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This is the men's room. Listening to. Big governors today may four point 999. Although we're talking to melodies she's playing for team sober she's working on question number five. Question number five was who is next in line to see the president after the vice president. All of where it just. This time yesterday. I'm Evan and this guy is daylight right now man about to go down the speaker of the houses third in my cap Orion how one does I will sit down on the little tricky for some reason I was gonna say secretary of state. I think they coal and if you look you got that it be okay. Biggest I had a list like the next topped one. And it's crazy man like what it's like you for some of them might Department of Agriculture you're up last personable and present on TV. Who would have left a book called go to the black dude from Major League and insurance noted some more recent was a woman Kerry Washington play she's always. Scandal. By Georgia grows so that shows go on tour of the African president is on that showed an agent Tony forced their black president now there was. Retook growth hormone. He did he's gotten into the state of Allstate yet all all they got so Obama gets over 2001 other talking to a and they were. Basically the questions like well. In people in prison don't shoot one war torn or department showed you figure if you culpable the idea. You're being a black president and I thought using save some effect according jury got a leg about a marriage and everybody yes it is I do play better tomorrow it just never forget. Presidential lessons who's very bad drinker Jordan threw home. Melanie would tell little get a job bit. I'm. Well read that they didn't handle them right out. How might I thought there had to. Oh nice okay a sound also booked on a medical problems do they have. Like I mean are you scared something's gonna go wrong on the drive to the gaga. Oh okay well until I got him down you know I like hey man and an emergency and avenues second you cannot BMW. All. I had no other Colbert solve. Alone. Our image in question and overall I want you to think about. All organs are ridiculous. Look apps get some questions. Plumbing you know I got to go to questions I had a man promoting its catch. Is they thought experiment dealing with which type of my camps. If you get close. Any of gulch wrote in worst kept. It but there are shorting respect it's a thought experiment. Dealing with the which type of mechanics if you get this right a person by New Year's worth of free beef jerky. Oh I can yeah. As we wanted to pointed to think about. And guy by the name of John Montague. That's the man credited with inventing the sandwich. Held what noble title in the UK. People all over the winner. He was in the world but Earl of Weyers what the duchess of Kent to marry at all like I'm nonsense he was Earl O vote. And he invented that invented the sandwich you credited with inventing the sandwich. This sand you know going to pay for governor medal meet peanut butter yeah. I okay well we didn't know. We don't know inflection as a board we will assume nothing but he is credited with inventing the center at Starbucks it's Ullman spread with strawberries and jam or to me and you a PB and JR where it would collect. It is an artist and pieces. I had what yesterday I was at. Purdue could indeed be a better be good wasn't he be like hey they just put Starbucks at the PBJ Wright is to play these the white bread with. Well does regulate and give me about the deal live at the wrong not who's an amen and I and I got it all on the back to back there with the distributors tragic violence along sky up alcohol. Yemeni guesses they're the man who's credited with inventing the sandwich this thing we're talking about was known as Earl of Melanie. Melanie. All she'll follow whoever it. All you know god. I don't know or not they're gonna hold you got 93 down by the way the hasn't girls saying girls and a good and wrong girl. That was the greatest Irish exit ever on radio. She's just slowly snuck out the party. She's in new telling a little bathroom and he's gone usually related to make some dimension just like I gotta start reiterating about PD AJ she that held them and the game is big dummy for 4999. All the we've we've had one listener today even by a monster we've had another one just through the Irish exit who's our next contestant ready play the game hello ray Lee welcome to the bedroom. Out. Minnesota. It's just. I'm so thankful I gave me and I hate that top oh thank god you did where you don't worry him. No no I know Larry now Washington. I've done which are favored to a preferred method they're regulated joined by bond bold blood just say no which you're SP. I think now just say no good call that's a stupid thing there's more we for the rest of us but in spite of that era is your question what do the letters in NC double me the name of the association regulates athletes standpoint. PA Andre is okay hey you know the way two days. I'm down I'm sorry. Look at the letters and N double ACP stand for. And when I am in new double ACP. Anchor. He and it Ellen and it's. But