WSU Basketball at Southern Illinois - 02/15/17

Wednesday, February 15th

WSU Basketball vs Loyola at SIU Arena: W 87-68


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Why. On the second time this season. Doctors headed to the final two weeks. Of the regular season was just four games remaining after this one tonight. Just one more road game and that will be the regular season finale on February 25 at Missouri State. Add in between tonight and they had two home games with northern Iowa. And Evansville also getting down the stretch here Bob and those shocker is still tied for first at Missouri Valley Conference they've been. Steadily moving out that the RPI at some of the international considerations and so obviously every game really important to them the rest of the way. Yeah I thought they move into the top 25 to speak a little bit surprised that his doctors didn't put their right here just outside the top five and eight. In the coaches poll USA today coaches poll but. Right fear but they've they realize that they've got to keep when the basketball games. And not rely on them that large hurt she gets the NCAA tournament so. This game tonight and the rest of the conference games very very important. And certainly you'd never know how the committee thinks or what they're looking at shocker RBIs 45 right now which is pretty good at that at least would. Give them consideration as an large scheme and it the other. Power rankings Ken Pomeroy has the sixteen guests accurate sixteen BP I at twenty. So all of those would. You know seemingly give you at least the possibility of a decent possibility of an at large bid. But southern Illinois in the Ken Pomeroy wants 63 so loss of a game like this. It really hurt queue it in any effect would probably really put the shot. In a position where they have to go to saint. Recently the I'm sure the coaches are just keep it real simple with the players in the team hate just keep winning he's got to keep winning the Olympic Games you're supposed to win and that's the game you're supposed to win out on the challenges how do you get a team ready. For a team that you've already beaten by 42 points now yeah they were a couple guys short. In the game in Wichita a few weeks ago but subconsciously. You remember how badly beat the that you salukis they're. It's so you've got to rely on the the older guys you gotta look at video you got to convince them that hate. They're gonna play better here look what happened at Bradley look what happened at Loyola. You know teams played much much tougher at home. And so expect to really hard game tonight from this thing youth. I doubt we will what are my you this is your portion of the show anytime you ought to ask this question make comments try to figure something out. Give us a call at 8691037. Or you can tweet me on at shocker voice on the Twitter. And that will be glad to answer your questions and respond as well as we can't 8691037. Or at shocker voice. On Twitter if you're outside it would just not dialing area it's 316869. 1037 we have Al ready to lead us off from Texas tonight now. But oh my my call hole with a it was. Kind of prepare us for the game but I thought they had both Bryant and poll workers. Probable for the game I'm curious that was due to illness or injury. Certain you'll start for southern Illinois they had to play it again for ebit in the and then my question. On top of that is that Darryl Willis. Obviously get a lot less meant a lot less effective he's been period is pointing out how it has been well it's double team. It would turnovers. Not get the ball back governors is there's still time for him real with it correct bad. There was steady into cricket bottle or have been corrected that he going to be able to correct its its sit back into. The more important caught it our offense. He certainly was. Welcome Mike what part Chinese guards there on the offensive end he's he's been pretty much ineffective. The last few weeks. There are going to get this correct it and get more meaningful minutes without our other states that life. I think questions. As far as John O'Brien empty bowl. It's I didn't know about O'Bryant. He is he's fine he's warming up we talk with their radio my least great scary it. Didn't even mention O'Brien is at issue at all. Bulls might be limited in that it's a little bit because he's been ill and hasn't practiced since their game on Saturday. So he's been a little under the weather in May not be quite a 100% as far as stamina but he's going to play. That guy that is out is Aaron Cook whose. If their top seven or eight probably top 861 freshman guard. Averaging 3.4 points per game instead of medical issue that is wrote that had to be taken care of today so he will not be uniform tonight so they are. Shorthanded by that one guy that really in better shape the. They weren't negate what you Java they are missing two of the top fives words yet game which drug they were missing Shaun Lloyd who starts is 65 small forward. Intel also Lille Vincent who is the sixth man a 61 senior guard. Who just had 21 points against Evansville. On a Saturday so he's a guy that can really shoot the basketball. Can really score the battle those two guys. Did not play in which far as we're in rolled enough hours at that moment they have got some bad advice from an advisor. And because they've taken an intercession course invited told me only need nine hours stiffer spring semester in they were ineligible and Philly. They got enough classes. To be eligible. As far as it Darryl Willis questions. No I don't think it's too late at all for Darryl to make the corrections he needs to make when you talk about time but correcting something. You tend to think more in terms of a technical change that and most especially. If you're changing somebody shot if you're you're changing their release on their shot or something. That definitely always takes time because no matter how much you work on that in practice at shooting on your own. You get it gave and you tend to go back to the that you know what's that natural free time kind of tend to go back to your old technique it's overdue and lots. But something like what you talked about with Darrell. He just needs to is recognized that can't be double teamed I'm not gonna try to force my way through this and kick it back out of reach posted. He finally did that wants really well the loyal to get in the last game out caught a ball is double teams along the left side blinked quickly kicked at somebody got a wide open three enough evidence. If he'll do more adaptive it's gonna open him up and things are getting it easier for him. It and and part of the problem with with Darrell is how well the other guys are playing you know Shaq Morris is playing more. Quality minutes and not get tired out there so much got in foul trouble. I don't mergers coming off the bench. And playing some really good minutes for coach Marshall and he got his Williams playing well I think the last. Hope we can have two weeks is Rashard Kelly he's had a lot of that force thought that. And that was the guy that Carol Willis implanted you know at the four spot at the start of the season. And I've chart wasn't playing it's lovely to shoot the ball well lately really lighten up. I've only missed a one shot last four games. And really playing good defense really rebound so that's part of the problem. But I think you'll see Darryl for playing more could you realize that against valley teams that scout you ignore your plays you can't just catch the ball. Can make all the moves you make in the nonconference. You've got a kick it out. Two shooters and if you are single coverage she got a bigger quicker move. Before the defense that helped get yourself I think he's learning that that you were called it came in the start that Missouri State team. He was when the first guys off the bench for three quick buckets. It was looking really good out there and Missouri State home game. But Danny popped up that twenty footer from the top of the circle after one pass and coach Marshall pulled them out so sometimes you can be is worse than to be so he has got it. Have better shot selection played defense in the play with this system and he certainly has that don't play. The other issue now is that if the valley. And it as Bob mentioned that a couple of guys played really well at the five spot right now jacket pronto. Gerald can play the floor offensively but he struggled a little bit before defensively in the valley. You've got more smaller buys smaller ME 66674. Million. That we'll go out and shoot threes or play on the perimeter as much as they'll play close to the basket so I think that. Darryl actually they start playing more against attackers get in the post season where they're playing more traditional. Big format to play more around the basket and he can have a little bit he's not good he had it going out of guarding people at the basket and that's kind of limited his time valid. That's a good point Micah coach Marshall and the other coaches but try to play the big guys together. So they can get more minutes for check in Toronto in lush garden and Darryl. But it's sometimes it's hard for played together if during that run were the series' fifteenth and Thursday came back in the second half after being down thirty. If you call it a lot of that was in your allotted time was Shaq. Darryl and Marcus though they were trying to play that's it lineup that is sometimes against valley schools it's it's kind of hard to do. Quick putter question president national championship banner. What improvements or additions that you like to see it filtering. Honestly I don't and I don't. Get to experience it as a fan so for the better a black man I benefited recently yeah I'd say that would be it my my wife certainly but the Wi-Fi you really that there so that would be yeah that would be something that that would be and certainly the students would appreciate that this is. Wi-Fi generation with today's students they can't be off their phones for five seconds think they would appreciate that. As far as playing facility of the overall facility as far as the you know like to study areas the weight room training here most kinds of things they are first class I don't I don't know of anything along those lines it that you just maintaining them at a high level that needs to be done. I like the ban. I really liked and chuck sound plays that's. Some of the music players Clinton woman at Atlanta with the Clinton a bit like you'll pick the songs and we wanna hear and the very least and it did all the little bit. All right thank you for that question let's go back to the phones the Dutch. Gary. You're gonna get there and I. Yeah just keep going up a. Got a comment I guess. Alcoholic. At about fifteen at. BP. I hate to say at this track but the cavity you wanna do that but I don't want to do a tour. Actually I could go back and Bradley game and they aren't there and it can get in creek as good as they've gone from the game because. I really like they've improved emotionally. They still heavily to go. They're heading in the right direction. That the plane hit it. If I'm not if they cannot believe it and the young bit moat good inexperienced being there we started sheet and where we're there or he urged. And I guess they had partner to go then. And dream that we didn't let Korea or year. Go. Left well let out there be what you like about it how that go on. And I would say one thing down at this time of the year and I hope I'm not being nowhere in bella. That I really good skiing. Overall is better then last year king. So go jockey on an open letter. As far as speaking. Yet the thing that you want to ideally do is just keep making steady improvement for as long as compliant if that means you make the long run in the NCAA tournament you'll keep getting better with. Each of those games that you played so. I think that's what this team has done that this team has that on day if gradual steady. Run of improvement throughout the season I think this team despite the best basketball. Right now that it's played all year terms of over the entire forty minutes in there there's still time that they don't like it here. As good performances they could go for the full forty minutes. But that's getting closer certainly Illinois State gave me did that I thought at Loyola they came pretty close to doing that. And and you can just see we could go on and on about. Individuals that have gotten better through parts of their game. And how they're just getting more more comfortable together as a team there's more leadership is more communication all those kinds of things. And the defense especially. One of those things carry you in postseason competition against really good teams. And that's getting better and better all the time and that's what's scary Wichita State in the post season. Yeah that was big question mark I think. A couple of months ago was how quickly with the defense come along and Ellis. One of the biggest liabilities that you didn't have suffered Bentley on baker nevertheless the way out there at the point of attack that defending. As tenaciously. If they obviously didn't have those guys out there. And now this team is start to defend. It took a really good offensive team in Los Angeles Chicago in their own GM and held them that he 5% shooting. 25%. From behind the arc and held them to 64 points that's the theme. That normally schoolers though in the higher seventies in the ball game so. I think that defense has been really really good in the offensive stats heads have continued. To go up than normally. Teams dropped down offensively when they unity conference play because teams know use the well. They overplay all the stuff you wanna do you normally see scoring don't go down in the league and you see shooting percentages go gently. But for the shoppers they've gone after shooting 82%. 82 point two games there for shooting percentage has gone up from 47% for this season the 49%. In valley play. Three point it was thirty it's 39 for the season 41 for valley play and even their free church he's up to 73% so. All the all the offices stats or. And I think. That's interesting because normally they go down in conference play that keeps getting better offensively to keep it better defensively. And they're getting great production off the bench by some guys. All right let's go back to vote for mark mark good to. Or just ready for the big game to get started. Bob what kind of beat me in my under a little bit ago without comment. Rashard Kelly I think I think Rashard has made. Had a tremendous impact. In the last couple of weeks. With the success of this herder we kind of that's. Pitying blue. Give me and I'm gonna I'm gonna fight for every rebound and fight for every loose ball at me if there's a stack of people power on the floor. You know on the bottom and just making silly and shooting. I don't I don't know what he's doing but he shooting has just been tremendous. There. If you can keep that up. I think it's just apps like a novel about book is been getting a lot of the trade is that. But he neatly I don't need it here from up but it but I use is bit are tremendous stable. Four. Or this team I'd like to see obviously the little problem with turnovers go back down and and I don't think it's as much. But the other teams are are forcing us into that situation. We're just we're just. Seeing through them and anticipating things that just aren't there were just that slight. Hesitation like that it. Early in the game that we rebound and and get past there has been you know what you're. Getting fifteen turn or sixteen turnovers a game but you still outscored eighteen by twenty and thirty point that you can afford to make if you turn over repeat. Brought a hundred out every night if we got there on cap those turnovers so. I assure you guys do you keep up the good work and I will listen and go from there a bit like it was shot. I'm mark thank you mark I guess I need to point out to you you're talking about getting fifteen turnovers sixteen turnovers a game. Soccer's have only had fifteen or or three times all season they've had fifteen twice. And eighteen once they're averaging eleven point seven brigade. Which ranks 43 in the nation in fewest turnovers per game and they are. 13 in the nation in turnover margin averaging 3.2. Fewer. Brigade that their opponents also odd points off turnovers they've outscored 22 of their 27. Opponents on points off turnovers analytic net battle by over seven points off her game. So that really hasn't been a big issue most times where we've candidacy yet it is some high turnover counts in the single half and we'll see maybe. Eight and a half and had only three or for the entire second half so evil they've had some of those head they'd clean that up that has played better. The nation's top end. I think some of them have been very. Careless careless types turnovers where. Guys heard dribbling in the double and triple teams are just thinking of silly pass. That's not open and I think he's an MC markets still sped up in May try to make a movement is to recruit guys on him. And some of the past without the post have been a little bit careless on they're gonna have to watch it tonight because. In the game I was watching the videotape of that first game against southern southern. Must have reflected. Step generator nine passes apart from the first chance to hold a number of them. They're very active in their defense and they have their hands up and they've got three quick hands. So that's something that they're gonna have to be careful with tonight or southern we'll take advantage of it as far as Rashard Kelly's concerns. I've got to stand your last four games. He's shooting 92%. Mark eleven out of twelve how about that. Four offensive efficiency. By Rashard Kelly coming off the bench upload it will only get eleven point six rebounds hit all of the shots for four from the floor. One of one from behind me are two of three from the free throw line so he's been very efficient. And as always he played really good defense BC gathers normally dry on the charge with somebody drives down the lane. And as you mentioned he's the first guy on the floor for loose balls and doing all the dirty stuff. But now he's shooting much better than he's ever shot his career. His last seven games in fact he's averaging seven points a game five point three rebounds almost two assists. Shooting 79%. Including all three of his three point attempt. Nobody talked about him not real maybe receiving an African nation I think that's there's some truth to that. SP go with it the team the coaching staff is giving him plenty of recognition. He's really become the the vocal leader on defense the other players talked about a guy who sets the tone talking to everybody on defense and making sure they're in the right spots. The other thing that he gives them to think that you know we've we've talked about all year about the defense and at what Bob just mentioned about the defense at the point of attack it's not as good with those three seniors god. But something that's developed with this team. Zach brown this kind of at this point all year. Marcus Vick Duffy has gotten better and better and then Rashard also was pretty good the start of the season that you've got three guys there are 66 to 68. That could guard. Anybody can recharge case anybody maybe from a two on occasion to 45 and the other guys a point guard to a four man. And against the point guards in the smaller players they've got all that links on them and quick enough feet they can stay off of the step for solid state with them. And that against the bigger guys their long enough to give them problems and sort really makes them versatile on defense they can switch things up. And Kelly is part of that had a three headed monsters it's developed. Yeah I am what you just mentioned it is important that they can switch. Feel that the big guards in the forwards can switch guys when they do those ball screens and and try to shut down the play. That the opponents trying to run that was something that the local did very effectively gets to shoppers. Down in the Bahamas and a shocker to do that to people in league play because. Looked up he can cover a guard Kelly can cover a guard. In the guards' skin the guards to cover a bigger guys you know options that its size browns got real good size Reeves has its size though. Baghdad kids he coaches some flexibility to a piece of switching to try to take people out of their office. But it reminds you a lot of our pregame sponsors to bars her fidelity Forex Saturday T sixty north Broadway glad to have them blistering longtime. Family owned and operated Wichita business that provides great service and great product part that limited hardwood tile anything to put on your floors. They have tremendous supplies and therefore could give you great everyday prices of quality products and he beat any type of Florie. Go see our fine sponsors to bars Kirk fidelity floor considerate 1860. North Broadway I'm Mike Kennedy alongside Bob hold this is the pregame show from Carbondale Illinois. And we're going to go back to the phone with our first Mike of the evening Mike. Again. In my own yes sir you are. Okay. I just won't call and a you know Lance eat banquet itself followed up. Album Gonzales see no on the about three bowl. Obviously an employee that these mass very polite thing you have. It'll have game I wore on television though and that he did to look for lack of buying players event being an employee list. Two or three gains goose he hurt his shoulder again. Of Warner and confirm that you know peel me a news shoulder affected his play or if it is the banker 100%. And just launching them listen they just looked like. Well mica I think that more than the shoulder it's what you mentioned he'd missed a couple of games and missed some practice and at this stage of the season. You're you're soon to count of five point oh high level and then used can't play for a week or so it set you back a little bit you're just kind of rusty or out of sync a little bit of timing maybe off a little I think that's been hit more than. Anything else he's also really good. And it kind of letting the game come to hear these are very Smart player and so some nights. He's not going to do as much numbers wise if he's getting attention from the defense. And then other nights if if they're not watching him this closely you'll suddenly string together two or three baskets in the short span of time. But he takes it as it comes he doesn't try to force it itself. I I think he's fine. Overall and he does obviously need to get something done with the shoulders in the offseason try to get them that's solidified it. And healthy but I think if he looked a little out of sync or whatever just the time that he missed some practice and a couple of. Games while he was out again. Yeah and I I think what's affecting his playing time a little bit is a couple of things one is how well. Connor frank campus plan and how well Levy sham. Is playing in both those guys are shoot the ball exceptionally well. And run the offense they take turns playing point guard off parts of those two were playing really well together. And they're playing more minutes I think their minutes were in the thirties. The other night. That Loyola. Yeah Landry had 32 minutes. And Connors. Like 30 AM here at thirty so they're playing more minutes they were playing about 25 minutes of playing thirty Turkey itself that's effective. Tossed his playing time a little bit and that it would often comes didn't know some of the non conference games he was able to come in and we had big believes that he is coming begun in. He could play a little looser were in the conference games especially on the road like a couple of Lola. You know it's it's a tighter game. You've got to watch your shot selection he's he's trying to be more careful and play within the system and not make mistakes so I think that's part of that as well but. Now he's a really good player his dancer excellent you know he doesn't take a lot of shots. But I've got it here in conference play he's shooting 60%. From behind the arc he's twelve of twenty. 