WSU Basketball at McGill University 08-09-16

Tuesday, August 9th

W 77-71



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Yeah I haven't left open. They are that it started it was wide open. Hey it's. But then played seven Q. On Thursday night. This is Wichita State. 103 point seven KG one. To the pregame show will look. And actually not much of a thing. Pregame show today as reluctantly into the Yale university in Montreal Canada Wichita State you know. In this exhibition game tonight the third exhibition games on this tour for the shoppers. The theology that like 22 and eleven years ago there one of the stronger programs that Canada should be a pretty good test for the shoppers tonight. Not it skidded applauded as the Carlton team that beat the shoppers and 175. On Sunday and certainly there were a lot of factors Wichita State did not play well in the second half advance they understand the time of year end. And the differences in practice time and so forth got to accept ambushed by Carleton University yet they don't have restrictions on when they can practice though. They're more like. Mid season form right now that doctor. Far away from acute forms. And we're pretty sure that ultimately. Shot. On the doctors though. Soccer in a while ago but I'll write here later very very good Carlton university team that had doctors about it they're very well. It might mention that tomorrow and the yellows coached by David to zero is in his seventh year here it has been a long time coach at the top universities in Canada and news Ottawa for many years. And he has not actually hear his assistant buddies with Matty is coaching this team there is an exhibition games and it's. Do appear it was with the junior national team playing at a tournament in Mexico and we will be back with the opening tip off right after this. They've served in Amarillo more. Good afternoon neighbors to live. Our cup sugar. They never again cannot murder running shoes you can't choose your neighbor but at least you can choose to view favorites from the mcdonalds for this to me. 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And that's no money down taxes and these included no games organics. We are currently looking for quality treatments such our entire selection online image Ford dot com comes yes I know you look in port for repair before during and after the sale of. Hi Kansas State Randall summer is here and that means kids playing outside autocrat vision impairment like remind you to please be careful when backing up for driving through neighborhoods locally ounces 1976. We have relationships with all major insurance carriers like time warnings and lower fares and five easy access to locations check this out and are crafting dot com. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY. Oh. Got to go to listen. That man playing fast and blocked six shots in steals. Good performance and that's what to have a good program that will not doing the basket and went ahead and let. To be aggressive no matter what. We wanted to go. Welcome back to McGill university in Montreal they added that this is today alone long established university it was founded by royal decree yeah yeah yeah arch supports having. With an 1821. Just after 37000. Students. And it has an interstate and very athletic history. As well they Kjell played step sent on Sunday in its first game against traveling American team lost that game eighty. 265. This will be Wichita State's third game of course the shot here's. Won by 49. In their opener. Over the university of Quebec at Montreal but it lost 100 to 25. Politics. That's sad day. Add a very good Karl disease of shoppers looking to get back on track here to see things as they take on the hill. And we'll get the starters or use as we go read this is meant. A wild experiences trying to get this thing on the air with all of we couldn't get into our position until. After the first game of the women's game was over. And then had worked on getting an Internet signals so we're glad to be pretty useless to you and everything that just about ready. To get underway it. Mark but when starting. Artistic Duffy in Atlanta who Shaquille Morris. Reshard telling waterfront camp and then let him. Attackers control the opening tip Wichita State in black with white accents and trips past with a lot. But again they're forests cut off try to make Passat it's intercepted. My Delhi August docket for this bill. Okay docket at the records when it left wing. But the ball out there is Avery had again. On the link again Hughes had a good drives it does not down into the lane runs in the traffic gets passed away France won't work. For the jumper for. You. It's neat to just inside the three point four to 66 figures to. Period that reporter from deep in the right for. Soccer basketball it too doesn't it Duffy for three left leg off the bat dialogue rebound them you know it down for the hill of course. Through open document. And that is done. Or Kansas driving yet another resident Elaine throws crosscourt. In the left water that is can't build kill the freshman guard shot good rebound to. Shark Alley which is just a cold Steve starting in the history that have worked and the man. Not French can't penetrating and rightwing you sham it retreat that's not the accurate about the telling offensive rebound shoppers to assassinate. Starting off in the care coverage to witnesses on their first three tries Kelly penetrated baseline about this right corner of McNabb shot fake drive that it is Essex. Takes a double hit and this is the bank shot the line with to Jack Kelly penetrated from the left corner. And he threw help. Pass them over to the right chord with Duffy made in my shot fake it in droves like two different groups. Got the basket and drew the fountain blue line for a couple of free throws now on Avery had to get a 63 junior from Winnipeg Manitoba last year just averaged one point per game. What we deal. Duffy got to get to shoppers on the board with the free throw up it too hard you get one more Marcus does not play either the first two games because they. The situation that it is obviously getting stronger and he is in the lineup tonight. Thanks the second free throw last year's freshman shot 71 point 4% chuck is real but want about a minute enhance. Was a freshman of the year in the third helicopter that's here. Deflected nearly stolen by frankly after the ball thrown up deflected off my hands almost what the basket rebounds and all of that to happen again. Yet again thrust toward the Jolie. He'll put it on the floor cut up my friend can't back out front and got down below applause just left had this been found to call for. Executives. He's beyond Reshard Kelly his first and the Teamsters. You know fortunately got to bring these side of the three pointer earlier that time went right at the basket which are Kelly went up strong got a shot off in through the bow. It to the line friend's loft board 66 senior from her bond that. Last year averaged eight point three points per game five point two rebounds he makes the free throw he had all three point so fought for McNeil which leads 31. With the sixth version of Ronald nurture. Well put together could shoot wearing a mask looked like he protect us possibly through the nose. Missed the second free throw lantern fans that he has off the board aggressively Baptist doctors haven't kept driving align all the way down the line up it closed bank shot which. You know it fit finish and rebound the floor horse you know a quick off his dentistry from Kelly got all the with a basket for champ couldn't finish. Pass intercepted by every shark Kelly don't go all the way down and got businesses. It was actually been really active made a nice pass them off and then got an offensive rebound that Imus feel that don't. Game tonight it's curious that last pit wall at the guilt free throw me out of here to replace Jack Morris. The leg three point. I don't want. You know what 67 junior. Hewlett yet free from way outside the international three point line them. I can't for the life pulled up his then left it actually pulls back to jeopardy this rebound save my Vickiel. And kill it we'll break it up for the red bit. You know white uniforms numbers in red. If he's black that's right run rightly told him not to. Knock it down the line goes up for a. It okay got it all conference. Player we feel last year defensive player for years. His first two I was a tough masters. That's a blank Kelly. Think it's a contact bank shot which you know fighting for his own rebound in and out of there's nothing not fit for our big guilt drive an outbreak can't. Throws it up on the run you know flying off the boards and a foul. Take those hits a lot of mergers potentially revamp the war. Well think of the most physical Missouri Valley Conference game of the year and that's how they appreciate here there's a lot of contacted curfew around the basket so you'd go. In for a driver with a host from around the basket you've got to go up expecting contact. Now is on your his first. It got to get Kelly still out. Jackie and Willis Terrell Willis and her personally and partially candlelight athletic sport is bank by Vatican's track we go loose ball the same time. That reality category it is second but you know seconds now. And I stay in and out if you haven't been following this exhibition replied shoppers. A bunker. 242 clock shot clock yet second and all across the time line the latest little wider. Three point line is almost 22. And yet answered is if you balance board and it's like you two free throws. As for a snack route that is outlined in traffic double hop did not want my background. Yet drove by his defenders in the group two other defender but they really strong move. Grounded at the basket over two defenders say my Yale. Get a lot in the game. Scores a year ago. No way right. It all now crosscourt. Loan write drivers shot clock winding down ranked can't steal him out of there a ticket to the basket. Well in her homeland nice finish and while little girl's death the this forward. From Estonia and finished with a left me and I swisher. 87 in the field outline of the docket to host one of the traffic partially blocked rebound camp but players that we now. Doctors or run three past the lakers Willis and god sent a little bit from behind ball goes out of bounds. It was probably last night Willis is significant factors that are now on really banking line. They have generally have a slow whistle here a lot of contact on drive in the championship in it to when you go near the basket. You're gonna get caught Robert most of the shot at him. Marshals of the really gets me now they shots of this nation it rightly. Accidently gets it stripped of the crown. Is going to be on pork that will be his first and third on you know. We'll elect it out of bounds plays Saturday that a screen to screen of slaves Willis he's popped wide open. And of the night that he now. One of the things that has been difficult with us data this trip with the 242 clock there's ads are. Not really designed to apply pressure on me like those next six seconds to make them. And we get the offensive rebound you know in the first 242 clock because you're fourteen seconds so that's when it's just they're used to bringing about and reits that. Errol Louis makes both free throws at Wichita State in the league now I'm. Really neat to 36 unanswered points doctors first do the night for Willis. I think it it and now who does too. There is no way for maintenance person shock for them. They'll bring you know let me down in you know wanting shots at them and let me. We've done it. My post man they slide the long running into traffic partially blocked shot about the pace and Alan up to date shots and it's not just pushing. Taylor's. Merger on the right way round picks and only the best can relate to their good seeing you underneath Darryl Willis. Sealed off the only man could rotate to him off the ground and homeland limited their nights they can drive by brown rat thing no doubt. You know. I was right side turnaround but it might now it's about seventy. Like now this second basket he has five point effort. That began with World Cup while that's inside. They shots at double tickets away Ella FitzGerald outlined resident one analyst out of it took it back from the high post I was fifteen a little short. And rebound war. You know. There was wide open as the left field that I'm kind of short on that when it really follow through properly. District development not earned it by now it's done now let's wait and laugh line. Rod Stewart. We worked it back a lot left wing. And you know that one driving baseline that is led nick that passed Polanco is not. Went. That run nurtured got a clock care and it's a basketball didn't see it may have been right behind the basket in the driver found him for a nice bucket. Got to see the ball and got us through your man at all times off the ball defensively. He also active practice 1211342. Years ago this tent for the first quarter may now crowd shots making three pulls up from fourteen misses his crease area. And it kicked. By the beyond a doubt came delegate that that he dropped the ball as he was pulling him down. Went off his foot which was extended that to kick it gives back factors. Okay now wanted to outstanding shooter you've watched him practice for Washington at all laughing you know dog him if he's been. Visibly frustrated up here having a hard time getting shots to fall. Isiah Thomas Daniel Pfeifer just check yes or who else happens that Shaq or expected there. And shots that draft long left sideline got a few. Willis you're not practically now it's not much free nation on an offensive forces they had just barely misses. Nice to leave that's going to be over the back contact around. And remind those kind of found problems going with the offensive board on the long shot sightseeing shots and it but it went right over the back with senator I thought. Like or Hamilton's