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Thursday, December 21st


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I'm mid east room legacy can continue. He would sure love to hear is real. Brazil this radio program are simply not that great. Let's send anymore. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is the. Thrilled. You know they say shake your radio more than. Three times. Leo look good result number 2675. Along with Steve the throw hill. Please Ted Smith. Wall Limbaugh. In my car. Good aren't men's. That's really the only good big. Did today. To edge meat and potatoes is all about the jets. The way Sherlock is baggage ready to play profile this plus headlines of a good shot of the day fumbled the three males and everyone's favorite TV time was to connect. That created our I don't know pro teams server proclaims Irma produce the best ride of his life. Right before his lack. A Michigan man believes he's god and takes a huge club and now his aunt and uncle had past. Oregon golfers play through fire as heavy as though there's not gonna come down for quite awhile. After childbirth or spirit but he says that dad's testosterone level will make him smile. The teachers since naked tanning bed picks to her eight grade student. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All have good kids good day to you and yours. All right today in the day that we play big dummy that is the game show that rewards you. For your stunning ignorance and of course here's how it works we it's been a category will. Food who moved ahead. Then we'll have to a question from that category. But your to a big dummy separates itself from your average more reputable and show. We will continue to ask you questions until you get one question right because as always. We want you to leave here smarter than you showed up now to date our biggest W ever actually situated tied into the lovely Kimberly. An equally global Eric both of whom dug deep and found a way that answer nineteen consecutive question draw. Not to his credit Eric did into the twentieth question correctly. Kimberly never had that chance because quite frankly we had to go to. Now can you do better. Of course you can and hope we go of the ball and all we go on big dummy bigot doesn't employ big dummy call 84 or 999. Old us. Like the men's or month FaceBook follows on what urban survive answered your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Now I'm gonna show number 2675. Always content. How did Joseph Torre today how Karzai amid a dummy on dead dead to me to details ahead Jeff announced. And it's all about chips in the delicious new editor is really let it go Jeb yes that's half the meat and potatoes right there and then aside. Oh about a delicious chips noise Sherlock also want to analyze ship smiles all day all the time yeah I think. While sales for the won't all be potato correct all right all really. Yemen okay all right well well aren't gonna your crazy that without a head shift as we did those non completely. Mind blown. Why does today is a daily play big dummy it's an easy game to play you simply called program and you play until you get one question right here the rules during the playing for team sober. Fourteen knots over we also do a little men's room poll every week always played big belly. And last week we asked you what your favor carbonated beverage now. As far as the people who called up and actually played big dummy I believe it or not. Great persona came in at number three. Ginger rail was number two Mountain Dew was number one. Now people the men's room had to amend or live on Twitter completely different set of results there Coke and Pepsi clearly the winner at 38% energy drinks other came in very strong all the weirdos goals were to get yes this we hear about great sort of this week's men's room Paul it's gonna go something like this. Joints pipe bond blondes are just saying no. I'd say no well you don't smoke you are so we'll inaudible throughout this alarm which regrettable. Game is a big dummy 844999. All it was our first contestant right to play the game our first contestant is Sean hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. All I. John you played the team sober now it's over. I'm so we're spirit bug in the show. Very little redundant. Wouldn't read it and I would do reverend Johnny leg enjoyed quite vulnerable on. Landed Lou the only affect. How long have you not been doing it. Since I got this job. Unless I heard a the bus driver de Ferran I'll tell ya around small children to relive it. Therefore I drive. Metro access so I hope the disabled the special need their eyes so and that like really interview like that man. I smoke now but did you give me this job I'll stop. Ignited our heritage which you know what they'll man you know what's nice about your job you're the only bus driver where where the ram goes down no one disgust. I have got to take. It's you it's kind of understood units