WSU Basketball at Drake - 02/01/17

Wednesday, February 1st

WSU Basketball vs Drake at Knapp Center: W 77-69


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Why. Great university dad. Doctor blunt about it they play their second straight road game coming off. Win that Ed Bradley who was shot is played poorly in the first half offensive. Late that came back with a strong second half to win 64. To Ford nine Wichita State comes into tonight's game nineteen and four overall. Nine and one in the Missouri Valley Conference and six and one. In true road games Drake is seven and fifteen overall but they are five and fives in the Missouri Valley Conference. And had won five straight home games before losing an eight point game over the weekend. To northern Iowa Jeff rudder became the interim head coach back in early December wouldn't rate Jacko let me resigned after seven and one start. And since becoming the head coach writer has gone six and eight. Added fact. Six and five. Since he first started with three losses so he has definitely got this thing turned around it since they got an ability not a 71 start at what is that I start so he turned it around from 17. And it's incidents and 16. 146 of us. And this is a team but they can be dangerous for anyone because they've got a bunch of shooters and they're not afraid do fired up from about anywhere. In their last seven games in which they've gone four and three averaging about thirty to three point attempts a game and making about. Ten games. Yet the last opponent Bradley. Is it is really focuses on defense and can that's what had a shoppers on their heels. In the first half its fury was the Bradley braves defense they had a really good. But defense of hand to take away the inside game and look closely at the shocker that they head. And actually did an excellent job. Of intercepting deflecting passes out of the hold him. Force a shocker it's a multiple multiple turnovers in the first set I think they had thirteen the first half and it was twenty to 25 of the shocker 120 points the first to have now tonight a whole different story Drake tries to out score. They wanna push the ball up the court they'll take threes on the on the fly for the quarter. Their big shooting at therefore we're shooters their guard shoot it. And they like to see if they get more possessions is beautiful and so they're gonna play fast we're gonna play loose and they play very well in this building. It's the first meeting between these two teams Wichita State got a tremendous jump on straight and led 51 to 21 at halftime. They got the lead after 37. The 1640. Can go and then as is human nature kind of toughness to save your intensity when your you're up that far. And this actress did let down a little bit started firing up some threes early in the shot clock again that's. Still won by 25 that Drake actually won the second half 4430. I watched that game yesterday. On the video and this remind myself of that ball game in shocker came out really hot portion of all of the court it's so easy baskets. Go inside to Shaq Morrison's Darryl Willis and then they started to hit outside shots and Drake in that ball game. Back cool is that January's. Second there are reports that report. Very early in the conference schedule. They came out could hit anything the shocker he fits really did a good job lock them up but what they did open up. For open shots they missed those two I think it is their first. Eight shots and really got down there. Early at like my sit down 38 halftime. He was basically over. We want to encourage you to join us I know this is an earlier start in such a little more difficult Gloria to. Maybe just get off work and make phone calls and so forth but we would love to hear from the hit 8691037. The area code is 316 if you're outside your area 869. 1037 or forced off Twitter. At that shocker bush with your questions thoughts comments etc. and we do have a couple of college to get us going so what started off put Mike Mike please go right ahead. Oh god his first serie does future. OK guys. I protected my call. And I got it well I call today observation. And it about it individual player which which camera. Been why couldn't work it seemed like quite a while because we thought about it last year. Not my bet I would bet when he started out this year. He didn't lose to be broom that McGahee had. It wouldn't be here but anyway. As. Ever not worked in the purity as. I continued every game you get a little bit better and to me. I think he's promote consistent player we had our mystery. Game from gate. Now I'm gonna you have to the last game which would wrap. And that. Well in the first half what I saw she Everett do. Was. It capital in the game he got the game competing. Out of hand. And it in his second half that was quite a turnaround and aren't there yet. Coach Marco and and his assistant. At remote to do with that wouldn't get my and a but you can still have to exit. And that's where sham it to me and me and IE. You know he wasn't too many weapons of go to man didn't take over the game. What I really needed is he took over that scene. He decree came blue leader on the war. And that's the reason we continue to act acute pretty much the entire spectrum that are. And that's something that I haven't seen a player dude did. Well last year. I know these things. The player doesn't get it happened like that that maybe he's been developing. All year did that and he got it came debate. In a Bradley game. At least I certainly hope that true. Because we need depth guys. And can't see into the future they're like oh cool kind of aren't kept up tonight. And BP can develop into that player and I believe he and I think what you talk and go from being a pretty good fifteen. Who have very very good. Felt a shocker I capitalist. I doubt thank you. You know it's interesting how guys that are good shooters. Where sometimes. Starting to shoot that well. Kind of loosens up there entire game and landed this play well early this season has some good games. Pretty good defender and he's a guy that doesn't turn it over much. But in the last nonconference game he made six of ten threes against South Dakota State and that seemed to break him was that got me going got his confidence flowing. In the eleven games starting with that 113 point two points per game plus. A team leading three point eight assists and shooting 54%. From the field. 49 from three and 81 and a half from the line over the at eleven game stretch and he's twelfth in the country. In assist to turnover ratios so. He has really broken loose others that would effect that is that he's been playing more as we've talked about starting with the Evansville games. More at point guard in the half court offense and kind of running things from the top and ahead. Worked well and it has improved it they shoppers overall offense because. He might be the one guard right now who has the most confidence to take the ball and drive it to the basket and that create some opportunities. That had been happening especially against teams that extend their defense like Oklahoma State and Illinois. He had yet he's been displaying tremendously. Mike when overall statistics. That. It in the Missouri Valley Conference teams in the ten games. It's just been off the charts. And that Bradley game that Doug was talking about thirty played 36 minutes of that game as did not afraid can't. He had one other was looked up the yes yeah looked up he had 3653. Guys played a lot more minutes that they're used to playing. And it's a good thing those three played well because. Doctors were in trouble not only in the first half but the first three minutes four minutes of the second half they were still down. Large amount eight points I think so. I thought I I agree with you totally I think Natalie you've been improving steadily. It's been a consistent player from Wichita State. But I think he start to step into that leadership role I think he was little bit hesitant to do with. At the start of the season nobody wanted to try to save him an extra base around and it's perfectly. And I think it's because he's kind of grown into it and you definitely saw it in Peoria. The other night because his team was struggling. He's you're absolutely right he kept. We thought they in this game it was in the first half and then he was part of they're really good play in the second half with the champ. Start our he had Franken started knocking down those outside shots. Tucker's got some turnovers. Kelli tapes of really good hustle plays him. The game open but the kids played really well nineteen point six assisted gravity hits sixth out of eight shots. Three of five. From behind the 45 lines really good ball game for him. I looked back to the songs for Mike Mike what's on your mom's. So boom Mike and Bob say just things he wanted us. Just share with you know we're working to maybe she would your opinion or that maybe the truck just keying. I realize leveraged college basketball game can be tough. The shocker is of course tonight here here at Drake and they've got Illinois State this coming and then. Saturday and then they are loyal October 12. Then at Missouri State jury 25 then Illinois State. There just games would be of course tonight northern Iowa comes to visit them they get bigger which I thought they were this Saturday. At Missouri State Trevor just seems. And then northern Iowa at northern Iowa River toward insist that they also. Illinois that also has to go have to go to drink. Should just wondered pitcher starts and see if maybe it's almost even Steven has hurt the real tough games even though every college as well. Jeanne you know has potential. There for for being tough and whatever Conor for intense street terms. What you think it's more mechanical. Mentor me just an excellent free throw. Shooter there. And then or additional surplus so that he can really start to play with some more confidence. Thank into the shocker here next year they've got a potential anyway it was someone leaves 77 seniors which is very unprecedented. And they've got that kids tumor from a cue coup who are understand is playing very well and could be. Potential there even was starting point guard. I just weren't future opinions of those and don't sharks looked her hopes for went to right. All right Mike a lot of ground to cover their best. He spelled out the schedule very well and I hadn't had a chance to look at all of Illinois State's remaining games that. As you pointed out the schedules are almost exactly the same in terms of difficulty at stake. You know we said at the time that Wichita State getting a win in northern Iowa early in the schedule. That was gonna look better and better as the year went on and certainly that loses. Illinois State still has to go to Missouri State. And they have to go to northern Iowa as well as Wichita State doesn't through tough road games. They have won already at Loyola accident kind of balances out the chapters and at northern Iowa because as you pointed out in addition to. Illinois State at home potentially the toughest remaining game to be the ones that Missouri State and at Loyola coming up very soon. Enough. Of that that's true. The game and Loyola. Soccer's. It was a tough game at home against little. And they've they've got a clutch athlete not a lot of size shocker when making by twelve. But still loyal acute match up athlete for athlete. With the shoppers. The fact you're just not quite as tall and not quite as deep inside but on the perimeter that gets players. But yeah northern Iowa. Plays that had real estate tonight in there there's some question whether we kill my Macintosh is gonna play because he had an MRI on the on Mondays so. If he's out of the lineup. That would. Really I think help humanize chances and not enough of it hurts. There easily tonight. In the course again go to northern Iowa. Some time here in the future so that's going to be dropped ball game but this Tucker that's tough to and I am Loyola I think this game tonight going to be tough. Drake plays really well there are here they're four and won the conference here at home. In have won all four until they lost. Saturday to you and myself. It's going to be interesting to see how this whole thing unfolds the next couple weeks and the thing that will also be interesting is that Illinois State at least with their. Maybe their prime players that they're those two guys are little more experience then Wichita State right now. And that showed little that I thought in the first game between the two. But part of winning a conference title and winning on the road in a conference. Is gaining an understanding of how ready you have to be to play every single night here. One of the contenders. How much everybody else's gunning for you I think this Wichita State TV is still learning that. Because a lot of the guys who played key roles are now gone. And for Illinois State although they do have a little more experience. This is the first time they've been in this position with this group of players and so they're they're going through that same learning experience making the same adjustments about. Really gaining an understanding of how you have to be ready every single night. Well I think the shock was that lesson at least a quick lesson in the first half about that at Bradley because the baby Bradley 166. At all. And they go up to euphoria scored twenty points effort to have them play in the second half so. Tonight's game it's going to be a lot tougher game. That it was then Wichita was ninety to 65. Shocker winning at outrebounded by record 26. If that ball game but Drake will be all totally different team tonight it'll be much tough ball game. For the shocker so hopefully they gave the young guy the new guys for the doctors and learned that lesson infuriate come out ready to go tonight. And an earlier start coming up on most people's dinnertime remember any data shot display get 50% off your online order. In any Wichita area part of jobs log on to Papa Johns dot com. And use of promo code shocker fifteenth to receive your shocker just yet let's look back to a phone call with TJ TJ welcome. Mike. I was gonna get you also. Opinions on this year is seen the end. Compare pollsters see that there. Went to the anarchy of won the national championship and I see. And then the next we're happy that came back as. I don't think acting on an IPO a lot of seniors and most that he came back the next year which the final tour. And NCAA and I think yes there are a lot of comparison because C. So far this series and as acting but I get your opinion map. Well I'm afraid I didn't have to correct you on one thing TJ. The team that won the and I tease the next year came back and put up a tremendous record. In 2012. But that was the team that. Got upset as say five seed by VCU in the first round of the tournament out of Portland of those 512 matchups. That it was the team the year after that that went to the final four but there are certainly that parallels it. And that people in the league that plays 76 and one of one of the valley that got knocked off basically it's kind of an upset 45 upset with the U. I think there are some parallels in terms of how that 2011. Team. Threw it toward the end of the year really was playing its best basketball. But that's T even that one team lost some key seniors in terms of leadership was Graham hatch and Aaron Ellis off. The NIT champions but. That certainly the next year I think Joseph rag and really matured as a point guard in his senior year second year out if you go. And Garrett Stutz certainly continue to mature and involved and to play the best basketball that he had ever played to that point. So I think certainly there is some of that potential with this team next year. Right now we're keeping our fingers crossed that certainly hopeful that this team. We'll actually go farther than that that 2011 team they would like to see this team in the NCAA tournament rather in the ninety and I think that's still a very good possibility. Interest thing interesting point that he gave me because that team. As you mentioned those players I'm thinking about now how much improvement cares that showed these junior and senior member how intelligent foul trouble. And he could stay in the game now like sex workers. Always seem to get some cheap out with senior year. He'd learn not to get those valves and also I think have a little more respect for the refereed. In stayed out of foul trouble and had a heck of a senior year. Knock him down the outside shot faking and driving from the top of the the court real strong post moves inside Franklin. I mean he might have played the best month or two of basketball a soccer ever played. That last part of the conference schedule he says he I think he was 60%. From the floor and I fifties from behind the arc right. Questions please Rachel and remember to rate Murray who was told it's kind of a defense stopper. Early in his career. Developed a bid to reach team you started this drive V news stories pulling up and she jumpers and his team really came on. That's seniors here in in the ball so. I think what. Coach Marshall would like to see with this team. As save as they progress through this season on the sixties each packet a little bit better talked about that at these issues around. Each guy feel a little bit better. Do something a little bit better than they have been doing whether it's rebounding was wondering whether the transition what you're talking on defense. Whether you're shot selection there. Decision Cassie but. If everybody improved a little bit in the keys that. And you know that they are just thinking bad as we're talking about this. Maybe that the best potential comparison that I mentioned your regular earlier that 2011. Team. There were. Two or three guys that played pretty well at the point guard position Joseph Reitman being one haven't had a junior college Demetric Williams was soft more than eight years. And to Ray Emery played quite a good point that year. But. It was kind of like this year where the point guard play was good but it wasn't superlative like what we've been used to at times and and certainly. Like what we've seen in the last three or four years. And I think that's something that the guys playing that position now. Will be much better next year with a year of experience and then you're also bringing him as the one of the college earlier mentioned so much you change Jones added the mix and so. I I think the point guard well it's always been a strong position at a Gregg Marshall. Except that first year in that Breyer got injured. I think that position is going to be significantly better next year we all know what an important position that is. But you're talking about teams playing that tournament level at the end you. And isn't it funny how it's going to be. All throughout this season. I know this Connor was playing a lot fish on the penetrating time in their lives kind of wait for big time to kind of come on and make the transition from junior college to a division one basketball and that he did have a victory game against Oklahoma. It in Oklahoma City. It started at point. It was really shoot the best Falwell about 50% from the floor. Forty high forties from behind the arc. In them kind of frame it was kind of struggling. Now it's kind of flipped over Carter frank campus played really steady falsely claim some good point guard great point guard. Again in Peoria the other day fifteen points six rebounds three steals. It three out of six threes and he hit four out of four threes. For fourteen points at Evansville so. Connors who played some really good basketball and not be shown that is struggling and he's kind of lost his confidence. It's affected shooting suspect the ball nearly so they're trying hard to get him back playing like he was about 34 weeks ago. If so they can have a good 12 punches at point guard. I a couple of quick putter question that we can handle here quickly. Any prognosis on Austin reason honestly did not make this trip. He's back working on getting ready as soon as you can range of motion and and a lot of different things getting that shoulder back into shape for hopefully. You'll be able to play on Saturday against Illinois State that's had a good day to day thing. And nothing definite yet. Question Shaq had a three game stretch restarted or invalid player of the week that didn't start last game injury question mark. No actually it was something within the team that. Wasn't what it was supposed to be and that's why he didn't start but. Authorities had good practices since then and hopefully you'll be back on informed tonight. And do you think today we'll come one added W issued loses one game of the out of the NCAA tournament is in the need to win all crazy I don't tickets at that point. But what happens is. You schedule. Usually a couple of years in advance. And certainly there are some names on the schedule this year that when the games were scheduled. Look like they would really enhanced his doctors nonconference schedule and their. RBI and all that. And some of those teams are just having difficult years Oklahoma particularly is down from what it has been going through a transitional year after losing some seniors and they've lost. Several really close games Oklahoma State got off to a great start and slot but now they're picking it up again and looking very much like to turn on the team. Colorado State is down a little bit although they have had their moments in their league but that overall. The soccer's have been victimized a little bit by the schedule. Not being as good as it certainly looked on paper and they schedule the title I don't think they're gonna ever be at a point where they have to win every game to be. Considered an at large possibility you look at next year where they go to Oklahoma State. Oklahoma comes back to what you there in the Maui invitational. I mean they've got a very good schedule shaping and they're talking just some big name people. Power five conferences about getting home and homes started next year as well so no I don't think. You know as as disappointing as some of that dead I don't think the shock is that going to be at a point where they have to look at winning every game to be in the tournament as a man. You don't know exactly how it could all play out that a lot of it depends on what the other teams. Are doing and how well they play. And when you're trying to be the last four or is there whatever. A lot on on how those other teacher away and look at last year Fred good injured. They lose it also. They go down and lose all three in Orlando with USC Alabama. In Iowa. And now they're just scraping to get this term it in. Looks like it's going to be a pretty good see maybe 89 feet. In the shocker lose at home that you and I and lose the hole and lose in years semi finals in Saint Louis U and I. And that knocked him into a situation where they were the last team to hit the itself. Let's say winning takes care a lot of your problem that and I don't think they're they really can't look at dead. They've got a they've got to win that night and they've got to try to beat always stayed at home on Saturday night and just keep we didn't try to witness leave him and then I think that things have. Healthy shocker tip of the game is brought to you by united health care. What is your fitness personality go to UHC dot com health and wellness. To find out what fits your personal style for more tips on living a healthier lifestyle. Rudy UHC dot. Today back to the phones with lately thanks for holding. Greg is next our Greg your. Hello Greg. I started there were no noise at all I'm Eric comment to question mark Allred it is. With regard that our brains yeah be unloading big import take. The high level caliber basketball. We all know eat it or flying. And I'm not actually people look at the right side of that that she could determine. How well he's doing and that that's. Let's just be bad for him because he's been really well rounded and heat that he really really start gains and I think is that. It's still yet come so might my next question is. EU's built like I adored winners Shannon emergent and and leadership these shows really helped honors gain. Elevate WT bill that's true or false. And then that the second part of the question as. Like barely get a read only understand that it's personality and his leadership without being. Those don't Betty and so quiet even more so than then threaten world. But give these kind of outgoing person that you really think it's being by. By the stripped of the neck can and dragged him along I mean it appears to be doing that I'm just curious what kind of out of the personality. Does he have. Good questions. First of all. Eyes I think it has helped Connor. To. Be able to move without the ball and try to get open for a shot which is something they wanted to do. And then be kind of based secondary. Ball handler. And his passing and everything has been very good all law but I think that. It's relaxed him a little bit and other phases of the game that he's not having to do quite as much in running the offense. And I think that Landry and Connor have developed a real nice affinity for each other I think. As Bob mention they both played 36 minutes on Sunday at Bradley and they were in the game. Most of the time together and I think you could see. Real good cohesiveness starting to develop. Between two. Well they can both shoot the basketball so both of you can handle it. Both of them are very good passers have a high assist to turnover ratio sham it is 21. Cutters three and a half to one. Sixty assists seventeen turnovers only seventy turnovers. Connery shooting. Fifty courtesy 46%. From behind the arc in valley play. And let me share in the shooting 47%. From behind the arc. It Dolly plays those really really high numbers. For both of those guys so they both executed that book at him that they don't make me very many turnovers. I ship that's always been a real strong defender. Connor has developed into a better fit I think he's playing a lot better defensively. In your seat that's why you get more minutes because they are breaking it down defensively like they were last year so. I think that's a good point I think those two guys who played well together. And an ethnic he's coming up the bid to move either position because little point he can play a little off his little street guys are playing really well now they've got a kid. They shot back plane and well he should stop playing with a lot of confidence right now he's loaded with talent. Very explosive news that guys that can that can be a one man fast breaking which have all the court that they don't have. Otherwise. It was deep give him exactly the way he was played before we. Glad that you asked about landry's leadership style and his development as a leader. He's not even real vocal guy and this is not his nature he's fairly quiet that he is outgoing and agree that relates well with his teammates. I am starting to see more and more for him like if if they run a series of plays and shoot around. And somebody lose the wrong spot you're very quickly point to that point where they're supposed to go like they remembered here you're there. He also I think instills a certain amount of confidence. In his teammates because he's very solid and he's very calm. And they feel like when he has the ball there's a calming influence out there that guys can make the play and get it done so I think that's been a real plus. Am I I think he has a guy that doesn't necessarily say a lot of orphans reach that point where he's going to be that guy to grab somebody by the Jersey. But I think he's getting closer to that and I think that because he worked so hard. And he's where he's supposed to be all the time that gains a certain amount of respect from his teammates and when he does say something they certainly listen. He's no Tom Brady that gets thinner receivers faces. The map because you read it wrong pattern that's not let the candidate who development of that but he's not fit our needs more quiet guy and I think he leads by example. You know he goes out there plays defense rebounds. Takes good shots to steer the ball so doing everything he's supposed to be fluent. It is Carter's a quiet guy who doesn't he doesn't say much in he's kind of a quietly so they don't really have that. Guy that'll grab the other guys quite used to you could say hey let's go let's get this thing going so. I guess the emotional guys have been accused of forwards on the feet. A little skill reasserting Kelli at eight years of local leaders those three guys play with a lot of intensity and a lot of horror in. He and with a lot of excitement they need calming down sometimes that's good we have. Some guards that are too excitable. Because those forwards can't get sped up. 