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Wednesday, December 20th


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Our job our current hoopla plus we'll drink a toast with a shot of the day our question today what is the other one story that you'll always tell about your that we've got one for you here it's an organ double. We're just shocked. That's the reaction of the organ humane society on a ruling by the Oregon Court of Appeals that require a rogue river Kabul. To have their six dogs vocal cords cut out. The court case was wall between neighbors of the nearly nearly twenty years. Deborah and dale green said the barking from Karen and John. I grabbed. Tied Benton and Perini and masters sure begin in 2000 to 5 o'clock each morning it did nonstop until the late evening. Suit was filed ten years later without trial alleging out of Torre held back other kids that wanna go home from school. They reportedly did attempt to rectify the situation would methods including shock collars to no avail majority are ruled in their favor and they were ordered to pay the couple. 238000. Dollars and have your dogs undergo. Our question today what is the one story that you'll always tell about your pets hello again welcome to the men's room. Oh luck on this time. It's so I had that dive into the total Gillick had. Close look at. And we are at Luther Burbank a Mercer Island and I salute this kind of followed Eric for him to go you know trying to drink yet. And you swim and play by the bale went all the way across a lake all the layover yeah. And all the Obama final thoughts and a hundred people have all the dogs okay did you take the voyage across and then go try to finery is going to be each. In all of them a lot of like okay they're below the right well there are we gonna Archie yet I don't know. I had no idea whereas. Anyway he showed up the next day. In the dark and let he was so bad. It looked like a bad Bob Hope Airport and home. I came home on his own. Yeah you'd like well I have read cart bingo. I guess he had Edgar he will part of deemed so. Yes or deal lab dog that's part Diego Australia. Yeah I don't I got some letter Albany who exactly he saw that lake he knew exactly when he wanted to try to do he knew he was your break out and he was just gonna keep bonds limit. Yeah I mean it's. Public ballot pamphlet you can block technically the parties' mutual overflow. I can't go low and had an impact Staten Bush's connects all the. All of and I threw all time does not cooled and I'd I'd I'd dog miles man he used to love beer and I'd be sitting there and he would just look at the pint of beer on. Look at me look at him like rated. Yeah a moderate and it's your mom's not around that I gave you some you know I think you get a beer a system Wanda yet but would it take your you forgot that your. If you think that's an out. Oh that's just. You don't let us even rarely are. Well when you re sol just look in my head and miles the dog. Are raised to controls the ball we are against you out of as a whole beer but it was your ball while adult Richard as bush you don't remember what his job I at all on solid shots and then it got real lethargic and they pretty much just slept there estimate you know remain in Somalia now daddy's eyes drop they regretted your shirt. I played with the dog got drunk we got man and he does come about. Because it was normal that still don't want to lose real chill that he was really he really really loved his mom and he did not care for me too much like a Cayman and ruined his Mo Jo so late but that was our one bonding thing and she would go leave whenever and because as equity now. As they are in my house that got him that add that I mean that I hadn't docks railroad bed and now I'm mad dogs right now dog loved our fears that dog loved beer man I mean he loved it and I did twos out there all right this is our time and I. In chief int but she works in veterinary in the bed there world she knows how bad this instant she knows you're not supposed to do this sure but the same point on I've only I just didn't tell. I just denied. What what is the one story that you'll always tell about your petty 449990. That's not the secret to good relationship that and I just don't mean I think that the kids like. Look man don't tell me would you date of the I didn't know this week. I avoid getting angry you avoid getting in trouble. Water under the bridge track. It took away with it they're figure out a way to get away with. Did you certain things. The you don't need them I don't need an up and there's been if you tell the person but it's not a big deal but it will be big deal. Mean I tell you what I did remember this is very important and I learned this the first time the hard way. When it was time for me to break the seal. I always had to remember that it was time to take him out because if I keep a beer together through yet well I had three Beers whatever time I knew the now now I didn't do that. What is the one story you'll always tell about your petty 449990. Not on a bully he just smell that are yet he's market the man. Hello Chad welcome to the bedroom. All ask me yeah. Me. So I came home from high school on time. And I had a big goal lab is like a hundred pounds you loud and he got dark each little hole on our couch and got stuck and only exactly dripping out. And he's sitting there are still waiting to tap it can be starts barking. And I noticed like. I look and then let that out and there's like a trail of debris