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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Itself is standing by for another round profile doesn't think are nine right now 844999. Alone you'll play profiled as governor of the minutes. We do better headlines on the way one hour from now but first a quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines the is not working out all right to Poland will now start selling its new case showed nationwide. And MIA. So those of you don't want case of from DePaul left so what they have few versions of their case amount. Don't think they have the rivers and all of all time don't they know put peso no. And I honestly liked. I think a lot of other places that sold burritos tacos also sold our motto and stuff there to think we'll try it the people last the Pulitzer. No woman is not the biggest fan of itself. He's so just means sheet. That's all living in LAW seven in the states were we say OK so it's a different kind of cheese entirely run or not an easy case they're right it's always good but it's never as good as Guatemala I'm sorry my. If I did the right if you don't like peso is I don't like it it's just it's not my first go to. All right sorry I'm just confused if if if if I'm not thrilled by and I should say a lot of people freaked out that hey they got a case of common they end. I'll give it a shot. In my time it's great I'm glad they have about like I like teams there's never been shortened to achieve in my home so that'll I want to myself once. Plus sports fanatic detonated if you cut their teeth yet our eyes they'll let you know on Jay did all. Thought she did you laid out he's the original case though. They did I'd never said I didn't quite get it. He just said he doesn't thrill me and the reason why but she did was fantastic was a little bit of chili meat doesn't side of a man that would upset you basically they taste out a lawyer that you think he. You don't I'm gonna do for people I don't like making something good I think is average estimate my fourth critics are made it for you. I'll get used anyway. I get to clarify caiso like Ahmed if you didn't like Laverne and there's his ultimatum for you visits to him that would you argue that there is different between homemade and store by. Or short short OK I by homemade case of the lot better than I start my day itself. We'll be in the event even though you very very late William wore jeans that we're gonna try anything out there about ten go side by outside you come over will lol what footballer someone time we'll bring over the apartment I'll make that case of them. And then you leave your words about how great it is also would indicate that yes it is and he's a dead all right if I have yet it was a case of death. It's good to have an intruder I don't like political it's not that runny. Weird tasting new. Not so it's easy get from a gas station now it's like a good all weekend so it's not that during the summit to be said about that nacho cheese we can other than botulism. Specific effect at that. Manage New Zealand reported his car stolen over the weekend. But it turned nobody actually got really drunk and just didn't remember that he sold its money can buy more votes on them are also on damn man you need to be drive and wow so you're blacked out enough to where you won't remember a thing that you're doing with your coherent enough to actually. Put your car out for sale and make the sale happen. Mike what I read was the they got a boost when you get blacked out front essentially what it is is. If your brain is a DVR all right. Your actions or whatever did you view are showing you remember what's under DVR and Portugal blackout drunk essentially your brain to stop recording. Still the TV show is still playing and whatever the action it'll still happen. But when you wake up the next day there is there's no recollection as to your brain just stopped recording whatever decision you made about. Pistols and descend on that one before volume on live. I can't keep up like exhausted the thing that I think I get their lap but I can never be certain. Particularly that's the real sounds like I think I get wiped out struggle are what I can't prove that the deliberate remember getting it over except with a broken wrist. Yeah if he had no idea how I did that it can understand how black Downey is so much hotter chicks. And I want to comment and I love it and I hate it. I was a government braves they don't even bother remember this. And I think it would offload to a particular type girls like dude did you ever say on the stock talk about a girl or dog tomorrow Derek yeah I have music resume work. Yeah rushing. And she was gorgeous the Buick what are you talking about like all right guys I actually felt bad on what I wish I could give you the memory you've been probably. Yeah ever wake up and drunk do you drunk you've gives you get fed. How we can meet you where you can hit a it could be did you know load a random post up or maybe it's a very attractive woman went in a right next to you all yet yet well all the food it. Okay percent of those in the story of which so withdrawals and it was left and hang glider and I think. Why don't we had been our