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Wednesday, December 20th


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This is dumb men's room. Job by the big star turn blue Sox last untapped Korea today the word has a foreign language terms that make you sound stupid and explosion today as we're talking about pads. And does some of the crazy things that pets do we wanted to what is the one story that you always tell about your pets and a Davies said you're raising. Coyotes in Wyoming hackable wild dogs. Yeah well one was a purebred and the other room was half tire. Did you have coyote half human and doesn't. You know. Wheeler. We might have a blue do you think that have been just you know look Kyle got in the backyard and said hey man Vieira. Now note the guy that debt that had a coyote to edit bread. Who does blue Wheeler and we got word about. Well how does the blue healer feel about the threat because it fit like say I'm imprisoned right they go hey man this is the comparable prison. But we got a friend who wants to have a half human half gorilla so bend over does Erica I mean I don't Obama a little like whoa whoa hello. The coyotes although there they stand all the taller than they're the they're not the biggest dog in the world you know select. But a blue healer I would guess would be bigger so now do you have like a coyotes that is that a bigger animal because its mix of blue healer. No actually it was smaller it is a shorter. Shorter version of a coyote anyways heroically quick. But that this story would say the most. Well we had him in our backyard rewards while they'd they'd get out. And he would roam the neighborhood and he'd always come only somebody's cat. But yeah okay. I'll alive or dead. It was an alive they heard. Squishy got a jolt. That's amazing gets cancer you know winning flammable trees there there I mean they've done at all ideal to man I know I did everything I know gang tackle. I don't know and yeah I either of the coyotes Peter. You all die inaudible I would do you retired writing an idea that could do all the variations on PBS shows right there and Ferrell you know I can't do you. Another thing where those coyotes they went down when I'm at I grew up there whenever there was a fire and look at. In the town and I really wouldn't go ought to basically telling you that there is acquired. You don't siren would go want to end up our coyotes would debt out of that tunnel that desire dropped. Maybe they're just fans of the volunteer fire department. Patrick good. Yeah that's always kind of like whenever you hear that siren just just take marshmallows and hot dogs because by the time that everybody gets to the station motel that everybody's ass and there's stuff. Then they get into the truck. Then they get to the scene of the fire and lets the brushfire that structure fire forget miles just take a look at how well you bag did you grow complacent at the volunteer Laura so you're right just based on the amount of time essentially they were there what you should put up the embers and what was left so all right because you're in a perimeter area you're trying to get to the station you do get to the station regional not a time but everybody think it's on the truck you might but just be driving back to simply you were right right right about that image can't do anything unless you've got your you know your equipment which is all there I mean some guys but the stuff in the car and get this stuff McCarver what the hell they are you know they were just put now what it already burned out wreck that is I think. In the atmosphere and those small towns we Kennedy got some noted that's all you can that there are you got the brushfire certainly but it out structure fire early. It's pretty well no guarantee business. Did the crazy animals fitted him walking home ranked and I feel lady walking her cat on a leash yes. Which just become more popular sitcoms I thought it was a little hotter it is so like I. I'm looking at her she's across the street and I mean within two or three seconds we don't. Yeah hell with her cat on a leash. The tech punditry. Religious which issues like down that I don't think that cat must climb a lot of trees everywhere I seen the media try to take your cash for wall I'm. 95%. Of pet owners your cat's going to disappear and the drug hit back home eventually but. You have a tent outside the cat's gonna go do would catch your dog is always a body in a under the state moved. Review go logo Catholic priest and I wish you could see the visual of a grown woman without arms at a pivotal look at although of all the awful images that we saw all of of hurricane Harvey dent. You know that the dogs were ban and everything my favorite picture is still this orange tabby have you seen how pissed off this get a look at look at this guy would you like he's sons of bitches he's a big. I hate waters he's got this gal on his face like you mother but today sir let me look at looks like every person like integrate every mammal in the Houston looks the same is like my favorite mascot is just like likely give Baghdad a just hate life. What is the one story that you'll always tell about your past 844999. All hello Ben welcome to the men's room. Oh I Jenna all of the top. I don't know and in a good idea. I'm I'm here on a showed up OK man you sound awfully happy hood and and that's that's your responses like courts and I thought for sure you're gonna say appealed delighted today. I'm I'm practicing the one that we go to work or a couple minutes. Don't all my