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Tuesday, December 26th

It's Random Question Question Day!


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ETC met the dry heat during the last Madrid performance. Two years what you miss. So well let's talk about annoying people of today and the Pentagon into an. Depending on who it is and and what the dealers and as being. On the West Coast there is a typical way that people. Visits in the way that they visited this if you're on the East Coast you complain that the people on the West Coast builders that you enough. Even know about 75% of the time in my family's instance I've been the one doing the majority of the trap that's just me on that does need to have always make OK so usually you know cost about two grand. To visit you're asking to sleep on the low PS bed and no one slept and in the crappy guest room or on the sofa in the basement and not worth the money man. I hope I have I've been pointed out about this the worst I'm the worst person to travel with the new car. My grandfather used to do this I don't know why but I picked up on it. Any time we pass anything. Any kind of sign. I would say the name of the establishment or the sign out you know that all the time yeah and a guard noted no no I'm all the time Renaissance Hotel fire truck yeah I think I mean it's happy it's like you with a food. But it's just let go paddling like. Who was done. But definitely I know with a giant arches right premise. Who don't it's it's the donut I did president had a whatever it is that we drive by a let's say the name of it out loud TJ Maxx. I don't think it does not about to promote the war to end their marriage Palin shoot pebble but not. Why don't you think it doesn't matter. I'll think now less or any kind of special they have thing in the window it boots and I did and who better to describe exactly like. To move we've sailed to the army's only two dollars how about that no matter what it says I'll read it out. And the reason I get a hotel room is because normally I'm going back the family functions and there's a bunch of people staying in the homes or whatever I'm like you know what. I'll get the hotel room I've got a couple kids that quiet spell that again but there are no big deal. That does not happen when the travel goes the other direction. My health has been taken out in memory of the consider know they would even think about staying in a hotel do you know why this is what they traveled so I'm already getting ads and it's the same. This day I understand none math Nolan mother. And that's the right now how long it takes to get it yes I do because the last seven times we saw each other I flew to see yoga and had a but didn't make it that but did make it five hours aborted due men who have really good time. Did you know my dad does he likes to talk right but if you're eating with them eat it's obviously his turn right U tech holding the conversation. Won't stop. Its playoff yeah and they don't like the way way to look at did you think. If you start I think and then put up with a purple yeah I give my. You know third and it played by asking for another and value and away are you know you live you can take another bite again and middle of it and to keep doing it yes interest income. I went to the palm the other day and you know I got to do. Ted you've got to do this slap the spoon out of his hand like you know he's about to do it you know your didn't aggravate because you can see it come on man just jump across the table. Slap let's move out of this thing and they've benefited momentum. I'm making them do that it. Late last summer so we re crab ball flight delicious. But I have to plug it directly you know what others do an impression of he'll be talking however. You know holed up in front of his caddie told I have to grab all like I did she look like. Did you do you think thanks is Bob Hope he beat her you're right I could picture I felt that and I thought process. I'm gonna have a breath yeah. I think I'm worn Jewell today I don't know it with are you know that a byproduct I'm. The favorite of all the drove right. I have two teenage daughters myself or you're that age where your turn than the devil are you keeping your head on here. And old are you you gotta you gotta now you can't do that. Out of the go ahead on the agenda it's a buzzer that you are you are you are here you met are you minding your mother. Sometimes okay oh god what a win win when did she say things that you don't agree but what about what does she tell you that you don't what's the most annoying thing and he keeps repeating. Or am. Young did playing a round of nonstop Dahlia yeah the day off today like. She now I. All what did you do yourself there. Clean somebody your room broke like before your mom gets on an NC how happy that makes it finishing end Antonio Mendoza men's room said they did if you clean your room that she would take you to mcdonalds. Yes I want to or just tell your mom what day you're gonna make McCleon pay somebody to your room did you tell of a utility about Halladay apathy and I'm truly not exactly know that old MacDonald murder suicide anyway in my own. One day Armitage you know McDonald's and make the violence that was gonna clean my room. You're going to be grocery store they now ask your wife are years ago she's in the dirt disturbed for three Q are you gonna go through their entire like carton talking about but it. Oh thought Oakland got a group on Turkey how. And pathology don't know think this can only occur if the Obama put up stakes could possibly be at stake right they communicate well no. It was a good steak he wanted to do this you cheated usually that you and I are crazy Garten and you want is they put the best at it do you work stores now. Found on other people