program with this thing it. As is that the majesty dream and once the dream that I know I'm very on the couch. This person that the fifth with a couple a couple edit so she was in your bedroom down. Awhile boy that's that's that's awkward. And you giant panda and the judiciary and if it. How is it. I think you'd be big big big underwear that. The pitch and hit it but that's sort of still waking up there with like I think it was a week later if you think you'll find my the fire you at your place here they are in the freezer well. All of oh it. Did I have Robin. Did that look at this day State's offense we went home together she left in the morning but so far pales into the proves that you find throw out their my prison time yeah. There's a cabin used who's helped rescue almost 15100 flood victims even though he's currently battling stage four cancer and it took him a man from. And then good for him good for him under Saddam all right I'm adding I don't wrong if it's. Georgia today good for you and the nights I score. Undue delay all barbecued carcinogenic to me that I would be here today I have to. Growing up and researchers at Washington university in Saint Louis thing that they might have found a way to use physique of fire stick over teams are added so Larry thank god they have something positive. Doesn't make up. I think we need to get rid of the brain tumors you want us to radiation or give you ZK one but did. Yes that Eddie let the good news is that that we've made some progress the badges. You've got to ask them these although to be fair Barbara three Zeke and cancer I'm taking the he had really there. I just. It got off there. Live at an art than it fanatical than they break your arm virtual peer that manic. A big deal man and a point 60 woman got it on in front of a bunch of families at a beach in Florida they didn't get a resident for but the police officer that showed I did bust them for having an open container of four Loko. Damned cheap I think about I guess that's better though than I get in Boston Brad sites on public indecency fast. You have religious couldn't prove it. We camera smell of him. All that is probably set this thing. It's only in the end you'll or didn't know it kind sex smells good is your active participant. Yeah otherwise it just smelled only in Hawaii and walk and after two very ideal way. Heavy head it's only humans. Get romanticism guy mighty man. A new survey and you gave on the 20% of kids under the age of twelve don't know that eggs come from animals and 11% think that chuckling grows on trees. Word do they think eggs from. Blood that would be the next question that that I don't have finance. Ultimate point. And a chuckle came from beats it does in a bit actually think like there's Hershey bars went on groove what do you think you need to write them rehearsing kisses. Smokers just. 32 year old and a Florida called the police to report a burglary. Then got arrested when they showed up and down 38 pounds of marijuana in his house dude again wonder what they're there to steal. Someone who knows you yes I'm very well you never should a lot of water your plants when you're out of town for those three days to. And finally five nurses were suspended for getting a little Randy. House though because tale about a one hour now I know it's a crazy story. Thank you might not headlines go to one hour from now the first to go or do the the men's room. Three cents. This is a drug to please everyone how profile this is playing I start ten miles it's a simple game where we share with you real life news story something to that good right here on planet or. Our. And if you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make. Well that's what it is you think makes the story. A story got him LOG Yani welcome to the men's room. Look at. I. Hey you guys I want to tell you make my day every day and excuse to. Before you grungy Yani. I am from left Fresno California now I don't know man I don't know I appreciate you being on the show meant thank you. So I'm I'm I'm really Seattle colonize. All right you have a fan of the Davis blades yes I did all right here is destroyed now you might remember this and thunderstorms happen at this point. If you wanna become a male model the best route might. Going out. Robbing the bank are still your call my point is you wanna get caught. Because another criminal just got to modeling career thinks he was much more everyone looks for about another one. Are you remember the guy back and won fourteen journey Meeks has mug shot went viral everybody's only that is so they'll look at it that we got out of prison he immediately jumped to a modeling career. Well now dating a millionaire now daughter billionaire's daughter that is definitely in her daughter he's dating a billionaire now. And now oath. They're the 21 year old guy from Raleigh, North Carolina he's just follow the same path we can't make this up he was arrested in April of last year for getting into a police chase a stolen. At a news mug shot went viral because he's good looking and the condition were Eisner from all of one blue ones ground this is now put him over the top is a guy husky. What now he's out of prison. And he was snapped up by