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Friday, December 22nd


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. I would go get ready for bad jokes they're just going out there floating return of Denver's is the FCC and we wanted to will shout out here do some of our new affiliates that would be rock 100 point five the Canon Oklahoma City yeah and also rock on both brilliant play avail. And 96 point nine fox Nelson was counted thanks everybody for. I joined the program let's say here our question today among friends and family when Abbott about them annoys you the most 844999. Old some of the comments came and my dad sings songs from commercials. I'm not familiar with the strangled Merry Christmas from painless but one of the favorites even at that summer the bonobo. We around Christmas from painless. He doesn't make a run out and out I would see my favorite one is the Hershey kisses. It's a wonder they want to build. You know I don't know like that commercially as a marginal dude yeah I don't know what to what I wrote I am employed with the rapper I know I have I've been pointed out about this the worst and the worst person to travel with the car. My grandfather used to do this and I'm alive and picked up on a any time we pass anything any kind of sign. I'll say the name of the establishment or the sign out laugh you know read all the time yeah Governor Palin a guard noted no no I'm all the time Renaissance Hotel like fire truck deputy army and it's it's happy it's like you with a food but it's just like the paddling like who Madonna. But gently down with a giant arch is right for a visit. Who don't it's it's the donut that's a heated president had a whatever it is and we drive by a let's say the name of it out loud TJ Mathews. I don't think it does not about to promote the war and did I spin as she passed ball put up. Crap now you pick it doesn't matter they don't laugh. Already got a special they have thing in the window into the united and basements right exactly like to roast beef sandwich to the army's only two dollars how about that no matter what it is I'll read it out while you're ready to grocery stores me. Now ask your wife are very years ago Hughes and her sister for three accused are you gonna go through their entire like carton talked about it. Oh don't don't put your recruits on Turkey how. And frivolity don't know pretty content that occur if the government and a stake collectively its stake rightly that you'd get it we'll know that was a good state wanted to get this you cheated the usually that you and I are always in regard to. You want is they put that I. Do you work distorts certain I'll give her out your take the bar in line at the at the grocery store to check it out it might include the other person's milk just as a joke it's easy to follow look on their face no I don't doubt they'll do that until you got what I did that a freak out like a lake uptight hippie. You know what I would do as thousands of hours ago or better Stewart talked to buttermilk tempers have been overnight just put the thing over there's access again I don't know if if if you look tub and I can look better ads that are just getting a lot of baggage of the welcome to. Monica yeah how much our job very like started out the bar are you negate divides are from out of those funny lie or distort your belt you know but now like. Apparently not but it. Have a base at Diego is likely that at minimum I mean they like to open the cashier not only do they did that look they're track to be polite Indies can get the news anyway I'm just going to be very my head down for us it's. They're more the comments come in things about people who do have to do better no use as my wife miles or relate to us. My epic white wolf let me group in days Broderick crazy I don't leave my wife is everybody and while we group. I'm certain element I don't go to the bathroom I can act if I go to the bathroom are here my phone ring like two stories you know it's it's like kind of minor can escape. They can't escape attempt Ruben peace it's impossible. Think you're gonna poop like a NASCAR pit stop. This guy here and there were retired players changed man hopefully get some gas get a quick. Islanders as Arabs brought much I have one cousin does this but I'm appalled someone and a chilling something drives me up the ball especially if it's country. I'm an uncle it doesn't matter what he's. He demands and it's we late. You've been watching TV the whole families there and if he gets up and eat all you hear somehow the sound of the TV believed away from me years. All you hear is him eating and it sounds like a leg when a dog is cleaning it but what good deeds like. And in these benefits have been a kid I know what's gonna happen and it just doesn't matter what he eats he finds a way of the don't. You seem by general I think that's the simplest way of putting it and this is this the speaks for everyone. If it comes out of your body other than the child. It is not my responsibility. If it's my child it's my responsibility me like what what do you make you mildly put purely forming a new if you coop yet that's your responsibility on the Obama arrogant group wipe your but inflection. If you. If you. If you have a sneeze and you blow your nose is something is coming out of your body and you blow your nose I expect that tissue to not be my