WSU Basketball at Indiana State - 12/28/16

Wednesday, December 28th

WSU Basketball vs Indiana State at Hulman Center: W 80-72


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Why. The Harman center. CN home of the Indiana facing the bars and tonight this is where it's very valid conference play began the 201617. But the shoppers and the sycamores glad to have you what is Wichita State. Starting it Missouri Valley Conference schedule on the road soccer's. The multiple time defending champions in the league and the favorites again this year but it certainly. A different kind of season what they've much less better shut your team particularly at some of the leadership positions. And so Bob we certainly have this feeling. That. Everybody around the league is thinking maybe this is the year we get Wichita State chapter 51 at three in the league over the last three years everybody is hungry to knock them off. Indiana State has come a little closer than some of the games over that three year time period. Last year really got thrashed out there home court so you know that there are fired up and anxious to get this. I think a lot of teams that look at this here now finally with desperate Bentley graduated Ron baker graduated after. After they thought was five or six years of their collegiate careers at Wichita State. Now it's time to get which doubts they thought I'm sure a lot of the team in the league have that same mindset. And as you stated in the state is one of the teams that it has given that factors such trouble over the years that knocked them out of valley tournament back 2011. When the shocker went on when in fact he'd say they came into which I thought they want an overtime game it was a double overtime game a year after that. But recently. Doctors have had very good success against the sycamores eight straight wins here in the homeless veterans terra haute so. Pretty difficult to go on the road indeed keep eight straight times that you know that Greg Lansing and his staff players would love to. Knock off the shocker. Over the last six years in Missouri Valley Conference play Wichita State it's 46. And eight. On the road that's at 852. Winning percentage. On the road over a six year period in their conference. Over that same six years no one else in the conference has that high of winning percentage at home. Pretty amazing statistic. But what it takes to win like that on the road it's certainly. Leadership toughness and a clear understanding. Of what it takes to win on the road period let alone at that level. And I think that's the thing coaching staff is anxious to find out just how much this. Somewhat Duke Team understands. Just what it takes him and what it's like him. To be ready to play out it. And it helps to have a couple of pros played your cards but. Had read apparently run baker today in court that left those skills got. It's part of that stream as well so. Got great guard play played into that that success and their maturity affected ticket tickets got a report digest gulf. And then use that in the ball game. To beat teams. Because you've got to play Smart and you've got to minimize your mistakes to win on the road. In shocker certainly certainly do that over the last few years now the challenge is can these new players learn how to if it's got your work and apply it. In the ball game in real time getting these new guys. No what it takes to win on in the conference on road and a conference games on the road are a lot different. And regular feature nonconference game because if you know you're. Know you'd much better so they're gonna overplay plays that annoy your out of bounds plays. The good values that they're gonna take away what you wanna do it make you do something else though it gets a lot tougher when you get to the conference play. We want to mention that this is the portion of our pregame show where we encouragement not only invite and encourage you to call us. Or sweetest letter it's a shocker voice. And my phone. It is 8691037316. His theory goes through what 68691037. Or on Twitter at at shocker boys look forward to hearing your questions or any other thoughts you have. Anything you wanna talk about will be more than happy to take it not so. Get a hold this end while you're doing that we want to mention that tonight's helping shocker tip of the game brought you by United Healthcare is. That exercise could slow the aging process not only physically. That's steadily as well for more tips on living a healthier lifestyles of the HC dot com. Today and certainly you know we talk about this conference race but the thing that. It's just makes it even a little more unpredictable than not knowing exactly how shocked yours what responses they get into conference play at how consistent they couldn't. Is. Virtually all the other teams around the conference. Are a little bit hard to figure right now there's a team like Missouri State Illinois State. Loyola in particular that have put together some of the best nonconference records that in addition to the shot there's. But you're not sure just how good their schedules instead of what kind of competition they play. Others like this team decidedly understated northern Iowa had some very good wins that's very good performances. At that have had some losses to just leave you scratching your head and that's there are a lot of questions be answered in this conference race this year over these next. Eighteen games in two plus months. And I think Indian state sycamores there's a prime example of either six and six but I think they're a lot that are 66 team that what you would I think. Winds at Utah State in the mountain let's challenge. That that's a really tough place to look to win on the road at Utah State and then. I'll really nice win against Butler what Butler was ranked fifteenth in the country that was here in this gym. And they played really well for a big crowd that night it was Becky they had beaten Butler. In this gym since Larry Bird was plants would have been a long time since they defeated Butler. But and then a couple of tough losses that were really close Iowa State they lost to them by two bit office Stanford. Flight three both both those we've done in the Orlando apartment so. They've got to 66 record but I think it's it's this it's that it's a tough schedule and they played well. I would remind you 8691037. C'mon it's not your receiver Chris deceiver in those things you know that is ridiculous to call it we just. 8691037. Or at shocker voice on footer there appears ready to get out and watch the shot you're somewhere with some of your favorite soccer fans. The official watch party location for all shocker basketball games is the Blarney stone putt the 21 it was blunt prizes ticket giveaways breaker specials. And Maury Marty stone your official watch party location. For shocker basketball we applaud bites are stepping up they're taking the lead tonight Mike. Thanks for joining. Together. Yet better. They really going. Very valid vote in. I got got a couple quick little and it did. I want is is. Whether it how the game now. You know they live but it acute period about. Hip in line and like found this terrible at all it was solid in court or they felt like about this and a boat thing is. Approximately. Vietnamese label woody looking at that today. An update weighs about. Regained lit. Over a minute than anybody else. It is due to do so it is reform there you go and it. Or about one a lot here what. Like eating anymore you do. Fine you list. I'm Mike thank you as far as the officiating. And as far as some of those things like that travel lane. Lane violations. And Soledad it's kind of subject to interpretation. Some of those things. I feel like that's visuals. Let a little bit of good golf it's not too egregious that they don't feel like thinking too much advantage from the you don't wanna be sloppy game all the time too many calls. As far as the physical reality. I think they've reduced that a little bit over the last couple years there's been an emphasis on things like. Arm bars that hand checking it especially. PD revelers at that sort of thing so. And again you don't wanna see a game that's useful helpful for all the time so I think they're trying to think there. Generally struggling badly and working to try to find a balance between but it's because them and not stopping the game. Yeah I think back a few years ago river plant southern all the way. Back to where was go to there anyway Lowery was coach there feels like him to hit home Baptist tranda. Break out of the wing and kept the entry pass I mean they were holding grab it and shove and push him. And I think you saw that it Evansville slump. And so there was a lot of that going on nationally. He was getting very very physical the scoring was down. Those decided to clean it up and the only way to clean it up as the blow the whistle. And I think I think finally the players are just being. That that it is learning that the campaign kicked the can't use the arm bar to get they can't check guys when they're cut through the lane as physically as they used to. So I think I think everybody's starting to adjust to it and we're not seeing it many whistles as we were at the start of last year at the start of this year. And I think the scoring is up as as a result of that and people were able to drive the basket or score more. A victory that ark itself there there are dispute charges called. As there used to be. I mean that's been weak side guys trying to come over fraud charges because of that park figure seeing guys get The Who more often than they used to. So I think all that's a positive. As far as three seconds in the land no. When I appreciated Todd officiating. Most officials try to talk guys out of that call that a blown the whistle. And stuff in the game they just tell the big guys get out of there get out of the lane and try to try to prevent that call from happening. I and Mike as far as your question about Austin Reeves that you're very perceptive when you look it is time that reduction for time. About three or four games back Alex's experience and never did actually use it on here but I figured out. Thirty minute averages them out if you know sometimes people will figure out coordinated effort just pick somebody stats provided by the minute flight and ticket at times forty. Just to see who's kind of most productive minutes they play that nobody plays forty anymore so I did it for thirty. And it. Most productive players numbers wise for a thirty minutes were Darryl Willis and Austin read them markets but nothing is also right there so. And he has been very productive night. One thing that that they're trying to be a little bit careful it's just his lack of physical strength he's skinny young man and he's had chronic problems. Shoulders and so they're trying to protect that a little bit. Extended minutes to get more tired you just more susceptible than those things gets popped out of place so. That's part of the consideration they also have. The other guards that. A play well it's on any given night it's kind of who's playing the best on that particular night and certainly he's been an important contributor and we'll continue to the end may very well played or more of the season goes on but it's just not a balancing those minutes and also. You know letting him learn as he goes without putting a bit too much this. Physically. Well and just because you get a certain numbers that played thirteen minutes a game you'll definitely get those same kind of that played thirty minutes the game. We hear one of the starters review of the top fixtures having guys you move up that scatter report in the other key. Really study Q a lot more work and really steady your tendencies a lot more. And they usually defend you better because of that though when you're one of the guys would you wonder what 8910 guys count me. You're usually left out quite as well as to thank you can surprise people and him and make things happen now that being said. I think golf reaches the heck of a player and is going to be tremendously just imagine he would sham for the next four years. Playing together that's a couple of really good guards in. Deschanel beard of the year and Connor and other years. And grounds though so I'm not that the guard play. It's gonna be really good the next few years and in Austin reed is. He just fun to watch I just love watching Lleyton he plays the hardest place fearless. Again thanks for the call my 8691037. Is the number to call the other question it's not worth I think they could pass along. Thanks to mark Rogers floor. I'm letting it snowed this. They're not will not see and watch party at the Blarney stone tonight they had a small kitchen fire last night it's not a major issue. And they hope to reopen. Tomorrow or the next couple of days there by the next shot brigade. On New Year's Day but though. Watch party at the Blarney stone tonight is because of that mishap in the kitchen but it is your official watch party headquarters throughout the season. The shocker basketball have a question via Twitter said does seem like we always have somebody step up every game who has your guests for tonight and les yes he is they've done so yet. That's you know it's really hard to speculate it has been good to have guys step up you hope it's more than one. All that. Not projected to buy that might step up tonight it's it's more than just one person. I would just say this but you look at the matchups for this game. Just as you know at Wichita State going to have to do a good job on Britain's got he is the single biggest threat Caribbean states. I think the single most difficult defensive assignment Floridians escape is Darryl Willis particularly the way he's been playing over the last four games so I would say that. That's a guy that. Might well my project to step up we have a big game that I didn't think they're gonna have a tough time with physical matchup against him. Well there there not as deep inside. Loss of their players. About a week and a half ago and he was a big 68. Physical athletic player. That left the people's personal reasons so there will that are on the front line in the words a couple of weeks ago fly I agree with Mike I think it's going to be. They're going to be focused on stopping Cheryl Willis. And market with you probably start the fourth spot tonight. With rounds of three so they'll be focused on him and those guys. And helping these sites on the other states that have been one of the guards they're gonna have been knocked down some outside shots. To counter. Indian states. Defense though that they kind of training camp and background knows that we Shannon last game hits excited him threes. With South Dakota State packed in their zone defenses. Let's say it's Connor and and that I guess. All right now you're up next on the phone line god. Big. Night to rally all. I can't. I'd bring up a deputy. If out my thoughts and I love being here. How do you feel about it net. We'll go back to a movie do a better comfort. You know I got cada they met when they started talking about it bracket oh yeah outward dominate and but when you think about it dominating copper it is quite a bad thing. And maybe part of it was because crate Muqtada. And I I I barely settled down there are very good about it. I don't know that we should it leak about having the valley not bat bat. It we. Black beaded fruit yet that. And Marquette they dominating them like certainly we'd how many years that we've been there and how many years that we dominate it. Not that many. And I don't know purim continue I hope what will I believe it will. Expect it with coach mark Kohler. But. You know I looked on the it is set to Matty Memphis and Louisville. Call Oprah putrid in pretty good. And I look at the speed that they're that they can and they left the valley. And it really isn't. Any better than what they had in the well maybe it would be bet you Louisville. But that probably would have happened anyway bill. You know. I can't argue with that they're there. By the way I'd I wouldn't qualify there aren't you talking about basketball. I know there drove many war spending in balls in moving from one conference to another in basketball. But that's all I'm talking about. The restaurant opening her way above my pay grade. Tola. I think basketball wise. That if we lose. Guess what movie it is no good. If we could move maybe maybe it would be a good thing we could move to a power conference. And I'd get the last couple weeks they talk about the American copper and I don't believe that our car. And Kilmeny Beckett epic and I am rambling on here and I'm gonna stop. And today I love being here Europe are about it coach doc now kind of the left. I cannot. He covered a lot of territory there and I would just say that. You know Wichita State I think he's doing the right thing turn it. Keeping its options often seen what might be out there seeing if they can't better their situation by getting into another conflict and and I think that's always healthy. If you look at a conference like the American athletic conference you have to consider. The fact that some of those schools like Connecticut and Cincinnati offense and others that you cannot have one at the end there war. That have talked a lot about moving themselves. They're looking for the big twelve and it plays music in the doors yes you can look to move their football program that the snow. That's that's a concern yet be cognizant of that but you also have to look at. Whereas the valley goalie and and this year it's kind of a disappointing year for the ballot to this point nobody did not in the nonconference schedule outside it was just state. They left the case for an at large spots that you know you know. What you said about dominating league history to a point but you don't wanna be dominating the league that's not good enough to give you a chance by winning mostly your conference games Vietnam march 2 we leave it. It's not keeping up with the leagues around you. Ed you've got to go to your conference tournament we added every year to have a chance to go to the NCAA tournament that becomes a concern so that's. That's all they're looking at him and I don't think if there's any definitive answer out there right now there's lots of rumors. Please let the American F. When it was simply through four sources at Wichita State made it about it discussions. About possible expansion. But there commissioners also said they're not looking to expand its not a priority at all for Natalie right now so. I think you just have to take it all the greatest office does understand that Wichita State is looking. For what it's best option is to go somewhere else to remain in the mr. Well the one that I think make the most sense for him here American athletic conference and they have a lot of really strong basketball. Schools in that league and they have a lot of attractive it destinations you know to go to Memphis simply go to Orlando. South Florida to play Connecticut. Cincinnati. Houston. New Orleans feel a lot of it took to places to travel with your boosters to go to. But like Mike that Philippines or look at that move up into the big twelve. If the big twelve gonna bring back here championship football game they're going to be more than in schools because that's who worked really well within team. And then have a conference championship then you have team plane. Back to back weeks sometimes. So they're gonna had a couple of two schools eventually and I would think that Houston with the one that they'll look at I would think that this. That that it would definitely want to look at and of course Memphis is always you can move as well self. How attractive does that lead to look with those teams go on. I don't think it looks nearly as as attractive night talk about two lane you're talking about. Central Florida South Florida you know not a strongly so. I'm kind of old school maybe it's my age if it's not broken why fix that like thing where we're at because what's wrong with winning your league every year going 513. Over the last three years. And go into the NCAA tournament in advancing the infield lake permit so I think there's a lot of good things right now. I would be 22. Too eager to change. I've we have a question bite Twitter from Judy. Which says every year media rumors have Gregg Marshall being pursued by the schools why don't they pursue it Jacobson what should be very legitimate question. They have amid other schools have at times. Maybe not the same kind of attention that Gregg Marshall has gotten part of that may be that. Coach Marshall has kind of threw stuff at different schools now that we're not in the limelight when they got there certainly was especially the Wichita State as well. And I have the highest respect for Ben Jacobson. I think he does it rate. In some people's eyes he may not have as much charisma. Or or something it's Gregg Marshall maybe they feel like he's the partners for their fans to get excited about that Gregg Marshall would I don't know I can't really answer that that certainly. When it