stories actually about the time that might German shepherd husky mixed nearly drowned me. You think it was intentional. Job hunters seem like it what is. But he just having a hard time men none needed someone a province although bond like anyone else's drowning. None are people wanted to act beyond that that's where you what's the scenario what happened. OK so this warriors are a week before I would dump the seventh grade. We went we went on to a lake in order to go swimming and the first couple time this dog. Splash him and he thought okay I'm gonna go ahead and just let them. You don't peace in my mind I don't like you splashing me. So it seemed okay at first after he calmed down and we went swimming nothing was everything was fine. And I actually break my leg above the water and splashed him by the face. So right after that I start hearing did you all season long slump this potted. And he climbed on top of me. And put me under like 62 war. I. I NG I'm well I'm not it was trying to kill you understand is this your dog hey do you think. I'll birdies and lashed the dog and the thing I know he's lesson going to face with the Dodgers bonds is now trying to believe in him underwater to instill in our stand up on double. Yeah agility he wouldn't. He would only remind you log online I'd want my shoulder and my god yeah its business and and while I didn't think it will slowly water what. Swallowing water under high upload it and I've got to borrow even go to my mountain. Only delay it's a dozen dogs still around her that dog has done. Elmo yeah long egg. All. Is well maybe these long dead. And. My what would end up happening was though in order before I got same I would jumping up. Touching the bottom of the water and I don't radio I'm screaming for help and everybody's across the other side of the beach on the lake here. And the Dodgers aren't close to apply it might let people my left our right is it me yeah. EEB stripped give me a black guy. Finally all of a life guarding training came over dragged a dog away from me and pulled me any. And you are you can play out nearly dead what do you think. What how much longer did you have this dog bit clearly. Tried to murder. Another five years many of the brain your item I was he is we dog after that it did that we guys and make a better terms. Much I don't know it and then know that I know about it and like every new things yes and I was just don't like certain people. Does this is dull and nobody did that that can happen and I'm seriously you know there's some animals and like just don't like you Ina. I did that but. But to what we've kind of been my own but as freshly your dog Millie you don't by default. Is your body you don't like dogs accidentally like you could be the biggest scumbag honor Martin each rally can have a dog or Martin squirrelly. Walsh whose horrible last home and opens the door. That dog is happy to see you could probably do okay with a bruised dudes don't hold. Tried to drown him first. And they would realize that you can break the surface to three bring home the dog front most faced man what is the one story that you always tell about your pet 8449990. God that young man. Hello wade welcome to the bedroom. I don't know what is the button. Goodbye weight. Low today and welcome to the men's room. Love which is on top. They saw. When I was growing up my yeah. My mother enjoyed it rescuing captain rescued this cat to survive to dealt with this Hamburg. Which basically means you won't ground shakes all the time in American elections just eight years deep divot the Moxley. So I was like at six to guess who is the season epileptic but she's okay. So. So. You know and she actually outlet whoever can argue she yeah. Question about 22 years god rest her soul. But she was always jealous of all the other cat could do work you know doing capped things aren't jumping countries were healthy yeah. You've got to miss out on all the all the good aspects of voice but one day we heard. So are you serious what keeps you miserable years under the leopard cat why am I still alive dad Darren. So our only Atlanta or else I don't do after years old I should've died years ago. I'm so unhappy he's had like eighteen lives this is the fact that our. So when they we heard the normal sound loose. The caps already got a truck dilute solution wanted to do it and act and a couple opens aren't and they do work. Kramer. The how life works sometimes. I hate my life. And the yard. So and then that opened the door and man this cat was so happy. She has she signaled a Mao suit and not an amount and percentage ever caught you think but you'll also the mouse was already stuck in a mental stress. Okay. A club that's. And assisting on the net. Athlete. Lot of not feeling on that Mann act the year's donors that a chat. I can't I had to iron something for something to as a guy you can irony something obviously was something you're doing. Five minutes of renewed put a shirt. So stand in my bedroom trying to iron this thing and I don't iron things well and I can see us open bounce in the corner in my boat when I would look but not the maximize whatever you're crazy you do drugs hooters. So if you Barney and I see began file I moved my closet door there's a baby bird. In my house but this is a great thing among our Christ the cat. It got a whole look like messed up one of the wings are might whatever dude so epic and the cats in order be found at this point. To wrap Israeli bird and I kept walking by my side and I go to the back sliding glass door and I go to