and we don't have to wait they're exactly. We appreciate that'll ever feel the guilt for that. You don't it because this guilt of of a little because. Here. And I understand EU and wheelchairs Angelos I give me and I think it's great that they damn well darling tablet market are probably. I think I've never been guilty clerk I don't know what you know after holding that's isn't affordable. How did you job. AA degree if it. Because I we have another question before we get to our question as I've been doing each week now you can pick a question. For myself who go big question question for Mike hawk and that this week grading also random. Random trivia who had fallen away so myself Mike are. All on a date on mute girl. I'm not sure I'll take that may be sort of do instead that's who questioned wrote. Era at your core I get the feeling you're gonna get this strikes me as a guide them again. What are the names of the two actors whose characters did stuff traveling together. The movie trains planes and automobiles. What are their names in the movie actors the overall I act yeah SE. Kook who miles an that are. I've never seen them moving. Two jobs out when his own Moses name in the movie it was like an Edgar Griffin. When he's out what was the general murdering. I think I know this you're picking good insurance conventions and dating days. The for the day I know. Shower curtain ring and yeah its new Martin and John can get that there is that correct. Days and days that companies and. Our job it is question. What was the first department store opened in the United States of America. There's built around. One day had no idea us. Two years. That's great yet so my guess well maybe estimated at home one day. Now if you can't uniquely skilled. With Geraldo Rivera to shower curtain rings yeah. The picnic if it it. That is a great movie you've never seen its concerts and that's one of those still stand out. It but I doubt you'll enjoy it and you you like sports like baseball. Oh also all year seat baseball it is not so might well great content in question about Major League Baseball. What kind of aggravates bulls teams mascot is a triceratops. Got a dinosaur rib bone was discovered when the ballpark was being built in 1994. I have no idea. I don't know if you're mad at mascot that it's their doubts and a little things and I know it's done. It's the color of the Iraqis and correct so yeah. Time out. Formula I what do we really don't make matters. I still love English just soccer fever Paula arsenal. I don't know why they decided dinosaurs in the arsenals of the guy he's just got her source. Gunners Soros isn't cricket and kids like I don't cook who would that I have no idea what he has to do with londoners sucker. Absolutely not go. Let don't let that slip of the lip and made so. What does that Diana work. Donors or donor source commercial owners sold under store an anti gutters or does sound like this is my friend Austin Zaurus tatters dollars. That's a burglary you get a guy at the eighties and rationally he's flattered donkey batter the drive regarded owners source burger. It in speaking the burgers the average fast food murder multiple choice questions. Contains meat form how much different count on average. 24555. Or seven. Among guests from the tribes. And. Oh thank god that's the wrong answer the general matter it's I think he that I. 55 didn't N out burger under 55 different I'm pretty sure that chicken breast has just one hit threat. It now if you know well the nuggets didn't and I did I get is a different animal ability to strip the strip is saying. The smaller the people or animals or I would like you when you violate the one of the story and on the flip side of the bag that's made with real written yet got to trust me the ones that are shaped like dinosaurs I mean. There's more chance in the diocese could pick and the equipment that. Our initials onto a college sports we're gonna go with college sports nickname multiple choice group. Hold all of its tigers or Eagles what's the most common with college sports nickname. Bulldogs tigers were. Home. But all of our post courts. Who I've never. Well let's go Eagles. Okay new era yeah I'd LT and so we have what the Boston College or greater talking all college. So you have your big college small part of this way the 76. Colleges. Whose team nicknames and here's the weird and on tiger's the second most from 46 schools and bull balls is third with forked and Auburn has both the tigers in the war eagle. So they qualify for both so they want Auburn to wash. Yeah because that Arizona yes exactly I would have been tiger my game is big dummy 844999. Solos are Nixon doesn't read play the game hello Jen welcome to the bedroom. Okay. I did it's over it's over. Please help drawback there sounds to annoy you. Jen look men's room small joined pipe bomb blunter just say no. All bowl. He's in a bowl. Are adamant that but that doesn't buy. We did this earlier with more