responsibility to throw away. It for a haven't beaten just manly loving sex. And one of us leaves some some stuff that comes out of you it's your responsibility. To clean that stuff well may be exceptions the ruled I don't know kids say is that I think about driving out of if something is coming out. Vomit it's coming out of your body ads on you it's your responsibility to take care is not some of the can't hold your head or whatever but it still beat it and yeah this is kind of on you to believe your dirty asked napkins laying around with a bugger in it are big snot rags someplace like I. I don't leave my master Victoria and napkins on the coffee table and I'll start my bad I forgot Hollywood momma back in sync and have coffee today I think not now having sex with with a kernel of India like to undergo would get rid of this happened. Yeah I read it usually up. But they're likely to last night with Michael was. Now will be added thank you hit it comes out of your body it's your responsibility to clean it up a bit the threat of the that's a fair rule yes. Among friends and family would have about them annoys you the most they've 449990. Hello O'Brien welcome to the men's room. Had a gong as well. So back at daddy now actually the greatest. Text communicators. Every once and while I don't have sent me a text you know like I. And I correspondent. And then I want near term for Danes. It and it's. I've ever now like the first time it happened you're actually like worried about a mortgage thing. It is still there happened the first time announced and a running joke like that they have been. Being beneath our clients. Expert yeah. As your mom and dad they still married. Okay. How often did you mother Texan. Check. Out of mom's mailman that backlog there are certain elements of the phone that my father and I've agreed we will not share with mama I just an iPhone there. There are other capabilities that it has and we refused to town with a man. If we let alone she's gonna use the thing all the time and I'm ugly dude I'm out of four. I can't do and once they would it is a case is listening to me like I grew up in that and that's just the way life is as a as a dad when you have a son. All right you just expect him to be tough you expect him to figure out you kind of know that he's going to figure out is gonna make some mistakes along the way they want to treat you let the way your brother who did you enjoy your father your mom figured out your mom really loves you you know I mean she just you know you really love she really loves she wants to lab that fatherly love she still wants you to be. Homes she still wants to do your laundry C relations glad to Ghana let's but but ultimately she loves you know me. I love my daughters who because they're not my son. Photos though with me my daughter's like look I'm gonna be the one to call them on the to be the wanna do all that and they're not gonna call the mom because it just like any mother mother daughter relationship it's just it's it's the most bizarre thing you've ever seen in your life it's it's I can't even describe it is or. It's on describe what can and to this day I have not been able to figure out. And I also I get the bad thing guys and suns just they either talk and they know. We're having a terrible thing or the other but but have the time and when it's when it's a mom and a daughter Mandy it's either two cats going manic there's a similar. Or like with with guys this is like. Moved you know I don't know who but don't stop fighting breast exam either Sunday and then my for a week goes on like wow man this is men have the power of not caring. It's just the Bosnia straights just among friends and family would have an about them annoys you the most 8449990. Okay Lee welcome to the men's room. OK so my got to my sister both students in the dressing up the law I love them very much and again and I say today we stop drinking so much. Well that killed and another thing. And the other thing is I live at home part time highly culminate forget something like elite a lot of water on the table. They'll text yes I don't have been not saying anything in a homily later. And the black we'll still be on the table and not only that they'll be cute dirty moldy mud next to it. And. A more passive aggressive can they be. In very they're they're very terrible I'd find of funny you know Libyan funny are they being passive aggressive. Well I think my dad China meet any mention it. Absolutely I think you're probably 100% correct them isolate from a father reportedly I'd do that in my did the work the odd do all kinds pass aggressive stuff. Sure I'll look at be aggressive now I'm not the problem. I think this Adam is a much mercenary logo and this is a napkin and say get with me now king it's Nat king. You can wipe your face with a you can wipe your hands with it napkin say. And one you know fingers are covered in chicken grease just like Jesus get drama each are due at what they want you have a home part time. I am I'm getting an internship in Seattle float in Seattle looked like they in the income home early but I don't the business they were crammed. LaDainian can get. Are good for you. I certainly in turning to business that your father owns. No I work at the bit the other on them and turning. I know look I've never had to work with my parent perform up and the like mowing the lawn and shores