54%. For this season that's unheard of by a freshman to shoot that high percentage from behind the arc so it's a tremendous shooter. A real steady ball handler does not turn the basketball over he's got. 34 assists in just fifteen turnovers for the season so fifteen turnovers. In what 27 games that that's pretty good for. Freshman and a Twitter question about what has changed at northern Iowa they seem really hot now do you see them as a real arch madness threat. First of all. I think we all felt like at some point they would find it it can't get it together and play better than they were early Ben Jacobson to a really good coach she. Proved last year he could do that they got off to a terrible start lasted two and six in the league last year and then one night at their last chance. In league play and then won the conference tournament. And they're kind of doing that again we saw them up at Cedar Falls police said at the time this is a really good road win it yet because they're gonna get better as the season goes on it's going to be tough to win again. And but the thing I I don't think. I don't think there as good as either Wichita State or Illinois State going into the tournament I would not see them as nearly a bigger threat to win the tournament as those two teams are. And the thing with them is. They lost west wash but that ball and it's called just received so early they were kind of go through some of the same things Wichita State was in terms that. Who's going to step up and be the leader had the ball in their hands. You know. Because it up. A lot of guys that are experienced at the end that guy and I think maybe Jeremy mortgage strategy too much. Try to be everything for that TV's having a great year that he needs some help. And I started to develop guys you start to get comfortable with their roles I think it's been a big thing for them. But they still don't have a wuss wash but it could just take over a game whether it's pouring himself we're doing. Setting up other guys to do it the way he did last year and I think that's the thing they lack as far as being the same kind of threat in the conference turned. Yeah they had they had to really really good guards last year west Washington was maybe the best athlete. In the league last year and pitches that's just get the ball in the shot clock just to chip basket to jump over the top of everybody gets a basket. And then met Bohannon. Was a really solid player. Deadly three point shooter excellent defender real good leader those two guys kind of with the team on their back last year. And and took them three to the valley tournament. Championship in into the NCAA tournament. And then Paula Jefferson as well it's really good so those three guys are gone and they were getting a lot of production out of their other their their new guards the second with a fresh whose name but he was playing point for awhile. And he got a kidney Haldeman and that's their shooters I think in the principal and then. And I think game they weren't producing much and so it was off volunteer me Morgan Jerry Morgan had a foot entry for awhile it was bothering him. In this soccer game that you and I. So it was it was tough on Morgan. And that the what I hear now from bleeding there press clippings and I'm listening to their coaching staff this event Coke plant a lot better. He was kind of playing sporadically early in the season have a good happening disappear in the second half he played well for six minutes and get tired not play and from what I hear is he's really playing and now he's a force inside. Andy he's kind of guided got a double team or he's gonna he's gonna be inside and also click Carlson if you that was in a tremendous good shooting slump the lefty. That played so well against a Wichita State. In Wichita last year in the valley tournament that he's playing a lot better species that are now so off. And in their coach talks about their defense he was really unhappy with their defense. Earlier in the season and career in the valley schedule and now he says their defense is starting to come together and start a play that kind of defense that they're used to plan. We'll see them firsthand about Saturday morning 11 AM tipoff coach creative the next shot game. Now they show us your tip of the game distract you by united health care. As a little treat for the twelve ounces of fluid for every twenty minutes of exercise for more tips on living a healthier lifestyles. Good UHC dot com today. Our second Mike of the night might trip to peak has been holding very patiently for a while so let's get to his call Mike. To a Mike and Bob. I just want to make a couple of comments I was I'm very impressed with the when you. Interview. They'll like the star of the game the defense team player of the game I'm very impressed with the the guy. Our way of articulation. And speaking and also their politeness in answering your questions. I stayed in that you listen to other basketball teams and talk to their players don't know. What they're talking about the baby I still get the dissent after hearing other teams like after. Think gene. Like on TV in the guys are speaking. They really don't articulate. As well as. I was just very impressed Landry the other night the course Connor and I understand there's a very quiet. I accuse him in basketball since and probably academic to. Just like desperate Ron and and and everybody knew they were very they were able to artfully. I'm very well program the other question is there any possibility in the future. I know we had the sixty. Or 65 garner. You know the big two over the team was honored. You know aren't I just wondered if there's any. It think that can be done in the future career like shocker banquets. Where you just has some old structures term and speak and maybe have a lot of prayer sessions. I'm just I was disturbed thinking which is Bob Thurman called into the night and that she killer got me thinking it was good to hear him. Speak on your show. And it but I'll let you guys go and medical discharge. I believe they will win tonight and that you guys are doing a great job thanks. I think you hit your second question I don't know if if that's. In the works for sale right now but I know that. What those things kind of things that happen players have come back or been involved those things everyone's really enjoyed it it's so I think certainly. The possibility is there that that could become more or regular type of thing and I think people just enjoy that they just recently had a reunion here. They're 1960 senate and I two champions here southern Illinois at Walt Frazier came back it's. They just love everybody had such a great time with that here I think those things are great I think it's good do those things that. It had ties all of your history together and I know that. Gregg Marshall Garrett boat ride to and everybody connected with the program enjoys those things themselves as bullies very much in them so I would think that that. We'll continue to be a possible. Ability of incorporating more. And and Mike we appreciate you are complimenting us on the interviews in and I agree I think the players. They do a really nice job link Rea thought that are really good job. After the Loyola game. On Sunday afternoon and he he was very thoughtful in his answers and I thought a bottom and and Connor as well. In the previous game I thought he didn't really really good job. And mostly guys we're around them a lot at practice and on the road. And they're they're real nice bunch of kids their whole life you know they're they're college kids some of them get allowed they were wrapped on the bus on the way after the loyalty came. On the way down lake shore drive though we're on our way to midway airport there have a little fun would that not make upwards. That was kind of funny to see that side of movement. Real gentleman and very very courteous and very respectful. On the road all the time. And you know there's several factors involved that. Want is I think that that they are generally speaking pretty intelligent young men and at and off the basketball court his clothes on. I think that. Days have to be able to answer about things that they do on the court at if they have to run a certain play or. Once in awhile she rat coach marshall's right now where we ask you regard this way. They they need to be able to respond they understand what the concept is. And so they they think a lot about their assignments and things like that helps make them make it possible for them to articulate. And and I think coach Marshall encourages them to let their their personalities come out within the team concept that is that what they're supposed to do so. There's just an environment I think that that helps. That helps create that I know that that some of the other administrative staff. Have done work with student athletes of Wichita state of the atlantis' they've gone on for quite a lot of Gretchen were like for instance has worked with a lot of individuals. Kind of practicing for interviews and things sorted Perez semi schooling them for you know you're gonna get. Interviewed here's some things need to be able to think about how to express yourself. So that I think they get well prepared for a lot of those kinds of snakes and and yes I agree they're they're way above average I think did an excellent job there. As it has ever notice that very thoughtful. In their answers it and really take it very seriously. Whatever questions you answer that. It's it's obviously one of the most enjoyable parts of our job really enjoyed. Being around. It's not gonna keeps you young be room have got to lose I think it's fun they're kind of a funny there are fun. Are really take time that come back seat to anybody else has question or thought. Pat shocker voice on Twitter or 8691037. On different. Three Max. They just for you so moment when you. Just brought in from. Live there. Big Mac they're good now with three sides of only a McDonald's for a limited. I love that at participating big difference. 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Carbondale we only have time to take one more Twitter question and it was about rot Kampman who is doing TV tonight with finishing Dennis and that one of their career background and rob rob was in the first really big important recruiting class for marker you're going into its second season. Say coach turgeon brought in a class with Paul Miller rob Kampman Randy birds and Jamar Howard and those guys were all. Warriors starters in Paul's case he was injured had a stress fracture of the first couple of games of that season his freshman season. Ended up completing his career in 2006. They let shocking to the sweet sixteen it was a valid players here. Rob finished his career with those other two that 2005. He was a four year starter average between seven and nine point six gave me the season of his career. He's in the top ten all time career three point percentage shot 42%. From three. Just a really good solid player 68. But a guy that was kind of a stretch for could face up could it shoot the three point shot. We had a Brian Alford had a box score today from the F first game played it newly renovated Coker revamp. And rob had 46 points and thirteen rebounds that night against northern Arizona's. I really good player and that's just barely short of a thousand. Through his career plus points news that really good solid player. And he was talking about after he left which cuts Katie played in Portugal. Around the Lisbon area was not a great team player but really enjoyed. His time in Portugal and traveling around Europe and then he spent a few years out of Australia. Playing around on the east and southern coast. Of Australia I think in the Melbourne area that he was out in the western authors Australia in the first area. Playing out there he really enjoyed his time down in Australia and a and a real nice brokerage. That is come back to Wichita throughout their careers made that his offseason home now lives in Wichita all the time they say Wichita firefight. I worked in some other businesses up for a while distracted find something really clicked for him. Had a few years ago became a firefighter and loves it and so we've had him pathetic as one of them wanted to find people that helped protect our safety in our community. With which tough hard part so it's been great to reconnect with him on this trip. We're out of time we invited to stay tuned for Greg marshals comments that are pregame scouting report Bob will be back with the winning strategies. As the shoppers take on SI you interpret it. This is what it sounds like when truck guy shot but other dealerships about Graham war. 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Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. It's C agent Allison cost us Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer. WSU shocker basketball is only 103 point seven KEY. Salem Illinois it's not state seeking his ninth consecutive win tonight it remembers. Any time the shot here's where the next day it's a party at jets' locker rooms cutting on average point two shocker scored in the victory you can save 1025. Even as much as 40%. I'll fall shocker merchandise charter fans all over proud to say I thought it. At dad's dad's locker room east. And west and the pregame scouting report was head coach Gregg Marshall is presented by express employment professionals. On a mission to put a million to work show. Coach Gregg Marshall joins us for tonight's game here in Carbondale against southern Illinois and coach going into this game is it a little reminiscent in your mind of what you face going to Bradley where he had a one sided win at home and to play that same team on the road. Yet you use you try to guard against complacency and then when you have such a lopsided win with the with the guys and you have to tellem and now we've got us. Some proof that. The B two different. Environments two different sets of circumstances. They're now playing at home where on the road it's their crowd. And and honestly with Bradley they were just in the second game. Early on deciding whether they can play with us and they had some success early so within their confidence is good in they think they can in fact play with you so we've got to have. Guard against that tonight I mean southern Illinois obviously very well coached team with. With really good athletes I think there in the top three or four teams in terms of our lettuce schism in size. So we have to come out ready to play just like Loyola the other night you'd have to. Yet to go win these games are not going to hand them to you. Yeah I had not recalled until I was looking back the box score that first game your top five scorers in that game or all. Big guy 68 tolerated that'd be pretty pleased with the way kind of played inside out that night the first game to be out and and we got T ball and foul trouble too so. That and they were shorthanded with the guards and Lloyd's a good defender. Vince it's a great shooter so. And look I mean I don't anticipate a game or anything like that I would love to have a game like that but I I just you know we're gonna have to play we're gonna have to play they're gonna mix up defense is they're gonna. They're great in on the offensive glass they steal the ball they're really hand Z. So. We do we're gonna have to go and continue to play well like we have been on the road. The other interesting thing in that first game just because of the way the game flowed Landry and Cotter each took only two shots a piece of their course playing very well since then you'd think it'd be a little different situations and oh yeah I mean I anticipate those guys I would never think at this point a year that we just shoot shoot the ball four times but. As you mentioned we were able to get the ball inside and get a closer to the basket and had a our top five scores were all bigger guys so. It didn't you and you've seen this might it doesn't really matter to me or to this team where the scoring comes from as long as it comes and we we should all year we have ten or eleven guys good leaders in scoring in any given game. You've held your last seven opponents under 40%. That has to satisfy you as much as anything that's happened so far this year. Yeah the defense is coming along. We've we've said all along that this team could score. We hopefully can continue to score and score would well. From a variety of spots inside outside mid range transition on the last. But the defense that's that's the thing that travels in an instant got to beat your back pocket especially 21 in order to win big conference games on the road. Check her head coach Gregg Marshall that road game a southern Illinois's coming up from Carbondale. He is the meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to ask Brenda thank you could. Completely forgot to show our captain thinking different believes that he can do you promise better. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something's Manningham blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family to Atlanta delta dental KS dot com. 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Learn more call 3169787493. That's 3169787493. His job board delivery and your TV how I just unpack it over there on you didn't pay haven't unpacked and you're not gonna commit to my other equipment you didn't pay and haven't hooked up do you mean I paid good money for a new HDTV boy I didn't know surface exactly. I should go on after teasing. Your TV we don't charge extra for delivery in Sana its good prices and in fairness it's what we do all day long after TV we've got her roots in which it's not not to start branches. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. Stat C agent to Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers or in his bill agent forest home. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point 718 YN Wichita. No no idea. Ailments doctors voicestream borrow off thirteen and lots of Missouri Valley Conference and southern fourteen to thirteen overall they are fourth. It was very valley conference at seven and seven I might candidate alongside Bob ball. Bob has a winning strategy is brought to you by capitol federal. First on the new home ordering mob you can trust restraint if I absolutely financing capital federal equal housing lenders member FDIC. Thank you Mike let's first talk this time about offense. And overthrow the defense let's talk about offense. As a youth athletic and they're just as quick as Wichita State but they're not as. Heat especially inside. Cold O'Brien's. Water and wiley all had 2000. And a half times in the game in which John Wiley had three child that was the nightmare scenario for coaches is because she was already playing shorthanded now talking. Look for the definition tonight to go inside and attack inside the gates are gonna play inside out. Now look for coach pistons did double team opposed to maybe play some jump defense is maybe play some zone defense. To try to protect his team and keep his big guys out of foul trouble sells the big guys are gonna have to recognize when they get doubles team to kick the ball out. To that open shooter normally heats opposite of where they got the pass from on the opposite side. And look at ticket out of those shooters the shocker shooters have been shoot really well in the valley play. Cam at from the three point line it's 46%. Sprint campus 49%. And Austin reach is 60%. From behind the arc so they need to hit a decent percentage of outside shots tonight. To be southern Illinois here in their own arena. Off the offensively also look for transitional itself that is who had great success in the first game in which stopped pushing the ball off the court. With Duffy got how. Kind of multiple times for layups and dunks. But look for the shock exit strategy that begins tonight. Inside you'd like to crash the officers aboard so they get cute and that's one of the off that supports and they don't have good defensive balance the shocker might get a good mechanics can get out of the fast break. The second key is defense structure reform in the valley opponents but 38%. The shooting from the floor and 63 points per game tonight the main defensive challenges. Point guard I kid senior Mike Rodriguez he averages thirteen points. He's had six games of twenty plus points already this season and a great penetrator. That likes to get to The Who can draw fouls he started shot 173. Free throws this season at sixty war. In the leading free throw attempts shooter by the shocker markets' Mike Duffy whose only shot a 114 so this kid. Gets to the line because he drives he draws fallacy it is where my. Keep it Ron have you if he does get an angle you want those defensive guys in the next gap to the right into the left. It helped off and making Rodriguez passed off to let him get to the basket. It's going to be a challenge for Connor Franken I think he's different draw. Mike Rodriguez at the start of the ball game because we're gonna have to put ground Zach brown much Donald Bryant top right of the sixth seventh seed here. He averages thirteen points a game nine rebounds. Saturday at seven Philly at eighteen points and thirteen rebound. Hitting eight out of eleven shots played all over even if that ball game played 38 minutes back. Starting him they like that I felt Sean O'Brien here. Outside the clock on the left side the right side. He likes to back his defender down. And when he gets in the basket got all of this been loosened up and after losing goes underneath the basket he's really hard to stop in the air without fouling so. If you put the ball on the floor look for guys to come down and double team maybe they'll have some monster double fusion these things. There that helped Zach brown now guarding. And in this third gallant talk about Leo visit. Keep the 61 senior did not play with stuff because of the Ellis eligibility issue he took 33 point bomber. He hit five threes in the game against Evansville on Saturday so he's the guy that the gonna have to make sure they know where he's dead when they come down in transition. Thirteen is rebounding has value his very athletic they like to crash the offensive boards you gotta put bodies on them. Especially Sean O'Brien he really difficult offensive boards. You know put backs. In the end they shoot a lot of threes that they like people. Long rebounds for the shocker guards have been an application for a long rebounds now. Salukis are very quick death period. They love to deflect passes in his field. So you've got to take a pass to make the pass tonight. Take before you pass the basketball be strong with the ball. Come out ready to play after his club like 42 points in which could you've got to know very different than they have those guys that if I. Bob thank you we will be back with the starting lineup for the opening tip off from Carbondale as a doctor. Pick up the solar. As the colder making you shiver even endorse called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or install a new Lennox system heat your home now. And pay overtime with six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems done next Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. When you're not willing to settle for anything less than perfect poll but shares Scotch and sirloin. Since 1968. And this Wichita icon has served the best age sterling silver Vicente not in the mood for staked no problems. 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Three points OK why did. Yard all the. We have our national lab did an interview with the starting lineups. And yet this one under way Wichita State and southern Illinois needed for the 95 time. All time here. Okay. I. Want to. And yeah. Hello. Hello. OK. Okay. Okay. Me. And. We'll. Time. Hey. Boom. Okay. Side we're gonna. In Carbondale. Soccer fan the official watch party location for all soccer basketball games is the bloody stone not the 21. And what lies rises to did you always great drink specials and more at the Blarney stone bought your official. Watch party location. Or shocker basketball. Southern Illinois and is home team and I will be in the white. The room and collapsed or other colors through letters and numbers a little bit of black trim Wichita state of their black road uniforms. And it's golden Wycliffe numbers and letters. You go through it it's quite starting lineup surprise in the buy equity thing where you never pay it HTM week. Be sure to visit them online equity bank dot com. No change at any soccer starting lineup tonight will be the same. Started the last seven games and no reason to change doctors have won eight in a row and if that eight game winning streak and it held their last seven opponents. To make composite shooting percentage from 34%. Pulled all seven. Under 40%. For each game. I. First for the soccer's. And that's when they kill that person in his background 66 figures for August 5. Making a strong did the Missouri Valley Conference defensive player of the year honors for averaging eight point one. Points per game. Carcass but nothing yet of Florida and 66 sophomore from Paterson, New Jersey averaging eleven point eight point 65 points seven rebounds. The senator is Shaquille Boris 68 Richard shoot your commitment Oklahoma. Averaging eight point seven points four points seven rebounds and one block for the game. After guards land resent it 64 Richard French. Kansas City averaging ten point seven points at 3.2 assists per game. And kind of French camp for the other guard a 61 redshirt junior from North High School which is. Eight point one points per game is not the 42%. For the year from three. 54%. Are beyond our. Over the last eleven games that kind of break camp and Landry can't let. Really working together at the guard spots has been a big feature of this shot your team continuing to get better that is correct. Yeah hopefully Loyola damaged sixteen points seven rebounds. Seven at this late thirties and it's only had one turnover. Handcuff her friend give the key points. Fours this family will. Greg Marshall this kid here is the head coach with the Dutch Canadians won 250. A 74%. When he presented the shots that this. Is a good point to prove pour their. Missouri Valley Conference and eight and one in true road game. You know. It is very it's. All 77. I have on the valley home games earlier gloriously. At all. We have lost here all those kids at home by seven Illinois State line. Iowa. Yeah Saturday by kinda cute and for the salukis started. It's John Lloyd at six I saw horror film Philadelphia. Seven point two points per game it's. John O'Brien is 67 junior movement going to Illinois WellPoint appoints her. Yeah eight point four rebounds a contest John O'Brien is at six double doubles you're. And ranked sixty actually is normal levels of your ranks 62 and yeah statistics but also brought to roll 68 junior and Omaha Nebraska trickster for hire a lot of community college. Averaging eight point nine point I presume. And Robertson blocks per game losing the national leaders who lives back. I'm Fletcher is off guard. Shirt sophomore for Edwards fill illinois' average of twelve point two points per game. As a point guard is five kids senior Mike Rodriguez for Boston Massachusetts which include trips a year ago. He's averaging twelve point 91. The game and also lead the G-8 with four point. Assists per game. Fish Donald Bryant don't let him get started by eighteen points and thirteen rebounds Saturday since I haven't got the hit eight out of eleven shots and as you and I he got twelve rebounds off the kids religion rebounding. And background and habits he has. It was a Bryant led southern Illinois story in the first game that would well and I believe he had all twelve hours. Catapult in the second half you'll want. Home and shot at the Y ladies we'll all. In foul trouble. David that a Bryant really showed what he's capable he was able to stay out for a longer effective. And be everything to do what coach Berry didn't come up with that I'm fifty. Big guys got out couple don't be surprised if we feed them don't defense is not a southern. And don't be surprised it's and jump defense. The fragment. Fox did one and dump them. I'd give it to try to keep the big guys on the floor the officials for tonight's game our Gary Maxwell Fred Perry. Talk about the start the game opening. Just controlled by Shaquille Boris. And every champ will be picked up but Mike Rodriguez soon and we'll have a distinct height advantage on bribery is of those matchups lift weights background left flocked to Boris. We'll try to go to the basket as often happens immediately got double team. Thought they could make one bounce booted try to legislate between the two defenders and ended up dragging its. Well we talk about that the keys you got to recognize with a double teams there and kick that ball up. Full court pressure but it's just considers to not the way about it doesn't wrestling on the floor brown has its and that is tied up yeah. And so it will be Saluki basketball he ought to any position open markets would Duffy got to hand it got the early deflection that brown went on the floor after they couldn't. Rollover clear before it was tied up let us IU players like nothing. Probably just a little bit after going on the floor there yeah and you gravity has left you must come down for. And and who root for them for what looks like when she's run okay. Sean O'Brien bringing it up this kind of a point forward it gives it to Mike Rodriguez it for a court left wing it goes to Fletcher guided by the Duffy asked not to O'Bryant. Dribble drive that's best try to get back door cuts for Sean Lloyd and just bounce it through an open space out of bounds so each team on their first possession. Has turned it over without getting shot at Greg higher hasn't stopped this ballgame he stressed the players look for those back doors. Especially early in both the house candidate in the front court what's left side it's we'll street from frame can't keep this drivel on the way it's that is reprinted with recent us report. My excitement Duffy and the baseline got. Artistic Duffy at an open jumper from the right baseline with Wichita State hits and an ethic he had twenty in the first game. It's not illegal Stewart. Right wing Malloy for southern Illinois gets a Wall Street bridge it is not yet seductive Bryant looks like Rodriguez Rodriguez off the streets. Crosscourt right side Lloyd just above the way brings it to the that it gives it up who Bryant. Dribbles right dribbles all of it on the right saddling spins back out of the lake Lloyd first career did out rebound Shaquille Doris from Wichita State that has segment that four guys in the perimeter with hole in the middle income before out wardens that that time. And it penetrates a little left of the key to make Gupta look time low could get a didn't Morris now goes to Mauresmo looked quarterback got to make Duffy in front to Frankie writes I chanted. He favourite laid the ground ball to shoot out front it Duffy went dribble pulls up and fires that's a soon. Just barely inside Carolina markets but nothing has the first four points of the game Sean O'Brien is starting Martha looked up and deflating kind of soft in the country made him pay for food baskets. My way up beyond three point dark restaurant outside Iraq is that previously could make it drives bounce back to a Bryant streets of right try to take groundout. Skip and jump hook a left hand rolls off short rebound won't turn around the light short peddling it's not itself. Gregg Marshall really upset this team throughout boxes. I have limited box out the first time but that rebound with long but then after both shot the second shot nobody thought that often coach Jeff Parsons irate about it. Rodriguez pulled out of foul line hit a fifteen footer first two points for southern Illinois Kentucky victory for the post overthrew. Jack Morris picked up by Sean wanted to bring to the front court for the salukis O'Brien at the top little handoff to lecture. Drives it into the lions chose a little floater it's been just a rebound chased down by Marcus picked up you took it and ran it down. Janet brings it up soccer's leading fortitude Landry down the block Boris turnaround the left hand bounces on the river falls in a tough shot hole right in his face. Her around jumps out with that left him high off the bat off the backboard. Six to two Wichita State three minutes gone in the first half on the right wing Fletcher. Gives it in the middle for a tool Bryant got off the left while the bullet that bubble chased it down about a fifteen footer bounces off rebounds background flips to share for the push it up court. Six to two Wichita State champ right side comes back to the middle lightweight in the Duffy packet and jam it left with a ground. Cancer to France can't coming out for us right not to sham it. Did post right side Morris turns twelve footer good. Feel more precious torch one up over wolf. He and Duffy now each have poured its eight to two what you tell us today about a fifteen foot fadeaway that time by Jack Morris. Right side Rodriguez not to dribble into the people fifteen footer gets instead to. And as long war for southern Illinois have pulled that ball screens. For Rodriguez since Jack Morris did get up and hedged on it. More is middling turnaround Vista for about twelve feet rebound Rodriguez pushing it hard of course it's listed on the right when deployed back to Rodriguez in the right corner. Little cute steps still has his dribble puts it on the floor brings it to the free throw circle steps that goes left wing Sean lord. Sprint can't guarding the bigger Lloyd to switch right now let about seventy feet missed about a back rebound Landry Shannon. Shot this with the ball up before she evident in the front court pets back to the middle pulls up from Korea hit from the top of the key. Yeah Kennedy Shaq course that kind of transition. Dribbled off more sunscreen and shot went right from the top of the circle knock it down with reporter. Landry's first points of the first 332 team in the game it's eleven to four Wichita State. John Lloyd let's wait O'Brien O'Brien looking to back down. Sex grandstands that went down the left can hit any kind of active data. The hell back to original Bryant's turnaround in the left hander for his first I don't know if brown just fell down or whether he's trying to draw the charge to you. You went down and Shawn got a Tom O'Brien got wide open shot at 1011 to six Wichita State left the ground sort of by Fletcher. Still hasn't troubled gives a Democrat Franken who dribbles right goes around bully got a whistle away from the ball. And a foul apparently on. Thirteen months when John Lloyd on how. Think that's the first now whistle on either team and it comes with fifty you know afford to go in the first so you can take the record sixteenth time out here. With Wichita State leading southern Illinois eleven to six. The play. There's no place else like. The circle of chairs around. For all that he remembers get passed around like bowls of ice cream it's great campaign that. I'm going along with the laughter he's specialty insurance we don't just insure your home we shall all the memories and the consolidation and ask your agent for. Shelter insurance where your shield here shelter. For homeowners insurance Josh Alexander in the first since. Syrian Marion or John prospered in Newton. This is what it sounds like when truck guy shot but other dealerships I'm aggression war. We have though white one why and a while and this is what it sounds like when truck I shot but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special editions more choices than ever before wow I'll take the rally due to a racing start warming they can't reflect real treaties and more than like a minute addition here's the difference Richard Shelby do you. And this truck month so make a strong decision and find Silverado that's right for you see your hometown shouldn't there today. You are busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls favors did you ask Brenda thank you could. Completely forgot to shower can't do anything different believes that he can't promise better. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something's Manningham blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family to Atlanta delta dental KS dot com. Shocker sports has brought to my American family insurance. Let's see agent John Green bread woody or in valley center agent Tim dank. USU shocker basketball is only 103 point seven KP why. Back at Carbondale season. Wichita State sixty you know for the first half. Seven Illinois only three for its first nine from the field over one. Read this doctors are five of six Marcus Vick got beat two for two landry's ship that one for one of them that three point attempt and Shaquille Boris two for three. The suckers up 43 on the boards they have committed two turnovers in southern Illinois one of only one foul whistle that was just. Time out. It was charged against southern illinois' Shaun Lloyd's of Wichita State we'll keep possession that they already had a I don't like coming back out we had. For the original starters Leo yes. Taking over for John Lloyd in the lineup since it is small to avoid that and good all around score 61. Is this red hot from three over the last four games averaged eight. Point three points per game so watch out for him yet 11 points against Evansville Saturday hit 5 threes and am walking. But the shocker is run on nurtured his jacket for Shaquille Morris that's their only chance to left Mike Brown back to Shannon getting the basket against wolf. What I'm pretty credible threat is set itself to prepare for ball trying to block his shot. And he had to shuffle this came a little bit let soccer's third turnover. When they've had shots they've made them five of six with three turnovers in the first five plus minutes in people's has 53 blocks already this season so Cameron was concerned about it. John O'Brien dribble handoff and rightly deflection Pressler Rodriguez left side. But to the work off the Wall Street knew Bryant in the middle right went to Fletcher. But Cilic to drive it back throughout McDuff these days let him turn on the line with the left hand Mr. Big desk extra rebound. This exceeded its loose on the floor southern Illinois scrambling Florida get a jump ball situation in the shot here's skip this what's. Picked up the hustle play that not a very Smart play trying to save that add to the other team's basket one of those it could have ended up for the lay up for the salukis yen in the battle for the rebound he and Fletcher were kind of falling towards got a bounds line in Duffy had to do something with the basketball with. Don't go back underneath their best. Janet bringing it up against man man full court pressure from Rodriguez left went to ground Richard pops up topic goes rightly different camped threatening Duffy. Gloated through straight guys. Marcus Vick he has made his first three shots including that three out of tune that was just inside the lines so. He is off to a great start shooting the ball now they're really executed offensive set that time bring in the Duffy three streets. Did it pulls up and fires defrauded yet. Series against those Saturday's. Twice instead you are sick for three over the last four games real streaky shooter the only thing he did going. Fourteen to nine Wichita State tonight ground giving up front and down the length is always the best. Made a nice recovery crowd had about a half staff Bonnie. Believe he's able to recover and want to show up fortunately he's six foot eight only 200 pounds but nothing really really long arms and he was trailing. Let me camera by a couple of steps that time and still blocking shots background checks out and Rashard Kelly is in for the first time. Factors in batting the end line Shanda. Read a little scientific data that's fast disease was killing us what you're trying to say to borrow gets deflected that the only player close to a chasing it down. Was Jonathan finally on the front court Rodriguez has it for a site you got to protect the ball against southern normally they've got really quick hands. That's tasked to wiley try to drag the basement throws it back after Rodriguez he brings it to deal down into the lane and throws down the left corner Fletcher free trade is just. Almost have to wait just a case about Reshard Kelly with the rebound. Tough break for a site near the shot you stay on top 149 champion left of the key cross to nurture three from the right wing just. I don't nurture the can down at three that's what types of soccer's third street fighter in the first half they lead seventeenth the night and the big guy shoot a high percentage from three hit two out of two in Missouri State game. Clara Vincent for another three off the back this time rebounds Marcus Qaddafi for the shocker. Was it to Shannon brings to the cross the timeline right the middle of the court starts a little bit left comes back right up to nurture street. Rightly picked Daffy back a sham and over to Kelly. Let's wait for you can't cut her off the street Mike Kelly back to Kelly the screeners principal life goes up over balls got partially blocked through about fifth just to visit. It's just there to assistant frank he's put their listeners. So the previous victories like that just by Freddie can't pressuring cash out without fouling Rodriguez and Rodriguez missed. Jack of all still up seventeen did not McAfee off left flocked to nurture back to the basket Wheeler in the land on both candidates. He just. Could just in the score big time play by Toronto nurture it and goes through a couple of dribbles with a over his left shoulder his kids overs reichel got left handed hook shot. Ron I was close to six point cells have been told go on for a dunk got. Home to. Let us just got a little bit remit there was gone for the hammered Dunn who was down by Landry sham but we ended the basket and bolo have to make two from the line. He was gonna rip the basket down without one but that's what you have to shape the basket. Like tools. Holes kind of one of his arms first ballot Wichita State anti bulls to the line TH IK. 68200 pound junior. And the free throws only shoots a little under 61%. From the line six of 73456. Kevin did that's his first night. They shot Smith Jackson threw it to cut state champ but yet sisters were either of the night. I've heard a guy described as all arms and legs to people of all arms and legs has some really long legs and some really long arms John Lloyd back in. Just street we all make stood still and now he's going to get a break and Jackie injuries thread knicks a 6940. Pound sophomore from Riga Latvia. And Rodriguez out right now Vincent is the point guard. They've got a pretty big wide open and Jonathan wiley at six sixes to command right now. They shots that bring it up against it's it gets across the time line drives hard to the right way and we'll double team for a moment when it's an up front for you can't. Soccer's up nineteen to eleven spring camp left that he couldn't get it out practicality from left leg. Picked up the on the left block nurture double team get their throws it up front in the Duffy over to sniff. Back to make nothing once it opens create my Christmas list. Series stuff is still on the line. A victim I think it's not a pretty heavy shots have been long Gonzales dream team just barely not threes he had twenty against southern in which you don't guard got mine here tonight. 21 to eleven Wichita State to show Chris first ten point lead specifics picked up his dribble can't find anyone finally let the timeline to a Bryant. Thirteen on the shot clock O'Brien against Kelly steps that can flat tires they'll take pitches all night to shoppers Lilly's not a good perimeter shooter. Send your knees deflected gets away and then off to him Deloitte. Good hands of the. Don't have an after a timeout. 1107 to go first half Wichita State 21 southern Illinois the eleventh. Is they're cold they're making you shiver even endorse call the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or install a new Linux system heat your home now and pay overtime and with six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. And I'm mistaking delicious to the next level which are warm bakery inspired cinnamon rolls French toast we take a cinnamon roll. Fringe just didn't add an extra layer of cinnamon filling them. And then drizzle it with cream cheese icing yeah it's that good. And or dryer is sticky bun waffles and red velvet French toast and you can even make it combo with your choice of Gregg is favorite set a price he'll love. So again and I often eat up every moment yeah. Limited time participating restaurants yeah. Junker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. It's CIA agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer. You should. Your best form his own one of three point seven KG and I had. Now I'm. Because Illinois has gone one up to six run. Seed Wichita State that's gone form it's the same stretch. I can't fly home. For the first half. Markets picked up the although he has been rebound against passing very well over the last five games only eight points per game over those five city 33%. No sign of that tonight he has scored for scoring putting 13 point here. All four shots of him at least twelve feet out he is really lighting it up lead all scorers with nine. Oh my god we think it's good on all we shot it down. That's good for the shot and got a couple of categories. Four turnovers a little too many for this early in the ball game and they've given a free offensively down. To salute and. Overall they do lead on the boards 95 they have the ball after an insight turnover doctors at 211111. Minutes to go in the first half. They shot kind of court rightly to nurture outside to Smith program right winged Austin region just checked in. Left wing the Duffy was in a hurry issued bottled it does not Smith back to the Duffy left corner nurtured. Not to on the way to the Duffy nearly stolen by Brian Marcus penetrates crosscourt right baseline Kelly from fifteen this rebound nurture that went up. Ford again and it's out of bounds last touch by southern Illinois and southern jump into a 12223. Matchup zone. Got a nice rebound from her after the Kelly yes but rush to put back. And with a vacuum it's going to be shocker basketball and meet their own basket case John Smith to play at AM. It's thirty on the shot clock. It in the left corner Reeves. Thought about it that front but Duffy right side surgeries to elbow hands adopted nation on Smith right middle to Kelly left side streets. Austin looks into the high post not for a Smith killed nineteen issues. Dribbles left a little bit friendship the defense not for a merger rightwing mean nothing pops short rebound nurture fighting for up to deflect the shot O'Brien. Brian brings it up himself avoids a steal by deja on Smith hands off Floyd back to a Bryant. Soccer's not ten not ten minutes to go in the first half luckily Leo Vincent. That's right from wiley because you've got to hit a tendency to finally lost the handle. It doesn't take to the basket just pop places they had Soledad stealing what an acrobatic they've gone by wiley. I can double pump wield the ball around later this topic collapsed he has absolutely. Have a blast at their markets that Duffy has eleven. Soccer is up by twelve wiley left wiggle right guard Mike Kelly picked up as an atomic outfielder wily hops from 58 and yet Jonathan finally history. It hurts a shocker lead back to chance. They shot Smith at different court in the middle of it nothing back on the right wing Smith in the rights wondered assured Cali. Thank you Fred Smith looked type posting goes right wing Reeves makes a passive side puts it on the floor right baseline Kelly. Printed up the link gives to reach across left to Nikita Smith heartless killing at the elbow is not a threat. Yeah had to make those shots take on goal then don't buy it got a little busy with being taken. Okay yeah that's all they're got a little busy with his feet that's a soft spot that to free match up zone ride around for the valiant effort just inside the free throw line. That's where you get the basketball and perkins' defense. Kelly got it there but got an artery shuffle it's the fifth shot or turnover the first to have him back in the nation on Smith out. Wichita State top 10914. To go before the Gator Nation. Mike Rodriguez back kids dress you know bring it up. He's guarded now by Zach brown for the the first time around him Bryant early in the game that's ridiculous Leo that's it dribbles left picked up by yours switch grass court Rodriguez drives it. Slams it is very clear they're gonna call the foul. On Zach brown and push him aside. And be his first. Second team now. This is in the active shooting so rhetoric is just the line for two. Attackers hit a good job of keeping him off line at which it they scored two points at the free throw line that on the season. Those a lot about six and a half times a game makes the mystery through I think he'd rather drive and shoot. Three at picking you to close out a little bit more carefully on Mike Rodriguez could Felix he likes to drive the bats well he shouldn't 30%. From behind the arc for the season's 74%. And five makes both of them. He already has as many points as you had the entire first game he's got six to lead southern. Wichita State leads it 2315. And landry's ship it brings it up some initial pressure by some. Like they dropped back pick up in the half court Morissette to street Janet left weak ground shots they. Back to ship it to get that 23 zone look for a sign you. Out front Reeves right baseline. She and a quick jumper off the front of the rim long rebound after Rodriguez picked up four on one. Rodriguez drivers to hold on reason this flu shot followed by physical no treatment tips just. We considered by Bryant puts it this Christmas is also. It is unrepentant anti. It's. Not aware that time they didn't walk anybody off after the couple goes against my O'Brien. Let's bring champ. Lead cut to 62370. Kelly excellent quarterback got to champ and a whistle away from Laura. And now I think gun boy he looked flabbergasted that he was being flown to arm barred the bathtub. Secure borders and to bolt his first now only the second team. This to create match up zone is really shifting off hi there covering the wings with the forwards in the middle guys coming up to cover the big in the middle school. I think that some guys are gonna be open along the baseline for lobs. Over the top of the home. Rudy stretch they expected the SA lot of people kind of I can't comes back here. You know it's not about how they were let compliant Loyola the other night how many thousand the first half. Only two fouls on each team in the first half tonight but it hasn't been that physical gave Morris the footage you have a shot fake the president touted the basket. But it just spread it bothers the shot invested very badly shot O'Brien and I think can Zach brown what we're about giving shots like to see sickle riding this thread knicks. Please tested to a spot and and do his fifth related there Rodriguez penetrate the little disk about Floyd he drives but simple. Kelly Kelly. Allan Gregg Marshall is complaining. Kelly will be his first thirteen crowd noise level chancellor. Three point play they could cut it to three. After the under eight timeout 751. To go first half of southern Illinois trailing the soccer is 23 to ninety. Hard working Kansas make our state great. They built our past and are growing our future. While improving the lives of everyone they touch him. 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But SI group four perform the line about to go back there at Wichita State has not been for the free throw line yet. Yeah which starts dating is winning the battle reports 12115. SI you had six offensive rebounds they got three levels. One possession here a few minutes or a minute ago when Sean O'Brien got that would. Back John Lloyd just scoring his first basket back gets a chance for a three point play. As he was felled by Rashard Kelly. Free throw his good shot going day 71% free throw shooter years. So as site within 32320. Now this is a 70 run by the salukis have some shock treatment 23 deferred to. Green Zone they jump to bag on me and me coming out this time out chorus of the high post holding your right elbow hands it to Shannon Landry up the street right way to ground. Packed up front to Shannon shot clock down the tenth round rightwing. Lay out front gym at seven this year everything is it possible to just on the list. All I'm ready strand Nixon's southern Illinois. All of a sudden that lane was just like the Red Sea parted for Moses and jam it ticketed hard jammed it has a chance for a three point play thousands of Brian Knight. Okay. Nice drive and dunk by sham at the end of the shot clock. Thirteen found out southern Illinois. Good so landry's got six of the answers a three point play by Lloyd with one of the zone. But the shock is backed up by 6724. Still to go in the first half full court man to man defense this time the court and impressed Zach brown back to guarding John O'Brien the head at the start of the game. The good crossover dribble get to Malaysia doubled over the balls at blocks from behind. By Shaq Morris ball was good for the estimated lives at Jack Morris walked into his pants from behind. Barry Hinson is usually Sean O'Brien at some point guard and give my blood removed from the rest at time. O'Brien brought it up got five brown went right down the main thing that's nice dish to wolf. But if Mike described the block from behind by Boris. Eighteen on the shot clock is as say you place it didn't go. From the left corner Bryant out of the way Deloitte left side middle of the Florida Mike Rodriguez Rodriguez started by a friend can't dribbles left office three. Lobster bowl and he couldn't finish the law goes well contested by Zach brown. Jim and bring it up crosscourt to plant can't but he's. All the time in my life and not just in Hungary as. Ask Schneider. Chicken apple moved to a pretty good get there. The fans booing that he just live right in Hungary didn't give me any room to move that off and it's now will be on our minds lecturing his first you have to her popular. Calling your with the Saluki fans but when the guys in the air in these movies you've got to give a chance to to come back down the floor and Fletcher did you came underneath break camp. Connor a little bit shaken up looks like he's my particular pulled to the left the left side and walk it off right now. Fourth team now NSA year is on the plate going airports are no free throw ship and the right thing to print campaigns it back to share that insight you'd back it dead zone. My baseline more restaurants. Just stepped right inside the defender and hammered it with both hands and shagged him six. At the lead back to eight for. It was just honestly have been nice play against his own they were held out of practice today on the shootaround I was ball movement people at the top handoff to. Lloyd guarded by Sheehan an upfront through Bryant right wing reflectors. Pletcher trying to get by the Duffy could no Bryant trying to drive it spinning turnaround won't fly grabbed three batters for a moment but Morrison has. Not a bad thoughts Jack Morris. Jack Kennedy his hands and his salukis player I think both Bryant came in there. So overdone it is seen as out of bounds around my house. So we got that ball back look at luckily reflect your way out front to Rodriguez who shot clock effort or is temporarily head the possession right. More right to block you and Bryant look at it back down grab it helps for at camp will turn around by a Bryant role. Life. And Keller and Bryant was 66 shot lead back to 62822. Upshot thanks Donald Brian's background was all over him. In the whole world Bryant shot Goldman got him. Training camp way out right side of the floor across the left side to Sheehan but 23 zone bison in Illinois she in the off the street by more respectable or is it bounces off these she'll lose all recovered by Fletcher for southern Illinois breaking the record gives the Rodriguez. Bushes and head in the right corner of Bryant for extreme way short rebound Morris and again it's actors like O'Bryant shoot perimeter shots that's not his strength. She ever right wing crossover. Hit it up not front to ground now this year. For us to Fred camp left side well above the three point line at the moment left wing the ground finishing the period. Open senate shot a graduate really build out on even Zach Graham was his first three points at eight. Long long three point attempt over a defender that time but that round. Over the top themselves 3122. Wichita State by 950 wait to go for tabloid penetrating blocked by Morris a ton of tipped out of bounds last touched by southern Illinois is. Like Ted because. Floor after the accident about half Jack wars really elevated their people their block that shot went off the salukis player not a popular call but I think the right call. As the will be soccer ball. Up nine with five minutes to go in your hands. Great can't share that ground they definitely Ed Morris the original starting five from Wichita State. And champ it brings in Afghanistan you dropping and that's rightwing champ and a threat to ground that she and the right side. Down the block Morrissey turnaround from six short bounces off through sort of the opposite side by apparatus was blocked. By Fletcher it's out of crowds are proud of the ball we. Rebounded off his leg yeah of course this is shot and nobody would after the rebound from ground came all the way from the perimeter like down to the middle zone got me down. It would do well to back in did elevate. And up and Fletcher stuffed it. Jonathan wiley Beckett for southern Illinois. Michael Bryant is getting good reader and so round picks up why we will bring it up on the dribble. For forty to go first half Wichita State by nine southern with the ball right wing Fletcher crossover dribble he guarded by the Duffy right at the top left we Deloitte. Lloyd one dribble opinions about to Rodriguez ripped it up for it. But converted to drive it. It can't guard him not front tee balls week to shoot rightly Fletcher 'cause they slide into traffic crosscourt Rodriguez pulls up to traffic again. A top fifteen footer above I Rodriguez who's got eight. Soccer leagues have a print can't down the block it Duffy. Big pressure their corporate traveler that's a bad call by Gary Mack truck he was bumped off his feet by the defendant that was a bush yeah. It's either no call you got to call the foul on the defender there to make him. See you at number 42 lecture just kind of she markets knocking off not to hit a good. Off balance you got called for. Now there was an ultimate trap it was a day would be some of those calls a lot of this building with the way they play defense here on the baseline look adaptive traffic this. Russell Chandler head to head off yeah. John five SI you back to within 53126. Round left wing. What's inside out front Shannon went read the top left my ground shots take. An affront to French camp did post that defeat to baseless and what some would suggest gave it look easy lay up just a textbook high low against the Tutsis zone hit adelphia on the high post. Willis came from the right baseline underneath the basket beautiful pass and looked up to the Willis to was up 5326. Wichita State John Lloyd at the top privilege right to left in his left him to head backward wasn't there to Fletcher. That's vastly out front to wiley gives it to Rodriguez now shot clock hit eleven. Rodriguez looking for a drive into the Steagall gives it off the wily pulls up to the free throw line fifth. Now it's. Not quite a while only bad thing. Coming off the lead off balance. Contact background stationary kids were three point when we come out come out. So you hanging around 306 to go first half of what you task date 33 southern Illinois 28. 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Point 7% one of five from. Three hijackers fourteen of 2556%. For a sixth or created a shocker it's not only want free throw it they've paid 75 for five from the line. But it does state plus two plus the boards. SIQ and eight offensive rebound maybe it's. Can't fly a shocker seven turnovers did the pavement fortunately they have. He's not knock points off turnovers at and those were troubling areas we've talked about the feud with the basketball game. Rebounding. Over the doctors have given up feed off. She's 70 boy that's helped them stay in this ballgame and in seven turnovers by the doctor we too many only averaged twelve. For the ballgame and I said Lloyd it's Jonathan wiley at the free throw line re shoot 78%. And it makes it a three point play from lively who's got five. That's doubled his average he averages two and a half of game he's got five in the first half subsequently down four. Austin reads in the game playing in the backcourt with Jim and as they break the press French camp at the top turns and fires existed rebound though Willis. Muscles and up and get it Terrell Willis of the offensive rebound put back took its time that's the 800 elevated and put it back he's good offensive put back. Tiger will still girls just fit in the game moment cities hit two quick baskets. 