that really need to know everything about everybody. And bottom are obviously is what you don't done know what they wanted to like I probably think humans that's that some times where most we're almost programmed to believe that the the cell phone is embedded on the side of our head like. Good answer your phone. I didn't they get in my craft. With their breakfast and my bat I am guilty of that sometimes get a look at the backhand and I have played those who seek the pizza and pizza ha. Yeah you look at how does that. Obviously GDP but only the food I don't know what I do what you do with all of you I think I don't think about it everybody identifies who I think Alina we're. You know like I do. I thought that I had been good this morning and those that cheat but a bit where did you get your bird. It's an automated writings that Ted would say my house or eating a burger that's exactly what I do when Mike walking felon the GO Tom usher all healthy that's that it it it. I'd sleep eating kid oh if I go to. Got to play that up with everybody if she loses. Now it'll sort of known as a so it is clean your room and surprise there and say the men's and told us told me to do this in that you would take me McDonald's. See what happens when a golf back. I could talk ago mom better come through so annoying when you're living with someone else to factor them. She's thirteen and now we hear it a little bit cold and I'll have been no I'm an adult I can say this now but what I'm sailor response did come under Gemini Arnold. She should take your McDonald's if you clean the room and noble book what amounts like the most of whatever it is that the got they've thing you know listening to our thoughts as we. We just think crap off. We please just do this can you find you're saying so believe in and out the other night that it. You know I keep telling my side that you faced the toilet bag because you guys that I don't lose randomly walk up to my kids and just for peace summit. That's the point like no I'm darned important darn good one thing you won't know. If yes. Thank god damn Florida. Now Doug Ming. Didn't room legacy tend to use it. You what you're about here is real but members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. With miles and spread. You know they say shake your radio more. Times. And Jordan. Oh we're gonna look at Arizona our 2677. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Duty Ted threat. When bonds. To my car. An image well. Jack today the random question question is back. Your guess is as good as mine categories rude people and language. We will review the men's room rules they're right up my profile list plus a live humans are shot of the day fumbled three males in everyone's favorite. TV time today but backed candidate Gephardt who broke up dressed woman with concealed gun in Indiana. A gun she was dancing in her Venus fly for. A server survived the great white shark attack in Australia by getting launched off his war as the board it's now been him. Bennett said people should shoot hurricane admits it was all bad joke. Irma drain Sarasota bay is manatees were stranded when people woke at a game of Ding Dong ditch its debt that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All have good kids good. Day to you and yours I look let's just beyond sometimes things just don't need to be done. Think the movie die hard in the 1980 Bruce Willis classic. But some people call of a holiday movie and I guess that is the main people were murdered at a holiday for sephardic. What says happy holidays quite like Messmer. Anyway diehard. Big turned to a children's book. That's really like get that some things don't need to be done but apple also add the book comes out October 70 feet. Some things don't need to be you know for example do you like Campbell's potato soup I used to. Veteran but HBO's new porn drama called the duke. All you need to know that in an effort to accurately recreate the appearance of CNN. Gentleman's relish. And an effort to recreate the parents of baby gravy the producers of the dues third substituting chemicals potato soup specifically Campbell. It would not be progress so it would obviously not golf specifically. Campbell to neighboring. Being beaten Togo and they're. That's something that does not need to be no. Recovered things that do not need to be done or are also things that just don't need to act. Let's go to do damn. We're guy goes on drinking with the wife you would think they had a good night it finally get back home he does but yet do so often goes into the bathroom because he has to put. And for no particular reason that anyone has been able to figure out. His wife and breaks into the bathroom and stabbed him while he's on the toward the man just wanted to prove that I don't care what happened that. Did Matt. Need that but these are some of the story is that the across our path that leads off with a mini question many questions we'd like askew in the form of a random question quite that. This is how it works. You go all else will ask you a question a complete random. And are you sharing your story will share with you the story that inspired said question her brother Jon are in question question call 844999. Only you can like them and Vermont FaceBook falls on Twitter meant to live and to dirty emails to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. You are listening to the badger radio network. The men's room. With smiles and thrill. Oh told that a while ago I noticed our number 2677. What an incredibly huge show we have Korea today. If god damn that. Did you see that I'm just saying that all lines jam what's going on and a do you write down. And that's something. With it it might well. On. I don't doesn't go to minor categories. Today we're dealing with rude people and some