commendable lyrics that are placed their Willis thirteenth for all the shoppers. But you know we'll play it in backward. We'll put pressure in my with the community impressed with that Jack Morse. On the inbound or. Ahmanson hyper right now the guards' skills to players just leave it up in it's not news pressured by brown got an authority. And I say it happens. Doubles doubles team it is definitely today you. And off that a lot we can take a long three right elbow of this deadly rebounds background he pushes it up the middle of the floor. That was the lines goes around the defenders can put up good goalies. Lashed out Taipei analyses contestant it got here on nice full court. Pushed by. Background that time not only the bad you couldn't finish on the left side. The record companies haven't drives and Jason just lock for the fountain with Utah State which it's gonna go on a shots. They should I can't really get out that time got the arm. And yeah Isiah Thomas O line you know coming in transition. What went around Peyton Alan I helped by three shots hit. Coming from the weak side. But caught the army he would have to block it. Lot of stress on me enemy defense tonight's vote in the gave up 100 points to Carlton the other night coach mark from the U coach we're not happy about that. And so they are really concentrate now on. On guarding the basketball and stopping penetration. First free throw by countless this but the second one is good they feel leafs like their team in the last 45 to go first. That nation and it's it's just a little bit keeps the dribble. Drive by law. Posted backing out now on the shot clock nothing happening offensively picked up his civil rights I could. Five. Eric with a three. In and out it was halfway down Shaq Flores got on his friend get rebalance Alford. Bush could hit that completion. And he picks up his first personal as chuck if you get anything going offensively look like you're trying to swing the ball that McGill is denying Daschle reversals math. I am hoping that Bob was all the shot clock running down and just let. But it three go. They're shots this eight now and check out Landry she and it Cotter friends can't back in Germany to background check for us and Eric Hamilton. Over adoptive mom. Happens. Also in now Sebastian that is on the field that it is a 66 senior from Georgetown Ontario. That was the fifth ballot the quarter on what you must face of the deal we'll shoot free throws at the other end. Since going to be the newcomer to the lineup Sebastien Beckett will be up there and shoot. Beckett last year about seven minutes a game two point six points per game. Free throw is up bent too hard. It feels so far. One of three from the free throw line. Second 330 is it. So that it is lot of it is from the line with the state trailing by 314. To eleven. They fell behind early victories for a brief time lately and it left side. But the way out for a check or excellent Writely can. Right waters is background groundless. And it was no. It's different here now right sideline thwarted shoot knotted with three guys. Not shouting at a bigger man switched on that he gets it on a crossover got. Wall Street late shot clock and take the Wall Street got to see guys on the old reached they. Ortiz obviously it left to right there right docket driving. Left water and a violation and receivers in the papers that. It goes through the whole season only see that happen water two times and who's not maybe three times Carlton game but the times in the previous game. Playing in August and it. Work is back in France while war war McNeal on the line you know ranking left lane. Market that nothing's that it. Jack Boris and back or not if you haven't got great job. Protecting the lawlessness bodies to get to contact the sanctity Atlantans who won niceties violence here really beautiful hat like Shaq work on the fact that. Inducted three right away that Hamilton won Hartford read them apart over the back it's now. Doctors six. Now borders between shots you know that it's ordered well in most. Contact on rebounding. Be all. Packers at six now that they are on six different players but it board on which are killing back Ian Hamilton goes down. Not these at the three. Elliott or recipients tonight lots yards and ran it. What they need to go on the first quarter's 64. Which state. France won't work at the line free throw away short. Work now one of three from the free throw line. A year ago. Only 38 and a half percent from the free throw line makes the second. Billions more points Wichita State lead 6050. Rankings pre you know looked to us today on right side of the floor back to the middle crossovers righteous right. But the inside that top candidate Landry. Right Akita Cali. It will hands off frankly at eight issues when he left alone can't have a lot. Forest drive in it turnaround jump hook nice sight Jack forestry experts. Packets landed doing pretty hard but more. Well worth it or the contacted me who really nice write anything else. Kind of falling oil and natural law. If you don't. Three for not run off the back iron way too hard that it can't. By gridlock tree man. McCourt Rick can't we create and you had an attic halfway down it would rebound you know what about thirty seconds to go Packers fans. It's sort helmet right down the line Kevin is play it on camera ticket out of his stance let me put it out of 22 don't have. It's got to go to the basket in traffic and let's go out of bounds last night I picked up. If nothing attractive candidates they get around the defender Sebastien Beckett and who let them. Effective it is good job of establishing defense of the gap right between the deputy. In the past it probably should've pulled up at bank bank shot off the last Duffy tried if they went over the top of it. Sixty seconds to go in the first half that we will have what could be the last possession. Different sort commons. A lot of characters back here for Shaquille forest down several seconds six. Haven't had kind of make a run champ and steps back fires have fallen at this shot is actually rebounded headquartered. Or to just stayed after trailing early eight to three predicted finish to the first quarter and at the end of the quarter the Packers lead at eighteen to fifty Everett McGill University. Wonder how good your PC and furnace system is ever wonder how good on a stock is well as a new customer you can get both dancers for less than twenty bucks now for just 1946. Of the year plus stock started a trained HB AC tackle conduit system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free testament on any medium appears. It's our customer 1946. Special. From got to start. Install confidence. On the stock not portray cool. How do we make a better sandwich at subway. Are you chicken Caesar Mel is a great example. We start with the tender rotisserie style chicken that's raised without antibiotics. Topic with a save three Caesars sauce. 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Highest I'm backs were backs & Associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now RT missy challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge we understand how you depend upon your serious money now and in the future so give us a call at 6520101. Faction associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point 72 EE why didn't we wanted to. Or that interact using believing his backhand Burton Bacharach one of many famous graduates. McGill University. A lot of eleven Grammy Award winners that are graduates you know university if we start the second quarter it was with that state on defense. Leading 1851. Possession. Or was it. Those other Writely to now hand it off the love pick and roll back to move. Work Lazard in France were off work with a second basket had six. And big deal with the appointment you know the first quarter shooting 38 and a half percent flat at thirteen chapters 41 point two months after the seventeenth. Holding one of six from three McAfee launches a three little off the mark rebound controlled. But if you don't. Ray handgun and a court on the right baseline work with it on the floor. It's not too. With a ticketed going to get him newsman the left wing the law. Hand off Strahan. I meant for us we're not content issues Pakistan alliance towards it missed it gets his own rebound about a quarter loss this year. No good for three rebounder shark Alley for which state. Lot has a court to pick up to sort of nurtured him down a lane it was or. Risky pass to him a little bit behind it that nurtured made a nice catch it was in between two defenders did not heed to the floor and he appears the issue after all a really good strong rebounds are Rashard Kelly they don't long outlet pass to McDuff the other by half court. On the left side Mike Duffy was coming down the left side nurture came open down the middle but there is that defender on either side of them but Duffy tried to thread that passed in the air. And nurture went down hard as they tripped him. On low. Should be going align it looks like he may well shot they get the traders get a check on it then. Got banged up the other I take it hit the ice he's gonna come out Jack Boris comes in. The American college basketball if that happens the opposing team can choose of the players that were on the floor with a phallic Kurt who they want to shoot it and we'll see if they. It looks like Jack. Is going to shoot the free throws and you wanna be that guy advocates shows like that. The bad sign when opposing coach one Hugh Hugh. Jack Morris who the field goal for two points. In two games prior to this 11 of there weapon at them blood over there so I think Ron my dad you know but definitely guys understand that sends him. He'll Boris in the Quebec at Montreal game three of three from the free throw line looks like now there's an instruction to. Like it would have ups of what the real time figgins over there and look for a waterfront and flows. There or is it paying them a lot. A snack wrap Rashard Kelly Shaquille Boris kind of ranking Atlanta Shannon. We throw up then good by Shaq he's got three of Wichita State leads 1970. It's an amazing shooting that got a really nice release that are really soft shot. He also makes some really nice pass birds field for the guys. Secondly its not too hard ball chased in the corner and out of bounds last night. My work as he was badly background for the most of the shoppers will keep that after the the free throw this slime Morrissey and good stuff like that around it and extra session. Marshall signaling in the out of bounds late breaking and they can. That about fox. Reaches. Even deafness in at the guard now for McNeil 63 Q your Salt Lake sham that he stepped out advances. Wrestling for position. Conflict Israel now it's little it felt about it stepped out of bounds ball game losing. But you know get to bacterial and nice to LA open docket very significant next round. There was no room right wing. Activists. On the left wing of the document look at describe it does drive it. Stops and champ but took it away from me that Landry was standing on the baseline and staying with skill at six seconds on the shot clock there reset it to fourteen. They get the ball on the wing. And then they come up a set of balls freedom we've got a ball screens. On the right side in the last night guys driving in Italy actually reset it to eight to that was on there when she and that is the way for a that's nastier the left corner. Shaq or fellow Red Cross court pass they don't get it away well they're gonna say they did it was. They didn't get that back it did hit the ramp so. That tried by train and I thought the shot clock expired when he released it but he had a really force but 25 feet it hit the backcourt that touchy. A lot better defense than I've by the doctors polling. The guilt of fifteen effort that they keep when the sixth at all. Good night for four. Hackers in the front court can only catch his left elbow looking inside fires under excellent brand can't got hit hard bullet by Kelly frank camp. On full speed cut underneath try to reach up and morality could hang on in a play that work that got it ultimately have to. He's on the left play not to take to the eagle but it's not shot they got to stand here now if that's is that. Victory that's way up the market rebounded pork. Muscles and up and then they did it that way Kelly Faris he stuck in their got to rebound numbers are killing at least it would affect advanced. As opposed and I don't know what the officials were waiting for there have been. Now who had his arm wrapped around voracious blaze his other arm had a bad shoulder and head it was just. Wrestling event there it finally passed what in Shaq then they called the now. And that will be the first. On solid don't think Afghanistan is down about six and looks like about thirty. More succeed. Hackers trying to get it it calls for a 52 count we've also received the quickest my second captain ever seen in my life pluses to Europe here. It does that count as the seconds most tick off faster Kennedy Kiefer no offense. Docket leveling does get a fire Korea off the right center buckle at the top of the backboard and out of client shocker is what it is that. It gill fired at some threes in the first quarter they were one for four from beyond the arc that soccer's one for six. Doctor Flynn a lot better defense tonight against the gills with their offensive relief slaughtered but you think that you played really good in their defense. Night T all seven only to go stamp on the left wing nation on Smith on the dribble. None of what was the need like regular training and doctors. Drawing the now that is being six team now. Overall first half on you know but only their second in this quarter's net of sixty you know. And they play real aggressive style in main defense think Indian state sycamores something like that really tough on the ball. Namely that night and ex pats. Any chance at getting left out on the baseline