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Tuesday, December 26th

Stories You're Not Working On, TV Time With Ted, Headlines With Mike Hawk


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. I felt good felt good standing by far another edition of profiled as we'll take color 9844999. A little play profile this coming up in minutes. I've had I don't know it one hour from now the first quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right according to a new survey a third of millennial wish they'd grow up and their parents his generation because life was so much simpler. The probably right yeah. I mean the second look it I think millennial the problem with the first legitimate generation where everything can. Yeah I don't know if I look I had a better tight right to the my parents for the type of them somewhere between then and now. It's computers read an apple revealed whistled for me if I go in a light speed stuff but. Now like bowling you guys who believe assigned for reviewing kindergarten in the dealt with it right and I was there. But you know the world piling up money that can lead and he didn't start your professional career being a 120000. Dollars in debt from student loan that's about missing eighteen and you've had Social Security. Your job I'll mortgage loan guarantee you right to have a houses army or not right you can afford it offends enough. And meant getting people for a little bit tougher married to for look right now you say anything he anything right. Trader thousand people. There are fed did in the back of world but they're back in the day it was okay and after opinions on the matter probably of socket or deal with that but while you're putting cry about it we view. Then I feel like people were a little bit more lax if he said some stupid and they got stuck between the guys. Yeah you're I don't want to run that right. If if if if I'm over it get a man is really not that we make life difficult because apparently we are not the better do the things are pretty got him some things. Jen. A man in New York recently sent a bottle of vodka into a music festival by getting their three weeks early. Burying it and then digging it up once he got the security that is the great you've got to get me because genius and an analogy. I don't know how Jean I hit by just burial hole Coleman cooler. I. Today I try to sneak a lot of foods in the places I've had this story really got me fired up but he doesn't say exactly how they got it out. Is he says that that's the hard part is neat they went back to the coordinates the right. Your music fest with a lot of security ramifications breakout session fortunate it didn't sure why are you digging holes boy you gotta. You've probably got to find some ways it's relatively soft so that you don't need the shovel. Micah Wright but then my question is how you get there in the first place of those troubled places just open the rest of the year you know you got someplace like like the gorge. Is that just open to anybody when there's not a concert. Mean can you just walk it yeah I guess it would depend on where the festival right to hear the festivals like in New York on somewhat island with a host a bunch of substance to it maybe would play. Soccer fields are softball field here in the yearly through security guard them thought like. I'm sure you can get it done during nonconference knife yes we have. Genius it is I think I mean the idea we were talking by the finish maybe he has a drinking problem whatever. This guy that you don't end up I just want is that popular there is a drinking problem he's off just offensive to Drake got to view the fact that there's fans of theirs and venue in the area here that only serves winds as the wandering. The fact that I go there and Barea Kagan just like you know just competent ground mental state and local elected happier when I go there's a good break you know. In my mind regular apple isn't that thing where it's like look man wins. You don't want as the blues about the problem is. We're not trying to just be booed him but you overture or ridiculous thing that's why this is the problem you do get back right and if he's reasonably priced will bite or they think you can debate but I also like. Sorry it took music festival are at the bottom line if you want that scene of the crowd going crazy they need to be drunk around. And I you a neutral party to mature to thirteen dollars per drink like. They won't be that hope for the shock who now at a record through it. Think it may have learned almost we'll ever. But to smiles open jumpers. 