as possible. It makes sense they've got three schools here in Indianapolis that are all very close. The State's northern Kentucky had detectable foreign Louisville. So. Now why I think it was more how they just figured the whole bracket and who's seeded where it and you know I. I think it may have had something to do it CBS assigning to advance the directory here because you advance work that game in Saint Louis glory years ago and had. A lot of positive things to say about it and we talked to him yesterday during the practices and he's really looking forward to the possibility of that there read math. You know the irony of all of that is Dayton isn't too far from here and they travel well. They the fans love basketball in Dayton. But those people had difficulty getting tickets also each school is a lot of certain number of tickets for most of the schools hopefuls allotments out. And then the rest of the bowl the rest of the tickets excuse me. We're pretty much eaten up by Kentucky and those that weren't beaten up by Kentucky were bought by Louisville people's I don't expect date to have. An overwhelming number of people here tonight like he ordinarily would have yeah. You know a few weeks ago and came out with the top eight seeds. And they've been on TV on CBS they talk about it that the. The chairman of the committee as pretty interesting because he's a lot of insight into how they do it and he said they think they figure out these beat me by Sunday morning. And then Sunday afternoon to figure out OCD you know. From want all the way down to what is 68. And then once they get that done then they get support they start put them where they and they have a whole lot of rules. So if the one from the ACC. It's in this region of the conflict needs if they're agency they can't put everything got both history and so they have all these rules rules on where they put people on the brackets. So I think they have to follow up close and benefit comes down to a choice it's gonna be keeping. People closer because it's cheaper. They could bust relative quiet season for the NCAA everybody else but this. So I don't think. If they present talking about matchup because what happened. Two years ago or three years ago I think that would drive me crazy but I doubt very much if that happens but it's kind of cool that it that it that. You know that Kentucky here at that two. All right thank you offer your calls and sleeps we're going to move on coming up next Gregg Marshall with these scouting report. And then Bob will have the winning strategy as we continue to lead up to Wichita State and Dayton. In the NCAA tournament from Indianapolis. Movers located in Jimmy Kansas is the largest Chevy and Ford dealer in Kansas at movers and she knew you'll find over 700 vehicles to choose from and bloomers there's a thirty year member of a shocker wheels club. Plus many family members and employees are Wichita State University graduates and even more still are fans of WSU athletics so take a short drive to movers and she needs chances you'll be glad you did. Bloomberg's proud supporter of shocker athletic. It's what is the sound of the dream. 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Check your coach Gregg Marshall joins us before the shocker sternum and opener with Dayton here in Indianapolis and coach six straight years at Wichita State for you thirteen in your coaching career. It's still just as exciting and something you look forward to as much every year. It is Mike it's obviously the goal for any team to it to make it to the big dance and have an opportunity. To survive and advance. But it's also just a nerve wracking time it's really hard to explain. You. You know that you're one bad performance away from. Put the balls away and and tell your seniors goodbye but at the same time you're you're striving to prepare your guys for a deep run so. If there's a lot of anxiety and pressure would no doubt in you know the world's watching. And NCAA tournaments watch around the globe and you know things like that the foul that the young man for Vanderbilt made yesterday just don't wanna be. Famous for anything like that you wanna be famous for. From advancing in making the plays in and showing the grit and determination and toughness that it takes the wheel talent. 22 to survive in Vegas and hope these guys are up to the challenge I feel good about it we'll play great team. But. The same time the only one of us can can go to the next round so it'll be interesting to see the two. Heavyweights of the non BCS Dayton which dusty square off in the first round. Finishing mix on your team of the ten guys that played most of the minutes six have. At least some if its not fairly extensive NCAA tournament experience other four going to be it for the first time in do you hope to some of those more experienced guys can help the newcomers can get their feet wet get started. He hopes so we hope we get off to a good start and play well in the middle of the game and from those subs come in they've got to not act like you know there deer in headlights. They got. They've got to just play their game and we're trying to you know. Tell how good Dayton is without scared and you know what I normally have stage fright he wanted to come out and and play with. Vigor and vitality and and and his zest that's gonna take to win this game this date is very very tough and they're very similar to us and there. They don't have the Goliath inside that they they they really defended they execute their offense and they make winning plays so. I just what these guys to. Have a game plan down and then go out enjoy this you know have fun play in this game and if they play well we went. Didn't do much. People aspect of Dayton certainly one of the things I noticed your practices that you've emphasized is that you've really got to get back in transition against them. Yet they're lead that transition which we've said that from the day wore me after we we saw the bracket and start breaking down film coasting and came to me and and I concurred after watching the film and I watch that they just really. Sprayed at basketball and that's very good athletes and they they they get out they they can only cattle that sometimes made baskets they can really beat you down the floor. So we got to be we've got to be very very good. With shot selection and taking care of the basketball and then defense or for balance. But defense of poor balance and transition defense starts with the ball security and in great decisions on the offensive. Defensively or they pretty much as strictly a man team from what you've seen. Yes absolutely they. Christian and I'd be I think brown who has discount that it's that they play 32 zone but the films I've seen if you like six games I've never seen a 32 zone so maybe they did it way back in the first part of year. But they're they're not a complicated to their very good team they've what they do they're solid in their man to man is is just. Aggregate. 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And or dryer new sticky but waffles and red velvet French toast and you can even make it combo with your choice of breakfast favorites enterprise he'll love. So again and I've often eat up every moment it limited time. Participating restaurants. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. Succeed agency Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers or in his bill agent forest pummel. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point 73 EYEN. Wichita. We're back five rob bankers like fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Bob hall hand Dave dawn Wichita State and state meeting in the opening round of the tournament date for the seventh seed. In the south region Wichita State. The tenth save the winner advances to meet a match up coming up later tonight between Tennessee Kentucky and fifteen seed. Northern Kentucky. Let's focus on this game winning strategies are brought to you by capitol federal. First from new home dream home you can trust the strength behind True Blue financing capital federal equal housing lender. Amber at the guys say. At bobcats tonight. Thank you might go let's first talk about defense and more specifically transition defense. Dayton is an elite. Fast breaking team they outlet that make long outlet pass this Gucci Smith and he's brave enough support very quickly hook. Davis then the other guards attacked the basket aggressively. Polish doctors must bring it back. Talk and pick up live and guard them. And they'll run after makes and they'll run after misses the what do you make a basket or not you've got a straight back talk and pick guys up quickly. In their half court offense. The defense and shocker we're gonna have to play at the Pryor's play four out. What the end they spread you out they run a lot of quick hitting plays we do a lot of ball screens handoff. And then they like to turn that corner and ride to the basket they really like to pick up all the baskets. Inside their number one threat. It's 616 your Kendall followed he averages fourteen points five rebounds a game he's a wide body with a quick first step. Got a lot of moves you from Chicago affiliate. They want three things titles and only played with safari Parker. Peter might be allowed on this topic Jackson which play a whole lot he's quick undersized but he knows how to score these tough static guard. Last two games both losses. Yet 24 point against George Washington hit eight out of ten shots. And eighteen points twelve rebounds against Davidson David felt he could score. Outside your top threat it's 65 senior Charles Cook he averages sixteen points five rebounds he shoots the three really well forty. Percent for this season. Anthony drives he scored in transition they loved I sold him on the polls. We also like I saw him on the side and let him go one on one play every Shannon will probably start on him. He's a very talented offensive player and defense of player he was on the AT all defensive team. You probably start for the shocker. He's that good stroke she's hit the six to see here the average is fourteen points. Half 41% from three of the 810 but the last five. He's shooting 50% from three Q ten. Out of forty shots. In a leak they can't league play he shot 52% for three. And yet forty or 44 fifth only eleven turnovers score four to one assist to turnover ratio so very effective point guard. Zach brown. We'll probably guard him. Offensively. Archie Miller. Teaches basic in your face half court man defense they don't switch much they don't trap everybody just guard their man and they're very good at it. He has to attack inside and over 45 Kendall Hart hacking attack its side with Shaq worked with Willis was nurture if you get to foul trouble. It really hurts they can because they'll have to play. 67 sophomore Josh Cunningham the transfer from Bradley. Because Dayton doesn't switch much shocker should be able to get open shots they should have. Big. Big guys opened only the basket so if they screen on the perimeter do effective job with their stats they should get open shots. If the big guys' heads too much. And our bigs rolling the basket should be open for easy baskets but the passenger must wait. Late and then let that big guy opened up with a bit of what the past look for that when the shocker to run their sets. But it gets any good team you've got to hit open shots of the doctors. Need to shoot a good percentage to win the ballgame tonight number three rebounding shocker there plus nine. Davis just plus ones whose daughters have an advantage there with size and with numbers they'll probably sit three billboards. I try to get them put backs on the offensive end but if you don't hit that offered support you've got desperate back because they really like the fast break as we mentioned. So if that starts to happen and they're leaking guys doubting getting bad breaks for soccer they have to adjust. Only thing go to the board. And have three guys back. Number four is poised to take care of the ball and free throws Dayton is a very experienced team that starts four seniors. But the Sox have a lot of guys with considerable experience to but the team was pleased with the most always. Takes care of the basketball. In place together that's the key is gonna win tonight I. I had Bob thank you and Dave Danielle last point are you want to add to that something you're looking forward to that particular in the. Well you've got in my opinion six players from Wichita State to replace the best basketball lives Kelly is jam it. Carol Willis even though not as many minutes. Jack Morris mark. And secondly just do the things that brought you here I don't think you change things up against a team like Dayton. I think they'd allow you to do some of the things that you do well in which just agencies to execute. Hi guys thank you when we come back we'll have the starting lineup since the opening tip off after a long way to get to this point. The tipoff is almost tears to soccer's take on date in the NCAA tournament from Indianapolis. You are busy meeting deadlines parents' car pulls sabres needed to ask Brenda thank you could. Completely forgot to our camp didn't say any different believes that he can you promise better. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family to Atlanta delta dental KS dot com. 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MC where they're visiting your. Uniforms and black. With white numbers and letters to him you know first to be introduced daughter friends now. 61 redshirt junior from which it's not north now averaging nine point two points per game shooting 45%. From three. At the other guard position Landry champ. Redshirt freshman from Kansas City averaging eleven point one points per game also shooting 45%. From three. And ninth in the nation in assist to turnover ratio I 3.2. 21. Zach brown we'll started forwards 66 junior through Houston Texas averaging seven point two points per game. There are Florida's Marcus picked up 368 sophomore from Paterson, New Jersey averaging eleven point eight points. Five point seven rebounds. And it centers Shaquille Morris was fixated redshirt junior permit that Oklahoma. Averaging nine and a half points per game four point nine rehash. From the floor today introduced the teams in alternating orders to those with a shot for starters. It is seven seed and home team Dayton Flyers. It will be handled taller than 6630. Pound senior from Chicago fourteen points per game five rebounds city. Darius Williams is the tallest player at the starting lineup that is hitting six saves and some can't do software from Springfield Ohio. Eight point four points for game four point eight rebounds. On the way Charles Cook he is a 6550. Years of New Jersey next year's James Madison before transfer. They took the lead in scored sixteen point one points per game five point one rebounds a 40% shooter from beyond the yard and the yards. Kyle Davis a six foot senior from Chicago. Eight point one points per game 39%. From three. And scoop she Smith one of the best things in college basketball a sixty senior from the Bronx New York. Thirteen and a half points per game four and a half assists 39% three point shooter. Dayton is it's 44 and seven under six your head coach Archie Miller of Wichita State thirty and before under tip your head. Coach Barry Werth. Well it's going to be tried to get beaten up with the doctors are fast but fifty flier he. They are flyers they love the run up and down the court they got to believe that he would make it happen. They love to run their offense very fast as well look at drive to the basket filled doctors and I'm about ready he got that he's committed who really brought up now with Ford and hopefully we'll get the job but that's Cleveland gave you got to knock down shots like. Tonight's officials are ready to go home yet partners had Brett Smith. And one of our five pregame sponsors to cars are put out and scored Saturday June 16 north Broadway and Everett will be part. It landed Hartford area rugs and they could put on your floors huge selection. It great every day prices keep ours start an outlet imploring center at 1860. North Broadway. Before we tipped this would not let this one get a personal there my sister in law. Linda Schwab the extra pass in Saint Louis on Thursday and I thought it was. My wife in the family a better. A tough week for a lot of people that respect and so hopefully better things ahead as we look forward to his game. Wallace is in the air and Shaquille mourns the opening tip delivery champ and also. Now Davis who have been hard to try to stimulus canvas that's the way from entry to the front court rubles to the left wing guard advice that you Smith. Standing to the left well enough to scream my words it's not right we've got back up front Shannon left wing friends here. Knotted at the top two rounds next round would create not for. I'm not mistaken identity layer we weren't expecting that when he started. That's only took one free point here is a whole crew valley for the vikings did not did not that was not the ones the ones already tonight just off the left slot. Activists laid down in the jump hook my Pollard short rebound does that crowd will defended by Shaquille Morris contested shots and the Democrat who are left side of the floor. Started toward the middle stays out there left wing and bring him cutter at the top of ground but it's night. Snow has incurable gives it up right side she and the Democrats the length news warrants they double team not front McAfee penetrating. President to share haven't thought about it now fires from out front off the back nine rebounds this next round. Brown and offensive rebound hard. I've got his three pointers the last possession French camp working off the street dribbles right back to the screener Boris even a left wing but nothing left one issue and it led results in the quarter McAfee cutting inside ball knocked away by. Hollered dad back the other way it's Charleston liquidate drives the lane on Shannon Bennett loses to handle it was one of the way I feel Boris. Shaq could say they went off the first leg with a calls gonna go in Dayton save lucky shot that you know now there are a lot of bumping on that it's with Berkeley's kind of slow whistle. So far here today. Is Indianapolis with the applause when my. My that it will be Kyle Davis. It is a conflict that is having trouble getting to the Atlantis crew led by Morris and recovered by politics drives alive and has slipped out of his hand but I found on Wichita State but Boris got in the passing lane got a handle on it but the deflection bounce to cook who drove the lane McDuff 2000 and the stuff you just let them cross your arms trying to stop that can knock the ball away and parts of the line. For a couple free throws. Kendall Pollard from the line not one of the better date free throw shooters in fact as the team's 68 point 9%. Good but not great makes the first release of 63 point 8% on the season. In the Pollard goes to the line but a bit over six times again so he likes to work it down there it takes about a hundred free throw up and good. First points for that and it's three to two Wichita State. At least champ but we'll bring it up not being guarded by Steve Smith a couple things we haven't seen before out of date nothing crafty and a couple feet at. Jack Morton has doubled into the water. Boris catching up front getting bumped drives alive puts it up on the birdie bounces. That was a body to body Morrison Pollard just hanging like a couple of bull elephant Morris got to the line and hit the little swollen yeah I kind of forced by Shaq boards but he got a Matthew. Tried to Wichita State Davis handed it off constituents that he tries to back out front of Pollard Pollard drives down present the line ball came loose out of bounds off hollered afterwards it's not escape. Wow lot of contact on that play. Words and Pollard ran into each other no call ball went out of bounds soccer basketball looked like Shaq noticed around pretty well that's sliding into it while it actually initiated more of the continent. Jim the report lift weight program that got front to shackle from the right side of training camp in front if nothing swears that it. Take it right when he goes to ground next squared up one booklet inside puts it on the floor baca threatened rain can't let. He'd make nothing less legitimacy issues. Throughout the Duffy at three contested bounces short rebound tip an out of bounds. I should feel Morrissey does this kind of tipped it away from the date. Players didn't get ticket to a teammate but there was no one certificate. Well they got cal Davidson third defensive stopper and six computer they've got one conference games. And he's following link him wherever he goes. Down on the offensive end socks up high to get into the race experts who can Smith looks about Clinton seriously of them are rightly that drive and kicks it off housing bubble that we. Numbers and flips and not to count Davis Davis off the screens that's on the low side of Paula let's sideways at a time Boris played up threats. She's an epilogue three. Six got about. It's 43 feet high speed chase Smith doesn't have the day. It's only shot 69 street dog here and shoots a high percentage 41% in league play. It's nothing nothing left to right saddling the Morris kind of pushed way out off laid out front row start to drive it stumbles handed off to friends here he drives it back the the ground shot fake and back over to frame camp Goddard chose the right track to get to the block for the captain was intercepted by seriously at stake for the chance to their first league game tied at five college down the line. Rented the Boris activity called for the foul at home go to the line for the second time and he's tough to guard you really love to drive the basket with a lot of pressure on the defender that time went hard at the basket. In terms of knowledge network's first down Shaq second team now with its us day two shots for Pollard is already made two in the ball game. High five game 6031 to go first half mystery throws that senators of quality is three for three from the line so far. And has half a day six points Gerald Lewis Jackson for the first time replacing Shaquille warrants for Wichita State. Nobody kept the all about fifty feet from the basket like everybody gets away from me so hard for anybody mover helper doubled to. This the second free throw rebound Zack brown 21 point lead for days Wichita State possession camera and bring it up. Raptors trailing six defied him it drives hard right side of spring camp and the right lost Willis double team throws it out to pick up the open champ but three by Landry went up the left side of the rim rebound dog knocked away from willow felt. But they're gonna give it today that's not hear about it knocked out of his hands made the call for derided Carol Willis that it often use the football. The big flyer now Rashard Kelly checking into the shaft is replacing markets meant nothing. It's five Dayton 1614 to go first half flyer possession factors pressuring man demand full court. It is getting it in dispute she Smith. And shocking to back off now pick up in the half court spectrum back Bentley lady consistently been the front court. Throws his left leg. That's off the street at the top flicks into the keyhole handed off to Smith coming the other way step back and fires short. Rebounds tipped off the glass and recovered by Daryl Willis who was just not say that there would appreciate them. Between the front court throws it over to the right way preparing him for some time off his hands that advances. Itself would make an event that's not prepared over. Factor coaches shouting encouragement as a team comes not talk about on the floor with 1548. To go in the first half its day in sixth Wichita State five. When you're in need of window treatments whether it's shaped shelters or fines got you covered Wichita is your one stop shop I got you covered damn well pay close attention to your needs it's just the right products for your students taking into consideration your style and budget offering high quality products from the top manufacturers and industry called in today to take advantage of got you covered street cordless promotion going on right now through the end of may some restrictions apply give dinner call 316627000. 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Faction associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance C agent John Green bread woody or in valley center agent Tim day. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY yeah. Division one men's basketball champion. Non Verizon broadcast rights granted by the NCAA the Westwood One radio network. Ted solely for the private non commercial use of our audience. They reproduction retransmission or other use of this broadcast without the express written consent of the NCAA. At Westwood one's. Is strictly prohibited both teams shooting 33%. Shudders to a 68103. Shocker is one of four from street date one of two be on the American victory for. Four from the free throw. Well so far Kendall Pollard there inside guy has drawn found. On Shaq wars and on market but Duffy for the line four or five victory of his free throws so far no fouls on him. Dave has adjusted their defense they're sitting at double team when the ball of this kind. The fact that. Or inside Darryl Willis. They're sending a second defender. Giving hollered at them helpful he won't get foul trouble doctors now got to find the open guy to get back out. And that's going to be the case they've taken for their six shots for free already only they've won they've got a great program for low. They after my for the the purposes to open things up but really impressed with. Dave's perimeter defense and no surprise that followed goes to the free throw 163. Attempts in the season by far the most of anybody on the fire line. Shocker right at the same one that left the floor before the time now Landry can't but not different camps background Rashard Kelly and Darryl Willis. It's still Pollard looked. Seriously. It's. So that's if you Smith and Al Davis court date same started thinking for them don't and here comes the coming toward him. Richie Smith brings it into the front court standing dribble way out of the timeline that much of the floor off the street goes right. Drives it down load the line could get all the way and takes it back out front all the way out for a heading into the crosscourt discuss it with two away from the father got an offensive foul on big. And it's going to be clear out costing them seriously hauler. It's awful. Yeah yeah that was a bonus now for the shot yours yet he put a forearm on Darryl Willis and moved in about ten feet from the mill lane outside the lane. And the rep read all the money he comes out of the game I think he was one that was coming out anyway judge Cunningham the former Bradley. Player is in court date 67. 125 pounds richer sophomore from Chicago. Landry candidate for the for a fourth pick a considerable give Kelly at the top left playground that's about the fourth entry pass flip flopped Willis and double teaming. That's the dribble out of their trap that's. I'm sure that's something they've seen in videos hero have a tendency double teams he gets set up a little bit and he's been called for traveling on a number of occasions trying to get out of those double team blow with a big big double team or a monster double to the other big guys coming over double and our post whenever they kept itself up close and that it earned. And face for the face the basket find an open man. Serious Williams guided him. And then it was given out by Darryl Davis is in there now also today to. Suu Kyi sniffing district court left wing equipment at the top of Williamstown tested Davis. Conference Cunningham. A couple of dribbles hands it off and put three on the way coach. Very quick release coming off a little handoff and sprayed a date now leads by a score of nine defied them on a blur free slot handle at times book coming off a handle. Willis under the basket ball got stripped away from LA out of bounds and stay with which with us today yes Gucci TV they're from the weak side and particularly useful enough for easy one. Not usually played in the baseline still 21 on the shot clock but. Passed my hero wellness down the block but. Well that's stripped away for a camp and displayed in having trouble finding anyone and throws it all away on the back court his background what went for the steal it's my one floor it's not just can't find the open man could get back into position. Damage dribbles left to right across the top all the way to the right wing cut out there not right frame camp. Daughter dribbles right drives it looked at Matthew chance but he drives baseline those hard to the basket to contact hit the shot ahead. And a foul on day. Now the best as possible three point play from Landry shoot him. His first two points of the game. Now is on Josh Cunningham kind of moved here. Salmon after he went to the basket first foul on Cunningham second team proud update. And the shoppers who have their first free throw attempt in the night they shots method line effort not a French camp markets that Duffy started picking back again. And he replaces background. Jim it. It wanted to does. Let me ship that was. The three point play that's definitely the 198 flyers fourteenth when he first my way to defeat you've got to drive this T they're really aggressive on the perimeter you've got to put but it has done it drives like him if there. That brings it up for the flyers not just in the record he keeps his dribble comes off the screen to the top and ski down the line bounce pass under and Goliath fight just Cunningham rolling off the highs beautiful wraparound pass by Charles took that time because. Levity date. In the front court nation it's been effective Kelly right the key to exit line picked it up over on the right side nothing. Marcus but for the slip by Finley couldn't get it to him at the top Willis drives down the line ticket contact but it nested flat on my mark up of the rose got out I thought that drive I followed by McClatchy you're on the flyer fall added Lewis recovered Kelly. Cunningham again was one of the best with a couple of shoppers got a hand on that shot it's nothing Atlantic tele. Kelly recovered Kelly in the front court with the boss doctors don't want handoff to McAfee drive recklessly jumper no good that he was confident that. And I think that's going to be on judge Cunningham his second family just came into the game. And the doctor it will go to the line for two with a chance to put to shock respected for a yourself horrible foul by Josh Cunningham would definitely feel an off balance fatally shot. From eighteen feet and Cunningham founded. Marcus McDuff he has yet to score a stick at that he has two points already makes that free throw. Mark is now at street just got to follow slam for his first two. But Duffy a very good free throw shooter. 