back out to forest on an eighteen footer off the back dialogue rebounds ground fighting for a but it bounces it docked here. It's not just drive it slips it's going to be a trip. Unchecked Boris obit document actually slept any kind of slid into Shaq your feet got tangled up did not do what not stated that bad call to president Ford on Jack. He is second now. And shot seventy. First. No air conditioning units buildings very very little. Air moving around from the guys you were right up your decision and how much the players but a lot of perspiration on the war. And that's wasting a lot of guys going down the perspiration. Henry channel at the freshman point guard is back yet the only planet from the baseline. Set a couple of streets trying to break guys that basket could do it for the taken up round two of the doctors. Right wing or hands it off. To kill it. Left wing. If it yet guesses we'll look at the foul line jumper away up the market rebound went champ Janet was unity here. Now the little florist linked to rise if he's at the top of Boris Shaq left wing this next round. Let's later Willis in turn around ten footer lay off the market rebound at ground. Muscles and at his side but it's partially blocked out Willis takes the ball down along the left baseline reset the force it was clocked her at ten footer that short rebound. The war where Miguel three attempts all of them inside twelve feet that and market could get a basket. Much more aggressive there's a fact or not by David Justice please when it all went back at heritage going to Donald for three off the back and rebound his background. It is not the nation on this. Big emphasis on rebounding in the practice after the game and Carlton which doctors. They got much better job of beating on the offensive glass is flying backwards but this team of doctors recipe rebound away from Zach brown brings it up across the time line. Most of the middle look at the ticket down the lane exit out the less water but yet it's enough to kill. Over the right water pour from about seventy yeah. Perhaps Bob Orr has been the whole show floor revealed he's got him at their 21 may lead when he won nineteen there will affect them too far off man gave him the up openly keep order in the right quarter. And knocked it down. He shots this is different sort. Squared up on me that your post it was left office treatment unit that he can't history here for a quick three off the front of the rim shoppers is struggling offensively you're wide open shots like here. Screen to screener play out for a OK doctor Angela flock to work steps away that's it's not it. Three that's off the back. Yet is there a bike shop moved out of sight Jack. Horrific event. Industry and bad box not that time I checked more than lettuce with senator promoted to offensive player in front of this rebounds to expect in 2319. If you don't work 45 ago. Not Jack Lawrence. The conclusively break to the ball right baseline jam it drives slip of the left hand this city's not the Laurent. Pretty good hit on his. Right lower leg looked like okay looked like he might get you in the share on the ankle because alliance with two shots. Another nice drive laid the shot clock for Landry sham on the right page line in Delhi open now. Took him down hard. Went down revenues writing what looks like he's okay now. Haven't suspected it guard for the kill. Kim it to the line. Elliott Campbell that are backing it but it's not free throw much and it is is it one more. John Henry hand basket for two point on the drive back Hitler's work. Are really struggling to get into account office when they get open shot that it needed a lot of them are in the you throw them at the free throw line worth 36 to go second quarter alien nineteen point. Ideas and it makes the second. Now has three point he'll check out. And now this in its allegation on it's a short period Kelly Jerry Hamilton. And Zach brown has it backwards batted back out like knowing he had Allen got it trap on Isiah comment that. Haven't tried to pass over the top Kelly kept up with that'd. An amendment addresses assembly chipped in Mosul for a I've read about it you know that most of the lord that's half my right side drive to the way out right you know along real good off the right side. We've got to I feel like they shots. They shot double team get to the way too which are only at the right words and not me now. Levels not lessen the fourth round it is a keyhole and now. Nolan. And piper had to get tangled up with each other there trying to cover the dribble by ground I think it is well known piper. If brown was kind of a catch and shoot guys break and it's not worth it started driving a little bit more last year. This year making a concerted effort. You can drive as much as the cute cute but more pressure defense. Free throw by its act is good he's been a great job for free throw line on this trip fourteen of sixteen through the first two games. 87 and a half percent after two games moderate rain can't Landry Shannon Zach brown all averaging thirteen and a half points per game. And you know Willis at eleven and both free throws good byes next round who has six justice John Street really 2320. We're not handling it right sideline him back that was the deal gives them the left wing. Not feasible to align the I threw let's. Nolan until it. Little left hand off that you know it's starting to come toward the middle of the court and give it to rivers and doc is it that doctor's assistant coaches to open up and applauding that he's been there for that a lot better defense. Tonight against the deal with doctors down these movies these really trying to. A limit that penetration by the office lot and that's it that is he a lot of shots at the fourth festivities Hamilton is fumbles recovered. Back out to me now it may be additional things that they shots that doubles right now Hamilton back to Matthew writes that the lane. Let's get a job with what now offensive rebound at but that the Irish are selling tough offensive rebound in the crowd snatched that ball went up the computer vendors. But you know the last what you state takes it 2423. Li ma dribbling right to left right. Top of the Arctic if it's true instantly detect it mentally if not he would try to get my ground fumbled fairly recovered great defense by ground. For a hybrid that it's not driving kicks it a quarter at three like comment that is. That's the second three point basket. If you don't like Utah State does not have any four points as they haven't. Phillips live in 2000 doubt that driving Smith throws at the runner Justin Hamilton to follow this that is partially block long the favorite you know to happen. Slows up on the locally as the sidelines. It is terrible going to wait for his teammates to get that down the line force one up watch my ground recovered by may now president court. Its ticket to the basket a sniper force that's not the it kind of went up while the wrong foot did elevate very well the a lot of contact. And through the balance piper. Now go to the line with a leash. That's two on Daniel piper eight now and we'll shoot doctors you know it's kind of bring camp we'll check back in predation guns yeah. War will come back here where he'll replace Mike. Doctors that he key points that the quarter by six points so far in this. Hate no it. Has not scored yet tonight shooting two free throws first was not that no good enough to back. Doctors are. Seven of eleven from the free throw line 64%. And 74 in the first two. But stuff that was. Good pace Alan you wanted to Wichita State trails 2625. Backward. Let's hope it not to get away. For him to not come talent to bring it up now the moment being guarded by Mark McNulty. It's much taller. I was thrust toward. If Beckett Soviet doctors trying to take it he rightly deplored the handoff incumbent Democrats were left without him doctor Rodriguez got tipped away by Alec. Recovered by Eric Hamilton and the players who are not afraid camp and a good defensive stance by the shots. In the right court outlawed it's not the right way to look at the belly of the post he's taking that route to commit to pass him back to the Japanese market. Into the line clicked through attitude is elated is gonna get it back to the shot presented them you know the shot clock. At the nice drive that from the right elbow down the left side of the lane he got the basket put the ball was just. It's run out of experience. Are we have seen action that's one good sign up he's been battling it the issue is really think well tonight he's. Rant hit it in the right way to hilly once and right back here most active knowing exactly the right water off the bat. He's just based analysis and credit event it up on the floor and take what it called for the push off. And that will be his first personal. The question about that think that the defender goes inside the lack the film down. It looked like a pound woman wasn't about. Miguel ball what 45 to go second quarter making only to 2625. And a little story first half doctors applying more pressure. Ask him in line back to forfeit their comments over and across time line. That was last night free throw line extend its way out of work shot fake our resident here for a basket it was deflected away by Eric Hamilton. And we'll stay with that deal mr. Willis Shaquille Dvoracek back yet for Kelly Hamilton would Yonkers. But we've recovered mired in these Beckett hit back at W opens but second but they're really good job openings the ball and catch. Planted here Strahan out for out of print can't quite work the ball bounces deplore good how to apply for an can't pick like stealing satellite along he shouted. Why and now it's going to be called on which it nicely Frank Marshall. Not real happy with that. All saying yeah official. Indicating. That the body brain can't kind of movie into it underneath on the show otters there's kind of got screened by its own man with a step behind and has been winning that shoot it. Mores came over to block it looked up became a block it didn't like either one of those guys well. Getting lungs LLC. In. G is a 61 senior from Laguna in the Philippines former walk on last year was second team all conference played thirty minutes a game and averaged opening half points per game. He'd lose only 58%. Free through shooters they merged with here secondly does it. Hi art via free throws. On the field activity three point lead 28. Plaza going at least seven. When he's 28 feet talent. Currently right to live for us left. He crossed or anything Snyder right block. Willis wheels of their little jump hook with a left hand good strong finish my career a well it is for field tonight post up by Willis that time got the ball really low on the rise flock went up. For the jump from. Left hand. That is correct Ezekiel scores and is now at 28. 27 read it in light laughter president ether someone catches in traffic and Google touted back out the law. Haven't right thing drives baseline pass across the baseline work for about eighteen good. Four foot living wide open and he has been at times it really shooter he's got twelve points. And attack me Allen got sucked him on the weak side they flipped over the opposite corner he could recover fast if that question. Tequila thirty to 27. Ranked fifth on the right way off the street doubles team that have lost our way out of balance. Off canning lines of the skill factors. He fit and I don't shot clock 31 seconds ago the first among them to receive it through office. He made war. Date now on out Landry Shanley and crew chief state line up this spring camp candidate Jack Morris market's up in your Willis. Analysts grappling with work out of the block traffic you know welcome to it or restless night for a half hour away the ball. But the open player ends up on the floor. It helped to his feet ray hand. But Duffy was the cut might to get open on the left wing music out of proportion off. Skilled player who went down. Yet these errors fourth now maps and no free throws for Gil. Which doctors pressure full court. And a half seconds to go in this verse. The first half of the Nazis. Have a chance to get all that Houston NASA or almost got away. Works its baseline salon under the comment that it traffic partially blocked Vista redacted tested Atlanta should happen with them or. The line all the latest basket last contact makes the basket they'll. It outlines it three point. Real life with that when Kennedy got the rebound on the defense in which all the way at the court. Went right at it. Writing it yet of friends thought friends while. For through the ballot in the man. Actually do want to. Land it bird on the free throw them nights or nine seconds to go in the first half are telling. Next in Willis force why not. Then work session. Back on it or you know replace work. Point nine seconds. It. She and a one of two from the line. Five points and read through ups and spins out. Think it goes to rebound it's related training and he's trying to prove to the court quickly ignited by the Nazis rose that it narrowed down the line for a layout. Because yeah that no look pass to look like Houston national. Russia's huge nation another guy that fashion affected me you know look at the for an easy layup that puts him up by three points 32 point nine. Other than that last play Wichita State playing pretty well defensively at first half it can't score at halftime it's been killed 32. What to tell us they wanted. Hard working Kansas make our state great they built our past and are growing our future. While improving the lives of everyone they touch Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps cancer as workers and their families to live healthier lives. We opened doors to more doctors and hospitals with innovative comfort and price choices in nearly 75 years of making health insurance he's. Blue Cross and Blue Shield chances. The Carnahan group is highly trained team. And presidential realtors. Ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized David ER marketing with exceptional photography. For an inspirational experience online. And in print media. Buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with two years of experience. To negotiate on their behalf and dismissed transaction. All the way to their new home. 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LT and Kathleen TV watch Kathy. WS you shut your best ball is on 103 point seven KEY is far. Sweet. Yeah it's. These kids. To live. All right. Where that music he's done. Almost 200 year old McGill University numbers up on its graduates twelve Nobel wore a 140 Rhodes scholars. Three astronauts three Canadian prime minister's thirteen justices of the Canadian Supreme Court nine Academy Award winners. Multiple Emmy winner William Shatner. A leopard Grammy Award winners including multiple Emmy winning songwriter Burt Bacharach we're playing some of his songs that we end the race. What movie ended with that song my. Carol that now. Wow very about that. Also three Pulitzer Prize winners 28 Olympic medalist and James nation. The inventor of the game of basketball and the first basketball coach at the university campuses in the late the nineties though. Very distinguished. Alumni from the Yale university and have established in 1821. Thank you George the fourth. It is me English language public research university here in Montreal. A in a city. And they profits if woods a lot of French speaking people although. French and English the official languages candidate equally if not one of the other day care and was walking around downtown Montreal you probably hear fifty to 70% French. And about 3040%. And let's most everybody is climbing school work probably cooler breeze completely and for a right. This is decorated in America halftime show and financial compatibility come together it's a beautiful thing kind of like basketball teams and fans. Financial relationship could not lift the credit union of America proud sponsor. W a huge basketball. Bob when we look at that things that Greg marshals there. Promoting working. Harping on a little bit since the loss to Carlton. What spin it like it good place still not where it needs to do it yeah. Well I think they're they're obviously playing better defense tonight. They looked at the Carlton video and really spent a lot of time talking about guard your man get down his stance stay in front of your man and don't let him penetrate. When you let other teams penetrate if Richard defense down. And they dropped out they score buckets they can kick the wide open threes and they get to be offensive glass that you can Peter but he blocked off. After you let somebody penetrated the heart of your defense you have to help. So they're doing a much better job of controlling that tonight although I think Charleston. Obviously is a step above foul wise then in the killed. Although with the Oakland Hills got the scrappy players and now the thing that's not coming along tonight if he offense very poor shooting one of nine from three. And even the shots in around the basket. Doctors are having trouble converting those because a lot of contact this place pretty physical. With these international rules but seem a little bit disorganized on offense it's still got along really go to like at the office time down. McKeon has their hopes up they don't have a lot of success and planning traveling American teams here in Montreal and I've lost. Their last. And as such games since beating CNN. In the in August of 2013. Says he fortunately it is now. Being up by three at halftime and then hopefully that streaky but to cap dividend last year they must have now Texas Tech wail of Maryland at Harvard. And then lost like fifteen to stances on certain days they're going to be able to fired after this. Think so you know in the first half of the game the other day was tied at halftime 47. 47. And Carlton had shot very very poorly in the first half from behind the arc kind of climate that. One for eight from three. But in the second half they lit it up so watch out if the field is hot here in the second half both teams from the very poorly from outside the arc. Shocker one for ninth in the field one for thirteen. From behind me our local teams have a problem knocked them along. Jock offensively great coaches. Oh broadcasts on thirteen 30 AM every Monday night during the athletic season at pounded it home for the upcoming year that AJ sports partner off at the Alley thirteenth. At REIT which start this every Monday night it starts Monday August 29. With the first Chris Lance show of the year lineman AJ sports aren't real happy valley. Thirteenth. And treatment throughout that season coming up soon volleyball practice started yesterday but it's not the campus. It will open up the final weekend of August in Iowa State's tournament. It seems we'll have all the stats scoring for the first half we come back. An attorney in America halftime show that the only Wichita state of this exhibition game 32 to 29. It's for you still connected to your finances with credit union of America is mobile banking at. 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Another shocker. He. What we mission sport problem. If Canada. Seek out new type of offense. That boldly go where no team. And cars that David's problem. Start tracked no TV series starring William Shatner who is Dave McGill University. Here back at halftime here at the hill. If you're leading Wichita State's 3229. The shot you're shooting 33%. On ten of thirty only three of thirteen in the second half they want a nine for three. And even make Kool Aid at thirteen 61 and a half percent from the line. They kill 40%. On. While the 28 only two of eleven for three and five that they. From the line rebounding Wichita State let that statistic eighteen to twelve. Not money turnovers three British Packers wore for the skills though wasn't really sloppy this. Pretty good defense and nobody could make a shot Wichita State the leading scorers. All right Jack around with six they have him for eight on the official book that he had six. Five for Landry champ but for for Rashard Cali and Darryl Willis three. We're counterfeit camp and or. They feel most of their scoring coming from two guys their Ford five in France while working that well. And the lot now with nine including the layup and ended the first half 3229. Miguel second half third quarter coming up we return. That's the credit union of America halftime show. It's for you still connected to your finances with credit union of America is mobile banking at. Features like snapped check deposit and hard luck security gives you access to your money anywhere he times CD debit cards and convenience can't make an opening its wake checking account simple. Freddie union of America checking and local thinking it's preview. His theme of America dot com or satellite when a part of kids to learn more welcome differently. At least by and see you way. Where can you get incredible prices on top quality merchandise meant whiskey. 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Family health and rehab it was switched up dirty up every had a derby every skill and health and rehab and he switched I'll relocation of the safety or they're the equipment and a highly skilled in carrying stats they give the patients the best opportunity to function as. The highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy and we are here for you. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY yeah. Her back her accident you know graduates. Highlighting arm using Kevin back into the break out of the brakes and a needed shot display currently get 50% up your online editing Wichita area pop with John Mica the Papa Johns dot com. It used to promote those shocker fifty seat shocker is scam with just eight walk start the second half. They shot Smith starting guard cutter green camp snuggle up lock your Willis been around lays it in. Nice but you know those two what a shocker if they want to be there was you know we'll on the left block went all the way underneath the basket real if he's not on the other side. Was it had a hand or the only picked up two relief valves versed in fact it started second and it's across sports as well not if not for a look at I'm work behind closed locked down for now. O three seconds light that's another thing that they call our office here and it. He has United States youth camp that in there for a lot of loud out there are Brian Kelly. Both. Wichita State which had a couple of 31 point lead the first half they actually led by as he has three down I want applause nations this program. Gonna make it past the break camp otters and flight data property so they shot hesitated it drank it with a Gregg marshall's work in that room that that you play. Then it's back. Is that victory you know the freshman point guard gutless if you. Most travel back. Not if that's behind you and it never got its work. I've outlined in its class a finishes at power lines background. I'd have taken an elbow at the face on the finished my work. Or made a really nice hesitation move with vikings and and golf with teammates but instead kept it. Drove by Willis and all the way to the basket. And was found it virtually point for life. That's in salt added to injury is brown was the one that got hooked in the face but he also committed to now is second. It worked with a chance for a three point play not a very good recruits to thwarted Nike makes them. Yes fifteen points for the red and they leave it there behind there you want the right sort. I was at the top left with ground. Now we'll have flocked to Hillary got comfortable the mechanic kind of backing down in the lane. Double team that is that they shot right we could round up the right side Lleyton goes back to the basket spin it there. Mean zip muscled it out through the town. And beyond doubt and Willis made it clicks the end not a gonna call. The out it is now everybody started evident yesterday. On free throws here on the first when they vacate everybody off the line teammates could stand in there that if you want. But the other team has Tuesday and beyond the top of the America the first read through it and everybody gets on the line on the second street. Now on Nolan now he is second. Street throws up and notice they're Willis even want to. Practice at times there's no nice wreath it's not so this pretty bad at it because at least one good. Watching YouTube and secondly totally different than the first one. First when he kind of walks he doesn't finishing walks across the line at. Lot NASA did not could take it to the basket against slanted news beat that round down to Florida related chances 61 that I. Soccer's that a threat definitely freaked of it went over the top of this round got these he. They shots this driving pulling out firing and it got blocked but the rebound tip that two and Kelly in front. The hand off to friends here John Irwin did not. Those right side to Willis ticketed him strong pull up jumper from about six C zero Willis. Has separated the ball game the shoppers back with his fourth 73. Real life street line drive that time Victor Willis right all right the fans the fight to defend. The threat yet here with nine in spies in this order already it docket dangling got to step has hit late again. He hesitated for a moment and it took its strongest tour that didn't quite over the screen very well that time shocked that it appeared that a lot of calls ring connect them Robert. Ground right away most of the top shots they not a prank yet please let me patience and flip flopped Willis there'll spinning and him and obviously out of he's arguing that he was that they may have the end because it had very good vote won't try to make it clicks. Yes sometimes you just have to feed that then you can shop at these. Threw the ball right off one problem. Artistic nothing slam champ Shaquille Boris champion Zach around. Aero Willis and it's your brain can't camp X Kelley Boris. And artistic yup it's not pressing you know incident and Nolan creek let's. He for a left lanes static. It recently way to kill and he drives it. In isolation and a horse today anyway not a few now on campus. Landry came out and close down on the theory that timing and made a shot me. Kendrick Nolan and lately that it's free food you went right around him. But I'm angry. Yet if found god knows me the bad thing is that it would report like. It's really kind of bad for us the whole drive and everything but he managed to get it off it went in off the glass now watch him a chance for a three point play for in regional and Nancy's first points. Of the night Jill and the true freshman from Montreal. It's 290 my card. Marshals all the way across half court complaining about something refereed in reprimand over their walked right back to. The coach's box and now they're having this option. The other way to work in. Before they shoot the three of them about the substitutions. Mark. That some people. Packers right now facing the biggest deficit they have faced it's 4134. That's that it that free throw this thing. Duffy hit Jason Avant who ordered it to France can't. You know Little League gets to Wichita State down seven with the ball right here at the top pulls up the the top of the Arctic yet it between the top of the circle and the three point line was two for Connor now enhance lives and he got a ball screen and they didn't hit ticketing company helpless modern intent that happens Connors got the green light to take that shot. He holds dual not to work for the ticket three businessmen short rebound chanting get boxed out by Boris in the Duffy champ it slipped in there the script read them. Malia to a field with that very good field. Went to not give it up to Kelly he takes is going down the line all of weighted basket to the left hand rolls off Boris kept it alive back for the loose balls. Out of bounds last touch by who by Wichita State. The shocker going part of that offensive rebound and reality