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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. As a result of sitting back for another round profiled a star 944999. A little play profile this coming up being minutes. I had arrived on oil one hour from now but first day quick check in a Mike Cox for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right Budweiser has created a new pint glass that lights up when your team scores a touchdown. So obviously tender turning it into a drinking game where you have to chug every time it happens. I think local political. They wanted a government like why fire some my dad I don't know how would know that. I don't know that is gonna preview but I like it. I mean can you did not put it in the dishwasher repair of shorting out whatever problem if your if your team willing to games you can be drinking out of that glass you know. My question it is lights up in the sorry if you're citadel drinking beer in your DVR in your game at bats on you know his thing if you just drinking out of Lazarus games on you David for lead whatever else that historically very glad to work I don't know what I got them. You have above that lights up put your T score and you know that in game as well as simple as that and a half. Crude mugged you think likes of the least discovered these. And as I got a round of benefit that's definitely a breath the niners jaguars. They'll be all and rarely if there I think the browns and jets like you're glad you're gonna think at broken leg marrow they don't go adult content as if it works fine. Yeah like browns jets to just kind of perennials thinkers. Total almost fly that not what the images. Have a blood of a mug of beer sitting on the counter and wait for the lineup in the know just get excited and drink my you are living on the hitch I am I don't want Baltimore was an odd man glad to light up like crazy than the glass of the team their planes. And I calculate people who want based on numbers and that I though it was like. How come over with a glass of another team I'll play this game and they're like yeah we just treat can be furcal I felt like if I think maybe if your fantasy football presented on the team president of the glasses. A pair of thick fog at the Los Angeles has been dubbed the quote bird poop bandits. Because they tell people that they have bird poop on their back pretend to wipe it off and steal their wallet. Well my my and herb who may have heard the band it's another reason to not have your wallet in your back pocket. Agreed not only is it bad for your back but knocking its way through all the bad for your bag when you sit down because there was talk about that Imus and then. I don't I thought it was a joke do no entry through the germ. That's why don't want big fat wallet. And if it's. Yeah I don't want your bad about it possibly broke through the month over yet at the pleasure back after the Redskins and that's out Lawrence match 255. Someone's car exploded in England after they spread a bunch of air freshener and it then lit a cigarette and a dialogue today how much air freshener or use brain around there where you have enough air assault we did your car. To light a match and it catches fire the bigger question might give what. What was the smell what you were trying to chase away what was the smell that you needed that much air freshener and that's worrisome regularly even afford dissipates man that is some delay dead in the bend of your car but I think some people liked. I have spoken small rooms and easier fresh and never thought catch on fire. How could they use most is yeah well maybe it was even then just smoking. Maybe maybe its cars to make enough to keep you know here's what we did a great irony of it right on him throughout the slogan my god gifts. Cindy exploded. An ambulance ma if it's the fact that it. A member of the Manson family loved Charles Manson would is killing spree in 1969 got approved for parole. But California governor Jerry Brown could block it again like he did last year. Jerry was there during that Jerry once you have your that whole deal going down as long as Jerry's there using hippy in the sixties none of those people are getting out now. Death of his got the wrong governor and to get them out of the time and also they could have not kill people if he goes relate Jerry's friends and the real problem for the office. Kevin governors if there. Some on both at a photo of a creepy hermit crab but decided to use an old doll's head of the shelves. Our food now recycling creepy. If you teach. When Carter grabbed goods. Have you seen that picture enough already there it's like a little creepy doll yet like imagine a decapitated doll head. Talking on her Graham bell or give it looks as creepy sick and can't sleep do you eat it I'm I'm goalie kind of like it's that hermit crab hole ahead yeah. Hermit crab dollar O'Donnell head itself not attached to the Gulf Coast pretty creepy. Within the way he kind of put himself in there. Is it is it like it did looking. My dad oh look it dude holds. Law. Again thank apparently he crash I would lose my ass yeah sorry don't have a lot of Brady Bunch are real die Oklahoma. God that's cool approval fighting you gotta figure that golf has been off for the head has