pulses baby bird back out to make from the backyard. So you know it reads or something it hasn't worked in delegates would speak to them start to play Baghdad but also little baby bird in dude I mean at the speed of what I. My cat Johnson snags this thing right and Hyde Park introduces like to further slowed down much a war. A cartoon and I was like oh god what is now admit that. Our environment sorry what is blood story that you'll always tell about a penny for far 999. Alone all the lime or your calls on the way you are listening to the major radio network. My. As soon as they once story you'll always tell about your parity for 49990. Look hello Mick welcome to the men's room. Oh chill our job this awkward moment. I'm called on from I I it out of Seattle in bumper to bumper traffic Melbourne. Yeah a dime from Elliott my dog growing up was incredibly dumb. I'm yet to quick story about M one money machine a cat and a chat and across the road are coming down the road to the car stopped to chat. My dog just ran clean and the side door of the car. And the that's a proud moment is that it's very emulate at least at least he didn't get it on credit card a card spot but he still has the bar. Sound like and I splashdown my and that that might have been the start at the end up. Because now and I'm glad that I was just stupid yeah applause it's pretty clear are out ami amateur runner and it has on his best ball. And so don't read it door closed on him with him on the inside the ball on the outside that he jumped ruled the window in the door. Broke the glass and got it bulk jumped back through the door to hand the relay with a well. Yeah yeah yeah man he he's just so no bad dogs animals or people you know there's some literal bit brighter than others. Yeah are you can't tell when you look at and you know you just don't know it's just like dating a takes a little bit of time than you figure things out overtime it's organic I mean you have kids and by what are your kids probably be a was better than the other one written you'd just don't know underage dogs. Always a big surprise. You know like some will rounder but what you get used to it does all the precautions you update so we've all had friends of the white Heyman. Like come into the house leave the screen door open because the dog to front thrower and not to Donald time or. Don't leave this here is the dog who either don't do that once you get used to it but. Of all the heads of government warned about it was not a dog people and it really mean dogs there was a way I know put him outside or something like that but. But I had friends and don't cat and like you miles they rescued this cat in my view miles or something really wrong with the cat. And in aimed at spot but I remember going back to the or apartment. When assessing what it was weird dude from England and his wife from Brooklyn so two very thick accidents but it's like. And it might I gotta go and check on spot and they've been telling me about this all through Denver that spot cat like this vicious crazy thing. And I'm not super Smart or to add to this one alive I'd never had one from my own my man how bad can be its cash but we get to a department. If you'd like if you open the door because you think maybe some broken your home you just crack it open the bare minimum. With your ability to look at that's what they do first and again. This is for look at a Mike is EB answers chose wisely. Yeah it really we got to move that is what we walked it before income right in the real quiet and so he but he like slides and closed the door here. Oh well. Then door opens is our common among the worst tech is pretty sharp got the better public isn't really that bad like man. We can't explain what the cat ended up not being in a bedroom broad effort like an hour I have no sign of the Capital One I'm about this cat makes an appearance when you looked at it. It looks aren't just is great cat for early decently in walks into the living room and the couple that automate medical two weeks maybe the sport. They get deathly silent enemy it's certainly decreased demand the cat. Just walked into the room and it's harsh. And the cats are looking at them though looking back in the cat. In slowly all the hair short or an Abby and nothing is provoking writes an outfit and of some sitcoms soap across a minimum wage. What is about to happen and I mean just as fast as any thing unprovoked this cat loses its past and there's like jumps on this guy's face just. Act. And the guy. Guy got out of that I doubt that you have dude she's sort of pulled the sing off and out of Cecil look ma'am I'm being funny and really go. But I'm really just let me know if you get a tad off on his face or how this goes number like I can't be here this is. This is insane and they were terrified of the Farley we're literally maybe three weeks later. The man when you're scared to walk into your own home that you should have a different pet yep that's seems very reasonable to me. What is the one story that you'll always tell about your bad 844999. All I mean I just went to this lake a week ago. A friend of mine has some like feral cats that a large chunk of property yet those that he had come over and see the cat who got there I think. The cats are really wild look like twelve to zero lead because early at like iPad it mayor pat them and they were like I would try. So than as a group publicity and how much as the years. At the right thing you think you can hear of all night in the and they're like you know little cage inside you