comes down to put its team together and knowing how to use your strengths against your weaknesses and all that sort of thing that I think that Jacobson as an outstanding coach it's certainly a great job a lot of school. Well I mean you could just via Minnesota. You know the Tino left there was constantly change although they're doing really well. Could you could see them snatched him up and what the Big Ten schools come after him but he has the launcher topic at these delicate finger eager. Contract now and they gave him. A really nice pumping his salary a few years ago and Heath publicly stated that he'd like to. And his career. In Cedar Falls Waterloo and accurate and I was so. You know that's not the stated he would jump and move to another league but he certainly seems happy words that. I Judy thanks for the question. We have a question about. The only shocker is being tested inside tonight was Jack Lawrence. Yacht. You got there one less thick body and they've got a real big body. Their big guy Murphy Brandon Murphy six foot 7275. Pounds he's that fifty pounds on Shaq so. It's going to be interesting theater Willis leaned up against him in and around nurture try to battle that big guy now it's not a big score. But he is a big physical presence in there. But. No Jack gives them it's and that's scoring down low they're not as people on the front line and not as big other some of their Frontline guys like go outside shoot the basketball rather than post up. So I think Shaq would have really healthy shark night so. I think you'll see that small lineup start with Willis at five the stuff you fourth round three. And I think you'll see but definitely a lot of floored night and look for under torture to play more minutes before Kelly the play. And Eric Hamilton might get some time true that would drew would expect aren't we got TJ on the phone Tuesday. I'm. Underneath it your opinion on what you consider to be yet it this week. Right now I'm going into this valley play with the doctors and in. You want this to guard plays and I have to improve. So point guard him off guard boat. In order forces salute our. You know hopefully we go to those C tournament. It's your view on that pops. Wondering if that you can point guard over. It's gonna become to which they'll stay next here they keep seeing him earlier this year. If you read every minute yeah and that he didn't yet. Your viewpoint on him on what album art Carty and I think it IPOs in one I'm not going to be able. You know. At point guard for next here and understand our most junior that. I TJ thank you. You know to describe it as a weakness or a concern. Immediate you know when you say that guard play. Certainly if you look at the assist to turnover ratio on all the guards that are playing significant minutes right now that's hearing. They can shoot it they've they've all done a lot of good things the south. I don't think overall I would consider guard play a weakness but what's lacking compared to recent years is what we kind of talked about the outset. That lack of the experience and leadership. In just yet. Little bit of swagger that red band leader Ron baker at those spots keep this team they. They were so calm and they expected to hand it to be successful and you how to do that. That it gives everyone fed off of that right now there's no one to step into those roles. Because they don't have that same experience at that same history of success that though it's a little harder for any of these guys to provide that it's just going to have to grow whipped them as we go through this season but that's the if you wanna call it a weakness are concerned that would be it just that lack of experience at the guard position relative to the kind of minutes that some of these guys play. And I think that a factor plays into what I considered the biggest weakness of this team is there. Defensive guard play I think the defense at the point of attack. At the other team's point guard the other team's point guard off guard. How good your defense against those two guys and we've been very spoiled. Over the last few years with Fred Bentley. With Ron baker with Shaquille cotton and meet with less so coming out and guarded three men are quite often. That guard the defensive. Work against the opponent's guards has been just exceptional. The last three or four years and I think. That's something we're still working and I think we're still working on staying in front of guys there. The opponent's guards we thought was they haven't worked on Evans the Oakland with its cynical by a lot of people. But he just kind of went by the shining Connor and is that the other guys like they weren't even there and so I think that they've got to keep him in front of him so that he opponent's guards. Cannot penetrate this shocker defense because if you let guards penetrate into the middle of the defense. It really hurt your defense I think they've got to work on that. And I think consistency I think we've got too many guys that they'll have a couple of good games where they'll. Shoot really well from three and an oval one for eight the next two games so. As they develop more experience and more savvy. I think you'll see them kind of get a little more consistent not be so often down. As far as the IG paint guns the society for Hutchinson community college I have not seen him fly up a lot of good things about him. He's a little bigger than either the guys like point guards attackers right now that Connor. And they've gone about his victory. He really be kind of a combo guard. And very athletic. Strong. I think you guys that it is gonna add a lot. Bird. Coaching staff feels like he's got tremendous upside like he's sorry to scratch the surface. To me there's certainly excited to get it in. And everybody I talked to that Washington high school or junior college say that you like that then. If you could be a really strong defender which you which are hoping that he quicker wouldn't shock. All right thank you for that call and we have drawn up next for a. And you can hear me yes. I'm I don't travel around but. I have your questions. They don't know what is the Asian Q anywhere on your finger. That is the which frustrates a conference championship ring from last year. And it the regulations. Greg Marshall is. Nice enough gracious enough to give me one and Mike Kennedy and they all want to be feels like we're part of that team. Obviously we don't help avoid any games but that we certainly appreciate. You make this feel like we're part of it. And he's really good about seven of the beautiful ring it's as NBC champions and there's three diamonds on the top. For three straight Missouri Valley Conference championships and have their name on the side and it's really nice really nice. I don't he is great and I didn't want to be in the moves the cut ethnic and Phil or are at. We're given the collection of them are OK my question we don't we put that you have. You think it yeah and you want basketball players and thought to be successful. At three churches in. Thank you. The coach answered that one that he's worked strictly with the lot of people coming into college in the past on these issues how much can spot Alia. Yeah absolutely you can you can improve your shooting a lot. And especially free throw shooting at something you can control. Some guys deal a make over their their techniques that that you can flat. Or they don't get proper backs to him or their elbows flying now so that has to be consistent shot itself. You want to get the mechanics strike if their rubble underneath the fall. Make sure that there have the proper arc on the ball make them properly backed him. And then a lot of it's just practice and confidence soccer right now 72% as a team. So that's a very good shooting percentage. From the free throw line. But I think I think in general. I don't think the best shooters in college now are better than they were. 3040 years ago. But I think there's more good shooters now that it used to be I think there's a lot of guys that used to play that it could shoot outside ten feet. And their coaches would latitude outside ten feet. In. There was a lot more of those guys playing. A thirty years ago and now you see a lot of big guys go outside cute they should have frequently on a ticket for South Dakota State who played. We could go to dom was 91%. From alliance though. Lot of big guys shoot it but I think you can definitely. Improvements which. And Gregg Marshall has had something like. Six or seven of the top ten free throw shooting teams in Wichita State history. And that's not just a simple fact they're recruiting all guys that are good free throw shooters and obviously they've done some work the guys that they've brought it particularly big guys. A lot of guys have improved during their careers Wichita State's. There is something to be able to teach three. Shooting. Demands a certain amount of time spent on that money in the repetitious that it takes to develop effective technique it. It's not just coincidence or just the fact that a lot recruitment to get free throw shooters and his team that had the kind of person they and that helps. 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I wanted to put a question this Connors still shooting better on the road this year meaning those moments here and I don't know I happen to. I honestly think it's been pretty close to the same. But I haven't I haven't looked at those statistics are a maker of mental note to myself. To check that maybe it and we get. Bob Bob May have it here he does let you know that you just on the let JR Simon on the court struck ball handling and business to shoot three seems to be a spark plug for the team clots. Part of it is. That idiot he's very Smart player he's very steady here skilled. Very gets you these really small and so he had trouble. You know if you were playing a lot of minutes he would have trouble guarding certain guys because they're big enough that it's mostly opportunity in the lane. Also not exceptionally athletic. But a good solid player does a great job within the team as a leader. Nice rate in the locker room man he gives his and he gives everybody competition in practice coach Marshall talked about out practice. Tuesday but would achieve came out here the second team led by JR point guard that's here for Steve in practice that day. So he contributes a lot that in terms of more playing time I don't think you'll see that he's been a great guy to have on the team for four years. Well I went through their Connor frank camp on the road games look like from the field he's eleven of thirty. The what's that that's 36%. I heard that then. So that's not bad he's 38 years of that thirtieth about this 37% from looks like it's about just averaging out. About the thing but it's kind of hit myth stuff. He was five for nine gets out of state two for five against Oklahoma State two for seven at Oklahoma. One for five against Saint Louis three out of six at Colorado State so anyway it gets some good games. That three out of four against LSU. Three out of six gets mail so anyway about the same looks like we'll. Are all bad debt. This question what do you see that is impressed you most about this team so far. It's it's kind of addicted to plastic debate because. What is this greatest teams strain. It's also. Part of what has it developed yet is the strength is this team has the potential. To be I think maybe the deepest seat that Greg marshals never went out there there. The number of guys that could fly at guys that can score. The other part of that is one reason we've seen so many guys so much is that consistency or lack of it it's not talked about whether habit the end those. Three or four or five guys really stepped up to be consistent on and every game basis. Zach brown over the last six games has come as close as anyone has this year Carol Willis has started shows signs it. Marcus Vick Duffy for the most part has put up numbers look pretty consistent basis that he can still get a lot better terms of finishing around the basket and just slowing down a little bit sometimes and not turning the ball over at so there's things that all of them can get better at but I I think that. That was impressed me most is the potential to have a really deep team and really quality depth. As this season. I would say that would be the thing that I think it's her strength is their depth that thereafter length. Their athleticism. And their depth I would say those three areas are what makes this Socrates. Most dangerous. I think they're pretty good shooting team probably better than last year being the key here before. Overall. But the consistency is still not there. And you're having is the coach marshall's search of game which five or six guys they're playing in the night. And yet the play about candidate guys and try to figure out for a who's gonna play in the second half team player who's not plants though. But it got up a lot of guys to choose from and it seems like a couple of guys step up every game now. Only one step Bethany Oklahoma State game we didn't have enough guys step up and active from both the other game he's always had two or three guys we're guys. Step up and play in a world haven't always been starters offensive guys off the bench so. I would say definitely notices them. In and link. Are shocked strengths. All right sorry we don't have time to get back to the thoughts that a couple of calls hold them back to get that those not gonna move on to our interview with coach Gregg Marshall. So get it earlier next time we got to get off to a slow start and had a lot of tweets calls but it carried you to join us one hour before every shot that took off. 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The cross and blue shield of Kansas the constitution the Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the next government where the federal Medicare program. As a child you play and follow the lead. Young adults you followed your heart. Cool. Your head on straight and have. Round junior high. Follow us on Twitter for instance you send somebody was talking. Just get updates see what's going. Inside ten. Joggers lords has brought to you by American family insurance Z agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post or an end over agent west Sawyer. Whereas you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY. But get back to Chara not just getting her fourth head coach Gregg Marshall was presented by express employment professionals on a mission. To put a million to work checking your coach Gregg Marshall joins us before tonight's conference opener here to Indiana State coach the conference grind begins has the transition been through the holiday getting backed prime. Well we came back. The 26 denied that after Christmas for a 6 PM practice we had won their Willis flight delay shall we pushed it back to seven which made it pretty late night we did. Video of Indiana State and practiced for about. Two hours and then they lifted so it was a late night. Yesterday. Would that 28. To be the 27. Was. Pretty early days to start they lifted and that more video we've practiced again about an hour 45 and then we got on a plane and headed to Terre Haute so. Probably there just. After long night's sleep last night I hope. Just back on a normal schedule so we pushed him pretty hard on the 26 and 27. Now it's a chance to open up there a place. In the state they've been really good that they've also had some just okay performances but they're well coached they're that good athletes and that they kind of play similar to us so. You know this this year we've talked a lot with the departure of 34 years seniors about just. Toughness and intensity at all those things it just become part of the program and and is that maybe it cannot even necessarily concerned but his biggest question of how these guys are. Learning what it takes to get into a bad drive like this eighteen game conference program. Well I think where you had to fit fewer seniors and evidently so. It I hope that we can continue to get tougher. Yes it's a big key for our team. Physical and mental toughness and that's what we've had in order to win on the road. Hopefully we can do that again starting tonight. Mention Indiana seeded team with some talent Brenton Scott as a young guards just seems to get better every year for them. Yeah he's takes a lot of shots and they do a lot of things for him to get him shots. He can score from distance you can easily get to the basket now can score in the mid range he's just foul quite a bit so. He's a multi dimension talent. Seems like one of the more interesting matchups tonight is that Darryl Willis and then soy and kind of girl they started to. Defied that they're on each other events likes gadgets of their four Manilow likes to go outside take mostly shots. Three of them likewise he's not a physical guy when it comes to guarding Darrell in the post here. Now that'll be it is if they do match up and we played their oath before. A lawnmower Erica the five and I think. That matchup will be key because. They're contrasting styles essentially gives us three point shooter and Jerrells obviously not an. To get around the basket so to be who whoever wins that match up their head to head could be a big part of who wins a game. You mentioned they've been a little up and down what have you seen from them and and there may be not so good performances that you hope you can maybe excellently. Well I think. We go against the bigger teams Iowa State's Stanford's the butler's. They've really come out and compete. Very very hard. And that's. You know that's a key that's what we expect when tonight. I hope that you know they see us in that same life him. I anticipate that being the case and a great legends are very good coach and his guys come out ready to play and I don't know but in the quinnipiac game literally being watched that one because it was not a great performance by them obviously lost when that yet but. The quinnipiac pretty good I just don't know I just I know that we need to be. The aggressor we need to get up this quality in our athleticism into the game. And now we're gonna have to really execute execute on the road Natalie got to play tough but just that Smart. Check it coach Gregg Marshall shocker is open the conference schedule at Indiana State coming up. You're busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools favors did you ask Rendell thank you completely forgot to shower and I have to thank you for the Phillies can't you promised better. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can't. 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Start that great people to work with because there's no high pressures you really think they wanna help you find exactly what. Want whether it's carpet. Kyle what evidence hard whatever it may be they have. Not only great supplies it stopped but they have. Read access to other places and other sources if they don't have exactly what you want and then we'll my. You're looking for any type of glory with great every day prices on quality product received varsity team sixty. North Broadway time for our winning strategies Bob won't lay those out for its ride your bike capital that first home homered three home. You could trust the strength behind True Blue finances capitol federal equal housing lender members at. You guys. Well the first few winning here in Terre Haute is. Stop and their cars Indiana State with a three guard lineup with Scott Clements in case starting in that regard spot. They're number one threat 61 junior guard Brent Scott. He averages twenty point eight games six rebounds and plays almost 33 minutes felt very very productive player that's on the floor lot he's that dangerous. Three point shooter and he's that explosive driver. The last game yet 23 points seven rebounds and double overtime win against eastern Illinois against fifteenth ranked Butler. He scored 25 points had nine rebounds. And last year Coke arena against the shocker yet when he four point. Hit four out of 53 or very explosive player look for that round maybe Landry camera to defend him most of the time. Their point guard 61 feed your Everett Clemens below the average of nine points five rebounds but he that's a pretty good games thirteen point. 7 boards against eastern Illinois nineteen point. Against a real coups operational schemes so. Do you think guys that kid can also light you up at some point if you don't do a good job updates on the car will probably hit the evidence that free stop more aquarius age. The only averages five point game but he scored twenty points against Iowa State. In the Orlando permanently three out of work three Soviet to close that as well. They're every guy as far as their Frontline players is to fixing your Mac fans thought that collect. He ever took nine point three rebounds but he had a big game. Against Butler in their big win against Butler here. 23 points it fixed. 