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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Hi Theresa could tell the standing by for another edition of profile doesn't take color 9844999. Polo player profile this coming up in minutes. Did your headlines on the way one hour from now the first quick check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working all right olive garden is never ending pasta passes went on sale. And once again. All to wanna kill them sold out in under 12. There's always wanted to do. When he I'm sorry Tony 2000 fall into one single second. And how on the front pasta passed last. It's is never ending. Therefore it does not end dead yeah I gotta be like a year remember like they've never ending story only weighed 89 minutes throw me I'm just under stone and I'm people a little loose. With the memory and he's done this is true. That's a wonder he got past and you see the sun never had its. If this particular aspect at least a little 22000. In or what's the word the first step I don't remember that in the first how much is the past. Price is I'm now working on it because if if if if if if if if you Leo walked in and out of the bloodiest since the ball poorly if you had told you guys need luck Ed he's going to that he might know more buddies that I get a deli items which is dvds and do most of the time. Not that out of the a couple of but I got a knife on my back all by the way all night and we keep saying that plus the fact he's asked to do it took off the bat. Plus. There are right apple of explain why their new phase ID security feature failed at their phone ten unveiling do you guys see that recently. No I don't I knew that they did that face recognition what's right I was spending money to steal your phone the central figure out code. I regret about Jim. Right came. My opponent your face and I'm it'll ever collaborating on more than those those the woman who treated like regulates my boyfriend falls asleep so I know through his phone look at all the crap he's been built. Very eloquent opponent does face of these how will go online charity. But they get your face may have nobody but it failed at the. Yes so what happened to Daschle went onstage they had this big screen showing what was going on the say here's our new feature. And the guy stares at his phone and and it changes the screen do you need to put in the actual code because we don't recognize that they thought damn. So it turns out that several people were handing the phone backstage so try to scanned their faces. That's for the dollars and ninety and it that they said he feature fails to many times you actually have to punch a code and I love you guys credit but they did the same thing with Fiat. With a fingerprint the idea your fingerprints estimates on to Michigan you know that's why you have a back up codes don't get it. Same thing already pages and if you took. Oh isn't that or I will say that read this oh about a month ago and I thought this was of me so when apple first and big old there I've found there. That was what ten years ago I guess and was a huge press conference Steve Jobs is there and the way they set it up in amid a camera on the phone and innate good or bad image up on the big screen behind them to you concede he was doing as he navigates a point subtle features. So I'm reading about the recently and the people and apple said this was the most stressful launch ever because at the time that he was telling you about the iPhone. It did not epic work OK so people but they don't discoverable logs so everything he did they basically it was almost like if you don't play. Trevor would really damage she sold they knew that he would do an offhand white. Are you play wonders first feature over the protect our heart rate while the golf may have as he said they knew god they want number one is that. It was completely separate program and personal backstage they would see a finger hit the button. They hit enter for but they said every single thing he did over. Was absolutely fake debate fought. The phone woodwork eventually but it did not work at the time we didn't listen you have no idea how much orchestration went into this. And how many people job from a month. But as a Steve Jobs was flawless he did his whole spiel no one was why there several bomb iphones and his seventh of may they Google we demonstrated it. It was basically just a glass box of them work. The sales so right front damage due and dynamite right you don't sort of be wander but I just don't buy it. A new study found a once you move in together women are more likely to lose interest in sex than men are caught with it a little generous. It would win it forget to give a speech yesterday. Yeah I mean it's different if we could use that earlier if it yeah I know that enough word and on. Yeah. The thing that's gonna have to tell how do you have any conversation like we've been dating for a year and I moved in now know what you lose interest instead I want to have such as. We are going to live in separate houses then I'm not working on math and a man in California who recently got arrested for check fraud. Then used to counterfeit check to post is now god damn important but come on man that's gonna do you guys are get out. Right he yeah he is now working on. Hate check person at the grocery store. What a gorgeous George David one unity