WSU Basketball vs Carleton University 08-07-16

Sunday, August 7th

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Yeah I haven't left open. They are fitted guarded it was wide open. Today it's. I've been laid. My birthday I'm. This is which is hosting. 10347. KG one. The pregame show will work. Good afternoon welcome. Through the capital of Canada Ottawa Ontario and the campus of Carleton University. And today Wichita State plays the second of four games on this summer exhibition two hours in Canada. Which doctors open yesterday at. We'll back university at Montreal. And won that game by a score of 107. 258. Today the competition steps up considerably this would most likely be the soccer's most difficult game. On this four game tour they take on a team in the ravens at Carleton. Who are two Canadian college basketball right now. Pretty much what UCLA laws of the United States in the sixties and seventies they have won twelve of the last fourteen. Canadian collegiate championships. Six in a row. Dave Smart in its seventeenth year as head coach is a legend in Canada at 851. Career percentage. He has been heavily involved with its Canadian men's national team. Adds this is a major test last year for instance Carlton. Split two games with a very good Baylor team 17973. And lost 8078. That was a very talented they'll achieve those you follow the big twelve saw them and they were an NCAA tournament team. They lost by seven to say Texas Tech team that went to the NCAA tournament lost by four very state and the palpable. By eight team over the history of teams coming up here since 2003. Carlton is now 23 and 23 against Hillary US teams including a victory by side over Stetson. On Friday so definitely we saw some good things the soccer yesterday saw a lot of promise but these factors definitely stepping it up a level. Taking on a very very good team then and we'll see how they rise to the occasion to you know we talked about it in the post game show yesterday that. University of Quebec in Montreal would be equivalent to playing division two school. For instance like that do we university which or. In four years data Washburn. And today. Carlton is more like playing northern Iowa are Evansville are one of the top teams in the Missouri Valley Conference he had he has used to winning. A team that expects to win at my that they won six championships in a row and they ran off five straight championship a few years prior to that so. Very very talented team that team that knows how to win a team that expects to win affecting your home. It was founded. In 1942. It became Canada's first private non denomination or college that security enrollment of about 24000. Undergraduate students and 4000 graduate students. There and a seventeen. Team conference the Ottawa University athletics association. And it is one of the top collegiate conferences in the country back last year. Charlton was number one Ottawa University right across town was number three in that might at the end. Achieve the shocker is also planning this trip that they're on their own tour poster recap. This summer. This is very good test. A lot of the players or Carlton as a player that we have seen before cave that he's their point guard. Played some years that televised today it was about a twenty minute game guy at Illinois State that transfer for years to Cleveland State. And is now a fifth year senior here at Carleton that we mentioned yesterday. In Canada collegiate basketball players could play five season so he did say playing its fifth year so impacted college basketball. He was a good point guard it distributors Illinois State not much of the story is certainly raised historic ability here. And he'll know what to tell us dating season. Probably faced a better never made at least a couple of these players that certainly will know about Wichita State I don't know what to expect pass that on his teammates. Well it used to be you know when I was growing up that young team they played a few hours hockey in there developer. Canadian football but mainly for hockey but that college basketball pro basketball. Have just improved in leaps and bounds. Over the last 1020 years up here in Canada and there's a lot of talented talented Canadian players a lot of them come down to play. At the United States and universities we can Brothers to name a couple and many many more now that are playing. Not only NCAA but also moving on to the NBA plays so a lot of talent in the interest of bad. All very high here Canada. Case I didn't make any formal or production that may not have that privilege of course that Bob bonus tip here is our. Wrote analyst on soccer basketball and handling our producers and studios today added it's great to have you with us this second exhibition game. This summer tour and a game that will certainly give us a little better idea of where it factors in our history early states do to go. Well I think I think it's gonna be I wish this game was on Tuesdays at be nice to it was good to have the quote perfect game. Yesterday for the travel on Friday was his grave the the flight got canceled at 5 AM. Out of I think our airports so there's four different flights that the players had to go on and maybe get here till Friday evening. And so Saturday was a good a good game but the fact was not as talented and not as good he's so good warm up game. And now they got probably the toughest game of this four game were today it I would rather. Maybe plays in the field today have a day off and then like Carlton on Tuesday which can't plan that out all of that so. This is going to be the toughest game of the trip and it's going to be tough but that's. For the shock of the gonna have to play a lot better. Then they played yesterday the guys take care of the basketball. And don't expect to get a lot of calls here at Carleton Jim it's like playing on the road. Down in the states. They're probably were sliding you're 25 shocker stands at the game yesterday at the back and among them ragged Phyllis win too much to answer your soccer fans who drove in their motor home all the way from which it's not. Bob presto like former Wichita State football player who lives in Michigan. Row for Michigan to watch these games and you'll be here again today throughout the season everyone's drive of the game drafted by the law offices of politics thing in hearing your did you find some of the defense attorneys give them a call it 2637596. Or visit their website at www. Pulled it off. Dot com Bob we'll have the teams to the game when we come back. They've heard and I'm very Lama or. Good afternoon neighbor to the World Cup sugar. Hey neighbor Megan never run. 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Welcome back to Ottawa Ontario at Wichita State and Carlton and make Canadian college powerhouse looking at today in this exhibition game. Rob Carlson's campus the keys to the game or brought to you by capitol federal let captain had handed the keys to your new home. The quality pre approvals competitive rates and personal local service capitol federal an equal housing lender Bob. Well we don't have a lot of information about Carlson. But in general from talking to the stats and players in the elevator the other day. They told me that there were a very physical key that he never played really hard. Plays very good defense and they shoot the three really really well so let's start by talking about defense. You need good defensively Dallas would be just a shocker second ball game but one of the things that. Greg marshals teams always do is they run the court very well and they do not give up easy shot to get backed off. And no we feed gas to note that breaks by your opponent. Pressure the basketball in the half court a lot of pressure on the ball. Everybody else get your stance have active hands for very long he's very athletic he felt we wanna have their hands about their arms off their hands active. And try to get as many of elections as you can go with them that's the ball where they want to pass the ball and don't let them know that ball into the pulse. You wanna talk in fight through screens if they're good three point shooting shooting team. Chances are there's setting a lot of screens we need to fight through those greens and put pressure on the shooter. Guard the three point line as we said Carl to choose to read very well they shot it well the other night. Shot 39%. Or 38%. Against death and and so you've got to get up what most guys that three point one of the little bit longer in international ball. But they can knock him down but you gotta get out there guard up. Walked off. Only one shot per possession go let's that he only sure we get offensive rebound to get put back that really encouraged the team when they can get offensive rebounds and have a lot of time. That's that's often what time that you pick up silly fouls if McKie gets them offensive rebound and with the fact that they got up blocked off and finish the possession. Now on offense to shocker like it that fallout and pushed up before we run the court and see if they can score in transition they'd rather get lay ups. Then run when they're with. Fast break offense is so push it. Run the court shock that an excellent job of that yesterday. Eric Hamilton got behind him a couple of times Carol Willis got behind the defense a couple of times in the shocker guard. Be that backed down before a few times so bushes and try to get easy baskets. We've yet to set up in the office point guards get to keep organized get him in the played fiscal two run. Get everybody understanding what we'll be happening on the opposite end of the timing was a little bit off I thought Friday that it had a lot of guys open. But the ball with a little bit late in getting here that they need to work on their finding. Be a little bit sharper with them at this afternoon. And try to hit that ball inside deliver that I have on time when your running is that way. Rash offered support soccer star he. Soccer so long and athletic he used that today offensively they've missed his shot go get the rebound and stick it back here. Repeated that any game it's winning the battle of the boards. You've got to block the other key keep them from getting second shots and conversely. You wanna crash wards that just mention. And it offensive rebounds and put backs on your rear for the need to win the battle of the boards. And turnovers. They did a great job yet they only two turnovers in the first quarter fort turnovers. In the second quarter so we think the halftime but the shock that fourteen in the second half and ended up. With twenty turnovers go you gotta keep those turnovers under control the day's take care of the basketball and it's always got to play hard my. And that's usually not a problem with the Gregg Marshall to. Back to a couple of things that you mention the rebounding. This is a team that last year outrebounded its opponents by fifteen game they didn't shoot it as well as they usually do against Stetson on Friday. Making just under 40% and they had 21 offensive rebounds in that game so that was a big factor. In that victory at Wichita State's gonna have to do that job against him on the boards. They've they've faced a defective they had pretty good guard play this team has more quality big man six elevenths Cameron Smyth as a force in the middle. It's the Jackson at six states and athletic forwards. This achievement chapters we'll have a bigger challenge to keep them from scoring inside also. The other taller they're a little bit deeper and that they play a higher level of basketball. Here Carlton so everything's going to be tougher to date to be harder to run your offense it's going to be harder to stop. The opponent today and they're gonna be fight through street I think it's going to be a lot more physical ball game today than it was yesterday the players are gonna have to prepare for that. But talking about a few of their players Connor would never stand yet 22 points against that than he had eight rebounds. Cops that heat transfer room voice data had seventeen points and those were the top who scores in the ball game against Stetson so look for Conner would have looked for top fifteen days of a couple of guys a shock for. We need to keep on yet interestingly enough not a word last year. Was the team's third leading scorer at thirteen point four points per game but he was there leading scorer in the summer exhibition games averaged nineteen a game against Baylor Texas Tech birds need help close up. I seem to rise to occasion against the US teams. And he meant to be three point shooting Bob last year's 37%. About 38 on Friday but it I was struck by that number. On Friday they took 373. Point attempts out of their 73 shots. Over half and made about 38% at fourteen makes five different players took at least 33 point. That's a lot of grief kilometres over half of your shots and threes so the depth but I have to get on their toes being on their toes to defend that three point line. Connor would. He would at six out of thirteen threes against that's been. Shot 41% from three that's very good percentage. From Bob behind the arc especially the international art which is about nine inches farther than the college are. So 41% from 386%. From the free throw line felt I would issue. As far as carpet outlet Florence center one of our fine sponsors they provide you the hardwood limited tile carpet area rugs at great. Every day prices and it's not. Under under quality stuff at low prices this high quality stuff that the best prices you're going to climb so whenever you have a glory project in mind. Noted that bars because that's going to find the best prices. Every day great selection and great people to help you they are not high pressure's not on commission they're just there to help you find exactly what you want. The varsity teams sixteen. North Broadway. Bob we're already getting some questions and one was to ask you to maybe making a comparison just off what you seen in practice in the one game yesterday. Jerrold willows and what he brings. Maybe in contrast to. Last year's big men and particularly in time Brady listed terms. Different skills and ends losing Antoine. What these guys. Place well let's compare to any time and yours harder than the last two big guys were that there were about the same size as Harold Willis I think Carol runs better. Then Gary it's harder for antibodies have really good happy would you want to run down important words of 64. Two guard or something. Really really runs well. He's up he's a grown man eat very well put together. And I could have a lot of people in the weight of authority there is a broad shoulders very strong arm very strong and he he's very aggressive when he goes for rebounding get to with two hands he likes to rebound and route. And when he pulled stuff we saw this yesterday gets it back he gets really wide net posted them means the basketball. When he's down in the polls now I'm not sure I don't think he's it's hard to tell you that we really haven't seen enough of him that. Keeping up pieces that are shooters in Brady outside but I think he might be a little bit better than various harder. But Gary's hit those really long arms and could shoot over taller guys inside so that was history. Plane in the post shoot over people. I think Willis combines maybe probably the best of both of those guys because he could shoot out side. But he also strong in the post he probably runs better if you wanna. We. Have a number of features that we do throughout the course of the season not all of them in this pre season but. You and talked about this nodded his old one thing that. That we did wanna talk about a little bit didn't get into too much yesterday but strangely enough given the personnel that you can actor's head in their history in the grab the big surprise with last year's team was how poorly they shot 42 point 9% from the field for the season that ranks eight. Of the nine teams that Gregg Marshall as coach at Wichita State and there's 32 point 4% mark three ranked seventh. It those nine years yesterday that is hackers admittedly weren't being guarded like it will lessen their upcoming opponents that 58% from the field 56%. From. Three on sanity teams. And it certainly looks like this will be overall a better shooting team. For one thing I think the percentage to go up because this team has more guys who can score around the basket I think they'll get more inside the. Went to tell you but you right here I think there's there's some depth inside you've got. You've got checked more since looks like he's gonna take another step forward offensively get your Willis inside Ronald was stronger better. Rashard Kelly. It's a lot of garbage baskets inside so I think you're right they're gonna score inside. Which should open it up lopsided there's some really excellent shooters on this team owner of spring camp I mean he was three out of four yesterday eight out of ten from the floor yesterday so he was very hot I thought the Landry Shanley knocked down a couple of threes early. Swished both of those. I would guess that maybe