don't vote. You can put it there ready to go travel to. Time to update guys. I doubt it and clothing on OK fine. I think what are your initials what do the letters and as PC days they import. I don't going to call eight and. Oh yeah hell I'd never really thought of that before. I didn't look out of today and look after those things. Are we give very easy acronym equally deep yeah. I think it's coming here NFL just got a girl OL elegant they'll rally all model it relates with the NFL. You know what Bali I aren't just making sure know about Gordon says he faced liar. I had our ears grit and what month. It's the longest dated in the Northern Hemisphere. The solstice and. Is the and an IR. You miss it every year by a month. They're gonna be a bummer for. I forget your first there was a month ago. Your birthday students did anyone else broke. By. Now. A couple of big let alone. Now friends out there. You can ask him these questions if men and all right in Disney's The Little Mermaid what is the name of the human that aerial falls in love with. Like me I try and it. What is your favorite show relic. On make a great aliens in our. Okay this is nothing like that it's about The Little Mermaid nor goes mash up there with kids would devastate the gold for an hour. In favor it is breaking bad followed I it. I got out. I saw a guy like robbery burglary that would never get an idea who you are all shows are gonna tell me exactly yeah. I I didn't let it really I can't I am now. I really question five. Sri Lanka is surrounded by which ocean. And in our lives. Nice job whereas our act violent wow wow or remember. One parent was some. Any Indian Ocean on this it would ocean I never saw Little Mermaid I have no desire to inevitably how well do they say would ocean finder at. Based on. Pigment I think the North Atlantic. For a tasty red head and her young lady take a guy that is and net and I watched that movie and what could be Pakistan I think the Norwegian story. Yeah region Norwegian. And elegantly at right North Atlanta again depth chart Brad mayor as far as our men's room mile pole today do you have any idea what was the preferred another joint pipe bomb blunt or just say no for as far as our listeners are concerned. I felt like I heard just say no the most but I hope I'm wrong just say no how about on Twitter dude same thing on Twitter warrant 35%. Just say no just say no and it rates second place Loews. Bone and boom they play some I was a three way tie blunt bong and pipe no blunt and bong followed by a pipe joints only got one ball. So that's the it's not the preferred method to go. From the we have a small correction from the comments there apparently NAACP according to the cut negroes against all Caucasian people. To access methods but they came up was special I heard you know. I heard heard at a campfire that it it it it and here or to a Dave Matthews is gonna do insurance troops from Iraq. I coming up they had chip and now stands meat and potatoes it's all about them jets and the return of no as Sherlock what's your emails coming up from the men's room at men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Well smiles. Had chip on the way Ted may be tells all about then ships but first time for a few emails here for the men's room amid survive Dak. Guys tell your birthday shout out to my son Leo meat turns one year old today and I am so dang proud of them for all but he's accomplished. Could get a little kid faced sandwich a bullet in. Let's just NJ costs. I guess I got mask yeah. Which could be accomplished in the heater I put that in there and added that. Other in my below zero outlook but these shows all the sounds to me and my fourteen month old could. Couldn't think if you are equally great Iverson. Guys ion twin sons Colin Riley. Love you guys and they both turned 21 please give them a shot out with a no look out and a cut that bitch golf. Next collar thanks for guys who are making us all laugh that from the old dad there though look out. And now. Net column today is my dad bosses Karl birthday he's the only man city man fan I know. Could you please cast sigma how I. Birthday song against the dirty German talk and Ozzie Ted thanks guys from Jeff and all the guys at Seattle gourmet coffees. I don't know who. But don't introduce you to my bones of Jesus. And dead men then hit Phidget man city fan like Ella Bleu thanks for helping me out keep in mind not move. I've been five months that. Had a birthday until the arbiter of paying she doesn't losing your show also don't break Ralph any German sock how about letting you get a want to have does that. Pitched. Yeah what. All guys as my husband Swanee sixth birthday today he's been a huge fan of the men's room for years over his birthday I'd love and give them a original faced sandwich in a suck it up cup cake thanks a lot guys that from lacy sandwich well. All the guys though the show was never Dave would you please please give me a preview of how I think my birthday night might go. With a cut that bitch off and some turtles sex a little dirty German will be great to the most of course someone has a dirty Irish the next and they would like to