common term bowler by. I don't let go Ctrl+Alt. Damage him. And Robin took my America's women are always right. All right Dan with a like a question for what you believe that I do if I don't know how. I do believe that now and I really do yeah. Sir I assumed that is there generally a good day quite fit for a meeting my car or random question but at the. Now bar. Yeah or else from him. In most of modern U cools the fuel inject her has replaced what. Had a have a major part of fuel lines and corporate card are great cabaret that Katherine. After the pipe the guys that got in 87 Oldsmobile. I'd did what they made it illegal to put tomatoes in clam chowder all the way back in 1930 non. Who. I doubt now oral. I didn't really kind of what it all goes on a suit against a number two states. What did you guess it. Classes visit every one of those due to man arrested agenda that's why Manhattan is the red against the rather than New York's in 1939. And they know they don't lose out that I think it was good haw. What about the pineapple on pizza bill who's got that yeah math if you can't do battle never pass now it should you think they'll pass I'd now man come. I think you pass. And liberal majority. You go door to a lot of people like pineapple on pizza what nominal Illinois could do it no. No ketchup on hot dog the right. And it doesn't just how is this election like we do in the states there is this just the popular vote them. Because popular vote yeah popular vote in and pass new beau. To them saying we are popular vote your notes. No chance to Bynum. I think there's a lot more I apple beat to the due date I I agree even if it's 49%. With the popular vote of no way. The pineapple late tomorrow pages are a man less than my sister is in town it was her job to go under two pieces to feedback all I don't know. So did you bring hello would you want guns you let her she's gonna do atrocities or she goes into goes back and one of the one of the and for him that he didn't and I mean it is a dividend of and you've never seen likelier he or more depressed individuals your life and all lol I got a others really just wanted the now man you can't just know that people like you needs that I just one right up to split now because the sucks that's amateur man who was you know but however I would have been gorge in mice and everybody divide what do you wanna sell like hey they make sure only half of one there's a thing like those two slices thing you know that one pizza in the military to compromise on because they're apparently it's like a man and I think that's about to crash. I gave his big dummy 844999. All those are next contestant ready to play negated the centers you're a pretty good today leads that we really that woman wasn't right. Like I. Hello Ian welcome to the bedroom. All I'm okay. Ideally sober now for over. So you're welcome to show him there's anybody who says sober ever sound happy. You know a couple of our lone wolf they are idea enough preferred method vehicle joined by bond girl bold blogs just say no we're ego. Just enough just say no I wouldn't do for a living. Friday traffic control my air traffic control. No loves. And Shia alike on the roadside construction jobs and growth. OK so your flag guy. Yeah I like that traffic control as sounds much better Abby Stoneman yeah understood leg. The front running flag by whom we realized everybody will Ruth ammonia residue and escape diver anything like that really like Tucker roller than anything crazy. All one time almost got nailed by a the average man who wasn't paying attention okay did you have to dive out of the way. I but I did have to jump back about a week or she did even acknowledged that he almost ran you over. Loves her. I don't know he's gone about 3540 so I didn't Decker have time to look at the Spanish. Inject. Because you'll listen to mold your guarded him stuck our foot mall and why you Jack I had and all of a liberal and are red light done right. I would like questions that's about it all yet. This doesn't reliable homicide ball flew from local time. I would like your question for me or my cock. It all out god dammit. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas gained independence in 1973. For what's country. All. I'm just gonna win at United States. And it was an English I thought they brought the stock as the dust. What soft food what do you Bahamas Bermuda itself and the Bahamas a little homicide and I don't love about not letting whoever me is the hot. Thought about. It over if they played at sun is if it Falwell oh you thought that's why it. The Dutch over the joys of socks. And also address at night it was supported them the ducks all people. Korean drug leaders of both Tokyo where you don't care if it happens when you're old enough to back cared you've got no problem and drug size usually never been the Caribbean don't put it out of that Barack Obama back from really clap. We're back at Charlotte couldn't get