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WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven OK why is. Fast center isn't the high side of tonight's matchup between western us states and to break. This is the 151. Meeting all times between these two programs which is state. Has the upper hand in the series 103. 247. Before we get back to the phone's a quick putter question from barrel vest as state Stallworth. Still attend many of the shocker home games and unfortunately he does not he just doesn't. Get around as well as he used to it and I know he still follows the Cleveland jury listens and watches and you know we had an opportunity and number of years ago now let's. Dave doll and I would have him on occasionally on our pregame show the world we're doing now before home games. Add it was pretty impressive when we started talking to him just all the little stuff he had served for his seat up there in the stands who really knows the game loves that game. And pays very close attention but no he has not been able to really get around well enough to attend many home games for a lot of and back to the. Ons for now with the next call now. Oh my good things take my call I kind of felt we split didn't realize it was early gains some call a little later this program Obama saying anything that was so redundant or stroke and it looked this up and other game around the valley if look at that northern Iowa. Illinois State game that we forty talk about how northern Iowa started off. 45 this year gathered to five it but we'll last year correct if I'm wrong they start off two and six in the conference. In any kind of caught fire so yes it will but the pattern there I'd use. Northern Iowa's team but I wouldn't want to be playing right now I believe the bush. It what you come across the scene in. I think it's spread redneck games and points against Illinois State in normal but I think it's going to be realistic game. And then sexually. You discussed it but what does the record. Great and the coach and change I know that they started sporting a lot better. The end the record is new this priest was better but what is the record did with the base. All right and it pops into the second 11 because little quicker. Great his six and eight cents Jeff rudder became the interim coach and actually they were one and seven. And and in the first three games that he took over as head coach. They lost three more. And and then finally got their first back to back wins the ever Mississippi. Now we stayed within their conference opener with Loyola and starting with those wins. They are now six and five since he took over as head coach so. Six and five. This in the last 116 and eight overall since he became the head coach and here recollection of northern Iowa is exactly correct they were two and six in the league a year ago. They've had a six game losing streak overall one point and then why don't they went. Would have been nine and won the rest of the way in the conference won nine out of ten. Including the streak breaking home street home court streak breaking landed at ARCO Arena. And then of course went on among the valley turn evidence. When we saw that T really this year we thought. They're gonna be better than what you're playing right now. You seem like they. Something was missing that whatever it was Ben Jacobson does a great job of figuring it out as they're certainly playing much better. Last year you know who he experimented with running and gunning. Year before and they had a little bit of a hangover from that last year I think it's early because Washburn still wanted to running gun. I think after they've started loses games head we're really down in valley play you went back to what he would that successful with. Previously and that is really really good half court and defense. Control and its temple on the offensive end keeping the game for the fifty. And it worked for. Bohannon really shot well what's this season Washburn really keen on if you remember he had great faulty against them which the which dog in the valley tournament he took over that game. Late negated his cleared out for him at the top and isolated him and he scored a number basket for the role. Maybe. Ability the ability to guard it. In they want that he knocked it you have shocker out of the valley from semi finals that I stayed the next day watch that game against Evans. He took over that's ballgame it's made a remarkable shot to win that game. Otherwise Devin politicos the NCAA tournament. You've got to do you think yeah after the game. You and I would think it was a shot that hit the rim went up at the top of the backward that self rule. Couple minute shot that topic he's Evansville because you feel like her. Should it be taxes they have which would've propelled about the California they would've played Oklahoma but field I don't know Oklahoma felt. Remarkable turnaround for you and I last year and it looks like a kind of a similar story. Going on right now this year. Something it's been interesting about them. I was surprised. Because I thought Dennis cook played pretty effectively against Wichita State in the game up at Cedar Falls. But he came out about midway through the second half. And never went back here and didn't play about the last nine or ten minutes and I thought that was kind of strange given that he didn't playing fairly well. And I talked to someone familiar with their program from there with him and I can't remember right now who was part of one of the TV guys who said. That he had this tendency that it could. To achieve missed a couple of shots or made a mistake to really get down on himself and then he was the fact he's been so that may have been why he came out of the Wichita State game and didn't look back here. But he is playing more extended minutes now he has become a very key guy for them and certainly gives them that. Inside out presence because there's still a team that lost like to shoot a lot of threes. And the freshman. Guard has been coming on. As a three point shooters so. There are a lot of things going on with them that have made them better than they were earlier in the year and again Illinois State has to play them twice so that's. That's gonna be a real factor in this race before so there. That you and I Drake played each other on Saturday in they had the crowd you're about 5200. With the big crowd for Drake. It's an instate rivalry as you can imagine. There's a lot of U of I alumni in the civil area so big game for those two he. And the SID here told me that that it could really play well and they could stop him inside they had no answer for him inside. In so he's really come on and say who else come on for them is that with Carlson you know he was really struck in the middle of the season. In that now he starts to play like he did as you please remember how he killed his doctors in this home loss. Hopefully that drove history and hopefully valid permits so that guys start to play better. We are into the new year here now and opportunities. Start planning. What you wanted to do for the year at their part of that includes new flooring. Then you need to seek bars because they will help you with the planning no high pressure salesmanship is helping you find exactly. The materials are looking for whether it's carpet area rugs hardwood. Lamb of that child you name it. They will help you find just exactly what you're looking forward to give your home or office for that matter that perfect look. If you're looking forward to bars carpet outlet in Florence center at 1816. 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Second straight road game and coach is certainly looking to get off to a better start to you have the last couple. Yeah we'd like to get it off to better start than have the same type of second half that would be the forty minutes together. You know just think think Dennis is a forty minute game and not a when he mitigate its been uninteresting on the road the last couple times we played poorly. The first half. And great in the second half and home for awhile. We're playing great in the first half and put the game away and then not so well in the second half for awhile but. You know it's. Again I'm just glad it's a forty minute game and Mike charged with these guys is to come out well and finish well and if we can put close to forty minutes together where. Hard to be. We've been talking lately that's starting to see people for the second time Drake a little bit unique and every garden that they were going through a coaching change the first time. Played them just a couple of games and that had. So what have you seen from Jeff writers as far as maybe what you're doing that is had a chance to settle. Why he's doing a fantastic job he really is this team was struggling in the pre conference to the point where coach Jack Valenti just said I believe we need a new voices. Brought my tenure scrubbing down here and he's he's he went on vacation. Credit to him he he he was it was bothered him and using it. The word was they the guys need a new voice in in coach routers certainly given him a new voice and the player with house money I mean there's there's no. Expectations. And they're just play free and easy. So they're shooting the ball extremely well they're there they were playing 131 exclusively almost when they came to our place early. In other artist and they they're guarding pretty well but they can really score that that. Second best offensive. Scoring team in our league get with a first so this could be attracted me. Certainly one of their real threats but a guy you've had some success against creek timber and keep your guard and have you been able to despite a couple of tendencies that you've been able to try to play to keep him from getting India's most effective spot. Well first of all he's a great competitor tremendous scorer. And at the tendency that we try to. Utilized in and make our guys aware. Is he loves that sweet spot. Left side facing the basket when he drives he's a lefty. And he wants to get four or five feet from the basket in front of the basket almost in the lane. Just there's barely off senator on the left side he he's great when he does he gets his body and she finishes with his left hand. He cannot go right nearly as well so we've got to play that left him hard. But he's shooting making 236 gain he's really improved as a jump shooter. And he's he's a tough guard they've got other guys like or organ not a we've really scoring well it's a bottom of the net if you give him time and space walk to work. Can really shoot it though he has his numbers have been a little bit down but he was scorching hot on fire early on. So that played well they've got would work comes in off the bench he plays. With no fear almost like a got a skeleton he's gonna Jonas probe and search and dribble around and looked for his offense. And they've got the three or four guys with size inside slaughter. It landed in a bold and so they had their their complete team what did you cope. Four man TJ what's his last name Thomas TJ Thomas. Very good athlete. They're they're good at 15 and erode homes prior to losing last game against northern Iowa but that was a great game or that I watched a video. Good scouting report thank you good luck tonight we'll check it coach Gregg Marshall to shudders and Drake coming up from tomorrow. 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The highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy and we are here for you. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance seat agency Jared Crawford had shown Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY and the need to do. I pregame show continues from that standard and Iowa Mike Kennedy alongside Bob Hope you'll pardon. Our producer in the studio glad to have you witnessed tonight as the shoppers take on straight for the second time this season. And they 151. Time. In the history of the two programs Bob has tonight's winning strategies. But I do by capitol federal first moment new home or dream home you can trust the strength behind True Blue financing capitol federal it. Housing lender and member FDIC. Thank you Michael let's first talk about the fifty break their Ford wanted Bally games here at the half that are. In the last six games at home they average 88 points and shot 41%. From behind. The three point line they played very well at home they loved her running gun so defensive transition is going to be critical for which I thought they tonight that we achieve the Rick back on defense. Off and pick them up quickly and they'll let the free why it granted. They love to shoot long three so defenders. Must be skating on their vote. Was their shooters kept the ball they got four guys. That's about 35. Three. Six point shooter we've ever heard coach marshall's talking about him averages seventeen points. A ballgame his feet in the last five games. He should 45. Read relief all well and I'd love to drive left. Draws a lot of fouls. And he shoots a lot of free throws the 81% of hopefully hit foul yet 47 points at Missouri State at 48 point. Evansville but it back around we'll probably start on the end there's been offered little hope that fact rounds linked. Will bother timber when he drives 62 junior point guard. Young country McMurray. Is that you quote transfer excellent point guard get thirteen point at which dusty keeping three eight reads. Yet but four of eight threes against southern Illinois hit four of seven threes. At UN night so he can get those threes to once O'Connor they shot we're gonna hander his full yardage book Marie. 63. No but they Obama very we've been in a slump the last three games only shooting 19%. To fifteen from three so that it. Early maybe you could continue in that slot. 63 or you or a gun not a day. RO does it. You have grievances that the cook the political allegory. You have an athletic freak he scored fifteen. Points Saturday if you and I hit three threes though you've been athletic I think you get ignored them Wofford or hurt bookmarks we'll talk about any specific forward. He's coming off a bit now but the danger of long range bombers hit eight of eleven threes against Mississippi Valley State. 68% of his shots but there 390 thoughtful better the flow for the last three games he's only four of 23. From three point so hopefully it's not for the people died in the shooting slump. Now second he would often be careful not to get affected or running and it would break if that happens here they shooters really well. In this building that issue should push it. We should look for transition drive to the hoop if you look pretty easy holed up in transition and get that all the big but if nothing is easy there. Work work the ball and hit the shots you want pacifist. Good shot to get a great shots and they need to go inside it Willis divorced and nurture play inside out. Number three rebounding that the issue with plus nineteen rebounds. Drake is minus one team Reid now sold a shocker to exploit this advantage on the board that night ray extra shots. By running down those long rebound long shots. Mean the long rebounds for the guards but it has the rebound well on the defensive end if that they can make break this some of those three quarters. Trashy office aboard a festive period sold. In which he thought that issue won the battle of boards by 26 rebounds. They outscored Rick what in 68. Is second chance points fell rebounding could be a big key. If he denied it for you ready for a tough game. Give greatness its first eight shots in Wichita. We thought they got up early he led by thirtieth ahead if you wanted when he when I'd go see that happening again here tonight. Analyzing what the Gloria you've played a lot better at home. Did they do on the road to a very grateful. To get this shot for the tough battle for the players need to be ready for that kind of walking. I'm not a mention again that Austin greens did not even make the trip up here he's back home working on getting the shoulder ready as soon as possible hopefully that by Saturday. Against Illinois State. But him not being here tonight certainly shocked shortens the shocker guard rotation as it did in Peoria. And as you mentioned they shop Smith has really been struggling lately seems to have lost some confidence. So a real keen for the shot there's not only tonight but the rest of the way would be for him to bounce back and start playing like we know we can play that. Particularly losses Reid is not available. Yeah I think he's gonna get thrown out there gonna have to play. It's now what what happens if predictive of foul trouble. Maybe ship that is profitable than they have had the lean heavily on the occasion of the fifth and maybe even the big hiker. If that would happen. Transpired here tonight so what were they shot to play a lot tonight they've got a couple little guard that he could beat him guard. We've talked about re interview cyclicals so Woodward is the sixth would you do that come off the bench so Adobe guys that you could match up again. Soccer fans today after any shocker when it's a party at jets' locker room hitting on heavily points to shut your score you can save 1025 even 40%. I'll call shocker merchandise soccer fans all over proud to say I got it. That is that's locker rooms. And that lasted will be back with the starting lineups at the opening tip off as soccer's big break. Is the colder making you shiver even endorse called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or install a new Lennox system heat your home now. And pay overtime with a six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657. 831. 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You're TV we don't charge extra for delivery in Sana its good prices and in fairness it's what we do all day long have you TP we've got her roots in which it's not not to start branches. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance. It's C agent and G Valentine Ryan woods does these cells foreign mall vein agent Kirk Farber. So the. Why did. All my. Straight seven and fifteen overall but. Five and five in the valley six and eight Jeff rudder since he took over. As the team's new head coach always great Jack Levy's resignation. On December 6 so writers and a nice job with this team they're playing well particularly here at com we've mentioned a few times. They've won their first four valley home games and five in all five straight home games before an eight point loss. To northern Iowa on Saturday so this team certainly shapes up with a much more dangerous team. The villain Wichita State defeated ninety to 65 at which time. On January the fourth. We just saw the team that the attackers beat if they came missed I have been added with a top Bradley by 34 give the soccer's a much tougher game Peoria ill. On Sunday so we'll see what tonight brings looks like it's big match up. Certainly should be a fun match up Wichita State the highest scoring team in the conference at 81 point seven points. Per game and Drake is the second highest scoring. At 73 point four they're actually averaging over 75 points per game in conference play. But it should be set also giving up over 79 per game in conference games allying their opponents to shoot. 45%. In league play and 45 plus for the season as a whole. So just about ready to go here but first we'll honor America with our National Anthem. Yeah. We'll. OK. Okay. Okay. Okay. We'll see me. Okay. I. And OK. Okay. Okay. We're. They call themselves C broke golf course like those vocal. And nice rendition of our National Anthem to get things underway here tonight at the epicenter in the line just about ready for the introduction. Of the starting lineups and it's just been thrown up on the screen confidence on the stat moderate looks like Shaquille Morris. We'll be back in the starting lineup tonight after not starting in the soccer game Bradley. On Sunday picked those up on the court starting line up front you buy equity bank where you never pay an ATM fees picture to visit them online and equity bank. Dot com the shocker in broad black tonight. Stripes in gold and white alternating letters and numbers in gold. Was quite tightened around the edges of Drake will be at home wife. Letters and numbers in blue. Still waiting for the first introduction. What a shocker is that a forward sex around 66 junior from Houston. Averaging seven point eight points per game probably shot his best individual defender he'll have some important. Defensive assignments tonight against a team that has some shooters. Marcus Vick Duffy a 68 sophomore from Paterson, New Jersey average club and a half point five and a half rebounds per game. Coming off a career high fourteen rebounds against Bradley. On Sunday Shaquille Boris back in the starting line at the centers exceed 265. Pound redshirt junior from Edmond Oklahoma. Averaging eight point two points per game. And four rebounds per contest at at the guards for the shots is as it has been for a while in recent games it will be Landry sham it. 64 redshirt freshman from Kansas City he has really been playing exceptionally well. In the last eleven games going back to chapters last nonconference game against South Dakota stated averaging. Ten point six points per game a team leading three point one assists shooting over. 41%. From three and he is twelfth in the nation in assist to turnover ratio at three point seven. A lot of ground again the other guard spot under friend can't. Six foot redshirt junior from Wichita north. Seven points per game two point six assists three and a half the water system turnover. At shooting 53%. From three over the last seven games making sixteen. His last thirty. Cutter matched his career high points on Sunday with 58 at Bradley had a career high six rebounds a career high three steals. And also had three assists. In that game. For Frey TJ Thomas is six days skinny 205 pound junior from stone mountain Georgia wanted to forwards six point one points per game. At four point eight rebounds per contest. Read timber will be Eric artists excellent junior from New Berlin Wisconsin. Steve Williams scored sixteen point six points per game shooting 38% from three. 45%. From beyond the arc over the last seven games. Rory Oregon Dottie has been the second hottest scorer over the last several games 63 junior from Chicago. Eight and a half points per game on New Year's shooting 41%. For the three who's been in double figures in nine of the last eleven games averaging thirteen point one. Points per game over that stretch and making 48%. Of his threes played three of 48. Over the last eleven games. That would land look at the start it's better one of several bigger bodies they have little alternated that five spot 68245. A sophomore from about Wisconsin five point four point game. At four point one rebounds. The point guard is beyond today that Maria 62 junior. From a Alton Illinois transfer from southwestern Illinois College experts fear that great. And the very averaging eight point to point the game and reassess so does not mention he's been struggled a little bit. Over the last three games tonight officials are Steve Olson is French jobs. And Jeff Campbell and we are just about ready to get this would underway here in the more. Greg that's some good guards but Maria shiver in Horry those three guys can play with the shocker art Phillip and yet the Phoenix. You. It force things inside. And exploit their side quicken. Side. In the first game between the two at Wichita. Five shocker scored in double figures six at nine you warned that included she killed Morris with thirteen you know Willis with Hannah markets but Duffy. With 1110 points and eleven rebounds. Try to lob the ball right blocked field forest that McAfee. Overthrown a little bit Lofton to keep Shaq couldn't catch up when it which doctors turn it over under for his position. I'm more tentacles that from the right block had them in the live. Which definitely have but that's not real capacity here but nothing. In the front court Drake with live at the top he's not wanted to three point threats handoff to temperature ever being guarded by Brad rightly the American body with a three that's the way short. Jason Dunham along rebound by Shaquille Morissette the sham it. Landry that we have court right baseline that nothing that pummeling the sham it's a Wall Street two more starts at topped in those right winged Brownback got front Shannon left side frank can't. Left lot Boris spinning in the line rent ticketed there got a little too much shuffling in their fifth grade marshals. Kind of pulled itself back compounded both hands down on the scorers table. As this actors have turned it over on their first two possessions trying to go into the post about the movie that softens the tentacles travelers sometimes they don't call prevalence that time. Steve Olson called it. Make a different sort of the right to build Florida Oregon left links very transit ticket line pulls up to the ouster the fifty players. Leon. Only making four of 21 shots over the last three games into the matchup between he and livery ships. Ground work at the right baseline double team got threats to ship it gets a 30 OK good Landry sham it knocked it down the trail which state takes it personally. At three to two and we talked bloody shoot 47% from behind the arc in valley play need not happen now the top of the key. A crowd Oregon got it started my friend camp was quick query for three spins out this time of the rebound the markets with nothing will get really good look came off multiple screens channel was a little bit late he missed it. Janet drive my multiple upload of content bounces off three badly Daffy back gap kind of forced it missed it. Not anybody got fouled but he was he had his turn he's shooting shoulder right into the defender's drip kind of a wild shot. Sorry got delayed trip and I think that's going to be a crown on McCaffery no opportunity on Zach brown. Well the now his first in the team's first. Should be a believe on the drive no free throws here trickle pled out from underneath when you've got to get down and as he had to move your keys that Nick -- McMurray could drive it typically drives. Never left wing dribbles not a threat keeps a journal takes it in the lane. Try to go for the right handed shot was blocked my friend Tim recovers out front Thomason and effective team right away. Drives the right side goes and it was a reverse lay up bothered by Morris missed a shot rebound friend can't. Not a pushing up the middle of the floor circles the left front row on the wing wide open three presents a good test ground. Over the last nine games and only made five of 293. Putting out a wide open look for the shot his first two baskets are from beyond the arc that's good season next round knockdown shot five of thirtieth athletes play from behind the arc so that speaks for him. It to get that shot. 62 Wichita State McMurray circles off the Wall Street down the line lost a handle on it but it's not the left corner Thomas drives it from there goes okay explosive plays it right around the country destroyer that did take Tavis that's constructively to 64 in the Duffy was that done that stance and Thomas took advantage of a win like right finally scored a little jump hook. Left block Boris with the turnaround from about twelve Shaquille Morris with a basket. As a shocker to lead eight to four it's the first shot he's actually got they try to get it to wants overthrew it a mini travel. On his second opportunity to secure him wars and Willis of or are these people right at the big stuff for Drake. But I live right block against Shaquille Morris who stepped sake not try to back him down not coming from a definite flip of that to Thomas for fifty footer that's good. CJ Thomas hit his second basket he shot through grade eight to six the only averages six point ballgame he's already got four. Rocketed up land reach him at at three at the 102 line into the front court drives left off the screen by sprint can't keep just dribble go and Morse pops out discreet form now left wing of spring camp on the left lots. Boris with the turnaround partially blocked previously Duffy stick to back him up the left dead and nice rebound slightly puffy he was wide open on the weak side of a second look he could pass for over. For that done but. Nobody blocked off. Looked up easily got the perfect 106 doctors TJ Thomas the dribble hand off to Oregon got it right out front with a picked up his dribble high post left elbow to Thomas. Posted on the floor almost got stripped now. Throws a little underhand flip up there mystery that's if there's a battle on the floor has suffered like TJ Thomas tried to fight a teammate rightly McMurray prologue through. And beyoncé. As beta midrange jumpers and free now has five points and Drake within. He had three out of eight threes in Wichita scored thirteen points against a shocker sincerity knock down a couple here. Round at the top broken inside and Morris who has enough and left wing stuff. On the street pastor that Fred can't drive close up from twelve rolls in counter trend camp a little pull up jumper gets his first two. All five starters who scored the shot his latest twelve tonight that's a shot people saw him make it high school all the time that'll pull up jump and he starts to use it in the valley play that's very effective. Very guarded by sham it soared to drive that it gives an often TJ Thomas triple handoff to Oregon study brings it right to the middle. Keep his dribble looking to drive it stops get sprinkler hot they're not alcoholic for the death. And it all comes up short to make Duffy. Frank camp went straight up bad shooter kind of jumped into it but could've gone either way down the block Morris turnaround partially blocked rebounds if it's not about last had fled. The markets that Duffy trying to keep the rebound alive. I'm not on the floor. Under sixteen time out at 1448. To go the first half its Wichita State twelfth straight time. What happened to paying one price and getting everything included you buy an airline ticket and pay extra to bring a change of clothes look hotel room in your show and offer Wi-Fi an overpriced bottled water proof really. Imagine my delight when I found a roadside assistance is now included with my shelter insurance auto policy or get a play. I needed jump I just call and they took care of me there's no additional cost but some restrictions apply. More free insurance through mussina Otis Deanna only call her or might render in Wichita and this is what it sounds like when truck I shot but other dealerships. About Greg or. 