one of the best outside shooters is. They now look anything now we can really shoot the ball and have allotted to happen and you know background can shoot it he started off very poorly. Last year I think was like 1 for morning. But then he would he ended up with about a 37% to three point shooting average so he really brought up as you're an awful lot of good shooters. On the shop eventful. Eddie Davis doctors played it 50% off your online order and Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa Johns dot com and use that promo code. After fifty to receive your shot preakness scout. We can have a little bit of an injury report we didn't have time to really get into that yesterday that the markets they Duffy did not play he's in street clothes again today. And probably won't play on this two areas they partial here. Of the ACL it's something they feel will heal without surgery just needs time. He has actually been practicing some this week was a wrap on it. And so he's not that far away from being able to play that they don't see any pointed pushing them on an exhibition tour and taking a chance because it is a good point. Rick could still be injured worse. If things work so being cautious with him. CJ Kaiser one of the incoming freshmen guards. He again with a stress fracture was in a boot. The that this he's walking around starting to do little more and so he's actually not that far away from returning to practice it and be. I was talking to him before we got on the bus to the hotel and he's that is injuries very similar the one that Ron baker had his freshman year due to stress reaction. On the top of the food you need to know it would have broken bones and it. But they wanna be extra cautious with that because those bones. Because of the lack of blood flow don't feel very quickly we want to make here they take your time and let them you beautifully. And then Austin raised the freshman guard from Arkansas news candidate late sign me but shoppers toward the end of last season. Is he a man who had shoulder surgery. In the sprained right after his high school season is over. And he has very close also being back home though he's doing a lot of things in practice now individually. Just not. Full contact five on five tackles so. Again. If if this were NCAA tournament and you really needed it might even be able to play a little bit there's no reason to. Not take the time these witnesses pre season play in August I talked to him at the hotel as well he said he shoulders feeling really good feel stronger. Yeah I saw workout on Thursday. In Wichita and leave it alone before working on pre drills. He looks good he's real free. But he doesn't get pushed around he really knows how to pass easily knows how to read down. These these displays at the right the eve of very heady player isn't like watching a replay. Yeah and one thing that I don't think got brought up in his victory he obviously had some crazy numbers in high school. Including. Scoring average and so forth. But both his parents play in Arkansas State his mother was an all conference player his father. Still ranks third all time assists and are it's state. And so he grew up that a basketball environment he grew up with. Parents who taught you how to. He sees the game that I understand that gave him and he comes in very picture of basketball. Knowledge or. Refresh you probably got your feet in the locker room by the coach and went home and got critique but mom and dad. At that about how to play the game well. We're going to take a break soccer fans who want to remind you that the day after any shocker with and it's a party attach locker room depending on how many points the shocker score. You can save him. 25 even 40%. Off all shocker merchandise. Soccer fans all over proud to say I got it at two adds that if you're stopping by today it's 40%. From yesterday's score. And a 107 points in my outlet to take advantage to get your wardrobe started. For the upcoming year test locker room east and west we'll be back with the starting lineups in the opening tip off. This exhibition game between the shoppers and Carlton from Ottawa Ontario Canada and after the. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to ask Brenda thank you completely forgot to our captain any different believes that he can't promise better. 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Looks like Washington DC in the United States we have an opportunity. As we came into the city today to stop the gay group picture in front. Their parliament building. I was the equivalent to the US congressional buildings and so forth very impressive. Old stately buildings in that in that area and strips of ours in beautiful downtown Montreal isn't really. Interesting contrast between some classic older buildings in modern skyscrapers. And it's been a great experience for the team already they're gonna get a chance tomorrow to do some things done a day off from playing a game. And so they're gonna get to do some sightseeing it's an activities before it's all said and and I think it's great that like Gregg Marshall. Tries to combine cultural experiences and and just taking advantage of a trip like this beyond just playing dash. Well we talked to break her body last night. And he said he fell one of the most valuable aspects of taking it reflective it's just get your players on the road if all these new players. Around each other. And as for them to get to know each other and to have fun together and grow together you can always argue you kind of hear. And if it buddies than in certain guys gravity other rides guys to. After lunch today bill saying happy for dated date date shots Smith and mr. when he won today. So a lot of fun and it's the way you build team unity. They shot Smith 21 years old today and he had a nice debut for the shopping yesterday with ten points six assists. And no turnovers and eighteen minutes of play and did a great job of pushing the ball ahead he'll be key for this team today because. Carlton has a couple of experienced point guards experienced in the US you mentioned Casey team. Played a couple of years at Illinois State any year Cleveland State before transferring back to. To his home country last year. Carlton and this year they have added a manual collect a lot. Eight junior from Toronto who played two years at Fresno state played about 2223 minutes a game as a sophomore Chris two years ago it was actually. Reportedly going to leave University of Florida heat to school last year that never ended up playing there and now. Has joined Carlton. They're a team that returns a lot of veterans from last year's team they Austin fifth year seniors. But returned. Every eight of their top ten for their national championship team last year. They've added a we're told us that they that are in key player. And show rock and a fifth year senior from Saudi Ontario played at the caller's through university and averaged fourteen points a game of his last season there are so those two quality players. To add to the eight they already had coming back. It before we get started I've. Promise shows how you shed. That we would tell his wife that he thinning the message happy anniversary honey at their 22 anniversary tomorrow. So happy anniversary Anita. From your husband Kyle. Who couldn't be there on the anniversary day Ed certainly feels she fishy about that as we don't want and so you certainly want it to pass a law. His best wishes and let you know he's thinking about you don't have a broadcast tomorrow so reviewing it'd. Teams are lining up on the free throw lines at book fans and we're going to have both anthem O Canada. And the star spangled banner. On. On truth to a Twitter report but also a drop I will not be singing oh Canada. It. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Very nice performance. National anthems. Stars thank them that if the United States and old candidate which in my opinion is one of the really. Good anthems other countries of the United States atlas like a candidate very well performed today. And we will have an introduction of starting lineups today as well a little more formal presentation today. That we had yesterday. At Quebec Montreal for the shot here's. Sat around 66 junior from Houston to act with ten points a couple of rebounds yesterday against the back. Days John Smith. Getting a chance to start on his birthday it appears. Landry sham it will be in the starting line up land records and 64 redshirt freshman from Kansas City gates John Smith. A junior college transfer 600. You know by way of Tallahassee community college. Rashard telling. Believe we'll be at a forward it'd catch brown. Are more support that Jack Morris will be at center. And 68275. Pound Richard you your commitment Oklahoma. Very impressive yesterday with thirteen points in three words in ten minutes hitting five of eight shots including. A three pointer. Fort Carlton Cotter well out of 64 fifth year senior from you know Ontario. They're leading scorer last year at thirteen point four points per game second team all conference. Cameron Smyth is a 611 senior from Vancouver British Columbia. He last year. Averaged seventeen minutes a game that's seven and a half points four rebounds per game. Believe Brian and Jim is gonna be in the starting line up he's a 675 year senior from Frampton Ontario. Averaged nine and a half points five point one rebounds a year ago after he will be in the starting line up. Also out there with the starters K 16615. Year senior from Ajax Ontario played at Illinois State in the thirteen and fourteen seasons. At Cleveland State in 2015. And was first team all conference second team all Canada last year led the entire country in assists at six point six per game and rounding it out. It will be. And once you might Marcus Anderson sixty sophomore from rapid military he was a member of the conference's all rookie team. A year ago Anderson switched his uniform number 33 to three which threw me off for a moment. So we're ready to get things under way starting lineup struck you buy equity bank Reid never pay at AT&T. Be sure to visit them online equity thing that counts not particularly of tips and the ball passed away deflected out of by Anderson patients at. Amicable for the doctors. Starting at the Forex Darryl Willis and I can only two days it is Jack Boris there Willis then she imitation guns at. Background would obviously you're. At one end of the floor. At times a little hard for residency. And bodies you know Campbell that horseback it as a layup knotted at a town. Spot went on here. Not Smyth on his back. Pump it up on your hand off the glass Lewis now in the process you know real strong move at that time by Jack wars on the left on the left block. And got my Kindle outside his turn went the basket went underneath immediate upshot. Smyth is 611 that on the skinny side to AT&T if teams that we've uses body it makes the free throw. Jack or three point play to start the game. You know Tiger Woods guarded closely by Sheehan but has left wing he patients on him down the block it just goes for the reverse layup with fifty different finally. Yeah I had him in my face like that got three girls Willis it is nice basket underneath that. Doctors have gotten through it and it drives the baseline pulled back on the right way and not the grounds that left me that's. They shot down an awful lot affect us not to not to. And it's definitely closer hopefuls back out. I plopped down the patriots' 42 clock after forcing a little off the back iron to about kept alive by its next round pick up my it's my lucky few places in a court crosscourt pass that would get a fire that jumper outside way short. Rebound last night by at him before it went. From both reported that we were talking about they feel a lot at 337. The other night against that the that was when the transition. I would pull him up in the fat break. She. Actually last much but the shocker in the world to pass the high post into and rightly be keen to rise baseline. And it basket for a back up front Anderson popped up which it missed badly off the left side and they found that read about a fourth round left way. That's yet righteousness they shot on the floor. Configurable only works the left side of the key makes that shot out for him. Careless about a fifteen footer off the bat rebounds Anderson and we have worked keen for world team into the line down the lane driving hook it rattles in and out and read that by check or as of now. I believe this might back and forth on the it that's his second now on the it transition. He went nineteen through the defense trying to get the bad background it is that it. Using its lanky six foot six and really pressured to it may keenness. It was mine is second he'll come out and Mitchell who the brother Conner would checks in to a six for about 185. Reputation as a anger really hard nosed rebounder place kicker it's explore ice. Soccer basketball and backward whistled on screen and see what took place there I think that second or yeah exactly exactly. They show which is the little. Two on should bring the ball up the word. You know you got that tenth that it can mean your dad and I got that. He got up lately that now. 812 to go first quarter's three to two state basic team working yet stations. Waiting to woods I atlas atlas tried to drop to enter into with. Verse it got. I. Right hand on the right side kept back to the left hand on the left side he's got off forth across that quickly. The second time we've got freed up when the best wide open. Passed on the loss to lower cities being manhandled their until now. Three seconds. Wow here's this strange golf. That's a Shannon really AG using they'd let that with three seconds of the office and the guy catch the ball but the referee called a quick when that time Mitchell would use only about six or is trying to hard Daryl Willis who six foot eight and that's the definite mismanaged its doctors. We'll try to attack and had his hands all over that's what I thought the ball is going to be case to keep guys write cycles all the basket running hook missed the edges. Strong rebound. Hard foul on the shot. From what I think he rioted. Really to have a great job on the boards and scorn that have a great offensive rebound and we got the putter back in the summit that get a body on him. Edge and is 67 to thirties a fifth year seniors have very mature guy averaged eighteen and a half minutes a game nine and a half points per game last year this entry through O'Connor would have rebound. And that it's out of bounds last touched my candidate tried to steal the whys of this box out on the mystery. Cardinals in basketball that's just what I do rated save my coach Marshall would not be happy with that you cannot let them Gator. Rebound on the missed free throw at you right here he drives the lane that's classy guy. Clinton defenders got up over here oh well most of us now from the side by Cotter friend can't we just checked in predation guns. Now on condor sisters team's second I believe the first team now a moment ago was on Shaquille warrants on the play underneath on it to him. Hard to see at that and Ron under juries in. There were on the shocker offensive in and Erik are in the war now. And Carlson the office. He makes the free throws with three point play for him it is knives. See Carlton and Zach brown caught a pass against the press in the sideline and stepped back across the sidelines. And commits to turn over a couple of careless turnovers that they expect an 82 violation bring the ball off the court now that rounds has stepped out of bounds. It would giving it to music he he left wing against France had guys that kept top cut off by your your capacity the baseline so. At edge of travel lifted up that's the call. Little hesitation as pretty good defensive rotation by the merger caused him to hesitate be dragged its pivot foot turned it back over to the shocker I got a little anxious and got happy feet that type full court pressure on the play commander in France a call for. Not a fan camp we'll bring it out Anderson guarding him Cotter. Lots of time line works right senate floor back to the middle out of the lane looked like this background not talked to Kelly little handoff from the campus. Let me look good editor to the post had trouble for the things that Patrick Kelly's album length credit balances to your that's out of bounds last night like Carlton. The right pick and roll a little bit there but the defender got a hand you know there were massacred. Yeah of the projected path to nurture Ron Ronald got a coming is that all the way forward. Nice past five. Kelly. Carlton up 93656. To go in the first quarter link worked in the quarters Kelly left way Lothian this makes an earful from ten I shot short talent at the move we haven't seen out Rashard Kelly kind of an up and pump fake. And has stepped through a nice shot but short field. Gained driving spinning additions and battling Anderson goes to drive it in the rankings in the hood tonight but it should shoot straight traveling turnovers. Like Carlton checking in now will be a man who elect