been off the doll for awhile they got to government cracked up to these hermit crabs that if you're away and adult and another wounded at our. Are you think he's like to have your turn now Brad he invented the doll heads shall. The fault it is and how could you have expected. It's her resume and only only high society get Nadal has been reputed to be removed or allude to deploy a real most skilled real loose. Or ten years speaker needs when in this game. Should make every race the president stated oh yeah for Moscow meals for all the progressive a fifth to Al I think sometimes we should be tough on hitters Moscow me off. That says the man who likes but I don't know this. What do snowman bonds. And if you don't mode blood. That is demand none and I got a memo that got a blue Obama meet you got the bonds. Gets damaged. And so we'll you know you've got sticky bump. Mostly miles the demand bone. All all year you'll call me lived through. Moving on I'm gonna. Food buddhism doesn't work for the NFL. I thought a lot of ball and I think I was an accident off the line yeah the cinema and yet to eat there but it sounds delicious you. Every yes I want to Americans on the every lives and well aware that minimal Leo I really wanna go but I never wake up in the morning putted incredible New England not to vote if you don't want them all get a little bit I don't apparently finally draws you right now can you never you know. And a bond. Again we don't through an airport. She does. But the problem is that I'm always runs out of I know you do not an airport do you need the magical creation only in noble America these slots he's slashed a bunch. Plot with kids as they did this I'm aware. Of how easy and accessible it is and I love a cinnamon roles like nose and Abbas is he's on the that I won't go we probably I don't know when Dario not a lot of them are like I wanted to go to the ball get a day ago and so on. The dollar is a doughnut hole and arguable I understand this isn't about how the breakfast foods say don't sit bodies in the mall. You can eat this all the technical aren't like you are not like he didn't they don't break the law doesn't open for breakfast but they're still there record. Did you think you could get up early I think. They're selling you these cinnamon rolls the ball out of it just they just this act it's a big leagues that status snagged out of the breakfast treat. And I mean I really do well once and maybe that's an expedition that I got to do before the comments start destroying me on again we'll get it in at about me and I live on the to our men tried to rob a Taco Bell in Cleveland but three different employees pulled out their own guns and shot and killed one of. I'm glad I don't and taco Bell's hold. That ultimately remember early on him like everything there's three employees and Taco Bell Vollmer Holden now only three of the six okay only half of the miles. How alerted Newark and fast food in its 3 o'clock in the morning after it's probably one another place and I got it elevates over the exact and they make no bones about like come visit us late. Right you can I huge joy asked if we can go visit I don't know you know you don't. They closed the dining area and just let you drive through now. He's a late night did Cleveland's crazy. Yeah according to a new survey 14% of kids wish their parents would give them healthier options when they packed their lines already trying to allow pack your own goddamn life. Right about the problem highly can't do that yeah yeah what's your kids count as a healthier option meaning he already knows as far log into rights as you get nugget. They started toss it out for him of blocking broccoli fluorescent ranch in their lunch and I guarantee they would one thing out there and other charges to remain they got their another good up by big event another made in heaven so much volume buyer moment. It did it and finally get us of world records at the handful of new records. And you're gonna tell about coming up a one hour correct. Thank god we do you have headlines governor one hour from now but first the gay men the is true precepts. See the throne over to police tell everyone how profile this is plays. A surge in miles it's a simple game where we share with you real life news story something that happened right here on planet earth yeah. Our. And as you listen to the store based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make we'll ask you what it is you think makes this story a story. Hello pay lip welcome to the Madrid. Our job I K Libyan man on this here game is played. And pass the message here is your story the 25 year old guy who works of the cold in the belly. And about a year and a half ago one of the co workers introduced him to smoking. Now clearly he took to it because he smoked so much that in just a year and a half he wound up developing throat cancer. He was so angry about it and Sullinger and is co worker for peer pressuring him in small game. And that he shot him. I'm on a dime from his injuries and has gotten arrested for murder. The next date do you believe that this guy who's my team and being alerted smoking is black white to make seaport each. What do you think. Okay the same kind of brand of cigarettes smoked does not this that give women. The