529. Which state Mike Rodriguez pound it out right right wing the way. Right up front to wiley. While you shot fake passes let's accurately is brings back the middle of the key wolf it's not there shovels bit late Miley has stumbled throws enough of walked off the wrong foot and missed it rebounded markets McDuff. Art is different were slightly different here cutter built Oceanic. Landry. It's a street dribbles right lightweight rankings kind of bring to the top mystique shots sort. Rebound loose on the floor recovered by Rodriguez. With bush as it is sort of got it was sold. T bull is hobbling. And they're gonna stop play for him which means they'll have to come out of the game at least temporarily it's like united just hurt his ankle a little bit that. Probably enough to eat chicken shot O'Bryant checked bag kids do in southern ball down sales long time ago the first pretty good open looks like kind of breaking one against the press that the reporters that he has but we'll put it back again. That Tamil drive from the right wing. Good look from sixty feet missed that those risks first tee shot attempts of the game. On the right side wiley on the dribble it did he holds out blankets or for rudder. And a foul up Willis late. Kind of a late call looked like you know him pretty good position there could violent. On the line Patricia. Finally the played real aggressively here the last few minutes. Right before that time that he drove into the free throw line period drew the foul made the bucket at a three point play that time drove down the lane to the basket and drew well. Only did the line 23 times in 26 previous game maybe 15% of you say it makes the first. Shouted a little short of that stuff over the river and wiley now with six in the first half. He had. It seems surprised that nine against Drake at exit seven twice in the last four games by Keith gets him the whole point so producing a lot. The coaches have been I think. Thanks the second when he's got seven. And inside you. 3530 in Augusta agreed to bring it up with just under two minutes ago the first half where it against lecture those lefties that they're Xiamen. Kevin gonna buy read re good at factories and drive right we got Beckett went through Reeves. Still holding it dribbles left goes Brad Fletcher Fletcher Monty he actually bumped him harder than that twice earlier in the possession but finally hearing Maxwell hall for the nets are month lectures second. They instituted. And technically the human right. Reads all the way up the court filing a couple more news coming out of Bryant coming in. Bull by the way is back here after that little tweak it is important was it to of the moment. He shot clock right wing frame camp at the top picked up the left side Sheehan. Mid late last night Willis back to the basket accident to re back Willis spins goes baseline steps back boat near little floater missed it. Rebound chased down by the list of great throw by illicit shot a little hard after getting ball off this. State like drives baseline traffic tried to force an office up from behind by Carol Willis. That'll be too quick fouls well let's and it's John Lloyd going for the lines that you John Lloyd 65 sophomore from Philadelphia really strong he went my reads. And by Willis that time if the basketball found. That's his game he's a slasher and driver you've got to keep him during the quarter free throw. Right now is six. In the first half shot Lloyd has averaged seven point two points per game he has to hand double figure games on the season. A sophomore he is the nephew of former Drake rated NBA players Lewis Lloyd. Another uncle Darrell also played Drake it was. That's exactly what he's got seven southern Illinois cut the soccer league to suit with a thirteen to go in the first half. Southern Illinois played very well offensively. Example in the last five minute. Morissette front to make nothing. Right wing Craig can't get a shot tested out this post modeled my chorus friends go on the floor saved my read sick about it. Instead he scrambles for the the crowd. What timeout taken by the Iranians it. 53 seconds ago the first 19 on the possession very handsome spotted at a time out there look. Like a pretty good entry pass to Shaq forested pit lane and that it just fumbled it and let go wild scramble southern Illinois as well sometimes get a pass to recede. You take your eye off the faucet get ready to make your move. And I think that's what Jack did but it was a good Belfast. From kind of break it there jacket yet. Local local football basketball and in our league got the ball. That's right if you have done and so the ability to benefit those guys being careless with the basketball that's what he turned over and I. Tension jacket fans what the biggest and best everyday price selection of soccer merchandise at the official story of Wichita State University. Located on the first floor of the etiquette things that are out there that lets you campus. Shop online 24 sevenths W as she books dot. Not university bookstore for a place to shop inside the ball they had a chance to tie or take the lead here down soon. Little under a minute to go in the first half let's night Rodriguez got to my friend we have not Fred Vinson that was picked up her. Rattles in and out rebound Boris. Difference of about seven seconds between the shot clock in the markets not mistreated in the front court the last few seconds of the first half. What he took the shot clock. Jim it goes right after the war is back with him. Back to Morris wrote to the basket it really hammers it on the done yeah a little two man game between champ Boris has the ball back in court. Ended up with warrants for the basket and a thunderous dunk. And he went to the hole the next best punch him. What point Tsakalidis value at about seven seconds to make the playwright reduce spending dishing Deloitte for three that's no good rebounder Duffy was two seconds to go other hand. Guy comes up short. And that will be the half of the tigers. Up by as many as twelve and SI had a chance to tie it just before the end of the half of this Packers go to the locker. With a four point me. At halftime which is not a state 37 at the southern Illinois 33 stages of the credit union of America have to. 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Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point seven to eighty YA and attitudes. Welcome back to Carbondale remember you can save up to 40% today after the shoppers were ahead cats laughter. East or west this is the credit union of America halftime show up if you'd better relationship with your bank. It's time to switch to credit unit of America are financial compatibility. Come together to visit match. Lucy you may not let's see who they have great union of America proudly sponsors WSU basketball. Kind of an odd first half at various times of the flood Wichita State was going to pull it open up the big leagues they did. Billed as much as 812 point lead after southern Illinois cut it to three shots there's got to back up tonight. Then the final minute to have this site you actually had a shot to tie or take the lead at Wichita State ended up leading by fourth. We've got to take good shots and got to take care of the basketball and you can't lift the whole team get offensive rebounds and put back today. He purchased the home crowd and go to the areas that the doctors have fallen short in. Here is that eight turnovers in the first half. And they've given up eight offensive rebounds. His southern Illinois head coach normally put a number of those back in. And David puts added back in the basket gave extra possession which they scored on hold. It's you've got pictures of basketball you've got to secure the sports. And they put on the foot and another on the line or 10% from the free throw line. Yeah if you look at just total attempts at any time that doesn't mean that I don't have. Total possessions broken down. But so did a little higher at 33 field goal attempt at free throw attempts at 43 crap to the basket of some kind. Wichita State had thirty watts that's just that different club quality of it's keeping seven. Illinois into an. And again tennis camp a lot of it was because they want of 19 point advantage there of the factors completely dominating the field goal shooting sixteen of thirty or 53%. This other eleven of 33 for thirty. Kevin looked like as you've pointed out my soccer cup and then at 120 look like they were gonna slowly pull away from the salukis. But then the turnovers the offensive boards and at some guys coming off the bench. First southern really helped John Lloyd people have been at seven point. And go wiley came off the bench got seven points in those five goals for a lot that's that's more than score. Two or three ball games so they've really given the article appeared before. Nevertheless what you just stayed with could have given up believe didn't care what my score made a nice play at the end of the first half of factors plus war fought the boards flooded his sixteenth but they've got to cut off the offensive rebound. Bob mentioned. And the slice it southern Illinois right there for the basket getting why can't tell. At the factory and got to balance that out a little bit second hand yet they've definitely. It definitely attack. The shop for defense and got the basket. More this doctors. Their defense and got to their best itself. I. I don't think it's bad calls I think is just their style of play in the fact that they've gotten by the privilege. Got the basket more. And forces doctors to foul. His own defense that invites others poses a Wichita State down a little bit they were handling the main enemy and could easily but win. That's what you would do that matchup zone it's pulled the shocker down a little bit. He was just pure lead at halftime 37. 33 shocker sports properties of Wichita state athletic so like to thank the shocker ambassadors which. Just days he league level of corporate partners United Healthcare house of Wanda. Delta devils coach industries and Cox Communications. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics. Are shocked the sports property to bring what 6978. 7552. Back on the credit union of America halftime show right after it. Welcome Anthony dollar TA take your I don't yeah I'll take a small Coke and all of a large plays you know you can get any size Coke for just a dollar rate so a small Coke is just a dollar. And the largest just a dollar yes and because OK Hugh just the flu are different size and mine such. Sorry he got excited again it's nice getting any size bang for your buck so come into McDonald's and get an ice cold delicious any says Coke for just a buck on the cartoon cars registration they didn't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something's got to give blues the laundry list. Keep your smile to learn more about individual and family to Atlanta delta dental KS dot com. The most dangerous thing in Kansas coach. We just know. Next time. You dry. We are those hospital rehabilitation. Acxiom healthcare services provides three unique still nursing facility to get you back on your feet and and bacterial life family health and rehab it was switched talk dirty up every had a derby and re still helped Embree had an easily stuffed up relocation of the safety or there'd be a good mix and a highly skilled in carrying stats they give the patients the best opportunity to function as. The highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy and we are here for you. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance C agent John Green bread woody or in valley center agent Tim de WSU shocker basketball there's only 103 point seven KEY area. Millions of America halftime show from Carbondale ahead. But it photographers can statistics are previous segment so let's. The way this game for just a moment take a look at the scoreboard presented by traditions home. Last night in the valley the only conference game last night Evansville defeated Drake 87 to seven days and certainly Evansville coming on a little bit they were. One and dine out one point 813 of their last four they're now fourteen to fourteen overall on the year they'll be one of the soccer's upcoming opponents of that senior night game next Tuesday. Hope arena. Tonight in the valley Bradley hit northern Iowa and Indiana stayed at Loyola both of those games just getting under way at the next couple of minutes. And then at 8 o'clock tipoff tonight illinois' strings. It was seriously. High school boards tonight with a shocker to him one in the league. And Missouri State currently tied for fifth place at sixth and eighth that's a big game for both teams. It's not 45 tonight at 1144. To go in Columbia, South Carolina and that's what we want South Carolina trails Arkansas. 5652. At halftime in Evanston Illinois northwestern. Just outside the top 45 this week in the eighteenth hole to soccer's were 26 northwestern is 28. Number 23 Maryland's leading northwestern at the half. 32 point. And to use of the wildcats'. Nineteen and six bidding for their first ever NCAA appearance. Down with just 22 points at halftime. South Florida also held a twenty to buy them eighteenth Cincinnati is the first half the bearcats lead on the road South Florida. Thirty 222 Kansas State is playing at home tonight. Against Iowa State spoke tracked its worst case an older cars scored trackerless. We appreciate his efforts. Let daddy you're scoreboard to date. And it's brought to you by traditions moments proud to announce that they've been named the winner of the best for its historic Wichita for 2007. News sponsored. By which time magazine. Traditions homes traditions homes or would like to thank all of their wonderful for our customers are voting. And traditions homes and its 33 year business locally owned by avid soccer fans. I'm the traditions home to see the latest of interior design of traditions offers best of American furniture manufacturers equity simply. Strictly and vanguard just to name you provide C Robin and Diane and they're wonderful staff. And traditions home on Douglas. Just east of hillsides. You're listening to the credit union of America halftime show of Wichita State leading southern Illinois at the break 3730. Three here at Carbondale back but the second half after this. Soccer fans come out and supports the men's basketball program at the eleventh annual great martial shocker basketball auctioning golf tournament the dinner and auction sponsored by mainly rupees will be Saturday may sixth at 530 in Charles broke arena then on Monday may fifteenth hit the course was coach Marshall at the would you talk country club for the great martial shocker basketball golf tournaments sponsored by equity bank space is limited to Indra golf team for purchase tickets at the auction contact this development office at 9785553. 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Or downtown Toronto purchased a two day pass for twelve dollars each. We're a five day pass. We're 2350. Hard to believe that that's almost upon us through the final two weeks of the regular season. And a lot of spots a lot of CDs still will be decided for the counties here. A lot happened the last week and a half year. And that's an exciting valley tournament is if you don't have plans to go and I think seriously about going because a lot going to be on the line of me. He NCAA tournament here at stake with the only state. And bill which thus stayed the course is always upsets in the valley for the last few humanize winning that tournament in Evansville almost one of you and I had it last second shot to beat themselves to be some really exciting basketball. Well we have just a moment wanted to remind you of a couple of things coming up in town this weekend in addition to the shocker men's basketball game at 11 AM Saturday against northern Iowa. Women's tennis is hosting meet you on Friday and that has had a change of venue and time from the original schedule originally isolated. We're 7 o'clock Friday evening. Yet the which to attack country club it's been moved to the home and tennis complex outdoors at 3 o'clock on Friday temperatures supposed to be in the upper sixties on Friday and also at that time. Wichita State opens its baseball season posted up Allen first pitch at 3 o'clock. Crowd at stadium that series continues at 2 o'clock on Saturday at 1 o'clock on Sunday. Away from home. Wichita State's men's tennis did play Texas a and M Corpus Christi into Austin and violent in Texas in Austin on Friday. Softball team which got out to a Florida start last week played South Dakota and Arizona State Friday in Arizona State services war games on Saturday go out there and for the bracket field teams this is kind of day of rest. Before they go to the valley championships a week from this coming weekend in Cedar Falls, Iowa the athletes people who bit fortunate enough. It's time to make the final travels throughout the conference championship. Will compete in immediate Kansas State this weekend. Available to doctors because that's Saluki feedback 42 points in Wichita a couple of weeks ago it. Totally different ball game tonight. Score at halftime. But if you have a lot better shape going in the second half in this ball game. Their only layer. We do I'll. All other big guys one Pollard left. And expect the real tough second half here it is if they really. 3733. Let's just say SI we will have the first possession. The second half they've got Sean O'Brien Michael Rodriguez to pull shot Lloyds and and her friend can't market but nothing Rashard Kelly started the half and Shaq more etc. Floyd gives it to O'Brien dribbles right driver and I'm Kelly almost lost to dribble. Pass out of the link the late. And I guarded by the stuffy way out front Rodriguez knew the time line twelve to shoot. Rodriguez started left comes back right to display a double team ball not lose that we've covered by bolt got defied the shoot Rodriguez had to shake and bake driving throws up a prayer bested. For that kind of friends here. Good defense Mike Condit did give Rodriguez if you're driving into had to shoot a formally floated. Kelly has ultimate yuppie out front looks high load of Boris. Not just checked off left satellite squares of the fires of the ball off the glass in and out rebound shot at Bryant for southern Illinois a little farther out than would normally check hits the ball on the locals longer bank shot that time. So Bryant ticketed they're just lowered his shoulder and leveled Reshard Kellen. And fortunately they fury Maxwell's thought as you think anybody would charge you found Shawn O'Brien his second. 2000 O'Brien they can't afford to get that that kind foul trouble and that the cargo office. Very handsome Rashard continues to lead to even taking charges that could have been much more obvious church catches left elbow fixing it up tonight does give it to Duffy lightning right. On the right block Morris muscled his way and up over ball well short. And Irish guard Kelli consistently stepped in front of the goal and used it back here it's hard to shoot overboard really plays that Paula those long arms that can't be bothered Shaq shot. Actually stuck back here. First two for Rashard tonight socket a six point lead read re good friends flew double team fell. Saved dribble out front now Lloyd in the light gets to the rim missed the shot rebound to the ground. Bowl gets it but it happens. All I thought you heard of Greg marshals laugh at that table right in front of me but he was upset that didn't secure that defensive rebound. It's as I used ninth offensive rebound tonight shocking is that rebounded by twenty foot stomach Duffy drive in the alliance took up big time hit from T ball. And the foul rule because it had been a little slow actually blowing the whistle at times and I wasn't sure that we're gonna call it that. Markets will go to the line for two that's when those calls I think if you only unity in the might that a called the falcons since he missed it. Gary national call the talent he gets it for ourselves. I think looked up we deserve a couple free throws second on bowl this will be shot the second. The game Marcus not yeah he's got twelve he had eleven very early in the game and didn't get many opportunities to score late in the half. He was five of six from the field. That's his first free throw conversion tonight soccer's not too quick to his team from the line. Rookie shooting 78%. On the year seconds left and good. Marcus but nothing with thirteen leads all scorers who gave the shot is now up by six again at 4135. Pull it back court gives it up to O'Brien and over to Rodriguez who bringing up. With no pressure this time on different camps and to keep up at the top of the key right wing Leo Vincent on the way that. Lloyd looks left goes left to Rodriguez he puts it on the floor driving it hard down the lane. Throws it up on the good that they're gonna call the foul before the shot and Connor French camp with the body. Now that Rodriguez is hard to keep out of the lane he puts his head down lowers the shoulder. He gets the idea that stymied through the south ranking. Was on the drive that plays in the baseline Bryant had trouble getting it and finally without French lawyer who flips it to Rodriguez had solid spring camp first Wichita State's first second hand. Rodriguez right winged Fletcher you're Vincent got a man of the year bounces on the block him. O'Brien turnaround float short left rebounds Boris to friend can't. Goddard for a court writes two chance it trailing in the middle you've divorced right at the top makes left handed off to counter three format for god he actually dropped the handoff that was recovered it perfect real. And makes his first shot of the night Wichita State I'm I think he's only shot three times the FB hasn't gotten tense third attempt and he gets a three pointer. That's coming up the street ran his own man down the lane and a sea of arms this tip to crime this coming out with the news Kelly to lose the threat court gives different gifts free on transition had just. Three in transition from congress for at camp. At southern Illinois all of a sudden once the 32 time out. As the shoppers have just below the early adulthood did well all three minutes into the second half and went from a three point lead to a twelve point lead really. Quickly a couple of three pointers like I'm kind of frame yet. Helping. Catapult let up to a twelve point lead but that was beautiful intransigence and hold up shot over the 64 Voight and write a lot of those. Beautiful shot. Remember our coaches shows this year coming your way for AJ sports grill the LA on Monday nights at the thirteenth at Greenwood road. And this coming Monday the twentieth. We will have three coaches shows for as Gregg Marshall from six to seven. Linda Hargrove talking whether it's basketball from seven to eight and then the first taught Butler baseball coach you show of the year. From eight to nine as the baseball team will be coming off their first three game series of the year. Against Utah valley some coaches showed night on 987 to thirteen thirty K at first half. We're at about nine almost ten minutes ago. And in southern headed down to 31 who actually too late in the first half checkers led by four at halftime. But they have started the second half now on each hand it to four run. To get the lead up to 1210 let's see if they can hold the lead or expand believe this time. They got up there a couple of times the first half and one of the twelfth and lead but couldn't hold the lead because of turnovers because of giving up offensive rebounds. And because. Southern hit some tough shots so let's see if their defense can buck up. And keep his pleaded not guilty plea that is correct dead as they tend to to run against the lead to. Well not your friend here at the most horrible cold. For two in the first half to suddenly Stanford forward to a new century and has six points on just two straight possessions. You start to look for a shot like that the guy he's been looking awfully rough. Picked it up and still made the shot and nutrients edition. I had a feeling you can try to shoot that ball but John Lloyd. Yeah. From Philadelphia Keith live how they haven't got shot right over the top. Arch madness dot com as the official website of the permit state farm Missouri Valley Conference men's basketball tournament. March Madness cut now has. We appreciate it not hotel accommodations tickets and discounted information like the Purina dog out. Badly contacts and log onto our at this. Right of way of background start the game guarding Sean O'Brien but it's been a shark Alley here in the second half. Matching up against though Brian do a good guy and Gregg Marshall did start round as he sometimes does somebody has 2000 the first half in which little longer live in the second half they don't pick up that third quarterly. John Lloyd out front personally trying to get in the way that flips left when the Rodriguez Rodriguez went for it to Jonathan wily right wanted to Vincent. Leo Vincent dribbles up the win layout for him to shoot guy Dominican Republic nothing but the right block wiley flaws that could shoots appreciate it way short rebound Duffy clears the French camp. Daughter of the right side of the flow through his teammates up front Kelly but Ty Law back to French camp wide open three drained. I didn't have kids so wide open it was unbelievable he's got three straight three yeah that's terrible defensive breakdown by southern halftime lead and copper for him wide open on the right wing. Doctors by 1515. To 35 incidentally Bob Hope to make Kelly recovers its three on one fan can't. Back to Kelly just load it up to the left hander bounced desk but he was founded go to lunch for two and Duffy got that steal down that the fifth Venice Juan star pulled the ball away. As Rodriguez has dribbling by the in the spring campaign down three on one. Think that I thought he threw over to gently Kelly got out now is not wiley his first team's third. Kelly at the free throw line for some shots to sixty though nice though it second hand. The average yards bounces left okay. Restart with ten points in the second half. Incident is now. Armonk Fletcher Becky had Rashard Kelly was two of three from the line Sunday at Loyola seven of twelve. Over the last four. Upton gets ocean or gets one of Chile's get free points soccer league sixteen now. 5135. Full court pressure Rodriguez double teamed in the corner it's the way to wiling. Now inflation double T want him to get it back to Rodriguez Rodriguez across the timeline down underlined lobs for bowl. It's got my health. Watch the way F five. The goal is flat growth. Two birdies six kept the baskets dunks of bosnians back architect Kelly with the decision that kind of a slick has that kind of makes him look like you've been screened for somebody. But slid to the basket. Beautiful pass people don't like him that's his sent him dunk of the night to go along with a three pointer he's got eight points when we run Rigas 52 and a half minutes ago soccer's a bicycle seat. Rodriguez pulls up to now circled misses left greens now McDuff think given the way that I got fouled. That is going to be on a giant. Don't normally watch. But she's a third of and the fourth team the other half that gets us to be under sixteen time. 1526. To go second half Wichita State we'll have the ball Levy 53 to 37. When you're in need of window treatments from the top manufacturers in the industry asks Dan how you can receive a 500 dollar rebate on your order through February some restrictions apply get dinner call 3166127000. 