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Friday, December 29th


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled my. I'm a bad joke instead vs the FCC we'll bring it tells you shot of the day is all coming up our question dumbest thing I've seen someone do my own July's was blank 8449990. Look how are. Our Chris welcome to the men's room. All Robert dole yeah. All it liar dirt dirt dirt. And we were to order migrate. Or the jury. Where we're. Those air sold guns to seek those. Little plastic tell you. Out so we have like a 45. Benefits and these are bird Kevin got to that'd be hit with a gun is finger immediately goes to trigger God's God's comfort to know. Classic and so he grabbed our hand to do on the low. It caught it's ready to go on is that put his finger on certainly aren't then also about the watch hit it beer. Any shoot me right in the order that he all right. How bad and staying ma'am oh to act like I sharply on the day it well put up like this side of the court. I have this big yeah off on law and between my eyes. Center are all ahead. And I'm all leading you know and I'm immediately can't stop. Yeah out that all of that makes them threat. I immediately. Like stand up graphic on any clock another round into it. And I'm like duke like we I gotta you've got quite a bit and I got third party but both shot in order. You know so now I have seen you at the port eighty why do due to be away. I don't oh darling. You know and normally low 45 air soft got. So. Yeah. I I caught the saying it chicken yard line what you like all right. Let our our shoot you know usually it will be glacier you know like yeah. Just like he's got you know in the forehead. And we've got oh we're bleeding. Out of this shatter our foreheads lookalike or did. You help others not got wrecked our dot not to others. And everybody is claw. They're laughed and so art and I don't unlike all I want is a picture you know would dispel all right afterwards I do we got to take a picture snowman you know. Feel we're not we're not good not. Not a negative picture. You kind of know how to work I've let it go I I've gotten older it was the Cole you know it happened. We moved on we kept Duncan you know it's his birthday I don't wanna make a big deal about it. So it will only eaten although birdie either laugh or do you know that but. And it looked like he doesn't and who is going to pull in the drywall. There's. Can he wouldn't take the picture I wish I was put it up this is all yeah it's absolutely. Any sense undue respect that that the brother was like do Norman and I don't I don't really the mark like that are out there that powerful often do do you weigh. That's primary he just handed to his brother and consuming milk shoot him in the face man. Yeah I bet that's gonna hurt a lot of love those magazines among do my own two eyes is blanket 44999. Lola. Hello Ed welcome to the men's room. They'll tell her brother chaos or. About fifteen years ago. My ex wives but sit on the couch ticket compared to outfield bonfire watch TV and stuff. Claudette. Grab my air cannon which. It was made for your potatoes and I can tell them with a bicycle pump. And I went outside tilted up but the ball. Back inside. Elbow or Earl bought tickets away calmer heads. All the Turner's Taylor Merrill. She had no idea you were they are you shot her in the head with a potato. I'll relate now. Home. God damn good phone broke up like maybe comes back does a great story she's taken a bong hits in new shooter in the hands. With a potato film and now we don't know how this all played out. Could go on what Colin Powell just also public service announcement don't do that my brother everybody I know that has ever messed these potato gun dealers themselves or somebody offshore that you gotta be funny the urge you know you basically should have an afield and just aim it out seeking to CIO forum ago I would rather not friend people do drill you'll like this. They would get drunk after their shifts at night at a restaurant. And then they would loaded up and shoot potatoes over the Mexican restaurant across the things he hinted that while they're adding he would crash stuff. And then of course what I grade and then one night something went wrong and they all ended up with burns all over the bam you have highly really. Get wasted playing with this homemade gun that blew up in your face then the mikes cameras Ron know that it was your brother and his friends destroy and shuffled potatoes. Yes soul and they just let this happen because. They all worked it pretty big change the Yahoo! hands a little argument I don't imagine I don't know who the people or to the Mexican Russia they obviously knew them so nobody took it too personally but I think. Brad and Kane did get to a point where like I may actually be GM and it was late. He got it is they would shoot stuff some nights back in barometric that's not look like a restaurant or go that is also a pressure or more except like none of the workers cared they'd have to pay for it eventually somebody dropped the dime monolithic hate. We ED it's got this up. Met as far as write an age a lot of dumb things and restaurants in this. It was on shift but it wasn't. We worked with a waitress she was off this day it was payday so she came by to pick up the check. Who worked and emerald city and it was like a three level building and we were on the ground floor. And it was a Vietnamese restaurant in the basement. So she don't try to pick number check its styles of the balls and a big black lab or something