for office shocker could be McNeill all. Think Marshall one of its effectiveness for a month old corporate. With the exception of a couple of breakdowns here and there at the defense has been that it and it's certainly the hustle on the board says it better as a breakaway pass to open document that yup he catches up. It just to keep this little jump up. This actually by the Connecticut if that is that this kind of pulled the ball went high after the hearings which right back down to that. Gathered at the right toward the top left wake yup he puts it on the floor walls not Tennessee voters markets McAfee of these cars jumped out of tonight and shoppers now trail by five against 4338. Ounces for particular offices team right now with him up Timor's. Connor frank Nancy Allen floors Fleischer that he will lay out on top the Arctic like it now the right killed let him off the street takes on the link it to Douglas Flint doctor. Right side of the need for a shot clock down to. Forest like. Is. While not worse as the shot clock expire. A or if there's any doubt that the used well feet away from about 25 feet. Elliott Alain dish that McNulty to accidentally trying to force NASA you're walking loose out about last night at least you know. Market may not be forced to pass it there then one after lose all the united its hand in the field that it trying to strip away. I'm shocked mock rock and blocked it Italy. Kelly out well licences that they line up now. With Boris Willis and that's been locked Willis turnaround and bounces short rebound advocate. Or you know. Leaders Nolan you know an eight point lead global in reach Nolan off the Wall Street is not that the sweeter now for three this witnesses long prevented any launch. Or McNeil. Not long rebounds knocked it rundown sheet that long rebound the ball movement right to left that cut right to go left wing fanatic and marches its read this everything rebounds land him. We should definitely court slows down at the top right wing but nothing was away the long offensive now. On Shaquille warrants trying to get position down the line. And I had a good look at that one note which is Jackson Brandon Bass I ran the court got right. Position right from the basket like he should have he was given a pretty good by Dallas and then when he kind of fought back that's when he got the foul called. It might be. The I think Gregg Marshall got to see this time he was he was not happy that the first couple of thousand doused when called. When he had a hold of us Jack Morse. That's what it is thirteen now. And at the line Avery how to get CE DOT eight in. There's free throws up in. Connecticut and had not scored the first half got two relief about now has three points a year ago. Just a part time performers candidate about a fourth of the games. Now we'll play it if they. Eight point lead again 4638. To deal with the fact that fire knocked it. About. That's right towards winning on the field will kill it can't get loosened the defenders get to that wrestlers divorce dribble handoff Connecticut new bubbles is chased it down before it goes over back. Left wing now down to block it hit its war of war but running in the deflecting away Carol Willis at only seven on the shot clock. Let the left sideline that the free throw line extended. We're twenty years ago there quarter you'll leading 47 street late those two point them toward me please. Steal your steal money deftly deflected now the ball loose at the court. Hamilton chipped it station on this case it can't try to make a behind the back path right into the hands of Connecticut against it to Joseph let's go to the basket blocked by the shot prediction haven't got it and the rebounding Hamilton off today shots. They shot down the line right squatters camp and three on the way rip off we've done Hanigan for me you know Landry had a good look at that treatment right corner. I I'm on the other hand high for you ought to pray he's got a team particularly violent and fix it worked out behind the Arctic maiden nice long after the other and deputy shot makers egos the basket double talk straws that now could get the shot to go there to go to line for two. Rick Marshall not happy with his five he's got five more shocker in economy and it got that steal at the other three shots. Like you revel who's following. There's the rule of basketball you grant whose fault you know the problem and that's why. Now it's gone though it now he has third he's gonna go to the bench. Second team about the quarter on the field market's been up with the free throw that's good. Markets two of three from the line has four points. Which nonstick note down my hand 4939. With 340 want to go to the third quarter. Yup you with one or try them you know 71 half percent as such lines and Marcus have five. Its first action on this two hour. Alan Jackson for him it's. Background they Allen nation on Smith not afraid camps YouTube wars before pressured work through as of right hands of LA drives it. Hangs onto it good decision not to force the issue was there left wing ground. One dribble hand three hit three left way. They asked but it now anyway on the screen. More of rain through three. More importantly greens and ran over the report inning alone. And golf now. That might have used currently to only use there he just got back in the ball game there against dale reformers loan. Fourth team now that borders and though free throws or repealed their Willis back Ian. Playing my spot. He'll break the rest getting along with the left wing nuts off the screen. Not for a more civil hand he had to get it right back to the baseline goes back to the line at the finish high effective. Good helped by the doctor but not very good rotation. Guys drove it in the water balloon basket really nights assets. Bill. Let it lightly against you know Kelly left wing witnesses. Against Willis back at practically now over break him right wing next round. Once that ball back seventy water in and out battle for the rebound lot of contact him so loose and out of bounds. Often trade hand orbit yup that was shot there's going to be golf room that ultimately they continue to aggressively go to the office Rory that's right in my bag that's all there have hard time off from Africa that surrounds them because 11 partner who together. It can't work it off the street Paul's up for the and yes that was instituted. On the line. Can't was seven doctors nine at Cleveland 42 that's the second cabinet late work it's happens that I high Wall Street. Great honor frank you that it that we know. You know had a little trouble but finally broke the grass not throwing it drives the right side catch up throws an outlet daughter's three but Beckett is off the edge of the knack for. Board patrolled by ground rise and of course. Slows it down it was about to go on board gives it up cute daughter Frankie and I think it's a street dribbles left. That Kelly get a ticket three run off the back iron rebound controlled by ground. Strip did there goes out of bounds off volleys looked like you and you know widely known that deflection. But the fish and your little number 23. Came over report right tree and and its third. Not good lead in from the baseline eleven that's not not not your brain can't beat Alan. Nation is secondary Hamilton is in a market that's. I can't sleep center at the height those picked up tonight in the line bank shot rules not Hamilton might work it's difficult but Beckett you know. Are betraying handed which is enough lawn looks like crosscourt launch of the three. And I launched this basket. The only bike well 5440. And it is located on the shooters and that transition. He's now a little bit late it now it shooter Allen driving shovels and you're nice pants to or it's not easy lay up that's happened but nothing. Accurate driving distance time let me balance. He'll initially missed a deducted breaking loose down court tie it's it drives the lane throws a little let's go out and push off on ground show up definitely on the board. Now on background it's going to be his daughter's. That is the creepy. That if you feel the lines that it won't go on the quarter and red and up by hand. And no balked at that time on Beckett in it used to write the bad if that would mean. That ran the most reprieve on. They asked him back in his senior from Georgetown Ontario. Versed in two free throws coming he has two points three points and that's one of the line this effort. They could make it a lot but here than it well you know quarter. Which cannot stay as scored fifteen so far in the third quarters to eleven point six hours if is. Beckett now with war and the field with eleven point lead 5544111. Notes that. Words there are these shocked next. Ones that leave the room you know then in the killed him in and be fifth or have no home. They are picking up a little bit fooled with that who would have a full right. Nation on Smith will bring it up it is this rank can't share but right now. That's not right wing equivalent for a grant can't go around they've been here with a 5400. If not make icon of the left away from the leafy definitive hold up to hit the 52. To one filled Griffin with soccer it's done. At camp with nine long passionate courtship and almost it doesn't like chose not to Beckett auto buying Hamilton. I'll miss Hamilton rebounds knocked away from him. It nation out with his. Grant can't trust or chance it. Landry on the right baseline so long there but it traveled on the markets. I've heard mark from it yet like we know but the shelf at the week with that all of them. An opportunity there up to break in at under nine doctors turn it over. You know now with all backward might lose there's traffic it half right I forgot her ranking flip side long for an Arctic. I'll let the second along pretty good friends with him long for content from the right that that would from the left wing. That the Islamic deftly pulled up to it quarter Mark McNulty starting your feelings got. 98. Of those points here in third quarter not to fail 5848. Five seconds long snake blanket it's create contested believes in god is shot. But the good defensive stance on the last possession. But they fall farther behind down three at the half down to him now going in the fourth quarter after three here in Montreal at Yale University 58. Which it honesty 48. If your house is heating up this summer called Comfort Systems keeping Wichita school for over twenty years. Comfort Systems is a premiere Lennox stealer and proud winner of the Wichita business journals 2016 innovation award. And Comfort Systems also offers flooding services with 24 hour emergency service available. Find out more Comfort Systems dot net and join Comfort Systems that they KEY and summer concert series this Friday at the water rock. They've heard and I'm very lawnmower. And after new neighbors to the World Cup sugar. Hey neighbor Megan can ever run. Shoes you can choose your neighbor but at least you can choose to view favorites from the mcdonalds for this to me. McDonald's and kick to his Zach was in new favorites like your double cheeseburger sixties chicken nuggets magnet muffins snack size Oreo or Eminem it flurry Joost do for just three blocks. Time off for Christmas is appreciated Christian love and posted on menu board. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. It's yeah. This guy. 200 let me now over Bacharach music they had a shocker broadcast tonight we're Bacharach. One of the candidates notable graduates of the hill university here in Montreal you know. Leaving Wichita State 5848. As we go to the fourth quarter. Don't have any stance yet throughout the quarter Wichita State had its escort border at nineteen that you noted Miguel Miguel scoring 26. After leading at halftime 32295848. Hill. Soccer's and a couple of unfortunate that. Possessions defensively they appeared to have been killed stopped at that they hit a three or prayer for a three point play it right at the end possessions and getting longer there who love 61 garden a couple of long crease in. France's. Wichita State shot 57%. Of the third quarter rate of fourteen. 41 for the game that they killed. Ten of 1856%. There at 458. For the game shoppers. Not read about it that they ever had been by one body to. 21. Doctors still struggling from the line you are the future one time one of well. For the games before and killed in that third quarter when three. What's up after only 520. That. 42 point 9% in the quarter steel walls start the fourth quarter doctors that it makes it stops out my hand. In the final ten minutes long does baseline double team throws alliance every ship it head it can't pick it up. And I nearly up lay it on the air line as he finally came up with a three shoppers around it stripped it away. Shannon had that it could hang on to it. Hustling dope for a but he slid on the outline of the you know get it back fourteen on the shot. The Guilford drove left baseline bounced past him right and doing everything it did not get a hold of that thing. Try to grab a three separate that fell out of bounds for them with that those in the field wall with fourteen seconds. I think the officials channel conference and I think what they're trying to figure out if if there was ever actually change of possession shoppers. Editor round but I don't know that they ever actually existence of that and that's what they ruled that it. It changed hands down to seven on the shot months. Jill is now looking in the lane first announced left weigh the loss loss. And got a hold of the ball. Elephant trying to get around Beckett Beckett did a good job of sealing and then Euro reached granted. Are now on Darryl Willis. First ballot. Orders horse I'm 43 to go skills he's fourteen seconds places if not he left of the front left bloggers. Piper for three biscuit rebound Darryl Willis shoppers to date shots there. Lot passing hit for McAfee they can't get what you are high too long deep into the quarter markets to up. Moment to kind of an awkward bill seems to be okay doctor just kick it out of their own way tonight that Tammy nice defensive. Stand wealth got the recount how loses this. He had Mark McNulty open deep into through the far. That's incident that you Olympic nothing like this deal that could get it and it jealousy about it Duncan it was kicked butt kicked up beyond the hands of stay with the deal. Rick Marshall Chinese full court pressure recorder corporate is the shocker back in the quality they're bound that would have allowed them to goes I'm almost nine and half minutes. 