modeling agency images that dispersed fashion shoot at last count him. It pays being on the program like that's your head shot of emotion get paid to be good. Period yes and good looking for an exit Johnny on what your nose. Our question desire do you believe that this Dudley criminal is black white makes your Asian. Well based on that screen with that different or act via the times I've seen that has been without people from Mexico. And that I'm gonna go with that or dead got to go I'd like to get some invites both I would within racial profiles. Different color eyes does come our eyebrows. I.'s actual color was so one is frowned when Lou. Tournament round I've blew it kind of it. People don't come and eyebrows no offense to view of the Golan eyebrows always acting weird as we always written eyebrows more so than my dad until I told him I am almost there and interface you just can't get past you know. I'll just say this team man and knowing the population Brawley got to go wonderful life. On there's no there's. I'm I'm just telling its straight up man Rowley North Carolina to be like an Irish thing. I give her nice mom. Could be assault was ginger guy's black man. The first guy unlike those guys like to go out of a global employment so we would beat you next. I'm glad that I went there aren't we'll find out if he was black white makes the oration next. Yeah. Team you're listening to the beds are radio network. Smiles. Because they think is the North Carolina rallied to be exact in miniature white guy gets. Arrest of that that doesn't matter and I'm not as hot on the chase and holocaust okay well aerial that's reason to be arrested you don't lay up crime is this guy is really good looking. And I guess is mug shot got noticed and now he is assigned some time modeling contract based on his. Good looks the and he follows the path of a guy named Jeremy meet. Jeremy need to dive back into won fourteen major remember maybe you don't feel close mug shot the freaked out it's a modeling contract he's dating a billionaire's daughter and now this guy. And when he seventeen. Here's his mug shot people see it is a blue eyebrow and I want freaking out he's already signed the modeling agency started guns for shoes Giuliani we ask you. Did you believe discovered black white makes your agent anywhere with Mexico made you start actually you her with a racial consultants and say and stuck my guns. I like that back which. OK okay. This is black. Loom and sectarian meets guys back in the news these. As a wife and children. What we've what's. As the wife and three children and then started hanging out started on the European model and hang out with billionaires declared basically like the news broke of his wife and kids on it's declined. Okay. Oh man hole. Man what a bummer I hate it was an out of control family honest aground and Stu grant them all right thank you may have to do the probable ones and it's a grand. Economic and come home. And the wife thinks it. Really filled in through those guys crushed when our now growing TV news all the time it is time for TV time a team. Because you are pathetic life. Fine did countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Ironically enough if you listen to the entire show miles made a little mention this earlier as our own very soon Steve thrill hill. Can be a Fatah. I'm a bit of a profit today friend Texas is perfect my butt has been whistling Dixie all day and sounds of the way booths. All right so this is. A weatherman. As a weatherman wedeman. Our weatherman. The demand. A weatherman is like a coat. The put on Muslim code for the L you make it sound racist he's a leader when it got regular weathermen of LC was a complete opposite Mike and I thought weatherman sounded fans and a weatherman. Clinton impressed by close isn't it. Yes to that they do. A weatherman tell you the weather aware of amend my boat pigs so the Defense Department. Yet activists are Maggette was named Monday Arum is Lawrence where government failing good weatherman. Get my clubs. Knew me well I'm in time for the classic joke to give my clubs into the club whether it's no big Joseph Foreman with the people picnicking. Other one they'd like that offends peak months. I think I often with weather and if he's on the hair he's talking and then basically people's throw 88 mobile are okay Pensacola. Jessica. All right now with that at the courage and faith that they can watch the video. Because the beauty of this is not only does he fart. But he you know like now when they're in front that the weatherman there is in front of the green screen right so there's a certain part we're just cut off and it's black. He kind of leaned his butt out. For the far apart and brings it back he would tell you you don't expert Jackie O but. When he forwards but now so this it's so obvious what he's doing and been here like. In my that is part of my camera but it Hewitt that would really had to get out because he took the time to even change is possible that thing out you know what we'll run it back with less than what we're tied in duke now what I told you that teaching that he puts has put out of the scene. You can hear him Paul's when he spun out. 88 mobile air okay