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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. This mother standing by for another round profiled a stellar 944999. A little play profile that's coming up being met. Other headlines on 01 hour from now the first quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right someone set up a website that helps you sue equal facts for up to 151000. Dollars if your credit report got hacked. That would be Equifax Equifax Equifax yes my bad. And what path yes it's gonna need to look at it like hopefully it's a good thing you don't know that they might have your information they have all you don't have been given to him and basically take it. He just answered you questions and generates at the paperwork eased up to print it out take it to a courthouse and serve Equifax these lawsuits. Mind and they also have a handy thing where if you wanna go on their unsecure website and find out if you've been hacked you can go put in more information that thinks someone else can act connected they got thrown off limits to. What I graduated Brett I'm MLB you you've been hacked. Just know that we're out of 43 million take the number of people that work. Vs the people that don't you ban the pact yet and you know how like I don't know enough when the British came over they were just absolutely. Just mind blown by guerrilla warfare people hide behind trees and you look good overseen more like Google for damages to enliven the gentlemen very well blah blah blah blah. This is the new warfare. There so you know it's not my manager Marcel stand in line in March you wanna mess up. An entire country this is the new version of war but is the thing about hatton loses or gets smarter. They go after act of like why go after me or you of this personally do go to ankle fracture of every working adult. And America. And nobody actually gave these people are formation but Equifax has every once information down to. The last god damn thing you've done right for the people and apple your political credit score all the rest of the stuff. But here's people that you got unsolicited they took your information and then they can't even protect them from pisses me off yeah. A lot gamblers. Yeah this the people they make it you utilize her service because you're going to buyout on the car house whatever to review alone. Just for checking on information that they took from you that you never gave them permission to have. Your credit goes back Taylor yeah the fact that there was a check this group. Objective but you never voluntarily gave your information to the government is protected right these people ever info. And just by checking and your own he'll pull your credit score goes back well and isn't that these are the people behind in the united protecting. They got they and information are you kidding me. Now is that what all these these free credit score whatever it is it's not like he's still check it for free but. When they check it it doesn't docket isn't that what that's about not short the number used those. There and so there's a would it never made sense to me that just looking at that number meet your credit score on. I think that made Dayton didn't have to pay to get a credit checks yes he did I feel like in your credit went back right I feel like honestly just have. All the free credit stuff is just consumed. People of Obama stuff. I'll do exactly reminded sergeant walked into our place but we're got beer at the bar. Then they sold the stock they already knew him through your notes that they saw you assure you they didn't even know they sold the stock two days after I found out about the breach have been told you. The American public about the reach a month after the no heaven in July. The dogs and they told down in the beginning of September. So all of August that would be the month they sold the stock. All the Obama Graham tell us here formation has been up to even to protect yourself they were five weeks later. The Packers have a five week head start meant anything you're gonna try to do just keep that in mind from these some two bit. Maybe you can't tell I hate Equifax and imagine the fifth fifth book I want to be very clear about I favor the with a passion numbers and I discovered they look at the scam even run my government about what it is right so. They've been but when this happened now I'll live that. Could you had my information you do it people protective you thieving some before. Am asked to take a break and somebody else gets it they have certain. A bunch of people bud 75 dollar tickets for a quote. Big pizza festival in Brooklyn and expected to eat pizza all day and he's the festival at a fits best and that's stupid but the festival ended up serving them tiny pieces. Of cold pizza. And on the organizers should be investigated for fraud. Commander of the New York a good week and even investigate you for fraud horse that you loose among the people out of this yet right goofy if you look at Pete in New York it but are you are just not gonna go do that it was a 75000. You think about that hot to get some cold as tiny pieces of Red Hook yet that's edit what I did was gonna say I wouldn't be too disappointed with the cold pizza because I I don't mind cold pizza it's not that bad. Put it on page 75 dollars to get a new Dedham fest really gonna give me my iPod pizza dude look. I'm with I like cold pizza but that is something to eat leftover at