new today's date and you knew the name of the urge all you said the fell into the amount all right this just happened to media today. Very old lady she's writing a check right not only that the only person with there's a very old man and they must of had. 812 packs of soda legislate. I didn't mind waiting for her right speechwriter and obviously when they get out of here I don't know live thoughts the front of the cart and input and our how he has. Somehow. And they're gonna grab some of the blood that card. I don't know you but I do they get home and yeah that was so good thank you instead of that trunk of the car footage 2017 I forgot how long it takes for that person out right now have to stop that no one does best I don't wanna get our diabetes medication but the certificate that they were diet service. And program alleged does that differ. I have mental mind and keep the campaign that they had four. Freedom's just another turn that. Expect a bidding tiger Aleman a New Jersey was arrested for pleasure ring himself. While watching the half marathon Colorado pay nothing darn good out RN YO fer rate is now obviously we are off. It's not worth anything else word you said to want to have marathon in my estimate and you don't think people are going to see my guess is your porch. That's that's the only way that you would have guts enough to do it is if you believe that because you run your property that it was OK I can be I don't know I don't know if I don't see by Robert my problem there's people who have signs. There's people ringing bells there's people cheering you on friend by god masturbating everything curtain call ride off a bad if funeral the end of it did little to do were heard earlier this time mix art at a Morgan learned new. A man at Toronto shot Jeffrey paid thousands of dollars for master's degree. Didn't have to do any word to get it and what do you know it turned out to be fake and yeah when you don't have to work for to get a degree that we during the mailing me things and yeah Taylor did get a lot of celebrities get what the honorary doctor what goes why you don't want the usual from the hospital do surgery and what was the degree it. I'll you know what I don't care. Agree I forget about it. Already under way I haven't read it might you'll appreciate the story of an update because the pass would say I'll guard the rough and I. The unlimited pass the pass odds in a restaurant from September 25. The November 19 houses on testing its new markets through Mosul was much cost as you walk. Going to take any home. I would right right I mean give me though they don't finish I don't know if you don't finish your church had this pile at thing you did doggy bag in theory. It sounds also eating these giant bowl possibly just think every day they have a but I might retry limit I want to do it mortgage. Arbiter could hold. I mean Christian Bale might be don't exist when Cheney right this is what he and I impossible put on what he played it if you need unlimited miles the for two months. Replace cash and that. Layoff Rleal modern grade point total foreign garden book which. Quote from Paul stood to block it. You. Gotta be ready when the giants who were threatening of the salad with the that he did it but it can expect. At three million might album sauce with. A mortar rude towards to conduct Brack. And you alluded chicken wings. Oh hell yeah Everton they're currently limited bread sticks they mention the president's not really on continuing development. A Tony eight year old man a Florida dad how would drugs and claim that the pants and he was wearing belonged to someone else certain guys happen to me. Yeah as we wrote it oh yeah. I think I showed up today. How these. The idea that this other dude first Olympian pants that's a random one yeah and then Linkedin panther party bad drugs did you know where your drugs. A lot of Burberry any parent of that. You can go to my not this Mayor Menino the press play and that's what your friends but as I went out of the Paris Hilton she's in Vegas. And a bag of coal fall out of her purse. And she's on on holding your for a friend Eric you are. If you've never done cocaine and the three and eye opener I mean I don't journal OK on my on the right right right right I let all the people my drugs and if you have done cocaine he knows to be true. You don't have your friends old cocaine that affect you going to tell your friends you have to OK so you have to give it to your friend. Right because he gestured for the local K would you say the say go ahead snort was back okay thanks for an ugly right half of the U don't let your friends soldier drugs. And finally a woman in Florida did not take rejection well and wild tale about a one hour from now they in my heart headlines Illinois one hour from now the first today Luzon. Precepts. Throw him to please everyone how profile this is playing at Georgia and miles it's a simple game where we servant you're real life news story. Something did happen right here on planet earth. Our and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people may. Well that's what it is you think makes the story a story hello Terry welcome to the men's room. Wow I'm Terry Terry you understand this your game is played. You fantastic let's go to barrel beach Florida and look to revisit the wonderful magical world of McDonald's. I won't get arrested