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Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance C agent John Green bread woody or in valley center agents ten day US you shocker basketball his own 103 point seven KG was. Would you tell us it's shooting four of 1040%. One of three from. Raiders Dodgers are five 956%. And to a two from beyond the arc rebounding also favors which is thus they six. And on turnovers and for the shot is done for Drake which is okay. It overrun its first two possessions but it's come back to make five of nine shots since the rebounds and support structure took flight leave there that's that's an area where I think they need to. Floyd hit those offensive boards try to get some putback with Duffy had. Weren't put back already promised the surgery and we'll get a couple that you fresh picks for the shot there's no Willis and left Toronto third period for Drake. Killing swamp cooler is if Graham Woodward is dead. Casey's waters in the game and Jake compatible so they've sub four players only on staking out there as the hunted the very least edited backcourt. And it bringing up against Landry candidates chuck are you picking up full court man to man. Marie in the front court had to get out front left would want to put double team on the together way back. It's. Communication with brown and nurture both of what was the ball handler nobody well within the ball rolling to the basket. Ground out front right side of the Florida friend camp well above the art goes off the screen pulls up from. From three right wing rims off the left side rebound loose on the floor. Had picked up time Murray fort Drake. Very different course still behind the back dribble and then goes left when the Woodward. Look at high load out and double off left las sensitive tested at the swamp coolers wasn't away from the ball. Now good beyond Dionte victory for illegal screen and now we the first now whistled against Drake. I was setting up a screen for a while we're their forward that's a really good outside shooter but he must have moved. Is studio defense defender and got called for the blocking foul. Shocker basketball she dammit bringing it up and across the time line drives left those left when this next round back to Janet headed to the basket for the easy layup real slick play at CEO UCLA cut that John would use to. And employee should have a pass to brown. Cut off for nurture screen wide open next transplants round champ Landry was five shots usually fourteen to eleven. I'm in the right side forcing all the way at McMurray please get a get a foul call was Landry sham it. Cattle too much body audit that will be landry's first the team's second. And we'll sending down tape McMurray to the line for Drake so far McMurray playing very well for the bulldogs I was talking to IB Isaac brown. The shootaround he said these guards are good he thinks McMurray it's one of the top point guards in the league so champs and it's fanciful. Very junior college transfer of first three movies got six. And here's this pattern this year he has scored in double figures in eight games fourteen point six points per game he's been almost half of these 322 of 47. In those eight only four and a half points per game in the other hand. Only twelve of 151 from three PC should be off to one of the good starts tonight makes the second free throw he's got seven. I have come out for a breather and checking into CJ river sixty junior from Skokie Illinois so it's 1413. Wichita State. Bringing it up. Deja on Smith now for the shoppers. Those left wing this next round and Hewlett getting your wrist your right wing differing stance. It was not a threat to big shots that's heading into the street truth or right side Willis drives it to the basket goes up frogs got a lot. For the greenback recovered by filling an offer for right. Looked like he made it really move that got played in there and get just shot blocked right at the last second in the clutch hit slaughter beach but the water recovered and blocked it. Anibal spitting tried to go baseline to nurture not have a lot. Behind blocked by Roloson and now has had a ball recovered off the block it went back up. Incher that's under your Willis I think one Willis for us all ones I think it's 41 we'll constantly. On their own it would be his first thirteen fell two shots coming for a big and I mean big ticket in doubled. Free throw credible free points. And getting some early points out of him kind of a bonus season we've been playing the eight minutes a game in some of that was. Enhanced by the minute he was playing early in the year only one point nine points per game and every history and his ties six points against I don't and he's already got five was four record here. Tonight a level playing with a lot of intensity we'll write a shocker it's. Break in the league 1514. They've only let previously once he did not think Lewis drives less satellite went right around slaughter. And they're gonna take away the basket and he had a great move data around him. That's now really had nothing to do with keeping him from scoring but they're gonna wave off the basketball now on the drive against Casey slaughter. Slaughter six foot ten sophomore 220 pounds and he's not as quick. It's near a little schools to go right by any chance that the top left wing friend can't get to three way guess. And a little bit the street initially it had opened the merger and hit the three Connors got it to a victory and has five early points. Wichita State back in front 1750. Defender tried it she'd over the tops O'Connor played it nice and asks nicely I Franken in of all slipping off the street had stripped out of his hands by deja on snapped a shot up to the front for a loss of recovered by the Duffy drives and all the way down the length. But the the left and then missed the layup in the rebounded drink Mike Duffy got all the way to the basket but his good finishes and and now. Transition. And CJ. It's wide open dates on it. Thank him for not picking them up rivers got behind the shot there's ladies did for his first 217 on nurture left lot's been double teamed up for the quarter McDuff deeper three bounces off. Every it is selling software Wichita State not getting any second chances early on here rivers and the different tour keeps his dribble at the top of flips and not what you're driving into the keyhole that's his right side of Laporte holds up the fifteenth this is not that long rebound that departed Fred yeah. Cotter pushing it up the left side of the floor. And that's not to nurture look at title of the Willis derelict catch in the air but slaughter was holding him before he got the ball in the air with Alan Casey slaughter will be his second. And the teams that are they need a heavy dose of that slaughter can not cover we'll sit side. Doctors need to keep going into the media time out 1142 to go in the first half its Wichita State seventeen Drake. Seventy is the co they're making you shiver even indoors called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or install a new Lennox system heat your home now. And pay overtime with a six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. Prevent that Scott brings up. By fox sports Kansas City and that's 800. Good in big lecture that comfort they take a look at this 4017 armada from a data base. It has all the hot ticket here famous actors if you've got to expect from Obama. And price well below those recorded for the problem. Where they're going to grandma's out from the grand big job armada will be an absolute pleasure and start. I gathered hopefully the more water created gesture. What do you like. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. C agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent Wes away WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE. What took us to. Great shot presentable that's down thirty I have done 1140 didn't go in the first half tonight great Kansas even at seventy all. Certainly one big difference with the dusted every about a rate by 26. It was just off tonight directly on the board nine to seven. But to cut state which had an operation rebounds in the first game has to do so far and only 22 chance points. Doctor seven of fifteen from the field and 47%. There's certainly the numbers could fluctuate quite a bit of market but nothing makes that driving left had to lay out 50%. You plug straight six of 1442. Point. That's great almost being in different about defense when they played soccer on Jane. Report in which you've gone now they're playing much better defense goes through its captain plays them tough enemy defense. Nation unscripted batting left corner sham it for three missed about tobacco and I think for Kelly and saves out front to Smith over locally the sham it. Left lock to make Duffy. Looks in the line. And then throws it out Brad sham it Landry right wing geisha Smith for three off the front of the rim kept it kept alive by the shoppers grab. By CJ rivers for Drake. That's not respond again and offensive rebound but couldn't convert and Kelly went way up because that was still pushing him. Tips feels throws and had to Kelly drive to the basket take contest could get it to Paula go to the line for two. That the pass was just across half court try to throw over the top electric and the but he jumped up tipped it to himself. And it Judy Kelly up ahead and play who got out golden mask. That your was a foul was on but it is. Hot drink this shots or Reshard college. Play off the left side. Sharon has really been playing well lately but he continues to struggle at the free throw line 46 point 4%. Against Bradley Sunday that would also bouncer up the left side of the not to be offensive rebounds does back up the justice it's not near Vista rebounds tipped out. The shocker fifth driven hard time shoot you know with the defenders forcing shots up and knocked it. The fall river's dry it's great passing shot was blocked his shot advanced nation on this could keep it down. Nice dish in the land that a couple of shock is blocked a shot from behind. It deflected toward the shocker here today shots at him get through that before and really aggressive. Great team playing here tonight to answer your. They can adapt to shock on the offensive and who plays the recipient of Edmonton is that the defense have been especially inside. Still 17781056. To go first half McMurray or against Doughty of timber. Are back in for Drake with lens gonna shoot three for not try to dare. But bland who was one of the eleven from three all season it's a three for the gold it went two for twelve. They showed Smith and it's not dribbles into the top of the circle that over the rightly Kelly had a light up the tree didn't choose to take it Smith down on the left block to nurture. Run us into the line jump hook rolls in and out rebound it doesn't tip there with the reflected after the live with him. Democrat and understand it goes all the way. And both can be called operation are now. You have to have a pretty good job. Making everything perfectly typical summer his left knee high on the board Kelly got a little bit late call came off the board. Kelly shifted that's not a medical tip. PO Morris in Toronto mergers Zach brown is going to check that he had. Soccer lined up this spring camp back in its print can't see him at ground. Boris hand picked up nothing so back to the original starting five that justice. The streaking Disney resembled the late which don't game four. They lead at 22 to 171019. Still to go to firsthand evidence of the for a tour right when she feels wars. Do nothing. Right weight training camp lobbed over the top of Morris gets quick release lays it yet. Really beautiful beautifully executed that play that time to get the ball inside the wars knights half like on her. Checkers are now eight of twenty from the field it made eight of their first look I was the first night law. Well I just relaxed a little bit of McCurry was a good step behind before. Program is old enough at this period that. Murray who has been treated you horribly the last three games read but tonight he's got to have already 4519. Bulldogs' ground left side pulls up to about seventeen and yes. Zach brown now was five points already one of his best scoring outputs and we'll help soccer's Stan Ford 928 to go through staff. Realists that pulls up to three again that's way up the mark long rebound out to make Duffy. It's across the time line drive it around organ dotted the baseline. It was about a quarter wide open free for print can't do it again when normally it's great kid driving ticket McCarthy definitely as McNulty. Driving the baseline ticket for a camp. Who made the long went from the right corner. Shoppers are 44. Eight from three and they are back within one point 520 floors McMurray right wing chipper which creates no good off the bat rebound markets that nothing. That you'll bring it out himself push it across the timeline. Pulls up that a seventeen footer rims off have a rebound or get doubting flickering. Morgan got protests at Fort McMurray left wing snaps and it down the block which most vocal about picked up it recovered by French camp. Conner behind the back it's around the Murray drives in the key hole left wing ground Longstreet buys back in and out rebound followed by Shaquille Morris that we talked about and get some second chance points that there was one right here a shot that almost went with a two by ground in and out but here comes more of if you couldn't. Shaq who's six this doctors backing for a 2625. McMurray up beyond the top of the art. Isn't it to consumers are regarded by brown wants to drive it down the lane goes up partially blocked by Morris for the foul. On Shaq. Sixty Boston's gonna colleague with the body down lonely blocked the shot cleanly up not that it is going to be on Shaquille Boris and I will. He his first read timber to the line for two of the really overplayed his left him because he doesn't like to drive in the right but he's already gone to the right a couple of times that time. Threw it high off the board you got to make him finished third don't found him they can finish them is right that is the right here it is he's left it. He's really good at this spot and 81%. Plus a year ago 81% this year. After finishing fifteenth in the nation as a freshman at 86 point one. Percent and going with this guy at the lines are shut up under five free throws them in this game. It shoots almost 75%. Of the team of their six for six tonight from maligned Vista makes both of them. But this team back in front 27268. Indigo for staff. Landry champ it brings it up for what you custody drives it right covered by my organ not a government satellite Boris can edit out. Attackers have had their share of tough misses in this first half he did it matters timber up there quickly to organ daddy left wing left blocked Thomas wheels of their job book. Crowds is our strong rebound by Shaquille Boris outlets Oceanic. Guys that are around Oregon study in the right corner brown. And back out to him at the top Boris left wing training camp. Round cutting out top picks to the free throw circle triples to left baseline not front doors wide open create edit out again. Rebound adopting these kids have their shovels and over the sham it whenever it was and traffic dribbles out find ground key. Downloadable orange jump hook right side wouldn't go rebound great great Thomas competitor. This doctors have missed some good looks that heads the doubters trailed by one. And the record beyond Ted McMurray Ford Drake. Already he shot his plan Jack Mort sees three out of me but shots. Downs one on money has picked up peoples that shoots over a missed an off the front of the rim rebound Shaquille Boris Thomas flopped little bit after missing the shot no call. Kim left side of the left quarter Frankie connected Xiamen on the links list. At the top McAfee back to print can't get into the lane got a strip away from behind by the very differently that's going out and recovered by rates reach him. Delivered a different court to the bulldogs. Went on one against brown out front left wing Marie and athletic and Oregon got a adding a couple of dribbles trust that was right that's right would timber and on the right block enabled look at the bank easily you know Boras back out front Zimmer. Look at for an angle drives it hard got a step on grants ships landed the ground up call rebound Morris giver try to initiate contacted by the called the Duffy to brown rendered the basket reverse layup partially blocked. Out of bounds off inaudible. Nothing probably overpass to fares dropped the ground that we didn't have a good shot as markets did. A wild game going on here at 615 to go in the first half we gonna talk about historic rate 27. Wichita State 46. When you're at work. Growing and harvesting thinking and researching the listing in building. What are you creating. A career the life and you're creating chances as we know it. That's why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas wants you to drive and enjoy the you know line. Although life can be uncertain. You can count on us or reliable coverage of personal service offering security strength and stability we're Blue Cross and Blue Shield of. Chances shocker fans. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KEY. Okay basically. Well it's. 2330%. For his seventh grade that they have made six of six free throws. Wichita State only eleven of 2839. Point 3% four of ten from street which is good. Rebounds or even at six feet of booster shot after just three turnovers. Races for those are good turnover numbers for both teams considering the pace of the game that's been up and down. High speed on what they have a slow whistle the referee to let let defenders buff especially inside and sometimes on the perimeter of affecting the shooting percentage in the little bits shocker shoot 39% rate to be 39%. Doctors started off five for nine but you're only six of their last nineteen they're having trouble for the inside my kill Morris we have eight markets but definitely one of six so far although markets already has eight rebounds. With 642 to go in the first half popping off that fourteen rebound adding if Bradley on Sunday he's really been active on the office have been going with the office of work. But it just stayed out scored Draco and pointed as he did the first reading 42 to twenty. Or it's just him eight shocker so far tonight Hawkins in the Willis left side of the line double team puts it up to him and and let me try to throw it back into illicit photos just hit right out of hand spicy Three Rivers Oceanic did that to them earlier in the game and he had to get extended him by CJ rivers 2726. Straight the bulldogs with the ball really want to look back get out front in the bowl less weight rivers rivers drives that whoever lost the handle faster recovery. Now tries to force his way along the baseline backed up by the PC slaughtered. And crosscourt right wing while while you're driving time brown chills went credible to fumble that was the shocker to lose it out about probably three seconds left on the shot clock but. Had a bullet little shovel passes fumbled it three shocker is there facility could pick it up before I went out their hand out you know offered me to really nice drive and this is probably didn't have his things ready for the past Woodward played it in addition water at the high post. They haven't won this year shouted off missed it rebounds tipped out to Darryl Willis Willis to sham it. To guard your shoe evidence friend can't pitch around nurture and Willis across the front line. Those who topped little handoff to brown. Looks to Shannon tried to cut down the laid them off the right blocking Willis they slice of doubles team that nearly doubles that that stuff he played out of the block the ground up front champ at a wide open three could. Landry Shanda. Houston for two from three he's got eight points and the shocker to back in front point 927. Good passing out of that double team by Willis ground. It found sham acquired over the top rookie. Actually two of three from three and so is kind of different camp to the street from three other rightly want to flirt victory over brown there. As ground was dry running Hillary lovers tonight strolled over about the last eight or nine games it's his first points of the game I've got him 423. The last three games but he knocked that went down. Janet did the best estimate. This so why have we got by his man got a massive than just a little left handed layup at the other rivers throughout it all the way under blocked my littlest bit out of bounds and stay. Doctors are getting the bathroom at that this over the same three maybe four shots like it has become big contact. On a lot of those shots but not that time did she have a wide open just left it short. Is CJ catchers in the game. Soccer's five of eleven from three only seven of 2035%. From two Woodward with a quick jumper missed. Florida did the right side of the river then Taliban like putting your putts that Lenovo right side of the backboard. It to further the lineage. First two crew Woodward down the line Chile pulls up from ten got fouled you go to the line for two of the shot bounced out. They get two shots Dell's going to be on CJ rivers hit him on the Armisen. Came left to right curling at the lane and hit the twisting jumper went up floors this album shot. 3229. Drake back in front 419 to go in the first half. Sham and at the line for two of his first free throw attempts classes. She loves to misses by Helen and Landry knocks that went down he's got nine justices to have. 419 still to go before halftime perilous not Reshard Kelley in for which stay. The last two games. At least 49. Outside the 45. Points the streets could score a lot more that's tonight. Landry's ship that was Tennessee makes the second free throw thirty to 31 bulldogs. Back towards him Woodward's double team on hand. It's passed away two Thomas crosscourt Portland Oregon got to drive it on the line tries to make it past which went through his hands out of bounds. That last night by the shoppers. Let's start depressed because they've got a lot of guards they're always had three guards on the floor in the -- ball pretty well so they people presses can actually go through presses. Quite effectively. For ticket help that that time nobody nurtured Kelly passive investors out of my Shanda and then he's fouled by Billy Waugh blurt. He's he's one up grabbed it and started to come down and take it up court and want blurb book he had. Maldives that will be one of which first but it's only the 151000. No free throws on this would go to those days are commendable to break that Paula and others called about a van the well found I thought he grabbed from him it's hard. Drive it right what would tend to shoot outs run clump were the largest trade no good way off the back iron chased down by nurture. Throughout our dribbling it out himself because he can't get it to a guard dribbles into the crowd for. Credible cents a share in the Leonard fusing the Wall Street for a moment crosscourt right wearing the CJ Kaiser keeps crumbling Kelly. Way out front to Kaiser and over time frame camp fourteen to shoot shoppers down one. Friend camp left wing nurture opened three way too hard to Kelly fighting for its different controlled by Brad Woodward with great. It brings it up stuff to tell circled the way by the shot this and Thomas tried to recover their losses got a bad guys Kyser. Hustling back up hardly poke the ball loose I don't know whether a bad shot normally for nurture. Shoot three's from way outside but against Drake he's keeps going inside. Through flooding three to go first have to get the last media time out of happiness Drake 32. Wichita State 31. We all know that girl the girl with the new insight forwards through speaks in textile. The girl assessed with cats and videos of cats will that girl is playing powerful and she might win state powerball jackpot can fund a lot of cast videos which beat GW was not hello Wilfork and it. It's up to you to win. Wednesday's powerball jackpot is 206 million dollars. This is what it sounds like when truck guy shot but other dealerships about grant war. 