93 pointers in that ballgame or that the key guys that is soccer's. Are gonna have to face they they run a lot of sets they run a lot of similar plays that would start state runs. And it played very good team basketball and her very good the bad break that got explosive Arctic Italy beat them before. Offensively. The shocker. Are gonna face a defense that looks like there to be in the state. With Greg glancing at their head coach they live very physical aggressive style and their defense they're very well coached they do not let you run your stuff. You're gonna have to run. Your options you're gonna have to run your fact or you're gonna have to. Youth but if you don't want to do because they'll take away what you like to do that played mostly and they will place them loans so the shocker offices and happy tough minded. They're gonna have to execute in the half court to store the benefits of hard freeze hard. And moved that basketball I think they need to get the ball inside I think it's going to be real important tonight for hit the ball inside the Willis. And a Duffy and nurture try to get educated that is paid double or triple team to get out of the guards. In regard to gonna have to knock down some open shots. Rebounding that issues plus nine in key rebounds Indian state minus four entities those stocks beat up on the board. All night and try to get some easy put backs. Other low short handed with Shaq being injured not playing nice to look for with stuff because start before. Willis of the five. I think Kelly inertial get a lot more minutes and look where Hamilton. The possibly played extensive minutes that night the report limit your turnovers to win on the road you must take care of the fall. Don't encourage the home team with live ball turnovers these guard if you are over. That's got equipment that paid they can make you pay it every play by former fed rate. Going the other way in the last two and two wins last year. Which I stayed over Indiana State which stuff they've only had nine turnovers total. In those two basketball game that's what you have to beat these guys think here the ball and of course free throws. Go inside make strong moves. Draw fouls. And they hit the freaked a lot of make your free throws with stuff it's a lot better free throws he should be keeping in case it made me that these 2%. Of their recruitment he had been only make 65%. Of their grief. An Indiana State you mentioned rebounding numbers they are 33 in the nation in the offensive rebounds per game. But 300. And snapped it. It rebound margin they're getting outrebounded by over four per game because they only get about nine offensive rebounds per game certainly the shot there's. Need to box out not give up any second chances this is not a team that they should allow very many office read. No and that's been a problem with the shocker that in some of their games where they've had problems they have a blocked off they've given keys. Second and third chances of Oklahoma State. Jumps to mind in that respect it seems like whenever they did this they would get their own rebound so I'm sure that's been a real focus in practice. Over the last couple weeks really working on finishing that defense is stand. Make the team picked a bad shot play good defense then box office go get the rebound. And don't get second chances. And Britain's got. Action takes a lot of shots seventeen shots a game on the average she's taking 28%. Of all other field goal attempt. So if you can limit a guy like obviously they need food all that goes through his hands a lot for them to be as effective as like if these just. Did I hate him chances. If they must. You can you gotta make it work that you're not you know if you shut it down and keep getting shot but you wanna make it work. Where we shot the heat yet and then make him shoot over an upgrade in athletic field camera on him. It around on him but you certainly could make him shoot over those athletic guys. He'll feed the other doctors. That night when they got hit the ball in his hands these what these guys either shoot that three RE drive all the way to the basket you've got to do what we've reached out. So what you see you put that ball down you'll get a lot of attention. Defensively from the other soccer player helped prevent. 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That's what they want to eighteen edge here in terror. Sycamores are not ready to meet for the first of at least ten times this year. Both getting their conference schedules under way tonight but first we will honor America here in the home that setter with the singing. Of our National Anthem. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. A okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Saying thanks a lot bag barbershop quartet and a National Anthem. And we are just about ready for the production of the starting line at Wichita State tonight we'll see in that black uniforms. With gold and white trim and Indiana State in home white letters and numbers. And it flew against the sycamores exit six on New Year's so far and foreign one at home what to states and and three. On the season's first the end produced for the shot here's the point guard station on Smith's excellent junior from Jacksonville Florida. Averaging six point seven points per game 3.2 assists. It's regarded as Landry campus explorer redshirt freshman of Kansas City, Missouri averaging nine point two points per game. Coming off may 21 point effort against South Dakota State that included six of ten shooting from three point range. Zach brown is the three of the small forward 66 you're here for Houston Texas. Averaging 88 and ten points per game. At the floor for debate forward and his Darryl Willis 69 junior from Madison Wisconsin averaging eleven and a half point six point three rebounds both of those numbers mean there's doctors on the season. And rounding it out as the Forman actually closes the five markets that dot the is the war. 68 sophomore from Paterson new Jersey's eleven point three points per game Kennedy had five rebounds per contest. Marcus had a career high fives Eagles. The win. Over South Dakota State chapters of their tenth year under Gregg Marshall. And Wichita State in the last six years on the road in the Missouri Valley Conference 46. And eighth. Indiana State and its seventh here under Greg Lansing he's done a great job with the program here over his six previous seasons he's averaged eighteen at fourteenth. And. Candidate. Yeah valley conference somewhat modest numbers it's certainly. Well a problem especially in terms of consistency when Indiana State has 58 yen in recent years at. He took him in the first NCAA tournament appearance in ten years in 2011. It entered in the valley here within a couple of in nineteen since then Greg Lansing hey. Native of South Dakota and graduated up to cut it really is an outstanding out here. Yes you got me the big splash when he moved up from Pacific coast and head coach. They can his first he youth of Missouri valley conference for the championship game going that the NCAA tournament. And then following that up with a post season tournament the next. Three years we'll. VIP. It in the NI fi for two years now the last two seasons. They haven't been the whole season defeated sixteenth. If you've got 5050 and seventy last year. But doesn't look you improve on that could hear that they have more experience club with some really good guard. These starting lineup for Indiana State. Three guard lineup three advantage is sensitive for various age of 63 redshirt sophomore from West Orange Texas. What complaints seven minutes a game last year to having started twelve of thirteen games he's averaging five point three points per game. That stance joint. Is 8665. Year senior from green like Wisconsin transferred two years ago from the citadel averaging nine point four points per game. And shooting 42%. From Lee. At the center position it's a month rate Rick what is its ninth 250 pound sophomore from columns ill Illinois averaging 2.2 points per game. You'll share the five spot with big Brandon Murphy 67075. At the guard spot reference not pre season off Missouri Valley Conference at 61 read you here. Wayne Indiana. Nineteen point seven. Points per game which leads the Missouri Valley Conference. At Everett Clemens is the point guard they've seen here from Springfield Illinois 61185. Outstanding athlete. A member of the Missouri Valley Conference all this coverage team last year transfer from Vincennes junior acknowledged he's averaging nine point three points per game five point. Rebounds and 61. At four points nine assists. Preference. Athens that left him at the heart damage or ground soccer at the tip. It's like to see in the main man they shot Smith goes left wing does that round of the guarded by Britain's got the top Euro Willis he's got written on him but on the floor it often. Patients this. Right at the top left we Duffy. Nothing guarded by canceling applied round. The top of the arc Willis at a seventeenth letter Carol those who shot right over but it with a shot there's a few minutes. I thought about it stepped behind the free throw line at the right no borders without hesitation knocked down them got it. Really that's the upside limited effect where that it doubles treatment left to right on the right wing web page on the left like canceling. Its. Another Marcus got. And don't let this is thought that we talked about it he had six and I read that in fifty ranked Butler. Though he's a guy that it really get pot from behind our. 32 Indian states teams scored on their third shot I was slowest hops at the top that she looks definitely on the Florida gonna get a foul on Richmond holding. On the dribble move by Darryl Willis of experts about the game goes against Indian states on equipment. Well it's they'll be able to drive you can knock down an outside job when knocked it loose shots. If we had to get up on him that that allowed them when the second half definitely a shot at playing it in the basement of the throughout all the way in the backcourt sham and it brings it back cross the line now he's being guarded by Britain's got. Starts left goes right right wing Smith in the right what are the brown act I'd Willis right at you. Eighteen issues Canada top spot movie screen on the right wing McNulty for three gets it. Nobody's missed shot that looked to us stately night history doctors started I told him that night in South Dakota State the right. Few outside shots who baskets. But it sites and rightly come back up top. Myself enough history rightly page gets an open look from three climbs up the back laundry done to date shots this doctors wishing. On the right side Smith brings it to the middle of the key hole. Wolf back out those right wing McNulty. Marcus holding looking slipping go to the basket libelous and blocked shots. I'm aquarius agent rebounding at the end of staying in nice flipped on the screen looks like its socket layer that they've walked. Practice got slicing to the basket. The last night but it left and we're tied at five all and they talked about that walk through that they would not let it get always the basket and what's that help but what the defense on the ball. Round three over made just enough left senator got deflected out to Clemens rushes and a court drops it Becky Scott on the left when he's cut off my sham it. Takes it to the top down the line keeps it out for the quarter advance so I. And may get it up and kind of the same spotted bands like deflected it away from page out of bounds. The idea they'd better be one of the ball. Not only putting pressure on the reverse got the help will be right drives. 1735. To go first half its tied 55 outside the floor next round well above the wings up top the littlest one drilled backdoor cut my Chevrolet accident I stuck by Kevin and nice fast but you know Willis beautiful back at play here feedback that Britain. God it was overplaying the passing lane at 75 would not state landry's first in the tonight where is paid double team. Litman drawing up the screen avoided the Steelers chants like deja Smith laid. Pick and roll that time worked for perfection for the end of the weak side help was late yet there. Seven on the front doors this incident not the ground right sentence would camp and on the right wing dismissed. Off the right blocked Willis back in the basket looking to make a move steps through Atlanta little running but missed it. Get up off the last battle for Zach brown chased it down along the right baseline not just habit three from out front end and out rebound proud of these out. Good hustle by Zacks analyst blog and an offensive rebounding was grabbed on the arm on that rebound and delegates. Yes they have real good hustle wise now from the office of working a couple of three and a good strong boot the basket by girls this. Are there Willis the it's definitely means that that's their wealth. 77 about three minutes sixteen seconds non B Brandon Murphy checks in Vermont Rick Indian state patients but he immediately got practice next round. While the high post Eagles with allies turn around if teams that are way short. Rebound then slowly through the end estate agent Clemens and it just got like three off the break. In and out of the rebound Errol Louis with us today real good job transition defense that's not badly damaged that that's got you now that his faith that you told us that long three. That's not give it up let's side which can't but well above the three point arc out front of it got the right way round. Fifteenth issue that top Willis seventy water off the back too hard basis for shots he's missed about his last three. Aquarius page works along the left sideline down on the left block. If you look at the back is way out of muscle through jump hook rolls out of the rebound a bit Duffy from Wichita State. So tonight at seven off 505060. Different ethnic nothing down the line Canada contested drive got caught the little bit. It is not laugh yeah yeah absorbed a lot of contract by a bit like you've still got the ball but that did not finish. But Duffy. Murphy on the left block sort of by Willis is back out of left wing if page. Packed town that hosts left side Murphy and it slipped to land bought that book the way it picked up by three shots at them with him. Let it rise in the right way and stopped him back out if discrete well as Beckett Willis right side got. The F for the year Murphy Rick Davis got it up on his 20015. On the dribble. Now I'm Brandon Murphy his first teams that are. Got a chance that I started on tonight by the bank where you never made an ATM thing pictured is the on line of equity bank dot com. 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Per vehicle eligibility does that protect cells have been dot com unavailable or some other offers take everybody twelve through sixteen seed you can tails you. Busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools sabres needed to ask Renton thank you completely forgot to our thing happening in different buildings that he can be you've promised better. Yeah stuff. You can't be everywhere. But we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something's gotta can't lose the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker swords has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John grain bread woody or in valley center agent Tim thank. You shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY. Certainly one early trend that was because of the doctors can't continue to. About a 35 seconds if they have four more of those camps. That'd be at a state. Interstate three of six from the field one of three for three doctors are more. One of three from that because they have offensive rebounds had done the sycamores and no turnovers in the end of states to. Yeah so far to the good job on the board and take care of the basketball. Kind of frank camp in the lineup look at the plate and they play better the basket. Brad on up in the air traffic and it's out of bounds off of an Indian state player that is Donovan Franklin Essex lives off mortgages check the end. Round trying to muscle up inside couldn't get it all the way up on the glass that's doctors key position. Line at this Rodham nurture. Duffy grounds she Emmett Anne Frank you have got to look at the flip the face like taken a lot of time finally left water nothing. A pile on the left wing to nurture the top program over on the right side camera dropped off right saddling up to turn around twelve footer. Off the back nurture bodies were kept alive that he may have gone over the back that's going to be the off. Good effort by Iran now but he just wasn't good enough position to. Reach for the ball like that except whispers. Once you Ronald go over the office support that have a lot of only five offensive boards for this season. So far thirteen walking so that is the go to the board. First now along with Utah State as a team. In the end of state position vitriol like two minutes 97 copies in the front court handling it is every woman's discounted rights tonight and dribbles right. Let's make it isn't going on for you can't not tried dystrophy. Called for a foul Connor thought it made a clean day. It's about French camp will be his first lesson that requirements of the lines. It's been a bit more obvious it is clear the whole right side before whatever but he over the let's or. And led effort climate fake out break him one on one. Now. On the so far a much improved free throw shooter over last year makes his first masters 84 attempts to. A little under 61%. Six of seven so far this year. 71 point war on twentieth when it's coming into tonight's second free throw misses off the back. Second bounce coast deployment of forces enough partially blocked pitches on rebound put it up again in fifth. Place. Here's the bad at all seamlessly senators had a big box office at. At the free throw line and ends up getting inning getting two offensive rebounds story on the second. Our legal. Aggressively at this thing that we don't quote me like that one in particular bouncing it. Accurate doctors in different court spring camp works right of way off the streets by future reference to ground gets it up that tree from the front off the right side of the rim kept alive by yours. Grab my club and previously for their support to press them go to the basket may have traveled missed a shot at this partially blocked. Nurture chicken away from ground clears it up for in camp yeah they beat the soccer but before that time but frank can't block the shot from behind. Connor went down the life of the late decision to try to make it bounce pass to make Duffy made a bad pass that doctors turn it over it and Duffy almost all that. Indiana State position threatens not way out front peninsula it over to Clemons writes on the floor 109 Indiana stayed on top. Thirteen 45 gophers have moments where I got that in spring camp works off the street does that do it crosscourt long streak. Five francs. That's good. Stretches it's lead to thirteen nine and not a high percentage shooter just 44%. Is three for the year 833 but he knocked that one down the left wing. Round off the street vendor you're trying to go global to the basket puts it up on the drive it draws the foul on Murphy that's going to be too. On Brandenburg anytime this Packers can do that yet. Verbeek off the screen in space and driving he's gonna have a tough time rooted staying with the public I was really good recognition by my background realize that the big guy with on it and I think that they move. With the left in him. Got that wrong I'll throw my brownies too hard you hate it in his last 21 coming into tonight's snow has not scored yet. It yet one more here pants like Clemens got out client has state. Pages that yes Franklin's in there. New point guard is in its Stewart Barnes of five elevenths right. Saint Louis three survived round too hard off the right side not even close at three back I'm Rick Floridians today. That that troubled them Mohammed with free throws but that he corrected it was make it all of them. But it missiles to. Franklin free throw line jumpers might have been partially blocked but they're gonna call a foul on what it's not a state it's on Austin reed it is checked into the game. And be his first. Soccer's thirteen. And it will be Franklin going to line he loses in executing from the line eleven of 1764. Point 7%. Vienna state up by four still thirteen 07 to go in the first half. We've taken a lot of time which is that a bit. He shot just came out of the gates really execute well offensively knocking down outside we'll start off within the quarter. But in the last four minutes so they've looked really out of sync offensively it in his eyes wide open shots. That is institution. It's good that comes out and check in previously Bronson. Passengers exceed 230 then Richard freshman. Deals on joked in his 69 senior. Is also in the line up with the second worth which are aliens for the first time which state Willis is out of readers that he would throw by Franklin is this. Donovan Franklin has five straight points for pianist David lately by 615. That night. They have scored. Eight unanswered points after trailing 9%. Not afraid scampering after the chalk it up by the freshman Jordan warrants guys that writes that long pass that directly reads. Down the block make it to move in their Kelly traffic to their good friend can't drives it pulls up to fifteen minutes. Crowd of French camp off the dribble it's a fifty footer. Atlanta actually back before you have a Cali got the knife that underneath the bullet through or underneath the basket and had a couple of guys on him but it it is nice that back out front of breaking. Heart's content way out front right link H guard advisory that on the floor credit they can pick and roll past just lose all the corner of the out of bounds off of hustling assured Kelly sliding after loose ball that got his foot on the sidelines yeah acknowledges the Oakland warrant that function with reaches down to it. Our guess it was reached down to it. On how about that that agent that aren't on the right where it's down to ten on the shot clock. Bunch of trying to take it lightly over the party's gonna pop the three attitude and out. Pretty good look halfway and it that a Fallon passengers Rashard Kelly. Pulled on the rebound was fouled over the shoulder vibrancy that's actually keep flying it there for the weak side because we get that rebound and draw the college. It. Little bit of full court pressure by Indiana State that's meant pressured it back out of it pretty quickly and not afraid camp we'll bring it up one on one against r.s 1511 idealistic but for. On the left wing ranking it keeps his dribble drives and off the screen. Left wing reads then let blocked Willis world's those things like yes you're cutting off double teams tied up but a thousand feet tall. Odd at the end this day Grand Prairie. Dog's going to go. Not a popular phones you can tell us you via this Greg Lansing given superficial and very heavy metal ball. We've got a time out on the floor 1159. 