81 point 2% on the year. Thirteen 32 to go first half tie game but definitely put the shock is back in crowded guys at Wichita State moves well. Like they settled down. The office today my cocktail. Bryant might sell in the game forcing them to handle the threat toward finally gets into the car's features Smith and over again. Across the time one respect that's why languishing at one point just constantly. Both the left wing you know Davis and threats future Smith right walked Pollard Pollard tried to drive them well listen up inside guys who. Muscled it out and got it all of his first field goal has five points take back in front thirteen twelve and yeah well it's a tough match up very quick for 66 to forty pounds Kelly open three from the top off the back yard Brosius hit Kelly retrieved it drives the baseline. Willis faces a ten footer god go. Right side of the line gets it. Nice job I will finish up sacred practice hard off the off his feet but he didn't go to work but it was enough of these shots and hustle on the offensive boards for the Japanese. These rules deflected it and Kelly recovering from spinning driving Suu Kyi Smith partially blocked Mike's own recovers it. Out of the wings to Kyle Davis that he gives it up to bikes on lay out front to Darryl Davis. But it just made up of point 1413. Victory getting an extra possession off and on offensive rebound. Nineteen on the shot clock Suu Kyi Smith off a screen back out front to Darryl Davis drive and a hard. It was a wild hook shot this rebound Darrell Carol Willis Smith play at work to jam it gets it right wing back to day shots that dribbles right to left lifted to keep that I'm not telling. Restarted the dribble handoff to Shannon takes it down the line up in traffic to contact no call rebound better Liz Kelly guided tour. NASA had this could just d'antoni goes and lays it out. But that's how they leak guys now that time duty for the leak out got through. Big John and maybe the basket but I thought that we back out of the the ride with him with that was driving yet there's no there's no there's no calls on contact over the basket tonight at all I thought Pollard got really good. LA out to not soccer's down one with the ball right if it goes left wing in the Duffy markets off the left sideline will spend those baseline. And charging call Willis fulfilled his lead arm before his lead arm into the defender. Quick first road surprise for the under the quick hits that first step but what people usually aren't. That's his first round team's third it would go to Dayton after tonight about 1149. To go in the first half good ball. Gave physical ballgame date the fifteenth Wichita State fourteen. Feed a place to watch the big game. That places jerseys grill and bar in Wichita with dirty television is no matter where you sit you'll have the best seat in the house located off highway K 96 and Webb road jerseys offers daily specials and a dozen Beers contest and the movie featuring everything from pizza to prime rib jerseys is proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shoppers and no matter where they shot his way home or away you can watch them in Jersey's grill Limbaugh are jerseys grill bar off highway K 96 and Webb wrote in Wichita. Throughout your. Jones can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees. Or damage. 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It's kinda go on the first half your bankers like fieldhouse in Indianapolis Wichita State only five of thirteen from the floor 38 and a half percent. One of five from three they've made all three of their free throws date five of ten field and two of three from three they have made three of four from the line Wichita State. Plus four on the boards if not rebounded flyers nine defiant and have four turnovers two days to. And the factors. Four offensive rebounds and 72. Chance points that not that date may fourth nothing. Edge on points off turnovers. Well I think the this story so far shocker went up five from three hits the wide open shots day two of three. From three point range and that's the difference. Their last seven shots six of Dayton's shots have been inside the three point arc for instance transition baskets. They're driving against Wichita State they're capitalizing on point blank shots Wichita State has tried to do the same to them. But they don't seem to be able to get through without getting. Bop Bob Orr fouls fouls not called Wichita State hasn't been strong enough. We didn't convert. South Carolina was Shaquille Boris Rashard Kelly Marcus picked up three days John Smith. And arts degrees in for the first time. The Dayton Darryl Davis Kyle Davis. In for the first time tonight then Jon Crosby sixty sophomore guard from Baltimore. Pollard is back given Ryan myself in the game. So it's good to sniff out there right now John Crosby handling the point guard station on Smith right up on him try to poke it away and almost dead Crosby gets it across the sun life. Pollard at the top Paula driving cars rose admitted to myself but Pollard ran over Shaq Morrison who's the foul line. Get a beyond the charge. On Pollard got a good car for the gone either way it's follows second foul. That's a big run for days. Fourth team foul pitch Jack appeared to have pretty good position apologist but his head down and went like a runaway train will that that's the truth Mikey get through this has done and win a good job by Boris. Move his feet hits that. And draw on that chart you found serious Williams comes back in the game for a while it might sell also came out and for the first time Sam Miller 669. 240 pound sophomore for the flyers doctors down a point with the ball spaciousness of the high post and Morris Shaq. Lobs and Kelly Johnson. I fact created that Mikey shot this. Four. Shot perspective I think that's really the first lobbies around seriously that this really miss everything. Surprise with the forces table for the basket without touching anything had to drop through his hands out about. Not good defense that time the pressure on the shooter by Rashard Kelly but how about the cut by Boris on the lot at us. Darryl Davis out and back end forward Dayton. He has Charles Phillips got to refreshed and 48 to gophers have doctors at the ball up one left when Marcus Johnson. Let's not run. And the accident left what are they shots that for three off the back iron rebounded Sam Miller Ford date shots is now one of six from beyond the arc for the record John Crosby right wing. Started back up front right wing dissent Miller. I was trying to make a handoff to coach couldn't get it to have denied by the Duffy on the right wing Crosby standing dribble once a screen gets it to the top of the right wing cook. Yeah pulls back and flyers and rims in and out rebounds Shaquille Morris picked up to get a good job on cooked up that position that they can afford to catch it then got up in his face on this. Boris handoff that threat to the definite drive let's not going on the way to run Lee's retreat too hard and off the handle more actually out of bounds. Sophomore tonight. Crosby was chasing the but he let it go to realize that it already bounced out of the last defense down the floor they shot at a pretty wide open look from the left corner in this time often reads. At a real wide open look from the left wing both reporters. And both this long both long they were probably a little bit jacked up pick in the third shot of the game that's left wing just bubbling up front to Darryl Davis gives it up and millions Miller right. Yet if handoff to Crosby Crosby drives left and they Shawn Bradley they shot got fooled by his first little steps to move and then put dignity tried to go find him. Applications this first personal foul and the 141000. No free throws on this happen oval Al Davis who played again. For a date. And when we should have been after getting arrested back in their frosty root cause he's just a sophomore six to. Shoots 48% from three but also to live with these shows like you're getting half staff on these shots that. Basketball in the Protestant way out in the timeline started by sham that Wichita State leads by a point 9381 step down the line it's sort of broader Crosby get bounce is not feel Boris to rebound and there's sufficient evidence that he blows it up along the left sideline into the front court heave to dribble the left wing affront to more risk factor will hand off the ground attack went right to left. To pick up his dribble across from him more as trying to post up on Miller now they double team headed back to share that. In front to the Duffy tend to shoot markets were definitely left Wake Forest has taken through. Landry add more balls lobbing it bounced off from Williams but they're gonna get that ball and stay with date. Now lucky. First to admit that he got fallen out of their because that it was Martin who's going right into a wide open layup. But we can't spend lakers Shannon tonight about about. For example there of how quickly Dayton gets out of transition that they didn't like him there Tucci sniffed back in the game catches my order brings it up front. Trying to drive and on McAfee kicked it up way out front of the calls out to play with fifteen on the shot clock dribbles right. Looking to drive it back out front serious Williams cut off public caught. He does drives into the lane just look way up to par three about Shaquille Morris got a chance that that's the matchup to watch him that you cook it. You haven't won that battle. Can't let try to push it up according get a different camp who was open in the quarter. But I think it was put together and the passing lane deflected out of bounds that stay with Wichita state of Connecticut have had an open look there if you've got in the tour. Looks like it either champions that took them but frustrated because of course that's out of my thought I left wing Zach brown look good hitter Dustin Morris but he's going to be Connors gonna be a foul called on Sam Miller on the whole the and that will be Miller's first personal foul but it gives state and five as a team and shoppers get in thirty. Well the shot could continue continue to go inside the boards the Willis. Trying to tally of those valves. On the check credit CF on the lot. Shia that's good news not pool. He's tactical enough sleep she Smith hits and two assists on the line now bad communication that time we bring camping ground nobody picked up. He's got seven Wichita State still leads 1870. Chabot dribbles left over different camps well above the left wing plate discipline here works off the street. Keeps his dribbled over the champ. Let your office green by Boris drive and about Miller all the led the best candidate stepped out of Sam Miller helped put off this parade is able to stay and try to do that after it landed tried to go around him on the baseline and stepped out of bounds. Shocker turnover we'll get us to be under eight time out at 759. To go on the first half. It's Wichita State eighteen days. Seventy. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping TH EY again and sense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with the first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on us lettuce and our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our services this pain I promise. The shelter insurance we will limit percent of people over there renters weren't there really. 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The US you shut your basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. We have a very changeup that's got my he's been the short time ago. All the true he has ruled that it was afraid. So. They've just six of sixteen for the field only 37 and a half percent but we have six from. Green. And they have eighteen points was because David was. She's seventy. Right. Which it does take seven of 1937%. But just one of eight from three that means they are six of 1155%. Inside these are. And trying to get there as much as a candidate in double teaming a lot was soccer's tough on the boards fourteen to nine F five turnovers it's free for the. How about the job with the French yeah. And I don't mean not giving him a good shot just not giving him any shot he. He has the ball he's way too far away from the basket he's running. Through some picks but they've figured out a way to defend inaccurately and they've done it and he hasn't been a factor in this ballgame how David all defensive team. He's there he's their defensive stopper not a real big only six feet tall and strong. Very fast and he forgot we have signed to Conner for anything I think he would data link here. Everywhere and nobody's been able to defend Connor about the last eight or nine ball games he. He's been able to creative guy he's been able to hit the ball off the transition get a nice jump shot. He can't even get a sniff her shot thus far in this ballgame. Save up to 40% today after a shocker whale that jets locker room east and west Dayton ball and a tie game to come out of the timeout. And its industry to Smith who pushes it quickly up court throws it on the left quarters of Miller got to dismiss on the way. Sniffing guarded by Zach brown artistry Jack trying to help because you'll back to go through create goods and office prayed and thought it was about a 36% shooter from trade that he mailed out only two out of fourteen. In the eighth tenth place who didn't shoot well in their conference but made that one. Then camp right away picked up like she ambivalent on the ground that the French camp and step faith. And gives you definitely McAfee. But it takes two shots but their fallen afoul on San millers were holding more Oklahoma. Were. Their karma check for holding events during. It's just starting with officials saying. The official was very adamant about the call going to be his second foul team's fifth and a go to the bad chip out of surgery and for the first time tonight 725 to go the first half it was 21 to eighteen lead and the ball that's a bad way to get your second foul right there. Date four of seven from three that's really been the difference of North Charleston at the top rather than on champ but spinning forces. Listed nurtured snatches the rebound. What can download it couldn't find anybody open and get to the language and the clinical puts a lot of pressure and he went right and it should have its face. Pick and roll to nurture spins a blank got bumped the little bit put up a lucky enough to thrive on the stuff you wouldn't go rebounded great. The caveat then we'll probably is trying to stuff that is there. Serious toy industry in transition an air ball that's a second air blowing shot from three that would might have been actually barely grazed the rim but that was only shot two threes from the left wing. There have gone out of bounds he's at 44%. Three point shooter out here on 89 attend the answer to skip their senior point guard is still young man and a drive to the basket and I think he probably felt the quick shoot. Threes and we'll go with a basket. Shocker basketball they're down 3647. To go through staff under Clinton camp looking deflated to get pressure get to in the sham and and indeed that's off the pressures shampoo and bring in the future sniffles picking up decency processor time line. Spring camp puffing out front started by the bigger Darryl Davis spins up the street vendor drew left wing she haven't shot fake on the block for nurture almost got away beneath the covers off the ground following fifteen footers that I background. Has 5000 wide open shots act under the lamppost disasters within one. Nice pass by dirt through Friday the wide open background. 618 to go first chance Gucci Smith off the screen trying to penetrated the lane. Then out on the winning hands it off from the right side but look at the resident Janet does go through as a runner partially blocked my shamrock covered by mergers outlets to Shannon. Doctors the chance to take the lead down one with the ball chabot drives right. Spins on the way got threatened nurture passed up the three to go to French camp website Conner gets screened. Brings it to the top over the left wing McAfee down the left flocked here to take some of the best get tied up in their jump ball call position or we'll get a few days. Now they people who we think had a double team on immigrants who cheats this came over from the weak side and you think god is tied up merger. When he tried to put on the floor. Little bit of gamesmanship there after it was called nurture start walking up to court has the balls he can Smith is trying to put out of his arms to run a little let it happen he just kept hanging on to witness to make appointment finally gave it up with the official last four. Now the big guys worked so hard to hit good basketball it would hold onto it for a little while hosts Dayton blown. Suu Kyi Smith did to defect toured almost picked up his dribble and those left. Pizza drivel comes off the screen to the top left wing cook. Trying to make the move on sham and hands it off the Miller ball got to listen stick. Out of bounds off campus book eleven seconds on the shot clock for folks that is up battled the senior Charles Cook going against the freshman. When you reach him at camp and give him. Home TV. Suu Kyi Smith not at the time I hate to shoes could look to make the play looking for a little bit of dribbling through covered by a ground out to the street or filler free from out front. No good this time it over the back this Bryant might sell over the back to Marcus Johnson. Good Bob stop that's kind haven't got beat they tried to go to the pick and pop at the end it worked the first time with Miller 569. Sophomore. Freed at that time was short sixth team now on day of the suckers will not shoot here assured Kelly back into the game replaces Zach brown. Shut your position 520 to go first half they are down one point 120 today. Landry Shannon to pick up my species we have two vehicles left goes left wing of the Duffy that to ship and off the street spider tear drops to nurture slipping up displayed any job. Soccer is back in a nice set play coming off the bench by Gregg Marshall. I flip of the fastest time nurtured freaking confounded. Marat campground at first just for nerds including some 21 Wichita State's fifty Smith just love this letter to the top tips action to create yes. He has been mailing me. He's got eleven point three phrase dates back in front 4442. Rather than Kim added that the key hole area keeps his dribble gives it up decathlete Rashard over the French camp. Not a looking for history gets it from searchers to the top had no running left wing Kelly shot fake surprise pick it up after French camp. Eleven to shoot. Your secure balloon floated by the bigger girls Davis now Mike sell out depicting my daughter tried to penetrate into the alliance kids follow I had no good didn't get anything rebound to Kelly enough now on my cell OK that'll get the shot there's a lot of soccer has the Tucker good of course set up at the end of the shot clock freaking throughput desperation shot with a 65 junior Darryl Davis right. His faith but Rashard Kelly also for the offensive board and drew the foul as he got the rebound. It's also a game that started just a few minutes earlier than this when Kansas leads UC Davis fifteen to 28 at halftime that's one against the sixteen. We've got a time out here you know what they may be looking at here is whether or not spring camp shot hit the rim because of it did not. Then the shot clock violation. They would mitigate the fouled on the rebound play so that might be what you're looking and I wasn't sure. If that shot hit the river not so we've got to monitor her front of this enthusiasm goes to the replay it was maximum. Look at it like it is. And can't get a good shot away at it appears slow motion. It did not hit the real now and so that would negate that foul. Because that all came after the shot clock well let's see I don't know. We can't see a clock detail of this but you are not completely expired and he shot it very late. In the shot clock. Here are gonna go see it now I don't think the south of account. Yeah they've tried to reset at the they'd actually reset it after it hit the backwards it's very simple art itself. Very close. They came over and told the CBS group something we're not sure right now if it will be a fell on statement this doctors in the wanted one or it will be a shot clock violation of their board Dayton's ball with no foul. Wichita State trails 4422. The 32 shot clock expired right about the time Rashard Kelly was catching the ball so. If the foul was pushing the work that they were going for the ball. It's the eighth hole but if the ballots after Rashard got it. I don't think it's for the standby. I showed again. If you were the Crowley is. He's pushing it right there. Yeah it was the bush before he actually got the ball that the shot clock was still in effect. We still want to have a decision and everybody just on hold they're talking they've got reps from both talked to another back looking at the modern again rated a call. Is leading over the table looking at the monster. It's real close they were they were jostling for position at that ball was coming down and reflected in the shot clock expired right about the time. Rashard caught it. 1515. To go in the first half Cincinnati leading Kansas State 115 wildcats in his day. First four winner eleven seed against Cincinnati. This exceed. And we still have not had a decision on whether or not it is a shot clock violation and Dayton's ball Horry. Now on Dayton just as the shot clock expired which would give Rashard Kelly a lot of blood suckers down by two points with 419 to go. You know the first we've got a decision in the rep we were going through let's look at Gregg Marshall expression here. If we could tell. Hard to tell from his real fun no reaction. Don't have it. Been able to tell from any indications. They shots that's gonna come back in the shocker lineup coming out of that dead ball situation they got to go back and added that there is no water water for anyone out on this seventh about health. It's 7000 to one and one for Kelly. That it will be 2000 and Ryan mics also game Pollard and Cunningham. Three of their four bigger players. All the 2001. Chart Kelly at key points on a lob dunk as a chance to tie it if you can make both ends here the first went in and out of rebounded seriously and for days. Out of all of that chuck has failed historic day in the front courts who she's handling right lane bridges to the top. Over on the right Linda Lee and Jack and try to sniff the three. No good this time his first yes I think for the rebound around under dropped to Shannon. Shocker to them the chance to tie or take the lead here. Muschamp went up the street right corner but Duffy for three way short rebound comes not long Darrell Davis looked like nurture was wide open of the basketball the role of the basket after a ball screen but beside the road to the Duffy instead Warner Miller another three that bounces out rebound to Rashard Kelly give today shots mr. Miller made his first three that is missed a couple of war. Trying to keep the field into the wind picked up to hide out got adopted. He nurtured they shots starts left comes back right off the street and try to penetrate right wing Mike Duffy. Not Brett Smith left side chant at twelve to shoot Landry up the street gets out of the lane and the ball comes flying out of foul on days. I appreciate about will be going to the line fourteen shots out of the active shooting with a chance to tie it up so we've got the out before time out 343 to go in the first half. Low scoring defensive battle would take the lead in Wichita State one floor. 22. This is what it sounds like when truck got shot but other dealerships about aggression war. We have though white one why wow and this is what it sounds like truck I shot but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special addition it's more choices than ever before while I'll take the rally due to a racing start warming of the camouflaged real tradition. For the blacked out midnight edition. Here's the difference Richard Shelby and it's rough month so make a strong decision as fun Silverado that's right for you see your hometown shouldn't. 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TV week and helping families find the perfect TV in entertainment furniture for over sixty years we offer free installation and service everything we Allen ethnic TV and battery in Wichita and not just start brands yeah. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. Succeed agency Jared Crawford had shown Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest home. US huge shocker basketball is only 103 point seven KEY here. Stays in front sliding sports wanting to move its been days three point shooting against the chargers inside why Wichita State shooting 36%. They only 33 overall. That 42%. On five of twelve brazen strategy Smith has hit three of five beyond the arc everybody else 2% and as a team. Doctors and the flyers both create reports the free throw line which it just stating a huge edge on the sports wanting to get twelve. But they have seven turnovers. To Dayton street a couple of turnover. Now. Five assists for date night basket six assists for the shocker on nine baskets. And going to the line will be Landry champ but to shoot two free throws for the chance to tie this 323 to go out. First which just take you to take some very very good care of the basketball not so. This evening Mike thus far and those they have paid the price for as a matter of fact Dayton has seven points off those seven shocker turnovers. Also who she Smith is making them believe brought a lot of soccer fans here and that person me included eleven points on for a seven shooting. And five attempts from the three point stripe he connected on three of the. Landry Shannon shooting twos no place teaches us that his drive to the basket history of bounces softly and Landry Jones. Who from the line has four points. And he can tie it up for the shot isn't he could drop this 1343. To go first half. And that was good it makes life. Throughout this country full court on the embarrassed to ask how Davis have little trouble getting it and finally does suited hero Davis and other restrictions. Good to be guarded now by case John Smith. Cross the timeline can seriously into another copy our content. Over to Josh Cummings vanished after the united front Smith. Steve you've sorted by date shots Michigan Smith drive that. Bounce pass on the block Cunningham kind of snappy and under your little jump hook this deadliest rebound controlled the flight data. Shot clock did not reset CT Smith home. Solid foundation on. I don't think deep down knew the shot clock was winding down there. It was that 32. To second commencement this guy got called for the plan only eight tiny bit of contact a lot of replay assistant. Groups host actions we should look like you've already lost his balance yeah Rory slipped in Philadelphia and they kind of got a few tangled up. Please teach him. Suu Kyi was down got the towns. Where I saw on the inbounds and hold on which it's actually. Yard Kelly. That's going to be his first but it's also the team's seventh that this is what day. In the one and one serious Williams to the line in a tie game at 250 portico of the first half. Don't ever do 76 and a half points a game Wichita State eighty. High scoring game but it is not Williams makes the free throw his first point of the soccer coach has been a lot of time in the last couple days working on these out of bounds plays that they run they do really good job of executing you know sworn off of them and drew a foul on an out of bounds play right there. Williams puts it up in those cities and 80% free throw shooter made one this together to doctors found one of the laws just after three minutes ago passed. Candidates record try to make passes deflected and intercepted. And gave him back the other way you're Davis street journal was found alive. Left wing Al Davis on the left block and again try to thank you follow up surgery they a lot of it just forces play if there's any business day. Save the rebound was loose big Duffy tries to save those of the day. And they didn't have the members of the foot backyard is set up to have Florida. Just he was it made a falls down a whole lot of fouls including. And right to the big players. Now Davis web front gives it a few serious Williams over the Cunningham the top standoff suspicious that drives alive puts up the ladder reverse lay up there. I've shot place it. I went under two big guys who went underneath the basket high off of thwarted fund that basketball you know what surface. Play that one's up is rightly a couple of dribbles in the water coming back in the country over to Shannon. Fifteen on the shot clock went through it's not trying to get the life but when it's nothing along three way off the mark we found out today shoppers it gives him. Of the the yards in the first half its fifth best three point shooting team in the country coming into the more about it since so far you're in the first half from behind yards fifty Smith play out in the time line get the call for head coach Archie at a 45 because first after he got the shot clock. Leading by three stitches Smith drives to the right it if he keeps his dribble going dries it again on chant let's get back fifteen footer. It is really playing your tougher. At that time came we relied on him when you step back. Gotta feeling. At the she's best best best team I've statements within nine points in the difference makers so far this game. As Dave leads it 2920. For Wichita state of the 32. Time out there will be eight Gregg Marshall show on Monday from AJ sport throws the Alley win or lose this weekend it would be too. Wrap up this season and hopefully just to wrap up the weekend is looking ahead to the sweet sixteen but either way. Joining us from six to seven about midnight to eight days at the Alley thirteenth in Greenwood road show airs on 987 and thirteen thirty innocent. Well despite eight turnovers in the one for ten shooting from behind the arc the other thing that doctors. We're having trouble with its security defense and rebound them last time down the. Got three separate drive better and finally hit the buttons confused that they were way over let me champ. Doctors came into tonight's game shooting. 08 from three point range that is. Laura Tyson kept actually fourth in the nation in three point percentage and the doctors are also. Way up there in the top 53 point field goals per game and again just one of yeah. And if so far tonight at seven different players have attempted one Zach brown on the soccer's very first possession. They the first shot at anybody Friday night at the shot is not over nine. Yeah that was the only one they've made last year. Against Vanderbilt. It was 3030 at half and finished doctor outscored maybe forty to forty the second half hitting seven out of a fourteen threes. And against Arizona. He Peters going to fight him. Ron and Fred were only one out of ten from three you know I forgot that I look at the stats one out of ten for free still beat Arizona by then so. It's happened before in the NCAA tournament the whole. Second half Japanese are not compatible down if you did pick. Possession for the shock hazard down five that's the biggest margin they've drilled by the first half they had the ball they could score here. Maybe get a stop restore a little bit of feel good going into the locker. The other they really good on the ball they would Netflix job guarding the perimeter they're making it very difficult. For them to break for the doctors to break it down the only guy that's had success breaking them down hitting down the lane if Landry canvas. Connor hasn't had much luck a shot hasn't had much like the arts background. The rest of the guys or is it three point shots though. They've got to figure out a way to keep that ball inside the gates and then turned my head open guy knocked down some open shots might. Well my pin and what you're finding is it's reminiscent of the Oklahoma State game. Wichita State is starting offense from way out on the floor and if they catch the ball in the film opens there's still too far away from. There's a basket to do anything about it. And they're not aggressive enough to get the ball inside it's like it's starting to settle for. Three point shots and candidly multiple free cup points off for not coming close to update what do you do when somebody pushing you that far wouldn't you looked at home. Well wolf. The fact we got you back cut back door com. For those types of things all the opportunities are behind the defense right if you take advantage of it. Right back that's it was at a press wink back offensively fourth Jennifer got the guy with the ball but he's your man can. For shocker basketball big position here. Landry's ship headed back court will be picked up by Kyle Davis as it crosses the time line. Bounces different camps that you Smith now on spring camp left wing of the Cali Cotter has not had a three point attempts of Florida Nightline. Forced to point try at the end of the shot clock. Red camp off the street couldn't get open right when the ground to act. Do the high post Kelly five to shoot down the line French camp at the forefront again twisting jumper in and out of it hit the shot clock but it bounces off the rim they say it. And they we'll see if they take little time here they can get the shot clock down to about seven or eight before halftime to. It looks like they've made content to take as much time as they can. Try to scored only lead Wichita State may be six to eight seconds to try to come down and talent in last possession soccer worked hard but could not give an open shot. Duties this starts to do the right step back Longstreet ought to back this time rebound Errol Louis Wichita State got to let him. Nine seconds and a half percent to get to this report drives right picks it up out front to Kelly. A couple of dribbles nasty forcing it a shot. Worrying from the top of the arc test before the shot clock eight. Momentum turner but as doctors as we start Cali gets a big basket Dakotas to still would have Bob. That Zach brown hit the first three and a half of Kelly hit the only path for the second and only three and a half as bad the last shot of the half. Shoppers were down five it could have been seven or eight they go into halftime only down two. This is the NCAA tournament first round Robin. Bankers life fieldhouse in Indianapolis Indiana is Dayton 29 at Wichita State 27. 