are Paula back and I get my mom had bought them in her room that is quite worried about Toledo on the outside think I'm an enemy can match. And so I walked in and he would choose halfway through their door. Like a wooden door completely almost two all the way through it just destroyed and there's blood everywhere and then I look over and chewed a hole in their brand new mattress. Yeah I like they just his back later hanging out but that is tail was still wagging because to me that is the truth of the lake would ever the situation. Very happy when you come home I Arab spark a thought well I'm glad you're third back to miles that dog if it okay in in by the way if women in it when they buy jeans and they're not like fifty dollar Levi's threats they're like 200 dollar something that they got a Macy's and Nordstrom or whatever the deal us. So when she would leave her jeans on the floor. Animal I will never forget this I picked up affairs teams that were on the floor it tells Barry to put into a part of thought of this dirty clothes hamper. I realize it's all these strands coming out I'm so I pick up the genes. In the crotch is completely missed that I was him I think back it is completely been shoot out. But I think of another pair you'll Madonna taste like tibbles and the entire crotch area and ass area of those being being having something to myself like where oh okay so good he's got that Alpo down below the but there's like this huge there's this huge swath of cloth it's not there anymore whereas. Did he eat it moved liberty just she would alleviate yes I'm think it's always the divot I don't know if I never saw the I never saw the back into Jay Leno. I run ever sailed the denim come out the backside you know Al dogs can digest debt RC. I never got the crotch and all that it doesn't we are Joseph Arpaio I mean it literally look at your wife played. Because I palpable you're backup or re a woman like why does that to the body holding out just through the good stuff there's no air underwear or just they disappeared. If underwear on the floor man they're just gonna root of our goals were higher tonight TV that I don't moan don't got it had a pit bull. And when you went over there the couple's friend when he's overly friendly in his face and just kind of go injured. Crotch area. And I don't know he just like sniff and people care what the government just like a week for me dead yet get a we've had grown among car and your pit bull but he was like I mean look at people. I like pit bulls but it. But the guy that owned it was in Jersey to go loses new tanker would have done to dribble or I was familiar testicles as long as I would like to unimaginable would you do about it. What is the one story that you'll always tell about your pet a 44999. Lola hello Wendy welcome to the bedroom. All the felt I had this fat cat that basically adopted. And and it shortly we live in an apartment. And we are he had another cat when that cat decided she had done it can be hard. And Scioscia yet the pictures kind of look like a little bald audit and cat didn't make a little stubby tail. And she was like a little or Michelle and so she hated her at her cat like being cute cats like. He can't even imagine they they had they that your. Within the same sex. Yet about current okay. Yes they are both girls and other boats they didn't actually they cat dead. Count we went to the picker and this issue with 36 and terse did you were still in a manner per completely grown ever but anyway she's paid. Yeah ninety's I was you know look I'm taking broad and ever actually you know all about the bad like god intended it's right. I'm all natural time I got my duty automatically and I think that you remember that you are doled out newfangled flying abuse though. And that's my hands around his. Or her I hate it I would saddened to see how the. And she had to get a cat so much this year do you use the litter box and it took my mom and I actually we figure out that she had taught her how proud appear in the toilet. Yeah yeah we kind of curtains. And I didn't and I'd also we live on the second floor and she taught herself. How to go out that window and they climbed down the pole to go play in the yard. Of the apartment with a dynamic on the whole back up to come home broadcast. And and that wasn't my mom or graveyard cited taker and the I would like in junior high but it kicker to the bet on harness on land city mantra about. That at. No goods that. Nobody thank you everybody yeah. No I don't expect a I Catlin definitely differ because. So maybe if you make you get mad you find out how Smart business. Like I'm so angry Hillary I only toilet the dance in your Larry and a doctor Gomez are sequestered in different parts of joy of the place so they have not many children that you smell each other and they I'm sure they cancel each other aren't sure Larry can smell Gomez of these layered and as I know I know they can smell each other but they have not been introduced in each area some kind of that's classic Larry they go out and another blow to both male cast so to me it just seems like OK back to just the male thing. Males are normally pretty cool with other males in general. He had to cats are cool with anything yet and that's not marry well with males but it wonder shows up in my place. You look at Internet and we got a problem that's just couched counts everybody things Jesus Christ that. Well oh my god and that might not know that did not have to happen while I happen