but make one is that like to work with family the light they've already raids like for me one of the beauties of getting my first job is and I got the hell out of my house is there a lot essential as are a lot of sexual harassment in the workplace. Milk of adult women except for my dad's a look at. I would like you're Stanley did indeed not finding it difficult thing in the world. Yeah that would be annoyed this game get away. I would never inherited that Kibaki go to work and he's telling everybody you go harmony telling you about working in my bedroom home. But does that give you grief work or does he saved the grief for you about work at home. I know great everywhere in all over the click OK yeah you can't eat it as too tough to do it every you know every town almost every town we've been and some others that I have been and I know you guys to. There's been this one couple on the radio. That is merry yep they're due to the board should I tried with pebble whacked it out together Gelman could have you can count down the clock on the divorced them and then I'll listen music. Did you hear tomorrow. Jim Boeheim apparently don't talk to each other they just collecting like each other on the radio did you know that they're still donors. Are they get out al-Qaeda or half of it. Jim bar they've been going through tough times I mean I was like it is I think he's got to be some that have worked right or are I. I you guys have yeah I mean there are a good I mean I knew we don't want the good I have seen them maybe every rim what they held Cali and her husband joined the dead and did you think that that the writings of the wall not like diversity we joined the Kelly Ripa show a little Caylee and Ripa and I think there's Kelly rip rip the network and Michael. Yeah look there are no. All right and I had read that laughter. Members you know because you've got to catch up on TV time what did he gives you all the yeah months back I love that we end of that month ago doesn't miss Regis and off among friends and family what's what happened about them annoys you the most. 844999. Alone the lime or your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Drew smiles. Friends family co workers whatever one out and about them annoys you the most 8449990. Look no more here. Eating off a month play without asking does that annoy you yeah. Yes and Jack and of course yeah. The entire situation with eating has so many weird little. Nuances. That I did shouldn't it embarked on ordered this I'm would be that you ordered that you eat that up to as K do you mind if I try something no problem at a OK Matthew question. What if you were to make steaks baked potatoes some kind of salvage you'll need to whenever your Macon for dinner right and and you invite neo what does everybody had. Wonder at stake we're going to have salad and uncovered meat and potatoes you guys know what a for a dinner and you're gonna order a mistake I probably get something that's okay our eyes and I'm gonna drive Samir thing that's that's a theater and says it's gonna have you can't order the same thing as someone else when you go out then you can only eat. I don't know I don't know what you hear I don't know I can't mandate I'm able to log out all I was gonna get them we'll get ahead. Did the goddamn thing was look if we're all eating in an a hole we would all be eating the same meal but now rounds like. Our men and I was gonna do this this is what you need to do they get there and I got the same thing the next thing I knew what people over your house for an. As everything for everybody everybody Ted you've got reports miles you got ribs I don't drew is not an uncut sorry it exactly retreat elect the restaurant yet retaining the same god damn thing you know I hate it that they've because we'll be I was thing and getting them. Who is so why is this sort of get my problem is I'm kind of in between. It's like I get your point but also like I like going to a restaurant to get a budget stuff and share is that we got it that was really you know if you don't with the right there are miles I think that's the difference this is different so you're gonna get supports our quality and good report job marlin to try something but that's my. Now it's different. If you say are really good porch up and then I say while punitive import job you should get in America what you need like I still want a poor job. But I would like you want to get those other things that I do need some of that certain other people you go out with the don't mind sharing their people the guard that plays like a dog with a bone on important you don't have say like yeah I mean like no all right. So like this isn't. I I don't think it to a bad habit of this person it just seems an odd one to me but they'll order appetizer. But like just for their meal. So like I screwed up before just reached over and Mike taken and that your off his plate then like somebody had a formula accumulation of done that like netscape's. All holes like well. I'm stunned at the time terrible terrible right that's a part of an advertiser crowd there are way way. I orders about the roasting I'll get a wedge to five on the if you want want to I don't prompt every bag I love it problem by. But you still have one regret right in comedy I didn't like to take on Iran and that's a play that but if you got nachos. I don't assume you won't