Tyson dog public to a parking meter Arafat whenever she's going to be in and out. She gave up like Jennifer Timmons across the barrier we shoot yes. And I know this is happening right but some of her coworkers on the way to step aside they went out met on tighter ball real sweet don't just walk the dog were on the back of the restaurant. And rubber feet of playing with it but when she goes out to get her door she's like. Although I've got Sony stole my dog did you imagine like any any doggone it she's really freaking out. He's got enclave that work rules he's like oh god was let your dog mutually did you see in sight. Man I solve. Chef from the Vietnamese restaurant the moment might untie that thing and taken downstairs and the thing you. Normally she was a pretty Smart woman she believed this hook line and sinker is a before and you look at stopper she's out the door restaurant through the whole downstairs and I guess. She unloads. And he's Vietnamese guys down certainly. Duke dug my friend you're gonna cook my happen to all that's left up and I mean she's down for a while normally made you guys need to go to Tyler noise. You know when I don't I don't know estimated five minutes past and that she walks right in a restaurant she is as red as ready to Bieber keep in mind. As she walked back in a restaurant base we can scream at her friends I'm await that and gamma I think those those colors this year is clearly American soft yeah. But they brought her dog racquet aside backup of the exact same party when source she's empowered to do is great everyone would come points out the window she sees her dog. She had a few choice words and she just left but the thing is she never came back to work it. Really yeah outward of two years and that's one place my and she was so mad at least he was sort of milieu it is used in different ways that. Yeah but not the ones on our end of the fact when donned these Vietnamese guys and you're accusing them mobile I don't go around and her concert. Which you don't disrespect people's dollars guttural vocal group who. Who could relate lady you know. A Chrysler motto born in Kansas City if my compared to me I mean now she was racist at all yeah devastatingly races because that was. In their mind. That was her go to brag Jason Bay were unaware that we had what I did but the date set erupt and sort of members like listen of this bridge. Saying ms. grant killed underdog like my god man yeah and their kids to go to dog instead added a weird. Dumbest thing I've seen someone do my own two eyes of black and how horrible it is but trust me it was very funny to say. Hello Jake welcome to the men's room. All and I. Early on they had good man. Though don't they ever indoor place to work hockey rink and now back on down. And that so all the kids from the hockey team to ships were in the ring you know offered just to raise money that's getting married and we don't bring our cars down there and you know stock hang out. So my body pulled up he get his brand new track you got that taken an up or hundred he says. Hey guys I'm gonna do Wheeling in this thing it's so awesome. In his truck and truck. Vienna struck its world out there I knew you could do really in a truck I unifil UK. They each have this and I its with its. So you've got hit. He's got a girlfriend let them and I can you know gorgeous Carla Garrett say please solo god do you not get in the truck let them when he does this. And so while I've been general over the deck pleased either terrible driver. So Andy wants the new Wheeler. Yes and where should look the Michigan Janet Soros Trevor got a medal dashboard. But he doesn't oral and start you know bump and and it didn't like it the front and coming out just barely barely and then he didn't get done that without Eleanor. And her face proceeds to smack in the dashboard and rolling her nose. Loom. And it blows the transfer case it. Blows it out and my there's parts all over the ground and I this Egypt Saudi go oh my god I don't know what I did LA you knew. Now we're gonna happen. And you told to go Fred don't get a drug but this guy. Yes a bad driver. You know your friend is a bad error in a cyanide there. You know the people who you love were bad drivers too much famine early in the car whether it. Yeah I know has argent element is just like and I like saying that I'm out of a great driver either. You just know your fearing for your life but there's a difference Matt there's people who might not be the best. Dry verbeek physically but not about driver. Did you deliver that this be able to make decisions while they're driving regal hey this is. This is not good my uncle we were on the the East Coast and I don't beltway RA and he missed the next get several 180 miles an hour. He met we took the wrong choice it was a prop. And like most exits you know kind of do your slightly off to the right and when you engage in and and more traffic. He's about half what the exit or number I'm saying this to himself on like fourteen maybe but is it. Although this is wrong doses are soft carpets and then reversed. Puts it in reverse again. On the exit and light in Italy and it's weird like you feel your face go cold and Rosalie to all the bloat his dream for my faithful it. Although I got in the back all the way out manned and out revenues come to a stop people say things and it's. It's great it doesn't bat knocked it does not bad and I would get back on the express for any speed bag got only to the next exit which is the one you need it. But I was like two seconds away