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Wednesday, December 27th


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This isn't some men's room. I'm listening to. Israel. A hard turn up clues Sox last our question if your car could talk what story when it's LE 44999. Nolan and we might hear might use less we heard you got a few drinks you're about to hop in your vehicle. All I did not. I'd be able. So. It got that brand that never had any any young to drink they're all there for the party that they are they throw up on it will always yeah. All all of a sudden my buddies buying drinks for everybody in the bar spine shot veered so I mean he's going to. Down on all this money from. All car dealership kitty corner from the bar in the car salesman was over so the Eaton. I guess he was trying to score some all that. Cash and my brand that old old old old no problem. Well you're perceived by everybody in the artillery and sort this guy's money. A little. It's time to rest you don't score some blow form wolf we don't have a riot so the guy gives us a Koran new Toyota Camry off a lot. Send out needless to say my body decided this whole. Locker room or upper. All end up run and 45 stops science. Take so stop the steepest hill in north ever. Yeah police officers measured from the top wrote to work hard to login to the statement. We travel group the us she says. And he'd bottom of the car out at the bottom of the hill he tried to regain control. Ish tale and ride this into a parked car on. Him I blacked out and kept dragging out of the passenger's side of the car saying you know genetic here at the concert I'm in. A little bit I don't want anything to eat in my Sydney and you'd do you know like to adopt an opposite direction per annum. Well I blacked out and wake up to flashlight mark ever ops. And over me and my leg buckled out on laying myself on the site blocked the zones are you to passenger's side. And sit on the passenger. I don't know what's going on and they were able to rule that I wasn't rioting because two black guys starting. From the passenger airbag that it on rock and hit you in the base. That a driver's side airbag did not deploy into the cracked sternum who didn't. Needless to say and refused medical treatment didn't have insurance about 400 dollar until it's right at the hospital. That's that's a lie it's more than that this. It should they told me. And you go wait a mono cannot go to I was a mile and those 15100. And an outlet so so do you hang out that guy anymore. So LA yeah yeah right here. And I are both feel our nobody has really bonded as you're gonna always an adventure Soledad I go get some blow think the caller awful lot figure targets I would story when itself that's what I meant to ask Mike did you guys even really have a drug connection and really just taken the money. The way his buddies sounds I'm guess and his body definitely and drug commission. But if you already taken a cash and spent it. I don't I use an enemy map more work yet that's I'm like I feel like maybe this guy was his lately want and it doesn't screw it I got discussed after a car Alley that move like good for the guy and into an account. Hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. Oh I. All right so my stories are gonna call it. It's in the winter here between fifteen and the conductor gets back to play agreement Packers in the NFC championship game. So I'm good all it knows very well go to college down the shell nude for the weekend to visit my girlfriend. Some honest I leave live like that work inside my closing shift tonight get on the highway. And I had a down I ninety and I know it might not have made our little bend them a well. That's not gonna get this trip over lifting yet on the show immense human girl so I keep driving keep driving that they exit the highway eighteen. My car breaks down. And I just you know just died so I pull often cited dark out I don't know would like do. Somehow my car made it to within five miles in my local place. So I crashed it cuts for the nine. And we got a new open here in the morning and I was able to get down Sheldon by halftime of the Seahawks game on Sunday and so I'm watching the games and of course that I don't know if he had never and I won't let Seahawks made that pretty good comeback and I went and unfortunate luck you know after the game I walk out. And my car's gone. I don't know do sort of stole it. Somebody stole my card in his shelling. In common and I had little to do so you've got of course hopefully turn that he should court. So I'm I'm stressing and I don't I don't get back to. I want to announce very somehow money if I don't buried under I with a buddy Mike. Almost halfway back I was very in the Tacoma police department called so they found my car. By an abandoned house. And I'm just like OK in my body just not on the side of the highway my girlfriend I'd let him show mullah tactical would pick me up. We go pick up my car all my stuff that I had brought to you deny