try out. That from indymac. I didn't know. Net ghosts. Yeah I was so the legend of my release. It's up in the morning to you. I'm gonna start doesn't stop the momentum yeah. A pitch you can you birthday and I go invented the direction you'll be drunk. If you hit it it's always good excuse for making you aware enough for a condom. Now sits in the mode and auditor William would have been. Karzai DA's lead to three ways please wish my wife Carrie bed happy birthday for me as I'm on the road again be home she wasn't your show always police talk dirty German tour. Thanks guys that from Chris. There are addicted to the movies how they captain Jack's federal from past pirates of the Caribbean. Yeah did you look at the news copy one time to come over here and hop on my mind. It is today is my brother Travers as to what he birthday and figure into it and I'm sure he get a kick out of some dirty Germans in Melbourne Ted keep doing what you do on that from James in Comerica Park. I feel book that nobody much confusion wouldn't say is that the babies are but to boxing gloves Elsinore I'm wearing a condom. And that now they've yet to come on down on them elect judgement instead. If it may be given me. Good good good birthday shout out to my dear friend Dana I know she absolutely loves it when you guys do the dirty Germans not give me some extra extra dirty Germans out. Thank you guys every bird they did a much loved that from Heather now really enjoy traditional cuisine I'm sure you're my guardian beast. Yeah prevent cruelty of behind that. Don't. Dirty German had a birthday greetings to my husband Ed Glenda Mendez he has thirty today thanks miles Steve Ted Mike and Robin. Regards up from Karen Vargas we you'll dirty German and some Ozzie to did I miss them in there in the message you would know Whitman goes. And that may have enhance Mendez had. Sounds like you might be the new day I'll say a couple means you'll see him they didn't recall I have a black. All stayed it. Whole life today is my dad my birthday can give a Joey chestnut and Al hitting the window and you big dummy. Thanks guys see you read festival on Saturday that from Leo. Yeah. Oh yeah. Guys today is my uncle Sam's birthday I just in her by 39 here on this crazy adventure I was open for a men's room shot out to but a big smile on his face. Could get an original face and what you don't want to add does that bro thanks for the awesome show that from Bryant. Fish sandwich. Might not with the is that role. All out like it was my childhood friend Tony happy that the fifth bliss I get up cupcake followed by a big old bomb hit thanks guys that from day. And finally please guys my credible husband Dave wish him happy birthday he's running your biggest fans a quote you guys daily he's 57 today and will be having a great night. Ya gonna have a double joy chestnuts and little kids faced sandwich thanks from Kim. Jeff the. It's. Yeah yeah and I'd can't have you had to end. I hated being at the Bear Stearns guys my husband Eric and I are in mount Lee and saw men's room read the cool little place called shear water tavern. In that key hi I love the show that from Jane. And both the books August men's room original red is meant to the island amount yet out buddy who's over there. It's an at the Marine Corps and he was he sent me a picture you think one. Get out of here then why. All the men's room my name is Jeremy animal warehouse manager at a small company called. Angry kits were a company that packages snag kids they sell on Amazon after a website and great gifts.com. So they sent us the problem thanks for the snacks guys are really appreciate talking about today than LOB Turkey got some it's got some power bars and there corn nuts you name it man it's it's pretty good angry little kit got to have a shuttle scares you as a gay themed snacks Jeanne next issue or men aren't Oprah snack to work as far as you're up that story. So in a 2010 I got a three month old puppy named Mikey. He liked the bites a lot as a puppy when Marty was roughly five months of age demographer at the time and I just finished having sex. We went into the hallway to get our clothes that we had put in a laundry the night before Mikey is my running around our feet acting like you're curious dog. I'm still kind of half staff. And Mikey looks up any must've thought that that was some type of Tutu like any jumps up and basically. Bites mine Jimmy eat and I'm horrified a look at my girlfriend Danielle I think my dog just molested me. At from a Jordan in Boston Massachusetts. I guys out when I was living in Australia I had my house reroute data pure bred female German shepherd trained by the local police. I had a twelve foot gates on both sides of the house to divide the front and backyard I told the roofer he has to go front to back via his latter. He did lows Monday and my dog Lakota assault coming down the latter in the backyard did know who he was and she did her job protecting your property. She jumped at them and grabbed him by the crotch. Brought him down hard by the time I get to the scene she'd already went through his jeans and had his junk in her mouth. And a daughter and said