even tighter by up to me that's as scheerer likely have to always ladies college ships that come out and anything over like five or six is allowable so that it order chicken wings ten to twelve you reach over grab one. But it it's only six chicken wings do their act that sort of meet you make it Joseph Biden did the onion ring tower please grab some of why did you decide about memories these are from the chart and I really do hate to be blood not Joseph the pogrom you know. Surprise okay. So there's this one place as it's a steakhouse they have they have pretty good steak but they also having a big potatoes there's mashed potatoes and Fries while for whatever reason I've always been a steak and Fries guy because whenever I'm at home when they're at stake in front of my now my grill steak but I never uprise. So when I go out pony arrives for a gallon of mistaken Fries Sony gets taken Fries it's always that reach over into the Fries like all of there's voted present. And be an easy ride. He would decide I just accepted that's like having not to be stolen there's summer Gannett and you've got to protect the prize. And I'll do that number it's the one food that you have to protect on your plate more than any other what do I know can't vote Democrat propaganda they get an hour ago protect them are part of this attack does rise I would eat them eating some of your prize next summer go out. Like if I get that everybody has to protect the prize its arms and infamy of universal. Drive let's not. Yeah let's say hey I've got well that you weren't look at if you think that is different if you go to the bathroom or you're all right you're the worst hit the ball games like so many of my journey not knowing about I don't know I don't know anti no mention today and unfair. If you went you assume is gonna grab the first proper play in front audio but it's less weird do you drink half of the sick everyday. I have we are the umbrella and I Villanova and drinks half of my career if you go into the bathroom I would have abided your sandwich cookie but I would never decoded front and it acted in a a he's just depends on what I'm in the mood for. I think your rank at the end of the day it just matters who the people are Brett I long break as I have. I I eat some emails from like. Get your own acts. It's hit and I doubt they had a different take your own has different tastes and ideas that they just order your own thing we're not sharing our our managers. But then I know other for another topping out with their plate they eat things that fighters and they collect call Sharon after he was split about janitor as though it would give full on at least okay. No miles you and I can't go to the oldest Armitage told that the as far as unexpected shift people food. A coworker bars ate what your daughters amber I'll get all of a playoff pretty much put it on her plate IS if I had already don't know I don't mostly defensive this person Obama there was a lot of com it was hang on there was a lot of community food in the whom I did not realize people got their own hours until it blows that's. Hello Bernard goes a long time ago it over the top of restaurant outside Hamburg I assume some one. Order that it's a hamburger Google share Hamburg a long time and I had a fleeting thought maybe I should go to HR does lose years and years years. Among friends and family would have it about them annoys you the most 844999. Cola. Hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. All I blew it. I'm currently live and let archer a mile an hour and a polite to me isolationism. Like this double standard life. Elway era is she living with you or are you living with her. I am I mean I'm living much and what is her double standard life what he feels this way. Why I guess that's well in general relation that you know we want which comes out clean up cycle around that little whenever she election now. And she used to try and it's whatever it says cheating yes well that's you know at the tarmac during that she wants a clean up or up around the house such that. Greg I'm so it's just a double standard. I'm in I'll help a better if you talk let your brother when you say you guys has that hoosiers were referring to you and your brother. Our web. It'll let a mile tonight I'm life pro has been on. On myself you know just like if we make a national that you've only got a criminal but if she makes let's let's say you know Nadia. And I can kind of like you know and. Yeah now I've. That's you're right you're right. Just talk to our house yeah yeah I mean is even with my kids and me I'm always giving on the case McQueen. Make the Mets are gonna make I don't care as long that you can clean about the know on the far right. And then every one year old from an under play vendors these moments were our blasting a long time at the table. Not because I'm so engaged Arnold while the NC reform through and wait there's no chance I'm gonna finish in any hate donut and ever want to argue be laments the you don't open your food but. But an endlessly still but this is my house. So places and really gets. I don't know who knows enough votes of men some women that trash cans and it's an instance mound for a couple days. No world do you think it's good just wrap up the bag itself and walk outside and put itself on the can take care vanity thing it's just gonna keep sitting in their smiling. Yeah