45 year old reality stuff from Croatia who is addicted to plastic surgeon or the surgery recently had his third nose job. And he says the drugs they gave him 'cause the condition they gave them a permanent erection. While. So they had to have another surgery to fix and what surgery faces a permit that direction. That was given to you do I'm guessing anesthetic now the chick US real promising news lifted. Long indirectly go away grown to a news advanced. Okay. Did you handle their and I hope you know the old footage that you're now no ice. I've said this a million times as a man I really relievers and I'm not going. And then she walked away I want to read in the corner we'll do boom boom boom I live there she was built with the Tasmanian double enough. And look I don't mean to insult to Tasmania double play it's just that they had the same body type and GMs basically the same face. Well the good news is if you look at you lied you evidence that this guy I've got a shot into the right I'm. About fire. Bill better better about it the the officials in Japan brought a deadly taped to a press conference last week. If when to talk about how they can spread disease that they got loose and they had this break the place with insecticide. A lot of what you bring it. Don't bullying at different that deadly why would you do it. You know I believe you've been talking about how he's. As we see it right like if you say hey man in a lightning dangers you don't need to hit me with 101000 volts of electricity and I believe. Well and you wanna bring it to that people can see it looks like why don't forget it why is there any possibility that it could quote unquote get loose are you pulling it out to say anybody wanna hold it unclean. Inaudible the deadly. Exactly. You gonna put it under a microscope there's no way that you could do that it's not a little Plexiglas case come on now fan. What does it look on the man's face when it just jumped out of his dress and we did they announce several like oh hey. Nobody can leave a good government a little short because that deadly as thing we're talking about it some were amongst the that the we've done right. You could pick. You know I mean you just had to projection screen with a massive show the other candidates do as. No dead they get to see what size it is for that ticket. Edit the tick if not adults was only use look at important C exactly now where is the goddamn sick man. So what do Baltimore from a big pile of QB cam on the security. Now picture of it is going higher as mpeg down you know it was a little weird residing all the stories of chemical is called federal hill Charles Conway and I just I looked in the picture him like I I don't know to make them that's what is so. So what it's huge pile of both of them and you failed due to the isn't on the side of the remote movement OK and you look I don't know Iceland they deserve column does not the moral is that appetizing I mean let the power. Right right this is part of the team that. There's nothing more immediately it basically immediately it was going to work and at a breakfast right is that I don't know what's gonna wanna Dan probably not. Not dominated the public that. It looks like dog vomit. And I I have eaten can stand before order. If in public just saying it out loud make them broke. If you live and a ham was the only meat product they put on ourselves bars schools do you view order yep I can iron out some Q&A although I know guys those tiny little firms that are not positive with France it would patron. They sure they are feeling good yeah. Kyle you'll learn a great way to beat a smaller group. Culminated middle school for those sent to took a little soon as era I did feel a couple of have to think if I think with the status or the like I don't know real apparently three weeks debris even tiny shrimp there stone as the SeaMonkey to Q. Local Manila didn't do it's interpreter what are we haven't you play out if it's kind of extreme and eastern for from a chaotic finishers you like I played a perfect. Okay we'll forget about that. It's like you're the this is just a piece of wet yeah. Though they would like. This with. And finally a gang got a game of Ding Dong ditch took a went wrong and I'll tell you how one hour from now. Do you don't stench they might not where you have headlines given a one hour from now the first little blown. Recent. See the throw hill at least Argo one now profile clients is playing I can and I will miles it's a simple game where we share a few real like news story something that happened right here on planet earth. Or. And as you listen to the story. Based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make bless you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello made to welcome to the bedroom. Hold on top. Are ridiculous and others are games played. Fantastic got to get right to a homeless man terrified of McDonald's staff when he began waving a night. In one hand. And his penis and the other but could it mean. It already threatened staff at a nearby gas stations. He held up some of them by a point. Then he has the McDonald's. Give the money was arrested eight pleaded guilty to charges of robbery possessing a knife assault. Criminal damage and exposure and basically a prosecutor described the suspect. Chased the man that he tried to mug to the McDonald's at 6:30 in the morning he said quote. The defendant approach to begin big yeah it's nice against the window. He appeared to damage his life in a response to that the defendant then took his penis out of Japan's every game waving that around. To the people that were inside because nothing says I'll