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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was grilled by. I've got a big show ahead Jeff and how's the return of Ted Stevens tells all about those delicious chips in the form of potato and other also know I Sherlock is back. And today is the day that we plagued big dummy 844999. Although we have Chris on the line here is our first contestant. Representing team and not sober. All right Christian urgent question. Art golf lady in theater it's better known as what European structure the lady MP. Waving and greater and the dirty little. And nobody calls that. We know by the name I'm looking for. All. You. I don't shoot don't shoot. I don't know idea is it that Shakespeare when he no Palestinian. Don't think. Wow. Man felt. It. Laura bargain you know it being there I don't know. We feel your pain man and all right your next question what baseball like sport originated in Ireland and is administered by the gaelic athletic association. It's also a nickname for puke. Just tell somebody about this. Why is it's the most popular sport but I don't ask are you talk more about the death and every bit volatile. What baseball like spore range today than Ireland and is administered by the gaelic athletic associate. Co op. It's also a nickname for pubic. Wigginton couldn't think that I think the fact that I mean how does that add that you write them like look I would not known is going. Backtracked and the right know to be supported include your name so to baseball like sport. It originated in Ireland had Hussein like their support to map the sport they're that's important to this day and you play for your task you know like a pro athlete OK are. And we'll administered by the. I have really don't think I don't know. Fairly ruined her life. I would have no idea what unknowns no look no school and I gave me the bombings hoofed. It to put the full. Parents. This makes complete six. What state law group started as a group of mercenary guards. A long road started a group of mercenaries girls. A slow it won't. It all as the united TV show about one of them back in the and he needs me. I. Obama debuted in short there didn't like one of the members specifically. Add his name and basically his job in the play. He cured aids on the show Booth you got all now I know that yes I do now. Or tranche. Are you. In CIS. Texas Rangers. Remember walker. Could have brought both of them every into the sky blue. Get them. When I'm gonna drop the whole Santa thing on Nickerson accident (%expletive) up it'll be all right. Aren't. How many. Three point shots and he wants one year NBA career. Did Shaquille O'Neal hit 12 or three. And 21. Years. He only made 12 or 33 point shots Thomas and free throws a couple of our current law. Yet 2100. Years in the NBA. I wonder how OK. I think I'll give you the stats so. The only paying. Great. One long enough. Fuel only one out of Dubai deal would drive 42. Three shots left in a 21 years of roughly he took one shot is year. From the line and understand it happened in the fourth season he played 21 seasons. Had been forcing big Mac Japanese who added. I think that might actually be most impressed that. Yeah I will grow and who's. Quote and to show and I let him. Yeah anyone or argument that my socket and make it rains CNN. The last shot of the civil war was fired on June 28 1865. Almost two months after the war ended. The confederate warship had Mac Battenberg the war brokers or destroyed 44 union votes but this happened off the coast of what state. Student my big bag get word that the war and ended for two months. That happened. Moves and post Lou. Washington. Not a rags. Alaska. Alaska. I thought oh. I need who have lived. Favorite show up in Alaska toward the toward it or you need him to. There you go all the little stuff. They're looking for union ship so there are more new and shipping competitive and when to really at. There protecting Russia and that's exactly him. Other threat no I did in this budget is located west of the Mississippi. But what the only state that has a specific law. Banning cannibalism. Which frankly brings me a great deal to George that means I can eat what I want 49 states. No not our. On. Out of some people live there. We only say what they did an animal or it's the only state in the country but the state is located west of ms. A law. That Ella woke Washington you know. California I don't. All know that don't get of the fifty states Idaho zevil issued project yet they had dropped practice didn't come they got out of Hamburg the week yeah we need actually threatens. Most people understand not to eat each other. He's one of those things people who. Are in a question. What commonly green vegetable is also more. The very ugly our. Cause and people love the. I'm lingering in the coming green virtual. All of also Florida. Hope all along. Phone lingering question won't let. Alone. I think it's that people love this mission. I can't think I don't understand if you blow. Pretty popular. Like real real real real popular like the most popular vegetable in high school. That I hang out we'll be a lot of gesture Johnny be able to give it. I don't want it made it into the air my beef. Guide. I don't know and broccoli. Sort of journey through men and given that it's for free and that's what it's worth that carrot here's the thing about broccoli. What I think I really like broccoli but over I don't know that it thank you