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Thursday, December 28th


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In case you were being bred with aliens during the last Madrid performance. She hears what do you miss don't make a perfect moment. It would say I'm terrible at gambling. You mean as in gambling unformed. Yes very much so global you have to be terrible latter means you have to do more than more than once. Yeah that's site that I can call sterilized so when he's not gambling the real addiction. How would you should go to gamblers anonymous you and I am you can argue my party it didn't stop or any of you know what Google cars how would you mess how many times does this happen in your car you'll find me at the craps table. Why is it. I won't do you think the. In the same card. Yes that played how much out of a matte black how angry would your garbage and unlimited talk the full blown just touching cotton mean did you completely unload or me what was the severity of these. Well it was not solid there's real leg an outbreak the other can't so it. Okay. Wow all I had shot like drain and water out of pasta may I see right through the have you heard about lately great it's eat pizza. No no I have to think Texas and North Carolina with some pizza place at the buffalo chicken feet to Vegas and induced like. A few flavors and good isn't everything you break it to you to pick up a minute analysis. But I we've tried everything every new piece of hang. In Alabama Delaware and if I was a doctor just want to think that's enough I'm home. Inside it's OK okay you were able to do it don't you all soon adds I've lost one more thought. Hello Melissa welcome to the men drew. A laugh all the jobs. Didn't Google wants templates all of that he established and happy are they actually after I eat out the old Newton subject clients know got a good. When you see David doesn't get rid of that Le Mans Osmond yeah. I. Think yeah I don't think my car that is a very honestly I'm Ali I can't do that I think you really really ugly hit it. If I never felt so good being shotgun yeah I can never be coming back until warm and Fuzzy inspired me and I cannot look any of you gotta be turned yes she's like I ate chicken wings gas once I'm good he's an excellent. The targets I would story when it's LE 449990. I have Nancy it will all pass and he got into a format sudden we did not that he shouldn't eat. And I came home in his only that the mountain Greg King and I knew what kind to go to that you. Really that's who did the ball we malveaux baca. Well yeah all we need to go why why did you have an alpaca what was the purpose of the Sox I mean is an alpaca pets. Is it giving you billion either later relate. Well. They're kinda like captain of the current team shell a line excuse I can jump but there's not a key there that weird they make believe that guy and employers. And they bomb on one another I mean you know. Or do you want out of an animal well you know what that is every check little guy who sold sold have to look you should sell sampled the food costs go to get people to get the bigger bags of the pros and corn producers would stop step mom stuff here we just put in over. Maybe more here and I know I want to do our dead dead here's the problem okay here's the probably out mayor the problem. You see this time a woman you see this dude you see the thumbnail they're gonna have sex I mean all right I like that you click on it the next thing you know it said. Step mom was cellular guy. God. I did like that's the wrong that's obviously not good van. You know the thing is though as far as crime go and visit and like look at her criminal big criminal I'm not trying to encourage you to do things but if you're going to do bad things. Like trying to be subtle to the Parma cop. And I see guys drive by and what kind of car did you say you have got to unless cynic. The athletic. And I drug money and Honda Civic I don't bet my last because it seemed like 95% of American driver on seven. As I see the same guy walks by me with just a car door. I'm gonna take into the side man could do nothing about that that's not suspicious almighty is the like this if you're growth. Just think the whole call look I have been dry I've been driving to work in the middle of Baltimore city. And I've seen a guy with a shopping carts from the grocery store Weis calling like a 56 inch television through the middle of the street and no one even question. Can I mean there right there and I'm bald guy who's gonna take this television imminent I don't I don't know count probably just bought it at 3 o'clock in the morning. A liquor and horse guys I MA nightly listener listening on a WK GBU that would be the bog you down in New Orleans. Have you crazy sons a bitches thought about doing a road show stopping in each city you have an affiliate the problem here is we only get two hours of the show. By the way would you give up a hotline number at an area called police the area code is 844. Then 999. HO LA eight all. HO LA all you have your phone you could spell stuff you Dorothy secure the blue illiterate. Amendment or did your illiterate so I can totally smell. Yeah everybody masterpiece just don't give yet quickie feel and create about it imagine days. Until a guy. Good guy. Makes a mistake get a little time. He he had ten points. We she can just talk between this thought about it alone oh no way. Salad does he do that. I mean because I would think you're