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And it was an interesting first half first of all I start to mention toward the end they have made from 76 and a half points per game Wichita State 82 point one. But it's been the defense is that have dominated very low scoring for. Are there have only been one bad break bucket I think hook up behind look up the one time there than the the first half other than that I don't think soccer ordered all on the fast break. And they've only got that one but itself both teams are playing pretty good transition defense. The three point shooting at bad by both teams soccer's 212. They've five out of thirteen. It is just the battle issues that cute teams that play really good man defense battling it out. While Wichita State's committee more turnovers that you would expect for them to an end date has been capitalizing Sox have eight turnovers to only free food day. And on the shoppers think turnovers nine of them have turned to the points. War they also. Which Smith spent terrific I mean he's the only player on the floor this war more than five points in the first half he has fifteen. The whole tenor of the game has been on his shoulders and and he's capitalizing on it also keep in mind that Pollard. But he only played seven minutes in the first half because he had. Two fouls Jeff Morris also only played eight minutes because he had to files of his own. But Pollard start about the game quite well Wichita State's gonna have to be able neutralize him. When he comes back into the game starts second half he had been. You can bet they'll start news second happy feet got 2000. Kind of cutting in the other bigs get through my phils got to soak the battle of the big east debuted in foul trouble shocker not only fours so. But their depth look at the chart caller we could go back to him. And and try to score like they were to start the ball game but I thought they're shocker they'll let Charles go to Jack. He was only what one out of five. Maybe ship with get a good job on him back. Xavier guard forces. I thought against the freshman campaign. But at the difference like you said assistant chief Mitt he's he's hit three out of six breathe any good driving shot once worker's salary through it while the board. And then a couple of nights stay away so you've been the difference. Shoppers have not gotten that are very many high percentage shots at all most of the shots were later in the shot clock. Most of the shots are off balance shots and enhanced low percentage shots. And they're taking it all very very high percentage of their shots from the three point stripe it is. When they missed ten of the 123 point attempts. They think it. Betty Davis actors play get 50% off your online order in Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa John's dot com he's the promo code shocker. Fifties. You receive your doctor discount but if you made the point is southward into the first half. That was what date is doing defensively. Jacket that got to find a couple of guys that are. Have the the courage. At the end confidence I guess. To put the ball on the floor and make some plays up there will be that first defender that's up in their base and see if they can't start to create some things that. If you can't get by him and hit the basket at least draw some fouls against himself the way they're playing they're really pushed their defense out. I would think that soccer would be able to rip the ball and drive. The guy that's guarding them I don't know but Connor he hit five Davis. But I think the other kid can make make straight line drive to the basket also. The way they're defending the polls I think that shoppers can go to the post and has that big big double team comes over. That guy that the big the other big left looked up to eat or wherever they need to find dvd gets somewhere. Where the guy get double team could find him for a night fans. And haven't been able to do it and really have any look at it very much as a result some of the bigger guys that didn't use like Darryl Willis. Haven't found a lot of playing time in the seat he's ball games. Wichita State needs to get better shots we talked about one of the ways to beat that pressure on the wings. Is to go back door to do some back cuts to penetrate a little bit more expected to shoppers to do that a little bit more in the second half. And hopefully the three point stripe doesn't continue to be the land of empty promises from Wichita State. Or if they get some more open opportunities the raid on the convert them would be nice to see. Frank can't get an open shot or two and knock it down and end Matt Salmon as well from the free points right. And can't emphasize enough to change didn't feel right at the end of the half baked up five. That's a position where they could almost run out the clock and then had a chance to go up seven or eight. They've best start Kelly hit a three with a man hanging all over the top of the art instead of seven married and have diamonds to a net head to change the field locker. Guys who she had a wide open shot with a doctor switched on about them start Kelly was starting him. Good she had a wide open shots sounded a little early it's early in the shot clock they was wide open he yes. In the shocker first Brooklyn had nothing Dolan as you have. Halftime clock was winding down six Kelly put up with desperation shot. And they did so yeah I knew what the big lift psychologically got. Johnson and to be playing his form is Wichita State has played the first half that was many things wrong as they have done in the first half to be trailing only by two points. Against an extremely good basketball team speaks volumes about which just states opportunities in the second half dead and one other day. There have been several games this year heading down a lot but several. Other friends can't. Hardly got to look. In the first half and and it came back to have a big second half he's a guy that. It's a little bit daylight at all could certainly start to string him let him get shot at. Some shots and he's done that a lot of times he did a lot in the battle against guys recruit. For good economy and also very very difficult street he did the devils fell. He did a few other places in the valley especially. Shoppers that seven out of fourteen brief in the second half. Against Vanderbilt last year in the first or let's hope that repeats itself here the first game of this NCAA from Kyle Davis. Very good job on kind of strength camp the impressive thing about this. Six foot senior is. As tightly as he plays defense as early as his reputation is defensively he only averages two fouls for ballgame so he's like he quit. And he anticipates very well. Maybe the doctors are running spring camp off some screens because they don't switch screens so they can run Colorado Springs and I still possible but. We'll see you at this doctors are able to do to come back the second half but it's only from down to Red Hat time. The credit union of America halftime shows continues at a moment Wichita State trailing state in the first round of the NCAA tournament 4947. Meet Davis Davis is from calling. South Dakota bill we took Davis from Pollack to fish for all. In Alaska should do this in wild caught Pollock and McDonald's filet of fish sandwich there were boats and Swedes and fish and some delicious flavor sandwiches so you can. Singh Davis is one Paul lucky guy. Good morning thanks to us. This isn't the only lucky one now filet of fish is on the mic picked two for five menu so you compare with ten piece nuggets quarter pounder with cheese or even. Even another filet of fish precipice this may very limited time offer T store for details. 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If your interest in becoming a sponsor which is not his athletics College Soccer sports properties at 316978. 7552. And half time date leaving 2927. They are shooting 34 and a half percent overall. 38 and a half on five of thirteen from three. Wichita State 35. Point 7%. For the 48. Blood flow. Talkers were five or six from the line. And Dave rose for a sixth. Free throw line Wichita State plus eighteen rebounding 2416. Bit eight turnovers. Two days three days and five assists on ten field goals which is pretty good Wichita State six assists on Google's. Which is very good. Which it just gave us an offensive rebounds leads. Point 93. With great live update but. Five fewer turnovers. Lead to points off turnovers I did today Wichita State in the wall data into points in the paint. And a nine to five edge in bench points which contains bad. Has ten more points than anybody else in the game this war over applications totally got fifty K a Pollard via free expert Charles Cook. And Stan Miller look at John Jay. Five points apiece for Zach brown and we can't make. Also five foot shark valley airport means for markets McAfee. And Shaquille Morris for rebounds for Boris score for Rashard killing three of these. Perfect copy a lot of mergers. And Darryl Willis as the shoppers hit that big plus eight advantage on the boards. Soccer's down to a halftime and we'll be back with more afraid America halftime shows the picture ready for the second. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tense 22 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United healthcare. Services not available for all plants. 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There is you look America got commerce app I wanna park club kids to learn more welcome differently. That means everybody and see you way. Shocker fans might Kennedy here with some good news regarding a former shocker great stout hearts financial group of private wealth advisory practice of ameriprise financial services ink is proud to announce the promotion of Evan was sold to its team of financial advisors Evan is driven to help his clients build financial successful serving into Wichita Kansas community that raised and supported him throughout his extraordinary athletic career for more information visit them online at stout heart financial dot com. Enterprise financial cannot guarantee future financial results. John Kursk lords has brought to you by American family insurance. Let's see agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer WSU shocker basketball is only 103 point seven KEY here. Our halftime shows us. Like credit union of America the scoreboard is right here by physicians on the physician Thomas having their March Madness artwork sale. This is the best sale of the year what all artwork 45% off. Pieces include oil paintings landscapes and abstract prints you'll find both contemporary and traditional items. The folks at traditions are marking soccer fans and always provide you with the great customer service predictions I don't want Douglas. Just east hillside to score here is date 29 Wichita State 27. At halftime. Kansas throwing away from the sixteen seed in the midwest region UC Davis I can never get sort of come back up here. It is Kansas 72 UC Davis 41 at about thirteen minutes ago. Kansas State at eleven seed coming out of the first four point six seed Cincinnati that is 3341. Bearcats 330 because the first half. Added halftime. Duke takes conceded this year's field that's in the east region. Leads Troy 5238. That game be played Greeneville South Carolina. Yeah at Kansas State Cincinnati game is in this region in the south three QB play. In Sacramento. Coming up later here of course number two seed Kentucky again. The other Kentucky. Winner of that game plays what did not stay safe Leonard. Earlier today in this region eight seed Arkansas held off the nine seats seat hall with the help of the versatile I'll call later this game 7775. Number one seed North Carolina and Texas southern one of three to sixteenth floor. And yesterday in the fourth seed Butler beat thirteenth seeded Winthrop 7664. This twelve seed middle Tennessee knocked off Minnesota but five seed. 81. To 72 to get ready to start the second half weird guys that we've covered most of it but what are you looking for maybe right off the bat day. Somebody's got to step forward. Somebody else Wichita State squad has to make some big shots. So did the other players have but trusted him and entrusted themselves that they just need somebody to take charge. What shock through the great job on the port city to keep that up there doing a great job defensively. Holding feet to 35%. From the according to keep that out what they needed changes they need to execute on offense. Settle down moved the basketball try to attack its feet. Defense put them back cuts would subscribe to the basket and their post guys have got the pass on that doubled the better. You know it hasn't been an easy bet we're talking about trying to get cutter for at camp on track. In a couple of us if we talked to Valerie got it going in the second half his first couple of trades came in transition of it's I know it's been hard to get out on the break tonight if they let. It added transition it's time for kids getting an open look that way that might get a golf caps. He got me through that those in Radovan sunscreens in the half court and ended trying to neutralize Steve Smith which they have been very good job. They can't lose sight of fiscal Pollard he's up against an awful lot about but he had a couple nice move. The basket for. First half heat wave hit the second foul and don't forget about cook now he had a bad first half of that guy averages sixteen game league first team all league so look for him to try to get off track your second half. And the one next cautionary note also Davis jetted to be a good second half team this year exodus doctors are really gonna have to step up their game for. On the offensive they get ready to play the second half Wichita State kind of war in the NCAA tournament. Over the last four years trying to keep that sort of thing going by. Struggling offensively in the first half particularly from beyond the streets. Well we know it is going to be a battle is gonna go the hole about twenty minutes here in the second half doctors. Down by two they're gonna have to battle the whole twenty minutes and maybe even more. To be his date flyers team. We didn't Skiles Davis could G Smith he handled Pollard the serious. Those cuts for the defense state park district officials feel Boris next round land can't it. Encounter France champ for the shot there's after scoring the last basket of the half at three point of Irish. Sharon Kelly will have the first possession of the second hand. Practice and figure out whose book stick the ball out finally background. Runs up the red phone it's the best ball toss in the fact Sam Flynn appreciate it didn't affect north lifted Akita Brownback got threats to share in the little jab step dribbles right impenetrable TV it would grant drives baseline got us pretty good at about formats we're talking about now. You're talking about why they had this big defense that's exactly what they did they cleared deciphered that Sony rolled. But that he stepped out of bounds statue to and his doctors turn it over for the ninth time denies some state and its first possession charges pressuring the accord on the event. And again as they've been doing this pressure at first task once date gets it and then go back off pick up and a half hours Kiki Smith. If you're not going to buy snacks throughout not civil handoff to Charles Cook left leg Pollard Pollard back frightened Williams rightly thought. Hi right elbow. What dribbled back on the right Winged Foot shoe fits into the line just stopped following contested by candidates rolled out rebounded background all he got all the way to the front of the best to win over the top if you haven't had a wide open shot it went all the way down and back caddies one out of six. So far unite Charles Cook. Frank you can't. Looks right goes left to chance it drops it on the left side of the Lake Forest turnaround baseline off the glass and goes in and out Tucker's guess three got to make Duffy about going back up. Marcus actually hit the bottom of the rim what the shot but. Not good enough position to draw a foul and go to the lines they brought the double team that Shaq wars but he turned away from reports the baseline put off the glass look like you're going down. It yes but Mark McNulty. I'll fought a couple of guys from that roared through found quite sure who it was on incentives somebody sat in the that you're who think government not to let Marcus is now 333 from the line and has five points. And guess what can tie it actually got to tie it back up. With the less than a minute gone in the second hand for the board chose hard with 2000 URD head to nobody else that is crucial 2000. Marcus because it was six of the shot this time out. One night only 1858 to go the second half I thought Williams got that felt like this week. Suu Kyi Smith got a contract were to cut the tough who lives in this context you know over the Pollard Pollard right it's not one dribble handoff that. They're picked up his dribble Davis writes I am happy to shoot past Pollard got behind Boris goes for the you have a check for a night before around. Nobody went around him about eighteen feet from the basket got on the wrong side of them and then when the pass was completed. Nobody was the between Palmer the basket took it. Duncan and through that found now you've got a chance for a three point play made three of four free throws in the first half about a 64%. Three threw shoes development Duffy was the second free throw misses. And the rebounded McDuff and so it was unable to complete the three point play and give states fifteen point lead 3129. Atlanta campus in the fifth floor gives it a different camps topping out for a governor puts it on the floor left wing Shanda. Check out front and frankly floored by Davis right wing in the delta. Markets puts it on the floor tonight David Blaine could get an affront to French tip off the screen dribbles left back check wore us down the line all the way to the basket and get pro life. I flew it should feel more assists six points. Ditches this yet right going hard and really throws you back now. Williams could create off the left side of the rim prevent Shaquille Morris threw to Johnson is good transition he confide in shock has hit back and make it through if you make a long pass back out front. If nothing off the left side alignments and their divorce and getting it to still look at how much like the French here. Content right side of the key to ground right wing champ it. Landry out front to Frankie have avoided this deal by Davis off the street by Boris dribbles left that to Shaq. Jack holding down the five to shoot. Kathy and I have to make applied bounce the French camp pulls up to blame mr. rebound more or less my another offer. These offers every day. I'm five more us. May have to rebound on playing him this went on to the basket put him. Which had just stayed up nights you know Charles could play out front for safeguard of I can't attackers try to make their offensive rebounding pay off with what's next a wild past nearly got away that saved by Davis is over description Smith who try to restore order here you can shoot. Guys right. Right side of the leg frozen underneath the college if you. Handled pick and roll that's kind of miscommunication. Gucci drew two defenders found collar for do. One Pollard has nine game tied at 33 left corner boards try to throw passive taller that's it right back out out of bounds after you've played in from the left sidelines. Jack just try to make the pass to someone coming into the block and just got better redneck fans to sit out of bounds and talked about a Mike nothing that can be denied on he's doing both teams really. Working hard defensively. Welcome Cindy Sheehan but let's or tries hard to their rights not rights are the keys to keep his dribble McNulty popping up front to get. Artist puts it on the floor off the ground it's been in the air dries place like reverse lay up hit it out to play because he wouldn't go fight for the rebound in serious. Have a great drive by Zach brown down the basement and just couldn't finish it Susie Smith fumbles the dribble alive to sit out good teammate quality players that have brought Snooki almost launching an admirable that Gately. Recovers. And they have it way out threats that you Smith with court TBC. And now I'm Florence trying to get around credit quality and steal it again forty feet from the Wall Street. Yeah 3000 actually be pushed off but he could come out with like Kelly finished no we'll. Kelly's coming in fourth round. Looks like Boris has been a huge factor inside that they can stay there it's got eight points which now leaves the shock is that that's his third thousands at the Wallace sixty. Well we don't well let's the F then halftime talk of wills could handle that pulls double team a little bit better here in the second half. Dribbling right is Steve Smith's hands off Todd Davis on the left wing Williams analysts wondered could whistle away from the ball offense. Had moved network. Suu Kyi Smith death. Off the ball trying to date yet to order set a screen his second foul. Second team felt the half on the flyers are easy to listen for to look like the movies streamed out call Michael tossed in the whole country. I gave 5050. Sort of go Landry sham it to Kelly coming layout for us to give it back he should have a little floor right there into the gothic. Marcus counts is the one down low is Willis throws it back up to frank every hole our share of it opens frail. Anyway there are physical. They don't Wichita State's fish are valid they did a great job they went and bill Willis who brought it out he reversed quickly they had a wide open shot and I. But Caylee was movie on the screen. At number twenty series Williams who try to come around him that's what they call the foul that's a heartbreaker not to shoppers it's really go to the first media time out of the second half tied up 1541. To go. Shoppers 33 flyers 33. The social insurance we know landlords have to keep their renters and they're really. Added we just dropped my picture Bjorn rent check. A little short this month not everything works as smoothly your shoulders printers policy that helps members of duties and fired up and more. I just moved back and tell them oh you mean get him in case. Shelter insurance through your shields you're showing your renters insurance he Taylor Zito and mull things can do each and elk plain old rookie Casey in Wichita. This is what it sounds like when truck I shot but other dealerships. About grant war. We have though white one why wow and this is what it sounds like a truck I shot but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special editions more choices than ever before wow I'll take the rally due to a racing start warming of the camouflaged real tradition. More than blacked out midnight edition of here's the difference in Georgia beating. And it's rough month so make a strong decision as fun Silverado that's right for you see your hometown shouldn't be today. You are busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls favors did you ask Brenda thank you could. Completely forgot to our camp didn't say anything different believes that he can you promise better. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something's Manningham blues the laundry list. Keep your smile to learn more about individual and family to Atlanta delta dental KS dot com. WSU shocker basketball is only 103 point 70 OK you what are. Any Rwanda you know here yet Indianapolis wouldn't not as big. Hi good day 33 don't they let fight would have done doctors about north of six war. To start the second half they made two of four shots over one for three off one alive but does state to a five shot those three point attempt. Took to the line that it did make it three point attempt just a moment ago but it was laid off. For an offensive now on the street Reshard Kelly Scotland fan it open Jack Morris league soccer's with the 86 points of market Daffy. Fifty Smith fifteen campus Pollard Knight release date. Well to turn over by the shocker here the second half. In only one invite gave up both teams are contesting every pass this thing every drive that thing. Not enough for coming on TV but I'm encouraged by the doctor. Driving the basket. That drove what time can worse still what time. You know like we will throughout that double team that had dizziness seems to have found a crack in the dam what they've done is they've capitalized overplay. Once the ball gets to them Anderson overplay the immediately taken to the basket rather than allowing the defense to step and that takes its. As a result it's an easy baskets it's just. State doctors continuing to dominate the boards 4970. They have nine offensive rebounds and thirteen second chance points to three. Suu Kyi Smith in the front court announces his seriously it's not beyond the top of the hour right at the top Pollard looked leftists that now Williams against these. His communication with Kelly Willis they both went after seeing a guy coming off the screen and Williams slipped to the basket for easy. Casket nice play out of the timeout by our Miller. Williams first free throwing as three points state back in front 3533. Landry should have a right side of the floor by the way it's a street Louis dribbles to the tough over on the right frank can't get to friction on wheels locked. That followed then by you start Kelly's body in midair guy got blocked it floated toward the basket Davis Hal David's got a piece of that shot. The Kelly was right there to put it in seven for cal league soccer's tied up. 35. All right hands up to the high cost effective got deflected it capacities over the Williams left wing dispute she Smith. Tries to drive it reversing his dribble that's another way do Williams not threat Pollard. But let's play an office in nine issues. Hollered to try to drive it pull up floater missed it badly a brick off the bat could benefit college went over the back on the rebound and that's going to be his third count that's up big found my. And that was well defended Willis played awfully. One. Punishing hit that far out that he tried to force in the light of what kind of wild rather than frustration foul over the back exactly with a four shot that he tried to. Go get his own rebound went right over the back at the big foul for them he's got to sit down with three with fourteen minutes ago here. Pollard had more. Boris looked out of the game one lead Steve feed their inside game landry's ship and off the street by Lewis dribbling right up front if drinking water trying to penetrate on Davis who's had a chance. Landry holding it right side of the floor Willis to deficit discrete refuses street drives right all the way to the basket and missed the brother. Nice little underhand flip to that hung on the front rim and bounced off kind of long jump is that a high jumped for the ball keep up the board a little bit too hard. On the block Josh Cunningham recruit Roosevelt dismantled for Hillary. Talented feet. Ford three pointers let me forgive me. Points and CNN travel okay. This get a front left the French champion Los developers who decided his turn to our perspective Kelly who's behind it. And just kept instinctively it was a clear travel of the shoppers turn it over again knocking down three U defensive stop using one with this gap in the wider. Doctors. Had gone. Like sued state has the best of five straight points to take if we lose. Left right Darryl Davis credible candidate Al Davis it's definitely the top of the judgment again top of the hour. Can't go off and Darryl Davis got left off buffalo Trent campaign that Obama would Carole Davis gets it back. Kyle Davis fifty Smith again this would fly off the mark for the right rebound loose it was. Those last touched by Dayton with the Palestinians get a not mean there really fight for those three down. Market but nothing was going forward Williams was cool where we have to laugh out of bound soccer basketball and teach John. Smith in that round basketball game. Soccer's have. Not gotten any bounces to go their way up loose balls and both teams are costly it's not that they're getting out hustled it just seems like some of those crazy bounces on the place of Clark. They shots into the record dribbles right cut off they're keeps his dribble going out front of Shanda. Landry. That's on the right side Smith back in camp. That's right wing comes off the screen it's not. Rightly think John Smith like walk Willis doubles team on intervals that Smith fan but there you go underground and open jumper. OK perfect window Willits doubled feedback now reversed to quickly over the ground and he knocked down you opened three rounds seems to have some shooting confidence after making that person that got he's got eight point game tied at 38. Drive it right to choose their steps that way out front to Darryl Davis left wing seriously have to wait at Connecticut constituents today. Starts left standing dribble he is through. Kelly on it right now tries to drive except that it tested following bounces off. And Kelly controlled the rebound from Wichita State across the timeline on the dribble hands adopted Dave John Smith. They shot pulling out the offense starts right now is that left off Willis Reed. Right wing to ground looks inside Willis typos spelling that's got recognition at Smith. And I gave 38 off 1207 to go Smith right right. Crews across Portland we wish him a quick break out. As soon. It over to. A kid who like John very quickly. Right now. And this. This book goes 312. Which it called timeout I think I dated about 1156. To go a little break away. Two straight faced by the doctors have been have been proud at today's made only one all night previously recognized state Florida why the fake. 381156. Videos. At age 65 you'll have time in freedom to do would you like to stay healthy and enjoy planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps me stay healthy easier. Planned 65 helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co place and are friendly service helps make Medicare supplement insurance and pre planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas blue passengers to the Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government where the federal Medicare program. 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Board Dreier is sticky bun waffles and red velvet French toast and you can even make it combo with your choice of Gregg is favorite set a price you'll love. So again and I often eat up every moment. Limited time participating restaurants can. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance seat agent to Jared Crawford had shown Chapman Mike Rogers or in his bill agent forest home. Wish you shut your best. Three point seven KG bloodshed. Little bit because of overtime game period to break his backers say they have a better purpose of better sense of what they're trying to do and feeling. Getting shot for higher percentage shots in the first half. Today's stop was right. Now it's not a shot the trusted the ball in the past Chris leak opening people up for a split second. They've been able to capitalize the other their drive in the basket a little bit more and I'm like where the passing. The post a couple of times Willis has passed on the double team and the doctors have moved it three wide open John. What for that movie. The fact that he's hit his last two hopefully is getting. This usually needs. What she gets the feeling that you can start to string them together we'll see if that happens here if state possession right now they'll have Darryl Davis Pollard is back in the three fouls Charles. Seriously Williams's fifty Smith. Doctors have Kelly Willis brown sham it and they shot Smith offensive assistants have hit pressured by the shots into the back off. Pick up in the half tourists and Smith brings it across the line fastest is seriously in play out. Over the collars a look at top of the arc over this week she Smith could get out front end Charles Cook dribbles right picks it up looks up. Pastor Smith finally stepped down at the time line. Nine issue really good long three way off the mark short for the rebound came not to follow. He had this so badly it went over his doctors had as a rebound off the front of the room. Cut drive and a gun jammed it into the line to get trapped they can. It was a foul Wichita State could be share that with the body here could be ground reaching into the champ that was the body that will be his first. And Wichita State sports team now of the half and let a lot of contact going drives the bath and I think cook took with a lefty and he got folks like him at. And but I have brown in that time great of a cult called champ. Good shooting team. First what is good Charles Cook as a free throw shooter. Seventy point 1% so right at 7069%. A year ago. His first points of hitting his first shot of the night three pointer that was his good definitely do want to let us stay. Let's hope those free throws from Kenya more confusing wasn't sure he hasn't done much so far tonight. Of course pressured by date Olympic champ that we could begin at the end and guys who Darryl Willis and that's a shame that he drives up prices sidelines because like you're opening this. Prices over the dribble trying to get by Davis now looks through street Louis and Houston street drives right comes back left. Each right wing to brown blobs download the Willis plus the right side of the lane had picked up his dribble. Thought down the leg got trip this can be found all. On day for the because travel well news got a program totally grant you call home. Travel must call came in said no it's a push on number twenty Williams in the foul. Over being. You guys travel all. Second found serious Williams 141000. Coakley. Willis was on the drive out of the active shooting. Factors that played into the baseline that is thirty leading by one level three to go that's best not Kelly. Pass was kind of loan knowing I could just grab and go up so they reverse it back out front he was wide open high capacity low and wide by defense and yet. Janet you're the right point of ground to Smith I've got to campus and try to defeat brings it to the middle. Left playground trying to penetrate over the Shannon wants free at practice all at an hour. I called it it was halfway down not mystery Landry champ rebound date Paula in the front court right side of the floor. It's an apt way out front to Williams over on the left leg hooked it left one description Smith he drives it. Pulls up gets to Pollard right where you look. Stop the free throw circle right a lot to college job this way the well let's just call a foul up well let's cut. Colleges lowered his shoulder slammed into a good stuff on Darryl Willis will be here is second. Although they think there'll wants to do just get out of the way because he lowered his shoulder and just move bureau back about six feet. There is 230 pounds can talk. Showed you how strong Pollard is. Willis out Kelly out Jack Morrison markets to death here back in French camp who was out for a little bit. Come back in your plant can't but his first rest of the second hand. 1023 to go Wichita State hard core 4140 feet in bounding into their own basket. Snooki Smith to play him on the right baseline this caller hi posting for a Grand Slam this is now. Charles you got that lead our into the body is neck and show people. Well grounded a great job of moving his feet he added convenience. Laid out showing the referee's hands and they cook who lowered his shoulder right into Brown's chances and it was a good call no doubt about that charger port Charles there. His first foul fifty. How steep declines in the second half tenths off it goes shot pitches the ball flight is shots that didn't reckless picked up mr. Bautista grounds. Look to the post hit it and that's not practiced this slightly different camp. Not experience on the dribble. We're in the crosscourt he Smith. They shot Hudson street report pulls up briskly off the back iron rebound Willis sliding floor. Get a feel for brown because it's going to be a hold on foot. Charles Cook update. Call for the now his second team's sixth and Wichita State will get it back out about good looking shot thank you John not now. Really hustle play by exact wrong going for the rebound and cook picks up to put files. Background Tenet himself a heck of a night at both ends of the floor. Check it out Darryl Davis serious William street date you might sell lease is. Doctors look at deflated they showed Smith right side. Turnaround by the Duffy bounces off the rebound of Kyle Davis had a tough shot a turnaround jumper from about sixty feet from the cup you look at it comes taller. Well not god so. He was not a control. Felt bad for letting it go in the basket Jack reached the end nexus brand channel that we know only once you have to give his force. First unfriendly hit sixteen south I can't believe they get negated shooting down on this because he was. Just pulling down the way he put his head down about a steps past the half court. Pollack of the line. She needs to persons he's now four of six from the line it's ten points. That ties it up 41 on 942 to go Shaquille Boris out for a breather. And one more for Pollard long way to go 942 left in the second half. That's free throw his good gives states the. Flyers there. According to its nicely. Patients who flew. As less cut off on the left where it started back up front and just go back up for everything and let's take effect today showed maybe he would ground cannot block fifteen patients who. Down below normally the best. Good to re not not a lot. It's about retired nurse. 907 they go to Shaq there's a war. I'm going to try your very quick transition confidence not by Richard. Road out of bounds at the other end mergers. Message covered up what god is through a lot of weight by Ronald mergers. Shocker basketball for a long. Ended up station on it's a place to tease him. They shot up the street vendors you're close to the right back to surgery on his final pass fake blood flowing brown. Regarded by myself to take him on the dribble pass and not practiced this that in ninth issue. They showed off the street but they're just picked up my colleagues try to make eventually get. That's the way I look at the other end down the line up front friend Kevin Cotter that is to stop the shot today because for the. An update shots coming out I don't know what he was stranded due to a bad pass down on the offensive end just flew out of his chances and he jumped up in the error. Has picked up workers I get cook was driving behind me jump up in the air for some unknown reason and cook got the foul. So it took to the line for two. Fellows on on her friend's hand free throw is bouncing in. Now three of three from the line has six points. That ties it backed up to 43836. Degree rotation out Smith not afraid camp out sham that he is in. Brownies out its Kelly reads nurture picked up the enchantment for Wichita State. 836 remaining Charles Cook trying to put his team back in front by a point. That would it's not bad bounces off the back in the rebound or. And other troops to tide gave which has just make this a ball. Eight and a half minutes ago I think man's game hasn't been any physical tough defensive games out of there to the high close look at inside puts it on the the floor hands off each game it. Landry dribbles right over degrees. The positive side it's. All our dinner out there and I pushed off Miller number two. And recruiter he got it from home. Nurtured his first teams eight another turnover might. That's at ten or eleven and at least. Thirteen. Big basketball. Game tied at 4311. To go to John Crosby and not point guard looked it up to. Mikes now the leg. Throughout his way to the basket left it way short title for the rebounder should have now they're forcing his way and they are. Grew up before shot that was partially blocking a real good defense by markets the stuff you took that time they could force one. Reasonably good today and the air goes to. I think Gregg Marshall have a word with the official. How does he gave a good shot fake got advantage here there was call for dragging his finger at heart disease. Goes back to date after the time out 751. To go out the second half Wichita State 43. 840. As they're called they're making you shiver even endorse called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or install a new Linux system heat your home now. And pay overtime with a six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. Shocker sports is brought to my American family insurance. See agent and Angie Valentine Ryan woods does these cells for in mall's main agent Kirk's harbor. You are huge shock. 103 point seven JPY. What good does it. 43 all until seven they want to go in his first round NCAA tournament game. And four day. It's fifty Smith went eighteen only three of the second half Kendall followed eleven. Wichita State eight apiece for exact around Shaquille Boris Atlantic salmon brickyard Kelly was seven Marcus Vick got beat six. Shot literally shooting 37%. To date only 35. To escape. For a seventy brings it up five of the second half and seven of eight free throw day. Six of seventeen threes 35%. Kind of she's free throws Wichita State is plus sixteen on the board 37 point one. But they also have fourteen turnovers his sixth birthday Wichita State's season high it. Bradley and they've had fifteen quiet so they're definitely in that realm tonight. Well doing a great job defensively doing a great job on the board but the turnovers they've got to keep that under control that's what's keeping these in the form. It's all this doctor. Because of bad passes because of traveling. Because the movie three that got to cut out for eternal. Soccer seventh got the ball particularly well. In that the last three ball games always 39 point 8% from the the field a little bit towards the date of this saying that he's thirty. Sox. Did basketball had a chance to take the lead. And it is John Crosby into the front court that this gives it up to myself. And Mike Sullivan right wing guard Mike Kelly. You can lose your way out front frosty frosty dribbles tonight. Tries to drive the baseline Netgear throws that got frontal Nasrallah traveling got a library that throws a forerunner Vista is hardly watch tiger jury got it by telling police thought Gregg Marshall thought with three referees didn't see the triple. Kelly down the Leino under the basket and foul on Mike zeliff Ryan and every charge Kelly we'll go to the line for two he actually brought it down after rebounding at. But that traveled by Miller was way more egregious than anything that Austin Reid did just a moment earlier than he got home LA Gregg Marshall club mounting across the floor of the replicate that called the travel alone. On Dallas agrees. Making that point right there might be through Mike Kelly there are Elliott missed one of the first half. He now has eight points but the shoppers back in front Taiwan was 721 ago. One more coming here breeze Kelley Shannon but Duffy and surgery Kurt shocker lined up. When it's all too hard to rebound to about. Court date that the one point Wichita State in the that's right course and the Paula has the right side web front. That's right size is Pollard. Pollard not a bad drive and it brings it back up front gives it a dispute she Smith is just check that yeah started by family. Right cut off record your way back for a serious Williams. Kids adapt but gradually improving her wound up partially block. Loose on the floor picked up playoff. Great block by market but don't feel good shot that time. Office I got hit hard enough now on day Kyle Davis. Is really slamming into rethinking market street and not gonna get along. Here cal Davis only sixty public golf powerful blue guy very quick and he's been softened drinking definitely bumped. Austin read that time got called for a very physical defensive play. That's his first now shoppers who want one that's an eight team now wants to read news. One of two from the line against Illinois State the valley championship game not settling down through his first career points in the NCAA tournament. One more coming here. Austin to a three from the line over the last two games. And for the season 74. His first points of the shoppers lead by three was 647 video. And Reeves goes down after making both those free throws that Brownback did for him to garnered. Suu Kyi back. Who do you Smith 647 to go the second half. Miles Davis display it and appreciate its precious and onstage announces that in dispute she slipped in the corner. The shot into the back off and letting them. You keep your most of the right side handoff from Kyle Davis. Now after living through serious wounded some sort of like Kelly went out front distinction. Laura starts right crosses over expected brightly colored. Runs in the dirt or throws up an off balance shot that got it I don't know I got that ball in the basket that he gave off balance. Merger would write his face that he got to live here Janet driving holes OK all the way to the basket away. And went all the way around he's really cool now David's son now. Jim Phillips head suckers up nicely again 4840 times or so ago. Gucci Smith wanted to give a right handed off to Davis had an almost got in there and messed it up left Winged Foot. That bounce pass down the block trying to go under is smaller partially blocked tiger recovers. And there's a nice walk by here to discuss his position went straight up. Down over the rockets. Candidate that's not right when brown for a Frey. Brown started the game with a three and made that in our chief Miller wants that I'm now down. As a soccer fans the local time. That is Zack Brown's third story it is another basket it was a bit brains fall away fifteen to seventeen footers so he has really been shooting it well on jump shots tonight at disasters go up six their biggest lead of the Bosnian. 5145531. To go we're keeping it here at soccer fans we like the biggest and best everyday price selection of soccer merchandise it's at the official store Wichita State University located on the first floor of the Ratigan student center on the WSU campus because mostly shop online 24/7. At WSU books not not like everything you need for every generation of shocker nation. Enjoy the shocker rewards program for 5% back on future purchases. University bookstores a place to shots. We said at halftime just before we started the second half somebody has to step up. And start to do some damage well Lander Canada has in the second half. Ronald nurture has a little bit in the second half. Rashard Kelly has a little bit in the second half. And let's background I'm just one month I've got to for eleven points now four out of five of them feel that you've got. He was three out of four of the last media time out I think he only took one updated four out of 53 retreat from playing. I'm not there are three for six. Three in the second hand it's going coming from some unfamiliar places a lot of mergers have scored much the last five games he's been really nice place. Brown got eleven. Kelly that's free right before. Before halftime well what they're doing over there on the bench right now is eighteen furiously through the scouting report try to figure out who Zach brown is they know he's defender. Word at all this offense comes around like it on the three feet 53 valley from. Was he. It was saving enough for this game well thank goodness because the doctors need all the offensive but right now. Zach brown is one of the doctors most experienced players in the NCAA tournament four point seven. Flights per game in six weird games. His career high in the church that had been eleven. And two years ago against Indiana who is Max said here at night with another 531. Well not only need no offense but how about the defense team to get coverage through Q. Smith if you can hasn't been in that prolific scoring here in the second half. And he was the first half and what you think they're gonna have to look to sniff a little bit of the Pollard a little bit Pollard to take it to the basket. May be sniffed it takes to jump shots unless they stayed behind. And they need to get to the free throw line in which case of right Robert well Mike if anybody could have fixed tonight. It was a five a couple of times this first happened today. Their biggest lead was five which thus they previously did. They'll now they've got to figure out a way to keep this lead trying to build on a no hitter right back we'll be given hold them. It certainly got the ball all along with a cup of hot statins have been. Certainly have taken better care of the basketball. Genentech in the ball game too hard nosed tough teams would have had to really work at both ends for everything tonight. Soccer's just a little bit. Drive to the basket by Landry should have had a victory by Zach ground. Suckers up six for the first time it's still a long way to go up 531 remaining in statement. With the position as we did play soccer and stopped right here hit the ball back stitches that's not good timeline that the floor looking for a street from seriously and didn't immediately wanted up announcing Justin Williams. Back at the top Paula left the key did not do you account David Davis who can put on him. We'll bounces tend to shoot over her right leg. But that on the floor about the plot Pollard Pollard look at the background surgery. Kurds got their grip in the air. This the shot heard about it no cause of the soccer's history back lot of contact has been a foul for the last couple of them but not tonight on both ends of the floor. Kevin work and a mystery to the street Bernard takes it well throws it back over to Kelly offered a sham but freeh left way too long rebound today. A lot of the other wasted jeans without testing it for Davis laughed like Shannon on the shot. Now on Landry said Ronald had a wide open shot down here six foot pounds Davis was gone undefeated through the basketball. And on nights blocked by many appreciate that on the transition play but he got a with the body. Second spell on Shannon ninth team now and a half this will be two shots through Davis anyway in the active shooting he has not scored tonight. From the line on the year 66 point 2% left handed shooter who accidentally gets. That is his first point he averages. Eight point one points per game he's been six point three per game in the last four. Up and spins out and rebound this next round. Only made up one point. Wichita State still with five point lead at the ball and it's ago. For a hardship this would be a big score for Wichita State your ticket you know one shipment in the lift water that's left side of it nothing left side of the lord that we'll look forward to ground. That. Throws down the left side of the lane McDuff narrow it down there older to cook and tries to admit but circus shot that was no good rebound the wrong message today was taken to the basket on sham that it had other found Landry candidate command creek jumped that he was going back and Davis jumped in began with those in Davis to the line for 23 fouls on landry's ship what twice in the role that got the ball that Davidson street you don't support him it only got back recovery and he's gotten to him that. Don't count on both of them. Davis just went one for two gets more. That would snuff and well the last two times standards hit the shot that Bob mentioned that that nothing caught the ball deep and resident has taken a turn around there's nothing like if you just look at. When you tried it. They'll under Emeka circus happened under title shot and it came up short and I believe that they looked up the card by 65. But things have gone right over the top of the that is free throw coming here for Kyle Davis and he could cut the lead to three heartland and Davis on the last few trips status patriots for a free throws to cut a six point lead history 5148. Shots yourself for fifty itself. That's got he had the flyer fans up there 100000 soccer desperately need a basket. On defense that ranked camp is backing it gets in the candidate that they backed off into the half court defense. She's definitely full court pressure on landing ship Chandler crosses over almost got fire at spring camp started by the bigger Gerald Davis daughter left wing it here in the back at the French camp we had the right wing and I thought he'd take network. Little cute Stanford's. Right to left. No room to shoot you know would've picked up if you shoot the deftly spinning. Falls down loses the ball. And a fast break predict against the one of the best gonna bring camp this shot I appreciate it might have partially blocked it soccer's the other way as members. Gemma and all of the basket got it this but I found on day. Janet go and hard to the basket draws that now he'll go to the line for two shots and that will be the under four time out 338 to go in the second half. Let me share haven't gone to the line with Wichita State leading Dayton 51. To 48. For. Lottery welcomes you aboard the powerball markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail. You would guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing to really like mad SPF it's the from the underdog sports tonight. Come on board were ready to hit the high seas when you are. Your dreams are waiting to download the collective win that Fannie and do your powerball tickets for a chance to join us on the power ball power crews TTS lottery dot com for details. One company is on a mission to put him. 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Let's see agent John Green who bred woody or in valley center agent Tim dank. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY yeah. 38 seconds to play. And Indianapolis what should just stay. Hey six point lead hits they got the great Atlantic salmon. We'll be joined at the free throw line for some shots for the chance to move it back to five jab at fouled on the drive. Three for three from the line tonight has scored 101 and Pollard just picked up his fourth personal foul critical in its own right my. Matches Shaquille Morris who has more personal files as well Jack has played twelve minutes today. They scored eight points and I think you are accepting that you mentioned that date Jack as floor. That one foul that was called down there a few minutes ago that I thought was on Cotter frank camp would always make that wild drive to the basket it was on Shaquille Boris so. He did pick up a bit. How hard has. And the basic right art of the comeback was Boris now legislative Fiat Fareed if you know it talent Pollard 2000 hurt. What a turn of events though that blocked shots on the at defense have been hurt but the shocker the advantage in the. Wow what a big crowd around those who play. Now families that make them. Creek road. If the doctor back up five points. Even makes Wadi gets to a two possession game and be nice to get both of them again he has three for three from the line he had scored ten points tonight. Zach brown with the level at least if not it's that that would not secure. Eleven but the way he has made it three point basket tonight. And so that keeps his second longest streak in school history. And often hard rebound graphite shaft is reflected the soccer in the next because the general Willis got a handle on it it did after game I think. Left wing Kelley ticketed down low level and all had a home if quality of second chances there now Willis rise at a balance serious Williams who grabbed a visit last night I. And checking rules all of a sudden death but it got enough benefit they are being ticket this time. I'm surprised or did you and fifth at halftime Williams didn't have found infected. And we'll throw the officials must accept the rule book that during the last time out at more than those of. Free throw by Willis. Lowest of his first chance to throw line tonight now has three points. Wichita State's lead up to apply that not girls could make it six with 323 to go. Now on serious Williams was his third. Woods and good. All that stuff sent to. We don't care doctors 63 plate this goes to she's tentative support for it. Last night guarded by background bounces on the way that the content Davis. Handoff to Williams was over just Pollard Pollard it's not his office has since been physically or sanctuary sort rebounds champ. Landry dribbles out of the you have to cross the timeline left side of the floor background would open down orbit you have a good thing. Let's night killing. And the dribbles it back to the middle. Let's snipes at ground there really kinda replace Shannon how many kids have Davis on him let me make defensive side. And on the dribble against Davis looking through a screen drives right steps that announcement round shot fake drive it down the lane and found one case he favors. Try to come off his man reaches its stripped it and we'll. Driver it's going to be two free throws for which it does I thought he had a lot of ball county with a lot of won't really be that. Because all the rep read right now I thought about he thought the plane he had all over the refereed by. Life is wonderful now fortunately. That around with. Free throws he has scored eleven points tonight off the field. When anything. Background but since then there. He makes this one for three possession game with 238 to go to senators are up 65448. Matching their biggest lead. I had to make it seven. Active really played well tonight it's the second victory. Soccer's seven got two and a half minutes ago. It seems that. War within targeted really towards des deep into the shot clock on just about every possession with my way pulled it. If effective economic assessment inadequate people who. Pollard rapidly and well right now they've recovered by cook I cook look at the maker dribbled look at the length ball underneath Pollard blocked it. Sit back while they can't the three. Walk again and finally if I was sort of and they're gonna stay out of bounds and offensive of that horrible. Open floor of my love life into account now with a got. Yeah out of town that's going he got hit upside the head and Devin made thoughtful about the conflict that the big quality mineral bath. Deflection blocked shots not not really that date Kelly wolf. We'll watch the replay you mind telling again it's good she's good at driving throws it underneath that Pollard Bobble that's another quarter Davis wide open. And I'll. Victory for found davis' first field goal of the night it cuts the lead to war 555 in line all of this campaign. That was deflected backing up like Miles Davis I don't that you would've got that attempted forward that Jones the basketball and doubled. We had a path about the Al Davis who was wide open corner. And here. Jack you hear them conflicted him for the offensive. With that French champions for an extra ball handler Shaq for a syndicate its occupant threaded snide but of course pressure by day attempted to jam it. That they will back off Canada big guard Mike Davis and she's been thought for a camp Dodgers with a four point lead. That 38 to go agenda through traffic got flipped a little bit hit it over but nothing yet frank camp left side of the floor circles to the middle over Kelly dish and drops in the line Boris. Democrat Campbell good three game. And I don't know. I think embarrassment. Ryder reversal fifth did you believe that's not new you fitness gets made fight tooth doctor defenders. Reverse layup off Atlanta parking that was called the timeout was sixty Tucker the fun. Huge three point basket by Conor Franken good inside outside passing of what to bore us on the block out different campus. It got kind of rotating couldn't get anybody out to Connors who was wider than I was shocked detected go up it is. One on one against. Pollard Pollard got fourth child I think he's physical up front is that it now while water pathfinder and what it's time for Saturday. For any beautiful pass that he has a sense of who know but he finds the guys showing a lot of confidence is shot clock winding down in France champ. Who had scored a basket that's par today. Which it does say though has won three candidates can't ride them for a brain cancer and that his friend can't. 21 straight game with a three pointer and chip it 44. Straight mystery one of those the second and third longest streaks and history runs maker 27. Still has the record this damage closing in what we said it's the few that laid lie down and future. He brought back out of the lay up hole or what looked up he opened the grant can't get it in the Kelly's double team in the water ball got stripped loose to get a college jump ball position at all today. Only you know they ran a play remic Duffy EU wide open the kind of thing you could feel the offender who was guarding him. The guy guardian boundary that's background and her friend Canton fending off tense situation in Toronto surgeries on detective probably for. Boris who had four fouls that's going to be yet surgery for Boris. Literature LA for around. Campus. Soccer's defending with a five point lead in the that it. Our team to go yeah that's not your view that it's a big defense that stand right here Suu Kyi Smith left side of the floor Americans are driving game started right pick it up for the right way to curry on the way by Williams an air ball. An awful Pollard out of balance. I can suck my balls tonight. Why he was taken that was long that was at least 2223. Feet up training camp but Morris back here. Doctors and offensive possession up 5104. Remaining here at Indianapolis. Opening round of the NCAA tournament this is that it did. Not beautiful but I. Right competitive game candidates were divorced over in the nothing that the French camp over the Shannon Landry had a different wars started by Kyle Davis. They really trying to pressure come up with a steel under a minute to play some background now to get it that constraint here. Not here. Dribbling right to try to get the double team doing finds Boris it's a high post. Over the sham it. Landry but at the Pentagon as to move up to Google pulls back like five issue. One on one against Davis not oh well that's not the Riviera now on day I didn't think there were gonna qualify for the year. The arm of the lake fault but it was. The right call you can't afford the line was complete though that was with his shot clock down to inspect it. Al Davis the balance is there and it's free points out. This guy that. You can attack right on. There right now here we can look rightist cabinet that looked like he certainly was go and appreciated thank you advocate giving three shots it looks like. Yeah he was behind the arc we want to hear in the month of he got back up behind me are. Bad bad foul like Al Davis was revealed they took the shot clock when he has to be shooting at the shot clock winding down at no time left on the shot clock. We happen this year he can't go wild like that. Yeah definitely stepped back beyond the art speak free throws here the three previous four for five from the line. First when it's not long who are these just that are out after making his. Or if he makes the last two he could still get it to seven points that would be a three possession lead. That could be hugely 36 seconds ago and have to make a lot of free programs that. He made that would please my other seven from the line twelve point spring camp Jackson out and Boris next literature earlier that. One more coming from Landry champ but you can make this case at that point game with 36 seconds to go. 5953. Wichita State. Here's the free throw good. I was. Wichita State by 736. Seconds left the gun goes on your mind speech. Art Pollard gives some level ground on a screen Williams another three attempt that would rattles not hurt your part of the rebounds loose on the floor yelling run for the our position which it does you know in the legal street I was watching the whole way forward that. Eagles Reid avoid background that got the shot but his head maybe the shoulder. Forward. Reshard Kelly got that rebound before anybody else did get to tie it up he was on the glory called timeouts shocker at the possession. But 47 seconds left in the big smile on that ground faceless if you figure out what stadium was the head as it kept it is not your bit thin smile. Yeah I think that's just do with the news. He had a good shot and run with the pollen but they were that if you want the rest of gonna drop back in that zone defense. And so that was the old man guarding Pollard but nobody could yell at that from the warning. And Dayton gets hit six of 73. Point attempts 35 point 3%. But in the second half they only made 13 point these have been sleeping through many of them and they have been convert them. At the moment. This is what you just a second lowest scoring game of the year they were held 52 by Louisville in the Bahamas. 