pressing jumping out of the car. This is not yet. Yeah I was about speech a real estate portfolio always liked his drive being itself was fine it was his decisions that he may relate. I would rather get the car sublime. Dumbest thing I've ever seen so. On doing my own July's was blankley get your emails a lawyer for the men's room admits or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. You don't have gentleman's room. Get those bad jokes try to go your email the bad jokes in the men's room events are live dot com health and goes on Twitter amends or migrate into the bad jokes as well to our FaceBook page of you like the men's room there. Our question today the dumbest thing I've seen some undue in my own July's those blank. And we have a bunch your emails here men's room amends a live duck house. So probably the dumbest thing I've seen some on to a person was so we have some friends of mine decided to get drunk golf club these alcohol and cooking extracts out of my finger down within the didn't turn up. How then we ran out of beer earlier in the week sort of legal driving age yet so we we couldn't get more on short notice but since. Most extracts I guess or at least seventy prove they figured that this would work. I passed on this because I am not a drinker first got to this William orange flavor and probably cute everything in his stomach into the sink. One of the other guys in stupidly asked him what it tasted like orange was his only response. So you guys city cab full and proceeded to puke over the side of the deck and got a bloody nose. The final guy who was the only non American in the group took the Smart route of cutting it with a massive amount of OJ. He did already although I guess the alcohol volume was still too high enough that you do like the top of that on fire. Okay so yeah that was men knockout. Did I saw an empty bottle little day walk into the city of like cook and why. It clearly says on it not a bad for coach cooking was right but like where this was placed it was like somebody clearly drink this bottle. What a world should active same restaurant where the girls to all disappeared quote unquote the shepherd it was a temporary shift. When supposedly going to be in that way we didn't realize that he was a super drunk in the game we had to open a restaurant common early to him about it Paul. And easily. You can lose to somebody else here what would talk about and so there's a woman I'll go we go there and defense. We didn't realize it was him first but most virtual PC guy in this tidy white he's nothing else on. Face down in a windowless part of the restaurant tables every like this little. Over there at the lack of better terms of those like luck. Let's just leave that's that thing and it was Derek like let's just leave America whatever. So he gives the public nothing's happened we realized he was drinking all the cooking weren't as well we went to prep. Roy we just ordered like five gallons of disaster like other things we need them and we couldn't find it anywhere. We look at recycling like two little bottles were gone guerrillas this dude after you closed the restaurant will leave this is their entries cookie. It's time. The bar is right next Bobby did you walk outside of the get to myrtle bar look like normal human consumption alcohol none of that man just go to wants. When I was kid I saw another kid like his dad's truck gunfire total loss I was allowed to play with them anymore you know from DB Cooper. I got a fair shout by your parent yet. This guy used to live with is the most passive aggressive and petty person I've ever known and would do the dumbest things I've ever seen. He once got Matta my roommates he used butter knives to mix of protein drinks so we took in hit all the butter knives in the house they appeared a day later after talking to him. I once thought the business trip and for business trip and looked on vegetable tray in the kitchen for all that relates to eat. Luckily I came home early because he decided to leave it outside my bedroom door because I left that out. And then it was my problem. He thought he could. He thought he could threw up like could throw a luau party and cook a whole pig in the rental house we were it. After digging the huge hole we got a call from the owner saying to Philip Beckett. My current roommate and I moved out to a two bedroom apartment last October and this plan was to to move and commutes. To work at a target also he's thirty. Well thanks guys have can be done. My family's got a nice two story cabin in the mounds of central Idaho. It is far enough up the most winners it would be completely covered with snow well one year my brother's kid decided handsome friends are gonna go spend the winner in the cab. This plays got heat for my gigantic woods still in the main room while one day the wrote it down thirty miles away was open so they drove in the town for supplies. Before they let these geniuses port a bunch of diesel fuel and who would still and let it they knew the place to be nice and warm they got back I'm sure was you'd probably guess when they got back they found a smoldering pile of used to be capped at. All thing burned to the ground it was never rebuilt that part of the family's life was over thanks to a healthy dose of stupid. That from day one it was warm she. Got his clock and I think that's important part if this isn't a military would call shooting on accident and indeed. We're doing trading would blanks and had a little school circle after completing a specific scenario we had