kill you quietly waiting repeats he gave it an action and I don't know we showed them his make nuggets but they certainly Philippines. Did then smashed the floor window and then assaulted the restaurant manager which led to the staff. Being forced to lock the doors about the staff I mean is that McDonald's not as. According to local newspaper the Birmingham mail they've reported that the court heard it to be convicted in 2007. A possessing about it all the Symbian penis Batman to. But and a thirty said the suspect was originally from Birmingham but he became homeless and on the day of the attack he had not taken medication for bipolar disorder. And he had been drinking. The previous night when sentencing him to 32 months the judge said quote. You were threatening and menacing a completely out of control would you threaten someone by making demands of the keys or wallet and a person concerned please you waved your genitals round because you're drunk and stupid. And quote. Do you believe that this genius is black white mixed or eat. Yeah. What are the British Open now so I don't think. I mean my initial thought is. Is black. Simply because. I now. Big enough to pull out wave around for a while the cutoff for a minute maybe smashed the window of food I do my body slams. Is deep into the wind let's put it. If I could I booked at the couple that I didn't Rosen took notice so disrespectful. Breakthrough window. And I. What do you think it. Yeah yeah again. Black yeah yeah yeah local black like final answer. We'll find out his fingers Venus knowing her was like why next Eurasian next. As a team you are listening to avenger radio network. I've Popey the Sailor gone to a McDonald's and a guy who was Lilly had a knife in one hand and he had his penis in the other and Ernie decided to go to McDonald's and basically assault one of the employees. Yeah. Crack crack. Not likely insulted the restaurant manager what I like about a staff. They didn't come to his feet that they just want to go. Good idea because again if you're not a cop that's ominous penis out we're not dealing with its just that simple but. May we ask you you've got the sky was black white makes your Asian. And you went black Rios fired my head to Baghdad and. Dialed part of net and Alabama you know the black. An area homes. How to black people of Birmingham Alabama but lose Birmingham England. Okay yeah. White to back. Okay right now off yesterday in Birmingham the Birmingham England. And Alabama Florida. Yen and its neighbor yet I did say Birmingham its neighbor really means in Birmingham Alabama. You'll never get them confused never asked which one of my hands so do you believe he broke a window with speeds. Now while the TV news knowledge evidenced average Evey time a team. Because you're both. Static life. Those hours in front of a talking again in the mid. Presents. You know working in radio you get to do interviews straightened CU we get to interview people and he talked to luminous enact. Oftentimes though we think sweeter doing the interviewing are being inner being honored for sure than what we do with the house. OK so I think I think pro I do that being interviewed is not a normal thing kind of virtual. We found that out good possible. But if you're a big Hollywood actor. You probably don't a lot of interviews space and look I don't know what I don't know what I think about the unity here Jim Carrey are right he's doing an interview. At death Fashion Week and he's doing this and are you for. And of Fashion Week party. She comes up to start talk to and it starts with him. Circling around her like a sharp. This year under industry did meet and date of party would. Now and I'm I'm I'm doing just fine. Just. There's no meaning that it had so I I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could finally come to enjoying. And back and and here I am. They say they're celebrating icon designed rating I do that is just absolute. Lowest. Aiming. You know possibility that we could come up which is like icons. We do believe in icons. And personalities I don't believe that you exist but there is wonderful fragrance in the end. Good luck. Shut down now. I don't care and Jen you got really dressed up for the occasion yellow and I had I didn't address it and there is no mean. There's no you know we're not here this is a treasonous things happening so what's happening on the docket there is a lot of music actually is relevant it's not not. It's insane it's not our world. Notice throughout the years now we don't matter. I'm sure what they do this to carry. This is MB NM. You know have been a lunatic and epic in plug. It goes in and out there those went crazy but opposite little more loose it would have been an abused but as time goes on and on bits and pieces are read about he's a little lesson taught for reality. Every year. Fair assessment you know I mean and I mean that a bad way it's just I think. Look all you did the more you just become yourself because you stopped cash and so once you get rid of whatever you're worried about you don't give an apple people think. It doesn't mean you have to be