who run. For the ravens replacing Anderson. And for the shot yours. Background has checked out and it Allen Nate Allen is it. Grant can't play the point offering to started left inspect them on the floor. Being guarded by analysts right wing Buchanan got off the left saddling the Cali attack the basket with the doctor and he had shot they expect Kelly. Roster Shannon left Hideki. Plant itself and on the floor porch and cut the line up that traffic tips contact Hoff tipped out of bounds of the rebound by Carlton Wichita State get it back. Janet had to make a play there with the shot clock running down to forget bank is one up on the driving gently. Given it to Ronaldo was nobody around that bald girl yeah and it's been a good matchup Connor wood number 286 with forty guarding Landry Xiamen note of the two of the best players on the court they're guarding each other. We'll have to watch that matchup as the game progresses elect to let that affect where it left wing team needs to be regarded by friend can't. Holding it flee for the offense to Senna comes off discreet enough energy left side edge of fires and equities. And it's tough it's a look at the story out of foul. That's the third time they've run that play they have run a little weak side street and they. Picked the ball the left wing wing with a pass in the and there are three eye opening than they've been wide open three times a use that screen on the weak side. What was almost right under the cylinders and kind of double pump that is not leaving out in front of the green and then shot and AM that was now makes the free throws three point play from that's two of those. For Carlton they at least twelve to five at the end of this season but now it's not monitored on wandered. Otter friend can't bring in still backcourt right side of the fastest time lines it's around know what to let off the corner. I think Shannon shot fake against modern it's the left side hey -- guys pull up for a cut off that last night but hey Alan for his first. And went right pride that you would that time and I thought they can't drive with a left wing by. I think now. All seven Carlton via high heat off the left wing cut off doubts that Rod Stewart who would back on the left wing because he drives the baseline those little frozen up quarter. And on the penetration. He ran over that it can hear. Kelly and they're gonna call profoundly out going to be charging now on music scene his first and the second and third. Vote against the ravens nice rotation and good positioning by Rashard Kelly on that bow on the twelve sevens Carlton in front at the moment shocker basketball. Jack Boris back in the game he replaces Ron merger. It's more us Kelly. He now plans she and the water brand can't Connors gonna bring in at its full court pressure by Emanuel with Tola. Right side of the floor off the street like Kelly on the way to exit this dribble down the block more things his way inside and the ball nearly stripped away. Muscles that hooked it up. Ours and even acknowledge charging foul on Shaq yeah they they brought a couple of feet down an inch Jack that she added that doubles team but the through a noble has he was going through the late fall by the referee but maybe the rightful. His jacket throwing noble before you went up. Good strong move by Shaq who don't mind giving those types of files. Leave that his second sound so they're gonna be Ronald nurtured back in the game that was us on by Jack Morris but. That's picked up his second now fourteen now on Wichita State. And Carlton ball with a five point lead so far they're very sound defensively I think demand remains and it looked good job at helping them. Solitude trying to penetrate keeps his job we'll go like drive the laying cut off the traffic frozen out of the way launch effort by Anderson bounces off the back. He kept alive its deflected since Carlton they keep that Anderson back out front with a in the lineup that you know raucous three point threat on one of the wings Anderson picked up his dribble to rocket drive to left side since tied up but hate now. And a half now. Hold on the armed called against Allen his first now in the team's fifth they force than this on the first shot by Carlton. But they didn't block off and cities that defensive stand. And then it called get a second chance that's how they see this well so now blocked off don't give them second opportunities. Eight now it out and checking back against the background to the line. Is Joseph rock you know rock yeah. It's a fifth year senior transfer from McMaster university. And makes the first street if his team a six point lead. The night against death and yet tonight which it three out of 63 point. Makes both free throws. And are often so far four of five from the free throw line leading Wichita State fourteen to seven. The report Landry Shannon Bentley get out front those last night differently it cut her off the streets. Past history here. Kelly drive the baseline in the lane to brownies traffic stepped through college efforts in and out of touch got the rebound Connor was pushed enough himself. Right side always to a oh tell us tools that let a twelve footer assisted badly foul on the rebound. As they Carlton player goes to the Florida and at the cows going to be on snack ground. Wanted to get this Michal Jackson just checked in the forward the last at all. You know we compared this team to northern Iowa Evans whom Hispanic yes it would not that Watson later in the first quarter. They do look a lot like those seeds very physical they pulled Q when you take a shot inside they're very sound defensively you've got to work really hard. To get an open shot on the offensive been through very sound. Defensive basketball team. Kicking in to gender TJ long 66 sophomore who played about eleven and a half minutes in the year ago first free throw by mr. Jackson miss him. It yet one more it's fourteen to seven Carlton were fourteen to go in the first half. We throw up then bounces in. Jackson with his first point. And Carlton was its biggest lead fifteen to seven not midway through the first quarter. Commitment toward Landry sham it's not it's not very slow start offensively shifting to the top pulls up the flyers and yes that's say too ugly for. Let me show but yet it's a two pointer just inside the arc. His first two points of the day nice breeze by Ronald nurture that time if we have Kim. I would tell us trying to drive the lane. Crossover dribble off with a left wing wall with a long jumper would go rebound snatch by Zach brown brings it up which is enough the left sideline in the rookie goal area at the top champions retreat this time off the bat. Nurture fighting gets the offensive boards lifted up his background. Shot fake drives it in the delay bounce pass senator Ted appreciate it stolen by Anderson for Carlton. Behind the back terrible reverses in the middle of the floor slows up the top of the art. And it goes right wing of the water would. Litmus background on him high post right elbow to Jackson Jackson almost had it not too laid back door cutting Anderson throws there for a while Nixon I think traffic eventually. Thanks Cathy at times but Carlson family went for the steal from one shocker rotated they found the open man underneath the basket. First to Christine K law at the top candidate picked up his dribble trying to find someone in the line spinning is Willis puts it up. Analysts on average. He had that you added Meehan in these guys' feet shuffling of the little bitty yet Connor would guarding him the 64 guard. So we'll speak to take its time we get that situation does take its time ride over the old guard but a shocker is Willis is in. Eric Hamilton hasn't been soloist at five hailed the the coordination on Smith Jackie and joining training camp that guards background the treatment team back in handling it for Carlton after getting your readers left wing that's Jackson with a three bounces off the iron that you. Fighting for the rebound. But unable to control it. Let's Daryl Willis who it's going to stay with Carlson I know the coach marshall's going to be furious that shoppers are not box and often they're not going after the rebound with two mis. Solid Jackson right side of the high post right over the long right wing would get a fire at the theory rattles in. I don't not pop up. Acted out the first three pointers converted by Carlton Connor. Not a word we in his first three points of the game are ultimately plenty tonight. Moved to resolve this time by Carlson. Not if grant can't put the top right wing today shots at almost lost the handle recovers drives it. Elaine dishes often Ellison may have been a foul on the drive against world so but he mitigation on Smith on the it's going to go against Anderson. So Marcus Anderson Izturis. Fourth team mouse. First quarter on growth. Seventeen to go in the Porter Frankie writes I get to man of the year we'll seventeenth conference here for this first shot of the day makes it. And that definitely is 2211. World. The shots they got markets in ten years it definitely means teen driving and too much body contact the nation on Smith. Keep it really changes direction well she doubles changes hands then. He he spun and went load up the floor of that time that it would baseline if John Smith that might move his feet quickly enough that it but his body intimates that. It's like a pretty good matchup might guard play in big guys there's all the doctors. That is wrong with that doctors there aren't as quick if this doctor art though. Matchup anything. Mean making brief and this is the second. And that strong rebound by Eric Hamilton leads up to date shots and knock it down by hand the ball left mortar round shot fake guys just got hooked. And it was before they shot hopefully Connor would grant you that drove the baseline and licensees that round. Adding dimensions to his office that game was just the kind of it's been a couple of years ago in working art. On his ball handling in its drive to the basket that I've caught a quarterly Ashe day. He's got Cameron with race definitely write mine down based on the one nice drive by ground. This will be a free throw opportunity wars background yesterday against him that made six of seven from the line on his way to ten points. It bounces softly and that's the first point of the day for background. Not your stance on well. 154 to go in the restored that it's it's better not to. Now three of three from the free throw line trailed by eight full court pressure well is starting to get to that worked a lot to us. What's the right side drives the lane bounced past center in Jackson was all on this layout for the tip hit I think Jackson to its. Eric Hamilton made a mistake he helped off away from the basket is man got the ball in the basket. Don't help away from the past. It's not as as the top rebels left. Penetrated they got grabbed a book. And believe it's going to go on that you would. Was Mitchell would with the now in this of the free throw opportunity for nations this. They shop yesterday at that time that six from the free throw line free throw. Attackers shouted out here early in yesterday's game they only five of eleven from the line in the first half but there were sixteen of twenty. In the second hand. He better start today 92. Listed as a first two points a game predation on Smith the factors five for five from the line Jerry Hamilton a shots if you're Willis checking out merger is back in. Kelly is back in Shannon that is to gain any ground. And otter friend yeah. If you would drive that court guys down the line bounces and uses it to Jackson but the for the basket but charging call I believe on that you would after he delivered the pass that's what it's going to be ran right over the defender. As he delivered the pass to Jackson. Defensive play at that time drawn charged with like your you know wide open down. Good defensive play with a Connor who was that they aren't I couldn't see it might even have been nurtured that. Doctors get it back down by eight in the 21 to go in the first quarter. It's part of the world wanted to export and after the the other safari tour. Not different canceling in. What Helen Wright water rich and the I'm close to Kelly try to draw the line Los Angeles and it was not touch my properties Austin handedly tracker that through it but it on the you know they got buttons which Kelly was wide open the free throw line the shocker made the right answer Kelly was a little anxious to thrive in the Oval Office leg. I would tell us green in or are often left when he he was on the floor as a screen and nurture stepping out off the screen got his leg out a little too far and what the team went down now beyond monitored. There's that much that there when we keying kind of swerved to avoid surgery got on the side of human slipped and went down. But nurtured got the ballot would feed from the line is two for three. Think that would take the lead back to nine. Ace pitcher on the team. Eighty that the Ajax Ontario played three years the United States to Illinois State secondly I. I'm Richard Jackson got inside of surgery batted at three Mikey is not yet met Jackson just barely missed the tip. Here to the rebound long pass to Kelly passing it to browse and Andy is out of hard to the basket like he succeed. Wow nice outlet pass and it's good to want one by the shock at that time land reach him at the federal over and around Chicago. A camera for over brown. Round when their heartland laid out I thought he. In second foul he's gonna go to the bench Michal Jackson Austin Jackson out Bryant edges and a big story Hillary early back in the game. Along with Anderson market standards and free throw by brown is good. Jack is 333 lines factors are managing to. Somewhat stay in this at the free throw line they have five field goals five to Reuters by five different players. Through my ground against shoppers cut it to 7247049. Seconds to go the first. A pass deflected my friends can't go back though it left wing agenda wide open drains that three of the factors are within four. Then they can three point basket he has five flooding or what needs and put more pressure games that comes into a with all of we suited up in that Rory. Crosses over throes of a court and it's almost all of by Shanda does not advance Landry went up for an errant pass almost had him off his hand out of bounds. There are 27 seconds left in the order fourteen on the shot Watson with us it's gonna get another opportunity to at least thirteen seconds left to score again. It's not here would be there again nears deal by Kelly recovered by natural good looks enough to always tell it down the line reverse lay up pops up. Ripple helped her through that hole in there. It's not Kelly looks Tyler about the going for an can't shot maker right pulls up from fifteen short and read. Carlton they've got time to make the flying Anderson left wing. Holes not pars about an eighteen footer missed it up I shouted yeah actually into the world. Shoppers who were down by double digits at various points in that first quarter cut it to six at the end of the first quarters Carlton 26. Wichita State twenty. A little thing called taxation without representation once caused quite the stir with your hair looks. Until like on my times while ATM's turn to a bloody fortune and he's just can't catch a revolution is in the world equity bank debit account. Comes with feet caucus use Internet and your ATM in the final machine sort of a special country without fees even if you agreed to their extortion you equity current calm blocks from and things continue can't join the revolution today equity. A member FDIC. Introducing tax talk about his first day. We picked some family at her house. And then mom drops off an eighty's I need to may be taken to be expensive but I use money saved in my capital platter of personally checking account to pay for. MI data Israelis street and we held hands in the whole movie but first the chicken. It can be a great way to start learning about saving and spending. True Blue so yeah capital federal housing lender remember. DIC Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point 728 EYA. My candidate Bob ball back in Ottawa Ontario Canada this August exhibition game between Wichita State and Carleton University. At Carleton dominated much of that first quarter leading by eleven or twelve points and a couple of occasions the doctors. Did make a little bit of a rally got to do it did before they're down six now after one quarter. Where you can bet they're here in the huddle right now by coach Marshall they gave up 26 points. In that quarter at that pace they're gonna score a 104 point so the doctors have got to tighten that defense. And try to figure out how to stop that crossed for you inside and then blocked off Yankee he has Carleton players who get offensive rebounds. And second possession. Jack here's after. Carlton on the line quite a bit early did start to. Get to align themselves toward the end of the quarter ended up seven for seven from the free throw line Carlton was seven for eleven but the number that