no she let go but still has jumped in her site. That from Ozzie ball to them by her boyfriend's bug was going out to body. He heard her yelled what do it was coat bottom of the world's gold particles thought we are plug straight minutes awfully goes on the black lab is behind her. Some of the neighbors commander just laughing egos and separates them in the lab runs away she drag yourself around the grass from their front legs crying for about ten minutes. She was pregnant and had the puppies closely monitored. Of also ahead two exes dogs to the crotch out of my jeans the first domestic tonight with a guy his dog did it. He was solid and gave me fifty bucks to buy new ones since those are my good date genes. That from The Third Shift housekeeper leaving the guys a few years back my old roommates I got a cab to take care branch around the place one night we're all sitting on the couch watching TV. That was hanging out on the floor when a big fat rat came lumbering across the carbon right past the cat. Can't just look at the rats as if to say. What's up. The look up my roommates face was priceless he wanted to get rid of that camp right right there that night but my girlfriend and I decided to keep the cats elect is better than him anyway. That from Jeremiah hard go to the program aggregate those with a shot today the return of no as Sherlock but first I Intel. It's. This is subject obviously everybody's passionate about and everybody has opinions on now. This is about chips aren't but it's about all TV show and act now and not a terrible movie. Well yeah and I forgot that the bill. Why. Because somewhere it made money. That's where. Jack I not pick cataract some former market it's potato chips right everybody's passion about ships or whether to summertime cook out. Cold time wintertime party or especially in the fall for watching football booster people love to eat chips tightest what I mentioned before I go to the top ten chips. They're not just potato chips that makes it it Stephen editorial or shifts. There's puffed wheat or whatever I don't know there's yet but those weird they always good leg woven basket kind of things. Yes just think overall like when you're looking at the chip I'll write and there's other stuff in there too not just potato versions that. All right well here we go he's in the top ten ships in the country. It to read notes Doritos spicy sweet chili. Puck but I'm never have the my wife what's. All right folks let me break it down for you there in a purple bag their sleeper pick as a chip and glad to see there on the list they're delicious man sour cream and onion. Based owner Richard I had no idea of these remember they have a little spicy to whom aren't but nothing too crazy and just and just yeah I. You'll love the purple bag chip and probably debt and real quick note. If you go to a foreign country understand the third to read those not color coded the way we do them here. So what cool ranch is actually not too cheap and it's not well I don't remember what's what but I wanna say regret red bag for this straight natural right yes and it blue bag for cool ranch in neither of them could you see the bag and grab that's what we do. The bottom got home looking at least what I don't remember what they weren't quite these are not at all the the F we're looking not just a small thing to remember read the flavor before you back. If you think it's a safe bet if you get potato chips. Anywhere south of Texas they're gonna be chilly. Something's not bad either. I'm an analyst Pringles original yeah man can go wrong with a Pringle. I agree I just don't know that I often eat the original print that's illegal for. I'd really I don't do originals the back like the stuff isn't bad but they don't compare I don't think to be original print. Now the original compress potato dust popular and exciting life popping play didn't bring up. We're called the Mike hawk way of life my my favorite Pringles coming up on the list he retire. Here fact. That's a bit about this. Number eight on the list of top ten most popular chips in the country. The sun chips are fresh chatter. That would be the most popular one to a relentless on ships I agree with you I don't always each side chips were up if I do it's almost always gonna be the harvest yet. By the way you sound very much like the most interesting man. I don't always decent U but wouldn't do what I do enormous service to play is if there was any other flavor and everything else they used to playing you'll see plane around and stab us sour cream and onion. I think like chatter sour cream and onion elect the first two flavors Brenda doesn't do a brand that's the gateway to other flavors. So ladies sour cream and onion. Coca. Greta interviewing a sour cream and onion that's the that's the most popular used to love his kids not so much now now I'd rather have just regular sour cream and onion dip. I agree I do feel like sour cream and any chip so it's a safe bet. For flavor teacher sure everybody the parties and I love him but I don't pay rent and you animal rights that the vice of salt and vinegar. I open wounds as divisive a putting tip. It's X laser