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Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. Which it just stayed up for the half on his sixth game before last to start the second half. Southern Illinois made two of eight shots they want to shoppers have hit five of seven including all three of their threes all of those. By Conor friend camp won three straight possessions. The shocker of patriots for free throws early show you want. In the first half Wichita State has expanded its lead on the boards to 26 to eight. Eight turnovers in the first half don't have one yet in the first 434. Of the second. I think it looked really sharp offensively here's the second half Mike playing on this end of the floor in front of the soccer fans. The fast the ball pretty hard really execute your plays and when they get an open shots and knock it down. Doctors up my sixteenth at 337. And possession of the long that was state. Not a sprint champion deliberation and sprint can't ship that markets it Daffy Rashard Kelly at grotto nurtures him bringing up one on one against Rodriguez right wing of drinking that front Kelly chart. It's right wing machine that. Still has his dribble thrust of your two wide open three left elbow off the back this time rebound tip your your fighting controls and and try to get to Kelly Kelly dip under two drives it down the lane driving but missed it rebounds Kelly was little got a man of the year draws the great hustle by the shocker surgery got a loose ball Kelly gave up from an offensive rebound every shard coastal line for two and nurtured got the loose ball they couldn't find anybody to pass it to totaling just opened up he drove right battling evil Alter his shot. But it could often the boards like Kelly. Without going back over a cheaper they wanted to headline a moment ago makes the first time he's got four points on the second half. Southern Illinois was only whistled for five fouls in the first half they have five. In the first five minutes of the second half. Like these shots being hit for power rankings and background definitely become. Louis community that is huge arguments the second free throws and Carolina three for four from the line as five point. I was around she may have been nothing champagne and urgently counters breakaway home run best of what you're going to the basket now by nurture and made the shot. Coaches don't really have that done. The fact that press that's kind of a fake depth went deep went right over the top moment. My editors got to catch for the coaches right now first two points of the night for Armonk Fletcher who averages twelve point two points and Gaby is also a better than 78%. Free throw shooters he goes to the line. Trying to complete a three point play. 1456. To go the shock here's a place 68 free throw is no good play short barely carried the career. Champ but with the rebound. It is today Shaun Smith looks for a call from coach Gregg Marshall. Right wing Shannon. Pullback that I don't practice round. Round dribble handoff to Smith they shot right wing to sham right block to nurture. Rondo back this way into the lane turns through lefthander did. Did it against Toronto nurture with seven losers first to the second half shot back after an eighteen point lead and you look at the path that nobody was open they just took a step into the lane. Beautiful left him. Mike Rodriguez left the key to pull out front to Bryant. The right. Looks to take it down low got to step around little lazy don't collect candy she cries out. With a quick burst of John O'Brien has they pursue the Illinois economic hesitations of that timeout Bryant it's Rick Brown got behind the basket. Smith high posted big Duffy prostate surgery makes the street takes it dribbled right corner she and that. Shot fake gives it up to date shots that for three guys. They shot his first basket of the night gets a three pointer. Watching him warm up the second half but he was making everything so payment for the high confidence level yet he hits a lot of for them Missouri State game good to see you knock it down some shots again so Packers have in nineteen Pletcher down the lines slams at the ground as he goes for a dunk. Let's see if they could be I'd rather get a call him for the blockage and Fletcher in line to use of that streak now. Zach brown thirteen about a half on Wichita State and how to look at hedge on that Wall Street that time. Let's let your turn the corner going right down only that the ground was inside the restricted bark. When you try to draw the charge charge Kelly back here Leo Vincent interest IU replacing Rodriguez. It's backers have nurture Kelly make Duffy Sheehan but in Smith. Free throw but I'm. What you Wear a short game in the rebounder Toronto nurtures a two of his threes missed badly and what made short bounce and he's a 70%. Free throw shooter. Johnson's by eighteen with the ball in the front porch him. But he left his right side today shots in this contest Reitman did nothing. Looks inside the lanes here pretty big develops out front to Kelly left wing chant that left corner Smith. Left slot nurture. Run a double team to senator Kelly lays it nevertheless dead while good recognition by Ronald nurtured did coffee soft Kelly behind him but he did not profit beautiful. I passed. Back to a seven point. Kelly that was. That was the double team from the other big man and nurture recognized it and found the man's man had left it right Jerry Kelly. Left wing noise brings it out front right wing dual Bryant. A couple of dribbles looking to drive it did flips back at convincing ten to shoot Longstreet by Lloyd short left rebound Kelly from Wichita State. Doctors have it leading by twenty. Kelly into the front court with 1230 slowly go whistle away from the ball. Alum Mike Duffy rapid behind Mac schools. Marcus his first that'll be the fourth team behalf moment to tell us today. Yeah I was coming down the post up in transition. And must have put his arm around the defender. He won't. Checks out for southern Illinois Rudy standings is in Bryant bringing it up we will hand off on the right when the lawyer who brings it back in front left wing Fletcher. Fletcher drives an off the screen. Into the free throw circle the traffic got poked awake Kelly let that president court in a region foul on southern Illinois it's going to be a shot O'Brien. Ricci in trying to steal his third. Team six. Actually that's the seven. Sixties. So it was just a state of play that how is another steal by McCarthy he's won again. At those long arms and he pulled that ball out and Kelly picked up people before Matthau. Artest who planted it it nothing so they shot Smith Austin reason now for Shannon Kelly and nurture. He's announced that in different court left wing and a Duffy markets but that's right goes up front for re now offensive locked by nurture. I think he's got tripped and that's why you stood incredulous about Carly got tripped and stumbled into the US AU defenders while he wasn't set in the Austin reed really is me and I. Nurture I was moving and that's Ryder Cup got power. It is record Mike Rodriguez tripled to right. Looked inside the back where that wasn't there out front O'Brien left wing Leo Vincent Vincent when a threat to Lloyd. Lloyd one dribble back and look like events that left block to O'Brien guarded by Caroline always look at the back is Malia there's kids jump hook nice little place I. He's a good players see here's been a four year starter here he's got him and he just went to work that talent Kelly took its time to jump hook over. Doctors by eighteen off the right side of the lane nurture ought to be Duffy right elbow back to nurture right blocked neck initially announced drastic steps to do right handed Politico dot. Step troops contacted still looked it up today at Toronto's got nine Seattle Kevin McHale up another move that time by mergers. Doctors by twenty again 6440 forced to 116 years ago had beaten the top left went to Rodriguez let's the lingo Bryant. You Rebecca Rodriguez along three aid no good off the back rebound it Duffy from Wichita State clears The Today Show on Smith he's quickly into the front court. That's NASA clock for nurture it spread it to reach in fouled him. Trying to deflect the past so it really spread. Seventeen foul Rondo will be shooting a one and one. After the after twelve time out exactly eleven minutes ago the second half its Wichita State 64 southern Illinois. 44. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy turn him with the Carnahan grouping TH EY again and sense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with the first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or peering down -- we want you to call on us let us but our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our services this pain I promise. What happened to paying one price and getting everything included you buy an airline ticket and pay extra to bring a change of clothes look hotel room in your show and offer Wi-Fi and overpriced bottled water could really. Imagine my delight when I found a roadside assistance is now included with my shelter insurance auto policy or forget a play. I needed jump I just call and they take care of me there's no additional cost but some restrictions apply. More free insurance reviews CNET Otis Deanna only Paul or or Mike Ritter in Wichita. And I'm just taking delicious to the next level with our warm bakery inspired cinnamon rolls French toast we take a cinnamon girl. French just didn't add an extra layer of cinnamon filling. And then drizzle it with cream cheese icing and yeah it's that good or drier it is sticky bun waffles and red velvet French toast and you can even make it combo it's your choice of breakfast favorites at a price you'll love. So again and I've often eat up every moment yeah limited time. Participating restaurants. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. It's seat agent to Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel viewers you shocker basketball there's only 103 point seven KEY area. And I admitted to the the second half Wichita State has outscored southern Illinois since the intermission 27 to eleventh. SIQ five of thirteen from the field shots it kind of thirteen. War crime at three pointers plus they've made five of six free throws. They have expanded. Their rebounding edge which at halftime objective here was to act actually pour. It out rebounded us thank you by chance in the half. They have ten turnovers this IE six but only two turnovers in the second half but the shots are bad and only scored nine points in the first half. Fourteen to nine. That's so far the sect it is station Huntsman has the three point your round of surgery two baskets and Rashard Kelly has also a bit of his points in the second. You know soccer played real solid defense on the defensive end and do a good job but with the defensive rebounds are there any misses. They've only one offensive rebound out of surgery at the line for a one on one personal short good bounces softly and he's in double figures now with skin. Talk about balance that doctors have thirteen from adapting to him up to nurture eight apiece from shame of it and more at seven for killing nine. 400 framed him. Second provide energy announces his short left and seeks to. Obviously since seals the rebound and a foul on southern Illinois at sons Sean O'Brien his fourth personal foul. Just picked up his fourth foul. From the defense is spot on freak show that should never happen that could also buy CJ Kaiser did and I feel good that rebound. And then O'Brien found him being you know. If that has been really effective second half here. CJ Kaiser's 63 freshman from Baltimore's averaged five minutes of game at HT previous games free throw to art rebounds Rashard Khaled. Hazard and six of seven on the year before that this Kelley there to that threat to reach it give it to Kelly popped it back out front. Hands it off today shots this nation out handoff to Kaiser's TJ back to Smith left way wanted to get a fair treatment. Now pops a three short gets his own rebound drop as little lazy days. Out Rodriguez didn't want to Laugh Factory missed that shot went right around writing Rodriguez got its own rebound and stuck it back you know it's a suggested which is just stayed up like 236744. Vincent for three up front part of the right center of John Smith way up to snatch it. Passes ahead advisory CJ to the right wing pulls up in full terrorist. It's a tube just inside the yard further right wing procedures Kaiser has surprised you pulled up and shot than it was 2 against the morning talking about this shot coach Marshall wanted but he knocked it down. Which is just 825. Southern Illinois taking a timeout. As the shoppers have outscored southern by 21 points. In the first ten minutes of the second half. After leading by four at halftime the shocker sports village lands inside WS she's ready to students at a vicious shot or basketball headquarters. Come early to get the best parking for home games and enjoy freshly made burgers sandwiches salads cold here at more. They're also the perfect but I do enjoy televise the way you. Doctors sports go lanes inside the Vatican senator Nelson. You win the next game going this kid has really flipped over here in the second half the shocker came out really execute offensively. Clearly the nation's defense. We're having difficulty shot. That aspect down before he opens that missed a wide open twenty border they're just not good at knocking down shots. In the shocker that knocked down everything and after eight offensive rebounds in the first half southern just not getting second chances to have one offensive rebound in the Hamptons soccer's totally dominated the rebounding stats now. Jonathan wiling dribbles right picked up considerable way cross left side Lloyd hands off to Rodriguez. Rodriguez of the crossover dribble right side Vincent nine to shoot Vincent drive and not re is almost lost it throws open look you missed it. We've done well all put back good bye to hate nobody put a body on all that time he got that offensive rebounds second back in at his second one. Of the second half that you made it pay who's got eight points to. It's at today shots differently office re might nurtured. On the right way great shots today pulls up about a ten foot floater go nationally for his first point. Got command line edit the three point line stepped in made the shortage it looked like a freshman who let them look like a veteran and then the 7146. Wichita State by 25 again left wing John Lloyd. What could get in the top that he had right side to Rodriguez. Rodriguez on the floor stops three pointer from out front spins off. Rebound bolt took it away I put it up mystery out of Rashard Kelly. We'll kind of took it away could not nicer then missed the shot. And Kelly with through the Achilles the other drive an alliance stops. Lobs it back out to CJ Kaiser. CJ animals left wing comes back up front. Drops to nurture us left suddenly back to the basket against pullback in the end wheels Goss was let's cancel stupidity this Bulldog for the hit those shoulder fake. Spoke to the other side and later the end yet took a couple of dribbles towards the middle of the lane with a left in this league got pulled over his left shoulder spun back over his right shoulder and laid it in. Not a merger with twelve shot usually by 277346. The top Floyd at Kaiser got around wild that didn't like you know all the way around that is to you please call for the hold almost got it. What distance have stipulated that CJ supporters well I went around the wrong way when around the outside the courtroom side. That way the pass code outside away from the basket nurtures come up for grabs really had some good minutes in there for coach Marshall. Floated Rashard Kelly he's progressing well. Darryl Willis has killed Boris in together I think for the first time denied the right corner Fletcher way out front to Rodriguez. Mid Elaine Wylie throws it down right wing to Vincent shot fake. A couple of drills now drives it bounced past the baseline reverse layup by Fletcher is good. Nice job by him and let it. Not under the basket he's got five points. Which adjusting quickly of course Caesar driving lame little finger roll mr. rebound just dreaded ticket plus they cannot get to put a block. More arrests follow. Are some good Hillary found a T ball had gotten a little rush that time Willis nice office support kind of rushed to look back. And then more of this city he went from about eight feet Rodriguez front court drives on the leg traffic afoul bodied up by I think they shots that. 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And equity backed up cards and perform your own bit of magic on any ATM he wanted how. I'm not required equity bank memory of the guys. Good in big larger big jump for big threat to look at this 4017 armada from a data base. Tails all the hot staking their claim victory if you've got to expect from our mind. And price well below those recorded for the problem. Where they're going to grandma's out for the grand big job armada will be absolute pleasure and start. Gathered hopefully the more modest created gesture. What do you like. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. It's seen agents and G Valentine Ryan woods does these cells foreign mall vein agent Kirk Farber WSU shocker basketball there's only 103 point seven KEY area. I have five war and the Iraq war on the boards at halftime now. The 740 to go to doctors lead on the scoreboard by 25. And they lead in rebounding by 18%. Over the latest 7348. Wichita State. The shocking shooting 62%. In the second. Breeze holding southern 37%. And a half 34 point six for the game. Kelly had eight turnovers at halftime only to film part here in the second half and at halftime. Doctors had only six offensive. Rebounds they've got eight offensive rebounds here in the second half to just three offensive rebounds those sorts of Illinois so much better rebounding. I wished us stated that staff. Eleven different players have scored through Wichita State five have Peter Moore Mike Rodriguez to the free throw bounces through and you'll get one more Rodriguez three for three from the line has nine points. That's his first point. Of the second half. Senior point guard for the salukis leads them scoring at twelve point nine per game makes the second one. And with us to lead is 2373. To fifteen kind of friend can't deploy it in and Zach brown it's brown and she gambit. Friend camp Darryl Willis and Shaquille Boris. Landry sham created up against Mike Rodriguez worked for the right senate floor if his dribble finds Franken at the top dribbles right circle back out to the wing. It's a street for Morris. Goes right comes back to build up front champ twelfth issue left wing ground. And on the left block the Willis. Looks at sided double teaming high post Boris. Not about the contents. Of those who got free campus they don't get the shot away. Florence is holding the ball and where the shot clock just waiting on hold. Yet that's gonna get him to see if I don't nurture comes back in the game. I got you where the shot clock judges feel comments times lapses. He added though that shot clock went down and look at we'll have doubled the he had to keep the basketball. And made the right decision deuces. 7350. Wichita State southern Illinois position that it drives right up in traffic blocked fighters have been out on Iran under this. Well that's what as I used to another not run a lot of plate right now that you put your head down. And driving the basket with Rodriguez last time I draw the crowd now legal for instance with his head down driving basket. Drawn found that's what they wanna do the ones who work with the clock stopped. It's it has three points out of first half three point basket that one's good. Vincent had been through a little bit of a slump that have been mentioned early in the game over the last four games eleven and a half points per game. Making twelve of 24 threes that. Records a penalty in check tonight that would suck it good so Vincent. Now with five shot lead is 21657. To go each team announced it was sold for eight fouls the second half. In the front porch and missed started left goes left to brown now just above the wing get to street and nurtured exited not that the art. Looks inside. Now about plastic surgery up left sideline throws it out to brown wide open three from the front in and out of the rebound the boldest out jump bill Willis for. In the front court Rodriguez right way. Only six and a half minutes to play right baseline bull from fifteen good two goals. I kids had eight the second half. That's actually 181961. Week ago that could pop that's on board it about a seventeen footer. Willis can't go out for example with the foul line Monica partially block it back on that directly his drives to basket at the other end listed. But a foul on the drive to the basket by Rodriguez and it's gonna go against Landry Shannon. He gets a half step on he's really tough because he keeps his left shoulder in Tia jumps in he would draws that found. Can towards his body a body cells it pretty good two birdies in the years and he goes the line for two warriors four for four from the free throw line free throw off back this time. The shocked with the most free throw attempts is. With nothing with a 114 continents can and give you comparisons Rodriguez has not 173. Free throw attempts coming into this game. He gets another one here. Ten points in the game for Audrey is that one's up and yeah. So Wichita State which is led by 27 now leads by the team that's nine straight points. Source southern Illinois Landry should have been district court rightly different Kia that discrete refuse it goes baseline that that government initiative for three way sure. Had a good open look at fairly great competitor Rodriguez the other enter a lot up. Why. I was on a foul on every faith upon. I mean rock colleges that hand straight up in the air retribution if nothing no no idea of trying to make that values like free throws and I can't believe. That directory read period gave him that call that's 200 yeah I just twisted his body and jump backward into nurture free throw his good. Rodriguez hit a good example tycoon. Free throw line a lot here down the stretch nurtured. Five people want to go up he pulled back in the southern Illinois replacing Jonathan wiley all of a sudden shocker they're not making the shots on the office have been found had a wide open reed missed it. Kind of Franken who had an open shot that time language channel then open shots. That free throw bounces in for Rodriguez who has thirteen so he's at its average Wichita State's lead is now sixteen. And southern Illinois cut the margin by eleven. 548 to go to champ would bring you up against Rodriguez but boy to steal attempt to cross the timeline right. Rodriguez's hit it with the body no call rightwing to. Craig camp that threatens Kelli handoff to the stuff to markets different camp not a thought about it left wing Kelly ten this year has the market. While it's away Rodriguez tries to say but it's out of bounds we'll stay with Wichita State only seven seconds on the. This notebook that kind of kid she met a guy who can't even look flock try to get. More often deflected out of bounds doctors have played them seven seconds on the shot clock balls out home in the corner. Right sideline near the corner but Duffy deployed if they try to free up French camp Connors to chase it out near the timeline picketed against Vincent crossed over BD gets even the air fifteen footer balances in this country can't wow that's all it. Mom on the rim for about a second half and it fell in. Not a little levity on the second half pass instead of the ball deflected to chase the damage it's about a seventeen footer missed about the back. If not McDuff he gets it mattered of course bounces to Kelly's double liability. Definitely travel my gratitude to year old definitely. It was the right path but. We need to wait a little bit longer on that path but Duffy did the killing. Or Kelly be concluded drivel in their right idea just poor execution 7557. Wichita State by eighteen with 503 to go. And the ball goes back to southern Illinois Mike Rodriguez will bring it up. Right wing a threat to Vincent dribbles left Boris helped off the street bounce pass back to the screener all the deflected out about it like Shaquille or. Eighteen on the shot clock for fifty to go in the second half. Which just state by eighteen. Some Illinois playing it and Sean O'Brien back in the game plan with four fouls. Tucker coaches feel the squeeze they want them to squeeze the lanes they're just trying to drive gambling now. Rodriguez to visit curling shot fake and he drives it French camp cutting off back to that gives you Rodriguez seven issue. I've read so try to drive here dropped out crossover could get a shot away O'Bryant. After the contested shots it was way short almost an air ball recovered by sham and on the rebounds Landry had a different tours through Wichita State on the left wing. Prices over the dribble off the screen by Kelly brings the top spot to create good at this time. Todd Landry missed his last open shot he's got eleven now the lead back to 21. That stuff stuff that dropped their shocker needed a bucket she never gave them one. 7857. Rose six to go right Reid is at the top right side telling flights did deflected it away from John O'Brien will stay within sight you. Bryant out there with four fouls right now got Kelly guard. Shot like that jacket on Fletcher for southern Illinois. That really is gonna play it in. Right corner and actually he's out of the game Rodriguez checked out incidents right. Slow dribble toward the left he can for a ball street and left side you'll Bryant John O'Brien. It's an on the floors in this could get the shadow it Kelly is all over John Lloyd drive and it spinning twisting shot missed tipped up. Words any hint by Sean O'Brien wow what an offensive rebound. Nothing backwards off the board in the basket. Janet picked up his dribble gives it up to Kelly beyond the top of the yard short handoff to frank can't. Daughter drives it down a lot of little left hander to run a serious hit after the rebound Sean O'Brien is a great drive just wouldn't go down toward. The other end Lloyd drive and it cut off my sham it. They're just let it slammed into the shocker defenders call the fouls on what you just today fellows on champ and he is there. Got to stop the clock with 324. To go last media time out. With Wichita State leading southern Illinois 78. To 59. This is what it sounds like when truck I shot but other dealerships about grain or. We have though white one why wow and this is what it sounds like a truck I shot but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special editions more choices than ever before wow I'll take the rally due to a racing start warming of the camouflaged real treaties and for the blacked out midnight edition. 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Over there by the stands real wouldn't trip me here what does that mean well the plastic looks like woods and especially these twins. I should've gone to have sooners ahead. TV re not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our roots in which tough not just our branches. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance C agent John Green bread woody or in valley center agent Tim dank US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE wanted to. More to go here aren't dealt with the sun state leading 78. Shot physician at 54 point 4% holding seven to 35 point one including one of twelve for. Through the charges that they died at 53. Pointers. There's seven of ten from the line southern eighteen depth what do you want to. Why. Plus state plus fifteen rebounds they have twelve turnovers. To southern Illinois six. John Lloyd at the line for a site you. And you'll be shooting two shots years three of three free throws tonight at seven points all in the first half free throw good. Of nineteen of 22 free throw shooting for southern Illinois on New Year's seventy. Point 2% which is good but they're way beyond that tonight. Shooting close to 90%. 