of the route to states in the United States and as far as the United States goes to some of the more popular languages so we have rude people and language. Though have a beer categories today on your guess is as good as mine had today's random quest well. Friends friends who have scored 999 holes. Or good. Hello Matt welcome to the bedroom. And Matt what are you going for a man. And it Washington. Yeah but you're not terrible storms. Time now I admit I don't know what strikes in doubt that it doesn't always get here tomorrow night. You sound like debris like hurricane update. I love north America's front. This is what it sounds I'm right now in Charleston, South Carolina had swelled the coming into the straight. Out of its way out of the least important person in my news organization at least that got 135. Mile an hour winds and it went well let a little over god damn America but I do have and her mom on embroidered LB winter and raincoat on an important that I did tell you what you already know it's bad. I was goad us and there's who would you say hi is unique about your body. What is the one unique thing about your body good bad ugly on the lives. Thank you over to explain something before you even take an altar close. Well. Pars and whenever I ask you about the gym and usually we heard mall here give unusually large testicles that are you know I mean like anything pepperoni little and it's a mall that looks like to raise them. One of those skin tags like your grandma has. How your neck you know what happens then aides and I don't know man I am I had a model if let's roll over and exude in my when he spreads you realize how maybe the word looks like Easter Island has done and we think that it. So what is what is unique about your body is. That guy until earlier that they got it I've got a beat them on my back from back surgery. Yeah like I couldn't quite similar much circled law what is it top to bottom and all the way at this time. And not a huge they entered this sort sort Paula back. Six inches pretty significant what do why did you have that surgery. I had to create a bit. And how's it now than now you have the surgery. I read a lot better I mean and believe I'm not gonna walk upright without a limp. But always an abandoned he had makes it look a lot better human being and you're not limping. Most women find them a threat that you have a metal lot of women the government you know I don't like hunchback and back. I can't even find punch back on the boards that I look like I'm drunk brilliant golds and more involved back out. No they're categories let me go to find a match. Debt debt but here's the thing they don't have humpback I think one way to evaluate yourself if you're not sure where you stand physically you're being. Go to a port web site. Look at all the categories so if you look puffy nipple guess what of people out there that look at home back your not on the list I have amputees man but not hot bat. Reason I ask what. What is unique about your body free agent cornerback Antonio Cromartie we all know Antonio rational one he was actually one of the best DBs in the Italy for awhile I guess is he's just he's getting up there and I his wife two Erica recently gave birth to the couple's sixth child. This is in fact the fourteenth child patrol Marty has fathered and the reason we asked the question the third of that has been born after he had a vasectomy. The couple obviously surprised by the first post vasectomy pregnancy which resulted in twins the terrico is talking to. Us weekly it was shocking news for both of us this time around Derek is being interviewed again. And she tells the magazine that although she and Antonio are happy to welcome another baby they are prepared to take extreme measures in order to avoid the future whims of Antonio's unstoppable beat us. Let us Terry do I don't know are you happy. About welcoming another to LA and we are so often the dark reluctant to influence. Get a regular condom the couple tied the knot in November Obama Mary I know he's married but certainly it's not everything there any added vasectomy bright but obviously his penis and or his sperm is in different to modern medicine man and I know he's layered today if they don't wanna have kids. The only thing I can think though. As the condom because he is fourteen kids that he this is his third kid. Post vasectomy either how many abstinence or else I'm how many times a date is Antonio Cromartie had set seventeen I'm just saying seriously like how many times they've thrown down. It might he might just be that potent these are. Until we are 100% done absolutely positively dominant as having kids we do not play. The child. Erica tells us there are jumping didn't give me out here usually issue with the content. Take these three kids away from the deputy had eleven children right so I mean the man clearly. Condoms have really been an option for him at right but what do you think of being married now. He's with a woman I guess he wants to be aware of and they made an agreement like. Like you know what I don't mind being the step mom to your and having to that it was let imam for me if they made the agreement he gets a vasectomy. In the other three kids deeply I mean nothing stops his penis and like the African terminator all of a more fame. Glimpses of them at eleven children whenever a camera it's real sports or whoever was interviewing them just athletes. Hard knocks are not when he's playing for the jets' hard knocks is going around at jets came in and says hey Antonio can you name all your children don't. And there's a point where he struggles about halfway through these athletes and with all the correct how long it but you can tell it's not if it wasn't the easiest thing formed and it. Eleventh and illegitimate daughter you