Pensacola. Just. But it just went for. That's good specifically to me like a morning AM part my debt that is definitely a distant tonight out of boundaries in fort Walton yeah I think. Think that sometimes my parts feel different sound different and on the day why do we always Paul's moment of the far. I give it quite. What we outside smoking I'm talking miles and how far but I realized that aboard a busy downtown area and arose that anyone who may have been looking beyond that moment even been here at the north part of it because there's just this thing that all human beings do in the Far East. You change your position you lift your leg a little bit but you absolutely stop conversation. But everything about you stop flight to new slogan cigarette I I completely freeze like a bill without the mannequin calendar solvent. Given your back into your flow but somehow your brain there's a disconnect in a fart. You're not do anything else about that moment I think because it is because you're putting a ton of focus on slam in that door back shut and just the right time you don't like that's a good point. To prevent you from proving yourself like full concentration. Got a constant cry attract. You guys remember Kathleen Turner yes Gary turner OK so. Yeah. Sorry answer hook with the brutal day out. And that the amount of we sold a sponsorship on the as far as how much money how much value the clear when you worth more than Amazon. Telling right now. I mean you want to conceal nominee he'll for a long time they won't par four days when he parts it's gonna be non stop do we get a salesperson I'm like what we can't guarantee the frequency that it happened we can guarantee that let this cardiology by Bob trucking writer editor and Jim Bob trucking and our man. They got their money's worth today maybe not the tomorrow who lose but Eric today that it might be new to you guys. Your return on investment is ridiculous Ross do you buy Metamucil and smooth and easy Metamucil. I like Alec when he far too just elect far it's out trash out the bills trash I'll regret it if you remove. Will grab you jumped from an eagle grab your Jihad. The different service attitude that I did and certainly here in the same neighborhood you know my view that's it I'm here to grab your job. That's our rat and John Trevor he DCU Ted. I moved in on him like a bitch. Well I think if he can I bring up Kathleen Turner. Because frankly for a lot of people I don't know that she's top of mind now what was it romancing the stone I think was like what are the big probably what late eighties early 1980s early ninety's she was like what I was a kid she was kind of iconic figures or a solution at a moment for sure yet if she always had that real raspy voice at all and she kind of toed that line between like. She's sexy B might be due to. You know if she sounds like the guy who's got these talk about. You're gonna love the way you look of those guys who Men's Wearhouse today George he sounds like I want to take a rep Zimmer George Zimmer right now George Zimmerman girl to be confused Rebecca. So pull up a bunch of actresses like their they had that smoky like Sybil shepherd it was like ten of those wanna I wanna say smoky voice that was a smoking boards. Like a smoky voice you marry and have smoked heavily turner how many bags you smoke him and his movies like a jazz debt. She's like my voice is nuts if they smokestack and speak this is what the voice yes it's kind of like a one day wants them to it was a bum a cigarette on the street because like. That I had about a cigarette I'd be out is that a good idea do you think I'm a smoker I know it's sounds like did you think this down a bad row. Is it better back I was they call false alarm over there. Smoke them if you need London aha so that's Kathleen Turner if you don't remember her Sarah Paulson. Was on Jimmy Fallon she's gonna be don't mind doing capping turner impression if you knew Cathy turner isn't very spot on but those were my best. Funnier Kathleen Turner talked about how things five. This union you me. All of God's in his eyes that look bad loans only dragging down. My he'll run his idea at the moment you zig and I. It's clear that this is nothing easy young L general what is that young down the keynote talking to fold out. Too bad can't it just been very good. Own horn. Capacities should just finish you can spend it on your or your problems go away and don't. 160 on the other hand I think we all ages you probably know how pitino Europe and he's pretty famous. Depth now is lying down and roll over now he's still a screamer and he would do. Well sad. Yeah this is that matters. It's doubt Manet from Regina Saturday. My editor and today. She's very young looked good young look and I jar head as. She's got. They still think it. Yeah I mean you're right there I think a lot of art I'll all actors gone away though with but they're just playing in my kind of the same person all the time there it's good that. Well. Sort of man you know like Alpa chino has mastered this art Jack Nicholson master that while he was gonna so brave little more personal. I know the startled bullets or was ugly actors that are the personal ones because they're not gonna get roles