to us that now just fury sound here now that was terror and our province or they say are dead and I'll catch a catches seriously we Eagles. Don't do it again ground systems festival. Here the last here today ego aren't arrogant and use racism it's not my legs of Wisconsin heart I'm gonna make them have a boatload ideally no president has fireman a mouthful of delayed. He's got a mouthful forward well that's funny though. My you know guys is really needs it blew out we find it funny that you have to equally it's I think that's it's proven powder fresh lemon eleven. In my mid Atlantic and noted Lennon yes fecal matter how nervous aren't. His ever present fecal matter what we'll see one story that you'll always tell about your that we get your emails and away for the men's or women's or live Dak down you are listening to the men's or radio network. Question when is he one story that you'll always tell about your pen and here come those emails in the men's room mad men's or my back cops. And our question what is the one story enjoys tell about your bad once upon a time I had a pit bull named Hercules. He knew over the bridge I had twenty we brownies a large zip lock bag so he open the fridge. Took the bag down to the basement and as I'm walking into the kitchen I see Hercules zip lock bag in his mouth walking toward the fridge to put them back. He saw me drop the bag and ran away eating ten of those brownies he was fine misled the rest of the day that from mud Taylor. My go to pet story for years has been the legacy of little pepper. She was an adorable cocker. Shelty makes that blows friendly as can be and love construction workers. One day my dad was having some heavy equipment worked on and unfortunately she got caught up behind a bulldozer. The look on people's face when they ask what have been your dog was almost worth its people don't usually believe the my dog was hit by a bulldozer. That from the spear checker. My husband and I I'll swim are yellow lab bella you're round she has a floating training Bowie that we throw into the water and she retrieves it. Well 1 November afternoon my husband was down on the beach at the sound and throwing the bully. Bellows on her way back in what do 1000 pound plus sea lion came from out of nowhere behind that are. It came halfway out the water about fifteen feet for minor and basically just started barking loudly. Luckily she was close enough to the beach to get her feet under and get out of the water unharmed well they continue to marketer even though she was out of the water. Miles and explain to be the winners the mating season for sea lions and this was a huge male that was looking to impress the ladies. Needless to say we don't throw that buoy out very tomorrow in the sea lions are here my husband and I love the sausage by the way guys thanks for the great radio that from Jan. Went to college in Wyoming the home lots of nothing. I'll live with friends of our family and also had my can't Fred with me Fred was a hundred nothing stopped him from killing and eating birds or even small caliber elements harness. One day Alice told to go clean up another mess in the arts are grabbed neighbor down go outside in the backyard I find the wings beak and feet of a peasant. A very large doesn't. Based on the wing span the bird had have been at least as big if not bigger than my cats I always wonder if he counted in the nearby field he's stolen off someone's back march don't know. That from backup. Daddy's little dead and an offense didn't know or always give our dogs and McKinnell our garage it was a six foot chain link situation. The gel makes used to get over all the time so I put chicken wire around the entire kennel one day I get home from work in see the dog in front of the house I thought. Why is there a dog in front of my house why. That's my dog. She managed to get through a small hole eight feet of the ground squeezed through a six inch gap in the fence. And the garage door and then scrape through the other door until she got outside. Man I miss that dog that for Brack. I can't keep my 100 here's an alone thinking my 120 pound German shepherd in a room she can open all the doors in the house including the bank sliding glass store. Try to crate she shooter way out multiple times about biding all the clips try to fix was at ties she choose those off. Try to keep her in the garage and our brand new home she opened the door of the house. Leased or civil wall one time and lock the door she chewed through the leash and broke the door handle and manage the door jamb and and mangled the door jamb and door. Still got it love the show guys that for my Troy. Guys I have a a six year old lab named Macy who suffers from extreme separation anxiety. In addition to the three medications that she takes daily the comer down she's also is continually on the hunt for food. In a quest for food she's opened the oven stolen food while we are cooking dinner. She broke our oven door by standing on it to reach the open top because she thought there was food up there. So not a cook something we have to put a chair in front of the door to keep it closed we're not using the oven we have to keep it locked. But the real Topper was when I came home from work one day and she 88 cans of cat food cans at all. She crossed the cans to get the food out and the cans were almost unrecognizable. At a count pull tabs to make sure she hadn't eaten any. Same day she also try to choose the top of the can of tomato sauce she didn't