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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. I felt insulted sitting back for another edition of profiled a star 944999. All will play profile this coming up in miss. Editor at their headlines and only one hour from now the first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right a lot of people are leading Florida above before Irma hips and there were complaints after the cost of flights skyrocketed to as much as 3000. Dollars certain airline. But now several airlines like jetBlue and American have kept their prices at 99 now good and. It was a united injected a Blake three grand to fly over I have no idea and outrage about it but hey good amount of money you've gone back. We love the flat but not with you. GAAP. What is what is the line on the price. They're can't beat if you look at the flight they had originally for about five on the front ever profiting out tragedy. Amanda during the right now I know but everything like there's certain companies use say that surge pricing this and played with and how you define that line up like this is the price. I think it's more situations like liberal do Serge writes in the go like look man if that's the ball hours of all the fun you can take you can. Right you can call for an with the as you'd like they're telling me to a banquet for the strongest hurricane that they record the Atlantic in history and united way a man. No monumental. Time tonight. McDonald's is adding three new job it brings to compete with Starbucks about a good. A car moment he had no oh I think there's nobody likes them and make money get much marking on him if if if if the media wanted to stay in the mafia. A cappuccino. Yeah and said. They go in the America. Outlook didn't demand the espresso Micky. They'll also start selling iced coffee in stores early next year. I'm down of that as well and nothing funny then don't post over and be like you know what I'll get a big Mac. And kept you get a frantic and keep them to get I don't know why they don't did they did a pretty good look at it on. To think that the I think it would just be we're going into a regular grocery store and let's grab the McDonald's brand. Ice cup as we don't put anything into orphans from nova nation with a special sauce in there. Right and people will know the secret said. They only do they argue well I think they are like special sauce is special sauce we be thinking about the move bottle yeah yeah. And I had it at home we're on the Berger it was delicious but it's still in fulfill the church of a big Mac I'd still go to McDowell it will be yeah you'd have to thread let us about it. Yeah I didn't at that I don't like or big Mac milder let's be honest I just made a burden them with socks on their Ramadan tomorrow I'm relaxed approach sort of to provide the mild and what have you. You need the shredded lettuce for that those special side to work tomorrow I give up and up to pull it all off nobody combined with a sauce and for some reason it just taste better on shredded lettuce. I really I get a to go would chicken sandwich from places close to my house and today and guys like luck. It's the best thing we got it's it's a big braided piece chicken. With Manning's and shredded lettuce and pickles is again as I found that Craig is like it's the best thing ever have in my aren't shredded lettuce makes a huge difference even on tickets and making case worst I've I'm with you Alex and let him get hurt them and I ask us at all Yamon tacos to public. It's got its gotta be messy for some reason they really really good things authentic authentic. Until anyway twenty year old in Massachusetts killed his brother on Tuesday while fighting over whose devices were hogging all of their Internet bandwidth. OK we have gone through the looking glass we really have the Bentley with the late punch him and he fell over. Says here I'm not working on it. But my. Tied it just says that they were arguing over who's Arnold event with and then for some reason he killed his brother. Not really all that many ways to figure out who's using more bandwidth unless your actually downloading something it's telling you. How many kill byte for second that you're using they're not really a whole lot of wasted talent he's more and let my question is you know how much Internet used to get in prison. Zero plummet in the moment. I don't know I don't know if I've never been so how might you know it yet. Yes I've got on the bucket list as threat. Many California originally asked to use the phone at a 7-Eleven and they said now. So we trashed the place and shattered all the windows. That's impressive it's a logical they Bahrain where a glass windows there shouldn't let me the phone right I dislike of that phone calls so important that he gave up on exit. Corruption sentinel that as opposed to go some place that. Maybe he did now the fifth he says she's the pay phone or he forgot to call collect. I thought call collect phone in or is on the pain. Fault. You know. Like where I mean does up up by getting older or. I've seen them it's a little Greyhound bus stations I am patient I don't even transportation hub it need goals I to do but otherwise. No longer on Sunday regulars somebody asked me the other day and I am really gonna bars soulful like wow. Well let's go and compete and resolute and doesn't make a judgment call outsized Bjorkman is just how bad things you don't eat the phone I'm just assumed it would her real purpose of our. I don't want what we're number your calling to be in my phone history that's the sense I'm getting away when