lunatic. But I think in his case deep down. He's a disassociated crazy yet and I mean that the best way possible I think that's what I like about it so if you're going to talk to populate every year you talk from which would be. Is orbits and a little farther away from. We've considered to be the center. I guess I just find it odd because anything to do it. Right well and that's the thing which are at the event and now this is just that his manager that was like you've got to go and he should feel like is the stupidest thing out of line here. I could fathom that kind of an easy excuse but. And it seems like he's either messed up on the push up the whole thing going on with. With his ex fiance right that committed suicide. Of her family is suing him same that he did you resist TDs. And that's what kind of turned her suicides and I would think the guys he's got to be kind of lose and that's a very weird mental state to be a big he's got an app I think he means what he's saying but he's also kinda lose. That you really don't care either don't get ample room. And he's there. Right well that's the bit that right voice your event any voluntarily dressed up your walking the red carpet that it matters that much to you lock in the backdoor legacy which UNC and you don't put yourself in my position and by the way watch the video that the men FaceBook page put it up there. You could see how kinda awkward it. We're getting into you see her reaction stuff that's sounds like it's just adopted a lot you know he was on drugs or whatever I don't think maybe just lose and then you remember almost up on a slightly differently. You know but don't say those like. We'll never recover anything important ever and blossomed from that because the job is to take you away from stuff right but. And defense of the journalists go retrieve news and I believe this redraw all the time it's someone. Particularly as slippery as walking down the red carpet who want to about red carpet the flash bulbs and cameras informed people from formed networks no microphones. That person back celebrity should never actually be there are being bothered if you entropy. Because like I would soon take his restaurants and LA but it really know the Democrats is if I'm out there and they'll be interviewed I wouldn't walk down. Bold red carpet won the carpet red chosen to be seemed to. It's nothing but flash balls and press and fans on the report. Told you I think exceptionally showing up there are walking down is out this is meaningless well you know the formal economic red carpet rug. Exactly and it was kind of I mean I don't tell you showed up and citizens through an appropriately you're going to be events so. You're up like it but I wouldn't bitch about it the biggest celebrities that troubling start making movies yes you know disappear but. It's no problem I also say this I have recently re watched Ace Ventura pet detective and there's some funny scenes there. We are generally there are kind of forgot about him can you forget how much he dominated him in the collar buttoned it you don't forget about it he got the old kids and I. It's pretty accurate I think US two was probably the last thing a solemn and and appreciative. Yeah and you end right did you think that ninety's and early 2000 that he was dominant force. He's here as he is the highest box office draw. If you wanna have a comedy he was on you know what else is crazy thing about this he he was Cameron dias. That yeah she was the hot seat in the mask. All right I watch a lot of Jim Carey group of guys go down the outright mapping Ranariddh the movie the mask I think and a via an NF he's affectionately. I don't at all out of myself from normal Fashion Week I don't either I couldn't get links and not fashionable enough. I think you'll for the party's man like look it's going all wedding aren't. The rat's ass about the wedding we give an ass about the reception and so graduate Michael. Since the Chinese latest gagged him fashion line what are held going to be bull when all the crap and breaches is not. You can put her down with some high quality booze in you know the drugs flow. They're gonna tell you tonight there's more got named pure cocaine going under Fashion Week. And anywhere on earth right now hell yea ago more cocaine and hops over San Diego more cocaine the match and equipment if if a that. This oil needs is a sad story to a guy passed away. I just miles at a point this out the earlier and it just such a weird how times were were different back in the day. So this legendary NBC executive Don he sees a sentinel Meyer Omar right. So he's he died at 72 yeah yeah he coined the phrase must see TV. But here's the funny thing. He's also kind of famous as he fired norm McDonald from Saturday Night Live because he thought that norm had too many OJ Simpson jokes. Aaliyah but what OJ Simpson was on tribal for a double murder because this guy with big buddies with Simpson Brett used I mean it's insane everything you watch about OJ Simpson whether. You know the thirty for thirty's or whatever like it's all pretty established that he did murder of these