324 to go Lloyd second free throw it. He's got nine Mike Rodriguez back in the news tonight. Wake up. Yes McDuff beat Boris chant that friend can't. And Kelly for Wichita State Packers have four players in double figures. That's been a common theme lately four and five guys in double figures every night she evidence for a court accused Kelly popping out to the high post left elbow. Driving O'Brien gets to step by gets a branded as the second no call this the shop boyz the rebound get the putback. Let's hope Bryant before thousands and landed on top the Kelly had no foul and I got a very fortunate no call right there. More is what it's pathetic it's the chapters five players in double figures now that stands for Shaq. 250 to go got the base. Nance. Florida got a tough way. His arm on Fletcher forests founded on the way home. I don't dangers from three point line if you don't wanna cut and cut the basket at that looked up he got overextended. On the left wing and let them Fletcher get behind him on the back that he knew that hot shot in the Pittsburgh Atlanta. Seven points for arm on Fletcher. And he has scored all of his the second happily one of two from the line makes that. And shot lead is 6080 to 64 with 248 to go to shocker was eight years or more points for the twentieth. Times here just two games shy of the school record them. She and bring it up against Rhode regions of the district court rightly different teams. Can only pops up top for pressure relief lobs inside the Morrison. Shaq just stood there kind of watched it sail Achilles popular down we'll move back and look at data like why you throw Kelly that it could be that is being completely out of position he has been sealed and then Kelly threw where each should've thrown it at the Jackie glass ball. And backcourt of Bryant shoppers double teaming that the timeline throws the sideline Fletcher saved from. One of them I don't Bryant Rodriguez left wing lopped off climate Duffy. And markets drives and of course slips and falls of Rodriguez picks it passes a hand O'Brien goes it alone has done a field and Duffy has. You want to strike out but it is speakers. And shelled out right in front of us. And they picked it up went down scored. Which it does state by fourteen with a minute 59 to go nothing left the floor brings it up to the top down vented off the French can't. Schneider. Had a ball screen didn't want to get a clear out 14 flat to up on the shot clock spring camp against Vincent. They exceed cutesy steps back for three content Floyd does that so well daughter friend camp with fourteen lead all of the second half. It's a very similar to his gave little oil on Sunday. Dandelion Rodriguez missed the writer whose tip to Wasilla they're they're gonna lay that out Sean O'Brien. Touched the ball in the cylinder that way above the basket give it to Wichita State and Rodriguez just keep driving in the past India. Really difficult to keep out of the lane. But that was a good call we saw that same angle that Kerry actually officials saw in the halls deftly in this element with a ride tipped it. 8366. Wichita State with a minute 25 to go to Ireland champ and bring it up right side offering can't. Done. In the middle of McDuff. Look at how I love those left suddenly to Kelly. Do you sobriety drive spins gets you want these fake got a bullet hit it was blocked by T ball. Out of bounds off southern Illinois will stay with the shot the whole came out of nowhere to block that shot it was way over the other side garden more has. That he slipped around underneath the basket blocked Kelly's child looks like who's gonna get a layup that that real nice up and under fake. Like Kelly gets O'Brien he is an athletic kid visa jumpers to school. Duffy trying to get it in does to Boras left the key way out front she. Sixty shoot I don't know if they recognize that Landry tried to make a play drives it. Always jumper at plus Philly beat the shot clock got a great play violin appreciate it wow what I want. Fade away from the basket about ten feet. On the road and wouldn't high optical Lan thirteen for Shannon to soccer's F 8566. Rodriguez driving. We'll make Kelly out of bounds stay with southern Illinois 49 seconds left in the game twenty. On the shot clock on this position. 8566. Wichita State that led by four at halftime. The left corner Vincent. Makes for in camp got a good job but he couldn't get shot way out on the winning I'm gonna take a long three off the back Aaron long rebound Kelly. That's 39 seconds ago soccer's we'll go ahead try to score one more time here league by nineteen. Training camp over to Kelly. Difference between the shot clock ticking clock about seven seconds Kelly driving get to the free throws circled back today out. They want to bring can't well I think it's gonna the ticket Kelly against O'Brien one on one stops incident left when the chance but left locked Boris. Into the line jump hooks are both good Shaquille Boris with twelve. At Wichita State. By 21 now with twelve seconds ago Rodriguez throws up a runner and gets a tough shot. I'm Mike Rodriguez and doctors now we'll just dribble out the clock markets with Duffy. Acquitted of Fred Clark Gregg Marshall yelled don't turn it over at Wichita State will win this game 87. The eight to soccer's pick up their 24. Win of the year. And moved to fourteen and one in the Missouri Valley Conference with another road where we'll be back for the post game show from Carbondale. 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NT 563 point former police always it's a wonderful appointment. Junker sports is brought to you by American family insurance. See agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post or an Andover agent west Sawyer. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point 72 EE YE and urgent. Yeah. Buffy back to Carbondale Illinois and this is the promo people post game shows rescue. Five probably go to your full service partnered branding. And promotional products you can call from a depot up 3167222500. This is on the line. Not sure my promo guy's confidence number sort of before my problem. Dot com Wichita State tonight up four at the half outscored southern Illinois by fifteen in the second half. And the soccer slit my score of 87. She's 68 gets their ninth road win in ten tries this year there 71 on the road in the valley fourteen hit one in the conference and 24 and wore overalls. Well who think what we're. Four. They what they history roll along and it's news conference. Road record is his. Released really wild building while what's the record since 2011 on the road I'll find it here that is not the remarkable. Since that 2014 Missouri Valley Conference 65 it for now 32 advisory on the road over its 32 free. And the shot appears solid defense to get that night they held their eighth straight opponent under 40%. They shot over 55%. Themselves and scored over eighty points for the twentieth time this year they're now within two games of the most. Eighty point games this season in Wichita State history they want the boards by seventeen. After only leading by Ford have done. Turnovers were a little high at fourteen turnovers tonight. But even their points off turnovers only favorite southern Illinois and denied even though they had to. The shocker bad it's was outscored in the first half can't deny it outscored southern in the second half. 43 sixes. And was convinced that really kind of got shot is going to the second half runner nurtured charge Kelly in particular you have Ronald urgently to work down low and made some really nice moves in Kelly was doing a little bit everything wrong. On charges he rebound. Born on the offensive end guard their best players tunnel flying if you haven't found trouble but take this data that night might look at the pre written report. Soccer game out of sixty. SI you want to. Wow what is fair there. That is also the tenth time this season and Wichita State has made ten or more three pointers in the game bridges T pilot. The numbers on the good side of the ledger. He put it in the deep freeze play of the game is brought to you via lives appliance and here it is. That's right from wiley because it's seals. Pilot lost the handle it doesn't take it to the basket double pump placed it in wow what it's feeling when an acrobatic they've gone by wiley. If it doubled my real local program later this article laughs he is absolutely. Have a blast that there markets that he has left. Not it's not like well. Marcus went on to finish with thirteen points nine rebounds and three steals plus blocked in the system was five of six. From the field will be talking about him in just a little bit the shocker scored 87 points that night he could save 20% tomorrow. On all shocker merchandise. At either jets' locker room location east or west and if by chance tomorrow save yourself 20%. And thank the suckers that's the twentieth time this year in 28 games. That they have saved you at least 20% chance with a discount based on the number of points they score after away. If they've been scoreboard that a high clip you know you expect that at home but not so much on the road that they're delivered home road. You name it this tremendous shooting 60%. From behind the three point arc by the shock led by Connor for a camp. Four out of four I think all of the second half the they were and that's two games in a row he's head fourteen or sixteen points all in the second half he was over two. At halftime. Ended up five for nights was five for seven in the second half four for four. From three and it continues did you shoot lights up plus again you had two assists no turnovers Landry sham it six assists and one turnover. They shuns Smith had an assistant attorney as we should mention nation on it he was part of that good start to the second half. When he came in I think of before cutter after cutter got off to that hot start. And was part of that run with. Nurtured Kelly Olsen. Yeah he's playing with more and more confidence now it looks like that they show on that was playing with a lot of confidence back in December. In the non conference games. He's out their hand on the ball well knock it down three pointers playing good defense and that is the they Shonn. Plane that was such confidence. This will be. At least until the end CA well you know think in the NC term that they play this looks like the shocker to go into next season. With 822 game winning streak on Wednesday night that was it and skiers tested for a couple came up with today. Checkers have now won 22 straight on Wednesday night. Well okay I couldn't figure out which hears it at that went through that okay welled up that's that's fine that's fine. Interesting scheduled at two home games humanize Saturday 11 AM. Tuesday. Eastern Illinois are these only Evansville. And then finish up at Missouri State that it left for southern that get any easier they got to go to Indian state though at Illinois State and then. Apparently old line at home for the last ball game. All of this rambling as part of the game recap for too by ability to common kind of been all over the place and we recap it get Cummings of Cummings is your criminal defense in DUI law firm and Wichita. Give them a call at 2641548. Or visit they'll Cummings LLC. Dot com comings in coming slot where your needs always come first will be back with more on the Prodi both post game show from Carbondale. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United healthcare. Services not available for all went. 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And equity backed up cards and perform your own bit of magic got NEA GM he wanted top hat not required equity bank memory of the icing. As a child you played all the. Following your heart. But now that you've got your head on straight and have an awareness of the just get updates it's going to. And insights. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. Stat C agent to Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY it's. I. Respect him. Back to Boris go to the basket it really hammers it on the. Ford ended up with a fourth vote the basket and a spot overs. Like to hold back at work like soccer league has. Welcome back to Carbondale following the Shaq he's 8768. Leverage southern Illinois star of the game rescued by the Kansas lottery get your Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today. For a chance to become a millionaire good KS lottery dot com. For the most current jackpot about what Kansas lottery. And three bigger star tonight Marcus Vick Duffy got the shocker is off to a great start. Hitting his first four shots finished with thirteen points nine boards and three steals. One of five players. In double figures. You know you have been playing well lately especially lot of rebounds and assess but struggled shooting the ball so really got off to a good start today and everything you've made early was from the perimeter. Understood all too I'm just ought to put a vote together and now hopefully. I mean this is to start where our commitment to put it altogether you know. Bomb on the office struggling to score get this comedy here where. Mean I've gone a little slow but on trying to get better I'm working. You know don't try to do all of the things I'm trying to be all around player though this team and nothing ever since I started doing that we started winning games. At speaking of that did you ever imagine when he came to college this first started to college. That you would ever reach a point every minute your mind for you take as much pride if you're taking down defense and be as proud of tiger play and on these. Another dog him on high school you know plans for a coach Bob Hurley and everything defaults on that saw me without. Plan for that program. Defense wasn't really going to be in my mind and I think being there made in my mind that coming here is even bigger you know. I just took pride and and I mean I enjoy I enjoy it almost just as much aren't you office and you know. And defense really wins games. I hope a lot of our coaches can understand that those marshes of agreed to on. Cutting interesting that the coaches are recognizing your defense and give you some interesting assignment and you guard appears to leave a lot of the time. You would think when you played almost at the last time at home. Andy did a really good job on Dante Ingram up at Loyola on Sunday held him that three of nine just eight points though you've had a pretty good defense of for. Horses yes most definitely an artist not a I just got to follow the game plan you know. You know is not just following the game are just one must so this from us so far this one of these myself and go watch him play defense you know. You're not so do you told Tom I want him I want to serve. I want to get better you know I don't new album be a better defend their five defend the best. Marcus at halftime you guys were up for it wasn't like he played poorly in the first half the state kind of closed the gap what was the discussion that still at halftime what you want to try to do. Did you know we we we learn of Clovis said are we gonna smack this team anything and they just kept fighting it and they did a great job to to fight to the you know. We've just got to keep playing you know we ought to be relentless. I know it's hard you know we go up big in this like Nancy and it's not over you gotta keep you gotta be relentless who got to continue to despite. Play hard have fun out there. Appreciate a real high percentage five of six future first five out of six that was in the first half I believe. From the field. And that eight out of twelve awful Loyola on Sunday so you're really should have a high percent view game. Here I'm just on the pundits on the be careful you know you know almost. How are I'd get sped up without some stars in August the central so are to be careful you know. For the game and do marketing and continues to be a if Marcus this is your second year of this Bryant and now you're close to the end of the CNET and and do you you have more of a sense now of that grind it ended at argued you feel like the whole team maybe getting a little bit of a census of refreshing a little bit that you can Tennessee the end. Definitely known and begin the year you know we're struggle this Nazi talked to Fred you know. About you know what's gone on we've got to do you know. Hussein don't worry about you'll get better toward this season you know to continue to fight you know play defense you know duo whose name. You're going to be farm. He's exactly right I think we got a lot better than this season and I think missed on the guitar peak right now you just need everybody continue to. With something distinguished. Speculation ups are about alike old question. At practice today and it kind of highlight this dump. No one talked about that we threw it up in the years to hit the floor he went out and don't do you know did you take your knee brace stuff. Million that is as good about that Tom you know indie film but it you know act in. Throughout the season on the fight through this process. I think it's time to do so that you don't know enough of a lot better and I hope we can treat became better and you know the term it's. It looked like that that would row the got a pretty good record here that most definitely stoked at the in my sees himself coming you know that's what's up politically well thanks for joining you know from. Artistic deaf ears started a game presented by the Kansas lottery thirteen points nine boards three steals and hopefully this doctors took 87. 68 win over so it will not let you pick this one I don't know if I've got to clear cut thought in mind this on the defensive player of the game right if I got you covered it. But he liked controllable lighting your living room create privacy your bedroom or transform the look of your kitchen got you covered as the right window treatment solutions. For you call 2023669. Or go to got you covered of Wichita dot com got you covered. Serving the Wichita area actually have an idea. Well I you know chanted a good job covered goes back doors. You know I thought to actually I thought nurtured by some pretty good defense in their. When they made that big run in the second half brother goes Kelly yep and I and I Kelly with the best defender overall for the whole game. And continues to take charges and do all the dirty work and so Rashard Kelly are. Defensive player of the game presented by got you covered and Gregg Marshall is presented by express employment professionals on a mill mission. To put a million. To work in and coach Canada's you expected certainly was a tougher game. He had against them in Wichita they had some stretches where they've made some runs that should secure after the challenge to. I thought our guys up for the most part played well there was certainly stretches where I was pleased. I'll have to go back and look at the videotape we had some breakdowns we didn't secure the ball like I like we do. Didn't pass the ball great but we had enough good performances where. We were able to come out with a nineteen point win on the road. Ya at halftime. A stats that you usually dominates the points off the bench they were actually up ten to nine and in the second half Kelly got going nurtured got going they shot. Gave you some points off the bench in and that that group really helped kind of turned things in your direction. Yeah I think that was our best 45 combination tonight was Kelly and in the merger. And Marcus Vick Duffy at the three. We have been either. Sure the shark went to the starting guards that those those guys played well tonight it is Shaq was okay. The week we had some guys that weren't really locked in tonight and they didn't do what they've been normally doing and we've secured the ball again we had some bad passes fourteen turnovers. Five by Marcus and three by Kelly. I thought dump. I thought between those two nurture and Kelly were in that we kind of started securing the ball a little better and interrupt our rebounding edge. You don't coach. In the first half. Your your offense was good I mean you shot 53%. A forest six from three. Let in the second half when you came out after halftime. And you were playing on this CN. We just looked a lot sharper just looked like it cuts were part of the past were better to guys were playing with a purpose that was there something adjustment halftime. Well I was with who you headed there. When are we we barked at him a little bit in the in the locker room. I just thought that. You know we're gonna. We were pretty good run here winning some games and we are our goal is to win now in the regular season and it was what are what are we 24 for now there's 27 and four. They go to the best we can hopefully win in Saint Louis but if we don't where's Saint Louis. When his days we can't see if we can put ourselves in a position to get an at large bid you know it's going to be is gonna be. Some people are gonna have all kind of opinions but all we can do through enhanced that opportunity. If there is an opportunity is continue to win plateau. We just said he's so you can make it easier you can make it hard we elected to make it hard rough can point early in the set in the first half and then next thing you know. They cut it to four and we're not playing great and we're just not. Would lose in the ball should not mean Shaq has the ball right underneath the goal go right through his years we had a defense Shaq had a defensive rebounds and I just. Touched him and the ball fell out of bounds off you know those are things that we got to do a better job of passing in securing the basketball. Well not a good win on the road. What's that numbers it's like it's ridiculous 32 and three on the road now in the last four years. It's pretty amazing an account. Well we'll take it. We got one more that's last Saturday at Missouri State that. We could come back to cook arena for two big ones. Try to route runner win streak to whatever it's going to be and you know they beastly beat us last year it and then broke a long long streak after we beat them at their place of we can't let history repeat itself we've got to be ready to go Saturday as much as I wanna. Get better tonight tonight's done we got a nineteen point win and now we move into Saturday coach thank you will be back to close things out right after this. The car. 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Getting the darn thing to update here keeps kicking back to the games coming up so I can give your halftime scores in a couple of Bally games Bradley surprisingly leading at northern Iowa 3431. Half. And Loyola was up four at Indiana State at the half I didn't get a second half scored just briefly on that 13834. Oil is still up for. About twelve minutes to go. And the Illinois State Missouri State game just tipped off about twenty minutes ago in Springfield. And Illinois State does have Mikhail Macintosh. Back in the lineup tonight he missed a few games with and the issue headed to scope believe. Missed the game at Wichita State but he was supposed to be up three weeks he's actually back a little sooner than they expected. Good news for Illinois State's. Like come down and a we showed them what they've got that they got some tough ball game that got that 19 men I think Jordan northern it was so yeah they have NORTHERN IRELAND the same Saturday to a state plays at losers states so. Lot still to be decided a couple of scores of interest outside the valley Iowa State. One at Kansas State eighty sevens 79. And Maryland got a good road win at northwestern. 7464. That puts northwestern at nineteen and seven even though it's a home loss. Doesn't probably jeopardize their NCAA tournament status as they yeah. They have big road win at Wisconsin just few days ago it may have kind of punched their ticket it would be the first time. Never school history. And they actually hosted the very first NCAA tournament on their campus in 1930 ninths and it's it's about time I'll see the wildcats get there evidence that a strange this season here especially lately lost at home to Illinois they go to Wisconsin and nobody went up in math and so. Interesting a year for northwest market Kate do you have an update here northern Iowa's now back in front 4740. Over Bradley was thirteen twelve to go. And Loyola. Leading at home over Indiana State 4134. Over the about two and a half minutes ago. We'll get to the upcoming schedule Obama will want to remind you capital charitable things she could support with coach Gregg Marshall. Coach Marshall Carlos of Kelly's are filling the shelves that are daily bread food pantry again this year it soccer fans who have helped raise over a 100000 dollars so far. For this great cause of keep listening for ways to help and how to win an autograph shocker team basketball. And keep getting on there every day on line voting for coach Marshall in the Infiniti coaches Charity Challenge that money raised from that benefits the Wichita children's health. Coach Marshall currently in sixth place in gaining a little on fifth and getting down to the last stages of that last year. That's the sweet sixteen race 151000 dollars for the children so so that's a lot of money for that which structural. Ultimately there and so that they'll like it on their vote every day all right. Coming up Saturday. 11 AM tipoff Wichita State. And NORTHERN IRELAND looks like Panthers. Will come in having won nine of their last ten Bally games after all and five started mentally they're playing well other dangerous opponent. Checkers have Evansville Tuesday night at home another team that's playing much better lately in the senior night game for John Roberts Simon. That bush. Evansville came in here and and beat southern Saturday so they're they're playing better. Of course you and I always pleased to have this time a year they've got the style of ball they can slow it down the impact the defense in. And play one of those ugly 6560. Kind of games so it'll be a tough game against the united Saturday so. I'm saying in the most is that 830. And get ready for the game and eleventh. Wichita State in the last seven seasons now including this one. 66. And fourteen. On the road that's over 82%. 53. And nine in valley games the last seven years better than 85%. With their nineteen point win here tonight. Made amazing. We will a lot of years where shoppers could literally wrote the game. It's it's it can seem like they'd they'd ever win a road game and have the they win them. At a pretty high clip 80% so pretty amazing. Level do it from here for Bob and Mike Kennedy also thanks to. Andrew handling and Joseph Hart for their work in the studio as always thanks all of you who joined us a magnitude that a little earlier than usual tonight. With the early start final score from Carbondale Wichita State now twenty. Four and four beating southern Illinois 8768. You do less than good shot prevents. It's fun explodes. Karma so pillars pretty union movement. Executive there she killed her insurance jerseys and real involved but guarding him. What sort machinery that it's. Clinton's appointments that pretty bad. Do shipping news coverage systems Marty stone but Kansas lottery. Got two different. Grossman shield of Texas discussions are. 