he gets busted me tick phone records I have nothing to do it. A little guy that I'll pay you right to sit outside an apartment if our 1030. I think I usual drugs and I use it. And he can lose. All right man like you wait around ten minutes so she calls back with my. No neighborhood I live only a little and your wrongly view. To use the phone your own thing is that they got everybody is always giggle yeah back and I will now have it later got a texas' like that's not his don't don't expect valuation similar to the one on nine and you're Britain's conservative mode come on over within a shocker. Is that it. Have to pick a pay phone as settlements goalies to call click home in the try to fit came mom I've done with football come pick me up incentives say your name. Hazard that trick yeah Saturday in Atlanta and I'm moment that all of a book about me Abu and that it would go off when the denied the charges that my mom's on the way. Yeah yeah. They needed. There worth collect calls went against you have a collect call from an inmate at the bottom our correctional facility do you think this kind of evened out I know. The truck ran out of the way the value and I thought it jail I think that the app. You know why did have a job here and yeah. According to a new study 83% of the world's tap water contains tiny pieces of plastic. Yeah I saw bad for some reason in the review headline tiny pieces some of plastic brought me relief. You have all different things on the cool it's just glad it's just a little bit of Leno nowhere to me out of the woods like we needed it the grated cheese you realize that the little one mobile. Now they're a great amount and parmesan and now on you can you can tell what was that is because it's that the three shredded stuff that doesn't melt. Okay my god went but it never actually melts and much better that's about he's just did well that's that thing tees on this its tasks are joining nine year old and Alabama was arrested after repeatedly walking past the same gas station just being with. When Moody's look at. No I like them. I think I dropped a little over here so he if it did it. If if if a man. How exactly do you think they let him cross of merlot. Yet days of a political office early February and had a gas station trying to live in the dream I think you see those guys I mean come on man in German summit I have to deal. We'll all forms of society old bay in the New York to naked. Before Colin about it. Dead deadline is this guy just walking back and forth. Animation or surveillance as and I'll loop thousands unit in the sweetie but it's. That's. I. I would want to read those. You don't know it's in the water he's he it's. We do let them film. As or is there it is a 63 year old anime crashed into a restaurant while driving with his tax. People stop putting your pets in your lap while you drive don't drive angry now. Did he did nothing to do a bit angry instead that idea it is at its front seat. It's a bad idea all day Groundhog Day bill Murray's driving. And I your company and don't throw at the integrity if he it's. Sorry I forgot the reference that's our man I mean you know happiness I see it every February and I still didn't get the earth. And vitally Amanda Michigan believe that he was god and it did not go well. What if that's what happened to you about a one hour now bag I got deadlines are annoyed one hour from now the first the game builds long. Through precepts. Seem to throw Hilton to please everyone help profile since his play at your cam miles into a simple game Barbara servant your real like news story. Something that good right here on planet or. Europe or. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make molest you would have is you'd think makes the story a story. Hello Justin welcome to the men's room. On top I'd just didn't understand how this you're gainfully. You kind tacit an affiliate we're getting married now. Here is yours are now look we see a lot of stories about people showing a that you are after the game weird stuff in the no go place. This guy just might win some sort of prize. A married guy in his early thirties showed up at a hospital after Ghana drinking glass stuck in the last place you would like drinking. And there's like a global glass like I needed for an old fashioned and it's about three inches wide three inches tall. Here's the ticker you waded through days board went to the hospital for help. Any is bought is a glances branch of wife three inches long and he waited two days. You must now he would not though doctors found out there but I think we all agree that kind of thing does not happen by accident now. We know how gap there was sheer force. But doctors initially they try to get about the way that women. But it was too and this third term it was too slippery slope then you're going to be used to room. Because those Smith. In your group alone film closely now movement and go as councilor Bruce could you both students and are so they're never worried that it might separately transports and which is understandable so the surgeon had to go through his abdomen instead. They're the total would last that the removed it endlessly part of it that you have that I village where some kind of smudged. But he had to be admitted Al while he recovered from surgery luckily he is OK Il slovo was when backside now imagine my question did you believe this man that. So to drinking glass and in the no go places black white mixing or Asian. He knew that we do some good. Oh. Example blues both loosen. It. What looked like the doing enough. I do not have that information on Tuesday no go place he could breath. The most important locations where the glass ones you are telling you right now pretty confident this is quite. I'm very confidant to Asians are just yet. You are eagerly Chinese restaurant and you get a Coke and always and it has taught her milieu that tall thin glass yet. Okay this is my theory. A regular sized glass is going to be to lie unseen it's one of those tall thin glasses like you detect the residual her moment and went on to say why did at why actually ironically all. Oil and so donation just seems like whenever I had a nice Cuba there's not going to get what your final answer. Com. You know almanac a ago. Eight you do some weird stuff at all this. That your final answer. That's oil and Asian final at. They're gonna finality goes black white to make the or Asia next. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you know have enjoyed some men's room. As for got a guy who's experimenting sexually Annie Soledad Tumblr glass and that hey wanna put that there. And he did. And it went in and that it wouldn't about it was too slipped but he wouldn't go out to salt away. Doctors that do remove bad glassware through his abdomen. The glass from France. He now had the class action lawsuit. The joke and we ask you do you believe this guy is black and white make your agent and you said agent because they do weird stuff for something to that effect. Nice to see Yunel position on that the comments came and and people are accusing you being racist and all that and does what it might be true but I rural home. Makes a lot of sense pong pong movie now brother David is load time it is time for TV time a day. Because you are pathetic life. Into countless hours in front of a talking again in the mid drew presents. The time we live right now is a wild time. It's a wild time it is crazy. And into the wild though. And meanwhile Mikey there's a strange stuff going on right sir I think we can all stab us in the last year where it political view you're on. It's still a little odd that the guy the host of the apprentice is our president of Georgia and Ohio and Florida. Ohio Florida just weird yeah Ohio well I don't basically it though Florida midwest Florida via somebody had to be yet. So right so I think a little crazy it's like I trumps president elect its look like the end of the subsite and get too crazy but stuff gotta keep going crazy rates start again. Who is the voice of reason. Like who is out there to help us you know until they was that Williams. Tabloids are back all know about the terrible goal that boom we you're on the right track I don't know yeah I'll hold I was joking. Neutrality should not say the voice of reason the voice of reason there's there's a potential. Very war conflict but luckily all of this raw data there I don't Dennis Rodman OK Dennis Rodman nephew Donald and I did an interview and is offered up as it was thought that him in the North Korean president. Obviously hang out with a multi hit that we laugh we sing karaoke we do according together. And we ride horses we have got to go skiing. And I would we ought to talk politics that's a good thing about that. A lot of people fighting and leaving him John maroon color amount talk about the issues Allah we will funny and in the attention to him that he described like a date and Barack Obama competing probably a lot of them both slow motion. You watch over you about earlier front and talk about our brokering some piece of mention FaceBook page. Miles you solve acting on showtime they follow them over there right via. Did you see at the girl I saw bits and pieces uncivil pretty hammered those that well he's ease of mess. The entire time not just late having drinks and that he misses everything else came to him. We run those together he's threatening nuclear annihilation. With their new contributed that we only have dollars for the good it would erode aren't as. Yeah they Dennis Rodman played even funny go back to trump when he was on the apprentice it's basically like from 400. But drunk all the time. Yeah his Dennis Rodman. Whether you like it or not he he's outgoing person and stuff so like when they did some of the challenges but he would do well. But then there was one where he just hailed a cab and went toolbar at the same store you always hear about Rodman. People like yeah I mean I went over there again I'm having great times by people drinks but it's late. The project is not a murderer record and a pen basically. The Donald just like I think I hit gap is electing got wasted half we did that day at the end of may they'll send you. No movement. So I mean that's the thing Dennis Rodman was at her forgetting blackout drunk like every day. I don't know maybe he's the closest thing we have to at a back service like. Sending Rodman I don't see how that's helping out the governor of again still has money Agassi didn't blow it all lavish stuff be just the just bruised. He's still Dennis Rodman right. Like that's the good side and downside of being a celebrity that maybe has a taste for drugs or alcohol whole life. You can still do appearances in bars and shell out thousands of the colors and different jobs that not the back doubly balls right just get wasted with people shark probably drink for free Atlanta. Yes I mean I would think. That's part of it but I mean you got to get paid to go like the apprentice in this and that thing he does a Nazi because of I think he was on. So VH one show to be where people were living together. Probably isn't going to want your go to guys. By him and as a poison your applicants then predator Michael's rep Michael ma'am we need some. We