masturbating they can do leg pain and but the fact is I let the fire starter with the size basically yeah. I mean if I could Hamas and I wouldn't but still my dinner in public I think you'll be playing in this case I think he's masturbating without as many of the things I'm more impressed by the downward direction. Items are horrible thing that's not a horrible thing about ball in theory sounds good but I'll explain this from happening a product of the city school player. They Baltimore city is now allowing students there you have you can use a miniature horse as a service and and ice point two miles the movement of horses have done all they do deserve the fate. You know wins from here. I might even say in a miracle miles ma'am nothing good is going to have little portions nothing's good to going to have to do the students you're gonna get ugly it's going to get a mirror they're going to reconsider this within three they're not gonna have a Georgia blue mark my words were going to reconsider. My mind was where you know drama that's when you have an explosive often car you've taken out a stop sign and your final decision was an oil. I'm gonna steal these goddamn stuff. Some drywall that's correct to look at that time it and might O'Dell McCarthy talked to you would have talked out of discrete Nicole in my seat that I had to like the next. So until I got rid of the car fled the stuff of this to little in the day. You're clearly still always sound like one of the people from the movie alien and assembly would have said yeah eulogies and but you still hired testicles I'm what do you do for a living I'm just curious to. Oh idea a worker in aviation company that sold really great they're they're played tough all well and I'm glad Ronald McDonald Douglas you're the guy okay. See what this up Matt Geiger of what's in your car. I age. Brandon into the front seat of my little Toyota truck if you put ammonia runs. Toll old roomy enough for an alpaca and I heard you take up the new 2072. Out of coma today. None opinion yes you know you can eat I didn't have any cover anything on the map so he wouldn't get dugout. But I went men drag them down the street. Hope she doesn't think this had happened at play. And so he keeps the heat kinda new lean over the flats. And and it is but it's up against the passengers not I. And I'm kind of peeking over the below par which is it's neck and then at hand. You know like he's Buchanan Greg gen including being not alpaca she's on to my yacht. The window and the guys really don't. And I'm just Ellen like hey I came out and they got Boyle and I I had been picked. The Maxwell whose. Our eighth and in both interview thing the president I think you're gonna take the music the four lane interstate it's blazing brilliant clock. You know robbing them. And at least that's the way. Any aid the it's been if you think it did you got there by about raping her brother had a lot of good would be unhappy. But the thing as the residents window now. Done men's room legacy can take you. You would sure love to hear is real. Trying to look. I spend anymore. There's a. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. For. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. I don't know go look at this November 2600. And Eddie. Along with Steve the thrill hill. We Ted Smith. Then. I had in my car. Yeah fundamental. I definitely want to really play big down days. Dead meat and potatoes as the best item on every fast food menu. No way Sherlock is back get right to play profile list. Plus headlines about their job they fumbled as their emails and everyone's favorite. TV time with secret factory to drive I don't gonna Florida where husband walks in on why pleasure in herself and probably get punched in the face. Crayola announces the name of its new color which sounds like got beautiful place. It's Bluetooth. Get actually brings back to school and does the right thing by turning nineteen on his old he get suspended for three days. These sea creature of the washed up after Harvey will change her story lays. And now. Charges have been dropped by bikini contest into her old as TV insults at each other before smacking each other what high heels. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All have mentioned is good day to you and yours are right today it's the day that we played big dummy. The game filled out rewards you. For your stunning ignorance and here is how it works you call us we'd spend the category we know. We spoke and we know we've been together for real and they'll look at. No question from a category. And here's where big dummy separates itself from her average more reputable game show. We will continue to ask you questions until you get one right because as always. We want you to be here smarter than showed up today our biggest army ever it's a two way tie between the lovely Kimberly is equally lovely Eric. All the boom dug deep into the inner eager Rambus and answered an eighteen consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better of course you can't forget it was a goal. And hopefully go on big dummy bigot doesn't play they gotta call 844999. Only Uga like the men's room on FaceBook falls on Letterman to live and send your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. But so why programme where golf is show number 2680. What a big show we have Rory today they had Jeb is it now stands we have details. The best item on every fast food menu so if you walk into a