as low as they can actually soul. So when I always like he is dead now but Philip Seymour Hoffman and yeah didn't matter what role who put him and he was went to crush the rule. And he was Burton Paul Giamatti. Not a sex symbol very versatile actor. Been a good look at Denzel Washington has played in the Washington. In every movie he's ever been he can be count. He could be a war here he can be at night he we had a good it doesn't matter he's going to just beat in the African Washington every time. Yes good point Tom Hanks is easy to commercial you know these. Still Tom Hanks so. Yeah I guess she knows is that enough films I liked that I consider him a great actor. Of course you do Ron arrow plays Robert dinero will the silver linings playbook of me now Robert Alan villiers yes recognized. Robert De Niro and Isaiah eagle fan believe that. And pray that guy from Brooklyn front hardest part of that movie that I don't drive away the greens are seriously out there aren't aware of the greens are you kidding me. Did you just add that cola after all back frank Gifford's rolling in his career. I didn't even know if there was that movie so everybody's playbook doesn't really play today. Yeah capital is right on kubert Jennifer Lawrence and then the chino. Honestly didn't hear growing up dinero goddamn grew that didn't Israel Italians look a lot of retirees are meant plaque. When I was gonna play John cal Perry you know way back heat no one's gonna play Ricky Jean LE heat all of a threat the great movie. That there is a lot of the great. I'm gonna. And I was Altria thought their talent and the amount of chino angry or Vietnam era Kathleen Turner in the Utah returner nations and went to Fallon and then pianist was out there there. It's an out on tap chino where we go on now. Two LO thrill out of recycle them all vote might just I was yeah I received the reliance playbook I'll know as a movie about. Philadelphia we'll be all right then I'll Nokia didn't TO plays legal okay dog out I got it. Wow what a deal with arms and smoothness of how would I know I haven't been there just like some cheesy people Laden's local TV do those lead to make that throated political and fun real vocal all the angles. To know randomly all America. But he's going to be on the a three starts. If there is an athlete who can probably do a lot more things up a lot of the most people's entry in this. I don't know that it's worked out that well it's funny he is nothing worse off kids doing really funny thing about TO right and I don't know who's mayor troll status certain what he's doing. But he's on there right Chad Ochocinco. Yeah they're good or is still to searchers Internet writers back to Chad Johnson. He wants to go back the feds out it's like a year ago is like. No look Alberto becomes stupid like everyone thought it was stupid you know abuse of eighty fire. At a any house that he liked Agassi talked to Chad Johnson Ochocinco. About like K what I need to do this and that it here's the just our hands full here's the funny part. Is that TO will have the same dance partner Cheryl Burke. Professional dance that both of them compared. But one Chad with half the show the big rumor was that image Cheryl were hooking up. And then basically she's never denied it she said I have we and a little flirty thing. But never won actually went on a one on one date we now realize that people won't do it could be in the malware we'll take everywhere every never took me out today basically right there's an F fugitive sex you gotta sidesteps it should but I like that. Like that was any formal reading go like on and Arnold just strictly sexual druze residents and sucked into his hotel room. You know I mean how you got take a B we got to food delivered. Miles and I have talked about this for years it's very hard to spend that much time dancing is going to dances somebody and not. Don't have any yet enacted because both the view need to work well together for your whole lot of trust stress that yen as the on the banter ugly. When do you solve that problem would we got a lot of really a Rivera threw salute to Cuban come of distrust my government doesn't matter what the job is of two people who are attracted to each other have to work long and hard hours basic long and just by themselves on project. And then got down whenever I mean that the matter what profession ever Zamir miles gone time where it's it's always do that would descend every now and it all man married there might have you read my doubt last time we room about seven tells the Ramada inn just on cleanup alone in a funny thing we've rejected the rubio about it. I thought the lock because just from being is that the dykstra playbook because it 1000 ordinary act. We're here in the fact that a little rough that they I think I'm healthy for the senators Clinton bed before we desperate and at and this is. Another man to talk about all the time we talk about Seacrest we talk about Steve Harvey basically talk about that they can't really talk about guys that are just working on time. So Steve Harvey it's always kind of a joke but what shows he actually doing this or that he was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and he broke it down. Talk