it is gone and there's a construction. I don't let finishing the oil. And and gasoline tank in my car. He can adapting to what's gone I go to build up a little paper towel shoved a man. Almost like hitting the torture whoever stole that geez I could tell that story it would tell the story of what happened when it got stolen because something went down. I regard really broad I don't wanna know what car was a look at a car. It in ninety one's who grew out station waiting. Jim did not hurt that at all Toyota how much the same panicky because there was no damage to be inside just my thought was gone and just open there. Could happen. Yeah that's he has he must have been able to get used to ski and drove right up my car but it's garment. About Obama car that's good because there within five minutes to the totally cutting up to petrochina. And cat who is there's a silver line and I'm gonna torched the car man does that is that if you act. I can't match I mean I walk out my scooters gonna can imagine the feeling of walking under cars out there like a looked out like. You sensibilities how long do take you to realize it was in fact stole a look to them like. I didn't part mystery. I know exactly yes this does things got you know like it's just gone on an instant gold to the top simulate cops called me of course told them whatever they do do not till this thing President Obama. Do you want us to show this thing to the impound lot. In Rhode no. Do you want us to tell this guarded thing in a new mill. We have your scooter in the end come up like I told them four times not to do you don't like it just leave it right where it is like it's not bothering anybody I'm coming to get right I told them I'm on my way to get it. So now get a good deal with a lady who's eating a sandwich I was not happy that anyone is in her space whatsoever that is the woman who works at the end how much how much does not cost you she does not care if you walked in there with a bleeding baby me would not stop her momentum it would not stop or change anything the baby could have an open flesh wound. On half its face with like half a nose dangle off in the long ago like get a lie and and use that just need to use the phone this board baby has had his face red dobbins you take. I don't give a death not my maybe now about maybe I don't care do you have the 150 to get your moped out a lot. The Gaza under fifty bug net and my dad I want it out alive and their allotted it did you have to get at though that you said it was kind of messed up right to lay well they had yet to pay junking fee. No charges reticent about DiMarco yeah they're they're charging one part of your car to keep it right and those who would you gotta get it because of this and that I'm Mike. You circuit I don't want it right at all is that important number of vehicles not there at the why did you take it there that your target dog would story when it's LE 44999. Lola just general things like. If that's not where you were a solvent the don't put it there. That's a decision that to me figured the F out that's not on me that's on the most situations if you take something and Tony is I've tried to keep it. Yeah I mean like that that's on you you made the decision to take him as we talk to your kids like this this is the conscious decision you make Abraham. These are the results of that decision and so figure out what it is you don't like about it in in the future and if he knows I mean all our lives don't do that right there pretty civil crap. Hello Tommy welcome to the bedroom. Oh rock I'm. So. That years ago I was about. 1819. Buddy of mine had a car that I was parked in front of the pet store they were connection and he and the owner said he had to move it and so he says you know little short we will bring world the world in his. Slow. Our world planning on buying it my girlfriend at that time we were driving around beat me shack up on top middle over the night. Next morning. Bright eyed and bushy Diller and it dies it's completely guys. I'm like well let's trash it so we go down this hill at the bottom of the hill there's a cheats with the trail. And then clips that goes into a cold Zach Howell Ohio loses. Quote I want sick pleasure I wouldn't really good touch by Sheikh. Tell you my car. Brian reasons that really does doesn't start of the next day and now you decided you're going to completely demolished this car. Well get source code the code. They're very they're. They love covered all over inside of it narrow canyon. Good eyesight goes down the hill so there is Laura Alberto is covered in love to our content. So when I when when you look when you watch a movie the car sales in the air that's not what happens. Though no brakes are anything nose dives right into the cul-de-sac. Course and just and smashing everything and you I'm wearing my seat belt they're very well that was crazy toward Utah. You bring in the caller. I thought you were pushing the goddamn thing you were sitting in the car drove off with the