just need someone to quote unquote hustle up pretty well quotation marks from the get Bret Michael's doing Rodman who ran the first there. I know you hate it might reach look at Michael still while cheesy probably one of the best lines ever replace somebody gets to be met rock star girlfriend basically like. You can bet me about that gonna hook a brother. Still on the that's the case you fair circuits didn't you just I put that he threw it out there lately up not a real girlfriend. Nothing like a rock star and it's not rock star girlfriend goes over the line of dog toys. I just I don't get to connection mantown at the W I swear to god I am at the pet store right. I'm gonna pick of them for my dog and underfoot and Italy the bones they could join the retreats almost thing and I look up. You know most of these toys. And plastic packaging that you see through and then there's a cardboard thing that they they put over the the stadium were for sale. And when I look at the cardboard packaging. It's Bret Michaels faced the Bandana. Simulated autograph on the plane wrote Michael's. Rocket dog bones or something like how can they held you didn't do the dog treat businessman. It's got to be more at all down load has its Bo the dog treat company gets paid and you might if we use your face and how much you paid for I'm anxious to let elemental loop. And the working on the wrist before you years old and don't treat. By. My dog chaser many where's the band edges like you may be good at a dog treat them both but to. Is your fish okay does it looks sick as a bit swimming all right I'm Ted Smith protects with this. That's lad like may have fit fruit fish fruit open. You know people never really delved into the scientific issues you think Paul Newman would yeah Newman don't rich fruit we devised salmon flavored. Sam it's flavored fish food via now manned element fish samples if so how does that really the ball yeah. Obama would be. Believe yeah. Yet you're out gold that gold fish looks at these beauty tips and at the beef liquidation the you can get into it and this has been that every mile animal would meet these fish love it. Are at it. The only fished for now man that lets you crazy. Have you guys heard about the Red Sox and with apple the fish are caught cheating scandal what there's been some basically the Yankees came counts that they. The Red Sox have been using these apple watching is the kind of steal our sites now I don't know the reason I say I W 0060. Acres and owner. And it's. You play baseball a bunch your life growing up like stealing signs is part of the game it is. I guess it's because they've been used technology. I have now come on I mean you're standing matters what you said you know after labor if there stealing your signals and every team as you usually a guy I was watching you. But you're single right these differences that what they had watched the first guy who's on second should get a second set of signals so in other words your pension pretty well. Guy makes the first base your relatively say you guy gets to second base. That's why Leo's book. Yeah and disease were standing right. You're going to do this so that the friend who acknowledged yes eggs how easy it is this is basic base stealing signals by accident and told me a story they were on a team or coaching a team. They were gonna leave this other team didn't have signals they would just talk to each other in Spanish across the diamond. So basically the next year. They get a Spanish speaking players depth Fatah and I just kept him on teams that could be what to eat that's evolved that's soccer ball I think I go there. I tell them that could talk with language alarm. Yeah I think if I don't get it right that's a good place I think French would be equal to. This is really famous like French baseball player. Do I worked of this and the pizza joint Baltimore doesn't criticize and I'm the only. Native born American networks syndicate and basically operate on two Brothers and one sister so. Where we get to go whenever and a brother to get into a supposed an argument I can't tell but the speaking in Arabic so I don't I don't understand it's a hormone thing. Therefore not paying any attention for a but I just here we go back and forth in how to tell by the body language and they disagree but it's not like a heated argument it is disagreement. So I hear but as a writer. Steve are a play date back hey man what did you just say about like. No we did not say anything about that about him I didn't understand we got an inward you said in them with the most americanized and Steve a look like Albano toward the sounds like Steve normally yes steep price they never told me what does that quite the American incomparable broke. To deep right but the whole understood another caller I or else you have all that limit the known I don't know it just sounds like Steve. And what does that word. Steve the adding after the Red Sox they got into trouble on the Yankees got him out for using the iPhone that I Jimmy Kimmel it's dry for user has. We avenue Boston sports cheating scandal the Boston Red Sox are being accused of stealing signs from the Yankees using the apple watch. It would go like this series will the next pitch he is slider. Sports bars serving sliders near your location. Now that he's Siri I'm not going to a sports I'm batting I'm in the batter's box. I found this great light and fluffy pancakes. Two dollars and 49 cents would you like to make a purchase no no hate Siri just tell me what the next pitches and trying to get ahead. I've found three medical marijuana dispensary. He is not too far