5848. McGill the record. Is it reeks Hewlett and Liggett and left the feedback it's gonna launch of three offered. Back with him rebound the markets picked up to eighth that are grant can't goes down they keep that they're gonna call a time it's kind of took a hard spill. Looked like get rebounds as Connecticut now long it loses low. But make up the grant did it yesterday different campus in the field player collided Connor down on the floor. He's now and he he helped his feet by Landry Shannon you know long. For that long rebound along with Fox's. We kind of came down awkwardly on one of the fifth making. She lost she gingerly back. Probably a little bit since they stopped play for him and asked him teams walking in off book and background checks in. The nation's it's damage ground. Willis and nothing. Doctors down again. In the ground in the left Nightline at right Dave. Rightly here but I'm it is that was slightly ground rise back not only the master. Closed partially blocked from behind in the home now. There's another one that got the bulls won over her round one no one on the left wing and nice. Round. In these two of the ball a little bit Annika clock for time now. There's now that border on the heels for spells on daily. Who's the Mets players years. In the heels last year recruit. Eyes act brown act now three for three lines that the point that its first ones out. Instantly shortly. If that's not yet it was just a bit. Now now I have to contact pop in there I think that if he was going down the end Willis for quite that rebound and it. Rick Q and it. About those awkward way and make it up but it can't complete if he's if he's down at six points. And it could be. Six right here specifically to. Or to free throws creation of the line has eleven points Canada's eleventh. In the second half and a time out ticket but Nikki on 840 portico fourth quarter McNeill 58 Wichita State if you want. When you're not willing to settle for anything less than perfect poll but Jared Scotch and sirloin. Since 1968. This widget dock icon has served the best age sterling silver Vicente. Not in the mood for staked no problem our selection of fresh seafood impressive wine and spirits and famous for a judge in super cure to satisfy your every grieving. Enjoy our newly remodeled interior impeccable service and only the past we'll do your interests Scotch and sirloin 5325. Based Kellogg drive in Wichita. Hi Kansas State Randall Summers here and that means kids playing outside autocrat vision impairment like remind you to please be careful when backing up for driving through neighborhoods locally ounces 1976. We have relationships with all major insurance carriers like time warnings and lower fares and five easy access to locations check this out and are crafting dot com. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area and. This is all mine expert Marxist. The miss congeniality in that area you know universities. At. Doctors are at it you know tonight trailing 5851. With 840 force field play in the fourth quarter. Work is picked up the current economic statistics and does so. Five from the line. Twelve points with a sophomore from pictures we've got to get a reader and Darryl Willis checks back here you probably are meant to do hookers but. I never much that's good a good document court to war. That news you'll look at Hewlett starts lapses that right which is state. Been down by double digits have six past the wing almost all of by Roloson or fumbles that Andy goes on now. Most I got ahead. None of that they're kind of let them play at war but if the handle back. After Bobble it. Ended up rolling across the end once she got the chance that it under six of this position. They shots implant reach and the operating guards but it brings it up. Lightweight champ. Not commission art callously left the grounds that the political bounce on the block we'll. But couldn't make it move on to other things his way up there yet but thanks just. Also live like you're almost as eleventh got nice that way because the ball you Lilith I live on the left block it is nice job formally got the ball down. Ask awfully good Landry Shannon called it generally try to get it up your pants on agreement Landry product that is what. Stay with it you know. But a full 24 back on the shot clock after all those dances. After all at least enough of it docket almost loses the dribble dribble on the floor champ it ties up. Now at the possession arrow appears that it would not say if your defense the last time by Darryl Willis this time. Kelly in Oceanic get on the floor to get them loose for five it's going to be shocker meant for the chance to cut distinctive. Possibly one point. 5854. Beat Gilles still a lot of time to play 744. Remaining. Discount in a minute ago. Janet Smith breaking up is John Smith like flickering across the time line. Starts left that Hewlett won the ship fires editor David. Well if Amber's. His left hand really well executed that by that time three. Street night that ground if you will feel but that John Lewis was there team doctors down. Now long pants and thwart the lawn on the right way right now flatly no way. Mac got soccer in the I didn't write watered the lawn. It back got it at issue that's lord knows he tries to cross over when it looked way of Nazi aficionado. Just two hours. Doctors. Oh my goodness Gregg Marshall just going crazy it's not treated for bin. Boxing off the rebound now looking over the back of snacks ran out of there was now he's going to be on it. It's an excellent background his fourth well I think what he called I was the I thought that brown in his arm wrapped around the clock wrapped his arm around again or not he would have passed its why don't. Two in effect you feel like Gregg Marshall beat in the ballgame we just got off. Second technical library. I haven't seen it go this crazy on official. Navy ever. Dominique Jones trying to keep with the issue that. Remark from all the way out on the local and half or trying to get a better read through human a couple of soccer coaches there. Helping them move back toward the pin wow it is taking. All of the assistant coaches. Darryl Willis. And he. Beat Watson shot at the officials. There have been a tough time pulling him away from. Those are brutal home and it. May question his second technical and ejected from the game. Got seven don't want to you know just keep coming back at them into the coach's lock them away and become that consistent welcome. He comes back and now he's going off the floor he's. Haven't laid off or defeating. Round worth of who. Now the you know let's honor rebounded the third count the quarters of a free throws on but the field will get. Technical briefing room. And then the ball and is the Internet games but rulers still Hussein. And he used to be an American college basketball from what we've seen you can definitely see that it wanted to technical with you yet been shot in the ball. You know what it had the position anyway since they called now on ground free throw Mike Nolan bounces out. Details are gone now. And now they will have the basketball soccer's downpours of I don't want to you know. No less offensive side floor for a twelfth floor gives him nineteen. Gil on board you know it is. Not holding it is lying war under the floor but the traffic this victory validation. I respect it's not agree that mrs. Right. Right my lot. I scored left elbow brown it's very good back ground. Kind of snapshot for. Pain he's got to handle the doctors wouldn't want at 630. Beautiful hierarchy three pointer bytes that grounder that if you want the old record drop back if there's. Then intercepted Mike Kelly often Santa quoted at NASA fixed not acting up on the line with you on that could put that what is your that would keep the soccer league. He really stretched out. And try to get that all their. Free throws if he makes for problems that shoppers happy. That way if they haven't heard that wants it but two times lightening my theory and but I'm now. Ticket I'm violently. Outlet near ground that it actually has been a horrible time the you know called it polio. You know it just looked bored and needed him when Vietnam now. Yeah I think. Landry to a fourth line has six points. And now with doctors and yet. Packers defensive pressure really starting to bond yield on the 221111. Threat wasn't bothered but the ones who read the report corporate. And you know. Throughout life and a now it's happened but it's nice to get a story a lot of different places here it this way or another near steal my ship that. It's sort of the if locals and out of how Obama. Recruited half court offense this year ago. Now on land his second. He had been in the quarter and he has a decade countless. Robinson gave away from him now that it's gotten up. Not that sport need that you know. Any any free throws if you read that again this team back crosscourt pass almost all of my ground but it might or. Or backing up front line doctors really hustling down right. Go long athletic team here right now. Up the line 605. To for a lot Writely and it drives the baseline traffic through historical did not get to that front lawns suggested three. Rebound well honestly not over now to get off route route route up for a lot if you haven't played. That good job I wanted to get the ball up the round rock solid three candidates but nice laugh at for the confidence back to their breath again and and I shot yourself my theory on that support Vatican. Grade off the bat I had doctor's not in advance Brandon gage. There. They should probably should let you know around and inside position that they did see two other tip of the land. To get them that it is now with that group of Willits in round. He or she Emmitt Smith. Kelly did a great job soccer that well I'd like ranked higher making. Our locker room. The only down underneath port. Not to bring it back opulence knows he'll Lawrence Lott decided we're all loose. Out of the hands now it is back for habits to break camp that is now very late now call on which it does data on game three it was late and probably good qualities you rate that guy from arm if that well read. It knocked them back in you know that out of bounds under the I out of bounds sidelined by in the field free throws here. They are now launch and the team's fourth in the quarter 531. You know it the fourth quarter Wichita State leading 66. Innings logged out for a right way that up. And again it's not like he had three. Not from those it's not you know bad force now. All three pointer not right from him shot clock to give back. It's sort. Kind toward him. And he is not making it through like you act or on the line that's about it that are backing up front to bring him pop history but I can only penetrate that particularly. He drives it. In the quarter Boris. Not that they're good. Jack Lawrence with a gun safety Bernard is the right. RT I'm not that time. I Fiat or for the people like forward to Q1 growth in but it honestly it snapped up. 6563. War hit record holding Atlanta market to Jennings launch launch into little excited that it that it looks baseline now wants separate heading to the front left side longed for three. No good off the bat Jack Morris good box out what got it. Canceled our daughter for a man alone based on music. Three pointer earlier in the game he's missed the last two. And I have to tell flogging of the double team him that was gonna basically ask the blockers deflected out of bounds to unlock screen shots here. Yeah that's on the guilt them that you were little Preston with a shocker came across half court they doubled the frankly. 