Burger King you look at the menu there's going to be one that. Favorite item from there the most people enjoy more than anything else whether you know Taco Bell. You go to a McDonald's of five guys whatever the dealers and you've got the list of the not Arby's is a tough call to his arteries I don't believe that it's tough call I what are you going what are these sandwich random guy. Am I am telling you there's a lot of versions of that though when you look at a hamburger at beefing chatter that's a beat and shatters it is tremendous years of beef Chatham on straight just ruled region. Ruby's Robby you know breezed through regional. The gap this group through speed it's a grove Grozny I would be surprised rules at McDonald's it was Fries based on the you know the consistency of the French Fries there were we'll find out coming up head Jeff on the way with a best items on every fast food. Menu of course we've got to know I Sherlock coming up before drink it's also play profile this. And today is today that we played big dummy you're the playing for team sober or need a team not sober and it's it is the easiest game in the world play basically play to get one question right now every time we play big dummy. We do a men's room poll. So moved last week we asked you. As far as your favorite smoking device that you like to use whether that be O bowl adjoins a bong or whatever the dealers. We did little pull any idea how the results came up I'm gonna say knee joint. I'm going to be a bull like a pipe all right you're both wrong. As far as smoking device we did offer just say no. Believe it or not just say no both on our Twitter and on our colors that was the number one response yeah but to me that's like an imaginary friend my brain does not accept that people actually say that tied for number one that would be bong and blunt followed by the book of bull or pipe and then joined coming in. At number four. OK there we had no idea who get them soul this week our men's room poll it's simple. FaceBook Twitter and to Graham or snapped chats I don't know much about snap jet Oden affected the youth of America that seems to be their preferred way and they at a NATO leaders they do. And that he's loud that's wonderful there's there's pros and cons to to all of these obviously that is the filters due to be a dog can be cat. You can beat any soul okay I'll that's where that comes from yet. Are right okay so FaceBook Twitter in the Gramm or snatch at our game is big dummy it was our first contestant write a play the games. Hello Jason welcome to the men's room. Our guy. I gave you blame for games over team not sober. So we're being sober Jayson walked into the program there what's. We go you go FaceBook more Twitter instead grammar snap Chad would have preferred method of today I feel FaceBook FaceBook did it. I'd Jason. You're in your question. All right the Electoral College in the United States is made up of how many electors. Thought. Wholesale 120. I don't have an idea what I. I remember I remembered what it was relevant to their big brown left. It may fifth. There have congress. Off right now I don't know that it is that a dog is it a 1050535. I think all I we have what I think 537. In the senate armed members is often writes or did you check that congress could. It's done. I mean people live writer iris or raises a little bit if that happens right for us and it's cool man who can prove right that's it. No grounds last. All right your next question do Roman numeral deep its. Fans for what number. A fifty. And kid for a hundred defense for. Five Monty. I'm. See I need you don't see that much Tuesday. Lot of Roman decent I don't know it well it's a statue of Netflix or a little kid peeing in a found that you don't see a Roman Villa look at the statue needed I don't know why no love of from Greece or Italy's home. Why is that so why I don't know grown up man everybody had like a little kid PN and upon the backyard I don't winner of other little kid on the start of the major champion Mike why is he here like do I did when I do that does it mean how much you. But I believe the wrath of my wife Emma. Our next question the name of the stature is you gotta pee before you get. Attributed. Canada is made up of how many provinces. I money they you have six I don't know how close the hole. Is it Devon White credit Yemen shafts and I am not from one territory where we're talking Yukon Territory. All you lose Yukon gold details comfort that's exactly and and you on jagr. But it question for our bread and other people on here are you know an element of course I don't know that was dramatic might know how many provinces are in his own country. ORW tomorrow. I what animal it is an insect has the most legs. No he. As artistic beauty is correct them the military or the fruit flies are office they didn't have a lot of elects. Or six toys made yeah you guys still won yet. Yet they've got a lot of legs for fruit fly to check that out. Remember in a lot of legal work on its we know it's weird man I got how many legs do the nation that is well I don't know it just looks again a lot of the like really long and they got more answers you got weird fruit flies on you know we don't you know we want them all innocent people they were killed fruit flies and they said no so I think it's just in our general area I think I was at least until yesterday there was there was for flood relief arose yet weaker than there is big 84499911. Was our next