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Was our final score tonight as the Sox picked up another road win now improved to 24 and four on the season. As the shocks keep their winning streak going Wichita State. Getting a win tonight. And we are glad to be witty here at 2221. And rock you would like to join us. Come on by we're here 21 and rock road repair after every soccer men's basketball game this season so. Got an early tip off tonight so come on bind join us here on this Wednesday evening at twin peaks. As we get underway tonight on the soccer locker room show our phone number is area code 316. The numbers self 86910378691037. Is our phone number tonight. The Sox win it on the road of buying nineteen sox' only led by four at halftime. But Wichita State went on a big get 3040. In the first part of the second half staff and that's the stretch that got the soccer's where they needed to be. And we see a lot of games like this here this season where it's just basically 101112 minute stretch that show hackers. Dominate the opponent that decides the game and that was again the case tonight. Close game at halftime but the shocks and dominate the next 1112 minutes. Sox led by as many as 27 may end up winning it by 198768. If you would like to join us on the program our phone numbers 8691037. Tonight anything on your mind after the soccer win at southern Illinois. And let's go to the phone lines started off what Powell hello all you are on the locker room so there. Ahead. Beating its thanks for taking my colts believe that I just sort of it so your comments arms. What his game just was. We'll let me but he's certainly in the first half let. And keep it that club of those came out expect and it came up pretty strong I think it's been greeted by Connor thing camp. Really sort of judge ordered. They have run in this back and it definitely kind of the what little what I thought. At circuit at the water partners complain with and nineteen point road victory. But it looks in the Marshall and his post game show I have indicated that better rotation seem like that the war Bible was. Rockwell and we're shoppers that it's true recognized and that kind of interchangeable they have in the front court. You know the good victory. And just that it kind of frank and who have been. Publicly down on. Our time is this it was a shocker I think he's finally yet coming into the zone. I don't expect we'll get an early that this. Humility and this is doing offensively in the first half games that the last lap. That's sort of lit it up in the second half that I think he's Serb. I think we can safely say that you know. But the trend is now in place. I it was slow to warm up is finally. Scoring a little bit better that. You know but every game now he's dead double digit score which is what I was in vision but it should be. And no I'm O communities just hit their stride. Along with some of the other doctors waiting. The on. Addressing Connor this is now six straight games scoring in double figure points. And kind of a almost a carbon copy of the of the Loyola game last time robbery. Didn't didn't do a lot of offense in the first staff and then that you made seven baskets in the second half at Loyola. Honestly sixteen points here tonight he had five baskets in the second half on his way to fourteen points. For a four from three point range in the second half so. And that young his last six games now scoring 1516181016. And tonight fourteen so. GAAP Connors the last six games he's looked like it different player. And it and did it again tonight stymied another opponent from long range in the second half. It was kind of coincide with Markel and moved them work as an argument you know what it pretty ready or the point is this. As to what coincide with when we kind of shifted stronger than Brooks. Little bit. I received some I think we're seeing the results of some of that. And just those two getting comfortable with each other and and I think we saw that again tonight they combined for 27 points I'm talking about Shannon frank camp Tony seven point eight assists. And make him beat making five buckets pretty good stuff. It's simple but it has always been what someone else decrypt it is well thanks for it. I think self thanks for the phone call appreciate it. If you wanna join us on the locker room showed tonight featured you give us a call 869 model 37 is the phone number 8691037. As we continue tonight here from twin peaks in east Wichita outward 21 and rock road tonight. After Wichita State wins it over southern Illinois 8768. The shocker is shooting 56%. From the floor. Holding southern to 37%. Shooting. Course when a shocker played southern and Wichita three weeks ago. That was a game in which the soccer's. Won by 42 points in just. Just really had southern Illinois taken out of the game. Pretty much all the way. Tonight was a little bit different story was only four point shocker lead very early in the second half. But to Wichita State went on at 34 to eleven run. And of course that was fueled by that was started by as three straight three pointers by Conor frank camp. A four point lead all of a sudden was a fifteen point lead after bat. And now Rashard Kelly kind of start begin to react and then for a few minutes more hours Ronald nurture that was making a bunch of buckets in a row and you know it. That run was capped off by. Based on Smith and CJ Kaiser Austin reed saw getting baskets off the bench so soccer bench really get into the action there and and break it open a close game in the second half into a blowout soccer for like 27 at that point wood about eight minutes to go. They give up a lot of you know SI unit went on any eleven ill run the kind of headed that little bit then the it outscored the shocker in the final eight minutes the Wichita State had a big lead and finally had a few buckets there at the started missing some shots and and have allowed SI you kind of get back into it course SI use it most of their points at the free throw line outscored the soccer when he won seven of the line in this one. I did some had damage in the first half SI use ten for ten at the line in the first half. And it makes when he won free throws. Soccer's and finally got finally stop that run by SI you with a Connor frank can't bucket to beat the shot clock it. Bounced honoree of a few times before going in and then Landry Shannon made at. And stocks close it out. 8768. The wind tonight at southern Illinois shocker and out 24 and four on the year. This is now 89 game winning streak for the show authors. And they have also beaten the salukis nine times in a row. And I believe the shocker have done something they've never done in their program history which is win the four years in a row in Carbondale I believe that has never happened before so. Soccer's have now won their last four trips into SI you capped off that one tonight with a victory. Our final score Wichita State eighty sevens southern Illinois 68. At the shocks also ended up getting up. Up big time on the rebound margin another area it was the soccer's. Excel and one of the nation's best Wichita State in the top five in the nation in rebound margin at plus. Eight that happened tonight was another big one plus 704427. Shots out rebounding the salukis. So that was a decided advantage for the soccer's in Wichita State made that one made that one count. Wichita State wins it tonight. 8768. At southern Illinois nice road win for the shocks went up 24 and four on the season. Other valley action continues tonight there are three other games in Missouri Valley Conference action gets caught up some of those games were all kind of. Winding down those all started. At the usual 7 o'clock tip off time looks like. Well I guess won a bit that we get. Brightly in northern Iowa the course that's the next doctor potter is northern Iowa on Saturday morning northern Iowa was still leading Bradley. Northern Iowa at home up 5749. At about seven and a half minutes to go in that one. Northern Iowa has been a red hot they have one think nine of their last stand so they are after that 015 start in conference play. Northern Iowa's now 86 he had it won eight of nine and if they win tonight it'll be nine at ten. And they are all alone in third place in the valley right now. And they are playing some great basketball their only loss of course in that stretch was to Illinois State. So we'll see how off the shocker the Panthers match up on Saturday morning now it'll be a big one. And northern Iowa's still love winning tonight at on them at home leads Bradley was seven minutes ago. Late in the game it's Loyola at home in Chicago. Easily winning over Indiana State 5842. Indiana State only has 42 points and they are late in that game. And the rough season continues for the sycamores. They are tied for last place in the valley standings and it looks like they're headed for another road loss. The winding down in the first half. Over in Springfield Missouri State and Illinois State get a clue most want. It's Illinois State 27 the bears 26. That would got a few minutes to go before halftime so. First place Illinois State is having a tough one in Springfield thus sparks will really keep our eye on that. Not a shocker will be in first no matter what the if Illinois State were to lose tonight in Springfield shocks would be all alone. Atop the conference standings with three games to go so we'll see how. Things transpire in Springfield tonight as we go on. With college basketball action this evening. But that's for Wichita State shocks when it 8768. At southern Illinois tonight. You wanna join us were broadcast it live here at twin peaks in east Wichita tonight come on by its cius. Rick 21 and rocker over here after every soccer game all season long come on mine join us tonight when peaks grab up. Grab one of those soccer game day specials all day long every soccer game day. There is a great food and drink golfer here at. At the twin peaks you can get a cheeseburger for just 599. All day long on every shocker game days so. Come on by tonight enjoy that 59090 burger. And you can get a big man's size mug of the shots off and that is just four dollars. And that's fear right now according to the thermometers 27 point two degrees my towel. That's frosty colder than ice cold get that big old man's size mud of the shots up for just four dollars on soccer game days all day long. Books and doing those specials all they wanted so our next soccer game they'll be Saturday he'd come on via. We'd love to see after the shocker gain net gain of tip off at 11 AM Saturday so. Will be here for a kind of just just about little upper lunchtime on Saturday for the shocker locker room shows so. Market on account or come on by and join us here at twin peaks Saturday after the soccer game against northern Iowa look to see here. Our phone lines are open if you like to join us tonight what are your thoughts on the shots. With only three games left in the regular season 8691037. As the phone number the area code is 316 want to gain give a serene. At 8691037. As we continue tonight on the soccer locker room show. For more are at twin peaks right after this not 103 point 78 EY. 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That isn't heavy as you men's basketball game some good things when he sees an elaborate show up 103 point seven KE YN. It starts immediately after the men's basketball game all day unbeaten season only twin peaks blood Ford Ellen man's site shocked tabs and I 99 cheeseburgers old twin peaks easy and wet start here at this sports season for all bands. NFL NB AK year WS steel case dates black TVs and scenic views twin peaks 21 of rap relative maple ridge you're tape is ready. Earthquakes in Kansas hello this is seven lanes to save at least coming we have noticed an influx of calls regarding water service surveyors sewer repairs to water leaks toilet and shower leagues many of which we are beginning to attribute to earthquake activity. Keep an eye out for water leaks increasing water bills are damaged sewer piping. If you're worried you have sustained earthquake damaged if they've at least humming a call today at 9450117. 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Wichita State locker room show or 103 point seven KEY yeah. That's threat from wiley because he's got to get out of it feels to finally lost the handle it doesn't take it the fastest. Doubles spotlight that is wow what it's feeling when an acrobatic take on my twilight. That's not my real ball around the original plan he has absolutely hammered blasted out to. Duffy has lemon. He's not quite well. Welcome back to Lee's Oscar. So tonight Mike Kennedy and Bob whole the whole game right there and that was a good one of the first half oil markets but Duffy got the shock softly roaring start in this one. In the first day in nine minutes Marcus had four I believe four of his five baskets that he would have on the night he was really hot to begin with. Markets ended up with. With thirteen points on the night nine rebounds made. I did of his six shots and you heard the one right dairy got the steal and went all Boeing and for the layup that put the shocks up like twelve. Just nine minutes into the game or eleven minutes into the game but the shocks kind of did not capitalize on that twelve point lead. Non southern ended up going on an eleven to five run shortly after that ended up getting you know it and up cutting that WellPoint soccer league down the zoo. Late in the first half. Before the shocker got a dunk by as Jack Moore is right before halftime but it was close going into the locker of socks were only up 3733. But which tossed to kind of dominated the first eleven minutes of the second half and the lead at 27 again and an a when he tonight by 198768. Final score. Shocks approved 24 and four on the season. We are broadcasting live tonight as always after every soccer game this season at twin peaks we're here at east which talked when he first and rock road. Columbine join us at twin peaks were glad to have you and throw out lot of new menu items cannot produce terrible as the new double stacked not just close. Or if the bacon jam sliders. New menu items sec about that stuff your twin peaks in east which is thought when he first in Iraq wrote soccer locker room until last time I was here. I was with a table that ended up getting the the bread put it. And it was phenomenal. Great dessert if bureau looking for something itself pretty tasty. That the bread putting was hit in the spot last time we are out here to the Mumbai and enjoy a sample to be near twin peaks and east which is thought when he first and rock. As we always are here after soccer games for the shocker locker room show if you like beavis a call. Our phone numbers 691037. Area code is 3168691037. Is our phone number tonight. You're on the locker room joke. And no Wichita State wins it at southern Illinois tonight 8768. Shocks now 24 and four on the season and still like continuing to top the Missouri Valley Conference only three regular season games remain. Hard to believe the next deal will be at home that'll conclude the home a portion of the regular season schedule for the shocks. Saturday morning at 11 AM tip against northern Iowa the red hot Panthers. Maybe go when the night maybe they want to. They lead birds believe in Cedar Falls tonight but it's close 61 to 57 with three and a half minutes to go so. Northern Iowa has won eight of its last nine but they are going to go to so elated that game with Bradley tonight so we'll keep you updated on that. Loyola has already won its game tonight Loyola. Whipping Indiana State 6446. In Chicago tonight. So that puts Loyola. At seven and eight in the conference seventeen and the eleven on the season. So they are Loyola is now up into a tie for fourth place in the standings. And conference leader Illinois State. Trails at the time asked Missouri State. In Springfield tonight Bette Davis at halftime and it's Missouri State 33 Illinois State 29. So loved the shocks. Already of one to secure at least airports in the first place in the conference but Illinois State. It needs to come back in the second half and went on the road if they wanna state tied with Wichita State atop the conference standings so. We have a couple of interstate results in the valley to watch down the stretch here tonight as the standings take shape with the lead three games to go in the regular season. You and I only for a late over Bradley an Illinois State this album type four on the road at halftime at Missouri State will. Keep the Nile those games we continue throughout the night. Wichita State though wins tonight by nineteen at SI you. Despite some. Some mud issues tonight it wasn't a an a plus effort by the shocks. But it was a nineteen point road went so. He he takes some of that when you're on the road big rebounding night for the Sox who were plus seventeen on the boards. Southern Illinois was not really interested in running much offense they only had four assists to lead their team they had zero at halftime. Wichita State only had four assists in the second half so. So that was so that was a couple's by the shocker just getting hot from three point range in May be getting some months. Second chance looks Ronald nurture Macon some nice baskets and moves on the inside. And their Wichita State to dependent to some of that Sox did not particularly take great care of the basketball had eight turnovers in the first to have another six in the second half. It's been a little bit. Of an alarming trend lately the shocker that a few games lately they've had. Higher than average re turnover totals especially in the first time not taking care of the basketball. In DC they've had to kind of start taking care of the second half that's. I don't know we saw in this game shocks were cool sloppy with the ball the first half and that ended up. Letting your site you kind of gets an extra possessions stay in the ball game only down by four at halftime. But seems like what's the soccer's very taken better care of the basketball and and and getting some by getting some rebounds security. And that's the Wichita State finally took off and got things going their way tonight. And now Nikki was Hubert coach Marshall really really praise Rashard Kelly and and Ronald nurture. On the rebounding side of those things for kind of starting to starting to get that taken care of it. He was also kind of pleased with but based on Smith that. And some guys off the bench for helping out value the basketball take care of the basketball gets things done there. And of course this shooting. Heating up for Connor frank camp in the second half the seeded four for four from three point range all of us in the second has happened that really up boosted the soccer's. On the night. Rashard Kelly to two soccer's ended up with nine rebounds on the night markets with their feet. Almost a double double thirteen points nine rebounds Rashard Kelly on the bench also had. Signed a rebounds three of those on the offensive end to go along with his seven points so. RB rebounding night for the show soccer's we once again some Marcus picked up Ian restart Kelly. Pulling down some boards and help working hard on the glass for the shocks on this night. Things are really getting close in Cedar Falls right now northern Iowa. Has now only 82 point lead over her sadly. In Cedar Falls northern Iowa's 61 Bradley fifty denying the with. Two minutes to go a basketball game so the northern Iowa has won eight of nine but they are. Really. In a battle with brightly right now down the stretch in Cedar Falls. Of course northern Iowa will be coming into which kicks off on Saturday to take on the soccer's. Yet many Lebanese tip off at Coke arena so. We will continue to watch that game as well as we go through the night northern Iowa trying to hang on. As they are going. With the last place Bradley at the moment. Let's go to the phone lines 8691037. As our phone number tonight here's the shocker locker room show it 691037. And let's find out what's going olive Mike hello my curable Oscar until the right. Told. They. Whether it's really. Tell you that I agree with gender percent. I didn't watch the game money on cock is always listen to Mike and Bob. But I think that I I'm sense of the kind of an alarming thing. The last couple of victories. Or the turnovers but also the soccer scene beginning in addition there are shots blocked an awful lot. Such is the best simply divided but I noticed. Adds up and I was very pleased to give what does this shooting Connor and Landry can be. Early cold up there and I was a little surprised that way you could tell the flatness of the suckers in the second half. I think that. I think our had made a comment about the soccer's categories slap. The fact that when Connor and Landry were out. It is I think it was down to about the seven minute mark then they came back to him. I know this is that lead has really dwindled and really just a couple of a couple of things I would agree with him on and I did show. The book calculator. Thank you Mike thanks for the phone call and and a good observations. Is that stretch there where Illinois a southern Illinois went on 110 run. I think you're kind of linked I think Connor. And Landry perhaps not a net gain some of that stretch. And the soccer's just. What IL they they were in the game for some of that to neverland read missing you know. I'm missing a couple of shots coming up short on some of those possessions. It's just a word is Chris. Andy I think he kind of it it did it just wasn't and I'd with a soccer's were. A 100% crisp I guess maybe is a decent way to put it and I at Bob hole Connor remarked in the post game. He thought it especially the first aftershocks just. Weren't as sharp as they had been some recent efforts must mr. the second half especially at first 1011 minutes there where they. When it went on that 3411. Run. And steal bite Ronald nurture it and their. And Rashard Kelly and of course it was started by Conor make it three straight threes so. That's certainly helped as well want to start Macon some three pointers and open things up all along a shocker shot the ball well. I didn't shooting 56%. From the for the became. They were 53%. In the first half so they're probably close this 59 or sixty in the second half that you bring that up. But this. You know turn overs Mitt is it a little bit and and southern Illinois getting their points free throw line mitigated little bit of that as well. But doctors but they were they were so good on the rebounding side of things it. That made a big difference they were plus seventeen on the glass of and that that certainly helped as well. And gives you don't mind along helped as well so except it was at that little stretch there in the second half work salukis went on 110 Rhonda. Shooting and went down the shocks the other NASA. Pretty pretty sort of pretty solid shooting on the night that shocks. And getting some high percentage shots certainly helps when the markets is not good things down Jack and another twelve points. And no wrong no getting stir of getting his twelve points there are some nice a nice it's it'll seated in the deep the shocks on this night. Our personal score. Wichita State in 87. Southern Illinois 68 shocked when their ninth game harrowing nine game winning streak now for the shot tax. And that's what they're coming right down to the wire in Cedar Falls. You NI 63. Bradley 61. A which 26 seconds to vote so that one is. Connell right down to the very finish. And they'll keep an eye on it seed northern Iowa can hold on to win at home over last place Bradley. So that one's that looks. If you want music phone numbers 691037. Let's go back to the phone lines is what is it that you're durable garrido. Hey guys go through the night what's up. And I'm bit what to college basketball for a really long time but I would have to admit that I've not really understated and with the PRI readings. Or about or what they mean exactly I know. It's a wish you good to talk about RPI just little bit explain what it is how or to what the numbers mean I don't know. I'm I'm I feel kind of silly and I don't really understand whether it's high numbers you're alone there bruised spirit he could you talk about RPI a little bit just explain what that's all about. Well it did I don't think I know would solve how. But it's a good but to get questions head and and it's something we've talked about it it's that we got talked about it's it's something it's become part. Whether elected or not it's become part of what we. We throwing to college athletics now is is a he's a computerized value which evaluates teams against each other I mean I mean for years and years. Well all we cared about was wins and losses that's that's all we pretty much cared about was what a team's record ones. And that then then then in the nineties it seemed like we started getting but computers became more. More prevalent around our lives. The NCAA was trying to come up with a way to quantitative really scenes beyond just. Exceeded the attic he had a record but you wanted to take some other factors into account so. That's what the RPI title the title was it was a way to crunch some numbers and add in some other factors besides just the team's record. So the you can it somewhat quantify how they were compared to other teams you could have. And edit all goes to things like the fact that you know you can have a thirteen in the Missouri Valley Conference with a record of but. 21 and four. But there's it's there's another team. In a bigger conference that might be fourteen and eleven. But he wanted but you that you you say well. Is is that team that has a better record on it necessarily better than the team with the worst record well let me start of sorts of other factors like. Maybe. This team displayed at a tougher schedule and its other team hat and that gets factored into it and then. Whether or not the teams that you beat are any good at its factored into it. And they all its crunching the numbers it all gets it spit out into a computer. And in and make quantitative ranking is coming out so. You know you you'll see Kansas. Is always in the top three in the nation in the RPI scene they they played tough schedule they went to sonic games have played a tough conference and the RPI it spits out. You know the usual Kansas and duke and Kentucky all end up with these huge impressive RP eyes. So it's a it's a way to ranked teams it's a way to take some factors into account. There's a lot of people don't like the RPI and they don't think that. That the way it's put together is very solid and it takes some things into consideration and not some others. And that's why you see some other computer rankings gonna get thrown in. The makes now as well the NCAA kind of seems to favour of the RPI is used it for years and years as a general this age they don't put a 100% stock into it. But it's kind of it's kind of the it's kind of become a beefed. Pro forma thing that we use do opted to evaluate some are some factors that go into all this sits at it's it's one of those deals and it's. I know I had another guy that it's kind of an RPI expert. In this town is Wichita State volleyball coach Chris slam who fights the RPI battle every year he sees India of course it's used in college volleyball as well. And I know that coach slam is kind of decried the fact that he feels the RPI is a very weighted formula. That definitely benefits teams that are in big major conferences. And is really a hindrance. And can be something that pulls you back if you are not a team in one of those big power conferences. And coach slam has. There's. To ring that bell for years and years they take the RPI is. Is something that doesn't doesn't necessarily make things. Equal or take into account all the things it should be taken into account some of these things and he doesn't like the way it operates sometimes. I know it's an imperfect system to head if it's something that. It eight evaluate some factors that does not evaluate others some schools field benefits him tremendously other schools feel it is is that it's very prejudiced in some ways. So it's it's not a great system it is a system at the NCAA. Users and feels it is solid in some ways they don't want it. It it it is if it is a computer based formula so it has its flaws. You still have to rely on the human element to the eye test sometimes due to really determine what. What do you want to determine. Especially when it comes to the selection committee. Because he'd he'd just don't wanna take the top sixty. Nine teams in the RPI into their two tournament that there's still as a human factor involved. But it is a way to quantitatively. Separate one team from another if it comes down to splitting hairs that. Group. So with a lower number a good thing to have heard that hired them the better thing to have. I mean if if you have a good are you guys would you have a lower number higher number. Well you have a lower number same as the ranking I mean if you ranked number one at the low number but you're ranked the highest of the rankings. Based on its series just like if you're number one in the nation. It's just that if you're RPI is one that's the best. Rightfully compared well I used for muttered no matter Florida what corporate. Now I lost never that never. Rank in the Murray hit very well so I predict what regular that the girl. I'm not sure right. Help you will tackle by did that. And earlier you gave me in Wichita State's RPI take going into this game tonight was forty system which puts NASCAR. And an RP net RPI ranking is the 47 best team in the nation. Now I mean there I mean in the AP poll sisters are 26 in boats. In there's another there's another computerized rating called the saccharine radio that has the shocker number sixteen. While other there's another rating called the Q and Pomeroy ratings as the shoppers at number sixteen. Her fathers are there's a rating that EE SPN uses that they generate by themselves help the BP I and that has the shocker in the top pointy. To some some computer models favor the shocker is the RPI not so much. Well remember war in my ranking and I hope they go away at it to look at it ironic that. That's the simplest that's the simplest explanation of all it all agree on that. Looked terrible. I'm currently there are regulars. But Southgate did I appreciated thanks for giving us a call tonight. It's the other. The ins and outs of the RPIs something that the we can talk about for a long time it's it's not gonna it's about it's frustrating discussion but the other shocks. Like we sets number 47 in the RPI coming into this game. It's a road win. It is a victory so they'll move up a little bit you would imagine as up. Symbols factors taken into account. But the shocker still low like you heard coach Marshall say in the post game. You still trying to win games trying to win out trying to view you don't really help your resonate very much when you go through some of that but the if you you can only build your resume so much just by winning. You know loss obviously. Depressed from your resume a little bit but you gotta gotta keep button that deepest into the win column. And hope that things take care of themselves in the U your resume is good enough it becomes today's. In mid march. But for the phone call Ted appreciate it if you wanna join us tonight this is the shocker locker room show and we are live here at twenty cities which it's Allred when he first and Ross. Give us a call 8691037. Are. Producers tonight. We'll be glad to get you on the air intermittently until arts are standing by to take your phone calls at 8691037. Back to twin peaks after this. You're listening to soccer basketball tonight on what all three point seven to eight EY and. Shocker nation wasn't built overnight it took years of dedication and hard work and perseverance. Your friends and all seasons construction know about hard work. We've been updating homes for over 25 years providing the best in home exteriors and interior monolith. Built by two generations of shocker alumni all seasons construction is part of your team call today 68517100. 