other words. Get that a lot yeah like I'm informing you that and a few days aren't did not notice that right exactly did you look at duke it would have been mayor Judy good what I would do is tell you what I've found not hey go take a look look there's a different either you what is not a good once I did outages taken out the trash. Among friends and family would have been about them annoys you the most 8449990. That is a very amazing thing. Can you believe that man it's been there for three days will be did you know the toy that was plug I did not know the talk I was allocation to the last did you try to. Does the plunge it's now moved well. But although I haven't used it well I don't I won't use echoed the third you'll or you'll Foreman do you work at a construction site do you tell people what to do our users synutra. Yeah it was wrong with you. Petraeus rings hey Al Jesus Christ. I mean how stupid can you beat today get out there you're right it does close have been sitting in the larger now for three birth records of more than an hour no. Hello and welcome to the men's room. There was an additional. You'd still an account for the time being in my brother travel light and can't rinse dishes off before it lets the dishwasher or just leave them on the counter. LH eight it's a budget in a letter. Don't believe that and wanted to see it. How horrible the one power holders. Used all four apparent yet it's time the momentum. Again put an end this washer or does it just leave him in sync of the count. Not only Monica potter like I'll come down in the morning when I'm getting ready go to work and he generally works night so it'll still be there. And. He comes home late he gets real rural high that he comes down to the kitchen and get dignity and it'd be a butter. You know very well look at that makes you hungry yeah I manage my first go to and I'm studded night as peanut butter. Just a big spoon full opinion there are jobs down we're all grow grow and you gotta leave that night on the side of the sink you come back for you come back later. All but even match it charter and it needs. So yeah that's good point a minute because everybody's brown. Yeah. And it's it's really John what is really your job do to address this rhythm. All of Eli a huge wrench your dishes ops I. Think it's your job don't only noticed it in about. It's a huge saves on the bothers you and it's within your control to at least address and minute drastic but you don't know what you bring about a buyout yeah I mean that's out as a brother or his ass off. Yeah she works a lot and let little reach Allen did a great addition out for the military. So I mean. Our Mercury shelter it's not that bad. Yeah you should I didn't know there. Why did you shoot out to the military. Yeah yeah he's got down and yeah so does my aunts and does what got broken and enjoy working twelve hour shift and so does dropper bags and just go in her bedroom pass out I go all right your time you know and another I got you. I never got that. A retired I don't know I hope my dotted the don't know when I'm Donald today OK good I'm a little more love more about the degree they might you know anger where it runs that there is at at Ganassi with a man is going there is there's an F to begin. To me red arrows among friends and family would tell would have been about them annoys you the most that's the worse than it apparently want to you know do they want to make one point. And then twenty minutes later they have to do every god damn thing that pisses them off and it's a wrap it up well. So what bothered you know opened my opening do you feel guilty when you during the last bit of milk now have you ever. Ever felt guilty yeah. No I'm good you know I know why isn't there and I felt guilty because I knew Bosnian trump. I'm not really in trouble I just you know I just know ministers of Robert Morton more likely why he's the milk in the fridge demand for cereal I gonna drink itself. Al wit yeah. But every head girl with a kick off with I went had that wild man I don't know with the Italian but you could finish the though. Know you had always leave Milken to it how much you know if I knew that they had price of milk it was the two leaders assert anything. If you finish it you know we eat here the fridge open like. Oh. Yeah yeah. Every hour everything that is that you pick no I think I have the same theater and I think got the dispensing advice how the first you've finished it off with the amount trouble. How god I want looked over more job there. And it. But they're the very day is man. Great kids are even more annoyed now because now you grab the gallon of milk of the open afraid drew quick you saw the two had milk in the new portable cereal and the people about openers a tablespoon because I didn't finish Moakley to most. Finish the goddamn often this is more yet. I really don't know I don't think that little bit of learn an episode of the captain Lara Eminem's about a bag of Eminem's last night for the area pancakes this morning. Producer to him he's. And renewals of better and Americans who. Among friends and family and another for pancakes for what Kevin about them annoys you the most and met that's one thing read by Halloween candy when you got little kids do dig through the stop you light before you put to rest opera the people knock underdog. So items Reese peanut butter