Richard did you opt out above public enemy number one. No sir. Newser no notice if you are recurring themes on this let's listen garrido is gonna show a bit. This is my guess I don't know but maybe Oregon the ladies. Lightly salted in the light blue bag. Now now there's something about them it's fantastic I know that doesn't sound fantastic numbers rightly so but the really really startling assault like lace has tons assault are all on that half the salt diabetes they'll do that's what I'm before it. Pringles sour cream and then. Now that's my favorite Pringle that is your favor Pringle but I get your papers document and it argues there reverend. While it's weird I rarely get sour cream and onion chips but if I do it's it it. I always get the pretty ones. I really didn't Soto didn't end in June but we don't win and I do it right and it's an oath what I do it just seems like blasphemy to get a regular Pringle. Really now all that's. If it is the top ten most popular chips in the country. Lays barbecue. I don't love the barbecue chips man this is too much of that power that I think delays is gonna dominate because of their distribution. And they have the standard flavor staple at three so far in the top ten yet man so is barbecue well we'll find out barbecues numbers well barbecue was number four on the list. And check laced barbecue specifically I think barbecue chips again. Not always your first go to open when she's thirty and go to movies for free don't go to vote in here anything like that or is it just straight up they could've but they didn't they do I'm all right. Ruffles chatter in sour cream. There OK again that's the favorite though of that brand of chip Arctic. I don't even the machine it's always there right at your rough chips and dip you want the plane ruffle through but I do agree this is by far the most popular Venice and its it's those are delicious. Already three yeah Soledad. The burrito finally makes this whole race the Rio chart not the crazy. Not that spicy sweet chili that was then in the with the number 10 October down the last one beat top chip in the country to a guest yeah. I'm guessing I'm guessing if you had to read those relate I'm gonna go to read those original I think that's going to be my three. Is that the mountain just did not to a regular tees. You know a man you might be right I think is that they're solid they're delicious the year ago. Jay don't. I. Now oh I believe we Cheadle odds. Now home Redman but also try to give it away with a twelve day I think now it's not just potato chips Nazis yes what do and she goes technically qualify right so goes Doritos and recognize its courtship. Lanes we reckon I've potato chip Pringles Reno potato like chip but she goes like it is. I'm positive he competed is doesn't say it's all of this may wish globe and began the Pentagon. I mean I don't know if it's I don't know if Fred it is that the bullets I'd love to read but I've no idea what I'm putting in my mouth on him. Under the lots of mortgage docs belied. I don't know who come from but Kato I don't know gone from core and writes we I don't know what Pete at the Cheadle actually it's are you guys finger scrapers. I have yet and I'd go wash my hands. So under the while chili cheese burritos for one I Tito's little ones that produce the most does all the tornadoes do as well. They do but yeah man the to lick off the she'd go Dustin and you know you got to the watchers but she does also adheres to use it in a you know defiantly can also have me think he paste on your friends if you weren't timed it to read those put out like cool branches would just a guess. I guess he's an insult or might extreme and now on my degree without a good idea we've always said that they should dare we donors and Jonathan I had I don't know if Tito does for popcorn and I. I think we've talked about it Israel does would be great delegate to sprinkle and Eleanor literally we'll certainly a good thing baggage Eagles beat the president and are not enough right and don't put on stuff you want whenever you go to would during those first came out there were like toasty those they were just there is playing there are just a triangle shaped plane corn chips and then not true flavored that was and they Justine looked. Changer in the cool ranch probably what insiders I was like what cores like that the chords and only let your came home above lied to whatever just kind of took over the market and but but you know people still buy Budweiser Gore's bank bear. I don't even though they make original dirty dozen more. I think they're back. I'm the one it's got a weird little had a on it but like speedy Gonzales fact I don't know yes yes it does yeah so I think the original one run. Temporary street you can is that thousands. I used over and I immunize anybody out there. If that's the and I. I won't put the public sombrero you know things that with the and she doesn't I don't know if some broad as mile path she goes one now we just came out there on the puppy version of couples all the rage you know the crunchy Tito came and took over another game Paul without the rage Pope was cheaper publisher as well public