break any teeth or cut her mouth. Just proves a labs are nothing but a mouth of the dog attached lover her death but man do I need a drink love the show that from London we have a few comments as well. My dog up the stuffed animal to the point that he broke his. My black lab went down on 44 pack of crayons and for the next few days had the most colorful Cooper's. I'll always tell the story about the first hour we let our cattle loan for the weekend when we came home on Sunday night she dragged my shirt in short litter box and as all over it. No messes and house just a little a few too funny to be mad. No we have view regarding me to says Jesus Christ throw take Sabena. They're thrilled to assess his pants is thrilled as the reason you guys had to get a new studio. The girls got a love this one girl's got probably wouldn't be so bad if you would just stop this madness this isn't exactly. Want to go back from the that the other three but that makes a lot of sense that at that makes a lot of sense it really does. Like thrilled for the fact the dollar entry hasn't been without me mavs are good driver if you measure emails here for the men's or momentum I've knocked down. It is though I do wish my son Clayton had a seventeen birthday today one year away from those dirty Germans. Kitty get a let's see here a a tongue licking the bowl stat from Robben. A Robin they can and Al hitting the window may be a big old Joey chestnut thanks guys from dad and mom. Holy kingdom bush sent. Guys is Laura day the boats back assets that. I would really like it if Robin and Mike Hough picked their favorite sound effects to my birthday I can't wait to see you guys at red festival furlough he would drink sir thanks guys that for Brady. Grow up well what price this through my prediction from my home favorites and I guess I was wrong on. My does it look easy answer to that. I might give emerge there's just miles the best friend Bobby. It's probably listening to a love to hear turtle wax with a cut that bitch often applause thanks for being awesome guys that from Chile will aid. Get rid itself. Guys as my putting extra brown decided the best way to celebrate would be listened Darren eight nasty Germans thanks guys rock god mad from Jamison. Yeah I generous and open wheel of fortune to nobody who could PM when she. PM to about bend over moves. Now what was then seen Jamison getting his bow and didn't think Clinton. Yeah Jamison over the house and have some drinks and show you exactly what people and maintenance work. The attorney. Another appealing 33 to help cope with a new team and I would like to request a little kid based analyst who may be out Homer Simpson faced sandwich to be still got that what he bottle rocket that from bowl. Fish sandwich. Space here to elect anyways robotic Reza very heavy 39 to give them an Al hitting a window what they have does that Brodie Joseph when he chose not thanks they just love the show keep up the great work that from days. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Guys today is the Tony the anniversary of being able to drink legally AKA my 41 birthday. Could you please give me a birthday shout out with a suck it up cupcake and some dirty sexy German talk thanks again guys and keep it not be bad from the ginger Solis. Yeah but about they do enjoy some blue Hudson who is in the numbers and you. Go to nick Joe Brown I didn't. Yeah yeah I actually noticed in a relative performance has had some homey kind. She says she's clueless until I do look a lot of fun. I kind of a break here their mood they're delicious you'd think rational people who include an and it bothered with a little blunt and okay. Yeah unless you Thanksgiving we had personal apple pie. My god we sort of along a recruiting mostly older brother play guitar. It's here's ridge you can grab a bigger rats off our usual tigers talk on today. Instead says you'll ties most talked. This month the 49 birthday as well as our eighth wedding anniversary please give my husband along bong rip and some dirty German talk. Thanks guys love the show that from Jennifer. Yeah you both the dog might be the only true future. John-Michael mostly thanks to have some flexibility. It is today is my dad's birthday his name is Porfirio. And these sexy Brazilian has been around for a half a century he'd love to hear suck it up cupcake in some very sexy Australian talk from dead. With a birthday song love the show stay beautiful this is Marcos. Brazilian team. And that Melvin hit did you damage resilient and I know what you into come on down a show an Australian also need to do what's that also looks kind of like a Davis. It's a marsupial mammals only comes at night. Hi guys there you go. Have you had about a yeah yeah I'm a parent hey have you had to have gone. I pay your opinions you. That says American elections here when we got to guys. While working at a mart store asset protection would ask for help I went outside for a couple leave the store. A security cops a stop them and I stand behind the guy. Security asked them to follow them back into the store with a guy shows the woman into the other security guard even tries to make a run for it. So I was able to grab the top of his backpack in belonged to the ground. With a woman gains balance. She starts kicking the guy named head yelling some of the seven dirty words at him that he told the cops it was all his doing. She only got 86 while he was charged with a felony. Let's see here on god guys when I was ten my