bit I we don't know location. Correct. He's got the coworker got him in the smoking within the larger variety talk can't. No he started smoking eighteen months ago missed the final say yesterday that he had throat cancer from eighteen months ago or cancer. When he got the news you went to the restaurant the two words that comScore and shot well really Lou normally associated you worked in the kitchen Ted you've got a restaurant yeah. I mean generally I would feel Maxine kitchen other invitation went. Because I think the tell on this one's gonna be Mexican or Asian based on location. I'm I'm. I don't know when Leo Asia and the details of the day you know. Panama and I don't see a lot of people smoke and when I'm when I'm in Mexico. Yup click. I could do. Then they both worked at a restaurant via the guy got an intuit. You hear me out here. They did the theory is I'm gonna go Mets season begins working in the kitchen he doesn't have a ton of money to announce he had said he got cancer that he knows how much stuff costs. And actually set him over the. And it. Hey look awesome to get through that route as me below boys and it's expensive. So anything you know the violence in their black one make series of time could help you know it's. Another thing we don't know. The shot the car. And go against the grain and I'm gonna think what. Why final answer. We're gonna find out reveals black white make the or Asia next. Tee you are listening to the men's room radio network. Is you. Screw us high profile has the other way kitchen where one employee used to I guess at one time smoked Zoe. I had dinner convince Cisco ordered it takes small breaks with a mean the way we got pick up the habit than eighteen months later he found out that he had the cancer. Well as does the ball so nice Demi saws coworker who took the gun he shot him and he killed. That is correct and the entire story Caleb we had few do you believe this guy was black white Mexican and Asian. You consulted the free throw consultant but he did you broke the mold you went right. Oh moves carrying out my direct yeah at all. When I said was he was working in Delhi Delhi India and yes I know that are. This. Lewis right there that I come samba my word fidelity funds they don't they calculated the working of the notes ovals are new Delhi's. There is working and a New Delhi. Here's your chance. There's eight and there was a. Now he's now proud dividends it's not time for TV time a team. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Now traditional thinking would tell you. If you won a championship and sports sleek and that that area or town would probably be happy with the commissioner. General is being that you epic epic and it's winning solves everything and teammates you don't like a man to win a bald like your fine team. Yeah exactly right. So generally you would think the New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl. Thank you B five Rogers plus Roger Goodell RD had a relationship. With the owner Robert Kraft with via is abroad murder bop. Thought he says it filed on the product. And yeah. That he may become Robert. Yeah a little bit barbecue man you know little about these Billy Bob Kraft when those guys it's so rich agency it's weird to be around them. I wonder hey they government around people that rich he's got more pool in the NFL than anyone else. In any position where he knew there had to it was kind of a huge stingray like Roger Goodell and humor bodies sure they'd always. Did you see pictures of them they've done it again. Right exactly. So then of course Tom Brady had to serve yeah forty suspension for the flaky in light of that that had an impact did exactly that total. There out of Edmonton mall how loud that the president to shake your hand at the end of that meeting of the game but it. Wrecked so the good people of the New England area a heavy very closely keep your Pakistan just not a flake. We have anybody to hate the widow Betty highly schedule click let's take a measure of the commissioner shows of an everyday any scale on the AFC championship game last year I think I mean those some games that he. And ran. And we'll look I agree that he did he skip that some other he was right to skip it because he knew what was gonna happen. Oh yeah what happened so we found out a Super Bowl and I blew Elizabeth so he is gonna get to the draft the mood this is funny because days. This is Dan Patrick doing the announcing sue if Patrick has a different version of what's happening the first minute counts. As is accusing BGC I walked on the field here is why it's. Overblown parity. I don't as the most sensitive CNN Pittsburgh but I guess they didn't win. I've been in Indianapolis the best thing nobody team didn't win so. It's difficult and when you try to repeat a lot of things can happen. Rick Hendrick Mike talked about absolute gentleman doesn't use them. Hi it's against city cheese is a team we're taking the field. Judging by the noise it is something a little different and its commissioner Roger didn't know it. Out. Your FaceBook page that the that video up there there's also another angle just downed the head scarves and shirts they were ready for his Yale armored cars to organized in arteries and Boston and on behalf of been a focal