will stand that Gregg Marshall. Twelve to six on the boards. Eight to one offensive rebounds for Carlton they also had only three turnovers. For the shoppers six a lot of things factors to clean up they shot 50%. Six at twelve Carlton 43%. That they had nine more shots nine of 21. Thanks to all those offensive rebound. They were only one of eight from three attackers were one of two from beyond the arc can you should give up the offensive rebounds in the game making about the offensive rebounds in the first quarter. Carlton was the first possession of the half only to us starting at guard over to Connor led open shots they're not afraid of wide open. Mr. little penetration violent to it hurled out to the right side of the land and across the other side has both of the Carlton for days now the nice little street history who played for what they're just layers. Chabot driving drugs without its gonna be on Connor worded. Get caught up a little bit of his knowledge all the files run in the first half in the first quarter Connor wood except his second. And Landry sham it to the line for the first time today getting two shots and talked about that being a good matchup to watch. English amateur both about the same size as the with a little bit older but he's gonna go out now with what he found out in so he's gonna sit down. But that he had she amateur haven't won a battle. Hey now an inch heel Morris both picked up 2000 the first quarter for Wichita State for Carlton. Smyth Mitch would mean and now Cameron would all with two and sells. You know its first free throw is good. Landry with six. And it's time for the shot himself on their down by eight. Got it to four just before the end of the first quarter and suspected nine a moment ago that these girls that silent and Landry with seven. Chan and against that yesterday. Was street mystery. And three out of 73 pointers in a couple of reporters. Like the start walking Casey he'd bring it out for Carlton playing with two fouls left wing was excellent. Guys baseline that throws for us we're right we're taking the shot take its wrenching and it bounces the block him while with the lay out this. Rebounds Rashard Kelly good box out and grab that time my knowledge. Champ but it was right or left wing keeps his dribble crossover brings it up a little higher crossword. Right Peter Brown who takes it to the top keeps his true pulls up from 78 at Hilton head. Merger opened flight she didn't see it it may be open jumpers yet he had nurture open on the role with mobile for the jumpers that it is very nice job by ground. 924. Carlton a with Paula trying to drive the lane cut off my round back on top if he drives it aggressively and that kicks it out. Shot that went by law bounces off rebounder for the soccer's. And off to camp. Landry was that they had left wearing different yet exactly sham it still hasn't dribbled past that he goes crosscourt for a pull a fifteen footer by snacking drains another. I don't hit by the big guy that time round that is streamed from the merger. Nobody stepped up to get on ground for ground knocked it down reality straight jumpers after making four free throws in the first quarter he's got eight baseline drive by Jackson is hands to the opposite sides. Shot and openness by Lama now with a nice day break marshals complaining down there the thought that soccer player. Took a swipe at the ball but it looked like there was a lot of cash. Ref Rees something along the lines for the captured that now was on. Ninth now of the half on the shoppers it will be my fingers through but not yours DJ long. At the free throw line his first free throw opportunity has two points on a field goal makes the free throw. Paul was three and he had the sophomore from Cambridge Ontario. Averaged about two and a half points per game last year he makes both free throws. To give his team a four point lead it is thirty to 26. That's been a moment ago my ground that it tree that's closest to shoppers at the end. Since fallen behind by double digits early on the right way and a left wing Kelley tried it handed off to date shots that he not legitimately because Mexican quick. Leader forced a little bit missed it long rebound in the two. Each in the big guy is good job help on this campus drive I centered bit too it was. Wide open. The last under the basket Kelly was on the wrong side of the I asked him to work. 3326. Carlton 743 to go first after shots at the top right where they've now penetrated the free throw circle off to. Nurture right way back up front Allen off the street by telling polls opened fire short on rebound controlled by hotter weather that you would drive that belittling keen spins. Dishes and off war law but a foul on the hands. And heavily it's going to be on Rondo or brawn no pay now and and it's known that she. Is now. Now on Allen sends Carlton. At the end line they go by fouls per quarter on one nation. Free throws uncommon now believe it's 5000 each quarter ground rightward there and Allen now they finally recognize that got grounded for Alan. In the Bryant into another right baseline applied it would. He'd try to that is going the right side baseline edge of all away get the job for. 45 player maybe scored inside that camp with a fadeaway from about fifty feet. On the right baseline. Tough fadeaway jump shot I hit him. And they called. Looks like a violation on the shoppers. On the inbounds. Nation guns. That goes on on the line for all of the and possibly. Not soccer ball they do good that comes into ground. And back to date shots nine point lead to Carlton again after the shots and got it to 3 till 7 o'clock to go their second quarter. Penetration pull away later tough shots like they shot Smith for his first. Basket today he absorbed a lot of contacted me and made that shot. Catch him ticketed volleyed runs right over. Believe that is that Eric Hamilton or for Wimbledon taken the charge and engine except his first now that was just a little rushed to the basket. Hamilton get up pretty gingerly in chickens the vote its theme there there's still. And get him right over that job hanging in there by your Campbell. Confiscated that technical and technical Fallon Marshall looks like. Yeah he must have sets up and it's never freeway. So they're gonna shoot free throws with that ended and the shoppers will have the ball but it's seven point Carl to lead. With developers free throw attempt of the day for him and misses it. Philip referenced having not happy about them all. Only one street the game stats and played here on Friday there was a lot of complaining about the officiating the Stetson coach got ejected. Carl thing gets the ball and I don't drive the baseline. It's way up in stores and number 4567. Lines had him for its use Sox are big guys that his fourth or fifth fast. 3748. Carl to pull out from Willis like ten feet dead just inside the foul circle that's the first points of the game for your Willis. That fifteen yesterday. You know the left hander you know fifty footer that time right at the oval. I evidence I would tell us forces weighted basket you can get shot away they reverse it on the right block that you put out I would tell us. I had to get there it's tied up by big shots they're gonna call a foul. On nation on Gregg Marshall again not very happy. As she. Maybe. Like at different number in the nation he drove in there that soccer player did good job of moving his feet and get in front of them there's a lot of contact. No call when the contact with. With me but then after he traveled. And the well now all of a little bit late of a call. And I think that's why partially. Let them have them but looks like actually they're gonna it is. They shot this one at that event so we're told was that a play it in his left wing it that you would. But it did drive it spinning today. Pass off the hands Smyth that say by and allow us to Anderson for an open jumper way off the mark. It's my fighting for Janet fighting for a jump ball possession arrow will give it to Wichita State shocker is not boxing offered aggressively. It's got to. Get a body on him and him there at that time number 11 got the offensive rebounds might be tied. Not your ball in backward nation John's mystery of that. I was told us guarding him and all of us in the right way sham it. On the block area Hamilton left hander wouldn't go Willis fighting for it but finally we controlled by Lyle fourth Carrollton gives it up a little. I was so or right side of the heat down the line almost lost it recovers on the dribble bounce nested right wondered Anderson drives baseline through as the vendors might. Might not look for literally tell us about it and it opened three that he made that he stepped out of bounds is not the pants and its doctors would get it back and that's a big. Big turnover because that would abated at ten point game instead it states that seven. They're tough to guard they're they're hard to really launch nation shaken a lot of industries that's really hard screens pop pop pop. And underneath him there's a lot of movement in their offense whose doctors or haven't really worked hard on the ball and off the ball. Mitchell would Joseph rocket you know rocket sixth floor more because our time in starting Carol Willis not for me to see if they can take advantage that they bring in accord left wing background. Not talking Hamilton right wing sham it lobster Willis on the blogs just threw it draws that now. Good quick vote by Willis he went right adding that it might have been Smyth trying to help them decide it was my trying to help Rogers picked up now and that's his third. You know rockets that the player but he easily fixed with or the shocker to recognize that they use it you called it. And went right inside Willis Willis it's free throw misses he has two points on jump shot just a few minutes ago. Euro yesterday in the next game three of five from the free throw line choppers down seven with 521 you know in the second quarter but. He's so I don't. You know analyst with three. And today in the elite for Carlton is 63730. Ones might be right back out that there now. And checking back in the Jackson's Jackson while Anderson I would homeland cockpit now work Carlson. He can allow a couple of dribbles it gives up. Handling the point guarded by Landry can't. The right side of the lane cut off I ground hard part has centered if Phil Jackson. Little pick and roll that the confusion by the soccer nobody picked up my kids. All the bad. Haven't tried to throw one that would elicit eluded him was picked up my chance at the other it and if she loses the handles background with the steal he drives into the basket and Edison Toronto Fallon get the bank shot in the front tough. Not that it is the fans great fight by that round got the ball the other really brought it down one against one lot of contact you or the that. We've been on the left side made with the right. It gets it to six act round at hand. Actually yesterday has to hand. With 453 to go in the second quarter today and it's nice to see it now like about this adequately handle the ball green dam that crossed over got on the left hand it out in the bad he's pretty tired right now because he would become right that game. This book is that risk because the talent that now they throw up in buddy's life reply to the line has a Lebanon which doctors back it was 5934. At the position nothing you can. The threat or go with knowledge kind of recommendation on Smith will ride the key Keith. Looking for a street. Rules in the nurtured throws and added Jackson shot blocked by Landry champ big time defensive line. In a bad outlet pass early stolen that they've done this they've got the ground for a right way off the back rebound allow for Carlton all of it was wide open for the freedom yet Kelly downs that were on on the block wide open. Pass inside deflected by ground recovered by merger opulent shampoos lotions and it landed right down the floor and left when this yet but it's better to. The post back up top issue but if that's reflected almost all of Kelly keep them alive. And Edison tried to say that want to nurtured at a campus left wing station on Smith fires it under the ground goes up for the but it's not good. Jackson and guys flock by Jackson. Double dribble blow my office of doctor couldn't get the ball back with a knife at his side. I'm Kelly from ground by the book that don't you. But the like often player lit up the block it in the crowd grew like the fact that it Jackson laughed at them. Not your basketball as Anderson in and out of there every every that double dribble so what did dusty gets back still down my lives. 5060 you know second sport nation on this planet and looking way out front background right handed. Rock one in the hands all over Landry stepped make him the post Kelly Kelly being detained by Agence stepped through banks and up and not. Yeah tough tough nasty Irish are yelling nice strong move by Rashard killing that time against one of their best players if you. 3936. Carlton by three doctors. And the in the losses they've been a long time they got down 30 right we're at the end of the first quarter driving shot by a rocket blocked by ground. Champ and of course today shots that take Sebastian Rotella undercuts even thousand. Night night that streak that kind of good outlet that's enough for more. To date shots that he took it right at the basket. The little guard tried it on the shots he usually it is. And this is gonna get a couple of free throws 323. To go in the first half which actors have been down by double digits in this first half with the end three would nation on Smith doing the line. We have our first time. The first half three flights ago second quarter world to 39 which it state. 36. Aged 65 you'll have time in freedom to do would you like to stay healthy and enjoy planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps make staying healthy easier. Planned 65 helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co place and are friendly service helps make Medicare supplement insurance and Brees. Planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas blue passengers should Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government where the federal Medicare program. The Carnahan group is highly trained team. And presidential realtors. Ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized David ER marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online. And in print media. Buyers can expect to team a unique abilities with two years of experience. To negotiate on their behalf and dismissed transaction. All the way to their new home. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY. Rick what victory to go second quarter date John Smith we'll be at the line. Hated blacks are treated black uniforms today the flight numbers and stripes and Carl did and why. And there that's the colors black and red black numbers with red trim black letters written for him. Nation on Smith the line for two shots he's two for two from the line today enhanced four points and had a chance to connect this to a one point lead. Here late in the second quarter soccer fans remember the day after any shocker when it's a party it has locker room and how many points that you actors or. You could save up even 40%. Which was the percentage of yesterday's soak it in today it can't. 40% off all shocker merchandise toys in happy to say I got it. It hits but it Nancy's content west retreat throughout the advice should. They shot goes four for four of the line in the first half so far six points. It's not that I was there once he gets a breeder John Roberts Simon in Wichita State not her friend here is the end. Shambles now playing the three which gives background a little bit arrest telling the forger. Enough hotel alone one point lead for Carlton 315 to go and whispers that. Left leg and face standing by your ability art now from the high post accident roster. Right. Always tell us seven this year nears deal Ochoa trying to find a teammate. I would drive a forcing and balanced it out rebound whose activities now on the phone. Now they go to the board really strong that time it's Jackson with the board and got the read down. Had a really both without their lot of hands on him through bow. Michal Jackson. 