so much better I do think it's the easiest green vegetables eat. That accent. I just don't even disasters is various other glove come under and they tell me. I guess there is. I simply compared to like it Cano or something now think it just seems easier to eat in order broccoli with this job vital and so weird to me like not exactly and it. I did it take remain I don't know I don't know why don't alleged incident. If we would still be insulting you right now I Chris Young question number eight. Lesson number 80 well who play the fictional anti hero dead pool in the 2016 movie. Oh I have no idea. And no I didn't no guess not yet not. Clear bullet. Hoopla basically who played dead pool in the movie dead pool and when sixty. I had never been a little bit. You know Ryan Reynolds high affinity. They put out a lot of cover the quote the last movie England soccer's. I think it'll be a long time I don't know I doubt it look easy to have. Do you now make now computers these are making out. I don't get all of those little bit bitter partisan rather ridiculous aren't quite working deputy associate law that. None how you get to enjoy all the good reviews of other movies that cost as much as well don't forget bad. At every twenty minutes late to these days that's the first thirty minutes of your moviegoing experience and visitors and jingle telling you stuff and as an adult you should know like Carlton got them sold all of this is it all goes out over the non throwing theater. I expect and with my girlfriend. Appeared to go watch on all. And what that Peter Pan am moving. Yet days of our air or you know Movielink doesn't feel unreal go to the theaters yeah I've. Oh the new appointed but then. They want to get both. And did you get laid. If that that's a prerequisite like Al seed Peter Pan am by wants them. All hole in the bottom of the popcorn container if I had to sit computer things archer and question number nine Chris. Lord. In what city is the Kentucky Derby run. What city do you want Stanton can do think that they can tell Peter Reid Chris we established that first. Yeah I don't think that aren't Alabama obviously. And in Arlington. Covington. Covington Kentucky. Think it. That in the hard it's a definite theft of a lot I think so I think I'm excited about why did you pick coming to preserve early and a little bit. It's a lot of it they didn't like it's not a very small town exact it's like pied crow does not even a population. The only thing the coming that is known for is coming to barbecue. It is running out of they're a completely go. I'm starting Covington Kentucky. Oh did you see a giant horse track. That said like hold on the Kentucky's Derrick did you do it did happen to be downtown right in the middle did you see that thing with a thing like the one little thing like peculiar route well when you wouldn't it would probably dead right delegates I think you'd what is it exactly definitely added the ball we know that I'm back Doral this sign that comes ended downwards as elks lodge moos masons that you have like home of the Kentucky Derby on. Null in a bit at the sinuses are now entering Covington into. You can leave your soon as I couldn't hold the line address and we'll get back to question number ten. Why you only have to pay yourself. As you did all the current game is big damage. Paid more parred 999. All home alive Margaret calls coming up more contestants on the way with a game known as big dummy you are listening to the men's or radio network yeah. Yeah. Had chip on the way tens favorites and l.'s all about then jets did to me potatoes coming up right after emails in the men's or amendments or live dot com. Every time the game is big dummy here is are we stand we've got crystal line is playing for team not sober and working on question number ten. Encouraged as you know from the comments people rooting for you saying you can be. Because I'm. Good at what is let you know that is with the arrow up all over. Here is your question. What's is that common job. Of electric shock. Let him as a straight faced what does Obama do probably lucrative global. At a clip it. He did but I wanted to write a Muslim. Up in all in all. Did against. As an occupation just entertainers considering how long leopard jobs have been around obviously it's not IT. Yeah it running yeah yeah but yeah. Let why do you think people. Protect the gold content. Only his desert in the aft. After the whole world. Doesn't know cobbler or leopard cubs improved to tell you about today never come back and I call him crazy. Are you questioned in 1985. Man by the name of Robert Ballard he discovered what Basil. Have been lost since 1912. In 1912 this big ship went down. In the Atlantic Ocean. And they made a big movie about. The movies suck. And Kate Winslet was ahead in Leonardo DiCaprio and Celine Dion sang the theme. Oh mom I'm not a fan of the guy at all. Yeah no no don't worry about that worry about the ship that that went down in 1912 all the people that perished. I'm I'm wondering if your from the Glen and I look at it could you have thunderstorm come from like did you play this game to torture yourself do you really does not know anything. Or are you just messing with our heads. Yeah yeah yeah I know. What is the only major ship catastrophe that you could think of it I said what is the biggest airship catastrophe will would you say. All the humanity. Millionaire and get it all of them they get it but then there were