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It's seat agent to Jared Crawford had shown Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. Viewers you shocker basketball it's only 103 point seven KEY yeah. Lately in the first half tonight it's not so much anything other than just missing the very capable shot that played pretty well otherwise. Which it does state missed her for a lay out their town why he usually be up by seven points. And that are real straight snap back that up toward. Actually it says the eleventh. If you thought the bad kids eleven to nothing because they credited Dave shot 52 points and he has not scores it's actually eleven did nothing for the great man. God forbid. Not get a lot. The few people off the bench tonight. Willard Kelly. A few days shots. Smith who knows not much of those has so far. Tuck these little bit of a push here. In the last three and a half minutes down one. Eagle and halftime about 45 Landry sham it brings it into different court let me around. Not top nurtured. One drivel gives it up McDuff he had left elbow looks for cutters it goes left wearing different camps not agree to play out front right wing she dammit. He's struggling to brown connected to street from literature dribbles and up top down the lineup but the twister in the lion added is to get by nurture right thing. I think it was too about another missed layup clubs brown got a million traffic a lot of lot of guys around and mrs. shop at birth certificate. That's right tour straight down off the left flocked TJ Thomas. Those are definitely very frustrated by fifty per. Tiger are you have he has now made 33 days advanced thirteen in the first half he's three out of five from behind the arc. You have to stay on naked he's right he's a streaky player you have it rather than he had toughness background left side friend here. It is 3533. To break left wing the Duffy. Down on the left block to nurture run double team back in the nothing Kaiser's online drops off the base and the injured slam dunk from the left side of the basket and nice drive in this type of stuff we got tackled right into the heart of the defense when they yelled he dished over to. Nurtures and watched it. Pronto has the last four points for Wichita State very penetrating at the blimp for three mystic from the city makes another when he was. And now Oregon. And I knew. Came down with a target got to kind of got everything through because grabbed the phone to the floor Steve Olson waited. Until brown went down in the Pocatello American. I don't think he was gonna call the album when brown went down it traveled with a fastball only had to call the Fowler Rory and it was a definitely a fountain with a great fans of about them. Clinton pretty units 35 ball just under two minutes to go first half but Duffy at the top look at I love and nurture left leg to grab he throws it to her throughout the left side of the lane not for nothing shot fake drives it. How to nurture about a fifteen Colorado nurture life Philadelphia scored six straight points and Wichita State in front 3075. Another drive and dish Simon Duffy this time is that it gets that done. And nurture paparazzi is sixteen footer. You are driving left searchers try to help off the street and was just a half step late. Getting in front of you ever caused contacted Ron will be coffers for ourselves you know that's that played its offer it Bentley too often he comes off the street contacting coaches head back. Because of foul. 151000. No free throws 125 to go in the first half. We're way out on the course one against him and off the Wall Street now look at the drive it turns back yet timber down the line but it partially blocked by grass. Protested the best just enough another rebound by the death leadership it. Landry in the press tour right side of the floor dries back into the middle gets a couple of streets hands off to France can't not a reverses his dribble. Guys back left spins down the line off to nurture a three by Ron though miss this would have to rebound accomplishments they have been in Iraq and older who showed it the last three pockets of this that went from about eighteen feet. On the right wing. 3735. Wichita State McMurray off the left flock to Tomas looking to take Atlanta McDuff it will turn around mystical place short another big ducky everybody's got at least ten rebounds. In the first half through Wichita State and fourteen the other night Peoria French camp for three affront and an out of the rebound the Thomas and Atlanta for Drake lend clarity to cameras. Timber accord quickly back 49 seconds to go to have to break once a time out. Difference between the shot clock in the game talked about. Three seconds so likely drag quarter just run it down to a close the theaters they can't take shots. Without giving what to tell us made a chance to get back to the other. And up to 40% today after the shocker to win it that's locker room both east and west. Every shot to advance what the biggest and best everyday price selected as Tucker recognize that fit the official story of Wichita State University. Located on the first floor of the renegades in the center of the WSU campus where you can shop online 24/7. At WSU books dot com tried everything you need court every generation of shocker nation enjoyed their shocker rewards program. Hi Trisha back on future purchases university bookstore the place to shop plus 44 seconds on the shot clock. Just under 47 seconds on the game clock let's we have three. You know whole football live on the air crew used to shooting pretty quickly after waters few passes so let's keep that. Try to run this totally down or not. Marcus Vick stepping it was ten rebounds and three assists in the first after the shocker. They shot Smith in to guard McMurray got front. Very dribble handoff to Taylor brown on hand out or get done regardless spring camp of those who flipped the McMurray had a thirteen to shoot it very. But his lead arm invitational on Smith. Bold attack night drives right girls out to the wing lost a contested three way short three Shaquille mourns for a second Christmas. But it's. Less than a second ago and a half how about that for a finished on the fifth of the long rebound out to the top of the circle Boris got his. And then it was three feet yelling we're going to write down umbilical cord he looked at the C how much time was going. I'm left of two point six seconds to give more dribble. And they've done it right before the war great final possession for what it's not safe to take a four point lead into the break at halftime. It's what you just days for. 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It's C agent and Angie Valentine Ryan woods does these cells for in mall vein agent Kirk Farber. Wichita State University shocker basketball is on 103 point 728. But he's back to mine or have them. You guys date. Leading your age 3935. After scoring the last six points. The better relationships with a you've come together. Think you laid out. America proudly sponsors. Basketball. Ahead I don't know why it's right go whoever thought it was a good idea. Inside play and a half rather masterful. Black history don't bet it's never. It is OK okay inside of basketball's. All. You know takes it back to my days at the southeast can't. Drum corps is really have to meditate and only little kids there and southeast Kansas they could make a lot of noise well first aftershock yours. Struggling to make. Inside that played pretty good defense in fact no rate to 36 plus. Doctors ended up at full time on the show a little bit this shot. Wide open. Layup. But that stuffy inside. That they have been able to convert but credit. Great because their bigs and their forwards are playing very physical in their in their opening shot. Have a slow whistle and I thought out. You might just suit. They adapt. I've pointed to pay a lot of and orchestrated the pain. According. This month. When they're there but maybe now. Little daddy was passing up some early. Freeze to drive the ball lands him but he could create. It ends up with him rebounds in the first half and three assists and just one. Three in the first Kenneth Goodman. Great car. Very bad. Three out of thick green. But I think. Her break camp it was big boy it's good for. We have run a cup they've been here for a he's pretty good Democrats they have not show any day this actors play could get to present a dry line. Tonight. Welcome to McDonald's may take your I don't yeah I'll take a small Coke and all the large plays you know you can get any size Coke for just a dollar rate so a small Coke is just a dollar and. 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Acxiom healthcare services provides three unique still nursing facility to get you back on your feet. And back dear life. Family health and rehab it was switched talk dirty up every had a derby and re still held the rehab and he's switched I'll relocation of the safety or there'd be a good mix and a highly skilled in carrying stats they give the patients the best opportunity to function as. The highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy and we are here for you. Shocker sports has brought to my American family insurance. Let's see agent John Green and Brad woody or in valley center agent Tim dank USU shocker basketball is only 103 point seven. I was. Just say that the youngsters who just was. Sports drugs were dancers have a lot of energy they perform well that was really well done show off. I just question the use of a run for baseball closed in building when people are dragged talked. Because he's TV at news radio there's always that stuff going. Certainly been a little bit difficult through the person. It's payback for all that loud rock and roll and failures as parents complain about it that your teenager that they will be. Not your sports properties of which it does state athletics would like defective shocker ambassadors were to test dates the league level of corporate partners United Healthcare. House of one delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications. The spirits instead of becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics most soccer sports properties at 316978. 75. 52. Were at halftime here in the wind we touched on some numbers just to go over some of the highlights Wichita State. Shooting 41%. On sixteen of 3935. Point seven on five of 143 pointers. And to a four from the line that made all six of its free throws with. We shot 36 point 4% on twelve of 33 foot 85 of twelve threes sold over 42%. For the three. And only seven of flooding while 33%. From two. Rebounding Wichita State with a slight edge when he scored 218 deprive our offensive rebounds. If not his only had four turnovers deprived for Drake it again those are good numbers. For both teams because it was an up and down fast paced game we'll be pretty good job of taking care of the ball Wichita State eleven assists. On sixteen field goals. That despite the fact that they've missed about three layout that people are very good passenger could have been. Not report to the system it's you have market but Duffy three assists only one turnover he's got a steal conference game three is this. Let's just one turnover fell. The end Zach brown three assists over. 3935. Wichita State to have shot who scored the last six points they have to take that four point lead. Figure lead as they head in the game so far we'll check the scores he gets ready for the second half of the combat the credit union of America have to. 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At halftime number one Villanova just a three point lead at Providence 32. 49 and if you missed it last night oil went coast to coast of the last three point nine seconds to tie the game of the series they force it to overtime. If that Missouri State playing its third straight overtime game. 18280. Lot Natalie both teams tied for third in the league at six and five. And shocker of them played a couple of few. That's why it's already here in the valley schedule but have not played Missouri State yet so they've got to do with them and the last game of the season is in Springfield. Drake we'll have a first start the second half which did not state leading 54 in the shoppers' biggest league so far in the game coming up here have. Thought they scored the last six points. Target dot the end of the Andrei McCrery they also had knicks took live. TJ Thomas and creativity suckers that she Emmitt spring camp but nothing Morris adds background. Live left wing the McMurray got threats never gonna get a real day off the left side read Jack Morris. Who had perhaps nets get knocked out this stuff to get a couple of other players cleared and edited SX now Morris one of that rebound and he went up to god. That's his seventh three down already Shaq on the right side looking in the leg couldn't get it in this scrambling up front. French camp roughly jam it Landry left quad. Morrissey double team me trying to clear to make Duffy in the quarters crushed almost all of that she amateur wrestling training camp opened bringing extra. This appears. Almost got it stolen but ended up taking advantage of this match to get the open street for god. Yeah oh McMurray went after that Steele didn't get it down let's kind of friend gave wide open on the right way. Connors third Trey he's got eleven point 64235. With the testing in Oregon got it left corner fires are friends. A just okay. Great interface through our brave story. Its first basket of the game you have fifteen Saturday against you and I hit three threes and she's. Another assists from Mike Duffy cut right to left across a lane. Grabbed it turned back to his right shoulder of bank city at some point blank range and see who made discreet but somebody did a really nice greens here to open up Jack for that he's one. Forrest wood eight to shoppers at 64438. Very rightly it's just not to Thomas mid length Flynn tried to back is went on Boris partially blocked on the left editor. Got the rebound for Shaq who's got eight rebounds now. Jam it into the front court threw him off let's wait to Flint can't cut back on the link to the Duffy had not yet in his hands like Thomas say is that stress to share that. Let me right side of the floor brown just about the way that French amateur I was left off the streets. Comes back to the middle of British fluorescent three for (%expletive) all of the best actress Betty TJ let's have a crowd half of them. A wide open eighteen footer to throw effective Shaq he's got three. Never drug addict gets to the line cut off out of the right corner McMurray for three. They'll good this time long rebounds should have a fighting for its not the way for him out of bound by Oregon got eight. And this just appears we'll get it back for many McCurry school a few as three out of six. From three in the first half had thirteen points wide open at times but listed from the right corner three out of six after having been to comfort fifteen. Beyond the arc of the previous three games Janet walks into the territories. The French it's been very sees that helps other breakaway layup at the other hand goes through life. Totally telegraphed that pass and made it very easy for John. Very now to fifteen it's 44 to forty Wichita State Janet dribbling right comes back left website branch can't. Daughter has a street by more issues that it was free throw circle left wing chin and down the block ten. As Thomas lifted from behind me to steal it. There's a support from the very almost got away with don't want to take open three. So existing affordable sequence of confidence vote to posted. Jammed it right we'll talk more than muscle his way dead end this is just for its physical. There on the floor and it's slowly lose the floor it's nothing. Ask me very well. Around on the floor shake it up a little bit going for that loose ball mourners went down hard though. Through three guys that the field another event garden under a great player McCleon. The entire event but they lost thing you know and they have not hit the ball this time now. It's a via a 32 time that expanded to a full but not yet at the immediate time out of 6040 scores so we'll keep it here. That's what it make it easy to get around Saint Louis during upcoming March Madness contest which domestic ticket office at 316. 9783267. And reserve your metro MBC fan past you receive unlimited travel. Feel that that's only natural bias toward downtown strongly to date passes is twelve dollars a five days past his country fifty. Well Mike you shot. Look at this game in hand they came out. I've got a couple of buckets were up 44 to 38. And then only he passed for damage over Connor who is standing and it was stolen by McMurray went down late and I'm. And then a bad pass he infused more as soon. Didn't know that the pastor did read the defender coming from a weak side is that Thomas did TJ Thomas told it. They push it up before McMurray got a wide open three so those who. Turnovers and a couple of made baskets. By Drake has turned his game around. And that has sent court took McMurray was high he had Jeff Gordon got a tip it then got it under control. Then stood there is almost like could take my time maybe eat a sandwich with voracious shot it's still look why wide open what it took that nobody ever got close. Well we talked about defensively wall of the keys against Drake especially in this building his defense and transition you've got to get back. You've got to run the court these guys communicate you've got to pick them up and they won't hesitate to put second. To shoot three pointers this transition. Is foolish document got to do a better job from here on the end. I get back defensively picking up. Let's 4443. Shots after they had the lead up to seven at one point did that great. Immediately get free to get it back to foreign shoppers headed up to six again not just the one point game. Was 1640 portico pray for the second half three of the five of six from the field to afford. Three factors are the four of the field one of food from. Golfers have limited their offensive possessions notebook. You have a few turnovers have kind of ruin it could start a good finish in the first half by the shocker and a good start. Here the second half but those turnovers. Kind of took the momentum away from the doctor. Handed it to the Drake Bulldogs who don't have the ball coming down there often event with a chance particularly. Antioch. Healthy recoveries back out there with Oregon Dottie inaudible is it supplies spot timber and Thomas are still out there. And it's the same five shots you Jack Morris artistic depth exact crowd not a crank camp Clinton camp victory at the top. Try to buy sham it. Taxed to death on the dribble. Nothing happening up all right all right cited tumors start necklace that drive it give it up or anybody he dribbles left balls up the fires along one way short we've got him along the baseline. When referring to the court across timeline right side of the floor. Little dribble handoff is that we're out. Tack back on the right wing machine Emmett looked at Morrison wasn't openness we get out front training camp he left consider override the heat of Boris. Handoff to frank faked a handoff to breakfast with your book that gives it to perhaps sex drives the right baseline throws in the quarter for it can affect the ground on the way. And I sit fumbles it almost got so lucky saves the print campaign a loss of three short period. Without the wind down its not just a little out of his comfortable race there was right on line but just a little bit short. They're on the line simmers just as a backyard that's a good song. It's an extra staff to try to stop actually in the lane and that will get a city under sixty. Time out 1545. To go the second half with you just say we'll have possession leading draped by 14443. 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They're good biggest lead to seven at just forty seconds into the second half. Drake has come back to cut it to one Wichita State. In the second half two out of five from the field one of grief for free Drake has gone 37 from the field to five victory. Had possession we'll block the shot tears after eight straight turnovers. Close shot did he go inside the more it. Love rivers in the ball game or will go through it. That there and keep going inside because they've got an advantage over McCain wins and over slaughtered over. It breaks though keep moving the basketball if you try to go inside. Shot Carolina still has been nothing Boris and ground along the front line she can't let it spring camp. In the backwards or get Gotti in a bull's favor promise and McMurray for Drake looks like they're going to a so now this time 23 zone. First always seem out of Drake and quality. The red horse chance that they looked over the zone right thing to groundless typos that's not a threat to Shannon left wing crank camp kind of France champ that shot clock and eighteenth. Landry started right back a left wing think you will face on the Duffy shot fake used up his dribble back up formally different camp and I did shoot champ. Have to take a while what drives hits and ask brown for three putt from the right elbow right. Here's the shocker bad that's the second through the game for his background campground looks really confident my reporter good rotation. Just wish through. 4743. Wichita State but Fort McMurray got front to ever. Taylor held for a moment a couple of dribbles not going anywhere right now Graham play not limited to its way out here at the time line to be issued. Look at the maybe drive its effect fires contested shot missed it rebounded Duffy good defense again by ground. They can't couldn't Fred Merkel on the right side of the floor right in the middle of McNulty high low pass the first city center through a divorce but I got deflected by Thomas picked up by McMurray. He's got to the offensive end drives left pulls back it fires here. Randy yeah. Draped back it's his. Now that was a tough shot kind of fade away from the left side over a 64 Landry Shannon. He's really guys like today shot tonight he is really springing into the shots. On the right away your right elbow checked more restless high low lobster but nothing in the ball got by Thomas again deflected away for a pretty good kicker did hit the front of re not sure just. More of was wide open for the law McMurray spinning UT couldn't get by champ it almost helped get away. Now that spans almost all of by Boris he got around for a credible. Deflected out of bounds and stay at Drake and eighteen on the shot clock. And Gregg Marshall getting a lot of fresh troops in the game nurture is in. Willis is dead they shop Smith did make Duffy Morrison's sham we'll get a breather for Drake. Graham Woodward's Casey slaughter check here in the Lynn is back here McMurray at Oregon Dottie stay. Oregon got to look at the play him he covered. That he wanted to go to Versa to win back or get Dottie is now for a do McMurray dribble handoff to Woodward would regarded by friend can't nine to shoot shovels it to the very step wake you up for every day shots this place shortly that nurtures. There's a court today shot Smith had a brown left Blake pulls apart from create too hard the other side rebound to break fast enough about the shock coach Marshall wants not a whole three entry position Brown's been real selective about his threes. That's why he's knocked down a couple of them but that would be good. What you're driving based on the back in the street in the Glenn left when a couple of dribbles crosscourt to be very very look at forestry he started by Dave John Smith dribbles to the middle good help from Willis. Over to the Glen pulls up the baseline missed about a ten footer. Offensive rebound to drink Woodward for three left. Three former liberty plaza Drake and 4847. Crowns are praying for him here. It's a street premiered just goes left pulls a fast and tough to further and shorter. I don't think eighteen footer by 25 on the other end Oregon dusty dry absolutely. I. He rolled through everybody. Within a quarter of the other hand if you don't win it's. Been my great friend here. The basis of the so he's been there. We'll pay for that time. Good they can Linux. It's a long and very down the line cut off out of the way Woodward for three. Spend this. A video. So little breakaway save that braves' blowing up have you read hostilities break fifty bravely took a nice day 47. 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He shot regions Mary hall and got Judy you can eighties and hand over or grant Collins in Wichita mid US GA is the area's leading Kia dealership every daily challenge ourselves to get their customers the best car buying experience they've ever had and make driving away in a midwest Kiev quickened hassle free they offer a wide selection of vehicles and helpful staff who make car shopping fun. To make financing easy for everyone they streamline the process and offer many services right on site at their dealership. They want everyone to enjoy the thrill of purchasing Kia midwest and the kid cork killer in Tyler for online at midwest kids dot com. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. This seat agent to Jared Crawford had shown Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest home. The US you shocker basketball. There's only 103 point seven KG was dead. It brings all right now they're living legend does state 5347. He can't but it totally out there has been the difference in points is as simple as looking at the three point line Drake has made nine at twenty for 45%. Which it does dates evident when he was 35%. So there's your six points to prevent a lot of other factors. At forensic Bob was just mentioning us here at Wichita State. We had eight turnovers now I had several of those have just been really an opportunity given drink a chance to get some momentum I shot ahead on the then they keep down had a couple of empty trips. Because. Turnovers. One with a layup. By a McMurray and the other was a long read but McMurray. And in a shocker this a couple of wide open shot. Can become ill advised shots and great guy hot ram Woodward. Who shot 50% in the last 1413. Out of place as creepy in my. Who long three to get great this week. But it just est fort turnovers in the second half they totally wanted to concentrate stray cats five more shots from the field and hand. Willis of the tough to Wichita State quietly picked up his victory. Not the spectre gun. Woodward for break up across the time line keeps his dribble right of the key guarded by day shot Smith now pulled it back in the reset at half court. NASA front almost all of my lowest Motorola's other Florida is David Justice liberty. Well it depends on what you posted the worst shot the gap it deflected the pass but couldn't get that he can dole and his slaughtered game on the basketball back. It's all of that picked up through to the guard who wants. He had been Darryl Wilson's helmet now he can't seem to get it to go first team ballot which is just a great place it in the back court to Woodward's. Out of surgery justifies much Kelly before. I brought slaughter thought it was back to the basket squares up top that he gives it over to Woodward had down the block that live try to muscle under. Great job tonight 85546. Couples who I'm looking. But overall I heard big John Smith it's not dribbles left cross from the right side to see him. When we get some street Richard triples and not give an ultimate yuppie artistic he's only getting down the wind spins goes between two defenders to some of them located and was fast own one home. What have moved Kelly keep curled off a screen on the weak side off the ball. Went toward one defender was his left his spot back with a right here in this another defender in the late at the end are really. Acrobatic play by Rashard Kelly chance for a three point play here you know for two from the line in the first half. It had the lead beside. 1106. Good Rashard Kelly with a Big Three point play. That's the lead back to five foot 1106 Jimenez made free tool allows shoppers to get there once you want one don't press. Very backward DoubleTree disability will gridlock has support from CJ rumors and back particularly. Dogs into the front porch leading by five. Picked up regarding Maria throughout the political high post catching. Turns and faces gives it over across the block news water over the Woodward. Well tissues which were back today out there keeps his dribble. Drives it right against state shots then flopped over the blocker but where they've dreaded double teaming up passes later be slaughtered. Plus rotation fights break being able to go right to the middle of the land back to the left pocket slaughter. It's out from behind the league by champ but to prevent the layup and if you wanna bring adults people with Lynne I think I'd rather rough just let that nurture garden with live one on one his. That's double team. Let the guy open on the weak side. And as Mike just said Davidson a couple of really nice passes to find the open man. He sees moderate the first of two. Exited. Flutter from the free throw line. 92 point 3% coming in this gave me was 24 of 26 so blatantly obvious to all season. Get him in this is a rare earth the second one out that it's good. That is Kasey slaughters first wanted to tonight rates lead back to 65650. Is John Smith Sharif Kelly. Artistic depth we've run under deliberation before. It's not considered catching driveway after Kelly left like nothing was an inside his church and satellite dishes so that canceled this man. That was wide open underneath another assistant Marcus picked up his no real nice backup Mike Kelly no real nice pass by market. Duffy declined 5652. Drinks lead down to four after they led by eight liberty in the front court took up his dribble pass deflected that saved by the Flint they shot Smith almost holed up when. The split over to Woodward gets a half step months that the cut off McKinley after slaughter shot fake drives in the lane residence for the quarter picked up Plavix physically. What is driving it up court I had to shame straight for the corner. Landry sentiment for the sisters are back to what they want yeah. 68 market McCarthy just picked that pass right out of the year that was going over the Woodward they're hot shooter. And then turned into a bucket for sham account the other end thirteen from Landry 5655. Drake I'm 38 still the governor very squared up on the stuff you try to drive it stepped back it fires way short. We battle on the baseline. My slider. I grabbed the ball. Adding his practice three not Casey slider slider whatever Randy. Grand Slam doctor Kelly out of bounds and Drake we'll get it back how the heck of a play by slaughtering jumped Iraqis slaughtered jumped around it up through the year caught the ball and threw it off them. He's gonna get a rest now. Critical play Eddie had from the baseline CJ rivers. Will make the inbounds pass. It's not with us. But it under than the locally Woodward for three missed about the opposite side another rebound perfect Duffy are just really piling up some rebounds and assists tonight dribbles into the French tour levels to the top of the yards left waiting to Kelly. Rashard hall of promotion. Not recognized athlete. Hopefully dribbles left wing today shots this justice baseline with the right hand but doesn't this just flew right by Casey Woodward. We got a large frame Woodward got all the way to back but. But I don't get days shotgun at his first two points of the night the shoppers are back in front 5756. And 856 ago. Murray just pounded out front yard environment deftly into the right corner of the rivers. He dribbles up the way guarded by sham it's still keeping his dribble crosses over goes right all the way to the baseline. Looks inside lobs it on the block to the glimpse. Parents where's that shoots over nurture and yet so. Okay Ronald got hooked. Baghdad make him look like a false comfort flat. He's just accept that Drake best I could drive 5857. Hilly it's not dribble handoff to date shots there now delayed floater balances solid. It's. Off the Drake out of bounds for a thousand because they believe on what you just days. As soon. This we've always go back to a discussion he signal hold that somebody grabs the league uniform. It flows from bewitched Buffy fall underneath the basket nice drive and a floater. Like these shots hit with a win in and out how to frankly it's gonna commute. He shot his political. Get a rest didn't mind that shot when he shoots that shot with confidence we've seen him make that one it's good to see him have full confidence after making the driving lay up. Janet to play at the end. From the right corner French camp Connor is the way that's my job telling. Great really overplaying the passing lanes straight up the point Wichita State with a volley fourteen negotiate over the top drives down the line not edible. The right way into the west. Tell me again. Lose that they asked me if they can drive it in there and Duncan ever shark killing one hour drive from the right wing all the way through the defense and don't it would do please he's got nine points and six have come on to enhance alliance. Rivers lay up near the timeline Wichita State by 1750. To go. It's called home was so I had a great player would your way Freddie this little. The obvious question that it took time out under eight timeout at 747. Remaining in the second half. Wichita State 59 Drake fifth. They ate feed a place to watch the big game. 