at a derby to McDonald's after she began kicking and spitting on the restaurant manager. Because of who service the 33 year old woman. Policies she showed up at the restaurant and in video taken by witnesses at the scene. Shorter wearing you love this combination a lime green shirt and red pants. Just in time for Christmas this mule or a mean blown motion and she could be seen yelling at the workers and restaurant and then dumping a bad the food on the floor. But as the video continues to be busy kicking punching and hitting the McDonald's manager. Another witness said that she's are split on the managers several times. She was then seen pushing a Hoover and breaking a glass food display case live not only valued at 200 dollars. But the on top of that he knocked over a register by that 151000. Dollars. And as you left the store she was later arrested in verbeek and transported to the Indian river county jail where she was sharply battery. Criminal mischief and disorderly conduct in crimes against fashion. My question for use do you believe that does a lovely woman is black white Mexican or June. Like crazy crack at. If she didn't steal any money she just destroyed stuff gets you lose my service and I'm not sure. What are you thought the Serbs have failed her. But all the rest of her reaction guys and I'm Alina bidding of punching manager McEnroe with a registered back into the food display dumping a bag of food on the floor of the Jews now. Okay. Island prisoner since been on some almost why it's do I think I've got to go with Kathy the managers beating Washington and musical life final answer. I will find out if he was black white makes the or Jewish neck. With a T you're listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah yeah. It's I just drove other things as a McDonald's and vero beach Florida and a woman who well I guess her order was wrong and not sure exactly what happened there but she dumped her entire food bag got on the Clark. And proceeded to go on a Rampage hitting kicking manager does spitting and spitting image though the whole deal and I don't register. And the glass who displayed if we're to believe Martha corridor from wrong your McDonald's today. The glass of food display case probably holding the Big Apple pie is no plastic food. You can see Steve you wanna get a salad while the plastic. It used to be that you could see the plastic food options that you begin yeah. But what that our brother brother bar or can I say correct no idea why I Terry if you did you believe him. That's what we'll widen widen actually. Yeah. Man and then tell little white rag heads and they walk outside of us I do not know if she is in fact the president. But she is in fact White House. And I don't want to. Know what. Oh yeah and I defense the only ones. Yeah but I did that. Kind of be anybody to answer it does happen to be a white guy that's on now brought in eight years old downtown Virginia town the team. Yeah. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. It's time we. I just nicely asked him where his team was gonna place their second placed it which of course nobody gets. Think about 0000000. And anyone spent months and yet many yanked it takes a little bit of the good lie under don't call it the second place batters. Our goal. That that pretty well dictates that your going to be we wrote down did he spit in this you. Yes how do you miss was Pittman is he was in a bus above me I retreated to a car very quickly in this back. At cat if if if if if if you were being a basis. Yeah basically the that doesn't open up with a typical of our IRQ. Yeah I've been around you sleep I had a bit abandoning full bar brawl and I'm telling me it was like in 1970 Burt Reynolds movie and it was. The craziest thing blogs are shortages this. I was not happy that it was happening at the time looking back I'm so glad I got semen it was crazy. Here's the thing when you're when you when you're involved in fights and times. You don't realize that you're involved in a fight and so the two guys that are going at it and you kind of alluded to this earlier we're talking in the hallway. They know they're gonna throw down. But in the back there's a group of guys that are their friends who are looking at this guy who's I'm one of his friends but I yet so I would get in late but that's not a I have watched the guy get his ass beat your enemy like all man who was between them and whatever. And then follows walking away I got sucker punched by another guy I don't know where fighting exactly like this is just but we try to continue the fight leg was that not enough for use. Yeah. Mean look that's always going to be a giant issue street fight night but no matter how much you know number oh fine. Their whole like I have buddies drew large it's as they're underground on concrete on your back. Yeah I expect you never know there's extra guys you're jumping in this goes for women to serve you know she's got girlfriends that are come over. You'll lose your hair. Our god they're always careful if you pull hair out at Boeing and we also now manages to leave his late via our full of prehensile tails on the call late wizardry grab detail make a breakaway from the grows back yet so if you want to white chicks fight Rhett and I mean and elegant evening they get engaged and no hope some punches August sales at daybreak on the CNN I'm that it