riots all day news video on the biggest maritime was the biggest maritime disaster that. In the history. Of recorded as to what. Policy. It was huge. And the monsters under no way I don't know I don't I'll read. On. No we haven't had a listener he and then a couple of hours. And as a real bummer that I wouldn't bunkers to be all that takes. Okay here's Martha fells effort against that I have to get another contestant is so sad only lose Darren and Israel we get judged on ratings were dark until Indonesia's via an online organized god as a and they pray daily united if you still alive he probably changed the channel Nawaz a lot of people a lot of people get very sent and they say him and you you forgot to give the answer to question just. I'm going to because you already know game is big dummy 844999. Alone who's our next contestant ready to play the day. Hello Roy welcome to the bedroom. Calls and Rory. I'll thank god if you Roy. Finally played for teams over not to over. I don't filter it out relatively shelf miserable today joint Bible bowl bong blood just say nobody liked it. Now look at the bong on the day I'm among my mom you look long and give the ball Roy. You at all but he changed the water that bad boy. And it it you do OK every day you walk it is all right and I commend your house like mine I mean like other now OK I get repaid your driveway my bomb on him. That's a are out of my question for me or my talks. Are you might. Sounds disgusting and here is your question. Which European countries started the tradition of gift exchange the Christmas. Let's remember don't think the country. Thought crappy on the bill or grosans. It. Is like the saint Nicholas thing back to those days again. Again I mean I don't know if it's not drummer so but I don't I don't know win this guy aren't they get. Germany. Or. Italy Italy and Ireland but Italy. By the definitely proven gathered I don't support the I would guess in England in the box and. Well okay now get it done an excellent country whether boxers and you don't honor McGregor yeah it's not track you. Are what animal in the Chinese horoscope columns last alphabetically. Yeah. Greg got. And I got a. Did and what results. What is the name of Ned Flanders wife on the Simpson. Yeah. And 88. And yeah. The sexiest man on earth we do here is there anyway. I don't know if they survived almost punishment for nimby mauled monologue. What a beautiful man. And I blog post up it's your name is small and listen to this show know that your parents in and is the only reason they would possibly use menu. All right and a sitcom friends. Where does Joseph keep his favor. He keeps in the household appliance. In the blender. Three time. I question number five broad. And yeah. Group had the most number one singles in the seventies I believe the from Sweden. And you can get that's what. Take a chance. You got this. And yeah pops who popped open. No one can help poppies because no one's ever sounded like this band that being. The Beastie Boys thing afloat. Very very close to about the these boys they obviously have a and moving somebody's wedding merely letting. The news out there and everybody in the saddle up rather than watch the movie I think that was the first time I ever heard. That it was like yeah there was this massive and that is. You haven't he's a man and a save her. Every. Criminals man who couldn't pronounce the name of anyone and demand and this is Bjorn Borg your Morgan Morgan and you're only getting more than Florida eagle on the media yours Laura is the word or go more than ever beautiful it sounded more due to Gordon and mark I'd do her and or Google or global power and are really cool thing or who love blush it. Organ to organ or from her again. Wichita State. The threat you order for the organ tablet. Our next Brian Warner is the real name of what's in. The he's a rock singer. Been around I was in new rock singer guy he's been around for awhile and he he's been doing TV a lot lately announcement by he was on Sons of Anarchy. Well he's creepy yet it happened so. I don't think no idea. Maryland Maine Maryland man. Reflect on later. Now he lives he's really think what if you can live yeah well and Sons of Anarchy usually clean. And white supremacist prison and in. He made a major star and hero. Not very pleasant content. Integrated into the as. Yeah. Yeah he did he spent tablet gasoline to the dudes sell. Moved up. I want to get the win for you know remember those Gannett could have been a lot. At all you won't need all of it. Not bad at all at the falcons could signal are literally and figuratively. No wonder people are clamored that dean. Teva Vasily I wanna watch Marilyn Manson take advantage of man in jail you know what these fair. He was kind enough to send back the mean apparently in Brazil to me that backs. About his anger as there is raw goods that. So there are obviously have mentally that the page was a mental. Mess I understand manager show up that Jacob he said the gasoline and waited a couple days ago they got. Out of it and they can amend juices. And the guardian ravens could be what kind of dog was red. It's. Your honor I thank you thank you thank you Greg Simon Jones while laws on yesterday's program I don't know if you're listening to take our advice if two draw was running pool or man made pond you want to keep them you don't yet know keep them. Away from a man any faith in the water feature that has filtered you want to keep your