five book live. Yes. So chill nose dives completion actually we toured again you'll want more time and now it's completely Diana all these kids are coming down I go oh my god. And we started charging them a dollar to Seattle with a screwdriver and the word on May. Spray pain and saying and it wasn't in my name or the other guy's name but some poor girl. That I never even met and it we just left it there in the cul-de-sac in this crumpled sheet. And you charged kids a dollar late you can you can stand the aren't brown color with a screwdriver to give me a dollar. And keyboard on it straight and it whatever does the dollar let me status multiple times is a dollar purse that. Orders down are you not to Purdue are now you have your own business. You know I don't there's darted in America Baghdad is now charged kids a dollar a Gasquet moron gone outside on this affair or whatever may get a little Sullivan. Aides some people and stab my book I can't believe he was sitting in the car when he drove off the cliff. Yet I was imagining he was standing behind it to see somebody brought a jet to the bills tailgate because they were playing in the jets'. And people were bashing on the jet. They actually brought a jets like an area like a small little late Friday old school Friday that somebody had enough money to own plane and bring the plane and then will let you put your fuel this passion with a bang the bills mafia is a serious group. I had ago. If you target darn good story when it Delhi for port 999. Only get your emails on the way for the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Shall love your eternal blue Sox last the first time reviewing emails in the men's room and mints are my dot com. Guys are coming give the birthday shout to my lovely wife. Healy who's complaining your fiftieth lap around the sun instead of throwing her party we will be leaving to spend two weeks in Europe. He has also new post guards gonna get some dirty German talk from thrill and Ted and some sexy German talk from Robin thanks guys that from the infamous Joseph dread. Field goal they really name a new dinosaur if you open. Statements restrooms. Should come over effect on the you know. Jacob Michael. Duncan's mind most top not panic and. My little brother. Filtered stories on the today dignified gentleman in their wish you guys wish him happy birthday with a big old bomb ripped. And they suck it up cupcake. Thanks guys appreciate it that from Chris. Oh. Please give my husband Steve the birthday shout out 53 can get a face salad and some dirty Germans thought you guys. Rock fish sandwich and are conducive to low print one night witty and his two twin boy but dug into. You know different stuff up from listening to the kids come over to Germany. Hope it is naive. Now again from my wife DeDe I she's an amazing woman who knows how to take care of her man. And she's a champ but our whole family be lost without a shooting 39 Jerry Brown the son we would love a birthday shout out also an original face sand wedge and Amazon's you must ask may be Furlan Ted could give her a very dirty German happy birthday though maker smile guys that from Jane. Sandwich. Our decision could not live without them until you don't have to cook food Miette descends from strictly vegetarian. Donovan come over for the golden knights don't worry about that I think we're about that meets. Register. Now we both fun. Which is aware of her her love. He doesn't pick out those. You're out Mombasa at the third my brother and I were acquitted a man we listen to your show every day as he has a day out but I know he would love a big old Lee draw eight. Thanks guys for all you do sincerely that from Matthew. I. It prevents which is hello in Russian today's match UT's nitro brown the son he is the younger my two boys. Both my boys love to listen to the men's room in the great kid loves to play he read plays baseball. A shot out at North Shore Little League AAA team. A shot up Thursday to coached only candidate and that's your that was shot I shot is shut out against north turnout wise foreign. Please wish Matthew I have Labor Day even know he does not get like face challenges he once you like that and can Stephen Ted given some pointers on playing baseball in the Russian accents. I'm a go to. You remember the peacetime. Mound through bullet Q it is Moses state. The federal via mother Russia ball please you. And a couple. After Athens and other relatively all the what did you do it appears like other parties voted birthday did he gets dirty German Thai police thanks guys appreciate it. Job republic day that did the pilot who went to China GO mother than that three of such were thought to be sure. High Court now like that sounds sexy I didn't come over and mark that I. It's not to my head. Not that one this is my name is jazz. Let's see here today is my literally got there. A little bit as the names jazz bitches into opinion that the don't have a lot has brought up cocaine and I are naming a her name is