your home. If I am money the pizza better be damn I had better be the best pizza there yeah. Am I told my mouth of the kids a festival to now I've been in a volunteer for the pizzas already told just because it sat out so long but that's okay. Sure solid series. Yeah like that it I don't know if I'm saying instead of my big Sony about dollars all of that pizza hot again everyone likes cold pizza but dominoes numbers and eight wounded nearly three hour brunt of yet every goaltender and I think. We know you like it what's his tiny pieces. So tiny pieces game did you want big square feet to the they're they're out of their permanent and you gotta go online and look at the pictures because everybody that posted a picture goes. Just so you know this is not a normal size plate is the cake plate for trials are all old and how small amounts reflect that. Takes that maybe 13 of that place. I don't think case play well I mean come on man devastation those little pieces that would get us kids I don't hear you guys ever got those things a little squares about the cardboard pizza. Now and I go to other good there have been better when they serve hello Douglas ice a. Well we have just look like on my cousin Dan got married right at the rehearsal party. They had a guy come with his own brick of a mini notes around on his car and bright and then he could pizzas after losing an igloo in the back. Friends and I think metal pizza crystal ball you are one out and support and that's correct it the festival with a you can ovens going all over the Dow down place. A hot dog vendor outside UC Berkeley football game went viral entry got a ticket for selling food without a permit. To someone who felt bad from start to go funny page and last we checked it was up over 60000 dollars go well here's the thing. For the cup also took the captain of the tour and asked him to open up his wallet until all the money out yet you do they have what like copper can make just do it. Do it. It's whatever dean Richards he was getting and if I'm not mistaken they were doing an honest to god and I think yeah well that's. No I think if they're investigating it out said he's not gonna go Lehman in an element bias can some Christmas for any technically the Guidant go to court pay is trying to get his money back. Let's get our pay a fine you're too much about it and hear about marriage. Sit out and Vermont are looking for someone who stole an air rifle from a sporting goods store while dressed as a panda who think. How do you estimate that and that I just feel like if you have any reasonable secure yeah he medical officers unit. The takedown of I got an opinion that you got to pull Superman and fun and phone Booth and get out of that Tennessee. Though there you've you've ducked into an alleyway industry a bad thing nobody's gonna know your drizzling honey no lies on a panda walking and walking on my toys have been okay you see a panda run down the street you've got to turn and look and see where it's gone as soon as it turns out and Ali are you choosing that banner down. How nice coming in my store I'm wondering why panic in the muscular yeah. Another security detail guy but hey that's a little if you have been stars have been in the I don't have you thought it was a real gun. In Vermont Tallet got. In Vermont's. Maybe. Think there might be liberal women's world an agreement. I guess there we get there had come off a railroad crossing Armon Indiana didn't go back up what you think Vermont so much. I'm just wanted to eat they don't have a whole lot inhalants Jack has done in Vermont. Allied parties it seems duke the blue steel and air rifle. Yeah without him isn't it he's a kid I mean they would do that they are expensive delighted I'm about. A railroad browsing on an Indiana didn't go back out but the train went by so attorney general driver remove the bolts toss the arm into the ditch and then got a message. Yes and awareness. Can't do that is that county property. It's just a general say everything man he writes I mean more so the weather's. Yeah and if you're in a parking garage do not put the thing up yourself all you jealous of the amendment and you can move the arm buyers oval yes they'll just move the army go in there are. I just recently found itself. They have cameras and almost all these garages they will find you and you gonna it's a cultural moment from the mine from Jeff. Don't ride your bike in between the towns there under way out either. It's really tough on. And obviously in Canada locked into an apartment that would booby trapped with spring loaded nights. Jesus cry they were all butter knives are so excited. It has spread out over woods and violate these look into a house install the owner's pet. It was on the cast it wasn't a dog I'll tell you what it was one hour from now. They've like knock headlines go to one hour from now the first the good news. Is true precepts. Throw him to please everyone how profile this is playing a short and mild that's as simple game where we server few real life news stories something that happened right here. I'm Glenn occur. Our early and I do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make well as you would it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. All all I have Pena understand how this here game play. Absolutely it's our club basically long story short man accidentally electrocuted himself while on the roof of the building possibly while trying to