Chihuahua good distance away. There's big dummy for far 9990 look who is our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello coale welcome to the men's room or it our top. Told you so we're not. Over nuts flavorful beautiful black schools CEO Leo cool question one. Joined by bonds' blood just say no goal. I. Honolulu. A life and all but I'm Lou says. 40 probably I'm the one Helen does it take you to craft the blonde. Name somebody they're kind of perfection has truly been doing it for years old not luncheon long anymore you you have got to. I'm not go to that one thing I can I want are taking forever and Imus you need to go to the East Coast funded through to know blanket. A row you want to close pleasure. I totally. What masters you know old school Newton I know we that we know what those wanted to do and part of your question where was the very first horror rock cafe opened. All of Australia is. I get so. The London yeah. Golden shower today. You can even call any hole Inco the second and watched the colts beautiful clean. Artwork is the most common type of pitch thrown by pitchers in baseball. Most common I know the most dump on. I got to Thornton. My guess there's fastball. I want to say see you want to move the ball is sort of go occurred and oh yeah. To go breaking stuff very accessible. You don't offer people something beautiful and how many times you don't. There's a threat and I don't know yeah right I couldn't but if you're throwing fastballs in the future game that you would speed up its grant you that. You don't think I guess that could have been a. And enjoy it eventually sir you are out so. All's. Opposite you do that many curve balls you can ruin if colon taken out after 89 pitches. Deteriorated dirty coal. And executives. He's in 91 and well the manager come out at the beautiful clean coal out. Our order is the first feature length animated. Said it what are the first feature length animated fare. Oh. How was it to fantasia know. No what if other. Had to fill wiped. Because with little not a. The protesters. I've never seen him give don't think it's weird that there's love chick lay and then invite some little people who who are beautiful single question for. What was the highest selling album of the 1980s. Right here in the United States Merck. We have a hit on the John rather genre there at the top. Unpopular gonna I would Syrian Italy you know that smile I think there's only one there's only one that but I can narrow losses by selling album kind of cabinet come out in the eighties. I'm minute. I'm an estate thriller on the. Freelancers exists in this the game is a big dummy for Ford 999 all of who's our next contestant write a play the game hello bill welcome to the men's room. Program that it should think they didn't answer the phone hello bill welcome to the men's room. And we need to hop. It's over it's over. I don't I felt it was would go joints piped. Her whole order of blood bond where yet there I didn't but it. Do the five day. I'm bill. We're gonna talk about lemurs and I didn't tell us what you want to talk about today so first of all your welcome now here's the question. Lemur is our type of primate that are native to what I in the nation. You. Vote. Tasmania. It's great to play. Like what Australian even fifth at Stewart for a team. Down with. As the trees there isn't great but it doesn't. And the should make it. Madagascar it's called mad as hell I style that has like the animals a lot of sort of thing as Craig crazy we shall motorists. All right what was the first capital city of the United States. I. You canceling it. Typically such. Before father's they had the powdered wigs in the mirror how you're outside on running Benjamin. Philadelphia. You can have a verb content. Then New York. But the new York and DC yeah nothing New York Jennifer minute. That in Washington DC to New York have the nation's capital for second based on something was going on the time did they move it because the British labour worn out for the dollar you know war yes something's happened I wanna say a little later Portugal it went well it will move its capital they moved to all the week African Brazil why are wounded now. The things die down moved back to portrait yet yet and I mean the White House burned in the war wreaking twelfth I get her to move that capital. Game is big down 8449990. Look who is our next Intel I wanted to play a game hello Matt welcome to the bedroom. All are there so our guy. Johnson over. That's overmatched pulled into the show. What is your preferred method they're joined piper of gold bond blogs are just say no. Definitely a bong bong that if. Longing all ooh. Ethanol okay. Protesters smoker this makes them how many items thrown a Baker's dozen. Thirteen. Good time. That's generally salute him and thank you so why is that Robin you're gonna Barry when you when your kid writer into adulthood and I family owned one I have no idea what that's of acres do you does not continue not count like of that heroic thing come on Matt was ever strong okay now he's not only do you want more than I thought a very I think maybe it's for the baker have you ever meant as skinny baker know. New album I've never gotten a Baker's dozen. They only let you order a dozen doughnuts and Arab firm make it to. If you don't think even okay very good but they charge you gotta bakeries urgency of the cadaver dogs and I hit the bakers by the if your bacon right. I would venture