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It's what we do all day long after TV we've got her ritzy which talk not just our branches. Joggers lords has brought to you by American family insurance C agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post or an Andover agent west Sawyer. Wears you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE. Eleven we'll have the quality of the state shooting five of 1145. And a half percentage that he five. Three with us a shot. T 35 point 7% only one of four. Exactly how this the only two free throws it's not it's not Libyan state has gone three for four from the line. Dockers Clinton at McAfee faces a fifty footer missed offensive rebounds that's our Kelly out to us degrees. Back to Cali right away and your bosses not him not to bring camp three up to hand off bounces off the back regarding stopping. Take sedan off balance bank shot five Marcus. And talk have a hard time knocking down outside shots. But circuit and exercise by hospital offensive boards as they're fourth and fifth offensive rebounds queries may try to drive race polls that fires. Out stuff over backward. I'd look like if clay were paid just decided to take Austin reed was gonna go one on one fired no matter what can afford shot shocker it right back really like to do these four out of work the humans to you from behind the arc to let it all he wants today. Reasonably Daffy back to print it but again man pressure. Might be at a state with Jordan warrants one on one guarding conference in Poland at the floor the right thing spins back that it'll incidents stopped me. Austin it's such that dribbles left left wing Willis rise dates might step back fifty footer that. He had his first shot mr. Flores and his comeback to get that one of the factors that tied it up to fifty yeah its market drive kept her down the left faith like cats who moved its two wealth. We'll have to fold up the take away. Hey trying to drive reach cut off resident left wondered Barnes he drives it out right down the line Franklin over the way bunch 33. That's kind of what is he from the Netherlands tiger. Just saw here in big guys like theater outside influence that not a great three point shooter streaky we've been pretty effective in the that would. Let's not Willis back and then cast your line steps through little short jumper missed it fighting for his. Prevent kept it alive that he may have found over the back. What's going to be messenger. The bush. It's a passenger gets his second house of it. Now this is what Willis at the line for a one month Keppinger hit the inside position. But Willis had pushed down underneath the basket to you have to get the ball and that's your fought back. He picked at the ballot the wolf good to get the ball over the back. Carrollton the line. After making fourteen to seventeen against Oklahoma State the only shot I want against South Dakota State events that balance that would end. I get shot you're active with him soon you know Willis now five points. And gets one more here a lot of lobbying for both teams I'm sure it stays in Richmond is back here Scott. He's in bars states on densely used in previous day of testing it's going to be Willis. Ali ground. Austin reason you know it changes they shots at him for print via second free throw but Lewis yeah a lot of new players at the end safely. Greg hired him right on the market outnumbered. Them the second which guys one of them are factors pressuring a little bit violence against an events like across the timeline to punch out three off transition off the back largely got off agreed. Doctors with the ball down one pushing it into the front door street to the top fixed right now it goes right Kelly. He brings it to the middle drives into the top that he pulls it back out to Reeves thought today's announcement right side virus that is right inside got deflected away out of gowns. A court warrant lots of hair from Richmond catches of Lazard. By default view two win. He wants the federal level and monitor. An Indiana State player went down I think it kinda I didn't see who was actually but somebody went down in the the back court turned out to be that backwards as they started up the floor and I didn't see who was the it was basically a war on five Floridians escape. And it what it take a look at the monitoring agency if there was. Unintended. Contact above the field well the whole place started with the real bad path might be if you try to draw from about forty feet for. In the path that we have a right silence all the way down with a lot that's too long a path to make it India's state. Player came around deflected it. They beat the shocker down before I got a lay up over the top. And so Gregg Marshall I'm real happy coach right now bad passes and not very good transition defense. But election night officials are called chance to hit Kissinger and Brad theory did not give that to you before the game started. Shocker basketball down streets wanting to seventeenth in the interstate 956 photographers snapped. They shots that should bring it up every Clemens is back in the game pundits picking up and get a zone press now doctors break it agrees middle of the floor at the top of the darkness. Today shots this. Let's reset it. On the right wing Reeves laughed right baseline below zero factories. At the top bracket the tickets through. Aide Doug off the back followers cut by Gerald Lewis just nodded and there's not a bad. Another is wide open another offensive rebound this time your world but that. Those guys hate this doctors with him on Clemens a bunch of mystery bounces off on the rebound fouled. On which it's not safe going to be on Austin Reeves and then so it is down on the floor looks like he's. Left arm might have gotten under the authorities definitely it made me now here's the video today. Now on Reeves he is definitely it is his second. He found. Indiana State will play their. Crowd the way that it was. It's big. There is no free throws you can get the ball back. Let it matter of days. Is climate and on the right things like it's gotten out of my brown picked up to the wing. Up front bunch of events like left with Clemens drives it down Atlanta writes I don't show it drives baseline slam his way and there. They call foul on Kelly. Because arm bar trying to but she goes on Rashard finally get spurs now that it's and that it did not view drive herculean. Work all that. Came out with way too high and let them stance. Note that could mean right. Now. Tonight Indian state indirect. Ones I've alliance stumbled into the left sporting events like retreat businessmen rebound perilously you know iced out watch out Richmond. Snatch with one hand. Different sorts at the Willis that did not penetrate stand up to chance it lands a couple of dribbles. Right when they shot that that it for a champ retreat got leverage and the soccer's second three point basket of the night hit second but it got five. Wichita State backed him for a 22 to twenty and I think that's what's that thing for the brick and with fans with a cumulative. Backed up and shot three over. Left wing Clemens different courts Indian state in the left water and so it. That got front Clemons writes once got a ticket keyhole and not to mention it start to drive it pulls it back. Scott you're into the right baseline cut off there long cross court pass three issues Clemens barely got enough time and did not hit the backboard. It's not the rebound you're littlest. It in the front court nation on Smith Willis trailing at its not looking over him for three putt the right side of the field. Landry candidates history history Reuters it was not state. Eight Italy 45 point it's constantly brought soccer back with their defense of their alternate candidates yeah. Brown Kelly Willis they're playing really well right now. Our hands like Richmond middle of the floor right sided climate that was almost picked up by nations and that was one shipment weights got a static really have a tough time getting shots drives down the line lobs it to the baseline. Plummet bounced past the jump eight feet left baseline you know real life path from the baseline back shooter like climate that. But we'll we'll bounce that. 2522. Honestly Kelly generally all the way to the basket took a lot of contacted congressman to thank him all the way yet there. Not the other side this guy. On the left sideline try to take it right and his extreme examples of the fires this is laundry done threesome but Lewis. Europe is if today's John Smith and that Britain's got archive my shots that rounds out line. Tell us that the ball a three point lead seven minutes ago for staff left wing rant that right shots at. It's the street from Willis dribbles left balls up and flyers missed an off the back we've done it yet as they Britain's got. Which one looks Nightline on the dribble. He is dribble on the left wing in the front court look at the ball screen it and get it dries it left is the baseline normally under. Shovels and got to clemency drives doubles pass off at the finish five. Yeah a couple of nice passes by planet. North south at that time that drive it is but I never went. It was six which stately is 145 when he forty's John Smith left block Willis. Article congressman swears applauding him footer up the last part we've got great Scott again Scott at 61 averages five rebounds a game. Doubles right crosses that crosses over again down the line runs in the nation owes it to let it be hot they're gonna call off. I'm Dave shots he was there and stats and Scott got after it landed on me but all the foundation. We've got a break. It was 609 that you know the first half its Wichita State fly at the end it's twenty. When you're at work. Growing and harvesting thinking and researching listing in building. What are you creating a career the life and you're creating chances as we know it. That's why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas wants you to drive and enjoy being alive. Although life can be uncertain. You can count on us a reliable coverage and personal service offering security strength and stability we're Blue Cross and Blue Shield of. Chances shocker fans. 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Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested security and binary services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor Baxter and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. As you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven K he was. And. And bad news for the first half Indiana State has led by as many as six. What it does state by as many as five right now shocker that 2524. Was 609 to go the first half. At the end of state will have Britain's Scotland the free throw line for two shots after now. Called against a shot here. Because they shooting 38 and a half percent including three of nine with. Street Indiana State 42 point 9% including three at hand and from three. Doctors have had five more field goal attempt seventeen rebounds the thirteenth in Wichita State's favorite characters if he only had two turnovers so far the first. Tucker who has struggled from the outside three for nine from three. Round had to punch open looks a little before right now he's playing good defense conference got Scott Foley had three shot attempt so far. It applies not. Rick Scott. Ovaries in previous seasons about a 7770%. Free throw shooters so far this year to 64 and a half percent aren't on its name. That one's not and it's note that rattles in and out event on here and just experiences that gets one a few of the game is tied it 25. Shots this that the report left wing not a friend. It's that. I definitely appreciate him at its screen nurtured right right back its recruiter throw different hypnotic its history gives it up left wing snap nine issue. Smith drive it goes baseline upon the vote got enough that last night's little moved by three shots as the baseline experts yet is the Ronald merger Wall Street. It drove with a left it under control made an acrobatic lay off the glass from the left side about. Now 2725. Which statements and comments on the right sideline above the Arctic. Well above the ghost rider they're gonna call a moving screen on a Montrae Richmond. And that's going to be his second. He hit it too early fouls. Close enough problems for the team with five minutes previous date deals bunch of old Czech unit the five spot for the sycamores. Well Rick and got the foul when she was shot my country guards and off that Wall Street. Two quick pick out that they like it that before that rival office. And Rick that got it down and catch. From breaking it down on the 523 to go first definition doctors took it over they lead 27 when he thought cutter prince hit it right back weren't enough modeling is Smith and it rates little. At tries to throw to hear it threw it behind intercepted by Scott right in the court on campus Landry contested it's not get it from scoring. Atlantis and I got all ball but they're gonna call for our audience that's got to the line. Accountable while pass them the other night they. Merger was going to the basket that in itself with them through it. Think we'll for the office that lord knows that. They've sent kind of wound up and threw pants pretty hard to run a good analyst Scott he has made one of two free throws that exempted in right now. Odd to see him struggling from the free throw line at three points first Austin breeds in today's John Smith. Shocker is only three fouls him offers and it is shot has to them on. Just ill advised passes. Guys guys up at that point the estate tax who wouldn't want to factors lead to 27 on sixth. And Darryl Willis replaces runner in the quickness dateline and got all over now on the fifth. A little cups. Ball past the court to Willis sent over to McDuff the quickly gets it and different voting at the idealistic prospective candidate six and a half court offense in a statement. Definitely out there at the time line guarded by Scott started rounding diagnosed postman he put that on the mortgage but you know it's about trying to get it to guard. And finally does the frank can't cut it that time might come under dries it right. For a champ but he's at a rapid drop Saturday to well us. Flights goes up plays that it gets shot fake my careless if lay at least get him growth Barkley at times Shannon drove under control and they helped off Willis. You have to overlook who have been a really nice shot they get the white openly on 926. Wichita State in the left lane Franklin institute at quarterback showed with a shot an air ball out of every. But you have to below the floor Austin goes listed back to the right on the dribble finds that death via the right way market drops it right block Willis. Epidemic of movement but setback in his lay had shot they got it not for the air got an hour. But the contact bank today added you know Willis now with twelve points in the third and I got an offensive machine that that you could hear the coaches yelling about. After the guards throw the ball in the Willis they're being they're dropping off that double teams but its Olympic the way that the the bathroom at the weak side. A healthy way the world that they could mean 101. Hero with a chance to free throw line to make it three point play ears to hear from the line so far in the game. And Wichita State tickets and it is the first half as that are currently up 31 point six. 405 you know first. And passengers backing him. For an interstate that happens on the foreigner clauses and Errol Louis the thirteenth points in the first half. To us lately 3226. Yesterday trying to play it against pressure. And ignited violent threats that's got double seemed almost lost it there and cauliflower Zach brown. Briefly and pulled him away. We didn't think he found rank ourselves costing him you know need to reach there is strictly. It background that his first now states. Now want it one of Britain's got. That is now election night. Six of the ten free throws here in the first half Indian state and they haven't trapped really it's not my right. We're at and second line that sidelined. Burris would not bad bounces in its activity thing that automatic at the lines of here's three of five tonight it's five points. So accurately but I would exactly four minutes to go it offers them. Up to 40% today after the shock yeah. That's my view is for west got makes the second and now Lawrence checks out every Clemens back here in the state. The full court pressure and by the end it's date looming in the hands threats like she and that it ran as a friend can't be thought of bringing it up against him climates. It's spring camp ground Willis she Emmett at nothing which does date on different courtly out of the right side of the floor he is dribble going. That drives it pulls back. It's an option plan. Guarded by Scott twelve issues but consistently cut off the alright it Willis for three. No let up the back of the line rebound Clemens at his first three point attempt of the season. Clemens on the left wing at page pulling up off the driver it's about a fifty. Transition. It I could pick them apart he pulled up Knight pull up 450 footer left way. His first two cuts is definitely the two after the sixth let's the way Willis wears a acquires over passenger hits about fifty again. Throw Willis. Unanswerable Floridians know he's got 58 in the first half coach gave a look at that view like that three quarters that the previous I have two quick if not too far out that kind. Think it's seventy footer which at mortgage rates a quarter pay extra base hit. Hey four for it on air from. They have to pick through the corner at the score a lot this year but he did have when he gets I would think he three out of four reasons that calls it. One point gain 3433. Factors Janet street left corner shortly bad contested rabbi at the end mistakes passenger. Sycamores are actually have a chance to regain the lead here after falling behind by six Clemens a handoff with age. Nation it's not now on the baseline trying to muscle his way through an errant throw on a. Wild shot Franklin had it knows this is a prayer for all the way it was definitely helpful for the he had issued over six point eight markets but nothing. Right there driving stepped away ten footer baseline shortly about it in his statement Scott was you can afford. Slows up the time line gets advancement toward. Now look at the drive it drive hard they're going to double team she ever took it away never clears out of there caller please strip every tabloid all of all of under the basket get so I got it together and it's. You can't wait for the fabric over on you for the can mop it up and nothing but the defender never never people over this data might not be the link remain at the right decision when all the way to the basket. He's got him in the first half to fascinate leads 363511. Looking to drive it now in the lines not make it back out front down the line out has passenger vessel right out. It is not rebound Vista follow outrebounded their own loyalists doctors dodged a bullet there could Willis help cup away from the basket they should handle yet. Twice and missed the boat. Undercurrent camp it was Florida Willis lifts our program that gets to the death let's the line. Working his way to as the Hart Hanson or anything out of balance yeah. You can't have that that not a fired up. Ninety mile an hour fastball to Willis who's about six feet away and yet it. It's not pictured cover is exactly the sycamores under wartime mapped them to want fourteen developers staff. Wichita State 36. Indiana State 35. Kansas lottery prisons Caron. The town gossip now when I can keep secret about the Kansas lottery selected for life he read a thousand dollars a day for law you know right didn't tell anyone how rod hair plugs. Or that it means 365000. Dollars for life like three times that salary and which I would never tell that he could and keeping about it if they own key and we 1000 dollars a day for life and more with the lucky for life team CKS lottery dot com for details this is what it sounds like when you get a gift you don't want. The blending. Oh and this is what it sounds like when you get a gift you really weren't. I think you've got a new show. Here's the difference that they should be red tag sales event where you can find special holiday pricing. 