68193. Books that slam he has strong wiry strong advocate rebounder made the free throw. He is now at two of three from the line has six points in the first cash and blow this lead back to free for the ravens. Now he's well actually beat Tiger Woods checking out knowledge back here. Daughter Frankie anthem played in Darryl Willis in the soccer lined up. Three minutes ago shocker down reed who was here right what happens to them. Assignment but my hand started by general knowledge success dribbles left. Mr. on the left where was that problem might bring him along the baseline while on him on Europe with the way. Not to sign it. Could block it in there for three issues otter has to force it a little bit just bounced off the rim Willis fighting sport gets it. At this fouled on the put that I'm like you know wouldn't go to the line for you and strong opposition we've had him back here we'll speak we do. While the defenders on the kind of break it if he went up there in round rock that boat down in it through the bow. At that studio's second quarter your Willis to the lines were he has won a US three points in the first. Offers free throw on the way and a little part in now. One board of you know you can cut the lead to its doctors got it. On a moment ago that they have trailed throughout this first half they've been down by double digit second free throw good violence. More points for their lowest knock it down 4139. To 27 the gophers have. What Tola bringing it up against JR signed civil rights fees on the right wing on it would. Let's look at that the bloc in mid post edge of it to try to take the line Willis in between him and the basket. Dribble handoff oh with telling you drive the lane up with a runner bounce is. It's actually fifty and I think by Ed Kim while it was in the cylinder which is legal and international. What Phil knows how to get to the basket that's a lot of movement. If that all the math I'm not nurtured trying to bank his way through his lead soldiers into an accident not the damage to charging called nurture. You like seeing that kind of aggressive move for him but it was clearly an offensive. You wanna be aggressive but intense mood at shoulders you run the kids. Vendors who probably if that moment in time. That's what wrong or did that time he's coming out and looks like your camel and company. You know Simon also that yours station on Smith got a little bit of reader they shot back in just under two minutes ago second quarter doctors down by four to use the stuff. What sort Writely I would guarded by chance it. Trying to keep some space at the high post and took him back to not. It rolled into those under reverse slam. And that little handoff play they're having trouble defending you at that time at him got got open with the past it later in the ninth season at my office. They shots that it is ministry it's not floating jumper in the lane and hot shots I take shots. Kind of floating through this last year it was his right hand he's got aches. Now on the line don't tell almost fumbled it away but recovers on the baseline brings back after the way I'm going to add to pull away jumpers while you. And he might with well we've got fourteen at least sixty that it was his tip you know that. A lot like nation on this this this time about if that Tiger Woods. Six. And that's not right if 12. The second quarter girl back at six point lead with the long shot clock in. Get a shot way right the lake edge drive Saddam loyalists partially blocked Willis numbers off the land fan. I respect that and under six candidate it's not. I'd like to got to thank you rate. Was proud. I've got a brand camp with a chance of four point play beautiful drive in this that time by main entries here and it rolled. Through through two standards it when she. He went up the basket and then got bow. What a nice play by those two guards. Now acknowledged doctors moment ago looking at the Yemeni leader and it snapped and outer rain can't he cut it to hear the convert the rate great job open office is open wheels. And none of rain can't six. That really free throw line so. Ground game and somebody Frankie he's ranked it one of the green grounds for these things here with a thirty seconds ago. I got this doctors and officially fifteen of seventeen from the free throw line in the first half there was in two with thirty seconds to go. Asked Conner would double team on your past life. Tied up by Landry Shanda and position or we'll keep it with Carlton shot clock at twenty in the game plot point six and a half seconds and their coach please Mars furious and other government pressure. To open up and down and you know their own their bench. Playing it and we'll be Ryan is just looking for a guard Marcus Anderson breaking backward hasn't launch NASA worked Underwood right sideline. Let's guarded by its next round shot clock their team he could have a going into the lane pull up from out brought off the right side of the rim rebound snatch by Darryl Willis doctors have about eleven seconds decided to articulate champ down the life. It sit back to station on Smith's Olympics going. They shot look at and they could drive goes left. Forced jumper and I am a Democrat will count as a surprise. Wow look like. And it warts but like this does this listing jumpers they're all over the and they are handled it perfectly tonight. Position just seems that over the edge of the kind of a double whopper like that this kid from North Carolina hit at the end of the championship gave it myth. But Hamilton was right there on the weak side if sitting in the quality of the cylinder but that's okay in international ball. Wichita State down by double digits in the first quarter this game down by as many as nine fairly late in the second quarter. 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Proudly sponsors WSU basketball wanna mention quickly that. Weekly coach's show broadcasts on thirteen 30 AM every Monday night during the athletic season. Founded in home for the upcoming year at age day's work part Israel at the Alley thirteenth. And treatment approach join us every Monday night starting August 29 but the Chris Lance show live and AJ sports bar in Israel at the Alley thirteenth. And green which and of course Gregg Marshall and Jody Adams get in the basketball season the first cut to show Chris slam August 29. From ATA's sports bar real. At the Alley my candidate Bob ball back with you from Ottawa is listed first half and certainly a much more competitive. First half. The shoppers ran into yesterday. As they were down at the end of the first quarter by six they'd been down by eleven or twelve in the water. Got down by nine again for the second quarter but rallied to tie it at halftime. 47 all and certainly I think it both locker rooms not the coaches have some good things to talk about some things and you're not pleased. I am sure up the shocker coaches were really upset with the first quarter. Letting propagated eight offensive rebound got you don't report pretty strongly and got heated side. By the variety Jim who got this seven of eight baskets for the half. But then the second quarter. I thought the at Carleton coach but he's the one that subject to the shoppers were a little bit more aggressive than Carlton they got some steals they got some fast breaks they got the basket and got the the free throw line a lot Mike. Wichita State. Getting old fifteen of seventeen free throws. Really did a nice job in tennis staying in the game in the first quarter by getting the line late in the quarter. To background in particular who worked for four from the line late. And then Landry sham it started driving lane needed to keep him himself free fishing day shots miss that a nice job of driving the line. Backgrounds than about exactly as we've seen in industries that are. Does that brown had a really good to have not only offensively but defensively as well he made five of five free throws they shot it. For a more free throws to those guys got the line a lot. They picked up the defense I thought in the second half especially the guard they. They shut down that inside screen that was given him trouble early but they're still had trouble with that handoff play and they're having trouble with the pick and roll. So they got to clean that up defensively for the second. Now at a you know I was just gonna mention that that we said before the game it's pretty obvious is looking at the rosters stats from last year. That Carlton would have a lot or inside it back here again they're big guys are really causing doctors problems defensively. Early and not just Ryan at you is really good player but Michal Jackson Tennessee he's strong very active on the office. Security office. The problem. Please could you give up penetration it hurt your defense because now you've got to help and whenever you help. It's hard to get everybody blocked off because the office now if you outnumbered though they've got to shut down their penetration. Now let that little number five. Bullet hole it in the paint like he did it much of the first half. We'll stop the penetration. And do it do a better job of keeping him in the perimeter that they're they are doing a better job of covering that cross screens side now he's got to shut down the guard to keep him for better. Three doctors have bad of the tie it up. At 47 on here at halftime shocker sports properties of Wichita state athletic. Would like to thank the shocker ambassadors to tell us state to league level of corporate partners Aetna. 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What's my name might service fees extra steps charged sunny day can. College and got to have SARS. Cast your TV we believe your TV should be fun and not frustrating that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we sell LT and Kathleen TV watch Kathy. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY and with Richards. At halftime here in Ottawa Ontario. This exhibition game. Tonight 47 all of it was just non state. And Carlton. And here the first half statistics Wichita State shooting 51 point 7% on fifteen to 29. To a six from three and fifteen of seventeen from the free throw line for 88 point 2%. Carlton 47 point 2% on seventeen of 36 only two well from beyond the arc. Eleven of sixteen from the line for 68. Point 8%. Erupted when they plus seven rebounding advantage twenty to thirteen to hand it to offensive rebound as Bob mentioned earlier shoppers did. Did many stat offensive rebounding total from eight in the first quarter to just to. In the second. Eleven assists nine turnovers for Carlton seven assists eight turnovers for Wichita State jackets at four steals. And two blocked shots made it Wichita State in scoring -- round three for five from the field five for five from the line for eleven. They shots at withstand three of five from the field four for four from the line. Seven points for Atlanta reach him at six for Connor brand camp for peace for Darryl Willis and Rashard Kelly too for Peyton Allen. And three for Shaquille or Shaq picked up 2000 the first three minutes to play it didn't play again in the first half they get him back in there that would be a big factor. In this game let me correct something that stat sheet is wrong on Smith and hill that they gave spin out. That last basket on the stat sheet that it was Eric Campbell to the tip it is right for those two shots clear outside the cylinder at Hamilton. Eat it back in the baskets Eric Hamilton the two days John Smith with eight. In the first half for Carlton Ryan entered seven of eight from the field for fourteen points seven for Michal Jackson six for Connor would. Five points or neutral word and basic team. And for each for Emanuel would Tola and TJ Lyle. Foul problems three prepay Allen for Wichita State. Chart Kelly a lot of mergers Jack Morris with two apiece for. Carlton. We're told us and camps night each with three fouls. And four other players five other players in the Philippines so they're quiet guys who. Picked up some fouls in the first half and along left it will be careful the second half certainly high free throws totals for both teams in the first half. But it'd shoppers play get 50% off your online order that he was to tie area pop log out of Papa Johns dot com and use the problem shocker fifty. Receive your soccer just got back with the second half of this game between the shoppers and Carlton. Tied at 47. 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Find out more Comfort Systems dot net and joined Comfort Systems that they KEY and summer concert series this Friday at the water rock. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY yeah. They just aren't the second half here in Ottawa from Wichita State Ronald pictures act. Round Rashard Kelly water brand can't land sham but we'll start the second half. A tie game at 47 that doctors with the concession its case means. Marcus Anderson. Vijay long ion engine. And time. Willis and Jack ward started the game he kept him files don't start this half marking the one with Mercury Kelly. Surgery at the high post right away that chance Atlanta regarded by Anderson looks softball with that on the floor up front frank can't we dribbles left. Guarded by loan is much bigger it's exits to Kelly quick handoff. And the changes direction. Fires under Ford merger ball recovered by ship and off the deflection but walked on the shot by edge of the recovery by law of war are often. In the left corner Marcus Anderson looked into the post pot holes left elbow at him a couple of dribbles out past that you're not making. Double team that beat that Anderson in the quarter he hit the tree. Offensively both good people that rotation by the doctor that time but they found open got a guy in the far corner and he knocked down the report. First basket of the game for Marcus Anderson are often now three of thirteen from three the lines next round all of that hand often hard off of that rebound. Never buy into. Not to Andersen middle of the Florida Connor would go out of the basket and spread camp deflected out of bounds actually ethnic content deflected off of woods. Farm and then out of bounds but it will stay with Carlton. Not keen it's tough but the six foot once rounds in Q over the top of them honestly tried to do that. Welcomes it looked like it would high post into private jet lag but that's a tough shot blocked. Like Kelly enough now on while trying to take it away from nurture. Good defense by dirtier and Kelly it was Kelly that actually block the shot in the surgery on the recovery got slapped in the face you can that what fourteen points in the first at seven. Eight went up that night Kelly did his job deflected shot. Personality to allow for Carlton right or not afraid can't shot is down fifty to 47. Ranking at the right sideline out of high postage and it takes it in the line across the people left side round. Applicant for a street get to nurture a couple of dribbles back to your your. To issue searcher for fifteen hits Ron out there to about a fifteen footer left it actually took three yards frequent heart to tell where at the other end of the floor but yet reporters on referee signaled that. To tie game she's driving forcing his way out and I guess they shot out of the three defenders. Kelly I want to the floor but they're gonna call him for the foul and count the basket like Casey he gave the keys to leave that woman but they went up and goes about. 