a certain marine get excited. In the front of our entire command he pointed his in sixteen in the air and yelled FDA now. And shot three times. He might still be sweeping the gravel off of a gravel drive. That from Caleb that we get any text today. He had enough and strong channel time for a few extra emails here for the Mets are imminent or my dad gum gap and it must fight at all. It is as I got it back and I kind of. Hold it Joseph first up. All the Nate here's this. In your segment can you say lose and of nature this is about viewed today as my son's 21 birthday which means he doesn't listen to his dad I think mouth yeah. They also thought they were to the aquarium he's got two jobs the other is the woodland park zoo I'm proud of the man he has become honest when he first trip around the sun being an animal lover. Let's forego the Al hitting the window but could get a barber shop they say would you then some German and Ozzie talked about aquariums and lose. Thanks guys for mom and dad Tracy and Tim. Use it to other people all around this and wins. G.'s daughter on this. That's melodies and wing Israelis is still really gays in the mine hand and noon and not. John Leo and an unbelievable field but they thought we could have cockfighting. Ask dead men event in Beijing where can graduate at a zoo down and animals that that's good let's from a relatively McGinley debt and holy guys there's my French Diana's birthday she's 23 games against the dirty German talk from dead in thrill and you'll like that thanks guys that from. There'll be a book that would take into restaurants and I would be nothing but the gentlemen in fact. Every chance I'm pushing your school. You can't. I think I know some bands like that. I'm. Deserving gentlemen Protestant and yeah. It is first I mean I guess they'll love the show. Today is my 24 birthday and I would love a here comes a dope pusher followed by a Joey chestnut in the may be a cut that bitch off. Thanks guys keep up the good work appreciated that from tanner and a pet. Yeah. It snapped. Now. Net problem all the guys aren't ideal is just my beautiful wife treasure for her birthday which happens also land on my birthday that's right guys we share a birthday. It please give her face and ledge ends and dirty German saying sent from Leo fish sandwich. Garfield but we will make pitches and I keep your mouth. Yeah so they're hungry little bits and had she been. They shout out those of you guys you about why did you discover they shadow she's 23 love your show. How to fish sandwich and again at some dirty German talk thank you guys that romantic way. Yeah I'll win makes extra nice to some substantive Islamic component moved out. Yeah Jessica punted there is constant Tony. My middle name is Anthony is looking to. Guys I ever did just my good friend nick rose Barry whether you like that and some dirty German talk thanks guys you rock that from Derek. Now below they would go to hiking at 41 Cuban saying it should become a round the mountain mentioned though. Diamond steep slope bring to. Although our bonds as my putting I birds they all I want as a glorious Marmara aid Joey chestnut. And some dirty Germans thank you guys are being savaged bad asses on a daily basis that remain friends. Dodge is the close season left also spread your legs like a defense I can hard drive over the but didn't give you what you. Beyond the Hudson does little it's little wonder with a clean comes from a unique narrow Boston clean kind tonight to find out. Good morning gentlemen. The good lord and blew it. It employees and a birthday shout out to my wonderful handsome fiance just an H. Let's internal lax when they Joey just not in the plaza thank you guys so much easy huge fan of your show. And this would definitely make his day even more special you guys rock that from cats. It snapped. Guys today is my door is Trevor around the son I adore you guys as you brought me some laughs in a pretty crappy times I've been patiently waiting until my birthday so I could finally get a shot up from you guys dream come true. How about it now they enjoy just not as and dirty German talk bad from enemies that's fun. The the army I don't know if you like basketball do not give you quotes a seeps into BC Magic Johnson. John beat Tampa. Might end up with Hillary rest of the for the delicious shake my kind of the tilt as a friend even as 41 he's a big fan of the show love you guys utter respect for thrill there will be no eternal thanks. Instead can she have some dirty German from thrill and some Ozzie Ted for the birthday thanks again guys are making us laugh every afternoon after Jeremy. I've looked up such to you for your vote that was spent every session was like being a race car driver. Dick Trickle. Out. That Fifth Amendment if they get Newsweek just tickled to death good problem. And come on damage of Earth Day. And they'll explain the platypus. It. But all of them are up 44 solar return I would love the dirty Germans to talk to please and thank you that from dean. Carpio both chemical rebel mad yoga between your twin peaks. On the aggressive. Yeah I'm upon these weapons to. The ribbon to strengthen our. Can you please always my mom Lisa I had these and I. Did he get jail what the hell is that in some real real dirty German dog from Gary Delon a Tyler and Caylee. All I'll provide the pickle for you to an and so between bonds. After listen to throw they have debilitating side. Significant moments cause that's my elbow march 60 birthday. Not that he acts like anyone from being a Marines