people lose belly that's how tight it how big of a deal of pushing Philly. Norm MacDonald got fired for making jokes about a murdered. Yes he did right even you're friendly to put your friends a murderer give me a little slack to crack and I'll say that the Donald Maier he's one of those guys who started with the Easter. With when they first started televising golf. He got a job and he ended up like in a truck working for NBC on the PGA tour some like dad and I and then they moved him over to football and that he got involved in football the American in the truck there and they drive around it. Basically he worked his way up from being a technical guy cameraman to being the president of NBC. Yeah pretty impressive run when you when you look at where he started where he ended up as far as well yeah affluence and all the shows were brought about it and you know he really did for awhile there NBC was it was must see TV and every Thursday night man they they dominated for years. And you're talking in this sign though I shall hear friends of friends like I mean yeah. On and on and on of some most iconic Joseph decade all go through NBC. Yeah and your right hand there's been an NBC's plus being. You know this is before word DVRs in this and you had VCRs that it was rare that you recorded show rapper but you must see TV was that you you. You had to be there to see it. Chris task but still he defended by the ownership over them about the yeah it does and doesn't seem like I I love so I felt the last episode it's I thought I'd miss 'cause I went to memorial. I don't much like him. You know. It did it with a guy like cliff I was on a high school with him and his brother in law was in the biggest fan of him to the problems got a sneak in the Beers. And and got it sounds horrible but I'll always remember that gained as the pitcher tomorrow and travel let's face. Yes. Notre mr. Tillman. As kids and away in my life for this granted my life have been a total of the years. Kiss me spends part. This don't know what to explain my segment of this and I am I cannot wait this is a movie this is going to be a television movie. With kids and at the time seventy years old would have liked nothing. Nothing on this earth could be more exciting. Then my buddy Scott foresight you son of bitches birthday party that night. Right that would have been fine of like eight it was it was a sleepover would have been OK if role at age eleven the kiss. We all want to see it now. Is verve they close the Halloween is what does that do. He goes to the local haunted house which at to a pretty bad as house yeah bugs are we got back to his home just recent memorable part was over and keep in mind. There's been YouTube the original VCR I saw that movie probably fifteen years later and in. And and that amount of time. I've movies off. So I see it as a kid out of had his great memory of it a sought as a young adult might miss is a steaming pile crap. But due to devastated muted and I don't wanna say anything to stop of the whose birthday but deep down like. So now war. You saw them double war I've been waiting months to watch squad to a movie I wanted to understand just certain amusement park pocketed sock. Tara yeah it was the worst yet. Oh it was so bad the one of the stunt double for aids really was a black guy Cuba. And his wife. They had a black guy and a man that or make a good you still see the Mac it just it didn't matter how bad that move they couldn't afford white people. That's bad movie makes it really was in Jeddah and make a sprint may face. It's the hours of Brazilian if a. Thatcher's reference yeah. I was bringing us get back in Adelaide after a snowman on May east wind do play by the indelible Samuel L. Jackson. Are dead if somebody had brought mother effort unum solution. At least closed shop you'll never brought I think it a mob ever. It's what he thought movies and stunts in this that. Right so you always you always hear kind of actors talk about the love doing the stunts in this and that you one guy that I think comes off with tough guys in any natural Detroit trails trail writes he comes off as the tough guy right. Yeah do you think he does his own stuff I don't know of no popular or was there. I know that all the big stars and music that's put. I don't wanna risk. Eighty people's jobs just to say. I got big labels on on the Tonight Show and because. That's what happens I think the big star just sprained an ankle to the star and you have eighty people were out of a job. On that bugged you about 180. And so you know both a stunt guys to do stuff and if they get hurt you know I'm sort of say it's got to put a mustache or another makes it. And I fight terror. It's like everybody's job a punch as a note that a student at I would think right and I never thought about that wait till I heard of any of that he's right there and make a lot of them put around and promote. I think obviously he's on to favorite he's referenced in Tom ground crew of shark. Right there and he's being polite give able to be called Tom group was Tom Cruise gonna do about that but yeomen Denny said. Okay it's