steal copper police believe that the 30 April man. Who's on the roof attempted to cut power lines to business either to disabled a security system or to remove the copper from the table. Now whether or ignored or not the wire drop ended probably protected by the rubber soles on the shoes and Robert handled bolt cutters that he was using. So you successfully cut some segments and cable without killing themselves. But he ended up leaving over and making contact with aluminum siding on the building. Loads of you unfamiliar with the electricity this is match. Those unfamiliar with electrocution and going by the side move cables. It's likely that all the muscles in his body instantly contracted because his heart belongs to stop immediately after the nets. So while there was a stupid death of relatively painless and investigators believe that some homes actually holding the latter form below but they believe he took off running. When the suspects. The simply won't poop in the suspects foul began to boil and explode out of him. Matthew and I believe his helper ran away because there is a latter and it's in the latter is a pile of charred excrement. Now paramedics were called after workers arrived they found a body hanging over the roof of the building still holding his bolt cutters. And today at Doral the power for the good remove him his death was not only stupid of Palin's it was probably message. The fact I never do a search image for electrocution she would happens to be mind. Anyway my question is do you believe in this electable geniuses black white Mexican or Asian. And it's got sick mistakes is out the bad guy white final lines around I salute. Then I'll know who are disclosed and Szilard Iowans. That's not a minute clumsy Manson or some. General typical copper stealing I always feel like is a white thing and your idol is doing its may have driven. Really don't have time I would mean a black Antonio white final answer. Are you are able finality was black white meg C or Asian next fat with a t.s you're listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. High profiled as we and a guy who does fields and got her words. Going for drugs money and when you're trying to do out here trying to steal copper months that didn't really happen is to get electrocuted in a bad way to those messy there was an M into where they explained he got in mind when the cops got to the scene. He was on the roof hanging over the roof he'd make contact with the aluminum there's a ladder they believe someone of and hold in the latter because of the latter. Basically it was coach human feces because of the LSU did it basically cook it exploded out of my and they believe that was enough to make his partner in crime went away. But Jeff we asked you did you believe that this Crist be Fella is black and white next you're Asian you're white. And move. I. Yeah that was red flag yeah and pump. Did you help prevent away. You know my ball was that's definitely could but why do what you gotta let the case. Bathroom all on why got to rely on ma no wires or out I know what I'm doing because these are god damn table. He's going to be like this is the crime that a former assistant she's expected that the governor Bob is gonna and it was I think yeah. If it's. I know you had nothing to do with it these are right he thought religion you're going to jail they don't even have a beat on who his partner wanted to deflect what the flaming third hit the ground is like a out out out. Now relative it is a time Sabatini data de. They glide. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Now when you do TV or radio or anything you're kind of vote you try to be aware of when your microphones are hot yes. Yeah my YouTube and kind of bears they're mean to utilize people keep you busy being we're trying not to get fired yet the putting and my kids my Mike. I just never use that extra outs nobody does I'm nobody. See try to pay attention especially when you're live on the air I remember once years ago we interview and are spears. The comedian. Mad TV famous in that and like who we came back and we kind of messed up the beginning in my house just off Haley does not know laureates podcast. He kind of person in just a lot and palms and an African music only and it was really real easy to let it your fun yeah. He was spot silly generally you'd talk a little looser. If you don't think from my TV you'll thank you might remember former Indianapolis Colts and a New Orleans Saints coach Jim Mora. A playoffs. I. Better he had some some famous things but after the game the other night. They went to him and he did not realize it was life. Fletcher Shareef and coach Jim Mora the later against the less patient coach gets his Fletcher injuries just. Scott just at a later against the less patient you what does that Tripp who said that Scott. I guess guys will. I can tell they're not that funny school then how about that yet yeah I would say yes I'm Harvard revive its OK that's a gallon well. And I know myself like let's just move past that hump like John McCain at the guy who just moved basket and I at all curious yes we are serious. From Charlotte game at the Keck. It's a matter hairless and after an nowadays we're all our ego is elevated rates would go watch it though because what he drops it. That abrupt sound you hear is the dude pushing gym workers might down. All right and then they're like oh they peak in coach Borges is would