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Hi this style backs with Baxter & Associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now our team missing challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge we understand how you depend upon your serious money now and in the future so give us a call at 6520101. Paction associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies. Shocker sports has brought Dubai American family insurance C agents and G Valentine Ryan woods does these cells foreign mall vein agent Kirk Farber. You wish you shocker basketball is only 103 point seventy he wanted and. Continues to be a black and we'll. We're battle here tomorrow I put to death then got down by a penny is eight adapters are back in Prague at the moment. Burke 59 and 58 was to test date that shooting 50% of the second half on eight of 163. F eight for. At 344%. For the game. Including eight of 22 free through 36 point 4% Drake. Also 50% of the half nine of eighteen for a 93 their feet 41 point 3%. At nine to 41 for free for 42 point Wichita State plus two on the course eight turnovers. To Drake seven Wichita State started to get the ball in the paint and score which. We thought beginning they'd be able to them at their 26 to twelfth on points in the paint it straight ball in their friends who work full shot clock. Bulldogs have a chance to regain the lead them work without fresh start of a conference here. Over on the right side it's never backed up front. Not front to Woodward dribbles right to the right of the he looks inside bounces out front to ever. Jimmer with brown on him drives left crosses over gives it over to woodwork right side of the floor back to the middle stumbled through all the gets it left wing Jimmer. Shot fake drives and or try to reverse layup while. And Boris recovers and saves to Shannon. Landry that you didn't Fort Myers to French camp website cut off my whopper on the left baseline he handed off to Kelly the shocker to reset and a half court. Canada right off the screen dribbles right to derided the key takes it on the light or standing slams and off the glass for the schools have a stop and go play that kind of amateur champ at. Got may have stopped cold nothing went five that they get a hold related in off the glass and it was 58 the shocker is lead by three Woodward at different court. Way out front frank get screwed up on him past the high post in a Boldin had one dribble than had it. Pick it up over to want players want flirt drives a lot better Boldin makes the catch is now for the shot. What got deflect a little bit it looked like it kind of messed up the shocker stymied offensively shepherd for the ball had to change direction and ended up grabbing enabled on the arm that's the second time tonight they've helped often in ovals so far. And he has rolled right into the basket lucky didn't get another look at that time. Second fell one more his fourth team found to have fun Wichita State attempted right wing or get daddy takes. Free throw circled the spring camp state I would let him get the shots ever not to Oregon Gotti in front. Try to drive it down the line dishes out of laying get away so in charge of the labor is it a walkout was disgusting to charge I want to break. Kelly thought Oregon got to you know mortgage got a role he would pass through the corner but ran over Rashard Kelly. And I and other hustle play by Kelly. Drawn without causing. The turnover by Drake. Continues to lead the team and taking charges once he scored nine points tonight he's been all over the place against France can't really good nice defensive job on. Oregon got the answer is brown Tim. Or he's got he's got three inches off now that was 31 at home. That we haven't seen holt gave it raises a lot in which fell. Ten but penetrating go to Frankie a wide open three. Not a French camp with his fourth tray. Has fourteen points in Wichita State leads by six I think that plays right into the soccer team if they catch him but if free can't. They're gonna get wide open shots that went through one McMurray off the ball screen to the right side pops back with three kinds of he has just been incredible today he's got 23. That is his hip hooray and yeah it's just been an ice hole. All over the last three games the clock back an advantage is that one triplet. 6461. Wichita State spring camp above the right way. Look at the Wall Street gets it from Forrester most of the top pulls up but an eighteen footer. Not a friend can't feel that's a new career high he's got sixteenth. The shot is not my five that's read at times by Rashard Kelly. Rankings curled off of it pulled up for the people that are very dribbling right comes back lab jumped up little flares up that if now. But. Go to the line for two. May be on Boris helping off the street that's what it's going to be ugly. It is on Shaquille Morris his third. And eight out of fourteen from the field five out of nine from re. 83%. Foul shooter only gets hurt him over once the game that he is a good. He threw for three tonight 24 points forty on tape that Murray. And that matches his career highs set against Loyola. And he continues to have a an interest in here he's been in double figures nine times. Averaging about fifteen game in those nine games and only four and a half and all the others missed the second free throw and Landry sham but with the rebound. Flee their strengths that the leaders circuit missed free throws so hard at night suffered by floor with the ball jam it left went to brown. But the walk into the near the Morris Wheeling it there on a double table to jump book good nice soft touch at Shaquille Boris in double figures. Yet you haven't lived that went in the battle inside at that time Shaq work on the ballot got that the brawl over the program. 6862. Shocker at 453 to go to ever cross over into the wind shovels out to Oregon Donnie right side. That spring camp in the every kind of went straight up the data could get the shot away to ever look forward Thomas with a law went off the necessary about the fact Boris. Had a clear delivery champ but he's only briefly for the whole season the last guy you want to shoot threes. TJ Thomas candidate the free throw circle of clips and a friend to friend camp. For a half minutes ago to shoppers by six score here could really be different camps at the top left weight champ it. Little cheat steps still hasn't dribble use the girls at the top of the key down the line all the way up but it. The plan for the peppered by the very pushing back the other way but very down the left side of the alliance throes of all the way up to shiver right way and the butterfly net and sets himself shoots. And the big turn around its layout like it's an awful lot of layups and free points right there. At about eight point lead now at three point game 6865. Wichita State the shoppers when it's time now. And they'll take the hundreds more here at 357. To go we'll take the end of wartime out of Wichita State 68 straight 65. This is what it sounds like when truck guy shot but other dealerships about grant or. 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It's our customer 1946. Special. From Bonner stopped. Install confidence. On the stock not portray cool. Shocker sports has brought to my American family insurance. Let's see agent John Green and Brad woody or in valley center agent Tim dank. US you shocker basketball his own 103 point seven KER. I'm we've got to find. We're okay. The vikings about 38 and they've blocked the shot went down in the history of the other and it is right back down to three. Wichita State called time out doctors we'll have the possession. Leading by three points was 357. To go. 6865. Which adjusted for did all the bike that was the big possession. We're the shock there're ups that they have the bad off if they get a bucket or either way than they were really good shape for the platform that ball game. Let nice drive and it looked like Lynn. They live their fix they stopped and made up a little pull and block the ball got up. It's. There's nothing to show tonight is AJ is Abby Elliott thirteenth and greed which throughout you can hear about 98713. Eight CNN says. Gregg Marshall six to seven lead the heart grow. 78 again goes to show night Monday night AJ sports filthy Alley at thirteenth and English. Shocker basketball at McAfee back in the game she have a brand can't LAM merger Atlantic Shannon. Bring it up into the fourth quarter after going in backwards to get he had back left wing and captain Markus. Insight. After nurture a business. Beauty sealed off but Glenn with his body and later they had and nurture with eight with a shocker happened greats that laid back Gregg Marshall coming out of that timeout they corrected downstream. For Frankie if it mergers flip to the basket for easy. Here's feel like Kelly a lob pass to Thomas but Thomas recovers out front of me Murray McMurray and their hot hand few steps. A couple of dribbles pulls back in clusters short way short real undertone what you tell us a call those not listener you're trying to save it. And I think they are gonna call a foul now let's see. On the rebound the Clinton went. I I went over there your back for. Going to lose on the corner of future found out on the win pushed him out of bounds that'll be it's only the fourth team foul. On Drake and so this will not be any free throws this doctors that the do you have the possession. First felon equivalent. To a 7065. To two possession lead for the shoppers that they could add to that right here. With 319 to go another big possession for soccer they get up seven or eight with a basket. On this trip. They ended up Janet left was intended for Kelly it's vista's predecessor fast. Wichita State to ever fly stood there that's a couple of times tonight so to debate just kind of sloppy cuts and passes that have led to turnovers yet it's never just made retailers as soon or did you hear me are really great play got between his Streeter the putter. He got to see them at basketball. Very wrong they're down 53 go forward ago. Very clever lashing out for a the perfect jumping off the street the left side cops and fires it's going to be way short. Rebound loose tally on the Florida yet antibiotic called time out. Yup well jump ball possession arrow gives it to Wichita State that study might have gotten a timeout called before he got tied up that either way this actors get it. As they get the alternate position there with 25040. You know. Well defended that time by the shocker switching there contesting the shot came up way short. The one that is the Big Three because. Drake Bulldogs with the two points but was short of the shot for shot for all of that rebound. Target it was showing a little full court pressure. One on one of the bound hands to champ but that Landry got it brings it up against Oregon that it. Goes to Kelly if the left elbow shark turned to face a standoff in the nothing close look at the free throw circle that's nasty nurtured by the delay Toronto. Wheels in the alliance circle. Contacted a fellow blue. He looks. Flabbergasted. That there was a lot of contacted there. David Leadbetter golf or football game but that was a little bit but people merger a couple of times I surgery off balance. So they have this holiday travel Carl and I think it was a great hall of the column equipment they'll free throws that's the fifty thousands not in the active shooting she and the in the Kelly right at the leg dribbles up the way give it up to French camp Kelly being guarded by 61 lead him. It doesn't. To the precursor to a fifteen footer 200 for the taxes like you know the control of very few bad Achilles the rap that he's ready to go with that left him that revenue. McMurray left when the blimp for 38. Nokia three best McDuff. That is his thirteenth rebounds Eddie had seven assists. He drives a court to the right so the late drives the baseline goes under draws well now is on the way out basketball had a debate reverse layup. That'll be six team fouls on the felon who has done. She actually went out of bounds. Soccer Garth raskin from hurts damaged in friends here. But Duffy just kept the audience is likely to hear this drove all the way down to have worked out of the basement without the baseline and hit a reverse layup but then why developed for the crown with reports on. Feel Morris in for nurture shoppers play edited from the baseline she have a different can't go left quarter. Rebels back after the way takes it all the way out front. Let's play beat Hillary. Clinton couldn't have blocked the merger with live running hard out front of the country. Looks under fire senator Kelly spin baseline doesn't drive the foul on Drake who is a bit at 49 to go when I wonder what they were gonna try to play yet to match up that reads timbers only six foot one big east guards. Six foot seven Rashard Kelly finally did it down at the Kelly I'm gonna have to make a free throws. To take advantage of the found. 7065. Which it's not stay with Kelly could somehow make both with the music and get it to three possession game. Three. Good nothing but net. Kelly now with ten points for the soccer's print campaign has sixteen sham it fifty Morris team and Kelly here. Ground aids and nurture eight. Kelly great didn't make it happen and hit some big plays the second half for fifth story on fun day out here from that point. Read through perfect restart Kelly. And eleven points he missed his first two free throws tonight he's made his last three to three possessions late 7265. Leads massive organ got to reduce founded back court. My share of it reaching in to try to poke it away well they're not diplomacy that's going to be ball out of bounds rate. They're trailing by 747. And goes though they get a stop here if the big for the shot. Six team found. Third now on Lin appreciate it during the strike to make it looked like he is he felt that it got to the Maltese got a chance to timber. That was almost owned by brown took her right side clock ticking down. Jimmer could not look at you get somebody else but right way Oregon daddy for trade no good rebounds Rashard Cali for Wichita State. You know wide open look you have it was a little bit late coming off of multiple screens but organ Dottie could make the shot. Kind of twisting into it from the right wing into the record champ right side to bring out shoppers who use of clock now. But at fourteen because shot clock fourteen. Soccer's with a seven point lead just over a minute to play action on the way out front office street by Morris dribbles left wing comes back the other way over on the right went to brown. Drives gets all the data they blow it and missed the show. Missed his own thoughts of fifty to had to fight their Browner Crawley. And. It's that time I think brown had what Kelly at the last one that went in the basket great offensive putback by the doctor. Gregg Marshall went out the half court. Give Kelly a high five high end. That's fine powerful play. That they credited it to charge Kelli arena has third seed we've got a time out taken by Drake. The 54 seconds to go but Wichita State now up by knives seventy courses and that's a powerful place by the doctor. The author of toward some really fun place by the start yelling at the big free throws but something stops them over the and then we never missing along people have died or got the missing read this last time down. When he came up a couple of greens of them it's got it right straight at them publicly and offensive rebound by the shocker. It's doctor. Charge Kelly with thirteen points and six rebounds Shaquille Mora says that ten point ten rebound double double. And it should bring camp was sixteen candles with fifteen. And Marcus picked up the only two points that night but he has thirteen rebounds one giant his new career high set sadly and a career high seven assists. Drake gets added in the Marines being guarded by picked up things give him some problems with his length here in the second hand got a big line up him right now with very dribbles right. Keeps his dribble comes back left down the leg had a horse stood up draws the fell on the Duffy to stop the clock with 41 seconds left and I got to make him finish that went over there they put it that kind of spring camp out. And they had a really big lineup their gamut. Brown looked up the Kelly and Boris. But. McMurray through the fountain get a couple of free throws. McMurray has 24 matching his career high about an 83% free future makes the first of that they do. High for him as a Drake Bulldogs 25 tonight against the shock here's. Had a good game against Wichita State in the game in Wichita as well led Drake with thirteen and that he slips up and good job for us now. Forty just under 41 seconds to go seven point lead they're gonna pick up full court man to man. Still a three possession lead through Wichita State 7467. They've got chant that. Duffy friend can't. Boris is indicated to chamber after Morrison's. Had a sense center man and then they found it Morgan dotting. Alex Morris to stop the clock with 37 seconds left that. Jack was the post up guy right in the middle of the court about midway between the top of the free throw circle in the 102 line and he tried trap she Emmitt Macquarie was able to center it is Shaq who has been out goes to the line for you want and why. Pete's team now on Drake. Public moral that it sent a stuffy heat they were trying to get a home run late in the coffee together in public links that about eight poverty so let's see if Shaq. The nicest game make a couple of free throw. Here's the line didn't heavenly creature of the tips that Bradley on Sundays at least 11 of forty. The last word games that was it and outrebounded timber. Drake tried agreed to work beautifully shot. Taken a lot of time shiver down the line it kicks it out in the corner and that three pointers missed my Billy want flew. Rebound it Duffy and they found him. To stop the clock for 45 seconds left a whopper hasn't played much and it's foggy he's kind of their three point specialists they brought it in for that purpose alone. But he missed the wide open shot. From the right corner you know shoppers have a chance to go over the line. And mix of free throw them. 45 seconds to go that's that 191000. This deal one on one from it Duffy has scored just two points. On one of eight from the field very get free throw shooter. And makes the first to get the bonus Marcus just under 79%. On the year and over the last ten games 84%. From 36 of true. It's been a big passion. The issue is rebounding and his assistant this is the second free throw doctors have been eight point lead 22 seconds left. Merck they try to drive slips falls and found to be called on McAfee. In the call for bush. It's his second stops the clock. Live. Eighteen seconds to go honestly this should just feel won him on it's the eighteenth now he never got a shot of the year he slipped and my dad it is a one and one that's a signal. By current show is great job. So 114 BI team buries five of six from the line a career high 26 points tonight for Drake. Doctors in a tough road test here tonight free throw around mosaic and look at them. At his every part of the rim and fell through these and 83% free throws. But used Allred to make that one. Eighteen seconds remaining he could cut it to six years. In his 75682. Free throws good. It's a two possession game shock need to take care of the basketball. Against his full court press and it protects the ball we're gonna try to steal it or they'll file but for the shock since the VT here. Janet French camp that Duffy Kelly Boris won force that is the Duffy played today and he gets the breakaway to. Champ but it goes it all by himself ablaze and in the sixty seconds ago got to sit flat one Ford know. Drake Bulldogs with back defensively so easy play for chemical would be. Landry was seventeen McMurray contested three in and out you almost made another another rebound for Shaq Drake will not foul again. At Wichita State's gonna win it by eight final score. Will be what you just creates 77 Drake 69 the doctors get a tough road where here tonight. He had deployed to pick up their twentieth win of the year flooding or more wins now for eight consecutive season. For the shot you're stay tuned for the post game show. From the board. 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You can even pair them with free refills of coffee to double your endless delicious Aniston clarion soon because all you can eat pancakes since February 12. So get over I happened to eat up every moment. Dine in only price of participation Baird's. Shocker sports has brought do you buy American family insurance. It's C agent Allison cost us Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer. Wichita State University shocker basketball bizarre 100 point seven TY and Richards. Shocker for sports grill lines outside WSJ it's. Here's a shocker basketball headquartered. To come early to get the best market for home games and enjoy freshly made burgers sandwiches salads cold beer. And more they're also the perfect spot to enjoy televised away games. The shocker sports reliant inside the Reagan state senator see you. For the next game Wichita state of another road win here tonight at Drake and it was never easy in this when the shock is finally went at 7769. Drake a lot of hard all the way this is a much improved team he got. 28 points but checkers ballots prevailed. Some great performances. Up by several different doctors leading the way Landry champ but not afraid campers shark chelation Gilmore has had a double double. Markets the stuff we only scored three points but hit fourteen rebounds and seven assists both career highs. Lot of nurture gave the checkers they points background with eight just a lot of people contributed and that's just the opposite numbers at the points of really good performances on the defensive and without ground on camera and certainly kind of spring camp on organ yeah. Really good defense on organ Dottie and timbers that she's there late when they had opportunities to try to get his game. Close again and possibly tied up but I thought that it would be dominated. By the shocker bigs inside but actually it was that he wrote the art. McMurray scoring 28 points. Virtual race heating aid out of six he shot and how much you have it ranking up seventeen points for Chambliss. 68 points for ranking if they were both six out of ten from the floor in good three point shooting chemistry got a core. And rankings for a lot of faith so I gave that I could all be dominated by a shocker basis dead they wanna with the center guard I thought. Although the big certainly made a significant contribution you look at nurtured. And forests they combined score. Eighteen points and fifteen rebounds. At the shoppers at what point were up one point two defeats had eight but it ended up 36. To twelve shows what a 62 points them and they. From about the ten minute mark of the first half. At the end of the game and he ended up not rebounding rate up 43 to thirty forcefully won the rebounding battle by nine. Nine which is their average against opponents for the season but eleven offensive rebounds for this soccer's. Led by Kelly with four but Duffy with four Mike Duffy got those in the first half but Kelly got some big wins in the second half. Nineteen assists on 31 field goals nineteen. Assisted nine turnovers in the strikers started the second half with a flurry of turnovers they had for about the first five or six minutes and then only one for the rest of the night. Yes you know they gave the game they had a good finish to the first half got that breakaway dunk. I Rashard Kelly right at the end of the half and they came out this second half at the start it a couple of buckets got I think a five or six point lead. And then a couple of careless turnovers one guard to guard. Where was this deal McMurray made a lay up. And then another one drive capacities to Jack Morris and not read the defense coming over from the weak sides of the careless turnovers. Got straight back in the ball game and I think they end up getting the lead after that did it for awhile my. Briefly yes and and here's another stat that's worth mentioning what it was also had done the shot after shot 47%. Overall 39%. For three and held Drake did seem red hot all night. The 37 point 7% so shocker defense pretty good again against a team that could really shoot it'd and some of the threes that they made they made eleven of them were tough shots that they made anyway. Well half Bob Brown's job on re never. He was just two for 111. For five only had seven points he had 27. The other night kids who was it. Point 78 at Missouri stated that overtime game so great job by its background. Covered their top score re never averages seventeen game he was held. To just seven. And Horry Oregon Dottie has averaged thirteen nickname over the last eleven games. He is too low game he's only been added double figures a couple of times in that stretch. He had three at Wichita State and five against him tonight at the the big thing cutter French camp it was just keep it in front of naked shoot over a bit let him drive the ball in its history. Yet you think that would be his stances they could exploit. Indeed it a couple of times but for the for the most part for forty minute game. Connor did an excellent job on organ Dottie and made it very difficult for the score only five points only had three rebounds he's six with three very athletic. Connor who is a good job. Carl honors for defensive player of the game to cutter French camp and Zach brown it's brought do you like got you covered with a lot of control polite in your living room create privacy your bedroom. We're transform look at your kit didn't got you covered has the right with the treatment solutions you'd call 2023669. Or go to got you covered Wichita. Got you covered survey. The Wichita area. Network play the game Torre had just a moment to shocker tonight scoring 77. 