did not just unlucky accident or. Yeah but it's always a budget in my bed did you ask for vitamin a duplex crucified like like their bill get away from each other and had blockages commercial about overweight heavier. In a guy that has these very hairspray Mohawk it's got appointee and you know it's like probably eleven to thirteen minutes of long. He's got spikes all around at 2000 club watching the show and this guy gets into a fight. And like the he's got this real cool look about cal looks like Al blade like alien enemy like air I don't know like a band saw blade union did internal solidarity went a little bit. And so he gets in this fight it I didn't realize like all the work the wood into is a Mohawk. It's all kind of fallen down any Santana bit now account looks like I mean he looked like a like a sad. Carnival clown like yeah I think I. I need a guy with a Mohawk after Blake would giant bright lights out there fight although I know I'm just not right right exactly what it looks like the Loch Ness Monster of a sudden boom. But here's the thing if he went into the bathroom afterward you bloody. All right but he didn't really concentrate that much of what was going on the space does when he came back out those still blood all over space. But his hair look it is there was back brother you don't do thirty minutes vice and ignore him now I don't as you guys ever been 200. The country I know now you know it's a well Budapest is a hundred. Yeah I believe it or not yeah. Without hope but you know I thought that your day didn't feel better soon I'm pretty sure I don't know my yeah did not make you feel better now. Mom is I think you hit this bone person I hear you what. Yeah probably could OK we have meant that. Anyhow a bar fight sounds scary. For some reason a bar fight in Budapest. Sounds scarier any foreign country dude yeah well Jennifer Lawrence is stuck with Seth Meyers and she enjoys a bad break huge also and trailer for a new film the area is it red sparrows that the name yes just say that you saw that in the past now. And have another drink things are bad right now. So I heard you got what you got I got ultra Karzai a bar fight and I got a real part sales and dangerous place to get the bar fight. I think for hand yeah. She this'll suppliers are contraction. By the way to her credit. You could see that poll. Story and everything out we put the video up of her Seth Myers at the Manger my FaceBook. You should also watch a video just because they're drinking red wine and the entire interview. She was on enough found there and I've prepped a mirror up to even though mother other yet break soon overload of my god I I you know when I looked around like wow I get a now she's she is very very attractive urged authorities Barrett is going to seems that you are personalities more attractive. You know what I was so might this earlier Phillip probably have a there is that everybody likes her so much and kind of like I have I think he's well deserve. Yeah I really do I know he sees you play the female Clooney in the sense so. Everyone seems to respect her but in addition to respect like erode respect Merle Streep right and it's understood why we need to go to. But Jennifer Lawrence is in to respect her as an actress but they seem to kind of like you're on the side because in a lot of ways you might be up to no good to talk about trying to get deep into the second music on sought to elect all factory under the new rule like and it's also cliche it's my job to be an actress but you know similar to Mike. Aren't gonna bitch about that uses deep and dark indeed in place and overcome it on the can be that act you guys actually get into ruled much I like you mean I like you. There they don't preach I exactly. An accurate answer entertain your good added you do a good job us all the club I was like oh she's right this is dark and gravity you know. Well that's like a lot of people know that I've been to the bunny ranch was legal brothel debt mostly little Noah had a role as a man that was gonna. Till prostitute three noted you liberals going a prostitute. Before you went to the players did all Brothers and I think that was just we had to get to know prostitutes that's what you write a good acting and well and invent the right where America and didn't kill the person in the movie before I went or else. Before you Delores you I bring that aren't the first person to kill person in that hotel. Now hotel well that whatever runs underground and animal. Though is you know that again we're like a ten person never officially kills of one of their Achilles if you don't know and we should say that's okay we have collectively man in a movie. Our the movie it's called blank and I'm not saying guess what it is it's actually called the blank. Ted you've killed a hooker and I don't know why and then I had to get a fight with myself. Okay and I believe I gave a gunman models to kill a man or something yes yeah I really don't know I memorable of brains blown out on the back did you get shot to death I did so I didn't kill and what I did throughout the did and I can I don't have a compressor and it's got these big Robert. Berber tubes. And they jam the rubber tubes full of just old meat in this crash and Matalin food coloring all that stuff. And then they take this tube. And they connected up to the side of your back and goes all along