contestant litigate the bad the happy with some analysis fruitless but I'm just glad I don't know how much good I like Arizona feel actually is Gilligan banana and a gym bag or something like that they forgot about and and a gym bag if you think you can really man I don't know safe sex kids in the certificate but the man and I did that Jim mad death. To make envious that exactly but my friend and I noticed that the camera out and Obey and Heidi and Rick if it feels outstanding kids. I put the monotony in the gym bag yeah. Give away the fruits and plasma when you go through the why didn't he put the banana in the gym bag and fellow Brandon welcome to the men's room. Oh all I. Our brand new so we're not sober. The breadth. Brendan you put the Madonna in the gym back. Now I'll put the net in the traps. Hook up to better integrate Emerson and check into the into recruiting massive competitiveness it's awfully good for me okay. My banana and the threat. From this into the Pacific and the tragic blazes that you're going to dividend and the. I hear it your question. Where is the Baseball Hall of Fame located. Mazen I don't know you know this right there and yeah. We'll look. Which is in New York from. To bring the fast well yes that's what it's. I don't foresee NFL yeah. That's the baseball things only reason you ever heard of Cooperstown new. Pretty much the only thing up there is Cooperstown. And Saratoga Springs and could only grill has not yet yeah we'll talk about certain restraints but that's pretty close to Albany to. I just coached a baseball tournament up there once and it was like. It we're coaching kids played baseball and we should take come. To see Cooperstown yeah I knew that I you know my brother said. Or we can show them how the world works and we just go to the racetrack you can pick it didn't already didn't get them into thirds over per day you are pink or purple house or no makes going to be. That's happening to any cutting a transaction entered a deterrent we did and they had a blast of course they did that. All right your question would singer is the only thing were to win best album record and song twice. See what the genre of the singer I mean just she's popped she is saying. She's so you're going to cut and of shoes a country singer she was a soul singer if she was armed indeed one of those if she puts out an album it's it's the it's all you got this period. It is worth. You know it's not. Well I looked like he does he. I wonder that Dell has Intel inside. The next question is there and didn't. What is the common name for the third and final sort of Mohler is the most people about. And it's. Nice job their plans do not I don't write you that Brendan brings excitement he does right now of power wisdom tooth. OK I can I wasn't he threw man I don't know if I got like an army Dennis or what but I was awake. If he had pliers and then he had like I swear to god it was the most rudimentary. It's this screwdriver man and ME ST yeah like that if they go to him and he got one of them out there is entirely so run one full to the other three. He would like cracked and spinning hammer in breaking news here is in your school you're like oh my god do it's it's it's insane in the thing is they have the audacity to call these dental tools only. My tool kit in my garage and I got a hold people for fifteen dollars has exactly the things I mean a pair of pliers African chisel and hammer him knock you out now that's probably about anything. Are the game is up big dummy 844999. Olin who is our next contestant ready to play the game hello Billie welcome to the men's room. Our guy. I'm really I'm. Until we're not filled. Kyra Phillips and would you go man no more FaceBook Twitter is to Gramercy netcast. Hello we all benefit goes to. Okay. An urgent question. There are four states of matter that are observable in everyday life. Solid liquid gas and what. I don't know man couldn't. I believe lightning qualified. I think energy after inflicting. Qualified. Class. Class class. All like where you giving you get money for drug exact words right there I don't know the sleet and wanted to leave you so much cash that. I've been good there's questioned the great pyramid of Giza is located in what egyptians and. All it. Air or. The great pyramid of visa is located in what Egyptian city could. Yeah. I would go the only city that you can name in Egypt to follow sales. I'm Donna blanket had. I don't know what it's definitely like to and I don't know that might only get only the city Diallo that now we're back at them. But it gets good. It's Gaza Strip and the great conservative these is either. Mom oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I think dividend doesn't. In the Gaza Strip was not given him a great chairman of the gods yes Bloomberg river to diesel is located in these little. Accent to your question but I tat row. I think that at Saint Louis arch. In Saint Louis. Because that's exactly Big Ben and Ben who took to heart your question the failings of Taylor Swift. Are known as what. Hundreds of yeah they're they're at the. I just close statistically I think he's okay I swear I get a mob jokes I know. Stay with these all yeah I know my answer from the Clinton fight from the day highs and swiftly. The bay yeah O beyoncé yeah it's debate how the day honey right beehive data I posed is. They read this the main I want my money on the base I don't moment. There's no role and I know you are well and I got I got them