yes it's a Baker's dozens of that you can try wanna make sure they're all good again. It's also now it also allows you to have slowed OK then let them regulate a dozen doughnuts and I would like one on the side in front of this game is big dummy look at the market does is aboard big dummy coming up a 44999. Hole you are listening to the men's room radio network. Fitch is you. Jeff on the latest we've data talk about and jet is all about chips within Jeff on the way in the meantime. Game is big dummy for 49990. Look who was our next contestants were ready to play the other big game. Hello Marty welcome to the major. We'll. I'm thirtieth overnight over. And love the lift her very loving the show. Marty what. What's your preferred method there are joined pipe bomb blood just say no forty ago. Mozilla. None of the above got to say no. Yeah and credible guy and that's not broken. Would you pick up we did not have inedible shall Don my Twitter torment we have done about it endlessly about how bad does your preferred method to our. Like a most of us it's not her preferred method it's like three Linden to some people really don't smoke but he even go and yet there's a where he wanted to. And very true all right Marty here is that I your question. Who was the first wild card NFL teams won a Super Bowl. Oh boy hum I don't know much about Oklahoma absolutely love. And. And he'll have no clue right now from. Ravens. Nineteen it elevates it a big left telling everyone that. And greater breaks breaks down already irritated. All right and what year did Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. Lou. How old are you Marty. You okay yeah a little before your time to buy a year Marty was flying here. No comment that I world. What Lou I should you know I don't. Mario and I. Am I figured it out on clothes alone immigrated they discover generate this history matters I would have been perfect what Joseph George George don't have today yeah they dominate for 4999. All led war two as our next contestant ready to play the game humility welcome to the men's room. Let all our jobs. Another look at the field. Melanie you like to join the fight Obama bluntly your Floyd though or do you just say no. I haven't seen. Otherwise I'm happy baby well you're good for you are you one of those like what goes wrong with you unionize. You don't parenthood was 40 yeah I I would. Well you should be paranoid and we are talking about Foley's it's a hot mess and not just an ugly feet. You bar freaking out at me and you should be it. There are things in the walls looking at you know you get the pizza no you get the pizza every one Dozier. Every one I don't have gone through you know come home I got everyone knows them. Do effort starts are gonna with a fast food joint was somebody we sort whip in the right before we walk in site. And agency you know Rua knew I was good at having I and I got to just grows like. I gotta remember to do. Our day your question the Van Gogh Museum is located and what European capital city. Oh yeah mango omens of mango. Yeah now that the banged on. It. At all. I've been a popular. Three broad. And I know mostly impressed with their yeah for a theft. I really hate that style but I don't know much about any friends who headed down visually impressionist Mike I don't like that and we wouldn't see him he got me messed up to do it. Boy yeah. I would see what is the official currency of the country of Ecuador. At. Hey I know this sounds horrible horrible course you'll appreciate it we need to be is like a one term they use now. But it trigger profit. Now I don't know I think. And that affect how I think on Friday TD then got in a western attention and then when information is now I think it's. There's a lot of weight and pulled my thinking and I. Dina and its American parents in the United States and I was Libby did any good ol' dad announced his biography caddies spend money in Ecuador. I'd I'd never event at all the diminutive and I'm Oregon over the wanna add today. All right woods was president was known as the great communicators. Hey all of whom he was elected in nineteen. He won't. People love this guy. So we've yet to be able to make any bribe. Abraham Lincoln's. I IE three displays. And 1980. Remember that about eleven years old come on click. Brandon I have to bring that lateral play in the yard and they didn't it's all good as his abolish slavery and that that's great my dad brought it 35 years I can't believe he signed the emancipation proclamation on TV couldn't it was wild. And I doubt you Ronald Reagan. Don't worry you were close with a guy who we understood that he's that hot mess. Miles that it'll trickle down two hour and a Cuomo okay now that is and whoever politically driven out the let's let the politics aren't so who's next in line to see the president. After the vice president. Toy and presently goes down the vice president takes a president go down who's next in line. All. The ball. Potentially. You know up until the 1990s anyone with a first and Larry was older they decided to clean. At a little know act. I know you're an ideal time to think about it and think about it me who's going to hang in there. Hot mess. 1980. Abraham would he think I like after nineteen educator actually your house is just that there's is there and the bigamy is again at 844999. All of our ability do well let's not kill enough. Don't love the shenanigans continue on the men's room. On the radio network.