fans are you thank you seriously I've never had the privilege to buoy him emperor I mean I. Actively booed him when I see him on TV I'm sitting in my liver and imperil. Barrel. Data can't stand that I don't I don't know there's a more evil villain in the world that just sits there and it plays with toys and Evelyn likes him all right is his way he'd talk morbid and I've obviously you okay all right a world leader is different but I mean much right now. Adele just the drug dealer we don't like. Now concede now absolutely we're off the product down I don't know because there's that we're still on it that he inherited. You know anyone who and pared some the most umpires someone took a loan from there a far cry Fred started about like our. We don't dare you didn't start that all you've done is. Watered down the product of the so we were bind this drug that we love knew he was clean all of the a couple of none of that era wasn't always also. It wasn't always awesome but we all enjoyed a lot more. They Goodell takes over the business going to create the business and its use an inherited the business I Orton also I don't respect John you have to prove it. But the thing that you need to understand is that this particular drug trade was working swimmingly. It was tough to the world everybody was like most people could agree on base in new game and took over the business. And you cheapen a product and sometimes burned in my nostrils are yet to go to the ER do what early Stabenow are not await your ass up. My buddies are juveniles write about a water and other product to some degree ethic but I think. I thought our white head of the fraud. I think because they only put on too many games during the week yes another run by Melissa as Lisa. Let's think it's like this man like look we still like to draw memorial walkway from the drugs you or the worst regular we've had. In my in my personal. You got paid way more money than any the other people who did it right and that's another shame it's like luck guys over there before either set the bar. You're making tons of money nag and granted that's what you make based on the percentage of the NFL brings and and I don't deserve it don't deserve because you made a lot of bad decisions and continually make bad decisions and you're not held accountable you know when your own judge jury police force everything else. You're never gonna side with anything other than what you truly believe general Jong-un does I didn't throw North Korea now the NCAA doesn't get in trouble with anybody other than the NCAA. I do not like Rodrigo. But I will say just the play devil's advocate Billick isn't he just kind of dvd just like any giant business corporation to be at. Now look nobody promised to go to if you want to I don't like them everywhere every city you are right yeah that is what every shot you overcharge you don't do great job and you don't go over your own thing that well and it's like right. Much of corporations alike and all of them can suck me in place you know and him look like is they asked him about Colin camper forget about Colin cabinet as far as wise on the team or not. His response was. I don't really know that much about football x.s and those like Peter come and that's not what he does. What exact I'm I'd say that's and he said I've not seen read our exactly what I'm saying it had fewer they if you're these bread or excuse if you're the president of this radio company. If someone asked you about radiating like you and allied man I don't know goddamn thing America you have to take care is the big balls make you know nobody but of course you should know about the product that you're in charge of the product he does put. And it he's scared to tell he's ideal when talking about an economist shop. I mean absolutism and you don't like this is your lead home imported about that play and how you don't have the guts to talk about Malaysia and got the storm color maybe you're right maybe a rumba. You're still gutless man is to look tower and may be able that are indecisive on people better cowards of two things that made me angry is he is very decisive. Monitor yeah but at least he makes decision puts like man. You're gutless Cha because when he gets called the task and anything everything's he's like me he's like the path of the Vanilla couple that you meet on vacation Angela talked to for two law. But he's a window and thought you know less than our what do you drink Guinness got a fruit number allow off of that yeah I hear from here I'm from here okay please don't document and she's out today nice to me yet. You're both on vacation you have no idea worth sightings on but he just looks at just. We want talk about politics rhetoric no no where to swim up bar yeah I haven't heard I'm actually did your father teach you anything did you swell up in the warmth of the TV yeah. Now he's got to reduce that dislike me. And if you know what I like is that you'll get this much is in a bar is usually walk up to a city like of the moment talk about Jesus not with you and Shaq I don't champions. I'm blessed I am encouraged her eye as I walk away I'm sure loudly you're gonna tell me all your thoughts of on geez. I'm with that the Jesus on the hood Jesus into anything. Since he's new seasons. Always