62 by Illinois stated that gave the shoppers lost at normal if only got sixty denied that it leads by seven. 27 seconds ago refereed over them bother looking at that flight probably looking defeated the lakers now forward on the ground. But what I thought here's the replay they're gonna feel it here on feet yet monitored. That was a double dribble by the way. It looked like that you follow it and it really wasn't the only tournament. Marcus Vick got fears of but he should have been hollering out right around the street it's coming much effort port range yeah. You buy it plus. Okay that's smiling appears to be okay added positions of his senses that doctors have. Soccer and they have the ball that was that with a held off topic but that is so it's going to be a spot for the way they're not going to be run the base line and remember the look not the last time line. The out the last time Wichita State took it out they double teams Kelly Warner and it was a hurdle before which state. Style they can figure out who they get out announcement nothing. But. Nothing nurtured forestry camp and ship it through Wichita State but. Nothing. Incident that Boris. And he's fouled immediately by Charles Cook what they certainly have some good news. In the ball game right now or at one of the believe it or not that big guy shoot 81 thing he's 85%. In the Missouri Valley Conference. In porky was last fifteen games he's made 5259. Street throws 81. All right time to make a couple of years network gets to be hasn't shot a free trip tonight as eight point so you can get in double figures if you make vote is held off unknown. We are right you just about I think they on Friday would have freaked. That's right if you dioceses that left hand. Strong shocker staying off the line they don't want to risk it now a lot of history through a second one is out now when his doctors reviving. He'll Boris with the nine Wichita State at 615326. Seconds ago. No threes doctor showed some full court pressure just make me take some time stitching Smith across the time line and apparently it's time out I don't know maybe that. I don't know the clock are not made out of started well kidnapped because that unit school teams in the global bounced out. So. They're gonna check that. Again if the shoppers go on to win this in advance to Sunday's second round we won't know the start time. Until a little later either later tonight. Or tomorrow's that you didn't let the ball so I climate flushed it right yeah laughter. I don't know how they put time back on. He'd driven that a couple times. Well that I guess it depends that was please my point six seconds. Left when they took the ball out of bounds if he dribbled a couple times. Certainly I hit 44 point war when they stopped. I had shafted 45 point six street. It's gotta be some time off and cars are up eight with. Point six seconds to guess that's a three possession game at three possessions from the standpoint that they would need at least two threes attitude tonight it shots don't score again. Yet guard the three point line don't give me the easy side but the south of guard the three point line here we've got to rebound we that's to die right you know balanced nutrients and sometimes. You can find them the people that get rebounds and all we welcome aboard. Populist or keep them and it doesn't make any difference to them suits that they like to have the keys Smith suited. But whoever has that they can't afford to let too much time lapse I won't Williams issues. What you tell us data has missed a couple of free throws down the strip but there's still seventeen of 2374%. They've outscored rate our state by five points. From the free throw line. Packers at fifteen. On the boards that one big ugly numbers united in sixteen turnovers missed couple shy of the season for the wealthy they comfort they don't know they hit sixty or over about seven minutes ago now for the last five guys going to the free throw line which state. Have missed one of the free for expensive they hand you month and it from the line in the repudiate marks the end. This Willis he hit home. Please Monique Reid decided on 24 point two seconds back on the clock. That's word they start looking at it court. Seriously. Disputes this update is gonna happen very. They're down eight points. Less than thirty seconds yes it's penetrating don't know yet. Horse won out over camp that is golfer of ballot advantage of Boston went into the basket had a chance for a three point that was back in the whole time around the world. Fold improvement. At that little game almost before the found that. Fourth now on Landry sham it. Eighteen point six seconds to go it's all right Smith to get it to five years he makes the three for a very important that the box off the key thing is that the 321. Let's get a rebound. In the QQ points on the ground. Pitching with 22 he's been tremendous. He threw it into the night makes it 23. Shot lead is five with eighteen point six seconds hollered out this fourth mouths. They got a guy Keyes so they're not with doctor right elements of the negated it quickly if Shaquille Boris well. You know horribly pastime Duffy that he didn't foul by the time but that was one about it was the rocket that would not be ankles. Maybe the foul because if that's that the world but I think it was not cook it it's no penalty for us and if this game having it and happy go overtime both these teams will be loosened some players. That's worth about jacket the line for you just may want it to you as nine points. Makes to get back seven point game. First 10. And so the best you can do he makes this win they still have to make some threes. In the final seventy seconds. The key sixteen point seven a lot of time away. That went out and balances in. So Boris with tan. And they quickly get us out there able to sub in the court date in balance. Jerry Kelly captain for Boris stopped would be nice ticket right that the move be careful about without Tucci Smith ratcheted up court. Drive it through traffic and got fouled on the drive they're gonna called Deirdre believe or is it Kelly. Stops the clock with twelve seconds ago if you mix of both we can get it to four but it would still be a two possession game. What was the wealth somebody's gonna have to. And the Connecticut mall and now that you crack in the fifth wicket look at if you read them the right path to golf now. Person's good. Sort of stitching Smith with 24 to 76 plus percent free for a feeder on the year Kelly and round about. Boris and friend camper back units Boris nurture. The Duffy French camp that you haven't boxed out. Albeit free throw issues. Duties 15 he has been. Tremendous in what hopefully will be his final college game because chapters are up four with twelve seconds ago. And nothing will play area. Certainly the merger opening warm zone partners in the Shaq back to the depth the and they found that nothing was nine point nine seconds to play. Marcus picked up the war for four from the line that I did better than 81%. On New Year's that got the shot is to have stolen the strike. Point nine seconds to go to four point lead and makes them both again it gets back this situation it would have to have two threes are 23 point play. Pursuant. Yes. Absolutely nothing. Job markets orchestra seven points his only basket you're gonna follow Duncan the first thing happens five for five from the free throw line. It is time. Six. You know that would get senator. Breakfast it's nothing his. Soccer's a six point lead with just over nine seconds to play Steve Smith rented a Ford stepped back regarding ways to make sure at the end Elliott and it looked like they get a foul again the soccer. Fifth consecutive years of stable flying around at 32 of the NCAA tournament and play. Let's just not state defeats they've got to hit the ball game. T afford to fit you think guys that stay the whole weekend I delivery 9 AM this. We're all right we only back to provide evidence. Need Davis but Davis is from part. South Dakota bill we took Davis from Pollack to fish for all. 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What is out of matchup that Vegas nailed the lines blocked off but Wallace anyway six point favorite going into this went. Soccer modifies six in what was an absolute. Fans gave the most physical game that we have seen in college basketball this season the best. Of all rules changed back then went back three years at tonight because that thing that refereed and it wasn't it didn't favor either don't need but man. They let them play there was often that was pushing everything objectively what the basket and they thought strong about this before you joined us. But Mike remember with Illinois game state with. Formally and lamb that's footballer reminded me of the big heavy guy that was. Barely in the air and it worked for him but finally the official start of the quality fouls on him and Shaq was a factor. Later in the ball game. It was an outlet when they couldn't get the ball in balance many times that you could turn the ball over hit two free throws. Paula wasn't nearly the same factors that shaft was no no you're right he won that battle especially in the second half you've ever have to realize that they shot. 50% from three. In the second half. Of the Vanderbilt game last year in Dayton. Before we shot the second half. Lower grades 50% that's right in what is forty and 45%. Overall after 36 in the first half and held date make good offensive team that shot 47%. On the year to 31%. The Dayton which is an excellent ballclub. Cause Wichita State. The ball over eight times in the first half they scored nine points off of those weeks ago. In the second half unfortunately Wichita State had eight more turnovers. Turnovers. We're different types of turnovers they were offensive fouls and things like that so. What we saw was dead Dayton got only three points. Off of those eight turnovers in the second half that was critical for Wichita State that they had Tucker that fourteen turnovers. We're at 751. To go. Though they only had a few more turnovers for the rest of the way for the last almost eight minutes doctors had just internal. Wichita State's bench outscored date eighteen to five. Soccer's outrebounded big and by nineteen and had a nineteen to eight edge in second chance points out. This is just about every phase of the game shocker is eventually wanted and even the three point shooting if so favored date for the first half that helped him take some leads. This dockers were six of forty date lose seven of 22 so really no difference of that statistic. Free throws were critical of boiled down to who you file and they couldn't pick the right person to found out. Nobody's made too out of two free throws except one guy or two guys Willis did in the Duffy did every round. And Reid did but I mean from the 338 mark on hand you had sham a but he may want you had Willis. They keep to you have brown making one you had a chance at making checks making one Shaq making one of the stuff he's making too so every time they went to the free throw line. They at least capitalize one time and that enabled Wichita State to keep that leaf. And what they're not yet that eventually it matter. Wichita State matched a season high with eight blocked shots three of those by Rashard Kelly that's a career high preempt. And recharge his career rebounding high had been nine had eleven tonight to lead the shock about it. I think three or four of those blocked shots came on that one for yes is down there where they just kept. Dave kept going up the basket if there's doctors kept flooded back Kelly had two of them and make Duffy had the first cited these guys that got the fourth one. How frustrating that beat now Dayton is the most accurate field goal shooting team in the Atlantic camp most accurate field goal shooting team in the eight can't. Wichita State held at 31% from the field we say defense wins championships but how about the defense in the second half. Date was only able to Muster with 27 point 6% from the field go ahead and take it outside Nancy what you can do their. No better 22 point 2% at two of nine from the free points right we know what that adds depth to. Gregg Marshall to Miller Brothers hero. If the very good hands and I hope you know you talked about this I'm at halftime we talked about the shot here's. JG yeah. That's that's the changing some things are improving their execution offensively and right from the beginning the first. Media time out about him look like it got for the purpose on offense they're moving better they're moving the ball better. And that continued 45% over all four of eight threes they got to the line 21 times they've they've made better adjustments at half time the date was able. And that's something that Gregg Marshall and his staff have done all year and have just for many years they do a good job at halftime making adjustments. Favor of their longtime didn't come out of a two minute mark. I think big enough a five minute mark. Which does it become after the two minute mark. And they made some really nice adjustments they've moved the ball they attack as Dave's defense they went inside they cast another vote. I thought they were much better offensively. Executed better and played with a purpose offensively in the second half. And you know. Over the course of these experiences we've head of Wichita standard Gregg Marshall a big part of any runs they've made in the NCAA tournament. At this balls toughness and hit down and grinding and this was a game that made them do that I don't know that they did tested. Is that. Maze like they were tonight by anybody recently Illinois State was. More that way the first time they've played not so much the last few times nobody else is really challenged them back out of this mentality of toughness. But the shocker. Not only held their own the club that. Very much so they're a physical team and they actually enjoy that type of the game and remember at halftime Wichita State had no player. They had more than five points they ended up the ball game with three players in double figures ground. Boris and Shannon in the they had to war but Duffy and Kelly with eight points. This team wins. By emphasizing the word T and you don't want the players that I thought had a superb second half. Ronald nurture and a couple of huge baskets that second half. Granted last year yeah. Is that gas at Vanderbilt game he did have a lot of points could even give a lot of minutes to fill the foul trouble and then in the Arizona game. Came in and played against a really good but people like you start to his feet and held his own. And then tonight how about that dunk at the end of the shot clock that you may want to play that. It was electrifying and he had seven rebounds he was the second leading rebounder to team off the bench to Rashard Kelly the leading rebounder. For the game with eleven rebounds and what you have to look at years. Nurture. Was one of the in my opinion better the better defensive players. And shot blockers Wichita State blocked eight shots against this ball club and that rarely happens to them. All right this is the probability felt post game show this doctors scored 64 points. So you get what you're smallest discounts of the here tomorrow it jets locker room just 10% off because it's 10% off some of the duke. Post season merchandising tents locker room. East and west. You've been listening to our game recap a long one tonight Roger viability could comics Cummings of Cummings is your current level since the DUI law firm in which it's not give them a call at 2641548. 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It takes a lot to created championship team like the shocker is it takes great athletes great coaches great facilities and great fans like you right now your support can help keep that shoppers on talk through those shocked the world campaign we're raising twelve million dollars to update code arena and provide it support center for student athletes we have three fourths of the way there. Your support of shocker basketball can put us over the top or invest in the future by calling WSU athletics to learn more call 3169787493. That's 3169787493. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance seat agency Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers or in his bill agent forest pummel US you shocker basketball. There's only 103 point seven KEY. Oh Wichita State. Wins in the first round of the NCAA tournament shocker today. Miles 107 upset over Dayton 64. 58 here in Indianapolis attackers now at 31 and it's for us to mention that second most wins. In program history behind the 35 and one team of 2004 through. You don't turn around look at the soccer fans this section right behind its mobile looked just totally exhausted into bed just drained others are up there dance into the music. They're playing over the loudspeaker. They're buddies just elated. If you can't believe. How excited everybody is here at the reader not a bad they have been used to split now into the death his right they're not bad for a rebuilding year. Yeah 31 wins against four losses winning another NCAA tournament games. Overcoming the odds makers although Las Vegas favorite Wichita State once again. All the pieces seem to fit together and golf aren't you have people that have experience we talked about their experience. But Wichita State's experience NCAA tournament people. Really came to the forefront that you know you use you talked about who you talk about the numbers five and Dave he was there with the death it was the guys off the bench was nurtured it was Kelly. You know that that really made a lot of the big plays and hit the boards so. It was a shocker depth and everybody had. Tricky you don't scoop she Smith did make a terrific job enjoyable to watch. But he played 37 minutes I thought one of the telling signs it was late in the second half. He took a three point shot the team up thwart him off to the left. And he had his legs under him and he didn't have anybody on him and that showed us that he was spent that there wasn't much left in the tank. Yes good point you know something else it just cross my mind every four players for Wichita State tonight that's not their first activated NCAA tournament game. I thought all of them handled themselves very well how about Darryl Willis got that up they didn't know what big free throws down the stretch the first time he had shot in the all night with the game very much in the balance got his his free throws came at the 323 mark it was fifty. 52 to 48 at the time. Critical free throws and they had cut the lead down by three points because they had just made three free throw opportunities. Darryl made the most of his time and you know something. He thinks he belongs he thinks he's a player. And his wife and that confidence has carried through most of this year well and obviously you listened to the coaches at halftime. It figured out what they report date was doing them because you look people in the first half with that double team you through a couple bad passes. Rapidly stepped out of bounds. The second half he got that call reds this double teaming got that ball out of the polls and that's when the shoppers got move that ball starts knocking down some threes so it all started. With Hiro will make that adjustment the second half and hit the ball out of that filthy. And they didn't settle so much for three point shots they shot well in the second half but in the first half. Twelve of the 28 field goal attempts were three point attempts and they were late in the shot clock they were off balance not high percentage shots in the second half. They took twenty shots. But eight of them were three point attempts and both their two pointers end at three pointers were taken in the flow of the game with open shots and as a result they get a higher percentage and it's. Making out that Connor Fred camp really. You know but couldn't get a shot all night only they want but what they've made it closet that is our footage of the victories play of the game brought his eyes. Let supplies. I've got a little bit different over there but nothing out right camp outside of the circles to the middle over Cali to sham it. Drops in the light Morris up Democrat camel but hey. That I don't feel. Any other amputees at driving reverse what they have good speed usually the only one that won't be doing. Flavor Beckett pulling a little bit and I neutral everybody knows were duped. McConnell said. That was a big lead time for our star of the game brought you by the Kansas lottery get through Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire go to KF lottery dot com. For the most current jackpot amount like Kansas lottery and dream bigger I think Roland agreement on this. Clearly did yes. Zach brown in my opinion played great defense then it's a big big shots for a different reason we've had Zack Brown's player of the game on several occasions because he Stein he's the star player on the other team. I thought since it played very very well but Zach brown hit a couple of big shots in the first half. And that some huge shots in the second half and they needed every one of those shots. He showed that confidence really that I thought was to take the rest of. The ball players I've got to ask our producer question. His eyes on the shocker is that there yet you know. All right we're gonna go to the interview that we may not get a chance to talk to any of the stars reading there Gregg Marshall here on the the court so we're gonna go to theater group of Wichita State right now. They had. That's a team has won a lot of games you know. Whose it was really hard fought you know not a became easy. Oh they knew where it would do. Was a little to stop their runs stuff is as many runs we could. Excuse me we needed to. Just maintain the lead for as long as you could. All of knows a big. I'm I'm prone prior violent corrosive to overcome the death not the deficit. Overcome in just the challenge. Of being in close games. Questions please turn. Greatly when eight between the second half what adjustments did you make. To mean different. But for coach. Will they scored. 22 real quick baskets in the second half we blew switch one time they got an easy one. And then there's Shaq Morse went for steel and gave no Pollard and don't after that. If they didn't get in transition our half court defense was incredible but it once we get built the lead. There I said all along there and lead transition team and they were getting down sprayed it up and attacking before we just get our defense that so. They're really really good at it and I doubt they're any better than the two teams that are playing right now. So we'll have to we'll have to continue to improve and get back and consider the pistons were pretty good once were said defense. Very here. I realize you same question I asked the players. You've always prided your program on toughness that it would have been so many lopsided games. Did you have any doubts about how your team win. Reactive type game wife Ruth I didn't doubt I was disappointed in the first half I thought we were playing passively. I thought we were not executing. The three words I talked about verve and vigor and vitality that we didn't have those things and we we played with much much better energy and passion in the second half we were tremendous on the glass I think we were. Plus nineteen on the glass against veteran tough team. And even though we turned the ball over way too many times. We've blocked eight shots I mean we were. It went once to us stretch I think Marcus picked up the end. And Rashard Kelly they were just hitting things against the glass. Big play was Landry shipments block in transition where Kelly's sprinted back and got the defense of rebound that was a huge play. We're here. James or is rolling true. This is for coach how important was the bench tonight our bench has been key all year I mean we've gone ten deep all year. And we will continue to go ten deep. I thought even Austin Reeves who only played four minutes is probably season low. And again that he's participated in. Hit two big free throws everybody that played contributed. I'll tell those guys in the six guys that did not play and I've got to understand we can only have fourteen on the bench so I've got two in the stands they all contributed to this man as well. This is that this is a true definition T these guys love each other. If I don't follow have been in mr. Graham but my daughter does she follows him as she showed me some of the things that they posted going into this game and and it in half what it means storm and its it would bring tears you guys are you doing. Rashard exactly guys went to kind of a different lineup the last the last six minutes with you you three markets in Toronto we got a really good defense to want to. Well I was not effective on that last stretch of the game referred affirmative. More so is this what we needed it's. Some man to body guards and Ron though. He's a mobile five man so he's limited and give back and it was kind of you know is that the first would then efforts have so we just had did these conditions so. Doesn't the match of my mouth closed my work and they do follow through. Stack. I gotta agree were sharp you know. They had no guys like Pollard and a lot of a lot of big guys that can move really well known and was second foul trouble. Ronald really stepped you know and may soon may soon. Big plays with PP wasn't that big plays we go back and watch films like. Yeah Irish from Iran or use in the right position Rashard Europe that position you may want to play no and no we just do we do all year. Just trying. Garment the best you can know be in the right positions we need to be. And known because he made the right decision. Play usually does and put the right lineup and here. Landry it was really hard for the for the guards in the first half tonight to find openings to get Conroe when to get to open. What Willard adjustments made that help free up a little bit in the second question for Landry. We we tweaked a few days as saying. First. We as ours is me personally has been played very well didn't play good analysis. Have as a leader or whatever and we tweak a few days in the locker room as far as offense goes you know try to get to counter some open looks. You know really kind of manipulated the vessel a bit so we we just tweak a couple of things. That shooting like this tonight is that coming in the category of all the extra times and after practice really paying off on it a situation like this for Zach. It is. Every day just what does bother. And I try to get in as many sizes akin to practice you know got thing. Matt and grayer Tommy all the manages. Really stayed in me. All those extra hours me just. Stay behind and giving up is as many as I can different types of shots and want to say one thing I wasn't. I haven't really been good in this year was sued while moving no. Is there isn't McConnell tells me to shoot. Know all of offload screen is a thing or is there to shoot stationers and so. So this is a lot of work slow work hard work pays off as viruses. Known so. Right here. The second Landis is hypothetical at this point of the play now what. If you kiss face Kentucky what would it take to it to be team sucked. Repeat the question please has but to us for playing guitar picks yet planting what would take to beat a team like Kentucky absent in the face them some. She is gonna take a lot can take a lot. There is oh we've definitely seen a play or by sea to tell you played this year we've you know that they have. Guys that can take you off the bounce any time no. They're really good character really good defensively and they get out in transition. So really you have to give back. Goes on beer grow aren't really is. As you know there they're not going back down the site we're not and it's going to be a classic game you know we're all excited for and can't wait. Missouri over here and then we'll come back. You just to follow up on my parents questions from acting coach so we talked about this a little yesterday coach. He'll Kentucky's obviously known for producing a lot of NBA guys where you're file fourteen from a few years ago produced three NBA players. What's kind of difference of philosophy I guess between. You and calorie how you're getting these guys to get to the NBA and maybe Zack are important question to answer as well coached the story here. Well. That's the big guys that they bring in our little more ready made for the NBA with the size. Athletic schism. And he gets some better and get some prepared for the NBA and is where as well as anyone. Ours. Take a little more time in the incubator in in developing and working with them and developing their bodies and their skill set and teaching him to play angry and the bottom line is. Doesn't matter how you get there. We as you mentioned we've had 45 in the last couple years we got a couple more on this roster. And and you don't you may not know yet that you will and a couple of years because we've gotten seniors our our our guys don't. Normally do it in one year two years they do it in four years. Except you are just. No. Who. I don't know I don't know you know no Kentucky Purdue's NBA players thereby knows that. Wichita State guys I'm wrong frankly. Like I said before wishes mr. hunt K just from our work no great coaches know. I see those guys when house freshman. And even last year I saw on freight costs and working to kill constantly working in the gym before me 6 in the morning. No and like you would think that all of these guys are really talented. And a lot of people are blood. Is really disagree David if you mentioned just as much as we. You know and they're getting better just like we are. So. I was say. Doesn't that sort of tougher last question. To come close to game with these three Enron moon and Marcus how did you hit upon anyway and why do you think that was effective as it was. Like that line up defensively. What we got the six to eight point lead. The they were gonna attack is pretty hard off the balance and in exact. Was doing a great job Marcus was doing a great job. Rashard was doing a great job and Rondo and then Landry obviously we could switch a lot of their ball screen action with that line up with a similar size. And I just. I thought also that they that was a good rebounding team about another roadblock as many shots that they did. And I like to finish by saying that once again that I think Dayton deserved a better draw in this tournament I'll finish with that. That coach thank me suitable. Had a good. Harding combat by Gregg Marshall in the interview room coach Marshall by the way it's expressed present a threat to hereby express employment professionals on a mission. To put a million to work hopefully we will make getting out here at the table but if not days got to hear. Some other soccer players and coach Marshall and I think that every everything pretty well. Yeah I like the fact. That Q you've heard that round thing for the managers yes floor rebounding his shots after practice in. Coming down here players thank advantage wealthy work doesn't just mean feed fifteen guys sixty guys on the uniform code to lay up line. Those guys though that. Everybody that's associated from the people that help you when you're injured for the coaches to the managers and what a great credit to a guy like Zach. The defensive player of the game is brought to you by got you covered whether you want to control polite in your living room create privacy your bedroom or transformed the look at your kitchen. Got you covered has the right window treatment solutions for you called to vote to 3669. Or go to got you covered in which it's not not not got you covered. Serving the Wichita area and actually you could name three or four people and I did not go. Wrong on India but it did. I I liked our Kelly out. Job inside it on their bigger people. I thought he would argue Pollard make a lot made life difficult for smaller courts. Shaft was guarding taller as well quite a bit at the time I thought we charge. Played superb defense. Eleven rebounds and three blocked shots yeah at 3 o'clock numbers yeah I'd have to go retarded and I think what dusty did for you had a good feeling about. The time. Oh win ground was out. But it did pretty good job on himself. Kelli McCarthy were miked guys. And the other guy would throw it there is Landry champ because of the first half he was on garrels coming up most of the time he totally shut him down they work for everything frustrated you. It's good gives up one for ten never got going scored six points ten below is an average first first first team all. 810. In that they're leading scorer and that's that's a good point Mike is. Every guy thought he would take them out of his game in the compressor. You haven't seen since 47%. From the field the whole. There are a lot of people would consider defense again that's right. Whether or not a grant shocker basketball and anyone of the floor Wichita most hotels restaurants and donated dollar toward daily bread the man 300. I. Location so you did there at 100000. Dollars soccer fans have already raised through this great cause and get your name. It's. All former. The play of the game could also ahead Isaac brown let this count yeah and refusing help didn't put partial. He looked good full video those kids so he knows all the those guys did a great game plan to shut the. Flyers down. You can hear the roars in the background that severe reductions of Kentucky players displacing. Gold and blue and black flag why not we'll look white flags Kentucky fans. It'll be like a road game for the Dodgers on Sunday. He wins this what is on the line. See I don't. Yeah the judge well it's. Very I would bet. Scoreboard Rajiv by tradition somewhere they're having their March Madness of hardware sales the sale of the 45%. Off. Pieces include oil paintings landscapes and extract ransom you'll find both contemporary. And traditional items to folks at division zone. If you soccer fans and I it was great customer service positions Omaha that was just east. No side. There in Indianapolis earlier today. Obama's date night tonight he wanted the way midwest region. And number two Louisville up remembers fifteen Jacksonville State's. Very coming up it's. Fifteen seed northern Kentucky its first ever NCAA experience back its first year eligible. As they do division one. I guess we'll powerhouse it's tough new. See what ignited by decided to play the winner in the shocker south region number one North Carolina 103 to sixteen Florida Texas southern. Number eight Arkansas. This six seed Cincinnati beat. Kansas State tonight in Sacramento 7561. Coming up at Sacramento. Getting under way about now number three seed UCLA gets the fourteenth seed Kent State. And yesterday it really does south region number five Minnesota got upset by the twelve seed middle Tennessee although. Middle Tennessee was one and a half point favorite Vegas they're down 31 and warlike soccer's. At the fourth seed Butler defeated thirteenth seed Winthrop. 