cabbies are not converter to the men's room today's birthday can I get a kid fish sandwich and you like that thanks guys we appreciated. I. Always Rabin avoid Brenda happy birthday for some reason she's put double B from those twelve years and shows no sign of changing that yet. Did you get some dirty German duck and some dirty Australian talk as well Lovie made that from day. Our regular throngs this winter is coming it's snowing in your panties so you can expect about nine inches tonight. And there's an avenue. Thursday brand name again every edge having the baby good luck with that. Does that basic Columbine have lunch and arming Nevada. That's what are just gets money for bird take it you guys giver ray have birthday song and you big dummy thanks guys you think we have more only told my buddy and I college buddy Jeff is turning 44 and is in denial about whole old he's truly is. Could give avail LeRoy Jenkins into dirty German doc from thrill and Ted thanks fellas love the show. Yeah. Donald Leo but they haven't features like the Pillsbury doormat and Paul gill bonds until you go eat eat it. Yeah and after woods have those fans who can't speak to. Good girl the. Do I guys have begins give a shout out for a thirty of us and what you have reverted to my wife Amy Jeanne we've known each other since kindergarten she still signed on the dotted line and got my wife she is a heart of gold in the personality to go along with a obscures a dirty German talk guys for 52 birthday that from advanced tutors Shackelford. You are part children. On the role loses because of such a nice language. Yeah yeah. And they slashed its unusual yeah yeah looks old. Axl rules should. Yeah most fatigue hits them. She absolutely it's. Hello I yeah that can. The blue color though woo yeah I didn't pay. This is the first thing has anything. They go. It's obvious underdog. Yeah yeah okay. Have you had been denied. I day here today you'd be so bad that. Are gonna come election emails assisted to these have been put mark cloud state guys attended my first read festival is here is great meeting all of you and having you guys signed my ass. Throws the only one I didn't get to to meet the bans were amazing of the Sawyer asks the raid mated finer rajaratnam is a red sausages they were amazing I'll be unlikely so he's asked. Mean I seen something else that's with all the severely I was. Look how that would not for my wanted federal are not found a thousand mass. Tomorrow all I don't know but I don't think that drive Ghana from Robin. Fallacy here of as far as the I have to admit signing somebody's butt cheek through offense. Yeah different experience that's your outlook thank you look at the guys you played so many great songs was since been since been word just messed up songs based on the fact that subject matter. Are under aged kids for the most part of the songs. It says guys I was expecting me here don't stand so close to me by the police sting wrote it about his time as a math teacher before he was famous. Well he presents the song in then it. Students. I guess what the perspective of the student from the perspective of the students I believe and I know assaulted and he didn't hurt a number nominee was the teacher and maybe that was like you'd and one is the kids what are the words I'm and I know they'll all band teacher also ahead a school girl fantasy. She wants him so badly knows what. Oh was she wants him so badly I assume that that means but maybe who knows. Whatever that from the lord fish sandwich. Another grates on you guys missed creep factor of 100. That would be our Glover from the kinks. A liquor and cars guys I MA nightly listener listening on it WK GB EU that would be the bog you down in New Orleans. Have you crazy sons a bitches thought about doing a road show stopping in each city you have an affiliate the problem here is we only get two hours of the show. By the way when you give up a hotline number at an area code pleasing area code is 844. Then 999. HO LA eight all. HO LA all if you look at your phone you could spell stuff you the you all the other illiterate. I'm an ever bigger illiterates and items on this bill. Given the great work guys that from kin and Amanda bill Louisiana cop can't look man out there right now we would love to do roadshow will revisit each affiliate in New Orleans obviously being one of our favorites. Yea so we would very much like to visit norm as far as the palace football heard of the group yeah annoying habits from family and our coworkers love listening to your show you guys are funny keep of the great work here are my complaints number one. Not replacing the toilet paper when there's an empty roll and number two I the co worker who talks to herself when she is on the toilet. That from time to you who listens to us an idea point five the fox in San Jose California you know right now time to back just as. One of the bigger coworkers talking about salon com on just how I would he would he doesn't when this accident that's something like come on come on just now well apparently her coworker. When talking to herself on the toilet. Is talking to yourself about what she needs to get done for us today so she's in there are like. 3 o'clock meeting. 