one side to where you can't see is so. If you have a camera coming from your peripheral side. If it shooting the right set your head the left side of your head has got this whole mechanism that attach to your ear and everything else. So when I got shot from the front all this crap blew out the back of my brain splattered on the back of the wall but it's all from the vacuum tube it's air compressed it goes. Whom put it as. Just shoots over the girl wrap up the back your head do. I think his problem is it's a one takes it right like you gotta get it right you get a direct military and in our marvelous people anytime you can deconstruct something that is any kind of creative endeavor I'm always very curious to know what goes into. But the the flip side it was and I tip my are seen I wanna say it lasted maybe twenty seconds and we were there for hours. No thing is as a city Mariner's setting you up for that seem like in my mind as a movie Goer you see guy gives head blown off and on and bring shoot up the back. We understand the special effects but it's different when you're sitting there as and I'm saying actor loosely. As an act as a cast member on camera. And I'm looking at miles and I know Lucy was coming but. For meat goes I can see hill it's like I'm looking had dude. Who has a huge. Plastic core get a tube duct tape to the side of his god they have like the magic got psyched to review a movie on your face Brett it was a great movie but understood and actually doing it might. This kind of rolls over inform America. Yet classic is much better now granted she looked like she did she was naked. Right right I mean we know lawyers knew best solve a good it was a real person who wasn't dead and she was making it. And if we were little bitter about that little thing to do innocent human element of you clowns. There's a lot of good actors did it's just faster today's game it's. You guys everything about hosting an aide late night talk you average isn't real fine job right we use it means they have more writers and we do mean yeah. Our writers like five they've got like 28 that's our writers and stuff. Well if you ever thought about doing a late night talk show on CBS specifically. Hi James Gordon and Stephen col Baer have some a side effects of hosting the show their network. Is anyone here thinking of hosting a CBS let longshot that's what I don't think. Wednesday a CBS late night show he's another downside based on those side effects may include. No matter how many rights as you I'm working for you none of them are able to think of a catch phrase anywhere near as good as but Zynga. Once a year you are contractually obligated to play corks. On one of the NC I guess show. In your show get is delayed long enough into the. The bubble games it just times into a morning show. Having LL cool. How does that tell people they miss your show they too much info on CBS all black says is it's not some viable option. I'm kind of fun I'm a veteran husband CBS late night show is. Over two years and still not being totally sure what CBS. And I felt my and I think it's kind of funny to both those guys say network moon or do what's up together you know it's CBS ensor. Columbia broadcasting. Now. What you write yeah. A mirage at Columbia broadcast systems or assistant general wanted to ABC. America brought Jessica NBC national broadcast company TNT. Aaron turner ever Newton turner network news. Dad talking to the net TNT. On those and an overload didn't turner network television out okay. HBO. How box office and a CNN. Cable news that our own M hmm MSNBC. HG NH a whole home guard are now Lorena. Now what's out doing. Really HD brand arguing garden network well there's HL and with thousands homeless Leno with a isn't home living network I'm pretty sure we'll tell you guys bed when he won the home guard network in a home living with ESPN. Entertainment and sports and ESP programming at score were for today. Play what's talks. Fox is 20th Century Fox Tony century fox came up with a fox networks of who's gonna fox bought a pack it. I mean don't regret every now and I'll play immediately and Annette yes that's. That breaks up at five super hot the other what does that elects McCain now Christopher told me. They do a full little on the fox that all arms and I guess he below the animals the broadcasting world. No other podium. A distance. Most mascots who would ever took are always animals right but we like to believe deadliest Asian neighbors have a mascot it. What are we have a giant I don't know were on the cat. You're on camera from the heart swear on a bear who were on a lot of things. If I. Paid somebody to make a mascot suit. Pitches and a mascot version of meat and a good yeah I got my Alaska it would does look like you don't pay it means you can be a potato chip we. We're hopeful. We changes name until like ten the rhetoric I. When asked of them. All right if god is what you guys that you bear contract I mean. I don't think you sideline and you may they all three side. That you're drunk. The depths. All right you hang out people to throw we've sometimes you get high with them didn't even know you don't smoke wheat. Martha snoop dog hang out a lot eighty Cohen has a question it's. Do you ever how to contact tie when you're shooting with Snoop Dogg contacts Heidi yes yes yeah. I want him only context totally anti new prison is bus