7664. K you know the ones seen in the midwest it's also just rolled all over UC Davis tonight 100. 262. There awaiting the winner of the match after will be played bad about it about forty minutes. Maybe eight seed Miami and the ninth seed Michigan State. Former valley member freight no six seed got upset pilot Steve. Rhode Island 8472. Of the midwest in the sector. It was a tough year for great music they're very. Point guard Lisa Watson. Kind of this season that they've they've won a lot of games without me that this is an end to 45. I was surprised and I like great basketball I didn't like some of the things they did they would leave. But yeah. Well the web Watson that is the what's the name of when our recent. Walk on because Watson but were read these despicable clueless I want for the gold thankfully got in and let me. Felt he was out I said that's daddy just political world apart. Of their offense can't even a little bit of their defense team and they continue to win it was baffling that needs no not surprising that they've lost an awful lot of fun. Pick in northern Kentucky's team. All right and let the Tea Party ticket. Paid by the way and another sport which it's not state baseball's ten and six on the year opening a three game series at cal poly tonight that he's got underway about an hour. On 98 sevenths. At thirteen thirty K in a sense of that is going on right now machine Dennis with the the small soccer softball opens their conference season tomorrow a doubleheader news it will continue to single game Sundays so. All of that and hi again. Exactly Bob's favorite it's tied up the wildcats. Doctors await the winner of this what we do not know what time would be dead again. We do not know what time yet to factors will play on Sunday probably. Got a prime time news Sunday afternoon. Especially at Kentucky is indeed the opponent but we won't know that we can't pass that along Fiat. As always we'll go on the top of the hour the our report tips like tonight it was. Sixteen and since we went on five hits a three to end of the want it to whatever maybe that we'll beyond. They're used to pregame show dad does. Certainly a great start to the tournament tonight for the factors. Not fit the prettiest kind of game you're shooting percentage is just a little under 40% 396. Foot it was a hard fought battle of the shock. With a tougher teams yet nobody's gonna remember that 2% they will remember the defense efforts. But remember the critical free throws and only member of the NCAA tournament win I think that's the Marxist. It's tennis here yeah headed for the last four years the end network plus I think Archie Miller's the five and three in the last few years so he's got a good record too but. Two blue collar programmed to blue collar T fifteen with a lot of juniors not seniors on sophomores playing. And really hang your head on defense and rebounding. And take care of the ball and playing hard playing together and shocker one that battle. I think they're good they can really. Feel a lot of pride. In the team work that they show the feet. Tough hate crimes he had a couple fullbacks in the old days we'll look sleeves and went to work team that we see out here. Kentucky the blue bloods. The athletic. And they're throwing their successes superiority. And hopefully Wichita State's. Patrick would neutralize them a little bit on Sunday. Again thanks to all of you for listening thanks to Joseph Hart after a great job as always in this. This another life there's a pizza. I'm really kept the power and theft theft came over and really dikes that game's over let's call it. All right we will not with you sometime Sunday we look forward to this is soccer's player on here in Indianapolis. For the fifth straight year advancing to the round of 32 in the NCAA tournament. With a 64 to 58 victory over date for Bob Paul and they've gone Mike Kennedy wishing you a very pleasant good evening. From Indianapolis you. It was indeed shot prevents. It's fun sponsors. Karma so they'll lose pretty union government. 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Tell them coach since. And I'm mistaking delicious to the next level with our warm bakery inspired cinnamon rolls French toast we take a cinnamon roll. Fringe just didn't add an extra layer of cinnamon filling up and then drizzle it with cream cheese icing and yeah it's that good. And or drier it is sticky bun waffles and red velvet French toast and you can even make it combo with your choice of wrecked his favorite set a price he'll love it. So again and I'll often eat up every moment. Limited time participating restaurants. This is the Wichita State locker room show falling 103 point seven. KEY yes he says he won't work. Good evening switches on happy Saint Patrick's Day is certainly is as we are broadcasting lives and I figure out what all three point seven. KEY and we are at twin peaks cities which it's not 21 in broad broad. Where this celebratory edition of the shot her locker room show Wichita State opens up the NCAA tournament in the round of 64 tonight. With a hard fought win over the Dayton Flyers 6458. Which doctors get the win at. And for the fifth straight year that soccer's advanced to at least the round of 320 in the NCAA. Men's basketball tournament what a win that shocks down at half time. Came back in the second half and won the game by six points. In a you know low scoring games shock presented. On its turnovers but did them make some key shots. And dominated Dayton on the glass big rebounding totals for the shots. And it ended up little six point win for Wichita State 6458. It is the shocker locker room show and that means the phone lines are open at 8691037869. 1037. As the phone number the Harry goes 316. My name is had a sparks added let's go right to the phones it started off tonight with. Now a good evening out your on the locker room show garrote. Ahead but effective that we had a good evening. We all witnessed. Great basketball game certainly trapped. Or the US ski and her fingernails type of mono to mono type of that game couple things number warm. It seemed apparent from beyond says that that part of the strategy was to not let Conor brain can't beat him. And they need to watch him where he just couldn't get to it couldn't get the ball and good position couldn't get it just looks. You know I know is that one shop that he was basically yet neutralized. The entire game country that was by design invaded extremely good job of doing net. I don't want to get up our bench really stepped particularly in the Enron OK so there's some good minutes as well so load you know. I think it will only be played better against Kentucky that we didn't I would play. We played well certainly good enough to win against. Have competitive team that are on some level was little bit of the mirror image of our own yeah. You know I'm I'm a little look imported them step into the end content be oh they weren't. Looking past this one may be a little bit you know human nature being what it is but. Not I think we're gonna figure out. You know Al Franken gives him better looks and gets shut the and you know there's graffiti came to America. Kept everybody has received from an entire. Forty minutes. In a good comments Alan I think you know you hit the nail on the head on several fronts right there and of course. It looks like gay likely match up between the shocker in Kentucky on Sunday and I wouldn't be surprised if that's a little bit more of a wide open game in the tied the game we saw tonight night guy you know. I think you're right you might expect the doctors to find a way to get Connor frank camps are more open looks on Sunday and even though he didn't get a lot today. Socks and a nice job. Finding ways finally to work to make some of that pay off and like you said he hit that one blade that that really kind of nailed it for the shots. Vocal. Forbes Sunday no matter what in. I think we'll see a little bit different game out of the bunkers are no Marshall making adjustments what you'll says the good adjustments and back out in kinda obvious. To convert path. Let. You know I got it together in. Zach brown certainly showed me that he can take a hit because we'll go to war on terror. But I remnant. Pollard says. You know somebody should've warned one now but he he's got full brunt of that one and I was able to get it. And continue lawns so green got his background locks it and in his offenses that shops because that really really yeah it is opponents look bad guy in. Yeah it might have been the difference in the game as well just as offenses that but all the whole. I'm through his mother callers that the market wizard and comments as well so thank you very much did not was there and the other owners all the we're talking on Sunday Oakland with a similar out. Sounds good out to be here from via we always appreciate the hearing from your on the shocker locker room to the point by Alan if you would like to. Join us on the phone lines just like Al you can give us a call any time 8691037. As the phone number 869. 1037. If you would like to join us. We are broadcasting live here at twin peaks cities which it's not weird 21 and rock road had a monstrous crowd on hand here tonight for. Lot of shocker fans Kate you fans K state fans all enjoying NCAA hoops tonight in a course at Saint Patrick's Day. And the Saint Patrick's Day celebration continues here at twin peaks in east which it's all the way through Sunday. Green Monterey celebrating Saint Patrick's Day making it a whole affair so will land will love be back here again on Sunday. When the shoppers. Face either Kentucky or northern Kentucky in the round of 32. And we don't know the game time for that one yet those months CBS determines. Game times for Sunday well no we'll know where we stand on that but that usually you'll that'll be a decision made late tonight or early tomorrow. So usually probably pretty late tonight after all the games are in the in the hopper. But there are some good the game shaping up for Sunday. And that shoppers. Will be part of the deal you have the Sox get it going Gwinnett tonight. 6458. Over the early Dayton Flyers like yes like we did have to K state fans here tonight. Now watching their team take on Cincinnati in the round of 64 the wildcats still sort. In that one that's successful of post season run in the win in the postseason for the wildcats. In fact K state K you at Wichita State all with one win right now each in the NCAA tournament so far. In this say year's version of doctors and K you both advanced into the round of 32. Shocker is doing today with a 6458. Win over the Dayton Flyers in Indianapolis. And for the fifth straight year the shocker to advance at least into the round of 32. In the NCAA tournament and continue their amazing run in the last five years. Under head coach Gregg Marshall. In postseason play you would like to join us on the soccer locker room so we'd love to hear from you. 8691037. As the phone number 8691037. As we continue here it's cleaned beach cities which it thought when he first and rock road and Al was talking about Zach brown what do game for Zach today. Twelve points four rebounds. Three of three from three point range. Big exactly hit that first read. Just 22 seconds into the game and kind of get this doctors going it was not a half in which the soccer's. Played very well at all they had some mine had some troubles. Scoring the basketball. And would in fact we're trailing at half time. But does that hit another huge three. What about twelve and a half minutes to go that tied it up soccer trailing when he shot that one. And as Zack then made another three with the shocks the leading by three to push the lead up to six. And that was a Big Three because that's the kind of got the shocks up by six and they kind of protected that. 45 or six point lead the rest of the way it would end up winning it. By six. But that was a that was a big hit junction right there so Zach. It's three really strategic three pointers on the game. On his way to twelve points four rebounds four of five shooting including three of three from three point range. At the soccer's held the Dayton Flyers 231%. Shooting for the game. Dayton was at 35%. In the first half so. Gosh they had to shoot under 30% in the second half so nice job by the shocker defense to clamp down and and then when Dayton would miss it that the flyers were not getting any offensive rebounds that shoppers were monstrous. On the glass today. 4829. Ended up a plus nineteen. On the rebounding side of things and especially on the defensive side of things. As Dayton would end up missing 54 shots. And 35 of those times the shocks I'm sorry Dayton missed 45 shots. 35 of those 45 times the soccer tournament getting the rebounds self that was a big teeth of the shocks dominating on the glass. And eventually pulling away it was not easy but the doctors beat the Dayton Flyers 6458. Today. In the round of 64 the NCAA tournament. I am Ted this sport said we are broadcasting live here at twin peaks on Saint Patrick's Day in east Wichita where 21 and rocket. We're here tonight come on by to join us still open till the wee hours here on Saint Patrick's Day till 1 AM so funny it's time to come on out the twin peaks enjoys. Enjoy the festivities here as we continue with Saint Patrick's Day celebrations. Here 21 and wrought road after the Wichita State men's basketball win. This is the soccer locker himself wanna give a special thanks to a Jack Oliver from KEY and radio for. Being led us to help put us out all day long here on site and those Jack. It's on to his other Saint Patrick's Day activities tonight the wanna give Jack Oliver a big thank you. For his health as we continue to have a fun day here on KEY am 103 point seven on your FM dial. We'll take a break and welcome back to mark your phone calls give us arrange what he got on the shot 8691037869. 1037. As the phone number here on the shocker locker room show. The other side of this bracket. Doctors awaiting their opponent. Right now number two seed Kentucky is leading in northern Kentucky twenty to twelve with under nine minutes into the game. So what Kentucky as an eight point lead and we'll keep watching that one as the as the evening goes on and keep that score updated. So we'll see who's soccer opponent will be Kentucky just made another three so now off the wildcats are up by eleven points. About nine minutes into the game. Will take a break 8691037. 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Apparently got ripped a little bit hits and over that got me out for Tampa side. Circles to the middle over belly to jam it drops it in the line Boris. Not good friend gavel but hey. Believe that's. I do not have been there. Reverse layup off Atlantic are you go all the talk about what they did. Huge player I'd dare but they shocks. You know that was a big possession Dayton had just made a three pointer off an offensive rebound cut it to four. And the flyers were looking to get a defensive stop there to get the ball back down by four. But under two minutes to Gelman that was a huge possession. His eyes Jack Morris was able to kick the ball out to Connor frank camp for huge three pointer with 124. To go that put the Sox up by seven. Sox would go on to win it tonight by six points 6458. In the opening round of the NCAA tournament that shocker to advance into the round of 32. To take on either Kentucky or northern Kentucky and northern Kentucky is cut that game down to four now it's Kentucky 23 northern Kentucky nineteen. Seven and a half minutes to go in the first half in Indianapolis and that when the winner will advance to take on the soccer's. On Sunday. Our phone number. Is 86910378691037. The area code is 316. I am Ted this sport said and we continued today with the shocker locker room so we're broadcasting live here at twin peaks. Any switch it's on Saint Patrick's Day evening here at 21 and rock road. Come on minds join us we'd love to see here at twin peaks open till 1 in the morning on Saint Patrick's Day and into tomorrow. And herb Saint Patrick's Day celebration continues let's go to the phone lines 8691037. Or next caller is Michael hello Michael go right ahead. And they eat thinkpad is very. Mood. This played very very Irish days. What are you gonna get Michael I was not a very good ones I'm not saying it's all good no doubt it I would say to our us. There will be more on that I was guru the good game I mean news. I'll we didn't get a editor land. You know I we want them. Because we are powerful we have more diligently in our points and they did yes the health care. Didn't really know that always works yeah its it's clear is in the they just. I do really did chose to. Room being close and listened to lose and trying to man who is a scorer and unknown to great that's great point Michael shot just can't have a lot of close games seared. The not a I don't know really do well grown. I can't figure anywhere. It's. There are brown will go through the and due to him. That open who have a little bit we've got to leave and then they came back again. The Irish government. And so these. And manhunt two also renewed confidence because gruden it'd be on the line. But. But I you know tenth seed meets and servants seasons. I think to get a lot more respect to just in this. You know it's who do you think given it was a wake. It's such a close game those fat and Lawrence. Which is kind of exciting that's. Who I'm truth. Who's the good answers the phone. You know maybe if you enjoy total might stand up through the whole game but the act of. Guru I LLY I stood up the whole first half and into the second analog is the same way Mike. Yes in the is going to be well we're going hardly go in this world and if you go out through. Because I wanted to see some more room. I don't know where you have champs. We're only ten also spread it to the media in general Perry was really is no way do. The live bracket as some of the best teams. And earned an overactive. There. Truth which stores stating. I don't know I don't know how that works better than it is good to have this northern who reduce. Just really so how. We think. Well I'm going to I'm going to echo what you just said their Michael because if they if this if the seeds hold out. There's going to be there's going to be two games right there in the bracket next to each there with the soccer's. All four teams could be ranked in the top twenty against each other and it looks like gave it its Wichita State Kentucky and if it's Cincinnati against UCLA. You get four teams bunched up there in the round of 32 all ranked in the top twenties. That's just insane. Around 8000. They're a minority. And I mean has that sweet sixteen stuff that's not around 32 stuff that could tell her this. I don't know where he. We're. And group all. But behind the eight ball what I don't even realize you were doing no good field. Yeah orange. To. All of that use do use food. Or is it's. You see mood. There. No but it can go up North Carolina is on the other side of the bracket some old guys really whoever makes it out of the south regional is going to meal who isn't going to really loose now Louisville's in the they're in another region there anyway out there there in the city now believe the midwest now marsh goes through coaches and news house. These news. He lived on. Just didn't I mean you're a bad guy peace you know it you know they'd have already here and they do an aide did it. I'm. I don't know I don't know ten. Five debt five finally did show up in the final twelve minutes air that it took awhile from. Yeah well that's understandable Lou little nervous salute very young team and you know it was sort of brought home game from there. Dayton. Well Indianapolis it very far from being don't know that's very park and is not very far from Kentucky. They really. OK well I'm. Those sleepy so. It suited my skin than. Want to give Macs a walk in you know I enjoy talking to you know it goes there you do great job. And I was just sit back and listen to you. British sounds like that sounds like a plan Michael we always enjoy your brilliant finish thanks to us. Cooked thoroughly and as bad ice cream will taste extra sleep tonight won't community out. Bitter well. Both curious fifth through another. Alone. To do again and that's good refer. Comfort food. That. Good. You know our thanks to all taking my call. But we get to talk to gives of sounds good Michael to plan. And says okay this group. You gotta take area that is Michael he's going really joyous and celebratory ice cream and hang out his dog Max and good Friday night in Saint Patrick's Day. Good to hear from you Michael and if you would like to join us Switzerland they hear from you here on the soccer locker room show. We're broadcasting live here at twin peaks city Wichita our 21 and rock road. And our phone numbers 8691037. Shocks when it tonight it is simply turn on at 6458. For the Dayton Flyers soccer's advance into the around 32. Sox will play either Kentucky or northern Kentucky at the moment Kentucky leading Mets game 3321. At. Four minutes to go in the first half in Indianapolis and that one. Let's go back to the phone line take 691037. As the phone number and Victor is next I Victor go right ahead. I fear that you don't great RU. Felt pretty good one of the most memorable thing six that I'm very happy for the shop they're very good. They'll. World. Oh a bit more concerned about fires confidence the first. A bit in the second half com. There retro theme seemed to be doing pretty good. I don't think government does he get enough mentions nothing is. On one of the most important Sharpton right now and you always played with art and with his talent and everything is. Well the heart of the team I think. And I enjoyed what can also. What short daily tickets until the games. They don't add new coordinator at the end of the first half and then Tony La now you're now. Thought that was huge. Did and one kind UN both the coach he looked really strong yep all know. Reminded me of LeBron I don't should make that. There are prepared now lineup gradient Brit yes. Otherwise loan greedy. Happy today and so shop. Yet Victor good stuff and and you bring up a couple of good points about some players markets with Duffy. Not his best shooting day only. Made one and is eight shots. And didn't assist some open looks but. Marcus did end up what eight points five rebounds couple blocks. And it was a perfect six for six at the free throw line he made a couple of free throws late to really help the shocks and and they got a gun store guns a couple of possessions there. And of course you mentioned restart Kelly who just. Once again here down this stretch in this season has just been pretty amazing. And Rashard comes off the bench here in gives the Sox eight points eleven rebounds. Three blocked shots two assists so. Just outstanding stuff there from Rashard Kelly. Do help the doctor's in this oh win over Dayton 6458. Today at the soccer's. Finally got things go on from three point range it was a miserable. Miserable three point affair the first staff and that's quite Dayton was ahead at half time the doctors got their first three from Zach brown. Real early on and then they missed but they missed. Week. Sox missed a ten or 113 pointers in a row. And then finally. Got that one. With no 12 ago before half time Rashard Kelly hit that three that so instead of the shots being down by five going into the locker room there were only down by two sets was. I was pretty key shot right there and it kind of got the soccer's going because even though the soccer's missed ten of their twelve threes in the first staff. And they made a 50% in the second half self made for a four on a cell. Things really got turned around and then Dayton the soccer's a kind of clamp down on date a little bit they got 53 pointers in the first half and only two. Phrase in the entire second half so Sox got to get that turned around it's amazing in the college basketball. When he's start making thirties it just makes the game look so easy when you're struggling from three it just seems like he just cannot get any traction with. Shocker finally got that step turned around and it. It finally got going for the shocks in the second half down my team at half time shots ended up winning it by 66458. Socks on into the round of 32 for the fifth straight year in the NCAA tournament. Shocker opponent who would be welcome touch deal Leeds northern Kentucky 35 to 21 late in the first half an hour. Keep you updated that we had ports halftime. Let's go back to the phone lines here on a shocker locker room show 8691037. As our phone number and Austin is next Kyle Austin go ahead. I could argue for him. I'm pretty good are you Austin. I'm I'm doing right now hey I'll have to go an awful lot of people or agree with me on their foot. I was like wow I don't know what you're what reporter the game tonight I I think became an anti when it created Kirk the game marked the branch especially with Shaq can spell trouble. Then there are just great job when I know kind of took the cream on the shoulders tonight and he really did well. Well I am not going to disagree with the Austin I mean there was a time there were shocks were kind of a struggling and going possession to possession. And it was it was Ron know that kind of provide the shocker some real. Especially on the defense event he was really up altering date shots in the paint. He was hustling for rebounds Rondo ended up four points. Seven rebounds off the bench and he made to have missed three shots we do have some good things on offense too. Yes he was here and gum. Just comment on your for a possible top twenty teams in the round of 32 you know just kind of I just kind of proved the point that they kind of screwed up on this bracket I mean Wichita State going birdie and pork. I don't character in the Missouri Valley Conference or not you do not deserve a ten speed. To beat. What a thirty and four record that she is my opinion no but dom. Well things York it's an opinion that is shared by a lot more than just deal. Assertive more probable hope wouldn't get revenge against Kentucky and hamburger or what park you're. Sounds good thanks for the call lost and yeah I started looking at that and saying well you know if Wichita State plays Kentucky in the round of 32. That'll be two top twenty teams going at each other in the second around and it's. How about that Wichita State techie I thought maybe that might be the only top twenty matchup in the round of 32 but it's not. There are three other potential top twenty matchups in the round of 32. The Cincinnati and perhaps UCL a at UCLA. Winds and their game and they're up by fifteen right now on cancel looks like that will materialize. Iowa State Purdue. Is that's that game is tomorrow on Nat is a top twenty match up. And Notre Dame West Virginia going at each other tomorrow in the round of 32 they're both in the top wanting silk. Wow there could be there could be four. Top twenty match ups. And those are matchup easily would seed in the sweet sixteen instead they're gonna be played in the second around and around 32 itself. And yeah like we said Cincinnati UCLA perhaps Wichita State and Kentucky perhaps they're all bunched up at the same foursome. Together spoke. There's a there's a lot of good a lot of good quality team threat they're all bunched up and some of them are going to play each other even as early as the round of 32 it appears. Let's go back to the phone line soccer locker room showed tonight Saint Patrick's Day we're broadcasting live. They're right in the middle of saint Patrick's week celebrations at twin peaks in east Wichita at 21 and Ross Perot with. 8691037. Our phone number it's about the phone lines our next caller is que Le hello if you go right ahead. Yeah thank you during the telecast tonight you know I don't know Europe well when. They're talking about achieve the Johnson. On the on the on the TV yeah okay I did not so feel the end well very telecast. Bill Rapp birdie. That he tried to recruit. She's Johnson. Out because. The point Hartford date. What's from the same location that she thought it was from okay. Then. Jim man. Trying to double wide you give them. And Phil rappers that quote unquote extra benefit. Look at the talent that they pay. Political correctness. I don't remember what it's all things get put on probation. In all the early eighties you know but Harry Miller I don't think ever where they are probation in the late afternoon. Not old league's soon so why I mean why can't we ask for a player he proposed on national TV. About why he would make it all man. I mean what what what defeat me by extra benefits. Now maybe doesn't want odd man on some of that but that. There were violations of the soccer's did get called on him in the like you said the early eighties that got to put on probation. I don't I don't but I didn't know fire remembered the the seas Johnson years is being part of that necessarily. Although maybe maybe. Bill Rapp three was hinting that it was going on then or are well. Are our artist but he but yeah you're right here right no a few that did them