don't mean medals one of those things are like we're counting on his fingers. What you don't believe he just he never seen it you can tell clearly just sitting on a home and after practice because before this. You know how good he was the area. Militia probably lived in the market he worked in you just wouldn't that that teen. You just wouldn't know the ebony kit right it just as famous scene I'm pretty sure as you sit on his helmet after practice easily. News whenever an improbable and then they at least got to stop and think they might lead them thinking that probably coffee mugs does he you know file a lot. You don't in my but the public that I hear a thing he eleven kids time is like Tony for mountain so this was like this was he was. This is a router okay I write downs and credit is due comment. I was at a job hello and welcome to the men's room. Our top. Aaron DeVon plug in the random question question. I don't see this let's go this way yet. What I would. What happened to ruin you want something DeVon. Would have ended just where you want some oh a mushroom. Bad mushroom the edible kind. Where you're all edible where your cooking without another boasted trip. And I got food poisoning so bad man and had to go to the ER. Basically knocked me the hell out and since employee time I've not had a much here and you might be surprised though. You know I think you're being overly dramatic I think you have emotion in your asterisk. Many like a magic and you have room it was awful soul allow little. I look mushrooms and when I haven't had one since then went down Nigerian man you know to try to motions yes. So what that would have been really use of. Sushi. I I took a budget she she is school like in an avalanche rock. You know also. Not refrigerated. In Oakland or. I didn't understand you know and with an idea how old are element just don't like ten years older. Well what elementary school kid is eaten sushi. School matters I need. I've already and everything and I'm not geeky at all and I'd like honesty she Chica oppose the best thing in the world. And then I till lunch and I immediately to ten minutes now to look at. Her went. And how what what did you want to buy it smell like when you open it. Much. Meant death goes sushi man those those are Kabul loser. That's a weird. Way to roll the dice them and I know like uber Eads has places deliver sushi but when you get sushi commoners alike. Yeah news. Albert offended because I like to order sushi tomorrow. Pagers a world away he's from ordering from a sushi restaurant rent and just grab her role as I guess they don't want you to do it makes I think in even. Yeah there's have you done it had ball with the gas stations all I have ever. I'm domestic and a box of you know with a fake grass and that you get elected or restore. I've had that want it's OK I want to that the FA grin on her the ball wanna I wanna think grass on the meat and fish. Look like fake warmer maybe they want to look like along like a freshly consulates there I don't eat fish you found on the ground but what's the cut off from where yeah. I didn't think I put gas station sushi over super TV seemed. But I take this supermarket sushi would that think it's probably I would really hit it probably is ma'am but its sister confidence level. Yeah you know you walk into a gas station might. If it's like a pre made ham sandwich and I don't know the food could be a mother an average looking convenience store my neighborhood of the social evils in the back and mowers and. Accurate as the one on the corner yeah it goes through world. The place on the corner gas near that us. How what happened or ruin you something here you go HBO has a new drawn out called the deuce in the stars James Franco James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal. And it's about the rise in the porn industry in New York in the nineteen sound she's always good to back. The first episode aired the other night but in the next week at the soldiers so our episode two and three there's scene there where the people making a porn movie. Need a substitute for a certain mail flow. So they use Campbell's cream potato soup. A writer named Richard Price wrote that into the show but only because he found out the real. Portals back in the day used to do this and that didn't see they didn't tell us because they wanted to us continued each Campbell's he said quote I guess it took the stress off of multiple takes of that type of shots. Although there was a certain risk in regards to excess of starch. Unfortunately for some of the cast it ruined their enjoyment of the soup actor Chris Bowers said quote even if it's Wolfgang pucks no potato soup. Ever get. A bit tough if you knew what it. I think that's just like. Canada's seventh and the fact of the point others Campbell's. Yeah that's that Al gambles or use manner advertisement winter's coming river are cream potato soup as seen them with the HBO series the. Friends friends friends ran hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. Full of it all right I. Okay. We're gonna go that's what are what's the worst thing that you've ever done to someone else. So what hell yeah intentionally or accidentally didn't mean to avoid the worst thing you've ever done some. Above a political until the my car I mean so we again to correct when he went to the winter I don't. Chile guy. You got a one on a guy. Treat you dropped to three on a guy on her us. What it actually all on the hit Israel but it rolled over and it figured out at Roland. Atom weapons mommy OK you're probably won't thank god I'm Liz Sloan are hoga. What. So was he okay. Yeah you'll also a little bit that you let a guy was he Matty you. You know I just talked about that Brian Dugan that we could you didn't have a we get more I mean did you