6563. Wichita State soccer basketball. They've trailed much of the game. And trails 58. The eight at the end of the third quarters at the moment they are running 75. I immediately after him a little while he read pretty heavily over there these shots that's it for Landry. Marcus but nothing's going to play him there right sideline it's picked up the Kelly warns if it rains here they shot that beats a couple of defenders down the legs. Trust us now picketed strong with the left hand was fouled by now. That it took it to the basket. And now but when idea McGill players because that's. But nothing nothing at all like you know you keep played to where animals that with Duffy if they have a problem Falmouth Duffy slam him. The the big shot slightly down but they did all the found that the couple actually don't think he's done this for hours on dilute his fourth and it's this team's fourth that the orders on the next now it's not his velocity shooting free throws others on the now Britney executing. And it's station on sniffed at the line for two nation on has not scored. In tonight's game so far on this Rory is nine for hand. Throughout the free throw line you hear from Jacksonville first year's soccer uniform. And transfer from Tallahassee community count shot 74 point 2% last year as a sophomore. Right to stretch the lead us to at the moment free throw up and rules now. John Smith averaging ninth inning and then actually nine points per game the first news on this exhibition to. That's scored tonight. We want is that's. They shot if it's not just. Three point lead 66634. Relate to you know novelty of the backward compatibility of course worked within the next receivers support it it. Let's Nightline line one of the high post bubble but works in. It's gotten. Support. With it. Panic if he goes baseline all the land here flopped it out brackets picked up my friend camps is foul by logging accident with a that's good rotation that time by the doctors wanted to go players. Drove in the right way they did a great job cutting off that I've been rotating and try to pass out front. Whose team mate there was kind of anything we can do that half. That is. Shot now on the deal as it's there yet now that quarter. Ranking at the line for the first time tonight as nine points from the floor free throws rattles in there to see him even have one that's not dead in the bottom neither rain camp a year ago it 88 and I hampers and a 23 of 26. In points tonight partly on the leaders warned that the biggest lead shot. Right now five makes the second. Rent can't put eleven. He has eight the second half Wichita State maybe 6863. April 4 straight here. Productive in this process and I want to work it is the line. Lot kind of forces way around this green almost as if not you or let me know if not get it fast. Rabbi for enhanced water was starting out just right after the try to pass over the ticket out of the air. Now the left block Jack Boris will align its bank will figure all listed to drive off. State the end. Chased down by now an opportunity if it's actors did an. Sixty loose ball nation on this on the floor after the slides out of bounds before I could save different enactments are yelling out or. Shaq is continue to keep the pressure on Kelly Phillips for substitution. He wants not a very usable when you go one apple almost got accused teammate for slid out of ground. You really sweaty it's hot humans didn't you. And the players are roads wet clothes a lot of perspiration. On the players on the war that grounded for telling. Re owed nine to go to doctors setting up defensively you know Linda from the left sideline seventy them it's not a lot yet ridiculous lot. Off the screen that's weird outline now left wing fanatic he drives in the link at the stop battling on the docket for three short but the rebound the court. They've got it hadn't blocked off but the ball came right over defense that. Report concluded that in the basket. Picked up secret free transition varies from the left wing that's his first three pointers tonight artistic happy with fifty points. At this doctors late 7160. Going back as to who won the old ransom drop back in their zone defense and have worked at a steel plants. The finale scripted out of their hands that now the it's not the art and a lot of and a lot of phone there might. And I don't think it was a town that would be here since it. Shots coming for you know. As Noah now those lines for the first time he's got twelve points including a couple of three pointers but it's not she got a free last year. And as far. Free throw shooting pool script written. Score and he point nine points per game that out on the floor and 35 to go in the fourth quarter Wichita State and I second have come back. Maybe the kills 7165. C. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls favors did you ask Brenda thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different believes that he can you promise better. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something's got to hand blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family to Atlanta delta dental KS dot com. The Carnahan group is highly trained team that. And presidential realtors. Ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized David ER marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience on line. And in print media. Buyers can expected team a unique abilities with years of experience. To negotiate on their behalf and investment transaction. All relate to their new home. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY area. Now it's jagr. It's not a drag zillion acres and was back. Garbled the music that thanks guys that hit the studio and handling no hard and nothing cutesy or putting together subvert Bacharach and when you catch your remembrances to graduates at the Yale University doctors. Now leading the field 7165. To 35 still to play no doubt normally very good free throw shooter at the line to what we feel. Whispers what has not been bounces in. Now with thirteen. Where we killed Francis Laporte with 21 now with thirteen. Daily habit Dutton it would eleven. Only stores a free throw too hard. About that control violent recently so I only got one of his soccer football league by fives. Evident this rhetorically his band equivalent terms backing up to us that threat Shaquille Boris Jack let's words next round. Try to get different can't see it opens up the job security requires a report this and up the back rebound loosens itself via conducted. Dockett up across the time line. The turnaround by picked up the over war almost went down cleanup work at the other looks is now left wing. Not good to excellent bounce pass back to work bobbled out of bounds off it. And I felt pocket half that time vote it down that the guy Beckett couldn't hang on to it and when offered things out of bounds. McEnroe not a lot of your allowance for our. Jack Morris hackers with the law but it 58 to go the fourth quarter leading 7166. After trailing by him at the end of the third quarter full court pressure but you know. Lock RD branch can't Snyder allude to it brings it up now across this time lines those rights the right sideline Atlanta can't it. Right into the called atlas does and now hold up behind done now. And that was gonna count him out of the game you know it now found out she points. He had been a strong presence inside and outside of Aniston goes down then it. Well effective when he gets down their of that low post he did why he gets his feet for a report really all that that's all these demands that that's a pretty good free throw shooter. Three of five in the first game of your trip. And 424. The other the news or recruit so far tonight. Made his first two in the first quarter missed one made one in the third quarter is thirteen points. Here's the way I. Yesterday Shaq is getting a lot of contributions you've got thirteen rated camp we'll let enchantment has nine round. Definitely country from the first off line like that time they were finished the shot which. Six point lead and added 43 to go on second street journal also both of those who did it about a fifteen point 30. Wichita State leading 7366. Full court to block grants. Or left sideline to launch NASA or back it up that way back or not. Not or at all alone in vehicles can not Darryl Willis and it worked with a reverse lay up and Willis went anyway it's. Why are really nice look on the weak side of the doctors on the prospect of its own defense at the rats in the evening that weak side block covered. And it's a beautiful that for each one. 23. Friends club work with us neatly set. 368. And. And a half ago. Greg hired security check Boris Becker lineup for Carol Willis and it's great hire making that this is Greg marshals got ejected after his second technical. Let me jam it into markets that nothing new in the spring camp Connor one on one against Jennings long we'll bring it up court. God's time line it. It's network yeah but down the line to our active. President branded hammered. Right I like him curled off of that fourth got the bombings gave it back and forth go it alone part in the basket. Actress it's doctors' lives in Evanston lives. And Nightline. I wore a lot tonight they line. I was in for a sport that but not if you read my market. And hit it in Iraq and double pump like that it. I hit my mark but not the athlete. Field with that game it would normally underneath that is a little double file off that glance that it is doctor nine point lead. And let you know if not now with that. In seven seconds remaining it is Wichita State's 77. Kyoto University six yeah. Now the time to buy an F 150 now he bulletin board the F 150 is the best selling truck for 39 years sure we are clearing out are 2015 F 150s so you can get an awesome deal on the toughest truck there is with 0% financing for 72 months with the proof credit plus up to 2000 dollars cash back up to 5750 in rebates took the Tony sixteen F 150 starting only 23949. Remember all Ford dealers are for the same rebates and incentives so come today to malleable in port for we care before during and after the sale. This is decent bristle at such a county extension master gardener volunteer. Local gardeners your fresh produce donations to Kansas food bank are greatly appreciated. Tell friend about Clinton wrote for the hungry make a difference one pound at a time. Call 6600100. For information I'm glad intercom cares. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY yeah. It's not a deposition is ready isn't the standard is your shocker basketball headquarters up early to get the best market for home games this year. In a joint press would make burgers sandwiches salads cold here or there also the perfect spot to joy televised await game that doctors were stolen planes. If I edited. Instead they'll see you. At the next game Wichita State's really turning it up defensively here in the second half that's led to better offense and after trailing. Plans or a 5848. Like in the fourth quarter. They have outscored the killed 29. To hand here in the fourth quarter at least 7760. Me that put more pressure really help doctors get back in the ball game. Bothered McGill Laker over time they rushed the shot him and I think that that look like Marshall. Also ignited this they've been playing a lot harder and make them more baskets. Getting log out front of me you know to up their most often Beckett left side intercepted by Reshard LA. Yet force that numbers weren't there pulls it back out with regard to handle it to snack brand new and different can't it's night 42 seconds ago. Rent here. Standing dribble out front well what does not look at the street Boris long create Doug good it and now about kept alive that Beckett rebounds along perfect you know. Like instant pick up his dribble he accidentally had against Connecticut to okay not to. The right baseline too who work work. But could make it move on campus yankees might that help her grounder bounces out of bounds almost bounced it off or. Got to ten on the shot clock seventeen seconds left that gave the factors that point it was this way. Really good fourth quarter up back. Mark flavors are going to pull that all that about them in the room. Connecticut three. Connecticut three pointer offers it now live. And that is his first three point basket and six points that executed in tissue damage and Gilles gonna just back off not suggested that attackers and let the clock ran out. But they ship it gets to triple off the clock with its not state. Pick Ford 400 thinks it really university 7770. Lives they have to post game. What happened to paying one price and getting every. And included you buy an airline ticket and pay extra to bring a change of clothes look hotel room in your show enough for Wi-Fi and overpriced bottled water shipping and handling could really. 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Going into the fourth quarter. The drive home for the game throughout the season brought to you by the loft than. He gives them a call to 637596. Or visit their website at www. All the law. Dot com and the remember that day after any shocker win it's a party a chance locker room shot here's tonight scored 77. Points. So all shocker merchandise is 50%. Off tomorrow only. That chance east or west you'll always be happy to say. I got it and it's not to be the most important thing about this package its just an exhibition game it's still August. But this was a totally different team. It firms the air about them the way they went about things in the second half in the fourth quarter. Round one it was when they got behind in the game Carlton there was there was for the old shocker fire teamwork in pick at each other up and all those kinds of things. Please. Yeah I think that's a good point Mike they got their hits down when they got down Carlson. It didn't seem like anybody was trying to motivate anybody else he did he but he gravity features to users recur to each other no life at all. It that second half and fourth quarter against Carlton but tonight. I thought the guys really picked each other up in this one group that was in their spring camp ground. But Duffy Kelly Willis that group really got him back in the ball game they were down ten with about nine minutes nine and a half minutes ago. In the jump into that too to one's own press and fell back into that zone it seemed like. They were all over the place that looked like a shocker said six or seven guys on the work is whenever McGill. Tried to make a long pass or diagonal pass they were picking them off and Connor Franken can and I got an. Couple nights deals brown got a couple of nights deals and and the pressure in the steals. I thought ignited the shocker and helped us generate some offense for. Certainly markets make Duffy play it for the first time on this too or looked like the real markets that Duffy scored fifteen points. But it wasn't any one guy that the shocker depended on restoring Connor frank camp had a flurry Darryl Willis really got with that in side. Landry sham that both passing and scoring. And it's background had his moments offensively as well so it was nice to see that end. You know we talked about the shocker stats aren't really designed to be most effective 1242. Clock. What we saw in the second half though the fourth quarter. Rather than it just being one on wanted shooting jump shots. There was some nice what would almost be motion Oregon set type stuff we're pick and rolls and and good anticipation of each other. Yeah I thought we did a good job of trying to. So work their offense and try to get a free and open basket for your teammates that are great trying to get their own shot. Everybody was working to try to get it teammate shot in there was a couple of nice plays they