think Jesus and the bowler movie. Bit about already or are you with the Jesus. You know I think I'm going to go led the Jesus but if you're just Jesus people get sent to let Jesus is saying like look iMac and up. Veggies some I'm Asus should be AG's. And they are just a decent. It is familiar pieces there's other wrong with saying his suit he zoos but you're right he's a Jesus enough feels like you're committed something wrong right communal hatred and threes exactly let it. Faces of those Jesus is praying hands are energized and are they citizens and your juices so Charles Barkley roll it Charles Barkley near them. Al right around the end of via NBA finals. He kind of went out he just said on the air when they got broke down agency look I'm too fat even for myself. I'm not healthy I am fat farm. Ali back in a while so we actually in his defense he's that he was gone for like six weeks or whatever you really haven't heard from them. But he's real birds he's lost forty pounds he's fitter but I like Charles keeps it under. My trainer ability. The box have been amazing. Are yet to be better I'd be more vegetables this summer but I doubt in my lap fifty years the life and they thought just for the record. Because Jeff you a lot of festivals. And if they don't taste good glad to look at the big kids should be helping. Just like I never wanna get to a point. Yeah I mean ending it happened I hate vegetables but I feel I disrespect the fact that he's late but I think it's what's easy he got a lot out there and MS blunt trauma and fitness now apparently the steady just like. Listen in on the Mitt it works the ducks the holes and then there's only about the way the Charles Barkley speaks and I just listened to him. I don't know what it is about underground since he's sincere but it's it's it's there's there's a lot of funny that's an anomaly is just something about him it's just it's hard not to like him. Alma media certain subjects I think I am yet I don't agree with a monitoring is it's hard not to write the guy you you can disagree with what it where he stands on things are still hard not to likeable lot. And I know he's had whatever in his life but start apparently the guy everybody that's governor lives and why it. Yes. Are I have a list of ten celebrities. They dropped out of college there. Are they don't need it is honest before they hit a big orally you know men like it's kind of both. All right solid number one on here is is Ryan Seacrest right as everybody knows he co host of life now. I'm an only backed soups by the way you'll never guess for use on the college. Oh win Arizona Carlos Florida's school when they know wait a minute the opposite of a Florida school like Iowa Georgia. That you are very Georgia and then he left there because he won a two. Go to Hollywood aren't a lot of these stories are kind of I don't write a program yeah he made the right decision that the Catholic yeah stayed in Georgia war. The one of the biggest stars in the world. Do you have a plan B. Don't know or out with dropped out of college. Because Sherri had broadcasting gigs lined up she with the Tennessee State by the way did your job lined up Goran drop ashore during dared to get the job makes I've broadcasting degree thank you he. Tom Hanks he's going to Sacramento state university he quit. To take a feeder internship in Ohio but they're all going to where there eventually going to be in this sense the one thing which in the right Cabrera the list but you're right Brian. This is the list of ten out of 25 million people who committed the same with there's not the Dawson divert program right I would think that's open to like they did make it the directly. Percentage wise thousands of people that also quick. Cup looking like hundreds of them when you watch college football think how many of them battle and make it to the info but that will start in the NFL and you realize you're watching a lot of people put the last four years to put dead. We ever spoken we would Marilyn Monroe on Hollywood that we really just thought that this was a woman. Who has taken a break she's at the bar she wanna go to the hotel room for a quick get high with us which she did. And and drinks bears choose very very nice to his cool local lady. But she also told us the list of things in shows and movies and everything else that she's a minute and believe it was almost like she could I mean her I am DB is is a few pages in she'd been in Hollywood for a number of years and she does is Marilyn Monroe gig Abbott. She still aspiring actress you still trying to do us. Yeah like a small production companies Margaret's screenplays are not random they do and live their Damascus bombard their personal edition tomorrow. Really designed to help that he would build and grow regular gunbattle broke that are going and started to give mark credit. Severe. That is kind of crazy you know all they all lose. They can a TV your film and everything is still up their donuts and you actually heard of the TV it was a mansion underweight often you know there's you know like normal who brought a black woman with blond hair realize it's like you know whatever like which are two problems like oh my god or you it was unbelievable Jim really short hair no I'd love a little higher