250. He's solid he went right over two guys that fans who were second basket he has seven point 35 the lines make it four of six that's exactly. Three point play the day. Out literature is light the match act Boris in helicopters Kelly. Actually Kelly yes Kelly out there true go to the form looks like Shaq or is it for the first time since the first three minutes of the game. Full court man pressure kind of token pressured attackers have it down by three. I'm afraid it could affect sort sort of like not a I did have late champ. Through life doing ground. Now off the left block Fiat. Jack I opted out of the fray camp and carried by at not a good pass by Boris bad pass by. Prophet saved by a loud and he has now re setting out right. Accurate it is different chances where under the basket there was little chance to be able to do anything that is weird about it when. Got to work muscling its way in the light tough. I'll put it up move like Connor would over the six foot six background we'll jump hook inside after after it's been. Eight point moderately that's his first point baskets chemicals that put fires out front mr. short rebound ground. Tactics it down the lane. Double team frank can't get by the standard doubles. The baseline it's not about he had the shot right to free throw line to the fold up and shouted you want that ball screen wide open bids which they did heads. He kind of try to pass that inside again which is due to clutter to keep the ball from there 5550. Carlton. It was tied at halftime at forty snap it right or he's teams that is right those left most. Tested side off the backboard tend to want to pass a background on the brakes just goes down the lane. That was found on the way not to wouldn't go to the line. From the business shocker off. Mean if they make. Force growth in the midst get along outlet and thinking it might Q1 Q2 on ones and get them off instantly. Went to get it out now on. But. It is in brother Conner coming out and malign this doctor's background five for five from the line in the first that one's yet. Next round with twelve point lead with a nasty at scoring today and so far at least two teams here candidate. Twelve or thirteen from the free throw line for a doctor Conner with that movement half I mean he was talking about repeat what language dammit. That most against governments and that the sixth with four to go to the top of the human sixth ward misses which it would. Syndicate matchup right now she and a very basic rights which doctors but he's driving under this act the free throw line it's like shot takes down the line into traffic as the shot but it. But it calendar. I don't indicating Gregg Marshall showing its you know its net with your hands that's what I thought he was doing that you know backpedaling just a little bit. He understands that but he knows he said he was moving nice shot there and drive. Would. And now on. Ron who's going now looks like wheels coming form there are now on here Willis in two shots for it would first one is too hard to. Mitchell it had made his only free throw in the first half as a total of five points on the second one not. And it's it makes it four point game grow to 56 which is not a state 52 next round play at the end. We'll court and pressured by Carlton. I was a lot in the game for girls starting on or rain chances to break Goddard drive to left. And the top Republican pileup but it on the floor goes right back to that must work. Seven issue. Daughter down the line over Shaq or as long bomb off the back iron Zach brown body for him out on BP for Carlton. Team into the lane turns out that I was telling you guzzling muscle that it blocked my family. Now for the it's on land I think it was. Might have been checked Boris. You know was Boris reaching from the outside his third foul. And thirteen to have fun Wichita State all with bullet to the line for two. He was hopeful wants to strive for the first half of them stood at each doctors and having a hard. Time you can number five electoral. The lame really quick people writing inning lifting the thought shaking and baking and then he's penetrated at will. I was taught as she. I'll finish transfer from Fresno state played two years makes both free throws. And the lead back up to six for Carlton 5852. With 613 to go in the third quarter. Was tied at halftime shot is fighting back for repeated deficit. While it has been that deficits that grounded that weren't working against these. Doubles and a court across the time I'm now allow Dixie in the right Rory tripled to left Eric Hamilton in the game analyst. Ground driving. Stops all the way to hand off the market rebound Eric Hamilton stepped through try to take it up got a slap let's put it up got a lot to get covered by it. Eric actually get there tonight of course it isn't a bad path leading edge of trying to throw at a record heat low and behind you. And Carlton turns aggregates right back it's not. That the Campbell that the body can draw found like one of between the two defenders but both times he went up with those but what that drives they had a hand on the ball. Missed both of that rounds landed in pretty good pressure on the next receivers so candidate beat them back to get the chance at different camps government doubles right behind him right baseline. Not a backup on the wing candidate soccer's redistribute them bit most of them set a high Wall Street campus left wing around cannot block seven. Penetrating down the line lost the handle covered by a mile from Carleton. Crossword fast team the hard right side on the line who left quarter Mottola under the basket it's let out a bit length allows. Loud. Leave there ran over. Eric Hamilton who made the left handed flip out and fans vote was going to be an Antoine instead it's a charge on TJ loud applause NAFTA which state. Really close they could've gone either way really good passing by Carlton that time finding the open and Eric Campbell and sacrifices his body yet he did it once in the first half. Draw the charge and taken a taken a basket away their coach had to sit down that they control himself because he was about really get a technical. He thought it should have been in one. After basketball they're down 65852. Six at 516 to go on the third. Now she's always back up clarkin at the. Vigilant that these might see him with the with the whistle. Soccer's a play on candidates marking down the sideline yelling at one of the officials the other officials Lewis plus there was no. All. Doctors at the end of April 4 country like to land refinance during that man to man. World. Marty Simmons backs off little right bring it back not let slip around. On the left block him off the line got here around ten footers short. Two or are constantly shocked his -- it into almost instantly heat drives it hard right to life in that if the link through the hands it to save by law he's you know those travels cross court elliptical over the long bomb this it. And it's give one handed rebound shot walk bike or. Not afraid camp the camp which of the other way all the way to the basket double harper and it was pinned against the backboard by allowing them out the best here. And right now the current advances being Smart going crazy here to give the basket to Landry can't. You don't read that they keep complaining at the ball was below the revenue was up above the ring so he quickly they didn't get the backward yet. And he ran all the way down the big court to complain about her crowd really excited now that pop up the block like kind of friend can't. On the sixth seventh had him down here in the defense have been. It got they had to score at sixty to 52 on the lord. 6050 forward and I think that a is that writers 5854. That comment here I didn't think they were up eight before they reps there they had scored the last couple times. Not here. Sixty dollars and 62. Point game. In the price floors he. It was down the line in the traffic triple teamed up the court allows always tell us crossover almost out of skills. And that a bow Harold Willis I picked you Bob Matthews on asked Landry candidate hero kind of I can make. You know these girls first round. And defended needed need to reach in that time he had reached him at my editor over it wasn't City Council they have the ball out of bounds. Rory team to go in the water and it's like I as you rightly been shot they want. Just answer that it's worded traffic tries to spin on the rebels president elect populace that jumpers. Not bad hey that's his specialty that is past decade and ultimately point nine. And trying to penetrate walls back out. Look at for a screen. Issues to Hamilton area typically through a circle fifties under way shortly after the markets it's a couple of Carleton players out of shocker basketball charters its real stagnant on offense to keep hitting is that slaves. They're not moving you're just being around that long jump shot. She and the planet conference here. Let's our roster right now this game in the game it was the lines that haven't left yet but it acted alone circled down in loan or Willis drives are the basket partially blocked into his own rebound at a strip quiet girl to put it the other way he left side of the floor free throw line extended back up on the way. Rock Hill but again that this this would rebound they now. Lob pass and hit for Willis go under the basket almost lost the ball recovers on the baseline not a fair and open three right way way short barely raised the it to the rim. And redone the Carlton. Golf look through Landry off. Does it have ups are. I paid. Well if it matches previously. No no. Communication defensively that kind of a shocker to everybody would start the wrong men. And I don't think Allen was supposed to Bianchi to keep but he picked him up late period three own. Right here at the right. Left him left baseline Hamels returns bases Myers this is that was closer and rebound deflected the range and not hide if you have a deep water off the back nine Hamilton goes try to get the an offensive rebound very Campbell's hands frank hand it post. The line of traffic but sit up and civilians on. Like zero could have been charged. He went pretty hardened that we took but. No call he put the ball in the basket when you drive to the basket especially the big thing got to build a lot of confidence before they get what's wrong. But there's a lot of contact. Would you drive the bath. Seventeen to if there other factors it brought back this time at halftime down and at the moment have been well. I'll tell us which is up the floor recently Traficant and almost ripped from my district behind my fifth that saved by a bit to definitely it's been left for Alitalia cannot play nice baseline I was. I wondered rock and its shoppers. I gotta stay down. I don't know what's going to feel like once for driving back and if you can read but rock that you've got a close up fast on him that he wants to shoot the three girls to buy their team. You know rocket with 83 pointers here in the third fourth ranked in Atlanta pulls up from the border short. About Willis had a hand on it not Wafer and last night. About six or seven jump shots and rolled it in line opened like its doctors its rightful. That Marshall like it's time about it that it fortitude to go in the third quarter thorough fair and open 86956. Lead. You know the benefits and dental implants from Cambridge for only dentistry from now Cambridge is giving a very special offers a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars he did. Two hours from start to enhance its cost in retrospect. I would pay double received your complimentary exam and free 3-D X ray. Call 31635011003163501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about when you're not willing to settle for anything less than perfect poll but shares Scotch and sirloin. Since 1968. This widget dock icon has served the best age sterling silver Vicente. Not in the mood for staked no problem our selection of fresh seafood impressive wine and spirits and famous for a judge in superhero to satisfy your every craving. Enjoy our newly remodeled interior impeccable service. And only the best we'll do your interest Scotch and sirloin 5325. Kellogg drive in Wichita. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE and turned. 6956. The Carlton ravens leading Wichita State law. Appalled at stake here about supported doctor athletic read only staying here. It is 637596. Or visit our website at www. All the law. Not. So far this third quarter there's only a minute forty to go out of the ten minutes with Dustin has made three field goals. Carlton has fourth Marines in the quarters expands its overall wants. Four or five free throws converted they've outscored the soccer so far in order to design. Doctors down my thirteenth and on these stances Marcus Anderson green it's the way to he's seen. He's back crossword Anderson right when Iraq a couple of dribbles those crosscourt picked off. Five chart tallies came into Wichita State champ but it is different. At the top levels right to left tackle rightly tallied up right walked. Very back to the basket Wheeling and their parents left handed that bounces out and the rebound to Carlton cases feet long pass an advantage. The basket and hit the bad defense of transition that kind of guy got behind the shocker guard and a beautiful long path like Carlton. And keep winning animator really shot shot and got found. Let Marcus Anderson you know not quite sure who the fouls on your drew was there and an alum there. Either one it was their fourth foul. Would merger and a good shot the other in a couple of dribbles left handed jump who have really close to the basket is could make. Sanders. Posted yet six fault here. In the third quarter. Read that lay out then and frequencies at three point basket and three point play create balance going out background in the. And a place it is. And Dylan Malone and with sophomore walk the line hitting Texas and it's not the line at this point in the let me around. That Heidi they're guided me. Am not locked in a way it goes back. They slide all the way to the basket double populated area but quiet in there really got elevated. You have it now with a level yet nurtured him at the balls before he refused the ball for what it's like you got all the way the. Ask him but he shoots 58 Rutherford street right corner blocked by sac town hall. On the rebound I am five places. And nerd who was almost going up for wind up with one you. And they stripped him to hit that thing was to me to rip it down yet definitely right to left hand. That's not things off the back and it is saved by Anderson before you go out of bounds basically Carlton. We'll play it down to one shot only fifty seconds to go in the third quarter they are up by six teams. But the ball went through lynch he penetrating drives through its all over the past few days. After I mean if the guy really appreciate him. Record Malone a long shot. How proud that Caleb along the right thing out about wanting me wanting more water. Lifted his first basket of the game and doctors now with little. Ride in the order they outscored by fifteen. It's have that the industry quarters it's Carlton 76. With a nice day. 61 exhibition action for a candidate like fifty if you kind of. They've served in a very Obama or. Good afternoon neighbor to the World Cup sugar. They neighbor to me again Bloomberg running. 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These five six. Throw line for 49 point Wichita State and it only fourteen. Nineteen field goals for the ninth street. It is 766110. Minutes ago Welker over for Carlton eleven. Wichita State for the good job on that number in the quarter champions three turnovers. But it's not states' inability to score and inability to make stops at the other end not the way it got them beat him. Now offensively the soccer if you couldn't get anything going had half. If he KGB officers that plays him and he got open shots they could knock down the open shots but a lot of times who's been around pretty stagnant offensively. And just settled for little or jump shots and couldn't make them. Erupted with the ball to start the fourth quarter shot you're gonna have to start making stops on the left wing Marcus theatres and that's not louder. Pulls up suppliers and yeah. Yeah yeah. Actually shot the you know that's eleven. And shoppers got caught in the switch that time slots down the block for Boris called not to play. Jack felt like he missed out from behind him made it to get it all here actually gonna call it deflection off would not that it's got to get them behind that's related yet. Doctors keep it to play at the end. They went along with like ours right now with frank campground. Cali and Boris the rest of the lineup lobbed him. I mean. France champ daughter off the left sideline for a strike you know the lane steps away following jumpers short rebound to. Might but are often the case that he. He did that's right the earth that's it right to left left its key market standards. Anderson Russell rightly be done over the left water pullout is that's a constantly trying out. Shot he's taken his game going they're making a lot of free through the second half they couldn't buy one. Two for over the first half but they're knocking them down here in the second half six for nine of the second half mile Malone penetrating and turn it issued office might fouled him. It's my picks up his fourth Alfred Carlton but they are up by 2182. To 61. Doctors. Landed in from the baseline. Doctors work fourteen. You're the second half having a hard time if Obama events actually Kalin Malone will go to the line they gonna give him two shots. Walk on sophomore from McKinney Texas when it went in community college. Streets grow up and rules and he's got four points in the victory. In the third quarter. It went the other orbit Tucker along with Mormon leaders standout at any time. That he would distract him. Left guard rookie defender. And the garden news photography can. But he's hit connection here critical part of the board game. Otters might they told Jackson that ultimately my body just under nine minutes ago. Markets and on. Open Lance. Another doctor Burnett food through war and have that many free throw. Carlton did a good job of making a couple chances got through it got. The best player Tiger Woods who drove in the air to edge ash issue in advance it. And made a basket and had cancer completely like your. At the free throw line. It seemed like Dave's artist clown that he he has very well coached team they execute it's now well. Like it is. He's got fourteen you know for free throw attempts. 