it. And but what can you talk about out of Iraq. Wouldn't matter Catholic origin men's remark on the sides of the mid survive back out bottles with the all the brave. A buck off my above the de it to death logo and a punctured the effect of such as here at the miserable house so I have my up on the clock the I would want to. Are right here is your question where to go back to 1969. And this movie and typical just that it alone and I tell my identity. And citadel an all the brave Americans Steve Osborne still joke. And how would you concede. Not that way if it. Rugby crowds of people 68 to Baez could rhino hunt Burke but it's gonna hand away with it but it's not full rotation idea of the sticky things. All right in 1959 dissident group I don't pretty. Story in both would like to ride Doug thoughts overnight complaints. That it. As possible to get out. I don't know what I want and that's true it was the year of the cup I don't know if she wanted to guys as we're GAAP. That is that is the true state Marmol does that explains a lot if there's like that is the result shows art opera for Kaka whose boat in the docks in a written them or a the favorite hot I don't effort does not publicly known it's out there in the Atlantic and that's what kind of role of a dog Mildred. Right there about probably find studied them Princeton in the based upstairs in his or mustard can be French instrumental. If if if they got then I. I figured I couldn't pick a dog and my girl Kamal it's got a left. As we nullify. It if it's like instinct like father like I probably got a coma multiple white man. He hit a regular playing into left hand. Okay. In 1969. This movie starring Dustin Hoffman and John Voight. It's the only X ray did move him that ever won an Oscar for best picture. All of you know. What's going on whether he organized. Not a technical. He's really I don't know I don't know fantastic all on the floor. Could could could infect a fifth floor on the floor. No it was death race 2000. Midnight cal left a guy's gonna get the draft. Doesn't get it. What I was so I don't know we'll look it up and offer them yet eerie irony would reorder everything in this Robinson. Do routed them. You can check out our Robin who have our house mrs. Robinson out. She is now and they're exactly like. Not who. You are appropriate and important it is that it sort of white people wash my car but this is a threat because. A major brokerage Walsh might call. Take a mad. Are multiple choice question Harper's bazaar cosmopolitan or bold. What sort of things actually started as a weekly newspaper that focused on high society back in 1892. Became a magazine in 1905. Harper's bazaar cosmopolitan. Yeah. Phone you're asking questions I had no idea about. That's why it's called. A you're below the things that might lead homosexual brother would know I called. And Jesus and the. I would know that brought a feel for. But they harbored his left moved. To throw your brother out. Right under the bus isn't always it'll broad. Jab. I was are gonna pay for my brother isn't bombardments on a brother Devin it is my heterosexual brother Ian don't delay it but it. Only an hour long. I had a feeling. All right what site has the second highest air online in my app market today only behind Google Maps. And I go to Google Maps you're going to. See all Leo the one I can think. School the only other one that I use is the way that bird. He's as upbeat about her driving. Yeah you don't Greg you addressed in the neighborhood. Oh look at neighborhood ever existed in highway episode but it's definitely ethnicity thank you weigh in. I don't know if they deliver not a map quest. Our. Death seems so sophisticated that and they'll go in the Maxwell americorps grant now now do I have work. In I want Megan hang on the line Boris. I actually do thank you. Game is they don't create more foreign 999. All the more vehicles and more of big dummy coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have did some men's room. Head tipped out of Ted's may have details. All about them jabs in the meantime the game is big dummy 844999. All. Always felt like Ian is that the deal yet we saw the and you know favorite teams over question number sixty and before we get there few comments came in and that regarding pineapple on pizza oh. God dammit. There's nothing better than barbecued chicken beans have applied at that. I used toward the dominoes of high level of the major topic I loved my head out of being the applaud. I'm getting a for a group I would never get a look my levels on its. And I noticed thank you I by at least one hole why did that would buying for a group good that I have opened myself and then someone says red pepper placed on Hawaiian pizza we'll convert. I look I love Hawaiian pizza I'm not a big spice guy but how local news and I eat cake is delicious but I also will agree with miles. I would buy a Hawaiian pizza for a whole group to buy new that it might need it you would