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Friday, December 22nd


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To shore up. Dating you're facing east receipt page during the last miserable performance. Tears what you miss. Actor Kelsey Grammer he was nominated for an Emmy for playing Frasier crane on the read different TV. One on cheers one on the show we were made a one episode cameos the bad economy and what other TV show. Oh man. Get drawn up like on the show I used to watch an agenda. I'm going to come on dude who am I even changed the order or request demand. He gave you an idea and is there. I do at NASCAR. I'd like mantle made it he doesn't give into the lives he just the big dummy automatic. Guys tell you a birthday shout out to my son Leo meat turns one year old today and I am so dang proud of them for all the he's accomplished. Gonna get a little kid faced sandwich a bullet in. Let's just wait and Jay lives. I got past yes. How much good he's accomplished in each Peter I've put that in there and kind of added that. Other MI because you're old outlook but these shows all the sound to me and my fourteen month old could think if you are equally great Iverson. In what city is the Kentucky Derby runner. What say you want Stanton can. Think they think it's like Peter Reid Chris pleased I was at first to yeah I know they've got the Alabama obviously. When doing Darlington. Covington. Ellington content. Think they. That is incredibly hard Kentucky bit tougher top to bottom I think so I think I think about why did you pick coming to prison really enough. But it didn't do. The current Dalai if they didn't like it does a very small town McIntyre it's like pike who designed the population the only thing the Covington is known for its coming to barbecue. That is why they know though that there a couple of you know I'm sorry in Covington Kentucky. Oh did you see a giant horse track. The sudden like a whole other can tell you are you'd get it happened to be downtown right in the middle do you see that thing where they say like the one day they wake you when you router well when you winning without it and Franklin Kentucky you win this thing yeah I mean for the yeah. Added the ball we know this hour an hour Ralph. We're down the last one the top shift in the country and we guess yeah. I'm guessing I'm guessing if you could read those away I would go to Rios original I think that's going to be three. Is that the natural justice not to regular Q. You know amendment adding that are solid they're delicious merely go. Well. I'm not. I'm no really she knows what all I know really. Here is your question where to go back to 1969. And this movie could. But it just that he alone I don't mind equity market I consider going all the rain Merrill he was born stupid joke. Yeah how would you concede. Not that way I think it. Well do we craft it's even 68 to Baez could run no number but it's gonna anyway if it's the stuff for its HD video of this that he thinks. All right in 1959. This number yeah overpayments. If that story and both would like to ride ducks solved overnight complaints. But as it. Impossible to get off. They couldn't. There's also started off the rails for a car who's no givens ducks they're predicting the models are a but here I thought our effort does not like well good don't exiles and it definitely did not support a new rule of dog notre. But I'm abroad find studied them Princeton and the there's just there's in his or mustard can be French instrumental. If it. They got their own money they got into him because you went there. My girl and a half. I think Alice I think if it's like instinct like I was like I probably couldn't get out our record a couple of multiple wide event. It's a regular playing in Canada and and guy by the name of John Montague. That's the man credited with inventing the sandwich. He was Earl over. And he meant it invented the sandwich you credited with inventing the sandwich. It's Starbucks it's Coleman's career with strawberries and jam or to me and you a PB and it is an artisan pieces. I would guess I was that. Purdue couldn't believe it I have better be good what he'd be like hey they just put Starbucks as a comedian Jay Wright is to play these the white bread look. What is great deli and give me about the deal live at the wrong not who's an amen I know I got it all on the death of afternoon with the distributors Krajina a lot of sky alcohol. Yemeni guesses they're the man who's credited with inventing the sandwich this thing we're talking about was known as the Earl of no they. Melanie. All she although never. I don't know. I don't know I'm not there hello no she got. I forgot that was the greatest Irish exit ever on radio. In 19850. Man by the name of Robert Ballard discovered what vessel that have been lost since 1912. In 1912 this big ship went down. In the Atlantic Ocean. And they made a big movie about and Kate Winslet was and Leonardo DiCaprio. And Celine Dion sang the theme. I'm I'm wondering if your from the planet now. It could happen or serum come from like did you play this game to torture yourself do you really does not know anything. Or are you just messing with our head. What is the only major ship catastrophe that you did think otherwise and what is the biggest air ship catastrophe will would you say it and you know what then go right okay news video thought aliens maritime was the biggest maritime disaster that. How old. It was huge. And the monsters hundred no way. My kids don't know don't tolerate. Egon. You know we haven't had a listener he then a couple of hours. And as a real bummer that I wouldn't bunkers we all that takes the last. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas gained independence in 1973. For what country. All. So I'm just gonna swing at United States. And it was an English and I thought they brought those stocks. Is this just. What's so group what do you Obama Burmese have not been losing my normal Obama homicide and I'm download about not letting them over me and I. Suck it back into it over its. Own design defect yeah I thought oh well you look bad flag. The Dutch. The joys of snacks. Also I dress is nice it was shorted than the ducks all people. Korean dry cleaners in your book and you don't. What you don't apparently. Happened when you're old enough to back care you've got no problem bra size usually never been the Caribbean don't question about it Barack Obama back. It's really clap. We're a bad day at track at all that the that we. Could. But what can you talk about out of the night I had than of women matter capped with a mortgage of men's room homicides in the mid survive back out bottles off the. Now done men's room legacy can continue to. He what you're about to hear is real. Of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. You know they say see your radio more than. Yeah I had a lot of they go look at Arizona our 2676. Along with Steve the throw hills. C kids may love one ball. To my car. Do you aren't amends a get ready for the bad jokes bridges. It's the return of Ted vs the FCC. Can write a play profile lists. Let's headlines events and shot of the day fumbled as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time within the black booted off I know go to Virginia where a slice of pizza lead to two men getting into a violent fights. We had to Oregon were in town as being overrun by a bird they cannot take flight. As those dunes in New Jersey getaway Friday night football game they get boost tests instead it. The Justice Department says man doesn't have to sell gazes businesses daily bread. The new KFC colonel answered this ticket makes you laugh isn't a jumpy at is it funny that. And as well coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All of outfit is good day to you and yours are both teams dot com. They have done what they always do and provide enough with completely unimportant results. From completely unimportant surveys and this is the stuff that we enjoy case in point. We now know the percent of you who do know what's the toilet after using. If the good news that my son is not alone but come on man. We have the percentage of you that would eat awful someone else's plate without asking we're not talking about those of you and relationship. We know how millions who still eat your bloggers which I'm a side note it's very. Very disturbing to me in the percentage of people that admit to currently leading the borders as adults to me golf. I just I can't wrap my head around but. We also. We have a list of the percentage of people that are willing to fart I'm an elevator like myself I know what part of what hell I'm far I mean none slack. But I do know that annoys the hell of all the people. Especially in the lot but we're all skilled people that kind of poke our pet peeve if you don't mean there's some habitual thing they do so you've got her roommate. Maybe even your best friend they still something that's going to drive you crazy maybe it's a coworker you love more aware of but I don't know there are super close talker. Who knows. And god knows if your relationship you may have been together for some five years may have the god damn it you just which they stop doing blank. So this is today's question me after you think about everyone in your wife ever when you have to deal worth. What's that annoying being that they do even they don't care or were on the were so today we wanna know. Among friends bandwidth roommates or other what. Had it about them annoys you most Big Brother Joseph caught a far far 999 all you can like the men's room on FaceBook pulse on what are meant to live answer your emails to the men's room admin jamaat dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah it's my. Whole. I know that I go out there do I Jennifer 2676. Amazing Joseph yeah. There for bad jokes may do the return of Denver's is the FCC another exciting round of profile lists in that there was talk about people who annoy you. We'll let it at two and oh yeah. Among friends and family what happened about them annoys you the most and maybe not that I haven't necessarily about just maybe it's a flaw also figured it it was good to start with a some record. It basically says that's 7% of Americans wouldn't travel abroad even of the triples for. Which is ridiculous meaning if you told one in ten people that pay I wanna go to Europe by it's all paid again. Mad. Do any thing maybe year with a person who doesn't love to do anything any thing I mean even of its Bernie you know owner of the deal. So what is it about that that just a nausea so. New survey asked people where they guilt money was a factor in old Europe was free and 7% of they would never travel abroad no matter what really was one of fourteen people. Stuff that's still that's ridiculous in the top station one I'm. Simmons shocked me though. What's I think I'm disappointed that it doesn't shock me more if you asked a woman in America what are top destination to go to anywhere would be we're going to be my parents hello I'm heiress Paris I'm an artery spares and not a bad number I guess yeah Hawaii wacko top ally in Seattle I was guess where I was for a wore out the brain trust America. The man. It's exactly would you that you would be Australia and I know it's a state. A state to state in America if you just gentle anywhere where it is okay and there you know and it's it's it's exactly I'll go. Nevada Florida Florida. Floor yeah Florida why Florida Florida out of money is no object and in America the majority of network that look of money meant nothing is the state of Florida