survive this. It survived and then evaluate the working anymore he had yet ship's own world thought little any little not to that in their son back to lurch. Hi who's this against a longer. All the ladies 2005. And. I have been trying for years in order to be some stories like you guys have discouraged I wanted to lumberjack and it's got a mile some comments came and I'm sorry we were talking we as the guy out weird part of your body that. One of these come with particularly. Caught my attention not the ones that I have a small birthmark on Monday shaped like a Playboy boat finals from Brandi and Lleyton but this is one. I have four boots. You can see why discussed in this is likely to discuss I have four groups. Two very lowered triple bogeys that totally Covert to underneath. She says that they're tiny and look like like colder mold soon. Does he like our casualty attack for nipple before boobs. I'm Maria for boost to very large triple B the poorly covered the two there underneath on the spares her tiny look like Michael animals maybe an eighth governance they do Brinkley won't cold though. Which is bad ass hey you add that they my cock. Do you know the reason that we asked though what's the worst thing you've done to someone else. All died now because we found out the trip to blind yeah. I did what in the hell is going wrong. I did too because it's I think he's at the bad day for me I was on the blue of the blind guy got reprisal by and how do you think that makes me feel they don't need these powerful that he FaceBook. If they candidates. All. Around me and my. When. It is Salma on the bus ride and I have had a day already it's already long and I'm sitting on the bus and everything's just fine and read my book at the front of the bus is blind guy gets on the bus everything's fine. I even tried to help him out he's no it was and when those realtors visible seats the benches up he's field around he's trying to get the thing Dolores like over there and help lower it down. And so. I'm sitting down. We get to his stop and he stands up and accounted concede from a book in my vision that he's getting that's like kind of I try to eat up space I'm facing him I'm sideways were bull's eye on the bus okay. So Arum was seeded so I tried. New York flying the editor of the fact that the but anyway he gets up when he starts walking out. I try to move my feet out of the way but I've got thirteen is that here's the my toes than a little bit far that I thought they would. And pretty soon I just feel that. But his landing and mine and down he goes back. Okay. But that's a trust me I. I felt terrible how old was this guy had to be in his fifties. It's a little. Yeah Ernie. Robin felt like 30 am I feel sober at the devils listening out of those are red carpet the morning and it was provided Santa is alerted to the worm as one of the people of both think they think you're the son Jack I nod from liners. That I really I'd lied did not feel the eyes burning in in my head. Might that. As a pick me up we organ that you guerrilla hunting went awesome thank you did your mind off I think I need to feel good here I like the idea that somewhere in the back of the bus emergency and I do them from its rules. Took the Blackberry as a running into your raw milk them to do it. Random friends friends friends friends solid core my friends relatives and friends and familiar like that hello Mick welcome to the bedroom. All followed. Nick I don't and if god yeah Jack Nicklaus go that's what. When did you get out before the F that the fans. School. Colony like and they merely competitive it to be a fight no name. So let the I think this couple party the monitor the thought you know that's that it will release her regularly vertically good example where you tip top readers had a feeling. I just got a bad feeling you know didn't correlate. Everything I forget about it you know don't study it. You know the worst part is just in retrospect of a full grown adult now realize you're gonna get Boston as party at a party hope you're minor. Now quite about the might as actually of the jail yet you know it is. Well there is when asked when you get out before the essence fan. The days after an equal facts we know Equifax is that the credit have to gather the that a credit got to have your information except you never wanted them to. Well days after an equal facts discovered a massive security breach affecting a 143 million Americans three. 123. Senior executives sold almost. Two million dollars more than their shares. The company says it discovered the intrusion which was made public Wada a week ago or so back on the July 29. Just keep that in this it's all went down on. July. 29 it took them over a month to tell us however records show that three days later chief financial officer John gamble Joseph law offered in chief of the US information solutions Rodolfo plotter. Yeah they sold company shares worth about one point eight million dollars. The credit reporting company says the men sold to small percentage of their shares but had no knowledge that an intrusion occurred at that time you tell me and you discover this on July morning. On August 2 so four days later three days later he's got. So this breach happened and none of your three CEOs. News women so this is what you're trying to convince us to believe shockingly in after hours trading after the bridge was disclosed Equifax shares dropped some 13%. In the further. Because they didn't know that do not know. App but why and why it. Are they allow to have everyone's information but no one has actually given to. Narnia and if you can't protect our information and why are you allowed to collective read a question question 844999. All all the while we got more your calls coming up you are listening to the metro radio network.