it's cool. Yeah but I know much and when efforts to distort I thought it was going to be him talking about doing zones to conflict and Danny trio would do my own stunts. Let's just easily not put a bottom line basis and in into that. We have to stop production they hire your people to do. Because they know what they're doing. Tom Cruise is just that guy. Yeah I mean don't yet he says he's that guy. Plus Tom cruises and drinker or smoker none of that I can't imagine having that much sex. I think adrenaline probably he is this deal to date. Actions. That I was the last samurai but. My improvement he does pop up at some weird movie is trying to play historical figures than he was on what Calgary where you are in the German guy and native the last samurai. Yeah wait and save like native Americas them now like the early Americas or someone in a movie like that agency to be steadily he got lane and with. Who's the blonde girl teacher turned into Israel whiteman the call him yet far away. Don't go to movies they do with the relies on Russia to wanna see you naked ciller is not a move merited more they did three up. It was a three saying that confidence I saw Michael up singer for three let's work together three times I think they'll look at today yeah Lawrence. Yep that's how grooves thing and you break his teammate Katie Holmes are pretty sure he put her movie. Yeah but it's our duty to do these pre arranged marriages just assume it's back in the last I do like the cheese with Jamie Foxx who do remember it do. Well no I don't need to. You're like dead. It dated the man. And it's normal that Roland I think it's funny when inflate. I mean Jamie Foxx. And it's probably crude but he does it get much farther apart you know obviously. I don't know I don't know why I just I take great humor and click affair and obviously she did not like Tom Cruise use like. I'm again if so as we mentioned the brother a vote like the party and whether they can think of them get at if you don't legislate. This isn't over 55 with a total indifference to stick around for five years. Fit to make us really like each. All they had to do not say that. Yes right out of the stipulation in his Scientology's related what do right now instances and and but. Like there weren't subtle about it there's no what I do you raise we are right the line of the law on its own Avago. Yes he's great during the time and there's a target but we're not done. A good. Have you seen Jamie fox do his impression of Stephen Mason now prettiest yet I. I forget where I saw it basically somebody just with like with. He's got enough time and money that he can do this and viciously came up front of his house impersonating Stephen A Smith in the way he talks. But it doesn't look like he's Dugan for like a roller wrote. Usually Kia. You forget Jamie Foxx is so rich just that would free time than now just impersonate you on TV just like stick it to make money you aren't rich. The rules it out. I didn't Fallon always has pros and cons like those and had to talk over the pros and cons of summer's been you know. A single in the pros and cons of the end of summer 2017 here we go pro help your kids with their homework. Conn friendly Goodling had a do math and they're not looking LA. Yeah. True blessing the leaves follows one by one until their own gun. Con what's mishandling evidence comes cabinet though. Pro corps knew the farmer's almanac summer doesn't end until September 22. Ton according to CVS and Rite Aid Halloween is tomorrow a candy. Pro taking your file close and trying to mom come wondering if you gain weight or somehow accidentally shot to big gap. And finally pro telling yourself that the changing of the seasons it's just part of nature's way of accepting change. Can't realize he's a promise that smoking weed by yourself. He's a decent pop Amber's answers the odd though most people gain weight over the supper. Not so much but trying to seek back in your winter clothes and those are always more comfortable in front sneaked into its so it Summers government right now ruled him. Don't Weight Watchers aren't anxious that they rap about nobody cares about the winner patent. Yet nobody there it's that winner pushed the gym to get ready for December announcement outwards but it is funny in the summertime I feel like when summer starts and stuff. It's like. I now your cocktails like. Fruit salads this and that about like August that may have also most years you Lisa. England I regard well conduct at my house you like that they have no idea you know if it. Then you better go get your headlines on the way with my cock you are listening to the metro radio network. And swift smiles it's. Now let's see what's happening in the real final conference woman went concealed gun in Indiana a gun she was dashing in her pianist like crap. Server survived a great white shark attack in Australia by getting launched all of the board as the board snapped in half. That is that people should shoot hurricane admits it was a all of a joke. Early drains Sarasota bay is manatees were stranded when the people love and a game of Ding Dong ditch its