via a text to my dad this morning here as well thanks to this. It makes sense he lives in a trailer in Florida so there are things are going real smoothly down there. Yeah I have I have about some friends who live in Florida and they indicated they actually evacuated their house today good good good good Erica I know one person down and they started driving like a day and a half ago okay. Well hopefully the man you know that is Israel if you let me know if Florida and even and they've been through exactly if you live down manually and yeah yeah and vermilion yet. So well let's talk about annoying people today and depending on into an. Depending on who it is and and. And what the dealers and as being. On the West Coast there is a typical way that people. Visit in the way that they visit is this if you're on the East Coast you complain that that the people on the West Coast to dome is that you enough. Even know about 75% of the time in my family's instance I've been the one doing the majority of the travel that's just me on that does need to have. Always me OK so juicy you know cost about two grand. To visit your ask them to sleep on the luck yes bad read and no one slept and and the crappy guest room or on the sofa in the basement and not worth the money man now now now given mind that a flights. Is anywhere between five hours and depending on where you are four hours somewhere in there. So. That this is this is like. This is like this is the most painful Mecca. Of any journey ever and what you have to understand is the difference is is that getting on a plane for used to getting on a plane. Then you understand flight travel you understand everything about them but at least what my relatives and how they're concerned. Getting on a fly and a five our plane ride day they can almost be in New York for the same amount of time they've never been to Europe my mom as but other than that. Thank you don't travel that far. So when they come out to Simi. They stayed for what seems to be the equivalent of six months Delhi on holiday right so they are actually in and they only goes on holidays when families visiting new film goes on vacation if you're going somewhere you'd like and Ed and an understanding is I really am this person OK even when I go back. In C family I normally get a hotel room. And the reason I get a hotel room is because normally I'm going back to family functions and there's a bunch people staying in the homes or whatever I'm like you know what. I'll get the hotel room I got a couple kids that the wife bell that I get a hotel Europe no big deal. That does not happen when the travel goes the other direction. My house has been taken over Yemen really considerate know they would even think about staying in a hotel do you know why this is what they traveled so I'm Artie get here. I think it's it's the same with death they understand not map no one mother. And that's a big right now how long it takes to get it yes I do because the last seven times we saw each other I flew to see yoga and hit it within the Magen David did take five hours reported two men who don't really break a tie that flat was. Brutal and it's along politics a long time to get out here I had no I did it's it's it's easy it's until it's a long flight that's for sure hey what are you doing this weekend. Well I have a friend down in Key West announcement drive down and see here it's only 24 hours out of breath quick turn and burn it you're strapped down see her own front and back to back Saturday morning. All's you willing to drive 900 hours pitchers you get on a flight in it's the Indian world and that's just the mentality of the family that I I idealist and that is driving at their life financially get around everywhere to write those from 24 hours in the garden I know them well we're just gonna drive straight through wherever it is you know New Orleans you know full obviously Florida police here right now but normally on vacation times or whatever it no problem get in the car and driving halfway across the United States of America. And it can be thirteen Aaron. We just drove thirteen hours my brother drove thirteen hours to pick up a new car he found online. But he used to do it. Man that's a long fly right that's a long flight I had a friend drove twelve hours from Mazda minivan. And a friend visit me in start. You know the burger guy there and he kind of drunk and then started lake almost a guilt trip to me like. You know it kills your mother when you're not home on your birthday like oh please scramble woman heard they're caught up 36. And all it's not a huge hole most the time on your birth because it's Christmas our Q meanwhile the last Cordelia I have right now I haven't gone back OK because obviously it's my birthday. It's Christmas Eve and I did it but it's like it's also my birthday man. Like I wanna spend it in my bed and wake up the next morning in my bag now am I wanna drug to bring women home. Based Riley and that's kind of what it's about mental thought into is that people who know who he should come back to Michigan might. Me and I have been back for so much it spent probably the bulk of my retirement. Almost annually weddings did you do during the period of at least early years 22 Obama think about and you know why every time right right Miami Martha's Vineyard faith Marilyn Malta and it long flight pilot season now honestly I don't care but he doesn't come visit you look like I don't I don't have 22 weddings yet and when you're in a wedding. Now you got to fly there you gotta go rent the toxic. You gotta get a key like I stop buying gifts for people like I am here my president is the key. And maybe you don't if it used to be that I would just kind of be wary. Of friends that I did not want to find. And the reason that I demonic clearly