you like when there are used to think like they eat them. There has been home of the media I agree he doesn't care but see any of those guys you get the guy's reaction is also in Mike brought up the great great point too. The guy who's on the news every day isn't that a big deal was he doesn't like three times coach like Iraq. Ranked my man you didn't read go it just looked very own picnics. I would be remiss to miles you just that the word playoffs this broke my heart today oh. I said. We've got to get the audio of Jim Mora told playoffs. He had never heard it all I realized is a whole generation of people out there that I need don't know coach Mora a dent in the gritty it's. Press got hurt that hurt you had a bow. So just understand this if at any point lead you're unfamiliar in this press conference at some point your life. You'll say something about playoffs and can be your body can be sort of overheard and if you covers. Costs. It's in reference to assume you've heard that that kind of intonation is among boys recently Woodward play off. It were otherwise I would be futile or come from does everyone some crazy you say this about you know someone's why don't all of that practice brats that Allen Iverson at. Right this is coach with more of these years ago. After. He's coaching the colts after they've obviously lost the game beat you to tell is not happy. And that was it disgraceful. Performance in my opinion we threw that game we gave it away by doing that we gave them a break in game. In my opinion that stuck to. What that. Lots of talk about playoffs you can't make playoffs and I just hope we can win a game. I've never heard that before Marleau who don't talk I'm gonna go are accused of talking about last week. The temple people all lake coach Moore is famous for the playoffs. Herm Edwards will always be famous for you play to win we knew beginners. Who retrieved the lost on a bad golf. Right with his name that was the coach at Oklahoma State freaking years. Which are Barry Switzer no no no no Oklahoma State Oklahoma State cowboys this is only ten years ago. And the local paper they're like just had made it a whole article Rob Simmons. Now. I wanna see. Guthrie. Or something like that assists and our logo author Arlo Guthrie. Yeah but never he was dismissed because he held up the paper duties that you talk about it this way. After I got forty yeah all right I do remember that. All I'm close to him something and. Tim got briefed him at the heat. And I wrote my Oklahoma State coaching history very well. Yeah Amanda a you're in Oklahoma State cowboys it's fiction idea again I have no idea I did mention Bob Simmons you. As Mike Gundy Mike Gundy Hannity are a couple of young gay. The Alitalia condition Zulu medicines and outgunned though account growth rate down to go over them excited and hit. Yeah I'll. My god is who it is and Tim Gundy. I Gundy don't want I think it's Amber's I have the that the I just used that term earlier in the hallway with a costar Ryan had a baby if you don't have children now man I'm pretty good about the objective. I just between I just ask you to question do you watch less fortunate get affiliate college football. So in the past week. There's a big game Oklahoma traveled Ohio State I think was favored Oklahoma winds knuckled statements. At the end the game baker mayfield takes the Oklahoma Oklahoma flag runs in a tent in Ohio State and he runs out in its like he's played Tina. And the Ohio State oh in the middle of the field. So basically the day after the game he had to come out and apologize. And now he's come back sounded like. Look I don't know I got fired up I took more crap from my fans are apologizing like I I did it and not really Matt. Because of the college that I'm really upset about. I submit works like this. If I'm an Ohio State fan I'm pets. Yet I'm not. So I don't care and I get it man it's not the end of the world like look. I know I understand people look I'm a ravens fan as you do that I'm real mad bubble while what are piece of the runs and handle your team does the same thing I'm sure tomorrow it's it to me it's understood. The from a fan of the losing team. Would you be bitterly upset about us off because eroded wounded arm hurt but one of out of watching the fan a player who can I was TO ran out to the star of the end out. Well with the things may listen TO did that right when he was playing for the niners who. I like that the cowboys' players right up there right don't do that on our non yeah like authority let them handle let them take a look at the other thing about the game as you know we see the stuff and I don't mold what people think it's half. Happening on the field but. I can assure you that. The conversations are having on the land or not pleasant. After it would that they like or they. These guys have been battling all definitely you've seen this one thing but I'm pretty sure way out for all the things that they have heard from each other and said to each other what the gonna duty tell this is there's an almost kind of thing like. Don't warrior. Or about and they're not arrivals are wasn't Michigan put out there and that it wasn't allowed to play every year it's not it's it's a one half game of two good teams. Yeah and I am pretty sure part of that'd make me feel star and I think when they have the red river shoot out. Or the Red River Rivalry excuse me. That Texas and Oklahoma when they play each other that's a