430 like that I guess that's version of the best I can look at sign off midnight I'll be walking in my apartment yeah. Canadian event. I don't know I think I'll laugh how did your read books are kind of joke we tell us and try to convince yourself into it as a complaint for the last donated big dummy. A guy's last big dummy hard to take. It is filmmaker show more appealing. It was my birthday I wanted to enjoy the show on my way home from work and I was change stations is the stupidity was almost do much to bear love you guys but keep that monster already Hungary and keep a close I cannot accept ignorance Lincoln in 1980. Titanic civil war in 1942. Tough spot and channeling miles. After and a got a lot of program bother bringing story celebrates October that's right before we drink it tells with the job the day but first you know. Israel wants to know. Yeah. Blue. Day diver whose Sox last even throw a no you bring us a three stories in the news and it's up doesn't determine which of these three stories. Saw police now if you haven't like the men's room on FaceBook the debate is already underway right there on who sucks less gas and died today we have a set of parents from Idaho. That will be competing with the lunatic from Utah all. That will be competing well I guess with an entire city inspect about what is good to over the gobble and I don't know. A woman is accused of stealing the placenta and umbilical cord. After her daughter gave birth a muddle hospitals. And attempt to conceal any possible drug use that could result in a baby being taken away wells in our face charges. Obama's charge of felony destruction of evidence her husband he's sort of a felony aiding and abetting in destruction of evidence. The job by the way still and being placed in the care of Idaho department of health and wire turn now authorities say the hospital workers and Caldwell. They were concerned adult urban using drones for giving birth this back in July. And a doctor ordered testing on the placenta the cord and the cord blood Bono went back to recover items. They were gone that's very subtle while police said they nude video from surveillance camera basically made so all the doubles killings also. They walked out they hidden inside of the vehicle but when the bill will return to the parking lot police confronted the people inside news said that the husband and wife team told officers while she was afraid that a free despite her daughter's milk. With methamphetamine Alia. Because that's what friends do pregnancy. When you're about a month pregnant your friend that will swipe your milk with methamphetamine she said her daughter told her she felt like she was high on meth. No way to know what it's like to be our madness to a bed high on methamphetamine to know that it. Long story short no one really bought into the kid was taken away her daughter is a method in the parent aren't too far removed from backed anyway. They'll be facing a little bit of time in jail. Now we go to Utah and and as I read the story you have to hope. That every predator is as stupid as this guy and I mean generally they get caught but does makes somebody's. 54 year old guy named Nicholas deals are there vs state government office in north Logan you so. And he met a sixteen year old boy and Craig's list last month and they made plans for the kid to come over to his house. To have sex but more never showed up. And the next day. Someone sent deals her a message saying that he was boards filer the boy wrecked car driving to his house. So built for better some money to cover the cost of repairs Teamsters filed as well. Do is throw smelled a stance. Solidity do. He called the FBI to reportedly told America that we're glad to be of underage board says the boy never showed and now he was big scare. The FBI to the shock of no one except this guy not really interested in scam but they were really interested in that hole. Being a child predator things they arrested him for felony sexual exploitation. For the child. Plus several other charges. You don't mind he called the FBI and they had to be like can we put you on speakerphone because the agents are gonna believe me when I tell them difficult yet that's crazy. And you're ago listen there's a terrible story but these things happen in the world. All bull died at a Spanish fiesta. After organizers. Strapped burning torches to its orange. In front of ensuring for a not terrified 1000 pound animal became confused ran head first into would impose. And died instantly in the collision and animal died at the burning bull festival. And a small town of Floyd's amok and tactical be boring bull festivals about ten miles north blood Jamie since Maine. Initially it was tied to the wooden post at the center of a makeshift bull ring and from