teaching elementary school can you give the old man a barber shop faced sandwich. And the dirty Germans tell them how much fun I'll have as his wife is probably too tired given the birthday he deserves. And tensing the damn song have a great weekend that from Jeremy the tax guy. Is it to move people around these Ana winds. She's a daughter on this. Ask the Olympics and win Israelis is still early days in them on hand and and everything. Yeah our weapons and I had disaster for the showed. That's good to show your bedroom I will be neutral though you'll bedroom. Wow. Imagines about the saints are deeply into the catcher. That he sees on July 8. He desert lewdness. Jerry Germans now have a sponsor. Yeah I dirty journalist Ron Dubai men's room original sausage get a pound now at the did you sit home and get a pound today. More than he is the other German we live in a town a pound down there and we can't sausage and help them if they Carlos the butcher. We finish the club mustang to. My guys here you go. Happy to be added I'd. Yeah debit cards I have had a nine day. They irritate your Cleo big day out double leisure zero quick. I. Until until until it gentle hints. To the not just for you how you can try to make it's a Napa California go go to French laundry it's one of the most and also restaurants in the world. It is sixty tables rose versions of months of personal for two probably with the prefix manure around 300 dollars please you judgment you upside you have an affiliate here ninety point five the foxy go right loves a business trip out from seven yeah we just don't Brenda laundry reloaded by our hair club are you shaking your head you don't think the wind goes to the French law you into the friend Andre logo out of that you slot area although probably not now I have not into the French soldier however my mom went to the French Warnaco and you know it she says what it was OK time. I also think I'm I think we should go to the French life in his defense I we were dropping some fancy names yesterday oh yeah because normally call brought Napa. If we don't presser though a couple more here on the subject Dundee a fictional character with the biggest crank. A guy's a charger with the biggest crank as Apache chief he's fifty feet tall wears a loincloth goes down those needs. That thing might be bigger than the incredible hawks' entire body that from Trevor in Las Vegas Trevor I would say this I don't know if you'll watch the super friends cartoon but based on a voice alone I think what the woman might have the biggest Venus of old he sued. It was a little runner and Honolulu woman can't believe don't you guys mention mister fantastic your plastic man is having the biggest penis both of them. And other characters like them can stretch any part of their body in any shape conceivable. Think about that. Literally a perfect fit. They could be completely motionless on the outside on the inside the worm is doing the work and the mr. plastic so fake and another one for a hell boy. Biggest prank goes to halt don't shoot fire goes to bat man and kept me at all because this Pam so we're Bartlett weekly cover of this I nobody wants to say the hole but every oracle clothing you own would fall when you grow right including your shoes and your socks. Boy or not his friends and I owner and ex race hawks match. Good hole angry because you being as you get voted at home or vote for stretch Armstrong Vasquez there from today I'll Ethier I think we need to go bag and than the last Emmitt played Denver's the FCC. So a good let's. Go back into and Hanrahan. Heads meant. Tips slips into its own slipped only. Know your mouth and and and shift while smoking split dating pits eating grits don't fast ten Smith. Fifth slipped stiff armed slips it shipped off to OP split spinning this Edie Britt barn dance that flips hips. It's just let it swap their clubs clips that ship while smoking with many big eating red do you know that. Flip it's about punts while ships while smoking's what smokers many Anthony ray. We don't ask me to do it again. Well. Need time. Whose 320. By. And out ball. You win another day. This time. Gordon says this is the FCC or. You should look at like cocaine was got the third time my nose is just absolutely on fire let Morris does Brady utilize all the guys David do seem dirty I'm. Did the way we just sit up late last night about Brian drills for Denver Gypsies they get all made against them on her own integrated program regret that girl who's up cubs. We it's. Going on this morning we came in and are comprised that they've we have listeners admitted that vs the FCC we've known that. We would have done all that blow. I would go. And it goes something like that ever called committee Jennifer McCoy is already quite clear they got high school aren't so pretty. This is well just is about committees are getting to the parent goes something like this. So many shabby vastly ships these chapter and verse but shipping this chapter Shipley in the second ships they Shipley. Swept. Ships these Schechter swiftly in third at the shifty shifter in port. Shifts the shifty shifter the way we do the game is yet to say that one time through them three times back. Missed one time didn't. Anybody else to think about the word butterfly and down from Iraq. Shifty that bad and bad drug addict. And he's shed be vastly ships the shifter into first but it's fifteen. The shifter shifty into third and second shifts. The shifty swiftly in third. The. It's shifty. Shifter into fourths ships they are shifty shipper. Don't