big deal and it's acceptable after the game to go out to the senate the field to kind of play your flat Oca. Let's again. I don't mean a college kids they take a long road trip you what a huge game. The pamphlet and I get paid but you're right if they don't give me a story out of new element for your entertainment but you're right if Ohio State or Penn State it had College Park, Maryland neighbors and Matt all the talk about what her I don't get it going man to fight a spicy he's someone trip and fall on the grocery store I'm sorry and I think it is written a letter. If it's me I don't know. Not only that but that you should just be manager lost my morning Leo not like to do is shooting now you should be pissed did you law authority get all day and right. He beats you they did that there's a mad that you lost there what Madonna and a mile or do you want every Aussie land on that. That would be used to produce through. Never showed up boarded up and a Plymouth Fagen in the field and boy oh boy there is that you can Medicare too much about the win them for granted by an aero. That's gonna thieves get blown out adieu to put a touchdown for. I lone touchdown to us but you're losing by like seventeen to 21 as he's up on the day and they gave it right of their third string of them two minutes left like really. Everybody. Everybody watches porn is my theory. You'd people you think don't watch porn probably are who do you think doesn't. The only person maybe use the Pope. Yeah maybe. Me me me. Maybe. He's still has blood running through his veins you know I think he doesn't watch porn but for one reason. Opens to the blog is important pretty open minded guy. But also busy and he's like I love the watchful but guess what I've a lot of stuff to do but when I'm done being Pope are gonna portray. I mean right same to everybody mastered each just don't give yet quick ETA and create about it imagine aids. I feel a guy. Good to make some mistakes did a little time. He he had support aids or he can just tucked between its he all all of no way. Some of that what does he do that. I mean because I would think you're masturbating that you can do leg pain I am. It's a fact it is not let the fire starter with the size basically. Laughed I mean if I could I must and I wouldn't but still I didn't public I think people began to get I think he's masturbating about a minute the thing I'm more impressed by the downward correction there. To quote the gloom. Nature. I don't let it but it anyhow I think everybody's after rating you're still talking about a recent past master meter maid. Senator Ted Cruz and see why he's in the news today. Last night his official personal Twitter account like Tino you click like hardcore porn video. For real this is screen grab the post he liked from an account called sexual. Video from a John are known as step on porn which is. He's a family values guy bud. Well he does that mean is for burden during the campaign he might be president right now. Oh oh here comes the milk shake. Yeah to put a straw there. Two things number 11 step ahead miles porn producers let's stop step mom stuff it would just put an older. Lady more heat and now though I want to have my dad then here's the problem okay here's the probably out mayor the problem. You see this hot woman. You see this dude you see the thumbnail they're gonna have sex threatened all right I'll like this you click on it the next thing you know it's that step mom was signing a guy. Okay. I did like that's the wrong that's not obviously not good bad right yet let me go to bed I don't that that's not why I'm I'm here. Well and so here's the deal I pretty much was sold when I saw this trend in the unit I was like crap somebody on fifteen love put it. Dad called his phone Mary. Hit the light post right I was like I bet it's not take groups. But then I've listened to some other stuff I turned over a period and hit Mike with today. With that eagle on Twitter like if I want a seat Steve the thrill hills tweets and I need to follow him rent Twitter right. So saying it was a right born actress highlight. But I'm Ted Cruz I can't wipe her on Twitter follow here. But if I remember her name I could take it into the search engine on Twitter it's still fine but a look at the right right so then that might maybe use them slipped. I think I think my man like that actually you know and look. Can say whatever they want to say about Tucker I believe the dirt bag I can't stand son of bitch blocked. The first thing that he's ever done publicly anyway but I can comment time and say is something I appreciate my. Is that I mean there's all those are poor remark what this is one of the most uptight slimy as slow bellies on the bench is right ever American politics. I've never laid a finger is come out of his mouth but once you like down like he's not all bad. Should not be an opera I think there should be a celebration that there is blood coursing through this man's veins. 