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So much in terms of turnovers which adjusting this story in the state either. In opposition turnovers but it's not that a couple of bad shots here there they lead at 3635. They're up to 44%. From the field. On fifteen of 34 making five of the last eight of 113. Held in the end it's eight to twelve of 4843%. Fourth 113. Tonight we did not rebound the sycamores when he wants to have seen their Willis with fifteen points and seven boards that differs at Atlanta candidate that CN. Indiana State's ball chance to take the lead full court pressure by the doctors and along as a Florida out of bounds it's only wild walk pass intended for rent is sky is there an article about it. Greg Bartlett the hot back pretty quickly here. Vulnerable. Doctors get back on Indian states fourth turnover and have a chance to add one point lead with 105 or clippers yeah. It shots that that the record backdoor cut to can totally relate to that he had a snapshot that's it. I it is not as yet but that controller belated entry three point Lila I'm sure that that that happened that timeout because they've been overplayed that guard the wing path at that they've been about back then. And so like what out front free trade barriers that that was about a 46 footers. Advanced slowly at first basket case for Indiana State. And we got a pretty second timeout taken by Wichita State tied at 38 at all now forty seconds to go out. In the first half pay attention jog your fans want the biggest and best everyday right selection of shot for merchandise at the officials door of what it does state university. It's located on the first more than ready it's been that are on the W a few campus or shop online play. 47. That was issued. Find everything you need for every generation of shocker nation. Shots rewards program for 5% back about future purchases university bookstore the place to shop. It was shoppers have looked really really good and I really really bad science in this effort to have. Sometimes that hitting really well that what that fact that the land we can't let that slap on another sense make it or what passes and got 42. What do you not like you're 28 on the shot clock. Not you're lucky you re getting really excited 38. He has they've gotten thrown. Lewis I'd post it to death station on Smith over the left wing ground opened street respect. Way up the front of the ramp analysts thought about last night but let's not stake. Zach brown now for five from the field over four from three and every one of those days has been essentially wide open yeah the last. After game three with five out of ten from three pointers that hit three out of four. Let obviously had a for the Oklahoma game if you I think the doctors say so he figures in threes but tonight you barely get them live with them. Now Indiana State with a time out as they wanna set up this last possession they still have 45 seconds to work with the they try to take the lead at cash. Remember on Monday night coach shows returned this coming Monday January the second this year they are at eight case portrayal. At the Alley thirteenth in greens which rode on in assess 987 of thirteen thirty. And hey Marshall seven Jody Adams for seven days again that's eight case fort built the Alley thirteen. And street which Indiana State has lost eight straight games here at the home of that are Wichita State. No they might if there's one in the. And it commitments that go in the effort that will upward pressure by the centers Clemens gets him to Florence Florence double team did a quarter bounce it off Scott. Got pushed it up across the time line that got plenty of time eighteen seconds. It lets Nightline is pounding at it Stephanie Allen's trying to deep but some length on him. Some might have to shoot over it looks like it may just let him go one on one try to make a play six seconds. Scott against him Duffy. Steps back fires contested shot that's enough to actually got shanty got a tight game and have to. Well defended by markets but nothing is kept got in front of him. It let it drive it definitely tried to step back to shoot the three really got after successive shots and it is. 38 all of us. 00 and that's. That is go to the locker room at a time I state senate for the credit union of America have. It's for you connected your finances with credit union of America is mobile banking app features like snap check deposit and card lax security gives you access to your money anywhere anytime CD debit cards and convenience can't make an opening at a rate checking account simple. Freddie union of America checking in mobile thinking it's great you. If you love America got commerce half I wanna park a couple of kids to learn more welcome differently. And he answered by and see you way and. Official list actually. It's me your contractor working on your cabin in the woods yeah movie screen goes over here. Aaron let's see another pool table saw yet for the closet bring it and fantasize that. Out of acrylic anyway the place is coming the other nicely ready when you are. She must act. After you talked to have a dream contractor he's got a miracle worker. Your dreams are waiting so play the holiday millionaire raffle from the Kansas lottery with great odds of winning a million dollars seeking a slaughter and a company tales. One company is on a mission to put a new. Cheers sounds like a big number doesn't tell them not to express employment professionals. May be learning how to engineer or ninety developer. Or how about administrative positions we are committed to your success and never charged with the defining job. Express employment professionals is on a mission. Good to express cruise dot com to find a location. Yeah you know. For some holidays means standing outside strangers phones and singing lucky. But for those in the know the holidays mean only one thing the holiday menu and I hop is back. Celebrate the season at pumpkin spice or fluffy -- not pancakes delicious new dark chocolate peppermint pancakes or are roasted Turkey with fixings the holiday menu and I are busily here are limited time so hurry in and get what you really want for the holidays. I ha yep every moment. Limited time at participating restaurant. Joggers lords has brought to you by American family insurance seen agents and G Valentine Ryan woods does these cells for involving Asian Kirk Farber. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point seventy EYA in the new Richards. Yeah. Missouri Valley Conference play at night. Saint Louis isn't far away at the end BC fan hang out perfect gathering place before and after it during arch madness. Looking at the ballpark village's downtown Saint Louis. Just across the street from Busch Stadium for additional information and arch madness dot com hi. Stance that we want you back to care about the credit union of America halftime show at. Financial compatibility and together at the beautiful thing kind of like basketball teams. A lot of the credit it is America proud sponsors. Huge basketball this game is tied 3838. At halftime and I think he's dead into the after the break. That the only kind of strange that both. You know just some really really good basketball I would faith. And really really bad basketball but with they needed work well. I felt as starters. Which cuts they are pretty played pretty well based on lamb. Let him that. Willis. Ground. In. And we don't play those five stars I thought played really well when they got him off the bench. I didn't think that he not performed really well. We've powder can mean your team. Kelly king. As often we get panicked you know it's from populated so I've got to figure things out here in the second half smooth things out. If you think federal for quite a little bit and make it difficult for the doctors. That look replays of what the doctor figured out that for the fact that you could be out for awhile there haven't. Office doctors did a nice job on threatens not if you think the theory. The key to this gave you this one for five of the field scored six points of the players that's. He's not based. To get less than just a little over half his average. They got good contributions from Donovan Franklin off the bench and scored seven points on two of three shooting at various age. Unit three which is not usual for him to they had some different guys and migrate Richmond had six points the first African but. They had some unexpected contributions from Wichita State. Indiana State just couldn't stop here Willis went through camp and headed really nice for it to happen markets but Duffy Dixon scoring here there. Totaled seven points ahead yeah I thought probably the differences they hit a few more three pointers they hit by three pointers. And had four different guys knocked down a three pointers. Shocker it's 33 pointers and I thought Zach brown had four really open looks they could knock down a single one of them back this the basket. If you could knock down a couple of threes. And loosen things up inside. I think it's doctors to break this thing open with the gonna have to hit a few outside shot but how about Carol well him how well he went on the offensive. Fifteen points seven boards for Darryl and it seemed like he maybe missed or shots that he bidding ended at six for thirteen which is great that. Almost 50%. A couple of shots were questionable including his first three point oh a year. But he just days after he's relentless then and he can shoot that mid range jumper he could drive that he could espionage in the post he's got a lot different ways that that. Yet they don't send a double team at him I don't think of the down their team that can guard him and I think Gerald noses so he squares up. In surveys this situation that double he doesn't come that he goes to work. As scores. So the shocker that got to do good job of keeping keeping you feed him the ball and when they feed the ball they got to cut away from them so they can't double. Shocker sports properties and what you just athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors with us states it would. And level of corporate partners United Healthcare conference on delta dental Coke industries and cots occasions. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics simply call soccer sports properties that frequent 6978. 75. If he'd do anything else that can upset the stat sheet not today the other guy that had a really good half with my camera I thought twelve points. Hit five out of seven shots. Two out of four from three had a couple of Smith. No turnovers and get a good job defensively. Sometimes he would not stop sometimes he was on the point guard Clemens. It's not yours are tied at halftime that showing spurts of certainly being able to break away from that they can just. Rule out a few little mistakes here there we'll talk more about that Nicholas the second half level all the first half stats for you. What we can back on the credit union of America halftime. I love driving two miles an hour that's Trisha she's staring down a highway field with construction. You cut me off that son of a wonderful woman but she picked up one of a kind Coke for just the dollar McDonald's drive through. No she has a unique in her stopping go. 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Thirteenth for a thirty sycamores shot it a little better from beyond the arc five at thirteen 38 and a half percent which just State Street for well. Just 45%. Factors were three of five from the line Indiana State seven can't. Point two rebounds for the checkers eighteen for the sycamores Wichita State the edge on the boards seven are offensive boards seven before. And outscored Indiana State on second chance points six to two. Each team had four turnovers which is just a hit nine assists on sixteen baskets Indiana State tennis this. On thirteen field goals. For Indiana State seven points for Donovan Franklin off the bench Franklin. A sophomore at Saint Louis averaging four point eight points per game at seven. In the first half want to retrieve the field one of one from three and two for two from the line. Six points apiece for Brad Scott met fans awake and among great Brickman. Five each reveals bunch and aquarius page at three forever club so they really got very good balance. Clemens in addition to his three points had seven assists no turnovers and five rebounds. And the second leading rebounder was Britain's got with three on the defense then that Scott although at six points only one of five shooting. Over two for three or Wichita State Darryl Willis fifteen points and seven rebounds in the first half plus two assists. And a blocked shots with no turnovers exit thirteenth overall three up three. From the free throw line twelve points two rebounds two assists and no turnovers for Landry sham by the seventh the field to a war three. Markets but Duffy just didn't get many shots that went three for 51 of life. They had seven points. You rebounds as an 2.2 base station on Smith founder friend can't. Nobody else scored in the first half second round of the suffers Catholic over five and oh before. From the three characters and the sycamores tied at 38 ball. Remember that every day the shocker explain get 50% off your on line ordered it in Wichita area Papa John's blog on a Papa Johns dot com. Use promo code shocker fifty to receive your soccer discount will be back to security for the second half right after this. AJ sports grill at the only thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shocker coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free pizza day -- only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletic. 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An act of terror we wrap up the credit union of America halftime show with the scoreboard rescued by predictions home located on that list just east hillside. They're big. Thank you post Christmas sale is still going on it started on Monday we will continue into early January will be telling you more about it it's great savings throughout the store. Great chance to really save on some great items they kind of weird thing out. Things out after the holidays start it changing up their inventory so. It by traditions gets great savings may give most interest right now to game going on in Bloomington Indiana were sixteenth ranked Indiana. Is trailing in 500 Nebraska team. 6155. In and shoot Nebraska. Six and six top ranked Villanova getting a battle from the Paula they're big east opener Villanova meaning 5143. And a fifty ago. A surprise that Louisville with a cart. Those trailed twelve Franklin Virginia 36 point one at halftime and it the only final so far number twenty Florida State in Lake Forest. 8872. We get ready to start the second half. Ready data soccer's like it 50% off your on line orders in the Wichita area pop this on blog on the Papa Johns dot com. From a coach after fifty years it's him. Start the second half of Indiana State public position. As notorious page does right wing in the clintons bring that threat cut off by Willis over to page driving to extend the tour events like Bob that he drives. It was a wild running but missed it prevents that ran through with us today. If record date shots that pops a three from the top and it bounces off the back kept alive by McAfee rebounded by Britain's got. In your defense of stand by the shocker that offers them down or. It's not penetrating governor Rick that is kind of hobbled at that this facade. Passes a little low down around it's easy fumbled it then writes it's not this day shots that driving. Try to destroy government Duffy a wild cast it death he gets it draws contact shot bounces confident over the line for 2000. Guard Montrae Richmond's. I kind of got bailed out that that little wild shot that Bob McNulty it's worth about. Lot of contact by Rick and found a home Duffy and line get a couple recruit. Once again they shot Smith the candidate if he can't penetrate kick it back it up it was tested catch. It makes the free throw his accuracy at the line that nightly as it checkers. 3938. Weakness in the pianist Dave replacing written that the science side. Soccer team hasn't been pretty good at her for the first. Pretty solid defensively good job on the board that it's these it's moved out offensively. He's now you've reached the that you try to get a good shot each time down. Nothing made about he's gotten. Packers now five for seven from the free throw line after his background slippers to litigate in the district court Clemens dribbles left. That at events like retreat no good enough to back this time one prevent chased down by its next round to date shots that. They had this year and the right way to right blocked it well look at that make you move it on then it's likely to double the and it's a baseline. But if it's not it draws contact. Brandon Murphy Kmart blocked the shot but it's also called for a foot accidentally gets there malice as well as good line for countless artists copy with few defenders on him that time Murphy came over from the weak side. That double team rules that got their little bit late to get off now. Not narrow may have force have been just a little bit actually it's going to be on them soy Matt Murton dance like its first. It would have been Burton's third. Zero lowest to the line three for three in the first half although it bounced a couple of Burress went up yet so this doctors. Scored their first three points in the second half from the free throw line after only getting fired at Sampson the first half going 35. One Q when it's like you clone well with him he. Commitments to the heart rebound in that mind of aquarius age there's an out of there so Willis and his first missed free throws accurately 4138. Clemens different court date shots mystery to him right when it now goes to not Scott trying to colorblind couldn't get by Shin Bet that tries to drive it crosses over. That's active fires at yes wow that was safe. Really well it. Contested shots. Never really downplay it some good defense on Rick Scott's gotten it worked really hard to get that shot it off. Willis had not picked up these killings that left the ground just let the key that's not the left side the lead analyst at in his. Out of his hands driver and that they say it went off Darryl before it went out of bounds it's not ago. Indiana State will have the ball down one they you know nine ago. Walk it up every Clemens cross the timeline of events like applicable standoff just got back out front Clemens with our. But the Britain's got I was gonna make the backdoor cuts that I've ran a comment that it straight left side page back to Clemens in the line bulletin footer off the right side bounces it got a couple of good bounces. And that's limit second best in the and a state a one point lead. Doctors quickly a court date shots at the top fumbles the ball. But fighting for it goes over back that was set by Britain's got Nash and it down the line do well let's go audit strong enough that Alaska. Are we get that ball he knows what to do with it. Got to pass up the drive. Well from. Schmidt but didn't they act out of what about the glance over Murphy eighteen points for Darryl Willis this doctors I want Clemens bounces that lane diversity we wouldn't Air Force's little jump hook it gets. Receive points for granted. The state back on Iowa a Yemeni guide that they get that close to the basket and got really close that the locals. It that that one lightly and in a statement nothing left Noble's little flip through Willis shot today on the board have is it up examined Landry free throws are right wing ground. Up down up right settling Willis going to find Murphy's looking ticketed volleyed back and in stepped through little turnaround partially. Lot rebounds loose ground fighting for it keeps it alive Willis did the right to it doesn't play it and yeah I Indiana State got caught fish came around watched. Things by the doctor that McNulty got in the basket with the gotta put the bad it is. Down the line people going to the floor all over the place no cause doctors get out of there with a loose ball camp but it is different wars. Slows up now to Willis down the line probably the basket goes for the docket he was found out he didn't get that done. That are go to the line for two shot at the last guy down the court it's gonna come right down the middle nobody should actively went right down little stand at the problem with this guy should have evolved to a and Darryl ticker right now. And we're gonna time out. Balance then select Wichita State going to the line 1618. Because in advance but it does stay quiet and it's date. War. 