but it's still weird to get lazy kind of look like realm enroll in her day and you would think your face woods usually quit all the little things different it's like clarkin Superman and clearly those glasses held no one could figured out that's her it was like indication face offs. This is like our our president would have. If if unemployment Monroe yell at that if Aaron appreciate it weed and everything about my arm and an MM Oman. Get down if he. They really look that night and embarrassing mode really didn't matter if it's into that stuff on post is like oh my god I could probably make a does an amazing thing really can. Comes up and to have bullet. Bogey and that we back to Marilyn that that is just trying to get. And that's been great amendment practical. Particularly with its weapons of mass I wasn't Richard Trippi that it was like the whole thing I'm seriously since he took over like oh my god isn't here yet if it's just clear. A product that goes cooler as Roman robot we don't know those of upper everyone thought you know it towards America tomorrow and we'll do that you don't want to speak to attack. There is a new bachelor it's been announced. Jimmy Fallon has some reaction to a. How big TV news ABC just announced he nest bestseller is going to be. RE line bang junior. Apparently it was a contestant on the show about five years ago he's going to be the ambassador. We have pretty surprising choice I think that was some of the biggest that's offensive to save them. This is. Point moment. Fabulous idea I hope that they don't mean that no. Obviously using the politics yes but at I think really set that up like some of the biggest. A bachelor fans out there to think Mitch McConnell and if you can't say whatever you want ravaged college trump I don't think you're sitting around watching the action may now McConnell less likely. You never know you never know who watches that Sheila Kimberly the people who Loria who had a front and and actually bond over the bachelor. We've patterned its agreements but one thing we can agree armed. It's is a foreign show. Yet it just weird sometimes we'll never know do right. I mean anybody in the public eye. Like a good actors. Athletes you see a little more of their personal lines drawn blood with politicians just weird sometimes like for like photo. They decade it would Mitch McConnell easily. Right now way to boot that we about the thought admits the cameras don't. I'm his two year follow my constituent mr. Smith. I'll get back a bureaucrat has ordered closed broke quota and embeds it is that a lot of seconds and I didn't read a condom. Roland that led a massive amount of weight but apparently can attempt. To bluntly we ghost to salute. You know tomorrow man in my he's even if they let Shaq in this you have got out and look my bet is president or with Kat Williams bludgeoned Basilan. Most people anomaly elephants. Out of while about they have kitty cat after that it's not it's this beautiful that. At aerial TV time it's ever read the headlines on the way with my cock you are listening to the bedroom radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real. New goals for the most don't know where a slice of pizza leads to two men getting into a violent fight. We had done or again we're town is being overrun by a bird that cannot take flight. High school student in new Jersey's. Very New Jersey get a football game and they all get booze death instead. Justice Department says man doesn't have his cell gaze his business daily bread and a new AK IC colonel. As that is Jagan makes you laugh isn't a joke deal it is time for your headlines. It's Sunday it's. There's might call you. I try to latest Guinness book of world records has released a few of their latest world weird records of people have either broken or sent. Some of the new entries are. That they have our longest eyelashes. How long four point eight inches well if he does just got to be biologically right Celek youth. Exactly love eyelashes grow your guns could grow this is anybody actually had to trim their islands and final fallout before they get any longer you'll trivial lashes. No matter what all I am to succeed it. I did see a picture of that gal the president loves the doesn't need any thinner body veteran I'll analyze guy calls himself a man. I I. I have a path. Most layers and a ball of paint I didn't even know that and health care. Really does here's the thing about the Guinness book. Some things you go holes person and his first and it went out. Then there's things like view of the world record because no one's competing with the I put it paints a liquid Hauser ball well here's the thing is is Michael Carmichael of Alexandria India. Indiana. Has spent the last forty years of flying two coats of paint per day to a baseball. And Jane the difference the seventh I guess not but it hit the road runner for at least for Obama will say that's a tape balls a lot of fun and you can make it go beat the do you Maine oh yeah they could figure may table no matter rubber band ball put on the table I'll I'll are equally as good. I at all and I get a bunch of critical corners. C'mon man out of manly stuff points and a bomb intramural price make you take volume play than house anyway he had does 171994. Coats on this