so. Essentially children don't think I've the worst election like it's not that it's that I'm take in the Milky Way is the Snickers and anything recent night yet as is out going to be. You get a bit of honey in candy corns. O'Brien welcome to the men's room. All I'm always yeah. I had noted that good man how are you not to shabby early they'll work getting all late Friday the district of nice. Right right. So. Quick send back the very. My little sister. Just grill put my dad and I that you kind of gained some of these guys haven't and whatnot. He got better you know when you're home just with them door open they go take a leak or some. Donovan on the company. And events and I don't know utterly right my my kids there with me the know it depends solely on the compressed but sure. Are so it's just my dad my little sister and I just at all who we who live west. Wind and would you would you not would you not leave the door open or close. A close eye closed doors this disaster loans that are. Let Turk. My old sister. Terse summaries in Jihad the worst habit of closing the door. Well I don't know why she she did it when you are a little girl and I thought you gonna grow out of it. What what's wrong way to go a long way to close or when she goes in the bathroom. What. If I'm going to demand that we did your sister has a bad habit of closing the door now not cause you know oh yeah like crap to the door open. Yeah I pretty much how old is she now. She and eight nineteen year old Jewish. Cover your thirty blocks you you know he wants to see it there's a reason there's doors on the stalls in the public restroom and you you close the door would you use the bathroom I'm hoping the most someone's home. Of course but Cutler look all right you don't have gone ironically enough sorrow and number two if it if I'm alone in the house I'll stand up and use the bathroom if there's nobody home the door open. But I even if I'm home loan an act of cool. I haven't got the doors today got a lot to our environment may got to walk the dog to walk out of a little like a bitch in tomorrow's race the strongest point. If you go to a public bathroom if there's multiple Urals and multiple stalled the Urals might have a little partition between them. And they also might map. Because Opie and look and you know this man to talk your body about it's a guy got an elite side is gonna go take lead behind a car he still talkative when we got to poop. People make it a point to disappear early if you go camping. You might see a dude take a leak you can even hear the woman squat take it we knew pool there is no sign that they even existed. I had a girlfriend who's a roommate with who for the door open and then wake up and early and start walking and all these bath are guys walk in member because the door was open and there should be setting an ambulance. And so SARS the now it's okay I'm statement group. I'm like man whose and I wanna see how I'm gonna decide it's okay right or he'll walk in here I adamantly Judy reminded her brush my teeth. In an Ilya come on in Russian Jews out of here tomorrow regardless of data related to that it was weird but he just a massive man with a massive. Cranks it and yes he decides he wants off right at the top of the stairs if you look at this area and just eighteen day that the all right Mann act cool. Among friends and family have about them annoys you the most 844999. Cola. Pillow to. Hatcheries welcome to the men's room. I. Oh. I had speaking of blocking him and then back out there and I say live in the military and hey I didn't let that guy is in the afternoon. But he can't let Steve Graham. And I had tied it ways I have violated Ian error. And co Ed Bennett let Bennett and gentlemen cannon and I immediately after. In another place they Aiken a cannon at that comment being to have them are giving you about their eye black into an apartment units that. By email at I go to Japan I got to take a leak agony is walking the women's room a little fly. You know it's like a coed. Like everybody in the community using the doctor oh so you're used to be an echo its steam room. I'm not not like I'm behind you but are you naked. And while no I don't see upon amnesty. Room I'm normally naked. Latest theme love until I guess they were all hang out there older. It's got to be in the locker room now yeah exactly there's a steamer in my building I was not now I don't know under the targeted at the good news you don't I would install photo or about I don't want to hear login to the the Sonnen there's this dude accused of on the very top you know the benches yet but his brains and tonight you know I don't it's just NN that a fat Harry's. You don't do it do you hang me up amid all the guys who could lock for losing a whole thing off in his later fell out system. Masood kiwis just throughput over the side of damn right it's a strange shifting to see reopen that door. Hello friends and family what happened about them annoys you the most they four point 999 all of our your calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. My friends and family what happened about the annoys you the most is we tracked on this list arrows Dallas. Using the phone love people are talking to you finishing the milk not replacing it eating off of your played without asking not holding the door for you when your running for the elevator. People don't like that