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He's eighteen still to play here care about so long way to go Wichita State leading 4540. Or Gerald Lewis will be going to the free throw line for shots. After Indiana State now attackers carried the ball that scored in transition and getting as well as slicing down the middle of the alliance. They would go to Saint Louis if you wanna make it easy to get around here Eric that it's not exactly what to tell us state ticket office at 316978. Thirty to 67 anytime cruiser that and Casey. Half and receive unlimited travel via the metro Atlantic metro bus or downtown trolley purchasing these days past twelve dollars. Or a five day pass for 2350. Okay. The few that can sustain the good basketball here's a shot vision looking really good down the great hustle play two different guys up and out of found the thing the ball. Ended up in the Duffy then later the end and it's not who's gonna have more play. Like that. They're a little accidentally shot his first double double of the season against Oklahoma State two games back he has eighteen. Points and eight rebounds already first of two for their own good. He's now five of six from the line and has nineteen. And he can make it three point lead if he can knock down and secondly he's gonna come out it looks like monitors. Makes this morning missed an off the back of the rebound every performance Floridian his statements at some point which I stately ones bringing it up. 4644. Clemens drives left cut off part groundless we'll try to get it supposed to Murphy was laid off Willis. Darryl Willis with a hole then that should be here holes first foul. At the first team found to have flown Wichita State and attack ever written a good job really kit lives that now down there in the locals and Darryl Willis couldn't get around it. Here Gerri Willis left baseline it's got trying to drive it. And out of bounds off Zach brown rounded good job of patties got off Scott fumbled the ball that one off Brown's foot or leg. Clemens at events like the Jeff for the quarter Nokia rebounder good box not by. I don't know now look at it training camp that does not able bring it up against average plummets. Wichita State with the ball at two point lead and can't. Look at against Clemens why not at the time finally some might break the laws drives it turns goes right wing gathered here. What's inside them that got my friend can't shot clock down to eleven conduct a penetrating back to nurture Campbell I. Lost the handle it for the conference charge. In honor of becoming at this comedy about that whole street was wide open. Now they wanna chance it was gonna call a charge but it was quite an athletic kids kids. He had a state player was inside the you count on Britain's got. And see through the contact inside that penetrates the circle from the basket. If you can imagine that real popular call here with a 5000. Sycamore fans. Lord 1537. To go on the second half against. Let's just say 46. Indiana State 44. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JP wind and instance for the past forty years the guardian group has been helping to great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on past lettuce that I vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is Hussein I promise. Yeah. No place. Chairs around. For all his team remembers getting passed around my people ice cream it's bacon and angst and when I'm coming along with the laughter. Specialty insurance we don't just insure your home mutual all the memory is the themselves to ask your agent for anything else shelter insurance weird shield. We're here shoulder. 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After going just three for five the attire percent soccer basketball it their own benefit that brown and other rights act does not technically different camp. Matter of right wing candidate to screen for their use it dribbles to the preakness or are they could nurtured the football fan I read that kind camp drove to the left. With its head up Phillies thought nurture pop open Roland the basket you know really that's at the Ronald. First to Toronto 4844. Which dust Nate Clements went way right about crack that top bands like the captain on an island terrible pick it up this program snaps out of it ground. Academic and move legislative alliant fumbles and underneath where he tried to blow up a thousand because all the outstanding. Looks like snack ground can be call for a bush. As they tried to shut off the 275. Then birth. That round in which limits help they're making friends. Like visible tonight that our time again that's the model helped off from work just a little too much of scout with that we get the ball. Are we just under 58%. On the year bounces short bounces it and that's good bounces. Second half. Of these third points all in the hands. Was thirty of fifty two's coming into tonight's game last year of 71 tips 63 point four. Right now that it's. Granted Murphy for. You stay back if it's 4846. Which state fifty minutes ago. Not a friend can't. Backcourt that might limit the time line slept right. Is that the left sham it left wing slant on the left silently they're effectively into Murphy's spins baseline left handed out. Just missed it shortly. It's got three innocent. Good move just didn't quite finish it high enough on the glass got driving right side to back it fires missed it way short. We badly deputy pushes up the floor down the line all the way to the basket that I've got a dished off the ground pretty easy at that time market. Pearl Harbor patrol with that that happened you know really nice double pass over to him for these. First if for Zach brown brown just lately it's fifty to 46. Franklin it's that news. Scott's got it penetrate does get into the lane at stumbles it closes it out about these kind of course is way. Shots and it's just he's stumbling it's getting off balance Aetna has lost its. Well let out of bounds aquarius pages in Clemens is out in the United States got out in bars in the other guards. Well for 66 background moves his feet really well defensively. And got friends got an apartment get around him. And I think it rounds linked to bother him. Ranking at the front court backdoor cut to Bradley gets hammered by Brandon Murphy of those the line for two shots. Yeah it is stated militant with their defense out there really overplaying. The point guard to wing it. So the doctors started back that we campers that that background on the left went back that. Again night that. Not a creek campus that recognition from way out on the floor just across the time lines on NASA there got but. If you had the first half after making 1921. Coming into the game over the last six or it may fourteenth straight NC Wilmington. Line here next couple three of them from the three point line and that's that looks tonight. Like soccer and 01211. Of the differences that background made him both he now has four points over that period business deals with what can counter threat can't get to please help my farm to try to cutting off the hook if you have looked like scandalous that we get the feel he was flying by the path myth that. But then right behind it was fodder for an income from the middle of the war and he did they can often got out. Ballots are anxious for a sixth now that have. Franken at the right legitimate pesticides. For nurture it was there but the men guarding him it. Aides got his hands on it reflected that men and he would hurt was wide open that page job. And it took Djokovic in the habit. Underneath their own basket looks like the little ones wars that low look for a lot over the top but nothing. It's the left elbow stepped back sixteenth letter about Marcus I think Marcus was thirteen Hayden Wichita State had its biggest lead of the game if people who accident. Because I've played it it's modeled. McCarthy and he shoots over his defensive. Thirteen 35 Duca secondhand bars different. My friend in. Madison street all left wing Yates thought about it three penetrate pick and roll Rick and Addie missed the shot that a foul. On what you just native was picked up the track is switchover and cut off the drive with at least prevent the lay up there. The lines do Omniture Romney's head count that part on page much that the three point shooter. Heads up that argument that it got rule that the wide open now. It's now adopting thirteen now and Portman the free throws hard. It. He would have 4047. And a half percent so far this year ago he shot five free throws eleven games but it made four of them. It's one more here. You know the second half. It's. Mon Ray Richmond. With 71 of his best games this season which state leads by 75440. Said. It can't bring up against Mars Bars them rightly if you haven't had it down on the on the block to McNulty appointments to let them down name shocker of the baseline we talked about that everybody in the league knows who plays and they know that the doctors like to run battle plan. At the plant is looking beard gets to make Duffy writes that the lie tried it wrapped around a pastor. You archer got still at the other end papers left what golly this didn't rebound in the deafening. Markets for in an airport still in the backcourt gets across time line and the grounds that long three out right short rebound work your butt back. All the best rebound I think I've ever seen Ronald kicking. The middle of the lake jumped up I would slow and pulled it down put a packet great offensive board. Time now for what you just stated they almost midnight mass. Exercise second half up Florence rightly be expected Bard trying to drive it that up by frank can't walk laggards recovered by French camp shoppers push it up for. French camp. Underneath of exactly no look pass late in the bathroom had a really nice to look back on your right my my photographer Ken McCarthy and a great block this started the play. At the other end by nurture. Chapters by eleven minutes fifty points and not the eight in the second hand. Clemens looking for somebody to get it to punch him it was almost all the but nothing but you know gravity down low but that a lot fly here to save the French camp. Surgery again with a lot a lot of rain can't look at him and I drive that they're gonna call it precarious. All the ball. On things can't go back to Indiana State. Yeah he did little hesitation move that Bentley he knew that he got in on the side of the ball and read their directory called them on the theory. But and I and other my cock at the other end by nurture. The but he says that the nurtured asked us to think about the second half really plain hackers full court. One don't look at now. Yeah the state slowly gets it across time line. Or Clemens below the floor yard Kelly and Darryl Willis is back into the infantry officer during. What happened there it looked like that part of free round again got it all you know wide open look. Eleven points for Britain's got that its first three point basket soccer's bite to eat with the ball kind of French camp into the record left wing Zach brown. Garnett but they expect different campuses not steps back three pointer on the way it bounces off the back I kept alive by Kelly got a foul it's going to be Kelli over the on the rebound. And we'll get to the end you're twelfth time. 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But over three for three in the second half three for him. Art so on two point drives they are twenty. Of 33. And if not event in the United States might stand 3323. Both teams with seven turnovers. Well one Tucker 309. Recently mr. Lance X three point him. In a statement and it gets pressured to Clemens double team by Elliott Smith it crosscourt Scott. And Britain's got treated for a court for the sycamores is it that Clemens at a time line shot clock squatting. In a state no one forced red on its way out front guarded by deja on Smith is back in the game at a Scott Brown on him. Crossed over off the screen. To get loose stranded drivers shark Alley. Shovel pass under club is blocked by a couple of soccer is an out of bounds off interstate and exactly what you just days after nice that defense that helped by soccer's nurture with a couple of blocks from. And that time with the killer we'll look at that while both I think good block them from the weak side five blocks from which status team station on Smith walk it. Enough soccer possession of an eight point lead land him right side that is that is known now for Indian state. That's that's right baseline to Cali back up on the wing it's in the back Alley. But into the post that jam and across the nation on this well to shoot high post Lois collapsed around him over to share of extreme right wing short. But chased down by Willis who saves this year haven't let you did a good job at Jason his own shot he was right there as well. So a new possession and it pulls it back out at 23 zone for Indiana State. Advance demand pretty much all night. Chant that out front. Prosecuting Scott Smith fifteen on the shot clock type both those that are on the fifteenth of every bad LA it's not for the floor by it and saw it. And the soccer's we'll get the ball back again is that the laden waters at the seventeenth. Yeah. Well they've been have a hard time covered Willis inside that inside the zone defense to try to flown down that kinda got pretty good luck. From about the free throw line missed it but Rashard Kelly went out stuff that rebound got foul. But he Rashard map that line he had to two against an analyst Alex answer the other seats the last seven games this. Rebound the ground. It's not out of his team identity of the State's gratitude to the way Scott that if the court throws a runner in the light Vista rebound Zack brown threw yesterday. Brown hasn't scored much but he's doing everything else really well rebounding chasing down loose balls and defending. Soccer basketball still an eight point lead sham it right away right side Willis outside the lines up on the wing if brown gets screened through Willis. Dribbles right drives it goes under. Throws it back out front of Smith back underneath the ground and a foul on Brandon Murphy trying to keep him out of there. Shot in the back called on Murphy is fourth now eighteen well. Which it's not state of the first half only got five free throw attempts so far in the second half. They have had thirteen. Actually fourteen now nine of fourteen from the line. And they're gonna go back here again just be another one and one for Zach brown and this button factor Mike to plow through it before. It in stay with eight ballots which nothing was only force them to warn doctors in the double bonus. Do you think really for bones actually it's Willis who got now brown was also under their Willis makes the free throw he's not six of eight from the line. He's got one that's the second point later better game in the last three. Second one that's dead center here Willis now we want to. Stately night stand. In the end estate quickly court rent it's not right side immensely different Clemens is its on line killed 926 to play. I've slept till the end of can't about the Clinton stressed that it volleyed almost lost it and it does a lot of bad. As days giants this kid like that it just enough to cause Clemens probably couldn't find the handle it wants out of I think in the last four or five troops are very very stout defense by Wichita State. They're just not let Indians be it anything. That politely for the chapters 950 decode nation on Smith street ended up slowly picked up by Clements veteran the timeline. Your lowest him not to sunscreen Florida they're gonna call a foul on Willis here all got their kind of late and then Kenneth Lewis hit about it. Deployments that's kind of the silly unnecessary now in his second. Three went too early eighties let Willis it's that. And drive him. And I attended the cards fall for Hewlett. Of that duty in the states Packers the ten point lead at requirements slightly different or rightly defensively Kelly right up on him Scott. Free throw circle. Trying to get back around inning for a six horrible shot that hit yet. My passengers through. Yeah we'll fifth blocked off I'm like yes you're good no for the doctors that he reached him over. To help with the block that shot that did get a box not only it's not a couple of dribbles. And hands it off degree currently. Austin. Those liquidations. At each night. Down the blocked going hard Willis puts it up off the glass of scores again. He would not be denied that kind of kept out of the left lock it down the left and went right over yet. Terrell Willis the 43 at least nobody can be deployed its doctors like yeah. To fit. Clemens left side ensuing drive and cut off by Kelly that's got to Clemens left witness like three people a quarter. He gets rid of play. Third play of the night he's got nine. Seven that Kelli was gone but it's not quite mostly good. At Clemens tries to make a move that cut off station on Smith on the Google banging it hard it'll be that night. In a time out which it does day well he'd go under the line the one line. 750 years ago second half shocker 62. Indiana State. 55. This is what it sounds like when you get a gift you don't want. Atlanta home. And this is what it sounds like when you get a gift you really want people think you've got a new show. Here's the difference that they should be red tag sales event where you can find special holiday pricing. Plus when you find your tag you can get additional cash back on selection of the vehicle's see your hometown Chevy dealer today. Per vehicle eligibility does that protect cells have been dot com now available with some other offers to go everybody twelve and sixteen seed youth and adults. Thirteenth green which in which it's your first huge picture it's. 