oldest brother decided it would be hilarious idea if the ambush me entrapped me in my closet. But first he tied me up and a sleeping bag Vinny hung me up in the closet like a dead dear Annie left be there for over four hours out of the kindness of his heart when a nice guy. But on the bright side I get all my Blatter forever and I don't get claustrophobic and small spaces. But you're still an ass brother to be fair this is Tony years ago and had to go outside to use your imagination to entertain yourself so half the time the four of us terrorized each other. Thanks for the laughs that from actually. Mitch is in 2011 I watched my roommate get shot by a man who have broken into our home then wash my other roommate stabbed the man who shot the other roommate east. Thanks for the last set from Jane thank you the last engine look at our. I don't Judge Judy is that they couldn't move it a little out of battle. A little further hurting guys talking about dancing with the stars and wanted to chime in a good all right they seem to have a formula. Old person Buzz Aldrin Florence Henderson the reality star Jersey shores the situation. Someone in need of a comeback Vanilla Ice Chris get tan an ex Disney star Corbin Bleu. An athlete Victor Ortiz Olympic medalist Hope Solo Apollo Anton Ohno. Wounded warrior guy with one leg guy with a burned face. And they he'll. The bad guy that way people talking around the water cooler AK a Rick Perry. Ryan lucky it setter but got from seventh and I had to be fair that's a fairly solid recipe guess that explains Fisher. Fisher who's Derek Fisher does that regular US did you announces that there was a boy band or something like that. That you like to name is one of whom we all know that they don't dance professionally and able to only a intermittently your future world yet. That's the guy but your money there it was Bobby Brown that they found it might be on every doing it and they just finally as you know my mom lives in lovely Reno Nevada Nevada. I mentioned her on the phone yesterday the mile said Reno is the only city in the country with a iPad store could get kicked it she said you know I. I haven't seen one but they may be there may be some truth to that I know three people here who've had botched cataract surgery and did as my step dad called one of the pop lie. Because his eyes. Pop out of the skull. We were laughing so hard it was funny as hell see you Saturday bitches that red festival at from the gingerbread so I wasn't too far all the lies that's not a whole lot that may be that. Reno Nevada was probably the only place a world that had an iPad store and I also. Thought that maybe that line would be around the corner. If they don't have won so much room of the idea but good to be said look I'm an eye patches don't wanna sell this at the stupid idea and he wedeman. Go to Reno you're fortune will be may need. We have enough time Bruce sucks let's let's just do not. The men's room wants to know. Yeah. Let's let's even throw until you bring us three stories in the news all of them socket is up to us to determine which of the three story suck the least. If you like and improve on FaceBook. You can get into the debate as it's underway right now in who sucks less yet and I'll be brief but aren't we a Rush Limbaugh. He's thinking not a man from Ohio and they'll be taking on Aetna insurance and apparent until summer Rush Limbaugh. No big surprise gold Rush Limbaugh he's come forward once again. Claiming that the media coverage of hurricane Omar to not Harvey but Obama is part of a liberal conspiracy. To push climate change and the cell batteries and bottled water and came into permits and then Jose hits after that what is against the well he's well he's not down but to be ferries are downplaying the danger he just said man. There's probably humanity by more bottled water bowl just keep your eye OK good coverage of hurricane it as a liberal but and to be fair he does not believe the words coming out of his mouth but he knows so people in the audience believe there. So now we go to a man and Ohio. Now look I'm not everyone is up on all the holidays but this guy we talking about about a week ago. He was arrested everywhere into the back of room at a Kohl's department store. In. And 600 dollars worth the Halloween candy now the good news as he got caught them otherwise you brought to put it out that'd be number wiser. The dude took Halloween candy it's kind of funny but it peeve of 600 dollars written and vendors Aetna insurance okay. One thing we all know about our medical records were supposed to be private. They do not do this on purpose but. Lot of times you need an official envelope they have like that seep through window. Prelude to have a check whenever your name and address printed on the check in you through the see through wind a little in this case. At another under fire them in the state of the envelopes and thousands of people receive letters that contained the HIV status on the envelope. On the outs. This is not something down to want to share. With their mail carrier but the military is enough for player with anyone who has HIV that's on a minute. Well I gotta be asked it be an uncanny and cool that they even caught them and got to monitor surveillance and would have been a lot of Helling Kenny with you're not. And their insurance that's not good with your HIV status right there for the world's I was there Rush Limbaugh sucks the least I agree. Yeah he his. Guilty people they just told the