8856. Degree. And we get it back or my statement I. For. Alone goes to the right wing keeps his dribble it went off they're telling left right. I can't daughters Kelley in the last quarter the baseline. Looks inside. And it goes back out. Thought god that's great if Anderson life. I'll tell you got caught the ball in the Porter picked up his dribble at north the past few if you felt it all the passing me the Florida the past. Back to honor Franken if you picked off the need for an easy layup in the Milan did doctors stand my word now that they instances these days and that lane steps away. That. We got a lot of war. You have to escape and urges got a delay at times just off the bat Anderson. Racing for the rebound got not to play him enough. Wide open eighteen footer by Ronald youth at about four wide open shots and can't seem to get when he got it right moral victory. Not a problem. Whenever they can open up paying him making time was knocked it down that three daughters it's 2%. In the first reporters to get steps that they made four of six of the fourth quarter. Training camp gets the bounce them all up well what are. Now hands eat in the it's trailed nineteen to 657. Gone bad and he's got a little lazy high pass intended for my out on the sidelines but it only plan to get a chance to companies that suit who once told friends that effort out of rankings basket. Soccer gratitude to one film prints are the didn't recognize that and voted the right path out of bounds. You know Milan gave the senators did that it gets reader language in the back in the game for him to them right there are legitimate I'm not intended for. Willis the stolen by Condit was like it look the other way it's not the way my elbow was three nightly business on the rebound batted around. Loose on the floor. And they're gonna call now bush. John shake it if Reilly ramps that play in the timing with you but in the past was linked with a wide open. It's him that would prove the link to them and the defender woods not around Wilson's victim off. Not immigrant can't bring it up jacket down by 105656. That was left wing candidate. I stopped and can't two thirds. Of the seventies that are way short it's his own rebound along the right baseline at the high post merger. And and Hamilton. Now the block Hamilton garnered my daughter was his guys to go best they're gonna home to a trichet in his body it. And yeah example is picking up now. I would use six foot four he's going to be shooting guard with fight for his life in their garden six feet. 235. Pound near Campbell that he was pushed him to try to keep away from the basket and got caught that time shocker basketball. Underneath their own basket which would places Tiger Woods my outlaws them. But we're told us that the enactment to ship that left the key Hamilton. There's rules that they have to left block there tried that is where the line doubles triples team buddy got hooked on the arm. Thousand delegates are up north that's a pretty good job of diving down and helping in the post if you put the ball down. There's going to be one defender and then a second defender on you see got to make a little bit quicker move. Potter brand camp we'll play at 628 to play them it can't. But lord alliance holds that. And get reset the shot clock. Three Hilton goes baseline and traffic the ballot go to the line for two. He's not the most aggressive in that time Hamilton late that shocked but to lose that down drove right the basket. It was a Smart play and he threw the Palestinian a couple of free throw. Shot you can't let the biggest and best selection of shots and recognized by the WQ bookstore opened the public on the first democratic state senator on campus shop on line 24/7. W a few books dot com. Find everything you need for every generation of soccer nation university bookstore. The place to shop for free throw best. By Eric Hamilton. Now one more coming here it's not now but 25. Shots in. So Hamilton was three points today. Knocked down nineteen to 66614. To go help him out Eric Kelly back here. Which stay with full court one to two Phil Francis. Volatility for at camp here is still at that Mitchell let's say it could afford to keep us on heat lobs as. It's not the land they announced it will be called for the you got him underneath shot in the rule that if you went up for that lopped like they went over the top of the Bill Frist had a 2115. Allotted. And got caught with a little bit of which there is now on I believe it's going to talent here by inches. It was very active and very productive. Currently has seen the ball flies as a second hand one for now the line at fifty point hey now it does now out. It points they recognized. Yeah I think they're how to act which game four. One more free throw for it to him and fifteen for Carlton. Yet we're the first. Hasn't had the ball in his hands much the second half they. They fleet they haven't had to throw inside to him. Edge it was sixteen Carlton by 2692. To 66 Landry candidate toward one against Anderson the let regulation are telling. Really looking inside out for a friend yeah I was. I was on and off the street that this reader mergers Kelly left elbow three issue Kelly drives right to petition. It's deflected out of bounds like. The shot clock expires. And the balls about the world or actually this thing 12 but once they're back on line. And they had champ that'll put on a back nobody's gone. We've got to give it an issue quickly 12 on the shot clock. That was Flanagan interviewed right quarter. That's the champ but he got away and it bounces off the bat rebound deflected provider you're gonna hassled by Iran. Now let's be clear it's snowing up front the French camp. Not a lot in the six already. In honor those not contested shot it and Al killing fighting for it but it's controlled might mean for Carlton. But it's not state ice cold in the second half they scored five points in about five minutes so far here it would work. He'd left lane. But in on the floor crosscourt nasty bit to a right water Anderson retreat note that this time off the upset tonight teach them Mike Kelly. Targeted your political himself as they overplayed frankly at least trying to get it to you bounces champ but in the right or Atlanta right way. It was from the baseline pulls back pull up jumper cut nice move by Landry can't. Who now has thirteen which state and you nicely one on one on the right side who stepped back chemicals. That 9268. Are ultimately it was 436 to go with Tola. On the right thing only be able to own defense system and shocker tonight. Looking to penetrate passenger had to reverse laughed at. A really good no look pass final at Roland in Bedford. That's him with AT. Not your friend can't that the threat which doctors 94 68 tech let's let me try to locker deflected out of it's not yours. And substitutions Palin Malone Eric Hamilton smacked around and girl I was. Of the five who were on the floor the only ones being on issues. Your Willis I can narrow it or push him. Alone into Willis takes its alliance holds up left it short rebound Anderson for Carlson he's got a lot trouble finishing today with all that conscious he's the fastest. He'd drive it was book Mike Kaelin Malone on the drive. We're issued a cash balance Palin will be his first. And it will be a free throw opportunity here for Carlton. Soccer sports alliance inside W accused Redding gets it your shocker basketball. Borders properly because this market for home games at Buick freshly made burgers sandwiches salads cold Beers. And it will actually completed the baseline. And it's hotter wouldn't back it. Let's night he. Needs gaining dribble out let's wait a while waiting actually part of my background to all three ministry of little. It left Warner passed it if not that's not right. All the talk like that sailing block it can't hide and or he picked up. Especially here second half drive in advance. He has eight points to Easter basket. 9668. World that a lot of left that. I it is. Traffic pollution. And they're gonna call now want it to him. Sliding in defensively. Now up Ryan edge of his third. And it looks like Zach brown will go to the line your finish off that the shocker sports really get inside the ready student center they'll be happy to see you at the next shot for me. Background the free throw line today 7%. And has thirteen points went through camp and also with the team news conference leading scores. Cannot stand by 28 and then finally this is a free throw wide right. Problem really cranked up the defense of pressure here in the second half they really extended their defense that pressured from the shoppers have had to drive to the basket. In the throw was you're having trouble finishing those drives at the hoop with the contact. Background makes the second free throws these guys were seized doctors down 9669. Italy scored 22 points in the second half pitches for left baseline if it was so not. You pay 6320. To go in the ball game means. Available through it right when it comes back to the middle. That it would free player right they'll blow this to rebound deflected. Covered by our this. Hamilton was right there with a one stroke out most of the ball. He drives it gets his staff it is alliance shows up close here drop but he chart. And stepping in to take the charges Gary Campbell it is team picks up his fourth maybe Hertzberg charge is thrown the ball game I think the additional. That is good job of helping with regard to penetrating bunker on the charge. Marcus Anderson that fits him. Most players can. I'll put up 96. He died and 57 remaining. The officials sort of when he kept declares them a bit of its regular machine is they set up in the event that's happening to them to us today. At the top Heath is triple crosses over into locally alone not off the left locked in Hamilton. Please visit the baseline he was so glad that you will it doesn't really quick baseline not Larry Hamilton who go to line. No one thing that Hamels should. Asia aviation of both the adapt and is that squaring up facing up to the basket in the put the ball on the floor going to the basket Hamilton with a left to right hand. No Willis. Don't like to go to the left him with those big guys can drive. Eric Hamilton at free throw line streets. Rattles it bounced up high crude. And Hamilton now to a three from minus four points in game doctors finally get to 7243. To go. Second line layoffs looks. Middle lane violation it was it was very quickly looks like it's going to be all Ferraro was an early. Hamilton and wait that one often gets one more to them. Wichita State down 262. Weeks ago and off the left side of that and out of there which is legal in the international game. This fall last night I killed rockets that statement. Other in this league so the only allowed five players. On free throw lean during the free throw. You guys on one side three guys than the other of the article appeared to fruitful for him to come off the glass lobby at the exact brownies made a hard drive granted this them. Contention and they tried to dish it out to your background on the baseline that it was like the way shocker. Waited in line eight seconds on the shot clock. To 35 remaining. Carl please tough defense your second half especially they've really cranked up their defense and homeland remains. He let the laws like it is exactly right on its next round right right right picket line pulls up under pressure him to. Tough long jumper with respect around uploaded to the left knocked them long went down that has sixteen delete the shot is today that they are down by 23. To twenty to go. I'll tell us the right or one on one against you look a lot he crosses over on the dribble. Almost like its own history of handling billions. Right here and is he puts it on the floor dish that I was so pulls up suppliers fly off the market the top of the back toward deflected to Joan Rutherford Carlton. There were three shots resume Friday. Our lives up with a again you know they don't jump a little literally. Strong gusts and sit down the blankets and contact Hamilton slotted the shot completely but there was body contact underneath the for the block. And Anderson. Hit a 52 remaining and the roar which got that balance leave. Soccer fans the weekly coach's show broadcasts on thirteen 30 AM every Monday night during the upcoming athletic season founded the home for the upcoming years AJ sports aren't real happy. And Alex thirteenth. And they. Like this every Monday night started on August Friday night. First Chris Lance years has to AJ sports bar and grill at the Alley thirteenth. And green which wrote reasonably Anderson's short. Marcus Anderson has played a lot of minutes today you're most news story in the second half he is he points he's now one of two lines. That could free throw up in good commander for the nine. Conference's all rookie team as a freshman last year there assignment of the game what to stadium in handling this time alone yards. You know Willis intact except for a here assignment for us over the accident left with the bush. To act against Anderson right back to Simon's report. They are still had his two little guys baseline try to make it Hanson Brett forty vacated the area just losing his throwing it to it's intercepted by Carlton. Hotel line in the front court handling it right wing. Standing dribbled working against the loan processor repeats it on the dribble drives it goes under throws it up a quarter of Rockwell open threes yeah. To open up. What sort driving. It was part. Rocket rockets knocked down it before reporters here that. At eleven matches your tree you could really get it off quickly and very accurate. It is 100 to seven victory in the Malone holds up this short rebound Jackson had to lose on the floor that saves. If it's Anderson I would tell us here in the final 46 seconds in this game with approximately 100 to seven victory. So look rushed over one tons dribble. Not need. 252. Differential between the shot clock and not partition suppliers and that is you know Willis Reed that they are side. Doctors fleshing it out. He's. The top of the art ovals right. Right baseline but long it would look inside behind Willis on the block. Crisis yet truthful stuff that gets the bank shots and not the hero not found a couple times on that one that he got the ball in the basket. You know eight today again. A final twelve seconds but looks like it's. Let out there. This definitely pride. Really strong second half ID six. But maybe it's got through today this exhibition one. State. We're. 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So listen then Erik Estrada just like I shouldn't pose shirtless anymore and we shouldn't sleep when I'm matches that's over. So check your managers said. It's over eight it's time to replace at America's number one choice for sleep matches prior. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point 728 EY and more urgent. Welcome back to Ottawa Ontario candidate this is the post game show it your drive home from the game always presented by the law. Politics staying in here at the line of defense attorneys give them call it to six degrees 7596. Or visit their website at www. Pull that off. Not. Aim really disappointing second half for Wichita State this afternoon the shot which falls to Carleton University very good basketball team. 100 to 75 Carlton outscored its factories in the third quarter 2914. And in the fourth quarter 2414. After the game was tied. At halftime shot for shot only 26%. The third quarter 36. In the fourth just never could get their offense going in that same effective defensive intensity a little bit if these two games have shown. The potential that's there to some degree that this team yesterday against them that it and certainly some of the promise it's there. Today certainly showed up that it's still very much work in progress and a lot of things that still have to get better by the time yet to have them. I'm sure though this film will be watched quite often by the players and the coaches this show what needs to improve. To function. Effectively against good teams they've really were tested today we said this team's going to be more like NORTHERN IRELAND haven't known him I've been bettered those guys the day. And Carl does a really good team especially here at home. I thought that they came out won the first worked out the shoppers won the second quarter they would have more aggressive team. And I thought were more effective offensively forcing turnovers defensively but the second half completely belong to Carlton they came out. And picked up their defensive intensity I thought their pick up the guards a little further out there are picking them up now on the court. And they got the shots his faces and took them out of their offense and it was just the one on one show by the shocker they couldn't finish the basket. In the could knock down open jumpers and down on the office have been. Just the opposite Carlson seemed to be Macon everything they kind of did what they wanted to do they penetrated and kicked. They went inside. And they knocked down a collection three pointers to disclose doctors out. The second half and you talked off and on throughout the game it was pretty much the whole forty minutes shot trees at times did box not very well or even when they get sometimes. Then only want to rebound with one hand they did secure enough balls to can't really take charge them a lot of deflected rebounds get to play the Carlton didn't have enough. Yeah I thought Carlton was a stronger. More aggressive team today for the generally Tucker were times when. They definitely snatched those rebounds and played a lot stronger around the basket in Wichita State get knocked out the other big key my was that shoppers just couldn't control. The other Carlton guards you know that that little number five. 020 he just penetrated at will and anytime you let it guard penetrated the middle you're defense they're gonna break it down. If somebody's going to be open. More times than now when they kick to open shooter they've made the shocker they were the reporters so they had dipped they've got to figure out a way to stop that penetration. But Rotella and the other point guard KC team combined for 55 minutes and there were times they played together that combined for 21 points twelve assists and just three turnovers. Kinda kept shoppers on the heels that and I thought their guards outplayed the shock regards for the whole ball game the lavish amity and good job in the first half. But the second half their arch is dominated. And without its leading into it as such that pretty much recap not keys to the game ratchet back capital that moment captain handed the keys to your new home. With quality pre approvals competitive rates and personal local service capitol federal. An equal housing lenders will be that would bar on the post game show for model. There's something special bunch dangles western murder and maybe is the 13 round blank Angus steak burger that smother. Golden smoky blues on barbecues us where they crispy onion rings and you know to achieve these. 