know look at caged off area inside a shelter or go to garage whenever. So I won but he loves Catherine's freaked out by dogs. He's accused cats I'm gonna go in there on the heroic amien. Destined to. Here and he does cool I got it I think. Purdue kept it in their dude. Like two seconds later he comes I think the stats are for the good guys that are. Oh it's it once on story that you'll always tell about your pets. Hosts add to welcome to the men's room. Law that just helicoptered every shed not shed. Correct what and how hard times do you have to lose weight Madrigal I would think you have a much you mouth and you're saying your name's Chad. Pretty much every damn time and putting everything back out of mesa update did you say chant no chat chat chat she had like shadow. OK that's about it. Did you say Chad no push Chad is Chad Jordan for shadow. Shadow like chowder I'll tell them. That act you're. I think that that's changed now in a row. Boat that you're names to album. You know at such not a gesture out shed and finish dead okay this Japanese girl he's got to banks said. So this would be second birthday and I wrote that letter from it step on the first what the different story. But my docket passed away on Memorial Day weekend is my lot when it counted are left for boot camp. Now and. You can live without a demand. Yes your dog and a lot of late I'm go to and you don't only you don't ride column being here with the clearly I'm thinking about that now you know videos for you ma'am. You know dad thought I was bummed out stuffing or grab a shovel it. Bill paired up on the hillsides that are out here have been and let's stop. Are you so he died while you were camping you don't yet set operational Washington got so you can't be at the root your dog that it has died at sleeper what happened. Yeah actually died fiercely pew 1213 years old traditional. Now should certainly have to wait on the north side at the subsite I did in the coming around. But good grounded out. What that took her up the leader. Phenomenon off balance is little any. But I was gonna go barrier and step mom look like no no no lipstick herbal. But I okay war on day two of five. He could could cut out that lies and would you death or do you put the dog if you got three more days to deal about it. Well brilliant drive and accounting about it bigot who Leach and the social critic you really did he get the shot you really did keep the dogs rest of the time. We had yes yes and how bad that smell. I honestly don't know I don't tidbit cooler shot putter caught on it girl Angel to 1990. Pretty 2000 or whatever ridiculous. And talk. Drove home. And I would get a better here I'd be my parents home I had a giant hole dug in the back dark about it chick the cooler him. And my step mom says no organic creamy earth. Like OK. So couple days later get the call back. Ball I would wave into the dog's been in the cooler man before finally I got Cotto. That I respect. I would not iMac who now and there is when you bear the whole thing. That's what I wanted to news would. Go. If you got a little Ole bock at Angel on it as a pink ribbon around the this little card with popular. The day like all right cool so I go home but on the kitchen table that turn around go to work. And yeah so I had it working I worked out the racetrack and time. Get a call mile and a much blown Iran what's up and he does what strongly you like what's up is are you most open. They go what's going on it goes almost definitely Angel on the table recanted a birthday present. I have a past yeah yeah third and I had a yeah. Our and those who thought I hope they get opened it up. Yes you open it up and not a bag of ashes. And it has to have a little bit of a meltdown is it does your stepmother was her idea. Yeah I he'll be final said Angel which is the name of the dog. And it's hill bars and. That's up part I ended up having to bury that box on the fourth of July for a month armed out. Yeah that's I dug a hole in the same spot with a cooler was going. The much smaller hole and imagine what did she think they did when they cremated animals. I what did you think it would be you know in a box that has the animal's name on it. What sort hauler let the cart her off. Hours nice to have to adapt this and it's not a bright woman. I mean something's got a tip off. You know to me a bit too much I don't my Brothers but you know it all our stuff all day and then they'll look into it in your dad's just trying to keep the peace anytime you have step parents involved with the other children everything like. Any time that you cause a problem it's just a problem for them but there's a different way to handle like my. I estimated there that. It's more like hey man. Could you put the box somewhere else not why did you leave this for birthday analysts say that my mother's terrified us today I'm more are almost fifteen an all out to mobile long a mamma wanna and I can hear my father's voice yelling my name over top of the law more political already goes. That's our purpose among what are you talking about. A moderate he has an writhing snake that was missing it's right. And so he just. A subdued I didn't even what was there are mowing the lawn so what we agree decent progress and always looked up Seward was into and found a real had to up for an Eagles look. We just need to get the snakes Barney out here for policies that could even though it's dead in the head as missing in its no threat. She will freak out for like the next eight years and we both those features Soviet about it we