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Shocker swords has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John grain bread woody or in valley center agents Tim dank. Whereas you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven TY. What's the state could make your view of the Braves they could break this game wide open shot usually fifty to 55 despite going three for. Okay beyond the arc they are what you want 352. Point raid that 60%. Inside the arc 47%. Overall. Indiana State forty point 4% overall but they have made seven of 73. Pointers and that's kind of keeping this country. Free throw line they John Smith's shooting a lot of if you're the second half the shocker there all of report from three foot inside the arc here eight out of eleven. So they've been shooting at a really high percentage. Inside the arc. They shot Smith did not shoot a free throw against South Dakota State free throws up short. That's a rare mystery man he was 27 of thirty coming into the 90%. Big break for Indiana State is that it got it back and now. It's it's Clemens right side bars left corner page dribbles back to Barnes read about right. I'll buy it yes David suddenly they're back. Well I think that the guys from all the things have really given them all the foreign fitness government Franklin in the food staff. Reason it's not good enough to beat Duffy writes it down off the right side of native Kelly looked to make it returns past the death because now Willis protecting. The left elbow up front to Smith did she dates not drives left. Cut off that right now and he puts it on the floors down the lie later they're gonna costar John. I don't know picks up his third foul. Was here definitely instead let Paul Dickinson was made pretty bad at all. And they get through the calculated FICO the bat and round and replace Kelly Shannon coming back here to read. As the union state that that's the three to four points right now. Eight of eighteen from three to the sycamores 44%. As it seems they shoot 32 point 8% on the year and three was twelve points and a couple of minutes through what eleven months. At a steel by Janet had incredible odds of a crippled had not taken the best idiotic at best the layup but the phone was cut my days not Smith. That's dammit it's the lip after lip ring feel really mad at himself from this that's a good hustle but defense that the following an opportunity. Get the lead back to six right side page drive and it. And I've left wing events the lake back out front that aren't right wing Clemens. Confidence off the street back to Barnes Barnes and optimize and that that's that's down low passengers. In traffic at the Bart Starr at the baseline. That it has just ripped out of this chance it was stolen safe play at all. Pay envelope way. They reset the shot clock in the soccer matches Golan preserve there was never change in possession there. Yet they they count that don't get away from him but I don't think it ever happen that you know that I don't think the shot clock. Should agree that and that's what we're marshals. Illinois about officials are gonna review it on the monitor its. What happens is masterminding the shocker sports real lanes inside W issued etiquette things that are this shocker basketball headquarters. Come early to get the best market for home games and enjoy freshly made burgers sandwiches salads cold beer. Bad boy they're also the perfect spot who enjoyed televised away games. That's the shocker sports grille blades inside the Ratigan fit better go see him. At the next game. The question will be whether there was a change of position it look for here like there was eight deflection at Wichita State never got possession evidence just bounced back to Indiana State. At that point shot clock hit a good team you route that they should be down. Pretty much to the end of this possession that was that they're trying to figure out right now even the few rules that we shouldn't be briefed that. They got to figure out where should they put the shot clock now. As did you think we'll probably get it inbound the ball was not a whole lot of time on the shot clock roughly. If it gets you over here look at that would follow him trying to figure out. 6458. Wichita State by 624. To play. In the second half this game was tied at 38 all of the half Wichita State. Has led by as many as I love it here is second half it'd be an escape started raining season got it back to. We were born. Yeah they've look like. Which they were in control and then. They're both I have to hit one in the left corner in in the loop get off the bench far it went right out front in that went through the right back in the ball game. Looks like 12. For the book shot clock if I'm reading your list correctly. The city's six different players have made it three Caribbean this thing again this year to get much better from beyond the arc that they normally do this 32 point 8%. On the season the 44 united it's going to be 12. Thought the shot clock so all the soccer players is making sure they know. They've got booted at nine. And a lot of times people with a lot in the situation of the lob it up. Well it's the night out of bounds Saturday to decide on about. The but it gets its launch. He from the left. From the left sideline for the Indiana State fans. All the fancy the other statements make it a big thing at a soccer coaches out of the blocks down yelling instructions. Page trying to get it is positive side ad out about it never touched by Wichita State tried a lot and the basket of soccer's. After having it not before got a steal the ticket back to six and out just tonight Indiana State getting a shot have a chance to. Re still believe a little bit and kind of funny there aren't a lot of over the cop to there 61 point guard and women's normally a lot of over okay guy. Not soccer basketball six and a half minutes ago. Up 56. Nation on Smith's background you know Willis markets that Duffy. Went sham but the line if that's the original starting five tonight asked Douglas taking a hard in the basket caught up blocker I think by. Various paid. And rehab and yet estate agent to the front door. Right that a foul. Around these next round ratified its way through history. It could be used third. And that will put Indiana State in the wanted one. The six notes due to go that's important for the sycamores because now they have a chance to. Get to the line and made you pick up some points with the clock stopped and found the one were you Ward Cleaver. Doctor nine so. It is Davis back at the American aquarius page five the ether line all season 62 and a half percent greens. And page now with six and gave its average. It's my point three that is perhaps idiots when he points in one game against Iowa State is next tonight is eat twice. Islands. 87 Indiana State that's the fourth round kind of rise to the case here. It was six minutes ago. And that's the whole of the pregnancy when. Went through about four minutes ago but really love this stuff down the offensive end around rights that are back then this definitely have a Landry crosses the right side benefit for a teaching him a couple of levels that they'll lose Smith didn't issue him a shot fake slipped almost lost numbers. And I get to the ground next round can drive it down the line up with a finger roll up to short rebound picked up three putts but they have worried offensive rebound by Marcus Vick that top. Rebounding in a crowd that would affect him with a left me about stuff. Nothing was 1710. Of those in the second half back to the six point lead with just eight points that rent events like right wing Clemens. Clemens the page to page out front left wing bars. Drives it to events like long three dug it up the back iron and up to get it takes shots at the littlest that is probably not the floor violence query is made. And that's now what Wichita State at the double bonus with 56 to go you know they shot that by the business models I don't have that rebound but I think he was up higher than anybody else that the got to it first. I can it really well about the lord with all that that Clayton Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. That's yet to go back the line predation on May 2730. Coming into the game that's the idea that want him want. Again. They shot down five points tonight. Not program can't have shared the point guard role at all in all that pretty nice job with us tonight particularly secondhand. Not those sixty you know at least eight. And it's that it and he would miss three free throws on year he's missed a three day night he would stay with. The ball outs and doughnuts that you permit the free throws. Here's steal by sham but the Barnes gets it looks at the water's edge to. Clemens back to Mars Bars are affectionately quarter Clemens Clemens drives it. In the light fumbled it recovered by exact crowd shoppers look at the push they have some numbers ground down the line at the big Daphne. Badly losses at a fast we were kind of blocked by a lot of players that between north of the plays that look like browns and turn it over. They kind of a shovel pass over them a healthy but but Duffy about them that's you know that I out of bounds we NC. While that in its data doesn't warrant double team on human back targeted way to Britain's got it just came back here it's not going to be guarded by brown. Is it over to play amendment order bars flyers and he still. I don't. Bad bad found that the you can't do offensive. Record time in the little freshman five elevenths reference from they look forward to the Q school four point play. To cut. This fleet of three. At his second trade both of the second half all six of his points that come on those shots. Coming into the game just thirteen of 4330. Point 2%. He is a much different story free throw line sixteen that 78 on the season. This could make it a three point game one possession game with 425 to go any. Jordan warrant they four point play. Indiana State back. Erica the shot that didn't move into the lead like this is not the reported them from the four point. Replied honestly can't that the game that it is hard on pipelines definitely is that. Baghdad right physicists and not fly well and often that's not going to but yesterday dropped Brad does not best qualified but nothing its not the problem another bit to allay. F public Duffy right there have not hit it again grabbed the rebound dunk it in good hustle play heads up play a mark up. Huge offensive rebounds for the second half for Wichita statement Duffy now with ninety that's that you career high for him Britain's got process overdrive and it was like it Sadat. Warrants for three again got. Big delay. Of about a net. And you've got this guy that rattled repeated that close to influence. Ours was handled the second half 33 rightly. It goes to Chambliss driver and unplug of the founding members of right up in Atlanta native sleep over moving the ball on the floor got out of the line to. After the under wartime about 323. Remaining here at zero vote with your honesty 69. Indiana State's 67. 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To 43 unit out rebounded them by fifteen turnovers are in bed at eleven. But Indiana State has made ten of 21348%. 16%. Above his season three point percentage. And it made five of eight. In the second half but that's keeping him right there at sixty. I'm 67 with it to us a Landry sham that all points in the first half but has not scored in the second half. Going to the line for two shots its first free throw attempts of the game. I failed. Nineteen from the line Landry to bring them blankets and a 65%. Thirteen points for Shannon who is in eighty. Percent free throw shooter right on the nose on the season. Get it back to the two possession game here today but. I think. Santa included free throws his fourteenth. Carol Willis with 23 and Marcus that Duffy with nineteen the other double figure scores tonight full court pressure on Wichita State. Jordan warrant being guarded by sham it gives it up to Clemens Wichita State and demand. The threat toward Clemens dribbles to the left wing looks out front keeps his dribble and it worked off street bike messenger. Now hands off that march 13 issue. Warrants to Scott Scott against ground uses the screen dribbles right trying to make a move on it Duffy tries to. Having trouble getting by it starts the life throws at that front it's read by the answer quite short and afoul of that. And it was out. At that thought golf events like can kick the legs out when he shoots that three pointer. And I don't know that was you know the question caller on the grounds for personal foul ninth 2003. Shots prevents all right. It was a rush late in the shot clock shots. And I think round closed out from under control didn't fly Adam did not phantom. And then click x.s like that would be huge city crumbled in the ground when ground that's him he got the call ants like. With nine points on three point baskets misses off the back and I'll mention this guy's got two more free throws them but. In his second year at the citadel then straight shot 86%. From the line was fiftieth in the nation. And that was last year. 58 point 2% on 55 camps and so far this year 58 point 1% up thirteen hits it. Austin recently and bird that round for you office that's in your round wrist. And one Arthur what. It's so it makes it treatments like the eleventh. That's accurately back it's yeah. 7160. Nines and fifties music. Here's the key story to keep the pressure on it the end state. And camping the right word we've decided heat it was not right that nothing markets when you read on the block Louis working in there against passengers one on one outfit they slide accident. Willis. Turning to his left shoulder on the right side of the basket he's got a career high 25 doctors but. Oh been telling him to slow down he did just that on that possession slowed down effective defense the minerals strong move Scott rightly regarded by chance it. Take it up just steps that lost three way up the market even hit the rim without us agrees with us today Austin bring it up against George Barnes and in the front court gives it up to Al Franken. Because this guy up for which you in his ability that they score here. Willis at the high post right elbow wants to get it to a guard doesn't out of print can't thirteen to shoot. But it 52 on the game clock shoppers by for. Frank can't dribbles right let's get a better. That's that it fired the three. Out. In fact he's fighting for it saves and yet estate player out of math wow that's not looked more than halfway yeah I don't know how likely either but it did but incomes. Why in Austin green from the right baseline it goes definitely everybody. Is that all men jump hook with the year by the right silent quote at the end they player soccer ball with a fresh shot clock. 04 with a minute forty. That's at least sixteen offensive rebounds for Wichita State 89 in the second hand at them they played by reasons. She candidate different camp. Not try to use a little plot here and that close to them minute to play for it can't guard Mike Jordan Barnes. Yet again about how that we wandered down trees on it's not that we are. Rightly the stuff squared up on been excellent. That backfires. Three point basket I'm artistic stuff that was news. They haven't hit three since the first half but that was that they were right there from McNulty. Seven slightly Scott driving in the traffic France's debt through that it's late now called could be at risk. On Wichita State Landry sham it. But now it is there Britain's got outline for two shots. Doctors seven with a minute eleven this. That's one that if you drop out or with the clock stopped and that's what's got it was surrounded by soccer players. And that trip. Vote. Not a very good historic free throw shooter but struggling this year 57. Lines at night that's twelve points. That it won its two hardly bad reason it Duffy fighting for it but Duffy flatly players. And it dribbles out of there was at a time line across the timeline now slows and a visit to Austin green. And it exactly to go Scott just all over us degrees about him that'll be two shots for us. Now on Britain's got us there laws that would reach gets the ball and start it up on the track record that they can get over that realized that that wall injury that kept its cool that time. Kept the ball away from threats got it through the crowd. This will be Austin's first free throw in six games he made six of six. Against Michigan State in the Bahamas after starting the season for weeks. 1471. Point 4% mrs. that he has not scored tonight. And a big big offensive rebound though a moment ago that it is if they ended up. On that possession getting a three from the nothing to believe this at that they can because that game. It's not and it's hard to rebound to Providence for the end of states actresses can't do. Later if report. Aren't the clemens' defense like that aren't drives it down into the line cut off their back to sky. He's trying to drive that cut off by chance that forced his way at shot block for the late alcohol and Indiana State. Stop the clock with 41 point six seconds left he gets immigrants god or have enough battles there. Kim I was really played some great defense fouls on online. Anyway. Heck of a play by it's got to draw that well. That she and from behind got it miss some shots for Britain's got soccer's not place the 42 seconds to play. Heathrow is rattling him. That now six of nine from the line it's thirteen point shot lead is five. Second free throw coming it's and yes. For this guy. Now with fourteen chapters of denigrate. On MP averages almost won the game. And they have really really made him work through everything full court press on it but it's not a couple of guys that with some quick athletes and trying to get the opposite for all over. It into print can't be the only now by Britain's got it again this here's getting one of the best free throw shooters the lines in the courts under. The last time we got a chance to chip and missed a couple of against Oklahoma it's looking cute. Atone for that but this game a little closer to victory here with forty seconds to go there knowing it than him. Google's. I was on Britain's got who has worn enough for Indians today. Not a sprint can't Frontline eat at CN. On the season. I AEA half percent last year drink. Night. Read. Doctors by war. Is it. Make it five point game with forty seconds ago both coaches the open office for the that the Indian state with enough that the players which they wouldn't be fit the players around his back here with word now champ playing at work now. I can't leave kind of thing can't they free throws to get the lead back six. 787340. Seconds ago. Then it's like to play him tonight pressured to back quarters of this guy. He pushes it up tour. Against brown tries to cross over thriving black eye Willis chased down out of bounds off what to tell us that. You can't and I think Shannon thought is off Indiana shaded did gravity echoed Marshall who likely. All you know it clearly. Willis block that shot went for some reason Kim thought though when the Indians they players had tested laugh from the medical out of bounds Landry couldn't grab that ball. But he let it go out of bounds. Again they reset the shot clock that Wichita State did not gain that possession it was blocked. That one. I don't know lightly grab that ball for the fifth. He's kind of. Puzzled himself as the Darryl Willis obviously when a lot that's not. Britain's got went right by brown brown fell down yet a wide open layup that little thing that date back over and over block it it's at least a shocker sixth. Blocked shots soccer fans remember the coaches show which airs every Monday night at a new home this year AJ sports grill at the Alley could hear Gregg Marshall. And Jody Adams church every Monday night on 97 and thirteen degrees in assets from ages eight days actually Alley. Show home. Clear keep the green which that we'll be back get a case this coming Monday after taking Monday off. With a Christmas holidays that put the shot clock back to twenty life in their 32 goal of the game clock. Forty seconds on the shot clock with the Indian state down six. Clemens the planet in the right blogger Britain's got for three long rebounds background and he's vowed immediately by the and so I just protected it that stops the clock with 26 seconds to go. And so right now with four fouls for Indiana State. Background missed his first two free throws early in the first half made his only to his so far here at the second half goes back to the line. The chance to make this a three possession game with 26 seconds to go that it makes either one it is definitely one of them. To make it at least to seven point yeah. Background played really well despite not having it double figure scoring five points that he would read vanity defended. Chase down loose balls really get it a lot of house. That one's not been backgrounds to free throws I got the had classes for. Scott at the other end rather than the lineup to not show it for three ribs. Rebound went to tell us they got free throws that Scott gets it under the basket fumbled at this is a light out battle for Willis the ground. And it looks like Indiana State now has not that a valid or Wichita State and I ain't gonna get a big valley opening win here on the. The final score. 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Consecutive season the Packers winning eighty to 72 tonight to move to eleven and overall. Start through valley conference play want to know. But it's not state. Getting another double double from Darryl Willis point five points and ten rebounds markets that got the with a career high 22 and seven rebounds he had. Fifteen of those points the second half. Landry she dammit followed up his 21 point effort with fourteen. Lot of other guys made significant contributions of this one. As this Packers beat Indiana State in the conference opener. They weren't pretty good defense help Indiana State to 39%. From the floor. And if you. Take away those three quarters there can at 24 from 340 almost 42% from three. Their defense inside the arc was phenomenal. Ability to get billions that the game was tremendous three point shooting knocking down an apple. Soccer's plus seventeen on the boards we'll get to. Little more detail but we wanna give you they put it in the deep freeze play of the game and it's rocky violins appliance. Right wing but Duffy square it up on then so it. Except that fire is three point. That was news well they haven't hit three cents a first half but that was a big word right there from the Duffy. A ticket from a four point gain to seven right before that. Austin Reeves had chased down an offensive rebounds had to chase it into the quarter jump up in the year it say that often Indiana State player. And then the shocker skim back and get that three to get that this little bit of greed and that was off a Connors that's what that you have got a little bit and it looked like it was he was shoot. Right in front of us we were directly behind it and it looked like it was good the whole way and went halfway down it somehow popped up. And we are disappointed but the other quarter awry here comes off that reads go from the right corner down the baseline flies over everybody. And tipped the ball to himself. It has to throw off but a defender. To save the possession have really heads up play about that leaves after that this and then the big bucket climate Duffy on this thing possession basically ice the game. The shocker scored eighty points that night so tomorrow at two ads locker room east or west you can save 20%. Off all shocker merchandise so again 20% tomorrow but either had location. Makes the soccer story. Eighty point you'll be happy to say I got it. It had to cut it down a little bit in this let Bob kind of formalize the game recap for occupied built Dylan because Cummings. Cummings of Cummings as your criminal defense at the U I offered it which Johnson give them a call 264. 