show family feud celebrity family feud little big shots little big shots for every young. So time to do Apollo is coming back end funder dull and fun and still go to radio show OK you know should be. Now all those TV shows I've only seen actually won. Which one of our family feud not a offered an offense mutilation. Dual one of those that I watch the consistency back in the day was showtime at the Apollo media audio city yeah. Don't let the old demagogue a slower he that was the SE a that this year's gone Jumbo dog show for black people. I don't say in Manhattan you'll want him right now it used to be an in home state they would elect who's the most wealthy celebrity West Virginia. And allows Jennifer Garner Jews mega money where she's still a month so now this is like a person from West Virginia early Bratton ace Brad Paisley the throne Jennifer guard are sure announced the power is taken over Brad Paisley makes more money to bring peace from what's trojans are yet again at the he's on top of the drug now he's the top earning celebrity West Virginians and he's gullible. Steve Harvey kidney look at him. Right my Betsey and I hardly think man up wasn't an umbrella 2000 dollar suit solo stashed him. When I thought Erica yeah it's bird and and vice watch Steve Harvey show in the original kings commented that. That's a West Virginia that's exactly and housing and that's pretty much hype and drama it's that the yet if the image everyone has resort Trojan could carry some owes us an argument that it is no way but it adds a little. Whatever but it. They're really Steve are you sit there. Ellen DeGeneres is kind of funny she talks about how back in the day. Which came up missing when she was on the her first show which could really talk about being gay Gretchen Hollywood wasn't as deep. Friendliest cities now. I would just first ordered daytime talk she said the producers banned her from saying the word we when telling personal stories is into the audience could handle. Being reminded that she's a lesbian. He was reminded that she was already out of the closet yeah. But I like to produce you remind people at their heterosexual means what you talk about the Barrera did and people figured out I tell you both times at the wrong with that. A super strict limits on equipment and don't stop all women. Here all the dogs you female. Okay and we're. I'm going down a slippery slope. And then one quick one for my buddy Seth Meyers. Mario who is back for gaming system since changed it. Check out previously announced that its care they're Mario is no longer a plumber. Apparently he was spot tired after coming to work on mushrooms. Marketing and ultimately that everybody could even be a lot of classrooms. I love with that fired you might think okay. Thank you dead area on TV time it did feel my cock your headlines are coming up in just a few minutes you are listening to events or radio network. We are Swiss miles. Let's see what's happening in the real. 05 nurses and adverse suspended for admiring the size of a patience beef McMahon stick. The benchmark where four year old steel scar runs over his brother because he wanted to get to Chucky cheese like real quick. Was hurt gate are my opposing billionaire Richard Branson like Kevin Cronin decides to ride the storm out. The PG county were come delivers baby on the side of the road while the bomb to scream and shout and woman has one hell of a first date moved story it is time for your headlines. It's kinda hit. It's it's my car as I got to Denver where five nurses were suspended after they took a peek at a dead man's privates. The three re suspending them after they repeatedly took a gander at his jump while he was both incapacitated. And after he had passed. They even opened up a body bag in order to take one final. A table liver cancer doesn't listen to what they went to the body bags and open and it's a body bag diluted his young eaten. One more time well and we were talking about this is one of those cases where this isn't the first time this is after it. No it's not oh are they were just too many eyes on this junk to people and they finally got cots. I must have been an impressive man I guess that's to be mayor who might. There's actually curiosity in me right now because what does that impressive. Did you keep going back like I've just I've got to take one more look at does go through ginger beautiful mind a lot out of me Mike if you just look around at the funeral was going to be about 1050. Crying her eyes you've suffered a suspected to. He's responsible did you figure looted a bit Manson. It doesn't hurt they're doing wrote Merrill. And it's already through over the but I didn't see him out of some of frozen I guess that is not terrible loved her whole I think the go dead meat anymore. I mean that is crazy and fees that they can't get to right right like they own zip a body bag like it's hard to say goodbye to. I know that I've ever look at it too. Mel Mel but I do much for rent a went related Taft nodded button. What I did I remember lord if I don't deadbeat dad at the bit about Obama. Around the world virgin group CEO Richard Branson has said that he is wasted out three hurricanes and won't let Irma BMI