searched the yard for the head we can't fund had anywhere in and he says to me. You know higher mother she's gonna open this door and firstly she's Tennessee. As an investment tete a cement there's no way because you're Columbia journal programs conversation showbiz Dorsey is so. All right that is that if they said we're like you've got to be kidding me and her she was free depth what's a what's the one story that you'll always tell about your pet. Hello Jake you're welcome to the men's room. You're online. The. I hear is good. Hey it's so fire that you could stores all of them isn't my neighbor that did all they didn't hit. And yet can't quite VIP look at it and I meant to train a little bit but you don't like don't like that would jump arc until that particular diet and check out. Very hard. To. Feel like enough for you just jumped and you see your yard as a manager Lou yeah yeah it didn't eat innings and I go back and I don't know about another size for human like Madonna style did duds you guys have really nice yard. I haven't really yeah they wouldn't do that that's mean it was kind of open we assembly anybody who doesn't like from one in the yard and Ade Jimoh Oprah crap and then come back. And I asked that's pretty Smart right back live at the lives dog lithium. The only news. I have my. They SEC data released from a bad you mom. And the panda and yet there's battling tiger do you believe that they're boxer mix but I that the art equipment and pull back. I looked down on the bed and head of beer back again you'd better. Believe I can match bad dog ate a whole bag it was to me that. Our dad out to all that's gone it's actually hey we're together you know I think might argue and I'm Blake can absolutely yours and no. Oh my god. My Wheaties also. Yeah well I don't get the dog had a good centrist and it didn't demand operatives are the dogs were far ahead of the curve when it comes to animal. Are more likely as long as are not chocolate and Java is always the big the worry the habit. Look eve with a or grow operations where they actually used to grow weed outside view and people would set up a national forest mall itself and they would have people up there at the that would guard at. The field all right well. Trust me when I say the most of those guys are intelligent enough where there far enough off the beaten path where you would specifically. Need to know exactly where they were to get there the reason that those police won't grove West Virginia reason those guys set there is because they had to guard the field from the annals. And especially when the marijuana started to bud. That was the time the gears would come in the bears would commend the raccoon to commend the squirrels you know editor at every single walk of life birds everybody would come in. It start on an attack thirty those blood so they were up their not to protect you know from somebody's gonna barely go to get free we know I don't know it was a bunch of dearly like we're gonna get high. You know and think about this right so you watch like these nature documentaries on the African outback. And all these animals onto Java all enemies but when it comes time to late drinkable water hole. Like lions will be right next to the elephant lived there is still little precarious but in this moment somehow it's agreed abundant the gators are Crockett. It's agreed leg would overly after the each other here. And it seems like in the American wilderness if you have wheat growing reporter like you said the Bayer the Jesus I have no problem why. So like paint ball they just sound really wet they are. No answers just a lot of sound and fury. City like it's constant. And elevator earlier felt bag goes are miles and I got all feel better to oracle workers are walking on my dog walking into but. Bond I it's a nice and yeah you should watch this video is really funny is weathermen have been over reports on television in my that's not funny to me from getting flooded live on the air all I know it's my daily lives that since I gave the gimmicks over it's just not even undertake some you'll find it funny stealth. And he's done since coming up. I don't think I'm one story you'll always tell us about your bad 844999. Cola. Pelosi say he'd welcome the bedroom. Oh our job. Saw. This one time we have a cabin crew that but I end. Not a very good catch but. My dad was in the kitchen you make them up and what seemed like doing all the bells and whistles you know make no real nice. And attacked by quite when he dining out gold plated walking over to the table. And that cat just like make eye contact give them loans across the room jumped up Adam tried to get a sandwich he looked it up over his head. Keep it away from the cataract. Any debt and the cat the collapse of on the my dad stomach into the big goals do you think it's on the shakers are not being mentioned in the news yell and Adam. We're almost there in the left a cart path without that this guy hey MM. The cat ends up like. Backed open up with a stomach trying to run away and you'd get so pissed that he played sandwiched missed the boroughs there's the cabin started you know did not let them. Did you caddie this and we know there are kept open wheel of the caddie to sandwich. You did not a good gut. He took off and you know hide in a how how long restock the Brutus. You would grew this he's actually still around clown we call us at cat. It and my parent you gadget known to there's no limit total more than. I can't sell now docked about my dancing earlier available McAlary a whole