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Most people all the bit ago we gave you our game recap that struck too by ability to Cummings Cummings of Cummings as your criminal offense and DUI law firm in Wichita. It reeks of it to six for 1548. Or visit bill Cummings LLC. Dot com Cummings of Cummings law where your needs. Always come first. Time for a put in the deep freeze play of the game brought you violence appliance. And this plated necessarily put it in the deep freeze but it was a huge play. At the end of the first half it really changed the feel of the games and here is the litmus appliance play of the game that's Shaquille Morris got. Four seconds rather important. Kelly all the way to the basket and dump the puck at the finish second ago and a half how about that who have finished on the fifth of the long rebound out of the top of the circle Boris got his. And he hit it to its three feet yelling we're going to write down ability to work you looked at that's how much time was going. I'm left of two point six seconds to give more dribbles and then dumped it right before the war. That's a big play checkers go at it then that down just before they have scored the last six points of the half particularly it was a big momentum giver to the shocker is going to have to mean going into the locker room. And I think it was a big energy trader. Ford the Drake Bulldogs who played a really good first half. But it could go in with the lead. Checkers did get the lead up to seven pretty quickly the second half the strictest kept coming back in just. Never let up it was a tough fight all the way to the and it's definitely his had a feeling it was going to be that kind of game here because they've had such success here in this building. Especially conference play and they're playing with much more determination their defense I thought was much tougher. But tonight obviously a lot tougher than it was in which dot January 4 they played me enemy and most of the time I thought their defense was very very aggressive especially inside and there are some battles between the guards encounters that I would have thought about. About the guard battles with you guys that Drake Bulldogs. Yeah they're guards take tough tonight. Very tightly well played wonderful shot the ball really well we New England game that regard ever the key people on the team and it was a battle out there. You know you've had a tough defensive assignment organ that is very athletic and he's bigger that you Harvick did a really good job to stay in front of him trying to make him shoot over you looked like yeah he came into the game she's about 50%. Three. Valley so a trusted for affected he got in the courtroom there. Team defense effort that. Connor the last two road games yet fifteen point six rebounds that Bradley played 36 minutes. And had fourteen points one assist at Evansville before out of four threes and tonight. What ovaries six out of ten from the 44 of eight from 316 points so I think what what does that about the road that you like so much. I really don't know I'm I think it's just kind of get my confidence back ailment that had talked about academics and it's happening just continue to keep doing so. I'm hope things continue in. I think that's all you can smile out there went about it probably do little. You know it is in some ways is this a good game for you guys because certainly. That the game at Bradley was tough for a while but it's because you guys played poorly in the first half offensively. This game certainly I think you have to give some credit to drink it as it did to get tested like this one's he added it is for the good it's definitely especially with the device they can count on Saturday. That a Mediterranean. The more and dragged him through books have opted for her. You know he he we mentioned the defense and Oregon Dottie you mentioned the team defense we've had a chance to interview Rashard a couple of times lately he's really become a a leader on the defense even had him when I ask you about the improvement in defense who won the first people that he imagines that you've really made a commitment that. The defense is and I've really gotten better I really have tried get better and I and that aspect of the troops is coming every day about an active pretty coach I don't even if the Anatolia. Definitely this just a little bit just a little bit Borchard to play well. On both ends of the court in this race worked. How about the second hand he had to he has scored. Feel that breakaway dunk right before halftime in any at eleven more hit thirteen points the last. Twenty. Twenty minutes and while he's at its executive of the game. In that body hit the defense possibly a little bit about Caylee went oh yeah he played wonderful again tonight things have become an every night thanks in which we need for grabbing rebounds finish in the way it starts one and gently released. And explain it defense grab any bullet comes around. You know we've had a lot of questions lately about leadership and that sort of thing it. There are still times when you run things from the top but Landry is taken on more than also it seems like that's. Kind of relaxed you free you up for for more attempts shot at Sampson and it's just kind of affected your whole game in terms of kind of loosening up a little bit yeah let it hasn't do wonderful job with the wind and it's a couple of more open shots our attitude and stripped of the camps everything. Very critically it entry dependable vote that he's great. Coming you know averaged 22 minutes a game for this season. That fanatic of the Dave Bradley had 36 minutes tonight he's played 34 minutes in (%expletive) that's played 36 minutes. The last two quality feel like claim mormons like that. Utilities used in a river more. To get tired out there it is easier scenery of them obviously that would get tired sometimes something planned that much but has some pretty good shape so. I don't get terribly tired and I enjoy it mormons can give them. We've been so locked into let's just talk about the next game but now it's here Illinois stayed in town on Saturday night and that's one that while you guys have focused on the next opponent it's one you've been looking forward to the guys it's well we're very excited for. Those are just prepared very well on Thursday Friday and then pictured on Saturday. So we're gonna have some ribs. You know on the books about the feelings though that's better go back in the water and enjoy this win we'll worry about a mistake tomorrow if they're thinking I can I think you. He jabbed and I got to French camp our star of the games but great games back to back on the road here at Bradley and Drake and stuffed suckers get a close one tonight. 7769. A star of the game presented by the Kansas lottery pitcher to get your Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become. A millionaire that a KS lottery dot com the most current. Jackpot about like Kansas lottery. And dream bigger coming up Gregg Marshall will join us so we'll be back with that check the scoreboard before we wrap things up here in divorce the car. Hands group that JPY get a sense this highly trained team that presidential realtors are ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers and Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and dismissed transaction all relate to their new home. 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Join us probably time to check the scoreboard rescued by tradition Thomas covered check out this loss of selection of it usually unique side boards it traditions. They also have the popular zip top dining and occasional tables to unite GTV. And if you've ever given any thought to put it it's putting together a home office the girl's traditions home this is due in designing the perfect home office. At a very affordable price also traditions would like it and only recently received an amazing selection of artwork and lamps at very reasonable prices. That will complement any decorum that's. Traditions home on Douglas just east hillside the other valley game that started at the same time as this one in overtime. Evansville Indiana State ended regulation that 76 all in terra haute and it's still a one point game Evansville up one with a about a minute minute and a half to go. Southern Illinois led Bradley 3630. At halftime they're now up forty to thirty about a minute and a half into the second half. At Carbondale. And the big matchup between northern Iowa and Illinois State. Just getting underway like five minutes ago in normal we don't know yet if Mikhail Macintosh is playing that game for Illinois State. A former shocker opponent Maryland Eastern Shore leading Hampton 6564. With 52 seconds to go at Hampton. Another shocker opponent Saint Louis and George Mason. 64 all at the end of the first overtime number one Villanova improved to 21 and two with a 6657. Win at Providence. Case stayed up one on TCU and about five minutes to go in Manhattan number nine Virginia for Tina Virginia Tech at the half. At Miami up three on number fifteen Florida State. At the half that game. In Miami that coming up this weekend of course it's the Illinois State game on Saturday night more on that little bit in the Wichita State women. We'll go for their sixth win in a row host to Missouri State at 2 o'clock on Sunday and that is a showdown now for third place in the Missouri Valley Conference women's race of the women's team has really come storming back from a slow start in the league. To pull into the top division and could be in third place. With a win in that one. Mikhail Macintosh we understand from our colleague Jason Alden did not start that game and has yet to enter the game the matchup between Illinois stated. That's the truth at that thing you know it's a knee problem. They haven't said if it's something that he just had an MRI Monday they are really. Releasing the results of that the CB indicating they're gonna leave it up to him whether he thinks he can play or not in the upcoming game well he's he's a big big part of their ballclub so. Not him Mikhail Macintosh. Be it seemed as if they can pull off that win that game in Bloomington tonight the city Q okay. Then they'll play again later at Cedar Falls to their coach's corner with Gregg Marshall presented by express employment professionals on a mission. To put a million to work checkers winning here tonight in a tough battle 7769. Had to make some big plays down the stretch in the last. Three to four minutes and got a lot of good performances. From a lot of people coach Marshall joins us and coach certainly. You know in in. I I would say in contrast to the game for instance of the Bradley was there are a lot of things that that you could take issue with in the first half offensively. Well certainly this didn't go silky smooth that that's a lot of credit has to go to street not a thought when they play. Yeah. They've they've played well and just kind of player. Free and easy they're shooting the ball really well McMurray was a monster tonight and he he he looked like an all league player. Shouted and made 5373. From like 28 points. But you know on the other guys tremor in Oregon day we did a great job held them to what 7 September I think. Art and it's a twelve. Than both of those guys are you know can go for twenty. 25 so it was really good effort by brown on simmering in conference can have done or are grounded most didn't. I but I have to start with the shark tale and that guy is really coming here any given us a lift and you know maybe it's it's Chris crazies his signals from what we're doing about a month ago. Maybe you need to be playing him a little more than did that will this mean he's he's just really playing well. He's got energy he's dunking the ball in the Basque he's tipped in the ball and thirteen ministers for thirteen points and six rebounds and I think he took charge in. I was really did I also thought to we agree Connor were very very good other than over the Rangers turnovers two today. Four turnovers that bothers me a note bothers him and that Marcus Vick Duffy. Fourteen rebounds even though because 18 from the field. He affects the game with his work on the glass and seven assists and 888 status as just eight. It's Shaq wars in Toronto combined for nine Basque so. We executed beautifully. In that stretch week we went from six point deficit whatever it was. To believe we were executing our stuff I'm telling you that we were getting exactly what we wanted to on on sets. But some breakdowns we were getting lay ups get a layup for Rondo we got a layup for Shaq we got a layup for. Kelly we got a layup for. The lane entry and some wide open looks from the width 13 when we got to basically a lay up photographer here toward that line wide open. While I was real impressed with that one plea came out of the timeout and ran that rules that play. Nurture mistakenly accused set it down as briefer. Frank camp I think was young and have any slips the screen goes impasse can Marcus made a beautiful pass through finished on the other side yeah protected critic this over the past and I was impressed with that Plavix. Talk a little bit about this they shot also helped us I'm sorry I don't forget they shot. His defense was critical he got a couple of reflections. It was really lockyer who guarding Woodward the guard matchup were really fun to watch tonight's a really good battles with in the battle. But in the second half. But you don't wanna get it jump shooting he had some shooting contest with this team especially here at the NAFTA because it's they shoot the ball so well. So I was impressed with the way your guys attack the basket in the second half you know a lot of guys striving to move. And that play from it from your peers were Kelly. Drove home from your pitch right through all their guys at altitude in there and I thought that was a real lift for your team you know he elevated and stuck that thing in the basket he was tremendous on that play him he was when he got there he just seems. To me. Later on his feet or explosive and bigger than he ever did I think he's I think he's just in such good shape. You know and you mentioned Marcus and I wanted to bring him not because. He was one for eight from the field six of those shots were very early in the game and he. From that point on it was like he realized he wasn't really feeling that he wasn't forced and I think that's still really affected the game was his rebounding his pants. And that's you look for that many edit and his defense at at times when he was on McMurray that's probably the most is slowed it down tonight because it is way. Yeah his length bothered McMurray yeah and made it missed a couple of shots but I thought to until March you know. Tricked off the lay up a little bitterly he's an offensive rebound it was a it was a bad shot but other than that I thought he had good looks. But you know he's so you can you can affect the game with your defense you rebounding and your hustle plays and you know like brown and Kelly do most nights. In the markets did that tonight in the scoring was left up to other guys we had. A double double by Shaq and he set a career high in my column frank can't fourteen rebounds and other career high. Tied or rebounds for Marcus and I know it's got to be a career high for says it is yes so. Really really good performance in 888 point where it seems like we have struggled as an eight point Wendell wrote pretty good and most people take that well what are you on the road. Last six years 51 in nine now 51 and I thought to that. Good and I was gonna ask you this it's harder on you a game like this but. In some ways is it good for your team to get tested a little bit occasionally edit and and really have to reach down and make some plays an excuse to winnable. Yeah yeah he may be your route that the rest of the season will dictate how important that is but. I just thought to. And we loved how we executed a left out but it's tough we were on them cleaning the glass down the stretch and we've got some stops we needed to. You know coach you never know how seasons unfold you know as far as your scheme to who your plane and who's playing well. Who's not injuries and everything. But you think back about a month ago. And Kelly was yet a hard time giving him in the ball game again minutes on him Willis was there and everybody you know they shop Smith was playing great water. You were trying to have to work to get him and it's not Connors playing great played 34 minutes. Kelly's play operate and give you a big lift off the bench. You know it's amazing how things change was deceased there really isn't a week you know. Think about how many good performances we had tonight it's been a long time since we had this many good performances brown McDuff Morse sham. Fran can't Kelly. These Sean. Rondo all those guys really played well tonight and that's with talk to beat a very spirited Drake Bulldogs team who had won five out of six at home. Well we have not talked about it because he's that other stuff you could concentrate on the ninth got Illinois State on Saturday night and that's that's a huge game. Yeah it'll be you know I'm I'm look at Fortis following the game tonight with northern Iowa I think that could be a great game northern I was playing well and and we just have to take care of our business and play well and if we do we have a great shot of being in the first place come Saturday evening toilets again congratulations gavel if you were not satisfied with Torre were looking for 25 or more about it and that's that's the goal now would. Eight games guarantees from here on out. All right guys thank you suckered into Gregg Marshall Wichita State when he denied on the road Drake 77. 69 be sure to join coach Marshall and Carlos and Kelly to fill the shelves that are daily bread food pantry. Soccer fans thank you for raising over a 100000 dollars so far this great cause he listening for ways to help and when an autograph shocker to basketball. And keep getting on there on the ESPN affinity coach's challenge and vote every day for coach Marshall let's keep moving him forward and raising money for the Wichita children's them Catholic preacher movements that he's involved in among many others and that was certainly the retreat to be involved in those. Soccer's witted here tonight twenty. And four on the year tenant one. In the Missouri Valley Conference and they're gonna take on Iowa State either eleven and now. Or tenant on on Saturday that echoed through 7 o'clock Saturday night Coker Reena and you know it hasn't been rock and roll much this year because there's been some people lots. In the ball game. It at home so. It's going to be adjusting to his tee. The crowd and and feel that electricity. That you have in front of a big game to see it it just pulled the rafters and let's see how well we get to go Reno that it. It really be on our broadcast begins at six tip off at 705. Checkers the red birds in the showdown. For first place. Thanks for being with us tonight thanks for Joseph harder for is always excellent work in the studio Wichita State and a hard fought road game comes out with a win here at Drake. Seventy sevens 69 for Bob hall on my community which they pleasant good evening from the more. You've been listening to shut prevents. It's fun explodes. Car moves so he'll lose pretty union movement. Executive there she killed her insurance Jersey's real involved but Carnahan who. Points or machinery that it's. Clinton's appointments that could be bad. Do chip news coverage systems Marty stone but Kansas mother. Got you covered. Gross shield of Texas discussions are. Jim veterans core development the Kansas Department of Transportation. Jets locker room capital level. But Joseph the American firmly into this tall grass country club. It's. Listen to every WSU shocker basketball game hold 103 point seven KE YE. And our Guinea mavericks are back to die hard and I'm sorry that was a mouthful. 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Customer satisfaction rating when my heating and air conditioning system needs serviced and repaired or replaced I trust David Welch and well just to keep my family comfortable and so should you. Caldwell just heating and air today. At 73316100. And. Aren't you need mavericks are back did I how to. I'm sorry that was a mouthful. All you can eat pancakes are back I hop. That's right and get as many sacks a biopsy plus feet tasty world famous pancakes you can handle it. You can even pair them with free refills of copied a W your endless delicious Aniston clarion soon because all you can eat pancakes ends February 12. So get over I topic eat up every moment. Dine in only price of participation variance. This is the Wichita State locker room show for a 103 point seven Katie why didn't sit Woodward. I don't suit to win these. He's quick hits off words when he first Enron. Wrote tonight's. Here after every shot your men's basketball game this season glad to have you with us. Here on this Wednesday night a lot of great groups going on tonight all over the place and we have a great crowd on hand here at twin peaks where it when he first in Iraq here eighties which it's off. And that we're talking about the Sox tonight after. Wichita State wins it in the mowing over Drake 77 the 69 and a the shocks when it by eight tonight after being down by eight. With eleven minutes to go so that shocks to the flip flop there outscored the bulldogs by sixteen. In the final eleven minutes in the game 7769. Wichita State ended up outscoring Drake. Thirty to fourteen. In the final eleven minutes. For the victory this evening. As Wichita State with the win improved to twenty and four on the season that's now eight straight twenty win seasons. For the Wichita State shocker under head coach Gregg Marshall congratulations to the shocks and still got still got more games to go. And of course we're setting up looking ahead to the next game which is a big contest for the shocks the match up. And the showdown with first place on the line in the Missouri Valley Conference. Wichita State and first place Illinois State will match up at Coca arena on Saturday night. And that will be a big ones shocks try to avenge their only conference loss so far of the season. And that'll be a big one at ARCO Arena on Saturday night of course will be your twin peaks after that for the soccer locker and showed soccer fans will be. Licking their chops get ready for Saturday but. Tonight our focus is also on the shocker road win this evening 7769. Over the Drake Bulldogs as Wichita State. Able to get a season sweep over Drake in Wichita State now continues its winning streak against the bulldogs Wichita State. Has now won eleven straight games against Drake since losing in the point five years ago and a triple overtime game. And shocks. Beat a team that has been playing very well at home but now break his walks back to back home games. After starting out pretty strong in conference play at home Drake oh loss to northern Iowa last time out and out of shocker tonight. Not without a fight though shocks were down by eight points and eleven minutes to go. But then not really came through big in nineteen to six run it actually was in nineteen to three run. Now is 196. That day got the shocker from down by eight to up by five and they pretty much maintained that margin and expanded it a little bit late in the game. When it tonight 7769. As this Drake did not make a basket in the final. Five minutes of the game so nicely done by the shocks there. As a Drake missed its last six shots in the game. And shocks were able to protect that lead and come up with a eight point win tonight. What him fantastic effort from many of the shoppers. Including markets beat Duffy was another monster rebounding game. He had a career high fourteen rebounds on Sunday night against Bradley another fourteen. Tonight on the road at Drake. Marcus was also sublime and distributing the basketball at eight assists. Steel Morissette a double double with ten points and eleven rebounds Landry she haven't scored seventeen points on her training camp. Ended up well with sixteen points on the night made for three quarters Rashard Kelly it was just. Absolutely fantastic in the second half finished with thirteen point six rebounds five of six shooting. So love shocks come through organized effort tonight when the game. And the phone lines are open if you wanna join us we certainly welcome your phone calls on my blog it's why we're here the phone lines are open at 869. 10378691037. The area code is 316. As we get under way tonight here at twin peaks and our first call this evening is. Towel. Hello how you're on the lottery show the right ahead. Bloated thanks for taking my call and or that it was even that far closer than what is final score ended up. Very yet to have competitive game. One thing that I notice to her and does look at the stats in the first happens to come like remember. Thought maybe ever bet there was no shocker with more than one foul. At halftime and said that certainly helps keep the sand every game. Who wondered not numbers. Impressed with markers that got these rebel stats of last couple games. I think is offense has become a little bit off you'd think he'd be able to operate a little bit better. From trees slaughters opposed the Porsche lot. Spurs an offensive rhythm and maybe year. Police. Reeked of repetitive some emperors. There's skills. Off to good question to think about at the aura I don't know if the three spot. Gotta keep which certainly creates some mismatches with the defense lay out his offense might improve a little bit. I just I just think the coaching staff likes his links. And then what he's able to have to bring up body wise that position before spot and I guess it is if you swap markets over to three. You're right I think he would create some better. Perhaps defensive match ups and be able to score a little bit easier but but. Then who do you slot in at the four and five I guess is the question seized. He's just kind of becomes so effective at the four spot right now I know it I know it offensively the last few games he hasn't. Quite had what he had in some of the some of the games little further back youth the 234 weeks ago with. He certainly rebounding certainly does seem to kind of embrace the rebounding side of things lately and there that balls come until it. Hope hopefully we'll see a little bit more minutes are Borchard challenge. In the last couple games certainly brought a higher level better treaty and maybe get that elusive leadership that everybody keeps talking about that there had. They beat a merchant will put more of a leader on this team that needs now certainly brought certainly brought the energy and I'm in you know he was really instrumental receiving in that. Chile's. Really contributing up a level wall I think Terrell Willis Ali include marshals mission there's a shortage slipping into the a crowd a little bit so labels see more of. The IN and that's a great point Allen and Rashard may be years kind of filling that I don't want it called a vacuum of leadership that we've we've kind of address the issue all season long is it. When the chips are down who's his team going to look to to really kind of take the reins and and get things going the right way and it kind of seems like. Like in the recent games we've really seen Rashard Kelly kind of do that a little bit. Maybe not locally that but maybe just kind of with the energy he's playing with the and the poise that he's playing with and it's especially. The deal too is that he's been it just money in the second half he's he's guided. Is really started to come on after halftime and you. You kind of sought tonight when the chips were down. That's shocks were looking for a leader and he was a guy that really that really came through that stretch when they were behind in the second half and started to get things turned around. And the team I think you're right now with. His teammates for feeding off his energy sometimes. That's what the Sox have been looking for a point sometimes in this season. Oh oak and appreciate it Michael. Always getting here from me thanks so much out. There and have a good evening. Always getting here from now on and always good to hear from by the rest of shocker nation anyone would like to join us tonight. Give us a phone call here on the shocker locker and show at 8691037. 