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It's a very similar cruise gave Leila. On her locker room. Have you let us hear others. Wednesday night. Another shocker went on the road Wichita State we didn't have southern Illinois tonight 8768. The shocks now on a nine inning game winning streak. 24 and four overall on the season. And Sox picked up another road win and remain in at least a tie for first place atop the conference the other first place team is Illinois State. And the red birds are now down by eight points. Early in the second half in Springfield well that they just made it three pointers looked down upon its Missouri State forty Illinois State thirty I have a and that's got sixteen minutes to go over in Springfield so the red birds are trying to keep. Into a tie for first place with the shocks but they are in a tough one tonight at Missouri State. You and I finally won at home game over last place Bradley but they had to hang on at home the do it. Winning at 6461. And if so northern Illinois ansari northern Iowa will come into ARCO Arena on Saturday. Item six of the conference they've won nine of their last ten games. So red hot northern Iowa comes to which it saw on Saturday. It gable tip off at 11 o'clock Saturday morning at Coke arena between the shocks in the panthers' so. That would be a big one will be out here twin peaks after the game on Saturday little early lunch for you if you want Columbine joint d'isere twin peaks. But the shocker locker room still on Saturday after the soccer take on a northern Iowa. A phone number tonight it's 86910378691037. Area code is 316. As we continue tonight on the soccer locker room show Wichita State wins tonight. Over southern Illinois 8768. The final score that's the shocker improved to 24 and four on the year and win their ninth in a row. If you would like to join us on the night you can give us a call. 8691037. Phone numbers 8691037. As we continue tonight on the soccer locker room show. Course every time there's a soccer game day you get food and drink specials here at twin peaks. Come on by and join us there's a five dollar and 99 cent cheeseburger all day long on soccer game days. Or you can get a big men and size months ago the shocked opera just four bucks those are soccer game based specials. All day every soccer game day right here at twin peak cities which are thought when he first in Iraq. Come on by to join those specials today AM at the specials and affect began on Saturday when the shocker take on in northern Iowa. The 691037. As our phone number. And this the Illinois State score 4235. Now Missouri State on top of the red birds with under sixteen minutes to go. In the Springfield so once again soccer fans will be keeping their eye on this one as we continue throughout the evening first place Illinois State. Having a tough one on the road tonight at Missouri State so we'll with soccer's beat. Tied for first place by the time the night is done or will they be all alone in first place yet to find out seeing how things turn out mean red birds and the bears over in Springfield. Soccer's when it tonight. Despite only having a four point lead at halftime shocker went on a 34 to eleven run. In the first nine minutes first in eleven minutes of the second half and blew this one opened up by as many as 27. Shocks would end up when he did find nineteen tonight 8768. Out rebounding the salukis 4427. Of course the Sox beat SI you buy. 42 when they played in which it's off last month. Tonight. Not as big but still sizable nineteen point road win on this evening used to shocks pick up the win. Wichita State county nine game winning streak to. And that keeps Wichita State don't in the win column which doctors. Have beaten the salukis down nine times in a row. And for the first time in program history that shocks have won four years in a row in Carbondale so that's it interesting note as well for the shocks. They continue with play Wichita State down nine and one on the road this season. Joseph arts up and Andrea gambling our studio engineers are standing by Q when he was called tonight at 8691037. 8691037. As our phone number tonight. And he thought he might have with only three games to go in the regular season. For Wichita State soccer's next had a pair of home games posting northern Iowa on Saturday morning at 11 AM. And then turn around right away on a Tuesday night. And host Evansville forum actual normal time Kate it's 7 o'clock. And that will conclude the home portion of the regular season for the shocks only three games remain in the regular season from Wichita State the next two are at home. So I'd get out and watched his team performed as they they get nine game winning streak in the Saturday's game against northern Iowa. Once again before we take a break and update on Illinois State the red birds. Trailing at Missouri State's 4337. Under fifteen minutes to go that would in Springfield. As the red birds are trying to do come back on the road and stay in first place tie with the Sox. Let's go to the phone lines 8691037. Hours with a solo Alley on the locker room so the right ahead. I can't. A look over at the box or fight game I'm looking at the medics. Each airplay that I see Darryl Willis I committed yet to bowels. So I can't attribute the amount of playing time too as foul by no. You know the other players were by its current level but I just beat it scripting farther and farther off. Billy sort of midseason he was short or shining star he was leading scorer in many games. I think even as we speak he's the second leading scorer on the team average for the year. But I just CD is says. And moving farther and farther off to the French I guess the question that I have is. Mentally how that affected guy on is attitude. I can only hope that is added it is wrong and also. You know and the only to get him back into the groove is really. You know eating more minutes as opposed reducing his minutes. Wait. Well those are good questions to pose as how I don't know if I have the definitive answer on any of that. Yeah you're right I mean you you look at the first half but the shocker season and he is a major. Major contributor meaning he's guided. Every had 25 points in the road win at Indiana State. And it. We haven't seen him though was. B of really consistent force ever since the a win at Evansville when he had eleven points that he said. Seven single digit efforts since then and he is seen as playing time dwindled factors. Three of the last five games he's had single digit minutes. So yes I guess your your question has to do with his frame of mind. Yes after playing time is diminished. You know they're there're couple things at play at one of them is that you're not keeping up with some of the other guys on the roster and they're getting more playing time because of that. And it gets kind of what we've seen is kind of the emergence of Rashard Kelly a little bit in that time frame and Ronald nurtured they've been getting some of those minutes and and that Darryl has not I think more consistent play my show Boris has eaten into barrels minutes. Now. And Marcus then it did kind of the emergence superstar Kelly a little bit like we said sonic is eaten some Darrell minutes as well. I guess if your playing time is diminished you have to do. You can either of those slink into a hole and and and and passed out. Which I don't think he's doing or you can you know you gotta get better in practice on a lot of I think over the years we've kind of seen coach Marshall in these guys. You know people view it if you're getting the job done practice you will be rewarded with playing time. And you know if if if Darrell. Has holes in his game or areas where he needs to get better. It's going to have you know he's going to have to prove himself in practice and and earn that playing time and right now. I think get some of that has to be there and and other other factors of the fact that. Jack is seeing more minutes on the florists art Kelly and Ronald nerds are seeing more minutes on the floor they are producing in those minutes. And and if Darrell wants more playing time you'll have to step it up that and try to match some of that but you're right now he is. He's not been a consistent factor for the shocker here in the last 34 weeks. And he still so's why I mean he still so shows flashes. I mean in the beginning of southern Illinois at home last month he had fifteen points on seven of eight shooting. Just last week and home when Willard Missouri State get a really good game with ten points. But it was only fourteen minutes he's not get the total playing time like he was early in the first half of the season it's about that this study is they key is. The emergence of some other players and some of that. He's had some tough shooting night sometimes that that it's cost him some his playing time to now. Yeah what can look at is limited that a lot can deny that but he type but it was to look for from the people which is a obviously it's percentage 50% and believe that supporting an election. More than that. Except to recount begin and I've been at that stop at four point did it in five minutes you're extra couple that out. Not open at the the pictures that you shouldn't get too wrapped up in that in a way is that I wasn't that pretty scene like that those people. Towels. It gives them historically. Has been to what they figured out the double team him down and locals speak. Yup I did it seem to hospitals ought to either turn it over commit the foul order that it doesn't get back out in like that city yet. A problem that could be corrected. That for whatever reason being corrected I think that's the main reasons at least. Masturbation the main reason he's in the and people thought Alison and I'm mr. per site that he hasn't been able to work and I taught and practiced since it's been it is the maker compliment I think all the teams are. But certainly clearly that way because said he doesn't handle well. Yeah I and then even tonight. Island EC vets of past games even tonight you know he was double teamed and he threw it after she did the right thing he decorated it got it up this jacket sack count. Didn't do anything with the basketball after that it that the guitar over that the says that what Darrell ball both. You're right he's he's going to have to deal that double team him and he's still kind of seem sometimes he's figuring out. And not just was that the game might been more options that that. Can defeat Jake pitcher is there's an insult just a little but he people who are about some more minutes in our guard rotations. Based assessment that. You know these are on the radio that he. There's a little bit better and you know that's another player that was doing extremely low and middle part of the statement that is. What stated that Oakley is the level of Lebanese and people. Really good solution with the clerk position I know the chairman and can't play a lot of minutes. That they used to have to have best and cart is committed illegal. And I think it's what we see meant is that guys like date on it and Kaiser. They're not going to get a ton of minutes doesn't look like tear down the stretch because of the way that dammit and frank camper flying. But what they do come in you need to produce. You can't just have those be empty minutes any time that Connor or. Or or Landry take a break you eat you just can't let that be enough so. I think would win based on I think we start of the sea based on panic come back a little bit from the brink. Meet yet eight points in the home Gaby it's Missouri State TV in the dating game five points a couple of rebounds and his minutes. To take I just kind of the same way he's not gonna get a ton of minutes. But it boy if he comes in for 2345. Minutes the get a basket or two out of him to get an assist. That's just fantastic event gives the starters little breather there to get you still get production with guys like that on the floor. I. Thanks Al I appreciated good good good topic of discussion tonight. And if you wanna join us give us a consolidate 691037. In the area code is 316. Here on the walker Michelle let's get the phone lines Steve is next high speed there I said. They can't expect my call on our Argentine markets so they're grossly. Take that first app was pretty tight then we got our stuff together. With the exception of cute couple climbed to another chart had done. That talks with her deer in headlight look honestly we didn't. So when he got that. A little trouble there but. I think if the one person that. I don't know that it doesn't church are aware of the plate designed when he goes to the outside is. Based seems like he's just not quick enough to get inside perhaps not yet maybe that'd develop over time. It is is who are no we had a good game tonight they're sometimes I think she just needs to stay in the lane. And stay there instead of going out I know he's gay yet go outside the screen at times it just doesn't seem like to get back fast enough. That there are times and then. I don't know what he's capable sheet to reporters. You know others that some of those tonight that a couple shots there are just. A delicious. Joy up Al you've been approved you're going into the I would I would rather see him for his size like the ball is inside game. Not that it become law they could be better but like. Maybe teams under the gulf war but there was still some type of a starter at first I think probably he gets caught flat that you. Jump in here correct me if I'm wrong because there's times and he goes up force policy is really he should be able just go straight up BO look. Being more aggressive which are already got his hands up and he goes straight up I think he's okay you mean I didn't cultural. But I sometimes but he gets caught flat footed and he did example was. Jackson. But Billy Knight was actually missed a few times in and out. I don't know that was probably the only thing that I've seen it either way I am watching it very interesting. Urged state and Illinois State you don't like it don't get two point different. They had a down. Missouri state courts don't read observers say that the the they had him down by here. Eight points for awhile now and it is it has gone mad at you know I'm hoping that. They're adamant that breadth depth zone and that was really kind of slow down Biltmore estate. Then they started they start trying to run with them and I bet you can't be that they've meters they can't remember the Kuwait state so. And that's why allow them to get back and get two point edge but I don't know what you like about them come along about this or is sometimes like you get title. But literally just. It'll on. One defense you're saying. Yeah all the that the. Yes I have and summit is so you know he's just utilizing his size 610. So I think attic he kind of doesn't wanna get one of those patterns Torre leaves his speed it just gets called for a foul because he's moving I don't give me these these. It it's all about positioning and things like that and and now I think he's still trying to use his length. More than just more than sometimes yep resisting the body using defeat to get into position. But at six Teddy got to get away when that sometimes. Rock but our team but you're right they're quicker player a player that gets half step on him. And I can kind of get it out of position sometimes but I think. For the most part they keep pretty decent at at handling some of the challenges. Right right yeah I'd like that Smart are actually great we. It was getting to the point where we who. Lou cared about so much expected that I don't know why won't do it. But that was no I don't think I've noticed that his three point shooting hasn't been quite long like they'll. And the desire and but I'm sure that it would like just watching from TV and that's like after a few mistakes without. I'm sure that martial artist actually switch for some people thought he urged. The thought of all. The quake that that's the only thing I really want to comment on what will be very big game right now on the it's it's get a Viet interest in game here in my mind. I'd keep my fingers crossed that they bigger upset than in in La. In progress fears they'll look up. What will make it nice girls that I'll get off so let the water out here and thanks it's my fault. All right thanks for the call Steve out. Ronald nurture we were discussing he scored in double figures to his last three he had to head in the home when he gets Missouri State. Didn't do much at Loyola but yet tonight twelve points four rebounds made five of nine shots. And Ronald kind of you'd make that first move. And southern Illinois kind of fell for every time an Enron though I would use self. Fairly high percentage shot do to finish off with an Italian it up with twelve tonight on five of nine shooting so. Good another good game Toronto off the bench and that was that he was kind of a stabilizing force there as Wichita State was going on that along. 3411. A run there in the first half of the second half that really started yet the shocker is going to Ron knows of Ronald play on the offensive end was. Really helping toward the latter end of that the long run. Our phone number is 8691037. Tonight as we continue on a shocker locker room itself. As so Wichita State which it on the road and I ain't a game winning streak now for the shots. Corso Steve alluded to be only game still going on the valley right now first place Illinois State visiting Missouri State. That game is now tied at. As we approach the midway point to the second half so. First place Illinois State is in a big time contest at Missouri State right now. The bears led by as many as eight in the second half now it is tied with sand and a half minutes ago so. Will the red birds fall out of first place or will they stay up tied with the shocks. Stilted and a half minutes to go and add it to Springfield to decide that. And of course the Wichita State's next opponent. Northern Iowa already won tonight barely beating last place Bradley 6461. In Cedar Falls. Northern Iowa has won nine of its last had a and the Panthers will come the Wichita Saturday morning 11 AM tip off at ARCO Arena for that one. Our final score tonight Wichita State 87 SI use 68. Our studio engineers Andrew gambling Joseph marked up. Glad to get jump near where this wanna give us call tonight 869103. Sevens we talked soccer basketball. The area code is 3160. Disarray at 86910. 37. As we continue with shocker locker room so. We are broadcasting live tonight we are twin peak cities which it's off. At 21 at Iraq Perot were here after every soccer game all season long come on by and join us. Or soccer locker room selection. You're 21 in Iraq at twin peaks. 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Wichita State's locker room show or 103 point seven Katie why did. Drops to nurture a flood suddenly back to the basket against called academia and wheels Goss was left can't avoid that any doubt both going for the hit the shoulder fake snow and the other side related he had yet to a couple of dribbled toward the middle of the lane with a left Kansas we've got pulled over his left shoulder. Spun back over his right shoulder blade again. It's win these securities which is awfully hard when he heard the raucous we continue to stop her locker rooms filled. Here on Wednesday night's. Shocker when it and southern Illinois 887689. Winds of around now for the shots. Let's go back to the phone lines Arctic are next to all at 8691037. Globe this girl said bill. After trouble comment about can't afford to have the person ripping gains arrogant about or popcorn to game. An alliance six or seven games he's been double figures plus. I was just. One in your opinion. You'd think it was just the early verse thirteen 1415. Games where. Wow cool cop and Tony shooting. I know he's in in a lot more minute now. And certainly Marshall always given him the Green Line. And though he was closed on it shocked person scripting games claimed they were just not falling. What do you attribute this applies to six or seven games. Because it certainly has led. Two. To work stalled. Rectory like. Thanks for the call bill and I don't know five the answer to that it but he just he just seems like a different player. In his last six games it's just it's almost like a light came on it started with that road trip at Bradley that operate. Each of those games he had six buckets. He then had six baskets against in the home win over Illinois State yet seven baskets in the second half against Loyola. On Sunday the end United's five baskets in the second half today so. He's a guy that it just seems to be playing with more confidence. I don't know Ole. You know I don't know if it's it's a fact that the out of all fits a deal that it has to do comfort or confidence or what have you aura that just. Kind of at this point he'd just kind of has started to just look more and more comfortable. And in his role in he's shooting in what he's doing out on the floor. He's handling the basketball well he's playing better on the defensive end he does not turn the ball over. And that's a that's been consistent all season long he systemic. Great job. Even though he he he handles the ball a lot he does not turn it over. In fact he's only had one game only two games all season long with more than one turnover. So very rarely does he even you know give up the ball even more than once but yet ITT's offensively kind of become so intrigued about. And boy it's just been pretty special this last. Six games and he feels like a different player I think in the having an aspect. As a consistent part of the shocker tacked. Makes his team go up to the next level little bit and that's that's kind of what we're seeing I think. Game in game out from him now I had in it and bill I don't know what to attribute it to. That's probably quite stepped ask him and maybe he didn't even know the answer but. These last six games. He's been a different player he's getting tons more playing time and AE it's worth it because he's he's so consistent. On the offensive end he's not hurt you and he's helping me off its big time and stretching the floor little bit that helps the inside guys that it just all great synergy right and the that the way he's working in tandem with landry's damage is just the it's brought soccer guard play consistency. And that's why these this nine game winning streak is pretty emblematic all that. Thanks for the call bill. And if you would like to join us to give us a call here on the soccer locker room still. At 8691037. In the area code is 316 we continued tonight. Here at twin peaks when he first and rock. Give me do we need to take a break I hike kind of lost track my brakes okay. Willow will we will take one final break here in the locker room still. Illinois State and Missouri State are tied at 6060. With five minutes to go in Springfield we'll keep you updated will come back and finish things up from twin peaks right after this soccer locker room still want one a three point seven KEY and. Shocker nation wasn't built overnight it took years of dedication and hard work and perseverance. Your friends and all seasons construction know about hard work. We've been updating homes for over 25 years providing the best in home exteriors and interior model it. Built by two generations of shocker alumni all seasons construction is part of your team. Call today 68517100. Or visit us online at all seasons construction dot com. Let's go shocker it's. Take it for me coach Gregg Marshall. No one just gives you an award you have to earn it. 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Six assists Toronto and nurture to his buddy Rashard Kelly they were instrumental in a big 34 elevenths soccer run in the first. For the second half. Broke open a mean it's time. Shock is gonna win it by nineteen the road tonight is 8768. Southern Illinois after the sports his head as we continue here on the soccer locker room so. What have you with a certain Wednesday night or broadcasting live here at twin peak cities which it's our 21 and rock road. Keeping an eye on this at Illinois State Missouri State game of the red birds leading 6260. Missouri State with 314 to get all the red birds are trying to steal a first place tie with the shots atop the valley standings. Next up for the shocks Saturday's home game against northern Iowa. 11 AM tip off echo arena so Mike Kennedy a day adult beyond mere brigade 10 o'clock Saturday morning game tips off at eleven. And we'll be right back here at twin peaks after the game right about lunchtime. Florida next edition of the soccer locker room shows come on bind cius Saturday. After the shocks in northern Iowa go at a tactical arena. Soccer's when it tonight 8768. Shocked seats 56% from the field. Make 103 point shooters out rebound for the salukis by seventeen on the night. Marcus Vick Duffy with thirteen points nine rebounds five of six shooting he also had three steals just more than a dozen points and seven rebounds. Restart Kelly coming up the beds for seven points and nine rebounds Ronald nurture the bench for twelve points on five of nine shooting. And the soccer guard tandem of landry's evident Connor frank camp combined for 27 point eight assists. Conner scored all fourteen of his points in the second half including four for four from three point range. And the landry's and it ended up five of seven shooting thirteen point six assists three rebounds. As the doctors get their ninth win in her Olerud up 244 on the season and to be the salukis for the ninth straight time in the air. Meeting. All right one more update on that Illinois State Missouri State game. But the red birds 65 Missouri State 622. And a half minutes to go in Springfield so. So on that one is going to come right down to the wire it appears as Illinois State is trying to come back it went on the road they were down by eight early in the second half now they lead by three late in the game. Trying to hold on to a first place dialogue with the shops. That's going to do it for this edition of the soccer locker was still on the night wanna thank all our collars. Our studio engineers Joseph Hart up and gambling thank you guys and of course our hosts here at twin peaks in east Wichita at 21 and rock thanks so much. We'll see your Saturday after the soccer's and the northern Iowa go radical arena 11 AM to get on Saturday. Thanks for being what is tonight. What a shocker locker room showed shocks when it at southern Illinois 8768. You've listened to soccer basketball tonight not 103 point seven KEY and good night.