'cause I was telling you the vampires on the bay LeBron out at night elect okay Ted let me look I'm you gotta say your political crap so you have got to somehow banned sex toys and. All this other nonsense and to be fair. Didn't know the guy's a liar to the apology and so the fact that he'll be slight porno might. Look man team they're solid and heat I could actually sit down talk about the green arm. Yeah you know what do I like the two men and I don't I cruise's does he looks. He does not look good an hour's page geez I mean right if you knew how I don't think he's 46 he's 46 years old so he looks like he's fifty cent. At least he looks ten years older than what he really you would think he had a hard lesson. Yeah he did right and but then you know when you go by car. That crap. There are many people are any minute I think you're dealing with a man not yet in this guy's work in with the and he's going back and forth that's crap in his waist in my African time. And then you go back into the back room and you finally get the chance to talk to the man Judy guest today on good. That's Ted Cruz that's the guy you're talking to when you finally get to the back of the dealership that guys who don't you love and he's the good cop. The sales guy it was a bad cop Ted Cruz comes and I'm gonna give you that 2000 objects and have been put them and would do that that's entries he's there he's the guy who's sitting behind the desk in the dealership who looks like he's worked there his entire life that it looks like he's sixty in at least 46 years old. I like to bedecked cat and yes I don't Americans. No I was the closer you just call me and it closer oh and I would be the nice guy. Well with rear with we will give you are followed that I'm always that thing man I saw when you came in here. So the dog had. I grew up with a dog went there for them so I understand that this is not gonna work will we knock off 2000 dollars right now but you know car driver off of the closers pitch and I call takers on Twitter and the other day he was tweeting before after the porn so this was before the court. As he's an and he was reflecting on obviously what happened and not Texas and then the devastation and everything and there's a picture. Of a barn or structure and there's an airplane that have been pushed against that structure and it wasn't that the airplane that crashed. It was just nosed downhill or low leading up into the side of the building in their stead crews standing right beside. So there's a picture of Ted crews standing beside aid nose dive airplanes you can tell this is not gonna go well on Twitter as far as just know whether it's him or his people like right. That that thing was up for thirty seconds thirty seconds and turnaround and an aunt I was like oh god so I I I to me that please pleased with the play and attack please god please like and I realized then that. Whoever is in control of his Twitter account. Whether or somebody else whatever. They are not the brightest so. I don't truly all the time believe instead it might be Ted but I don't think he's given a green light on maybe it is does but I can't imagine. That he is that though. What I don't know I think it fits him what you should do like some accounts have been nervously get lakes and answers and really famous person the would like Ted Cruz and his group of people that running yet to be like. All like all Ted Cruz tweaked to follow back TC the right yet but I know it did they called GC. Not a comma closer. Closer to those under the vote closer TC and I think eclectic eclectic. They did telethon to raise some money obviously for some meat per for the hurricane relief. Going around there. Then I think the amazing thing about this is that the race fourteen million dollars that they the star power they had come out. Was unbelievable deaths on some of them if that Oprah had a phone that then. Oprah had a phone and it Alpa chino intramural. I think June. Wanna give money poorly fears good luck they had told the Justin's. They don't know that the Assad several. Then I'm Kimberly beaver beaver. And it's just look man who's a serious thing and allow celebrities they smile as the camel back I don't remember who's hosting a polite. The battle and on and on and on and beavers and a background it is sort of calls and he's he's doing right thing by you kind of realize the camera shot and it's just it's just so we were estimated McConnell laughter wonder and on purpose so. All these celebrities are our nose deep on the phone right now orderly and right now I'm in beaver kind of glances up and assists that angle that the host is that she looks back up man. Real slow piece. BR today in bed tone comes out of mountain equipment he's back to the ponytail got them yeah oh yeah that's so be. So beaver. So beaver. Really we haven't even seen him in a couple months he's been retreated to hear that violent and hanging around yeah beach yes the grapes. I think if if if if you do to want it to beat besides the NB particular highlights Hilary Duff was there. Bush yet and he's from Houston to matter so I'm I'm I'm got a thicker. Yes you're right I apologize I just kind of hurt at all yet that we got that budget thing and Alec over the hometown. Guys there I go to the Houston prevent. We go thank you we appreciate TV time to get your headlines on the way over my cock you are listening to the men's or radio network. Three and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I'm doing okay love and miss dial and drive forty miles from the line in the grill her car again. We say Canada where there's a 101000 dollar reward for eight stolen blind baby goats. That they hope to not go far. Over and over turns out Kim Jong-un has a really really really big bomb went to the US Virgin Islands where lack of any kind of aid is not keeping the locals there comes heads official Los Angeles will host the 2028. Summer Olympics. And I. December