and the bus isn't shrouded in so we can't even walk behind you have good. So I've never run in the bus really don't even ask him he'll tell you I've never been in that bus. Now it's sonics. I was hoping that very they got hacked. Yeah mileage you never had a notable anything debit she didn't say she doesn't get. She sent it give a mileage she says she's a savvy human being. So this and you're gonna house knew she says yeah I did contact that. You're sort of a no did you audible well you know yeah I got aren't when I hang out scuba I don't smoke but mostly he's part of the cover my Abbas he's not a pool she's just not smoking. It's snoop dark. Ranked so other than we'd I think the one thing I probably know him for most is these chicks yet so like I. I don't know what her really but it seems that she was very specific like no I have not been on the Boston so I give it to me and my wife and a group of people snoop dog goes he doesn't smoke cool. But if my wife calls goes don't get I have soups boss might get off the. Dubbed delta and us. I don't think auto like items is that is funding and give my like small go with snoop push local Willie Nelson is different the smoking with us. Like she might smoke but doesn't say what art or contact after she knew I don't smoke do you guys because Richard got smoke is not what he's vote. Did I read an article years ago you heard me say this and Esquire. And they died basically was like I had a chance within a year to smoke with both Willie Nelson Snoop Dogg so I had to do it. And he's like smoke with Willie Nelson you get super high admitted slate super relaxed scene. He's on Willie's bus they're okay Chad if they simulate the playing cards they're grand rated flick which you wanted. A Stoner kind of thing to be any flights and I want to smoke with some new companies like. I don't know that he's not a huge stones or I don't know the difference in weeds he knows that this was unbelievable this is he adequate and a half hour Mike lane on the floor sweating. Wow who got sort of live like it's no good so good moral vote little gratitude and say I don't smoke she said I nozzle was new. Because his though she's that I had not been on the bus not the key is not well I guess you did say that ray I. I think he was very careful what you got to let me see what better way to go I have not been on the bus I think he's I get high and just go to the candidacy but they got and create something I would watch that show how did you get here I'm gonna make you know like all Obey we can't be too good to forget that our blood put together stow. You wanna start watching bong at the heat bomb Netflix on my advice slam OK got an idea. I mean yeah they infuse all the food they're gonna make the speech Jeffs with Merrill one of the the other night in Munich on sausage roll into a bold smoked out and Anthony Keith. If the ball on the absentee dad that's your pick. Either that or what would implode due to the Africa cup. Thank you know we Brazil had arrived on the way with my god you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real world are here before nowhere man refuses thanks to a woman so she beat his ass instead. Meanwhile LSU suspend fine delta Asia after drunk hazing incident leaves an eighteen year old that. Giant dinosaur you carted off on taxes was over forty feet long. South part causes school Holmes and Amazon I goes to discuss garments cartoon dog. An eleven year old boy gets to fulfill his dream of more in the White House lawn biggest deported it is time for your headlines. It's kinda hits. Here's Mike Cox. I know God's story a thirty year old woman in Florida Abacha would be enjoying an evening together with a male acquaintance when you begin drinking outside of her home. After the man refused to proposals she started to get angry to the point that she actually insulted him. You have a picture over a duke is being ugly no means alone the average deadliest. For. Empowered drinking and win third with a thick thick exactly over there is no giant I mean season. Men head makes would crack would assign a crazy or he's you have you permit federal worker yeah conflict of miles within. Cusack racing Mike that you have for you president gore. We don't like got a higher standards of miles to. People who are already below average. I fall fall fall fall fall off a huge tourist board that's it I could do better. I mean if these four star you know it's okay. The victim alleges that she began to scream smack and scratch him drawing blood on his on his right arm she was arrested and face in this faces misdemeanor battery charges. It's you know that the flip side of all that is an attitude he had batteries in my mind needles but beyond that you're one of the things like look. At some point ego maybe this is ethernet sexual. And one thing we know in retrospect that was sort of freaky now I how good that's that's going to be because obviously she's alone that it could take one for the team you know and Amanda I. That it could get something. So I manner and somebody did. Quench the thirst isn't where the fifth wheel fifth fifth fifth if my god you made agreed. So my Powell well he's right her I always make it is free there and as though the big bay as a bucket of course its wind you may be creepy got a creepy guy. Obviously I'm a little victory. I mean I'll loan up to my group. Thoughtful little