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Why is John Hall I love to go off and if you do to visit which shoppers dot com for Don calls discount golf cart you can play six courses for only 49 dollars that's about eight dollars and sixteen cents a course play cottonwood deals in Hutchison Jerry oaks in chief test in golf course Lou wince in Prague a city I guess to country club and wallet in golf course Paul 150 dollar value for only 49 dollars a limited number are available just visit which stuff breaks dot com while they last it's my gift to you Don halls discount golf cart and would stop perks dot com. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. Those gave job from a lot of our members shocker fans. In eight days shocker is when it's party it to adds laughter and it didn't win today. That had the jitters or is still giving you this being Sunday not only city today to get out. He's giving it to 40% from yesterday's game again tomorrow so still 40% off on Al Sharpton merchandise. At either chance location east or west tomorrow as well. You'll be happy to say I got it. At tent like Kennedy at Bob Hope that but if Ottawa Ontario Canada. And our defense C player of the game it's brought to you by got you covered for. Just right went to treatment solutions for you give them a call it 316612. 7000 threw three no obligation consultation. That 316. 6127000. Or go to got you covered in which it's not dot com got you covered. Says those shots. Well I thought let Reche haven't played really good defense in the first half but it's. It's hard to give the defensive player of the game to a shocker guard when their hearts to split us up in the second half how about near Campbell and he drew three charges that a good job of clogging up the middle. And I thought the he had a good job off the ball numbers wise Reshard Kelly three steals them Lockett nineteen minutes and it was hard to see at times but I thought he was a factor in May be slowing down Bryant edge a little bit after great first half although engine. I was seeing the ball as much because there aren't playing so well that to be active when I thought Rashard did a nice job in there. And we'll have our star of the game joining us in just a little bit background with a good performance today. For many years people in the Wichita area have got to go to bars carpet outlet by their slogan every day's a savings day at Mars where an outlet. That's because. They have such great inventory on tile. Laminate hardwood carpet area rugs. If they're able to give you rate prices really. Quality flooring every single day they'll have a sale once in awhile but they take pride in the fact that they give you great everyday prices because they now. That putting it carpeted rear tire are hall or. New tile floor whatever they see. Is that something you just do on the spur of the moment that takes some planning instant savings and so whenever it comes time that they want you to yet. A great rides to bars are fidelity or Saturday teens sixteen. North Broadway. Might mention quickly Wichita State has a day off on this tour tomorrow actually playing games they will out of having. Scrimmage. With the Indian sports all stars the team that they will be playing on Wednesday at their last game of this to work. Some have that activity tomorrow evening at the end of the things planned yours today. And it that it that team action on. Tuesday night. That's somewhat late night will be at 9 o'clock start you know university that's because they're afraid women's men's double header at the field that it. He'll equipment are playing C. In the first game. At which time stated appeal in this. At 8 o'clock tip off central time whether pre game. At 730 in the PO another strong team tells you that it in the back to if it's yesterday that. Not quite on the same level. This world yet that's what people have told us that there'll be in the these two games that the shock of had Saturday the against Carlton so. Of the better then a back flip but not his that if this really really fine Karl. Still waiting for Gregg Marshall and Forrest are the games backgrounds. Second time here and be accurate or post game show for op. Ottawa shoppers are Carlton the soccer's 175. Come to singles for a breakfast it's worth waking up or The Breakfast Club on T done. In fresh scrambled eggs. They can. Countries dial Hammond melted cheese all wrapped up in the warmth like beat Pete had read dune and singles breakfast club on behalf is great with a prudent use maybe people creamy and cool strawberry and banana all freshly blended them. Start your day with a refreshing strawberry banana fruit and use Rudy and singles and. 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Palin alone for the right way out about life aquatic or putter but since his first basket of the game. That came right at the end of the third quarter cut it to fifteen but the shot he just never. Stay off the second half effort Carlton which went on to win it 175. We haven't given you all the final numbers Carlton ended up shooting. 66. Point 7% the third quarter 61 and a half of the fourth to finish the game at 54 point 7%. That caddie shooting percentage and a hundred points is something that is unheard up against the Gregg Marshall to. You know I'm. It'll be a lot of discussion about that that the defense has given up a hundred points. You know a lot of think of that if he scored eighty points on the shock for last year they average giving up 59 game. Last year but it is August and there's a lot of new players. And we're playing on the road. At one of the top universities. In candidates though. It's probably kind of game you you want this time a year and on this trip you don't wanna win all the games have blow over but he out of these trips. You wanna get challenged. You wanna get your weaknesses exposed so you can work on those and address those in practice. And did it definitely has some weaknesses exposed today so. That matter things bad about this it it'll it'll help the coaches coach. Shocker shot 53%. The first half. Thirty in the second they were nine of thirty in the field to finish at 4072459. Only five at 21. Three it shoot it well the free throw line pretty much all day making 22 at 28 for 78 point 6%. Carlton eighteen out of 28 three's eight at six teams in the second half they were twentieth 27 from the line. Are often not rebounded the soccer's all day long final margin was 3827. They had fourteen offensive rebounds to hand. Both teams did a good job taking care of the ball later in the game the fact that a fourteen turnovers Carlton went thirteen. Leading scorer for Wichita State was Zak brown the 174. Of eight from the field including making is only three pointer eight of nine from the line. And then thirteen points for Atlanta reach him at that Landry struggled overall shooting the ball five of fourteen from the field one of six. From three after that it was eight for Connor frank camp eight for Darryl Willis. Five points for Kalin Malone for peace for Rashard Kelly and Eric Hamilton. Three points for Rondo and nurture and Shaquille Boris to. For patent Allen fouled out of the game leading rebounder was very true with six. In eighteen minutes of play for Carlton Ryan and Jim had eighteen hitting eight of eleven from the field seventeen for Connor was thirteen for Casey Keane eleven. For Joseph rocket rocket had all of his points except for two free throws in the second half making three of four. Round three at he had a quick releases he popped the ball in the water on the way it was on its way news deadly act. Today you know what toe penetrating and then Rocca or woods knocking down those reporters that was a deadly combination. For Carlton in this doctors had no answer for nice balance they had nine players with a six. Or more points today's game has been brought him park like Carlos and Kelly is inspired Max grows at Kelly's remind you no matter how much you love your Cilic and peso. Please do not. Double dip. Our star of the game brought you by the Kansas lottery if you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire he has lottery dot com for the most current jackpot amount. Like Kansas lottery. And dream bigger again a choice today sacked round. We had seventeen points. A steal two block shots at this institute rebounds four of eight from the field one of 13. Eight at nine the line probably the most impressive thing about acting like all the shots that he had a better first half that second half but. I thought it was about as aggressive as we've ever seen him play played aggressiveness and confidence in the office and it showed. What kind of offensive force he could easily replace that. Aggressive yeah he played really solid defense all of last year rebounded well but his offense that was pretty sporadic. He'd have one good game and two or three. Off gains twelve in the two games here in Canada so far he's played well offensively in both he's and defensively so good to see that. He's sworn in a lot of different ways he scores outside with that jumps out of here is he's also putting on the floor more. And drawing fouls and exported transition nice bucket that they so good to see that offences. Versatility. By Zach brown something that the show. Coaches had to work with a lot. Does that around our players the game presented by the Kansas lottery and Greg Marshall joining us right now and we'll get a quick interview coach Marshall coach certainly. We thought after a rough first quarter we come back maybe outplayed them in the second got it tied at halftime and then they just really keen not to get up but not the second hand. Yeah we had a hard time garden and the really really good they executed. Their stuff beautifully. Obviously we didn't know scouted me I hope that we can do better if we had a little scouting for them. But. Let them go away from the fact that you know they beat us on the balance. And crash the boards in the bit smaller than those that. They went to the boards with two hands it had cleared a solid got some rebounds which we can't allow to happen so. You get your give them a lot of credit this team is a very good team obviously it went to a lot of national championships in a row but. They they looked to be in tip top form going into I guess they start their teams in October if I'm not mistaken. So maybe even before but they look really good if we really bad so we get we've got we knew that we were you have a lot of work to do in this is just a an example of the things that we're gonna have to do going for your heart better to give a hundred points and I how many times we've given up on point so. Ha ha ha it's it's it's it's a group that's gonna have to believe in stopping the ball. Helping. When penetration acres rotating and then securing rebounds. You know we've talked even yesterday what you win by 49 or whatever that it's it's August and you still finding things in some ways is this. A bigger help you as a coaching staff in in the players getting a better view what they need to do with the coaching staff probably knowing already were he needed some work on the. Well I do know that this doctor tension didn't than what we said the locker room afterwards got their attention so they understand. That they can't go out who in in in our talents and curious. We've got to have. That are excuse in. Depending. Or principles a little more. Helping guarding the ball helping and rotating. Checking checking down your guard your guy that goes there's a scrum there and that you've got to just be a grown man go get go to the ball every once in a while. This it. Huddle and we're taking anything away from what this team does we. Did zero scouting and they they carved us up with some of their really they get to really get stuff and you know we tried to the best during the day but I didn't wanna stay out I didn't wanna. We have to do that we'll have plenty of time scouting reports and now that's gonna help was considerably but not twenty plus points. So this team is very good they kicked us today we have a lot learn from this from the studio. And on August the seventh. We we know where we stand and that's not so we're would be well this is what this trips all about exactly it know your team. And you know you you were with the practice every game you point out all the little things that they can execute. Execute properly all the little things we have to do against good teams to be successful. When he didn't do it here in the second half against their defense you know the office that's stagnant and just good score. In those are the things that acting like it's been short on film. Can't reinforce the things that you guys have been tell them in practice yeah that third quarter we they started to hit and everything that we became exemption to forget she's 26%. In the first half second half and even a third of the fourth quarter were 36%. That that would have been a decent quarter for us last year. But when you shoot 26% to five for nineteen most of them jumpers start settling for jumpers. I thought we could throw it on the block and make moves within Shaq gets his quick fouls you better players have got to play more minutes he now and played four minutes and got five fouls checked with six minutes had four fouls. So there we would that this is it snowballed from there you better players have played more minutes. We've got to go through the ball in there with the size advantage. And get a they can move. Yeah there's there's there's a lot of physics now this is a different gained there's a lot of his account in the fever and if you're you're if you're bigger stronger guy should she win that matchup and we were let him just pushes him and not pushing back. Did finish that that institution that. Coach thank you it is still just August got a couple more games ago on this trip that continued growth and exact right thing and I think I think he's checkered coach Gregg Marshall joining us. After the shocker is 100 to 75 loss. To Carlton here this afternoon again a day off tomorrow from skiing competition chapters of the scrimmage against the in these sports all stars it will be broadcast is not part of the tour. And then they'll get back to action at Yale University back in Montreal. On Tuesday evening it'll be at 8 o'clock tip off central time. 9 o'clock at the deal with you know another good team and university with a lot of history. Among their graduates the guy who invented this game games they Smith who's this. It better basketball and Leah first head coach at the University of Kansas a lot of those things we talked about on. Tuesday that it to learn from this in the and then on to McGill won their fans came out to me and said that the deal in states that registered. Graduated from your game that lived about two blocks from the GM so. Atrophy you know prevent you from Kansas to. Have kind of adopted teammates. That it gave you. All right that will do it from here thanks to our producer Andrew handling back in the studio and thanks for spending part of your Sunday afternoon when this sorry the result wasn't better but. We knew coming in this would be a much better chance and certainly the shoppers disappointing second half but it talked about. To good opportunity for the players do to really see exactly where they are where they need to work in some of those things that the coaches were telling them that they might have done other program emphasizing. Nancy was they have their heads were big after the game a pathetic it is they shrugged active. Normal size or less the after this ballgame they've but it it's good it's gonna help soccer's growth and help the coaches coach and and if the players listened to the stuff that they're filming practice. Well thanks again for joining us again our broadcast time 7:30 central time on Tuesday night from McGill University with a tip off. At 8 o'clock until then for Bobble on my caddie mention it was good afternoon from the nation's capital in Canada. Ottawa unit Ottawa Ontario were Carleton University defeated the shocker it's 100 to 75. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area.