off. I never. Owned an iPhone suddenly no Siri which he passed it's down let. I think any of those things you're speaking into home you gotta be. You gotta be pretty exact when I got my first iPhone U I and I used it the things that when I got a first iPhone was told news newfangled series is new thing but that. Too much help to be out of thick of the central and mark are out of school with a series because apparently we speak to deploy. But one thing I wrote you still can I assumed and you could just which he called you. Surgical and couldn't. Animated also imprisoned by Syria can you look at bubble bubble bubble about yes couldn't hang. Are you a big girl he hit numbers. That's pretty good Aurilia couldn't. I call me big bear but it was hard but no G got to try to spell it right yet to spell it and to get called repugnant and my god dammit that's a poem it's putting. So finally I just felt wrong which probably came with good days. Could be in new tape that you and I. You know I did talk about the difficulties we made some jokes about it but honestly this theater with the stars did they just I I don't know that. I don't know that any of them about stars who is it okay. Frankie new he heads at a time was and let's start by. Women are. No. Middle with cumulative Malcolm tournament is that a damned. I think. It. And I even as well a well yeah Drake Lou. Rates of breaking news new kids on their right like. Yeah I mean he was well. TERRELL OWENS. Remember him from xenophile days and weeping wreck but again he hasn't really been now relevant. Debbie Gibson. 01. Did today's hot always been thought through our mission bay and eighty when I see here is huge when I was acute or not Tiffany and yet they reload now presented gifts and they can land. Hanging don't know that yeah. I think donated that was Tiffany I think I mean I think it matters yeah Debbie Gibson was something blue. From the Simpson balloon thinking thank ticket and a maybe now the Phillies to she went through a period where she was like I'm now Debra. Dips and I'll also remember Ricky Schroder was Rick Schroeder you had to get his double all the changes everything grown up now. And and Nicholas JB you know from ninety degrees. And can. But appealing thing that he relevant. Because if there's a get out of my mouth like our bit of an Oprah after it sounds like did the demographic is between a 35 year old and a four year old woman or thirty and forty or somewhere there as far as what you grew up with don't remember it. It's relevant that must be where they they get the block so far Mick let's say is the most relevant and that's cores statement from his wife Vanessa is on manner I don't think. Nikki bell. Belida BE. Deep. That's a pretty big. I'll tell someone under the age of 100 will appreciate some of the lower demographic yet. Barbara. Corcoran. From shark tank. The machine just. The shorter on them yet the only woman I know I'm a GOP she's like them as they were collar sixty year old leaks out I mean she writes that says from the Monica yeah. Yeah to a few British right that we talked about Derek Fisher's been there. Who has just an apps that are underwater yeah plus an actor and singer but the way they write that you've never heard of Jordan fan fair them. Yeah I stay at the with people who think. It a threat yet it's a big thing with people you may or may not at this point I think he dancers my more stars in the short of stars. Yeah no kidding and I think honestly like. I don't know like at this point and they people just watching these little much pitch yet I think that's what they think they accidentally discovered that I think you'll replete with bombs about stars have been aroused most dribble want to. But it is enjoyed. And the show called dance fever. Many many years ago that the laws whose kid and he that stereo any scenario in Ontario based interest couples who come on the his Disco was big they would just go out there they would do so was anybody famous sort of an event like it all from DuPont textiles and Google Florida but they're into their lie and chancellor did I. The love the chips like soul train was cool. No threat with a little more competitive MTV had what grind grind or something. And then the best one. Was on one of the Spanish networks the Spanish speaking channels Sonoma yet he just can't control. But had to remember a thirteen fourteen watch a lot of active that I believe you did. Hello to him just it'll start competition shows out there. Acacia forgetting. When it comes to ratings and TV two things done and it intensely I guess game a thorough and cool kid with pro growth if they. And CIS and all football OK all right right. But the top show was America's Got Talent but then Florida State Alabama. Number seven train and CIS Reid Pete did you watch before Thursday November you know what I miss that once I saw the second act. And and and I felt bad okay somewhat in this game I'm going. Man a man Florida State's office looks like garbage as quarterbacks crap I'm in the debt it is just an and maybe it's the line whenever in my mind. Quarterback play lycra places hit nonwhite. And he's done for the season now I've really been able got to look like Cam Newton done. Yet I wouldn't wish an anonymous irons what a horrible game he's planet. Your plan Alabama which is equivalent played a patriot currently you have to really on top of your game if you have the chance of winning. The director first that second epic start handing it to Alabama but to meet. Most of this is on quarterback and then he got blown up maybe thirty seconds there of army that on my favorite part about