the only choice right away into making out with a cry when she went man and since that point time on the even sure if what you don't exist because I swear to god you can put a pop in your mouth and not you. I think you'll design can look at all the. You dig it out of the buffalo they had Jeff still to come on the program will drag it tells whose job today we'll take a quick break and come back with a return of no as Sherlock. You are listening to the men's or radio network. I've loved drinking and those were the Saturday the first our own Steve the throw hill Colmes go exactly the reverse stories with headlines it's. Great game and shell shock. Quote I stopped shouting oh my husband and now we have more sex. Below. A charter rock. Trump says hurricane Irma could be something that will not to be good fight well and and they decent man that you can do it. Nothing relationships provide purpose and value through life. But. I know. Sherlock. Texas governor says RB flooding will lead to massive massive cleanup process well the monkey's uncle and Sherlock. For politicians the more data the more they ignore GU well kickers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl luck. Trying to talk and act kind of mining. Photo from Houston shows grocery stores only thing on shelves beginning of meat substitutes. And I mean even face the impending disaster. You might start you glad that I have food for a month but is still way I am not buy and fix our houses BC that photo. I'd yeah I did and it cracked Maria it's unbelievable third seed Juan publically people would rather risk starving. But it eating at the begin that's a look if your being and good Narnia like people from California you have the need to tell everyone has been the major but. Nobody like your food except use the would you say hey we just tried nobody wants track. People and massive hurricane. Would rather face starvation and eat the envelopes meat substitutes but that's again. We continue being a workaholic is healthy but only if you love your job. All right well sure and men in women really do think differently yellow. Jarrett not great white shark molded by the zillow and they've got beat shocking region over. Yeah yeah yeah. And parts are you going to be. That the thing that lives in the water that eats a specific thing ate the specific thing you're looking at it in the water where it lives. That's like shark that. Ted came home from work book you're in his apartment but no effect it's it's where you live. Who is there's a good shape you can see any food at his fruit can you believe that any ate food that he likes. Man dies after running into burning man place. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock this came a few weeks ago Texas officials at the Libby breach dear out now old and can't play. Sharon I'm curious did I have admitted during attack. The ten to zero X to be ready. Men's room. It's just the way it is. It's not as good as usual we had to be a great gas cans even throw a little fun on nortel's. Yes indeed today we chose an unidentified man from Arlington Virginia I believe. Our police were called to a home where two women reported that a man was attempting suicide. The man by the way is today's on re I he doused himself in gasoline was threatening to let himself on fire. Well when police arrived they managed to get the two women under house and began talking to the man was trying to calm him down. No cops talked. Our Henrique you pour more gasoline on himself and about point. One of the officers attempted to subdue won't begin to believe that the man had a lighter one of his hands and he didn't want the got a set themselves on fire. Welcome to go home the cup are to blazer with properly set the man on fire. Both within their way. All yet though like hey relax they're still not sure are but are covering the story whether Mike Ashley had a lighter but he was doused himself in gasoline some of the threat to Israel. The cop sees this as a fear that the guys were to set himself on fire. They fired the taser which of course was electric charge and as soon as adamant chest mama burst into flames now the good. Produce the good news the cubs didn't look at it that it's all the the flames. But the guy he did have to go to a hospital in serious condition and three of the cops themselves at have been treated for smoke inhalation Dan. Everything you've done the right thing and all day. All day I am never Toronto boy that my bad I'm shocked yeah. What he will he would pay her a ticket that. He was trying to do the right thing you really love man you just didn't think of voters say yes yeah it any. But think I won't say it may listening to it now they of course it come on fire but in the heat of the moment I never thought we'd have a moment. Wow it's. At a news sparked violent. I was rich I. We're more boos in the draw boos because we think it's made out national over the tong and down the throat to party in aren't Tommy's. Down the hall there's not. Think it does not live or broke by the stellar nine and 844999. Hole play profile this coming up the minutes. I should many things continue on the men's room. Radio network.