5048. Or visit bill Cummings LLC dot com Cummings of Cummings law where your needs always comfort. Well the winning strategies they usually start with defense and defending. Indiana State it's all about their guards they've got a three guard lineup and it's headed up by Britain's got. And that Zach brown and with a little help from. Deja Smith Atlanta each image had a really good job on brands guys averaging twenty points a game he got fourteen. But he had to shoot fourteen times to get those fourteen point two or three out of fourteen so. Really good defense on him really made it work part Clemens only had five page only had seven events like only had eleven. But they have a lot of guys that contributed off the bench him and and they had six different guys make three pointers though. Defensively our offensively. They only shot 39% of the threes get in the game they hit ten threes offensively shocker shot 47%. And that's in spite of only hit four of eighteen threes so they're they're they're. Shooting percentage inside the arc around the basket especially it was really really high led by Darryl Willis and Mike Duffy had. Not a nice bucket of some really nice offensive rebounds. Talking about rebound shocker when that battle by seventeen. 473016. Offensive rebounds. British doctors and only had eleven turn more turnovers. Missed some free throws early but then made some big ones down the stretch. All right that is our game recap Wichita State winning it here at Indiana State. By a score of eighty to 72 to move to eleven and three overall start the valley one of three you know on the roads. So far this season left scores highlights more when we come back on the post game. 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That come got you covered serving the Wichita area ethnic and of the goodness that I haven't gone in total agreement with this. Browns have got to be grounds thought he played some great defense loves god and and it was he tired at the end this game because they've run brown off the reds got off. Two or three screens every time down the floor is that France's Jason around all of them and did a great job on him. Really. As you mentioned the shot attempts were about the same as the number of points you score yet fourteen shots fourteen point three for fourteen. So I got fourteen points but he had to work so hard. To get it that you really have to give him a lot of credit that he never enthusiastic Darryl Willis and he defended China's here. As he's our starting gate we actually. Didn't have a chance to talk to him after the Oklahoma State game and you have just kept going from there another double double tonight did you really seeing the finding your game this little this sort of what's outlets may be the end of the biggest thing that's that's kind of propelled you forward obviously you played well that. The beginning of the season that it's an adjustment at this level and what's been maybe the biggest thing that's helped you maybe take the game definitely. Although Martinez is learn the system really knows that I had to put a lot of thoughts about you notice. That's on I'm realistic for run forceful. I had to learn a lot like on the plane coming here I had to learn a lot of pop blues though. You know I just learn the system you bet that the system really goes you know laughter religious grow the chances play ball in the Austin not that he can play. At the same time world you have to think that label it is not there's not a lot of thinking like that you know semi all of our yards it was physically and it just. In 08 you've you seem to have also developed a feel for you play with a certain relentless. Kind of attitude. Go hard to the boards seem to be able to do that without picking up thousands really stayed away. This does pretty must have been saying this will work on individuals. Every day is just be that second. I'm just kind of fast almost feel a lot of morphine so is comedies of the new system maneuver through be detects. They don't Jerel I'm sure you've been thicket here coaches yell at him slow down slow down. And you know you've heard it all summer all fall but tonight you did you slow down and I saw you many times check in. Trying to figure out where the defense was that the penalty was coming to a double B did conflict he will hit major move. Yup yup especially on. Well it definitely is way better you know like he's just one speed and this is kinda hard you know because by odds are sort of impossible right. He already beat duke defender on universal. To slowing down outages it would defenders plan isn't in the there's ladies and right. Watson that's the whole flow of short because of certain. Thing is through these problems. Certainly this program over the last several years has had an incredible. Record on the road and this is now 1003 you know for you guys in true road games but that is there's still with this team maybe it's continuing to gain some feel for just what it takes to win on the its positive definitely. Low low. We're you know we're really knows. No we don't competitive practice. You know Greg moss and the relentless lose sleeplessness. And did that that is the bodies of coastal. Privileges sentiment that is in this news tonight was really nothing compared to how he reluctantly. What is there to victory. Are you don't really valued at all. You know coast don't do let me shoot threes like that biologists believe the love this I had that. I don't vote to proceed as he was so you know cocoa of that have been filled tomorrow. Lucky for you there was that that volley you got to hit a shot before you get over that they have gotten out. You know got enough. A base how's it make you saw so he really wasn't that bad habits invited by the if they follow the rooted America's sauce not put the good news well. They talk about how you guys picked each other up tonight. For instance when a guy would miss a shot there is but Duffy stupidity and went slaughter missed that shot threes came over from the phase Illini got the rebound and it that you guys really help each other out a defense and block that shot. No that's just a lot of winners please have them publicly definitely going to roll you know Cecil cus that's the stuff right I mean you really can't tease when it plays well it. You have to work it in Austin. And business leaders and I was just came together as a tight. Is our browser a wolf. A single wolf there's a stronger without his tax vote in the house and all of what's comes now light together was removed ms. You know congratulations for prisoners under those he's a great girl Allison star of the game presented by the Kansas lottery and they encourage you to get to Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become. A millionaire go to Kansas lottery dot com for the most current Jack fundamentally Kansas lottery. And dream bigger they're the young man and a lot of fun I actually think a lot of good things and the gotta love it and that enthusiasm certainly is a big part of the way he plays he really goes after it again denied it. This second double double in the last three games career high in points 25. Ten rebounds three assists and two blocked shots in 32 minutes just missed. 50% shooting by that 13 that he Turkey was nine for 197 of nine. From the line. He had to get that Austria beat this thing. Think he hit that Nixon Ford came back over the bit to that kind of cool Marshall now. Though we catch our defensive player of the game bad star of the game grows we'll talk with Gregg Marshall just a little bit. Again there was no watch party at the Blarney stone. Tonight because. A kitchen fire that they had last night that they hope to back up and running. In the next day or two so don't forget that the Blarney stone is your official shocker watch party headquarters throughout the season 21 in what month. They'll have prizes ticket giveaway is great drink specials and more so. Stone parked your official watch party location for shocker basketball. We haven't given you all the stats Wichita stated that shooting a very respectable 47 and a half percent. But only four of eighteen from three so they were way over 50% close to sixty from two point range. And then eighteen of 27 from the line 66 point 7% that's below their normal percentage that they've made some big ones down the stretch him. Two thirds is not is not bad as for Indiana State's 39 point 3%. 41 point seven on ten of 24 threes and 75%. And eighteen of 24 lines so. They were actually under their season shooting percentage but above both their season three point percentage and free throw percentage tonight. Wichita State dominated on the glass 47. To thirty rebounding in it and each team with just eleven turnovers checkers at six blocked shots. And sixteen assists. On 29 field goals. Three players in double figures for Indiana State led by Britain's got with fourteen but again it was only three of fourteen from the field. Eleven points from Matt then it's like making three of seven threes and ten points for a freshman Jordan Barnes came off the bench to hit three threes. In the second half seven points apiece for a aquarius agent Andrei Brickman and Donovan Franklin from Wichita State. Willis looks like five and ten. The Duffy with 22 and 722. A career high for Marcus Landry sham with fourteen points. Two boards four assists two steals and no turnovers 34 minutes five of nine from the field. Six points eight rebounds two assists for Zach brown four points apiece for Connor frank campus Rodham merger. Runner Rondo also had five rebounds four blocked shots and hit two of three shots. Five points three assists predation Smith. We shouldn't overlook Rodham nurtures contribution he really keep that it played well in the early part of the second half when your only rested. And Shaq not available tonight. And gave the team huge lift looked lost in the first half that didn't block off an one free throw and they got a couple rebounds there. But in the second half. He really got it going and flew through the air got a great rebound one time. On the offensive and stuck it back in and then on the defense of vanishes as you mentioned what four blocked shots. He he eliminated a lot of mistake covered up a lot of mistakes. They guide me guys made by blocking shots and a heck of a game by Iraq. Attackers went to go to eleven and three wanna know in the Missouri Valley Conference and like I did some math on that two point she. If you eliminate the three point shooting of four of eighteen. The shocker for 25 of 43 from inside the arc from two point 76%. That's for he could shoot. And it really is. All right we're gonna check the scoreboard here in just mullah but I want to let you know that coach Gregg Marshall Carlson at least. Are filling the shelves at our daily food pantry once again this year. And that's something that they have done in conjunction for a few years down soccer fans they wanna thank you. For raising over a 100000 dollars so far for this great cause keep listening for ways to help and to win an autograph. Shocker team basketball. On the scoreboard which is presented by traditions homes the only other valley game tonight is still in the first half at Cedar Falls. And Missouri State is leading northern Iowa 22. To four. With 1130 thwart ago in the first half that's on northern Iowa's home court. And they have Johnson inexplicable tendencies toward having hands like that they scored sixteen the entire first half. In one of their other games. It's just been strange to watch him kind of go up and down we know how good they can be and capture of these. Fired up for the shocker is when they get there about a weakening and it took a look pretty in the entire pro classic when they beat Oklahoma came back from eighteen down one Knick game in overtime I watched that on television and that's all play the other day again. I think they're going to be there when it's all said that they're going to be either at the end of the season that. Only four points and eleven minutes while. The other valley openers tomorrow night's of the Illinois Bradley Evansville at Illinois State Loyola at Drake. Virginia ranked twelfth when in the number six Louisville at one tonight 6153. And one big upset in the top 25 as Nebraska six and sixteen month a year went into Indiana and beat the sixteenth ranked hoosiers. 87. 83 shot hit coach Gregg Marshall joins us presented. By express employment professionals on a mission. To put a million to work and coach first road game of the conference scheduled certainly has had its ups and downs that you make plays down the stretch to get the list. We. Made winning plays we needed to make there was couple of layups we missed but we are right they are typically when when Landry couldn't finish on the left side after the great steal. They chunk tips again. When Zach brown can't finish and transition. Markets that opportunity to get back Austin lease with the city over here which results in one of our few knock down threes. But markets doubt be those he's big time plays was the winning play to get this extra possessions it mean. We. We score eighty points music pretty good and we out rebound and about seventeen but that team and her team was very good they kept shooting the ball and I'll. Those two things. A young inexperienced team has to understand you can't do you got not only have played harder. On the road that you have to play smarter we got legal Smart blue. Would look gold with with two veterans brown Kelli give Britain's got I definitely they are supposed to be switched that we don't switch that. I guess brown was it a little tired so he deals with that's how we do with it we never switch that's why don't switch. But sometimes we switch all screens because this team. Then soy in the shoot and they like to set ball screens and rushed through and kind of slipped the ball screening get set for three point shots and when they set balls things we were trying to switch with. With a four man only. Without switching on a simple down screen and they did have Britain's got wide open so you're up eleven men were up eleven cut it to eight it was a big play gave it to two or three at one point. You know the game's never over especially with these guys so well coached and kept fighting tonight. Yeah the last radio show that we did he gave a very good description of what you consider toughness that he talked about toughness about hustle plays it effort plays but he had a lot of those tonight you've mentioned deployed it. That Austin may decide the office agree that. Yeah well look like for sure it was out of town hall it was a ground for everything that I arrived and that was it Willis Willis not her debate Duffy to Willis. I think that's right but populated it two gals will assume that stuff that you guys got the ball tablets that are around. Saved it then then I'm yellow shape. Just give us a chance of Willis saves it and it doesn't called his name which is something we talk about. Well the loose ball like ball don't use Roland I mean if it's our basket you can just throw it and if we don't come up with that they may have numbers on the other hand but. In your basket you've got to try to save it and then what we try to teach is called the name and then box election recount. And try to secure the position to get deceived loose ball. Hello hello play I was really pleased that that was. A just and unfortunately for them you guys to each other up. Today not only on the office then it hit it but obviously then guys come over blocked shot at decent mistake that brown belt now not only have the will of people watched the a lot of guys. Ronald I don't have these four blocks. Seven minutes. You know he would have played more but with but if it's Willis was seven and I wasn't me yeah he was he was hoarse tonight. You know and also with it and talking about defense and yet talked about the ones which it should Lou but other than that I've. I thought brown we thought brown played tremendous defense on Scott made it works so hard for everything. Sure did hit one terrible three in the first half of rhythm to the but other than that his defense was spectacular. He got a little tired blue dispute this with you there in the second half but. He his link really bothered Britain's got making him take fourteen shots to get fourteen points and Tenet telling those troops were seven for ten from the foul language fourteen which is three for fourteen from the field so. He's a very talented guy he made one shot over lately shipment that was just incredible it's a great defense give give that have to tip your hat to him. It was it was a team effort you know as a team effort it was nice to go from here and went without. Shacks Shaq still banged up so. But those guys he. Leadership well it's it might be like Wally Pip the all of if I'd like that five if it looks like the polish but yes yeah. Check you know checks making time over there are so it hopefully he he he saw that game you'll get better pretty quick. Well a wealth at 25 points ten boards and he plays with such films yet that it's linked to meet and it's kind of rub off on some idiotic yeah they're starter but. You know he he enjoys playing. In de de enjoys playing him. I just thought we will mark has been conducting a one who has played more than so it was really gives a great team effort tonight. And I brought we brought so many people on the big chartered so we have a pact block groups its content there's everywhere we go here Todd is. Very hot at locker room bit. It's it'll be a nice ride home. One less thing this is obviously just one game and all you can do is pick of one time do you feel like this loser of a nice step toward worry wannabes start. Well for a guy you have nine road games and we can we can mark one off and it's in the win column and you know guests can steal as many you can't on the road and tonight we want in a place where you know they'll I think you'll probably go seven and 26 and three on the road and he is home with Bally games so. We we've we've got an advantage over those six or seven that lose. Well coach your only 523. Over the last four years three but here's the thought they had that on the road game and in Atlantic 52 and three the F. Well overall and oh up over all the conference on the road. That it Bristow is denying congratulations thanks guys I check your coach Gregg Marshall presented by day. Employment its express employment professionals by the way. We didn't. Really finish the scoreboard but telling about traditions home on Douglas east of hillside they've got their big. After Christmas thank you sailed going on I can't get to all the details that were sent to me because I'm getting reception in here. But I can tell you it is great savings all over the store. It's it's a great places to go shop and check out all the stuff they had anyway right now get a chance to save some significant money so it by traditions. See what you can find for your home special prices during this thank you sale. In the year and great appreciate having them with us throughout the season as one of our fine shocker sponsors next up for Wichita State. A meeting with Bradley at home. On New Year's Day 1 o'clock tipoff on New Year's Day it poker arena. Bradley's team that's trying to rebuild little bit and your second year head coach Bryant war Eagles start their conference schedule of the southern Illinois tomorrow night. And the soccer's with a big road win here now to explain a couple of home before they go back on the road to organize. And if I remember we struggle with Bradley your last year got a big league gave in and at Buena. A lot tougher game than we thought it was going to be so war broke him coach. Did a great job but what Wisconsin green days that worry was in. You know that those guys ready. Sunday afternoon 1 o'clock. What we will see you then and thanks to all of you who joined us thanks to our guys in the studio and him in jail part of Wichita State. With a C eight conference season opening win here in terra haute tonight and a tough game eighty to 72. Over Indiana State. Bob hall. I'm Mike Kennedy thanks for joining us that the again on the news today. You've been listening to shut prevent us from. It's fun sponsors. Karma so they'll lose pretty you know. And she she'll do insurance jerseys. The Carnahan who weights or machines but it's Britain's appointments that would be good. Chip views Comfort Systems learning stuff. The kids smarter. Got to govern who grows shield of intense discussions are two veterans park development of Kansas for. Prediction jets locker room capital levels. Listen to every WSU shocker basketball get hold one of three point seven KEY yeah.