the that the sanctions all came under dismissed and years. It's exactly the man so I it is like. You know. I don't understand how you can make it our man and get away like you know I mean that there's. I remember when Eddie fogler made from combat on the big screen TV you know the happy about the sun that you know the parent. Here remember that happened and remind me. Well he was telecast that he. A basketball game during that tournament that he will work you know I can't he's sort of cooled off a teleprompter. The basketball player Stan. And he's that like you know he's he's screwed me you know what caused the but al-Qaeda today people were. Basketball it's and now the earth anyway it was a good game. I'm glad they want and wolf you know goes player on. Hate to see how they these announcers get away with kind of back and Wichita State. Nobody ever felt confident. Well I. Yeah I didn't I didn't hear the audio of the TV telecast so that's that's a really interesting view and then I'm glad you up brought it to our attention that's good stuff. There are so. Anyway all the other night they went back to block. Thanks thanks for the call yet sees it sees of course was a freshman. Under a coach Terry Miller back in a 1975. So the recruiting of seized Johnson would have been going on back in the mid 1970s. And and year you know you're correct excuse you know. Those NCAA probation and and those some of those violations and sanctions were all pretty much in the genes this in years that Jeanne was Jesus. Dutch coach his senior year but if rafter he was talking about the recruitment of seized back in the year 1974. Yeah I don't remembers sanctions or or stuff like that going on under the Harry Miller years you're right they. I don't know Brady any accusations of that stuff like that no one on during the Harry Miller years so. Yeah interesting interesting comments I'm glad those few who brought that to our attention. But. Boyd sees it was a speaking it sees but a fun player to watch. And he was. Beaten somebody I remember watching growing up and of course in this in this week when we've been remembering days stalwarts as well. I never got to see Dave played the Braves but. Certainly respect those who did get to see him play and still to this day fifty years plus later. Or call just now. Just how great this person and a basketball player they've Stallworth was nets. Great stuff do a great stuff to remembers we go through us throughout the day today. And this current. Modern era of soccer basketball in the last 56 years under coach Marshall continues to be eight. A golden era of Wichita State basketball as the shoppers continue. To be nationally prominent and they do it again today. With a 6458. Win over the Dayton Flyers. The opening round of the NCAA tournament. This as the soccer locker room so I am tip this court said it we continue words twin peaks. We'll hear we're here for the soccer locker room show all night of course twin peaks opened to 1 in the morning here on Saint Patrick's Day. Silly into the wee hours come on mine enjoy the festivities here's twin peaks. For a funny thing here is when he first and Ross wrote seating is available to come on by. In enjoy your twin peaks let's go back to the phone lines now 8691037. As a phone number Austin is what is Kyle Austin go right ahead. Okay down. At the proper time Colin and and I didn't opponent. Aggregate sockets when I pretty big game. Yeah where you were you worried at halftime and Austin or didn't think they had it under control. I'm sorry because those pretty close and at that plant and. The very end add another pilot. Of I'm pretty happy yet got pretty it got pretty tense but yet we all of the pretty happy who's your favorite player Austin. Background on that that. Like Zach brown he had that boy how good was he today. Pretty gut it freon. Yep he got the job done Austin do you. I think no we really don't want it okay. Yeah we applaud the art eaten. Up. But what do you make a what do you think about Sunday do you think this shocks. You think the Sox can type deal match up on Sunday think that'll be a good game. And I'm going to be a big game. I don't know the island fairly close but it closed. My I think your I think it might be close that you might be Superfund to that it could be fun went on Sundays and exterior make sure you don't have any plans on Sunday got to watch it shocks aren't. Right. Sounds good I'm on glad they gave us a call Austin what are you gonna do the rest to Saint Patrick's Day now the soccer game is over what you got plans. Road trip. Are right. Austin thanks for giving us a call ended to end thanks for being noticed on the show today. We appreciate it goes shocks thanks for the call Austin Austin with a skull on the on the soccer locker and so it is here tonight. We are broadcasting live at twin peak cities which it sorry when he first brought rode on the soccer locker room show. Sox when it tonight over the Dayton Flyers 6458. In the opening round of the NCAA tournament. And the call from Austin if you'd like to join us would love to hear from you tonight. What do you think about the shocks 8691037. As the phone number 8691037. As we continue live here at twenty cities which it's Allred when he first and rock road. And of course I didn't even mention yet that of course on game day don't please they have food and drink specials here for the soccer fans all day long. You can get a big mud of demand side shocked offered just four dollars. It's colder than ice cold beer and on this war Monday that is pretty good stuff and of course you get the green beer. You're a Saint Patrick's Day as well and the five dollar and 99 cent cheeseburgers all day long and soccer game days so we'll have those same specials available on Sunday. When this dockers went around a 32 in the NCAA tournament will be here of course twin peaks and the phone calls after the game on Sunday as well. And willow look forward that but as for now we are here on a Friday night. As Saint Patrick's Day activities continue where it went peak cities which he thought when he first and raucous the shocker locker room show continues. We've had a lot of great phone calls already we'd love to have you join us. 86910378691037. Here on the soccer locker room show. And we'll take another break and we'll come back right after this to twin peaks clients at this part said and you're listening to shocker basketball tonight in the NCAA tournament. 103 point seven KEY. And that. Quakes in Kansas hello this is seven ways to save at least coming we have noticed an influx of calls regarding water service surveyors sewer repairs to water leaks toilets and shower leagues many of which we are beginning to attribute to earthquake activity. Keep an eye out for water leaks increasing water bills are damaged sewer piping. If you're worried you have sustained earthquake damaged give Dave at least humming a call today at 9450117. And remember to let David Lee's stunning new release of your plumbing problems since number 1542. 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Let's go shocker it's. What do you. Visit WSU men's basketball game comes goodness it's when he sees the clock here and show up 103 point seven KEY and it starts immediately after the men's basketball game all day unbeaten season only twin peaks blood Ford's Alan man's site shocked tabs and I 99 cheeseburgers old twin peaks east and west are geared at this sports season for all bands. NFL NB AK year WS steel case Davis blasted TVs and scenic views twin peaks 21 to wrap relative maple ridge you're tape is ready named Johnson and he's again on her name Johnson he. Is the mash the real no huge Shanahan and the whole wide list. It. And sales networks Kellogg powder room and on our leadership. For fifty years taking care of your I don't need to create a late model car or proper names you may or may react old classic like may check this out. Dave Johnson sales dot com and 8545. With Kellogg and lamb a. Errors. 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Impressed with all of the different mechanisms that they were going to use to America my home as it turned out everything happened so quickly within 24 hours a pretty my home on the market we had a very close to full price offer. I was. Blown away I had not had an offer the prior two times I had put my house on the market should have won in less than twice for hours was amazing. Hi this is Mike Guernica select Tom's team real estate college today for free home evaluation at 6840000. That's 6840000. We'll take care of all the details so you don't have to stress you can just start packing. Woods in those days locker room show or 103 point seven KEY head. Fast. It does go back up. There's no. Kennedy Walpole home right there in San Jose's. Basket its dockers they were trailing at the time. And in fact after that basket by Toronto merger. Talks would never trail this game again it was tied it. But the shocks would never trail again Wichita State to go 4342. Lead on that shot. That was a Ronald merger rescuing the shocker is very very late in the shot clock. I believe there is only his second or two left on the shot clock there in Toronto just made a beeline for the basket got the dunk that was with nine minutes to go. And the shocks would never trail again in the game Sox go on to win it today. 64581. Of the lowest point total of the season for the shock yours in a low scoring. Defensive minded contest but the shocker survive against the Dayton Flyers. The higher seeded Dayton Flyers in the opening round of the NCAA tournament Sox live bands. Sunday into the round of 32 and take on either Kentucky or western Kentucky. And we don't know I gain time yet for Sunday on that. Kentucky leads that game at halftime 3824. So Kentucky is a fourteen point lead at halftime. The winner of that game will take on the shoppers on Sunday and of course will be here at twin peaks for that one as well and after the game taking your phone calls as we're doing right now here on the soccer locker room show. If you would like to join us we are now broadcasting live it twenty cities Wichita our 21 and rock. And we're taking your phone calls tonight Saint Patrick's Day or night what a great night to be here at twin peaks as the Saint Patrick's Day celebration continues all the way through Sunday. Glad to have you witnessed seating is available come on by and join us tonight open till 1 in the morning here at twin peaks for Saint Patrick's Day celebration. 10888691037. As our phone number 8691037. Let's go back to the phone lines Mardy is next time Marty you're on the locker and so. Right ahead. I can't repeat you know they appreciate your show and warn you you're great. All your awards are well deserved. Hey I was left with nothing cute talking about. Something about cheese jumped and I wanna clear. Misconceptions. That we're broadcast at first well wasn't it wasn't that cheese Johnson it was great surely. Coming from. North Carolina's school and come up here and it was very Miller said the investigation was all about. Back in the early eighties. And back in the day. It was David first to. Haven't read the German infractions committee. And and you can probably guess where he came from a school that was that is up north around Lawrence way. You understand and I'm saying Heidi good depth. Yeah off and we will go to deepen that but I just won a clear clear about. Smith whom men and they hear back in the eighties I'm old enough got I remember that stuff. And and the fact is even they reverse it if it was just on medicine that would have been an out begin this. A the reprimand let alone sanctions but K. As far as this year Greg Marshall he is the quintessential. Coach as far as the nationwide. We are so lucky to have a guy like this on our staff. It is he is the command respect from all over the nation's. And I just wanted to give a shout out for break now only forty job he's done that. The player he brought in my my wife and I had our anniversary our. Fortieth anniversary back when. Your stats and dreamer the and and we were ripped. Yet change that they're on the eSATA down. And that's why my wife give us saw him in the air at night when go to the table. And I said hey guys it's come over emotion that happy anniversary they spent fifteen minutes with the I mean listen mechanic team that Gregg Marshall puts out there he is a super super coach and we really ought to be thankful full recap here. Kate's eight kids you do a great job I appreciate it give up keep up the good work I don't call in and out and I apologize for that that you do a great job. Well I appreciate call Marty in the kind words and and to play fearless thing does in the morning it's been a long day for you. Well I work out west and north aircraft by go to work at 630 that say it's worth a listen to a litany guys. Well thanks we appreciated and that way I appreciate the phone call to date thanks Marty I'd say if thanks for the good information to get good to have people around he can tap into their their memories ethnic and remember stuff a little better than you sometimes it's good to hear from you Marty we've appreciated. This is. Also the shocker lock early show Wichita State wins it over Dayton 6458. In the opening round of the NCAA tournament. In Indianapolis tonight shocks advance for the fifth year in a row into the round of 32. And those still await. Either Kentucky or northern Kentucky as an opponent on Sunday we still don't know being time you know that probably won't know until pretty late tonight. House CDS will look shape up the TV schedule for Sunday. So soon as we look at that time that information will I get it deity make your plans for Sunday. This is the shot her locker room show and our phone number is 869 model 378691037. And let's go back to the phone lines and take our next caller that is fallen behind Von in go right ahead. Well the previous caller hold my thunder I just felt like clarity here also that. The it's it's a shame to talk her out the bad times when Lauren ran off those. Which are played basketball right now but it yeah I'll do the investigation. Sanctioned and occurred. The investigation in the sanctions occurred during this listener of the revolt of the violations were during the Ralph Miller Europe that was found. Now I have no idea what she's gone although. Well or did have the sort of a merry Miller. I'm Eric Miller I'll yup yup at a certain amount of question marks this you know who knows that. Maybe you know something we don't know that the other was. True that most of the but most vile experts but who cares little long time ago we're. We've gotten over that now I think for the finals. It's. Quote Marshal doing everything merit by the book and I am a marine during this would give the impression not many years. Get the player you can get my commander Rick really good but all players. Who are really know what fund these are things. The rain like poet Gil thank you know like. Thank you for the call Vaughn thanks for the information yell at certain that continues to be a pretty interesting time for soccer fans as we. Enjoy it what's going on these days in Wichita State's unprecedented run of success. In the NCAA tournament continues another. Post season win for Wichita State and it you cannot be stressed enough Wichita State. With the fourth most wins in the NCAA tournament play. Over the course of the last five years. And that in itself is just an amazing thing in the Sox just added another win in the win column on that stretch. Since 2013. Only three. There's only three teams in the nation of one more NCAA tournament games in the soccer's half and Louis those those three teams are Louisville duke and Wisconsin. And course they don't want their first round games so they all have a twelve wins in the NCAA tournament since when he thirteen of the stalkers are right there with ten. Along with the North Carolina has ten Michigan State looks like they're going to get their tenth win. Tonight bill in this so that that just a handful of seats. That have won ten games in the NCAA tournament in the last five years the soccer's a right there with every. Blue blooded American right now right there in the NCAA tournament play amazing. And other shocks continued it today when another 10 win over the Dayton Flyers the higher seeded Dayton Flyers 6458. Final score the Sox get the win. And move on in and around a thirty sued face either Kentucky or west to Kentucky or northern Kentucky. That game is at halftime Kentucky at 3824. Let's go back to the phone lines we're broadcasting live here on Saint Patrick's Day night here at twin peaks in east Wichita the green beer is flowing. And that is colder than ice cold beer always. What is the beer at right now that it's somewhere around thirty degrees Fahrenheit so colder than ice cold beer here or not. Warm Saint Patrick's Day night glad to be with you here at twin peaks cities which he taught when he first in Iraq. As we continue with the soccer locker room show our phone number is 8691037. And let's go back to the phone lines now Chris I'm sorry Scott is politicized Scott go right ahead. Yeah you're right I can hear you Scott. OK well others won't listen to those could be Stallworth. The number one. And I was two year agreement. Between may and long. Broker her burden on our prayers were to occur bruised both. And there is there a wrong move. And these shoes. But. We care for units I was in theory. Remember one parent or liberal fury over through I think you do it. What could be heard in the third round. The Al Scott I was there that night too and I will never forget that night when Antawn got 47. Did did you did you ever get to see Dave the rave play. I do is more enthused because your movement. I do see him. Can't. Third time it was around Nelson. Yeah. But also won't agree to his players are virtually. Beard and. Well if another guy that it just brings back great memories of watching him play in the way he piled up those points and rebounds pretty amazing even to this day. Earlier if you remember when we've played tolls alone time and I think told sort of cerner those sixty and I think it was English Earl bullying commercial like. And and he served as. He goes well no wonder that. That your users after you render the street bonuses. If it. Very good leaders survivors' club who you have booster group there's just. People who vote of all these this because of I was sixty in my view of the mole. If you hit it at the a good there at the very line. The great line by the X man in the boy yeah he. He could hang in there again this year boards could make. Sure good it. But I am totally good. Four mirrored feels no word. Prayers was a pro birthers and their mother passed away. It is just. Who brings those circumstances. Bruton could be good victory. But it. Sounds good sounds good Scott thanks for the memories in its good to hear from you and if you wanna. Charity of your memories we'd love to hear from you any thoughts or observations you might have we are broadcasting live here at twin peaks cities which it's all our 21 and rock road as always after every shocker men's basketball game. And guess what that means we're going to be here again on Sunday when the shocker plane around 32 with the NCAA tournament. And we'll get going on Sunday as well but as for now we still have. Funny time left in Saint Patrick's Day evening here at twin peaks open to 1 in the morning come on my seating is available here at twin peaks when he first in Iraq as we continue tonight on the shocker locker room show. Our phone number 86910378691037. Is our phone numbers we continue the Saint Patrick's Day. Celebration continues at twin peaks and on all week long and it goes all the way through Sunday with. Twenty girls in green lingerie and enjoying the fun that goes on with saint pat. Patrick's day week it will be here again on Sunday as well also come on line make sure you watch the game your twin peaks and and stick with us after the game as we go live on your phone calls on the shocker locker room still. And it'll be in the round of 32 on Sunday when the shock yours. We'll take on either Kentucky or northern Kentucky Kentucky has a fourteen point lead at halftime in that game. Over there in state rivals so we'll see how that once it's up in the second half seat the Norse have a run in them or if the Kentucky Wildcats will go on the wind we'll keep you updated on that scores we continue tonight. Our producer engineers tonight are still marked up and Andrew handling they would love gets you on the air what is it 8691037. As we continue on the Lockerby so let's go right back to the phone lines and scholars Mike hi Mike go right ahead. Photo I've called in before and I think the chargers just played a really tough good game. I was a little surprised actually even though I heard that they would it was a pretty good defensive team I was surprised. By deacons defense now even though the shocker here on a roll. And if you did if you guys think about there on a roll of there is no shortage of about 39% I think the last three games to have. But. But they've also plays against the extremely difficult. Defensive teams. In the in the in those the last three games so I I think that the structures can give Kentucky. I think some defensive problems on the if it is Kentucky on Sunday. I think that they have that chance. And I'm just formed put a blur bin I think it was just and I know I'm where we I hate talking about the stuff forty years ago but it. I've I was able to be around the truckers as far as who even though we live in particular as season tickets and everything for about 62. Oh through 92 ended the race surely. Thing if it did happen and so he actually left. School as happened in 77. And during the Harry Miller. Their duties. Attraction that occurred there was G Johnson at all. And I got a few days stalwart. Play and 63 and also of 64 the court sided it'd be of the round house before Israel officially enter that arena. Anyway good good times or will it is and I got to meet State's power. And you know get this there's news or cool thing. Very very cool. Thought that it was an and he was he was a gentleman. And I'm sure you enjoyed your time within when he got to meet him. Yes yes and then he was graciously he gave some autographs out. And anyway some good good stuff and I'm glad the shocker I just thought the defensive. Prowess of that young men uncovered during camp was that was. We're used to one of the best I think it was almost a mirror image of Zach brown. Help you know Bubba I think that. Again I did you know I did not particularly wish that the shocker I think the first test showed the ten day layoff. Very and then prayers for him. You know right you're right they were not sharp in the first half and and they finally got things revved up in the second half but yeah you're right the first Baptist didn't really didn't really gel with a lot of things we see from the Sox this year. Right and I and I think to turn over I think just anyway but I just think that there is the shark bit the sharp amp that we've I think you'll be back on Sunday. I think in charge shocker will be very very. Into. And there is it's going to be that is just like his like you said it is a good time. There were seen here in in shocker land having gone through the night he's been a little of this stuff. You know but really get a good stuff. And that but thank step further for the show and will our law lets you go on another color get him. All right sounds good Mike thanks Gloria thanks for the info and thanks for the memories it's dugout. Different directions right you got it Mike joining us here if you'd like to be what is we'd love to have you here on the soccer locker room we show our phone number is 86910378691037. Is our phone number. And you wanna join us 8691037. As the phone number Kentucky northern Kentucky. Is gone into the second half now just a couple of minutes after halftime it's Kentucky 41 of northern Kentucky 26 the winner of that game will take on this dockers on Sunday in the round of 32. In Indianapolis. And still all the games or final today we won't know what house CBS will set up. The times on Sunday so we'll keep an IMAP. Just a few games left going on right now nothing well and is anything close. Gathers one close game going on right now on that is South Carolina Marquette former K state Coach Frank Martin South Carolina. Leading Marquette 575113. Minutes to go on that one. And the next closest game would be a UCLA with a ten point lead over can't. That would just got underway in the second half UC laser and pretty good lead in that one. But it's that eleven right now so only one single digit game going on right now that's South Carolina mark yet. In these last four games and are being played today in the round of 64. And a possible keep an eye on these scores the course of soccer's we're looking at them Kentucky northern Kentucky game Kentucky right now up 4126. Early in the second half winner advancing to play the shocks on Sunday. 8691037. As our phone number here on the soccer locker room so let's go back to the phone lines and on a scholars Anthony hi Anthony you're right ahead. We Rhode kid it's always a pleasure to talk to you. And I've been listened to the talk to bring them also about wondering as was already being harassed over. Almost made it through a worldwide McCain and kind of lifted to the radio broadcast he got the rubble is linked with each other to drive the league. I'd be hidden weapons chief job but I hear them talk about no thank you anything that they're reference tube in regard to win. Who keeps meticulous shout from. New 135 street and yeah well personally I think different and basically Wichita State had a nice trip back big name cheese jumped from low. Only old Archie jump and run for. Well and then again they recruit also look to the floor with. Could Tokyo motor pregnant under those Wichita State golf books that would come upon of course Charles Barkley could come they'll come out all our. Estrich want to that they show brought to you please shut up. What we have to what we're talking about northern Kentucky taken no good put. Mutombo. Geographically. But open to pick your medical problem Kentucky's because they're closer to an end up looked like a duck years. Talk benefit Kentucky has probably all Americans Barton and it looked like he did have five starters. Tendon Soledad this little prelude. If you have. Nor would it took a good product over the disputed mcdonalds so that it could have been the mascot that go to Turkey they have this rule. A lot picky people of north toward Everett there metal values don't do a good look at look at opponent and I would just try to Blair looked. What. I think it's your game bode well for the shock because we've we've kind of gotten export to these. The only plus point and maybe a nine year under their bed. If you go back to begin the season we've played in net turn that would Michigan State and right Louisville. We do not have known them the public half court type Alter. And you go to dude don't merit and exposed the but. We've put to rest period a grind it out food and we found a way to win it I mean that they could get that they felt about. Let me give you an Illinois State improved so that we can't win these kind of games and I think that right there might even give us an age. Going into the Kentucky's game because. Our. I don't know what type but he took the scout they play in the SEC. But statistically. If you look at some step. Wichita State is right it certainly in good company was stumbled nationally. Power pop conference coming through that stormed acute care do they won't look at the coveted their play we go to the competition. Statistically we record there was probably in the top here it was from the thirteenth. Then. Well approach won't work and I'm buckled their neighborhoods. You're the guy named clay Trevor Politburo though but you have to show. In particular but it meant. He fits in college basketball coach at match. And in this gulf to talk about coach. We'll go to your number and basically Gregg Marshall was the net top product as coaches now won't really bad against the gulf. You have the quick just ridiculous numbers nothing you sort of look like them like Lebanon fired it even includes this that it went through so. Quite Marshall made you knew what you don't statement about how familiar with WB and make that they've worked so. Gregg Marshall to the well known many. They end up making a name and comment that you know they have them you know got the name always comes up with nowhere near as coach and very different. And it basically that you know he'd like fifteen that would tune. But if you think you through the film which in security. But I know we're looking forward nick you've grown rapidly. This year. So they won't get out of there were where you put Kentucky. And I think we can actually beat Kentucky and duke we look you know there's the you feel a little numb from the thing blows to both us. But it sure we have the basic utility made in the later memorable. I think to be into the gulf in the pac twelve wouldn't did you took the numbers compare that would not be put numbers all I know usually can score. We just scored two we have to believe ultimately be jettisoned rebel held first what you Julia though thanks to take Marco. All right thanks for the call entity and good discussion and good topics coming up in and appreciate the phone call. We mentioned. Wichita State. Will play either Kentucky or northern Kentucky. Coming up on. On Sunday you mentioned the southeast conference and the southeast conference. The did pretty well in this tournament so far I think they got five teams in the tournament in the looks like four of them. Well we still don't know yet on South Carolina but so far. They've been able to a man it looks like Kentucky is going to win so far South Carolina is winning. And Bender in Florida has already advanced out of via SEC. So and Arkansas has as well also. Gonna get tournament so far for the SEC pretty its conference that sometimes they get overshadowed when it comes to men's basketball because it. Does the SEC has all the football. Prowess it goes along way that and but men's basketball play gets pretty strong men's basketball conference do especially at softened. When you see teams like Kentucky and Arkansas and in South Carolina. And doing good things they've been they've had a good that tournament so far in Florida as well Florida as advanced as well so. We'll see now we'll see Elvis southeast conference takes out Vanderbilt so far as the only SEC team that has not advanced it even Nate. Went wired wired almost won their first round game before falling just short so. So the SEC's. Well believe we'll see other soccer match up perhaps against Kentucky out of the SEC. That's Kentucky game right now as Kentucky 44 northern Kentucky 29 civil wildcats have a fifteen point lead. Without fifteen and a half minutes to go in that went in Indianapolis to shock to play the winner of that game on Sunday. This is the shocker locker room so we are broadcasting live here in twin peak cities which it's all right the middle of Saint Patrick's Day a week on Saint Patrick's Day. And the we've peaks girls agree the Monterey all the way through some day he. When Saint Patrick's Day week comes to a close will be here again on Sunday twin peaks when he first rock from another disc of the shocker locker until we had a great crowd on hand earlier tonight. Watching the doctors the jayhawks wildcats all the same time had a great crowd on hand in joint tons of basketball. And though it's set up your twin peaks tons of big screen TVs. Just about every vantage point you could want. They'll get the game on you wanna see. And if you come on by you can enjoy your twin peaks were open to 1 in the morning tonight here in Saint Patrick's Day as we continue on the shock her locker room showed soccer when it. In the first round of the NCAA tournament 6458. Over the Dayton Flyers socks with their first win ever over the Dayton Flyers. In the men's basketball. So we'll look forward to that. We've been talking about the the this south regional and and how to soccer's matchup against some of these other teams. Of course. The bottom of the south regional bracket that does contain its doctors there's a lot of good teams there Kentucky 29 and five shocks now 31 in four. You got UCLA at 29 implore you got Cincinnati native which is now thirty and five of the stuff. And those are all those are all four teams that are all bunched up and we'll likely play each other coming up in the round of 32 deceit you advances on into the sweet sixteen. And those are all potential top twenty teams matching up against each other as early as the round of 32. And so those are basically sweet sixteen games that you're seeing around early in the round of 32 and that is a loaded south regional. Shocks are in right now. And there are even another. Topped potential top twenty matchup so the when he played a couple tomorrow and back Iowa State Purdue they're both the top want to you know play tomorrow in the second round. And Notre Dame West Virginia both ranked in the top wanna you know play tomorrow in the second round match so. There are some are really really high quality round of 32 games even matching top quality teams against each other. As early as another round of 32 on Saturday and Sundays. Seattle's a check out. As Wichita State will be among the group course to shoppers are ranked number nineteen in the nation. And a potential match up against fifth ranked Kentucky coming up on Sunday we'll see how that. I will see that materializes or whether or not to Kentucky has any trouble with northern Kentucky here down the stretch in the final fifteen minutes. But there are only four games left going on right now. In the you know opening round of the tournament the around of 64 of Michigan State now in fact it's gone final Michigan State has beaten Miami. This Miami team that knocked the shocker some of the tournament last year. Now Michigan State easily and Michigan state of former soccer opponent of course back in November. Michigan State easily. Beat them Miami like twenties. Tonight 7858. So it is. It'll be Michigan State vs K youth. In the round of 32 Kansas and Michigan State will go at a on Sunday to see you advances into the sweet sixteen players a matchup. Blue bloods teams right there in college men's basketball. And that'll be that'll be intriguing matchup there there are only. Couple other games going on right now it's a little bit. Couple of mark very close right now we'll look keep an eye on those. Games as they continue of course to doctors are watching in Kentucky northern Kentucky game. Kentucky right now leading and ordered 4429. With fifteen minutes to go in that game so we'll we'll keep an eye on it. Campbell keep taking your phone calls if you wanna join us 8691037. As the phone number 8691037. We are broadcasting live. Here at twin peaks cities which it saw our 21 and rock road open till 1 in the morning here on Saint Patrick's Day come on minds join us enjoy the colder than ice cold. Green to feared he'd like c'mon by and join us here at Saint Patrick's Day. As we continue on a shocker locker room show and folks are still doing those soccer game day specials five dollar and 99 cent cheeseburgers the rest of the evening. And a big a man size mug of that shocked top for just four dollars with a lot of beer for four bucks and soccer game days. The specials again in effect on Sunday soccer this play in around 32. Will be right your plea speaks about his wealth. Come on back for more of the soccer locker room Joseph Gibbs equality 691037. You're listening to shocker roof tonight on 103 point seven KEY. And. Named Johnson and he's again on her name Johnson he's the mask the real no huge Shanahan and the whole wide west. And. Captain sales networks Kellogg's kind of rude and mean on a dealership. For fifty years taking care of your I don't need to create a late model car or truck or an issue may or may react old classic like may check us out. Dave Johnson sales dot com and 8545. With Kellogg. And lands. Terrorist. Shocker nation wasn't built overnight it took years of dedication and hard work and perseverance. Your friends and all seasons construction know about hard work. We've been updating homes for over 25 years providing the best in home exteriors and interior modeling. Built by two generations of shocker alumni all seasons construction is part of your team. Kohl today 68517100. Or visit us online at all seasons construction dot com. Let's go shocker it's. What's it. Visit WSU men's basketball game some good things went easy for the locker room show up 103 point seven KE YN. 