a crowd of several hundred onlookers. It's orange were there and sunlight and the animal was released and obviously was disoriented and was confused. Ran a short distance before turning around crashing straight to the wooden post full speed. Local reports of animal. From a local farm died immediately you know earlier in the day that same animal headboard a man and a leg. After they were doing some other things with a look up to a bulls do Baghdad by the way he mistreated by Paramount is obscene release. But you video mobile dying posted online by animal rights act campaigners and as you'd imagine there's a lot of backlash about but essentially. What we have today you have the couple. In Idaho who's. Daughter was giving birth to a baby you go Ballmer is on Matt they knew that the doctors were suspicious so they stole the local Gordon percent to saluted couldn't be tested. They got busted we have the 54 year old man you saw. You open try to solicit site for the sixty don't kid two year old kid tries to run scam. He had to contact the FBI insurers lose them how this whole thing came about they arrest him. And then you have this small town outside of Valencia. Well maybe we have been notables horns on fire watch this thing run around into the killing itself. Probably this one has is that the woman and I know they were on the road. They new rules gonna happen and probably told them on the she was going to be tested and how obviously that's why she stole what she stole. And you still ahead and in math and new that are child could probably be taken away family aid and abet that whole thing. I mean that's just Darwin that's just dumb people the child's going to be in a better place hopefully now have a better life you would hope. Darling you know work with the guy who wants to go out with a sixteen year old he is so dumb game is so dumb. Fortunately he was busted just based on how stupid years. As an individual went into account you would LL be acting as suck a lot they do. But my god and they basically both they knew what they are they knew the ramifications they knew that they were doing the one guy basically just turned himself. Don't think he knew the ramifications could would you would you do is call the FBI gave you knew the grammar yeah. I understand he was magazine needed says who glider and I think he sucks the most in principle based on what war is trying to do. However you know you're not supposed to light a bull's horns on fire from opponents say they saw the most. Starting available via. I mean my god man. You know but the woman was doing. Met while she was pride you couldn't stop her from doing and they told him not to do it is that we testy when the babies born at the baby just posit from overtaking the baby away make sure this is completely premed leaked holder exactly what was gonna happen. They reacted based on what they knew was coming. I miss it I think that's worse sorry and the bull. I got to do based on the thing because look I'm just I I let markets out there I have a hard time with the bull that was not the kids my parents so I'm a hard time of the bull. I personally have our probable looking for cultural because trust me they're people who are so you eat talents and you know give you the same ring so it's more of these at take myself out of there cultural norm I hate the idea of it but. What goes down Spain goes down Spain and I just I don't get that look much worse than I thought I thought it was people with fires in the balls around you know they're like I don't. Oil doggone it why why else good go to chime in their debate continues on who decides plaza deal like the men's eurobond FaceBook. I don't think got a little program we'll drink and tells was shot today and speaking out a positive dragging story celebrates October a fast. Here in the US you are listening to the men's or radio network. It is you. Groove coming up we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day about birds as. Powell's bedroom three. Adds another positive Jerry kids don't learn had to let it go first let's talk about the drinking as far as the world is concerned and certainly in America we know that we loved knock down a few every once awhile but a new study ranked every single country. By how much alcohol the average person drinks and a year. And America. Any idea what number we came into. In the world in the world. And 814. We came in 49. I O line pretty much every European country and I in Germany which we'll talk about some African countries Australia and Canada. Mulled dull but came in first through an average of seventeen point four liters of alcohol per person per year. That's life. No go based on who we lost to him like that makes sense the rest of the top five are no rules Lithuania Russia and the Czech Republic so yes those are all. Eastern European countries average American they say drinks nine liters of alcohol per year and ourselves about to add to bears today is that it's still there and just be your death while