8691037. Is our phone number tonight as we broadcast live here from twin peaks in east Wichita. At 21 and rock road certainly glad to have you witnessed on this Wednesday evening or. The soccer locker room so 8691037. Is our phone number. Don't forget every time it's a soccer game day food and drink specials come your way here at twin peaks in these Wichita shocker foods special. All day long today 599 cheeseburgers. And that the special will be in effect all day long on Saturday too so when he come before the game after the game for both your twin peaks. He itself big cheeseburger from 599. And there's a drink special as well. You get a big man size mug shots up we're just full or box on soccer game days as well that's fantastic. As well the beer here ice cold 28 point seven degrees according to the Obama Rama all right now colder than ice. That's a big old man man size mug shots off for four bucks on soccer game days to come on buying into it those food and drink specials. Especially for soccer fans every soccer game day right here at twin peaks and we're doing a special tonight we'll doing began all day long on Saturday. A phone number is 8691037. As we continue. With the soccer locker room so tonight. And an ex collars entity hello entity on the locker room so right ahead. Really intended those words. One saluted I didn't get through this and gave my all the way through Wednesday night Bible study nice country as it were it. And less. Over fifty film's director of the last so welcome Cuomo comments that were coming from. Mike Kennedy years and right. The thing that gets some of the loot to is. The minute they ever be distribute the marks the ball I think. In I think Robert Frank it was circular of the gate course and ask your. And like the minute that you beauty that it opened it to won't be buried because. McMaster games we've seen expended and it doesn't look corporate and probably about as it would almost three billion now the rotation. That. It might. The management chairman. Twenty plus minutes for her own car for a cure and and I just sort of speak from your standpoint. Do you think gonna do about it for a few minutes of the Olympic Games and looked slow and brutal that would public will rhythm in the rhythm in the gate. And it won't collect. This situation a candidate another double double night. If that security. Wouldn't you know there weren't sloppy an important game that would be or go to games for Shaquille O'Neal. So when you talk about leaders abruptly shut accused they're both of the leaderboard. To contribute more and out of that opens our leadership goals they were taken micro appreciate. Thanks Anthony appreciate your call at addressing Shaquille O'Neal urged the guy that. It didn't it had not had a double double in his career until recently. And has started to come through with some bigger numbers. And that's been. It's been pretty welcomed receipt for the shocker big man who. Had a career plagued by a you know the only thing you seem like he was in danger getting double doubles with with als. If you would pick up a lot of those. He's been able to stay away from foul trouble and need to put up some real nice numbers lately. He got his first career double double at Evansville. Seventeen points ten rebounds. That surprised me that night when I heard that he had never had a double double before. And tonight he got another one now he almost. He had 44 points and eight rebounds in the home win over Indiana State in almost got one haired couple boards away. Tonight he got his second career double double. With ten points and eleven rebounds so yeah office Jack is is making the most of his time on the floor of the season of contributing in. Enough points rebounds and and I know he said he didn't get to watch the game but. But those weren't rebounds tonight that were. There were just bouncing to him he was very. Vary aggressive. Getting getting rebounds tonight and that's where Shaq more as can be so effective. Because there's just not that many. Players that are physically can match up with him and it gets. That's kind of been one of those deals with the coaching staff to check you are such a physical presence that if you want to. Be rebounding monsters you can be just. It just needs to be a matter of him actually going out doing it kind of seems like in the last 345 games. Start to really kind of turned the corner on that a little bit and being very very demonstrative in with a nose for the basketball. And ninety. That's that's kind of helping fuel some of the shocker soccer attack these days from your other question Anthony had to do with. With guard played minutes distribution. Mike Kennedy kind of address that with. Honor frank camp in the post game interview in him. We start to look at playing time like you said it means it's a little bit skewed because of Austin Reeves not plane last couple games. That guard play I mean he's really really relying on. Honor frank camp and landry's Janet for a lot of minutes right now. You know they don't like he liked pointed out the only average. About 22 minutes a game like dad recently those guys are playing 3435. Even 36 minutes sometimes. So. The the coaching staff really is kind of started to put. That are real onus on those two guys in the wind not there their they're playing in a higher level and EU that you need Unita now on the floor. It on only get. When Landry sham it is playing is consistently as he is right now. It doesn't do you much good to have him out there for three minutes than sit for three minutes unit in an iconic product it to stated that as well. And in you don't nobody's going to say well I think it's to be point blasts have. They're either going to get that answer someone but but the thing out these these players. They crave playing time and coaches know that and if the players consistent and the numbers are there and the inconsistencies start going away. At just naturally sauls playing time conundrum listen and that that that's the stuff stuff sort of works itself out. So it it it's not like in recent games receipt. Landry scored thirteen one night into the next. And 141 night in zero the next. Seen him you really pile up consistent numbers we're seeing the same Connor frank can't. Not we're seeing new yell yo what we had been and earlier in the season seem pretty consistent numbers start to see that night in night out that's what those guys it meant. And you know in. When in Austin Reeves comes back in in and it is healthy to play. How much will he eat into those minutes or will. Connor and O'Connor in Landry both kind of be seen at saint not playing time. And and will. We lost and Reeves playing time diminished a little bit after being out for a couple games seeing some of the southern artfully work so well. Guess that's the question has yet to be answered well we'll find now makes the questions in pedantic it's good discussion. And we'll see how we proceed from that tonight. If you wanna give us a phone call my name is Ted the sports said this is the shocker locker and show. We are live tonight between peak cities which I thought when he first and rock road give us a call at 8691037869. Model 37. That the phone lines and Scott is next hello Scott you're on the locker so right ahead. Take a good one to ask the question. How long are we looking at it it will be but we're Austin reed we'll get back and read more hands. My opinion but I believe he's a better guard. In. Can't think it does mean now her. Believe these are better guard. Go ahead well in. I'm may want to be time to come up with that name some not direct comment in general but I mean bring Austin Austin centigrade. From frank camp. I believe these are better guards in news. Well I'm I'm not agree with you a month ago but. Honor lately is really kind of upped his game and is as plant a lot better and it's not unlike his experience a little more than what Reeves has. Nodding I don't want to tear down Austin Reeves the that the Connors been playing really good basketball here these last five games. Renault. Possibility of that I'm not considered knocking on I don't dislike these are ideas. I think Lee is a better. Deep into player. In my acting. I may really all I don't. Now I'm on me to disagree with here called law ascetic Connors been that's another area of his game mining Connor. Maybe two months ago I certainly would agree YouTube and I think Connors. Improved almost exponentially defensively yet another good job tonight he's he's just doing a better job keeping his man in front of him and then stop and I mean. Austin's lost insult and a Yo-Yo to recently I mean his last few games this point totals. Yet fourteen against Bradley but then since then 5630311. And zero. Meanwhile Conner you've been getting the he's been in double figures five of his last seven games so. A Connors and picked it up a little bit on both ends that Austin's fantastic player to I think. Even as a freshman we start to see things that he can do it and we'll he'll be correct to be big part of this program for years to come. Yeah anon I agree with the mayor would like to the same manner. He's just. In my opinion he Bart bay we have. In fact can go on and on about bad not considered a better but it that can occur and yet. I just think that he has a better be thinking minds that. And always in front of the guidance. But that you're running parallel and well on his his his body type allows him to do that too he's he's kind of a deceptively. He is lanky and he he he can really use that links to try to keep guys in front of him and ads that'll be that'll be a big asset sued to Austin throughout his. Tire careers. Correct and I believe day eat he will have a great career here. I don't make no doubt about it yet wouldn't just just opened Austin can now stay healthy hope that the built up this evening look built a mystery to little bit and get set shoulder to where it's not more of a chronic problem. Correct. And I believe he will I believe he's that type of player that will be their current long current. And he'll do everything he can't whatever Marshall has to ask stepping out they'll do. So I appreciate it. And Serbs and have a good beaten. Sounds good Scott appreciate hearing from you thank you so much. And if you would like to join the program tonight you're certainly welcome beavis call. We will we will take a break here and are a phone number once again is 86910378691037. The area code is 316 we are here at twin peaks in east Wichita. Or 21 and rock road that soccer locker himself. Don't forget every football game that is played twin peaks as game day deals and might be a football game coming up you might be accosted him. And one of the deals twin peaks as his team doesn't weights you choose the wing you like you like the bone in naked he liked the bone in bread and make you like the bottomless. Be it to doesn't wings for 28 united 12229. If you wanna smoked or grilled. You get those are two dozen or 262980. Got a huge choice of sauces. You get healthy you'll butter the national hot classic the blazing. Smoky sweet barbecued garlic Barbara's on the spicy Thai chili and there's a couple of types the rubs you get to eleven pepper rubbing his spicy cajun rub. You could just find whatever combination you like and they'll get to set up for tons of wings twin peaks. 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He tossed eight feet basketball action tonight. The shot here's what it on the road at Drake 7769. At Wichita State now twenty and four on the season. It's the eight straight twenty victory season. Now British doctors under head coach Gregg Marshall Sox are ten and one in the Missouri Valley Conference. Illinois State still in first place unbeaten in conference play. The shocks in the red birds will play Saturday night at Coke arena Illinois State is currently. Waiting at home at halftime in an extremely. Low scoring game. It halftime beat Illinois State 23. Northern Iowa in nineteen. So Illinois State trying to remain undefeated and a game ahead of the shocker is in the standings. Before their match up on Saturday night at Coke arena. This is dead this sport said I'm here at twin peaks at least Wichita Allred when he first and rock road. As we continue with the soccer locker room showed tonight her phone number is 8691037. 8691037. Let's go right back to the phone lines tonight Michael as well this hello Michael you are a blocker so go right ahead. Hello. Hello Michael what's going on. Mac they're out blank screen and my dog turned in my. Yeah see I'm. I'm on the phone. And I don't know Jerry palm you know right I had a little. Anything good word and real are long term and you know and we don't have anything to show work. You know and I think word but pretty good conference. Ending. They Adam. The red. Anglo beat Georgia may remember that helped a darker. And then I thought it could create. In beating western Illinois and that's what provoked both in the RP. Carl referred to find some men in their their clothes then later on. Long Beach they. Need need to Northridge anyway that really. And arm. He's got a found out in the town. In America and CAA tournament. You know. We've got to rotate. It. We I I don't know we have to win in the conference to give him or. Oral gear didn't somehow. With a really good record. I guess could have been been on the map and everything it could Jerry on the right camp argues. Know about him aren't you. And I. Mean that's all everybody you'll talk about it marches. At what he prognosticate. You know he's yeah I've learned that he's usually somewhere in the ballpark but you know everybody is it's a but you're right yeah you're right Michael when you say. Who knows. If this is going to be a one bid leaguer to Biddle conference Iowa I don't know one. Arming anyone knows right now that it it it's it'll still depend on what happens in February. I don't the valley is either going to be a one bid conference or two and will liable to staff to see if either Wichita State or Illinois State is strong enough to merit at large consideration this year. Yeah. And Connor played really good now I mean sure is yeah. I had been expecting them from one all because. I I mean the often read in the great player who perished here though and he's down. He came from a little school on Arkansas. Worry only explored the certainly warrant from one game did you hear about that all now. Triple overtime. Sham and an eight point of art and high school legend yeah yeah and I read that don't know. You know I absolutely it Asian find they're Coca Reno's comment. Column about you know young men 20 which dog gay and I'm almost sure. That Gary hadn't been to a game here because the atmosphere. At Coca arena. Other around who is special. You know the and they even. The big game tonight. I would. Expecting not kind of oh. Oh larger hole the third through the game I didn't think they get behind but they played so well. Platform Leonard. And I think go to get more confidence. In in game should they play now the big games coming out this week they're. Purely being competitive. What time Saturday 7 o'clock you know aren't. Well. You know are gone right they can really shoot the ball I mean young and Barry did or did team. Yeah I mean they're good paying them. You know it's not like we just have to bid team in the league. I found it pretty much is. Yeah I know what you can and you know what really weird and they're. I wish they had an all star team for the conference. Because there'd be one guy who were they dead tonight more or lower than he scored 31 point Diana he had a huge night. Yeah I Eric Eric Eric aren't you know they're going to remedy. Eight in walk on one of the true Madrid. Craig begins. Yeah I mean you know the you know he had a good night they're there to other guys to Evanston and one of their others it usually are pretty good native they'd be much of many so. Regular current and but that's the soccer VW that's Zach brown and and Connor frank camps at those guys down. Now I'm gonna you know. You can. And Barbieri the threes you know yeah there were gone down component is that they. At the end it remained. You know on the bottom and trees and guys and trying to get back into good manmade. They got the run out and they made their free throws. I mean more marked ms. Warner. It came down I really can't game. If they little laws that would be crying now birds. I I get very emotional. But I've followed a lot of hand and saint Luke. We do the Georgia made sure legitimate big deal because. He remembered George Mason's. They they did it to us and what was that 2013 years and has few years back. Yeah. Well. You know there's going to be teams that are helping them out. In the RPI. And now how far into the season aren't we got out Manning looked good that you anywhere around anywhere. We're a little past two thirds of the way through here got to know her and we got a only got a month ago the regular season. What are all pattern coach guy I know it goes fast doesn't. Yeah that is version aren't playing good and MM. And then it you know it. Every coach should take one game at a time. But I don't think we ever there was one guy and called up I am not remembered. He was from Illinois there's something. Andy chaos out here stupid game and you know let it when he went through there remarry you he was really an impressive list. The coaching him and the way the crowd were you know they're not through Newton. And that and do so the bird at you should remember everybody calls them. I am in doubt it was an Illinois State fan India came to a game here was Barea very impressed and like what he saw it. He said he was looking forward that the match up with the red birds of a shock Saturday to. Yeah I think they might come down for now decent to get a ticket dump that into how. I think they're they're they're. That's really exciting dear people like you know. They're trying to kind of gonna get into the shocker mania thing now. Not sure oh well we want to them that would have though it. Yeah bottom line stocks were down by eight team Bakken won by a dominated the last eleven minutes of again. You know road Carter. Man he will appear tonight he wouldn't Shearer. And I think you're you're give news. Better. Well six has six of ten shooting. 483. Point range he was yeah he was really good. Gary kind of an important shot you know I guess that certain gram. Of gold burden and you know it's going man plucky. He's. You kind of straight shooter but he he wouldn't get our run in the goes forward or any sort of make shots he's. Well that's you know that's what his as people watched him all through his high school years at north. That's kind of what we got used to CN was a guided. Kind of have that magic it would eat your your right you're exactly right Michael when he. Is moving forward it is aggressive with the basketball he just has a nice array of shots that enable him to score and now they keys. He's just now kind of kind of start to commit to that consistency is a division one basketball player and and using that array of shots rather than just be straight you know. Sit straight up shooter from long ranked. Yeah oh well I'm an already go to because. There's some other team in Kansas they carry and I don't know what do they all flew from. Cool in this ruler their coup I think. Cu chi. K. Kate round thing I don't know. Anyway I hope they win so now they are all important game tonight do you have Baylor and you'd better. Baylor had that guy who. The wouldn't mean he's he's nowhere you know nobody knew anything about them I've forgotten man but he's. They've got a lot of guys like that. He got that no one that went great I'm OK in our. Yeah he he would either beige say might be player of the years so. Wow I am at a shark bit Beckett could try to noted gene that. I walked from time spent in the past and and thanks for taking my call it. Always non productive and I hope. You'd like to detonate do we appreciate it Michael there. OK job man you got to enjoy the ice cream and I are paid going on labor. But and I know you you always keep in the labor seekers it didn't tell you wonder about that area. I did some people would give about it I. Okay well thanks guys they care. I've jets. Michael what is on the shocker blocker who showed tonight in if you would like to join us. You certainly welcome to give us a call 86910378691037. The area code is 316. I am Ted the sport said broadcasting live tonight at Wayne beat city Wichita. Where 21 at rock road. But the shocker locker room still don't forget your football headquarters twin peaks. Lots of great game day deals. Big game day coming up not too long from now perhaps on Sunday. One of the game day deals at twin peaks as his eight sliders for 22 bucks bring a whole table. And feed everyone for twenty bucks an eight sliders you can get buttermilk chicken or the bacon jam sliders can't decide which one hit gobble plate. For the whole table speak it lets you knew you could even now reserve a spot here at. When peaks for any football game you wanna come watch it McCall reservists thoughts I'll have a seat for you. When year ready to come enjoy football. It's game day deals your football headquarters here at twin peaks. They'll get to set up. If you would like to do what is tonight on the show the phone number is 86910378691037. A soccer locker room show. Broadcasting live here 2221. In Iraq shocks when it tonight over Drake. In the all winds 7769. We'll take another break. Until hearts up will be glad to take your phone calls at 8691037. Right after this shocker basketball tonight up 103 point 78 EY and. 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Let's go shocker it's. Take it for me coach Gregg Marshall. No one just gives you an award you have to earn it. For thirty years we'll just hitting an air an independent American standard customer care dealer has offered award winning service earning them a 96% customer satisfaction rating. When my heating and air conditioning system needs serviced and repaired or replaced I trust David Welch and Welch is to keep my fairly comfortable and so should you call Welch is heating and air today. At 73316100. What's it. Visit WSU men's basketball game comes goodness it's when he sees an elaborate show up 103 point seven KEY and it starts immediately after the men's basketball game all day unbeaten season only twin peaks blood Ford Elin man site shocked tabs and I 99 cheeseburgers old twin peaks east and west are geared at this sports season for all fans NFL NB AK year WS steel case dates. Blasted TVs and scenic views twin peaks 21 to wrap relative maple ridge you're tape is ready. 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Dot com Wichita State locker room show or 103 point seven KEY did. Bad Shaquille Morris for second quarter. It's but while it's good for the second they're going yeah how about that for a finished on the fifth of the law rebound out to the top of the virtual forest got a and committed to a 3-D Kelly was going right downhill towards you look at this moment but was so I'm left. Point six seconds to. Ford dribbles and they'd done it right before the war. By Canadian pop holes college game right there that was the final play of the first half. Great job Irish guard Kelli getting an outlet passes. And driving the half court in for the dunk with less than a second ago before halftime. There but it nice exclamation point on the shocker run at the end of the first staff. Andre can had a six point lead but shocks went Donnie outscored Drake twenty to six. In the final nine and a half minutes of the first after taking a a four point lead in the locker room restart Kelly kind of ignited his night to he had not scored until that Duncan. Ended up scoring out to right there on that monster dunk right before have not been scored eleven more in the second half. Or start killing ended up with thirteen points six rebounds. Five of six shooting. Which is pretty easy to do you get some dunks and UT make to help them find he had some good situations. It's not gonna win it tonight after being down by eight in the second half shocked imagine what it by 87769. At Drake. Wichita State the twentieth win of the season now it's eight consecutive twenty win season. Of course that shoppers are now just a half game behind the first place Illinois State in the valley standings the red birds are playing right now. And they are in a dog fight in a home game against UNI. Right now. It's early in the second half Illinois State leads northern Iowa 2624. In a game that though. It does his little story can seem like it's going to stay close for awhile Illinois State is still unbeaten in valley play the shocker with love bit. It in the first place tie with the red birds going into a showdown on Saturday against the shocks at the arena. So we'll see how that transpires we'll keep you updated on that scored back if you want to come watch the game. They haven't here of some of the TVs at twin peaks in east which he thought when he first in Iraq to be like come on out watch. Northern Iowa and Illinois State. And it's soccer fans are really want to keep and I'll bet on as that goes on throughout the evening. Our phone numbers 86910378691037. Soccer locker room show on Ted the sport said we're here at twin peaks. It when he first rocket east Wichita. Let's go back to the phone lines our next caller Kelly hi Kelly era the locker room so the right ahead. You don't care of them I don't Imus got out these. It was set up to muscle pull up here at the McPherson Eric. A law does elect to go. Though I lit the Indians were twelve years but they'll do it with those soccer's. And I know they got really gain gig but did not get real estate. So I'm open their well they'll be although you have to pay back against the Illinois State. Well so let's say you know the local what leader Amir local country and it literally you can get that. In against the elected back in December Obama lost the wounds they won that game outlet game and but they wouldn't mind more are hopeful of soccer's rule. Well I won't vote on the red birds. The at LA and make no work Republican slower this Saturday night the second matchup between these two in the regular season and it will be pretty electric poke arena on Saturday night. Are launchers that'd be up while couples who want you to their that. City of Hope I'll be at those guys we will. How are how are the lol those do indices. Well there aren't that have bad days as it struggled last hubble's you don't let. You know it make that sort of help you live but the effort unity they're playing W and all the iron about. About an hour look and hours so. Let's begin one hopefully. Course I took it. The pit in our current thought is one of the legendary tough places to play in the nation. Always did and it is viable government published article yet can't come out here and any of you that are virtual political in their. Well give matchup that I know I know that now lifted and a member of great guys really had a really good challenge the last over the years so hopefully. The speaking on meet the hook up and play this game here. Yeah I'd love to see a home and home with a team like New Mexico let me fun. But I got definitely definitely. Well what else smoking area and out but I loved I loved what you know locally owned mobile but I know I. But it we I would I would give them twelve years live with it any authority voted that year that soccer's great and you know and it comes to Al it's really get that it should be really oxygen throughout the game there. But do if you let this soccer's on Saturday and over the past. Thanks Kelly. Deputy here obvious. Did he hear from vomit McPherson nation out there. All around the discreetly into cars getting here from but basketball fans it's still following its dockers you know about the state anymore thanks Kelly appreciate it. And this kind of echoing some of the things we've been talking about tonight. The second matchup between shocks in the record Wichita State lost at Illinois State three weeks ago and and we kind of been waiting for the rematch and now it's right at our doorstep that will be Saturday night at Coke arena. When soccer's take on Illinois State the red birds. Are unbeaten in conference play but they are in a tight contest right now in normal tonight. Fourteen minutes to go and that ball game at Illinois State 28 northern Iowa 25. As a very low scoring game between those two meter up to pick the thirty point mark yet. And we're starting to get little deeper in the second half and Allen. But the Illinois State. Trying to remain unbeaten atop the conference. And the shocks await on Saturday night so we'll still keep my out that like we said it to its it's on some of the TVs here twin peaks like come watch. UN nine in the red birds live right now in my twin peaks released which talked when he first and rock and don't get to set up. Still open in the low late night hours with those soccer game based specialty get a cheeseburger for 599. He get a big man's side shocked top model for just four box that beer right now thirty point six degrees colder than nice goal. The beer here at twin peaks when he first and raw shocker when it tonight at Drake 7769. I'd Drake went on a big run. Outscored its doctors. That he was at 120 run that put break up by eight. And shocks little bit trouble there with eleven minutes to go with the Sox got to turn around in fact it was a three point play by pirates. Started shocks and ignited Wichita State I mean nineteen to six run and got things turned around and in Wichita State technical lead the rest of the way which are Kelly had a big night for the shots. Thirteen point six rebounds five of six shooting also part of that run the start and another done. I have now back to back assists. Came from markets with Duffy who ended up with eight assists on the night. And he heated up with another during that run it yet it's Dielman got a nice assist Connor frank camp for three. I'm based on Smith had a nice drive for his only bucket of the game as part of that run another dunk on a drive by a virus. Nice driving bucket by land reach Janet and Connor frank camp. Cap it off of another three on assistance dammit. And no Wichita State went on C nineteen to six run right there. Over about a five minute span. That that got the game turned around in the second half Wichita State started clamping down on the defensive end very started missing some shots. Socks that kind of federal on things their way in which apostate protected the lead the rest of the way Drake did not make a basket in the final five minutes of the game they missed their last six shots. And Wichita State pulled away for the win tonight. 