back. Very steady Bakley ship the ship during first but the shipping bishop are shifting into second shift this quickly shift our and a third. This could be shipped. Okay I'm from yeah yeah. Wrong path we don't have. All man yet has not good enough. Yeah we've your filthy mouth. There are bad now getting ready to go up there at 44999. Hole that he gets in the Matt Jones who has an email at the men's room and mr. black Docomo also took the bad jokes on Twitter. And men's or lie bad jokes on the way with a drug charge Ryan castle you are listening to the men's or radio network. The shot of the day is moments away the first time for bad jokes 844999. A lot you can also in the bad jokes to us via email demands or momentum buy dot com. And president goes on Twitter and men's or live as well the way we go with the bad jokes if you from the emails. What is the first thing that taxi drivers led to the wolf. Flight where wolf. There are over one good and why do fart smell why so you can share them with deaf people which. You wanna hear or dirty jokes. York Tommy played in the mud. Play here clean joke sure Tommy took a bath of bubbles. The better version if you hear dirty joke what do you white horse dog Michael why. Oh. The dirty joke I think the white sport wanna hear another dirty joke. Bubbles was the girl next door and her little dance to antennas got married the wedding was crap but the reception was excellent. What's the difference when he hit bonus at the home. But one is really heavy the other there's a little lighter. And I told my wife she drew her eyebrows July she seemed very surprised. Why do in the told neighbor across the road. Why he got stuck in the crack. Did you hear about the constipated mathematician. Now you are just problem now with a pencil it it was the number two pencil. Having gone through from the comments what's the difference between your girlfriend and white what is the difference between your girlfriend at your life but when he pounds. Cuomo told me to stop impersonating a Flamengo while I had to put my foot down. One of the fact girls they into the big. Attacker also today died hand home. Why does the walrus go to Tupperware parties I don't know what his walrus gonna Tupperware fared well miles the what you for a tight seal. What do you call an adolescent rabbit political analysts who had a pubic hair. He knew what it 2000 pound canary says blood and sure sure yeah. And why didn't I can't say that an awful awful yeah. I like him. I'm star in the beginning why didn't Barbie ever get pregnant. I don't know how. Until the maestro Granada are there. Okay. I want to thank you sir but I think. I do the folder go hello Allen. Oh Photoshop. Whoopi most lords have in common with other little people sort of closed door seven common with other little people. Very little. If you're at it every night and I. I don't know that it's actually coupon good government group. They're gonna call iron Lugar and it's. I was definitely ready dirty bus stop and a lot that would fake boot. But the difference between a birdie bus stop and they lobster would they move to a. I'd bet. The light and that's what they thought they are very doubt but accreditation. Guys learned. That they bellowed that's what I sense I know moderate editor Algeria Arab. Energy standards to be ready. It just. When it is. I doubt it as good as usual we had to do during dance dance even throw vilified on nortel's. Yes indeed did day week so it's an unidentified 83 year old man from Los Angeles, California. Now's the story goes a burglary suspect in an effort to abate that the police he was jumping from rooftop to rooftop in residential neighborhood. He refused officers' orders to come down and then they start at boring but the guy I was actually getting suicide because he's a stand up on the roof so basically called and or crisis negotiators. Nothing against the crisis negotiators but that didn't do much better because for the next five hours. Five hours. The suspect. Cast doubt on our on the reef roof. Finally realizing that the crisis negotiators are gonna get this done that 83 year old homeowner EST climbs up onto the roof. With the suspect and then within about eight seconds believe him or the suspect came down. But as you reported out or we came down to the homeowner went upstairs and pushed his ass off the roof. Dude walked out of his house. He was sick of it it have been five hours he's listening to counsel bull horns outside of his home he wants to help improve the guy come turned around looks Adam Spencer gonna talk. Edge of disaster that. I'm really don't know Atlanta under a did the elbow room our Karen Abbott and crashed now I do not know the condition of the suspect then was pushed all the prove he's not dead but the big go to las middle. But based that it took to the hospital for mental evaluation. So with a helmet wasn't a guy like in his eighties debt was 833. Years old man and but the pedal to the guy we go on rooftop to rooftop but he settled down on this guy's house. That's contain myself. I've hours someone got a group of like after this plan of the latter just wants a bit put just saw the Pope is kind of in the problem in a while longer and all of a roof. Let's break. Reporters Boozer we drink this booze because we think it's yummy yeah bag so over the tongue and down the throat Jim Hardy in our Tommy now now added John I. Getting it doesn't online profile doesn't take our time right now laid for four 999 all love. The show and many pins continue. On the men's room radio network.