didn't qualify those fronts there are my friends and they were my friend and a friend that I don't want there are as people I know that I don't hate that I don't want to I got a buddy I got a buddy has been a friend of mine since we are in first grade. He's never had a job in his life. He's still loses his mom he's never had a job he goes and plays pool every day he does nothing. Now he finds him he's the guy that to get on the Greyhound bus for six days that he's got nothing better to do and he will be in my house until I figure out a way to get on the F out. So but I have family like. You don't mean like so it used to be just what else growing up I was like well it even now like. I've got a couple friends. You know all the email alone all talked we have data grave where all they wrote about this sometime yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah whatever. But now guerrilla and out servicemen preface. It can't hit. I men very far away place. So our question today among friends and family and we have a bunch of stats on what drives people nuts we get into a lot of different stuff today as far as people driving me crazy but amongst friends and family. What haven't about them annoys you the most 844999. All out got to feel good comments came and. My mother does not finish your sentences. I do know one personally that you. You can fill in the blanks get you get the context but it's still annoying to the flick look I'm not on the game show were having a conversation and so usually the first it's like name that tune. Here's the first eight words can you guess the next they were going down this year. Bryant and utilities and that he's the only and I have. I posted my younger brother this is one of those things my kids and I'm trying to get my kids about this now. My younger brother seems physically I'm able to replace the cap. Under toothpaste even if it's attached or jury to wake up to do pray for the opening sealed shut on my kids man first of all you don't need all of toothpaste every time the Russian team. And please for the got encampment. Mobile accuser fingers and l.'s viciously all the typing time I'd rather she be picking your notes. Did you know my dad does he likes to talk right then but if you're eating with them he it's obviously his turn right he's holding the conversation. Won't stop on. It's off yeah and they don't like Palin way to look into fake. You can't start since then put out of work for puppy and really give much in a third day it by asking the other guys are gonna wait are you know you live and you gonna take another bite again. Middle of it and just keep doing it yes he's wrist income. I want to have from the other very good. Even when the waiter or waitress I'll come over and I've got like half a piece of bread in my mouth and yet I guy already read or go out and Rome and all the wrong things as yeah. How did you get caught the times are heap purposely while talking to you ball shovel food in it and do. Ted you've got to do to slap the spoon out of his hand like you know he's about to do it you know your didn't aggravate because you can see it come on man just jump across the table. Slap the spoon out of the thing and that benefits adds momentum. Are making them a bit too late last summer song we re crab balls I delicious once. That's right that's why didn't directly you know what others do an impression of it and you'll be talking however. And holder of affirmative it all talk crap all like I did she look like. What did you do with expeditiously behind. You or your right I did picture myself in a nice hot dry. Another half a wrap up. I warned you will read it don't do it the are you know it's my product on top. I think gonna roll that drove right I don't know looking embarrassed you play like that I got their employees maybe not your parents would know gonna bears like mine are it's. Well I mean I would like to trade stories people hauled it home oh my god give never in my prior to embarrass me its content. Right everything of their marriage he although I was there I got there probably because they're not there in the year they're oblivious to what's going to write yourself what are people so I'm pretty that he PMI when my mom would never do it in it's only happened a couple of times states she didn't mean to but it's partly bears. Yep. Among friends and family what happened about them annoys you the most 844999. Alone let's talk to Charlie Brown's only black friend hello Franklin and welcome to the bedroom. Oh. I plan. The Arab greats I know Franklin is to remind me aside and indeed challenge around this but watched it. Take the opportunity to watch what. To Thanksgiving Charlie Brown Charlie Brown Thanksgiving whatever the relatives. Long story short by its oldest friends over for Dan. Now Bono walking through the gate he told them one at a time there's like high peppermint patty hello Marcy hello Linus. Franklin rolls up they don't say a word they have five in my mayor Franklin most of Smith who are you are yeah I dole brought by Chrysler coming up on it are you are you black agree what. Why are your buck in the trend you're not Frank White O'Donnell Franklin. Yeah I spoke had a real. Crazy yet that's weird and a. I've only met one other frankly it is so how old are you. Not wintry. I know you're a summer seventy years older than your parents did not have any originality. Kept to a family name Babylon. Yeah I knew it had to be present in the dollar is and I know it's a family name is based on one thing. And don't take this wrong. It's a horrible night. But adorable but it's an old names those like man if your parents named Franklin just got to be so it's too bad that got the same person named who was and they might wreck when you're when we hear when your making quite as did she say