to say and I think the bay high beats the swift diss. Yes well what about the believers where they figure they got to go one through three. Ounce the problem with the believers is going to be a bunch of young don't like tea and 22 year old dudes that do you think so yeah Abu Armani Omnia the believers and believers get older and the may have against silver and the swift he's gay couple. Bronze star and cover what am I know the motives now I just keep we keep we keep that project shoppers hit the I hear if you question the second atomic bomb ever used the more time with dropped on what city. All. That has powerful magnets. It's. Tiger question number five Billy. He never. What is the highest enlisted rank the soldier can hold in the united states army. The highest enlisted. Soldier can hold in the United States armed men all. Hard. As sergeant major heart breaker there. I'll play ability for the kids. And we all got our constant reminder you doubt what a well Billy won't be in the navy. It took a master chief I'll believe ya I don't know. I'm sure if you're not right we'll find out quickly now. Seems to be how things go yes. Not only will we be told quickly will also be told politely and how dumb we are deaths and it is amazing the things you read very colorful stuff. Rider Floyd lots of fans from the blue yeah they're good. Yeah what is professional wrestler John seem as famous caddie for news. In any. It's. Very I knew I had the right data yard really I am boom right around eight cents a deep ball the left field and it's gone. Let's get Desiree to play the game known as big damage and I'm very happy how well he's a good weather are the men Barack. Oh he's good. People you sober not filter. Well another as the dumbest question I've ever ask you. FaceBook Twitter into Graham snap Chad you do any of that. I'm an enigma and no I don't do and you guys when things went on FaceBook where there's. I was up well within three dates so. And it puts down the FaceBook and that you'll experience yeah. I think that the floor if this does not only accent. Jack's house retirement through these who have followed just want to close this grid that can be delayed livelier retired. No evidence collection like for an introduced a forehand muted. Well I should have girlfriends. Yeah I do you know I mean actual social intercourse you know I mean you hear about that but we serve calling someone there girlfriend. We are very and always believe you know all the teaching home didn't championing the car. Does this with the I don't wanna go to bed I didn't let everybody go out for a while only glory years ago Miguel. It's focused on my bogeys aren't about me like in contradiction if you had any of their little world of your life put out you know folks. And if you think it. This is the dumbest thing oh boy had dinner party these woods luggage listen listen listen who's right. Us blows I'll Transocean are pumping a lot of low self petition. Slowed at all Dassault hands you know it's at all and you will be able for a anytime you want to give you saw stood. How many do you intend do you know why I don't why didn't you Teddy portable durable won't be global financial world leader the new content DBS my Brothers. A lot of al-Qaeda or are. Our job to do scalability of our agreement. Obviously the back all I doubt I would video I love to see that because that can happen in every filmmaker. Polish tragedy I've moved building that opened access to a hot tub Middle East and that is what if you're not everybody feel bad for me that police crock these what if you're not allowed to about a cut up carrots and potatoes and start putting it's its back at I think. But you know a whole new love ballclub and loaded it up doesn't want excellent alternative I'm sure there's no doubt in that. Lane for at here is Richard involved in the sex 10. Yeah well you know I add to go there is now. Ha ha ha ha I'll con man give me the guy and a quarter declined. It's a thanks glow about you not yet really just a club. I know some people wanna be watch they need people like east would go in there or watch them sort it. Think about which dissenters some legal needs Eastwood to watch them as soon as that. The idea that some people need so loyal to be watching them led them managerial nobody called me they wouldn't do it while watching last sex at least it I think I think I got guys and excited that goes gonna get to the finish line that I looked over. I mean I kind of at this and announcing politically and barrel thank you he's a good looking do you guys talk with people Cuban NY had sex in your life. Oh tortured soul and also what are only had a in the gym back breath hold special and it's. It there's your question. I gonna be stunned if you have influence. What was the name of the club the maniac months ended Disney movie Aladdin. I know I did not. I don't know cameras. You go to Robin. Do you notice you don't you have children to live a blue Abu death. Oh my god I felt my it was a little weird Disney event I didn't know that wanna unknown clipped a maniac monkey has made fun of me exit the picture taken with a character I don't know was who look up. You get McGovern they I'll try to answer. You ever cared really doesn't even exist and wasn't even the guy you could do about it. Because you are so important importantly what don't rule my Disney while I've got that that was very important meantime if I got to graduate of the free is very good. But Ruiz would hang on