baseball it's Jesus Christ I think it'd be huge actually. I just held onto that increases size. To this day how big. Cash bond I had been there and see drag out. And when they held the pleasure of the a rabbit beckoned slam dunk the most baskets in a minute. He Mohammed didn't say how many dungy made Don really disappointed rat but I guess and one. I've also I don't get all the ball even almost as big blow to go to radicalized and he hasn't found secure solid. It's those little tell me is where he can hold onto it on the sides. I would like the draft and I'd rather see that than to pay bowl or the eyelash of waited they've also got the longest female fingernails. Off. Eighteen feet. Damn good that you can't eat she works as a cashier Baltimore and hot underdog that America. Well why would you like I go to Virginia one of the small wasn't very got his kids are grown up in Baltimore because he she said sue for long males and work and register yourself. If there's any change of albeit a dime you always descended on the town of and they want to try to take a little kids running us now in a rented house and a firewall machinery can overreact out. I'll the first prosthetic tattoo gun arm is blasphemous than got a list of kept me out. But I don't think those schools you wouldn't do it that you Pilar parlor guy does no one arm of one of the gun. I mean it's kind of cool. It does anyone even read that anymore let you be told someone that you were in it would they care. It was always big in school for me it was and then after that I just didn't care anymore but so anything else I mean this is all just appealing to children. And as of the other lose interest and I don't think it's cool. I around the world that the pilot rock organ is asking for advice on how to handle their latest flock of vandals in the city. They've recently been overrun by gaggle of wild turkeys that are getting in people's gardens eating all their crops and defecated I have an idea wait wait two months if you. Apparently go problem solved because of my cousin amount glad that I think carrot and a wild charges and after it's done there. And while turn this thing brother Matt don't gotten it you'll pull their free range thing of it that way for heroes do the right thing very skillet in it and a thought he went to NASA seriously you just eased at the Bryan the living hell out of mental all the buckshot wild wild turn. Turkeys are actually harder to catch. Than a minute I have bad bout some in the end there. Domestic turkeys like farm thirties are really stupid wild turkeys are incredibly intelligent they're incredibly intelligent and their armor is different so it right word you can be thirty feet away from a Turkey with a shotgun and shoot it with buckshot. And it in their armor basically their feathers in the way that they're constructed. Everything ricochet off the idea Kabul fell as a penetrator underneath the way I know how surging but then I guess I shot the huge huge huge argument it'll blow everything out of the decides that your gonna just keep all walk and they're fast too. You won't believe how fast was that can get away the greatest thing you ever see in the wild as a Turkey would like a little Turkey's policy. You know all the road elect it's easy to Turkey this guy hanging out man and although baby go with a pretty soon. In Virginia man had to undergo brain surgery after he was attacked and beaten outside the pizzeria. Please have not confirmed a motive for the attack but the man came out of no where to begin mercifully few. You mercilessly beating the man. Hitting it once so hard to get the temple that he stiffening collapsed on the concrete and you beat him for eat pizza in had new yet maybe he wanted to FISA I don't know but. He just beat this man mercilessly and calf. Usually these are usually happy feet. There's a happy thing yeah I mean people maybe he wanted to be happy said he was started seeing this happiness you wanna take a little bit of it and. 20 yeah I don't know I don't know if you don't want wild blue dog bones and I got it back immediately if the bank here are what I don't they they'll they demand. Are you did the men have. Sorry that was awkward I was there a New Jersey high school detained dozens of its students after the out call was found during a football game the home. Austin or detain and ordered to undergo blood and urine tests that is every starter when and opened it did artist and nobody that has brought our fell into a student section and market dinners were found in the area with multiple students showing signs of intoxication in and the area thinking about this the high school full balls as the vice principal this is the vice principal walking around as does this time from the earlier in the day it's 830 at night he still hasn't changed he's walking around he's very bored you think is the vice principal afterwards we'll all he's in this. There it's a got back out. As every headlines that might argue that. I don't see it next time for the return of your guess is as good as mine a random question question and men's room rules doesn't need it is old Shirley. Hope to see your ugly as a good red bad all the while down down down or very good until then Newton new bass and relieve the state. It's day. Beautiful.