rebuttal to forget if it's. Brother or although Indiana freshman at LSU went through a grueling tests to be admitted to a fraternity that eventually landed him in the hospital. Corey actually died the next morning repeat this story forever until they figure this crap dad an autopsy is scheduled to happen but authorities are almost certain that is definitely related hazing. And Al called. Diddley was involved. The fraternities national office is even holding their own investigation into the chapter to hold members accountable that violated the policies of the maternity yet. Has nothing to do. Gas. It's I mean trust me that the Greek system has a lot to do with the drinking. These kids come and their freshman they're not used to pounding down the amount about golf than any of twenty even at one year 21 year old. Right you know it's a new experience for them maybe they've never drank that much maybe it's its chemical reaction maybe their body reacts different ways maybe they fall down a flight either way. It's not a very protective environment you can you're sending your kids to school to get an education of course you want them to be social but like look I wasn't in a fraternity. I drank a lot but I was never pressured to drink till I was going to drive for a no whenever sieve like you have to do that's what I was done I just went almost threw up on my own militant like you've got to keep unity you wanna be bro like no that's right that's not the end and add to that is today this is there was even AF a resident mother whatever was. Their did supervise everything I was going down but apparently she was gone at the time or whatever was but she didn't see old is going to be different when I visit 2 o'clock in the morning like eventually this woman's gotta go to bed right. There needs to be able guys. Some. Moving on eleven year old boy in Washington DC fulfilled his dream of quote doing something big one officials allowed him to put his landscaping skills to use on the White House lawn. Young man's and he wanted to show the country where young people like him are ready for and even wage is a dollar faith. He wages a dollar he's dead during his work he was German the president who commended him on a good job work OK thank god thank god that kills wife. Feet and out of help my friend he's got landscaping business in that area here taking his job there. Damn right yes past episodes of the party could have been no mammals just like how the Apple iPhone has built her child labor fall. And home going on and listen there is fun it really is good news for GOK I disagree begin their yeah right good news for Tito fan dreaded dead. Yeah company is actually opening a restaurant in New York City again. They're taking dishes inspired from celebrity chef and bureau. Here are all what's left. And Earl Starr Aaron will go out and visual alert and features a ton of enhanced dishes such as Wake Forest chino meat balls. Count me yeah I'd go for idea she'll talk coach Paul I think I don't particularly in the chino McDonald. I think FF FF no Jack and no chi don't macaroni and cheese nobody got bigger action in my early on the house consider some of the best Mac green and he's a member and it was a they Dustin on the top of the little broken pieces are louder or they must. Man that was killed in a moderator okay. IAE AEA yeah I'm all Baghdad like a flaming hot she goes on Mac courage he's even got it like in sediment a grilled cheese sandwich with some Hammond narrative that's a pretty good. That is straight I was very dim delegates she golden bloody Mary let a man I don't care Ryan Fuzzy cheetah restaurant really we got to go in there what do we generally you're one whatever thousand Somalis do all right who's gonna try to cheat a cheesecake. How drive. Yeah try and that's why throw the GO alcohol to a million sold to Italian parliament judo geez get its tendencies in in forward deck of the giant what if a crocodile dating back to cretaceous period has been discovered. The balls were discovered by a local teenager in ads for experts spent decades unearthing the bones. Paleontologists are guessing from the bite marks from the fossils of the creature ate whatever the hell and wanted to paranoid 24 ones do now. I noticed but I'm like I live sporting play hitters now that he's whatever how they were I think it all they've done is improve your ride that crocodiles are just dinosaurs like Tony three year old British journalist was in Sri Lanka and went to wipe his hands of basically rinse them off in the ocean mental game. He bends down starts rinsing his hands off. In a fifteen foot saltwater crocodile dragged his ass into the war into the ocean and they got his body back about six hours later in the lagoon. Coverage of his body was what I was what was left they got he washed his hands in the ocean. A saltwater crocodile came up. Grab disaster dragged him and he would get it tore a barrier to hunt man I mean what National Geographic there's zebras that have made that mistake the other. Is the OJ got a pond and have a chance every analyse that my god I think tonight we appreciate it we'll see in a San for your guess is as good as mine men's room rules and the random question questionnaire as the day and it is all true we'd be all about the bedrock we shall return until then. Would you do best and morally for the sake it's. Diane beautiful.