never come back it looked like a pass those spinach artichoke pizza for a group of people that governor and Jeremy Sandler and I went a combined to beat this for a whole group it's that she used in a pepper right right and like it has the basic stuff. As our Dominican parties duke won majorities. This one is cauliflower. And kids. Our Internet question. You can get aid to every good estimate of the temperature in Fahrenheit. By counting how many times cricket chirps and fourteen seconds. And then adding what number 23040. Or fifty. Of course. Even multiple choice physically and your book. So what are I don't know anything about that I'll. You don't know chirping crickets every fourteen seconds of what I would add there's nothing you can get the temperature what an idiot there's nothing worse and frigates in your house going all night you cannot find them and when kids are awful you get a general idea where they are because and you look at their direction despite did you not seeing them they showed up. And I you definitely can't find an Anderson Internet when my brother man Wimbledon was Roberta cricket from like three. I mean I thought was just live downtown. Is thicker than any expectation I don't have a hottest ladies are cricket team that I don't upgrade. Our actor Kelsey Grammer he was nominated for Emmys for playing Frasier crane on three different TV. One on cheers one on this Halloween where he made a one episode cameos but got nominated and what other TV show. I. Oh man. Get drawn a blank on the show I used to watch an urgent. I'm going to come on dude who I even changed the order of the question and he gave you and has. I didn't NASCAR. I'd like metal mayor if he doesn't get the Antonov is he just the big dummy out of mail on Bolivia but they're not so he was nominated for being a cheers I was gonna ask cheers Frasier emblem of the show Obama the ones in the wings right I never would've guessed was right so I was like I did your wings are give each year's. For Ian was struggling. That guy's just he's multi facet he's complaining character. As long missive one character young is it's him freak you blame OneCare from any TV show that's versatility game is big dummy 844999. Alone who was our next contestant read play the game. It's armory and Mike off notes. Odd as it doesn't did you talk on hello John welcome to the men's room. Or. I've done over enough over. Principal there Dan Wheldon killed. John would you love would you say are more of the joint guy a white guy a bond guy or just say no. Applied to launch a blunt. One global I've bluntly John. We'd like to question for me or my cough. Thought might I. Yet he rolls outside his blood you ever smoke and I bluntly John here is your question. Why not is actually grown from a poisonous fruit. Yet. Can't tune catching. I don't think it was supposed to go cash your book methodology what are called me. Still few and a little routine contributed sect actually get a few technically of the rupiah to prove itself. It wasn't. All right where are on your face will you find your Mac Cuba. Rhymes whose Dracula. I. And Z and eight. Sam act Sheila he had no Zanardi I'm a guy like yep immaculate the center of your retina. I'm just your name is big dummy for 4999 all of who's our next contestant ready to play the game LaMarcus welcome to the men's room. Thought our and I. Target for overnight children. Marty plug in the show. Preferred method they're would you would you rather have a joint paid by her bowl on the blogs are just say no. Although it is audioblog. There's no to his brother thing you know. I'd feel left temple. You off. I'm Marcus you wanna go to questions for myself for my car. Also a little all right let's see here. How many mothers sauces or other and classical French cuisine. How many moat there's also this. So whatever assaults you make it begins at one of five ways that's essentially with a. Well I thought. Baghdad. Action is now during the campaign millions and to simplify my room so basically like blotter. Cream of meat. Brawl C I'll crude. Yeah I want sailing. What is it doesn't meet when you said to me was seeing food beads blotter. Red sauce as my tomato and maybe one solve I don't remember after the fifth when the sun so whatever solace you me. It begins in theory of one of these tabloid game is big dummy 844999. Hole who's our next contestant rated play the game. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Although job. I treasure is sober now for over. I am not over actress for her first knots over contestant how did you get did you get to the point of being that's over. Couple that one we'll go to go and are miserable today joined supplied bonds or just say no. Just saying no just say no unless it's out golfer Chris Chris all the lines. We've got a big Demi come and aquarius 8449990. Look you'd like to be contested 84 point 9990 Lamar big dummy on the way. I shenanigans continues on the men's room. The radio network.