do me Franklin or is it frank more and do more friend who were awarded and Ed Sprague OK general are flavored condoms say welcome to the Franklin Mint. No but I say here comes frank the tank is. Okay. Sciences who annoys of their friends and family lives. My roommate. Any time like a walk out into the kitchen and I'll grab a glass you'll get a glass clinking turn the water on you'll hear the glass so water on here. What do you do it. Like robbing a bank man. Just get water Ernie time like all go out my trucks look enjoy it I'll walk in lean in real close you know like we slice. Yeah well and they're not doing literally no I cannot look look like everything there's a few he would everyone's lives that where you gone to the bathroom. Where you go on upstairs. Where are you. I mean every thing ideal. Yeah none on other people there really need to know everything about everybody. In spite of how obvious it is what you don't have gotten they would want him psyched. Out probably sixty minutes that's that is with some street where you know stuff we're almost programmed to believe that the the cell phone is embedded on the side of our head like. Did answer your phone. I didn't they get in my cramped and regret it and my bat I am guilty of that sometimes it up against the bad habit I have when it doesn't seem to Pete's idea. I'm big time. Yeah you look at this. Holly dvd people don't want food I don't know what I Lou what do that was gonna do I think we all think about everybody identifies food I think Alina we're really knowing news. You know like idea. I thought that I had been good this morning and those that cheat but that where did you get your burger news and automated movement right exactly Edwards say my browser eating a burger that's exactly what I do when Mike walked into the island EG does not Muster all healthy that's that is the odd sleep easy did you so did I go to pick up the bottom plate that helps everybody if we'll have uses now it'll sort of Illinois are well would you know like to me is to admit that now a look at damage and what you ask relaxed on the other what do you like Alan you know if anybody gets a phone gaga who sat there like it's anything like this that they didn't call you. And so does flick that they told you my friends and family would have been about them annoys you the most. Hello right now welcome to the bedroom. Hello hello hello. So. 119 left that I can intended when I mean they walked into my room when I win the orange thing right Cabrera and Mike Neely you know they don't shut it. Told you. Thirteen yeah I want my what do you what you don't and get through you know if you live your mom and a dad. Island my mom okay and why trying to shut the door snatch at. V nine disliked it and may your room Tori show and they're littler man and what I have. Eighty siblings and they like to come in like. Well I'd. When I was thirteen I insisted my door not loyal or the family and I wrote my parent who has had the Dorset city so they don't want me around elite. May be that apartment newest app on the door the difference was my parents would tap on the door in the mall there and I would tap on their door they would say common but they have of course you want to Dorsey and I have I have to teenage daughters myself or you're that age were your turn and in the devil are you keeping your head on straight. Into an old are you you gotta you gotta now you can't do that. Out of the go ahead I'm an agenda that itself was yeah you are you are you are here you met are you minding your mother. Sometimes OK okay I'll try to win win when did she say things that you don't agree with the weather about what does she tell you that you don't with the most annoying thing when she keeps repeating to. Are young did playing around as a stop telling you get the day off today like. School what did you do yourself a favor clean somebody room real quick before your mom gets home and then see how happy that makes or maybe save it and tell them and other men's room said that day if you clean your room that she would take you to mcdonalds. Yes water or just tell your mom one day you're gonna make McCleon pay somebody to your room did you eight you tell you about Tyler that apathy secretly not exactly tell her that okay Donald Carter says I'm glad mom. One day Armitage you don't McDonald's demise to violate someone's gonna clean my room so it just clean your room and surprise there and say the man Jim told us told me to do this in that you would take me to McDonald's. See what happens when the calls back. Could talk or go to mom better come through so annoying when your living with someone else is paying for everything. She's thirteen and now we hear it you don't have cold and I have never not an adult I can say this now but what I'm response did come on the agenda yeah. She should take your image now if you clean the room and an over the winter months later the most of whatever it is the got dame thing you know listening to do a toss as we please just think the crap off the floor. We please just do this can you find your sink so believe in and out the other night that it. You know I keep telling my side you faced the toilet bag because it doesn't I don't doesn't randomly walk up to my kids and just for peace summit. That's the toilet right now I'm darted across Darlington the one thing you won't know it's. Good god damn. Tarek this Madonna added look joy of the Wednesday's federal TARP because you don't let the door is closed logical disconnect ranting man. Plus they employ those the idea. I don't wanna see your blue how clear an idea about this lady can write a paper on mica a natural occurring world. Who think this have to do you know what life and Martha when it puts a little bit or like how the formation of a tornado at. You know what