college football is is that wouldn't when the first not leaders. First nine games are played. Than the major games everyone acts like that's the kickoff classic on you know our lack of every game is like this is the first game and its now we've just watched five writer Ira somehow they've got to do you know work. And the like this is the debut of the NCAA football thing it's not his wife three great game yesterday whenever it's funny about the Labor Day weekend they stack it with games which is also short which are right. Every single night of Labor Day weekend one game will be key to kick off I think you're right I think he should just be kickoff weekend Uga you know OK okay day they literally played like why why a game and that was it. In the meadowlands that was the case right right I was kind of like with NFL does Wear like you know your Super Bowl team like the patriot to wherever the play the first game of the season the CR whoever wins that. So they used to do the same thing that it wasn't exactly the matchup because obviously your different conferences if the blade of the things. They would try to put one of those perennial teams on TV like distilled. But that was always the kickoff classic them against somebody else who either had a chance to beat them the year before played him tougher. The schedule worked out whatever the idealist because they have to adjust that reflects Callaway in college because college. They used to put out the schedule three years in advance now items are they just that one year. Yeah but direct usage do you want these you want to golf classic at the got a classic and regularly. The sideline gab have a predominantly like the purpose I want to play right I'm and I think if you Annika thank you very good for headlines on the way with my cock you're listening to the men's or radio network. And Swiss smiled. LC what's happening in the real I don't know approaching firfer proclaims her produce the best ride of his life right before his last. Meanwhile a Michigan man believes he's god take the globe and now his aunts and uncles have both passed. Organ golfers like you fire as the heavy ash dove is not gonna come down for a while. After childbirth survey says that some dads testosterone level will make you smile. Ed teachers and the naked tanning bed pick to a great great students it is time for your headline. It's Sunday it's. It's its peers might call. That I can't try to go to Michigan where Amanda. That claim that he was god was arrested for the murder of his aunt and isle gulf. I felt like he was really gone now not relish. The tour of the two were found in their home and he was found covered in blood at a local pizza restaurant. The neighbor said that he was clearly mentally unstable and really believe that he was god thanks neighbor his FaceBook page at a self give him with a hit list of other people who have been located and put into protective custody. You wanna NRA movement. Solved yet. Either he is our. Yeah yeah. Are around the world in Dallas at 49 year old special Ed teacher has been indicted after being arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with an eighth grader. And she made contact with the student in January sending him multiple nude photos of herself in a tanning bed requesting that he draw. Yeah. She wanted to be don't need me and her act the F. FF FF I made it it was gonna drying out and now. Maybe it possibly. Can. All you edit pre. Really doesn't get that creeping death. The supposedly they all pictures I'm thinking maybe 21 upset tonight well I'm assuming that comes after the drawings or if you're America is now we're gonna do it the other way. I think it's creepy double the kid was under eight out of what we had at the may increase even if there's a girl dating my he's she's a drop me withdraw U. My moves to look like yeah. That runway at draw would you go a little stick figure and it's wrong I dropped fifty with massively and yeah you don't want to and now and then there's that big old foot. All of all right general booted. That's back yes. Seemingly unfazed by the approaching wildfire for Euro a trio of golfers in Oregon were photographed on a putting green big game with a inferno on the hills behind. Yes you did see that picture and it. Yet they did when they started it was just the size of like a little supermarket or so it wasn't that big minutes and they got done you know two hours later that thing taken over the entire hillside what a fire took it took over at green hillside filled with trees. All of the balls the size of basketball's an ash were fault OK guys who have represented. Yeah. Yeah there is no spoiled I like that people they go to the golf course though to be in a safe shelter because there weren't as many trees in that air as they did have one. Clubhouse I guess around about parking lots a lot of people were actually going there anyway to seek refuge not these guys let them play and throw. Heavy stuff done and we just haven't quite awhile are we sure about that or maybe this was just a good photo op. I don't know I'd that was the perfect picture you're on the putting green you know blue gold well there's a frigate towering inferno behind you might have been fair about people take cell FISA from Eiffel Tower. If I am playing golf and it's going I would think that eight taking a really good picture and it adds a realize that I I. And I will see an example or turn a bad joke stead vs the FCC and profile this doesn't dean it is all true tiger's other wonderful wonderful day we will return until then police. Do what you do best and oral B Hussein stay. Beautiful.