there. He plans to weather the storm hunkered down on his private island. I just decent dangerousness you know. Boy life. Yeah but he's got a government everything that he's got their self contained so whether it's generators were of the backups off all that's when you're like a 185 miles trial and put it that in a concrete box and if anybody's gonna survive. It's probably going to be Richard Land area of one of the things you go about majors nation doesn't have an effort to give. Anyway but I they he's got like a cave where a big yap although it underground secret chamber an economy like east is today I. They had heard that people that own camera as early swamping them there actually sinking them down underneath the water. That they can waited out there and they're gonna pump air into a bring him back above above the sea level two and I would do least. But if things get all the catamaran and maybe go out and he's a little bit. And it. Ollie go to Maryland where police officer was flagged down in University Park by a man who led his pregnant wife in the car about to give birth. You try to get as went to the hospital but she was too far along to make it. Yeah officer radioed in to dispatch that a woman was in labor and not five minutes later this fat received another message simply saying babies out. That's the way you respond if he was pretty funny. The baby was the family was taken to hospitals to ensure that everything worked out fine. Yet another reason why I don't think I would wanna be a cup I would not handle myself well on that situation. Gab about my best level I've gotten giving birth. Why aren't we in the osment who would you rather deliberate failure tackle a naked dude who's mad guy. I'm delusional man. I would probably tackled the dude because I would be too afraid of hurting the kid. Like I'm gonna find a way to. Accidentally dropped his fourth hit after he comes out. Father slippery slide I mean I don't care about her in the guy at the naked duties these are that I got a large amount. Right that's that's fueled the fire for me to not really care about hurt him. And your cousin your out of the got a race. All of these things like that's when you used to take like a good dudes and they get a thought you know what pans are about to my count of three I'm property with a taser a man and Doocy you know I count by threes. And that's how quickly I need you to cover you Jeff Gallagher that they say it can how many of those mega stars are here where they didn't newsroom actually tackle the king the third time and why do they get broke not a way to live fifth. At Pittsburgh a four year old boy could wait no longer and wanted to go to Chucky cheeses. So it's a drastic measures and jumped into the van and began backing out of the driveway. Full backing up his brother fell out of the car and managed to get pinned beneath one of the tires and he ran over his brother's head. One thing his head dad is he had to have his eyes sock agreed that's right. I did read I wish I'd try to find anywhere in your that's of the he ran over his head and I just couldn't find. I'm just assuming by the fact they had to rebuild his eye socket and the only good order and I was worded exactly the only thing that happened to my being run over was that the tiring over his eye socket. But the thing is that he's six. Yeah it was my grandmother was more good. Yeah that's right at chuck ET well lucky T I've heard of people get their head run over and they've made it out and have also heard of people get there had been over and they didn't make it out than a big and a six year old kid doesn't have. Have beat these gold density of somebody who's thirty. When you say like that you're probably right I put this story you don't density aids Jackie GMR. I mean. Didn't bark would your keys tire Obama Waller dumb like that maybe we'll lock the car and had a good idea of god. A woman at Texas is making headlines for stealing a car she was dazed in my police cuffed and put into the cruiser after receiving reports of a shop lifter. While in the car surveillance shows her get her hands out of hand counts slip into the driver's seat and make off with the cruiser. And they go on high speeches she went to see led police only 23 minute high speed chase before she was finally caught him I can't glimmer of that point if I got a lot of power down like you're already in trouble enjoyed as long as you can. I guess. It just gives worse at that point the article on the jail. For shoplifting down now you've stolen police property in the market tag a whole bunch of different things on what you're right that's my point now stolen her car oh man I'm in a lot of trouble model gun as you're talking about what you actually you've crossed that line and just that now I don't cross the line I won't for the gold have what it. That it does have realized that my heart and I appreciate it we'll see you tomorrow for the exciting return of big dummy no way Sherlock on the table to head Jeff will be back with his meat and potatoes and Alia mama forgot had a birthday. Yes it's all true he really did forget all right we are back to Marlins cook and please. Dude you do bath and parolee who think that yeah okay beautiful.