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Flexible commissions cancel any time 6840000. Start packing. Earthquakes in Kansas hello this is seven lanes to save at least coming we have noticed an influx of calls regarding water service surveyors sewer repairs to water leaks toilet and shower leagues many of which we are beginning to attribute to earthquake activity. Keep an eye out for water leaks increasing water bills are damaged sewer piping. If you're worried you have sustained earthquake damaged give David lease humming a call today at 9450117. And remember to let David Lee's stunning new release of your plumbing problems since number 1542. Wichita State locker room show or 103 point seven JEE why did. Not knowing how the offense starts right contact left off of Willis stream. Right wing to brown looks it's not a little typos spelling that's got a reputation on that. I gained 38 off 1207 that got us right. President transport level leadership and put brave. It over to. Campbell who. Has a big plug it right there by. Landry champ but does he made a three pointer off an assist from Dave John Smith. That was a very key moment for the show authors in this game they were down by three. What about thirteen minutes to go in the ball game. But then go back to back threes kind of got the shocker started as they've really had trouble shooting from long range that. Zach brown made a key three pointer at twelve minute mark and then that was followed up by the one you heard right there landry's dammit nailed a three. And so the Sox went from being down by three to being up by the read. And kind of got things going at that point in the ball game and soccer's kind of took control little bit there in the final twelve minutes. Did enough good things that happened started taking care of the basketball to voided that help. Or shoppers were pretty turnover prone in this one. Had fourteen turnovers. It that the about the niner eight minute mark to go in the game only turned it over twice in the final nine minutes so. Want to shoppers cut did a good job taking better care of the basketball is start getting some more points out possessions. And are able to come away with a win tonight. In the round of 64 over the Dayton Flyers 6458. The final score. Only three games to go in the NCAA tournament play today to wrap up the first round of play tell UCLA. Which is. Just in the other side of the bracket from the shocker right now UCLA has a ten point lead over camps. Still twelve minutes to go in that game. South Carolina under former K state Coach Frank Martin is still was on top of Marquette a five point lead and that when I was seven and a half minutes ago. And other shoppers are watching the team the other side of the bracket still awaiting their opponent on Sunday. Kentucky right now leading in northern Kentucky 1537. With twelve and A half minutes to go and that won't. And it appears a likely match up between these doctors in Kentucky on Sunday but still a twelve and a half minutes to go in that game but pork goes final. Let's go back to the phone lines are phone numbers 86910378691037. We are broadcasting live between peak cities which it's off. We are when he first and rock road and join us soccer win tonight 6458 over Dayton wants to back the phone line the next colors GM must. Hi Jim here on the locker room so the right ahead. Hey. Very good what do you think Jim pretty good how are you. Where our own good this show who wins. When Peru. Both oh look go live on the corner operate here you off we're pupils are. Durable do you really. You can do you know bowl. And I don't know he's really huge or the office and groups or fool. Really hear me that I think really you can he. One of the air from the game. To me you're. I wouldn't be surprised if that that game is a classic course that doctors in Kentucky the last time they played. That game was three years ago. In the round of 32 also and that was set. Kentucky wins 7876. In the shocker is undefeated season. And it might be another type of a game at a very similar score but it these two match up on Sunday. Your thoughts on Connor frank camp Connor. It really it was obvious it is pretty much a defensive game plan by a by Dayton to really make sure that Connor did not get any deal looks. It. Connor did finally get that 13 pointer very late in the game winning Jack Morris was able though they collapsed on him and he picked it up to. Connor in the defense finally left him for an open three he made it. But yeah out there at Dayton kind of wanted to take Connor frank sample ways to. If they have the defense is able to do that. He united yet other people open and hit open shots. I'm Marcus McDuff he had some really nice open looks didn't really able wasn't really able to drain some of those in this game Marcus only went one for eight from the field but. Zach brown got to take up some of that slack demand the made three for three from three point range. And the shocks. Did enough good things to us to overcome. Kind of getting conquer Connor frank camp neutralized by the state and defense in this one and shocks when it's 6458. I agree with you. GM that. Connors pretty cute this offense keyed a with a shocker have done during a lot of the sixteen game winning streak and Dayton really wanna take that away in the pretty much did the Connor did make it he laid the read and and if the doctors have let that guy neutralized he got to make sure the other guys are able to get open and and make open shots there Boyd shocker mr. More than a few lay ups and and bunnies in this one but there they were able survive and when it's 6458. Yacht Jim I agree it wouldn't be surprised if and matchup with the potential matchup against Kentucky. Might be a little less low scoring might be little more high scoring affair between now at Kentucky in the shocker perhaps. And that might provide some more open looks for up or not just Connor would maybe everyone in but might be a little more high paced game. This is still even though you and tonight I mean this is game. I mean the shocker loved to run it was though it was settled we did Dayton loves to get the ball Enron and yet that did not turn into that kind of high paced game it was today. It turned out into little more below storing. Battle of attrition between the view in the shocker kind of survived that. And did a lot of good things in the final twelve minutes to come away with a hard fought win over a team that in many ways. Very very mirror image of their own style and and the awaiting the way to go about things shocks readable to. To make some threes in the second half after a very cold shooting first staff and and boy how about winning the battle of the on the glass. Wichita State plus nineteen. On the rebounds in this 14829. And boy especially. In the second half Sox out rebounded. Dayton 2413. In the second half defensive rebounds were huge shots. Dayton missed 35 shy of Dayton missed 45 shots 35 of those times the Sox got the defense of rebound so. They were they were working hard on the glass and and that was came out the big for the shoppers in this one as they win it over they think that called him. Appreciate it if you would like to give us a call tonight our phone number 8691037. 8691037. As we continue here on the shocker locker room so we're broadcasting live of course twin peak cities Wichita ordered 21 and rock road. After a soccer win tonight in the NCAA tournament 6458. Over the Dayton Flyers. Shocks awaiting the winner of Kentucky northern Kentucky that game has eleven minutes to go it's Kentucky 52 northern 39. And northern has missed eighteen of their 22 threes. And Kentucky's not shooting very well from three point range either but. The Norse primed and he has missed another three soap. Northern just trying to get back into the game they're down by thirteen but the other three he's just aren't falling right now for the Norris and that he just scored on a fast break not a goal by fifteen again with under eleven minutes to go in that went in the Indianapolis though. It appears a likely match up between a shocker is in fifth ranked Kentucky will be coming up on Sunday. Still continue to. Watch this game in and see how the shots. Potentially would match up with Kentucky Wildcats the second time. In the estimate three years ago in the NCAA tournament the around 32 and looks like that match up might be on the table again on Sunday. To see who will advance to the sweet sixteen. And keep an eye on that the other two other games going on right now UCLA. Would they then eleven point lead over stands at one as midway in the second half and Alan. And South Carolina. Under former K state Coach Frank Martin now with an eleven point lead over Marquette with five and a half minutes to go itself. Coach Martin might have the gamecocks going into the round of 32 they're up by eleven. With under six minutes to go in that. Of course our focus tonight was on a shocker to 6458. Win over the Dayton Flyers. Zach brown with a huge game for the shots with twelve points three of three from three point range. Markets with Duffy made all six of his free throws on his way to eight points Jack Morris had ten points and six rebounds Landry Shannon. Not have a great shooting night but he ended up with thirteen points three assists. And off the bench how about Ronald nurture and restart Kelly as those two off the bench combined for twelve points and seven and eighteen rebounds. Rondo had four points seven boards and it was just very key part of the defense for the shocker especially in the second half. And Rashard Kelly. Once again continuing his blue collar work that has really helped us doctors in the sixteen game winning streak. Rashard ended up with eight points eleven rebounds off the fence three blocked shots. And a couple of assists so and it all added up to a win for the shocks it was not but. It was not day. Why a twenty point blown up by any means it was a hard fought game I believe at one point in the second half Mike Kennedy said this is a man's game today this is. This is not safe for NASA type affair it's it was it was hard fought and the shocker said that. Grind it out a little bit possession by possession but eventually wore down the flyers. In the second half. Holding Dayton to only 31%. Shooting for the game. Shoppers shot just a hair under 40% for the game. But the soccer's improve their percentage in the second half and really clamp down on Dayton. After halftime in the shocks especially. Shooting 50% from three point range in the second half that certainly helped. On the way to a six point wind coming from behind. In the second half to win it. Shocks and advance in the around 32 for the fifth. Year in a row. This is a shocker locker room so I am says this sports said we are broadcasting live it twenty cities Wichita where your twenty person rock road. After the soccer win tonight our phone number is 8691037. Back to the phone lines are next collars west hello let's go right ahead. Include those things of that my car or slow walked in their northern and typhoon compared we might now and and after watching the defensive battle I really think that the fate that they were blatant fact beyond Sunday I think. Half court game it's probably the best way to go because duke it out fast but he can strike you you or keep them I think in the half court security given what the running game. And I think maybe you'll meet painful schemes could stop them in open court but if you make them execute that is where they really struggle. And so I think that with such they could probably out execute him in half court that he messages but I think about it. Now that's an interesting observation and I know that. The soccer's will be coming up with a game plan it looks like for Kentucky and that's the that's the kind of things the coaching staff we'll have to consider and things like that about how you want to know what you think your best path to victory is against a team as good as fifth ranked Kentucky. Any other is that good observation was anything else he might have on up. Okay yeah good. Kentucky yet thanks for the call Wes that's good observation right now Kentucky. Still a sixteen point lead over northern at 6145. As we near about eight minutes to go. In that one. As it appears a likely matchup between its dockers in fifth ranked Kentucky coming up. On now on Sunday. It Kentucky hasn't lost since way back in early February. When not Florida beat him by 22. Heroes soccer coaching staff might be taken a look at that a little bit. As content Florida beat him pretty good in in Gainesville like 22 back on. February 4 Kentucky has not lost since then. They've won about eleven or twelve in a row since so. Kentucky. Doesn't have many very many losses like that shocks a Kentucky's only lost five time the Sox have lost four times. Kentucky did go through a stretch where they lost three out of four minutes in the loss at Florida. They also had that loss against TU. Back in late January by six points and they lost by a couple at Tennessee. Back in January before that they had a long winning streak going as well they did also lose at Louisville won only three points so. Went. Pretty good pedigree thereby Kentucky they don't lose many games and their only losses this year are to UCL a three of their losses are against UCLA by single digits at Louisville by single digits. And against Kansas by single digits. This a couple of and at Tennessee by only a bucket. Now the really the only time that anyone really got the better of Kentucky was was at 22 point loss at Florida in early February and at a loss since so. Sir the Sox. Might be a pondering net game a little bit looking at that film and finding out how Florida it was able to. Release handle Kentucky on that day in the last time the Kentucky loss with that date back in early February. Course the shocker of railed off. Sixteen and erode their own sense since late January to sell the shocks. Certainly panel winning streak going and that'll be apparently part of Kentucky's MO is still they'll have to figure out how they wanna stop Wichita State. And as a team is trying to cut a matchup against each other and one up and find the best path to victory when you go latter. We'll see now that the plays out. But it appears it'll be Wichita State and Kentucky on Sunday that will be eight top twenty matchup. That would be nineteenth ranked Wichita State against fifth ranked Kentucky. On Sunday afternoon. Should that should that be how things materialize. As other shocks for the fifth straight season advanced into the round of 32. An amazing run for soccer basketball over the last five years and it continues. As they and another wind that total today with a with six point win over the Dayton Flyers the higher seeded Dayton Flyers socks when it today 6458. You know. It's amazing how those Vegas oddsmakers usually a pretty good beat is that what's going on and they pretty much had the spread right in this one Sox. Socks. By about. 66 and a half some like that sevenths a Sox are right now and we'll house that's where they wanted to buy 66458. As Wichita State. Nine improves to 31 and four on the season it's now a sixteen game winning streak. But the shocker to take into the second round of the NCAA tournament. As we continue on the shocker locker room showed tonight science at the sports says that we are broadcasting lie on Saint Patrick's Day night. Here at twin peaks PDs Wichita our 21 Enron Kuroda. Right in the middle of us. When it twin peaks are celebrating saint Patrick's week saint patty's week continues all the way through Sunday with twin peaks girl's green lingerie and join. Saint patty's day festivities all week long. Our final score tonight was Wichita State 6040 and 58 you'd like to join us on the phone lines would love to hear from you. 8691037. Is the phone number 8691037. As we continue on the soccer locker room show. They had a break and come back to twin peaks right after this you're listening to soccer moves tonight 103 point seven KEY. And yeah. 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Wichita State locker room she won't 103 point seven. He was there. Welcome back for the shot her locker room. No I am says this part says that we are broadcasting live here as we speak cities which is on Saint Patrick's Day night. You're 21 to rock road open till 1 in the morning still a couple more hours. Come on mine enjoy Saint Patrick's Day activities here at twin peaks when he first in Iraq. Twin peaks girls will be celebrating Saint Patrick's Day all the way through some day and will be here again on Sunday as well. As we have another edition of a shocker locker room show the soccer's. Will be in the round of 32 against either Kentucky or northern Kentucky. And how about that northern Kentucky team they are playing fifth ranked Kentucky. Even in the second half it's only a twelve point game and it's basically where it's been most of the second half as a northern Kentucky's point wildcats tough. It's a twelve point lead for Kentucky. And there's about five minutes left to go in that game no winner we'll take on the shocker is on Sunday. So will I be keeping an eye out Medigap Kentucky 67 northern 55 a now under five minutes to go land though the Norris has the ball here with a chance to cut it to ten or not so. Not over yet three pointer by the Norse it's an air ball so Kentucky still up by twelve with under five minutes to go in any fears that will be likely. Shocker Kentucky matchup on Sunday but it is not official yet as the Norse are still down by twelve with five minutes to go. Still trying to make a late run there. 01 of the other games has gone final South Carolina boy Marquette Muster had kind of melt down there in the last. 56 minutes of the game as a South Carolina went on a huge run late in the game and ended up beating Marquette Mike twenties in the game was close pretty much all the way. South Carolina ends up winning that one might want a 9373. Congratulations to former K state Coach Frank Martin. Who has a South Carolina now into the round of 32. And their reward for winning that game tonight is your take on duke. Hunt Sunday in the out of 32. So South Carolina advances the SEC. Has had a good tournament so far going for and won the Vanderbilt the only team that data the SEC that did not make it into the round of 32 so. And it looks like the doctors might be taking on the SEC team Kentucky. But. Northern Kentucky is is given is given the wildcats a battle right now. In Indianapolis. Kentucky just missed a couple of shots. That was got under four minutes to go now and it's still a twelve point lead for Kentucky but the northern or it is really given the wildcats. A battle. In in Indianapolis so that one has not gone final yet it's under four minutes ago. The other. Game going on right now it's going to be an apparent win for UCLA they have a 21 point lead under four minutes to go over Kent. So it looks like. It appears that. That half of the bracket in the south regional is going to have four ranked teams. Against each other. In the round of 32. Wow. Those are powerhouse game consider setting up for Sunday. It's that looks like an apparent match up between nineteenth ranked Wichita State in fifth ranked Kentucky. It looks like an apparent match up as well between Cincinnati and UCLA which are both ranked in the top pointing. Wow and those are second round games how about that. There are also two other. Ranked matchups that are going to occur in the around the thirty to Purdue Iowa State. Tomorrow. And at Notre Dame West Virginia tomorrow all those teams are ranked in the top twenties well going against each other. In the round of 32 so there are some months third quality games coming up. On Saturday and Sunday and there will be some really really good teams it will not make it to the sweet sixteen as they get matched up with huge. Huge match ups in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Before the sweet sixteen even gets here so really it hit. And for those teams are all bunched up in the bottom of the south region a shocker his nineteenth ranked Wichita State among them as well so. That is a safe enough for really interesting stuff self. If northern Kentucky comes back and wins this game. The soccer we'll take on northern but. That appears unlikely you would think that the shocker easily matching up against fifth ranked Kentucky on Sunday. Don't know the game time yet oneself the finals today did that recorded. CBS will decide how they want a partial up television coverage on Sunday and then we'll have a times announced that so. No matter what time things go on Sunday. Willow will be here watching the game between he cities which it thought when he first and Iraq wrote on the final day of street Patrick's day week in. Will be here for that and of course Sunday it will take your phone calls after the soccer game on the soccer locker room show. After oh Wichita State. Will be playing in the round of 32 on Sunday so that'll. That'll be exciting coming up on Sunday. Well we take a look at this a 6458. Went for the shots tonight over the Dayton Flyers Sox were down five late in the first staff. What Rashard Kelly getting huge three. 12 ago in the first staff. But steady beat down by five. At halftime Sox are only down Mike Hsu. And Wichita State came out played strong in the second half start making some three pointers. Really clamped down on defense in the Dayton Flyers really could not get a lot of traction in the second half. And the Sox. Down by five late in the first half comeback and win it by six tonight 6458. Of the higher seeded Dayton Flyers so Wichita State. Now line with its sixteenth game in a row increased to 31 and four on the season and advances for the fifth straight year. Into the round of 32 at the NCAA tournament. Zach brown had a huge game for the shot three of three from three point range for twelve points he hit the three for the first bucket of the game just 22 seconds into the game. He hit another three. With five and a half minutes to go in the ball game had stretched to soccer at three point soccer lead up to six. And that was accused three as well. Marcus but Duffy had a rough shooting day for the shock who did go six for six at the free throw line. Including two big makes the line late with nine point nine seconds to go markets ended up with eight points five rebounds. Jack Morris battled some foul trouble but still made four of seven shots for ten points and six rebounds. Landry's Danica had a tough shooting night as well but still finished with thirteen points three rebounds and three assists for the shots. Connor frank camp. Really bottled up almost the whole game along by it by the Dayton defense. Did shake loose refutes the Reeve with a minute and a half to go. That stretch the shocker lead. From a four to seven and was really key bucket late in the game that was a great assist on a kick out from. Jack Morris on Connors three right there Conner also had three assists. And off the bench. How about Ronald nurture and Rashard Kelly Reshard Kelly ended up with eight points eleven rebounds three blocked shots two assists. Off the bench Ronald nerds are gated shocker some more key defensive minutes with four points and seven rebounds made two was three shots on the offensive end as well. Darryl Willis off the bench with four points three rebounds Austin reads off the bench with two points in one rebound. And based on Smith coming off the bench. Had a big assist on a bucket for the shocker on a three by Landry Shannon in the second half that gave soccer to three point lead. Wichita State ended up shooting just a hair under 40% for the game. Holding Dayton to 31%. Shooting for the game and as you heard Mike Kennedy say during the broadcast. State in the top shooting team in the Atlantic ten in the soccer field of the 31%. Shooting. Stock's up 50% from three point range in the second half after a very cold shooting first half from long range. State and ended up. Only making 23 pointers in the second half after getting five in the first half. Doctors cleaned up on the glass against Dayton full plus nineteen on the rebound. 4829. Out rebounded Dayton as the flyers missed 45 shots in this game and 35 of those times the Sox got the defense of rebound. That came up huge for which apostate as well. Which doctors have got to win any game in which they get zero steals never stole the ball away from date but boy to soccer defense did the clampdown executing. The stocks also ended up with eight blocked shots and X four of those came on that one possession late in the second half shocked and at what eight blocks. Three of those were by Rashard Kelly. And that match the entire date total loans statements that team at three blocks. Rashard had three which apostate eight blocks on the game it all adds up to a Wichita State win at. Over the Dayton Flyers 6458. Wichita State now on a sixteen game winning streak into the fifth year in a row in and around 32 at the NCAA tournament. Soccer opponents still yet to be determined northern Kentucky is hanging in there with Kentucky. The wildcats lead it now 6958. With two and a half minutes to go and do. And so it's an eleven point lead at four. Eleven point lead for Kentucky would you 37 to go so it is not. It is not a complete final yet northern. Northern his serve really hanging in there and they played that Kentucky very tight here in the second half. And it has not been a runaway victory for the fifth ranked team in the nation in the Kentucky Wildcats he just missed the free throw so still an eleven point game. Com with 237 to go in Indianapolis so you would still think he would be very likely that the Kentucky Wildcats would win that game but it's. It's that goes weird. The shocker caught on Sunday would might beat northern Kentucky but that would still has not enough finalized yet so. There's another free throw by Kentucky that one's good so wildcats are quite well although with 235. To go. And that sets up some real interesting games coming up on the shoppers will be among those games of course on Sunday. That the NCAA tournament the around 32. At Cincinnati UCLA will be one of those matchups on Sunday there's a great games coming up on Sunday. North Carolina Arkansas. On Sunday he got them Michigan Louisville. On Sunday Rhode Island or again probably playing each other on Sunday Kansas against Michigan State. On Sunday as well and you've also got South Carolina duke. And a USC Baylor. There are some of real quality games coming up on Saturday and Sunday against the NCAA tournament. I'm northern Kentucky just made just three and it's now an eight point gain it's now Kentucky. Seven being northern 62. Wouldn't hundreds ticks left on the clock so. I almost don't want go away before this one goes final because it northern Kentucky's make him his real real interesting course. Yet delicate stall for too long because you get me into these games they'll be timeouts and free throws knows this to go on for another ten or fifteen minutes of we don't want to belabor the point the score he wanted to. Find out whose doctors will be playing in and that is not a certainty yet it's Kentucky seven beat northern 62. With exactly oh a minute forty to go in the ball game there in Indianapolis so. It's now a single digit game techie is led by double digits most of the way but. But that one does still not final yet so keep track of it and those and they'll see the shocker opponent is on Sunday be it. An unlikely northern Kentucky upset or we'll see if fifth ranked the fifth ranked wildcats of Kentucky and can hold off. So oil. CL that goes. That still do it tonight for the shocker a locker room sill at twin peaks cities which it thought when he first and rock my name is Ted this sport said great thanks to our hosts here at twin peaks. We'll still be here again on Sunday for all the action. Thanks to our studio engineers still hearts up and Andrew handling and thanks to all you want your phone call tonight on the soccer locker room show. Once again shocks when it opening round of the incidentally turned it over Dayton 6458. Thanks for listening to soccer moves tonight. On 103 point seven KEY and happy Saint Patrick's Day good night.