secret private prisons but he just flipped it didn't. Away with the about our regular you like him in Vermont FaceBook the debate continues right there on who sucks less I can and over the program the word as some foreign language terms that make you. Sounds stupid and we will bring it tells. With a shot of the day that is all coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. I'll match play the shot of the day or what we've got worried today that is on the way of a first. And I'm not. Yeah I've heard and today on the word we have. Some foreign language terms that make you sound dumb so here's what happened. Someone talked to 100 linguists and came up with a list of the top five foreign language terms that we think people use all the time other countries took out. But if you go there and you actually use them you'll just sound like a big dumb American for the most. So let's start with the off frauds. And the term is bald and advocates. What happened on evidence what do you make millions of Linda people will enjoy your food how about delicious. It literally means good digestion and French. Young people have never used this term it's so old school it doesn't ever get used anymore. Americans know it but they shorted dared to Blake basically they're gonna use it to bond act and if you use it in restaurants they consider it. Rude especially if you would have to say that at a nice restaurants are always heard that the bombing attitude again and enjoy food enjoy the meal I was up I think that is a fancy rational thing to Sadie it is not it is apparently offensive if you use it in for but what is an offensive if you use it in France in the wrong way okay if you market. I mamma Mia. Battalion right mama Maria. What do we think when we hear someone say mama Maria I don't know of those an exclamation getting I don't know all the way. It's not what we think is supposed to be shouted out when someone is excited. But it's an old term again the most people don't use anymore especially young people the means it's kind of something like ridiculous happen like you came home with a dog eat out. Two veteran right exactly I'm more used in a negative term and like a mother that they think we all know what it's because I have a smile a mile that's terrible people. I know this book. Ourselves. Another French star ourselves what does it mean voice I'm reborn played here. Well a lot of people think it means later in French but Steve is actually corrected means boy. So if you're using that situated attention they're gonna think you're injured they bought you out that's not gonna fly cigar solid pellets never really felt right. He led to a restaurant and a guard fall yeah. I don't go with a German term are you ready their outlet. It is he gets what is he gets me. V gates the gates it's just what's up how goes right. But asking that in Germany isn't like asking it here in the US how the going is another way just saying hello. Right if you say that in Germany. They might actually go into detail about how they've been the what's been going on their life and yeah entry to quite all right as telling him we're gonna be real technical about about it and got everything to make heavy use that term that makes you gonna get along explanation about their life. And finally these Spanish term hasta La visa from terminator two would you think that's the terminator what are the odds all about hi. See you later on. Well in the way that is used in the movie it's gonna like I would never see you again yet but we're hostilities it's really just a way of telling people that you hope you see them soon. I'm OK so if you think hostilities it's like metal Casilla again sometimes that a lack you know like hostilities that never again so it's not cool thing out the mideast the baby it's OK to use it. I just don't say baby yeah. You go some up for in terms of make you sound down I would read very fast. Nobody else they're considered to be ready. Men's room. It's just the win games. Our shots it's very Saturday. As bad as usual way ahead of their Greg desk and Steve at royal find out nortel's. Yes indeed and today we when tells an anonymous woman but essentially I'm just going to share. The story in a lot of people afforded the story two is a ran it last night and I laughed until this morning. Long story short. A guy who goes by mr. Smith. Palm now aren't on the idea. He went on the tender date with a nice young woman and they got on quite well he says. They got along very well in fact this was like a second or third date and they went back to thank. They went back in his apartment for a little good time and she had to use the restroom. God is all you need to know this outsourced like anyone there's apartment she is go to the bathroom while. As it turns out she then entered the living room where he was he confessed. To what she had to in this is the situation. Jim poop but her group would not foolish so what did she do. She grabbed the pool with their hand. And my great of an attempted to throw it out of his bathroom window. Which you need to understand is that his bathroom window is double pane in that small gap between the in her glass in the blast. Whoop whoop fell in between these two panes of glass and out you'll walk into a bathroom there hasn't heard stuck inside. It was went out and now she walks out to confess to him. What she had to. Bounced out of getting really angry by Oliver to the map Thurmond decides he's gonna for real what he can do about this shorn off of.