you know I'll I'll say this woman worked in a former building I would that door close moment at work. As much as I could those people were disgusting pigs mom's right. And our new building these are decent folk carried themselves a little better got no problem waiting for I'm not flushing after using the toilet but the one that does that's number one yeah but and that happens a lot of work you walk in there and I get it because doesn't do you think are so there's always thing will bitch about the messy kitchen or Erica and it's always the conversational. Touting an house looks like Bob brought about. When it comes to toys. Like if someone didn't flush the toilet. Here do you honestly think they don't enforcement point I don't know and I don't know I don't know here's what's going on here doing a scientific break down this. I figure breakdown instead this is I don't think that this is any scientific deeply thought out breakdown of what's going on in our toilets you're thinking of this just now and how is based on nothing Nelson's might this is the truth OK now let's let's take our own Michael all right okay he had a good point yesterday about the implausible. My cock is a self admitted sitter when he whites yeah okay so when Mike hawk sits down. It uses the bathroom number two. He's still on the seat and he leans over any lights is booked gains this does not trigger the automatic plus system. Oprah it only triggers the automatically system when my cock stands up and then walks away. And but I still have him put toilet paper back down there's a button in on the saw in him but I'm saying. Do you understand why people are not double flushing with somebody else heard another standing right what he stands up when he's done that you flush it does. No I'd say he's OK but mighty fine the toilet paper I understand. The herd of like that's not okay and only if the thriller salt flushing toilets and it's added so we move into the new building. And to be fair I'm guilty of this one time cards or go on I sit down I go number two I stand up to what my butt. The toilet flushes like Germany for the toilet paper down yet right and I'm standing they're not weird kind of cold even Norman you're alone panic quite because I don't wanna put a real reference driver network. So I'm stand and wait. Oh god you know how I got to forgive us out so I believe was actually Mike hawker somewhere maybe castle which went through this that dude. There's about mom's side slopes and I'm go to bed and I'm cool now. I don't know how this works and I don't know talented got to be censor something I'm having a bad gut day missed is maybe two or three weeks. I go and iron to lay down a number two this is never and I was not in a long sort of an Oprah wandered time of my body was evacuated. But it was future it was awful ice Milliken getting sick. The toilet flushed while I was still sitting that follows I started third and try to give you don't have it currently is a part of me as a courtesy sensor that's when you may have may be is that the volume is the new currency float that I had not gotten off and I was in the air for less time than I normally be lit it flush mid poop from a post. I just got here courtesy. Bush but here's a thing as bad as it is walking in on someone else's dirt. The only thing that ties that the only thing that ties it at number one as far as being something that annoys the living hell lot of people's is that is wanting him. I'm an unforced error when I say this the people who know we're gonna go probably manually you'll agree that I had a couple of that is I think this should be number one. Think what am I think you'll never guess that in a million do you think Allan green would you Tom I just can't imagine anything to meet the thing I hate most live and live on the toilet. In the waters brown there is the remnants of the third that I just can't think of a worst thing. This this is just so annoyed. It's the person. That unplug your phone from the charger to plug bears in without asking. Or just flat out takes your charger and take it to a different room and uses that why you are trying to charger I have I have not had that problem wecht that you will Israel wait a minute wait excuse of well I had a lower battery charge so it's okay. Analysts call coming in and now embedded I don't know out no this is I mean I've got two teenage daughter's trust me. I Obama I am in the middle of this sort of stuff off my oh my god it doesn't matter I mean any time in their on this thing so much that they're just weren't onus on the charge and I've got a little 30% a couple from Oregon plug it in they walk in the door and next thing you know like I'm a 33% but the actual tape it to the rule yes he. He could take the charter that gold and I think that you know with like you know it's I thought why I think it's like food water air and that charger. But it is only three basic things that a kid needs any more let's just above me Carter's one of but let me Velika eating ultimately I just graduated high replete in the restaurant if you mean they should have a chart necklace that it right where just cellular Emmy winning the economy enough author neck and got one's got them. Among friends and family to have an about them annoys you the most are brother and Oklahoma City 8449990. The show and many games continues on the men's room. The radio network.