about. It's time to live there. It's it's Mike Cox. Had a drought story in Cleveland a film he came home to find their home had been broken into. The thieves love the Stanley cats and dogs but still they're fifteen pound pet pig. Tough guy he will think the thing that could simply is currently still look up for the animal you know what they named this take. I don't know watched spam. Damn man Craig named Ahmed it's set him up for failure and that it. I mean they're looking for the animal on the waters it has been sold for any reason is heard chants and held that take his life. I'm here we'll get a note exactly I mean it's a popular figure out any. It's popped relevant yet fully illuminate against the that the team down there. Any popular pick for Guinea the bad things and overly dependent I think they're like miniature pigs actually don't yeah I guess you go I did push dubbed by appearing to hold shouldn't jar jar Gerri good morning early that morning Janet you are edited directly in rotisserie take. Maybe we'll do it. They made them spam if you look paid on or its history though it's different I just hit the stick it to spit out of gas is just an obscure. It's a large secure the attack yet to largely along the you you do Vlad in pale let. He doubted if they delay calling our out throughout do you do you care and adult you can butterfly and two and kind of Remo I don't biggest fan I'm gonna back together prize played. Judge DocuPen how aggressive I mean these are these were just do a good account over the middle of dig a hole for two uncles down there was some banana leaves little bug I've seen them a way to do it brought up until and I I. The there's an old school technique ma'am were you you if you dig a pit right. And you build a fire in the pit video calls nice and hot. And then you throw the pig and did you cover the whole thing in come back 67 hours later you dig up the pig and it's ready to Iraq on the new well. If if our around the world but if the throughout this and it flew out sooner death. Around the world police New Jersey responded to a call a woman going into labor at a local burger king and rushed to the scene. The reason why this event came as a surprise was not just of the woman was giving birth is out of a Burger King. But the fact that another woman had the same situation. In the same Burger King roughly 25 hours earlier talked avoid that murder case that. Determine the main event if you do your bottom while we've ruled your birth. I. I am two birds through days where the two days come on down to merge Yangon water and allow Virginians in a few words both of those shifts is that when you finally kind of rethink your life but I think what is going that's. I can't let this go on go to nursing schools having dialogue yeah. There's obviously a craving that takes place right before you're about ready to get our member of the bought something off the menu murdered Danny those chicken breasts need something new exactly yeah I wanted to order the same thing. Have you heard about lately pregnancy pizza. We now know have it's like Texas and North Carolina some pizza place as a buffalo chicken pizza Vegas is induced like. A few laborers who couldn't put this out of respect I didn't break it to you to pick up all of a minute and out. But I we tried everything to bring you pizza and you name. In Alabama dub there and that I would sit doctored the ones who think I think me and I'll go on the defensive side of the. It's OK okay I don't know Larry I'll do it oh we all know that I flaws were more slice and if the fifth at the both are through with a in Alabama Delta Airlines led to the extranet certified the recent bad press for the airlines that now that the hit airlines have been receiving. A flight bound for South Bend have been over bulletin was loaded with a group of Notre Dame fans. The airline ended up having to pay a woman 4000 dollars before she would give up proceed to a man that had made a reservation but hadn't been assigned deceit. There you go home if you keep donated four with the goddamn money exact. Yeah anyway I don't feel bad about it all the right you're did you ever done right once over butcher dot conflict lies a guy from Notre Dame more important than me. He heating get a ticket well I mean time I did I think they're flying to note. Well it was a yeah Georgia Tech glider flying to sign an idea I guess 54000 dollars I'm gonna treat you look at hurricane victim and I United Airlines like everybody on this play it was going to the game too so nobody wanted to you don't know how your reasoning you know we can't abandon deep into the right you're definitely going to begin here and I like the lady she was on the triple their husband I think one of the kids mentions that aren't well I miss the game but. Mean my husband go first possible why now. I wanna writes I'm a different animal. A man at San Diego turn to go fund mean that common managed to raise the 101000 dollars required in order rent a billboard right next to stub hub stadium in Los Angeles. We just to put on the board of the cycle by different images representing Israelis for the commissioner allowing his team moved to LA that's every headlines when that I. I don't finished ever big dummy no way Sherlock and had an edge given housing dead meat and potato has indeed it is all throw outing here were back tomorrow. So until then. Please would you do best in the world because they. Day beautiful.