daddy it is time the headlines. It's kinda hit. And here's my car. I reporter. Seven year old man in Washington State is in the hospital after a gain of game of Ding Dong ditch went horribly wrong. The 214 year old frank the victim and then can and not confrontation ensued. It ended when the victim grabbed one of the two boys who'd been stabbed him in the chest and the two arrested on suspicion of second degree assault. Suspicion. Based they have gaff but I am. Yeah laugh when a knock on the door and instead he will allow wondered if it's a thing like he grabbed and therefore is it self defense he grabbed the kid and and these kids step right the kid had a knife. Who brings a knife to a Ding Dong ditch. And why do you sit do I don't know foods. It how to. As confrontation ensued right. Evidence the whole point you ring the doorbell it and run and then you bail measuring and dorm room spam what you could sit in the bushes I guess and and watch his reaction otherwise what's the point lead. Then how does that and with you getting grabbed instead intimate. I don't like maybe you them why you're wrong perhaps. A bit flat and that's shocking it. He didn't quite live a little of my friends those that it ate a lot. Here's one for him instead of just. Bringing the door and running away to everybody effect. Don't ever wring their dogs than ever gonna anybody's house unannounced devalue the doorbell I should know who in the hills of my front door unless there's a rumor. Is that fair CN like company did an expected yeah I do not applied or credit aren't. Unless I don't they help out there what is this'll. But we're about to bring trouble Albright did was fine earlier Fred announced it's like enough for the little witness I don't even though you're required in my house. Around all the woman I don't think he's holding you get you don't expect as many hot story. God dammit who held at that I can't I can't I don't. I don't have a 100 choir I don't know how far off you're gonna come over you'll probably call me or takes me perfectly normal way of the art schools in five I'm more and when you knock. I'm just ring a doorbell last week no nobody's house had been there before and the earlier come in well yeah well that's fine. I'm in him but I do it and others that definitive. Or other little woman and Illinois was arrested. After being stopped on I 55 for speeding a search for car found heroin and Ecstasy in her possession and she was taken to jail. During the strip search authorities found a loaded 380 in her vagina. What they've fully loaded clip and around and play chamber cliff cliff cliff cliff cliff cliff the sunshine now athletica. Colette that's it. He lived live to lend her bed and let but if it could hit it and careful for the PP. Clip. Like paper clip it yet but it is sensitive trigger. It goes up like the would know his. I. Think she's need. Although. I think that at my bad lets you didn't want to know mobile and I think you are. There's a black never removed. Yeah. But yet I'm the I think they'd lose the front that's a whole New Guinea. That open targets down range they Hughes sits down and the ha ha ha. Rival were black hole. Yeah I'll have to. She's she's album afoot that because you think the parents are out of what I've got to bobbled dynamo had the Amazon are solvent afoot. Actually the reason. Marion Australia 35 year old servers downing himself lucky to be alive after an eleven foot great white sharks swim out from beneath his board and flung him into the air cracked cracked the board and half amazingly like. He came up and hit him so hard. It had to great white show it launched his ass in the air at the board then snapped in half when he comes back down grabs half of the board and swims fast and short passes possible let. I guess one of the serve anybody says. It was good thing that he was laying on the board this feat because he was sitting on the board of his feet down a good chance because the shark did get into with him yeah it is taken off display. And that. Yet again as dignified yet put front and we're going to seal the gold records aren't exactly is the eat seals great idea. On Florida man has come forward as the one heading a group that encouraged people to shoot firearms that arm after the local sheriff's office to beat duke seriously and released a statement telling people not to. He's come forward and admitted that it was just a bad joke on this and not thinking that people would actually take it seriously because that's stupid. Exactly what they live at Florida. Hey Heidi let's prepare for the caps come on guys don't shoot to the store because obviously I would think the vote would you shoot through it. And not utilized in the hurricane it's gonna just stand around and come back. That's every headlines of that. My god now they are we appreciate it we'll see you tomorrow for the return of profiled as in the drug charge rank castle in the house once again we'll sit and spin and yet the deep into the old throw out here for now what we shall return tomorrow it is so until then please do what you do best and moral ethos that. Staying. You do.