Manhattan freak thing is I don't know what does have data brings nothing this. By the game's big dummy paid four point 999. All the more contestants for your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Oh I loved HL you don't have a gentle men's room. I've done game is a big dummy for. Are 999. Although we have he's put online playing for team so we're working unquestioned number to an. Artist but here's the question. What fast food franchise has the most worldwide locations as a hint it is now McDonald's. Economic and also not to definitely yes and I'd save you trouble guessing wrong and is very popular in China. And it has to be right it has the right it is the first popular here. All lone goal in the windy. The players. You think about mentally focused intently at subways and everything and their partners though I mean you know they golden reunions together. You know they don't care Austrian Taco Bell actually got debt. I'm glad to I think they own everything where they combined each other is our go to plays at a Taco Bell and KFC right under the Zell Miller company yeah number yum. I don't know Maria okay. That's different yeah that's the Red Robin Jim and and no matter what no illusions and overall we'll get over it took just every also products in the nation yum who has had some tactical. There they've been caught quite so in the latest news Campbell. See that's the thing when they took over that oats business it was such demand for oats on its own people I mean they just immediately grabbed the entire market with Oates. And that guy with the blonde there are those probably a great way god we trust I got a baby sit there and I salute another candlelight. Why he is he's very man he may be uncomfortable still about it and although I frankly living and I'm right there that aren't. Well if you want a Quaker is the Amish paradise guy from the word of it. Now a lot of Quaker territory. Pennsylvania very quick returns are Benjamin Franklin was not quite grieves the dais with something entirely different but the quicker guys just a quicker and antiquated can't in a Quaker can have a car right. Why does he need his own motor. To go Quaker state are all way equipment. I think the quicker guy I was exposed to emulate the man that founded Pennsylvania. Like Barbara Bush really really William okay. And that appendix was as a Barbara Bush were both look at the if you think all those guy William and then into the Franklin and Jimmy to pick. Founded Pennsylvania and at greater of that I don't Saddam Hussein is a big Pennsylvania question threes with. But on Broadway you know white dude you're gonna gonna roughly result Benjamin Franklin and dressed as Ben Franklin when your Halloween yes they do absolutely (%expletive) yeah we just buckled up and witty guy look like Terry and acts around. Can't they just they know Gary and it's Buzek. Well I don't count on us for some real doesn't wash cherry tree of the George Washington I don't think you're going arrows and single white guys bought always look at pretty much. I walk around with like money in and tell me that overwhelmed or as Turkey in my pocket I beat your ass for that we're raising money and blown it. Alistair Campbell and frankly I love the fact. That it. As I do that but it took some of the national priority and I question. Came up with a three laws of motion. Call alcohol are all these kids were mad I think it's. To me also lotion yet you've heard of those duke. So like an object in motion stays in motion need a list of tea. Is also a delicious treats is what I really within a part of anybody if any loan notice you know Jenna. It's gunmen numbering hard here you know seeing double file from the truth. Yes that's him. Apple fall from the three guys get there early wanna be remembered in this sort of get a terrible Cody the grandfather's life. We can't sit there and that's terrible. All okay thank you were much. And all bets are mentioned I think. Newton. That's the big news well I think that it who buys big news. Can you be like twenty years old in my fig Newton aren't out not being passed strawberry and apple whereas for a few months ago bottom you like to know gorgeous storm iPhone apple loomed back come home and that's the money south and you they have fig Newton there there are big note not a good thing is not a big note and our other apple news. The difference okay the little white dangers you don't want to be old by doing your house would you have Apple Newton not the moment but I would out of emotion even got I would have no shame at all when you're an apple Newt seems like when you good adult home if you have there there there's like fig Newton my grandmother loves fig Newton should they eat food tourism pass things that's right. All people drink fruit juice. Nobody like I brood they really like the fig Newton. I think they do think it's something they call people like it now because that's what the I'm OK you know it's like when you have got a little people wanna look you're the doctors that I did the star of the each sounds like to retailer to sell this great. They have a new burner right now I gonna ask the obvious questions is probably a mass thieves strike I'd ever questioned by Disney you know okay that could fall to the battered. If it's just thought I had. To grace resolution Everett's. They deadliest day be like big designate for far 999 all of more of endemic coming up. Mission many games continue on the men's room radio network.