that might be it you know I mean I do like reverse psychology of hoops in the trailer the waters of tornado watch how would disappear if they think of your log as a trainer or a flying through the Wyoming prairie Europe storms they are now. Among friends and family in the who would have been about them annoys you the most 844999. Olaf. Although I murder calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Which is you. Got another secretary of dead verses the SEC get ready be jealous read festival is coming has gone down at the and the Greg and and other dumb stuff don't forget it's eight hours of insanity. And it's only. Fifteen bucks there will be belly dancers there as you look around the weird how these fat guys give them it's gonna kind of be a bit of a freak show also will be still Walker's juggler is acrobats. Jet city. At their Macs will be they're not be a Max being Max Levy it matches the of bikes to pedal. Apparently could be able sold under the ground coffee out my bad we got real men on good. Right with us and get reckless Larry's freaks I saw a man they're also that is yet reckless freaks are are different things now that we've got live music all day window pane jar flies over Jane out shined the new originals will be performing a very special said. Oh yeah well and this year as we've expanded red fez in a red festival we've got beer from 8 Pacific north rest breweries not only that. Very special dirty German beer yeah. I know is that tickets for that's what we want an owner of a hotel on sale now at men's room live duck out again man we're gonna have a great day out our Greg and all that we always have a blast in this year's going to be no different other than the fact it's going to be bigger better and cheaper than ever Simmons or read festival is tomorrow. And imply expose inner pull to see there all the details are Edmonds or live dot cap. On the question among friends and family what happened about them annoys you the most 844999. Although we do have a little list here. Things that we believe that are they that the people believe our route. And here are some of the results from the survey on whether things are rude or whether they are not to find out if you do these things to see if you're just a rude person okay what if you ignore someone's phone call and just takes them back instead is that route. Up hole now no problems you can't take the call but you are able to send the message to let them know it was just I don't want to take the call look I'm notorious for different phone call is just our role may be didn't brood I apologize but. I just can't look at I'm with sometimes I'll do that you are. One person thinks that route 40%. OK I was not a baby resembles our radio the percentage where they're nor are people that won't shut up on the phone debt and can mean how about this second and your house Ted what's what's the first thing the maybe you should do according to this. Balcony. Well I tried that yet after use your bathroom. Take your shoes off she show me the beer you brought. Our question is you're supposed to offer me a drink well. I'm sure I. Though not offering some drink when they're at your house is considered rude by what percentage of the population. 35 pars and got fifty. Yeah I don't have different regal over the they're sitting there having a beard Olaf and you don't Brad just yeah but even when crap right I always put my beer you I guess that's not just on how we're. Okay what was the percent what is a route 43% say that it's routed to go to some way and and most the time tend to think that if you're going over to someone's house is probably that. Watching game have a party do Barbie to a bigger playing poker when I have. Friends like I honestly I have friends late. I don't know I think they just don't think about a job or their house for dinner that's like ten minutes late. And then Kevin can get a drink like a Beers and oh yeah of course yeah they just don't these don't. Post all the time like OK to like I think all of us in the same way that we like to host people sure. But if you're not a person that does that use permit well first thing I would say is fridge is there if there's an what do you want it and it's just it's it is what is. I'm not offering to pay on a date. What percentage of people think that's rude. It depends on the sex. I don't think gender as a lot to do them and also. I don't know the situation have you ever been out on the date there was a an initial dates were someone took care of everything. Yeah yeah I do but I mean what we're watching other than me via an initial date Jacobsen a 5050 going on and on a couple lilac and policy here and get written but not replying to a text within a day. That is being you forgot the text you doesn't. It depends on what that text is. Orifice plate. I don't know if thrill texting does hate you wanna go do this late fun weekend in like I think about it figure out what's going on summit not replied analyst Jeff I've do you intend. How when they're using their phone while you're talking to them in the middle of conversation they just pick up the start doing some quick yes that would be wrote. See here's my ideal. I don't care if you pick up your phone and kind of scroll through order whatever they want me to think by mid sentence and then you just stop listen. And I think it's time yes yes I agree that as far as population said. If you're trying to talk to somebody and they pick up their phone to start using percent of the population thinks that's a rude thing to do are the battery is that a four. Reserve report might give it got it. Among friends and family what have an about them annoys you the most 844 at 999. Alone although I would bet golf coming appearance seconds. This and many games continue on the men's room radio network.