7769. Dominating the final eleven minutes for the win in the boy being down by eight. Stocks ended up shooting 47%. For the game did out rebound the bulldogs by nine midnight 4334. Stocks ended up with eleven offensive rebounds. Wichita State nearly double BS's total for Drake is well. Socked a pretty good care of the basketball I know. Turnovers in the first snap in out of it. A bad team but the shocks. And a bunch as early turnovers is Bradley on Sunday. They had they had died they had six or seven turnovers in the first half in this one but only finished with nine so. Stocks really took good care of the basketball in the second half. And it got away some of those turnovers took care of the basketball break you now hold bonds break only at eight so. I thought it was an interesting comment Bob hole in my Kennedy. Talking about the fact that very easily as a three guard lineup but also guys handle the ball pretty well. So. It's sometimes up turn them over and they don't relent some of the pressures and other teams do and that has served Drake well. Especially in the home games they don't they don't beat themselves a whole lot of home yet kind of come up take the reins. And the northern Iowa and doctors now been able coming to the point of Hollywood road wins nominee at a conference teams have so far. That the northern Iowa Illinois State game is under twelve minutes to go now it's Illinois State thirty. Northern Iowa 27. Not eleven and a half minutes ago. And it's the red birds are still prime stay MB atop the conference before they come in the Coca arena Saturday. Take on the shots so little like keep that game updated or he'll be taking your phone calls. Phone lines are open at 86910378691037. But the soccer locker room until I've had the sports to hear tonight at twin peaks in east which dollar when he first in Iraq road. We had a big crowd here earlier boy we had people watching the soccer game made people watch in the case state game. Those who are now finals he stayed in the losing at home in overtime TCU. It's jocks want Matt Drake and now right now you have a huge match up and Lawrence. Kansas ranked as high as number two in the nation speaking on Baylor ranked as high as number two in the nation right now that game's tied with twelve and half minutes ago. If fans joined that went with fans here watching. Northern Iowa Illinois State. And that they're doing now the soccer game day special demands such shocked top with just four bucks the burger 599. And to demand of the soccer game based vessels here. The rest of the night here at twin peaks and those specials will also be in effect for the next soccer game day Saturday all day long. Here at twin peaks in east Wichita when he first rock there is it's your football headquarters twin peaks don't forget. Might be a game rather large game coming up in the future he might wanna. Pay attention to but don't forget twin peaks and it picked up the game date deals the special game day may you be a lot of people so you wanna grab a table. On violent all your friends twin peaks and it's picked up wanted to gained a deal is the double peaks sampler for 22 dollars. Double the goodness of this classic went pizza appetizer. It includes a lot of that platter. Include fried pickles buffalo tenders and mozzarella bites oldest mozzarella bites are good. You get all the get double that goodness at double sampler for just 22 bucks that'll be a lot of people at your table. The football game date deals only twin peaks your football headquarters. That twin peaks from all right after this Wichita State wins at Drake tonight 7769. He was a call at 8691037. At the soccer locker room so continues. Here on 103 point seven to eight EY and it. Shocker nation wasn't built overnight it took years of dedication and hard work and perseverance. Your friends and all seasons construction know about hard work. We've been updating homes for over 25 years providing the best in home exteriors and interior modeling. Built by two generations of shocker alumni all seasons construction is part of the or T. Call today 68517100. Or visit us online at all seasons construction dot com. Let's go shock ears. 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Wichita State locker room show or 103 point seven KEY did. Right way into the Lance what. Football fans just know it yet I'll lose that they have three of the kids who lives here just an. An average yards killing one at rocket from the right win all the way through the defense and stuff it was. He's got nine points and six just come on choosing his clients. Nice number right there my city in Kabul. The point tonight. It's nice or restart still wait and see. He can hit those high percentage shots and by that I mean dogs. Or started it up with thirteen points six rebounds tonight five of the six shooting. And a whole lot of that was in the second half. That's lamp right there was part of a sixteen do sixteen to five run by the shocks in the second half and Kelly was a big big big nighter a lot of that. That's the shocks were down by eight but eleven minutes to go. And looking for us somebody to cattle like their fire and boy it was Reshard Kelly the really seem to get things go on their and that spreads it markets' Mike Duffy was just. Finding open teammates for great shots all over the place in Wichita State ends up. Being down by a statement coming back and winning by 87769. Tonight at Drake. For the season sweep over the bulldogs. Shock still keeping an eye on the Illinois State UN and I game in normal right now. They are. Past the midway point of the second half of that one now under nine minutes to go it's Illinois State 34. Northern Iowa 28. He'll always state looking to remain undefeated atop the Missouri Valley Conference. And of course Wichita State and Illinois State will meet on Saturday night into the arena. It's a shock to Aventis. Their only Missouri Valley Conference loss thus far Wichita State lost earlier this year at Illinois State. The rematch is Saturday night at Coke arena at 7 o'clock. And there will not be an empty seat in the house say it will be. Opportunities for that kind of atmosphere this season at Coke arena. And this is going to be by far the top home game in the regular season on campus for Wichita State so. It will be filed on Saturday. Regardless of whether Illinois State wins or loses tonight so we'll see how that transpires. But the that gave as eight and a half minutes to go and now the red birds and open up six point lead 3428. Over northern Iowa. That you would like to give us a call this is the soccer locker of a show of course and your welcome the Avis call any time. And 8691037. Area code 3168691037. The shocker is only have four more home games in the regular season. The course Illinois State on Saturday which doctors still have not played Missouri State at all. Which doctors still have a home game against Missouri State and then at Missouri State both those games here down the stretch in the month of February. And the court to soccer's have not played northern Iowa yet at home northern Iowa got off to a very. Slow start in conference play this season but now is playing much better basketball shocks lap faced them on. February 18 in two and a half weeks at Coke arena and that'll be an 11 AM tip off against northern Iowa on the eighteenth. So what we get up early that Saturday that would. But. The one we have our sights right now is this doctors in Illinois State on Saturday night. The red birds of a shocker to see who will. With first place on the line in Missouri Valley Conference going in and out so we will obviously be. Focusing on that getting ready for Saturday night which means that I would love to see here at twin peaks after the game. Our next edition of the shocker locker room choke and they'll see them. And it we're here 21 rock road where here at twin peaks city Wichita after every soccer and basketball games this seize gladly witty here on Wednesday night. Still have a lot of fans here watching a TU Baylor going to add it in Lawrence and we have fans here tonight keep an eye on the northern Iowa Illinois State games soccer fans keep tabs on that one. As Illinois State leads at 3428. Eight and a half minutes to go at that point. He was sick daughter of a shocker locker until 8691037. As we continue with shocker locker room showed tonight big night for the shots. For many different players. Boys soccer guard late tonight the guard tandem of Landry each candidate potter frank camp. Let let's all just missed them both together if you combine their efforts tonight. 33 points seven with three pointers six assists. And there what a lot of turnovers between those two guys either. As they get to care of the basketball so. The guard play between those two was super equipment to restart Kelly really igniting a shocker his play especially the second half. You know a guy we haven't talked at all about tonight is over Ronald nurture. And he's a guy that. Cain threw some nice numbers for the shocker tonight eight points. Four rebounds. And Rondo did miss fire a couple of threes but from two point range he was four for five. And included nice monster dunk on the baseline at one point the second half so. Nice up. Nice job by Ronald nurture tonight. Shaq Boris had a double double his second of his career ten points eleven rebounds. And up markets but Duffy put up some. Some more numbers that are rather sublime. I'm he had fourteen rebounds in the game Sunday at Bradley. For his career high and he went out got it again today fourteen rebounds at Drake. That was even getting out alleviate ten at halftime so the cool off a little bit on the rebounding side of things the second half but it was nice to see that. Maybe some of those rebounds that markets picked up he was not getting after halftime Shaquille Boris was Jack was very very demonstrative. On the rebounding side of things in the second half heated up when eleven rebounds on the game. Markets had fourteen of soccer and an a plus nine on the rebounding side of things against Drake. On the way to eight point wind Zach brown another guy that. We kinda seeing disappeared a little bit offensively but haven't some good defensive games but does Zach. Came through tonight with eight points. And I believe he had three assists and made a couple of threes so. Zach brown. Put up some nice numbers from Wichita State as well that's shocked when it on the road tonight at Drake. My final score of 7769. We are broadcasting live tonight here at twin peaks we aren't east Wichita. But when he first rock road we're here after a shocker means game to make a point to on might join us we'd love to see a don't forget. If you wanna give us a call phone numbers 8691037. And let's go back to the phone lines tonight speak with dragon. Hello Craig got a locker room showed a run ahead. Are you had to get spew here you work in low over I'm Tucker wrote game is that. It is new like I do and then buy back then he stopped the year started like we normally did a game that her after. We've been doing you know post game locker room shows the entire season. So I have no idea I'm glad you finally about to seared February. You know what amazing and just that condition Dele. Not getting moderate be it either side is I think you are back it ought to do it. And I will not watching that that that birds doodle up the road and an open that they do not they. And it's great that you're a great pitcher active with regain now well I hope that are brought them that they. But we continue on in the future. Next year's level. There are a lot like our area like COLT are on the preteen children are are about our break in merchant how much are built like. Landers airmen at the do it that how well Landry it's why. And what about playing the point I'm no Mike didn't end up not being. Pocket Connor the night that game I honor they brought it out but. You know it gets really did beat their guard deal coming together start again. Each other. And you know I hope we start finding out where would the big men as well. Hopefully get to our being basically. For years is as calm as well they are gonna go. You know I think we had been the best RT app last year and and year prior that you know are literally. I can't hurt by it Vega our big men not watching our our level being up or like that and I'm not try to beat her at all they just they've got to beat. They've got to be a next level if that he's gonna really. Make your daughter I noticed we beat her lead eight and they have it if they're fortunate out yet. The ally and and think he touched on a pretty good they're great yeah this was starting to see she haven't been frank camp really developed acidity would each other at the guard play. I'm not but you're up you're right. And we just haven't found that the big guys to be in sync more than more than maybe one or two games at most. Seems like. Darryl Willis takes a step back markets but Duffy in tactic step forward and deacon and we kind of CNET. That dynamic just never really gel quite yet then you're right it if that does ever come together this team. Take itself to the next level we haven't seen yet. Yeah I'm in you know it scraped it it at least one of those guys every night. Pretty much as showing up I didn't get it beat the old regain it. Actually traveling comfort gotta outrun early moment did you did the city seems pretty bad. That that's what I heard I actually the article just the lead it out of frustration but you know aid so. That one night I mean we we always bad one dark shall not. It obviously get a peg at least you on any given night and you know way are they get it being a little heat after all five guys like at C. Being on the same page Y and I level ever art. You know you don't have organized that are that are are well I'll be curious to he would nominate our outlook start you know. An Arabic which each other and it starts at night in these early night or not. On health I don't we are deep and there were there's a double period a night where I at a net quick extra work that. I have been there earlier brown Amy having cleaned up block but a potential gold in their one or the gold in the were not when. According block in the spring or great speed that but it you know it just mattered yet mom they've agent and get Iraq Earl now. It out that's in. That's another thing to that's did mention it meant to help defense and get things. It makes them from the weak side and when when guys are a step late boy it's so obvious that this thing to break it down on defense that. Tonight and some other good examples where we're seeing the shocker kind of figure that out a little bit. And boy they need if they need to be on point with that on Saturday against the red birds. Yet it going to be it's going to be an exciting. Or evening and I are held that. That built arena it is you know not going into the game start but I hope that within minutes you know that support pop their current and then by the the hole and and that that are they're making them so now on. Arming and make in that Earl Morris day and let them know really that the ballot does come through which ultimately an app that's what it's going to be. There'll just be Friday it it should not still lapping at they had put it picked up breast feed or. I'd add I had lord many ignorant and now well I Hitler. Jimmie gets to the where where my Boyd thirty game that you will not gonna point anecdotal RB what does note that. Egypt is our ailing and urged that sort of bought the name but it's still a very scary proposition eight army very sad now. And I agreed and that's why he's not make it as many shots bit. His court vision is good when void that we admit it if you get to a half court set. You don't want to dribbling the basketball but boy he sir seeing things well right now distributing the ball as bad as best I've seen him minister. Aaron ever buy it by Atlanta or cameramen and the the that. I don't I don't I hit it out of my millions you said McNulty. Yeah and and you know he's he's doing better one more thing Larry I looked forward to loot that they that he got muscle and legs didn't and I mean. Not trying to be rude but I mean you know look the development and it was a lower body as he gap that's an athletic build it right. He's so quick it won't be in explorer view. I don't last year that you know even eat it be the next Big Bang. But it gonna take that lower body getting getting a lot stronger that. Anyway how are paying at the less than yours you are. Now I think you nailed it right there thanks Greg we appreciate it kitty here from Viet. The guy and you know very good even brought up the point that he. It was not his radar that we do locker room shows after road games do and that's been our up. That's something we've done do do this season if you do that you're not aware of that. We're doing college shows for every soccer game. Home away. All season long so glad to have you listen keep that in mind we're here at twin peaks after every soccer game be at home or road so. Glad to have you Willis and Columbine join us after every game. Here it when he first and rock but the shocker a locker room cellar phone number 8691037. Goodyear Greg. You can join us wealth knowing used to call 8691037. Twin peaks is your football headquarters. At a big football game coming up for the week is out. And they had game date field won the game date deals as the triple play excel twelve bucks. It's a great combination that's house made it. Avocados match fire roasted salsa at chipotle peso and tortilla chips. Not just chips and salsa it's used up triple play excel for twelve bucks one of the great game day deals. There at twin peaks your football headquarters. Keep that in mind on football game days. And another might be a football game coming up at your future might wanna take a look at it takes to get to set up. Speaking of which we visited before twin peaks of its set up would have a neighbor wings you want. Dozens of reason to give wings' twelve points for thirteen 49. He doesn't wait for 2229. About 36 wait for thirty to 49 cannot four doesn't wings for 3779. You get him to carry out and taken to wherever your party is already come right here in joined in person at the table here when peaks. At 21 in Iraq there is a little live at two dollar charge for twelve point upgrade if you wanna smoke their grill you can get them done that way. Ella picks up wings ever you want. And that includes. You choose what kind of what you feel like the like boneless deal like voted righted the electability naked. Your choice what do you don't want a different route he gets spicy cajun or up you get eleven pepper rub. Your choice and how about all those different spices and sauces you can get you get a spicy Thai chili. You get garlic parmesan you get a smoky sweet barbecue. You can get the blazing sauce you can get the classic he get the Nashville hot or it Pallet Biggio butter. Any Sox any erupt any type of warnings smoke or grilled as well. They'll get it fixed up no matter what your taste is are you combo all sorts of different things come and on your plate. That's your football headquarters twin peaks giving year deals on football game days I am Ted this sport said as we continue with the soccer locker room so tonight. 8691037. Is our phone number as we continue with the soccer locker room so tonight. Soccer men's basketball team. Beating Drake tonight in the coin 7769. We are talking about the gave coming up on Saturday night the big match up the showdown for first place in the Missouri Valley Conference. It was a very very close for Kline along time tonight between the northern Iowa and Illinois State in normal. The red birds are starting to pull away in that one. It late to a three and a half minutes to go Illinois State now on top 4838. In a very low scoring game in normal tonight. But. Looks like the red birds are going to pull away and unless they completely collapse here in the final three minutes it looks like. The red birds are when did remain undefeated. In Missouri Valley Conference play. And as they come into Coke arena on Saturday night and boy the shocks would love nothing more than to. Get revenge for that conference loss that they had three weeks ago in normal. As the red birds come to town for the rematch. It will be. Maturity come on by after the game will be here again on Saturday night the soccer locker room show after the shocks the red birds looked up at Coke arena. That will be a fun one on Saturday night. We do have a folks here at twin peaks right now watching that you and I Illinois State game. That the Panthers have now got it back within 74841. Was under three minutes to go so. Got to close it out against the Panthers they are going to be tough but you'll always state trying to. Stay on top of that one so we'll keep you updated on that score. Do you Baylor up at Lawrence right now is tie game with under three minutes to go so that one's coming down to a fantastic finishes well lot of great boy it's the first day of February. And boy are we setting the stage for a fun month coming up the college men's basketball. That's it's fantastic and it will keep you updated will like. Take your phone calls as well if you wanna give us call tonight at 8691037. Back to twin peaks. For more right after this is the soccer locker room so continues on what all three point 78 EU why. Am shocker nation wasn't built overnight it took years of dedication and hard work and perseverance. Your friends and all seasons construction know about hard work. We've been updating homes for over 25 years providing the best in home exteriors and interior monolith. Built by two generations of shocker alumni all seasons construction is part of your team. Kohl today 68517100. Or visit us online at all seasons construction dot com. Let's go shocker Spain Josh and he's again earned named Johnson he's the best. The real no huge Sean Gannon the whole wide list. Should man up prices seen Dave Johnson sales I Kellogg and pottery road and family auto dealership. 57 years endurance and sales dot com. Check us out for a great deal in your I don't needs open seven days. Take it for me coach Gregg Marshall. 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Restart Kelly. Great assist by markets like Duffy who is distributing the basketball all over the place tonight. That was part of a dump that. Really start to get its dockers go on living needed it they were down by eight with eleven minutes to go with came back and won this game by 87769. I'm Ted this sport said here with you tonight as we continue on a shocker locker room show we are at twin peaks in east which he tolerance when he first and rock road. Thanks for being witnessed tonight. And that we beat deep denial might long Omnia. The game between northern Iowa and first place Illinois State. In normal. That one's got less than thirty seconds to go now in the red birds are still up by 75548. Had. On soccer fans here tonight keeping their eye on this game on the TV certainly speaks to. IK UN Baylor coming right now the very finish. In the final minute of play that they are just banked in a long shot that it too so that want to write down due up. To a fantastic finish between two of the nation's top teams we got a lot of lot of folks enjoying college hoops here tonight at twin peaks a lot of soccer fans here for the soccer game at Drake. A statement we're here tonight watching their team post at TCU. You won that game in overtime in Manhattan now. The human Baylor. Both in the top. Two or three in the nation. And they are right now to the wire at Lawrence. And we're glad to have you witnessed tonight on the shocker locker sales to be talking shocker means basketball tonight. And folks enjoying himself here tonight between the Sunnis which it thought when he burst and rock road. You've only state game now down there in nineteen seconds to go red birds still up by seven and free throw line so. Looks like Illinois State is going to remain undefeated. In conference play when they come into Coke arena. On Saturday night take on the soccer's. In Wichita State would be looking to avenge its only conference loss of the entire season on Saturday night. You know Baylor has never won a game in Allen fieldhouse ember. Into. And they're finding you know the trying to find a way to when it tonight but not the winner at Lawrence when you're the visiting team. 7769. Was the final score tonight but it doctors as they win at Drake. It was a little Dicey for a wild Drake went on I they run early in the second half to eight point lead. Soccer's rooms looking for some answers and they found them when Rashard Kelly. Really started kind of taken over the game at the midway point of the second half the kind of ignited the shocker. On a big nineteen to six run. They got this game turned around and in the shocker favor. Drake knows pretty hot shooting at times but they did miss their last six shots in Drake did not make a basket. In the final five minutes of the game. Shocked when it tonight 7769. On northern Iowa has cut it down to 657. If you want at Illinois State only five seconds left in the game. And that would not believe it just gone final so. That sets up. The BAT's showdown the Missouri Valley Conference lead on Saturday. In Coke arena between first place Illinois State and second place Wichita State soccer's one game behind the will be trying to. We trying to avenge their conference loss and crawl up into a tie for first place. Atop the Missouri Valley Conference. So. And it looks like other shocks ability that game and it want in the conference twenty and four overall. Illinois State will come in eleven and oh atop the conference. And the ninth he and four overall. And that is going in game it's going to have implications. As to who will win this conference. And where things sort themselves out as we hit into this month of February. And shocker of course will be looking. Or did try to get things going and keep the wind streak in Coke arena going as well Wichita State has one now. Believe its last fifteen games on campus at Coke arena. In Illinois State coming in. That's a big one on Saturday night. With first place on the line. So Mike Kennedy and Dave to all have the pregame coverage on Saturday night beginning at 6 PM the gable tip off at 7 o'clock. And then of course we will be right here after the game as always for another edition of the soccer locker room show. On Saturday night. After the soccer's take on the Illinois State red birds it both arena. So will be looking forward that we'll see out here at twin peaks on Saturday night you're when he first rocket that. Hopes to be a fun night and it'll be big game at oak arena coming up on Saturday night. Once again shock to come back and win it. Tonight at break down by eight with eleven minutes to go Sox comeback and win it by eight. 7769. Outscoring the bulldogs' thirty. You up for team in the final eleven minutes in Drake did not score a basket the last five minutes of this game. Huge night in some statistical categories from many doctors Jack Morris had his second career double double finished with ten points eleven rebounds. Markets beat Duffy. Matched his career high with for the second straight game with fourteen rebounds he had can at halftime. And he also had a career high with eight assists tonight consistently finding his teammates for high percentage shots. The guard tandem of otter frank camp Atlanta reached and it were really good tonight the shocks Landry Tampa with seventy points. Made 33 pointers Connor frank camp sixteen points up 43 pointers. Rashard Kelly ignited the shocker with his energy in the second half finishing with thirteen point six rebounds five of six shooting for Kelly. Rodham nurture finished with eight points or rebounds for the shots Rondo made four of five shots from two point range from Wichita State. Zach brown with eight points tonight for the Sox go along with three assists as well. And boy Zach brown potter frank camp did a really nice number on the on the two great guards they were guarding help a single digit scoring tonight. And soccer's couple it with a road win 7769. At Drake soccer's eleventh straight win over the bulldogs. As we said Saturday night. The top two teams in the valley matchup but Coke arena which dockers and Illinois State. And it's all live right here on the alliance of security duties Saturday night. Hope to see it here live at twin peaks after the game when he first and rock road which set up at a good time Saturday night after the soccer game. That'll do it but tonight's edition of the soccer locker room which show. Mighty beast at the sport said glad to have it lists glad that caller collars with us tonight funds show after the soccer win at Drake. Soccer's now twenty and four on the season. And meant we. Big matchup with Illinois State on Saturday night wanna thank our hosts here at twin peaks it's always hear after every soccer game all season long it when he first brought it east which it off. And we meet we'll see you here Saturday night. The soccer game with the red birds and other edition of the soccer locker room show and make make you into our studio went to air tonight. Suharto thank Joseph for all your help all night long it. You're on the airwaves once again our final score tonight. Wichita State 77. Drake 69. As the shoppers pick up their twentieth win of the season at eight consecutive twenty win seasons now for the shocks. Under head coach Gregg Marshall. Thanks for joining us tonight but a shocker lottery show it was soccer basketball tonight are 103 point 78 EY and good night.