loaf of Oliver and after abrasive bag I mean on a hole open annually as my Z bus which are. And he did he just loves he cannot get enough attacked yes he loves Hollywood casting get any worse thing my zone to end I know I just you don't hear a ton of stories about the well is kept Kosher. So small that it did mine so ball out there and go there and how LaBrandon skips over some opening defeat common passion. That gamble eat just about anything terrorism against got a great elect a god forbid you do some really big salmon. You make some fish like keys on it like you look at it and this is. It in the smells like my cat food options are making chicken he's there he's like all right we make me dinner is the cat at the point. There's a one point out of Brad to give kept wet food wet food for two days right that's it. But every time after them by open to hand over in getting that and apparently can't best friend Matt award is that well now don't I won't there be Cole attack but now it's helpful to all right now they're just the sound of the pulled that Graham out like. I know your hunger excuse BP in about growth what is the one story that you'll always still about your Betty 44999. All morning calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you know have a gentleman's room. It's the last on the way our question was the one story that you'll always tell us your pen 844999. Old. Hello Chris welcome to the bedroom. Lol yeah home. All. Welcome to the jokers. So our eye out on an Italian about a story about not not net early in my act but I I do numeric overbought and years. I'm dying out built a pretty elaborate water all on earth are not bad. All that got ground now for opt out there. And a little aren't there a little green. The on the total other organs are there at night well there are good goldfish. In the on the it would enact. And yeah. I told my daughter at the way global unplug that opener a record another the water looked on gridlock. I just you know don't run from or look built their exclusion doubt that I should get that yet compliant late pop up. The pain and. I tell my daughter and an eight ohm I'll be here tomorrow and do it. As you go there now and I doubt the garden. Their dialogue we'll put upon. Little stooped and it slipped. Out pops a little Chihuahua. Okay. And it. I know all they want I I. Don't know what article and yeah. I don't think all of you all so what are got sucked into the fills her and anyway you can only dog I also alarmed you know. And good to work the bridge Iraq whose dog was this. So I called I called Omar and am I. Hey you're there. Any chance that you know so many diplomats are. You on those are. All it's certain neighbors. It says is if the dog name's Josh split and cut this year of our guy and let the law along the dog bit. She just couldn't Cuban got to meet. I. So but the primary you know the cold water he kept dirty. I guess you could be good it's. Dry eyes still had his looks about and it's gonna know I had them yeah. So a source either side that you know the neighbor's thirty Don they're all good though let you know on the a mourning over pot than. There's going to read you got a mutual oblong iron. Wish all the neighbors boitano. And Chad hey you know. Rare little measure out of the underdogs you know comments on the dual roles does the Eagles and meanwhile he says well and I'm tired today she's gonna be home soon. But not total just lit H Eric. I need it but I'll be over tomorrow we'll daycare. All about a week later I go back order call you know you're more work for lady. She did their car eight. Outbreak 82 bad. You know all the neighbor never came over got out. Okay so word jobs and Judy well I've got to mop up and all I need them about it and now I treat their. I know that's it. You just a bad lie down and pick they're slower out urging him Obama made and buried him. Dale log out and gave us give a proper and all blue yeah. Act that now for burial of a little name lacquered in our and why are adaptive threat than a blanket in freezer. Yeah about a week I was announced that he was dead in the water for two weeks and we are dead in the freezer. Correct the cracked a mean three week even many yellow probably anybody knew. Amaechi author the guy out there this is on you can't remembered that you can Zotob you can sound root of the problem is you're human human no harm. But the good ideas may have found out I YR water was turning during. Right and about article probably rent or are now they are all bets are. This young lady clothes he had on it all the war. There are a lot of dogs backed it up put them I would think it may yet lead a bit deeper and you'll ward down below about dogma. When at least under. You agnico created god put the dog out of a totally different thing bodes well I was confounded. God damn him that's. As his prime with the he had to Hollis Duncan felt got a dead dog near printers monitors. Didn't wanna avoid the dead dog. Now picture that they doggy paddling with does that include do for so long as. How long. It was a joy while fighting at the surface but proponents oasis of upon in the backyard of front. Columnist piracy in Iraq in the city pool we used to go to build upon sucks everything in man energy economy that France ball player of the great that was one of the things and clean the pool. What is the Al one story that you'll always tell about your pets 844 at 999. All the state and Oregon another form I was terms that make you sound though. Shenanigans continues on the men's room. The radio network.