Belgium. I no matter how you get everybody militant prod you think you can tell Americans by the way they did shop. Whether they did jobs yeah he's everybody and their trip to town appeared to that was basically what they drink it it really think they think they give doing shots increase. A time when I was in Mexico years ago man I I'm ordering shocking deal on what I've been Mexico and got in. Look I got real messed problems in the stable and America but to other people than I'd met since I was there and Robert aggregate time and I look up man in the waiter that become and am now he's now standing there were four or five of the waiters general kind of smiling and the stern of the table. Sarcoma over must demand. What is that about Ito some and they were happy of government what does that about it some luck. I keep woken up to the bar and sitting outside and after going sidewalk to the bar in the bartenders like. This guy keeps the what was he born so much tequila to lose the same taken number and same table. As that I swipe to him you know it's a gringo and adore gringos do man he is too when shots. In that there is no way he's done this and started to look this guys or from one up to thirty pounds of damage seems fine I was not find an. It was one of those deals bright new as long as I sat down I can keep together assumes a stand up we don't want sideways in the middle street so. I'm sitting there and it's a walkman your desire to understand it he said. Norma Storch who shoots tequila slate we we treat Achille infamous Cali to say when you guys treat like Scotch. You know we put it big whereas a sore after bad economy and mistake arson for real Miami goes yeah he's really is no Americans could what you guys and a personal questions and yes around us a broad you got streams that do we directly Scotch glass of high balls or whatever golf. So so what we do it that way and after that ma'am I've started separate but here's the thing a thriller for those classes are basically. I'd like twelve more shots a distress and out of my skills dividends under an audit well the best place as you know to celebrate October fest was just. And there's a new. But since you're probably not planning on going to Germany this year well he doesn't get someplace locals are so all of a duck on this ranking 100 biggest cities in the country. From this the worst in the bliss places to celebrate October fest one of the worst might surprise you. That would be Las Vegas, Nevada wrote. This is based on the October fest festivals beer gardens in German restaurants and Milwaukee so you don't want. Milwaukee Wisconsin on the list Cincinnati Pittsburgh Columbus. Philadelphia Portland Oregon and Madison Wisconsin if you wanna do walked over offense. That's the best place to do it in the US side of an integrated dash. A severe range. Men's room knows just. It is. That is that is your you always had visited a gas cans even throw the fun out there were tells USA indeed today we chose to each one to win a world that would be. No Luoyang cow ski and Zachary pillow Rolla of Cromwell Connecticut now a little after 2:1 morning no exact they've decided you know. Let's try to score some cocaine and the barrels Libya that's always a little bit after 2 in the morning that these are the decisions or go to Iraq. Now I'm not sure why but they decided the birthplace to solicit for cocaine. Was directly outside of a police station I. Well they spotted a guy who was not immune to form and ask them if he had to go to sell and has turned out he did. He said he sell them us sixty dollar for a cocaine but naturally. They weren't completely prepared have been drinking all night so they needed to find an ATM reported that a ma'am there's one right there. In the lobby. Of the police station they walked into the lobby of the police station went to the ATM located in the lobby of the police station. It would drew sixty dollars to buy cocaine. And the larvae. Of a police station. And they were promptly arrested for attempted possession conspiracy to possess and our guys about the way it was an off duty cops showing up at his shift. Who they asked hey man. You gotta go came to sell and as the story goes there's an awkward pause this is like comp. Then. You know what yeah I'd do do you need cash yeah we is that there's an ATM and he kept assuming to put this guy did not wanna do paperwork he assumed they were turned around realize are walking into police station go dropping subtle about it. And a white millionaire so. Is race we waited for some of the constant manner. Add them come out and they arrested. You know I don't diamond police stations but I understand why there might be an ATM and I don't that's what I just I just thought I'd go there and I don't know why do they doubt the embattled expensive items that I hey man. You know reportedly Brosseau I don't limit date I never thought about it but it makes complete sense sport that Coke money. Mission many things continue on the men's room radio network.