ran and I said where Willis got the ball on the on the left block he scored there and I said. Where Jack Morse got a dunk off a nice Landry sham a pass they ran a couple of nights that's where. Which Connor frank camp got open shots out front and I thought browns' three in when they kicked it back out here that long feat that was a big shot to look at the shock personally. We didn't get to do great pregame show to speak out because of a quick turnaround between whether it's game earlier in the men's game we could get it or set up position until. Right before tip off. So we didn't have a pregame keys to the game but had you selected since he's had that kind of work out in the woods shocker exactly executed today. Well I happen to have them right here my computer just to would have time to freedom and I would stress and defense you know it just basic stuff that that junior high and high school guys work on number one stop penetration. Guard the ball get down and its stance move your feet. Keep your man in front of your thought they did a much better job of that tonight. Then they did the other day against Carlton to follow your team defense of rules help on drives help in the post help the helper rotate you remember a play. Late in the second half which they let Gil drove down the right baseline the shock to rotate atom off we passed it. There was Connor can during camp right here pick off the pass because he rotated. Box office hard no second shots secured the rebound tonight they were hit rebounds knocked out of their hands. As much as it were the other day for talk in transition get the ball stop don't give him any easy buckets in transition. So those defensive keys I thought were things that the shocker coaches were gonna stressed that the Carlton game. And I saw improvements in all areas by the shoppers today I keys to the. Game ratchet back capital Federalist kept they had handed the keys to your new home with quality pre approvals competitive rates and personal local service capitol federal. And equal housing lenders will continue on the post game show from Montreal following the shocker 7771. Win. Oh yeah. Acme insurance silence and claimed he wanted to create fair my hair conditioner broke down sorry but your home insurance doesn't cover air conditioner break down so who wouldn't do you cover damage from things like earthquakes volcanoes probably apocalyptic zombie apocalypse but then never happened but it can't be covered third but not my air conditioner I'm afraid not. 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WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY. We're. But the fact if we go to university Wichita State and nice comeback in the ordered 7770. Shocker it coach Gregg Marshall and she made it an early exit tonight but even before you did it. Was the biggest thing in your mind just the different approach with your team tonight and hurled it turns it just. The intensity in the way they were getting after it on defense and the pressures that you applied defensively. Like. I thought we were. We're better for sure you know and when you. Have that. Team play as well as they did Carlton and we did not compete later we weren't in position to make plays or stops defensively there was a lot for us to learn and just from talking about it and playing another game I thought we were little better I don't know how this team compares to call my ankle and might be a little more talented but. McGill played well especially early they shot the ball well they're doing a lot of you know they penetrate kick him if you get behind the play. They're gonna get an open shot. Certainly. Our guys responded. Down the stretch nine through twelve. Six in the fourth quarter from the field goal. Shooting and in depth. But we still shoot the three ball very well but I guess where. You know I did see the last several minutes but I guess we were getting to Iraq in and score around the basket. Yes certainly the defense the pressure I've created some offensive and Bob and avatar a little bit ago. Your sets are not really designed for 242 clock a lot of and it's hard to run all your stuff effectively. But your guys that did a nice job in transition. Doing some shorter clock type things down the stretch pick and roll just got to finding each other a couple of quick passes getting good shots. Exactly and then we did we talked about this the other day we didn't. Adapt not coaching in the ten practices. For this. We. We had ten practices were prepared for a season so I'd. Worked with the 32 shot clock work with ten seconds in the backcourt as opposed to the I didn't worry about the goaltending on the on the program. So. I wanted us to go through some adversity here I didn't want this much adversity. We we get we. Would you settle learn how to compete we've got to learn how to. In a box out of time move our feet on defense and in compete when that when the ball's lose in the U. About the other afternoon oh the guys kind of pulled apart against Carlton really pulled together tonight it looked like he pulled together. It through ones don't Brett was rankings around the Def be Kelly Willis on the floor really got the game turned. Yeah it was there's a great great. Change of pace defense force I thought we got them a little bit out of rhythm we got some steals. He utilized some of their 242 shot clock and had less time to attack our defense. So. And that was that was good and and and I'm just proud of the way the guys pulled to. It's because that's that's got to happen they've got to have a lot of grit. Toughness and fight amongst them individually but they've got to stick together and I appreciate them having my back is I hope that. In note that I. Coach thanks for joining us congratulations says. Another challenge. Okay sounds good thank you checkered coach Gregg Marshall joining us violent shot 77. 71 whatever guilt also that it not with our star of the game. Marcus Vick got faith. How about a defensive player of the game Bob defensive play of the game brought to buy got you covered for just the right. But treatment solutions for you give Danica all 316612. 7000. Free no obligation consultation. 3166127000. Go to got you covered at Wichita dot com got you covered says those shots. While I hope I can pick one guy English Channel was all over the court. I thought Rashard Kelly played really good defense got down. Or a couple times we keep keep possession. We've got the ball for the doctors and Zach Braff background I thought they really good defense I would I would say those three guys feel about my mind. I have started the game is brought to you by the Kansas lottery each Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance. To become a billionaire go to KS lottery dot com for the most current. Jackpot like Kansas lottery and street Victor will talk with Marcus McDuff feed that he's getting a lot of photo op Islam this month after all okay yeah Rogers I envision Isaacs who was. So. We'll get it over here just abolish doctors in the second half made seventeen. Up 26. Field goals after going ten for thirty in the first half that of the game at 481. Q percent nine at twelve in the fourth quarter. Two of three for three attackers were twenty of 28 from the line 71 point. Sent by cosmic Duffy who had. Played previously. On this two hour made his first appearance in this game played 21 minutes. And it's going to get fifteen points this box scores wrong markets with fifteen points up by their count three rebounds and was a big part of that pressing defense as well. I got to ask you first of all it Jeff and out of the wrath. The water today did it for your they've got to back it. You have. For the game a bit. If very I have. What play. Like maybe really Ricardo one of these. No money. Fitness than to. Loosen it up with a vocal players I don't buy it right before. And that's encouraging faster is what the stats. To be moving like normal markets it is not really up in the coming week on like. And fictional. I mean all of vetted well definitely. I think I was going to be moving them who's. Army. I'm happy about that few miracles in this market you down and then have flow. What what what happened what changed the game here in your mind on this come together as a team you know that's who work on right now. You know. A you re the process right now you know why leave a few close. That right there. Which would but the fight you know. I mean we've got to go out there you know we don't wanna go down laws. It and killed it it's a. You know market you lost some guys that would. Natalie outstanding players but tremendous leaders definitely and while there are several of you back who played a lot of and it's even though you're just a sophomore. That's our responsibility is one of those guys to become a little. We'll definitely because are fed up into my efforts here you know and at the Illinois. Or. A more mature now mean constantly you know. I'm bombarded more normal Beaumont moments or an artist's view everything going to be more aware of course. Be more focused on the be interactive. And help you guys. If being in the right position being. And markets outside is to be specific on that. You're kind of live wire personality very upbeat guy he'd like. The eight willful and Leah. Does give my guys going you know oh I loved him my guards you almost. It's the U I did I market myself I ended. By them watching me they get themselves. Like that hurt our team make them half be slowed down. Do do. But that's sweet little lob there's two landry's tradition. But then again. At that you'd go out there you're going with the law then who lobbed an analyst and it was then that I have. Have given you credit for regulation about it I could have went out. About one. Let's get to see you back and hopefully the knee keeps the people that. Good to see you back out there it's obvious element you heard. Are. Now. Thanks ticket what is it out. Markets and Duffy s.'s ours start the game. Presented by the Kansas lottery fifteen points that that is first appearance. On to her for many years people Wichita area have been ours carpet outlook by their slogan every day's proceedings today at two bars carpet out. No mystery magic in the and it's distinctly about rate every day prices quality flooring materials every single day. And so your flooring project comes it may not be at a time when somebody's having sailed but if you're on Mars. In a great price on qualities that every single day as far as corporate balance point center. Eight teams sixteen. North runway I think we gave view. Mitchell the statistics in the leading scores tonight were markets picked up the with the teen girl Willis has 1511 apiece for Atlanta and the outer rain can't. 10% ranch he'll wars with seven. Four points for Sheri Kelli Iran merger with me now with one stations that the one Broadway run merger. Took an elbow. Looked like it eyebrow area and may have split it open in the first half and did not play after it's. It takes stitches and it is anything else yet. So that was as deep bench tonight it didn't play as many guys late that you mention they found it. A really nice combination particularly long athletic nomination and that full court press if but the real look at doctors again it looked like five guys playing as one. It really covered the court well and anticipated picked off passes in doctored defense. Led to their offense that really loosen up offensively yet they got a few of those deals if you aspirants. Today's game is part I Carlos Kelly's inspired Max girls at countless reminds no matter how much loved actually caiso. Please do. Doubled yeah. Well tomorrow shot here's another interesting challenges we don't know yet even all the players are going to be on this team that they're playing group called the sport's all stars. And former players. Who. Have played lately here in Canada a couple of them. And a plate professionally one as inadequate on its success and national basketball league candidate. And another has a couple of successful seasons in Europe adds some nights at lettuce isn't. Hard detail they'll be very well organized camp one on one on. Playground probably type of approach and practiced again they still may be trying to line up a couple of players here and there it's a team that has some talents size them. Physical maturity. One of the players that played overseas is 68 athletic we sign him that is currently last night placed second half. 31 years old a couple of guys it twenties and a lot of playing experience so. That's going to be another challenge is young team they continue to you know I think one of the game this very second half back. Coming from behind. Now let's let's follow up with four quarters like it played its fourth quarter. Our play of the game exemplifies some of the teamwork let the shot down the stretch here is our play of the game and. It's crunch time line. Right to the floor champ but yeah. The lane did I active. Hamburg. I played in the old office that force got the bombing gave it back to board you don't get going part of the basket. That was our play of the game man that soccer's going to win at 7771. Out scoring Miguel in the fourth quarter 29. 213 to Wichita State to that want on this trip. Charlie didn't get on on time tonight it was just mass here trying to even get to our table and get set up. So hopefully on time tomorrow by the way tomorrow's game has been set back fifteen minutes from the last start time that we had so it will team up. At 345. Which it's not time hopefully will be on about 3:15. Central time. With a pregame shows the shocker is close out their four game visit. Two candidate. Thanks for joining us tonight thanks to Joseph Hart up and enter Hamlet back in the studio hoped the insurer little Burt Bacharach and William Shatner interviews there interludes couple of McGill graduates. On and I feel for Bob Hope like Kennedy was she a pleasant good night. From McGill university in Montreal shocker is when this exhibition game 7771.